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Annals of advances in automotive medicine

Journal Volume: 57
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2013
Articles in SafetyLit: 40

Abdominal organ location, morphology, and rib coverage for the 5th, 50th, and 95th percentile males and females in the supine and seated posture using multi-modality imaging

Adolescent Balloon Analog Risk Task and behaviors that influence risk of motor vehicle crash injury

Alcohol, drugs and driving: Implications for evaluating driver impairment

Are strong graduated driver licensing laws having unintended consequences?

Assessment of a head support system to prevent pediatric out-of-position: an observational study

Availability and quality of prehospital care on Pakistani interurban roads

Behaviors increasing the risk of crash injury in Latino adolescent males: The influence of acculturation and parent connectedness

Biomechanics of foot/ankle trauma with variable energy impacts

Biomechanics of human thoracolumbar spinal column trauma from vertical impact loading

Changes in the severity and injury sources of thoracic aorta injuries due to vehicular crashes

Child Car Seat Inspection Stations: Who Attends and What is the Benefit?

Commuter motorcycle crashes in Malaysia: an understanding of contributing factors

Comparative performance of rear facing child restraint systems on the CMVSS 213 bench and vehicle seats

Comparison of adult and teen driver crash scenarios in a nationally representative sample of serious crashes

Comparison of AIS 1990 update 98 versus AIS 2005 for describing PMHS injuries in lateral and oblique sled tests

Costs of alcohol-involved crashes, United States, 2010

Crash rates of Quebec drivers with medical conditions

Declining statewide trends in motor vehicle crashes and injury-related hospital admissions

Departing from risky drivers? A sociological analysis of passengers' risk factors

Do speed cameras reduce collisions?

Estimating side underride fatalities using field data

Evaluation of chest injury mechanisms in nearside oblique frontal impacts

Evaluation of impaired driving assessments and special management reviews in reducing impaired driving fatal crashes in the United States

Evidence of human induce factors in automotive crashes in Nigeria

Identifying contributing factors to fatal and serious injury motorcycle collisions involving children in Malaysia

Identifying periods of drowsy driving using EEG

Identifying the causes of road crashes in Europe

Injury patterns to other body regions and load vectors in nearside impact occupants with and without shoulder injuries

Injury potential at center rear seating positions in rear-facing child restraint systems in side impacts

Injury risk for rear-seated occupants in small overlap crashes

Low-speed rear impact sled tests involving human subjects

Mortality-based Quantification of Injury Severity for Frequently Occurring Motor Vehicle Crash Injuries

Pedestrian injury risk functions based on contour lines of equal injury severity using real world pedestrian/passenger-car accident data

Quantifying results of a comprehensive school-age child injury prevention program

Self-pay trauma victims have a higher mortality rate than patients with different payment methods

Statistical implications of using moving violation data to determine crash responsibility

The effects of cadaver orientation on the relative position of the abdominal organs

The impact of state level graduated driver licensing programs on rates of passenger restraint use and unlicensed driving in fatal crashes

The relationship between older drivers' performance on the Driving Observation Schedule (eDOS) and cognitive performance

Use of Kinect(tm) for naturalistic observation of occupants in vehicles