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Attention, perception and psychophysics

Journal Volume: 73
Journal Issue: 8
Journal Year: 2011
Articles in SafetyLit: 18

Changes in search rate but not in the dynamics of exogenous attention in action videogame players

Coherence masking protection for speech in children and adults

Do working memory-driven attention shifts speed up visual awareness?

Does oculomotor inhibition of return influence fixation probability during scene search?

ERPs reveal similar effects of social gaze orienting and voluntary attention, and distinguish each from reflexive attention

Evidence for a shared mechanism used in multiple-object tracking and subitizing

Fechner, information, and shape perception

Incremental grouping of image elements in vision

Influence of bias on visuospatial and verbal compatibility effects in mixed-mapping environments

Multidimensional processing of dynamic sounds: more than meets the ear

Negative attentional set in the attentional blink: Control is not lost

Seeing while acting: Hand movements can modulate attentional capture by motion onset

Signal detection evidence for limited capacity in visual search

Space-, object-, and feature-based attention interact to organize visual scenes

The costs of switching attentional sets

The effect of betel nut chewing on contour and object masking

The effect of spatial competition between object-level representations of target and mask on object substitution masking

Using the ideal observer to predict performance in perceptual tasks: An example from the auditory temporal masking domain