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Journal of injury and violence research

Journal Volume: 11
Journal Issue: 4
Journal Year: 2019
Articles in SafetyLit: 77

20 000 - 3 000 traffic fatalities per year - milestones of road safety in Germany

30-year analysis of designated International Safe Communities

Achieving good practice in legislation, law enforcement and driving behaviour interventions

An experience for road safety applied research training: Tabriz-Iran

Analysis and classification of the road traffic health and safety mobile apps based on the Haddon's matrix

Analysis of direct medical expenses resulting from road traffic injuries in the City of Tabriz

Analysis of provincial mortalities among agricultural vehicle users in East Azerbaijan, Iran (2006-2016)

Analysis of the temporal trend for consequences of occupational accidents in Brazil (2008 to 2017)

Application of Functional Hazard Analysis Technique (FuHA) in the risk assessment and accident management: a case study in a textile industry

Application of the Highway Safety Manual-2010 to expect average crash frequency at full cloverleaf interchange

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as a determinant of motorcycle accidents in Fars province of Iran

Bruneian suicidal behaviors among school attending adolescents: a nationwide cross sectional study

Challenges of scene management in road traffic accidents: a systematic literature review

Children with disabilities in Safe Community

City planning and governing of the communities

Classification of drugs listed in Iranian pharmacopoeia based on impact on driving performance

Compare rates of deaths and injuries of the accident occurred on the roads in Turkey between the years 2012-2017

Complexities of road safety interventions in low and middle income countries (LMICs) posed a major challenge in achieving decade goal-lessons for the next span

Crash data integration for road safety analysis in Iran

Crash severity assessment: is there a need for revisiting the current indicators?

Determining the length of disability and the severity of injury in patients with traffic accidents admitted to Imam Khomeini University Hospital in Urmia in 2016

Developing and validating an instrument to assess non-hospital health centers' preparedness to provide initial emergency care: a sequential exploratory mixed-method study

Developing pedestrians' red-light violation behavior questionnaire (PRVBQ): assessment of content validity and reliability

Development, content validity and application feasibility of the data collection tool for forensic section in Iranian Integrated Road Traffic Injury Registry (IRTIR)

Diagnostic value of Revised Baux and Pediatric Baux scores in predicting the outcome of children admitted with burn injuries

Economic burden of injuries argues for more Safe Communities in Iran and EMRO

Effects of community based fall prevention program for elderly people in Busan Metropolitan City, Korea

Effects of warning systems on the reactions of male and female drivers: a systematic review

Emotional distress and its predictors in burn patients

Epidemiological survey of suicide cases registered in covered hospitals of Isfahan Health Center in 1395

European Safe Community Network

Evaluation of epidemiological pattern and survey of incidence rate of accidents and incidents in the Khomein City, Markazi province

Examining the solutions to maintain psychological safety and nutritional and physical health of children during war: a review study

Extending classic Haddon's matrix for road safety promotion: toward better applicability

Factors related to pediatric unintentional burns: the comparison of logistic regression and data mining algorithms

Failure to comply with the law of freedom of right turn at intersections by drivers and its impact on the equation of cost -benefit and the behavioral architecture of a Healthy City

Governance power of actors in building safe community environment

High-risk behaviors among commercial drivers: a cross-sectional study in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Home injury prevention attitude and performance: a community-based study in a WHO Safe Community

Hospitalizations due injuries resultant from ground traffic accidents in Brazil from 2008 to 2016

Implementing an inter sectoral approach to decrease the road injuries; Maragheh, Iran

Improvement of child art program for tsunami evacuation support

Indictor 4, promoting evidence informed community safety promotion

Infrastructure related road safety interventions

Investigating the effective factors of near-drowning experience in junior high school students of Guilan Province, Iran: a theory-based study

Investigation of risk parameters in road accidents in Aras free zone

Jolfa urban safety audit based on geographical information system (GIS)

Measuring the sustainability of a community safety promotion network: working from the inside out

Modeling the behavior of motorcyclist with Millon and ADHD: regression modeling

Modernized teaching material and methodology for road safety educators

Next generation technologies to improve post crash response time and quality

Pedestrian involved road traffic accidents - case study in Kandy town, Sri Lanka

Playground safety assessment by playground rating system (PRS) method in Qom, Iran

Prediction of driving behavior based on emotional intelligence & driving risk perception

Prevalence and perceptions of cell phone use while walking in high school students

Prevalence of nonuse of helmet and seat belt and distracted driving on national highway in Pakistan

Preventing fire and burn among children in Malaysia: a research driven education initiative

Research on the needs of vocational high school students for injury prevention and emergency skills education

Road infrastructure impacts on transportation safety (case study: Yazd rural roads)

Road traffic injuries in republic of North Macedonia

Road traffic injury epidemiology

Safe and health promoting community: developing a model

Safe System speed management

School zone road safety assessment using the iRAP Star Rating for Schools (SR4S) methodology in Khorasan Razavi Province

Study of pedestrian behavior and its effective factors in Sahand new city

The association between traffic safety health beliefs and traffic risk behaviors in secondary technical vocational school students in China

The implementation results of safe bicycle transport in Taipei City

The importance of humanistic approach to traffic accidents

The Investigation of reasons for differences between the national reports and World Health Organization estimates about road traffic deaths

The necessity of implementing the World Health Organization Checklist for trauma patients in emergency departments throughout the country

The study of the traffic deaths in the city of Zarand seven years after the implementation of the Safe Community (2013-2017)

The United Nations sustainable development goals, the WHO general program of work 2019-2023 and International Safe Communities

Traffic accident mortality in Najafabad, Iran: a time series model

Using public health approach to make our programme logic

Using road traffic accidents data for hotspots identification: a case study in Marand, Iran

Vehicle safety post-Decade of Action for Road Safety: the way forward

What are the social determinants of road traffic death in global context?