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Acta paediatrica

Year: 2021
Articles in SafetyLit: 15

A different view: re-evaluation of abusive head trauma in Norway appears flawed

Adolescents with somatic symptom disorder experienced less anxiety and depression than healthy peers during the first COVID-19 lockdown

Amongst Norwegian paediatricians there is little agreement in management of cases of suspected child maltreatment

Can we trust our gut feeling when we suspect child abuse?

Delayed presentation of children to the emergency department during the first wave of COVID-19 pandemic in Italy: area-based cohort study

Foreign body ingestion in children: beware of disk batteries and multiple magnets

How child health care physicians struggle from gut feelings to managing suspicions of child abuse

Indian children exposed to a natural disaster in utero or during infancy displayed smaller head dimensions than non-affected controls

Nationwide study found higher paediatric readiness in emergency departments and trauma centres with a paediatrician on-site

Norwegian parents avoid placing infants in prone sleeping positions but frequently share beds in hazardous ways

Prenatal origins of neuropsychiatric diseases

Re-evaluation of medical findings in alleged shaken baby syndrome and abusive head trauma in Norwegian courts fails to support abuse diagnoses

Response to a letter to the editor by Dong et al. [concerning multiple magnet ingestions]

Retinal haemorrhage in infants investigated for suspected maltreatment is strongly correlated with intracranial pathology

Serious sledding injuries in children dramatically increased during the COVID-19 pandemic