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Aggressive behavior

Year: 2020
Articles in SafetyLit: 50

A combination of combat experience, early abduction, and severe traumatization fuels appetitive aggression and violence among abductees of rebel war in Northern Uganda

A dyadic perspective on aggressive behavior between friends

A novel in vivo measure of cyberaggression

A tool for investigating the differential functions of aggressive behavior in the face-to-face and cyber context: extending the Cyber Aggression Typology Questionnaire

Adolescent romantic relationships as a tug of war: the interplay of power imbalance and relationship duration in adolescent dating aggression

Adversary effects and the tactics of violent offenders

Bidirectional associations between affective empathy and proactive and reactive aggression

Body mass index and peer victimization: a transactional model

Brains, brawn, and beauty: the complementary roles of intelligence and physical aggression in attracting sexual partners

Combining whole-school and targeted programs for the reduction of bullying victimization: a randomized, effectiveness trial

Cross-cultural similarities and differences in the theoretical predictors of cyberbullying perpetration: results from a seven-country study

Developmental relations between ADHD symptoms and bullying perpetration and victimization in adolescence

Differential effects of the menstrual cycle on reactive and proactive aggression in borderline personality disorder

Does community violence exposure moderate the associations between maternal spanking and early child behavior problems?

Does state self-control depletion predict relationship functioning and partner aggression? An ecological momentary assessment study of community couples

Dyadic nominations of bullying: comparing types of bullies and their victims

Effects of homophobic name-calling and verbal sexual harassment on substance use among young adults

Emotion processing associated with aggression in early adolescents: a focus on affective theory of mind

Facet-level analysis of the relations between personality and laboratory aggression

Friend or foe? Postdivorce hostility among recently divorced individuals

Homophobic bullying victimization trajectories: the roles of perpetration, sex assigned at birth, and sexuality

How relative deprivation increases aggressive behavior: exploring the moderating roles of resource scarcity, deprivation intensity, and sanctions in a game task

Individual differences in anger and displaced aggression: the role of metacognitive beliefs and anger rumination

Internalizing problems and their impact on the relation between callous-unemotional traits, narcissism, and aggression

Investigating whether controlling and aggressive relationship behaviors are discriminant

Is the association between childhood maltreatment and aggressive behavior mediated by hostile attribution bias in women? A discordant twin and sibling study

It's not just what you say, it's how you say it too. Adolescents' hostile attribution of intent and emotional responses to social comments

Judgments of marital rape as a function of honor culture, masculine reputation threat, and observer gender: a cross-cultural comparison between Turkey, Germany, and the UK

Longitudinal association between emotion-related parenting behavior and child aggression: the moderating role of parent-child physiological synchrony

Moderating the bullying perpetration-delinquency relationship with parental support and knowledge: a prospective analysis of middle school students

Observers use facial masculinity to make physical dominance assessments following 100-ms exposure

Predicting rape events: the influence of intimate partner violence history, condom use resistance, and heavy drinking

Profiles of bystanders' motivation to defend school bully victims from a self-determination perspective

Recognizing children's emotions in child abuse and neglect

Relations between forms and functions of aggression and moral judgments of aggressive transgressions

Sexual objectification increases retaliatory aggression

The cycle of violence as a function of PTSD and appetitive aggression: a longitudinal study with Burundian soldiers

The growth of gossip: socialization of relational aggression from adolescence to emerging adulthood

The impact of reappraisal skills on aggressive children

The interplay of parenting style and family rules about video games on subsequent fighting behavior

The longitudinal relationship between angry rumination and reactive-proactive aggression and the moderation effect of consideration of future consequences-immediate

The relationship between resting heart rate and aggression in males is racially variant

The role of empathy and social anxiety in Latinx adolescents' indirect peer aggression during the transition to high school

The role of vulnerable environments in support for homegrown terrorism: fieldwork using the 3N model

The typology of parricide and the role of mental illness: data-driven approach

The utility of the Psychopathy Checklist-Revised (PCL-R) facet and item scores in predicting violent recidivism

Traumatic brain injury and adverse psychological effects: examining a potential pathway to aggressive offending

Twin study of laboratory-induced aggression

What stops revenge taking? Effects of observed emotional reactions on revenge seeking

When peer norms work? Coherent groups facilitate normative influences on cyber aggression