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Aggressive behavior

Year: 2021
Articles in SafetyLit: 34

"Hurt people hurt people": relations between adverse experiences and patterns of cyber and in-person aggression and victimization among urban adolescents

Addressing the inappropriate use of force by police in the United States and beyond: a behavioral and social science perspective

Artificial intelligence against hate: intervention reducing verbal aggression in the social network environment

Association between bullying victimization and e-cigarette use among German students

Children's emotion recognition and aggression: a multi-cohort longitudinal study

Corrigendum to Malamuth et al. (2021): Reference correction

Dark or disturbed? Predicting aggression from the dark tetrad and schizotypy

Factors predictive of sexual violence: testing the four pillars of the Confluence Model in a large diverse sample of college men

HEXACO personality correlates of adolescents' involvement in bullying situations

Internalizing and externalizing symptoms and aggression and violence in men and women

Longitudinal associations between cybervictimization, anger rumination, and cyberaggression

Longitudinal predictions of young adults' weapons use and criminal behavior from their childhood exposure to violence

Mean kids become mean adults: trajectories of indirect aggression from age 10 to 22

Negative parenting and functions of relational aggression: the moderating roles of gender and physiological reactivity

Nutritional supplementation in the treatment of violent and aggressive behavior: a systematic review

Online dating applications and risk of youth victimization: a lifestyle exposure perspective

Online violent video games and online aggressive behavior among Chinese college students: the role of anger rumination and self-control

Open science and data-sharing issues, and complaint policies: Editorial for Aggressive Behavior

Parenting behavior and growth of child conduct problems: moderation by callous-unemotional traits

Peer victimization and reactive aggression in junior high-school students: a moderated mediation model of retaliatory normative beliefs and self-perspective

Physical and relational aggression as predictors of children's friendship experiences: examining the moderating role of preference norms

Pornography, impersonal sex, and sexual aggression: a test of the confluence model in a national probability sample of men in the U.S

Predictors and outcomes of cyberbullying among college students: a two wave study

Protective behavioral strategies for sexual aggression and risky sexual behavior

Psychopathy and violent video game playing: multiple associations in a juvenile justice system involved sample

Push and pushback: control behavior as a precipitant of verbal and violent disputes

School bullying before and during COVID-19: results from a population-based randomized design

Sexism and its associated factors among adolescents in Europe: Lights4Violence baseline results

Sexual violence victimization and suicide: testing a coping-mental health framework

The association of polyvictimization with violent ideations in late adolescence and early adulthood: a longitudinal study

The effect of classroom aggression-related peer group norms on students' short-term trajectories of aggression

Toddlers' expectations of third-party punishments and rewards following an act of aggression

Transitions in aggression among children: effects of gender and exposure to online violence

What determines violent behavior in men? Predicting physical, psychological, and sexual violent offending based on classification and regression tree analysis