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Alcohol and alcoholism

Year: 2020
Articles in SafetyLit: 32

Adverse Childhood Experiences are Associated with High-Intensity Binge Drinking Behavior in Adulthood and Mediated by Psychiatric Disorders

Alcohol consumption by older New York City residents: the need for new policies to address misuse

Alcohol intoxication and suicide by hanging in Poland

Alcohol sponsorship and esports: reinforcing the need for legislative restrictions on alcohol sponsorship

Alcoholics Anonymous and 12-Step Facilitation Treatments for Alcohol Use Disorder: a distillation of a 2020 Cochrane Review for clinicians and policy makers

Ashamed and alone-risk factors for alcohol craving among depressed emerging adults

Breathalyser-based eHealth data suggest that self-reporting of abstinence is a poor outcome measure for alcohol use disorder clinical trials

Change in the relationship between drinking alcohol and risk of violence among adolescents and young adults: a nationally representative longitudinal study

Changes in the price of alcohol and effect on youth drinking and in different socio-economic groups

Characteristics and effectiveness of alcohol website age gates preventing underage user access

Differential alcohol use disparities by sexual identity and behavior among high school students

Does alcohol hangover affect emotion regulation capacity? Evidence from a naturalistic cross-over study design

Early adolescent binge drinking increases risk of psychopathology in post-9/11 veterans and mild traumatic brain injury exacerbates symptom severity

Effects of evaluative conditioning on implicit evaluation of alcohol and drinking behaviors: a direct replication

Effects of question type and order when measuring peak consumption of risky drinking events

Evaluation of alcohol industry action to reduce the harmful use of alcohol: case study from Great Britain

Examining the prospective associations between mindfulness facets and substance use in emerging adulthood

Gender differences in alcohol treatment

Gender-specific drinking contexts are associated with social harms resulting from drinking among Australian young adults at 30 years

Inclusion of cannabis users in alcohol research samples: screening in, screening out, and implications

New methanol poisoning outbreaks in iran following COVID-19 pandemic

Nurse-delivered screening and brief intervention among college students with hazardous alcohol use: a double-blind randomized clinical trial from India

Perceived gender match and accepting alcohol offers from peers in emerging adulthood

Psychosocial interventions for reducing suicidal behaviour and alcohol consumption in patients with alcohol problems: a systematic review of randomized controlled trials

Racial/ethnic disparities in the relationship of alcohol-related injury and perceived driving under the influence from hours of exposure to high blood alcohol concentration: data from four US national alcohol surveys (2000-2015)

State alcohol policies, binge drinking prevalence, socioeconomic environments and alcohol's harms to others: a mediation analysis

Support for alcohol policies in marginalized populations

The decline in alcohol consumption in Russia from 2006 to 2017: do birth cohorts matter?

The frequency and content of discussions about alcohol use in primary care and application of the chief medical officer's low-risk drinking guidelines: a cross-sectional survey of general practitioners and practice nurses in the UK

Trait impulsivity impedes maturing out of problem drinking among socially anxious undergraduates

What we talk about when we talk about binge drinking: towards an integrated conceptualization and evaluation

Why is per capita consumption underestimated in alcohol surveys? Results from 39 surveys in 23 European countries