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Archives of suicide research

Year: 2018
Articles in SafetyLit: 28

A test of the three-step theory of suicide among Chinese people: a study based on the ideation-to-action framework

Attachment and non-suicidal self-injury among young adolescents: The indirect role of behavioral problems

Cannabis use disorder and post-deployment suicide attempts in Iraq/Afghanistan-era veterans

Comparing suicide risk factors among individuals with a history of aborted, interrupted, and actual suicide attempts

Dissemination of the safety planning intervention (SPI) to university counseling center clinicians to reduce suicide risk among college students

Evaluation of a brief suicide prevention training program for college campuses

Gender differences in risk factors related to suicidal ideation among callers to telephone helplines in Spain

How do families represent the functions of deliberate self-harm? A comparison between the social representations from adolescents and their parents

Identifying typologies of persons who died by suicide: characterising suicide in Victoria, Australia

Implementation of dialectical behavior therapy with suicidal and self-harming adolescents in a community clinic

Need for affect, interpersonal psychological theory of suicide, and suicide proneness

Older adults bereaved by suicide: a systematic literature search identifying zero studies

Political beliefs, region of residence, and openness to firearm means safety measures to prevent suicide

Potential mood variation following a behavioral analogue of self-injurious behavior

Profiles of risk for suicidal behavior in past and current United States military personnel: latent profile analysis of current risk factors

Psychiatric hospitalization after emergency treatment for deliberate self-harm is associated with repeated deliberate self-harm

Psychological correlates of self-harm within gay, lesbian and bisexual UK university students

Self-injurious behaviours and adult attachment: a review of the literature

Self-injury age of onset: a risk factor for NSSI severity and suicidal behavior

Stakeholder perspectives on using and developing the MYPLAN suicide prevention mobile phone application: A focus group study

Successful suicide screening in the pediatric emergency department: youth, parent, researcher and clinician perspectives

Suicide notes: their utility in understanding the motivations behind suicide and preventing future ones

Systematic exploration of countertransference phenomena in the treatment of patients at risk for suicide

The impact of widely publicized suicides on search trends: using google trends to test the Werther and Papageno Effects

The relationship between post-battle experiences and thwarted belongingness and perceived burdensomeness in three United States military samples

The relationship between smoking and suicidal behavior in psychiatric patients with major depressive disorder

The self-stigma of suicide attempt survivors

Understanding adolescents' experiences of self-harm: secondary analysis of family therapy sessions from the SHIFT Trial