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Archives of suicide research

Year: 2019
Articles in SafetyLit: 80

"Nobody hears a silent cry for help": suicide attempt survivors' experiences of disclosing during and after a crisis

"These things don't work." young people's views on harm minimization strategies as a proxy for self-harm: a mixed methods approach

A quantitative and qualitative study of notes left by youth who died by suicide in Quebec from 1895 to 1985

Aggressive worriers: how aggression moderates the association between intolerance of uncertainty and suicidal desire constructs

An examination of the psychometric properties of the reasons for living inventory within a male veteran clinical sample

Anxiety, depression, and the interpersonal theory of suicide in a community sample of adults with autism spectrum disorder

Big five personality clusters in relation to nonsuicidal self-injury

Blunted arousal in response to psychological stress is associated with current suicide ideation

Body trust and agitation: pathways to suicidal thoughts and behaviors

Cancer diagnosis and suicide mortality: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Caregiver-child relationship quality as a gateway for suicide risk resilience: don't discount the men in Mexican descent youths' lives

Characteristics of a first suicide attempt that distinguish between adolescents who make single versus multiple attempts

Childhood abuse and suicidal behaviors among Chinese migrant workers: the mediating role of alexithymia and social support

Community based support for people at risk for suicide and those who care for them - areas for improvement

Comparison of perceived burdensomeness, thwarted belongingness, capability for suicide, and suicidal ideation among heterosexual and sexual minority individuals in Mississippi

Completed suicides in psychiatric patients: identifying health care-related factors through clinical practice reviews

Coping with suicidal urges: an important factor for suicide risk assessment and intervention

Cultural differences in reactions to suicide ideation: a mixed methods comparison of Korea and Australia

Differential impact of child sexual abuse and family history of suicidal behavior in high-risk suicidal patients

Differential preferences for the Caring Contacts suicide prevention intervention based on patient characteristics

Direct and indirect effects of behavioral inhibition/activation systems on depression and current suicidal ideation through rumination and self-reflection

Do maternal depression and self-esteem moderate and mediate the association between intimate partner violence after childbirth and postpartum suicidal ideation?

Does state dissociation mediate the relation between alcohol intoxication and deliberate self-harm?

Effects of the Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality (CAMS) model: a secondary analysis of moderation and influencing factors

Effects of the sex ratio and socioeconomic deprivation on male mortality

Emotion dysregulation as a prospective predictor of suicidal ideation in an at-risk mixed clinical sample

Epidemiological study and cost analysis of suicide in Spain: over 100 years of evolution

Ethnic identity and suicide risk among Hispanic/Latinx young adults: the impact of perceived burdensomeness and thwarted belongingness

Everyday discrimination, depressive symptoms, and suicide ideation among African American men

Examining the mediating effects of negative emotions on the link between multiple strains and suicidal ideation: a longitudinal analysis

Experiences of suicide in transgender youth: a qualitative, community-based study

Exploring health care professionals' knowledge of, attitudes towards and confidence in caring for people at risk of suicide: a systematic review

Factors predicting intent to intervene with a potentially suicidal peer

Feasibility and acceptability of the Youth Aware of Mental Health (YAM) intervention in US adolescents

From urges to action: negative urgency and nonsuicidal self-injury in an acute transdiagnostic sample

Functions of non-suicidal self-injury in late adolescence: a latent class analysis

Generalizing the value of ongoing assessments of suicidal ideation or behavior for estimating the risk of subsequent suicide attempts

Getting specific about emotion and self-inflicted injury: an examination across emotion processes in borderline personality disorder

How do people experience a family member's high-risk self-harm? An interpretative phenomenological analysis

Impulsivity and cognitive flexibility as neuropsychological markers for suicidality: a multi-modal investigation among military veterans with Alcohol Use Disorder and PTSD

Individual Contribution of Youth Antisocial Symptoms to Suicide Behavior in Adults with Substance Use Disorders

Influence of spiritual dimensions on suicide risk: the role of regional differences

Initial validation of the Suicide Competency Assessment Form among behavioral health staff in the National Health Services Trust

Medical marijuana laws and suicide

Mental health problems and suicide risk: the impact of acute suicidal affective disturbance

Near term suicide risk assessment: a commentary on the clinical relevance of protective factors

Negative life events and suicide in the National Violent Death Reporting System

Nexus of despair: a network analysis of suicidal ideation among veterans

Old-for-grade status and suicide risk in U.S. high school students

Possession of household firearms and firearm-related discussions with clinicians among veterans receiving VA mental health care

Predictors of suicidal behaviors during hospitalization among adolescents admitted due to suicidal behaviors: a 10-year retrospective naturalistic study

Prevalence of moderate and acute suicidal ideation among a national sample of tribal college and university students 2014-2015

Psychosocial interventions for people who self-harm: methodological issues involved in trials to evaluate effectiveness

Public response to suicide news reports as reflected in computerized text analysis of online reader comments

Refinement of the role of hopelessness in the interpersonal theory of suicide: an exploration in an inpatient adolescent sample

Relationship between lithium levels in drinking water and suicide rates: a nationwide study in Lithuania

Risk factors for suicide and suicide attempts among patients with treatment-resistant depression: nested case-control study

Self-harm, emotion regulation, and experiential avoidance: a systematic review

Sex differences in mental health outcomes of suicide exposure

Sexual orientation and the integrated motivational-volitional model of suicidal behavior: results from a cross-sectional study of young adults in the United Kingdom

Social integration and indigenous suicidality

Social support and its effects on attempted suicide among American Indian/Alaska Native youth in New Mexico

Social support and suicidal ideation among prisoners with major depressive disorder

Suicidal thoughts and behaviors among LGBTQ youth: meta-analyses and a systematic review

Suicidality among gender minority youth: analysis of 2017 Youth Risk Behavior Survey data

Suicide attempts among those with migraine: findings from a nationally representative canadian study

Suicide risk and restricted emotions in women: the diverging effects of masculine gender norms and suicide capability

Suicides and deaths of undetermined intent by poisoning: reexamination of classification differences by race/ethnicity and state

Talking about suicide: trends in Christian and socially conservative suicide decedents

The long-term efficacy of suicide prevention gatekeeper training: a systematic review

The portrayal of suicidal behaviour in police television series

The relationship between adult attachment and suicidal thoughts and behaviors: a systematic review

The Trauma and Suicide Potential Index - 5: psychometric evaluation in college samples

To treat or not to treat: the effect of hypothetical patients' suicidal severity on therapists' willingness to treat

Typologies of suicide: a critical literature review

Using machine learning to identify suicide risk: a classification tree approach to prospectively identify adolescent suicide attempters

Using my demons to make good: the short- and long-term impact of participating in suicide-related research

Usual care for Emergency Department patients who present with suicide risk: a survey of hospital procedures in Washington state

Variable circumstances of suicide among racial/ethnic groups by sex and age: a National Violent-Death Reporting System analysis

Why adolescents attempt suicide: a qualitative study of the transition from ideation to action