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Death studies

Year: 2018
Articles in SafetyLit: 28

"I just might kill myself": suicide expressions on Twitter

Assessing psychache as a suicide risk variable: data with the Portuguese version of the psychache scale

Calculating the incidence rate of sibling bereavement among children and adolescents across the United States: a proposed method

Conservation of resources and suicide proneness after oilrig disaster

Death anxiety in Lebanese college students in 1998 and 2015

Do criminal associates impact psychiatric inpatients' social support and interpersonal needs?

Emotional security theory: an application to sibling bereavement

Exploring suicide-related disclosure motivation and the impact on mechanisms linked to suicide

Future orientation, depression, suicidality, and interpersonal needs in primary care outpatients

Grief severity: a comparison between human and companion animal death

Interpersonal theory dimensions facilitate posttraumatic growth among suicide-loss survivors: an attachment perspective

Is my grief too public for you? The digitalization of grief on Facebook™

Is there a role for the funeral service provider in bereavement support within the context of compassionate communities?

Males tend to die, females tend to pass away

Narrative medicine: a comparison of terminal cancer patients' stories from a Dutch hospice with those of Anatole Broyard and Christopher Hitchens

Parenting school-aged children after the death of a child: a qualitative study on victims' families of the Sewol ferry disaster in South Korea

Perceived suicide stigma, secrecy about suicide loss and mental health outcomes

Professional caregivers' bereavement after patients' deaths: a scoping review of quantitative studies

Self-compassion as a buffer against concrete but not abstract threat

States of mourning: a quantitative analysis of national mournings across european countries

Submitting to god's will: attitudes and beliefs of Moroccan muslim women regarding mourning and remembrance

Suicide ideation among Southern U.S. sexual minority college students

Suicide, mental, and physical health condition stigma in medical students

Supporting bereaved students at university: balancing institutional standards and reputation alongside individual compassion and care

The concept of death in children aged from 9 to 11 years: evidences through inductive and deductive analysis of drawings

The metaphorical zombie a review of zombie theory: a reader edited by Sarah Juliet Lauro

The Unfinished Business in Bereavement Scale (UBBS): development and psychometric evaluation

Therapeutic gardening: a counseling approach for bereavement from suicide