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Death studies

Year: 2019
Articles in SafetyLit: 62

"Death from a broken heart": A systematic review of the relationship between spousal bereavement and physical and physiological health outcomes

"I was their worst nightmare": the identity challenges of military widows

"They brought my smile back": a phenomenological description of widows' experiences of psychosocial support

A pilot study of a new bereavement program for children: Lionheart Camp for Kids

Abusive supervision and suicidal ideation: the mediating role of basic psychological need satisfaction

Are youth suicide memorial sites on Facebook different from those for other sudden deaths?

Assessing responsible reporting on suicide in the nineteenth century: evidence for a high quantity of low-quality news

Associations between dimensions of religiousness and psychosocial functioning among bereaved youth

Bereavement among widowed Latinos in the United States: a systematic review of methodology and findings

Can grief be a mental disorder? An online survey on public opinion in mainland China

Case report on the multiple pathways to posttraumatic stress disorder following suicide

Changes in prospective helpline volunteers' suicide intervention skills throughout the initial training

Clinging to power, clinging to life: rightwing authoritarianism, social dominance orientation, and attitudes toward life extension

Continuing bonds and dreams following violent loss among Cambodian survivors of the pol pot era

Denial of disordered eating behaviors, suicide, and non-suicidal self-injury in young women

Depressive mood and its risk factors, and persistent complex bereavement disorder among caregivers who received hospice care: a longitudinal study

Depressive symptoms and age of alcohol use onset interact to predict suicidal ideation

Development and testing of the Hogan Inventory of Bereavement short form for children and adolescents

Differential psychological reactions to grief: the role of childhood adversity for depression symptoms among bereaved and non-bereaved adults

Does the source matter? Social support and suicide attempts among homeless youth

Emotional reactivity to grief-related expressive writing

Epidemiology of non-fatal suicidal behavior among first-year university students in South Africa

Epistemological differences in the discussion of the interpersonal theory of suicide: a reply to the response

Evaluating the role of interpersonal hopelessness in the interpersonal theory of suicide

Events surrounding stillbirth and their effect on symptoms of depression among mothers

Grief intensity, coping and psychological health among family members and friends following a terrorist attack

How an academic's death by suicide impacts coworkers and an organization

Hypno-death-experiences: death experiences during hypnotic life regressions

Identifying suicide risk among college students: a systematic review

Impact of maternal education on under-five mortality of children in India: insights from the National Family Health Survey, 2005-2006 and 2015-2016

Information needs of bereaved families following fatal work incidents

Inscriptions on roadside memorials in Poland

Investigating risk for grief severity: attachment to the deceased and relationship quality

Investigating suspected suicides: New Zealand coroners' experiences

Is suicidality a mental disorder? Applying DSM-5 guidelines for new diagnoses

Masculine gender-related personality traits and acquired capability for suicide

Meaning differentiates depression and grief among suicide survivors

Meanings attributed by bereaved unmarried intimate partners of fallen soldiers to their loss

Miles over mind: transnational death and its association with psychological distress among undocumented Mexican immigrants

New adolescent grief scales open new research possibilities: a commentary

Protective factors for older suicide attempters: finding reasons and experiences to live

Psychological pain and suicidal ideation in undergraduates: the role of pain avoidance

Risk factors for suicide attempts among rural youth with a history of suicidal ideation

Socio-ecological context and the interpersonal theory of suicide: a response to Hjelmeland & Knizek

Sociocultural factors associated with attitudes toward suicide in Australia

Storybooks to facilitate children's communication following parental suicide: paraprofessional counselors' perceptions

Suicide exposure and impact within a non-representative Australian community sample

Suicide hotspots, interventions, and future areas of work at a Californian university

Survivors' perceptions of support following a parent's suicide

The construction of people in suicide prevention documents

The effect of death education on fear of death amongst Italian adolescents: a nonrandomized controlled study

The emperor's new clothes? A critical look at the interpersonal theory of suicide

The relation between mortality salience, traffic locus of control, and risky driving behavior

The role of theory for understanding and preventing suicide (but not predicting it): a commentary on Hjelmeland and Knizek

The suicidal behaviors questionnaire-revised. Spanish form

Thwarted belongingness and perceived burdensomeness in Korean college students: psychometric properties and cultural considerations for the interpersonal needs Questionnaire-10

To grieve or not to grieve (online)? Interactions with deceased Facebook friends

Toward a robust science of suicide: epistemological, theoretical, and methodological considerations in advancing suicidology

Transgender and gender non-conforming bereavement (TGNC): a case study on complicated grief experienced and the effect of partner suicide on interpersonal relationships and subsequent partnerships of the bereaved

Validation of a Chinese Version of the Acquired Capability for Suicide Scale

What's in a word? Clarifying terminology on suicide-related communication

Writing about suicide in graduation exam essays in Slovenia