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Death studies

Year: 2020
Articles in SafetyLit: 34

"If you die a bad death, we give you a bad burial:" mortuary practices and "bad death" among the Akan in Ghana

"Like climbing a glass wall": suicide survivors in an Italian province

"You did not desert me my brothers in arms": The continuing bond experience of men who have lost a brother in arms

Complicated grief knowledge, attitudes, skills, and training among mental health professionals: a qualitative exploration

Death thoughts predict increased depression for those with low self-worth

Depression and alcohol use disorders as precursors to death by suicide

Does it get easier over time? Psychologists' experiences of working with suicidal patients

Effects of bereavement groups-a systematic review and meta-analysis

Expanding our paradigms: Intersectional and socioecological approaches to suicide prevention

General practitioners' reported application of DSM major depressive disorder criteria after removal of the bereavement exclusion criterion

Grief memoirs: the familiarity of helping professionals with the genre and its potential incorporation into grief therapy

How to deal with the suffering: utility of an emotional containment strategy to collect data for verbal autopsies in Mexico

Intensive outpatient treatment of PTSD and complicated grief in suicide-bereaved military widows

Internalized versus externalized continuing bonds: relations to grief, trauma, attachment, openness to experience, and posttraumatic growth

Learning from clinicians' positive inclination to suicidal patients: a grounded theory model

Learning from suicide deaths in Harris County, Texas

Living dead: suspended lives during/after gender violence

Parental death due to natural death causes during childhood abbreviates the time to a diagnosis of a psychiatric disorder in the offspring: a follow-up study

Posttraumatic growth in parentally bereaved children and adolescents: a systematic review

Professional quality of life, depression, and meaning in life among helping professionals: the moderating role of self-competence in death work

Psychache, unmet interpersonal needs, childhood trauma and suicide ideation in young adults

Reasons for living among those with lived experience entering the suicide prevention workforce

Relationship between Beck Hopelessness Scale and suicidal ideation: a short-term longitudinal study

Retirement anxiety and depressive symptoms among middle-aged adults: an indirect effect through death anxiety

Risk factors for suicide in chronic fatigue syndrome

Sexual minorities and teen suicide attempts in a southeastern state with prominent exclusionary policies

Social support as a protective factor against the effect of grief reactions on depression for bereaved single older adults

Stolen lives: what the dead teach us

Suicide deaths following police contact: a review of coronial inquest findings

Suicide loss in the modern era: an exploration of digital suicide loss obituaries

Suicide risk during the lockdown due to coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Colombia

Transcultural adaptation and psychometric properties of Chinese version of Death Depression Scale-Revised among nursing students

Validation of the Prolonged Grief Scale (PG-13) and investigation of the prevalence and risk factors of prolonged grief disorder in Turkish bereaved samples

Why do humans pursue higher social class? Death anxiety matters