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Drug and alcohol review

Year: 2021
Articles in SafetyLit: 52

'When I open it, I have to drink it all': Push and pull factors shaping domestic alcohol consumption during the COVID-19 pandemic UK Spring 2020 lockdown

'You drink at home so they can go to work safely': a case study exploring alcohol marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic

A longitudinal study among young adults into the predictive effect of perceived efficacy of behavioural strategies and the moderating role of drinking motives on use of protective behavioural strategies

Alcohol and cocaine use prior to suspected suicide: insights from toxicology

Alcohol consumption, harms and policy developments in sub-Saharan Africa: the case for stronger national and regional responses

Alcohol intoxication incidence differences at companies in Lithuania

Assessing the impact of Queensland's late-night alcohol restrictions using health system data

Associations between trust and drinking among adolescents

Attitudinal factors associated with drink counting

Better off alone? Comparing the substance use, mental health and trauma risks of youth alcohol and other drug service users either living in out of home care, living with parents or experiencing homelessness

Changes in and correlates of Australian public attitudes toward illicit drug use

Characterising the patterns of and factors associated with increased alcohol consumption since COVID-19 in a UK sample

Children with problem drinking parents in Sweden: prevalence and risk of adverse consequences in a national cohort born in 2001

Commentary on Rychert and Wilkins (2021) 'Why did New Zealand's referendum to legalise recreational cannabis fail?'

Costing alcohol-related assault in the night-time economy from a societal perspective: the case of Central Sydney

Decline in alcohol consumption in Russia: collectivity or polarisation?

Declining youth drinking: a matter of faith?

Does early drug use-related police contact predict premature mortality and morbidity: a population register-based study

Doing violence to evidence on violence? How the alcohol industry created doubt in order to influence policy

Drink driving among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians: what has been done and where to next?

Drinking and acquisition of unrecorded alcohol across educational groups in Sweden

Effects of stomach content on the breath alcohol concentration-transdermal alcohol concentration relationship

Fear of missing out and binge-drinking among adolescents

First- and second-hand alcohol-related harms among urban Chinese: a population-based study from Hong Kong

Has beverage composition of alcohol consumption in Sweden changed over time? An age-period-cohort analysis

Highs and downs: a scoping review of public opinion about cannabis, alcohol and tobacco in Canada

How has access to legal cannabis changed over time? An analysis of the cannabis retail market in Canada 2‚ÄČ years following the legalisation of recreational cannabis

Improving measurement of harms from others' drinking: using item-response theory to scale harms from others' heavy drinking in 10 countries

Indigenous Australian drinking risk: comparing risk categorisations based on recall of recent drinking occasions to AUDIT-C screening in a representative sample

Lockdown and licensed premises: COVID-19 lessons for alcohol policy

Non-medical prescription opioid use and in-hospital illicit drug use among people who use drugs

Queensland Alcohol-related violence and Night-time Economy Monitoring (QUANTEM): rationale and overview

Screening for risky drinkers among hospitalised inpatients using the AUDIT: a feasibility, point prevalence and data linkage study

Screening major trauma patients for prevalence of illicit drugs

Smoke gets in the eye: a systematic review of case reports of ocular complications of crack cocaine use

Summarising the impacts of the Queensland Alcohol-related violence and Night-Time Economy (QUANTEM) project

The association of acute alcohol use and dynamic suicide risk with variation in onward care after psychiatric crisis

The efficacy of health warnings and package branding on perceptions of cannabis products among youth and young adults

The impact of changes to alcohol policy on patron drinking behaviours in Queensland

The impact of late-night alcohol restrictions on ambulance call-outs in entertainment precincts

The impact of liquor legislation changes on police-recorded serious assault in Queensland, Australia

The impact of Queensland's tackling alcohol-fuelled violence policy on nightlife and business trade

The impact of the Queensland government's tackling alcohol-fuelled violence policy on live music performances in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Australia

Trends in adolescent alcohol and other risky health- and school-related behaviours and outcomes in Australia

Understanding non-installers of the ignition interlock device: a qualitative analysis

Unrecorded alcohol consumption in Thailand: prevalence, geographical variation, relationship with socioeconomic factors and related consequences

Using passive surveillance technology for overdose prevention: key ethical and implementation issues

Using social media comments to reduce alcohol purchase intentions: an online experiment

Violence-related morbidity among people released from prison in Australia: a data linkage study

Was New Zealand's referendum to legalise cannabis premature?

Who would try (or use more) cannabis if it were legal?

Why did New Zealand's referendum to legalise recreational cannabis fail?