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Drug and alcohol review

Year: 2023
Articles in SafetyLit: 51

A narrative review of alcohol control policies in Latvia between 1990 and 2020

A novel community-based therapeutic education program for reducing alcohol-related harms and stigma in people with alcohol use disorders: a quasi-experimental study (ETHER study)

A qualitative analysis of adolescents' perspectives on peer and influencer alcohol-related posts on social media

A review of factors influencing drinking behaviours in young Australian adults using a behavioural framework approach

Adverse drug effects as a deterrent against willingness to use in the future among nightclub/festival attendees

Alcohol-related mortality in four European countries: a multiple-cause-of-death study

Alcohol-related sexual harassment in the workplace: a between and within industry analysis

Australian daily cannabis users' use of police avoidance strategies and compensatory behaviours to manage the risks of drug driving

Cask wine: Describing drinking patterns associated with Australia's cheapest alcohol

Changes in co-use of alcohol and cannabis among Nordic adolescents in the 21st century: results from the European School Survey Project on Alcohol and Other Drugs study

Cross-sectional survey of a convenience sample of Australians who use alcohol home delivery services

Development and validation of a Chinese Drinking Expectancies Questionnaire for young adults: a Hong Kong study

Did the cannabis recreational use law affect traffic crash outcomes in Toronto? Building evidence for the adequate number of authorised cannabis stores' thresholds

Do Australian adolescents with permission to drink at home engage in different alcohol use behaviours and experience more harms than those without such permission?

Do you 'like' problems? The linkage between college students' interactions with alcohol-related content on social media and their alcohol-related problems

Drinking at home: restricting alcohol availability is a key mechanism to reduce harms

Drinking in the home: what does it entail for younger and older Finns?

Duration of stay and rate of subsequent criminal conviction and hospitalisation for substance use among young people admitted to a short-term residential program

Early-onset smoking and vaping of cannabis: prevalence, correlates and trends in New Zealand 14-15-year-olds

Effects of cannabis legalisation on patterns of cannabis consumption among adolescents in Ontario, Canada (2001-2019)

Engaging families and parent advocates in research on substance use and drug policy reform: guiding principles from a Canadian community-academic partnership

Estimated cost of extra work hours from co-workers' drinking in Thailand

Estonian alcohol control legislation in 1990-2020: a narrative review

Examining the association between psychological distress and alcohol use in Australian adolescents over a period of declining consumption

Exploring the influence of local alcohol availability on drinking norms and practices: a qualitative scoping review

Here to stay? Policy changes in alcohol home delivery and "to-go" sales during and after COVID-19 in the United States

Home alone: patterns and perceptions of solitary home alcohol consumption in an Australian convenience sample

How much cannabis is used in a joint in Australia? An experimental investigation into use by potency and frequency

Illicit drugs in the emergency department: can we determine on clinical grounds if patients are intoxicated? Results from the Western Australian Illicit Substance Evaluation (WISE) study

Impact of Canada's cannabis legalisation on youth emergency department visits for cannabis-related disorders and poisoning in Ontario and Alberta, 2015-2019

Investigating the methods and characteristics of the trafficking of performance and image enhancing drugs in Australia

Is there a gender paradox in the association between conduct problems and cannabis use? A cohort-study among Swedish adolescents

Key informant perspectives on the enforcement of police-imposed barring notices and prohibition orders in Western Australia

Longitudinal and self-attributed change in alcohol use among young adults during the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia

Measuring alcohol use among adolescents in Africa: a systematic scoping review of consumption, screening and assessment tools

Media reporting on alcohol and other drugs in Australia and the Mindframe guidelines: baseline data

Micro-temporal analyses of crime related to alcohol outlets: a comparison of outcomes over weekday, weekend, daytime and nighttime hours

Mind the gap! Gender differences in alcohol consumption among Swedish ninth graders 1989-2021

Prices of flower and resin in cannabis social clubs: analyses of register data from 220,000 collections

Real or fake? Sourcing and marketing of non-prescribed benzodiazepines amongst two samples of people who regularly use illicit drugs in Australia

Self-reported THC content and associations with perceptions of feeling high among cannabis consumers

Shifts in the Australian public's opinions towards alcohol policies: 2004-2019

Social and contextual factors associated with drinking before, during and after watching Australian Football League games: a pilot ecological momentary assessment study

Substance use trajectories among emerging adult Black men: risk factors and consequences

The gendered violence of injecting-related stigma among relatively affluent, suburban women who inject drugs

Trends in alcohol expenditure in Australia from 1984 to 2015-2016: an exploratory study

Trends in alcohol-related harm among Swedish youth: do in-patient care registry data match drinking trends?

Trends in and factors associated with parental provision of alcohol to minors in Western Australia, 2013-2019

Unpacking assertions made by the alcohol industry and how they make them: an analysis of submissions into Australia's National Alcohol Strategy

Views on minimum unit pricing for alcohol before its introduction among people with alcohol dependence in Scotland: a qualitative interview study

Who supports drug-checking services in Australia? An analysis of 2019 National Drug Strategy Household Survey data