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Journal of interpersonal violence

Year: 2016
Articles in SafetyLit: 38

An empirical examination of the victim-search methods utilized by serial stranger sexual offenders: a classification approach

Are gender differences in DSM-5 PTSD symptomatology explained by sexual trauma?

Associations between sexual assault severity and psychological and physical health outcomes: similarities and differences among African American and Caucasian survivors

Attitudes of young adult men toward domestic violence and factors affecting their attitudes in Turkey

Characteristics of Brazilian offenders and victims of interpersonal violence: an exploratory study

Childhood abuse and current intimate partner violence: a population study in Hong Kong

Collecting self-reported data on dating abuse perpetration from a sample of primarily Black and Hispanic, urban-residing, young adults: a comparison of timeline followback interview and interactive voice response methods

Cyberbullying perpetration by Arab youth: the direct and interactive role of individual, family, and neighborhood characteristics

Defining and predicting pimps' coerciveness toward sex workers: socialization processes

Differences in abuse, neglect, and exposure to community violence in adolescents with and without PTSD and depression

Disclosure recipients' social reactions to victims' disclosures of intimate partner violence

Drama at Dunder Mifflin: workplace bullying discourses on The Office

Effects of adverse childhood experiences, stress, and social support on the health of college students

Examining sexual assault victimization and loneliness as risk factors associated with nonlethal self-harm behaviors in female college students: is it important to control for concomitant suicidal behaviors (and vice versa)?

Factors affecting counseling services in social service structures providing support to women who are victims of violence: a qualitative research in Greece

Faith and marital violence in Sub-Saharan Africa: exploring the links between religious affiliation and intimate partner violence among women in Ghana

Hope as a mediator of the link between intimate partner violence and suicidal risk inTturkish women: further evidence for the role of hope agency

Immediate and long-term mental health outcomes in adolescent female rape survivors

Influence of intimate partner violence severity on the help-seeking strategies of female victims and the influence of social reactions to violence disclosure on the process of leaving a violent relationship

Inmate violence and correctional staff burnout: the role of sense of security, gender, and job characteristics

Mother blame and the just world theory in child sexual abuse cases

Negative responses to disclosure of sexual victimization and victims' symptoms of PTSD and depression: the protective role of ethnic identity

No differences in health outcomes after routine inquiry about violence victimization in young women: a randomized controlled study in Swedish youth health centers

Predicting the effects of sexual assault research participation: reactions, perceived insight, and help-seeking

Resource loss moderates the association between child abuse and current PTSD symptoms among women in primary-care settings

Risk factors associated with inpatient violence during medium security treatment

Stories of victimization: self-positioning and construction of gender in narratives of abused women

Technology-facilitated sexual violence victimization: results from an online survey of Australian adults

The "golden thread": coercive control and risk assessment for domestic violence

The effects of exposure to psychological violence in the workplace on commitment and turnover intentions: the moderating role of social support and role stressors

The nature of bias crime injuries: a comparative analysis of physical and psychological victimization effects

The predictive role of maternal parenting and stress on pupils' bullying involvement

The relationship between non-consensual sex and risk of depression in female undergraduates at universities in Maritime Canada

The reliability and factorial validity of the Swedish Version of the Revised Controlling Behaviors Scale

The social and individual characteristics of women associated with engagement with multiple intimate violent partners

Use of a bogus pipeline to detect men's underreporting of sexually aggressive behavior

Victim, allegation, and investigation characteristics associated with substantiated reports of sexual abuse of adults in residential care settings

Who gets protection? A national study of multiple victimization and child protection among Taiwanese children