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Journal of interpersonal violence

Year: 2017
Articles in SafetyLit: 37

Acceptability of family violence: underlying ties between intimate partner violence and child abuse

Acceptance of intimate partner violence in rural Malawi: an empirical analysis on the impacts of lineage and aids conversation networks

Assessing intimate partner violence in a control balance theory framework

Association of domestic violence against women with sociodemographic factors, clinical features, and dissociative symptoms in patients who receive services from psychiatric outpatient units in Turkey

Cambodian remarried women are at risk for domestic violence

Campus sexual violence prevention educators' use of gender in their work: a critical exploration

Characteristics for the identification of children who commit family murder in South Africa

Characteristics of intimate partner violence incidents and the environments in which they occur: victim reports to responding law enforcement officers

Child maltreatment typologies and intimate partner violence: findings from a Danish national study of young adults

Child welfare responses linked to subtypes of exposure to intimate partner violence: evidence from the Canadian Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect

Childhood maltreatment, limbic dysfunction, resilience, and psychiatric symptoms

Depression and intimate partner violence among African American women living in impoverished inner-city neighborhoods

Determinants of Ethiopian women's attitudes toward wife beating

Developmental timing of childhood physical and sexual maltreatment predicts adult depression and post-traumatic stress symptoms

Empowerment and intimate partner violence in Pakistan: results from a nationally representative survey

Examining the relationship between witnessing intimate partner violence and victimization among children in Saudi Arabia

Exploring violence socialization and approval of intimate partner violence among university students in Kosovo

Factors and characteristics of workplace violence against nurses: a study in Iran

Factors associated with police decisions on immediate responses to intimate partner violence

Ghanaian women's knowledge and perceptions of services available to victims of intimate partner violence

Influence of perceived femininity, masculinity, race/ethnicity, and socioeconomic status on intimate partner violence among sexual-minority women

Intimate partner violence against women among North Korean refugees: a comparison with South Koreans

Intimate partner violence: variations in perpetrators and treatment allocation

Masculine gender ideologies, intimate partner violence, and alcohol use increase risk for genital tract infections among men

Multiple losses: the psychological and economic well-being of survivors of intimate partner violence

Neglect, sexual abuse, and witnessing intimate partner violence during childhood predicts later life violent attitudes against children among Kenyan women: evidence of intergenerational risk transmission from cross-sectional data

Perception of physical child abuse among parents and professionals in a French emergency department

Physical intimate partner violence and controlling behavior in Mexican university students and their attitudes toward social limits

Polyvictimization and psychological distress in early adolescence: a mediation model of defense mechanisms and coping styles

Poor relationships and physical violence at school are associated with more forms of psychological violence among Brazilian teachers: a cross-sectional study

Post-traumatic stress, mother's emotion regulation, and parenting in survivors of intimate partner violence

Pregnant adolescents as perpetrators and victims of intimate partner violence

Reluctance versus urge to disclose child maltreatment: the impact of multi-type maltreatment

Separated women's risk for intimate partner violence: a multiyear analysis using the National Crime Victimization Survey

The interaction of dopamine genes and financial stressors to predict adulthood intimate partner violence perpetration

The mediating roles of hostility and dissociation in the relationship between sexual assault and suicidal thinking in college students

Women's views about domestic violence: a qualitative study in Iran