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Journal of interpersonal violence

Year: 2019
Articles in SafetyLit: 440

". . . The forgotten heroes": a qualitative study exploring how friends and family members of DV survivors use domestic violence helplines

"Back home you just go talk to the family": the role of family among women who seek help for intimate partner violence pre- and postresettlement to the United States

"Being married doesn't mean you have to reach the end of the world": safety planning with intimate partner violence survivors and service providers in three urban informal settlements in Nairobi, Kenya

"Change really does need to start from home": impact of an intimate partner violence prevention strategy among married couples in Nepal

"Closer to the unfair reality": magnitude and spatial analysis of femicides in Ecuador

"Give her a slap or two . . . She might change": negotiating masculinities through intimate partner violence among rural Ghanaian men

"Having a child meant I had a real life": reproductive coercion and childbearing motivations among young black men living in Baaltimore

"I feel permanently traumatized by it": physical and emotional impacts reported by men forced to penetrate women in the United Kingdom

"I love and hate him in the same breath": relationships of adult survivors of sexual abuse with their perpetrating siblings

"I'm already seen as a sexual predator from saying hello": Black men's perception of sexual violence

"It doesn't freak us out the way it used to": an evaluation of the domestic violence enhanced home visitation program to inform practice and policy screening for IPV

"Like opening up old wounds": conceptualizing intersectional trauma among survivors of intimate partner violence

"When you're in a relationship, you say no, but your partner insists": sexual dating violence and ambiguity among girls and young women

"You just come to school, if you made it, its grace": young black women's experiences of violence in utilizing public "minibus taxi" transport in Johannesburg, South Africa

#Metoo and Google inquiries into sexual violence: a hashtag campaign can sustain information seeking

#MeToo: disclosure and response to sexual victimization on Twitter

A behavior sequence analysis of victims' accounts of stalking behaviors

A bruise without a name: investigating college student perceptions of intimate partner violence terminology

A comparison of intimate partner homicide with intimate partner homicide-suicide: evidence from a Norwegian national 22-year cohort

A cross-cultural comparison of the role of sexual objectification in the relationship between alcohol use and sexual assault perpetration

A follow-up study on the continuity and spillover effects of intimate partner violence during pregnancy on postnatal child abuse

A latent class analysis of lifetime victimization among homeless youth

A longitudinal analysis of disability-related interpersonal violence and some implications for violence prevention work

A longitudinal examination of alcohol problems and cyber, psychological, and physical dating abuse: the moderating role of emotion dysregulation

A longitudinal study of the bidirectional relations between anxiety symptoms and peer victimization in urban adolescents

A multi-campus pilot feasibility evaluation of a bystander-based sexual violence prevention program: exploring the influence of drinking behaviors on bystander behavior

A multisession evaluation of sexual assault prevention education: the unique effects of program participation

A network analysis of domestic violence beliefs among young adults in India

A new factor solution for the Domestic Violence-Related Financial Issues Scale (DV-FI)

A qualitative analysis of beliefs about sexual consent among high school students

A qualitative study of the perspectives of domestic violence survivors on behavior change programs with perpetrators

A quasiexperimental study of the Bystander Plus program for changing rape culture beliefs

A short-term longitudinal investigation of the relationship between trait mindfulness and female-perpetrated dating violence

A structural model of adverse childhood experiences as antecedents of rumination leading to lower hope

A validated screening instrument for identifying intimate partner violence in South Asian immigrant women

Actor-partner analyses of the associations between harsh discipline and parent-child relationships in China

Additive and interactive effects of victimization on adolescent aggression across social settings

Additive interactions between school bullying victimization and gender on weapon carrying among U.S. high school students: Youth Risk Behavior Survey 2009 to 2015

Addressing intimate partner violence using gender-transformative approaches at a community level in rural Tanzania: the UZIKWASA program

Adolescent perceptions of an interactive mobile application to respond to teen dating violence

Adverse childhood experiences and adulthood negotiation in intimate partner violence: the sequentially paradoxical role of interpersonal sensitivity among female inmates

After child maltreatment: the importance of voice for youth in foster care

Alcohol problems, jealousy, and cyber dating abuse perpetration among men and women: toward a conceptual model

An epidemiologic examination of perpetrators of fatal child maltreatment using the National Violent Death Reporting System (NVDRS)

An estimation of the effect of women's employment on the prevalence of intimate partner violence in Mexico

An examination of sexual victimization, self-injurious behaviors, and suicidality among female college students

An examination of stalking experiences during military service among female and male veterans and associations with PTSD and depression

An experimental assessment of third parties as potential guardians: victim gender, conflict, and individual perceptions of social situations

An experimental investigation of victim blaming in sexual assault: the roles of victim sexual orientation, coercion type, and stereotypes about bisexual women

Antigay "honor" abuse: a multinational attitudinal study of collectivist- versus individualist-orientated populations in Asia and England

Are we comparing apples and oranges? Exploring trauma experienced by victims of interpersonal violence and abuse and by court-involved women who have used force in relationships

Aroha and manaakitanga-that's what it is about: Indigenous women, "love," and interpersonal violence

Assessing intimate partner violence via daily diary surveys: feasibility, reporting, and acceptability

Assessing schema modes using self- and observer-rated instruments: associations with aggression

Association between family physical violence victimization and food consumption among Brazilian adolescents

Associations among child maltreatment, mental health, and police contact in adulthood: findings from a national Canadian sample

Associations between child maltreatment and adolescents' health-related quality of life and emotional and social problems in low-income families, and the moderating role of social support

Associations between classroom normative climate and the perpetration of teen dating violence among secondary school students

Associations between reproductive coercion, partner violence, and mental health symptoms among young Black women in Baltimore, Maryland

Associations between women's economic and social empowerment and intimate partner violence: findings from a microfinance plus program in rural North West Province, South Africa

Attachment, sense of entitlement in romantic relationships, and sexual revictimization among adult CSA survivors

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder symptoms and community violence exposure in Russian adolescents

Attribution of blame toward offenders: victim and offender ethnicity, and observer ethnic and religious background

Author queries: What influences the victimization of high-level offenders? A dual trajectory analysis of the victim-offender overlap from the perspective of routine activities with peer groups

Barriers to leaving a relationship from the perspective of married abused Iranian women: secondary analysis of the interviews with abused women

Behind closed doors: the role of risky lifestyles and victimization experiences on fear of future victimization among South Korean inmates

Beyond domestic violence shelter: factors associated with housing placements for survivors exiting emergency shelters

Bidirectional intimate partner violence among chinese women: patterns and risk factors

Bounded blame: the effects of victim-perpetrator relationship and victimization history on judgments of sexual violence

Bullying involvement in adolescence: implications for sleep, mental health, and academic outcomes

Bullying reporting concerns as a mediator between school climate and bullying victimization/aggression

Bullying victimization among left-behind children in rural China: prevalence and associated risk factors

Campus law enforcement resources for rape prevention and responses to stalking

Can justice system interventions prevent intimate partner homicide? An analysis of rates of help seeking prior to fatality

Can the behavioral model of health care utilization be used to predict completion of a mental health assessment following intimate partner violence?

Caregiver vulnerabilities associated with the perpetration of substantiated child maltreatment in Canada: examining the Canadian Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect (CIS) 2008

Challenges in supporting survivors of child sexual abuse in Kenya: a qualitative study of government and non-governmental organizations

Challenges to detecting and addressing intimate partner violence among Roma women in Spain: perspectives of primary care providers

Changes in physical assault among adults moving into permanent supportive housing

Changes in rape myth acceptance among undergraduates: 2010 to 2017

Changes in risk perception after sexual victimization: are we following the right track?

Characteristics and factors associated with intimate partner violence-related homicide post-release from jail or prison

Characteristics of intimate partner violence in China: gender symmetry, mutuality, and associated factors

Child abuse victimization, depression, and substance use among homeless women: application of general strain theory

Childhood adversity and intimate partner violence in adulthood: the mediating influence of PTSD in a sample of women prisoners

Childhood adversity, resilience, and mental health: a sequential mixed-methods study of Chinese young adults

Childhood disability-related abuse: a retrospective proof-of-concept study

Childhood emotional abuse and cyberbullying perpetration: the role of dark personality traits

Childhood experiences and intimate partner violence among Kenyan males: mediation by self-esteem and impulsivity

Childhood maltreatment, borderline personality features, and coping as predictors of intimate partner violence

Children's coping and perceptions of coping efficacy after sexual abuse: links to trauma symptoms

Client-initiated violence against Zambian female sex workers: prevalence and associations with behavior, environment, and sexual history

Clinical features of heterosexual intimate partner violence victims with escalating injury severity

Coercive control, stalking, and guns: modeling service professionals' perceived risk of potentially fatal intimate partner gun violence

Collective resources and violent crime reconsidered: New Orleans before and after Hurricane Katrina

College campus sexual assault and female students with disabilities

Confounding, mediation, or independent effect? Childhood psychological abuse, mental health, mood/psychological state, COPD and migraine

Construction and psychometric properties of a short form of the Personal Experiences Checklist

Controlling behavior and intimate partner violence: a cross-sectional study in an urban area of Delhi, India

Controlling behavior and lifetime physical, sexual, and emotional violence in sub-Saharan Africa

Correlates of men's bystander intervention to prevent sexual and relationship violence: the role of masculine discrepancy stress

Correlates of suicidality among a community-based cohort of women sex workers: the protective effect of social cohesion

Corrigendum to "The role of shame in the relation between peer victimization and mental health outcomes"

Counterfactual thinking among victims of sexual assault: relationships with posttraumatic stress and posttraumatic growth

County variation in intimate partner homicide: a comparison of Hispanic and non-Hispanic victims

Crime victim service providers' needs and barriers: rurality and "high need"

Criminal orders of protection for domestic violence: associated revictimization, mental health, and well-being among victims

Cumulative violence and PTSD symptom severity among urban street-based female sex workers

Cyber dating abuse victimization: links with psychosocial functioning

Cyberbullying victimization in WhatsApp classmate groups among Israeli elementary, middle, and high school students

Dark triad traits and perceptions of sexual harassment

Depressive symptoms following work-related violence and threats and the modifying effect of organizational justice, social support, and safety perceptions

Descriptive analysis of the characteristics of proven cases of sexual abuse in victims with intellectual disabilities and children with typical development in spain

Descriptive epidemiology of homicides with victim and suspect race or Hispanic ethnicity discordance in the United States: analysis of National Violent Death Reporting System (NVDRS) 2005-2015

Determinants of gender-based violence and its physiological effects among women in 12 African countries

Determinants of HIV and sexually transmitted infection testing and acquisition among female victims of intimate partner violence

Determinants of intimate partner violence among young men who have sex with men: the P18 Cohort Study

Developing and validating a new scale to assess signs of neglect of infants and caregivers

Development and initial validation of three culturally sensitive measures of intimate partner violence for sexual and gender minority populations

Development and validation of a new instrument for screening bullies and victims in classrooms

Development and validation of the romantic love myths questionnaire

Differences in lesbian, bisexual, and heterosexual women's experiences of sexual assault and rape in a national U.S. sample

Differences in rape acknowledgment and mental health outcomes across transgender, nonbinary, and cisgender bisexual youth

Different contexts of sexual abuse with a special focus on the context of Christian institutions: results from the general population in Germany

Disaggregating violence: understanding the decline

Disclosing unwanted pursuit victimization: indirect effects of negative reactions on PTSD symptomatology among undergraduate women

Discrimination and intimate partner violence victimization and perpetration among a convenience sample of LGBT individuals in Latin America

Disentangling honor-based violence and religion: the differential influence of individual and social religious practices and fundamentalism on support for honor killings in a cross-national sample of Muslims

Disentangling the effects of exposure to maternal substance misuse and physical abuse and neglect on child behavioral problems

Dissecting the role of dominance in robberies: an analysis and implications for microsociology of violence

Distinct places to address intimate partner violence

Diverse long-term effects of childhood exposure to intimate partner violence: development of externalizing behaviors in males and females

Do community structural characteristics moderate the association between mental health and the frequency and severity of violent-behavioral outcomes in community respondents?

Do negative attitudes about using social support matter in the association of post-traumatic cognitions and perceived social support? Comparison of female survivors of intimate partner violence with and without a history of child abuse

Do violence acceptance and bystander actions explain the effects of Green Dot on reducing violence perpetration in high schools?

Does African American women's racial identity mediate gendered racism on anticipated relationship threat?

Does emotion regulation mediate the relation between family-of-origin violence and intimate partner violence?

Does perpetrator occupation affect classification of sexual assault?

Early maladaptive schemas and social information processing in child-to-parent aggression

Economic evaluation of public health interventions: an application to interventions for the prevention of violence against women and girls implemented by the "What Works to Prevent Violence Against Women and Girls?" Global Program

Effect of implicit prejudice on intergroup conflict: the cognitive processing bias perspective

Effect of parental corporal punishment on endorsement of its use: moderated mediation by parent gender and attitudes toward corporal punishment

Effectiveness of a prison-based treatment program for male perpetrators of intimate partner violence: a quasi-experimental study of criminal recidivism

Effects of parental childhood abuse on daily stress processes in adulthood

Effects of workplace violence on women's psychosocial functioning in Ethiopia: emotional demand and social relations at civil service sectors in focus

Empowerment, stress, and depressive symptoms among female survivors of intimate partner violence attending personal empowerment programs

Epidemiology of campus sexual assault among university women in Eswatini

Evaluating the Effectiveness of an Online Intervention to Educate College Students About Dating Violence and Bystander Responses

Evaluation of a multi-session group designed to prevent commercial sexual exploitation of minors: the "My Life My Choice" curriculum

Examining depression among perpetrators of intimate partner homicide

Examining parental factors as moderators between maltreatment and adolescent delinquency

Examining the 8-year trajectory of posttraumatic stress symptoms in children exposed to intimate partner violence

Examining the potential association between immigration and criminal involvement using a nationally representative and longitudinal sample of youth

Expanding collective efficacy theory to reduce violence among African American adolescents

Experiences of minority stress and intimate partner violence among homosexual women in Turkey

Experiences of reproductive coercion in Queensland women

Exploratory structural equation modeling analysis and validity of the family needs screener

Exploring intimate partner violence among women attending Malaysian primary care clinics

Exploring multiple forms of intimate partner violence in a gender and racially/ethnically diverse sample of transgender adults

Exploring the impact of child maltreatment and interparental violence on violent delinquency in an international sample

Exposure to family violence in childhood, self-efficacy, and posttraumatic stress symptoms in young adulthood

Factor structure of the communication patterns questionnaire in violence-exposed women

Factors associated with posttraumatic stress disorder symptomology among women who have experienced sexual assault in Canada

Falling for the ones that were abusive: cycles of violence in low-income women's intimate relationships

Feasibility and acceptability of a high school relationship abuse and sexual assault bystander prevention program: school personnel and student perspectives

Female honor killing: the role of low socio-economic status and rapid modernization

Female intimate partner violence survivors' experiences with disclosure to informal network members

Fighting against intimate partner violence with hairstylists: a pilot study of Korean immigrants in New York City

Financial strain and intimate partner violence against married women in postreform China: evidence from Chengdu

Finding a common ground: therapist responsiveness to male clients who have acted violently against their female partner

Forgiveness and loneliness in peer-victimized adolescents

Frenemy: a new addition to the bullying circle

From bully victimization to aggressive behavior: applying the problem behavior theory, theory of stress and coping, and general strain theory to explore potential pathways

From health to financial problems: multiproblems among victims of partner and non-partner physical violence, and matched nonvictims

Gay visibility and disorganized and strained communities: a community-level analysis of anti-gay hate crime in New York City

Gender differences between student-student relationship and cyberbullying perpetration: an evolutionary perspective

Gender differences in the victim-offender relationship for on- and offline youth violence

Gender differences in the violence exposure types that predict PTSD and depression in adolescents

Gender, protection orders, and intimate partner violence in later life: a study of protective order filings in Arizona

Gender-specific differences in corporal punishment and children's perceptions of their mothers' and fathers' parenting

General criminality as a marker of heterogeneity in domestically violent men: differences in trauma history, psychopathology, neurocognitive functioning, and psychophysiology

Geographies of sexual assault: a spatial analyses to identify neighborhoods affected by sexual and gender-based violence

Happily ever after? Life satisfaction after childhood exposure to violence

He said, she said: comparing men's and women's descriptions of men's partner violence

Health care providers' readiness to identify and respond to intimate partner violence

Help-seeking experiences of immigrant domestic violence survivors in Australia: a snapshot of muslim survivors

Help-seeking patterns among LGBTQ young adults exposed to intimate partner violence victimization

History of physical teen dating violence and its association with suicidal behaviors among adolescent high school students: results from the 2015 Youth Risk Behavior Survey

Homicide by multiple fatal methods: a study from South Delhi, India

Hooking-up and sexual victimization on campus: examining moderators of risk

How comprehensive are media-based data on police officer-involved shootings?

How do knowledge and attitudes about children's rights influence spanking attitudes?

How race and gender stereotypes influence help-seeking for intimate partner violence

How the popularity of bullies influences the self-esteem of their classmates: a study of first-year middle school students in South Korea

Identifying poly-victimization among prisoners: an application of latent class analysis

Identifying psychopathy subtypes using a broader model of personality: an investigation of the Five Factor Model using model-based cluster analysis

Impact of a trauma-informed intervention for youth and staff on rates of violence in juvenile detention settings

Impact of adverse childhood experiences on oral health among women in the United States: findings from the behavioral risk factor surveillance system

IMPACT: Effects of an online capacity-building intervention for IPV prevention professionals

Implications of interpersonal violence on population mental health status in a low-income urban community-based sample of adults

Inadequate data limit the analysis of health disparities and causes: a call for research on youth interpersonal violence

Indigenous perspectives on help-seeking for family violence: voices from an Australian community

Individual differences in patterns of community violence exposure and internalizing and externalizing behaviors

Individual moral disengagement and bullying among Swedish fifth graders: the role of collective moral disengagement and pro-bullying behavior within classrooms

Individual resilience: a major protective factor in peer bullying and victimization of elementary school children in Israel

Insecure attachment, emotion dysregulation, and psychological aggression in couples

Interannual changes in the prevalence of intimate partner violence against pregnant women in miyagi prefecture after the Great East Japan Earthquake: the Japan Environment and Children's Study

Intimate partner sexual violence and mental health indicators among Chinese emerging adults

Intimate partner violence and associated risk factors among youth in the slums of Kampala

Intimate partner violence and depression in women in China

Intimate partner violence and health: the roles of social support and communal mastery in five American Indian communities

Intimate partner violence and illicit substance use among sexual and gender minority youth: the protective role of cognitive reappraisal

Intimate partner violence and psychological maladjustment: examining the role of institutional betrayal among survivors

Intimate partner violence and same-sex couples: examining the antecedents of the helping intentions of bystanders

Intimate partner violence and the risk of developing fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome

Intimate partner violence during pregnancy in Turkey: determinants from nationwide surveys

Intimate partner violence in adolescence: associations with perpetration trauma, rumination, and posttraumatic stress

Intimate partner violence in Nicaragua: the role of possessive jealousy, intrasexual competitiveness, life history, mate value, and stress

Intimate partner violence perpetration, victimization, and overlap among serious juvenile offenders: trajectories of emerging adulthood

Intimate partner violence victimization, social support, and resilience: effects on the anxiety levels of young mothers

Intimate partner violence, parenting, and children's representations of caregivers

Intimate partner violence: a multinational test of cultural spillover theory

Intimate partner violence: barriers to action and opportunities for intervention among health care providers in São Paulo, Brazil

Intimate partner violence: childhood witnessing and subsequent experiences of college undergraduates

IPV in rural Pennsylvania and magisterial courts: case study

Is household composition associated with repeat fight injuries in adolescents living in urban neighborhoods?

It takes two to tango: public attitudes toward prevention of workplace violence against health care staff: a mixed-methods study

Knowing the abuser inside and out: the development and psychometric evaluation of the identification with the Aggressor Scale

Leveraging technology and cultural adaptations to increase access and engagement among trauma-exposed African American youth: exploratory study of school-based telehealth delivery of trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy

Lifetime number of perpetrators and victim-offender relationship status per U.S. victim of intimate partner, sexual violence, or stalking

Likelihood of arrest for robberies, assaults, and sexual offenses committed by group and lone offenders

Listening to Bedouin women who were affected by intimate partner violence and sought help from a doctor

Longitudinal fluctuations of national help-seeking reports for domestic violence before, during, and after the financial crisis in Cyprus

Male role norms, heavy drinking, and bystander behavior for sexual aggression

Management of domestic violence by primary care physicians in Hong Kong: association with barriers, attitudes, training, and practice background

Mapping workplace neighborhood mobility among sex workers in an urban Canadian setting: results of a community-based spatial epidemiological study from 2010-2016

Married women's experience of domestic violence in Malawi: new evidence from a cluster and multinomial logistic regression analysis

Masculinity, injury, and death: implications for anti-knife-carrying messages

Measuring and modeling exposure to external workplace aggression in three types of emergency responders

Measuring gender-based household maltreatment in urban slums of Mumbai, India

Mediating effect of dark triad personality traits on the relationship between parental emotional warmth and aggression

Methodological and ethical considerations in research with immigrant and refugee survivors of intimate partner violence

Migrant women victims of intimate partner violence and the criminal justice system in Portugal

Moderating effect of husband's controlling attitudes on the relation between women's household decision-making autonomy and intimate partner violence experience in Nigeria

Moderating effects of perceived neighborhood factors on intimate partner violence, psychological distress, and suicide risk

Mothers' experiences of parenting within the context of intimate partner violence: unique challenges and resilience

Motivational influences and trajectories to violence in the context of major mental illness

Motives behind cyberbullying perpetration: a test of uses and gratifications theory

Multilevel control over sexuality of unmarried adolescent girls and related violence: a qualitative exploration in slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Neighborhood exposure to violence and delinquency in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: a partial test of social structure and social learning theory

Neurobiology of female homicide perpetrators

Nonconsensual sharing of private sexually explicit media among university students

Nonfatal assault injury trends in California, 2005 to 2015

Nonfatal assault injury trends in California, 2005 to 2015 (Corrigendum)

Obtaining exposure and depth of field: school nurses "seeing" youth vulnerability to trafficking

Parent-child attachment moderates the associations between cyberbullying victimization and adolescents' health/mental health problems: an exploration of cyberbullying victimization among Chinese adolescents

Parental anxiety and depression moderate intergenerational transmission of parental psychological aggression in China

Parental empathy, aggressive parenting, and child adjustment in a noncustodial high-risk sample

Parental factors as predictors of dating violence among Latinx adolescent mothers

Parental harsh discipline and preschooler's inhibitory control in China: bidirectional relations and gender differences

Parental warmth and interpersonal empathy as predictors of sexual assault bystander intervention efficacy

Partiality in prosecution? Discretionary prosecutorial decision making and intimate partner violence

Paternal and maternal harsh parenting and Chinese adolescents' social anxiety: the different mediating roles of attachment insecurity with fathers and mothers

Pathways to child abuse prevention: seeking and embedding public opinion

Pathways to seeking help from a partner abuse intervention program: a qualitative study of voluntary and non-court-mandated Latino men's experiences

Patterns and usefulness of safety behaviors among community-based women survivors of intimate partner violence

Patterns of violence victimization and perpetration among adolescents using latent class analysis

Perceived executive functioning in parents at risk for child physical abuse

Perceptions of fear, likelihood of victimization, and confidence about dangerous situations among university women in Poland

Perceptions of school shooters depend on prior criminal record but not targeted age group

Perpetration and experience of spousal violence among Nigerian women: an analysis of the 2008 and 2013 NDHS

Perpetrators' perspectives on family violence: an event process model

Persistent homelessness and violent victimization among older adults in the HOPE HOME Study

Physical abuse explains sex differences in the link between psychopathy and aggression

Physical maltreatment and its associated factors among adolescents in Karachi, Pakistan

Physical punishment and child externalizing behavior: comparing American Indian, White, and African American children

Political differences in American reports of sexual harassment and assault

Polyvictimization among Russian sex workers: intimate partner, police, and pimp violence cluster with client violence

Polyvictimization and cybervictimization among college students from France: the mediation role of psychological distress and resilience

Popular opinion leaders' perspectives on preventing gender-based violence and problem drinking among Kenyan college students: a brief report

Post-sexual assault mental health: a randomized clinical trial of a video-based intervention

Postpartum depressive symptoms as a mediator between intimate partner violence during pregnancy and maternal-infant bonding in Japan

Posttraumatic stress symptom severity mediates the relationship between military sexual trauma and tension reduction behaviors in male and female veterans

Precollege and new-onset college interpersonal trauma as predictors of baseline and changes in alcohol use disorder symptoms during college

Predicting recidivism among defendants in an expedited domestic violence court

Predicting the criminal records of male-on-female UK homicide offenders from crime scene behaviors

Predictors of treatment access and initiation among diverse, low-income victims of violence offered a trauma-focused evidence-based psychotherapy

Prevalence and correlates of sexual assault perpetration and ambiguous consent in a representative sample of college students

Prevalence and predictors of intimate partner violence among married women in Egypt

Prevalence and predictors of violence against women in Pakistan

Prevalence of intimate partner reproductive coercion in the United States: racial and ethnic differences

Prevalence of intimate partner violence and associated factors among men who have sex with men in China

Prevalence of rape myths and sexual double standards among university students in Pakistan

Prevention of child sexual exploitation: insights from adult survivors

Problem gambling and family violence: factors associated with family violence victimization and perpetration in treatment-seeking gamblers

Profiles of Traumatic Stress Symptoms in Children Exposed to Intimate Partner Violence

Profiles of youth in-person and online sexual harassment victimization

Prospective predictors of sexual revictimization among college students

Psychological aggression, attitudes about violence, violent socialization, and dominance in dating relationships

Psychological effects of abuse, partner pressure, and alcohol: the roles of in-the-moment condom negotiation efficacy and condom-decision abdication on women's intentions to engage in condomless sex

Psychometric properties of the Checklist of Experiences of Psychological Abuse to the Couple in adolescents and young adults

Psychopathic personality traits and the risk for personal victimization

PTSD and attitudes toward guns following interpersonal trauma

Pursuing hegemonic masculinity through violence: an examination of anti-homeless bias homicides

Quantifying severity of maltreatment, adversity, and trauma from child protective services case record files

Racial/ethnic disparities in sexual harassment in the United States, 2018

Rape aggression defense course: physical, psychological, and interpersonal benefits among women with and without interpersonal victimization histories

Reactions of novice interviewers conducting trauma research with marginalized communities: a qualitative analysis

Reality check! Perceptions of MTV's Jersey Shore and 16 and pregnant/teen mom and dating violence attitudes and experiences

Recurrence of violence against teachers: two-year follow-up study

Reintroducing rationalization: a study of relational goal pursuit theory of intimate partner obsessive relational intrusion

Relational and sexual experiences of betrayal from the point of view of sexually victimized young women

Relationship power imbalance and known predictors of intimate partner violence in couples planning to get married: a baseline analysis of the AMAR Cohort Study

Reporting sexual assault: can knowledge of how to protect forensic evidence influence intentions to report?

RISE up: facilitating frontline responder collaboration on co-occurring child welfare and intimate partner violence cases

Risk and protective factors among Palestinian women living in a context of prolonged armed conflict and political oppression

Risk and protective factors for batterer intervention treatment program attrition: how completers are distinct from dropouts and no-shows

Risk and refuge: adolescent boys' experiences of violence in "post-conflict" Colombia

Risk factors for severe violence in intimate partner stalking situations: an analysis of police records

Risk factors for sexual violence among college students in dating relationships: an ecological approach

Risk-taking propensity and sensation seeking in survivors of adverse childhood experiences

Route choices and adolescent-adult connections in mitigating exposure to environmental risk factors during daily activities

School climate and adolescents' cyberbullying perpetration: a moderated mediation model of moral disengagement and friends' moral identity

Sentencing domestic violence offenders: a vignette study of public perceptions

Sentencing, domestic violence, and the overrepresentation of Indigenous Australians: does court location matter?

Sexist humor and sexual aggression against women: when sexist men act according to their own values or social pressures

Sexual abuse of elderly victims investigated by the police: from motives to crime characteristics

Sexual and gender minority intimate partner violence and childhood violence exposure

Sexual and physical violence in childhood is associated with adult intimate partner violence and nonpartner sexual violence in a representative sample of rural South African men and women

Sexual and relationship violence prevention and response: what drives the commuter campus student experience?

Sexual assault among women in college: immediate and long-term associations with mental health, psychosocial functioning, and romantic relationships

Sexual assault, campus resource use, and psychological distress in undergraduate women

Sexual coercion, mate retention, and relationship satisfaction in Brazilian and American romantic relationships

Sexual harassment, sexual assault, and physical activity among U.S. military service members in the Millennium Cohort Study

Sexual homicide in France and Canada: an international comparison

Sexual violence among gender and sexual minority college students: the risk and extent of victimization and related health and educational outcomes

Sexual violence in childhood and post-childhood: the experiences of young men who have sex with men in beirut

Situational characteristics uniquely associated with children's exposure to intimate partner violence

Slapping them into heaven? Individual and social religiosity, religious fundamentalism, and belief in heaven and hell as predictors of support for corporal punishment

Social trust and reciprocity among adolescent girls exposed to interpersonal violence

Socially assigned gender nonconformity and school violence experience among transgender and cisgender adolescents

Spillover of workplace bullying into family incivility: testing a mediated moderation model in a time-lagged study

Spousal violence against women in India: a social-ecological analysis using data from the National Family Health Survey 2015 to 2016

Stealthing perpetration and victimization: prevalence and correlates among emerging adults

Stressors of rape crisis work from the perspectives of advocates with and without sexual assault victimization history

Strides toward recovery from intimate partner violence: elucidating patient-centered outcomes to optimize a brief counseling intervention for women

Student violence directed against teachers: victimized teachers' reports to school officials and satisfaction with school responses

Suffering in the hands of a loved one: the endemic to intimate partner violence and consequences on migrant female head-load carriers in Ghana

Survivors' social construction of intimate partner violence in Cebu City, Philippines

Symptom sequelae following violence against youth with disabilities

Synergistic effects of psychological intimate partner violence exposure and gender discrimination on postnatal mental health trajectories

Talking to others about sexual assault: a narrative analysis of survivors' journeys

Teacher-student sexual relationships: the role of age, gender, and multiple victims on incarceration and registration outcomes

Teachers' and students' support for corporal punishment-a practice outlawed by the government of Kenya

Teen dating violence in a high-risk sample: the protective role of maternal acceptance

Testing the validity of an internal power theory of interpersonal violence

The associations of constructive and destructive interparental conflict to child well-being among low-income families

The characteristics of targets of bullying among Chinese youth attending key versus non-key schools: a mixed-methods analysis

The combined roles of moral emotion and moral rules in explaining acts of violence using a situational action theory perspective

The corpus callosum and PTSD severity

The differing roles of cognitive empathy and affective empathy in the relationship between trait anger and aggressive behavior: a Chinese college students survey

The effect of multiple types of intimate partner violence on maternal criminal justice involvement

The effects of dissociation on analogue trauma symptoms after trauma processing among women with varying histories of lifespan victimization

The effects of risky places, motivated offenders, and social disorganization on sexual victimization: a microgeographic- and neighborhood-level examination

The efficacy of a health promotion intervention for Indigenous women: reclaiming our spirits

The extreme moral diversity of men convicted of violence against their partners: four profiles based on the five moral foundations

The impact of adolescent sexual harassment experiences in predicting sexual risk-taking in young women

The impact of campus-level factors on peers' perceived ability to support a survivor

The impact of relational adverse childhood experiences on suicide outcomes during early and young adulthood

The impact of stalking-related fear and gender on personal safety outcomes

The indirect effect of coping self-efficacy on the relation between sexual violence and PTSD symptoms

The influence of harsh parenting and parental warmth during childhood on later involvement in prison misconduct

The influence of peer support for violence and peer acceptance of rape myths on multiple forms of interpersonal violence among youth

The influence of sexual assault resistance on reporting tendencies and law enforcement response: findings from the National Crime Victimization Survey

The interaction of rape myth acceptance and alcohol intoxication on bystander intervention

The Intimate Partner Violence Stigma Scale: initial development and validation

The mediating role of distress tolerance in the relationship between childhood maltreatment and mental health outcomes among university students

The organizational context of substantiation in child protective services cases

The position of the child in the life experiences of immigrant survivors of intimate partner violence: a study of service providers' perspectives in Spain

The recognition of emotional abuse: adolescents' responses to warning signs in romantic relationships

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