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Journal of interpersonal violence

Year: 2022
Articles in SafetyLit: 310

"Girls are the ones who save the family": factors and consequences of engaging in age-disparate transactional sex relationships

"He'd tell me I was frigid and ugly and force me to have sex with him anyway": women's experiences of co-occurring sexual violence and psychological abuse in heterosexual relationships

"Help children walking on the right path": understanding parents' and grandparents' perceptions on violence against children in Cambodia and prevention strategies

"I am the one that needs help": the theory of help-seeking behavior for survivors of intimate partner violence

"I have to fight to get out": African American women intimate partner violence survivors' construction of agency

"I pulled them apart and told them to stop": a mixed-methods examination of bystander behavior, preparedness, and emotional reaction

"I was 15 when I started doing drugs with my dad": victimization, social determinants of health, and criminogenic risk among women opioid intervention court participants

"If it's really excessive, it can enter your heart": a mixed methods investigation of bullying among early adolescents in Semarang, Indonesia

"It gives you a feeling of pride when you touch her": the role of masculinity in sexual harassment of adolescent schoolgirls in Tanzania

"It was really hard for me to tell": the gap between the child's difficulty in disclosing sexual abuse, and their perception of the disclosure recipient's response

"It's because we are 'loose girls' that's why we had children with MINUSTAH soldiers": a qualitative analysis of stigma experienced by peacekeeper-fathered children and their mothers in Haiti

"Take it out on the floor": experiences of violence among Black LGBT house and ball community youth in a Rust Belt city

"They are assuming that we are going to accuse them of rape, and we are assuming that they are going to rape us": a developmental perspective on emerging adults' consent conversations post #MeToo

"Through the things that have happened to me, they've made me stronger": individual and interpersonal sources of violence and resilience among a diverse sample of transgender women in Los Angeles

"Trans folks are in the crosshairs": jury decision-making and the trans panic defense

"We're constantly learning": identifying and disrupting White supremacy within a victim services organization

"We've already endured the trauma, who is going to either end that cycle or continue to feed it?" The influence of family and legal systems on Native American women's intimate partner violence experiences

A cross-cultural investigation of the association between betrayal trauma and dissociative features

A latent class approach to understanding associations between sports participation, substance use, dismissive attitudes, and sexual violence perpetration among high school athletes

A model for predicting post-traumatic stress disorder due to exposure to chronic political violence: big five personality traits, ego-resiliency, and coping

A multilevel examination of whether child welfare worker characteristics predict the substantiation decision in Canada

A path from traditional bullying to cyberbullying in South Korea: examining the roles of self-control and deviant peer association in the different forms of bullying

A prospective analysis of the interrelationship between physical intimate partner violence and alcohol use: a post-hoc analysis of young women involved in the Stepping Stones and Creating Futures Trial in South Africa

A sequence analysis of the behaviors and experiences of the deadliest public mass shooters

Academic outcomes among children who experienced or were exposed to physical abuse

Acculturation, acculturative stress, adverse childhood experiences, and intimate partner violence among Latinx immigrants in the US

Adolescent peer victimization and deliberate self-harm: a three-wave moderated mediation model

Adolescent relationship abuse, gender equitable attitudes, condom and contraception use self-efficacy among adolescent girls

Adult and adolescent disclosures of child sexual abuse: a comparative analysis

Adult attachment as a mediator of the link between interpersonal trauma and International Classification of Diseases (ICD)-11 complex posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms among college men and women

Adverse childhood experiences and diabetes: testing violence and distress mediational pathways in family medicine patients

Adverse childhood experiences and intimate partner violence among youth in Cambodia: a latent class analysis

Adverse childhood experiences and pathways to violent behavior for women and men

Agreement between mother and father reports of IPV in a sample of child protection referred coparents

America's first memorial honoring survivors of sexual violence

An appraisal of narcissistic rage through path modeling

An evaluation of the methodological underpinnings of a laboratory paradigm for the study of sexual violence

An investigation of longitudinal associations between psychological distress and student victimization by teachers

Anti-Asian American hate crimes spike during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic

Anti-Asian xenophobia, hate crime victimization, and fear of victimization during the COVID-19 pandemic

Association between community violence, disorder and school environment with bullying among school adolescents in Sao Paulo - Brazil

Association between intimate partner violence and suicidal ideation among female and male adults in South Korea: a nationally representative longitudinal study

Association of child sexual abuse victimization and murderous behaviors and the mediating role of psychological adjustment among college students in China

Associations among intimate partner violence, posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms, and disordered eating among women intimate partner violence survivors residing in shelter

Associations between classroom climate, empathy, self-efficacy, and countering hate speech among adolescents: a multilevel mediation analysis

Attendance at a community-based, after school, youth-led sexual violence prevention initiative

Barriers to bystander intervention in sexual harassment: the dark triad and rape myth acceptance in Indonesia, Singapore, and United Kingdom

Becoming secondary survivors: exploring the effects of conflict-related sexual violence on the health and well-being of families in northern Uganda

Between-reporter agreement among couples: exploring nonlinear patterns in marital conflict

Beyond sexual assault prevention: targeted outcomes for empowerment self-defense

Bias crime and victimization among Latinx adults: formal and informal help seeking

Boys round here: the relationship between masculine honor ideology, aggressive behavior, race, and regional affiliation

Bystander intervention among drinking gamers bystander intervention among college student drinking gamers: sexual assault attitudes, self-efficacy, and intent to intervene

Bystander intervention in intimate partner violence: an audio vignette study of heterosexual, gay, and lesbian dating partners

Can lower levels of classroom victimization be harmful? Healthy context paradox among Chinese adolescents

Can women shelters help reduce symptoms of PTSD and C-PTSD? Trajectories of PTSD symptom development following partner- and family-related violence

Canadian adolescents' experiences of dating violence: associations with social power imbalances

Caregivers' perceptions of a youth-led sexual violence prevention initiative: a brief report

Categories of intimate partner violence and abuse among young women and men: latent class analysis of psychological, physical, and sexual victimization and perpetration in a UK birth cohort

Child abuse and non-suicidal self-injury among Chinese migrant adolescents: the moderating roles of beliefs about adversity and family socioeconomic status

Child maltreatment and psychiatric disorders increase risk for stalking victimization

Child sexual abuse prevention: parental discussion, protective practices and attitudes

Childhood abuse and neglect, exposure to domestic violence and sibling violence: profiles and associations with sociodemographic variables and mental health indicators

Childhood experiences of companion animal abuse and its co-occurrence with domestic abuse: evidence from a national youth survey in Norway

Childhood maltreatment, personality pathology, and intimate partner aggression

Childhood sexual abuse and associated suicidal ideation and attempts among gay and bisexual men in China: a moderated mediation model

Childhood sexual abuse and military sexual trauma interact to increase suicide risk: results from a nationally representative veteran sample

Childhood sexual abuse, dyadic empathy, and intimate partner violence among men seeking psychological help

Co-occurrence of violence on the severity of abuse in intimate relationships

College students' engagement in violence prevention discussions with peers

Community characteristics and the geographic distribution of intimate partner violence: a partial test of social disorganization theory

Community food insecurity and child maltreatment reports: county-level analysis of U.S. national data from 2009 to 2018

Community violence exposure and stress reactivity in African American and non-Latino White adolescents with overweight/obesity

Comparing factors associated with intimate partner violence among rural and urban women in northern Uganda

Conduct problems as a pathway from childhood adversity to community violence exposure: the protective roles of caregiver knowledge and involvement

Context matters: assessing the association between area deprivation and the severity of injury and types of domestic violence victimization among women

Contribution of a cluster approach to identify the profiles of men sentenced for sexual violence according to their risk of reoffending

Coping with the impact of systemic racism, inequity, school and community violence among high school students who are suspended or expelled

Correlates of bystander intervention attitudes and intentions among young adult active duty male soldiers

Cyber dating abuse victimization and experiential avoidance among Chinese female adolescents: the roles of self-compassion and interpersonal flexibility

Cycles of violence among young women in Namibia: exploring the links between childhood violence and adult intimate partner violence from the Violence Against Children and Youth Survey

Depression, stress and the mediating role of intimate partner violence (IPV) among israeli women of childbearing age in the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic

Determinants of emotional intimate partner violence against women and girls with children in Mexican households: an ecological framework

Development of bullying and victimization: an examination of risk and protective factors in a high-risk sample

Development of child sex trafficking counseling competencies in the United States: a Delphi study

Differences between sexual and nonsexual homicides of women in the United States: findings from the National Violent Death Reporting System

Differential associations between guilt and shame proneness and religious coping styles in a diverse sample of young adults

Differential experiences of sexual, physical, and emotional intimate partner violence among transgender and gender diverse adults

Digital sexual violence and suicide risk in a national sample of sexual minority adolescents

Disarming intimate partner violence offenders: an in-depth descriptive analysis of federal and state firearm prohibitor laws in the United States, 1991-2016

Disclosure recipients' perceptions related to helping victims of dating and sexual violence

Disconnected out of passion: relationship between social alienation and obsessive passion

Do fairly-decided maltreatment determinations significantly reduce recidivism? A quasi-experimental evaluation of a system-level intervention implementation

Does alcohol consumption influence people's perceptions of their own and a drinking partner's ability to consent to sexual behavior in a non-sexualized drinking context?

Does bystander intervention training work? When employee intentions and organisational barriers collide

Does childhood experience of interparental abuse shape women's attitude toward intimate partner violence in their adult life? Evidence from 31 developing countries

Does childhood maltreatment lead to low life success? Comparing agency and self-reports

Does gender affect judges' perceptions of sexual assault cases?

Does gender inclusive language affect psychometric properties of the Illinois Rape Myth Acceptance Scale-Short Form? A two-sample validation study

Does gender really matter: childhood trauma, trait anger, and suicide risk in early adulthood

Does socializing in the virtual world impact victimization in the real world?

Domestic violence from a child perspective: impact of an immersive virtual reality experience on men with a history of intimate partner violent behavior

Domestic violence victimization among men who have sex with men in China during the CoViD-19 lockdown

Dose-response relationship between protective family informal social control and chronic child neglect: does household size matter?

Dublin anti-bullying self-efficacy models and scales: development and validation

Economic abuse and care-seeking practices for HIV and financial support services in women employed by sex work: a cross-sectional baseline assessment of a clinical trial cohort in Uganda

Economic evaluation of an intervention to prevent adolescent dating violence (Me & You)

Economic hardship and violence: a comparison of county-level economic measures in the prediction of violence-related injury

Emotional loneliness, suicidal ideation, and alexithymia in adolescents who commit child-to-parent violence

Empathy for a Black woman victim of police sexual violence: the roles of crime-related stress and stereotype attributions

Engaging Native American youth and their caregivers in sexual violence research: a case study documenting challenges, opportunities, and lessons learned

Epidemiology of childhood witnessing domestic violence and exploration of its relationships with affective lability and suicide attempts in Chinese young adults

Evaluating efforts to address campus sexual violence: developing a data ecosystem

Evaluating the mentors in violence prevention program: a process examination of how implementation can affect gender-based violence outcomes

Examining the factors that impact suicide following heterosexual intimate partner homicide: social context, gender dynamics, and firearms

Examining the impact of the Obama and Trump candidacies on right-wing domestic terrorism in the United States: a time-series analysis

Examining the post-high school effects of a primary prevention program on exposure to bullying and sexual violence among emerging adults

Exploring non-partner violence in informal settlements in Nairobi, Kenya

Exposing the secret: listening to Bedouin men who have experienced sexual violence

Exposure to an anonymous survivor instagram account is linked to institutional betrayal among campus sexual misconduct survivors

Exposure to parental violence during childhood and later psychological distress among Arab adults in Israel: the role of gender and sense of coherence

Exposure to terror attacks and traumatization among immigrants from the former Soviet Union to Israel: the positive effects of bicultural identity and bicultural social support

Factors associated with impeding the reintegration of incest survivors: a qualitative study in selected safe homes in Nepal

Factors influencing recovery and well-being among Asian survivors of international criminal sex trafficking in an urban U.S. city

Family sex trafficking among the Bedia caste of India: defying the dominant human trafficking discourse

Fear appeals in anti-knife carrying campaigns: successful or counter-productive?

Feeling guilt and shame upon psychological dating violence victimization in college women: the further role of sexism

Gender and awareness of laws on intimate partner violence: a study among Bengali, Garo, and Santal ethnic communities in rural Bangladesh

Gender patterns in the use of physical violence against a violent partner: results of a cross-sectional population-based study in New Zealand

Healthcare responses to gender-based violence in Timor-Leste: women want empathy, information and safety from an integrated support system

High-risk contexts for violence against women: using latent class analysis to understand structural and contextual drivers of intimate partner violence at the national level

Hyper-sensitivity to the perpetrator and the likelihood of returning to abusive relationships

Impact of online racism on suicide ideation through interpersonal factors among racial minority emerging adults: the role of perceived burdensomeness and thwarted belongingness

Impact of sexual assault survivor identity on patient care in the emergency department

Impact of the Domestic Violence Housing First model on survivors' safety and housing stability: 12-month findings

Implicit racial and gender bias about handguns: a new implicit association test

Influence of direct and indirect domestic violence on dating violence victimization

Informal help-seeking in moments of acute danger: intimate partner violence survivors' emergency outreach efforts and the forces that shape them

Institution of higher education substance use amnesty policies and sexual violence reporting

Integrating the interpersonal theory of suicide into the relations between cyber-victimization and suicidality among adolescents: a short-term prospective study

Interviewing male survivors of sexual violence and abuse: ethical and methodological considerations

Intimate partner homicides in Norway 1990-2020: an analysis of incidence and characteristics

Intimate partner violence against Peruvian women and adequate regulation of emotions and behaviors of their children between 24 and 59 months of age: a cross-sectional study at the national level

Intimate partner violence and depression of mothers and their adolescent children: the roles of housing insecurity and system contacts

Intimate partner violence and health conditions among U.S. adults-National Intimate Partner Violence Survey, 2010-2012

Intimate partner violence and pregnancy termination among women in Sub-Saharan Africa

Intimate partner violence perpetrated by men seeking help: the explanatory roles of psychological distress and affect dysregulation

Intimate partner violence training and readiness to respond among students, staff, and faculty in three institutions in the United States

Intimate partner violence, legal systems and barriers for African American women

Intra-urban variation of intimate partner violence against women and men in Kenya: evidence from the 2014 Kenya Demographic and Health Survey

Introduction - the prevention of sexual violence in sport: a real game changer

Introduction to the special issue: Bullying and its linkage to other forms of violence

Judgments about male victims of sexual assault by women: a 35-year replication study

Legal system disclosure experiences of young adult children exposed to domestic violence

LGBTQ+-affirming campus sexual and relationship violence prevention: a qualitative study

Lifetime and child sexual violence, risk factors and mental health correlates among a nationally representative sample of adolescents and young adults in Haiti: a public health emergency

Longitudinal association between intimate partner violence and alcohol use in a population cohort of South African women

Longitudinal associations between cybervictimization and adolescent sleep problems: the role of anxiety and depressive symptoms

Longitudinal relations between child maltreatment in families and psychological maltreatment by teachers: the mediating roles of internalizing and externalizing problems among Chinese children

Maximal sensitivity to child maltreatment at the ages of 6 and 11 years is associated with the risk of bipolar disorder

Meaning in life and self-control mediate the potential contribution of harsh parenting to adolescents' problematic smartphone use: longitudinal multi-group analyses

Men as victims of intimate partner violence in Cameroon and Sierra Leone

Men who suffered intimate partner violence: impressions about existing public campaigns and recommendations for new ones

Mental illness and racial disparities in correctional staff-involved violence: an analysis of jails in the United States

Mock jurors' perceptions of child sexual abuse cases: investigating the role of delayed disclosure and relationship to the perpetrator

Muscle-building exercise and weapon carrying and physical fighting among U.S. adolescent boys

Myths and misunderstandings about child sexual abuse in criminal investigations

Naming and recognition of intimate partner violence and family of origin violence among LGBTQ communities in Australia

Neglect in childhood, problem behavior in adulthood

Neighborhood poverty, family economic well-being, and child maltreatment

News stories of intimate partner violence: an experimental examination of media framing and perpetrator sex in LGBTQ versus heterosexual relationships

Only "yes" means "yes": negotiation of sex and its link with sexual violence

Parent-child concordance and discordance in family violence reporting: a descriptive analysis from the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development Study®

Parental discipline during emerging adulthood: a person-centered approach

Parental psychological control and self-efficacy as predictors of romantic relationship power dynamics

Parenting in the context of intimate partner violence: understanding mothers' perceptions

Parents' self-reported changes in concern about children's bullying-Fall ConsumerStyles and Estilos Surveys, United States, 2020

Patterns of adverse childhood experiences and mental health: evidence from college students in Korea

Patterns of adverse childhood experiences, social problem-solving, and mental health among Latina immigrants

Patterns of elementary school students' bullying victimization: roles of family and individual factors

Patterns of intimate partner violence and the harsh parenting of children

Peer victimization and adolescent non-suicidal self-injury: the mediating role of alienation and moderating role of mindfulness

Perceived realism and wishful identification: college students' perceptions of alcohol ads and their intentions to sexually coerce with or without using alcohol

Perceptions of allegations of repeated victimization: the roles of event frequency, language specificity, and disclosure delay

Performance-enhancing substance use and intimate partner violence: a prospective cohort study

Peri-traumatic dissociation and tonic immobility as severity predictors of posttraumatic stress disorder after rape

Perpetration of image-based sexual abuse: extent, nature and correlates in a multi-country sample

Physical and sexual violence and sexual behaviors among men who have sex with men in 22 U.S. cities-National HIV Behavioral Surveillance, 2017

Police and transgender and gender diverse people in the United States: a brief note on interaction, harassment, and violence

Police officers' attributions of victim culpability in scenarios of same-sex intimate partner violence

Post-assault health care for sexual assault survivors during COVID-19: a mixed methods analysis of service rates in a predominately African American community

Posttraumatic stress and perceived interpersonal provocation in adolescents

Potential reporters of suspected child maltreatment are sensitive to the amount of evidence and the potential consequences of reporting

Predicting depression among spouses of ex-POWs: the contribution of exposure to violence, trauma, and stress through the life cycle

Predictors of bullying perpetration and bullying victimization among semi-professional team sport players in North Cyprus

Predictors of discordance and concordance in reporting of intimate partner violence: evidence from a large sample of rural Ethiopian couples

Predictors of revictimization in online dating

Prevalence and formal reporting of sexual violence among undergraduate student-athletes: a multi-state study

Prevalence and predictors of affirmations of intimate partner violence in Germany: a first nationwide study on victimization in women and men

Prevalence and predictors of perpetration of cyberviolence against a dating partner: a cross-cultural study with Moroccan and Spanish youth

Prevalence and predictors of poly-victimization of adolescents in England and Wales

Preventing co-occurring intimate partner violence and child abuse in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo: the role of family functioning and programmatic reflections

Prevention of sexual violence in sport: a socioecological review

Prior drug-related criminal charges and risk for intimate partner violence perpetration among authorized purchasers of handguns in California

Profiles and risk factors for teen dating violence in Spain

Profiles of community violence exposure, moral disengagement, and bullying perpetration: evidence from a sample of Italian adolescents

Prolonged infant crying: caregiving quality and child physical abuse risk

Promoting survivor safety in immigrant communities: online simulation training for Korean American faith leaders

Prosecutorial decision making in domestic violence cases: are prosecutors holding offenders accountable?

Proximity to alcohol sellers and dose response relationship between alcohol consumption with intimate partner violence in rural southwestern Uganda

Psychological, physical, and sexual violence against children in Australian community sport: frequency, perpetrator, and victim characteristics

Psychosocial and culturally-specific factors related to intimate partner violence victimization among a sample of Latino sexual minority CIS men in the USA

Psychosocial outcomes among veteran and non-veteran survivors of sexual assault

Psychosocial risk pathways from childhood sexual abuse to intimate partner violence among sexual minority men: a test of the Psychological Mediation Framework of Minority Stress

Qeirat values and victim blaming in Iran: the mediating effect of culture-specific gender roles

Quantitative proxies for social norms: a proposed approach for interrogating clustering, reference groups, and validity

Racial and ethnic differences in the fear-victimization gap at school: an examination of school context and trends over time

Racial and ethnic disparities in violent penetrating injuries and long-term adverse outcomes

Racial and gender inequalities in food, housing, and healthcare insecurity associated with intimate partner and sexual violence

Rape culture, revictimization, and social representations: images and discourses on sexual and violent crimes in the digital sphere in Mexico

Rape stereotype acceptance in the general population of England and Wales

Rape victim advocates' perceptions of the #MeToo movement: opportunities, challenges, and sustainability

Rates of forced sexual experiences among high school students from 2001 to 2019

Ready to rumble? Popularity, status ambiguity, and interpersonal violence among school-based children

Recurring victimization and same-sex attraction

Relationship between dating violence and contraceptive use among Texas adolescents

Relationship dynamics and abusive interactions in a national sample of youth and young adults

Religion after rape: changes in faith and hindered acknowledgment

Reproductive coercion and intimate partner violence victimization among a racially and ethnically diverse young adult sample

Rethinking dating and sexual violence prevention for youth during the pandemic: examining program feasibility and acceptability

Revisiting the co-occurrence of intimate partner violence and child maltreatment

Risk factors for experiencing gender based violence across racial groups

Safeguarding in church: children and young people's perceptions of safety in religious and other faith-based settings

School bullying victimization and associated factors among school-aged adolescents in China

Securing schools? Examining the longitudinal relationships between student behavior and engagement with security measures in urban school systems

Self-defense and police reporting of intimate partner violent victimization: a comparison of White, Black, and Hispanic women victims

Sending of unwanted dick pics as a modality of sexual cyber-violence: an exploratory study of its emotional impact and reactions in women

Separating the "deed" from the "done-to": how communicating with the offender can change victims' self-concept

Sex differences in the relationship between early adverse childhood experiences, delinquency, and substance use initiation in high-risk adolescents

Sex in the shadow of child sexual abuse: the development and psychometric evaluation of the Post-Traumatic Sexuality (PT-SEX) Scale

Sexual assault and behavioral health: what can we learn from a probability sample of young sexual minority men?

Sexual assault, psychological distress, and protective factors in a community sample of Black, Latinx, and White lesbian and bisexual women

Sexual violence and nonconsensual experiences among alt-sex communities' members

Sexual violence in military service members/veterans individual and interpersonal outcomes associated with single and multiple exposures to civilian and military sexual violence

Sexual, physical, and emotional maltreatment in childhood are differentially associated with sexual and physical revictimization in adulthood

Social reactions to substance-involved sexual assault disclosure: does recipient matter?

Social support as a buffer of the association between sexual assault and trauma symptoms among transgender and gender diverse individuals

Sociodemographic factors associated with social tolerance for intimate partner violence in Peru: evidence from the National Survey of Social Relations, 2019

Sports participation, social networks, and sexual violence perpetration

Stability and change in men's intimate partner violence and substance use in early adulthood

Stay-leave decision-making among women victims of domestic violence in Israel: background, interactional, and environmental factors

Stigma and mental health of sexual minority women former victims of intimate partner violence

Structural stigma and sexual minority victimization across 28 countries: the moderating role of gender, gender nonconformity, and socioeconomic status

Student-athletes', coaches', and administrators' perspectives of sexual violence prevention on three campuses with National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I and II athletic programs

Surviving child abuse in people with mental illness: a grounded theory approach

Survivors' concerns during the CoViD-19 pandemic: qualitative insights from the national sexual assault online hotline

Teen dating violence victimization: associations among peer justification, attitudes toward gender inequality, sexual activity, and peer victimization

The applicability of social structure and social learning theory to explain intimate partner violence perpetration across national contexts

The association between bullying victimization and fighting in school among US high school students

The association between dating violence and student absenteeism among a representative sample of U.S. high school students: findings from the 2019 Youth Risk Behavior Survey Survey

The association between polyvictimization in childhood and intimate partner violence and child abuse in adulthood

The body in crisis: a health needs assessment among female survivors of interpersonal violence

The dynamics of intimate partner violence and its impact on HIV care: a cross-sectional study of people of mixed gender and sexual preference in Lima, Peru

The dynamics of intimate relationships and violent victimization among young women

The economic burden of intimate partner violence in Colombia: estimated health costs among females aged 13-24

The effect of domestic violence during pregnancy on cortisol hormone release, breastfeeding, and newborn

The effect of intimate partner violence on fear of childbirth among pregnant women

The effects of adverse childhood experiences and warfare exposure on military sexual trauma among veterans

The gendered pathways through which intimate partner violence affects health: exploring the role of unmet healthcare needs

The impact of critical life points and events for survivors of institutional child sexual abuse: understanding trauma and the role of compensation in recovery

The impact of parent-child closeness and romantic attachment on dating violence perpetration in adolescence

The impact of poverty on partner violence against women under regional effects: the case of Turkey

The impact of recreational marijuana legalization on simple assault in Oregon

The indirect effect of peritraumatic dissociation on the relationship between childhood maltreatment and schizotypy

The interplay between childhood sexual abuse, self-concept clarity, and dissociation: a resilience-based perspective

The interplay between status and affection needs: testing the imbalanced needs theory of aggression in adulthood

The relationship between formal help-seeking and sexual orientation among victims of domestic violence

The relationship between intimate partner violence and unintended pregnancy: eastern Sub Saharan African countries' analysis of demographic and health surveys

The relationship of risky online behaviors and adverse childhood experiences to online sexual victimization among Korean female adolescents

The role of minority stressors in digital dating abuse victimization and perpetration among sexual minority men

The role of psychological and physical aggression in relationship reconciliation

The role of sexual scripts in the relationship between pornography use and sexual coercion

The role of theory in the prevention of sexual violence in sport

The theory of planned behavior & bystander intention: differences based on gender and heavy episodic drinking

The use of latent profile analyses to examine social dominance orientation as a predictor of peer-to-peer aggression among adolescents

The victim-perpetrator relationship and peritraumatic schemas as a result of sexual trauma

Trajectories of depression, post-traumatic stress, and chronic pain among women who have separated from an abusive partner: a longitudinal analysis

Treatment engagement among children exposed to violence: a systems perspective

Understanding college students' perceived help-seeking knowledge and awareness about sexual misconduct policies and procedures

Understanding discussions of sexual assault in young women on a peer support mental health app: a content analysis

Understanding the geography of victimization: a spatial analysis of intimate partner violence in India

Understanding the intergenerational cycle of trauma and violence: maternal adverse childhood experiences and parent-to-child aggression risk

Understanding the roles of sport and alcohol use in adolescence on physical and sexual intimate partner violence perpetration in young adulthood: findings from a sex-stratified multilevel analysis

University student attitudes toward persons with a history of adult sexual violence and their correlates with policy, treatment, and management

Victim-survivors' prioritization of reasons for non-reporting adult sexual assaults to law enforcement

Victimization of sexual minority Latinx youth: results from a national survey

Victimization within and beyond the prison walls: a latent profile analysis of transgender and gender diverse adults

Violent assault on a Chinese man: COVID-19 psychosocial resource loss diminishes right wing authoritarianism variability in societal reactions

Violent victimization and adolescents' attitudes toward romantic relationships and sexual activity

Visualising patterns in women's experiences of intimate partner violence in the first 10 years of motherhood

What does it mean to be a woman? How the content of gender identity may facilitate women's coping with sexual harassment

What is not in the methods section: challenges, successes, and lessons learned from conducting school-based interpersonal violence prevention research

What stops unwanted sexual and social advances made by heavy drinking college men?

When state violence comes home: from criminal legal system exposure to intimate partner violence in a time of mass incarceration

Who am I as a sexual being? The role of sexual self-concept between dispositional mindfulness and sexual satisfaction among child sexual abuse survivors

Why? How perpetrators of male-male homicide explain the crime

Work harassment and resource loss among (ex)partner stalking victims

Workplace trauma in a digital age: the impact of video evidence of violent crime on criminal justice professionals

Workplace's development of activities and action plans to prevent violence from clients in high-risk sectors

You hurt me, so I hurt myself and others: how does childhood emotional maltreatment affect adolescent violent behavior and suicidal ideation?