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Alcoholism: clinical and experimental research

Year: 2020
Articles in SafetyLit: 36

A mixed methods study: sex differences in experiences of stigma associated with alcoholism and alcohol use disorders among injury patients in Tanzania

Alcohol availability, cost, age of first drink and association with at-risk alcohol use in Moshi, Tanzania

Alcohol compliance checks and underage alcohol-involved crashes: evaluation of a statewide enforcement program in South Carolina from 2006 to 2016

Alcohol-related, drug-related, and non-substance-related aggression: 3 facets of a single construct or 3 distinct constructs?

Alcohol-specific communication and emerging adult offspring's perceived parental approval and drinking in the context of parent alcohol expectancies

Are countries' drink-driving policies associated with harms involving another driver's impairment?

Association of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and Offspring Depression: A Negative Control Analysis of Maternal and Partner Consumption

Associations between psychiatric disorders and alcohol consumption levels in an adult primary care population

Beers with peers: childhood ADHD and risk for correlated change in perceived peer and personal alcohol use across young adulthood

Daily patterns of emotional functioning on drinking and nondrinking days

Density and dichotomous family history measures of alcohol use disorder as predictors of behavioral and neural phenotypes: a comparative study across gender and race/ethnicity

Depression, alcoholics anonymous involvement, and daily drinking among patients with cooccurring conditions: a longitudinal parallel growth mixture model

Does drinking initiation of young Thai drinkers vary over time and generation? Results of the national surveys on tobacco and alcohol consumption of the Thai populations 2007-2017

Effects of observable parent alcohol consequences and parent alcohol disorder on adolescent alcohol expectancies

Heaviness of alcohol use, alcohol problems, and subjective intoxication predict discrepant drinking reports in daily life

High-intensity drinking in adult Australian twins

Housing condition differentially impacts escalation of alcohol intake, relapse-like drinking, anxiety-like behavior, and stress history effects by sex

Individual and contextual factors associated with hazardous drinking in Spain: evidence from a national population-based study

Integrating behavioral economic and social network influences in understanding alcohol misuse in a diverse sample of emerging adults

Intoxication effects on impulsive alcohol choice in heavy drinkers; correlation with sensation seeking and differential effects by commodity

Longitudinal associations between perceptions of peer group drinking norms and students' alcohol use frequency within college sport teams

Microecological relationships between area income, off-premise alcohol outlet density, drinking patterns, and alcohol use disorders: the East Bay Neighborhoods Study

National trading hour restrictions reduced late-night violence even though the impact of the law change on the ground was minimal

Perceived substance use norms among jailed women with alcohol use disorders

Proximity to the southern border and sociodemographic correlates of drinking and driving arrests in California

Racial discrimination, protective parenting, and binge drinking among emerging adult Black men

Sexual aggression analogues used in alcohol administration research: critical review of their correspondence to alcohol-involved sexual assaults

Stability of at-risk alcohol use screening in a general population sample

Supersized alcopop consumption associated with homelessness and gang membership

The "why" of drinking matters: a meta-analysis of the association between drinking motives and drinking outcomes

The downward spiral: socioeconomic causes and consequences of alcohol dependence among men in late young adulthood, and relations to racial/ethnic disparities

The effects of a brief motivational intervention for alcohol use through stages of change among non-treatment seeking injured patients

The role of relationship changes in college students' heavy episodic drinking

The search for contributors to low rates of recognition of paternal alcohol use disorders in offspring from the San Diego Prospective Study

The urgent need to advance alcohol marketing regulation to protect children

Using demand curves to quantify the reinforcing value of social and solitary drinking