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Journal of athletic training

Year: 2020
Articles in SafetyLit: 27

Attenuated cardiovascular responses to the cold pressor test in concussed collegiate athletes

Awareness of anterior cruciate ligament injury-preventive training programs among female collegiate athletes

Balance markers and saccadic eye-movement measures in adolescents with postconcussion syndrome

Baseline performance of high school rugby players on the Sport Concussion Assessment Tool 5

Baseline postural control and lower extremity injury incidence among those with a history of concussion

Challenges faced by collegiate athletic trainers, part I: organizational conflict and clinical decision making

Challenges faced by collegiate athletic trainers, part II: treating concussed student-athletes

Concussion history and neuromechanical responsiveness asymmetry

Concussion knowledge and clinical experience among athletic trainers: implications for concussion health care practices

Concussion-prevention strategies used in National Collegiate Athletic Association Divisions I and II women's soccer

Concussion-recovery trajectories among tactical athletes: results from the CARE Consortium

Concussion-symptom rating correlation between pediatric patients and their parents

Descriptive Epidemiology of Injuries in Professional Ultimate Frisbee Athletes

Development of a peer education program to improve concussion knowledge and reporting in collegiate athletes

Early aerobic exercise for the treatment of acute pediatric concussions

Epidemiology of foot injuries using National Collegiate Athletic Association data from the 2009-2010 through 2014-2015 seasons

Exploring baseline concussion assessment performance in adapted wheelchair sport athletes

Factors associated with delayed concussion reporting by United States Service Academy cadets

History of sport-related concussion and long-term clinical cognitive health outcomes in retired athletes: a systematic review

Injury profile in a Brazilian first-division youth soccer team: a prospective study

Movement demands and injury characteristics in under-20-years university rugby union players

Non-time-loss and time-loss softball injuries in secondary school athletes: a report from the National Athletic Treatment, Injury and Outcomes Network (NATION)

Postexercise slowing on the King-Devick test and longer recovery from sport-related concussion in adolescents: a validation study

Randomized controlled trial of a novel peer concussion-education program for collegiate athletes

Sports medicine staffing across National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I, II, and III schools: evidence for the medical model

Sports medicine staffing patterns and incidence of injury in collegiate men's ice hockey

Utility of 1 versus multiple measurements of near point of convergence after concussion