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Annals of biomedical engineering

Year: 2019
Articles in SafetyLit: 21

A mechanical brain damage framework used to model abnormal brain tau protein accumulations of National Football League players

Accounting for variance in concussion tolerance between individuals: comparing head accelerations between concussed and physically matched control subjects

Brain injury and impact characteristics

Coaches survey of VICIS Zero1 helmet use in high school football

Correction to: Development and multi-scale validation of a finite element football helmet model

Development and multi-scale validation of a finite element football helmet model

Development of the STAR evaluation system for assessing bicycle helmet protective performance

Development, validation and pilot field deployment of a custom mouthpiece for head impact measurement

Factors affecting head impact exposure in college football practices: a multi-institutional study

Finite element methods in human head impact simulations: a review

Head impact biomechanics differ between girls and boys youth ice hockey players

Human lumbar spine responses from vertical loading: ranking of forces via Brier score metrics and injury risk curves

Impact performance comparison of advanced bicycle helmets with dedicated rotation-damping systems

Impact performance of certified bicycle helmets below, on and above the test line

Level of agreement between human-rated and instrumented balance error scoring system scores

Methods for gait analysis during obstacle avoidance task

Multi-scale modeling of head kinematics and brain tissue response to blast exposure

Repetitive head impact exposure in college football following an NCAA rule change to eliminate two-a-day preseason practices: a study from the NCAA-DoD CARE Consortium

Restricting lower limb flail is key to preventing fatal pelvic blast injury

The role of recovery lower limb segments in post-slip determination of falls due to instability or limb collapse

Validation of a football helmet finite element model and quantification of impact energy distribution