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Annals of biomedical engineering

Year: 2020
Articles in SafetyLit: 32

A novel testing device to assess the effect of neck strength on risk of concussion

A review of on-field investigations into the biomechanics of concussion in football and translation to head injury mitigation strategies

A two-phased approach to quantifying head impact sensor accuracy: in-laboratory and on-field assessments

An improved method for developing injury risk curves using the Brier Metric Score

Body anthropometry and bone strength conjointly determine the risk of hip fracture in a sideways fall

Brain strain: computational model-based metrics for head impact exposure and injury correlation

Cerebrovascular reactivity in special operations forces combat soldiers

Characterization of concussive events in professional American football using videogrammetry

Comparison of laboratory and on-field performance of American football helmets

Concussion risk between individual football players: survival analysis of recurrent events and non-events

Development and evaluation of a test method for assessing the performance of American football helmets

Do head injury biomechanics predict concussion clinical recovery in college American football players?

Equestrian helmet standards: do they represent real-world accident conditions?

Finite element model of a deformable American football helmet under impact

Head impact burden differs between seasons in youth and high school US football players

Head impact sensor studies in sports: a systematic review of exposure confirmation methods

High energy side and rear American football head impacts cause obvious performance decrement on video

Impact mitigation properties of women's lacrosse headgear

Is there an optimal recovery step landing zone against slip-induced backward falls during walking?

Laboratory reconstructions of bicycle helmet damage: investigation of cyclist head impacts using oblique impacts and computed tomography

Laboratory reconstructions of concussive helmet-to-helmet impacts in the National Football League

Machine learning classification of verified head impact exposure strengthens associations with brain changes

Near infrared spectroscopy enables differentiation of mechanically and enzymatically induced cartilage injuries

Occupant restraint in far-side impacts: cadaveric and WorldSID responses to a far-side airbag

On-field performance of an instrumented mouthguard for detecting head impacts in American football

Portable device for the measurement and assessment of the human equilibrium

Position-specific circumstances of concussions in the NFL: toward the development of position-specific helmets

Quantifying youth football helmet performance: assessing linear and rotational head acceleration

Special issue on concussion biomechanics in football

Surface contact features, impact obliquity, and preimpact rotational motion in concussive helmet-to-ground impacts: assessment via a new impact test device

The effectiveness of regulations and behavioral interventions on head impacts and concussions in youth, high-school, and collegiate football: a systematized review

Validating tackle mechanics in American football: improving safety and performance