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Annals of biomedical engineering

Year: 2021
Articles in SafetyLit: 20

A new assessment of bicycle helmets: the brain injury mitigation effects of new technologies in oblique impacts

An experimental platform generating simulated blunt impacts to the head due to rearward falls

Cervical muscle activation due to an applied force in response to different types of acoustic warnings

Development of a low-power instrumented mouthpiece for directly measuring head acceleration in American football

Effective head impact kinematics to preserve brain strain

Efficacy of body armor in protection against blast injuries using a swine model in a confined space with a blast tube

Impact performance comparison of advanced snow sport helmets with dedicated rotation-damping systems

Improper fit in American youth football helmets across one competitive season

Laboratory evaluation of shell add-on products for American football helmets for professional linemen

Laboratory reconstructions of real-world bicycle helmet impacts

Lower extremity impact and injury responses of male and female PMHS to high-rate vertical loading

Motion responses by occupants in out-of-seat positions during autonomous emergency braking

Potential mechanisms of acute standing balance deficits after concussions and subconcussive head impacts: a review

Predictive factors of kinematics in traumatic brain injury from head impacts based on statistical interpretation

Proposed injury threshold for drone blade lacerations

Ranking and rating bicycle helmet safety performance in oblique impacts using eight different brain injury models

Relationship between time-weighted head impact exposure on directional changes in diffusion imaging in youth football players

The hammer and the nail: biomechanics of striking and struck Canadian university football players

The human lumbar spine during high-rate under seat loading: a combined metric injury criteria

Time window of head impact kinematics measurement for calculation of brain strain and strain rate in American football