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Aging clinical and experimental research

Year: 2020
Articles in SafetyLit: 23

Between-day repeatability of sensor-based in-home gait assessment among older adults: assessing the effect of frailty

Clinical assessment of gait and functional mobility in Italian healthy and cognitively impaired older persons using wearable inertial sensors

Compensatory adjustments in motor unit behavior during fatigue differ for younger versus older men

Dance intervention effects on physical function in healthy older adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Does dual-tasking provide additional value in timed "up and go" test for predicting the occurrence of falls? A longitudinal observation study by age group (young-older or old-older adults)

Driving status and health-related quality of life among the oldest old: a population-based examination using data from the AgeCoDe-AgeQualiDe prospective cohort study

Estimation of the risk of the frailty syndrome in the independent-living population of older people

Falls and life-space mobility: longitudinal analysis from The International Mobility in Aging Study

Frailty and prediction of recurrent falls over 10 years in a community cohort of 75-year-old women

Handgrip strength asymmetry is associated with future falls in older Americans

Impact of the backward chaining method on physical and psychological outcome measures in older adults at risk of falling: a systematic review

Late-life depression and its impact on rehabilitation after traumatic injuries

Posterior single-stepping thresholds are prospectively related to falls in older women

Predictors for functional decline after an injurious fall: a population-based cohort study

Reliability of walking speed in basic and complex conditions in healthy, older community-dwelling individuals

Task specificity impacts dual-task interference in older adults

The association between fear of falling and orthostatic hypotension in older adults

The association between light intensity physical activity with gait speed in older adults (≥ 50 years). A longitudinal analysis using the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA)

The effect of different test protocols and walking distances on gait speed in older persons

The modified Healthy Aging Index is associated with mobility limitations and falls in a community-based sample of oldest old

Validation of the Perform-FES: a new fear of falling scale for hospitalized geriatric patients

Vitamin D supplementation: upper limit for safety revisited?

Volunteer-led physical activity interventions to improve health outcomes for community-dwelling older people: a systematic review