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Perspectives in psychiatric care

Year: 2021
Articles in SafetyLit: 25

Associations between childhood psychological trauma, posttraumatic stress symptoms, and mental health in female college students: mediation of coping styles

Attitudes of students studying in various fields related to health services toward gender roles and intimate partner violence

Childhood trauma and its relationship with suicide probability and self-esteem: a case study in a university in Turkey

Correlation between psychological resilience and suicide probability in patients with psychiatric disorder

COVID-19 suicide and its causative factors among the healthcare professionals: case study evidence from press reports

Does the gender course have any effects on young people's gender equality perceptions, dating violence, and problem-solving behaviours in romantic relationships?: A mixed-method study

Evaluation of the ways of coping with stress and the personality traits in women exposed to violence: a comparative study

Healthcare staff's views on responding to suicide and self-harm: Part I

Healthcare staff's views on responding to suicide and self-harm: Part II

Intimate partner violence during pregnancy in Turkey: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Men at the focus of gender motivation and triggering factors in violence tendencies in Turkey

Nursing students' attitudes toward death and stigma toward individuals who attempt suicide

Reflection of nursing students violence tendencies on care behaviors

Researchers should avoid causally attributing suicide to video game play as a single factor

Suicidal behaviors and university entrance test-related factors: a Bangladeshi exploratory study

The aggressive patient experiences of healthcare professionals exposed to physical violence in a psychiatric clinic: a phenomenological study

The effects of irrational romantic relationship beliefs and experiences in close relationships on dating violence of nursing and midwifery students

The experiences of Turkish psychiatric nurses with psychiatric emergencies in the clinics of Turkey's mental health and diseases hospital: a descriptive qualitative study

The impact of bullying on the mental health and academic achievement of nursing students

The relationship between domestic violence against women, adaptation to pregnancy and maternal-fetal antenatal attachment

The relationship between municipal trainees' attitudes toward violence against women and their gender perceptions

The relationship of childhood trauma experiences with cognitive distortions and sense of coherence in nursing students

Turkish adaptation of Wilson-Sims psychiatric fall risk assessment scale

Using media reports about suicide as data: Response to Etchells et al. (2021)

Workplace violence against nurses working in the public hospitals in Giresun, Turkey: Prevalence, risk factors, and quality of life consequences