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Skiing trauma and safety

Journal Volume: 19
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2012
Articles in SafetyLit: 19

Alpine skiing, telemarking, snowboarding, and skiboarding injuries related to gender and ability

Common mechanisms of hip injury and associated hip pathology in professional skiers and snowboarders

Comparison between Hybrid III headforms by linear and angular dynamic impact response characteristics

Cross-country skiing injuries in the Czech Republic during the 2003-2010 period

Design of terrain park jump landing surfaces for constant equivalent fall height is robust to "uncontrollable" factors

Easiest routes and slow zones: how fast do i go? Speeds and distances of recreational and expert snowsport participants

Effect of wearing a wrist guard on the site of injury in the upper limb in snowsports participants

Head and neck injury potential with and without helmets during head-first impacts on snow

Implications of wrist guard use on wrist injuries in pediatric snowboarders: a retrospective case series

Modeling terrain park jumps: linear tabletop geometry may not limit equivalent fall height

Modeling the "pop" in winter terrain park jumps

Prospective study to compare efficacy of different designs of wrist protection for snowboarders

Testing damping performance and bending stiffness of snowboarding wrist protectors

The California Mountain Resort Safety Report: survey methodology and scoring criteria

The effect of impact speed, construction, and layout of different ski safety barriers on peak decelerations and penetration values of a solid dummy during full scale impacts

The influence of headform circumference and mass on alpine ski helmet performance in laboratory tests

The inverting effect of curvature in winter terrain park jump takeoffs

The use of wrist guards by snowboarders in Switzerland

Winter sports injuries in France over two decades