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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 123
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2019
Articles in SafetyLit: 41

A crash prediction method based on bivariate extreme value theory and video-based vehicle trajectory data

A hierarchical machine learning classification approach for secondary task identification from observed driving behavior data

A meta-analysis of the crash risk of cannabis-positive drivers in culpability studies-avoiding interpretational bias

Assessment of the disaster medical response system through an investigation of a 43-vehicle mass collision on Jung-ang expressway

Bicycle helmet wearing is associated with closer overtaking by drivers: a response to Olivier and Walter, 2013

Coherence assessment of accident database kinematic data

Developing crash prediction models using parametric and nonparametric approaches for rural mountainous freeways: a case study on Wyoming Interstate 80

Development of crash modification factors of horizontal curve design features for single-motorcycle crashes on rural two-lane highways: a matched case-control study

Do mindfulness interventions improve road safety? A systematic review

Effects of transit signal priority on traffic safety: interrupted time series analysis of Portland, Oregon, implementations

Estimation of bicycle crash modification factors (CMFs) on urban facilities using zero inflated negative binomial models

Evaluating individual risk proneness with vehicle dynamics and self-report data - toward the efficient detection of at-risk drivers

Evaluation of pedestrian crossing behavior and safety at uncontrolled mid-block crosswalks with different numbers of lanes in China

Factors affecting motorcyclists' injury severities: an empirical assessment using random parameters logit model with heterogeneity in means and variances

Half-century research developments in maritime accidents: future directions

Influence of drivers' psychological risk profiles on the effectiveness of traffic calming measures

Modeling and mitigating fatigue-related accident risk of taxi drivers

Modelling the impact of liner shipping network perturbations on container cargo routing: Southeast Asia to Europe application

Motorcyclist injury risk as a function of real-life crash speed and other contributing factors

Observing the observation of (vulnerable) road user behaviour and traffic safety: a scoping review

On-road bicycle lane types, roadway characteristics, and risks for bicycle crashes

Predictive factors associated with driving under the influence among Brazilian drug-using drivers

Prioritizing highway safety improvement projects: a Monte-Carlo based Data Envelopment Analysis approach

Probabilistic, safety-explicit design of horizontal curves on two-lane rural highways based on reliability analysis of naturalistic driving data

Quantitatively mining and distinguishing situational discomfort grading patterns of drivers from car-following data

Real-world effects of rear cross-traffic alert on police-reported backing crashes

Safety sensitivity to roadway characteristics: a comparison across highway classes

Scenario analysis and disaster preparedness for port and maritime logistics risk management

Self-reported violations, errors and lapses for older drivers: measuring the change in frequency of aberrant driving behaviours across five time-points

Semi-autonomous vehicles: usage-based data evidences of what could be expected from eliminating speed limit violations

Shorten pedestrians' perceived waiting time: the effect of tempo and pitch in audible pedestrian signals at red phase

The association between sensation seeking and driving outcomes: a systematic review and meta-analysis

The association of self-regulation, habit, and mindfulness with texting while driving

The factors shaping car drivers' attitudes towards cyclist and their impact on behaviour

The impact of vessel speed reduction on port accidents

Trajectory-based identification of critical instantaneous decision events at mixed-flow signalized intersections

Updated estimates of the relationship between speed and road safety at the aggregate and individual levels

Using horizontal curve speed reduction extracted from the naturalistic driving study to predict curve collision frequency

Utilizing UAV video data for in-depth analysis of drivers' crash risk at interchange merging areas

Validating the bivariate extreme value modeling approach for road safety estimation with different traffic conflict indicators

Vehicle registration year, age, and weight - untangling the effects on crash risk