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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 126
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2019
Articles in SafetyLit: 19

Asleep at the automated wheel-sleepiness and fatigue during highly automated driving

Association between commercial vehicle driver at-fault crashes involving sleepiness/fatigue and proximity to rest areas and truck stops

Cognitive flexibility: a distinct element of performance impairment due to sleep deprivation

Dangerous intersections? A review of studies of fatigue and distraction in the automated vehicle

Data and methods for studying commercial motor vehicle driver fatigue, highway safety and long-term driver health

Effects of strategic early-morning caffeine gum administration on association between salivary alpha-amylase and neurobehavioural performance during 50 h of sleep deprivation

Electroencephalographic and peripheral temperature dynamics during a prolonged psychomotor vigilance task

Gaze position modulates the effectiveness of forward collision warnings for drowsy drivers

How much is left in your "sleep tank"? Proof of concept for a simple model for sleep history feedback

How shift scheduling practices contribute to fatigue amongst freight rail operating employees: findings from Canadian accident investigations

Investigating real-time monitoring of fatigue indicators of New Zealand forestry workers

Performance and sleepiness in nurses working 12-h day shifts or night shifts in a community hospital

Predicting performance and safety based on driver fatigue

Prediction of drowsiness events in night shift workers during morning driving

Prevalence of operator fatigue in winter maintenance operations

School start times and teenage driver motor vehicle crashes

The impact of driver distraction in tractor-trailers and motorcoach buses

The relation between working conditions, aberrant driving behaviour and crash propensity among taxi drivers in China

Validation of a touchscreen psychomotor vigilance task