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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 36
Journal Issue: 5
Journal Year: 2004
Articles in SafetyLit: 20

An evaluation of a supplementary road safety package

Bivariate ordered-response probit model of driver's and passenger's injury severities in collisions with fixed objects

Collisions and traffic violations of alcohol, cannabis and cocaine abuse clients before and after treatment

Cost savings from a sustained compulsory breath testing and media campaign in New Zealand

Costs of large truck-involved crashes in the United States

Effects of an active accelerator pedal on driver behaviour and traffic safety after long-term use in urban areas

Environmental factors associated with crash-related mortality and injury among taxi drivers in New South Wales, Australia

Investigation of the driving experience of a sample of Victorian learner drivers

Modeling of relative collision safety including driver characteristics

Models relating traffic safety with road environment and traffic flows on arterial roads in Addis Ababa

Prediction of accidents at full green and green arrow traffic lights in Switzerland with the aid of configuration-specific features

Raising the bar: can increased statutory penalties deter drink-drivers?

Sources of error in road safety scheme evaluation: a method to deal with outdated accident prediction models

Sources of error in road safety scheme evaluation: a quantified comparison of current methods

The effect of changing from secondary to primary safety belt enforcement on police harassment

The life cycle of the policy for preventing road accidents: an empirical example of the policy for reducing drunk driving crashes in Taipei

To what extent can theory account for the findings of road safety evaluation studies?

Vehicle mismatch: injury patterns and severity

Warning signs as countermeasures to camel-vehicle collisions in Saudi Arabia

Work-related road fatalities in Australia