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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 41
Journal Issue: 3
Journal Year: 2009
Articles in SafetyLit: 40

A longitudinal study of the effectiveness of a multi-media intervention on parents' knowledge and use of vehicle safety systems for children

A mixed logit analysis of motorists' right-of-way violation in motorcycle accidents at priority T-junctions

Alcohol, illicit and non-illicit psychoactive drug use and road traffic injury in Thailand: a case-control study

Alcohol-impaired driving behavior and sensation-seeking disposition in a college population receiving routine care at campus health services centers

Alert eyes and DWIs: an indirect evaluation of a DWI witness reward program in Stockton, CA

An analysis of common patterns in aggregated causation charts from intersection crashes

Attentional control, high intensity pleasure, and risky pedestrian behavior in college students

Costs and benefits to Sweden of Swedish road safety research

Discrepancy in bicycle helmet use among college students between two bicycle use purposes: commuting and recreation

Effects of graduated driver licensing on licensure and traffic injury rates in Upstate New York

Evaluating the safety impacts of the number and arrangement of lanes on freeway exit ramps

Evaluation of a roadside impairment test device using alcohol

Evaluation of the Scottsdale Loop 101 automated speed enforcement demonstration program

Evaluation of the static belt fit provided by belt-positioning booster seats

Factors affecting the severity of work related traffic crashes in drivers receiving a worker's compensation claim

Heavy vehicle driver fatalities: learning's from fatal road crash investigations in Victoria

Illegal pedestrian crossing at signalised intersections: Incidence and relative risk

Impairment related to blood drug concentrations of zopiclone and zolpidem compared to alcohol in apprehended drivers

Kernel density estimation and K-means clustering to profile road accident hotspots

Low stiffness floors can attenuate fall-related femoral impact forces by up to 50% without substantially impairing balance in older women

Merging into heavy motorway traffic by young and elderly drivers

Modeling drivers' speed selection as a trade-off behavior

Modeling motorcycle helmet use in Iowa: evidence from six roadside observational surveys

Obstructive sleep apnoea among professional taxi drivers: a pilot study

Pedestrian fatality risk as a function of car impact speed

Prevalence of psychoactive drug use among drivers in Thailand: a roadside survey

Seat belt misuse among children transported in belt-positioning booster seats

Seeing pedestrians at night: Visual clutter does not mask biological motion

Short-term effects of a teenage driver cell phone restriction

Signal treatments to reduce heavy vehicle crash-risk at metropolitan highway intersections

Simplified method for evaluating energy loss in vehicle collisions

The effect of conformity tendency on pedestrians' road-crossing intentions in China: an application of the theory of planned behavior

The effectiveness of audio-tactile lane-marking in reducing various types of crash: a review of evidence, template for evaluation, and preliminary findings from Australia

The effects of perception of risk and importance of answering and initiating a cellular phone call while driving

The impact of mental health symptoms on heavy goods vehicle drivers' performance

The value of a statistical life in Sweden: estimates from two studies using the "Certainty Approach" calibration

Validation of a Full Bayes methodology for observational before-after road safety studies and application to evaluation of rural signal conversions

Validity of surrogate measures of alcohol involvement when applied to nonfatal crashes

Video-based road commentary training improves hazard perception of young drivers in a dual task

What can we learn about North Dakota's youngest drivers from their crashes?