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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 62
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2014
Articles in SafetyLit: 47

A conceptual framework for road safety and mobility applied to cycling safety

A mediation model linking dispatcher leadership and work ownership with safety climate as predictors of truck driver safety performance

A parametric duration model of the reaction times of drivers distracted by mobile phone conversations

A review of game-theoretic models of road user behaviour

A sustainable city environment through child safety and mobility-A challenge based on ITS?

A systematic review on the influence of pre-existing disability on sustaining injury

ADHD and relative risk of accidents in road traffic: A meta-analysis

An evaluation of Winnipeg's photo enforcement safety program: Results of time series analyses and an intersection camera experiment

Analyzing and modeling risk exposure of pedestrian children to involvement in car crashes

Assessing factors causing severe injuries in crashes of high-deck buses in long-distance driving on freeways

Association of cyclists' age and sex with risk of involvement in a crash before and after adjustment for cycling exposure

Concealing their communication: exploring psychosocial predictors of young drivers' intentions and engagement in concealed texting

Crash reconstruction and crash modification factors

Culture related to road traffic safety: A comparison of eight countries using two conceptualizations of culture

Cyclists' red-light running behaviours: An examination of risk-taking, opportunistic, and law-obeying behaviours

Drug use among drivers who drank on alcohol outlets from Porto Alegre, Brazil

EEG alpha spindles and prolonged brake reaction times during auditory distraction in an on-road driving study

Estimating the subjective risks of driving simulator accidents

Exploring the effects of roadway characteristics on the frequency and severity of head-on crashes: Case studies from Malaysian Federal Roads

Fatigue on the flight deck: The consequences of sleep loss and the benefits of napping

Feasibility of force platform based roadside drowsiness screening: A pilot study

Forgivingness, anger, and hostility in aggressive driving

Freeway safety estimation using extreme value theory approaches: A comparative study

Gap acceptance of violators at signalised pedestrian crossings

Generalized nonlinear models for rear-end crash risk analysis

Influence of front light configuration on the visual conspicuity of motorcycles

Influences of pre-crash braking induced dummy - forward displacements on dummy behaviour during EuroNCAP frontal crashtest

Injury severity in delivery-motorcycle to vehicle crashes in the Seoul metropolitan area

Internal validation of near-crashes in naturalistic driving studies: a continuous and multivariate approach

Investigating the influence of working memory capacity when driving behavior is combined with cognitive load: an LCT study of young novice drivers

Landscape heritage objects' effect on driving: a combined driving simulator and questionnaire study

Low life jacket use among adult recreational boaters: a qualitative study of risk perception and behavior factors

National roadside survey of child restraint system use in Belgium

Near-miss narratives from the fire service: a Bayesian analysis

Pre-licensed driving experience and car crash involvement during the learner and restricted, licence stages of graduated driver licensing: findings from the New Zealand Drivers Study

Predicting cycling accident risk in Brussels: A spatial case-control approach

Prevalence of synthetic cannabinoids in blood samples from Norwegian drivers suspected of impaired driving during a seven weeks period

Relative fatality risk curve to describe the effect of change in the impact speed on fatality risk of pedestrians struck by a motor vehicle

Road safety in a globalised and more sustainable world: current issues and future challenges

Safety effects of reducing the speed limit from 90km/h to 70km/h

Safety of the Las Vegas left-turn display

Specific sleepiness symptoms are indicators of performance impairment during sleep deprivation

The effects of situational factors and impulsiveness on drivers' intentions to violate traffic rules: Difference of driving experience

The rising burden of serious thoracic trauma sustained by motorcyclists in road traffic crashes

Thrill and adventure seeking as a modifier of the relationship of perceived risk with risky driving among young drivers

Traffic conflicts on bicycle paths: A systematic observation of behaviour from video

Using hierarchical Bayesian binary probit models to analyze crash injury severity on high speed facilities with real-time traffic data