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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 96
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2016
Articles in SafetyLit: 35

A conceptual framework for dynamic extension of the red clearance interval as a countermeasure for red-light-running

An insight into the performance of road barriers - redistribution of barrier-relevant crashes

An observational study of secondary task engagement while driving on urban streets in Iranian Safe Communities

Assessment of driver stopping prediction models before and after the onset of yellow using two driving simulator datasets

Bicycling crash characteristics: an in-depth crash investigation study

Decisions and actions of distracted drivers at the onset of yellow lights

Developing techniques for cause-responsibility analysis of occupational accidents

Disentangling the influence of cell phone usage in the dilemma zone: an econometric approach

Do German drivers use their smartphones safely?-Not really!

Does early training improve driving skills of young novice French drivers?

Driver decision-making in the dilemma zone - examining the influences of clearance intervals, enforcement cameras and the provision of advance warning through a panel data random parameters probit model

Evaluation of pedestrian safety at intersections: a theoretical framework based on pedestrian-vehicle interaction patterns

Examining driver behavior at the onset of yellow in a traffic simulator environment: comparisons between random parameters and latent class logit models

Examining driver injury severity outcomes in rural non-interstate roadway crashes using a hierarchical ordered logit model

Exploring factors affecting pedestrians' red-light running behaviors at intersections in China

How do drivers behave during indecision zone maneuvers?

How rare are large, multiple-fatality work-related incidents?

Identify sequence of events likely to result in severe crash outcomes

Identifying cognitive distraction using steering wheel reversal rates

Impact of road environment on drivers' behaviors in dilemma zone: application of agent-based simulation

Influence of deficiencies in traffic control devices in crashes on two-lane rural roads

M5 model tree based predictive modeling of road accidents on non-urban sections of highways in India

Macro-level safety analysis of pedestrian crashes in Shanghai, China

Medication use and the risk of motor vehicle collisions among licensed drivers: a systematic review

Pedestrian crosswalk law: a study of traffic and trajectory factors that affect non-compliance and stopping distance

Quantifying the yellow signal driver behavior based on naturalistic data from digital enforcement cameras

Racing with friends: resistance to peer influence, gist and specific risk beliefs

Red-light running violation prediction using observational and simulator data

Road accidents and business cycles in Spain

Role of sensory and cognitive conspicuity in the prevention of collisions between motorcycles and trucks at T-intersections

The incremental validity of the dark triad in predicting driving aggression

The relationship between attentional bias toward safety and driving behavior

The role of navigation instruction at intersections for older drivers and those with early Alzheimer's disease

Who is in control of road safety? A STAMP control structure analysis of the road transport system in Queensland, Australia

Young drivers' engagement with social interactive technology on their smartphone: Critical beliefs to target in public education messages