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Injury prevention

Journal Volume: 18
Journal Issue: Suppl 1
Journal Year: 2012
Articles in SafetyLit: 720

"FLIP" a method for planning community safety promotion programmes: finding the right treatment begins by making the right diagnosis

"Why sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast": translating clinical experience into injury prevention outcomes

'A long journey starts with a single step'--Waimakariri's journey into suicide prevention

'Down the Back Paddock': a programme to educate local primary school children about safety on rural properties

'Just another Saturday night'

'The triangle that moves the mountain': evaluation of road safety intervention model in Phuket, Thailand

?! A comprehensive approach for reducing the incidence of domestic burns in rural upper Egypt

?! Child safety

?! Effect of vehicle characteristics on crash severity: Portuguese experience

?! Establishing a Trauma registry in a level 1 Trauma centre in Subsaharan Africa--challenges and local experience

?! Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) of first aid treatment of road crash victims among commercial intercity drivers and its implications

?! Media analysis of road safety communication in China

?! Minimal Geografical Units (MGU): a new model for injury Geografical Units (MGU) in Costa Rica health surveillance

?! Pedestrian injuries analysis in Cuernavaca, Mexico 2008/2009

?! Principal

?! Socioeconomic inequality in road traffic injuries in Tehran

?!Community based study of drinking and driving in North Indian city

?!Research and analysis on the uncertainty data cloud of Chinese road traffic injury

A 9 year analysis of drowning in children and adolescents aged 5-19 years in Australia, 2002-2011

A case study of the prevalence and characteristics of red light runners in Malaysia

A case study: active learning from a programme to reduce injury where alcohol is a contributing factor

A case-control study of dog bite risk factors in a domestic setting to children aged 9 years and under

A comparative study of mortality data for all causes and unintentional injuries between Japan and other developed countries

A comparison of willingness to pay to prevent child maltreatment deaths in Ecuador and the United States

A competence-based approach to training child restraint technicians to build sector-wide capacity to give informed advice to parents and caregivers

A conceptual framework for assessing the usefulness of safety interventions: a tribute to William Haddon, Jr

A family intervention to increase the use of seatbelts on ROPS tractors

A model for evaluation of safe communities in low and middle income countries

A model to assess violence after disasters

A model to evaluate road traffic safety in Safe Communities (SC)

A novel training for occupational safety in agriculture using mobile training unit (MTU)

A picture is worth a thousand words: utilising social media to better understand all-terrain vehicle crash mechanisms of real patients

A population-based study of direct health care costs for treatment of paediatric concussions

A public health model for injury surveillance and control: perspective from the field

A safer candle project - South Africa

A score card to evaluate pedestrian safety in urban environments using walkability measures

A seat belt in non-motorised vehicle rickshaw--can it prevent roads traffic injuries in Bangladesh?

A study on road safety features and awareness in selected schools in Vellore

A study on undergraduate suicidal ideation and coping setback manner in China

A systematic review of pedestrian injuries on account of distraction by mobile phone use

Abusive head trauma incidence and prevention in Queensland, Australia

Acceptance of screening for intimate partner violence, actual screening and satisfaction with care amongst female clients visiting a health facility in Kano, Nigeria

Access to vehicle and risk of crash in novice drivers: results from the drive study

Accidental casualties and deaths in India due to un-natural causes, 2009-2010

Accuracy of self-report of on-road crashes and traffic offences in a cohort of young drivers: the DRIVE study

Acting in the community interest: a sustainable NGO theatre-in-education model for delivering child safety education in schools

Active transport among Kiwi adolescents in the urban jungle: perceptions of safety and convenience

Active transport to school among adolescents in Otago: personal and family perceptions of safety

Acute neck injuries in Ilorin

Acute poisoning fatalities and hospitalisations among children and youth in New Zealand

Adult opinions about the age at which children can be left home, bathe, or bike alone, Injury Control and Risk Survey (ICARIS), 2007-2008

Adverse childhood experiences of young adults in Latvia

Advocacy for injury control strategies on way to safe communities in Jaipur city, India

Age and gender distribution of road car crash mortalities between June 2007 and November 2008 in Lusaka, Zambia

Age pattern of drowning mortality across 44 countries

Alcohol and community football clubs: club-based characteristics and practices associated with risky consumption

Alcohol and psychoactive substance related to road traffic injuries in Pakistan

Alcohol and road safety policy in Europe: successes and failures

Alcohol expectancies, binge drinking and alcohol-related injuries in university students

All-terrain vehicles on the road: a serious traffic safety concern

All-terrain vehicles: deadly on and off the road

Alternative dairy farm employment/dairy farm task sheets

An analysis of accidental drowning fatalities in Manipal, South India

An audit of burns mortality between November 2007 and June 2008 using mortuary injury data in Lusaka, Zambia

An epidemiologic profile of trauma patients admitted to Maputo Central Hospital, Maputo-Mozambique

An intervention for students' bicycle injury in middle schools in rural China

An overview of drowning in New Zealand and associated research efforts

Analysis of child injury surveillance in Tongzhou district of Beijing from 2006 to 2010

Analysis of injury trends--show me the elbow!

Analysis of the cases of trauma and suicide attempts serviced by University General Hospital 'Tsaritsa Yoanna--ISUL', Sofia over 1 year period

Analytical laboratory safety in Kmutt, Thailand

Analyzing the process for design of media campaign against drunk driving--road safety in ten countries (RS 10 project) in India

Application of a new instrument to measure injuries and disability at the Iganga-Mayuge demographic surveillance system (IM-DSS), Uganda

Application of the theory of planned behaviour to predict young drivers' speeding behaviour

Applying the theory: public health partnership in practice

Approaches to drowning prevention in high income countries (HICs)

Aquatic safety signage recognition and comprehension

Are food delivery riders' motorcycle safety helmets safe?

Are road traffic accidents preventable among sleep apnoea patients?

Are schools in Macedonia ready to achieve children's environmental and health policy priority goals?

Arnon's model: the use of behaviour change process to reduce violence amongst youth

Assessing fathers' attitudes towards protecting children from injuries and engaging in physical risks

Assessing fieldworker reliability in a national study of injury mortality in South Africa

Assessing inter-rater reliability of environmental audit data in a case-control study on bicycling injuries

Assessment survey on knowledge of traffic law--Jujuy, Argentina, 2011

Association between swimming lessons, urbanisation, and drowning in Taiwan

Associations between adverse childhood experiences and attempted suicide in a National sample of students in Republic of Macedonia

Assumed risk by vulnerable roadway users: traffic rules transgressions in a capital city of Southwester Colombia, 2009

Attitudes about electronic device use among self-reported distracted drivers in seven European countries, 2010

Attitudes towards and practice of helmet use among commercial motorcyclists in Dar Es Salaam region, Tanzania

Barriers and facilitators to hip protector compliance: a systematic review

Barriers to helmet use for drivers of all-terrain vehicles

Barriers to the safe transport of children to hospital

Bath mat drowning prevention project

Batteries not included: identifying disc battery injury in a health setting

Battery ingestion hazard mitigation

Be more careful: a national programme for the prevention of domestic accidents in the elderly

Behaviour Based Safety reduces risk for NZ truck drivers

Benchmarking Australian children's swimming and water safety skills and knowledge: challenges and lessons learnt

Benchmarking progress on child safety action in Europe: the results of the 2012 child safety report cards

Bicyclists helmet use in a French city. Results from a follow-up study using a semi-automated video detection system

Bicyclists' violations--automobile drivers' fault? simultaneous increases in population-level bicycle violation and safety in a complex adaptive system of social traffic behaviour

Bingeing on the beach: an exploratory study of alcohol consumption, knowledge, attitudes and behaviour of young beachgoers

Black spot identification on the expressway network to a guideline of road safety improvement in Bangkok of Thailand

Black spot overlap matching for motorcycles and cars

Blown away: cyclone related injuries

Booster seat use: individual, parent-child relationship and neighbourhood characteristics

Bow Wow, Wolf Wolf: prevention and perception of dog bites

Breaking the cycle of violence: detection of domestic violence in a regional emergency department

Bridging the gap between research evidence and real-world implementation: the NoGAPS project

Brokering information to support family violence prevention and intervention efforts in New Zealand

Building a sustainable Safe Communities network: the American experience

Building of a framework for the implemenation of an injury prevention strategy: an Alberta, Canada example

Built environment safety: epidemiology of head and brain injury and fractures from stair falls in Canada

Burden and risk factors for road traffic injuries in two districts of Kenya: a descriptive analysis

Burden of fatal and hospitalised injury in Fiji: findings from a population-based injury surveillance system

Burden of injury in New Zealand

Burden of road traffic injuries in Egypt: strengths and weaknesses of data sources

Button batteries--a hidden danger in every home

Button battery ingestion and insertion by children--an international approach to an emerging dangerous injury

Campus violence among college students in Guangzhou City: the epidemiological situation and risk factors

Can blood alcohol concentration of road traffic injury patients decrease after information education communication campaign in Vietnam

Can lay educators be used to integrate injury prevention messages into home visitation programmes?

Can the feeling of being safe be dangerous?

Cannabis and traffic collisions: findings from a case crossover study of patients presenting to emergency departments in two Canadian cities

Capture-recapture method: traffic accident estimation along the circumferential road 5, national capital region, Philippines

Caretaker perceptions of childhood home safety and injury risks in Karachi, Pakistan: a qualitative study

Caring hands on harm's way: sharp injuries in hospital settings in United Arab Emirates

Caution! Paradigm shift ahead: 'Adolescent mobility health'

Cell phone use and traffic crash responsibility: a culpability analysis of collision-involved drivers

Challenges for injury prevention in low and middle income countries

Challenging the status quo: engaging youth in the development of a curriculum resource about alcohol and young people

Changing the face of New Zealand's national injury reporting

Characteristics concerning to road traffic accident during Songkran festival among population in zone 5, 2004

Characteristics of casualty crashes in the Republic of Botswana: identifying evidence-based prevention opportunities

Characteristics of drivers referred by police to VicRoads: evidence for indicators of declining driving competence

Characteristics of injured off-road cyclists

Characteristics, causes and consequences of hospitalised traumatic brain injury in older adults

Child injury prevention and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

Child passenger safety practice in China: attention and action

Child safety

Childhood drowning prevention: what approaches work?

Childhood injury prevention through community-based participatory research: a multidimensional approach in the love and safety Omura study in Nagasaki, Japan

Childhood injury surveillance in a Nigerian teaching hospital

Childhood parental physical and psychological maltreatment and associations with mental health among 952 university students in China

Children and drowning in Vietnam

Children on all-terrain vehicles: development of simulated crash scenarios for educational intervention

Children's road traffic accidents in Republic of Bulgaria

Choices: safer partying using theatre-in-education

Closing the gap: progressing from injury prevention research to safety promotion practice

Clothing-related motorised two-wheeler crashes: results from a traffic injury surveillance study, Karachi, Pakistan

Cluster randomised trial of an integrated, education, restraint subsidisation and fitting programme to increase child restraint use in 3-year-old to 5-year-old children

Coaching our kids to fewer injuries: youth sports safety research

Coastal drowning deaths in Australia: Is a 50% reduction by 2020 within reach?

Coin battery modification to prevent gastrointestinal injury from current flow

Coin cell battery ingestion hazard mitigation strategies

Coin-sized lithium batteries pose an emerging global burn risk to children

Collecting road traffic injury (RTI) data: barriers and enablers experienced by research personnel

Communication strategy to prevent unintentional injuries 'accidents do not exist'

Communities are not all created equal: designing environments to prevent violence

Community based epidemiological study of injury in India

Community based programme for fall prevention in home dwelling elderly: randomised controlled trial

Community based study on parent related contributory factors for unintentional injuries among preschool children in Sri Lanka

Community perceptions and experiences of alcohol-related crime and safety in entertainment precincts

Community response to domestic violence (DV): lessons learnt from interventions in Vietnam and policy suggestions

Community safety with police volunteers

Community-dwelling older people hospitalised for fall-related injury: characterising high length of stay users

Comparing child product safety concerns with injury incidents: does the evidence support the response?

Comparing fatal alcohol-related road traffic crashes in Botswana pre- and post-passage of a national alcohol levy

Comparing paid versus earned media promotional strategies to broadly disseminate an effective teen driving intervention to Michigan parents via the web

Comparing road traffic injury datasets in the Dominican Republic with Health Organisation recommendations

Comparison of highway crash reporting in Pakistan with the World Health Organisation injury surveillance guideline

Completeness of injury outcome data in a cohort of cyclists

Computerised assessment of alcohol use and readiness to change in Spanish-speaking emergency department patients

Concordance of identified drugs in injured drivers using linked motor vehicle crash, emergency department, and inpatient hospitalisation datasets

Consequences of husband perpetuated violence against women on child health and psycho-social state

Contextual factors putting DSM youth at risk for death by mob violence: a qualitative study

Contributing to the formation and harmonisation of injury data collection in the Philippines

Cost of falls injury hospitalisations in older adults: focus on age, sex, and area of residence

Costing of injury: a powerful persuader to initiate planning in developing countries

Cough mixtures abuse amongst adolescent students in Guangzhou, China

Crash fatality risk differences between access and non-access controlled highways in Pakistan: a low-income country

Creation and development of an Injury Observatory for Britain and Ireland (IOBI)

Crime prevention through environmental design and post earthquake reconstruction in Christchurch, New Zealand

Critical situation of child passengers: pre and post - campaign assessment, edu-car plan

Cross-cultural comparisons of parents' knowledge, attitudes and behaviours related to child safety

Cross-sectional study of injuries among school children in Ismailia governorate, Egypt

Crossing busy city roads by pedistrian school-bound children: how vulnerable they remain for fatal RTAS in Bangladesh!

Curbing violence in emerging market communities in Delta state Nigeria

Current evidence on publicised sobriety checkpoint programmes: are they still effective?

Current fall prevention activities at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Cutcut project: a response to the prevention of child drowning in the Philippines

Cycling safety: key messages of the international transport forum of the OECD's working group on cycle safety

Data analysis of the smart sports injury registry for high school athletes

Data extracting to knowledge management for flood prevention in Nakhonratchasima province, Northeastern Thailand

David's story--born to fail the perfect storm

Decreasing driver speeding on a simulated drive with feedback and reinforcement

Demonstrating the need for injury prevention services in an urban community

Depression, suicidal ideation, and suicidal attempt presenting to the emergency department; differences between these cohorts

Design of a safer lithium coin cell battery

Design strategies to mitigate the hazard of button cell battery electrical burn injuries

Designing injury surveillance system for National Highways & Motorway police of Pakistan

Determinants of non-compliance in motorcycle helmet use in Bangladesh

Determinants of parent perceptions of dangerous traffic related to school travel

Determinants of speeding among bus drivers in Malaysia

Determination of risks and risk awareness for indoor and outdoor injuries in 0-5 years old children during child health surveillance

Developing, implementing, and evaluating trauma care systems: experiences from low- and middle-income countries

Development and evaluation of campaigns to reduce rip current-related beach drowning in Australia

Development and implementation of an agricultural safety consultation program to protect dairy farm workers

Development and pilot testing of a new acute paediatrics and injury course for ambulance providers in Karachi, Pakistan

Development and validation of a parent survey for reporting child injuries

Development of a record linkage system to support injury surveillance and the evaluation of interventions

Development of a standard test method for assessing the firmness of infant sleep surfaces

Development of an on-road driving assessment for novice teen drivers

Development of assessment tools on safe settings for child and adolescent injury prevention

Development of consumer product design tools for considering child safety

Development of national injury prevention policy in the Ministry of Health Sri Lanka

Development of risk assessment system of child's femur and forearm fracture due to air-filled play equipment and recommendation regarding its safe use

Development, implementation and evaluation of low speed vehicle runover education intervention

Differences in risk-adjusted outcome of road traffic injuries in urban tertiary care Centres of Pakistan: analysis of surveillance data

Differences in the prevalence and characteristics of distracted driving in eight countries, 2011

Differential diagnosis of childhood abusive injury from unintentional injury based on bodygraphical information of injury

Differentiating patterns of health service use following severe traumatic brain injury: an idiographic analysis

Disaster management: optimisation modelling to inform emergency food storage for organisations and citizens in New Zealand

Distance course for child injury prevention in Brazil

Distracted driving: mobile phone use while driving in three Mexican cities (Conference presentation)

Do visibility aids reduce the risk of motor-vehicle injury in bicyclists?

Documented evidence of agricultural injury in China

Does body checking policy to disallow body checking reduce the risk of injury and concussion in 11 and 12-year-old non-elite ice hockey players in Canada?

Does pedestrian safety video education influence children's pedestrian route selection: results from a randomised controlled trial

Does pre-licensed driving experience affect crash risk as an unsupervised restricted licensed driver? Findings from the New Zealand Drivers Study

Domestic violence in San Jose De Ocoa, Dominican Republic 2008-2011

Domestic violence in the city of Beira

Drink driving prevention in Ha Nam and Ninh Binh provinces of Viet Nam

Drink or drunk: developing partnerships to assist licensed premises in minimising alcohol-related violence

Drinking and driving in Vietnam: prevalence, and public knowledge, attitudes, and practices

Drinking behaviour and readiness to change in a trauma population and feasibility of Computerised Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention (CASI)

Driver sleepiness and risk of motor vehicle crash injuries: a population-based case control study in Fiji

Drivers of change in agricultural health and safety in Australia

Drivers' working conditions and private bus crashes in Kandy, Sri Lanka

Drowning in the great lakes of Uganda: a neglected problem

Drowning prevention in culturally and linguistically diverse communities

Drowning prevention programme in northern Iran--a closer look at the problem

Drowning risk assessment and communication using spatial analysis

Drug poisoning deaths by urbanisation and geographic region, US 1999-2009

Economic and health consequences in women subject to intimate partner abuse

Economic burden of various injuries in a low income community

Economic evaluation of safety laws and their enforcement

Effect of a graduated driver licensing decal provision on the rate of crashes and citations among young probationary drivers

Effect of drug testing programmes on injury rate and severity in small and medium sized construction companies

Effective practice: an immediate collaborative response to prevent further net fishing drowning among Pacific peoples

Effectiveness of control and repression campaigns on RTA mortality in a low income country

Effectiveness of environmental-based educative programme in injury prevention, disaster preparedness and burn management

Effectiveness of the 100% motorcycle helmet use campaign in Thailand

Effectiveness of web-based expert system for substance abuse prevention in Korean adolescents

Effects of gender, indigenous status, and remoteness to health services on the occurrence of assault-related injuries in children and adolescents

Effects of speed radar camera in reducing road traffic crashes: experiences from Kenya

Electronic recording of traffic incidents

Emergency management of severe burn (EMSB) programme: a new dimension in burn management of Bangladesh

Empowerment of school teachers for school based injury prevention and safety promotion

Energiser's approach to lithium coin cell battery ingestion

Enhancing fire department home visits through improved program monitoring

Environmental determinants of bicycling injuries

Epidemiological profile of hospitalised injury among e-bike riders

Epidemiological study on disability causes by injury in the Chinese population

Epidemiology of, and surveillance of, media worker homicide in Iraq (2003-2011)

Establishing a trauma registry in a level 1 trauma centre in Subsaharan Africa--challenges and local experience

Estimating the global burden of work-related fatal injury taking into account temporal changes

European Safer Urban Motorcycling (ESUM) project: benefits from mobility advantages pertaining to reduction of injuries among powered two wheelers in urban areas

Evaluating road safety interventions: lessons learnt from the first 2 years of a multi-country approach

Evaluating the reach of youth-focused drinking and driving reduction interventions in two Mexican cities

Evaluation of a Canadian primary care fall prevention training and resource package

Evaluation of a national home safety equipment scheme

Evaluation of an electronic emergency department-based geo-information injury surveillance system in Hong Kong

Evaluation of community policing model used in United Nations and African Union peacekeeping mission in Darfur

Evaluation of enforcement programme to increase seatbelt use: a case study in precinct 8, Putrajaya

Evaluation of noise producing toys and the product standard criteria

Evaluation of pilot injury surveillance system in Sri Lanka

Evaluation of the child safety education coalition in England

Evaluation on Shenzhen primary and secondary school students injury surveillance system

Evidence of the role of CCTV in preventing alcohol-related assaults in a night time economy

Evidence-based drowning and injury prevention: coastal public safety at Hot Water Beach and Pakiri Beach

Expanded measure of paediatric injury

Experience from community based childhood burn prevention programme in Bangladesh: implication for low resource setting

Exploring a new method to promote perceptions of susceptibility and severity of childhood injury

Exploring links between state health department capacity for injury and violence prevention and health outcomes: a look at the Core VIPP evaluation plan

Exploring patient perceptions of barriers and facilitators to recovery following trauma

External causes of injuries in Tehran, Iran: a household survey

Factors associated with functional outcomes 12 months after injury

Factors associated with intimate partner violence decrease in Medellin, Colombia. 2003-2007

Factors associated with ongoing traumatic brain injury-related symptoms among female offenders

Factors influencing the decision to engage in unsafe work practices: an air freight case study

Factors related to seatbelt-wearing among rear-seat passengers in Malaysia

Fall and fall-related injury studies among older aboriginal people in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA: a systematic review

Fall injuries--a preventable public health issue: results from a pilot surveillance programme in a developing country

Fall related injuries: a retrospective medical review study in north India

Fall risk and fitness among older adults enrolled in balance and strength training classes

Fall-related sub-acute and non-acute care and rehabilitation-related acute care: what is the impact?

Falls and injury prevention in older people

Falls in young and working age adults--should we be worrying about them?

Fatal injury in the ageing workforce

Feasibility of a road traffic injury surveillance integrating police and health insurance datasets in the Dominican Republic

Finding balance: using collaboration and evidence to help prevent seniors' falls

Findings of the follow-up survey--GRSI Beijing project of improving vulnerable road user safety at junctions

Fire and burn risks to children: exploring the role of housing quality

Fire-related injuries requiring inpatient care: descriptive analysis, incidence and patients during 2000-2009

First eye cataract surgery and hospitalisation for a fall

First standardised field sobriety test in Brazil

Focus on elderly people in terms of injury prevention in Rapla, Estonia

Football events and their association with interpersonal violence deaths

Forensic examination following rape: do skin colour and baseline injury matter?

Fractures following falls in Sri Lanka

Getting research published: writing for biomedical journals

Global trends in death and disability from injuries--findings from the global burden of disease and injuries study

GPS tracking of quad bike use on Australian dairy farms

Grass roots suicide prevention in rural Western Australia (WA)

Guadalajara, Mexico: drinking and driving strategy

Guerrilla marketing in child injury prevention--winning the war to keep kids safe in New Zealand

Have declines in alcohol involvement for traffic injuries also occurred with other injuries and what do we really know regarding alcohol and injury hospitalisations?

Have we learnt the lessons from disaster inquiries? Themes from recent Australian disaster inquiries in the context of the national strategy for disaster resilience

Hazard regression models of early mortality in trauma centres

Health benefits of work

Health seeking behaviour of injured victims among community

Healthcare providers and teen driving safety: topics discussed and communication products used in practice

Healthy alcohol policy as an injury prevention strategy

Helmet and reflective clothing use among motorcyclists in Kenya: a survey of use, knowledge, attitudes, and practices in two districts

Helmet use among motorcyclists in Cambodia: a survey of use, knowledge, attitudes, and practices

Helmet use in BIXI cyclists in Toronto, Canada: an observational study

Helmet use in motorcycle taxi operators in Kampala, Uganda

Helmets for Kids programme increases helmet use among students

Hidden increasing pedestrian fatality between 2006 and 2010 in China: findings from non-police-reported data

High rate of crashes at roundabouts involving cyclists can be reduced with careful attention to conflict paths

Home injury hazards and home injury in New Zealand

Homicide fall in Sao Paulo municipality, Brazil: the role of public security indicators

Hospital referral to a community programme for youth injured by violence: a feasibility study

How well do children estimate the time it takes to cross a road? A risk factor for pedestrian injury

How youth development and community collaboration contribute to safe communities

Human error assessment and management in Isfahan oil refinery work station operators by Sherpa technique

Human factors in farming--publishing the learning from accident reviews to influence farmers' behaviours and practices

I have a bone to pick with you: the challenge of addressing dog-related injury in a rural community

ICD-based injury severity for land transport trauma

Identification of crash and fall risks during the cycling mount and dismount actions in triathlon competitions: a video analysis

Identification of factors in the dispersion of volatile substances of the internal environment of a chemical university laboratory

Identifying residences at increased risk of experiencing an unintentional house fire incident, death or injury

If it's about youth, involve youth: creating opportunities for youth engagement in injury prevention

Illicit and benzodiazepine drugs use among fatally injured drivers in urban areas of Kuala Lumpar

Impact assessment of Pappu Zebra road sense campaign in Indian cities

Impact of 'safe community' model in suicide prevention in Japan

Impact of a national multifaceted road safety intervention programme in Mexico: results and implications from a time-series analysis

Impact of intimate partner violence on women's health--a population based study in Nepal

Impact of tai chi on impairment, functional limitation, and disability among preclinically disabled older people: a randomized controlled trial

Impact of wellness programme to employee health

Impact on home stairway safety regulation in Canada: When evidence and industry-influenced government policy clash

Implementation matters: developing an injury prevention briefing

Improving injury prevention research through patient and public involvement--towards working in partnership

Improving road traffic injury surveillance using data linkage--a pilot project in Mures County, Romania

Improving the care of children presenting with mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) to emergency care settings: clinicians attitudes and perceptions of care

Imputation of chronic neck pain to a motor-vehicle collision: a Bayesian approach

Inadequacy of facial injury surveillance in Sri Lanka: a qualitative study of barriers in the routine health information system

Inception result of implementation of sentinel surveillance system on drowning in the community from 6 to 12/2011

Incorporating data into global burden of disease method to assess national burden of road traffic injuries in Thailand

Increased detection of alcohol consumption and at-risk drinking with computerised alcohol screening and brief intervention (CASI)

Increased intimate partner violence in users of Mexican public health services: fact or improved registry?

Increased traffic fines and road traffic crashes in Sri Lanka

Increases in best practice child restraint use among children aged 2-5 years in low socioeconomic areas after introduction of mandatory child restraint laws in NSW Australia

Increasing routine vitamin D prescription to aged care residents in New Zealand: giving residents the D-fence against falls

Increasing seat belt use in the Russian context: tailored social marketing campaign and concerted strengthened enforcement

Independent risk factors for injury in pre-school children: three population-based nested case-control studies using routine primary care data

Inequalities in child injuries in Nepal: findings of a community based survey in Makwanpur

Inequities in emergency care

Influencing travel demand in Putrajaya

Injuries among children in China: results from national injury surveillance system, 2010

Injuries by interpersonal violence in emergency rooms of eight hospitals of the ministry of health, El Salvador, 2010

Injury among the aboriginal population of Alberta, Canada

Injury epidemiology and New Zealand military forces in World War One

Injury incidence among recruits in basic military training and related factors in China

Injury patterns and safety behaviour of child pedestrians in the ultra Orthodox Jewish Community

Injury prevention among friends: the benefits of school connectedness

Injury prevention counselling during well-child visits in the USA: rates and determinants

Injury prevention with migrant workers in Swedish agriculture--initial studies with employer perspectives

Injury situation in Vietnam in 2005-2010 and preventive strategies in 2011-2015

Injury surveillance at BIR hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal--initial 1 year report

Injury to Maori--does language hold the key to bringing about change

Innovations in child injury prevention: evidence-based strategies that address fire safety for young children and playground safety for older children

Integrated information system for solving traffic accidents and prevention at Ban Phai district, Khon Kaen, Thailand

Intervention program for perpetrators of intimate partner violence in Mexico: preliminary results and lesson learned

Intervention to improve the quantity and quality of medical data on intentional injuries provided to the Liberian armed violence observatory

Intimate femicide in South Africa: comparing two studies 10 years apart

Intimate partner violence: the silent burden in Sri Lankan women

Investigating common trends in New Zealand cycling fatalities

Investigating the effects of installing safety cameras on managing the incidents and the risk assessments in SAIPA (an Asian Automotive Corporation)

Investigating the existence of blood alcohol content policy for commercial drivers in Nigeria

Is gender of healthcare provider important for screening for intimate partner violence against women? Experiences from a Nigerian sample

It shouldn't hurt: creating policies and places for injury-free active living for children

It's our fault: better defining earthquake risk in Wellington, New Zealand

Joint Action on Monitoring Injuries in Europe (JAMIE): development of a new Minimum Data Set (MDS)

Kava use and risk of car crash injury: a population-based case control study in Fiji

Kids can drown in inflatable pools too!

Knowledge, attitude, practice on drinking and driving of male motorbike riders in Ha Nam, Ninh Binh provinces 2011

Knowledge, behaviour and attitudes of Greek health care personnel regarding mobile phone use and road accidents: the 'Enigma' project

Leadership and culture under the Australian work health and safety strategy 2012-2022

Leadership practices related to unintentional injury prevention at schools

Leading workplace safety

Learning from 20 year trends in unintentional child injury mortality

Legal risk management in the Australian fitness industry: identifying the public law risks

Lesson learnt in injury control: after 30 years what would I do differently?

Let's talk about safety--can injury prevention do more harm than good?

Life Quilt South Australia--stitching the stories of life

Life-course experience of hospitalised injuries in a rural Greek town during the last century: the Velestino study

Lives saved from declined drink driving behaviors in a Chinese city

Magnitude and associated risk factors of injuries among welders working in grill workshops

Making global road safety collaborations work: stakeholders' perceptions

Measuring non-fatal road trauma: how reliable are police and hospital temporal trends over time for road users by injury severity?

Measuring the sustainability of a community safety promotion network: working from the inside out

Medical community role in global arms trade policy discussions

Methodological studies on injury comprehensive surveillance

Methodology to promote interagency work between communitarian organisation and government: experience from Cali, Colombia

Mind wandering and driving

Model of care for older adults abused in Mexico

Modifications of coin cells with anti-ingestion and encapsulation design features

Mortality and non-fatal suicidal behaviour in the 20 years after a medically serious suicide attempt

Motorcycle helmet wearing in children in Viet Nam--a comparison of pre and post law

Motorcycle non-standard helmet use in an urban area of Mexico

Motorcycle speeds at urban intersections

Motorcycle transport: a threat to road safety in a community in Sub-Saharan Africa

Motorcyclist injuries and use of safety measures in five cities in Colombia

Musculoskeletal injuries are prevented by a unique discomfort, pain and injury (DPI) management programme. An overview

National action plan for child injury prevention: launching a roadmap for an injury-free childhood

National leadership and interagency coordination to prevent family violence

National survey of the injury prevention activities of Sure Start children's centres

Nature and type of injuries from the 4 September 2010 and 22 February 2011 Canterbury earthquakes, New Zealand

Needlestick injuries in agriculture

New approaches and audiences for behaviour change to reduce child injury risk

New techniques of victims recovery buried by homicides and natural disasters

New zealand estimates of the social and economic cost of work-related injuries

New Zealand estimates of the total social and economic cost of injuries

Non-response bias in a community survey of drinking, alcohol-related experiences and public opinion on alcohol policy

Now I lay you down to sleep: reducing suffocation risk in the infant sleep environment

Occupational ATV-related injuries in Washington State's agricultural industry, 2004-2008

Occupational skin disease--findings of a two years study in Auckland

On road riding practices among electric bikers in Suzhou

One voice--Safer Canada: merging Canada's four largest injury prevention organisations

Optimising seat length design to minimise extra passengers on all-terrain vehicles

Out of sight but not out of mind: rural drowning in Queensland

Pacific provider making a difference

Parental influence on adolescent risk behaviours: a strategy to empower parents

Parenting interventions to prevent unintentional injury: update and extension of a Cochrane systematic review

Participatory photography project gives voice to non-driving Pacific, Maori and Asian youth

Partnering to prevent fire injury at the community level: triumphs and challenges from the front lines

Partnering with the community to prevent family violence

Passport to safety--from Canada to Australia

Pattern of cranio--intracranial injuries in fatal vehicular accidents in Chandigarh zone of north--west India--a 25 years autopsy experience from a tertiary care hospital of India

Patterns and trends in leading causes of unintentional and violence-related injury mortality: United States, 2000-2009

Pedestrian injury at signalised midblock versus signalised intersections locations in Toronto, Canada

Pedestrian injury profile in Lagos (Nigeria)--the third most densely populated city in Africa

Perception of school-bound children's mothers on road-crossing and other road-safety issues in Bangladesh

Perceptions and reality: measuring New Zealanders' attitudes towards injury risk

Perceptions, barriers, and strategies of women pillion riders about helmet use--a qualitative study from Pakistan

Photovoice: children's perspectives on road traffic safety in 10 countries

Pilot study on home injury risk assessment in two low-income communities in Karachi, Pakistan

Pilot testing of trauma registry in a single tertiary care hospital of Pakistan: results from initial data analysis

Planning for implementation: use of intervention mapping (Step 5) in two sports safety intervention case studies

Planning safer suburbs? the influence of change in the built environment on resdients' perceived safety from crime

Plunket car seat rentals, protecting New Zealand children for over 30 years

Poison injury surveillance recommendations from the US Safe States Alliance's injury surveillance workgroup

Policy analysis and evaluation of effectiveness of a suicide prevention initiative in Montreal

Policy interventions related to child drowning prevention in low and middle income countries

Pool fencing--can Australia go much further?

Pools2Schools - A watersafe Auckland Initiative for school aquatic education

Population attributable risk of unintentional childhood poisoning in Karachi Pakistan

Population based characteristics of fatalities and hospital admissions for acute poisoning in Fiji

Population based ED and office visits for paediatric concussion

Post-crash management of road traffic injury victims in Iran. Stakeholders' views on current barriers and potential facilitators (11th World Conference)

Potential for lives saved by the road safety in 10 countries (RS-10) project interventions in five Brazilian cities

Potential for prevention of powered-two-wheeler fatalities in three European cities: an estimation in the context of European Safer Urban Motorcycling (ESUM) project

Practical experience of gateway treatment in developing country

Pre-injury and injury-related predictors of disability 3 and 12 months after injury: hospitalised and non-hospitalised

PRECISE--a model of community participation in injury prevention in Bangladesh: Implications for other low income countries

Predicting work-related disability and medical cost outcomes: a comparison of injury severity scores and scoring methods

Predictors of long term outcomes following major trauma: a population-based study

Predictors of missing data in injury surveillance: an observational study

Pregnancy outcomes linked to intimate partner violence: a systematic review

Preliminary findings from the evaluation of an internet-based depression treatment programme (RID trial) in New Zealand

Preliminary results on crashes in a validation study for a new simulated assessment of driving performance for novice teen drivers

Prevalence and correlates of intimate partner violence among male military personnel and civil servants in Ibadan, Nigeria: a comparative study

Prevalence of driving while sleepy: a population-based survey of four-wheeled motor vehicle drivers in Fiji

Prevalence of drunk driving in Ghana

Prevalence of frequent fighting among youth: a cross-national comparison of 39 countries

Preventable: a social marketing campaign to prevent injuries in British Columbia, Canada

Preventing child maltreatment: is there a need for a European policy?

Preventing children falling from residential buildings: lessons of success from a working party

Preventing children from being extra-riders on tractors

Preventing fall injuries among elderly by shock absorbing flooring

Preventing falls in older people: the New Zealand experience

Preventing falls in under fives - a ten-year long intervention in Taranaki

Preventing lithium coin battery ingestion: a five-pronged strategy

Preventing risky driving and alcohol misuse among young adults: a randomised controlled trial in the emergency department

Preventing violence: generating and using the evidence

Prioritising children product safety initiatives based on frequency, severity & product causality: a secondary data analysis of Queensland injury surveillance unit data

Product safety--so who is responsible?

Progress in preventing injuries: a content analysis of national policies in Europe

Progress on child safety action in Europe: the results of the 2012 child safety country profiles

Promoting safety at work in cooperation with the local community

Proposal for a road safety indicator based on origin-destination survey: the problem of indicators in developing countries

Quantifying the use of seatbelts and child restraints in three Mexican cities

Rail incident investigator training: is there support for a standardised Australasian training framework?

Randomised controlled trial to reduce in-patient falls in hospitalised older people

Reaching high-risk young adolescents: a process evaluation of a school based injury prevention programme

Reducing alcohol related harm in Wellington

Reducing child injury: evaluation of interventions targeting children and the adults who supervise them

Reducing risk of entry into confined space manure storages

Regional rural injury study III: the roles of injury type and injured body part in determining short- and long-term consequences of injuries among children on agricultural operations

Regulatory approach to button batteries

Relationship between alcohol mangement plans and injury reductions in a remote Australian community

Relative and attributable risks of fatal crashes associated with drug use

Removing man-made jumps from snow-parks reduces the risk of severe ski-patrol reported injuries sustained by skiers and snowboarders

Research about mother's perception and behaviour about accidents with children in Brazil

Resident advocacy to mitigate hazards of button battery ingestions

Results of safe community development implementation in Vietnam in the period 2002-2011

Rip current related drowning deaths and rescues in Australia 2004-2011

Risk and protective factors of self-immolation: a population based case control study from Iran

Risk assessment for LED lighting flicker

Risk factors for falls in cataract patients awaiting surgery

Risk factors for fatalities in small underground coal mines in the U.S

Risk factors for motor vehicle crashes involving civilian drivers and emergency vehicles in use

Risk factors for road traffic injuries among school children in rural Bangladesh

Risk factors for severe motorcycle injuries among motorcyclists

Risk factors of heat stroke in active duty U.S. Army soldiers, 2002-2007

Risk of assault among education specialists in the United States: a case-control study

Risk of fracture in children with epilepsy: a cohort study using the general practice research database

Risk of injurious road traffic crash after prescription of antidepressants

Road safety challenges for the 21st century

Road safety practices of motorcycle riders in Multan, Pakistan

Road safety research and policy

Road traffic fatalities and economic development: National and Sub-National longitudinal analysis in China

Road traffic injuries in urban Pakistani children and adolescents age, gender and road user perspectives

Road traffic injury mortality, morbidity and disability: evidence from Bangladesh Health and Injury Survey (BHIS)

Road use behaviour of urban primary school children in Ghana: case study of Ablekuma South Education Circuit of Metropolitan Accra

Role of alcohol in hospitalised road trauma in Viet Nam

Role of home environment, parental care, parents' personality and their relationships with adolescents' mental health

Rural health providers--improving farmer health and safety

Safe children community: does it work? A comparison of child injury data in the district of Deutschlandsberg documents evidence

Safe community evaluation in terms of child safety

Safe community movement in Serbia

Safe Kids Philipppines' data on motorcycle culpability in road traffic injuries used as reference for congress bills

Safe trampolining--a persistent challenge

Safer bars: reducing violence in and around licensed premises

Safer future for victims of intimate partner violence: evidence from an effective training program for teachers in Bulgaria

Safety around the home: an interactive, evidence-based guide to creating a safe home environment

Safety in school sports (TEKO)

Safety on highway work zones and speed management

Safety rock: community-based art initiative to reduce driveway run over trauma

Say cheese! Equestrian helmet use in publication photos of horse organisations

Self-reported drunk driving among Finnish adolescents

Senior safety--a study of fall prevention in 16 Norwegian municipalities

Sexual violence during pregnancy and women's perception on current abortion in rural Bangladesh

Simplified injury severity scale for developing countries

Situation of child injuries in Vietnam and interventions

Social autopsy: a community based intervention in preventing road traffic injuries--experience from Bangladesh

Social marketing of fall prevention classes to older adults through Churches: cluster randomised controlled trial

Socio-demographic characteristics and public health status of child domestics: myths and reality for a safe community in Bangladesh

Solving the safety paradox--when making things less safe makes them more safe

Source of safety information--the importance of a personal appeal for service utilisation among urban families

Spatial analysis of fatal and injury crashes in Curitiba

Spatial inequalities and pedestrian injuries in Cali, Colombia

Specificity of post-concussion symptoms at 3 months after mild traumatic brain injury. Results from a prospective study

Sports-related concussion among high school athletes in West Central Florida

Stakeholder views and perceptions on epidemiology and management of childhood and adolescent injuries in north western Uganda

Still too hot: an examination of observed water temperature, water heaters characteristics and self- reported testing behaviour in a sample of urban homes

STISS--the Styrian injury surveillance system- a hospital database on injuries to support safe community work

Stop, collaborate and listen: the network for a Violence-free Hutt Valley is back with a brand new edition

Strategies for injury prevention in Swedish agriculture

Strategies for preventing communal clashes using library and information services in South East Nigeria

Street children and road traffic injuries: a neglected association in prevention strategies in Nigeria

Street harassment: an unaddressed form of gender-based violence

Study on evaluation of life jacket utilisation in Vietnam

Study on occupational injuries related death through the mortality reporting system from 2005-2010 in Vietnam

Study on occupational injuries visited and admitted to two hospitals during 2006-2010

Study on the improvement of legal system for ensuring the safety of bicycle riders--the case of Seoul in Korea

Successful road safety initiatives in Dubai

Suicidal ideation among adolescents in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: patterns, planning and significant associations

Suicide ideation among medical students: a cross sectional study from South India

Suicide in Mozambique: evidence from 10 years mortuary data from forensic services at Maputo Central Hospital, Maputo city

Suicide prevention: confronting public health challenges

Suicide-related mortality in Vietnam in 2005-2010

Supervision and risk of unintentional injury in young children (conf. abstract)

Surveillance of family violence a perspective of 5 years in Costa Rica

Survey of hot water temperatures in campgrounds: elevated scalding risk and energy wastage

Systematic review and meta-analysis evaluating the effectiveness of home safety interventions (education and provision of safety equipment) for child injury prevention

Targeted regulation of licensed premises in a city entertainment precinct: impact on assaults, street offences and emergency department presentations

Taupo bicycle study: follow up response, personal characteristics and injury outcome

Telephonic interactive voice response and internet-based questionnaire for longitudinal injury and near-miss reporting

Temperament and fracture risk among preschool children: a target kids! Cross-sectional survey

Tendency of assaulted casualties during Songkran festival

The 2012 action plan for preventing childhood agricultural injuries in the USA

The 25th of January Egyptian revolution's effect on the prevalence of TBI in Egypt. A retrospective comparative study

The aging workforce: a population-based study of agricultural workers

The burden of alcohol-related injuries and violence-2020 a safer Aotearoa New Zealand

The burden of road traffic injuries in Guyana: time to prioritise road safety investments

The circumstances favouring the worker accidents in the buildings and public works industry in Kenitra city and in its area (Morocco)

The comparative effects between demonstration video and instruction manual on the performance for respiratory protective device

The contribution of fate to under-reporting of road crashes and associated road trauma in Pakistan

The correlation between burn mortality rates and economic status of countries

The cost of managing injuries of bomb blast seen at hospitals in eight Nigeria states

The cost of managing injuries of bomb blast seen at hospitals in eight Nigerian states

The development of STEADI--a fall prevention tool kit for U.S. healthcare providers

The development of the community's participation process for being safety community: case study: Baan Kor, Moo 3, Baan Kor sub-district, Muang district, Khon Kaen province, Thailand

The economic burden of all-terrain vehicle-related adult deaths in the U.S. workplace, 2003-2006

The economic impact of road traffic injuries on households in Kandy, Sri Lanka

The effectiveness of a school-based European injury prevention programme on adolescent risk behaviour in a South African setting

The effectiveness of enforcement programme in promoting proper helmet wearing among motorcyclists in precinct 8, Putrajaya

The effects of home based nutrition and exercise interventions in improving functional capacity and preventing falls among older adults

The enhanced enforcement for helmet wearing and drink driving in Cambodia

The epidemiology of child homicides in South Africa

The epidemiology of cutting or piercing injuries at home among young and middle-aged adults

The establishment of school based injury surveillance system in Jiangsu, China

The evaluation of general swimming and safety swimming programmers

The exposure of farm workers to pesticides used in potato cultivation in Brazil

The first-aid advice and safety training (fast) parent programme to prevent unintentional home injuries in preschool children

The flood disaster in rural Bangladesh: magnitude of injuries and parental violence in children

The growing use of motorcycles for commercial transport and traffic safety in Ghana

The identification and targeted pre-licence remediation of overconfident, risk-taking young drivers

The impact of safe community initiatives on helmet wearing rate and motorcyclists' death in 14 cites of Iran

The impact of socio economic factors on injuries in Tehran, IR Iran

The impact of the U-visa on stopping violence against immigrant women in the USA

The impact of violence on African-American teenagers' health-related quality of life, as measured by the SF-36

The incidence of childhood injury following an 'Inland Tsunami': the experience of Toowoomba

The incidence of road traffic inuries in Kandy, Sri Lanka

The indigenous connection/Maori--Aotearoa (NZ) context

The interactive effect of fear and humour appeals, gender & the level of involvement on attitude toward safe driving

The it's not OK campaign: creating change to end family violence in New Zealand

The lifetime history of traumatic Brain injury and associated outcomes: a state-wide population-based survey

The magnitude and contextual circumstances of childhood (0-14 years) pedestrian fatalities in South African cities

The missing link in occupational health and safety: managing psychological injury risks and developing organisational health in Australian workplaces

The model school zone project at St. Andrews School supports the decade of action for road safety: Safe Kids Philippines experience

The national coronial information system: a decade of challenges and achievements

The new tobacco--tactics adopted by quad bike manufacturers to not rollover

The pedestrians' risk behaviour in the traffic: experiences and beliefs and its consequences in the behaviour

The prevalence of motorcycle helmet use in three Mexican cities

The QuickScreen tool--a validated falls risk assessment, developed and implemented in Australia for use in primary care

The relationship between payday and violence in Guatemala

The relationship between violence and mental illnesses in Guatemala

The relationship between walking to school and child pedestrian injury in Toronto, Canada

The safety information and guidance provided to parents by all-terrain vehicle dealers and sales representatives

The study compared the number of dead from traffic accidents among health, police and insurance company records in Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, Thailand

The transmission of information in the immediate aftermath of the great East Japan earthquake by the administration in their efforts to establish safe communities

The under-report adjustment of injury deaths data from National disease surveillance points system of China

The unexamined falls: the student experience and their solutions

The validity of self-reported helmet-use among motorcyclists in India

The value of multi-source data harvesting for injury mortality data: the Jamaican experience

The Velestino study: are traumatic brain injuries in the life-course linked to cognitive impairment among seniors?

The venom patrol--an online resource for improving health literacy and for snakebite prevention

Thinking about quality in qualitative injury prevention research--does having different researchers collect data for the same study impact on the quality of the research?

Thirty day outcomes of severe injuries in patients presenting to the emergency departments of two public tertiary care hospitals in Sindh Pakistan

Through flashing speed limit signage to control vehicle speed limit for entering school zone

Towards safer roads in Putrajaya through community based programme

Towards sustainable pedestrian safety: the Bangladesh context

Tracking the trends--how new Plymouth District uses data and community consultation to drive its International Safe Community programme

Tractor related fatalities following mandatory rollover protection structure retrofitting in Victoria, Australia

Training injury and violence prevention professionals to influence transportation decisions

Trampoline injury prevention - can 'fall-off' and 'fall-onto' injuries be eliminated with good product design?

Translating injury prevention research: a resource for state policy makers

Transportation safety issues: the student experience and their solutions

Trauma registries: what is the experience in developing countries?

Traumatic hand amputations among Greek adults: epidemiology and prevention dimensions

Traumatic subtrochanteric fractures. classification, intervention, complications and patient outcomes

Trend of homicide in Sao Paulo city: an intra-urban analysis

Trends in hip fracture incidence rates among elderly in Sweden 1987-2009

Trends in medical certification of injured workers by general practitioners in Victoria, Australia

Trends in road traffic crashes and associated injury and fatality in Pakistan 1956-2010

Trends of road traffic accidents in Cameroon between 2007 and 2011

Tri-motorcycle accidents in Abuja Nigeria

Two year active surveillance of injuries in an industrially developing commune in Vietnam

Under-reported: child pedestrian road traffic injuries in Vietnam

Underreporting of fatal occupational injuries in Norway, improved completeness by combining several sources

Understanding accident causation in led outdoor activities: development of an accident analysis framework

Understanding anatomical injury severity of fatal road crashes

Understanding for changing: how to design successful social marketing campaigns targeting unsafe behaviours. The experience of the road safety in 10 country project, Russia

Understanding road traffic injuries and prevention measures for children in rural Bangladesh: a qualitative study of community members' views

Understanding unintentional childhood home injuries: pilot surveillance data from Karachi, Pakistan

Understanding use of child restraints in Australian aboriginal families: a mixed methods approach

Unintentional drowning in urban South Africa: a retrospective investigation, 2001-2005

Unintentional injuries and the home environment: a qualitative study

Unintentional injury mortality in India, 2005: nationally representative mortality survey of 1.1 million homes

United Nations community policing in conflicted area of Darfur Sudan

Use of antidepressants, anxiolytics, hypnotics/sedatives and antipsychotics and road traffic crashes with injuries in elderly drivers. A Swedish population-based register study

Use of geographic information systems in the watch area injury versus programmatic Jujuy, Argentina

Use of nested case-crossover study within a prospective cohort study to examine both fixed and transient risk factors for slipping

Using accessible cost effective technology to save lives

Using attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours to shape a Cambodian motorcycle helmet campaign

Using change theory to elucidate complexities in child safety

Using crowd-sourcing to drive innovation in injury prevention--results of a pilot programme

Using epidemiologic evidence to develop public policies on community safety and citizenship, Medellin, Colombia

Using GIS to assess pedestrian safety in Delhi

Using in-depth crash data to assess the role of driver inattention and driver distraction in crashes

Using National Health Insurance claims data to establish injury surveillance in Taiwan: a feasibility study

Using social media to get our child injury prevention messages out there

Using spatial planning to prevent unintentional injuries

Validating evidence-based criteria for identifying incident hip fractures in the absence of date of injury

Victims of domestic injuries and suicide among women of reproductive age in Iran

Video based methods for observing pedestrians behaviour

Violence against individuals with disabilities: a synthesis of studies on prevalence and risk

Violence intervention programme (VIP); improving New Zealand's health system response to family violence

Violent injuries in Nigeria: increasing occurrence but low priority on preventive measures

Violent injury in Ilorin

Vulnerability of riders and passengers to injuries in multi-occupant motorcycle crashes

Vulnerable users' deaths in Brazilian road safety 10 cities (RS-10)

WAI wise: a fun, practical and effective water safety experience for young adults

Wales burden of injury study

Walkable but unsafe? a systematic review of built environment correlates of walking and child pedestrian injury

Web-based intervention for Maori university students with hazardous drinking: double-blind, multi-site randomised controlled trial

What do we need for injury prevention and safety promotion as evidence?

What do we understand by undetermined intention deaths? Injuries patterns' intentionality identification

What has worked with recidivist drink drivers to reduce re-offending?

Who are you? Prevention of alcohol related sexual violence

Who goes where? determining factors that influence where severely injured Canadian children are treated

Wives' gender role attitudes and their experience of different types of intimate partner violence in Central Province, Sri Lanka

Women's safety issues in export zones in developing countries in the context of a globalised economy

Workplace violence against nurses in hospitals in Guangdong, China

Youth boredom busting summer projects 2012