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International journal of environmental research and public health

Journal Volume: 14
Journal Issue: 10
Journal Year: 2017
Articles in SafetyLit: 50

A longitudinal study of child maltreatment and mental health predictors of admission to psychiatric residential treatment facilities

Alcohol-related physical abuse of children in the slums of Kampala, Uganda

Are mhealth interventions to improve child restraint system installation of value? A mixed methods study of parents

Assessment of the public health risks and impact of a tornado in Funing, China, 23 june 2016: a retrospective analysis

Associations between perceived neighborhood walkability and walking time, wellbeing, and loneliness in community-dwelling older Chinese people in Hong Kong

Barriers and facilitators for health behavior change among adults from multi-problem households: a qualitative study

Commuting, life-satisfaction and internet addiction

Comparison of patterns of use of unrecorded and recorded spirits: survey of adult drinkers in rural central China

Cusp catastrophe regression and its application in public health and behavioral research

Development and preliminary validation of Refugee Trauma History Checklist (RTHC)-a brief checklist for survey studies

Developmental assessments during injury research: is enrollment of very young children in crèches associated with better scores?

Distance, duration, and velocity in cycle commuting: analyses of relations and determinants of velocity

Effect modification by environmental quality on the association between heatwaves and mortality in Alabama, United States

Effect of health messages on alcohol attitudes and intentions in a sample of 16-17-year-old underage drinkers

Environmental influences on physical activity among rural adults in Montana, United States: views from built environment audits, resident focus groups, and key informant interviews

Frailty and its contributory factors in older adults: a comparison of two Asian regions (Hong Kong and Taiwan)

Health-related quality of life and function after paediatric injuries in India: a longitudinal study

Higher mortality in trauma patients is associated with stress-induced hyperglycemia, but not diabetic hyperglycemia: a cross-sectional analysis based on a propensity-score matching approach

Housing as a determinant of Tongan children's health: innovative methodology using wearable cameras

How can data drive policy and practice in child welfare? Making the link in Canada

How do communities use a participatory public health approach to build resilience? The Los Angeles County Community Disaster Resilience Project

Identification of genetic interaction with risk factors using a time-to-event model

Impact of living alone on depressive symptoms in older Korean widows

Impact of psychosocial environment on young children's emotional and behavioral difficulties

In search of consistent predictors of children's physical activity

Landscapes and human health

Living arrangements and health-related quality of life in Chinese adolescents who migrate from rural to urban schools: mediating effect of social support

Living close to natural outdoor environments in four European cities: adults' contact with the environments and physical activity

Negative peer relationships on piracy behavior: a cross-sectional study of the associations between cyberbullying involvement and digital piracy

Paid sick leave and risks of all-cause and cause-specific mortality among adult workers in the USA

Parents' perceived barriers to accessing sports and recreation facilities in Ontario, Canada: exploring the relationships between income, neighbourhood deprivation, and community

Patient aggression and the wellbeing of nurses: a cross-sectional survey study in psychiatric and non-psychiatric settings

Peer victimization among classmates-associations with students' internalizing problems, self-esteem, and life satisfaction

Physiological and perceptual responses to Nordic walking in a natural mountain environment

Playing chemical plant environmental protection games with historical monitoring data

Predicting child protective services (CPS) involvement among low-income U.S. families with young children receiving nutritional assistance

Prevalence and correlates of physical inactivity during leisure-time and commuting among beneficiaries of government welfare assistance in Poland

Priority of a hesitant fuzzy linguistic preference relation with a normal distribution in meteorological disaster risk assessment

School bullying in urban China: prevalence and correlation with school climate

School leadership and cyberbullying-a multilevel analysis

Self-certified sickness absence among young municipal employees-changes from 2002 to 2016 and occupational class differences

Social hazards as manifested workplace discrimination and health (Vietnamese and Ukrainian female and male migrants in Czechia)

Socioeconomic differences and trends in the place of death among elderly people in China

Tackling complex emergency response solutions evaluation problems in sustainable development by fuzzy group decision making approaches with considering decision hesitancy and prioritization among assessing criteria

The role of the social network in access to psychosocial services for migrant elderly-a qualitative study

The spatiotemporal trend of city parks in Mainland China between 1981 and 2014: implications for the promotion of leisure time physical activity and planning

Toward "age-friendly slums"? Health challenges of older slum dwellers in Nairobi and the applicability of the age-friendly city approach

Trends and comparisons of utilization of emergency departments due to traumatic or non-traumatic causes among the HIV-positive population in Taiwan, 2006-2011

Worsening inequalities in child injury deaths in the WHO European Region

“He's the number one thing in my world": application of the PRECEDE-PROCEED model to explore child car seat use in a regional community in New South Wales