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International journal of environmental research and public health

Journal Volume: 15
Journal Issue: 4
Journal Year: 2018
Articles in SafetyLit: 48

A comparative study of behavior problems among left-behind children, migrant children and local children

A phenotype classification of internet use disorder in a large-scale high-school study

An ecological study on the spatially varying relationship between county-level suicide rates and altitude in the United States

Assessing vulnerability to urban heat: a study of disproportionate heat exposure and access to refuge by socio-demographic status in Portland, Oregon

Association between internet gaming disorder or pathological video-game use and comorbid psychopathology: a comprehensive review

Association of overcrowding and turnover with self-harm in a Swiss pre-trial prison

Black-white differences in housing type and sleep duration as well as sleep difficulties in the United States

Burden and risk factors for cold-related illness and death in New York City

Characterizing depression issues on Sina Weibo

Comment on Cerland, L. et al. Incidence and consequences of near-drowning-related pneumonia-a descriptive series from Martinique, French West Indies. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2017, 14, 1402

Coronial practice, indigeneity and suicide

Cycling for transportation in Sao Paulo City: associations with bike paths, train and subway stations

Determinants of child health behaviors in a disadvantaged area from a community perspective: a participatory needs assessment

Effect of traffic noise and relaxations sounds on pedestrian walking speed

Evaluation of an agricultural meteorological disaster based on multiple criterion decision making and evolutionary algorithm

Evaluation of loss due to storm surge disasters in China based on econometric model groups

Factors related to unemployment in Europe. A cross-sectional study from the COURAGE Survey in Finland, Poland and Spain

From community to meta-community mental health care

Full atrioventricular block secondary to acute poisoning mercury: a case report

Future orientation among students exposed to school bullying and cyberbullying victimization

Hesitant fuzzy linguistic preference utility set and its application in selection of fire rescue plans

Indigenous health and human rights: a reflection on law and culture

Influence of vehicle speed on the characteristics of driver's eye movement at a highway tunnel entrance during day and night conditions: a pilot study

Investigating the effect of personality, internet literacy, and use expectancies in internet-use disorder: a comparative study between China and Germany

Mapping the hidden hazards: community-led spatial data collection of street-level environmental stressors in a degraded, urban watershed

Medical and legal aspects of child sexual abuse: a population-based study in a Hungarian county

Modeling skin injury from hot rice porridge spills

Mortality and morbidity during extreme heat events and prevalence of outdoor work: an analysis of community-level data from Los Angeles County, California

Near-drowning: to be or not to be … is it the question?

Outpatient mental health treatment utilization and military career impact in the United States Marine Corps

Parents' experiences of suicide-bereavement: a qualitative study at 6 and 12 months after loss

Predicting effects of psychological inflexibility/experiential avoidance and stress coping strategies for internet addiction, significant depression, and suicidality in college students: a prospective study

Preventing opioid use disorders among fishing industry workers

Relationship between the manner of mobile phone use and depression, anxiety, and stress in university students

Research priorities in suicide prevention: review of Australian research from 2010⁻2017 highlights continued need for intervention research

Social interventions to prevent heat-related mortality in the older adult in Rome, Italy: a quasi-experimental study

Suicide precipitants differ across the lifespan but are not significant in predicting medically severe attempts

Support needs and experiences of people bereaved by suicide: qualitative findings from a cross-sectional british study of bereaved young adults

The cost of youth suicide in Australia

The effect of leisure activity diversity and exercise time on the prevention of depression in the middle-aged and elderly residents of Taiwan

The function of personality in suicidal ideation from the perspective of the interpersonal-psychological theory of suicide

The impact of caller gender on telephone crisis-helpline workers' interpretation of suicidality in caller vignettes

The impact of coworkers' safety violations on an individual worker: a social contagion effect within the construction crew

The impact of suicide bereavement on educational and occupational functioning: a qualitative study of 460 bereaved adults

The relationship between sleep time and mental health problems according to the strengths and difficulties questionnaire in children after an earthquake disaster: the Fukushima Health Management Survey

Thematic analysis of medical notes offers preliminary insight into precipitants for Asian suicide attempters: an exploratory study

Trauma and depression among North Korean refugees: the mediating effect of negative cognition

Understanding outdoor gyms in public open spaces: a systematic review and integrative synthesis of qualitative and quantitative evidence