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Conference proceedings - IEEE engineering in medicine and biology society

Journal Volume: 2011
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2011
Articles in SafetyLit: 35

A method to simulate motor control strategies to recover from perturbations: Application to a stumble recovery during gait

An instrumented sit-to-stand test used to examine differences between older fallers and non-fallers

Assessing disease and wellness in the occupational setting: Electrodiagnostic functional assessment from wired to wireless

Assessment and follow-up of muscle injuries in athletes by bioimpedance: preliminary results

Assessment of piano-related injuries using infrared imaging

Associating ECG features with firefighter's activities

Body-worn sensor based surrogates of minimum ground clearance in elderly fallers and controls

Classification between non-multiple fallers and multiple fallers using a triaxial accelerometry-based system

Clinical gait assessment of older adults using open platform tools

Continuous remote vital sign/environment monitoring for returning soldier adjustment assessment

Design of an unobtrusive wireless sensor network for nighttime falls detection

Development of a platform to combine sensor networks and home robots to improve fall detection in the home environment

Direction sensitive fall detection using a triaxial accelerometer and a barometric pressure sensor

Disturbance road adaptive driving control of power-assisted wheelchair using fuzzy inference

Effect of transcranial direct current stimulation on cortico-muscular coherence and standing postural steadiness

Estimation of mental workload using saccadic eye movements in a free-viewing task

Event detection in an assisted living environment

Fall algorithm development using kinematic parameters measured from simulated falls performed in a quasi-realistic environment using accelerometry

Fall detection algorithm for the elderly using acceleration sensors on the shoes

Foot worn inertial sensors for gait assessment and rehabilitation based on motorized shoes

Gait analysis with multiple depth cameras

Gait assessment in Parkinson's disease patients through a network of wearable accelerometers in unsupervised environments

Human thermoregulatory system state estimation using non-invasive physiological sensors

Improving acoustic fall recognition by adaptive signal windowing

Incorporating virtual reality graphics with brain imaging for assessment of sport-related concussions

Indoor localization using pedestrian dead reckoning updated with RFID-based fiducials

Mechanisms and models of postural stability and control

Optimum gravity vector and vertical acceleration estimation using a tri-axial accelerometer for falls and normal activities

Quantitative analysis of 180 degree turns for fall risk assessment using video sensors

Reliability of quantitative TUG measures of mobility for use in falls risk assessment

Scalable patients tracking framework for mass casualty incidents

Statistical data mining of streaming motion data for fall detection in assistive environments

Towards a single sensor passive solution for automated fall detection

Ventricular fibrillation risk estimation for conducted electrical weapons: Critical convolutions

Wearable systems with minimal set-up for monitoring and training of balance and mobility