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Conference proceedings - IEEE engineering in medicine and biology society

Journal Volume: 2018
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2018
Articles in SafetyLit: 30

A new method to prevent unintentional child poisoning

A new smart balance rehabilitation system technology platform: development and preliminary assessment of the Smarter Balance System for home-based balance rehabilitation for individuals with Parkinson’s disease

A sensor fusion approach for inertial sensors based 3D kinematics and pathological gait assessments: toward an adaptive control of stimulation in post-stroke subjects

Assessment of attention demand for balance control using a smartphone: implementation and evaluation

Change Detection of Sleeping Conditions based on Multipoint Ambient Sensing of Comforter on Bed

Comparison of accelerometry-based features for fall risk assessment measured from two sensor locations

Daytime sleepiness affects gait auditory synchronization ability

Eigen posture based fall risk assessment system using Kinect

Electrical weapon charge delivery with arcing

Empirical based modeling for the assessment of dynamic knee stability: implications for anterior cruciate ligament injury risk

Eye movements of patients with MCI against wrong-way driving countermeasures

HOLOBALANCE: an Augmented Reality virtual trainer solution forbalance training and fall prevention

Human-machine interaction assessment by neurophysiological measures: a study on professional air traffic controllers

Identification of Parkinson's disease utilizing a single self-recorded 20-step walking test acquired by smartphone's inertial measurement unit

Interference of visual conditions and stance postures on center of pressure sway in patients with schizophrenia with history of fall

Mahalanobis outier removal for improving the non-viable detection on human injuries

Mental fatigue estimation using EEG in a vigilance task and resting states

Merging of classifiers for enhancing viable vs non-viable tissue discrimination on human injuries

Mobile fall risk assessment solution for daily-life settings

Postural balance performance of children with ADHD, with and without medication: a quantitative approach

Pre-impact alarm system for fall detection using MEMS sensors and HMM-based SVM classifier

Predicting walking intentions using sEMG and Mechanical sensors for various environment

Rapid anxiety and depression diagnosis in young children enabled by wearable sensors and machine learning

Real-time action recognition and fall detection based on smartphone

Source connectivity analysis can assess recovery of acute mild traumatic brain injury patients

The impact of freezing of gait on balance perception and mobility in community-living with Parkinson's disease

Time-series prediction of proximal aggression onset in minimally-verbal youth with autism spectrum disorder using physiological biosignals

Transfer learning approach for fall detection with the FARSEEING real-world dataset and simulated falls

Use of average vertical velocity and difference in altitude for improving automatic fall detection from trunk based inertial and barometric pressure measurements

Using machine learning algorithms to enhance the management of suicide ideation