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PLoS one

Journal Volume: 13
Journal Issue: 11
Journal Year: 2018
Articles in SafetyLit: 32

Analysis of healthcare service utilization after transport-related injuries by a mixture of hidden Markov models

Antenatal depressive symptoms and adverse birth outcomes in Hanoi, Vietnam

Childhood sexual abuse among Black men who have sex with men: a cornerstone of a syndemic?

Correction: On the internal reaction forces, energy absorption, and fracture in the hip during simulated sideways fall impact

Depressive symptoms and suicidal behaviours in adolescent non-daily smokers compared to daily smokers and never-smokers in Korea: national cross-sectional study

Differences in alcohol consumption and drinking patterns in Ghanaians in Europe and Africa: the RODAM Study

Does sex education before college protect students from sexual assault in college?

Emotional violence exerted by intimate partners and postnatal depressive symptoms among women in Vietnam: A prospective cohort study

Factors in healthcare violence in care of pregnancy termination cases: a case study

Frailty Index associates with GRIN2B in two representative samples from the United States and the United Kingdom

Gender disparities in depression severity and coping among people living with HIV/AIDS in Kolkata, India

Gender, power, and violence: a systematic review of measures and their association with male perpetration of IPV

Injury prevalence and safety habits of boda boda drivers in Moshi, Tanzania: a mixed methods study

Magnitude and correlates of intimate partner violence against female garment workers from selected factories in Bangladesh

Measuring health of highway network configuration against dynamic Origin-Destination demand network using weighted complex network analysis

Morbidity burden and community-based palliative care are associated with rates of hospital use by people with schizophrenia in the last year of life: a population-based matched cohort study

Mortality prediction in patients with isolated moderate and severe traumatic brain injury using machine learning models

Offending behaviour, health and wellbeing of military veterans in the criminal justice system

Online interest regarding violent attacks, gun control, and gun purchase: a causal analysis

Osteoporosis and dry eye syndrome: a previously unappreciated association that may alert active prevention of fall

Predictors of alcohol consumption among in-school adolescents in the Central Region of Ghana: a baseline information for developing cognitive-behavioural interventions

Psychological advocacy towards healing (PATH): a randomized controlled trial of a psychological intervention in a domestic violence service setting

Real-world unexpected outcomes predict city-level mood states and risk-taking behavior

Relationship of resilience, anxiety and injuries in footballers: structural equations analysis

Risk of post-discharge fall-related injuries among adult patients with syncope: a nationwide cohort study

Temporal understanding of human mobility: a multi-time scale analysis

The #chatsafe project. Developing guidelines to help young people communicate safely about suicide on social media: A Delphi study

The beginning of the end: a qualitative study of falls among HIV+ individuals

The pathways between female garment workers' experience of violence and development of depressive symptoms

The unequal vulnerability of communities of color to wildfire

Women's experiences of a randomised controlled trial of a specialist psychological advocacy intervention following domestic violence: a nested qualitative study

Workplace violence by specialty among Peruvian medical residents