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Aggressive behavior

Year: 2019
Articles in SafetyLit: 20

Adolescent boys' physical fighting and adult life outcomes: examining the interplay with intelligence

Adolescent sexual aggressiveness and pornography use: a longitudinal assessment

Association between substance use disorders and self- and other-directed aggression: an integrated model approach

Associations between violence, criminality, and cognitive control deficits among young men living in low resource communities in South Africa

Child-related attributions of hostile intent and harsh discipline: moderating effects of anger

Cyberbullying, cyber aggression, and cyber victimization in relation to adolescents' dating and sexual behavior: an evolutionary perspective

Effects of cooperative learning on peer relations, empathy, and bullying in middle school

Emotion regulation mediates relationships between mindfulness facets and aggression dimensions

Evidence for indirect loss of significance effects on violent extremism: the potential mediating role of anomia

Linkages between violence-associated attitudes and psychological, physical, and sexual dating abuse perpetration and victimization among male and female adolescents

Mindfulness, impulsivity, and moral disengagement as parameters of bullying and victimization at school

Neighborhood violent crime and adolescent relationship aggression

Parental media monitoring, prosocial violent media exposure, and adolescents' prosocial and aggressive behaviors

Physical aggression toward teachers: Antecedents, behaviors, and consequences

Social relations and presence of others predict bystander intervention: evidence from violent incidents captured on CCTV

The contagious impact of playing violent video games on aggression: longitudinal evidence

The effects of violent video games and shyness on individuals' aggressive behaviors

The longitudinal association between social status insecurity and relational aggression: moderation effects of social cognition about relational aggression

Violent video games exposure and aggression: the role of moral disengagement, anger, hostility, and disinhibition

Who is more violent in extremist groups? A comparison of leaders and followers