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Drug and alcohol review

Year: 2020
Articles in SafetyLit: 40

'Extreme personal stress' and 'a lot of pain': exploring the physical, mental and social contexts of extramedical pharmaceutical opioid use in Australian paramedic case descriptions

A comparison of global and egocentric network approaches for assessing peer alcohol use among college students in the United States

A trial of Criminal Infringement Notices as an alternative to criminal penalties for illicit drug offences in New South Wales, Australia: estimated savings

Alcohol control policies and mortality trends in Belarus

Alcohol control policies in Former Soviet Union countries: a narrative review of three decades of policy changes and their apparent effects

Alcohol industry arguments for putting profit before health in the midst of a pandemic: the Western Australian experience

Alcohol use and injury risk in Thailand: a case-crossover emergency department study

Alcohol-attributed disease burden in four Nordic countries between 2000 and 2017: Are the gender gaps narrowing? A comparison using the Global Burden of Disease, Injury and Risk Factor 2017 study

Are changes in binge drinking among European adolescents driven by changes in computer gaming?

Are the well-off youth in Sweden more likely to use cannabis?

Availability, retail price and potency of legal and illegal cannabis in Canada after recreational cannabis legalisation

Childhood social environmental and behavioural predictors of early adolescent onset cannabis use

Combining transdermal and breath alcohol assessments, real-time drink logs and retrospective self-reports to measure alcohol consumption and intoxication across a multi-day music festival

Construction workers' alcohol use, knowledge, perceptions of risk and workplace norms

Contrasts in alcohol-related mortality in Czechia and Lithuania: analysis of time trends and educational differences

Decline in adolescent drinking: some possible explanations

Drinking contexts and their association with acute alcohol-related harm: a systematic review of event-level studies on adults' drinking occasions

Facing the option for the legalisation of cannabis use and supply in New Zealand: an overview of relevant evidence, options and considerations

Feasibility and acceptability of take-home naloxone for people released from prison in New South Wales, Australia

Feasibility and reliability of continuously monitoring alcohol use among female adolescents and young adults

Harmful drinking occurs in private homes in some high- and middle-income alcohol markets: data from the International Alcohol Control Study

How many more young Australians say that they would use cannabis if it were legal?

Impacts of confounding roadway characteristics on estimates of associations between alcohol outlet densities and alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes

Less adolescent alcohol and cannabis use: more deviant user groups?

Medical cannabis and cognitive performance in middle to old adults treated for chronic pain

Night-time is the right time? Late-night drinking and assaults in Finnish public and private settings

Normalisation of non-drinking? 15-16-year-olds' accounts of refraining from alcohol

On- and off-licensed premises drinking behaviour among adults in the city of Tshwane, South Africa: an analysis of data from the International Alcohol Control study

Online alcohol delivery is associated with heavier drinking during the first New Zealand COVID-19 pandemic restrictions

Prevalence of drink-driving in Thimphu, Bhutan: targeted surveillance at sentinel sites

Shooting shots: estimating alcoholic drink sizes in real life using event-level reports and annotations of close-up pictures

The elusiveness of representativeness in general population surveys for alcohol

The future of alcohol surveys: between the devil and the deep blue sea

The influence of child maltreatment on substance or alcohol use in 30-year-old adults: a birth cohort study

The link between per capita alcohol consumption and alcohol-related harm in educational groups

The potential effects of autonomous vehicles on alcohol consumption and drink-driving behaviours

The prospective impact of 10-day patron bans on crime in Queensland's largest entertainment precincts

The value of identification scanner technology in monitoring and detecting banned patrons in entertainment precincts

Use as directed: do standard drink labels on alcohol containers help consumers drink (ir)responsibly? Real-world evidence from a quasi-experimental study in Yukon, Canada

What is the best indicator of the harmful use of alcohol? A narrative review