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Journal of interpersonal violence

Year: 2020
Articles in SafetyLit: 570

"A slap of love": a way of showing love and resolving conflict among young people in South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo

"And I let it all out": survivors' sibling sexual abuse disclosures

"At least I didn't get raped": a qualitative exploration of IPV and reproductive coercion among adolescent girls seeking family planning in Mexico

"Brothers in arms": secondary traumatization and sibling relationship quality among siblings of combat veterans

"Business as usual": child protective services workers' perceptions and experiences of and responses to client-perpetrated violence

"He who spareth the rod hateth his son": perceptions regarding corporal punishment among ultra-Orthodox Jewish fathers in Israel

"Hitting as light as feathers": religious leaders' voices on domestic violence

"I did it to save my children": parenting strengths and fears of women exposed to intimate partner violence

"I didn't really have anybody to turn to": barriers to social support and the experiences of male perpetrators of intimate partner violence

"I have guys call me and say 'I can't be the victim of domestic abuse'": exploring the experiences of telephone support providers for male victims of domestic violence and abuse

"I have since repented": discursive analysis of the role of religion in husband-to-wife abuse in Ghana

"I want my mum to know that I am a good guy …": a thematic analysis of the accounts of adolescents who exhibit child-to-parent violence in the United Kingdom

"I went into this as one person, and then came out a totally different person": LGBTQ2S+ native young adults' conceptions of trauma

"I'm more open to talking about it": women's experiences with sexual abuse and reproductive health

"If it hadn't been online I don't think I would have applied": applicant experiences of an online family violence intervention order process

"If only I could have stopped it": reflections of adult child sexual abuse survivors on their responses during the abuse

"If you report your dad, how are you going to survive": health practitioner perspectives on quality of care for survivors of sexual violence and the challenge of family interference

"It will ruin his career": does violence against women really damage the careers of NBA players?

"It's complicated because we're only sixteen": a framework for understanding childhood sexual abuse disclosures to peers

"It's not a great boulder, it's just a piece of baggage": older women's reflections on healing from childhood sexual abuse

"Just bring us the real ones": the role of forensic crime laboratories in guarding the gateway to justice for sexual assault victims

"Prevention alone is not enough:" stakeholders' perspectives about school-based child sexual abuse (CSA) prevention programs and CSA research in China

"So why should I call them?": survivor support service characteristics as drivers of help-seeking in India

"The only way we'll be successful": organizational factors that influence psychosocial well-being and self-care among advocates working to address gender-based violence

"This society ignores our victimization": understanding the experiences of Korean male victims of intimate partner violence

"Two hours on a Sunday": fatherhood following an intimate partner violence incident-a theory of excision

"Walking on eggshells:" a qualitative study of how friends of young women experiencing intimate partner violence perceive their role

"When her visa expired, the family refused to renew it," intersections of human trafficking and domestic violence: qualitative document analysis of case examples from a major Midwest city

"Who would sexually assault an 80-year-old woman?" Barriers to exploring and exposing sexual assault against women in late life

"Words aren't supposed to hurt, but they do": sexual and gender minority youth's bullying experiences

"Would you allow your wife to dress in a miniskirt to the party"? Batterers do not activate default mode network during moral decisions about intimate partner violence

"Yes, my uncle, I'll do whatever you say": experiences of Israeli Muslim Arab children during forensic interviews following child sexual abuse

"You should have known better": the social ramifications of victimization-focused sexual assault prevention tips

"You want to catch the biggest thing going in the ocean": a qualitative analysis of intimate partner stalking

#Me(n)Too? Online social support toward male and female survivors of sexual victimization

A combined behavioral economics and cognitive behavioral therapy intervention to reduce alcohol use and intimate partner violence among couples in Bengaluru, India: results of a pilot study

A demographic profile of mothers and their children who are victims of family and domestic violence: using linked police and hospital admissions data

A longitudinal test of the mediational role of delinquent peer association on the link between psychopathy and offending

A mediated tolerance of violence: an analysis of online newspaper articles and "below-the-line" comments in the Latvian media

A mixed-method process evaluation of an intervention to improve social reactions to disclosures of sexual assault and partner abuse

A multicountry study of the violence-related risk factors for early sexual debut and risky sexual behavior in adolescents

A new scale of readiness for health care students to encounter partner abuse

A phenomenological analysis of adoption of coping strategies among survivors of acid violence in Pakistan

A pilot evaluation of an intervention to improve social reactions to sexual and partner violence disclosures

A population-based analysis of interpersonal trauma, psychosis, and suicide: evidence, pathways, and implications

A qualitative account of children's perspectives and responses to intimate partner violence in Chile

A qualitative examination of how somali young adults think about and understand violence in their communities

A qualitative exploration of practitioners' understanding of and response to child-to-parent aggression

A qualitative study of children's accounts of cruelty to animals: uncovering the roles of trauma, exposure to violence, and attachment

A qualitative study of intimate partner violence among young gay and bisexual men

A qualitative study of intimate partner violence and employment instability

A qualitative study on the establishment of an interpersonal violence registry system in Iran

A qualitative study: emotional damage to police victims in China

A social-cognitive investigation of young adults who abuse their parents

A socio-ecological framework for understanding workplace violence in China's health sector: a qualitative analysis of health workers' responses to an open-ended survey question

A survey study of spiritual change and related factors among the surviving loved ones of homicide victims

Academic safety planning: intervening to improve the educational outcomes of collegiate survivors of interpersonal violence

Accounting for multiple nonfatal strangulation in intimate partner violence risk assessment

Adverse childhood experiences and adolescent exposure to violence

Aggregate-level lead exposure and child maltreatment

Alcohol misuse and women's use of aggression in intimate relationships: the mediating role of motivations for using aggression

Alcohol-involved family and domestic violence reported to police in Australia

An analysis of romantic partnership dynamics in domestic minor sex trafficking case files

An assessment of officer-involved shooting data transparency in the United States

An examination of dating violence among college student-athletes

An exploration of the involuntary celibate (InCel) subculture online

An inherently masculine practice: understanding the sexual victimization of queer women

Antenatal-based pilot psychosocial intervention to enhance mental health of pregnant women experiencing domestic and family violence in Nepal

Apostates as a hidden population of abuse victims

Applying an ecological framework to factors associated with non-spousal sexual assault among women in Canada

Applying socioecological framework to acid attack violence: an exploration of inhabitant factors

Appraisal and coping link sexual victimization history to emotional experience: a multilevel daily diary study

Are children with a number of disabilities and long-term illnesses at increased risk of mental violence, disciplinary violence, and serious violence?

Are college students' attitudes related to their application of sanctions for campus sexual assault cases?

Assessing demographics-based differences in attitude toward honor killings

Association between overt and subtle experiences of discrimination and violence and mental health in homosexual and bisexual men in Mexico

Association between registered sex offender status and risk of housing instability and homelessness among veterans

Association of teen dating aggression with risk behavior and academic adjustment

Associations between endorsement of inequitable gender norms and intimate partner violence and sexual risk behaviors among youth in Nigeria: Violence Against Children Survey, 2014

Associations between interpersonal violence, psychological distress, and suicidal ideation among formerly incarcerated men and women

Associations between sexual violence and women's sexual attitudes, sexual self-consciousness, and sexual self-efficacy

Associations between teacher- and student-directed sexual and physical violence in physical education

Associations of alcohol consumption, sexual assault history, severity, and revictimization with college women's bystander behaviors in alcohol-involved settings

Attachment anxiety, rape myth acceptance, and sexual compliance

Attachment as a moderator in the relation between child maltreatment and symptoms of depression

Attempted suicide among adolescents in military families: the mediating role of adverse childhood experiences

Attitudes about intimate partner violence and alcohol consumption

Attitudes toward men and rejection of rape myths: the impact on survivor rape acknowledgment

Attitudes toward wife beating among female and male adolescents in jordan

Authentic empathy and the role of victim service providers in (de)stigmatizing male sexual victimization

Betrayal trauma and gender: an examination of the victim-offender overlap

Beyond cyberbullying: investigating when and how cybervictimization predicts suicidal ideation

Beyond the role of interpersonal violence in predicting negative affective conditions in adults: an examination of hope components in Chinese college students

Beyond trauma exposure: discrimination and posttraumatic stress, internalizing, and externalizing problems among detained youth

Bidirectional violence is associated with poor engagement in HIV care and treatment in Malawian couples

Blame attributions against heterosexual male victims of sexual coercion: effects of gender, social influence, and perceptions of distress

Bride price payment and justification of sexual violence among women in Ghana

Bullying in old age: a qualitative study on older adults' perceptions about being bullied

Bullying victimization profiles of school-aged adolescents and associations with weight statuses: a latent class analysis

Bullying victimization, coping strategies, and depression of children of China

But, who is the victim here? Exploring judgments toward hypothetical bidirectional domestic violence scenarios

Bystander intervention behavior as function of victimization history, opportunity, and situational context

Campus sexual violence victims with disabilities: disclosure and help seeking

Can emotion dysregulation explain the association between attachment insecurities and teen dating violence perpetration?

Challenges of seeking reproductive health care in people experiencing intimate partner violence

Changing cognitive risk factors for sexual aggression: risky sexual scripts, low sexual self-esteem, perception of pornography, and acceptance of sexual coercion

Characteristics and impacts of sexual violence against men and boys in conflict and displacement: a multicountry exploratory study

Characteristics associated with being asked about violence victimization in health care: a Swedish random population study

Characteristics of childhood family violence experiences in Spanish batterers

Child maltreatment and quality of life among urban Chinese children

Child psychiatric patients exposed to intimate partner violence and/or abuse: the impact of double exposure

Child safety matters: randomized control trial of a school-based, child victimization prevention curriculum

Child sexual abuse and the complexities of gender, power, and sexuality

Childhood abuse and adult sociocognitive skills: distinguishing between self and other following early trauma

Childhood abuse classes for incarcerated men and women: are there unique gender patterns in abuse classes?

Childhood emotional abuse and depression among adolescents: roles of deviant peer affiliation and gender

Childhood environmental instability and social-emotional outcomes in emerging adults

Childhood maltreatment and adolescent cyberbullying perpetration: a moderated mediation model of callous-unemotional traits and perceived social support

Childhood maltreatment and anhedonic symptoms: test of a dual-risk model in emerging adults

Childhood maltreatment and narcissism: the mediating role of dissociation

Childhood maltreatment, automatic negative thoughts, and resilience: the protective roles of culture and genes

Childhood maltreatment: experiences and perceptions among Chinese young people

Childhood neglect history, depressive symptoms, and intimate partner violence perpetration by college students

Childhood sexual abuse and coping as young adults: the roles of attachment and mattering

Children's disclosures of physical abuse in a population-based sample

Chinese university students' attitudes toward rape myth acceptance: the role of gender, sexual stereotypes, and adversarial sexual beliefs

Chipped or whole? Listening to survivors' experiences with disclosure following sexual violence

Chronic diseases, health conditions, and other impacts associated with rape victimization of U.S. women

Client retention in community treatment: completer and noncompleter experiences of an individualized, needs-based partner abuse intervention program

Cluster B personality traits and psychological intimate partner violence: considering the mediational role of alcohol

Co-occurring threats to agency among female sex workers in Baltimore, Maryland

College students' perceptions of concurrent/successive nonverbal behaviors as sexual consent

College students' perceptions of intimate partner violence: the effects of type of abuse and perpetrator gender

Combining group-based interventions for intimate partner violence perpetrators with comorbid substance use: an Australian study of cross-sector practitioner views

Come out, get out: relations among sexual minority identification, microaggressions, and retention in higher education

Community violence exposure and adolescent pregnancy in Chicago

Compassion-focused therapy: proof of concept trial on suicidal ideation and cognitive distortions in female survivors of intimate partner violence with PTSD

Complex relationship between daily partner violence and alcohol use among violent heterosexual men

Complexities of the police response to intimate partner violence: police officers' perspectives on the challenges of keeping families safe

Context, types, and consequences of violence across the life course: a qualitative study of the lived experiences of transgender women living with HIV

Control balance, personality traits, attachment, and communication styles: associated with stalking

Coping strategies adopted by women who experienced intimate partner violence in the context of social norms in rural areas in Zimbabwe

Correlates of fear of victimization among college students in Spain: gender differences and similarities

Corrigendum to suicidality among transgender youth: elucidating the role of interpersonal risk factors

Corrigendum to Violence against Kuwaiti women

Crime and violence in older adults: findings from the 2002 to 2017 National Survey on Drug Use and Health

Crimes against women in India: a district-level analysis (1991-2011)

Crimes against women: from violence to homicide

Cross-cultural validity of the reactive-proactive aggression questionnaire among adults across five countries

Crossing boundaries and fetishization: experiences of sexual violence for trans women of color

Cumulative violence exposure and alcohol use among college students: adverse childhood experiences and dating violence

Cyber sextortion: an exploratory analysis of different perpetrators engaging in a similar crime

Cyberstalking victimization: an empirical assessment of RAT among female Iranian college students

Dating violence experiences among youths with same-gender and multi-gender dating partners: a dyadic concordance type approach

Defining justice: restorative and retributive justice goals among intimate partner violence survivors

Determinants of gender-based violence against women in Spain: an asymmetric Bayesian model

Determining the existence and strength of teen dating violence policy: testing a comparative state internal determinants model

Developing an inclusive conceptual model for preventing violence in the home in humanitarian settings: qualitative findings from Myanmar and the Democratic Republic of Congo

Development and validation of lost days of labor productivity scale to evaluate the business cost of intimate partner violence

Development and validation of the Drama Triangle Scale: are you a victim, rescuer, or persecutor?

Developmental cascades of preschoolers' effortful control, externalizing behaviors, and parental corporal punishment in China

Developmental moderators of a single-session incremental theory of personality intervention on aggressive behavior

Differences in executive functions in minors suffering physical abuse and neglect

Differences in women's substance-related sexual assaults: force, impairment, and combined assault types

Differentiating perpetrators of intimate partner violence from other violent offenders using a statistical learning model: the role of cognition and life history variables

Difficulties in emotion regulation and cyberbullying among Chinese adolescents: a mediation model of loneliness and depression

Digital dating abuse among a national sample of U.S. youth

Directionality of dating violence among high school youth: rates and correlates by gender and sexual orientation

Discriminant function analyses: classifying drugs/violence victimization typologies among incarcerated rural women

Distress tolerance and emotion regulation as potential mediators between secondary traumatic stress and maladaptive coping

Do depression and binge drinking explain the increased risk of sexual violence among sexual minority middle and high school girls?

Do high-risk parents use more aggression during competitive play with children?

Do recent experiences of sexual violence and co-occurring depression and anxiety symptoms predict poorer functioning one year later during the transition to young adulthood?

Do sexual minorities face greater risk for sexual harassment, ever and at school, in adolescence? Findings from a 2019 cross-sectional study of U.S. adults

Do trajectories of sensation seeking vary by sex and child maltreatment subtypes?

Do you believe your partner is capable of killing you? An examination of female IPV survivors' perceptions of fatality risk indicators

Does cyber dating abuse victimization increase depressive symptoms or vice versa?

Does self-control predict crime, delinquency, and victimization in immigrants? A longitudinal analysis

Does Stockholm syndrome exist in Lebanon? Results of a cross-sectional study considering the factors associated with violence against women in a Lebanese representative sample

Domestic minor sex trafficking: a case series of male pediatric patients

Domestic violence and sterilization skew in India: an instrumental variable analysis

Domestic violence interventions in social and health care settings: challenges of temporary projects and short-term solutions

Driving factors and actions taken by women to confront violence: qualitative research based on art

Dual-system involvement: exploring the overlap between domestic and family violence and child maltreatment perpetration

Economic abuse: a subtle but common form of power and control

Economic costs of violence against women in Mozambique

Economic empowerment and tolerance of domestic violence among married women: a cross-sectional study

Effect of social exclusion on social maladjustment among Chinese adolescents: a moderated mediation model of group identification and parent-child cohesion

Effects of angry rumination and distraction in intimate partner violent men

Effects of parental attitudes toward spousal violence on early childhood development and learning support among Ghanaian children

Elder abuse and depressive symptoms: which is cause and effect? Bidirectional longitudinal studies from the JAGES

Emotion dysregulation as a moderator of the association between relationship dependency and female-perpetrated dating aggression

Emotional responses to a sexual assault threat: a qualitative analysis among women with histories of sexual victimization

Empathy is not enough: the inhibiting effects of rape myth acceptance on the relation between empathy and bystander intervention

Empowering chinese college students to prevent sexual assault in post-MeToo era: an empirical study of the bystander intervention approach

Empowerment or threat: perceptions of childhood sexual abuse in the #MeToo Era

Encouraging Asian immigrant women to disclose intimate partner violence in primary care settings

Erratum to Workplace bullying, emotional exhaustion, and partner social undermining: a weekly diary study

Estimating from the payer perspective the implementation cost of Dating Matters®: a comprehensive teen dating violence prevention model

Estimating the relationship between perceived stigma and victimization of people with mental illness

Ethnic economic inequality and fatalities from terrorism

Evaluating the effectiveness of I-NEED program: improving nurses' detection and management of elder abuse and neglect-a 6-month prospective study

Evaluative attitudes may explain the link between injunctive norms and sexual aggression

Examining factors associated with stalking-related fears among men and women stalked by male and female acquaintances

Examining faculty-to-student consensual sexual relationship policies on campus: have there been changes in the era of #MeToo

Examining men's experiences of abuse from a female intimate partner in four English-speaking countries

Examining spatial variability in the association between male partner alcohol misuse and intimate partner violence against women in Ghana: a GWR analysis

Examining the factors associated with sexual violence against women in Sierra Leone: a nationwide cross-sectional study

Examining the impact of sexual revictimization in a sample of veterans undergoing intensive PTSD treatment

Examining the relationship between victimization, psychopathy, and the acceptance of rape myths

Examining the relationships between childhood exposure to intimate partner violence, the dark tetrad of personality, and violence perpetration in adulthood

Examining why age-disparate relationships influence unsafe sex postpartum among South African women: relationship control and physical partner violence as explanatory mechanisms

Expanding our view: demographic, behavioral, and contextual factors in college sexual victimization

Experience-based perception of vulnerability factors to child sexual abuse by health care professionals in Nigeria: a qualitative approach

Experiences and correlates of violence Among American Indian and Alaska Native youth: a brief report

Experiences and perpetration of recent intimate partner violence among women and men living in an informal settlement in Nairobi, Kenya: a secondary data analysis

Experiences of abused Muslim women with the Australian criminal justice system

Experiences of divorced women subject to domestic violence in Turkey

Experiencing intimate partner violence (IPV) is associated with psychosocial health problems among gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (GBMSM) in Nigeria, Africa

Experiential avoidance and post-traumatic stress symptoms among child abuse counselors and service workers: a brief report

Explaining animal abuse among adolescents: the role of speciesism

Exploration and comparison of contextual characteristics and mistreatment prevalence among older American Indian and Alaska Native Respondents: secondary analysis of the National Elder Mistreatment Study

Exploring cold case homicide survivors' perceptions of and relationships with law enforcement

Exploring differences in the experiences, perceptions and reporting of violent incidents in Australia by country of birth

Exploring mental health professionals' experiences of intimate partner violence-related training: results from a global survey

Exploring social media rumination: associations with bullying, cyberbullying, and distress

Exploring the impact of informal rape myth education in a nonstudent sample

Exploring the relationship between participation in an adult-women's soccer league and intimate partner violence in rural Kenya

Exploring whether talking with parents, siblings, and friends moderates the association between peer victimization and adverse psychosocial outcomes

Exposure to bullying behaviors at work and depressive tendencies: the moderating role of victimization from bullying during adolescence

Exposure to family violence, peer attachment, and adolescent-to-parent violence

Exposure to parental aggression and the development of psychopathology in young children: the mediating role of early dissociative symptoms

Exposure to potentially traumatic events, posttraumatic stress symptoms, pain catastrophizing, and functional somatic symptoms among individuals with varied somatic symptoms: a moderated mediation model

Facilitators to engagement in a mother-child therapeutic intervention following intimate partner violence

Factors associated with domestic violence in rural Bangladesh

Factors associated with law enforcement reporting in patients presenting for medical forensic examinations

Factors promoting posttraumatic growth in sexual minority adults following adolescent bullying experiences

Factors that protect children from community violence: applying the INSPIRE model to a sample of South African children

Family bullying in childhood: consequences for young adults

Family violence associated with self-rated health, satisfaction with life, and health service use in primary care older adults

Fear for all women

Female same-sex bidirectional intimate partner violence in China

Fluid intelligence moderates the link between psychopathy and aggression differently for men and women

Foreign object insertion in sexual homicide: a new perspective

Freedom of movement and adolescent sexual violence in India

From isolation to connection: the practices and promise of open domestic violence shelters

From necropraxis to necroresistance: transgender experiences in Latin America

From the mother to the child: the intergenerational transmission of experiences of violence in mother-child dyads exposed to intimate partner violence in Cameroon

Future directions in intimate partner violence research: an intersectionality framework for analyzing women's processes of leaving abusive relationships

Gang members, gang affiliates, and violent men: perpetration of social harms, violence-related beliefs, victim types, and locations

Gay, bisexual, and queer men's attitudes and understandings of intimate partner violence and sexual assault

Gender differences in the motivations for the use of sanctions in conflicts within Muslim and Jewish couples

Gender differences in the personality correlates of reactive and proactive aggression in a Spanish sample of young adults

Gender differences in the relationship between sexual activity and dating violence: the role of satisfaction, jealousy, and self-control

Gender interaction effects on reporting assaults to the police

Gender-based structural stigma and intimate partner violence across 28 countries: a population-based study of women across sexual orientation, immigration status, and socioeconomic status

Gender-based violence and factors associated with victimization among female entertainment workers in Cambodia: a cross-sectional study

Gender-equitable attitudes, rape myth acceptance, and perceived peer acceptance of violence among high school students: an examination of gender and athletic involvement

Group-based compassion-focused therapy on experiential avoidance, meaning-in-life, and sense of coherence in female survivors of intimate partner violence with PTSD: a randomized controlled trial

Health and service-related impact of sexual and stalking victimization during United States military service on LGBT service members

Helpful and hurtful empathy: how the interplay of empathy, shame, and anger predicts responses to hypothetical rape disclosures

High prevalence of sexual assault victimization experiences among university fraternity men

How adolescents, mothers, and fathers qualitatively describe their experiences of co-occurrent problems: intimate partner violence, mental health, and substance use

How do service employees manage violence? The impact of community violence on women's emotional demand in the public sector of Ethiopia

How valid is the question of fear of a partner in identifying intimate partner abuse? A cross-sectional analysis of four studies

How women on probation and parole incorporate trauma into their identities

I don't have power, and I want more: psychological, physical, and sexual dating violence perpetration among college students

I ruminate therefore I violate: the tainted love of anxiously attached and jealous partners

Identification with the aggressor and inward and outward aggression in abuse survivors

Identifying invalid responders in a campus climate survey: types, impact on data, and best indicators

Identifying nonphysical intimate partner violence in relationships: the role of beliefs and schemas

Ignorance is not bliss: a U.K. study of sexual and domestic abuse awareness on campus, and correlations with confidence and positive action in a bystander program

Image-based abuse: debate and reflections on the "Iveco case" in Spain on Twitter

Improving risk communication: developing risk ratios for the VRAG-R

Indicators of criminal justification or repentance in a qualitative analysis of inmates autobiographical criminal self-narratives

Inmate-on-inmate prison violence in Chile: the importance of the institutional context and proper supervision

Integrating dehumanization and attachment in the prediction of teen dating violence perpetration

Integrating individual risk and social exposure to violence: a multilevel victimization perspective

Intergenerational continuity in child maltreatment: explicating underlying mechanisms

Intergenerational continuity of intimate partner violence perpetration: an investigation of possible mechanisms

Interparental violence and early adolescents' adjustment problems in China: testing a moderated mediation model of parental warmth and emotional insecurity

Interpersonal and affective facets and items of the Psychopathy Checklist-Revised (PCL-R) in predicting child sex offending

Interpersonal trauma and suicide ideation: the indirect effects of depressive symptoms, thwarted belongingness, and perceived burden

Interpersonal violence and psychological well-being: perspectives of low-income patients, social workers, and medical doctors in Mexico City, Mexico

Interrelationship of posttraumatic stress, hassles, uplifts, and coping in women with a history of severe sexual abuse: a cross-sectional study

Interrelationships between intimate partner violence, coping style, depression, and quality of life among the regular female sexual partners of men who have sex with men

Intimate partner violence among persons with mental health-related disabilities in Canada

Intimate partner violence among women accessing HIV-care services at tertiary hospitals in Ogun State, Nigeria: implications for policy and practice

Intimate partner violence among women of reproductive age in Nicaragua: results from a nationwide survey

Intimate partner violence and couple conflict behaviors: the moderating effect of drug use problem severity

Intimate partner violence and employment-seeking: a multilevel examination of barriers and facilitators

Intimate partner violence and mental health: sex-disaggregated associations among adolescents and young adults in Uganda

Intimate partner violence and risk for mortality and incident dementia in older women

Intimate partner violence and sexual agency in a nationally representative sample of women and girls in the Philippines

Intimate partner violence during pregnancy: effects of maternal depression symptoms and parenting on teen depression symptoms

Intimate partner violence dynamics and help seeking among Mexican women: results from a 2016 national household survey

Intimate partner violence in Honduras: ecological correlates of self-reported victimization and fear of a male partner

Intimate partner violence in persons with Parkinson's disease

Intimate partner violence predicts posttraumatic stress disorder severity independent of early life and deployment-related trauma in deployed men and women veterans

Intimate partner violence survivors' housing needs and preferences: a brief report

Intimate partner violence victimization and depressive symptoms in Sichuan, China: are there gender variations?

Intimate partner violence victimization and mental health among men who have sex with men living with HIV in Guatemala

Intimate partner violence, clinical indications, and other family risk factors associated with pediatric abusive head trauma

Investing in neighborhoods: the mitigating role of home mortgage loans on intimate partner violence

IPV characteristics, childhood violence, and adversities as risk factors for being victimized in multiple IPV relationships

Is extreme in the eye of the beholder? An experimental assessment of extremist cognitions

Is homicide followed by suicide a phenomenon in itself? A comparison of homicide and homicide-suicide in Spain

It happens in #ChurchToo: twitter discourse regarding sexual victimization within religious communities

Joint developmental trajectories of bullying and victimization from childhood to adolescence: a parallel-process latent class growth analysis

Justification of wife beating and utilization of antenatal and delivery care in Bangladesh

Left-behind status and bullying in Chinese rural children: the roles of parental supervision and support and friends in puppy love

Life course prevalence of bullying among university students in Mainland China: a multi-university study

Lifetime victimization and poly-victimization in a sample of adults with intellectual disabilities

Like a caged bird: the coping strategies of economically empowered women who are victims of intimate partner violence in Bangladesh

Linking childhood maltreatment and psychological symptoms: the role of social support, coping styles, and self-esteem in adolescents

Locked, loaded, and ready for school: the association of safety concerns with weapon-carrying behavior among adolescents in the United States

Longitudinal correlates of maternal involvement and spanking in Spanish-speaking Latinas who have experienced intimate partner violence

Longitudinal investigation of posttraumatic growth in female survivors of intimate partner violence: the role of event centrality and identity exploration

Loving your parents and treating others well: the effect of filial piety on cyberbullying perpetration and its functional mechanism among Chinese graduate students

Male and female perceptions and experiences of sexual and gender-based violence in South Kivu, Eastern DRC

Maternal intimate partner violence exposure and autonomic reactivity: associations with positive parenting

Me and others around: the roles of personal and social norms in Chinese adolescent bystanders' responses toward cyberbullying

Meaning in life following intimate partner psychological aggression: the roles of self-kindness, positive reframing, and growth

Measuring hidden support for physical intimate partner violence: a list randomization experiment in south-central Ethiopia

Mediating roles of intimate partner violence, stress, and social support on depressive symptoms among Thai women

Medical marijuana dispensaries and referrals for child maltreatment investigations

Midwives perceiving and dealing with violence against women: is it mostly about midwives actively protecting women? A modified grounded theory study

Modeling women's need for action in violent relationships

Moral injury and suicide ideation among Israeli combat veterans: the contribution of self-forgiveness and perceived social support

Mosaic or melting pot? Race and juror decision making in Canada and the United States

Mother phubbing and adolescent cyberbullying: the mediating role of perceived mother acceptance and the moderating role of emotional stability

Mothering in the context of violence: indigenous and non-indigenous mothers' experiences in regional settings in Australia

Multimorbidity as a risk factor of elder abuse/mistreatment in India: a cross-sectional study

Multiple victimizations and overdose among women with a history of illicit drug use

Narratives of mothers whose children had been sexually abused: maternal reactions and comprehension regarding child and adolescent sexual abuse

Native American and non-native American women prisoners, adverse childhood experiences, and the perpetration of physical violence in adult intimate relationships

Negative third-party reactions to male and female victims of rape: the influence of harm and normativity concerns

Neighborhood income inequality and adolescent relationship aggression: results of a nationally representative, longitudinal study

New perspectives on risk factors for non-fatal strangulation and post-assault imaging

Nonsuicidal self-injury and intimate partner violence: directionality of violence and motives for self-injury

Officer and organizational correlates with police interventions in domestic violence in China

On the front lines of the CoViD-19 pandemic: occupational experiences of the intimate partner violence and sexual assault workforce

Online sexual abuse and symptomatology in Chilean adolescents: the role of peer support

Pacific Islands Families Study: patterns of intimate partner violence among Pacific mothers

Parental attitudes in child maltreatment

Parental discipline and child psychosocial outcomes in Iraq and Kurdistan: evidence from a nationally representative sample

Parental phubbing and adolescents' cyberbullying perpetration: a moderated mediation model of moral disengagement and online disinhibition

Parental relationship status as a moderator of the associations between mothers' and fathers' conflict behaviors and early child behavior problems

Parents matter: a descriptive study of parental discussions with teens about violence prevention and related topics

Past child abuse and neglect in adults from northern Mexico: development of a scale and prevalence

Pathways linking intimate partner violence and postpartum depression among Jewish and Arab women in Israel

Patterns of maltreatment co-occurrence in incarcerated youth in Australia

Pediatric abusive head trauma: multicentric experience in Mexico

Peer victimization and nonsuicidal self-injury among Chinese left-behind children: the moderating roles of subjective socioeconomic status and social support

Perceived neighborhood characteristics and experiences of intimate partner violence: a multilevel analysis

Perception, prevalence, and determinants of intimate partner violence during pregnancy in urban slums of Pune, Maharashtra, India

Perceptions of child maltreatment among professionals and the public in Singapore

Perceptions of dating violence: assessment and antecedents

Personal risk and protective factors involved in aggressive behavior

Personality disorders in adult female child sexual abuse survivors: dimensions of personality pathology and characteristics of abuse

Physical abuse of children by stepfathers in Colombia

Physical and emotional intimate partner violence and women's health in the first year after childbirth: an Australian pregnancy cohort study

Physical and sexual intimate partner aggression among college students: examining the roles of cyber intimate partner aggression and alcohol use

Physical harm reduction in domestic violence: does marijuana make assaults safer?

Polydrug use and dating violence among emerging adults

Pornography, masculinity, and sexual aggression on college campuses

Positive links between exposure to police violence, PTSD, and depression symptoms among yellow vests protesters in France

Postinjury engagement with the police and access to care among victims of violent street crime: does criminal history matter?

Pre-pregnancy intimate partner violence and short interbirth interval: the role of insurance status

Predicting posttraumatic stress disorder among survivors of recent interpersonal violence

Predicting the vulnerability of women to intimate partner violence in South Africa: evidence from tree-based machine learning techniques

Predictors of disclosure recipients' social reactions to victims' disclosures of dating and sexual violence: a longitudinal study of college students

Predictors of family engagement in child post-traumatic stress disorder screening following exposure to intimate partner violence

Predictors of severe intimate partner violence among antisocial and family-only perpetrators: victims' and offenders' characteristics

Pregnant victims of intimate partner homicide in the National Violent Death Reporting System Database, 2003-2014: a descriptive analysis

Prenatal identification of risk for later disrupted parenting behavior using latent profiles of childhood maltreatment

Prevalence and associated factors of intimate partner violence among married women during CoViD-19 pandemic restrictions: a community-based study

Prevalence and correlates of sexual revictimization in middle and high school youth

Prevalence and determinants of physical violence and its impact on birth outcomes during pregnancy in India: evidence from a nationally representative survey

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