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Journal of interpersonal violence

Year: 2021
Articles in SafetyLit: 465

"(I think) my mother thinks I am, therefore I am." The looking-glass self in maltreated children and adolescents

"A little bit of light dispels a lot of darkness": online disclosure of child sexual abuse by authority figures in the ultraorthodox Jewish community in Israel

"Always know where the gun is": service providers perceptions of firearm access, violence, and safety planning during the CoViD-19 pandemic

"And then Cinderella was lying in my bed": dissociation displays in forensic interviews with children following intrafamilial child sexual abuse

"Because I've got a learning disability, they don't take me seriously:" violence, wellbeing, and devaluing people with learning disabilities

"Everyone is living in the same storm, but our boats are all different": safety and safety planning for survivors of intimate partner and sexual violence during the CoViD-19 pandemic

"God, why?": the experience of mothers from the Israeli ultra-Orthodox sector after their child's disclosure of sexual abuse

"Helping somebody else has helped me too": resilience in rural women with disabilities with experiences of interpersonal violence

"I am learning to protect myself with Mika:" a teacher-based child sexual abuse prevention program in Turkey

"I thought it was normal:" perspectives of Black nursing students from high-risk IPV communities on causes and solutions to IPV in the Black community

"I'm just like, you know what, it's now or never": exploring how women of color experiencing severe abuse and homicide risk journey toward formal help-seeking

"If I'd had something like SAFE at the time, maybe I would've left him sooner."-Essential features of eHealth interventions for women exposed to intimate partner violence: a qualitative study

"Isn't there any other way than calling the cops?": how differences in initiation of police intervention influence survivor safety

"It's hard to show empathy in a text": developing a web-based sexual assault hotline in a college setting

"It's not you, it's me": examining the roles of romantic self-blame and social support in pathways from peer victimization to emerging adult depressive symptoms

"More of a girl thing?" Examining the role of gender and campus context in perceptions of risk and the shadow of sexual assault

"Mtoto wa nyoka ni nyoka," the child of a snake is a snake: a narrative analysis of adverse childhood experiences and perpetration of interpersonal violence among men in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

"They aren't going to do jack shit": text-based crisis service users' perceptions of seeking child maltreatment-related support from formal systems

A dual-process approach to moral panic and public support for sex offender management policies

A field test of opportunities for teen dating violence disclosure in school-based relationship education programs

A harmful care: the association of informal caregiver burnout with depression, subjective health, and violence

A mixed-method approach to understand themes of love in victims' dismissals of civil protection orders

A person-centered approach to violence exposure in postwar Colombian youth: demographic covariates and positive youth development outcomes

Abused by the patriarchy: male victims, masculinity, "honor"-honor-based abuse and forced marriages

Acculturative stress and life satisfaction of immigrant Vietnamese wives living in South Korea: the moderating role of intimate partner violence

Adapting and validating the Sexual Experiences Questionnaire to study sexual harassment among university women in Jordan

Adolescent dating violence: results of a mixed study in Quito, Ecuador

Adolescent experiences of violence victimizations among minors who exchange sex/experience minor sex trafficking

Adolescent peers and prevention: network patterns of sexual violence attitudes and bystander actions

Adolescent victims of physical dating violence: why do they stay in abusive relationships?

Adolescents adjudicated for sexual offending: differences between sexual reoffenders and sexual non-reoffenders

Adolescents' relationships with important adults: exploring this novel protective factor against interpersonal violence victimization and perpetration

Adults' online and offline psychological intimate partner violence experiences

Adverse childhood experiences and associated mental distress and suicide risk: results from the Zambia Violence Against Children Survey

Adverse childhood experiences and intimate partner violence; findings from a community sample of Hispanic young adults

Adverse childhood experiences: are they associated with greater risk of elder abuse victimization?

Aggressive script rehearsal in adult offenders: characteristics and association with self-reported aggression

Alcohol accessibility and family violence-related ambulance attendances

An assessment of the cues college students interpret from a sexual partner to determine they are refusing

An experimental study of a peer-facilitated violence prevention program for women in prison

An experimental test of the impact of varying questionnaire response format on prevalence rates for sexual violence victimization and perpetration

Analysis of bystander behavior towards intimate partner violence via Peerformance

Animal safekeeping in situations of intimate partner violence: experiences of human service and animal welfare professionals

Are survivors of sexual assault blamed more than victims of other crimes?

Asking the right questions: screening men for partner violence

Assessing institutional betrayal among female veterans who experienced military sexual trauma: a Rasch analysis of the Institutional Betrayal Questionnaire.2

Assessing personality pathology response sets in perpetrators of intimate partner violence

Assessing polyvictimization in a family justice center: lessons learned from a demonstration project

Assessing states' intimate partner violence offender treatment standards using a principles of effective intervention framework

Assessing the victimizaton-offending hypothesis of sexual and non-sexual violence in a nationally representative sample of incarcerated men in the United States: implications for trauma-informed practice in correctional settings

Association between girl-child marriage and intimate partner violence in Sub-Saharan Africa: insights from a multicountry analysis of demographic and health surveys

Association between interpersonal violence with inadequate nutritional status among Brazilian adolescents

Association between intimate partner violence and contraceptive use in India: exploring the moderating role of husband's controlling behaviors

Association between intimate partner violence subtypes and post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms and hazardous substance use

Association between multiple experiences of violence and drug overdose among Black women in community supervision programs in New York City

Association between violent discipline at home and risk of illness and injury in children: findings from a cross-sectional study in rural western China

Association of state minimum wage increases with child maltreatment [editorial]

Associations between parental monitoring and multiple types of youth violence victimization: a brief report

Associations between psychopathic traits and laboratory-based aggression: moderating effects of provocation and distraction

Associations of childhood maltreatment and attachment styles with romantic breakup grief severity: the role of emotional suppression

Associations of maternal adverse childhood experiences with behavioral problems in preschool children

Associations of relationship experiences, dating violence, sexual harassment, and assault with alcohol use among sexual and gender minority adolescents

Attitudes about forgiveness and leaving a relationship: the context of relationship aggression

Attitudes towards school violence: a qualitative study with Spanish children

Attribution theory, bystander effect and willingness to intervene in intimate partner violence

Australian early childhood teachers' understanding of bullying

Barriers to bystander interventions for sexual assault: impact of personal history of sexual victimization

Barriers to men's help seeking for intimate partner violence

Behavior sequence analysis of victims' accounts of intimate partner violence

Benchmarking trauma in child welfare: a brief report

Bidirectional longitudinal relationships between maternal psychological control and bullying/victimization among father-absent left-behind children in China

Binegativity exacerbates the effects of sexual victimization disclosure on posttraumatic stress and drinking among bisexual women

Blaming children: how rape myths manifest in defense attorneys' questions to children testifying about child sexual abuse

Breaking the cycle: women's perceptions of the causes of violence and crime in informal settlements in Nairobi, Kenya, and their strategies for response and prevention

Bridging the gap: the predictive roles of emotion dysregulation and stalking-related attitudes on offline and online stalking and intrusive harassment

Brief note: Exploratory examination of how race and criminal record relate to housing instability among domestic violence survivors

Bringing shame out of the shadows: identifying shame in child sexual abuse disclosure processes and implications for psychotherapy

Can emerging adults' dating psychological aggression be explained by family-of-origin psychological aggression, emotion dysregulation, and drinking?

Caregivers' considerations of remorse and responsibility among youth who sexually offend

Challenges in conducting sexual health and violence research in older adults beyond the general data protection regulation: a Belgian case study

Challenging the "'mean kid"' perception: boys' and girls' profiles of peer victimization and aggression from 4th to 10th grades

Characteristics and prevalence of lifetime sexual victimization among a sample of men and women with intellectual disabilities

Characteristics of women presenting at the emergency department who choose not to disclose being subjected to intimate partner violence

Characterizing firearm assault injury among young Black men using Arkansas hospital discharge data

Child maltreatment and subjective well-being in Chinese emerging adults: a process model involving self-esteem and self-compassion

Child marriage and intimate partner violence: an examination of individual, community, and national factors

Child neglect and life satisfaction among left-behind children in rural china: the roles of self-compassion and gratitude

Child sexual abuse by religious authority figures in Germany and Israel: the experiences and perceptions of adult survivors

Child sexual abuse, self-esteem, and delinquent behaviors during adolescence: the moderating role of gender

Childhood adversity trajectories and violent behaviors in adolescence and early adulthood

Childhood community risk factors on intimate partner violence perpetration and victimization among college students

Childhood experiences and attitudes toward corporal punishment: the mediating role of perceived efficacy of alternative discipline strategies among low-income Black, Hispanic, and White parents

Childhood sexual abuse and exposure to peer bullying victimization

Childhood sexual abuse, spirituality/religion, anxiety and depression in a Jewish community sample: the mediating role of religious coping

Children's peritraumatic responses during sexual abuse incidents: exploring the narratives of children from different ethnoreligious groups in Israel

Comparing factors shaping sexual violence perpetration for sexual and gender minority youth and cisgender heterosexual youth

Comparing rates of sexual assault between panel quota and social media samples: findings across sexual orientation categories

Comparing veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder related to military sexual trauma or other trauma types: baseline characteristics and residential cognitive processing therapy outcomes

Complex PTSD in Chinese adolescents exposed to childhood trauma: a latent profile analysis

Conducting intervention research with immigrant survivors of intimate partner violence: barriers and facilitators of recruitment and retention

Consequences of exposure to violence, aggression, and sexual harassment in private security work: a mediation model

Contextualizing the experiences of Black women arrested for intimate partner violence in Canada

Correlates of high school boy's intention to garner sexual consent

Correlates of support utilization after experiencing a sexual assault among college women and men

Corrigendum to: I don't have power, and I want more: psychological, physical, and sexual dating violence perpetration among college students

CoViD-19 and the risk for increased intimate partner violence among gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men in the United States

Creating a digital trauma informed space: chat and text advocacy for survivors of violence

Crime diversity: sociocultural aspects of femicide in Hong Kong

Criminal protection orders among women victims of intimate partner violence: women's experiences of court decisions, processes, and their willingness to engage with the system in the future

Criminal protection orders: implications of requested versus issued orders on domestic violence revictimiztion and mental health among women

Cultural beliefs, perceptions, and experiences on female genital mutilation among women and men: a qualitative analysis

Cyberbullying and delinquency in adolescence: the potential mediating effects of social attachment and delinquent peer association

Cyberbullying perpetration among Chinese adolescents: the role of power imbalance, fun-seeking tendency, and attitude toward cyberbullying

Daily reports of aggressive behaviors in interpersonal conflicts

Dating aggression among court-involved adolescents: prevalence, offense type, and gender

Dating aggression and observed behaviors in a nonconflictual situation: the role of negative anticipation

Dating violence in an urban Turkish context: listening to young people from an intersectional perspective

Dating violence, protection orders, and gender inequality: a cross-state analysis of policy formulation and implementation

Defending or remaining passive as a bystander of school bullying in Sweden: the role of moral disengagement and antibullying class norms

Detection of domestic violence and abuse by community mental health teams using the BRAVE intervention: a multicenter, cluster randomized controlled trial

Development and preliminary validation of the gender inclusive rape myth acceptance scale

Development and validation of the Stalking and Obsessive Relational Intrusions Questionnaire (SORI-Q)

Developmental cascades of marital quality, harsh discipline, and child externalizing behavior in China

Diagnostic and translational utility of the Secondary Traumatic Stress Clinical Algorithm (STS-CA)

Did your mom help you remember?: An examination of attorneys' subtle questioning about suggestive influence to children testifying about child sexual abuse

Discursive constructions of domestic violence among Iranian Instagram users

Disparities by gender and race/ethnicity in child maltreatment and memory performance

Disparities in adolescent dating violence and associated internalizing and externalizing mental health symptoms by gender, race/ethnicity, and sexual orientation

Divorce and domestic violence among Syrian refugees in Germany

Do spiritual health connections protect adolescents when they are bullied: a national study of 12,593 young Canadians

Do survivors feel protected by family violence legislation? Reflections on the Family Violence Act 2016 (ACT) from those with lived experience

Do women's coping responses to unwanted pursuit behaviors reduce future victimization? A prospective exploration

Does domestic violence against women increase teacher-student school violence? The mediating roles of morbidity and diminished workplace performance

Does forum theater help reduce gender inequalities and violence? Findings from Nepal

Does religion buffer against the detrimental effect of cyberbullying victimization on adults' health and well-being? Evidence from the 2014 Canadian General Social Survey

Does the presence of a physical disability affect classification of sexual assault?

Domestic violence survivorship among a sample of older African American women: an interpretative phenomenological analysis

Domestic violence victimization among south Asian immigrant men and women in the United States

Downward spiral of bullying: victimization timeline from former victims' perspective

Early life adversity and clinical intimate partner violence in adulthood: the mediating role of interpersonal conflict in adolescence

Early trauma and later sexual victimization in college women: a multiple mediation examination of alexithymia, impulsivity, and alcohol use

Effectiveness of a sexual assault self-defense program for American Indian girls

Effects of intimate partner violence perpetrator and victim race on protective order determinations

Effects of online heterosexist experiences on physical and mental health in sexual minorities: an examination of the cognitive and affective mechanisms

Elder abuse and neglect in China: prevalence, co-occurrence, and intergenerational risk factors

Emergency department admissions for physical child abuse: evidence from the 2006-2017 Nationwide Emergency Department Sample

Emerging adult antisocial problems and psychological and physical maltreatment: moderation by other parent-child relationship quality

Emerging adult report of childhood maltreatment and related facets of impulsivity

Emotion regulation and distress during the CoViD-19 pandemic: the role of childhood abuse

Emotional regulation in male batterers when faced with pictures of intimate partner violence. Do they have a problem with suppressing or experiencing emotions?

Empowerment and IPV in married women of reproductive age: evidence from Pakistan Demographic Health Survey 2017-2018

Epidemiology of childhood trauma and analysis of influencing factors in psychiatric disorders among Chinese adolescents: a cross-sectional study

Erratum to: Does the presence of a physical disability affect classification of sexual assault?

Estimating the influence of incarceration on subsequent experience with violence among black men who have sex with men in the HPTN061 Study

Evaluating community factors associated with individually held intimate partner violence beliefs across 51 countries

Evaluating the relationship between intimate partner violence-related training and mental health professionals' assessment of relationship problems

Examining associations between race, gender, alcohol use, school performance, and patterns of bullying in the school context: a latent class analysis

Examining the effect of perceived responsibility on online bystander intervention, target hardening, and inaction

Examining the relationship between the lethality assessment/domestic violence high-risk team monitoring (LAP/DVHRT) program and prosecution outcomes

Examining the role of national context: do country conditions during childhood impact perpetration of dating violence in emerging adulthood?

Examining the use of a brief online intervention in primary care for changing low-income caregivers' attitudes toward spanking

Experience of gender-based violence by internally displaced women in southern Nigeria: a cross-sectional study

Experiences of violence and mental health outcomes among Colombian men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender women

Explaining the help-seeking intentions of adolescents subject to sexual exploitation in Tanzania: an application of the theory of planned behavior

Explaining the why in #WhyIDidntReport: an examination of common barriers to formal disclosure of sexual assault in college students

Explicit and implicit self-esteem and aggression: differential effects of agency and communion

Exploring family backgrounds of Chinese adolescents who are vulnerable to victimization and repeated victimization

Exploring insecure romantic attachment and justifications for the use of intimate partner psychological aggression in couples

Exposure to campus messages about dating and sexual violence: a latent class analysis

Exposure to violence, firearm involvement, and socioemotional consequences among California adults

Extending Johnson's typology: additional manifestations of dating violence and coercive control

Facial emotion perceptual tendency in violent and non-violent offenders

Factors affecting sexual assault case processing: charging through sentencing in a large southern county

Factors associated with gender-based violence perpetration by male high school students in eastern Ethiopia

Factors associated with willingness to report intimate partner violence (IPV) to police in South Korea

Factors contributing to violence against children: insights from a multi-informant study among family-triads from three east-African refugee camps

Factors contributing to violent discipline in the classroom: findings from a representative sample of primary school teachers in Tanzania

Factors distinguishing reciprocal versus nonreciprocal intimate partner violence across time and reporter

Family environment and child-to-parent violence: the role of emotional insecurity

Family incivility and cyberbullying perpetration among college students: negative affect as a mediator and dispositional mindfulness as a moderator

Firearm-related abuse and protective order requests among intimate partner violence victims

Forcible, substance-facilitated, and incapacitated sexual assault among university women: a Canadian sample

From victims to perpetrators of bullying: the role of irrational cognitions, externalizing problems, and parental attachment

Gambling-related intimate partner violence against women: a grounded theory model of individual and relationship determinants

Gender differences between cyberbullying victimization and meaning in life: roles of fatalism and self-concept clarity

Gender differences between domestic violent men and women: criminogenic risk factors and their association with treatment dropout

Gender differences in sexual coercion perpetration: investigating the role of alcohol-use and cognitive risk factors

Gender differences in the relationship between anger and aggressive behavior

Gender moderates the association between exposure to interpersonal violence and intermittent explosive disorder diagnosis

Gender, myths, and assumptions: correlates of risk perception in sexual assault scenarios

Greenness and the potential resilience to sexual violence: "Your neighborhood is being neglected because people don't care. people with power don't care"

Hate crime and place: the spatial and temporal concentration of bias-motivated crime in Washington, D.C

Having the lower hand-investigating interaction in the life course narratives of immigrant women exposed to partner abuse

Head trauma in a community-based sample of victims of intimate partner violence: prevalence, mechanisms of injury and symptom presentation

Health associations for male survivors of unwanted and non-consensual sex

Health correlates of intimate partner violence and help-seeking among unauthorized immigrant women

Help from a friend: helicopter parenting predicts empathy and bystander intervention

Help-seeking among women of Haitian descent in the Dominican Bateyes

Household dysfunction is associated with bullying behavior in 10-year-old children: do socioeconomic circumstances matter?

How community and individual risk factors mutually impact youth's perceived safety: a syndemic analysis using structural equation modeling

How does Green Dot bystander training in high school and beyond impact attitudes toward violence and sexism in a prospective cohort?

How is violence themed in nursing education? Curricular components in northeastern Brazil

Identifying predictors of inpatient verbal aggression in a forensic psychiatric setting using a tree-based modeling approach

Impacts of urban terror attacks on Turkish mothers' daily experiences

Imprecision about body mechanics when child witnesses are questioned about sexual abuse

Improving quality of life among Latina intimate partner violence survivors through economic empowerment

Incarcerated women in Spain: the salience of traumatic exposure

Increased risks or peace of mind? Exploring fear, victimization, and safety strategies among women planning to get a gun

Increases in intimate partner violence during CoViD-19: prevalence and correlates

Individual risk, country-level social support, and bullying and cyberbullying victimization among youths: a cross-national study

Individual- and school-level predictors of latent profiles of bullying victimization: comparing South Korea and the United States

Injury patterns and associated demographics of intimate partner violence in older adults presenting to U.S. emergency departments

Institutional response and impact of reporting sexual violence: an examination of sexual and gender minority college students

Intergenerational transmission of violence among substance-abusing Chinese parents: roles of detachment and social support

Interpersonal victimization, substance use, and mental health among sexual and gender minority youth: the role of self-concept factors

Interpersonal violence among heterosexual and sexual minority youth: descriptive findings from the 2017 Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System

Interpersonal violence and other social-structural barriers associated with needing HIV treatment support for women living with HIV

Interpersonal violence and passing: results from a Brazilian trans-specific cross-sectional study

Interpersonal violence around pregnancy experienced by rural and urban canadian women: correlates and selected health outcomes

Interracial comparisons of intimate partner violence among military perpetrators

Intimate partner abuse among Rohingya women and its relationship with their abilities to reject husbands' advances to unwanted sex

Intimate partner violence (IPV) in Bhutan: understanding women's responses to IPV using the transtheoretical model of behavior change

Intimate partner violence (IPV) screening and referral outcomes among transgender patients in a primary care setting

Intimate partner violence against pregnant Jordanian women at the time of CoViD-19 pandemic's quarantine

Intimate partner violence among Canadian Muslim women

Intimate partner violence and intimate partner homicide: development of a typology based on psychosocial characteristics

Intimate partner violence and its associations with adverse pregnancy outcomes in Saudi Arabia: a cross-sectional study

Intimate partner violence and its mental health implications amid CoViD-19 lockdown: findings among Nigerian couples

Intimate partner violence and posttraumatic stress symptoms: indirect effects through negative and positive emotion dysregulation

Intimate partner violence and subsequent violent offending among handgun purchasers

Intimate partner violence before pregnancy, during pregnancy, and after childbirth: a new conceptualization highlighting individual changes in violence against pregnant women over time

Intimate partner violence experiences among Puerto Rican mothers

Intimate partner violence experiences during CoViD-19 among male couples

Intimate partner violence exposure and adolescent mental health outcomes: the mediating role of housing insecurity

Intimate partner violence perpetration among military spouses

Intimate partner violence, animal maltreatment, and animal safekeeping: findings from a public survey

IPV perpetrator groups: client engagement, and the role of facilitators

Is religious self-regulation a risk or protective factor for men's intimate partner violence perpetration?

Is this whatsapp conversation aggressive? Adolescents' perception of cyber dating aggression

Is violence, violence no matter where it strikes? Adjudicated boys, thwarted belongingness, perceived burdensomeness, and acquired capability for suicide

Knowledge and awareness level of parents regarding preschool children's privacy according to demographic characteristics

Knowledge and myths about child sexual abuse in Mexican women

Latent classes of bidirectional face-to-face and cyber intimate partner violence among lesbian, gay, and bisexual emerging adults: the role of minority stressors

Lay understandings of the structure of intimate partner violence in relationships: an analysis of behavioral clustering patterns

Legally mandated, formally pressured, or voluntary anger treatment: associations with treatment recommendations, refusal, and completion

Listening to the "HITS:" screening for IPV in African American co-parents of young children

Longitudinal analysis of short-term changes in relationship conflict during CoViD-19: a risk and resilience perspective

Longitudinal impact of the myPlan app on health and safety among college women experiencing partner violence

Longitudinal link between bullying victimization and bullying perpetration: a multilevel moderation analysis of perceived school climate

Love in the time of war: identifying neighborhood-level predictors of intimate partner violence from a longitudinal study in refugee-hosting communities

Low self-control and school bullying: testing the GTC in Nigerian sample of middle school students

Lower levels of classroom aggression predict stronger relations between peer victimization and reactive versus proactive aggression

Male and female conceptualizations of sexual harassment in Tanzania: the role of consent, male power, and social norms

Male perpetrators of intimate partner violence against women: a Spanish typology

Male victims at a Dutch sexual assault center: a comparison to female victims in characteristics and service use

Male victims' experiences with and perceptions of the criminal justice response to intimate partner abuse

Mapping of intimate partner violence: evidence from a national population survey

Maternal history of child sexual abuse and maladaptive outcomes in sexually abused children: the role of maternal mental health

Measurement invariance of the Sexual Assault Script Scale (SASS): an examination among Hispanic and non-Hispanic white college women

Measuring resilience in the context of conflict-related sexual violence: a novel application of the Adult Resilience Measure (ARM)

Measuring the burden of intimate partner violence by sex and sexual identity: results from a random sample in Toronto, Canada

Measuring the cultural competence of Latinx domestic violence service organizations

Measuring violence against women: a global index

Media use and men's approval of intimate partner violence in Honduras

Medications at the emergency department after recent rape

Modeling daily partner violence and substance use based upon couple's reporting

Moderating effects of friendship and family support on the association between bullying victimization and perpetration in adolescents

Moderating factors in culpability ratings and rape proclivity in stranger and acquaintance rape: validation of rape vignettes in a community sample

Moral injury and suicide ideation among combat veterans: the role of trauma-related shame and collective hatred

Moral injury as a mediator of the associations between sexual harassment and mental health symptoms and substance use among women veterans

Mothers' intimate partner violence victimization and depression: associations with children's behavioral functioning

My sister's keeper: survivors disclosing sexual violence to a sibling

Needs and support perceived by women for coping with the experience of intimate partner violence in Andalusia (Spain): a qualitative study

Negative attitudes and beliefs toward the #MeToo movement on Twitter

No less of a man: inducing empathy to reduce male rape myth acceptance

Not all survivors are the same: qualitative assessment of prior violence, risks, recovery and perceptions of firearms and violence among victims of firearm injury

Order effects of presenting coercive tactics on young adults' reports of sexual victimization

Organization-based factors bearing on provider screening and referral practices for women exposed to intimate partner violence

Organizational readiness for intimate partner violence response among supportive housing providers: a capacity assessment in Maryland

Outcomes of sexual assault victimization in early adulthood: national estimates for university and nonuniversity students

Parent-child relationship quality, childhood maltreatment, and psychological symptoms in Chinese adolescent

Parental harsh discipline and migrant children's anxiety in china: the moderating role of parental warmth and gender

Parental migration and children's exposure to polyvictimization in rural China

Parental phubbing and children's social withdrawal and aggression: a moderated mediation model of parenting behaviors and parents' gender

Parents' attitudes toward domestic violence as a risk factor for early childhood development: testing an actor-partner interdependence model using UNICEF MICS

Past-year abuse and eating disorder symptoms among U.S. college students

Pathway to expectations of child functioning following sexual abuse: caregiver maltreatment history and depressive symptoms

Patterns of gender-based violence in conflict-affected Ukraine: a descriptive analysis of internally displaced and local women receiving psychosocial services

Perceived barriers to HIV care and viral suppression comparing newly diagnosed women living with HIV in rural Uganda with and without a history of intimate partner violence

Perceived experiences of community violence among adolescents: a school survey from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Perceived parental acceptance and cyberbullying perpetration among Chinese adolescents: moderated mediation models of materialism and insecure attachment

Perception of gender equality matters: targets' responses to workplace sexual harassment in Chinese metropolises

Perceptions of contexts of intimate partner violence among young, partnered gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men in the United States

Perceptions of peer support for victim-survivors of sexual violence and abuse: an exploratory study with key stakeholders

Perceptions of stalking: examining perceivers' country of origin, perpetrator-target prior relationship, and the mediating effect of victim responsibility

Personality, attitudinal, and demographic predictors of non-consensual dissemination of intimate images

Perspectives on motivation and change in an intervention for men who use substances and perpetrate intimate partner abuse: findings from a qualitative evaluation of the advance intervention

Physical violence perpetration among college students: prevalence and associations with substance use and mental health symptoms

Playing by the rules? An investigation of the relationship between social norms and adolescents' hate speech perpetration in schools

Police are influenced by anchoring and risk when allocating resources for scenario-based intimate partner violence cases

Police fatal force and crime reporting: a test of community responses to fatal police-civilian encounters

Police perceptions of sex-worker rape victims and their offenders: a vignette study

Police response to Latina immigrant intimate partner violence victims: a qualitative analysis

Police-involved deaths and the impact on homicide rates in the post-Ferguson era: a study of 44 U.S. cities

Polyvictimization risk among North Korean refugee women in South Korea

Polyvictimization, sex work, and depressive symptoms among transgender women and men who have sex with men

Positive correlation between women's status and intimate partner violence suggests violence backlash in Mwanza, Tanzania

Positive emotions, hope, and life satisfaction in Chinese college students: how useful is the broaden-and-build model in studying well-being in victims of intimate partner violence?

Positive engagement with pets buffers the impact of intimate partner violence on callous-unemotional traits in children

Post-traumatic growth in women with histories of addiction and victimization residing in a sober living home

Post-traumatic growth: longitudinal study on battered women in close relationships after both they and their partners undergo therapy

Posttraumatic growth, centrality of event, trauma symptoms and resilience: profiles of women survivors of intimate partner violence

Predicting body-esteem based on type of sexual victimization experience

Predicting college women's self-esteem based on verbal coercion experience and verbal tactic items on the Revised Sexual Experiences Survey

Predicting different types of intimate partner aggression perpetration: the roles of problem alcohol use and distress tolerance

Predicting serial stranger rapists: developing a statistical model from crime scene behaviors

Predictive associations between adolescent profiles of violent and nonviolent deviant behavior with convictions in adulthood

Predictive factors of mental health in survivors of intimate partner violence in Chile

Predictors of attrition and response in cognitive processing therapy for interpersonal trauma survivors with PTSD

Predictors of resilience among adolescent girls and young women who have experienced intimate partner violence and sexual violence in South Africa

Predictors of sexual intimate partner violence perpetration among men: a prospective analysis

Pregnancy outcomes of women hospitalized for physical assault, sexual assault, and intimate partner violence

Preschoolers' intimate partner violence exposure and their speeded control abilities eight years later: a longitudinal mediation analysis

Prevalence and differential profile of patients with substance use disorder who have suffered physical and/or sexual abuse

Prevalence and effects of daily and major experiences of racial discrimination and microaggressions among Black individuals in Canada

Prevalence and risk factors of peer victimization in a national sample of Chilean children and youth

Prevalence and social inequality in experiences of domestic abuse among mothers of young children: a study using national survey data from Scotland

Prevalence of child sexual abuse in Spain: a representative sample study

Prevalence of maltreatment among Canadian National Team athletes

Professionals' perception of the needs of female victims of intimate partner violence: a vignette study

Protecting the public's health through successful reentry for sex offender after incarceration

Protecting victims or protecting the brand? Secondary victimization and cruise ship crime

Psychological functioning among Latino victims of teen dating violence: the role of relational and collective resources

Psychological predictors of bystanders' intention to help cyberbullying victims among college students: an application of theory of planned behavior

Psychological reactions to different types of gender-based violence in women survivors of violence in the context of a developing country

Racial disparities in pregnancy-associated intimate partner homicide

Rape myth acceptance buffers the association between sexual assault and posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms among college students

Reactions to participating in sexual and dating violence research among Native American youth

Reconsidering reconciliation within families of youth who sexually offend

Recruitment process in Salafi-Jihadist groups in the Middle East (a qualitative study)

Relational mobility and other contributors to decline in intimate partner violence

Relationship between different types of violence and mental health in high school students from northern Mexico

Relationship between honesty-humility and cyberbullying perpetration: a moderated mediation model

Relationships between childhood interpersonal trauma, religious coping, post-traumatic stress symptoms, and resilience

Relative risk of intimate partner violence according to access to instrumental social support among pregnant women in Eswatini whose partners do and do not drink alcohol

Revictimization patterns among unhoused youth

Rigor and respect: recruitment strategies for engaging vulnerable populations in research

Risk factors for interpersonal violence in prison: evidence from longitudinal administrative prison data in Northern Ireland

Roles of psychological distress and social support in the relationship between childhood maltreatment and perceived needs for mental health care

Routine activities and stalking victimization in sexual minority college students

Rumination mediates the longitudinal associations between elementary-school victimization and adolescents' internalizing problems

Same personality, new ways to abuse: how dark tetrad personalities are connected with cyber intimate partner violence

School readiness of children exposed to family and domestic violence

School-based diversity education activities and bias-based bullying among secondary school students

Self-compassion and shame among rape survivors

Self-compassion moderates the mediating effect of self-criticism in the link between childhood maltreatment and psychopathology

Self-esteem, body image, and dating violence in Colombian adolescents and young adults

Self-silencing mediates the relationship between rejection sensitivity and intimate partner violence

Sex as boys' fame, but girls' shame: adversarial adolescent gender roles and gender-based violence in Guyana

Sexting victimization among dating app users: a comparison of U.S. and Chinese college students

Sexual and gender identity-based microaggressions: differences by sexual and gender identity, and sex assigned at birth among Dutch youth

Sexual and physical assault before age 18 and young adults' perception of unfair treatment

Sexual assault victimization: Latinx identity as a protective factor for sexual minorities

Sexual re-assault among college women differs based on sexual refusal assertiveness and assertive resistance strategy intentions

Sexual victimization and mental health in female university students

Sexual violence at university: are indigenous students more at risk?

Sexual violence victimization of U.S. males: negative health conditions associated with rape and being made to penetrate

Sexualized music videos desensitize Fijian women to intimate partner violence suffering: the mediating role of culpability attributions

Shattered voices: daughters' meaning reconstruction in loss of a mother to intimate partner homicide

Situational and dispositional factors in rape cognitions: the roles of social media and the dark triad traits

Social media activism and convergence in tweet topics after the initial #MeToo movement for two distinct groups of Twitter users

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