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Alcoholism: clinical and experimental research

Year: 2021
Articles in SafetyLit: 26

Alcohol-involved motor vehicle crashes and the size and duration of random breath testing checkpoints

Ascending pattern of alcohol use and underage drinking in Asia: a commentary on the article by Assanangkornchai and Vichitkunakorn (2020)

Association between delay in driving licensure and driving while impaired and riding with an impaired driver among emerging adults

Changes in alcohol use and drinking and driving outcomes from before arrest for driving under the influence to after interlock removal

Changes in alcohol use and drinking context due to the CoViD-19 pandemic: a multimethod study of college student drinkers

Combinations of drinking occasion characteristics associated with units of alcohol consumed among British adults: an event-level decision tree modeling study

Consideration of an upper-bound continuous maximum drinks measure for adolescent binge and high-intensity drinking prevalence

Convicted drinking and driving offenders: comparing alcohol use before and after the pandemic outbreak

Distinct whole-body movements in response to alcohol and sexual content in alcohol use disorder

Dual trajectories of cannabis and alcohol use among young adults in a state with legal nonmedical cannabis

Effects of alcohol sensitivity on alcohol-induced blackouts and passing out: an examination of the alcohol sensitivity questionnaire among underage drinkers

Gender differences in any alcohol screening and discussions with providers among older adults in the United States, 2015 to 2019

Gender moderates the association between acute alcohol intoxication and facial emotion recognition in a naturalistic field study setting

Negative affect and alcohol craving in trauma-exposed young adult drinkers

Opportunities for reducing college drinking: the roles of drinking attitudes and blackout experience

Prospective association of digital media use with alcohol use initiation and progression among adolescents

Quantifying risk of injury from usual alcohol consumption: an instrumental variable analysis

Racial discrimination, racial identity affiliation, and heavy alcohol use among multiracial individuals

Relationship between level of response to alcohol and acute tolerance

Repetitive blast mild traumatic brain injury increases ethanol sensitivity in male mice and risky drinking behavior in male combat veterans

Resilience to hazardous drinking among never-deployed male United States Army Reserve and National Guard soldiers

Size does matter: an exploration of the relationship between licensed venue capacity and on-premise assaults

The effect of alcohol on mood among males drinking with a platonic friend

The effectiveness of alcohol impact areas in reducing crime in Washington neighborhoods

The effects of anger on alcohol demand and subjective alcohol craving

The information capacity of adolescent alcohol consumption indicators along a continuum of severity: a cross-national comparison of sixteen Central and Eastern European countries