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How is SafetyLit Supported?

This site receives (or has received) partial support from the California Department of Public Health, Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health and Safe and Active Communities Branches, the Safe States Alliance (STIPDA), the California Office of Traffic Safety, the US-DHHS HRSA Maternal and Child Health Bureau, the US-DHHS CDC National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, and the National Farm Medicine Center at the Marshfield Clinic. SafetyLit also receives volunteer assistance from members of the American Public Health Association's Injury Control and Emergency Health Services Section and others who wish to remain anonymous.

What makes the SafetyLit site work?

SafetyLit was designed and is maintained by:

Monarch Media


Titles and abstracts of selected items have been translated by experts at Language Translation, Inc.

Instrument Project: Data collection forms and instruments used in injury prevention and safety promotion research and evaluation.

The Instrument Project on SafetyLit was initiated through a contract from the U.S. CDC National Center for Injury Prevention and Control awarded to the Society for the Advancement of Violence and Injury Research (SAVIR) and executed through the Colorado School of Public Health Pediatric Injury Prevention, Education and Research (PIPER) Program in collaboration with SafetyLit. Any copyright associated with each included instrument remains held by the author(s) or publisher.

SafetyLit is pleased to partner with the University of Colorado at Boulder, the producers of the VioLit Database of literature related to child and youth violence.

Funding issues forced VioLit to cease operation in 2011. The Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence (a research program of the Institute of Behavioral Science) at the University of Colorado at Boulder helped to make the VioLit database contents available in SafetyLit.

Special acknowledgment to IP News from WVU ICRC:

Although SafetyLit staff members and volunteers continue to closely monitor journal publishers and other sources, we find that IP News from the West Virginia University Injury Control Research Center frequently identifies safety-relevant publications before we do. Beginning in May 2013 SafetyLit and IP News established an agreement to work together to improve both services. IP News is particularly useful for recently released reports and publications from government agencies and groups such as the Insurance Institute and similar NGOs -- items that are not available from SafetyLit.


Parallel to the SafetyLit philosophy that there should be no toll blocking free access to information that points to the location of publications on safety topics; the SafetyLit website uses only open-source software for all of its operations.

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