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Injury prevention

Journal Volume: 16
Journal Issue: Suppl 1
Journal Year: 2010
Articles in SafetyLit: 1015

'Harmful' traditional practices: interventions to address gendered forms of violence against women and girls

10 year review of low speed vehicle run-overs in 0-15 year olds across Queensland

2009 Safe states alliance state of the states survey an assessment of capacity in US state health departments

4 Fires, 63 Years and 952 deaths - what have we learned?

A 12 months audit of burns admitted to one surgical unit at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka, Zambia

A behaviour-based safety programme for New Zealand truck drivers

A browser for graphically searching and sharing injured parts of the body

A collaborative program to reduce scald injury in The District of Columbia

A community based approach to traffic injury prevention

A community-based survey of health and safety in postconflict Guatemala

A comparison of methods for measurement of injury severity

A comprehensive approach for reducing the incidence of domestic burns in rural upper Egypt

A controlled evaluation of the WHO safe communities model approach to injury prevention: increasing child restraint use in motor vehicles

A cross-sectional study on lower back pain (LBP) among Chinese coal miners

A framework for geocoding traffic collision data

A framework on generating political priority for global health issues

A functional data analysis approach for modelling and predicting injury incidence rates: An application to falls

A gap between two perceptions: the effectiveness of parental supervision in childhood injury prevention and supervision self-efficacy

A gender perspective on adolescents' perceived safety and security when moving outdoors

A historical perspective on sobriety checkpoints in Thailand: is there evidence for effectiveness?

A mental models methodology for understanding use (and non-use) of preventive measures

A methodological template for the design and evaluation of evidence-based injury prevention fact sheets

A new approach to road safety - road danger reduction and Bristol Council UK

A new method of working with 'Driveaholics' (young, risk-taking male drivers) for greater global road safety

A non-biased evaluation of blood alcohol concentrations in drivers

A pilot trial of all-terrain vehicle safety messaging in a movie theatre

A population based study on injuries in rural and urban areas of Aligarh

A predictive screener for depression & PSTD after physical injury

A Profile of fatal injury risk for older adults in urban South Africa

A public health approach to fall and injury prevention among seniors in Canada

A randomised, controlled trial of home injury hazard reduction: The HOME injury study (conference abstract)

A self critique of a decade of injury research by the Injury Control Center Uganda (ICCU)

A specific survey on mortality by home and leisure injuries among children under 15 years in France: a feasibility survey

A strategic approach to disseminating sports safety guidelines: an application of the Diffusion of Innovations theory for New South Wales, Australia

A strategy to improve violence risk management in a growing multi-site secure mental health service

A study of warfare injuries draining to teaching hospital, Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

A study on comprehensive evaluation methods of the quality of injury surveillance based on Chinese hospital

A study on taxi drivers as the first responders to emergency situations in South Korea

A study on unintentional injuries and social determinants of health factors based on a population survey in Hong Kong

A study to access the effectiveness of an instructional manual on the knowledge of parents about children in relation to selected common accidents in Iran and India

A systematic review of road traffic injury risks for immigrant populations

A trip unplanned: an ATV safety story

A verbal audit to determine the consequences of domestic violence among 50 women at a shelter for abused women in Lusaka, Zambia

A. Seat belts and road safety/regeneration, B. Drinking and driving and road safety and C. Speeding and road safety (videos)

About 90% of injuries under school supervision occur during exercise and sports in high school (A review of accident reports of Kyoto prefectural high schools in 2007)

Academic formation and conceptions of accident and injury among non-English speaking students: a geometric data analysis hard look at terminologisation and injury notions

Accessing local Government support for assessing the safety of homes in Paranaque city

Accidental deaths in India in the last decade

Accompanied driving from age 17 practical feasibility of a new scheme for young drivers in Germany

Accuracy of self-report of on-road crashes and traffic offences in a cohort of young drivers: the DRIVE study

Activity in Safe Community Trebon

Addition of a minimal data set to paediatric emergency department data a tool to enhance child safety

Addressing corrupt enforcement by road safety officers on Nigerian highways for fatality reduction

Addressing illegal road blockage by law enforcement agents and its attendant road deaths

Addressing increasing robbery incidents on Nigerian highways

Addressing the inadequacies of Nigeria's national vehicle visibility scheme for enhanced safety

Adolescent homicide victims, offenders and circumstances in Johannesburg, South Africa

Advancing child maltreatment prevention through the application of complex adaptive systems: development of an agent-based model

Advocating for safer products in Canada

Age and the social meaning of wearing a bicycle helmet among Swedish teenagers

Age characteristics of road users involved in road traffic accidents in China

Aids and barriers to improving OSH performance improvements in South African mines

Alcohol and injury in Atlantic Canada: creating a culture of safer consumption

Alcohol drinking behaviour patterns and intimate partner violence

Alcohol related injury risk behaviors and associated factors among adolescents in Korea

Alcohol use and violent injury in Uganda

Alcohol use initiation as a prospective risk factor for suicide attempts across adolescence and young adulthood

Alcoholic poisoning and alcohol related injuries: incidence rates in Dutch hospitals

Aligning the organisation to effectively manage risk

Allocation of Australia's research dollars: does injury research funding reflect injury burden?

Amending the public policy model underlying the public health approach to injury prevention in order to improve the translation of research-to-practice

An analysis of safe driving using concurrent tasks: effects of making decisions from the traffic sign information and performing verbal versus spatial-imagery tasks

An analysis of the cases of falls and the causes of falling accidents in children who are in the 0-6 age group and live in Kirikkale: a Turkish example

An assessment of occupational hazards and ergonomics risk factors on young male workers in Malaysia

An epidemiological investigation and analysis on its influence factors of campus violence on secondary schools in China

An epidemiological multicenter survey on dog bites in France between May 2009 and April 2010

An epidemiological study on road traffic injury in China

An impact assessment of banning wee-hour express bus operations

Analysing youth gangs in Glasgow

Analysis of fatal bus crashes in Bangalore, India

Analysis of fatal road traffic crashes in Kandy, Sri Lanka using GIS

Analysis of Florida high school athlete's sports injury data for 2008-2009

Analysis of gender violence cases on materials of forensic medical evaluations and data of anonymous inquires

Analysis of inpatient admissions data for injuries across Britain and Ireland

Analysis of pedestrian behaviour and risk while crossing road at signalised intersection of Delhi, India: before and after construction of flyover

Analysis of pedestrian road traffic crashes and injuries in Chongqing during 2000-2006

Analysis of school based student injury surveillance project in Shenzhen, China

Animal bites: what is known and what can be done

Animal related injuries in dairy farms in-depth interviews with farmers

Animal-related activities as risk factors for injuries among youths on agricultural operations

Annual incidence and cost of non-fatal farm youth injury in the United States, 2001-2006

Application of explosion potential area classification in industry

Apply hospital incident command to manage multiple casualties during New Year and Songkran Festival

Applying the Interactive Systems Framework to injury and violence prevention programming

Are falls related to socio-demographic variables: a systematic review

Are we using the right dual task tests to detect mobility problems? Perspectives from older people

Arising the immune protection of the children drowned in Thailand

Assessing injury emergency response of village health workers and volunteers in five provinces in Vietnam

Assessing the cost-effectiveness of conventional group based exercise and Tai Chi as interventions to reduce the risk of fall-related injuries in older people

Assessment and prevention of infant sleep environment hazards

Assessment of attitudes and practices about road safety among schoolchildren in Shkodra, north city of Albania

Assessment of injury related morbidity, mortality and disability adjusted life years (DALYs) in Cairo, Egypt

Assessment of knowledge of physicians about trauma/emergency care in public and private sectors in four districts of Sindh, pakistan

Assessment of road safety in areas around primary and secondary schools in Shkodra, north city of Albania

Association between child road safety behaviour and prevention activities

Association between socioeconomic status and access to trauma care for victims of injury in a Canadian trauma system

Association of a few interventions by police with changes in traffic injuries in Iran

Association of body mass index, sleep quantity, sleep quality and sleepiness among express bus driver

Association of mandatory seat belt use legislations intervention by traffic police with changes in road traffic injuries in Iran

Association of provisional driver licensing intervention by police with changes in incidence and severity of road traffic injuries in Iran

Association of water pipe smoking and traffic accidents

Assumption of responsibility of the cases of traumatisms in urgency at the medical centre with surgical antenna of Ziniar

Atypical face-scan patterns in children misinterpreting dogs facial expressions evidence from eye-tracking

Backyard farm injuries assessment in rural area of Cluj County, Romania

Barriers to participation in violence prevention programming: an IPPNW communications survey

Bathing burn injuries in children: an opportunity for teaching and prevention

Behaviour based safety in Indian organisations

Beyond the neglect of psychological consequences: posttraumatic stress disorder increases the non-fatal burden of injury by more than 50%

Bias in hospital samples used for injury research based on consent wording

Bicycle helmet and head, face and neck injuries: a case-control study based on 12 000 injured cyclists from a road trauma registry

Bicycle helmet use among children in the United States: the effects of legislation, personal and household factors

Bicycle injuries: a matter of mechanism and age

Bicycle riding in Israel

Bicycle-related head injury rate in Canada over the past 10 years

Brain and spinal cord injury in Australia - economic cost and burden of disease

Bridging the gap between intentional and unintentional injury prevention

Bringing down the number of road traffic injuries in the country using the pre- and post-tests of the Walk This Way of Safe Kids Philippines

Bringing home safety to the most vulnerable

Bringing peace education to youth via independent radio in Nigeria

Building a traffic accidents epidemiological surveillance system

Building rural motor vehicle safety capacity through community sports

Burden and factors associated with work-zone crashes on an interurban highway in Pakistan

Burden of injury in childhood and adolescence in Europe

Burden of work place injuries to the surgical unit in the General Hospital, Nuwara-Eliya, Sri Lanka

Burn epidemiology and burn care in Malawi: outlining prevention strategies

Burn injury and the impact on global health

Burn out and craft emergency

Call back study investigating child dog bite injury that occurs in the domestic setting in Victoria, Australia

Can drive-way design contribute to tragedy

Capacity development for road traffic injuries research in low and middle income countries

Car safety restraint use among children in Catalonia. What can be done from the Health sector?

Carbon monoxide knowledge, attitudes and practices in urban households

Carbon monoxide poisoning surveillance: a French Environmental & Health surveillance system integrated in preventive policies

Carefree and injury prone young people: results from Finnish National Victimisation survey 2003-2006

Carrying capacity on a motor bicycle

Cell phone use while driving: the behavioural risk of injury in Thailand

Centre for Injury and Violence Prevention (Start)

Challenges of drink-driving enforcement in Vietnam

Challenges to injury control and safety in Africa

Changing patterns in attempted suicides: experience from a tertiary care hospital in Sri Lanka

Characteristics of elderly and other vulnerable adult victims of homicide by a care giver: National Violent Death Reporting System - 17 US States, 2003-2007

Characteristics of helmets, dissatisfaction with the helmet and accident risk: a case-control study

Child abuse: Methodological support for a descriptive survey and for monitoring in a specialised team which takes charge of abused children

Child and adolescent sexual abuse and violence in India: a review

Child and young person safety

Child home injury mortality in Europe: A 16 country analysis

Child home safety: are we tackling a wicked problem with tame solutions?

Child Injury at home: exploring a connection between household rules about safety, sibling harm and child injury

Child injury in an urban Australian indigenous community: the safe koori kids intervention

Child injury prevention in the practice of paediatricians

Child pedestrian safety: behaviour changing evaluation through school education project

Child restraints a cross-sectional study on knowledge, attitude and practice of traffic police in United Arab Emirates

Child safety education coalition: a mixed methods evaluation of a national alliance

Childhood fall, a major cause of morbidity and disability: epidemiological findings from the largest population based survey in Bangladesh

Childhood injury prevention and safe community development in Vietnam

Childhood scald prevention: improvement of electric rice cooker

Childhood unintentional injuries surveillance in Ismailia governorate, Egypt

Children safety in cars: Polish measures contributing to increase the use of child restrain system

Children with disabilities: victimization, sexuality and communication

Children's photovoice - a multi-sector collaboration stimulus on child pedestrian safety through environment modification

Children's village: an innovative approach to community safety

Circumstances of injury in childhood and adolescence: Current data and epidemiology

Circumstances of slips trips and falls among Hospital workers

Clinical legal medicine - community health outreach, results of a follow-up pan-European survey

Cluster randomised trials in injury research: a how-to guide

Collision investigations of child pedestrians or cyclists stuck by motor vehicles:

Commercial driver accident research survey

Community safety from hazardous industry at rural area in Thailand

Community safety through partnership tasking

Community-based study of risk and protective factors of elder abuse and neglect in Nigeria

Commuting road traffic accidents in Croatia

Compare the main characteristics related with pedestrian fatality in Mexico City during the periods 1994-1997 and 2004-2007

Comparing Bayesian network, artificial neural networks, classification trees and classical logistic models in quantitative risk assessment: an application to the European Registry of Foreign Body Injuries in Children

Comparison of blood alcohol levels with breath alcohol levels measured using the Drager 7110 MKIII breathalyzer

Comparison of different models to assess the medical costs of injury

Comparison of mortality following hospitalisation for isolated head injury in the UK and Victoria, Australia

Comparison of return to work outcome measures following transport injury

Comparison of trauma centre outcome performance for young adults and geriatric patients

Compensation of victims of interpersonal violence in Hessen/Germany

Conflicting trends in fall injury rates: implications for injury prevention

Consequences of misclassified ICD-10 injury diagnoses in a national hospital discharge registry

Construction of "Potential Risk Estimation Drowning Index for Children" (PREDIC): The Drowning Risk Prediction Index using Matlab surveillance data, Bangladesh

Convergence between father and youth reports of high risk safety behaviours on the farm

Coroners recommendations and the prevention of fatal injury

Cost analysis of playground equipment injury at school using large-scale school insurance data of Japan

Cost differentials between standard and non-standard motorcycle helmet in Mexico

Cost effectiveness analysis of playground surfacing at preventing arm fractures in a randomised study

Costs associated with road crashes in the WHO European Region

Could workplace accidents covered by social insurance workers compensation funds be used to calculate national indicators for surveillance of occupational injuries in France?

Counterfeit and non-compliant electrical products

Creating a safe community through the Walk This Way program: safe kids Philippines experience

Creating an effective prevention curriculum to reduce early adolescent transport risks and injury

Creation and early development of an injury observatory for Britain and Ireland (IOBI)

Cyclists' injury epidemiology based on a road trauma registry

Daphne abstract

Data collection and analysis of consumer product related child injuries in Israel

Database as an evidence based lessons learned from terror related injuries in Israeli Civilians

David's story

Decision analytic models to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of strategies for preventing fire-related injuries in children

Decreased road traffic injuries mortality in Iran - role of health sector

Demographic and circumstantial accounts of burn mortality in Cape Town, South Africa, 2001-2004: an observational register based study (conf. abstract)

Demographic risk factors of self-immolation

Demography of patients presenting to the provincial Otorhinolaryngology unit following assault over Head and neck in North Central Sri Lanka

Demonstrating your programs value through success stories: CDC's new internet-based tool

Descriptive epidemiology of rhabdomyolysis in active duty US Army Soldiers, 2004-2007

Design of hazardous pharmaceutical waste disposal system

Design of safe consumer product based on children behaviour model constructed from behaviour observation: case study of playground equipment

Determinants of agricultural injury: a novel application of population health theory

Determinants of road traffic injuries in drivers in a rapid highly economically developing country: a major global public health crisis

Determining the circumstances of drowning injuries in communities North and South of the Philippine Archipelago

Developing child road safety indicators for communities

Developing global and regional estimates of fatal injury related to work

Developing guidelines for interventions to reduce risk of low-speed vehicle run-overs of young children

Developing new risk models to target the Fire and Rescue Service's free Home Fire Safety Checks more effectively

Developing NICE public health guidance to strengthen strategies and structures to prevent unintentional injuries among children aged 0-14 years

Developing risk awareness among young people: an essential component in preparing young people for the world of work

Development and evaluation of educational programs in the field of road traffic safety

Development and field-testing of training module on the administration of safe-settings assessment tools

Development and validation of an objective checklist for assessing the safety condition of natural turf sports surfaces

Development of a standardised evaluation grid for trauma center accreditation process

Development of an injury surveillance system for the Canadian forces

Development of an instrument that assesses individual's burn prevention knowledge

Developmental differences in family supervision of child injuries

Developmental differences in pedestrian visual search patterns

Developmental influences on children's pedestrian route selection

Differences in the perception of the need of different components of pre-hospital emergency medical services among different strata in Karachi, Pakistan

Different outcomes for similar mechanisms of injury: a comparison between two groups of intentional injuries

Disability adjusted life years (DALYs) due to occupational injuries in east delta region of Egypt

Disability among older citizens and its association to familial support - a study in a tertiary care hospital in Islamabad (Pakistan)

Disability outcomes following injury: Results from phase one of the prospective outcomes of injury study (POIS)

Disaster management

Disaster management in University Libraries: perception, problems and strategies

Distribution of injury death and outpatients in rural and urban areas of China in 2006

Do burns increase the severity of terror injuries?

Do you really need lights for vehicles

Does regional difference modify the effects of risk behaviours, perceptions and environments on injury events?

Does the current New Zealand case definition of serious non-fatal injury miss a material number of serious injury cases?

Dog bite injuries a preventable hazard?

Dog bite prevention: What children know

Domestic violence among women attending the Forensic Medicine Institute Marcala, Department of La Paz, Honduras, June 2007 to November 2009

Downward trend in hip fracture rates in persons aged 65 years and older, Victoria, Australia

Drink or drunk: Why do staff members at licensed premises continue to serve patrons to intoxication despite current laws and interventions?

Drink-driving in Vietnam: Perceptions and risk

Drinking and driving, and alcohol drinking patterns in Argentinean drivers

Drive way run over

Driver risk factors of road traffic injuries in an urban setting in Kenya: a case-control study

Driving behaviour, driver style and road traffic accidents among young medical group

Driving errors influence an older drivers decision to give up or restrict driving

Driving offences and risk of subsequent crash in novice drivers: the DRIVE Study

Driving school students training with the use of a new method contributing to change in young drivers attitude and reducing the number of road accident with their participation

Drug safety (pharmacoviglance)

Eating patterns and aggressive behaviour of schoolchildren in Morocco

Economic and social burden due to injuries and violence in Nepal: a cross-sectional study

Economic development and road traffic fatalities in two neighbouring African nations

Economic evaluation of domestic violence in France

Economics of risky driving: cross-sectional analysis of emergency department patients with high-risk behaviours

Effect of a local ban of a restriction in the number of hours to expend liquors in relation with violence during 2005-2008 in one District of Lima, Per

Effect of a lockout of professional ice hockey players on injuries among minor league players

Effect of care in emergency room toward death within 48 h of traffic

Effect of empowerment on quality of life and social ability of road traffic accident disables in Khon Kaen Hospital

Effect of first aid education on first aid knowledge and skills of drivers employed by the University of Ibadan

Effectiveness of a data sharing strategy for violence prevention: a quasi-experimental study

Effectiveness of seven programs to reduce alcohol-impaired driving

Effectiveness of the Prevent Alcohol and Risk-Related Trauma in Youth (P.A.R.T.Y) program in preventing traumatic injuries: a Ten-year analysis

Effects of computer-generated animations on parental perceptions toward childhood injuries

Effects of theory of planned behaviour, identity and social identity constructs on motorcyclists intentions to speed

EID - evaluation of the implementation of the documentation sheet in cases of sexual violence against women in Hesse

Electrical injuries prevention psychological means

Electronic-media harassment among secondary school adolescents in Ibadan municipality Nigeria: myth or reality?

Emergency and trauma care quality in Sindh province, Pakistan: a comprehensive assessment

Emergency Department presentations for injuries related to cribs

Empirical basis for adopting a theory-driven approach to preventing alcohol and other drug impairment (AOD) in the workplace

EMS management systems for the traffic injury patients at the scene when events overlap

Enhancing emergency response services in a developing country through community efforts

Enhancing surveillance strategies for childhood self-reporting data

Environmental risk factors for injuries in UK primary school aged children

Epidemiological surveillance of drownings: a national survey in France, 1 June-30 September 2009

Epidemiological survey of the road-related traffic injury in the pedestrian of school children in Shen Zhen

Epidemiology and prevention of hand amputations in Greece: data from the Emergency Department injury surveillance system

Epidemiology of burns in children and adolescents in the Burns' Unit of Civil Hospital of Guadalajara

Epidemiology of child drowning injury in the Philippines

Epidemiology of childhood road traffic injury: in Bangladesh yield of the largest community based survey

Epidemiology of childhood unintentional injury in metropolitan city Dhaka

Epidemiology of dislocations/separations among US high school athletes

Epidemiology of hospitalised burns patients in France

Epidemiology of injuries requiring surgery among US high school athletes

Epidemiology of overuse injuries among intercollegiate athletes

Epidemiology of rail suicide in Victoria, Australia

Epidemiology of road traffic injuries: interest of health surveys

Epidemiology of some sport injuries among physical education college students

Epidemiology of suicidal Behaviour among youth in the U.S.: examining the influence of sociocultural context

Epidemiology of traffic injuries and motor vehicles utilisation in Tehran: a population-based study

Essential trauma care capacity for road traffic injury in five provinces in Vietnam

Estimated out of pocket medical and work loss expenses due to road traffic injuries in Karachi, Pakistan

Estimates of the burden of injuries in Ethiopia derived from all existing data sources

Estimates of the gross domestic product loss due to violence in Uganda

Estimating burden of disease from fatal and nonfatal natural disaster-related injuries

Estimating the burden of injuries in Moambique

Estimating the burden of injuries in Uganda from all available data sources

Estimation incidence rates of home and leisure Injuries from data at the emergency departments in France

Ethanol powered appliances: the French approach to improve their safety

Ethics and public health preparedness: creating a forum for discussion of ethical issues and community values

Ethnic differences in injuries in children and youth in Macedonia

Ethnic differences in intimate partner violence between Mestizo and indigenous women in Ecuador

EUPHA section on injury prevention and safety promotion

European map of prevalence rates on elder abuse and its impact for future research

Evaluating road safety interventions: prerequisites for a multi-country approach

Evaluating services for immigrant and refugee families who experience abuse

Evaluating violence prevention strategies at all levels of the social ecology: successes and challenges

Evaluation considerations: measures and methods

Evaluation of a 10 years violence prevention programme in Switzerland

Evaluation of a comprehensive pedestrian safety initiative

Evaluation of a multi-agency partnership approach to the development of sports safety policy in New South Wales, Australia

Evaluation of a youth unsafe driving video: a comparison of two communities

Evaluation of heat stress and its control

Evaluation of random drug tests among public vehicle drivers of Iran

Evaluation of school sports injury problem at school level among children of Dhaka City: "Development of sport injury surveillance system at large urban environment"

Evaluation of speed humps on pedestrian injuries in Ghana

Evaluation of the assumption of responsibility of the traumatisms of the locomotors apparatus due to the traffic accidents road in the university hospital - Yalgadogo Ouedraogo (CHU-YO) of Ouagadougou

Evaluation of the Making WAVES project in Liverpool, England: improving support for intimidated witnesses

Evaluation of the National Injury Surveillance System in Egypt

Evaluation the risk of violence between individuals with paranoid disorder

Evidence based policy and interventions to support adult victims of sexual violence

Examining the validity of emergency department textual data for injury surveillance purposes

Experience of intimate partner violence among rural and urban women in Oyo State, Nigeria

Experience of physical, emotional and sexual violence and adverse health behaviours in Macedonian students: results from the adverse childhood experience survey

Exploring how fathers access child safety information

Exploring social contexts at work and how they affect the safety of young construction workers

Exploring the association of falls with the sense of coherence and functional capacity indices among community dwelling older people of rural Greece

Exposure to risk in recreational power boating, Victoria, Australia

Exposure to terror attacks continues to effect community resilience after more than 5 years

Exposure to the educational system as a protective factor for injuries

Faces of violence: A non-fiction story

Factors associated with the adoption of drinking and driving during a zero tolerance period: results from a 6-years study in the GAZEL cohort

Factors protecting skin from injury: relationships between age, skin colour and skin elasticity

Fall injuries in India: a review

Fall-related head injuries among alpine skiers and snowboarders in Slovenia

Fall-related hip fracture trends 1991-2008: reduction of falls or increase in bone resistance?

Falls and their effects on people with rheumatoid arthritis

Family functionality in relation to children's injuries in the Czech Republic

Family socioeconomic status and various types of fall injuries among young people

Family violence and post-traumatic stress disorder in children of a Brazilian city

Fatal carbon monoxide poisoning: an outdoor occupational accident case

Fatal home and leisure injuries in France, 2000-2006

Fatal occupational injuries underreported in Norway

Fatal road traffic injuries at age 16-20 years among 611 654 persons born in Norway 1967-1976: multilevel cohort study

Fathers' child injury prevention attitudes and practices

Feelings experienced after previous suicide attempt by the individual and the reaction of close relatives or friends to previous attempt

Fife Cares

Findings of a injury surveillance programme done in a rural district setup in India

Firefighter Foundation and Regional Burn Center Collaborate to Reduce Burn-Related Injuries in the Elderly

First aid for all, first aid for life: Making the employee case for first aid

First Callers Response Action in Emergencies Initiative

Focus group research mothers perception x accidents reality

Focus groups with Latino communities to inform safety centre services

Foreign bodies causing asphyxiation in children: the experience of the Buenos Aires Pediatric ORL Clinic

Foreign body injuries in the upper-aero-digestive tract in children: the Susy Safe project results

Forensic sexological exam in children and adolescents: challenges of a practice

Frequency of falls, fear of falling and subsequent activity restriction: influence of the fact of filling in a questionnaire alone or with the help of a third person

Frequency of homicides against women in Villa Carlos Paz (Argentina), 2008

From IDB to INTEGRIS a new approach to hospital based injury surveillance it the EU

Gaining driving experience through accompanied driving from age 17 compared to driving with conventional obtaining of a licence at age 18

GBD2005: estimating mortality and morbidity associated with fatal and nonfatal unintentional drowning episodes

Gender-based violence against female pupils at a high school in northern Zambia

Gendered analysis of fathers injury prevention attitudes and practices

Geographic distribution of risk of death due to homicide in Puerto Rico, 2000-2007

Geographic information system of the pedestrian bridges in Mexico City

Geospatial mapping of suicide clusters in Cantebury New Zealand

Getting your research published: writing for Injury Prevention

GIS and IS based traffic accident in Khonkaen Municipality, Thailand

Glassing: the invisible danger

Global helmet vaccine initiative

Global injury surveillance opportunities and challenges

Good eyesight a basic precondition for safety and performance in sports

Gunshots: Another cause of injuries on our roads

Hangovers and traffic injuries: is alcohol's influence greater than expected?

Hate violence: emergency department perspective

He drove me mad - a dramatised documentary about domestic violence and mental illness

He drove me mad - Advocacy strategies to address the needs of women driven mad by domestic violence

Head injuries, factors associated, outcomes

Health cost assessment of firearm injuries at Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya

Health risk behaviors and injured patients: an exploratory study

Health status of workers of the mining industry Erdenet in Mongolia

Health system preparedness for road traffic accidents in a rural district in Kerala, India

Health technology assessment for preventing patient falls in hospitals

Healthcare providers readiness to screen for intimate partner violence in Northern Nigeria

Healthcare response to domestic violence in Vietnam: lessons learnt from interventions and policy implications

Healthcare utilisation for hospitalised injuries sustained in industrial settings in the United States

Healthy municipalities, safe communities

Helmet-use and incidence of crash injuries among pillion passengers in Ibadan, Nigeria

Helmets for snow sports in Australia: prevalence, predictors, recent trends and attitudes of use

Historical trends of homicide and road traffic fatalities in South Africa: 1968-1989

Home and leisure accidents observatory: a new French data source

Home injury risks in homes of urban dwelling seniors and disabled persons

Hospitalised burn injuries in 870 children in Tehran

Hot tap water legislation in the U.S

Household cleaning product-related injuries treated in US emergency departments, 1990-2006

Household energy-related morbidity and mortality surveillance at a specialised burns unit in Durban, South Africa

How do fathers access child safety information?

How informed are the parents about the burden of injuries?

How socioeconomic status influences road traffic injuries and home injuries in Rome

How to prevent dog bite injuries? Children misinterpret dogs facial expressions

How to prevent dog bite injuries? The blue dog

How to prevent suicide events at the community level

Identification of black spots for traffic injury in road intersections dependence of injury definition

Identifying injury diagnoses associated with a high probability of admission

Identifying modifiable environmental risk factors for falls in older people

IGR of safety policy in Korea

Impact and lessons learned from the first 5 years of the Child Safety Action Plan (CSAP) initiative in 26 countries in Europe

Impact of a school-based helmet promotion program on knowledge, attitudes and practices of eligible adolescent drivers

Impact of safety promotion and enforcement of traffic legislations on road users in Mauritius, 1999-2009

Impacts of work in children's and adolescents school performance: a reality report

Implementation challenges facing hospital-based surveillance systems in Africa: lessons learned from IPPNWs Multinational Injury Surveillance System (MISSPP) and South Africa's National Non-fatal Injury Surveillance System (NANFISS) pilot projects

Implementation of evidence-based interventions to prevent drowning: Results from a WHO collaborative project

Implementation of the safety guidelines for hired adolescent farm workers

Implementing a holiday cooking-related burn injury prevention program: Don't get burned by the bird

Implementing effective injury interventions in local communities

Improve the major walk to school roads by mapping out the popular routes

Improving health and safety and injury management performance in large organisations: preliminary insights from an evaluation of the Victorian employer performance management program

Improving the development of an effective beach safety intervention through an observational study of risky beach behaviour

In a search for a safety bucket to prevent child drowning at home

In the United States, sexual violence costs more than drunk driving

Incidence and mortality of burn injuries in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq

Incidence and total lifetime costs of motor vehicle-related fatal and non-fatal injury by road user type in the United States

Incidence of children left unattended in hot cars in Victoria, Australia

Incidence of hip fracture in Parkinson disease: a population-based study in British Columbia, Canada

Incidents and major causes of suicides in India (1997-2007)

Increasing visibility of violence prevention: Linking strategies to prevent violence and promote healthy eating and active living

Independent evaluation of the prevention of child injuries through social-intervention and education (PRECISE) programme in Bangladesh

Indigenous engagement and experiences in a National Injury Study

Indiscriminate use of siren in non-emergency situations on African roads

Inflatable jumping castles: Advocacy in action

Influence and process of perceived school multiculturalism in relation to youth delinquency and depression

Inhibitory control and children's risk for dog bites

Injuries and violence in Nepal: a review

Injuries and wounds in elderly living in poverty conditions in Mexico

Injuries associated with motion-sensing electronic game consoles: data from 2007 to 2008

Injuries in Croatia in the period 2004-2008

Injuries in German professional ice hockey epidemiology and prevention

Injuries number three killer of children under 5 years: Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) from Pakistan

Injuries related mortality in Iraq 2007; a reflection on the violence related mortality in emergency and OPDs

Injuries to adult cyclists in Toronto and Vancouver: describing the circumstances as a first step towards injury prevention

Injuries to pedal cyclists on New Zealand Roads, 1988-2007

Injury alliance in Canada

Injury and spatial epidemiology of severe adult trauma: implications for prevention

Injury deaths: Are we missing a material number of cases?

Injury from rape and consensual sexual intercourse: role of skin colour and time to exam

Injury mortality surveillance in Vietnam: results and recommendations

Injury prevention - a strategic priority for environmental health?

Injury prevention in Islamic Republic of Iran - role of health sector

Injury prevention in Swedish agriculture

Injury prevention in team handball compilation and evaluation of prevention measures in European countries

Injury Prevention News (IPN): a free e-newsletter for the UK and Ireland

Injury prevention/child passenger safety: factors influencing parents' correct and consistent use of booster seats

Injury prevention: Addressing the social determinants

Injury prevention: Development and use

Injury prevention: Global progress and next steps

Injury rates in Canadian Ontario first nation communities

Injury surveillance in Tarija, Bolivia

Injury surveillance system in Vietnam

Injury surveillance system in Vietnam: Achievements and challenges

Intangible cost of road traffic injuries: a phenomenological approach

Integrated surveillance systems of road traffic and home injuries in the Lazio region, Italy: results of a 5-year study (2001-2005)

Integrating IPV and HIV prevention into hospital services in Thailand

Integrating patient safety in to the culture of the organisation

INTEGRIS Integration of European Injury Statistics: first results

INTEGRIS WP 5 injury disability indicators: towards a standardised methodology for measuring the burden of disability due to injury

Intentional self-harm and suicide epidemiological profile in North India

Interdisciplinary attention program for women victims of violence older than 14 years old prevention of lesions - Developed in Mar del Plata-Argentina 2003-2008 sexual violence and its consequences

Intermediate outcome criteria and evaluation of suicide prevention programmes: a review

International trauma training: teaching and evaluating physicians in a cross cultural setting

Interpersonal inmate violence in French prisons: results of the TARTARE survey

Interpersonal violence in Europe: markers of prevalence and effective prevention programmes

Interpretation of safe parameters of chemical compositions and noise level of the fireworks crackers

Interventions to prevent suicides in Sri Lanka: a randomised control trial

Interventions to support victims of domestic violence: health service responses and a multi-agency model

Intimate-partner-violence against women: victims help-seeking patterns

Investigating blood alcohol concentration among RTI victims admitted to hospitals in five hospitals in Vietnam

Investigating effectiveness of speed cameras in developing communities the Nigerian perspective

Investigating risk compensation theory in cyclists: results from intelligent video analysis system

Investigation on speed related road crashes on highways of developing countries. The Nigerian Case study

Involvement and impact of road traffic injuries among productive age groups (18-59 years) in Bangladesh: issue for priority setting

Is it feasible to screen older drivers using a battery of available tests and triage them into meaningful driving risk groups?

Is it time to refine the message?: a population based survey of knowledge of first aid for burns and scalds in NSW, Australia

Is it true that children are not affected when motorcycle use increases?

It was a freak accident: Analysis of the presentation of injuries and deaths in the US press

Journey to recovery: A teenagers inspirational story to "never give up"

Justifications for wife beating among Iraqi women

Keep kids away from tractors childhood agricultural safety public awareness campaign

Keeping children safe at home: interview study of fire safety practices of parents of preschool children

Keeping children safe at home: Qualitative study of children's centre managers and staff

Key factors associated with the high burden of injuries in the Canadian forces

KIDDS - kids involved in driving down speed

Knowledge and attitude of women towards intimate partner violence: a study of women in Tudun Wada community in Jos

Knowledge and evidence in child injury prevention: ten years between clinical ideals and public health practices

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) of children & young adults on road traffic injuries in Tehran, Iran

Knowledge, attitudes and practices of parents on drowning prevention in a rural community in northern Philippines

Knowledge, attitudes and practices of women pillion riders in two of the major cities of Pakistan, Karachi and Lahore

Lack of adequate road furniture in Nigeria - consequences and solutions

Launching an industry led coalition for safety and health of agricultural workers

Lean Six Sigma innovative safety performance management

Learning on accidents and non-fatal injuries from health-seeking behaviour: a visual account in Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Level of undertriage in a well established Trauma Registry in Denmark

Line of duty deaths among U.S. firefighters: an analysis of fatality investigations

Linking trauma registry injury data with national injury compensation data - opportunities for public health action in New Zealand

Listen and learn: Working with ethno-cultural communities to share injury prevention

Local area inclusive trauma management for road safety Udonthani municipality, Thailand; 2003-2007

Locally developed electronic trauma registry: a novel solution for low-income settings

Long-term consequence of injury on self-rated health

Long-term health consequences of road traffic injuries: a representative cohort study in Thailand

Loss-to-follow up factors in emergency department-treated mild traumatic brain injuries

Low-cost and sustainable improvements in injury surveillance in Ghana

Making community safety work for Scotland

Making Good Samaritans skilled Samaritans

Making of unintentional injury pyramid chart by age group in Japan

Making the case for investing in suicide prevention interventions: estimating the economic impact of suicide and non-fatal self harm events

Making the economic case for injury prevention and safety promotion: a systematic review of the literature

Managing and promoting child safety in the city new holistic model

Managing injury risks for children with disabilities and chronic health conditions: parent perspectives

Maneuvering on bends

Mapping of injuries from interpersonal violence using Geographical Information System (GIS) in an Emergency Department

Mass casualty incident

Mass casualty incidents - evolution of management plan in a tertiary care hospital using post event analysis

Maternal psychological distress and injury in the first year of life

Medical students professional knowledge, opinions and experiences towards violence against women: example from three medical faculties in Turkey

Methodology in an ecological framework: Hearing parents voices on child home safety

Minimising harm to elderly Victorians from heatwaves: a qualitative study of the role of community-based health profession and carer organisations

Minimising harm to older persons from heatwaves: a survey of the awareness, knowledge and practices of community-based health professionals and care providers in Victoria, Australia

Mixed treatment comparisons to evaluate the effectiveness of strategies for preventing fire related injuries in children within the home

Mortality from falls in Mexico, 1979-2008

Mortality trends by poisoning in Mexico, 1981-2007

Motivation to attend motorcycle training course for beginning rider

Motorcycle helmet usage to improve road traffic safety in Vietnam

Motorcycle helmet use in Neuquen, Argentina

Motorcycle injuries across the USA, 2001-2008: injury comparisons and projections

Motorcycles in the Western Pacific region

Motorised transport for kindergarten children in Uganda

Moving from evidence to action: prioritisation of pediatric injury issues for focused injury prevention programming

Multifactorial study of lesions for transport in vulnerable groups-Jujuy-Argentina-Years 2007-2009

Multiple injury profiles of different road users in New Zealand, 2000-2007

National burden of injuries and violence: a household survey in Egypt

National strategy for safety of children and youth

National survey of the injury prevention activities of sure start children's centres

National Water Safety Forum - 'working together for water safety'

New death notification form and training in the United Arab Emirates as improved sources of data on injury and other main causes

New manual for economic evaluation studies of injury prevention interventions

Next steps for road safety: findings from the European status report on road safety

Next steps in child injury prevention inclusion as a part of child survival

Nexus between communication revolutions and youth crime

Nineteen years of prevention policies: the impact of the targets on non intentional injuries established in the health plan for Catalonia

Non fatal Intentional injuries among women and children

Non-intentional suffocation mortality trends in Mexico, 1979-2007

Nonfatal drowning in children and young people in Queensland (Australia) 2002-2008

North-south collaboration on research and advocacy to reduce armed violence

Obesity and the risk of death during traffic collisions

Observation of motorcycle helmet usage in three Sri Lankan cities; paediatric helmet recommendations needed

Occupational accidents and injury: Comprehensive social support for post-trauma management of victims

Occupational health and safety: Its effect on working postures and musculoskeletal symptoms on female factory workers

Occupational road safety worldwide: Lessons for research, policy and practice

Occupational safety in the late XIX century - is history approach useful for present research and practice on injury control and prevention?

Occupational violence in the schools: a case-control study of physical assault against educators

Ocular injury among welders

Old people falls' prevention

Older adult pedestrian injuries in the United States: what are the leading causes and how big is the problem?

Ontario first nations child car restraint project evaluation

Ontario first nations environmental scan on injuries and injury prevention

Operation Headway: A multifaceted bike helmet promotion program

Operation of a child injury prevention program in connection with local medical institutes: Safety Doctor

Optimising suicide prevention programs and their implementation in Europe (OSPI-Europe) introducing the OSPI model intervention and evaluation methods

Organisational cases on behavioural safety management in India

Outcome from emergency services for emergency injury by Advance Team, Emergency Medical Service, Khon Kaen Hospital

Outcomes following major trauma: Measuring recovery postdischarge

Paediatric burn injuries: a hospital based study in Uganda

Paediatric mobility aid-related injuries treated in US emergency departments from 1991 to 2008

Paediatric trauma registries are valuable: preliminary results from a Romanian IDB pilot

Pan American Health Organization Collaborating Centres for violence and injury prevention

Parent's perception and children's behaviour while trying to retrieve a toy from the swimming pool

Parental beliefs about supervising childrens road crossing and cycling

Parental love

Parental supervision and child injuries

Parental supervision of school-age children at home: "I think he is in his room playing a video game"

Parental willingness to pay for child safety seats in Mashhad, Iran

Parents child safety behaviour on the prevention of unintentional injuries

Parents perceptions of barriers to and facilitators for injury prevention: a qualitative study

Participation and injuries in organised sports in Germany: a longitudinal study covering the years 1987-2009

Participatory photographic risk assessment for child injury prevention (part 1)

Participatory photographic risk assessment for child injury prevention (part 2)

Pattern and aetiology of maxillofacial injuries in Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria

Pattern and trend of trauma in a tertiary health institution: an 8 year review

Pattern of burns at a paediatric hospital in Nairobi

Pattern of the postelection violence injuries of patients attended at the accident and emergency department of the Kenyatta National Hospital and the tools of violence employed

Patterns of helmet use among San Francisco Bay Area motorcyclists

Patterns of injury and violence in Yaound Cameroon: an analysis of hospital data

Patterns of occupational injuries in two areas of southern China

Patterns of severe work-related injuries in Tanzania: call for new approach to workers protection in developing countries

Peculiarity of road traffic in Azerbaijan

Pedestrian death in Morelos State, Mexico, 1998-2007

Pediatric violence-related injuries presenting to the emergency department: epidemiology and risk factors

Peer youth physical violence among secondary schools students in south west Nigeria

Perception of community and school safety by senior in-school youths of a secondary school in Ibadan, Nigeria

Perceptions of local area as predictors of injury and physical activity among schoolchildren in Ireland

Personality traits and driving style in Argentine drivers

Physical and emotional health problems experienced by youth engaged in violent behaviour

Pilot program at Litel elementary school

Piloting a health promotion youth corps

Policy advocacy on child drowning prevention in Thailand

Political mapping study and a practical model presentation on pertaining to the State of road traffic injury in Iran 2008-2009

Population based estimates of non-fatal injuries in the capital of Iran

Population-based survey of infant bed sharing

Positive and negative aspects through adolescent workers perspective

Possible causes of motorcycle (Okada) accidents in Karu, Nigeria

Potentially preventable trauma deaths by the use of seat belt

Pre-hospital management in terrorist MCI's in Punjab, Pakistan-Year 2009

Predict model for hotspot identification in Vietnam

Predicting and preventing youth violence: understanding and disrupting developmental trajectories and risk

Predicting safety performance associated with highway design decisions: a case study of Dhaka - Chittagong highway

Predictors of race-day jockey falls in flat racing in Australia

Prescribed medicines and the risk of road traffic crashes: results of a French registry-based study

Present status and problems of traffic injuries in China

Pretest of a locally developed trauma registry

Prevalence and determinants of violence against emergency medical care providers in Karachi, Pakistan

Prevalence and nature of violence against women

Prevalence and pattern of child restraints use in cars, Mashad, Iran

Prevalence and socioeconomic determinants of violence against children in Albania

Prevalence of and risk factors associated with workplace violence: a cross-sectional study in 7026 health staff in South China

Prevalence of bicycle helmet use among elementary school students in four Canadian cities

Prevalence of driving distractions among high school student drivers in three Canadian cities

Prevalence of falls and fractures in the elderly living in extreme poverty conditions

Prevalence of obstructive sleep apnoea among commercial bus drivers in Malaysia

Prevent Alcohol and Risk Related Trauma in Youth program

Preventing child injuries in New York state

Preventing disability, respecting disabled people: have we got the balance right?

Preventing falls and related injuries among seniors in assisted living residences

Preventing injuries in the EU, in particular among vulnerable groups - implementation of the 2007 Council Recommendation

Preventing morbidity and mortality from injuries to children and adolescents

Preventing sexual violence in the 21st century: using research to shape the agenda for prevention

Preventing sexual violence to young women and children

Preventing suicide in rural and remote Western Australia

Preventing violence to women and children in the home: an overview

Preventing ways of acute poisoning in children

Prevention of severe injuries in preschool children: what are the priorities?

Prevention of violence against women in Russia

Prevention of violence in old age-role of old age centres

Primary healthcare reform in Momtenegro and its influence on rights of patients suffering from mental disorders

Primary injury prevention and mortality from motor vehicle crashes among children and adolescents in the USA: from safety behaviours to healthy environments

Prior injury of any intent: a strong determinant of youth suicide unaltered by socioeconomic position

Probability of multiple fractures in childhood

Process evaluation of Emergency Department use of an Electronic Data Collection Tool that incorporates the International Classification of External Causes of Injury (ICECI) into the US National Burn Repository

Product-related injuries in elderly persons

Progress in preventing injuries: an online inventory of national policies

Progress in preventing injuries: from international collaboration to local implementation

Progress of forensic medicine in the research of injuries of cardiac muscle, bone and skeletal muscle by electric shock

Promoting healthy and sustainable environments: opportunities for injury prevention

Promoting vulnerable road users safety towards safe and equitable communities in Bangladesh

Providing prehospital trauma care for road traffic injury victims in Iran: a qualitative study of Barriers and facilitators

Psychiatric disorders (Axis I & II) and self-immolation: a case-control study from Iran

Psychological approach of antisocial behaviours and associated risk-taking behaviours

Public attitudes toward depression and seeking professional help: baseline survey prior to the OSPI intervention in four European countries

Public health midwives perceived barriers to identify intimate partner violence (IPV) and their identification of IPV victims in Sri Lanka

Qualitative assessments of injury prevention strategies among newcomers to Canada

Qualitative evaluation of pedestrians' perceptions of walk ability and safety in relation to the built environment in Cali, Colombia

Qualitative insights into patients experiences of injury: the burden of injury

Quality indicators for trauma registries - towards agreement on a world wide standard?

Quality of child abuse information for measurement and surveillance: linking hospital and child welfare data

Quantitative risk assessment of the swing in a park by integrating injury data, behaviour observation data and biomechanical simulation technology

Randomised controlled trial of thermostatic mixer valves in reducing bath hot tap water temperature in families with young children in social housing

Rapid treatment of suicide states in the emergency department

Recent developments in behavioural research and prevention of childhood injuries

Reducing falls among older people in Victoria: better evidence, better targeting, better outcomes

Reducing harm associated with women in using commercial motorcycle transportation in a developing country

Reducing the road toll in Southern Africa through knowledge transfer and regulatory intervention

Reduction in hip fracture admissions over a 10 year period in a Scottish health board with a well established falls and fracture liaison service

Reflections on attendance the families of handicap people: limits and possibilities in the intervention of the social work

Regional differences in pedal cyclist injuries in New Zealand: risk in scarcity?

Reinventing the organisation to effectively manage safety performance

Reporting of non-fatal occupational injuries in the United States, 1998-2007

Reporting of suicide and homicidal violence in Sri Lankan newspapers

Reports of interpersonal violence on residents of Recife identified in the public health services

Reprioritising transport policies to protect vulnerable road users: the situation in the WHO European Region

Responding to Young People who Self Harm

Results of operative stabilisation of long bone fractures at a tropical tertiary health institution: a 14-year review

Results of the pre, post and midyear tests of the Walk This Way Safe Kids Philippines

Return to work and work ability after injury: results from the prospective outcome of injury study

Reveal the sexual abuse in children and adolescents: analysis of the invisibility of the problem on the epidemiological and clinical perspective, legal. Recife/Brazil

Review of association between awareness and wearing of helmet

Review of child road injury prevention initiatives

Risk analysis platform for railway traffic safety

Risk behaviour and injury risk factors: in multi country analysis

Risk factors and possible interventions for injury severity of five types of rural road crashes

Risk factors and seatbelt use in Argentina

Risk factors contributing to road traffic crashes in a fast developing country: the neglected health problem

Risk factors for burns in preschool children in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq: a case-control study

Risk factors for homicide by firearm discharge in night time Johannesburg

Risk factors leading to deliberate self harm in patients presenting to the emergency departments: a multi-centre case-control study from Karachi, Pakistan

Risk factors of pedestrians' injury in Ghana

Risk of road traffic injuries in Barcelona: baseline results from the LESIONAT Cohort study

Risk perception and risky driving behaviours of adolescents and their parents: New Zealand drivers study

Risk perception by the patient and the primary care health professional and traffic injuries. Baseline results from the LESIONAT cohort study

Risk posed to children by stationery items in the upper airways: evidence emerging from the ESFBI study

Risky neighbourhoods or structural flaws?

Road accident causes among truck drivers: a multicentric study

Road fatalities in Kandy, Sri Lanka: 2000 to 2008

Road hazard perception of high risk sites in voluntary Pakistani drivers

Road love: a community project

Road safety

Road safety agencies partnering with volunteers: the Nigerian model

Road safety and security issues among urban cyclists and non-cyclists

Road safety and security on African roads, Nigeria road as a case study

Road safety communication: Comparison of media reports and official risk statistics

Road safety control during long holidays in Ubonratchathani province, Thailand

Road safety for commercial fleet

Road safety for Xe-Om riders in Hoa An Bus Station, Da Nang City, Vietnam

Road traffic accidents in the province of Milan (Italy): which risk factors?

Road traffic crash casualty injury severity crashes involving young drivers compared with older drivers

Road traffic crashes in Kandy, Sri Lanka: the effect of a policy change the on the spot insurance scheme

Road traffic fatalities among children in Ghana

Road traffic injuries in I.R. Iran: the role of interventions implemented by traffic police

Road traffic injuries in Iran: Literature review

Road traffic injuries in the Peoples Republic of China, 1951-2008

Road traffic injury prevention

Road traffic injury surveillance system using combined data, Peru-2007

Road traffic-related deaths among vulnerable road users. Argentina, 1980 - 2007

Road user characteristics, fatal road traffic crashes and temporal patterns in Trinidad and Tobago - evidence based on multivariate statistical analyses

Role of paternal risk-taking orientation in predicting youth risk-taking and youth tractor-related unsafe behaviours on farms in United States

Safe At Home - the National Home Safety Equipment Scheme

Safe Baby university

Safe product design (Saf-D-Pro) certification scheme

Safe states alliance: Injury surveillance workgroup consensus report - poisoning

Safeguarding women and children from abuse

Safer bars WA - reducing violence in and around licensed premises

SafeStart: sustainable partnerships for targeted reduction of child injuries

Safety climate and firefighter injury: model development

Safety culture in the construction industry. The reality beyond working safely

Safety excellence by design (achieving stellar performance)

Safety in sports development of practical guidelines for injury prevention and safety promotion in sports

Safety issues in shipyards among young labourers in the scrap metal industry

Safety management on bus rapid transit corridor Delhi: process and outcomes

Safety management system in university: case study KMUTT, Thailand

Safety of household appliances for all

Safety on pedestrian crossing

Safety on rural roads?

Safety strategies and the balanced score card technique

School injuries: a descriptive survey in Belgium

School injury in Israel: findings from Magen David Adom

School-based program for injury prevention and safety promotion in Ismailia city, Egypt

Scope and patterns of interpersonal violence in Europe First results of the EU Injury Database (IDB)

Screening for intimate partner violence in healthcare in Kano, Nigeria: extent and determinants

Seasonal pattern of firework injury occurrence and development from 1995 to 2008 for a local area compared to all of Denmark

Seat belt usage pattern in a developing country: Sri Lanka, which is about to implement new regulations

Seat belt wearing in Nanjing and Zhoushan, China, Post regulation

Selected aspects of attempted suicides

Self-harm and risk of motor vehicle crashes in youth: the DRIVE prospective cohort study

Self-reported alcohol-impaired driving among adults in the United States, 2006 and 2008

Serum S100-B as a tool to predict computed cranial tomography findings in mild brain injury

Sexual victimisation and legal outcome by documentation of sperm and alcohol

Sexual violence against children and adolescents: importance of interview medical-legal

Short- and long-term consequences of agricultural injuries among children/youth and impact on agricultural operations: a case-control study

Sight on the effectiveness of injury prevention interventions

Simple messages to prevent drowning in open water: guidelines from an International Task Force

Sin Casco (without a helmet)

Situation analysis of care and support for rape survivors at first point of contact in India and Bangladesh

Situation of emergency in Thailand

Skydiving culture and its relation to injury risks and injury reporting

Sleep deficit and conduct disorder before and after us driving age as risk factors for adult risky driving behaviour and problematic alcohol use

Sleepiness, sleep quality and the association with occupational accidents among a medical faculty residents

Sleeping disorders and work-related injuries among farmers

Slipping as outcome: implications for epidemiologic research on fall-related injuries

SMARTRISK's theory of change for prevention of injury among Canadian youth

Social inequality in accidental drowning in Denmark 2001-2006

Social system analysis of child abuse prevention network in local communities of Japan

Socio-demographic factors and homicide targeting youth in Trinidad and Tobago - some clues toward prevention based on multivariate statistical analyses

Socio-economic predictors of youth violence in Nigeria: library intervention strategies

Socioeconomic disparities in pedestrian injuries

Some peculiarities of road traumatism in the big city

Specialised justice responses to domestic violence cases

Speeding among taxi drivers in Selangor, Malaysia

Sport injuries in the European Union

Statistical modelling for recurrent injury events: an application to Rugby League injuries

Status of road traffic injuries in Asia

Stories of survival

Strengthening State Health Department Injury and Violence Prevention Programs a look at a decade of State Technical Assessment Team Visits

Strengthening the role of US Public Health Departments in preventing violence: recommendations from an Expert Roundtable Meeting

Stress in a workplace in Mongolia

Study of gaps between precepts and practices in prevention of injuries and prehospital care among injury cases admitted to MS Ramaiah Hospital, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Study of gaps between precepts and practices in prevention of injuries and prehospital care among injury cases admitted to MSRMC Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Study on product-related injury surveillance in six hospitals in China

Substance use in paediatric trauma: setting the stage for an injury prevention programme

Successful outcome of an abandoned baby infested with maggots

Suicidal behaviour among those who attempted suicide and their close relatives/friends

Suicide - current maze and future movement

Suicide A 7 years survey in Islamic republic of Iran

Suicide attempts in French prisons: results of the TARTARE survey

Suicide contagion in France: an epidemiologic study

Suicide prevention in Belgium: from scientific field to politics

Suicide registration procedures and practices in Europe

Suicide terrorism: what, where, when and how in Pakistan

Suicide: an increasing phenomenon in Albania

Support mechanisms among older patients - a qualitative study from Pakistan

Surveillance of burn injuries caused by pyrotechnic products attended in Health Establishments network in El Salvador, since November 01st 2008 to January 06th, 2009

Surveillance of poison ingestion cases at Kimberley Complex Hospital, Northern Cape, South Africa

Surveillance of poison ingestion cases at Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital, Durban, South Africa

Survival and early functional outcomes at hospital discharge after severe adult traumatic brain injury: sex and race disparities

Sustainability of the effects of Abu Dhabi seat belt intervention on seat belt use in the United Arab Emirates

Swimming and injury prevention for Aboriginal communities in Ontario

Systematic review of community-based studies of unintentional injuries in children in south east Asian countries

Systems of geographical information in health, uses and projection in the programmatic area V, County De Jujuy, Argentina

Systems saving lives: a structured review of trauma systems and their impact on mortality

Taking alcohol by deception: An analysis of ethanol concentration of paraga, an alcoholic herbal mixture and factors associated with its use among commercial drivers in an urban centre in Nigeria

TAPE-a web based tool for monitoring injuries in elderly care

Targeting safety in policy making: mental health risks in asylum seekers

Teachers opinions, beliefs and attitudes regarding accidents and their prevention

Teachers training needs on intimate partner violence (IPV)

Temporal trends in hospital mortality and early functional outcomes associated with severe traumatic brain injuries in children, Pennsylvania 1998-2007

Testing knowledge gain at car seat checks

The 24-h distribution of falls and person-hours of physical activity in the home are strongly associated among community dwelling older persons

The Advocacy In Action Study (AIAS): a randomised controlled trial of an advocacy package directed at elected councillors to improve pedestrian safety in high risk deprived neighbourhoods

The association of road safety knowledge, risk behaviour and road traffic injury among school-aged children in Guangzhou, China

The attitudes of Croatian primary healthcare workers towards injury prevention/Safety promotion for preschool children

The Barell matrix scope of use

The blue dog challenges in marketing a prevention message

The blue dog project - The development of a dog bite prevention programme aimed at young children

The burden of deaths caused by guns in Maputo City, Mozambique

The burden of falls on same level among the elderly in So Paulo State

The business case for interventions to prevent fall injuries in older adults

The co-ordination for emergency medical service system in rural communities: a case study of Local Administrative Organisation, Muang district, Khon Kaen Province

The comparison of the frequency and nature of sharps injuries reported by doctors versus nurses from surgical wards in the context of the prevalence of HBV, HCV and HIV: a cross-sectional sero-survey

The competency of emergency medical operation in emergency medical personnel: advanced life support Unit

The contribution of an injury data registry system to injury surveillance in rural Iran: community health workers and health authorities views and concerns

The current state of road safety legislation in the region of the Americas

The danger of poor visibility

The danger of poor visibility - the Nigerian experience: 1

The danger of poor visibility - the Nigerian experience: 2

The development and implementation of mandatory motorcycle helmet legislation in Vietnam

The development of a human factors classification framework for patient safety

The development of the educational theme of the trauma prevention at Japanese high school students

The dual benefit of first aid training among Civilians in a time of war

The effect of a celebrity death on children's injury-related emergency department visits

The effect of community interventions in reducing burns and scalds in children

The effect of education and safety equipment on burn and scald prevention practices and on childhood thermal injuries: update of a systematic review and meta-analysis

The effectiveness and cost-savings of first eye cataract surgery in reducing crash risk: a population based study

The effectiveness of a culturally sensitive burn and fire prevention program designed for inner city school students and parents

The effectiveness of a firefighter burn injury awareness program

The epidemiology and clinical features of multiple, non-contiguous spine injuries in children

The epidemiology and continued monitoring of burn injury in England and Wales

The evidence project: a comprehensive framework for evidence-based decision-making

The FARE: a new way to express falls risk among older persons including physical activity as a measure of exposure

The feasibility of different task combinations for the assessment of dual task performance in community-dwelling fallers and non-fallers

The global availability of data for estimating the burden of injuries

The global burden of disease project 2005 methods utilised by the injury expert group for estimating world-wide incidence and prevalence rates

The global burden of traumatic brain injury: preliminary results from the Global Burden of Disease Project

The Harstad injury prevention study: prevention of burns in children evaluated after over two decades of community-based intervention in Norway

The Hungarian alliance against depression: strengthening social capital in the intervention region

The impact of 20 mph speed zones on socio-economic inequalities in road casualties in London

The impact of a peer-led participatory health and safety training program for Latino day labourers in construction

The impact of a substance abuse prevention program on occupational injury

The impact of area socioeconomic inequity on serious injury in Victoria

The impact of occupational injury research and the US research agenda

The incidence of behaviours associated with body checking among young ice hockey players

The influence of crossing controls and crossing location on severity of injury among urban pedestrians

The influence of female genital mutilation on the issue of delivery and the life of newborn

The influence of limitation in activity of daily living and physical health on elderly suicidal ideation: results from survey of Kangbuk district, Korea

The influence of limitation in activity of daily living and physical health on elderly suicidal ideation: results from survey of Kangbuk district, Korea

The influence of school variables on the developmental trajectories of delinquency for Asian, African American, Hispanic, and white youth

The influence of socioeconomic disparities across source populations on the results of trauma centre performance evaluations in a Canadian trauma system

The introduction of booster seat legislation in Canada: is it working?

The location of child cyclist versus motor vehicle collisions in an urban environment

The magnitude of the motor vehicle crashes in the United Arab Emirates during the period 1978-2007

The mortality in traffic in Montenegro: the meaning of first aid in prevention of it

The Mortuary as a source of injury data: progress towards a mortuary data guideline for fatal injury surveillance

The new trend of risky groups on all roads in Thailand, 2009

The performance of the motorcycle rider behaviour questionnaire among commercial motorcycle riders in Nigeria

The Performances of the Glasgow coma scale, the Revised Trauma Score, the Triage Revised Trauma Scores and the Kampala Trauma Score in predicting mortality in the accident and emergency ward of a Teaching Hospital in Nigeria

The phenomenon of woundings and shootings in Trinidad and Tobago

The political culture of road traffic crash control

The Portuguese National Programme for Safety Promotion and Injury Prevention

The potential of premarital education as a means of prevention of intimate partner violence against women: Opinions of husbands and wives-to-be and gatekeepers in an Iranian city

The powerful community network

The prevalence and factors contributing to domestic violence among pregnant women attending antenatal clinics in Lusaka urban clinics in Zambia

The prevalence of low back pain Among employees of a paediatric hospital in Nairobi

The prevention and control of road traffic injuries in rural communities: input from community health workers in rural Twiserkan, Iran

The Provincial Injury Mortality Surveillance System (PIMSS): a surveillance tool for the Western Cape

The quality improvement in trauma care system; Khon Kaen Hospital;Thailand

The radio: the tool for violence prevention among youths

The requirements and challenges in preventing of road traffic injury in Iran: A qualitative study (10th World Conference)

The rescuer who drowns

The role of alcohol in homicide: a 3 year review

The role of pupils liaisons on traffic penalties and road traffic injuries in Iran

The role that the three attentional networks and the infrequent targets detection play in safely driving

The safety centre - product, education, location

The safety of Nigerian roads

The SKYNET data: demography and injury reporting in Swedish skydiving

The solution of waijo or teenager quarrelling and fighting problem

The state of fire safety in industrial buildings in Ghana: a case study of Tema metropolis

The sunset of cheap energy: grey skies and silver linings for injury prevention and public health

The trends in childhood unintentional injury death, hospitalisations and practice visits rate from 1984 to 2008 in Japan

The UK burden of injuries study (UKBOI)

The unwritten organisational rules of engagement

The use of conspicuity aids by cyclists and risk of accidents involving other road users: a population based case-control study

The utility for identification of best available evidence of a register of controlled studies that evaluate interventions to prevent alcohol-impaired driving

The utility of provincial injury surveillance information and the achievement policy to empowerment and set partner-ship for road safety in the students

The WHO Injury Surveillance Guidelines, an aid or not?

There are no safe drugs, only safe ways of using them (Voltaire)

Three group of peoples perceptions of children bicycle injury risks, causes and prevention in the rural southern China: a focus group study

Toolbox for educators to increase the awareness of the hazards of noise and to prevent hearing loss with teenagers

Toxic exposures to household cleaning agents in Italy

Toys in the upper aerodigestive tract: new evidence on their risk as emerging from the ESFBI study

Trades apprentice safety team challenge

Traditional physical exercise and tai chi comparative study among older people in Hungary

Traditional postdrowning rescue methods applied in rural Bangladesh using 10 year verbal autopsy data

Traffic accidents in Mexico: did the frequency and severity change from 2000 to 2007?

Traffic injury prevention in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Traffic regulation learning course for guilty drivers: the future safety drivers

Training survival swim to prevent drowning for children at primary school in Da Nang city, Summer 2009

Transforming communities to prevent child sexual abuse and exploitation: a primary prevention approach

Transient risk factors for slipping in limited-service restaurants - a case-crossover study

Translating research to practice: effective strategies to reduce motor vehicle injuries among American Indian tribes

Transport injury and road safety behaviours in a Thai national adult cohort

Transport-related walking and pedestrian injuries among adults in urban India: association with socioeconomic indicators

Trauma 2+2=5

Trauma centre-based surveillance of non-traffic pedestrian collision injury among young children in California

Trauma deaths magnitude in a state of Mexico: active versus passive injury surveillance system

Trauma in traffic in Montenegro between 2004 and 2010

Trauma management; where did we go wrong?

Traumatic brain injury in the United States: national estimates of prevalence and incidence, 2002-2006

Trend analysis of drug-related motor vehicle crashes in the United States

Trends in fatal crashes involving young and older drivers in Great Britain

Trends in hospitalised injuries due to falls by older people, Australia 1999-2007

Trends in motor vehicle crash mortality in a small island developing state - the case of Dominica, 2000-2009

Trends of road traffic crashes in Sri Lanka

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