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Journal of interpersonal violence

Year: 2018
Articles in SafetyLit: 778

"A lightbulb moment": using the theory of planned behavior to explore the challenges and opportunities for early engagement of australian men who use violence in their relationships

"A person I cared about was involved": exploring bystander motivation to help in incidents of potential sexual assault and dating violence

"At least they're workin' on my case?" victim notification in sexual assault "cold" cases

"But he's a star football player!": how social status influences mock jurors' perceptions in a sexual assault case

"Don't ever give up!" resisting victimhood through self-defense

"Every time I try to get out, I get pushed back" 1 : the role of violent victimization in women's experience of multiple episodes of homelessness

"Everything changes": listening to homicidally bereaved individuals' practice and intervention needs

"How many silences are there?" men's experience of victimization in intimate partner relationships

"I didn't do that!" event valence and child age influence adults' discernment of preschoolers' true and false statements

"I thought it was normal": adolescents' attempts to make sense of their experiences of domestic violence in their families

"If she refuses to have sex with you, just make her tipsy": a qualitative study exploring alcohol-facilitated sexual violence against Nigerian female students

"It's not all about money": toward a more comprehensive understanding of financial abuse in the context of VAW

"Keeping it real": the relational effects of trauma among African American women and their substance abuse treatment counselors

"Leaving was a process, not an event": the lived experience of dating and domestic violence in 140 characters

"Men cannot be raped": correlates of male rape myth acceptance

"Miscommunication" and undergraduate women's conceptualizations of sexual assault: a qualitative analysis

"More closeted than gayness itself": the depiction of same-sex couple violence in newspaper media

"My sister is the one that made me stay above water": how social supports are maintained and strained when survivors of intimate partner violence reside in emergency shelter programs

"Stand up and do something": exploring students' perspectives on bystander intervention

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me": verbal sexual harassment among middle school students

"Stop waking the dead": internet child sexual abuse and perspectives on its disclosure

"Surviving the violence, humiliation, and loneliness means getting high": violence, loneliness, and health of female sex workers

"Teaching them that pain exists": dilemmas regarding memory transmission and entrepreneurship in adult children of former political prisoners 40 years after the coup d'etat in chile

"The mosques are the biggest problem we've got right now": key agent and survivor accounts of engaging mosques with domestic and honor-based violence in the United Kingdom

"The system had choked me too": abused mothers' perceptions of the custody determination process that resulted in negative custody outcomes

"Victim, perpetrator, or just my brother?" sibling sexual abuse in large families: a child advocacy center study

"We boil at different degrees": factors associated with severity of attack in sexual killing

"Why did she talk to him again?" The effects of the justice motive, relationship type, and degree of postassault contact on perceptions of sexual assault

10-year study of Christian church support for domestic violence victims: 2005-2015

A "defender protective effect" in multiple-role combinations of bullying among Chinese adolescents

A 10-year study of the impact of intimate partner violence primary aggressor laws on single and dual arrest

A bad romance: sexting motivations and teen dating violence

A behavior sequence analysis of perceptions of alcohol-related violence surrounding drinking establishments

A brief computer-based sexual assault risk reduction program: a feasibility, acceptability, and preliminary efficacy pilot study

A comparative study of totalitarian style partner control in Seoul and Beijing: Confucian sex role norms, secrecy, and missing data

A comparison of intimate partner violence strangulation between same-sex and different-sex couples

A comparison of juror decision making in race-based and sexual orientation-based hate crime cases

A comparison of violence victimization and polyvictimization experiences among sexual minority and heterosexual adolescents and young adults

A dyadic analysis of PTSD and psychological partner aggression among U.S. Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans: the impact of gender and dual-veteran couple status

A dyadic study of impacts of sexual assault disclosure on survivors' informal support relationships

A latent class analysis of early adolescent peer and dating violence: associations with symptoms of depression and anxiety

A longitudinal examination of interpersonal violence exposure, concern for loved ones during a disaster, and web-based intervention effects on posttraumatic stress disorder among adolescent victims of the spring 2011 tornadoes

A methodological study of order effects in reporting relational aggression experiences

A multilevel analysis of the relation between bullying roles and social and emotional competencies

A multivariate comparison of family, felony, and public mass murders in the United States

A nation-wide assessment of empowerment among states' personal protective order statutes

A neglected population: media consumption, perceived risk, and fear of crime among international students

A preliminary examination of negative life events and sexual assault victimization as predictors of psychological functioning in female college students: does one matter more than the other?

A preliminary investigation into a range of implicit and explicit offense supportive cognitions in perpetrators of physical intimate partner violence

A qualitative analysis of physically aggressive conflict episodes among a community sample

A qualitative exploration of the experiences of veterans who are serving sentences in custody

A qualitative meta-synthesis of interpersonal violence prevention programs focused on males

A qualitative study of intimate partner violence from a cognitive-behavioral perspective

A qualitative study of intimate partner violence from the perpetrator's perspective

A qualitative study with women living with HIV on perceived gender norms and experiences of intimate partner violence in northern Vietnam

A quantitative study on gender differences in disclosing child sexual abuse and reasons for nondisclosure

A socioecological model of risk associated with campus sexual assault in a representative sample of liberal arts college students

A study into the severity of forensic and civil inpatient aggression

A test in the high school context of Berdahl's status theory of sex-based harassment

A thematic analysis of the impact of My Masculinity Helps as a tool for sexual violence prevention

A web of disheartenment with hope on the horizon: intimate partner violence in rural and Northern communities

Abuse is abuse: the influence of type of abuse, victim age, and defendant age on juror decision making

Abuse of older persons with cognitive and physical impairments: comparing percentages across informants and operational definitions

Abuse of rural elders in Mansoura Districts, Dakahlia, Egypt: prevalence, types, risk factors, and lifestyle

Abusive relationship and its associated factors between deployed and un-deployed veterans in college

Academic correlates of unwanted sexual contact, intercourse, stalking, and intimate partner violence: an understudied but important consequence for college students

Acceptability of violence against women among the Roma population in Spain

Action and reaction: the impact of consequences of intervening in situations of interpersonal violence

Adaptation, resilience, and secure attachment states of mind in young South African female students exposed to intimate partner violence in childhood

Adolescent dating violence stability and mutuality: a 4-year longitudinal study

Adolescent perceptions of dating violence: a qualitative study

Adolescents who are violent toward their parents: an approach to the situation in Chile

Advancing a model of secondary trauma: consequences for victim service providers

Adverse childhood experiences and school-based victimization and perpetration

Adverse consequences to assisting victims of campus violence: initial investigations among college students

Advocates' experiences with media and the impact of media on human trafficking advocacy

Age and gender effects in recent violence perpetration

Aggression in children exposed to intimate partner violence: a comparison of maternal, sibling, and observer perspectives

Agreement on reporting intimate partner violence among Nepalese couples: a cross-sectional study

Alcohol consumption, history of sexual assault in adolescence, and revictimization in a sample of university students in the western United States

Alcohol mixed with energy drinks and sexually related causes of conflict in the barroom

Alcohol priming and attribution of blame in an acquaintance rape vignette

Alcohol use and risk factors for sexual aggression: differences according to relationship status

Alcohol use and sexual and physical assault victimization among university students: three years of follow-up

Alcohol use, hostile sexism, and religious self-regulation: investigating risk and protective factors of IPV perpetration

Alcohol's role in social reactions to sexual assault disclosures: a qualitative study of informal support dyads

An affront to her mana: young Māori mothers' experiences of intimate partner violence

An analysis of crime scene behavior in Korean homicide

An analysis of help-seeking patterns among college student victims of sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking

An analysis of the relationship between high school students' tendency toward violence, self-esteem, and competitive attitude

An association between maternal intimate partner physical violence and a loaded firearm in the home

An empirical exploration into the measurement of rape culture

An event-level investigation of factors associated with young women's experiences of coerced consensual sex

An examination of domestic violence advocates' responses to reproductive coercion

An exploratory study of female psychopathy and drug-related violent crime

An Israeli model for predicting fear of terrorism based on community and individual factors

Analysis of the explanatory variables of the differences in perceptions of cyberbullying: a role-based-model approach

Analyze this! Thematic analysis: hostility, attribution of intent, and interpersonal perception bias

Analyzing Spanish adolescents through the lens of the Resilience Portfolio Model

Anhedonia and the relationship between other depressive symptoms and aggressive behavior

Animal maltreatment as a risk marker of more frequent and severe forms of intimate partner violence

Anxiety and depression in cyberbullied college students: a retrospective study

Anxiety sensitivity mediates relations between attachment and aggression differently by gender

Applying differential coercion and social support theory to intimate partner violence

Applying structural equation modeling to measure violence exposure and its impact on mental health: Malawi Violence Against Children and Young Women Survey, 2013

Are competitive materialism and female employment related to international homicide rate?

Are polydrug users more physically and verbally aggressive? An assessment of aggression among mono- versus polydrug users in a university sample

Are sexual minorities more at risk? Bullying victimization among lesbian, gay, bisexual, and questioning youth

Area-level normative social context and intimate partner physical violence in Mozambique

Asian American women's victimization history and in-the-moment responses to partner violence

Assessing domestic violence shelter workers views and practices pertaining to HIV prevention services for women residing in domestic violence shelters

Assessing the link between intimate partner violence and postrelationship stalking: a gender-inclusive study

Assessing the mediating role of social support in childhood maltreatment and psychopathology among college students in Northern Ireland

Assessment and response to intimate partner violence in home visitation: a qualitative needs assessment with home visitors in a statewide program

Association among television and computer/video game use, victimization, and suicide risk among U.S. high school students

Associations of emotional, physical, or sexual intimate partner violence and depression symptoms among South African women in a prospective cohort study

Assuming personal responsibility for sexual victimization: harmful but potentially adaptive for college women?

Attitudes toward dating violence in early and late adolescents in Concepción, Chile

Attitudes toward violence and gender as predictors of interpersonal violence interventions

Attributing responsibility, sexist attitudes, perceived social support, and self-esteem in aggressors convicted for gender-based violence

Attributions of blame in a hypothetical child sexual abuse case: roles of behavior problems and frequency of abuse

Australian adolescents' experiences of aggression and abuse by intimate partners

Australian mass shootings: an analysis of incidents and offenders

Autoregressive and cross-lagged associations between psychological intimate partner aggression and psychopathology in newlyweds

Awareness and rejection accounts of intimate partner violence by young women in Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa

Beaten into submissiveness? An investigation into the protective strategies used by survivors of domestic abuse

Beliefs about sexual intimate partner violence perpetration among adolescents in South Africa

Best practices for early bystander intervention training on workplace intimate partner violence and workplace bullying

Betrayal trauma and barriers to forming new intimate relationships among survivors of intimate partner violence

Beyond the force-substance dichotomy: examining the experience of combined and incapacitated type rapes and their relation to PTSD symptoms

Beyond yes or no: understanding undergraduate students' responses as bystanders to sexual assault risk situations

Bidirectional IPV among adolescent sexual minorities

Bidirectional relations between dating violence victimization and substance use in a diverse sample of early adolescents

Biological evidence in adult and adolescent sexual assault cases: timing and relationship to arrest

Blame attributions in multiple perpetrator rape cases: the impact of sympathy, consent, force, and beliefs

Blame avoidance and transgender individuals' attributions about rape: unpacking gendered assumptions in defensive attribution research

Body part removal: a thematic exploration of U.K. homicide offenses

Borderline personality features, anger, and intimate partner violence: an experimental manipulation of rejection

Boys are victims, too: the influence of perpetrators' age and gender in sexual coercion against boys

Breaking the intergenerational cycle: partner violence, child-parent attachment, and children's aggressive behaviors

Bridging the theoretical gap: using sexual script theory to explain the relationship between pornography use and sexual coercion

Building a new intimate relationship after experiencing intimate partner violence in victim-survivors of South Korea

Bully-victims: an analysis of subtypes and risk characteristics

Bullying and attitudes toward masculinity in Croatian schools: behavioral and emotional characteristics of students who bully others

Bullying at school and on the street: risk factors and outcomes among homeless youth

Bullying perpetration and victimization: a test of traditional and cyber-behaviors as latent constructs

Bullying victimization among Peruvian children: the predictive role of parental maltreatment

Bystander interventions on behalf of sexual assault and intimate partner violence victims

Bystander responses to intimate partner misconduct: barriers to responding to physical and sexual violations

Bystander-based sexual violence prevention with college athletes: a pilot randomized trial

Can attention and working memory impairments of intimate partner perpetrators explain their risky decision making?

Can better emotion regulation protect against interpersonal violence in homeless youth social networks?

Can i ask for help? The relationship among incarcerated males' sexual orientation, sexual abuse history, and perceptions of rape in prison

Characterization and prevalence of elder abuse in Brazil

Characterizing sexual violence in intimate relationships: an examination of blame attributions and rape acknowledgment

Child and family factors associated with child maltreatment in Vietnam

Child appraisals of interparental conflict: the effects of intimate partner violence and parent-child relationship quality

Child maltreatment, school bonds, and adult violence: a serial mediation model

Child victimization and polyvictimization among young adults in Northern Chile

Childhood familial victimization: an exploration of gender and sexual identity using the Scale of Negative Family Interactions

Childhood gender nonconformity and intimate partner violence in adolescence and young adulthood

Childhood maltreatment experiences, attachment, sexual offending: testing a theory

Childhood sexual abuse: sibling perspectives

Childhood trauma, gender inequitable attitudes, alcohol use and multiple sexual partners: correlates of intimate partner violence in northern Tanzania

Childhood trauma, social networks, and the mental health of adult survivors

Childhood trauma, trait anxiety, and anxious attachment as predictors of intimate partner violence in college students

Childhood victimization and physical health in women: the mediating role of adult attachment

Children, parental alcohol consumption, and intimate partner violence: a multicountry analysis by perpetration versus victimization and sex

Classes of intimate partner violence from late adolescence to young adulthood

Client violence against youth care workers: findings of an exploratory study of workforce issues in residential treatment

Client-perpetrated violence among frontline child welfare workers

Clinician response to child abuse presentations in the Vietnamese hospital emergency setting

Co-occurrence of health risk behaviors among Brazilian adolescent victims of family violence

Coercive control between intimate partners: an application to nonfatal strangulation

Coercive control in intimate relationships: differences across age and sex

College sexual assault and campus climate for sexual- and gender-minority undergraduate students

College students' beliefs about domestic violence: a replication and extension

College students' perceptions of barriers to bystander intervention

College women's experiences of male partner contraceptive interference: associations with intimate partner violence and contraceptive outcomes

Comorbid depression and substance abuse in domestic homicide: missed opportunities in the assessment and management of mental illness in perpetrators

Comparing women's and men's sexual offending using a statewide incarcerated sample: a two-study design

Comparison of emotional dispositions between street gang and non-gang prisoners

Comparisons of sexual victimization experiences among sexual minority and heterosexual women

Compassion satisfaction to combat work-related burnout, vicarious trauma, and secondary traumatic stress

Considering the impact of early trauma on coping and pathology to predict posttraumatic growth among 9-1-1 telecommunicators

Contributions to depressed affect in Latina women: examining the effectiveness of the Moms' Empowerment Program

Controlling behaviors and intimate partner violence among women in Spain: an examination of individual, partner, and relationship risk factors for physical and psychological abuse

Corporal punishment and child aggression: ethnic-level family cohesion as a moderator

Correlates and predictors of mothers' adaptation and trauma symptoms following the unveiling of the sexual abuse of their child

Correlates of repeat victimization and sex differences in South Korean youth

Corrigendum: "The importance of religious/ritual abuse as a traumatic predictor of dissociation"

Couple reports on intimate partner violence and their health impact: evidence from a population-based survey in Japan

Crime victimization and suicidal ideation among Colombian college students: the role of depressive symptoms, familism, and social support

Criminal careers among female perpetrators of family and nonfamily homicide in Australia

Criminal protection orders for women victims of domestic violence: explicating predictors of level of restrictions among orders issued

Crossing the threshold from porn use to porn problem: frequency and modality of porn use as predictors of sexually coercive behaviors

Cumulative trauma and adjustment in women exposed to a campus shooting: examining the role of appraisals and social support

Cyber dating abuse: investigating digital monitoring behaviors among adolescents from a social learning perspective

Cyberbullying among adolescents: the influence of different modes of inquiry

Cyberbullying victimization as a predictor of cyberbullying perpetration, body image dissatisfaction, healthy eating and dieting behaviors, and life satisfaction

Cycle of violence in schools: longitudinal reciprocal relationship between student's aggression and teacher's use of corporal punishment

Dating violence victimization, nonsuicidal self-injury, and the moderating effect of borderline personality disorder features in adolescent inpatients

Deconstructing attitudes about intimate partner violence and bystander intervention: the roles of perpetrator gender and severity of aggression

Depressive symptoms following recent sexual assault: the role of drug and alcohol use, acute stress, and assault characteristics

Depressive symptoms moderate dating violence prevention outcomes among adolescent girls

Developing and validating an experience sampling measure of aggression: the Aggression-ES Scale

Developing and validating the scale of economic self-efficacy

Development and psychometrics of instruments to assess school personnel's bystander action in situations of teen relationship abuse and sexual assault

Development of attribution-based scales associated with proactive, reactive, and acquisitive offending

Diet quality and physical fighting among youth: a cross-national study

Differences by victim race and ethnicity in race- and ethnicity-motivated violent bias crimes: a national study

Differentiating characteristics of intimate partner violence: do relationship status, state, and duration matter?

Digital intimate partner violence among Peruvian youths: validation of an instrument and a theoretical proposal

Disclosing gender-based violence during health care visits: a patient-centered approach

Disclosing sex trading histories to providers: barriers and facilitators to navigation of social services among women impacted by commercial sexual exploitation

Disclosure of sexual violence among girls and young women aged 13 to 24 years: results from the Violence Against Children Surveys in Nigeria and Malawi

Disjunctures in experiences of support during the transition to fatherhood of men who have used intimate partner violence

Distinct and overlapping correlates of psychological and physical partner violence perpetration

Distress tolerance as a mediator of the association between borderline personality symptoms and obsessive relational intrusion: an exploratory analysis

Distrustful, conventional, entitled, and dysregulated: PID-5 Personality Facets predict hostile masculinity and sexual violence in community men

Do family-level factors associated with bullying perpetration and peer victimization differ by race? Comparing European American and African American youth

Do multiple forms of social capital mediate the relationship between parental violence and children's maladaptive behaviors?

Do trust and sexual intimacy mediate attachment's pathway toward sexual violence occurring in same sex romantic relationships?

Does childhood psychological abuse contribute to intimate partner violence victimization? An investigation using the childhood experience of care and abuse interview

Does educational success mitigate the effect of child maltreatment on later offending patterns?

Does female authority prevent male marital violence? Evidence from rural Bangladesh

Does gender matter in explaining delinquency and suicidal thoughts? An examination of general strain theory in South Korean youths

Does gender matter? An exploratory study of cultural betrayal trauma and hallucinations in Latino undergraduates at a predominantly White university

Does Gottman's Marital Communication Conceptualization inform teen dating violence? Communication skill deficits analyzed across three samples of diverse adolescents

Domestic violence against women in urban slums of Bangladesh: a cross-sectional survey

Domestic violence against women working in four educational hospitals in Iran

Domestic violence as a risk factor for attempted suicide in married women

Domestic violence in Arab society: a comparison of Arab and Jewish women in shelters in Israel

Dynamic risk factors characterizing aggressive sexual initiation by female college students

Educational attainment of male homicide victims aged 18 to 24 years in Chicago: 2006 to 2015

Effect of victimization and perceived support on maintenance of dating relationships among college students in Guadalajara, Mexico

Effects of a home visiting program on parenting: mediating role of intimate partner violence

Elder abuse and neglect intervention in the clinical setting: perceptions and barriers faced by primary care physicians in Malaysia

Elder abuse in the Iberian Peninsula and Bolivia: a multicountry comparative study

Elevated risky sexual behaviors among sexual minority girls: indirect risk pathways through peer victimization and heavy drinking

Emancipated foster youth and intimate partner violence: an exploration of risk and protective factors

Empathy mind-set moderates the association between low empathy and social aggression

Environmental dysfunctions, childhood maltreatment and women's intimate partner violence victimization

Establishing concurrent validity for a brief PTSD screen among women in a domestic violence shelter

Ethnic disparities in trauma-related mental illness: is ethnic identity a buffer?

Evaluating the effectiveness of online training for a comprehensive violence against women program: a pilot study

Evaluation of a social norms sexual violence prevention marketing campaign targeted toward college men: attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors over 5 years

Evaluation of parenting interventions to prevent violence against children in Colombia: a randomized controlled trial

Examination of the transient changes in affect resulting from participation in research addressing intimate partner violence

Examining commonly reported sex trafficking indicators from practitioners' perspectives: findings from a pilot study

Examining the factor structure of the Coping With Community Violence Scale for urban youth

Examining the relationship between economic abuse and mental health among Latina intimate partner violence survivors in the United States

Examining the relationship between intimate partner violence and concern for animal care and safekeeping

Experiences of elder mistreatment: a latent profile analysis

Experiences of gender-based violence at a South African university: prevalence and effect on rape myth acceptance

Experiences of intimate partner violence among lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender college students: the intersection of gender, race, and sexual orientation

Experiences of intimate partner violence victims with police and the justice system in Canada

Experiences of intimate partner violence: findings from interviews with South Asian women in the United States

Experimental approaches for improving the assessment of partner violence

Exploration of crime-scene characteristics in juvenile homicide in the French-speaking part of Belgium

Exploration of dating violence and related attitudes among adolescents and emerging adults

Exploring alcohol use and IPV among couples presenting to couple therapy: a brief note

Exploring bullying perpetration and victimization among adolescent girls in the child welfare system: bully-only, victim-only, bully-victim, and noninvolved roles

Exploring intimate partner violence before, during, and after pregnancy in Bangladesh

Exploring reproductive coercion in relationship contexts among young adult, primarily African American women at three women's health clinics

Exploring school victimization and weapon carrying among military-connected lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth in California schools

Exploring the correlates to depression in elder abuse victims: abusive experience or individual characteristics?

Exploring the influence of hookup culture on female and male rape myths

Exploring the overlap between sexual victimization and offending among young women across neighborhoods: does the type of force and type of offending matter?

Exploring the potential campus-level impact of online universal sexual assault prevention education

Exploring the prevalence and correlates associated with intimate partner violence during pregnancy in Bangladesh

Exploring the role of aggressor's social class in rape and its relation to right-wing authoritarianism and social dominance

Exploring the utility of theory-informed methodological approaches in youth harassment research

Exposure to domestic violence and abuse: evidence of distinct physical and psychological dimensions

Exposure to family and friend homicide in a nationally representative sample of youth

Extending the ACEs Framework: examining the relations between childhood abuse and later victimization and perpetration with college men

Extra! Extra! The importance of victim-offender relationship in homicide newsworthiness

Factor structure and reliability of the posttraumatic cognitions inventory in Korean female victims of sexual violence

Factors associated with child maltreatment among children aged 11 to 17 years in community settings of Karachi, Pakistan, using Belsky Ecological Framework

Factors associated with domestic violence against women in Iran: an exploratory multicenter community-based study

Factors influencing labeling nonconsensual sex as sexual assault

Factors influencing law enforcement responses to child to parent violence

Factors influencing safety efficacy: examining past experience, mind-set, and emotion management

Factors influencing the prevalence of animal cruelty during adolescence

Factors related to college students' decisions to report sexual assault

Familicide in Italy: an exploratory study of cases involving male perpetrators (1992-2015)

Family dynamics and young adults' well-being: the mediating role of sibling bullying

Family Violence Pathways and Externalizing Behavior in Youth

Family violence: an insight into perspectives and practices of Australian health practitioners

Female participation in household decision making and the justification of wife beating in Bangladesh

Firearms, violence-related injuries, and victimization profiles: an approach using cluster analysis

For whom does hate crime hurt more? A comparison of consequences of victimization across motives and crime types

Forcible rape and adolescent friendship networks

Forecasting organized crime homicides: Risk Terrain Modeling of Camorra Violence in Naples, Italy

From exposure to family violence during childhood to depression in adulthood: a path analysis on the mediating effects of intimate partner violence

Gender and dating violence perpetration and victimization: a comparison of American and Chinese college students

Gender and educational differences in perception of domestic violence against women among Libyan migrants in Manchester

Gender differences in complex posttraumatic stress symptoms, and their relationship to mental health and substance abuse outcomes in incarcerated adults

Gender differences in intimate partner violence in current and prior relationships

Gender differences in the prediction of acute stress disorder from peritraumatic dissociation and distress among victims of violent crimes

Gender norms and beliefs, and men's violence against women in rural Bangladesh

Gender's role in exposure to interparental violence, acceptance of violence, self-efficacy, and physical teen dating violence among Quebec adolescents

Gender, escalatory tendencies, and verbal aggression in intimate relationships

Gender-based violence-supportive cognitions in adolescent girls and boys: the function of violence exposure and victimization

Gender-specific risk factors for psychopathology and reduced functioning in a post-9/11 veteran sample

Gendered perceptions of intimate partner violence normality: an experimental study

Generating a core set of outcomes for hospital-based violence intervention programs

Geodemographic disparities in availability of comprehensive intimate partner violence screening services in Miami-Dade County, Florida

Great sexpectations: the impact of participant gender, defendant desirability, and date cost on attributions of a date rape victim and defendant

Grief and solidarity reactions 1 week after an on-campus shooting

Group psychological abuse and psychopathological symptoms: the mediating role of psychological stress

Hate crimes against trans people: assessing emotions, behaviors, and attitudes toward criminal justice agencies

Health and health needs of children of women seeking services for and safety from intimate partner violence

Help-seeking behaviors for intimate partner violence perpetration by men receiving substance use treatment: a mixed-methods secondary analysis

Help-seeking behaviors of intimate partner violence victims: a cross-national analysis in developing nations

Holding the child (and practitioner) in mind? Youth justice practitioners' experiences supervising young people displaying sexually harmful behavior

How community and peer perceptions promote college students' pro-social bystander actions to prevent sexual violence

How dark personalities perpetrate partner and general aggression in Sweden and the United Kingdom

How do victims of sexual violence benefit from mutual disclosure? An exploratory study of women in South Korea

How does exposure to violence affect school delay and academic motivation for adolescents living in socioeconomically disadvantaged communities in South Africa?

How men's sexual assault victimization experiences differ based on their sexual history

How Thai women manage living in the context of intimate partner violence

Identification of domestic violence service needs among child welfare-involved parents with substance use disorders: a gender-stratified analysis

Identifying youth at risk for commercial sexual exploitation within child advocacy centers: a statewide pilot study

Identity abuse as a tactic of violence in LGBTQ communities: initial validation of the identity abuse measure

Illegal firearm availability and violence: neighborhood-level analysis

Impact of intimate partner violence on infant temperament

Impacts of low self-control and delinquent peer associations on bullying growth trajectories among Korean youth: a latent growth mixture modeling approach

Implementing a new tool to predict the risk of intimate partner violence in rural China

Implementing domestic violence gun confiscation policy in rural and urban communities: assessing the perceived risk, benefits, and barriers

Implications of severe polyvictimization for cardiovascular disease risk among female survivors of violence

Implicit and explicit attitudes toward intimate partner violence against women: an exploratory study

Implicit attitudes toward violence in a sample of adolescent offenders with conduct disorder

Implicit social cognitive processes underlying victim self and identity: evidence with college-aged adults

Improving emotional and cognitive outcomes for domestic violence survivors: the impact of shelter stay and self-compassion support groups

Improving formal support after sexual assault: recommendations from survivors living in poverty in Canada

Impulse control difficulties and hostility toward women as predictors of relationship violence perpetration in an undergraduate male sample

Indirect effects from childhood sexual abuse severity to PTSD: the role of avoidance coping

Individual and institutional predictors of IPV/SV screening in college health centers

Individual and parental risk factors for sexual exploitation among high-risk youth in Uganda

Individual and relationship characteristics of adolescent girls with histories of physical dating violence

Individual versus group cognitive-behavioral therapy for partner-violent men: a preliminary randomized trial

Individual, community, and social network influences on beliefs concerning the acceptability of intimate partner violence in rural Senegal

Individual, environmental, and early life factors associated with client-perpetrated violence among women who exchange sex in New York City, 2016

Influences of extended family on intimate partner violence: perceptions of Pakistanis in Pakistan and the United Kingdom

Injury matters: on female-perpetrated sex crimes

Insecure attachment, maladaptive personality traits, and the perpetration of in-person and cyber psychological abuse

Insomnia, posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms, and danger: their impact on victims' return to court for orders of protection

Institutional betrayal: who is most vulnerable?

Intergenerational transmission of corporal punishment: the independent and interactive moderating role of children's negative affectivity and effortful control

Internet facilitated rape: a multivariate model of offense behavior

Interpersonal trauma exposure and depression in young adults: considering the role of world assumptions

Interpersonal violence exposure and chronic pain in adult sickle cell patients

Intervening in a "sketchy situation": exploring the moral motivations of college bystanders of sexual assault

Intimate partner aggression and marital satisfaction: a cross-lagged panel analysis

Intimate partner homicides in the United States, 2003-2013: a comparison of immigrants and nonimmigrant victims

Intimate partner violence among female OEF/OIF/OND veterans who were evaluated for traumatic brain injury in the Veterans Health Administration: a preliminary investigation

Intimate partner violence among low-income fathers: testing a stress-coping model

Intimate partner violence among patients with dissociative disorders

Intimate partner violence and concern for animal care and safekeeping: experiences of service providers in Canada

Intimate partner violence and controlling behavior among male same-sex relationships in China: relationship with ambivalent sexism

Intimate partner violence and controlling behaviors experienced by emergency department patients: differences by sexual orientation and gender identification

Intimate partner violence and mental health among transgender/gender nonconforming adults

Intimate partner violence and pet abuse: responding law enforcement officers' observations and victim reports from the scene

Intimate partner violence and women's mental health: the mediating role of coping strategies among women seeking help from the police

Intimate partner violence in Iran: factors associated with physical aggression victimization and perpetration

Intimate partner violence prevalence, recurrence, types, and risk factors among Arab, and Jewish immigrant and nonimmigrant women of childbearing age in Israel

Intimate partner violence screening and referral practices in an outpatient care setting

Intimate partner violence victimization and perpetration in a Turkish female sample: rejection sensitivity and hostility

Intimate partner violence, police involvement, and women's trauma symptoms

Intoxicated but not incapacitated: are there effective methods to assist juries in interpreting evidence of voluntary complainant intoxication in cases of rape?

Investigating the complex relationship between intimate partner violence victimization and perpetration among system-involved women in heterosexual relationships: an exploratory analysis

Is attitudinal acceptance of violence a risk factor? An analysis of domestic violence against women in Pakistan

Is investigative awareness a distinctive feature of sexual sadism?

Is it love or is it control? Assessing warning signs of dating violence

Is perceived need for action among women in violent relationships nonlinear and, if so, why?

Is readiness to take action among women in violent relationships a catastrophic phenomenon?

Is sexual objectification and victimization of females in video games associated with victim blaming or victim empathy?

Is there a cumulative association between adverse childhood experiences and intimate partner violence in emerging adulthood?

Is there really a relationship between empathy and aggression? Evidence from physiological and self-report measures

Is this stalking? Perceptions of stalking behavior among young male and female adults in Hong Kong and Mainland China

Is women's tendency to negotiate safer sex another opportunity for intimate partner violence in Nigeria?

Jordanian men's and women's attitudes toward intimate partner violence and its correlates with family functioning and demographics

Juror decision making in acquaintance and marital rape: the influence of clothing, alcohol, and preexisting stereotypical attitudes

Justice denied: low submission rates of sexual assault kits and the predicting variables

Latina and Caribbean immigrant women's experiences with intimate partner violence: a story of ambivalent sexism

Lawyers' question repetition and children's responses in Scottish criminal courts

Leaving and beyond: voices of survivors of domestic violence from Kyrgyzstan

Left off the route: a qualitative examination of urban bus drivers wanting to be players in the bully prevention solution

Legitimizing intimate partner violence: moral evaluations, attribution of responsibility, and (reduced) helping intentions

Legitimizing intimate partner violence: the role of romantic love and the mediating effect of patriarchal ideologies

Length of women's stays in domestic violence shelters: examining the contribution of background variables, level of violence, reasons for entering shelters, and expectations

Levels of coercive control differentiate between groups of victims of intimate partner violence in Colombia

Lifetime suicide-related behavior, violent victimization, and behavioral health outcomes: results from a vulnerable population needs assessment

Lifetime victimization in children and adolescents with ADHD

Linking abusive supervision to psychological distress and turnover intentions among police personnel: the moderating role of continuance commitment

Listening to the therapeutic needs of male survivors of childhood sexual abuse

Longitudinal associations among negative cognitions and depressive and posttraumatic stress symptoms in women recently exposed to stalking

Longitudinal effects of gendered harassment perpetration and victimization on mental health outcomes in adolescence

Longitudinal patterns of electronic teen dating violence among middle school students

Longitudinal trajectory of exposure to psychological interpersonal violence

Low resting heart rate and stalking perpetration

Male college students using sexually aggressive strategies: findings on the interpersonal relationship profile

Male sexual victimization: examining variation in the probability of weapon use and victim injury

Maltreatment and affective and behavioral problems in emerging adults with and without oppositional defiant disorder symptoms: mediation by parent-child relationship quality

Mandatory reporting of domestic violence: what do abuse survivors think and what variables influence those opinions?

Meaning attribution to intimate partner violence by counselors who support women with intimate partner violence experiences in Greece

Measurement matters: offense types and specialization

Mediating factors explaining the association between sexual minority status and dating violence

Mediating justice: women's perceptions of fairness in the civil protection order process

Mediating the maltreatment-delinquency relationship: the role of Triad gang membership

Mediators and moderators of the association between stalking victimization and psychological distress

Mediators of the relationship between sexual assault and sexual behaviors in college women

Memories of boys, girls, and adolescent victims of political prison and torture by the Chilean military-civilian dictatorship

Men selling sex to men in Sweden: balancing safety and risk

Men's accounts of passion killings in the Namibian context

Men's reflections on their experiences of gender-based violence

Mental and active preparation: examining variations in women's processes of preparing to leave abusive relationships

Mental health and victimization: does risky lifestyle matter?

Mentoring pediatric victims of interpersonal violence reduces recidivism

Microfinance and violence against women in rural Guatemala

Minority and immigrant youth exposure to community violence: the differential effects of family management and peers

Minority stress and experience of sexual violence among men who have sex with men in Hanoi, Vietnam: results from a cross-sectional study

Mock jurors' perceptions of sexual assault on a university campus

Model victims of hate: victim blaming in the context of Islamophobic hate crime

Moderating effects of resilience on depression, psychological distress, and suicidal ideation associated with interpersonal violence

Moderating factors associated with interrupting the transmission of domestic violence among adolescents

Moderators of the association between exposure to violence in community, family, and dating contexts and substance use disorder risk among North American Indigenous adolescents

More likely to dropout, but what if they don't? Partner violence offenders with alcohol abuse problems completing batterer intervention programs

Mother-father dyad conflict strategy clusters: implications for emerging adults

Motives, offending behavior, and gender differences in murder perpetrators with or without psychosis

Multidisciplinary responses to the sexual victimization of children: use of control phone calls

Multiple factors associated with child abuse perpetration: a nationwide population-based retrospective study

Multiple traumas, maternal depression, mother-child relationship, social support, and young children's behavioral problems

Negative cognitions following distressing unwanted sex: the role of coercion severity and perceived consent

Negative emotions as risk factors for self-directed violence and intimate partner violence in Chinese college students

Neighborhood disorder, social support, and outcomes among violence-exposed African American women

Neighborhoods and intimate partner violence against women: the direct and interactive effects of social ties and collective efficacy

Neuroticism and its associated brain activation in women with PTSD

Not just an undergraduate issue: campus climate and sexual violence among graduate students

On lethal interactions: differences between expressive and instrumental homicides in Mexico City

Opinions on a firearm prohibition policy that targets intimate partner violence

Palestinian adolescents' prolonged exposure to political violence, self- esteem, and post-traumatic stress symptoms

Paramedics as a new resource for women experiencing intimate partner violence

Parental concerns about students' transition into college: substance use and sexual assault

Parental corporal punishment and child temperament: independent and interactive predictors of child emotion regulation in China

Parts unknown: risk factors of intimate partner violence in Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Moldova

Past year technology-involved peer harassment victimization and recent depressive symptoms and suicide ideation among a national sample of youth

Pathways to police contact for spousal violence survivors: the role of individual and neighborhood factors in survivors' reporting behaviors

Patterns of aggressive behaviors across mental health in sixth graders

Patterns of bullying behavior by sexual orientation

Patterns of intimate partner violence victimization among South African women and their relation to emotional distress during pregnancy and postpartum

Patterns of intimate partner violence victimization and survivors' help-seeking

Patterns of service utilization among women who are victims of domestic violence: the contribution of cultural background, characteristics of violence, and psychological distress

Peer influence on IPV by young adult males: investigating the case for a social norms approach

Peer victimization and dating violence victimization: the mediating role of loneliness, depressed mood, and life satisfaction

Peer victimization in preadolescent children with ADHD in Turkey

Perceived group threat, perceived injustice, and self-reported right-wing violence: an integrative approach to the explanation right-wing violence

Perceptions of cyberstalking: impact of perpetrator gender and cyberstalker/victim relationship

Perceptions of elder abuse from community-dwelling older persons and professionals working in western Switzerland

Perceptions of psychological abuse: the role of perpetrator gender, victim's response, and sexism

Perceptions of same-gender and different-gender intimate partner cyber-monitoring

Perceptions of why women stay in physically abusive relationships: a comparative study of Chinese and U.S. college students

Perpetration and experience of intimate partner violence among residents in Bariga Local Community Development Area, Lagos State, Nigeria

Perpetration of adolescent dating relationship abuse: the role of conditional tolerance for violence and friendship factors

Perpetration of alcohol-related aggression by male and female college students: an examination of overt and relational aggression

Perpetration of electronic intrusiveness among adolescent females: associations with in-person dating violence

Person- and incident-level predictors of blame, disclosure, and reporting to authorities in rape scenarios

Personal and venue characteristics associated with the practice of physical and sexual aggression in Brazilian nightclubs

Personal bullying and nurses' turnover intentions in Pakistan: a mixed methods study

Perspective-taking and empathy mitigate family-of-origin risk for electronic aggression perpetration toward dating partners: a brief report

Perspectives on self-compassion from adult female survivors of sexual abuse and the counselors who work with them

Physical and sexual teen dating violence victimization and sexual identity among U.S. high school students, 2015

Physical and sexual violence experienced by male war-affected youth: implications for post-conflict functioning and intimate relationships

Physical violence against children and adolescents in Porto: a 5-year study

Playing by the rules: agency policy and procedure in service experience of IPV survivors

Police involvement in intimate partner violence and children's anxiety symptoms

Poly-victimization and coping profiles: relationship with externalizing symptoms in adolescents

Poly-victimization in Polish adolescents: risk factors and the moderating role of coping

Polyvictimization and the associations between poor self-perceived health, dissatisfaction with life, and sexual dysfunction among women in Estonia

Poor parenting, attachment style, and dating violence perpetration among college students

Post rape care provision to minors in Kenya: an assessment of health providers' knowledge, attitudes, and practices

Postincident interpersonal difficulty among adolescent victims of violent crime

Power and inequality: intimate partner violence against bisexual and non-monosexual women in the United States

Precarious manhood and its effects on aggression: the role of cultural script

Predicting patterns of intimate partner violence perpetration from late adolescence to young adulthood

Predicting psychosocial maladjustment in emerging adulthood from high school experiences of peer victimization

Predictors of housing instability in women who have experienced intimate partner violence

Predictors of PTSD treatment response trajectories in a sample of childhood sexual abuse survivors: the roles of social support, coping, and PTSD symptom clusters

Predictors of sexual violence across young women's relationship histories

Predictors of unbearability, unlovability, and unsolvability in veterans with military-sexual-trauma-related posttraumatic stress disorder

Preferences and ratings of partner traits in female survivors of childhood abuse with PTSD and healthy controls

Prescription drug misuse and child maltreatment among high-risk families

Prevalence and correlates of bullying victimization in four low-resource countries

Prevalence and correlates of forced sex as a self-reported mode of HIV acquisition among a cohort of women living with HIV in Canada

Prevalence and correlates of sexual, physical, and psychological violence against women and men of 60 to 74 years in Sweden

Prevalence and factors associated with intimate partner violence among young women aged 15 to 24 years in India: a social-ecological approach

Prevalence and risk factors of women's past-year physical IPV perpetration and victimization in Tanzania

Prevalence and risk of violent ideation and behavior in serious mental illnesses: an analysis of 63,572 patient records

Prevalence and sociodemographic predictors of intimate partner violence against women in El Salvador

Prevalence of elder polyvictimization in the United States: data from the National Elder Mistreatment Study

Prevalence of emotional and physical intimate partner violence among married women in Pakistan

Prevalence of exposure to complex trauma and community violence and their associations with internalizing and externalizing symptoms

Preventing and responding to sexual misconduct: preliminary efficacy of a peer-led bystander training program for preventing sexual misconduct and reducing heavy drinking among collegiate athletes

Preventing sexual violence in adolescence: comparison of a scientist-practitioner program and a practitioner program using a cluster-randomized design

Preventing sexual violence through bystander intervention: attitudes, behaviors, missed opportunities, and barriers to intervention among Australian university students

Prior exposure to intimate partner violence associated with less HIV testing among young women

Prior interpersonal violence exposure and experiences during and after a disaster as predictors of posttraumatic stress disorder and depression among adolescent victims of the spring 2011 tornadoes

Prison homicide: an extension of violent criminal careers?

Problematic pornography use and physical and sexual intimate partner violence perpetration among men in batterer intervention programs

Professionals' perceptions of female child sexual offenders

Prosecutors' perspectives on biological evidence and injury evidence in sexual assault cases

Protective and risk factors associated with youth attitudes toward violence in Canada

Protective factors associated with fewer generalized anxiety disorder symptoms among women exposed to intimate partner violence

Providing coordinated, immediate, trauma-focused, and interdisciplinary responses to children exposed to severe intimate partner violence: assessing feasibility of a collaborative model

Providing health care in the shadow of violence: does emotion regulation vary among hospital workers from different professions?

Provoked narcissistic aggression: examining the role of de-escalated and escalated provocations

Psychological distress and attachment insecurity of stalked mothers

Psychological intimate partner violence and childhood cumulative trauma: the mediating role of affect dysregulation, maladaptive personality traits, and negative urgency

Psychological predictors of aggressive behavior among men and women

Psychological violence and sexual risk behavior among predominantly African American women

Psychometric properties of the Dating Violence Questionnaire: reviewing the evidence in Chilean youths

Psychometric properties of the Institutional Betrayal Questionnaire, Version 2: evidence for a two-factor model

Psychopathic traits and sexual coercion against relationship partners in men and women

Psychopathological factors and perpetration of intimate partner aggression: a multivariate model

Psychopathy and intimate partner violence

Psychopathy and perception of vulnerability to criminal victimization

Psychopathy and victim selection: does nonverbal decoding or empathy impact vulnerability ratings?

PTSD as a risk factor for the development of violence among juvenile offenders: a group-based trajectory modeling approach

Public stranger violence-what makes you vulnerable? A comparison of perspectives from young adults and industry experts

Qualitatively understanding mother fault after childhood sexual abuse

Quality of sibling relationships in maltreated youth residing in out-of-home-care

Race, bullying, and public perceptions of school and university safety

Racial differences among juvenile homicide offenders: an empirical analysis of 37 years of U.S. arrest data

Racial differences in children's trauma symptoms following complex trauma exposure

Rape acknowledgment and sexual minority women's mental health and drinking behaviors

Rape crisis counseling: trauma contagion and supervision

Rape myth acceptance among lesbian, gay, bisexual, and mostly heterosexual college students

Recipes for prevention: an analysis of intimate partner violence messages on Pinterest

Recommendations for responding to survivors of sexual assault: a qualitative study of survivors and support providers

Relationship dissatisfaction, emotion regulation, and physical intimate partner aggression in heavy-drinking, conflict-prone couples: a dyadic analysis

Relationship dynamics and intimate partner violence among Israeli college students: the moderating effect of communication problems

Relative employment, gender beliefs, and intimate partner coercion and violence against new mothers across marital and residential contexts

Releasing the tide: how has a shock to the acceptability of gender-based sexual violence affected rape reporting to police in India?

Religion, religious heterogeneity, and intimate partner violence among Korean immigrant women

Religiosity: protective or risk factor for posttraumatic distress among adolescents who were exposed to different types of acts of political violence

Religiousness and rape myth acceptance: risk and protective effects

Reporting harassment and stalking to the police: a qualitative study of victims' experiences

Resisting unwanted sexual and social advances: perspectives of college women and men

Resource use after unwanted sexual experiences in undergraduates: a comprehensive evaluation of factors related to the decision to seek help

Revisiting the link between economic distress, race, and domestic violence

Risk and protective factors for difficulty controlling violent behavior in National Guard and Reserve service members

Risk and protective factors of child-to-parent violence: a comparison between physical and verbal aggression

Risk and resilience factors for psychobehavioral symptom trajectories among child welfare-involved youth

Risk factors for forced, incapacitated, and coercive sexual victimization among sexual minority and heterosexual male and female college students

Risk factors for spousal physical violence against women in Saudi Arabia

Risk factors in domestic homicides: identifying common clusters in the Canadian context

Risk factors of sexual assault and victimization among youth in custody

Romantic relationship characteristics and adolescent relationship abuse in a probability-based sample of youth

Routine activities and criminal victimization: the significance of gendered spaces

Rumination mediates the relationship between negative affect and posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms in female interpersonal trauma survivors

Rural Malawian women's resistance to systematic oppression, violence, and abuse by their husbands

Safe from harm? Youth self-report of physical assault in child welfare placements

Safeguarding children's well-being: voices from abused mothers navigating their relationships and the civil courts

School attachment and violent attitudes preventing future violent behavior among youth

School personnel's bystander action in situations of dating violence, sexual violence, and sexual harassment among high school teens: a qualitative analysis

School victimization, immigration, dropping out, and gender disparities

School-based violent victimization in Turkey: are correlates gender-specific?

Screening for traumatic experiences and mental health distress among women in HIV care in Cape Town, South Africa

Seeking help from police for intimate partner violence: applying a relationship phase framework to the exploration of victims' evolving needs

Self-blame and PTSD following sexual assault: a longitudinal analysis

Self-control, opportunity, and college students' bystander intervention in sexually coercive situations

Self-reported lifetime violence exposure and self-compassion associated with satisfaction of life in historically Black college and university students

Sensitivity of sexual victimization estimates to definitional and measurement decisions

Servicemen's perceptions of male sexual assault and barriers to reporting during active component and Reserve/National Guard military service

Sex and labor trafficking in Paraguay: risk factors, needs assessment, and the role of the health care system

Sex differences in the association between gaming and serious violence among predominantly African American youth

Sexual and nonsexual homicide in Scotland: is there a difference?

Sexual assault and cancer screening among men and women

Sexual assault disclosure: the effect of victim race and perpetrator type on empathy, culpability, and service referral for survivors in a hypothetical scenario

Sexual assault, sexual orientation, and reporting among college students

Sexual coercion in the college population: a form of risk-taking behavior

Sexual harassment at institutions of higher education: prevalence, risk, and extent

Sexual revictimization in college women: mediational analyses testing hypothesized mechanisms for sexual coercion and sexual assault

Sexual revictimization: a routine activity theory explanation

Sexual violence among college students attending a nonresidential campus

Sexual violence among male inmates

Sexual violence-related pregnancy among internally displaced women in an internally displaced persons camp in Northeast Nigeria

Sexualization of sexual harassment victims reduces bystanders' help: the mediating role of attribution of immorality and blame

Shifting sexual assault forensic examiners orientation from prosecutorial to patient-centered: the role of training

Silent victims in the public eye: socially vulnerable EU citizens' exposure to crime and its consequences

Situational and dispositional determinants of college men's perception of women's sexual desire and consent to sex: a factorial vignette analysis

Social and contextual influences on mental health following an episode of mass violence

Social determinants of domestic violence among Saudi married women in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Social integration and domestic violence support in an Indigenous community: women's recommendations of formal versus informal sources of support

Social learning theory, gender, and intimate partner violent victimization: a structural equations approach

Social reactions to IPV disclosure and PTSD symptom severity: assessing avoidant coping as a mediator

Social reactions to sexual assault disclosure: the role of posttraumatic cognitions

Social structure, social learning, and the severity of physical intimate partner violence against women in Nigeria

Sociocultural aspects of femicide-suicide: the case of Israel

Sorority membership and sexual victimization: an examination of potential mediators of the association

Sources of social support after patient assault as related to staff well-being

Spousal coping strategies in the shadow of terrorism

Stability of the severity of intimate partner violence

Stalking victimization in LGBTQ adults: a brief report

Stranger harassment ("piropo") and women's self-objectification: the role of anger, happiness, and empowerment

Street culture and gun violence: exploring the reputation-victimization paradox

Strong women never mumble: female athlete attitudes about sexual consent

Structural pathways between race/ethnicity, substance use, military service, and male-perpetrated intimate partner violence in pre-9/11 military families

Structured spatial modeling and mapping of domestic violence against women of reproductive age in Rwanda

Stuck on the train of ruminative thoughts: the effect of aggressive fantasy on subjective well-being

Students as prosocial bystanders to sexual assault: demographic correlates of intervention norms, intentions, and missed opportunities

Surviving all the way to college: pathways out of one of America's most crime ridden cities

Syndemic of lifetime mental illness, substance use disorders, and trauma and their association with adverse perinatal outcomes

Systemic factors associated with prosocial skills and maladaptive functioning in youth exposed to intimate partner violence

TakeCARE, a video to promote bystander behavior on college campuses: replication and extension

Talking about feelings: mother-child emotion dialogues among sexually abused children

Ten-year trends in physical dating violence victimization among adolescent boys and girls in British Columbia, Canada

The association among parental bonding, depression, social aggression, and criminal assault: are there gender differences between male and female youth offenders?

The association between intimate partner violence and distance traveled to access abortion in a nationally representative sample of abortion patients

The association between intimate partner violence and signs of depression during pregnancy in Kilimanjaro Region, Northern Tanzania

The association between PTSD symptoms and IPV perpetration across 6 years

The association between stereotypical gender and dating beliefs and digital dating abuse perpetration in adolescent dating relationships

The association of depressive symptoms and intimate partner violence against women in northwestern Botswana

The Bystander Behavior (For Friends) Scale: factor structure and correlation with prior victimization

The challenges of working with men who perpetrate partner violence: perspectives and observations of experts who work with batterer intervention programs

The complexities of intimate partner violence: mental health, disabilities, and child abuse history for White, Indigenous, and other visible minority Canadian women

The consequences of crime in company: co-offending, victim-offender relationship, and quality of violence

The contingent effect of guardianship on victimization: an examination of people with and without mental health problems

The cycle of violence: examining attitudes toward and experiences of corporal punishment in a representative German sample

The development and validation of the child sexual assault victim credibility scale: an instrument to measure laypersons' perceptions of victim credibility

The differential influence of drinking, sensation seeking, and impulsivity on the perpetration of unwanted sexual advances and sexual coercion

The differential role of narcissism in the relations between childhood sexual abuse, dissociation, and self-harm

The effect of child sexual abuse on social functioning in schizophrenia spectrum disorders

The effect of combining business training, microfinance, and support group participation on economic status and intimate partner violence in an unplanned settlement of Nairobi, Kenya

The effect of hypervigilance on the relationship between sexual victimization and gait

The effect of moral disengagement on bullying: testing the moderating role of personal and social factors

The effect of sex and perpetrator-victim relationship on perceptions of domestic homicide

The effects of gender-blind sexism on rape myth acceptance: results from a nationally representative study

The failure of all mothers or the mother of all failures? Juror perceptions of failure to protect laws

The gay panic defense: legal defense strategy or reinforcement of homophobia in court?

The gender safety gap: examining the impact of victimization history, perceived risk, and personal control

The impact of adverse childhood events on the sexual and mental health of women experiencing intimate partner violence

The impact of child sexual abuse discovery on caregivers and families: a qualitative study

The impact of participation in research about abuse and intimate partner violence: an investigation of harms, benefits, and regrets in young adolescents in the Western Cape of South Africa

The impact of perpetrator characteristics on the completion of a partner abuse intervention program

The impact of sexual abuse, family violence/conflict, spirituality, and religion on anger and depressed mood among adolescents

The importance of space and time in aggravated assault victimization

The influence of culture on healthy relationship formation and teen dating violence: a qualitative analysis of South Asian female youth residing in the United States

The influence of fantasy proneness, dissociation, and vividness of mental imagery on male's aggressive sexual fantasies

The influence of intimate partner violence on pregnancy symptoms

The influence of the opposite sex on hypothetical aggressive inclinations

The interaction between observer sex and sexual identity on attributions of blame with a heterosexual female victim

The interaction of extremist propaganda and anger as predictors of violent responses

The intergenerational legacy of genocidal rape: the realities and perspectives of children born of the Rwandan genocide

The intersection of gender identity and violence: victimization experienced by transgender college students

The invisible burden of violence against girls and young women in Mexico: 1990 to 2015

The level of personality organization and revictimization in lives of child sexual abuse survivors

The link between domestic violence and abuse and animal cruelty in the intimate relationships of people of diverse genders and/or sexualities: a binational study

The longitudinal relation between community violence exposure and academic engagement during adolescence: exploring families' protective role

The mediating role of coping style: associations between intimate partner violence and suicide risks among chinese wives of men who have sex with men

The neighborhood-level association between alcohol outlet density and female criminal victimization rates

The perceptions of sexual assault prevention according to military spouses

The prediction of repeated violence among individuals with serious mental disorders: situational versus dispositional factors

The prevalence and psychological cost of interpersonal violence in graduate and law school

The prevalence and typologies of controlling behaviors in a general population sample

The prevalence of intimate partner violence, associated risk factors, and other moderating effects: findings from the Kenya National Health Demographic Survey

The process of adjusting to divorce after leaving violent marriages: a case study of Iranian women

The relationship between approval of violence and intimate partner violence in college students

The relationship between foreclosures and intimate partner violence during the U.S. housing crisis

The relationship between maternal domestic violence and infant and toddlers' emotional regulation: highlighting the need for preventive services

The relationship between posttraumatic growth and psychosocial variables in survivors of state terrorism and their relatives

The relationship between sexual aggression victimization and perpetration and other types of IPV among Iranian married individuals

The relevance of victimization experiences for predicting the development of threat symptoms during adolescence and early adulthood

The reporting and help-seeking behaviors of cyberstalking victims

The role of ADHD in predicting the development of violent behavior among juvenile offenders: participation versus frequency

The role of control in intimate partner violence: a study in Dutch forensic outpatients

The role of cultural factors on dating aggression and delinquency among Latino youth

The role of family support in the explanation of patterns of desistance among individuals convicted of a sexual offense

The role of gender, child maltreatment, alcohol expectancies, and personality pathology on relationship violence among undergraduates

The role of life satisfaction in predicting youth violence and offending: a prospective examination

The role of maternal acceptance in mediating child outcomes among substance using women experiencing intimate partner violence

The role of social support on depression among vulnerable caregivers reporting bidirectional physical violence

The role of technologies, behaviors, gender, and gender stereotype traits in adolescents' cyber aggression

The role of the perceptions of school climate and teacher victimization by students

The role of traumatic childhood experiences in predicting a disposition to risk-taking and aggression in Turkish university students

The role of violent thinking in violent behavior: it's more about thinking than drinking

The rural/urban divide: examining different types of assault through a social disorganization lens

The secondary traumatic stress scale: confirmatory factor analyses with a national sample of victim advocates

The social context of violence: a study of repeated victimization in adolescents and young adults

The unintended consequences of rape disclosure: the effects of disclosure content, listener gender, and year in college on listener's reactions

The use of victim video statements in family violence cases increases the rate of early guilty pleas

The views of ex-police officers on child abuse case attrition in the United Kingdom

Themes of healing and posttraumatic growth in women survivors' narratives of intimate partner violence

Theorizing the process of leaving a violent marriage and getting a divorce in Tehran

Therapeutic change in group therapy for interpersonal trauma: a relational framework for research and clinical practice

They are coming home: the effect of trauma-related cognitions on vocational readiness of incarcerated women

Threat bias and emotion recognition in victims of IPV

Through the eyes of a child: witnessing childhood trauma is as impactful as experiencing trauma for polyvictimized survivors of child sexual abuse

Tolerance for intimate partner violence: a comparative study of Chinese and American college students

Trafficking experiences and psychosocial features of domestic minor sex trafficking victims

Transformational leadership and incivility: a multilevel and longitudinal test

Transformative or functional justice? Examining the role of health care institutions in responding to violence against women in India

Transphobia-based violence, depression, and anxiety in transgender women: the role of body satisfaction

Trauma history and social support among American Indian/Alaska Native and non-native survivors of intimate partner violence

Trauma symptoms and social support mediate the impact of violence exposure on parenting competence among substance-dependent mothers

Trauma-related disclosure in sexual assault survivors' intimate relationships: associations with PTSD, shame, and partners' responses

Trauma-related sleep problems and associated health outcomes in police officers: a path analysis

Traumatic events exposure and psychological trauma in children victims of war in the Gaza Strip

Traumatic experience, polytraumatization, and perinatal depression in a diverse sample of adolescent mothers

Traumatic experiences and PTSD symptoms in the Chinese male intrafamilial physical violence perpetrators: a comparative and structural equation modeling study

Trends in depressed mood and suicidal behaviors among female high school students who engaged in physical fighting

Types of trauma and self-reported pain that limits functioning in different-aged cohorts

Ugandan health care professionals' response to sexual violence survivors: exploring local strategy and international guidelines

Undergraduate men's self-reports of sexual assault and perceptions of college campus acquaintance rape

Undergraduate students as bystanders to sexual violence risks: differences in reported intervention opportunities and behaviors by racial identity

Understanding empathy, self-esteem, and adult attachment in sexual offenders and partner-violent men

Understanding forced marriage in the United States: developing measures, examining its nature, and assessing gender disparities

Understanding gender differences in rape victim blaming: the power of social influence and just world beliefs

Understanding how domestic violence shelter rules may influence survivor empowerment

Understanding polyvictimization in prison: prevalence and predictors among men inmates in spain

Understanding revenge pornography: a national survey of police officers and staff in England and Wales

Understanding the elevated prevalence of intimate partner violence in interracial relationships

Unique interactions of interpersonal trauma and positive peer and family experiences on traumatic distress among pediatric primary care patients

Unraveling the personality profile of the sexual murderer

Unwanted sexual acts among university students: correlates of victimization and perpetration

Using behavior sequence analysis to map serial killers' life histories

Using reoffenders' experiences and perspectives to improve intimate partner violence treatment

Using social media to explore the consequences of domestic violence on mental health

Using technology to conduct focus groups with a hard-to-reach population: a methodological approach concerning male victims of partner abuse in four English-speaking countries

Validation of questionnaire on violence in affective relationships

Validation of the Brief Symptom Inventory-18 among low-income African American adolescents exposed to community violence

Validation of the English language version of the Violent Ideations Scale

Validation of the Psychological Maltreatment of Women Inventory for Chinese women

Victimization status of female and male college students in Spain: prevalence and relation to mental distress

Victimized for being different: young adults with disabilities and peer victimization in middle and high school

Viewing the cycle of violence through a gendered pathways lens: perceived parental tolerance of violence, peer influence, and child aggressive behavior

Violence against children in afghanistan: community perspectives

Violence against female adolescents in low- and middle-income countries: evidence from 36 national household surveys

Violence against women and its consequences on women's reproductive health and depression: a Jordanian sample

Violence and abuse in rural older women's lives: a life course perspective

Violence and disability: experiences and perceptions of victimization among deaf people

Violence and economic empowerment of women in Pakistan: an empirical investigation

Violence experiences in childhood and adolescence among gay men and transgender women living in Perú: a qualitative exploration

Violence exposure in South African adolescents: differential and cumulative effects on psychological functioning

Violence exposure, posttraumatic stress, and subjective well-being in a sample of Russian adults: a Facebook-based study

Violence next door: the influence of friendship with perpetrators on responses to intimate partner violence

Violence perpetrated by mothers-in-law in northern India: perceived frequency, acceptability, and options for survivors

Violence with femicide risk: its effects on women and their children

Violent and nonviolent crimes against sex workers: the influence of the sex market on reporting practices in the united kingdom

Violent discipline behaviors in mothers of preschool children in Malatya, East Anatolia

Violent motherhood: prevalence and factors affecting violence against pregnant women in India

Warmth, competence, and blame: examining mothers of sexually abused children within the stereotype content model

Warning signs of partner abuse in intimate relationships: gender differences in young adults' perceptions of seriousness

Watering the plant in another's courtyard: an ethnographic exploration of daughters' devaluation through sex-selected abortions among the rural married females in South Punjab, Pakistan

What makes police officers act? Police response to instances of intimate partner violence

When a wife says "no": wife sexual refusal as a factor in husband-wife homicides in Ghana

When bigger is better: household size, abuse injuries, neglect, and family response in Novosibirsk, Russia

When the cop is the victim: a test of target congruence theory on intimate partner violence victimization experienced by police officers

Who gets blamed for rapes: effects of immigration status on the attribution of blame toward victims and perpetrators

Who helps the helpers? Social support for rape crisis advocates

Who supports honor-based violence in the Middle East? Findings from a national survey of Kuwait

Why should I, the one who was raped, be forced to take training in what sexual assault is?"Ssexual assault survivors' and those who know survivors' responses to a campus sexual assault education program

Women's advocates and shelter residents: describing experiences of working and living in domestic violence shelters

Women's attitude and its influence on violence during pregnancy in Northern State of Peninsular Malaysia: cross-sectional study

Women's cigarette and marijuana use in pregnancy: identifying the role of past versus recent violence exposure

Women's experiences of social reactions from informal and formal supports: using a modified administration of the Social Reactions Questionnaire

Women's mobility and the situational conditions of rape: cases reported to hospitals

Women's perceived likelihood to engage in sexual risk taking: posttraumatic stress symptoms and poor behavioral regulation

Women's psychological aggression toward an intimate male partner: between the impulsive and the instrumental

Working alliance and psychopathy: linkages to treatment outcome in a sample of treated sexual offenders

Working in the field of complex psychological trauma: a framework for personal and professional growth, training, and supervision

Workplace bullying and work engagement: a self-determination model

Workplace psychological aggression, job stress, and vigor: a test of longitudinal effects

Workplace victimization and discrimination in China: a nationwide survey

Workplace violence in county hospitals in eastern China: risk factors and hospital attitudes

Young adults victimized as children or adolescents: relationships between perpetrator patterns, poly-victimization, and mental health problems

Youth response to rape: rape myths and social support