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Culture and social behavior
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Should antidepressant medication be used in the elderly?
Sex differences in glutamate receptor gene expression in major depression and suicide
Sexual self-concept ambiguity and the interpersonal theory of suicide risk
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Sleep problems and self-harm in adolescence
Stigma, attitudes, and help-seeking intentions for psychological problems in relation to regional suicide rates
Suicidal fatality from azide ingestion
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Suicidality among pregnant women in Brazil: prevalence and risk factors
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Suicide in hospitalized patients and medical liability
Suicide in Parkinson's disease patients treated with levodopa-carbidopa intestinal gel
The suicide prevention effect of lithium: more than 20 years of evidence-a narrative review
Suicide prevention: the role of the psychiatrist
Suicide risk assessments: which suicide risk factors psychiatric residents consider significant?
Temperament and character personality profile and affective temperaments in self-poisoning nonlethal suicide attempters
Till death do us part: the lived experience of an elderly couple who chose to end their lives by spousal self-euthanasia
There is no difference in IQ between suicide and non-suicide psychiatric patients: a retrospective case-control study
Trait-aggression and conscious poetic attitude in the background of Attila Jozsef's suicide
Trait-aggression and suicide of Vincent van Gogh
Trajectories of self-rated health in the last 15 years of life by cause of death
Under the shadow of maternity: pregnancy, suicidal ideation, and intimate partner violence
Unpacking sleep and suicide in older adults in a combined online sample
An unusual method of suicidal ligature strangulation
Adolescent daughters and ritual abjection: narrative analysis of self-injury in four US films
Activation of the kynurenine pathway is associated with striatal volume in major depressive disorder
Altered functional connectivity density in major depressive disorder at rest
The antidepressant-like effect of vagus nerve stimulation is mediated through the locus coeruleus
Architecting the future U.S. Military psychological health enterprise via policy and procedure analysis
Are severe musculoskeletal injuries associated with symptoms of common mental disorders among male European professional footballers?
Assessing measures of suicidal ideation in clinical trials with a rapid-acting antidepressant
Assessment of self-restraint using a functional analysis of self-injury
Association between toll-like receptor 4 expression and symptoms of major depressive disorder
Associations between the timing of childhood adversity and adulthood suicidal behavior: a nationally-representative cohort
Asthma, depression, and suicidality: results from the 2007, 2009, and 2011 Youth Risk Behavior Surveys
Atypical gunshot wound: bullet trajectory analyzed by computed tomography
Auditory verbal hallucinations increase the risk for suicide attempts in adolescents with suicidal ideation
Auto-intoxication with an illegal slimming product
Balance characteristics in patients with major depression after a two-month walking exercise program: a pilot study
Being equipped to care for patients at risk of self-harm and suicide
Changes in depression stigma after the Germanwings crash - findings from German population surveys
Chaplains' engagement with suicidality among their service users: findings from the VA/DoD Integrated Mental Health Strategy
Childhood maltreatment and risk of suicide attempt: a nationally representative study
The Chinese version of the Gotland Male Depression Scale (GMDS): Mokken scaling
Chronic traumatic encephalopathy and athletes
Contagion from peer suicidal behavior in a representative sample of American adolescents
A controlled trial using natural language processing to examine the language of suicidal adolescents in the emergency department
Contesting the equivalency of continuous sedation until death and physician-assisted suicide/euthanasia: a commentary on LiPuma
Depressed spousal caregivers have psychological stress unrelated to the progression of Alzheimer disease: a 3-year follow-up report, Kuopio ALSOVA Study
Depression awareness and self-management through the internet: protocol for an internationally standardized approach
Depressive symptoms and social-demographic, stress and health risk behaviour among university students in 26 low, middle and high income countries
Designing psychological treatments for scalability: the PREMIUM approach
Dichotomy of psychiatric and somatic emergency care; fundamental flaw should be addressed
Different stress-related gene expression in depression and suicide
Differentiating suicide attempters from suicide ideators using the Integrated Motivational-Volitional model of suicidal behaviour
The discursive analysis of mental health promotion efforts targeting community-dwelling young adults at high risk of mental illness
Does reintegration stress contribute to suicidal ideation among returning veterans seeking ptsd treatment?
Drug addiction as risk for suicide attempts
Dual-tasking gait variability and cognition in late-life depression
Early identification of treatment non-response utilizing the Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9)
The effects of galantamine and buspirone on sleep structure: implications for understanding sleep abnormalities in major depression
Engraved suicide notes: the last note written on body by metallic object
An examination of historical loss thinking frequency and rumination on suicide ideation in American Indian young adults
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Factors influencing mental health screening and treatment among women in a rural south central Appalachian primary care clinic
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First-degree relatives of suicide completers may have impaired decision-making but functional cognitive control
Gender differences among suicide attempters attending a crisis intervention clinic in south India
Health information systems and pesticide poisoning at Pernambuco
Helping callers to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline who are at imminent risk of suicide: evaluation of caller risk profiles and interventions implemented
High anion gap metabolic acidosis after a suicide attempt with cyanide: the rebirth of cyanide poisoning
High doses of baclofen as suicide attempt in patients with alcohol use disorders - a serious concern
Hippocampal glutamate is increased and associated with risky drinking in young adults with major depression
The homicide-suicide phenomenon: findings of psychological autopsies
Hospital management of suicidal behaviour and subsequent mortality: a prospective cohort study
How do young people in Cambodia perceive the impact of societal attitudes, media and religion on suicidal behaviour?
Identifying differences between depressed adolescent suicide ideators and attempters
The impact of lifetime suicidality on academic performance in college freshmen
In my end is my beginning: developmental trajectories of adverse childhood experiences to late-life suicide
Influence of bullying on the quality of life perception of Chilean students
The influence of parental psychopathology on offspring suicidal behavior across the lifespan
The influence of pubertal timing and stressful life events on depression and delinquency among Chinese adolescents
Investigating correlates of suicide among male youth: questioning the close affinity between suicide attempts and deaths
Is religiosity a protective factor against suicidal behavior in bipolar I outpatients?
Ketamine for rapid reduction of suicidal ideation: a randomized controlled trial
Late-life depression is not associated with dementia-related pathology
Latent profile analyses of posttraumatic stress disorder, depression and generalized anxiety disorder symptoms in trauma-exposed soldiers
Life course models of economic stress and poor mental health in mid-adulthood: results from the prospective northern Swedish cohort
Long-acting anticoagulant rodenticide (superwarfarin) poisoning: a review of its historical development, epidemiology, and clinical management
Maternal depressive symptomatology in México: national prevalence, care, and population risk profiles
Mining for murder-suicide: an approach to identifying cases of murder-suicide in the National Violent Death Reporting System restricted access database
Neuroinflammation in suicide: toward a comprehensive model
The phenomenon of the urban mummy
Physician counseling on firearm safety: a new kind of cultural competence
Poisonings with suicidal intent aged 0-21 years reported to poison centers 2003-12
A population health perspective on suicide research and prevention
How can we decrease suicide risk in cases of genitourinary cancer?
Near-lethal violent suicide attempt in a 15-year old adolescent with no prior psychiatric history following ingestion of 'N-Bomb' drug
A retrospective study of blade wound characteristics in suicide and homicide
Romantic suicide - in 100 words
Tedium vitae, death wishes, suicidal ideation and attempts in Kenya-prevalence and risk factors
Yes, India has done it: decriminalization of suicide in India
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Alcohol dependence, co-occurring conditions and attributable burden
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Risk of depressive disorders in women undergoing hysterectomy: a population-based follow-up study
Risk of suicide and all-cause mortality after self-harm
The roles of social stress and decision-making in non-suicidal self-injury
Safeguarding the welfare of children: what is the nurse's role?
Sexual victimization and somatic complaints in pregnancy: examination of depression as a mediator
Shame, guilt, and facial emotion processing: initial evidence for a positive relationship between guilt-proneness and facial emotion recognition ability
Should health care providers uphold the DNR of a terminally ill patient who attempts suicide?
Social cognition, social competence, negative symptoms and social outcomes: inter-relationships in people with schizophrenia
Somatization is associated with worse outcome in a chiropractic patient population with neck pain and low back pain
Specific features of suicides committed in a state of alcoholic intoxication
SSRIs and risk of suicide attempts in young people - a Danish observational register-based historical cohort study, using propensity score
Subclinical psychosis and suicidal behavior in England: findings from the 2007 Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey
Subcortical volumes differentiate major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, and remitted major depressive disorder
Suicidal smothering by rubber latex gloves and handkerchief
Suicidality in clozapine-treated patients with schizophrenia: role of obsessive-compulsive symptoms
Suicide attempts and childhood maltreatment among street youth: a prospective cohort study
Suicide in the city: do characteristics of place really influence risk?
Suicide risk among perinatal women who report thoughts of self-harm on depression screens
Suicide risk assessment in high-risk adolescents
Suicide risk in Iraq and Afghanistan veterans with mental health problems in VA care
A systematic review of randomised control trials on the effects of yoga on stress measures and mood
Biological pathways and networks implicated in psychiatric disorders
A case of suicide by self-injection of adrenaline
Deinstitutionalization in Italian psychiatry - the course and consequences Part II. The consequences of deinstitutionalization
Does religious coping and spirituality have a moderating role on depression and anxiety in patients with spinal cord injury? A study from Iran
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High alcohol use a strong and significant risk factor for repetitive self-harm in female and male youth: a prospective cohort study
The influence of personality disorder on outcome in adolescent self-harm
Injury-related mortality in South Africa: a retrospective descriptive study of postmortem investigations
Changing the management of paracetamol poisoning
Depression in adolescents and young adults with cancer
Depression symptoms are associated with key health outcomes in women with fibromyalgia: a cross-sectional study
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Current trends (drugs and therapy) in controlling depression: a scientific approach and review
Philosophical perceptions of suicide and implications for the sanctity of life
Suicide: a retrospective study of psychodynamics and relevent socio economic factors
Association between depressive symptoms in adolescence and birth outcomes in early adulthood using a population-based sample
Investigating the psychometric properties of the Geriatric Suicide Ideation Scale (GSIS) among community-residing older adults
Self-inserted needles in the heart
Understanding and predicting suicidality using a combined genomic and clinical risk assessment approach
Suicide attempts in the US Army during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, 2004 to 2009
Suicide attempt by means of phenobarbital overdose : effective treatment with continuous veno-venous hemodialysis
Suicide by people in a community justice pathway: population-based nested case-control study
Suicide related ideation and behavior among Canadian gay and bisexual men: a syndemic analysis
Suicide risk: sunshine or temperature increase?
The study of fatal burn deaths in district hospital, Gulbarga, Karnatak
Study of un-natural deaths of the patients brought to People's Hospital, Bhopal (a retrospective study)
Suicidal chemistry: combined intoxication with carbon monoxide and formic acid
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Suicide behind bars - prediction and prevention - Lester,D, Danto,BL
Case report: an extreme homicide-suicide by a 12-year-old girl
Cross-cultural differences in intimate partner violence and depression: a systematic review
Mercy death risks are far too great
The association between benzodiazepine use and depression outcomes in older veterans
Associations among depression, suicidal behavior, and quality of life in patients with human immunodeficiency virus
Antidepressant regulatory warnings, prescription patterns, suicidality and other aggressive behaviors in major depressive disorder and anxiety disorders
Are religiousness and death attitudes associated with the wish to die in older people?
"As a parent, there is no rulebook": a new resource for parents and carers of young people who self-harm
Assessing the efficacy of restricting access to barbecue charcoal for suicide prevention in Taiwan: a community-based intervention trial
Assessing suicidal ideation and behaviors among survivors of childhood brain tumors and their mothers during sociobehavioral research
Association of different forms of bullying victimisation with adolescents' psychological distress and reduced emotional wellbeing
The burden of distress and related coping processes in family caregivers of patients with Alzheimer's disease living in the community
A comparison of self-rated and female partner-rated scales in the assessment of paternal prenatal depression
Correlates of mental depression among female sex workers in southern India
Depressive symptoms in neurodegenerative diseases
Do girls with depressive symptoms exhibit more physical aggression than boys? A cross sectional study in a national adolescent sample
The effectiveness of suicide prevention gatekeeper-training for university administrative staff in Japan
Epigenetic and genetic variation at SKA2 predict suicidal behavior and post-traumatic stress disorder
Explaining risk for suicidal ideation in adolescent offspring of mothers with depression
Health risk behaviors and depressive symptoms among hispanic adolescents: examining acculturation discrepancies and family functioning
Higher childhood peer reports of social preference mediates the impact of the on suicide attempt
The influence of posttraumatic stress disorder on treatment outcomes of patients with borderline personality disorder
An integrated model of suicidal ideation in transcultural populations of Chinese adolescents
Internalizing disorders in adults with a history of childhood traumatic brain injury
An internationally comparative study of immigration and adolescent emotional and behavioral problems: effects of generation and gender
Life adversities and suicidal behavior in young individuals: a systematic review
Improvement of nonsuicidal self-injury following treatment with antipsychotics possessing strong D1 antagonistic activity: evidence from a report of three cases
Mental health and suicide risk in Northern Ireland: a legacy of the Troubles?
An observational study of the Factor Xa inhibitors rivaroxaban and apixaban as reported to eight poison centers
Parental care protects traumatized Sri Lankan children from internalizing behavior problems
Prevalence and predictors of depression among type 2 diabetes mellitus outpatients in Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia
Psychopharmacological agents and suicide risk reduction: ketamine and other approaches
Reasons for living, meaning in life, and suicide ideation: investigating the roles of key positive psychological factors in reducing suicide risk in community-residing older adults
Relative age in school and suicide among young individuals in Japan: a regression discontinuity approach
The Self-Harm Inventory: a meta-analysis of its relationship to the Personality Diagnostic Questionnaire-4 as a measure of borderline personality disorder
Suicide and accidental deaths among patients with loco-regional prostate cancer
Suicide by blunt head trauma - two cases with striking similarities
Suicide risk after nonfatal self-harm: a national cohort study, 2000-2008
Suicide risk in patients with migraine and comorbid fibromyalgia
Suicide risk is elevated in migraineurs who have comorbid fibromyalgia
Toward an understanding of late life suicidal behavior: the role of lifespan developmental theory
Toxicological findings in three cases of suicidal asphyxiation with helium
Voluntary stopping of eating and drinking: an ethical alternative to physician-assisted suicide
Differentiation of indirect self-destructiveness due to sex (gender) in individuals after suicide attempts
Does childhood attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) predict levels of depressive symptoms during emerging adulthood?
Dyadic death - depression and borderline personality
Effortful control predicts adolescent antisocial-aggressive behaviors and depressive symptoms: co-occurrence and moderation by impulsivity
Examining the preventable but predictable death of Ashley Smith
Forensic autopsy of people having committed suicide in 2002 and in 2012: comparison of epidemiological and sociological data
Gender differences related to attitudes toward suicide and suicidal behavior
Have treatment studies of depression become even less generalizable?: a review of the inclusion and exclusion criteria used in placebo-controlled antidepressant efficacy trials published during the past 20 years
Hospital-treated suicide attempts among Finnish fire setters: a follow-up study
Individual- and structural-level risk factors for suicide attempts among transgender adults
The interrelations between internalized homophobia, depressive symptoms, and suicidal ideation among Australian gay men, lesbians, and bisexual women
Post-traumatic stress disorder as a consequence of bullying at work and at school. A literature review and meta-analysis
Seriousness and lethality of attempted suicide: a systematic review
Suicide prevention in fire service: the Houston Fire Department (HFD) model
Victim, perpetrator, and offense characteristics in filicide and filicide-suicide
Access to green space, physical activity and mental health: a twin study
Adiposity and psychosocial outcomes at ages 30 and 35
Childhood and adolescence risk factors and development of depressive symptoms: the 32-year prospective Young Finns follow-up study
Chronic pancreatitis, depression and substance use disorders: a not uncommon combination
Completed suicide in a case of clinically diagnosed progressive supranuclear palsy
Comparison of electronic screening for suicidal risk with the Patient Health Questionnaire Item 9 and the Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale in an outpatient psychiatric clinic
Grieving while driving
Cost analysis of road traffic crashes in South Africa
A review of drug use and driving: epidemiology, impairment, risk factors and risk perceptions
Air bags and the skin
Deaths from motor vehicle traffic accidents in selected countries of the Americas, 1985-2001
Epidemiological characteristics of expressway traffic trauma in 2040 cases
Reducing unintentional injuries on the nation's highways: a literature review
Characteristics of older motorcyclist crashes
Comprehensive and human capital crash costs by maximum police-reported injury severity within selected crash types
A population-based study of crashes involving 16- and 17-year-old drivers: the potential benefit of graduated driver licensing restrictions
Restraint use on aircraft
School bus transportation of children with special health care needs
Barriers to booster seat use and strategies to increase their use
Booster seat use and reasons for nonuse
Child safety seat knowledge among parents utilizing emergency services in a level I trauma center in Southern California
Children in pickup trucks
Driveway injuries in children: risk factors, morbidity, and mortality
Effect of seating position and restraint use on injuries to children in motor vehicle crashes
How readable are child safety seat installation instructions?
Parental monitoring: association with adolescents' risk behaviors
Predictors of hazardous child seating behavior in fatal motor vehicle crashes: 1990 to 1998
Rates of pediatric and adolescent injuries by year of age
Rates of pediatric injuries by 3-month intervals for children 0 to 3 years of age
Selecting and using the most appropriate car safety seats for growing children: guidelines for counseling parents
Simple car seat insert to prevent upper airway narrowing in preterm infants: a pilot study
Prior crash and violation records of pilots in commuter and air taxi crashes: a case-control study
Methods for evaluating a mature substance abuse prevention/early intervention program
Injuries to a sample of seatbelted children evaluated and treated in a hospital emergency room
Injuries to occupants in cargo areas of pickup trucks
Occupational motor vehicle injury morbidity among municipal employees
On-lap travel: still a problem in motor vehicles
Passenger car size and driver seat belt use
Patterns of teenaged driver involvement in fatal motor vehicle crashes: implications for policy choice
Pediatric injuries in the back of pickup trucks
Pilots involved in multiple crashes: "accident proneness" revisited
Potential benefits of restrictions on the transport of teenage passengers by 16 and 17 year old drivers
A logical framework for categorizing highway safety phenomena and activity
Professional drivers: protection needed for a high-risk occupation
Age, flight experience, and risk of crash involvement in a cohort of professional pilots
Alcohol abuse/dependence in motor vehicle crash victims presenting to the emergency department
Alcohol and motorcycle fatalities
Alcohol and/or other drug use among adult non-occupant motor vehicle crash victims
Alcohol effects on motor vehicle crash injury
Alcohol in aviation-related fatalities: North Carolina, 1985-1994
American travel deaths in Mexico: causes and prevention strategies
An epidemiological study of roadway fatalities related to farm vehicles: United States, 1988 to 1993
Are 1974-1975 automotive belt systems hazardous to children?
Are female drivers safer? An application of the decomposition method
Automobile safety regulation: rebuttal and new data
Automobile safety regulations and death reductions in the United States
Blood alcohol in fatally injured drivers and the minimum legal drinking age
Car crashes: perceived vulnerability and willingness to pay for crash protection
Car design and risk of pedestrian deaths
Carrying passengers as a risk factor for crashes fatal to 16- and 17-year-old drivers
Challenges in motor vehicle safety
Characteristics of general aviation crashes involving mature male and female pilots
Characteristics, hospital charges, and effects of road transportation injuries in Vermont
Child passenger safety: decisions about seating location, airbag exposure, and restraint use
Childhood motor vehicle occupant injuries
Children at risk in traffic: improvement potentials in the Swedish context
Children in motor vehicles. never too young to die
Correlates of pilot fatality in general aviation crashes
Costs and benefits of a community sobriety checkpoint program
Crash and violation experience of pilots involved in prior commuter and air taxi crashes: a historical cohort study
Crash involvement of teenaged drivers when driver education is eliminated from high school
Crashes and violations among drivers with Alzheimer disease
Crashes of instructional flights
Dementia and driving: an attempt at consensus
Developing a model law restricting the transporting of passengers in the cargo areas of pickup trucks
Do reminder signs promote use of safety belts?
Driver air bag effectiveness by severity of the crash
Driver distance from the steering wheel: perception and objective measurement
Driver education and fatal crash involvement of teenaged drivers
Effect of motor vehicle crashes on adverse fetal outcomes
Effects of high school driver education on motor vehicle crashes, violations, and licensure
Effects of legislation on motor vehicle injuries to children
Epidemiology and Prevention of Traffic-related Injuries Among Adolescents
Estimates of motor vehicle seat belt effectiveness and use: implications for occupant crash protection
Estimating costs of traffic crashes and crime: tools for informed decision making
Evaluating interventions that promote the use of rear seats for children
Evaluating worksite-based interventions that promote safety belt use
Evaluation of a community-based intervention to promote rear seating for children
Exploratory spatial analysis of pilot fatality rates in general aviation crashes using geographic information systems
Factors associated with pilot error in aviation crashes
Factors associated with restraint use of children in fatal crashes
Factors associated with severity and hospital admission of motor-vehicle injury cases in a southern European urban area
Factors in adolescent drinking/driving: binge drinking, cigarette smoking, and gender
Factors related to pilot survival in helicopter commuter and air taxi crashes
Reducing death on the road: the effects of minimum safety standards, publicized crash tests, seat belts, and alcohol
Reducing risks to children in vehicles with passenger airbags
Risk factors and mechanisms of occurrence in motor vehicle-related spinal cord injuries: Utah
Fatal car fires from rear-end crashes: the effects of fuel tank placement before and after regulation
Fatal crashes among older drivers: decomposition of rates into contributing factors
Fatal nontraffic injuries involving alcohol: A metaanalysis
Fetal death in motor vehicle accidents
Fetal deaths related to maternal injury
Fighting as a marker for multiple problem behaviors in adolescents
Risk of fatal rollover in utility vehicles relative to static stability
Safety belts and public health. the role of medical practitioners
Seat belt use, insurance status, and hospital bad debt
Self-rated changes in cognition and piloting skills: a comparison of younger and older airline pilots
Freedom and protection: a balancing of interests
From research to public policy: the prevention of motor vehicle injuries, childhood drownings, and firearm violence
General aviation crashes involving military personnel as pilots
Socioeconomic differences in road traffic injuries during childhood and youth: a closer look at different kinds of road user
Geographic variations in mortality from motor vehicle crashes
Graduated driver licensing in Michigan: early impact on motor vehicle crashes among 16-year-old drivers
Graduated licensure: a win-win proposition for teen drivers and parents
Static stability as a predictor of overturn in fatal motor vehicle crashes
Study of road-rail crashes in Claremore, OK, and allocation of resources for preventive measures
Hazards of mountain flying: crashes in the Colorado Rockies
Heat exposure in an enclosed automobile
Highway deaths: false PR on the effects of PR
Hit the bottle and run: the role of alcohol in hit-and-run pedestrian fatalities
Homebuilt aircraft crashes
The carnage wrought by major economic change: ecological study of traffic related mortality and the reunification of Germany
The cost-effectiveness of air bags by seating position
How can road safety be improved? More people die on the roads than from malaria, says WHO chief
How to save fuel and reduce injuries in automobiles
Human factors in aviation crashes involving older pilots
Injuries among 4- to 9-year-old restrained motor vehicle occupants by seat location and crash impact site
A behavioral car-following model that captures traffic oscillations
Injury Prevention: A Crucial Aspect of Travel Medicine
Injury reduction by mandatory child passenger safety laws
Insurance incentives and seat belt use
Licensing and other controls of the drinking driver
Medically related motor vehicle injury costs by body region and severity
More on compulsory helmets for motorcyclists
Mortality risk in a birth cohort of commuter air carrier and air taxi pilots
Motor vehicle accident trauma and restraint usage patterns in children less than 4 years of age
Motor vehicle childhood injuries caused by noncrash falls and ejections
Motor vehicle crashes and seat belts: a study of emergency physician procedures, charges, and documentation
Motor vehicle injuries: the law and the profits
Motor vehicle occupant deaths among Hispanic and black children and teenagers
Motor vehicle occupant deaths in young children
Motor vehicle occupant injuries in noncrash events
Motor vehicle occupant protection for children
Motor vehicle rollover and static stability: an exposure study
Motor vehicles or firearms: which takes a heavier toll?
Motor vehicles
Motorboat propeller injuries in Wisconsin: enumeration and prevention
Natural disease as cause of fatal auto accident
News media coverage and the epidemiology of homicide
Noncrash motor vehicle accidents. injuries to children in the vehicle interior
Observed daytime seat-belt use in Vancouver before and after the British Columbia belt-use law
Options for the prevention of motor vehicle crash injury
Analysis of the circumstances of accidents and impact of transformations on the accidents in a beverage delivery company
Between a rock and a hard place: Accident and near-miss reporting on offshore service vessels
Public health's contribution to motor vehicle injury prevention
Research needs and opportunities concerning human-environmental interactions in crashes involving alcohol
Safety belt use in automobiles with starter-interlock and buzzer-light reminder systems
Screening drivers for alcohol--an application of Bayes' formula
Seat belt use laws in the United States: trends and prospects
Seat belts: a habit to last a lifetime
Socioeconomic differences in Swedish children and adolescents injured in road traffic incidents: cross sectional study
The buzzer-light reminder system and safety belt use
Cognition and character traits as determinants of young children's behaviour in traffic situations
The epidemiology of aircraft fire in commuter and air taxi crashes
The federal role in injury control
The Haddon matrix, a tool for investigating severe bus and coach crashes
A community health education approach to occupant protection
Characteristics of child passenger deaths and injuries involving drinking drivers
Driving cessation: what older former drivers tell us
Effectiveness of mass media campaigns for reducing drinking and driving and alcohol-involved crashes: a systematic review
Effectiveness of primary enforcement safety belt laws and enhanced enforcement of safety belt laws: a summary of the Guide to Community Preventive Services systematic reviews
Epidemiologic evidence and motor vehicle policy making
Motor vehicle trauma and safety belt use in the context of public health priorities
Priorities for motor vehicle occupant protection among children and youth
Reducing motor vehicle trauma through health promotion programming
Resource guide to occupant protection programs and materials
Reviews of evidence regarding interventions to increase the use of safety belts
Reviews of evidence regarding interventions to increase use of child safety seats
Reviews of evidence regarding interventions to reduce alcohol-impaired driving
Road safety is no accident
Safety belt use and related health variables in a worksite health promotion program
Seat belt use at work prevents accident costs, lost work time
Seat belt use laws: the influence of data on public opinion
The prevention of traffic deaths and injuries: the role of physicians
Travel exposure and choice of comparison crashes for examining motorcycle conspicuity by analysis of crash data
A comparison of injury criteria used in evaluating seats for whiplash protection
A contemporary analysis of road traffic crashes, fatalities and injuries in Trinidad and Tobago
A multifaceted approach to improving motor vehicle restraint complicance
A neglected risky behavior among children and adolescents: underage driving and injury in New South Wales, Australia
A preliminary analysis of aortic injuries in lateral impacts
A research agenda for increasing safety belt use in the United States
A study of stopping propensity at matured red light camera T-intersections
Accidents in the north. some aspects on snowmobile accidents and moose-car collisions
Adolescent driver risk taking and driver education: evidence of a mobility bias in public policymaking
Afterword: speaking for the victims
Age and gender differences in risk-taking behaviour as an explanation for high incidence of motor vehicle crashes as a driver in young males
Aggressive behavior while driving as predictor of self-reported car crashes
Air transport-related injuries--Victoria, Australia
Alcohol and drug use among motor vehicle collision victims admitted to a regional trauma unit: demographic, injury, and crash characteristics
Alcohol ignition interlock programs
America's experiment with motor vehicle safety regulation
An algorithm for assessing the risk of traffic accident
An analysis of motorcycle injury and vehicle damage severity using ordered probit models
An empirical investigation of European drivers' self-assessment
An examination of the characteristics and traffic risks of drivers suspended/revoked for different reasons
An international study of the exposure of children to traffic
An evaluation of the implementation of ignition interlock in California
An overview of research advances in road traffic trauma in China
Analysis of driver injury severity levels at multiple locations using ordered probit models
Analysis of motor-vehicle crashes at stop signs in four US cities
Antecedents of fatigue, close calls, and crashes among commercial motor-vehicle drivers
Are mobile speed cameras effective? A controlled before and after study
Are pilots at risk of accidents due to fatigue?
Assessing child restraint misuse by parental survey
Assessing community child passenger safety efforts in three Northwest Tribes
Assessment of older drivers: relationships among on-road errors, medical conditions and test outcome
Association between older driver characteristics, on-road driving test performance, and crash liability
Association between state level drinking and driving countermeasures and self reported alcohol impaired driving
Association of seat belt use with death: a comparison of estimates based on data from police and estimates based on data from trained crash investigators
Awareness of zero tolerance (of alcohol) laws in three states
Barriers and opportunities in reducing motor vehicle injuries
Barriers to interlock implementation
Being "at fault" in traffic crashes: does alcohol, cannabis, cocaine, or polydrug abuse make a difference?
Bias in estimates of seat belt effectiveness
Bias in estimates of seat belt effectiveness
Booster seats for child passengers: lessons for increasing their use
Booster seats for children: closing the gap between science and public policy in the United States
Breath alcohol ignition interlock devices: controlling the recidivist
Capture-recapture: a useful methodological tool for counting traffic related injuries?
Car seatbelt use during pregnancy in Japan: determinants and policy implications
Characteristics of drivers testing positive for heroin or ecstasy in Norway
Characteristics of pregnant women in motor vehicle crashes
Characterization of fatal occupational versus nonoccupational motor vehicle collisions in Kentucky (1998-2000)
Child passenger safety: potential impact of the Washington State booster seat law on childcare centers
Children dying in car trunks: how adequate are child death databases?
Children's response to a commercial back-up warning device
Collision and violation involvement of drivers who use cellular telephones
Comparison of young male and female drivers' attitude and self-reported traffic behaviour in Finland in 1978 and 2001
Controlling impaired driving through vehicle programs: an overview
Crash helmets in Bali, Indonesia
Current helmet and protective equipment usage among previously injured ATV and motorcycle riders
Death and injury from motor vehicle crashes: a public health failure, not an achievement
Death on the road
Deconstructing a gender difference: driving cessation and personal driving history of older women
Development of an algorithm for an EEG-based driver fatigue countermeasure
Developmental sources of crash risk in young drivers
Differences in relative risks for fatal occupational highway transportation accidents
Disabilities secondary to traffic accidents: what information is available in Belgium?
Discrepancy between actual and estimated speeds of drivers in the presence of child pedestrians
Distractions and the risk of car crash injury: the effect of drivers' age
Do the designated drivers of college students stay sober?
Documenting the sustainability of a mature Click It or Ticket program: the North Carolina experience
Drinking histories of fatally injured drivers
Drivers' assessment of Ford's belt reminder system
Driving and alternatives: older drivers in Michigan
Driving disability and dizziness
Drowsiness, counter-measures to drowsiness, and the risk of a motor vehicle crash
Drugs and driving
Economic costs of motor vehicle crashes involving teenaged drivers in Kentucky, 1994
Effect of Italy's motorcycle helmet law on traumatic brain injuries
Effect of the mandatory helmet law in Taiwan
Effect of vehicle and crash factors on older occupants
Effectiveness of Ford's belt reminder system in increasing seat belt use
Effects of alcohol and other drugs on driver performance
Effects of enhanced sanctions for high-BAC DWI offenders on case dispositions and rates of recidivism
Effects of North Carolina's mandatory safety belt law on children
Effects of recent 0.08% legal blood alcohol limits on fatal crash involvement
Effects of red light cameras on violations and crashes: a review of the international literature
Effects of safety belt laws on safety belt use by American High School Seniors, 1986-2000
Effects of uncertainty, transmission type, driver age and gender on brake reaction and movement time
Effects of vehicle impact velocity and front-end structure on dynamic responses of child pedestrians
Emerging technological approaches for controlling the hard core DUI offender in the U.S
Engineering safety on the road
Enhancing the effectiveness of graduated driver licensing legislation
Epidemiology of alcohol and other drug use among motor vehicle crash victims admitted to a trauma center
Equity dimensions of road traffic injuries in low- and middle-income countries
Ethnicity as a factor in pizza delivery crashes
Evaluating the impact of passengers on the safety of older drivers
Evaluation of a systematic approach for identifying injury scenarios: Kids'n' Cars teams
Evaluation of pedestrian subsystem test method using legform and upper legform impactors for assessment of high-bumper vehicle aggressiveness
Evaluation of the effectiveness of low blood alcohol concentration laws for younger drivers
Examining child restraint use and barriers to their use: lessons from a pilot study
Exposure to the sobriety "Checkpoint Strikeforce" campaign in Maryland: impact on driver perceptions of vulnerability and behavior
Factorial structure of recklessness: to what extent are older drivers different?
Factors affecting motorcycle helmet use in the population of Greater Athens, Greece
Factors affecting the severity of motor vehicle traffic crashes involving young drivers in Ontario
Factors associated with higher levels of injury severity in occupants of motor vehicles that were severely damaged in traffic crashes in Kentucky, 2000-2001
Factors related to seat belt use among fatally injured teenage drivers
Fatality risk assessment and modeling of drivers responsibility for causing traffic accidents in Dubai
Finite element analysis of knee injury risks in car-to-pedestrian impacts
Forfeiture programs in California: why so few?
Global priorities for vehicle safety
Global road safety
Golf cart related injuries in a North Carolina island community, 1992-4
Graduated driver licensing and safer driving
Graduated driver licensing in the United States: evaluation results from the early programs
Graduated driver licensing research in 2003 and beyond
Graduated driver licensing: the New Zealand experience
Graduated driver licensing: what works?
Graduated licensing comes to the United States
Hard core drinking drivers
Hazards of unrestrained vehicle cargo
Head and neck injuries in fatal motorcycle collisions as determined by detailed autopsy
Helmet intolerance among motorcyclists
Helmet laws and health
Helmet laws and motorcycle rider death rates
High levels of incorrect use of car seat belts and child restraints in Fife--an important and under-recognised road safety issue
How future trends in societal aging, air bag availability, seat belt use, and fleet composition will affect serious injury risk and occurrence in the United States
How old is that child? Validating the accuracy of age assignments in observational surveys of vehicle restraint use
How well do parents manage young driver crash risks?
Impact of a helmet law on two wheel motor vehicle crash mortality in a southern European urban area
Impact of graduated driver licensing restrictions on crashes involving young drivers in New Zealand
Impact of impulsiveness, venturesomeness, and empathy on driving by older adults
Improving older driver knowledge and self-awareness through self-assessment: the driving decisions workbook
In-vehicle communication systems: the safety aspect
Increases in booster seat use among children of low income families and variation with age
Increasing the safety of children's vehicle travel: from effective risk communication to behavior change
Influence of seat foam and geometrical properties on BioRID P3 kinematic response to rear impacts
Influence of seat properties on occupant dynamics in severe rear crashes
Injuries among older adults: the challenge of optimizing safety and minimizing unintended consequences
Injuries and death of children in rollover motor vehicle crashes in the United States
Injuries from motorcycle- and moped crashes in Sweden from 1987 to 1999
Injury death excesses in smokers: a 1990-95 United States national cohort study
International symposium on enhancing the effectiveness of alcohol ignition interlock programs
Introduction: the global challenge of road traffic injuries: can we achieve equity in safety?
Investigation of bias after data linkage of hospital admissions data to police road traffic crash reports
Kentucky's graduated driver licensing program for young drivers: barriers to effective local implementation
Keys to success: WHO's world report on violence and health, Montreal declaration, motor vehicle injuries
Killing speed--enlightening the cost of injury debate
Lessons for increasing awareness and use of booster seats in a Latino community
Letter to the editors and reply on: "Air bag effectiveness as a function of impact speed" Traffic Injury Prevention, 4:128-135, 2003
Living dangerously: driver distraction at high speed
Management practices as antecedents of safety culture within the trucking industry: similarities and differences by hierarchical level
Maritime accident investigation methodologies
MaryPODS revisited: updated crash analysis and implications for screening program implementation
Matched analysis of parent's and children's attitudes and practices towards motor vehicle and bicycle safety: an important information gap
Measuring road traffic safety performance: monitoring trends in nonfatal injury
Methods to reduce traffic crashes involving deer: what works and what does not
Michigan's graduated driver licensing program: evaluation of the first four years
Misclassification of seat belt use
Misleading airbag alarms
Misuse of booster seats
Misuse of booster seats
Modeling accident occurrence at signalized tee intersections with special emphasis on excess zeros
Mothers Against Drunk Driving--MADD in the USA
Motor vehicle and fall related deaths among older Americans 1990-98: sex, race, and ethnic disparities
Motor vehicle crash fatalities by race/ethnicity in Arizona, 1990-96
Motor vehicle crashes in Pakistan: the emerging epidemic
Motor vehicle occupant injuries in children 2 years and younger: a comparison between Western Australia and New South Wales 1982-92
Motor vehicle occupant protection for children
Motor vehicle occupant protection: have we become too complacent?
Motor vehicle related injuries among American Indian and Alaskan Native youth, 1981-92: analysis of a national hospital discharge database
Motor vehicle-related drowning deaths associated with inland flooding after hurricane Floyd: a field investigation
Motorbike injuries in Bermuda: a risk for tourists
Motorcycle helmet laws: every surgeon's responsibility
Motorist comprehension of the slow-moving vehicle (SMV) emblem
Motorized cart driver safety in assisted living
NCAP test improvements with pretensioners and load limiters
New Zealand drivers study: developing a methodology for conducting a follow-up study of newly licensed drivers
Nighttime driving, passenger transport, and injury crash rates of young drivers
Ninety five percent: an evaluation of law, policy, and programs to promote seat belt use in Washington state
Observational study of the extent of driving while suspended for alcohol impaired driving
Observed child restraint use in automobiles. 1976
Occupant restraint use in Canada
Offshore safety case approach and formal safety assessment of ships
Older driver crash rates in relation to type and quantity of travel
Older driver involvements in police reported crashes and fatal crashes: trends and projections
Older women drivers: fatal crashes in good conditions
On-road driving evaluations: a potential tool for helping older adults drive safely longer
Other high-risk factors for young drivers--how graduated licensing does, doesn't, or could address them
Outcome of motorcycle riders at one year post-injury
Parameters influencing AIS 1 neck injury outcome in frontal impacts
Pattern of road traffic injuries in Ghana: implications for control
Pedestrian casualties and fatalities in road traffic crashes in a South African municipality
Pedestrian traffic injuries in Mexico: a country update
Pediatric motor vehicle related injuries in the Navajo Nation: the impact of the 1988 child occupant restraint laws
Persistence of effects of a brief intervention on parental restrictions of teen driving privileges
Personal and situational influences on drink driving and sober driving among a cohort of young adults
Potential risks of providing drinking drivers with BAC information
Prediction of cervical spine injury risk for the 6-year-old child in frontal crashes
Predictive model for motorcycle accidents at three-legged priority junctions
Predictive models of safety belt use: a regression analysis of MVOSS data
Preventing alcohol crashes: the role of ignition interlocks
Preventing alcohol-related traffic injury: a health promotion approach
Preventing impaired driving around the world: lessons learned
Preventing impaired driving using alcohol policy
Prevention of spinal cord injuries caused by diving: evaluation of the distribution and usage of a diving safety video in high schools
Probability of arrest while driving under the influence of alcohol
Proceedings of the symposium on graduated diver licensing: documenting the science of GDL. Ghatham, Massachusetts, USA. November 5-7, 2002
Promoting parental management of teen driving
Provisional license
Public health and traffic safety: a collaborative success
Rationale for graduated licensing and the risks it should address
Rear impact responses of different sized adult Hybrid III dummies
Recent estimates of safety belt use
Reduced fatalities related to rear seat shoulder belts
Reducing young driver crash risk
Relationship between driver's record and automobile versus child pedestrian collisions
Relationship of helmet use and head injuries among motorcycle crash victims in El Paso County, Colorado, 1989-1990
Reliability of police-reported information for determining crash and injury severity
Responsibility of drivers, by age and gender, for motor-vehicle crash deaths
Risk of injury to restrained children from passenger air bags
Risk-mitigating beliefs, risk estimates, and self-reported speeding in a sample of Australian drivers
Risky, aggressive, or emotional driving: addressing the need for consistent communication in research
Road injuries in school age children: relation to environmental factors amenable to interventions
Road traffic accidents and policy interventions in Korea
Road traffic crashes: operationalizing equity in the context of health sector reform
Road traffic injuries in Colombia
Road traffic injuries in Kenya: magnitude, causes and status of intervention
Road traffic injuries in Mozambique
Road traffic injuries in Thailand: trends, selected underlying determinants and status of intervention
Road traffic safety and health equity: a call to action
Role of commercial drivers in motor vehicle related injuries in Ghana
Role of gender in road accidents
Safety behavior among Iowa junior high and high school students
Seat influences on female neck responses in rear crashes: a reason why women have higher whiplash rates
Seat properties affecting neck responses in rear crashes: a reason why whiplash has increased
Seatbelt use by high school students
Seating positions and children's risk of dying in motor vehicle crashes
Seating positions and children's risk of dying in motor vehicle crashes
Side impact crashes--factors affecting incidence and severity: review of the literature
Social differences in traffic injury risks in childhood and youth--a literature review and a research agenda
Social patterns of road accidents to children: some characteristics of vulnerable families
Socioeconomic background and road traffic injuries: a study of young car drivers in Sweden
Speed cameras under attack in the United Kingdom
Speed control in developing countries: issues, challenges and opportunities in reducing road traffic injuries
Speed reductions, inequalities, and transport
State helmet laws and motorcycle rider death rates
Strengthening care for injured persons in less developed countries: a case study of Ghana and Mexico
Taking the Click It or Ticket model nationwide
Teenage drivers: patterns of risk
The 2001 National Household Travel Survey: a look into the travel patterns of older Americans
The alcohol interlock: an underutilized resource for predicting and controlling drunk drivers
The association of alcohol and night driving with fatal snowmobile trauma: a case-control study
The case for a 0.05% criminal law blood alcohol concentration limit for driving
The changing approach to the epidemiology, prevention, and amelioration of trauma: The transition to approaches etiologically rather than descriptively based (reprint of the 1968 article)
The design of child restraint system (CRS) labels and warnings affects overall CRS usability
The effect of earned and paid media strategies in high visibility enforcement campaigns
The effectiveness of ESP (Electronic Stability Program) in reducing real life accidents
The effectiveness of home-study driver education compared to classroom instruction: the impact on student knowledge and attitudes
The emergency care setting for screening and intervention for alcohol use problems among injured and high-risk drivers: a review
The evolution and effectiveness of graduated licensing
The genesis of GDL
The global challenge of road traffic injuries. foreword
The impact of mandatory versus voluntary participation in the Alberta ignition interlock program
The influence of the age and sex distributions of drivers on the reduction of impaired crashes: Ontario, 1974-1999
The learner's permit
The new Brazilian traffic code and some characteristics of victims in southern Brazil
The new traffic law and reduction of alcohol related fatal crashes in Japan
The New Zealand graduated driver licensing system: teenagers' attitudes towards and experiences with this car driver licensing system
The prevention of young driver's DWI (driving while intoxicated) and RWDI (riding with a driver under influence) in Europe: a social-sequential model
The provisional license: nighttime and passenger restrictions--a literature review
The role of enforcement programs in increasing seat belt use
The safety value of driver education and training
The tooth fairy, Santa Claus, and the hard core drinking driver
The use of electronic messages to promote seat belt use. report of a pilot study in wisconsin
Tracking traffic citations through court adjudications to posting to public driver records
Traffic calming for the prevention of road traffic injuries: systematic review and meta-analysis
Traffic-related injury prevention interventions for low-income countries
Transport safety for older people: a study of their experiences, perceptions and management needs
Trends in injury mortality among adolescents in Taiwan, 1965-94
Trends in road traffic crashes and associated injury and fatality in the People's Republic of China, 1951-1999
Turning gap acceptance decision-making: the impact of driver distraction
Types and characteristics of ramp-related motor vehicle crashes on urban interstate roadways in Northern Virginia
Underage drinking: frequency, consequences, and interventions
Underreporting of traffic injuries involving children in Japan
Understanding drinking and driving reforms: a profile of Ontario statistics
Understanding the knowledge and attitudes of commercial drivers in Ghana regarding alcohol impaired driving
Using a driving simulator to identify older drivers at inflated risk of motor vehicle crashes
Using qualitative research to address road transportation and safety issues in Vellore town, south India
Validity of self reported crashes and injuries in a longitudinal study of young adults
Validity of self reported data on injury prevention behavior: lessons from observational and self reported surveys of safety belt use in the US
Vehicle year and the risk of car crash injury
Vehicles reversing or rolling backwards: an underestimated hazard
Views of US drivers about driving safety
What we know, what we don't know, and what we need to know about graduated driver licensing
Where children sit in motor vehicles: a comparison of selected European and American cities
Worldwide trends in alcohol and drug impaired driving
Young children in traffic. 1970
Young driver involvement in fatal motor vehicle crashes and trends in risk behaviors, United States, 1988-95
Young on-road motorcyclists in New Zealand: age of licensure, unlicensed riding, and motorcycle borrowing
Motorcycle helmet use and related risk behaviors among adolescents and young adults in Northern Thailand
Relation between Motorcycle Helmet Use and Cervical Spinal Cord Injury
Virtopsy--fatal motor vehicle accident with head injury
A controlled study of the effect of television messages on safety belt use
Age effects and autopsy evidence of disease in fatally injured drivers
Airbag safety and the distance of the driver from the steering wheel
Airplane Vacuum Toilets: An Uncommon Travel Hazard
Alcohol in the single vehicle fatal accident: Experience of Westchester County, New York
An evaluation of the hazard created by natural death at the wheel
Automobile head restraints--frequency of neck injury claims in relation to the presence of head restraints
Behavioral and environmental interventions for reducing motor vehicle trauma
Blood alcohol levels in drivers not involved in accidents and the lognormal distribution
Causes and prevention of motor vehicle injuries
Child occupant protection in motor vehicles
Clothing drawstring entrapment in playground slides and school buses. contributing factors and potential interventions
Drinking, driving, and health promotion
Driver education: the mix of science and ideology
Editorial: Seat belts: freedom and responsibility
Emergency care for fatalities from injury and illness in the nonhighway setting
Emergency medical services and highway safety
Factors associated with alcohol and responsibility for fatal highway crashes
Fatal pedestrian collisions: driver negligence
Federal funds and state motor vehicle deaths
Firearm and motor vehicle injury mortality--variations by state, race, and ethnicity: United States, 1990-91
Highway injury
Highway safety--a progress report
The potentiating effects of alcohol on driver injury
The older driver
The public health approach to motor vehicles, tobacco, and alcohol, with applications to firearms policy
The role of alcohol in collisions involving trucks and the fatally injured
The role of the physical and traffic environment in child pedestrian injuries
The seat belt use law in Ontario: effects on actual use
The validity of self-reported behavioral risk factors: seatbelt and alcohol use
Traumatic spinal cord injury in Arkansas, 1980 to 1989
Trends in death associated with traumatic brain injury, 1979 through 1992. success and failure
Trends in motor vehicle and firearm deaths in Wisconsin: an analysis for examining prevention strategies
Understanding and using the new estimates on the economic impact of motor vehicle crashes
Underwater detectibility of a lighting system on a helicopter escape exit
Unsupervised children in vehicles: a risk for pediatric trauma
Validating benefit and cost estimates: the case of airbag regulation
Adaptive weigh-in-motion algorithms for truck weight enforcement
Weight x speed) + instability = hazardous trucks
Where children sit in cars: the impact of Rhode Island's new legislation
Who bought the cars in which people are injured? An exploratory study
Why the issue is loss reduction rather than only crash prevention
Women, alcohol, and driving
Work-related aviation fatalities in Colorado 1982-1987
Variations when it comes to traffic accidents among children depend on age and socioeconomic class
Snowmobile accidents--a special challenge to traffic medicine
'Road rage' in Arizona: armed and dangerous
A before-and-after study of driver stopping propensity at red light camera intersections
A behavioral comparison between motorcyclists and a matched group of non-motorcycling car drivers: factors influencing accident risk
A bivariate negative binomial model to explain traffic accident migration
A collision model for safety evaluation of autonomous intelligent cruise control
A comparative approach to identify unsafe older drivers
A comparison of alcohol-related driving behavior of white and nonwhite North Carolina drivers
A comparison of different ways to approximate time-to-line crossing (TLC) during car driving
A comparison of headway and time to collision as safety indicators
A comparison of driver behavior at railroad grade crossings with two different protection systems
A comparison of hospital and police road injury data
A comparison of observed and reported restraint use by children and adults
A comparison of reported and unreported noncrash events
A comparison of safety belt use between commercial and noncommercial light-vehicle occupants
A comparison of some statistical techniques for road accident analysis
A comparison of the psychosocial characteristics of alcoholics responsible for impaired and nonimpaired collisions
A comparison of two direct-observation methods for measuring daytime safety belt use
A comparison of two methods for estimating the effect of a countermeasure in the presence of regression effects
A comprehensive methodology for the fitting of predictive accident models
A critical review of macro models for road accidents
A disaggregate approach to crash rate analysis
A five-year experience with severe injuries in elderly patients
A framework for costing accidents and accident types
A linkage study of Western Australian drink driving arrests and road crash records
A longitudinal study of lifestyle factors as predictors of injuries and crashes among young adults
A longitudinal study of risk factors for motorcycle crashes among junior college students in Taiwan
A macroscopic impact analysis of the safety efforts case study: pedestrian fatalities
A meta-analysis of studies concerning the safety effects of daytime running lights on cars
A method to cope with the random errors of observed accident rates in regression analysis
A model of traffic crashes in New Zealand
A modeling perspective on the culture of driving
A multiple discriminant analysis of vessel accidents
A new mathematical neck model for a low-velocity rear-end impact dummy: evaluation of components influencing head kinematics
A new method for making interstate comparisons of highway fatality rates
A new method for predicting crashworthiness
A note on the variance of paired comparisons estimates
A perspective on road fatalities in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
A photograph-based study of the incidence of fatal truck underride crashes in Indiana
A procedure for allocating a safety improvement budget among treatment types
A retrospective analysis of chest injuries in 280 seat belt wearers
A review of cervical fractures and fracture-dislocations without head impacts sustained by restrained occupants
A review of crash data analysis in a defect and recall investigation of the general motors C/K pickup trucks
A review of the literature evaluating the Defensive Driving Course
A simple method for identifying and correcting crash problems on urban arterial streets
A sixteen-factor personality test for predicting automobile driving accidents of young drivers
A small area study of motor vehicle crash fatalities in Alberta, Canada
A statewide analysis of child safety seat use and misuse in Michigan
A statistical model to compare road mortality in OECD countries
A study of commercial vehicle safety alliance's out-of-service criteria
A study of injury-producing crashes on median divided highways in southwestern Ontario
A study of reported injury accidents among novice motorcycle riders in a Scottish region
A study of road traffic accidents in Saudi Arabia
A study to measure the incidence of driving under suspension in the Greater Moncton area
A temporal analysis of rain-related crash risk
A three-year prospective study of rearrests for driving under influence of alcohol or drugs
A time comparison study of the New York State Safety Belt Use Law utilizing hospital admission and police accident report information
A time series evaluation of California's 1982 driving-under-the-influence legislative reforms
A trial linkage of the road accident and vehicle registration files
A typology for drinking driving offenders: methods for classification and policy implications
A utility maximization model of driver traffic safety behavior
Abandonment of mandatory jail for impaired drivers in Norway and Sweden
Accident involvement among learner drivers--an analysis of the consequences of supervised practice
Accident involvement and injury rates for small cars in Japan
Accident prediction models for roads with minor junctions
Accident prediction models for urban roads
Evaluation of the health effects of a neighbourhood traffic calming scheme
How can repeat drunk drivers be influenced to change? Analysis of the association between drunk driving and DUI recidivists' attitudes and beliefs
Psychiatric disorders of convicted DWI offenders: A comparison among Hispanics, American Indians and non-Hispanic whites
The criminalization of impaired driving in Canada: assessing the deterrent impact of Canada's first per se law
Thoracic Aortic Injury in Motor Vehicle Crashes: The Effect of Impact Direction, Side of Body Struck, and Seat Belt Use
Response corridors of the human head-neck complex in rear impact
Violators of a child passenger safety law
Motor vehicle trauma in northeastern ohio: incidence and outcome by age, sex, and road-use category
Primary enforcement seat belt laws are effective even in the face of rising belt use rates
Road safety and public health: a US perspective and the global challenge
"Born to be wild". the effect of the repeal of Florida's mandatory motorcycle helmet-use law on serious injury and fatality rates
'One for the road' can lead to loss of license for Minnesota drivers
65 mph speed limit on rural interstates
A 46-year-old man with anxiety and nightmares after a motor vehicle collision
A cognitive engineering approach to improving signalized left turn intersections
A critical analysis of the fatal injuries resulting from the Continental flight 1713 airline disaster: evidence in favor of improved passenger restraint systems
A fatality associated with the deployment of an automobile airbag
A field study of the effects of drivers' adaptation to automobile velocity
A geriatric and gerontologic perspective on the effects of medical conditions on older drivers: discussion of Waller
A laboratory investigation of signal indications for protected left turns
A motor vehicle accident causal system: the human element
A population-based study of outcome after injury to car occupants and to pedestrians
A population-based study of trauma recidivism
A predictive scale of aircraft emergencies
A profile of drivers' map-reading abilities
A profile of urban adult pedestrian trauma
A proposal for personnel restraints in the automobile
A prospective analysis of injury severity among helmeted and nonhelmeted bicyclists involved in collisions with motor vehicles
A prospective evaluation of the protective effect of car seatbelts
A prospective study of 413 consecutive car occupants with chest injuries
A retrospective cohort study of seatbelt use and pregnancy outcome after a motor vehicle crash
A review of individual differences in field dependence as a factor in auto safety
A selective attention test as a predictor of success in flight training
A statistical method for predicting automobile driving posture
A study of injuries during life in three male populations
A study of the relation between forward velocity and lateral acceleration in curves during normal driving
A study of trauma in an Amish community
A survey of motor vehicle burn accidents in children: report of 45 cases
A ten-year follow-up of driving patterns among community-dwelling elderly
Abdominal injuries in automobile accidents: review of care of fatally injured patients
Abdominal injuries sustained in severe traffic accidents by seatbelt wearers
Abdominal injuries sustained in severe traffic accidents by seatbelt wearers
Abnormalities of the central visual pathways contributing to traffic accidents
Accidents in patients with insulin-treated diabetes: increased risk of low-impact falls but not motor vehicle crashes--a prospective register-based study
Accuracy of emergency physician data collection in automobile collisions
Admissions for injury at a rural hospital in Ghana: implications for prevention in the developing world
Advance information on the road: a simulator study of the effect of road markings
Age and visual impairment decrease driving performance as measured on a closed-road circuit
Age, sex, and road-use patterns of motor vehicular trauma in Rhode Island: A population-based hospital emergency department study
Age-related eye disease, visual impairment, and driving in the elderly
Aggressive driving: a preliminary analysis of a serious threat to motorists in a large metropolitan area
Aging and decision making: driving-related problem solving
Air and knee bolster restraint system: laboratory sled tests with human cadavers and the Hybrid III dummy
Air bag injuries and occupant protection
Air bags and passenger fatality according to passenger age and restraint use
Air bags
Air bags and seatbelts in injury amelioration
Air bags: an update
Air bags: some myths dispelled
Air-bag-associated fatal injuries to infants and children riding in front passenger seats--United States
Airbag deployment and eye perforation by a tobacco pipe
Airbag deployments: the Canadian experience
Airbag module cover injuries
Airbag protection versus compartment intrusion effect determines the pattern of injuries in multiple trauma motor vehicle crashes
Airbag-induced eye injuries: a report of 25 cases
Airbag-induced fracture in a patient with osteoporosis
Airbag-induced lethal cervical trauma
Airbag-mediated craniocervical injury in a child restrained with safety device
Airports: thresholds of disaster
Alcohol and other drug use among high school students--United States, 1990
Alcohol and the driver. council on scientific affairs
Alcohol consumer must be 21 years old in all states; concerns remain about drunk driving
Alcohol intoxication, injuries, and dangerous behaviors--and the revolving emergency department door
Alcohol use, driver, and crash characteristics among injured motorcycle drivers
Alcohol, sleep deprivation, and driving speed effects upon control use during driving
Alcohol-related traffic fatalities during holidays--United States, 1988
Ambulance crash-related injuries among Emergency Medical Services workers--United States, 1991-2002
An analysis of 1,423 facial fractures in 788 patients at an urban trauma center
An analysis of ambulance accidents in Tennessee
An analysis of race and demographic factors among motor vehicle fatalities
An assessment of the California Child Passenger Restraint Requirement
Child booster seats and lethal seat belt injury
Lost working days, productivity, and restraint use among occupants of motor vehicles that crashed in the United States
Posttraumatic growth in child survivors of a road traffic accident
Reducing injury from speed related road crashes
An evaluation of the effect of sign brightness on the sign-reading behavior of alcohol-impaired drivers
An unusual seat belt injury: case report
Analysis of fatal injuries to motorcyclists by helmet type
Analysis of fatal pedestrian injuries in King County, WA, and prospects for prevention
Analysis of fatal pedestrian injuries in Mexico City, 1994-1997
Analysis of injuries following the crash of Avianca Flight 52
Analysis of motor vehicle ejection victims admitted to a level I trauma center
And bring your seats to an upright position
Anthropometry of seated women during pregnancy: defining a fetal region for crash protection research
Appendiceal transection in a child associated with a lap belt restraint: case report
Are fractures of the base of the skull influenced by the mass of the protective helmet? A retrospective study in fatally injured motorcyclists
Arkansas and the motorcyle helmet law
As nation grows older, traffic safety officials confront questions of who should drive
Aspects of the eyeblink during simulated driving as a function of alcohol
Assessing workload through physiological measurements in bus drivers using an automated system during docking
Association between side air bags and risk of injury in motor vehicle collisions with near-side impact
Association dedicated to crash injury control
Association of alcohol use and other high-risk behaviors among trauma patients
Association of alcohol-related laws with deaths due to motor vehicle and motorcycle crashes in the United States, 1980-1997
Association of helmet use with death in motorcycle crashes: a matched-pair cohort study
Associations between errors and contributing factors in aircraft maintenance
Attention and driving skills in aging and Alzheimer's disease
Attentional models of multitask pilot performance using advanced display technology
Auto seat belt use declining
Automobile accident studies of maxillofacial injuries
Automobile accidents
Automobile crashes and teenaged drivers
Automobile driver fatalities in frontal impacts: air bags compared with manual belts
Automobile head restraint injury
Automobile injuries--the forgotten area of public health dentistry
Automobile-related injuries
Automotive airbag-related upper extremity injuries: a report of three cases
Automotive HUDs: the overlooked safety issues
Automotive medicine
Automotive safety
Autopsy study of motorcyclist fatalities: the effect of the 1992 Maryland motorcycle helmet use law
Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System: summary of data for 1991
Behaviors related to unintentional and intentional injuries among high school students--United States, 1991
Belt-positioning booster seats and reduction in risk of injury among children in vehicle crashes
Benzodiazepine use and crash risk in older patients
Benzodiazepine use and crash risk in older patients
Benzodiazepine use and the risk of motor vehicle crash in the elderly
Bilateral popliteal artery injury from bumper crush injury
Biomechanics in motor skeletal trauma
Biomechanics of abdominal injuries by armrest loading
Biomechanics of liver injury by steering wheel loading
Blood alcohol testing of motor vehicle crash admissions at a regional trauma unit
Blunt bovine and equine trauma
Blunt duodenal injuries in children
Blunt trauma in adults and children: a comparative analysis
Brain injury patterns in fatally injured pedestrians
Broadside impacts
Buckling up America: making a difference at the local level
Burns in motor vehicle accidents
Car occupant death according to the restraint use of other occupants: a matched cohort study
Carburetor priming: a cause of gasoline burn
Cardiac measures of driver workload during simulated driving with and without visual occlusion
Cardiovascular disease, motor-vehicle-related injury, and use of clinical preventive services--behavioral risk factor surveillance system, 1989
Causes and costs of injuries in multiple trauma patients requiring extrication from motor vehicle crashes
Causes of deaths in automobile accidents
Cervical injuries suffered in automobile crashes
Changing profiles in spinal cord injuries and risk factors influencing recovery after penetrating injuries
Changing trends with abdominal injury in seat-belt wearers
Changing trends with abdominal injury in seatbelt wearers
Characteristics of blunt and personal violent injuries
Chest injuries sustained in severe traffic accidents by seatbelt wearers
Child injuries and fatalities from alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes: call for a zero-tolerance policy
Child passenger restraint use and motor-vehicle--related fatalities among children--United States, 1982-1990
Child pedestrian injury: a population-based collision and injury severity profile
Childhood pedestrian deaths during Halloween -- United States, 1975-1996
Children dragged to their death by school vans
Children in car crashes: analysis of data for injury and use of restraints
Children's estimates of vehicle approach times
Cognitive-motor abilities of the elderly driver
Collision avoidance response stereotypes in pilots and nonpilots
Collision warning timing, driver distraction, and driver response to imminent rear-end collisions in a high-fidelity driving simulator
Collisions with passenger cars and moose, Sweden
Color and defective color vision as factors in the conspicuity of signs and signals
Common carotid artery and tracheal injury from shoulder strap seat belt
Comparison of accident and emergency with police road injury data
Disability among adults injured in motor-vehicle crashes in the United States
Effects of naturalistic cell phone conversations on driving performance
Effects of the California graduated driver licensing program
Emotional Stress and Traffic Accidents: The Impact of Separation and Divorce
Fewer accidents and better maintenance with active wheelchair check-ups: a randomized controlled clinical trial
Graduated driver licensing restrictions: awareness, compliance, and enforcement in North Carolina
Problem driver remediation: A meta-analysis of the driver improvement literature
Quality of Life Issues in Patients With Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators: Driving, Occupation, and Recreation
Road traffic accident--the present scenario and how to prevent it (editorial)
Scalds in van drivers
The Airline Lifesaver: A 17-year analysis of a technique to prompt the delivery of a safety message
The relationship between perceived risk of being ticketed and self-reported seat belt use
Differences between males and females in traffic accident risk in France
Risk of driving: male aggressiveness, violence, and delinquency
Comparison of mortality, morbidity, and severity of 59,713 head injured patients with 114,447 patients with extracranial injuries
Compliance of proper safety helmet usage in motorcyclists
Compliance with the 1992 California motorcycle helmet use law
Concordance between task and interface rotational and translational control improves ground vehicle performance
Compliance of proper safety helmet usage in motorcyclists
Conflagration in an ambulance oxygen system
Contrast sensitivity in a dynamic environment: effects of target conditions and visual impairment
Contrast sensitivity predicts age-related differences in highway-sign discriminability
Correlation between crash severity, injury severity, and clinical course in car occupants with thoracic trauma: a technical and medical study
Correlation of general aviation accidents with the biorhythm theory
Cost of orthopedic injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents
Cost-effectiveness of air bags in motor vehicles
Craniofacial injuries due to impalement on an auto gearshift lever
Crash and injury reduction following installation of roundabouts in the United States
Crash involvement of large trucks by configuration: a case-control study
Crash risk among older drivers studied
Crash severity, injury patterns, and helmet use in adolescent motorcycle riders
Cross-national comparison of injury mortality: Los Angeles County, California and Mexico City, Mexico
Crosswalk markings and the risk of pedestrian-motor vehicle collisions in older pedestrians
Culpability and accountability of hospitalized injured alcohol-impaired drivers. a prospective study
Dad, may I have the keys? Factors influencing which vehicles teenagers drive
Daylight conspicuity of reversible-lane signal systems
Death and injury patterns, Toronto Subway System 1954-1980
Death by railway accident: incidence of traumatic asphyxia
Death resulting from motor vehicle immersions: the nature of the injuries, personal and environmental contributing factors, and potential interventions
Deaths associated with infant carriers--United States, 1986-1991
Deaths decline, but drunk driving, other traffic safety hazards remain
Deaths from motor vehicle-related injuries, 1978-1984
Deaths resulting from firearm- and motor-vehicle-related injuries--United States, 1968-1991
Debunking the drunk-driver-and-survival myth
Decelerational thoracic injury
Defining, counting traffic injuries no easy task as nation assesses toll from this violence
Delay in ambulance dispatch to road accidents
Dementia and the older driver
Demographic analysis of childhood pedestrian injuries
Detection and recognition of colored signal lights
Detection of changes in automobile steering sensitivity
Detection of the sign of relative motion when following a vehicle
Determination of need for medical evaluation in driver licensing
Differences between vehicle lateral displacement on the road and in a fixed-base simulator
Differentiating "bad drivers" with and without a DWI
Differentiation of visibility and alcohol as contributors to twilight road fatalities
Direct injury to the cervical spine of a child by a lap-shoulder belt resulting in quadriplegia: case report
Distance estimation with night vision goggles: a little feedback goes a long way
Distance perception of vehicle rear lights in fog
Distribution and severity of injuries associated with hip dislocations secondary to motor vehicle accidents
Divided attention in experienced young and older drivers: lane tracking and visual analysis in a dynamic driving simulator
Do accidents happen accidentally? A study of trauma registry and periodical examination database
Economic cost of childhood unintentional injuries
Driver compliance with stop signs at pedestrian crosswalks on a university campus
Driver fatalities in 1985-1993 cars with airbags
Driver fatigue
Driver licensing tests as a predictor of subsequent violations
Driver steering reaction time to abrupt-onset crosswinds, as measured in a moving-base driving simulator
Driver stress and performance on a driving simulator
Drivers' eye movements as related to attention in simulated traffic flow conditions
Drivers' judgments in overtaking and passing
Drivers' judgments of safe distances in vehicle following
Drivers' steering behavior during traffic events: a case of perceptual tropism?
Drivers' steering behavior when meeting another car: the case of perceptual tropism revisited
Driving and epilepsy. a review and reappraisal
Driving at requested speed: comparison of projected and virtual image displays
Driving performance under nighttime conditions of visual degradation
Driving under the influence--a level I trauma center's experience
Driving under the influence--a level-I trauma center's experience
Driving while under influence of alcohol remains major cause of traffic violence
Drownings in Minnesota, 1980-85: a population-based study
Drugs and driving
Drugs and highway crashes. Can we separate fact from fancy?
Drugs and traffic crash responsibility: a study of injured motorists in Colorado
DWI convictions linked to a higher risk of alcohol-related aircraft accidents
Economic impact of motor-vehicle crashes involving teenaged drivers--Kentucky, 1994
Economic impact of motor-vehicle crashes--United States, 1990
Editorial: Fatally injured drivers
Editorial: Motor vehicle-related burns
Editorial: Safety for children in automobiles
Effect of a concurrent auditory task on visual search performance in a driving-related image-flicker task
Effect of aftermarket automobile window tinting films on driver vision
Effect of airbag deployment on head injuries in severe passenger motor vehicle crashes in Ontario, Canada
Effect of community-based interventions on high-risk drinking and alcohol-related injuries
Effect of driver's age on nighttime legibility of highway signs
Effectiveness of a comprehensive multisector campaign to increase seat belt use in the greater athens area, greece. hellenic road traffic police department
Effect of selected in-vehicle route guidance systems on driver reaction times
Effect of prior headlighting experience on ratings of discomfort glare
Effectiveness of audible warning signals for emergency vehicles
Effectiveness of primary and secondary enforced seat belt laws
Effectiveness of state trauma systems in reducing injury-related mortality: a national evaluation
Effects of a biocybernetic system on vigilance performance
Effects of age, system experience, and navigation technique on driving with an advanced traveler information system
Effects of aging, skill modification, and demand alternation on multiple-task performance
Effects of aircraft noise on an intelligibility task
Effects of an in-vehicle collision avoidance warning system on short- and long-term driving performance
Effects of child restraint laws on traffic fatalities in eleven states
Effects of head-slaved and peripheral displays on lane-keeping performance and spatial orientation
Effects of lighting and background with common signal lights on human peripheral color vision
Effects of seat belts and injuries resulting from improper use
Effects of side-impact padding on driver performance
Effects of vehicle interior geometry and anthropometric variables on automobile driving posture
Effects of visual and auditory impairment in driving performance
Efficacy of mandatory seat-belt use legislation. the north carolina experience from 1983 through 1987
Efficacy of side air bags in reducing driver deaths in driver-side collisions
Ejections of young children in motor vehicle crashes
Elderly licensure laws and motor vehicle fatalities
Environmental factors and the risk for childhood pedestrian-motor vehicle collision occurrence
Epidemiologic features of facial injuries among motorcyclists
Epidemiologic features of head injury in a predominantly rural population
Epidemiology and prevention of childhood injuries
Epidemiology of accidents among users of two-wheeled motor vehicles. a surveillance study in two italian cities
Epidemiology of childhood injury
Epidemiology of maxillofacial injuries at trauma hospitals in Ontario, Canada, between 1992 and 1997
Epidemiology of severe brain injuries: a prospective population-based study
Epidemiology of trauma deaths: a reassessment
Epidemiology of violent deaths in children and adolescents in the United States
Epidemiology study of facial injuries during a 13 month of trauma registry in tehran
Estimates of car-following distances on three types of two-laned roads
Estimates of injury impairment after acute traumatic injury in motorcycle crashes before and after passage of a mandatory helmet use law
Estimates of the length of highway guidelines and spaces
Estimation of automobile speed under day and night conditions
Evaluation of a pilot program in rural schools to increase bicycle and motor vehicle safety
Evaluation of the costs and benefits of motorcycle helmet laws
Risk of disability due to car crashes: a review of the literature and methodological issues
The proportion of drivers with alcohol in blood in a common traffic
Experimental automobile-pedestrian injuries
Experimental isolation of the driver's visual input
Exposure to and compliance with pediatric injury prevention counseling--United States, 1994
Extremity injuries produced in motor vehicle collisions
Eye injuries from airbags with seamless module covers
Eye movements of younger and older drivers
Facial disfigurement in automobile accidents. a national tragedy
Facial injuries due to windshield impacts in automobile accidents
Facial injuries in automobile crashes
Facial trauma and the risk of intracranial injury in motorcycle riders
Factors associated with pedestrian-vehicle collision injuries and fatalities
Factors associated with severity of motorcycle injuries among young adult riders
Factors influencing pediatric injury in side impact collisions
Factors influencing the patterns of injuries and outcomes in car versus car crashes compared to sport utility, van, or pick-up truck versus car crashes: Crash Injury Research Engineering Network Study
Facts versus values: why legislators vote against injury control laws
Falls and ejections from pickup trucks
Fatal accidents among car and truck drivers: effects of fatigue, age, and alcohol consumption
Fatal and hospitalized injuries resulting from the 1994 Northridge earthquake
Fatal and severe injury: scooter and moped crashes in California, 1985
Fatal blunt aortic injuries: a review of 242 autopsy cases
Fatal car trunk entrapment involving children--United States, 1987-1998
Fatal collisions between joggers and automobiles in Rhode Island
Fatal falls and jumps from motor vehicles
Fatal injuries caused by underarm use of shoulder belts
Fatal injuries in motorcycle riders according to helmet use
Fatal motor vehicle crashes: variations of crash characteristics within rural regions of different population densities
Fatal occupational injuries--United States, 1980-1997
Fatal occupational injury rates: Quebec, 1981 through 1988
Fatal pedestrian injuries to young children: a different pattern of injury
Fatal snowmobile accidents in northern Sweden
Fatalities associated with improper hitching to farm tractors--New York, 1991-1995
Accuracy of alcohol diagnosis among DWI offenders referred for screening
Risk-taking attitudes and risky driving behaviour
An evaluation of alternative Do Not Enter signs: failures of attention
The evaluation of a central-city pedestrian safety campaign
Cost-benefit analyses of walking and cycling track networks taking into account insecurity, health effects and external costs of motorized traffic
Self and others' willingness to pay for improvements to the paved road surface
Vehicle aesthetics and their impact on the pedestrian environment
Fatality Analysis Reporting System demonstrates association between trauma system initiatives and decreasing death rates
Fatigue in operational settings: examples from the aviation environment
Feasibility of studying driver reaction to sudden pedestrian emergencies in an automobile simulator
Features of head injury in a developing country--Taiwan (1977-1987)
Field dependence and driver visual search behavior
Firearm-related deaths--Louisiana and Texas, 1970-1990
Fleet study evaluation of an advance brake warning system
Flight dynamics of spin-stabilized projectiles and the relationship to would ballistics
Florida's motorcycle helmet law repeal and fatality rates
Flying personal planes: modeling the airport choices of general aviation pilots using stated preference methodology
Foot forces exerted at various aircraft brake-pedal angles
For three quarters of century, safety experts work to keep trains, vehicles from colliding
Fracture of odontoid process related to automobile head rest
Fulcrum fractures of the lumbar spine. transverse fracture induced by an improperly placed seat belt
Gender and driver safety
Gender and effect of impact acceleration on neck motion
Geographic patterns of urban trauma according to mechanism and severity of injury
Geographic variation in preventable deaths from motor vehicle crashes
Geographic variations in mortality from motor vehicle crashes in Taiwan
Global road safety crisis remedy sought: 1.2 million killed, 50 million injured annually
Graduated driver licensing systems: reducing crashes among teenage drivers
Hats off (or not?) to helmet legislation
Head injuries associated with motorcycle use--Wisconsin, 1991
Head injury in facial impact--a finite element analysis of helmet chin bar performance
Head injury mechanisms in helmet-protected motorcyclists: prospective multicenter study
Head injury--associated deaths from motorcycle crashes. relationship to helmet-use laws
Head kinematics in mini-sled tests of foam padding: relevance of linear responses from free motion headform (FMH) testing to head angular responses
Head-up auditory displays for traffic collision avoidance system advisories: a preliminary investigation
Headlight glare resistance and driver age
Headway feedback improves intervehicular distance: a field study
Health behaviour and the school environment in New South Wales, Australia
Health risk behaviors among adolescents who do and do not attend school--United States, 1992
Health risk factor surveys of commercial plan- and Medicaid-enrolled members of health-maintenance organizations--Michigan, 1995
Heart disease in drivers of public motor vehicles as a cause of highway accidents. report of a case, with procedure for prevention
Helmet use among adolescent motorcycle and moped riders--Rome, Italy, 1994
Helmet use and maxillofacial injuries sustained following low speed motorcycle accidents
Helmet use, helmet use laws, and motorcyclist fatalities
Helmets and preventing motorcycle- and bicycle-related injuries. council on scientific affairs, american medical association
Helmets for motor cyclists: lower fatal head injury rate but more crashes mean more study
Helmets for preventing injury in motorcycle riders (2004)
High-speed chases to high-powered squirters, moving traffic violations pose variety of threats
Highway fund threat is no easy ride for motorcycle helmet law opponents
Holiday drinking and highway fatalities
Horseback-riding-associated traumatic brain injuries--Oklahoma, 1992-1994
Hospital cost is reduced by motorcycle helmet use
How automatic is manual gear shifting?
Human factors analysis of the diesel-electric locomotive cab
Human factors field evaluation of automotive headway maintenance/collision warning devices
Young and migrants: a multidisicplinary approach in a youth clinic in Geneva
Human factors in urban transportation systems
Human operator response speed, frequency, and flexibility: a review and analysis
Human performance models and rear-end collision avoidance algorithms
Human, machine, and environment aspects of snowmobile design and utilization
Identification of problem drinking among drunken drivers
Identifying correlates of accident involvement for the older driver
Identifying injuries and motor vehicle collision characteristics that together are suggestive of diaphragmatic rupture
Illicit drugs take still another toll--death or injury from vehicle-associated trauma
Illness in air traffic controllers
Impact of aviation highway-in-the-sky displays on pilot situation awareness
Impact of cataract surgery on motor vehicle crash involvement by older adults
Impairment of driving performance caused by sleep deprivation or alcohol: a comparative study
Improper use of child safety seats--Kentucky, 1996
Understanding and managing disaster evacuation on a transportation network
Incidence and characteristics of motor vehicle collision-related blunt thoracic aortic injury according to age
Incidence and impact of childhood and adolescent injuries: a population-based study
Incidence, causes and severity of injuries in Aquitaine, France: a community-based study of hospital admissions and deaths
Incidence, epidemiology, and occupational outcomes of thoracolumbar fractures among u.s. army aviators
Incidence, external causes, and outcomes of work-related brain injuries in males
Incidence, mechanism of injury, and treatment of fractures of the patella in children
Incidence, risk factors and prevention of mild traumatic brain injury: results of the WHO Collaborating Centre Task Force on Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
Incidence, severity, and external causes of pediatric brain injury
Incidence, severity, and outcomes of brain injuries involving bicycles
Incidence, severity, and patterns of intrathoracic and intra-abdominal injuries in motorcycle crashes
Incomplete decapitation of a motorcyclist from hyperextension by inertia: a case report
Individual differences and intra-individual variability in motor performance under continuous-practice conditions
Individual differences and the perception of traffic signs
Individual-level injury prevention strategies in the clinical setting
Infant and child safety practices of parents
Infant injury death in Washington State, 1981 through 1990
Influence of ethyl alcohol in moderate levels on the ability to steer a fixed-base shadowgraph driving simulator
Influence of positions on the incidence and severity of maxillofacial injuries in vehicular crashes [corrected]
Initial effects of the New York State auto safety belt law
Injured drivers and alcohol use: culpability, convictions, and pre- and post-crash driving history
Injuries among railroad trespassers--Georgia, 1990-1996
Injuries and deaths among children left unattended in or around motor vehicles--United States, July 2000-June 2001
Injuries and deaths associated with use of snowmobiles--Maine, 1991-1996
Injuries as a public health problem in sub-Saharan Africa: epidemiology and prospects for control
Injuries associated with airbag deployment
Injuries associated with three-wheel all-terrain vehicles--Alaska
Injuries associated with use of snowmobiles--New Hampshire, 1989-1992
Injuries caused by seatbelts in stationary vehicles
Injuries from motor-vehicle collisions with deer--Kentucky, 1987-1989
Injuries from seat belts
Injuries of motorcyclists and bicyclists examined at autopsy
Injuries of the gastrointestinal tract from blunt trauma in children: a 12-year experience at a designated pediatric trauma center
Injuries, crashes, and construction on a superhighway
Injury and cost comparison of restrained and unrestrained motor vehicle crash victims
An improved methodology for assessing risk in aircraft operations at airports, applied to runway overruns
Injury control in childhood
Injury in u.s. army helicopter crashes october 1979-september 1985
Injury in West Virginia: a statewide survey
Injury mortality among American Indian and Alaska Native children and youth--United States, 1989-1998
Injury mortality in East Germany
Injury of the duodenum caused by a fixed three-point seatbelt
Injury pattern and severity in lateral motor vehicle collisions: a Canadian experience
Injury patterns associated with direction of impact: drivers admitted to trauma centers
Injury patterns in motorcycle accidents
Injury patterns in motorcycle collisions
Injury prevention behaviors: A report card for the nation, 1995
Injury prevention practices as depicted in G-rated and PG-rated movies
Injury prevention strategies to promote helmet use decrease severe head injuries at a level I trauma center
Injury rates among restrained drivers in motor vehicle collisions: the role of body habitus
Injury to the driver
Injury to the elderly in road traffic accidents
Injury to the liver in automobile accidents
Exposure to traffic and the onset of myocardial infarction
Motor vehicle injury prevention: current recommendations for child passenger safety
Population characteristics of traffic accident-related deaths in Japan and Ireland, 1950-2000
Young people's experience of emergency medical services as road traffic accident victims: a pilot qualitative study
A second-degree burn related to air bag deployment: a case report
Intoxicated motor vehicle passengers warrant screening and treatment similar to intoxicated drivers
Intra-abdominal injuries caused by automobile seat belts
Intra-abdominal seatbelt injury
Is helmet use beneficial to motorcyclists?
JAMA patient page: teenaged drivers
Just noticeable differences in some vehicle handling variables
Kangaroo-related motor vehicle collisions
Keeping our helmet laws--who is the best teacher?
Lap seat belt injuries; the treatment of the fortunate survivor
Lateral impact motor vehicle collisions: significant cause of blunt traumatic rupture of the thoracic aorta
Lawrence of Arabia and Hugh Cairns: crash helmets for motorcyclists
Lawrence of Arabia, Sir Hugh Cairns, and the origin of motorcycle helmets
Laws requiring use of restraint systems
Lesion of the internal carotid artery caused by a car safety belt
Letter: Automobile head restraints
Letter: Safety of Minibikes
Lightning strike to the head of a helmeted motorcyclist
Lightning-induced injury on an airplane: coronal discharge and ball lightning
Liver injuries and two-point shoulder restraints: case report and discussion
Long-term follow-up of unsuccessful violent suicide attempts: risk factors for subsequent attempts
Look out for the mopeds
Louisiana motorcycle fatalities linked to statewide helmet law repeal
Low-impact falls: demands on a system of trauma management, prediction of outcome, and influence of comorbidities
Lower extremity injuries from motorcycle crashes: a common cause of preventable injury
Lower extremity injuries in drivers of airbag-equipped automobiles: clinical and crash reconstruction correlations
Lumbar seatbelt injury in a child: case report
Luminance specifications for automobile instrument panels
Lythgoe's visual stereophenomenon in the natural environment: a possible factor in air and highway accidents
Major trauma in young and old: what is the difference?
Mandatory seatbelts: epidemiologic, financial, and medical rationale from the Colorado matched pairs study
Measures of attention as predictors of flight performance
Measuring the fit between human judgments and automated alerting algorithms: a study of collision detection
Mechanism of induction of asthmatic attacks initiated by the inhalation of particles generated by airbag system deployment
Mechanism of injury affects 6-month functional outcome in children hospitalized because of severe injuries
Mechanisms of injury in automobile crashes
Medical consequences of motorcycle helmet nonusage
Medical costs and economic production losses due to injuries in the Netherlands
Medical impairment and highway crashes
Medications and the safety of the older driver: is there a basis for concern?
Methodological considerations for the assessment of traffic safety trends and interventions
Minibike and motorcycle accidents in adolescents. a new epidemic
Minimum and comfortable driving headways: reality versus perception
Moped and motorcycle accidents--similarities and discrepancies
Morbidity among pediatric motor vehicle crash victims: the effectiveness of seat belts
Morbidity and mortality in elderly trauma patients
Mortality trends and leading causes of death among adolescents and young adults--United States, 1979-1988
Motor accident mortality and compulsory inspection of vehicles
Motor scooter handlebar syndrome
Motor vehichle accidents in the United States (1906-1964)
Motor vehicle crash fatalities in the elderly: rural versus urban
Motor vehicle crash involvement and moving violations: convergence of self-report and archival data
Motor vehicle crash injury patterns and the Virginia seat belt law
Motor vehicle crash-related mortality is associated with prehospital and hospital-based resource availability
Motor vehicle crashes in New York State: importance of accounting for emergency department deaths when assessing differences in in-hospital mortality by level of care
Motor vehicle deaths: a rural epidemic
Motor vehicle fatalities and the minimum drinking age
Motor vehicle injuries during adolescence
Motor vehicle related injury on the bridges between montreal and the south shore of the st. lawrence river, 1978-1982
Motor vehicle restraints: primary versus secondary enforcement and ethnicity
Motor vehicle safety: current concepts and challenges for emergency physicians
Motor vehicle-related burn injuries--Massachusetts
Motor-scooter handlebar syndrome: blunt traumatic injury of the femoral artery
Motor-vehicle occupant fatalities and restraint use among children aged 4-8 years--United States, 1994-1998
Motor-vehicle occupant injury: strategies for increasing use of child safety seats, increasing use of safety belts, and reducing alcohol-impaired driving
Motor-vehicle-related deaths involving intoxicated pedestrians--United States, 1982-1992
Motorcycle accidents: a review of 77 patients treated in a three-month period
Motorcycle casualties sustained during Daytona Beach Bike Week 2000: lessons learned
Motorcycle design and crash injuries in California, 1985
Motorcycle helmet use and injuries
Motorcycle helmet use and injury outcome and hospitalization costs from crashes in Washington State
Motorcycle helmet-use laws and head injury prevention
Motorcycle helmets and head injuries in Kentucky, 1995-2000
Motorcycle helmets--medical costs and the law
Motorcycle injuries to university students. the high price of the economical motorbike
Motorcycle licensure, ownership, and injury crash involvement
Motorcycle rider conspicuity and crash related injury: case-control study
Motorcycle trauma
Movement time and brake pedal placement
Multipiece tire rim injuries
Multiple cardiovascular injuries and motor vehicle accidents
Multisystem geriatric trauma
Myocardial contusion due to steering wheel injury
Narcolepsy and highway accidents
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Commentary: Motorcycle helmet law repeal--a tax assessment for the rest of the United States?
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. evaluation of the repeal of motorcycle helmet laws
Natural death at the wheel
National vehicle emissions policies and practices and declining US carbon monoxide-related mortality
Neck injuries among belted and unbelted occupants of the front seat of cars
Neck injury to women in auto accidents. a metropolitan plague
Neck injury to women in automobile accidents
New dummies for crash research
New York State mandatory seatbelt use law: patterns of seatbelt use before and after legislation
Nighttime observations of safety belt use: an evaluation of California's primary law
No change indicated in traffic fatality rate
Noise levels associated with airbag deployment may result in occupants experiencing irreversible hearing loss
Nonfall injuries in older adults
Nonfatal motor-vehicle animal crash-related injuries--United States, 2001-2002
Northeastern Ohio Trauma Study: i. magnitude of the problem
Northeastern Ohio Trauma Study: ii. injury rates by age, sex, and cause
Note on detection of vehicle velocity changes
Correlates of the Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test (MAST) among DWI offenders
Occult abdominal injuries to airbag-protected crash victims: a challenge to trauma systems
Occupant injury protection in automobile collisions
Occupant- and collision-related risk factors for blunt thoracic aorta injury
Occupation, industry, and fatal motor vehicle crashes in 20 states, 1986-1987
Occupational aviation deaths in Alaska, 1990-1995
Occupational health indicators for tracking work-related health effects and their determinants
Ocular injuries associated with eyeglass wear and airbag inflation
Ocular injuries in automobile crashes
Older drivers and physicians
On surviving aircraft disaster
Outcomes and costs of acute treatment of traumatic brain injury
Pacemaker failure from automobile accident
Parental attitudes and practices toward children as pedestrians
Parental bereavement after suicide and accident: a comparative study
Parental knowledge and children's use of bicycle helmets
Pathway HUDs: are they viable?
Patterns of alcohol and drug abuse in an urban trauma center: the increasing role of cocaine abuse
Patterns of fracture after air bag deployment
Patterns of high-speed impact injuries in motor vehicle occupants
Patterns of trauma care costs and reimbursements: the burden of uninsured motorists
Pedestrian pelvic fractures: 5-year experience of a major urban trauma center
Pedestrians in real world collisions
Pediatric amputation injuries: etiology, cost, and outcome
Pediatric cervical spine injury: a three-year experience
Change in velocity and energy dissipation on impact in motor vehicle crashes as a function of the direction of crash: key factors in the production of thoracic aortic injuries, their pattern of associated injuries and patient survival
The New Car Assessment Program: Does it predict the relative safety of vehicles in actual crashes?
Injuries to car passengers protected by air bags
Pediatric transport related injuries in Tehran: the necessity of implementation of injury prevention protocols
Pediatric traumatic brain injuries in Taiwan: an 8-year study
Perception of risk in automotive systems
Perception-response speed and driving capabilities of brain-damaged and older drivers
Perception-response time to unexpected roadway hazards
Perceptions, safety behaviors, and learning needs of parents of children brought to an emergency department
Performance of young and older drivers on a static acuity test under photopic and mesopic luminance conditions
Personality factors in highway accidents
Physical and chemical characterization of airbag effluents
Physician reporting of driver impairment. searching for answers
Addicted to Driving Under the Influence-a GHB/GBL Case Report
Physicians' responsibility in prevention of bodily injuries by the automobile
Pilot response in combined control tasks
Policy improvements for prevention of alcohol misuse by airline pilots
Political risk assessment, from an elected safety belt law advocate's point of view and experience
Drinking reasons, alcohol consumption levels, and drinking locations among drunken drivers
Position on the moped, risk of head injury and helmet use: an example of confounding effect
Power take-off injuries
Power take-off injuries
Predictors of mortality in adult patients with blunt injuries in New York State: a comparison of the Trauma and Injury Severity Score (TRISS) and the International Classification of Disease, Ninth Revision-based Injury Severity Score (ICISS)
Driving behavior of alcohol, cannabis, and cocaine abuse treatment clients and population controls
Pregnant women and car restraints: beliefs and practices
Preliminary investigation of movement time between brake and accelerator pedals in automobiles
Prevalence and patterns of foot injuries following motorcycle trauma
Preventing traffic fatalities
Prevention of bicycle-related injuries: helmets, education, and legislation
Prevention of hand injuries in cycle accidents
Prevention of injury in the automobile accident
Prevention of pedestrian injuries to children: effectiveness of a school training program
Profile analysis of persons arrested for drunk driving
Profile of pediatric bicycle injuries
Promoting safe walking and cycling to improve public health: lessons from The Netherlands and Germany
Prosecution and conviction of the injured intoxicated driver
Prosecution of injured drunk drivers
Prospective study of the effect of safety belts on morbidity and health care costs in motor-vehicle accidents
Psychosocial characteristics and follow-up of drinking and non-drinking drivers in motor vehicle crashes
Public funds and the injured motorcyclist
Public health focus: impact of safety-belt use on motor-vehicle injuries and costs--Iowa, 1987-1988
Putting a lid on injury costs: the economic impact of the California motorcycle helmet law
Queens Boulevard Pedestrian Safety Project--New York City
Railway train versus motor vehicle collisions: a comparative study of injury severity and patterns
Raised speed limits, speed spillover, case-fatality rates, and road deaths in Israel: a 5-year follow-up
Re.: severe head injury caused by airbag displacement
Reaction time as an index of traffic sign perception
Rear seat belt accessibility and occupant seat belt use in New York City taxicabs
Recent changes in driving among older adults
Recent Czechoslovakian work on figure legibility, color standards and road sign standardization
Recurrent cardiac events in survivors of ventricular fibrillation or tachycardia. implications for driving restrictions
Reducing the risk for injury while traveling for Thanksgiving holidays
Reduction in alcohol-related traffic fatalities--United States, 1990-1992
Reduction in motor vehicle fatalities associated with an increase in the minimum drinking age
Reduction of young driver crashes in a controlled pilot study: two-year follow-up in one Michigan high school
Reductions in deaths in frontal crashes among right front passengers in vehicles equipped with passenger air bags
Reductions in injury crashes associated with red light camera enforcement in oxnard, california
Relation between glare and driving performance
Relationship between age and lower extremity fractures in frontal motor vehicle collisions
Relationship between driver's license renewal policies and fatal crashes involving drivers 70 years or older
Relationship of motor vehicle inspection to accident mortality
Relative effects of age and compromised vision on driving performance
Relative mortality of unbelted infant passengers and belted non-infant passengers in air accidents with survivors
Renal injury in a child with airbag deployment
Repeal of the Massachusetts seat belt law
Specification fo road traffic signal light intensity
Research and other issues concerning effects of medical conditions on elderly drivers
Research note: driver's brake reaction times with adaptive controls
Tips and falls during electric-powered wheelchair driving: effects of seatbelt use, legrests, and driving speed
Restraint effectiveness, availability and use in fatal crashes: implications to injury control
Restraint systems for the prevention of injury to children in automobile accidents
Restraint use and injury patterns among children involved in motor vehicle collisions
Retrospective and prospective validity of aircraft accident risk indicators
Riding motorcycles: is it a lower limb hazard?
Right-handers and Americans favor turning to the right
Risk attitude reversals in drivers' route choice when range of travel time information is provided
Risk factors and predictors of mortality in children after ejection from motor vehicle crashes
Risk of injury to child passengers in compact extended-cab pickup trucks
Risk of motor vehicle crashes in patients with cataract surgery
Risk-taking behaviors among adolescent trauma patients
Risky driving behaviors among teenagers--Gwinnett County, Georgia, 1993
Road accidents in Sweden
Road traffic accident mortality in Singapore
Road traffic accident injuries in Kampala
Road traffic accidents in pregnancy in Southwest Nigeria: a 21-year review
"Ute surfing": a novel cause of severe head injury
Role of lateral acceleration in curve driving: driver model and experiments on a real vehicle and a driving simulator
Roll seat belt induced injury of the duodenum
Rollover injuries of the upper extremity
Rupture of the diaphragm in patients wearing seatbelts
Ruptures of the heart in seatbelt wearers
Safety and mobility of the older driver: a research challenge
Safety belt injury reduction related to crash severity and front seated position
Safety belt restraints and compartment intrusions in frontal and lateral motor vehicle crashes
Safety belt restraints and compartment intrusions in frontal and lateral motor vehicle crashes: mechanisms of injuries, complications, and acute care costs
Safety-belt and helmet use among high school students--United States, 1990
Safety-belt use and motor-vehicle-related injuries--Navajo Nation, 1988-1991
Safety-restraint assessment--Iowa, 1987-88
Searching for traffic signals while engaged in compensatory tracking
Seat belt and car seat in a reclined position: a dangerous combination
Seat belt effectiveness: case examples from real-world crash investigations
Seat belt injuries: the need for accuracy in reporting of cases
Seat belt laws: the New York experience--preliminary data and some observations
Seat belt legislation and seat belt effectiveness in the Federal Republic of Germany
Seat belt legislation in Britain
Seat belt placement resulting in uterine rupture
Seat belt syndrome
Seat belt use before and after motor vehicle trauma
Seat belt-related injury to the common iliac artery: case report and review of the literature
Seat belts and intra-abdominal trauma: report of two unusual cases
Seat-belt fractures of the spine and sternum
Seat-belt hernia. a ventral hernia following an automobile crash
Seat-belt injury resulting in regional enteritis and intestinal obstruction
Seatbelt cervical injury in an intersection type vehicular collision
Seatbelt injuries in children
Seatbelt injury to the abdominal aorta
Seatbelt injury to the common iliac artery: report of two cases and review of the literature
Seats on school buses
Self-reported visual problems of older drivers
Sensitivity of multiple-cause mortality data for surveillance of deaths associated with head or neck injuries
Comparative and joint prediction of DUI recidivism from alcohol ignition interlock and driver records
Severe head injury caused by airbag deployment
Seven years before centennial of first U.S. traffic death, toll already has reached nearly 2.8 million
Severe head injury in children: impact of risk factors on outcome
Severity and outcome of intracranial lesions in pedestrians injured by motor vehicles
Severity of injuries associated with traumatic hip dislocation as a result of motor vehicle collisions
Sex and age distribution in transport-related injuries in Tehran
Sex differences in driving performance
Shift sequences, duration of rest periods, and accident risk of bus drivers
Should motorcycles be operated within the legal alcohol limits for automobiles
Shoulder restraint injury to the female breast: a crush injury with long-lasting consequences
Sign registration in daytime and nighttime driving
Simulator designed for advanced traffic research
Skateboard-associated injuries: participation-based estimates and injury characteristics
Sleepiness, driving, and motor vehicle crashes
Smoking and traffic accidents
Snowmobile accidents: a review of injuries sustained in the use of snowmobiles in northern New England during the 1968-69 season
Snowmobile injuries in northern Newfoundland and Labrador: an 18-year review
Evaluation of California's graduated driver licensing program
Nonfatal motor-vehicle animal crash-related injuries-United States, 2001-2002
Road safety in Italy: Epidemiology of two-wheeled motor vehicles accidents. National statistics 2000
Speech-based interaction with in-vehicle computers: the effect of speech-based e-mail on drivers' attention to the roadway
Speed-of-processing and driving simulator training result in improved driving performance
Spinal injuries in motorcycle crashes: patterns and outcomes
Splenic injury in side impact motor vehicle collisions: effect of occupant restraints
Splenic rupture due to improper placement of automobile safety belt
Startle reaction to air-bag restraints
State of the art in automotive adaptive equipment
Statement in support of motorcycle helmet laws
Statement of support of motorcycle helmet laws
Stature, age, and gender effects on reach motion postures
Strategies of visual search by novice and experimental drivers
Strategies proposed so cars won't harm kids
Street bikes versus dirt bikes: a comparison of injuries among motorcyclists presenting to a regional trauma center
Study of head injury victims in fatal road traffic accidents in Delhi
Suicide and mass urban transit
Traffic analysis zone level crash estimation models based on land use characteristics
Superimposition, symbology, visual attention, and the head-up display
Supporting decision making and action selection under time pressure and uncertainty: the case of in-flight icing
Surgeon General examines options for coping with public health menace of drunken driving
Surgeon general's final target: drunk driving
Surveillance for traumatic brain injury deaths--United States, 1989-1998
Survey of factors influencing injury among riders involved in motorized two-wheeler accidents in India: a prospective study of 302 cases
System analysis of the general deterrence of driving while intoxicated
Systematic reviews of strategies to prevent motor vehicle injuries
Adjusting for car occupant injury liability in relation to age, speed limit, and gender-specific driver crash involvement risk
Effect of electronic stability control on automobile crash risk
Excessive daytime sleepiness and driving: regulations for road safety
Females do not have more injury road accidents on Friday the 13th
Reliability and validity of aggressive driving measures in China
The relationships between organizational and individual variables to on-the-job driver accidents and accident-free kilometres
Utilization of state-wide hospital separations data and the injury impairment scale to assess the incidence of spinal cord injury arising from motor vehicle traffic crashes
Teachable moments: a paradigm shift
Teenager injury panorama in northern Sweden
The assessment of facial injury to fully restrained drivers through full-scale car crash testing
The association between occupant restraint systems and risk of injury in frontal motor vehicle collisions
The association between risk-taking behavior and the use of safety devices in adolescents
The association of trauma death and alcohol use in a rural state
The biomechanical response of the lower abdomen to belt restraint loading
The biomechanics of lower abdominal steering-wheel loading
The case for safety belt use
The changing pattern of head injury in Thailand
Vehicle impoundment regulations as a means for reducing traffic-violations and road accidents in Israel
The development of a method to measure head acceleration and motion in high-impact crashes
The discovery and control of ejection in automobile accidents. 792 lives may be saved yearly if properly constructed door locks are utilized in automobiles
The dominance of vertebral column fractures associated with neurologic deficits among survivors of light-plane accidents
The effect of background music on the control activity of an automobile driver
The effect of changes in some vehicle handling variables on driver steering performance
The effect of helmets on the incidence and severity of head and cervical spine injuries in motorcycle and moped accident victims: a prospective analysis based on emergency department and trauma centre data
The effect of organized systems of trauma care on motor vehicle crash mortality
The effect of random alcohol screening in reducing motor vehicle crash injuries
The effect of repeated emergency response trials on performance during extended-duration simulated driving
The effect of smoking on risk-taking in a simulated passing task
The effect of state motorcycle licensing laws on motorcycle driver mortality rates
The effect of the 1992 California motorcycle helmet use law on motorcycle crash fatalities and injuries
The effect of the Taiwan motorcycle helmet use law on head injuries
The effectiveness of active head restraint in preventing whiplash
The effects of a simulated head-up display speedometer on perceptual task performance
The effects of motorcycle helmet use between hospitals in states with and without a mandatory helmet law
The effects of pavement edgelines on performance in a driving simulator under sober and alcohol-dosed conditions
The effects of psychotropic drugs upon driving-related skills
The emergency department log as a simple injury-surveillance tool
The emergency department surveillance of alcohol intoxication after motor vehicle accidents
The epidemiology of road accidents in childhood
The epidemiology of seatbelt-associated injuries
The epidemiology of snowmobiling injuries
The epidemiology of thoracic aortic injuries in pedestrians
The epidemiology of trauma in an intensive care unit in Bahrain
The epidemiology of traumatic rupture of the thoracic aorta in children: a 13-year review
The estimation of vehicular velocity as a function of visual stimulation
The framing of drivers' route choices when travel time information is provided under varying degrees of cognitive load
The functional age profile: an objective decision criterion for the assessment of pilot performance capacities and capabilities
The hazard of the unrestrained occupant
The health-related quality of life of pediatric traffic victims
The immediate effects of glare and electrochromic glare-reducing mirrors in simulated truck driving
The impact of a repealed motorcycle helmet law in Miami-Dade County
The impact of auto accidents on medical care
The impact of motorcycle helmet use
The impact of school-organized sport activities on the priority youth health-risk behaviors
The impact of the Safe Kids/Healthy Neighborhoods Injury Prevention Program in Harlem, 1988 through 1991
The impact of two related prevention strategies on head injury reduction among nonfatally injured motorcycle riders, California, 1991-1993
The incidence and economic costs of cancer, motor vehicle injuries, coronary heart disease, and stroke: a comparative analysis
The incidence of acute brain injury and serious impairment in a defined population
The incidence of hospital-treated facial injuries from vehicles
The increasing problem of motorcycle accidents
The influence of an intermittent visual stimulus on perceptual motor skills in aviation
The influence of increased roof strength on belted and unbelted dummies in rollover and drop tests
The influence of stimulants, sedatives, and fatigue on tunnel vision: risk factors for driving and piloting
The interpretation of statistically significant results: the impact of the Taiwan helmet use law
The lap belt complex: intestinal and lumbar spine injury in children
The limitations of current seatbelts in Europe--some population considerations
The motorcycle accident: a growing problem
The motorcyclist: easy rider or easy victim? An analysis of motorcycle accidents in Germany
The nature of seat belt injuries
The need for improved first aid care in motor vehicle accidents
The negative impact of the repeal of the Arkansas motorcycle helmet law
The nighttime legibility of highway signs as a function of their luminance characteristics
The pattern of injury to rear seat passengers involved in automobile collisions
The pediatric passenger: trends in seatbelt use and injury patterns
The public cost of motorcycle trauma
The public cost of motorcycle trauma
The relative influence of alcohol and seatbelt usage on severity of injury from motor vehicle crashes
The repeal of helmet use laws and increased motorcyclist mortality in the United States, 1975-1978
The response of human volunteers to rear-end impacts: the effect of head restraint properties
The role of motor vehicle crashes in causing certain injuries
The role of restraint and seat position in pediatric facial fractures
The rural interhospital disaster plan: some new solutions to old problems
The semantic differential as an index of traffic sign perception and comprehension
The snowmobile: friend or foe?
The specific deterrence of administrative per se laws in reducing drunk driving recidivism
The spectrum of abdominal injuries associated with the use of seat belts
The three wheeler (adult tricycle): an unstable, dangerous machine
The three wheeler--a menace to the preadolescent child
The use and efficacy of child restraint devices: the Tennessee experience, 1982 and 1983
The use of injury scoring in the evaluation of the Kegworth M1 aircrash
The utility of helicopter transport of trauma patients from the injury scene in an urban trauma system
Injury tolerances for oblique impact helmet testing
Factor causing scatter in dynamic certification test results for compliance with EEVC WG17 legform impactor standard
Design optimization of metallic hexagonal cross sections
Finite element modeling of the crash performance of roadside barriers
Predicting impact loads of a car crashing into a concrete roadside safety barrier
Alcohol and road safety behaviour among New Zealand tertiary students
Effects of Airbag Deployment : Lesions, Epidemiology, and Management
Is there equalization in socioeconomic differences in the risk of traffic injuries in childhood? A study of three cohorts of Swedish school children
Motorcycle-related hospitalizations in the United States, 2001
World Health Day Theme 2004 road safety is no accident
Regional and local clusters of railway suicides
Thermal contact burns from streets and highways
Thoracic spine injuries in victims of motorcycle accidents
Three cases of femoral head fracture in a single car accident
Three-point restraints as a risk factor for chest injury in the elderly
Tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use among high school students in Bureau of Indian Affairs-funded schools--United States, 2001
Tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use among high school students--United States, 1991
Today's automobile driver- can his successor be educated to be safer?
Tolerance to steering wheel-induced lower abdominal injury
Traffic death toll may be declining, but experts not ready to celebrate
Traffic deaths go up again. role of the alcoholic driver; our present control methods
Traffic fatalities in a system with decentralized trauma care. a study with special reference to potentially salvageable casualties
Traffic fatalities in Nepal
Traffic fatalities in Philadelphia
Traffic injuries and deaths in a metropolitan area (Philadelphia, 1964-1967)
Traffic safety experts prescribe treatment, sanctions to improve driving
Traffic signal color recognition is a problem for both protan and deutan color-vision deficients
Transection of the common bile duct and pelvi-ureteric junction due to seat belt
Comparing the predictive validity of DUI risk screening instruments: development of validation standards
Trauma among Hispanic children: a population-based study in a regionalized system of trauma care
Trauma system evaluation using the fatality analysis reporting system
Trauma triage: vehicle damage as an estimate of injury severity
Traumatic blindness after airbag deployment: bilateral lenticular dislocation
Traumatic brain injury among American Indians/Alaska Natives--United States, 1992-1996
Traumatic brain injury and automotive design: making motor vehicles safer
Traumatic brain injury--Colorado, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Utah, 1990-1993
Traumatic brain injury-related hospital discharges. results from a 14-state surveillance system, 1997
Traumatic dislocation and fracture-dislocation of the hip: a long-term follow-up study
Traumatic facial injuries with steering wheel loading
Traumatic lumbar hernia: a seat belt injury
Traumatic occupational fatalities in the retail industry, United States 1992-1996
Traumatic rupture of aorta; special reference to automobile accidents
Traumatic spinal cord injury in Ontario, Canada
Trends and subgroup differences in transportation-related injury risk and safety behaviors among high school students, 1991-1997
Ultralight aircraft crashes: their increasing incidence and associated fractures of the thoracolumbar spine
Unintentional carbon monoxide-related deaths in the United States, 1979 through 1988
Unintentional deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning--Michigan, 1987-1989
Unusual head trauma by a rearview mirror
Unusual subclavian artery lacerations resulting from lap-shoulder seatbelt trauma: case reports
Community action to reduce rural drink and drive crashes in New Zealand: adapting approaches in dynamic environments
Update: external cause-of-injury coding in hospital discharge data--United States, 1994
Update: fatal air bag-related injuries to children--United States, 1993-1996
Communities mobilizing for change on alcohol (CMCA): effects of a randomized trial on arrests and traffic crashes
Upper extremity injuries related to airbag deployments
Urban-rural location and the risk of dying in a pedestrian-vehicle collision
Urban/rural variation in children's bicycle-related injuries
Use of a fixed-base driving simulator to evaluate the effects of experience and PC-based risk awareness training on drivers' decisions
Use of an unmanned police car to reduce traffic speed
Use of behavioral risk factor surveys to predict alcohol-related motor vehicle events
Use of child booster seats in motor vehicles following a community campaign: a controlled trial
Using a geographic information system to understand child pedestrian injury
Vehicle and driver attributes affecting distance from the steering wheel in motor vehicles
Vehicle control during curve driving
Vehicle drivers and fatal accidents
Verbal response times to directional traffic signs embedded in photographic street scenes
Vertebral column injuries and lap-shoulder belts
Dynamic response of the pelvis under side impact load: a three-dimensional finite element approach
Visibility distance of highway signs among young, middle-aged, and older observers: icons are better than text
Vision and driving: selective effect of optical blur on different driving tasks
Visual accommodation and target detection in the vicinity of a window post
Visual detection of driving while intoxicated
Structural adaptivity for acceleration level reduction in passenger car frontal collisions
Visual processing impairment and risk of motor vehicle crash among older adults
Visual requirements for safety and mobility of older drivers
Visual search behavior while viewing driving scenes under the influence of alcohol and marihuana
Visual search by automobile drivers
Visual search for traffic signs: the effects of clutter, luminance, and aging
Vote on helmet law should be unanimous
Preliminary analysis of fuel tank impact
Wake-up call aimed at drowsy drivers: message is 'drive alert, arrive alive'
Compatibility between passenger vehicles and road barriers during oblique collisions
An investigation into the head and neck injury potential of three-year-old children in forward and rearward facing child safety seats
Weekends, rural roads, alcohol among risk factors gleaned from traffic death data
Optimization of single skin surfaces for head injury prevention: a comparison of optima calculated for global versus local injury thresholds
What are the most effective ways of improving population health through transport interventions? Evidence from systematic reviews
What does a decline in child pedestrian injury rates mean?
A methodology to assess frontal stiffness to improve crash compatibility
Wheels-in-line roller skating injuries
Design of train crash experimental tests by optimization procedures
A study of modelling approaches for rail vehicle collision behaviour
Crashworthiness analysis of the Placentia, California rail collision
Compartment strength and its evaluation in car crashes
Why low-flying fighter planes crash: perceptual and attentional factors in collisions with the ground
Work-related injuries in a rural emergency department population
Work-related pilot fatalities in agriculture--United States, 1992-2001
Automobile accidents: Number one social scourge; outline of a doctrine and an organization for road security
Mortality and severe injuries in accidents of the road; their distribution among the individual participants in traffic
Commonly utilised road traffic accident indicators
Young female violent death trends in the general population during the Vietnam era
Young male drivers. Impulse expression, accidents, and violations
Young male violent death trends in the general population during the Vietnam era
Young novice driver subtypes: relationship to high-risk behavior, traffic accident record, and simulator driving performance
Effect of environment on extremely severe road traffic crashes: retrospective epidemic analysis during 2000-2001
Mechanisms of cervical spine injuries for non-fatal motorcycle road crash
Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance--National Alternative High School Youth Risk Behavior Survey, United States, 1998
Youth risk behavior surveillance--United States, 1993
Trends in motorcycle fatalities associated with alcohol-impaired driving--United States, 1983-2003
Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance--United States, 1995
Youth risk behavior surveillance--United States, 1997
Youth risk behavior surveillance--United States, 1999
Youth risk behavior surveillance--United States, 2001
Youth risk behavior surveillance--United States, 2003
Age-period-cohort analysis of mortality caused by traffic accidents in Spain
Epidemiology of scooter accidents in Italy: the effectiveness of mandatory use of helmets in preventing incidence and severity of head trauma
Helmet use by motorcyclists injured in traffic accidents in Londrina, southern Brazil
Pediatric polytrauma: a retrospective comparison between pediatric, adolescent and adult polytrauma
A comparison of diagnostic related group length of stay outliers: motor vehicle crash versus penetrating injuries
Accident prevention versus recidivism prevention courses for repeat traffic offenders
Accident prototypical scenarios, a tool for road safety research and diagnostic studies
Accident rates for heavy truck-tractors in Michigan
Accident reduction factors and causal inference in traffic safety studies: a review
Accident risk and risk-taking behaviour among young drivers
Accident risk of foreign drivers--the case of Russian drivers in south-eastern Finland
Accidental road traffic deaths--prospects for local prevention
Accidents in the u.s. and europe: 1970-1980
Accidents, mileage, and the exaggeration of risk
Accuracy of fatal motorcycle-injury reporting on death certificates
Accuracy of self-reported data for estimating crash severity
Adaptation to the driver as part of a driver monitoring and warning system
Adolescent antecedents of high-risk driving behavior into young adulthood: substance use and parental influences
Advertising wearout in the Transport Accident Commission road safety campaigns
Age and experience in motorcycling safety
Age and gender patterns in motor vehicle crash injuries: importance of type of crash and occupant role
Age and sex differences in the risk of causing vehicle collisions in Spain, 1990 to 1999
Age dependence of attitudes and knowledge in cyclists
Age differences in male drivers' perception of accident risk: the role of perceived driving ability
Age of drinking onset, driving after drinking, and involvement in alcohol related motor-vehicle crashes
Age related changes in drivers' crash risk and crash type
Age related effects of restricted head movements on the useful field of view of drivers
Age, gender and the effectiveness of high-threat letters: an analysis of Oregon's driver improvement advisory letters
Age, sex, and blood alcohol concentration of killed and injured drivers, riders, and passengers
Age, sex, and blood alcohol concentration of killed and injured pedestrians
Age-period-cohort analysis of motor vehicle mortality in Taiwan, 1974-1992
Age-related differences in timing of position and velocity identification
Airbag and facebag benefits and costs
Airbags: an exploratory survey of public knowledge and attitudes
Aircrew fatigue in long-haul operations
Alcohol and fatal road accidents: estimates of risk in Australia 1983
Alcohol and traffic in Finland
Alcohol and traffic safety: a sensitivity analysis of data from composite sources
Alcohol consumption measured at roadside surveys and variations in traffic injury crashes
Alcohol policy and the Presidential Commission on Drunk Driving: the paths not taken
Alcohol use among injured sets of drivers and passengers
Alcohol use among pedestrians and the odds of surviving an injury: evidence from Florida law enforcement data
Alcohol use in relation to driving records among injured bicyclists
Alcohol use, driving records, and crash culpability among injured motorcycle drivers
Alcohol, drugs, and impairment in fatal traffic accidents in British Columbia
Alcohol-related predictors of adolescent driving: gender differences in crashes and offenses
Alcoholism at the time of injury among trauma center patients: vehicular crash victims compared with other patients
American drivers in Europe: different signing policy may cause safety problems at uncontrolled intersections
An aggregate accident model based on pooled, regional time-series data
An aggregate level analysis of the socioeconomic correlates of drink driving offenders
An alternative accident prediction model for highway-rail interfaces
An analysis of accident data for franchised public buses in Hong Kong
An analysis of road traffic fatalities in Delhi, India
An analysis of the severity and incident duration of truck-involved freeway accidents
An analysis of urban collisions using an artificial intelligence model
An application of logit models in analysing the behaviour of pedestrians and car drivers on pedestrian crossings
An assessment of the effect of driver age on traffic accident involvement using log-linear models
An economic evaluation of incremental resources to road safety programmes in New Zealand
An evaluation of a suburban railway pedestrian crossing safety programme
An evaluation of four types of railway pedestrian crossing safety intervention
An evaluation of road crash injury severity measures
An evaluation of sensitivity and specificity of blood alcohol concentrations obtained by a breathalyser survey in a casualty department in Kenya
An evaluation of the deterrent impact of Ontario's 12-hour licence suspension law
An evaluation of the general effect of the New Zealand graduated driver licensing system on motorcycle traffic crash hospitalisations
An evaluation of the New Zealand graduated driver licensing system
An evaluation of the specific deterrent effects of vehicle impoundment on suspended, revoked, and unlicensed drivers in California
An evaluation of three corporate strategies for safety belt use promotion
An examination of gender differences in traffic accident risk perception
An examination of the crash involvement rates of novice drivers aged 16 to 55
An experimental evaluation of the effects of periodic motor vehicle inspection on accident rates
An experimental head restraint concept for primary prevention of head and neck injuries in frontal collisions
An experimental study to evaluate the effectiveness of different methods and intensities of law enforcement on driving speed on motorways
An experimental test of risk compensation: between-subject versus within-subject analyses
An expert judgment model applied to estimating the safety effect of a bicycle facility
An exploration of the perceptions of the average driver's speed compared to perceived driver safety and driving skill
An exploratory study of the relationship between road rage and crash experience in a representative sample of US drivers
An in-depth study of accidents involving collisions with utility poles
An instrumented vehicle assessment of problem behavior and driving style: do younger males really take more risks?
An inter-regional comparison: fatal crashes in the southeastern and non-southeastern United States: preliminary findings
An investigation into the relationships between area social characteristics and road accident casualties
An investigation of behavioural adaptation to airbags and antilock brakes among taxi drivers
An investigation of road crossing in a virtual environment
An observational study of driver behavior at a protected railroad grade crossing as trains approach
An on-road study to investigate fatigue in local/short haul trucking
An ordinal multivariate analysis of accident counts as functions of traffic approach volumes at intersections
Analysis of circumstances and injuries in 217 pedestrian traffic fatalities
Analysis of commercial mini-bus accidents
Analysis of fatal motorcycle crashes: crash typing
Analysis of injuries among pilots involved in fatal general aviation airplane accidents
Analysis of injury severity and vehicle occupancy in truck- and non-truck-involved accidents
Analysis of official economic valuations of traffic accident fatalities in 20 motorized countries
Analysis of progress in road safety in ten European countries
Analysis of the effect of car size on accident injury probability using automobile insurance data
Analysis of the frequency and duration of freeway accidents in Seattle
Analysis of traffic accidents at urban intersections in Riyadh
Anger and aggression among drivers in three European countries
Annual mileage, driving violations, and accident involvement in relation to drivers' sex, age, and level of education
Anti-lock brake system: an assessment of training on driver effectiveness
Antidepressants and driving
Antihistamines and highway safety
Application of Smeed's formula to assess development of traffic safety in Jordan
Applying the random effect negative binomial model to examine traffic accident occurrence at signalized intersections
Appropriate frontal barrier tests for belted occupants
Are aggressive people aggressive drivers? A study of the relationship between self-reported general aggressiveness, driver anger and aggressive driving
Are lower legal blood alcohol limits and a combination of sanctions desirable in reducing drunken driver-involved traffic fatalities and traffic accidents?
Are radar detector users less safe than nonusers?
Are road safety evaluation studies published in peer reviewed journals more valid than similar studies not published in peer reviewed journals?
Are there really shortcuts? Estimating seat belt use with self-report measures
Are traffic deaths in Ireland related to alcohol consumption? Restudying a time series model
Are traffic injuries disproportionally more common among tourists in Greece? Struggling with incomplete data
Area-wide urban traffic calming schemes: a meta-analysis of safety effects
Arrest and conviction of injured intoxicated drivers in eastern Pennsylvania
Assessing driver status: a demonstration experiment on the road
Assessing medically impaired older drivers in a licensing agency setting
Assessing one's own and others' driving ability: influences of sex, age, and experience
Assessing the driving performance of older adult drivers: on-road versus simulated driving
Assessing the effectiveness of minimum legal drinking age and zero tolerance laws in the United States
Assessing the safety environment in work organization of road maintenance jobs
Assessing the validity of road safety evaluation studies by analysing causal chains
Assessment of hospital and police ascertainment of automobile versus childhood pedestrian and bicyclist collisions
Assessment of university students' coping strategies and reasons for driving in high-risk drinking-driving situations
Attention and expectation problems in bicycle-car collisions: an in-depth study
Attitudes and road accident risk
Balancing work and rest to combat driver fatigue: an investigation of two-up driving in Australia
Behavior in traffic conflict situations
Behavioural characteristics and accidents: findings from the Health Survey for England, 1997
Behavioural characteristics and involvement in different types of traffic accident
Behavioural factors in accidents at road junctions: the use of a genetic algorithm to extract descriptive rules from police case files
Behavioural feedback to risk variation ensues from unsatisfied appetency
Belt use by high-risk drivers before and after New York's seat belt use law
Benzodiazepines, the popular minor tranquilizers: dynamics of effect on driving skills
Bicycle accidents and drivers' visual search at left and right turns
Bicycle accidents and injuries: a pilot study comparing hospital- and police-reported data
Cochrane injuries group: Alcohol ignition interlock devices and drink-driver recidivism
Blunt traumatic diaphragmatic injuries in children
Alcohol intoxication effects on simulated driving: exploring alcohol-dose effects on brain activation using functional MRI
Non-helmeted motorcyclists: a burden to society? A study using the National Trauma Data Bank
Risk of injury for occupants of motor vehicle collisions from unbelted occupants
Professional shift-work drivers who adopt prophylactic naps can reduce the risk of car accidents during night work
Alcohol and road traffic injuries in South Asia: challenges for prevention
Conversation disrupts change detection in complex traffic scenes
Evidence-based interventions for road traffic injuries in South Asia
Factors influencing the use of cellular (mobile) phone during driving and hazards while using it
Method to evaluate the effect of safety belt use by rear seat passengers on the injury severity of front seat occupants
Rear seat belt use as an indicator of safe road behaviour in a rapidly developing country
Road traffic injuries in South Asia: national and organisational policy responses
Road traffic injuries in Sri Lanka: a call to action
The burden of road traffic injuries in South Asia : a commentary
Tire condition and drivers' practice in maintaining tires in Saudi Arabia
Sleep and sleepiness among brazilian shift-working bus drivers
Effects of snowfalls on motor vehicle collisions, injuries, and fatalities
Modeling crash-flow-density and crash-flow-V/C ratio relationships for rural and urban freeway segments
The association between Body Mass Index and diaphragm injury among motor vehicle collision occupants
Prevention of traffic accidents with the help of area-wide traffic calming
Adolescents' attitudes and behaviour towards motorcycle helmet use in Italy
An explorative study of the relationship between lifestyle and driving behaviour among young drivers
Profile of mothers at risk: An analysis of injury and pregnancy loss in 1,195 trauma patients
A spatially disaggregate analysis of road casualties in England
A meta-analysis of .08 bac laws in 19 jurisdictions in the united states
Bicycle safety helmet legislation and bicycle-related non-fatal injuries in California
Freeway safety as a function of traffic flow
Traffic fatalities and economic growth
Individual and contextual effects in injury morbidity in Barcelona (Spain)
Measuring the impact of passenger restrictions on new teenage drivers
Characteristics of alcohol-related fatal general aviation crashes
Community-based programs to promote car seat restraints in children 0-16 years - a systematic review
Comparison of reporting of seat belt use by police and crash investigators: variation in agreement by injury severity
Crash reduction following installation of centerline rumble strips on rural two-lane roads
Differences in safety belt use by race
Driving-while-intoxicated history as a risk marker for general aviation pilots
Effects of lowering the legal BAC to 0.08 on single-vehicle-nighttime fatal traffic crashes in 19 jurisdictions
Effects of remote and in-person verbal interactions on verbalization rates and attention to dynamic spatial scenes
Enforcement of speed limits-actual policy and drivers' knowledge
Estimating the relationship between accident frequency and homogeneous and inhomogeneous traffic flows
Impact of infrastructure and local environment on road unsafety: logistic modeling with spatial autocorrelation
Long term medical costs of motor vehicle casualties in Alberta (1999): a population-based, incidence approach
Possible aggregation biases in road safety research and a mechanism approach to accident modeling
Raising the bar: can increased statutory penalties deter drink-drivers?
Ranking and selection of motor carrier safety performance by commodity
Rural and urban traffic fatalities, vehicle miles, and population density
Sensitivity to punishment and sensitivity to reward and traffic violations
The social patterning of injury repetitions among young car drivers in Sweden
The effects of driver training on simulated driving performance
Some consequences of different older driver licensing procedures in Australia
Spatial analysis of alcohol-related motor vehicle crash injuries in southeastern Michigan
The association of rainfall and other weather variables with road traffic volume in Melbourne, Australia
A behavior analysis questionnaire for adolescent drinkers
An in-depth look at parent-imposed driving rules: their strengths and weaknesses
Road rage experience and behavior: vehicle, exposure, and driver factors
Tennessee's Novice Driver Safety Project: a program to increase parental involvement
Mobile phones and driving
Risk factors for motor vehicle collision-related eye injuries
Steering wheel deformity and serious thoracic or abdominal injury among drivers and passengers involved in motor vehicle crashes
The IFR bullet: Can it kill our accident rate?
Effectiveness of mandatory license testing for older drivers in reducing crash risk among urban older Australian drivers
Evaluation criteria for AIS 1 neck injuries in frontal impacts--a parameter study combining field data and Madymo modeling
Force and acceleration corridors from lateral head impact
The Swedish driver licensure examination: exploration of a two-stage model
Validation of the propensity for angry driving scale
Extended Work Shifts and the Risk of Motor Vehicle Crashes among Interns
Lessons about sleepiness and driving from the Selby rail disaster case: R v Gary Neil Hart
Sleep and sleepiness among Brazilian shift-working bus drivers
Sleep, science, and policy change
The effects of a nap opportunity in quiet and noisy environments on driving performance
Variation in sleepiness during early morning shifts: a mixed model approach to an experimental field study of train drivers
Effectiveness of speed cameras in preventing road traffic collisions and related casualties: systematic review
A comparison of ATV-related behaviors, exposures, and injuries between farm youth and nonfarm youth
Predicting drunk driving: contribution of alcohol use and related problems, traffic behaviour, personality and platelet monoamine oxidase (MAO) activity
Safety of helicopter aeromedical transport in Australia: a retrospective study
A systems analysis of the Ladbroke Grove rail crash
Characteristics of road traffic accidents treated in an urban trauma center
Developing an inverse time-to-collision crash alert timing approach based on drivers' last-second braking and steering judgments
Drink driving enforcement and publicity campaigns: are the policy recommendations sensitive to model specification?
Driver age and vehicle engine size effects on fault and severity in young motorcyclists accidents
Driving anger, sensation seeking, impulsiveness, and boredom proneness in the prediction of unsafe driving
Driving under the influence (DUI) among U.S. ethnic groups
Road traffic accident among motor vehicle drivers in selected highways
Effects of practice, age, and task demands, on interference from a phone task while driving
Factors affecting pelvic and thoracic forces in near-side impact crashes: a study of US-NCAP, NASS, and CIREN data
Failure of a traffic control "fatality" sign to affect pedestrians' and motorists' behavior
Graduated driver licensing in Utah: Is it effective?
Helmet use and motorcycle fatalities in Taiwan
Is there a pattern in European bus and coach incidents? A literature analysis with special focus on injury causation and injury mechanisms
Non-collision injuries in public buses: a national survey of a neglected problem
Overcrowded motor vehicle trauma from the smuggling of illegal immigrants in the desert of the Southwest
Post-licence driver education for the prevention of road traffic crashes: a systematic review of randomised controlled trials
Reducing conflicts between motor vehicles and pedestrians: the separate and combined effects of pavement markings and a sign prompt
Seat belt utilization in Saudi Arabia and its impact on road accident injuries
Suicidal ideation, antidepressive medication and car crash injury
The effect of collision pulse properties on seven proposed whiplash injury criteria
The effects of depowered airbags on eye injuries in frontal automobile crashes
The role of alcohol in Thailand motorcycle crashes
Would relaxing speed limits aggravate safety? A case study of Hong Kong
Traffic injury prevention program
Alcohol awareness-crash simulation
Cultural diversity and child passenger safety
Increasing car seat safety: a multidimensional state council initiative
Traffic safety for diverse populations
Critical gaps in child passenger safety practices, surveillance, and legislation: Georgia, 2001
Flight safety in Alaska: comparing attitudes and practices of high- and low-risk air carriers
Helicopter injuries (Letter)
Helicopter injuries: reply
Ergonomics and air safety
Injury pattern among non-fatal road traffic accident cases: A cross-sectional study in Central India
Stature and seat position as factors affecting fractionated response time in motor vehicle drivers
Road safety - threats and opportunities for poor countries
Profiles in driver distraction: effects of cell phone conversations on younger and older drivers
Seat belt use by police: should they click it?
The influence of motor vehicle legislation on injury claim incidence
Evaluation of the California Safe Routes to School legislation: urban form changes and children's active transportation to school
Fatal motor vehicle crashes in rural and urban areas: decomposing rates into contributing factors
Heat related deaths to young children in parked cars: an analysis of 171 fatalities in the United States, 1995-2002
Influence of the Unbelted Rear-seat Passenger on Driver Mortality: "The Backseat Bullet"
Young drivers' overestimation of their own skill--an experiment on the relation between training strategy and skill
Teen drivers and the risk of injury to child passengers in motor vehicle crashes
Temporal factors in motor vehicle crash deaths
The effects of depowered airbags on skin injuries in frontal automobile crashes
Tracking ability of an MCV on a rural road
Acceptability to young drivers of in-vehicle intelligent transport systems
Desirability of advanced driver assistance from road safety perspective: the case of ISA
Safety culture in railway maintenance
Road safety and accident prevention
The Value of Life and Accident Costing : A Willingness-to-Pay Study Amongst Motorcyclists in Malaysia
Whiplash injury: vehicle, seat, occupant and tissue responses
Field analysis of ais1 neck injuries in rear-end car impacts-injury reducing effect of whips seat
Address entry while driving: speech recognition versus a touch-screen keyboard
Age differences in visual search for traffic signs during a simulated conversation
Conversation limits the functional field of view
Driver distraction from a control theory perspective
Driving and side task performance: the effects of display clutter, separation, and modality
Predicting practical fitness to drive in drivers with visual field defects caused by ocular pathology
Recovering from interruptions: implications for driver distraction research
Speech-based E-mail and driver behavior: effects of an in-vehicle message system interface
Driving in Parkinson's disease: Mobility, accidents, and sudden onset of sleep at the wheel
Assessing the value of environmental prevention programmes in reducing driving under the influence (DUI) among college students
Working on the hot seat: urban bus operators
Nonfatal motor-vehicle-related backover injuries among children--United States, 2001-2003
Driving by choice or necessity?
Car use: lust and must. Instrumental, symbolic and affective motives for car use
Safety of passing longer combination vehicles on two-lane highways
Developing a self-report method for investigating adolescent road user behaviour
A multi-factorial framework for understanding reckless driving -- appraisal indicators and perceived environmental determinants
Acceptance of and engagement in risky driving behaviors by teenagers
Young novice drivers: towards a model of their accident involvement
Young novice drivers: careless or clueless?
Effects of seating position and appropriate restraint use on the risk of injury to children in motor vehicle crashes
Young drivers' decision making and safety belt use
Why are experts not better in judging the danger of filmed traffic conflicts?
Who's in the car? Passengers as potential interveners in alcohol-involved fatal crashes
Who is driving when unrestrained children and teenagers are hurt?
WHIPS--Volvo's Whiplash Protection Study
Who carries passengers in the back of pickup trucks?
Whiplash injury--are current head restraints doing their job?
Wireless telephones and the risk of road crashes
Obtaining a driver's license and seizure relapse in patients with childhood-onset epilepsy
Youth, alcohol and relative risk of crash involvement
Young female drivers in New Zealand
Research Initiatives for Improving the Safety of Offshore Helicopter Operations
Youth and traffic safety: the effects of driving age, experience, and education
Which are the relevant costs and benefits of road safety measures designed for pedestrians and cyclists?
Reducing DUI among US college students: results of an environmental prevention trial
The impact of extended leave on sleep and alertness in the Australian rail industry
When did a reduced speed limit show an effect? Exploratory identification of an intervention time
Wind-induced accidents of road vehicles
Road traffic accidents in the province of Udine: estimation of drivers' injuries attributable to personal, environmental, and vehicle-related factors
What surviving drivers learn from a fatal road accident
Willingness and alternatives to drunk driving among young people from Sao Paulo City, Brazil
Why do older drivers give up driving?
Young drivers' evaluation of driving impairment due to alcohol
Freight transport and non-driving work duties as predictors of falling asleep at the wheel in urban areas of Crete
Why are sobriety checkpoints not widely adopted as an enforcement strategy in the United States?
Geographical distribution of road traffic deaths in England and Wales: place of accident compared with place of residence
Identifying best practices states in motorcycle rider education and licensing
Identifying crash propensity using specific traffic speed conditions
Impaired alertness and performance driving home from the night shift: a driving simulator study
Improvements in passive car safety led to decreased injury severity - a comparison between the 1970s and 1990s
Smashed to Pieces: A patient's view of a road traffic accident
Probationary and non-probationary drivers' nighttime crashes in Western Australia, 1996-2000
Young male drinkers and impaired driving intervention: results of a u.s. telephone survey
Women drivers' behaviour, socio-demographic characteristics and accidents
Work-related road fatalities in Australia, 1982-1984
Usability issues concerning child restraint system harness design
Usage patterns and misuse rates of automatic seat belts by system type
Using logistic regression to estimate the influence of accident factors on accident severity
Using traffic conviction correlates to identify high accident-risk drivers
Variations of the level of vigilance and of behavioural activities during simulated automobile driving
Vehicle action: effective policy for controlling drunk and other high-risk drivers?
Vehicle crashworthiness ratings in Australia
Vehicle travel speeds and the incidence of fatal pedestrian crashes
What is happening to the number of fatalities in road accidents? A model for forecasts and continuous monitoring of development up to the year 2000
What is a realistic frontal-offset test procedure?
What do Israeli Jewish and Arab adolescents know about drinking and driving?
Velocity change and fatality risk in a crash--a rule of thumb
Venturesomeness and extraversion as correlates of juvenile drivers' traffic violations
Welfare consequences of injuries due to traffic accidents
Viewpoint. environmental issues: insight into corresponding problems of traffic safety
Visual functions of drivers involved in traffic accidents
Visual risk factors for driving difficulty among older drivers
Voluntary seat belt use among u.s. drivers: geographic, socioeconomic and demographic variation
"Doctor, when can I drive?': a medical and legal view of the implications of advice on driving after injury or operation
'Doctor, when can I drive?': an update on the medico-legal aspects of driving following an injury or operation
'Levis' jeans and motorcycle knee injuries
'Whiplash injuries' of the neck: a retrospective study
A case of air-bag associated severe ocular injury
A comparative study of G-induced neck injury in pilots of the F/A-18, A-7, and A-4
A focused educational intervention can promote the proper application of seat belts during pregnancy
A helmet for every driver
A population-based study of motorcycle injury and costs
A prospective study of the impact of helmet usage on motorcycle trauma
A review of fatal road accidents in Oxfordshire over a 2-year period
A six-month review of motorcycle accidents
A spatial and temporal analysis of safety-belt usage and safety-belt laws
A survey of Rhole Island motorcycle fatalities during 1975--1976
Engineering in accidents: vehicle design and injuries
Risk of road accident associated with the use of drugs: A systematic review and meta-analysis of evidence from epidemiological studies
A maternity hospital-based infant car-restraint loan scheme: public health and economic evaluation of an intervention for the reduction of road traffic injuries
An application of multidisciplinary education to a campus-community partnership to reduce motor vehicle accidents
A study of a decade of road traffic accidents in Benghazi, Libya: 2001 to 2010
Motorcycle ownership and injury in China
Outcome after Minor Traffic Accidents: A Follow-up Study of Orthopedic Patients in an Inner-City Area Emergency Room
Relationships among community characteristics and walking and bicycling for transportation or recreation
Severe upper extremity injuries in frontal automobile crashes: The effects of depowered airbags
The current status of road user injuries among the elderly in Germany: a medical and technical accident analysis
Severity of injuries in public streets of an urban area in Mexico
Body region prevalence of injury in alcohol- and non-alcohol-related traffic injuries
Effectiveness of automatic shoulder belt systems in motor vehicle crashes
Epidemiology and prevention of traffic injuries to urban children and adolescents
Injury patterns associated with mortality following motorcycle crashes
Head and facial injuries after low-speed motor-cycle accidents
Head and neck injuries to motorcycle and moped riders--with special regard to the effect of protective helmets
Head injuries due to motorcycle accidents: crash helmets and alcoholism
Head injuries in infants and children: measures to reduce mortality and morbidity in road accidents
Headrests: effective in preventing injuries?
Adolescents and motorcycle safety: the case for health advocacy
Airbag contact in traffic accidents: DNA detection to determine the driver identity
An analysis of civil aircrash statistics 1977-86 for the purposes of planning disaster exercises
An analysis of traffic injuries in Taiwan in relation to alcohol use and economic loss
An evaluation of the effectiveness of forward facing child restraint systems
An investigation of factors reducing seat belt use amongst Spanish drivers and passengers on urban roads
An unusual mechanism of airbag injury
An unusual seat belt injury
An unusual seat-belt injury in a doctor
Analysis and prediction of traffic fatalities resulting from angle collisions including the effect of vehicles' configuration and compatibility
Ankle injuries caused by seat belts
Applying the Quebec Task Force criteria as a frame of reference for studies of whiplash injuries
Are automobile head restraints used effectively?
Auditory alerts for in-vehicle information systems: the effects of temporal conflict and sound parameters on driver attitudes and performance
Biomechanics of seat belt restraint system
Bird strike at 140 mph!
Boosting booster seat use: use simple education to help properly restrain youngsters
Brain injury without head impact?
Burn injuries resulting from (accidental) airbag inflation
Cannon Street rail disaster--lessons to be learned
Car head restraints
Car seat belts and the eye
Cardiac contusion in patients wearing seat belts
Case-control study of the effectiveness of different types of helmets for the prevention of head injuries among motorcycle riders in Taipei, Taiwan
Causes and consequences of moped and motor-cycle accidents. a prospective and retrospective study of clinical series
Cervical spinal injuries caused by collision of cars with camels
Cervical spine fractures sustained by young children in forward-facing car seats
Cervical spine injury and restraint system use in motor vehicle collisions
Automobile restraints for children: a review for clinicians
Child safety seat knowledge among postpartum mothers in an urban setting
Child safety seats: do doctors know enough?
Children in car seats and in the backseat
Commentary: We need to give children a boost before we buckle them
Evaluating the impact of child safety seat check-up events on parental knowledge
Children's safety in the automobile and health education
Principles in injury control: lessons to be learned from child safety seats
The Harstad Injury Prevention Study: a decade of community-based traffic injury prevention with emphasis on children. Postal dissemination of local injury data can be effective
A survey of parental knowledge about car seats in children
Car transportation conditions of preschool children: use of children's car safety seats
Unprecedented nationwide paid media campaign on impaired driving yields strong results: "You Drink and Drive. You Lose." campaign scores with target market
Airbags and children: making correct choices in child passenger restraints
When "buckle up" is not enough: enhancing the safety of children in motor vehicles
Misperceptions of "objective measurements"?
80% of car seats unsafe
Motor vehicle occupant injury prevention: the states' perspective
Commentary: "You Drink and Drive. You Lose." Reaching the target audience is not enough
The 'seat belt mark' sign: a call for increased vigilance among physicians treating victims of motor vehicle accidents
Do "whiplash" victims with neck pain differ from those with neck pain and other symptoms?
'If you drink, don't drive' motto now applies to hangovers as well
Re: "Mortality reduction with air bag and seat belt use in head-on passenger car collisions" (Letter)
A survey of the safety of doctors driving home after a night 'on call'
A case of air bag dermatitis
A case-control study of driving-while-impaired offenders
A city aims to rid itself of drink-driving
A cohort study of drink-driving motor vehicle crashes and alcohol-related diseases
A community prevention trial to reduce alcohol-involved accidental injury and death: overview
A comparison of biomechanical mechanisms of whiplash injury from rear impacts
A comparison of data sources for motor vehicle crash characteristic accuracy
A crash is not an accident
A finite element model of the pregnant female occupant: analysis of injury mechanisms and restraint systems
A focus group study on decision processes of young drivers: reasons that may support a decision to drink and drive
A modified crash brace position for aircraft passengers
A multiple risk factor approach for predicting DWI recidivism
A preliminary survey of nurses' health-related behaviours
A program to increase seat belt use along the Texas-Mexico border
A prospective study of the utility of standardized instruments in predicting recidivism among first DWI offenders
A quasi-experimental evaluation of Students Against Driving Drunk
A retrospective review of air bag deaths
A seat belt injury to the female breast
A short course on motor vehicle injury for emergency medicine residents
A study of the NASS-CDS system for injury/fatality rates of occupants in various restraints and a discussion of alternative presentation methods
A study on the use of car occupant restraint in Selangor
A survey of activation importance of individual secondary controls in modified vehicles
A technique for using strain gauges to evaluate airbag interaction with cadaveric upper extremities
A three year outcome evaluation of a theory based drink driving education program
Accident or crash?
Accidents on the waterways: another focus for injury prevention
Reducing the toll of road traffic accidents
Reducing the toll of road traffic accidents
Accuracy of drinkers' recall of alcohol consumption in a field setting
A human model for road safety: from geometrical acquisition to model validation with radioss
Acute public health consequences associated with hazardous substances released during transit, 1993-2000
Adolescent drinking and driving: etiology and interpretation
Adolescent gender differences in alcohol problem behaviors and the social contexts of drinking
Adults and children in severe motor vehicle crashes: a matched-pairs study
Age and gender effects on injury outcome for restrained occupants in frontal crashes: a comparison of UK and US data bases
Age differences of arrested and crash-involved drinking drivers
Age of first intoxication, heavy drinking, driving after drinking and risk of unintentional injury among U.S. college students
Age-related differences in risks of drinking and driving in gender and ethnic groups
Aggressive driving: an observational study of driver, vehicle, and situational variables
Air bag alert
Air bag associated fatal intra-abdominal injury
Air bag deployment and hearing loss
Air bag deployment and hearing loss
Air bag ear
Air bag injuries--a literature review in consideration of demands in forensic autopsies
Air bag injuries
Air bag safety
Air bag safety
Analysis of fatalities in extended cab pickup trucks using an estimating equation method
Analysis of injuries among pilots killed in fatal helicopter accidents
Cellular telephone use while driving: growing awareness of the danger.

The role of cocaine in fatal crashes: first results of the Quebec drug study.

Injuries in pediatric patients with seatbelt contusions.

Air bag safety: what physicians should know
Air bag-associated injury to a child in the front passenger seat
Air bag-associated ocular trauma in children
Air bag-related deaths and serious injuries in children: injury patterns and imaging findings
Air bag-related fatality in a short, forward-positioned driver
Air bag-related injuries
Air bag-related ocular injuries
Air bag-related ocular trauma
Air bags alone compared with the combination of mechanical restraints and air bags: implications for the emergency evaluation of crash victims
Air bags and children: a potentially lethal combination
Air bags and the teachable moment
Air bags. an imperfect and incomplete solution
Airbag and hearing loss: our experience
Airbag associated fatal head injury: case report and review of the literature on airbag injuries
Airbag deployment and hearing loss
Airbag effectiveness on brain trauma in frontal crashes
Airbag injuries in infants and children: a case report and review of the literature
Airbag injuries: upper limb fractures due to airbag deployment
Airbag lesions
Airbag mediated death of a two-year-old child wearing a shoulder/lap belt
Airbag-induced eye injuries: experiments with in situ cadaver eyes
Injuries in the throat-nose-ear area by automobile air bags
Indicators for alcohol abuse in female drunk drivers: comparative study with alcohol intoxicated male automobile drivers
Importance of evaluating clinical symptoms of alcoholic intoxication
Impaired driving as an indicator of drug abuse: what consequences for treatment?
Hand injury caused by air bag trauma: case report and review of the literature
Fractures of the upper extremity in restrained automobile front seat passengers: injury pattern and incidence in relation to accident mechanism
Eye injuries caused by air bags
Examination of automobile driving license eligibility from the viewpoint of drivers apprehended for alcohol infractions
Estimation of the use of seat belts: an observational study and a telephone survey
Epidemiologic study of CDT (carbohydrate-deficient transferrin) and other indicators of alcohol problems in high blood alcohol German automobile drivers
Effect of alcohol as a cause of fatal traffic accidents: are official figures correct?
Drunkenness in traffic in Geneva: occasional abuse or alcoholism?
Driving fitness of apprehended alcoholics--fitness test and remedial psychological traffic education
Driving a vehicle -- driving a motor vehicle, a necessary differentiation for proven limit of alcohol-induced absolute driving incapacity
Drinking and driving
Determining the duration of suspended license for alcohol intoxicated drivers
Daytime running light: pros and cons
Current situation of traffic accidents in children and adolescents. a medical and technical analysis
Change in automobile driving capacity assessment--a contribution to the correlation between diagnosis and therapy
Blindness caused by an airbag in a minor accident
Basic approaches to medical, forensic, and biomechanical studies in expert evaluation of a car injury
Awareness of the risk of air bag-associated injuries essential
Automobile head supports--adjustment possibilities and utilization. results of a field study
A case-control study on the risk factors for road injury
A caution against incorrect use of car safety-seats for children. unexpected risk of strangulation
Appropriate procedure with suspected intoxicated drivers--a discussion of recent theories on diagnosis and rehabilitation
Alcohol and energy drink--can combined consumption of both beverages modify automobile driving fitness?
Airbag-caused burns
Airbag-associated ocular trauma
Air bags influence the pattern of injury in severe thoracic trauma
Air bags and their effect on the ear
Acceleration related injury of the cervical spine in restrained car drivers: frequency, causes and long-term results
Acceleration injuries of the cervical spine in seat-belted automobile drivers: determination of the trauma mechanism and severity of injury
A practical approach to reduction of traffic accidents
Acquired medical conditions and driving ability
Law and epilepsy: legal sentences in the Federal Republic of Germany between 1952 and 2000
Prevention of traffic accidents
Seatbelt syndrome
Safety measures in traffic and hospital morbi-mortality in craniocerebral trauma in the Distrito Federal
Safety equipment and automobile accidents
Safety belts as a traffic safety requirement
Renewal of driver's licence: licence suspended for two of five "possibly demented" drivers
Protection of children in cars: integrating the specifics
Phototropic eyeglasses for driving
Penetrating and perforating eye injuries in 343 patients due to auto accidents before and after compulsory seat belt legislation resulting in fines (1966-1998)
Noise from a car airbag as a cause of acute acoustic trauma
Methodological aspects of measuring injuries from traffic accidents at the site of occurrence
Medical psychologic studies of drunken drivers: a critical discussion to the contribution by jansen and utzelmann in blutalkohol 31, 249-259, 1994
Long-term effect of courses for repeat alcoholic intoxication in automobile drivers: studies after 60 months probation
Medical assessment in suspected inability to drive a motor vehicle
Reliability of back-calculation of blood alcohol concentration to the time of infraction
Women and drunk driving--references from the legal expert practice
The reverse side of air bags
What is good to know about side effects of air bags
The self concept and personality structure of alcohol intoxicated drivers: how do they see themselves, and how are they judged by others?
Voluntary rehabilitation during the license suspension period--a model trial in Hessen
Value, concept and efficacy of medical psychological examinations. Comments on the critique by A. Muller
Airbag-related injuries in children: a MEDLINE search tip
Airbag-related lower extremity burns in a pediatric patient
Airbags and asthma
Airbags and bilateral eye injury: five case reports and a review of the literature
Airbags and children: a spectrum of C-spine injuries
Airbags and eye injuries: epidemiology, spectrum of injury, and analysis of risk factors
Airbags and permanent auditory deficits. A real correlation?
Airbags and trauma
Airbags: a lifesaver when used with seat belts
Alcohol abuse screening instruments: normative test data collected from a first DWI offender screening program
Alcohol and motorcycle riders: a comparison of motorcycle and car/truck DWIs
Alcohol and the elderly
Alcohol availability as a predictor of youth drinking and driving: a hierarchical analysis of survey and archival data
Alcohol blood levels
Alcohol consumption and harm in two Western Australian regional centres
Alcohol consumption by pilots
Alcohol ignition interlock programmes for reducing drink driving recidivism
Alcohol in drink driving swabs: does it make any difference?
Alcohol in New Zealand road trauma
Alcohol levels in drivers and pedestrians killed in road accidents in Israel
Alcohol on wheels
Alcohol still kills!
Alcohol use inventory: screening and assessment of first-time driving-while-impaired offenders: i. reliability and profiles
Alcohol use inventory: screening and assessment of first-time driving-while-impaired offenders: ii. typology and predictive validity
Alcohol-related fatal crash rates for youth reach historic low: strategies for combating juvenile DUI
Alcohol-related hazardous behavior among college students
Alcohol-related injuries among adolescents in the emergency department
Alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes: deterrence and intervention
Alcohol-related problems and fitness to drive
Alcohol-related relative risk of driver fatalities and driver involvement in fatal crashes in relation to driver age and gender: an update using 1996 data
Alcoholism and depressive symptomatology among convicted DWI men and women
Alcoholism and the courts: experience with a traffic safety project
Alcoholism diagnoses for convicted drinking drivers referred for alcoholism evaluation
Alkaline chemical keratitis: eye injury from airbags
Alternative definitions of high risk for impaired driving: the overlap of high volume, frequent heavy drinking and alcohol dependence
Ambulance crashes: protect yourself and your patients
An analysis of an older driver evaluation program
An analysis of factors associated with seat belt use: prevention opportunities for the medical community
An analytic comparison of persons arrested for driving while intoxicated and alcohol detoxification patients
An application of probability theory to a group of breath-alcohol and blood-alcohol data
An assessment of graduated licensing legislation
An empirical classification of lane departure crashes for the identification of relevant counter-measures
An evaluation and education program for driving while intoxicated offenders
An evaluation of a single drink-driving treatment programme
An evaluation of the effectiveness of alcohol treatment, driver license actions and jail terms in reducing drunk driving recidivism in California
An examination of child safety seat use in a military population
An examination of cluster-based classification schemes for DUI offenders
An experimental study of airbag impact to the orbit using an instrumented Hybrid III headform
An investigation of factors related to intoxicated driving behaviors among youth
An overview of requirements for the crash protection of older drivers
An under-hand steering wheel grasp produces significant injury risk to the upper extremity during airbag deployment
An unusual injury due to the seat belt
An unusual seat belt injury in a 7-year-old boy
An unusual supplemental vehicle restraint-induced injury: report of case and review of literature
Analysis of burn injuries in frontal automobile crashes
Analysis of childhood pedestrian deaths in New Mexico, 1986-1990
Frontal air bags and eye injury patterns in automobile crashes.

The statistical variability of blood alcohol concentration measurements in drink-driving cases
The study of the relationship between lifestyle characteristic self-reported drinking patterns and trauma
The use of vignette analysis of dangerous driving situations involving alcohol to differentiate adolescent DWI offenders and high school drivers
The utility of multi-body modeling for crash reconstruction and medical assessment of injury causation
Three year injury crash records of new licensees with suspensions or invalidity periods lasting 90 days or more
Through the art of children: perceptions of alcohol use and abuse
To drink but not to drive?
Tougher penalties for drink driving in Japan
Traffic law enforcement and safety
Traffic safety effects of sobriety checkpoints and other local DWI programs in New Jersey
Depiction of elderly and disabled people on road traffic signs: international comparison
Traffic-law enforcement and risk of death from motor-vehicle crashes: case-crossover study
Training physicians about impaired drivers
Transection of the appendix: a seat belt injury
The mechanism of femoral fracture in an impact accident
The impact of airbags and seat belts on the incidence and severity of maxillofacial injuries in automobile accidents in New York State
The health effects of moderate alcohol intake in humans: an epidemiologic review
The effects of airbags on orbital fracture patterns in frontal automobile crashes
The effect of a 'one for the road' drink of hard liquor, beer or wine on peak breath alcohol concentration in a social drinking environment with food consumption
The effect of a moderate dose of alcohol on the traffic hazard perception profile of young drink-drivers
The effect of drinking and driving interventions on alcohol-involved traffic crashes within a comprehensive community trial
The effect of frontal air bags on eye injury patterns in automobile crashes
The effect of height on injury outcome for drivers of European passenger cars
The effect of ibuprofen on ethanol concentration and elimination rate
The effect of road improvements on motor vehicle crash injury and mortality in a developing country
The effect of seatbelt use on injury patterns, disposition, and hospital charges for elders
The effect of seating position on risk of injury for children in side impact collisions
The effect of the law on underage drinking and driving
The effectiveness of a treatment program for the alcohol-involved driver
The effectiveness of deferred prosecution for driving while intoxicated
Are a blood alcohol concentration of 256mg/dl and minimal signs of impairment reliable indications of alcohol dependence?
Analysis of booster seat and seat belt use: How many Wisconsin childhood deaths and hospitalizations could have been prevented in 1998--2002?
The effects of an intervention campaign to enhance seat belt use on campus
The Hybrid III dummy as a discriminator of injurious and non-injurious restraint loading
The identification of alcohol intoxication by police
The impact of worksite-based safety belt programs: a review of the literature
The influence of air bags and restraining devices on extremity injuries in motor vehicle collisions
The influence of airbag and restraining devices on the patterns of facial trauma in motor vehicle collisions
The influence of alcohol countermeasures in changing drink driving attitudes
The influence of harness type on child restraint system misuse
The injured intoxicated driver: analysis of the conviction process
The interactionist nature of drinking and driving: a structural model
The intervention approach to drunk driver rehabilitation. part i. its evolution, operations, and impact
Burn injuries related to motorcycle exhaust pipes: a study in Greece
The Mortimer-Filkins test of problem drinking: a review of psychometric properties
The motorcycle: the etiological agent of an epidemic of trauma
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and special crash investigations
The prevalence of antisocial behavior among U.S. Army DWI offenders
Drivers' compliance with speed limits: an application of the theory of planned behavior
Child restraint system use and misuse in six states
The relation of age to personality adjustment among DWI offenders
The relative effectiveness of sanctions applied to first-time drunken driving offenders
The role of driver distraction in crashes: an analysis of 1995-1999 Crashworthiness Data System Data
The role of the African-American physician in reducing traffic-related injury and death among African Americans: consensus report of the National Medical Association
The seat belt syndrome--does it exist?
Appropriate protection for wheelchair riders on public transit buses
Drunk driving in Belgium: results from the third and improved roadside survey
Drug use and the severity of a traffic accident
Effects of a rumble strip barrier line on lane keeping in a curve
Traumatic hearing loss following air-bag inflation
Traumatic intrauterine fetal spinal fracture following seat belt use: a case report
Air bags and eye injuries: chemical burns and major traumatic ocular lesions--a case study
Treating drunk drivers with Moral Reconation Therapy: a three-year report
Treating drunk drivers with Moral Reconation Therapy: a two-year recidivism study
Trends in safety belt use by demographics and by type of state safety belt law, 1987 through 1993
Two varieties of helping in drunk-driving intervention: personal and situational factors
Two weeks' treatment with chlorpromazine, thioridazine, sulpiride, or bromazepam: actions and interactions with alcohol on psychomotor skills related to driving
Types of drunk-driving intervention: prevalence, success and gender
Application of decision theory to DUI assessment
Under the influence: risky sexual behavior and substance abuse among driving under the influence offenders
Understanding the relation between expectancies and drinking among DUI offenders using expectancy categories
Exploring the overall and specific crash severity levels at signalized intersections
Exposure survey of motorcyclists in New South Wales
Unemployment and highway fatalities
Fatal red light crashes: the role of race and ethnicity
Fatigue, sleep restriction and driving performance
Urban-rural comparisons of drink-driving behaviour among late teens: a preliminary investigation
Use of restraints in ambulances: a state survey
Give Wisconsin children a boost
Use of seat belts in cars with different seat belt reminder systems: a study of injured car drivers
Validation of the urgency algorithm for near-side crashes
Validity of self-reported criminal offences and traffic violations in screening of driving-while-intoxicated offenders
Variability of the blood/breath alcohol ratio in drinking drivers
Vehicle weight and fatality risk for sport utility vehicle-versus-passenger car crashes
Vehicle-related fatalities among Swedish conscripts
Verification of Intoximeter 3000 breath alcohol concentration by magnesium perchlorate tube method in long-term field program
Victim impact panels: who is sentenced to attend? does attendance affect recidivism of first-time DWI offenders?
Wisconsin's experience with the graduated driver licensing law
Alarm mistrust in automobiles: how collision alarm reliability affects driving
Computational model of the pregnant occupant: predicting the risk of injury in automobile crashes
Death and injury on duty--a study of South African police officers.

Installing on/off switch for airbags: difficult but possible
Motorcycling attitudes and behaviours. ii. 14 and 15 year old adolescents
Motorcycling morbidity and mortality--an unstudied epidemic
Motorcycling--a high risk activity
Motorcyclists and head injuries
Motorcyclists should be encouraged to wear full face crash helmets
Motorcyclists' injuries and crash helmets
Motorcyclists, full-face helmets and neck injuries: can you take the helmet off safely, and if so, how?
Motorcyclists' injuries
Multiple cranial nerve palsies in a motorcyclist caused by the helmet
Multivariate head injury threshold measures for various sized children seated behind vehicle seats in rear impacts
Nationwide mandatory seat belt, motorcycle helmet legislation proposed
Neck injuries from rear impact road traffic accidents: prognosis in persons seeking compensation
Neck muscle loading and fatigue: systematic variation of headgear weight and center-of-gravity
Neck sprains after road traffic accidents: a modern epidemic
Neck strain in car occupants: injury status after 6 months and crash-related factors
Neurotrauma on two wheels
Newspaper framing of fatal motor vehicle crashes in four Midwestern cities in the United States, 1999-2000
Night vision goggles, human factors aspects--a questionnaire survey of helicopter aircrew
Noise exposure of motorcyclists
Nonlinear numerical prediction of human head/helmet crash impact response
Ocular injuries related to airbag use
Motorsports medicine
On the cost of repealing motorcycle helmet laws
Optimal restraint reduces the risk of abdominal injury in children involved in motor vehicle crashes
Behavioral measures of drinking: patterns from the Alcohol Interlock Record
Behavioral monitoring of DUI offenders with the Alcohol Ignition Interlock Recorder
Behavioural accident avoidance science: understanding response in collision incipient conditions
Belted driver protection in frontal impact--what has been achieved and where do future priorities lie?
Beneficial effects of an "energy drink" given to sleepy drivers
Benefits of seat belt reminder systems
Benzodiazepines in Miami-Dade County, Florida driving under the influence (DUI) cases (1995-1998) with emphasis on Rohypnol: GC-MS confirmation, patterns of use, psychomotor impairment, and results of Florida legislation
Better, safer driving
Beverage sales and drinking and driving: the role of on-premise drinking places
Binge drinking, sensible drinking, and abstinence after alcohol-related vehicular crashes: the role of intervention versus screening
Biomechanical analysis of motor vehicle seat belt buckles
Blood alcohol concentration and driving. american college of emergency physicians
Blood alcohol concentration determined from urine samples as a practical equivalent or alternative to blood and breath alcohol tests
Blood alcohol levels of patrons leaving licensed premises in Perth, Western Australia
Blood alcohol limit: the CMA is right on
Blood or needle phobia as a defence under the Road Traffic Act 1988
Blow and go: the Breath-Analyzed Ignition Interlock Device as a technological response to DWI
Booster seats: a community based study of installation and use by parents and caregivers
Braking electric-powered wheelchairs: effect of braking method, seatbelt, and legrests
Breast trauma following motor vehicle collisions: damage patterns, restraint use and underlying torso injuries
Breath-test surveys at the Mexico border: changes over time in BAC among military personnel
British drink-driving policy
Buckle-up and smile for life: uncommon partners find common ground to collaborate and eliminate disparities. part 1
Buckling up: whose choice should it be?
Building a smarter car: visions of the future at NHTSA
Burn injuries caused by air bag deployment
Burn injury secondary to air bag deployment
Burns from automobile airbags
Burns in automobile accidents
Calculating DWI/DWAI recidivism with limited data: using state driver license file for drinking and driving research
Car restraints and seating position for prevention of motor vehicle injuries in Greece
Carotid artery dissection and stroke caused by airbag injury
Case review: ejection from a motor vehicle
Causes and effects of road traffic accidents in Saudi Arabia
Causes and outcomes of mild traumatic brain injury: an analysis of CIREN data
Caveat when drawing blood on DUI suspects. case on point: City of Las Vegas v. Walsh, 2004 wl 1293893 p.2d -nv
Cell phones and the multi-tasking driver
Changes in alcohol involvement, cognitions and drinking and driving behavior for youth after they obtain a driver's license
Changes in injury patterns in frontal crashes: injuries to drivers of vehicles model year 1993-1997 vs. drivers of vehicles 1998-2002 - an analysis of nass/cdc data
Changes in injury patterns in frontal crashes: preliminary comparisons of drivers of vehicles model years 1993-1997 to drivers of vehicles 1998-2001
Changing drinking-and-driving behaviour: the effects of Ontario's administrative driver's licence suspension law
Changing perceptions of riskiness in drinking, drugs, and driving: an emergency department-based alcohol and substance abuse prevention program
Characteristics of crashes that increase the risk of serious injuries
Characteristics of fatal rollover crashes (NHTSA notes)
Characteristics of traffic crashes in Maryland (1996-98): differences among the youngest drivers
Chemical burn from automotive air bag
Child and adult pedestrian impact: the influence of vehicle type on injury severity
Child passenger deaths involving drinking drivers--United States, 1997-2002
Child passenger safety
Child passenger safety: a major problem for bigger kids
Child restraint systems: an update for physicians
Child safety seat misuse: home visiting assessment and intervention
Child safety seat use in a midwestern Hmong community
Child safety seats for the prevention of traffic injuries
Child safety seats work!
Child safety seats
Childhood deaths and cargo barriers in cars
Children in crashes: mechanisms of injury and restraint systems
Children in fatal crashes: driver blood alcohol concentration and demographics of child passengers and their drivers
Children in motor vehicle collisions: analysis of injury by restraint use and seat location
Chronic drinking, binge drinking and drunk driving
Chronic intermittent intestinal obstruction from a seat belt injury
Urban development and traffic accidents in Brazil
Urban development and road safety
Upper extremity interaction with a deploying side airbag: a characterization of elbow joint loading
United States passenger-vehicle crashes by crash geometry: direct costs and other losses
Unsafe motor vehicle practices among substance-using college students
Intelligent speed adaptation: accident savings and cost-benefit analysis
Application of 0.05 per cent legal blood alcohol limits to traffic injury control in bangkok
Nonfatal Motor-Vehicle-Related Backover Injuries Among Children--United States, 2001-2003
Aortic valve injury secondary to blunt trauma from an air bag
Parent-imposed limits on high-risk adolescent driving: are they stricter with graduated driver licensing?
Aortic injuries in side impacts: a preliminary analysis
Deceleration energy and change in velocity on impact: key factors in fatal versus potentially survivable motor vehicle crash (mvc) aortic injuries (AI): the role of associated injuries as determinants of outcome
Decision making in altered states: effects of alcohol on attitudes toward drinking and driving
Defining binge drinking quantities through resulting BACs
Delayed-onset paraplegia from improper seat belt use
Demographic characteristics, drinking patterns and drink-driving behavior of injured male drivers and motorcycle riders
Dental injuries as a result of air bag deployment
Forces, moments, and acceleration acting on a restrained dummy during simulation of three possible accidents involving a wheelchair negotiating a curb: comparison between lap belt and four-point belt
Frequency of injuries in multiple impact crashes
Full-thickness burn to the hand from an automobile airbag
Full-thickness burn to the hand from an automobile airbag
Garage door injuries
Gaze nystagmus and blood alcohol
Gearshift patterns: a threat to safety
Gender differences in the control of alcohol-impaired driving in California
General practitioners knowledge of and attitudes to the use of seat belts in pregnancy
Graduated driver licensing evaluation results from early programs in the United States
Graduated driver licensing for reducing motor vehicle crashes among young drivers
Graduation from a zero to .05 BAC restriction in an Australian graduated licensing system: a difficult transition for young drivers?
Grassroots efforts pursue alcohol policy reform: refocusing upstream in New Mexico
Guidelines for proper use of child safety seats
Handicapped driver controls operability: a device for clinical evaluation of patients
Happy holidays means kids in the back seat, with their belts fastened
Have the courts and the motor vehicle departments adequate power to control the hard-core drunk driver?
Head and neck injuries in fatal motorcycle collisions as determined by detailed autopsy
Head excursion of restrained human volunteers and hybrid III dummies in steady state rollover tests
Head injuries in infants caused by falls from surfaces while restrained in car seats
Head trajectories of restrained child dummy in sled tests over 56 kph delta-v
Health promotion approaches to occupant protection: an epidemiologic framework
Heat-related illness and the automobile
Helicopter downdraft: a wind chill hazard
High risk drinking settings: the association of serving and promotional practices with harmful drinking
How do Zero Tolerance Drunk Driving Laws work?
How judges sentence DUI offenders: an experimental study
How safe are child safety seats?
How to conduct a DUI reenactment
Human factors in rural road crashes
Human kinematics during non-collinear low velocity rear end collisions
Human maxilla bone response to 30 degrees oriented impacts and comparison with frontal bone impacts
I was saved by a seat belt... would my 5 year old have been so lucky?
Identification of the motor vehicle accident victim who abuses alcohol: an opportunity to reduce trauma
Immobilizing children in care safety seats--why, when, and how
Impact of an educational program on the safety of high-risk, visually impaired, older drivers
Impact of the 1970 legal bac 0.05 mg% limit legislation on drunk-driver-involved traffic fatalities, accidents, and DWI in Japan
Impact of the revision of DUI legislation in Alabama
Improving air bags
Improving traffic safety among black communities
How willing are parents to improve pedestrian safety in their community?
Responses of side impact dummies in sled tests
Road safety effects of porous asphalt: a systematic review of evaluation studies
Road safety impact of extended drinking hours in Ontario
Sleep, sleepiness and motor vehicle accidents: a national survey
The association between sudden illness and motor vehicle crash mortality and injury among older drivers in NSW, Australia
The effect of Center High Mounted Stop Lamp (CHMSL) on rear-end accidents in Israel
The effect of seating location on the injury of properly restrained children in child safety seats
The effects of vehicle model and driver behavior on risk
Towards a general theory of driver behaviour
Visual timing and adaptive behavior in a road-crossing simulation study
Voluntary risk taking and skill deficits in young driver accidents in the UK
Another look at the Emergency Medical Services safety report
Influences of vehicle size and mass and selected driver factors on odds of driver fatality
Injuries from tire and wheel explosions during servicing
Injuries in restrained motor vehicle accident victims
Injuries of the pelvic ring in road traffic accidents: a medical and technical analysis
Injuries of the thoracolumbar spine associated with restraint use in head-on motor vehicle accidents
Injuries to children in forward facing child restraints
Injuries to restrained occupants in far-side crashes
Severity factors for truck drivers' injuries
Injury prevention program for youthful traffic offenders
Inner city maxillofacial fractures due to road traffic accidents
Interactions among DUI offender characteristics and traditional intervention modalities: a long-term recidivism follow-up
Interfering substances identified in the breath of drinking drivers with Intoxilyzer 5000S
Interventions for control of road traffic injuries: review of effectiveness literature
Intoxicated and bad drivers: subgroups within the same population of high-risk men drivers
Intoxicated drivers: everyone's problem
Inverted drop testing and neck injury potential
Investigation into the noise associated with airbag deployment: part III - sound pressure level and auditory risk as a function of inflatable device
Investigation of the driving experience of a sample of Victorian learner drivers
Investigations of crashes involving pregnant occupants
Is ambulance transport time with lights and siren faster than that without?
Issues and trends in child passenger safety in the United States and Canada
Is Teen Court effective for repeat offenders? A test of the restorative justice approach
Automotive child restraint systems in northeastern Italy
Use of safety belts by drivers and passengers in private cars in Ceske Budejovice
Judicial outcome for the intoxicated driver admitted to a regional trauma center
Kids and car safety: beyond car seats and seat belts
Kids in cars: closing gaps in child occupant restraint laws
Laceration and ejection dangers of automotive glass, and the weak standards involved. the strain fracture test
Lack of association between urinary creatinine and ethanol concentrations and urine/blood ratio of ethanol in two successive voids from drinking drivers
Lateral automobile impacts and the risk of traumatic brain injury
Legal prosecution of alcohol-impaired drivers admitted to a level I trauma center in Rhode Island
Legislated policies and recidivism for driving under the influence of liquor in Massachusetts
Legislative reform needed to strengthen obligations of driving
Let's party tonight: drinking patterns and breath alcohol values at high school parties
Levels of drunkenness of customers leaving licensed premises in Perth, Western Australia: a comparison of high and low 'risk' premises
Lights and siren in pediatric 911 ambulance transports: are they being misused?
Lights and siren: a review of emergency vehicle warning systems
Localization of relevant consequences in anti-drinking and driving PSAs (public service announcements): a new approach to targeting underage college students?
Long-term effectiveness of probation, short-term intervention and LAI administration for reducing DUI recidivism
Long-term follow-up effects of a school-based drug abuse prevention program on adolescent risky driving
Automobile air-bag deployment and hearing loss
Low blood sugar and motor vehicle crashes in persons with type 1 diabetes
Low speed frontal crashes and low speed rear crashes: is there a differential risk for injury?
Lower extremity injuries in lateral impact: a retrospective study
MADD victim impact panels and stages-of-change in drunk-driving prevention
Male and female car drivers--differences in collision and injury risks
Management of seat-belt syndrome in children: gravity of 2-point seat-belt
2-point seat-belt syndrome: management
Mandated AA attendance for recidivist drinking drivers: policy issues
Factors underlying illusory self-assessment of driving skill in males and females
Dynamic performances of different seat designs for low to medium velocity rear impact
Economic impact of motor vehicle crashes
Tackling children's road safety through edutainment: an evaluation of effectiveness
Effect of air bags and restraining devices on the pattern of facial fractures in motor vehicle crashes
Effect of alcohol consumption on outcome of pedestrian victims
Effect of chlorpromazine or sulpiride and alcohol on psychomotor skills related to driving
Effect of impact and injury characteristics on post-motor vehicle accident temporomandibular disorders
Effect of tricyclic antidepressants and alcohol in psychomotor skills related to driving
Effect of vehicle type on the performance of second generation air bags for child occupants
Effectiveness of collision-involved motorcycle helmets in Thailand
Effectiveness of customized Victim Impact Panels on first-time DWI offender inmates
Effectiveness of ignition interlock devices in reducing drunk driving recidivism
Effects of enhanced sanctions for high-BAC DWI offenders on case dispositions and rates of recidivism
Effects of ignition interlock license restrictions on drivers with multiple alcohol offenses: a randomized trial in Maryland
Effects of Maine's 0.05% legal blood alcohol level for drivers with DWI convictions
Effects of practice and alcohol on selected skills: implications for an automobile alcohol ignition interlock
Effects of prices, civil and criminal sanctions, and law enforcement on alcohol-related mortality
Efficacy of a 'functional energy drink' in counteracting driver sleepiness
Muscle tetanus and loading condition effects on the elastic and viscous characteristics of the thorax.

Are airbags a risk for patients after radial keratotomy?
Are airbags dangerous?
Are booster seats needed: comparing occupant outcomes ages 4-7 versus 8-13
Are drivers more likely to injure their right or left foot in a frontal car crash: a crash and biomechanical investigation
Are seat belt restraints as effective in school age children as in adults? A prospective crash study
Arrests of women for driving under the influence
Asphyxiation from shoulder seat belts: an unusual motor vehicle injury
Assessing alcohol problems in female DWI offenders
Assessment measures that discriminate between levels of DUI clients
Assessment of alcohol dependence and other psychiatric disorders: implications for rehabilitation programs of the DUI offender
Assessment of public opinion on legislation to deter drunk driving
Assistive technology in elderly care
Association of main driver-dependent risk factors with the risk of causing a vehicle collision in Spain, 1990-1999
Associations between adolescent drinking and driving involvement and self-reported risk and protective factors in students in public schools in Washington State
At what blood alcohol concentration should drink-driving be illegal?
At-risk drinkers use safe ride services to avoid drinking and driving
Attrition in a follow-up study of driving while impaired offenders: who is lost?
Automobile airbag impulse noise
Automobile airbag impulse noise: otologic symptoms in six patients
Automobile supplemental restraint system-induced injuries
Bad drivers: identification of a target group for alcohol-related prevention and early intervention
Barriers to the provision of child safety restraint: anticipatory guidance among Rhode Island pediatricians
Beer versus mixed-drink consumption at fraternity parties: a time and place for low-alcohol alternatives
Behavior and perceptions related to drink-driving among an international sample of company vehicle drivers
Behavior and personality traits among DUI arrestees, nonarrested impaired drivers, and nonimpaired drivers
Behavioral and social consequences related to the consumption of different beverage types
Cognitive impairment screening in second offense DUI programs
Cognitive processes and individual differences in judgments relevant to drunk driving
College attendance and risk-related driving behavior in a national sample of young adults
Combating car accidents by examining the causes
Commentary. older drivers: growth industry for the future
Commentary: air bags--the changing landscape
Commentary: air bags: looking ahead through the rearview mirror
Mass maritime casualty incidents in German waters : Structures and resources
Commentary: Emergency physicians and emerging technologies: special crash investigations
Commentary: juvenile DUI: more work
Commentary: open containers: open opportunity for disaster
Commentary: Pedestrian roadway fatalities: profiling the problem
Commentary: The role of the emergency physician in older driver safety
Commentary: Traffic safety--an American export
Commission buckles down to support safety
Compliance with the law on car seat-belt use in four cities of Thailand
Compulsory blood alcohol testing of road crash casualties in Victoria: the first three years
Compulsory blood alcohol testing of road crash casualties in Victoria: the second three years (1978-1980)
Compulsory treatment of 50 alcoholic drunken drivers. a follow-up study
Computer crash simulations in the development of child occupant safety policies
Condoms and seat belts: the parallels and the lessons
Construct validity of the MAST and AUDIT with multiple offender drunk drivers
Control of road trauma epidemic in Australia
Convicted impaired drivers and high-risk drivers: how similar are they?
Coping strategies, reasons for driving, and the effect of self-monitoring in drinking-driving situations
Corneoscleral laceration associated with passenger-side airbag inflation
Correlates and predictors of recidivism among drinking drivers
Correlation between college students' driving offenses and their risks for alcohol problems
Promoting safe walking and biking to school: the Marin County success story
Court procedures for handling intoxicated drivers
Court-ordered emergency visitations for DUI offenders
Crash Injury Research and Engineering Network (CIREN): an update
Crash proof kids? An overview of current motor vehicle child occupant safety strategies
Crash protection for children in ambulances
Crash reconstruction and injury-mechanism analysis using event data recorder technology
Crash scene photography in motor vehicle crashes without air bag deployment
Criminal justice coercion in the treatment of alcohol problems: an examination of two client subgroups
An in-car safety campaign for children in Southern Derbyshire.

Designated-driver programs: college students' experiences and opinions
Development and application of medical guidelines for drivers in the state of Maine
Development of a wheelchair occupant injury risk assessment method and its application in the investigation of wheelchair securement point influence on frontal crash safety
Drinking and driving: pre-driving attitudes and perceptions among Brazilian youth
Drinking and DSM-IV alcohol and drug dependence among white and Mexican-American DUI offenders
Drinking behaviour among teenagers in Switzerland and correlation with lifestyles
Drinking by police officers, general drivers and late-night drivers
Drinking drivers in Sweden who consume denatured alcohol preparations: an analytical-toxicological study
Drinking environment and sociodemographic factors among DWI offenders
Drinking locations and frequency of drunkenness among Mississippi DUI offenders
Drinking patterns, risk taking and road accidents of young drivers: results of a Swiss case-control study
Drinking-driving and health lifestyle in the United States: Behavioral Risk Factors Surveys
Driver and front seat passenger fatalities associated with air bag deployment. part 1: a Canadian study
Driver and front seat passenger fatalities associated with air bag deployment. Part 2: a review of injury patterns and investigative issues
Driver and right-front passenger restraint system interaction, injury potential, and thoracic injury prediction
Driver fatalities and DUI offenders in New Jersey
Driver mortality in paired side impact collisions due to incompatible vehicle types
Driver risk factors for fatal injury on weekend nights: analysis of alcohol and racial differences
Drivers' differential perceptions of legal and safe driving consumption
Drivers' use of handheld cell phones before and after New York State's cell phone law
Driving and dementia California's approach to a medical and policy dilemma
Driving beliefs and behaviors of novice teen drivers and their parents: implications for teen driver crash risk
Driving histories of ADHD subjects
Driving safety
Driving under the influence of intoxicating drink
Driving while under the influence of alcohol: relationship to attitudes and beliefs in a college population
A comparative study of road traffic accidents in West Malaysia
A comparison of high-accident and low-accident bus and street car operators
A rollover epidemic in North Dakota from 1994 to 1997
Accident characteristics of injured motorcyclists in Malaysia
Accident characteristics of injured motorcyclists in Malaysia
Acquiring accurate crash data is important
Adolescent developmental antecedents of risky driving among young adults
Age and sex of drivers associated with child pedestrian injuries
Attendance at a hospital emergency department by drivers involved in automobile accidents in Italy
A cost benefit analysis of an enhanced seat belt enforcement program in South Africa
Police officers seat belt use while on duty
Artificial neural network modelling of driver handling behaviour in a driver-vehicle-environment system
An evaluation of driver training as a fatigue countermeasure
Learning to drive safely: Social-cognitive responses are predictive of performance rated by novice drivers and their instructors
Vehicle distance estimations in nighttime driving: a real-setting study
On the determination of driver reach and barriers
From parents to children -- similarity in parents and offspring driving styles
Assessing automobile head restraint positioning in Portland, Oregon
Variations in occupant response with seat belt slack and anchor location during moderate frontal impacts
Characteristics of vehicle-animal crashes in which vehicle occupants are killed
Effects on alcohol related fatal crashes of a community based initiative to increase substance abuse treatment and reduce alcohol availability
Injury risk to restrained children exposed to deployed first- and second-generation air bags in frontal crashes
Motor vehicle accidents during episodes of hypoglycaemia--case reports and lessons to be learnt
Prices and affordability in child restraint seats in Japan
Time trends in socioeconomic inequalities in road traffic injuries to children, Northumberland and Tyne and Wear 1988-2003
Working conditions and fatigue in professional truck drivers at Israeli ports
Youth alcohol use and risky sexual behavior: evidence from underage drunk driving laws
An evaluation of the effectiveness of televised road safety messages in Ghana
Impact of the effect of economic crisis and the targeted motorcycle safety programme on motorcycle-related accidents, injuries and fatalities in Malaysia
Medium-term physical and behavioural sequelae of motor vehicle occupant injuries in children
Motorcycle helmets and spinal cord injury: helmet usage and type
Some Aspects of Road Traffic Injuries
The field performance of frontal air bags: a review of the literature
The neglected epidemic: Road traffic accidents in a developing country, State of Qatar
Tire blow-outs and motorway accidents
The effect of muscle activation on neck response
A preliminary investigation of road traffic accident rate after severe brain injury
Alcohol-impaired driving among U.S. adults, 1993-2002
Alcohol and injury: a comparison of emergency room populations in two Canadian provinces
Demographic and substance use factors related to violent and accidental injuries: results from an emergency room study
Effectiveness of safety belts and Hierarchical Bayesian analysis of their relative use
Neck injuries caused by automatic two-point seat belts: an analysis of four cases
Risk curve boundaries
Relationships of frontal offset crash test results to real-world driver fatality rates
Drug and drink driving by university students: an exploration of the influence of attitudes
Effects of initial seated position in low speed rear-end impacts: a comparison with the TNO rear impact dummy (TRID) model
Driver mortality in frontal crashes: comparison of newer and older airbag designs
Biomechanical analysis of occupant kinematics in rollover motor vehicle accidents: dynamic spit test
Exhaust system burn injuries in children
Marijuana use and car crash injury
A short history of powered wheelchairs
Falling asleep at the wheel: aclose look at 1,269 fatal and serious injury-producing crashes
Red-light cameras for the prevention of road traffic crashes
A statistical profile of road accidents during cross-flow turns
The effect of roof strength on reducing occupant injury in rollovers
Injury to body and soul--psychiatric consequences of road traffic accidents in children and adolescents
An aid to accident prevention: medical profile classification of bus operators
An innovative solution to continuing misuse of red light on automobiles
An instrumented car for the study of driver behavior
Analysis of a school bus collision: mechanism of injury in the unrestrained child
Analysis of design attributes and crashes on the Oregon highway system
Attitudes towards traffic safety, driving behaviour and accident involvement among the Norwegian public
Automobile brake light effectiveness: an evaluation of high placement and accelerator switching
Automobile crash injuries
Automobile running lights--a research report
Automobile visibility problems
Automobiles, vision and driving
Automobiles, vision and driving
Automobiles, vision and driving
Automobiles, vision and driving. an evaluation of the vision and human factors of 1963 Buick Riviera
Automobiles, vision and driving: visibility tests in the desert
Automotive wheelchair lifts: development of standard criteria for their evaluation
Auxiliary lighting to improve rear visibility of trucks and buses
Blood carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide concentrations in the fatalities of fire and non-fire associated civil aviation accidents, 1991-1998
Brake light on automobiles
A prospective study on pediatric traffic injuries: health-related quality of life and post-traumatic stress
Child restraint misuse: a case example and strategies for injury prevention
Comprehensive analysis of vehicle-pedestrian crashes at intersections in Florida
Education is not enough: equipment and legislation also needed to prevent injury
Geographic analysis of traffic injury in Wisconsin: impact on case fatality of distance to level I/II trauma care
Human resources for the control of road traffic injury
Increased risk of death or disability in unhelmeted Wisconsin motorcyclists
Are speed enforcement cameras more effective than other speed management measures? The impact of speed management schemes on 30mph roads
Are speed enforcement cameras more effective than other speed management measures? An evaluation of the relationship between speed and accident reductions
Cadaver windshield impact research
Characteristics of traffic accidents and victims treated through a pre-hospital service in a city in Southern Brazil, 1997-2000
Effect on fatality risk of changing from secondary to primary seat belt enforcement
Analysis and overview of the guidelines for assessing fitness to drive for commercial and private vehicle drivers
Is road rage increasing? Results of a repeated survey
Non-fatal transportation injuries among women: differences in injury patterns and severity by age
Occupational vehicular accident claims: A workers' compensation analysis of Oregon truck drivers 1990-1997
Relationship of age, injury severity, injury type, comorbid conditions, level of care, and survival among older motor vehicle trauma patients
New Technologies in cars: human factors and safety issues
Temporal distribution of motorcyclist injuries and risk of fatalities in relation to age, helmet use, and riding while intoxicated in Khon Kaen, Thailand
Rail-related fatalities in Victoria, Australia: 1990-2002
The contribution of alcohol to night time crash risk and other risks of night driving
The crash severity impacts of fixed roadside objects
Buses as fire hazards: a Swedish problem only? Suggestions for fire-prevention measures
Bus-door accidents
Graduated driver licensing research in 2004 and 2005
Human factors analysis and classification system applied to civil aircraft accidents in India
Burns in automobile accidents
Trends in Arkansas motorcycle trauma after helmet law repeal
Can modern visual research reduce traffic accidents?
Car doors
Car pedals and road deaths
Child occupant protection: a summary of current safety recommendations
Children are at risk from parked cars
Chronobiology of traffic accidents in Italy
Chrysler Corporation's super-lite; an evaluation
Cognitive abilities in driving: differences between normal and hazardous situations
Collisions with animals
Collisions with wildlife: the rising toll
Commentary: screening and brief intervention for problem drinkers: opportunities lost
Comparative accuracy of recognizing American and international road signs
Comprehensive data essential for research on road accidents
Computer simulation and sled test validation of a powerbase wheelchair and occupant subjected to frontal crash conditions
Correlation between driving errors and vigilance level: influence of the driver's age
Correlations of f10.7-cm flux and temperature with male traffic-accident mortality for the years 1980-1999
Crash injuries and their prevention
Crash injury research; a means of greater safety in aircraft accidents
Crash simulations of wheelchair-occupant systems in transport
Dangerously designed automobiles
Daytime automobile windshield and dash panel characteristics
Daytime headlights and position on the highway
Daytime vehicle lights
Dealing with road rage
Death in the automobile
Deaths due to road traffic crashes in Hyderabad city in India: need for strengthening surveillance
Deer-related traffic accidents
Deer-vehicle crashes: extensive peak at 1 hour after sunset
Designing for transportation safety in the light of perception, attention, and mental models
Deterioration of the high-mounted brake light
Determinism, risk and safe driving behavior in northern Alberta, Canada
Development of an Australian standard for wheelchair occupant restraint assemblies for motor vehicles
Development of frontal impact crashworthy wheelchair seating design criteria using computer simulation
Development of transportable wheelchair design criteria using computer crash simulation
Diabetics and motorway crashes
Disablement resulting from motorcycle crashes
Disappearing headlights
Do "whiplash injuries" occur in low-speed rear impacts?
Do measurements of motorcycle conspicuity really measure conspicuity effects?
Do zopiclone, zolpidem and flunitrazepam have residual effects on simulated task of collision anticipation?
Doctors are most likely adults to be involved in auto accidents
Does periodic vehicle inspection reduce car crash injury? Evidence from the Auckland Car Crash Injury Study
Drain-cover injuries in children
Driver screening for older adults
Drivers and road signs: a preliminary investigation of the capacity of car drivers to get information from road signs
Driving difficulties among male adolescents
Driving into a clearer future. report of the conference Progress in Automotive Lighting 25-26 September 2001, Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany
Driving under the influence of alcohol. 7. the legislation in operation in tennessee, georgia, new york, canada, scotland
Driving with a visual impairment: new guidelines are needed
Drug driving among injecting drug users in Sydney, Australia: prevalence, risk factors and risk perceptions
Drugs of abuse and fatal automobile accidents
Dying on the highways: Virginia's children
Road traffic injuries: a new agenda for child health
Fatal motor vehicle accidents involving Australian children
Predisposing factors leading to child trauma. an analysis of specific versus non-specific causes in motor vehicle and drowning fatalities
An unusual death due to the impalement of a gear stick into the brain stem through the nasal cavity: a case report
"Phony" motorcycle helmet use in Georgia
Analysis of 47 road traffic accident admissions to BMH Shaibah
Evaluation of the effectiveness of a pavement stencil in promoting safe behavior among elementary school children boarding school buses
Evaluation of wheelchair back support crashworthiness: combination wheelchair back support surfaces and attachment hardware
Evaluation of wheelchair drop seat crashworthiness
Evaluation of wheelchair seating system crashworthiness: "drop hook"-type seat attachment hardware
Evaluation of wheelchair sling seat and sling back crashworthiness
Evidence based road safety: the Driving Standards Agency's schools programme
Experience with intrathoracic injury following automobile accidents
Eyes, brains, and autos
Federal safety specifications for automobiles, trucks, and buses
Fire deaths in children in South Australia from 1989 to 1998
Forces, moments, and accelerations acting on an unrestrained dummy during simulations of three wheelchair accidents
Guidelines for safe transportation of children in wheelchairs
Headlight ring retroreflectors
How much do crashes related to obstructive sleep apnea cost?
How safe is pupil transportation? Study of laws, regulations, and practices in school bussing in the United States carried out by physicians for automotive safety
How to reduce the toll of road traffic accidents
Improving student bus-riding behavior through a whole-school intervention
Influence of wheelchair front caster wheel on reverse directional stability
Injury analyses of fatal motorcycle collisions in south-east Scotland
Injury due to uncontrolled acceleration of an electric wheelchair
Injury risk assessment of wheelchair occupant restraint systems in a frontal crash: a case for integrated restraints
Learning to drive
Left turning traffic procrastinators: another look
Letter: Designing a child's safety seat
Letter: Startle reaction to air-bag restraints
Life and death and the automobile
Limitations of risk analysis in the determination of medical factors in road vehicle accidents
Lives and limbs--the other price of modern road transport
Mathematical biology of automobile driving. v
Medical conditions, medications, and driving
Methods of multidisciplinary in-depth analyses of road traffic accidents
Mild traumatic brain injury after traffic collisions: a population-based inception cohort study
Misperceptions exist about sleep attacks when driving
Mississippi's highways are die-ways
Misuse of red light on automobiles
Mobile telephone use among Melbourne drivers: a preventable exposure to injury risk
Moose-motorcycle collisions
Motor car accidents
Motor vehicle accident fatality statistics: an investigation of reliability
Motorcycle accidents among University of Michigan students--1966
Motorcycle limb injuries in a developing country
National deer-vehicle collisions database--an update
Nicotine withdrawal and road accidents
Cognitive function and renewal of driving licences for persons older than 70 years
Effect of a car radio on driving in traffic
Effects of pedestrians' visibility and signs on motorists' yielding
The Department of Transportation should take a leading role in traumatic brain injury research and prevention initiatives
Acculturation, income, education, safety belt use, and fatal motor vehicle crashes in California
A contextual study of police car telematics: the future of in-car information systems
Actual driving performance and psychomotor function in healthy subjects after acute and subchronic treatment with escitalopram, mirtazapine, and placebo: a crossover trial
Antihistamines and driving ability: evidence from on-the-road driving studies during normal traffic
Aviation risk perception: a comparison between experts and novices
Child passenger safety in the school-age population
Clinician assessment of the driving competence of patients with dementia
Driver landmark and traffic sign identification in early Alzheimer's disease
Driving in America: a convergence of public policy and science
Driving while plastered: is it safe, is it legal? A survey of advice to patients given by orthopaedic surgeons, insurance companies and the police
Effects of prolonged wakefulness combined with alcohol and hands-free cell phone divided attention tasks on simulated driving
Effectiveness of designated driver programs for reducing alcohol-impaired driving a systematic review
Graduated driver licensing and teen traffic fatalities
Self-reported effectiveness of double-fine zones as a speed control measure
Steering in the right direction? Young drivers and road trauma: we need restrictions on night driving and peer passenger numbers for novice drivers
Speed choice by drivers: the issue of driving too slowly
Student drivers: a study of fatal motor vehicle crashes involving 16-year-old drivers
Current status and developments in vehicular safety of automobiles
Alcohol, stress-related factors, and short-term absenteeism among urban transit operators
Understanding spatial concentrations of road accidents using frequent item sets
Assessing fitness to drive Part 1
Odontoid fracture in motor vehicle environments
Low speed vehicle passenger ejection restraint effectiveness
Car seat safety: literature review
Chasing ambulance safety
Child motor vehicle occupant and pedestrian casualties before and after enactment of child restraint seats legislation in Japan
Cognitive, sensory and physical factors enabling driving safety in older adults
12 and 15 Passenger Vans Tire Pressure Study: Preliminary Results
Color vision tests for aviation: comparison of the anomaloscope and three lantern types
Comparative sensitivity of a simulated driving task to self-report, physiological, and other performance measures during prolonged wakefulness
Compressed natural gas bus safety: a quantitative risk assessment
Development and evaluation of a mass media Theory of Planned Behaviour intervention to reduce speeding
Drawing clocks and driving cars
Drinking habits and performance in an attention test in young people frequenting discotheques
Driving cessation and increased depressive symptoms
Driving cessation in patients attending a memory clinic
Driving habits and patterns in older men with glaucoma
Driving in Parkinson's disease
"Where to?" remote memory for spatial relations and landmark identity in former taxi drivers with Alzheimer's disease and encephalitis
Infrequent syncope in a heavy vehicle driver
Useful assessment for identifying unsafe driving
Driving performance of glaucoma patients correlates with peripheral visual field loss
Driving scenes test of the Neuropsychological Assessment Battery (NAB) and on-road driving performance in aging and very mild dementia
Driving with cognitive deficits: neurorehabilitation and legal measures are needed for driving again after severe traumatic brain injury
Effectiveness of school-based programs for reducing drinking and driving and riding with drinking drivers a systematic review
In-office evaluation of medical fitness to drive: practical approaches for assessing older people
Effect of button location on driver's visual behaviour and safety perception
Identification of vehicle design requirements for older drivers
Identifying older drivers at risk of traffic violations by using a driving simulator: a 3-year longitudinal study
How well do train driver's sleep in relay vans?
In-office evaluation of medical fitness to drive: practical approaches for assessing older people
Persistence of effects of the Checkpoints program on parental restrictions of teen driving privileges
Prediction of on-road driving performance in patients with early Alzheimer's disease
Self-reported driving behaviour and attitudes towards driving under the influence of cannabis among three different user groups in England
Type A behavior pattern, risky driving behaviors, and serious road traffic accidents: a prospective study of the GAZEL cohort
A classification on human factor accident/incident of China civil aviation in recent twelve years
Risk of pediatric head injury after motor vehicle accidents
Road safety and medical care to victims of road accidents in Moscow in 1999-2003
Early evening low alcohol intake also worsens sleepiness-related driving impairment
Effect of driving duration and partial sleep deprivation on subsequent alertness and performance of car drivers
Effects of two doses of methylphenidate on simulator driving performance in adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Fatigue and the criminal law
Impaired perception of self-motion (heading) in abstinent ecstasy and marijuana users
Imposed versus involved: different strategies to effect driving cessation in cognitively impaired older adults
Improving awareness and use of booster seats in Head Start families
Improving road safety and residential quality of life : evaluating the automated wayside horn system
Laboratory evaluation of a new evidential breath-alcohol analyser designed for mobile testing--the Evidenzer
Medicines and psychoactive agents in traffic users--the medico-legal problem in Poland
Membranous lipodystrophy-like changes in two cases of traumatic lipogranuloma caused by safety belts
Oculomotor changes due to road events during prolonged monotonous simulated driving
Opioid medication and driving ability
Predictive validity of driving-simulator assessments following traumatic brain injury: a preliminary study
The impact of supraventricular tachycardias on driving ability in patients referred for radiofrequency catheter ablation
State motor vehicle laws and older drivers
Visual function and car driving: longitudinal results 5 years after cataract surgery in a population
Traffic accidents: increasingly frequent and fatal
Automobile driving and implantable defibrillators
Epilepsy and road legislation
Pregnancy and use of the safety belt
Status of rendering an expert opinion following the changes in the German traffic legislation
Vision-related quality of life in patients suffering from age-related macular degeneration
Use of prisms for navigation and driving in hemianopic patients
Can the car tell us who needs the trauma team after a motor vehicle crash?
Life-threatening neurovascular injuries associated with recreational use of "banana" boats
Whole-body vibration exposure and non-neutral neck postures during occupational use of all-terrain vehicles
Research on alcolock implementation in the European Union
Driving simulator performance in schizophrenia
Driving while plastered: is it safe, is it legal? A survey of advice to patients given by orthopaedic surgeons, insurance companies and the police
Prevention of coordinated eye movements and steering impairs driving performance
Prevention of traffic accidents: the assessment of perceptual-motor alterations before obtaining a driving license. a longitudinal study of the first years of driving
Psychological predictors of problem mobile phone use
Psychophysiological assessment during exposure in driving phobic patients
Quantitative assessment of driving performance in Parkinson's disease
Return to driving after traumatic brain injury: a British perspective
Role of premorbid factors in predicting safe return to driving after severe TBI
Safety of emergency medical service helicopters. Robust safety specifications and funding arrangements are needed
Sleep, driving and the workplace
Sleepiness of occupational drivers
Stroop color-word test, arousal, electrodermal activity and performance in a critical driving situation
The causes and control of loader- and truck-related fatalities in surface mining operations
The effects of dexamphetamine on simulated driving performance
The validity of a road test after stroke
Time to resumption of driving after implantation of an automatic defibrillator (from the Dual chamber and VVI Implantable Defibrillator [DAVID] trial)
Emerging technology for vehicular safety and emergency response to roadway crashes
Accuracy of self-reports of alcohol offenders in a rural midwestern county
Fatal traffic injuries among pedestrians, bicyclists and motor vehicle occupants
Education level inequalities and transportation injury mortality in the middle aged and elderly in European settings
Effects of child age and body size on serious injury from passenger air-bag presence in motor vehicle crashes
Emergency department brief motivational interventions for alcohol with motor vehicle crash patients
Control of attention shifts between vision and audition in human cortex
Road safety campaigns: do they work?
Reflections on the highway safety field
Traffic calming policy can reduce inequalities in child pedestrian injuries: database study
What can we learn from international comparisons of social inequalities in road traffic injury mortality?
Attributions of responsibility for motor vehicle crashes
Bayesian ranking of sites for engineering safety improvements: Decision parameter, treatability concept, statistical criterion, and spatial dependence
Causes and prevention of boating fatalities
Drugs in injured drivers in Denmark
Effects of vehicle bumper height and impact velocity on type of lower extremity injury in vehicle-pedestrian accidents
Impaired driving and motor vehicle crashes among Swedish youth: An investigation into drivers' sociodemographic characteristics
Is the number of traffic fatalities in American hospitals decreasing?
Pilot behaviors in the face of adverse weather: A new look at an old problem
Predicting older drivers' accident involvement - Smeed's law revisited
Seat position and the risk of serious thoracoabdominal injury in lateral motor vehicle crashes
Risky driving habits and motor vehicle driver injury
Self-rated driving performance among elderly drivers referred for driving evaluation
The covariance between the number of accidents and the number of victims in multivariate analysis of accident related outcomes
The Fatality Analysis Reporting System as a tool for investigating racial and ethnic determinants of motor vehicle crash fatalities
The world's first automobile fatality
Do visual processing deficits cause problem on response time task for dyslexics?
The neural correlates of driving performance identified using positron emission tomography
Modelling driver choices towards accident risk reduction
The relationship between distraction and driving performance: towards a test regime for in-vehicle information systems
Surrogate in-vehicle information systems and driver behaviour: Effects of visual and cognitive load in simulated rural driving
Effects of visual and cognitive load in real and simulated motorway driving
Surrogate in-vehicle information systems and driver behaviour in an urban environment: A field study on the effects of visual and cognitive load
The interaction between driving and in-vehicle information systems: Comparison of results from laboratory, simulator and real-world studies
Comparing the driving performance of average and older drivers: The effect of surrogate in-vehicle information systems
Sensitivity of eye-movement measures to in-vehicle task difficulty
Regulating conversation during driving: a problem for mobile telephones?
Sense and sensibility: A narrative study of older women’s car driving
Naturalistic observations of driver hand positions
Driver behaviour in intersections: Formal and informal traffic rules
Peripheral detection as a workload measure in driving: Effects of traffic complexity and route guidance system use in a driving study
Modelling safety-related driving behaviour - impact of parameter values
Travel behavior in neo-traditional neighborhood developments: A case study in USA
Behavior-based analysis of freeway car-truck interactions and related mitigation strategies
The determinants of train fatalities: keeping the model on track
Driving under the influence of alcohol in Germany and the effect of relaxing the BAC law
Drink driving policy and road safety in the Netherlands: a retrospective analysis
A method for estimating crash risk associated with driver BAC
The impact of driver alcohol use on crash severity: A crash specific analysis
Relationships between risk-taking behaviour and subsequent risk perceptions
Dementia and driving: present status of drivers with dementia and response of their family's care in Japan
A prospective study of the psychological effects of "person under train" incidents on drivers
Evaluation of the intervertebral neck injury criterion using simulated rear impacts
Parkinson's disease and associated disorders
A National Sleep Foundation's conference summary: the National Summit to Prevent Drowsy Driving and a new call to action
Alcohol and drugs in drivers fatally injured in traffic accidents in Sweden during the years 2000-2002
An observational study of safety belt use among taxi drivers in Boston
Assessing fitness to drive. part 2
Bioptic telescopes meet the needs of drivers with moderate visual acuity loss
Commentary: novice teen drivers and crashes-just how worried should we be and what should we do about it?
Design and evaluation of a prototype rear obstacle detection and driver warning system
Heavy episodic drinking and sensation seeking in adolescents as predictors of harmful driving and celebrating behaviors: implications for prevention
Driving under the influence of drugs - evaluation of analytical data of drugs in oral fluid, serum and urine, and correlation with impairment symptoms
Driving strategies used by older adults with macular degeneration: Assessing the risks
High school off-campus lunch policies and adolescent motor vehicle crash risks
Neuropsychological assessment of geriatric driving competence
Nighttime impaired driving in rural Alberta
Self-enhancement, crash-risk optimism and the impact of safety advertisements on young drivers
The relationship of neuropsychological functioning to driving competence in older persons with early cognitive decline
Self-reported motivations to change and self-efficacy levels for a group of recidivist drink drivers
Epilepsy and driving: Regulations in the European Union need harmonisation as well as greater flexibility
Epilepsy and driving in Belgium: proposals and justification
Accidents in patients with epilepsy: types, circumstances, and complications: a European cohort study
Immediate impact of 'penalty points legislation' on acute hospital trauma services
Motor vehicle collision risk and driving under the influence of cannabis: Evidence from adolescents in Atlantic Canada
Protecting you/protecting me: effects of an alcohol prevention and vehicle safety program on elementary students
Splenic and Pancreatic Infarction due to Motorcycle Handlebar Injury
Effects of haloperidol and risperidone on psychomotor performance relevant to driving ability in schizophrenic patients compared to healthy controls
Hand-held monitor of sympathetic nervous system using salivary amylase activity and its validation by driver fatigue assessment
Perceptions of power mobility use and safety within residential facilities
Support for testing of elderly drivers
Psychophysiological assessment of youthful motor vehicle accident survivors
Role of mobile phones in motor vehicle crashes resulting in hospital attendance: a case-crossover study
Subjective and predicted sleepiness while driving in young adults
Are depressed drinking/driving offenders more receptive to brief intervention?
Chest deflection tolerance to blunt anterior loading is sensitive to age but not load distribution
Effectiveness of high back belt positioning booster seats in side impacts
Fibromyalgia after motor vehicle collision: evidence and implications
Getting Americans to buckle up: The efficacy of state seat belt laws
Improved protection for children in forward-facing restraints during side impacts
Job change rate as a crash predictor for interstate truck drivers
Optimal strategies for adaptive curve lighting
Patterns of drinking four weeks prior to an alcohol-related vehicular crash
Speed bump-induced spinal column injury
Variations in jail sentences and the probability of re-arrest for driving while intoxicated
Traffic injury prevention by family doctors: some reflections on the current situation
A mechanism of injury to the forefoot in car crashes
Head injuries in airbag-equipped motor vehicles with special emphasis on AIS 1 and 2 facial and loss of consciousness injuries
Intervertebral neck injury criterion for simulated frontal impacts
Investigation on road traffic safety of the mountain areas in southwest China based on Wulong County, Chongqing Municipality
Letter to the editor and reply on: "Drugs and driving," traffic injury prevention, 5:241 - 253, 2004
Letter to the Editor and Reply on: "Drugs and Driving," Traffic Injury Prevention, 5:241 - 253, 2004
Requiring belt use as part of a school parking permit program: does it increase students' belt use?
Seatbelt non-use and car crash injury: an interview study
Signals are informative but slow down responses when drivers meet bicyclists at road junctions
Whiplash following rear end collisions: a prospective cohort study
Whiplash injury may deregulate the biological clock
Facial skin lesions following air bag activation
A positive blood alcohol concentration is the main predictor of recurrent motor vehicle crash
Automobile air bags: friend or foe? A case of air bag-associated ocular trauma and a related literature review
Child pedestrian fatalities in Diyarbakir, Turkey
Counting road traffic deaths and injuries: poor data should not detract from doing something!
Predictors of completion status in a remedial program for male convicted drinking drivers
Road mobility and the risk of road traffic accident as a driver The impact of medical conditions and life events
Road safety effects of roundabouts in Flanders
Road traffic injuries in Lazio, Italy: a descriptive analysis from an emergency department-based surveillance system
How accurately does the public perceive differences in transport risks? An exploratory analysis of scales representing perceived risk
Problems in blood alcohol testing of severely injured drivers brought to emergency departments in Japan
Reconstruction techniques for energy-absorbing guardrail end terminals
The effects of speed enforcement with mobile radar on speed and accidents An evaluation study on rural roads in the Dutch province Friesland
Traffic injuries of the pregnant women and fetal or neonatal outcomes
Use of booster seats by Michigan children 4-8 years of age
Year-round daylight saving and serious or fatal road traffic injuries in children in the north-east of England
A case-control study on road-related traffic injury in Shanghai
Ocular injuries in a victim of a motor vehicle collision with a moose
Traffic accidents from the view of neurologist
Effects of oxygen concentrations on driver fatigue during simulated driving
Sleepiness in professional drivers: Effect of age and time of day
Variability in vehicle and dummy responses in rear-end collisions
Sleepiness/fatigue and distraction/inattention as factors for fatal versus nonfatal commercial motor vehicle driver injuries
Work-related traffic crashes: A record linkage study
Onset of neck pain after a motor vehicle accident: a case-control study
Primary and secondary prevention of drink driving by the use of alcolock device and program: Swedish experiences
An epidemiological study and determination of causes of traffic accident-related deaths in Tehran, Iran (during 2000-2001)
An Exploratory Study on the Predictive Elements of Passing On-the-Road Tests for Disabled Persons
Commentary: next steps for graduated licensing
Drink-driving and perceptions of legally permissible alcohol use
Driving While Impaired (DWI) by Alcohol Convictions Among Alcohol, Cocaine, and Cannabis Clients in Treatment
Impact of infrastructure characteristics on road crashes on two-lane highways
In-car cell phone use and hazards following hands free legislation
Prevalence of sleepiness in a group of Brazilian lorry drivers
Sixteen-year-old drivers in fatal crashes, United States, 2003
Transit bus operator performance and attitudes toward a collision warning system: results of a simulator experiment
Unlicensed drivers and car crash injury
Unusual motor vehicle suicides
Young people driving after drinking and riding with drinking drivers: drinking locations-what do they tell us?
"Banned from the streets I have paid to use": an analysis of Australian print media coverage of proposals for passenger and night driving restrictions for young drivers
Child safety seat counseling: three keys to safety
Factors associated with failed and completed railway suicides
My elderly aunt's car accident: a James Bond thriller or a fight for independence
Spine and spinal cord injury in motor vehicle crashes: a function of change in velocity and energy dissipation on impact with respect to the direction of crash
Ten-year incidence and time trends of railway suicides in Germany from 1991 to 2000
Psychosocial aspects of road traffic trauma-benefits of an early intervention?
Types and mechanisms of 54 cases of kidney trauma in car drivers injured by road accident
Parametric analysis of vehicle design influence on the four phases of whiplash motion
Sleep problems and the risk for sleep disorders in an outpatient veteran population
Crash-resistant fuel system effectiveness in civil helicopter crashes
Estimating the burden of road traffic injuries among children and adolescents in urban South Asia
Perceived susceptibility to and perceived causes of road traffic injuries in an urban and rural area of Tanzania
Risk for motorcyclists in a busy metropolitan city: the example of Tel Aviv
Suicide by aircraft: a comparative analysis
The Association Between Restraint System and Upper Extremity Injury After Motor Vehicle Collisions
Trends in spinal cord injury
What we know about offenders who drive under the influence: Analysis of court case file reviews
Illinois v. Lidster : Continuing to carve out constitutional vehicle checkpoints
Aging and time-sharing in highway driving
Motorcycle Accident Risk Could Be Inflated by a Time to Arrival Illusion
Human error risk management methodology for safety audit of a large railway organisation
Driver dependent factors and the risk of causing a collision for two wheeled motor vehicles
Trip characteristics of vehicle crashes involving child passengers
Managing violence on the railways
Road injuries and long-run effects on income and employment
Self reported alcohol use in an urban traffic trauma population in Kenya
Standard measures of visual acuity do not predict drivers' recognition performance under day or night conditions
The impact of visual field loss on driving performance: evidence from on-road driving assessments
Traffic accidents scar Latin America's roads
Visual fields at the wheel
Shoulder belt anchor location influences on wheelchair occupant crash protection
Natural sloshing frequencies of liquid cargo in road tankers
Association between the "seat belt sign" and intra-abdominal injury in children with blunt torso trauma
Ageing drivers: Storm in a teacup?
Assessment of muscle fatigue in low level monotonous task performance during car driving
Neurobehavioral performance of residents after heavy night call vs after alcohol ingestion
National road casualties and economic development
Urban-rural differences in motor vehicle crash fatality and hospitalization rates among children and youth
Automobile driving among patients with dementia
United States pedestrian fatality rates by vehicle type
Extent and variations in mobile phone use among drivers of heavy vehicles in Denmark
Global collaboration on road traffic injury prevention
Limitations of secondary data sets for road traffic injury epidemiology
Motor vehicle crash brain injury in infants and toddlers: A suitable model for inflicted head injury?
Post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety and quality of life in patients with traffic-related injuries
Predicting DUI recidivism: Personality, attitudinal, and behavioral risk factors
Psychiatric and behavioral problems in aggressive drivers
Determinants and patterns of bicycle use and traffic accidents among bicycling workers in Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
The impact of a nationwide effort to reduce airbag-related deaths among children: An examination of fatality trends among younger and older age groups
Whiplash injuries
Typical patterns in road-traffic accidents during driver training: an explorative Swedish national study
Blind and sighted pedestrians' judgments of gaps in traffic at roundabouts
Effects of voice technology on test track driving performance: implications for driver distraction
Older driver failures of attention at intersections: using change blindness methods to assess turn decision accuracy
Perceptions of driver distraction by cellular phone users and nonusers
Physical activity levels of children who walk, cycle, or are driven to school
Speeding and maxillofacial injuries: Impact of the introduction of penalty points for speeding offences
The impact of Ontario's extended drinking hours on cross-border cities of Windsor and Detroit
Trends in walking for transportation in the United States, 1995 and 2001
Adolescent predictors of traffic crash patterns from licensure into early young adulthood
Biomechanical factors and injury risk in high-severity rollovers
Characteristics of the injury environment in far-side crashes
Crash culpability relative to age and sex for injured drivers using alcohol, marijuana or cocaine
Development of the Safe Tractor Assessment Rating System
Driver performance modelling and its practical application to railway safety
Effect of increased rear row occupancy on injury to seat belt restrained children in side impact crashes
Effect of vehicle incompatibility on child occupant injury risk
Effectiveness of high back and backless belt-positioning booster seats in side impact crashes
Evaluation of four state impaired driving enforcement demonstration programs: Georgia, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and Louisiana
Field data on head injuries in side airbag vehicles in lateral impact
How thirty years of focused safety development has influenced injury outcome in Volvo cars
Injury patterns and sources of non-ejected occupants in trip-over crashes: a survey of NASS-CDS database from 1997 to 2002
Investigation of the performance of safety systems for protection of the elderly
Assessing the relative risk of severe injury in automotive crashes for older female occupants
Occupant injury experience in rollover crashes: an in-depth review of NASS/CDS data
On the fatal crash experience of older drivers
Pre-hospital care of the injured in South Western Nigeria: a hospital based study of four tertiary level hospitals in three States
Retained risk-taking behaviors among past alcohol dependent trauma patients
School bus-related injuries in St. Louis children: 29
Significance of adult pedestrian torso injury
Road accidents and otorhinolaryngology
Prioritising road safety initiatives: fatality versus social cost
Vehicle interior interactions and kinematics of rear facing child restraints in frontal crashes
American Beverage Licensees attack Mothers Against Drunk Driving
Characteristics of worker accidents on NYSDOT construction projects
Comparison of fatalities from work related motor vehicle traffic incidents in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States
Generalized linear regression analysis of association of universal helmet laws with motorcyclist fatality rates
Impaired-driving recidivism among repeat offenders following an intensive court-based intervention
Intelligence, education, and transportation injury mortality
Perception of road accident causes
Road safety in Africa
Helmets not helpful--an example of poor public policy
Simulation study on the effectiveness of accident proneness test in drivers
Clinical examination and psychotechnical tests in diagnosis of alcoholic intoxication in road traffic accidents
Alcohol and road traffic accidents in southern Baden.]
Color sense and traffic safety
Neuropsychiatry and traffic safety
Compartmentalizing tanker truck safety design: minimizing the potential for fires from collisions
Connecticut statewide sTEP wave evaluation
Illicit drug use, alcohol use and problem drinking among infrequent and frequent road ragers
On the joint valuation of averting fatal and severe injuries in highway accidents
Secular trends in rates of unintentional injury deaths among adult Finns
Sports utility vehicles and older pedestrians
The hazards of utility poles
The role of sales of new motorcycles in a recent increase in motorcycle mortality rates
Trauma in pregnancy
Twelve-month prevalence and changes in driving after drinking: United States, 1991-1992 and 2001-2002
The disease of road accidents
The difficulties of investigating motor vehicle traffic accident mortality in a district
A multitask scientific investigation resolved an unusual road crash case
A tentative cost-utility analysis of road safety education
Agricultural tractor accidents: A description of 14 tractor accicents and a comparison with road traffic accidents
Alcohol and road accidents
Alcohol and road accidents
Alcohol and road accidents
Alcohol and road accidents
Alcohol and road accidents
Alcohol and road accidents
Alcohol and road accidents
Alcohol and road accidents: Some recent developments
Alcohol and road accidents: A criticism and a review
Alcohol and road safety. legal principles of motorists' responsibility
Alcohol and road traffic accidents
An anomaly in the valuation of transport safety
An epidemiological approach to road accidents
An epidemiological approach to traffic safety
Article reviewed: Distribution of road accidents in policemen on shift-work on Italian highways: the contributing role of sleepiness
Can ergonomics improve primary safety in road transport systems?
Car design and operation in relation to road safety
Changing drivers' intentions and behaviours using fear-based driver fatigue advertisements
Children in side-impact motor vehicle crashes: seating positions and injury mechanisms
Community participation in road safety: barriers and enablers
Comparison of international data on motor vehicle accident victims
Consultative Committee on Road Traffic Fatalities: trauma audit methodology
Cost of road traffic accidents to an orthopaedic department
Death on the road: an endemic disease
Death on the road: the prospects for control
Deep concern over drink-related road accidents
Designing for road safety
Does health education provide a good return on investment? One HMO's experience with an infant car safety program
Does road safety concern medicine?
Duration of survival in traffic accident fatalities
Dying to go on holiday
Editorial: Some protective measures in road traffic accidents
Effects of subsidising bus travel on the occurrence of road traffic casualties
Epidemiology of collisions on the road
Factors to be considered in devising an effective programme for the reduction of road traffic accidents
Fatal crashes involving young male drivers: a continuous time Poisson change-point analysis
Fatal road accidents in Catalonia
Fatal traffic accidents in Adelaide
Age-related Patterns of Spine Injury in Children Involved in All-Terrain Vehicle Accidents
Global road safety and the contribution of big business
Health and safety--3: Hazards on hospital roads
Historical trends in road accident types, deaths and casualties in Western Australia
In the hands of children: fatal car, van, and truck crashes involving drivers aged 7 through 14 years
Injuries from traffic crashes: meeting the challenge
Injury prevention in motorcar crashes
International tourists, motor vehicles and road safety: a review of the literature leading up to the Sydney 2000 Olympics
Local leadership necessary for improved traffic safety
Management deficiencies and death preventability in 120 victorian road fatalities (1993-1994). the Consultative Committee on Road Traffic Fatalities in Victoria
Medical aspects of road safety
Medical aspects of road safety
Medical aspects of traffic safety
New mexico's 1998 drive-up liquor window closure. study i: effect on alcohol-involved crashes
North Carolina's traffic safety program
Older driver safety: a report from the older drivers project
Potentially disabling lesions in aircrew: findings in a series of fatal aircraft accidents
Prescription drugs detected in injured road users
Preventing child pedestrian injury: pedestrian education or traffic calming?
Priorities in road accidents
Priorities in road accidents
Priorities in road accidents
Prophylaxis against road accidents
Public health and head injuries due to road accidents
Distribution of alcohol in the body
Reducing motor-vehicle collisions, costs, and fatalities by treating obstructive sleep apnea syndrome
Individual driver risk assessment using naturalistic driving data
Regulating conditions of alcohol availability: possible effects on highway safety
Regulating motor vehicle safety maintenance: can we make it cost-effective?
Relation of alcohol to road accidents
Remediation can only give what it has, so do not ask too much
Risk-risk balancing for hazardous waste workers: alternative work, traffic fatalities, and unemployment
Road accident prevention
Road accident research
Road accidents and injuries
Road accidents and their prevention; Great Britain
Road accidents involving articulated vehicles (semi-trailers) in Queensland (1965-1967)
Road accidents--their cause and prevention, with particular reference to Rhodesia. Part iii. the young driver and road accidents
Road accidents
Road accidents
Road illumination by headlamps or street lamps
Road safety advocacy
Road safety and efficient policy choice
Road safety
Road safety: BMA comments
Road safety: BMA comments
Road trauma: data needs
Role of the safety belt in nineteen auto crashes
Social patterns of road accidents to children; some characteristics of vulnerable families
Some factors affecting visibility from a driver's seat and their effect on road safety
Some social and general aspects of traffic accidents
Some studies of the Applied Psychology Research Unit, Cambridge, with a bearing on road safety problems
Strategy to improve road safety in developing countries
Symposium on road accidents. 3. the classification of road accident cases in hospital
The burden of road traffic injuries in developing countries: the first national injury survey of Pakistan
The construction flagperson: a target for injury
The cost of collisions
Casualty risk reduction from safety seat belts in a desert country
Epidemiology of motor vehicle accidents in Jeddah
Prevention and control of injuries arising from road traffic accidents in Malaysia
Prevention and control of road traffic accidents in Nigeria
Road accidents -- their cause and prevention, with particular reference to Rhodesia
Road accidents-their cause and prevention, with particular reference to Rhodesia
Road traffic accidents and the prevention of injury and death of vehicle occupants
Road traffic accidents in Riyadh
Road traffic injuries in Al-Ain City, United Arab Emirates
Safer roads for children in the United Arab Emirates
The effect of epilepsy on road traffic accidents and casualties
Alcohol and road accidents: the physicians' role in their prevention
Injuries in road and traffic accidents: improvement of the system of prevention, rendering of medical aid and treatment of the victims
Organizational measures in the prevention of road transportation accidents
Possibilities, limitations and results in accident prevention in non-occupational accidents, especially in road traffic
Road vehicle accidents during travel and their prevention
An evaluation of the Swedish ignition interlock program
The impact of road accidents on hospital facilities
The legislative aspects of traffic safety
The Maurice Ellis Lecture for 1986. the responsibility of emergency medicine towards the prevention of road accidents
The medical aspects of road safety and traffic accidents
The nature and control of road traffic accidents
The physician and traffic safety
The preventability of death in road traffic fatalities with head injury in Victoria, Australia. the consultative committee on road traffic fatalities
The prevention of road accidents
The prevention paradox, traffic safety, and driving-while-intoxicated treatment
The public health service views auto safety
The road accident 'epidemic'
The road toll and the inquests
School bus-related deaths and injuries in New South Wales
The vehicle and the road
The World Health Organization and the prevention of road injuries: phone book analysis
Thirty-three fatal crashes with seat belts
Traffic safety education: panacea, prophylactic or placebo?
Traffic safety
Traffic safety: a new field for medical science
Traffic safety: an introduction
Transport and public health
Trends in motorcyclist and occupant fatalities and serious injuries due to traffic crashes
Understanding the public health impacts of farm vehicle public road crashes in North Carolina
Vision and road safety
Visual aspects of road safety
Will we all continue to ignore deaths and injuries from road traffic crashes?
A contribution to the history of traffic safety
Accident proneness in urban traffic
ACN (automatic collision notification)--reducing fatalities in traffic accidents by automated accident reporting
A Historical Comparison of Child and Parent Reports of Injury Prevention Behaviors: Findings From the Pinellas County Omnibus Study
Driver's licences and disease from the ophthalmologic standpoint
Alcohol and traffic safety
Alcoholism and road safety
Ambulant anesthesia and traffic safety
Analysis and prevention of road traffic fatalities in Sichuan province
Anatomopathological and statistical observations on 220 fatal road accidents
Antihypertensive agents and the danger of road traffic
Can the physician contribute to traffic safety?
Clinical traffic medicine, a new preventive medicine specialty
Disease as a contributing cause of fatal traffic and industrial accidents
Driver's licences and disease--psychiatric symptoms
Drugs and traffic safety
Electroencephalography and road safety
Individual-psychological aspects of traffic safety
Learning and social behavior in road traffic
Medical contributions in traffic safety
Medical influences on physical efficiency and their significance for traffic safety
Medicine and traffic safety
Need for a central medical agency for study of the prevention of flight accidents and decrease of their fatality
Netherlands Congress for the regulation of public health: prevention and cure in traffic accidents
On road accidents in Genoa with particular reference to the consequences of recent reorganization measures of the traffic
On the possibility of medicinal influencing of night vision in road traffic
On time relations between the accident and death, the result of 1000 fatal traffic accidents
Physicians and the battle against road accidents
Prevention of road accidents in children
Prevention of traffic accidents. advantages and disadvantages of safety belts
Problems of traffic safety and nutrition
Professional discretion and traffic safety
Psychology of traffic safety
Risks connected with some railroad maintenance work
Road accidents in a working population
Road accidents in Israel
Road accidents morbidity and mortality in district of Vrancea
Road traffic accidents--a public health issue
Significance of syphilis for motorists and traffic safety
Road violence among young people aged 15-24 years
Role of education and road information in accident prevention
Safety belts and traffic safety
Safety belts in auto traffic
Should we change living conditions to increase road safety?
Significance of hearing defects for traffic safety
Significance of traffic accidents for public health
Social aspects of traffic accidents
Tasks and realizations on the subject of preventive medicine in railroads
Television and public health. effect of public campaigns for the prevention of traffic accidents
The elderly and street safety: analysis of geographical differences in the province of Modena
The prevention of the risk of accident for workers engaged in the maintenance of railroads
The road and accidents
The safety problem in motor traffic
Traffic accident with a spleen injury associated with the use of a safety belt
Traffic accidents--causes and prevention
Traffic accidents: a qualitative approach from Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Traffic accidents: a social-medical problem
Traffic safety from the accident medical viewpoint
Follow-up study of relationships between perceptual style measures and telephone company vehicle accidents
Injuries associated with mandible fractures sustained in motor vehicle collisions
Injuries to car occupants--some aspects of the interior safety of cars. A study of a five-year material from an insurance company
Moose-motor vehicle collisions. an increasing hazard in northern New England
Mortality and injury from motorcycle collisions in Phetchaburi Province
Motorcycle accidents in Strathclyde Region, Scotland during 1992: a study of the injuries sustained
Operational characteristics of tractors driven by children on farms in the United States and Canada
Pedestrian road traffic collisions in South Africa
Pedestrians who required admission to hospital after collisions with motor vehicles in Sweden from 1987 to 1994
Pediatric restraint use is associated with reduced transports by emergency medical services providers after motor vehicle crashes
Perception-based road hazard identification with Internet support
Periodic motor vehicle inspections are not the answer
Positioning and securement of riders and their mobility aids in transit vehicles: an analytical review
Prenatal injury: liability for stillbirth following motor bus accident
Prevention of injuries due to crash
Preventive medicine for traffic accident injuries. Safety standards for automobiles
Primary verification: is the TRISS appropriate for Thailand?
Proposed test method for an evaluation of wheelchair seating system (WCSS) crashworthiness
Protection of automobile occupants
Psychological testing; effect on the accident frequency of bus operators
Cycling in the city: an in-depth examination of bicycle lane use in a low- income urban neighborhood
Reconstruction of low speed rear-end collisions - technical means of assessing cervical spine injuries
Reducing automobile traffic: an urgent policy for health promotion
Reducing the toll of road traffic accidents
Research on preventing road traffic injuries in developing countries is needed
Risk factors for traffic accidents in Bangkok Metropolis: a case-reference study
Risky driving behaviour in young people: prevalence, personal characteristics and traffic accidents
Road accidents and accident services
Road traffic accidents caused by elderly drivers
Road traffic injuries
'Beverly Hills, 90210': The lap belts don't show on TV
A comparison of the positive and negative consequences approaches upon car restraint usage
A critical evaluation of car seat belts for disabled people: the problems of upper limb mobility and manual dexterity
The road toll and the recession
Abdominal injuries in survivors of road trauma before and since seat belt legislation in Victoria
Accidental deaths in military vehicles in relation to the use of seat belts
Adolescents' seat belt use and car telephones
Air bags and seat belts--untangling standard 208
An annotated guide to safety belt education resources for secondary school teachers
An effective surrogate for impact studies
Anterior dislocation of the restrained shoulder: a seat-belt injury
Aortic ruptures in seat belt wearers
Arthritis and seat belts
Aspects of injury patterns in automobile accidents
Assessment of a worksite safety belt promotion program
Auto safety seats for children
Auto seat belts: good prenatal, postpartum, and infant care
Automatic cushioning versus safety belts
Automobile accidents--seat belts and air bags
Automobile passenger safety education for pregnant women and infants. attitudes and practices of obstetrician-gynecologists
Automobile safety for children, seat belt division
Automobile seat belt practices of pregnant women
Behavior change in the funny papers: feedback to cartoonists on safety belt use
Belt up--if you can. Rheumatism and the standard car seat belt
Benefits of safety belt use well proven
Buckle up--save a child
California mandatory seat belt law: the effect of recent legislation on motor vehicle accident related maxillofacial injuries
Can safety belt laws be justified?
Awareness of correct use of a seatbelt among pregnant women and health professionals: A multicentric survey
Booster seat or seat belt? Motor vehicle injuries and child restraint laws in preschool and early school-age children
Driver distraction: The effects of concurrent in-vehicle tasks, road environment complexity and age on driving performance
Estimating crashes involving heavy vehicles in Western Australia, 1999-2000: A capture-recapture method
Examining the Effects of Fatal Vision Goggles on Changing Attitudes and Behaviors Related to Drinking and Driving
Car passenger injuries and child restraints
Examination and analysis of seat belt loading marks
Use of drugs of abuse in less than 30-year-old drivers killed in a road crash in France: A spectacular increase for cannabis, cocaine and amphetamines
Car seat belts
Car seat-belt legislation--third time lucky?
Car starting sequence and seat belt reminders
Car occupant safety--a national priority
Child car seats: a must for safety
Child restraint devices
Children's response to a belt restraint program
Children's traffic safety program: influence of early elementary school safety education on family seat belt use
Cigarette smoking, road traffic accidents and seat belt usage
Clinical experience with safety restraints used in Washington, D.C., police cruisers
Comparative study of 1624 belted and 3242 non-belted occupants of vehicles involved in an accident: a study of the effectiveness of seat belts
Comparison of observed and self-reported seat belt use rates--United States
Compliance by young and older drivers to the New York mandatory seat belt law: does wisdom come with age
Compulsory seat belts
Compulsory seat belts: a right to decree?
Compulsory seat selts: a right to decree?
Compulsory wearing of safety belts
Contrasting beliefs and actions of drivers regarding seatbelts: a study in New Orleans
Correlates of seat-belt use by adolescents: implications for health promotion
Cost-benefit analysis of safety belts in Texas school buses
Death on Texas roads: the picture worsens for young adults
Derivation and validation of a decision rule for predicting seat belt utilization
Developing motor vehicle occupant protection programs in local health departments
Discussion of "Seat belts and human rights: an appraisal"
Discussion of "Seat belts and human rights: an appraisal"
Driver use of, and reaction to, automatic seat belts in Ford and GM cars
Drivers use of seat belts as a function of attitude and anxiety
Economic impact of motor vehicle restraints in Kentucky: a trauma center's experience
Editorial: compulsory wearing of seat belts in New South Wales, Australia. an evaluation of its effect on vehicle occupant deaths in the first year
Editorial: IMPACT: seat belt performance in traffic creashes
Editorial: Safety belts--the real preventive medicine in automotive safety
Editorial: Seat belts and road safety
Effect of a brief physician intervention on seat belt use
Effect of seat belt legislation on injuries in road traffic accidents in Nottingham
Effect of seat belt legislation on the incidence of sternal fractures seen in the accident department
Effect of seat-belt legislation
Effectiveness of seat belts in preventing motorvehicle injuries
Efficacy of the New York State seat belt law: preliminary assessment of occurrence and severity
Enactment of mandatory seatbelt-use legislation. An analysis of the political process in North Carolina
Evaluation of an intervention to increase seat belt use
Extrication of the seriously injured road crash victim
Heat danger in cars: not just a summer problem
Incidence and risk factors of severe traumatic brain injury resulting from road accidents: A population-based study
Mathematical models assuming selective recruitment fitted to data for driver mortality and seat belt use in Japan
Negative consequences and cognitions about drinking and driving
Sports utility vehicles and older pedestrians: attitudes to SUVs and "slam door" rolling stock represent a paradox
Noncompliance with seat-belt use in patients involved in motor vehicle collisions
Road traffic accidents among alcohol-dependent patients: The effect of treatment
Safety impact of engineering treatments on undivided rural roads
Seat-belt injuries in children involved in motor vehicle crashes
Sports utility vehicles and older pedestrians: achieving compatibility in motor vehicle crashes
Sports utility vehicles and older pedestrians: not all SUVs are the same
Sports utility vehicles and older pedestrians: solution must consider psychology of SUV use
Sports utility vehicles and older pedestrians: SUV driving and adaptive behaviour
Exemption from compulsory wearing of seat belts--medical indications
Experimental impact protection with advanced restraint systems: preliminary primate tests with air bag and inertia reel-inverted-y yoke torso harness
Eye injuries in Northern Ireland two years after seat belt legislation
Facial injuries to restrained drivers caused by steering wheels
Facial lacerations and seat belts
Factors associated with child use of automobile restraining devices. Knowledge, attitudes, and practice
Failure of child safety seat to prevent death
Failure to use safety belts: a call to arms for Tennessee physicians
Failure to use seat belts in the United States. The 1981-1983 behavioral risk factor surveys
Farm tractors, and the use of seat belts and roll-over protective structures
Fasten seat-belts
Fasten your seat belts for the bumpy ride to evidence-based practice
Fatal cervical dislocation related to wearing a seat belt: a case report
Fatal cervical spinal injuries in road traffic accidents
Fatal road accidents in Otago
Federal board seeks to reduce toll from general aviation accidents
Fracture of the body of the sternum associated with the use of static seat belts
Fractured sternum associated with the use of seat belts
Gastric rupture due to seat belt injury
Grassroots movement yields safety belt law
Greater safety with seat belts
Hazard to fetus from safety harness
Health locus of control and safety restraint attitudes in a sample of motor vehicle accident victims
Health locus of control and voluntary use of seat belts among high school students
Health values, locus of control, and cues to action as predictors of adolescent safety belt use
Heed this legal advice regarding seat belt exemptions
Highway safety. A discussion on what the highway safety foundation is and how it relates to the interests of Ohio physicians
Hospitals' response to the buckle-up baby legislation in Ontario
How children travel in cars in New Zealand
How children travel in cars in New Zealand
Illinois attitudes to seat belts and a seat belt law
Inadequate harnesses as a cause of death in two light aircraft accidents
Incidence of ocular injuries from road traffic accidents after introduction of seat belt legislation
Increased safety belt use following education in childbirth classes
Increasing automobile seat belt use: an intervention emphasizing risk susceptibility
Infant passenger safety education in perinatal services in California
Infant safety seat use. Reaching the hard to reach
Influence of seat belt upon maxillofacial fractures
Initial assessment of the effect of the compulsory use of seat belts on car occupants' injuries, and the trauma department work-load
Injuries and seat belt legislation
Injuries associated with safety-belt use
Injuries due to automobile seat belts
Injuries in children wearing seat belts
Injuries of drivers who used seat belts killed in traffic accidents
Injury patterns in motor vehicle fatalities
Intervention to increase seat belt use at a primary care center
Intestinal lesions caused by incorrectly placed seat belts
Is the Florida safety belt law effective?
Isolated pancreatic damage following seat belt injury
Keep your seat--save your life
Kidney transplantation and seat belt legislation
Lap seat belts useful but can injure children
Lap seat-belts: still trouble after all these years
Lap-belt injury could result from improper use
Lap-belt restraints in pregnancy
Letter: Compulsory seat belts
Letter: Compulsory seat belts
Letters to the editor: The seat belt debate
Long-term effectiveness of selective traffic enforcement programs for increasing seat belt use
Making a difference: the promotion of seat belt use, legislation, and safety education
Mandatory seat belt laws in the States: A study of fatal and severe occupant injuries
Mandatory seatbelt law support and opposition in New England--a survey
Maxillofacial injuries following steering wheel contact by drivers using seat belts
Medical effects of seat-belt legislation in the United Kingdom. Future legislation
Medical significance of occupant restraint on road-crash victims and the role of the medical profession
Medicopolitical peace? -- Challenge to Clinical Autonomy -- Compulsory seat belts
Michigan MDs support mandatory seat belt use
Monitoring accidents and seat belt legislation: HAA data and the use of E codes in England and Wales
Morbidity and mortality of car occupants: comparative survey over 24 months
Mortality among infant passengers on airlines
Motor vehicle safety
Myocardial contusion associated with fracture of the sternum: important features of the seat belt syndrome
Neck sprain--a major cause of disability following car accidents
New Mexico safety restraint law: changing patterns of motor vehicle injury, severity, and cost
Not so unusual seat-belt injuries
Occupant protection as a priority in national efforts to promote health
Office education by pediatricians to increase seat belt use
Oregon Head and Spinal Cord Injury Prevention Program and evaluation
Pacemaker discomfort induced by the wearing of seat belts
Parents and childrens attitudes to seat belt usage and knowledge of seat belt law
Participative education for children: an effective approach to increase safety belt use
Passenger safety in cars
Passenger tie-down failure: injuries and accident reconstruction
Patterns of maxillofacial injuries as a function of automobile restraint use
Air bag safety in road traffic accidents
Comparison of crashes involving ambulances with those of similar-sized vehicles
Countermeasures to driver fatigue: a review of public awareness campaigns and legal approaches
Data mining of tree-based models to analyze freeway accident frequency
Drinking locations prior to impaired driving among college students: implications for prevention
Driving speed and the risk of road crashes: A review
Health and road transport in Pakistan
Reducing whole-body vibration and musculoskeletal injury with a new car seat design
Acceleration. II: Short duration acceleration
An unnecessary risk to children
Editorial: An unnecessary risk to children
Body mass as a determinant of seat belt use
Car safety belts: a study of two models adapted for people with arthritis
The pediatrician's influence in private practice measured by a controlled seat belt study
The prevalence of seat belt use in Jamaica: an observational study
Health promotion in the elderly
Incidence and duration of neck pain among patients injured in car accidents
Lives, liberty, and seat belts in Britain: lessons for the United States
Motorists, seat belts and individual freedom
No seat belt, no Michael Jackson
Driver's licences and disease: neurologic symptoms
Driver's licences and disease
Letter from ... Denmark. Problems of prevention
Epilepsy as a problem of traffic safety
Negligence in road traffic, cerebral insufficiency and sociological factors in old age
Relation between variations of speed of reaction time to multiple stimuli and seriousness of traffic accidents
The sick person at the wheel--a hazard for traffic safety
Perceptual lane width, wide perceptual road centre markings and driving speeds
Predicting attention-gaining characteristics of highway traffic signs: Measurement technique
Pros and cons of the "less effort" steering and braking systems for the severely handicapped driver
Medicolegal childhood deaths in Benin City, Nigeria
Reflectorization: a new defense mechanism against automobile injury to pedestrians
Road safety and the driver with dementia: shifting the debate up a gear
Road safety in less-motorized environments: future concerns
Road traffic deaths and injuries in India: time for action
Estimating trends in the effectiveness of seat belts in saving lives, 1975-1985
Trams--a risk factor for pedestrians
Trends in driver and front-right passenger safety belt use in Michigan: 1984-1998
Trends in fatal crashes involving female drivers, 1975-1998
Trends in highway safety: effects of an aging population on accident propensity
Trends in safe driving behaviors and in relation to trends in health maintenance behaviors in the USA: 1985-1995
Two-vehicle side impact crashes: the relationship of vehicle and crash characteristics to injury severity
Uncertainty in incident rates for trucks carrying dangerous goods
Under-reporting of motor vehicle traffic crash victims in New Zealand
Traffic safety of handicapped motorists
Goal setting and health risk reduction
Letter: An unnecessary risk to children
Letter: The insulting buzzer
Penetrating eye injuries associated with motor vehicle accidents
Penetrating eye injuries in road traffic accidents
Personal liberty versus common sense
Physicians role in the use of safety belts
Port Moresby road traffic accident survey
Prevalence of seat belt use among reproductive-aged women and prenatal counseling to wear seat belts
Preventing death and injury in childhood: a synthesis of child safety seat efforts
Proceedings: Research and education in road safety
Proceedings: The effect of compulsory seat belt wearing on the mortality and pattern of injury to car occupants
Promoting automobile safety belt use by young children
Promoting law enforcement for child protection: a community analysis
Promoting safety belt use among state employees: the effects of prompting and a stimulus-control intervention
Promoting safety belt use with traffic signs and prompters
Prospective audit of the pattern, severity and circumstances of injury sustained by vehicle occupants as a result of road traffic accidents
Psychological aspects of the use of seat belts
Public health and the law: Seat belts and legal safety
Race, belief in destiny, and seat belt usage: a pilot study
Rear seat belts
Reducing unintentional injuries on the nation's highways: research and program policy to increase seat belt use
Reduction in road fatalities and injuries after legislation for compulsory wearing of seat belts: experience in Victoria and the rest of Australia
Reraining your youngsters
Restraining infants in cars
Restraint system design and crash response
Restraint use and lower extremity fractures in frontal motor vehicle collisions
Rewarding elementary schoolchildren for their use of safety belts
Rib-cage injuries indicating the direction and strength of impact
Riding with Bucklebear: an automobile safety program for preschoolers
Road traffic accident casualties in Singapore (with special reference to drivers and front seat passengers)
Road traffic accidents and seatbelts
Road traffic accidents before and after seatbelt legislation--study in a district general hospital
Road traffic accidents in Saudi Arabia
Road traffic accidents, spinal injuries and seat belts
Road traffic injuries in Sharjah
Road traffic mortality in Victoria: an exploratory investigation into successful strategies
Rupture of the bowel due to road trauma: the emergence of the "seat belt syndrome"
Safer motoring
Safety belt coalition formed
Safety belt education using visual crash images and low-cost incentives
Safety belt nonuse by internal medicine patients: a missed opportunity in clinical preventive medicine
Safety belt promotion: nurses take the lead in prevention focus
Safety belt use and hospital charge differences among motor vehicle crash victims
Safety belt use during pregnancy
Safety belt use in Kansas, 1990-1991
Safety belt use, ejection and entrapment
Safety belts in motor vehicles: their compulsory wearing
Safety belts in the prevention of spinal cord injury
Safety belts--one year later
Safety belts
Safety belts
Safety belts
Safety of lap-belt restraint for pregnant victims of automobile collisions
Safety seat belt use in Japanese patients with a pacemaker
Safety seat use in Indiana prior to mandatory legislation
Safety-belt syndrome
Saving lives and protecting liberty: a comparative study of the seat-belt debate
School bus seat belts?
School buses and seat belts
Seat a child, save a life
Seat belt buckle burn
Seat belt education program--a model for public health settings
Seat belt fractures. chance fractures caused by seat belts: presentation of three cases
Seat belt injuries
Seat belt injuries: a review and report of four cases
Seat belt injury to the female breast
Seat belt laws: the United Kingdom experience
Seat belt legislation
Seat belt legislation: buckle up!
Seat belt success: where next?
Seat belt trauma of the colon
Seat belt usage by trauma center personnel
Seat belt usage--preventive orthopedics
The heritability and genetic correlates of mobile phone use: a twin study of consumer behavior
Seat belt use among New York bar patrons
Seat belt use and automobile safety counseling by pediatricians
Seat belt use during pregnancy
Seat belt use in cars with air bags
Seat belt use on interstate highways
Seat belt-induced intestinal perforation
Seat belt-induced trauma to the small bowel
Seat belts and accidents
Seat belts and breast disease
Seat belts and head rests
Seat belts and human rights: an appraisal
Seat belts and rheumatoid arthritis
Seat belts and risk compensation
Seat belts for Victoria
Seat belts for Victoria
Seat belts for Victoria
Seat belts in pregnancy and the obstetrician
Seat belts in school buses
Seat belts on school buses
Seat belts pay off
Seat belts save lives!
Seat belts, road safety, society and surgeons
Seat belts--six years on
Seat belts
Seat belts
Seat belts
Seat belts
Seat belts
Seat belts: is freedom of choice worth 800 deaths a year?
Seat belts: personal choice or necessity?
Seat-belt compression appendicitis
Seat-belt compression appendicitis
Seat-belt exemptions: "just say no", experts tell MDs
Seat-belt injuries of the left colon
Seat-belt injuries to the left common carotid artery and left internal carotid artery
Seat-belt injuries
Seat-belt injuries
Seat-belt legislation
Seat-belt legislation
Seat-belt legislation
Seat-belt legislation: buckling down on traffic injuries
Seat-belt message and the law?
Seat-belt phobia
Seat-belt syncope
Toll road crashes of commercial and passenger motor vehicles
Tort versus no-fault: compensation and injury prevention
Tractor-trailer crashes in Indiana: a case-control study of the role of truck configuration
Tractor-trailer driver fatality: the role of nonconsecutive rest in a sleeper berth
Traffic accident involvement rates by driver age and gender
Traffic accident reduction by monitoring driver behaviour with in-car data recorders
Traffic accident statistics and risk perceptions in Japan and the United States
Traffic accidents in Kuwait: an economic dimension
Traffic calming design--a speed management method. danish experiences on environmentally adapted through roads
Traffic fatalities and injuries: the effect of changes in infrastructure and other trends
Traffic fatalities, Peltzman's model, and directed graphs
Traffic safety and the switch to a primary seat belt law: the California experience
Traffic sense--which factors influence the skill to predict the development of traffic scenes?
Traffic volume and collisions involving transit and nontransit vehicles
Traffic-related injury hospitalizations among California elderly, 1994
To drive or not to drive: the influence of social factors on the decisions of elderly drivers
The use of prediction models for eliminating effects due to regression-to-the-mean in road accident data
Tiredness! a natural explanation to The Grand Rapid "DIP"
Time vs. distance as measures of exposure in driving surveys
Time to die from injuries received in road traffic accidents
Tinted visors and the hazard to motorcyclists
Tiredness and visual reaction time among nighttime cab drivers: a roadside survey
Tiredness and visual reaction time among young male nighttime drivers: a roadside survey
Active transportation to school: findings from a national survey
Acute traumatic stress symptoms in child occupants and their parent drivers after crash involvement
The need for emergency department data in highway safety management systems
The occupations of drink drivers: using occupational information to identify targetable characteristics of offenders
The paradox of driving speed: two adverse effects on highway accident rate
The potential impact of rural mayday systems on vehicular crash fatalities
The prevalence of alcohol, cannabinoids, benzodiazepines and stimulants amongst injured drivers and their role in driver culpability: part i: the prevalence of drug use in drive the drug-positive group
The prevalence of alcohol, cannabinoids, benzodiazepines and stimulants amongst injured drivers and their role in driver culpability: part ii: the relationship between drug prevalence and drug concentration, and driver culpability
The prevalence of non-standard helmet use and head injuries among motorcycle riders
The prevention of injury from motorcycle use: epidemiologic success, legislative failure
The real number of road traffic accident casualties in The Netherlands: a year-long survey
The relation between alcohol-related fatal accidents and per capita alcohol consumption in Ontario: comments on a paper by Mann and Anglin
The relationship between alcohol consumption patterns and car, work, sports and home accidents for different age groups
The relationship between alcohol-related traffic fatalities and per capita consumption of alcohol, Ontario, 1957-1983
The relationship between blood alcohol concentration and crash responsibility for fatally injured drivers
The relationship between body weight and risk of death and serious injury in motor vehicle crashes
The relationship between clinical and kinematic responses from human subject testing in rear-end automobile collisions
The relationship between face or skull fractures and cervical spine and spinal cord injuries: a review of 13,834 patients
The relationship between liquor outlet density and injury and violence in New Mexico
The relationship between truck accidents and geometric design of road sections: Poisson versus negative binomial regressions
The relationship of age and state license renewal policies to driving licensure rates
The relationship of alcohol safety laws to drinking drivers in fatal crashes
The relationship of the retail availability of alcohol and alcohol sales to alcohol-related traffic crashes
The relationships among driving while impaired charges, police drinking-driving roadcheck activity, media coverage and alcohol-related casualty traffic accidents
The relative effectiveness of a hidden versus a visible speed camera programme
The role of ambient light level in fatal crashes: inferences from daylight saving time transitions
The role of driver sleepiness in car crashes: a systematic review of epidemiological studies
The role of exposure in comparisons of crash risk among different drivers and driving environments
The safety implications of some control changes at urban intersections
The safety value of guardrails and crash cushions: a meta-analysis of evidence from evaluation studies
The scope and nature of the drowsy driving problem in New York State
The seat belt syndrome in children
The severity of road traffic crashes resulting in hospitalisation in New Zealand
The shift to and from daylight savings time and motor vehicle crashes
The situational risks of young drivers: the influence of passengers, time of day and day of week on accident rates
The special deterrent effects of a jail sanction on first-time drunk drivers: a quasi-experimental study
The structure of the alcohol industry as it relates to transportation issues
The subjective evaluation of traffic conflicts based on an internal concept of dangerousness
The theoretical basis for comparing the accident record of car models
The use of feedback signs to increase observed daytime seat belt use in two cities in North Carolina
The use of generalized estimating equations in the analysis of motor vehicle crash data
The use of road humps for moderating speeds on urban streets
The use of multilevel models for the prediction of road accident outcomes
The validity of children's self-reported exposure to traffic
The validity of police assessment of driver intoxication in motor vehicle crashes leading to hospitalization
The validity of self-reported seatbelt use: Hispanic and non-Hispanic drivers in El Paso
Time of day variations in driving performance
Thermal trauma resulting from motor vehicle operation or maintenance
Theoretical models for traffic safety
The Western Australian road injury database (1987-1996): ten years of linked police, hospital and death records of road crashes and injuries
The visual and driving performance of monocular and binocular heavy-duty truck drivers
The variation of drivers' accident rates between drivers and over time
The variability of accident counts
Driving under the influence of drugs in Sweden with zero concentration limits in blood for controlled substances
Evaluation of two methods of prompting drivers to use specific exits on conflicts between vehicles at the critical exit
Field investigation of child restraints in side impact crashes
Frontal impact dummy kinematics in oblique frontal collisions: evaluation against post mortem human subject test data
Influential factors in freeway crash response and clearance times by emergency management services in peak periods
Soft tissue cervical spinal injuries in motor vehicle accidents
Quirks of mass accident data bases
Safety and economic impacts of photo radar program
Sleep habits and accident risk among truck drivers: a cross-sectional study in Argentina
The effect of a campus-community environmental alcohol prevention initiative on student drinking and driving: results from the "a matter of degree" program evaluation
The Role of Door Orientation on Occupant Injury in a Nearside Impact: A CIREN, MADYMO Modeling and Experimental Study
The use of seat belt by motor vehicle occupants in South Africa
Towards a better understanding of First Nations communities and drinking and driving
UK must tackle road crashes, skin cancer, and asthma
Why has safety improved at rail-highway grade crossings?
Driving simulator performance in patients with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome: what consequences for driving capability?
Sleep habits and accident risk among truck drivers: a cross-sectional study in Argentina
Intervertebral neck injury criterion for prediction of multiplanar cervical spine injury due to side impacts
Seat-belt trauma to the abdomen
Seat-belt use and relation to neurologic injury in motor vehicle crashes
Seat-belts again
Seat-belts for children
Seatbelt effectiveness and cost of noncompliance among drivers admitted to a trauma center
Seatbelts and child restraints survey
Seatbelts save lives
Serious eye injury from windscreen contact
Severe thoracic and abdominal injuries associated with lap-harness seatbelts
Shoulder-lap seat belts and thoracic transection
Smoking and attitudes to seat belt usage
Smoking, seat-belt use and perception of health risks
Smoking, seat-belts, and beliefs about health
Social adjustment profiles of female drivers involved in fatal and nonfatal accidents
Deflection, acceleration, and force corridors for small females in side impacts
Development of a Three-Year-Old Child FE Model
Multilevel modeling in traffic safety research: two empirical examples illustrating the consequences of ignoring hierarchies
Trends and characteristics of oral and maxillofacial injuries in Nigeria: a review of the literature
Some comments on the prevention of injury and death amongst vehicle occupants
Some questions concerning the use of safety belts in road traffic
Spinal cord injuries and a mandatory seat belt law
Spinal cord injuries and seat belts
Spinal cord injuries and seat belts
Spinal cord injury in children from the wearing of seat belts
Splenic rupture in utero following a road traffic accident. case report
State laws and the use of car safety seat belts
Subcutaneous rupture of the breast: a seat-belt injury
Survivors of motor vehicle trauma: an analysis of seat belt use and health care utilization
Tandem seat belt
Teaching car passenger safety to preschool children
Tetraplegia resulting from a bus roll over accident: case report
The aetiology of jaw fractures in Norwegian patients
The aetiology of maxillofacial injuries and the seat belt law
The behavioral impact of an advertising campaign to promote safety belt use
The benefit of seat belt legislation in the United Kingdom
The case of mandatory seat restraint laws
The compelling case for seat belts on school buses
The cost of not wearing seat belts. a comparison of outcome in 3396 patients
The effect of legislation on injuries sustained by rear seat car passengers
The effectiveness of safety belts in accidents in town
The effectiveness of seat belts
The effects of nighttime seat belt enforcement on seat belt use by tavern patrons: a preliminary analysis
The effects of seat belt legislation on road traffic injuries
The effects of vehicle mass, speed and safety belt wearing on the causes of death in road traffic accidents
The efficacy of car safety belts
The emergency physician's role in injury prevention
The eye and the seatbelt in Wessex
The geometrical basis of seat-belt fit
The hospital experience of seat belt legislation in the county of Skaraborg, Sweden
The impact of legislation on self-reported safety belt use in a working population
The impact of Texas state legislation on the use of safety belts
Motor vehicle crash fatalities among Hispanics in rural North Carolina
Alcohol's contribution to fatal injuries: a report on public perceptions
Physician's guide to assessing and counseling older drivers
Ambulance safety: what's new, what's needed
Sitting biomechanics, Part II: optimal car driver's seat and optimal driver's spinal model
Usefulness of computerized pediatric motor vehicle safety discharge instructions
The early effects of Ontario's Administrative Driver's Licence Suspension law on driver fatalities with a BAC > 80 mg%
Orthopaedic injuries in children secondary to airbag deployment
Otologic injuries from airbag deployment
Outcomes of pediatric pedestrian injuries by locations of event
Outlets, drinking and driving: a multilevel analysis of availability
Promoting safety of young children with guided participation processes
Traffic accidents and statistics
Traffic accidents and the development of transportation
Traffic accidents and the world health
Traffic accidents in adolescents: a growing health risk
Traffic accidents in Finland
Traffic accidents in Kabardino-Balkar: prophylactic ways
Traffic accidents in Lebanon. statistics-prevention
Traffic accidents resulting in injuries: underreporting, characteristics, and case fatality rate
Traffic accidents--the national killer
Traffic medicine should be established as a special field of competence
Traffic medicine. 1. security in traffic--a question for the social department
Traffic medicine. 8. car lights yesterday, today, and tomorrow
Traffic safety research
Traffic signals in the U.S. and Europe
Traumatic brain injury: differences among pedestrians and motor vehicle occupants
Typical injury patterns in victims of various traffic accidents
What the statistics show on the subject of traffic accidents
New technology to better convey your mood (and research)
Comparison of alcohol consumption patterns and social problems between women and men drink-drivers
Comparison of autopsy, x-ray, and m.r.i. findings following a low speed impact to the shoulder
Comparison of court-referred DWI arrestees with other outpatients in substance abuse treatment
Comparison of DWI offenders with non-DWI individuals on the MMPI-2 and the Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test
Comparison of frontal crash protection for front seat occupants in pre-1998 and 1998 and newer model vehicles
Comparison of motor vehicle damage documentation in emergency medical services run reports compared with photographic documentation
Comparison of real world side impact/rollover collisions with and without thorax airbag/head protection system: a first field experience study
Comparison of seat belt force-limiting methods using the MADYMO multi-body/finite element program
Diagnosing alcoholism in high-risk drinking drivers: comparing different diagnostic procedures with estimated prevalence of hazardous alcohol use
Diagnostic practices of evaluators of drunken drivers
Differences in services utilization between white and Mexican American DUI arrestees
Differential risk of injury in child occupants by passenger car classification
Disease control and crash injury-modifying host risk factors
Dispositional traits as risk in problem drinking
Do companions of designated drivers drink excessively?
Do drivers drink more when they use a safe ride?
Do motor vehicle airbags increase risk of ocular injuries in adults?
Do parents choose appropriate automotive restraint devices for their children?
Do some types of alcoholic beverages lead to more problems for adolescents?
Do warning lights and sirens reduce ambulance response times?
Does acute alcohol ingestion and/or chronic alcohol use among motor vehicle crash victims lead to a more complicated hospital course?
Does alcohol use mediate the association between alcohol evaluations and alcohol-related problems in adolescents?
Dose related risk of motor vehicle crashes after cannabis use
Drink and driving
Drink and drug driving: what's the skipper up to?
Drink driving and criminal behaviours as risk factors for receipt of disability pension and sick leave: a prospective study of young men
Drink driving legislation. letter from Drs. Stark and Rogers
Drink-driver casualties in Victoria. peak periods on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights
The neck injury criterion: future considerations
The nature and source of the head injuries sustained by restrained front-seat car occupants in frontal collisions
Injuries caused by seat belts
Injuries of the maxillofacial region
Injuries through traffic accidents to car occupants with and without the obligation to wear safety belts
Injuries to automobile occupants in accidents without and with safety belts
Injuries to the eye due to automobile accidents
Injuries to the skin and subcutaneous tissues of the chest wall and abdomen resulting from seat belt trauma in road accident victims
Injury of the arteria axillaris caused by a seat belt
Laryngeo-tracheal contusion caused by a seat belt
Legal problems of wearing a seat belt from the Swiss viewpoint
Lesions and use of safety belts in non-fatal traffic accidents. a retrospective study
Mechanical genesis of injuries and the principles of their diagnosis in victims of road transportation accidents
Medical contributions to the legal problem in insurance on the use of seat belts
Multiple injuries caused by exemption from the compulsory use of seat belt
Pacemaker and seat belt
Pathomechanics and pattern of injury of vehicle passengers in side collisions
Patterns of injuries of restrained car passengers
Physicians and seat belts. Is possible compulsory use of seat belts a medical question?
Possibilities of traffic-injury prevention using seat belts and their disadvantages
Problem of the role of safety belts in automobile accidents
Problems of road traffic accident research from the medical viewpoint
Problems with the seat belt
Proceedings: injuries to the face caused by shatterproof glass
Proceedings: V. Traffic medicine: f. seat belts and head supports for automobile passengers
Rare lesions caused by seat belts
Reasons and consequences of traffic accidents. Review
Release of handicapped motorists from duty to fasten seatbelts
Risk in seat belt wearing
Safety belt use and severity of injuries in traffic accidents
Safety belts and commercial aviation
Safety belts and fetal fractures of the cranium
Safety belts for pacemaker patients
Safety belts in the prevention of accidents to occupants of motor vehicles
Seat belt and duodenal injury
Seat belt legislation
Seat belt protection effect in city car accidents
Seat belt syndrome in a real accident and in an experiment
Seat belt syndrome: a new abdominal pathology
Seat belt syndrome
Seat belts and the fracture of the fetal skull
Seat belts and the physicians
Seat belts. Traffic-medical considerations with a summary of 6 articles
Seat-belt injuries in the aged due to simulated frontal impact
Sequelae of the incorrect use of seat belts
Statistical study of ocular injuries--effect of the seat belt legislation in traffic ocular injuries
Strangulation of the neck by safety belts: A contribution to the seat belt syndrome
Surgical problems raised by safety belts
Textile changes in passenger clothing induced by seat belts at 50 km/h frontal impact
The contribution of biomechanics to the safety of children inside motor vehicles
The death seat
The forensic medical aspects of using safety belts
The importance of the seat belt
The influence of seat-belts and head-rests on the injuries of car occupants
The pregnant woman, car accidents and the seat belt
The role of thoracic injury, caused by a seat belt, in the incidence of fatal acute heart failure
The safety belt: effects on injury patterns of automobile passengers
The seat belt: effect on the consequences of traffic accidents
Thorax injuries due to safety belts
Thorax load and pattern of injury in oblique collisions
Traffic accidents and seat belts: thorax injuries
Traffic safety
Traumatic lesions connected with the use of seat belts in automobile accidents
Traumatic thrombosis of the arteria carotis after seat-belt injuries
Unilateral purtscher's retinopathy and seat belts
Use of safety belt during pregnancy
Use of seat belts by pregnant women
Various medical aspects of the prevention of highway accident injuries
What will be the effect of safety belts? Information on a planned study
Windscreen injuries in road traffic accidents
Road-traffic-related mortality in Iran: a descriptive study
Safeguarding children in automobiles
Safety as perceived by wheelchair-seated passengers in special transportation services
Save that child: children and automobile restraints
Scandinavian and Dutch lessons in childhood road traffic accident prevention
Seating patterns on the Washington, DC Metro Rail System
Selective searching while driving: the role of experience in hazard detection and general surveillance
Self-reported experiences of incidents and injury events in traffic among hearing impaired people as pedestrians and cyclists. a follow-up study of mobility and use of hearing equipment
Seriousness of traffic accidents during work and commuting
Short-latency electrodermal reaction and traffic accidents
Should older drivers have to prove that they are able to drive?
Should your patient still be driving?
Sleep-related fatal vehicle accidents: characteristics of decisions made by multidisciplinary investigation teams
Sleep. 5: driving and automobile crashes in patients with obstructive sleep apnoea/hypopnoea syndrome
Slow-moving vehicles in Swedish traffic
Spotter strap for the prevention of wheelchair tipping
Statistical summary of traffic accidents in Canada
Statistical summary of traffic accidents in Canada: Discussion
Stereoscopic vision in an interior driving mirror
Suffocation in motor vehicle crashes
Suggestions for more effective rail crossing lights
Test of divided visual attention predicts automobile crashes among older adults
Testing and evaluation of wheelchair caster assemblies subjected to dynamic crash loading
Testing and injury potential analysis of rollovers with narrow object impacts
The applicability of a computer model for predicting head injury incurred during actual motor vehicle collisions
The BAOMS United Kingdom survey of facial injuries part 1: aetiology and the association with alcohol consumption. British Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
The biomechanics of spinal injuries
The influence of safety belt laws on self-reported safety belt use in the United States
The influence of seat-back and head-restraint properties on the head-neck motion during rear-impact
The influence of signs prompting motorists to yield before marked crosswalks on motor vehicle-pedestrian conflicts at crosswalks with flashing amber
The influence of sustained attention on railway accidents
The influence of trend on estimates of accidents at junctions
The introduction of the variables "traffic volume," "speed" and "belt-wearing" into a predictive model of the severity of accidents
The local spatial autocorrelation and the kernel method for identifying black zones. a comparative approach
The long-term traffic safety impact of a pilot alcohol abuse treatment as an alternative to license suspensions
The identification of accident blackspots: a comparison of current methods
The identification of mistakes in road accident records: Part 1, Locational variables
The identification of mistakes in road accident records: Part 2, Casualty variables
The impact of a media campaign in the reduction of risk-taking behavior on the part of drivers
The impact of hands-free message reception/response on driving task performance
The impact of mail contact strategy on the effectiveness of driver license withdrawal
The impact of work practices on fatigue in long distance truck drivers
The impact of young drivers' lifestyle on their road traffic accident risk in greater Athens area
The importance of confounding in observational before-and-after studies of road safety measures
The importance of lower limb injuries in car crashes when cost and disability are considered
The importance of the time factor in fire and rescue service operations in Sweden
The independent contribution of driver, crash, and vehicle characteristics to driver fatalities
The influence of analgesic drugs in road crashes
The influence of demographic factors on seatbelt use by adults injured in motor vehicle crashes
The influence of flight experience on midair collision risk perception
The influence of head restraint and occupant factors on peak head/neck kinematics in low-speed rear-end collisions
The effects on accidents of studded tires and laws banning their use: a meta-analysis of evaluation studies
The effects on safety, time consumption and environment of large scale use of roundabouts in an urban area: a case study
The efficacy of an educational intervention in promoting self-regulation among high-risk older drivers
The efficacy of safety policies on traffic fatalities in Singapore
The epidemiology of traumatic injury-related fetal mortality in Pennsylvania, 1995-1997: the role of motor vehicle crashes
The evaluation of effects on driver behavior and accidents of concentrated general enforcement on interurban roads in Israel
The evaluation of road-rail crossing safety with limited accident statistics
The expected loss of life quality from traffic injuries requiring hospitalisation
The external costs of traffic injury: definition, estimation, and possibilities for internalization
The feasibility of linking hospital and police road crash casualty records without names
The Grand Rapids dip revisited
The highway transportation system as a commons: implications for risk policy
The Hinton train disaster
The home and school background of young drivers involved in traffic accidents
The effectiveness of the 'ride-bright' legislation for motorcycles in Singapore
The effects of a mobile telephone task on driver behaviour in a car following situation
The effects of a specific prompting sign on speed reduction
The effects of age and experience on accidents with injuries: should the licensing age be raised?
The effects of combining sanctions and rehabilitation for driving under the influence: an evaluation of the New Jersey Alcohol Countermeasures Program
The effects of driving cessation on the elderly with dementia and their caregivers
The effects of introducing or lowering legal per se blood alcohol limits for driving: an international review
The effects of mandatory seat belt legislation on self-reported seat belt use among male and female college students
The effects of mobile roadside speedometers on traffic speeds
The effects of mobile telephoning on driving performance
The effects of motorcycle helmets upon seeing and hearing
The effects of seat belts on injury severity of front and rear seat occupants in the same frontal crash
The effects of spot treatments on performance in a driving simulator under sober and alcohol-dosed conditions
The effects of standard enforcement on Michigan safety belt use
The effects of the new 65 mile-per-hour speed limit on rural highway fatalities: a state-by-state analysis
The effects on accidents of compulsory use of daytime running lights for cars in Norway
The effect of laser speed-measuring devices on speed limit law enforcement in Charleston, South Carolina
The effect of New York's seat belt use law on teenage drivers
The effect of open-back vehicles on casualty rates: the case of Papua New Guinea
The effect of population safety belt usage rates on motor vehicle-related fatalities
The effect of resurfacing on friction, speeds and safety on main roads in Finland
The effect of teenage passengers on the fatal crash risk of teenage drivers
The effect of the 1979 French seat-belt law on the nature and severity of injuries to front-seat occupants
The effect of time headway feedback on following behaviour
The effect of traffic policing on road safety in Israel
The effect on accident risk of a change in driver education in Denmark
The effect on accidents of technical inspections of heavy vehicles in Norway
The effectiveness of air bags
The effectiveness of antilock braking systems in reducing accidents in Great Britain
The effectiveness of automatic belts in reducing fatality rates in Toyota Cressidas
The effectiveness of foams in bicycle and motorcycle helmets
The effectiveness of motor carrier safety audits
The effectiveness of seat belt legislation in reducing various driver-involved injury rates in California
The effectiveness of side marker lamps: an experimental study
The effect of seat belt legislation on a district general hospital
The effect of seat belt legislation on injuries sustained by car occupants
Effect of lighting quality in street traffic
Elderly and brain-damaged drivers in Spain
Epidemiologic characteristics of collisions and injuries in traffic accidents in the area of Nis
Epidemiological study on traffic accidents in Shanghai from 2000 to 2002
Epidemiology and economics of motorcycle accidents
Epilepsy and permission to drive
Examination about fatal traffic accidents of car passengers considering medical and technical aspects
Experience in physiological analysis of various reasons for aviation accidents
Eyeglasses for aphakic persons with regard to automobile traffic
Fatal accident with a special automobile
Fatal traffic accidents and their association with the infant mortality rate and adolescence
Dimensionality and construct validity of a video-based, objective personality test for the assessment of willingness to take risks in road traffic
Empirical Bayesian analysis of accident severity for motorcyclists in large French urban areas
Health costs following motor vehicle accidents: The role of posttraumatic stress disorder
Visual requirements of automobile drivers traffic safety
Visual risk factors for crash involvement in older drivers with cataract
Visual standards for driving and occupations
Visual standards for driving
Visual/cognitive correlates of vehicle accidents in older drivers
Warning of visual impairment
What attracts attention when driving?
A preliminary enquiry into the normal values of vision in motor vehicle drivers
Administrative court decisions on driving permission in visual deficiencies
Adverse effects of drugs on the visual capacity while driving
Aging, dementia and automobile driving
Antidepressive therapy--safety in steering in spite of it
Aspects of escape from high altitudes
Attitudes to automobile ownership and feelings of insecurity of the elderly in traffic
Automobile driver's driving time and rest breaks
Behind the wheel with one eye
Can psychological models explain why good car seats reduce the risk of neck injuries?
Causes of inadequate vision in drivers and their significance in traffic
Changes of mesopic visual acuity after prolonged automobile driving
Cognitive functions and driving ability of older drivers
Cognitive impairments among older drivers: medical examination and driving test
Considerations on the visual fitness, for driving, in subjects with one eye
Construction of driver's seats for sbb-locomotives and railcars
Cooperation of the public health physician and the medical psychology examination station in the evaluation of driving ability
Correction of article on vision and traffic
Court decisions on the diminution of visual acunity in motor vehicle drivers
Data on driving efficiency in relation to position of the driver
Diabetes mellitus and driver's license. Result of a round-table discussion on november 16, 1970
Determination of driving ability by the physician
Thrown out of a pickup: multiple injuries
Traumatic brain injury, dissociation, and posttraumatic stress disorder in road traffic accident survivors
A comparison of driver- and passenger-based estimates of alcohol-impaired driving
A comparison of driving in older subjects with and without age-related macular degeneration
A comparison of the British number plate and Snellen vision tests for car drivers
A conceptualization of driving behaviour as threat avoidance
A continuing medical education initiative for Canadian primary care physicians: the driving and dementia toolkit: a pre- and postevaluation of knowledge, confidence gained, and satisfaction
A driving program for the visually impaired
A multidisciplinary approach in the evaluation of demented drivers referred to geriatric assessment centers
A rational approach to license drivers using bioptic telescopes
A survey of attitudes and knowledge of geriatricians to driving in elderly patients
Acceptability of the Checkpoints Parent-Teen Driving Agreement: pilot test
A survey of Oregon emergency physicians to assess mandatory reporting knowledge and reporting patterns regarding intoxicated drivers in the state of Oregon
Aging, driving and vision
Air bags and antilock brakes--important safety combination
Aircraft fires, smoke toxicity, and survival
Aircraft performance systems related to escape systems
Amber night driving spectacles
An overview of the older driver
Analysis of sitting comfortability of driver's seat by contact shape
Analysis of possible lower lumbar strains caused by the structural properties of automobile seats: a review of some recent technical literature
Approach magnification is safer than bioptic telescopic spectacles for operating a motor vehicle
Are medical reports on fitness to drive trustworthy?
Are visual functions relevant to traffic safety?
Assessing fitness to drive in the elderly
Assessing older drivers for physical and cognitive impairment
Assessing older drivers: a primary care protocol to evaluate driving safety risk
Assessing visual function in the older driver
Assessment and counseling of older drivers. a guide for primary care physicians
Assessment of older drivers
Assessment of older urban drivers by nurse practitioners
Attention and driving. Assessment in elderly individuals with dementia
Attentional problems and older drivers
Attitudes of physicians toward elderly drivers and driving policy
Automatic checkout systems to monitor driver's vigilance
Automobile driving fitness and neurological impairment
Automobile driving with telescopic aids
Automotive headlighting: effect of foreground illumination
Behavioral correlates of individual differences in road-traffic crash risk: an examination method and findings
Bioptic telescopic spectacle is a hazard for operating a motor vehicle
Bioptic telescopic spectacles for driving a motor vehicle
Bioptic telescopic spectacles for motor vehicle driving
Bivariate ordered-response probit model of driver's and passenger's injury severities in collisions with fixed objects
Blood alcohol testing and the driver's "health"
Can a physician recognize an older driver with increased crash risk potential?
Can strategic and tactical compensation reduce crash risk in older drivers?
Can visual acuity measurements predict ability to drive safely?
Car restraint devices designed for children
Cataracts and driving: experiences of a New Zealand eye clinic population
Causality between drivers' successive eye fixations
Characteristics of an elderly driving population referred to a geriatric assessment center
Cognitive change, medical illness, and crash risk among older drivers: an epidemiological consideration
Color defective drivers and safety
Color blindness in everyday life and car driving
Color-blind drivers and traffic signals
Color-blind drivers of motor vehicles
Commentary: Older Driver Safety: Why Emergency Physicians should Care about Medical Advisory Boards
Comparison of driving performance of young and old drivers (with and without visual impairment) measured during in-traffic conditions
Comparison of headlamp visibility distance and stopping distance
Computational studies of 'whiplash' injuries
Confidentiality and the management of patients with epilepsy who fail to comply with doctor's advice not to drive: a survey of medical/legal opinions in Australia
Crash risk of older female drivers - contributing factors
Current transitions in ophthalmic aspects of licensure for motor vehicle drivers: problems, hazards, and working solutions
Dementia and driving
Dementia and driving: autonomy versus safety
Dementia and the older driver
Determining medical fitness to drive: Physicians' responsibilities in Canada
Do older drivers with visual and cognitive impairments drive less?
Doctor's role in driver licensing
Drinking, cannabis use and driving among Ontario students
Driver's eye position relative to the 'H' point for trucks and buses
Drivers who defy the law
Drivers' immediate responses to traffic signs
Driving and aging
Driving and Alzheimer's disease
Driving and dementia of the Alzheimer type: beliefs and cessation strategies among stakeholders
Driving and dementia: a review of the literature
Driving and epilepsy in Sri Lanka
Driving at high risk!
Driving cessation in older men with incident dementia
Driving and dementia: a review of the literature
Driving for the elderly
Driving habits and health-related quality of life in patients with age-related maculopathy
Driving impairment caused by episodic brain dysfunction. Restrictions for epilepsy and syncope
Driving on the motorway: the effect of alternating speed on driver's activation level and mental effort
Driving patterns and medical conditions in older women
Driving performance of retinitis pigmentosa patients
Driving simulation study: bilateral array multifocal versus bilateral AMO monofocal intraocular lenses
Driving skills after whiplash
Driving vision
Driving with a bioptic telescope: an interdisciplinary approach
Driving with a CRT display
Driving with a visual impairment
Driving with bioptic telescopic spectacles (BTS)
Driving with low vision, from the patient's perspective
Editorial: field loss vs central magnification. Telescopes and the driving risk
Editorial: Vision and driving
Effect of monocular and binocular vision in vehicle driving speeds
Effect of restriction of the binocular visual field on driving performance
Effect of sleep deprivation and driving duration on the useful visual field in younger and older subjects during simulator driving
Effects of inferred social status and a beginning driver's sticker upon aggression of drivers in Japan
Effects of visual display and motion system delays on operator performance and uneasiness in a driving simulator
Epilepsy and driver's licence-some comments
Epilepsy and driving in Japan
Epilepsy and driving: an international perspective. Joint commission on drivers' licensing of the International Bureau for Epilepsy and the International League Against Epilepsy
Epilepsy and driving: attitudes and practices among patients attending a seizure clinic
Epilepsy, driving laws, and patient disclosure to physicians
Evaluating the driving competence of dementia patients
Evaluation and management of the driver with dementia
Evaluation and retraining programs for older drivers
Evaluation of a re-training program for older drivers
Evaluation of driving performance in patients with juvenile macular dystrophies
Evaluation of fitness to drive. The physician's role in assessing elderly or demented patients
Eye position on the highway
Eyesight standard for driving
False dogma about drivers with poor color vision
Fit to drive
Fitness to drive and the older patient: awareness among hospital physicians
Adolescent substance use: brief interventions by emergency care providers
"Legal gray areas" in low vision: the need for clarification of regulations
Associations between glaucomatous visual field loss and participation in activities of daily living
Behavioural impairment in smoke environments
Car-driving abilities of people with tetraplegia
Decapitation in road traffic accident--a case report
Development and validation of virtual driving simulator for the spinal injury patient
Disability glare: effects of temporal characteristics of the glare source and of the visual-field location of the test stimulus
Discrepancy in the evaluation of visual impairment of elderly low-vision patients by general eye care practitioners and by low-vision practitioners
Environmental aspects of the B-70 mach 3 escape capsule
Estimation of spinal loading in vertical vibrations by numerical simulation
Fitness to drive in older drivers with cognitive impairment
Fitness to drive in the elderly
Fitness to drive
Functional ability profiles for driver licensing. exemplification by visual profile
Functional problems of telescopic spectacles in the driving task
Geriatric assessment and driver functioning
Glare disability and driving safety
Glare sensitivity and professional drivers' safety: a case of rod-cone dystrophy with negative electroretinogram
Guidelines for examining the driver with visual difficulty
Habitually sleepy drivers have a high frequency of automobile crashes associated with respiratory disorders during sleep
Health and relicensing policies for older drivers in the European union
High risk on the highway. how to identify and treat the impaired older driver
How do visual status and age impact on driving performance as measured on a closed circuit driving track?
How does visual impairment affect performance on tasks of everyday life? the see project. salisbury eye evaluation
Hypoglycemia and the decision to drive a motor vehicle by persons with diabetes
Impact of a mandatory physician reporting system for cardiac patients potentially unfit to drive
Look who's driving now--visual standards for driver licensing in the United States
Impaired vision and other factors associated with driving cessation in the elderly: the Blue Mountains Eye Study
Impairment of driving by ciprofloxacin
Incidence of visual field loss in 20,000 eyes and its relationship to driving performance
Inter-relationships between British drivers' visual abilities, age and road accident histories
Lentigo maligna is more common on the driver's side
Lumbar disc pressure and myoelectric back muscle activity during sitting. iv. studies on a car driver's seat
Mandatory physician reporting of drivers with medical conditions: legal considerations
MDs should consider "the public good is the higher law" when determining fitness to drive
Measures of visual function and time to driving cessation in older adults
Medical aspects of fitness to drive. Enabling patients to drive is also important
Medical confidentiality and the blind driver
Medical evaluation of the high risk driver
Medical examination for elderly drivers
Medical responsibility concerning patients who drive
Medications and the older driver
Method for the analysis of posture and interface pressure of car drivers
Minimum visual requirements in different occupations in Finland
Mobility performance in glaucoma
Modeling of relative collision safety including driver characteristics
Modeling rear-end collisions including the role of driver's visibility and light truck vehicles using a nested logit structure
Motor vehicle collision injuries and sensory impairments of older drivers
Motor vehicle operation by a patient with low vision: a case report
National driver's license
Neurologic conditions: assessing medical fitness to drive
New medical standards for drivers
Night driving self-restriction: vision function and gender differences
Objective measurements of the effects of drugs on driver behavior
Obtaining driver's license records for use in evaluating alcoholism treatment
Occlusion as a measure for visual workload: an overview of TNO occlusion research in car driving
Older drivers and cataract: driving habits and crash risk
Older road users. issues for general practitioners
On becoming an exdriver: prospect and retrospect
On-road assessment of driving competence after brain impairment: review of current practice and recommendations for a standardized examination
On-road driving with moderate visual field loss
Ophthalmic pathology in driver limitation
Ophthalmology in driving
Parental behavior and knowledge of infant auto safety
Perceived and actual risks of driving in patients with arrhythmia control devices
Performance-based measurements among elderly drivers and nondrivers
Physician reporting of the impaired driver
Physician responsibility for epileptics' compliance with motor vehicle laws
Physician responsibility in driver assessment
Potential human and economic cost-savings attributable to vision testing policies for driver license renewal, 1989-1991
Practical assessment of vision in the elderly
Practice parameter: risk of driving and Alzheimer's disease (an evidence-based review): report of the quality standards subcommittee of the American Academy of Neurology
Prevalence of illegal motor vehicle driving among visually impaired elderly patients in Alberta
Problems with vision associated with limitations or avoidance of driving in older populations
Prospective study of brief neuropsychological measures to assess crash risk in older primary care patients
Public safety: Virginia's impaired drivers
Pupil dilatation does affect some aspects of daytime driving performance
Quantifying driver stress: developing a system for collecting and processing bio-metric signals in natural situations
Reasons given by older people for limitation or avoidance of driving
Relation between perceived driving disability and scores of vision screening tests
Relationship of ocular pathology and driving impairment
Reporting by physicians of impaired drivers and potentially impaired drivers
Reporting medically impaired drivers
Reporting of vestibular patients who are unfit to drive: survey of Canadian otolaryngologists
Restricted driver licensing for medical impairments: does it work?
Safe driving of ambulances
Seizure disorders, diabetes mellitus, and cerebrovascular disease. considerations for older drivers
Self-reported driving, cognitive status, and physician awareness of cognitive impairment
Sensory impairment and driving: the Blue Mountains Eye Study
Short cognitive/neuropsychological test battery for first-tier fitness-to-drive assessment of older adults
Significance of visual problems in Pennsylvania drivers
Simulated car crashes and crash predictors in drivers with Alzheimer disease
Simulated car crashes at intersections in drivers with Alzheimer disease
Sitting biomechanics, part II: optimal car driver's seat and optimal driver's spinal model
Spectacle frames reduce the field of vision: a driving hazard
Study of the relationship of health impairments and motor vehicle accidents
Suggested vision standards for drivers in the United States with vision ranging from 20/175 (6/52) to 20/50 (6/15)
Technology to promote safe mobility in the elderly
Telescopic lenses and driving
Texas Medical Advisory Board aims for safe driving
The aging driver. medicine, policy, and ethics
The asphalt identikit: old age and the driver's license
The complex visual task of driving
The costs and benefits of a screening program to detect dementia in older drivers
The demented driver: the doctor's dilemma
The development and efficacy of a theory-based educational curriculum to promote self-regulation among high-risk older drivers
The driving environment and visual disability
The effect of visual field defects on driving performance: a driving simulator study
The effect of visual field defects on eye movements and practical fitness to drive
The effects of cognitive abilities on driving in people with Parkinson's disease
The effects of severe visual challenges on steering performance in visually healthy young drivers
The enigma of whiplash injury. current management strategies and controversies
The influence of high contrast acuity and normalised low contrast acuity upon self-reported situation avoidance and driving crashes
The information that drivers use: is it indeed 90% visual?
The law and medical fitness to drive--a study of doctors' knowledge
The medical aspects of safe driving
The older driver with dementia: An updated literature review
The older driver--a review
The older driver: a handy tool to assess competence behind the wheel
The physician and the driving license
The physician and unsafe drivers
The physician's duty to warn: a new twist
The prevalence of musculoskeletal troubles among car drivers
The relationship between cognitive/neuropsychological factors and car driving performance in older adults
The relationship between the extent of visual field and driving performance--a review
The role of physicians in assessing older drivers: barriers, opportunities, and strategies
The use made of the speedometer as an aid to driving
The useful field of view test: a new technique for evaluating age-related declines in visual function
The visually impaired driver and physician responsibilities
Toward a more pragmatic view of driving and epilepsy
Toward a taxonomy of automobile driving. I tracking
Toward measurement of attention as a function of risk and risk preference in man-machine systems
Urban older adults and the forfeiture of a driver's license
Useful field of view after traumatic brain injury
Validation of the stroke drivers screening assessment for people with traumatic brain injury
Very old drivers: findings from a population cohort of people aged 84 and over
Visibility of traffic control devices: catering for the real observer
Vision and driving in the elderly
Vision and driving--a literature review and commentary
Vision and driving
Vision and driving
Vision and driving
Vision and driving
Vision and its importance in driving
Vision impairment and driving
Vision impairment and older drivers: who's driving?
Vision impairment, eye disease, and injurious motor vehicle crashes in the elderly
Vision rehabilitation therapy for the bioptic driver
Vision research, driving and the elderly
Vision standards for driving in Canada and the United States. a review for the Canadian Ophthalmological Society
Vision testing and the elderly driver: is there a problem meriting policy change?
Vision, attention, and self-reported driving behaviors in community-dwelling stroke survivors
Vision, visibility, and perception in driving
Visual activity and driving
Visual attention and driving behaviors among community-living older persons
Visual attention problems as a predictor of vehicle crashes in older drivers
Visual factors in automobile driving, and provisional standards
Visual fitness to drive after stroke or head injury
Visual function in professional truck drivers
Visual function, driving safety, and the elderly
Visual information and skill level in time-to-collision estimation
Driver's licence--again
Driving and the elderly: aspects of aging and handicap
Driving behavior of patients before cataract operation--is an unlimited driver's license justifiable? Results of an analysis of 1,124 patients of the ophthalmology department of a central hospital
Visual disturbance of the uncovered eye in patients wearing an eye patch
Visual disturbance of the uncovered eye in patients wearing an eye patch
Diagnosis and therapy of intermittent psychoneural visual disorders in personnel with high demands on visual performance
Drug-addicted students: instead of jail, delay of driver's licence
Drugs and traffic. increasing information responsibility for physicians
Drugs and visual acuity in automobile driving
Drugs, eye and traffic
Effect of automatic gearshift and stickshift on the behavior of pulse frequency in automobile drivers
Effect of model disorders of binocular vision on automobile driving
Efficiency of vision in drivers of mechanical vehicles
Epilepsy and automobile driver's licence
Evaluation of 13,385 examinations of candidates for driver's licenses at the center of transportation medicine during 1969
Evaluation of the efficiency of the visual system in automobile drivers
Experiences in the vision test for applicants for the automobile driver's license at the T.U.V. of the Rhineland
Eye and traffic
Eye examination and therapy in cases of traffic accidents in the light of legal procedures
Eye--light--traffic accidents
Eyeglasses and driving ability
Fitness for driving while on the "zero diet"
From the medical criticism to the psychotechnical discipline: doctor and automobile at the beginning of the automobile age
Hearing and visual disorders in automobile drivers
Improved transportation for the elderly (ii). the desire for and effects of continuing driving among car manufacturing retirees living in kanagawa prefecture
Improvement in resistance to dazzle using pharmacological preparations and monocular protection
Influence of vision disorders in drivers on the cause of traffic accidents
Limitation of lens power in automobile drivers
Locomotion and traffic behavior of vision-impaired persons
Measure of vibration protection effect of driver's corset and analysis of its biomechanical effect
Medical watch during driving in Copenhagen
Monophthalmia and automobile driving
Negligent carelessness in paragraph 315 of the German criminal code and the loss the driver's licence
Occupational medicine outpatient management of borderline ophthalmologic fitness at work sites involving traffic
Old brain injuries and driver's licence
On hygienic characteristics of driver's seat used in transportation
On motorboat driving license regulation
On the "traffic fitness of varilux glasses"
On the freedom from punishment of physicians for traffic violations during emergency calls
On the rational construction of the driver's seat in some types of ground vehicles
Ophthalmologic causes of traffic accidents
Ophthalmological experiences with automobile drivers with inadequate vision
Optical orientation during traffic and its examination methods
Performance of drivers with impaired color sense in traffic
Physical and biomechanical aspects of cervical vertebrae dislocation syndrome
Physical handicaps incompatible with the driver's license and industrial medicine
Physicians and driver's license
Possibilities of prevention of ocular fatigue in workers engaged in road transport
Problems in the assessment of driving capability in family practice
Properties of our eye and traffic accidents
Results of the examination of various visual functions in 1035 drivers
Risk assessment in professional drivers with coronary heart disease: experiences with the evaluation program for locomotive drivers by the Swiss Federal Railroad 1986-1991
Role of vision disorders in traffic accidents
Round table conference. eye and surface traffic. (5). automobile driving and traffic equipments
Round table conference. eye and surface traffic. (6). automobile driving and visual fields
Round table conference: eyeglasses and automobile driving
Rules for granting a driver's license as of May 6, 1999
Severing of the driver's leg in an automobile collision
Significance of color vision disorders in traffic
Significance of peripheral vision for automobile drivers
Spanish medical and psycho-technical model within the context of the second directive (91/439/eec). results when conducted on a specific group of drivers (45-70 age range)
Study of motor car-road system based on the visual function, 1
Study of motor car-road system based on the visual function, 3
Study of motor car-road system based on the visual function, 4
Study of motor car-road system based on the visual function, 5
Study of motor car-road system based on the visual function, 2
Study of ocular functional capacity for determination of visual capacity necessary for some occupations in automobile transportation and driving
The 12th seminar on the eye and road traffic
The eye and traffic
The functionally one-eyed professional driver
The incidence of visually impaired drivers seen in ophthalmologic consultation
The monocular driver in street traffic
The physician's role in assessing the fitness of elderly patients to drive
The practice of withdrawal of driver's licences between arrest and improvement
The role of visual functions in motor traffic
The severely disabled: a new way of driving a car
Traffic and chronic illness
Traffic medicine. 7. Visual factors in automobile driving
Various questions concerning the social status of student drivers as well as the scope of responsibility of the potential traffic participant and of the physician taking driver fitness tests
Vision and accidents
Vision and driving
Vision and driving. specifics of the work of a transport vehicle operator
Vision and road safety
Vision disorders during automobile driving after using hallucinogens
Vision-handrance in children as a cause of traffic accidents
Visual acuity and automobile driving fitness in the elderly
Visual acuity and traffic accidents
Visual aptitude for automobile driving
Visual fields and driver's licence
Visual fields and driver's licence
Visual function and automobile driving
Visual function of automobile drivers during the workday
Visual information and road safety
Visual orientation in automobile traffic and its examination methods
Visual performance and traffic safety
What visual information does the automobile driver need for safe driving in street traffic?
Which examination methods of visual capacity are to be used in assessing automobile driving fitness?
Whiplash--a suggestion to preventive measures against whiplash injuries
The inaccessibility of seat belts in taxicabs
The influence of seat belt use on road accident injury patterns
The influence of seat belt wearing on the incidence of severe head injury
The laws, referendum issues, and automotive restraints
The long term effect of seat belt legislation on road user injury patterns
The medical effects of seat-belt legislation in the United Kingdom: a critical review of the findings
The medical effects of seat-belt legislation in the United Kingdom: one viewpoint from the USA
The medical effects of seat-belt legislation in the United Kingdom: the collection of the data
The medical effects of seat-belt legislation in the United Kingdom: the statistical arguments
The need for a mandatory seat belt law
The overall assessment of the medical effects of seat-belt legislation in the United Kingdom
The passive restraints approach
The pattern of injuries received by 500 drivers and passengers killed in road accidents
The performance of seat belts in severe crashes
The phantom taxi seat belt
The role of safety belts in the motorist's safety
The role of vehicle safety glass in eye injuries
The safety of children in cars
The seat belt law and after
The seat belt syndrome. the seat belt sign, intestinal and mesenteric injuries
The Swiss seat belt law: lessons for the United States
The use of automobile safety restraint systems during pregnancy
The use of car restraints by newborns and mothers: knowledge, attitudes and practices
The use of economic incentives and education to modify safety belt use behavior of high school students
The use of seat belts on British motorways
The use of seat belts
The use of seat belts
The value of seat belts
Thyroiditis from a seat belt?
Toward prevention of maternal mortality
Traffic accidents: can eye injuries be prevented?
Trauma prevention from the use of seat belts
Trauma prevention. the necessity of a seat belt restraint law in minnesota
Traumatic aneurysm of the internal carotid artery and rupture of the duodenum following seat belt injury
Traumatic retinal angiopathy resulting from chest compression by safety belt
Traumatic retinal angiopathy--associated with wearing of car seat belts
Traumatic rupture of the stomach due to a seat belt
Unusual presentation of seat-belt syndrome
Use of automobile safety restraints for children
Use of car seat belts during pregnancy
Use of car seat belts during pregnancy
Use of seat belts in a Dublin area
Use of seat belts in rural Alberta: an observational analysis
Use of seat belts
Use of seat-belts in Port Moresby
Use of seatbelts in cars with automatic belts
Vehicle-occupant fatalities after legislation for compulsory wearing of seat belts in Australia: different trends between the sexes
Voluntary seatbelt usage. Did we reach there yet?
What kinds of people do not use seat belts?
What we as doctors can do to save lives: safety belt usage
Who uses seat belts?
Why seat belt legislation is legal
Windscreen injuries and seat belts
Young adolescents' intention to use seat belts: the role of attitudinal and normative beliefs
The "human factor" -- explanation or subterfuge?
Two cases of injuries caused by safety belts in pregnant women
A case of large bowel injury with a safety belt in a pregnant woman
A survey on 28,000 traffic accidents
Abdominal traumas due to the safety belt
Behavioural attitude of the young as regards road accident prevention: a survey carried out among high school students in two sicilian towns
Biomechanical aspects of collisions in street traffic
Bipedicular fractures of c2 and safety belts
Car seat belts also for children?
Car technology and traffic safety
Changes in accidental injury rates as a result of wearing seat belts. Medical and medicolegal views. (ii)
Changes in accidental injury rates as a result of wearing seatbelts. medical and medicolegal views. (i)
Changes in the character of traffic injuries as a consequence of wearing seatbelts. medical and medicolegal views (iii)
Closed isolated pancreatic injury caused by a safety belt
Colon injuries from seat belts
Damage due to safety belts
Determination of joint fault in the case of safety belts allegedly not worn
Distribution and causes of injuries in seat belt-wearing automobile passengers
Do safety belts cause fatal injuries?
Seat belt injuries. Editorial
Effectiveness of seat belts in automobiles
Effects of seat belt legislation on injuries of traffic accidents
Etiology and prevention of pelvic injuries in traffic accidents
Evaluation of the effectiveness of 1973's safety measures on the frequency and gravity of traffic accidents
Expectant mothers and seat belts
Experience with the use of seat belts based on autopsy cases
Fabric evidence studies of seat belts
Faster cars--driving without seat belts: more frequent jaw injuries
Forensic responsibilities in evidence under the seat belt law
Frontal collision in the reclining-sitting position. medical and legal aspects
Gout patients and the law on compulsory use of seat-belts
Impact of safety belts on the nature and severity of injuries
Incidence of injuries caused by windshields following implementation of the 1984 seat belt law
Injuries and seat belts
Injuries by safety belts
Injuries by safety belts
Injuries by seatbelts avoidable
Injuries caused by frontal and side collisions
The current status of auotomobile running lights
The economic costs of traffic accidents in Spain
The effect of flares and triangular distress signals on highway traffic
The effect of tyre deflation on vehicle behaviour
The evolution of vehicular trauma, 1980-2001
The influence of passengers on older drivers involved in fatal crashes
The influence of perceptual 'set' on the detection of motorcyclists using daytime headlights
The influence of status on pedestrians' failure to observe a road-safety rule
The effect of lane line width and contrast upon lanekeeping
The construction of a road injury database
The crash reduction effectiveness of a network-wide traffic police deployment system
The development of a test specification to determine the rollover protection of passengers in light commercial vehicles fitted with canopies
The development of traffic and traffic safety in six developed countries
The distraction effects of phone use during a crucial driving maneuver
The duration of speed reductions attributable to radar detectors
The effect of cell phone type on drivers subjective workload during concurrent driving and conversing
The economy as a factor in motor vehicle fatalities, suicides, and homicides
The effect of adult belt laws and other factors on restraint use for children under age 11
The effect of airline deregulation on automobile fatalities
The effect of an airbag on injuries in an automobile crash: report of two cases
The effect of antipsychotic drugs on driving and driving related psychomotor functions
The effect of cellular phone use upon driver attention
The effect of city curfew ordinances on teenage motor vehicle fatalities
The effect of daytime running lights on crashes between two vehicles in Saskatchewan: a study of a government fleet
The effect of enforcement upon service of alcohol to intoxicated patrons of bars and restaurants
The effect of firm characteristics on truck accidents
The effect of ice warning signs on ice-accident frequencies and severities
The culture of the accident
The perception of danger in a simulated driving task
The physique of bus and truck drivers: with a review of occupational anthropology
The prospects of daytime running lights for reducing vehicle crashes in the United States
The role of sleep-disordered breathing, daytime sleepiness, and impaired performance in motor vehicle crashes-a case control study
The weekend increases sleep-related traffic accidents
The seated bus passenger - a review
Traffic accident increases as a possible indicant of desynchronosis
Traffic accidents and safety; transportation of the injured
Traffic accidents in Canada
Traffic lights
Traffic sign symbol comprehension: a cross-cultural study
Traffic ticket fixing and driving behaviours in a large French working population
Urban encroachment on the wilderness: moose-vehicle collisions in Anchorage, Alaska, 1991-1995
Use of automobile restraining devices for infants
Use of car headlamps
Valuing safety in road project appraisal
Wheelchair rider injuries: causes and consequences for wheelchair design and selection
Wheelchair rider risk in motor vehicles: a technical note
Vehicle lights and their use as evidence
Vehicular manslaughter: the global epidemic of traffic deaths
Virtual prototyping and testing of in-vehicle interfaces
Visual operational feedback and design of vehicle front-end illumination for night driving performance
White tire treads and truck visibility
Whose symbols are safer?
Why rural elders drive against advice
War on the roads. driving less would reduce so many problems in so many countries
War on the roads. major change is needed in politicians' and developers' attitudes
War on the roads. travel on roads 100 years ago was not as easy as nostalgia suggests
War on the roads: traffic accidents and social tension in Britain, 1939-45
Wheelchair and occupant restraint system for transportation of handicapped passengers
Wheelchair caster loading during frontal impact
Wheelchair for transfer into motor vehicles
Wheelchair occupant restraints in motor vehicles
Wheelchair safety--adverse reports to the United States Food and Drug Administration
Wheelchair transport safety--the evolving solutions
Wheeled mobility device database for transportation safety research and standards
Aging and street safety: a conflictive binomial
Air bags: benefits and risks
Alcohol and drugs in the traffic
American view of the Swedish traffic temperance law: an article of faith
Analysis of 233 cases of brain injuries in traffic accidents
Tiredness and sleepiness in bus drivers and road accidents in peru: a quantitative study
Drink driving legislation: medicine and the law
Drink driving: random death tests
Drink, drugs and driving--a survey
Drink, drugs, and driving
Drink-driving in the general night-time driving population, Adelaide 1989
Drink-driving research in New Zealand
Drink-driving US style
Drink-driving--the nexus between social attitudes, social action and research directions
Drink-driving: the role of structural measures in primary prevention
Drinkers and their driving: compliance with drinking-driving legislation in four Australian states
Drinking and driving among college students: the influence of alcohol-control policies
Drinking and driving among youth: a study of situational risk factors
Drinking and driving in Spain
Drinking and driving prevention in the community: program planning and implementation
Drinking and driving: explaining beverage-specific risks
Drugs and the impaired driver in Northern Ireland: an analytical survey
Drugs of abuse and alcohol in weekend drivers involved in car crashes in Belgium
Drunk driving and the alcoholic offender: a new approach to an old problem
Drunken drivers in longitudinal perspective
DUI and petrol consumption
DUI offenders presenting with positive blood alcohol levels at presentencing evaluation
DUI pre-arrest alcohol purchases: a survey of Sonoma County drunk drivers
DUI recidivism: a comparison of Mexican Americans and whites in a northern California county
DUI risk screening instruments
DUI-arrest characteristics among white and Mexican-American DUI offenders mandated for treatment
Dummy measurement of chest injuries induced by two-point shoulder belts
DWI awareness. Austin EMS drives it home
DWI prevention: profiles of drinkers who serve as designated drivers
DWI prevention: profiles of drinkers who use designated drivers
DWI Task Forces
DWI/DWAI offenders and recidivism by gender in the eighties: a changing trend?
Dynamic bending tolerance and elastic-plastic material properties of the human femur
Enforcement of drunken driving laws in cases involving injured intoxicated drivers
Enhancing the effectiveness of traditional interventions with drinking drivers by adding brief individual intervention components
Ensuring the safety of school age passengers
Epidemic of accidental carbon monoxide poisonings caused by snow-obstructed exhaust systems
Epidemiological perspectives on alcohol and the law
Epidemiology of insulin-using commercial motor vehicle drivers. major variability of state licensing requirements in the U.S.A
Epilepsy and driving licences
Epilepsy and drowning in childhood
Epilepsy and motor vehicle driving--a symposium held in Québec City, November 1998
Ergogenic supplements and health risk behaviors
Ergonomics and safety in societies in transfer
Establishment and evaluation of a pilot child car seat rental scheme in New Zealand
Estimating blood alcohol content from a national telephone survey
Estimating social-psychological effects in decisions to drink and drive: a factorial survey approach
Ethnic differences in driving after drinking and riding with drinking drivers among adolescents
Etiology and patterns of facial fractures in the United Arab Emirates
Etiology of drinking and driving among adolescents: implications for primary prevention
Evaluating alleged drinking after driving--the hip-flask defence. part 1. double blood samples and urine-to-blood alcohol relationship
Evaluating alleged drinking after driving--the hip-flask defence. part 2. congener analysis
Evaluation of a brief intervention for increasing seat belt use on a college campus
Evaluation of a Dutch educational "Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)" prevention program for driving schools
Evaluation of a program to motivate impaired driving offenders to install ignition interlocks
Evaluation of a treatment program for drunk driving offenders
Evaluation of an educational intervention upon knowledge, attitudes, and behavior concerning drinking/drugged driving
Evaluation of the Australian Medical Association drink-driving campaign in Wollongong
Evaluation of the BioRID P3 and the Hybrid III in pendulum impacts to the back--a comparison to human subject test data
Evaluation of the Q.E.D. saliva alcohol test: a new, rapid, accurate device for measuring ethanol in saliva
Examination of judgments of drunkenness, binge drinking, and drunk-driving tendencies in teens with and without a family history of alcohol abuse
Expectancies for driving under the influence of alcohol among Hispanics and non-Hispanic Whites
Experimental injury study of children seated behind collapsing front seats in rear impacts
Exposure-based death rates for child motor vehicle occupants
Facial contact burn caused by air bag deployment
Factors affecting injury severity to rear-seated occupants in rural motor vehicle crashes
Factors affecting the drinking driver
Factors associated with coercion in entering treatment for alcohol problems
Factors associated with pilot fatality in work-related aircraft crashes, Alaska, 1990-1999
Factors associated with seat belt use: an evaluation from the Ontario Health Survey
Factors associated with the higher traumatic death rate among rural children
Factors influencing pediatric injury in side impact collisions
Factors influencing the access of severely injured children and elderly patients involved in motor vehicle collisions to trauma center care
Factors leading to crash fatalities to children in child restraints
Failure of standardized psychophysical tests for DWI to distinguish between blood alcohol levels of 0.000 and 0.080 to 0.125 g/dl
Fall and suffocation injuries associated with in-home use of car seats and baby carriers
Family history of alcoholism, youthful antisocial behavior and problem drinking among DWI offenders
Farmers' perceptions and concerns: the risks of driving farm vehicles on rural roadways in North Carolina
Inferior thyroid artery injury due to airbag deployment
Influence of age, gender, and blood-alcohol concentration on the disappearance rate of alcohol from blood in drinking drivers
Influence of dose and beverage type instructions on alcohol outcome expectancies of DUI offenders
Influence of restraining devices on patterns of pediatric facial trauma in motor vehicle collisions
Injured intoxicated drivers: citation, conviction, referral, and recidivism rates
Measurement of air exchange rate of stationary vehicles and estimation of in-vehicle exposure
Measuring accuracy of self-reported vehicular offences and blood alcohol concentration levels among whites and Mexican Americans mandated to drinking driver programs
Mechanisms of burn injury secondary to airbag deployment
Media advocacy in community prevention: news as a means to advance policy change
Medical conditions and car crashes
Medical conditions and driver crash risk: do license restrictions affect public safety?
Medicine and the law. physicians and DWI examinations
Message content of alcohol moderation TV commercials: impact of corporate versus nonprofit sponsorship
Meta-analysis helps to define the policy-relevance of drink driving research
Misuse of car safety seats
MMPI response patterns and alcohol consumption in DUI offenders
Monitoring parent concerns about teenage drinking and driving: a random digit dial telephone survey
Moped injuries
Morbidity and mortality of children following motor vehicle crashes
Mortality reduction with air bag and seat belt use in head-on passenger car collisions