Fator acidentário de prevenção (fap) e nexo técnico epidemiológico previdenciário (ntep): indicadores para uma intervenção psicossocial
Finding safety: a pilot study of managed alcohol program participants' perceptions of housing and quality of life
From painkiller to empathy killer: acetaminophen (paracetamol) reduces empathy for pain
Gender-based violence among pregnant women of Syangja District, Nepal
Geographic distribution of deaths among elderly due to traffic accidents
Heart rate variability and the relationship between trauma exposure age, and psychopathology in a post-conflict setting
Helmet laws, helmet use, and bicycle ridership
Identification and evaluation of abused children at Imam Hossein Hospital
Individual differences in self-reported self-control predict successful emotion regulation
Individual, community, and national resiliencies and age: are older people less resilient than younger individuals?
Informal control by family and risk markers for alcohol abuse/dependence in Seoul
Interactions between drinking motives and friends in predicting young adults' alcohol use
A large-scale informatics database to advance research and discovery of the effects of mild traumatic brain injury
Latent profiles of externalizing psychopathology and their relation to children's aggression and social behavior
Longitudinal associations of homophobic name-calling victimization with psychological distress and alcohol use during adolescence
Mental health of victims of trafficking: a right, a need and a service
Mortality from work-related accidents among agricultural workers in Brazil, 2000-2010
The natural history of acute recovery of blast-induced mild traumatic brain injury: a case series during war
The natural history of substance use disorders
Neurosensory assessments of concussion
Nutritional supplementation to reduce child aggression: a randomized, stratified, single-blind, factorial trial
The pattern of road traffic crashes in South East Iran
Pediatric injury during conflict and prolonged insecurity in Iraq from 2003-2014
Prevalence and characteristics of dating violence among school-aged adolescents in Portugal
Prevalence of strangulation in survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence
Prevalence, recovery patterns and predictors of quality of life and costs after non-fatal injury: the Brabant Injury Outcome Surveillance (BIOS) study
Prevention of burn injuries in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review
The relationship between intimate partner violence and family planning among girls and young women in the Philippines
Self-harm, unintentional injury, and suicide in bipolar disorder during maintenance mood stabilizer treatment: a UK population-based electronic health records study
Sleep and its association with aggression among prisoners: quantity or quality?
Suicide mortality among retired National Football League players who played 5 or more seasons
Links between parental depression and longitudinal changes in youths' neural sensitivity to rewards
Marijuana use from adolescence to adulthood: developmental trajectories and their outcomes
Maxillofacial trauma following road accidents and falls
Moderators of implicit and explicit drinking identity in a large US adult sample
The mothering experiences of women with substance use disorders
Motivation and emotional states: structural systemic, neurochemical, molecular and cellular mechanisms
Neuropsychological analysis of an idiot savant: a case study
Neurotrauma in China
Opioids and social bonding: naltrexone reduces feelings of social connection
Physiological arousal and juvenile psychopathy: is low resting heart rate associated with affective dimensions?
Poor vision and self-reported functional difficulties among recently hospitalized individuals in the United States
Prenatal exposure to maternal and paternal depressive symptoms and brain morphology: a population-based prospective neuroimaging study in young children
Prevalence of sleep disorders among primary school children
Psychiatric disorders and criminal history in male prisoners in Greece
A randomized controlled trial of extended brief intervention for alcohol-dependent patients in an acute hospital setting
Reducing children's susceptibility to alcohol use: effects of a home-based parenting program
Reflection around the return home of a head injury patient
The relative state model: integrating need-based and ability-based pathways to risk-taking
Religious affiliation and spiritual practices: an examination of the role of spirituality in alcohol use and alcohol use disorder
Reverse engineering a 'responsible drinking' campaign to assess strategic intent
The role of structural barriers in risky sexual behavior, victimization and readiness to change HIV/STI-related risk behavior among transgender women
Self-reported emotion reactivity among early-adolescent girls: evidence for convergent and discriminant validity in an urban community sample
Source-based subjective responses to sleep disturbance from transportation noise
Summary of factors contributing to falls in older adults and nursing implications
Surveillance snapshot: Illness and injury burdens, recruit trainees, active component, U.S. Armed Forces, 2015
Surveillance snapshot: Illness and injury burdens, reserve component, U.S. Armed Forces, 2015
Tightrope or slackline? The neuroscience of psychoactive substances
A study of cognitive functions in female elderly patients with osteoporosis: a multi-center cross-sectional study
Psychoactive prescribing for older people--what difference does 15 years make?
Prevalence of chemical poisoning for suicidal attempts in Karachi, Pakistan
An official American Thoracic Society research statement: impact of mild obstructive sleep apnea in adults
Occupations, perceived stress, and stress-related disorders among women and men in the public sector in Sweden
Non suicidal self injury resulting in dental trauma in an adolescent
Occupational outcomes following mild traumatic brain injury in Canadian military personnel deployed in support of the mission in Afghanistan: a retrospective cohort study
Predictors of suicidal ideation among depressed inpatients in a Malaysian sample
The neurobiology of non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI): a review
Alcohol use and suicidal behaviors among adults: a synthesis and theoretical model
A comparison of suicide characteristics and precipitating circumstances by age group among Maryland residents: data from the Maryland Violent Death Reporting System, 2003-2009
Suicide study of Korean entertainers: a report on causation of Korean entertainer suicides presented by media
Insights into the processes of suicide contagion: narratives from young people bereaved by suicide
Adding injury to insult: a national analysis of combat sport-related facial injury
African-American and Latino parents' attitudes and beliefs regarding adolescent fighting and its prevention
Alcohol advertising exposure among middle school-age youth: an assessment across all media and venues
Alcohol experiences viewed mutoscopically: newly incident drinking of twelve- to twenty-five-year-olds in the United States, 2002-2013
Alcohol interventions for greek letter organizations: a systematic review and meta-analysis, 1987 to 2014
Alcohol: taking a population perspective
Altered states of consciousness during an extreme ritual
Analysis of occupational health hazards and associated risks in fuzzy environment: a case research in an Indian underground coal mine
Arthritis, depression, and falls among community-dwelling older adults: evidence from the Health and Retirement Study
Associations among child abuse, depression, and interleukin-6 in pregnant adolescents: paradoxical findings
Associations of posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms with marijuana and synthetic cannabis use among young adult U.S. Veterans: a pilot investigation
Benefits of walking and solo experiences in UK wild places
Biopsychosocial causes of suicide and suicide prevention outcome studies in juvenile detention facilities: a review
Buckling up in Singapore: residency and other risk factors for seatbelt non-compliance - a cross-sectional study based on trauma registry data
Burden of sleep disturbance due to traffic noise in bulgaria
"Calculating the toll of trauma" in the headlines: portrayals of posttraumatic stress disorder in the
Can family pediatricians in Italy identify child abuse? A survey
Characteristics of paraphilics in Turkey: a retrospective study-20 years
Chemsex and the city: sexualised substance use in gay bisexual and other men who have sex with men attending sexual health clinics
Child abuse history in teen mothers and parent-child risk processes for offspring externalizing problems
Childhood abuse and suicidal ideation in a cohort of pregnant Peruvian women
Clinical symptoms and adverse effects associated with energy drink consumption in adolescents
College students' drinking and posting about alcohol: forwarding a model of motivations, behaviors, and consequences
Comparison of sexual experience and behavior between bipolar outpatients and outpatients without mood disorders
Concussions and suicide
Coping with suicidal urges among youth seen in a psychiatric emergency department
Can psychosocial work conditions protect against age-related cognitive decline? Results from a systematic review
Crash risk: How cycling flow can help explain crash data
Daily bidirectional relationships between sleep and mental health symptoms in youth with emotional and behavioral problems
Death or severe injury at the ball game
Demographics of lower limb amputations in the Pakistan military: a single center, three-year prospective survey
Descriptive epidemiology of physical activity among Omani adults: the Oman World Health Survey, 2008
Development and effects of a drinking prevention program for preschool children
Development and validation of empirically derived frequency criteria for NSSI disorder using exploratory data mining
Developmental hazards among young alcohol intoxicated patients
Disaster risk, social vulnerability, and economic development
Do you see what I see? Identification of child protection concerns by hospital staff and general dental practitioners
Does an elite education benefit health? Findings from the 1970 British Cohort Study
Does exercise reduce aggressive feelings? An experiment examining the influence of movement type and social task conditions on testiness and anger reduction
DUID prevalence in Colorado's DUI citations
The economic burden of injury: health care and productivity costs of injuries in the Netherlands
Adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and suicide attempters: a case control study from Iran, West Asia
Beauty and care versus fun and flair: applying a gendered theory of offending to college students NMPDU
Capturing heterogeneity in medical marijuana policies: a taxonomy of regulatory regimes across the United States
Causes of suicide in acute poisoning cases in different age groups: a study
Childhood adversity, substance abuse, and violence: implications for trauma-informed social work practice
Childhood physical and sexual abuse, and adult health risk behaviours among university students from 24 countries in Africa, the Americas and Asia
Clarifying associations between childhood adversity, social support, behavioural factors, and mental health, health, and well-being in adulthood: a population-based study
College and the grieving student: a mixed-methods analysis
Do as I say, not as I do? An examination of the relationship between partner behaviors and help seeking for alcohol related issues
Do childhood adversities predict suicidality? Findings from the general population of the metropolitan area of São Paulo, Brazil
Do shorter delays to care and mental health system renewal translate into better occupational outcome after mental disorder diagnosis in a cohort of Canadian military personnel who returned from an Afghanistan deployment?
The effect of depression and smartphone dependency on female college students' career decision-making self efficacy
The effect of gender on two-passenger vehicle highway crash-injury severity: a mixed logit empirical analysis
The effect of speed limits on drivers' choice of speed: a random parameters seemingly unrelated equations approach
Effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy for veterans with depression and suicidal ideation
Emotional intelligence: a violence strategy
Epidemiological study of two wheeler accident victims in rural South India
An examination of the impact of five grade-crossing safety factors on driver decision making
Exploring psycho-social determinants to child neglect and abuse among caregivers with young children
Incarcerated children more likely to have had adverse experiences
Workplace prevention of prescription drug abuse: pilot assessment of a new psycho-educational program
Women handling of domestic violence in rural township of Alice in South Africa
Women and stroke patients are more at risk for fall-related injury among older persons
Women aged 45-64 and IPV in Cyprus
What helps children and young people move forward following child maltreatment?
Suicide protective factors in outpatient substance abuse patients: religious faith and family support
A study of the relationship between the components of the five-factor model of personality and the occurrence of occupational accidents in industry workers
A simulator evaluation of effects of assistive technologies on driver cognitive load at railway-level crossings
Nonfatal playground-related traumatic brain injuries among children, 2001-2013
Insomnia disorder
The link between adverse childhood experiences and diabetes
The link between male employment and child maltreatment in the U.S., 2000-2012
Pattern of two wheeler road traffic accidents in rural setting: a retrospective study
Payments for opioids shifted substantially to public and private insurers while consumer spending declined, 1999-2012
Pediatric sport-related concussion education: effectiveness and long-term retention of the Head Safety Youth Sports (HSYS) program for youth athletes, ages 11-16
Seeking prescription opioids from physicians for nonmedical use among people who inject drugs in a Canadian setting
Prevalence and correlates of any and frequent synthetic cannabinoid use in a representative sample of high school students
Prevalence and risk factors of child neglect in the general population
Religious well-being and suicide ideation in veterans - an exploratory study
Prevalence and risk factors of non fatal road traffic accidents in a community setting of district Dehradun
Reduction effect of traffic accidents by function of drowsiness detection
Prevalence of risk factors for falls among elderly people living in long-term care homes
Protocols or principles? Reimagining suicide risk assessment as an embedded, principle-based ongoing conversation in youth work practice
Effect of station-specific alerting and ramp-up tones on firefighters' alarm time heart rates
The effects of the 80-hour workweek on occupational hazards
Effects of weather conditions, light conditions, and road lighting on vehicle speed
Enduring financial crisis in Greece: prevalence and correlates of major depression and suicidality
The enduring impact of parents' monitoring, warmth, expectancies, and alcohol use on their children's future binge drinking and arrests: a longitudinal analysis
Estimation of social value of statistical life using willingness-to-pay method in Nanjing, China
A European multicentre survey of impulse control behaviours in Parkinson's disease patients treated with short- and long-acting dopamine agonists
Eye injury prevention for the pediatric population
Falling status epilepticus mortality rates in England and Wales: 2001-2013?
Family, friends, and 12-month PTSD among African Americans
The firearm for protection? A risky bet
First- and second-hand consequences of alcohol in college: differential associations with later alcohol use
From Cape Town to Cambridge: orthopaedic trauma in contrasting environments
Gender-specific linkages of parents' childhood physical abuse and neglect with children's problem behaviour: evidence from Japan
Global burden of diseases, injuries, and risk factors for young people's health during 1990-2013: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2013
Hazard perception in young cyclists and adult cyclists
Health status and risk behaviors of sexual minorities among Chinese adolescents: a school-based survey
The impact of children's exposure to greenspace on physical activity, cognitive development, emotional wellbeing, and ability to appraise risk
Impact of a physical activity intervention on adolescents' subjective sleep quality: a pilot study
Impulsive personality and alcohol use: bidirectional relations over one year
The incidence and economic burden of injuries in Jiangxi, China
The incidence and recurrence of getting lost in community-dwelling people with Alzheimer's disease: a two and a half-year follow-up
Incidence of fall-related injuries in Iran: a population-based nationwide study
Injuries to Aboriginal populations living on- and off-reserve in metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas in British Columbia, Canada: Incidence and trends, 1986-2010
Injury and illness surveillance at the International Sailing Federation Sailing World Championships 2014
Injury patterns and risk factors for orthopaedic trauma from snowboarding and skiing: a national perspective
Internet use and electronic gaming by children and adolescents with emotional and behavioural problems in Australia - results from the second Child and Adolescent Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing
Internet use and online safety in adults with Williams syndrome
Iranian road traffic injury project: assessment of road traffic injuries in Iran in 2012
Let's be blunt: consumption methods matter among black marijuana smokers
Life stress as a mediator and community belonging as a moderator of mood and anxiety disorders and co-occurring disorders with heavy drinking of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and heterosexual Canadians
Long-term effects of sports concussions: bridging the neurocognitive repercussions of the injury with the newest neuroimaging data
Maternal mind-mindedness provides a buffer for pre-adolescents at risk for disruptive behavior
Measuring health literacy levels of a patient portal using the CDC's Clear Communication Index
Measuring protective behavioral strategies for marijuana use among young adults
Mental health and human trafficking
The meta marriage: links between older couples' relationship narratives and marital satisfaction
Midwives' experiences of routine enquiry for intimate partner violence in pregnancy
Mindfulness and zest for life buffer the negative effects of experimentally-induced perceived burdensomeness and thwarted belongingness: implications for theories of suicide
Neighbourhood level social deprivation and the risk of psychotic disorders: a systematic review
The neuropsychology of risky sexual behavior
Newham's Every Child a Sports Person (NECaSP): a summative process evaluation of a school-and-community based intervention in East London, UK
Normative influences on the nonmedical use of prescription stimulants among college students
Nothing is safe: intolerance of uncertainty is associated with compromised fear extinction learning
Occupational injuries in Canadian youth: an analysis of 22 years of surveillance data collected from the Canadian Hospitals Injury Reporting and Prevention Program
The pattern of substance use disorder in the United Arab Emirates in 2015: results of a National Rehabilitation Centre cohort study
Pattern of unintentional burns: a hospital based study from Pakistan
Physical aggression and mindfulness among college students: evidence from China and the United States
Physical violence against health care workers: a nationwide study from Iran
Physical, psychosocial, and social health of men who identify as Bears: a systematic review
Novel links between troubled marriages and appetite regulation: marital distress, ghrelin, and diet quality
Capsule commentary on Kimerling et al., Prevalence of intimate partner violence among women veterans who utilize Veterans Health Administration primary care
A cross-sectional study of the association between mobility test performance and personality among older adults
Examining local processes when applying a cumulative impact policy to address harms of alcohol outlet density
Firearm ownership and suicide rates among US men and women, 1981-2013
FKBP5 genotype interacts with early life trauma to predict heavy drinking in college students
Gangs, clubs, and alcohol: the effect of organizational membership on adolescent drinking behavior
Impact of the Tunisian Revolution on homicide and suicide rates in Tunisia
Mortality, rehospitalisation and violent crime in forensic psychiatric patients discharged from hospital: rates and risk factors
Prevalence of anterior dental trauma and its associated factors among children aged 3-5 years in Jaipur City, India - A cross sectional study
Age-adjusted suicide rates for females and males, by method - National Vital Statistics System, United States, 2000 and 2014
Psychometric analysis and validity of the daily alcohol-related consequences and evaluations measure for young adults
Racial/ethnic differences in the role of childhood adversities for mental disorders among a nationally representative sample of adolescents
Prevalence and factors associated with substance use and misuse among Kosovar adolescents; cross sectional study of scholastic, familial-, and sports-related factors of influence
The school nurse's role in addressing female genital mutilation
Who would pay for state alcohol tax increases in the United States?
Unnatural deaths among children and adolescents in Isfahan Province, Iran: a forensic epidemiology study of postmortem data
Suicide prevention and mental health measures for Japanese university students
Sexuality and autistic-like symptoms in juvenile sex offenders: a follow-up after 8 years
Recognising falls risk in older adult mental health patients and acknowledging the difference from the general older adult population
Road-side observational survey on 4 unlawful acts among electric bicycle riders in Zhejiang
Prevention, evaluation, and rehabilitation of cycling-related injury
Putting the conversation about gun ownership and safety in context
Factors associated with overweight and obesity among Kuwaiti elementary male school children aged 6-10 years
Social and health factors associated with physical activity among Kuwaiti college students
Single Session Therapy as a framework for post disaster practice in low and middle income countries
The effects of war: local views and priorities concerning psychosocial and mental health problems as a result of collective violence in Burundi
A classroom based intervention in conflict affected Poso, Indonesia: synthesising lessons learned from research and practice
Road traffic safety trends until 2020 - A prognosis by Grey Systems Theory
New traffic psycologically-based methods in traffic safety work for children
Differences in the accident participation between women and men as car drivers under special consideration of older drivers
Predicting safe driving behaviour in professional drivers: a theory-based validation of cognitive and personality tests
Adult pornography and violence against women in the heartland: results from a rural Southeast Ohio study
Alcohol use and alcohol use disorder among male outpatients in a primary care setting in rural Puducherry
The all-volunteer force and crime: the effects of military participation on offending behavior
Analysis of heat stress and the indoor climate control requirements for movable refuge chambers
Anger and guilt in treatment for chronic posttraumatic stress disorder
Angry birds, angry children, and angry meta-analysts: a reanalysis
Aquaticity: a discussion of the term and of how it applies to humans
Association between daily hydrogen sulfide exposure and incidence of emergency hospital visits: a population-based study
Associations between problematic gaming and psychiatric symptoms among adolescents in two samples
Awareness of parents on sexual abuse among Down syndrome children
Bicycle-related injuries presenting to Tabriz Imam Reza Hospital, Iran
Bicycles' role in road accidents: a review of literature
Brief report: Using global positioning system (GPS) enabled cell phones to examine adolescent travel patterns and time in proximity to alcohol outlets
Characterizing long-term health related quality of life trajectories of individuals with opioid use disorder
Child protection threshold talk and ambivalent case formulations in 'borderline' care proceedings cases
Children and adolescents after child abuse and neglect: do they receive appropriate treatment?
Conditioned social dominance threat: observation of others' social dominance biases threat learning
Contact between traps and surfaces during contact sampling of explosives in security settings
Context matters: the state of racial disparities in mental health services among youth reported to child welfare in 1999 and 2009
Correlates of road traffic accident in cases attending LLR Hospital Kanpur
Cost estimation of road traffic injuries among Iranian motorcyclists using the willingness to pay method
Customer-perpetrated work-related violence: prevalence and trends in Britain
Data-driven casualty estimation and disease nonbattle injury/battle injury rates in recent campaigns
Diagnosis and treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder during adolescence in the primary care setting: a concise review
"Dis-able bodied" or "dis-able minded": stakeholders' return-to-work experiences compared between physical and mental health conditions
Differential effects of childhood trauma and cannabis use disorders in patients suffering from schizophrenia
Youth concussion laws across the nation: implications for the traveling team physician
Workers not always using their fall protection equipment?
Willing but not able: patient and provider receptiveness to addressing intimate partner violence in Johannesburg antenatal clinics
Wildfire policy and management in England: an evolving response from fire and rescue services, forestry and cross-sector groups
Who sits behind the telephone? Interpersonal characteristics of volunteer counselors in telephone emergency services
Do multiple concussions lead to cumulative cognitive deficits? - a literature review
Domestic violence among Iranian women: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Domestic violence subjected to different patterns of cultural marriage
Dramatic 2015 excess mortality in Italy: a 9.1% increase that needs to be explained
Early life stress predicts thalamic hyperconnectivity: a transdiagnostic study of global connectivity
Early life trauma is associated with altered white matter integrity and affective control
Effect of alcohol on encoding and consolidation of memory for alcohol-related images
Epidemiology and screening of intentional burns in children in a Dutch burn centre
Exploring background risk factors for fatigue crashes involving truck drivers on regional roadway networks: a case control study in Jiangxi and Shaanxi, China
Exploring international views on key concepts for mass-gathering health through a Delphi process
Exposure to community violence and the trajectory of internalizing and externalizing symptoms in a sample of low-income urban youth
Factors associated with suicide attempts by sexual minorities: Results from the 2011 Gay and Lesbian Survey
Gender differences in drug abuse in the forensic toxicological approach
Healthcare costs and productivity costs of hand and wrist injuries by external cause: a population-based study in working-age adults in the period 2008-2012
Identification and assessment of intimate partner violence in nurse home visitation
The impact of multiple deployments and social support on stress levels of women married to active duty servicemen
Income inequality, drug-related arrests, and the health of people who inject drugs: reflections on seventeen years of research
Injuries, matches missed and the influence of minimum medical standards in the A-league professional football: a 5-year prospective study
Insomnia brings soldiers into mental health treatment, predicts treatment engagement, and outperforms other suicide-related symptoms as a predictor of major depressive episodes
Intimate partner sexual coercion mediates the childhood sexual abuse-suicidal ideation link among African American women
Intimate partner violence, common mental disorders and household food insecurity: an analysis using path analysis
A literature review of intimate partner violence among immigrant populations: engaging the faith community
Lived experiences of South Asian women facing domestic violence in the United States
The MMP3 gene in musculoskeletal soft tissue injury risk profiling: a study in two independent sample groups
The mobility of youth in the justice system: implications for recidivism
The multidimensional driving style inventory a decade later: review of the literature and re-evaluation of the scale
Multivariate analysis of the risk factors for first-time noncontact ACL injury in high school and college athletes: a prospective cohort study with a nested, matched case-control analysis
Online and offline conversations about alcohol: comparing the effects of familiar and unfamiliar discussion partners
Paternal caregivers' parenting practices and psychological functioning among African American youth living in urban public housing
Road safety:young people's behaviours in Vila Nova de Famalicão
Pornography consumption among adolescent girls in Sweden
Predicting bystander efficacy and willingness to intervene in college men and women: the role of exposure to varying levels of violence in pornography
Prevalence and predictors of suicidal ideations among school going adolescents in a hilly state of India
Prevalence of oral health-related conditions that could trigger accidents for patients with moderate-to-severe dementia
Prevalence of posttraumatic stress disorder and related factors among patients discharged from critical care units in Kashan, Iran
Preventing shaken baby syndrome: evaluation of a multiple-setting program
Preventing violence in schizophrenia: why do delusional familiarity disorders remain so unfamiliar?
Profile and risk factor analysis of unintentional injuries in children
Profiles of student perceptions of school climate: relations with risk behaviors and academic outcomes
A prospective epidemiological study of injuries in Japanese national tournament-level badminton players from junior high school to university
Psychometric properties of the Persian version of Self-Transcendence Scale: Adolescent Version
Psychometric properties of the Socially Desirable Response Set-5 among incarcerated male and female juvenile offenders
Psychosocial working conditions and suicide ideation: evidence from a cross-sectional survey of working Australians
A qualitative study of violence against women after the recent disasters of Iran
Quality of life, functioning and cognition in bipolar disorder and major depression: a latent profile analysis
Readiness of nursing students to screen women for domestic violence
"Reconstructing a sense of self": trauma and coping among returned women survivors of human trafficking in Vietnam
Reducing binge drinking in adolescents through implementation of the strategic prevention framework
Responding to domestic violence and spiritual abuse
Risk perception and correlates of alcohol use among out-of-school youth in motor parks in Lagos State, Nigeria
Risky choice and brain CRF after adolescent ethanol vapor exposure and social stress in adulthood
The role of sleep in the relationship between victimization and externalizing problems in adolescents
The school-to-prison pipeline: disproportionate impact on vulnerable children and adolescents
Schools, families, and the prevention of child maltreatment: lessons that can be learned from a literature review
Scooter accidents in children at Aristide Le Dantec, Unversity Hospital of Dakar: a study of 74 cases
Screening for history of traumatic brain injury among women exposed to intimate partner violence
Seasonal variation of rectal foreign bodies: data from Nationwide Inpatient Sample
Seasonal variations in the severity of ADHD symptoms in the Dutch general population
Situational drinking in private and public locations: a multilevel analysis of blood alcohol level in Finnish drinking occasions
Sociodemographic profile and pattern of drug abuse among adolescents of de-addiction centers
Solution-focused brief therapy with Latinos: a systematic review
The SOMATICS collaborative: introduction to a National Institute on Drug Abuse cooperative study of pharmacotherapy for opioid treatment in criminal justice settings
Spatial analysis of drug poisoning deaths in the American West, particularly Utah
The state and importance of motorcycle injuries in progression with trauma etiologies
Study of road traffic accidents with special reference to the accident victims admitted in Gauhati Medical College and Hospital, Assam
Subdural hemorrhage in a military aviator
Task difficulty and inertial properties of hand-held tools: an assessment of their concurrent effects on precision aiming
Traffic crash risks in morbidly obese drivers before and after weight loss surgery
A vicious cycle: a social-psychological account of extreme racial disparities in school discipline
Transforming our settings: make it happen everywhere
Trauma-informed schools
Trends in bicycle crashes in California
Understanding intimate partner violence and its correlates
Prediction of alcohol drinking in adolescents: personality-traits, behavior, brain responses, and genetic variations in the context of reward sensitivity
Quickstats: percentage of U.S. adults who met the 2008 federal physical activity guidelines for aerobic and strengthening activity, by sex - National Health Interview Survey, 2000-2014
Reported alcohol drinking and mental health problems in Hong Kong Chinese adolescents
Progress towards zero, an international comparison: Improvements in traffic fatality from 1990 to 2010 for different age groups in the USA and 15 of its peers
Role of direct and indirect violence exposure on externalizing behavior in children
Safe Drive Stay Alive: exploring effectiveness of a real-world driving intervention for predrivers and the utility of the health action process approach
School factors associated with the percentage of students who walk or bike to school, School Health Policies and Practices Study, 2014
Screening for adverse childhood experiences in a family medicine setting: a feasibility study
Social desirability bias in the reporting of alcohol consumption: a randomized trial
Strategic priorities for physical activity surveillance in the United States
Study of stress variations in single-stance and sideways fall using image-based finite element analysis
"Suicide shall cease to be a crime": suicide and undetermined death trends 1970-2000 before and after the decriminalization of suicide in Ireland 1993
Suicides and accidents on birthdays: evidence from Japan
Tackling causes and costs of ED presentation for American football injuries: a population-level study
Teen lives matter: an update on adolescent gun violence
"Time out": a strategy for reducing men's violence against women in relationships?
Trend and characteristics of fall in elderly adults based on data from national injury surveillance sentinel hospitals in Anhui province, 2006-2014
Vocational outcome 6-15 years after a traumatic brain injury
Violent female offenders compared with violent male offenders on psychological determinants of aggressive behavior
Violence is rare in autism: when it does occur, is it sometimes extreme?
Tobacco use and 12-month suicidality among adults in the United States
The users of novel psychoactive substances: online survey about their characteristics, attitudes and motivations
Violence prevention and intervention programmes for adolescents in Australia: a systematic review
Age varying links between violence exposure and behavioral, mental, and physical health
Alcohol consumption among rural African American and White adolescents: the role of religion, parents, and peers
Alcohol-branded merchandise ownership and drinking
Age at onset of puberty and adolescent depression: "Children of 1997" birth cohort
Analysis of injury incidences in male professional adult and elite youth soccer players: a systematic review
Asian American and White college students' heavy episodic drinking behaviors and alcohol-related problems
Being online without a purpose - study of background variables of problematic internet use
Cannabis and tolerance: acute drug impairment as a function of cannabis use history
A case of perforating injury of eyeball and traumatic cataract caused by acupuncture
Childhood abuse, intimate partner violence and risk of migraine among pregnant women: an epidemiologic study
Childhood maltreatment and adulthood domestic and sexual violence victimisation among people with severe mental illness
Binocular visual acuity and corrective lens use in the United States Army
Concordance of Text Message Ecological Momentary Assessment and Retrospective Survey Data Among Substance Using Men Who Have Sex With Men: A Secondary Analysis of a Randomized Controlled Trial
Concussion knowledge and behaviors in a sample of the dance community
Construction risk knowledge management in BIM using ontology and semantic web technology
Continuing violence against medical personnel in China: a flagrant violation of Chinese law
The corporate quest for zero accidents: a case study into the response to safety transgressions in the industrial sector
The correlates and course of multiple health risk behaviour in adolescence
Depression among Ethiopian adults: cross-sectional study
Development and evaluation of an online fall-risk questionnaire for nonfrail community-dwelling elderly persons: a pilot study
Developments in the safety science domain, in the fields of general and safety management between 1970 and 1979, the year of the near disaster on Three Mile Island, a literature review
Do no harm: balancing the costs and benefits of patient outcomes in health psychology research and practice
Does rush hour see a rush of emotions? Driver mood in conditions likely to exhibit congestion
Ecological analyses of the associations between injury risk and socioeconomic status, geography and Aboriginal ethnicity in British Columbia, Canada
The effect of educational intervention in promoting safe behaviors in a sample of Iranian primary school students: an application of the health belief model
Effects of deregulation of the driving licence application process on road safety in Korea: an interrupted time-series analysis
Epidemiology of injury-related emergency department visits in the US among youth with autism spectrum disorder
Epidemiology of poisonings, fractures and burns among 0-24 year olds in England using linked health and mortality data
Attitudes Toward Guns Scale (ATGS): evidence of its psychometric adequacy
Estimating and projecting the effect of cold waves on mortality in 209 US cities
Factor associated with risky sexual behaviors among the French general population
Fatal abusive head trauma among children aged <5 years - United States, 1999-2014
Fear of crime: the influence of general fear, risk, and time perspective
Gender differences in concussion reporting among high school athletes
Gender differences in youth suicide and healthcare service use
Gender differences: the role of travel and time use in subjective well-being
Genetic polymorphisms in genes related to risk-taking behaviours predicting body mass index trajectory among Mexican American adolescents
Health response to Hajj mass gathering from emergency perspective, narrative review
Hotel fire safety for international travellers
ICD-10-CM coding for injury resulting from terrorism
The impact of safety climate on safety related driving behaviors
An important cause of blindness in children: open globe injuries
The incidence of accidents at work among paramedics in the years 2001-2013 based on the register of one selected hospital
Increased risk of fracture in patients with bipolar disorder: a nationwide cohort study
The influence of treatment motivation on outcomes of social skills training for juvenile delinquents
Injury profile of American women Rugby-7s
The interactive effects of drinking motives, age, and self-criticism in predicting hazardous drinking
Intimate partner violence during the childbearing years
Intragroup stigma among men who have sex with men: data extraction from Craigslist ads in 11 cities in the United States
Is working risky or protective for married adolescent girls in urban slums in kenya? Understanding the association between working status, savings and intimate-partner violence
Living with appending a scarlet letter: the lifelong suffering of children of alcoholics in South Korea
Marriage, violence and HIV: the shifting policy context in Uganda
Mental health and comorbidities in U.S. Military members
Mental health referrals reduce recidivism in first-time juvenile offenders, but how do we determine who is referred?
Model minority stereotype and the diagnosis of alcohol use disorders: implications for practitioners working with Asian Americans
Moral decision-making in university students with self-reported mild head injury
Mutual relations between sleep deprivation, sleep stealers and risk behaviours in adolescents
No evidence of morbidity compression in Spain: a time series study based on national hospitalization records
Parent mentors and insuring uninsured children: a randomized controlled trial
Parents' perceptions of the Family Climate for Road Safety: associations with parents' self-efficacy and attitudes toward accompanied driving, and teens' driving styles
Passengers' awareness and perceptions of way finding tools in a train station
Pedestrians risk perception of traffic crash and built environment features - Delhi, India
Pediatric exposure to e-cigarettes, nicotine, and tobacco products in the United States
Pediatric laryngotracheal separation following a go-cart injury
Physicians and youth tackle football
Police shootings of unarmed African American males: a systematic review
Potential use of telephone surveys for non-communicable disease surveillance in developing countries: evidence from a national household survey in Lebanon
Pre-drinking behavior of young heavy drinkers
Prediction of late-onset psychiatric disorder in survivors of severe injury: findings of a latent transition analysis
Predictors of depressive symptoms following the Great East Japan earthquake: a prospective study
Prevalence and mental health treatment of suicidal ideation and behavior among college students aged 18-25 years and their non-college-attending peers in the United States
Prevalence and quality of workplace risk assessments - findings from a representative company survey in Germany
Prevalence, motivations, and social, mental health and health consequences of cyberbullying among school-aged children and youth: protocol of a longitudinal and multi-perspective mixed method study
Primary care-based interventions to promote positive parenting behaviors: a meta-analysis
Promoting fitness and safety in elementary students: a randomized control study of the Michigan Model for Health
Promoting a positive middle school transition: a randomized-controlled treatment study examining self-concept and self-esteem
The protective role of friendship quality on the wellbeing of adolescents victimized by peers
Psychiatric disorders among adolescents from Lebanon: prevalence, correlates, and treatment gap
Psychological abuse, mental health, and acceptance of dating violence among adolescents
Racial resentment and whites' gun policy preferences in contemporary America
Regulatory focus and safety outcomes: an examination of the mediating influence of safety behavior
Relational anxiety and sexting
The relationship between physical aggression, foreign policy and moral choices: phenotypic and genetic findings
Relative risk model for assessing domino effect in chemical process industry
Repeated suicide attempts and suicide among individuals with a first emergency department contact for attempted suicide: a prospective, nationwide, Danish register-based study
Research priorities for eight areas of adolescent health in low- and middle-income countries
The revolving door phenomenon in an Italian acute psychiatric ward: a 5-year retrospective analysis of the potential risk factors
Risk factors for suicidal ideation among telephone crisis hotline callers in japan
Adolescent self-harm and risk factors
Accidents and undetermined deaths: re-evaluation of nationwide samples from the Scandinavian countries
Acute risk factors for suicide attempts and death: prospective findings from the STEP-BD study
Alcohol use among recent immigrant Latino/a youth: acculturation, gender, and the Theory of Reasoned Action
Youth and caregiver perspectives on barriers to gender-affirming health care for transgender youth
You are the real terrorist and we are just your puppet: using individual and group factors to explain Indonesian Muslims' attributions of causes of terrorism
Why Machiavellianism matters in childhood: the relationship between children's Machiavellian traits and their peer interactions in a natural setting
The value of self-report measures as indicators of driving behaviors among young drivers
Where have all the gun deaths gone?
When grandparents drive their grandchildren
Tendency to commit traffic violations and presence of passengers in the car
Unintentional injuries in children: are our homes safe?
The spatial distribution of injuries in need of surgical intervention in Nepal
Standard terminology for fetal, infant, and perinatal deaths
Suicide in children and young people in England: a consecutive case series
Suicide in Illinois, 2005-2010: a reflection of patterns and risks by age groups and opportunities for targeted prevention
Suicide attempts and deaths in Sofala, Mozambique, from 2011 to 2014
Suicidal ideation during the postpartum period
Suppressive effects of fire prevention campaign in China: a time series analysis
Taking away the guns: forcible disarmament and rebellion
Are all safety behaviours created equal? A comparison of novel and routinely used safety behaviours in obsessive-compulsive disorder
Childhood weight status and timing of first substance use in an ethnically diverse sample
Crime and victimisation in people with intellectual disability: a case linkage study
Death ideation and suicidal ideation in a community sample who do not meet criteria for major depression
Driving a better driving experience: a questionnaire survey of older compared with younger drivers
Effect evaluation of a road safety education program based on victim testimonials in high schools in Belgium
Epidemiology of open-globe injuries in Hong Kong
Examining daily variability in willingness to drink in relation to underage young adult alcohol use
Examining the presence of congregational programs focused on violence against women
Exposure to community violence and sexual behaviors among African American youth: testing multiple pathways
Familial influences on recantation in substantiated child sexual abuse cases
First report on violent attacks on healthcare shows 959 deaths over two years
Front blind spot crashes in Hong Kong
Heterogeneous impacts of gender-interpreted contributing factors on driver injury severities in single-vehicle rollover crashes
Investigating the neurodevelopmental mediators of aggression in children with a history of child maltreatment: an exploratory field study
Religious narratives and their implications for disaster risk reduction
Process evaluation of an environmental health risk audit and action plan intervention to reduce alcohol related violence in licensed premises
The predictive validity of SAVRY ratings for assessing youth offenders in Singapore: a comparison with YLS/CMI ratings
Discharge against medical advice in traumatic brain injury: follow-up and readmission rate
Risk factors for suicide in children and young people: common yet complex
Risk factors, methods, and timing of suicide attempts among US Army soldiers
Risk-taking attitudes of patients who seek health care: an exploratory approach through lottery games
Role of the occupational physician in corporate management of health risks: an important aspect of corporate social responsibility (CSR)
Rural-to-urban migration, strain, and juvenile delinquency: a study of eighth-grade students in Guangzhou, China
Safer scoring? Cryptomarkets, social supply and drug market violence
Safety in numbers for cyclists-conclusions from a multidisciplinary study of seasonal change in interplay and conflicts
Safety-specific transformational and passive leadership influences on firefighter safety climate perceptions and safety behavior outcomes
Same-sex sexuality and educational attainment: the pathway to college
Sarcopenia and mortality among a population-based sample of community-dwelling older adults
School and seasonality in youth suicide: evidence from Japan
Screening for social determinants of health among children and families living in poverty: a guide for clinicians
A screening tool for assessing alcohol use risk among medically vulnerable youth
Attempted suicide triggers in Thai adolescent perspectives
A comprehensive evaluation of the burden of heat-related illness and death within the Florida population
The contagion of interstate violence: reminders of historical interstate (but not intrastate) violence increase support for future violence against unrelated third-party states
Current state of concussion prevention strategies: a systematic review and meta-analysis of prospective, controlled studies
Depression in young people often goes undetected
Drowning injuries: analysis of a decennial air medical rescue center experience
Epidemiology of nonfatal injuries among schoolchildren
The ebb and flow of the wish to live and the wish to die among suicidal military personnel
Factors associated with the deaths of men poisoned by carbamato ("chumbinho")
Lessons from a decade of suicide surveillance in India: who, why and how?
An observational study of child safety seat use in an international safe community: Tehran, Iran
Parental perception of neighborhood safety and children's physical activity
The recent fall in post-perinatal mortality in New Zealand and the Safe Sleep Programme
Risk drivers pose to themselves and other drivers by violating traffic rules
Traffic accidents and heavy episodic drinking among university students
Utilizing the eigenvectors of freeway loop data spatiotemporal schematic for real time crash prediction
Alcohol drinking patterns and risk of functional limitations in two cohorts of older adults
Altered decision-making under risk in obesity
Changes in policy maker attitudes toward active living communities (ALC) issues in Hawaii, 2007-2013
Conditional release of forensic psychiatric patients consistent with or contrary to behavioral experts' recommendations in the Netherlands: prevalence rates, patient characteristics and recidivism after discharge from conditional release
The continued need to balance preparation and scope of practice to meet behavioral health needs
Drinking motives as mediators of the associations between reinforcement sensitivity and alcohol misuse and problems
Drug use on Mont Blanc: a study using automated urine collection
Epidemiologic pattern of fatal traffic injuries among Iranian drivers; 2004-2010
Epidemiology of honeybee sting cases in the state of Ceará, northeastern Brazil
How accurately can your wrist device recognize daily activities and detect falls?
Improved resiliency and well-being among military personnel in a Swedish Naval Force after a counter-piracy operation off the coast of Somalia
Interparental violence and the mediating role of parental availability in children's trauma related symptoms
Investigation of mental health in patients with medically unexplained physical symptoms‎
Knowing what we don't know: long-term psychiatric outcomes following adult concussion in sports
Match injuries in amateur Rugby Union: a prospective cohort study
Mental health services and R&D in South Korea
Monitoring and predicting the risk of violence in residential facilities. No difference between patients with history or with no history of violence
Motorists' knowledge, attitudes and practices towards alcohol-impaired driving/riding in Ghana
Pedestrian Road Crossing Behavior (PEROB): development and psychometric evaluation
Personal and familial predictors of peer victimization trajectories from primary to secondary school
Potentially unsafe activities and living conditions of older adults with dementia
Burns and epilepsy among women living in rural area homes
Progression from first drink, first intoxication, and regular drinking to alcohol use disorder: a comparison of African American and European American youth
Prospective evaluation of posttraumatic stress disorder in injured patients with and without orthopedic injury
Psychological factors in exceptional, extreme and torturous environments
The relationship between personality traits, the 5HTT polymorphisms, and the occurrence of anxiety and depressive symptoms in elite athletes
Risk factors of direct heat-related hospital admissions during the 2009 heatwave in Adelaide, Australia: a matched case-control study
Risk-taking, delay discounting, and time perspective in adolescent gamblers: an experimental study
The roles of gender and personality factors in vandalism and scrawl-graffiti among Swedish adolescents
Structure of rapid response car operations in an urban trauma service
Self-reported verbal abuse in 1300+ older women within a private, tertiary women's health clinic
Severe traumatic brain injury in children: a vision for the future
Sex-based differences as a predictor of recovery trajectories in young athletes after a sports-related concussion: letter to the editor
Sex-based differences as a predictor of recovery trajectories in young athletes after a sports-related concussion: response
A systematic review of psychiatric, psychological, and behavioural outcomes following mild traumatic brain injury in children and adolescents
Tracking restoration of park and urban street settings in coronary artery disease patients
The Tripod School Climate Index: an invariant measure of school safety and relationships
Use of private motor vehicle transportation for taking children to school in São Paulo Metropolitan Area, Brazil, 1997-2012
Use of the Violence Risk Scale-Sexual Offender Version and the Stable 2007 to assess dynamic sexual violence risk in a sample of treated sexual offenders
Validation of the French Version of Conners' Parent Rating Scale Revised, Short Version: factorial structure and reliability
A value-critical choice analysis of a policy to prevent suicide in veterans and service members
Work-related motor vehicle injuries among workers at a banking institution (2007-2013)
Work-related common mental disorders in Navarra, Spain (2009-2012)
3D scale for awareness, attitude, stigma of addiction
Analysis of aggression levels in individual and team athletes
Co-morbidities, complications and causes of death among people with femoral neck fracture - a three-year follow-up study
Commentary: U.S. mortality, geography, and the anti-social determinants of health
Deliberate self-harm among Chinese medical students: a population-based study
Depression among Mexican women: the impact of nonviolent coercive control, intimate partner violence and employment status
Domestic violence and abuse
Domestic violence awareness and prevention among married women in central Anatolia
Dysfunctional stress responses in chronic pain
An early intervention for psychosis and its effect on criminal accusations and suicidal behaviour using a matched-cohort design
The effect of metropolitan-area mortgage delinquency on health behaviors, access to health services, and self-rated health in the United States, 2003-2010
Emergency contraception
Exploring aggressive driving behavior in Pennsylvania's Delaware Valley region
Exposure to physical and sexual violence prior to imprisonment predicts mental health and substance use treatments in prison populations
Gender differences in burns: a study from emergency centres in the Western Cape, South Africa
Hidden wholesale: the drug diffusing capacity of online drug cryptomarkets
Intimate partner violence in the African American community: risk, theory, and interventions
Italian credit mobility students significantly increase their alcohol intake, risky drinking and related consequences during the study abroad experience
Male and female physical intimate partner violence and socio-economic position: a cross-sectional international multicentre study in Europe
Measuring functioning and disability after a disaster: results from the typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda-affected areas of the Philippines
The mental health of sexually trafficked female survivors in Nepal
Neural correlates of retaliatory and prosocial reactions to social exclusion: associations with chronic peer rejection
An overview of child neglect and abuse: types, causes, impact and prevention
Perceptual demand and distraction interactions mediated by task-control networks
Personality profile of binge drinking in university students is modulated by sex. A study using the Alternative Five Factor Model
Predicting and analyzing the trend of traffic accidents deaths in Iran in 2014 and 2015
Prevalence of road traffic accidents; admitted in one surgical ward at Allied Hospital Faisalabad during one year
Psychiatric emergencies
Psychometric investigation of the Brief Child Abuse Potential Inventory in mothers on opioid substitution therapy
Reducing drinking to cope among heavy episodic drinking college women: secondary outcomes of a web-based combined alcohol use and sexual assault risk reduction intervention
Responses of police officers to cases of officer domestic violence: effects of demographic and professional factors
Small female ribcage fracture in frontal sled tests
A statewide study of the public's knowledge of child abuse reporting laws
Surfing USA: an epidemiological study of surfing injuries presenting to US EDs 2002 to 2013
Zeroing in on violent recidivism among released prisoners
Underestimating the alcohol content of a glass of wine: the implications for estimates of mortality risk
Traffic accidentability and risky driving behavior in young people in New Caledonia. Results of study Situation Sociale et Comportements de Santé des Jeunes en Nouvelle-Calédonie
The impact of benzodiazepine use on mortality among polysubstance users in Vancouver, Canada
Accident preventive practice for high-rise construction
Aggressive/intrusive behaviours, harassment and stalking of members of the United Kingdom parliament: a prevalence study and cross-national comparison
Assessing the use of failure case studies in civil engineering education
Changes in economic hardship and intimate partner violence: a family stress framework
Characteristics of male patients admitted to an adolescent secure forensic psychiatric hospital
Climate for conflict management, exposure to workplace bullying and work engagement: a moderated mediation analysis
Clinician prediction of future suicide attempts a longitudinal study
Development of continuous speed profile using GPS at Johor Federal Roads F0050
Effects of exposure to domestic physical violence on children's behavior: a Chinese community-based sample
Epidemiological pattern of injuries in Iran; a nationwide review of seven million emergency department admissions
Ethical issues in child and adolescent forensic psychiatry: a review
An epidemiological study of road traffic accident cases at a tertiary care hospital in udaipur
Evidence-based guideline for fall prevention in Korea
Examining psychopathy from an attachment perspective: the role of fear of rejection and abandonment
Gender difference in prescription opioid abuse: a focus on oxycodone and hydrocodone
Gender differences in pedestrian perception and satisfaction on the walkability of Kuala Lumpur city center
Imitation, myth and violence, today and in the past
Identifying deviant sexual interest in a sex offender sample using dual-target rapid serial visual presentation task
The influence of childhood trauma on sexual violence and sexual deviance in adulthood
Intimate partner violence in cohabiting families: reports by multiple informants and associations with adolescent outcomes
Knowledge and attitude of Iranian Red Crescent Society volunteers in dealing with bioterrorist attacks
Manipulative relational behaviour and delinquency: sex differences and links with emotional intelligence
Marital violence: prevalence and risk factors
Misuse of prescription opioid medication among women: a scoping review
Modeling zero - inflated regression of road accidents at Johor Federal Road F001
National action plan for adverse drug event prevention: recommendations for safer outpatient opioid use
National profile of Latino/Latina children reported to the child welfare system for sexual abuse
Patient characteristics and outcomes in unintentional, non-fatal prescription opioid overdoses: a systematic review
Perspectives on treating couples impacted by intimate partner violence
Self-report rates of physical and sexual violence among Spanish inmates by mental illness and gender
Screening for intimate partner violence: understanding SAFE
Physician continuing education to reduce opioid misuse, abuse, and overdose: many opportunities, few requirements
Public housing residents' neighbors and neighborhood: good, neutral, or troublesome/unstable
The relationship of stressors and stress on injury incident of construction workers in Penang
Sense of community: is it a protective factor for military veterans?
Service evaluation of electronic monitoring (GPS tracking) in a medium secure forensic psychiatry setting
Student-athletes' views on APOE genotyping for increased risk of poor recovery after a traumatic brain injury
Substance Related Offending Behaviour Programme (SROBP): an exploration of gender responsivity and treatment acceptance issues for female prisoners
The testosterone/cortisol ratio moderates the proneness to anger expression in antisocial and borderline intimate partner violence perpetrators
Unintended consequences of concussion prevention in NCAA football
Trends in older adult nonmedical prescription drug use prevalence: results from the 2002-2003 and 2012-2013 National Survey on Drug Use and Health
Which suicides increase during the economic crisis? A commentary and a proposal
When does child maltreatment occur? Daily variations in child maltreatment among families served by the U.S. Air Force Family Advocacy Program
Welfare workers' cultural models of domestic violence
The vulnerability assessment forest fire in Jeju to climate change using the VESTAP
Beyond awareness of 'difference' and towards social action: 'solidarity practice' alongside young people
Blue-blocking glasses as additive treatment for mania: a randomized placebo-controlled trial
Disaster-related prenatal maternal stress explains increasing amounts of variance in body composition through childhood and adolescence: Project Ice Storm
The longitudinal associations between substance use, crime, and social risk among emerging adults: a longitudinal within and between-person latent variables analysis
Effects of binge drinking and hangover on response selection sub-processes-a study using EEG and drift diffusion modeling
Health Impacts of the Great Recession: A Critical Review
Parents Plus systemic, solution-focused parent training programs: description, review of the evidence base, and meta-analysis
Polytherapy and the risk of potentially inappropriate prescriptions (PIPs) among elderly and very elderly patients in three different settings (hospital, community, long-term care facilities) of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, Italy: are the very elderly at higher risk of PIPs?
The prevalence and correlates of self-harm in pregnant women with psychotic disorder and bipolar disorder
The prevalence of headache among athletic university students
Predicting heavy alcohol use in college students: interactions among socialization of coping, alcohol use onset, and physiological reactivity
Reactance to transgressors: why authorities deliver harsher penalties when the social context elicits expectations of leniency
Seatbelt use to save money: impact on hospital costs of occupants who are involved in motor vehicle crashes
Self-regulatory driving behaviours amongst older drivers according to cognitive status
Seasonal and time-trend variation by gender of alcohol-impaired drivers at preventive sobriety checkpoints
Self-harm and suicidality in children referred for gender dysphoria
Self-harm as a risk factor for inpatient aggression among women admitted to forensic psychiatric care
Shoulder injuries in English community rugby union
Analysis of road traffic accidents and ranking of sites severity: a case study of EL Minia / Beni-suef Eastern Desert and Agricultural Roads, Egypt
Associations between parents' perception of neighbourhood environments and safety with physical activity of primary school children in Klang, Selangor, Malaysia
Bystander attitudes to prevent sexual assault: a study of college students in the United States, Japan, India, Vietnam, and China
Carlessness in a car‐centric world: a reconstructive approach to qualitative mobility biographies research
Awareness in primary school teachers regarding traumatic dental injuries in children and their emergency management: a survey in South Jaipur
Childhood trauma and illicit drug use in adolescence: a population-based national comorbidity survey replication-adolescent supplement study
A comparative study of child abuse risk assessment in the United States and Korea
Comparison of Indiana high school football injury rates by inclusion of the USA Football "Heads Up Football" player safety coach
A cross-sectional study to compare levels of psychiatric morbidity between young people and adults exposed to violence in a large urban center
Decreasing popularity of the car? Changes in driving licence and access to a car among young adults over a 25-year period in Norway
Differences in child passenger safety counseling frequency and attitudes by health care provider specialty
Differing patterns in thermal injury incidence and hospitalisations among 0-4 year old children from England
Disaster risk indicators in Brazil: a proposal based on the world risk index
Do extraversion and neuroticism moderate the association between bullying victimization and internalizing symptoms? A three-wave longitudinal study
Does center-based childcare play a role in preventing child maltreatment? Evidence from a one-year follow-up study
Does wine glass size influence sales for on-site consumption? A multiple treatment reversal design
Effect of affordable technology on physical activity levels and mobility outcomes in rehabilitation: a protocol for the Activity and MObility UsiNg Technology (AMOUNT) rehabilitation trial
Effective factors in severity of traffic accident-related traumas; an epidemiologic study based on the Haddon matrix
Effects of natural disasters on social and economic well being: a study in Nigeria
Evaluation of knowledge regarding shaken baby syndrome among parents and medical staff
For better or worse: friendship choices and peer victimization among ethnically diverse youth in the first year of middle school
Gender differences in sexually abused children and adolescents: a multicenter study in Turkey
Gendered sexual uses of alcohol and associated risks: a qualitative study of Nigerian University students
Gun violence, mental illness, and laws that prohibit gun possession: evidence from two Florida counties
Oklahoma tornado risk and variability: a statistical model
Parent health literacy, depression, and risk for pediatric injury
Personal and environmental predictors of depression among victims of intimate partner violence: comparison of immigrant and Israeli-born women
Physical intimate partner violence and low birth weight in newborns from primary health care units of the city of Rio de Janeiro
Prescription drug misuse and associated risk behaviors among public high school students in Oklahoma: data from the 2013 Oklahoma Youth Risk Behavior Survey
Alcoholic abstinence in elderly subjects with misuse of alcohol
Changes in risk factors for young male suicide in Newcastle upon Tyne, 1961-2009
An extremely rare case of penetrating head injury caused by a nasal implant made of an ivory chip and a review of the literature
Immediate effects of alcohol marketing communications and media portrayals on consumption and cognition: a systematic review and meta-analysis of experimental studies
Incidence rates of deliberate self-harm in Denmark 1994-2011
Individuals at high risk for suicide are categorically distinct from those at low risk
Influence of alcohol and other substances of abuse at the time of injury among patients in a Norwegian emergency department
Injuries in world junior ice hockey championships between 2006 and 2015
Longitudinal associations between parental monitoring discrepancy and delinquency: an application of the latent congruency model
Measuring individual differences in responses to date-rape vignettes using latent variable models
Non-medical prescription opioid use predicts injection initiation among street-involved youth
Pattern of head injuries (cranio-cerebral) due to homicide in association with other injuries: a retrospective post-mortem study autopsied at Dhaka Medical College Morgue House
Perceived and objective measures of neighborhood environment for physical activity among Mexican adults, 2011
Perceived severity of and susceptibility to overdose among injection drug users: relationships with overdose history
Prescriptions filled following an opioid-related hospitalization
Prevalence of prescription and non-prescription drugs-related overdoses at emergency departments in Amman--a cross sectional study
Reasons for non-disclosure of sexual orientation among behaviorally bisexual men: non-disclosure as stigma management
Revising probability estimates: why increasing likelihood means increasing impact
Risk and protective factors for suicidal behaviors among Pacific youth in New Zealand
Safety in the C-suite: how chief executive officers influence organizational safety climate and employee injuries
Screening for risk factors: if you liked it then you should have put a number on it
Supplemental security income benefits for mental disorders
Symptom-guided emergency department discharge instructions for children with concussion
The way to a man's heart is through his stomach? A mixed methods study on causal mechanisms through which cash and in-kind food transfers decreased intimate partner violence
Subjective socioeconomic status causes aggression: a test of the theory of social deprivation
Two-generation psychiatric intervention in the prevention of early childhood maltreatment recidivism
Unintentional home injury prevention in preschool children: a study of contributing factors
Using eye tracking and gaze pattern analysis to test a "dirty bomb" decision aid in a pilot RCT in urban adults with limited literacy
Rape myths and the cross-cultural adaptation of the Illinois Rape Myth Acceptance Scale in China
Prevalence and correlates of sex exchange among a nationally representative sample of adolescents and young adults
Psychological variables and Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-IV performance
Quality of life in adolescents and adults with CHARGE syndrome
Rates of intimate partner violence perpetration and victimization among adults with ADHD
Relapse and risk-taking among Iranian methamphetamine abusers undergoing matrix treatment model
The relationship between background characteristics and death anxiety in times of war: a comparison between three generations Arab and Jewish families in Israel
Epidemiology of child injuries in Uganda: challenges for health policy
Characteristics of youth presenting to a Canadian youth concurrent disorders program: clinical complexity, trauma, adaptive functioning and treatment priorities
Classroom and teacher support in kindergarten: associations with the behavioral and academic adjustment of low-income students
Could cannabidiol be used as an alternative to antipsychotics?
Demographics, health, and risk behaviors of young adults who drink energy drinks and coffee beverages
Determinants of car ownership among young households in the Netherlands: the role of urbanisation and demographic and economic characteristics
Disparities in health, health care access, and life experience between American Indian and White adults in South Dakota
Does psychotherapy work with school-aged youth? A meta-analytic examination of moderator variables that influence therapeutic outcomes
Energy drinks consumption in Italian adolescents: preliminary data of social, psychological and behavioral features
Falls and fear of falling after stroke: a case-control study
Exploring the role of the environmental context in the spatial distribution of calls-for-service associated with emotionally disturbed persons
Hour glass half full or half empty? Future time perspective and preoccupation with negative events across the life span
Forgiveness, revenge, and adherence to Islam as moderators for psychological wellbeing and depression among survivors of the 1990 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait
Religious Muslim American mothers' perceptions of child behavior problems
After migration: acculturation of attitudes towards homosexuality among Polish immigrants in Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands and the UK
Impulsivity, working memory, and impaired control over alcohol: a latent variable analysis
The incidence of post-traumatic stress disorder among survivors after earthquakes: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Including youth violence screening on previsit questionnaires and the effect on other health risk behavior discussions
Individual- and relationship-level factors related to better mental health outcomes following child abuse: results from a nationally representative Canadian sample
Instruments to assess intimate partner violence: a scoping review of the literature
Interpreting change on the neurobehavioral symptom inventory and the PTSD checklist in military personnel
Intimate partner violence and pregnant and parenting adolescents in out-of-home care: reflections on a data set and implications for intervention
Intimate partner violence within LGBTQ+ samples: a systematic review
Investigating a longitudinal trajectory of child obesity and its association with child maltreatment in South Korea
Iranian women's strategies for coping with domestic violence
Long-term relationships between perceived social support and posttraumatic stress after the 2011 Oslo bombing: a three-year longitudinal study
Mapping ridership using crowdsourced cycling data
Meta analysis for interventional effect on unexpected injury among children and adolescents in China
Mothers of sexual assault victims how women "do mother" after their child has been sexually assaulted
Motives, perceptions and experiences of electric bicycle owners and implications for health, wellbeing and mobility
Multiple emergency resource allocation for concurrent incidents in natural disasters
Navigating identities: subtle and public agency of bicultural gay youth
Pathological internet use is on the rise among European adolescents
Performance in a GO/NOGO perceptual task reflects a balance between impulsive and instrumental components of behaviour
Post-traumatic stress symptoms in children and adolescents with chronic pain: a topical review of the literature and a proposed framework for future research
Responsibility and liability in emergency management to natural disasters: a Canadian example
A review of the research in emotionally focused therapy for couples
Safety climate as an indicator for major accident risk: can we use safety climate as an indicator on the plant level?
Safety criteria for the trafficability of inundated roads in urban floodings
Sexual victimization and benefit expectations of risky behavior among female college students
Socioeconomic factors and burns: The challenges of poverty and social gradient in our tumultuous world
Spatial variations in the consumption of illicit stimulant drugs across Australia: a nationwide application of wastewater-based epidemiology
Strategies for improving safety performance in construction firms
Strategies in primary healthcare to implement early identification of risky alcohol consumption: why do they work or not? A qualitative evaluation of the ODHIN study
Structural inequality and social support for women prisoners released to rural communities
Suicide rates and methods in active duty military personnel, 2005 to 2011: a cohort study
Suicide surveillance and health systems in Nepal: a qualitative and social network analysis
Teacher-student relationships and adolescent behavioral engagement and rule-breaking behavior: the moderating role of dopaminergic genes
Trauma-related guilt mediates the relationship between posttraumatic stress disorder and suicidal ideation in OEF/OIF/OND veterans
Victimization exposure and psychosocial functioning among school-aged children: the role of moderating and mediating variables
Violent and nonviolent youth offenders: preliminary evidence on group subtypes
What accounts for the fluctuations in fatal traffic accidents in Russia?
What constitutes a global baseline for worldwide casualties from catastrophes?
What women want: social characteristics, gender-based violence and social support preferences in a cohort of women living with HIV
What's so different about differential response? A multilevel and longitudinal analysis of child neglect investigations
When the social discourse on violation behaviours is challenged by the perception of everyday life experiences: effects of non-accident experiences on offending attitudes and habits
Leishmaniasis, conflict, and political terror: a spatio-temporal analysis
Maternal sensitivity and effortful control in early childhood as predictors of adolescents' adjustment: the mediating roles of peer group affiliation and social behaviors
Parental and adolescent health behaviors and pathways to adulthood
Descriptive epidemiology of burns in a health district : example of the Northern Franche-Comté Territory during 2014 .
A primrose path? Moderating effects of age and gender in the association between green space and mental health
Risk and protective factors affecting sexual risk behavior among school-aged adolescents in Fiji, Kiribati, Samoa, and Vanuatu
Sexual coercion, trauma, and sex work in justice-involved women with substance use disorders
What is pregaming and how prevalent is it among U.S. college students? An introduction to the special issue on pregaming
Where next with theory and research on how the school environment influences young people's substance use?
What physical performance measures predict incident cognitive decline among intact older adults? A 4.4 year follow up study
What torture survivors teach assessors about being more fully human
When restoration fails: one state's answer to the dilemma of permanent incompetence
Trauma as a contributor to violence in autism spectrum disorder
Understanding help-seeking intentions in male military cadets: an application of perceptual mapping
Acculturative stress as a moderator for international student drinking behaviors and alcohol use consequences
Alcohol use in an academic medical school environment: a UC San Diego Healer Education Assessment and Referral (HEAR) report
Alcohol's involvement in an array of harms to intimate partners
Analysis of trends in adolescent suicides and accidental deaths in England and Wales, 1972-2011
Assessment of psychological and psycho-physiological problems among visually impaired adolescents
Association between road accidents and low-grade hepatic encephalopathy among Sri Lankan drivers with cirrhosis: a prospective case control study
Attention bias in the developmental unfolding of posttraumatic stress symptoms in young children at risk
Between perception and reality: towards an assessment of socio-territorial discomfort in L'Aquila (Central Italy) after the earthquak
Brain injury and discrimination: two competing models-perceptions of responsibility and dangerousness
Caregiving for mental health service users: a study exploring the perceptions of mental health service users and their caregivers in Cape Town, South Africa
Changes in attitudes toward guns and shootings following implementation of the Baltimore Safe Streets intervention
The characteristics of young Indigenous drink drivers in Queensland, Australia
Childhood sexual abuse and supportive factors
Can human rights standards help protect children and youth from the detrimental impact of alcohol beverage marketing and promotional activities?
Cognitive bias as a mediator in the relation between fear-enhancing parental behaviors and anxiety symptoms in children: a cross-sectional study
A comparison of African American and Caucasian stimulant users in 12-step facilitation treatment
Couple-level economic and career concerns and intimate partner violence in young adulthood
Correlates of cumulative sexual risk behaviors among African American youth living in public housing
Congruence and incongruence in adolescents' and parents' perceptions of the family: using response surface analysis to examine links with adolescents' psychological adjustment
A Danish survey of antihistamine use and poisoning patterns
Difficulties experienced by university students with severe mental illness who participate in supported education programs
Disastrous but preventable: road traffic accidents
Disease burden attributed to alcohol: how methodological advances in the Global Burden of Disease 2013 study have changed the estimates in Sweden
The Drinking Motives Questionnaire among Swedish psychiatric patients: an exploration of the four-factor structure
DUI recidivism by intervention adherence: a multiple risk factor approach
Education, perception factors, and prevention of intimate partner violence: empirical research on Chinese university students' perceptions and attitudes concerning intimate partner violence
Empowering adolescent girls in socially conservative settings: impacts and lessons learned from the Ishraq program in rural Upper Egypt
Environmental risk factors contributing to traffic accidents in children: a case-control study
Epidemiology of U.K. military burns 2008-2013
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Frequency and intensity of alcohol consumption: new evidence from Sweden
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Bridging a historical gap: can changes in perceptions of law enforcement and social deterrence accelerate the prevention of drunk driving in low and middle-income countries?
Bullying victimization and emotional distress: is there strength in numbers for vulnerable youth?
Accident causation factor analysis of traffic accidents using rough relational analysis
The bowtie method: a review
The burden of road traffic injuries in Kermanshah Province, Iran, in 2010-2011: GBD 2010 method
College status, perceived drinking norms, and alcohol use among sexual minority women
A conceptual framework for understanding the role of adverse childhood experiences in pediatric chronic pain
A cross sectional study of domestic violence in ever married women in urban slum of Latur
Describing and predicting of the vegetation development of Corsica due to expected climate change and its impact on forest fire risk evolution
Developing and testing an internal audit tool of the psychosocial work environment in the oil and gas industry
Differentiating intimate partner homicide from other homicide: a Swedish population-based study of perpetrator, victim, and incident characteristics
Dimensions of aberrant driving behaviours in Tunisia: identifying the relation between Driver Behaviour Questionnaire results and accident data
Domestic violence and its relationship with quality of life in Iranian women of reproductive age
Effects of intuition and deliberation on escape judgment and decision-making under different complexities of crisis situations
Evaluating the relationships of bus transit with street and off-street robberies
Experimental study on physiological changes of people trapped in coal mine accidents
Exploring the association of rear-end crash propensity and micro-scale driver behavior
Exploring effectiveness of safety information for workplace visitors
Factors responsible for road traffic accidents in India: an analysis
Frequency of intimate partner violence history in gynecologic and breast cancers
Implicit measures of child abuse and neglect: a systematic review
Improving identification of strangulation injuries in domestic violence: pilot data from a researcher-practitioner collaboration
An intelligent framework for productivity assessment and analysis of human resource from resilience engineering, motivational factors, HSE and ergonomics perspectives
Knowing me knowing you: key players and their interactions within the young driver road safety system
Measuring urban streetscapes for livability: a review of approaches
A meta-analysis of the effectiveness of trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy and play therapy for child victims of abuse
Minority stress and intimate partner violence perpetration among lesbians: negative affect, hazardous drinking, and intrusiveness as mediators
Modelling the predictors of intention in workplace safety compliance of a multi-ethnic workforce
Pediatric head injury: the incidence of multiple injuries
Proactive pedestrian safety evaluation at unprotected mid-block crosswalk locations under mixed traffic conditions
Risk-based crowd massing early warning approach for public places: a case study in China
The relationship between electronic gaming machine accessibility and police-recorded domestic violence: a spatio-temporal analysis of 654 postcodes in Victoria, Australia, 2005-2014
Psychological and background correlates of bullying in adolescent residential care
Selection of maritime safety control options for NUC ships using a hybrid group decision-making approach
Tracking safety performance in construction: a focused approach to the measurement of fatal and non-fatal injuries, 2003-2012
Transferability of the youth foyer model for women exiting the criminal justice system
Transmission of violence from family of origin to current family in women who referred to the court: investigate the transmission of violence from one generation to another generation
Using very toxic or especially hazardous chemical substances in a research and teaching institution
Visual representation of safety narratives
Zero vision and a Western salvation narrative
Causes of death among children aged 5 to 14 years old from 2008 to 2013 in Kersa Health and Demographic Surveillance System (Kersa HDSS), Ethiopia
A cultural and contextual analysis of health concepts and needs of women in a rural district of Nepal
Development of a practice framework for improving nurses' responses to intimate partner violence
The enhanced knowledge translation and exchange framework for road safety: a brief report on its development and potential impacts
Examining the relationship between school climate and peer victimization among students in military-connected public schools
Intimate partner violence trends in Brazil: data from two waves of the Brazilian National Alcohol and Drugs Survey
A latent profile analysis of drinking patterns among nonstudent emerging adults
Mental health surveillance after the terrorist attacks in Paris
On the incidence and prevalence of child maltreatment: a research agenda
Pathology of social violence phenomenon in Ardabil Province: a qualitative study
Perceptions of health and safety among immigrant Latino/a dairy workers in the U.S.
Personality profiles in adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
Personality psychopathology differentiates risky behaviors among women with bulimia nervosa
The relationship between emotional intelligence and cool and hot cognitive processes: a systematic review
The role of exposure on differences in driver death rates by gender and age: results of a quasi-induced method on crash data in Spain
Trait impulsivity and anhedonia: two gateways for the development of impulse control disorders in Parkinson's disease?
The unexpected effects of beneficial and adverse social experiences during adolescence on anxiety and aggression and their modulation by genotype
Violent victimization among disadvantaged young adults exposed to early family conflict and abuse: a 24-year prospective study of the victimization cycle across gender
Who actually receives cell phone use while driving citations and how much are these laws enforced among states? A descriptive, cross-sectional study
Interacting effect of MAOA genotype and maternal prenatal smoking on aggressive behavior in young adulthood
Health status perception among the elderly of L'Aquila after the 2009 earthquake
Impact of risk attitudes and perception on game theoretic driving interactions and safety
Incidence rate of mild traumatic brain injury among patients who have suffered from an isolated limb fracture: upper limb fracture patients are more at risk
Influence of biological factors on injuries occurrence in the Polish population
The influence of childhood adversity on rural black men's sexual risk behavior
Injury profiles, demography and representativeness of patients with TBI attending a regional emergency department
Insights into the genetic foundation of aggression in Papio and the evolution of two length-polymorphisms in the promoter regions of serotonin-related genes (5-HTTLPR and MAOALPR) in Papionini
Racial and ethnic differences in injury prevention behaviors among caregivers of infants
Racial disparities in cranial gunshot wounds: intent and survival
Rape myth acceptance, efficacy, and heterosexual scripts in men's magazines: factors associated with intentions to sexually coerce or intervene
Retrospective study of injury rates among children and adults in the Lublin Region of Poland
Ruptured globe due to a bird attack
Screening for mental health problems: addressing the base rate fallacy for a sustainable screening program in integrated primary care
Sports-related head injuries in adolescents: a comprehensive update
State narcissism and aggression: the mediating roles of anger and hostile attributional bias
Underreporting of ecstasy use among high school seniors in the US
Victim characteristics, situational factors, and the lethality of urban gun violence
Trends in abuse of biogenic drugs in parts of Germany 2007-2013
Threats to security and ischaemic heart disease deaths: the case of homicides in Mexico
Accuracy of self-report as a method of screening for lifetime occurrence of traumatic brain injury events that resulted in hospitalization
Adolescent cannabis use and repeated voluntary unprotected sex in women
Advancing measurement of intimate partner violence
Advancing survey science for intimate partner violence: the Partner Victimization Scale and other innovations
Aggression among adolescent victims of school bullying: protective roles of family and school connectedness
Alcohol use among Hispanic college students along the US/Mexico border
Alcohol use variability in a community-based sample of nonstudent emerging adult heavy drinkers
Analysis of accidental deaths in females and its prevention: 2 yr study
Anger intensification with combat-related PTSD and depression comorbidity
Association analysis between urbanization and non-communicable diseases and health-related behavior
Behavioral economic indicators of drinking problem severity and initial outcomes among problem drinkers attempting natural recovery: a cross-sectional naturalistic study
Broken and guilty since it happened: a population study of trauma-related shame and guilt after violence and sexual abuse
Burn injury in Mottahari Burn Center in Tehran, Iran
Cannabinoids reverse the effects of early stress on neurocognitive performance in adulthood
Changing orientations to corporal punishment: a randomized, control trial of the efficacy of a motivational approach to psycho-education
Life style of bus drivers in 2014-2015
The determination of cognitive-behavioral features of bus and truck drivers during road accidents in 2013-2014
Adult attachment styles, destructive conflict resolution, and the experience of intimate partner violence
Applying a human-centred process to re-design equipment and work environments
A case study: the development of safety tip sheets for ATV use in ranching
Childhood sexual abuse and two stages of cigarette smoking in African-American and European-American young women
A comparison study on rate and causes of under 5 years old deaths in Iran, eastern Mediterranean region and the world
Conceptual and methodological issues in evaluations of road safety countermeasures
Correlates of attempted suicide from the emergency room of 2 general hospitals in Montreal, Canada
Domestic violence against women in India- the truth of our society
Dental opioid prescribing and multiple opioid prescriptions among dental patients: administrative data from the South Carolina prescription drug monitoring program
Effect of planed teaching programme for mothers of primary school children on knowledge regarding sexual abuse and its prevention in a selected school at Ernakulam District, Kerala
An engineering or behavioural approach? A study into employees' perceptions regarding the effectiveness of occupational road safety initiatives
Epidemiological pattern of road traffic injuries among Iranian motorcyclists in 2012
Evaluating the specificity of community injury hospitalization data over time
The experiences of people living with epilepsy in developing countries: a systematic review of qualitative evidence
Exploratory factor analysis and psychometric evaluation of the healthcare provider attitudes toward the child maltreatment reporting scale
Fall-related psychological concerns and anxiety among community-dwelling older adults: systematic review and meta-analysis
Family rejection as a predictor of suicide attempts and substance misuse among transgender and gender nonconforming adults
A first look at natural mentoring among preadolescent foster children
The geography of child maltreatment: a spatiotemporal analysis using Bayesian hierarchical analysis with integrated nested Laplace approximation
The girl is mine: reframing intimate partner violence and sex work as intersectional spaces of gender-based violence
The impact of enrolment in methadone maintenance therapy on initiation of heavy drinking among people who use heroin
Influence of cognitive biases in distorting decision making and leading to critical unfavorable incidents
Interventions incorporating physical and cognitive elements to reduce falls risk in cognitively impaired older adults
Item response theory properties of the internalizing disorders in adolescents
Missed opportunities to keep children safe? National survey of injury prevention activities of children's centres
Occupational stress of the nonmedical personnel at a training hospital
Perceptions of undergraduate students of University of Ilorin on the causes of domestic violence against women
Predicting inept discipline: the role of parental depressive symptoms, anger, and attributions
Predicting suicide following self-harm: a systematic review of risk factors and risk scales
Problematic sexual behavior in a patient of 48, XXYY syndrome: a case report
Provider screening and counseling for intimate partner violence: a systematic review of practices and influencing factors
Quality of Austrian and Dutch falls-prevention information: a comparative descriptive study
A review on all terrain vehicle safety
Road traffic injuries among Iranian children and adolescents: an epidemiological review
The role of parental depressive symptoms in predicting dysfunctional discipline among parents at high-risk for child maltreatment
Women and domestic violence
The role of road crashes on the growth of value added in transport sector
The role of safety equipment in reduction of head and face injuries in motorcycle and car accidents
Utilizing the ecological integration model to understand parental abuse of children with dyslexia
Safety inspectorates and safety performance: a tentative analysis for aviation and rail in Norway
The salience of alcohol-related issues across the adult lifespan
Screening for ADHD among offenders of intimate partner violence
Seat belt survey along Petroleum Training Institute Road (PTI -Road) Effurun, Delta State
A systematic review of literature on child sexual abuse in Saudi Arabia
Use of benzylglycinamide by a HIV-seropositive polysubstance user: the changing pattern of novel psychoactive substance use among youths
Characteristic substance misuse profiles among youth entering an urban emergency department: neighborhood correlates and behavioral comorbidities
Characteristics of non-suicidal self-injury in women accessing internet help sites
Child maltreatment and ADHD symptoms in a sample of young adults
Children's narratives of alleged child sexual abuse offender behaviors and the manipulation process
Chronic pain experience on depression and physical disability: the importance of acceptance and mindfulness-based processes in a sample with rheumatoid arthritis
Climate resiliency: a unique multi-hazard mitigation approach
American Muslim women and domestic violence service seeking a literature review
Assessing self-reported clinical high risk symptoms in community-derived adolescents: a psychometric evaluation of the Prodromal Questionnaire-Brief
Association between childhood psychiatric disorders and psychotic experiences in adolescence: a population-based longitudinal study
Association between gun law reforms and intentional firearm deaths in Australia, 1979-2013
Firearms theft in New Zealand -- lessons for crime and injury prevention
Gun-related deaths: how Australia stepped off "the American path"
The attributable proportion of specific leisure-time physical activities to total leisure activity volume among US adults, National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 1999-2006
Child maltreatment and problem gambling: a systematic review
Complete street intervention for walking to transit, non-transit walking, and bicycling: a quasi-experimental demonstration of increased use
Correlates of leisure time physical inactivity in a Scandinavian population: a basis for interventions
Couple-focused prevention at the transition to parenthood, a randomized trial: effects on coparenting, parenting, family violence, and parent and child adjustment
Demographic properties of civilians with blast injuries in Southeastern Anatolia region
Effect of theory of mind and peer victimization on the schizotypy-aggression relationship
Evaluating the effectiveness of the SMART contract-signing strategy in reducing the growth of Swedish Adolescents' substance use and problem behaviors
Day workers suffering from a wider range of sleep problems are more likely to experience suicidality
An ecological path model of use of violence among African American adolescents
From clozapine to cognitive remediation: a review of biological and psychosocial treatments for violence in schizophrenia
If we build it, will they come? A qualitative study of key stakeholder opinions on the implementation of a videogame intervention for risk reduction in adolescents
The incidence of jackal bites and injuries in the Zagreb anti-rabies clinic during the 1995-2014 period
An interdisciplinary approach to fall prevention in a high-risk inpatient pediatric population: a quality improvement project
Is marriage a buzzkill? A twin study of marital status and alcohol consumption
Mindfulness-based program for management of aggression among youth: a follow-up study
Mines systems safety improvement using an integrated event tree and fault tree analysis
Neurobiological bases of alcohol addiction
Nocturnal wakefulness is associated with next-day suicidal ideation in major depressive disorder and bipolar disorder
Nurses' roles in screening for intimate partner violence: a phenomenological study
Optimizing a text message intervention to reduce heavy drinking in young adults: focus group findings
A prehistory of violence? Revolution and martyrs in the making of a political tradition in Kerala
Psychometric properties and normative data for the preschool Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire in two-year-old children
Refugee children have fewer contacts to psychiatric healthcare services: an analysis of a subset of refugee children compared to Danish-born peers
Security infrastructure in German emergency departments
Standardized mortality ratio in patients with schizophrenia - findings from Thirthahalli: a rural South Indian community
Towards more comprehensive projections of urban heat-related mortality: estimates for New York City under multiple population, adaptation, and climate scenarios
Traffic crash liability determination: Danger and Dodge model
Trajectories of adolescent hostile-aggressive behavior and family climate: Longitudinal implications for young adult romantic relationship competence
Transnational mortality comparisons between Archipelago and Mainland Puerto Ricans
Trauma and deliberate self-harm among inpatient adolescents: the moderating role of anxiety sensitivity
Twenty-three-year long-term health outcome after the war in Vukovar
Two-year findings from a national effectiveness trial: effectiveness of behavioral and non-behavioral parenting programs
Women's self-report of sexual victimization: an experimental examination of the influence of race, mode of inquiry, setting, and researcher contact
Bridging the gaps: a global review of intersections of violence against women and violence against children
Case series of synthetic cannabinoid intoxication from one toxicology center
Causal effects of language on the exchange of social support in an online community
Characteristics and circumstances of injuries vary with ethnicity of different population groups living in the same country
Child abuse and neglect among children who drop out of school: a study in Izmir, Turkey
Communicating parent community at prevention meetings in Norwegian schools
Community detoxification for alcohol dependence: a systematic review
Community reintegration problems among veterans and active duty service members with traumatic brain injury
COMT and DAT1 genes are associated with hyperactivity and inattention traits in the 1993 Pelotas Birth Cohort: evidence of sex-specific combined effect
Conducting qualitative interviews by telephone: lessons learned from a study of alcohol use among sexual minority and heterosexual women
Consequential rather than 'significant' results
Contradiction and complacency shape attitudes towards the toll of roads on wildlife
Contributing factors and severity of serious single-passenger vehicle collisions in Beijing
Contributions of risk and protective factors to prediction of psychological symptoms after traumatic experiences
Correction: Is working risky or protective for married adolescent girls in urban slums in Kenya? Understanding the association between working status, savings and intimate-partner violence
Correlates of conduct disorder among inmates of a Nigerian Borstal Institution
Crash frequency modeling using real-time environmental and traffic data and unbalanced panel data models
Data mining on road safety: factor assessment on vehicle accidents using classification models
Daytime sleepiness is associated with hyperhomocysteinemia in rural area of China: a cross-sectional study
Decision neuroscience: why we become more cautious with age
Demining dogs in Colombia - a review of operational challenges, chemical perspectives, and practical implications
Differences in risk and protective factors for workplace aggression between male and female clinical medical practitioners in Australia
Differential melatonin alterations in cerebrospinal fluid and serum of patients with major depressive disorder and bipolar disorder
Differentiating community dwellers at risk for pathological narcissism from community dwellers at risk for psychopathy using measures of emotion recognition and subjective emotional activation
Discordant reporting of nonmedical opioid use in a nationally representative sample of US high school seniors
Discussions about driving between older adults and primary care providers
Distinct classes of negative alcohol-related consequences in a national sample of incoming first-year college students: a latent class analysis
Don't forget the siblings: school-aged siblings of children presenting to mental health services show at-risk patterns of attachment
Driving performance comparing older versus younger drivers
Effectiveness of internet-delivered cognitive behavioral therapy for posttraumatic stress disorder: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Effectiveness of trigger speed of vehicle-activated signs on mean and standard deviation of speed
Effects of voluntary/involuntary retirement on their own and spouses' depressive symptoms
Efficacy of driving simulator training for novice teen drivers
Elderly pedestrian injuries in Singapore
Emergency information systems for performance assessment value before and after the child abuse and sexual assault of time after medical intervention
Estimation of injury events, rates, and risks from existing databases
Evaluating the association between childhood sexual abuse and attempted suicide across the lifespan: findings from a nationwide study of women in jail
An evaluation of performance measures for hotspot identification
Evolution of functional family therapy as an evidence-based practice for adolescents with disruptive behavior problems
An exploration of paediatric nurses' views of caring for infants who have suffered non-accidental injury
Exploring the effects of state highway safety laws and socio-cultural characteristics on fatal crashes
Exploring the transferability of safety performance functions
Family violence in a sample of children and adolescents with disabilities
Femicide Across Europe COST Action, a transnational cooperation network for the study of and approach to femicide in Europe
Football players' head-impact exposure after limiting of full-contact practices
How to improve adolescent stress responses: insights from integrating implicit theories of personality and biopsychosocial models
Impact of intimate partner violence on primary health care use for children: evidences from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Information sources as explanatory variables for the Belgian health-related risk perception of the fukushima nuclear accident
Injury risks for on-road farm equipment and horse and buggy crashes in PA: 2010-2013
Intimate partner jealousy and femicide among former Ethiopians in Israel
Intimate partner violence among women veterans by sexual orientation
Intimate partner violence and unintended pregnancy among adolescent and young adult married women in south asia
Investigating the influence on safety of retrofitting Italian motorways with barriers meeting a new EU standard
Investigation of powered-two-wheeler accident involvement in urban arterials by considering real-time traffic and weather data
"Likes" for peace: can Facebook promote dialogue in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?
Mentalization of complex emotions in borderline personality disorder: the impact of parenting and exposure to trauma on the performance in a novel cartoon-based task
Motherhood and mental distress: personal stories of mothers who have been admitted for mental health treatment
NekNominate: social norms, social media, and binge drinking
No offense intended: fear of negative evaluation in adolescents and adults with autism spectrum disorder
Normative data of the Magical Ideation Scale from childhood to adulthood in an Italian cohort
Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome and cognition: a review
Parental and school influences on physical activity levels of high school students in hyderabad, pakistan
Parental divorce and initiation of alcohol use in early adolescence
Participation in child protection: a small-scale qualitative study
Patients' resilience and distress over time: is resilience a prognostic indicator of treatment?
Persuasion to use personal protective equipment in constructing subway stations: application of social marketing
Physiotherapy students' attitudes toward psychiatry and mental health: a cross-sectional study
Poverty and behavior problems trajectories from 1.5 to 8 years of age: is the gap widening between poor and non-poor children?
Prevalence and incidence of frailty in community-dwelling older people: Beijing Longitudinal Study of Aging II
Prevalence of depression in Syrian refugees and the influence of religiosity
Prevalence of traffic rule infractions in Cali, Colombia, at sites where injury crashes occurred
Prevalence of violence: male and female seasonal agricultural workers' approach to violence in Turkey
Prevalence of work-related musculoskeletal disorders among non-healthcare working population in different gender at Selangor
Preventing elderly falls
Work zones versus nonwork zones: risk factors leading to rear-end and sideswipe collisions
Transport company safety climate - the impact on truck driver behaviour and crash involvement
Types of childhood trauma and spirituality in adult patients with depressive disorders
Use of the 5 As for teen alcohol use
Using theory to design, implement and evaluate sustained nurse domestic violence screening and supportive care
Violence, silence, and health service provision in Mexico: an arrangement in parts
Visual impairment in children and adolescents in Norway
When anger dominates the mind: increased motor corticospinal excitability in the face of threat
Which dimension of parenting predicts the change of callous unemotional traits in children with disruptive behavior disorder?
Spinal cord injury: a review of the most-cited publications
Sports- and recreation-related concussions in US youth
A study of the connection between coercive measures used in a closed acute psychiatric ward and the socio-demographic and clinical characteristics of the patients involved
Study of the influence of muscle activation on a driver's lower extremity injury
Substance use screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment
Suicidal ideation in pregnancy: an epidemiologic review
Three types of adverse childhood experiences, and alcohol and drug dependence among adults: an investigation using population-based data
Trajectories of marijuana use from late childhood to late adolescence: can temperament × experience interactions discriminate different trajectories of marijuana use?
Transforming the health care response to intimate partner violence: addressing "wicked problems"
Quantifying alcohol-related emergency admissions in a UK tertiary referral hospital: a cross-sectional study of chronic alcohol dependency and acute alcohol intoxication
Questioning risk-based fire and life safety education age priorities
Relevant factors for active pedestrian safety based on 100 real accident reconstructions
Reply to the Letter to the Editor of Van der Put, Assink, & Stams about "Deciding on child maltreatment: A literature review on methods that improve decision-making"
A report on nursing information during volunteer activities conducted by nursing faculty members and students after the Great East Japan Earthquake
Resilience in context: the special case of advanced age
Retrieving administrative data to assess long-term outcomes: a case study of the 23-year follow-up of the Milwaukee domestic violence experiment
A review of ketamine abuse and diversion
Risk factors and risk-based protective factors for violent offending: a study of young Victorians
The risk of male adult alcohol dependence: the role of the adverse childhood experiences and ecological executive function
A safe haven: investigating social-support figures as prepared safety stimuli
School and religious factors impact the neuroticism-grief link in adolescents
Sex differences in claimed and behavioral self-handicapping and ADHD symptomatology in emerging adults
Sex differences in the effect of childhood trauma on the clinical expression of early psychosis
Shame, guilt, and suicide ideation among bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and sadomasochism practitioners: examining the role of the interpersonal theory of suicide
Social anxiety and drinking game participation among university students: the moderating role of drinking to cope
Social imitation of alcohol consumption and ingratiation motives in young adults
Clinical utility of a single-item test for DSM-5 alcohol use disorder among outpatients with anxiety and depressive disorders
Collateral damage: military sexual trauma and help-seeking barriers
Concordant responding on the physical assault/abuse subscales of the Revised Conflict Tactics Scales 2 and Conflict in Adolescent Dating Relationships Inventory
Cost-benefit analysis of fall injuries prevented by a programme of home modifications: a cluster randomised controlled trial
A cross-cultural longitudinal examination of the effect of cumulative adversity on the mental and physical health of older adults
Decomposing change in China's suicide rate, 1990-2010: ageing and urbanisation
Demonstration of vehicular visible light communication based on LED headlamp
Disparities in pedestrian streetscape environments by income and race/ethnicity
Domestic violence in pregnant women: a study conducted in the postpartum period of adolescents and adults
Domestic violence in Sylhet, Bangladesh: analysing the experiences of abused women
The effect of extreme cold temperatures on the risk of death in the two major Portuguese cities
Erratum: Vol. 65, No. SS-6
Evaluation of blast injury patients from the 2015 Tianjin explosions in China
Fathers' experiences of being in change during pregnancy and early parenthood in a context of intimate partner violence
"I need to hear from women who have 'been there'": developing a woman-focused intervention for drug use and partner violence in the emergency department
High incidence of injury at the Sochi 2014 Winter Paralympic Games: a prospective cohort study of 6564 athlete days
Improving fire safety performance
Intersection of caste/ethnic affiliation and poverty among married women in intimate partner violence: the case of Nepal
Intimate partner violence screening practices in California after passage of the Affordable Care Act
Comparing the prevalence of mental health problems in children 6-11 across Europe
Conditioning- and time-dependent increases in context fear and generalization
Daily associations between emotional functioning and alcohol involvement: moderating effects of response inhibition and gender
Delivering cognitive processing therapy in a community health setting: the influence of Latino culture and community violence on posttraumatic cognitions
Democracy and growing inequalities in India
Developing methods of repurposing electronic health record data for identification of older adults at risk of unintentional falls
Discrimination and drinking: a systematic review of the evidence
Does poor school performance cause later psychosocial problems among children in foster care? Evidence from national longitudinal registry data
Early family support interventions: creating context for success
The effect of changes in selected age-specific causes of death on non-Hispanic white life expectancy between 2000 and 2014
The effect of co-occurring substance use on gamma-hydroxybutyric acid withdrawal syndrome
Effect of group activities on health promotion for the community-dwelling elderly
The effect of item order on psychological aggression reporting: an examination with the multidimensional measure of emotional abuse
The effects of local police surges on crime and arrests in New York City
The effects of pharmacological opioid blockade on neural measures of drug cue-reactivity in humans
Efficacy of self-perception after traumatic brain injury
Emergency medicine providers' opioid prescribing practices stratified by gender, age, and years in practice
Emotion regulation and drug abuse: implications for prevention and treatment
An epidemiologic study of childhood sexual abuse and adult sleep disturbances
Evaluation of preventable trauma death in emergency department of Imam Reza hospital
Examination of the divergence in trends for adolescent marijuana use and marijuana-specific risk factors in Washington state
Excess deaths due to occupation
The experience of involuntary detention in acute psychiatric care. A review and synthesis of qualitative studies
Exploring the relationship between general practice characteristics, and attendance at walk-in centres, minor injuries units and EDs in England 2012/2013: a cross-sectional study
Factors associated with perceived depression of Korean adults: secondary data from the Korean Community Health Survey
Familial and contextual influences on children's prosocial behavior: South African caregivers as adult protective shields in enhancing child mental health
A forgotten population: estimating the number of children outside of households in Cambodia
Gender difference in outcomes following trauma-focused interventions for posttraumatic stress disorder: systematic review and meta-analysis
Gender-violence, dyadic-violence, and dyadic concordance types: a conceptual and methodological alternative to Hamby (2016) that incorporates both the gendered and dyadic interaction aspects of violence to enhance research and the safety of women
Handling missing data in large healthcare dataset: a case study of unknown trauma outcomes
Housing as a resource for justice-involved women
The impact of the Teen Outreach Program on sexual intentions and behaviors
Impact of volume change over time on trauma mortality in the United States
Implementation of a trauma service activation and admission policy for very elderly trauma patients: impact on hospital efficiency and patient outcomes
Improving substance use prevention efforts with executive function training
The influence of childhood welfare participation on adulthood substance use: evidence from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health
Integrating affect and impulsivity: the role of positive and negative urgency in substance use risk
Interprovincial variation in antipsychotic and antidepressant prescriptions dispensed in the Canadian pediatric population
Intersections between cardiac physiology, emotion regulation and interpersonal warmth in preschoolers: implications for drug abuse prevention from translational neuroscience
Intersections of family homelessness, CPS involvement, and race in Alameda County, California
Interventions to reduce the risk of violence toward emergency department staff: current approaches
Intimate partner victimization and health risk behaviors among pregnant adolescents
An investigation of PTSD's core dimensions and relations with anxiety and depression
An investigation of the relationship between rumination styles, hope, and suicide ideation through the lens of the Integrated Motivational-Volitional Model of suicidal behavior
Life-stress and reactivity by gender in a longitudinal birth cohort at 30 and 35 years
Lifetime suicidal ideation and attempt in adults with full major depressive disorder versus sustained depressed mood
Longitudinal change in women's sexual victimization experiences as a function of alcohol consumption and sexual victimization history: a latent transition analysis
Maladaptive trauma appraisals mediate the relation between attachment anxiety and PTSD symptom severity
Maternal childhood maltreatment history and child mental health: mechanisms in intergenerational effects
Medicaid expenditures for fee-for-service enrollees with behavioral diagnoses: findings from a 50 state claims analysis
A meta-analytic review of overgeneral memory: the role of trauma history, mood, and the presence of posttraumatic stress disorder
Napping and associated factors: a Japanese nationwide general population survey
Organizational belongingness mediates the relationship between sources of stress and posttrauma outcomes in firefighters
Organized sport trajectories from childhood to adolescence and health associations
Parent perspectives from participating in a family component for CBITS: acceptability of a culturally informed school-based program
Parental suicide attempt and offspring educational attainment during adolescence in the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC) birth cohort
Incidence of spinal cord injury in traumatic patients admitted to a trauma referral center in Guilan
Physical activity and screen time in children and adolescents in a medium size town in the South of Brazil
Physical spouse abuse in a 28-week-pregnant woman: a case report
Physiological response to reward and extinction predicts alcohol, marijuana, and cigarette use two years later
A preliminary investigation of the relationship between emotion dysregulation and partner violence perpetration among individuals with PTSD and alcohol dependence
Prevalence of nocturnal enuresis and related risk factors in school-age children in Egypt: an epidemiological study
Preventing youth internalizing symptoms through the Familias Unidas intervention: examining variation in response
Providing psychological first aid following a disaster
Psychometric testing of an instrument about intimate partner violence
PTSD symptom course during the first year of college
Age-adjusted percentages of adults aged ≥18 years who have epilepsy, by epilepsy status and race/ethnicity - National Health Interview Survey, United States, 2010 and 2013 combined
Reducing premature mortality in the mentally ill through health promotion programs
The relationship between subjective sleep disturbance, sleep quality, and emotion regulation difficulties in a sample of college students reporting trauma exposure
The reliability and predictive validity of the Stalking Risk Profile
Repeated concussions: time to spur action among vulnerable veterans
Resilience-promoting factors in war-exposed adolescents: an epidemiologic study
Risk and protective factors for heavy binge alcohol use among American Indian adolescents utilizing emergency health services
Risk factors for amputation in extremity vascular injuries in Saudi Arabia
Risk factors for DSM-5 posttraumatic stress symptoms (PTSS) among Israeli civilians during the 2014 Israel-Hamas war
Risk factors for in-hospital mortality in smoke inhalation-associated acute lung injury: data from 68 United States hospitals
The role of empathy in violent intimate relationships
The role of technology in peer harassment: does it amplify harm for youth?
The roles of body mass index and jealousy in women's perpetration of sexual coercion
Using child well-being assessments to track progress in family-based reintegration
Youth experiences with multiple types of prejudice-based harassment
Event-level analyses of sex-risk and injection-risk behaviors among nonmedical prescription opioid users
Prescription drug monitoring programs are associated with sustained reductions in opioid prescribing by physicians
Suicide attempts presenting to trauma centers: trends across age groups using the National Trauma Data Bank
A systematic review of opioid and benzodiazepine misuse in older adults
Who cares for children? A descriptive study of care-related data available through global household surveys and how these could be better mined to inform policies and services to strengthen family care
When trauma, spirituality, and mental illness intersect: a qualitative case study
Variations in inpatient rehabilitation functional outcomes across centers in the Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems (TBIMS) Study and the influence of demographics and injury severity on patient outcomes
Seat belt use among adult workers - 21 states, 2013
Spatial distribution of scorpion sting in a high-risk area of southern Iran
Social anxiety and vulnerability for problematic drinking in college students: the moderating role of post-event processing
Shouting and providing: forms of exchange in the drinking accounts of young Australians
Hospitalisation for injuries among Finnish conscripts in 1990-1999
Trends in spinal cord injury
Unintentional injuries at school in China - patterns and risk factors
What we know about offenders who drive under the influence: analysis of court case file reviews
Identifying significant predictors of injury severity in traffic accidents using a series of artificial neural networks
Are car drivers holding a motorcycle licence less responsible for motorcycle-car crash occurrence? A non-parametric approach
Does public education improve rail-highway crossing safety?
Driving speed and the risk of road crashes: a review
Engrossed in conversation: the impact of cell phones on simulated driving performance
Estimating the severity of safety related behaviour
Incidence and risk factors of severe traumatic brain injury resulting from road accidents: a population-based study
The prevalence of, and factors associated with, serious crashes involving a distracting activity
An algorithm for detecting startle state based on physiological signals
Effectiveness of community-based injury prevention. Long-term injury rate levels, changes, and trends for 14 Swedish WHO-designated Safe Communities
The lack of an adult seat belt law in New Hampshire: live free and die?
Hyperactive children as young adults: driving abilities, safe driving behavior, and adverse driving outcomes
The utility of a workplace injury instrument in prediction of workplace injury
The structure of PTSD in active-duty marines across the deployment cycle
Supporting close others' growth after trauma: the role of responsiveness in romantic partners' mutual posttraumatic growth
Systematic review of the relationships between sleep duration and health indicators in school-aged children and youth
Thirty years of research show alcohol to be a cause of intimate partner violence: future research needs to identify who to treat and how to treat them
Traumatic brain injury: does gender influence outcomes?
Trends in cannabis use disorders among racial/ethnic population groups in the United States
Trends in opioid analgesic use in encounters involving physician trainees in U.S. emergency departments
Trends in severe traumatic brain injury in Victoria, 2006-2014
Use of theory in computer-based interventions to reduce alcohol use among adolescents and young adults: a systematic review
Validity of the Immediate Post Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing (ImPACT)
Validity and reliability of the safe driving behavior measure in community-dwelling self-drivers with stroke
Cross-cultural validation of the Reactive-Proactive Aggression Questionnaire (RPQ) using four large samples from the US, Hong Kong, and China
Magnitude and factors associated with intimate partner violence in mainland Tanzania
Media coverage of "wise" interventions can reduce concern for the disadvantaged
Mental health and behavioral outcomes of sexual and nonsexual child maltreatment among child welfare-involved youth
Mind in the gap between neural and social networks - cyberspace and virtual reality in psychiatry and healthcare
Money lending practices and adolescent dating relationship abuse: results from a national sample
Naturalistic speeding data: drivers aged 75 years and older
Nonviolent resistance: helping caregivers reduce problematic behaviors in children and adolescents
Pediatric burns: a single institution retrospective review of incidence, etiology, and outcomes in 2273 burn patients (1995-2013)
The potential of pre-exposure prophylaxis for women in violent relationships
Predicting future physical injury in sports: it's a complicated dynamic system
The prevalence of resident-to-resident elder mistreatment in nursing homes
The prevalence of sexual abuse and sexual assault against Icelandic adolescents
Status report - The Canadian Hospitals Injury Reporting and Prevention Program: a dynamic and innovative injury surveillance system
Too individualistic for safety culture? Non-traffic related work safety among heavy goods vehicle drivers
Transformational and passive leadership as cross-level moderators of the relationships between safety knowledge, safety motivation, and safety participation
Using the solid research base on pregaming to begin intervention development: an epilogue to the special issue on pregaming
A systematic review and meta-analysis of on-road simulator and cognitive driving assessment in Alzheimer's disease and mild cognitive impairment
Tea drinking habits and osteoporotic hip/femur fractures: a case-control study
Safety in numbers for cyclists beyond national-level and city-level data: a study on the non-linearity of risk within the city of Hong Kong
Does neighborhood collective efficacy for families change over time? The Boston Neighborhood Survey
Abuse potential with oral route of administration of a hydrocodone extended-release tablet formulated with abuse-deterrence technology in nondependent, recreational opioid users
Advantages for risk assessment: evaluating learnings from question sets inspired by the FRAM and the risk matrix in a manufacturing environment
Assessment of motor vehicle use characteristics in three Indian cities
A bi-objective bi-level signal control policy for transport of hazardous materials in urban road networks
Auditory hallucinatory beliefs in patients with schizophrenia: association of auditory hallucinations with social interactions, characteristics and emotional behaviors over 3 months
Calibration of nonlinear car-following laws for traffic oscillation prediction
Coloured Petri net-based traffic collision avoidance system encounter model for the analysis of potential induced collisions
Combining speed and acceleration to define car users' safe or unsafe driving behaviour
Comparing mental disorder symptoms among male and female prisoners
A comparative study of self-efficacy for social participation of people with mental illness in Japan and China
Confidence in hybrid collaboration. an empirical investigation of pilots' attitudes towards advanced automated aircraft
Depression, social isolation, and the lived experience of dancing in disadvantaged adults
Designer drugs and the impact on the adolescent user
Dosing of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors among children and adults before and after the FDA black-box warning
Effect of drivers' risk perception on safe driving attitude
Elderly perceptions about road traffic injuries in Shiraz, Southern Iran
The epidemiology of sports-related head injury and concussion in water polo
Evaluating the efficacy of an accelerometer-based method for drowsy driving detection
Factors of depressive symptoms among elementary, middle, and high school students
Fatal fentanyl: one pill can kill
Firearm ownership and acquisition among parents with risk factors for self-harm or other violence
From Twitter to detector: real-time traffic incident detection using social media data
Gardening/yard work and depressive symptoms in African Americans
Optimisation study of occupant restraint system concerning variations in occupant size and crash severity in frontal collisions
Optimal placement of multiple types of detectors under a small vessel attack threat to port security
Walking, cycling and the urban form: a Heckman selection model of active travel mode and distance by young adolescents
Weather and road geometry impact on longitudinal driving behavior: exploratory analysis using an empirically supported acceleration modeling framework
Aggressive behaviour in road traffic - findings from Austria
Barriers and their influence on the mobility behavior of elder pedestrians in urban areas: challenges and best practice for walkability in the city of Vienna
A better knowledge of powered two wheelers accidents
Comparison of Italian and Hungarian black spot ranking
Crossings construction as a method of animal conservation
Driver personality as a valid predictor of risky driving
Effects of abuse within violence exposed youth: desensitization or masked effects?
Drowsiness detection based on the analysis of breathing rate obtained from real-time image recognition
Estimating Canadian childhood exposure to intimate partner violence and other risky parental behaviors
Evaluation of human behaviour at pedestrian crossings
How safe are cyclists on European roads?
The impact of para-professional social workers and community health care workers in Côte d'Ivoire: contributions to the protection and social support of vulnerable children in a resource poor country
Influence of human behaviour on geometric road design
Intimate partner violence in Hawai'i: communities in distress
Investigation of weather impacts on pedestrian volumes
Parenting difficulties and needs described by victims and perpetrators of intimate partner violence
Predicting road accidents: a rare-events modeling approach
Adolescent women induce lower blood alcohol levels than men in a laboratory alcohol self-administration experiment
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and adult mortality
Using low-cost smartphone sensor data for locating crash risk spots in a road network
What do dogs see in human behavior?
When and why we see victims as responsible: the impact of ideology on attitudes toward victims
The Measures of Criminal Attitudes and Associates (MCAA): the prediction of general and violent recidivism
Understanding patterns of intimate partner abuse in male-male, male-female, and female-female couples
Unions, health and safety committees, and workplace accidents in the Korean manufacturing sector
Usual modes of marijuana consumption among high school students in Colorado
Validation of the Drinking Motives Questionnaire - Revised in six European countries
Substance use to regulate intense posttraumatic shame in individuals with childhood abuse and neglect
Suicidality in emergency medicine: results from a retrospective analysis of emergency documentation forms
Stepwise development a text messaging-based bullying prevention program for middle school students (BullyDown)
Study of the pattern of mortality caused by Traffic Accidents (TAs) in the south of Iran
Stimulants for impulsive violence in schizophrenia spectrum disordered women: a case series and brief review
Intervening with fathers in the context of intimate partner violence: an analysis of ten programs and suggestions for a research agenda
Inferior fronto-temporo-occipital connectivity: a missing link between maltreated girls and neglectful mothers
Influence of age on postconcussive postural control measures and future implications for assessment
Interactions between neighborhood social environment and walkability to explain Belgian older adults' physical activity and sedentary time
Implementation of prescription drug monitoring programs associated with reductions in opioid-related death rates
Measures against new psychoactive substances
Method of providing disaster information to foreign tourists visiting Japan
Maybe the sky isn't falling after all: comment on Kleinman and Kaplan (2016)
If we knew what happened, we would know better what to do: a commentary on Kleinman and Kaplan's "Relaxation of rules for science detrimental to children"
The impact of the minimum legal drinking age on alcohol-related chronic disease mortality
Impact of alcohol and alcohol mixed with energy drinks on non-medical prescription stimulant use in a nationally representative sample of 12th-grade students
From foster care to juvenile justice: exploring characteristics of youth in three cities
Relationship between drowning location and outcome after drowning-associated out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: nationwide study
Restless sleep and variable sleep timing during late childhood accelerate the onset of alcohol and other drug involvement
Risk management at railroad grade crossings: proposal for a decision support system
Depression, anxiety and tobacco use overlapping impediments to sleep in a national sample of college students
Depressive symptoms and alcohol-related problems among college students: a moderated-mediated model of mindfulness and drinking to cope
Development of the multidimensional scale of jealousy in romantic relationship
Adolescent narcissism, aggression, and prosocial behavior: the relevance of socially desirable responding
Big bad wolf or man's best friend? Unmasking a false wolf aggression on humans
The broader context of preventing alcohol-related intimate partner violence
Burnout syndrome. Legal medicine: analysis and evaluation INAIL protection in cases of suicide induced by burnout within the helping professions
Cannabis in New Zealand: smoking gun or medicalised smokescreen?
Changes in disability-free life expectancy (DFLE) at birth between 2000 and 2010 across Japanese prefectures
Child abuse in Australian camps-whose business, and who should speak out?
Children exposed to intimate partner violence: conduct problems, interventions, and partner contact with the child
The Chinese Mental Resilience Scale and its psychometric properties
Cumulative risk hypothesis: predicting and preventing child maltreatment recidivism
The development of scope insensitivity in sharing behavior
Do self-reported data reflect the real burden of lifetime exposure to sexual violence among females aged 13-24 years in Malawi?
Does parent's psychological distress mediate the relationship between war trauma and psychosocial adjustment in children?
Domestic violence and its related factors based a prevalence study in Iran
Early life health, trauma and social determinants of lifetime abstention from alcohol
Effectiveness of school-based interventions for the prevention and/or reduction of psychosocial problems among children and adolescents: a review of reviews
The effects of gender-based violence on women's unwanted pregnancy and abortion
Epidemiological analysis of injuries occurring in Marine Corps forces special operations personnel
Epidemiological review of relation between gender and traumatic injuries in hospitals in Iran
Epidemiology of injuries in female high school soccer players
Evaluation of Iowa's anti-bullying law
Exposure calls to U.S. poison centers involving electronic cigarettes and conventional cigarettes-September 2010-December 2014
Gender and age differences in components of traffic-related pedestrian death rates: exposure, risk of crash and fatality rate
Grandiose and vulnerable narcissists: who is at higher risk for social networking addiction?
Harm reduction-a systematic review on effects of alcohol reduction on physical and mental symptoms
Has there been a shift in alcohol-related violence to neighbouring inner city 'lockout law' exclusion areas in Sydney?
Head and neck circumference not risk factors for game concussions among youth American football players
In search of meaning: are school rampage shootings random and senseless violence?
The independent effects of child sexual abuse and impulsivity on lifetime suicide attempts among female patients
The influence of witnessing inter-parental violence and bullying victimization in involvement in fighting among adolescents: evidence from a school-based cross-sectional survey in Peru
Insomnia symptoms and suicidality in the National Comorbidity Survey - Adolescent Supplement
Make a move: a comprehensive effect evaluation of a sexual harassment prevention program in Dutch residential youth care
No end in sight: the abuse of prescription narcotics
Novel method of weighting cumulative helmet impacts improves correlation with brain white matter changes after one football season of sub-concussive head blows
Parents' attitudes to risk and injury to children and young people on farms
Perceived fall risk and functional decline: gender differences in patient's willingness to discuss fall risk, fall history, or to have a home safety evaluation
Pesticide-related poison center exposures in children and adolescents aged ≤19 years in Texas, 2000-2013
Prevalence and correlates of self-harm in the German general population
The prevalence of depression and concussions in a sample of active North American semi-professional and professional football players
Professional discourses on intimate partner violence: implication for care of immigrant women in Spain
Age-adjusted death rates for females aged 15-44 years, by the five leading causes of death - United States, 1999 and 2014
Use of performance-enhancing substances
Workplace violence process against emergency medical services staffs: a grounded theory
Women and men admitted for alcohol intoxication at an emergency department: alcohol use disorders, substance use and health and social status 7 years later
Violence against women: a study of underlying factors in Tehran Forensic Center 2001
Using the Parent-Infant Relationship Global Assessment Scale to identify caregiver-infant/toddler dyads with abusive relationship patterns in six European countries
Using modeling and rehearsal to teach fire safety to children with autism
Suicide prevention interventions for sexual & gender minority youth: an unmet need
Suicide rates by occupational group - 17 states, 2012
Supporting youth involved in domestic minor sex trafficking: divergent perspectives on youth agency
Tanning bed burns reported on Twitter: over 15,000 in 2013
Relationships among perceived stress, bullying, cortisol, and depressive symptoms in ninth-grade adolescents: a pilot study
Resilience in adolescents who survived a suicide attempt from the perspective of registered nurses in inpatient psychiatric facilities
Review of adult electrical burn injury outcomes worldwide: an analysis of low-voltage vs high-voltage electrical injury
Risk of hospitalization due to unintentional fall injury in British Columbia, Canada, 1999-2008: ecological associations with socioeconomic status, geographic place, and Aboriginal ethnicity
The role of alcohol as men desist from physical intimate partner violence
Semi-professional rugby league players have higher concussion risk than professional or amateur participants: a pooled analysis
Shark teeth as edged weapons: serrated teeth of three species of selachians
Socioeconomic and regional differences in active transportation in Brazil
Frequency of motor bike injuries, helmet vs non helmet wearing in Karachi Pakistan
Alcohol risk drinking, quality of life and health state among patients treated at the sobering unit in the emergency department - one year follow-up study
Anabolic steroid use and body image psychopathology in men: delineating between appearance- versus performance-driven motivations
Association of injury factors, not body mass index, with hospital resource usage in trauma patients
Balance disorders in childhood: Main etiologies according to age. Usefulness of the video head impulse test
Can, want and try: parents' viewpoints regarding the participation of their child with an acquired brain injury
Childhood trauma, PTSD, and psychosis: findings from a highly traumatized, minority sample
Comorbidity correlates of death among new veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan deployment
Comparison of health and health risk factors between lesbian, gay, and bisexual adults and heterosexual adults in the united states: results from the National Health Interview Survey
Compulsory community treatment and homicide: insufficient evidence now and in the future
Correlates of length of stay and boarding in Florida emergency departments for patients with psychiatric diagnoses
Counterfeit adderall containing aceclofenac from internet pharmacies
Creation of a protective pulmonary bioshield against inhaled organophosphates using an aerosolized bioscavenger
A cross-sectional study of heat wave-related knowledge, attitude, and practice among the public in the Licheng District of Jinan City, China
The current aspects of the use of ecstasy/MDMA in France
Does substance use moderate the association of neighborhood disadvantage with perceived stress and safety in the activity spaces of urban youth?
Education and alcohol use: a study of gene-environment interaction in young adulthood
The effect of positional support on tolerance of wakeful prone in infants
Electrical burns in times of economic crisis: a new epidemiologic profile
Evaluation of a neuropsychiatric disorder: from PANDAS to PANS and CANS
Exercise addiction in athletes and leisure exercisers: the moderating role of passion
Female service members and symptom reporting following combat and non-combat related mild traumatic brain injury
Finding success in failure: using latent profile analysis to examine heterogeneity in psychosocial functioning among heavy drinkers following treatment
Heavy alcohol use in the couple context: a nationally representative longitudinal study
The impact of couple therapy on service utilization among military veterans: the moderating roles of pretreatment service utilization and premature termination
Incidence of tramadol shopping behavior in a retrospective cohort of chronic non-cancer pain patients in France
Individual, social-environmental, and physical-environmental factors that underlie sense of coherence in Dutch adults
Injuries sustained in National Collegiate Athletic Association men's and women's basketball, 2009/2010-2014/2015
Investigating the relationship between substance use and sexual behaviour in young people in Britain: findings from a national probability survey
Lack of rating scale normalization and a socioeconomically advantaged population limits the generalizability of preadolescent transgender findings
Adolescent friend similarity on alcohol abuse as a function of participation in romantic relationships: sometimes a new love comes between old friends
"The alcohol just pissed me off" views about how alcohol and marijuana influence adolescent dating violence perpetration, results of a qualitative study
Antisocial peer affiliation and externalizing disorders in the transition from adolescence to young adulthood: Selection versus socialization effects
At-school victimization and violence exposure assessed in a national household survey of children and youth
Attitudes about partner communication regarding contraceptive use among Hispanic male college students
Beliefs about parental authority legitimacy among refugee youth in Jordan: Between- and within-person variations
The better part of not knowing: virtuous ignorance
Building social and emotional efficacy to (re)engage young adolescents: capitalising on the 'window of opportunity'
Bullying and cyberbullying in Portugal: validation of a questionnaire and analysis of prevalence
Bullying involvement of Korean children in Germany and in Korea
Bullying Participant Behaviors Questionnaire (BPBQ): establishing a reliable and valid measure
Challenging racism through schools: teacher attitudes to cultural diversity and multicultural education in Sydney, Australia
Changing attitudes of high school students in Israel toward homosexuality
Children's positive adjustment to first grade in risk-filled communities: a case study of the role of school ecologies in South Africa and Finland
Children's reasoning about distributive and retributive justice across development
Choosing to be a defender or an outsider in a school bullying incident: determining factors and the defending process
College student mental health and quality of workplace relationships
Community violence exposure and adolescent delinquency examining a spectrum of promotive factors
Control and alcohol-problem recognition among college students
A critical interpretive synthesis of the literature linking music and adolescent mental health
Can White children grow up to be Black? Children's reasoning about the stability of emotion and race
Cyber victimization and aggression: are they linked with adolescent smoking and drinking?
Cyber victimization and depressive symptoms in sexual minority college students
Cyber victimization and perceived stress: linkages to late adolescents' cyber aggression and psychological functioning
The dangers of educated girls and women
De-Islamizing Sikhaphobia: deconstructing structural racism in Wisconsin gurdwara shooting 10/12
Defensive egotism and bullying: gender differences yield qualified support for the compensation model of aggression
Delinquency and crime prevention: overview of research comparing treatment foster care and group care
A community of practice as an inclusive model to support children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties in school contexts
Construction and validation of a questionnaire to study future teachers' beliefs about cultural diversity
Designing an intervention to promote child development among fathers with antisocial behavior
Developing a web-based intervention to prevent drug use among adolescent girls
The development of compulsive internet use and mental health: a four-year study of adolescence
The development of inhibitory control in early childhood: A twin study from 2-3 years
The developmental evaluation of school improvement networks
Development of a measure of college students' adherence to religious doctrine concerning sexual behavior
Disability in relation to different peer-victimization groups and psychosomatic problems
Disproportionality in daily metal detector student searches in U.S. public schools
Distinguishing between realistic and fantastical figures in Iran
The effect of bullying and victimization on cognitive empathy development during the transition to middle school
The emergence and evolution of school psychology literature: a scientometric analysis from 1907 through 2014
Emotional problems in traditional and cyber victimization
Engagement in risky sexual behavior: adolescents' perceptions of self and the parent-child relationship matter
Ethnic identity trajectories among Mexican-origin girls during early and middle adolescence: predicting future psychosocial adjustment
Evaluation of a life skills program to prevent adolescent alcohol use in two European countries: one-year follow-up
Examining the effects of self-reported posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms and positive relations with others on self-regulated learning for student service members/veterans
Examining school security measures as moderators of the association between homophobic victimization and school avoidance
Explaining self-harm: youth cybertalk and marginalized sexualities and genders
Exploring the meso-system the roles of community, family, and peers in adolescent delinquency and positive youth development
Exploring the social-ecological determinants of physical fighting in U.S. schools: what about youth in immigrant families?
Expression of re-experiencing symptoms in the therapeutic context: a mixed-method analysis of young children exposed to intimate partner violence
Face-to-face and online: an investigation of children's and adolescents' bullying behavior through the lens of moral emotions and judgments
Family and school strains and their effects on adolescent deviance in Taiwan: a mediating study
Effects of self-control, social control, and social learning on sexting behavior among South Korean youths
Gender-moderated links between urgency, binge drinking, and excessive exercise
Homophobic bullying in Mexico: results of a national survey
Improving alcohol screening for college students: screening for alcohol misuse amongst college students with a simple modification to the CAGE questionnaire
The influence of sensation-seeking and parental and peer influences in early adolescence on risk involvement through middle adolescence: a structural equation modeling analysis
Is it bullying, teen dating violence, or both? Student, school staff, and parent perceptions
"Just being mean to somebody isn't a police matter": police perspectives on policing cyberbullying
Lights, camera, condoms! Assessing college men's attitudes toward condom use in pornography
Maintaining the mother-child relationship within the Irish prison system: the practitioner perspective
Mental health and health risk behaviours of homeless adolescents and youth: a mixed methods study
Theory of mind and executive function in Chinese preschool children
People, planet and participation: the Kuching statement on healthy, just and sustainable urban development
Pre-deployment year mental health diagnoses and treatment in deployed army women
The poisoning information database covers a large proportion of real poisoning cases in Korea
The predictive validity of common risk assessment tools in men with intellectual disabilities and problematic sexual behaviors
Prevalence of cannabis and cocaine consumption in French fishermen in South Atlantic region in 2012-2013 and its policy consequences
Prevalence, knowledge and attitudes relating to β-alanine use among professional footballers
Quantification of EtG in hair, EtG and EtS in urine and PEth species in capillary dried blood spots to assess the alcohol consumption in driver's licence regranting cases
Recidivism patterns among two types of juvenile homicide offenders: a 30-year follow-up study
The relationship between religiosity and deviance among adolescents in a religiously pluralistic society
Unintentional nonhunting firearm deaths in Sweden, 1983-2012
The Level of Service Inventory—Revised (LSI-R): a useful risk assessment measure for Australian offenders?
Which are the critical measures to assess the driving performance of drivers with brain pathologies?
What makes a bystander stand by? Adolescents and bullying
Young, queer, and Catholic: youth resistance to homophobia in Catholic schools
Youth sexting: a legislative and constitutional analysis
What features make online harassment incidents upsetting to youth?
Sensory Impairment, Functional Balance and Physical Activity with All-Cause Mortality
Sexual harassment and emotional and behavioural symptoms in adolescence: stronger associations among boys than girls
Sleepless night, restless mind: effects of sleep deprivation on mind wandering
Small area estimation of vehicle ownership and use
Specifying a target trial prevents immortal time bias and other self-inflicted injuries in observational analyses
State of transition: marijuana use among young adults in the San Francisco Bay Area
Stopping the bully: an analysis of Texas House Bill 1942
A stochastic car following model
Students' perceptions of their own victimization: a youth voice perspective
A study of performance indicators and Ofsted ratings in English child protection services
Teachers' responses to bullying incidents: effects of teacher characteristics and contexts
Ten-year outcomes in first episode psychotic major depression patients compared with schizophrenia and bipolar patients
Teasing experiences and risk-taking: gender and self-esteem as moderator and mediator
Three randomized effectiveness trials - one question: can callous-unemotional traits in children be altered?
Trajectories of adolescent alcohol use by gender and early initiation status
Trajectories of school connectedness across the middle school years examining the roles of adolescents' internalizing and externalizing problems
Trespassing railway property - typology of risk localities
Understanding educational policy formation: the case of school violence policies in Israel
Triarchic dimensions of psychopathy in young adulthood: associations with clinical and physiological measures after accounting for adolescent psychopathic traits
Using expert opinion to quantify unmeasured confounding bias parameters
Using randomized controlled trials to evaluate interventions for releasing prisoners
Views of bullying and antibullying working styles among school nurses and school social workers in Sweden
Seriously injured urban Black men's perceptions of clinical research participation
Accuracy of the Audio Computer Assisted Self Interview version of the Alcohol, Smoking and Substance Involvement Screening Test (ACASI ASSIST) for identifying unhealthy substance use and substance use disorders in primary care patients
An analysis of fatal and non-fatal injuries and injury severity factors among electric power industry workers
Application of a crash-predictive risk assessment model to prioritise road safety investment in Australia
Adolescents' daily worries and risky behaviors: the buffering role of support seeking
Adverse family experiences and obesity in children and adolescents in the United States
Alcohol-approach inclinations and drinking identity as predictors of behavioral economic demand for alcohol
Associations of teen dating violence victimization with school violence and bullying among US high school students
Clinical characteristics associated with suicide attempts in clinical settings: a comparison of suicidal and non-suicidal depressed inpatients
Cluster analytical approach to lifestyle characteristics: a population based study in Shiraz, Iran
Can parenting intervention prevent cascading effects from placement instability to insecure attachment to externalizing problems in maltreated toddlers?
Delay in disclosure of non-parental child sexual abuse in the context of emotional and physical maltreatment: a pilot study
Diagnosis and mortality in prehospital emergency patients transported to hospital: a population-based and registry-based cohort study
Differences in attributions for public and private face-to-face and cyber victimization among adolescents in China, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, India, Japan, and the United States
Does fear of terrorism differ from fear of crime and sexual assault: a question of geographical location and residential area
Economic burden of hospitalization due to injuries in North India: a cohort study
Factors associated with suicides in Wolverhampton: relevance of local audits exploring preventability
Gender differences in the health status of elderly living alone compared to those who are not alone: evidence of the AHAP study, North of Iran
Indigenous youth-developed self-assessment: the Personal Balance Tool
Injury-related hospitalizations in 2002 and 2012 in a Mexican rural hospital: differences between indigenous and non-indigenous inpatients
Motivation mediates the perfectionism-burnout relationship: a three-wave longitudinal study with junior athletes
A national survey on the use of screening tools to detect physical child abuse
Pathophysiology associated with traumatic brain injury: current treatments and potential novel therapeutics
Spatial distribution of accidents, incidents and diseases related to work in Peru, 2012-2014
Strength-based well-being indicators for Indigenous children and families: a literature review of Indigenous communities' identified well-being indicators
Substance use and criminality among juveniles-under-enquiry in New Delhi
Teenage intimate partner violence: factors associated with victimization among Norwegian youths
School bus travel is associated with bullying victimization among Canadian male, but not female, middle and high school students
Shaking the tyrant's bloody robe
Parental responses to youths' reports of teen dating violence: recommendations from parents and youth
Parental social networks during childhood and offspring depression in early adulthood: a lifecourse approach
Patterns of 'at home' alcohol-related injury presentations to emergency departments
Perceived parenting and adolescent cyber-bullying: examining the intervening role of autonomy and relatedness need satisfaction, empathic concern and recognition of humanness
Incidence and outcomes of emergency self-harm among adolescents: a descriptive epidemiological study in Osaka City, Japan
Increased risk of hospital admission for dehydration or heat-related illness after initiation of medicines: a sequence symmetry analysis
Knowledge dissemination of intimate partner violence intervention studies measured using alternative metrics: results from a scoping review
The needs of families accompanying injured patients into the emergency department in a tertiary hospital in Gauteng
Mental pain and suicide: a systematic review of the literature
Exploring the cross-sectional association between transit-oriented development zoning and active travel and transit usage in the United States, 2010-2014
Factors affecting the decision to hospitalise children admitted to the emergency department due to non-fatal suicide attempts by pills
Factors explaining variation in alcohol use disorder prevalence across border and nonborder communities in Texas
From attitude to action: What shapes attitude toward walking to/from school and how does it influence actual behaviors?
Gender differences in child aggression: relations with gender-differentiated parenting and parents' gender-role stereotypes
Gender equality, patriarchal cultural norms, and perpetration of intimate partner violence: comparison of male university students in Asian and European cultural contexts
Hallucinations in adolescents and risk for mental disorders and suicidal behaviour in adulthood: prospective evidence from the MUSP birth cohort study
Embodying transition in later life: 'having a fall' as an uncertain status passage for elderly women in southeast London
Studying the teaching of kindness: a conceptual model for evaluating kindness education programs in schools
Substance use disorders among danish physicians: an explorative study of the professional socialization and management of colleagues with substance use disorders
Suicide: incidence or prevalence? Comments on Hernández-Alvarado et al. Increase in suicide rates by hanging in the population of Tabasco, Mexico between 2003 and 2012. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2016, 13, 552
Toward best practice in human machine interface design for older drivers: a review of current design guidelines
Troubled journeys: some motivations of young Muslim men to join the Islamic State
Walking for recreation and transport by geographic remoteness in South Australian adults
Youth personality factors as predictors of risky all-terrain vehicle (ATV) driving behaviors
Aggression and violence: perennial concerns for psychiatric-mental health nursing
Child maltreatment hospitalisations in Hong Kong: incidence rate and seasonal pattern
Cross-cultural examination of the five-factor model of drinking motives in Spanish and Canadian undergraduates
DUI histories in intoxicated injured bicyclists
The epidemiology of finger dislocations presenting for emergency care within the United States
Four distinct subgroups of self-injurious behavior among Chinese adolescents: findings from a latent class analysis
Gender dimorphism in adipose tissue response to stress conditions: a plausible mechanism to explain the conflicting data regarding trauma and obesity
Injury characteristics and outcomes in elderly trauma patients in Sub-Saharan Africa
Male victims of sexual assault; 10 years' experience from a Danish assault center
Hazardous drinking in people aged 50 years or older: a cross-sectional picture of Europe, 2011-2013
A meta-analysis and systematic review of the risks associated with childhood attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder on long-term outcome of arrests, convictions, and incarcerations
Moving beyond self-report: implicit associations about death/life prospectively predict suicidal behavior among veterans
Patterns of perspectives on fall-prevention beliefs by community-dwelling older adults: a Q method investigation
Quickstats: percentage of medically attended injury episodes that resulted in time lost from work or school, by number of days lost - 2011-2014 National Health Interview Survey, United States,
Sexist humor and rape proclivity: the moderating role of joke teller gender and severity of sexual assault
Vital signs: motor vehicle injury prevention - United States and 19 comparison countries
US has worst traffic accident death rate among high income countries
To stay in or leave an abusive relationship: losses and gains experienced by battered Filipino women
The theory of planned behavior as it predicts potential intention to seek mental health services for depression among college students
Tear gas: an epidemiological and mechanistic reassessment
Camel bite: an uncommon mode of maxillofacial injury, its mechanism and fatality: case series and review of literature
Adversarial growth in Olympic swimmers: constructive reality or illusory self-deception?
Belonging nowhere: marginalization & radicalization risk among Muslim immigrants
Case commentary: R. v Walsh and the "myth" of marital rape
Clothed in blue flesh: police brutality and the disciplining of race, gender, and the "human"
College students' willingness to engage in bystander intervention at off-campus parties
Constructing the child in need of state protection: continuity and change in Irish political discourse, 1922-1991
Delayed disadvantage: neighborhood context and child development
Exposure to hypersexualized rap imagery and the relationship among self-esteem, cultural identity and body image of African American female students
Family life in context: men and women's perceptions of fairness and satisfaction across thirty countries
"I learned it by watching you!": the Partnership for a Drug-Free America and the attack on use education in the 1980s
Lolita is in the eye of the beholder: amplifying preadolescent girls' voices in conversations about sexualization, objectification, and performativity
Measuring the influence of juvenile arrest on the odds of four-year college enrollment for Black males: an NLSY analysis
Parent training and cultural considerations
Prescription stimulant use by graduate students
Puerto Rican families in central Florida: prejudice, discrimination, and their implications for successful intergration
A quantitative analysis of the academic, athletic, and social domain perceptions of Division I football players
Rallying around the president: when and why do Americans close ranks behind their presidents during international crisis and war?
The relationship between perceived parental discord and differences in attitudes towards romantic relationships among African American college students
Satisfaction does not equal success: college alcohol use and basic psychological needs
Temperance and modernity: alcohol consumption as a collective problem, 1885-1913
What do meaningful consequences and fair and proportionate accountability mean to youth offered extrajudicial sanctions in Ontario?
When rights come home: the intimate politics of women's rights in urban Uganda
Adequate sleep moderates the prospective association between alcohol use and consequences
Aggression and subjective risk in emergency medicine : a survey
Building codes and public health on both sides of the Atlantic
Evaluating the effectiveness of a smartphone app to reduce excessive alcohol consumption: protocol for a factorial randomised control trial
Gambling and violence in a nationally representative sample of UK men
Genetic variation in FAAH is associated with cannabis use disorders in a young adult sample of Mexican Americans
In My Shoes - validation of a computer assisted approach for interviewing children
Air medical evacuations from the German North Sea Wind Farm Bard Offshore 1: traumatic injuries, acute diseases, and rescue process times (2011-2013)
Psychographic characteristics, tobacco, and alcohol use in a sample of young adults on the U.S./México border
Promoting the sexual and reproductive health of adolescent females in Ijebu-Ode, southwest, Nigeria: a study of sexual risk-taking
Prevalence of intimate partner violence in Spain: a national cross-sectional survey in primary care
Observed normativity and deviance in friendship dyads' conversations about sex and the relations with youths' perceived sexual peer norms
Mechanisms linking high school graduation to health disparities in young adulthood: a longitudinal analysis of the role of health behaviours, psychosocial stressors, and health insurance
Addiction in extreme sports: an exploration of withdrawal states in rock climbers
Applied prevalence ratio estimation with different regression models: an example from a cross-national study on substance use research
Adolescent girls in out-of-home care: associations between substance use and sexual risk behavior
Adolescent male conduct-disordered patients in substance use disorder treatment: examining the "limited prosocial emotions" specifier
Age of drinking initiation as a moderator of the efficacy of a brief, web-based personalized feedback alcohol intervention
Alcohol use in emerging adulthood: can Moffitt's developmental theory help us understand binge drinking among college students?
Alexithymia and depersonalization in child sex offenders: the role of emotion regulation
Anger and its association with substance use treatment outcomes in a sample of adolescents
Apologies in a legal setting: insights from research into injured parties' experiences of apologies after an adverse event
Are behavioral measures of self-control and the Grasmick Self-Control Scale measuring the same construct? A meta-analysis
An art therapy intervention for symptoms of post-traumatic stress, depression and anxiety among Syrian refugee children
Attitudes of Dutch citizens towards male victims of sexual coercion by a female perpetrator
The availability of substances in adolescence: influences in emerging adulthood
Assessing partnerships between the military and civilian agencies to meet transitioning service members' needs
Attitudes toward wife abuse of police officers and judiciary members in Turkey: profession, gender, ambivalent sexism and sex roles
Bacon Brains: Video Games for Teaching the Science of Addiction
Challenging the notion of failure to protect: exploring the protective strategies of abused mothers living in urban and remote communities and implications for practice
Child neglect and onset of substance use disorders among child welfare-involved adolescents
Child protection in a low-resource setting: experiences from paediatric professionals in Kenya
Childhood trauma among Mexican American gang members and delinquent youth: a comparative exploratory study
Cigarette smoking in youths with mental health and substance use problems: prevalence, patterns, and potential for intervention
Clearing crime in prime-time: the disjuncture between fiction and reality
Clinical and social/environmental characteristics in a community sample of children with and without family histories of substance use disorder in the San Antonio area: a descriptive study
Clinician perspectives on treating adolescents with co-occurring post-traumatic stress disorder, substance use, and other problems
A cognitive-based indicator of deviant sexual interest: concurrent validation of the Stroop task
Comparing intimately violent to non-violent veterans in treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder
A comparison of adolescents in foster care and their peers in high school: a study of substance use behaviors and attitudes
A comparison of DSM-IV versus DSM-5 substance use disorder diagnoses in adolescent populations
Conflict appraisals in a multiethnic sample of children exposed to intimate partner violence
Continuity and change in child protection: challenges in research and practice
Review: Citizen-protectors: the everyday politics of guns in an age of decline
12-month prevalence and consequences of current experiences of physical and psychological violence in a sample of patients who entered first time a psychotherapeutic outpatient clinic
Abusive head trauma: an epidemiological and cost analysis
Accidental childhood poisoning in Enugu, South-East, Nigeria
Alcohol misuse in emerging adulthood: association of dopamine and serotonin receptor genes with impulsivity-related cognition
American Indian elders share personal stories of alcohol use with younger tribal members
Barriers and enablers to enacting child and youth related injury prevention legislation in Canada
Cybersex addiction: a study on Spanish college students
Developing a data repository of standard concussion assessment clinical data for research involving college athletes
Drowning of under 18 children in Bangladesh: analysis of risk factors using MICS 2006 data
Epidemiology of drowning and near drowning at Karachi beaches from 2012 to 2014
Infant life jacket donning trials using children and their parents: comparison to the Canadian standard
The system of insurance against drowning in the swimming pools
Water safety and the value of interdisciplinary approaches: a concluding dip
Cannabis consumption patterns among frequent consumers in Uruguay
Challenges in the accurate surveillance of booster seat and bicycle helmet usage by children: lessons from the field
Characterizing emergency department patients who reported work-related injuries and illnesses
Child maltreatment and associated parental factors among children with ADHD: a comparative study
Children's understanding of no diving warning signs: implications for preventing childhood injury
A content analysis of tweets about high-potency marijuana
Disparities in paediatric injury mortality between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal populations in British Columbia, 2001-2009
Driving with ADHD: performance effects and environment demand in traffic
Drunk person screening using eye thermal signatures
The effect of potential fall distance on hormonal response in rock climbing
Epidemiology of feature-specific injuries sustained by skiers in a snow park
The ethics of occupational health and safety in Turkey: responsibility and consent to risk
Expanding the reach of evidence-based self-management education and physical activity interventions: results of a cross-site evaluation of state health departments
Head injuries in soccer
A long-term study of the association between the relative poverty rate and suicide rate in Japan
Maternal depression and youth internalizing and externalizing symptomatology: severity and chronicity of past maternal depression and current maternal depressive symptoms
Mortality over 12 years of follow-up in people admitted to provincial custody in Ontario: a retrospective cohort study
A national survey of facilities for complainants of sexual assault
Parental separation: a risk for the psychomotor development of children aged 28 to 32 months? A cross-sectional study
Mechanistic role of emotion regulation in the PTSD and alcohol association
Prevalence of traumatic dental injuries in patients attending University of Alberta Emergency Clinic
Prevalence of workplace violence in Northwest Ethiopia: a multivariate analysis
Preventing violence-related injuries in England and Wales: a panel study examining the impact of on-trade and off-trade alcohol prices
Psychiatric disorders are associated with an increased risk of injuries: data from the Iranian Mental Health Survey (IranMHS)
Provincial alcohol index and its relationship to alcohol-related harm in Thailand: implications for subnational alcohol policy development
A qualitative study of online mental health information seeking behaviour by those with psychosis
Reported work-related injuries and illnesses among Hispanic workers: results from an emergency department surveillance system follow-back survey
Sexual aggression when power is new: effects of acute high power on chronically low-power individuals
Risky sexual behaviors and associated factors among Jiga high school and preparatory school students, Amhara Region, Ethiopia
Sex differences in the relationship between heavy alcohol use, inhibition and performance monitoring: disconnect between behavioural and brain functional measures
Self-compassion: an adaptive link between early memories and women's quality of life
Sexual assault of adolescent girls: examining acute care service use
Smoking and alcohol use among Chilean teenagers aged 10 to 14 years
Suicidal ideation in adolescents and their caregivers: a cross sectional survey in Japan
Validation of a substance and alcohol use assessment instrument among orphans and vulnerable children in Zambia using Audio Computer Assisted Self-Interviewing (ACASI)
ASSIST-Y V1.0: First-Stage Development of the WHO Alcohol, Smoking and Substance Involvement Screening Test (ASSIST) and linked brief intervention for young people
Digitizing rape culture: online sexual violence and the power of the digital photograph
The effect of affect induction and personal variables on young drivers' willingness to drive recklessly
Does mental illness impact the incidence of crime and victimisation among young people?
The effect of alcohol abuse and dependence and school experiences on depression: a national study of adolescents
Effectiveness of emotional intelligence group training on anger in adolescents with substance-abusing fathers
Employment gaps between military spouses and matched civilians
Erratum to: Developing outcome measures for criminal justice information sharing: a study of a multi-jurisdictional officer notification system for policing sex offenders in Southern California
Age-period-cohort analysis of suicide mortality by gender among white and black Americans, 1983-2012
American preferences for "smart" guns versus traditional weapons: results from a nationwide survey
Assessing the completeness of coded and narrative data from the Victorian Emergency Minimum Dataset using injuries sustained during fitness activities as a case study
An assessment of levels of safety in psychiatric units
The association of parental coping and childhood injury
Beliefs underlying women's intentions to consume alcohol
Changes between pre-crisis and crisis period in socioeconomic inequalities in health and stimulant use in Netherlands
Characteristics of attention in school-age children with mild autism spectrum disorder
Child abuse: an underestimated health problem? A case report from Cameroon
Children's exposure to intimate partner violence: an overview
A community-based study of quality of life and depression among older adults
Contextual positive coping as a factor contributing to resilience after disasters
Coping with domestic violence against children and adolescents from the perspective of primary care nurses
Correction: Status report - The Canadian Hospitals Injury Reporting and Preventive Program: a dynamic and innovative injury surveillance system
The cost-effectiveness of family/family-based therapy for treatment of externalizing disorders, substance use disorders and delinquency: a systematic review
The criminalization of physicians and the delegitimization of violence in Turkey
Depression as a mediator in the relationship between perceived familial criticism and college adaptation
Drunkenness and heavy drinking among 11year olds - findings from the UK Millennium Cohort Study
Emergency contraception: Knowledge and attitude toward its use among medical students of a medical college in North-West India
Epidemiological characteristics and overall burden of accidental injuries in Navarra, Spain: epidemiology of injuries in children
Epidemiology of substance use among forced migrants: a global systematic review
Examining motorcyclists' post-crash impressions: a qualitative study
Experiencing external workplace violence: differences in indicators between three types of emergency responders
Intimate partner stalking: contributions to PTSD symptomatology among a national sample of women veterans
The legal limit: differences in Injury Severity Score for vehicular crashes
Lifetime rates and correlates of crime victimisation in young people with mental ill-health
Lifetime impact of injury on education, employment and income for Australians of labour force participation age
Lost in translation: a focus group study of parents' and adolescents' interpretations of underage drinking and parental supply
Medication use, falls, and fall-related worry in older adults in the United States
Mental illness and firearms background checks-combatting violence without inhibiting care
A method to account for and estimate underreporting in crash frequency research
Nurse and midwifery education and intimate partner violence: a scoping review
A population based study of drowning in Canada
Prevalence and familial predictors of suicidal behaviour among adolescents in Lithuania: a cross-sectional survey 2014
The prevalence of pre-existing mental health, drug and alcohol conditions in major trauma patients
Rail-suicide prevention: systematic literature review of evidence-based activities
Sixty seconds on . . . road traffic crashes
Triggers for violent criminality in patients with psychotic disorders
The workload-injury aetiology model
Environmental determinants of aggression in adolescents: role of urban neighborhood greenspace
Evaluating programmes for violent fathers: challenges and ethical review
Exposure-based road traffic fatality rates by mode of travel in France
Extreme consumption drinking gaming and prepartying among high school students
Gender differences in the predictive validity of a violence risk screening tool: a prospective study in an acute psychiatric ward
Assessment and treatment of adolescent substance use disorders: alcohol use disorders
Assessment of withdrawal and hangover is confounded in the alcohol use disorder and associated disabilities interview schedule: withdrawal prevalence is likely inflated
Associations between lifetime potentially traumatic events and chronic physical conditions in the South African Stress and Health Survey: a cross-sectional study
Burn care on cruise ships-epidemiology, international regulations, risk situation, disaster management and qualification of the ship's doctor
The changing experiences of primary teachers: responding to scenarios involving diverse sexualities
Child affected by parental relationship distress
Childhood cigarette and alcohol use: negative links with adjustment
Circadian regulation of human cortical excitability
Investigating the effects of rectangular rapid flash beacons on pedestrian behavior and driver yielding on 25 mph streets: a quasi-experimental field study on a university campus
Knowledge, attitude and anxiety towards pandemic flu: a potential bio weapon among health professionals in Indore city
The landscape of UK child protection research 2010 to 2014: a mapping review of substantive topics, maltreatment types and research designs
Male drivers speed choice in Iran in relation to driver and front passenger characteristics
Mediating role of parenting styles between emotional abuse and neglect, and the occurrence of EMSs among sexual abuse victims
Mistrust of others as a mediator of the relationship between trauma exposure and use of partner aggression
Mobility data across the EU 28 member states: results from an extensive CAWI survey
Moving beyond the emphasis on bullying: a generalized approach to peer aggression in high school
Neighborhood disadvantage alters the origins of children's nonaggressive conduct problems
Wellbeing of professionals working with suspected victims of child sexual exploitation
Worshipping the colliery-goddess: religion, risk and safety in the Indian coalfield (Jharia), 1895-2009
Work-related stress risk factors and health outcomes in public sector employees
Viewing alcohol warning advertising reduces urges to drink in young adults: an online experiment
The use of psychological interventions for adult male sex offenders with a learning disability: a systematic review
Using elite athletes to promote drug abstinence: evaluation of a single-session school-based drug use prevention program delivered by junior hockey players
Triggering violence in psychosis
Under-fives child mortality and child abuse-related deaths in the former USSR: is there an under-reporting of abuse-related deaths?
Drinking contexts and alcohol consumption: how much alcohol is consumed in different Australian locations?
Cumulative trauma, adversity and grief symptoms associated with fronto-temporal regions in life-course persistent delinquent boys
The influence of aggressiveness on rape-myth acceptance among university students
Peer passenger norms and pressure: experimental effects on simulated driving among teenage males
Peer victimization and social anxiety: an exploration of coping strategies as mediators
Peer victimization, deviant peer affiliation and impulsivity: predicting adolescent problem behaviors
Perceptions of threats to physical safety, sexual autonomy, values, and of discrimination drive LGB prejudices toward heterosexuals
Person-environment interactions and adolescent substance use: the role of sensation seeking and perceived neighborhood risk
Personal resilience, discipline and safety of military drivers
Pilot test of StandUp, an online school-based bullying prevention program
Relationship between job position and safety culture survey results
Clinicians' beliefs, observations, and treatment effectiveness regarding clients' sexual addiction and internet pornography use
The commented walk method as a way of highlighting precise daily mobility difficulties - a case study focusing on cognitive or mental diseases
Comparison of different physical activity measurement methods in adults aged 45 to 64 years under free-living conditions
Cross-cultural invariance of the mental toughness inventory among Australian, Chinese, and Malaysian athletes: a bayesian estimation approach
Current status of and issues in the mental health of workers in the prime of life
Deriving requirements for pervasive well-being technology from work stress and intervention theory: framework and case study
Development of a transnational accident prediction model
The experience of women veterans coming back from war
Exploring demand and provision in English child protection services
The energy cost of household chores, rollerblading, and riding scooters in 9- to 14-year-old children
Family and community predictors of comorbid language, socioemotional and behavior problems at school entry
A feasibility study for developing a transferable accident prediction model for Czech regions
Forensic evaluations of drug endangered children: "My house caught on fire; my cat jumped out the window"
Family formation: a positive outcome for vulnerable young women?
Functional status, age, and long-term survival after trauma
Gantries or cantilevers for route guidance on a reorganized arterial road? A before study of route choice effectiveness using a traffic sign simulator (case study)
A hazard-perception test for cycling children: an exploratory study
Gender differences in the relationships among major depressive disorder, heavy alcohol use, and mental health treatment engagement among college students
Gender differentials in travel pattern - the case of a mid-sized city, Rajkot, India
UNIETD - assessment of third party data as information source for drivers and road operators
Updates and current perspectives of psychiatric assessments after traumatic brain injury: a systematic review
United Nations peacekeeping dynamics and the duration of post-civil conflict peace
The epidemiology of extremity fractures in trauma patients of Shahid Beheshti Hospital, Babol, 2001-2006
120 cases of shoulder dislocation referred to emergency department during one year: a case series study
Epidemiologic study of animal bites in Rasht County, Guilan Province, Iran's North, 2012
An epidemiologic study of trauma in elderly diabetic patients: a preliminary report
Epidemiology of head and neck fractures caused by motorcycle accidents
Epidemiology of upper extremity trauma in patients visiting the emergency department
Evacuation and psychological distress: new evidence of reference-dependent utility and loss aversion
Head trauma patients presented to emergency department; an epidemiologic study
Hospital and pre-hospital triage systems in disaster and normal conditions; a review article
Pediatric trauma patients in Imam Hossein emergency department; an epidemiologic study
Regional emergencies, Bam, Kerman Province, Iran foreign bodies from the palm tree
Association between the number of sexual partners and alcohol consumption among schoolchildren
Belongingness and burdensomeness in adolescents: Slovene translation and validation of the Interpersonal Needs Questionnaire
Bullying development across adolescence, its antecedents, outcomes, and gender-specific patterns
Children's mental health in the context of terrorist attacks, ongoing threats, and possibilities of future terrorism
Emotion knowledge and attentional differences in preschoolers showing context-inappropriate anger
Desire to drink alcohol is enhanced with high caffeine energy drink mixers
Differences in gray matter structure correlated to nationalism and patriotism
Correction to Morthorst et al., 2016 : Incidence rates of deliberate self-harm in Denmark 1994–2011: a nationwide register study
Clinical and forensic significance of hand injuries incurred through mechanisms of indirect force with users of two wheeled vehicles
'Daddy is a difficult word for me to hear': carceral geographies of parenting and the prison visiting room as a contested space of situated fathering
Developing a shared research agenda for working with families where a parent has a mental illness
Ethnic variations in psychotic disorders in the criminal justice system: a systematic review
How psychological resources mediate and perceived social support moderates the relationship between depressive symptoms and help-seeking intentions in college students
Patterns of risky sexual behaviors among emerging adults in intimate sexual relationships in two tertiary institutions in southwestern Nigeria
Queer, young, and homeless: a review of the literature
The role of dynamic risk factors in the explanation of offending
School predictors of alcohol use in high school Hispanic and non-Hispanic youth
'Students that just hate school wouldn't go': educationally disengaged and disadvantaged young people's talk about university education
Attitudes towards substance use and substance use disorders among medical students in Israel
The characteristics and extent of child abuse: findings from a study of the Swedish Social Services child protection
Community college faculty: attitudes toward guns on campus
A comparison of urban and rural kindergarten teachers' perceptions of school safety for young children: implications for quality teacher education
The development of self-control from kindergarten to fifth grade: the effects of neuropsychological functioning and adversity
Demographic and clinical characteristics of patients referred to the psychiatry unit of the emergency department at the National University of Asunción's General Hospital, Paraguay
Drinkers' perceived negative alcohol-related expectancies: informing alcohol warning messages
Educational styles, parenting stressors and psychopathological symptoms in parents of adolescents with high-risk behaviours
Effect of weather conditions and weather forecast on cycling travel behavior in Singapore
Effects of systematic work preparation meetings on safety climate and psychosocial conditions in the construction industry
Fathers' alcohol consumption and risk of alcohol-related hospitalization in offspring before 60 years of age
Have flood mortality qualitative characteristics changed during the last decades? The case study of Greece
Hyper or hypo-masculine? Re-conceptualizing 'hyper-masculinity' through Seattle's gay, leather community
"I wonder what age you grow out of it?": negotiation of recreational drug use and the transition to adulthood among an Australian ethnographic sample
Ideologies and crime: political ideas and the dynamics of crime control
Matter but so does their substance use: the impact of social networks on substance use, offending and wellbeing among young people attending specialist alcohol and drug treatment services
The portrayal of disaster in Western fine art
Practitioner survey and measurement error in manual bicycle and pedestrian count programs
The relationship of gender preference to anxiety, stress and family violence among pregnant women in urban India
Social factors associated with drug use in the Mexican school-age population: a comparison of two national surveys
Walking to public transit: exploring variations by socioeconomic status
Executive functioning in criminal behavior: differentiating between types of crime and exploring the relation between shifting, inhibition, and anger
An exploration of the associations of alcohol-related social media use and message interpretation outcomes to problem drinking among college students
Mixing alcohol with artificially sweetened beverages: prevalence and correlates among college students
A multilevel study of students in Vietnam: drinking motives and drinking context as predictors of alcohol consumption
New laws, road wars, courtesy and animosity: cycling safety in Queensland newspapers
Occurrence of the use of designer drugs in Poland - review of the published evidence
Operationalizing risk perception and preparedness behavior research for a multi-hazard context
Palestinian-Israeli single mothers accord motherhood a new meaning 'I would like to teach my children a new way of life … I'm responsible for them now'
The pitfall of experimenting on the web: how unattended selective attrition leads to surprising (yet false) research conclusions
Post-disaster health impact of natural hazards in the Philippines in 2013
Predicting family health and well-being after separation from an abusive partner: role of coercive control, mother's depression and social support
Predictors of inpatient (neuro)rehabilitation after acute care of severe traumatic brain injury: an epidemiological study
Prevalence of violence against immigrant women: a systematic review of the literature
Profile of men who are victims of physical violence by an intimate partner
Quickstats: percentage of adults aged ≥18 years with two or more visits to an emergency department in the previous 12 months, by home ownership and age group - National Health Interview Survey, United States, 2015
Reading cyclist intentions: can a lead cyclist's behaviour be predicted?
What motivates sexual abusers of children? A qualitative examination of the spiral of sexual abuse
Analysis of some epidemiological rates of suicide in Georgia
Anxiety, depression and risk of cannabis use: examining the internalising pathway to use among Chilean adolescents
Associations between family history of substance use, childhood trauma, and age of first drug use in persons with methamphetamine dependence
The burden of road traffic crashes, injuries and deaths in Africa: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Child abuse in Northern Sri Lanka
Childhood injuries in Singapore: can local physicians and the healthcare system do more to confront this public health concern?
Chronic pain, craving, and illicit opioid use among patients receiving opioid agonist therapy
A cross sectional evaluation of an alcohol intervention targeting young university students
Determinants of intimate partner violence in Sub-Saharan Africa: a review of prevention and intervention programs
Developmental cascade models of a parenting-focused program for divorced families on mental health problems and substance use in emerging adulthood
Does assisted driving behavior lead to safety-critical encounters with unequipped vehicles' drivers?
Duration of death investigations that proceed to inquest in Australia
Effect of regulating anger and sadness on decision-making
Examining the impact of introducing ICD-MM on observed trends in maternal mortality rates in the UK 2003-13
Excessive infant crying doubles the risk of mood and behavioral problems at age 5: evidence for mediation by maternal characteristics
High school athletes with ADHD and learning difficulties have a greater lifetime concussion history
The impact of adolescent risk behavior on partner relationships
The impact of non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses on mortality
Injury modules in national surveys as a source of injury data in low and middle income countries
Minor head trauma - trivial matter or sirious diagnostic and therapeutic problem? The role of Infrascanner in the diagnostic process
Oral health status in victims of child abuse: a case-control study
Predicting sexual coercion in early adulthood: the transaction among maltreatment, gang affiliation, and adolescent socialization of coercive relationship norms
Predictors of suicide ideation in a random digit dial study: exposure to suicide matters
Re: Intimate partner violence during pregnancy and the risk for adverse infant outcomes: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Relationship between concussion history and concussion knowledge, attitudes, and disclosure behavior in high school athletes
The relationship of self-reported executive functioning to suicide ideation and attempts: findings from a large US-based online sample
Social capital and fear of crime in adolescence: a multilevel study
A survey of domestic violence perpetrator programs in the United States and Canada: findings and implications for policy and intervention
Towards setting credible speed limits: identifying factors that affect driver compliance on urban roads
Wealth inhomogeneity applied to crash rate theory
Validation of the Attention-Related Driving Errors Scale (ARDES) in an English-speaking sample
Alcohol consumption and burden of disease in the Americas in 2012: implications for alcohol policy
All alone together: case report of folie à trois with schizoaffective and negative symptoms in monozygotic triplets
Biomechanics of fractures
Sustainability and resiliency objectives in performance building regulations
Are recent attempts to quit smoking associated with reduced drinking in England? A cross-sectional population survey
Complex systems approach for sports injuries: moving from risk factor identification to injury pattern recognition-narrative review and new concept
Declining incidence of fall-induced ankle fractures in elderly adults: Finnish statistics between 1970 and 2014
Drug use in adolescents in relation to social support and reactive and proactive aggressive behavior
Evaluating the safety impact of increased speed limits on rural highways in British Columbia
Individual differences associated with exposure to "ana-mia" websites: an examination of adolescents from 25 European countries
Letting the good times roll: adolescence as a period of reduced inhibition to appetitive social cues
Mental health in sport (MHS): improving the early intervention knowledge and confidence of elite sport staff
Molecular mechanisms underlying alcohol-drinking behaviours
Morbidity compression: a promising and well-established concept?
Mortality differences between self-employed and paid employees: a 5-year follow-up study of the working population in Sweden
Overview of the genetics of alcohol use disorder
Parents, peers, and places: young urban adolescents' microsystems and substance use involvement
Perceived discrimination and Mexican-origin young adults' sleep duration and variability: the moderating role of cultural orientations
Perceived risk for severe outcomes and drinking status among drug users with HIV and Hepatitis C Virus (HCV)
Protein kinase A and anxiety-related behaviors: a mini-review
Psychotic experiences and risk of violence perpetration and arrest in the general population: a prospective study
A qualitative study of good-bye letters in prison therapy
Self-reported time in bed and sleep quality in association with internalizing and externalizing symptoms in school-age youth
Slow to warm up: the role of habituation in social fear
Substance use in women of reproductive age
Young adolescents who combine alcohol and energy drinks have a higher risk of reporting negative behavioural outcomes
Childhood exposure to violence and chronic physical conditions in a national sample of US adolescents
Community effect of alcoholism: a photovoice study in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Determinants of quality of life in ageing populations: results from a cross-sectional study in Finland, Poland and Spain
Development of the Japanese version of the Woman Abuse Screening Tool-Short
Dimensions of adversity, physiological reactivity, and externalizing psychopathology in adolescence: deprivation and threat
The effect of hypermobility on the incidence of injury in professional football: a multi-site cohort study
Electroconvulsive therapy and all-cause mortality in Texas, 1998-2013
Epidemiology of injury in male collegiate Gaelic footballers in one season
Errata: Vol. 65, No. 20 : "Fatal abusive head trauma among children aged <5 years - United States, 1999-2014"
The evolution of virtual violence: how mobile screens provide windows to real violence
Fall-related deterioration of subjective symptoms in patients with cervical myelopathy
Genetic influences on adolescent behavior
How can Continuous Performance Test help to assess inattention when mood and ADHD symptoms coexist?
Increases in medically attended nonfatal injury episodes among females in the United States
Mental health of prisoners: prevalence, adverse outcomes, and interventions
Not the same old thing: establishing the unique contribution of drinking identity as a predictor of alcohol consumption and problems over time
Pediatric orthopaedic trauma and associated injuries of snowmobile, ATV, and dirtbike accidents: a 19-year experience at a Level 1 pediatric trauma center
Pilot study to assess the quality of life, sleepiness and mood disorders among first year undergraduate students of medical, engineering and arts
Prevalence of domestic violence in Hong Kong Chinese women presenting with urinary symptoms
Responding to delayed disclosure of sexual assault in health settings: a systematic review
Risk and protective factors for depressive symptoms among Indigenous older adults: intimate partner violence and social support
The role of social novelty in risk seeking and exploratory behavior: implications for addictions
Traditional masculinity during the middle school transition: associations with depressive symptoms and academic engagement
A variable-centered and person-centered evaluation of emotion regulation and distress tolerance: links to emotional and behavioral concerns
What matters most for predicting survival? A multinational population-based cohort study
Farm related concerns and mental health status among Norwegian farmers
Traffic and environmental cues and slow-down behaviors in virtual driving
Trauma and violence in autism
Traffic fatalities of drivers who visit urban and rural areas: an exploratory study
Pars cohort study of non-communicable diseases in Iran: protocol and preliminary results
Parental influence on drinking behaviors at the transition to college: the mediating role of perceived friends' approval of high-risk drinking
Patterns of drinking initiation among Latino youths: cognitive and contextual explanations of the immigrant paradox
Partnering patterns and sexual behavior among Korean men who have sex with men
Perinatal depression and screening among Aboriginal Australians in the Kimberley
A cross sectional study on assessment of falls in community dwelling elderly of Assam
A descriptive profile of trauma patients related to road traffic collisions admitted in a tertiary level intensive care unit: a concurrent cohort study
Experience of childhood abuse and later number of remaining teeth in older Japanese: a life-course study from Japan Gerontological Evaluation Study project
Factors influencing the underreporting of concussion in sports: a qualitative study of minor hockey participants
Does emotion dysregulation mediate the relationship between early maltreatment and later substance dependence? Findings of the CANSAS Study.
Maternal age and offspring health and health behaviours in late adolescence in Sweden
Paradox and privilege: a 55-year follow-up of the mortality of Yale College graduates
Predictors of patients with high suicidality during the post discharge period in the early phase of schizophrenia
The prevalence of traumatic brain injury among people with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders:
Prevalence, correlates and patterns of heroin use among young adults in the United States
Religious attendance serves as a protective variable against suicidal ideation during treatment
Riding into the golden years: injury patterns and outcomes of advanced-age motorcycle trauma
Risk factors for institutionalization after traumatic brain injury inpatient rehabilitation
Sleep and suicide
A study on knowledge and behavioural patterns regarding road safety among arts college students in Vijayawada City
The textures of heroin: user perspectives on "black tar" and powder heroin in two U.S. cities
Years of Life Lost due to Premature Mortality in a Province with the Shortest Life Expectancy in Poland
Women's drinking decisions in heterosocial situations: development and validation of scenarios to assess influence of attraction and risk-awareness
Why can't you change? Stories of parents and street educators about adolescent girls in street situations
Alcohol and suicide in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug and Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia
Analysis of profit and loss by injury severity over 20 years at a university Level I trauma center
Analysis on causes of death of residents in Beijing, 1965-1974
Are young men who overestimate drinking by others more likely to respond to an electronic normative feedback brief intervention for unhealthy alcohol use?
Assessment of suicide risk: validation of the Nurses' Global Assessment of Suicide Risk Index for the Portuguese population
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms, type of offending and recidivism in a prison population: The role of substance dependence
Backlog and burden of fractures in Sierra Leone and Nepal: results from nationwide cluster randomized, population-based surveys
Behaviour problems in children with intellectual disabilities in a resource-poor setting in India - part 1: association with age, sex, severity of intellectual disabilities and IQ
Commentary: Death by distraction
A comparison between wastewater-based drug data and an illicit drug use survey in a selected community
Differences in mortality by immigrant status in Italy. results of the Italian Network of Longitudinal Metropolitan Studies
Dissociable relations between amygdala subregional networks and psychopathy trait dimensions in conduct-disordered juvenile offenders
Drug use in the public health debate
Exploring empathy and callous-unemotional traits as predictors of animal abuse perpetrated by children exposed to intimate partner violence
Factors related to physical violence experienced by parents of persons with schizophrenia in Japan
Fear of faith: a reflection on 'Family therapy and fundamentalism'
Functional fun: legitimising adult recreational drug use
Gendered perceptions of drugs, aggression, and violence
Geographic elevation, car driving, and depression among elderly residents in rural areas: the Shimane CoHRE study
Recurrent violent injury: magnitude, risk factors, and opportunities for intervention from a statewide analysis
Risk factors for recurrent violent injury among black men
The impact of dizziness on quality-of-life in the elderly
Influencing and protective factors of suicidal ideation among older adults
Locomotor deficits in recently concussed athletes and matched controls during single and dual-task turning gait: preliminary results
Medical cannabis laws and juvenile cannabis use: a reply to Wall et al
Medical marijuana legalization and cigarette and marijuana co-use in adolescents and adults
Observation of motorcycle helmet use rates in Michigan after partial repeal of the universal motorcycle helmet law
Alcohol and substance abuse, depression and suicide attempts after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery
Alcohol abusive use increases facial trauma?
Assessment of home safety in children from Kentuckiana
Blunt cerebrovascular injuries in severe traumatic brain injury: incidence, risk factors, and evolution
Drugs and psychoactive substances in the Tiber River
Diagnosis and dialogue in acute child and adolescent mental health care
Distinct synaptic strengthening of the striatal direct and indirect pathways drives alcohol consumption
The (anti)social network: egocentric friendship networks of incarcerated youth
Changing values: attitudes about intimate partner violence in immigrants and natives in five Western countries
Casualty rates of US military personnel during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
Descriptive epidemiology of musculoskeletal injuries in the Army 101st Airborne (Air Assault) Division
Do campus police ruin college students' fun?
Dynamics of metabolism and decision making during alcohol consumption: modeling and analysis
The essence of crime: contagious transmission from those who have committed moral transgressions
Evidence-based policy? The re-medicalization of cannabis and the role of expert committees in the UK, 1972-1982
Factors associated with family violence by persons with psychiatric disorders
Forecasting cause-specific mortality in Korea up to year 2032
The impact of environment and occupation on the health and safety of active duty Air Force members: database development and de-identification
The implications of using group-based offenses versus non-group-based offenses in peer deviance scales
Impulsivity mediates the relationship between future orientation and juvenile deviancy
Intimate partner maltreatment recidivism in U.S. Air Force families
Military deployment and international terrorism: do location and mission type matter?
Adaptation and development of the Empathy Assessment Index (EAI)
Alcohol consumption among partners of pregnant women in Sweden: a cross sectional study
Alcohol use severity and sexual risk behavior among female substance users
Behavioral and nondirective guided self-help for parents of children with externalizing behavior: mediating mechanisms in a head-to-head comparison
CDC grand rounds: adolescence - preparing for lifelong health and wellness
Childhood emotional maltreatment and mental disorders: results from a nationally representative adult sample from the United States
Conceptualizing and measuring weekend versus weekday alcohol use: item response theory and confirmatory factor analysis
Connecting occupational safety awareness, legislation, implementation and enforcement within the Ghanaian industrial economy
Cultivating resilience in families who foster: understanding how families cope and adapt over time
A descriptive analysis of medical health services utilization of Veterans living in Ontario: a retrospective cohort study using administrative healthcare data
Diagnostic efficiency of caregiver report on the SCARED for identifying youth anxiety disorders in outpatient settings
Disability divides in India: evidence from the 2011 census
Emotional, physical and sexual abuse and its psychological impact in children
Epidemiological profile of sports-related knee injuries in northern India: an observational study at a tertiary care centre
Ethnic differences in mental illness severity: a population-based study of Chinese and South Asian patients in Ontario, Canada
Examining the relationship between traumatic brain injury and substance use outcomes in the Canadian population
Examining the role of source credibility and reference group proximity on personalized normative feedback interventions for college student alcohol use: a randomized laboratory experiment
Explaining large mortality differences between adjacent counties: a cross-sectional study
Frequency of self-reported sexual aggression and victimization in Brazil: a literature review
Harmful alcohol consumption: prevalence, trends, health burden, reduction strategy
High-intensity drinking among young adults in the united states: prevalence, frequency, and developmental change
Irritability in pediatric patients: normal or not?
Is laughing at the expense of victims and offenders a red flag? Humor and secondary traumatic stress
Mechanisms, patterns and outcomes of paediatric polytrauma in a UK major trauma centre
Men's sexual interest in children: one-year incidence and correlates in a population-based sample of Finnish male twins
Neighborhood safety factors associated with older adults' health-related outcomes: a systematic literature review
A new approximation for risk assessment using the AHP and Fine Kinney methodologies
Why do people tend to infer "ought" from "is"? The role of biases in explanation
Pathological features of fatal crocodile attacks in northern Australia, 2005-2014
Pattern of care before presentation among the psychiatric emergency cases at a tertiary health care center in Nigeria
Precarious employment is a risk factor for poor mental health in young individuals in Sweden: a cohort study with multiple follow-ups
Prevalence and assessment of traumatic brain injury in prison inmates: a systematic PRISMA review
Prevalence and correlates of achieving recommended physical activity levels among children living in rural South Asia-A multi-centre study
Prevalence and nature of child sexual abuse in the Netherlands: ethnic differences?
Prevention of suicidal behavior
Psychosocial, health promotion and safety culture management - are health and safety practitioners involved?
Rear seat belt laws and restraint use in rear-seated teen passengers traveling in passenger vehicles involved in a fatal collision on a U.S. roadway
Recent cohort effects in suicide in Scotland: a legacy of the 1980s?
Risk factors for falls in people with a lower limb amputation: a systematic review
Safety risk intelligence: children's concept formation of safety and their individual capabilities to appraise risk of injury
Training mental health professionals in child sexual abuse: curricular guidelines
Understanding differences in crime reporting practices: a comparative approach
Violence and depression in a community sample
Perceived accountability and public attitudes toward local police
Re-considering the structural covariates of gun crime: an examination of direct and moderated effects
Underage drinking: a review of trends and prevention strategies
Usefulness of overnight pulse oximeter as the sleep assessment tool to assess the 6-year risk of road traffic collision: evidence from the Taiwan Bus Driver Cohort Study
The effect of exposure to missile attacks on posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms as a function of perceived media control and locus of control
An examination of psychopathology among men who have suspended the use of violence in their intimate relationships
Flood frequency analysis using method of moments and L-moments of probability distributions
How will a risk of income fluctuations influence the suicidal decision making? Insights from a three-period model of suicide
Prevalence and behavioral risk factors associated with road traffic accidents among medical students of Arabian Gulf University in Bahrain
Maternal depression and mental health in early childhood: an examination of underlying mechanisms in low-income and middle-income countries
Road traffic safety perception in Jordan
Peer helpers' struggles to care for "others" who inject drugs
Age, period, and cohort effects in synthetic cannabinoid use among US adolescents, 2011-2015
Alcohol use among adults in Uganda: findings from the countrywide non-communicable diseases risk factor cross-sectional survey
Alcohol-related genes show an enrichment of associations with a persistent externalizing factor
The association between sexual health and physical, mental, and social health in adolescent women
Disruptive behavior among elementary students in physical education
Environmental contexts of combined alcohol and energy drink use: associations with intoxication in licensed venues
Environmental factors, life events, trauma in the course of bipolar disorder
The epidemiology of thoracolumbar trauma: a meta-analysis
Explanatory model of psychosis: impact on perception of self-stigma by patients in three sub-Saharan African cities
Gender differences and gender convergence in alcohol use over the past three decades (1984-2008), the HUNT Study, Norway
"Good passengers and not good passengers:" adolescent drivers' perceptions about inattention and peer passengers
Higher risk of homicide among pregnant and postpartum females aged 10-29 years in Illinois, 2002-2011
How rare are large, multiple-fatality work-related incidents?
Impact of selected personal factors on seasonal variability of recreationist weather perceptions and preferences in Warsaw (Poland)
Implementation in practice: adaptations to sexuality education curricula in California
Implicit alcohol associations, especially drinking identity, predict drinking over time
Clinical and personality traits in emotional disorders: evidence of a common framework
Co-occurring disorders: a challenge for Mexican community-based residential care facilities for substance use
Cognitive inflexibility in obsessive-compulsive disorder
Cross-cultural perspectives on parent-adolescent discrepancies: existing findings and future directions
Daily patterns of stress and conflict in couples: associations with marital aggression and family-of-origin aggression
The Culture of Pretence: a hidden barrier to recognising, disclosing and ending domestic violence
Addressing younger workers' needs: the Promoting U through Safety and Health (PUSH) trial outcomes
Assessing Ghanaian teachers' perceptions and beliefs regarding substance use among school-aged children in Ghana
Assessing the risk and prevalence of hate crime victimization in Western Europe
China white: clinical insights of an evolving designer underground drug
Developing a measure to understand young children's Internet cognition and cyber-safety awareness: a pilot test
Did amendments to the Ontario Highway Traffic Act in 2009-2010 affect the proportion of alcohol-related motor vehicle collisions seen at a Level I trauma centre over a 10-year period?
Alcohol control measures and trafic safety
Functioning and disability analysis of patients with traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury by using the World Health Organization Disability Assessment Schedule 2.0
Hypocretin neurotransmission within the central amygdala mediates escalated cocaine self-administration and stress-induced reinstatement in rats
'Nobody is sure of tomorrow' using the Health Belief Model to explain safety behaviours among Boko Haram victims in Kano, Nigeria
On whom does the burden of crime fall now? Changes over time in counts and concentration
Poly-victimization across social contexts home, school, and neighborhood violence exposure
Prevalence and correlates of neck injection among people who inject drugs in Tijuana, Mexico
Rates of reporting suicidal ideation and symptoms of depression on children's depression inventory in a paediatric neurology sample
A socio-cultural view of trends in drug use indicators
"Thinking about drinking": exploring children's perceptions of alcohol using the Draw and Write tool
Unintentional injuries among people with epilepsy in Bhutan
When is violence not a crime? Factors associated with victims' labelling of violence as a crime
Implicit attitudes predict drinking onset in adolescents: shaping by social norms
Increase in moped injuries requiring emergency care
Increasing severity of traumatic brain injury is associated with an increased risk of subsequent headache or migraine: a retrospective cohort study of U.S. active duty service members, 2006-2015
The Latin America and the Caribbean search strategy proposal
Lower extremity stiffness changes following concussion in collegiate football players
Main causes of death in Dande, Angola: results from verbal autopsies of deaths occurring during 2009-2012
"Make sure you're not getting yourself in trouble:" building sexual relationships and preventing sexual violence at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point
Maternal scaffolding and home stimulation: key mediators of early intervention effects on children's cognitive development
Non-fatal injuries treated outside a hospital in Hunan, China: results from a household interview survey
An observational study of secondary task engagement while driving on urban streets in Iranian Safe Communities
Pediatric head and neck injuries due to golf cart trauma
Parental absence, child victimization, and psychological well-being in rural China
Partying last weekend: factors related to heavy episodic drinking among people who use recreational drugs
A population study of the association between sleep disturbance and suicidal behaviour in people with mental illness
Prevalence and associated factors of elder mistreatment: a cross sectional study from urban Nepal
Prevalence and predictors of drinking, binge drinking, and related health and social problems in Puerto Rico
Prevalence of at-risk drinking among Brazilian truck drivers and its interference on the performance of executive cognitive tasks
Psychotic experiences in the context of depression: the cumulative role of victimization
Randomised, waiting list controlled trial of cognitive-behavioural therapy for persistent postconcussional symptoms after predominantly mild-moderate traumatic brain injury
The reciprocal predictive relationship between high-risk personality and drinking: an 8-wave longitudinal study in early adolescents
Risk factors of physical and sexual abuse for women in Mali: findings from a nationally representative sample
Risk of hospitalization due to motor vehicle crashes among Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans diagnosed with traumatic brain injury
Road accidents and business cycles in Spain
A scoping review of the associations of golf with eye injuries in adults and children
Screening caregivers of children for risky drinking in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Season of birth predicts emotional and behavioral regulation in 18-month-old infants: Hamamatsu Birth Cohort for Mothers and Children (HBC Study)
Social engagement and adaptive functioning during early childhood: identifying and distinguishing among subgroups differing with regard to social engagement
"You are a part of the solution": negotiating gender-based violence and engendering change in urban informal settlements in Mumbai, India
Why do people still text while driving?
When the woman gets violent: the construction of domestic abuse experience from heterosexual men's perspective
Stress and binge drinking: a toxic combination for the teenage brain
Suicide rate higher for indigenous people in Labrador
Suicide risk among wounded U.S. service members
Suicide attempts in Ilam Province, Western Iran, 2010-2014: a time trend study
To accurately estimate implicit influences on health behavior, accurately estimate explicit influences
Towards valid 'serious non-fatal injury' indicators for international comparisons based on probability of admission estimates
Traumatic chest injury in children
Traumatic hand injuries in children
Unemployment and mental health
Unintentional injuries after TBI: potential risk factors, impacts, and prevention
Unintentional injuries in children up to six years of age and related parental knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors in Italy
Using the public health model to address unintentional injuries and TBI: a perspective from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Use of gene expression biomarkers to predict suicidality
College students' perceptions of the links between alcohol use and sexual experiences
Heavy drinkers' perspectives on minimum unit pricing for alcohol in Scotland
Influence of individual- and national-level factors on attitudes toward intimate partner violence
Situational strategies for self-control
Stigma as social control: gender-based violence stigma, life chances, and moral order in Kenya
Testing the impact of local alcohol licencing policies on reported crime rates in England
Alcohol consumption by youth: peers, parents, or prices?
The effects of yoga practice in school physical education on children's motor abilities and social behavior
Epidemiology of suicide in Cuba, 1987-2014
Medicaid expenditures for children remaining at home after a first finding of child maltreatment
Prevalence and risk factors associated with suicidal ideation among adolescents in Malaysia
Quickstats: Age-adjusted death rates for males aged 15-44 years, by the five leading causes of death - United States, 1999 and 2014
Birth order and hospitalization for alcohol and narcotics use in Sweden
Follow-up of young patients after acute poisoning by substances of abuse: a comparative cohort study at an emergency outpatient clinic
Frequency of recidivism in patients with orthopedic trauma
Healthy Volunteer 2020: Comparing Peace Corps Volunteers' health metrics with Healthy People 2020 national objectives
Hemoglobin status and externalizing behavioral problems in children
Hot or not: physiological versus meteorological heatwaves-support for a mean temperature threshold
A hunter's moon: the effect of moon illumination on outdoor crime
The identification of patterns of interurban road accident frequency and severity using road geometry and traffic indicators
Psychological health and bullying behavior among adolescent prisoners: a study of young and juvenile offenders
Behavioral impulsivity mediates the relationship between decreased frontal gray matter volume and harmful alcohol drinking: a voxel-based morphometry study
Drinking motives predict subjective effects of alcohol and alcohol wanting and liking during laboratory alcohol administration: a mediated pathway analysis
Elderly Taiwanese's intrinsic risk factors for fall-related injuries
Football players' perceptions of future risk of concussion and concussion-related health outcomes
Human trafficking of children in Illinois: prevalence and characteristics
Injury profile and outcomes of elderly nursing home residents admitted to an Australian major trauma centre
A miscarriage of justice: why is policy not implemented for young offenders?
Predictors of rehospitalization for depressed adolescents admitted to acute psychiatric treatment
A prospective examination of the relations between emotional abuse and anxiety: moderation by distress tolerance
Safety-related risk and benefit-cost analysis of crash avoidance systems applied to transit buses: comparing New York City vs. Bogota, Colombia
Sleep disturbance from road traffic, railways, airplanes and from total environmental noise levels in Montreal
Validation of the Dutch language version of the Safety Attitudes Questionnaire (SAQ-NL)
What's keeping people after stroke from walking outdoors to become physically active? A qualitative study, using an integrated biomedical and behavioral theory of functioning and disability
Early emotional trauma in alcohol-dependent men: prevalence, associations and predictive value
When red means go: non-normative effects of red under sensation seeking
Sex and age trends in Australia's suicide rate over the last decade: something is still seriously wrong with men in middle and late life
Laying claim to social media by activists: a cyber-material détournement
Non-prescribed buprenorphine in New York City: motivations for use, practices of diversion, and experiences of stigma
Pre-injury polypharmacy predicts mortality in isolated severe traumatic brain injury patients
Relationships between firearm availability and suicide: the role of psychology
Alcohol consumption among university students: a Sino-German comparison demonstrates a much lower consumption of alcohol in Chinese students
Alcohol mixed with energy drinks: associations with risky drinking and functioning in high school
Associations among adolescents' cyber-specific beliefs and information management strategies
Authors reply "Association of body mass index and choice of suicide methods"
Childhood and adolescent risk and protective factors for violence in adulthood
Current status of women requiring perinatal mental health care for protecting their children in Japan
Development and validation of a method to identify children with social complexity risk factors
The effect of victim resistance on rape completion: a meta-analysis
Epidemiology of adult open globe injury
The epidemiology of lower extremities injuries in Iranian population
Exposure to violence, typology, and recidivism in a probation sample of domestic violence perpetrators
High-intensity drinking by underage young adults in the United States
Incidence of knee injuries: numbers for outpatient and inpatient care in Germany
Iranian nurses' experience of "being a wrongdoer": A phenomenological study
Longitudinal risks for domestic violence
Marijuana legalization and parents' attitudes, use, and parenting in Washington State
Military/civilian risk markers for physical intimate partner violence: a meta-analysis
Minority status and mental distress: a comparison of group density effects
Observational study of aggressive behaviour and coercion on an Indian acute ward
Personalizing substance use treatment based on pre-treatment impulsivity and sensation seeking: A review
Presentation of coping strategies associated with physical and mental health during health check-ups
Prevalence and predictors of booster seat use in Alberta, Canada
The relationship between body mass index and temperament, based on the knowledge of traditional Persian medicine
Time trends in incidence and severity of injury among collegiate soccer players in the United States: NCAA Injury Surveillance System, 1990-1996 and 2004-2009
Risk factors for late-life depression: a prospective cohort study among older women
Risk-perception and dangerous driving among adolescents: outcome- and behavior-focused questions yield opposite results
The role of neighborhood disadvantage, physical disorder, and collective efficacy in adolescent alcohol use: a multilevel path analysis
A study of violence among Hong Kong young adults and associated substance use, risky sexual behaviors, and pregnancy
Study protocol RapMusicTherapy for emotion regulation in a school setting
Suicide attempt as a risk factor for completed suicide: even more lethal than we knew
A systematic review of the impact of exposure to internet-based alcohol-related content on young people's alcohol use behaviours
The unconscious, myth, and the rule of law: reflections on the persistence of gender inequality
Unintentional insecticide poisoning by age: an analysis of Queensland Poisons Information Centre calls
Utilization of ImPACT testing to measure injury risk in alpine ski and snowboard athletes
What becomes of people admitted to acute old age psychiatry wards? An exploration of factors affecting length of stay, delayed discharge and discharge destination
What is known and not known about volunteer policing in the United States
What is 'binge drinking'? Perceptions of Australian adolescents and adults, and implications for mass media campaigns
Cognitive biases for social alcohol-related pictures and alcohol use in specific social settings: an event-level study
Eating a meal is associated with elevations in agreeableness and reductions in dominance and submissiveness
Exploring the interrelationship between alexithymia, defense style, emotional suppression, homicide-related posttraumatic stress disorder and psychiatric co-morbidity
Impact of brief intervention services on drug-using truant youths' self-reported delinquency and arrest charges: a longitudinal study
Improved 2D intelligent driver model in the framework of three-phase traffic theory simulating synchronized flow and concave growth pattern of traffic oscillations
Improving traffic flow at long-term roadworks
The incremental validity of the dark triad in predicting driving aggression
Influential factors of red-light running at signalized intersection and prediction using a rare events logistic regression model
Incidence and cost of ankle sprains in United States emergency departments
Interaction processes as a mediating factor between children's externalized behaviour difficulties and engagement in preschool
Interactions between callous unemotional behaviors and executive function in early childhood predict later aggression and lower peer-liking in late-childhood
An intersectoral intervention to prevent early alcohol use in Cuban adolescents
The interplay among socioeconomic status, household chaos, and parenting in the prediction of child conduct problems and callous-unemotional behaviors
A nuanced view of normalisation: attitudes of cannabis non-users in a study of undergraduate students at three Canadian universities
Observable characteristics associated with alcohol intoxication within licensed entertainment venues in Australia
A navigating navigator onboard or a monitoring operator ashore? Towards safe, effective, and sustainable maritime transportation: findings from five recent EU projects
Negative Affect as a Moderator of the Relationship between Hookup Motives and Hookup Consequences
Negative affectivity and effortful control in mothers with borderline personality disorder and in their young children
Neuropsychological assessment of driving capacity
New narratives of international security governance: the shift from global interventionism to global self-policing
No association between unintentional head injuries and early-life exposure to tetrachloroethylene (PCE)-contaminated drinking water
Operational analysis of the contraflow left-turn lane design at signalized intersections in China
Outcome benchmarks for adaptations of research-supported treatments for adult traumatic stress
Parental physical force and alcohol use in emerging adults: mediation by psychological problems
Parental self-control and the development of male aggression in early childhood: a longitudinal test of self-control theory
The party effect: prediction of future alcohol use based on exposure to specific alcohol advertising content
Play beliefs and responsive parenting among low-income mothers of preschoolers in the United States
Polyvictimization among children and adolescents in low- and lower-middle-income countries: a systematic review and meta-analysis
The place of 'race' in understanding immigration control and the detention of foreign nationals
Population mental health among U.S. military veterans: results of the Veterans Health Module of the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, 2011-2012
Post-traumatic cognitions as a mediator of the relationship between sense of coherence and post-traumatic stress disorder after motor vehicle accidents
Predicting suicide following self-harm: systematic review of risk factors and risk scales
Hazards without disasters
Hazardous drinking in Parisian medical students
Epidemiology of flexor tendon injuries of the hand in a Northern Finnish population
One outcome, many trends: understanding national data sources for road traffic fatalities in China
Safety and health support for home care workers: the COMPASS randomized controlled trial
'They aren't really black fellas but they are easy to talk to': factors which influence Australian Aboriginal women's decision to disclose intimate partner violence during pregnancy
Acute care needs in an Indian emergency department: a retrospective analysis
Association between natural resources for outdoor activities and physical inactivity: results from the contiguous United States
Erratum to: What influences 11-year-olds to drink? Findings from the Millennium Cohort Study
Evaluation of the 113Online suicide prevention crisis chat service: outcomes, helper behaviors and comparison to telephone hotlines
Histories of hating
Long-term psychological consequences among adolescent survivors of the Wenchuan earthquake in China: a cross-sectional survey six years after the disaster
Long-term stability and reliability of baseline cognitive assessments in high school athletes using ImPACT at 1-, 2-, and 3-year test-retest intervals
Predictors of sexual aggression victimization and perpetration among Polish university students: a longitudinal study
A profile of active transportation in Colorado public schools, 2014-2015
Spatial proximity to incidents of community violence is associated with fewer suicides in urban California
Estimates of the absolute and relative strengths of diverse alcoholic drinks by young people
Evaluating the clinical utility of the Validity-10 for detecting amplified symptom reporting for patients with mild traumatic brain injury and comorbid psychological health conditions
Help-seeking in emerging adults with and without a history of mental health referral: a qualitative study
High chronic training loads and exposure to bouts of maximal velocity running reduce injury risk in elite Gaelic football
The impact of different types of parental support behaviours on child physical activity, healthy eating, and screen time: a cross-sectional study
Interpersonal violence and synthetic cannabinoids
Masking in reports of "most serious" events: bias in estimators of sports injury incidence in Canadian children
When women do not want it: young female bargoers' experiences with and responses to sexual harassment in social drinking contexts
Does one day of drinking matter? 21st birthday drinking predicts subsequent drinking and consequences
Industry television ratings for violence, sex, and substance use
Investigating patterns of participation in an online support group for problem drinking: a social network analysis
Involuntary admissions in Italy: the impact of seasonality
Is population flow an unintended consequence of alcohol management plans?
Mortality rates among substance use disorder participants in clinical trials: pooled analysis of twenty-two clinical trials within the national drug abuse treatment clinical trials network
Mothering, guiding, and responding to children: a comparison of women abused and not abused by intimate partners
National survey of family physicians to define functional decline in elderly patients with minor trauma
Physical activity levels in a community lifestyle intervention: a randomized trial
Policy recommendations for the implementation of fall and fracture prevention in community-dwelling older persons
Predictors of drinking behaviour among adolescents and young adults: a new psychosocial control perspective
Prevalence and incidence of domestic violence during pregnancy and associated risk factors: a longitudinal cohort study in the south of Sweden
The problematic use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in adolescents by the cross sectional JOITIC study
Road traffic related injury severity in truck drivers: a prospective medical and technical analysis of 582 truck crashes
Sociodemographic, psychosocial and physical health correlates of common mental disorder symptoms among mothers in Trinidad and Tobago: examining ethnic variations
Temporal patterns of road traffic injuries in Iran
Transdiagnostic impairment of cognitive control in mental illness
Trends in road traffic deaths in Yazd, Iran, 2004 - 2010
Visual and auditory components in the perception of asynchronous audiovisual speech
What is the effect of basic emotions on directed forgetting? Investigating the role of basic emotions in memory
Age-related trends in injury and injury severity presenting to emergency departments in New South Wales Australia: implications for major injury surveillance and trauma systems
Anxiety and depression during pregnancy and temperament in early infancy: findings from a multi-ethnic, Asian, prospective birth cohort study
An assessment of the impact of pedestrian refuge islands on vehicle speed changes and pedestrian safety: case study in Tehran
The association between parental attitudes and alcohol consumption and adolescent alcohol consumption in Southern Ireland: a cross-sectional study
The benefits of social technology use among older adults are mediated by reduced loneliness
Bicycling crash characteristics: an in-depth crash investigation study
Biological sensitivity to context: cortisol awakening response moderates the effects of neighbourhood density on the development of adolescent externalizing problem behaviours
Burn child specificity
Childhood adversities associated with poor adult mental health outcomes in older homeless adults: results from the HOPE HOME Study
Climbing down the steps from the ivory tower: how UK academics and criminal justice practitioners need to work together on alcohol studies
Co-morbidity, mortality, quality of life and the healthcare/welfare/social costs of disordered sleep: a rapid review
Traffic police effectiveness and efficiency evaluations, an overview of methodological considerations
Complications and in-hospital mortality in trauma patients treated in intensive care units in the United States, 2013
The consequences of school dropout among serious adolescent offenders more offending? More arrest? Both?
The contribution of posttraumatic stress disorder and mild traumatic brain injury to persistent post concussive symptoms following motor vehicle accidents
Crashes involving cyclists aged 50 and over in the Netherlands: an in-depth study
A crowd of pedestrian dynamics - the perspective of physics: Comment on "Human behaviours in evacuation crowd dynamics: from modelling to "big data" toward crisis management" by Nicola Bellomo et al
Definitions and epidemiology of excessive sleepiness
Deriving injury risk curves using survival analysis from biomechanical experiments
Descriptive study of older adults encountered by crisis intervention team (CIT) law enforcement officers
Diagnosis, cause, and treatment approaches for delayed sleep-wake phase disorder
Does early training improve driving skills of young novice French drivers?
Does low alcohol use increase the risk of sickness absence? A discordant twin study
Dramatic demographic changes in spine trauma mortality over the past quarter century in Finland ( Editorial)
The effect of prior concussion history on dual-task gait following a concussion
Estimating the cost of road traffic accidents in Iran
The experimental manipulation of desire thinking in alcohol use disorder
A faceoff with hazardous noise: noise exposure and hearing threshold shifts of indoor hockey officials
Facial fractures in football: incidence, site, and mechanism of injury
Female adolescent athletes' attitudes and perspectives on injury prevention programs
Geospatial and clinical analyses on pediatric related road traffic injury in Malaysia
The German version of the humor styles questionnaire: psychometric properties and overlap with other styles of humor
Heavy episodic drinking among transgender persons: disparities and predictors
Identify sequence of events likely to result in severe crash outcomes
Impact of optimally minimizing delay times on safety at signalized intersections in urban areas, case study: the city of Virginia Beach
An intergenerational study of perceptions of changes in active free play among families from rural areas of Western Canada
The interplay between trauma, substance abuse and appetitive aggression and its relation to criminal activity among high-risk males in South Africa
Lost output by road traffic injuries in Iran, an estimate based on disability-adjusted life years index
Mental health of outpatient pediatric patients
The mental health of transgender youth: advances in understanding
Methodological and design considerations in evaluating the impact of prevention programs on violence and related health outcomes
Residual daytime sleepiness in obstructive sleep apnea after continuous positive airway pressure optimization: causes and management
Risk factors for smoking in rural women: the role of gender-based sexual and intimate partner violence
The role of emotions in depression and aggression
Searching for sustainability within public health policy: insights from an injury prevention perspective
Seatbelt use by pregnant women: a survey of knowledge and practice in Hong Kong
Self-reported changes in attractions and social determinants of mental health in transgender adults
Short-term and long-term effects of GDP on traffic deaths in 18 OECD countries, 1960-2011
Substance use and sexual risk behavior in sexual minority hispanic adolescents
Suicidal deaths in depth-Eastern Province-Saudi Arabia
Suicidality, self-harm, and body dissatisfaction in transgender adolescents and emerging adults with gender dysphoria
Suicide attempts and behavioral correlates among a nationally representative sample of school-attending adolescents in the Republic of Malawi
Talking about screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment for adolescents: an upstream intervention to address the heroin and prescription opioid epidemic
Mortality trends and differentials in South Africa from 1997 to 2012: second National Burden of Disease Study
Neural predictors of initiating alcohol use during adolescence
One stop multidisciplinary pain clinic for survivors of torture
Overcorrection for social-categorization information moderates impact bias in affective forecasting
Pedestrian crosswalk law: a study of traffic and trajectory factors that affect non-compliance and stopping distance
Persistent and contemporaneous effects of job stressors on mental health: a study testing multiple analytic approaches across 13 waves of annually collected cohort data
Poor mental health status and its associations with demographic characteristics and chronic diseases in Chinese elderly
Profile and procedures for fractures among 1323 fracture patients from the 2010 Yushu earthquake, China
Racing with friends: resistance to peer influence, gist and specific risk beliefs
The relationship between humor styles and forgiveness
Coping with Accident Reactions (CARE) early intervention programme for preventing traumatic stress reactions in young injured children: study protocol for two randomised controlled trials
Coverage of health-related articles in major local newspapers of Manipur
Distribution characteristics and combined effect of polymorphisms affecting alcohol consumption behaviour in the Hungarian general and Roma populations
Fear of falling, but not gait impairment, predicts subjective memory complaints in cognitively intact older adults
From alcohol initiation to tolerance to problems: discordant twin modeling of a developmental process
Good person or bad character? Personality predictors of morality and ethics in avatar selection for video game play
'Haven of safety' and 'secure base': a qualitative inquiry into factors affecting child attachment security in Nairobi, Kenya
Identifying fallers among home care clients with dementia and Parkinson's disease
Improving evidence-based social work practice with youths exhibiting conduct problems through structured assessment
Impulsive behaviour in interpersonal encounters: associations with quarrelsomeness and agreeableness
Injury patterns among elite football players: a media-based analysis over 6 seasons with emphasis on playing position
Intimate partner violence during the first pregnancy: a comparison between adolescents and adults in an urban area of Iran
Is social anxiety associated with cannabis use? The role of cannabis use effect expectancies in middle adolescence
Life events and escape in conversion disorder
Macro-level safety analysis of pedestrian crashes in Shanghai, China
Adolescent-to-parent violence in adoptive families
Aggressive event incidence using the staff observation of Aggression Scale-Revised (SOAS-R): a longitudinal study
Comparison of neuropsychological test scores of high school athletes in high and low contact sports: a replication study
Demographic and socioeconomic inequalities in the risk of emergency hospital admission for violence: cross-sectional analysis of a national database in Wales
Evaluating the fall risk among elderly population by choice step reaction test
How do area-level socioeconomic status and gender norms affect partner violence against women? Evidence from Tanzania
Inadequate sleep as a mediating variable between exposure to interparental violence and depression severity in adolescents
Is there a complex relation between social anxiety disorder, childhood traumatic experiences and dissociation?
Moderate traumatic brain injury is linked to acute behaviour deficits and long term mitochondrial alterations
Psychological factors are important to return to pre-injury sport activity after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: expect and motivate to satisfy
Risk factors for concordance between partners in assault among university student couples
Therapeutic assessment of a violent criminal offender: managing the cultural narrative of evil
A systematic review of the prevalence and odds of domestic abuse victimization among people with dementia
Ability of the Child Behavior Checklist-Dysregulation Profile and the Youth Self Report-Dysregulation Profile to identify serious psychopathology and association with correlated problems in high-risk children and adolescents
Age and gender differences in ability emotional intelligence in adults: a cross-sectional study
Correlates of mental illness and wellbeing in children: are they the same? Results from the UK Millennium Cohort Study
Decreasing adolescent drinking: is there evidence of a continuation into future adult cohorts? APC analysis of adolescent drinking in Finland, 1983-2013
Depression, marijuana use and early-onset marijuana use conferred unique effects on neural connectivity and cognition
Determination of MDPBP in postmortem blood samples by gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry
Drinking motives mediate the relationship between facets of mindfulness and problematic alcohol use
An empirical analysis of risk-taking in car driving and other aspects of life
Epidemiology of fatal and hospitalised injuries among youth in Fiji (TRIP 15)
Ethanol-related death in Ga-Rankuwa road-users, South Africa: a five-year analysis
Factorial validity of the Childhood Trauma Questionnaire in Italian psychiatric patients
Geographic altitude of residence and alcohol dependence in a Peruvian population
"I don't know how, but I'll figure it out somehow": future possible selves and aspirations in "at-risk" early adolescents
Intermittent explosive disorder: a controversial diagnosis
Investigating the gender differences on bicycle-vehicle conflicts at urban intersections using an ordered logit methodology
Low digit ratio (2D:4D) in male suicide victims
Mild head injury and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children
Moderators of brief motivation-enhancing treatments for alcohol-positive adolescents presenting to the emergency department
Multidimensional family therapy: evidence base for transdiagnostic treatment outcomes, change mechanisms, and implementation in community settings
Older driver safety: a survey of psychologists' attitudes, knowledge, and practices
Psychiatric morbidity and correlates in postpartum women in a tertiary care hospital
Racial/ethnic disparities in rates of traumatic injury in Arizona, 2011-2012
Reduced default mode connectivity in adolescents with conduct disorder
The relationship between nonmedical use of prescription stimulants, executive functioning and academic outcomes
Road traffic injuries in Peace Corps Volunteers, 1996-2014
Scheduled evening sleep and enhanced lighting improve adaptation to night shift work in older adults
Sex differences in emotional contexts modulation on response inhibition
Using attitudes, age and gender to estimate an adolescent's substance use risk
Middle school students' understanding of peer alcohol use and implications for secondary school leaders
Social media: challenges and concerns for families
What do people know about eco-driving?
Evaluating claims to avoid pseudoscientific and unproven practices in special education
Information-seeking behaviour and information needs of LGBTQ health professionals: a follow-up study
Adolescent alcohol use: protective and predictive parent, peer, and self-related factors
Autism spectrum disorder and co-occurring substance use disorder - a systematic review
Death portrait of Isfahan Province in years 2007-2011
Heightened impulsivity: associated with family history of alcohol misuse, and a consequence of alcohol intake
High school students residing in educational public institutions: health-risk behaviors
Psychosocial factors associated with alcohol use among Hispanic youth
Risky substance use among young adults in the nightlife arena: an underused setting for risk-reducing interventions?
The role of positive expectancies in risk behavior: an exploration of alcohol use and nonsuicidal self-injury
Within-person associations between daily motivation and self-efficacy and drinking among problem drinkers in treatment
Parent Management Training-Oregon Model: adapting intervention with rigorous research
Pathways to anxiety-depression comorbidity: a longitudinal examination of childhood anxiety disorders
Permissive parenting and mental health in college students: mediating effects of academic entitlement
Personality traits and irrational beliefs in parents of substance-dependent adolescents: a comparative study
Non-intercourse and intercourse hookup intentions, drinking expectancies, and college students' heavy drinking
Observed sensitivity during family interactions and cumulative risk: a study of multiple dyads per family
Multiple past concussions in high school football players: are there differences in cognitive functioning and symptom reporting?
The moderating effect of state anger on treatment outcome in female adolescents with PTSD
Modern diversion or colonial hangover? The history and development of suspended sentences in South Australia
Muddy waters? Reassessing the dimensions of the normalisation thesis in twenty-first century Britain
Mortality from unspecified unintentional injury among individuals aged 65 years and older by U.S. state, 1999-2013
US mortality from carbon monoxide poisoning 1999-2014: accidental and intentional deaths
Adult victimization in female survivors of childhood violence and abuse: the contribution of multiple types of violence
Anthropometrics, physical performance, and injury characteristics of youth American football
Assessing the negative and positive emotion-dependent nature of risky behaviors among substance dependent patients
The association between psychiatric comorbidities and outcomes for inpatients with traumatic brain injury
Associations of repeated high alcohol abuse with unsafe driving behaviors, traffic offences, and traffic crashes among young drivers: findings from the New Zealand Drivers Study
CDC grand rounds: Preventing suicide through a comprehensive public health approach
Can body proportions serve as a predictor of risk-taking behaviours in women and men?
Burns at school
Body mass index, falls, and injurious falls among U.S. adults: findings from the 2014 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System
Challenges to driver licensing participation for Aboriginal people in Australia: a systematic review of the literature
Change in motives among frequent cannabis-using adolescents: Predicting treatment outcomes
Comparing the incidence of falls/fractures in Parkinson's disease patients in the US population
Death across the lifespan: age differences in death-related thoughts and anxiety
Developmental cascade model for adolescent substance use from infancy to late adolescence
Drug use and misuse in the mountains: a UIAA MedCom consensus guide for medical professionals
Drugs as instruments: describing and testing a behavioral approach to the study of neuroenhancement
Economic burden associated with alcohol dependence in a German primary care sample: a bottom-up study
Epidemiologic characteristics of death by burn injury from 2000 to 2009 in Colombia, South America: a population-based study
Epidemiological studies of burn patients in a burn center in Ghana: any clues for prevention?
Epidemiology of burns and scalds in children presenting to the emergency department of a regional burns unit: a 7-year retrospective study
The epidemiology of burns in young children from Mexico treated at a U.S. hospital
Ethanol values during college football season: university policy change and emergency department blood ethanol values from 2006 through 2014
Injuries before and after diagnosis of cancer: nationwide register based study
Injuries due to fireworks use: a surveillance data analysis in Colombia, 2008-2013
Intimate partner violence among HIV positive pregnant women in South Africa
Invisible wounds: obstetric violence in the United States
Relationship of traffic fatality rates to maximum state speed limits
Release from drinking-age restrictions is associated with increases in alcohol-related motor vehicle collisions among young drivers in Canada
Road trauma among young australians: implementing policy to reduce road deaths and serious injury
Soft drinks consumption and child behaviour problems: the role of food insecurity and sleep patterns
Using negative emotional feedback to modify risky behavior of young moped riders
"Where are all the lonely people?" A population-based study of high-risk groups across the life span
Violent offending and suicidal behavior have common familial risk factors: a rejoinder to Tolstoy
Weekday-weekend patterns of physical activity and screen time in parents and their pre-schoolers
Neigbourhood factors on mental health questionnaire: development, validity, and reliability among Malaysian adolescents
Role of thrill and adventure seeking in risky work-related driving behaviours
The South African child death review pilot: a multiagency approach to strengthen healthcare and protection for children
Suicide attempts and self-harm during a dramatic national economic transition: a population-based study in Iceland
Affluence, occupational safety and ergonomics: are they interdependent?
Association between completed suicide and environmental temperature in a Mexican population, using the Knowledge Discovery in Database approach
Bewitching sex workers, blaming wives: HIV/AIDS, stigma, and the gender politics of panic in western Kenya
Changes in baseline concussion assessment scores following a school bus crash
Charlotte Attitudes Towards Sleep (CATS) scale: a validated measurement tool for college students
Child maltreatment and new morbidity in pediatrics : consequences for early child support and child protective interventions
A cluster randomized controlled trial of the Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies (PATHS) curriculum
A community based cross-sectional study on types of domestic accidents and their treatment seeking behaviour
Comparison of under-five mortality for 2000, 2005 and 2011 surveys in Ethiopia
Concussion management in the classroom
Context effects of alcohol availability at home: implicit alcohol associations and the prediction of adolescents' drinking behavior
Coping styles and alcohol dependence among homeless people
Cross-cultural adaptation of the STRATIFY tool in detecting and predicting risk of falling
Current controversies within intimate partner violence: overlooking bidirectional violence
The Cyber Aggression in Relationships Scale: a new multidimensional measure of technology-based intimate partner aggression
Categorical diagnosis of extreme hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattention in very young children
Correlation between weather and incidence of selected ophthalmological diagnoses: a database analysis
Can social media data lead to earlier detection of drug-related adverse events?
Determinants of organised sports participation patterns during the transition from childhood to adolescence in Germany: results of a nationwide cohort study
"F*ck it! Let's get to drinking-poison our livers!": a thematic analysis of alcohol content in contemporary youtube musicvideos
Health outcomes during the 2008 financial crisis in Europe: systematic literature review
Paternal stimulation and early child development in low- and middle-income countries
Prevention of firearm-related injuries with restrictive licensing and concealed carry laws: an Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma systematic review
The South African child death review pilot: a multiagency approach to strengthen healthcare and protection for children
Traumatic brain injuries associated with consumer products at home among US children younger than 5 years of age
Virtual street-crossing performance in persons with multiple sclerosis: feasibility and task performance characteristics
D-DEMATEL: a new method to identify critical success factors in emergency management
Design and implementation of a Witness Unit for opportunistic routing in tsunami alert scenarios
Development and validation of a brief measure of violent thoughts: the Violent Ideations Scale (VIS)
Developmental relations between ADHD symptoms and reactive versus proactive aggression across childhood and adolescence
Do you think I should be scared? The effect of peer discussion on children's fears
Driving under the influence of alcohol in professional drivers in Cameroon
Drug use normalization: a systematic and critical mixed-methods review
The eCHECKUP TO GO for High School: impact on risk factors and protective behavioral strategies for alcohol use
Effect of the Australian "alcopops tax" on alcohol-related emergency department presentations for injury in two states
Electrical burns: highlights from a 5-year retrospective analysis
Gender differences in risk markers for perpetration of physical partner violence: results from a meta-analytic review
Genetic and environmental risk factors for alcohol use disorders in American Indians and Alaskan Natives
Genetics of addiction: future focus on gene × environment interaction?
Hair removal-related injuries in the United States, 1991-2014
Impact of ATLS guidelines, trauma team introduction, and 24-hour mortality due to severe trauma in a busy, metropolitan Italian hospital: a case control study
Implicit alcohol-related expectancies and the effect of context
Interaction of reward seeking and self-regulation in the prediction of risk taking: a cross-national test of the dual systems model
Job loss and alcohol dependence among Blacks and Whites in a National Longitudinal Survey
Juvenile animal cruelty and firesetting behaviour
Knowledge for unintentional injury and risky behavior among the school-age children in Changsha city of China
Last drinks laws: a health perspective
The link between poor parenting and prevalence of drug abuse among children at Kibera Slum in Nairobi, Kenya
Managing major accident risk: concerns about complacency and complexity in practice
Marijuana use and use disorders in adults in the USA, 2002-14: analysis of annual cross-sectional surveys
Multidimensional approach for tsunami vulnerability assessment: framing the territorial impacts in two municipalities in Portugal
Neuroimaging and violence
Normative perceptions of cannabis use among European university students: associations of perceived peer use and peer attitudes with personal use and attitudes
Open finger fractures: incidence, patterns of injury and the influence of social deprivation
Overestimation of close friend drinking problems in the prediction of one's own drinking problems
Patterns of comorbidity of suicide attempters: an update
Peer coordination and communication following disaster warnings: An experimental framework
Physical and sexual violence predictors: 20 years of the women's interagency HIV study cohort
Prevalence and correlates of heroin-methamphetamine co-injection among persons who inject drugs in San Diego, California, and Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
Risk of motor vehicle accident death among 1.3 million veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars
Similarities in the etiology of alcohol use among Native American and non-Native young women
Sociopolitical contexts for addiction recovery: anexos in U.S. Latino communities
Toxoplasma gondii and epilepsy
Traumatic brain injury: impaired medical decision-making capacity in TBI
The Traumatic Injuries Distress Scale: a new tool that quantifies distress and has predictive validity with patient-reported outcomes
Understanding older problem drinkers: the role of drinking to cope
Workplace aggression in Cuban health care settings
Understanding the role of sleep quality and sleep duration in commercial driving safety
Using catastrophe theory to describe railway system safety and discuss system risk concept
Violent typologies among women inpatients with severe mental illness
Virtual reality by mobile smartphone: improving child pedestrian safety
When does co-rumination facilitate depression contagion in adolescent friendships? Investigating intrapersonal and interpersonal factors
Which are the most burdensome functioning areas in depression? A cross-national study
Suicide in lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans populations: systematic review of a decade of research (2004-2014)
A systematic review of the relationship between objective measurements of the urban environment and psychological distress
Temporal patterns of alcohol consumption and attempts to reduce alcohol intake in England
Underestimation of mortality caused by traffic in Mexico: an analysis at the subnational level
Prediction of blunt traumatic injuries and hospital admission based on history and physical exam
Predictors of recall error in self-report of age at alcohol use onset
Prevalence of and factors related to mild and substantial dizziness in community-dwelling older adults: a cross-sectional study
Prevalence, factors and consequences of dating violence in a tertiary institution in Southern Nigeria
Prevention of child sexual abuse by targeting pre-offenders before first offense
Prognostic factors for visual outcome in traumatic cataract patients
A Prospective study of poisoning cases in Basaveshwara Teaching and General Hospital, Kalaburagi
Psychosocial service needs of pediatric transport accident survivors: using clinical data-mining to establish demographic and service usage characteristics
Randomized controlled trial of a very brief, multicomponent web-based alcohol intervention for undergraduates with a focus on protective behavioral strategies
Relationships of community and individual level social capital with activities of daily living and death by gender
A retrospective study of paediatric road traffic injuries in Greece: focus on weekends
Risky decision-making in adolescent girls: the role of pubertal hormones and reward circuitry
A robust estimation of the effects of motorcycle autonomous emergency braking (MAEB) based on in-depth crashes in Australia
The role of religious involvement in Black-White differences in alcohol use disorders
Safety management practices and safety compliance in small medium enterprises: Mediating role of safety participation
Screening and detection of elder abuse: research opportunities and lessons learned from emergency geriatric care, intimate partner violence, and child abuse
Screening for suicidal thoughts and behaviors in older adults in the emergency department
Sleep paralysis in Brazilian folklore and other cultures: a brief review
Sociocultural influences on moral judgments: east-west, male-female, and young-old
Sociodemographic characteristics of Turkish patients who violated a supervised probation program
Sources of misspecification bias in assessments of risks related to alcohol use
Staff exposure to pulsed magnetic fields during depression treatment with transcranial magnetic stimulation
Structural fire risk: the case of Portugal
Students worry about the impact of alcohol on quality of life: roles of frequency of binge drinking and drinker self-concept
Study poisoning cases at Al-Ameen Medical College, Vijayapura, Karnataka
The effects of narcissism and self-esteem on immersion in social network games and massively multiplayer online role-playing games
Effects of motivation and constraint on the outdoor recreation participation of late adolescents: cultural similarities and differences between Japan and Canada
Forensic assertive community treatment: a review of the literature
Risk factors for ocular burn injuries requiring surgery
The risk of offspring developing substance use disorders when exposed to one versus two parent(s) with alcohol use disorder: a nationwide, register-based cohort study
The role of family income dynamics in predicting trajectories of internalizing and externalizing problems
Rural risk: geographic disparities in trauma mortality
Rugby World Cup 2015: World Rugby injury surveillance study
The role of parental mediation and peer norms on the likelihood of cyberbullying
Seat belt repositioning and use of vehicle seat cushions is increased among older drivers aged 75 years and older with morbidities
Self-reported acute pesticide intoxications in Ethiopia
Sexual offenders' parental and adult attachments and preferences for therapists' interpersonal qualities
Should player fatigue be the focus of injury prevention strategies for international rugby sevens tournaments?
Simulation of texting impact on young drivers' behavior and safety on motorways
A systems approach to flood vulnerability
An emotional awareness based parenting group for parents with mental illness: a mixed methods feasibility study of community mental health nurse facilitation
Environmental health related socio-spatial inequalities: identifying "hotspots" of environmental burdens and social vulnerability
Within-subject covariation between depression- and anxiety-related affect
Why do they serve? Changes and differences in motives of Danish soldiers deployed to peace-keeping and peace-enforcing missions
We've seen the future, and it's very diverse: beyond gender and disaster in West Hollywood, California
Family financial stress and adolescent sexual risk-taking: the role of self-regulation
Examination of the Brief Fear of Negative Evaluation Scale-Version 2 and the Brief Fear of Negative Evaluation Scale-Straightforward items factor structure in a sample of U.S. college students
Examining patterns and functions of reminiscence in a sample of Black adults: implications for psychiatric nurses
Experiences of trans women and two-spirit persons accessing women-specific health and housing services in a downtown neighborhood of Vancouver, Canada
Fear-relevant illusory correlations in different fears and anxiety disorders: a review of the literature
Gestational alcohol exposure and other factors associated with continued teenage drinking
A global assessment of the gender gap in self-reported health with survey data from 59 countries
Growing up with the right to marry: sexual attraction, substance use, and well-being of Dutch adolescents
Health behaviors and academic performance among Korean adolescents
The health effects of the foreclosure crisis and unaffordable housing: a systematic review and explanation of evidence
Helping the heart grow fonder during absence: daydreaming about significant others replenishes connectedness after induced loneliness
Higher education as a pedagogical site for citizenship education
History of abuse and risky sex among substance users: the role of rejection sensitivity and the need to belong
Hookah use: could families be a risk factor for future addiction?
Household food insecurity and children's behaviour problems: new evidence from a trajectories-based study
How persistent is ADHD into adulthood? Informant report and diagnostic thresholds in a female sample
Who decides the "best interests" of the child?
When onset meets desistance: cognitive transformation and adolescent marijuana experimentation
When somatization is not the only thing you suffer from: examining comorbid syndromes using latent profile analysis, parenting practices and adolescent functioning
Tackling 'drug-related' crime: are there merits in diverting drug-misusing defendants to treatment? Findings from an Australian case study
Testing the effects of safety climate and disruptive children behavior on school bus drivers performance: a multilevel model
"Them or Us": perceptions, cognitions, emotions, and overt behavior associated with cyclists and motorists sharing the road
The timing of third-party intervention in social conflict
Time-to-contact estimation errors among older drivers with useful field of view impairments
Implicit alcohol approach and avoidance tendencies predict future drinking in problem drinkers
Increased partner risk characteristic among adolescents using alcohol in the moment
Independent effects of relevance and arousal on deductive reasoning
The Index of Vulnerability: an anthropological method linking social-ecological systems to mental and physical health outcomes
Influencing factors on professional attitudes towards risk-taking in children's play: a narrative review
Is caries a risk factor for dental trauma? A systematic review and meta-analysis
Key findings on alcohol consumption and a variety of health outcomes from the Nurses' Health Study
The latent structure of impulsivity: impulsive choice, impulsive action, and impulsive personality traits
Learning and memory in adolescent moderate, binge, and extreme-binge drinkers
A longitudinal study of financial difficulties and mental health in a national sample of British undergraduate students
Magnitude and duration of cue-induced craving for marijuana in volunteers with cannabis use disorder
Male sex workers in spain: what has changed in the last lustrum? A comparison of sociodemographic data and HIV sexual risk behaviors (2010-2015)
Management of impulse control disorders in Parkinson's disease
Victims seeking help from speech-language pathologists: bullying, preparedness, and perceptions
Video gaming in school children- how much is enough?
Vitamin D supplementation and its influence on muscle strength and mobility in community-dwelling older persons: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Vehicular crash data used to rank intersections by injury crash frequency and severity
Using Monte Carlo simulation to assess uncertainty and variability of methamphetamine use and prevalence from wastewater analysis
A very 'prudent integration': white flight, school segregation and the depoliticization of (anti-)racism
Use of new guidance to profile 'equivalent minutes' of aerobic physical activity for adults in England reveals gender, geographical, and socio-economic inequalities in meeting public health guidance: a cross-sectional study
Victimization among high school students in Thailand
Validity and reliability of the Modified Stressor Scale for College Student among medical and medical science students in a private university in Japan
Using respondent-driven sampling to recruit illegal drug purchasers to evaluate a drug market intervention
Using a pattern-centered approach to assess sexual risk-taking in study abroad students
Medical causes of temporary or definitive leaves from a French counterterrorist unit pre-internship
Medical demographics in sub-Saharan Africa: does the proportion of elderly patients in accident and emergency units mirror life expectancy trends?
Memory as embodiment: the case of modality and serial short-term memory
Mixed schools versus single-sex schools: are there differences in the academic results for boys and girls in Catalonia?
Needs assessment in forensic patients: a review of instrument suites
Neurobiological findings related to Internet use disorders
Neuroimaging supports behavioral personality assessment: overlapping activations during reflective and impulsive risk taking
Neuroticism and negative urgency in problematic alcohol use: a pilot study
Nuclear disaster in Taiwan: a multidimensional security challenge
Older-adult marijuana users and ex-users: Comparisons of sociodemographic characteristics and mental and substance use disorders
Online friendship, romance, and sex: properties and associations of the Online Relationship Initiation Scale
Parenting for the promotion of adolescent mental health: a scoping review of programmes targeting ethnoculturally diverse families
Participation in community arts: lessons from the inner-city
Perspectives on fear generalization and its implications for emotional disorders
Pesticides, neurodevelopmental disagreement, and Bradford Hill's guidelines
Physical activity pattern, cardiorespiratory fitness, and socioeconomic status in the SCAPIS pilot trial - A cross-sectional study
Physical activity programs with post-intervention follow-up in children: a comprehensive review according to categories of intervention
Playing with knives: the socialization of self-initiated learners
Policing the waterfront: networks, partnerships, and the governance of port security
Population levels of sport participation: implications for sport policy
A positive psychology intervention in a Hindu community: the pilot study of the Hero Lab Curriculum
Post-seclusion and/or restraint review in psychiatry: a scoping review
Potential gains in life expectancy from reductions in leading causes of death, Los Angeles County: a quantitative approach to identify candidate diseases for prevention and burden disparities elimination
The precautionary principle, evidence-based medicine, and decision theory in public health evaluation
Predicting imminent risk for fracture in patients aged 50 or older with osteoporosis using US claims data
Predicting persistence to antidepressant treatment in administrative claims data: considering the influence of refill delays and prior persistence on other medications
Presence of minor and major mental health impairment in adolescence and death from suicide and unintentional injuries/accidents in men: a national longitudinal cohort study
Prevalence and risk factors of domestic violence against Iranian women: a cross-sectional study
Prevalence of intimate partner violence and associated factors after disclosing the diagnosis of a sexually transmissible disease
Prevalence of intimate partner violence in heterosexual men attending HIV voluntary counsel and test clinics and related factors in Shanghai
Profile of deliberate self-harm patients presenting to emergency department: a retrospective study
Profile of fall injury in the New South Wales older adult population
Promoting physical activity in a low-income neighborhood of the Paris suburb of Saint-Denis: effects of a community-based intervention to increase physical activity
Psychiatric comorbidity associated with synthetic cannabinoid use compared to cannabis
Prosocial behavior and subjective insecurity in violent contexts: field experiments
A prospective study of pre-trauma risk factors for post-traumatic stress disorder and depression
Psychosocial factors and sport injuries: meta-analyses for prediction and prevention
Reducing occupational injuries attributed to inattentional blindness in the construction industry
Relations between cognitive functioning and alcohol use, craving, and post-traumatic stress: an examination among trauma-exposed military veterans with alcohol use disorder
Relationship between insurance type and discharge disposition from the emergency department of young children diagnosed with physical abuse
Understanding armed groups and party politics
Uncompleted suicide attempts in adolescents
Un(wo)manned aerial vehicles: an assessment of how unmanned aerial vehicles influence masculinity in the conflict arena
Understanding the hangover experience in Canadian adults: a latent class analysis of hangover symptom patterns and their alcohol-related correlates
Understanding immigrants, schooling, and school psychology: contemporary science and practice
Understanding trends in Australian alcohol consumption-an age-period-cohort model
Unhealthy alcohol use in primary care patients who screen positive for drug use
Unravelling the alcohol harm paradox: a population-based study of social gradients across very heavy drinking thresholds
Unravelling the complex associations between emotional intelligence and personality in later childhood and early adolescence
Trends in alcohol use among adolescents from 2000 to 2011: the role of socioeconomic status and depression
Trends in methadone distribution for pain treatment, methadone diversion, and overdose deaths - United States, 2002-2014
Trends in socioeconomic inequalities in mortality in small areas of 33 Spanish cities
Trends in suicidal behaviour in Dutch general practice, 1983-2013
Trends in traffic fatalities in Mexico: examining progress on the Decade of Action for RoadSsafety 2011-2020
Tuning the brake while raising the stake: network dynamics during sequential decision-making
Traditional vs. Contemporary management control practices for developing public health policies
The Traffic Adaptive Data Dissemination (TrAD) protocol for both urban and highway scenarios
Traffic risk generated by large urban commercial centers
Trait resilience moderates the longitudinal linkage between adolescent posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms and posttraumatic growth
Suicidal ideation and attempts in patients with stroke: a population-based study
Suicide and addictive characteristics of spouses with alcohol dependence according to the marriage dynamics
Suicide under crisis resolution home treatment - a key setting for patient safety
Suicides in the U.S. Military birth cohort: vulnerability and the all-volunteer force
A study exploring factors of decision to text while walking among college students based on Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB)
The stigma perceived by people bereaved by suicide and other sudden deaths: a cross-sectional UK study of 3432 bereaved adults
Predictors and outcomes of drinkers' use of protective behavioral strategies
Predictors of crystal methamphetamine use in a community-based sample of UK men who have sex with men
Prenatal reflective functioning and development of aggression in infancy: the roles of maternal intrusiveness and sensitivity
Preschoolers use common ground in their justificatory reasoning with peers
Prevalence and correlates of drink driving within patrons of Australian night-time entertainment precincts
Prevalence of and factors associated with homebound status among adults in urban and rural Spanish populations
Prevalence of musculoskeletal symptoms, excessive daytime sleepiness, and fatigue in the crewmembers of a U.S. Navy ship
Prevalence of obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome in adults aged over 60 yeaes in Dongying city
Alcohol perceptions and behavior in a residential peer social network
Assault-related shame mediates the association between negative social reactions to disclosure of sexual assault and psychological distress
Characterization of young adult emergency department users: evidence to guide policy
Child and family health in the era of prevention: new opportunities and challenges
Child passenger safety in the Somali communities of Columbus, Ohio
Community-based providers' selection of practices for children and adolescents with comorbid mental health problems
The context of context: Examining the associations between healthy and unhealthy measures of neighborhood food, physical activity, and social environments
When do adolescents accept or defy to maternal prohibitions? The role of social domain and communication style
Technical packages in injury and violence prevention to move evidence into practice: systematic reviews and beyond
Toward preventing post-traumatic stress disorder: development and testing of a pilot predeployment stress inoculation training program
Traumatic nasal injuries in general practice
Understanding the association between relative sociability prototypes and university students' drinking intention
Validation of the Spanish-language version of the Rapid Assessment for Adolescent Preventive Services among Colombian adolescents
Violent behavior and aggression in schizophrenia: prevalence and risk factors. A multicentric study from three Latin-America countries
Secure base priming diminishes conflict-based anger and anxiety
Self-management of unreported musculoskeletal injuries in a U.S. Army brigade
Sleep-related problems in the US working population: prevalence and association with shiftwork status
Social and economic impacts of climate
Socio-cognitive factors and perceived consequences associated with alternative forms of alcohol use
Spatial and temporal dynamics and value of nature-based recreation, estimated via social media
A study of risk factors associated with depression and suicidal ideation in a rural population
Suicide voices: testimonies of trauma in the French workplace
Substance use among college students
Suicidal ideation is associated with all-cause mortality
Suicidal ideation among young Afghanistan/Iraq War Veterans and civilians: individual, social, and environmental risk factors and perception of unmet mental healthcare needs, United States, 2013
Predicting suicidal behavior from longitudinal electronic health records
Preliminary evidence that schizophrenia liability at age 15 predicts suicidal ideation two years later
Rescaling the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Checklist for use in primary care
Risk factors for problematic behaviors among forensic outpatients under the medical treatment and supervision act in Japan
Road safety risks in young people attending general practice: a cross-sectional study of road risks and associated health risks
Culturally relevant protective and risk factors of youth risk behaviors among Pakistani and Indian students in Hong Kong: a focus group study
Desire thinking as a predictor of craving and binge drinking: a longitudinal study
Differences in alcohol use patterns between adolescent Asian American ethnic groups: representative estimates from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health 2002-2013
Do the same risk and protective factors influence aggression toward partners and same-sex others?
Drinking, drug use, and related consequences among university students completing study abroad experiences: a systematic review
A dyadic growth approach to partner regulation attempts on changes in drinking and negative alcohol-related consequences
The effect of social rank feedback on risk taking and associated reward processes in adolescent girls
Effects of alcohol, rumination, and gender on the time course of negative affect
The effects of childhood and adolescent adversity on substance use disorders and poor health in early adulthood
Effects of maternal postpartum depression in a well-resourced sample: early concurrent and long-term effects of on infant cognitive, language, and motor development
The emerging role of mindfulness meditation as effective self-management strategy, Part 2: clinical implications for chronic pain, substance misuse, and insomnia
Epidemiological and cost analysis of burn injuries admitted to the emergency department of a tertiary burn center
Epidemiological characteristics of traumatic spinal cord injury in Guangdong, China
Exercise and post-traumatic stress disorder in military veterans: a systematic review
Factors affecting return to work after injury or illness: best evidence synthesis of systematic reviews
Fatigue and sleep among employees with prospective increase in work time control: a 1-year observational study with objective assessment
Human-wildlife conflicts in Nepal: patterns of human fatalities and injuries caused by large mammals
Hypnotic medications and suicide: risk, mechanisms, mitigation, and the FDA
The impact of marijuana legalization on adolescent use, consequences, and perceived risk
Increased incidence rate of trauma- and stressor-related disorders in Denmark after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in the United States
Motor vehicle-related deaths around two major holidays in South Korea
Longitudinal trends in fall accidents in community dwelling Korean adults: the 2008-2013 Korean Community Health Survey
Marijuana use and service utilization among adolescents 7 years post substance use treatment
Monitoring and accountability for the Pacific response to the non-communicable diseases crisis
Musculoskeletal injury in Australian general practice: 2000 to 2015
Neighbourhood walkability and home neighbourhood-based physical activity: an observational study of adults with type 2 diabetes
Objective and perceived weight: associations with risky adolescent sexual behavior
Pathways to sympathies for violent protest and terrorism
Poly-victimization and resilience portfolios: trends in violence research that can enhance the understanding and prevention of elder abuse
Perceived and objectively-measured neighborhood violence and adolescent psychological distress
Perceived norms and alcohol use among first-year college student-athletes' different types of friends
Prevalence of substance use in a sample of Ghanaian adolescents experiencing parental divorce
Prevalence of sleep disorders and their relationship with core symptoms of inattention and hyperactivity in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
Prevalence, correlates, and predictors of insomnia in the U.S. Army prior to deployment
Predictors of physical activity and sedentary behaviours among 11-16 year olds: multilevel analysis of the 2013 Health Behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC) study in Wales
Substance use disorders and poverty as prospective predictors of adult first-time suicide ideation or attempt in the united states
Supporting same-sex mothers in the Nordic child health field: a systematic literature review and meta-synthesis of the most gender equal countries
Transactional sex among young women in rural South Africa: prevalence, mediators and association with HIV infection
Trend analysis of substance abuse treatment admissions in New Orleans from 2000-2012: a population-based comparison pre- and post-Hurricane Katrina
Transdiagnostic processes linking anxiety symptoms and substance use problems among adolescents
Translatable and back-translatable measurement of impulsivity and compulsivity: convergent and divergent processes
Stigma and suicidal ideation among young people at risk of psychosis after one year
The stigmatisation of 'ice' and under-reporting of meth/amphetamine use in general population surveys: a case study from Australia
Structure of the social support network of patients with severe and persistent psychiatric disorders in follow-ups to primary health care
Students opinions and attitudes toward LGBT persons and rights: results of a transnational European project
A study in contrasts: supports and barriers to successful implementation of two evidence-based parenting interventions in child welfare
Substance misuse and sexual function in adolescents with chronic diseases
Social participation and mortality among older adults in Singapore: does ethnicity explain gender differences?
Socio-demographic characteristics and stereotyping of people who frequently attend accident and emergency departments for alcohol-related reasons: qualitative study
Some aspects of sex ratio studies
Specific emotions as mediators of the effect of intergroup contact on prejudice: findings across multiple participant and target groups
Spiritual well-being and psychological adjustment: mediated by interpersonal needs?
Single unprotected road user crashes: Europe we have a problem!
Sleep arrangements, parent-infant sleep during the first year, and family functioning
Small area-level variation in the incidence of psychotic disorders in an urban area in France: an ecological study
Social adversity and psychosis: the mediating role of cognitive vulnerability
Social concern and delinquency: an empirical assessment of a novel theory
Social media and digital technology use among Indigenous young people in Australia: a literature review
Sex differences in mortality among patients admitted with affective disorders in North Norway: a 33-year prospective register study
Sex differences in the prevalence of oppositional defiant disorder during middle childhood: a meta-analysis
Preventing schizophrenia and severe mental illness: a grand challenge for social work
Prison mental health in-reach: the effect of open referral pathways
Probabilities of ADD/ADHD and related substance use among Canadian adults
Process evaluation of two participatory approaches: implementing Total Worker Health® interventions in a correctional workforce
Prospective evaluation of the collision severity L7e vehicles considering a collision mitigation system
Psychiatric disorders: the psychiatrist's contribution to sport
Psychiatric, psychological, and social determinants of health in the Nurses' Health Study cohorts
Psychobiological influences on maternal sensitivity in the context of adversity
A psychological perspective on preventive detention decisions
The relationship between attitudes toward suicide and family history of suicide in Nagano Prefecture, Japan
The relationship between bupropion and suicide in post-mortem investigations
The relationship between traumatic injury in children and long-term use of health and social services by children and their families
Responding to the health needs of survivors of human trafficking: a systematic review
Sex differences in discriminating between cues predicting threat and safety
Should programs designed to help IPV survivors screen for mental health-related problems? Voices from the field
Psychological variables underlying political orientations in an old and a new democracy: a comparative study between Sweden and Latvia
Psychometric properties of the student subjective wellbeing questionnaire with Turkish adolescents: a generalizability study
Psychopathy and low communion: an overlooked and underappreciated core feature
A public health approach to increased synthetic cannabinoid-related morbidity among New York City residents, 2014-2015
Public trust in the Chinese police: the impact of ethnicity, class, and Hukou
A qualitative exploration of attitudes towards the use of outcome measures in child and adolescent mental health services
Qualitative research in Spanish cannabis social clubs: "The moment you enter the door, you are minimising the risks"
Queer cultural capital: implications for education
Racial and ethnic differences in prenatal life stress and postpartum depression symptoms
Similarities between adult female crack cocaine users and adolescents in risky decision-making scenarios
Significance of the school physical environment - a commentary
Readiness to change predicts drinking: findings from 12-month follow-up of alcohol use disorder outpatients
Reductions in healthcare costs following alcohol treatment: moving toward low-risk drinking end points in alcohol clinical trials
Relations between past-week physical activity and recent nonsuicidal self-injury in treatment-seeking psychiatric adults
The relationship between financial strain, perceived stress, psychological symptoms, and academic and social integration in undergraduate students
The relationship between momentary emotions and well-being across European Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Asian Americans
Relationships between adolescent well-being and friend support and behavior
Reproduction of pedestrian movement in queue by using multi-agent system and analysis of crowd flow affected by following behavior
Residential instability among low-income families: a concept analysis
Resilience, social relations, and pedagogic intervention five years after the earthquake occurred in L'Aquila (Central Italy) in 2009: an action-research in the primary schools
Response to: 'Why screening tests to predict injury do not work-and probably never will…: a critical review'
Responses to stigma-related stressors: a qualitative inquiry into the lives of people living with schizophrenia in India
A retrospective chart review: adolescents with borderline personality disorder, borderline personality traits, and controls
Revictimized adult women: perceptions of mental health functioning and associated services
The Revised Inventory of the Dimensions of Emerging Adulthood (IDEA-R) and substance use among college students
Rider behavioral patterns in braking manoeuvres
Risk - a commentary
Risk factors associated with peer victimization and bystander behaviors among adolescent students
Romantic relationships and alcohol use: a long-term, developmental perspective
School enrolment following multisystemic treatment: a register-based examination among youth with severe behavioural problems
School racial composition and parental choice: new evidence on the preferences of white parents in the United States
School resource officers and students' rights
The securitization of development and humans' insecurity in Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan
Sexual behaviour of women in rural South Africa: a descriptive study
Sexual identity, sex of sexual contacts, and health-related behaviors among students in grades 9-12 - United States and selected sites, 2015
Selecting communication channels for substance misuse prevention with at-risk African-American emerging adults living in the southern United States
Self-focused and other-focused resiliency: plausible mechanisms linking early family adversity to health problems in college women
Self-referential schemas and attentional bias predict severity and naturalistic course of depression symptoms
"Selling smarter, not harder": Life course effects on drug sellers' risk perceptions and management
Sex differences in learned fear expression and extinction involve altered gamma oscillations in medial prefrontal cortex
Serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor use and risk of fractures: a new-user cohort study among US adults aged 50 years and older
Severe psychological distress of evacuees in evacuation zone caused by the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident: The Fukushima Health Management Survey
Assessing injury and violence prevention in North Carolina's local health departments
Association between adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and helmet use among motorcycle riders
Attention lapses and behavioural microsleeps during tracking, psychomotor vigilance, and dual tasks
Characteristics of suicide completers and attempters in rural Chinese population
A closer look at non-accidental trauma: caregiver assault compared to non-caregiver assault
Appraising risk for intimate partner violence in a police context
Domestic violence and its effects on children: fundamental concepts, safety planning and examples of alternative treatment models
Drug abuse risk and protective factors among Hispanic adolescents
An investigation into the nature of emotional child abuse in Saudi Arabia: systematic literature review
Long-term problems influencing health-related quality of life after road traffic injury - differences between bicyclists and car occupants
Parental perceived built environment measures and active play in Washington DC metropolitan children
Patterns of intimate partner violence victimization among Australia and New Zealand female university students: an initial examination of child maltreatment and self-reported depressive symptoms across profiles
Risk factors for women's intimate partner violence victimization: an examination from the perspective of the schema therapy model
A study of domestic violence in working women
Physical activity, healthy lifestyle behaviors, neighborhood environment characteristics and social support among Australian Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal adults
Preventing opioid misuse with prescription drug monitoring programs: a framework for evaluating the success of state public health laws
The relation of self-compassion and anger control dimensions with suicide ideation in university students
Take-home naloxone treatment for opioid emergencies: a comparison of routes of administration and associated delivery systems
Reproductive coercion by an intimate partner: occurrence, associations, and interference with sexual health decision making
Women's disengagement from legal proceedings for intimate partner violence: sociodemographic and psychological variables
Varieties of childhood maltreatment as predictors of adult paranormality and New Age orientation
Injuries among drivers in RTA
Primary prevention of suicide and suicidal behaviour for adolescents in school settings
Spatio - temporal analysis of characteristics and causes of road traffic crashes in Oyo State of Nigeria
Trust in vehicle technology
Alcohol drinking patterns in young people: a survey-based study
Assessing fitness to drive - a validation study on patients with mild cognitive impairment
Applying mathematical models to predict resident physician performance and alertness on traditional and novel work schedules
Co-rumination exacerbates stress generation among adolescents with depressive symptoms
A clarion call for social work attention: brothers and sisters of persons with acquired brain injury in the United States
Epidemiology of pediatric traumatic brain injury in a dense urban area served by a helicopter trauma service
Examination of life satisfaction, child maltreatment potential and substance use in mothers referred for treatment by child protective services for child neglect and substance abuse: implications for intervention planning
Exposure to childhood abuse and later substance use: indirect effects of emotion dysregulation and exposure to trauma
How safe is bubble soccer?
Meta-analysis of personality of child abuse in China
Injury risks in schoolchildren with attention-deficit/hyperactivity or autism spectrum disorder: results from two school-based health surveys of 6- to 17-year-old children in Sweden
Impaired driving enforcement practices among state and local law enforcement agencies in the United States
Parental awareness and perception for correct use of child restraint systems and airbags in Brazil
Patterns of injury among motorized two-wheeler pillion riders in New Delhi, India
Patterns of poisoning in urban and rural children: a single-center study
Pattern and trend of injuries among trauma unit attendants in Upper Egypt
Pilot study: a pediatric pedestrian safety curriculum for preschool children
Predictors of post-concussive symptoms in young children: injury versus non-injury related factors
A national analysis of pediatric trauma care utilization and outcomes in the United States
Intimate partner violence as a predictor of marital disruption in rural Rakai, Uganda: a longitudinal study
Location of fatal prescription opioid-related deaths in 12 states, 2008-2010: implications for prevention programs
Moving beyond blind men and elephants: providing total estimated annual costs improves health insurance decision making
Neighborhood environment correlates of physical activity and sedentary behavior among Latino adults in Massachusetts
Repeat concussion and recovery time in a primary care pediatric office
Risk Factors for Complications of Traumatic Injuries
Soccer-related injuries treated in emergency departments: 1990-2014
Substantiated Childhood Maltreatment and Intimate Partner Violence Victimization in Young Adulthood: A Birth Cohort Study
Underreporting of concussions and concussion-like symptoms in female high school athletes
Results, retrospectively analysed, of the current trauma database in Curacao, Dutch Caribbean
Balancing traditional beliefs and medical science: mental health care in Bhutan
Cause-specific mortality in Finnish ferrochromium and stainless steel production workers
Do speed cameras reduce speeding in urban areas?
Fire hazard vs. risk of chemical substances
Achieving population-level violence declines: implications of the international crime drop for prevention programming
Acute Stress Increases Risky Decisions and Dampens Prefrontal Activation Among Adolescent Boys
Groupwork interventions for women and children experiencing domestic abuse: do they work and do they last?
Guidelines for the management of pregnant women with substance use disorders
Home visitors' perceptions of structural constraints, family resilience, and adverse childhood experiences
Impact of crime tolerance in low-income housing on neighbor cohesion and collective efficacy
Knowledge of and interest in opioid overdose education and naloxone distribution among US veterans on chronic opioids for addiction or pain
Prevalence and social cultural determinants of domestic violence in Thimphu Bhutan
The prevalence of occupational injuries and illnesses in ASEAN: comparison between Indonesia and Thailand
A qualitative analysis of family involvement in prescribed opioid medication monitoring among individuals who have experienced opioid overdoses
Overview of nano-enabled screening of drug-facilitated crime: a promising tool in forensic investigation
Patterns of substance use and correlates of lifetime and active injection drug use among women in Malaysia
Provision of child trauma services in emergency family housing (practice note)
Anxiety-mediated facilitation of behavioral inhibition: threat processing and defensive reactivity during a go/no-go task
Association between drinking patterns and injuries in emergency room in three domestic general hospitals
The association between familial homelessness, aggression, and victimization among children
Association between intimate partner violence during pregnancy and adverse pregnancy outcomes in Vietnam: a prospective cohort study
Barriers to screening and possibilities for active detection of family medicine attendees exposed to intimate partner violence
Alcohol drinking among the students of the University of Maribor, Slovenia
Altered pain perception and fear-learning deficits in subjects with posttraumatic stress disorder
Age and gender differences in the associations of self-compassion and emotional well-being in a large adolescent sample
Anterior cruciate ligament injuries in children and adolescents
Building Nehemiah's Wall: the North Minneapolis faith community's role in the prevention of intimate partner violence
Cognitive consequences of sleep deprivation, shiftwork, and heat exposure for underground miners
Cognitive rest following concussions: rethinking 'cognitive rest'
Communities are not all created equal: strategies to prevent violence affecting youth in the United States
Comparing the demands of destination entry using Google Glass and the Samsung Galaxy S4 during simulated driving
A culture gap in the United States: implications for policy on limiting access to firearms for suicidal persons
Deception detection: the relationship of levels of trust and perspective taking in real-time online and offline communication environments
Defining ADHD symptom persistence in adulthood: optimizing sensitivity and specificity
"I wasn't texting; I was just reading an email …": a qualitative study of distracted driving enforcement in Washington State
Identification of SLC25A37 as a major depressive disorder risk gene
The impact of injury on health-related quality of life in collegiate athletes
Increased suicide risk and clinical correlates of suicide among patients with Parkinson's disease
Psychiatric medication intake in suicide victims: gender disparities and implications for suicide prevention
Rates and characteristics of elderly suicide in China, 2013-14
Recent physical and sexual violence against adults with severe mental illness: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Response to: World Rugby's erroneous and misleading representation of Australian sports' injury statistics
Factors influencing suicide behaviours in immigrant and ethno-cultural minority groups: a systematic review
The health and wellbeing of Australian farmers: a longitudinal cohort study
Helping and hurting others: person and situation effects on aggressive and prosocial behavior as assessed by the Tangram task
"I don't have time for an emotional life": marginalization, dependency and melancholic suspension in disability
Influence of cushioning variables in the workplace and in the family on the probability of suffering stress
National Initiative to Prevent Suicide (NIPS): a new proposal to improve the understanding and prevention of suicide
Nonsuicidal self-injury of adolescents
Obese children experience more extremity fractures than nonobese children and are significantly more likely to die from traumatic injuries
Observational study of compliance with Queensland bicycle helmet laws
Obstacle course runs: review of acquired injuries and illnesses at a series of Canadian events (RACE)
Opioid prescribing habits of physicians in Kwara State, Nigeria
Orthostatic hypotension in middle-age and risk of falls
Parenting as a mechanism of change in psychosocial treatment for youth with ADHD, predominantly inattentive presentation
Past racial discrimination exacerbates the effects of racial exclusion on negative affect, perceived control, and alcohol-risk cognitions among Black young adults
Acute traumatic quadriplegia in adults: predictors of acute in-hospital mortality
Analysis of mortality and epidemiology in 2617 cases of traumatic brain injury : Korean Neuro-Trauma Data Bank System 2010-2014
Analysis on the characteristics of violence from injury surveillance hospitals in Jiangsu Province, 2006- 2014
Analyzing pedestrian crash injury severity under different weather conditions
Beyond men and women: a critical perspective on gender and disaster
Clinical coding and external causes of injury: the importance of documentation
Decision-making ability in current and past users of opiates: a meta-analysis
Defining biotypes for depression and anxiety based on large-scale circuit dysfunction: a theoretical review of the evidence and future directions for clinical translation
Effects of a single, oral 60 mg caffeine dose on attention in healthy adult subjects
Examining the pathologic adaptation model of community violence exposure in male adolescents of color
Factors affecting suicidal ideation among middle-aged Korean women in an urban-rural province
Falls and fall injuries among adults aged ≥65 years - United States, 2014
Injury-related fatalities in selected governorates of Iraq from 2010 to 2013: prospective surveillance
Psychopathic traits and the cheater-hawk hypothesis
Walking to work: trends in the United States, 2005-2014
Adolescent health and well-being: background and methodology for review of potential interventions
Adverse childhood experiences and association with health, mental health, and risky behavior in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Alcohol use and alcohol-related problems among adolescents in China: a large-scale cross-sectional study
American individualism rises and falls with the economy: cross-temporal evidence that individualism declines when the economy falters
Are children or adolescents more at risk for posttraumatic stress reactions following exposure to violence? Evidence from post-genocide rwanda
The association between dog walking, physical activity and owner's perceptions of safety: cross-sectional evidence from the US and Australia
Association between executive function and problematic adolescent driving
The association between perceived unmet medical need and mental health among the Republic of Korea Armed Forces
The association between personality traits, cognitive reactivity and body mass index is dependent on depressive and/or anxiety status
Attachment, development, and mental health in abused and neglected preschool children in foster care: a meta-analysis
Behavioral regulation and dispositional flow in exercise among American college students relative to stages of change and gender
Detecting suicide risk among college students: a test of the predictive validity of the Modified Emotional Stroop Task
Diagnosis and causal explanation in psychiatry
Differences in the association between childhood trauma history and borderline personality disorder or attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder diagnoses in adulthood
Differing procedures for recording mortality statistics in Scandinavia
Driving under the influence of distraction: examining dissociations between risk perception and engagement in distracted driving
The effect of liquor licensing restrictions on assault: a quasi-experimental study in Sydney, Australia
Effects of prenatal and postnatal maternal emotional stress on toddlers' cognitive and temperamental development
Effects of tactile stimulation by fathers on physiological responses and paternal attachment in infants in the NICU: a pilot study
Emotional and behavioral difficulties in children growing up homeless in Paris. Results of the ENFAMS survey
Epidemiology of eating disorders in Europe: prevalence, incidence, comorbidity, course, consequences, and risk factors
Evidence and evidence gaps in adolescent health
An examination of United States Air Force suicide decedents based on documented suicide attempt histories
Exploring typical and atypical safety climate perceptions of practitioners in the repair, maintenance, minor alteration and addition (RMAA) sector in Hong Kong
Federally qualified health center access and emergency department use among children
From advocacy to action in global adolescent health
German anxiety barometer-clinical and everyday-life anxieties in the general population
Global patterns of workplace productivity for people with depression: absenteeism and presenteeism costs across eight diverse countries
Gun violence in Americans' social network during their lifetime
The hazards of bad sleep-sleep duration and quality as predictors of adolescent alcohol and cannabis use
Heightened early-attentional stimulus orienting and impulsive action in men with antisocial personality disorder
Hospitalization of injured immigrants in Poland - demographic profile and diagnosis
Alcohol involvement in homicide victimization in the United States
Attenuating the negative impact of unemployment: the interactive effects of perceived emotional intelligence and well-being on suicide risk
CAM use in recently-returned OEF/OIF/OND US veterans: demographic and psychosocial predictors
Car safety seat usage and selection among families attending University Hospital Limerick
Current state of child health in rural America: how context shapes children's health
Decisional support for young people who self-harm: protocol for a feasibility trial
Does community-based suicide prevention decrease suicide attempts? Strategies for reaching zero suicide
The double-edged sword - outward and inward directed aggression among war combatants
Educational inequalities in premature mortality in Poland, 2002-2011: a population-based cross-sectional study
The effect of childhood trauma and Five-Factor Model personality traits on exposure to adult life events in patients with psychotic disorders
Effects of a comprehensive, multiple risky behavior prevention program on high school students
Emergency department screening for suicide and mental health risk
Epidemiology of football (soccer) injuries in the 2012/2013 and 2013/2014 seasons of the Italian Serie A
Epidemiology of isolated hand injuries in the United Arab Emirates
Executive functions, parental punishment, and aggression: direct and moderated relations
The family health, functioning, social support, and child maltreatment risk of families expecting a baby
Identification of at-risk youth by suicide screening in a pediatric emergency department
The impact of postpartum post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms on child development: a population-based, 2-year follow-up study
Indicators of health and safety among institutionalized older adults
Individuals that are consistent in risk-taking benefit during collective foraging
An injury complaints in the months before the championships is a risk factor for injury during athletics championships
An injury prevention program is able to reduce the number of injury complaints at medium-term in athletics
Innovative method for motor functions evaluation in SMA type 2 and 3 patients
The international incidence of traumatic brain injury: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Interrelationship between family history of alcoholism and generational status in the prediction of alcohol dependence in US Hispanics
Longitudinal associations between depression and aggression in children and adolescents
Muscle injuries and hamstring muscle injuries during the international athletics championships between 2007 and 2015
Perceptions of harm and reasons for misuse of prescription opioid drugs and reasons for not seeking treatment for physical or emotional pain among a sample of college students
Epidemiology of cervical spine injuries in high school athletes
Prior opportunities to identify abuse in children with abusive head trauma
The relation of drug trafficking fears and cultural identity to attitudes toward Mexican immigrants in five south Texas communities
Risk assessment and suicide by patients with schizophrenia in secondary mental healthcare: a case-control study
Risk taking across the life span: a comparison of self-report and behavioral measures of risk taking
Slowing the tide of alcohol use disorders
Speed behaviour in work zone crossovers. A driving simulator study
Synthetic cannabinoid poisoning: a growing health concern
The terrorist inside my husband's brain
Training load and fatigue marker associations with injury and illness: a systematic review of longitudinal studies
Understanding how dogs encourage and motivate walking: cross-sectional findings from RESIDE
UPPS-P model impulsivity and marijuana use behaviors in adolescents: a meta-analysis
Use of a novel accounting and grouping method for major trunk injury-analysis of data from a statewide trauma financial survey
Violence and self-harm in severe mental illness: inpatient study of associations with ethnicity, cannabis and alcohol
A Virtual Reality avatar interaction (VRai) platform to assess residual executive dysfunction in active military personnel with previous mild traumatic brain injury: proof of concept
The vital role of cultural and religious context on suicidal behavior
Why placement in an institution is proposed to children with motor disability in 2016?
When the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak: developmental differences in judgments about inner moral conflict
The impact of patient demographics and comorbidities upon burns admitted to Tygerberg Hospital Burns Unit, Western Cape, South Africa
Implementing coping power adapted as a universal prevention program in Italian primary schools: a randomized control trial
Incidence and patterns of maxillofacial trauma-a retrospective analysis of 3611 patients-an update
Individual in context: the role of impulse control on the association between the home, school, and neighborhood developmental contexts and adolescent delinquency
Insurance status and race affect treatment and outcome of traumatic brain injury
Interventions for adolescent mental health: an overview of systematic reviews
Interventions for adolescent substance abuse: an overview of systematic reviews
Interventions to prevent unintentional injuries among adolescents: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Intimate partner violence is associated with voluntary sterilization in women
Investigating differences between drugs used in the Australian night-time economy: demographics, substance use, and harm
Linking cognitive abilities with the propensity for risk-taking: the balloon analogue risk task
Long-term outcomes of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and conduct disorder: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Measuring the health-related Sustainable Development Goals in 188 countries: a baseline analysis from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2015
Medical marijuana: just the beginning of a long, strange trip?
Mental health and health-related quality of life of Chinese college students who were the victims of dating violence
Mental health in Chile and Finland: challenges and lessons
Narcolepsy with cataplexy in patients aged over 60 years: a case-control study
Networks underlying trait impulsivity: evidence from voxel-based lesion-symptom mapping
A novel zero velocity interval detection algorithm for self-contained pedestrian navigation system with inertial sensors
One-year concussion prevalence in Marion County, Florida high school athletes
Parental cognitive errors mediate parental psychopathology and ratings of child inattention
Patient, therapist, and system factors influencing the effectiveness of prolonged exposure for veterans with comorbid posttraumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury
Pattern of drug abuse in addicts self-referred drug rehabilitation centers in Khuzestan province - Iran, 2014-2015
Prevalence, co-occurrence, and clustering of health-risk behaviors among people with different socio-economic trajectories: a population-based study
Racial/ethnic differences in perceptions of school climate and its association with student engagement and peer aggression
Racial/ethnic disproportionality in psychiatric diagnoses and treatment in a sample of serious juvenile offenders
Reciprocal relationships between teacher ratings of internalizing and externalizing behaviors in adolescents with different levels of cognitive abilities
Relationship characteristics associated with teen dating violence perpetration
The relationships between OHS prevention costs, safety performance, employee satisfaction and accident costs
Response and legislative changes after the Kiss nightclub tragedy in Santa Maria/RS/Brazil: learning from a large-scale burn disaster
Risk factors for fatigue among airline pilots
The role of bullying in depressive symptoms from adolescence to emerging adulthood: a growth mixture model
Suicidal behaviors among adolescents - the role of school and home environment
Age-related injury patterns in Spanish trauma ICU patients. Results from the RETRAUCI
Alcohol screening and brief interventions in primary care - evidence and a pragmatic practice-based approach
Alcohol, drug and related health and wellbeing issues among young people completing an online screen
Assessment of a semi-quantitative screening method for diagnosis of ethylene glycol poisoning
Annual report of drug and poison information in Iran from March 2012 to March 2013
The association of insurance status on the probability of transfer for pediatric trauma patients
Bernard Magubane's The Making of a Racist State Revisited: 20 years on
Changes in alcohol use following the transition to motherhood: findings from the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions
Changes in the gendered nature of homicides: comparing 20th- and 21st-century Finland
Childhood maltreatment exposure and disruptions in emotion regulation: a transdiagnostic pathway to adolescent internalizing and externalizing psychopathology
Community unemployment and disaster-related stressors shape risk for posttraumatic stress in the longer-term aftermath of Hurricane Sandy
Concussion in the National Hockey League: a systematic review of the literature
Deaths of children aged under 5 years and related factors in the Islamic Republic of Iran: a population-based case-control study
Declines in crime and teen childbearing: identifying potential explanations for contemporaneous trends
Democratic and Republican physicians provide different care on politicized health issues
Design and application of a tool for structuring, capitalizing and making more accessible information and lessons learned from accidents involving machinery
Domestic violence of working children in an industrial complex and related factors: a qualitative inquiry
Effects of the interparental relationship on adolescents' emotional security and adjustment: the important role of fathers
An emerging risk factor of sexual abuse: the use of smartphone dating applications
Epidemiological data and forensic aspects of road traffic fatalities in Lomé, Togo
An epidemiological study of burglary offenders: trends and predictors of self-reported arrests for burglary in the United States, 2002-2013
An examination of the quality of discipline policies in NAEYC-accredited early care and education programs
Geriatric falls in the context of a hospital fall prevention program: delirium, low body mass index, and other risk factors
Has child restraint system use increased among parents of children in Shantou, China?
The adolescent athlete: a developmental approach to injury risk
Beverage-specific patterns of 5+ alcoholic drink consumption by young adults in the U.S
Child abuse and psychiatric co-morbidity among Chinese adolescents: emotional processing as mediator and PTSD from past trauma as moderator
Differences in patterns of mortality between foreign-born and native-born workers due to fatal occupational injury in the USA from 2003 to 2010
Enduring personality changes after intense stressful event: case report
Exertional heat stroke: about 4 cases
Factors influencing health knowledge and behaviors among the elderly in rural China
Increase in disaster-related deaths: risks and social impacts of evacuation
Local geographic variation of public services inequality: does the neighborhood scale matter?
Mortality and potential years of life lost by road traffic injuries in Brazil, 2013
Parental supply of alcohol and alcohol consumption in adolescence: prospective cohort study
Prevalence of violence towards nursing staff in Slovenian nursing homes
Psychiatric intervention and repeated admission to emergency centres due to drug overdose
Revisiting the association between childhood trauma and psychosis in bipolar disorder: a quasi-dimensional path-analysis
The role of peri-traumatic stress and disruption distress in predicting post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms following exposure to a natural disaster
Socio-demographic and clinical characteristics of patients who attempt suicide: a hospital-based study from Eastern India
Treatment precedes positive symptoms in North American adolescent and young adult clinical high risk cohort
Undermining and strengthening social networks through network modification
A home-based, carer-enhanced exercise program improves balance and falls efficacy in community-dwelling older people with dementia
Hospital support services and the impacts of outsourcing on occupational health and safety
Hyperglycemia: a predictor of death in severe head injury patients
The impact of potentially traumatic events on the mental health of males who have served in the military: findings from the Australian National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing
The impact of Strong for Life on the physical functioning and health of older adults receiving home and community-based services
The impact of trauma on the onset of mental health symptoms, aggression, and criminal behavior in an inpatient psychiatric sample
Implementing the RISE second victim support programme at the Johns Hopkins Hospital: a case study
Incidence and characteristics of chemical burns
Influence of early onset of alcohol use on the development of adolescent alcohol problems: a longitudinal binational study
Interventions to reduce injuries among older workers in agriculture: a review of evaluated intervention projects
Is the infant car seat challenge useful? A pilot study in a simulated moving vehicle
The King-Devick test of rapid number naming for concussion detection: meta-analysis and systematic review of the literature
Working with sports organizations and teams
Work is integral to mental health
Whiplash injury or concussion? A possible biomechanical explanation for concussion symptoms in some individuals following a rear-end collision
'When he's in Afghanistan it's like our world/his world': mediating military experience
Was addiction psychiatry an accident of history?
Life is Precious: a community-based program to reduce suicidal behavior in Latina adolescents
A longitudinal analysis of the overlap between violence and victimization among adults with mental illnesses
Mental and physical health among homeless sexual and gender minorities in a major urban US city
The nullifying experience of self-objectification: the development and psychometric evaluation of the Self-Objectification Scale
Parental monitoring and its relation to behaviour problems and risk behaviour in an adolescent school sample
Patterns of pre-hospital events and management of motorcycle-related injuries in a tropical setting
Persistence of impulsivity in pediatric and adolescent patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder
Predicting violence and recidivism in a large sample of males on probation or parole
Preventing adolescent suicide
Providers' perceptions of barriers and facilitators to disclosure of alcohol use by women veterans
Putting the fear back again (and within individuals): revisiting the role of fear in persuasion
Reducing resistance to narrative persuasion about binge drinking: the role of self-activation and habitual drinking behavior
The relationship between pay day and violent death in Guatemala: a time series analysis
Relationships between older drivers' cognitive abilities as assessed on the MoCA and glance patterns during visual-manual radio tuning while driving
The reliability of naturalistic observations of social, physical and economic environments of bars
A review of social disinhibition after traumatic brain injury
Risk factors for recurrent injurious falls that require hospitalization for older adults with dementia: a population based study
Self-reported attentional and motor impulsivity are related to age at first methamphetamine use
Sex disparities in adverse childhood experiences and HIV/STIs: mediation of psychopathology and sexual behaviors
Sexual and domestic violence among women attending a STI/AIDS clinic in Vitória, Brazil
Significance of concussions in Hawai'i: from land to sea
Situational precipitators and interactive forces in sexual crime events involving adult offenders
Spatial patterns and neighborhood characteristics of overall suicide clusters in Florida from 2001 to 2010
Sport and transgender people: a systematic review of the literature relating to sport participation and competitive sport policies
Sports and suicide
Suicide and the economic situation in Europe: are we experiencing the development of a 'reverse stigma'?
Targeting vulnerable populations: a synthetic review on alcohol use and risky sexual behaviour among migrant populations
Testing alcohol myopia theory: examining the effects of alcohol intoxication on simultaneous central and peripheral attention
Time-varying associations of suicide with deployments, mental health conditions, and stressful life events among current and former US military personnel: a retrospective multivariate analysis
Traumatic tentorial hematoma in two-wheeler riders: correlation with helmet use
Treatment and prevention of depression and anxiety in youth: test of cross-over effects
Trends of acute poisoning: 22 years experience from a tertiary care hospital in Karachi, Pakistan
Unresolved attachment and agency in women victims of intimate partner violence: a case-control study
Variability of the modified Balance Error Scoring System at baseline using objective and subjective balance measures
Assessment of oro-maxillofacial trauma according to gender, age, cause and type of the injury
Associations between family adversity and brain volume in adolescence: manual vs. automated brain segmentation yields different results
Briefer assessment of social network drinking: a test of the Important People Instrument-5 (IP-5)
CBT for child PTSD is associated with reductions in maternal depression: evidence for bidirectional effects
Citizen security observatories: tools for decision making and governability
Decline in alcohol use among adolescents in Slovakia: a reason for optimism?
Does heightened fear of crime lead to poorer mental health in new suburbs, or vice versa?
Discrimination, domestic violence, abuse, and other adverse life events in people with epilepsy: population-based study to assess the burden of these events and their contribution to psychopathology
Does the familial transmission of drinking patterns persist into young adulthood? A 10-year follow up
Distraction and task engagement: how interesting and boring information impact driving performance and subjective and physiological responses
Drinking patterns and behavioral consequences: a cross-sectional study among Romanian university students
Early traumatic brain injury screen in 6594 inpatient combat casualties
The developmental case for adopting children from care
The effect of spectacle treatment in patients with mild traumatic brain injury: a pilot study
Environmental risk factors influencing bicycle theft: a spatial analysis in London, UK
Emergency physicians as human billboards for injury prevention: a randomized controlled trial
Epidemiology of football injuries in the National Collegiate Athletic Association, 2004-2005 to 2008-2009
Factors associated with high frequency of suicidal ideation in medically ill veterans
Facial fractures: large epidemiologic survey in northern Brazil reveals some unique characteristics
Factors influencing animal bites in Iran: a descriptive study
Injuries in adults 65 years of age and older prescribed muscle relaxants
Injury risk prediction from computational simulations of ocular blast loading
Injury and mortality in young Nepalese migrant workers: a call for public health action
A latent class approach to understanding patterns of peer victimization in four low-resource settings
Lessons from the Iraq war: more aggressive peace building needed
The long-term co-occurrence of psychiatric illness and behavioral problems following child sexual abuse
Male youth perceptions of violent extremism: towards a test of rational choice theory
Mental health and school dropout across educational levels and genders: a 4.8-year follow-up study
Mechanisms linking intimate partner violence and prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV: a qualitative study in South Africa
A multidimensional intergenerational model of young males' driving styles
The morality of men convicted of domestic violence: how it supports the maintenance of the moral self-concept
Multiple types of childhood and adult violence among homeless and unstably housed women in San Francisco
Pediatric hoverboard injuries: a need for enhanced safety measures and public awareness
Pilot physiology, cognition, and flight performance during flight simulation exposed to a 3810 m hypoxic condition
Pleasure in using adaptive cruise control: a questionnaire study in the Netherlands
One too many? Understanding the influence of risk factor quantity on perceptions of risk
A policy intervention study to identify high-risk groups to prevent industrial accidents in Republic of Korea
Patterns of cooperation during collective emergencies in the help-or-escape social dilemma
Post-discharge needs of victims of gun violence in Chicago: a qualitative study
Prevalence of sports injuries among 13- to 15-year-old students in 25 low- and middle-income countries
Prevalence, risk factors, and complications of violence against pregnant women in a hospital in Peninsular Malaysia
Prison suicide in female detainees in Germany 2000-2013
Prevalence and predictors of sexual assault among a college sample
A primer for preventing teen dating violence? The representation of teen dating violence in young adult literature and its implications for prevention
A rank based social norms model of how people judge their levels of drunkenness whilst intoxicated
Rapid transition from drinking to alcohol dependence among adolescent and young-adult newly incident drinkers in the United States, 2002-2013
Self-harm in adolescence: protective health assets in the family, school and community
Senseless violence against Central American unaccompanied minors: historical background and call for help
Suicide in elementary school-aged children and early adolescents
Translation to primary care of an effective teen safe driving program for parents
Victimization and its associations with peer rejection and fear of victimization: moderating effects of individual-level and classroom-level characteristics
World Rugby's erroneous and misleading representation of Australian sports' injury statistics
Yes, rolling averages are a good way to assess training load for injury prevention. Is there a better way? Probably, but we have not seen the evidence
A within-subjects analysis of men's alcohol-involved and nonalcohol-involved sexual assaults
What parents don't know: disclosure and secrecy in a sample of urban adolescents
Women's mental health and intimate partner violence following natural disaster: a scoping review
Were they in the loop during automated driving? Links between visual attention and crash potential
Vulnerability to unintentional injuries associated with land-use activities and search and rescue in Nunavut, Canada
Alarming increase of suicide in a remote Indigenous Australian population: an audit of data from 2005 to 2014
Announcement: National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month - October 2016
Quality of life and childhood mental and behavioural disorders - a critical review of the research
Are ethical norms and current policies still relevant in face of the recent mass terror events?
The association between acute stress-related insomnia and alcohol use
The association of current violence from adult family members with adolescent bullying involvement and suicidal feelings
Associations between adolescent sleep disturbance and different worry themes: findings from a repeated cross-sectional study from 1988 to 2011
Our national accident problem
Assessing subacute mild traumatic brain injury with a portable virtual reality balance device
The association of serotonin receptor 3A methylation with maternal violence exposure, neural activity, and child aggression
Cultural psychiatry: a spotlight on the experience of clinical social workers' encounter with Jewish ultra-orthodox mental health clients
Danish diving-related fatalities 1999-2012
Discrete element modeling of a mining-induced rock slide
Do military veteran and civilian students function differently in college?
Dog bite injuries in hospital practice
Effects of early menarche on physical and psychosocial health problems in adolescent girls and adult women
The epidemiology and outcome of critical illness in Mongolia: a multicenter, prospective, observational cohort study
Attachment, emotion regulation, childhood abuse and assault: examining predictors of NSSI among adolescents
Death of a close relative and the risk of suicide in Sweden-a large scale register-based case-crossover study
Development of a screening tool enabling identification of infants and toddlers at risk of family abuse and neglect: a feasibility study from three South European countries
Disaster mental health epidemiology: methodological review and interpretation of research findings
Global progress in road injury mortality since 2010
Injury Severity Score coding: data analyst v. emerging m-health technology
Is there a link between previous exposure to sport injury psychology education and UK sport injury rehabilitation professionals' attitudes and behaviour towards sport psychology?
Psychological therapies for children and adolescents exposed to trauma
Psychometric properties of the Attitudinal Beliefs Questionnaire about Suicidal Behavior (CCCS-18)
Relationships between perceived emotional intelligence, aggression, and impulsivity in a population-based adult sample
Risk assessment of fall-related occupational accidents in the workplace
Sports preference and digit ratio (2d:4d) among female students in WrocŁaw, Poland
Trait liabilities and specific promotive processes in psychopathology: the example of suicidal behavior
Genetic association studies of suicidal behavior: a review of the past 10  years, progress, limitations, and future directions
Literature review and meta-analysis of risk factors for delayed post-traumatic stress disorder in older adults after a fall
Measuring heterogeneity of reinjury risk assessments at the time of clearance to return to play: a feasibility study
Non-cognitive personality assessment and risk of injuries among army trainees
Prevalence of probable posttraumatic stress disorder and determination of its relationship with everyday functioning in children and adolescents by using generalized estimating equations
The role of standardized instruments in identifying older adults with alcohol problems
Safety of transport and hyperbaric oxygen treatment in critically-ill patients from Padua hospitals into a centrally-located, stand-alone hyperbaric facility
Thirty years of American cave diving fatalities
Using trip diaries to mitigate route risk and risky driving behavior among older drivers
The associations between sedentary behaviour and mental health among adolescents: a systematic review
Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) diagnosis: an activation-executive model
Batterer intervention programs in Spain: an analysis of their effectiveness
Borderline personality disorder: patterns of self-harm, reported childhood trauma and clinical outcome
Brain volume loss contributes to arousal and empathy dysregulation following severe traumatic brain injury
Buffering the effects of peer victimization on adolescent non-suicidal self-injury: the role of self-compassion and family cohesion
Cardiovascular effects of SPARK conducted electrical weapon in healthy subjects
A case-crossover study of heat exposure and injury risk in outdoor agricultural workers
Can concussion constrain the Caped Crusader?
Cognitive impairment and mood states following spinal cord injury
Collaborating with obstetrical providers to promote infant safe sleep guidelines
Common meanings of good and bad sleep in a healthy population sample
Comparison of pharmaceutical, illicit drug, alcohol, nicotine and caffeine levels in wastewater with sale, seizure and consumption data for 8 European cities
A comparison of work health and safety incidents and injuries in part-time and full-time Australian Army personnel
Complex trauma in childhood, a psychiatric diagnosis in adulthood: making meaning of a double-edged phenomenon
Consequences of violent victimization for Native American youth in early adulthood
Dating violence in teenage girls: parental emotion regulation and racial differences
Delinquency, drug abuse and alcoholism
Development of an evidence-based fall risk assessment tool and evaluation of interrater reliability and nurses' perceptions of the tool's clarity and usability
Discrimination and sleep quality among older US adults: the mediating role of psychological distress
The drinking habits of youth in NSW, Australia: latest data and influencing factors
The effect of war on infant mortality in the Democratic Republic of Congo
The effects of cannabis on inpatient agitation, aggression, and length of stay
Emergency department utilization in children <36 months is not an independent risk factor for maltreatment
Estimating long-haul airline pilots' at-home baseline sleep duration
Estimating prevalence of drug and alcohol presentations to hospital emergency departments in NSW, Australia: impact of hospital consultation liaison services
Examining racial bias as a potential factor in pedestrian crashes
Explaining ethnic inequities in sleep duration: a cross-sectional survey of Māori and non-Māori adults in New Zealand
Fall risk as a function of time after admission to sub-acute geriatric hospital units
Feasibility and reliability of the System for Observing Play and Leisure Activity in Youth (SOPLAY) for measuring moderate to vigorous physical activity in children visiting an interactive children's museum exhibition
From habitual sleep hours to morbidity and mortality: existing evidence, potential mechanisms, and future agenda
Generalized seizures after experimental traumatic brain injury occur at the transition from slow-wave to rapid-eye-movement sleep
Has the great recession and its aftermath reduced traffic fatalities?
Injury prevention
Injury prevention
Life shouldn't imitate art: infants need healthy and safe sleep environments
Lowering thresholds for speed limit enforcement impairs peripheral object detection and increases driver subjective workload
Missed opportunity to screen and diagnose PTSD and depression among deploying shipboard US military personnel
Multiple phenotypes of resting-state cognition are altered in insomnia disorder
Peering into the brain to predict behavior: peer-reported, but not self-reported, conscientiousness links threat-related amygdala activity to future problem drinking
Pilot study of a sleep health promotion program for college students
Postdeviance distraction in younger and older adults: neuro-behavioral evidence from speech perception
Prevalence and consequences of sleep problems in military wives
Prevalence and correlates of explosive anger among pregnant and post-partum women in post-conflict Timor-Leste
Relationship between Massachusetts Youth Screening Instrument-second version and psychiatric disorders in youths in welfare and juvenile justice institutions in Switzerland
Rising suicide rates: an under-recognized role for the Internet?
Risk assessments for dating violence in mid to late adolescence and early adulthood
Risk factors for being at fault driver: a case control study
Risk factors for dating violence versus cohabiting violence: results from the third generation of the Cambridge Study in Delinquent Development
Risks associated with significant head impact events in elite rugby union
Roads and bats: a meta-analysis and review of the evidence on vehicle collisions and barrier effects
The role of psychiatric and somatic conditions in incidence and persistence of insomnia: a longitudinal, community study
The role of substance use coping in the relation between childhood sexual abuse and depression among methamphetamine users in South Africa
The role of substance use motives in the associations between minority stressors and substance use problems among young men who have sex with men
Self-criticism and depressive symptoms mediate the relationship between emotional experiences with family and peers and self-injury in adolescence
Victims of bullying and tobacco use behaviors in adolescents: differences between bullied at school, electronically, or both
Trauma exposure and sleep disturbance in a sample of youth from the National Child Traumatic Stress Network Core Data Set
Trauma, posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms, and dissociative experiences during men's intimate partner violence perpetration
Translation and validation of the Chinese versions of the Suicidal Ideation Attributes Scale, Stigma of Suicide Scale, and Literacy of Suicide Scale
Trait and state rumination interact to prolong cortisol activation to psychosocial stress in females
A three-step latent class analysis to identify how different patterns of teen dating violence and psychosocial factors influence mental health
Sex and drugs and starting school: differences in precollege alcohol-related sexual risk taking by gender and recent blackout activity
Sexual aggression victimization and perpetration among male and female college students in Chile
Sexual orientation, race, and trauma as predictors of sexual assault recovery
Sleep duration and patterns in adolescents: correlates and the role of daily stressors
Sleep duration and risk of physical aggression against peers in urban youth
Sleep health in a black community sample
Sleep health literacy in head start families and staff: exploratory study of knowledge, motivation, and competencies to promote healthy sleep
Suicidal behaviors in children and adolescents with psychotic disorders
Sleep safe, my baby
Sleep-deprived motor vehicle operators are unfit to drive: a multidisciplinary expert consensus statement on drowsy driving
Sleep: a human rights issue (Editorial)
Sleeping with technology: cognitive, affective, and technology usage predictors of sleep problems among college students
The social costs of gender nonconformity for transgender adults: implications for discrimination and health
Child characteristics, parent education and depressive symptoms, and marital conflict predicting trajectories of parenting behavior from childhood through early adolescence in taiwan
Childhood hyperactivity and mood problems at mid-life: evidence from a prospective birth cohort
Cocaine - characteristics and addiction
Can probation officers identify remorse among male adolescent offenders?
Conflict and bias in heuristic judgment
Depressive symptoms and their association with adverse environmental factors and substance use in runaway and homeless youths
Acute occupational pesticide-related illness and injury - United States, 2007-2011
Assessing cannabis consumption frequency: is the combined use of free and glucuronidated THCCOOH blood levels of diagnostic utility?
Association of the firewater myth with drinking behavior among American Indian and Alaska Native college students
Associations between internet-based professional social networking and emotional distress
Bongs and baby boomers: trends in cannabis use among older Australians
Concussions in American football
Deaths from unintentional injury, homicide, and suicide during or within 1 year of pregnancy in Philadelphia
Demographic factors associated with leading causes of injury mortality in Ningbo, China: 2004-2013
Do children and adolescent ice hockey players with and without a history of concussion differ in robotic testing of sensory, motor and cognitive function?
Does the use of WeChat lead to subjective well-being? The effect of use intensity and motivations
Does zoning winter recreationists reduce recreation conflict?
"Effects of stress on decisions under uncertainty: a meta-analysis": Correction to Starcke and Brand (2016)
Emotion regulation strategies in depressive and anxiety symptoms in youth: a meta-analytic review
Empowering students in transition
Equivalence of mother and father ratings of ADHD in children
Enhancing primary school children's knowledge of online safety and risks with the CATZ Cooperative Cross-Age Teaching Intervention: results from a pilot study
Estimating the burden of injury in urban and rural Sudan in 2008
Evolution of game-play in the Australian Football League from 2001 to 2015
Examining social identity and intrateam moral behaviours in competitive youth ice hockey using stimulated recall
Exertional heat stroke and American football: what the team physician needs to know
Factors associated with musculoskeletal injuries in children and adolescents with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
Factors that affect simulated driving in patients with obstructive sleep apnoea
Female-directed violence as a form of sexual coercion in humans (Homo sapiens)
Foot and ankle injuries in American football
From personal crisis care to convenience shopping: an interpretive description of the experiences of people with mental illness and addictions in community pharmacies
From protective intelligence to threat assessment: strategies critical to preventing targeted violence and the active shooter
Gender effects in young road users on road safety attitudes, behaviors and risk perception
Global, regional, and national comparative risk assessment of 79 behavioural, environmental and occupational, and metabolic risks or clusters of risks, 1990-2015: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2015
Global, regional, and national disability-adjusted life-years (DALYs) for 315 diseases and injuries and healthy life expectancy (HALE), 1990-2015: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2015
Global, regional, and national incidence, prevalence, and years lived with disability for 310 diseases and injuries, 1990-2015: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2015
Global, regional, and national life expectancy, all-cause mortality, and cause-specific mortality for 249 causes of death, 1980-2015: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2015
Hearing in color: how expectations distort perception of skin tone
Hospital and intensive care unit length of stay for injury admissions: a pan-Canadian cohort study
Hospitalizations for substance abuse disorders before and after Hurricane Katrina: spatial clustering and area-level predictors, New Orleans, 2004 and 2000
How does neighborhood quality moderate the association between online video game play and depression? A population-level analysis of Korean students
Impaired processing of task-irrelevant salient information in adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: evidence from event-related potentials
Increase in adverse reactions associated with use of synthetic cannabinoids - Anchorage, Alaska, 2015-2016
Increasing violent deaths and organ transplantation in Brazil: is there a parallel?
Individuals at risk for suicide
Neighborhood disadvantage, poor social conditions, and cardiovascular disease incidence Among African American adults in the Jackson Heart Study
Occupational safety and health system for workers engaged in emergency response operations in the USA
Parental and perinatal risk factors for sexual offending in men: a nationwide case-control study
Prevalence and injury profile in Portuguese children and adolescents according to their level of sports participation
Prevalence of driving under the influence of psychoactive substances and road traffic crashes among Brazilian crack-using drivers
Problems and implications of assessing the risk of violence of persons with mental illness
Public figure attacks in the United States, 1995-2015
Radiologists' training, experience, and attitudes about elder abuse detection
Risk factors affecting injury severity determined by the MAIS score
Sport and recreation are associated with happiness across countries
Studies on the metabolism of the fentanyl-derived designer drug butyrfentanyl in human in vitro liver preparations and authentic human samples using liquid chromatography-high resolution mass spectrometry (LC-HRMS)
Suicidal behavior in juvenile delinquents: the role of ADHD and other comorbid psychiatric disorders
Trend of traumatic crown injuries and associated factors in preschool children
Sensation-seeking and impulsivity as predictors of reactive and proactive aggression in adolescents
Who, why, and how? Suicide and harmful behaviors after bariatric surgery
The unique associations of sexual assault and intimate partner violence with PTSD symptom clusters in a traumatized substance-abusing sample
Understanding the role of violence as a social determinant of preterm birth
Black adolescents' attitudes toward and use of alcohol and other drugs
Building bridges: transition from school to work for youth who are disabled
The drinking habits of users of an alcohol drinking screening website in Slovenia
The EASE quality improvement project: improving safe sleep practices in Ohio children's hospitals
Economic effect of home health care services for community-dwelling vulnerable populations
Effect of pedometer use and goal setting on walking and functional status in overweight adults with multimorbidity: a crossover clinical trial
Epidemiological aspects of suicide attempts among Moroccan children
Ethnic and gender disparities in premature adult mortality in Belize 2008-2010
Examination of the risk factors associated with injured recreational padel players in Spain
A 3-year follow-up study of Swedish youths committed to juvenile institutions: frequent occurrence of criminality and health care use regardless of drug abuse
Acute aortic dissection occurring "behind the wheel", report of 11 cases
The ADHD model for traumatic dental injuries: a critical review and update of the last 10 years
Adolescent injuries in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, and Uruguay: results from the 2012-2013 Global School-based Student Health Survey (GSHS)
Adolescent intentional abuse ingestions: overall 10-year trends and regional variation
Ageing, chronic disease and injury: a study in Western Victoria (Australia)
Alcohol electronic screening and brief intervention: a community guide systematic review
Association of hospitalization with first-line antidepressant polypharmacy among veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan with post-traumatic stress disorder: examining the influence of methodological approaches
Association of traffic injuries, substance use disorders, and ED visit outcomes among individuals aged 50+ years
Burden of fire injuries in Finland: lost productivity and benefits
Burden of violent death on years of life lost in Rhode Island, 2006-2013
Canadian legislation on excessive speeding: successful intervention through penalty increases
Carbon monoxide poisoning: pathogenesis, management and future directions of therapy
Cervical spine injuries in children associated with sports and recreational activities
Changing perspectives on marijuana use during early adolescence and young adulthood: evidence from a panel of cross-sectional surveys
Barriers for identification and treatment of problem drinkers in primary care
Behavioral and mental health correlates of youth stalking victimization: a latent class approach
Behavioral impulsivity does not predict naturalistic alcohol consumption or treatment outcomes
Child maltreatment and cannabis use in young adulthood: a birth cohort study
Child passenger restraint system misuse in rural versus urban children: a multisite case-control study
Child sexual abuse revictimization: child demographics, familial psychosocial factors, and sexual abuse case characteristics
Child sexual assault reported to an acute sexual assault referral centre in London
Childhood mishaps and its cognizance among Nepalese mothers of Parsa district for its prevention, small cross-sectional study
Children's initial sleep-associated changes in motor skill are unrelated to long-term skill levels
Completed suicide among university students in Eskisehir, Turkey
Conceptual model and cluster analysis of behavioral symptoms in two cohorts of adults with traumatic brain injuries
Cortical folding patterns are associated with impulsivity in healthy young adults
Countdown timers, video surveillance and drivers' stop/go behavior: winter versus summer
Can social protection improve sustainable development goals for adolescent health?
Descriptive correlates of urban pediatric violent injury using emergency medical service patient-level data
Development of self-inflicted injury: comorbidities and continuities with borderline and antisocial personality traits
Differences between White and Black young women in the relationship between religious service attendance and alcohol involvement
Direct, indirect and intangible costs of acute hand and wrist injuries: a systematic review
Do as I say: contradicting beliefs and attitudes towards sports concussion in Australia
Drinking with mixed-gender groups is associated with heavy weekend drinking among young adults
Drinking, cigarette smoking, and employment among American college freshmen at a four-year university
The dynamics of internalizing and externalizing comorbidity across the early school years
Effectiveness of sleep education programs to improve sleep hygiene and/or sleep quality in college students: a systematic review
Effects of gender, rape-supportive attitudes, and explicit instruction on perceptions of women's momentary sexual interest
The entanglements of agrarian ethics with agrarian risks and leveraging them in agricultural health safety
Epidemiology of emergency department visits for anxiety in the United States: 2009-2011
Epidemiology of lower extremity stress fractures in the United States military
The epidemiology of pre-hospital potential spinal cord injuries in Victoria, Australia: a six year retrospective cohort study
Epidemiology of suicide among children and adolescents in Austria, 2001-2014
Erratum to: Childhood maltreatment as a risk factor for diabetes: findings from a population-based survey of Canadian adults
Evaluation of the Responsible, Engaged, and Loving (REAL) fathers initiative on physical child punishment and intimate partner violence in northern Uganda
Examining the effect of childhood trauma on psychological distress, risk of violence and engagement, in forensic mental health
Experiences of violence across life course and its effects on mobility among participants in the International Mobility in Aging Study
Exploring the prevalence of adverse childhood experiences in soldiers seeking behavioral health care during a combat deployment
Exposure-response relationships during free-access intravenous alcohol self-administration in non-dependent drinkers: influence of alcohol expectancies and impulsivity
Facial trauma and injury in children
Factors related to building loss due to wildfires in the conterminous United States
Falls and injuries to Polo players: risk perception, mitigation and risk factors
Family factors and adolescent problem drinking in a high-risk urban Peruvian neighborhood
Firearm injury in the United States: effective management must address biophysical and biopsychosocial factors
Firearm ownership among military veterans with PTSD: a profile of demographic and psychosocial correlates
First onset of suicidal thoughts and behaviours in college
Gastric perforation after a dog attack
Healing the wounds after the fight: army medical care to repatriated captives, Part IV
Identification of risk for severe psychiatric comorbidity in pediatric epilepsy
The impact of adolescent exposure to medical marijuana laws on high school completion, college enrollment and college degree completion
Impact of financial incentives on alcohol consumption recording in primary health care among adults with schizophrenia and other psychoses: a cross-sectional and retrospective cohort study
Impact of sleep restriction on the structural brain network
Incidence and characteristics of meniscal injuries in cadets at a military school, 2013-2015
Incidence and risk factors of posttraumatic seizures following traumatic brain injury: a Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems Study
Incidence of shoulder dislocations and the rate of recurrent instability in soldiers
Injury trends from envenoming in Australia, 2000-2013
Interventions for preventing elder abuse: applying findings of a new Cochrane review
Is binge drinking in adolescence related to specific impairments in well-being? New insights from a pilot survey of high school students
Is there Complex Trauma Experience typology for Australian's experiencing extreme social disadvantage and low housing stability?
The legalization of cannabis derivatives in Spain: hypothesis on a potential emerging market
Making the links between domestic violence and child safeguarding: an evidence-based pilot training for general practice
Malaysian road fatalities prediction for year 2020
Maximising travel on 3-star or better roads: safer roads and safer speeds to deliver the 2020 UN road safety targets
Mechanisms of comorbidity, continuity, and discontinuity in anxiety-related disorders
Mental health problems among children and adolescents experiencing two major earthquakes in remote mountainous regions: a longitudinal study
Military deployments and mental health utilization among spouses of active duty service members
The Multilateral Development Banks' road safety initiative
Violence perpetration among patients hospitalized for unintentional and assault-related firearm injury: a case-control study and a cohort study
Violent deaths among Georgia workers: an examination of suicides and homicides by occupation, 2006-2009
Walking the tightrope: counterproductive work behavior as compensation for citizenship demands
What are the circumstances of falls and fractures in long-term care?
The wisdom to know the difference: strategy-situation fit in emotion regulation in daily life is associated with well-being
"You should drink less": frequency and predictors of discussions between providers and patients about reducing alcohol use
Worsening of attitudes toward epilepsy following less influential media coverage of epilepsy-related car accidents: an infodemiological approach
Women, war, and reproductive health in developing countries
Napping: a public health issue: from epidemiological to laboratory studies
Neural predictors of alcohol use and psychopathology symptoms in adolescents
Non-partner sexual violence against women in Spain: lifetime prevalence, perpetrators and consequences on mental health
Occupational homicides of law enforcement officers, 2003-2013: data from the National Violent Death Reporting System
"The only thing I wish I could change is that they treat us like people and not like animals": injury and discrimination among Latino farmworkers
Parental socioeconomic status and binge drinking in adolescents: a systematic review
Perceptions of social norms and exposure to pro-marijuana messages are associated with adolescent marijuana use
Post-incarceration recidivism of lone versus group juvenile homicide offenders
Post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and binge drinking in the reserve component of the U.S. Armed Forces
Posttraumatic stress disorder : trigger and consequence of vascular diseases
Predictors of Army National Guard and Reserve members' use of Veteran Health Administration health care after demobilizing from OEF/OIF deployment
Predictors of mental health care utilization in veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms and hazardous drinking
Prevalence of abuse among young children with rib fractures: a systematic review
Preventable trauma death rate in Daegu, South Korea
Preventing PTSD and depression and reducing health care costs in the military: a call for building resilience among service members
Prevention starts with awareness: adoptive adolescents at high risk for suicidal behavior
Previous suicide attempt and its association with method used in a suicide death
A qualitative analysis of disclosure patterns among women with sexual violence-related pregnancies in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo
A ranking system for fire safety performance of student housing facilities
The relationship of impulsivity and cortical thickness in depressed and non-depressed adolescents
A resource allocation model for traffic enforcement
Review of safety and efficacy of sleep medicines in older adults
Riding with impaired drivers among recent Latino immigrants in Southern Florida
Seatbelt use among drivers in an urban city in Nigeria: an observational study
Sleep quantity and quality during acute concussion: a pilot study
State-level medical marijuana laws, marijuana use and perceived availability of marijuana among the general U.S. population
Suicidal thoughts and behaviors in psychiatrically referred young children
Suicide among military personnel and veterans aged 18-35 years by county-16 states
Suicide and violent deaths in survivors of cancer in childhood, adolescence and young adulthood- a national cohort study
Symbolic Interactionism: a framework for understanding risk-taking behaviors in farm communities
Trauma recidivism at an emergency department of a Swedish medical center
Unintentional injury in England: an analysis of the emergency care data set pilot in Oxfordshire from 2012 to 2014
Urban/Rural disparities in Oregon pediatric traumatic brain injury
Alcohol and its contributory role in fatal drowning in Australian rivers, 2002-2012
Alcohol consumption patterns and attitudes toward drink-drive behaviours and road safety enforcement strategies
Analyses of demographical and injury characteristics of adult and pediatric patients injured in Syrian civil war
Association of specific traumatic experiences with alcohol initiation and transitions to problem use in European American and African American women
Child discipline in Qatar and Palestine: a comparative study of ICAST-R
Academic failure and child-to-parent violence: family protective factors
Application of a modified garbage code algorithm to estimate cause-specific mortality and years of life lost in Korea
Advanced neuropsychological diagnostics infrastructure (ANDI): a normative database created from control datasets
Beta-blockers for exams identify students at high risk of psychiatric morbidity
Bullying and cyberbullying in minorities: are they more vulnerable than the majority group?
Catastrophic cervical spine injuries in contact sports
Child maltreatment and risky sexual behavior: indirect effects through trauma symptoms and substance use
Co-sleeping in school-aged children with a motor disability: a comparative population-based study
Developing tailored positive parenting messages for a clinic-based communication programme
Development and health: keeping hope alive in the midst of irrationality
Differences in abuse, neglect, and exposure to community violence in adolescents with and without PTSD and depression
Do peers matter? Resistance to peer influence as a mediator between self-esteem and procrastination among undergraduates
Early unpredictability predicts increased adolescent externalizing behaviors and substance use: A life history perspective
Effects of heterogeneous risk factors on psychological distress in adolescents with autism and victimization experiences in Taiwan
Fear of falling in older Mexican Americans: a longitudinal study of incidence and predictive factors
Injuries and home advantage in the NFL
Intimate partner violence in adolescence: an analysis of gender and generation
Intuition and insight: two processes that build on each other or fundamentally differ?
Involuntary outpatient commitment and the elusive pursuit of violence prevention: a view from the United States
Invited commentary on Stewart and Davis " 'Big data' in mental health research-current status and emerging possibilities"
Is work-related rumination associated with deficits in executive functioning?
Latent classes of childhood poly-victimization and associations with suicidal behavior among adult trauma victims: Moderating role of anger
Lay explanatory models of depression and preferred coping strategies among Somali refugees in Norway. a mixed-method study
The long-term effectiveness of the Family Check-Up on school-age conduct problems: moderation by neighborhood deprivation
Longitudinal conjoint patterns of alcohol and tobacco use throughout emerging adulthood
Longitudinal phenotypes for alcoholism: heterogeneity of course, early identifiers, and life course correlates
The norms of popular peers moderate friendship dynamics of adolescent aggression
On-site detection of bioterrorism-relevant agents : rapid detection methods for viruses, bacteria and toxins - capabilities and limitations
Perceived stress, depressive symptoms, and suicidal ideation in undergraduate women with varying levels of mindfulness
Prevalence of internet gaming disorder among Korean adolescents and associations with non-psychotic psychological symptoms, and physical aggression
Psychosocial factors associated with mother-child violence: a household survey
Re: Screening for pediatric blunt cerebrovascular injury
Reactions to first postpubertal female same-sex sexual experience in the Kinsey sample: a comparison of minors with peers, minors with adults, and adults with adults
Recognizing and assessing risk factors for difficult-to-treat depression and treatment-resistant depression
Relationship transitions and the risk for child maltreatment
Neural response to threat in children, adolescents, and adults after child maltreatment - a quantitative meta-analysis
Resilience factors in women with severe early-life maltreatment
Risk terrain modeling predicts child maltreatment
Romantic love vs. drug addiction may inspire a new treatment for addiction
Schools and disasters: safety and mental health assessment and interventions for children
Second victims in healthcare: the stages of recovery following an adverse event
Sleep complaints as risk factor for suicidal behavior in severely depressed children and adolescents
Social ecological determinants of substance use treatment entry among serious juvenile offenders from adolescence through emerging adulthood
Traumatization, marital adjustment, and parenting among veterans and their spouses: a longitudinal study of reciprocal relations
Uneven reductions in high school students' alcohol use from 2007 to 2012 by age, sex and socio-economic strata
Visual impairment among older adults in a rural community in eastern China
Weak associations between the daily number of suicide cases and amount of daily sunlight
Why does the "sinner" act prosocially? The mediating role of guilt and the moderating role of moral identity in motivating moral cleansing
Association of different physical activity domains on all-cause mortality in adults participating in primary care in the Brazilian National Health System: 4-year follow-up
Association of suicidal ideation with poor sleep quality among Ethiopian adults
Automated teller machines (ATMs) and pedestrian crossing controls adjacent to major university teaching hospitals exhibit an exclusively Gram-positive flora
Bad mothers and monstrous sons: autistic adults, lifelong dependency, and sensationalized narratives of care
Child abuse and neglect and subclinical cardiovascular disease among midlife women
Childhood adversity and midlife suicidal ideation
Classification of risk acceptability and risk tolerability factors in occupational health and safety
Comparison of a virtual older driver assessment with an on-road driving test
Construct validity of the neighborhood environment walkability scale for Africa
Contextual factors related to alcohol abuse among intimate partner violence offenders
Correlates of childhood vs. Adolescence internalizing symptomatology from infancy to young adulthood
The cost and distribution of firefighter injuries in a large Canadian Fire Department
Costs of health care and influence of alcohol in traffic accidents in Bogota-Colombia
Cycling in São Paulo, Brazil (1997-2012): correlates, time trends and health consequences
Decision support systems for assessing risks involved in transporting hazardous materials: a review
Decreased resting state metabolic activity in frontopolar and parietal brain regions is associated with suicide plans in depressed individuals
Demographic and socioeconomic factors influencing disparities in prevalence of alcohol-related injury among underserved trauma patients in a safety-net hospital
Disability-adjusted life years (dalys) for injuries using death certificates and hospital discharge survey by the Korean Burden of Disease Study 2012
Disability-adjusted life years for 313 diseases and injuries: the Korean Burden of Disease Study 2012
Distinction between fear and surprise: an interpretation-independent test of the perceptual-attentional limitation hypothesis
Do young mothers and fathers differ in the likelihood of returning home?
Does the forensic physician have a role beyond injury documentation and specimen collection?
Driving and incidence of functional limitation in older people: a prospective population-based study
Drug use in business bathrooms: an exploratory study of manager encounters in New York City
The economic burden of road traffic injuries on households in South Asia
Education as a social pathway from parental socioeconomic position to depression in late adolescence and early adulthood: a Finnish population-based register study
Effective self-management strategies for bipolar disorder: a community-engaged Delphi Consensus Consultation study
Effects of child sexual abuse on the parenting of male survivors
The effects of health care-based violence intervention programs on injury recidivism and costs: a systematic review
The epidemiology of post-traumatic stress disorder in Norway: trauma characteristics and pre-existing psychiatric disorders
Epidemiology of traumatic brain injuries at a major government hospital in Cambodia
Epidemiology of traumatic spinal cord injury in Gran Canaria
An ergonomic evaluation of city police officers: an analysis of perceived discomfort within patrol duties
Exploring the risk factors of suicidal ideation among the seniors in Shandong, China: a path analysis
Factors affecting safety of processes in the Malaysian oil and gas industry
Focus groups of parents and teens help develop messages to prevent early marijuana use in the context of legal retail sales
Forensic medical implications of the traumas and traces of biological deposits in the context of comprehensive expertises of the injuries inflicted inside the passenger compartment of the car
Functions of nonsuicidal self-injury are differentially associated with suicide ideation and past attempts among childhood trauma survivors
Health promotion in the trucking setting: understanding Dutch truck drivers' road to healthy lifestyle changes
Health-related fitness, motor coordination, physical and sedentary activities of urban and rural children in Suriname
Impact of life history on fear memory and extinction
The impact of pre-injury controlled substance use on clinical outcomes after trauma
Impact of vision impairment and self-reported barriers to vision care: the views of elders in Nuwara Eliya district, Sri Lanka
Women with exposure to childhood interpersonal violence without psychiatric diagnoses show no signs of impairment in general functioning, quality of life and sexuality
The role of socio-economic status in depression: results from the COURAGE (aging survey in Europe)
A school-based program for tobacco and alcohol prevention in special education: effectiveness of the modified 'Healthy School and Drugs' intervention and moderation by school subtype
Serious injury prediction algorithm based on large-scale data and under-triage control
When health diplomacy serves foreign policy: use of soft power to quell conflict and crises
Traumatic atlanto-occipital dislocation in children-a case-based update on clinical characteristics, management and outcome
The visual properties of proximal and remote distractors differentially influence reaching planning times: evidence from pro- and antipointing tasks
Implication of alcohol consumption on aggregate wellbeing
Incidence and recurrence of common mental disorders after abortion: results from a prospective cohort study
Infant mortality in coroner/medical examiner investigations
Injuries in children with epilepsy: a hospital based study
Insomnia and suicide-related behaviors: a multi-study investigation of thwarted belongingness as a distinct explanatory factor
Intoxication and binge and high-intensity drinking among US young adults in their mid-20s
Is emotional dysregulation a risk indicator for auto-aggression behaviors in adolescents with oppositional defiant disorder?
Lack of dynamic leadership skills and human failure contribution analysis to manage risk in deep water horizon oil platform
"Life is at a standstill" Quality of life after lower extremity trauma in Malawi
Living under the influence: normalisation of alcohol consumption in our cities
Maltreatment and mental health outcomes among ultra-poor children in Burkina Faso: a latent class analysis
A marine accident analysing model to evaluate potential operational causes in cargo ships
Mental-physical comorbidity in Korean adults: results from a nationwide general population survey in Korea
Neurosurgical sequelae of domestic dog attacks in children
Non-medical use of prescription drugs among illicit drug users: a case study on an online drug forum
A novel model-based driving behavior recognition system using motion sensors
An optimal schedule for urban road network repair based on the greedy algorithm
Pathways through opiate use and offending: a systematic review
Patterns of depressive disorders across 13 years and their determinants among midlife women: SWAN mental health study
Poly-victimisation and health risk behaviours, symptoms of mental health problems and suicidal thoughts and plans among adolescents in Vietnam
Prevalence of injuries among high school students in Eastern and Western parts of Cairo, Egypt
The prospective association between sleep and initiation of substance use in young adolescents
A prospective randomized study of the efficacy of "Turning Point," an inpatient violence intervention program
The relationship between sleep complaints, depression, and executive functions on older adults
The psychological impact of traffic injuries sustained in a road crash by bicyclists: a prospective study
Relationship between sexual abuse in childhood and the occurrence of mental illness in adulthood: a matched case-control study in Nigeria
Safety climate and accidents at work: cross-sectional study among 15,000 workers of the general working population
Sexual orientation disparities in the use of emerging drugs
The social context of substance use and perceived risk among Rhode Island urban minority adolescents
Statistical evidence suggests that inattention drives hyperactivity/impulsivity in attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder
Studying critical pedestrian behavioral changes for the safety assessment at signalized crosswalks
Text message-based intervention targeting alcohol consumption among university students: findings from a formative development study
Trends in external causes of child and adolescent mortality in Poland, 1999-2012
Unintentional injury prevention and the role of occupational therapy in the Solomon Islands: an integrative review
Utility of respondent driven sampling to reach disadvantaged emerging adults for assessment of substance use, weight, and sexual behaviors
Veterans are not the only ones suffering from posttraumatic stress symptoms: what do we know about dependents' secondary traumatic stress?
Walking and the perception of neighborhood attributes among U.S. adults, 2012
What does depression mean for Korean American elderly? A qualitative follow-up study
Younger or older parental age and risk of suicidality, premature death, psychiatric illness, and criminality in offspring
Young people and injection drug use: is there a need to expand harm reduction services and support?
Years of life lost due to premature death in traffic accidents in Bogota, Colombia
Deficits in social cognition in first episode psychosis: a review of the literature
Does parental sexual orientation matter? A longitudinal follow-up of adoptive families with school-age children
Early life diets with prebiotics and bioactive milk fractions attenuate the impact of stress on learned helplessness behaviors and alter gene expression within neural circuits important for stress resistance
The effect of zonal factors in estimating crash risks by transportation modes: Motor vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian
Effects of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder on child abuse and neglect
The effects of living environment on disaster workers: a one-year longitudinal study
Epidemiology of burns in pediatric patients of Beijing City
Extremism, religion and psychiatric morbidity in a population-based sample of young men
Facebook dethroned: revealing the more likely social media destinations for college students' depictions of underage drinking
Heart rate variability: pre-deployment predictor of post-deployment PTSD symptoms
Homicide mortality rates in Canada, 2000-2009: youth at increased risk
How strong is the "fake ID effect?" an examination using propensity score matching in two samples
Individual- and community-level determinants of Inuit youth mental wellness
Innocent or intentional? Interpreting oppositional defiant disorder in a preschool mental health clinic
Modelling the impact of causal and non-causal factors on disruption duration for Toronto's subway system: an exploratory investigation using hazard modelling
Most recent risky drinking session with Australian teenagers
The neurobiology of self-processing in abused depressed adolescents
Older marijuana users: life stressors and perceived social support
Internalizing symptoms and conduct problems: redundant, incremental, or interactive risk factors for adolescent substance use during the first year of high school?
On the role of dominance and nurturance in the confluence model: a person-centered approach to the prediction of sexual aggression
Paediatric ocular and adnexal injuries requiring hospitalisation in Western Australia
Physical, social, psychological and existential trajectories of loss and adaptation towards the end of life for older people living with frailty: a serial interview study
Positivity bias in judging ingroup members' emotional expressions
Predicting expressway crash frequency using a random effect negative binomial model: a case study in China
Predictors of suicide attempts in clinically depressed Korean adolescents
Prevalence and correlates of "vaping" as a route of cannabis administration in medical cannabis patients
The prevalence of Nonsuicidal Self-Injury (NSSI) in a representative sample of the German population
Psychosocial problems of children whose parents visit the emergency department due to intimate partner violence, substance abuse or a suicide attempt
Racial disparities in adult all-cause and cause-specific mortality among us adults: mediating and moderating factors
Relationship of childhood adversity and neighborhood violence to a proinflammatory phenotype in emerging adult African American men: an epigenetic link
Risk and protective factors for comorbid internalizing and externalizing problems among economically disadvantaged African American youth
Alcohol consumption and accentuated personality traits among young adults in Romania: a cross-sectional study
Alcohol, tobacco and cannabis use: do students with mild-intellectual disability mimic students in the general population?
American health improvement depends upon addressing class disparities
The contribution of maternal care and control, and community type to children's adjustment to political violence
Demand for Emergency Services Trends in New South Wales Years 2010-2014 (DESTINY): age and clinical factors associated with ambulance transportation to emergency departments
Factors associated with internet addiction: cross-sectional study of Turkish adolescents
Failure-to-rescue after injury is associated with preventability: the results of mortality panel review of failure-to-rescue cases in trauma
Family centered practice during pediatric death in an out of hospital setting
Greater response variability in adolescents is associated with increased white matter development
Impact of alcohol use disorder comorbidity on defensive reactivity to errors in veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder
Latent growth classes of alcohol-related blackouts over the first 2 years of college
Moderating attitudes in times of violence through paradoxical thinking intervention
Obstructive sleep apnea and associated attrition, active component, U.S. Armed Forces, January 2004-May 2016
Pharmacists' perceptions of advancing public health priorities through medication therapy management
Posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms, anxiety sensitivity, and alcohol-use motives in college students with a history of interpersonal trauma
Reporting multiple individual injuries in studies of team ball sports: a systematic review of current practice
Reviewing the focus: a summary and critique of child-focused sexual abuse prevention
Symptoms and beyond: self-concept among sexually assaulted women
Underreporting of musculoskeletal injuries in the US Army: findings from an infantry brigade combat team survey study
Update: Cold weather injuries, active and reserve components, U.S. Armed Forces, July 2011-June 2016
Validation and calibration of HeadCount, a self-report measure for quantifying heading exposure in soccer players
The vigilance-avoidance model of avoidant recognition: an ERP study under threat priming
Violence escalates at South African universities
What works for wellbeing in culture and sport? Report of a DELPHI process to support coproduction and establish principles and parameters of an evidence review
Abuse-related trauma forward medical care in a randomly sampled nationwide population
Advances in driving anger - Editorial
Frailty syndrome in institutionalized elderly: prevalence and associated factors
Lesbian, gay and bisexual older adults in the aging context
Age and improved attention predict work attainment in combined compensatory cognitive training and supported employment for people with severe mental illness
Age at first drink, experiences of drunkenness, and alcohol-related problems in Canadian youth: is early onset bad if you are a moderate drinker?
An alternative technique for youth risk surveillance outside of the school system
Analysis of the influences of attitudinal factors on car ownership decisions among urban young adults in a developing country like India
Anxiety sensitivity and distress intolerance as predictors of cannabis dependence symptoms, problems, and craving: the mediating role of coping motives
Are narcissists really angrier drivers? An examination of state driving anger among narcissistic subtypes
Attitude, perceived behavioral control, and intention to adopt risky behaviors
Air pollution exposure in relation to the commute to school: a Bradford UK case study
Australia's economic transition, unemployment, suicide and mental health needs
Alcohol consumption in the Australian coal mining industry
Bicycling to work and primordial prevention of cardiovascular risk: a cohort study among swedish men and women
Big children or little adults? A statewide analysis of adolescent isolated severe traumatic brain injury outcomes at pediatric versus adult trauma centers
Biological hypotheses and biomarkers of bipolar disorder
Blunt traumatic diaphragmatic injury: a diagnostic enigma with potential surgical pitfalls
Childhood violence and adult chronic pain among indigenous Sami and non-Sami populations in Norway: a SAMINOR 2 questionnaire study
The China Mental Health Survey: II. design and field procedures
Comparison of personal, social and academic variables related to university drop-out and persistence
Computerized cognitive rehabilitation of attention and executive function in acquired brain injury: a systematic review
Correlates of emergency department use by individuals with bipolar disorder enrolled in a collaborative care implementation study
Driver distraction using visual-based sensors and algorithms
National trends in hospitalizations for opioid poisonings among children and adolescents, 1997 to 2012
Person-centered fall risk awareness perspectives: clinical correlates and fall risk
Post-exercise rehydration: effect of consumption of beer with varying alcohol content on fluid balance after mild dehydration
Predicting re-incarceration status of prisoners in contemporary China: applying Western criminological theories
Predictors of response to behavioral treatments among children with ADHD-Inattentive Type
Prenatal maternal depression is associated with offspring inflammation at 25 years: a prospective longitudinal cohort study
A qualitative study of the relationship between methamphetamine abuse and sexual dysfunction in male substance abusers
Self-harm risk between adolescence and midlife in people who experienced separation from one or both parents during childhood
Sexting leads to "risky" sex? An analysis of sexting behaviors in a nonuniversity-based, older adult population
Traumatic brain injury-induced autoregulatory dysfunction and spreading depression-related neurovascular uncoupling: pathomechanisms, perspectives, and therapeutic implications
Trends and patterns of sexual assaults in Lagos south-western Nigeria
Attitudes towards cycle skills training in New Zealand adolescents
Auditory localisation of conventional and electric cars: laboratory results and implications for cycling safety
Barriers and facilitators of bicycle helmet use among children and their parents
Bicycling under the influence of alcohol
Body mass index, depression, and suicidality: the role of self-esteem in bariatric surgery candidates
Boredom begs to differ: differentiation from other negative emotions
Children's daily well-being: the role of mothers', teachers', and siblings' autonomy support and psychological control
Can novice drivers be motivated to use a smartphone based app that monitors their behavior?
Cocaine use and sexual risk among individuals with severe mental illness
The cognitive architecture of anxiety-like behavioral inhibition
The combined contribution of personality, family traits, and reckless driving intentions to young men's risky driving: what role does anger play?
Concurrent polysubstance use in a longitudinal study of U.S. youth: associations with sexual orientation
A contextual model of driving anger: a meta-analysis
Culture of distracted driving among intra-city commercial bus drivers in Ile-Ife, South-western Nigeria
Deaths due to child abuse: a 6-year review of cases in the Cook County Medical Examiner's Office
Diagnosis-based emergency department alcohol harm surveillance: what can it tell us about acute alcohol harms at the population level?
Do wealthier neighborhoods have better conditions for walking? A comparison study in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA
Does marijuana "blunt" smoking contribute to nicotine exposure? Preliminary product testing of nicotine content in wrappers of cigars commonly used for blunt smoking
Driving in the fasting month of Ramadan: an observational study on speeding, horn honking, and using seat belts
Driving with music: cognitive-behavioural implications
Drugged drivers blood concentrations in England and Wales prior to the introduction of per se limits
Dual tasking for the differentiation between depression and mild cognitive impairment
Economic impact of early intervention in psychosis services: results from a longitudinal retrospective controlled study in England
Effect of drivers' risk perception and perception of driving tasks on road safety attitude
The effect of fatigue driving on car following behavior
Effects of a front-seat passenger on driver attention: an electrophysiological approach
The effects of the therapeutic workplace and heavy alcohol use on homelessness among homeless alcohol-dependent adults
The electromagnetic basis of social interactions
Electrophysiological evaluation of attention in drivers and passengers: toward an understanding of drivers' attentional state in autonomous vehicles
Epidemiology of snow skiing- versus snowboarding-related concussions presenting to the emergency department in the United States from 2010 to 2014
Evaluating bicyclists' risk perception using video clips: comparison of frequent and infrequent city cyclists
Evaluating the effect of vegetation and clear zone width on driver behavior using a driving simulator
White matter disruptions in male cocaine polysubstance users: associations with severity of drug use and duration of abstinence
What people with PTSD symptoms do (and do not) know about PTSD: a national survey
What factors determine metro passengers' risky riding behavior? An approach based on an extended theory of planned behavior
Violent experiences in childhood are associated with men's perpetration of intimate partner violence as a young adult: a multistage cluster survey in Malawi
Violence, trauma, mental health, and substance use among homeless youth Juggalos
Venting anger in cyberspace: self-entitlement versus self-preservation in #roadrage tweets
Experiences and explanations of mental ill health in a group of devout Christians from the ethnic majority population in secular Sweden: a qualitative study
Externalizing outcomes of youth with and without ADHD: time-varying prediction by parental ADHD and mediated effects
Facilitators, barriers and needs in the use of adaptive driving strategies to enhance older drivers' mobility: importance of openness, perceptions, knowledge and support
Factors associated with healthy and impaired social functioning in young adolescents with ADHD
Factors influencing traffic signal violations by car drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians: a case study from Guangdong, China
Father absence and adolescent depression and delinquency: a comparison of siblings approach
Football fatalities: the first-impact syndrome
The global distribution of the burden of road traffic injuries: evolution and intra-distribution mobility
Growing up with adversity: from juvenile justice involvement to criminal persistence and psychosocial problems in young adulthood
Hamstring injuries in elite Gaelic football: an 8-year investigation to identify injury rates, time-loss patterns and players at increased risk
Head impacts in a junior rugby league team measured with a wireless head impact sensor: an exploratory analysis
A hospital base epidemiology and pattern of acute adult poisoning across Iran: a systematic review
How the alcohol industry relies on harmful use of alcohol and works to protect its profits
How cyclist behavior affects bicycle accident configurations?
How drivers fail to avoid crashes: a risk-homeostasis/perception-response (RH/PR) framework evidenced by visual perception, electrodermal activity and behavioral responses
How transport users perceive personal safety apps
Human factors of transitions in automated driving: a general framework and literature survey
Identifying strategies to limit youth drinking in the home
Illicit drug use among gay and bisexual men in 44 cities: findings from the European MSM Internet Survey (EMIS)
The impact of car ownership and public transport usage on cancer screening coverage: empirical evidence using a spatial analysis in England
Impact of expanding ELISA screening in DUID investigations to include carisoprodol/meprobamate and zolpidem
Improving the well-being of children and youths: a randomized multicomponent, school-based, physical activity intervention
Incidence and pattern of traumatic spinal fractures and associated spinal cord injury resulting from motor vehicle collisions in China over 11 years: an observational study
Increasing prevalence and incidence of domestic violence during the pregnancy and one and a half year postpartum, as well as risk factors: a longitudinal cohort study in Southern Sweden
Informing design of an app-based coaching intervention to promote social participation of teenagers with traumatic brain injury
Injury surveillance and safety considerations for large-format lead-acid batteries used in mining applications
Investigating the motivational factors influencing drivers intentions to unsafe driving behaviours: speeding and overtaking violations
The involvement of young people in school- and community-based noncommunicable disease prevention interventions: a scoping review of designs and outcomes
Is there a 'weekend effect' in major trauma?
Maternal mind-mindedness and children's school readiness: a longitudinal study of developmental processes
A meta-analysis of the association between anger and aggressive driving
Method for selection of optimal road safety composite index with examples from DEA and TOPSIS method
A multiple replication examination of distal antecedents to alcohol protective behavioral strategies
Night-time and daytime operating speed distribution in urban arterials
Not all risks are created equal: a twin study and meta-analyses of risk taking across seven domains
The origins of cognitive deficits in victimized children: implications for neuroscientists and clinicians
Pedestrians perceptions for utilization of pedestrian facilities - Delhi, India
Pedestrian compliance and cross walking speed adaptation due to countdown timer installations: a self report study
Personal and perceived peer use and attitudes towards the use of nonmedical prescription stimulants to improve academic performance among university students in seven European countries
Physician warnings in psychiatry and the risk of road trauma: an exposure crossover study
Positive and negative themes found in sport-related films
Psychological predictors of seeking help from mental health practitioners among a large sample of Polish young adults
Racial disparities in substance use by sport participation among high school students
Racial/ethnic differences in trauma exposure and mental health disorders in adolescents
Reasons for marijuana use among young adults and long-term associations with marijuana use and problems
Relations between three dopaminergic system genes, school attachment, and adolescent delinquency
Remission from substance use disorders: a systematic review and meta-analysis
The replication and reduction of automobility: findings from Aotearoa New Zealand
Resilience and the expression of driving anger
A review of interventions for the reduction of driving anger
Self-concept as a risky driver: mediating the relationship between racing video games and on-road driving violations in a community-based sample
The slow and the furious: Anger, stress and risky passing in simulated traffic congestion
Social connectedness and life satisfaction: comparing mean levels for 2 undergraduate samples and testing for improvement based on brief counseling
Stress induction techniques in a driving simulator and reactions from newly licensed drivers
Substance use trajectories from early adolescence through the transition to college
Targeted analysis of 116 drugs in hair by UHPLC-MS/MS and its application to forensic cases
Transgenerational aspects of former Swiss child laborers: do second generations suffer from their parents' adverse early-life experiences?
Traumatic upper cervical spinal fractures in teaching hospitals of China over 13 years: a retrospective observational study
Uncertainty-based prioritization of road safety projects: an application of data envelopment analysis
Understanding the influence of in-vehicle information systems on range stress - insights from an electric vehicle field experiment
Unemployment is a risk factor for hospitalization due to alcohol problems: a longitudinal study based on the Stockholm Public Health Cohort (SPHC)
Using naturalistic data to assess e-cyclist behavior
Utility of the injured trauma survivor screen to predict PTSD and depression during hospital admission
Variability of stimulant levels in nine sports supplements over a 9-month period
Interagency intervention with perinatal substance abuse
Sudden infant death syndrome in infants of substance-abusing mothers
Adolescent health care
A model for answering the substance abuse educational needs of health professionals: the North Carolina Governor's Institute on Alcohol and Substance Abuse
The school nurse as a coordinator of health services for handicapped students: a school record analysis
Corporal punishment of children in nine countries as a function of child gender and parent gender
Neurodevelopmental consequences of early traumatic brain injury in 3-year-old children
The pre-participation examination of the young athlete. Defining the essentials
Demographic differences among a national sample of US youth with behavioral disorders
The designed environment and how it affects brain morphology and mental health
Disproportionate prevalence rate of prisoners with disabilities evidence from a nationally representative sample
Developing the tools to manage complex crises: training students in interdisciplinarity
Evaluating intention and effect the impact of healthcare facility design on patient and staff well-being
Factors associated with truancy: emerging adults' recollections of skipping school
Impact of maternal incarceration on the criminal justice involvement of adult offspring a research note
'Legal highs': novel psychoactive substances
Measuring evaluation fears in adolescence: psychometric validation of the Portuguese versions of the fear of positive evaluation scale and the specific fear of negative evaluation scale
'Rolling dolo': desistance from delinquency and negative peer relationships over the early adolescent life-course
Scar tissue
Why following friends can hurt you: an exploratory investigation of the effects of envy on social networking sites among college-age users
Young children's identities becoming: exploring agency in the creation of multimodal literacies
Comparison of exposure to stress and analysis of ways of coping with stress among freight transport and public transport drivers
Effectiveness of a technology-based injury prevention program for enhancing mothers' knowledge of child safety: protocol for a randomized controlled trial
Current Heavy Alcohol Consumption is Associated with Greater Cognitive Impairment in Older Adults
Determinants of maternal and paternal empowerment: exploring the role of childhood adversities
The depressed frail phenotype: the clinical manifestation of increased biological aging
Diageo's 'Stop Out of Control Drinking' campaign in Ireland: an analysis
Do baseline executive functions mediate prospective memory performance under a moderate dose of alcohol?
Experience with suspecting child maltreatment in the Norwegian public dental health services, a national survey
Suicide in older men: the Health in Men cohort study (HIMS)
Symptoms of common mental disorders among professional football referees: a one-season prospective study across Europe
The relative temporal sequence of decline in mobility and cognition among initially unimpaired older adults: results from the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging
Religiosity, race/ethnicity, and alcohol use behaviors in the United States
The reliability and factorial validity of the Swedish Version of the Revised Controlling Behaviors Scale
Reply to 'Is binge drinking in adolescents related to specific impairments in well-being?' by Rafanelli et al
Revisiting parole decision making: testing for the punitive hypothesis in a large U.S. jurisdiction
Risk factors for substance misuse and adolescents' symptoms of depression
Risky driving and sexual behaviors as developmental outcomes of co-occurring substance use and antisocial behavior
Risky substance use and peer pressure in Swiss young men: test of moderation effects
Scarred for the rest of my career? Career-long effects of abusive leadership on professional athlete aggression and task performance
Rwanda's model prehospital emergency care service: a two-year review of patient demographics and injury patterns in Kigali
Screening for persistent psychopathology in 4-year-old children
School district crisis preparedness, response, and recovery plans - United States, 2012
A scoping review of pediatric economic evaluation 1980-2014: do trends over time reflect changing priorities in evaluation methods and childhood disease?
A "shark encounter": delayed primary closure and prophylactic antibiotic treatment of a great white shark bite
Mid-adolescent predictors of adult drinking levels in early adulthood and gender differences: longitudinal analyses based on the South Australian School Leavers Study
Narcissistic personality disorder and the structure of common mental disorders
Outpatient antipsychotic drug use in children and adolescents in Germany between 2004 and 2011
Pokémon Go-a new distraction for drivers and pedestrians
Pose self-calibration of stereo vision systems for autonomous vehicle applications
The prevalence of binge drinking among primary care residents
Psychopharmacotherapy of severe self-injury in an adolescent with gender dysphoria and comorbidity
PTSD, alcohol dependence, and conduct problems: distinct pathways via lability and disinhibition
Psychological and physical impacts of extreme events on older adults: implications for communications
Violent obsessions are associated with suicidality in an OCD analog sample of college students
Violent victimization and substance dependency: comparing rural incarcerated heterosexual and sexual minority women
Validating a hazardous drinking index in a sample of sexual minority women: reliability, validity, and predictive accuracy
Varenicline and risk of self-harm: a nested case-control study
Vertigo and dizziness in children
Estimate of adolescent alcohol use in China: a meta-analysis
Family functioning, resilience, and depression among North Korean refugees
Suicide and psoriasis: no longer an association
Suicide risk linked with clinical consultation frequency, psychiatric diagnoses and psychotropic medication prescribing in a national study of primary-care patients
Tapping into motivations for drinking among youth: normative beliefs about alcohol use among underage drinkers in the United States
Testing a social mechanism: does alcohol outlet density moderate the relationship between levels of alcohol use and child physical abuse?
Traumatic diaphragmatic injuries: epidemiological, diagnostic and therapeutic aspects
Temporary life changes and the timing of divorce
Understanding the prevalence of 'legal high' misuse in early adulthood
Use of alcohol and alcohol-related morbidity in Finnish former elite athletes
Upholding standards of reporting in the synthesis of dance epidemiology literature: letter to the editor re: Prevalence and profile of musculoskeletal injuries in ballet dancers: A systematic review and meta-analysis
TrkB signaling in dorsal raphe nucleus is essential for antidepressant efficacy and normal aggression behavior
Under-reporting of risky drug use among primary care patients in federally qualified health centers
Verbal bullying changes among students following an educational intervention using the Integrated Model for Behavior Change
Visuomotor integration of relevant and irrelevant angry and fearful facial expressions
Socio-demographic, personal, environmental and behavioral correlates of different modes of transportation to work among Norwegian parents
Spine injuries sustained by U.S. Military personnel in combat are different from non-combat spine injuries
Grade-level differences in future-oriented self-concept during early adolescence: potential relevance to school nursing
Health consequences of shift work and insufficient sleep
Impact of religious attendance on psychosocial outcomes for individuals with traumatic brain injury: a NIDILRR funded TBI Model Systems study
Incidence and epidemiology of foot and ankle injuries in elite collegiate athletes
"I still feel like i am not normal": a review of the role of stigma and stigmatization among female survivors of child sexual abuse, sexual assault, and intimate partner violence
Lack of cost-effectiveness analyses to address Healthy People 2020 priority areas
Longitudinal trajectories and predictors of anxiety symptoms among adolescent survivors exposed to Wenchuan earthquake
Maternal and paternal distress and coping over time following pediatric traumatic brain injury
Work environment characteristics and teacher well-being: the mediation of emotion regulation strategies
What is new in trauma-related amputations
Stress reactivity and personality in extreme sport athletes: the psychobiology of BASE jumpers
Stiff landings are associated with increased ACL injury risk in young female basketball and floorball players
The structural features of sports and race betting inducements: issues for harm minimisation and consumer protection
Stigmatization of mentally ill patients by media coverage of Germanwings disaster
Risk assessment in combustion toxicology: should carbon dioxide be recognized as a modifier of toxicity or separate toxicological entity?
Seizures in children with severe traumatic brain injury
Acceptability of alcohol supply to children: associations with adults
Acute physiological changes in elite free-style wrestlers during a one-day tournament
Adolescent neural response to reward is related to participant sex and task motivation
Adverse weather conditions and fatal motor vehicle crashes in the United States, 1994-2012
Age-related differences in self-harm presentations and subsequent management of adolescents and young adults at the emergency department
Alcohol use and mental health conditions among Black college males: do those attending postsecondary minority institutions fare better than those at primarily White institutions?
Alcohol use disorders in Australia
Alcohol-related dementia and neurocognitive impairment: a review study
Anthropology in agricultural health and safety research and intervention
Anthropology in farm safety
Association between suicide ideation and attempts and being an immigrant among adolescents, and the role of socioeconomic factors and school, behavior, and health-related difficulties
Associations between cultural stressors, cultural values, and Latina/o college students' mental health
Attention and driving performance modulations due to anger state: contribution of electroencephalographic data
Caffeine; the forgotten potential for Parkinson's disease
Characteristics associated with risk taking behaviours predict young people's participation in organised activities
Chronic cannabis use is associated with impaired fear extinction in humans
Cognitive abilities, social adaptation, and externalizing behavior problems in childhood and adolescence: specific cascade effects across development
Comparable cerebral oxygenation patterns in younger and older adults during dual-task walking with increasing load
A comparison study of pelvic fractures and associated abdominal injuries between pediatric and adult blunt trauma patients
Compliance of parenting magazines advertisements with American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations
Concurrent validity of the Swedish version of the life-space assessment questionnaire
Correlation between religious attitude and resiliency of women under domestic violence
Corrigendum: Does seeing faces of young black boys facilitate the identification of threatening stimuli?
Costs and work loss burden of diagnosed opioid abuse among employees on workers compensation or short-term disability
Cross-cultural validation of the Falls Efficacy Scale-International (FES-I) in Portuguese community-dwelling older adults
Depression, alcohol use, and stigma in younger versus older HIV-infected pregnant women initiating antiretroviral therapy in Cape Town, South Africa
Descriptive epidemiology of Karachi road traffic crash mortality from 2007 to 2014
Dimensions of peer influences and their relationship to adolescents' aggression, other problem behaviors and prosocial behavior
Do individuals higher in impulsivity drink more impulsively? A pilot study within a high risk sample of young adults
Do alcohol and marijuana increase the risk for female dating violence victimization? A prospective daily diary investigation
Do seriously offending girls differ from their age- and offence type-matched male counterparts on psychopathic traits or psychopathy-related background variables?
Does availability of worksite supports for physical activity differ by industry and occupation?
Does the tail wag the dog? Abstainers, alcohol dependence, heavy episodic drinkers and total alcohol consumption
Dupatta (long scarf) related injuries in female pillion riders in Karachi Pakistan
Editorial: The aging decision-maker: advances in understanding the impact of cognitive change on decision-making
The effect of alcohol consumption on household income in Ireland
The effectiveness of family group conferencing in youth care: a meta-analysis
Effects of mineralocorticoid-receptor stimulation on risk taking behavior in young healthy men and women
Effects of secondary tasks on auditory detection and crossing thresholds in relation to approaching vehicle noises
Emergency department youth patients with suicidal ideation or attempts: predicting suicide attempts through 18 months of follow-up
Emotional dysregulation and trauma predicting psychopathy dimensions in female and male juvenile offenders
Emotions are understood from biological motion across remote cultures
An empirical examination of the victim-search methods utilized by serial stranger sexual offenders: a classification approach
Epidemiologic trends in loperamide abuse and misuse
Epidemiological patterns and correlates of mental disorders among orphans and vulnerable children under institutional care
Epidemiology and location of rugby injuries treated in US emergency departments from 2004 to 2013
Epidemiology of DSM-5 bipolar I disorder: results from the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions - III
Epidemiology of spinal cord injury in Iceland from 1975 to 2014
Epidemiology of sports-related eye injuries in the United States
Epidemiology of the upper extremity trauma in a traumatic center in Iran
Estimating the epidemiology and quantifying the damages of parental separation in children and adolescents
Ethics in humanitarian services: report on the earthquake in Nepal
Evaluation of the effectiveness and implementation of the BokSmart Safe Six injury prevention programme: a study protocol
Evaluations of alcohol consequences moderate social anxiety risk for problematic drinking
Examining longer-term effects of parental death in adolescents and young adults: evidence from the National Longitudinal Survey of Adolescent to Adult Health
An exploration of violence, mental health and substance abuse in post-conflict Guatemala
Experience of domestic violence routine screening in family planning NSW clinics
External validity of a hierarchical dimensional model of child and adolescent psychopathology: tests using confirmatory factor analyses and multivariate behavior genetic analyses
Facilitating mental health screening of war-torn populations using mobile applications
Factors associated with younger adolescents' exposure to online alcohol advertising
Factors related to abuse of older persons by relatives with psychiatric disorders
Falls as adverse events in psychosocial treatment of depression: findings from a clinical trial in nursing homes
Family cohesion and pride, drinking and alcohol use disorder in Puerto Rico
The FARSEEING real-world fall repository: a large-scale collaborative database to collect and share sensor signals from real-world falls
Faster self-paced rate of drinking for alcohol mixed with energy drinks versus alcohol alone
Feasibility of alcohol screening among patients receiving opioid treatment in primary care
Fluoxetine does not enhance visual perceptual learning and triazolam specifically impairs learning transfer
Forward psychiatry - early intervention for mental health problems among UK armed forces in Afghanistan
The frequency of high-risk behaviors among Iranian college students using indirect methods: network scale-up and crosswise model
Gender-specific factors associated with suicide attempts among the community-dwelling general population with suicidal ideation: the 2013 Korean Community Health Survey
The "golden thread": coercive control and risk assessment for domestic violence
Growth mixture modeling of post-combat aggression: application to soldiers deployed to Iraq
Healthcare barriers and utilization among adolescents and young adults accessing services for homeless and runaway youth
History of childhood trauma as risk factors to suicide risk in major depression
Hope as a mediator of the link between intimate partner violence and suicidal risk inTturkish women: further evidence for the role of hope agency
Hotspots and causes of motor vehicle crashes in Baltimore, Maryland: a geospatial analysis of five years of police crash and census data
How readers understand causal and correlational expressions used in news headlines
Housing type after the Great East Japan Earthquake and loss of motor function in elderly victims: a prospective observational study
Identifying predictors and prevalence of alcohol consumption among university students: nine years of follow-up
The impact of locus of control and controlling language on psychological reactance and ad effectiveness in health communication
Implicit measures of suicide risk in a military sample
The implicit sociometer effect and the moderating role of relational self-construal
Impulsivity and self-harm in adolescence: a systematic review
Incidental learning of trust: examining the role of emotion and visuomotor fluency
Increase in US suicide rates and the critical decline in psychiatric beds
Inpatient treatment effect and Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory characteristics of motor vehicle collision injuries in a traditional Korean medicine hospital: retrospective chart review
Intergenerational differences in occupational injury and fatality rates among Canada's immigrants
International tourists' reactions to a natural disaster: experiences of the 2015 earthquake in Nepal among Israeli travelers
Is the deliberate self-induction of alcohol tolerance associated with negative alcohol outcomes?
Is HEADS in our heads? Health risk behavior is not routinely discussed with young people with chronic conditions
Is there any relationship between mental health and driving behavior of taxi drivers in Kerman?
Keys to preventing accidents in children in the school context
Longitudinal associations between bullying and mental health among adolescents in Vietnam
A longitudinal examination of the relationship between cannabis use and cognitive function in mid-life adults
Major trauma mortality in rural and metropolitan NSW, 2009-2014: a retrospective analysis of trauma registry data
'Making the invisible visible' through alcohol screening and brief intervention in community pharmacies: an Australian feasibility study
Management of polytrauma patients in the UK: is there a 'weekend effect'?
Maternal deaths from suicide and overdose in Colorado, 2004-2012
Mental symptoms and cause-specific mortality among midlife employees
Minority stress and intimate partner violence among gay and bisexual men in Atlanta
A Monte-Carlo simulation analysis for evaluating the severity distribution functions (SDFs) calibration methodology and determining the minimum sample-size requirements
Multivariate family factors in lifetime and current marijuana use among American Indian and White adolescents residing on or near reservations
Neurobehavioral markers of resilience to depression amongst adolescent exposed to child abuse
The neurobiology of safety and threat learning in infancy
OCD taboo thoughts and stigmatizing attitudes in clinicians
Online personalized normative alcohol feedback for parents of first-year college students
Opioids and chronic pain: where is the balance?
Pokémon Go: cardiovascular benefit or injury risk?
Painful and provocative events scale and fearlessness about death among veterans: exploratory factor analysis
Parental knowledge of adolescents' online content and contact risks
Partnerships that facilitate a refugee's journey to wellbeing
Pedestrian self-reported use of smart phones: positive attitudes and high exposure influence intentions to cross the road while distracted
Perceived neighborhood safety better predicts risk of mortality for whites than blacks
A pilot study of a hospital-based injury surveillance system in a secondary level district hospital in India: lessons learnt and way ahead
Poison prevention practices and medically attended poisoning in young children: multicentre case-control study
Predicting aggression in late adolescent romantic relationships: a short-term longitudinal study
Predictors of suicidal ideation among active duty military personnel with posttraumatic stress disorder
Prevalence and risk factors associated with work-related eye injuries in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Primary school teachers and parents perception of peer bullying among children in Iran: a qualitative study
The prevalence of selected intrinsic risk factors for ankle sprain among elite football and basketball players
Prevalence and family structures related factors associated with crown trauma in school children resident in suburban Nigeria
QuickStats: Death rates for motor vehicle traffic injury, suicide, and homicide among children and adolescents aged 10-14 years - United States, 1999-2014
Relationship between balance tests and mobility scale, fear of falling and the number of falls in the elderly in a rehabilitation department
The relationship between non-consensual sex and risk of depression in female undergraduates at universities in Maritime Canada
Representativity and univocity of traffic signs and their effect on trajectory movement in a driving-simulation task: warning signs
Science, politics, and the play of chance in recent Australian drinking law changes
A screening protocol for child abuse at out-of-hours primary care locations: a descriptive study
Sensory coding and cognitive processing of sound in Veterans with blast exposure
Serious bicycle crash injury in chiropractic practice - a case report of delayed diagnosis
Sleepiness, driving, and motor vehicle accidents: a questionnaire-based survey
Smartphone-based support system (SoberDiary) coupled with a Bluetooth breathalyser for treatment-seeking alcohol-dependent patients
Social and behavioral outcomes following traumatic brain injury: what predicts outcome at 12 months post-insult?
The social and individual characteristics of women associated with engagement with multiple intimate violent partners
Social comparison, competition and teacher-student relationships in junior high school classrooms predicts bullying and victimization
Sports injuries in pediatric and adolescent athletes
Spousal violence and receipt of skilled maternity care during and after pregnancy in Nepal
Trends in weapon-related injuries from violence in Odense Municipality, Denmark 1991-2009
Where are weather-suicide associations valid? An examination of nine US counties with varying seasonality
Validity of the Frequency of Suicidal Ideation Inventory in Hungarian adults
Victimisation, poly-victimisation and health-related quality of life among high school students in Vietnam: a cross-sectional survey
Volunteering in adolescence and young adulthood crime involvement: a longitudinal analysis from the ADD Health Study
What do Colorado adults know about legal use of recreational marijuana after a media campaign?
Work environment and safety climate in the Swedish merchant fleet
Control of injuries caused by dogs: a public health perspective
Care of dogs and attitudes of dog owners in Port-au-Prince, the Republic of Haiti
Urban epizootic of rabies in Mexico: epidemiology and impact of animal bite injuries
'Biting the hand that feeds': fever and altered sensorium following a dog bite
Using emergency department data to conduct dog and animal bite surveillance in New York City, 2003-2006
Age-related changes in the propensity of dogs to bite
Analysis did not account for cluster randomisation
Analysis of pediatric facial dog bites
Animal bite wounds
Animal bites
Animal bites in the city of Cagliari, 1985-1989
Animal bites in children: burden in urban Delhi
Animal control measures and their relationship to the reported incidence of dog bites in urban Canadian municipalities
Animal-related injuries: epidemiological and meteorological features
'Are dogs a health menace?'
Avulsion of the inferior rectus muscle due to a dog-bite and reconstruction of its function
The burden of trauma in four rural district hospitals in Malawi: a retrospective review of medical records
The campaign against rabid dog bites; on rabies control in the 18th century
Canine rabies in the United States, 1971-1973: study of reported cases with reference to vaccination history
Capnocytophaga canimorsus - an underestimated danger after dog or cat bite - review of literature
Cephalic index and perceived dog trainability
The changing rate of suspected rabies bites after begin to act animal shelter in Erzurum City
Children under 15 bitten by strange dogs. A 5-year follow-up study
Children's attention to beliefs in interactive persuasion tasks
A wound after contact between a child and a dog does not necessarily mean an animal bite
Will breed-specific legislation reduce dog bites?
When your best friend bites: a note on dog and cat bites
When your best friend bites: a note on dog and cat bites
When man's best friend attacks: how to progress on dog bites
When best friends bite
Welsh Government seeks views on draft dog control law
Vital injuries to the body and the internal organs by dogs
The complex issue of dog bites
Dangerous dogs: culprits or victims?
Death caused by dog bites
Defra publishes Bill to amend the Dangerous Dogs Act
Demographics and management of dog bite victims at a level two hospital in KwaZulu-Natal
Describing the relationship between cat bites and human depression using data from an electronic health record
Discussion. Pediatric dog bite injuries: a 5-year review of the experience at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Dog bites are a public health issue
Dog ecology and population studies in Lagos State, Nigeria
Dog-bite injuries
Dog-bite syndrome: an approach to its management
Education of children and adolescents for the prevention of dog bite injuries
Epidemiological analysis of rabies in 2010, China
An epidemiological study of 177 cases of human rabies
Epidemiology of animal bites and rabies cases in India. A multicentric study
The epidemiology of dog walking: an unmet need for human and canine health
Epidemiology of human rabies in the United States, 1980 to 1996
Girls and boys face harassment at school: two different realities?
Ill-treatment of students by school personnel: distinctions by sex and level of education
Trajectories of indirect and physical aggression and interpersonal risk factors for girls and boys in primary school
Exploring the causal links between the perception of the socio-educational environment and the aggressive and prosocial behavior of students at the end of primary school
Cybervictimation, ordinary victimization and school climate perception among French high school students
Girls worse than boys? Sexual distribution of violence and institutional responses
"Dangerous games" of primary school keystage 2 pupils: an inventory in the service of a policy of awareness and prevention of the risks before secondary school
Logic of justice and violence in the playground in elementary school: a study of childhood disagreements
Epidemiology of urban dog-related injuries requiring rabies post-exposure prophylaxis in Marseille, France
Estimating human rabies mortality in the United Republic of Tanzania from dog bite injuries
Etiology of lip defects
Experiences with bites by sled-dogs in Greenland
Extensive and mutilating craniofacial trauma involving defleshing and decapitation: unusual features of fatal dog attacks in the young
A fatal mongoose bite
Free-roaming dogs in Nepal: demographics, health and public knowledge, attitudes and practices
Geographic variation in access to dog-bite care in Pakistan and risk of dog-bite exposure in Karachi: prospective surveillance using a low-cost mobile phone system
Hospital admissions for dog bites show a regional bias
Human rabies focusing on dog ecology-A challenge to public health in Sri Lanka
Hydrophobia nine months after the bite of a dog
Information from your family doctor. Dog bites: teaching your child to be safe
Interactions between jaw-muscle recruitment and jaw-joint forces in Canis familiaris
Knowledge, attitudes and practices of animal bite victims attending an anti-rabies health center in Jimma Town, Ethiopia
Knowledge, attitudes and practices of rabies prevention and dog bite injuries in urban and peri-urban provinces in Cambodia, 2009
Lines of action of masticatory forces in domesticated dogs
Loss of traditional knowledge aggravates wolf-human conflict in Georgia (Caucasus) in the wake of socio-economic change
Mammalian bites
A multidisciplinary approach to fatal dog attacks
Neighborhood and postal worker characteristics associated with dog bites in postal workers of the Brazilian National Postal Service in Curitiba
One Health approach to dog bite prevention
One health: the complex issue of dog bites
Owned and unowned dog population estimation, dog management and dog bites to inform rabies prevention and response on Lombok Island, Indonesia
The Pan-African Rabies Control Network (PARACON): a unified approach to eliminating canine rabies in Africa
Patient bites dentist: an 1894 case report
Pediatric facial fractures from dog bites
The perception of urban garbage collectors of Dourados, in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, regarding the biological risks involved in their work routine
Perceptions and treatment seeking behavior for dog bites in rural Bangladesh
Perforating eye injuries caused by dog bites
Pitbull: to be or not to be?
Political and practical problems with dangerous dogs
Prevalence of dog bites in rural and urban slums of Delhi: a community-based study
Preventable factors associated with dog bite-related fatalities
Preventing dog bite wounds in people
Preventing dog bites
Problems associated with the coexistence of man and animals in urban areas
Profile of animal bite cases in Pune
Profile of dog bite victims in Jos Plateau State, Nigeria: a review of dog bite records (2006-2008)
A prospective study on the incidence of dog bites and management in a rural Cambodian, rabies-endemic setting
Psychological adjustment in children after traumatic disfiguring injuries: a 12-month follow-up
Question whether dog bites are on the rise
Rabies awareness and dog ownership among rural northern and southern Chadian communities: analysis of a community-based, cross-sectional household survey
Rabies; epidemiological aspects of animal attacks and frequency reported to the anti-human rabies service in Araguari, Minas Gerais
Reducing dog bites in children
Retrospective: animal attacks and rabies exposures in Thai children
Review of responsible dog ownership in Wales
A severe dog bite in a small child. (How can it become an ethical dilemma?)
Study of general awareness, attitude, behavior, and practice study on dog bites and its management in the context of prevention of rabies among the victims of dog bite attending the OPD Services of CHC Muradnagar
A survey of public attitudes towards barking dogs in New Zealand
Taboos related to dog bite in an urban area of Kancheepuram District of Tamil Nadu, India
Therapeutic work with a traumatized toddler
Unveiling the "secret" of play in dogs (Canis lupus familiaris): asymmetry and signals
Urban dog rabies endemicity and dog physiology
Acute alcohol intoxication among adolescents-the role of the context of drinking
Are elevations in ADHD symptoms associated with physiological reactivity and emotion dysregulation in children?
Association between neighborhood violence and biological stress in children
Associations between geriatric syndromes and mortality in community-dwelling elderly: results of a national longitudinal study in Taiwan
The comparison of genetic factors influences on physical activity and health between classical medicine and Iranian traditional medicine
A critical review of the incidence and risk factors for finger injuries in rock climbing
The degree of misjudgment between perceived and actual gait ability in older adults
Determinants of on-road driving in multiple sclerosis
Economic and conflict based rapid mass population movement into Europe: the security and public health implications for future EU drugs policy
Effect of a multicomponent behavioral intervention in adults impaired by psychological distress in a conflict-affected area of Pakistan: a randomized clinical trial
Effects of drinking patterns on prospective memory performance in college students
Elderly perceptions of social capital and age-related disaster vulnerability
Emergency department approach to electrical toothbrush associated hand injury, a unique case of non-oropharyngeal injury
Emergency department triage of the "incessantly crying" baby
Evaluating the impact of Florida's "stand your ground" self-defense law on homicide and suicide by firearm: an interrupted time series study
Extended family and friendship support and suicidality among African Americans
Firearm laws and firearm homicides: a systematic review
Firearm violence: a JAMA Internal Medicine series
A Google-based approach for monitoring suicide risk
'Gun! Gun! Gun!': an exploration of law enforcement officers' decision-making and coping under stress during actual events
Hallucinations in the months after a trauma: an investigation of the role of cognitive processing of a physical assault in the occurrence of hallucinatory experiences
How indicative is a self-reported driving behaviour profile of police registered traffic law offences?
Increased prevalence of self-reported psychotic illness predicted by crystal methamphetamine use: evidence from a high-risk population
Intergenerational continuity in cannabis use: the role of parent's early onset and lifetime disorder on child's early onset
Interpersonal violence and the prediction of short-term risk of repeat suicide attempt
Investigation of drivers' behavior towards speeds using crash data and self-reported questionnaire
Late-life depression, suicidal ideation, and attempted suicide: the role of individual differences in maximizing, regret, and negative decision outcomes
Lower neighborhood quality in adolescence predicts higher mesolimbic sensitivity to reward anticipation in adulthood
Mechanisms of domestic violence and the impact on children and teenagers
Mental health and social networks after disaster
Moral reasoning in women with posttraumatic stress disorder related to childhood abuse
The needs of children in a context of violence within the family
Postural stability in women in the eighth and ninth decades of life
The protection of children exposed to intimate partner violence
Prudence, emotional state, personality, and cognitive ability
PTSD: from neurobiology to pharmacological treatments
Reducing suicides through partnerships between health professionals and gun owner groups: beyond docs vs Glocks
The relationship between executive function and fine motor control in young and older adults
What I have changed my mind about and why
Risk of hip fracture following a wrist fracture: a meta-analysis
The role of physicians in preventing firearm suicides
Sensitive periods of substance abuse: early risk for the transition to dependence
Social norms related to combining drugs and sex ("chemsex") among gay men in South London
Spatio-temporal variation of mood and anxiety symptom treatments in Christchurch in the context of the 2010/11 Canterbury earthquake sequence
Suicide by pesticide poisoning remains a priority for suicide prevention in China: Analysis of national mortality trends 2006-2013
Violence against women within a relationship
Unique neurobiology during the sensitive period for attachment produces distinctive infant trauma processing
Trends in research publications about gun violence in the United States, 1960 to 2014
The transgenerational reproduction of violence in children exposed to domestic abuse
Alcohol-related blackouts across 55 weeks of college: effects of European-American ethnicity, female sex, and low level of response to alcohol
The association of race, socioeconomic status, and insurance on trauma mortality
At risk for violence in the military
Behavioral observations of positive and negative valence systems in early childhood predict physiological measures of emotional processing three years later
Burden of USA hospital charges for traumatic brain injury
Causes of death among cancer patients
Characterization of chemical suicides in the United States and its adverse impact on responders and bystanders
Childhood trauma is associated with increased brain responses to emotionally negative as compared with positive faces in patients with psychotic disorders
The Chronic Effects of Neurotrauma Consortium (CENC) multi-centre observational study: description of study and characteristics of early participants
Chronic traumatic encephalopathy in athletes involved with high-impact sports
The clinical threat assessment of the lone-actor terrorist
Clock genes, ADHD and aggression
A comparative study of dog- and cat-induced injury on incidence and risk factors among children
Concerns with entertainment-education: zombie pandemic preparedness and the unanticipated promotion of a weapons culture
Contextual factors and mental distress as possible predictors of hazardous drinking in Norwegian medical doctors: a 15-year longitudinal, nationwide study
Cyberpornography: time use, perceived addiction, sexual functioning, and sexual satisfaction
Differentiating concussion from intracranial pathology in athletes
E-cigarette blast injury: complex facial fractures and pneumocephalus
Effective leadership and management of an ACS injury prevention program: current opinions and perspectives from where the rubber meets the road
Emerging adults in substance misuse intervention: preintervention characteristics and responses to a motivation-enhancing program
Emotion regulation choice in an evaluative context: the moderating role of self-esteem
Ending violence against children: a global initiative
The epidemiology of fatal road traffic collisions in Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies (2000-2011)
Entrepreneurship Psychological Characteristics of Nurses