The elderly in street traffic--effect of drugs
The hot-rod driver
Street Youths, Bosozoku, and Yakuza: Subculture Formation and Societal Reactions in Japan
The fast and the fatal: street racing fatal crashes in the United States
Pain patients in street traffic. Do analgesics impair driving safety?
Street adaptations in residential areas. A survey of local authorities in England and Wales
Why Does A Pedestrian Cross Street
The motor car and the territorial aggression thesis: some aspects of the sociology of the street
Street crossing by sighted and blind pedestrians at a modern roundabout
Traffic safety, usability and streetscape effects of new design principles for major urban roads
Effects of geometric design on freeway capacity: Impacts of truck lane restrictions
The effect of the competition between cars and trucks on the evolution of the motorway transport system
Drivers of dump-trucks of the Euclid type
Effect of vibrations on drivers of heavy trucks
Medical examination of truck drivers; a step toward greater traffic security
The aging, ailing truck driver with special reference to the motor carrier safety regulations of the interstate commerce commission
Injuries of a truck passenger in sideswiping by another truck
Death caused by hurling a truck plate spring into the interior of an automobile
Incomplete dismemberment of the trunk by a truck
Injuries caused by impact of truck bumper hooks
Loss of a bus passenger's arm in collision with a truck
Safety: making factories safe for fork lift truck drivers
Sleep apnea and hypertension in commercial truck drivers
The relationship between truck and tractor driving and disorders of the spine and supporting structures; report of a survey
Truck hits school bus; "if we want a Community Disaster Plan which works, we have to communicate and work with the people who make things happen at the local level"
Unusual mechanism of truck injury
The effect of noise on sleep--changes in hypnograms of subjects exposed to repeated truck-passing sound
Asymmetric hearing loss in truck drivers
Avulsion of the head in a case of being run over by a truck wheel
Injury risks posed by incompatibilities between trucks and other highway users
Characteristics of the injuries caused by KamAZ-type trucks
An ergo-ophthalmological battery of tests to classify truck drivers
Applied physiology: the work of driving an industrial heavy-duty truck on the highway
Coronary heart disease risk factors in bus and truck drivers. A controlled cohort study
From beltline to steering wheel: the vanishing space. An informal study of persistent weight gain of truck drivers
Hypoglycemia as the responsible factor in a truck driver accident fatality
Job satisfaction, counterproductive behavior and circumstantial drug use among long-distance truckers
Physiological and hygiene analysis of the body reaction of young truck drivers to a production load
Subsidiary behavior of truck drivers in rear-end collisions
Fork lift truck injuries
Psychophysiological evaluation of the state of the drivers of open-cut mine trucks by their electroencephalographic indices
Struck by lightning -- the effects upon the men and the ships of HM Navy
Struck by lightning--the effects upon the men and the ships of HM Navy
Psychophysiological criteria and a methodology of job selection for truck drivers
The trouble with trucks
Physiological and hygienic evaluation of the effect of vibration on dump truck drivers in ore mining
Endogenous cholesterol synthesis in truck drivers, piece-workers and shift workers
Survey on truck drivers
Truck tire-rim injury--a new trauma entity
Working conditions of drivers of heavy Bel-AZ-540 dump trucks in hot climate
Proximity of schools in Detroit, Michigan to automobile and truck traffic
Short sleep is associated with obesity among truck drivers
Smoking behavior in trucking industry workers
Premature signs of stress fatigue in truck drivers
Cause-specific mortality in the unionized U.S. trucking industry
Predictors of psychostimulant use by long-distance truck drivers
Prevalence of psychoactive substances in truck drivers in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region (France)
Use of n-fold cross-validation to evaluate three methods to calculate heavy truck annual average daily traffic and vehicle miles traveled
Assessing the visual status of truck drivers in a developing country
The risks of licensing persons with diabetes to drive trucks
Vehicle crash mortality in the Kimberley region, 1990 to 1994: the role of open-load-space passengers in utility trucks
Sleep and sleep-disordered breathing in commercial long-haul truck drivers
Traffic accidents in commercial long-haul truck drivers: the influence of sleep-disordered breathing and obesity
Some factors influencing the injuries sustained by child pedestrians struck by the fronts of cars
Sleepiness at work among commercial truck drivers
Unrestricted riding in pickup truck cargo beds poses significant hazards
Study of an energy dissipative under-ride guard for enhancement of crashworthiness in a car-truck collision
Technological and safety developments in truck design
Truck safety factors on urban arterials
Speed and Training Factors Associated with Heavy Truck Accidents
Status-Report on Large Truck Safety
Comparison of visibility measurement techniques for forklift truck design factors
Determining standards of care for substance abuse and alcohol use in long-haul truck drivers
Risk factors for depression in truck drivers
Terrorism Potential for Research Reactors Compared With Power Reactors: Nuclear Weapons, "Dirty Bombs," and Truck Bombs
Identifying variables that predict falling asleep at the wheel among long-haul truck drivers
Locomotor diseases among male long-haul truck drivers and other professional drivers
Pathologic physiology of truck and car driving
Sleepiness and performance of professional drivers in a truck simulator--comparisons between day and night driving
The sleep of long-haul truck drivers
The Importance of Non-Struck-Side Occupants in Side Collisions
Struck-Side Crashes Involving Post-Regulatory European Passenger Cars: Crash Characteristics and Injury Outcomes
The Domain of Truck and Bus Safety Research
The Domain of Truck and Bus Safety Research: Introduction
Three construction workers killed after being struck by a bus in a highway work zone. NIOSH FACE program report
Truck Accident Countermeasures for Urban Freeways
Truck accidents in the city of Melbourne
The fatality and injury risk of light truck impacts with pedestrians in the United States
Should persons with diabetes be licensed to drive trucks?--Risk management
The prevalence of drugs and alcohol in fatally injured truck drivers
Statistical validation of physiological indicators for non-invasive and hybrid driver drowsiness detection system
A Control Sign Facility Design to Meet the New FHWA Minimum Sign Retroreflectivity Standards
An Intelligent Controller Design for Magnetorheological Damper Based on a Quarter-car Model
Development of Adaptive Seat Mounts for Helicopter Aircrew Body Vibration Reduction
HOV or General Purpose Lanes?
Use of Pavement Marking Degradation Models to Develop a Pavement Marking Management System
Attitude-Based Target Groups to Reduce the Ecological Impact of Daily Mobility Behavior
Recklessness in Context
A wait-list controlled pilot study of eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) for children with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms from motor vehicle accidents
Aging and Urbanization: The Neighborhood Perception and Functional Performance of Elderly Persons in Belo Horizonte Metropolitan Area-Brazil
Are perceptions about worksite neighborhoods and policies associated with walking?
Driving and aging
Isolated rollover mechanism does not warrant trauma center evaluation
National study of medications associated with injury in elderly Medicare/Medicaid dual enrollees during 2003
A note on the effectiveness of the house-arrest alternative for motivating DWI offenders to install ignition interlocks
A perverse effect of lowering the threshold blood alcohol content
Are 1994 alcohol production and the sales deregulation policy in Japan associated with increased road traffic fatalities among adult and teenage males and females in Japan?
Behavioral impact of graduated driver licensing on teenage driving risk and exposure
Integrated model of simulated occupant injury risk and real medical costs
Is maritime piracy random?
Occupant death: a study with directed graphs
Occupant injury severity from lateral collisions: A literature review
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Chronic Pain Arising from Motor Vehicle Accidents: Efficacy of Interoceptive Exposure Plus Trauma-Related Exposure Therapy
Poverty as a determinant of young drivers' fatal crash risks
Promoting traffic safety in low- and middle-income countries
Quality of life technology: the state of personal transportation
Relationship between blood and urine alcohol concentrations in apprehended drivers who claimed consumption of alcohol after driving with and without supporting evidence
Road traffic crashes in Iran from 1997 to 2007
Spatial clusters of violent deaths in a newly urbanized region of Brazil: Highlighting the social disparities
Taxi driver seat belt wearing in Nanjing, China
Traffic injury deaths in West Azarbaijan province of Iran: a cross-sectional interview-based study on victims' characteristics and pre-hospital care
Alcohol as a risk factor for injury: lessons from French data
All-terrain vehicle use in agriculture: Exposure to whole body vibration and mechanical shock
Are Safety-Related Features of the Road Environment Associated with Smaller Declines in Physical Activity among Youth?
Crashes involving motorised rickshaws in urban India: Characteristics and injury patterns
Driving mishaps among individuals with type 1 diabetes: a prospective study
Illness and injury to travellers on a premium seniors' tour to Indochina
Motorcycle accident injury profiles in Jamaica: an audit from the University Hospital of the West Indies
Road profiling of traffic accidents in Jos, Nigeria, 1995-1999
Seat belt use in States and territories with primary and secondary laws -- United States, 2006
The fatal toll of driving to drink: The effect of minimum legal drinking age evasion on traffic fatalities
The impact of state level behavioral regulations on traffic fatality rates
Visual and auditory analyzers of human under the conditions of acceleration: comparative analysis of the genesis of disturbances
Analysis of running child pedestrians impacted by a vehicle using rigid-body models and optimization techniques
Enhancing road safety through early detection of outbreaks in the frequency of motor vehicle crashes
A risk-based modelling approach to enhance shipping accident investigation
Associations between driver training, determinants of risky driving behaviour and crash involvement
Enhancement of occupational health and safety requirements in chemical tanker operations: The case of cargo explosion
Investigation of key factors for accident severity at railroad grade crossings by using a logit model
Learning lessons from tunnel accidents – Recommendations in support of the implementation of Article 15 on Reporting of the EU Directive 2004/54/EC
Safety leadership and safety behavior in container terminal operations
Significant human risk factors in aircraft maintenance technicians
Partnership Moves Community Toward Complete Streets
Project U-Turn Increasing Active Transportation in Jackson, Michigan
Public health benefits of strategies to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions: urban land transport
The Path to Active Living Physical Activity Through Community Design in Somerville, Massachusetts
The relationship of whiplash injury and temporomandibular disorders: a narrative literature review
An assessment of research relevant to pilot training. AMRL-TR-66-196
An assessment of the circulatory problem of weightlessness in prolonged space flight
An attribution theory perspective on alcohol-impaired driving
An atypical posttraumatic myocardial necrosis in a 4-year-old boy
An audit of road traffic accident victims requiring admission to hospital
An autopsy case of heart rupture from a scooter accident with 3 riders
An autopsy case of the traffic accident
An aviation perspective of safety in the pharmaceutical sector
An easily missed foreign body in the respiratory passages
An ecological approach to the prevention of injuries due to drinking and driving
An ecologically based examination of barriers to physical activity in students from grade seven through first-year university
An educational project in childhood; accident prevention
An effective motor vehicle accident prevention program
An electric road for Chattanooga
An electric scooter simulation program for training the driving skills of stroke patients with mobility problems: a pilot study
An electric surface road in New York
An electrical impedance plethysmograph
An electromyographically triggered photographic technique for recording visual behavior
An electronic aid for aurally handicapped drivers
An electronic device for the hearing handicapped drivers
An empirical typology of problem drinkers from the Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test
An epidemiologic survey of facial fractures and concomitant injuries
An epidemiological approach to the control of motor vehicle accidents
An epidemiological approach to traffic accidents
An epidemiological study of 162 tractor accidents in Australia, 1964 to 1966
An epidemiological study of 162 tractor accidents in Australia, 1964 to 1966
An epidemiological study of cerebral palsy in Western Australia, 1956-1975. III: Postnatal aetiology
An epidemiological study of road traffic accident cases admitted in Safdarjang Hospital, New Delhi
An ergonomic analysis of railway locomotive driver functions in India
An estimate of the lifesaving benefit of child restraint use legislation
An evaluation of a controlled drinking program for drinking drivers
An evaluation of an injury prevention campaign in general practice in Norway
An evaluation of back rests designed to relieve drivers' low back pain
An evaluation of proposed causal mechanisms for "ejection associated" neck injuries
An evaluation of the fatal automobile collision
An evaluation of the Mortimer-Filkins test as a predictor of alcohol-impaired driving recidivism
An evaluation of the relationship between fatigue and intake of alcohols on the adult workers (I)--Analysis by inquiries and examinations
An evaluation of the U.S. Air Force's detailed follow-up audiometric examination program
An evening shift in rural America
An experience of a nurse who suffered serious injuries in a traffic accident during her study in the United States
An experimental approach to flash blindness
An experimental evaluation of crisis intervention
An experimental evaluation of the effectiveness of short-term education and rehabilitation programs for convicted drinking drivers
An experimental study of physical fitness of Air Force personnel
An experimental study on driver identification of passenger car in vehicle-to-vehicle accidents
An experimental test of the ability to remain alert in monotonous conditions: validity check by means of a standard interview
An expert assessment of the organization of medical care in peacetime catastrophes
An exploration of the potential impact of the designated driver campaign on bartenders' willingness to over-serve
An exploratory study of automobile driving performance under the influence of low levels of carboxyhemoglobin
An exploratory study of the health decision-making variables of New York and Montana ninth-graders
An eye-mark camera for use in driver behaviour studies
An historical perspective on crew rescue and the role of the Association of Space Explorers
An illustrative reconstruction of the Moorgate tube train disaster
Traffic accidents in the Spanish population: analysis from an emergency department
Traffic accidents in the Spanish population
Traffic accidents involving children
Traffic accidents, an unnecessarily premature and potentially avoidable cause of mortality
Traffic accidents: a health problem in primary care
Traffic accidents: a health problem waiting for sanitary response
Traffic accidents
Traffic accidents
Traffic casualties and injuries: a problem of costs, too. A Swiss survey
Transportation which is detrimental to the health of the pregnant worker
Threshold value of the stimulation of the horizontal semicircular canals; a study during the flying of curves and spirals
Tire explosion as a new cause of eye injuries
Tired drivers and misleading advertising
Traffic accident fatality involving the elderly as passengers
Traffic accident with several severely injured patients: how does the emergency physician proceed?
Traffic accidents and possibilities of their prevention (literary review)
Traffic accidents and sleep apnea
Traffic accidents as a cause of death in Chile
Traffic accidents from the social medicine viewpoint--a medical history connection with present time
Traffic accidents in a metropolitan area of southern Brazil--victim and lesion characterization
Traffic accidents in children
Traffic accidents in the midst of busy municipal transportation in Lodz
The taking of blood for alcohol determination within the framework of traffic law (Swiss practice)
The taking of blood for alcohol determination within the framework of traffic law--according to German practice
The taking of blood for alcohol determination within the framework of traffic law
The time-threshold of color perception in color blind drivers
The use of a method of sequential mathematical analysis for the differential diagnosis of trauma from a fall from a height and of trauma due to the collision of a moving automobile with a pedestrian by the chest injuries
The visual field in a car
The wind-screen: tempered or divided? A medico-legal opinion
The windshield: an eye hazard
The woman automobile driver
The road accident is not inevitable
An in vitro study of the accuracy and precision of Breathalyzer models 900, 900A, and 1000
An index of injuries
An industrial aspect of aviation medicine
An information test as a method of increasing the effectiveness and quality of pre-trip medical examinations of locomotive engineers
An information transmission analysis of signal flash rate discriminability
An infrequent cause of diplopia
An instrument for measuring the vibration transmissibility of vehicle seats
An instrument for the determination of ethanol in breath in law-enforcement practice
An integrated approach to the aeromedical investigation of civil aircraft accidents
An integrated display for vertical and translational flight: eight factors affecting pilot performance
Is the raise of the insurance premium for motor vehicle liabilities applicable to present contracts?
Kümmel-Verneuil syndrome apparently following an airplane accident
Medical examination of drivers of motor vehicles
Methods for the prevention of traffic accidents
Occupational rehabilitation of motor vehicle drivers with the sequelae of craniocerebral injuries
Ocular accidents from the breaking of windshields
Ocular homeostasis in working conditions in road and air traffic
Of interest to the physician as automobile driver. New decisions
Of what significance are diseases, intoxication and suicide in fatal traffic accidents?
Old and new trends in the use of the constructive psychotechnic of the artificial horizon and their repercussions on the mental health of student pilots
On sport and aviation medicine
On the effect of temporal conditions on occurrence and results of traffic accidents
On the epileptic's fitness for driving
On the history of naval hygiene from the viewpoint of ship construction techniques
On the importance of neuro-injuries in traffic accidents
On the pathology of the automobile driving license
On the prevention of cold injury in shipwrecks
Zolpidem and driving impairment
On the problem of fitness for motor vehicle driving in unilateral mydriasis
Trends of road traffic accidents in Seurat city
A study on pattern of fatal injuries in road traffic accidents in costal belts of Orissa
Research note: the effectiveness of a year 10 traffic safety programme
An interchangeable, mobile pilot-restraint system, designed for use in high sustained acceleration force fields
An interdisciplinary approach to a trouble-shooting manual for vehicle drivers
An interdisciplinary approach to mobility and safety education for caregivers and stroke patients
An investigation into the feasibility of using the standard Martin-Baker ejection seat systems for underwater escape from ditched aircraft
An investigation of conditions influencing the development of perceptual sets
An investigation of the effect of flying on speech intelligibility in noise
An investigation regarding the use of a dynamic seat-pan display for training and as a device for communicating roll-axis motion information
An objective criterion for apparent motion based on phase discrimination
An objective testing method to determine driving ability
An objective type method of measuring flight performance; development and evaluation in the Naval Air Basic Training Command
An observation tool to study air traffic control and flightdeck collaboration
An olfactory investigation of the compatibility of oddity instructions with the design of a 3-AFC signal detection task
An ophtalmological contribution to the problem of traffic accidents
An optometric service in the field of automobile driving
An ounce of prevention, a pound of cure
An ounce of prevention: checking up on buckling up
An outline for a new approach to the problem of highway accidents
An overview of epilepsy and driving
An overview of fatal traffic accidents in the Eastern Bohemian Region from 1970 to 1974
An overview of public transportation and the elderly: new directions for social policy
An RS-T pattern associated with myocardial injury
An unexpected burden--the safety of air ambulances
An unsuccessful ejection
An unusual air bag-mediated injury
An unusual automobile steering-wheel accident
An unusual case of bronchial obstruction
An unusual case of carbon monoxide poisoning
An unusual case of condylar dislocation
An unusual case of traumatic primary amenorrhoea
An unusual case of tyre damage resulting from a high speed accident
An unusual cause of occupational anaphylaxis occurring in the Army
An unusual example of spontaneous bladder gas
An unusual foreign body. Case report with unbelievable recovery
An unusual fracture of the atlas
An unusual injury of the sigmoid colon produced by seat belt trauma
An unusual intracerebral foreign body associated with eye trauma
An unusual mechanism of limb amputation in a railroad accident
An unusual penetrating injury of the face: report of case
An unusual perversion: the desire to be injured by an automobile operated by a woman
An unusual skull fracture
An unusual suicide--self explosion in the automobile
An unusual traffic injury
An unusual type of mandibular fracture
An urgent need; more fact-finding research for our highway safety programs
ANA update on use of safety seats for children
Analgesia in ambulatory interventions. Effect on traffic fitness
Analgesic drugs and traffic ability. Effects of single and repeated applications of combination of 5-allyl-5-isobutylbarbituric acid, dimethyl aminophenazone and caffeine
Analgesics, benzodiazepines and traffic
Analyses of 837 autopsied victims--every 5th deceased was under the influence of alcohol
Analyses of cognitive processes in train traffic control
Analyses of the relationship between blood alcohol and nasal breath alcohol concentrations: implications for assessment of trauma cases
Analysis and evaluation of blood alcohol values found in victims of fatal traffic accidents in the Parma region (1982-1986)
Analysis and treatment of maxillofacial injuries
Analysis for drugs of abuse--some applications and limitations
Analysis of 366 traffic accident fatalities
Analysis of 523 mandibular fractures
Analysis of accident proneness from the viewpoint of the psychologist in the rehabilitation center
Analysis of accidents occurring among school children in the Białystok Province
Analysis of affected body regions in children with multiple injuries
Analysis of annual accident statistics in the district of Mladá Boleslav
Analysis of biomechanical and ergonomic aspects of the cervical spine in F-16 flight situations
Analysis of causes of death in subjects with multiple injuries
Analysis of changes in the pilot population and general aviation accidents
Analysis of crash test and computer aided engineering pulses for airbag sensor development
Analysis of drug involvement in traffic fatalities in Alabama
Analysis of extrinsic factor associated with 379 injuries occurring during 34,236 military parachute descents
A safe route to work? Accident experience of world bank group bike commuters
Bringing you up to speed on sharing the road
Detection and prediction of drowsiness by reflexive eye movements
Event-level analyses of energy drink consumption and alcohol intoxication in bar patrons
Falls, poisonings, burns, and road traffic injuries in urban Peruvian children and adolescents: a community based study
Motor vehicle accidents, a serious health problem in Mexico City
Road Safety in the Political Agenda: the Impact on Road Traffic Injuries
Seasonal variation in hospital admission for road traffic injuries in England: analysis of hospital statistics
The increase in lives saved, injuries prevented, an cost savings if seat belt use rose to at least 90 percent in all States
Abbreviated Injury Scale Scoring in Traffic Fatalities: Comparison of Computerized Tomography and Autopsy
Factors to affect severity of hyperextension injury of cervical spinal cord
Effect of 20 mph traffic speed zones on road injuries in London, 1986-2006: controlled interrupted time series analysis
Analysis of User Equilibrium Traffic Patterns on Bottlenecks with Time-Varying Capacities and their Applications
Mobility Scooters on Loan – A Scheme Complementing the Existing Special Transport Services in London
Toward Sustainable Transport: Conventional and Disruptive Approaches in the U.S. Context
"Safety belts", an effective method of protection
"They don't build 'em like they used to"
"Under the influence"
"Whiplash" injuries of the cervical spine
3 cases of alcohol poisoning; the role of endocrine factors in the hypersensitivity to alcohol
A law enforcement officer looks at intoxication as an accident cause
A new machine for safe mounting and removal of automobile tires
A proposal for examination of ocular adaptation in automobile drivers
A safety test and training school for pilots
A study of alcoholism as an occupational hazard of merchant seamen
A study of the exhaust gases from automobile transportation
A survey of the factors limiting the visual fields of motor vehicle drivers in relation to minimum visual field and visibility standards
Abandonment of ship and shipwreck salvage
Accident proneness in the automobile accident field
Accidents at sea
Accidents in childhood
Accidents in childhood
Accidents in childhood. A survey of 10 years (1949 to 1958)
Administrative legal viewpoints on the problem of reissue of the driver's permit after withdrawal because of illness or injury
Aging and driving
Aging and pilot pertormance
Air evacuation of the psychiatric patient
Aircaft accidents
Alcohol analyses in relation to plane crashes
Alcohol analysis in connection with flight accidents
Alcohol and driving capacities
Alcohol and highway safety
Alcohol and road accidents, report of special B.M.A. committee
Alcohol as a factor in Victorian road collisions
Alcohol, responsibility and traffic crimes
Alcoholemia in relation to traffic accidents
Alcoholic intoxication while driving in the German Federal Republic. Diagnostic tests--prevention--penalties
Alcoholism and traffic accidents
Amphetamine sulfate and performance. A critique
An analysis of 4011 traffic accidents from an ophthalmological viewpoint
An investigation of traffic accident insurance
An Unusual Automobile Injury
Analysis of F4 aircraft day and night carrier approaches
Analysis of facial trauma resulting from traffic accidents
Analysis of fatal accidents among sailing crews on the basis of materials from the Marine Chamber in the light of psychoprophylaxis
Analysis of fatal automotive injuries in the Leningrad region and ways of improving medical services to the injured
Analysis of fatalities in road accidents
Analysis of fractures treated in the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast, in 1972, with special reference to gunshot wounds and bomb blast injuries
Analysis of human factors in aircraft accidents
Analysis of injuries incurred during emergency ejection-extraction combat and noncombat
Analysis of maxillofacial injuries in traffic accidents
Analysis of medical factors in fatal aircraft accidents in 1965
Analysis of medical factors in fatal aircraft accidents
Analysis of mental characteristics of air traffic controllers in relation to their age
Analysis of modern road transportation traumatism and the ways to improve medical care for the victims
Analysis of mortality in highway causalities
Analysis of motorized bicycle accidents--treated at the Emergency Clinic of the Occupational Association in Frankfurt am Main 1977 to 1980
An integrated platform to assess driver's physiological and functional states
Analyzing motorists’ responses to temporary signage in highway work zones
Book review: Peter R Boyce (2009) Lighting for driving: Roads, vehicles, signs and signals. CRC Press (Taylor and Francis Group). 371 pp. Hard cover. £49.99. ISBN 978-0-8493-8529-2
Dementia and automobile driving
Correction: Lighting for subsidiary streets: Investigation of lamps of different SPD. Part 2 — Brightness
Epidemiology of mandibular fractures treated at Kaunas University of Medicine Hospital, Lithuania
Families bereaved by road traffic crashes: linkage of mortality records with 1971-2001 censuses
Retraining visual processing skills to improve driving ability after stroke
The association between booster seat use and risk of death among motor vehicle occupants aged 4-8: a matched cohort study
The Case for Universal Motorcycle Helmet Laws
Transportation policy and injury control
Who owns the roads? How motorised traffic discourages walking and bicycling
The Effect of the 1997 Texas Motorcycle Helmet Law on Motorcycle Crash Fatalities
Motor vehicle crashes in diabetic patients with tight glycemic control: a population-based case control analysis
Analysis of pediatric injuries related to child restraint seats: are children at higher risk of injury outside the vehicle than inside?
Analysis of pilot assessment of workload
Analysis of pilot errors in wave-off during landing
Analysis of recreational off-road vehicle accidents resulting in spinal cord injury
Analysis of road accidents, 1967, treated at the General Hospital, Outram Road
Analysis of road transportation injuries in Novosibirsk
Analysis of the causes of the fatal outcome of injuries in traffic accidents and their diagnosis
Analysis of the fatal outcome of traffic injuries in hospitals
Analysis of the injuries in road traffic accidents in a provincial center
Analysis of the mechanism of tibial injury in cases of automobile-pedestrian collisions
Analyses of school commuting data for exposure modeling purposes
Analysis of the vibration of motor scooters and the problems of the vibration protection of the driver
Analysis of traffic deaths in Dalecarlia (Kopparberg County, 1954-1955)
Analysis of traffic injuries of the lower extremities
Analysis of USAF undershoot and overshoot accidents, 1960-1964
Analysis of visual search activity in skilled and novice helicopter pilots
Analytic studies on the presence of drugs and CO-Hb in automobile drivers
Anatomo-clinical study of 100 multiple traffic injuries in Dakar
Determinants of safety helmet use among motorcyclists in Kerala, India
Traffic speed zones and road injuries
Evaluation of a designated driver intervention to prevent alcohol-related road accidents in the clubs of Milan, Italy
Physical factors of the industrial environment and traffic safety
Ankle and foot injuries in an aircraft crash
A comparison between a child-size PMHS and the Hybrid III 6 YO in a sled frontal impact
A Study of Impairing Injuries in Real World Crashes Using the Injury Impairment Scale (IIS) and the Predicted Functional Capacity Index (PFCI-AIS)
Abdominal Injuries in Belt-Positioning Booster Seats
Comparison of injury severity between AIS 2005 and AIS 1990 in a large injury database
Cost of crashes related to road conditions, United States, 2006
Differential Rollover Risk in Vehicle-to-Traffic Barrier Collisions
Dynamic Biomechanics of the Human Head in Lateral Impacts
Finite Element Modeling of Human Placental Tissue
How many people are injured and killed as a result of aging? Frailty, fragility, and the elderly risk-exposure trade-off
Identifying critical road geometry parameters affecting crash rate and crash type
NASS/CDS Delta-V Estimates: The Influence of Enhancements to the WinSmash Crash Reconstruction Code
Performance Evaluation of Child Safety Seats in Far-Side Lateral Sled Tests at Varying Speeds
Police referral of drivers to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Admininstration’s medical advisory board
PTSD Six Months After Severe Vehicular Crashes
Rear Seat Occupant Thorax Protection in Near Side Impacts
Splenic Trauma as an Adverse Effect of Torso-Protecting Side Airbags: Biomechanical and Case Evidence
The Effect of Obesity on the Restraint of Automobile Occupants
The Evaluation of the Safety Benefits of Combined Passive and On-Board Active Safety Applications
The Potential for Further Development of Passive Safety
U.S. motor vehicle fatality trends in young Latino males
A summary: 'The role of alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs in the accidents of injured drivers.'
An evaluation of the alcohol reexamination program for drivers with two major traffic offenses
Bartender Alcohol Awareness Program
California DUI law: One year implementation
Dram shop liability and drunk driving: toward an integrated approach to prevention
Driving under the influence: California public opinion, 1981
Driving while intoxicated: Kansas public opinion, 1982
Estimating alcohol involvement in fatal crashes: A note on the reporting of BAC in the FARS
Laboratory and field tests of a passive alcohol sensing system
Limitations on deterring the drinking driver
Profiles of successful and unsuccessful Senate Bill 38 defendants in Los Angeles County
Raised legal drinking age and automobile crashes: A review of the literature
Risk and alcohol lifestyle advertising
Selective enforcement during prime-time drinking-driving hours: A proposal for increasing deterrence without increasing enforcement costs
Social action and the current state of knowledge in treating drinking-drivers
The Presidential Commission On Drunk Driving
Social drinkers' estimates of blood alcohol concentration: Hypotheses and implications for road safety
Testing the impaired driver: The Los Angeles Police Department approach
The alcohol problem in Los Angeles
The Economy and Its Effect on Drinking/Driving
The findings of the comprehensive driving under the influence of alcohol offender treatment demonstration project
The first offender: What is to be done? The San Diego County experience under new law
Traffic accidents and drunken driving: The problem as seen in public opinion polls
What works? Some observations about the evaluation of DUI programs
Trends in problem driving behavior in Los Angeles County and California
Training in intervention procedures: A prevention program
Comment: A multidisciplinary motorcycle safety initiative
A multidisciplinary motorcycle safety initiative
Adolescent vulnerability to PTSD and effects of community-based intervention: Longitudinal study among adolescent survivors of the Ehime Maru sea accident
Are Effects from a Brief Multiple Behavior Intervention for College Students Sustained Over Time?
Aviation-related injury morbidity and mortality: Data from U.S. health information systems
Analysis of factors associated with traffic injury severity on rural roads in Iran
Disruptions in Functional Network Connectivity During Alcohol Intoxicated Driving
Estimating the morbidity profile amongst Colombian civil aviation personnel
Healthcare and Medical Graduates of 2009: Their Reactions to Four Key Proposals in the Scottish Government's Strategy for Tackling Alcohol Misuse
Submandibular gland injury and delayed airway compromise caused by a seat belt
The effect of air bags on pregnancy outcomes in Washington state: 2002-2005
Road safety in drivers with Parkinson disease
Performance-based regulation: Enterprise responsibility for reducing death, injury, and disease caused by consumer products
Blast Injuries of Large Tyres: Case Series
Demographic characteristics of 38 patients injured in motor vehicle accidents referred by chiropractors to physiatrists
Motorcycle-related trauma in Alberta: a sad and expensive story
Pediatric abdominal injury patterns generated by lap belt loading
Perceptions and attitudes toward workplace transport risks: a study of industrial lift truck operators in a London authority
Severe fetal skull fracture and death subsequent to a motor vehicle crash with frontal airbag deployment
Psychological support for road accident participants: the program implementation outcome
Preventive interventions in nightlife: a review
Organizational pressures and mitigating strategies in small commercial aviation: findings from Alaska
Preliminary examination of Spring Break alcohol use and related consequences
Relationships between drinking onset, alcohol use intensity, and nighttime risk behaviors in a college bar district
Social Capital in an Outdoor Recreation Context
Drinking and driving: a decrease in executive frontal functions in young drivers with high blood alcohol concentration
Estimation of vehicle speed using wayside sound pressure onset rate
My older sibling was drunk - Younger siblings' drunkenness in relation to parental monitoring and the parent-adolescent relationship
Prognostic significance of lower extremity long bone fractures after automobile versus pedestrian injuries
Ruptured gallbladder: delayed presentation after motor vehicle collision
On the significance of carbon monoxide in cigarette smoking in an automobile
On the situation of injuries at the accident site and on transport
On the subject of causes and prevention of automobile accidents
Ophthalmologic side effects of some drugs with special reference to traffic regulations in Hungary
Ophthalmological examinations of drivers. I. Accident-free driving practice and the organ of vision
Ophthalmological problems at automobile driving by night
Opinions on medical certification procedures for driving and diabetes presented by occupational medicine and diabetology experts
Opioids and driving ability -- a problem unsolved?
Organization of emergency services on the Francorchamps automobile course
Organization of health protection of drivers in Yugoslavia
Otorhinolaryngological-specific complaints after injuries caused by a serious auto-accident
Paroxysmal cardiac arrhythmias and automobile driving capability
Pathological diagnosis in fatal injuries
Pedestrian traffic injuries--estimation of the speed of the colliding vehicle based on the extent of injuries in the pedestrian
Pedestrian traffic injuries
Pelvic fractures of seat belted car occupants
Perimetry findings and driving performance. How much visual field does a motorist need?
Permanent electro-therapy of the heart (pacemaker) and its significance to road traffic
Phenobarbital and driving skill
Physical and psychologic conditions for automobile driving
Physician and road traffic
Physician and traffic safety
Physician's role in the prevention of traffic accidents among elderly drivers is of significance
Physio-pathological effects of changes in time on flying personnel in civil aviation
Planimetric registration of the visual field
Polytrauma in automobile drivers--on the coincidence of adolescents and the elderly
Polytrauma is more severe after a free fall from a height than after a motor vehicle accident
Position of the czech society of forensic medicine and forensic toxicology on evaluation of the effect of addictive substances other than alcohol on drivers (drugs)
Possibilities of driver fitness diagnosis and training using a stationary training car
Posttraumatic stress disorder (psychiatric injury) after road traffic accidents in forensic medicine: a primary study
Potentials of monocular augmented reality technology in automobile production
Predisposition to airplane accidents investigated with the Rorschach test
Pregnancy and traffic accident. A case report
The prevalence of seatbelt usage among university lecturers
The prevention of body injuries in traffic accidents
The problems of medical expertise in cases of automobile driver examination of epileptics
The psychophysiological aspects of the status, behavior and activities of people in foci of disasters and catastrophes
The road, the automobile and the road user
The role of accident size in the risk-overestimation phenomenon
The role of aeriform toxic causes of the flight environment in the determinism of air accidents
The one-eyed in the automobile industry
The person who commits traffic violations and his rehabilitation
The person who commits traffic violations and his rehabilitation
Prevalence of driving motor vehicles and cognitive impairment in people older than 74 years
Prevalence of impaired carbohydrate metabolism among public transport drivers
Prevalence of sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome among long-haul professional drivers
Prevention of accidents and infections during travel. Simple protective measures may avert the risks
Prevention of arterial hypertension in automobile transport workers and ways of reducing traffic accidents
Prevention of eye diseases and injuries from the viewpoint of care and safety of railroad workers
Prevention of traffic accidents by physician's consultation
Prevention of traffic accidents
Preventive measures in accidents in childhood
Principles and scale of automobile driver tests
Problems and experiences concerning the ability to drive from the viewpoint of neurology and traffic medicine
Problems in evaluation of health ability of drivers of motor vehicles
Problems in obtaining a driver's license in remote areas
Problems in ordering a blood specimen collection according to section 81a of the criminal code
Problems in the occupational rehabilitation of drivers with combined injuries of the tubular bones and brain
Problems of automobile traffic in Japan
Problems of driving ability in patients of the dental emergency service
Problems posed by vision disorders in automobile drivers
Professional discretion and traffic safety
Professional personality of the pilot
Professional secrecy and traffic safety
Prognosis of sleep apnea syndrome: prognosis and social problems
Prognostic value of studying personality traits of civil aviation pilots
Protective air bags in traffic accidents. Change in the injury pattern and reduction in the severity of injuries
Testimony value of the results of quantitative barbiturate determinations in serum
The physician as an automobile driver
Report on medico-legal data from the mass-investigation performed by the medico-legal society of Japan (xiv). autopsy cases of traffic accidents in Japan (1990-1994). Planning and development committee of the medico-legal society of Japan
Report on the interpretation of the ophthalmologic examination of automobile drivers in view of the quality of the refraction studies
Report on traffic casualties and their sequelae in the city and district of Uherské Hradistĕ
Repression and prevention in regard to persons who commit traffic violations
Public health hazards and vertigo
Pulse frequency changes in automobile drivers during various driving conditions
Pupillography for the assessment of driver sleepiness
Quantitative trauma mechanics in pelvic fracture
Questioning the ability to drive in patients with cognitive disorders
Radioelectrocardiography of automobile drivers on testing circuit. Preliminary findings
Railroad catastrophe at Odense the 10th of August
Railroad suicides and attempted suicides in Austria 1990-1994: Extending the hypothesis mass media transmission of suicidal behavior
Railway crossing accidents and the dead angle
Railway spine and traumatic neuroses--the psyche and the spinal cord
Psychopharmaca with particular consideration of their influence on efficiency in traffic
Psychopharmaceutical agents and traffic
Psychophysiological job selection for various categories of driving work
Psychoses and driving fitness--development of criteria for clinical assessment
On the problem of preventing injuries on board ships of the fishing industry fleet
On the protection of the population in the vicinity of airports from aviation noises
The premature ageing indices among professional drivers
The physician as automobile driver
Zaleplon and driving impairment
Zero-gravity maneuver instruments and instrumentation
On the railway accident in Kastel-Stari
Psychiatric aspects of traffic accidents
Psychiatric evaluation of the ability to drive motor vehicles
Psychiatric research of the ability to drive after driving under influence of alcohol: Offender characteristic description and recommendations for prevention
Psychiatric studies on driving ability (examination for driver licenses)
Psychoactive substances and driving: which approach?
Psychological and psychiatric elements involved in the ability to drive motor vehicles professionally (road traffic)
Psychological causes and consequences of childhood accidents
Psychological sequelae of accidents. Symptoms are seldom recognized
Psychopathologic syndromes in Air Force flight instructors
Reaction behavior and driving fitness. Review
Reaction performance, motor coordination performance and findings in hypertensive patients under diisopropylamine and reserpine therapy
Red light for cockpit lighting. Results of an inquiry and some experiments
Reducing automobile and tractor noise
Reduction of the noise of railway traffic and of rheostat tests of Diesel locomotives
Reflections on 18 cases of fatal accidents in children studied within the framework of the "react" program
Relation between the effect of alcohol and blood alcohol concentration in drivers
Relations between collision speed, car damage, fractures and distance of projection in fifty cases of pedestrian-car accidents
Relationship between drivers' work time and conduct of driving
Relevance of a driving simulator in the assessment of handicapped individuals
Responsibility of psychotropic drugs in road accidents
Responsibility of the dentist for the patient's ability to cope with traffic
Results of a health survey on air transport of Italian parachutists
Results of crush-tests and their forensic-medical significance
Retrospective study of a method of automobile driving evaluation in adult mental health
Review and prospective on the epidemiology of road traffic accidents in China
Revoking the driver's license, assessment of driver competence, re-education and therapy in alcohol offenses: approaches to a necessary reorientation
Right and obligation of the physician to report patients incapacitated to drive automobiles
Risk factors in traffic accidents
Risk of accident due to hypersomnia: relevance for sleep medicine
Risk of injuries among older drivers
Risks and dangers of maritime traffic with boats with nuclear propulsion
Road safety and the authorities
Road traffic injury--a global public health problem
Role of drivers' epilepsy in traffic accidents
Role of the ophthalmologist in the prevention of traffic accidents
Role of the physician in the prevention of traffic accidents
Roller skating accidents. A dangerous game on the road
Roller skating injuries
Safety belts for motorists, mode of action and requirements
Safety equipment for children in cars
Safety problems of occupational activity during alcoholic intoxication
Schizophrenia and driving capacity
Seat-belt syndrome: Is "securing" children in back seats of cars exclusively with a lap belt defensible?
Seating problems of watchmen on seagoing ships
Seizures and traffic risks
Self esteem, affectivity perception, aims, and risk behaviors among teenagers of both sexes
Self-reported substance abuse related emergencies: frequency and nature
Several reliable legal regulations of East German legislation in relation to the forensic medicine specialty
Severe injuries following road traffic accidents with registered motor vehicles among the inhabitants of the municipality of Odense 1990-1999
Severe perforating eye injury caused by an air bag in a traffic skid accident
Should established dangerousness be considered when judging driving under influence?
Sick elderly in the traffic--an increasing risk?
Significance of acoustic signals in navigation
Significance of alcohol and alcoholism in psychomedicine of traffic
Significance of fatal accidents in 0- to 25-year-old persons
Significance of psychological personality testing of motor vehicle drivers in the traffic safety system
Significance, detection and evaluation of the effect of alcohol in traffic accidents
Significance, determination and evaluation of effects of alcohol in traffic cases
Skull impression fracture in childhood--causes and therapy
Sleep and accident risk
Sleep apnea and risk of traffic accidents
Sleepiness and driving
Sleepiness and fatal traffic accidents
Sleepiness and fatal traffic accidents
Sleepiness attacks while driving: adverse effects of new antiparkinson drugs
Sleepy drivers have a high frequency of traffic accidents related to respiratory effort-related arousals
Smog and traffic accident
Smoking and nonfatal traffic accidents
Social hygiene characteristics of traumatism in preschoolers
Socioecological determinants of the risk of accidents in young pedestrians
Some drugs dangerous for drivers
Some medical and legal problems in abnormally high concentration of alcohol in the blood
Spinal cord injuries in infants and juveniles
Spinal cord injuries in infants in traffic accidents
Spinal cord lesions in whiplash injuries of the cervical spine
Standard for physical examination of aircraft pilots
Statistical approach to the validity of a diurnal cycle with periods of 4-6 hours
Statistical evaluation of visual acuity in owners of class 3 driving licenses
Statistical record of an auxiliary hospital's cases in travel accident trauma
Statistical studies on the effect of alcohol, drugs and accompanying diseases on driving ability
Statistics on the injuries by traffic accidents
Steady car engine noise does not affect the cognitive abilities of sleep apnea syndrome patients
Studies of sites of the highest incidence of accidents in 5 rural and 5 metropolitan areas, possibilities of reducing the hazards by providing emergency vehicles for physician
Studies of the value of an exercise test in determination of fitness for sport parachuting
Studies on the influence of automobile vibration to the human body
Studies on the question of urinary catecholamine excretion as criterion of emotional stress under various environmental conditions. Vibration load, presentation of motion pictures and examination periods
Studies on the relationship between depth perception and accidents of professional drivers and its treatment
Study of eye adaptation to darkness in drivers of motor vehicles
Study on assessments of injury grade in 203 cases of traffic accident
Study on injuries from emergency departments in 25 general hospitals
Study on risk factors involving train traffic accidents--effects of human factors on accidents
Driving under the influence of alcohol. 6. The legislation in operation in various countries
Psychobiological errors of man in traffic
Blood alcohol and traffic accidents
Experimental research on circulation in normal motorcar drivers under various driving conditions
Automobile accidents as social scourge number 1 in France
Aviation medical problems of weightlessness
Aviation medicine problem of weightlessness
Suicide after involuntary pseudo-homicide in a traffic accident
Suitability to the specific task of drivers suffering from hypertension
Supersonic "boom". Its nature and its effects
Supersonic booms. A current problem
Survey of driving during the influence in Sweden: even a low blood level of alcohol can indicate alcohol problems
Syncope and professional driving: the role of the occupational physician
Tasks of the traffic policeman
The aged driver
The assessment of anxiety levels in patients with posttraumatic stress disorder
The assessment of mental disturbances (mental illness) as a qualifying sign of the severity of bodily injuries
The automobile clinic
The changes of pilot's cardiac rhythm indices and components of his operator's activity during modeling flight situations
The choice of piloting in military air services as a motivational factor of a neurotic compensatory character
The comparison on cause and treatment of injuries between two types of emergency department among 25 hospitals
The contribution of blood anticonvulsant determination to the evaluation of fitness to drive in epileptics
The contribution of cognitive and psychomotor evaluation tools to the assessment of driving potential
The crash of the US Dakota in 1946
Substances other than alcohol found in the blood among Danish road-users during a week in 1996
The prevalence of anterior tooth trauma in children 6 to 11 years old
The dependence of visual acuity of the partially color blind on the color of the light. A simple method for the determination of disorders of color vision
The detection of the sleep apnea syndrome in a population of professional drivers
The diagnosis of the types of automobile-caused trauma by the nature of the injuries to the internal abdominal organs
The diagnosis of trauma to the human body from being run over by automobile wheels
The driving simulation test "carsim" for assessing vigilance. Effect of driving practice and other factors in health subjects and in patients with sleep apnea syndrome
The dynamics of fatigue of railway dispatchers during day and night shifts
The effect of age on driving capability, evaluated by psychotechnical exams
The effect of caffeine on the electroretinogram in man
The effect of drivers' health status on the occurrence of traffic accidents
The effect of heliogeophysical parameters on the ecological situation
The effect of industrial noise on the audiotry organs in conductors and railway car inspectors
The neurological and psychological aspect of the problem of traffic medicine. The influence of modern psychopharmacological agents on attitudes of drivers
The photochromatic eyeglasses of the motorist
The physician as driver. Safer but also reasonable driving with spikes
The physician's automobile
The effect of magnitopuncture stimulation on HRV during simulated driving under vibration conditions
The effect of the work performed by an air traffic control inspector on the organism
The effect of vibration of railroad transport on vestibular chronaxy
The elderly and automobile driving
The elderly as accident victims--an overview
The elderly driver's perception of risk: do older drivers still express comparative optimism?
The environment and health protection of the child
The epidemiological aspects of head trauma due to road accidents. The cases of a hospital emergency service
The evaluation of excessive daytime sleepiness in taxi drivers
The evaluation of the relative danger of various traffic violations
The examination on fitness for driving at darkness with the mesoptometer
The exposure of man to altitude when flying: from Paul Bert to today
The factual leaving of the scene of an accident in German, Austrian and Swiss law
The forensic medical diagnosis of the types of vehicle-caused trauma by using mathematical methods and programming systems
The human factor in accidents
The human factor in aviation accidents
The hypoglycemia complex of symptoms in traffic
The influence of highly intensive aviation noise on hemodynamic indices in air forces engineering-and-technical staff
The influence of transportation mode on mortality in polytraumatized patients. An analysis based on the German Trauma Registry
The influencing of driving performance by an intermediate tranquilizer. Objectifying studies
The internal safety of the cars--how safe are they?
The medical record of the 1st transport of traffic casualties
Study on the mortality of injury in Chinese population in urban and rural areas from 1990 to 1997
Drug influences on the visual organs and traffic
Habituation to monocular depth perception
Current recommendations on the evaluation of the impact of opioids on driving ability
Driving ability under opioids: current assessment of published studies
Effects of psychoactive drugs on car driving ability
Influence of opioids on the psychomotor ability of patients in chronic pain
Medicolegal aspects of driving ability and discussion of study methods
Mental impairment caused by pain: behavioral indicators and cerebral correlates
Needs and expectations of patients during pain treatment
The "Driving under the Influence of Drugs, Alcohol and Medicines" (DRUID) project of the European Commission
Opioids and driving ability: two incompatible contrasts?
Cycling in Zagreb
Validity and reliability of a school travel survey
Health among teenagers and young adults
Effects of moclobemide and mianserin on highway driving, psychometric performance and subjective parameters, relative to placebo
Alcohol breath tests and breath deodorization by chlorophyll derivatives
Breath tests for alcohol
Emission controls on cars and accidental deaths from car exhaust
Suicide in the Hong Kong subway
Effect of passenger position on fear of danger experienced during sudden bus stops
Evaluation of a sudden brake warning system: Effect on the response time of the following driver
Geocoding police collision report data from California: a comprehensive approach
Securing the safety of our most precious cargo: SAFE KIDS
Working Memory, Cues, and Wayfinding in Older Women
Authority relationships between obedience and disobedience
The Concentration of Apparent Endogenous Ethanol
Criminal and legal responsibilities in Tourette's syndrome
Differential Vertical Visual Latency as Determined with a Simultaneity Paradigm
Economic and cultural correlates of road-traffic accident fatality rates in OECD countries
Eye health of professional drivers of a Nigerian University
Possible insomnia predicts some risky behaviors among adolescents when controlling for depressive symptoms
The Functional Anatomy of a Perceptual Decision in the Human Brain
The requirements and challenges in prevention of road traffic injury in Iran: A qualitative study
Changes in the Prevalence of Mobility Limitations and Mobile Life Expectancy of Older Adults in Singapore, 1995-2005
Sleep disorders and the ability to drive, revision of legislation
Identifying optimal data aggregation interval sizes for link and corridor travel time estimation and forecasting
2 cases of diabetes insipidus following head injuries in traffic accidents
A Multiple Criteria Decision-Making Approach for Prioritizing Accident Hotspots in the Absence of Crash Data
A traffic analysis zone definition: a new methodology and algorithm
An analysis of bicycle route choice preferences in Texas, USA
How do other people influence your driving speed? Exploring the 'who' and the 'how' of social influences on speeding from a qualitative perspective
Professional and non-professional drivers' stress reactions and risky driving
The development of hazard perception: Dissociation of visual orientation and hazard processing
Commuting by Bicycle: An Overview of the Literature
Analysis of effects of driver/vehicle characteristics on acceleration noise using GPS-equipped vehicles
Comparative analysis of household car, motorcycle and bicycle ownership between Osaka metropolitan area, Japan and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Mobile phone use while driving: An investigation of the beliefs influencing drivers' hands-free and hand-held mobile phone use
Disentangling the influence of neighborhood type and self-selection on driving behavior: an application of sample selection model
The use of a hazard-based duration model for imputation of missing personal income data
Two-phase driver education models applied in Finland and in Austria: Do we have evidence to support the two phase models?
Using census aggregates to proxy for household characteristics: an application to vehicle ownership
Who is the typical bicyclist?
Graduated driver licensing policy in the Great Lakes states: current benefits and future potential
Deadly partners: interdependence of alcohol and trauma in the clinical setting
Externalities from alcohol consumption in the 2005 US National Alcohol Survey: implications for policy
Participation of metropolitan, urban and rural community-dwelling older adults
Adolescent, and their parents, attitudes towards graduated driver licensing and subsequent risky driving and crashes in young adulthood
Motor vehicle collisions involving child pedestrians in eThekwini in 2007
Preventing Traffic Injuries: Strategies That Work
A finite element model of region-specific response for mild diffuse brain injury
A method to estimate one's own blood alcohol concentration when the ministerial tables are not available
Acute stress symptoms, dissociation, and depression among rescue personnel 24 hours after the Bet-Yehoshua train crash in Israel:the effect of gender
All terrain vehicle loss of control events in agriculture: contribution of pitch, roll and velocity
Bladder rupture after minor accidental trauma: case reports and a review of the literature
Characteristics of motor resonance predict the pattern of flash-lag effects for biological motion
Unintentional injury outcomes secondary to pedestrian traffic crashes: a descriptive analysis from a major medical center
Experimental study of blast-induced traumatic brain injury using a physical head model
Lower extremity injury criteria for evaluating military vehicle occupant injury in underbelly blast events
Mobile phone use while cycling: incidence and effects on behaviour and safety
Nonbattle injury among deployed troops: an epidemiologic study
The role of the health sector on road traffic injuries
Comparison of kinematic responses of the head and spine for children and adults in low-speed frontal sled tests
Impact response of restrained PMHS in frontal sled tests: skeletal deformation patterns under seat belt loading
Rear seat occupant safety: an investigation of a progressive force-limiting, pretensioning 3-point belt system using adult PMHS in frontal sled tests
Structural characterization of human rib cage behavior under dynamic loading
ES2 neck injury assessment reference values for lateral loading in side facing seats
Uncovering Residual Effects of Chronic Sleep Loss on Human Performance
An unusual presentation of head injury: teeth in brain
Discreet discrete commands for assistive and neuroprosthetic devices
Evaluation of thoracic deflection as an injury criterion for side impact using a finite elements thorax model
Handlebar herniation: a case of near missed abdominal injury
Children at danger: injury fatalities among children in San Diego County
Are Youth-Only Motorcycle Helmet Laws Better Than None at All?
Evaluating the effectiveness of a road safety education intervention for pre-drivers: An application of the theory of planned behaviour
Road traffic crash circumstances and consequences among young unlicensed drivers: A Swedish cohort study on socioeconomic disparities
Social host liability for minors and underage drunk-driving accidents
Increased cannabinoids concentrations found in specimens from fatal aviation accidents between 1997 and 2006
Motor Vehicle Occupants, Neck Injuries, and Seat Belt Utilization: A 5-Year Study of Fatalities in New York City
Terrorism-related injuries versus road traffic accident-related trauma: 5 years of experience in Israel
Quality assurance in road traffic analyses in Switzerland
A case of traumatic rupture of the isthmus of the thoracic aorta, operated successfully 8 hours after the accident
A color vision criterium for automobile drivers and new examination methods (Wilczek's lamp)
A contribution to the surgical management of mass casualties. (analysis of the surgical management of victims of the Tetovo traffic accident in July of 1962)
A controlled study of fatal automobile accidents in New York City
A country doctor's view of accident organization and emergency care
A fall from 1000 meters
A few socio-medical aspects of railway medicine
A flight simulator test of an altitude-coded aircraft light
A historical review of the bubble theory of the etiology of decompression sickness as related to high altitude exposure
A longitudinal study of psychomotor functioning in acute psychiatric patients
A mathematical model of the human body
A method for measuring some components of the pursuit rotor skill
A new look at whiplash injuries
A new view of aviation psychology
A note concerning accident theory and research with special reference to motor vehicle accidents
Cognitive and Personality Determinants of Post-injury Driving Fitness
Fatal accidents and non-fatal injuries amongst seamen in Iceland 2001-2005
Paying for Transportation
Postmortem CT examination with 3D reconstruction in cases referring to casualties of traffic accidents
The complex network of global cargo ship movements
The priorities of elderly patients suffering from dizziness: A qualitative study
The relationship of cognitive retraining to neurological patients' driving status: The role of process variables and compensation training
Varying Target Prevalence Reveals Two Dissociable Decision Criteria in Visual Search
Injury risk curves for the WorldSID 50th male dummy
Latent tricuspid valve rupture after motor vehicle accident and routine echocardiography in all chest-wall traumas
Permanent atrioventricular block after a motor vehicle accident
Predicting the effects of muscle activation on knee, thigh, and hip injuries in frontal crashes using a finite-element model with muscle forces from subject testing and musculoskeletal modeling
Prognosticative Extensions and Enhancements to Existing Practices: a Biomechanical PEEEP Show into the Future
Protection of rear seat occupants in frontal crashes, controlling for occupant and crash characteristics
The tolerance of the femoral shaft in combined axial compression and bending loading
Relative Benefits of Population-Level Interventions Targeting Restraint-Use in Child Car Passengers
Severe neurological decompression sickness in a U-2 pilot
The active city? Disparities in provision of urban public recreation resources
The clinical impact of health behaviors on emergency department visits
The effect of angle on the chest injury outcome in side loading
The effects of posture and subject-to-subject variations on the position, shape and volume of abdominal and thoracic organs
The impact of risk-averse operation on the likelihood of extreme events in a simple model of infrastructure
Transportation Difficulty of Black and White Rural Older Adults
Driven By Distraction
A Feasibility Study on Friction for Winter Road Management
Accommodating Pedestrians with Visual Impairments In and Around Work Zones
Application and Integration of Lattice Data Analysis, Network K-Functions, and Geographic Information System Software to Study Ice-Related Crashes
Application of Bayesian Statistics to Identify Highway Sections with Atypically High Rates of Median-Crossing Crashes
Drugs of Abuse, Driving and Traffic Safety
Effectiveness of Motorcycle Training and Licensing
Effects of Cognitive and Perceptual Loads on Driver Behavior
Examining Application of Aggregated and Disaggregated Poisson-Gamma Models Subjected to Low Sample Mean Bias
Facial trauma in geriatric patients in a selected Malaysian hospital
Fatal Wrong-Way Collisions on New Mexico's Interstate Highways, 1990-2004
Impact of Narrower Lane Width
Impaired Motorcycle Operation: Evaluation of Riders Helping Riders Program
Investigating accident causation through information network modelling
Methodology for Counting Pedestrians at Intersections: Use of Automated Counters to Extrapolate Weekly Volumes from Short Manual Counts
Pedestrian Crosswalks at Midblock Locations: Fuzzy Logic Solution to Existing Signal Operations
All-terrain vehicle accidents at a level II trauma center in Indiana: an 8-year retrospective review
Analysis of Effects of LED Rectangular Rapid-Flash Beacons on Yielding to Pedestrians in Multilane Crosswalks
Assessing and Influencing Driver Attitudes in the United Kingdom
Automated Analysis of Pedestrian-Vehicle Conflicts Using Video Data
Brief communication: Transportation and trauma: Dog-sledding and vertebral compression in Alaskan Eskimos
Bayesian Multivariate Poisson Lognormal Models for Crash Severity Modeling and Site Ranking
Characterizing Urban Traffic Exposures Using Transportation Planning Tools: An Illustrated Methodology for Health Researchers
Can Driving Simulators Contribute to Solving Critical Issues in Geometric Design?
Comparison of Risk Taking in Moped and Motorcycle Crashes
Driving Behaviors, Risk Perceptions, and Stress: An Examination of Military Personnel During Wartime Deployment
Pilot Model for Estimating Pedestrian Intersection Crossing Volumes
Reduction of Pedestrian Fatalities, Injuries, Conflicts, and Other Surrogate Measures in Miami-Dade, Florida
Spatial Autocorrelation and Bayesian Spatial Statistical Method for Analyzing Intersections Prone to Injury Crashes
Hand-Held Cellphone Laws and Collision Claim Frequencies
Visual Analytics for Transportation Incident Data Sets
The visual subsystem concept and spacecraft illumination
The resorption of ethanol in the coupled convection-diffusion system of the circulation
Driving performance under antidepressants: Do selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors impair driving performance less than tricyclic antidepressants?
Lesions by traumatism in Mexico: End to the negligence
Analysis of the mortality by road accidents in Monterrey City: Strategies to implement. (Editorial)
Epidemiology of trauma in Mexico City
Development of an Abdominal Deformation Measuring System for Hybrid III Dummy
Gaming Simulation to Pretest Operant-Based Community Interventions: Urban-Transportation Example
Socioeconomic differences in road traffic injuries
Comfort and efficiency of the driver's seat
Deportation and driving: felony DUI and reckless driving as crimes of violence following Leocal v. Ashcroft
Adolescent and Young Adult Crash Risk: Sensation Seeking, Substance Use Propensity and Substance Use Behaviors
Alcohol levels in killed drivers and pedestrians on Irish roads 2003-2005: a national study
Alcohol-impaired drivers involved in fatal crashes, by gender and state, 2007-2008
Bouncing of a Vehicle on an Irregularity: A Mathematical Model
Characteristics of motor vehicle accidents in the Herzegovina region
Factors associated with recovery expectations following vehicle collision: a population-based study
Forensic Kinesiology: Foundations of an Interdiscipline for Accident/Crime Investigation
Methamphetamine and driving
Safety Effectiveness of HAWK Pedestrian Treatment
Trends in drug use of Scottish drivers arrested under Section 4 of the Road Traffic Act--a 10 year review
990 cases of head injury in traffic accidents and comments on surgery on them
Adolescent Motor Vehicle Crash Risk: What's Needed to Understand and Reduce the Risk?
All-terrain vehicle safety and use patterns in central Illinois youth
Assessment of the alcohol use disorders identification test (AUDIT) to detect problem drinkers
Binge Drinking in Adolescents and Young Adults
Changing paradigms of seat belt and air bag injuries: what we have learned in the past 3 decades
Development of a bespoke human factors taxonomy for gliding accident analysis and its revelations about highly inexperienced UK glider pilots
Effect of Headlight Swivel Angle on Driver Behavior to Avoid Conflict with Pedestrians Approaching from the Right
Evaluation of Pedestrian Safety Educational Program for Elementary and Middle School Children
Human Factors Measurement for Future Air Traffic Control Systems
Impact of Incremental Increases in Cognitive Workload on Physiological Arousal and Performance in Young Adult Drivers
Influence of Driver Distractions on the Likelihood of Rear-End, Angular, and Single-Vehicle Crashes in Missouri
Intrafamilial Transmission of Driving Behavior
Increased cardiac death or decreased motor vehicle accidents?
Influence of Individual Perceptions and Bicycle Infrastructure on Decision to Bike
Immediate Recall of Driver Warnings in Forward Collision Warning Scenarios
Managing emergencies and abnormal situations in air traffic control (part I): Taskwork strategies
Managing emergencies and abnormal situations in air traffic control (part II): Teamwork strategies
Methodology to Analyze Adaptation in Driving Simulators
New Approach to Modeling Mixed Traffic Containing Motorcycles in Urban Areas
Missed opportunities: under-detection of trauma in elderly adults involved in motor vehicle crashes
Perception of Waiting Time at Signalized Intersections
Predictors of road traffic accident, road traffic injury and death among commercial motorcyclists in an urban area of Nigeria
Pedestrian and Bicyclist Exposure to Risk: Methodology for Estimation in an Urban Environment
Pedestrian Scramble Operations: Pilot Study in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Secondary tasks impair adaptation to step- and gradual-visual displacements
Simulation of motorcycle crashes with w-beam guardrail: injury patterns and analysis
Text Messaging During Simulated Driving
The Effect of Active Versus Passive Training Strategies on Improving Older Drivers’ Scanning in Intersections
The use of conspicuity aids by cyclists and risk of crashes involving other road users: a protocol for a population based case-control study
Urban-rural disparities in injury mortality in China, 2006
Adolescent use of helmets moped riders in the city of Gerona, Spain, 2006
Human risk factors and injuries due to road accidents: analysis of current data
Traffic medicine expert opinions in otorhinolaryngology : Current aspects
A national plan for physical activity: the enabling role of the built environment
An Experimental Study on the Effect of Slope on the Critical Velocity in Tunnel Fires
Congestion road tax and physical activity
Detection and identification of 700 drugs by multi-target screening with a 3200 Q TRAP((R)) LC-MS/MS system and library searching
Injury prevention in a winter wonderland
Mathematical Theory of Autodriver for Autonomous Vehicles
Mechanisms involved in the neurotoxic, cognitive, and neurobehavioral effects of alcohol consumption during adolescence
Scaphoid Fracture in Motocross Riders
Differences in the Performance of Safety Performance Functions Estimated for Total Crash Count and for Crash Count by Crash Type
Downstream Effects of Speed Photo-Radar Enforcement and Other Speed Reduction Treatments on Work Zones
Development of a Calibration Procedure for the U.K. Highways Agency Traffic-Speed Deflectometer
Does Silence Mean Agreement? Understanding the Silent Group in Neighborhood Traffic Calming Surveys
Driver Injury Severity Resulting from Single-Vehicle Crashes Along Horizontal Curves on Rural Two-Lane Highways
Effect of Luminance and Text Size on Information Acquisition Time from Traffic Signs
Effective Occupational Road Safety Programs
Effectiveness of Tire-Tread Patterns in Reducing the Risk of Hydroplaning
Effects of Street Patterns on Injury Risks in Two-Vehicle Crashes
Empirical Evaluation of Alternative Approaches in Identifying Crash Hot Spots
Effects of Road Geometry and Cross-Section Variables on Traffic Accidents
Examination of Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Collisions Nationally from 1998 to 2007
Evaluating Effectiveness of Dynamic Speed Display Signs in Transition Zones of Two-Lane, Rural Highways in Pennsylvania
Evaluation of Urban Travel Training for Older Adults
Variable Speed Limits Signs: Effects on Speed and Speed Variation in Work Zones
Vehicle Design and Technology
Using the Probe Vehicle to Gather Information on Visibility in Snowstorms
The Taskload-Efficiency-Safety-Buffer Triangle--development and validation with air traffic management
Transforming a small midwestern city for physical activity: from the sidewalks up
Trauma care systems in Saudi Arabia: an agenda for action
Prevalence and socio-demographic correlates of "active transport" in the UK: Analysis of the UK Time Use Survey 2005
Driving impairs talking
Driver engagement in distracting activities and the strategies used to minimise risk
An analysis of the content of questions and responses in incident investigations: Self reports in the investigation of signals passed at danger (SPADs)
An investigation of driver attitudes and behaviour in rural and urban areas in Norway
Estimation of the real number of road casualties in Europe
Sight obstruction at at-grade pedestrian crossings: A review of the understanding of the meaning of zigzag lines
Spillover effects of yield-to-pedestrian channelizing devices
The smoothing effect of carpool lanes on freeway bottlenecks
Applying systems thinking concepts in the analysis of major incidents and safety culture
Differences in risk perception, priorities, worry and demand for risk mitigation in transport among Norwegians in 2004 and 2008
Explaining differences in acceptability before and acceptance after the implementation of a congestion charge in Stockholm
Addressing pedestrian safety: a content analysis of pedestrian master plans in North Carolina
Airline pilots' knowledge and beliefs about over-the-counter medications
Survival in fatal road crashes: body mass index, gender, and safety belt use
Teenagers and age of first drinking: A disturbing precocity?
With Power Comes Responsibility: Motorcycle Engine Power and Power-to-Weight Ratio in Relation to Accident Risk
The epidemiology of road traffic injuries in the Republic of Lithuania, 1998-2007
Risk-Taking Behaviors among Motorcyclists in Middle East Countries: A Case of Islamic Republic of Iran
Assessing the role of pavement macrotexture in preventing crashes on highways
An Explosion of a CNG Fuel Vessel in an Urban Bus
Risk management in mental health: applying lessons from commercial aviation
Road crash trends for young drivers in New South Wales, Australia, from 1997 to 2007
Running out of gas but not trauma patients: the effect of the price of gas on trauma admissions
Severe injury to near- and far-seated occupants in side impacts by crash severity and belt use
Airplane crash near Schiphol Airport 25 February 2009: injuries and casualty distribution
Do Light Truck Vehicles (LTV) Impose Greater Risk of Pedestrian Injury Than Passenger Cars? A Meta-analysis and Systematic Review
Effects of a simulation-based training intervention on novice drivers' hazard handling performance
Epidemiologic study of mandible fractures in a public hospital of Sao Paulo
Establishing criterion validity of the Useful Field of View assessment and Stroke Drivers' Screening Assessment: comparison to the result of on-road assessment
Motor vehicle and pedestrian collisions: burden of severe injury on major versus neighborhood roads
Proportion of injured drivers presenting to a tertiary care emergency department who engage in future impaired driving activities
The quick and the dead: when reaction beats intention
Parkinson's disease and issues related to driving
Use of Carbohydrate-Deficient Transferrin (CDT) and a Combination of GGT and CDT (GGT-CDT) to Assess Heavy Alcohol Consumption in Traffic Medicine
Whiplash-associated disorders: who gets depressed? Who stays depressed?
Driving behavior and driver mental workload as criteria of highway geometric design quality
Conventional Versus Moving-Map Navigation Methods
Determinants of Automobile Use
Effects of Physical Activity on Propensity for Sustainable Trips
Evaluation of Signs and Markings for Partial Continuous Flow Intersection
Extent to Which Sustainable Travel to Work Can Be Explained by Neighborhood Design Characteristics
Retrospective study on traumatic dental injuries in preschool children at Kyung Hee Dental Hospital, Seoul, South Korea
Simulating Relaxed Pedestrian Behavior
The challenge of regional accents for aviation English language proficiency standards: a study of difficulties in understanding in air traffic control-pilot communications
Advanced Road Safety and Weather Warning System
Ethanol consumption: how should we measure it? Achieving consilience between human and animal phenotypes
Liquefied petroleum gas cold burn sustained while refueling a car
Bilateral Carotid Stenting After a Motor Vehicle Crash
Ejection and severe injury risks by crash type and belt use with a focus on rear impacts
Evaluating the role of weaving section characteristics and traffic on crashes in weaving areas
Evaluation of New Jersey's Graduated Driver Licensing Program
Ocular and systemic morbidity profile in mass formic acid injuries
Mobility in Older Adults: A Comprehensive Framework
Motorcycle-related injuries: effect of age on type and severity of injuries and mortality
Systematic review of military motor vehicle crash-related injuries
The Wechsler Digit Symbol Substitution Test as the Best Indicator of the Risk of Impaired Driving in Alzheimer Disease and Normal Aging
Medical surveillance of injuries in the U.S. military descriptive epidemiology and recommendations for improvement
Past-year intentional and unintentional injury among teens treated in an inner-city emergency department
Red Ink in the Rearview Mirror: Local Fiscal Conditions and the Issuance of Traffic Tickets
The Impact of Post‐9/11 Airport Security Measures on the Demand for Air Travel
Tort Reform and Accidental Deaths
Changes in BMI over 6 years: the role of demographic and neighborhood characteristics
A comparative analysis of hotspot identification methods
Applying Stafford and Warr's reconceptualization of deterrence theory to drug driving: Can it predict those likely to offend?
Bayesian analysis for zero-inflated regression models with the power prior: Applications to road safety countermeasures
Development of planning level transportation safety tools using Geographically Weighted Poisson Regression
Explaining variation in safety performance of roundabouts
Extent and determinants of cost of road traffic injuries in an Indian city
Factors influencing premature graduation from the use of child restraints in Japan
Functional outcome after road-crash injury: Description of the ESPARR victims cohort and 6-month follow-up results
Reducing traffic speed within roadwork sites using obtrusive perceptual countermeasures
Driver seat belt use indicates decreased risk for child passengers in a motor vehicle crash
Real-world car-to-pedestrian-crash data from an urban centre
Pedestrians, vehicles, and cell phones
Risk and protection factors in fatal accidents
The impact of traffic violations on the estimated cost of traffic accidents with victims
The problems in determining international road mortality
Using the U.S. National Household Travel Survey to estimate the impact of passenger characteristics on young drivers' relative risk of fatal crash involvement
Killer crashes: Fatal road traffic accidents in the UK
Road traffic crashes on the Yaounde-Douala road section, Cameroon
Safety Performance Indicator for alcohol in road accidents-International comparison, validity and data quality
Vision and Driving in Multiple Sclerosis
Quasi-induced exposure: The choice of exposure metrics
Work-related versus non-work-related road accidents, developments in the last decade in France
Effects of a College Community Campaign on Drinking and Driving with a Strong Enforcement Component
Analyzing Different Parameterizations of the Varying Dispersion Parameter as a Function of Segment Length
A Review of the Young Impaired Driver Problem in Australia, with a Particular Focus on New South Wales
A Study on the Expression of Winter Road Information and Its Effects on Drivers' Travel Decision Making
Alcohol Monitoring Technologies: Applications for Youth and Young Impaired Drivers
Carrier Safety Management
Colorado’s Full-Scale Field Testing of Rockfall Attenuator Systems
Commercial Driver Human Factors
Compatibility of Trucks and Buses with the Roadway Environment
Comprehensive Winter Maintenance Management System to Increase Road Safety and Traffic Flow
Crash Types: Markers of Increased Risk of Alcohol-Involved Crashes Among Teen Drivers
Criminal Sanctions for Young Impaired Drivers
Drink Driving and Drug Driving Enforcement Strategies in Australia
Driving Decisions Related to the Colorado Front Range Winter Storm, December 20-21, 2006
Effects of 21 Minimum Legal Drinking Age Laws on Alcohol-Related Driving in the United States
Enforcement and Compliance
Females and Alcohol-Related Fatal Crashes: Exposure-Adjusted Trends
Fog Forecast Provision Experiment for a Mountain Pass
Friction Variations
Geospatial Variability of Roadway Vegetation and Blowing Snow
Glossary of Highway Quality Assurance Terms: Fourth Update
Glossary of Regional Transportation Systems Management and Operations Terms
Health and Wellness of Commercial Drivers
History and Effects of Graduated Licensing and Zero Tolerance
Impact of Snow on Video Detection Systems at Signalized Intersections
Influence of Roadway Surface Discontinuities on Safety: State of the Art Report
Lack of Information from National Surveys: What We Still Need to Learn About Transition Teens
Long-Term Analysis of Reductions in Traffic Volume Across New Hampshire During Winter Storms
Measurements of Pavement Condition and Road Weather Environment Within North Dakota Using a Tow-Hitch Mount Road Grip Tester
Motor Carrier Safety Laws and Regulations
National Database System for Maintenance Actions on Highway Bridges
Night Icing Potential Demonstration Project
Our Interstate Highway System: From Conception to Birth
Performance Measures for Snow and Ice Control Operations
Problem Assessment and Data
Psychosocial and Behavioral Factors That Predict Impaired and Other Risky Driving: Findings from a Longitudinal Study
Roughness, Holes, and Bumps
SafeLane Overlay Performance Testing
Single-Vehicle Fatal Crashes Involving Youth: Trends and a Preliminary Analysis of the Role of Graduated Driver Licensing Laws
Small and Large Vehicles
The Consequences of Providing Drinkers with BAC Information on Assessments of Alcohol Impairment and Drunk-Driving Risk
The Effects of Establishing Closing Hours in Juarez, Mexico
The Impact of Underage Drinking and Related Laws on Youth Alcohol-Related Fatal Crashes
The Nature of the Young Impaired Driver Problem in Europe
The Pavement Precipitation Accumulation Estimation System
The Perspective on Campus
The Physical Nature and Prediction of Blowing Snow Within the Roadway Environment
The Potential for Nighttime Enforcement and Seat Belt Law Upgrades to Impact Alcohol-Related Deaths Among High-Risk Occupants
Toward Weather-Responsive Traffic Management on French Motorways
Traffic Safety and Alcohol Regulation: Overview and Summary
Vulnerability Assessment of Individual Infrastructure Objects Subjected to Natural Hazards
Water Accumulations
Winter Operations in View of Vision Zero
Young DUI Offenders Seen in Substance Abuse Treatment
Young Impaired Driver Involvement in Fatal Crashes
Young Impaired Drivers: The Nature of the Problem and Possible Solutions
Young Impaired Drivers: The Nature of the Problem and the Strategies Being Used in the Military
A Legal Approach to Reduce Red Light Running Crashes
Activity-Based Model of Women's Activity-Travel Patterns
Actual and Perceived Car Dependence: Likely Implications of Enforced Reductions in Car Use for Livelihoods, Lifestyles, and Well-Being
Advance Warning Signals
An Approach to Assessing Freeway Lane Management Hot Spots
Analysis of Effects of Pavement Marking Retroreflectivity on Traffic Crash Frequency on Highways in North Carolina
Analysis of Enforcement Techniques for DWI Checkpoints and Their Impact on Traffic Operations
Analysis of Seasonal and Day-of-Week Traffic Patterns at National Parks
Analysis of Stopping Behavior at Urban Signalized Intersections: Empirical Study in South Korea
Analysis of Transit Safety at Signalized Intersections in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Application of Pedestrian Intersection Safety Index in Planning Access to New Rail Stations
Approach to Modeling Demand and Supply for a Short-Notice Evacuation
Assessing Safety on Dutch Freeways with Data from Infrastructure-Based Intelligent Transportation Systems
Assessing the Contribution and the Feasibility of a Citywide Personal Rapid Transit System
Assessment of Precision of Circular Track Meter and Dynamic Friction Tester
Assessment of Traffic Control Device Selection Guidelines for Horizontal Curves
Asymptotic Stability and Vehicle Safety in Dynamic Car-Following Platoon
Automated Analysis of Cumulative Flow and Speed Curves
Automatic Camera Calibration Using Pattern Detection for Vision-Based Speed Sensing
Automatic Freeway Incident Detection Based on Fundamental Diagrams of Traffic Flow
An integrated approach to evaluate policies for controlling traffic law violations
Appropriate analysis of CIREN data: Using NASS-CDS to reduce bias in estimation of injury risk factors in passenger vehicle crashes
Effects of speed limit variation on judged mean speed of a trip
Injury thresholds after motor vehicle crash-Important factors for patient triage and vehicle design
Lasting effects of short-term training on preschoolers' street-crossing behavior
Modeling the behavior of novice young drivers during the first year after licensure
Response efficacy: The key to minimizing rejection and maximizing acceptance of emotion-based anti-speeding messages
Negative Freedom and Death in the United States
The long-term psychological effect of fatal accidents at sea on survivors: a cross-sectional study of North-Atlantic seamen
Why vehicle design matters: Exploring the link between line-of-sight, driving posture and risk factors for injury
A genetic programming approach to explore the crash severity on multi-lane roads
Accidents in the context of study among university students: A multicentre cross-sectional study in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Age-related safety in professional heavy vehicle drivers: A literature review
A Cooperative Assistance System Between Vehicles for Elderly Drivers
A Cross-country Comparison of Household Car Ownership: A Cohort Analysis
Adding a New Step With Spatial Autocorrelation to Improve the Four-Step Travel Demand Model With Feedback for a Developing City
Adulterous Behavior Within the Car-Owner Couple: Some Analyses from French Panel Data on Car Rental and Car Sharing Within Households
Analysis of Railway User Travel Behaviour Patterns of Different Age Groups
Considering Travel Time Reliability and Safety for Evaluation of Congestion Relief Schemes on Expressway Segments
Development of a Wide-View Visual Presentation System and Estimating Human Primary Visual Cortical Magnification by Using FMRI For Traffic Safety
Elderly Driving Behavior and Cognitive Functions: Analysis of License Renewal Course Data
From Speed Profile Data to Analysis of Behaviour: Classification by Pattern Recognition Techniques
Impacts of Group-Based Signal Control Policy on Driver Behavior and Intersection Safety
Identification of factors in road accidents through in-depth accident analysis
Installation Errors and Corrections in Tactile Ground Surface Indicators in Europe, America, Oceania and Asia
Inter-temporal Analysis of Household Car and Motorcycle Ownership Behaviors: The Case in the Nagaya Metropolitan Area of Japan, 1981-2001
Introduction of a Sectoral Approach to Transport Sector for Post-2012 Climate Regime: A Preliminary Analysis Using Marginal Abatement Cost Curves
Investigation on North American Traffic Calming Device Selection Practices
Long-term and mid-term mobility decisions during the life course: Experiences with a Retrospective Survey
Measuring Uncertainty in Long-term Travel Demand Forecasting From Demographic Modelling: Case Study of the Paris and Montreal Metropolitan Areas
New Definitions of Kinetic Visual Acuity and Kinetic Visual Field and Their Aging Effects
Passenger Car Equivalent (PCE) of Through Vehicles at Signalized Intersections in Dhaka Metropolitan City, Bangladesh
Road Accidents in Australia
Road Accidents in India
Road Accidents in the Czech Republic
The Dynamics of Car Availability in EU Countries: A Comparison Based on the European Household Panel Survey
The Influence of Young and Male Motorist's Accidents: Factors on Motorcycle Injuries in Bali
The Optimal Duration for a Travel Survey: Empirical Observations
Aviation occupant survival factors: An empirical study of the SQ006 accident
Impact of traffic oscillations on freeway crash occurrences
Predicting motorcyclists' intentions to speed: Effects of selected cognitions from the theory of planned behaviour, self-identity and social identity
The properties of Safety Performance Indicators in target setting, projections and safety design of the road transport system
Under-reporting of maritime accidents
Using a reliability process to reduce uncertainty in predicting crashes at unsignalized intersections
Negligence in a care and sudden death in children
The Impact of Life-Course Events on Vehicle Ownership Dynamics: The Cases of France and Japan
Road Accidents in Korea
Evaluation of the HFACS-ADF safety classification system: Inter-coder consensus and intra-coder consistency
Cardiac data increase association between self-report and both expert ratings of task load and task performance in flight simulator tasks: An exploratory study
Cause-specific mortality among neurosurgeons
Preventing Deaths in the Canadian Military
Prognosis for Children in Cardiac Arrest Shortly After Blunt Cranial Trauma
A perspective on traffic-related fatalities in India and scope for new vehicle crash safety tests
A review of tripped rollover test methodologies
Application of foam-filled conical tubes in enhancing the crashworthiness performance of vehicle protective structures
Automatic generation and validation of patient-specific finite element head models suitable for crashworthiness analysis
Bus rollover crashworthiness under European standard: an optimal analysis of superstructure strength using successive response surface method
Challenge and approach to real-world pedestrian protection – investigated by Polar-II - pedestrian dummy
Development of an occupant model for far-side vehicle crashes
Effects of incidence angle in bird strike on integrity of aero-engine fan blade
Erratum -- The kinematic behaviour and responses of Hybrid III - 3YO - dummy and child human FE - model in ISOFIX - CRS - in frontal impact
Influence of pedestrian head surrogate and boundary conditions on head injury risk prediction
Investigating the possible role of placenta position in road accident consecutive foetal loss
MADYMO - reconstruction of a real-world collision between a vehicle and cyclist
Mobile phone and seat belt usage and its impact on road accident fatalities and injuries in southeast Iran
The effect of seatbelt tensioner for pregnant female drivers involved in rear-end vehicle collisions
The kinematic behaviour and responses of Hybrid III - 3YO - dummy and child human FE - model in ISOFIX - CRS - in frontal impact
Cognitive disorders following whiplash injury?
Whiplash injury following minor accidents : Construct or serious injury?
Alcohol involvement among young female drivers in US fatal crashes: unfavourable trends
Leisure time, occupational, domestic, and commuting physical activity of inhabitants of the Czech Republic aged 55–69: Influence of socio-demographic and environmental factors
Effect of a small dose of alcohol on driving-related behavior of Japanese who self-reported facial flush and nonflushing
Effectiveness of speed enforcement through fixed speed cameras: a time series study
A casualty tracking system modeled after air traffic control methodology employed in a combat support hospital in Iraq
Performance measures of alcohol-induced impairment: towards a practical ignition-interlock system for motor vehicles
Speed Kills: The Complex Links Between Transport, Lack of Time and Urban Health
Using geographical information systems to assess the equitable distribution of traffic-calming measures: translational research
A door sub-system sled test methodology for simulation of occupant responses in FMVSS 214 side impact oblique pole test
AlSi7 metallic foams – aspects of material modelling for crash analysis
Analytical Matlab/Simulink model of pyrotechnical gas generators for airbags
Application of aluminium honeycomb model using shell elements to offset deformable barrier model
Design and simulation of an ABS for an integrated active safety system for road vehicles
Design and simulation of an integrated active yaw control system for road vehicles
Driven dart impact response and simulation of a multi-layer HDPE
Effects of the triggering of circular aluminum tubes on crashworthiness
Energy-absorption capability of multi-axial warp-knitted FRP - tubes
Experimental investigation of the collapse modes and energy absorption characteristics of composite tubes
Framework for development of driver adaptive warning and assistance systems that will be triggered by a driver inattention monitor
Frontal crash severity in different road environments measured in real-world crashes
Full-scale vertical drop test and numerical simulation of a crashworthy helicopter seat/occupant system
Identification of lumped parameter automotive crash models for bumper system development
Impact strength and response behaviour of CFRP - guarder belt for side collision of automobiles
Improving the crashworthiness characteristics of cylindrical tubes subjected to axial compression by cutting wide grooves from their outer surface
Advocacy for active transport: advocate and city council perspectives
Are we there yet? Canada's progress towards achieving road safety vision 2010 for children travelling in vehicles
Incidence of road injuries in Mexico: country report
Methods for developing country level estimates of the incidence of deaths and non-fatal injuries from road traffic crashes
Accident analysis and biomechanics: Relevance of technical reports for the medical assessment of spinal injuries
Road traffic injury prevention
Motor vehicle collisions involving adult pedestrians in eThekwini in 2007
Vibration of stiffened plates with cutout under concentrated load
Variation of road traffic crashes among drivers and passengers
Variation in crash severity depending on different vehicle types and objects as collision partner
The effect of the implementation of circular holes as crush initiators to the crushing characteristics of mild steel square tubes: experimental and numerical simulation
The current state of the human head finite element modelling
Technical note: Remodelling, design and testing of a steering system for improvement of the characteristics
Effectiveness of a single-session early psychological intervention for children after road traffic accidents: a randomised controlled trial
Identifying at-risk older adult community-dwelling drivers through neuropsychological evaluation
Neighborhood factors relevant for walking in older, urban, African American adults
Seatbelt syndrome associated with an isolated rectal injury: case report
Traffic safety behaviour among young people in different residential settings: the use of seat belts, bicycle helmets, and reflectors by young people in Sweden
The potential role of physical activity on driving performance and safety among older adults
Time Lost by Driving Fast in the United States
Interaction of natural survival instincts and internalized social norms exploring the Titanic and Lusitania disasters
Injury biomechanics as a necessary tool in the field of forensic science: A pedestrian run-over case study
A handbook on African pedestrian safety programmes
A Profile of Childhood Pedestrian Fatalities in South Africa, 2001
Editorial: Vulnerable road users
Paediatric pedestrian carnage
Pedestrian Fatalities among children and adolescents in Cape Town, 2001
Evaluation on the effects of education regarding road safety among middle school students
Effect of varying two key parameters in simulating evacuation for subway stations in China
Comprehension and hazard communication of three pictorial symbols designed for flight manual warnings
Trauma in Pregnancy: A Systematic Approach
A model for studying the stability of thoracic aorta
A nonlinear model for prediction of stresses in submarine pipelines during pickup operations
A review of strategic mobility models supporting the defense transportation system
2+1-roads with and without cable barriers: speed performance
A cognitive therapy treatment program for repeat DUI offenders
Aeroelastic stability of composite hingeless rotor blades in hover–Part I: Theory
Airfield simulation with optimization via decomposition
Age-Related Slowing: Perceptuomotor, Decision, or Attention Decline?
The association of compensation on longer term health status for people with musculoskeletal injuries following road traffic crashes: Emergency department inception cohort study
Thoracic Spine Injury after a High-Speed Motor Vehicle Crash
Two non-probabilistic methods for uncertainty analysis in accident reconstruction
Use of a Structural Deformity Index as a Predictor of Severity among Trauma Victims in Motor Vehicle Crashes
Use of single-vision distance spectacles improves landing control during step descent in well-adapted multifocal lens-wearers
Countermeasures to the problem of accidents to intoxicated pedestrians
First nationwide study on driving under the influence of drugs in Switzerland
The association between a lifetime history of a neck injury in a motor vehicle collision and future neck pain: a population-based cohort study
A painful train of events: increased prevalence of fibromyalgia in survivors of a major train crash
Red light cameras: Do they change driver behavior and reduce accidents?
Teen traffic safety campaign: competition is the key
Seat-belt syndrome in a pre-school child
Control-oriented modelling of occupants in frontal impacts
Critical comparisons of responses between side impact MDB and pole test modes
Development of conflict techniques for left-turn and cross-traffic at protected left-turn signalized intersections
Evaluation of the Prehospital Index, presence of high-velocity impact and judgment of emergency medical technicians as criteria for trauma triage
Hyperthermia deaths among children in parked vehicles: an analysis of 231 fatalities in the United States, 1999-2007
Sleep quality and motor vehicle crashes in adolescents
Study on the risk factors of injuries among children at school age, from the families of migrant workers in Hangzhou city
Factors Influencing Driving Status in an Older Latino Population
From Road to Lab to Math
Best practices in vehicle stop data collection and analysis
A 10 Year Population Survey of Spinal trauma and spinal cord injuries after road accidents in the Rhône area
Junglemobile: A Mobile Injury-Prevention Program for Young Children
Risk levels for suffering a traffic injury in primary health care. The LESIONAT Project
A 10-year plan to reduce road-traffic accidents
Drinking, driving, and crashing: a traffic-flow model of alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents
Driving to distraction - certification of fitness to drive with epilepsy
Effects of in-vehicle monitoring on the driving behavior of teenagers
The impact of a standard enforcement safety belt law on fatalities and hospital charges in Ohio
Injury patterns related to ultralight aircraft crashes
Related analysis of mental disability and retardation due to traffic brain injury
Road safety in China: Analysis of current challenges
Wheelchair transportation safety - Introduction
Visual target selection and motor planning define attentional enhancement at perceptual processing stages
When cultures collide
Consequences of cognitive impairments following traumatic brain injury: Pilot study on visual exploration while driving
Examining the Relationship Between Cognition and Driving Performance in Multiple Sclerosis
Exploring eye movements in patients with glaucoma when viewing a driving scene
A review of unintentional injuries in adolescents
Effect of enhanced seat belt reminders on driver fatality risk
The 1965 Louis H. Bauer lecture: the impact of research and development on science and engineering
The 1976 accident experience of civilian pilots with static physical defects
The 1980 and 1981 accident experience of civil airmen with selected visual pathology
The 1982 Othmarsingen train wreck
The 1983 Beirut Airport terrorist bombing. Injury patterns and implications for disaster management
AAA (American Automobile Association) DWI (driving while intoxicated) counterattack--from rehabilitation to prevention
The ABC of winter driving
The ability of color defectives to judge signal lights at sea
Ability of drivers to make critical passing judgments
The ability of protan color defectives to perform color-dependent air traffic control tasks
Youth's perception of alcohol-related driving risk
The ability to see a pedestrian at night: the effects of clothing, reflectorization and driver intoxication
The ability to self-monitor performance when fatigued
Abortion and accident
About the international statute on helicopters in wartime
The absolute risk of venous thrombosis after air travel: a cohort study of 8,755 employees of international organisations
Acceleration injuries of the cervical spine
The acceleration phosphene
Acceleration research and aerospace medicine
The acceptance of risk
Access spacing and accidents: a conceptual analysis
Access spacing and traffic safety
The accident classification from National Board of Health and Welfare must be revised
The accident injury matrix and its use in diving injury investigations
Accident Modification Factors for Medians on Freeways and Multilane Rural Highways in Texas
Accident neurosis
The accident-prone automobile driver; a study of the psychiatric and social background
The accident-prone car driver--does he exist?
Accident-proneness in attempted suicide and in automobile accident victims
The accident/injury matrix: a tool for aircraft accident investigation
Accidents among the aged: incidence, causes and prevention
Accidents in childhood: a report on 17,141 accidents
Accidents in commercial aviation
The Accuracy of General Motors Event Data Recorders in NHTSA Crash Tests
The Accuracy of Medical Records and Police Reports in Determining Motor Vehicle Crash Characteristics
Acute Changes in Heart Rate Variability in Subjects With Diabetes Following a Highway Traffic Exposure
Youth, alcohol, and traffic accidents. Current status
Road rage and road traffic accidents among commercial vehicle drivers in Lahore, Pakistan
The prediction of highway traffic accident injury severity with neuromorphic techniques
Greek guidelines for setting speed limits
Safety modelling and improvement of railroad grade crossing in Egypt
The analysis on the driving behaviour of full-score drivers in China
Visual perception and response behavior by driving simulator and eye tracking system
Useful Field of Vision and Peripheral Reaction Time in novice drivers: Transfer to a real driving situation after a Perceptual-Motor Training Program
On-road and laboratory evaluation of bilingual variable message signs
RSIT - knowledge-based support of high-crash site investigation
Integrated programs for mitigating traffic problems in Egypt: an in depth analysis of experts judgment
Safety evaluation algorithm for signalized intersections in Abu Dhabi (UAE) using artificial intelligence
Opportunities to improve speed behavior: credibility of speed limits and the use of ISA
An analysis of driving performance evolution under high workload conditions
Demographic, socio-economic, policy, and other characteristics affecting state seat belt usage rates in the United States
Advanced visualization of road environments by means of programmable graphics hardware
Benefit-cost analysis of freeway service patrol programs: methodology and case study
Injured professional drivers in Poland-an analysis of the causes and effects in relation to the time of the road accident
The effect of alcoholic beverage excise tax on alcohol-attributable injury mortalities
A new scenario based approach for designing driver support systems applied to the design of a lane change support system
Automatic identification of risky weather objects in line of flight (AIRWOLF)
The effect of the driving activity on target detection as a function of the visibility level: Implications for road lighting
The effect of social desirability on self reported and recorded road traffic accidents
The effects of explosive blast load variability on safety hazard and damage risks for monolithic window glazing
Efficacy and feeling of a vibrotactile frontal collision warning implemented in a haptic pedal
Experimental and numerical analysis of seat belt bunching phenomenon
An impact dynamics analysis on a new crashworthy device against ship-bridge collision
The intercoder agreement when using the Driving Reliability and Error Analysis Method in road traffic accident investigations
Investigation on the effect of impact location height on pedestrian safety using a legform impactor dynamic model
Limiting performance analysis of a seat belt system with slack
Multiobjective optimization of multi-cell sections for the crashworthiness design
Optimal mainstream traffic flow control of large-scale motorway networks
STAMP-based analysis on the railway accident and accident spreading: Taking the China-Jiaoji railway accident for example
Vehicle mass as a determinant of fuel consumption and secondary safety performance: A comment
Who takes driving licence point recovery courses in France? Comparison between course-takers and ordinary drivers
Analytical calculation of blast-induced strains to buried pipelines
A new approach and first steps to strengthen trauma management and road safety in North Vietnam
Basic study of vehicle roll motion and possibility of inward roll: examination by a mechanical model of rigid axle suspension
Correlation between vehicle's meandering and driver's alertness level
Answer to the letter to the editor by R.M. Brach "Comments on energy loss in vehicle to vehicle impact by Dario Vangi"
Automated design of threats and shields under hypervelocity impacts by using successive optimization methodology
The broader effects of transportation infrastructure: Spatial econometrics and productivity approaches
Comments on Energy loss in vehicle to vehicle impact by Dario Vangi
Common voice measures as indicators of fatigue
A comparative study of energy absorption characteristics of foam-filled and multi-cell square columns
A continuum approximation approach to reliable facility location design under correlated probabilistic disruptions
Crash and safety assessment program for paratransit buses
Crash reconstruction of pedestrian accidents using optimization techniques
Crash response of advanced high-strength steel tubes: Experiment and model
Crashworthiness of self-piercing riveted connections
Crashworthiness of straight section hydroformed aluminium tubes
Developing a basis for efficient railroad horn testing
Driver hand position on the steering wheel while merging into motorway traffic
A dynamic evacuation network optimization problem with lane reversal and crossing elimination strategies
Dynamic responses and damages of water-filled pre-pressurized metal tube impacted by mass
Effect of shadows and time of day on performance of video detection systems at signalized intersections
Electronic records of undesirable driving events
Energy loss in vehicle to vehicle oblique impact
An experimental and numerical investigation on tyre impact
Evaluating the impact of legislation prohibiting hand-held cell phone use while driving
Exploring the relationship between vehicle safety and fuel efficiency in automotive design
From Columbia to Discovery: Understanding the impact threat to the space shuttle
Impact dynamics of metal foam shells for motorcycle helmets: Experiments and numerical modeling
Impairment due to cannabis and ethanol: clinical signs and additive effects
Jet engine fan blade containment using an alternate geometry
Managing evacuation routes
Older persons in motor vehicle traffic crashes
Parametric analysis of runway stone lofting mechanisms
Pre-positioning of emergency supplies for disaster response
Reconstruction model of vehicle impact speed in pedestrian-vehicle accident
Speech analysis in accident investigation
Risk perception and risk-taking behavior of construction site dumper drivers
Statistical model of a vehicle-to-barrier collision
Submarine hull integrity under blast loading
Built Environment Effects on Children's School Travel in Taipai: Independence and Travel Mode
Driving with Diabetes in the Future: In-Vehicle Medical Monitoring
Two-wheel tractors: Road safety issues in Laos and Cambodia
Quantifying individuals' trade-offs between privacy, liberty and security: The case of rail travel in UK
Accident analysis of sports utility vehicles: human factors from statistical analysis and case studies
Adaptive cruise control field operational test–the learning phase
Energy absorption of a thin-walled cylinder with ribs subjected to axial impact
Energy-absorbing effectiveness factor
Factors associated with proportions and miles of bicycling for transportation and recreation in six small US cities
Impact factors for a composite steel bridge using non-linear dynamic simulation
The impacts of congestion on commercial vehicle tour characteristics and costs
The impacts of Internet use upon activity participation and travel: Results from a longitudinal diary-based panel study
Improving the efficiency of demand-responsive paratransit services
Incorporating time and income constraints in dynamic agent-based models of activity generation and time use: Approach and illustration
The influence of non-standard atmospheric conditions on the potential number of acoustic signature occurrences in the continental United States
Internal blast loading in a buried lined tunnel
Low-velocity impact of pressurised pipelines
Measurement of intention to travel: Considering the effect of telecommunications on trips
Measuring unobserved prices using the structural time-series model: The case of cycling
Meteorological influence on highway noise barrier performance: A case study
Noise mechanisms in motorcycle helmet noise
Optimised design of nested oblong tube energy absorbers under lateral impact loading
Optimizing bus stop spacing in urban areas
Optimizing facility use restrictions for the movement of hazardous materials
The representation and implementation of time-dependent inundation in large-scale microscopic evacuation simulations
Willingness to pay for travel time reliability in passenger transport: A review and some new empirical evidence
Word perception, intelligibility, and simultaneous task performance
Accessibility and Cognition: The Effect of Transport Mode on Spatial Knowledge
Action identification of drinking and self-control
Beyond the wheelchair: development of motorised transport for people with severe mobility impairments in developing countries
Breast and cervical cancer screening among women in metropolitan areas of the United States by county-level commuting time to work and use of public transportation, 2004 and 2006
Dynamics of Active Sensing and perceptual selection
Evidence-based survey of the elimination rates of ethanol from blood with applications in forensic casework
Psychological Responses and Coping Strategies After an Urban Bridge Collapse
Severe traumatic injury during long duration spaceflight: Light years beyond ATLS
Slower Visuomotor Corrections with Unchanged Latency are Consistent with Optimal Adaptation to Increased Endogenous Noise in the Elderly
Visually induced gamma-band activity predicts speed of change detection in humans
Advanced technology of the studless snow tire
Aerodynamic influence of a passing vehicle on the stability of the other vehicles
Air flow control around the cabin of a convertible car
Analysis of counter-steering phenomenon on motorcycle dynamics
Analysis of driver behaviour when overtaking with adaptive cruise control
Analysis of driver response to collision warning during car following
Analysis of steering shimmy of light duty truck – part 1: Fundamental mechanism
Analysis of tight corner braking phenomenon in full-time 4WD vehicles
Applications of inter-vehicle communications to driver assistance system
Automatic driving using image information
An automatic steering control algorithm using optical flow
An automotive lateral controller based on generalized predictive control theory
Analysis of drivers' behavior before and after crashes in simulated expressway driving to predict sleepiness levels for doze alarm activation
Benchmark problem for crush analysis of plastic parts for automotive (sic)
The behavior of bicyclists in frontal and rear crash accidents with cars
The behavior of bicyclists in accidents with cars
Application of a reciprocity technique for measurement of acoustic transfer functions to the prediction of road vehicle pass-by noise
An analysis of driver's steering behaviour during auditory or haptic warnings for the designing of lane departure warning system
Analysis of traffic accident trends in Japan and predictions for the future
Analysis of steering shimmy accompanied by sprung mass vibration on light duty truck – Fundamental mechanism
Analysis of vibration behavior of full vehicle during brake judder
Application of the magic formula tire model to motorcycle maneuverability analysis
Bending energy absorption of extruded aluminum beams
Bounded-Input Bounded-Output Stability Analysis of Vehicles Using Worst-Case Input
Broadside collision scenarios for different types of pre-crash driving patterns
Characteristics of Driver Behavior in Car-Following
A clinical survey of motor vehicle crashes: what most influences the severity of patient's injuries?
Controller design for improving lateral vehicle dynamic stability
Cooperative driving of autonomous vehicles based on localization, inter-vehicle communications and vision systems
Crash analysis of motorcycle tire
Design and Evaluation of Forward Collision Warning/Collision Avoidance Algorithms
Design of actively controlled aerodynamic devices for reducing pitch and heave of truck cabins
Design of lane-keeping control with steering torque input
Detection of the gaze direction of a driver using the time-varying image processing
Developing the method for predicting the load applied to truck frame on rough road
Development of 4WS control algorithms for an SUV
Development of alertness-level-dependent headway distance warning system
Development of an AVM (automatic vehicle monitoring) system
Development of computer simulation models for pedestrian subsystem impact tests
Development of crosswind spoiler
Development of a driving data recorder
Development of driving simulator with full vehicle model of multibody dynamics
Development of an electric scooter for practical use
Development of electric vehicles
Development of an electronic throttle control system
Development of an FM data receiver for various message output devices
Development of gasoline vapor concentration sensor
Development of GPS navigation meter system for All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)
Development of high performance drive-recorders for measuring accidents and near misses in the real automobile world
Development of a high-functionality tail lamp system in the second phase of the ASV program
Development of indoor tire traction test on compact snow surface
Development of lane keep system based on H-infmity optimization theory
Development of motor actuated antilock brake system for light weight motorcycle
Development of a motor-assisted 4WD system for small front-wheel-drive vehicles
Development of a motorcycle riding simulator
Development of motorcycle training simulator
Development of an on-board gradient data acquisition system
Development of path estimation algorithm from laser radar data
Development of pedestrian protection technologies for ASV
Development of practical and simplified human whole body FEM model
Development of rear-end collision avoidance system
Development of a rear-end collision avoidance system with automatic brake control
Development of a riding simulator for two-wheeled vehicles
Development of a technique for analyzing mechanical properties of resin bumpers during a minor collision
Development of three-dimensional displacement measurement method using CCD cameras
Development of a time-to-digital converter IC for laser radar
Development of a tire pressure monitoring system for motorcycles
Development of a voice navigation system
Direct impact simulations of diffuse axonal injury by axial head model
Directional control on the curved road using a double-point aiming model
Dynamic stress analysis of fuel tank considering factors including vehicle body stiffness
Effect of adaptive cruise control (ACC) on traffic throughput: numerical example on actual freeway corridor
The effect of surface texture on traction performance in a traction drive
Effects of auditory distractions on driving behavior during lane change course negotiation: estimation of spare mental capacity as a index of attention distraction
Effects of driver comprehension level on driving behavior using low-speed following system
Effects of model response on model following type of combined lateral force and yaw moment control performance for active vehicle handling safety
Energy loss and delta-V in vehicle collision: car-to-car side impact
Enhancements in vehicle stability and steerability with slip control
Enhancing maneuverability with driving manipulating devices based on older driver physical characteristics
Enhancing safety and security by incident analysis using drive recorders
Establishment of an aerodynamic simulation system for motorcycle and its application
Estimation of arousal-level from steering operations
Estimation of driver fatigue by pressure distribution on seat in long term driving
An estimation of driver's drowsiness level using interval of steering adjustment for lane keeping
Estimation of Driver's State of Tension
Estimation of vehicle side slip angle with artificial neural network
Evaluation method for road load simulation: Load prediction for durability using a tire model
Evaluation of driver distractions by model-based approach-effect of visual distractions
Evaluation of muscular fatigue after long-term sitting in automotive seat
Evaluation of straight line stability of a truck
Evaluation of vehicle motion sickness due to vehicle vibration
Experiment and Design of Advanced Brake Assist System for Active Interface Vehicle Based on Driver's Gas Pedal Operation
Fundamental research about the effectiveness of a safe driving support system with information provision
Fundamental study of side impact analysis using the finite element model of the human thorax
Fundamental study of skid steer vehicle dynamics
Fundamental study on human interface of narrow road drive assist system based on drivers' cognitive process
Fundamental study on presentation method using visual and auditory information for driver's recognition
Generating method of steering reaction torque on driving simulator
Handling characteristics on uneven road surface in a turn
High-resolution range sensor system with stereo camera
Human factors on driver's steering wheel operation: Three parameters evaluating characteristics of driver's steering wheel operations
A human factors study of switches installed on automotive steering wheel
The impact of roll center height on vehicle dynamic behavior
The impact of sound quality on annoyance caused by road traffic noise: an influence of frequency spectra on annoyance
Improvement of vehicle aerodynamics by wake control
Improvement of vehicle drivability by tracking control to target acceleration
Improvement on steering pull during braking on rutted road
Independent wheel torque control of small-scale electric vehicle for handling and stability improvement
Influence of physical workloads on driving performance
Influence of driver's reaction time and gain on driver-vehicle system performance with rear wheel steering control systems: part of a study on vehicle control suitable for the aged driver
Injuries of car drivers depending on presence or absence of SRS airbags in the passenger vehicles, in in-depth accident study
An investigation of driver stress induced by vehicle handling characteristics
An investigation on the effect of transient assistant torque input on steering effort
Legislation draft for amendment of the road vehicle act
Measurement method of normalized cornering stiffness
Measurement of Driver's Reaction Time to Failure of Steering Controller during Automatic Driving
Measurement of vehicle attitude with RTK-GPS for analyzing the vehicle motion behavior
Method of detecting drowsiness level by utilizing blinking duration
Modelling of a driver's behaviour considering roll motion
Motorcycle-rider system dynamics by multibody dynamics analysis: Effects of the rear load on wobble motions and the control assembly
New viewpoints for evaluation of in-vehicle information systems: applying methods in cognitive engineering
Novel skid detection method without vehicle chassis speed for electric vehicle
Numerical analysis of optimal vehicle trajectories for emergency obstacle avoidance
Occupant position detection system (OPDS) for side airbag system
Older drivers' performance with variation of preview time in tracking task
On the development of structural adhesive technology for the automotive body in Japan
Operation analysis using electromyogram measurement technique: application to lift gate closing operation
Performance and functions of a rear-end collision warning system equipped with a small-sized laser radar
Physiological evaluation of effect on driver's mental work load for a newly-developed semi-automatic transmission system
Prediction of injury mechanism in side impact crashes using a 3-year-old child finite element human model
Promotion of the program of advanced safety vehicles for 21st century
Quantitative analysis of muscular stress during ingress/egress of the vehicle
Rear-end collision scenarios categorized by type of human error
Reconstruction analysis for car-pedestrian accidents using a computer simulation model
Reducing the effects of driving fatigue with the adoption of a lane following assistance system
Relative position measurement of neighboring vehicles using DGPS and inter-vehicle communication
Vehicle crashworthiness in full and offset frontal impact tests
Study on a road surface sensing system for snow and ice road
Vehicle distance warning system for passenger cars
Vehicle stability control of small electric vehicle on snowy road
Vehicle stability control strategy for steer by wire system
Vehicle type recognition using on-board sensor information integration by a multiple-structured neural network
Vehicle-driver response when traveling on elevated highways during earthquakes - Steering operation of drivers
Vehicle-to-vehicle distance and speed control using an electronic-vacuum booster
Yaw-moment control of electric vehicle for improving handling and stability
Classification of Alcohol Abuse by Plasma Protein Biomarkers
The more you drink, the harder you fall: A systematic review and meta-analysis of how acute alcohol consumption and injury or collision risk increase together
Organisational travel plans for improving health
A Review of Driving Simulator Parameters Relevant to the Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran Population
The effects of airbags and seatbelts on occupant injury in longitudinal barrier crashes
Required performance of display devices in consideration of visual characteristics of elderly people:: about luminance and character size
Rider control behavior to maintain stable upright position at low speed
Rider model by use of multibody dynamics analysis
Road Surface Condition Detection Technique Based on Image Taken by Camera Attached to Vehicle Rearview Mirror
Side-slip control to stabilize vehicle lateral motion by direct yaw moment
Simulation of emergency obstacle avoidance situations using genetic algorithm
A simulation study on speed control law for automated driving of heavy-duty vehicle (tracking performance to time-dependent speed of target vehicle)
Stereo vision sensor
Study of aged drivers' behaviors when using the Advanced Cruise-Assist Highway Systems (AHS) at an intersection
Study of automobile meter from universal point of view–efficiency of ambient meter device
A study of blink detection using bright pupils
Study of braking in-a-turn stability
Study of breath alcohol detector
Study of driver characteristics using driving simulator considerations on difference in accident avoidance performance due to age
A study of the effective way to release scent to maintain alertness
Study of drivers' behavioral characteristics for designing interfaces of in-vehicle navigation systems based on national and regional factors
Study of melting phenomenon of frost and ice on the windshield
A Study of a Physiological Index for Evaluating Driver's Mental Workload
Study of radiator cooling fan for Motorcycles
Study of road snow melting using exhausted heat of vehicle–evaluation of re-freezing of melt water on road surface
A study of the road surface condition detection technique for deployment on a vehicle
Study of simulation technology for limit drivability
Study of a Vehicle Dynamics Model for Improving Roll Stability
Study on automatic path tracking using virtual point regulator
Study on behavior of cab-over truck driver looking at a display while driving
A study on the braking stability of articulated heavy vehicles
A study on the causes of rear-end collision based on an analysis of driver. behavior
Study on construction of a rider robot for two-wheeled vehicle
A study on driver model for lane change judgement
Study on the effects of motorcycle anti-lock-braking-system for skilled and less-skilled riders: regarding braking in a turn
Study on estimating information-processing demand for driver using subsidiary task methodology
Study on a four wheel steering vehicle driven at an objective side slip angle
Study on handling and stability using tire hardware-in-the-loop simulator
Study on integrated control of active front steer angle and direct yaw moment
A study on mental characteristics of drivers-irritation and hostile sentiment of juvenile drivers
A study on pedestrian detection technology using stereo images
A study on safety design concept of automotive electronic components
A study on tire modeling for camber thrust and camber torque
Study on a vehicle dynamics model for improving roll stability
System for driver's eye movement detection
System identification and attitude control of motorcycle by computer-aided dynamics analysis
Tire cornering properties at large camber angles: mechanism of the moment around the vertical axis
Transferred load and its course in passenger car bodies
Traveling efficiency and collision probability when driving in haste
Trial evaluation on drivers' unfocused attention using gaze analysis
A unified non-steady non-linear tyre model under complex wheel motion inputs including extreme operating conditions
A case-crossover study of sleep and work hours and the risk of road traffic accidents
Driving decision-making in older adults with dementia
The Heavy Vehicle Study: a case-control study investigating risk factors for crash in long distance heavy vehicle drivers in Australia
High mortality among people suspected of drunk-driving. An 18-year register-based follow-up
Development and validation of a computer crash simulation model of an occupied adult manual wheelchair subjected to a frontal impact
Using in-depth investigations to identify transportation safety issues for wheelchair-seated occupants of motor vehicles
WC19: A wheelchair transportation safety standard--Experience to date and future directions
Predicting Pilots’ Risk-Taking Behavior Through an Implicit Association Test
Short sleep duration and long spells of driving are associated with the occurrence of Japanese drivers' rear-end collisions and single-car accidents
Vehicle detection. New technology aims to inform the public about emergency vehicles
The burden of injuries in Iranian children in 2005
Establishment of the model of motorcyclist ejection injury
Traffic Collisions Between Electric Mobility Devices (Wheelchairs) and Motor Vehicles: Accidents, Hubris, or Self-destructive Behavior?
The United States of America and the Islamic Republic of Iran: the path to preventing traffic injuries?
Unnatural deaths in reindeer-herding Sami families in Sweden, 1961-2001
Whiplash Injury is More Than Neck Pain: A Population-Based Study of Pain Localization After Traffic Injury
The aging road warrior: national trend toward older riders impacts outcome after motorcycle injury
Evaluation of wheelchair users' perceived sidewalk and ramp slope: effort and accessibility
The influence of smoking on special sensory qualities of the eye, which are important to drivers
Acute eye changes after attempted strangulation
Blast concussion injuries of the retina
Disorders of vision after soap abortion
Forensic evaluation of eye function based on the so-called member-assessment
Injuries of optic nerves due to domestic drugs in Indonesia
On an explanation of the phenomenon of night myopia
Retinal damages caused by hydrocyanic acid
The significance of limitation of visual fields and fields of fixation by spectacle frames and consequences for the production and fitting of spectacles
The Influence of Drinking Pattern, at Individual and Aggregate Levels, on Alcohol-Related Negative Consequences
A Survey of Injury Claims Data After Introduction of Injury Care Protocols in Alberta, Canada
An integrated surveillance system of road traffic injuries in the Lazio region of Italy: results of a 5-year study (2001-2005)
Situational factors associated with road traffic crashes: A case-control study on the Yaounde-Douala road section, Cameroon
The case-crossover study: a novel design in evaluating transient fatigue as a risk factor for road traffic accidents
Automatic crash notification and intelligent transportation systems
Commotio cordis as a rare cause of traumatic cardiac arrest in motorbike crashes: Report of a case
Psychotropic drugs and driving ability - fundamentals
Direct perception of action-scaled affordances: The shrinking gap problem
Course and prognostic factors for neck pain in whiplash-associated disorders (WAD): results of the Bone and Joint Decade 2000-2010 Task Force on Neck Pain and Its Associated Disorders
Differences in injury rates in child motor vehicle passengers in rural and urban areas in New South Wales, July 2000 to June 2004
Education of patients after whiplash injury: is oral advice any better than a pamphlet?
Crash frequency analysis of different types of urban roadway segments using generalized additive model
Estimating the burden of disease attributable to alcohol use in South Africa in 2000
Event-specific analyses of poly-drug abuse and concomitant risk behavior in a college bar district in Florida
Factors affecting the timing of recovery from whiplash neck injuries: study of a cohort of 134 patients pursuing litigation
Factors influencing neck pain intensity in whiplash-associated disorders in Sweden
Whiplash injuries and vulnerability: Part 2
Functional health status in subjects after a motor vehicle accident, with emphasis on whiplash associated disorders: design of a descriptive, prospective inception cohort study
Abstinence monitoring of suspected drinking drivers: ethyl glucuronide in hair versus CDT
Attitudes toward in-vehicle advanced alcohol detection technology
BMI and risk of serious upper body injury following motor vehicle crashes: concordance of real-world and computer-simulated observations
Adult pedestrian behavior when accompanying children on the route to school
Characterization of the nontrivial and chaotic behavior that occurs in a simple city traffic model
Circadian and homeostatic variation in sustained attention
Concordance between road mortality indicators in high-income and low- and middle-income countries
Cost of spinal cord injuries caused by rollover automobile crashes
Effect of damaged vehicle evacuation on traffic flow with open boundaries
The effects of acute treatment with tandospirone, diazepam, and placebo on driving performance and cognitive function in healthy volunteers
Effects of body weight, height, and rib cage area moment of inertia on blunt chest impact response
An exploratory study of the relationship between socioeconomic status and motor vehicle safety features
Front air bag nondeployments in frontal crashes fatal to drivers or right-front passengers
General Road Detection from a Single Image
Impact of mandatory motorcycle helmet wearing legislation on head injuries in Vietnam: results of a preliminary analysis
Individual differences in driver inattention: the attention-related driving errors scale
A practical approach for applying best practices in behavioural interventions to injury prevention
Self-reported collision risk associated with cannabis use and driving after cannabis use among Ontario adults
Protecting vulnerable road users from injury
Real-world performance of vehicle crash test: the case of EuroNCAP
Preventing road deaths--time for data
Phase transitions in traffic flow on multilane roads
Re-evaluating the neck injury index (NII) using experimental PMHS tests
Special crash investigations--a model for future corrective action: first generation frontal air bags
The association between neck pain intensity, physical functioning, depressive symptomatology and time-to-claim-closure after whiplash
Causes of death of patients with multiple injuries in Debrecen, Hungary
Chemokines and their receptors in whiplash injury: elevated RANTES and CCR-5
Policy and politics
Cofactors of alcohol-related trauma at a rural trauma center
Life crisis as a consequence of depression and anxiety
Medical evaluation of psychological disorders following whiplash injury
Traffic medicine and traffic law
Driver training conditions affect sensitivity to the impairing effects of alcohol on a simulated driving test (corrected)
A 30-year follow-up study of a child psychiatric clientele. I. Demographic description
The acute stress response following motor vehicle accidents and its relation to PTSD
Acute subdural hematoma due to traffic accident in pregnancy
Adolescents, risk situations and road safety
Injury severity and pattern at the scene: What is the influence of the mechanism of injury?
An innovative software for emergency diagnostics of injury severity at a traffic accident scene
Road traffic crashes in developing countries
The commercial motor vehicle driver medical examination: practical issues
Capturing the serial nature of older drivers' responses towards challenging events: a simulator study
Combining cognitive and visual distraction: less than the sum of its parts
Culture, economy and burn: Some interesting factors related to motorcycle exhaust pipe contact burns
Driver's visual attention as a function of driving experience and visibility. Using a driving simulator to explore drivers' eye movements in day, night and rain driving
The effect of presbyopic vision corrections on night-time driving performance
Effect of Simulated Visual Impairment on Nighttime Driving Performance
An empirical study of the effectiveness of electronic stability control system in reducing loss of vehicle control
Cost–Benefit Analyses of Mitigation Measures Aimed at Reducing Collisions with Large Ungulates in the United States and Canada: a Decision Support Tool
Hospital burden of road traffic injury: Major concern in primary and secondary level hospitals in Bangladesh
The impact of distractions on young adult drivers with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
An Analysis of Animal Victims on Nebraska's Highways
Analysis of Deer-Vehicle Collision Sites in Pennsylvania
Assessment of Elk Highway Permeability by Using Global Positioning System Telemetry
Behavior of Moose Relative to a Road Network
Behavior of Mountain Goats in Relation to U.S. Highway 2, Glacier National Park, Montana
Behavioral Adaptations of Moose to Roadside Salt Pools
Behavioral Response of Mule Deer to a Highway Underpass
Buck-and-Pole Fence Crossings by 4 Ungulate Species
Cause-Specific Mortality and Survival of White-Tailed Deer Fawns in Southwestern Lower Michigan
Comparison of Camera and Road Survey Estimates for White-Tailed Deer
Costs of Deer-Vehicle Accidents in Michigan
County-Level Factors Contributing to Deer-Vehicle Collisions in Arkansas
Deer Fence Construction and Costs
Deer Mortality on a Michigan Interstate Highway
Deer Mortality on a Pennsylvania Interstate Highway
Deer on Pennsylvania Airfields: Problems and Means of Control
Deer-Car Accidents in Southern Michigan
Deer - Vehicle Collisions: Status of State Monitoring Activities and Mitigation Efforts
Distribution and Activity of White-Tailed Deer along an Interstate Highway
Deer-Vehicle Collisions and Deer Value: An Analysis of Competing Literatures
The Effect of High-Tensile Electric Fence Designs on Big-Game and Livestock Movements
The Effect of Road-Based Fatalities on the Viability of a Peri-Urban Swamp Wallaby Population
The Effect of Scent-Marking, Forest Clearing, and Supplemental Feeding on Moose-Train Collisions
Effectiveness of Highway Lighting in Reducing Deer-Vehicle Accidents
Effectiveness of Highway Crosswalk Structures at Reducing Deer-Vehicle Collisions
Effectiveness of a Lighted, Animated Deer Crossing Sign
Effectiveness of Swareflex Reflectors in Reducing Deer-Vehicle Accidents
Effectiveness of Temporary Warning Signs in Reducing Deer-Vehicle Collisions during Mule Deer Migrations
Effectiveness of Wildlife Warning Reflectors in Reducing Deer-Vehicle Collisions: A Behavioral Study
Effects of Interstate Highway Fencing on White-Tailed Deer Activity
Effects of Road Management on Movement and Survival of Roosevelt Elk
Effects of Traffic on Elk Use of Wildlife Underpasses in Arizona
Effects of US 1 Project on Florida Key Deer Mortality
Effects of Winter Road Grooming on Bison in Yellowstone National Park
Efficacy of Aircraft Landing Lights in Stimulating Avoidance Behavior in Birds
Efficacy of an Animal-Activated Frightening Device on Urban Elk and Mule Deer
The Electric Fence in Wildlife Management
Electric Fencing as a Measure to Reduce Moose-Vehicle Collisions
Elephant-Human Conflicts in Rajaji National Park, NorthWestern India
Elk Distribution and Modeling in Relation to Roads
Enhancing the Perceived Threat of Vehicle Approach to Deer
Evaluation of Deer-Exclusion Grates in Urban Areas
Evaluation of ElectroBraid(R) Fencing as a White-Tailed Deer Barrier
Evaluation of White-Tailed Deer Repellents
Evaluation of Wildlife Warning Reflectors for Altering White-Tailed Deer Behavior along Roadways
Factors Associated with Highway Mortality of White-Tailed Deer
Factors Influencing the Location of Deer-Vehicle Accidents in Iowa
Fences and Deer-Damage Management: A Review of Designs and Efficacy
Frequency and Distribution of Highway Crossings by Kenai Peninsula Brown Bears
Habitat and Structural Factors Influencing Beaver Interference with Highway Culverts
Habitat Relationships of White-Tailed and Mule Deer in Northern Montana
Hearing Range of White-Tailed Deer as Determined by Auditory Brainstem Response
Highway Mitigation Fencing Reduces Wildlife-Vehicle Collisions
Highway Mortality as an Index of Deer-Population Change
Highway Right-of-Way Fences as Deer Deterrents
Implications of Grizzly Bear Habituation to Hikers
In My Experience: A Checklist for Evaluating Impacts to Wildlife Movement Corridors
Ineffectiveness of Swareflex Reflectors at Reducing Deer-Vehicle Collisions
Intercept Feeding as a Means of Reducing Deer-Vehicle Collisions
Interstate Highway Road-Killed Animals: A Data Source for Biologists
Job-Related Mortality of Wildlife Workers in the United States, 1937-2000
Lack of Response by Mule Deer to Wildlife Warning Whistles
Landscape Influences on Deer-Vehicle Accident Areas in an Urban Environment
Lessons from the Urban Deer Battlefront: A Plea for Tolerance
Management of Roadside Salt Pools to Reduce Moose-Vehicle Collisions
Managing Elk in the Wildland-Urban Interface: Attitudes of Flagstaff, Arizona Residents
Managing Mountain Goats at a Highway Crossing
Methods of Reducing Deer-Vehicle Accidents: Benefit-Cost Analysis
Moose Movement Patterns and Range Use in Northwestern Minnesota
Moose-Vehicle Accidents in Ontario: Relation to Highway Salt
Moose-Vehicle Accidents in Ontario: A Repugnant Solution?
Motorist Response to a Deer-Sensing Warning System
Movement and Habitat Use of White-Tailed Deer in Southcentral Wisconsin
Movements and Use Patterns of White-Tailed Deer Visiting Natural Licks
One-Sided Barrier Impact of an International Railroad on Mongolian Gazelles
Perceptions of Deer-Vehicle Collision Management by State Wildlife Agency and Department of Transportation Administrators
Perceptions of Risk from Deer-Related Vehicle Accidents: Implications for Public Preferences for Deer Herd Size
Public Attitudes toward a Suburban Deer Herd
Rainfall Effects on Bird: Aircraft Collisions at Two United States Airports
Ranking the Risk of Wildlife Species Hazardous to Military Aircraft
Relationship of Autumn Hunting Season to the Frequency of Deer-Vehicle Collisions in Michigan
Driver knowledge, beliefs, and attitudes about deer–vehicle collisions in southern Michigan
A Dynamic Exercise in Reducing Deer-Vehicle Collisions: Management through Vehicle Mitigation Techniques and Hunting
Intelligent speed adaptation--effects and acceptance by young inexperienced drivers
Modeling lateral control in driving studies
Monitoring drivers' mental workload in driving simulators using physiological measures
Relative Risks of Deer-Vehicle Collisions Along Road Types in Southeast Michigan
Moose-train collisions: The effects of vegetation removal with a cost-benefit analysis
Moose-vehicle collisions in Newfoundland -- Management considerations for the 1990s
Relationships among Raccoon Road-Kill Surveys, Harvests, and Traffic
Review of Human Injuries, Illnesses, and Economic Losses Caused by Wildlife in the United States
Seasonal Movements and Home Ranges of White-Tailed Deer in the Adirondacks
Shooting Gulls Reduces Strikes with Aircraft at John F. Kennedy International Airport
Sightings of Moose, Deer, and Bears on Roads in Northern Ontario
A Simulation Model for Determining Cost-Effectiveness of Fences for Reducing Deer Damage
Spatial and Temporal Distributions of Moose-Vehicle Collisions in Newfoundland
Spatiotemporal Distribution of Black Bear-Human Conflicts in Colorado, USA
Survival, Mortality, and Life Expectancy of Florida Key Deer
A Tool for Beaver Dam Removal
Traffic Volume Alters Elk Distribution and Highway Crossings in Arizona
Ungulate Traffic Collisions in Europe
Use of Highway Underpasses by Florida Panthers and Other Wildlife
Use of One-Way Gates by Mule Deer
Utility of Expert-Based Knowledge for Predicting Wildlife-Vehicle Collisions
Video Surveillance to Assess Highway Underpass Use by Elk in Arizona
White-Tailed Deer Visibility and Behavior along Forest Roads
Wildlife and the Illinois Public: A Benchmark Study of Attitudes and Perceptions
Correcting sample selection in FARS data to estimate seatbelt use
Legislating child restraint usage: Its effect on self-reported child restraint use rates in a central city
Preferred modes of travel among older adults: what factors affect the choice to walk instead of drive?
Safety effects of mobile speed cameras in Norfolk: no more than regression to the mean?
Validity of police-reported alcohol involvement in fatal motor carrier crashes in the United States between 1982 and 2005
Reducing distracted driving: regulation and education to avert traffic injuries and fatalities
Sociodemographic, behavioral, and cognitive predictors of alcohol-impaired driving in a sample of U.S. College students
Age differences in cognitive and psychomotor abilities and simulated driving
Ambulance Staging for Potentially Dangerous Scenes: Another Hidden Component of Response Time
Additional road markings as an indication of speed limits: results of a field experiment and a driving simulator study
Driver responses to differing urban work zone configurations
Driving simulators for robust comparisons: a case study evaluating road safety engineering treatments
Improved trauma system multicasualty incident response: comparison of two train crash disasters
Improving homogeneity by dynamic speed limit systems
Handling of buses on slippery roads during the influence of side wind--a study of the effects of different tyres
Identification of failure type in corroded pipelines: A Bayesian probabilistic approach
Practice Parameter update: Evaluation and management of driving risk in dementia. Report of the Quality Standards Subcommittee of the American Academy of Neurology
Posture and muscular behaviour in emergency braking: an experimental approach
Self-report measures of distractibility as correlates of simulated driving performance
Visual acuity in young elite motorsport athletes: a preliminary report
Whiplash--physical injury problematics
Why do poor people perceive poor neighbourhoods? The role of objective neighbourhood features and psychosocial factors
Are there racial disparities in the use of restraints and outcomes in children after motor vehicle crashes?
Factors that influence women's health in Tanzania
Femoral fractures in school age (6th-12th year)
A geographic analysis of regional disparities in temporal accessibility of emergency services to traffic accident victims in Quebec
Liability for Livestock on Highways in Open-Range Areas
The Ecological Road-Effect Zone of a Massachusetts (U.S.A.) Suburban Highway
Estimate of the Area Affected Ecologically by the Road System in the United States
Estimating the Effects of Road Mortality on Turtle Populations
Factors Influencing the Effectiveness of Wildlife Underpasses in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada
Review of Ecological Effects of Roads on Terrestrial and Aquatic Communities
Changes in mortality in Switzerland since 1950. II. Regional differences within Switzerland
Life-style and different fracture prevalence: a cross-sectional comparative population-based study
Living and dying in the U.S.A.: sociodemographic determinants of death among blacks and whites
Mortality in young adults: international comparisons
National health insurance consumption and chronic symptoms following mild neck sprain injuries in car collisions
Occupational mortality of women aged 15-59 years at death in England and Wales
Who pays for the drinking? Characteristics of the extent and distribution of social harms from others' drinking
Are occupational drivers at an increased risk for developing musculoskeletal disorders?
Behavioral risk factors for injury among rural adolescents
Ocular injuries in all-terrain-vehicle accidents
Unintentional infant injuries: sociodemographic and psychosocial factors
Environmental determinants of bicycling injuries in Alberta, Canada
Course of attention and memory after common whiplash: a two-years prospective study with age, education and gender pair-matched patients
Covariation of cigarette smoking and other health-risk behaviors among Japanese high school students: a preliminary study
Cranial-cerebral trauma after a traffic accident: perceptions of patients, family, physicians and professionals
A descriptive analysis of disorders in patients 17 years following motor vehicle accidents
A divergent pattern of the sex difference in life expectancy: Sweden and Japan, early 1970s-late 1990s
The effect of socio-demographic and crash-related factors on the prognosis of whiplash
Cycling to achieve healthy and sustainable alternatives
The epidemiology of pediatric traumatic brain injury in Minnesota
Factors affecting employment after whiplash injury
Fatal occupational injuries associated with forklifts, United States, 1980-1994
Finding meaning in a child's violent death: a five-year prospective analysis of parents' personal narratives and empirical data
Hospitalization for motor vehicle injuries among American Indians and Alaska Natives in Washington
The incidence of whiplash trauma and the effects of different factors on recovery
An investigation of dento-alveolar trauma and its treatment in an adolescent population. Part 1: The prevalence and incidence of injuries and the extent and adequacy of treatment received
The late whiplash syndrome: a biopsychosocial approach
Maxillofacial fractures in a semi-urban Nigerian teaching hospital. A review of 442 cases
No association of income inequality with adult mortality within New Zealand: a multi-level study of 1.4 million 25-64 year olds
Partnering for injury prevention: evaluation of a curriculum-based intervention program among elementary school children
Peritraumatic dissociation following motor vehicle accidents: relationship to prior trauma and prior major depression
Post-traumatic stress disorder following minor and severe closed head injury: 10 single cases
Posttraumatic stress disorder in children: a review of the past 10 years
Predictive factors for the outcome of a multidisciplinary pain rehabilitation programme on sick-leave and life satisfaction in patients with whiplash trauma and other myofascial pain: a follow-up study
Prevalence and correlates of traumatic injuries to the permanent teeth of schoolchildren aged 9-14 years in Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Prevalence of fractured incisal teeth among children in Harris County, Texas
Prevalence of traumatic brain injury in an ED population
Prevalence, treatment needs, and predisposing factors for traumatic injuries to permanent dentition in 11-13-year-old schoolchildren
Promoting road traffic injuries research in South Asia: capacity strengthening in health research
Protective correlates of stages in adolescent substance use: a Swiss National Study
Whiplash injuries in Finland--the possibility of some sociodemographic and psychosocial factors to predict the outcome after one year
Whiplash injury: cases with a long period of sick leave need biomechanical assessment
Urinary catecholamine levels and dentofacial injuries in children
The relationship between problem behaviour and traumatic dental injury amongst children aged 7-15 years old
The relationship between traumatic dental injuries and adolescents' development along the life course
Risk factors for major injuries to the face and teeth
Risk factors related to traumatic dental injuries in Brazilian schoolchildren
Saturday opening of alcohol retail shops in Sweden: an impact analysis
Trauma: the seductive hypothesis
State-specific prevalence of selected health behaviors, by race and ethnicity--Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, 1997
Substance use among American Indians and Alaska natives: incorporating culture in an "indigenist" stress-coping paradigm
Stops for cops: Impaired response implementation for older drivers with cognitive decline
User perceptions of the quality of service on shared paths
Traffic safety evaluation of video advertising signs
Transition from guardrail to concrete bridge rail for low-speed roadways
Travel Behavior and transportation needs of people with disabilities - Case study of some categories of disability in Dublin, Ireland
Use of fuzzy sets to evaluate driver perception of variable message signs
Use of heteroscedastic ordered logit model to study severity of occupant injury: Distinguishing effects of vehicle weight and type
Use of video intervention to increase elders' awareness of low-cost vehicle modifications that enhance driving safety and comfort
Using equivalent walking distance to assess pedestrian accessibility to transit stations in Singapore
Are Australian consumers willing to pay for the installation of reversing cameras in motor vehicles?
Prevalence of Alcohol in Blood Samples From Traffic Accident Cases in Turkey
Re: To Err is Human: Case report of Two Military Aircraft Accidents: Possible mechanisms of human failure
Statutory basis and legal aspects of evaluating a person's aptitude to drive
Profile of care delivered to children and adolescents victims of external causes of morbimortality, 2000-2006
Scaling issues related to modeling of railroad car damage II–explosions, fires, and safety valves
Scaling issues related to modeling of railroad car damage I–Derailment, plastic deformation, rupture, and impact
A Study of the Safety Effects of Signalizing Intersections on Colorado State Highways
An Examination and Recommendation for Current Practices in Roundabout Lighting
Analytical Analysis of Pedestrian Effects on Roundabout Exit Capacity
Are Roundabouts Good for Business?
Capacity and Performance Analysis of Roundabout Metering Signals
Case Study: Blue Lake Roundabout (Humboldt County, California)
Data Collection and Extraction
Estimating Roundabout Performance using Delay and Conflict Opportunity Crash Prediction
Evolution of Roundabouts in France and New Uses
High Speed Approaches at Roundabouts
High-Capacity Roundabout Intersection Analysis: Going Around in Circles
Impact Study: Conversion of Three Signalized Intersections and Three Stop-controlled Intersections to Modern Roundabouts on Cleveland Street in Clearwater, Florida
Improving Safety as Part of a Pavement Preservation Program
Incorporating Exiting Vehicles in Capacity Estimation at Single-Lane U.S. Roundabouts
Internationally Recognized Roundabout Signs
Navigation Signing for Roundabouts
Track behavior in curve areas: Attempt at typology
Simplifying delineator applications for horizontal curves
Simulation-based emergency evacuation system for Ocean City, Maryland, during hurricanes
Spacing chevrons on horizontal curves
Spatiotemporal variation of risk preceding crashes on freeways
Speed and road safety: Synthesis of evidence from evaluation studies
Split models for predicting multivehicle crashes during high-speed and low-speed operating conditions an freeways
Pedestrian Crosswalk Signals at Roundabouts: Where are they Applicable?
Performance Analysis of Roundabouts in Strongly Constrained Environment. Case Studies in Urban Areas
Police leniency in traffic enforcement encounters: Exploratory findings from observations and interviews
Review of Accident Research at Roundabouts
Roundabout Access for Visually Impaired Pedestrians: Evaluation of a Yielding Vehicle Alerting System for Double-Lane Roundabouts
Roundabout Model Calibration Issues and a Case Study
Roundabouts : A State of the Art in Germany
Roundabouts in Harford County, Maryland - A Local Perspective
Safety Auditing Roundabouts
Simulated Capacity of Roundabouts and Impact of Roundabout Within a Progressed Signalized Road
The 'Sock Puppet' and Other Lessons Learned in Grand Junction, Colorado
The Dimondale Mini: America’s First Mini-Roundabout
The Safety of Roundabouts and Traffic Lights in Belgium
Finite element modeling and optimization of traffic flow networks
Internet-based travel surveys: Selected evidence on response rates, sampling bias and reliability
Measuring railway performance with adjustment of environmental effects, data noise and slacks
Strategies for road network design over time: Robustness under uncertainty
NTDB data points: click click--you're dead?
International Terrorism at Sea as a Menace to the Civilization of the 21st Century
Urban Form and a Child's Trip to School: The Current Literature and a Framework for Future Research
Promoting active transport in a workplace setting: evaluation of a pilot study in Australia
The journey to school in Britain since the 1940s: continuity and change
Subjective fatigue and subjective sleepiness: two independent consequences of sleep disorders?
Thoracolumbar Spinal Injuries Following Speedboat Accidents: Is It Time to Change the Safety Regulations?
Untreated Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A Risk Factor in Paediatric Injuries?
The Traffic Flow Controlled by the Traffic Lights in the Speed Gradient Continuum Model
The Vortex Merger Factor in Aircraft Wake Turbulence
Traffic Calming Practice Revisited
Traffic States and Jamming Transitions Induced by a Bus in Two-Lane Traffic Flow
Smooth pursuit-like eye movements during mental extrapolation of motion: the facilitatory effect of drowsiness
Task Prioritization Factors: Two Part-Task Simulator Studies
Blast mines: physics, injury mechanisms and vehicle protection
Theoretical Foundations for a Total Energy-Based Perspective Flight-Path Display
Using Computational Cognitive Modeling to Diagnose Possible Sources of Aviation Error
Study of Determination of Shift Lane Length for Interchanges
The History of Hurricane Mesa Test Facility
Theoretical Model of Highway Capacity Based on Variable Deceleration Time
Time Series Model Regeneration of Random Road Undulation Input to Vehicles
Uncertain Factors Research on Collision Between Ship and Anti-Collision Equipment
WebGIS-Based Design and Realization of Preventing Traffic Accident System
Road traffic accidents and psychotropic medication use in the Netherlands: A case-control study
Road risk-perception and pedestrian injuries among students at Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt
Some observations about the semantics and syntax of road signs
The safety of MOVA traffic signal control at 'high-speed' junctions
Traffic calming - IHIE debate highlights the lack of consensus
Steered and propelled water powered vehicle
Study on simulation of high-speed automatic train operation based on MATLAB
Side Impact Response Corridors for the Rigid Flat-Wall and Offset-Wall Side Impact Tests of NHTSA Using the ISO Method of Corridor Development
What can a baby's skull withstand? Testing the skull's resistance on an anatomical preparation
The road ahead
Theoretical analysis for horizontal curves based on actual discomfort speed
Things planners believe in, and things they deny
Impact of motor vehicle accidents on neck pain and disability in general practice
Dental Injuries in 12-year Old Nigerian students
Crash injuries may be missed in the elderly--know the complexities
The role of performing life support courses in rural areas in improving pre-hospital physiologic conditions of patients with penetrating injuries
Analysis of dynamic response of vehicle occupant in frontal crash using multibody dynamics method
College students' alcohol-related problems: A test of competing theories
Characteristics of Urban Arterial Crashes Relative to Proximity to Intersections and Injury Severity
Collision Models for Multilane Highway Segments to Examine Safety of Curbs
Comparative Analysis of Techniques for Identifying Locations of Hazardous Roads
Comparison of Methodology Approach to Identify Causal Factors of Accident Severity
Comparisons of Speed-Spacing Relations Under General Car Following Versus Lane Changing
Crash Prediction Models for Rural Motorways
Data-Driven Perspective on Management of Safety Risk at State Agencies: Case Study in Washington State
Derivation and Validation of New Simulation-Based Surrogate Safety Measure
Desired Speed Distributions on Two-Lane Highways Under Various Conditions
Discovering Indirect Associations in Crash Data Through Probe Attributes
Effect of Increases in Speed Limits on Severities of Injuries in Accidents
Estimating Individual Speed-Spacing Relationship and Assessing Ability of Newell's Car-Following Model to Reproduce Trajectories
Evaluation of Cell Phone Traffic Data in Minnesota
Evidence of Unacceptable Video Detector Performance for Dilemma Zone Protection
Examination of Macrolevel Annual Safety Performance Measures for Virginia
Exploring Travel Behavior of Elderly Women in Rural and Small Urban North Dakota: An Ecological Modeling Approach
From Existing Accident-Free Car-Following Models to Colliding Vehicles: Exploration and Assessment
Heuristic Framework for Optimizing Hurricane Evacuation Operations
Hit-and-Run Crashes: Use of Rough Set Analysis with Logistic Regression to Capture Critical Attributes and Determinants
Improved Highway-Railway Interface for the Preempt Trap
Integration of Real-Time Pedestrian Performance Measures into Existing Infrastructure of Traffic Signal System
Investigation of Safety Influence Area for Four-Legged Signalized Intersections: Nationwide Survey and Empirical Inquiry
Joint Model of Choice of Residential Neighborhood and Bicycle Ownership: Accounting for Self-Selection and Unobserved Heterogeneity
Location Routing Approach for the Humanitarian Prepositioning Problem
Maximal Dynamic Expected Flows Problem for Emergency Evacuation Planning
Modeling Driver Behavior as Sequential Risk-Taking Task
New Criteria for Evaluating Methods of Identifying Hot Spots
Potential Accident Modification Factors for Driveway Density on Rural Highways: From Texas Data
Probabilistic Framework for Automated Analysis of Exposure to Road Collisions
Procedure for Developing Accident Modification Factors from Cross-Sectional Data
Relationships Between Safety and Both Congestion and Number of Lanes on Urban Freeways
The Less-Than-Perfect Driver: A Model of Collision-Inclusive Car-Following Behavior
Tool with Road-Level Crash Prediction for Transportation Safety Planning
Two-Level Nested Logit Model to Identify Traffic Flow Parameters Affecting Crash Occurrence on Freeway Ramps
Vehicle Time Spent in Following: New Exposure Measure for Predicting Same-Direction Collisions on Two-Lane Rural Roads
A review of the literature on the cognitive effects of alcohol hangover
Attention and eyes movement. Structure of oculomotor system, phenomenology and saccade programming
Changes in brain electrical activity after cognitive behavioral therapy for posttraumatic stress disorder in patients injured in motor vehicle accidents
Progress in reducing road-related deaths and injuries in Irish children
Visibility and Road Accidents
The public health aspects of evacuation
Some public health aspects of the evacuation scheme
Ventilation of the Alpine Pedestrian Underpass
Farm Equipment-Motor Vehicle Crash Prevention Conference (FEMVCPC)
How can we reduce alcohol-related road crash deaths among young Australians?
Is 24/7 sobriety a good goal for repeat driving under the influence (DUI) offenders?
Knowledge, attitudes and behaviors of young people related to drinking and driving in Mostar region, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Predicting Older Adults' Driving Difficulties Using the Roadwise Review
Predictors of lane-change errors in older drivers
Gaze Control for Driver Assistance Systems
An Unusual Burn Caused by Heated Car Seat
Maxillofacial Fractures Sustained in Bicycle Accidents
Craniofacial Injuries Due to Golf Cart Trauma
Multicultural baby shower: Kansas City Truman Medical Center Trauma Services' unique way of teaching child passenger safety
Prospective study of patients with hand injury: Tikur Anbessa University Teaching Hospital, Addis Ababa
Dissimilar teen crash rates in two neighboring southeastern Virginia cities with different high school start times
Commentary on Cannabis and Crash Risk: Concentration Effect Relation
Commentary on History of DWI Enforcement: What Does It Tell Us About DUID Enforcement?
Commentary on Legal Framework for Dealing with Drugs in Traffic
Commentary on Legal Framework for Dealing with Drugs in Traffic
Commentary on Medicinal Drugs and Driving
Commentary on Medicinal Drugs: Critical Review of Present Knowledge and Statements for Discussion
Commentary on the Risks Posed by Drugs in Traffic
Commentary on the Risks Posed by Drugs in Traffic
Commentary on Variability Among Epidemiological Studies of Drugs and Driving
Content of Driver Education
Context-Sensitive Design for Streets in Rural Built-Up Areas
Culturing Safety for Railroads
Driver Education: The Path Ahead
Drug Effects and Their Significance for Traffic Safety
Drug-Impaired Driving: Improving Integration of Toxicology, Technology, and Enforcement
Drugs and Traffic: A Symposium. Overview and Summary
Equipment Quality Improvement Measures: Large Truck Fleet
European Union Research Project IMMORTAL: The Risk of Drink and Drug Driving -- Results of a Case-Control Study Conducted in the Netherlands
Fatigue and Safety in the Railroad Industry
Instructional Methods for Young Drivers
Legal Framework for Dealing with Drugs in Traffic
Medicinal Drugs: Critical Review of Present Knowledge and Statements for Discussion
Novice Driver Training Effectiveness Evaluation
Ohio Department of Transportation Road Grip Tester Project
Operations Data for Planning Applications: Identifying Needs, Opportunities, and Best Practices
Overview of British Human Factors Research Program
Practices to Improve the Safety of Mobile and Short-Duration Maintenance Operations
Railroad Operational Safety: Status and Research Needs
Role of Cannabis and Benzodiazepines in Motor Vehicle Crashes
Safety Data Analysis and Evaluation: Research Problem Statements
Student Competency Measures
The Future of Driver Education
The Novice Driver Problem
U.S. Railroad History Relating to Fatigue, Safety Culture, and Technology
Urban Streets with Multifarious History
Waterborne Traffic Paint Performance in Utah Based on Retroreflectivity
Winter Performance Measures in Alberta, Canada
Application of the API/NPRA SVA methodology to transportation security issues
Modeling of the ejection process
Citizen preferences and perceptions concerning police pursuit policies,
Sobriety checkpoints, American style
Risk Communication and Transport of Dangerous Goods: Extending Experiences from Industrial Installations in The European Community
Linking City Planning and Public Health in the United States
Planning for Collaborative Neighborhood Problem-Solving: A Review of the Literature
The Transportation Land-Use Link
State-Wide Shoulder Belt Usage by Type of Roadway and Posted Speed Limit: A Three-Year Comparison
Statistical Analysis of Vehicle Rollover: Causal Modeling
The Effects of Car Weight and Power-to-Weight Ratio on Crash Severity
The Effects of Seat Belts on Injury Severity of Front and Rear Seat Occupants in the Same Frontal Crash
The High Rate of Taxi Drivers' Crashes: How Severe Are They in Terms of the Number of Victims?
Use of Workload Redlines: A KC-135 Crew-Reduction Application
Using Knowledge Exploration Tools to Study Airspace Complexity in Air Traffic Control
Snowmobile driving and symptoms of the locomotive organs
Thermal responses in the body during snowmobile driving
Trauma in infants less than three months of age
Traumatic injuries to permanent teeth among Swedish school children living in a rural area
Sleep apnea, sleepiness, and driving risk. american thoracic society
Smoking and injuries: an overview
Strangulation associated with a passive restraint shoulder harness seatbelt: case report
Temporal bone fractures in children: a review of 34 cases
Temporomandibular pain dysfunction disorder resulting from road traffic accidents--an Australian study
The importance of accidents in evaluating the cost of SSRIs: a review
The pattern and outcome of burn injuries at Wesley Guild Hospital, Ilesha, Nigeria: a review of 156 cases
The risk of dying in alcohol-related automobile crashes among habitual drunk drivers
Trains, planes, and automobiles
Update: alcohol-related traffic fatalities--United States, 1982-1993
Vasovagal syncope as a cause of motor vehicle accidents
Viewpoint of a driver with epilepsy
Simulation of the Hybrid III Dummy Response to Impact by Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis
Thoracic Trauma Assessment Formulations for Restrained Drivers in Simulated Frontal Impacts
Three-dimensional finite element analysis of the human brain under combined rotational and translational accelerations
Three-dimensional head-neck model: Validation for frontal and lateral impacts
X-Ray Study of the Human Neck Motion Due to Head Inertia Loading
Subjective and objective evaluation of risk on roadway curves
Urban congestion caused by incidents
Valuation of road traffic accident injuries
Slip estimation scheme for controlling anti-skid braking systems
Alcohol, drugs and driving: Implications for evaluating driver impairment
The Value of Road Safety: UK Research on the Valuation of Preventing Non-Fatal Injuries
Towards a Willingness-To-Pay Based Value of Underground Safety
Test and Evaluation Criteria for Side-Impact Roadside Appurtenance Collisions
The Role of the Physical Environment in Child Pedestrian Accidents
Unified Design of Horizontal Circular Curves -- Closure
An architecture for motion planning and motion control of a car-like vehicle
Computing and modeling issues in wide-area Advanced Traveler Information Systems
Detecting and localising obstacles in front of a moving vehicle using linear stereo vision
FhG-Co-driver: From map-guided automatic driving by machine vision to a cooperative driver support
Intelligent Vehicle Highway System: Advanced Public Transportation Systems
Intelligent vehicle highway systems: A mandate now–and for the future
Neurocontrol of an aircraft: Application to windshear
ProLab2: A driving assistance system
Regulation layer controller design for automated highway systems
Simplified and refined earthquake analyses for buried pipes
The predicted impact of revised Australian car design rules on Melbourne air quality trends
The YARF system for vision-based road following
Traffic sign recognition using colour information
Voice Operated Information System (VOIS) for driver's route guidance
Probabilities and odds in hot pursuit: A benefit-cost analysis
The relative cost-effectiveness of citation and arrest
Trends in hotel patronage and drink driving in Hobart, Tasmania
The Effect of Impact Velocity (Delta V) on Development of Injury Complications in Multiple Trauma Motor Vehicle Crash Patients
The impact of lowering the illegal BAC limit to .08 in five states in the U.S.A
The Influence of Footwell Intrusion on Lower Extremity Response and Injury in Frontal Crashes
The Relationship Between Vehicle Roof Strength and Occupant Injury in Rollover Crash Data
The Scope and Nature of the Drowsy Driving Problem in New York State
Traffic Violator Courses: What and Whether
TRISS-Like Trauma Outcome Analysis and the Development of Regional Coefficients
Understanding the harm from U.S. motor vehicle crashes
Who's Driving? College Students' Choices of Transportation Home After Drinking
Situation Awareness As a Function of Frame of Reference, Computer-Graphics Eyepoint Elevation, and Geometric Field of View
Some Measurement and Methodological Considerations in the Application of Subjective Workload Measurement Techniques
The Aircraft Crash at Gottrora: Experiences of the Cockpit Crew
Severe upper limb injuries in four passengers of a 'People Carrier'; the contribution of design faults
Short-term follow-up of post-traumatic stress symptoms in motor vehicle accident victims
Side impact motor vehicular crashes: patterns of injury
Sideswipe elbow fractures
Sleep apnea a risk factor for poor driving
Sleep apnea syndrome: A report of 20 Saudi patients
Sleep related vehicle accidents
Sleep related vehicle accidents
Subway suicide rates and national suicide rates
Syncope as etiology of road crashes involving elderly drivers
The cost of sleep-related accidents: a reanalysis
The cost of sleepiness
The effect of accident mechanisms and initial findings on the long-term course of whiplash injury
The effect of passenger load on unstable vehicles in fatal, untripped rollover crashes
The health repercussions of government transport policies
The impact of severity of physical injury and perception of life threat in the development of post-traumatic stress disorder in motor vehicle accident victims
The influence of age on injury severity of restrained front seat occupants in head-on collisions
The Israeli ocular injuries study: incidence of legal blindness from ocular trauma
The prevalence of drivers in acute geriatric wards
The prevalence of work-related sleep problems
The public health significance of cannabis use in Australia
The relationship between vigilance deficits and traffic injuries involving children
The rough road to air bags
The urban traffic environment and the risk of child pedestrian injury: a case-crossover approach
The validity of using health state indexes in measuring the consequences of traffic injury for public health
Thoracic deformation and velocity analysis in frontal impact
Traffic-related mortality in industrialized and less developed countries
Traumatic spinal cord injuries in Istanbul, Turkey. an epidemiological study
Trend in mortality from violent deaths: Unintentional injuries, United States, 1960-1991
Update: alcohol-related traffic crashes and fatalities among youth and young adults--United States, 1982-1994
Uterine rupture with fetal death following blunt trauma
Vehicle speed and risk of a severe crash
Whiplash injuries increase with seatbelt use
Work-related fatalities in the agricultural production and services sectors, 1980-1989
Young children's judgments of relative mass of two objects in a head-on-collision event
Technical specifications of the SID-IIs dummy
To drive or not to drive: neuropsychological assessment for driver's license among stroke patients
Variability of Hybrid III Clearance Dimensions Within the FMVSS 208 and NCAP Vehicle Test Fleets and the Effects of Clearance Dimensions on Dummy Impact Responses
What is the evidence for an organic lesion in whiplash injury?
Simulation of driver behaviour at junctions in the Bangkok network
Youth risk behavior surveillance--United States, 1993
Vehicle and Pedestrian Accident Models for Median Locations
Travel Patterns of Rural Elders
The influence of minor junctions on link accident frequencies
The Puffin pedestrian crossing: pedestrial-behavioural study
Towards unravelling the confounding of deviant driving, drink driving and traffic accident liability
Waking effectiveness of visual alerting signals
Predictors of fetal demise after trauma in pregnant Saudi Arabian women
Suicide, road traffic and cancer deaths among the young in Ireland
Seniors' perceived driving skill in a postlicense training program: comparison of instructors' assessments and self-assessments by seniors' age and sex
Testing for cannabis in the work-place: a review of the evidence
Validation of self-reported motor-vehicle crash and related work leave in a multi-purpose prospective cohort
Vehicle Side Slip Angle Estimation Methodology Using a Drive Recorder
Will Increasing Alcohol Availability By Lowering the Minimum Legal Drinking Age Decrease Drinking and Related Consequences Among Youths?
Contribution of initial heart rate to the prediction of posttraumatic stress symptom level in accident victims
Deadly drivers: reporting the medically impaired
Decapitation with egg shelling of the skull in a road traffic accident: a case report
Do bus accidents cause nonepileptic seizures?: complex issues of medicolegal causation
Effects of a secondary task on obstacle avoidance in healthy young adults
Event-based detection of lapses of responsiveness
Frontal eye field signals that may trigger the brainstem saccade generator
Guidelines on prophylactic medical examinations of drivers
Head and eye movements and the role of memory limitations in a visual search paradigm
How moving objects become animated: the human mirror neuron system assimilates non-biological movement patterns
Influence of increased flight time on civil pilots health
Isolated medial rectus muscle rupture after a traffic accident
Means of transportation to work and overweight and obesity: a population-based study in southern Sweden
Monitoring system for cardiovascular parameters of drivers
Red light for red-light cameras? A meta-analysis of the effects of red-light cameras on crashes
Neural enhancement and pre-emptive perception: the genesis of attention and the attentional maintenance of the cortical salience map
Neurocognitive effects of alcohol hangover
Perceptual limits on the visual monitoring task
Pre-emptive perception
Prehospital discharge car safety seat testing of infants after congenital heart surgery
Public transit, obesity, and medical costs: assessing the magnitudes
Stop-signal reaction-time task performance: role of prefrontal cortex and subthalamic nucleus
Task-specific modulations of locomotor action parameters based on on-line visual information during collision avoidance with moving objects
The attenuation effect in timing: counteracting dual-task interference with time-judgment skill training
The economic impact of obstructive sleep apnea
Towards improved measurement of cognitive and behavioural work demands
Underestimation of severity of previous whiplash injuries
Are cars making us fat?
Assessing impaired arm use and learned bias after stroke using unimanual and bimanual steering tasks
Aviation signal light gun: variations in photometric and colorimetric properties among airports
Avulsion of the distal tibial shaft in aircraft crashes: a pathological feature of extreme decelerative injury
Axial loading with hyperflexion injury to the atlas resulting in crushed lateral masses
Barriers to driving and community integration after traumatic brain injury
Biker docs
Bizarre crash produces unexpected hazard
Cervical and lumbar MRI findings in aviators as a function of aircraft type
Children's use of motor vehicle restraints: maternal psychological distress, maternal motor vehicle restraint practices, and sociodemographics
Chronic pain and driving: proceed with caution
The Influences of the Built Environment and Residential Self-Selection on Pedestrian Behavior: Evidence from Austin, TX
Relationship between occupation, social class and time taken off work following a whiplash injury
Wheel-chair driving improvement following visuo-manual prism adaptation
Work-related stress at sea. Possibilities of research and measures of stress
Improvements in Transport Infrastructure are designed to Increase Travel Speed: Comments on ‘The Myth of Travel Time Saving’
Reflections on Travel Time Savings: Comments to David Metz
Response to the Responses on ‘The Myth of Travel Time Saving’
Who Knows Where the Time Goes? A Response to David Metz
Characterization of vehicle driving patterns and development of driving cycles in Chinese cities
Choice valuation of traffic restrictions: Noise, pollution, and congestion preferences. A note
Environmental burden of disease due to transportation noise in Flanders (Belgium)
Quantifying the external costs of vehicle use: Evidence from America's top-selling light-duty models
The optimisation process of an energy absorbing frontal underrun protection device
Performance and Repair Design of Stay Cables with Rain/Wind-Induced Vibrations
Probabilistic Failure Prediction for Deteriorating Pipelines: Nonparametric Approach
Study of the Efficiency of Aircraft Safety Barriers in Madeira Airport
Superload Evaluation of the Bonnet Carré Spillway Bridge
Wind Pressure and Strain Measurements on Bridges. I: Instrumentation/Data Collection System
Wind Pressure and Strain Measurements on Bridges. II: Strain Transducer Development
Conceptual development of a personalised whiplash protection system
Effects of boundary conditions in dynamic tests for pedestrian safety: a finite element simulation study
Effects of pre-impact body orientation on traumatic brain injury in a vehicle–pedestrian collision
Experimental validation of three-dimensional finite element model of pelvis-femur-soft tissue complex under side impact loading
Finite element lateral crash analysis of front natural gas vehicle platform with tank mounting structure
Finite element study of side impact on pelvis with car door padding
Gyroscopic analysis in two-wheeler vehicles: an application oriented case study to ensure rider safety
Parameterisation of human femur bone using computerised tomography scan images
Pedestrian leg protection performance in current vehicle design in an event of vehicle-to-pedestrian accident
Prediction of subdural haematoma based on a 3D finite element human head model
Are motorway wildlife passages worth building? Vertebrate use of road-crossing structures on a Spanish motorway
Associations between active commuting to school, fat mass and lifestyle factors in adolescents: the Kiel Obesity Prevention Study (KOPS)
Estimating the effects of light rail transit on health care costs
Feet rolled over by cars: radiological and histological considerations from experiments
Inter- and intra-subject variability in ethanol pharmacokinetic parameters: effects of testing interval and dose
Postural support strategies of disabled drivers and the effectiveness of postural support aids
The impact of event scale-revised: psychometric properties in a sample of motor vehicle accident survivors
The Rookwood Driving Battery: normative older adult performance
The Standardized Field Sobriety Tests: a review of scientific and legal issues
The thrill of reckless driving in patients with Parkinson's disease: an additional behavioural phenomenon in dopamine dysregulation syndrome?
Ultra-rapid rate of ethanol elimination from blood in drunken drivers with extremely high blood-alcohol concentrations
Underdiagnosis of comorbid mental illness in repeat DUI offenders mandated to treatment
Use of health care and drugs by police officers 8.5 years after the air disaster in Amsterdam
Visual attention and self-regulation of driving among older adults
Annoyance and disturbance of daily activities from road traffic noise in Canada
Application of auditory signals to the operation of an agricultural vehicle: results of pilot testing
Assessing visual fields for driving in patients with paracentral scotomata
Biomechanics of volunteers subject to loading by a motorized shoulder belt tensioner
Blunt neck trauma: torn internal jugular vein after a motor vehicle crash
Booster seat use by children aged 4-11 years: evidence of the need to revise current Australasian standards to accommodate overweight children
BPPV and fitness to fly--or drive
Brain activation during fast driving in a driving simulator: the role of the lateral prefrontal cortex
Brief motivational intervention to increase self-reported safety belt use among emergency department patients
Cabin cruising altitudes for regular transport aircraft
Cardiorespiratory and neuromuscular responses to motocross riding
Cockpit design and cross-cultural issues underlying failures in crew resource management
Cognitive abilities as predictors of safety to drive in people with multiple sclerosis
Cognitive and vision loss affects the topography of the attentional visual field
Commentary: primary prevention of drunk driving: over the airwaves, under the radar
Commute time and social capital in the U.S
Comparing the neurocognitive effects of 40 h sustained wakefulness in patients with untreated OSA and healthy controls
Configural features of helmet-mounted displays to enhance pilot situation awareness
Cycling to work: influence on indexes of health in untrained men and women in Flanders. Coronary heart disease and quality of life
Decisions among time saving options: when intuition is strong and wrong
Delayed diagnosis of a flexion-distraction (seat belt) injury in a patient with multiple abdominal injuries: a case report
Designing information fusion for the encoding of visual-spatial information
Differences in physical activity by gender, weight status and travel mode to school in Cypriot children
Does the brake response time of the right leg change after left total knee arthroplasty? A prospective study
Driving and obstructive sleep apnoea
Driving safety among older adults
Driving under the influence of opiates: concentration relationships between morphine, codeine, 6-acetyl morphine, and ethyl morphine in blood
Driving while inTEXTicated?
Driving-related risks and impact of methylphenidate treatment on driving in adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
Drug driving and the management of risk: the perspectives and practices of a sample of problem drug users
Effects of a sedative antihistamine, D-chlorpheniramine, on regional cerebral perfusion and performance during simulated car driving
Effects of airsickness in male and female student pilots: adaptation rates and 4-year outcomes
Elaboration: diabetes and driving
Epidemiological aspects of vertigo in the general population of the Autonomic Region of Valencia, Spain
Epilepsy and law
Ergonomics solution for crossing collisions based on field assessment of visual environment at urban intersections in Japan
Error in the article: "driving under the influence of opiates: concentration relationships between morphine, codeine, 6-acetyl morphine, and ethyl morphine in blood"
Error prevention as developed in airlines
Evaluation of the traffic parameters in a metropolitan area by fusing visual perceptions and CNN processing of webcam images
Evidence from a cohort of able bodied adults to support the need for driver training for motorized scooters before community participation
Eye movements drive steering: reduced eye movement distribution impairs steering and driving performance
Fatigue and health in a seafaring population
Hazardous off-gassing of carbon monoxide and oxygen depletion during ocean transportation of wood pellets
Heart rate and blood lactate concentration of male road-race motorcyclists
How hypoglycaemia can affect the life of a person with diabetes
Impact of a hypertension management/health promotion program on commercial driver's license employees of a self-insured utility company
Improved military air traffic controller selection methods as measured by subsequent training performance
In-vehicle CO ingression: validation through field measurements and mass balance simulations
Influence of cabin conditions on placement and response of contaminant detection sensors in a commercial aircraft
Influence of stationary lateral vibrations on train passengers' difficulty to read and write
Inverse associations between cycling to work, public transport, and overweight and obesity: findings from a population based study in Australia
Investigating pilot performance using mixed-modality simulated data link
Longitudinal predictors of driving cessation among older adults from the ACTIVE clinical trial
Loss of cabin pressure in a military transport: a mass casualty with decompression illnesses
Medico-legal assessment of disability in narcolepsy: an interobserver reliability study
Modeling of a seated human body exposed to vertical vibrations in various automotive postures
Modelling of human alarm handling response times: a case study of the Ladbroke Grove rail accident in the UK
Multisensory interface design for drivers: past, present and future
Navigation skill impairment: Another dimension of the driving difficulties in minimal hepatic encephalopathy
Next-day cognition, psychomotor function, and driving-related skills following nighttime administration of eszopiclone
Optical performance measurement and night driving simulation of ReSTOR, ReZoom, and Tecnis multifocal intraocular lenses in a model eye
Packaging guidance for hazmat shipments
Partial sleep deprivation: impact on the architecture and quality of sleep
Participation in a trauma-focused epidemiological investigation may result in sensitization for current health problems
Policies related to active transport to and from school: a multisite case study
Predicting health behaviors with an experimental measure of risk preference
Quantification of ventilation characteristics of a helmet
Radiant heat transfer of bicycle helmets and visors
Radiation dose, driving performance, and cognitive function in patients with head and neck cancer
Rebound effects with long-acting amphetamine or methylphenidate stimulant medication preparations among adolescent male drivers with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
Regarding Formula One and global road safety
Response to: vision and drivers--a South Wales survey
Results of the MITRA project: monitoring and intervention for the transportation of dangerous goods
Seat belt trauma: pectoralis muscle rupture and delayed mesh repair
Seat belt use among rear passengers: validity of self-reported versus observational measures
Segmental hair analysis in order to evaluate driving performance
Significant factors of aviation insurance and risk management strategy: an empirical study of Taiwanese airline carriers
Simulated driving performance of adults with ADHD: comparisons with alcohol intoxication
Sleep and errors in a group of Australian hospital nurses at work and during the commute
Sleep and sleepiness of fishermen on rotating schedules
Sleep length as a function of morning shift-start time in irregular shift schedules for train drivers: self-rated health and individual differences
Social-ecological correlates of active commuting to school among high school students
Stress hormones and post-traumatic stress disorder in civilian trauma victims: a longitudinal study. Part I: HPA axis responses
Stress hormones and post-traumatic stress disorder in civilian trauma victims: a longitudinal study. Part II: the adrenergic response
SWOT analysis for safer carriage of bulk liquid chemicals in tankers
Systematic screening for unsafe driving due to medical conditions: still debatable
The benefit of public transportation: physical activity to reduce obesity and ecological footprint
Investigating the impact of extended bar closing times on police stops for DUI
BMI, auto use, and the urban environment in San Francisco
Exogenous spatial cueing modulates subliminal masked priming
Genetic effect of transportation infrastructure on roe deer populations (Capreolus capreolus)
Inhibition of return for expected and unexpected targets
Trauma in adolescents causes long-term marked deficits in quality of life: adolescent children do not recover preinjury quality of life or function up to two years postinjury compared to national norms
Highway mortality among mammals
The question of wildlife destruction by the automobile
The Issue of Glare and Lighting in the New Road Traffic Regulations of the German Reich
The Psychological Approach to the Problem of Road Accidents
The Road Sign
Years of the Profession Cooperative Accident Prevention
Medicolegal Aspects of Alcoholism
Traffic Safety Program
Automobile Accidents and "Vehicides": Some Federal and California Statistics
Concerning automobile injuries
Mountain road casualties among animals in Colorado
Report of Committee on Transportation
Skunk mortality on the highway
Summary of mortality from automobile accidents
Testings on Roadway Ripples
The Effect of Automobile Driving on the Reactions of the Driver
Traffic and Spatial Arrangement
Traffic Lighting With Danger From the Air
Sensory modality and time perception in children and adults
Visual object affordances: object orientation
Analytical modelling and computer simulation of an 8-DOF vehicle in response to road ramps
Field data analysis of occupant injury during rollover crashes
Incremental harmonic balance method for analysis of standard/smart vehicles-to-rigid barrier frontal collision
Investigation of the critical geometric characteristics of living human skulls utilising medical image analysis techniques
Limitation of scaling methods in child head finite element modelling
Pedestrian kinematic response to mid-sized vehicle impact
Space needed by a decelerating head to keep an imposed HIC at a given impact velocity
Statistical analysis of pedestrian-vehicle impact characteristics of passenger-car-to-pedestrian accidents in Beijing China
Techniques for reducing computational time in vehicle rollover simulations
The effect of bulge height and length on the lateral crash behaviour of front platform of a compressed natural gas vehicle
The feasibility and effectiveness of belt pretensioning and load limiting for adults in the rear seat
Understanding the causation of single-vehicle crashes: a methodology for in-depth on-scene multidisciplinary case studies
Angina pectoris: can I control it and continue flying?
Antisocial personality disorder and medical certification
Application of 3D documentation and geometric reconstruction methods in traffic accident analysis: with high resolution surface scanning, radiological MSCT/MRI scanning and real data based animation
Application of the theory of planned behaviour to the prediction of objectively assessed breaking of posted speed limits
Are changes in blood-ethanol concentration during storage analytically significant? Importance of method imprecision
Are mental health problems associated with use of Accident and Emergency and health-related harm?
Armoured fighting vehicle casualties. 1977
Assessing cognitive and psychomotor performance under long-term treatment with transdermal buprenorphine in chronic noncancer pain patients
Aviation Rulemaking Committee--Age 60 Rule: the penultimate act
Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo in an airline pilot
Benzodiazepines and elderly drivers: a comparison of pharmacoepidemiological study designs
Beyond cognition: predicting health risk behaviors from instrumental and affective beliefs
Bus dynamics for mobility-aid securement design
Caffeine, sleep and wakefulness: implications of new understanding about withdrawal reversal
Can color vision defective subjects who pass the Farnsworth lantern test recognize surface color codes?
Carbohydrate-deficient transferrin (CDT): a reliable indicator of the risk of driving under the influence of alcohol when determined by capillary electrophoresis
Cardiovascular consequences of high-performance aircraft maneuvers: implications for effective countermeasures and laboratory-based simulations
Cardiovascular function and gravity transitions during parabolic flight
Synthesis and Identification of Urinary Metabolites of 4-Iodo-2,5-dimethoxyphenethylamine
Challenges of developing the complex socio-technical system: realising the present, acknowledging the past, and envisaging the future of vessel traffic services
Changing lanes: inertial cues and explicit path information facilitate steering performance when visual feedback is removed
Changing the density of alcohol outlets to reduce alcohol-related problems
Characterization of the triacylglycerol crystal formation in adipose tissue during a vehicle collision
Use of Propensity Score Matching Method and Hybrid Bayesian Method to Estimate Crash Modification Factors of Signal Installation
The dynamics of reciprocal aiming with a steering wheel
The effect of biofeedback training on affective regulation and simulated car-racing performance: a multiple case study analysis
The impact of short, irregular sleep opportunities at sea on the alertness of marine pilots working extended hours
The Qinghai-Tibet railway
The reappearance hypothesis revisited: recurrent involuntary memories after traumatic events and in everyday life
The role of visual occlusion in altitude maintenance during simulated flight
The role of workload and driver coping styles in predicting bus drivers' need for recovery, positive and negative affect, and physical symptoms
The seat belt sign: a word of caution regarding seat belt usage
Traffic gap judgment in people with significant peripheral field loss
Traumatic aortic arch false aneurysm after blunt chest trauma in a motocross rider
Treatment barriers for low-income, urban African Americans with undiagnosed posttraumatic stress disorder
Unexpected supraglottic injury following a frontal impact motor-vehicle accident
Unsupervised learning of discriminative edge measures for vehicle matching between nonoverlapping cameras
Using different methods to assess the discomfort during car driving
Warding off sleepiness
When should patients with Alzheimer disease stop driving?
When the envelope pushes back: a combat aviator experiences barotrauma after descending with an ear block
Workers' compensation boards and nineteenth century French railway firms
Another threat to the availability of isotretinoin: ocular side effects have aviation authorities considering restricting use from (even potential) pilots
Assessing the unintended health impacts of road transport policies and interventions: translating research evidence for use in policy and practice
Association between different restraint use and rear-seated child passenger fatalities: a matched cohort study
Asymmetric bilateral hip dislocation after motor vehicle accident - a case study and review of the literature
Basic driving skills should be practiced before going on-road with a motorized scooter but universal testing is not warranted
Biological, developmental, and neurobehavioral factors relevant to adolescent driving risks
Biomechanical response of the pediatric abdomen, Part 2: injuries and their correlation with engineering parameters
Booster seat use by children aged 4-11 years: evidence of the need to revise current Australasian standards to accommodate overweight children
Braking function after complex lower extremity trauma
Bus drivers' mental conditions and their relation to bus passengers' accidents with a focus on the psychological stress concept
Can we fully implement what we know about safe driving during adolescence?
Carbohydrate metabolism disturbances among public transport drivers--the need for regulations in Poland
Cognition, but not sensation, mediates age-related changes in the ability to monitor the environment
Collision avoidance in commercial aircraft Free Flight via neural networks and non-linear programming
Combining control input with flight path data to evaluate pilot performance in transport aircraft
Coupled object detection and tracking from static cameras and moving vehicles
Determination of driving cessation for older adults with dementia in Japan
Didn't hear it coming. Must hybrid cars be louder to be safe for pedestrians?
Driving and ventricular arrhythmia: a historical perspective
Driving around bends with manipulated eye-steering coordination
Driving drowsy
Driving toward crashless cars
EEG and HRV markers of sleepiness and loss of control during car driving
Effect of long-acting OROS methylphenidate on routine driving in young adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
Effectiveness of cataract surgery in reducing driving-related difficulties: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Effects of memory rehearsal on driver performance: experiment and theoretical account
Effects of modafinil on simulator driving and self-assessment of driving following sleep deprivation
Effects of night work, sleep loss and time on task on simulated threat detection performance
Effects of prolonged-release melatonin, zolpidem, and their combination on psychomotor functions, memory recall, and driving skills in healthy middle aged and elderly volunteers
Effects of shift rotation and the flexibility of a shift system on daytime alertness and cardiovascular risk factors
Emergency brake response time after first metatarsal osteotomy
Encouraging the installation of rollover protective structures in New York State: the design of a social marketing intervention
Energy absorption of seated occupants exposed to horizontal vibration and role of back support condition
Epidemiology of adverse events in air medical transport
Estimating vigilance in driving simulation using probabilistic PCA
Examination of cognitive and instrumental functional performance as indicators for driving cessation risk across 3 years
Examining the link between drinking-driving and depressed mood
Flying in the face of danger. A spate of air ambulance crashes has raised questions about safety, but providers say the service offers overwhelming benefits
Frequency and irregularity of heart rate in drivers suspected of driving under the influence of cannabis
From the exam room to behind the wheel: can healthcare providers affect automobile morbidity and mortality in teens?
Haptic gas pedal feedback
Haptic guidance can enhance motor learning of a steering task
Hazardous use of gamma hydroxybutyrate: driving under the influence
Heart rate and respiration responses to real traffic pattern flight
Hot wheels
Iconic sign comprehension in older adults: the role of cognitive impairment and text enhancement
Identifying client-level indicators of recovery among DUI, criminal justice, and non-criminal justice treatment referrals
Increase in regularity and decrease in variability seen in electroencephalography (EEG) signals from alert to fatigue during a driving simulated task
Dental emergencies in children seen at University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan, Nigeria--5 year review
Introduction: teen driving
Is active commuting the answer to population health?
Is it safe to allow patients with implantable cardioverter-defibrillators to drive? Learnings from a single center experience
Is the way young people drive a reflection of the way their parents drive? An econometric study of the relation between parental risk and their children's risk
Lilienthal's fatal glider crash in 1896: evidence regarding the cause of death
Linking task analysis to information relevance
Longitudinal psychological effects of the Garuda Indonesia air disaster in Japan
Motivational readiness for active commuting by university students: incentives and barriers
Muscle reflection human computer model in wheelchairs traveling in motor vehicles
Net monetary benefit of cost-effective rollover protective structures (CROPS): an estimate of the potential benefits of the CROPS research project
Nurse-administered propofol sedation safety further confirmed - but can we really allow our patients to drive afterwards?
Occupational driving as a risk factor in low back pain: a case-control study in a Mexican population
OH: Patient given Dilaudid--told not to drive: pt. drove from hospital--nurse called police
On-line automatic detection of driver drowsiness using a single electroencephalographic channel
Patients with minimal hepatic encephalopathy have poor insight into their driving skills
Perceived clutter in advanced cockpit displays: measurement and modeling with experienced pilots
Perceptual learning and the visual control of braking
Physiological, biochemical and functional changes induced by a simulated 30 min off-road competitive motocross heat
Predicting driving anger from trait aggression and self-control
Preliminary report of the Hepatic Encephalopathy Assessment Driving Simulator (HEADS) score
Preventing teen motor crashes: contributions from the behavioral and social sciences and summary of the report of the National Research Council and Institute of Medicine
Clinical cosmobiology: distribution of deaths during 180 months and cosmophysical activity. The Lithuanian study, 1990-2004. The role of cosmic rays
Clinical inquiries. Should you restrict your cardiac patient from driving?
Clinical practice regarding dopamine-agonist use and driving in Parkinson's disease
Clinical significance of stapedioplasty biomechanics: swimming, diving, flying after stapes surgery
Cognitive mismatches in the cockpit: will they ever be a thing of the past?
College students use cell phones while driving more frequently than found in government study
Comparison of adult physical activity levels in three Swiss alpine communities with varying access to motorized transportation
Comparison of subjective symptoms and hot prevention measures in summer between traffic control workers and construction workers in Japan
Comparison of three strategies for preventing hypothermia in critically injured casualties during aeromedical evacuation
Confirmation by LC-MS of drugs in oral fluid obtained from roadside testing
Confirmation of the accuracy of a short battery to predict fitness-to-drive of stroke survivors without severe deficits
Convex rear view mirrors compromise distance and time-to-contact judgements
Criminality and continued DUI offense: criminal typologies and recidivism among repeat offenders
Current licensing authority standards for peripheral visual field and safe on-road senior aged automobile driving performance
Datalink in air traffic management: Human factors issues in communications
Death in epileptic people: a review of Manitoba's medical examiner's cases
Decreased N-acetyl-aspartate levels in anterior cingulate and hippocampus in subjects with post-traumatic stress disorder: a proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy study
Designing for flexible interaction between humans and automation: delegation interfaces for supervisory control
Destinations that matter: associations with walking for transport
Determinants of within-country variation in traffic accident mortality in Italy: a geographical analysis
Developing operator capacity estimates for supervisory control of autonomous vehicles
Development and validation of the Cozart DDS oral fluid collection device
Dextromethorphan in Wisconsin drivers
Disease and nonbattle injury in the combat zone
Do I report an impaired driver?
Does posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) affect performance?
Driven to distraction
Driver headway: how close is too close on a motorway?
Driving after brain injury: self-awareness and coping at the tactical level of control
Driving after use of alcohol and marijuana in college students
Driving and dementia
Driving and implantable cardioverter-defibrillator shocks for ventricular arrhythmias: results from the TOVA study
Driving and implantable cardioverter-defibrillators a clearer view
Driving behaviors in patients with head and neck cancer during and after cancer treatment: a preliminary report
Driving under the influence of drugs--amphetamine concentrations in oral fluid and whole blood samples
Drugs and driving by American high school seniors, 2001-2006
Cognitive load of navigating without vision when guided by virtual sound versus spatial language
The Psychological-Nervous Anxiety After Accidents
Traffic Problems of the City Expansion
The Relationship Between Cities and Traffic
The Relationships Between City Size and Traffic
On Steering an Automobile around a Corner
Traffic Illumination
Traffic system. Recent efforts in great Britain's locomotive construction
The Origin of Human Accidents Provoked by Strong Atmospheric Depressions and Protecting the Aviator Against Anoxemic Difficulties
The automobile as a public health hazard
Traffic signs and signals
The Critical Fundamental Speed of an Automobile
Contribution of bottom-up and top-down motion processes to perceived position
Contributions of invariants, heuristics, and exemplars to the visual perception of relative mass
Control of adaptive locomotion: effect of visual obstruction and visual cues in the environment
Control over the scheduling of simulated office work reduces the impact of workload on mental fatigue and task performance
Corporate manslaughter
Crew familiarity: operational experience, non-technical performance, and error management
Drive to survive. Vehicle safety 2006. Part 2: what's new, what's next
Driving distance as a barrier to glycemic control in diabetes
Driving to work and overweight and obesity: findings from the 2003 New South Wales Health Survey, Australia
Early adverse experience and risk for chronic fatigue syndrome: results from a population-based study
Early driver fatigue detection from electroencephalography signals using artificial neural networks
Economy class syndrome after long duration bus travel
Effect of action video games on the spatial distribution of visuospatial attention
Effect of eprosartan on psychophysiological functions of drivers with arterial hypertension
Effect of stiffness and movement speed on selected dynamic torque characteristics of hydraulic-actuation joystick controls for heavy vehicles
Engineering psychology and ergonomics in aviation
Ejection decisions by strike pilots: an extreme value interpretation
Emissions from an automobile fire
Environment-induced human damages caused by railway transport
Environmental enrichment decreases responding for visual novelty
Estimating the quantitative relation between incongruent information and response time
Estimation of locomotion speed and directions changes to control a vehicle using neural signals from the motor cortex of rat
Evaluating health effects of transport interventions methodologic case study
Excessive daytime sleepiness in patients with depressive disorder
Exposure to traffic noise and effects on attention
FAQs: neurological illness and driving
Flooding flows in city crossroads: experiments and 1-D modelling
Generalization of prism adaptation
Hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) and musculoskeletal symptoms in the neck and the upper limbs in professional drivers of terrain vehicles--a cross sectional study
Head and helmet biodynamics and tracking performance in vibration environments
Health complaints following an air disaster: a "second disaster"
Hearing in military pilots: one-time audiometry in pilots of fighters, transports, and helicopters
Hemispheric interactions are different in left-handed individuals
Heroin-using drivers: importance of morphine and morphine-6-glucuronide on late clinical impairment
Heuristic-based information acquisition and decision making among pilots
Horizontal-vertical anisotropy in visual space
Hormonal responses of pilots to training flights: the effects of experience on apparent stress
Human factors in remotely piloted aircraft operations: HFACS analysis of 221 mishaps over 10 years
Human performance optimization in aviation
Hypnotics and driving safety: meta-analyses of randomized controlled trials applying the on-the-road driving test
Impact of the personality characteristics of railway assemblers on occupational traumatism
Implicit change identification: a replication of Fernandez-Duque and Thornton (2003)
Implicit identification of irrelevant local objects interacts with global/local processing of hierarchical stimuli
Improvement of the reliability of air crew spatial orientation with the psycho-educational methods
Improving ambulance safety
Individual skill differences and large-scale environmental learning
Influence of the Pulfrich phenomenon on driving performance
Information from your family doctor. Driving and dementia: what you should know
Information processing capacity while wearing personal protective eyewear
Inhibition of return: sensitivity and criterion as a function of response time
Integrating science, practice and reflexivity--cognitive therapy with driving phobia
Interrupting timing in interval production and discrimination: similarities and differences
Interventions to reduce the adverse psychosocial impact of driving cessation on older adults
Isolated injury of the superior mesenteric artery caused by a lap belt in a child
Isolated intra-articular fracture of the distal ulna: a rare injury related to airbag deployment
Judgments of path, not heading, guide locomotion
The effects of instructional interventions related to street crossing and individuals with disabilities
KAMEDO report no. 77: sinking of the MS Sleipner, 26 November 1999
KAMEDO report no. 79: train accident in Germany, 1998
KAMEDO report no. 80: train accident in England, 1999
The effects of a traffic guidance scheme for auto-toll lanes on traffic safety at toll plazas
Using psychological frameworks to inform the evaluation of fleet safety initiatives
The Irvine-Minnesota inventory to measure built environments development
Use of epidemiology in the public space: Reconstruction of a train fire in India
Using Macrolevel Collision Prediction Models in Road Safety Planning Applications
Lateral interception I: operative optical variables, attunement, and calibration
Lateral interception II: predicting hand movements
Leakage of liquefied petroleum gas during motor vehicle refuelling--a new cause of cold injury
Learning to control collisions: the role of perceptual attunement and action boundaries
Let's keep children safe in cars
Linear temporal characteristics of heart interbeat interval as an index of the pilot's perceived risk
LNG decision making approaches compared
Long term health complaints following the Amsterdam Air Disaster in police officers and fire-fighters
Long-time results and associations between subjective visual difficulties with car driving and objective visual function 5 years after cataract surgery
Lost in virtual space: studies in human and ideal spatial navigation
Mandatory child restraint systems in the Arabian Gulf Countries. The time has come
Measurement of propulsive power and evaluation of propulsive performance from the wake of a self-propelled vehicle
Measuring causal perception: connections to representational momentum?
Memory for where, but not what, is used during visual search
Methanol exposure to car occupants from windshield washing fluid: a pilot study
Methodological issues when comparing hearing thresholds of a group with population standards: the case of the ferry engineers
Minimotorcycles: a new feature of an old problem
Models of high-dimensional semantic space predict language-mediated eye movements in the visual world
The effect of a concurrent task on the walking performance of preschool children
Warfarin use and the risk of motor vehicle crash in older drivers
Early-onset alcohol-use behaviors and subsequent alcohol-related driving risks in young women: a twin study
Effect of aircraft-cabin altitude on passenger discomfort
Effect of the physical activities in leisure time and commuting to work on mental health
Effectiveness of a challenge-and-respond checklist in ensuring safety behavior compliance by medical team members at a rotor-wing air medical program
Effects of a moderate evening alcohol dose. II: performance
Effects of driver nationality and road characteristics on accident fault risk
Effects of field-of-view restrictions on speed and accuracy of manoeuvring
Elevated morning serum interleukin (IL)-6 or evening salivary cortisol concentrations predict posttraumatic stress disorder in children and adolescents six months after a motor vehicle accident
Elimination rates of breath alcohol
Energy and transport
Evaluation of six night vision enhancement systems: qualitative and quantitative support for intelligent image processing
Exploring associations between physical activity and perceived and objective measures of the built environment
Eye movements coordinated with steering benefit performance even when vision is denied
Eye-steering coordination in natural driving
False-positive breath-alcohol test after a ketogenic diet
Family physicians' perceptions and predictors regarding the competence of a person with Alzheimer's disease
Fasten their seatbelts: legal restraint of children in car seats and road ambulances
Fatal falls overboard on commercial fishing vessels in Alaska
Fatigue in aerostructures--where structural health monitoring can contribute to a complex subject
Feasibility and effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral therapy for posttraumatic stress disorder in preschool children: two case reports
Field trial of timed bright light exposure for jet lag among airline cabin crew
Fitness to drive following cerebral pathology: the Rookwood Driving Battery as a tool for predicting on-road driving performance
Fitness to drive in a below knee plaster? An evidence based response
Flight decks and free flight: where are the system boundaries?
Fly the graying skies: a question of competency vs age
Simulator driving performance, subjective sleepiness and salivary cortisol in a fast-forward versus a slow-backward rotating shift system
Slow to catch on to the slow-moving vehicle emblem
Task performance and eye activity: predicting behavior relating to cognitive workload
Traffic calming - Is the design right or wrong?
Formula One and global road safety: response by the FIA Foundation
Frontal cortical oxygenation changes during gravity-induced loss of consciousness in humans: a near-infrared spatially resolved spectroscopic study
G protection: interaction of straining maneuvers and positive pressure breathing
Gamma-hydroxybutyrate concentrations in the blood of impaired drivers, users of illicit drugs, and medical examiner cases
Gender and transportation access among community-dwelling seniors
Genotype and childhood sexual trauma moderate neurocognitive performance: a possible role for brain-derived neurotrophic factor and apolipoprotein E variants
Geographic variability of fatal road traffic injuries in Spain during the period 2002-2004: an ecological study
Glare susceptibility test results correlate with temporal safety margin when executing turns across approaching vehicles in simulated low-sun conditions
GPU-based interactive, stereoscopic visualization of automotive crash simulations
Ground reaction forces during human locomotion on railroad ballast
Hazmat transport: a methodological framework for the risk analysis of marshalling yards
Head position of helicopter pilots during slalom maneuvers
Health conditions, health symptoms and driving difficulties in older adults
Health-related quality of life of firefighters and police officers 8.5 years after the air disaster in Amsterdam
Heart rate and performance during combat missions in a flight simulator
High-risk behaviors and hospitalizations among gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB) users
Hospital management of Mumbai train blast victims
Human factors evaluations of Free Flight Issues solved and issues remaining
Hydrogen storage: the remaining scientific and technological challenges
Impact of extended drinking hours in Ontario on motor-vehicle collision and non-motor-vehicle collision injuries
Impact of hypobaric hypoxia in pressurized cabins of simulated long-distance flights on the 24 h patterns of biological variables, fatigue, and clinical status
Impact of lowering the legal blood alcohol concentration limit to 0.03 on male, female and teenage drivers involved alcohol-related crashes in Japan
Impact of mandatory physician reporting on accident risk in epilepsy
Impact of psychotropic medications on simulated driving: a critical review
Implementation of a computerized psychiatric assessment tool at a DUI treatment facility: a case example
Incorporating data link messaging into a multi-function display to support the Small Aircraft Transportation System (SATS) and the self-separation of general aviation aircraft
A 50-year-old woman presenting after a motor vehicle collision
Accuracy of self-report of on-road crashes and traffic offences in a cohort of young drivers: the DRIVE study
Study of Double-Markov Chains to Estimating Effect of Naval Mine-Sweeping
Study on Multi Level Blur Comprehensive Evaluation Methods of Highway Traffic Based on AHP
Study on Signal Timing Method Based on People
Commuting accidents in the German chemical industry
Daytime running lights in the USA: what is the impact on vehicle crashes in Minnesota?
Driving fitness and cognitive impairment: issues for physicians
Enhanced automatic collision notification system : First field experience
Extension of the Application of Conway-Maxwell-Poisson Models: Analyzing Traffic Crash Data Exhibiting Underdispersion
The older adult driver with cognitive impairment: "It's a very frustrating life"
Posttraumatic nightmares and psychopathology in children after road traffic accidents
Repeal of the Pennsylvania motorcycle helmet law: reflections on the ethical and political dynamics of public health reform
Rail signallers' assessments of their satisfaction with different shift work systems
Re: C.C. Fessler, F.A. Tulleners, D.G. Howitt, and J.R. Richards, Determination of mouth alcohol using the Dräger Evidential Portable Alcohol System, Science and Justice 48 (2008) 16-23
Reduce risk by reducing driving
Regarding Sims and colleagues' "Self-reported health and driving cessation in community-dwelling older drivers"
Restrained behavior. Providers, patients and equipment should all be secured
Rib cage strain pattern as a function of chest loading configuration
Risks and advantages of detecting individuals unfit to drive: a Markov decision analysis
Road rage behaviour and experiences of bus and wagon drivers in Islamabad and Rawalpindi
Safe transportation of children with special healthcare needs
Seat belt pyoderma gangrenosum: minor pressure as a causative factor
Seat belt use in 2007--demographic results
Seatbelt injury resulting in functional loss of a transplanted kidney
Social integration and social support among older adults following driving cessation
The classification of vigilance tasks in the real world
The effect of a trauma center-based intervention program on recidivism among adolescent driving offenders
The effect of acute sleep deprivation on visual evoked potentials in professional drivers
The hazard perception ability of older drivers
The hazards of pregnancy
The impact of a vision screening law on older driver fatality rates
The incidence of Zolpidem use in suspected DUI drivers in Miami-Dade Florida: a comparative study using immunalysis Zolpidem ELISA KIT and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry screening
Sleepiness, near-misses and driving accidents among a representative population of French drivers
The physician's role in assessing and counseling aging drivers: a training session for undergraduate medical students
The relation between the blood benzodiazepine concentration and performance in suspected impaired drivers
The role of reduced fitness to drive due to medical impairments in explaining crashes involving older drivers
Transportation safety standards for wheelchair users: a review of voluntary standards for improved safety, usability, and independence of wheelchair-seated travelers
Traffic crash victimizations of children and teenagers by drinking drivers age 21 and older
Trends in driver education and training
Updating motor carrier compliance, Part 1
Updating motor carrier compliance, part II
Visual function and fitness to drive
Widespread pain following whiplash-associated disorders: incidence, course, and risk factors
Task-Relevance Modulates the Effects of Peripheral Distractors
Two Modes of Sensorimotor Integration in Intention-Based and Stimulus-Based Actions
Study on Moving Pedestrian Tracking Based on Video Sequences
Teen unsafe driving behaviors: focus group final report
The Impact of Alcopops on Adolescent Drinking: A Literature Review
Influence of peak and trough levels of opioid maintenance therapy on driving aptitude
Interpretation of automotive light bulb examination results: an intriguing case
Intra-rater/inter-rater reliability of the air transport minimum data set
Investigating the role of time in affective forecasting: temporal influences on forecasting accuracy
Isometric force production in experienced fighter pilots during +3 Gz centrifuge acceleration
Lack of effects between rupatadine 10 mg and placebo on actual driving performance of healthy volunteers
Lap-belt syndrome: management of aortic intimal dissection in a 7-year-old child with a constellation of injuries
Laterality of periocular basal cell carcinomas in relation to driving practices in Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A
Learning your way around town: how virtual taxicab drivers learn to use both layout and landmark information
Lifetime visual prognosis for patients with primary open-angle glaucoma
Light vehicle fuelling errors in the UK: the nature of the problem, its consequences and prevention
Limb paralysis and visual changes during Glaisher and Coxwell's 1862 balloon ascent to over 8800 m
Linguistic correlates of team performance: toward a tool for monitoring team functioning during space missions
LNG shipping
Long-term sequelae of isolated chemical "airbag" keratitis
Look what I can do while I'm driving: implications for road safety in Australia
Machine learning techniques applied to the determination of road suitability for the transportation of dangerous substances
Management and analysis of out-of-hospital health-related responses to simultaneous railway explosions in Madrid, Spain
Medical aspects of fitness to drive. What do public hospital doctors know and think?
Medico-legal issues and driver licensing
Multisensory cueing for enhancing orientation information during flight
The Paradox of Helicopter Emergency Training
The Value of Spatial Cues in 3D Air Traffic Displays
Workload State Classification With Automation During Simulated Air Traffic Control
Prevalence of drinking and driving in a city of southeastern Brazil
Use of the ICECI and ICD-10 E-Coding structures to evaluate causes of head injury and concussion from sport and recreation participation in a school population
Validation of the Dutch version of the brief young adult alcohol consequences questionnaire (B-YAACQ)
Westminster, CO, USA's Experience With Neighborhood Traffic Management
Multi-sensor integration systems for the tactical combat pilot
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) notes. A social norms strategy to reduce impaired driving among 21- to 34-year-olds
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) notes. Analysis of speeding-related fatal motor vehicle crashes
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) notes. Contrasting rural and urban fatal crashes 1994-2003
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) notes. Seat belt use in 2005: demographic results
Navigation performance with a virtual auditory display: effects of beacon sound, capture radius, and practice
NTSB speaks, but who listens?
On the surprising salience of curvature in grouping by proximity
On-board generation of a highly volatile starting fuel to reduce automobile cold-start emissions
Oscillatory motion induces change blindness
Our cars, ourselves
Outcomes and attitudes: lessons learned from pilots
P-drive: assessment of driving performance after stroke
Parasomnias: clinical features and forensic implications
Patients and relatives desire their physician to give a judgement about driving abilities: a survey by questionnaire on a Dutch memory clinic
Perceived physical and social causality in animated motions: spontaneous reports and ratings
Perception of cockpit environment among pilots on commercial aircraft
Perception of initial moving target signals: support for a cumulative lateral inhibition theory
Performance-related activity in medial rostral prefrontal cortex (area 10) during low-demand tasks
Personality and psychic deadaptation of airline pilots with neurocirculatory dystonia
Pink teeth in a series of bodies recovered from a single shipwreck
Potential benefits of across-aid communication for bilaterally aided people: listening in a car
Predicting neck injuries due to head-supported mass
Simulator performance, microsleep episodes, and subjective sleepiness: normative data using convergent methodologies to assess driver drowsiness
Sleep apnea and commercial motor vehicle operators: statement from the joint Task Force of the American College of Chest Physicians, American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, and the National Sleep Foundation
Slippery road conditions and fatal motor vehicle crashes in the northeastern United States, 1998-2002
Spectral discomfort glare sensitivity under low photopic conditions
Stable long-term opioid medication per se does not always cause loss of driving ability: the doctor and patient must consider additional risk factors for unsafe driving
Target detection and driving behaviour measurements in a driving simulator at mesopic light levels
The dazzle reflex: electrophysiological signals from ocular muscles reveal strong binocular summation effects
Spreading the word about the 'indisputable science of speed'
Starting Amber-the first significant review since the 1960s
National standard for health assessment of rail safety workers: the first year
Prevalence of adverse behaviors among young military conscripts in Taiwan
Purtscher's retinopathy after a rally-driving accident
Putting limits on teen drivers
Qualitative and quantitative change in the dynamics of motor learning
Rail commuting duration and passenger stress
Recovery from unusual attitudes: HUD vs. back-up display in a static F/A-18 simulator
Representing target motion: the role of the right hemisphere in the forward displacement bias
Right atrium tear as cause of death after blunt chest trauma
Risk attitude in small timesaving decisions
Safe intersection practices
Scene and position specificity in visual memory for objects
Working Conditions in the Cockpit Cabin
Yaw Rate Feedback for Vehicle Stability With EPS
The hazards of watching football--are Australians at risk?
Selected work-related health problems in drivers of public transport vehicles
Self-inflicted death during interfacility transfer
Epidemiology of injury in rural Pondicherry, India
Self-reported experience with safe transport of children with special healthcare needs: a rehabilitation therapist perspective
Sequence learning and selection difficulty
Shock and vibration data acquisition system for off-road vehicle operator health and safety assessment
Simon effect with and without awareness of the accessory stimulus
Simulated driving and brain imaging: combining behavior, brain activity, and virtual reality
Sleep and cognitive performance of flight nurses after 12-hour evening versus 18-hour shifts
Snowmobile injuries
Souls on board: helicopter emergency medical services and safety
Specificity effects in training and transfer of speeded responses
Speech acts, communication problems, and fighter pilot team performance
Speeded old-new recognition of multidimensional perceptual stimuli: modeling performance at the individual-participant and individual-item levels
Stimulus-dependent processing of temporal order
Stimulus-response compatibility with pure and mixed mappings in a flight task environment
Study of a mortality surge among transport workers in Japan
Submarine landslides: processes, triggers and hazard prediction
Summaries for patients. Coffee and napping improve nighttime highway driving
Supporting trust calibration and the effective use of decision aids by presenting dynamic system confidence information
Surface electromyography as a tool to assess the responses of car passengers to lateral accelerations. Part II: Objective comparison of vehicles
Surface electromyography as a tool to assess the responses of car passengers to lateral accelerations: Part I. Extraction of relevant muscular activities from noisy recordings
Surface geometry influences the shape of illusory contours
Survey of the 50 Hz electric field intensity distribution in drivers' cabs of the electric locomotives
Sweden--is alcohol becoming an ordinary commodity?
Target location probability effects in visual search: an effect of sequential dependencies
Testing the limits of cognitive plasticity in older adults: application to attentional control
The assessment of fitness to drive in people with dementia
The attentional white bear phenomenon: the mandatory allocation of attention to expected distractor locations
The beneficial effects of additional task load, positive affect, and instruction on the attentional blink
The casualty profile from the Reading train crash, November 2004: proposals for improved major incident reporting and the application of trauma scoring systems
Weather Integration in Transportation Management Centers
Weather-Responsive Signal Timing: Practical Guidelines
Web-Based Traffic Accident Remote Simulation System
Wing-in-Ground Effect Vehicles
Electric compass aided global positioning system navigation for powered wheelchairs
Meta-analysis of the acute effects of nicotine and smoking on human performance
Neurocognitive Function and Cardiovascular Disease
Neural substrates of driving behaviour
Nonintrusive biosignal measurement system in a vehicle
Occupational ergonomic issues in highway construction surveyed in Wisconsin, United States
Of a crash helmet and a cranial bolt: a design change recommendation
On treatment with eye movement desensitization and reprocessing of chronic post-traumatic stress disorder in public transportation workers--a randomized controlled trial
One puff above the limit
Out of this nettle, danger, we pluck this flower, safety: healthcare vs. aviation and other high-hazard industries
Pain modulation during drives through cold and hot virtual environments
Partial and full PTSD in Brazilian ambulance workers: prevalence and impact on health and on quality of life
Patch models and their applications to multivehicle command and control
Patient bypass behavior and critical access hospitals: implications for patient retention
Pattern of maxillofacial and associated injuries in road traffic accidents
Perceived brightness of incandescent and LED aviation signal lights
Perception-action icons: an interface design strategy for intermediate domains
Pilot safety survey 2005: what pilots are saying
Planes, trains, automobiles--and tea sets: extremely intense interests in very young children
Poor recognition of the UK minimum driving vision standard by motorists attending optometric practice
Post-mortem cases involving amphetamine-based drugs in The Netherlands. Comparison with driving under the influence cases
Postmortem computed tomography in victims of military air mishaps: radiological-pathological correlation of CT findings
Potential for BLEVE associated with marine LNG vessel fires
Preliminary recognition of whole body vibration risk in private farmers' working environment
Preliminary study of motion artifact rejection for NIBP measurement in an ambulance
Premenstrual dysphoric disorder: treatment with sertraline, neuropsychological effects, and flight status
Prevalence of gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB) in serum samples of amphetamine, metamphetamine and ecstasy impaired drivers
Promoting active community environments through land use and transportation planning
Psychological factors in airline passenger and crew behaviour: a clinical overview
Psychopathological consequences after a terrorist attack: an epidemiological study among victims, the general population, and police officers
Public policies determine traffic deaths and fuel use
Quality indicators for the care of dementia in vulnerable elders
Quantitative Erased Respondent Method (QERM): using quantitative group data as an alternative to quantitative individual data. A simulated application to road checks for drivers under the influence of cocaine
Rapid counterclockwise shift rotation in air traffic control: effects on sleep and night work
Re: "Laterality of periocular basal cell carcinomas in relation to driving practices in Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A."
Re: Long-acting stimulants for novice drivers with ADHD
Reducing cannabis-impaired driving: is there sufficient evidence for drug testing of drivers?
Repeatability of a checklist for evaluating cab design characteristics of heavy mobile equipment
Responses of motor-sport athletes to v8 supercar racing in hot conditions
Results and recommendations from the helicopter EMS pilot safety survey 2005
Review of field studies of aircraft noise-induced sleep disturbance
Review of the use of physical restraints and lap belts with wheelchair users
Rheumatoid arthritis in a military aviator
Riding a bus while seated in a wheelchair: A pilot study of attitudes and behavior regarding safety practices
Road check. A new diagnostic/GPS device helps maintain safety in an uncertain world
Roadside detection of impairment under the influence of ketamine--evaluation of ketamine impairment symptoms with reference to its concentration in oral fluid and urine
Rules of the road. The must-haves of an effective vehicle-safety program
Safe access/egress systems for emergency ambulances
Safe on arrival. Driving is a prime cause of U.S. occupational deaths. A virtual simulator intends to foster safer driving
Safety A.S.A.P. The Ambulance Safety Awareness Program at Baldwin EMS
Safety in numbers: a survey on ambulance patient compartment safety
Safety or marketing? Why we decorate our vehicles the way that we do
Saving gas and lives
Screening for drugs in oral fluid: illicit drug use and drug driving in a sample of Queensland motorists
Seat belt use in pregnancy: history, misconceptions and the need for education
Seat-belt use and non-use in adults in Slovenia
Self-reported importance and difficulty of driving in a low-vision clinic population
Sensory-motor and cognitive tests predict driving ability of persons with brain disorders
Situational awareness ability and cognitive skills training in a complex real-world task
Sleep and circadian rhythms in humans
Sleep debt and outside employment patterns in helicopter air medical staff working 24-hour shifts
Wheelset Skid in Railway Bogies
When measuring vehicle crush find the method that works for you. Part one
Work Risk-Prevention Procedures in Highway Management and Maintenance Contracts
Work-Related Accidents in the Maritime Transport Sector
Spinal Injuries Following Major Motor Vehicle Crashes
The recent dramatic decline in road mortality in France: how drivers' attitudes towards road traffic safety changed between 2001 and 2004 in the GAZEL cohort
The way we live in our cities
Medical education on fitness to drive
Medical education on fitness to drive: a survey of all UK medical schools
The characterization of automobile body fillers
Seafarers' fatigue: a review of the recent literature
The development of an audit technique to assess the quality of safety barrier management
The effect of items in working memory on the deployment of attention and the eyes during visual search
The effect of perceptual load on attention-induced motion blindness: the efficiency of selective inhibition
The effect of seat belt use on the cervical electromyogram response to whiplash-type impacts
The effect of shiftwork related fatigue on the family life of train operators: implications for safety and health professionals
The effect of the Müller-Lyer illusion on the planning and control of manual aiming movements
Virtual Commercial Vehicle Compliance Stations a Review of Legal and Institutional Issues
Voyage of the SS Minivan Women's Travel Behavior in Traditional and Suburban Neighborhoods
The effects of the Columbia shuttle disaster on the daily lives of older adults: findings from the VA Normative Aging Study
The impact of secondary tasks on multi-tasking in a virtual environment
The influence of aging and frontal function on the neural correlates of regulative and evaluative aspects of cognitive control
The Inquiry into the Waterfall train crash: implications for medical examinations of safety-critical workers
The link between obesity and the built environment. Evidence from an ecological analysis of obesity and vehicle miles of travel in California
The nature of residual cost in regular switch response factors
The older driver: who is responsible? The state, the doctor, or the older driver?
The path of visual attention
The prevalence of seat belt use in Kingston, Jamaica: a follow-up observational study five years after the introduction of legislation
The results of the occupational rating based on working conditions of transportation technicians
The role of affect in UK commuters' travel mode choices: an interpretative phenomenological analysis
The role of uncertainty in the systematic spatial mislocalization of moving objects
The spatial constraint in intersensory pairing: no role in temporal ventriloquism
The time course of consolidation in visual working memory
The time course of perception and retrieval in matching and recognition
The use of recognition information and additional cues in inferences from memory
Top-down controlled, delayed selection in the attentional blink
Toward a formal theory of flexible spatial behavior: geometric category biases generalize across pointing and verbal response types
Traumatic internal carotid artery dissection associated with motor-cross
Traumatic vertebral artery dissection and stroke in a 16-year-old male as the result of an ATV accident
University of Washington Twin Registry: construction and characteristics of a community-based twin registry
Urbanization and traffic related exposures as risk factors for schizophrenia
Variation in physical activity lies with the child, not his environment: evidence for an 'activitystat' in young children (EarlyBird 16)
Vehicle detection by means of stereo vision-based obstacles features extraction and monocular pattern analysis
Vehicle safety 2006. Part 3: Attitude adjustment
Vehicle-Bridge Coupling Vibration Analysis of Cable-Stayed Bridge of Tianxingzhou Yangtze River Bridge Under Earthquakes
Violet and blue light blocking intraocular lenses: photoprotection versus photoreception
Visual selective attention in Parkinson's disease: dissociation of exogenous and endogenous inhibition
We don't need a randomized controlled trial: youth should have a driver's license to operate tractors on public roads
What are the professional and logistic demands to appropriately follow patients with an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator?
What is being masked in object substitution masking?
When does visual attention select all features of a distractor?
When is search for a static target among dynamic distractors efficient?
Work-related stress at sea self-estimation by maritime students and officers
Working memory capacity and the top-down control of visual search: Exploring the boundaries of "executive attention"
Experimental study on the grip and hold strength for stanchions and handrails in buses
Traffic characteristics of motorcycles on tangent sections of expressways
Traffic Safety and Overspeed
Traffic Safety Attitudes and Driving Behavior of University Students: Case Study in Kuwait
Traffic Training Centre for Junior Learners
Turn-Intent Analysis Using Body Pose for Intelligent Driver Assistance
Turning Young Drivers into Survivors
User Preferences, Information Transactions and Location-Based Services: A Study of Urban Pedestrian Wayfinding
Using the Rural Two-Lane Highway Draft Prototype Chapter
Using THUMS for Pedestrian Safety Simulations
Variation of Walking Speeds on a Unidirectional Walkway and on a Bidirectional Stairway
Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (VII) in the US - Enhancing Safety, Enabling Mobility
The Impact of Automatic Control on Recent Developments in Transportation and Vehicle Systems
The Privacy and Safety Impact of Technology Choices for Command, Communications and Control of the Public Highway
The SAFELANE Decision System - A Situation and Decision Model for a Lane Keeping System
The Static Collapse Characteristics of CFRP Side Members Due to Stacking Condition
The Study of Synergetic-Fluctuation Model Based on Road Safety Assessment
Thoracic Deformation Response of Pedestrians Resulting From Vehicle Impact
Threat scoring and display using vehicle-to-vehicle communication
Tie-Downs and Transitions for Temporary Concrete Barriers
Tires and Passenger Vehicle Fuel Economy
Toward Limit State Design of Ships and Offshore Structures Under Impact Pressure Actions: A State-of-the-Art Review
Towards a Risk-Based Approach of Intact Stability of Ships in a Seaway
Traffic Accident Modeling: Some Statistical Issues
Study on the Remote Vibration Monitoring System for the Zhengzhou Yellow River Bridge
Study on the Running Safety of High-Speed Trains Under Strong Cross Winds
Sustainable Safety in the Netherlands: Evaluation of National Road Safety Program
Synthesis of Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Technology Surveys: What Has Been Learned?
Technical, Organizational and Legal Aspects on Proving Structural Integrity for Safety Relevant Purposes
Teenage Mobility in the United States: Issues and Opportunities for Promoting Public Transit
The "Cognitive Car": A Roadmap for Research Issues in the Automotive Sector
Evaluation of driver stress using biomarker in motor-vehicle driving simulator
Naps and drugs to combat fatigue and sleepiness
Is it Safe to Walk? Neighborhood Safety and Security Considerations and Their Effects on Walking
The Potential of Youth Participation in Planning
Training for vigilance: using predictive power to evaluate feedback effectiveness
Sleepiness enhances distraction during a monotonous task
Applying linear analysis methods to GIS-supported procedures for preventing traffic accidents: Case study of Konya
Traffic Calming As an Integral Element of a Suburban Revitalization Program
Why Invest in Road Research? -A Review of Past Research Outcomes
The Psychological Effects of Constant Evaluation on Air Line Pilots: An Exploratory Study
Visual Factors Affecting Touchdown Point Judgments During Off-Airport Emergency Landings
Spinal canal narrowing during simulated frontal impact
Sudden onset of sleep and dopaminergic therapy in patients with restless legs syndrome
The effect of a 3-point harness restraint and car seat in whiplash-type lateral impacts
The incidence and distribution of burst fractures
The most common anatomical sites of arterial injury in the extremities: a review of 75 angiographically-proven cases
The pregnant MVA victim. An accident takes an ominous turn for a patient who's 38 weeks pregnant
The TRISS method applied to the victims of traffic accidents attended at a tertiary level emergency hospital in a developing country
The United Nations and road safety: what is the connection?
Three-dimensional finite element models of the human pubic symphysis with viscohyperelastic soft tissues
Tracheal inujry due to blunt chest trauma: a rare surgical emergency
Traffic accidents: molecular genetic insights into the pathogenesis of the hereditary spastic paraplegias
Trauma surgery and traffic policy in Germany in the 1930s: a case study in the coevolution of modern surgery and society
What factors are associated with the maintenance of PTSD after a motor vehicle accident? The role of sex differences in a help-seeking population
Whiplash associated disorder: incidence and natural history over the first month for patients presenting to a UK emergency department
Whiplash in individuals with known pre-accident, clinical neck status
Systematic review of motor vehicle crash risk in persons with sleep apnea
The MSLT and MWT should not be used for the assessment of workplace safety
The MSLT/MWT should be used for the assessment of workplace safety
Ship Maneuvering Simulation System for Researching Navigation Safety in the Yangtze River
Simulation-based forecasting effects of an accidental explosion on the road. Part II: case study
Sobering Up: Arrest Referral and Brief Intervention for Alcohol Users in the Custody Suite
Statistical Analysis on Vehicle's Driving Cycles Under Different Road Conditions
Study on End Collision of Motorcars and Chaos Model of Traffic Flow
Study on the Calculation of Wheel Acceleration and Deceleration in Anti-Lock Braking System Based on FIR Filter
Survival Probability Analysis of Biased Ship in Stochastic Waves
The Influence of Fixed-Route Taxi on Road Accidents and Air Pollution
Traffic Sign Positioning Detection Method and Binarization in Freeway Scene Image
Ship Safety Assessment Based on FMEA and Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Methods
Sickness in Government Science: Case, Cause and Cure
Side Impact Systems Integration Using Innovative Testing and Efficient Numerical Simulations
Sidepath Safety Model Bicycle Sidepath Design Factors Affecting Crash Rates
Sidewalk Potential Trip Points: A Method for Characterizing Walkways
Signal Processing Strategies for a Multi Sensor Pre-Crash Application
Simulated Driving and Attention of Repeat Users of MDMA and THC Compared With THC Users and Non-Drug-Using Controls
Simulation of Occupant Kinematics and Neck Injuries in Low Speed Rear Impacts
Simulation of People's Evacuation in Tunnel Fire
Simulation of Vehicle Kinematics in Rollover Tests With Quaternions
Simulation-based forecasting effects of an accidental explosion on the road. Part I: methodological framework
Single-Lane Cellular Automaton Model Considering Influence of Nearest Neighbor Vehicles and the Next-Nearest Neighbor Vehicles
Smart Cars on Smart Roads: An IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society Update
Snowstorm Event-Based Crash Analysis
Soft-Computing-Based Car Body Deformation and EES Determination for Car Crash Analysis Systems
Statistical Investigations of Statutory Holiday Effects on Traffic Volumes
Stress Measurement and Stability Analysis of Support System of Large-Span Underground Space
Structural Safety Analysis of Bow Doors
Study of Head Injury and Protection in Vehicle-Pedestrian Collisions
Study on Awareness, Acceptance and Willingness to Buy of Driver Assistance Systems
Study on Body Lightweight Design for Safe and Economic Car
Study on Damage Identification of Bridge Structure Based on the Method of Element Modal Strain Energy
Study on Seismic Responses of Bridges in Permafrost and Seasonal Frozen Regions
Analytical modeling of helicopter static and dynamic induced velocity in GRASP
Leak detection, timing, location and sizing in gas pipelines
Modeling of occupant-roof interaction in an automobile rollover
Modeling of unsteady aerodynamics for rotary-wing aeroelasticity
Recent work using volterra series as a methodology to analyze nonlinear aircraft dynamic properties
Simulation of multiple aircraft information, communication, and decision in air combat
Track irregularity limits from consideration of track-vehicle interaction
Unintended murder and corporate risk-taking: Defining the concept of justifiability
Biomechanical study of the stability of an internal osteosynthesis in bumper fractures
Blunt injuries of the cervical trachea: review of 51 patients
Catastrophes, sleep, and public policy: consensus report
Cause of fatal puncture injuries from fragments of a plank in a traffic accident
Child accident-mortality in the Northern Territory, 1978-1985
Clinico-statistical survey of 388 patients with maxillofacial fractures
Diaphragmatic rupture due to blunt trauma: morbidity and mortality in 42 cases
Disruption of the posterior pelvic ring caused by vertical shear
Effect on traffic safety of introducing a 0.05% blood alcohol level in Queensland, Australia
Epidemiologic study of traffic accidents occurring among the inhabitants of Algeria
Head injuries
Medico-legal and clinical aspects of trauma in traffic accidents
Multiple injuries among sailors on ships
Multiple injuries--the subject of expert opinion
Premature mortality due to alcohol-related motor vehicle traffic fatalities--United States, 1987
Preparing and presenting an introductory course on motor vehicle injury
Spinal cord injuries in Enugu, Nigeria--preventable accidents
The nature of accidental childhood fractures (analysis of 5000 cases)
The prevention of modern plagues
Traumatic rupture of the thoracic aorta
Treatment of injuries of the locomotor systems in patients with multiple and combined trauma caused by traffic accidents
Vehicle Behavior on Deceleration Lanes
The Potential of the Jitney -- A Case Study of the Baltimore Metropolitan Area
Traffic Accident Data Comparison of Male and Female Drivers
The influence of personal security fears on women's travel patterns
Modelling techniques for simulation of submarine engagements
Multicriteria evaluation of an urban traffic control system– Belgrade case study
Noncompliance and the limits of coercion: The problematic enforcement of unpopular laws
Special publicity and enforcement of California's belt use law: Making a "secondary" law work
Automobile accidents in patients with sleep disorders
Behavioral risk factor surveillance--selected states, 1987
Causes of children's traumatism in the industrial region of the Donets Basin
Childhood injuries: a population-based study of emergency room visits in Jerusalem
Comics for traffic education: evaluation of a traffic safety campaign
Current views on "hangman's fracture"
Drunk driving and statistical morality
Epidemiology of chest trauma
Favorable outcome of the treatment of severe traffic injuries in a pregnant woman
Head injury. Back from the edge
Health care consequences of traffic accidents in Spain
Health education of water transportation personnel in the Northern Region
Implementation of the NCA modified assessment instrument with a population of intoxicated drivers in two Wisconsin counties 1982-1985
Indoor and traffic traumatism in the cities of the Russian Federation (socio-hygienic study)
Injury prevention as a public health responsibility: the New York State Department of Health Injury Control Program
Injury Severity Score (ISS) as a yardstick in assessing the severity and mortality of various abdomino-pelvic trauma hospitalized victims--a clinical vis-à-vis autopsy study
Juvenile delinquency and child pedestrian accidents: an ecological analysis
Mechanism of formation of spinal injuries
Motor vehicle crashes and injuries in an Indian community--Arizona
Naloxone hazard in drug abuser
Personal protective equipment. Walking safely at work
Possibility of the development of decompression sickness during testing of G suits
Promoting driving safety for teens and adults
Psychogenic impaired consciousness
Urban Trees and Roadside Safety
Crashworthiness analysis of a truck
Head and neck dynamics in an automobile rollover
Blunt aortic trauma following deceleration in a seven year old
Characteristics of 167 consecutive traffic accident victims with special reference to alcohol intoxication: a prospective emergency room study
Death takes a ride. Alcohol-associated single vehicle fatalities revisited
Drinking and flying--the problem of alcohol use by pilots
Drivers with epilepsy
Effect of flying on the health status of pilots in the light of epidemiologic data
Effects of alcohol on human behavior: implications for the workplace
Emergency department nursing management of patients with orthopedic fractures resulting from motor vehicle accidents
Environmental notes: cutting traffic fatalities
Epidemiology and course of craniocerebral injuries in children in Cantabria
Epidemiology of spinal cord lesions in Denmark
Factors affecting a fatal outcome in road accidents
Five years' experience of injured children
Hazards of wheelchairs
Study of an analytical technique and system for conducting vehicle crash simulations
Understanding American Drivers
Update: alcohol and other drug use among vehicular crash victims
Are toxicologic studies of stored blood alcohol samples necessary in the future also?
Assessment of automobile driving fitness in drug therapy
Assessment of automobile driving fitness in epilepsy
Automobile accidents involving patients with obstructive sleep apnea
Automotive restraint systems for premature infants
Blunt carotid artery trauma: a case report
Bodily injury. Introductory report of the Chairman of the Work Group
Cervical spine fracture following a motor vehicle accident
Combined use of alcohol and drugs within the scope of traffic and criminal acts
Death and taxes. An opportunity for substitution
Delayed death following pedestrian accident--multidimensional study of injury severity and cause of death
Dentofacial trauma in children
Detection of blood benzodiazepines in injured people. Relationship with alcoholism
Diagnosis of significant abdominal trauma after road traffic accidents
Diagnosis of significant abdominal trauma after road traffic accidents: preliminary results of a multicentre clinical trial comparing minilaparoscopy with peritoneal lavage
Dragging the pedestrian for kilometers by an automobile
Driver's license and psychiatric disorders
Collision avoidance and low-observable navigation in a dynamic environment
First-time and multiple-DWI offenders: A comparison of criminal history records and BAC levels
Behaviour at the scene of an accident
Brief loss of consciousness caused by swallowing a candy?
Cardiac rupture from blunt trauma
Care of road traffic accident victims in a district general hospital
Care of road traffic accident victims in a district general hospital
Care of road traffic accident victims in a district general hospital
Care of road traffic accident victims in a district general hospital
Cervical spinal cord injury in children
Clinical distinctions between long-acting and short-acting benzodiazepines
Delayed health sequelae of accidental exposure to bromine gas
Development of an automated wheelchair guided by a magnetic ferrite marker lane
Different patterns of mandibular fractures in children. An analysis of 220 fractures in 157 patients
Aberrant driving behaviors: a study of drivers in Beijing
Age, skill, and hazard perception in driving
Analysis of traffic accident fatalities in autopsy material collected in the years 2007-2008 at the Department of Forensic Medicine, Medical University of Bialystok
Car-to-pedestrian collision reconstruction with injury as an evaluation index
Cause, effect and regression in road safety: a case study
Comparing the cost of alcohol-related traffic crashes in rural and urban environments
Comparison between younger and older drivers of the effect of obstacle direction on the minimum obstacle distance to brake and avoid a motor vehicle accident
Human error and the problem of causality in analysis of accidents
Isolated avulsion of the gallbladder in a child
Isolated blow-in fracture of the lateral orbit causing globe rupture
Lockerbie one year on
Medical care in road traffic accidents at the prehospital stage
More employers are utilizing drug-screening programs
Multiple trauma motor vehicle accident
Night myopia
Non-missile head injury: report of a patient surviving for 6 years
Of apples, alcohol, and unacceptable risk
Patterns of drug use in a large metropolitan workforce
Profiling motor vehicle traffic trauma in Rhode Island
Progress toward achieving the 1990 national objectives for the misuse of alcohol and drugs
Providing cost efficient detoxification services to alcoholic patients
Quantitative evaluation of accidents as a measure of the action of mechanical force
Research on drugs and the workplace: introduction and summary
Sleep apnea and the work site
Surviving a plane crash
Temporal stability of a safety attitude inventory
The 'problem' with automation: inappropriate feedback and interaction, not 'over-automation'
The behavioral risks: mother knows best
The determination of an unusual mechanism of automobile trauma by the injuries
Spatial ability at different times of day
Two further studies of personality correlates of driver stress
Visibility Near Intersection Partially Obscured by Vegetation
Traffic calming: Can it be done in America?
The prevention of road traffic traumatism
Unintended injuries in children: the French situation
Some aspects of investigations into the effects of quasi-random simultaneous translatory vibrations on human fatigue from the physiological standpoint
Treatment of wounds in water-transport workers during long voyages
Using national news events to stimulate local awareness of public policy issues
Bilateral traumatic hip dislocation
Cardiac contusion in pediatric patients with blunt thoracic trauma
Causes of fatal childhood accidents involving head injury in northern region, 1979-86
Validity of a driving simulator in evaluating speed-reducing measures
Cocaine and traffic accident fatalities in New York City
Community psychological effects following a non-fatal aircraft accident
Counseling to prevent motor vehicle injuries. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force
Disruption of a modified Blalock-Taussig shunt by rapid deceleration injury
Drinking and driving
Drunk driving fatalities for teenagers--emergency nurses do something besides talk about it
Epidemiologic assessment of hazardous roadway locations
Epilepsy following non-missile head injury among African people in Dar es Salaam: a retrospective clinical analysis study
Evaluation of the injury profile of personnel in a busy urban EMS system
Evaluation of traumatism among naval specialists on ships
Use of pelican pedestrian crossings in developing countries. a case-study in Roodepoort, South Africa
Fatal wheelchair-related accidents in the United States
Fatigue-induced unsafe driving by occupational drivers. Criminologic knowledge and legal consequences
Hanggliding accidents: epidemiology and clinical aspects
Hanggliding--the Icarus syndrome
Highway trauma
Hypopituitarism following head injury--a case report
Importance of childhood accidents. Results of a regional study
Injured cyclists and bicycle passengers. A prospective study of the causes of accidents, accident patterns and consequences
Injuries of the occipital condyles in fatal traffic accidents
Kidney injuries in childhood: our experience in 64 cases
Large diameter impalement
Massive pulmonary brain tissue embolism
Medico-legal brief. Physician owes duty to other persons when he administers drugs to patients
Mid-descending aortic traumatic aneurysms
Motor vehicle injuries in Taiwan
Motor vehicle trauma: a medical problem
My "one in a million" chance
Neck distorsions after traffic accidents
Oblique craniofacial fractures in children
Ocular injury from external rear view mirrors
Can the traffic locus of control (T-LOC) scale be successfully used to predict Swedish drivers' speeding behaviour?
The High Seas - Patterns of Drug-Use Among Southern California Sport Boat Operatives
Traumatic dental injuries in 3- to 13-year-old boys in Monterrey, Mexico
The Peterborough lorry explosion, 22 March 1989: an analysis of the hospital response
Traffic accidents with fixed roadside obstacles. a study of the Greek rural road network
Cycling to work in Brazil: users profile, risk behaviors, and traffic accident occurrence
Cyclists in roundabouts--different design solutions
Determinations of the presence of drugs in traffic users in the material of the Department of Forensic Medicine, Medical University of Bialoystok
Development of a Chinese motorcycle rider driving violation questionnaire
Development of comprehensive accident models for two-lane rural highways using exposure, geometry, consistency and context variables
Drivers with dementia and outcomes of becoming lost while driving
Driving under the influence of alcohol: examining ethno-specific rates and the mediating effects of psychological distress and harmful and problematic drinking
An econometric analysis of the effects of the penalty points system driver's license in Spain
Effectiveness of UK motorway services areas in reducing sleep-related and other collisions
Effects of seat belts worn by pregnant drivers during low-impact collisions
An empirical analysis of farm vehicle crash injury severities on Iowa's public road system
Evaluation of on-road driving in people with hemianopia and quadrantanopia
Ex-ante assessment of the safety effects of intelligent transport systems
Examination of driving comfort and self-regulatory practices in older adults using in-vehicle devices to assess natural driving patterns
Generalization of case studies in road traffic when defining pre-crash scenarios for active safety function evaluation
Pediatric critical care social work: interventions with a special plane crash survivor
Pediatric maxillofacial trauma. Age-related variations in injury
Perceived consequences associated with the use of beer, wine, distilled spirits, and wine coolers
Pericardial injury in a patient with pectus excavatum
Persistent metabolic sequelae of severe head injury in humans in vivo
Pilots' perception of risks and hazards in general aviation
Prognosis for patients involved in traffic injuries
Psychiatric sequelae after traumatic injury: the Pittsburgh Regatta accident
Road safety management in developing countries
Road traffic traumatism
Rolling over limbs--beware!
Statistical study of alcohol intoxicated female victims of sex offenses
Statistics of deaths from road traffic accidents in Scotland
Substantiation of the permissible level of exposure of the body to carbon monoxide, heat and hypoxic hypoxia in aviation accidents
The adrenocortical response to brain injury: correlation with the severity of neurologic dysfunction, effects of intoxication, and patient outcome
The pedestrian-automobile accident at lower velocity. Experimental studies of biomechanical and clinico-prognostic topics
The prevention of death and serious injury
The Program for Impaired Driving Offenders
The road accident epidemic
The Safety Seal Injury Prevention Program: a response to the epidemic of injury and death in children
The situational riskiness of alcoholic beverages
Thoracic injuries in traffic accidents and non-traffic accidents
Thoracic injuries sustained by the survivors of the M1 (Kegworth) aircraft accident. The Nottingham, Leicester, Derby, Belfast Study Group
Thoracic trauma in children: an indicator of increased mortality
Tracheal and main bronchial disruptions after blunt chest trauma: presentation and management
Traffic accidents and drivers suspected for drug influence
Traumatic atlantoaxial subluxation in children
Traumatic dislocation of the testis: a case report
Traumatic eyelid invagination: case reports
Traumatic rupture of the superior gluteal artery, without fracture of the pelvis, causing compartment syndrome of the buttock. A case report
Traumatic rupture of the thoracic aorta. A clinicopathological study
Traumatic rupture of the ureter
U.S. auto injuries
Unrecognized substance misuse: clinical hazards and legal vulnerabilities
Unusual circumstances in the discovery of a cadaver. Autopsy and results of findings
Unusual juvenile ankle fracture: explanation and surgical repair
Whiplash injuries. A trial of early management
Why birds kill: cross-sectional analysis of U.S. Air Force bird strike data
Annoyance and health risk caused by military low-altitude flight noise
Armored vehicle crew casualties
Armoured fighting vehicle injuries in peacetime
Arrhythmias during automobile driving in patients after acute myocardial infarction
Assessing the discomfort of the whole-body multi-axis vibration: laboratory and field experiments
Assessment of current and long-term sequelae of stress in professional drivers
Evaluation of a gas pipeline simulation program
Ancient and modern plagues
Are the injuries caused by the "water bombs" dropped by the Canadair airplane blast injuries?
Australian mother sued by child injured in utero
Backtracking booze with Bayes--the retrospective interpretation of blood alcohol data
Burn injuries from small airplane crashes
Cardiac injury complicating traumatic asphyxia
Influence of pre-collision occupant parameters on injury outcome in a frontal collision
Carinal injury: diagnosis and treatment--case report
Investigating the effect of modeling single-vehicle and multi-vehicle crashes separately on confidence intervals of Poisson-gamma models
Cervical spine injuries in patients with head injuries
Item development and validity testing for a self- and proxy report: the safe driving behavior measure
Child restraints: putting safety in the driver's seat
Khat, driver impairment and road traffic injuries: a view from Ethiopia
Chronic posttraumatic syndrome after whiplash injury. A pilot study of 22 patients
Coalition on trauma--trauma prevention and trauma care: presidential address, Trauma Association of Canada
Cockpit resource management
Compartment syndrome after impact trauma from a car bumper
Cranial injuries among children in the county of Ringkøbing. 2. Analysis of accidents
Cranial injuries in children in the county of Ringkøbing. 3. Analysis of fatal accidents
Effects of monitoring under high and low taskload on detection of flashing and coloured radar targets
Evaluation of the application of laws or regulations
Farm tractors and mandatory roll-over protection retrofits: potential costs of the policy in New York
Hidden cervical spine injuries in traffic accident victims with skull fractures
Ipsilateral fracture-dislocation of the hip, knee, and ankle: case report
Loophole in physician "confidentiality" statute permits New Jersey Supreme Court to allow unauthorized disclosure for socially compelling reason: State of New Jersey v. Linda A. Schreiber
Massive bilateral diaphragmatic rupture after an apparently minor automobile accident
Maternal trauma and cerebral lesions in preterm infants. Case reports
Maxillofacial trauma in severely injured patients
Methomyl in the blood of a pilot who crashed during aerial spraying
Mortality among British Columbia pilots
Obvious connection between alcohol consumption and injuries
Occupational health management of police officers involved in the Piper Alpha disaster
Orthopaedic trauma in men: the relative risk among drinkers and the prevalence of problem drinking in male orthopaedic admissions
Pediatric injury prevention for the practitioner
Use of Gravel Properties to Develop Arrester Bed Stopping Model
Urban Traffic Crashes: New York City Responds to the Challenge
Use of video as an aid in driving
Traffic calming - how much for Kingshurst
Variations in the number of road casualties in different counties in England
Vehicle headways in urban areas
Simulation of belt-restrained occupant response in 30 mph barrier impact
Taguchi method applied to motorcycle handling
The Effects of Newspaper Reports on the Public's Response to a Natural Hazard Event
Traffic Conflicts in Expressway Merging
Logistic regression analysis of pedestrian casualty risk in passenger vehicle collisions in China
The Long-Term Health Plan and Disability Cost Benefit of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Treatment in a Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Population
Media framing of graduated licensing policy debates
Mortality and injury patterns associated with roof crush in rollover crashes
Occupational therapists' capacity-building needs related to older driver screening, assessment, and intervention: a Canadawide survey
Older drivers' road traffic crashes in the UK
Optimization of a reversible hood for protecting a pedestrian's head during car collisions
Pedestrian behavior and safety on a two-stage crossing with a center refuge island and the effect of winter weather on pedestrian compliance rate
Peritraumatic reactions and posttraumatic stress symptoms in school-aged children victims of road traffic accident
Phoning while driving II: a review of driving conditions influence
A population-based study on the prevalence and correlates of drinking and driving in Hong Kong
The driving advisement system: a computer-augmented quasi-simulation of the cognitive prerequisites for resumption of driving after brain injury
Traffic accidents. Epidemiological aspects of traffic accidents among young people. France
The Purley train crash mechanism: injuries and prevention
The Purley train crash: procedural difficulties
The Urban-Environment and Child Pedestrian and Bicycle Injuries - Interaction of Ecological and Personality-Characteristics
Transport strategy in Ipswich
Drunk drivers do time, witness horrors of the road
Epidemiological experience in the mission of the United Nations Transition Assistance Group (UNTAG) in Namibia
Epidemiological findings in traumatic post-comatose unawareness
Experiences of 2 siblings. Report on the consequences of an air disaster in Ramstein (1988)
Faciomaxillary fractures in Libya--retrospective analysis of 14 years
False positive radiographic findings in expert assessment of whiplash trauma of the cervical spine
Flight experience and the likelihood of U.S. Navy aircraft mishaps
Fracture patterns and mechanisms in pedestrian motor-vehicle trauma: the ipsilateral dyad
G-induced loss of consciousness accidents: USAF experience 1982-1990
Happy New Year?
Incidence of temporomandibular joint symptoms following whiplash injury
Industrial workers on a rotating shift pattern: adaptation and injury status
Injury prevention: a survey of clinical practice
Intestinal injuries in childhood: analysis of 32 cases
Major causes of accident mortality among children: United States, 1988
Making air crashes more survivable
Making air crashes more survivable
Mandatory drug testing: boon for public safety or launch of a witch-hunt?
Mandibular fractures in Sri Lankan children: a study of clinical aspects, treatment needs and complications
Mechanism of injury. Making a vital assessment tool work
Medical reports on persons claiming compensation for personal injury
The Effects of "Tough" Drunk Driving Laws on Policing: A Case Study
Traumatic injuries to primary teeth in Mexico City children
An integrated finite-state model for rotor deformation, nonlinear airloads, inflow and trim
Enforcement swamping: A positive-feedback mechanism in rates of illicit activity
Changes in the drinking age and crime
APA's expert panel in the congressional review of the USS Iowa incident
Aphakia and artificial lens implants in the civil airman population
Are benzodiazepines a risk factor for road accidents? 'Benzodiazepine/Driving' Collaborative Group
Assessing people's ability to drive after stroke
Asymmetries in visual search for conjunctive targets
Asymptomatic HIV-1 infection and aviation safety
The psychopathology of everyday driving
Vehicle Impact Simulation
Design features that affect the maneuverability of wheelchairs and scooters
Determination of the applicable exhaust airflow rate through a ventilation shaft in the case of road tunnel fires
Dual-task interference during initial learning of a new motor task results from competition for the same brain areas
Estimation of air traffic longitudinal conflict probability based on the reaction time of controllers
Identification of Binocular Vision Dysfunction (Vertical Heterophoria) in Traumatic Brain Injury Patients and Effects of Individualized Prismatic Spectacle Lenses in the Treatment of Postconcussive Symptoms: A Retrospective Analysis
Laryngotracheal disruption in a child following airbag deployment
Impact of partial administration of the Cognitive Behavioral Driver's Inventory on concurrent validity for people with brain injury
The probability of death in road traffic accidents. How important is a quick medical response?
Rail safety and rail privatisation in Japan
Prediction of driving ability with neuropsychological tests: Demographic adjustments diminish accuracy
Seniors' perceptions of vehicle safety risks and needs
Self-reported road traffic violations in France and how they have changed since 1983
Severe-to-fatal head injuries in motor vehicle impacts
Traffic violations versus driving errors of older adults: informing clinical practice
Texting while driving: psychosocial influences on young people's texting intentions and behaviour
Young drivers' attitudes toward accompanied driving: a new multidimensional measure
Atlanto-occipital disarticulation. Accident characteristics
Attentional limits on the perception and memory of visual information
Automobile driving in sleep apnea
Automobile driving--in shock and greatly stressed
Avianca flight 52: a view from the ED
Belief revision in children: the role of prior knowledge and strategies for generating evidence
Benzodiazepines in blood samples with 0 alcohol content sent to the Institute of Forensic Chemistry
Brachial plexus injury associated with chest restraint seatbelt: case report
Carburetor burns: preventable injuries associated with high morbidity and frequent litigation
Carotid artery dissection secondary to seatbelt trauma: case report
Cataloging of data on physical stress: work difficulty at work sites in traffic
Catamnesis of psychiatrically evaluated automobile drivers
Cataracts, intra-ocular lens implants, and a flying career
Causality and the allocation of attention during comprehension
Chocolate and the auto-brewery syndrome
Chronometric analysis of apparent spotlight failure in endogenous visual orienting
Classification evaluation of electroencephalograms for determining fitness for operator training
Helping hand, equipping parents to tackle the learning to drive process
Traffic engineering in Australia. a twenty year retrospective
Twenty Years of Unsafety
Classification of injuries and severity of injuries in collision automobile accidents
Clinical aspects of inflight incapacitations in commercial aviation
Clinical symptoms of sleep apnea syndrome and automobile accidents
Fatal accidents and blood ethanol levels in adolescents and adults. The Wayne County experience, 1978-1988
Coming to grips with injury data
Common sense strategies for accident and injury prevention
Complex approach to the organization of the control of arterial hypertension in automobile drivers
Component mechanisms underlying the processing of hierarchically organized patterns: inferences from patients with unilateral cortical lesions
Concerning a blind-eyed view of the trauma patient impaired by alcohol
Conjunction search revisited
Consciousness of attention and expectancy as reflected in event-related potentials and reaction times
Control of simulator sickness in an AH-64 aviator
Contusion of the abdominal aorta and massive embolization from the use of a seat belt. A clinical case
Coordinate frame for symmetry detection and object recognition
Corporate instability is related to airline pilots' stress symptoms
Delayed ethanol analysis of breath specimens: long-term field experience with commercial silica gel tubes and breathalyzer collection
Delayed onset of intestinal obstruction in children after unrecognized seat belt injury
Disappearance rate of alcohol from the blood of drunk drivers calculated from two consecutive samples; what do the results really mean?
Dissociation of short- and long-range apparent motion in visual search
Do response modality effects support multiprocessor models of divided attention?
Do voice recordings reveal whether a person is intoxicated? A case study
Does motor programming necessitate response execution?
Drinking, drug use, and driving among rural midwestern youth
Driving and Alzheimer's disease
Driving and Parkinson's disease
Driving fitness of female headache patients in tests of traffic medicine--a psychotechnical investigation
Driving under the influence of toluene
Driving while intoxicated: increased deterrence or alternative transportation for the drunk driver
Driving-impaired patients leaving the emergency department. The problem of inadequate instructions
Drugs and transportation safety
Effect of alcohol on visual constancy values and possible relation to driving performance
Effect of flutoprazepam on skills essential for driving motor vehicles
Effect of whole-body vibration on acoustic measures of speech
Effects of shift work of air traffic controllers on several parameters of the activity of the sympathetic-adrenal system
Effects of stress and strain on health status and traffic behavior in professional drivers
Elaborative inferencing as an active or passive process
Electromyographic evaluation (EMG) of postural muscles of the neck during off road driving
Empirical studies on the performance of elderly automobile drivers
Enhancing aircrew centrifuge high-G training using on-line videotape documentation
Epidemiology of traffic accidents in France
Evaluation of the exposure of a merchant ship crew to mechanical vibration during a sea voyage
Evidence of difficulties in sustained attention in children with ADDH
Exertional headaches with multiple triggers
Eye injuries in water transport
Factors affecting the dynamic response of the seated subject
Fatal high cervical spinal cord injury in an automobile accident complicating os odontoideum
Field performance of the Intoxilyzer 5000: a comparison of blood- and breath-alcohol results in Wisconsin drivers
Flexion-distraction injuries of the lumbar spine and associated abdominal trauma
Flight attendants' desynchronosis after rapid time zone changes
Flight deck design and pilot selection: anthropometric considerations
Flight influence on the plasma level of sex hormones of women pilots
Flugtag-88 (Ramstein Air Show Disaster): an Army response to a MASCAL
Flumazenil (Anexate): an antagonist of benzodiazepines. Its pharmacopsychologic significance and role in traffic medicine
Forensic medicine aspects of the Remscheid airplane crash
Fracture of the sternum in motor vehicle accidents and its association with mediastinal injury
Fractures of the mandible. A 35-year retrospective study
Geographic disorientation: approaching and landing at the wrong airport
Hangman's fracture resulting from improper seat belt use
Health physics concerns in commercial aviation
Hearing loss and radiotelephony intelligibility in civilian airline pilots
Hemispheric local/global processing revisited
How effective is cockpit resource management training? Exploring issues in evaluating the impact of programs to enhance crew coordination
How to discriminate between vibration syndrome and local fatigue of motorcyclists
Human error on the flight deck
Human factors training for aviation personnel
Identification of the driver in an automobile collision
Image statistics and the perception of apparent motion
Impact of microclimate cooling in rotary-wing aircraft
Impaired driving fitness after electrical or magnetic cortical stimulation
Impressions: the crash of Avianca flight 052
In search of the point of no return: the control of response processes
Incidence and toxicological aspects of cannabis and ethanol detected in 1394 fatally injured drivers and pedestrians in Ontario (1982-1984)
Initial Medical Advisory Board review of medical impairment: effect on driver performance and traffic safety
Injuries caused by automobile dragging: a report of three cases
Interstate pedestrian crossing: a form of self-destructive behavior?
Intoxication and responsibility
Intracavernous indurations after injuries to the external genital parts caused by a motorcycle tank
Auditory perception of motor vehicle travel paths
Keep safe from tail rotor strikes
Lessons from the aftermath of Flight 232. Practical considerations for the mental health profession's response to air disasters
Limb trauma during parachuting
Lime-yellow color as related to reduction of serious fire apparatus accidents--the case for visibility in emergency vehicle accident avoidance
Limitations on the parallel guidance of visual search: color x color and orientation x orientation conjunctions
Mandatory post-accident drug and alcohol testing for the Federal Railroad Administration: a comparison of results for two consecutive years
Maritime drug trafficking: an underrated problem
Mass thermal injuries: care from American military physicians for the victims in the railroad catastrophe in Bashkiria
Mechanisms of attentional priority
Military parachute mishap fatalities: a retrospective study
Monitoring of masticatory muscles with surface EMG before and after off road driving
Moon illusion in pictures: a multimechanism approach
Morbidity analysis of 1484 facial bone fractures between 1968 and 1987
Mortality and aggressiveness in a 30-year follow-up study in child guidance clinics in Stockholm
Mortality patterns of American merchant seamen 1973-1978
Multiple timing and the allocation of attention
Noise as a risk factor for arterial hypertension in sailors
Objective and subjective dimensions of travel impedance as determinants of commuting stress
Occasion and risk for detecting driving in alcoholic intoxication
Occlusal analysis of dysgnathic subjects during off road driving. Statement of research and results
Occupational performance of a paced secondary task under conditions of sensory deprivation. I. Heart rate changes in train drivers as a result of monotony
Occupational performance of a paced secondary task under conditions of sensory deprivation. II. The influence of professional training
Occurrence and characteristics of mandibular fractures in Nairobi, Kenya
What can we learn from the ferryboat accident in Zeebrugge? To be well prepared is the best way to meet disasters
White fingers after excessive motorcycle driving: a case report
Women as motivators in the use of safety belts
Yielding to age: when the elderly can no longer drive
Policy belief systems and risky technologies: the Dutch debate on regulating LPG-related activities
On the distinction between artifacts and information
On the locus of visual selection: evidence from focused attention tasks
On the relation between metacontrast masking and suppression of visible persistence
Orientation congruency effects on the identification of disoriented shapes
Outcome, transport times, and costs of patients evacuated by helicopter versus fixed-wing aircraft
Parkinson's disease and driving ability
Pediatric Chance fractures: association with intra-abdominal injuries and seatbelt use
Perceived depth inversion of smoothly curved surfaces due to image orientation
Perceptual acuity and the risk of industrial accidents
Perceptual selectivity is task dependent: evidence from selective search
Performance effects of antihistamines
Persistent sigmoid stenosis after traumatically induced ischemic colitis in seat belt injury
Pertinent information on personal protective gear
Phase transitions and critical fluctuations in the visual coordination of rhythmic movements between people
Polygraphic examination of dysgnathic subjects undergoing physico-psychic stress. Methodological basis
Positive pressure breathing for acceleration protection and its role in prevention of inflight G-induced loss of consciousness
Pregnancy outcome and fetomaternal hemorrhage after noncatastrophic trauma
Preliminary results from the evaluation of cockpit resource management training: performance ratings of flightcrews
Preparation for Donders' type B and C reaction tasks
Processing dominance of global and local information in visual patterns
Promille limits and health policy
Proximity compatibility and information display: effects of color, space, and object display on information integration
Psychiatric disorders and motor vehicle accidents
Visual attention modulates signal detectability
Psychological aspects of traffic fitness of aging car drivers
Psychological distress after assaults and accidents
Publicity, police resources and the effectiveness of random breath testing
Quantitative effects of cetirizine and diphenhydramine on mental performance measured using an automobile driving simulator
Radiographic screening for glass foreign bodies--what does a "negative" foreign body series really mean?
Rapid decompression of a transport aircraft cabin: protection against hypoxia
Reduced performance in tests of memory and visual abstraction in seamen exposed to industrial solvents
Repetition blindness: levels of processing
Response to environmental conditions of extreme driving by the human organism and the stomatognathic apparatus
Role of spatial location in integration of pictorial information across saccades
Rupture of the distal thoracic esophagus following blunt trauma: case report
Rupture of the gravid uterus following a road traffic accident
Safety at work for railway staff in Britain
Saliva teststrips for alcohol testing
Screening for drug use among Norwegian drivers suspected of driving under influence of alcohol or drugs
Seat belt aorta
Seat-belt injuries of the spine in children and young adolescents--an increasing cause for concern
Seatbelt use and patterns of central nervous system injury in children
Selection of moving and static objects for the control of spatially directed action
Selective response activation can begin before stimulus recognition is complete: a psychophysiological and error analysis of continuous flow
Shiftwork and safety in aviation
Size of critical band in infants, children, and adults
Size of the attentional focus and efficiency of processing
Sources of optical information useful for perception of speed of rectilinear self-motion
Spectral analysis of electroencephalograms (EEG) before and after off road driving
Sports medicine management in motor sports
Status of alcohol absorption among drinking drivers
Stimulus repetition effects and the dimension-feature distinction in alternative targets
Stomatological identification after air disasters
Sudden death behind the wheel from natural disease in drivers of four-wheeled motorized vehicles
Sudden natural death at the wheel--a particular problem of the elderly?
Terror at sea: Vietnamese victims of piracy
The 'Jupiter' sinking: effects on children's fears, depression and anxiety
The aeromedical implications of atrial fibrillation
Child safety, absolute risk, and the prevention paradox
The clinical features and criminal responsibility of pathological and complicated drunkeness
The contribution of latent human failures to the breakdown of complex systems
The control of visual attention using multiple target features
The crash of Flight 232: an emergency care perspective
The effect of respiratory aerosol inhalers and nasal sprays on breath alcohol testing devices used in Great Britain
The effects of acoustic orientation cues on instrument flight performance in a flight simulator
The effects of chronic lithium treatment on psychomotor performance related to driving
The effects of chronic obstructive airways disease on the ability to drive and to use a roadside alcolmeter
The femur as lance
The Grand Canyon midair collision. A stimulus for change
The hazards of city driving
The helicopter personnel of the forces of law and order: their suitability for flight and health protection
The impact of Alzheimer's disease on driving ability: a review
The influence and use of drugs other than alcohol among drivers
The influence of alcohol and aging on radio communication during flight
The Kearns air disaster: a retrospective
The Lockerbie disaster and other aircraft breakups in midair
The measurement of visual efficiency standards for pilots in the United States Air Force
The organization of medical evacuation and epidemic control measures in an earthquake zone
Variations in cardiac rate and arterial pressure during off road driving
Vascular injuries in the urban battleground: experience at a metropolitan trauma center
Vection and simulator sickness
The Ramstein airshow disaster
The relation between response-specificity, S-R compatibility, foreperiod duration and muscle-tension in a target aiming task
The relation of vergence effort to reports of visual fatigue following prolonged near work
Attitudes towards requiring ignition interlocks for all driving while intoxicated offenders: findings from the 2010 HealthStyles Survey
The snowmobile--only for fun? Registration of snowmobile accidents in Western Finnmark 1988-89
The spatial distribution of attention during covert visual orienting
The specifics of medical support for parachute jumps
The structure of cockpit management attitudes
The taint of intoxication
Towers, lights and safety
Traffic violations in schizophrenics before and after hospitalization
Tragedy in the fog
Transparent layer constancy
Traumatic odontoid epiphysiolysis in an infant fixed in a child's car seat
Traumatic rectal injuries
Traumatic rupture of the diaphragm in combined trauma in childhood
Trends in childhood injury mortality in three South African population groups, 1968-1985
Type A personality and poor driving habits
Unintentional methyl bromide gas release Florida, 1988
Unintentional methyl bromide gas release--Florida, 1988
Urbanization, roads, and rural population change in the Ecuadorian Andes
Use of car restraints for children: size of problem, intervention strategies
Usefulness of seat belts in the prevention of facial fractures
Trauma deaths in the south west Thames region
Traumatic spinal cord injuries in Turkey
Traumatic transection. an unusual fatal pedestrian injury
Trends in alcohol-related traffic fatalities, by sex--United States, 1982-1990
Tyre tread marks on the body without internal injuries
Underreporting of pedestrian road accidents
Vehicle injuries to joggers. Case report and review
Whiplash and its effect on the visual system
Whiplash in Australia: illness or injury?
New epidemiologic findings about insomnia and its treatment
Non-fatal farm injuries on 117 eastern Ontario beef and dairy farms: a one-year study
On farm injuries and safety
Organization of prehospital emergency care in Canada: Elements of international and interprovince comparisons
Paraplegia and congenital contractures as a consequence of intrauterine trauma
Peacetime U.S. Army air-crew rescue and factors delaying rescue
Peacetime U.S. Army air-crew rescue and factors delaying rescue
Peacetime U.S. Army aircrew rescue and factors delaying rescue
Pediatric temporal bone fractures
Perineal trauma from cassette tape boxes
Promoting occupational health in agriculture at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
Risk to groundlings of death due to airplane accidents: a risk communication tool
Smoke hoods in aeroplanes
Smoke hoods in aeroplanes
Spinal cord injuries caused by aviation accidents
Symptoms in patients with neck injury after a car crash. A retrospective study
Traffic accident injuries of children: the need for prospective studies of psychiatric sequelae
Transport: a public health issue
Rectal and bladder injuries by impalement. 3 cases
Smothered by safety
Speech analysis as an index of alcohol intoxication--the Exxon Valdez accident
Spinal fractures associated with ejection from jet aircraft: two case reports and a review
The "severity" of "whiplash injury of the cervical spine"
The behavior of schoolchildren in traffic in the municipality of Frederiksberg
The diagnosis of the injuries and the preclinical care for the victims of road traffic accidents
The family physician's role in preventing childhood injuries
The Golden Fleece Award for cabin safety research
The injury Prevention Program (TIPP)
The principles of the organization and rendering of resuscitation care in road traffic accidents
The Three Rivers Regatta accident: an EMS perspective
Tractor injuries: are they always farm related?
Traumatic diaphragmatic rupture in a forensic medicine autopsy sample
Traumatic diaphragmatic rupture
Traumatic dislocation of the hip in young children
Traumatic rupture of the diaphragm in children: apropos of 2 cases
Traumatic rupture of the thoracic aorta: ten-year experience with follow up
Two cases of tension pneumopericardium following blunt chest injury
Anti-drug program for personnel engaged in specified aviation activities--Federal Aviation Administration. Final rule
Antidepressants and lorry driving
Apoplexy and automobile driving
Apparent extended body motions in depth
Apparent size as a function of vertical gaze direction: new tests of an old hypothesis
ASRS (Aviation Safety Reporting System): an underused resource
Assistance intervention procedure in circuit races. Our experience at the motor-racing track of Monza during the athletic seasons of 1990 and 1991
Aurally aided visual search in the central visual field: effects of visual load and visual enhancement of the target
Biodynamic simulations of the effect of a neck-mounted air bag on the head/neck response during high G acceleration
Biomechanical interpretation of loss of consciousness (GLOC) by fighter pilots under rapid onset rate (ROR) of +Gz acceleration
Blood alcohol in automobile drivers--a comparison between Saarland and West Saxony
Blunt trauma of the abdomen in children
Brachial-plexus injury in an infant from a car safety seat
Buckle up!
Cabin crew stress factors examined
Casualties from guided missile impact in warships from another point of view
Causal attributions and psychiatric symptoms in survivors of the Herald of Free Enterprise disaster
Central and cerebral hemodynamics in air traffic controllers on the night shift
Cerebral tissue pulmonary embolization due to head trauma: a case report with immunohistochemical confirmation
Changes in mortality among psychiatric inpatients, 1968-1982
Children in shipping disasters
Childsafe Wessex
Combining shape and position expectancies: hierarchical processing and selective inhibition
Comment on DWI (driving while impaired) article
Company managers should be prepared to deal with grief following tragedy
Contribution of perceptual fluency to recognition judgments
Control of attention around the fovea
Costs and benefits of target activation and distractor inhibition in selective attention
Court, human-rights rulings cause change in CMA advice on diabetic drivers
Court-ordered emergency visitations for DUI offenders
Crash tests communications system
Dealing with violent patients in flight
Determining aircrew helmet size design requirements using statistical analysis of anthropometric data
Development of a new noise helmet
Directed attention and perception of temporal order
Directing spatial attention within an object: altering the functional equivalence of shape descriptions
Discussion on the 'problem of driving license for people with epilepsy'
Distribution of the third digit in breath alcohol analysis
Does a blood alcohol level of 0.15 or more identify accurately problem drinkers in a drink-driver population?
Driving after stroke: a controlled laboratory investigation
Driving and arthritis
Driving and dementia of Alzheimer's type
Driving and dementia
Driving capacity of drug addicts
Driving for the person disabled by arthritis
Drug and alcohol involvement in railroad accidents
Dynamical substructure of coordinated rhythmic movements
Effect of vibrating steering on grip strength in heavy vehicle drivers
Effects of preceding context on the voice-onset-time category boundary
Effects of preliminary information in a Go versus No-go task
Emergency egress scenarios
Empirical and theoretical issues in the perception of time to contact
Enabling disabled people to drive
Encouraging patients to use seat belts
Epilepsy and driving licence in the Federal Republic of Germany and other European countries
Estimating the second breath alcohol measurement from the first: a model refinement
Avulsion of the internal mammary artery caused by blunt trauma
Ethical dilemmas in driver reeducation
Experience with alcohol and ability to discriminate legal intoxication status: a field study
Experiments in the application of isolated-word recognition to secondary driving controls for the disabled
Explicit and implicit horizons for simulated landing approaches
Factors antecedent to impaired driving in a Canadian urban sample
Factors associated with the safety of EMS helicopters
Factors influencing the effectiveness of server-intervention education
Fair dinkum way-out woop woop: the Sydney to Darwin Motor Safari 1990. Part 2
Filtering by movement in visual search
Finding of a bullet in the cervical column of a body hit by a train
Forgetting and the mirror effect in recognition memory: concentering of underlying distributions
Fumigant intoxication during transport of grain by railroad
Health status of urban passenger transportation conductors in Mexico City
Hearing loss from gun and railroad noise--relations with ISO standard 1999
Hemispheric processing of global form, local form, and texture
High school driver education using peer tutors, direct instruction, and precision teaching
Home environmental consequences of commute travel impedance
Homonymous hemianopic field defects and driving in Canada
How preventable are spinal cord injuries?
How some medicolegal aspects of the Zeebrugge Ferry disaster apply to the investigation of mass disasters
Hyphema caused by air bag
Imagined haptic exploration in judgments of object properties
Impairment in drivers due to cannabis in combination with other drugs
Implicit memory for possible and impossible objects: constraints on the construction of structural descriptions
Importance of precue location in directing attention
Incidence of loss of consciousness during automatic implantable cardioverter-defibrillator shocks
Individual differences in Stroop dilution: tests of the attention-capture hypothesis
Inhibitory mechanisms of attention in identification and localization tasks: time course and disruption
The DUI Offender As A Social Type
The Gunther Special - Deterrence and the DUI Offender
The disabled driver: an unmet challenge
International repatriation following overseas disasters
Intervention of the Group of Civil Protection of the Misericordia di Pisa in the disaster of Moby Prince
Intimal tears of the right atrium of the heart due to blunt force injuries to the abdomen. Its mechanism and implications
Isolated cardiac rupture due to a blunt chest trauma
Judgments of relative position and distance on representations of spatial relations
Limits of detection and quantitation of ethanol in specimens of whole blood from drinking drivers analyzed by headspace gas chromatography
Local processes in preattentive feature detection
Locus of control and alcohol placebo effects on performance in a driving simulator
Long-term repetition effects for motoric and perceptual procedures
Long-term results (May 1989-May 1990) concerning the mandatory use of restraining systems --safety belt and car chair-- for children in Italy
Luminance-increment detection: capacity-limited or not?
Mandibular fractures in the pediatric patient
Trauma in pregnancy. Predicting pregnancy outcome
Trauma studies. i. Metropolitan Sydney trauma data
Trauma studies. ii. A review of trauma in a Sydney metropolitan hospital
Trends in the aetiology of maxillofacial fractures in the United Kingdom (1977-1987)
Unintentional injuries in developing countries: the epidemiology of a neglected problem
Vehicle-moose accidents in Newfoundland
Why are there so many injuries? why aren't we stopping them?
Mechanisms underlying priming on perceptual tests
Mid-ileal stricture and spinal injury sustained by a 7 year old child restrained by a lap seat belt involved in a motor vehicle accident
Modulations of sensory-evoked brain potentials indicate changes in perceptual processing during visual-spatial priming
Mortality among aerial pesticide applicators and flight instructors: a reprint
Mortality among urban bus drivers
Motion sickness in operational bomber crews
Multi-stepping saccadic sequences in humans
National Drunk and Drugged Driving Awareness Week--December 7-13, 1991
Nautical accidents. Unique injuries
New evidence for the perceptual precedence of global information
Night vision goggles may be in your future
Outcomes of crew resource management training
Oxygen and acceleration
Panel on deliberate G-induced loss of consciousness: introduction
Paragliding injuries
Parallel versus serial processing in visual search: further evidence from subadditive effects of visual quality
Perception of circular heading from optical flow
Perceptual degradation due to signal alteration: implications for auditory pattern processing
Perceptual processing and speed-accuracy trade-off
Peripheral vision screening for driving in retinitis pigmentosa patients
Peripheral visual changes and spatial attention
Personality, problem drinking, and drunk driving: mediating, moderating, and direct-effect models
Phoria, Hering's laws, and monocular perception of direction
Physicians' guide to driver examination. Fifth edition
Pictorial and motion-based information for depth perception
Pilot personality and crew coordination: implications for training and selection
Piracetam in elderly motorists
Placental abruption associated with air travel. A case report and an overview on safety of air travel in pregnant women
Pontomedullary tear in a speedboat accident. Report of a case with MRI diagnosis
Practical hazards of photic sneezing
Predicting the second breath alcohol measurement from the first: an application of regression analysis
Preferred sound intensity increase for sensation of half distance
Preprogramming vs. on-line control in simple movement sequences
Prevalence of behavioral risk factors in two American Indian populations in Montana
Prevention and management of emergencies in off-shore stations
Prevention and management of incidents in records of deep immersion
Primary flight training performance of student naval aviators with vision waivers
Problem of mental image in aviation psychology
Psychiatric intervention after the Piper Alpha disaster
Psychiatric response to the Clapham rail crash
Psychological aftermath of the King's Cross fire
Psychological aspects of pilot spatial orientation
Psychological interventions after child and adolescent disasters in the community
Psychophysiological evidence for continuous information transmission between visual search and response processes
Public health versus public policy? An appraisal of British urban transport policy
Reactions of police officers to body-handling after a major disaster. A before-and-after comparison
Reallocation of visual attention
Recent advances in sea rescue
Recombination of automatic processing components: the effects of transfer, reversal, and conflict situations
Relative incidence of intracranial mass lesions and severe torso injury after accidental injury: implications for triage and management
Repetition blindness and illusory conjunctions: errors in binding visual types with visual tokens
Repetition blindness depends on perceptual capture and token individuation failure
Representation of spatial structure in reaching to a visual target
Representational momentum and event course anticipation in the perception of implied periodical motions
Results of a national survey of physicians' knowledge and application of prevention capabilities
Safety-belt injuries in children with lap-belt ecchymosis: CT findings in 61 patients
Screening child survivors for post-traumatic stress disorders: experiences from the 'Jupiter' sinking
Screening of excessive alcohol consumption. Medico-legal aspects
Search, similarity, and integration of features between and within dimensions
Seizures and driver's licence
Shape recognition contributions to figure-ground reversal: which route counts?
Shifting visual attention and selecting motor responses: distinct attentional mechanisms
Signs as deterrents of illegal parking in spaces designated for individuals with physical disabilities
Simulator sickness provoked by a human centrifuge
Sleep and nocturnal air traffic
Sleep deprivation, epilepsy and the ability to operate a motor vehicle
Slippery context effect and critical bands
Some legal aspects of mass disasters
Spatial topological constraints in a bimanual task
Special correspondence: vision standards
Steady-state and perturbed rhythmical movements: a dynamical analysis
Stereoscopic acuity in ocular pursuit of moving objects. Dynamic stereoscopy and movement parallax: relevance to road safety and occupational medicine
Stimulus complexity effects in visual comparisons: the effects of practice and learning context
Stimulus discrimination following covert attentional orienting to an exogenous cue
Stimulus-response compatibility and the Simon effect: toward a conceptual clarification
Stress and trance in freefall parachuting: a pilot study
Structural flexibility of moral judgment
Suicide on the London Underground System
Above-real-time training (ARTT) improves transfer to a simulated flight control task
Target--distractor separation and feature integration in visual attention to letters
Tests of an exemplar model for relating perceptual classification and recognition memory
The car use of young drivers with spina bifida and hydrocephalus
The characteristics of midfacial fractures and the association with ocular injury: a prospective study
Sleep-related injuries in the U.S. Army, 1984-1991
The concept of naval catastrophic and accident medicine
The crash of Continental 1713: the impact on hospital-based personnel
The effects of two anti-vertigo drugs (betahistine and prochlorperazine) on driving skills
The epidemiological characteristics of craniocerebral trauma in fleet personnel of the Northern Basin
The failure analysis of composite material flight helmets as an aid in aircraft accident investigation
The fitness of dialysis patients to drive a motor vehicle
The impact of a hospital based educational program on adolescent attitudes toward drinking and driving
The injury pattern in parachuting
The level of physical work capacity of drivers as an index of their reliability
The manner and cause of death in a forensic series of chronic alcoholics
The motion sickness under reversing goggles (1st report)
The number of railway suicides can and should be reduced. The involved drivers receive crisis help
The philosophy and realities of autorotations
The psychophysiological training of the crew members of multiseat aircraft for cooperation in accident situations
The role of the UK ambulance service in major incidents
The toxicological examination of the victims of the British Air Tours Boeing 737 accident at Manchester in 1985
Tinted lenses and the ANSI standards for traffic signal transmittances
Toxicological findings in Federal Aviation Administration general aviation accidents
Can the psychiatrist predict ability for driving?
Can the psychiatrist predict automobile driving ability
Car toll neuropathy
Case report: chronic sub-dural hematoma following high-speed ejection
Casualty rates among naval forces ashore
Catapult launch-associated cardioversion of atrial fibrillation
Causal attributions and post-traumatic stress in adolescents
Causal attributions in the explanation of alcohol-related accidents
Cerebral dominance and asynchrony between bimanual two-dimensional movements
Changes in epidemiology of acute spinal cord injury from 1947 to 1981
Changes in motor planning during the acquisition of movement patterns in a continuous task
Changes in the dark focus of accommodation associated with simulator sickness
Childhood accidental deaths on farms in Northern Ireland
Civil aeromedical standards: year 2000 plus
Color improves object recognition in normal and low vision
Color vision defect in Purtscher's disease
Common factors in the identification of an assortment of brief everyday sounds
Concentrations of acetone in venous blood samples from drunk drivers, type-I diabetic outpatients, and healthy blood donors
Conversion deafness
Coordinating information from perception and working memory
Coping with driving risks
Correlates of cognitive function scores in elderly outpatients
Coupling dynamics in interlimb coordination
Crisis support in the aftermath of disaster: a longitudinal perspective
Current practice and experience in drug and alcohol testing in the workplace
Curvilinear approach to an intersection and visual detection of a collision
Definition of a responder: analysis of behavioral, cardiovascular, and endocrine responses to varied workload in air traffic controllers
Depression and SGI: are you driving legally?
Depth perception in motion parallax and stereokinesis
Designated driver campaign
Detection and correction of hypoxemia associated with air travel
Diastolic blood pressure associated with accumulated work time among drivers and collectors
Disappearance rate of ethanol from the blood of human subjects: implications in forensic toxicology
DOT changes response to "no driving" reports
Driver safety-belt use--Budapest, Hungary, 1993
Driving and psychiatric illness
Driving cessation and changes in mileage driven among elderly individuals
Driving performance in persons with mild senile dementia of the Alzheimer type
Driving safety among patients with automatic implantable cardioverter defibrillators
Dual-task interference and the cerebral hemispheres
The assessment of the public health status of flight personnel
The impact of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection on aviation safety
The mechanisms of the formation of kidney damages from action by blunt objects
The Thule episode epidemiological follow up after the crash of a B-52 bomber in Greenland: registry linkage, mortality, hospital admissions
Toxicological findings in military aircraft fatalities from 1986-1990
Traumatic brain injuries kill or disable 4000 a year in Oklahoma
Traumatic pneumopericardium with cardiac tamponade
Traumatic rupture of the diaphragm in an infant
Traumatized kids, traumatized rescuers?
Tricuspid valve regurgitation following blunt thoracic trauma
Two cases of traumatic testicular luxation
Underreporting of pedestrian accidents
Urethral injuries in female subjects following pelvic fractures
Use of the Injury Severity Score to monitor diagnostic accuracy in the early assessment of road trauma
When is a woman's body not her own? According to law, when she's pregnant
Whiplash as a basis for TMJ dysfunction
Whiplash injuries
Work-related accidents and injuries in Baltic fishermen
Work-related lost time accidents in deep-sea fishermen
Apparent size and distance in an imaging display
Assessment of the cardiac patient for fitness to drive
Asymmetry in visual search for targets defined by differences in movement speed
Attentional demands of processing shape in three-dimensional space: evidence from visual search and precuing paradigms
Effect of gravitational cues on visual search for orientation
Effect of high pressure sodium lamp light on color vision in persons with congenital dyschromatopsia
Effect of low and moderate doses of alcohol on driving hazard perception latency and driving speed
Effect of some factors on sleep polygraphic parameters and subjective evaluations of sleep
Effect of trans-cockpit authority gradient on Navy/Marine helicopter mishaps
Effects of age and hemianopic visual field loss on driving
Effects of cardiovascular disease on driving tasks
Effects of depot neuroleptics on driving performance in chronic schizophrenic patients
Effects of sedating and nonsedating antihistamines on flying performance
Effects of stereoscopic and rotational displays in a three-dimensional path-tracing task
Effects of three types of flight simulator visual scene detail on detection of altitude change
Encoding apparent motion in animated mimic displays
Evaluation and treatment of the elderly trauma victim
Evaluation of pregnant women after blunt injury
Evaluation of the elderly driver with arthritis
Exceeding of speed limit by physicians responding to emergencies. Decision by the Bavarian Supreme Assize Court on 10-1-1990
Experimental evaluation of a model of mental workload
F-16 pilot experience with combat ejections during the Persian Gulf War
Facilitation and interference effects in a Stroop-like task: evidence in favor of semantic processing of parafoveally-presented stimuli
Fatal mishap report: first SPH-4B flight helmet recovered from a U.S. Army helicopter mishap
Flight helmet weight, +Gz forces, and neck muscle strain
Flight leads and crisis decision-making
Frames of reference and distinctive figural characteristics affect shape perception
Fuzzy dice, dream cars, and indecent gestures: correlates of driver behavior?
General practitioners' beliefs about their role in the prevention and treatment of accidents involving children
Global T-wave inversion after a car accident
Guidelines for a research and development (R and D) program for high sustained G
Liquor-filled chocolate's response to police alcohol tests
Effects of consumption of snacks on simulated driving
Acute and Chronic Exercise Effects on Attentional Control in Older Road Cyclists
Cocaine and benzoylecgonine concentrations in fluorinated plasma samples of drivers under suspicion of driving under influence
Comparison of On-Reserve Road Versus Off-Reserve Road Motor Vehicle Crashes in Saskatchewan, Canada: A Case Control Study
Crash test ratings and real-world frontal crash outcomes: a CIREN study
Adequacy of the Seismic Analysis Methods for Single-column-bent Viaducts Considering Regularity and Higher Modes Effects
Active/Robust Control of Longitudinal Vibration Response of Floating-type Cable-stayed Bridge Induced by Train Braking and Vertical Moving Loads
Animal-eyeball vs. road-sign retroreflectors
Can I drive a car, doctor? Car driving evaluation for people with disability and the importance in rehabilitation
Automatic and attentional priming in young and older adults: reevaluation of the two-process model
Automobile carburetor- and radiator-related burns
Automobile passenger restraints for children and pregnant women. ACOG technical bulletin number 151--January 1991 (replaces no. 74, December 1983)
Availability of personal transportation in households of elders: age, gender, and residence differences
Aviation and antiarrhythmic medication
Behavior change in the funny papers: feedback to cartoonists on safety belt use
Benefits from attention depend on the target type in location-precued discrimination
Biological movements look uniform: evidence of motor-perceptual interactions
Blood and breath alcohol concentrations
Blood ethanol clearance rates
Burns caused by automobile radiators: a continuing problem
Can certain stimulus characteristics influence the hemispheric differences in global and local processing?
Can we believe what we see, if we see what we believe?--expert disagreement
Cardiac pacing and aviation
Cardiac risk of speed traps
Cardiac rupture from blunt trauma with atrial septal defect
Cardiological aspects of aviation safety--the new European perspective
Cardiomyopathy and aircrew fitness
Cardiovascular risk and risk factors in the context of aircrew certification
Carwash injuries
Categorical versus coordinate spatial relations: computational analyses and computer simulations
Causes of mortality in drunkenness offenders followed-up for 2 years
Choosing specifiers: an evaluation of the basic tasks model of graphical perception
Chromaticity and luminance as coding dimensions in visual search
Color vision testing for the U.S. Naval Academy
Comparing roadside with subsequent breath alcohol analyses and their relevance to the issue of retrograde extrapolation
Comparisons of wartime and peacetime disease and non-battle injury rates aboard ships of the British Royal Navy
Comprehension strategies in the development of a mental model
Conscious knowledge and changes in performance in sequence learning: evidence against dissociation
Contributions to psychohistory: XIX. Kamikaze pilots: the Japanese versus the American perspective
Correlation of trauma and cause of death to accident reconstruction: a case of a flight accident report
Crisis support and psychiatric symptomatology in adult survivors of the Jupiter cruise ship disaster
Cue familiarity but not target retrievability enhances feeling-of-knowing judgments
Decompression sickness: an increasing risk for the private pilot
Delta 191: the Dallas experience
Determining total method level of detection and level of quantitation for breath alcohol analysis programs
Development of the 'Activities of Daily Vision Scale'. A measure of visual functional status
Different patterns of condylar fractures: an analysis of 382 patients in a 3-year period
Differential effects of voluntary expectancies on reaction times and event-related potentials: evidence for automatic and controlled expectancies
Disaster plan of Geneva airport
Disease prevention strategies for Army aviators: clues from a descriptive analysis of the flying duty medical examination
Distance and organization in multifunction displays
Do recognizable figures enjoy an advantage in binocular rivalry?
Don't let safety happen by accident
Dr. Charles H. Mayo and the automobile
Drink drive
Drinking habits and laboratory tests in seamen with and without chemical exposure
Driving and dementia: perspectives from an outpatient clinic
Driving and diabetes mellitus
Driving and diabetes
Driving evaluation after traumatic brain injury
Driving restrictions advised by midwestern cardiologists implanting cardioverter defibrillators: present practices, criteria utilized, and compatibility with existing state laws
Driving under the influence of isopropanol
Drugs and alcohol consumption amongst Spanish drivers
Dynamic decision making: human control of complex systems
Effectiveness of air bags
Effects of 2 mg and 4 mg atropine sulfate on the performance of U.S. Army helicopter pilots
Effects of multiple reference points in spatial stimulus-response compatibility
Effects of preliminary perceptual output on neuronal activity of the primary motor cortex
Elderly versus younger problem drinker profiles: do they indicate a need for special programs for the elderly?
Elderly vs. younger problem drinker 'treatment' and recovery experiences
Elevator surfing: a deadly new form of joyriding
Engineering investigation of air accidents
Ethanol distribution ratios between urine and capillary blood in controlled experiments and in apprehended drinking drivers
Event-related potentials in professional city drivers: heightened sensitivity to cognitively relevant visual signals
Evolution of behavioral attractors with learning: nonequilibrium phase transitions
Exemption from seat belt use
Eyeglass use by U.S. Navy jet pilots: effects on night carrier landing performance
Factors that affect depth perception in stereoscopic displays
Familiarity effects in visual comparison tasks and their implications for studying human intelligence
Fatal occupational injury related to helicopters in the United States 1980-1985
The role of designated driver programs in the prevention of alcohol-impaired driving: a critical reassessment
An Efficient Tree Classifier Ensemble-Based Approach for Pedestrian Detection
The Impact of Traffic Stops on Calling the Police for Help
Follow-up of leukemia in drivers is of interest
Form-specific visual priming in the right cerebral hemisphere
Gallbladder injuries due to blunt abdominal trauma: report on five cases and review of the literature
Garage door injuries in children
Generalizations and extensions of the precue-utilization effect in rapid reactions
Global and local processing in nonattended objects: a failure to induce local processing dominance
Graphical displays: implications for divided attention, focused attention, and problem solving
Traffic and brain
Traffic congestion, perceived control, and psychophysiological stress among urban bus drivers
Traffic noise and the response of the population in the Trastevere quarter of Rome
Training needs for advanced technology flight decks
Transfer of processing in repetition priming: some inappropriate findings
Transformation theory of size judgment
Transportation of hazardous materials requires compliance with P.L. 101-615
Using seat belts can help save your own life
Validation of two devices for evaluation of human psychomotor performance
Visual acuity of the U.S. Navy jet pilot and the use of the helmet sun visor
Visual aging and the visibility of highway signs
Visual control of locomotion: strategies for changing direction and for going over obstacles
Visual curve tracing properties
Volatile compounds detected in blood of drunk drivers by headspace/capillary gas chromatography/ion trap mass spectrometry
When should patients with lethal ventricular arrhythmia resume driving? An analysis of state regulations and physician practices
White finger symptoms: a cross-sectional study
Why anamorphoses look as they do: an experimental study
Young people's perception of the space shuttle disaster: case study
United Flight 232: Sioux City's response to an air disaster
Restraint of children in cars
Policy Implications of Recent Behavioral Research in Transportation Demand Management
Taking Stock of Planning, Space, and Gender
The Schalling Sensation Seeking and Impulsivity Scales: their relationship to time perspective and time awareness, a preliminary report
The competition between SWS and REM sleep as index of maladaptation to shift work
The effect of speed and type of visual stimulus on its perception
To spatial phase detection in humans
Topographical aspects of saccadic eye movement related potentials
Traffic calming in Australia. a definition and commentary
Simulator Qualification: Just As Phony As It Can Be
Situation Awareness: A Critical But Ill-Defined Phenomenon
The Development and Evaluation of Flight Instructors: A Descriptive Survey
The Impact of Personality and Task Characteristics on Stress and Strain During Helicopter Flight
Toward a Human-Centered Aircraft Automation Philosophy
Severe ocular trauma from a driver's-side air bag
Simulated long-term driving performance before and after uvulopalatopharyngoplasty
Sleep apnoea's contribution to the road toll
Steering wheel injury
Strategies for promoting safety and preventing injury
Study of the nasal pyramid as a shock-absorber protecting the face in frontal impact
Ten-year statistics and observation of facial bone fracture
The Burma-Shave safety signs: History and lessons for health education
The course of psychological symptoms after resolution of lawsuits
The demographic and psychiatric characteristics of 110 personal injury litigants
The driver's role in fatal two-car crashes: a paired "case-control" study
The effect of epilepsy or diabetes mellitus on the risk of automobile accidents
The frequency of alcoholisation among young people injured in accidents in France
The need of leadership for motivation of participants in a community intervention programme
The occurrence and driver characteristics associated with motor vehicle injuries in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
The problem of trauma in Nigeria. Pattern as seen in a multicentre study
The psychophysiology of motor vehicle accident related posttraumatic stress disorder
The role of the local health department in traffic safety
Traffic accidents. Alcohol-related traffic fatalities among youth and young adults, 1982-1989
Traffic accidents. Safety-belt use among drivers involved in alcohol-related fatal motor-vehicle crashes, 1982-1989
Trauma during pregnancy. a review of 79 cases
Peritraumatic Distress Inventory as a predictor of post-traumatic stress disorder after a severe motor vehicle accident
Potential driving issues in combat returnees
Health habits, health care use and costs in a sample of retirees
Health of a team competing in the 1990 World Solar Car Challenge
Heart rate ultradian rhythm in pilots subjected to hypergravitational stress
Hell on wheels
Historical development of civil aviation medical standards
How safe is Scottish hot air?
Human stereopsis
Hypertension and the probability of an incapacitating event over a defined period: impact of treatment
Identification of objects in scenes: the role of scene background in object naming
Identifying objects across saccades: effects of extrafoveal preview and flanker object context
Implications of lone atrial fibrillation/flutter in the context of cardiovascular fitness to fly
Improvement of midnight driving operations
Increased safety-belt use--United States, 1991
Individual differences in working memory and comprehension: a test of four hypotheses
Influence of processing speed on adult age differences in working memory
Influence of short-term memory codes on visual image processing: evidence from image transformation tasks
Injuries associated with the use of ejection seats in Finnish pilots
International policies on alcohol-impaired driving: a review
Intraparenchymatous cerebral hemorrhage and cranial asymmetry caused by an unusual perinatal trauma
Introduction and summary of principal conclusions to the first European workshop in aviation cardiology
Inverse duration effects in partial report
Involuntary covert orienting is contingent on attentional control settings
Is rapid performance improvement across short precue-target delays due to masking from peripheral precues?
Is the debate on automobile driving taboo among physicians?
Is there need for change of health examinations for sea pilots?
Lateral motion bias associated with reading direction
Lessons from La Guardia
Liver and spleen ruptures in authentic car-to-car side collisions with main impact at front door or B-pillar
Low vision rehabilitation: vision requirements for driving
Making two responses to a single object: implications for the central attentional bottleneck
Manipulating procedural variables in a spatial precuing task
Measurement of the car steering wheel turning force of persons with cervical cord injuries
Medical follow-up of drunken drivers reduces relapses dramatically
Medical-cause accidents in commercial aviation
Mental animation: inferring motion from static displays of mechanical systems
Mental illness, pharmacotherapy, and automobile operation: what is the risk?
Mental rotation, physical rotation, and surface media
Metabolic bases of +Gz duration tolerance
Methods for testing impairment of driving due to drugs
Minimum audible movement angle as a function of the azimuth and elevation of the source
Mitral leaflet prolapse: aspects of fitness to fly
Motor vehicle accident: abdominal pain
Motorcycle helmet use study
Motorcycle helmet use study
Motorists with seizure disorders
Movement analysis with microgravitation: theory and practical aspects for the calculation of target movements with the MONIMIR helmet lamp
Multidimensional risk assessment versus age as criterion for retirement of airline pilots
National drunk and drugged driving prevention month--December 1992
Newborn infant transportation
Night myopia may place many young drivers at risk, MD says
Night myopia: implications for the young driver
Nonvisual judgment of the crossability of path gaps
North Dakota emergency nurses promote seat belt use: the "70% x '92" program
Older motorist yielding to pedestrians: are older drivers inattentive and unwilling to stop?
On the synchrony of stopping motor responses and delaying heartbeats
On the time course of perceptual information that results from a brief visual presentation
On the transmission of partial information: inferences from movement-related brain potentials
Parkinsonism: to drive or not to drive?
Patterns of drug consumption among Spanish drivers
PennDOT publishes amendments to licensing regulations
Pennsylvania Safe Kids Coalition features infant car safety
Perception and action in altered gravity
Persistence of negative priming: II. Evidence for episodic trace retrieval
Persistence of stimulus-response compatibility effects with extended practice
Photographic cockpit model for prescribing multifocals
Position-linked interference in forming simple visual groups
Post-traumatic stress disorder in child survivors of shipping disasters: the sinking of the 'Jupiter'
Pre-employment colour vision testing
Predictable eye-head coordination during driving
The role of realism, similarity, and expectancies in adolescents' interpretation of abuse-prevention messages
Predictors of blinding or serious eye injury in blunt trauma
The older driver. clinical assessment and injury prevention
The public perception of the risks and benefits of alcohol consumption
The significance of multiple trauma in children
Torso injury patterns and mechanisms in car crashes: an additional diagnostic tool
Prescribing spectacles for aviators: USAF experience
Prevalence and demographic correlates of alcohol-related problems in Japanese employees
Priming and recognition of transformed three-dimensional objects: effects of size and reflection
Probability effects on stimulus evaluation and response processes
Prognostication of flyer's +Gz tolerance on the base of static muscular strength endurance
Projective invariance and the kinetic depth effect
Promoting airbags: Evaluation of a public health intervention aimed at federal election candidates
Protecting the pilot during high-G loading
Psychological responses of rescue workers: fire fighters and trauma
Public health. Roads to poor health
Questionnaire survey of masters, mates, and pilots of a State Ferries System on health, social, and performance indices relevant to shift work
Race, belief in destiny, and seat belt usage: a pilot study
Railway suicide: the psychological effects on drivers
Rammed by a ramp causing low-velocity sternal fractures
Rare electrocution due to powerline contact in a hot-air balloon: comparison with fatalities from blunt trauma
Response time distributions and the Stroop Task: a test of the Cohen, Dunbar, and McClelland (1990) model
Retention and disruption of motion information in visual short-term memory
Retention of trained performance in consistent mapping search after extended delay
Return to work of professional drivers after cardiac rehabilitation
Rubbing your stomach while tapping your fingers: interference between motor planning and semantic judgments
Saccade programming during short duration fixations: an examination of copy typing, letter detection, and reading
Scientific and technical progress and railroad hygiene
Seasickness in totally-enclosed motor-propelled survival craft: five offshore oil rig disasters
Seasickness in totally-enclosed motor-propelled survival craft: remedial measures
Seat belt-related thyroiditis documented with thyroid Tc-99m pertechnetate scans
Seat belts in pregnancy
Seatbelt syndrome
Selective attention and visual search: revision of an allocation model and application to age differences
The impact of the ATLS course on traffic accident mortality in Trinidad and Tobago
Train versus pedestrian resulting in traumatic hemipelvectomy
School Nurses as Safe Routes to School Champions
Simple reaction times and performance in the detection of visual stimuli of patients with diabetes
Shoe leather epidemiology: active travel and transport infrastructure in the urban landscape
Social Inequality in Onset of Mobility Disability Among Older Danes: The Mediation Effect of Social Relations
A survey of adult power wheelchair and scooter users
The auto-brewery syndrome--the repeated attacks of alcoholic intoxication due to the overgrowth of Candida (albicans) in the gastrointestinal tract
Brain cannabinoids in chocolate
Assessment of driving performance using a simulator protocol: validity and reproducibility
Australian occupational therapy driver assessors' opinions on improving on-road driver assessment procedures
The effect of congruency between sound-source location and verbal message semantics of in-vehicle navigation systems
A method to account for outliers in the development of safety performance functions
Supporting safe driving with arthritis: developing a driving toolkit for clinical practice and consumer use
Teen driving exposure in Michigan: demographic and behavioral characteristics
The significance of pontomedullar laceration in car occupants following frontal collisions: A retrospective autopsy study
Urban vs rural pediatric trauma in Alberta: where can we focus on prevention?
Validation of a test of road law and road craft knowledge with older or functionally impaired drivers
Validity and critical driving errors of on-road assessment for older drivers
Willingness to pay for private and public road safety in stated preference studies: why the difference?
Striatal Dysfunction Marks Preexisting Risk and Medial Prefrontal Dysfunction Is Related to Problem Drinking in Children of Alcoholics
Sense of body position in parabolic flight
Shapes of reaction-time distributions and shapes of learning curves: a test of the instance theory of automaticity
Short-term memory for the timing of auditory and visual signals
Simulator sickness in the U.S. Army UH-60A Blackhawk flight simulator
Simultaneous quantitation of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and 11-nor-9-carboxy-delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC-COOH) in serum by GC/MS using deuterated internal standards and its application to a smoking study and forensic cases
Sleep apnea syndrome symptoms and automobile driving in a general population
Social status and drunk-driving intervention
Some aspects of adult mortality in developed countries
Some demographic aspects of urban sprawl in Montreal from 1971 to 1991 and the implications for metropolitan management
Spatial and temporal contributions to the structure of spatial memory
Spatial attention and expectancy for colour, category and location: further evidence against the spotlight model
Spatial disorientation in naval aviation mishaps: a review of class A incidents from 1980 through 1989
Spatial interactions in binocular rivalry
Splitting focal attention
Stereokinetic effect and its relation to the kinetic depth effect
Student nurse opinions about the importance of health promotion practices
Success rate analysis of Navy SERGRAD flight training
Suction purpura: Part II. "Car seat" and other mechanical purpuras
Suicidal acts on metro systems: an international perspective
Suicide and vehicle exhaust emissions
The "Scandinavian Star" ferry disaster 1990--a challenge to forensic odontology
The bicycle--can we all benefit?
The California car crash disaster: how hospitals responded
The effect of trans-cockpit authority gradient on Navy/Marine helicopter mishaps
The elimination rate of mouth alcohol: mathematical modeling and implications in breath alcohol analysis
The management of the development of occupationally important qualities for the purpose of improving the training of flight personnel
The medico-legal organization of a mass disaster--the Air India crash 1985
The Midfield High School Safety Belt Incentive Program
The new vital sign
The picture superiority effect in categorization: visual or semantic?
The prevalence and aeromedical certification considerations of contact lens use by civilian pilots
Influence of helmet use in facial trauma and moderate traumatic brain injury victims of motorcycle accidents
The psychophysiological bases for the training of flight personnel for operations in contingency situations
The psychophysiological characteristics of the activities of flight personnel during the mastery of VTOL aircraft
The relationship between head and neck anthropometry and kinematic response during impact acceleration
The relationship of personal values to concerns about radioactive waste transport
The reliability and stability of the Mortimer-Filkins test
The role of balance dynamics in the active perception of orientation
The role of categorization in visual search for orientation
The role of frame size on vertical and horizontal observers in the rod-and-frame illusion
The role of subclinical cardiovascular diseases in high-G flying: a mathematical modeling approach
The role of the medical laboratory technologist in drinking and driving cases. Part 1: The Criminal Code and blood collection for alcohol analysis
The role of the medical laboratory technologist in drinking and driving cases. Part 2: The use of hospital alcohol results as evidence and providing testimony in court
The spatial disorientation problem in the United States Air Force
The treatment of drunk drivers
Therapeutic effects and effects on actual driving performance of chronically administered buspirone and diazepam in anxious outpatients
Through the canopy glass: a comparison of injuries in naval aviation ejections through the canopy and after canopy jettison, 1977 to 1990
Through the canopy glass: a comparison of injuries in Naval Aviation ejections through the canopy and after canopy jettison, 1977 to 1990
Time stress and the processing of visual displays
Tire explosion injuries to the upper extremity
To drive or not to drive: preliminary results from road testing of patients with dementia
Toxicologic findings in the USS Iowa disaster
Transport of radioactive material by road
Traumatism with fatal outcome in maritime workers
Treatment of injuries in the county of Ringkøbing. 4. Referral and transport of severe traffic accident traumas
Use of mobile phones in the behavioral treatment of driving phobias
Vehicle occupant exposure to carbon monoxide
Ventricular pre-excitation and professional aircrew licensing
Yellow lens effects upon visual acquisition performance
Young drivers
Visibility of transmissive liquid crystal displays under dynamic lighting conditions
Vision and driving license among young people
Visual acuity and driver's licence among young people. Are routine vision tests necessary?
Visual function and driving safety
Visual scanning with or without spatial uncertainty and divided and selective attention
Visual space perception and visually directed action
Visually perceived eye level: changes induced by a pitched-from-vertical 2-line visual field
When a plane goes down..
Where earth meets sky. Safe operations at helicopter scenes
Women in the fast jet cockpit--aeromedical considerations
Yellow lens effects upon visual acquisition performance
The effect of smoking on elderly drivers
Restraint of children in cars
The effect of age on driving skills
Engineering responses to fatigue
Techniques and Applications for Binaural Sound Manipulation
The 'Artful' Decision Maker: A Framework Model for Aeronautical Decision Making
The Effect of Low Blood Alcohol Levels on Pilot Performance in a Series of Simulated Approach and Landing Trials
Transfer Effects of Scene Content and Crosswind in Landing Instruction
Understanding the Relations Between Selection Factors and Pilot Training Performance: Does the Criterion Make a Difference?
Use of Nontraditional Flight Displays for the Reduction of Central Visual Overload in the Cockpit
Visual Augmentation and Scene Detail Effects in Flight Training
The Incidence of Moto-Cross Injuries
Subcutaneous avulsion of the breast caused by a seat belt injury. report on a case requiring emergency mastectomy
Summary of results of a comparative study of alcohol problems and solutions: Spain and Portugal
Tarasoff and the dangerous driver: a look at the driving cases
Technical parameters influencing the severity of injury of front-seat, belt-protected car passengers on the impact side in car-to-car side collisions with the main impact between the front and rear seats (B-pillars)
The aging driver
The cervical spine in fatal motor vehicle accidents
Hazard potential of ejection with canopy fragmentation
Hazardous materials accidents: initial scene assessment and patient care
Hazardous materials incidents in military aircraft
Hazards of commercial fishing
Hazards of deep-sea fishing, 1971
Health and safety hazards associated with farming
Health hazards to children in agriculture
Heart rate and rhythm during flight in civil pilots undergoing aerobatics. A Holter study
Helicopter rotor blade injury: a persistent safety hazard in the U.S. Army
High-powered automobile stereos
How to deal with drunk drivers
Human errors and sleep
Hyperextension-dislocation injuries of the cervical spine
Imagery-perception interaction depends on the shape of the image: a reply to Farah (1989)
Impact of adult safety-belt use on restraint use among children < 11 years of age--selected states, 1988 and 1989
Implications of psychological research on stress and technological accidents
Inattention and the perception of visual features
Increase in mortality rates due to aircraft noise
Influencing public policy: a community effort
Injuries of the spine and spinal cord as isolated and multiple injuries
Injury prevention. Public health approaches to improved road safety
Internal attentional switching: effects of predictability, complexity and practice
Intraperitoneal bladder rupture and the wearing of rear seat-belts--a case report
Investigating Hispanic adolescent involvement with alcohol: a focus group interview approach
Location dominance in attending to color and shape
Long-term results of contrast perception and glare sensitivity in patients with diffraction multifocal lenses
Loss of consciousness as a presenting feature in HIV/AIDS disease in the pilot population
Main bronchial rupture from blunt trauma in a 2-year-old child
Mal de debarquement syndrome: a forgotten entity?
Management of trauma. Nitrous oxide dangerous in pneumothorax
Mandibular whiplash. Part II. An extension flexion injury of the temporomandibular joints
The Effect of Personal Characteristics on Drivers' Speed Selection: An Economic Approach
Back-estimation of blood alcohol concentration
Barotrauma in Boeing 737 cabin crew
Basic life support versus advanced life support for injured patients with an injury severity score of 10 or more
Battery acid burns of the upper gastro-intestinal tract
Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System--Michigan, 1987-1991
Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance, 1991: monitoring progress toward the nation's year 2000 health objectives
Biomedical equipment considerations for aeromedical transports
Blunt traumatic flank hernia
Measuring the effect of attention on simple visual search
Medicinal and illicit drug effects on automobile drivers in the Munster area 1980 to 1989. A retrospective study
Memory biases in left versus right implied motion
Memory for source after traumatic brain injury
Mental accounting and the process of multiattribute choice
Methadone-substitution and driving ability
Crossmodal influences on visual perception
Natural world physical, brain operational, and mind phenomenal space-time
Perceptual learning and human expertise
Toward a physical basis of attention and self regulation
Complexity analysis and mathematical tools towards the modelling of living systems
Trauma in pregnancy
An experimental study on the effect of mobile phone conversation on drivers' reaction time in braking response
Does the built environment affect when American teens become drivers? Evidence from the 2001 National Household Travel Survey
Is a hands-free phone safer than a handheld phone?
Road accidents, suicide and maternal conditions among leading causes of death in young people
Traffic hazards of Chennai
Multiple adverse outcomes over 30 years following adolescent substance misuse treatment
Social and behavioral risk factors for maxillary incisor trauma in an adolescent Arab population
Design speeds and acceleration characteristics of bicycle traffic for use in planning, design and appraisal
Engaging disadvantaged populations in transport studies: Linking modal use and perceptions of safety to activity patterns
The provision of home to school transport in Northern Ireland
Transport for older people: Characteristics and solutions
On Tracking the Course of Cerebral Oxygen Saturation and Pilot Performance During Gravity-Induced Loss of Consciousness
Self-Controlled Concurrent Feedback Facilitates the Learning of the Final Approach Phase in a Fixed-Base Flight Simulator
Critical analysis and perspectives on the hydrodynamic approach for the mathematical theory of vehicular traffic
Performance of a fire-and-forget anti-tank missile with a damaged wing
Techniques for restricting multiple overtaking conflicts and performing compound moves when constructing new train schedules
Analyzing urban bus service reliability at the stop, route, and network levels
Creating and Sustaining Successful Mixed-Income Communities
Race, driving, and police organization: Modeling moving and nonmoving traffic stops with citizen self-reports of driving practices
Illusion of Motion: Variation in Value of Travel Time Under Different Freeway Driving Conditions
Modeling Bicycle Facility Operation
Steps in Reserve: Comparing Latent Walk Trips in Toronto, Ontario, and Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Barge Bow Force-Deformation Relationships for Barge-Bridge Collision Analysis
Bicyclist Intersection Crossing Times
The Challenge of Uncoupled Motion: Duration of Cognitive and Physiological Aftereffects
Balancing Urban Driveway Design Demands Based on Stopping Sight Distance
Bayesian Analysis of the Effect of Horizontal Curvature on Truck Crashes Using Training and Validation Data Sets
Benefits of Pavement Markings; A Renewed Perspective Based on Recent and Ongoing Research
Calibration of the Highway Safety Manual's Accident Prediction Model for Italian Secondary Road Network
Challenge of Evacuating the Carless in Five Major U.S. Cities
Characterizing the Distribution of Safety Occurrences in Aviation
Collision Prediction Models for Three-Dimensional Two-Lane Highways
Communication and Interpretation of Results of Route Risk Analyses of Hazardous Materials Transportation by Railroad
Comparison of Driver Behavior at Highway-Railroad Crossings in Two Cities
Comparison of Simulated Freeway Safety Performance with Observed Crashes
Comprehensive Review of Emerging Technologies for Congestion Reduction and Safety
Crash Analysis of Roundabouts at High-Speed Rural Intersections
Desirable Spiral Length Based on Driver Steering Behavior
Determining the Causes of Seasonal Variation in Pavement Friction
Developing Accident Modification Functions
Driver Behavior and User Acceptance of Cooperative Systems Based on Infrastructure-to-Vehicle Communication
Driver Behavior at Freeway-Ramp Merging Areas
Driver Safety Programs: The Influence on the Road Performance of Older Drivers
Driving Performance and Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Driving Performance, Alignment Consistency, and Road Safety
Early-Life, Long-Term, and Seasonal Variations in Skid Resistance in Flexible and Rigid Pavements
Effect of Phase Countdown Timers on Queue Discharge Characteristics Under Heterogeneous Traffic Conditions
Effects of Grade on the Speed and Travel Time of Vehicles Entering Driveways
Effects of Heterogeneity on Self-Organized Pedestrian Flows
Elementary Units of Exposure
Estimation of Freeway Work Zone Capacity Through Simulation and Field Data
Evaluation of Alternative Procedures for Setting Curve Advisory Speed
Evaluation of Effectiveness of Stop Sign Treatments at Highway-Railroad Grade Crossings
Expected Safety Performance of Rural Signalized Intersections in South Korea
Guidelines for Implementation of Cable Median Barrier
Exploratory Analysis of Accelerated Wear Testing to Evaluate Performance of Pavement Markings
Exploring Impacts of Factors Contributing to Injury Severity at Freeway Diverge Areas
Evaluation of Speed Monitoring Displays for Work Zones in Las Vegas, Nevada
Fatigue Design of Sign Support Structures for Loading Caused by Natural Wind Loads
High-Performance Aesthetic Bridge Rail and Median Barrier
How Drivers Perceive Visibility in Blowing Snow
Exploring the Relationship Between Roadway Characteristics and Speed Variation
Improving the Safety of Transportation of Dangerous Goods
Inertial Effects During Impact Testing
Laboratory Characterization of Fouled Railroad Ballast Behavior
An analysis of air mass effects on rail ridership in three US cities
Communication and mobility behaviour - a trend and panel analysis of the correlation between mobile phone use and mobility
Diurnal pattern of transit ridership: a case study of the New York City subway system
Children's independent mobility to school, friends and leisure activities
The effect of travel cost on frequencies of shopping and recreational trips in Sweden
The effects of area-wide road speed and curvature on traffic casualties in England
Long-term trends in weather-related crash risks
My car, my friends, and me: a preliminary analysis of automobility and social activity participation
Operationalising 'sustainable mobility': the case of transport policy for older citizens in rural areas
The shrivelled USA: representing time-space in the context of metropolitanization and the development of high-speed transport
Urban sprawl and travel to work: the case of the metropolitan area of Madrid
Application of system dynamics for evaluating truck weight regulations
Data-driven reduction targets for a highway safety plan
The international legal instruments in addressing piracy and maritime terrorism: A critical review
Measuring the structural determinants of urban travel demand
Public transport policy for central-city travel in the light of recent experiences of congestion charging
Mishap trends and cause factors in naval aviation: a review of Naval Safety Center data, 1986-90
Mortality experience of cockpit crewmembers from Japan Airlines
Mortality patterns among men in the motor vehicle manufacturing industry
Motor coactivation revealed by response force in divided and focused attention
Motor vehicle engine-related burns
Multiple trauma in elderly patients. Factors influencing outcome: importance of aggressive care
Milestones in Motorcycle Safety -- Australia 1976 - 2009
Motorcycle Rider Protective Apparel Wearing: Observational Study Results from the Brisbane and Canberra Regions
Motorcycle Safety in Australia -- Consulting with Riders and Jurisdictions Working Together
A New Strategic Approach to Advance Motorcycle Safety and Mobility in Victoria
An Overview of Bicycle Crashes and Injuries in Western Australia
Random Breath Testing – a Successful Policy Recipe: An analysis of the policy process and recommendations for future road safety success
The Relative Age Related Crashworthiness of the Registered South Australian Passenger Vehicle Fleet
Roads and Motorcycling: Raising the Profile
Simulation of Rural Travel Times to Quantify the Impact of Lower Speed Limits
Simulation of vehicle lateral side impacts with poles to estimate crush and impact speed characteristics
The Speed Paradox: The Misalignment Between Driver Attitudes and Speeding Behaviour
A Survey of Motorcycle Safety Programs Across Australasia
A restatement of the case for speed limits
Travel behavior of immigrants: An analysis of the 2001 National Household Transportation Survey
Walking accessibility to bus rapid transit: Does it affect property values? The case of Bogotá, Colombia
Walking school buses in the Auckland region: A longitudinal assessment
Why we fail to reduce urban road traffic volumes: Does it matter how planners frame the problem?
Australian Road Safety Equipment Certification in Crisis?
Choice of licensing method and crashes of young drivers
Community Policing and Education to Reduce Motorcycle Trauma
Databases for Road Traffic Injury Surveillance in New South Wales
Daytime Running Lights for Motorcycles -- an Idea and Research Proposal
Driver and rider licensing provisions for clients who are d/Deaf
Driver Distraction: Breakdowns of a multi-level control process
Driver Distraction: Reflections on the Past, Present and Future
Effect of Past Black Spot Programs on Motorcycle Safety
Issues of Child Occupant Protection: A Literature Review
It Starts with the Parents and Ends with the Parents -- the attitudes, knowledge and practices of metropolitan parents in relation to teenage alcohol use
Lay Perceptions of Responsibility and Accountability for Fatigue-Related Road Crashes
Hitchhiking women's hair color
A GIS-based Stochastic Approach to Generating Daytime Population Distributions for Vehicle Route Planning
A method to improve the energy absorption capability of fibre-reinforced composite tubes
Numerical and experimental investigations on the behaviour of the sandwiched tube-type airbag
On the consequences of non linear constitutive modelling of brain tissue for injury prediction with numerical head models
Response of lower limb in full-scale car–pedestrian low-speed lateral impact – influence of muscle contraction
Robustness analysis through virtual testing
Scaling head-neck response data and derivation of 5th percentile female side-impact dummy head-neck response requirements in NBDL - test conditions
Search for pedestrian protection regulations for commercial vehicles
Simulation analysis of human neck injury risk under high-level landing impact
The contested concept of sustainable aviation
Isolating the Effects of Vection and Optokinetic Nystagmus on Optokinetic Rotation-Induced Motion Sickness
Neuropsychological performance and solvent exposure among car body repair shop workers
Neuropsychological performance and solvent exposure among car body repair shop workers
Night aircraft noise index and sleep research results
Modeling strategic behavior in human-automation interaction: why an "aid" can (and should) go unused
Nursing care of rural battered women
Obstructive intestinal herniation due to improper use of a seat belt: a case report
Occult spinal cord injury in traumatized children
Operational requirements for avoidance and eventual elimination of Gz-induced loss of consciousness (G-LOC) in flight
Obstructive sleep apnea and risk of motor vehicle crash: systematic review and meta-analysis
Paragliding accidents--a prospective analysis in Swiss mountain regions
Evaluating Green-Extension Policies with Reinforcement Learning and Markovian Traffic State Estimation
Evaluation of Impacts of Intermodal Terminals on the Highway System
Evaluation of Integrated Platoon-Priority and Advance Warning Flasher System at High-Speed Intersections
Evaluation of International Friction Index Coefficients for Various Devices
Framework for Analysis of the Workload of Training Captains
Horizontal Drains in a Clay-Landslide Stabilization Test Program
How to Incorporate Accident Severity and Vehicle Occupancy into the Hot Spot Identification Process?
Identifying Secondary Crashes and Their Contributing Factors
Impedance Effects of Left-Turning Vehicles from the Major Street at a Two-Way Stop-Controlled Intersection
Improved Sight Distance Model for Sag Vertical Curves with Overpasses
Improving Signing from the Installation Perspective: Creating the Sign Crew Field Book
Incorporating Traffic Operation Measures in Safety Analysis at Signalized Intersections
Indicators to Evaluate Road Safety Actions Promoted by a Nongovernmental Organization
Integrated Evacuation Network Optimization and Emergency Vehicle Assignment
Life in the Fast Lane: Duration-Based Investigation of Driver Behavior Differences Across Freeway Lanes
Loop Detector Segmentation Error and Its Impacts on Traffic Speed Estimation
Macroscopic Effects of Multianticipative Driving Behavior on Traffic Flow Characteristics
Methodology to Predict Driver Vision Impairment Situations Caused by Sun Glare
Midwest Guardrail System with Round Timber Posts
Model for Person and Household Mobility Attributes
Model for Predicting Speed Along Horizontal Curves on Two-Lane Highways
Modeling Acceleration Decisions for Freeway Merges
Multilevel Assessment of the Impact of Rain on Drivers' Behavior
Nighttime Visibility of Prototype Work Zone Markings Under Dry, Wet-Recovery, and Rain Conditions
Noncontact Ultrasonic Guided Wave Detection of Rail Defects
Optimal Preliminary Highway Alignment, with Slope Disaster Risk Management, in Himalayan Regions
Path Guidance Information in Advance of Work Zones at Urban Freeway Interchanges
Pedestrians' Level of Service at Signalized Intersections in China
Performance Measures for Railroad-Preempted Intersections
Planning for Bus-on-Shoulders Operations in Northeastern Illinois
Practical Approach to Measuring and Reporting Friction and Macrotexture at Variable Test Speeds
Precipitation Variation and the Identification of High-Risk Wet Accident Locations in California
Predicting Segment-Intersection Crashes with Land Development Data
Prediction of Red Light Running Based on Statistics of Discrete Point Sensors
Prioritizing Access Management Implementation
Probabilistic Determination of Crash Locations in a Road Network with Imperfect Data
Public Versus Private Mobility for Low-Income Households: Transit Improvements Versus Increased Car Ownership in the Sacramento, California, Region
QuickZone Improvement for Rural Freeway and Model Validation
Real-Time Detection of Hazardous Traffic Events on Freeways
Towards System for the Management of Safety on Board Artisanal Fishing Vessels: Proposal for Check-Lists and Their Application
Alcohol-related injury and driving while intoxicated: a risk function analysis of two alcohol-related events in the 2000 and 2005 National Alcohol Surveys
Biomechanical analysis and injury prevention in off-highway vehicular crashes - biomed 2010
Car drivers attend to different gaze targets when negotiating closed vs. open bends
Replication of Work Zone Capacity Values in a Simulation Model
Resources to Minimize Disruption Caused by Increased Security Inspection of Containers at an Intermodal Terminal
Revised Process for Work Zone Decision Making Based on Quantitative Performance Measures
Road Capacity at Bus Stops with Mixed Traffic Flow in China
Road Crash History and Risk Groups in India
Road Data Aggregation and Sectioning Considerations for Crash Analysis
Roadside Alligators and the UMTRI Tire Debris Survey
Runway Geometric Design Incorporating Hydroplaning Consideration
Safety Analysis of Interchanges
Safety Assessment of Taxi Drivers in Singapore
Safety Effectiveness of Lane and Shoulder Width Combinations on Rural, Two-Lane, Undivided Roads
Safety Evaluation for Intergreen Intervals at Signalized Intersections Based on Probabilistic Method
Safety Evaluation of Curve Delineation Improvements
Safety Evaluation of Truck Lane Restriction Strategies Using Microsimulation Modeling
Safety Impact of Truck Lane Restrictions on Multilane Freeways
Safety Implications of Mandated Truck Speed Limiters on Freeways
Safety Performance of High-Occupancy-Vehicle Facilities
Safety Screening of Road Networks with Limited Exposure Data
Speed and Safety
Speed Photo-Radar Enforcement and Its Effects on Speed in Work Zones
State Dependence in Lane-Changing Models
Statistical Versus Simulation Models in Safety
Strategy Implementation by State Transportation Agencies to Maintain Work Zone Mobility and Safety
Traffic Flow Impacts of Adaptive Cruise Control Deactivation and (Re)Activation with Cooperative Driver Behavior
Traffic Management of Special Events in Small Communities
Traffic Microsimulation Modeling to Study a Traffic Signal Incident Reduction Function
Traffic Sign Comprehensibility in an Aging Society: A Study of "Photo-Enforced Traffic Signal Ahead" Signage
Turbo Roundabouts: Design Principles and Safety Performance
Turbo Roundabouts: Estimation of Capacity
Two Low-Cost Safety Concepts for Two-Way, Stop-Controlled Intersections in Rural Areas
Understanding Speed Concepts: Key Definitions and Case Study Examples
Urban Arterial Accident Prediction Models with Spatial Effects
Urban Roadside Safety
Use of Expert Panels in Highway Safety
Use of Precast Bridge Members in Areas of High or Moderate Seismicity
Using a Public Education Campaign to Improve Driver Compliance with Streetcar Transit Lanes
Using Simulation to Plan Capacity Models by Lane for Two- and Three-Lane Roundabouts
Vehicle Type-Specific Headway Analysis Using Freeway Traffic Data
Symptoms of traumatic stress in mothers of children victims of a motor vehicle accident
Validation of the Neighborhood Environment Walkability Scale (NEWS) items using geographic information systems
Epidemiology of leisure, transportation, occupational, and household physical activity: prevalence and associated factors
Optimization of Shared Autonomy Vehicle Control Architectures for Swarm Operations
Shear wave propagation in anisotropic soft tissues and gels
Street morphology and its effect on pedestrian movement in historical Cairo
Traumatic displacement of maxillary permanent incisor into the nasal cavity
Using microstate intensity for the analysis of spontaneous EEG: Tracking changes from alert to the fatigue state
Visual stabilization dynamics are enhanced by standing flight velocity
What contributes to driving ability in Parkinson's disease
Something Less than a Driver: Toward an Understanding of Gendered Bodies in Motorsport
Describing a problem: rear seatback failure and unsecured cargo
DUI Offenders Delay License Reinstatement: A Problem?
The Social and Material Culture of Hyperautomobility: "Hyperauto"
Effects of a Computer-Based Training Module on Drivers’ Willingness to Engage in Distracting Activities
Effects of Human—Machine Competition on Intent Errors in a Target Detection Task
Effects of In-Car Support on Mental Workload and Driving Performance of Older Drivers
False Alerts in Air Traffic Control Conflict Alerting System: Is There a "Cry Wolf" Effect?
Investigating injury mechanism and occupant BMI for malleolar fractures in frontal motor vehicle collisions - Biomed 2010
Kinematic response of the spine during simulated aircraft ejections
The Functional Significance of Stereopsis
Using input minimization to train a cerebellar model to simulate regulation of smooth pursuit
Condition monitoring of wooden railway sleepers
Departure headways at signalized intersections: A log-normal distribution model approach
EEG theta/beta ratio in relation to fear-modulated response-inhibition, attentional control, and affective traits
Effect before cause: supramodal recalibration of sensorimotor timing
Patterns and consequences of inadequate sleep in college students: substance use and motor vehicle accidents
Examining the Impacts of Residential Self-Selection on Travel Behaviour: A Focus on Empirical Findings
Fitts's Law violation and motor imagery: are imagined movements truthful or lawful?
A pitfall of traumatic injury from a motorcycle crash: a case report
Individual differences in aging and cognitive control modulate the neural indexes of context updating and maintenance during task switching
Measuring Attitudes in Research on Residential Self-Selection and Travel Behaviour: A Review of Theories and Empirical Research
Overtaking assistant assessment using traffic simulation
Perceptual and motor factors of implicit skill learning
Personality and psychopathology of university students
Reaction time distributions constrain models of visual search
Real-time queue length estimation for congested signalized intersections
Residential Self-Selection and Appropriate Control Variables in Land Use: Travel Studies
Self-Selection: A Key to a Better Understanding of Location Choices, Travel Behaviour and Transport Externalities?
Speed estimation and length based vehicle classification from freeway single-loop detectors
The automated cockpit: A comparison of attitudes towards human and automated pilots
The dynamics of dopamine in control of motor behavior
The trajectory of adaptation to the visuo-motor transformation of virtual and real sliding levers
Situational Specificity of Trait Influences on Drivers' Evaluations and Driving Behaviour
Road safety: objective of the European union for 2010 and assessment criteria
Pupil function as a parameter for assessing impairment of the central nervous system from a traffic-medicine perspective
The future of cars. Inteview by Stuart F. Brown
Toothpaste artifact of the spinal cord observed in a victim of traffic accident who died of pulmonary thrombotic embolism after laminectomy
Where is your arm? Variations in proprioception across space and tasks
Experts see it all: configural effects in action observation
Fronto-cerebellar circuits and eye movement control: a diffusion imaging tractography study of human cortico-pontine projections
Late backward effects in the refractory period paradigm: effects of Task 2 execution on Task 1 performance
Manual obstacle avoidance takes into account visual uncertainty, motor noise, and biomechanical costs
Static and dynamic visuomotor task performance in children with acquired brain injury: predictive control deficits under increased temporal pressure
The influence of memory on perception: It's not what things look like, it's what you call them
Unusual presentation of acute coronary syndrome. Bilateral coronary dissection after car accident
Individual Differences in Route-Learning Strategy and Associated Working Memory Resources
Integration of gaze direction and facial expression in patients with unilateral amygdala damage
Involvement of the intrinsic/default system in movement-related self recognition
Reasons for urban trail use predict levels of trail-related physical activity
Reversed effects of spatial compatibility in natural scenes
Trend of alcohol involvement in maxillofacial trauma
Road and Rail Side Vegetation Management Implications of Habitat Use by Moose Relative to Brush Cutting Season
Measuring Law for Evaluation Research
The tay bridge disaster
The fall of a balloon
Modern rail-making
Transportation of petroleum to the seaboard
How far have modern improvements in production and transportation changed the principle that men should be left free to make their own bargains?
Railroad transportation
Chrome considered as a Poison
Is beer-drinking injurious?
The Sprague electric road at Boston
Another electric road at Atlantic City, N.J
Highway improvement
The Boynton bicycle railroad
The Boynton bicycle railroad
The daft electric road in Cincinnati
The Thomson-Houston road in Bangor, ME
West end electric road at Boston
The Bicycle as a Sanitary Measure
Maryland's highway report
Statistics of London Traffic
Transportation and combination
Structural defects on board vessels
The Public Road in its Relation to the Public Health
Visual task performance using a monocular see-through head-mounted display (HMD) while walking
Assessment of mesopic and contrast vision for driving licences: Which cut-off values, which methods are appropriate?
Physician integration into mass gathering medical care. The United States Air Show
Physician's statement concerning whiplash injuries. Significance of supplementary information
Physicians and drivers' licences
Physiological considerations concerning positive pressure breathing (PBG) during +Gz
Physiological problems caused by transportation of hazardous cargo in military aircraft
Positional asphyxia during law enforcement transport
Positional asphyxia during law enforcement transport
Postural and performance changes following exposures to flight simulators
Practicing under the influence
Predicting driving performance after stroke
Prediction of behind-the-wheel driving performance in patients with cerebral brain damage: a discriminant function analysis
Prevalence of corrective lens wear in Royal Australian Air Force flight crews
Preventing and controlling inadvertent IFR (instrument flight rule encounters)
Prevention of decompression sickness in current and future fighter aircraft
Proposed FHWA regulations for insulin-using commercial motor vehicle operators
Psychophysiologic aspects of occupational flying
Quasi-transfer as a predictor of transfer from simulator to airplane
Real-time expert systems interfaces, cognitive processes, and task performance: an empirical assessment
Refractive error distribution and incidence among U.S. Army aviators
Rehabilitation of the elderly crash victim
Relationship between postmortem blood and vitreous humor ethanol levels
Rescue on the "rattler". Rescue and evacuation by railway ambulances plus railroad-centred health services
Resolving the casualty evacuation conflict
Active vehicle safety system design based on driver characteristics and behaviour
An analysis of communication and navigation issues in collision avoidance support systems
Assessment of the pedestrian friendliness of a vehicle using subsystem impact tests
Basic parameters affecting child occupant responses in side impact
A Bayesian semi-parametric model to estimate relationships between crash counts and roadway characteristics
Bird impact effects on different types of aircraft bubble windows using numerical and experimental methods
Collision avoidance support in roads with lateral and longitudinal maneuver prediction by fusing GPS/IMU and digital maps
Comprehensive Review of the Maritime Safety Regimes: Present Status and Recommendations for Improvements
Countermeasures to mitigate head and neck injuries to toddlers in frontal and lateral vehicle crash conditions
Decision fusion of a multi-sensing embedded system for occupant safety measures
Design and efficiency measurement of cooperative driver assistance system based on wireless communication devices
Design of active suspension and electronic stability program for rollover prevention
Development and evaluation of a finite element truck chassis crash model
A driver focused truck crash prediction model
Drivers' propensity to have different types of intelligent speed adaptation installed in their cars
Effect of drowsiness on driving performance variables of commercial vehicle drivers
Effects of head restraint and vehicle damage severity on neck injury risk
Erratum: Scaling head-neck response data and derivation of 5th percentile female side-impact dummy head-neck response requirements in NBDL - test conditions
Evaluation of a brake assistance system (BAS) using an injury severity prediction model for pedestrians
Exploring public transport usage trends in an ageing population
Finite element analysis of collapse of front side rails with new types of crush initiators
A head-neck biomechanical model of a 6-year-old child for frontal crash studies
Identifying critical road segments and measuring system-wide robustness in transportation networks with isolating links: A link-based capacity-reduction approach
Drink driving rehabilitation: An investigation into the self-reported effectiveness of a distance-education drink driving rehabilitation program for a group of drink drivers
Driver distraction in Sydney -- Drivers' attitudes, awareness and knowledge about driver distractions: Research from two central Sydney communities
Managing fatigued driving: Public information and education
Understanding street racing and hoon culture: An exploratory investigation of perceptions and experiences
Road traffic and adverse effects on respiratory health in children
Method for control of steering angles for articulated vehicles using virtual rigid axles
A numerical investigation of mid-femoral injury tolerance in axial compression and bending loading
Safety concerns as a factor in pilot desire to change aircraft
Addressing inadequacies in Victoria's trauma system: Responses of the Consultative Committee on Road Traffic Fatalities and Victorian trauma services
Age-related driving disorders: Screening in hospitals and outpatients settings
Analysis of fatal road traffic crashes in Ghana
Assessing the loss of health as a result of road accidents
Simulation assessment of incident detection by cellular phone call-in programs
Scant instructions reduce the value of a proposal for a drunk driving law
Seat belt syndrome
Seat belt use on a university campus
Seat-belt injury of the abdominal aorta
Seatbelt injury to a pelvic kidney as demonstrated by CT
Severe closed head injury associated with nonfracture and nonrotated atlantoaxial dislocation
California's program for reducing the number of fatalities and injuries associated with alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes
The contribution of medical conditions to passenger vehicle crashes
The effects of minimum legal drinking age 21 laws on alcohol-related driving in the United States
The efficiency of using non-culpable crash-claim involvements from insurance data as a means of estimating travel exposure for road user sub-groups
An Epidemiological Survey of Acute Spinal Trauma Caused by Traffic Accidents Versus Falls in Northern Taiwan
Fatal crash trends for Australian young drivers 1997-2007: Geographic and socioeconomic differentials
Neuropsychological Predictors of Driving Errors in Older Adults
Passenger accidents and injur