Concurrent binge drinking and depression among Canadian youth: Prevalence, patterns, and suicidality
Death certification of "suicide by cop"
Deliberate self-harm/poisoning, suicide trends. The link to increased alcohol consumption in sri lanka
Differences between youth with a single suicide attempt and repeaters regarding their and their parents history of psychiatric illness
Does Weight Gain During Pregnancy Influence Postpartum Depression?
Dying with parents: An extreme form of child abuse
Effects of sunshine on suicide rates
Insight in schizophrenia and risk of suicide: a systematic update
Obstetric conditions and risk of first ever mental health contact during infancy, childhood and adolescence
Suicidal Behavior Differs Among Early and Late Adolescents Treated With Antidepressant Agents
Suicide Behind Bars: Trends, Inconsistencies, and Practical Implications
Suicide by self-burning in Iraqi Kurdistan: Description and risk factors
Suicide ideation among college students evidencing subclinical depression
Teaching medical professionals about suicide prevention: What's missing?
Alys Cole-King: a pioneer of suicide mitigation in the UK
Asian Student Depression in American High Schools: Differences in Risk Factors
Attitudes toward emotions
Behavioral emergencies in India: Would psychiatric emergency services help?
Culture of Honor and Violence Against the Self
Effects of Deliberate Ingestion of Organophosphate or Paraquat on Brain Stem Auditory-Evoked Potentials
Elevated Appraisals of the Negative Impact of Naturally Occurring Life Events: A Risk Factor for Depressive and Anxiety Disorders
Factors associated with not seeking professional help or disclosing intent prior to suicide: A study of medical examiners' records in Nova Scotia
"A Hideous Torture on Himself": Madness and Self-Mutilation in Victorian Literature
Living conditions and pattern of acute poisonings in Oslo, Norway
Patients committing suicide whilst under the care of the elderly suicide prevention programme of a regional hospital in Hong Kong
Preliminary effectiveness of Surviving the Teens(®) suicide prevention and depression awareness program on adolescents' suicidality and self-efficacy in performing help-seeking behaviors
Preventing behavioural and emotional problems in children who have a developmental disability: A public health approach
Psychiatric diagnosis in late adolescence and long-term risk of suicide and suicide attempt
Psychiatric disorders in the elderly
Public health and policy perspectives for psychiatry and law
Relationships between hours of sleep and health-risk behaviors in US adolescent students
Reproductive health problems and depression levels of women living in sanctuary houses as a result of husband violence
Scissors in brain: An unusual presentation of tribal culture in India
Stressful life events and suicidal behavior in adults with alcohol use disorders: Role of event severity, timing, and type
Suicidal attempts in bipolar disorder: results from an observational study (EMBLEM)
Suicide and seasonality
Suicide attempt by swallowing sponge or pica disorder: a case report
Suicide: Rates, risk factors and future directions for prevention
Testing the Relations Between Impulsivity-Related Traits, Suicidality, and Nonsuicidal Self-Injury: A Test of the Incremental Validity of the UPPS Model
The validity of proxy-based NEO-Five Factor Inventory data in suicide research: A study of 18- to 64-year-old Hong Kong Chinese who attempted suicide
Wellbeing, schizophrenia and experience machines
Peer relationships and suicide ideation and attempts among Chinese adolescents
Children who need preventive assistance: What is the importance of prevention recruitment?
Impact of soldier suicide on unit and care givers: implications for education and training
The impact of soldier suicide on a base in Afghanistan: Lessons for prevention and postvention
Lifetime mental disorders and suicidal behaviour in South Africa
Lithium in drinking water and suicide rates across the East of England
Lithium and Other Elements in Scalp Hair of Residents of Tokyo Prefecture as Investigational Predictors of Suicide Risk
Making time for the children: Self-temporalization and the cultivation of the antisuicidal subject in south India
Monitoring gender equity in mental health in a low-, middle-, and high-income country in the Americas
Collateral Damage-Penetrating Head Injury and Orbital Injury: A Case Report
What are the major drivers of prevalent disability burden in young Australians?
White matter hyperintensities, suicide risk and late-onset affective disorders: an overview of the current literature
Adolescents with suicidal and nonsuicidal self-harm: Clinical characteristics and response to therapeutic assessment
Adverse adolescent relationship histories and young adult health: Cumulative effects of loneliness, low parental support, relationship instability, intimate partner violence, and loss
Appraisal of suicidal risk among adolescents and young adults through the Rorschach test
Characteristics of suicide attempts in anorexia and bulimia nervosa: a case-control study
Characteristics of suicide attempts in young people undergoing treatment for first episode psychosis
Comparative study of suicide risk in depressive disorder patients with and without problem drinking
Conflicting Voices: Withhold Treatment or Not for a Patient With Chronic Self-destructive Behavior?
Cost of depression among adults in Japan in 2005
Epidemiology of assault and self-harm injuries treated in a large Romanian Emergency Department
Esophageal perforation and mediastinitis after suicidal ingestion of 4.5% sodium hydrochlorite bleach
Exposure to Intimate Partner Violence, Peer Relations, and Risk for Internalizing Behaviors: A Prospective Longitudinal Study
Intoxication due to pesticides in the Federal District of Brazil between 2004 and 2007 -analysis of notification to the Toxicological Information and Assistance Center
Low CSF oxytocin reflects high intent in suicide attempters
Mefloquine Blockade of Connexin 36 and Connexin 43 Gap Junctions and Risk of Suicide
Psychological characteristics, stressful life events and deliberate self-harm: findings from the Child and Adolescent Self-harm in Europe (CASE) Study
The role of depressive symptoms, family invalidation and behavioral impulsivity in the occurrence and repetition of non-suicidal self-injury in Chinese adolescents: A 2-year follow-up study
Suicide in breast cancer patients: An individual-centered approach provides insight beyond epidemiology
Suicide in urban Kampala, Uganda: a preliminary exploration
Suicide-related behaviors and anxiety in children and adolescents: A review
A Systematic Literature Review: Self-Mutilation among Adolescents as a Phenomenon and Help for it-What Kind of Knowledge is Lacking?
What can be done to reduce mortality from paracetamol overdoses? A patient interview study
Victimization in young urban adults and depressed mood: understanding the interplay of coping and gender
Religious service attendance and distress: the moderating role of stressful life events and race/ethnicity
Acute poisoning in southern part of Bangladesh--the case load is decreasing
Addressing Trauma in Mental Health and Substance Use Treatment
Adolescent admissions to adult psychiatric units: Patterns and implications for service provision
Anxiety and depression, chronic physical conditions, and quality of life in an urban population sample study
The brain-derived neurotrophic factor gene in suicidal behaviour: a meta-analysis
Care of the Suicidal Pediatric Patient in the ED: A Case Study
Child Marriage in the United States and Its Association With Mental Health in Women
Clarifying the role of pain tolerance in suicidal capability
Deaths during asphyxia induced to escalate sexual experience. Case reports
Deliberate self-harm behaviors in Chinese adolescents and young adults
Do shared etiological factors contribute to the relationship between sexual orientation and depression?
An evolutionary hypothesis of suicide: Why it could be biologically adaptive and is so prevalent in certain occupations
Factors predicting depression among persons with spinal cord injury 1 to 5 years post injury
History of suicide attempt in male substance-dependent inpatients and relationship with borderline personality features, anger, hostility and aggression
Latent variable model for suicide risk in relation to social capital and socio-economic status
Longitudinal relation of community-level income inequality and mortality in Costa Rica
Neuroeconomics of suicide
Nonsuicidal self-injury in an American Indian reservation community: Results from the white mountain Apache surveillance system, 2007-2008
Suicide in Old Norse and Finnish folk stories
Seasonality of suicide in Shandong China, 1991-2009: Associations with gender, age, area and methods of suicide
Problems with suicide risk assessment
One in 10 suicides is among people with a physical illness
The Relationship Between Latino Adolescents' Perceptions of Discrimination, Neighborhood Risk, and Parenting on Self-Esteem and Depressive Symptoms
Prevention of depression-related suicides in primary care
Depression, Stress, and Heart Disease in Earthquakes and Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy
Epidemiological profile of acute pesticide poisoning in children, Morocco
Exploratory study of occupational factors in a sample of hospitalized suicidal patients
Adolescents' self-reported suicide attempts, self-harm thoughts and their correlates across 17 European countries
Alcohol-related problems and risk of suicide among college students: The mediating roles of belongingness and burdensomeness
Application of commercial software to the classification of suicide cases: A brief report
Bereavement, cognitive-emotional processing, and coping with the loss: A study of Indian and Japanese students
Bladder Rupture After Intentional Medication Overdose
Casualties in civilians and coalition soldiers from suicide bombings in Iraq, 2003-10: a descriptive study
Clinical differences between immigrants voluntarily and involuntarily admitted to acute psychiatric units: a 3-year prospective study
College students' electronic victimization in friendships and dating relationships: Anticipated distress and associations with risky behaviors
The contribution of work and non-work stressors to common mental disorders in the 2007 Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey
Developing preventive mental health interventions for refugee families in resettlement
Development of the Risk Assessment Suicidality Scale (RASS): A population-based study
Developmental perspectives on vulnerability to nonsuicidal self-injury in youth
Elevated Suicide Rates at High Altitude: Sociodemographic and Health Issues May Be to Blame
Emergency Treatment of Deliberate Self-harm
Financial crisis and mental health in Greece
Grief in children and adolescents bereaved by sudden parental death
History of Military Service and the Risk of Suicidal Ideation: Findings From the 2008 National Survey on Drug Use and Health
Impact of employment status and work-related factors on risk of completed suicide A case-control psychological autopsy study
Insomnia is a risk factor for suicide-what are the next steps?
The severe personality disorders: psychiatric "severity", legal or social?
A non-fatal Nerium oleander self-poisoning; case report and discussion
Per capita alcohol consumption and suicide mortality in a panel of US states from 1950 to 2002
Response to Letter to the Editor and Commentary to "'And then one day he'd shot himself. Then I was really shocked': General practitioners' reaction to patient suicide"
Self-harm and attempted suicide among therapeutic community admissions
Sleeping Problems and Suicide in 75,000 Norwegian Adults: A 20 Year Follow-up of the HUNT I Study
Suicide attacks--the rationale and consequences
Suicide categories by patterns of known risk factors: a latent class analysis
Suicide in Japan
Teen sleep and suicidality: results from the youth risk behavior surveys of 2007 and 2009
Causes of community suicides among indigenous South Australians
Chemical suicides in automobiles --- Six States, 2006--2010
Climate variations--risk factor of committing suicide
Erratum to: Effects of the KiVa Anti-bullying Program on Adolescents' Depression, Anxiety, and Perception of Peers
The impact of cultural evolution on the ego ideal, depression, psychosis, and suicide: a South India community study of the widow
Longitudinal predictors of past-year non-suicidal self-injury and motives among college students
Organised Assistance to Suicide in England?
Pesticidal suicide: Adult fatal rotenone poisoning
Planned complex suicide: Self-strangulation and fall from height
Predictors of psychiatric inpatient suicide: A national prospective register-based study
Prevalence of and risk factors for lifetime suicide attempts among Caribbean people in the French West Indies
Prevalence of psychiatric disorders among homeless people in one area of Tokyo
Problem-based review: self-harm and suicide risk
Proinflammatory cytokines in the prefrontal cortex of teenage suicide victims
Seasonality, suicidality and melatonin
Sex Differences in Suicide Incident Characteristics and Circumstances among Older Adults: Surveillance Data from the National Violent Death Reporting System-17 U.S. States, 2007-2009
Shared characteristics of suicides and other unnatural deaths following non-fatal self-harm? A multicentre study of risk factors
Substance Use/Abuse and Suicidal Behavior in Young Adult Women: A Population-Based Study
Suicidal ligature strangulation utilizing cable ties: a report of three cases
Suicide deaths of active-duty US military and omega-3 fatty-acid status: A case-control comparison
Thoughts of Death and Suicide Reported by Cancer Patients Who Endorsed the "Suicidal Thoughts" Item of the PHQ-9 During Routine Screening for Depression
The threshold bias model: A mathematical model for the nomothetic approach of suicide
Vertebral fracture secondary to suicide attempt: Demographics and patient outcome in a Scottish spinal rehabilitation unit
A developmental shift in Black-White differences in depressive affect across adolescence and early adulthood: The influence of early adult social roles and socio-economic status
Perceptions of Mexican American Adolescents and Parents Regarding Parental Autonomy Promoting: Divergent Views and Adolescents' Adjustment
Diverse Patterns in the Development of Depressive Symptoms Among Emerging Adults
Social Activity and Depressive Symptoms in Korean American Older Adults: The Conditioning Role of Acculturation
Depressive Symptoms, Social Support, and Walking Among Hispanic Older Adults
Electrophysiological evidence for abnormal error monitoring in recurrent major depressive disorder
Depressive symptoms and help‐seeking behaviors among Korean Americans
Momentary assessment technology as a tool to help patients with depression help themselves
A Concept Analysis of Suicidal Behavior
The effect of social adjustment and attachment style on suicidal behaviour
Increased IL‐1β reactivity upon a glucose challenge in patients with deliberate self‐harm
Youth suicide trends in Finland, 1969-2008
Where do youth learn about suicides on the Internet, and what influence does this have on suicidal ideation?
Trends in psychopathology across the adolescent years: What changes when children become adolescents, and when adolescents become adults?
Impact of oppositional defiant disorder dimensions on the temporal ordering of conduct problems and depression across childhood and adolescence in girls
Depression in Parents, Parenting, and Children: Opportunities to Improve Identification, Treatment, and Prevention
Comparing Antidepressant Treatment Patterns in Older and Younger Adults: A Claims Database Analysis
Pubertal Timing, Depression, and Externalizing Problems: A Framework, Review, and Examination of Gender Differences
Suicide in children and adolescents - a 13-year study with 78 cases
Predictors of depressive symptoms among resettled unaccompanied refugee minors
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Randomized trial of Internet‐based relapse prevention for partially remitted depression
Integrative Review: Current Trends in Remediating Adolescent Self-Injury: An Integrative Review
Prevalence, Trajectories, and Risk Factors for Depression Among Caregivers of Young Children Involved in Child Maltreatment Investigations
Validity of Suicidality Items From the Youth Risk Behavior Survey in a High School Sample
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Constructions of religiosity, subjective well-being, anxiety, and depression in two cultures: Kuwait and USA
Domains of chronic stress and suicidal behaviors among inpatient adolescents
Familial Risk of Early Suicide: Variations by Age and Sex of Children and Parents
Glycosides, depression and suicidal behaviour: the role of glycoside-linked proteins
If you want to know, consider asking: How likely is it that patients will hurt themselves in the future?
Impact of different pack sizes of paracetamol in the United Kingdom and Ireland on intentional overdoses: a comparative study
Injection methamphetamine use is associated with an increased risk of attempted suicide: A prospective cohort study
Rapid change, climate adversity and the next 'big dry': Older farmers' mental health
If the land's sick, we're sick: The impact of prolonged drought on the social and emotional well‐being of Aboriginal communities in rural New South Wales
In their own words: Young people's mental health in drought‐affected rural and remote NSW
Improving the mental health of rural New South Wales communities facing drought and other adversities
Acute Alcohol Consumption, Alcohol Outlets, and Gun Suicide
Acute paracetamol overdose during pregnancy: A case report
Adult suicide. Early recognition of risk factors is key to prevention
Attitudes and knowledge of clinical staff regarding people who self-harm: A systematic review
Cervical Soft Tissue Emphysema in Hanging-A Prospective Autopsy Study
Endocannabinoid system dysfunction in mood and related disorders
Evaluation of traumatic findings in decomposed bodies in Aydin
Frontal acquired brain injury, substance abuse and their common psychological symptoms in the Iranian population
Haemorrhages into the back and auxiliary breathing muscles after death by hanging
Pills and pints: Risky drinking and alcohol-related harms among regular ecstasy users in Australia
Personality disorders: Epidemiology and public health issues
Qualitative psychological autopsy interviews on suicide in post-conflict Northern Uganda: the participants' perceptions
The relationship between spiritual distress, PTSD and depression in Vietnam combat veterans
Religious beliefs along the suicidal path in northern Taiwan
A replication of a possible relationship between elderly suicide rates and smoking using five-year data on suicide rates? A cross-national study
A replication of the relationship between elderly suicides rates and elderly dependency ratios: a cross-national study
The rising incidence of intentional ingestion of ethanol-containing hand sanitizers
The Role of Race/Ethnicity in Alcohol-attributable Injury in the United States
The second wave of violence scholarship
Suicidal action, emotional expression, and the performance of masculinities
The suicidal process: age of onset and severity of suicidal behaviour
Suicide and the parking garage
Suicide and self-harm in immigration detention
Suicide Methods in Singapore (2000-2004): Types and Associations
The suicide of Adam Czerniakow
Trends in Poisoning Hospitalization and Mortality in Taiwan, 1999-2008: a retrospective analysis
Trends in solids/liquids poisoning suicide rates in Taiwan: a test of the substitution hypothesis
An update on the presence of psychiatric comorbidities in acne patients, Part 2: Depression, anxiety, and suicide
What is Cyberbullying and How Can Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurses Recognize It?
Verbal victimization and changes in hopelessness among elementary school children
Weight-Based Victimization Among Adolescents in the School Setting: Emotional Reactions and Coping Behaviors
Neuropsychological Functioning in Prisoners with and Without Self-Injurious Behaviors: Implications for the Criminal Justice System
Abuse History, Depression, and Somatization Are Associated With Gastric Sensitivity and Gastric Emptying in Functional Dyspepsia
After an attempt: caring for the suicidal patient on the medical-surgical unit
Alcohol use as a potential mediator of forced sexual intercourse and suicidality among African American, Caucasian, and Hispanic high school girls
Association of socioeconomic status, problem behaviors, and disordered eating in Mexican adolescents: Results of the Mexican national health and nutrition survey 2006
Best Practice Elements of Multilevel Suicide Prevention Strategies
Caring Letters Project
Case Reports of Unexpected Suicides in Patients within Six Months after Stroke
Change in Causes of Injury-Related Deaths in South Korea, 1996-2006
A comorbid anxiety disorder does not result in an excess risk of death among patients with a depressive disorder
Coping Style as a Mediator of the Relationship Between Depressive Symptoms and Deliberate Self-Harm
Discussion of Preventive Measures Against the Increase of Suicide Among Males in Japan
Does competence mediate the associations between puberty and internalizing or externalizing problems in adolescent girls?
Does Screening High School Students for Psychological Distress, Deliberate Self-Harm, or Suicidal Ideation Cause Distress - And Is It Acceptable?
Durkheim at the movies: a century of suicide in film
Early Adolescence and Suicidal Ideations in Croatia
The Effects of Situational Obstacles and Social Support on Suicide-Prevention Gatekeeper Behaviors
Epidemiology of major depression with atypical features: Results from the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions (NESARC)
Ethical Issues Relevant to the Assessment of Suicide Risk in Nonclinical Research Settings
Evaluation of the Commitment to Living (CTL) Curriculum
Forging partnerships with parents while delivering adolescent confidential health services: a clinical paradox
From genes to therapeutic targets for psychiatric disorders - what to expect?
Gene expression in aminergic and peptidergic cells during aggression and defeat: relevance to violence, depression and drug abuse
"Guardarse las cosas adentro" (keeping things inside): Latina violence survivors' perceptions of depression
How Henry Hellyer's Use of Language Foretold His Suicide
Hypomanic personality, stability of self-esteem and response styles to negative mood
The Incidence of Hospital-Treated Attempted Suicide in Oviedo, Spain
In-depth Interviews with 244 Female Suicide Attempters and Their Associates in Northern China
Inequalities and Impact of Socioeconomic-Cultural Factors in Suicide Rates Across Italy
Inequities in suicide prevention in Brazil
The Integrated Motivational-Volitional Model of Suicidal Behavior
Interpersonal Violence Victimization and Suicidal Ideation
Is the emotional response of survivors dependent on the consequences of the suicide and the support received?
Lethal myocardial injury associated with hydrogen sulfide poisoning: Report of two cases
Liberal bias mediates emotion recognition deficits in frontal traumatic brain injury
A Literature Review of Suicide in Cancer Patients
Mapping suicide in london
The neuroscience of suicidal behaviors: What can we expect from endophenotype strategies?
No association between COMT val158met polymorphism and suicidal behavior: Meta-analysis and new data
Nonsuicidal Self-injury in a College Population: General Trends and Sex Differences
Outcomes of a suicide prevention program in the general population. Barcelona Dreta de L Eixample district
Oxford textbook of suicidology and suicide prevention: A global perspective
Perception of Health, Suicidal Ideation, and Suicide Attempt Among Adults in the Community
Predicting Suicidal Risk in a Cohort of Depressed Children and Adolescents
The prediction of discharge from in-patient psychiatric rehabilitation: a case-control study
Preference of lethal methods is not the only cause for higher suicide rates in males
Proposal for suicide prevention in the United States based on the suicide rates by age group in recent years
Railway Suicide in Belgium 1998-2009
Relationship between daylength and suicide in Finland
The Relationship Between Suicidal Thinking and Dating Violence in a Sample of Adolescent Abortion Patients
Risk for suicidal ideation in the U.S. Air Force: An ecological perspective
Suicidal Ideation, Friendships with Delinquents, Social and Parental Connectedness, and Differential Associations by Sex
Suicide Announcement on Facebook
Suicide attempts versus nonsuicidal self-injury among individuals with anxiety disorders in a nationally representative sample
A Study of Deliberate Self-Harm and Its Repetition Among Patients Presenting to an Emergency Department
Decreased cerebral blood flow in the limbic and prefrontal cortex using SPECT imaging in a cohort of completed suicides
Racial Disparities in Risk and Protective Factors for Suicide
Valproic acid intoxication with suicide attempt in a pediatric patient
Depression-dementia medius: Between depression and the manifestation of dementia symptoms
Absolute risk of suicide after first hospital contact in mental disorder
Analysis of injury death trends among women in Macheng City, China, 1984-2008
Attitudes of Adolescents toward Suicide: Q-Methodological Approach
Attitudes toward help-seeking and duration of untreated mental disorders in a sectorized Athens area of Greece
Benign rolandic epileptiform discharges are associated with mood and behavior problems
Bilateral total Descemet's membrane detachments after strangulation
Brief report: Self-harm is associated with immature defense mechanisms but not substance use in a nonclinical Scottish adolescent sample
A comparison study of psychological, family function marital and life satisfactions of polygamous and monogamous women in Jordan
Depressive symptoms and the implicit evaluation of alcohol: The moderating role of coping motives
Depressive symptoms and sleepiness among Latino farmworkers in eastern North Carolina
The development of a measure of emotional regulation following acquired brain injury
Do humor styles mediate or moderate the relationship between self-criticism and neediness and depressive symptoms?
Do other people's plights matter? A genetically informed twin study of the role of social context in the link between peer victimization and children's aggression and depression symptoms
Do we miss depressive disorders and suicidal behaviours in clinical practice?
Economic recession and mental health: An overview
Erratum to: The Conceptual Model and Guiding Principles of a Supported-Education Program for Orthodox Jewish Persons with Severe Mental Illness
Ethical practice in internet research involving vulnerable people: Lessons from a self-harm discussion forum study (SharpTalk)
Face Piercing (Body Art): Choosing Pleasure vs. Possible Pain and Posture Instability
Gender-related Risk and Protective Factors for Depressive Symptoms and Disordered Eating in Adolescence: A 4-year Longitudinal Study
Hard outcomes: Clinical trials to reduce suicide
High risk of suicide among psychiatric patients
Hopelessness, a potential endophenotpye for suicidal behavior, is influenced by TPH2 gene variants
Increasing prevalence of depression from 2000 to 2006
Interaction between pre- and post-migration factors on depressive symptoms in new migrants to Hong Kong from mainland China
Interpersonal stress regulation and the development of anxiety disorders: An attachment-based developmental framework
The Long-term Outcomes and Unmet Needs of a Cohort of Former Long-Stay Patients in Melbourne, Australia
Male Eating Disorder Patients With and Without Non-suicidal Self-injury: A Comparison of Psychopathological and Personality Features
Observing signs of pain in relation to self-injurious behaviour among individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities
Obsessive compulsive disorder and psychopathic behaviour in Babylon
Opioid use, misuse, and abuse in patients labeled as fibromyalgia
Pathology of deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning in Port Harcourt: An autopsy study of 75 cases
PECC-Factor structure and findings in three longitudinal cohorts of patients with schizophrenia
Personality subtypes of adolescents who attempt suicide
Physician-Diagnosed Respiratory Conditions and Mental Health Symptoms Seven to Nine Years Following the World Trade Center Disaster
Postcards in Persia: Randomised controlled trial to reduce suicidal behaviours 12 months after hospital-treated self-poisoning
The present global financial and economic crisis poses an additional risk factor for mental health problems on the employees
Psychological distress following wildfires disaster in a rural part of Greece: A case-control population-based study
Psychosocial factors associated with suicidal ideation among young men exempted from compulsory military or civil service
Psychosocial problems and recruitment of incentive neurocircuitry: Exploring individual differences in healthy adolescents
The Relationship Between the Fear-Avoidance Model of Pain and Personality Traits in Fibromyalgia Patients
Religion and Suicide - part 1: The attitudes of religions towards suicide
Religion and suicide - part 2: Confessions, religiousness, secularisation and national suicide rates
Religion and suicide acceptability: A cross-national analysis
Review: Bipolar disorder and poetic genius
Sales of antidepressants, suicides and hospital admissions for depression in Veneto Region, Italy, from 2000 to 2005: An ecological study
Self-referential thinking, suicide, and function of the cortical midline structures and striatum in mood disorders: Possible implications for treatment studies of mindfulness-based interventions for bipolar depression
Senior doctors' opinions of rational suicide
Sexual orientation and differences in mental health, stress, and academic performance in a national sample of U.S. College students
Sleep disturbance in euthymic bipolar patients
Stigma apprehension among adolescents discharged from brief psychiatric hospitalization
Suicide intervention: Basic processes and strategies
"Suicide-related Events in Patients Treated With Antiepileptic Drugs": Not an Example of Time-window Bias
Suicides during 7 years among a catchment area cohort of patients with psychoses
Child and Adolescent Suicide in the United States: A Population at Risk
Adverse Mental Health Outcomes Associated With Emotional Abuse in Young Rural South African Women: A Cross-Sectional Study
Assessment of military population-based psychological resilience programs
Associations between depression, distress tolerance, delay discounting, and alcohol-related problems in European American and African American college students
Associations between the school environment and adolescent girls' physical activity
An atypical cause of alkali chemical burn: A case report
Betrayal Trauma: Associations With Psychological and Physical Symptoms in Young Adults
Body piercing and tattoos: A survey on young adults' knowledge of the risks and practices in body art
Burns in Nigeria: a review
Cause-specific mortality among a cohort of U.S. flight attendants
Clinical and dimensional characteristics of euthymic bipolar patients with or without suicidal behavior
Comparative study of the subjective emotional experience among adolescents showing depressive symptoms associated or not with risk-taking behavior
Coroners' verdicts and suicide statistics in England and Wales
Can we use medical examiners' records for suicide surveillance and prevention research in Nova Scotia?
Epidemiology of attempted suicide in Hatay, Turkey
Five-year mortality in a cohort of people with schizophrenia in Ethiopia
Generational differences in mental health: Are children and adolescents suffering more, or less?
Influence of war on quantitative and qualitative changes in drug-induced mortality in Split-Dalmatia County, Croatia
Reaction on 'Assisted suicide in psychiatry; current situation and notes on a recent case' (1)
Reaction on 'Assisted suicide in psychiatry; current situation and notes on a recent case (2)'
Reaction on 'Assisted suicide in psychiatry; current situation and notes on a recent case (3)'
Reaction on 'Assisted suicide in psychiatry; current situation and notes on a recent case (4)'
Response to Sher regarding Tseng et al's "Standardized mortality ratio of inpatient suicide in a general hospital"
Responses to Positive Affect Predict Mood Symptoms in Children Under Conditions of Stress: A Prospective Study
Self-injurious behaviour: Limbic dysregulation and stress effects in an animal model
Socioeconomic status, labour market connection, and self-rated psychological health: The role of social capital and economic stress
Suicide attempt in the adolescence: A clinical report
Teaching medical staff in general hospitals about suicide prevention
Two HPA axis genes, CRHBP and FKBP5, interact with childhood trauma to increase the risk for suicidal behavior
Risk for Suicidal Ideation Among the Offspring of Bipolar Parents: Results From the Bipolar Offspring Study (BIOS)
Socio-economic inequalities in mortality due to injuries in small areas of ten cities in Spain (MEDEA Project)
Sociodemographic and psychopathological risk factors in repeated suicide attempts: Gender differences in a prospective study
A study of the risk of mental retardation among children of pregnant women who have attempted suicide by means of a drug overdose
Suicidal Behavior in Prodromal Huntington Disease
Suicidal changes in patients with first episode psychosis: Clinical predictors of increasing suicidal tendency in the early treatment phase
Suicide and mental illness: A clinical review of 15 years findings from the UK National Confidential Inquiry into Suicide
Suicide and work
Suicide Attempts Among Depressed Inpatients with Depressive Disorder in a Malaysian Sample
Suicide attempts and borderline personality disorder symptomatology in a cardiac stress test population
Suicide prevention and the role of mental health service
Suicide in a large population of former psychiatric inpatients
Suicide attempts in multiple sclerosis
Suicide prevention: Caring for others
Efficacy markers in depression
Gender, Social Support, and Depression in Criminal Justice- Involved Adolescents
Anger in elderly patients with depressive disorders
The association between insomnia and suicidal thoughts in adults treated for alcohol dependence in Poland
Biocide exposures reported to Poznan Toxicological Information Center
The challenges of the ethics of personalism to clinical toxicology
Changes in problem-solving appraisal after cognitive therapy for the prevention of suicide
Completed Suicides in 47 Psychiatric Hospitals in Germany - Results from the AGATE-Study
DSM-V and the Future of Suicidology
Why socially deprived populations have a faster resting heart rate: Impact of behaviour, life course anthropometry, and biology - the RECORD Cohort Study
What are specialist mental health clinician attitudes to guideline recommendations for the treatment of depression in young people?
Trauma epidemiology: Where are we today?
Treatment of co-occurring substance abuse and suicidality among adolescents: A randomized trial
Understanding the Latent Structure of the Emotional Disorders in Children and Adolescents
A Study of Suicidal Thoughts in Acute Stroke Patients
Suicidal Ideation and the Prevalence of Intimate Partner Violence Against Women in Rural Western China
Suicidal thoughts and behaviors among adults aged ≥18 years --- United States, 2008-2009
Suicide and suicide attempts in children and adolescents in the child welfare system
Suicide: current trends
The situation and prospect of clinical poisoning subjects in China
Some issues of death cap (Amanita phalloides) poisoning based on cases treated in Poznan Department of Toxicology in 2010
Soldier suicide, individuality, and independence
A review and application of suicide prevention programs in high school settings
Risk of suicide in high risk pregnancy: An exploratory study
The role of physicians in advocating for a national strategy for suicide prevention
Selected data of acute intoxications with glycol and methanol in Poland in the year 2009
Effects of histone modifications on increased expression of polyamine biosynthetic genes in suicide
Evidence-based treatments for depression and anxiety versus treatment-as-usual: A meta-analysis of direct comparisons
Factors in the Neighborhood as Risks of Suicide in Rural China: A Multilevel Analysis
Family Support in Assertive Community Treatment: An Analysis of Client Outcomes
Gene and environment interaction in familial suicidal behavior. A single family with 4 committed suicides
Lifetime nicotine dependence shows a cross-sectional association with lifetime incomplete suicide attempts
The Nature and Impact of Stigma Towards Injured Workers
Nurses' psychosocial barriers to suicide risk management
Patient perceptions of the potential lethality associated with deliberate self-poisoning
Prospective study of risk factors for increased suicide ideation and behavior following recent discharge
Psychosis Risk and Prevention of Persistent and Severe Mental Illness: Implications for Social Work Practice
Affective vulnerabilities and self-injury in suicide
The Association of Sexual Orientation Measures With Young Adults' Health-Related Outcomes
The burden of depressive symptoms and various chronic conditions and health concerns on the quality of life among those with Medicare Supplement Insurance
Changes in Loneliness during Middle Childhood Predict Risk for Adolescent Suicidality Indirectly through Mental Health Problems
Childhood exposure to caregiver suicidal behavior and risk for adult suicide attempts: findings from a national survey
Church-based social support and suicidality among African Americans and Black Caribbeans
Commentary: Preventing adolescent suicide: is proactive screening for mental disorders the answer? - reflections on Christiansen and Larsen (2011)
A decompositional analysis of the relative contribution of age, sex and methods of suicide to the changing patterns of suicide in Taipei City, 2004-2006
Depression and suicide publication analysis, using density equalizing mapping and output benchmarking
Depression in children and adolescents
Deterministic learning and attempted suicide among older depressed individuals: Cognitive assessment using the Wisconsin Card Sorting Task
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How sweet it is to be loved by you: The role of perceived regard in the terror management of close relationships
Impulsive Phenomena, the Impulsive Character (der Triebhafte Charakter) and DSM Personality Disorders
Intense suicidal thoughts and self-harm following escitalopram treatment
An integrative model of the neural systems supporting the comprehension of observed emotional behavior
Interactive effects of corticotropin releasing hormone receptor 1, serotonin transporter linked polymorphic region, and child maltreatment on diurnal cortisol regulation and internalizing symptomatology
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Migration and depressive symptoms in migrant-sending areas: Findings from the survey of internal migration and health in China
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Military and civilian media coverage of suicide
Mortgage Delinquency and Changes in Access to Health Resources and Depressive Symptoms in a Nationally Representative Cohort of Americans Older Than 50 Years
Motor vehicle accidents, suicides, and assaults in epilepsy: A population- based study
Reconsidering suicide prevention strategies in physicians
Relation of depression and anxiety to self- and peer-reported relational aggression
Relationship between domestic violence and postnatal depression among pregnant Chinese women
Schizophrenia - A predictor of suicide during the second half of life?
Seasonal and socio-demographic predictors of suicide in Ireland: A 22year study
Social inequality, delinquency and depression: a study with adolescents in conflict with the law
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Suicidality in temporal lobe epilepsy: Measuring the weight of impulsivity and depression
Suicidality, ethnicity and immigration in the USA
Suicide attempts: prevention of repetition
Suicide clusters: the undiscovered country
Suicide Ideation, Depressive Symptoms, and Out-of-Home Placement Among Youth in the U.S. Child Welfare System
Suicide prevention in older men: do medical professionals know enough?
Suicide prevention training for professionals in the public health network in a large Brazilian city
Suicide-related discussions with depressed primary care patients in the USA: gender and quality gaps. A mixed methods analysis
An unusual case of attempted suicide by rectal administration of parathion
Promoting Happiness and Life Satisfaction in School Children
Perfectionism, Rumination, Worry, and Depressive Symptoms in Early Adolescents
Implementation of WHO/CDC Guidelines for Intentional Injury Death Surveillance: A Mixed-Methods Approach in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
The effect of major depression on postexercise cardiovascular recovery
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Targeting Family Risk Factors in the Context of Treating Youth Depression: A Survey of Psychologists
One-Year Test-Retest Reliability of the Inventory of Statements about Self-Injury (ISAS)
Implementing and Maintaining Nurse-Led Healthy Living Programs in Forensic Inpatient Settings: An Illustrative Case Study
COPE for the Treatment of Depressed Adolescents: Lessons Learned From Implementing an Evidence-Based Practice Change
A Meta-Analysis of Interventions to Reduce Loneliness
Problem presentation and responses on an online forum for young people who self-harm
Autoerotic fatalities in Greater Dusseldorf
Beck Hopelessness Scale: Exploring its Dimensionality in Patients with Schizophrenia
Case-Control Study of the Relationship of Functioning to Suicide in a Community-Based Sample of Individuals with Schizophrenia in China
Changes in ecological momentary assessment reported affect associated with episodes of nonsuicidal self-injury
Childhood trauma and psychosis - what is the evidence?
Chronic traumatic encephalopathy in an Iraqi war veteran with posttraumatic stress disorder who committed suicide
Can repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation prolong the antidepressant effects of sleep deprivation?
Distinguishing symptom dimensions of depression and anxiety: An integrative approach
Effectiveness of Australian youth suicide prevention initiatives
Finally, it became too much - experiences and reflections in the aftermath of attempted suicide
The Foxconn suicides and their media prominence: Is the Werther Effect applicable in China?
Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender health issues, disparities, and information resources
Monoamine oxidase A gene polymorphism and suicide: An association study and meta-analysis
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Prospective prediction of nonsuicidal self-injury: a 1-year longitudinal study in young adults
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Relationship between leukotriene-modifying agent prescriptions dispensed and rate of suicide deaths by county in the US
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Sedative Load among Community-Dwelling People Aged 75 Years and Older: A Population-Based Study
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Sleep problems outperform depression and hopelessness as cross-sectional and longitudinal predictors of suicidal ideation and behavior in young adults in the military
Stress, coping and suicide ideation in Chinese college students
Suicide by hypothermia with intentional partial undressing
Striatal dopamine transporter binding for predicting the development of delayed neuropsychological sequelae in suicide attempters by carbon monoxide poisoning: A SPECT study
Survived stab to the heart in a schizophrenic man
Why are some patients admitted to psychiatric hospital while others are not? A study assessing risk during the admission interview and relationship to outcome
Belief in a Werther Effect: Third-Person Effects in the Perceptions of Suicide Risk for Others and the Moderating Role of Depression
Association between life events and change in depressive symptoms in Hong Kong Chinese elderly
Childhood maltreatment and social anxiety disorder: implications for symptom severity and response to pharmacotherapy
Chronic family stress interacts with 5-HTTLPR to predict prospective depressive symptoms among youth
Civilian firearm injury and death in England and Wales
A comparison of melancholic and nonmelancholic recurrent major depression in Han Chinese women
Depression and history of attempted suicide as risk factors for heart disease mortality in young individuals
Detecting the signs of suicide in the elderly
Dual task performance of working memory and postural control in major depressive disorder
Efficacy and safety of antidepressant drug treatment in children and adolescents
Epidemiological link between low cholesterol and suicidality: A puzzle never finished
Factors associated with antenatal mental disorder in West Africa: A cross-sectional survey
"I know it shouldn't but it still hurts" Bullying and Adults: Implications and Interventions for Practice
An interactive model of anxiety sensitivity relevant to suicide attempt history and future suicidal ideation
Investigation of telomere length and psychological stress in rape victims
Perceived family functioning and suicidal ideation: hopelessness as mediator or moderator
Personality patterns of suicide attempters: Gender differences in Ukraine
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Sleep disturbances and nightmares as risk factors of suicidal behavior among men and women
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Internet pathways in suicidality: A review of the evidence
Childhood internalizing behaviour: analysis and implications
The spatial pattern of suicide in the US in relation to deprivation, fragmentation and rurality
Suicide in a rural community
Suicidal behavior and depression in smoking cessation treatments
Tools for the job: Why relying on risk assessment tools is still a risky business
Paracetamol overdose: The liver unit perspective
Predictors of Suicidal Ideation with Sub-optimal Health Status and Anxiety Symptom Among Chinese Adolescents
The Effect of Pharmacotherapy on Suicide Rates in Bipolar Patients
Examining the relationship between risk assessment and risk management in mental health
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Depression in the elderly: Study in a rural city in southern Catalonia
Self-immolation, suicide and self-harm in Buddhist and Western traditions
Psychological well-being of incarcerated women in the Netherlands: Importation or deprivation?
Effects of Exercise on Depression During Pregnancy and Postpartum: A Review
Addressing Self-Directed Violence Prevention for Preventive Medicine Practitioners
Suicide Assessment in the School Setting
The Public Health Crisis of Native American Youth Suicide
Long-term outcomes of passive bullying during childhood: Suicide attempts, victimization and offending
Interpersonal Trauma and Discriminatory Events as Predictors of Suicidal and Nonsuicidal Self-Injury in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Persons
Anxiety disorders and risk for suicide: why such controversy?
Cognitions in bipolar affective disorder and unipolar depression: Imagining suicide
Cognitive-behavioral group therapy versus group psychotherapy for social anxiety disorder among college students: A randomized controlled trial
Configuring Health Care for Systematic Behavioral Screening and Intervention
Deceptive Examinees Who Committed Suicide: Report of Two Cases
Depression: a diagnosis aptly used?
Editorial: Preventing suicide by using consumer peer specialists
Effect of antidepressant medication treatment on suicidal ideation and behavior in a randomized trial: an exploratory report from the Combining Medications to Enhance Depression Outcomes Study
The effects of beverage type on suicide rate in Russia
Effects of comorbidity and early age of onset in young people with Bipolar Disorder on self harming behaviour and suicide attempts
Examining the efficacy of no-suicide contracts in inpatient psychiatric settings: implications for psychiatric nursing
Higher environmental temperature and global radiation are correlated with increasing suicidality? A localized data analysis
Impact of the growing use of narrative verdicts by coroners on geographic variations in suicide: Analysis of coroners' inquest data
The Legacy of Minimum Legal Drinking Age Law Changes: Long-Term Effects on Suicide and Homicide Deaths Among Women
Potential legal protection problems in the use of compulsory commitment in mental health care in Norway
The Role of Psychiatric Nurse Faculty in Establishing a Campus Suicide Prevention Program
Sense of coherence and suicidality in suicide attempters: A prospective study
Striatal and cortical midline circuits in major depression: Implications for suicide and symptom expression
Subcutaneous Penile Insertion of Domino Fragments by Incarcerated Males in Southwest United States Prisons: A Report of Three Cases
Suicidal Behavior, Smoking, and Familial Vulnerability
Suicidal Single Gunshot Injury to the Head: Differences in Site of Entrance Wound and Direction of the Bullet Path Between Right- and Left-Handed-An Autopsy Study
Suicide and prescription rates of intranasal corticosteroids and nonsedating antihistamines for allergic rhinitis: An ecological study
Suicide in old age: The underestimated risk -- An analysis of 1,894 patients in the Trauma Registry of the German Trauma Society
Teaching health care professionals about suicide safety planning
The "untreatability" of psychopathy and hospital commitment in the USA
The validity and utility of risk assessment for inpatient suicide
Wounding capacity of muzzle-gas pressure
Child and adolescent mental health worldwide: Evidence for action
Human resources for mental health care: Current situation and strategies for action
Increased suicidality amid economic crisis in Greece
Mental health and psychosocial support in humanitarian settings: Linking practice and research
Scale up of services for mental health in low-income and middle-income countries
Association between perceived depression, anxiety and stress with Body Mass Index: Results from a community-based cross-sectional survey in Iran
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Trait aggression, depression and suicidal behavior in drug dependent patients with and without ADHD symptoms
Staggered overdose pattern and delay to hospital presentation are associated with adverse outcomes following paracetamol-induced hepatotoxicity
Adults' use of health services in the year before death by suicide in Alberta
The aftermath of adolescent suicide: clinical, ethical, and spiritual issues
Alcohol use and psychiatric comorbid disorders predict deliberate self-harm behaviour and other suicidality among depressed adolescent outpatients in 1-year follow-up
Asthma and Suicide: Current Knowledge and Future Directions
Auto-aggressive metallic mercury injection around the knee joint: a case report
The clinical analysis of mercury poisoning in 92 cases
The clinical analysis of pesticide poisoning by injection: a report of 10 case
A community-based cluster randomised trial of safe storage to reduce pesticide self-poisoning in rural Sri Lanka: Study protocol
A cross-sectional investigation of the suicidal spectrum: Typologies of suicidality based on ambivalence about living and dying
Do schools differ in suicide risk? The influence of school and neighbourhood on attempted suicide, suicidal ideation and self-harm among secondary school pupils
Fatal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage During Sexual Anal Self-Stimulation in a Female: A Case Report
Gender and Age Differences Among Youth, in Utilization of Mental Health Services in the Year Preceding Suicide in Taiwan
Hallucinations and Persecutory Delusions in Mefloquine-Associated Suicide
Implicit and explicit attitudes toward self harm: Support for a functional model
Information sources used by the suicidal to inform choice of method
Methanol and ethylene glycol acute poisonings - predictors of mortality
The natural history of self-harm from adolescence to young adulthood: a population-based cohort study
The New Zealand serious non-fatal self-harm indicators: how valid are they for monitoring trends?
Problem-based review: paracetamol overdose
Penile strangulation: Report of a fatal case
Re: Suicide Risk in Men With Prostate-Specific Antigen-Detected Early Prostate Cancer: A Nationwide Population-Based Cohort Study From PCBaSe Sweden
One in 12 teenagers self harm but most stop spontaneously
Suicidal intention and negative spiritual coping one year after the earthquake of L'Aquila (Italy)
Self-harm in adolescence and future mental health
Suicide and self-harm in immigration detention
Urban-rural influences on suicidality: Gaps in the existing literature and recommendations for future research
A preliminary study of predictors of anxiety and depression among stroke patient-care giver dyads
Basic Emotions in Social Relationships, Reasoning, and Psychological Illnesses
Analysis of judicial sentences against psychiatrists dictated by appellate courts in Spain between 1992 and 2007
Associations Between Fifth Graders' Gender Atypical Problem Behavior and Peer Relationships: A Short-Term Longitudinal Study
Characteristics of individuals who make impulsive suicide attempts
Completed suicide, ideation and attempt in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Conceptualization of the complex outcomes of sexual abuse: A signal detection analysis
Correlation of paired toxic plasma and saliva paracetamol concentrations following deliberate self-poisoning with paracetamol
Decomposing the widening suicide gender gap: An experience in Taipei City, Taiwan
The delay between symptom onset and seeking professional treatment for anxiety and depressive disorders in a rural Australian sample
Depression and care-dependency in Parkinson's disease: Results from a nationwide study of 1449 outpatients
Dermatoglyphic features in suicidents: Characteristic and implications for the solution of forensic medical problems
Development of Borderline Personality Disorder in Adolescence and Young Adulthood: Introduction to the Special Section
Dissociative disorder and self-injury
Emotion Regulation Mediates the Relationship between ADHD and Depressive Symptoms in Youth
Exploring the Reciprocal Relations between Nonsuicidal Self-Injury, Negative Emotions and Relationship Problems in Chinese Adolescents: A Longitudinal Cross-Lag Study
How do methods of non-fatal self-harm relate to eventual suicide?
The importance of drug-drug interactions as a cause of adverse drug reactions: a pharmacovigilance study of serotoninergic reuptake inhibitors in France
Longer term management of self harm: summary of NICE guidance
The measurement of poverty in psychiatric epidemiology in LMICs: critical review and recommendations
Measuring the Population Burden of Fatal and Nonfatal Injury
Prevalence of self-reported suicidal thoughts in SLiCA. The survey of living conditions in the Arctic (SLiCA)
Self-injury in incarcerated juvenile females: Contributions of mental health and traumatic experiences
Suicidal and Depressive Symptoms in Filipino Home Care Workers in Israel
Suicidal behavior in pregnant teenagers in southern Brazil: Social, obstetric and psychiatric correlates
Suicidal Risk and Management in Borderline Personality Disorder
Suicidality in Huntington's disease
Take suicide prevention seriously in leprosaria
Women who jump into wells: Reflections on suicidality in women from conflict regions of the Indian subcontinent
Young people's beliefs about the harmfulness of alcohol, cannabis and tobacco for mental disorders: Findings from two Australian national surveys of youth
Relationship between Personality and Disability in Patients with Major Depressive Disorder
What is the long-term outcome of boys who steal at age eight? Findings from the Finnish nationwide "From A Boy To A Man" birth cohort study
Recent Advances in Understanding the Personality Underpinnings of Impulsive Behavior and their Role in Risk for Addictive Behaviors
Patterns of co-morbidity with anxiety disorders in Chinese women with recurrent major depression
Fear and shame: Using theatre to destigmatise mental illness in an Australian Macedonian community
Adaptation of problem-solving treatment for prevention of depression among low-income, culturally diverse mothers
Age, Gender, and Reasons for Living among Australian Adults
The Association between Bankruptcy and Hospital-Presenting Attempted Suicide: A Record Linkage Study
The association of parental fatal and non-fatal suicidal behaviour with offspring suicidal behaviour and depression: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Associations between traumatic events and suicidal behavior in South Africa
Asthma and suicide-related adverse events: a review of observational studies
Cognitive inflexibility as a prospective predictor of suicidal ideation among young adults with a suicide attempt history
Computing the prevalence rate of at-risk individuals for suicide within the Army
Depressive symptoms and intimate partner violence in the 12 months after childbirth: A prospective pregnancy cohort study
The development of a guideline and its impact on the media reporting of suicide
Effects of media reports and the subsequent voluntary withdrawal from sale of suicide-related products on the suicide rate in Japan
The European Psychiatric Association (EPA) guidance on suicide treatment and prevention
Factors on the suicidal attempts by gender of middle and high school students
Fronto-limbic volumetric changes in major depressive disorder
The impact of the nature of relationships on perceived burdensomeness and suicide ideation in a community sample of older adults
Impulse control disorders in Parkinson's disease: A cohort of 35 patients
Intervention for suicide attempters: A randomized controlled study
Mental health promotion and problem prevention in schools: what does the evidence say?
Methods of suicide used by children and adolescents
A morphometric, immunohistochemical, and in situ hybridization study of the dorsal raphe nucleus in major depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and suicide
Nonlinear dynamics: theoretical perspectives and application to suicidology
Patterns of depressive symptoms and antidepressant use among women survivors of intimate partner violence
Potential severity of self-poisoning with trimebutine
Primary care providers' views regarding assessing and treating suicidal patients
Risk factors and mediating pathways of loneliness and social support in community-dwelling older adults
Rumination and avoidance as predictors of prolonged grief, depression, and posttraumatic stress in female widowed survivors of war
Suicidal ideation among national guard troops deployed to Iraq: the association with postdeployment readjustment problems
Suicide Method Runs in Families: A Birth Certificate Cohort Study of Adolescent Suicide in Taiwan
Understanding suicide risk: identification of high-risk groups during high-risk times
An unusual case of suicidal carbon monoxide poisoning
Weighing the evidence for an association between obesity and suicide risk
What are the clinical implications of new onset or worsening anxiety during the first two weeks of SSRI treatment for depression?
Work-related suicide in Victoria, Australia: a broad perspective
The associations between psychosocial workload and mental health complaints in different age groups
Attitudes among medical and law students toward decision-making in regard to involuntary psychiatric hospitalization
Baseline depression severity as a predictor of single and combination antidepressant treatment outcome: Results from the CO-MED trial
The impact of environmental experiences on symptoms of anxiety and depression across the life span
Circadian light
Clinical predictors of familial depression in Han Chinese women
CLOCK is suggested to associate with comorbid alcohol use and depressive disorders
Cost of depression among adults in Japan
Cortisol and symptoms of psychopathology in Russian and American college students
Risk and protective factors associated with postnatal depression in Mexican adolescents
Review of the epidemiology and characteristics of intentional cyproheptadine overdose in Hong Kong
Risk Factors for Childhood Mental Health Symptoms: National Longitudinal Study of Australian Children
Risk and Protective Factors for Suicidal Ideation Among Taiwanese Adolescents
Risk factors for self-harm in children and adolescents admitted to a mental health inpatient unit
Safety aspects of antiepileptic drugs-focus on pharmacovigilance
Toward New Avenues in the Treatment of Nonsuicidal Self-Injury
The ability to act: Multiple suicidal gunshot wounds
Alcohol Use Disorders among Patients Examined in Emergency Departments after a Suicide Attempt
American Indian and Alaska Native Mental Health: Diverse Perspectives on Enduring Disparities
Analysis and Validation of Putative Substances Involved in Fatal Poisonings
The association between sunshine duration and paroxetine response time in patients with major depressive disorder
Associations between suicide attempts and elevated bedtime salivary cortisol levels in bipolar disorder
The Behavior Problems Inventory-Short Form for individuals with intellectual disabilities: Part I: development and provisional clinical reference data
Carbon monoxide poisoning in a 55-year-old man after a suicide attempt. Letter
Case-control study in China of risk factors for suicide in men with alcohol use disorders
Child maltreatment and the structure of common psychiatric disorders
Chronic psychogenic stress as a factor of formation depressive behavior in rats
Clinical risk assessment rating and all-cause mortality in secondary mental healthcare: the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust Biomedical Research Centre (SLAM BRC) Case Register
Contacts with mental health services before suicide: a comparison of Indigenous with non-Indigenous Australians
The depressed patient and suicidal patient in the emergency department: evidence-based management and treatment strategies
Depressive Symptoms and Impaired Physical Function after Acute Lung Injury: a 2-Year Longitudinal Study
Excessive daytime sleepiness--as possible suicidal equivalent in people with depressive disorder
Executive function predicts response to antiaggression treatment in schizophrenia: a randomized controlled trial
Exploring application of the Interpersonal-Psychological Theory of Suicidal Behaviour to self-injurious behaviour among women prisoners: Proposing a new model of understanding
Genetic and environmental contributions to self-reported thoughts of self-harm and suicide
Global Functioning and Suicide Among Chinese Rural Population Aged 15-34 Years: A Psychological Autopsy Case-Control Study
Is it valid to measure suicidal ideation by depression rating scales?
Juvenile delinquency, social background and suicide--a Swedish national cohort study of 992 881 young adults
MATES in Construction: Impact of a Multimodal, Community-Based Program for Suicide Prevention in the Construction Industry
Pathway analysis of risk factors for severe suicidal ideation: a survey in rural China
Risk factors for repetition and suicide following self-harm in older adults: multicentre cohort study
Suicide and history of childhood trauma among street youth
Suicide attempt with antidepressants ordered from the Internet
Suicide in Asia: Opportunities and Challenges
Temperature change dominates the suicidal seasonality in Taiwan: A time-series analysis
Suicide within health care: criticism by the National Board of Health and Welfare is based on theories and wishful thinking
Two Cases of Acute Propane/Butane Poisoning in Prison
Validity of suicide statistics in Europe in relation to undetermined deaths: developing the 2-20 benchmark
Convergent functional genomics of anxiety disorders
Death by Potassium Chloride Intravenous Injection: Evaluation of Analytical Detectability
Depression and associated factors in internal migrant workers in China
Young people's stories of self-harm: A narrative study
Youth on the Virtual Edge: Researching Marginalized Sexualities and Genders Online
The National Network of Depression Centers: progress through partnership
Near hanging: Early intervention can save lives
Neck injuries
Negative biases and risk for depression; integrating self-report and emotion task markers
Neural correlates of disbalanced motor control in major depression
Wishes to die in older people
What part can nurses play in the prevention of suicide?
What Do We Know About Needs for Help After Suicide in Different Parts of the World?
An Unusual Suicide Case by Combination of Choking and Hanging
Two fatalities associated with chloroform inhalation. Variation of toxicological and pathological findings
Towards evidence-based suicide prevention programs
MR Imaging in Inflicted Brain Injury
Dithranol: An Unusual Agent to Produce Artificial (False) Bruise: A Case Report
Do somatic and cognitive symptoms of traumatic brain injury confound depression screening?
Does the 'hikikomori' syndrome of social withdrawal exist outside Japan? A preliminary international investigation
Dropout from outpatient mental health care: results from the Israel National Health Survey
Early intervention for psychosis
The effect of optimism on depression: The mediating and moderating role of insomnia
Higher hopelessness and suicide risk predict lower self-deception among psychiatric patients and non-clinical individuals
Impact on prisoners of participating in research interviews related to near-lethal suicide attempts
IQ in adolescence and later risk of alcohol-related hospital admissions and deaths - 37 year follow-up of Swedish conscripts
Lyrics of national anthems and suicide rates
Measuring population mental health and social well-being
Mental health, substance use and intimate partner problems among pregnant and postpartum suicide victims in the National Violent Death Reporting System
Now What Should I Do? Primary Care Physicians' Responses to Older Adults Expressing Thoughts of Suicide
Obstructive sleep apnea and depression: a review
Overt and Covert Aggression in College Women with Bulimia Nervosa
Overweight of Adolescent Girls Is Associated with Self-Mutilative Behavior
The Pathway of Internalizing and Externalizing Problems from Childhood to Adolescence: A Prospective Study from Age 7 to 14-16 in Korea
Peer relational victimization and somatic complaints during adolescence
Pesticide intoxications in cukurova, Turkey: three years analysis
The possible risks of self-injury web sites: a content analysis
Opposite effects of suicidality and lithium on gray matter volumes in bipolar depression
Operating Without a Safety Net: Gay Male Adolescents and Emerging Adults' Experiences of Marginalization and Migration, and Implications for Theory of Syndemic Production of Health Disparities
Association between distorted weight perception and suicide ideation among normal weight adolescents
Association study of serotonin pathway genes in attempted suicide
Attempted Suicide in Shanghai Districts: A Pilot Study
Attitudes of psychologists and nurses toward suicide and suicide prevention in Ghana: A qualitative study
Bulimia and anorexia among the teenagers
A comparison of correlates of suicidal ideation prior to initial hospitalization for first-episode psychosis with prior research on correlates of suicide attempts prior to initial treatment seeking
Can bars and izakaya pubs contribute to improving mental health of middle-aged Japanese men?
Cyclothymic-depressive-anxious temperament pattern is related to suicide risk in 346 patients with major mood disorders
Contributions of the mother–infant relationship to dissociative, borderline, and conduct symptoms in young adulthood
Development of a Recovery Manual for Suicidal Patients with Schizophrenia: Consumer Feedback
Differences in psychological symptoms and self-competencies in non-suicidal self-injurious Flemish adolescents
Editorial: Scientific Rigor as the Guiding Heuristic for SLTB's Editorial Stance
The effect of add-on treatment with quetiapine on measures of depression, aggression, irritability and suicidal tendencies in children and adolescents
Efficacy of short-term anxiety-regulating psychotherapy on love trauma syndrome
Impulsivity, substance abuse, and family/friends history of suicide attempts in university students with and without suicidal ideation
Postnatal depression and its associated factors in women from different cultures
Prevalence of depression among students of Urmia University of Medical Sciences (Iran)
Prevalence of depression in an elderly population: A population-based study in Iran
Under-detection of psychiatric disorders during prenatal care: a survey of adolescents in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Unexpected death or suicide by a child or adolescent: improving responses and preparedness of child and adolescent psychiatry trainees
Ethnicity and its influence on suicide rates and risk
Foreign object ingestion in complex suicide: A case report and review of the literature
Genetic testing in psychiatry: a review of attitudes and beliefs
The impact of mental health insurance laws on state suicide rates
Kool-aid and the Jonestown tragedy
Mental disorders as risk factors: assessing the evidence for the global burden of disease study
Exploration of the prevalence and correlates of depression among South Korean workers with injuries
Exploring the antipathy of nursing staff who work within secure healthcare facilities across the United Kingdom to young people who self-harm
Factor Analysis of the Beck Depression Inventory-ii With Patients With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Family Connectedness Moderates the Association Between Living Alone and Suicide Ideation in a Clinical Sample of Adults 50 Years and Older
Family size and perinatal circumstances, as mental health risk factors in a Scottish birth cohort
Positive attitudes and self-harming behavior of adolescents in a juvenile detention house in Taiwan
Pollen counts and suicide rates. Association not replicated
Post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and suicidality in inpatients with substance use disorders
Posttraumatic growth as protection against suicidal ideation after deployment and combat exposure
Kava drinking associated with suicidal behaviour among young Kanaks using kava in New Caledonia
Learning from prevented suicide in psychiatric inpatient care: An analysis of data from the National Patient Safety Agency
Low plasma vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) associated with completed suicide
Medicolegal death diagnosis in Tokyo Metropolis, Japan (2010): comparison of the results of death inquests by medical examiners and medical practitioners
Modeling the severity of drinking consequences in first-year college women: an item response theory analysis of the rutgers alcohol problem index
The neurodevelopmental origins of suicidal behavior
Parental displacement and adolescent suicidality: exploring the role of failed belonging
Parental grief after a child's drug death compared to other death causes: investigating a greatly neglected bereavement population
Perinatal and psychosocial circumstances associated with risk of attempted suicide, non-suicidal self-injury and psychiatric service use. A longitudinal study of young people
The prevalence of perinatal depression and its associated factors in two different settings in Brazil
Preventing suicide among returning combat veterans: a moral imperative
A psychometric study of the suicide ideation scale
Psychometric properties of the Gotland Scale for Depression in Italian psychiatric inpatients and its utility in the prediction of suicide risk
Psychopathology and Suicide among Quebec Physicians: A Nested Case Control Study
Psychosocial and psychiatric aspects of suicide completers with unmanageable debt: A psychological autopsy study
Recognising and responding to suicidal crisis within family and social networks: qualitative study
A reliability generalization meta-analysis of coefficient alpha for the Reynolds Adolescent Depression Scale
Reply letter to the editor ACR-11-0763 - screening for depression and risk of suicide in patients with arthritis
Screening for depression and risk of suicide in patients with arthritis: A comment on Tektonidou et al
Self-injury rates indicate Canadian mental health services are inadequate
Sex differences in sympathy for attempted suicides
Should Nonsuicidal Self-Injury Be a Putative Obsessive-Compulsive-Related Condition? A Critical Appraisal
Standardized mortality ratio of inpatient suicide in a general hospital
Suicide in elderly people, an underestimated public health phenomenon
Suicide by burning in the South Asian origin population in England and Wales a secondary analysis of a national data set
Subjective quality of life and suicidal behavior among Taiwanese schizophrenia patients
Suicide rates in the national and expatriate population in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
A systematic review of psychometric assessment of self-harm risk in the emergency department
The temptation of suicide: striatal gray matter, discounting of delayed rewards, and suicide attempts in late-life depression
A text analysis of the poems of Sylvia Plath
Training Mental Healthcare Providers to Reduce At-Risk Patients' Access to Lethal Means of Suicide: Evaluation of the CALM Project
Traumatic subjective experiences invite suicide
Trends in explicit portrayal of suicidal behavior in popular u.s. Movies, 1950-2006
Understanding Why Older People Develop a Wish to Die
Unhealthy and unsafe practices associated with symptoms of depression among injured patients
Validation of the Suicide Resilience Inventory-25 (SRI-25) in Adolescent Psychiatric Inpatient Samples
Alcohol consumption and suicide rates in Russia
Female Suicide Bombers: Clues from Journalists
I keep my problems to myself: pathways to suicide attempts in Nicaraguan young men
Looking beyond the qualitative and quantitative divide: narrative, ethics and representation in suicidology
Methodology in suicidological research: Contribution to the debate
The presentation of the self: an hypothesis about suicide notes
Suicide misclassification in an international context: revisitation and update
Subjective symptoms related to suicide risk in Japanese male police officers
Rumpelstiltskin suicide
Reasons for committing suicide in South Korean university students
Study on the Effective Regional Suicide Prevention Measures
Attitudes of Nurses Caring for Suicide Attempters in Critical Care and Emergency Centers : A Quantitative Study of Factors and Tendencies
Space-time data analysis for suicide data in Japan
Analytical Effectiveness of Social System Theory : Rethinking 'Social Theory and Social System'
Adolescent Irritability: Phenotypic Associations and Genetic Links With Depressed Mood
Antiepileptic Drugs for Bipolar Disorder and the Risk of Suicidal Behavior: A 30-Year Observational Study
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Depression, strokes and dementia: new biological insights into an unfortunate pathway
An emergency department intervention for linking pediatric suicidal patients to follow-up mental health treatment
Ethical complexities of screening for depression and intimate partner violence (IPV) in intervention studies
Future Expectations Among Adolescents: A Latent Class Analysis
Help seeking and mental health service utilization among college students with a history of suicide ideation
Is depression the link between suicide and high altitude?
Maternal and paternal psychopathology increases risk of offspring ADHD equally
Medically serious versus non-serious suicide attempts: Relationships of lethality and intent to clinical and interpersonal characteristics
Negatively biased emotion perception in depression as a contributing factor to psychological aggression perpetration: a preliminary study
Nonsuicidal self-injury and diminished pain perception: the role of emotion dysregulation
Objective assessment of suicide risk: significant improvements in assessment, classification, and prediction
Patients' Opinions About Suicide Screening in a Pediatric Emergency Department
Persistent antinociception through repeated self-injury in patients with borderline personality disorder
Personal accounts: surviving suicide
Psychiatric Implications of Adolescent Methamphetamine Exposures
Self-reported Life Satisfaction and Alcohol use: A 15-year follow-up of Healthy Adult Twins
Some aspects of social exclusion: Do they influence suicide mortality?
Suicidal behaviours in adolescents in Nova Scotia, Canada: protective associations with measures of social capital
Suicide Attempt by Self-Burning Associated With Ingestion of S-adenosylmethionine: A Review of the Literature and Case Report
Variation in OPRM1 and Risk of Suicidal Behavior in Drug-Dependent Individuals
Treating Depression After Initial Treatment Failure: Directly Comparing Switch and Augmenting Strategies in STAR*D
A Quality-Based Review of Randomized Controlled Trials of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Depression: An Assessment and Metaregression
Vitamin D: a potential role in reducing suicide risk?
Animal models of self-injurious behaviour: an overview
Ballistic injuries in the emergency department
Bipolar depression and suicidal behavior
Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale - Excited Component (BPRS-EC) and neuropsychological dysfunction predict aggression, suicidality, and involuntary treatment in first-episode psychosis
Completed suicide, ideation and attempts in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: An editorial comment to M. Impey 'Completed suicide, ideation and attempt in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder' (3)
Complex suicide with black powder muzzle loading derringer
A cross-sectional survey of prevalence and correlates of suicidal ideation and suicide attempts among prisoners in New South Wales, Australia
Decision-making and schizophrenia
Demographic characteristics and mortality among indigenous peoples in Mato Grosso do Sul State, Brazil
Differences between children and adolescents who commit suicide and their peers: A psychological autopsy of suicide victims compared to accident victims and a community sample
Difficulties in managing young people who self harm
Dual Diagnosis and Suicide Risk in a Spanish Outpatient Sample
Financial satisfaction and its relationship to depressive symptoms in middle-aged and older adults: Results from the FIN-D2D survey
Future proposals in light of the current status of suicide prevention measures for the young and middle-aged in Japan
Is a clinician's "gut feeling" enough to identify self harm?
Late adolescent nonsuicidal self-injury: the roles of coping style, self-esteem, and personality pathology
Longitudinal predictors of first time depression treatment utilization among adults with depressive disorders
Modeling depression in animal models
Neurobiology of suicidal behaviour
On the application of light therapy in German-speaking countries
The pemoline model of self-injurious behaviour
Piercing injury of the pelvis with a steel bar
Predictors of Primary Care Physicians' Self-reported Intention to Conduct Suicide Risk Assessments
Preliminary study of the characteristics of attempted suicide in the province of Granada
A Prospective Study of Childhood and Adolescent Antecedents of Homelessness among a Community Population of African Americans
Randomized Trial Comparison of Emotion Regulation and Relational Psychotherapies for PTSD with Girls Involved in Delinquency
Bullying victimisation, self harm and associated factors in Irish adolescent boys (Reprint)
Risk factors for suicidal ideation in Korean middle-aged adults: The role of socio-demographic status
Self-administered acupuncture as an alternative to deliberate self-harm: a feasibility study
Serum lipids, metabolic syndrome and lifetime suicide attempts in patients with bipolar disorder
Suicide without depression after withdrawal of a dopamine agonist in a patient with Parkinson's disease
Suicide Mortality in the United States: The Importance of Attending to Method in Understanding Population-Level Disparities in the Burden of Suicide
Ways of coping in survivors of suicide
Antenatal depressive symptoms among Canadian-born and immigrant women in Quebec: differential exposure and vulnerability to contextual risk factors
Antidepressant use and risk for suicide attempts in bipolar disorder
Antipathy towards self-harm patients and nurse education
Attempted Suicide by Self-Immolation is a Powerful Predictive Variable for Survival of Burn Injuries
Case of bilateral self-enucleation in Korea
The Christmas Effect on Psychopathology
Common patterns of violence experiences and depression and anxiety among adolescents
Depression as a Mediator of the Association between Substance Abuse and Negative Parenting of Fathers
Depression, emotional and social aspects in the abortion context: a comparison between two Brazilian capitals
Evaluating the predictive validity of suicidal intent and medical lethality in youth
Farming suicides during the Victorian drought: 2001-2007
Fats and factors: lipid profiles associate with personality factors and suicidal history in bipolar subjects
Hopelessness as a Predictor of Attempted Suicide among First Admission Patients with Psychosis: A 10-year Cohort Study
Incidence and risk factors of suicide reattempts within 1 year after psychiatric hospital discharge in mood disorder patients
Measuring emergency department nurses' attitudes towards deliberate self-harm using the Self-Harm Antipathy Scale
The moderating effect of adherence-promoting interventions with clients on evidence-based practices for children and adolescents with mental health problems
Mortality and causes of death in older patients with schizophrenia
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: Enhancing Mental Health Care for Suicidal Individuals and Other People in Crisis
An Open-Label Safety and Pharmacokinetics Study of Duloxetine in Pediatric Patients with Major Depression
Patterns of female suicidal behavior in Ghana
Pesticide poisonings in South Korea: Findings from the National Hospital Discharge Survey 2004-2006
Pneumomediastinum and emphysema of the neck after a suicide attempt by hanging
Precipitating Events in Adolescent Suicidal Crises: Exploring Stress-Reactive and Nonreactive Risk Profiles
Predicting suicide attempt risk: logistic regression requires large sample sizes
Psychomotor symptoms in depressed elderly patients: Assessment of the construct validity of the Dutch CORE by accelerometry
Psychosis, apathy, depression and anxiety in Parkinson's disease
Rapid improvement of depressive symptoms in suicide attempters following treatment with milnacipran and tricyclic antidepressants - a case series
A report on attempted suicide cases involving patients accepted by public health care institutions
School performance and hospital admission due to unipolar depression: a three-generational study of social causation and social selection
Self-aggressive behavior in prisons
Self-injury in people with intellectual disability and epilepsy: A matched controlled study
Victimization and Health Risk Factors Among Weapon-carrying Youth
Violence-Related Behaviors and Self-inflicted Injuries Among 15-18 Year Old Iranian Adolescents
Suicidal and self-harm behaviour associated with adolescent attention deficit hyperactivity disorder-A study in the Northern Finland Birth Cohort 1986
Suicide attempt presentations at the emergency department: outcomes from a pilot study examining precipitating factors in deliberate self-harm and issues in primary care physician management
Suicide bombing: how to prevent death in civilians?
Theme: Suicide and suicidal behaviours
Suicide with shotgun
A case of the self-harming behaviour created with compulsive syncope episodes
A case of a suicide attempt with citalopram (Celexa) causing suppression of sinusal rhythm with development of atrial rhythm
The prevalence of deliberate self-harm behavior and its association with sociodemographic features in patients referred to secondary care psychiatric clinic for adolescents and young adults
Affective variability predicts suicidal ideation in individuals at ultra-high risk of developing psychosis: An experience sampling study
Alexithymia and suicide ideation in a sample of patients with binge eating disorder
Anxiety disorders and obesity
Application of modified overt aggression scales on risk behavior assessment of patients with mental illness
Are there hopeless neighborhoods? An exploration of environmental associations between individual-level feelings of hopelessness and neighborhood characteristics
Atmospheric pressure and suicide attempts in Helsinki, Finland
Can receipt of a regular postcard reduce suicide-related behaviour in young help seekers? A randomized controlled trial
From pesticides to medicinal drugs: time series analyses of methods of self-harm in Sri Lanka
Grief Experiences and Expectance of Suicide
The impact of prison staff responses on self-harming behaviours: Prisoners' perspectives
Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Functions of Non suicidal Self-Injury: Associations with Emotional and Social Functioning
Isotretinoin associated with risk of suicide
Main characteristics of train-pedestrian fatalities on Finnish railroads
MEMO - A Mobile Phone Depression Prevention Intervention for Adolescents: Development Process and Postprogram Findings on Acceptability From a Randomized Controlled Trial
Mental pain and suicide risk: Application of the Greek version of the Mental Pain and the Tolerance of Mental Pain scale
Outpatient care of young people after emergency treatment of deliberate self-harm
Perception of environmental problems and common mental disorders (CMD)
Self-inflicted burns: attempted suicide
Suicidality among individuals with HIV/AIDS in Benin City, Nigeria: a case-control study
Suicide attempt by an overdose of sitagliptin, an oral hypoglycemic agent: A case report and a review of the literature
An Unusual Pattern of Self-inflicted Injury after Dental Local Anesthesia: A Report of 2 Cases
Building a neuroscience of pleasure and well-being
A meta-analysis of randomized placebo controlled trials of antidepressant medications in depressed children: small benefits, large stakes
Age at onset versus family history and clinical outcomes in 1,665 international bipolar-I disorder patients
Age-Related Changes in Antidepressant Pharmacokinetics and Potential Drug-Drug Interactions: A Comparison of Evidence-Based Literature and Package Insert Information
Association of solitary binge drinking and suicidal behavior among emerging adult college students
Associations between symptoms and all-cause mortality in individuals with serious mental illness
Body attitudes and objectification in non-suicidal self-injury: comparing males and females
Can the Holmes-Rahe Social Readjustment Rating Scale (SRRS) Be Used as a Suicide Risk Scale? An Exploratory Study
Can Perceived Burdensomeness Explain the Relationship Between Suicide and Perfectionism?
Death certification and general practitioners: opinion about propositions of improvement. Qualitative survey conducted among 14 general practitioners in the Loire
Differentiating between Bipolar Disorder Types I and II: Results from the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions (NESARC)
Distress mediates the association between personality predispositions and suicidality: a preliminary study in a Portuguese community sample
Effectiveness of a High End Users Program for Persons with Psychiatric Disorders
Effects of a Late-Life Suicide Risk-Assessment Training on Multidisciplinary Healthcare Providers
Evaluation of a Suicide Prevention Training Program for Mental Health Services Staff
Expressed emotion and its relationship to anxiety and depression after traumatic brain injury
The Factors Influencing Decision Making on Children's Psychiatric Hospitalization: A Retrospective Chart Review
Factors predicting coroners' decisions to hold discretionary inquests
Fatal poisoning with Taxus baccata. Quantification of Paclitaxel (taxol A), 10-Deacetyltaxol, Baccatin III, 10-Deacetylbaccatin III, Cephalomannine (taxol B), and 3,5-Dimethoxyphenol in Body Fluids by Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry
Gender roles, suicidal ideation, and self-harming in young adults
Healthy life behaviors and suicide probability in university students
Hospitalization for psychiatric disorders before and after onset of unprovoked seizures/epilepsy
A longitudinal epidemiological comparison of suicide and other causes of death in Italian children and adolescents
Mediating Suicide: Print Journalism and the Categorization of Queer Youth Suicide Discourses
Methanol poisoning in Iran, from 2000 to 2009
Multicenter Study of Predictors of Suicide Screening in Emergency Departments
The Next Generation of Psychological Autopsy Studies: Part 2. Interview Procedures
Parental intoxication and adolescent suicidal behavior
Poisoning and suicide by cyanide jewelry cleaner in the US Hmong community: A case series
Psychic skin: psychotic defences, borderline process and delusions
Ramelteon Ingestions Reported to Texas Poison Centers, 2005-2009
Study finding psych follow-up faults stirs debate
Substance abuse and suicide risk among adolescents
Suicidality and panic in emergency department patients with unexplained chest pain
Suicide behavior in parents with alcohol abuse problems and suicide behavior in their offspring-Adult offspring and counselor perspectives
Suicide in the Army National Guard: An Empirical Inquiry
Suicide Rates among Turkish and American Youth: A Cross-Cultural Comparison
Suicide with two shots to the head inflicted by a captive-bolt gun
A therapeutic approach to preventing self-harm
Tracking a Movement: U.S. Milestones in Suicide Prevention
Trends in suicide among migrants in England and Wales 1979-2003
Two suicidal fatalities due to the ingestion of chlorfenvinphos formulations: simultaneous determination of the pesticide and the petroleum distillates in tissues by gas chromatography-flame-ionization detection and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
Validation of the trait anxiety scale for state-trait anxiety inventory in suicide victims and living controls of Chinese rural youths
Factors Associated with Physician Agreement on Verbal Autopsy of over 11500 Injury Deaths in India
Efficacy and suicidal risk for antidepressants in paediatric and adolescent patients
Discerning Reported Suicide Attempts Within a Youthful Offender Population
Does the direction of effects in the association between depressive symptoms and health-risk behaviors differ by behavior? A longitudinal study across the high school years
Early coma and metabolic acidosis after massive paracetamol self poisoning
Evaluation of a multi-element treatment center for early psychosis in the United States
Psychological characteristics in high-risk MSM in China
Psychological Symptoms and Blood Pressure Among Rural-Dwellers
A rationale for service responses to self-injury
Severe loneliness in community-dwelling aging adults with mental illness
Study of an Economic Issue as a Possible Indicator of Suicide Risk: A Discussion of Stock Prices and Suicide
A systematic review of validated methods for identifying depression using administrative data
A systematic review of validated methods for identifying suicide or suicidal ideation using administrative or claims data
Trends in youth internet victimization: findings from three youth internet safety surveys 2000-2010
Validation of key behaviourally based mental health diagnoses in administrative data: suicide attempt, alcohol abuse, illicit drug abuse and tobacco use
Association of childhood family environments with the risk of social withdrawal ('hikikomori') in the community population in Japan
Borderline personality disorder in adolescents: evidence in support of the Childhood Interview for DSM-IV Borderline Personality Disorder in a sample of adolescent inpatients
Bullying at work and onset of a major depressive episode among Danish female eldercare workers
Circadian type and mood seasonality in adolescents
Community-Based Case Management for the Prevention of Suicide Reattempts in Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Delusion Proneness and Emotion Appraisal in Individuals with High Psychosis Vulnerability
Depression following traumatic brain injury: epidemiology, risk factors and management
Depression in adolescence
Diabetes and raised blood glucose as risk factors for future suicide: cohort study of 1 234 927 Korean men and women
Development of the Risk Assessment Suicidality Scale (RASS): A population-based study
Depressive symptoms and level of physical activity in patients with Alzheimer's disease
Emergency department assessment of self-harm risk using psychometric questionnaires
Evidence supports the obvious: suicides need not happen
Falling through the cracks: the gap between evidence and policy in responding to depression in gay, lesbian and other homosexually active people in Australia
Family relatives of persons with borderline personality disorder: a pre-experimental study of a group intervention
Help-Seeking for Emotional Problems in Major Depression : Findings of the 2006 Estonian Health Survey
Impact of capacity reductions in acute public-sector inpatient psychiatric services
Implementation of mental health service recommendations in England and Wales and suicide rates, 1997-2006: a cross-sectional and before-and-after observational study
Obstacles to research in residential juvenile justice facilities: recommendations for researchers
Parental sexual abuse and suicidal behaviour among women with major depressive disorder
The Population Cost-effectiveness of Interventions Designed to Prevent Childhood Depression
Posttraumatic stress disorder, depression, and suicide in veterans
Fall in suicides among mental health patients linked to improvements in mental health services
Managing distressed and disturbed patients: the thoughts and feelings experienced by Italian nurses
Methodologies used in cost-effectiveness models for evaluating treatments in major depressive disorder: a systematic review
Physician-assisted suicide: Saying what we mean and meaning what we say
Problems with suicide risk assessment
Risk assessment for suicide and violence is of extremely limited value in general psychiatric practice
Significant relationship between lifetime alcohol use disorders and suicide attempts in an Australian schizophrenia sample
A study on suicide by self immolation
Studying survivors of near-lethal suicide attempts as a proxy for completed suicide in prisons
Suicidal Thoughts and Behavior With Antidepressant Treatment: Reanalysis of the Randomized Placebo-Controlled Studies of Fluoxetine and Venlafaxine
Suicide thoughts and attempts and psychiatric treatment utilization: informing prevention strategies
Venous thrombosis following intravenous injection of household bleach
Bereaved by suicide
Listening visits to mothers' suffering with mild to moderate peri-natal depression; critical issues of clinical supervision, training and health visiting capacity to tackle health inequalities
Ante- and perinatal circumstances and risk of attempted suicides and suicides in offspring: the Northern Finland birth cohort 1966 study
Attempted Suicidal Hanging: An Uncomplicated Recovery
Burn mortality in Iraq
Comparison study of postdischarge care provided to suicide patients by family members in East and South taiwan
Depression Among the Urban Poor in Peninsular Malaysia: a Community Based Cross-Sectional Study
Do help-seeking intentions during early adolescence vary for adolescents experiencing different levels of depressive symptoms?
Does place of residence affect risk of suicide? A spatial epidemiologic investigation in Kentucky from 1999 to 2008
Drivers of Disparity: Differences in Socially Based Risk Factors of Self-injurious and Suicidal Behaviors Among Sexual Minority College Students
Effectiveness of histopathologic examination in a series of 400 forensic autopsies
Emergency department visits due to pesticide poisoning in South Korea, 2006-2009
Epidemiology of burns throughout the World. Part II: Intentional burns in adults
Examining Childhood Bullying and Adolescent Suicide: Implications for School Nurses
The Evolution of a Community-Based Telepsychiatry Program in Rural Alabama: Lessons Learned-A Brief Report
Forensic Issues in Suicide Due to Acid Ingestion in a Case of Major Depressive Disorder
Hair dye poisoning in Bundelkhand region (prospective analysis of hair dye poisoning cases presented in Department of Medicine, MLB Medical College, Jhansi)
Help seeking and treatment use among suicidal college students
Hopelessness as a Predictor of Attempted Suicide among First Admission Patients with Psychosis: A 10-year Cohort Study
Illicit bath salts: not for bathing
Impact of the 1998 Football World Cup on Suicide Rates in France: Results from the National Death Registry
The Impact of Community-Based Outreach on Psychological Distress and Victim Safety in Women Exposed to Intimate Partner Abuse
The impact of experiential exercises on communication and relational skills in a suicide prevention gatekeeper-training program for college resident advisors
The Interaction of Parental History of Suicidal Behavior and Exposure to Adoptive Parents' Psychiatric Disorders on Adoptee Suicide Attempt Hospitalizations
Is depression contagious? A test of alternative peer socialization mechanisms of depressive symptoms in adolescent peer networks
Isotretinoin and adolescent depression
Mental Disorders and Communication of Intent to Die in Indigenous Suicide Cases, Queensland, Australia
National suicide prevention lifeline: enhancing mental health care for suicidal individuals and other people in crisis
Pathways to Care and Help-Seeking Experience Prior to Self-Harm: A Qualitative Study in Taiwan
Physical health, mental health, and behaviour problems among early adolescents in foster care
Physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia: can you even imagine teaching medical students how to end their patients' lives?
Plant Exposures Reported to the Poisons Information Centre Erfurt from 2001-2010
Practitioner Review: Self-harm in adolescents
Precipitating events in adolescent suicidal crises: exploring stress-reactive and nonreactive risk profiles
Predictors of Suicide and Suicide Attempt in Subway Stations: A Population-based Ecological Study
Psychache and Suicide Ideation among Men Who Are Homeless: A Test of Shneidman's Model
Psychological outcomes of intimate partner violence experienced by Jordanian working women
Relationship between suicidality and impulsivity in bipolar I disorder: a diffusion tensor imaging study
The relationship of level of positive mental health with current mental disorders in predicting suicidal behavior and academic impairment in college students
The reliability of suicide statistics: a systematic review
Risks of Drug-Related Death, Suicide, and Homicide During the Immediate Post-Release Period Among People Released From New York City Jails, 2001-2005
Socioeconomic disadvantage increases risk of prevalent and persistent depression in later life
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Suicide risk and health risk behavior among youth between the ages of 18 and 24 years: a descriptive study
Traumatic Brain Injury and Suicide
Trends in national suicide rates for Scotland and for England and Wales, 1960-2008
Addiction to cocaine: A risk factor for suicide?
Age and birth cohort differences in depression in repeated cross-sectional surveys in England: the National Psychiatric Morbidity Surveys, 1993 to 2007
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Characteristics of fatal and hospital admissions for burns in Fiji: A population-based study (TRIP Project-2)
Circuitous diagnosis in concealed self-poisoning with Nerium oleander
Comparing ICD-9 and ICD-10: The impact on intentional and unintentional injury mortality statistics in Italy and Norway
Correlates of Suicidal Ideation and/or Behavior in Bariatric-Surgery-Seeking Individuals With Severe Obesity
Deliberate Self-harm: A Search for Distinct Group of Suicide
Do depression and anxiety converge or diverge in their association with suicidality?
Epidemiological characteristics of suicidal patients admitted to the Psychiatric Clinic in Kragujevac: a ten-year retrospective study
The Evaluation of Suicide Letters in Turkey From a Cognitive Perspective
Fatal aconitine intoxication or thyroid storm? A case report
Forensic Issues in Suicidal Single Gunshot Injuries to the Chest: An Autopsy Study
General Health Status in a Cohort of Iranian Patients with Intentional Self-poisoning: A Preventive Approach
Genital self mutilation in alcohol withdrawal state complicated with delirium
Impact of addiction to internet on a number of psychiatric symptoms in students of Isfahan universities, Iran, 2010
The influence of mental skills on motivation and psychosocial characteristics
Ligature Points and Ligature Types Used by Psychiatric Inpatients Who Die by Hanging
Loudness dependence of auditory evoked potentials (LDAEP) in clinical monitoring of suicidal patients with major depression: a pilot study
Measuring depression in schizophrenia with questionnaires
Media Representation of Gender Patterns of Suicide in Taiwan
Narcissism and Adjustment in Preadolescence
Necessity for treatment of psychiatric emergencies in the emergency medical service : Evaluation of the "indicator for psychiatric pharmacotherapy"
Non-suicidal self-injury as autonomous diagnosis - implications for research and clinic of the DSM-5 proposal to establish the diagnosis of Non-Suicidal Self-Injury in adolescents
Nonsuicidal Self-Injury: Relationship to Behavioral and Self-Rating Measures of Impulsivity and Self-Aggression
Oral self-injury. An update
Paths From Socioemotional Behavior in Middle Childhood to Personality in Middle Adulthood
Patient predictor variables for six forms of suicidality
Protective Factors and Suicidality in Members of Arab Kindred
Poisonings in pregnancy
Rates and Correlates of Undetermined Deaths among African Americans: Results from the National Violent Death Reporting System
Rates of mental illness and suicidality in immigrant, refugee, ethnocultural, and racialized groups in Canada: a review of the literature
Referral Patterns for Youths Identified at Risk for Suicide by Trained Gatekeepers
A review on the relationship between testosterone and the interpersonal/affective facet of psychopathy
Screening for depression
Self-harm and attempted suicide within inpatient psychiatric services: A review of the Literature
Self-Injurious Behavior vs. Nonsuicidal Self-Injury
Sentinel events and predictors of suicide among inpatients at psychiatric hospitals
Social Emotion Recognition, Social Functioning, and Attempted Suicide in Late-Life Depression
Structural brain abnormalities and suicidal behavior in borderline personality disorder
Suicidal ideation and self-harm in lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth
Suicide and attempted suicide are more common in children and adolescents in care, but rates of attempted suicide are higher before entry into care than after
Thwarted Belongingness and Perceived Burdensomeness in Suicide Notes
Trends in suicide case fatality in Italy, 1983-2007
Views on suicide among middle-aged and elderly populations in Japan: Their association with demographic variables and feeling shame in seeking help
The Impact of War on Puerto Rican Families: Challenges and Strengthened Family Relationships
Coping and Film Reception
Recent progress in mood disorder research
Setting the bar: athletes and vulnerability to mental illness
Study on high-risk behaviour and suicide associated risk factors related to HIV/AIDS among gay or bisexual men
Cyberbullying in adolescent victims: perception and coping
Acetaminophen overdose in the Military Health System
Alcohol and premature death in Estonian men: a study of forensic autopsies using novel biomarkers and proxy informants
Aspiration Pneumonia and Severe Self-poisoning: About the Necessity of Early Airway Management
An Assessment of the Usefulness of Routine Histological Examination in Hanging Deaths
Association between depression, patient scar assessment and burn-specific health in hospitalized burn patients
Attachment and Socio-Emotional Skills: A Comparison of Depressed Inpatients, Institutionalized Delinquents and Control Adolescents
Behind the Statistics: The Ethnography of Suicide in Palestine
Bilateral femoral neuropathy after massive toxic ingestion in a suicide attempt
Blue vitriol poisoning: A 10-year experience in a tertiary care hospital
College students and suicide risk: prevention and the role of academic psychiatry
Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality in an inpatient setting: Results of a pilot study
A Comparison of Delay Discounting Among Substance Users With and Without Suicide Attempt History
Coping With A Patient's Suicide: A Curriculum for Psychiatry Residency Training Programs
The cultural meaning of suicide: what does that mean?
Differential Susceptibility Effects: The Interaction of Negative Emotionality and Sibling Relationship Quality on Childhood Internalizing Problems and Social Skills
Does a history of mild traumatic brain injury increase suicide risk in veterans with PTSD?
Does maternal depression predict developmental outcome in 18 month old infants?
Economic Conditions and Suicide Rates in New York City
Ecstasy and Suicide
Effect of mobile phone-based psychotherapy in suicide prevention: a randomized controlled trial in Sri Lanka
Experiences of School Bullying Among Internationally Adopted Children: Results from the Finnish Adoption (FINADO) Study
The Forensic Deaths Caused by Pesticide Poisoning Between the Years 2006 and 2009 in Izmir, Turkey
Health care experiences prior to suicide and self-inflicted injury, active component, U.S. Armed Forces, 2001-2010
Health-Related Quality of Life Among Heavy-drinking College Students
Hostility, physical aggression and trait anger as predictors for suicidal behavior in Chinese adolescents: a school-based study
Impact of mental disorders on work performance in a community sample of workers in Japan: The World Mental Health Japan Survey 2002-2005
The Incidence and Repetition of Hospital-Treated Deliberate Self Harm: Findings from the World's First National Registry
Increase in creatine phosphokinase and a suicide attempt during isotretinoin treatment
Insight and suicidal behavior in first-episode schizophrenia
Involvement in bullying and suicide-related behavior at 11 years: a prospective birth cohort study
A method for evaluating competency in assessment and management of suicide risk
A multicenter study of bipolar disorder among emergency department patients in Latin-American countries
Patient suicides in psychiatric residencies and post-vention responses: a national survey of psychiatry chief residents and program directors
Poisonings in the Nordic countries in 2007: A 5-year epidemiological follow-up
Promotoras in mental health: a review of English, Spanish, and Portuguese literature
Rectal wall hemorrhage in hanging autopsy cases
Relations between suicide and traumatic brain injury, psychiatric diagnoses, and relationship problems, active component, U.S. Armed Forces, 2001-2009
Ritual Vicissitudes: The Uncertainties of Singaporean Suicide Rites
Suicidal burn in Hong Kong
Suicidal communication signifies suicidal intent in Chinese completed suicides
Suicide Attempters and Repeaters: Depression and Coping: A Prospective Study of Early Adolescents Followed up as Young Adults
Suicide bombing: a geopolitical perspective
The suicide of Adam Czerniakow
The Suicide Prevention and Depression Awareness Program at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine
Suicide prevention and emergent media: surfing the opportunity
Suicide risk assessment in clinical practice: Pragmatic guidelines for imperfect assessments
Suicides in a mega-size factory in China: poor mental health among young migrant workers in China
Survivors of self-inflicted stab wounds
Temperament, insecure attachment, impulsivity, and sexuality in women in jail
Undergraduate physical activity and depressive symptoms: a national study
War and first onset of suicidality: the role of mental disorders
Youth at risk: suicidal thoughts and attempts in Vietnam, China, and Taiwan
The relationship between sexual behavior and nonsexual risk behaviors among unmarried youth in three Asian cities
Sensitivity to posed and genuine facial expressions of emotion in severe depression
Olfactory acuity is associated with mood and function in a pilot study of stable bipolar disorder patients
Socio-demographic factors and psychological distress in Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian adults aged 18-64 years: analysis of national survey data
Three Scales Assessing High School Students' Attitudes and Perceived Norms About Seeking Adult Help for Distress and Suicide Concerns
"When it's just me at home, it hits me that I'm completely alone": an online survey of adolescents in self-care
Validation of the 'How I Think Questionnaire' in a Population of French-speaking Adolescents with Externalizing Behaviors
Response to Dr Steinberg and Dr Finer's letter to the editor concerning the article on abortion and mental illness and suicide
Addressing the surveillance goal in the national strategy for suicide prevention: the department of defense suicide event report
Altered inhibition of negative emotions in subjects at family risk of major depressive disorder
Antidepressant-suicide link in children questioned
Antidepressants and lethal violence in the Netherlands 1994-2008
A Call to Link Data to Answer Pressing Questions About Suicide Risk Among Veterans
Caller Characteristics, Call Contents, and Types of Assistance Provided By Caller Sex and Age Group in a Canadian Inuit Crisis Line in Nunavut, 1991-2001
Changing Parental Behaviour to Reduce Risky Drinking Among Adolescents: Current Evidence and Future Directions
Characteristics of patients who visit the emergency department with self-inflicted injury
Characteristics of Suicides Among US Army Active Duty Personnel in 17 US States From 2005 to 2007
Chol Understandings of Suicide and Human Agency
Coleman, Coyle, Shuping, and Rue make false statements and draw erroneous conclusions in analyses of abortion and mental health using the National Comorbidity Survey
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Complex mandibular rehabilitation of a self-inflicted gunshot wound: A clinical report
Can one talk of benzodiazepine "drunkenness"? About acute benzodiazepine intoxication, without suicidal or mortiferous tendencies
Current considerations about the elderly and firearms
Depression beliefs, treatment preference, and outcomes in a randomized trial for major depressive disorder
Development of a clinical global impression scale for fatigue
Development of forensic thanatology through the prism of analysis of postmortem protocols collected at the Department of Forensic Medicine, Jagiellonian University
The development of a population-level clinical screening tool for self-harm repetition and suicide: the ReACT Self-Harm Rule
Differences Between Veteran Suicides With and Without Psychiatric Symptoms
Does anxiety increase impulsivity in patients with bipolar disorder or major depressive disorder?
Effect of Parental Bereavement on Health Risk Behaviors in Youth: A 3-Year Follow-up
An Emergency Department-Based Brief Intervention for Veterans at Risk for Suicide (SAFE VET)
Estimating the Risk of Suicide Among US Veterans: How Should We Proceed From Here?
Evaluation of Superficial and Deep Self-inflicted Wrist and Forearm Lacerations
Executive function and suicidal risk in women with Borderline Personality Disorder
Explaining Suicide: An Afterword
Exploring the associations between coping patterns for everyday stressors and mental health in young schoolchildren
Facilitating treatment engagement during high-risk transition periods: a potential suicide prevention strategy
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Heart rate responses to parental behavior in depressed adolescents
Hypertensive disorders in pregnancy and risk of severe mental disorders in the offspring in adulthood: The Helsinki Birth Cohort Study
Implementation and early utilization of a suicide hotline for veterans
Intervention strategies to reduce the burden of non-communicable diseases in Mexico: cost effectiveness analysis
Is the Positive Illusory Bias Illusory? Examining Discrepant Self-Perceptions of Competence in Girls with ADHD
Is the Rate of Suicide Among Veterans Elevated?
Lessons learned from mental health enhancement and suicide prevention activities in the veterans health administration
Longitudinal Trends in Using Physical Interventions to Manage Aggression and Self-Harm in Mental Health Services
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Patterns of Treatment Utilization Before Suicide Among Male Veterans With Substance Use Disorders
Peer support for postpartum depression: volunteers' perceptions, recruitment strategies and training from a randomized controlled trial
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Postcolonial Suicide Among Inuit in Arctic Canada
Prevalence and Characteristics of Suicide Ideation and Attempts Among Active Military and Veteran Participants in a National Health Survey
Preventing suicide by preventing lethal injury: the need to act on what we already know
Preventing suicide is a national imperative
Psychoactive substances related to the deaths
Risks for the transition from major depressive disorder to bipolar disorder in the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions
Self-perceived Difficulties With Suicidal Patients in A Sample of Italian General Practitioners
Situating Suicide as an Anthropological Problem: Ethnographic Approaches to Understanding Self-Harm and Self-Inflicted Death
Sleep Disturbance Preceding Suicide Among Veterans
Suffering, Frustration, and Anger: Class, Gender and History in Sri Lankan Suicide Stories
Suicidal Behavior in a National Sample of Older Homeless Veterans
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Suicide Among Veterans in 16 States, 2005 to 2008: Comparisons Between Utilizers and Nonutilizers of Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Services Based on Data From the National Death Index, the National Violent Death Reporting System, and VHA Administra
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Suicide prevention for veterans and active duty personnel
Trend of mortality rate and injury burden of transport accidents, suicides, and falls
Trends in cause specific mortality across occupations in Japanese men of working age during period of economic stagnation, 1980-2005: retrospective cohort study
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Alcohol and drug misuse, risk of re-admission to a general hospital and psychiatric contact
Antiepileptic drugs and suicidality
Assessment of risk for in-hospital suicide and aggression in high-dependency care environments
Assessment of suicidal ideation in adolescents: comparison of two instruments
Associations between adults' recalled childhood bullying victimization, current social anxiety, coping, and self-blame: evidence for moderation and indirect effects
Bereavement and mental health after sudden and violent losses: a review
Cardiac arrest and hypothermia caused by suicidal intoxication with butane - a case report
Commentary on "conceptions of modern psychiatry": from attachment to intersubjectivity
Contribution of spontaneous improvement to placebo response in depression: A meta-analytic review
Controlling access to suicide means
Depression and suicide risk of outpatients at specialized hospitals for substance use disorder: comparison with depressive disorder patients at general psychiatric clinics
Depression, deliberate self-harm and suicidal behaviour in adolescents engaging in risky and pathological internet use
Direct and indirect forms of non-suicidal self-injury: Evidence for a distinction
Distinguishing adolescents who think about self-harm from those who engage in self-harm
Does perceived burdensomeness erode meaning in life among older adults?
Economic factors in of patients' nonadherence to antidepressant treatment
The effectiveness of a preferred intensity exercise programme on the mental health outcomes of young people with depression: a sequential mixed methods evaluation
Emotions and Suicidal Ideation among Depressed Women with Childhood Sexual Abuse Histories
The gap in injury mortality rates between urban and rural residents of Hubei province, China
How to cope with disaster loss and mourning: Galen's paper which was lost for centuries
Improving the life expectancy of people with serious mental illness
The incidence of injury presentations to emergency departments: what we don't know can hurt us
Indicators of the need for ICU admission following suicide bombing attacks
Insanity and suicide, as described in the "Okuni-nikki (Diaries of our clan)" of the Hirosaki Clan Government
Is non-suicidal self-injury an "addiction"? A comparison of craving in substance use and non-suicidal self-injury
Mental disorder and suicide prevention in patients with physical illness
Mental health risk factors for suicides in the US Army, 2007-8
Migraine Headaches and Suicide Attempt
Mood disorders in HIV patients: a challenge for liaison psychiatry consultation
Peeking into the minds of troubled adolescents: The utility of polysomnography sleep studies in an inpatient psychiatric unit
Penile Methadone Injection in Suicidal Intent: Life-Threatening and Fatal for Erectile Function
Poor psychological health and stressful-life events are more common in adolescents with self-harm thoughts or episodes
Prevalence and correlates of suicidal thought and self-destructive behavior among an elderly hospital population in Iran
The protective factors of suicide probability in religious male high school students
Psychiatric disorders and aggression in the printed media: Is there a link? A central European perspective
Real-time predictors of suicidal ideation: Mobile assessment of hospitalized depressed patients
Serotonin 2c receptor RNA editing in major depression and suicide
Social Media and Suicide: A Public Health Perspective
Substances Used in Completed Suicide by Overdose in Toronto: An Observational Study of Coroner's Data
Suicidal behaviors among young adults: risk factors during development from early childhood to adolescence
Suicidal ideation and the subjective aspects of depression
Suicidality and Anxiety Sensitivity in Adults with HIV
Suicide and non-suicide mortality after self-harm in Taipei City, Taiwan
Suicide, sport and medicine
Tales of Decline: Reading Social Pathology into Individual Suicide in South India
Traumatic events and suicidal behaviour in the Nigerian Survey of Mental Health and Well-Being
US Cultural Involvement and Its Association With Suicidal Behavior Among Youths in the Dominican Republic
We are all in this together: working towards a holistic understanding of self-harm
Risk or resilience? Empathic abilities in patients with bipolar disorders and their first-degree relatives
Suicide among patients in the veterans affairs health system: rural-urban differences in rates, risks, and methods
Reducing covert self-injurious behavior maintained by automatic reinforcement through a variable momentary DRO procedure
The state effect of depressive and anxiety disorders on big five personality traits
Suicide by Do-Not-Resuscitate Order
Suicide Mortality Among Patients Treated by the Veterans Health Administration From 2000 to 2007
Suicide mortality in São Gabriel da Cachoeira, a predominantly indigenous Brazilian municipality
Suicide Mortality of Suicide Attempt Patients Discharged from Emergency Room, Nonsuicidal Psychiatric Patients Discharged from Emergency Room, Admitted Suicide Attempt Patients, and Admitted Nonsuicidal Psychiatric Patients
Suicide Prevention is a Winnable Battle
Suicide risk and precipitating circumstances among young, middle-aged, and older male veterans
Suicide risk in primary care patients with major physical diseases: a case-control study
Surveillance of suicide and suicide attempts among veterans: addressing a national imperative
Towards solving enigmas in electrical injury
Trajectories of Depressive Symptoms and Fatigue Among Postpartum Women
Veterans and suicide: a reexamination of the national death index-linked national health interview survey
Use of the air force post-deployment health reassessment for the identification of depression and posttraumatic stress disorder: public health implications for suicide prevention
Adiposity, Its Related Biologic Risk Factors, and Suicide: A Cohort Study of 542,088 Taiwanese Adults
Adolescents' health behaviours and its associations with psychological variables
Anxiety in Predicting Suicide-Related Symptom of Typhoon Disaster Victims: A One-Year Follow-Up Study in Southern Taiwan
Are the Adolescent Behaviors too Risky? A School-based Study in a District of West Bengal, India
Bilateral dislocation of temporomandibular joint induced by haloperidol following suicide attempt: a case report
Childhood trajectories of anxiousness and disruptiveness explain the association between early-life adversity and attempted suicide
Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Collaborative Care Management of Major Depression among Low-Income, Predominantly Hispanics with Diabetes
Covert video monitoring in the assessment of medically unexplained symptoms in children
Culturally Responsive Suicide Prevention in Indigenous Communities: Unexamined Assumptions and New Possibilities
Economic recession, unemployment and suicide
Emotion dysregulation model of mood and anxiety disorders
Evaluation of a suicide prevention training curriculum for substance abuse treatment providers based on Treatment Improvement Protocol Number 50
An examination of environmental and genetic contributions to the determinants of suicidal behavior among male twins
Exposure to suicide and suicidality in Korea: Differential effects across men and women?
Factors Distinguishing Youth Who Report Self-Injurious Behavior: A Population-Based Sample
Failure to Acknowledge High Suicide Risk among Veterinarians
Future directions for the study of suicide and self-injury
Increased Mortality Risk Among the Visually Impaired: The Roles of Mental Well-Being and Preventive Care Practices
Impact of Multiple Types of Childhood Trauma Exposure on Risk of Psychiatric Comorbidity Among Alcoholic Inpatients
Incidence of disability pension and associations with socio-demographic factors in a Swedish twin cohort
Long term follow up of suicide in a clinically depressed community sample
Mad, Bad or Heroic? Gender, Identity and Accountability in Lay Portrayals of Suicide in Late Twentieth-Century England
MicroRNA Expression Is Down-Regulated and Reorganized in Prefrontal Cortex of Depressed Suicide Subjects
Negative self-appraisals and suicidal behavior among trauma victims experiencing ptsd symptoms: the mediating role of defeat and entrapment
Parental Child-Rearing Strategies Influence Self-Regulation, Socio-Emotional Adjustment, and Psychopathology in Early Adulthood: Evidence from a Retrospective Cohort Study
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Psychiatrists' emotional reactions to patient suicidal behavior
Risk Factors Associated with Self-Injurious Behaviors in Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Sentiment Analysis of Suicide Notes: A Shared Task
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Social connectedness and one-year trajectories among suicidal adolescents following psychiatric hospitalization
Suicide by home made "guillotine" to the chest: a case report
Suicidal Ideation and Perceived Burdensomeness in Patients with Chronic Pain
Temperamental Differences in Children's Reactions to Peer Victimization
Depression stigma in Australian high school students
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Affectively charged: decision making in teenage suicide attempters
Alcohol-Related Injuries and Alcohol Control Policy in Lithuania: Effect of the Year of Sobriety, 2008
Catch Me If I Fall! Enacted Uncertainty Avoidance and the Social Safety Net as Country-Level Moderators in the Job Insecurity-Job Attitudes Link
Changes in negative affect following pain (vs. nonpainful) stimulation in individuals with and without a history of nonsuicidal self-injury
Classification Algorithm for the Determination of Suicide Attempt and Suicide (CAD-SAS)
Clinico-epidemiological characteristics of patients presenting with organophosphorus poisoning
Deliberate self-harm among underserved adolescents: The moderating roles of gender, race, and school-level and association with borderline personality features
Depressive state due to isolated adrenocorticotropic hormone deficiency underlies school refusal
A descriptive study on self-poisoning in Ampara
Differential Glucocorticoid Receptor Exon 1(B), 1(C), and 1(H) Expression and Methylation in Suicide Completers with a History of Childhood Abuse
Duration of last depressive episode may influence serum BDNF levels in remitted patients with major depression
The Effect of Cognitive Behavior Therapy on Decision Making in Adolescents who Self-Harm: A Pilot Study
Effects of a Comprehensive Police Suicide Prevention Program
Epidemiology and nature of self-harm in children and adolescents: findings from the multicentre study of self-harm in England
Extending research on the utility of an adjunctive emotion regulation group therapy for deliberate self-harm among women with borderline personality pathology
Fracture of the cricoid as a potential pointer to homicide. A 6-year retrospective study of neck structures fractures in hanging victims
Friendship Context Matters: Examining the Domain Specificity of Alcohol and Depression Socialization Among Adolescents
Gendered Endings: Narratives of Male and Female Suicides in the South African Lowveld
Impact of childhood trauma on the outcomes of a perinatal depression trial
The impact of exposure to interpersonal violence on gender differences in adolescent-onset major depression: results from the national comorbidity survey replication (NCS-R)
Impact of victimization on risk of suicide among lesbian, gay, and bisexual high school students in San Francisco
Impaired decision making in adolescent suicide attempters
Abstract thinking - saving lives: can we predict and prevent adolescent suicide?
Lifetime Risk of Suicidal Behaviors and Communication to a Health Professional About Suicidal Ideation
Nonsuicidal Self-Injury and Gender: Patterns of Prevalence, Methods, and Locations among Adolescents
Non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) disorder: A preliminary study
Predictors for suicidal ideation after occupational injury
Perinatal Depression Screening in Healthy Start: An Evaluation of the Acceptability of Technical Assistance Consultation
Predictors of suicide attempts in patients with borderline personality disorder over 16 years of prospective follow-up
Reporting of Suicide by the New Zealand Media
Shame and guilt in men exposed to childhood sexual abuse: a qualitative investigation
Suicidality and Associated Factors in Pregnant Women in Brazil
Suicide Deaths and Nonfatal Hospital Admissions for Deliberate Self-Harm in the United States
Suicides by persons reported as missing prior to death: a retrospective cohort study
Traditional Versus Internet Bullying in Junior High School Students
Trends in suicide mortality among Brazilian adults and elderly, 1980 - 2006
Vehicle-assisted decapitation: a case report
Youth Justice staff attitudes towards screening for self-harm
Alcohol use and suicidal behaviors among adults: A synthesis and theoretical model
Non-suicidal self-injury and suicide Risk assessment, quo vadis DSM-V?
The differential impact of social defeat on mice living in isolation or groups in an enriched environment: plasma corticosterone and monoamine variations
Mental Health Difficulties in Children With Developmental Coordination Disorder
Motor Coordination and Psychosocial Correlates in a Normative Adolescent Sample
Prison structure, inmate mortality and suicide risk in Europe
Predicting domains and rates of change in borderline personality disorder
Psychiatric nursing emergency: a simulated experience of a wrist-cutting suicide attempt
The role of self-injury in the organisation of behaviour
The structure of personality disorders in individuals with posttraumatic stress disorder
Suicide attempt with an overdose of imatinib
A Systematic Review of Aluminium Phosphide Poisoning
Toxicology and Characteristics of Deaths Involving Zolpidem in New South Wales, Australia 2001-2010
Underserved Women in a Women's Health Clinic Describe Their Experiences of Depressive Symptoms and Why They Have Low Uptake of Psychotherapy
Understanding the Risks of Recent Discharge: The Phenomenological Experiences
When elderly people give warning of suicide
The association of affective temperaments with impairment and psychopathology in a young adult sample
Behaviorally-indexed distress tolerance and suicidality
Developmental Trajectories of Chinese Children's Relational and Physical Aggression: Associations with Social-Psychological Adjustment Problems
Dopamine response to psychosocial stress in humans and its relationship to individual differences in personality traits
Estimating visitor suicide risk in destination cities: A reply to Zarkowski and Nguyen
Gender inequality and structural violence among depressed women in South India
Interventions during pregnancy to lower the chances of postnatal depression among women from the Asian subcontinent
Service utilization by hospitalized suicide attempters with schizophrenia or depression in montreal
Suicidal ideation and temperament: An investigation among college students
Suicide index reduction in Slovenia: the impact of primary care provision
Suicide of first-generation immigrants in Australia, 1974-2006
Understanding drug-related mortality in released prisoners: A review of national coronial records
Age, Gender and Suicidal Ideation Following Voluntary HIV Counseling and Testing
Analysis of 4713 cases of Wuhan pesticide poisoning reports of year 2002 to 2010
Association study of early-immediate genes in childhood-onset mood disorders and suicide attempt
Attempted suicide with an axe: a hanged waiter with multiple healed chop wounds to the crown of the head
Changing patterns in suicide among young people
The co-occurrence of non-suicidal self-injury and attempted suicide among adolescents: distinguishing risk factors and psychosocial correlates
Complex contribution of combat-related post-traumatic stress disorder to veteran suicide: facing an increasing challenge
The complexity of explaining ethnic differences in suicide and suicidal behaviours
Correlates of Suicide Ideation and Attempt among Youth Living in the Slums of Kampala
A critical review of major mortality risk factors for all-cause mortality in first-episode schizophrenia: clinical and research implications
Deficit of cognitive inhibition in depressed elderly: A neurocognitive marker of suicidal risk
Developmental consistency in associations between depressive symptoms and alcohol use in early adolescence
Essential questions on suicide bereavement and postvention
European Group for the Study of Resistant Depression (GSRD) - Where have we gone so far: Review of clinical and genetic findings
Prevalence and clinical features of Thought-Perception-Sensitivity Symptoms: Results from a community survey of Korean high school students
Preventing patient suicide: clinical assessment and management
Recovery and subsequent recurrence in patients with recurrent major depressive disorder
The impact of pesticide suicide on the geographic distribution of suicide in Taiwan: a spatial analysis
International prevalence of adolescent non-suicidal self-injury and deliberate self-harm
Life stressors, emotional distress, and trauma-related thoughts occurring in the 24 h preceding active duty U.S. Soldiers' suicide attempts
Magical thinking in narratives of adolescent cutters
Media roles in suicide prevention: a systematic review
Narcissistic Traits and Suicide: A Case of Supportive Psychotherapy on a Psychosomatic Medicine Service
Non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) in adolescent inpatients: assessing personality features and attitude toward death
Non-suicidal self-injury, youth, and the Internet: What mental health professionals need to know
Non-suicidal self-injury: state of the art perspective of a proposed new syndrome for DSM V
Not only Body Weight Perception but also Body Mass Index is Relevant to Suicidal Ideation and Self-Harming Behavior in Japanese Adolescents
Overwork suicide in Japan: a national crisis
Perceived Social Acceptance and Peer Status Differentially Predict Adjustment in Youth With and Without ADHD
Population study on the predictors of sleeping difficulties in young Australian women
Prediction of functional disability by depressive state among community-dwelling elderly in Japan: A prospective cohort study
Prescription Acetaminophen Ingestions Associated with Hepatic Injury and Death
Prevalence and Correlates of Insomnia in a Polish Sample of Alcohol-Dependent Patients
Psychotherapeutic Approaches to Non-Suicidal Self-Injury in Adolescents
Recent Firing Range Suicides in South Australia
The relation between bullying, victimization, and adolescents' level of hopelessness
Seasonality of suicidal behavior
Self-Harm and Suicide Attempts among High-Risk, Urban Youth in the U.S.: Shared and Unique Risk and Protective Factors
Suicidal expressions among young people in Nicaragua and Cambodia: a cross-cultural study
Suicide among children and adolescents in Canada: trends and sex differences, 1980-2008
Suicide attempts by exogenous intoxication among female adolescents treated at a reference hospital in the city of Recife-PE, Brazil
Suicide clusters: introducing a novel type of categorization
Suicide risk assessment practices: A national survey of generalist drug and alcohol residential rehabilitation services
Suicide studies in ethnic minorities: improving the science to help develop policy
Suicide and cardiovascular death after a cancer diagnosis
Can the home environment promote resilience for children born very preterm in the context of social and medical risk?
Differences among major depressive disorder with and without co-occurring substance use disorders and substance-induced depressive disorder: results from the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions
Factors affecting mental health service utilization among deployed military personnel
Impact of Neighborhood Social Conditions and Household Socioeconomic Status on Behavioral Problems Among US Children
Indicators of sequential fitness assessment failures for Travis Air Force Base airmen who attend the Be Well Course
Prenatal Drug Exposure and Peer Victimization in Early Adolescence: Testing Childhood Anxiety/Depression and Aggression as Possible Mediators
Unemployment and suicide in the Stockholm population: A register-based study on 771,068 men and women
A systematic review of family-based interventions targeting alcohol misuse and their potential to reduce alcohol-related harm in indigenous communities
Antidepressants and the risk of bleeding
Association of TPH1, TPH2, and 5HTTLPR with PTSD and depressive symptoms
Increased suppression of negative and positive emotions in major depression
A longitudinal evaluation of religiosity and psychosocial determinants of suicidal behaviors among a population-based sample in the United States
A meta-analysis of the association between posttraumatic stress disorder and suicidality: the role of comorbid depression
Psychomotor disadaptation syndrome: a poorly known clinical entity
Suicidality among adults with intellectual disability
Diminished performance on neuropsychological testing in late life depression is correlated with microstructural white matter abnormalities
Dose-response relationship between selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors and injurious falls: a study in nursing home residents with dementia
Erratum to: Postcolonial Suicide Among Inuit in Arctic Canada
Exploration of the Relationship Between Disability Perception, Preference for Death over Disability, and Suicidality in Patients with Acute and Chronic Pain
Identifying outpatients with entrenched suicidal ideation following hospitalization
Nonsuicidal self-injury: relationship to behavioral and self-rating measures of impulsivity and self-aggression
Peganum harmala L. Poisoning in Morocco: about 200 Cases. Aim of the Study
Physical exercise through mountain hiking in high-risk suicide patients. A randomized crossover trial
Rates and Correlates of Undetermined Deaths among African Americans: Results from the National Violent Death Reporting System
Reducing the use of seclusion for mental disorder in a prison: implementing a high support unit in a prison using participant action research
Troubled lives: chaos and trauma in the accounts of young people considered 'at risk' of diagnosis of personality disorder
Children's physical health complaints after exposure to intimate partner violence
Emergency Department Visits Due to Alcohol Intoxication: Characteristics of Patients and Impact on the Emergency Room
Exploration of factors associated with social worker attitudes toward suicide
Responses to suicidal messages in an online support group: comparison between trained volunteers and lay individuals
Association between asthma medications and suicidal ideation in adult asthmatics
The bereavement exclusion and DSM-5
Calculating the burden of disease of suicide, attempted suicide, and suicide ideation by estimating disability weights
Competitive memory training (COMET) for treating low self-esteem in patients with depressive disorders: a randomized clinical trial
Evidence map of prevention and treatment interventions for depression in young people
Evidence Supporting an Independent Association between Childhood Physical Abuse and Lifetime Suicidal Ideation
Explaining African-Americans' Depressive Symptoms: a Stress-Distress and Coping Perspective
Further evidence that the cutoff to define remission on the 17-item Hamilton Depression Rating Scale should be lowered
The Predictive Validity of Cluster C Personality Disorders on the Persistence of Major Depression in the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions
Preventing Suicide through Improved Training in Suicide Risk Assessment and Care: An American Association of Suicidology Task Force Report Addressing Serious Gaps in U.S. Mental Health Training
The relationship between elderly suicide rates and the internet: A cross-national study
The relationship between elderly suicide rates and the internet: A cross-national study
A synthesis of the evidence for managing stress at work: a review of the reviews reporting on anxiety, depression, and absenteeism
The Association between Depressive Symptoms and Non-Psychiatric Hospitalisation in Older Adults
Can bipolar disorder be viewed as a multi-system inflammatory disease?
Deleterious GRM1 Mutations in Schizophrenia
Multiple risk behaviors and suicidal ideation and behavior among Israeli and Palestinian adolescents
Validation of the Educational Stress Scale for Adolescents (ESSA) in Vietnam
Seasonal distribution of psychiatric births in England
Borderline personality disorder and bipolar affective disorder. Spectra or spectre? A review
Isn't it a bit risky to dismiss suicide risk assessment?
The risk of suicide attempt by a child or adolescent is highest after a contact with a psychiatric department
Suicide prevention via the internet and the telephone: 113Online
Suicide rate differences by sex, age, and urbanicity, and related regional factors in Korea
Suicide risk assessment: Reply to Draper
Assessing and Managing Risk With Suicidal Individuals
Depression Following Concussion among Male and Female High School and Collegiate Athletes
Hopelessness and suicidal risk in bipolar disorder. A study in clinically nonsyndromal patients
Insecure attachment as a predictor of depressive and anxious symptomology
Killing in combat may be independently associated with suicidal ideation
Post-Admission Cognitive Therapy: A Brief Intervention for Psychiatric Inpatients Admitted After a Suicide Attempt
Prevalence and determinants of depression in Mexican patients with Parkinson's disease
Working With Suicidal Clients: Not Business as Usual
Alcohol Use Disorder in Elderly Suicide Attempters: A Comparison Study
Combat-Exposed War Veterans at Risk for Suicide Show Hyperactivation of Prefrontal Cortex and Anterior Cingulate During Error Processing
Comparative Drug Dose and Drug Combinations in Patients that present to Hospital due to Self-Poisoning
Comprehensive review of factors implicated in the heterogeneity of response in depression
Dimensional paradigm of the long-term course of unipolar major depressive disorder
Preventing mood and anxiety disorders in youth: a multi-centre RCT in the high risk offspring of depressed and anxious patients
Suicidal Ideation in Anxiety-Disordered Youth
Traumatic spinal cord injuries - incidence, mechanisms and course
Utilization of antidepressants in Taiwan: a nationwide population-based survey from 2000 to 2009
Multiple suicidal firearm injuries: A case study
Study of pattern and outcome of suicidal methods used in Benghazi City - Libya
Suicide mortality in Cairo city, Egypt: A retrospective study
Suicide rate: Trends and implications in Upper Egypt
From Columbine to Palestine: A comparative analysis of rampage shooters in the United States and volunteer suicide bombers in the Middle East
A prospective population-based study of suicidal behavior by burns in the province of Ilam, Iran
Family environment, expressed emotion and adolescent self-harm: A review of conceptual, empirical, cross-cultural and clinical perspectives
Method of most recent self-harm episode is related to risk of subsequent suicide
More evidence that spirits can be more dangerous: Homicide in Russia and suicide in Japan
Payment Source and Emergency Management of Deliberate Self-Harm
Risk Factors for Medically Serious Suicide Attempts: Evidence for a Psychodynamic Formulation of Suicidal Crisis
Stressful life events in early life and suicidal behaviour
"Suicidal intentions": Literature review and perspectives
Anti-suicidal effect of lithium : Current state of research and its clinical implications for the long-term treatment of affective disorders
Antidepressants and suicide in adolescents
Austerity measures will lead to rise in unemployment and suicides, says Marmot
New position statement on suicide reporting in the media
Treatment received, satisfaction with health care services, and psychiatric symptoms 3 months after hospitalization for self-poisoning
US regional differences in death rates from depression
Castor bean ingestion and ricin toxicity in a case of attempted suicide
Changes in suicide rates following media reports on celebrity suicide: a meta-analysis
Child and Adult Outcomes of Chronic Child Maltreatment
Cocaine Use in the Past Year Is Associated With Altitude of Residence
Cyber and Bias-based Harassment: Associations With Academic, Substance Use, and Mental Health Problems
Determinants of ante-partum depression: a multicenter study
Exploring the relationship between posttraumatic stress disorder and deliberate self-harm: The moderating roles of borderline and avoidant personality disorders
Getting Out of Rumination: Comparison of Three Brief Interventions in a Sample of Youth
Homicidal smothering on toilet paper: A case report
In Vitro Screening for Drug-Induced Depression and/or Suicidal Adverse Effects: A New Toxicogenomic Assay Based on CE-SSCP Analysis of HTR2C mRNA Editing in SH-SY5Y Cells
Incidence, patient characteristics and treatment initiated for GP-diagnosed depression in general practice: results of a 1-year nationwide surveillance study
Information and support needs during recovery from postpartum psychosis
Medical, psychiatric and demographic factors associated with suicidal behavior in homeless veterans
Mental health workers' views on the criminalization of suicidal behaviour in Uganda
On 'atypical suicidal' cut throat injuries
Forensic telepsychiatry in Portugal: a few reflections
Intermittent Social Defeat Stress Enhances Mesocorticolimbic ΔFosB/BDNF Co-Expression and Persistently Activates Corticotegmental Neurons: Implication for Vulnerability to Psychostimulants
Paracetamol toxicity: what would be the implications of a change in UK treatment guidelines?
Prevalence of psychiatric disorders in patients with diabetes types 1 and 2
Psychosis and suicide risk by ethnic origin and history of migration in the Netherlands
Racial differences in the consequences of childhood maltreatment for adolescent and young adult depression, heavy drinking, and violence
Recognising and responding to adolescent depression in general practice: Developing and implementing the Therapeutic Identification of Depression in Young people (TIDY) programme
Reliability and validity of the Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale in 2 special adult samples from rural China
The Role of Maternal Perceptions and Ethnic Background in the Mental Health Help-Seeking Pathway of Adolescent Girls
The role of microRNAs in synaptic plasticity, major affective disorders and suicidal behavior
Short-term follow-up of patients diagnosed by their GP with mild depression or first-time moderate depression. Results of a 1-year nationwide surveillance study
Stepped early psychological intervention for posttraumatic stress disorder, other anxiety disorders, and depression following serious injury
Suicidal ideation and drinking to cope among college binge drinkers
Suicidal ideation and self-harm behavior in a community sample of preadolescent youth: a case-control study
Suicidal Performances: Voicing Discontent in a Girls' Dormitory in Kabul
Suicide ideators and attempters with schizophrenia - The role of 5-HTTLPR, rs25531, and 5-HTT VNTR Intron 2 variants
Survey of Minnesota Parent Attitudes Regarding School-Based Depression and Suicide Screening and Education
Changing Attitudes About Self-Injury Prevention Management: Lessons Learned
Classification of Co-occurring Depression and Substance Abuse Symptoms Predicts Suicide Attempts in Adolescents
Does Functional Disability Mediate the Pain-Depression Relationship in Older Adults With Osteoarthritis? A Longitudinal Study in China
Educating health care professionals about suicide prevention
The Effects of Cultural Values on Mental Health Among the Taiwanese People: Mediating of Attitudes Toward Emotional Expression
Evaluation and treatment of the suicidal patient
Factors related to suicide attempts among individuals with major depressive disorder
Multiple substance use and self-reported suicide attempts by adolescents in 16 European countries
Non-receipt of psychiatric treatment among people in the USA reporting suicide thoughts or attempts is more common among men, younger people and non-white ethnic groups
Tinnitus and Suicide: Recent Cases on the Public Record Give Cause for Reconsideration
Suicide, negative interaction and emotional support among black Americans
The Relationship between Body Dysmorphic Disorder Behaviors and the Acquired Capability for Suicide
Repetition of self-harm and suicide following self-harm in children and adolescents: findings from the Multicentre Study of Self-harm in England
Prevalence, correlates, comorbidities, and suicidal tendencies of premenstrual dysphoric disorder in a nationwide sample of Korean women
Health screening of people in police custody--evaluation of current police screening procedures in London, UK
Poisoning mortality in Danish children and adolescents, 1970-2006 - a registry based study
Adolescent Suicide Risk Screening: The Effect of Communication About Type of Follow-Up on Adolescents' Screening Responses
Antidepressant Agents and Suicide Death Among US Department of Veterans Affairs Patients in Depression Treatment
The association between non-medical prescription drug use, depressive symptoms, and suicidality among college students
Associations between Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index factors and health outcomes in women with posttraumatic stress disorder
Carbon Monoxide-Related Deaths in Greece: A 23-Year Survey
Fast versus slow onset of depressive episodes: A clinical criterion for subtyping patients with major depression
Is Psychiatry Ignoring Suicide?: The Case for Clozapine
Massive Human Ingestion of Orpiment (Arsenic Trisulfide)
Psychiatric comorbidity and gender differences among suicide attempters in Bangalore, India
Risk factors for problem behavior in adolescents of parents with a chronic medical condition
Social Inequalities and Gender Differences in the Experience of Alcohol-Related Problems
Self versus maternal reports of emotional and behavioral difficulties in suicidal and non-suicidal adolescents: An Israeli nationwide survey
The effect of cancer on suicide in ethnic groups with a differential suicide risk
Dextromethorphan Abuse Leading to Assault, Suicide, or Homicide
Bullying victimisation and risk of self harm in early adolescence: longitudinal cohort study
The Colorado Violent Death Reporting System (COVDRS): Validity and Utility of the Veteran Status Variable
An examination of depressive symptoms and drinking patterns in first year college students
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Carbon monoxide
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Self-harm in older people: a clear need for specialist assessment and care
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Stigma in mental illness: a continuing concern
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Suicide in young Singaporeans aged 10-24 years between 2000 to 2004
Suicide and the Afterlife: Popular Religion and the Standardisation of 'Culture' in Japan
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Older people who self harm need long term follow-up to reduce suicide risk
Effect of zinc in animal models of anxiety, depression and psychosis
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Giving up Self-Injury: A Comparison of Everyday Social and Personal Resources in Past Versus Current Self-Injurers
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Risk Factors Related to Suicidal Ideation and Attempted Suicide: Comparative Study of Korean and American Youth
Acute copper poisoning by suicidal attempt
An Adolescent Suicide Cluster and the Possible Role of Electronic Communication Technology
Associations Between Suicidal High School Students' Help-Seeking and Their Attitudes and Perceptions of Social Environment
Being in want of control: Experiences of being on the road to, and making, a suicide attempt
Combined influence of serious mental illness and criminal offending on suicide risk in younger adults
Current suicidality and previous suicidal attempts in patients with schizophrenia are associated with different dimensions of temperament and character
DBT in an outpatient forensic setting
Manipulative and antisocial behavior in an 11-year-old boy with epilepsy
Mania With and Without Depression in a Community Sample of US Adolescents
Mental health services for homeless: patient profile and factors associated with suicide and homicide
The Moderating Role of Social Support on the Relationship Between Impulsivity and Suicide Risk
Nonsuicidal Self-Injury
Number of childhood abuse perpetrators and the occurrence of depressive episodes in adulthood
Personality and Changes in Comorbidity Patterns Among Anxiety and Depressive Disorders
Polypharmacy with antipsychotics, antidepressants, or benzodiazepines and mortality in schizophrenia
A Proper, Fitting Explanation?
Psychopathy and internalizing psychopathology
Self-Concealment and Suicidal Behaviors
Self-harm and suicidal behaviors in Hong Kong adolescents: prevalence and psychosocial correlates
Subtyping Borderline Personality Disorder by Suicidal Behavior
Suicidal Decapitation by Guillotine: Case Report and Review of the Literature
Voluntary and involuntary care: Three-year study of demographic and diagnostic admission statistics at an inner-city adult psychiatry unit
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Suicidal sodium azide intoxication: An analytical challenge based on a rare case
Suicide and Impossible Worlds
Suicide Attempt During Adolescence
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Transdermal fentanyl in deliberate overdose in pediatrics
Adapting the Suicide Resilience Inventory (SRI-25) for adolescents and young adults in Colombia
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National Study of Jail Suicide: 20 Years Later
Involuntary treatment in Europe: different countries, different practices
A risk-scoring scheme for suicide attempts among patients with bipolar disorder in a Thai patient cohort
Alcohol Problems, Aggression, and Other Externalizing Behaviors After Return From Deployment: Understanding the Role of Combat Exposure, Internalizing Symptoms, and Social Environment
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Suicides involving co-proxamol fell dramatically after withdrawal in UK
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Study on college students suicide
Associations between household and neighborhood income and anxiety symptoms in young adolescents
Distribution of embutramide and mebezonium iodide in a suicide after tanax injection
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Mothers' experiences of mental health services following their children's self-harm
Factors determining self-harm
Different Mechanisms of Decapitation: Three Classic and One Unique Case History
Elderly suicide rates: the importance of a non-linear relationship with distal risk and protective factors
Emphasis on Autonomy and Propensity for Suicidal Behavior in Younger and Older Adults
Self-Determination: A Buffer Against Suicide Ideation
Understanding maternal mental illness: psychiatric autopsy of a maternal death
Worldwide impact of economic cycles on suicide trends over 3 decades: differences according to level of development. A mixed effect model study
Repetitive Nonsuicidal Self-Injury as Experiential Avoidance Among a Community Sample of Adolescents
Six-Year Follow-Up of Impact of Co-proxamol Withdrawal in England and Wales on Prescribing and Deaths: Time-Series Study
Study on risk factors of suicidal ideation in people with drug abuse
Medicalisation of suicide
MRI Appearance of Presumed Self-inflicted Trauma in the Knees of Military Recruits
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Psychiatric in-patient care and suicide in England, 1997 to 2008: a longitudinal study
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Trauma and suicide behaviour histories among a Canadian indigenous population: An empirical exploration of the potential role of Canada's residential school system
Adult attachment in the clinical management of borderline personality disorder
Cognitive ability in early adulthood is associated with later suicide and suicide attempt: the role of risk factors over the life course
Developing Continuous Variable Composites for Rorschach Measures of Thought Problems, Vigilance, and Suicide Risk
What Lies behind the Wish to Hasten Death? A Systematic Review and Meta-Ethnography from the Perspective of Patients
Exercise-, nature- and socially interactive-based initiatives improve mood and self-esteem in the clinical population
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Global burden of injuries attributable to alcohol consumption in 2004: a novel way of calculating the burden of injuries attributable to alcohol consumption
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Homicide and suicide during the perinatal period: findings from the national violent death reporting system
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Risk factors and prevention of youth suicide
Self harm in adult inpatient psychiatric care: A national study of incident reports in the UK
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Suicide news reporting accuracy and stereotyping in Hong Kong
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Suicide: Leading cause of death among women in Nepal
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Reform of forensic autopsy in the German Code of Criminal Procedure
Region-specific glutamate changes in patients with unipolar depression
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Response to "Tricyclic antidepressants intoxication in Tehran, Iran: epidemiology and associated factors"
Pattern of organophosphorous poisoning: a retrospective community based study
Patterns of life events preceding the suicide in rural young Chinese: A case control study
Promoting CARE: Including Parents in Youth Suicide Prevention
Magnetic Spheres as Foreign Body into the Bladder
Retraction. Antidepressant medication prevents suicide in depression
Neuroticism mediates the effect of p2rx7 on outcomes of mood disorders
Service suspension for mental disorders in armed forces draftees in the Penghu area
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Psychiatric assessment and management of deliberate self-poisoning patients
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Correction to Gonzalez (2012); "Association of solitary binge drinking and suicidal behavior among emerging adult college students"
Addressing Suicidality in Primary Care Settings
Depressive symptoms in addition to visual impairment, reduced strength and poor balance predict falls in older Taiwanese people
Ingestion of Foreign Objects as a Means of Nonlethal Self-Injury
Major Depressive Disorder Is Associated With Broad Impairments on Neuropsychological Measures of Executive Function: A Meta-Analysis and Review
Patterns of toxicity and factors influencing severity in acute adult trimipramine poisoning
Prevalence of depression in adults with haemophilia
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Socio-demographic determinants of suicide in the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1998-2002
Depression and Suicidal Ideation in College Students
Does the growth rate of total amount in cash salaries relate to a transition in the suicide rate?
Factors associated with the decline in suicide by pesticide poisoning in Taiwan: A time trend analysis, 1987-2010
Heart rate variability in the subsyndromal depressive phase of bipolar disorder
Impulsivity in the general population: A national study
Is suicide risk correlated to thyroid weight?
Opportunities and challenges of online data collection for suicide prevention
Social adversity, stress, and alcohol problems: are racial/ethnic minorities and the poor more vulnerable?
Validity and reliability of the rapid assessment for adolescent preventive services adolescent health risk assessment
Suicide in men with testis cancer
Time course of the development of depressive mood and oppositional defiant behavior among boys with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: Differences between subtypes
Shame-proneness in attempted suicide patients
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Reduced serum levels of adiponectin in elderly patients with major depression
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Age of first suicide attempt in men and women: an admixture analysis
Analysis of the Psychometric Properties of the Interpersonal Needs Questionnaire (INQ) Among Community-Dwelling Older Adults
Examining a Brief Suicide Screening Tool in Older Adults Engaging in Risky Alcohol Use
Examining the Impact of Psychiatric Diagnosis and Comorbidity on the Medical Lethality of Adolescent Suicide Attempts
Exposure to antidepressant medications and suicide attempts in adult depressed inpatients
Family Function of the Families Consisting of Asian Immigrant Women Living in South Korea: A 3-Year Longitudinal Study
Increasing numbers of suicide within the Army has been a growing problem for the last ten years paralleling the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
"Legal highs"-Toxicity in the clinical and medico-legal aspect as exemplified by suicide with bk-MBDB administration
The Local-Ladder Effect: Social Status and Subjective Well-Being
A Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Study of the Anterior Cingulate Cortex In Youth with Emotional Dysregulation
Mental health care use by soldiers conducting counterinsurgency operations
Suicidal Ideation, Depression, and Conduct Disorder in a Sample of Adolescent and Young Adult Twins
Suicide and antidepressants: what current evidence indicates
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Suicide by cop in film and society: dangerousness, depression, and justice
The role of forgiveness in adolescents who engage in nonsuicidal self-injury
Self-Injury and Disordered Eating: Expressing Emotion Dysregulation Through the Body
Self-Mutilation and Biblical Delusions: A Review
Near-hanging with outliving period: pathoforensic aspects
Prevalence of depressive and anxiety disorders in Chinese gastroenterological outpatients
The prevalence of death ideation and attempted suicide and the associated risk factors in Isparta, Turkey
A Comparative Study of Attitude of Mental Health Versus Nonmental Professionals toward Suicide
Death has a preference for birthdays-an analysis of death time series
ER visits predict premature death among teenagers
Effect of job loss due to plant closure on mortality and hospitalization
Erratum: Legalizing euthanasia or assisted suicide: the illusion of safeguards and controls
Examination of the Effectiveness of the Mental Health Environment of Care Checklist in Reducing Suicide on Inpatient Mental Health Units
Factors Associated With Drug-Related Psychiatric Disorders and Suicide Attempts Among Illicit Drug Users in Taiwan
An Examination of Suicide Attempts Among Incarcerated Sex Offenders
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Ondansetron-associated hypotension following pediatric self-poisoning
Overdose of Atypical Antipsychotics: Clinical Presentation, Mechanisms of Toxicity and Management
Parental involvement in the war in Croatia 1991-1995 and suicidality in Croatian male adolescents
Pereira's attack on legalizing euthanasia or assisted suicide: smoke and mirrors
Predictive Effects of Good Self-Control and Poor Regulation on Alcohol-Related Outcomes: Do Protective Behavioral Strategies Mediate?
Schizophrenia - insight, depression: a correlation study
Self-inflicted intracardiac sewing needle
Suicidal ideation and attempt among South African medical students
Suicide risk in youth with intellectual disabilities: the challenges of screening
A multiple self theory of the mind
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Blood alcohol levels in suicide by hanging cases in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Characterization of paracetamol overdose: Report of a poison information center in Chile
Early Life Predictors of Adult Depression in a Community Cohort of Urban African Americans
Effects of educating local government officers and healthcare and welfare professionals in suicide prevention
Electrocardiographic findings and cardiac manifestations in acute aluminum phosphide poisoning
Head impalement - An unusual form of suicide
Insertion of Foreign Bodies (polyembolokoilamania): Underpinnings and Management Strategies
Long-term efficacy of repeated daily prefrontal transcranial magnetic stimulation (tms) in treatmnt-resistant depression
A longitudinal study of nonsuicidal self-injury in offspring at high risk for mood disorder
Medical Conditions Associated With Suicide Risk
Maternal depressive symptoms as a predictor of alcohol use onset and heavy episodic drinking in youths
Patterns of suicide and other trespassing fatalities on state-owned railways in greater Stockholm; implications for prevention
Postmortem drug concentration intervals for the non-intoxicated state - A review
Assessment of co-occurring depression and substance use in an ethnically diverse patient sample during behavioral health intake interviews
Deaths while on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces, 1990-2011
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Repeat testing on the Edinburgh Depression Scale and the HADS-A in pregnancy: Differentiating between transient and enduring distress
A State's Approach to Suicide Prevention Awareness: Gatekeeper Training in Kentucky
The predictive validity of cluster C personality disorders on the persistence of major depression in the national epidemiologic survey on alcohol and related conditions
Psychosocial interventions for depression and anxiety in Parkinson's disease
Rates of Nonsuicidal Self-Injury in Youth: Age, Sex, and Behavioral Methods in a Community Sample
Suicide Attempts During Heavy Drinking Episodes Among Individuals Entering Alcohol Treatment in Warsaw, Poland
Social aspects of suicidal behavior and prevention in early life: a review
Suicide in the world
Suicide methods in Asia: implications in suicide prevention
Suicide mortality in comparison to traffic accidents and homicides as causes of unnatural death. An analysis of 14,441 cases in Germany in the year 2010
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Depression but not seizure factors or quality of life predicts suicidality in epilepsy
Depression in Australian Women: the Varied Roles of Spirituality and Social Support
Depression, the Val66Met polymorphism, age, and gender influence the serum BDNF level
Epidemiology and Prognostic Factors in Cases of Near hanging Presenting to a Referral Hospital in Arak, Iran
Fatality following a suicidal overdose with varenicline
Faux masculinities among college men who experience depression
Initial validity and reliability data on the Columbia-suicide severity rating scale
Persistence of biological traces in gun barrels after fatal contact shots
Problematizing the neurochemical subject of anti-depressant treatment: The limits of biomedical responses to women's emotional distress
Smoking and suicidal behaviours in a sample of US adults with low mood: a retrospective analysis of longitudinal data
Struggle between survival and death: the life experience of Taiwanese older adults with suicidal ideation
Suicidal ideation and later suicide
Stress and development of depression and heavy drinking in adulthood: moderating effects of childhood trauma
Suicide seasonality and antidepressants: a register-based study in Sweden
Temperament and character personality profile in relation to suicide attempts in patients with schizophrenia
Why is the sex gap in feelings of depression wider in high gender equity countries? The effect of children on the psychological well-being of men and women
Why does Scotland have a higher suicide rate than England? An area-level investigation of health and social factors
Temperament and character in euthymic major depressive disorder patients: the effect of previous suicide attempts and psychotic mood episodes
Time zone lines and suicides: west side story
Toward revision of the outline of the comprehensive plan to counteract suicide
Under the shadow of maternity: birth, death and puerperal insanity in Victorian Britain
Evaluation of a Resource for People Bereaved by Suicide
Experiences with treating immigrants: a qualitative study in mental health services across 16 European countries
Evidence for reciprocal interaction effects among adults with self-injury and their caregivers
Examining the link between nonsuicidal self-injury and suicidal behavior: A review of the literature and an integrated model
Immigrant Density, Sense of Community Belonging, and Suicidal Ideation Among Racial Minority and White Immigrants in Canada
Incidence of moderate-to-severe traumatic brain injuries after reduction in alcohol prices
Interactive effect between depression and chronic medical conditions on fall risk in community-dwelling elders
Interbirth spacing and offspring mental health outcomes
Internet-Based Screening for Suicidal Ideation in Common Mental Disorders
The long-lasting impact of adolescents' deviant friends on suicidality: a 3-year follow-up perspective
Media Guidelines for the Responsible Reporting of Suicide
Predictors of Treatment Response in Depressed Mothers Receiving In-Home Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Concurrent Home Visiting
The prevalence and characteristics of suicidality in HIV/AIDS as seen in an African population in Entebbe district, Uganda
Prevalence of adolescents' suicide attempts and self-harm thoughts vary across Europe
Suicidality in the Veterinary Profession
Suicide Clusters in Young People
Adolescent nonsuicidal self-injury: the effects of personality traits, family relationships and maltreatment on the presence and severity of behaviours
Association between posttraumatic stress, depression, and functional impairments in adolescents 24 months after traumatic brain injury
Bullying and suicidal behaviors among urban high school youth
The changing global face of suicide
Co-calibration of deliberate self harm (DSH) behaviours: Towards a common measurement metric
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Factors impacting on the well-being of older residents in rural communities
Fatal childhood injuries in Finland, 1971-2010
Gun orientation in self-inflicted craniomaxillofacial gunshot wounds: risk factors associated with fatality
Implementation of the "safety first" recommendations and suicide rates
Implementation of the "safety first" recommendations and suicide rates
Means restriction for suicide prevention
Self-harm and suicide in adolescents
Stressors in Multiple Life-Domains and the Risk for Externalizing and Internalizing Behaviors Among African Americans During Emerging Adulthood
The Suicidal Feelings, Self-Injury, and Mobile Phone Use After Lights Out in Adolescents
Suicidal ideation and social exchanges among at-risk veterans referred for a behavioral health assessment
Suicide affects all of us
Suicide at high altitude: the importance of sociodemographic and mental health care factors
Suicide in young men
Suicide mortality in India: a nationally representative survey
Suicide of a man with known allergy to fish protein by ingesting tinned fish
Suicide prevention: steps to be taken
Symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder and depression among bereaved and non-bereaved survivors following the 2008 Sichuan earthquake
Tattooing among high school students in southern Taiwan: The prevalence, correlates and associations with risk-taking behaviors and depression
Temperament and character traits in patients with bipolar disorder and associations with attempted suicide
Trends in child and adolescent discharges at a New Zealand psychiatric inpatient unit between 1998 and 2007
Use of a standardized patient paradigm to enhance proficiency in risk assessment for adolescent depression and suicide
Adolescent self-harm and suicidal thoughts in the ALSPAC cohort: a self-report survey in England
Antidepressants medications and the relative risk of suicide attempt
The changing gender differences in life expectancy in Korea 1970-2005
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Epigenetic modifications associated with suicide and common mood and anxiety disorders: a systematic review of the literature
Is there a gap between recommended and 'real world' practice in the management of depression in young people? A medical file audit of practice
Lifetime rates of psychopathology in single versus multiple diagnostic assessments: Comparison in a community sample of probands and siblings
Super vasomol hair dye poisoning
Stoicism and Sensation Seeking: Male Vulnerabilities for the Acquired Capability for Suicide
Adolescent and parent attitudes toward screening for suicide risk and mental health problems in the pediatric emergency department
Adolescent psychotherapy outcomes in community mental health: how do symptoms align with target complaints and perceived change?
Aggression, peer relationships, and depression in Chinese children: a multiwave longitudinal study
Alcohol and repeated deliberate self-harm
Are there associations between caregiver information and suicidal behavior in psychiatric inpatients?
Associations of depressive symptoms with health behaviors, stress, and self-assessed health status in Hawai'i: a population study
The bullied who bullies: The reciprocal relationship between victim and aggressor in workplace bullying situations
Callers' experiences of contacting a national suicide prevention helpline
Cannabis and depression: An integrative data analysis of four Australasian cohorts
Characteristics of acute adult poisonings in a university hospital emergency department in central Turkey: a three-year analysis
Child maltreatment and onset of emergency department presentations for suicide-related behaviors
Clinical psychiatry and suicide prevention
Combined effects of neuroticism and extraversion: findings from a matched case control study of suicide in rural China
Comparative risk factors for accidental and suicidal death in cancer patients
Complicated grief in Aboriginal populations
Cooperation with primary care physicians on the issue of suicide prevention
Depression, aggression, and suicidal ideation in first graders: a school-based cross-sectional study
Depressive symptoms and motor performance in the elderly: a population based study
Differences between suicide victims who leave notes and those who do not
Early predictors of suicidal ideation in young adults
The effect of perceived body weight on suicidal ideation among a representative sample of US adolescents
Errors in Text in: Suicide Risk in Primary Care Patients With Major Physical Diseases: A Case-Control Study
Family-based study of HTR2A in suicide attempts: observed gene, gene × environment and parent-of-origin associations
Injecting transition risk and depression among Mexican American non-injecting heroin users
Liability for the suicide of a patient
Mindfulness in the treatment of suicidal individuals
Neuropsychological outcomes of mild traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder and depression in Iraq-deployed US Army soldiers
Off-label antidepressant use in children and adolescents compared with young adults: extent and level of evidence
An open trial of motivational interviewing to address suicidal ideation with hospitalized veterans
Pilot evaluation of a group therapy program for children bereaved by suicide
Predictors of prospectively examined suicide attempts among youth with bipolar disorder: predictors of suicide attempts
Premenstrual dysphoric disorder: evidence for a new category for DSM-5
Prevalence and correlates of major depression among Nepalese patients in treatment for alcohol-use disorders
A randomized trial of teen online problem solving: efficacy in improving caregiver outcomes after brain injury
Retraction of "The secret life of emotions" and "Emotion elicitor or emotion messenger? Subliminal priming reveals two faces of facial expressions"
The role played by depression associated with somatic symptomatology in accounting for the gender difference in the prevalence of depression
Screening for depression in adolescents: validity of the patient health questionnaire in pediatric care
Social vs. environmental stress models of depression from a behavioural and neurochemical approach
Spatial path models with multiple indicators and multiple causes: Mental health in US counties
A stoic defence of rational suicide
Subtypes of antipsychotics and suicidal behavior in bipolar disorder
Suicidal behavior and severe neuropsychiatric disorders following glucocorticoid therapy in primary care
Suicidal behavior in bipolar disorder: Epidemiology, characteristics and major risk factors
Suicide bereavement and complicated grief
Suicide prevention in Japan in contrast to overseas
Suicide with two shots to the head using a rare 'Velo-Dog' pocket revolver
Toxoplasma gondii infection and self-directed violence in mothers
Characteristics of Chinese rural young suicides by pesticides
Correlates of suicidality: investigation of a representative sample of Manitoba first nations adolescents
Correspondence (letter to the editor): self harm is not a reason to impose restraints
The dangers of euthanasia and dementia: how Kantian thinking might be used to support non-voluntary euthanasia in cases of extreme dementia
Identifying mothers of very preterm infants at-risk for postpartum depression and anxiety before discharge
Alexithymia, depression and serum lipids in suicide attempters
Area characteristics and admission rates of people with schizophrenia and affective disorders in a German rural catchment area
Attempted suicide under high dose dopaminergic therapy including apomorphine
Cerebrovascular diseases and depression: epidemiology, mechanisms and treatment
Combining scales to assess suicide risk
Domestic injuries and suicide among women of reproductive age in Iran
Factors associated with suicidal behaviors in mainland China: a meta-analysis
Familial and individual correlates of nonsuicidal self-injury in the offspring of mood-disordered parents
A multilevel simultaneous equations model for within-cluster dynamic effects, with an application to reciprocal parent-child and sibling effects
Predicting suicide attempts with the sad persons scale: a longitudinal analysis
Preserved cognitive function is associated with suicidal ideation and single suicide attempts in schizophrenia
Psychopharmacological treatment of suicidal process
Recommendations for the prescription, implementation and interpretation of medical examinations in biology in the context of severe poisoning
Regulation of a truncated form of Tropomyosin-related kinase B (TrkB) by Hsa-miR-185* in frontal cortex of suicide completers
Situation of common psychosomatic symptom in adolescent and its influence on 6 months later suicide and self-injurious behavior
Warning signs for suicide within a week of healthcare contact in Veteran decedents
Longitudinal associations between parental and children's depressive symptoms in the context of interparental relationship functioning
Parental depression and economic disadvantage: the role of parenting in associations with internalizing and externalizing symptoms in children and adolescents
Psychiatric diagnoses and treatment of U.S. military personnel while deployed to Iraq
Deaths: final data for 2008, United States
Deployment risk factors and postdeployment health profiles associated with traumatic brain injury in heavy drinking veterans
Distress symptoms and high-risk behaviors prospectively associated with treatment use among returning veterans
Factors associated with completing comprehensive traumatic brain injury evaluation
Fetal serotonin signaling: setting pathways for early childhood development and behavior
Gender differences in determinants of suicidal ideation in French-speaking community living elderly in Canada
Mental health and turnover following an initial term of military service
Mental health services required after disasters: learning from the lasting effects of disasters
Poisonings at Nepal Medical College Teaching Hospital
Post-traumatic stress disorder and medication adherence: Results from the mind your heart study
Suicide and cardiovascular death after a cancer diagnosis
The underdiagnosis of cannabis use disorders and other Axis-I disorders among military veterans within VHA
AJPH supplement on military suicide
The association of TGF-β1 codon 10 polymorphism with suicide behavior
Cognitive deficits in the remitted state of unipolar depressive disorder
Childhood poverty and young adults' allostatic load: the mediating role of childhood cumulative risk exposure
Cost of attempted suicide: a retrospective study of extent and associated factors
Crisis intervention team (CIT) programs in rural communities: a focus group study
Depressive symptoms among Jordanian youth: results of a national survey
Effects of suppression and acceptance of sadness on the urge for non-suicidal self-injury and self-punishment
Filicide-suicide involving children with disabilities
The forgotten griever: a nationwide follow-up study of mortality subsequent to the death of a sibling
The influence of comorbid MDD on outcome after residential treatment for veterans with PTSD and a history of TBI
OCD during pregnancy and post partum
Personalized treatment of adult depression: medication, psychotherapy, or both? A systematic review
Religion and brain functioning (part 2): do the religions have a positive impact on mental health?
Risk factors for suicide behaviors in the observational schizophrenia outpatient health outcomes (SOHO) study
Seasonality of self-destructive behaviour: Seasonal variations in demographic and suicidal characteristics in Van, Turkey
Spatial clusters of suicide in Australia
Stigma of Suicide Attempt (STOSA) scale and Stigma of Suicide and Suicide Survivor (STOSASS) scale: Two new assessment tools
Suicidal risk and childhood adversity: A study of Indian college students
Suicide by motor vehicle "accident" in Queensland
A suicide education programme for nurses to educate the family caregivers of suicidal individuals: A longitudinal study
Unhealthy lifestyle, poor mental health , and its correlation among adolescents: a nationwide cross-sectional survey
Alcohol consumption and depressive symptoms among older adults: results of the Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam
Child and adolescent suicide
Clinical competence of biopsychosocially trained physiscians and controls
The effects of psychotherapy for adult depression on suicidality and hopelessness: A systematic review and meta-analysis
'He did what? Well that wasn't handed over!' Communicating risk in mental health
Paracetamol intoxications: a retrospective population-based study in Iceland
Neuritin produces antidepressant actions and blocks the neuronal and behavioral deficits caused by chronic stress
Electrical mark in electrocution deaths: a 20-years study
Acute ibuprofen intoxication: report on a case and review of the literature
Adverse childhood experiences and suicidal behavior of adolescent psychiatric inpatients
Analysis of four genes involved in the neurodevelopment shows association of rs4307059 polymorphism in the cadherin 9/10 region with completed suicide
Association between deliberate self-harm-related Internet searches and the mental states and lifetime suicidal behaviors of Japanese young adults
Brain-derived neurotrophic factor levels in women with postpartum affective disorder and suicidality
Coping behaviors in relation to depressive symptoms and suicidal ideation among middle-aged workers in Japan
Coping strategies for antidepressant side effects: An Internet survey
Course and predictors of posttraumatic stress among male train drivers after the experience of 'person under the train' incidents
Can postdischarge follow-up contacts prevent suicide and suicidal behavior?
Does unstable mood increase risk of suicide? Theory, research and practice
Drug- and alcohol-related deaths at a pediatric institution in the United Kingdom
Eating disorders throughout female adolescence
Enhancing attributional style as a protective factor in suicide
5-HTTLPR X stress in adolescent depression: Moderation by MAOA and gender
Characteristics of Northern Plains American Indians seeking substance abuse treatment in an urban, non-tribal clinic: a descriptive study
Depressed mood and cause-specific mortality: a 40-year general community assessment
Frequency and clinical features of patients who attempted suicide by charcoal burning in Japan
Glutamatergic GRIN2B and polyaminergic ODC1 genes in suicide attempts: associations and gene-environment interactions with childhood/adolescent physical assault
High sex ratio as a correlate of depression in Chinese men
Hopelessness, defeat, and entrapment in posttraumatic stress disorder: their association with suicidal behavior and severity of depression
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Model of psychotherapeutic crisis intervention following suicide attempt
A nation-wide evidence-based data analysis of repeated suicide attempts
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Neurocognitive alterations in first degree relatives of suicide completers
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Novel surveillance of psychological distress during the great recession
Active and passive problem solving as moderators of the relation between negative life event stress and suicidal ideation among suicide attempters and non-attempters
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Attempted suicide in immigrants from Turkey: a comparison with Swiss suicide attempters
Brief suicide questionnaire: Inter-rater reliability
Changing epidemiologic patterns of deliberate self poisoning in a rural district of Sri Lanka
Chronic pain leads to concomitant noradrenergic impairment and mood disorders
The effect of prolonged duration of untreated depression on antidepressant treatment outcome
The effects of daily weather variables on psychosis admissions to psychiatric hospitals
Examining the association between psychiatric illness and suicidal ideation in a sample of treatment-seeking Canadian peacekeeping and combat veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder PTSD
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Forecasting depression in bipolar disorder
Gender differences in completed suicides in Istanbul, Turkey
Examining the overlap between bipolar disorder, nonaffective psychosis, and common mental disorders using latent class analysis
Globalization and suicide: an ecological study across five regions of the world
Investigating dimensionality of Eskin's attitudes toward suicide scale with Mokken scaling and confirmatory factor analysis
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Need for mental health services and service use among high school students in China
Prison psychiatry
Suicide, alcoholism, and psychiatric illness among union forces during the U.S. Civil War
Qualitative evaluation of suicide and overdose risk assessment procedures among veterans in substance use disorder treatment clinics
Recommendations for the prevention and management of suicidal behaviour
The roles of affect dysregulation and positive affect in non-suicidal self-injury
Seeking validation in unlikely places: the nature of online questions about non-suicidal self-injury
Self-assessment and characteristics of mixed depression in the French national EPIDEP study
Psychopatological evaluation of traumatic brain injury patients with the Neuropsychiatric Inventory
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The PHQ-9 versus the PHQ-8 - Is item 9 useful for assessing suicide risk in coronary artery disease patients? Data from the Heart and Soul Study
State background checks for gun purchase and firearm deaths: An exploratory study
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Research priorities for suicide by self-immolation: Beyond quantitative approaches
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Star-crossed? The association of the 5-HTTLPR s allele with season of birth in a healthy female population, and possible consequences for temperament, depression and suicide
The Stigma of Suicide Scale
Suicidal ideation, risk factors, and communication with parents
Suicidal phenotypes associated with family history of suicidal behavior and early traumatic experiences
Suicide among war veterans
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Suicide due to mental diseases based on the Vital Statistics Survey Death Form
Survivors of war in northern Kosovo (III): The role of anger and hatred in pain and PTSD and their interactive effects on career outcome, quality of sleep and suicide ideation
Utilized social support and self-esteem mediate the relationship between perceived social support and suicide ideation
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Recommended biometric stress management system
The fallout from emerging technologies: Surveillance, social networks, and suicide
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Antidepressant up-titration: pharmacological and psychological considerations
'Benign invigilation' : Using appreciative inquiry to reposition clinical risk in multi-disciplinary CAMH teams
Child maltreatment, subsequent non-suicidal self-injury and the mediating roles of dissociation, alexithymia and self-blame
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Excess suicides and attempted suicides in Italy attributable to the great recession
Falls from height: injury and mortality
A fatal case of thallium toxicity: challenges in management
Adolescent expectations of early death predict adult risk behaviors
Association of mental disorders in early adulthood and later psychiatric hospital admissions and mortality in a cohort study of more than 1 million men
Attentional biases and the persistence of sad mood in major depressive disorder
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Impact of physical and relational peer victimization on depressive cognitions in children and adolescents
A history of physician suicide in America
The neuroscience of suicide
Modeling the risks and benefits of depression treatment for children and young adults
Obesity and suicide risk in adults-A systematic review
Racial identity and reasons for living in African American female suicide attempters
Perinatal risk factors in offenders with severe personality disorder: a population-based investigation
Prefrontal cortical thickness in depressed patients with high-risk for suicidal behavior
Resilience, lifestyle and symptoms of anxiety and depression in adolescence: the Young-HUNT study
The role of loss and danger events in symptom exacerbation in bipolar disorder
Roles of altered striatal function in major depression
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Penetrating head trauma with four nails: an extremely rare case
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A randomized, controlled, pilot study of dialectical behavior therapy skills in a psychoeducational group for individuals with bipolar disorder
Reasons for suicide attempts in a clinical sample of active duty soldiers
Reduced posterior corpus callosum area in suicidal and non-suicidal patients with bipolar disorder
Service contacts prior to death in people dying by suicide in the Scottish Highlands
The subscale structure of the Inventory of Depressive Symptomatology Self Report (IDS-SR) in older persons
A test of the Interpersonal Theory of Suicide in a large community-based cohort
Testosterone levels in suicide attempters with bipolar disorder
Two propensity score-based strategies for a three-decade observational study: investigating psychotropic medications and suicide risk
The "Suicide Guard Rail": a minimal structural intervention in hospitals reduces suicide jumps
Contributors to suicidality in rural communities: beyond the effects of depression
The effects of gender on adolescent suicide in Ontario, Canada
Homicide-suicide events in Southwestern Croatia, 1986-2009
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Relationship quality and levels of depression and anxiety in a large population-based survey
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Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy: benefits in reducing depression following a traumatic brain injury
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Campus suicide prevention: bridging paradigms and forging partnerships
Deliberate self-harm in nondepressed substance-dependent patients
Demoralization: introducing the concept and its importance for palliative care
Depression in palliative care: prevalence and assessment
Asian Americans' family cohesion and suicide ideation: moderating and mediating effects
Binary classifiers and latent sequence models for emotion detection in suicide notes
Child maltreatment and deliberate self-harm among college students: testing mediation and moderation models for impulsivity
A combined approach to emotion detection in suicide notes
Combining lexico-semantic features for emotion classification in suicide notes
Common ground for behavioural and neuroimaging research
The contagion of adolescent suicide: cultural, ethical and psychosocial aspects
Current challenges in female veterans' health
Deliberate self-harm behavior among Italian young adults: correlations with clinical and nonclinical dimensions of personality
Deliberate Self-Harm in Adolescents Aged 12-18: A Cross-Sectional Survey of 18,104 Students
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Depression in rural adolescents: relationships with gender and availability of mental health services
Discovering fine-grained sentiment in suicide notes
Education and the gender gaps in health and mortality
Emotion detection in suicide notes using maximum entropy classification
Epilepsy, suicidality, and psychiatric disorders: A bidirectional association
Ethnic inequalities in the use of health services for common mental disorders in England
Fine-grained emotion detection in suicide notes: a thresholding approach to multi-label classification
Fluoxetine and sertraline may be associated with lower risk of suicide death than paroxetine in adults with depression
Forty years of increasing suicide mortality in Poland: Undercounting amidst a hanging epidemic?
Help-seeking for suicidal thoughts and self-harm in young people: a systematic review
A hybrid approach to sentiment sentence classification in suicide notes
A hybrid model for automatic emotion recognition in suicide notes
A hybrid system for emotion extraction from suicide notes
Identification and genetic determination of an early life risk disposition for depressive disorder: Atypical stress-related behaviour in early childhood
Labeling emotions in suicide notes: cost-sensitive learning with heterogeneous features
LASSA: emotion detection via information fusion
Leveraging psycholinguistic resources and emotional sequence models for suicide note emotion annotation
Mapping discrete and dimensional emotions onto the brain: controversies and consensus
Mental disorder and suicide among youths in rural China: a case control study based on consecutive samples from Hunan, Liaoning and Shandong provinces
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A naïve Bayes approach to classifying topics in suicide notes
Nonsuicidal self-injury in an ethnically diverse college sample
Preventing suicides in US service members and veterans: concerns after a decade of war
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Rule-based and lightly supervised methods to predict emotions in suicide notes
Sacrifice for the sake of the family: expressions of familism by Latina teens in the context of suicide
Safe Communities in China as a strategy for injury prevention and safety promotion programmes in the era of rapid economic growth
Suicide and drought in New South Wales, Australia, 1970-2007
Suicide and media reporting: a longitudinal and spatial analysis
Suicide in the Islamic Republic of Iran: an integrated analysis from 1981 to 2007
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Sex differences in the human brain and the impact of sex chromosomes and sex hormones
Strong inference in functional neuroimaging
Suicidal ideation and sexual orientation in college students: the roles of perceived burdensomeness, thwarted belongingness, and perceived rejection due to sexual orientation
Suicide movies: social patterns 1900 to 2009
Suicide note sentiment classification: a supervised approach augmented by web data
Three hybrid classifiers for the detection of emotions in suicide notes
Topic categorisation of statements in suicide notes with integrated rules and machine learning
Using ensemble models to classify the sentiment expressed in suicide notes
Changes in commonly used methods of suicide in England and Wales from 1901-1907 to 2001-2007
Adolescent suicide in New York City: plenty of room for new research
Assessing legal strains and risk of suicide using archived court data
Mediating and moderating effects of learned resourcefulness on depressive symptoms and positive ideation in hospital nurses in Taiwan
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Self-inflicted burns: A case series
Sex differences in suicides among children and youth: the potential impact of misclassification
The structure and predictive validity of the internalizing disorders
Teaching medical professionals and trainees about adolescent suicide prevention: five key problems
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Depression in women: could drinking coffee be protective?
Discontinuation of depression treatment from the perspective of suicide prevention
Effect of attitudes to euthanasia on vets' suicide risk
Factors associated with suicide mortality among the elderly in Brazilian municipalities between 2005 and 2007
Fears of compassion: Development of three self-report measures
Impact of suicide of the elderly on their families
Measuring Chinese psychological traits and social support with western developed instruments in psychological autopsy studies
The moderating effect of parental illicit substance use disorders on the relation between adolescent depression and subsequent illicit substance use disorders
Physician suicide
Prone to excitement: Adolescent females with non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) show altered cortical pattern to emotional and NSS-related material
Psychological and psychosocial autopsies of the elderly who committed suicide in Brazil
Psychological and psychosocial autopsy on suicide among the elderly: a methodological approach
Risk factors for inpatient suicide do not translate into meaningful risk categories-all psychiatric inpatients are high-risk
Suicide Prevention Program: case study in a municipality in the south of Brazil
Suicide mortality temporal trends in people aged 60 years or more in the Brazilian states: 1980 to 2009
Suicide mortality in people aged 60 and over in Brazilian municipalities between 1996 and 2007
Suicide in the elderly from a gender perspective
Suicidality and unhealthy weight control behaviors among female underaged psychiatric inpatients
Suicidal ideation among Métis adult men and women - associated risk and protective factors: findings from a nationally representative survey
Suicide risk factors among the elderly
Suicide Trends in Upper Egypt
Talking about suicide is also talking about life and quality of life
Watching, listening and sharing: field work for psychosocial autopsies
Communicating stigma: the pro-ana paradox
The incidence of and risk factors for emergence delirium in U.S. Military combat veterans
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Moving beyond the trait conceptualization of self-esteem: The prospective effect of impulsiveness, coping, and risky behavior engagement
Preliminary outcome study on assertive community treatment in Japan
The relation of objective sleep patterns, depressive symptoms, and sleep disturbances in adolescent children and their parents: A sleep-EEG study with 47 families
Statistical and similarity methods for classifying emotion in suicide notes
Threat bias in attention orienting: evidence of specificity in a large community-based study
Why do some depressed outpatients who are not in remission according to the Hamilton depression rating scale nonetheless consider themselves to be in remission?
I think, therefore I am (unhappy)
American indians with substance use disorders: treatment needs and comorbid conditions
Are non-cancer-related deaths from suicide, cardiovascular disease, and pneumonia in patients with oral cavity and oropharyngeal squamous carcinoma avoidable?
Cognitive skills underlying driving in patients discharged following self-poisoning with central nervous system depressant drugs
Child/adolescent abuse and suicidal behavior: are they sex related?
Examining the acceptability, attractiveness, and effects of a school-based validating interview for adolescents who self-injure
Indian boarding school experience, substance use, and mental health among urban Two-Spirit American Indian/Alaska Natives
A murder-suicide in sculpture
Patterns of protective factors in an intervention for the prevention of suicide and alcohol abuse with Yup'ik Alaska Native youth
Prevalence of suicide among children and young people
Prospective predictors of adolescent suicidality: 6-month post-hospitalization follow-up
Self-report and clinician-rated measures of depression severity: can one replace the other?
Understanding the relationship between substance use and self-injury in American Indian youth
Access to private and confidential health care among secondary school students in New Zealand
Adolescent and caregiver perception of family functioning: Relation to suicide ideation and attempts
Affect and state dysregulation as moderators of the relationship between childhood sexual abuse and nonsuicidal self-injury
Anxiety and depression in Marines sent to war in Iraq and Afghanistan
Anxiety, depression, and fall-related psychological concerns in community-dwelling older people
Bayesian integration of isotope ratio for geographic sourcing of castor beans
Belief in a just world and depression in elderly nursing home residents
Behavioural therapy of suicidality
Criminal prosecution of suicide attempt survivors in Ghana
Differences between elderly voluntary and involuntary admitted psychiatric patients in Greece
Do-not-resuscitate orders in fatal toxic exposures: a poison center's review
Effect of assertive outreach after suicide attempt in the AID (assertive intervention for deliberate self harm) trial: randomised controlled trial
Electroconvulsive therapy in adolescents with intellectual disability and severe self-injurious behavior and aggression: a retrospective study
Evaluation of the recognizing and responding to suicide risk training
Explaining suicide: Identifying common themes and diverse perspectives in an urban Mumbai slum
Exploring the use of social network analysis to measure social integration among older adults in assisted living
Extending the utility of the Depression Anxiety Stress scale by examining its psychometric properties in Chinese settings
Frequency and severity of obsessive-compulsive symptoms/disorders, violence and suicidal in schizophrenic patients
Gender-specific relationships between depressive symptoms, marijuana use, parental communication and risky sexual behavior in adolescence
Insomnia symptoms, nightmares, and suicidal ideation in older adults
Mu opioid receptor availability in people with psychiatric disorders who died by suicide: a case control study
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Psychosocial features associated with lifetime comorbidity of major depression and anxiety disorders among a community sample of mid-life women: the SWAN mental health study
Recent criminal offending and suicide attempts: a national sample
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Recruiting older men for geriatric suicide research
Spatial clusters of suicide in the municipality of São Paulo 1996-2005: an ecological study
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Sensation seeking as risk factor for suicidal ideation and suicide attempts in adolescence
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Spousal depression, anxiety, and suicide after myocardial infarction
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Suicide and war: the mediating effects of negative mood, posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms, and social support among army national guard soldiers
Suicide rates and income in São Paulo and Brazil: a temporal and spatial epidemiologic analysis from 1996 to 2008
Suspected and confirmed fatalities associated with mephedrone (4-methylmethcathinone, "meow meow") in the united kingdom
An unusual case of self-strangulation by ligature
Where can suicide prevention be applied? Proposal of a 6-phase model for suicidal crises
Adolescents' internalizing problems following traumatic brain injury are related to parents' psychiatric symptoms
Analysis of 16 years of homicides and suicides involving the use of weapons recorded at the Milan medicolegal bureau
Are adolescents with high mental toughness levels more resilient against stress?
Are there gender-specific risk factors for suicidal activity among patients with schizophrenia and depression?
An autoerotic death in Korea
Citation classics in Suicide and Life Threatening Behavior: A research note
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Following self-harm, there are shared and differing risk factors for subsequent suicide death or accidental death
Hair dye poisoning in a paediatric patient
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State of psychiatry in Hungary
The state of psychiatry in Spain
The state of psychiatry in Sweden
Suicide prevention and mental health
Suicide attempts in the terminally ill #210
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Global suicide mortality rates - a light at the end of the tunnel?
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Radiological evidence of a modern 'martyr's crown': suicide by multiple self-inflicted nail gun shots
Toxoplasma gondii and elevated suicide risk
Veterans who have served in the conflicts of Iraq and Afghanistan are at increased risk of suicide compared to other veterans if they have a psychiatric diagnosis
Cross-informant agreement on child and adolescent withdrawn behavior: a latent class approach
The differential roles of trauma, posttraumatic stress disorder, and comorbid depressive disorders on suicidal ideation in the elderly population
Letter to the Editor: Transfer of suicide risk versus looking at suicides outside hospital in general
Acute kidney injury due to intravenous bleach injection
The Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality (CAMS): An evolving evidence-based clinical approach to suicidal risk
Financial loss and suicide
The mental health of seafarers
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Declines in the lethality of suicide attempts explain the decline in suicide deaths in Australia
Deliberate self-harm patients in the emergency department: who will repeat and who will not? Validation and development of clinical decision rules
Do antidepressant treatments influence self-harm and aggressive behaviors?
Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of dialectical behaviour therapy for self-harming patients with personality disorder: a pragmatic randomised controlled trial
Enhancing electronic health record measurement of depression severity and suicide ideation: a Distributed Ambulatory Research in Therapeutics Network (DARTNet) study
Factors associated with suicide ideation in severely obese bariatric surgery-seeking individuals
Feasibility and acceptability of interventions to delay gun access in VA mental health settings
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Online social networking and the experience of cyber-bullying
Peer victimization in childhood and internalizing problems in adolescence: a prospective longitudinal study
Postpartum psychosis and the courts
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Prevention and care of combat-related PTSD: directions for future explorations
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Suicide in the US Army
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Unusual suicide using a table saw
What works where? A systematic review of child and adolescent mental health interventions for low and middle income countries
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Acute renal failure following oxalic acid poisoning: a case report
Antidote treatment for cyanide poisoning with hydroxocobalamin causes bright pink discolouration and chemical-analytical interferences
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The Burden of Premature Mortality in Hamadan Province in 2006 and 2010 Using Standard Expected Years of Potential Life Lost: A Population-based Study
Characteristics of suicide among diabetes patients: A population based study of suicide victims in Northern Finland
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Complete laryngotracheal separation following attempted hanging
CSF kynurenic acid and suicide risk in schizophrenia spectrum psychosis
Danger of hypoglycaemia due to acute tramadol poisoning
Determinants of the utilization of diversified types of professionals for mental health reasons in a Montreal (Canadian) catchment area
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Psychotic symptoms in Kenya - prevalence, risk factors, and relationship with common mental disorders
Indicators for acute hypoxia-An immunohistochemical investigation in cerebellar Purkinje-cells
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Cartap poisoning: Additional thoughts
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Suicide prevention is possible: A perception after suicide attempt
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Self-regulation of unattainable goals in suicide attempters: A two year prospective study
Suicidal ideation in adult offspring of depressed and matched control parents: Childhood and concurrent predictors
Suicide and attitudes to animal euthanasia
Suicide in group therapy: trauma and possibility
When does change begin following screening and brief intervention among depressed problem drinkers?
Stress, burnout, and job dissatisfaction in mental health workers
Screening, diagnosis, and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder
Trauma in surgery and its incidence, circumstances as well as clinical consequences
Universal prevention of anxiety and depression in a recreational camp setting: an initial open trial
Occupational stress and psychopathology in health professionals: An explorative study with the Multiple Indicators Multiple Causes (MIMIC) model approach
The (Eigen)value of diffusion tensor imaging to investigate depression after traumatic brain injury
Drugs acting on the heart-conductive system in suicide attempts
Longitudinal effects of parental bereavement on adolescent developmental competence
Negative affect shares genetic and environmental influences with symptoms of childhood internalizing and externalizing disorders
Veteran-specific suicide prevention
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Caregiver and adolescent mental health in Ethiopian Kunama refugees participating in an emergency education program
Comment on "inevitable suicide"
Can we really prevent suicide?
Death of a son is associated with risk of suicide among parous women in Taiwan: a nested case-control study
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Dimensions of the inventory of depressive symptomatology as predictors of the course of depressive and anxiety disorders
Early life trauma exposure and stress sensitivity in young children
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Etiological contributions to the covariation between children's perceptions of inter-parental conflict and child behavioral problems
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Fatal doxepin intoxication - Suicide or slow gradual intoxication?
Fatal metformin intoxication with markedly elevated blood and liver concentrations
Helpful or harmful? An examination of viewers' responses to nonsuicidal self-injury videos on YouTube
Hospital-based shootings in the United States: 2000 to 2011
Individuals with single versus multiple suicide attempts over 10 years of prospective follow-up
Investigating cognitive pathways to psychopathology: predicting depression and posttraumatic stress disorder from early responses after assault
Leading causes of unintentional and intentional injury mortality: United States, 2000-2009
Local efforts are paramount in preventing suicide during recession
Mental health, concurrent disorders, and health care utilization in homeless women
Methanol and ethylene glycol intoxication
Motivational interviewing to reduce hazardous drinking and drug use among depression patients
Age and gender differences in medical care utilization prior to suicide
Correlates of depressed mood among young stimulant-using homeless gay and bisexual men
Depression, anxiety and cognition in community-dwelling adults aged 70 years and over
Hopelessness, suicidality and religious coping in Croatian war veterans with PTSD
Neurochemical imaging and depressive behaviours
Opinions toward suicide: Cross-national evaluation of cultural and religious effects on individuals
Risk factors at medical school for later severe depression: A 15-year longitudinal, nationwide study (NORDOC)
Schizophrenia and suicide
Women who kill their mates
Premature death after self-harm: a multicentre cohort study
The relationship between elder mistreatment and suicidal ideation in rural older adults in China
A review of acetaminophen poisoning
Risk factors related to lifetime suicide attempts in acutely admitted bipolar disorder inpatients
Two cases of suicide by asphyxiation due to helium and argon
Depression, suicidal ideation, and associated factors: a cross-sectional study in rural Haiti
Pressure to keep up macho image might be behind rise in suicides among men
Relations between depression, alcohol and gender in the metropolitan region of São Paulo, Brazil
The relationship between placebo alcohol and affect: Motives for drinking
Self-harm behaviour: rethinking physical and mental health
Socioeconomic disadvantage, mental disorders and risk of 12-month suicide ideation and attempt in the National Comorbidity Survey Replication (NCS-R) in US
Teaching evidence-based approaches to suicide risk assessment and prevention that enhance psychiatric training
Depressive symptoms and bone mineral density among police officers in a northeastern U.S. city
Does age moderate the relationship between depressive symptoms and suicidal ideation in middle-aged and older patients with schizophrenia and subthreshold depression?
The association between parent PTSD/depression symptoms and child PTSD symptoms: a meta-analysis
Actions to alleviate the mental health impact of the economic crisis
Alcoholism & depression
The association of attempted suicide with genetic variants in the SLC6A4 and TPH genes depends on the definition of suicidal behavior: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Changing associations between partnership history and risk of accidents, violence and suicides
Copy number variation in subjects with major depressive disorder who attempted suicide
Depressive symptoms and neurocardiogenic syncope in children: a 2-year prospective study
Does the level of education influence completed suicide? A nationwide register study
An ecological approach to explain suicide by self-immolation among women in rural Iran
Emergency room validation of the revised Suicide Trigger Scale (STS-3): a measure of a hypothesized suicide trigger state
Empirical redefinition of delusional disorder and its phenomenology: The DELIREMP Study
Factors associated with mortality among heroin users after seeking treatment with methadone: A population-based cohort study in Taiwan
Genetic variation in DNMT3B and increased global DNA methylation is associated with suicide attempts in psychiatric patients
Guilt and depression: Two different factors in individuals with negative symptoms of schizophrenia
An empirically derived approach to the classification and diagnosis of mood disorders
Increased suicide risk among workers following toxic metal exposure at the Paducah gaseous diffusion plant from 1952 to 2003: a cohort study
Injuries due to firearms and air guns among U.S. military members not participating in overseas combat operations, 2002-2011
Penile strangulation by metallic rings
Pharmacological prevention of suicide in patients with major mood disorders
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
Prevalence of childhood trauma among U.S. Army soldiers with suicidal behavior
Qualitative interviewing with vulnerable populations: Individuals' experiences of participating in suicide and self-harm based research
Absolute and relative short-term stability of interpersonal dependency in suicide attempters
The role of military chaplains in mental health care of the deployed service member
Self-inflicted injuries in individuals older than 60 years of age
Study of sociodemographic and psychopathological risk factors in suicide attempts. 2008-2010
The TRacking Adolescents' Individual Lives Survey (TRAILS): Design, current status, and selected findings
Trends in overall and cause-specific mortality among patients with inflammatory bowel disease from 1982 to 2010
Spanish consensus on physical health of patients with bipolar disorder
Adverse childhood experiences among women prisoners: Relationships to suicide attempts and drug abuse
DTI voxelwise analysis did not differentiate older depressed patients from older subjects without depression
Literature-based recommendations for suicide assessment in the emergency department: a review
Longitudinal associations of cannabis and illicit drug use with depression, suicidal ideation and suicidal attempts among Nova Scotia high school students
Commentary: Self-harm in adolescents: the best predictor of death by suicide? Reflections on Hawton et al. (2012)
Mortality in schizophrenia and related psychoses: data from two cohorts, 1875-1924 and 1994-2010
A one-year observational study of all hospitalized and fatal acute poisonings in Oslo: Epidemiology, intention and follow-up
Warning signs for suicide in Internet forums
The presentation of early-onset psychotic disorders
The self harm questionnaire: A new tool designed to improve identification of self harm in adolescents
Targeted education for general practitioners reduces risk of depression or suicide ideation or attempts in older primary care patients
Toxoplasma gondii and homicide
Use of antipsychotics among older residents in VA nursing homes
One followed by many?-Long-term effects of a celebrity suicide on the number of suicidal acts on the German railway net
Pattern of coroner's autopsies at Health Sciences Authority, Singapore: a retrospective study (2009-2010)
People who self harm have a high mortality from natural causes
Perceived racial/ethnic discrimination, problem behaviors, and mental health among minority urban youth
Posttraumatic stress and depression symptoms as correlates of deliberate self-harm among community women experiencing intimate partner violence
Prevalence of suicidality in asymptomatic adolescents in the paediatric emergency department and utility of a screening tool
Quality improvement of forensic mental health evaluations and reports of youth in the Netherlands
Shared secrets versus secrets kept private are linked to better adolescent adjustment
Suicide attempts and suicide in Iran: Results of national hospital surveillance data
Temperament personality profiles in suicidal behaviour: An investigation of associated demographic, clinical and genetic factors
About epidemiology of suicidal behavior: An investigation in the health-service district of Brixen
Barriers to depression treatment among low-income, Latino emergency department patients
Combining evidence-based practices for improved behavioral outcomes: a demonstration project
Correlation between pattern and mechanism of injury of free fall
Crisis intervention
Ethnicity and psychiatric comorbidity in a national sample: evidence for latent comorbidity factor invariance and connections with disorder prevalence
Factors associated with suicidal behaviour among depressed patients in Penang, Malaysia
Immigration, transition into adult life and social adversity in relation to psychological distress and suicide attempts among young adults
The impact of religiosity on suicidal ideation among youth in central Mexico
Involvement in bullying and suicidal ideation in middle adolescence: a 2-year follow-up study
Juvenile bipolar disorder and suicidality: a review of the last 10 years of literature
A longitudinal study of predictors of suicide attempts among lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth
Manifestations of indirect self-destructiveness and methods of suicide attempts
Personality, physical activity, and symptoms of anxiety and depression: the HUNT study
Peer victimization and social phobia: a follow-up study among adolescents
Modeling the distinct pathways of influence of coping strategies on youth suicidal ideation: a national longitudinal study
Overcoming cultural barriers to deliver comprehensive rural community mental health care in Southern India
Suicidal and infanticidal risks in puerperal psychosis of an early onset
Prevention of suicide in Singapore
Prevalence of depressive symptoms and related factors in Japanese employees as measured by the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale (CES-D)
Socioeconomic status and beliefs about depression, schizophrenia and eating disorders
Religion and suicide risk in lesbian, gay and bisexual Austrians
Social conditions of suicides in Austria. An overview on risk and protective factors
Suicidal ideation in medical students: who is at risk?
Suicide and suicide prevention in Vienna from 1938 to 1945
Suicide Prevention Austria (SUPRA) : The implementation of a national suicide prevention program
Suicides in Austria: update on present state and recent trends
A test of faith in God and treatment: The relationship of belief in God to psychiatric treatment outcomes
Social participation, social environment and death ideations in later life
South African Hindu psychologists' perceptions of mental illness
The Toxicology Investigators Consortium case registry: the 2011 experience
Risk factors for suicidal ideation among African American and European American college women
AIDS/HIV infection, comorbid psychiatric illness, and risk for subsequent suicide: a nationwide register linkage study
Bereavement after suicide: a study of memorials on the Internet
A crisis recovery model for adolescents with severe mental health problems
Do suicidal thoughts or behaviors recur during a second antidepressant treatment trial?
Epidemiology of suicide and attempted suicide derived from the health system database in the Islamic Republic of Iran: 2001-2007
How do adolescents view non-suicidal self-injury? Differences between affected and non-affected adolescents in a school sample
Incidence and risk factors for suicide attempts in a general population of young people: A Danish register-based study
News: Low cost measures should be used to tackle high suicide rate in India
Meta-analysis of sleep disturbance and suicidal thoughts and behaviors
Phallicide: A case of auto penile amputation as a mode of suicide
Primary and secondary complex suicide. A 30-year retrospective suicide
Prognostic factors of 2-year outcomes of patients with comorbid bipolar disorder or depression with alcohol dependence: importance of early abstinence
Psychiatric illness and suicide in the heroic age of Antarctic exploration
Psychosocial rehabilitation in developing countries
Trends, patterns, and determinants of regional mortality in Belarus, 1990-2007
Suicide mortality and risk factors in the 12 months after discharge from psychiatric inpatient care in Korea: 1989-2006
Structured parallel therapy with parents in time-limited psychotherapy with children experiencing difficult family situations
Epidemiology of postpartum depressive symptoms among Canadian women: regional and national results from a cross-sectional survey
Impact of early-life stress and resilience on patients with major depressive disorder
Suicide attempt risk in youths: utility of the Harkavy-Asnis suicide scale for monitoring risk levels
Rumination moderates the associations between PTSD and depressive symptoms and risky behaviors in U.S. veterans
Psychiatric consultations for nursing-home residents: aspects and course of such consultations
Are suicide attempts by young Latinas a cultural idiom of distress?
Building an online community to promote communication and collaborative learning between health professionals and young people who self-harm: an exploratory study
Guilt, shame, and suicidal ideation in a military outpatient clinical sample
Loss of consciousness, depression, posttraumatic stress disorder, and suicide risk among deployed military personnel with mild traumatic brain injury
Men in despair: A qualitative psychological autopsy study of suicide in Northern Uganda
Relationships between suicide attitudes and perception of life purpose and meaning of life in college students
Suicidal poisonings with methadone in France: Results of a two year national survey by the Toxicovigilance Network
Anticipating the end: suicide among the elderly in Brazil
Characteristics of hospitalized patients following suicide attempt in Hamadan district, Iran
Combat exposure and suicide risk in two samples of military personnel
Crisis and future of humanity
Feeling blue or turquoise? Emotional differentiation in major depressive disorder
The impact of health-related quality of life on suicidal ideation and suicide attempts among Korean older adults
Injury-related hospital admissions of military dependents compared with similarly aged nonmilitary insured infants, children, and adolescents
An introduction to Rasch analysis for psychiatric practice and research
The relationship between nonsuicidal self-injury and attempted suicide: converging evidence from four samples
Suicide rates in Shandong, China, 1991-2010: Rapid decrease in rural rates and steady increase in male-female ratio
Senior suicide: The tricky task of treatment
Symptoms of depression, anxiety, and somatization in female victims and perpetrators of intimate partner violence in Maputo City, Mozambique
Symptoms of prolonged grief, depression, and adult separation anxiety: Distinctiveness and correlates
Tragedy of women's self-immolation in Iran and developing communities: a review
African American women's perceptions of depression and suicide risk and protection: A womanist exploration
Clinical and neuropsychological aspects of non-fatal self-harm in schizophrenia
Genetics of emergent suicidality during antidepressive treatment-Data from a naturalistic study on a large sample of inpatients with a major depressive episode
Mental illness, suicide and creativity: 40-Year prospective total population study
Latina adolescent suicide ideations and attempts: associations with connectedness to parents, peers, and teachers
No! The number of suicides in France is not decreasing
Numbing and dysphoria symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder among Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans: a review of findings and implications for treatment
The relationship between trait impulsivity, negative affective states, and urge for nonsuicidal self-injury: A daily diary study
The role of limbic system irritability in linking history of childhood maltreatment and psychiatric outcomes in low-income, high-risk women: Moderation by FK506 binding protein 5 haplotype
Toxicological identification of diphenhydramine (DPH) in suicide
Trajectories of depressive symptoms and externalizing behaviors across adolescence: associations with histories of suicide attempt and ideation in early adulthood
Alcohol use in hazardous situations: implications for DSM-IV and DSM-5 alcohol use disorders
All-cause and external mortality in released prisoners: systematic review and meta-analysis
The association between suicide and the utilization of mental health services in South Tirol, Italy: A psychological autopsy study
Does art imitate death? Depictions of suicide in fiction
The impact of Cytochrome P450 CYP1A2, CYP2C9, CYP2C19 and CYP2D6 genes on suicide attempt and suicide risk-a European multicentre study on treatment-resistant major depressive disorder
Self-inflicted burn: things we should keep in mind
Burden of disease in adolescents and young people in Spain
Children who run away from home: risks for suicidal behavior and substance misuse
Co-occurring posttraumatic stress disorder and alcohol use disorders in veteran populations
Concurrent and predictive associations between early adolescent perceptions of peer affiliates and mood states collected in real time via ecological momentary assessment methodology
Cross-lagged effects between intimate partner violence victimization and suicidality from adolescence into adulthood
Decreased frontal lobe phosphocreatine levels in methamphetamine users
Early life adversity reduces stress reactivity and enhances impulsive behavior: Implications for health behaviors
Enhancing services response to crisis incidents involving veterans: a role for law enforcement and mental health collaboration
The immediate and lasting effects of adolescent homelessness on suicidal ideation and behavior
Interpersonal features and functions of nonsuicidal self-injury
Mental disorder comorbidity and suicide among 2.96 million men receiving care in the Veterans Health Administration health system
On suicide clusters: More than contagion
Predictors of suicidal ideation in late childhood and adolescence: a 5-year follow-up of two nationally representative cohorts in the Republic of Korea
Psychopathy and depression as predictors of psychosocial difficulties in a sample of court evaluated adolescents
Quantifying the impact of recent negative life events on suicide attempts
A quick inexpensive laboratory method in acute paracetamol poisoning could improve risk assessment, management and resource utilization
Recent victimization exposure and suicidal ideation in adolescents
Rising self-inflicted injuries in the United States: a call for a comprehensive prevention plan and insurance coverage
Senior suicide: An overlooked problem
Suicide attempts and suicide among Marines: a decade of follow-up
Risk factors for nonsuicidal self-injury in Japanese college students: The moderating role of mood regulation expectancies
Translation and validation of the "Self-Injurious Thoughts and Behaviors Interview" in a Spanish population with suicidal behaviour
Ask Suicide-Screening Questions (ASQ): A brief instrument for the pediatric emergency department
Cognitive mediation of cognitive-behavioural therapy outcomes for anxiety-based school refusal
Evaluation of ricinine, a ricin biomarker, from a non-lethal castor bean ingestion
Music and suicidality: a quantitative review and extension
Disparities in psychiatric emergency department visits among youth in Hawai'i, 2000-2010
Duration of unemployment and suicide in Australia over the period 1985-2006: an ecological investigation by sex and age during rising versus declining national unemployment rates
Effectiveness of a nationwide aftercare program for suicide attempters
New hospital-based policy for children whose parents present at the ER due to domestic violence, substance abuse and/or a suicide attempt
Transactional relationships among cognitive vulnerabilities, stressors, and depressive symptoms in adolescence
Suicide prevention
Suicides associated with the 2008-10 economic recession in England: time trend analysis
Toxoplasma gondii: A potential role in the genesis of psychiatric disorders
Suicide risk and psychopathology in immigrants: a multi-group confirmatory factor analysis
Suicidality and its associated factors in cancer patients: results of a multi-center study in Korea
Mood, anxiety, and substance-use disorders and suicide risk in a military population cohort
Subacute effects of ecstasy on mood: an exploration of associated risk factors
Personality and personality disorders in the elderly: Diagnostic, course and management
Cyber-bullying in adolescents: Associated psychosocial problems and comparison with school bullying
Health surveillance of deployed military personnel occasionally leads to unexpected findings
Factors related to suicide attempts in a Tunisian sample of patients with schizophrenia
Altered Wnt signalling in the teenage suicide brain: focus on glycogen synthase kinase-3β and β-catenin
Antiepileptic drug monotherapy exposure and suicide-related behavior in older veterans
Binary phenomenon of hope: perceptions of traumatized veterans
Is suicide predictable?
MAOA and MAOB polymorphisms and anger-related traits in suicidal participants and controls
Multiple organ failure after a fall from heights complicated by cardiac rupture and subacute cardiac tamponade
Prevalence of psychological distress and mental disorders, and use of mental health services in the epidemiological catchment area of Montreal South-West
Single-agent duloxetine ingestions
Suicides versus attempted suicides: what is the truth in the numbers?
Alcohol problems as a risk factor for postdisaster depressed mood among U.S. veterans
Cognitive correlates of serious suicidal ideation in a community sample of adolescents
Association between mental health conditions diagnosed during initial eligibility for military health care benefits and subsequent deployment, attrition, and death by suicide among active duty service members
Childhood and adult stressors and major depression risk: interpreting interactions with the sufficient-component cause model
Contemporary characteristics of the developmental age psychopathology
Developing measures of quality for the emergency department management of pediatric suicide-related behaviors
Major life events and development of major depression in Parkinson's disease patients
Maternal depression screening during prenatal and postpartum care at a Navy and Marine Corps military treatment facility
Neurobiology of suicidal behaviour
Post-hospitalization course and predictive signs of suicidal behavior of suicidal patients admitted to a psychiatric hospital: a 2-year prospective follow-up study
Time trends in coroners' use of different verdicts for possible suicides and their impact on officially reported incidence of suicide in England: 1990-2005
Work-related orthopaedic injury and feelings of depression: the potential role of physical therapy
Fathers' mental health as a protective factor in the relationship between maternal and child depressive symptoms
High-risk occupations for suicide
Increased use of antidepressants in women decreases suicides in men: an ecological study
Molecular pathway reconstruction and analysis of disturbed gene expression in depressed individuals who died by suicide
A new type of scale for determining remission from depression: The Remission from Depression Questionnaire
Promoting positive youth development and highlighting reasons for living in northwest Alaska through digital storytelling
Psychogical autopsies into suicide among the elderly in Rio de Janeiro
Reducing suicidal ideation: cost-effectiveness analysis of a randomized controlled trial of unguided web-based self-help
Psychotic symptoms in adolescence index risk for suicidal behavior: findings from 2 population-based case-control clinical interview studies
Salt, skeletons and suicide
The serotonin transporter gene and depression
A study of the use and interpretation of standardized suicide risk assessment: measures within a psychiatrically hospitalized correctional population
Suicide of elderly men in Brazil
Sociocultural study of immigrant suicide-attempters: An ecological perspective
Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) drugs: more risks than benefits?
The dangers of mental health screening
Accounts of suicidality in the Huntington disease community
Adolescent suicide in Australia: Rates, risk and resilience
Assessment of risk factors related to suicide attempts in patients with bipolar disorder
Comparing the accuracy of brief versus long depression screening instruments which have been validated in low and middle income countries; a systematic review
Borderline symptoms and suicidality/self-injury in late adolescence: Prospectively observed relationship correlates in infancy and childhood
Details on suicide among US physicians: data from the National Violent Death Reporting System
Association between depression and peripheral artery disease: insights from the heart and soul study
Bipolar disorder and a history of suicide attempts with a duplication in 5HTR1A
Characteristics of suicide attempts in patients diagnosed with schizophrenia in comparison with depression: A study of emergency room visit cases in Japan
Decapitation in suicidal hanging - vital reaction patterns
Formic acid poisoning in a tertiary care center in south India: a 2-year retrospective analysis of clinical profile and predictors of mortality
Health problems and male firearm suicide
'In two minds' - socially motivated self-harm is perceived as less serious than internally motivated: A qualitative study of youth justice staff
Injury and violence prevention policy: Celebrating our successes, protecting our future
Peace and war: trajectories of posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms before, during, and after military deployment in Afghanistan
Perpetual bodily trauma: wounding and memory in the Middle English romances
Prescription drug overdoses: A review
Suicide attempt as the presenting symptom of c9orf72 dementia
Suicide clusters: a review of risk factors and mechanisms
Suicide risk at young adulthood: continuities and discontinuities from adolescence
Type D (distressed) personality and its assessment with the DS14 in Lithuanian patients with coronary artery disease
High-risk strategies v. universal precautions against suicide
Strategies to address weight-based victimization: youths' preferred support interventions from classmates, teachers, and parents
Suicides by fire in South Korea
Telephone monitoring and support after discharge from residential PTSD treatment: a randomized controlled trial
Understanding self-harm
Characteristics and burden of hospitalization because of intentional self-harm: Thai national, hospital-based data for 2010
Distribution of Aconitum alkaloids in autopsy cases of aconite poisoning
The incremental validity of borderline personality disorder relative to major depressive disorder for suicidal ideation and deliberate self-harm in adolescents
Mortality and suicide risk in treatment-resistant depression: an observational study of the long-term impact of intervention
Non-suicidal self-injury and suicidal behaviour in children and adolescents accessing residential or intensive home-based mental health services
A prospective cohort study of non-fatal accidental overdose among street youth: The link with suicidal ideation
Which serial killers commit suicide? An exploratory study
What Does Sadness Mean to BPD Patients?
Lifetime polytraumatization in adolescence and being a victim of bullying
Mortality following treatment for cannabis use disorders: Predictors and causes
Mortality of 403 patients with mood disorders 48 to 52 years after their psychiatric hospitalisation
Physician suicide-why?
Quality of life, mood disturbances and psychological parameters in adult patients with GH deficiency
Public attitudes towards people with depression in times of uncertainty: results from three population surveys in Germany
A prospective study of the influence of the UPPS model of impulsivity on the co-occurrence of bulimic symptoms and non-suicidal self-injury
Psychopathology in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake: a population-based study of posttraumatic stress disorder and major depression
Can suicide be prevented?
Suicide in medical students : Case series
Accelerating suicide rate linked to economic downturn in the US
Ageing towards 21 as a risk factor for young adult suicide in the UK and Ireland
Alexithymia and low cooperativeness are associated with suicide attempts in male military personnel with adjustment disorder: A case-control study
Anthropometrical differences between suicide and other non-natural death circumstances: an autopsy study
Attempted suicide with liraglutide overdose did not induce hypoglycemia
The benefits of discussing suicide with Alaska Native college students: qualitative analysis of in-depth interviews
Characteristics of children with juvenile bipolar disorder or disruptive behavior disorders and negative mood: Can they be distinguished in the clinical setting?
The characteristics of serious suicide attempters in Japanese adolescents- comparison study between adolescents and adults
Childhood self-poisoning: a one-year review
Cigarette smoking and subsequent risk of suicidal ideation among National Guard Soldiers
Clinical features of suicide attempts in adults with autism spectrum disorders
The effect of post traumatic stress disorders on rehabilitation among combat-wounded veterans
Depressive symptoms in people with chronic physical conditions: prevalence and risk factors in a Hong Kong community sample
Household composition and suicidal behaviour in the adult population of Belgium
Interventions for preventing relapse and recurrence of a depressive disorder in children and adolescents
Mental health literacy of depression: gender differences and attitudinal antecedents in a representative British sample
Newer generation antidepressants for depressive disorders in children and adolescents
Psychological therapies versus antidepressant medication, alone and in combination for depression in children and adolescents
Self-injury among early adolescents: identifying segments protected and at risk
Epidemiology of low-level bridge jumping in Pittsburgh: a 10-year study
Factors associated with Alaska Native fatal and nonfatal suicidal behaviors 2001-2009: trends and implications for prevention
The financial costs of sadness
Impact of coping styles on post-traumatic stress disorder and depressive symptoms among pregnant women exposed to Hurricane Katrina
Increase in state suicide rates in the USA during economic recession
The interconnections project: development and evaluation of a community-based depression program for African American violence survivors
NOS1AP is associated with increased severity of PTSD and depression in untreated combat veterans
What is missed in self-immolated patients' care?: a grounded theory study
Posttraumatic stress disorder and its comorbidities among American Indian veterans
Predictive validity of the MINI Suicidal Scale for self-harm in acute psychiatry: a prospective study of the first year after discharge
Predictors of psychiatric aftercare among formerly hospitalized adolescents
Predictors of suicide in patient charts among patients with depression in the Veterans Health Administration health system: importance of prescription drug and alcohol abuse
Prospective study of risk factors for suicidal behavior in individuals with anxiety disorders
Radiologic findings in cases of attempted suicide and other self-injurious behavior
Rural older adults' mental health: status and challenges in care delivery
The relationship between the prescription of psychotropic drugs and suicide rates in older people in England and Wales
The Self-Directed Violence Classification System and the Columbia Classification Algorithm for Suicide Assessment: A crosswalk
Social problem solving and suicidal behavior: ethnic differences in the moderating effects of loneliness and life stress
Suicide and psychiatrist's liability in Italian law cases
Suicide attempts in 107 adolescents and adults with kleptomania
Suicide in cancer patients in California, 1997-2006
Suicide risk in multiple sclerosis: A systematic review of current literature
Symptomatological and cognitive correlates of vascular comorbidity in older-elderly (at least 75 years old) men with major depressive disorder
Time varying prediction of thoughts of death and suicidal ideation in adolescents: weekly ratings over 6-month follow-up
A trait-interpersonal perspective on suicide risk in criminal offenders
Toxic CO-ingestions in intentional carbon monoxide poisoning
Cholesterol and phospholipids in frontal cortex and synaptosomes of suicide completers: Relationship with endosomal lipid trafficking genes
Clinical and epidemiological aspects of suicide in patients with schizophrenia
Course and risk factors of functional impairment in subthreshold depression and anxiety
Harm-minimisation for self-harm
Predictors of persistence after a positive depression screen among adolescents
Predisposition for self-destruction? Affective temperaments as a suicide risk factor in patients with mood disorders
Val66met bdnf genotypes in melancholic depression: effects on brain structure and treatment outcome
Self-reported depression and physical activity in adults with mobility impairments
Adverse childhood experiences and their impact on frequency, severity, and the individual function of nonsuicidal self-injury in youth
Attempted suicide by intrapulmonary self-injection of White spirit(®)
Behind the blue shadow: a theoretical perspective for detecting police suicide
Can organized youth activities protect against internalizing problems among adolescents living in violent homes?
Does the relationship between depression and intimate partner aggression vary by gender, victim-perpetrator role, and aggression severity?
Maternal mortality in Sweden 1988-2007: More deaths than officially reported
Preserved hippocampal function during learning in the context of risk in adolescent suicide attempt
Self-harm is common in adolescents in England
Self-injurious and aggressive behavior associated with a tacrolimus overdose
Self-injury in Japan: epidemiological features from the nationwide survey data of 2010
Sleep, psychiatric disorders and suicide
Suicide prevention: a proposed national strategy for South Africa
Suicide, guns, and public policy
Trends in bipolar disorder or depression as a cause of death on death certificates of US residents, 1999-2009
Using science to improve communications about suicide among military and veteran populations: looking for a few good messages
Victimization and suicidality among Dutch lesbian, gay, and bisexual youths
Affect regulation and psychopathology in women with borderline personality disorder
What's in a note: construction of a suicide note corpus
A study on undergraduate suicidal ideation and coping setback manner in China
Analysis of the cases of trauma and suicide attempts serviced by University General Hospital 'Tsaritsa Yoanna--ISUL', Sofia over 1 year period
Associations between adverse childhood experiences and attempted suicide in a National sample of students in Republic of Macedonia
Depression, suicidal ideation, and suicidal attempt presenting to the emergency department; differences between these cohorts
Grass roots suicide prevention in rural Western Australia (WA)
Impact of 'safe community' model in suicide prevention in Japan
Injury situation in Vietnam in 2005-2010 and preventive strategies in 2011-2015
'A long journey starts with a single step'--Waimakariri's journey into suicide prevention
Mortality and non-fatal suicidal behaviour in the 20 years after a medically serious suicide attempt
Patterns and trends in leading causes of unintentional and violence-related injury mortality: United States, 2000-2009
Policy analysis and evaluation of effectiveness of a suicide prevention initiative in Montreal
Population based characteristics of fatalities and hospital admissions for acute poisoning in Fiji
Preliminary findings from the evaluation of an internet-based depression treatment programme (RID trial) in New Zealand
Risk and protective factors of self-immolation: a population based case control study from Iran
Suicidal ideation among adolescents in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: patterns, planning and significant associations
Suicide ideation among medical students: a cross sectional study from South India
Suicide in Mozambique: evidence from 10 years mortuary data from forensic services at Maputo Central Hospital, Maputo city
Victims of domestic injuries and suicide among women of reproductive age in Iran
What do we understand by undetermined intention deaths? Injuries patterns' intentionality identification
Suicide prevention: confronting public health challenges
Suicide-related mortality in Vietnam in 2005-2010
Abnormal baseline brain activity in suicidal and non-suicidal patients with major depressive disorder
Adolescents with a diagnosis of anorexia nervosa: Parents' experience of recognition and deciding to seek help
Characteristics of workplace threats requiring response from a university threat assessment team
Adolescent suicide prevention in a school setting: use of a gatekeeper program
Rates of DSM-IV mood, anxiety disorders, and suicidality in Australian adult epilepsy outpatients: A comparison of well-controlled versus refractory epilepsy
Suicidal expression among school-attending adolescents in a middle-income sub-Saharan country
Suicide prevention and mental illness
Prevalence and risk factors for first onset of suicidal behaviors in the Netherlands Mental Health Survey and Incidence Study-2
Nonsuicidal self-injury in an adolescent population in Singapore
Non-suicidal self-injury
Depression and suicidality in modern life
Deliberate self-poisoning: a study from Nablus
Depression, pathological dependence, and risky behaviour in adolescence
Diurnal variation in probability of death following self-poisoning in Sri Lanka--evidence for chronotoxicity in humans
Frequency and clinical features of borderline personality disorder in adolescent suicide attempts in Japan
HPA axis genes may modulate the effect of childhood adversities on decision-making in suicide attempters
How new is self-harm?
Inter-regional variations in suicide rates
Low vascular endothelial growth factor and interleukin-8 in cerebrospinal fluid of suicide attempters
Self perceived health, as an indicator of psychological well-being: behavioural epidemiological analysis among the adolescent population
UPLC-MS/MS determination in blood of a mixed-drug fatal intoxication: A case report
A comparison of adolescents engaging in self-injurious behaviors with and without suicidal intent: self-reported experiences of adverse life events and trauma symptoms
Death following the ingestion of detergent: an autopsy case with special regard to the histochemical findings
Influence of sociodemographic and socioeconomic features on treatment outcome in RCTs versus daily psychiatric practice
Suicide and cardiovascular death after a cancer diagnosis
Analysis of suicide in the elderly in Italy. Risk factors and prevention of suicidal behavior
As fathers and felons explaining the effects of current and recent incarceration on major depression
The association between past and current physical activity and depressive symptoms in young adults: a 10-year prospective study
Biochemical toxicology and suicide in Ireland: a laboratory study
Cyberbullying among Finnish adolescents -- a population-based study
Delivery at 37 weeks' gestation is associated with a higher risk for child behavioural problems
Factors associated with temporal and spatial patterns in suicide rates across U.S. states, 1976-2000
Factors associated with low self-esteem in children with overweight
Factors associated with suicidal thoughts in a large community study of older adults
Gender and racial differences for suicide attempters and ideators in a high-risk community corrections population
Gender-specific differences among patients treated for suicide attempts in the emergency departments of four general hospitals in Shenyang, China
Killing in combat and suicide risk
Motives for suicide in movies
Reducing treatment delay for early intervention: evaluation of a community based crisis helpline
Religious commitment, attitudes toward suicide, and suicidal behaviors among college students of different ethnic and religious groups in Malaysia
Shame, pride, and suicidal ideation in a military clinical sample
Shibari: double hanging during consensual sexual asphyxia
Single nucleotide polymorphisms and suicidal behaviour
Social capital and suicide: an ecological study in Tokyo, Japan
Suicide by poisoning in New Zealand--a toxicological analysis
Suicidal attempts among emergency department patients: one-year of clinical experience
Suicidal behavior and attitudes among medical students in the united arab emirates
Suicide by burning barbecue charcoal in England
Suicide prevention and intervention plan. A report of the NCIOM Task on Suicide and Intervention
Suicide in the Aftermath of the L'Aquila (Italy) Earthquake
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Bullying victimization is associated with dysfunctional emotional traits and affective temperaments
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Carbofuran concentrations in blood, bile and tissues in fatal cases of homicide and suicide
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Depression, motor function and cognitive function in epidemiological study
A case of acute suicidality following excessive caffeine intake
Antidepressant drugs and the response in the placebo group: the real problem lies in our understanding of the issue
Boosting serotonin in the brain: is it time to revamp the treatment of depression?
Functional neuroanatomy of emotion processing in major depressive disorder is altered after successful antidepressant therapy
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Thoughts of death or suicidal ideation are common in young people aged 12 to 30 years presenting for mental health care
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Analysis of the cost effectiveness of a suicide barrier on the Golden Gate Bridge
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Child maltreatment and repeat presentations to the emergency department for suicide-related behaviors
Circumferential self-inflicted full thickness cervical burn
Common elements for the psychotherapeutic management of patients with self injurious behavior
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Altered functional protein networks in the prefrontal cortex and amygdala of victims of suicide
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Suicide risk and efficacy of antidepressant drugs-reply
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Risk index for attempted suicide in Mexico
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Targeted education for general practitioners reduces risk of depression or suicide ideation or attempts in older primary care patients
Fatal poisoning by isoniazid and rifampicin
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Maternal parenting behaviors and adolescent depression: the mediating role of rumination
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Self-inflicted hyperkalemia: a case report
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Symptoms of depression and successful drug court completion
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A case of a suicide attempt associated with hyperthyroidism
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Details always tell a big story: Importance of physical symptoms in evaluation of secondary causes of depression
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Injured brain regions associated with anxiety in Vietnam veterans
Long-term and bizarre self-injurious behavior: an approach to underlying psychological mechanisms and management
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Making the case for primary care and mandated suicide prevention education
The neural basis of difficulties disengaging from negative irrelevant material in major depression
Neuroticism and extroversion in suicide attempters aged 75 and above and a general population comparison group
Pilot randomized trial of bupropion for adolescent methamphetamine abuse/dependence
Prevalence and risk factors for postpartum depressive symptoms among women enrolled in WIC
Queer youth suicide, culture and identity: Unliveable lives?
Religion and suicide in patients with mental illness or cancer
The role of serotonergic system at the interface of aggression and suicide
Suicide in Brazil, 2004-2010: the importance of small counties
Suicides and suicide attempts in the U.S. Military, 2008-2010
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Traumatic stress and posttraumatic stress disorder in youth: recent research findings on clinical impact, assessment, and treatment
Unnatural causes of death and suicide among former adolescent psychiatric patients
Relating empathy and emotion regulation: Do deficits in empathy trigger emotion dysregulation?
Risk and resilience in the context of child maltreatment: The way forward
Risk of suicide in men with low-risk prostate cancer
Suicide among childhood cancer survivors in Slovenia
Access to alcohol outlets, alcohol consumption and mental health
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Application of scan statistics to detect suicide clusters in Australia
Endogenous opioids and nonsuicidal self-injury: a mechanism of affect regulation
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Psychotherapy of depression in old age
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A study of the impact of thirteen celebrity suicides on subsequent suicide rates in South Korea from 2005 to 2009
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Alert for suicide prevention in Greece: Remember lessons from Eastern Europe!
Another suicide using the veterinary drug T61 and distribution of drugs in the body
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Clinical and neurocognitive markers of suicidality in young adults
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The importance of psychological follow-up during pregnancy and its relationship with issues that may prevent post-partum depression
Intracardiac thrombus formation induced by carbon monoxide poisoning
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Mediating effects of coping style on associations between mental health factors and self-harm among adolescents
Mental health issues of women deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan
Moshe Silman's suicide and Werther effect
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Parents-CARE: a suicide prevention program for parents of at-risk youth
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Complicated suicide versus autoeroticism? A case involving multiple drugs and a porta-potty
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High-voltage suicidal electrocution with multiple exit wounds
Involvement in bullying as predictor of suicidal ideation among 12- to 15-year-old Norwegian adolescents
Irritable mood in adult major depressive disorder: results from the world mental health surveys
Local authorities must have suicide prevention plans, says parliamentary report (news item)
Suicide mortality rates in Louisiana, 1999-2010
Suicide by hydrogen sulfide inhalation
Postvention: how a psychiatrist should face a patient's suicide
Recommendation for revision of the General Principles of Suicide Prevention Policy
Youth genetic vulnerability to maternal depressive symptoms: 5-httlpr as moderator of intergenerational transmission effects in a multiwave prospective study
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School-wide staff and faculty training in suicide risk awareness: successes and challenges
Suicide risk by military occupation in the DoD active component population
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State of suicide and effective efforts in suicide prevention in psychiatric hospitals and clinics
Suicide and homicide bereavement among African Americans: implications for survivor research and practice
Parental bereavement increases mortality in older persons
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Adolescent suicide statements on MySpace
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Associations of early exposure to intimate partner violence and parental depression with subsequent mental health outcomes
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Child maltreatment and adolescent mental health problems in a large birth cohort
Command hallucinations and clinical characteristics of suicidality in patients with psychotic spectrum disorders
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Deliberate self harm prevention in Pakistan
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Erratum to: Involvement in bullying as predictor of suicidal ideation among 12- to 15-year-old Norwegian adolescents
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Factors that distinguish college students with depressive symptoms with and without suicidal thoughts
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Moderating factors in the path from physical abuse to attempted suicide in adolescents: application of the Interpersonal-Psychological Theory of suicide
Nightmares and dysfunctional beliefs about sleep mediate the effect of insomnia symptoms on suicidal ideation
Non-suicidal self-injury and depressive symptoms during middle adolescence: a longitudinal analysis
Nonsuicidal self-injury, coping strategies, and sexual orientation
Preventing addiction related suicide: A pilot study
Suicidal feelings in the twilight of life: a cross-sectional population-based study of 97-year-olds
Suicide in the UK: questioning ourselves
Suicide: An Indian perspective
A survey of patients who attempted suicide and were transported to an emergency medical institution in Saitama City
A survey of psychiatric services for people who attempt suicide in south India
Temperature-associated suicide mortality: contrasting roles of climatic warming and the suicide prevention program in Finland
Thoughts of self-harm and help-seeking behavior among youth in the community
Train suicide mortality and availability of trains: A tale of two countries
The traumas and intoxications as a main cause of mortality of body-abled population
What do I say? Suicide assessment and management
Acute alcohol intoxication and suicide among United States ethnic/racial groups: findings from the National Violent Death Reporting System
Burnt wives in Tehran: a warm tragedy of self-injury
Chances and limits of method restriction: a detailed analysis of suicide methods in Switzerland
Comorbidity-independent risk for suicidality increases with bulimia nervosa but not with anorexia nervosa
Electronic victimization: correlates, antecedents, and consequences among elementary and middle school students
Male farmers with mental health disorders: A scoping review
Cyberbullying victimisation in adolescence: relationships with loneliness and depressive mood
Does the association with psychosomatic health problems differ between cyberbullying and traditional bullying?
Borderline personality symptomatology as a mediator of the link between child maltreatment and adult suicide potential
Depressive symptoms and severity of acute occupational pesticide poisoning among male farmers
Impact of impaired sleep on the development of PTSD symptoms in combat veterans: a prospective longitudinal cohort study
The impact of social contagion on non-suicidal self-injury: a review of the literature
Infant developmental outcomes following prenatal exposure to antidepressants, and maternal depressed mood and positive affect
Recollections of parental rejection, self-criticism and depression in suicidality
Relationships among independent major depressions, alcohol use, and other substance use and related problems over 30 years in 397 families
The role of interviews with health professionals in the media in suicide prevention
Suicide acceptability among U.S. Veterans with active duty experience: results from the 2010 general social survey
Suicide bomb attack causing penetrating craniocerebral injury
Teaching Therapeutic Assessment for self-harm in adolescents: Training outcomes
Young adult respondent experiences of disclosing self-injury, suicide-related behavior, and psychological distress in a web-based survey
Variety of self-injury: is the number of different methods of non-suicidal self-injury related to personality, psychopathology, or functions of self-injury?
Adolescent health screening and counseling
Interpersonal processes in depression
Lithium in the public water supply and suicide mortality in Texas
Low vitamin D status and suicide: a case-control study of active duty military service members
Measuring engagement in deliberate self-harm behaviours: psychometric evaluation of six scales
Mental health reforms in Europe: further evaluation of the Dutch supervision system for suicides of mental health care users
Mental health of Asian American and Pacific Islander military veterans: brief review of an understudied group
Online screening and referral for postpartum depression: an exploratory study
Patterns of poisoning and drug overdosage and their outcome among in-patients admitted to the emergency medicine department of a tertiary care hospital
Personal suicidality in reception and identification with suicidal film characters
The association between anxiety disorders and suicidal behaviors: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Does stage of change predict improved intimate partner violence outcomes following an emergency department intervention?
Suicide by self-administration of a drug mixture (propofol, midazolam, and zolpidem) in an anesthesiologist: the first case report in Italy
Attempt to suicide in young ages with epilepsy
CYP2D6 polymorphism and mental and personality disorders in suicide attempters
Diagnoses of suicidum and tentamen suicidi in the registers of patients of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia's Banovina Public General Hospital in Bjelovar from 1931-1940
Diagnosis-specific disability pension predicts suicidal behaviour and mortality in young adults: a nationwide prospective cohort study
Mental disease in two classical music composers
Possible risk factors for increased suicide following bariatric surgery
Short-term psychodynamic psychotherapy in patients with "male depression" syndrome, hopelessness, and suicide risk: a pilot study
Ask suicide-screening questions to everyone in medical settings: the asQ'em quality improvement project
Fear of dying in panic attacks predicts suicide attempt in comorbid depressive illness: prospective evidence from the National Epidemiological Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions
Forensic medical study on morphology and formative mechanism of blunt head injury
Anterior abdominal stab injury: a comparison of self-inflicted and intentional third-party stabbings
Association between cigarette smoking and suicide in psychiatric inpatients
Compulsive sexual behavior and psychopathology among treatment-seeking men in São Paulo, Brazil
Deaths in New York City Jails, 2001-2009
Depressive symptom trajectories among girls in the juvenile justice system: 24-month outcomes of an RCT of Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care
Early life course pathways of adult depression and chronic pain
Hmong women, marital factors and mental health status
Emotional suppression mediates the relation between adverse life events and adolescent suicide: implications for prevention
Epidemiology of self-immolation
Erratum to: A longitudinal epidemiological comparison of suicide and other causes of death in Italian children and adolescents
Factitious disorders and Munchausen syndrome: The tip of the iceberg
Factors associated with mental health service utilization among Korean American immigrants
Factors from Durkheim's family integration related to suicidal ideation among men with histories of child sexual abuse
Identifying suicidal behavior among adolescents using administrative claims data
The impact of media reports on the 2008 outbreak of hydrogen sulfide suicides in Japan
Melancholic features and hostility are associated with suicidality risk in Asian patients with major depressive disorder
New onset non-suicidal self-injury in a 57-year-old woman with co-morbid depression and alcohol dependence: case report
An open pilot feasibility study of a brief dialectical behavior therapy skills-based intervention for suicidal individuals
Parent-child conflict and suicide rumination in college students: the mediating roles of depressive symptoms and anxiety sensitivity
Psychometric properties of the Quick Inventory of Depressive Symptomatology (QIDS-SR) in UK primary care
Socioeconomic status and the risk of depression among UK higher education students
Suicidal ideation among inmate-patients in state prison: prevalence, reluctance to report, and treatment preferences
Synergistic relationships among stress, depression, and troubled relationships: insights from psychoneuroimmunology
An uncommon suicide method: self-strangulation
Risk factors for suicide in individuals with depression: A systematic review
Self-harm within inpatient psychiatric services: most episodes are among women, involve breaking the skin and take place in private
Screening for suicidal ideation and attempts among emergency department medical patients: instrument and results from the psychiatric emergency research collaboration
Adolescent self-cutting elsewhere than on the arms reveals more serious psychiatric symptoms
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in adolescence predicts onset of major depressive disorder through early adulthood
Cognitive trio: relationship with major depression and clinical predictors in Han Chinese women
Developing social capital in implementing a complex intervention: a process evaluation of the early implementation of a suicide prevention intervention in four European countries
Family-based study of AVPR1B association and interaction with stressful life events on depression and anxiety in suicide attempts
Hyperglycemia is associated with intracranial injury in children younger than 3 years of age
Knowledge, attitudes, and practices of emergency department providers in the care of suicidal patients
Life-threatening behaviours, suicide, attempted suicide and self-inflicted injury
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Non-suicidal self-injury and emotion regulation: a review on facial emotion recognition and facial mimicry
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Contributory and incidental blood concentrations in deaths involving citalopram
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After the suicide attempt: offering patients another chance
Association of child marriage with suicidal thoughts and attempts among adolescent girls in Ethiopia
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Characteristics of drug overdose in young suicide attempters
The distinction between completing a suicide and assisting one: why treating a suicide attempt does not require closing the "window of opportunity"
Headache and suicide. A historical note
How and why Toxoplasma makes us crazy
Is the principle of proportionality sufficient to guide physicians' decisions regarding withholding/withdrawing life-sustaining treatment after suicide attempts?
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Response to open peer commentaries on "withdrawal of nonfutile life support after attempted suicide"
The role of exposure to self-injury among peers in predicting later self-injury
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Suicide in the context of terminal illness
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Why is Brazil losing the race against youth suicide?
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Association of suicide rates, gun ownership, conservatism and individual suicide risk
Associations between community characteristics and psychiatric admissions in an urban area
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Code-51: keeping suicidal veterans safe in the emergency department
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Experimental test of Escape Theory: accessibility to implicit suicidal mind
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The relationships between posttraumatic stress disorder severity, depression severity and physical health
Reporting suicide: safety isn't everything
Risus sardonicus: assisted suicide or ritual violent euthanasia?
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Suicide prevention program for at-risk groups: pointers from an epidemiological study
The uniqueness of negative urgency as a common risk factor for self-harm behaviors, alcohol consumption, and eating problems
An unusual case of multiple-gunshot suicide of an alcohol-intoxicated cancer sufferer with prolonged physical activity
Unusual suicide with a chainsaw
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Does participating in AA decrease the risk for suicide in alcohol dependence?
Diagnostic efficiency of the AUDIT-C in U.S. veterans with military service since September 11, 2001
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Topic classification for suicidology
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Cultivating positive emotions: a useful adjunct when working with people who self-harm?
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Psychiatric disease incidence among Danish Seventh-day Adventists and Baptists
Suicidal ideation and reported suicide attempts in Greece during the economic crisis
Suicide attempt: encounter, evaluation, orientation
Suicide risk of your client: initial identification and management for the allied health professional
Suicide, recession, and unemployment
Suicide, recession, and unemployment
Suicide, recession, and unemployment
Suicide, recession, and unemployment - authors' reply
"We lost all we had in a second": coping with grief and loss after a natural disaster
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Alcoholism between fiction and reality
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Rapid self-infusion of tap water
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Forgiveness as a moderator of the association between victimization and suicidal ideation
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Long-term psychological outcome of workers after occupational injury: prevalence and risk factors
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Paracetamol overdose in Victoria remains a significant health care burden
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Alcohol intoxication and suicidality
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Attachment-related mentalization moderates the relationship between psychopathic traits and proactive aggression in adolescence
Compulsory admission after threatened infanticide and suicide by a patient with a feigned psychosis
Correlates of proximal premeditation among recently hospitalized suicide attempters
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Exposure to interpersonal trauma, attachment insecurity, and depression severity
Genome-wide methylation changes in the brains of suicide completers
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Preventing suicide in teenagers
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Assessing risk of suicide and aggression in hospitals: same but different
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Comorbidity bipolar disorder and personality disorders
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Psychopathy and suicidal behaviour in a sample of mentally disordered offenders
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Altering school attendance times to prevent child pedestrian injuries
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'I bang my head, therefore I am': Constructing individual and social authenticity in the heavy metal subculture
Illuminating the global suicide-attack network
Immediate medical care after sexual assault
On sacrificial heroism
Post-mortem computed tomography in a case of suicide by air embolism
Child rights and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) in Ireland
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Between harm reduction, loss and wellness: on the occupational hazards of work
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Depression and anxiety in university music students
Melancholia: past and present
More than half a million California adults seriously thought about suicide in the past year
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Evolution of the psychological autopsy: fifty years of experience at the Los Angeles County chief medical examiner-coroner's office
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Suicide and anxiety in DSM-5
An unusual pattern of decomposition associated with suicidal electrocution in a bath
Can observations of workplace bullying really make you depressed? A response to Emdad et al
Childhood emotional environment and self-injurious behaviors: The moderating role of the BDNF Val66Met polymorphism
Childhood determinants of adult psychiatric disorder
Comment on "Can observations of workplace bullying really make you depressed? A response to Emdad et al. 2013" by Nielsen and Einarsen
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Effects of neighborhood violence and perceptions of neighborhood safety on depressive symptoms of older adults
Extended suicide by use of a chain saw
HPTLC method for the assay of thiopental in post-mortem blood in a fatal case of suicide
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Psychosocial aspects of child and adolescent obesity
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Examining the interpersonal-psychological theory of suicide in an inpatient veteran sample
Hydrogen peroxide solution ingestion caused brain death of a 3-year-old girl
Independent effects of 5' and 3' functional variants in the serotonin transporter gene on suicidal behavior in the context of childhood trauma
Predicting suicide attempts among treatment-seeking male alcoholics: an exploratory study
Rectum perforation after broomstick impalement in a 17-year-old: case report and review
Scottish and Newcastle Antiemetic Pre-treatment for paracetamol poisoning study (SNAP)
Emotional dysfunction as a marker of bipolar disorders
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Peer response to messages of distress
Positive experiences for participants in suicide bereavement groups: a grounded theory model
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Characteristics, circumstances and toxicology of sudden or unnatural deaths involving very high range alcohol concentrations
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Co-occurrence of major depressive episode and posttraumatic stress disorder among survivors of war: how is it different from either condition alone?
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Effects of structural family therapy on child and maternal mental health symptomatology
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Risk and predictors of suicide and non-suicide mortality following non-fatal self-harm in Northern Taiwan
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Step-up: promoting youth mental health and development in inner-city high schools
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Anxiety, depression, and fall-related psychological concerns in community-dwelling older people
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Characteristics and comorbid symptoms of older adults reporting death ideation
Clinical assessment and crisis intervention for the suicidal bipolar disorder patient
Fatal course of a suicidal intoxication with hydrochloric Acid
Impaired executive function in contemplated and attempted suicide in late life
A longitudinal study of drinking and depression as predictors of insomnia in alcohol-dependent individuals
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Moderation effects of perfectionism and discrimination on interpersonal factors and suicide ideation
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Characteristics of non-fatal self-poisoning in Sri Lanka: a systematic review
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An unusual suicide: asphyxia by methane gas
Suicide with hydrogen sulfide
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Trust is the basis for effective suicide risk screening and assessment in veterans
Risk factors for suicidal ideation of the general population
Daily life behaviors and depression risk following stroke: a preliminary study using ecological momentary assessment
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Intimate partner violence, depression, PTSD, and use of mental health resources among ethnically diverse Black women
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John Snow's legacy: epidemiology without borders
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Platelet and serum calcium and magnesium concentration in suicidal and non-suicidal schizophrenic patients
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Psychological problems, protective factors and health-related quality of life in youth affected by violence: The burden of the multiply victimised
Review: no reliable evidence of the effect of psychotherapy upon suicide risk in people with depression
Role of young women's depression and stress symptoms in their weekly use and nonuse of contraceptive methods
"I just wanted to die" pre-prison and current suicide ideation among women serving life sentences
Association between body mass index and suicide, and suicide attempt among British adults: The health improvement network database
Cognitive and social factors associated with NSSI and suicide attempts in psychiatrically hospitalized adolescents
Developmental timing of child maltreatment and symptoms of depression and suicidal ideation in young adulthood: results from the national longitudinal study of adolescent health
Mindfulness and emotion regulation in depression and anxiety: common and distinct mechanisms of action
Mortality associated with depression as compared with other severe mental disorders: A 20-year follow-up study of the GAZEL cohort
Multidimensional future time perspective as moderators of the relationships between suicide motivation, preparation, and its predictors
Offspring psychopathology following preconception, prenatal and postnatal maternal bereavement stress
Predictors of adequate depression treatment among Medicaid-enrolled youth
Other- and self-directed forms of violence and their relationships to DSM-IV substance use and other psychiatric disorders in a national survey of adults
Psychiatric morbidity patterns in referred inpatients of other specialties
Unique associations between borderline personality disorder features and suicide ideation and attempts in adolescents
Relationships among cyberbullying, school bullying, and mental health in Taiwanese adolescents
Revealing three psychological states before an acting out in 32 patients hospitalized for suicide attempt
Risk factors of depressive syndrome in young adults
Suicide attempt in pupils and university students: A Tunisian case study of 61 cases
WFS1 variants in Finnish patients with diabetes mellitus, sensorineural hearing impairment or optic atrophy, and in suicide victims
Re: Farmers' suicides in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra, India: qualitative exploration of their causes
The relationship between adverse childhood experiences and mental health in adulthood. A systematic literature review
The role of peer rejection in adolescent depression
Transparency: can the effect of governmental surveillance be quantified?
Suicide attempt in pre-pubertal age. What quality of life in a child with incurable disease?
Death in a rainwater tank--unusual death by hypothermia
Death by erotic asphyxiation (breath control play)
Early life conditions of overall and cause-specific mortality among inner-city African Americans
Economic crisis, restrictive policies, and the population's health and health care: the Greek case
The first suicides: a legacy inherited by parasitic protozoans from prokaryote ancestors
An investigation into perception of preventability of injuries and knowledge needs on injury prevention among 684 among undergraduates of a university
Method choice in nonfatal self-harm as a predictor of subsequent episodes of self-harm and suicide: implications for clinical practice
Unemployment and suicide during and after a deep recession: a longitudinal study of 3.4 million Swedish men and women
Adolescent suicidal trajectories through young adulthood: prospective assessment of religiosity and psychosocial factors among a population-based sample in the United States
The association between depression and suicide when hopelessness is controlled for
Delayed myocardial injury following acute hydrogen sulfide intoxication
Fatal aluminum phosphide poisoning in Tehran-Iran from 2007 to 20100
Relations among behavioral and questionnaire measures of impulsivity in a sample of suicide attempters
Stressful life events severity in patients with first and recurrent depressive episodes
Suicide and death ideation in older adults obtaining aging services
Suicide in the Byzantine Empire
Adaptation of an internet-based depression prevention intervention for Chinese adolescents: from "CATCH-IT" to "grasp the opportunity"
Adolescent non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) interventions
Body regard as a moderator of the relation between emotion dysregulation and nonsuicidal self-injury
Challenges and opportunities for suicide bereavement research
Deliberate self-harm before psychiatric admission and risk of suicide: survival in a Danish national cohort
Association between deliberate self-harm and coping in adolescents: a critical review of the last 10 years' literature
Marital status, life stressor precipitants, and communications of distress and suicide intent in a sample of United States Air Force suicide decedents
An investigation of the motivations driving the online representation of self-injury: a thematic analysis
Parental psychopathology and offspring suicidality in Mexico
A preliminary investigation into the emotion self-confidence model of suicidal ideation in adolescents
Suicide: Higher than the road toll yet hidden in the shadows
Some psychological characteristics of adolescents hospitalized following a suicide attempt
Individual- and area-level influence on suicide risk: a multilevel longitudinal study of Swedish schoolchildren
Influences on call outcomes among Veteran callers to the National Veterans Crisis Line
Why adolescent depression is a global health priority and what we should do about it
When still waters become a soul tsunami: using the Tidal Model to recover from shipwreck
Perceived stops to suicidal thoughts, plans, and actions in persons experiencing psychosis
A pilot investigation of the operationalized predicaments of suicide (OPS) framework
Predictors of continuation and cessation of nonsuicidal self-injury
Prevalence and risk factors of attempted suicide in adult war-affected population of eastern Uganda
Prevalence and associated factors of depressive symptoms among Chinese male correctional officers
Sociodemographic, psychiatric and somatic risk factors for suicide: a Swedish national cohort study
Suicidal ideation and resilience in family carers of people with dementia: A pilot qualitative study
Suicidal ideation and risk factors in primary care patients with anxiety disorders
TNF-alpha -308G>A polymorphism is associated with suicide attempts in major depressive disorder
Testing the feasibility of therapeutic identification of depression in young people in British general practice
Suicide protective factors among trans adults
Suicide and the publicly exposed pedophile
Abdominal stab wounds: Self-inflicted wounds versus assault wounds
An age-period-cohort approach to analyzing trends in suicide in Quebec between 1950 and 2009
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The association between suicidal ideation and increased mortality from natural causes
Acetaminophen (paracetamol) causing renal failure: Report on 3 pediatric cases
After an inpatient suicide: the aim and outcome of review mechanisms
The agenda development process of the United states' national action alliance for suicide prevention research prioritization task force
Deaths due to sharp force injuries in Bexar County, Texas, with respect to manner of death
Development and initial validation of the structured interview for self-destructive behaviors
Interactive contributions of self-regulation deficits and social motivation to psychopathology: Unraveling divergent pathways to aggressive behavior and depressive symptoms
Predicting national suicide numbers with social media data
Virtual autopsy in hanging
Vallecular rupture with cervical spine fracture after a failed hanging suicide attempt
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Attempted suicide v. non-suicidal self-injury: behaviour, syndrome or diagnosis?
Modifiable risk factors for depressed mood among farmers
The neuroepigenetics of suicide
Non-suicidal self-injury v. attempted suicide: new diagnosis or false dichotomy?
Parental bonding and personality characteristics of first episode intention to suicide or deliberate self-harm without a history of mental disorders
Reflections on suicide among soldiers
Suicide ideation of individuals in online social networks
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Suicide among adults aged 35-64 years - United States, 1999-2010
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Displacement, county social cohesion, and depression after a large-scale traumatic event
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Organophosphate poisoning-induced acute renal failure
Perceived weight, not obesity, increases risk for major depression among adolescents
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Self-injurious behaviours are associated with alterations in the somatosensory system in children with autism spectrum disorder
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Assessment of self-harm risk using implicit thoughts
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High life in the sky? Mortality by floor of residence in Switzerland
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Recommendations on screening for depression in adults
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Hanging: nature of ligature material applied and type of hanging according to point of suspension
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Social disconnection and hazardous drinking mediate the link between perfectionistic attitudes and depressive symptoms
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Depressive symptoms negate the beneficial effects of physical activity on mortality risk
Fatal poisonings in Finland during the years 2004-2009
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How to improve the system of classification and diagnosis of depressive syndrome
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Suicide attempt with aluminum phosphide poisoning
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Behavioral and neurophysiological correlates of autobiographical memory deficits in patients with depression and individuals at high risk for depression
Elevated C-reactive protein levels, psychological distress, and depression in 73, 131 individuals
Evidence for increased glutamatergic cortical facilitation in children and adolescents with major depressive disorder
Inappropriate data and measures lead to questionable conclusions
Inappropriate data and measures lead to questionable conclusions--reply
Migration of children and impact on depression in older parents in rural Thailand, southeast Asia
Older adults with severe, treatment-resistant depression
Preventing depression: a global priority
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Self-attributed seasonality of mood and behavior: a report from the Netherlands study of depression and anxiety
Suicide in the elderly: crucial not to forget!
Systematic toxicological analysis revealing a rare case of captan ingestion
Time and the psychiatric interview: The negotiation of temporal criteria of the depressive disorder
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Cardiac disease and probable intent after drowning
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A direct method of assessing underlying cognitive risk for adolescent depression
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Managing acute suicidal ideation in a forward deployed location in Afghanistan
A medical interviewing curriculum intervention for medical students' assessment of suicide risk
Military sexual trauma increases risk of post-traumatic stress disorder and depression thereby amplifying the possibility of suicidal ideation and cardiovascular disease
The mirror effect: Self-awareness alone increases suicide thought accessibility
A multicenter retrospective survey on a suicide trend using hydrogen sulfide in Japan
Opposite effective connectivity in the posterior cingulate and medial prefrontal cortex between first-episode schizophrenic patients with suicide risk and healthy controls
Particular difficulties faced by GPs with young adults who will attempt suicide: a cross-sectional study
Poisoning with household cleaning products in a city in Northeast Brazil
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Randomised controlled trial of therapeutic assessment versus usual assessment in adolescents with self-harm: 2-year follow-up
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Striatum-based circuitry of adolescent depression and anhedonia
A study of postpartum depression and maternal risk factors in Qatar
Suicide intervention skills among Japanese medical residents
A truly national National Violent Death Reporting System
Unintentional alcohol and drug poisoning in association with substance use disorders and mood and anxiety disorders: results from the 2010 Nationwide Inpatient Sample
Using media to promote suicide prevention hotlines to Veteran households
When and why should mentally ill prisoners be transferred to secure hospitals: A proposed algorithm
Airway strategies for lung isolation in a patient with high-velocity nail gun injuries to the right cardiac ventricle and floor of the mouth: a case report
Religiosity and longitudinal change in psychosocial functioning in adult offspring of depressed parents at high risk for major depression
Attitudes of emergency care staff towards young people who self-harm: A scoping review
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Hospitalizations for self-harm higher among people from poorer neighbourhoods
Treatment of patients with suicidal and autoagressive neck, thorax and abdomen injuries
Existential neuroscience: neurophysiological correlates of proximal defenses against death-related thoughts
Sensitivity to reward and punishment in major depressive disorder: effects of rumination and of single versus multiple experiences
Association between low income, depression, self-efficacy and mass-incident-related strains: an understanding of mass incidents in China
Medical cost and frequent mental distress among the non-elderly US adult population
Postpartum depression screening: a comment on Leung et al
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Evolution of bipolar disorders in adolescents: About 30 cases
Factors of Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (17 items) at 2 weeks correlated with poor outcome at 1 year in patients with ischemic stroke
Health and mental health needs of children in U.S. military families
Maternal overprotection score of the Parental Bonding Instrument predicts the outcome of cognitive behavior therapy by trainees for depression
Quality of life, depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation among men who inject drugs in Delhi, India
Detecting suicidality from facial appearance
The impact of smoking cessation on schizophrenia and major depression
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Association of glucocorticoid and type 1 corticotropin-releasing hormone receptors gene variants and risk for depression during pregnancy and post-partum
Binge/purge thoughts in nonsuicidal self-injurious adolescents: An ecological momentary analysis
Comorbid alcohol and cannabis use disorders among high-risk youth at intake into residential care
Current situation of suicide in Japan, and what pharmacists contribute for suicide prevention
The development of socioeconomic inequalities in anxiety and depression symptoms over the lifecourse
Dignitas accepts the first case of suicide for dementia from the UK (Comment)
Does altitude moderate the impact of lithium on suicide? A spatial analysis of Austria
Education and practice for pharmacists being a connection between physicians and persons having unawareness of mental illness
Effect of 9/11 on suicide: appropriateness of a time series model
The effect of spirituality and religious attendance on the relationship between psychological distress and negative life events
Elemental mercury toxicity due to aspiration following intentional massive ingestion
Impulsive responses to emotion as a transdiagnostic vulnerability to internalizing and externalizing symptoms
Longitudinal association of intimate partner violence and depressive symptoms
Longitudinal associations between violence and suicidality from adolescence into adulthood
57-year-old patient after attempted suicide
Early childhood sexual abuse increases suicidal intent
The mediatory role of maladaptive schema modes between parental care and non-suicidal self-injury
The narratives of abused children who have survived attempted filicide
Participatory research for preventing pesticide-related DSH and suicide in Sundarban, India: a brief report
Targeted group-based interventions in schools to promote emotional well-being: A systematic review
Sex differences in clinical predictors of depression: A prospective study
The role of private pesticide vendors in preventing access to pesticides for self-poisoning in rural Sri Lanka
Omega-6 fatty acids and greater likelihood of suicide risk and major depression in early pregnancy
The pharmacist as gatekeeper: combating medication abuse and dependence
Pharmacist as a real "gatekeeper" for the prevention of suicide, overdosage and depression: what should we need?
Racial differences in depression in the United States: how do subgroup analyses inform a paradox?
Relationship among low cholesterol levels, depressive symptoms, aggression, hostility, and cynicism
Research to reduce the suicide rate among older adults: methodology roadblocks and promising paradigms
School nurses as gatekeepers to plan, prepare, and prevent child and youth suicide: new SOS signs of suicide online module
Suicidal behaviours in South East London: Prevalence, risk factors and the role of socio-economic status
Using the Suicide Index score to predict treatment outcomes among psychiatric inpatients
Weight discrimination and bullying
Adult suicide and circumstances in Rhode Island, 2004-2010
Alcohol as an acute risk factor for recent suicide attempts: a case-crossover analysis
High-intent suicide and the Beck's Suicide Intent scale: a case report
How perceived social support relates to suicidal ideation: A Japanese social resident survey
Making the cut: The production of 'self-harm' in post-1945 Anglo-Saxon psychiatry
Suicide attempts in the county of Basel: results from the WHO/EURO Multicentre Study on Suicidal Behaviour
A community's response to suicide through public art: stakeholder perspectives from the Finding the Light Within Project
Culture and its neurofunctional correlates when death is in mind
Cutaneous body image dissatisfaction and suicidal ideation: Mediation by interpersonal sensitivity
Developmental and contextual factors in the role of severe childhood trauma in geriatric depression: The sample case of former indentured child laborers
Do conversations with virtual avatars increase feelings of social anxiety?
Implications for school nursing through interprofessional education and practice
Madrid study on the prevalence and characteristics of outpatients with dual pathology in community mental health and substance misuse services
Nunavut youth saturated in the realities of suicide
Moral distress reexamined: a feminist interpretation of nurses' identities, relationships, and responsibilites
Neighborhood disadvantage in context: the influence of urbanicity on the association between neighborhood disadvantage and adolescent emotional disorders
Parental socio-economic position during childhood as a determinant of self-harm in adolescence
Predictors of suicide threats in patients with borderline personality disorder over 16 years of prospective follow-up
Predictors of alcohol-related problems among depressed and non-depressed women
Prevalence of Toxoplasma gondii parasite infection among people who died due to sudden death in the capital city of Warsaw and its vicinity
Completed suicides in the district of Timur Laut, Penang Island - a preliminary investigation of 3 years (2007-2009) prospective data
Depression among last-year high school students in Vientiane, capital city of Lao PDR
ECG changes in a case of attempted partial hanging
Emergency department visits by patients with mental health disorders - North Carolina, 2008-2010
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School based, universal primary prevention of depressive symptoms (disorders) in adolescents
Sex differences in suicides among children and youth: the potential impact of help-seeking behaviour
A suicidal poisoning due to tramadol. A metabolic approach to death investigation
Suicide ideation and its influential factors among primary and junior high school students in rural areas of Anhui province
Suicide prevention for local public and volunteer relief workers in disaster-affected areas
Suicide risk in people with epilepsy taking antiepileptic drugs
Unintended consequences: stigma and suicide prevention efforts
Unusual complications of quinalphos poisoning
Risk factors for diagnosed intentional self-injury: A total population-based study
The risk of adolescent suicide across patterns of drug use: a nationally representative study of high school students in the United States from 1999 to 2009
Self-harm in the UK military
Serotonergic genes and suicide: A systematic review
The societal cost of bipolar disorder in Sweden
Suicide commitment with metformin: our experience with five cases
Association between childhood adversities and suicide attempts among alcoholic inpatients in Taiwan
Cognitive vulnerability to depressive symptoms in children: the protective role of self-efficacy beliefs in a multi-wave longitudinal study
National study of the role of recent illicit substance use on the relationship between depressive symptoms and sexual risk behavior among child welfare-involved adolescents
Weight status and depression: moderating role of fat talk between female friends
Emotion regulation difficulties mediate associations between betrayal trauma and symptoms of posttraumatic stress, depression, and anxiety
Prevalence and characteristics of abuse experiences and depression symptoms among injection drug-using female sex workers in Mexico
Beyond workers' compensation: men's mental health in and out of work
Prolonged ventilatory failure and flaccid quadriparesis following ingestion of poison hemlock
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Epilepsy in active component service members, 1998-2012
CT findings in two nail gun suicides
Early adolescent growth in depression and conduct problem symptoms as predictors of later substance use impairment
Comorbid social withdrawal (hikikomori) in outpatients with social anxiety disorder: Clinical characteristics and treatment response in a case series
Depression risks in mothers of children with developmental disabilities: A cross-cultural comparison of Brazil, Colombia, Malaysia and Thailand
Are family meals as good for youth as we think they are? A review of the literature on family meals as they pertain to adolescent risk prevention
Self-inflicted burns: A systematic review of the literature
Factors impacting decisions to decline or adhere to antidepressant medication in perinatal women with mood and anxiety disorders
Measuring depression and anxiety in sub-Saharan Africa
Suicide related events and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder treatments in children and adolescents: a meta-analysis of atomoxetine and methylphenidate comparator clinical trials
Adolescent depression: clinical features and therapeutic strategies
Antidepressants and the risk of suicide in young persons - prescription trends and toxicological analyses
Biological basis of suicide and suicidal behavior
Childhood trauma, traumatic brain injury, and mental health disorders associated with suicidal ideation and suicide-related behavior in a community corrections sample
Clinical significance of suicidal behaviour in delusional disorder: A 44 case-series descriptive study
Contacts with health professionals before suicide: Missed opportunities for prevention?
Correction: Differences between children and adolescents who commit suicide and their peers: A psychological autopsy of suicide victims compared to accident victims and a community sample
Depression following hip fracture is associated with increased physical frailty in older adults: the role of the cortisol: dehydroepiandrosterone sulphate ratio
Differential association of socio-economic status with gender- and age-defined suicidal ideation among adult and elderly individuals in South Korea
Differential effect of lithium on spermidine/spermine N1-acetyltransferase expression in suicidal behaviour
Distress tolerance and anxiety sensitivity cognitive concerns: testing the incremental contributions of affect dysregulation constructs on suicidal ideation and suicide attempt
Does diurnal temperature range influence seasonal suicide mortality? Assessment of daily data of the Helsinki metropolitan area from 1973 to 2010
The duty to be well-informed: the case of depression
Emotion differentiation as a protective factor against nonsuicidal self-injury in borderline personality disorder
A forensic neuropsychiatric approach to traumatic brain injury, aggression, and suicide
Medical care utilization during 1 year prior to death in suicides motivated by physical illnesses
The latent structure and comorbidity patterns of generalized anxiety disorder and major depressive disorder: a national study
News reports of bullying-related fatal and nonfatal injuries in the Americas
Poisoning with aluminumphosphide can be life-threatening for patients as well as health professionals
A qualitative description of female veterans' deployment-related experiences and potential suicide risk factors
The STAR*D study: treating depression in the real world
Suicide risk among adults with epilepsy in Kaduna, Nigeria
Symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) moderate suicidal behaviors in college students with depressed mood
Do boys fight and girls cut? a general strain theory approach to gender and deviance
Gatekeeper training for suicide prevention in first nations community members: a randomized controlled trial
Motivational dynamics among eating-disordered patients with and without nonsuicidal self-injury: a self-determination theory approach
Recurrence risk in major depression
The relationship between the prefrontal activation during a verbal fluency task and stress-coping style in major depressive disorder: A near-infrared spectroscopy study
Relationships between perceived stigma, coping orientations, self-esteem, and quality of life in patients with schizophrenia
Restoring psychic containers of identity after a suicide attempt in adolescence
Review of palliative sedation and its distinction from euthanasia and lethal injection
Hippocampal volume and total cell numbers in major depressive disorder
The importance of full-time work for urban adults' mental and physical health
The influence of the internalization of emotional regulation on mental health among the Taiwanese people: the moderating effect of cultural fit
Intracortical microinjections may cause spreading depression and suppress absence seizures
Is comorbid borderline personality disorder in patients with major depressive episode and bipolarity a developmental subtype? Findings from the international BRIDGE study
Leave to intervene in cases of gender identity disorder; normative causation; financial harms and involuntary treatment; and the right to be protected from suicide
Long term effect of reduced pack sizes of paracetamol on poisoning deaths and liver transplant activity in England and Wales: interrupted time series analyses
Mindfulness-based stress reduction for comorbid anxiety and depression: case report and clinical considerations
Moderators of treatment effectiveness for war-affected youth with depression in northern Uganda
Morphometric analysis of vascular pathology in the orbitofrontal cortex of older subjects with major depression
Plasma phosphatidylcholine and sphingomyelin concentrations are associated with depression and anxiety symptoms in a Dutch family-based lipidomics study
Predictors of community functioning in schizophrenia and substance use disorder patients
Psychiatric problems and trauma exposure in nondetained delinquent and nondelinquent adolescents
A qualitative study exploring female patients' experiences of self-harm in a medium secure unit
A retrospective of publications addressing suicidal behaviour in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 1967-2012
Risk factors for onset of multiple or long major depressive episodes versus single and short episodes
Risk factors for suicide in Japan: A model of predicting suicide in 2008 by risk factors of 2007
Risks and predictors of current suicidality in HIV-infected heroin users in treatment in Yunnan, China: A controlled study
The association of unwanted pregnancy and social support with depressive symptoms in pregnancy: evidence from rural Southwestern Ethiopia
Confidence in the future, health-related behaviour and psychological distress: Results from a web-based cross-sectional study of 101 257 Finns
Could a brief assessment of negative emotions and self-esteem identify adolescents at current and future risk of self-harm in the community? A prospective cohort analysis
Dissociative depression among women in the community
Dopamine receptor (D4) polymorphism is related to comorbidity between marijuana abuse and depression
Demographic and clinical characteristics of consistent and inconsistent longitudinal reporters of lifetime suicide attempts in adolescence through young adulthood
The effect of the late 2000s financial crisis on suicides in Spain: an interrupted time-series analysis
Epidemiology of psychiatric disorders in elderly and their impact on somatic health
Factors associated with grief and depression following the loss of a child: A multivariate analysis
Suicide in Hungary-epidemiological and clinical perspectives
Longitudinal course and predictors of suicidal ideation in a rural community sample
Prevalence and predictors of persistent versus remitting mood, anxiety, and substance disorders in a national sample of older adults
Reasons for self-mutilation reported by borderline patients over 16 years of prospective follow-up
Relations between hopelessness, depressive symptoms and suicidality: Mediation by reasons for living
Retraction Note: Penile strangulation by metallic rings
Self-inflicted burns in soldiers
Adolescent suicidal behavior across the excess weight status spectrum
The art of dying as an art of living: Historical contemplations on the paradoxes of suicide and the possibilities of reflexive suicide prevention
Characterization of depression in prodromal Huntington disease in the neurobiological predictors of HD (PREDICT-HD) study
A conditional model for estimating the increase in suicides associated with the 2008-2010 economic recession in England
Depression knowledge in high school students: Effectiveness of the adolescent depression awareness program
Democratization and life expectancy in Europe, 1960-2008
Erratum to: Depression and aggression in never-married men in China: a growing problem
Fluoxetine increases suicide ideation less than placebo during treatment of adults with minor depressive disorder
Origins of suicidality: compatibility of lay and expert beliefs - qualitative study
Parenting behavior and the interpersonal-psychological theory of suicide: a mediated moderation analysis with adolescents
Prevalence of suicidal ideation, attempts, and completed suicide rate in Chinese aging populations: A systematic review
Prevalence, demographic and clinical correlates of suicide attempts in Chinese medicated chronic inpatients with schizophrenia
Profile of suicide in rural Cameroon: are health systems doing enough?
Risk assessment and psychosocial interventions for suicidal patients
Short-term effects of a suicide education intervention for family caregivers of people who are suicidal
The consequences of neglect in children: Neurocognitive comparisons among conduct disordered and non-conduct disordered youth residing in foster-care with that of children from intact families
Delayed death in hanging
Acutely suicidal adolescents who engage in bullying behavior: 1-year trajectories
The association between adult attachment style, mental disorders, and suicidality: findings from a population-based study
The association of sleep duration, mental health, and health risk behaviors among U. S. Afghanistan/Iraq era veterans
Barriers to treatment engagement for depression among Latinas
Bullying and suicide: a public health approach
ABCB1 gene polymorphisms are associated with suicide in forensic autopsies
Age and suicide among veterans with a history of homelessness
Clinical risk of stigma and discrimination of mental illnesses: Need for objective assessment and quantification
Coffee, caffeine, and risk of completed suicide: Results from three prospective cohorts of American adults
Differences in specific depressive symptoms among community-dwelling middle-aged Japanese adults before and after a universal screening intervention
How are you feeling? Revisiting the quantification of Emotional Qualia
Incidental treatment effects of CBT on suicidal ideation and hopelessness
Linking peer victimization to the development of depressive self-schemas in children and adolescents
NATO survey of mental health training in army recruits
Parental affectionless control and suicidality
Physical activity and onset of depression in adolescents: A prospective study in the general population cohort TRAILS
Prevalence and gender patterns of mental health problems in German youth with experience of violence: the KiGGS study
Prevalence and trajectory of psychopathology among child and adolescent survivors of disasters: a systematic review of epidemiological studies across 1987-2011
A rare case of hepatic duct injury from blunt abdominal trauma
Responses of health care institutions to staff suicides
A retrospective case series of suicide attempts leading to hospice admission
Self-reported internalizing and externalizing behaviours among junior high school students at 2 and 4 years after the 921 earthquake in Taiwan
Severity of pre-existing psychiatric illness and response to the Great East Japan Earthquake
Suicidal behavior in dementia: a special risk in semantic dementia
Suicidal behaviour of Indian patients with obsessive compulsive disorder
Suicide and suicidal ideation among Bhutanese refugees - United States, 2009-2012
Suicide following an infestation of bed bugs
Triketone toxicity: A report on two cases of sulcotrione poisoning
Vital signs: overdoses of prescription opioid pain relievers and other drugs among women - United States, 1999-2010
Body image: literature review
Breastfeeding, retinoids, and postpartum depression: A new theory
Cardiac impairment after hanging attempt: A preliminary descriptive study
Correlates of depressive symptoms among at-risk youth presenting to the emergency department
Can some aspects of the epidemiology of elderly suicides be applied to dementia
Does a copycat effect exist in the emergency department?
The effect of a web-based depression intervention on suicide ideation: secondary outcome from a randomised controlled trial in a helpline
Elevated serotonin and 5-HIAA in the brainstem and lower serotonin turnover in the prefrontal cortex of suicides
Engaging young people in treatment after self-harm
Factors associated with self-cutting as a method of self-harm: Findings from the Irish National Registry of Deliberate Self-Harm
Functional decline in older adults one year after hospitalization
Genetic modulation of borderline personality disorder: Systematic review and meta-analysis
How do public health practitioners in China perceive injury prevention? A survey
Immigration and recommended care after a suicide attempt in Europe: equity or bias?
In patients with schizophrenia, non-fatal suicidal self-directed violence is positively associated with present but not past smoking
Inclusive anti-bullying policies and reduced risk of suicide attempts in lesbian and gay youth
Learned resourcefulness, danger in intimate partner relationships, and mental health symptoms of depression and PTSD in abused women
Latent subtypes of depression in a community sample of older adults: Can depression clusters predict future depression trajectories?
"A Kantian care ethics suicide duty"
Lifetime trauma, subjective distress, substance use, and PTSD symptoms in people with severe mental illness: comparisons among four diagnostic groups
Lithium in the prevention of suicide in mood disorders: updated systematic review and meta-analysis
Messages from Manchester: pilot randomised controlled trial following self-harm
Mortality and psychiatric disorders among public mental health care clients in Utrecht: A register-based cohort study
Mortality in persons with mental disorders is substantially overestimated using inpatient psychiatric diagnoses
Pain, pain catastrophizing, and history of intentional overdoses and attempted suicide
Potential suicide ideation and its association with observing bullying at school
Precipitating circumstances of suicide among youth aged 10-17 years by sex: data from the national violent death reporting system, 16 States, 2005-2008
Predictors of onset for non-suicidal self-injury within a school-based sample of adolescents
Psychological, physical, and academic correlates of cyberbullying and traditional bullying
Risk of suicide is insufficient warrant for coercive treatment for mental illness
Role of 24 hour telephonic helpline in delivery of mental health services
Stressful psychosocial school environment and suicidal ideation in Chinese adolescents
Suicidal Adolescents' Experiences With Bullying Perpetration and Victimization during High School as Risk Factors for Later Depression and Suicidality
Suicidal behavior and loss of the future self in semantic dementia
Suicidal ideation and school bullying experiences after controlling for depression and delinquency
Suicidal thinking and behavior among youth involved in verbal and social bullying: risk and protective factors
Suicide attempts by deliberate self-poisoning in children and adolescents
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Suicides among cancer patients in Lithuania: A population-based census-linked study
When aspiration fails: A study of its effect on mental disorder and suicide risk
What is meant by "increased risk for suicide"?-Reply
What is meant by "increased risk for suicide"?
Antidepressant utilization and suicide in Europe: An ecological multi-national study
Challenges to traditional clinical definitions of depression in young black men
Depression and suicide are natural kinds: Implications for physician-assisted suicide
The postcard intervention against depression among community-dwelling older adults: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial
Prevalence of depressive symptoms and associated developmental disorders in preschool children: a population-based study
Rumination, substance use, and self-harm in a representative Australian adult sample
Why are people with mental illness excluded from the rational suicide debate?
Childhood disruptiveness and anxiousness impact the relationship between childhood adversity and later suicide attempt
Cost-effectiveness of a helpline for suicide prevention
Hey kid, are you OK? A story of suicide survived
History of depression and previous suicide attempt predict increased risk of suicide attempt following diagnosis of first-episode psychosis
Suicide mitigation: a compassionate approach to suicide prevention
Suicide prevention: are we doing enough?
To be or not to be: legal and ethical considerations in suicide prevention
Understanding suicide: a sociological autopsy (Extended book review)
Witnessing the pain of suffering: Exploring the relationship between media representations, public understandings and policy responses to filicide-suicide
Animal-assisted therapy and agitation and depression in nursing home residents with dementia: a matched case-control trial
Anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation in patients with rheumatoid arthritis in use of methotrexate, hydroxychloroquine, leflunomide and biological drugs
Assessing apathy in everyday clinical practice with the short-form Lille Apathy Rating Scale
The association of contraceptive methods and depression
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Big Five personality scores and rates of suicidality in the United States
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Childhood parental death and lifetime suicide attempt of the opposite-gender offspring in a nationwide community sample of Korea
The clinician's dilemma: Two dimensions of ethical care
Co-occurring mental health and alcohol misuse: Dual disorder symptoms in combat injured veterans
Comorbidity of psychiatric and personality disorders in first suicide attempters
Death as a result of violent asphyxia in autopsy reports
The effects of friendship network popularity on depressive symptoms during early adolescence: Moderation by fear of negative evaluation and gender
Emergency mental health admissions for children: A naturalistic study
Facets of anger, childhood sexual victimization, and gender as predictors of suicide attempts by psychiatric patients after hospital discharge
A five-month longitudinal study of psychache and suicide ideation: replication in general and high-risk university students
Forensic pharmacy: can you prove it?
The functions of social support as protective factors for suicidal ideation in a sample of Air Force personnel
Gender differences in the trajectories of late-life depressive symptomology and probable depression in the years prior to death
Gender differences of suicide in Japan, 1947-2010
Genetic association studies between SNPs and suicidal behavior: A meta-analytical field synposis
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Miseries suffered, unvoiced, unknown? Communication of suicidal intent by men in "rural" Queensland, Australia
Pain and suicidality: Insights from reward and addiction neuroscience
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Psychiatric symptoms may contribute to poor quality of life in adolescents with migraine
Psychosocial stressors and patterns of coping in adolescent suicide attempters
Self-reported peer victimization and suicidal ideation in adolescent psychiatric inpatients: The mediating role of negative self-esteem
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Two-year hospital records of burns from a referral center in Western Iran: March 2010-March 2012
An unusual case of suicide attempt using intravenous injection of kerosene
Variation and seasonal patterns of suicide mortality in Finland and Sweden since the 1750s
"collateral damages": preparing residents for coping with patient suicide
Discussion of late-life suicide: how social workers perceive and intervene in elderly suicide
Depression, antidepressants, and falls among community-dwelling elderly people: The MOBILIZE Boston Study
Factors associated with depression and suicide among patients with diabetes mellitus and essential hypertension in a Nigerian teaching hospital
Alcohol, moods and male-female differences: daily interactive voice response over 6 months
Alzheimer disease and pre-emptive suicide
Child sexual abuse and the pathophysiology of suicide in adolescents and adults
Cultural values and self-harm
Deliberate self-poisoning with prescribed drugs is not related to medical severity of acts
The economic burden of opioid-related poisoning in the United States
Epidemiological aspects of suicide in Dakar
The interface of the civil and criminal law of suicide at common law (1194-1845)
Moral individualism and elective death
A pilot study of interpersonal psychotherapy for alcohol-dependent women with co-occurring major depression
Prevention of suicidal behavior in adolescents with post-traumatic stress disorder
Region-specific alterations in glucocorticoid receptor expression in the postmortem brain of teenage suicide victims
Sociodemographic predictors of suicide means in a population-based surveillance system: Findings from the National Violent Death Reporting System
Suicide attempts in patients with bipolar disorder tend to precede, not follow, initiation of antiepileptic drugs
Suicide screening in general hospitals
Using Mendelian randomisation to infer causality in depression and anxiety research
A comparative analysis of suicide terrorists and rampage, workplace, and school shooters in the United States from 1990 to 2010
The role of methadone in fatalities
Aspirations of Latina adolescent suicide attempters
Antidepressant use in persons aged 12 and over: United States, 2005-2008
The changing profile of autopsied deaths in the United States, 1972-2007
The health of male veterans and nonveterans aged 25-64: United States, 2007-2010
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Relations among teasing, body satisfaction, self-esteem, and depression in treatment-seeking obese African American adolescents
Aboriginal youth suicide in Quebec: The contribution of public policy for prevention
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Association study of BDNF with completed suicide in the Japanese population
The associations between loss and posttraumatic stress and depressive symptoms following hurricane Ike
Comparison of suicide attempts in schizophrenia and major depressive disorder: An exploratory study
The complex problem of suicide
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Characteristics of Wenchuan earthquake victims who remained in a government-supported transitional community
Efficient interventions on suicide prevention: A literature review
Forensic aspects of gunshot suicides in Germany
Functions of nonsuicidal self-injury among Chinese community adolescents
Gender-based seasonality of suicide in Japan, 2005-2012
How to improve testing when trying to predict inmate suicidal behavior
The impact of newspaper reporting of hydrogen sulfide suicide on imitative suicide attempts in Japan
The importance of high distress tolerance in the relationship between nonsuicidal self-injury and suicide potential
Judeo-Christian concepts related to psychiatry
Latent structure of posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms in an adolescent sample one month after an earthquake
Modeling bipolar disorder suicidality
A model for therapeutic risk management of the suicidal patient
Oxidative stress and lowered total antioxidant status are associated with a history of suicide attempts
Parent and adolescent reports of parenting when a parent has a history of depression: Associations with observations of parenting
Pattern of suicides in 2009: Data from the National Suicide Registry Malaysia
Pattern of experienced and anticipated discrimination among people with depression in Nigeria: a cross-sectional study
Prison suicides in Germany from 2000 to 2011
Psychological processes and repeat suicidal behavior: A four-year prospective study
Risk and protective factors that distinguish adolescents who attempt suicide from those who only consider suicide in the past year
The role of hope and optimism in suicide risk for American Indians/Alaska Natives
Temperament and character profiles of Japanese university students with depressive episodes and ideas of suicide or self-harm: A PHQ-9 screening study
Suicidal and help-seeking behavior in Xiamen, south China
Suicide and other-cause mortality among heroin users in Taiwan: A prospective study
Use of the Suicide Status Form-II to investigate correlates of suicide risk factors in psychiatrically hospitalized children and adolescents
Activated depression: mixed bipolar disorder or agitated unipolar depression?
Assessment of suicidal and self-injurious behaviours among patients with depression
Associations between perceptions of school connectedness and adolescent health risk behaviors in South African high school learners
Contextual risk and promotive processes in Puerto Rican youths' internalizing trajectories in Puerto Rico and New York
Depressive symptoms are associated with reduced neutrophil function in hip fracture patients
Distinct alterations in value-based decision-making and cognitive control in suicide attempters: Toward a dual neurocognitive model
The epigenetic switches for neural development and psychiatric disorders
Family intervention for adolescents with suicidal behavior: a randomized controlled trial and mediation analysis
The impact of childhood adversity on suicidality and clinical course in treatment-resistant depression
Medicolegal aspects of a survived suicide attempt by hanging
New paradigms for treatment-resistant depression
Pre-emptive suicide, precedent autonomy and preclinical Alzheimer disease
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Psychosocial factors associated with suicidal ideation in clinical patients with depression
Relational aggression, victimization, and adjustment during middle childhood
Seasonal differences in the day-of-the-week pattern of suicide in Queensland, Australia
Self-inflicted bilateral orchidectomy precipitated by erotic bizarre delusions: a case report
Sexual abuse and substance abuse increase risk of suicidal behavior in Malaysian youth
Suicidal ideation in a European Huntington's disease population
Suicide under the influence of "magic mushrooms"
Study site experiences and attitudes toward prospective assessments of suicidal ideation and behavior in clinical trials: Results of an internet-based survey
An unusual case of suicidal carbon monoxide poisoning committed using a portable barbecue grill
Vulnerability to depression: A moderated mediation model of the roles of child maltreatment, peer victimization, and serotonin transporter linked polymorphic region genetic variation among children from low socioeconomic status backgrounds
Acute alcohol consumption as a contributing factor to suicidal behavior
Alcohol-related mortality in deprived UK cities: worrying trends in young women challenge recent national downward trends
Are structural brain abnormalities associated with suicidal behavior in patients with psychotic disorders?
Burn injuries and women: a public health concern
Caine responds: On alcohol and suicide
Characterization of suicidal behaviour with self-organizing maps
Child deaths due to injury in the four UK countries: A time trends study from 1980 to 2010
Complex suicide by self-stabbing with subsequent drowning in the sea
Effectiveness of brief suicide management training programme for medical residents in Japan: a cluster randomized controlled trial
Employing crisis postcards with case management in Kaohsiung, Taiwan: 6-month outcomes of a randomised controlled trial for suicide attempters
The ethics of doing nothing. Suicide-bereavement and research: ethical and methodological considerations
Exposure to suicide and identification as survivor
Factors associated with attitudes toward suicide
Fatigue as a cause, not a consequence of depression and daytime sleepiness: A cross-lagged analysis
Impact of psychotropic drugs on suicide and suicidal behaviors
Isolation of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth: a dimensional concept analysis
Life-time and current suicide-ideation in Australian secondary school students: Socio-demographic, health and psychological predictors
Loneliness: its correlates and association with health behaviours and outcomes in nine countries of the former soviet union
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Mediators of a culturally-sensitive intervention for suicidal African American women
National suicide rates and mental health system indicators: An ecological study of 191 countries
Occupation and suicide: Colorado, 2004-2006
Personality disorders and health problems distinguish suicide attempters from completers in a direct comparison
A prediction model for the incidence of civil detention for crisis patients with psychiatric illnesses; the Amsterdam study of acute psychiatry VII
Prenatal and early childhood bisphenol A concentrations and behavior in school-aged children
Psychotic symptoms and population risk for suicide attempt: A prospective cohort study
Quetiapine reduces irritability and risk of suicide in patients with agitated depression
The relations of suicidal ideation and attempts with physical activity among Korean adolescents
Responses to a self-presented suicide attempt in social media
Risk factors for inpatient suicide
Seasonal variation of suicide in the City of São Paulo, Brazil, 1996-2010
Sense of belonging and suicide: a systematic review
Suicide: A medico-historical exploration
Self inflicted injuries among children in United States - Estimates from a nationwide emergency department sample
White matter hyperintensities and self-reported depression in a sample of patients with chronic headache
Depression and affective temperaments are associated with poor health-related quality of life in patients with HIV infection
Gene variants with suicidal risk in a sample of subjects with chronic migraine and affective temperamental dysregulation
Adaptive characteristics and suicidal behavior: A gender comparison of young adults
A systematic review process to evaluate suicide prevention programs: A sample case of community-based programs
Gender differences in risk and protective factors for suicidal ideation among college students
Mindfulness, nonattachment, and suicide rumination in college students: The mediating role of depressive symptoms
Depression and hopelessness in secondary and higher education students
Affective instability prior to and after thoughts about self-injury in individuals with and at-risk of psychosis: A mobile phone based study
An adolescent with nonsuicidal self-injury: a case and discussion of neurobiological research on emotion regulation
Suicide attempts in children and adolescents. A mask of child abuse?
Firearm homicides and suicides in major metropolitan areas - United States, 2006-2007 and 2009-2010
Interprofessional differences in disposition decisions: results from a standardized web-based patient assessment
Review: about one in five people with first-episode psychosis have a history of deliberate self-harm
Assessing and treating different suicidal states in a Danish outpatient sample
Assessing risk of suicide or self harm in adults
Association of loneliness, impulsivity and alcohol use with suicidal behavior in adolescents
Associations between emotional intelligence, depression and suicide risk in nursing students
Attitudes and stigma in relation to help-seeking intentions for psychological problems in low and high suicide rate regions
Attitudes towards suicide among adolescents
Change in suicide rates in Switzerland before and after firearm restriction resulting from the 2003 "Army XXI" reform
Child abuse and suicidal ideation among adolescents in China
Correlates of alcohol abstinence and at-risk alcohol consumption in older adults with depression: The nesdo study
Demonstrating the impact and model of care of a statewide psychiatric intensive care service
Differentiating adolescent suicide attempters from ideators: Examining the interaction between depression severity and alcohol use
Dimensions of suicidality: Analyzing the domains of the SIS-MAP suicide risk assessment instrument and the development of a brief screener
Does the physician density affect suicide rates among adolescents and young adults?
Earthquake in Chile: acute stress and post traumatic stress disorder among women in treatment for severe depression
Educating medical professionals about suicide prevention among military veterans
Effects of positive action on the emotional health of urban youth: A cluster-randomized trial
Emergency department recognition of mental disorders and short-term outcome of deliberate self-harm
Emergency department staff attitudes toward people who self-harm: exploring the influences of norms and identity
Erratum to: Influence of family history of major depression, bipolar disorder, and suicide on clinical features in patients with major depression and bipolar disorder
Evaluation of forensic deaths during the month of Ramadan in Konya, Turkey, between 2000 and 2009
Firearm restriction, more precise
Shooting the messenger: authors' response
Gene environment interaction studies in depression and suicidal behavior: An update
Guns and suicide
Impact of Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training on the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
The impact of exercise on suicide risk: Examining pathways through depression, PTSD, and sleep in an inpatient sample of veterans
Low testosterone levels may be associated with suicidal behavior in older men while high testosterone levels may be related to suicidal behavior in adolescents and young adults: a hypothesis
Making strides in women's mental health care delivery in rural Ethiopia: Demographics of a female outpatient psychiatric cohort at Jimma University Specialized Hospital (2006-2008)
Mexican-origin youths' trajectories of depressive symptoms: The role of familism values
Non-suicidal self-injury from the observer's perspective: A vignette study
Peer sexual harassment and deliberate self-injury: Longitudinal cross-lag investigations in Canada and Sweden
Perception of change and burden in children of national guard troops deployed as part of the global war on terror
Police suicide in small departments: a comparative analysis
Posttraumatic stress disorder increases risk for suicide attempt in adults with recurrent major depression
Predictors of suicidal ideation in chronic pain patients: An exploratory study
Prenatal and childhood antecedents of suicide: 50-year follow-up of the 1958 British Birth Cohort Study
The psychological impact of losing a friend to suicide
Randomized controlled trial testing the effectiveness of a depression prevention program ('Op Volle Kracht') among adolescent girls with elevated depressive symptoms
Reasons for attempting suicide among a community sample of adolescents
Responses to online photographs of non-suicidal self-injury: a thematic analysis
Risk of death for young ex-prisoners in the year following release from adult prison
The role of autonomy needs in suicidal ideation: Integrating the interpersonal-psychological theory of suicide and self-determination theory
Role of impulsivity and other personality dimensions in attempted suicide with self-poisoning among children and adolescents
The role of inflammatory cytokines in suicidal behavior: A systematic review
Rumination and pessimistic certainty as mediators of the relation between lifetime suicide attempt history and future suicidal ideation
School performance and the risk of suicide attempts in young adults: a longitudinal population-based study
Secular trends in depressive symptoms among Norwegian adolescents from 1992 to 2010
Self-inflicted trans-oral intracranial stab wound
Shame behind the masks: the parents' perspective on their sons' suicide
Stigma and suicide warning signs
Suicidal ideation and its correlates: Testing the interpersonal theory of suicide in Chinese students
Suicidal nitrogen inhalation by use of scuba full-face diving mask
Suicide ideas and immediate suicide risk
Suicide in the old elderly: Results from one Italian county
Suicide prevention: Guidelines for timely and well-organised help
Suicides among patients with mental disorders - case studies
Susceptibility (risk and protective) factors for in-patient violence and self-harm: prospective study of structured professional judgement instruments START and SAPROF, DUNDRUM-3 and DUNDRUM-4 in forensic mental health services
Use of health services following self-harm in urban versus suburban and rural areas: a national cross-sectional study
Why self-immolation? A qualitative exploration of the motives for attempting suicide by self-immolation
Acute overdose: suicide attempt
Association of 5HTR1A gene variants with suicidal behavior: Case-control study and updated meta-analysis
Admission rate of patients with most common psychiatric disorders in relation to seasons and climatic factors during 2010/2011
Commentary on Kernberg's "Suicide prevention for psychoanalytic institutes and societies"
Does depression experienced by mothers leads to a decline in marital quality: a 21-year longitudinal study
Antenatal depression in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka and the factor structure of the Sinhalese Version of Edinburgh Post Partum Depression Scale among pregnant women
Fighting on the side of life: a special issue on suicide in bipolar disorder (Editorial)
First reliable data suggest a possible increase in suicides in Greece
Assessing desire for suicide: First results on psychometric properties of the German version of the Interpersonal Needs Questionnaire (INQ)
Characteristics of immigrant suicide completers in a sample of suicide victims from Greece
Factor structure of the Depression Anxiety Stress Scales in individuals with traumatic brain injury
Excess mortality after disability retirement due to mental disorders: Variations by socio-demographic factors and causes of death
Racial/ethnic differences in the association between symptoms of depression and self-rated mental health among older adults
Repetitive foreign body ingestion: ethical considerations
Reward signals, attempted suicide, and impulsivity in late-life depression
Influence of mobbing (workplace bullying) on depressive symptoms: a longitudinal study among employees working with people with intellectual disabilities
Learning biases underlying individual differences in sensitivity to social rejection
Lithium may decrease suicide risk
Management of acute stress, PTSD, and bereavement: WHO recommendations
Mild therapeutic hypothermia and anoxia due to hanging: case series and review of the literature
Neuropsychological functioning in inpatients with major depression or schizophrenia
Patterns and predictors of mental healthcare utilization in schools and other service sectors among adolescents at risk for depression
Perinatal risk factors for suicide in young adults in Taiwan
Pesticide exposure and self-reported incident depression among wives in the Agricultural Health Study
Perceived family functioning and depression in bereaved parents in China after the 2008 Sichuan earthquake
Trajectory of suicidal ideation in relation to perceived overweight from adolescence to young adulthood in a representative United States sample
Self-reported recent life stressors and risk of suicide in pediatric emergency department patients
Psychosocial characteristics and social networks of suicidal prisoners: towards a model of suicidal behaviour in detention
The relation between co-rumination, maternal depressive symptoms and child psychopathology
Risk factors associated with suicide in current and former US military personnel
Suicide, mental disorders, and the U.S. military: Time to focus on mental health service delivery (Editorial)
Synchronous telehealth technologies in psychotherapy for depression: a meta-analysis
Unemployment and suicides during the recession in Italy
Unwanted sexual experiences and cognitive appraisals that evoke mental contamination
Yoga for depression: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Vitamin D deficiency in alcohol-use disorde