Traumatism among children and adolescents (a new approach)
From accidents to risk: public health and preventable injury
Injury prevention attitudes and awareness in New Zealand
Aetiology of injuries and the need for protective equipment for surfers in the UK
Aggression in schizophrenia and its relationship to neural circuitry of urgency
Living in areas of risk: tensions between management of environmental disasters and the significance of risk in everyday life
Mortality due to disasters in Brazil: what the data reveals
Seatbelt usage: is there an association with obesity?
Speech intelligibility and speech quality of modified loudspeaker announcements examined in a simulated aircraft cabin
Neurocognitive correlates of driving behavior (B-88)
Conservation combats exploitation: choices within an evolutionary framework
Cross-validation of the JSORRAT-II in Iowa
Daily associations between anxiety and alcohol use: variation by sustained attention, set shifting, and gender
Development of a subway operation incident delay model using accelerated failure time approaches
Differential detectability of polymorphic warning signals under varying light environments
The effect of family climate on risky driving of young novices: the moderating role of attitude and locus of control
The effect of stress and personality on dangerous driving behavior among Chinese drivers
The fine line between 'brave' and 'reckless': amygdala reactivity and regulation predict recognition of risk
How safe do teenagers behave on facebook? An observational study
Hypnotic suggestion: A test for the voluntary action problem
Impulsivity and opioid drugs: differential effects of heroin, methadone and prescribed analgesic medication
Neural mechanisms underlying conflict monitoring over risky decision alternatives: Evidence from ERP in a Go/Nogo task
Preschoolers' motor and verbal self-control strategies during a resistance-to-temptation task
Probability and predictors of the cannabis gateway effect: A national study
Prospect theory based estimation of drivers' risk attitudes in route choice behaviors
Psychological-behavioral characteristics and fractures in children are closely related
Recommendations for the prevention of drowning
Response re: '"Salt ice dare": a previously undescribed mechanism of rapid frostbite injury'
A review of risk analysis and helicopter air ambulance accidents
Risky driving and recorded driving offences: A 24-year follow-up study
The role of evidence, standards and education in rock fishing safety in New South Wales, Australia
The role of experience and advanced training on performance in a motorcycle simulator
Safety culture assessment in petrochemical industry: a comparative study of two algerian plants
Who are those "risk-taking adolescents"? Individual differences in developmental neuroimaging research
Incorporating occupational risk in heat stress vulnerability mapping
Should smaller commercial trucks be subject to safety regulations?
Seizure detection, seizure prediction, and closed-loop warning systems in epilepsy
Short-term reliability of a brief hazard perception test
Structural strength evaluation of driver's protective structures for self-propelled agricultural machines
Strategies to combat auditory overload during vehicular command and control
Statistics show no evidence of gender bias in the public's hurricane preparedness
Uncertainty and control in the context of a category-five tornado
Using the networked fire chief for ego-depletion research: measuring dynamic decision-making effort and performance
Visual exploration during locomotion limited by fear of heights
Injury control
Friends as a bridge to parental influence: implications for adolescent alcohol use
Functional behavioral assessment and students at risk for or with emotional disabilities: current issues and considerations
The great exaggeration: death and the Civil War
Is genetic labeling of "risk" related to obesity contributing to resistance and fatalism in Polynesian communities?
"Jockeys and joyriders" revisited: young offenders' involvement in motor vehicle thefts in the province of Quebec
Biological stress regulation in female adolescents: a key role for confiding
Dating violence, childhood maltreatment, and BMI from adolescence to young adulthood
Deficits in behavioural inhibition in substance abuse and addiction: A meta-analysis
Differences in subjective response to alcohol in heavy and light drinking Chinese men versus Caucasian American men
Early warning indicators for challenges in underground coal storage
Using the Event Analysis of Systemic Teamwork (EAST) to explore conflicts between different road user groups when making right hand turns at urban intersections
Using research evidence to reframe the policy debate around mental illness and guns: process and recommendations
Establishing conversation spaces in hastily formed networks: the worst fire in modern Swedish history
Exploring caregiver behavior and knowledge about unsafe sleep surfaces in infant injury death cases
The Hazardous Drinking Games Measure (HDGM): A multi-site implementation
The impact of behavioral risk assessments and tailored health information on pediatric injury
Influence of road markings, lane widths and driver behaviour on proximity and speed of vehicles overtaking cyclists
Lockout/tagout accident investigation
Perceived confidence relates to driving habits post-stroke
The persistence of wishful thinking
Research on safety evaluation model for in-vehicle secondary task driving
The relationship between drinking games and intentions to continue drinking, intentions to drive after drinking, and adverse consequences: Results of a field study
The wilderness novelty seeking scale
When animals misbehave: analogs of human biases and suboptimal choice
What's in a game? Future directions for the assessment and treatment of drinking games
Trust via disasters: the case of Chile's 2010 earthquake
Consumption of alcoholic beverages, driving vehicles, a balance of dry law, Brazil 2007-2013
Truancy and injury-related mortality
Social capital across the life course and functional somatic symptoms in mid-adulthood
Net effects of bicycle share programs on bike safety
Texting and walking: Effect of environmental setting and task prioritization on dual-task interference in healthy young adults
Parental alcohol history differentially predicts offspring disorders in distinct subgroups in Israel
Personality and the prediction of high-risk trajectories of alcohol use during adolescence
Analysis of Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol driving under the influence of drugs cases in Colorado from January 2011 to February 2014
Attention in risky choice
Attitudes towards child restrains and seat belts usage in the learned population of Karachi, Pakistan
Behavioural effects of fixed speed cameras on motorways: overall improved speed compliance or kangaroo jumps?
Cognitive mechanisms in risky decisionmaking in cannabis users
'Dangerous minds'? Deconstructing counter-terrorism discourse, radicalisation and the 'psychological vulnerability' of Muslim children and young people in Britain
Decision-making and response strategies in interaction with alarms: the impact of alarm reliability, availability of alarm validity information and workload
Differential expression of brain cannabinoid receptors between repeatedly stressed males and females may play a role in age and gender-related difference in traumatic brain injury: implications from animal studies
Do some people need autonomy more than others? Implicit dispositions towards autonomy moderate the effects of felt autonomy on well-being
"Don't" versus "won't": principles, mechanisms, and intention in action inhibition
The effects of random breath testing and lowering the minimum legal drinking age on traffic fatalities in Australian states
Effects of weight and gender on a task of inattention
Emergence of mixed-sex friendship groups during adolescence: developmental associations with substance use and delinquency
An exploratory study of the relationship between digit ratio, illusion of control, and risk-taking behavior among Chinese college students
Frequent nonprescription stimulant use and risky behaviors in college students: the role of effortful control
Guilt enhances the sense of control and drives risky judgments
Impact of early intervention on psychopathology, crime, and well-being at age 25
The importance of expectations in the relationship between impulsivity and binge drinking among university students
Injuries sustained by passengers travelling in the cargo area of light delivery vehicles
Injury severity in relation to seatbelt use in Cape Town, South Africa: A pilot study
Adaptation to coastal hazards: the livelihood struggles of a fishing community in Kerala, India
Artefacts of questionnaire-based psychological testing of drivers
Concussion: key stakeholders and multidisciplinary participation in making sports safe
Crisis and emergency risk communication lessons from the Elk River spill
Ducking for cover in the 'blame game': news framing of the findings of two reports into the 2010-11 Queensland floods
Effects of distraction task on driving: A functional magnetic resonance imaging study
A review of fatal accident incidence rate trends in fishing
What makes people sick? Burmese refugee children's perceptions of health and illness
Temperamental dimensions of the TEMPS-A in male and female subjects engaging in extreme or/and high risk sports
Modulation of risky choices in recently abstinent dependent cocaine users: a transcranial direct-current stimulation study
Neural mechanisms of inhibitory control continue to mature in adolescence
Not just fun and games: a review of college drinking games research from 2004 to 2013
Perceptions of the mental health impact of intimate partner violence and health service responses in Malawi
Predictors of driving under the influence of alcohol among Spanish adolescents
New educational intervention is effective for reducing drunk driving
Time and distance to first accident and driving patterns of young drivers with pay-as-you-drive insurance
'Wide Awake Drunkenness'? Investigating the association between alcohol intoxication and stimulant use in the night-time economy
Print news coverage of school-based human papillomavirus vaccine mandates
Is the Activities-specific Balance Confidence Scale suitable for Dutch older persons living in the community?
Active disaster response system for a smart building
The affect heuristic, mortality salience, and risk: domain-specific effects of a natural disaster on risk-benefit perception
Association between head injury and helmet use in alpine skiers: cohort study from a Swiss Level I trauma center
From threat to safety: instructed reversal of defensive reactions
Motorcyclists' safety in Iran: implication of Haddon matrix in safe community setting
The path from childhood behavioural disorders to felony offending: investigating the role of adolescent drinking, peer marginalisation and school failure
Physical activity and perceived insecurity from crime in adults: a population-based study
Does the efferent system aid with selective attention?
Effect of fire and high temperatures on alarm signals
The effects of head-worn attire on measured head-related transfer functions
A fallacious "Gambler's Fallacy"? Commentary on
How to identify the key factors that affect driver perception of accident risk. A comparison between Italian and Spanish driver behavior
Maintenance: organizational modes, activities and health and safety. Use of a French national survey and in-situ analyses
A meta-analysis of personality and workplace safety: addressing unanswered questions
Saving of children's lives from drowning project in Bangladesh
Social media and disasters: a functional framework for social media use in disaster planning, response, and research
Speed cameras, section control, and kangaroo jumps-a meta-analysis
Sports concussion management: a review of the evidence
Transport cyclists and road rules: what influences the decisions they make?
Utilitarian cycling in Belgium: a cross-sectional study in a sample of regular cyclists
Hostility, driving anger, and dangerous driving: the emerging role of hemispheric preference
Mental health survey of truck drivers
Investigating risk and protective factors to mainstream safety and peace at the University of South Africa
Concern and risk perception: effects on osteoprotective behaviour
How prevalent are hazardous attitudes among orthopaedic surgeons?
Health-risk behaviors in agriculture and related factors, Southeastern Anatolian Region of Turkey
A latent class analysis of pathological-gambling criteria among high school students: associations with gambling, risk and health/functioning characteristics
Norms, athletic identity, and concussion symptom under-reporting among male collegiate ice hockey players: a prospective cohort study
NTDB data points: don't chance it: use your seatbelt
Probabilistic thinking and death anxiety: a terror management based study
Risks of drowning and safety concerns at the beaches of Karachi--perspective from lifeguards
Shared experiences are amplified
Do traffic tickets reduce motor vehicle accidents? Evidence from a natural experiment
Effects of disaster characteristics on Twitter event signature
Experimental study of pedestrian flow in a fire-protection evacuation walk
The good, the bad (and the ugly): the role of curiosity in subjective well-being and risky behaviors among adolescents
Influencing factor analysis of ultra-tall building elevator evacuation
Risk Perception: It's Personal
Risk taking in disorders of natural and drug rewards: neural correlates and effects of probability, valence and magnitude
Socioeconomic differences in alcohol-related risk-taking behaviours
Alcohol facts labels on Four Loko: will the Federal Trade Commission's order be effective in reducing hazardous drinking among underage youth?
Behavioral economic decision making and alcohol-related sexual risk behavior
Commentary: reducing teen motor vehicle crash fatalities: do parents hold the key?
A comparison of the combined-use of alcohol & energy drinks to alcohol-only on high-risk drinking and driving behaviors
Continuing to drive while sleepy: the influence of sleepiness countermeasures, motivation for driving sleepy, and risk perception
Du seisch wo düre (DSWD)/It is your decision - a programme of health promotion and prevention at school for adolescents
The dynamic nature of risk perceptions after a fatal transit accident
Exposure to intimate partner violence reduces the protective effect that women's high education has on children's corporal punishment: a population-based study
Go slow: an umbrella review of the effects of 20 mph zones and limits on health and health inequalities
The multiscale importance of road segments in a network disruption scenario: a risk-based approach
The prevalence and correlates of risky driving behavior among National Guard soldiers
Youth sports and public health: framing risks of mild traumatic brain injury in American football and ice hockey
Crossing guard presence: Impact on active transportation and injury prevention
The culture of falls and fear of falling: a phenomenological study
Development of a brief substance use sensation seeking scale: validation and prediction of injection-related behaviors
Long term effects of hazard anticipation training on novice drivers measured on the open road
Longitudinal association between teen sexting and sexual behavior
Load-induced inattentional deafness
The inherence heuristic across development: systematic differences between children's and adults' explanations for everyday facts
Erratum: determinants of seat belt use among drivers in Sabzevar, Iran
Recreational drug use and fluctuating asymmetry: testing the handicap principle
Attention regulates anger and fear to predict changes in adolescent risk-taking behaviors
Bipolar I and II versus unipolar depression: clinical differences and impulsivity/aggression traits
Brief report: The interaction of impulsivity with risk-taking is associated with early alcohol use initiation
Causal pathways between impulsiveness, cocaine use consequences, and depression
Circadian preference and trait impulsivity, sensation-seeking and response inhibition in healthy young adults
Development of the intoxicated personality scale
Driving under the influence among frequent ecstasy consumers in Australia: Trends over time and the role of risk perceptions
Dynamics in the costs of criminality among opioid dependent individuals
Research-informed evidence and support for road safety legislation: findings from a national survey
A scoping review of risk behaviour interventions in young men
Study on route selection for hazardous chemicals transportation
Modeling the integrated roles of insurance and retrofit in managing natural disaster risk: a multi-stakeholder perspective
Qingdao pipeline explosion: introductions and reflections
Using social media data to understand and assess disasters
An overview of road safety in Lebanon with particular attention to non-urban roads
Man's control action and control strategy
Social speed and its indexing
The effect of driving experience on driver's visual attention: an analysis of objects looked at, using the verbal report method
A study examining the relationship between attitudes and aberrant driving behaviors within an Australian fleet setting
The racing line
A nationwide survey of self-reported red light running: measuring prevalence, predictors, and perceived consequences
Basic research on rear-end collisions
Identification of inappropriate driving behaviors
Identification of inappropriate driving behaviors -- discussion
Identifying predictors of persistent non-alcohol or drug-related risky driving behaviours among a cohort of young adults
Legal evidence for tailgating--technological options
Risky driving behaviors in Tehran, Iran
Risky driving related to driver and vehicle characteristics
Seat-belt wearing and driving behavior: an instrumented-vehicle study
The first pillar of terror - kill one, frighten ten thousand: a critical discussion of the doctrinal shift associated with the 'new terrorism'
Restoring public confidence: perceptions of community police officers
Effects of traffic and road factors on motorcycling safety perception
Drowning: the first time problem
Age and gender differences in time to collision at braking from the 100-car naturalistic driving study
Associations between heavy-vehicle driver compensation methods, fatigue-related driving behavior, and sleepiness
Children's recognition of dangerous household products: child development and poisoning risk
Cognitive, on-road, and simulator-based driving assessment after stroke
Descriptive and explanatory components of road accident rate in Colombia: influence of the human factor
Domain specific relationships of 2D:4D digit ratio in risk perception and risk behavior
Climate changes, floods, and health consequences
Update on the model aquatic health code
Correlates of unsupervised bathing of infants: a cross-sectional study
Factors affecting child injury related mortality and morbidity in Bangladesh
Fatal and non-fatal unintentional drownings in swimming pools in Italy: Epidemiological data derived from the public press in 2008-2012
Rip current-related fatalities in India: a new predictive risk scale for forecasting rip currents
Media, risk, and prevention-lessons for aquatic safety from newsworthy deaths: precipice for prevention or just good tales?
Risky business--Or is it? Risk perception and integrative medicine
Critical beliefs underlying young Australian males' intentions to engage in drinking and swimming
Analyzing the extended parallel process model and health belief model constructs in texting while driving: news coverage in leading U.S. news media outlets
Mobility and safety are conflicting goals for transport policy makers when making decisions about graduated driver licensing
Parental perceptions of unintentional injury risks to children
Psychological, social and environmental barriers to cycling to school
Understanding the causes of trauma: the Indigenous African perspective
A life in error, from little slips to big disasters (Book review)
More data needed to interpret link between suicide and FDA warning on antidepressants
Patterns of drug use, risky behavior, and health status among persons who inject drugs living in San Diego, California: a latent class analysis
Proxy for suicide attempts was inappropriate in study of changes in antidepressant use after FDA warnings
Public perception and understanding of shark attack mitigation measures in Australia
Public understanding of cyclone warning in India: can wind be predicted?
Social representations of traffic rules, aggressiveness, easiness perceived in driving, accidents, and traffic tickets involving drivers in Bogota, D. C.
Statistical analysis of bicyclists' injury severity at unsignalized intersections
Emotional reactions to crime across cultures
Employment and work safety among 12 to 14 year olds: listening to parents
Competitive swim start safety
Magnitude of, trends in, and associated factors of road traffic collision in central Ethiopia
Predictors of on-road driver performance following traumatic brain injury
The role of empathic concern, internalized moral principle, and anticipated guilt in college students' intentions to send or read text messages while driving
Start-up time and walking speed in older adults under loaded conditions during simulated road crossing
Trends in incidence and mortality due to occupational accidents in Brazil, 1998-2008
Evacuation processes of different genders in different visibility conditions - an experimental study
The evidence for smoke alarm type: photoelectric vs ionisation
Gender and used/preferred differences of bicycle routes, parking, intersection signals, and bicycle type: professional middle class preferences in Hangzhou, China
High rates of alcohol consumption and related harm at schoolies week: a portal study
Identifying traffic safety practices and needs of local transportation and law enforcement agencies
Judging the goring ox: retribution directed toward animals
Modifying factors in sports-related concussion: dangerous style of play
The morality of larks and owls: unethical behavior depends on chronotype as well as time of day
Neural mechanisms underlying context-dependent shifts in risk preferences
Parent safety perceptions of child walking routes
Pedestrian flow characteristic of typical metro station near the commercial property
Pesticide retailers' knowledge and handling practices in selected towns of Tanzania
Potential transferability of economic evaluations of programs encouraging physical activity in children and adolescents across different countries-a systematic review of the literature
Preventing injuries in workers: the role of management practices in decreasing injuries reporting
Road user safety on the National Highway 1 (N1-Highway) in Accra, Ghana
Rural work and health risks: a review into the "safe use" of pesticides in Brazil
Psychology and psychopathology of information warfare
Prefrontal EEG alpha asymmetry changes while observing disaster happening to other people: cardiac correlates and prediction of emotional impact
Subliminal primes for global or local processing influence judgments of vehicular traffic
Avoidant decision making in social anxiety: the interaction of angry faces and emotional responses
A cross-sectional study of hearing thresholds among 4627 Norwegian train and track maintenance workers
Cross-border policy effects on alcohol outcomes: drinking without thinking on the U.S.-Mexico border?
The cross-sectional and longitudinal association between perceived neighborhood walkability characteristics and depressive symptoms in older Latinos: the "¡Caminemos!" study
Does disaster education of teenagers translate into better survival knowledge, knowledge of skills, and adaptive behavioral change? A systematic literature review
Nonverbal rescue. Hearing-impaired patients require special consideration during a disaster
Alternative worldviews and the utilization of conventional and complementary medicine
"Everybody else is doing it"-norm perceptions among parents of adolescents
Worksite safety climate, smoking, and the use of protective equipment by blue-collar building workers enrolled in the MassBUILT Smoking Cessation Trial
Work hard, party harder: drug use and sexual behaviour in young British casual workers in ibiza, Spain
Application of a plume model for decision makers' situation awareness during an outdoor airborne HAZMAT release
Both loved and feared: third party punishers are viewed as formidable and likeable, but these reputational benefits may only be open to dominant individuals
The effects of subtle misinformation in news headlines
Mapping self-reported to behavioral impulsiveness: the role of task parameters
Meeting report: The road to science-based policy - ESOF through the eyes of young scientists
Motor impulsivity during childhood and adolescence: A longitudinal biometric analysis of the go/no-go task in 9- to 18-year-old twins
Seeing the crowd for the bomber: spontaneous threat perception from static and randomly moving crowd simulations
Solution aversion: on the relation between ideology and motivated disbelief
Complex rectal and anal canal injuries secondary to unusual blunt perineal trauma
Threat is in the sex of the beholder: men find weapons faster than do women
International variation in neighborhood walkability, transit, and recreation environments using geographic information systems: the IPEN Adult Study
Quantitative tests of the Perceived Relative Argument Model: comment on Loomes (2010)
Quantitative tests of the Perceived Relative Argument Model: reply to Guo and Regenwetter (2014)
Repeated ethanol exposure during early and late adolescence: double dissociation of effects on waiting and choice impulsivity
Risk assessment and absconding: perceptions, understandings and responses of mental health nurses
Sleep quality, posttraumatic stress, depression, and human errors in train drivers: a population-based nationwide study in South Korea
Statistical evaluation of forecasts
Sticking your neck out and burying the hatchet: what idioms reveal about embodied simulation
Study on network public opinion dissemination and coping strategies in large fire disasters
Children conform to the behavior of peers; other great apes stick with what they know
Driving self-restriction and age: a study of emergency department patients
Adequate supervision for children and adolescents
Befriending risky peers: factors driving adolescents' selection of friends with similar marijuana use
Direct and indirect punishment among strangers in the field
Images of alcohol among Italian adolescents. Understanding their point of view
Misuse of prescription opioid analgesics among adolescents in Greece: the importance of peer use and past prescriptions
Case study: San Francisco's use of neighborhood indicators to encourage healthy urban development
Cell phone-related near accidents among young drivers: associations with mindfulness
Conflict acts as an implicit cost in reinforcement learning
Decision making and risk management in adventure sports coaching
Development and psychometric investigation of an inventory to assess fight, flight, and freeze tendencies: the Fight, Flight, Freeze Questionnaire
The effect of one night's sleep deprivation on adolescent neurobehavioral performance
Early childhood education and care practitioners' perceptions of children's risky play; examining the influence of personality and gender
If you drink, don't drive: drunk drivers in Guadalajara and León, Mexico
Factors related with unintentional injuries in children with newly diagnosed attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
Influence of area deprivation and perceived neighbourhood safety on active transport to school among urban Quebec preadolescents
A meta-analysis on age differences in risky decision making: adolescents versus children and adults
Neighborhood environment and physical activity among older women: findings from the San Diego cohort of the Women's Health Initiative
An artificial neural network model for road accident prediction: a case study of a developing country
Contributing factors to vehicle to vehicle crash frequency and severity under rainfall
Cultural foundations of safety culture: a comparison of traffic safety culture in China, Japan and the United States
The culture of distracted driving: evidence from a public opinion survey in Iowa
The determinants of driving aggression among Polish drivers
The Driver Behaviour Questionnaire: a North American analysis
Driver reaction time to lateral entering pedestrian in a simulated crash traffic situation
Drivers' tendency to commit different aberrant driving behaviours in comparison with their perception of how often other drivers commit the same behaviours
Driving context and visual-manual phone tasks influence glance behavior in naturalistic driving
Driving exposure of Israeli young male drivers within a graduated driver licensing system
Driving simulator configuration impacts drivers' behavior and control performance: an example with studies of a rural intersection
Engaging worksite bystanders to reduce risky driving
Estimating the over-involvement of suspended, revoked, and unlicensed drivers as at-fault drivers in California fatal crashes
Examining behavioral and attitudinal differences among groups in their traffic safety culture
A field operational trial evaluating a feedback-reward system on speeding and tailgating behaviors
A framework for conceptualising traffic safety culture
Gender-related differences in distances travelled, driving behaviour and traffic accidents among university students
How appraisals shape driver emotions: a study from discrete and dimensional emotion perspectives
Road safety and accident prevention in India: a review
On-road all-terrain vehicle (ATV) fatalities in the United States
Profiling of two-wheeler related fatal accident cases autopsied at the union territory of India - Puducherry
A predictive hazard perception paradigm differentiates driving experience cross-culturally
Traffic hazard perception among children
To brake or to accelerate? Safety effects of combined speed and red light cameras
Validation of the principles of injury risk zones for motorcycle protective clothing
Trip-focused organizational safety climate: investigating the relationships with errors, violations and positive driver behaviours in professional driving
Traffic safety climate attitudes of road users in Germany
In consideration of traffic safety culture
Going for broke: dopamine influences risky choice
Incident-level analysis of 703 retrospective self-reports of ordinary violence recalled by 334 Swedes aged 6 to 45 years
Ordinal latent variable models and their application in the study of newly licensed teenage drivers
Alcohol intoxication alters cognitive skills mediated by frontal and temporal brain regions
Doctors prepare for tight security at Sochi Olympics
Error processing in current and former cocaine users
Experience in judging intent to harm modulates parahippocampal activity: an fMRI study with experienced CCTV operators
Behavioral approach and inhibition systems and substance use in adolescence
Brain structural correlates of risk-taking behavior and effects of peer influence in adolescents
A pattern of adult involvement in highway accidents
Why does the "mental shotgun" fire system-justifying bullets?
Establishing an early warning alert and response network following the Solomon Islands tsunami in 2013
Climate change modeling and the weather-related road accidents in Canada
Neighborhood epidemiological monitoring and adult mental health: European Quality of Life Survey, 2007-2012
Nighttime seatbelt usage data collection: when and how long?
Stationary tailgating in Gaborone, Botswana: the influence of gender, time of day, type of vehicle and presence of traffic officer
Injuries are not accidents: towards a culture of prevention
Knowledge and experiences of risks among pupils in vocational education
Making sense of the noise: Replication difficulties of Correll's (2008) modulation of 1/f noise in a racial bias task
Marketing strategies and warning labels on children's toothpaste
Non-consent to a wrist-worn accelerometer in older adults: the role of socio-demographic, behavioural and health factors
Perceived risk of burglary and fear of crime: individual- and country-level mixed modeling
Perceived safety, trust, and dialog formation between sexually victimized women and police
Perception on safety and justice related to social environment in mainland China: a survey
Psychosocial constructs and self-reported driving restriction in the Candrive II older adult baseline cohort
Retinal injury after inadvertent handheld laser exposure
Stages of driving behavior change within the Transtheoretical Model (TM)
Supervisory interpretation of safety climate versus employee safety climate perception: association with safety behavior and outcomes for lone workers
Active and safe transportation of elementary-school students: comparative analysis of the risks of injury associated with children travelling by car, walking and cycling between home and school
On the application of Valuation-Based Systems in the assessment of the probability bounds of Hazardous Material transportation accidents occurrence
The possibility of holistic safety education in Japan: from the perspective of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)
Review of wildfire detection using social media
Adolescent perceptions of alcohol risk: variation by sex, race, student activity levels and parental communication
Compassion, guilt and innocence: an fMRI study of responses to victims who are responsible for their fate
Pandemic fear and literature: observations from Jack London's The Scarlet Plague
Marketing a panic: media coverage of novel psychoactive drugs (NPDs) and its relationship with legal changes
Age-based risk factors for pediatric ATV-related fatalities
Adding the "in" to justice: a qualitative and quantitative investigation of the differential effects of justice rule adherence and violation
Comparing electronic news media reports of potential bioterrorism-related incidents involving unknown white powder to reports received by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Federal Bureau of Investigation: U.S.A., 2009-2011
Perceptions of interpersonal versus intergroup violence: the case of sexual assault
Are you scared yet?: Evaluating fear appeal messages in Tweets about the Tips Campaign
A case-crossover study of transient risk factors influence on occupational injuries: a study protocol based on a review of previous studies
Avoidance moderates the association between mothers' and children's fears: findings from a novel motion-tracking behavioral assessment
Gender differences in psychological reactions to Hurricane Sandy among New York metropolitan area residents
Is binge drinking in young adults associated with an alcohol-specific impairment of response inhibition?
Why does society accept a higher risk for alcohol than for other voluntary or involuntary risks?
Distracted biking: a review of the current state-of-knowledge
How electric vehicles affect driving behavioral patterns
Physical activity of children: a global matrix of grades comparing 15 countries
A study on the analysis and design of drivers' hazard perception test
What does it mean to be a driver and what does it mean to own a car?
A common-sense model of injury perceptions
Did Chile's traffic law reform push police enforcement? Understanding Chile's traffic fatalities and injuries reduction
Emotion regulation: exploring the impact of stress and sex
Risk perception, motives and behaviours in university students
The Safety Tips for ATV Riders (STARs) programme: short-term impact of a school-based educational intervention
Informing the development of educational programs to support older adults in retiring from driving
A pilot study of an intervention designed to promote walking, balance, and self-efficacy in older adults with fear of falling
Definition of impulsivity and related terms following traumatic brain injury: a review of the different concepts and measures used to assess impulsivity, disinhibition and other related concepts
Marijuana liberalization policies: why we can't learn much from policy still in motion
Strategies pregnant rural women employ to deal with intimate partner violence
Public policy and personal preference: a disconnect between beliefs regarding responsible drinking and the motivation to get drunk
Aggressive behavior among military veterans in substance use disorder treatment: the roles of posttraumatic stress and impulsivity
Avoidance of driving in young adults and decreased cognitive functions
Behavioral adaptation of young and older drivers to an intersection crossing advisory system
Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular effects in response to Red Bull consumption combined with mental stress
A child's view: social and physical environmental features differentially predict parent and child perceived neighborhood safety
Effects can precede their cause in the sense of agency
Evidence that implementation intentions reduce drivers' speeding behavior: testing a new intervention to change driver behavior
Evidence that attitude accessibility augments the relationship between speeding attitudes and speeding behavior: a test of the MODE model in the context of driving
Exploring motorcycle red-light violation in response to pedestrian green signal countdown device
Eveningness is associated with higher risk-taking, independent of sex and personality
Risk-taking in schizophrenia and controls with and without cannabis dependence
Blood alcohol concentration is negatively associated with gambling money won on the Iowa gambling task in naturalistic settings after controlling for trait impulsivity and alcohol tolerance
Epidemic spreading and risk perception in multiplex networks: a self-organized percolation method
Exposure to movie reckless driving in early adolescence predicts reckless, but not inattentive driving
Relationship between organisational safety culture dimensions and crashes
Supporting attention allocation in multitask environments: effects of likelihood alarm systems on trust, behavior, and performance
Community size and sport participation across 22 countries
Empty alcohol containers and breath alcohol analysis measures of alcohol consumption at a college volleyball championship
High Thrill and adventure seeking is associated with reduced interoceptive sensitivity: evidence for an altered sex-specific homeostatic processing in high sensation seekers
If all your friends jumped off a bridge: the effect of others' actions on engagement in and recommendation of risky behaviors
Increased patterns of risky behaviours among helmet wearers in skiing and snowboarding
Injury prevention practices as depicted in G- and PG-rated movies, 2008-2012
Safety assessment of dangerous goods transport enterprise based on the relative entropy aggregation in group decision making model
Tropic lightning: myth or menace?
Adult and middle school girls' perceptions of risk-taking behavior: implications for school practitioners
Farm-to-school programmes in the USA: an examination of state-level enacted, pending and vetoed or dead bills
Supervision of school and youth groups on lift-served ski slopes: a research perspective
The role of environmental hazard in mothers' beliefs about appropriate supervision
Psychological science and religious education in a devout university: the case of pain overlap theory and the Talmud
Pain-relief learning in flies, rats, and man: basic research and applied perspectives
Cold or calculating? Reduced activity in the subgenual cingulate cortex reflects decreased emotional aversion to harming in counterintuitive utilitarian judgment
Does childhood attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder predict risk-taking and medical illnesses in adulthood?
Empathic responsiveness in amygdala and anterior cingulate cortex in youths with psychopathic traits
Going it alone: comparing subtypes of withdrawal on indices of adjustment and maladjustment in emerging adulthood
Nutrition, balance and fear of falling as predictors of risk for falls among Filipino elderly in nursing homes: a structural equation model
Supervising snowsport activities: a reflection upon legislation, policies, guidelines and practice
Tasers and community controversy: investigating training officer perceptions of public concern over conducted energy weapons
The association between internalizing symptomology and risky behaviors
Authors' rejoinder to respondents (Shulman, Steinberg, & Piquero, 2013)
Effect of monthly vitamin D3 supplementation in healthy adults on adverse effects of earthquakes: randomised controlled trial
Feedback blunting: total sleep deprivation impairs decision making that requires updating based on feedback
Integrated direct and indirect flood risk modeling: development and sensitivity analysis
Prevalence of injuries in Wushu competition during the 1st Asian Martial Arts Games 2009
Work safety culture of youth farmworkers in North Carolina: a pilot study
Behavioral flexibility and response selection are impaired after limited exposure to oxycodone
How are comfort and safety perceived by inland waterway transport passengers?
Clothing flammability and burn injuries: public opinion concerning an overlooked, preventable public health problem
A community long-term hotline therapeutic intervention model for coping with the threat and trauma of war and terror
The Darwin Awards: sex differences in idiotic behaviour
Tsunami alerts fall short
Analysis of heart rate variability amongst cyclists under perceived variations of risk exposure
Behavior-consistent information-based network traffic control for evacuation operations
Bicyclists' speed adaptation strategies when conducting self-paced vs. system-paced smartphone tasks in traffic
Crashes and other safety-related incidents in the formation of attitudes toward bicycling
Do people drive safer when accidents are more expensive: testing for moral hazard in experience rating schemes
Driving next to automated vehicle platoons: how do short time headways influence non-platoon drivers' longitudinal control?
Effectiveness of graphic-aided portable changeable message signs in reducing vehicle speeds in highway work zones
Effects of adaptive cruise control and highly automated driving on workload and situation awareness: a review of the empirical evidence
Evacuation traffic dynamics
Factors influencing bike share membership: an analysis of Melbourne and Brisbane
Future prospects for personal security in travel by public transport
"I would have lost the respect of my friends and family if they knew I had bent the road rules": parents, peers, and the perilous behaviour of young drivers
Personality differences of applicants for the gun license (proprioceptive and verbal tests)
The effects of eco-driving motivation, knowledge and reward intervention on fuel efficiency
Alcohol and energy drink use among adolescents seeking emergency department care
Comparison of self-reported and observed prevalence of safety belt and helmet use in Florence
Fast and careless or careful and slow? Apparent holistic processing in mental rotation is explained by speed-accuracy trade-offs
Flexible conflict management: conflict avoidance and conflict adjustment in reactive cognitive control
Impulsiveness among short-term prisoners with antisocial personality disorder
The influence of individualism and drinking identity on alcohol problems
Injuries related to off-road vehicles in Canada
Memory destabilization is critical for the success of the reactivation-extinction procedure
Alterations in skin temperature and sleep in the fear of harm phenotype of pediatric bipolar disorder
Are Iranians aware of carbon monoxide poisoning: symptoms and its prevention strategies?
Gender differences in risk behaviour: does nurture matter?
Category change and risk perception: Hurricane Irene and coastal North Carolina
Can child injury prevention include healthy risk promotion?
Change in delay discounting and substance reward value following a brief alcohol and drug use intervention
Functional and structural traumatic brain injury in equestrian sports: a review of the literature
How do children perceive and act on dynamic affordances in crossing traffic-filled roads?
Improving mental health and wellbeing for young men in the building and construction industry
Incident duration modeling using flexible parametric hazard-based models
Information and communication technology: connecting the public and first responders during disasters
Maternal depressive symptoms during childhood and risky adolescent health behaviors
Modeling pedestrian's conformity violation behavior: a complex network based approach
Problems of preparedness and its promotion in Germany
The relation between cognitive control and risky driving in young novice drivers
Traumatic brain injury: age at injury influences dementia risk after TBI
Tug-of-war injuries: a case report and review of the literature
Human factors implications of vehicle automation: current understanding and future directions
Intention to use a fully automated car: attitudes and a priori acceptability
Organizational effects of experience from accidents. Learning in the aftermath of the Tretten and Åsta train accidents
Learning from experience: familiarity with ACC and responding to a cut-in situation in automated driving
Merging lanes--fairness through communication
Pareto efficiency of reliability-based traffic equilibria and risk-taking behavior of travelers
Post-disaster evacuation and temporary resettlement considering panic and panic spread
Semi-automated versus highly automated driving in critical situations caused by automation failures
Travel time resilience of roadway networks under disaster
Dealing with uncertainty: integrating local and scientific knowledge of the climate and weather
Development of risk perception and substance use of tobacco, alcohol and cannabis among adolescents and emerging adults: evidence of directional influences
UK young adults' safety awareness online -- is it a "girl thing"?
Does reward unpredictability reflect risk?
Early-life cocaine interferes with BDNF-mediated behavioral plasticity
The effect of coping knowledge on emergency preparedness in elementary school students
Effects of gender and motivations on perceptions of nonmedical use of prescription stimulants
Gender differences in perceptions and self-reported driving behaviors among teenagers
In their own words: adolescents strategies to prevent friend's risk taking
Influencing preferences for different types of causal explanation of complex events
A multilevel approach to relating subjective workload to performance after shifts in task demand
Positioning resilience for 2015: the role of resistance, incremental adjustment and transformation in disaster risk management policy
Postcollege criminal convictions: a comparison of greek, athlete, and other student offending
Perceptions of preparedness for a major school crisis: an evaluation of Missouri school counselors
Processing and representation of arguments in one-sided texts about disputed topics
Safety culture in high-risk industries
Teen driving behaviors in a rural southern state
The use of a global index of acoustic assessment for predicting noise in industrial rooms and optimizing the location of machinery and workstations
Highway crash costs in the United States by driver age, blood alcohol level, victim age, and restraint use
Understanding unintentional injury-risk in young children: I. the nature and scope of caregiver supervision of children at home
Emotional flow in persuasive health messages
Prevalence of and attitudes about concussion in Irish schools' rugby union players
Why does interactional justice promote organizational loyalty, job performance, and prevent mental impairment? The role of social support and social stressors
Terse messaging and public health in the midst of natural disasters: the case of the Boulder floods
Sports-specific injuries of the hand and wrist
Sports hand and wrist injuries
Community resilience, latent resources and resource scarcity after an earthquake: is society really three meals away from anarchy?
Mapping joint hurricane wind and surge hazards for Charleston, South Carolina
Analyzing the impact of severe tropical Cyclone Yasi on public health infrastructure and the management of noncommunicable diseases
Evaluating changes in driver behaviour: a risk profiling approach
Wildfire risk assessment in a typical mediterranean wildland-urban interface of Greece
When holding your horses meets the deer in the headlights: time-frequency characteristics of global and selective stopping under conditions of proactive and reactive control
Overcoming the 911 fear factor
Understanding and enhancing future infrastructure resiliency: a socio-ecological approach
Strategy for communicating benefit-risk decisions: a comparison of regulatory agencies' publicly available documents
The effects of cumulative violence clusters on young mothers' school participation: examining attention and behavior problems as mediators
Effects of racing games on risky driving behaviour, and the significance of personality and physiological data
Engagement with mental health services on release from prison
Attributes of form in the built environment that influence perceived walkability
How is facial expression coded?
My heart is racing! Psychophysiological dynamics of skilled racecar drivers
Get a license, buckle up, and slow down: risky driving patterns among Saudis
Historical trends in radiation protection, policy and communications: 1964 to the present
Just the facts: changes in older driver attitudes after exposure to educational interventions
Radiation safety of sealed radioactive sources
Site selection for emergency supplies storage facilities under natural disasters: an approach based on location theory
A survey of Canadian Alpine ski racing coaches regarding spinal protective devices for their athletes
Risk taking propensity among people involved in various forms of winter recreation on the example of skiing
Physical fitness of students who go in for boxing in the process of their physical training
Effective environmental risk communication-success stories or urban legends?
Spatial proximity amplifies valence in emotional memory and defensive approach-avoidance
Adolescent and adult risk-taking in virtual social contexts
Calibration of skill and judgment in driving: Development of a conceptual framework and the implications for road safety
Capture and surveillance of quad-bike (ATV)-related injuries in administrative data collections
Causal networks or causal islands? The representation of mechanisms and the transitivity of causal judgment
Conduct symptoms and emotional decision making in non-clinical adolescents
Development of a novel driving behavior adaptations questionnaire
High risk driving attitudes and everyday driving violations of car and racing enthusiasts in Ontario, Canada
Mature driver laws and state predictors of motor vehicle crash fatality rates among the elderly: a cross-sectional ecological study
Lack of association between human plasma oxytocin and interpersonal trust in a prisoner's dilemma paradigm
Examining the link between conception risk and intergroup bias: the importance of conceptual coherence
Family and the risky behaviors of high school students
Fear of heights freezes gaze to the horizon
General motor vehicle drivers' knowledge and practices regarding drink driving in Yinchuan and Guangzhou, China
Descriptive and parametric analysis of pedestrian gap acceptance in mixed traffic conditions
Developing a body sensor network to detect emotions during driving
Driver braking behaviour under near-crash scenarios
Drivers' opinion and knowledge about the measure of using signposts for black spots
Driving style classification method for lane change warning system
Effects of driver's reaction time on safe driving
An empirical study on traffic safety indicators for the analysis of car-following conditions
Experimental research on safety of electric bicycles under driver-vehicle-road system
Extending the Highway Safety Manual (HSM) framework for traffic safety performance evaluation
Feasibility of the improvement of the legislation on child restraint systems in Latin America and the Caribbean
General behavior prediction by a combination of scenario-specific models
Glamorizing rampage online: school shooting fan communities on youtube
Modeling longitudinal driving behaviors at defective sites on urban expressways
Multi-parameter prediction of driver's lane change behavior based on real-world driving tests
An optimal variable speed limits system to ameliorate traffic safety risk
Innovations in using virtual reality to study how children cross streets in traffic: evidence for evasive action skills
Sex differences in sensitivity to the social consequences of acute ethanol and social drinking during adolescence
The uses and interpretations of the motor-evoked potential for understanding behaviour
Response inhibition difficulties in preterm children aged 9-12 years: relations with emotion and behavior
Sight distance and horizontal curve aspects in the design of road tunnels vs. highways
Parental attitude toward deviance as a predictor of delinquency: making the connection via perception and cognition
Clinical Alarms in intensive care: implications of alarm fatigue for the safety of patients
Effects of marijuana use on impulsivity and hostility in daily life
Gender, trust and cooperation in environmental social dilemmas
More screen operation than calling: the results of observing cyclists' behaviour while using mobile phones
Religiosity and preventing risky behaviors
Someone to live for: effects of partner and dependent children on preventable death in a population wide sample from Northern Ireland
Categories, concepts, and conditioning: how humans generalize fear
Estimation of critical gap based on Raff's definition
'Excessive drinking - an inescapable part of university life?' A focus group study of Australian undergraduates
Influence of the COL5A1 rs12722 on musculoskeletal injuries in professional soccer players
Occupational fatalities in Jordan
Occupational stress situation analysis of different types of train drivers
Young adult cannabis users report greater propensity for risk-taking only in non-monetary domains
The association of the Rapid Assessment of Supervision Scale Score and unintentional childhood injury
Adolescents who perceive fewer consequences of risk-taking choose to switch off games later at night
Challenging emotional prejudice by changing self-concept: priming independent self-construal reduces racial in-group bias in neural responses to other's pain
Investigation of the use and feasibility of speed warning systems
Deductive updating is not Bayesian
Evaluation of the use and reasons for not using a helmet by motorcyclists admitted to the emergency ward of Shahid Bahonar hospital in Kerman
Impulsivity in borderline personality disorder
Event Structure and Cognitive Control
Associations between motor vehicle crashes and mental health problems: data from the National Survey of Adolescents-Replication
Attitudes and perceptions of urban African Americans of a "dirty bomb" radiological terror event: results of a qualitative study and implications for effective risk communication
Cultural variation in emotion perception is real: a response to Sauter, Eisner, Ekman, and Scott (2015)
Cultural, social and intrapersonal factors associated with clusters of co-occurring health-related behaviours among adolescents
Dangerous driving in a Chinese sample: associations with morningness-eveningness preference and personality
Decision-making for risky gains and losses among college students with internet gaming disorder
Diagnostic terminology is not associated with contact-sport players' expectations of outcome from mild traumatic brain injury
Emotional vocalizations are recognized across cultures regardless of the valence of distractors
Environmental correlates of recreational walking in the neighborhood
An examination of violence risk communication in practice using a structured professional judgment framework
The influence of combined alignments on lateral acceleration on mountainous freeways: a driving simulator study
The cry wolf effect and weather-related decision making
Governing through resilience? Exploring flood protection in Dresden, Germany
Interpretive bias, repressive coping and trait anxiety
The link between socioeconomic position, access to cycling infrastructure and cycling participation rates: an ecological study in Melbourne, Australia
Mars can wait: facing the challenges of our civilization
Willingness to report sexual offenses to the police in Ghana
Social learning of fear and safety is determined by the demonstrator's racial group
A role for orbitofrontal neurons in risky decisions
Locus of control orientation: parents, peers, and place
Mechanisms of behavioral and affective treatment outcomes in a cognitive behavioral intervention for boys
More than fear induction: toward an understanding of people's motivation to be well-prepared for emergencies in flood-prone areas
The novelty-seeking phenotype modulates the long-lasting effects of adolescent MDMA exposure
Perceived neighborhood safety and sleep quality: a global analysis of six countries
Perception of threat and safety at work among employees in the Norwegian ministries after the 2011 Oslo bombing
The relation between speed environment, age and injury outcome for bicyclists struck by a motorized vehicle - a comparison with pedestrians
The roles of experience, participation rates and judgment in the injury rates of weekend warriors
The roles of experience, participation rates and judgment in the injury rates of weekend warriors - Author's response
System facilitators and barriers to discussing older driver safety in primary care settings
Teaming up against tsunamis
Assessment of personal protective equipment use among farmers in eastern North Carolina: a cross-sectional study
Comparing theories' performance in predicting violence
Concept identification for a power take-off shielding campaign
Driver behaviour profiles for road safety analysis
Genome-wide association study of behavioral disinhibition in a selected adolescent sample
Unrealistic optimism, fatalism, and risk-taking in New Zealand farmers' descriptions of quad-bike incidents: a directed qualitative content analysis
A theoretical and empirical review of psychological factors associated with falls-related psychological concerns in community-dwelling older people
The assessment of risky decision making: a factor analysis of performance on the Iowa Gambling Task, Balloon Analogue Risk Task, and Columbia Card Task
Negative emotion or problem content? Testing explanations of the peanuts effect
Neural correlates of expected risks and returns in risky choice across development
A robust asymmetry in loudness between rising- and falling-intensity tones
Cities and warfare: the impact of terrorism on urban form
Urban form relationships with youth physical activity: implications for research and practice
The impacts of terrorism on urban form [with comment]
Prospective study of urban form and physical activity in the Black Women's Health Study
A pilot walking school bus program to prevent obesity in Hispanic elementary school children: role of physician involvement with the school community
'Oh, you're just up the street!': the role of walking school bus in generating local community for children and adults
Active Seattle: achieving walkability in diverse neighborhoods
Project U-turn increasing active transportation in Jackson, Michigan
Bike, walk, and wheel: a way of life in Columbia, Missouri
Reliability and validity of the Safe Routes to School parent and student surveys
Developmental influences on children's pedestrian route selection
Alcohol reduces aversion to ambiguity
Analysis of medical and psychological certificates concerning drivers who drove after alcohol use
Determinants of personality and risky road behaviors at work in drivers of medical transport vehicles in the Wielkopolska (Greater Poland) voivodeship
Disaster-driven evacuation and medication loss: a systematic literature review
The effectiveness of disaster risk communication: a systematic review of intervention studies
Helmet use by motorcyclists in four metropolitan areas of Mexico
Informed consent at gunpoint: when psychiatry affects gun ownership
Specific deterrence, community context, and drunk driving: an event history analysis
Social identity threat motivates science-discrediting online comments
What difference does 'the digital' make to children's experiences of risk?
What are the psychological effects of delivering and receiving "high-risk" survival resistance training?
Attentional control and interpretation of facial expression after oxytocin administration to typically developed male adults
Being watched by others eliminates the effect of emotional arousal on inhibitory control
CREMA-D: Crowd-sourced Emotional Multimodal Actors Dataset
A case study analysis to examine motorcycle crashes in Bogota, Colombia
Does parental accompaniment when walking or cycling moderate the association between physical neighbourhood environment and active transport among 10-12 year olds?
Assessing propensity to learn from safety-related events
The association between students' characteristics and their reading and following safety instructions
Dynamic decision processes in complex, high-risk operations: the Yarnell Hill Fire, June 30, 2013
Emotional profile and risk behaviours among tattooed and non-tattooed students
Exploring the relationship between major hazard, fatal and non-fatal accidents through outcomes and causes
A management accounting perspective on safety
A multi-case study of the implementation of an integrated approach to safety in small enterprises
Children's cognitive performance and selective attention following recent community violence
Fear among the extremes: how political ideology predicts negative emotions and outgroup derogation
Analysing cycling as a social practice: an empirical grounding for behaviour change
Attracting safe employees: how job adverts can affect applicants' choices
Automation of emergency response for petroleum oil storage terminals
Pedestrian temporal and spatial gap acceptance at mid-block street crossing in developing world
Where do novice and experienced drivers direct their attention on approach to urban rail level crossings?
Understanding clinicians' use of cues when assessing the future risk of violence: a clinical judgement analysis in the psychiatric setting
Common hazards and their mitigating measures in work zones: a qualitative study of worker perceptions
A comparison of subgroup construction workers' perceptions of a safety program
Creating safer workplaces: the role of ethical leadership
Decreasing driver speeding with feedback and a token economy
Effects of user factors and sign referent characteristics in participatory construction safety sign redesign
Empowering employers in work-related injuries prevention: a pragmatic trial
Traffic offences: planned or habitual? Using the Theory of Planned Behaviour and habit strength to explain frequency and magnitude of speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol
Transmission of cognitive bias and fear from parents to children: an experimental study
Posterror speeding after threat-detection failure
Impact of the 2011 Libyan conflict on road traffic injuries in Benghazi, Libya
Examining safety of electronic signs: using ordinal logistic regression on speeding
Influence of human and organizational factors, communication and management on risk in organizations and projects
Integrated travel demand models for evacuations: a bridge between social science and engineering
Modeling driver distance recognition and speed perception at night for freeway speed limit selection in China
Promoting in companies a successful culture of health and safety
A study of evacuation behavior during earthquakes
Walking routes to school in new urban and suburban neighborhoods: an environmental walkability analysis of blocks and routes
Exploration of motorcyclists' behavior at access points of a Malaysian primary road - a qualitative observation study
Factors affecting OHS practices in private universities: an empirical study from Bangladesh
Health and safety management in a changing organisation: Case study global steel company
Health and safety management systems through a multilevel and strategic management perspective: theoretical and empirical considerations
Impact of contemporary ship stability regulations on safety of shallow-draught inland container vessels
Impact of training methods on Distributed Situation Awareness of industrial operators
Measuring the effect of aviation safety risk reduction on flight choice in young travellers
Miscommunication in general aviation: the influence of external factors on communication errors
Risky driving among young male drivers: The effects of mood and passengers
Seatbelt use to save face: impact on drivers' body region and nature of injury in motor vehicle crashes
Standard deviation? The role of perceived behavioural control in procedural violations
A validation study of driving errors using a driving simulator
Would you let your child play football? Attitudes toward football safety
Personality, risk cognitions and motivation related to demand of risk mitigation in transport among Norwegians
Analyzing the psychological and social contents of evidence-experimental comparison between guessing, naturalistic observation, and Systematic Analysis
Blunted feedback processing during risk-taking in adolescents with features of problematic Internet use
From trees to forest: relational complexity network and workload of air traffic controllers
Hand on the wheel, mind on the mobile: an analysis of social factors contributing to texting while driving
How anxiety leads to suboptimal decisions under risky choice situations
Impulsivity in cocaine-dependent individuals with and without attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
Implementation of equity in resource allocation for regional earthquake risk mitigation using two-stage stochastic programming
In-depth analysis of drivers' merging behavior and rear-end crash risks in work zone merging areas
The inverse relation between risks and benefits: the role of affect and expertise
Mistakes or deliberate violations? A study into the origins of rule breaking at pedestrian train crossings
Non-reporting of work injuries and aspects of jobsite safety climate and behavioral-based safety elements among carpenters in Washington state
On the relationship between personal experience, affect and risk perception: the case of climate change
Passing crisis and emergency risk communications: the effects of communication channel, information type, and repetition
Persistence of threat-induced errors in police officers' shooting decisions
Personality traits and individual differences predict threat-induced changes in postural control
Public perception of the police and crime-prevention in Nigeria
Safety sans Frontières: an international safety culture model
Snow tweets: emergency information dissemination in a US county during 2014 winter storms
Determinants of risky driving behavior: a narrative review
Publisher's Note to "The association between kinematic risky driving among parents and their teenage children: moderation by Shared Personality Characteristics"
The use of risk and need factors in forensic mental health decision-making and the role of gender and index offense severity
Performance of social network sensors during Hurricane Sandy
Reflection impulsivity in binge drinking: behavioural and volumetric correlates
The relationship between psychological capital, job satisfaction, and safety perceptions in the maritime industry
Risk perception and the public acceptance of drones
The role of narcissism in health-risk and health-protective behaviors
A root cause analysis for Arctic Marine accidents from 1993 to 2011
Parents' perceptions of neighborhood safety and children's physical activity
Promoting walking and cycling as an alternative to using cars: perception of safety is biggest obstacle
Please Mr. Brög, give us your data! Reply to the comment of Wall, Brög, Erl, Ryle, & Barta on our paper "The effectiveness of soft transport policy measures: a critical assessment and meta-analysis of empirical evidence"
What works in prevention: principles of effective prevention programs
Why Johnny and Jana can't walk to school
'Safe routes' project aims to allay parents' fears of children walking and cycling to school
A developmental and training study of children's ability to find safe routes to cross the road
A safe route
Exploratory analysis of children's travel patterns
"Oh yes I can." "Oh no you can't": children and parents' understandings of kids' competence to negotiate public space safely
Travel and the social environment: evidence from Alameda County, California
Household interactions and children's school travel: the effect of parental work patterns on walking and biking to school
Children's independent spatial mobility in the urban public realm
Why parents drive children to school: implications for safe routes to school programs
Travel to school: influencing modal choice and encouraging safer journeys
Walking school buses in Christchurch - do they encourage or discourage independent mobility?
Which pill should we take?
Barriers influencing Illinois children school travel mode choices
Behavioural group training of children to find safe routes to cross the road
Characteristics of child pedestrian crashes in the United States
Determinants of activity-friendly neighborhoods for children: results from the SPACE study
Determinants of car travel on daily journeys to school: cross sectional survey of primary school children
Evaluation of the safety benefits of legacy safe routes to school programs
From barrier elimination to barrier negotiation: a qualitative study of parents' attitudes about active travel for elementary school trips
Healthier kids, safer neighborhoods: safe routes to school encourages walking while educating kids and parents about pedestrian safety
Healthy routes for active modes in school journeys
Integrating parental attitudes in research on children's active school commuting
Johnny walks to school-does Jane? Examining sex differences in children's active travel to school
Residents find a safer Way
Role of built environments in physical activity, obesity, and cardiovascular disease
Anti-helmet arguments: lies, damned lies and flawed statistics
Creating a driver safety culture in the not for profit sector: the UnitingCare Queensland Road Safety Program
Cycling safety in Australia (editorial)
Driver behaviour (extended editorial)
Effect of mobile phone use and aggression on speed selection by young drivers: a driving simulator study
Key influences on cycling for transport
Review of contributing factors and interventions for dangerous driving
A systematic review of methods used to assess mandatory bicycle helmet legislation in New Zealand
Young drivers' perceptions of road safety messages and a high performance vehicle advertisement: a qualitative exploration
Can cars and trucks coexist peacefully on highways? Analyzing the effectiveness of road safety policies in Europe
Counterfactual thinking affects the excitability of the motor cortex
Does it matter how you ask? The forbid-allow asymmetry in the measurement of attitudes towards drug policies
Does safety climate predict safety performance in Italy and the USA? Cross-cultural validation of a theoretical model of safety climate
Anticipating divine protection? Reminders of god can increase nonmoral risk taking
The effects of age, gender, and crash types on drivers' injury-related health care costs
Effects of fog, driver experience and gender on driving behavior on S-curved road segments
Neighborhood crime as a predictor of individual differences in emotional processing and regulation
Pedestrian behavior at five dangerous and busy Manhattan intersections
Physician beliefs about physical and mental competency of patients applying for concealed weapon permits
Safety in physical education - a teacher's perspective
Threat perception after the Boston Marathon bombings: the effects of personal relevance and conceptual framing
Threats to social identity can trigger social deviance
Treatment progress and behavior following 2 years of inpatient sex offender treatment: a pilot investigation of safe offender strategies
Variability in acetaminophen labeling practices: a missed opportunity to enhance patient safety
Mortality in children, adolescents, and adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: a nationwide cohort study
Probability perceptions and preventive health care
Evidence for risk estimate precision: implications for individual risk communication
Principles of adaptive management in complex safety-critical organizations
Promoting safety by increasing uncertainty - Implications for risk management
Reflecting on Jens Rasmussen's legacy. A strong program for a hard problem
Prevention through Design (PtD). The importance of the concept in engineering and architecture university courses
Prison brain? Executive dysfunction in prisoners
Repetitive mild traumatic brain injury induces ventriculomegaly and cortical thinning in juvenile rats
Risk-based management of occupational safety and health in the construction industry - Part 2: Quantitative model
Safety culture and reasons for risk-taking at a large steel-manufacturing company: investigating the worker perspective
The social construction of safety: comparing three realities
A study of challenges to the success of the safety management system in aircraft maintenance organizations in Turkey
Towards safety through advanced solutions
The 'too muchness' of excitement: sexuality in light of excess, attachment and affect regulation
Understanding the centripetal effect and evacuation efficiency of evacuation assistants: using the extended dynamic communication field model
Uni-, bi- and tri-modal warning signals: Effects of temporal parameters and sensory modality on perceived urgency
Variables associated with effects on morbidity in older adults following disasters
Using leading indicators to measure occupational health and safety performance
A weighted CREAM model for maritime human reliability analysis
What is the impact on occupational health and safety when workers know they have safety representatives?
Airbag-related death in a toddler. A poorly known danger?
An assessment of driving fitness in patients with visual impairment to understand the elevated risk of motor vehicle accidents
Child sexual abuse and its relationship with health risk behaviors among adolescents and young adults in Taipei
Functional brain networks underlying detection and integration of disconfirmatory evidence
Different factors for different causes: analysis of the spatial aggregations of fire ignitions in Catalonia (Spain)
Perceived risk of regular cannabis use in the United States from 2002 to 2012: differences by sex, age, and race/ethnicity
The importance of puberty for adolescent development: conceptualization and measurement
Influence of dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and ventral striatum on risk avoidance in addiction: a mediation analysis
Safety in numbers: does perceived safety mediate associations between the neighborhood social environment and physical activity among women living in disadvantaged neighborhoods?
Visualizing risk: images, risk and fear in a health campaign
Rapid stress system drives chemical transfer of fear from sender to receiver
Sex differences in children with severe health conditions: causes of admission and mortality in a pediatric intensive care unit
Traumatic brain injury and juvenile offending: complex causal links offer multiple targets to reduce crime
Understanding commercial truck drivers' decision-makin process concerning distracted driving
Visible school security measures and student academic performance, attendance, and postsecondary aspirations
The causal cognition of wrong doing: incest, intentionality, and morality
The challenge of compiling data profiles to stimulate local preventive health action: a European case study from child safety
Language and unintentional injury mortality in Quebec, Canada
Musculoskeletal concerns do not justify failure to use safer sequential trigger to prevent acute nail gun injuries
When doing wrong feels so right: normalization of deviance
Vital signs: seat belt use among long-haul truck drivers - United States, 2010
The use of seatbelts and child seats in drivers and passengers of motor vehicles in four metropolitan areas in Mexico
Transnational dialogues between specialist and institutional knowledge in occupational accident legislation, first half of the twentieth century
Simulated Driving Assessment (SDA) for teen drivers: results from a validation study
Faster is briefer: the symbolic meaning of speed influences time perception
Analysis of sociability and preference for social novelty in the acute and subchronic phencyclidine rat
A comparison of impulsivity, depressive symptoms, lifetime stress and sensation seeking in healthy controls versus participants with cocaine or methamphetamine use disorders
The effects of acute nicotine on contextual safety discrimination
Effects of ecstasy on cooperative behaviour and perception of trustworthiness: a naturalistic study
Psychedelic symptoms of cannabis and cocaine use as a function of trait impulsivity
The subjective experience of acute, experimentally-induced Salvia divinorum inebriation
Psychedelics not linked to mental health problems or suicidal behavior: a population study
Psychometric properties of the Generalized Anxiety Disorder Inventory in a Canadian sample
High-risk pursuit classification: a categorical analysis of variables from Georgia police pursuits
Parental active transportation routines (PATRns) as a moderator of the association between neighborhood characteristics and parental influences and active school transportation
The impact of friends on young adults' drinking over the course of the evening-an event-level analysis
Personality predicts individual variation in fear learning: a multilevel growth modeling approach
Proportion of patients in south London with first-episode psychosis attributable to use of high potency cannabis: a case-control study
Worker engagement in the health and safety regulatory arena under changing models of worker representation
The road to recovery: experiences of driving with bipolar disorder
The relationship between audience mentality and attitudes towards healthy lifestyle promotion in the mass media
Social discounting: choice between rewards for other people
Striving for safety: communicating and deciding in sociotechnical systems
Young adults who mix alcohol with energy drinks: typology of risk-taking behaviour
Understanding communication and coordination among government and service organisations after a disaster
Parents' and peers' contribution to risky driving of male teen drivers
All-terrain vehicle accident trends at a Tennessee trauma center in 2014
Association between alcohol-impaired driving enforcement-related strategies and alcohol-impaired driving
Erratum to: A robust asymmetry in loudness between rising- and falling-intensity tones
Evaluating the efficiency of local municipalities in providing traffic safety using the Data Envelopment Analysis
Alcohol sensitivity moderates the indirect associations between impulsive traits, impaired control over drinking, and drinking outcomes
Distraction from emotional information reduces biased judgements
Evacuate or shelter-in-place? The role of corporate memory and political environment in hospital-evacuation decision making
Negative consequences of poor driving outcomes reported by adolescents with and without ADHD
A quarter of a century of the DBQ: some supplementary notes on its validity with regard to accidents
What you see is what you expect: rapid scene understanding benefits from prior experience
Sensation seeking indirectly affects perceptions of risk for co-occurrent substance use
Unintentional ingestion of cleaners and other substances in an immigrant Mexican population: a qualitative study
Use of alcohol mixed with energy drinks and its consequences: The authors respond
Drug sales, gender, and risk: notions of risk from the perspective of gang-involved young adults
The effect of different graphical and numerical likelihood formats on perception of likelihood and choice
The impact of marijuana decriminalization on California drivers
Is there time discounting for risk premium?
Pet killing as a manifestation of impulse control disorder secondary to pramipexol
Problem gambling associated with violent and criminal behaviour: a Danish population-based survey and register study
Reconceptualising public acceptability: a study of the ways people respond to policies aimed to reduce alcohol consumption
Neighborhood conditions and fear of crime: a reconsideration of sex differences
The relationship between citizen perceptions of collective efficacy and neighborhood violent crime
An examination of the micro-level crime-fear of crime link
Parental influences on toddlers' injury-risk behaviors: are sons and daughters socialized differently?
Translating evidence into population health improvement: strategies and barriers
At home on the range? Lay interpretations of numerical uncertainty ranges
Framing effects in narrative and non-narrative risk messages
Resiliency as a factor protecting youths from risky behaviour: moderating effects of gender and sport
Social influence on risk perception during adolescence
Suicidal ideation and suicide attempts in five groups with different severities of gambling: Findings from the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions
Trait predictors of aggression and crash-related behaviors across drivers from the United Kingdom and the Irish Republic
Workers' risk tolerance and occupational injuries
Are college students' assessments of threat shaped by the dangers of their childhood environment?
Atmospheric transport of radioactive debris to Norway in case of a hypothetical accident related to the recovery of the Russian submarine K-27
Awareness Tool for Safe and Responsible Driving (OSCAR): a potential educational intervention for increasing interest, openness and knowledge about the abilities required and compensatory strategies among older drivers
Contextualizing the policy and pragmatics of reintegrating sex offenders
Correlates and barriers associated with motorcycle helmet use in Wa, Ghana
Do you see what I see? Effects of national culture on employees' safety-related perceptions and behavior
Effects of oxytocin on the fear memory reconsolidation
Enforcement of alcohol-impaired driving laws in the United States: a national survey of state and local agencies
Fear and anger have opposite effects on risk seeking in the gain frame
Measurement invariance of the Driver Behavior Questionnaire across samples of young drivers from Finland and Ireland
Motor activity improves temporal expectancy
Psychometric evidence of the Brazilian version of Driving Cognitions Questionnaire (DCQ)
A real-time case study in driver science: physiological strain and related variables
Updating working memory in aircraft noise and speech noise causes different fMRI activations
Grounded spatial belief revision
The impact of red light cameras on crashes within Miami-Dade County, Florida
Perceived cannabis use norms and cannabis use among adolescents in the United States
Secondary behavior of drivers on cell phones
Adolescents' and young adults' online risk taking: the role of gist and verbatim representations
ALARP and CBA all in the same game
Analysis of yellow-light running at signalized intersections using high-resolution traffic data
Can friendship serve as an impetus for safe driving among young drivers?
Development and validation of three-step risk assessment method for ship recycling sector
Discourses on municipal protection and safety work prior to the introduction of the 'Civil Protection Act Against Accidents' and five years later
Does driving behavior matter? An analysis of fuel consumption data from heavy-duty trucks
Estimating risk effects of driving distraction: a dynamic errorable car-following model
Impulse control disorder manifesting as hidden sexual self-injury
Individual and organizational factors associated with the use of personal protective equipment by Chinese migrant workers exposed to organic solvents
The influence of in-vehicle speech warning timing on drivers' collision avoidance performance at signalized intersections
Integrity of estimates of the two-fluid model and gender impacts
A new psychological methodology for modeling real-time car following maneuvers
On psychologic profile of locomotive crew workers in Russian Railways JSC and its role in accidents prevention
Preserving and improving the safety and health at work: case of Hamma Bouziane cement plant (Algeria)
Perceptions of barriers and facilitators in physical activity participation among women in Thiruvananthapuram City, India
Promoting active commuting to school through environmental and policy supports in Buffalo, New York
Recommendations on the use and design of risk matrices
The relationship between ADHD symptoms and driving behavior in college students: the mediating effects of negative emotions and emotion control
The relationship between religion and the on-road behaviour of adolescents in Iran
The risk of sexual assault and rape during international travel: implications for the practice of travel medicine
Rumor diffusion and convergence during the 3.11 earthquake: a Twitter case study
Social and health care professionals' views on responsible agency in the process of ending intimate partner violence
Speed limits, speed selection and network equilibrium
A stochastic programming approach for floods emergency logistics
Survival versus safety at sea. Regulators' portrayal of paralysis in safety regulation development
Traffic safety violations in relation to drivers' educational attainment, training and experience in Kumasi, Ghana
Vehicle insurance and the risk of road traffic accidents
Working from the inside out: a case study of Mackay Safe Community
Applying crowd psychology to develop recommendations for the management of mass decontamination
Are human service agencies ready for disasters? Findings from a mixed-methods needs assessment and planning project
Arms and 'The Man'. The role of law enforcement in securing violent patients
City-level characteristics and individual handgun ownership: effects of collective security and homicide
Crime control through the private use of armed force
Crime, culture conflict and the sources of support for gun control: a multilevel application of the general social surveys
The bold and the fearless among us: elevated psychopathic traits and levels of anxiety and fear are associated with specific aberrant driving behaviors
Crash risk and aberrant driving behaviors among bus drivers: the role of personality and attitudes towards traffic safety
Development of a safety communication and recognition program for construction
Evaluating elements of trust: race and class in risk communication in post-Katrina New Orleans
The impact of the Thai motorcycle transition on road traffic injury: Thai Cohort Study results
Medical Disaster: Why Ken Mattingly Can't Have Measles in Apollo 13
Occupational and non-occupational factors associated with work-related injuries among construction workers in the USA
Preventing fire-related occupational deaths: residential sprinklers save civilians, property, and firefighters
Should an increase in cerebral neurochemicals following head kicks in full contact karate influence return to play?
Testosterone and cortisol jointly modulate risk-taking
Truthiness and falsiness of trivia claims depend on judgmental contexts
Understanding community-level disaster and emergency response preparedness
Using a virtual environment to study child pedestrian behaviours: a comparison of parents' expectations and children's street crossing behaviour
Valuation of safety under reference-dependent evaluation of income
Which substance is most dangerous? Perceived harm ratings among students in urban and rural Norway
Why do we make mistakes? Neurocognitive processes during the preparation-perception-action cycle and error-detection
Examining the relative effectiveness of different message framing strategies for child passenger safety: recommendations for increased comprehension and compliance
Hazard perception test for pedestrians
Implicit attitudes and road safety behaviors. The helmet-use case
U-turns and road safety - perspective from Karachi
Guns and fear: a one-way street?
Acute effects of caffeine supplementation on cortical arousal, anxiety, physiological response and marksmanship in close quarter combat
Alcohol consumption in healthy OPRM1 G allele carriers and its association with impulsive behavior
Are qualitative and quantitative sleep problems associated with delinquency when controlling for psychopathic features and parental supervision?
Assessing fears of preschool children with nighttime fears by a parent version of the fear survey schedule for preschool children
Development and Initial Validation of the Child Disgust Scale
The development, factor structure and psychometric properties of driving self-regulation scales for older adults: has self-regulation evolved in the last 15 years?
Temporal trends of acute chemical incidents and injuries - hazardous substances emergency events surveillance, nine states, 1999-2008
Driving speed of young novice and experienced drivers in simulated hazard anticipation scenes
The economic burden of traumatic brain injury due to fatal traffic accidents in Shahid Rajaei Trauma Hospital, Shiraz, Iran
Economic behavior under the influence of alcohol: an experiment on time preferences, risk-taking, and altruism
The ecology of human fear: survival optimization and the nervous system
The effect of geography and citizen behavior on motor vehicle deaths in the United States
An empirical Bayes safety evaluation of tram/streetcar signal and lane priority measures in Melbourne
An experimental study of factors associated with driver frustration and overtaking intentions
Living for the moment: men situating risk-taking after the death of a friend
Measuring individual differences in driver inattention: further validation of the attention-related driving errors scale
Motor vehicle driving in high incidence psychiatric disability: comparison of drivers with ADHD, depression, and no known psychopathology
Identifying risky drivers with simulated driving
The implications of probability matching for clinician response to vital sign alarms: a theoretical study of alarm fatigue
Intrasexual competition shapes men's anti-utilitarian moral decisions
Is impulsivity a male trait rather than female trait? Exploring the sex difference in impulsivity
The psychological side of sport
Risk attitudes in a changing environment: an evolutionary model of the fourfold pattern of risk preferences
Seeing fearful body language rapidly freezes the observer's motor cortex
Shared use and safe routes to school: managing the fear of liability
Shooting the messenger: the erosion of trust in science and what to do about it
Traffic and criminal behavior of adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity with a prospective follow-up from birth to the age of 40 years
Understanding the relationships among white and African American women's sexual objectification experiences, physical safety anxiety, and psychological distress
A spatiotemporal optimization model for the evacuation of the population exposed to flood hazard
Depoliticizing terror: the news framing of the terrorist attacks in Norway, 22 July 2011
Developing an effective 2-D urban flood inundation model for city emergency management based on cellular automata
Developing a functional model for cities impacted by a natural hazard: application to a city affected by flooding
Angry facial expressions bias gender categorization in children and adults: behavioral and computational evidence
Attentional bias predicts increased reward salience and risk taking in bipolar disorder
Translation and cross-cultural adaptation of the Brazilian Portuguese version of the Driving Anger Scale (DAS): long form and short form
Testing a model of caffeinated alcohol-specific expectancies
Autonomic arousal and attentional orienting to visual threat are predicted by awareness
A comprehensive review of the effects of mixing caffeinated energy drinks with alcohol
The divergent effects of fear and disgust on unconscious inhibitory control
Does a history of substance abuse and illness chronicity predict increased impulsivity in bipolar disorder?
High-risk behaviors related to intentional and unintentional harm in adolescents of Zahedan, Iran
Nothing to fear with mental health
Physiological and selective attention demands during an international rally motor sport event
The role of response bias in perceptual learning
Extending the amygdala in theories of threat processing
Guns, impulsive angry behavior, and mental disorders: results from the National Comorbidity Survey Replication (NCS-R)
Sensing the public's reaction to crime news using the 'Links Correspondence Method'
Using travel socialization and underlying motivations to better understand motorcycle usage in Taiwan
Driving under the influence of alcohol: frequency, reasons, perceived risk and punishment
Neural correlates of adolescents' viewing of parents' and peers' emotions: associations with risk-taking behavior and risky peer affiliations
Neighborhood, family and individual characteristics related to adolescent park-based physical activity
Overt vs. covert speed cameras in combination with delayed vs. immediate feedback to the offender
Perceived descriptive safety-related driving norms within and outside Arab towns and villages in Israel
Prevention of bicycle accidents
Risky road-use behaviour among students at the University of Benha, Egypt
Evidence to inform intersectoral policies: a comparison of health and transport sector evidence in support of road traffic injury prevention
Illusion and well-being: a social psychological perspective on mental health
Gender differences in risk perception: theoretical and methodological perspectives
The heroism of women and men
Dynamic Fuzzy Rating Tracker (DYFRAT): a novel methodology for modeling real-time dynamic cognitive processes in rating scales
The impact of a national earthquake campaign on public preparedness: 2011 campaign in Israel as a case study
Inside the 'hurt locker': the combined effects of explosive ordnance disposal and chemical protective clothing on physiological tolerance time in extreme environments
Lessons learned from fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant accident: efficient education items of radiation safety for general public
Linking social and built environmental factors to the health of public housing residents: a focus group study
Measuring individual differences in the perfect automation schema
Parental perceptions of barriers and facilitators to preventing child unintentional injuries within the home: a qualitative study
Affordances in a simple playscape: are children attracted to challenging affordances?
Analyzing the mediators between nature-based outdoor recreation and emotional well-being
The effect of information and values on acceptability of reduced street lighting
Perceived insecurity and fear of crime in a city with low-crime rates
Risk perception as mediator in perceptions of neighbourhood disorder and safety about victimisation
The role of urban neighbourhood green space in children's emotional and behavioural resilience
Decisions and actions of distracted drivers at the onset of yellow lights
Distinct circuits underlie the effects of 5-HT1b receptors on aggression and impulsivity
Experimental modeling of the effect of hurricane wind forces on driving behavior and vehicle performance
Imagine no religion: heretical disgust, anger and the symbolic purity of mind
The impact of shadow evacuation on evacuation time estimates for nuclear power plants
India needs shift in thinking to improve road safety
The journey from traffic offender to severe road trauma victim: destiny or preventive opportunity?
Leaders' use of moral justifications increases policy support
Misuse and modification of fireworks with fatal injury
Options for improving evacuation: investigating an unconventional strategy and expanding route options using TRansportation ANalysis and SIMulation System
Morningness-eveningness and risk taking
Sociodemographic factors, population density, and bicycling for transportation in the U.S.
Tweens feel the burn: "salt and ice challenge" burns
An ultrasonic sensor system based on a two-dimensional state method for highway vehicle violation detection applications
Walking stability during cell phone use in healthy adults
Factors related to self-perceived health in rural men and women
Integrating cost-effective rollover protective structure installation in high school agricultural mechanics: a feasibility study
Lane usage, following behavior, and time-gap models for a multi-lane freeway in India
Modeling the effect of contractual incentives on road safety performance
The motivation underlying adolescents׳ intended time-frame for driving licensure and car ownership: a socio-ecological approach
A state-of-the-art review of car-following models with particular considerations of heavy vehicles
What does happen to our driving when we get older?
Why do young adults choose different transport modes? A focus group study
Public health, state alcohol pricing policies, and the dismantling of the 21st Amendment: a legal analysis
Architectural design and the brain: effects of ceiling height and perceived enclosure on beauty judgments and approach-avoidance decisions
Systematically Tabulated Outcomes Research Matrix (STORM): a methodology to generate research hypotheses
An ecological stance on risk and safe behaviors in children: the role of affordances and emergent behaviors
Determinants of responsible hiking behavior: results from a stated choice experiment
Neural mechanisms underlying urgent and evaluative behaviors: An fMRI study on the interaction of automatic and controlled processes
An eye-tracking study of information sampling and decision-making under stress: implications for alarms in aviation emergencies
Fear-appeal messages message processing and affective attitudes
Alcohol-related victimisation: differences between sexual minorities and heterosexuals in an Australian national sample
A behavioral intervention for reducing postcompletion errors in a safety-critical system
Bicycle rider control skills: expertise and assessment
The effect of humoristic vs. dramatic animation-based warnings: a study on acceptance and risk perception
Effects of an educational intervention on athletes' attitudes toward wearing conspicuity-enhancing garments at night
Effects of oncoming vehicle size on overtaking judgments
The epidemiology of self-defense gun use: Evidence from the National Crime Victimization Surveys 2007-2011
A looming crisis: the distribution of off-road glance duration in moments leading up to crashes/near-crashes in naturalistic driving
Modeling the effect of loudness and semantics of speech warnings on human performances
Progression of hazard perception knowledge, licensure status and driving experience among teen drivers
Psychometric examination and validation of the Aggressive Driving Scale (ADS)
Quantifying the yellow signal driver behavior based on naturalistic data from digital enforcement cameras
The role of technology domestication on texting while driving
Staying in the zone: the cognitive components associated with offshore drillers' situation awareness
Young adult's own and parental social characteristics predict injury morbidity: a register-based follow-up of 135 000 men and women
When feeling safe isn't enough: contextualizing models of safety and learning in teams
When Does the Future Begin? Time Metrics Matter, Connecting Present and Future Selves
Individual differences in driver over-confidence: implications for stress, error and managing impairments
Hunting from elevated tree stands: hunters' safety practices and attitudes regarding the use of personal fall arrest systems
How traffic situations and non-driving related tasks affect the take-over quality in highly automated driving
A framework for analyzing intersection timing and red light collisions
Eye glance behavior associated with cell-phone use: examination with naturalistic driving data
Driver engagement in notifications: a comparison of visual-manual interaction between smartwatches and smartphones
Drivers' response to dynamic gap assistance signs at simulated rural unsignalised T-intersections
Covert texting during simulated driving maneuvers: effects of head-up versus head-down posture
Cognitive screening tools for predicting unsafe driving behavior among senior drivers: a meta-analysis
Relational conceptions of paternalism: a way to rebut nanny-state accusations and evaluate public health interventions
Relations between temperamental fear and risky pedestrian behavior
A review of empirical evidence on different uncanny valley hypotheses: support for perceptual mismatch as one road to the valley of eeriness
The Role of Trust as a Mediator Between System Characteristics and Response Behaviors
Safe nightlife collaborations: multiple actors, conflicting interests and different power distributions
Sociotechnical attributes of safe and unsafe work systems
Trusting a virtual driver that looks, acts, and thinks like you
Vulnerability of urban homebound older adults in disasters: a survey of evacuation preparedness
CDC: Increasing seat belt use among truckers could prevent worker deaths
School violence: teenagers perceptions
Beyond risk-taking effects of psychological safety on cooperative goal interdependence and prosocial behavior
Developing safety and risk assessment tools and training materials: a researcher-practice dialogue
Development of a 15-item scale to measure parental perceptions of their neighborhood
Organizational safety climate and supervisor safety enforcement: multilevel explorations of the causes of accident underreporting
Person × environment interactions on adolescent delinquency: sensation seeking, peer deviance and parental monitoring
Quantifying intra-organisational risks: an analysis of practice-theory tensions in probability elicitation to improve technical risk management in an energy utility
The clinical significance of single features of borderline personality disorder: anger, affective instability, impulsivity, and chronic emptiness in psychiatric outpatients
Enforcement avoidance behavior near automated speed enforcement areas in Korean expressways
The effect of implicitly incentivized faking on explicit and implicit measures of doping attitude: when athletes want to pretend an even more negative attitude to doping
Equipment, risk awareness and safety-relevant behaviour of via ferrata climbers
Illegal road crossing behavior of pedestrians at overpass locations: factors affecting gap acceptance, crossing times and overpass use
Media, race and crime: racial perceptions and criminal culpability in a multiracial national context
Are liveable neighbourhoods safer neighbourhoods? Testing the rhetoric on new urbanism and safety from crime in Perth, Western Australia
Contributing factors of crash injury severity at public highway-railroad grade crossings in the U.S.
Differences in injury distribution in professional and recreational snowboarding
Driving context influences drivers' decision to engage in visual-manual phone tasks: evidence from a naturalistic driving study
High- and low-order overtaking-ability affordances: drivers rely on the maximum velocity and acceleration of their cars to perform overtaking maneuvers
Modeling one-choice and two-choice driving tasks
Predictors of rear seat belt use among U.S. adults, 2012
Safety climate and the distracted driving experiences of truck drivers
Socio-demographic variation of adult seatbelt non-use in Rhode Island - different data sources
Taxi drivers' attitudes toward road safety in Pakistan
Assessment of emergency preparedness of households in Israel for war-current status
Development and initial validation of the Drunkorexia Motives and Behaviors scales
Examination of a dual-process model predicting riding with drinking drivers
Tracking progress in teenage driver crash risk in the United States since the advent of graduated driver licensing programs
Traumatic brain injury, driver aggression and motor vehicle collisions in Canadian adults
Variations in label information and nicotine levels in electronic cigarette refill liquids in South Korea: regulation challenges
Prevalence and demographic differences in microaccidents and safety behaviors among young workers in Canada
Recreational snow-sports injury risk factors and countermeasures: a meta-analysis review and Haddon matrix evaluation
Areas of brain damage underlying increased reports of behavioral disinhibition
Assessing views about gun violence reduction policy: a look at type of violence and expected effectiveness
Barriers to physical activity in a mass transit population: a qualitative study
A score for measuring health risk perception in environmental surveys
Brain structure correlates of emotion-based rash impulsivity
Cross-domain influences on youth risky driving behaviors: a developmental cascade analysis
Driver's behavioural changes with new intelligent transport system interventions at railway level crossings-a driving simulator study
Impact of alcohol checks and social norm on driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI)
Mind Navigators of Chemicals' Experimenters? A Web-Based Description of E-Psychonauts
Offsetting or enhancing behavior: an empirical analysis of motorcycle helmet safety legislation
Trends in sports- and recreation-related traumatic brain injuries treated in U.S. emergency departments: the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System-All Injury Program (NEISS-AIP) 2001-2012
The color red attracts attention in an emotional context. An ERP study
Hair drug testing in the new Brazilian regulation to obtain professional driver's licence: no parallel to any other law enforcement in the world
Red clothing increases perceived dominance, aggression and anger
Seeing red: How perceptions of social status and worth influence hostile attributions and endorsement of aggression
Red light cameras unsuccessful in reducing fatal crashes in large US cities
In search of a human self-regulation system
Injury, illness, and work restriction in merchant seafarers
Keeping workers safe: does provision of personal protective equipment match supervisor risk perceptions?
Longitudinal changes in adolescent risk-taking: a comprehensive study of neural responses to rewards, pubertal development, and risk-taking behavior
Night or darkness, which intensifies the feeling of fear?
Perceptions of social mobility: development of a new psychosocial indicator associated with adolescent risk behaviors
Sibling relationships and adolescent adjustment: longitudinal associations in two-parent African American families
Which nanny - the state or industry? Wowsers, teetotallers and the fun police in public health advocacy
Work safety climate, safety behaviors, and occupational injuries of youth farmworkers in North Carolina
Aetiology of traffic accidents
Acceptance of drinking and driving and alcohol-involved driving crashes in California
Advances in traffic psychology
Best practices to promote occupational safety and satisfaction: a comparison of three North American hospitals
Biological correlates of child and adolescent responses to disaster exposure: a bio-ecological model
Challenging the political assumption that "Guns don't kill people, crazy people kill people!"
Community lenses revealing the role of sociocultural environment on physical activity
Impulsivity and reasons for living among African American youth: a risk-protection framework of suicidal ideation
Perceptual load in different regions of the visual scene and its relevance for driving
Staying in the zone: offshore drillers' situation awareness
Stress, trauma and PTSD: translational insights into the core synaptic circuitry and its modulation
A theoretical perspective on road safety communication campaigns
Distribution trends and characteristics analysis of non-motor road traffic injury cases monitored in China, 2006-2013
Flash flood risks and warning decisions: a mental models study of forecasters, public officials, and media broadcasters in Boulder, Colorado
Collaboration of local government and experts responding to increase in environmental radiation level due to the nuclear disaster: focusing on their activities and latest radiological discussion
Considerations of a dual-systems model of cognitive development and risky driving
Knowledge and beliefs of EMS providers toward lights and siren transportation
The situated management of safety during risky sport: learning from skydivers' courses of experience
Jumping features at ski resorts: good risk management?
Speeds of pediatric snowsport participants: insights for injury prevention strategies
Risk factors for work-related injury among farm workers: a 1-year study
Understanding and reducing inconsistency in seatbelt-use decisions: findings from a cardinal decision issue perspective
The tuning of human motor response to risk in a dynamic environment task
The influence of online health information on the attitude and behavior of people aged 50
"Keeping Moving": factors associated with sedentary behaviour among older people recruited to an exercise promotion trial in general practice
Occupational fatalities during the oil and gas boom - United States, 2003-2013
Religiosity and impulsivity in mental health: is there a relationship?
Effect of soccer heading ball speed on S100B, sideline concussion assessments and head impact kinematics
Fear conditioned responses and PTSD symptoms in children: sex differences in fear responses in children
How members of the public interpret the word accident
Impact of mobile phone use on car-following behaviour of young drivers
Neighbourhood walkability: differential associations with self-reported transport walking and leisure-time physical activity in Canadian towns and cities of all sizes
Misconstruing agency: issues related to free will and determinism
Aging and loss decision making: increased risk aversion and decreased use of maximizing information, with correlated rationality and value maximization
7-year retrospective review of quad bike injuries admitted to Starship Children's Hospital
Exploring factors influencing Chinese user's perceived credibility of health and safety information on Weibo
A cause of severe sacral injury, sledding with a plastic bag: case report
A conceptual framework for dynamic extension of the red clearance interval as a countermeasure for red-light-running
Concussion in rugby: knowledge and attitudes of players
Decision-making competence predicts domain-specific risk attitudes
Public perception of the police and crime prevention in Nigeria
The role of cognitive abilities in decisions from experience: age differences emerge as a function of choice set size
A statistical law in the perception of risks and physical quantities in traffic
Capitalising on research-industry partnerships to advance injury prevention
Challenging conventional wisdom
Correction: "Rapid stress system drives chemical transfer of fear from sender to receiver"
Locating and applying sociological theories of risk-taking to develop public health interventions for adolescents
Pattern extraction for high-risk accidents in the construction industry: a data-mining approach
Plasticity of risky decision making among maltreated adolescents: evidence from a randomized controlled trial
Risk factors for injury in sport climbing and bouldering: a systematic review of the literature
Will the final battle not be between good and evil, but rather injuriologists and accidentologists?
Driver education and teen crashes and traffic violations in the first two years of driving in a graduated licensing system
Pediatric unintentional firearm injuries: a Northwestern Louisiana trauma center analysis
State all-driver distracted driving laws and high school students' texting while driving behavior
Understanding gaps between the risk perceptions of wildland-urban interface (WUI) residents and wildfire professionals
Electrical burn injuries secondary to copper theft
High school football players' knowledge and attitudes about concussions
The impact of the bystander's relationship with the victim and the perpetrator on intent to help in situations involving sexual violence
Proper football helmet use: high school athletes perspectives
Public health professionals and interpersonal violence
Fear responses to safety cues in anxious adolescents: preliminary evidence for atypical age-associated trajectories of functional neural circuits
Finding death in meaninglessness: evidence that death-thought accessibility increases in response to meaning threats
Perceived risk and safety-related behaviors after leaving a violent relationship
Analysis of occupational accidents in construction sector in Turkey
Predictive power of injuries reporting rate and its dimensions by perceived organizational support for safety
Safety in public spaces for children's play and learning
Why do three-wheelers carrying schoolchildren suffer very low fatal crashes?
Assessment of driver stopping prediction models before and after the onset of yellow using two driving simulator datasets
Automated speed enforcement systems to reduce traffic-related injuries: closing the policy implementation gap
Cognitive impulsivity and the development of delinquency from late childhood to early adulthood: Moderating effects of parenting behavior and peer relationships
Cohort study on the association between helmet use and traumatic brain injury in snowboarders from a Swiss tertiary trauma center
Bipolarization of risk perception about the health effects of radiation in residents after the accident at Fukushima nuclear power plant
Dangerous views require scientific evidence
Death by band-aid: fatal misuse of transdermal fentanyl patch
Development of a method to predict crash risk using trend analysis of driver behavior changes over time
Diminished alternative reinforcement as a mechanism underlying socioeconomic disparities in adolescent substance use
Distress of routine activities and perceived safety associated with post-traumatic stress, depression, and alcohol use: 2002 Washington, DC, sniper attacks
Effects of digital countdown timer on intersection safety and efficiency: a systematic review
Everlasting fire - persistent mania: a case report
Farmers' willingness to pay for less health risks by pesticide use: a case study from the cotton belt of Punjab, Pakistan
The influence of traffic signal solutions on self-reported road-crossing behavior
Injury severity in relation to seatbelt use
Maternal encouragement to approach novelty: a curvilinear relation to change in anxiety for inhibited toddlers
Metro passenger behaviors and their relations to metro incident involvement
Novice drivers' individual trajectories of driver behavior over the first three years of driving
Patterns of neighborhood environment attributes in relation to children's physical activity
A qualitative study of college students' perceptions of risky driving and social influences
Risk-taking behavior in a computerized driving task: brain activation correlates of decision-making, outcome, and peer influence in male adolescents
Risky behavior among Black Caribbean and Black African adolescents in England: How do they compare?
Seatbelt use and traumatic brain injury in Taiwan: a 16-year study
Comparison of risk-taking behaviour and frequency of piercing and tattooing among university students
Racial/ethnic differences in combat- and non-combat-associated traumatic brain injury severity in the Veterans Health Administration: 2004-2010
Health hazards of garments sector in Bangladesh: the case studies of Rana Plaza
Age differences in alcohol prototype perceptions and willingness to drink in UK adolescents
All-terrain vehicle fatalities on paved roads, unpaved roads, and off-road: evidence for informed roadway safety warnings and legislation
Assessing the dangers of "dabbing": mere marijuana or harmful new trend?
Associations between regional brain physiology and trait impulsivity, motor inhibition, and impaired control over drinking
Athlete return-to-play decisions in sports medicine
Attenuated neural processing of risk in young adults at risk for stimulant dependence
The influence of alcohol on pedestrians. A different approach to the effectiveness of the new traffic safety law
Viewing images of snakes accelerates making judgements of their colour in humans: red snake effect as an instance of 'emotional Stroop facilitation'
Take it or leave it: prefrontal control in recreational cocaine users
Risky behaviors and helmet use among young adolescent motorcyclists in Southern Thailand
Seat belt usage in injured car occupants: injury patterns, severity and outcome after two main car accident mechanisms in Kashan, Iran, 2012
Seat belt use among car drivers in Iranian Safe Communities: an observational study
The pathophysiology of sports concussion
Prevalence and predictors of bicycle helmet use in a southeastern, US city
Political leadership in the time of crises: primum non nocere
Novelty seeking is related to individual risk preference and brain activation associated with risk prediction during decision making
Outcomes of different operations for distal forearm fractures in children
Outrage factors in government press releases of food risk and their influence on news media coverage
Neural activation during risky decision-making in youth at high risk for substance use disorders
Neurobehavioral sequelae of psychostimulant abuse
Mass media and the contagion of fear: the case of ebola in America
A generic approach for examining the effectiveness of traffic control devices in school zones
Exposure to the World Trade Center disaster and 9/11-related post-traumatic stress disorder and household disaster preparedness
Effects of numerical versus foreground-only icon displays on understanding of risk magnitudes
A commentary on "Testosterone and cortisol jointly modulate risk-taking" by P.H. Mehta, K.M. Welker, S. Zilioli, J.M. Carre, Psychoneuroendocrinology, 2015, 56, 88-99
Evidence of cognitive decline in older adults after remote traumatic brain injury: an exploratory study
The role of warnings in younger and older adults' retrieval-induced forgetting
Risk perception factors and their influence on road transportation
Proposal of a model for the assessment of operational safety at airports based on methods Borda and Promethee II
The effectiveness of driver education and information programs in the state of Nevada
Quantifying the costs and benefits of occupational health and safety interventions at a Bangladesh shipbuilding company
The relationship between macroeconomic and industry-specific business cycle indicators and work-related injuries among Danish construction workers
Container transportation as an interdependent security problem
Attitudes of Czech drivers to issue of drinking and driving - development in time and international comparisons
The relationship between age and driving attitudes and behaviors among older Americans
Acute exercise increases sex differences in amateur athletes' risk taking
Age differences in the effect of framing on risky choice: a meta-analysis
Anticipating conflict: neural correlates of a Bayesian belief and its motor consequence
The association between the parental perception of the physical neighborhood environment and children's location-specific physical activity
The association between sedentary behaviour and risk of anxiety: a systematic review
An appraisal of the Functional Movement Screen™ grading criteria - Is the composite score sensitive to risky movement behavior?
Ashtanga-based yoga therapy increases the sensory contribution to postural stability in visually-impaired persons at risk for falls as measured by the Wii balance board: a pilot randomized controlled trial
Assessing the effectiveness of risk communication for maintenance workers who deal with induced radioactivity management of medical linear accelerators
Corticosteroid-induced psychiatric disturbances: it is time for pharmacists to take notice
Developing an industry-oriented safety curriculum using the Delphi technique
Effects of home visitation on maternal competencies, family environment, and child development: a randomized controlled trial
Risk communication in travel medicine
Threat affects risk preferences in movement decision making
The development of a conceptual model and self-reported measure of occupational health and safety vulnerability
Firearm ownership and violent crime in the U.S.: an ecologic study
Intervention study for changes in home fire safety knowledge in urban older adults
Risky riding: naturalistic methods comparing safety behavior from conventional bicycle riders and electric bike riders
Investigation of compliance in the severely injured: a literature review
The occupation hazard of locomotive firemen
The association between parenting and levels of self-control: a genetically informative analysis
Aviator injuries
A big step toward elimination of the automobile hazard
Aeroplane accidents
Street rivals: jaywalking and the invention of the motor age street
Observations concerning the individual characteristics of pilots in avaition accidents
Adolescent drivers: fine-tuning our understanding
The application of fuzzy logic to determine the failure probability in fault tree risk analysis
Factors affecting on experts' attitude of agricultural Jihad organization toward safety in agricultural operations
Identifing and prioritiization of the factors in the use of child safety seats
The influence of safety training on improvement in safety climate in construction sites of a firm
Investigating the rate of helmet use and the related factors among motorcyclists in Kerman between 1391-92 (2012)
Investigation of the relationship between personality and attitude to safety of taxi drivers
An investigation on the relationship between error culture and safety outcomes among employees of a petrochemical industry
Knowledge, attitude, and practice of the motorcyclists of Bojnourd regarding using helmets
The survey of unsafe acts as the risk factors of accidents in using taxis for intercity travelling in Tehran
Safety climate survey in iran's uranium mines in 2013
The role of supervisor in effectiveness of safety training session and changing employees' attitudes toward safety issues
Road traffic injury cost estimation by willingness to pay method
Model for safety performance evaluation based on organizational factors affecting safety industries using Fuzzy Inference System
Culture moderates biases in search decisions
Externalizing proneness and brain response during pre-cuing and viewing of emotional pictures
P-Drive: implementing an assessment of on-road driving in clinical settings and investigating its internal and predictive validity
Risks deter but pleasures allure: is pleasure more important?
Update: Accidental drownings, active component, U.S. Armed Forces, 2005-2014
Evaluating three methods to encourage mentally competent older adults to assess their driving behavior
Factors associated with the use of protective gear among adults during recreational sledging
Fearless temperament and overconfidence in an unsuccessful Special Forces polar expedition
Epidemiology of road traffic crashes among long distance drivers in Ibadan, Nigeria
Accessible transportation, geographic elevation, and masticatory ability among elderly residents of a rural area
Effects of brief intervention on subgroups of injured patients who drink at risk levels
A review of research on driving styles and road safety
Safety effects of fixed speed cameras: an empirical Bayes evaluation
L'Insuffisance Pryramidale physiogique de la première enfance et le syndrome de débilité motrice
Psychology of the causes and prevention of accidents (editorial)
Efficiency and inefficiency--a problem in medicine
Fatigue, work, and inhibition
Higiene de los accidentes del trabajo: La selección
Neurasthenia among garment workers
The International Association of Psychotechnology between the two world wars
Psychology's entrepreneurs and the marketing of industrial psychology
Industrial psychology from abroad
Can technology replace social engineering?
Adoption of Safe Routes to School in Canadian and the United States contexts: best practices and recommendations
Atmospheric plume progression as a function of time and distance from the release point for radioactive isotopes
Avoid violence, rioting, and outrage; approach celebration, delight, and strength: using large text corpora to compute valence, arousal, and the basic emotions
The continued influence of implied and explicitly stated misinformation in news reports
Controllability modulates the neural response to predictable but not unpredictable threat in humans
Disaster response and people experiencing homelessness: addressing challenges of a population with limited resources
Do negative changes in worldview mediate links between mass trauma and reckless behavior? A longitudinal exploratory study
Do social media have a place in public health emergency response?
Factors associated with discussion of disasters by final year high school students: an international cross-sectional survey
Fatal and serious road crashes involving young New Zealand drivers: a latent class clustering approach
How active are people in metropolitan parks? An observational study of park visitation in Australia
Impulsive personality, parental monitoring, and alcohol outcomes from adolescence through young adulthood
A moral panic? The problematization of forced marriage in British newspapers
Observed and unobserved correlation between crash avoidance manoeuvers and crash severity
Self-efficacy to drive while intoxicated: insights into the persistence of alcohol-impaired driving
Correction: The fragrant power of collective fear
Eight personal characteristics associated with the power to live with disasters as indicated by survivors of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake disaster
'Language is the source of misunderstandings'-impact of terminology on public perceptions of health promotion messages
Media reporting of traffic legislation changes in British Columbia (2010)
Paradox effects of binge drinking on response inhibition processes depending on mental workload
Participating in mobility: People with schizophrenia driving motorized vehicles
The potential impact of directionality, colour perceptions and cultural associations on disaster messages during heatwaves in the UK
The adaptive value associated with expressing and perceiving angry-male and happy-female faces
Are emotions natural kinds?
Are young drivers as careful as they deem? In vehicle data recorders and self reports evaluations
Argos-ESL: a versatile tool for planning and managing experiments on driving behavior
Comparing a driving simulator to the real road regarding distracted driving speed
Driving behaviors in Iran: a descriptive study among drivers of Mashhad City in 2014
Indian and American consumer perceptions of cockpit configuration policy
Behavioral impulsivity and risk-taking trajectories across early adolescence in youths with and without family histories of alcohol and other drug use disorders
Adolescents' neural processing of risky decisions: effects of sex and behavioral disinhibition
The effect of neighborhood recorded crime on fear: does neighborhood social context matter?
Effect of STOP Technique on safety climate in a construction company
Facial affect recognition in violent and nonviolent antisocial behavior subtypes
Facial emotion recognition in adolescents with nonsuicidal self-injury
Increased levels of depressive symptoms among pregnant women in the Netherlands after the crash of Flight MH17
Interactive effects of social adversity and respiratory sinus arrhythmia activity on reactive and proactive aggression
Perceptions of disaster preparedness among older people in South Korea
The Manchester driver behaviour questionnaire: self-reports of aberrant behaviour among Czech drivers
Problems in determining the optimal use of road safety measures
Safety and security: the influence of 9/11 to the EU framework for air carriers and aircraft operators
The study of the possibility of switching driving side in Rwanda
Commentary: Neural correlates of expected risks and returns in risky choice across development
Client perceptions of occupational health and safety management system assistance provided by OSHA on-site consultation: results of a survey of Colorado small business consultation clients
Overtaking method based on sand-sifter mechanism: Why do optimistic value functions find optimal solutions in multi-armed bandit problems?
Socioeconomic inequalities in nonuse of seatbelts in cars and helmets on motorcycles among people living in Kurdistan Province, Iran
Comparison of anxiety prevalence among based and offshore National Iranian Drilling Company staff's children in Ahvaz, 2013
Threat of death and autobiographical memory: a study of passengers from Flight AT236
Underutilization of occupant restraint systems in motor vehicle injury crashes: a quantitative analysis from Qatar
An empirical study of the Volkswagen crisis in China: customers' information processing and behavioral intentions
Greater decision-making competence is associated with greater expected-value sensitivity, but not overall risk taking: an examination of concurrent validity
Impulsive people have a compulsion for immediate gratification-certain or uncertain
Logit-based analysis of drivers' crossing behavior at unsignalized intersections in China
Major accidents (gray swans) likelihood modeling using accident precursors and approximate reasoning
Mortality among drowning rescuers in China, 2013: a review of 225 rescue incidents from the press
Motorcycle safety among motorcycle taxi drivers and non-occupational motorcyclists in developing countries: a case study of Maoming, South China
Optimization of headways with stop-skipping control: a case study of bus rapid transit system
Overall safety performance of the air traffic management system: indicators and analysis
Patient perceptions of risky drinking: knowledge of daily and weekly low-risk guidelines and standard drink sizes
Peritraumatic distress and dissociation in prolonged grief and post-traumatic stress following violent and unexpected deaths
Red-light running rates at five intersections by road users in Changsha, China: An observational study
A risk appraisal system regarding the implementation of maritime regulations by a ship operator
Safety climate of a commercial airline: a cross-sectional comparison of four occupational groups
From moral concern to moral constraint
Systems genetics of behavior: a prelude
Understanding ordinary unethical behavior: why people who value morality act immorally
The nonverbal communication of emotions
Memory integration: neural mechanisms and implications for behavior
Active behaviour change safety interventions in the construction industry: a systematic review
Addressing the road trauma burden in China: exploring attitudes, behaviours, risk perceptions and cultural uniqueness
Aging effect on detectability, criticality and urgency under various auditory conditions
Alcohol use among workers in male-dominated industries: a systematic review of risk factors
Allocation of visual attention while driving with simulated augmented reality
Assessing adult exposure to community violence: a review of definitions and measures
Asymmetric preferences for road safety: evidence from a stated choice experiment among car drivers
The concept of risk situation awareness provision: towards a new approach for assessing the DSA about the threats and vulnerabilities of complex socio-technical systems
Conflict partners and infrastructure use in safety critical events in cycling - results from a naturalistic cycling study
Cross-cultural effects on the perception and appraisal of approaching motorcycles at junctions
Chances and risks in medical risk communication
Characteristics of warning labels for drug containers and their effects on perceived hazardousness
Accident cause masculinity?--Gender-related issues of accident victims between prevention and coping in Kaiserreich and Weimarer Republik
Chronic treatment with mood stabilizer lithium inhibits amphetamine-induced risk-taking manic-like behaviors
Effects of brief alcohol interventions on drinking and driving among youth: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Experiences of facilitators or barriers in driving education from learner and novice drivers with ADHD or ASD and their driving instructors
Decision-related action orientation predicts police officers' shooting performance under pressure
Driver speed behavior on circular curves of undivided two-lane rural roads
Driving behaviour in adults with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder
Dynamic cognitive control of irrelevant sound: increased task engagement attenuates semantic auditory distraction
Effect of painted shoulders on vehicle speed
Effects of switching behavior for the attraction on pedestrian dynamics
An evaluation of evidence-based paediatric injury prevention policies across Canada
An exploratory analysis of occupational accidents and risks from nuclear reactors in India
The factors of female taxi drivers' speeding offenses in Taiwan
Fault tree analysis combined with quantitative analysis for high-speed railway accidents
Female but not male young heavy drinkers display altered performance monitoring
A FSA based fuzzy DEMATEL approach for risk assessment of cargo ships at coasts and open seas of Turkey
A human-system interface risk assessment method based on mental models
Illegal crossing behavior of pedestrians at signalized intersections: factors affecting the gap acceptance
Impact of public lighting on pedestrians' perception of safety and well-being
Inexpensive retroreflectivity field inspection kit
Injury risk factors in a small-scale gold mining community in Ghana's upper east region
Is it safe in numbers?
Paternalism and acceptability in road safety work
Perceived risk of phoning while driving: a case study from Jordan
Predicting bystander behavior to prevent sexual assault on college campuses: the role of self-efficacy and intent
Assessment of the variability of vastii myoelectric activity in young healthy females during walking: a statistical gait analysis
Do internals speed less and externals speed more to cope with the death anxiety?
The effect of age, gender and roadway environment on the acceptance and effectiveness of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
The effects of subjective loss of control on risk-taking behavior: the mediating role of anger
Embracing risk
Flexible human collective wisdom
Frontal cortex stimulation reduces vigilance to threat: implications for the treatment of depression and anxiety
Improving the risk assessments of critical operations to better reflect uncertainties and the unforeseen
Jumping the gun: mapping neural correlates of waiting impulsivity and relevance across alcohol misuse
Learning from incidents: practices at a Scandinavian refinery
Let's listen to patients' and GPs' perspectives on alcohol-screening research
Low-cost measures for reducing speeds at curves on two-lane rural highways
Management of health and safety in micro-firms in Cyprus - results from a nationwide survey
Managerial accounting for safety management. The case of a Spanish construction company
Managerial and non-technical factors in the development of human-created disasters: a review and research agenda
The mediating role of mental toughness in sport
Method of transportation and drinking among club patrons
Modelling pedestrian crossing behaviour in urban roads: a latent variable approach
Models for pedestrian gap acceptance behaviour analysis at unprotected mid-block crosswalks under mixed traffic conditions
Ontology-based knowledge modeling for automated construction safety checking
The psychosocial purpose of driving and its relationship with the risky driving behaviour of young novice drivers
Red color and risk-taking behavior in online environments
The three R's of trust
Social influence and the brain: persuasion, susceptibility to influence and retransmission
Recent advances in understanding neural systems that support inhibitory control
Neural mechanisms of response inhibition
From model-based perceptual decision-making to spatial interference control
The dual-hormone hypothesis: a brief review and future research agenda
Risk-taking behaviours among UK military reservists
The rocky road from attitudes to behaviors: charting the goal systemic course of actions
The role of decision-making in cannabis-related problems among young adults
Safety climate, safety behavior, and worker injuries in the Chinese manufacturing industry
Safety Culture in commercial aviation: differences in perspective between Chinese and Western pilots
Safety in numbers: more walkers and bicyclists, safer walking and bicycling
Safety messages and visibility of vulnerable road users for drivers
Situation awareness in bridge operations - a study of collisions between attendant vessels and offshore facilities in the North Sea
Societal perspectives on risk awareness and risk competence
Support and compliance with 20 mph speed limits in Great Britain
Transforming farm health and safety: the case for business coaching
Ultraorthodox young drivers in Israel: driving through cultural lenses
Urban cyclists' perspectives on post-collision behaviour change: a qualitative study
Validation in the absence of observed events
A web-based study of bipolarity and impulsivity in athletes engaging in extreme and high-risk sports
Enhanced modeling of driver stop-or-run actions at a yellow indication
Measuring bus drivers' occupational stress under changing working conditions
The dangers of disconnecting
Selection or proficiency: How can the mobility of older drivers be maintained? Opinion on behalf of the Executive Board of the German Society of Traffic Psychology eV (DGVP)
The attentional demand of automobile driving revisited: occlusion distance as a function of task-relevant event density in realistic driving scenarios
Changes in depression stigma after the Germanwings crash - findings from German population surveys
Changes in the factors influencing public acceptance of nuclear power generation in Japan since the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster
Deaths of teenagers in car crashes: a child death review
Development of a universal safety behavior management system for coal mine workers
Factors to be considered in developing occupational regulations for quad bikes in Australia
The hierarchy of control in the epidemic of farm injury
Prevention in dangerous industries: does safety certification prevent tree-faller injuries?
Can child-pedestrians' hazard perception skills be enhanced?
Do school crossing guards make crossing roads safer? A quasi-experimental study of pedestrian-motor vehicle collisions in Toronto, Canada
The dragon in the cockpit: how Western aviation concepts conflict with Chinese value systems (Comments on a report by Hung-Sying Jing, Allen Batteau )
Evaluation of pedestrian road traffic maxillofacial injuries in a Nigerian tertiary hospital
Profiling drunk driving recidivists in Denmark
Assessing the structure of non-routine decision processes in airline operations control
ADHD and emotion dysregulation among children and adolescents
When injury clouds understanding of others: theory of mind after mild TBI in preschool children
Who plays the major role in fatal injuries by motorcycle in developing countries?
People with insomnia: experiences with sedative hypnotics and risk perception
Posture and texting: effect on balance in young adults
Race differences in patterns of risky behavior and associated risk factors in adolescence
Reappraising threat: how to optimize performance under pressure
Relationship between penalties for road traffic infringements and crash risk in Queensland, Australia: a case-crossover study
Results of a large-scale randomized behavior change intervention on road safety in Kenya
The role of university health centers in intervention and prevention of campus sexual assault
Social penalty promotes cooperation in a cooperative society
Statistical modeling of fire occurrence using data from the Tōhoku, Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
Threat processing: models and mechanisms
Altered inhibition-related frontolimbic connectivity in obsessive-compulsive disorder
Designing effective warnings
Changing norms to change behavior
Estimated time of arrival and debiasing the time saving bias
Embodied understanding
Violence: heightened brain attentional network response is selectively muted in Down syndrome
The Walking Suitability Index of the Territory (T-WSI): a new tool to evaluate urban neighborhood walkability
Survey of the acual state of the initial rider training for motorcycle riders in Germany
Progress in heat watch-warning system technology
When distance matters: perceptual bias and behavioral response for approaching sounds in peripersonal and extrapersonal space
Baseline concussion symptom scores vary by method of collection
Car driver attitudes, perceptions of social norms and aggressive driving behaviour towards cyclists
Model averaging for improving inference from causal diagrams
School-travel by public transit: rethinking active transportation
Texting while driving as impulsive choice: a behavioral economic analysis
Testing a structural model of young driver willingness to uptake Smartphone Driver Support Systems
Societal reaction to sex offenders: a review of the origins and results of the myths surrounding their crimes and treatment amenability
Building community resilience: business preparedness lessons in the case of Adapazarı, Turkey
Terrorism, guns, and public health
Preventing lethal violence in schools: the case for entry-based weapons screening
Lethal violence in the schools
Is a weapons-screening strategy for public schools good public policy?
Does road safety have any lessons for workplace health and safety?
Accounting for the daily locations visited in the study of the built environment correlates of recreational walking (the RECORD Cohort Study)
Road trauma education: the impact of a patient presenter on the road safety attitudes of adolescents
Activity based risk assessment and safety cost estimation for residential building construction projects
Delusion and bi-ocular vision
Do consumers 'Get the facts'? A survey of alcohol warning label recognition in Australia
Do i misconstrue? Sarcasm detection, emotion recognition, and theory of mind in Huntington disease
The effects of fear appeal message repetition on perceived threat, perceived efficacy, and behavioral intention in the extended parallel process model
Employers' perceptions and attitudes toward the Canadian national standard on psychological health and safety in the workplace: A qualitative study
Factors affecting hurricane evacuation intentions
Gender differences in alcohol use and risk drinking in Ontario ethnic groups
Identifying knowledge activism in worker health and safety representation: A cluster analysis
The impact of intervening in green space in Dutch deprived neighbourhoods on physical activity and general health: results from the quasi-experimental URBAN40 study
Neighborhood attributes associated with the social environment
Older people's perceptions of pedestrian friendliness and traffic safety: an experiment using computer-simulated walking environments
Oxytocin and memory of emotional stimuli: some dance to remember, some dance to forget
Physically scarce (vs. Enriched) environments decrease the ability to tell lies successfully
Risk on / risk off: risk-taking varies with subjectively preferred and disliked music
Smoking gun or circumstantial evidence? Comparison of statistical learning methods using functional annotations for prioritizing risk variants
Young drivers' responses to anti-speeding advertisements: comparison of self-report and objective measures of persuasive processing and outcomes
Violent video game players and non-players differ on facial emotion recognition
The Concepts of Risk, Safety, and Security: Applications in Everyday Language
Conflict or caveats? Effects of media portrayals of scientific uncertainty on audience perceptions of new technologies
Dealing with disasters: Need for awareness and preparedness
Exploring the athletic trainer's role in assisting student-athletes presenting with alcohol-related unintentional injuries
Factors affecting farmers' behaviour in pesticide use: insights from a field study in northern China
Immediate behavioural responses to earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand, and Hitachi, Japan
Is seeing believing? Perceptions of wildfire risk over time
Judgement days: moral attitudes in the wake of local disasters
Longitudinal changes in prefrontal cortex activation underlie declines in adolescent risk taking
Media coverage of pediatric environmental health risks and its effects on mothers' protective behaviors
Anaphylaxis incidence with rocuronium, succinylcholine, and atracurium: how risk communication can influence behavior
Collaborative learning framework for online stakeholder engagement
Comments and controversies: Piecing together the neurobiology of decision-making
Competition and cooperation among different punishing strategies in the spatial public goods game
Concussion education in U.S.. collegiate sport: what is happening and what do athletes want?
Developing a tabletop exercise to test community resilience: lessons from the Los Angeles County Community Disaster Resilience Project
High self-control protects the link between social support and positivity ratio for Israeli students exposed to contextual risk
Heat stroke in infancy-reply
Childhood deaths and cargo barriers in cars
Neurobehavioral perspectives on the distinction between fear and anxiety
New tools for emergency managers: an assessment of obstacles to use and implementation
Paranoid thinking, cognitive bias and dangerous neighbourhoods: implications for perception of threat and expectations of victimisation
Parent-child injury prevention conversations following a trip to the emergency department
Partnerships for community resilience: perspectives from the Los Angeles County Community Disaster Resilience project
Population vulnerability to storm surge flooding in coastal Virginia, U.S.A
Public response to the 2014 chemical spill in West Virginia: knowledge, opinions and behaviours
Risk preferences, probability weighting, and strategy tradeoffs in wildfire management
Risk-taking behaviour in adolescents. 'Chance only favors the prepared mind'
A survey of residents' perceptions of the effect of large-scale economic developments on perceived safety, violence, and economic benefits
Targets to promote swimming between the flags among Australian beachgoers
Thalamocortical interactions underlying visual fear conditioning in humans
The vernacular of risk - rethinking direct-to-consumer advertising of pharmaceuticals
What it takes to get passed on: message content, style, and structure as predictors of retransmission in the Boston Marathon bombing response
Differences in driving performance due to headway distances and gender: the application of jerk cost function
Environmental determinants of celeration behaviour
Impaired driving performance as evidence of a magnocellular deficit in dyslexia and visual stress
Gun-embodiment biases on object perception are unaffected by prior experience
The hazards of off-road motor sports: are four wheels better than two?
Neighbor influence on evacuation behavior in virtual and real environments
On the road again after traumatic brain injury: driver safety and behaviour following on-road assessment and rehabilitation
Pedestrian fatality risk in accidents at unsignalized zebra crosswalks in Poland
Preparedness for natural disasters among older US adults: a nationwide survey
Middle school students' perceptions of safety: a mixed-methods study
Protecting construction worker health and safety in Ontario, Canada: identifying a union safety effect
Risk assessment of oil and gas well drilling activities in Iran, case study: human factors
Taking ownership of safety. What are the active ingredients of safety coaching and how do they impact safety outcomes in critical offshore working environments?
An analysis of technology-related distracted biking behaviors and helmet use among cyclists in New York City
Assessing specific deterrence effects of increased speeding penalties using four measures of recidivism
Corrigendum to "Subjective well-being and perceptions of safety among Jewish and Arab children in Israel" [this journal 44c (2014) 100-107]
An investigation of problematic internet use among adolescents in terms of self-injurious and risk-taking behavior
Comparison of two successive earthquake awareness campaigns in Israel: improved methodology or a cumulative effect?
Exploring the predictors of organizational preparedness for natural disasters
Fear conditioned visual information is prioritized for visual awareness
Modeling driver stop/run behavior at the onset of a yellow indication considering driver run tendency and roadway surface conditions
Nuclear disasters and health: lessons learned, challenges, and proposals
Occupational health risk assessment and management in workers in improvement of national policy in occupational hygiene and safety
A pilot quality improvement program to increase pediatrician injury anticipatory guidance
Poor mental health status and aggression are associated with poor driving behavior among male traffic offenders
When death is not a problem: regulating implicit negative affect under mortality salience
Type A behavior pattern, accident optimism and fatalism: an investigation into non-compliance with safety work behaviors among hospital nurses
Trait psychopathy, emotional intelligence, and criminal thinking: predicting illegal behavior among college students
Testosterone-cortisol interactions and risk-taking: a reply to Hayes et al
Survey of UK health care first responders' knowledge of personal protective equipment requirements
Social participation and disaster risk reduction behaviors in tsunami prone areas
Soldiers with posttraumatic stress disorder see a world full of threat: magnetoencephalography reveals enhanced tuning to combat-related cues
Should i stop or should i go? The role of associations and expectancies
Self-reported and observed seat belt use - a case study: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Rural and metropolitan pediatric burns in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory: does distance make a difference?
Risk-taking on the road and in the mind: behavioural and neural patterns of decision making between risky and safe drivers
Risky behaviours among university students in Italy
Compliance to two city convenience store ordinance requirements
Altering risky decision making: influence of impulsivity on the neuromodulation of prefrontal cortex
Drug use and involvement in risky driving styles in a sample of university students: the uniHcos project
Stag head matriarchy: postfeminist domesticity and antlers in Domino Magazine, 2005-9
A spatio-temporal analysis of crime at: Washington, DC Metro Rail stations' crime-generating and crime-attracting characteristics as transportation nodes and places
Behavioral economics of self-control failure
Automatic 2.5-D facial landmarking and emotion annotation for social interaction assistance
Assessing knowledge retention of an immersive serious game vs. A traditional education method in aviation safety
Assessments of risky driving: a Go/No-Go simulator driving task to evaluate risky decision-making and associated behavioral patterns
Brain activation underlying threat detection to targets of different races
CDC grand rounds: addressing preparedness challenges for children in public health emergencies
Disaster, hope, help, reality
Being responsible versus acting responsibly: effects of agency and risk taking on responsibility judgments
Heat protection behaviour in the UK: results of an online survey after the 2013 heatwave
Influences of preparedness knowledge and beliefs on household disaster preparedness
Leadership engagement and workplace violence prevention: the collaboration between a large community hospital and its unions
Observed use of voluntary controls to reduce physical exposures among sheet metal workers of the mechanical trade
Optimism bias in fans and sports reporters
Retrospections on road traffic injuries as a social burden: the role of public health education initiatives in a developing country
Risky driving behaviours among medical students in Erbil, Iraq
The Step approach to Message Design and Testing (SatMDT): A conceptual framework to guide the development and evaluation of persuasive health messages
Talar fractures in children: a possible injury after go-karting accidents
Variable Message Signs for road tunnel emergency evacuations
Sports-related concussions: are we (fully) aware of the consequences?
Autonomous Driver Based on an Intelligent System of Decision-Making
Employee safety motivation: perspectives and measures on the basis of the self-determination theory
Improving Bayesian reasoning: the effects of phrasing, visualization, and spatial ability
Risky decision making from childhood through adulthood: contributions of learning and sensitivity to negative feedback
The role of practical advice in bioterrorism news coverage
Social norms about a health issue in work group networks
Children's attentional exploration of threatening information as related to trust in maternal support
Common traffic violations of bus drivers in urban China: an observational study
The validity and clinical utility of the Massachusetts Youth Screening Instrument - version 2 (MAYSI-2) in the UK
Cognitive style modulates conscious but not unconscious thought: comparing the deliberation-without-attention effect in analytics and wholists
How does the driver's perception reaction time affect the performances of crash surrogate measures?
How harmonious and obsessive passion for alcohol and marijuana relate to consumption and negative consequences
Mouthguard BITES (Behavior, Impulsivity, Theory Evaluation Study): what drives mouthguard use among high school basketball and baseball/softball athletes
No evidence of association between Toxoplasma gondii infection and financial risk taking in females
Seat belt and mobile phone use among vehicle drivers in the city of Doha, Qatar: an observational study
Risky driving among UK regular armed forces personnel: changes over time
Playability: built and social environment features that promote physical activity within children
Variability in decision-making and critical cue use by different road users at rail level crossings
Police encounters with people with mental illness: use of force, injuries, and perceptions of dangerousness
Police use of force and the suspect with mental illness: a methodological conundrum
To shoot or not to shoot; gang decisions, decisions
Modeling the effect of operator and passenger characteristics on the fatality risk of motorcycle crashes
Prevalence and determinants of symptoms of common mental disorders in retired professional Rugby Union players
Sports injury surveillance systems: a review of methods and data quality
Study of psycho-social factors affecting traffic accidents among young boys in Tehran
The comorbidity between bipolar disorder and ADHD in a young adult: a focus on impulsivity
Creation of the Naturalistic Engagement in Secondary Tasks (NEST) distracted driving dataset
Deaths due to motorcycle accidents and their association with variables related to social reproduction in a northeastern Brazilian state
Driver decision-making in the dilemma zone - examining the influences of clearance intervals, enforcement cameras and the provision of advance warning through a panel data random parameters probit model
The effect of positive and negative feedback on risk-taking across different contexts
Identifying psychological and socio-economic factors affecting motorcycle helmet use
Iowa gambling task performance and executive function predict low-income urban preadolescents' risky behaviors
Modeling the predictors of safety behavior in construction workers
Naturalistic teenage driving study: findings and lessons learned
Parallel processing of general and specific threat during early stages of perception
Premeditation moderates the relation between sensation seeking and risky substance use among young adults
Rates of motorcycle helmet use and reasons for non-use among adults and children in Luang Prabang, Lao People's Democratic Republic
Traffic deaths before and after birth
Understanding hikers who approached a hazardous river in Yosemite National Park
Young adult veteran perceptions of peers' drinking behavior and attitudes
When threat is near, get out of here: dynamics of defensive behavior during freezing and active avoidance
Using naturalistic driving data to examine drivers' seatbelt use behavior: Comparison between teens and adults
Consequences of adolescent ethanol consumption on risk preference and orbitofrontal cortex encoding of reward
Cooperation in the brain: neuroscientific contributions to theory and policy
Demographic, Behavioural and Normative Risk Factors for Gambling Problems Amongst Sports Bettors
Tsunamis: bridging science, engineering and society
Adolescent neurodevelopment of cognitive control and risk-taking in negative family contexts
"Certain death" from storm surge: a comparative study of household responses to warnings about hurricanes Rita and Ike
The cultural theory of risk for climate change adaptation
Deaths by lightning in Mexico (1979-2011): threat or vulnerability?
The influence of previous disaster experience and sociodemographics on protective behaviors during two successive tornado events
Measuring the effectiveness of the graphical communication of hurricane storm surge threat
A national view of storm surge risk and inundation
"Deaths by lightning in Mexico (1979-2011): threat or vulnerability?" Reply to comment
Social and hydrological responses to extreme precipitations: an interdisciplinary strategy for postflood investigation
Tornado warning trade-offs: evaluating choices for visually communicating risk
A tornado watch scale to improve public response
The effect of climate change on natural disasters: a college student perspective
Categorical perception of emotional facial expressions in alcohol-dependence
Can the neighborhood built environment make a difference to children's development? Building the research agenda to create evidence for place-based children's policy
Comparing perceptual and preferential decision making
An extension of the theory of planned behavior to predict pedestrians' violating crossing behavior using structural equation modeling
Driver behavior during overtaking maneuvers from the 100-Car Naturalistic Driving Study
Dynamic risk control by human nucleus accumbens
The interactive effects of impulsivity and negative emotions on adolescent nonsuicidal self-injury: a latent growth curve analysis
Prioritisation of citizen-centric information for disaster response
Reasons for child passenger nonrestraint in motor vehicles
Spatio-temporal accident analysis for accident prevention in relation to behavioral factors in driving: The case of South Anatolian Motorway
Tetrahydrocannabinol pharmacokinetics; new synthetic cannabinoids; road safety and cannabis
Teen drivers' perceptions of inattention and cell phone use while driving
Tailoring in risk communication by linking risk profiles and communication preferences: the case of speeding of young car drivers
Ultimate concerns in late modernity: Archer, Bourdieu and reflexivity
What are the differences in driver injury outcomes at highway-rail grade crossings? Untangling the role of pre-crash behaviors
The determinants of employee participation in occupational health and safety management
Impact of older adults' neighborhood perceptions on walking behavior
Key aspects of successful rehabilitation after repeated or serious driving offenses
Know what to do if you encounter a flash flood: mental models analysis for improving flash flood risk communication and public decision making
Validation of quasi-induced exposure representativeness assumption among young drivers
Understanding gender differences in childhood injuries: examining longitudinal relations between parental reactions and boys' versus girls' injury-risk behaviors
Dynamics of the public concern and risk communication program implementation
Zipline-related injuries treated in US EDs, 1997-2012
Hazards for women and children in rural settings
Take your mind off it: Coping style, serotonin transporter linked polymorphic region genotype (5-HTTLPR), and children's internalizing and externalizing problems
Reward Processing in the Adolescent Brain: Individual Differences and Relation to Risk Taking
Road Risk Modeling and Cloud-Aided Safety-Based Route Planning
Childhood symptoms of ADHD and impulsivity in abstinent heroin users
Escape behaviors and its underlying neuronal circuits
Gender-based experiences and perceptions after the 2010 winter storms in Atlantic Canada
Hierarchical Bayesian random intercept model-based cross-level interaction decomposition for truck driver injury severity investigations
"There are risks to be taken and some just push it too far": how farmers perceive quad-bike incident risk
Corporate managers' perceptions of safety and its value: an interview study of five internationally operating Finnish companies
Understanding maintenance work in safety-critical organisations - managing the performance variability
National multi-cohort time trends in adolescent risk preference and the relation with substance use and problem behavior from 1976 to 2011
Neural substrates of risky decision making in individuals with Internet addiction
Objective and subjective measures of neighborhood environment (NE): relationships with transportation physical activity among older persons
Process Tracing Analysis of Hurricane Information Displays
Proposal of an index for government measures to deal with domestic violence against children and adolescents
Psychological evaluations for firearm ownership: legal foundations, practice considerations, and a conceptual framework
Relations of neighborhood environment influences, physical activity, and active transportation to/from school across African American, Latino American, and White girls in the United States
National teen driver safety week [USA] - October 18-24, 2015
Climatic and landscape influences on fire regimes from 1984 to 2010 in the western United States
Contextual determinants of childhood injury: a systematic review of studies with multilevel analytic methods
Disentangling contributions of bar attendance, drinking, and other factors to elevated acute alcohol problems on the U.S.-Mexico border
E-commerce and biological weapons nonproliferation: online marketplaces challenge export controls to reduce the risk that rogue states or terrorists could acquire the capacity to produce biological weapons
The effects of safety behavior directed towards a safety cue on perceptions of threat
An event-related potential investigation of fear generalization and intolerance of uncertainty
Facial reactions to violent and comedy films: association with callous-unemotional traits and impulsive aggression
OSH practices and interventions in small businesses: global issues in the Québec context
Worry and discrimination of threat and safety cues: an event-related potential investigation
Reliability and validity of the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale in an emergency department in Saudi Arabia: a cross-sectional observational study
Systematic review of qualitative literature on occupational health and safety legislation and regulatory enforcement planning and implementation
To be or not to be (stressed): the critical role of a psychologically healthy workplace in effective stress management
Global-local visual processing impacts risk taking behaviors, but only at first
AUDIT-C score and its association with risky behaviours among professional drivers
Do infants find snakes aversive? Infants' physiological responses to "fear-relevant" stimuli
The effects on driving speed of a head-up display of road warnings
Error-related processing in adult males with elevated psychopathic traits
fMRI investigation of response inhibition, emotion, impulsivity, and clinical high-risk behavior in adolescents
Helmet use amongst equestrians: harnessing social and attitudinal factors revealed in online forums
High school students' experiences in school toilets or restrooms
Incidence rates and trend of serious farm-related injury in Minnesota, 2000-2011
Inroads into equestrian safety: rider-reported factors contributing to horse-related accidents and near misses on australian roads
Participatory intervention with objectively measured physical risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders in the construction industry: study protocol for a cluster randomized controlled trial
The public health response to 'do-it-yourself' urbanism
Risk factors for agricultural injury: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Violence and health : symptoms, consequences and treatment of victimized patients
Absconding of a patient from an acute psychiatric ward. Whom do the courts hold liable?
Social norms theory and concussion education
Speeding in urban environments: are the time savings worth the risk?
Gang colors: should students be allowed to wear them in college?
Appealing to fear: a meta-analysis of fear appeal effectiveness and theories
Binge drinking and risk taking behavior among adolescent females in Israel
Denial of risk: the effects of positive impression management on risk assessments for psychopathic and nonpsychopathic offenders
Dimensions of safety climate among Iranian nurses
Does drinking to cope explain links between emotion-driven impulse control difficulties and hazardous drinking? A longitudinal test
Agricultural media coverage of farm safety: review of the literature
Airline safety improvement through experience with near-misses: a cautionary tale
Child passengers and driver culpability in fatal crashes by driver gender
Crash risk perception of sleepy driving and its comparisons with drink driving and speeding: which behavior is perceived as the riskiest?
Distracted driving
The latent structure of alcohol misuse in young adults: do taxometric results differ as a function of prior criminal history?
The hidden price and possible benefit of repeated traumatic exposure
Professional karate-do and mixed martial arts fighters present with a high prevalence of temporomandibular disorders
Prevalence and characteristics of road traffic injuries among young drivers in Oman, 2009-2011
Rationality in human movement
Restraint use in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
US pediatricians call for tougher rule enforcement to reduce football injuries
Validation of a brief screening tool for alcohol-related neuropsychological impairments
Gender and other factors associated with the use of hearing protection devices at work
Relationships between thrill seeking, speeding attitudes, and driving violations among a sample of motorsports spectators and drivers
Risky behaviors and social networking sites: how is YouTube influencing our youth?
Ambiguity in risk assessment
Behavioral effect on pedestrian evacuation simulation using cellular automata
Classification of risk to support decision-making in hazardous processes
An evaluation of the impact of 'Lifeskills' training on road safety, substance use and hospital attendance in adolescence
Factors affecting booster seat use
P300 and decision making under risk and ambiguity
Young athletes' concerns about sport-related concussion: the patient's perspective
Danger zone: men, masculinity and occupational health and safety in high risk occupations
Defining risk acceptance criteria in occupational settings: a case study in the furniture industrial sector
Evolutionary game analysis and stability control scenarios of coal mine safety inspection system in China based on system dynamics
Exploring relationships between organizational factors and hydrocarbon leaks on offshore platform
The factors underlying the decision to text while driving
Feature-based attention is functionally distinct from relation-based attention: the double dissociation between color-based capture and color-relation-based capture of attention
Me have a traffic accident? The effects of core self-evaluations on the perceived likelihood and perceived undesirability of traffic accidents
A model for the implementation of industry-wide knowledge sharing to improve risk management practice
Motor vehicle accidents and adolescents: an empirical study on their emotional and behavioral profiles, defense strategies and parental support
On the effects of listening and talking to humans and devices on driving
A naturalistic study of the impact of message framing on highway speeding
The neural correlates of risky decision making across short and long runs
Peer pressure and risk taking in young drivers' speeding behavior
The perceived effectiveness of road safety interventions: regulation of drivers' behavioral intentions and self-consciousness
Physical health risk behaviours in young people with mental illness
Predicting aberrant driving behaviour: the role of executive function
Psychological predictors of texting while driving among university students
A research on subway physical vulnerability based on network theory and FMECA
The role of prosocial and proactive safety behaviors in predicting safety performance
Rural Kentucky high school students' exposure to ATV riding and injuries
Safety rules as instruments for organizational control, coordination and knowledge: implications for rules management
Social representations associated with men and women drivers among French adolescents and adults. Effects of the perceiver's age, sex, and socioeconomic status
Traffic accidents triggered by drivers at work - a survey and analysis of contributing factors
Insecurity and violence as a new power relation in Latin America
Dimensions of the traffic safety problem
Organizing for safety
The action program for highway safety
Occupational safety and health
Driving errors, driving violations and accident involvement
Drivers' knowledge, attitudes, and behavior: a cross-sectional study
Driver attitude towards traffic safety violations and risk taking behaviour in Kumasi: the gender and age dimension
Risk propensity within the military: a study of Swedish officers and soldiers
Community preparedness for emergency: a cross-sectional survey of residents in Heilongjiang of China
Consumer understanding, preferences, and responses to different versions of drug safety messages in the United States: a randomized controlled trial
Differential effects of traffic sign stimuli upon speeding in school zones following a traffic light interruption
Measuring driving-related attitudes among older adults: psychometric evidence for the decisional balance scale across time and gender
Stopping the 'war on the car': neoliberalism, Fordism, and the politics of automobility in Toronto
Can height categories replace weight categories in striking martial arts competitions? A pilot study
The communication of information such as evacuation orders at the time of a nuclear power station accident: -recommendations for responses by the national government and electric power utilities to the "information disaster"
Factors associated with occupational injuries in seasonal young workers
Robust underestimation of speed during driving: a field study
Simulation of driving in low-visibility conditions: does stereopsis improve speed perception?
Zombie apocalypse: can the undead teach the living how to survive an emergency?
The doctor and the automobile accident
Road traffic injury immune delusion syndrome among commercial motorcycle riders in Ogbomoso, Nigeria
Suicide ideation and attempts among adolescents engaged in risk behaviors: a latent class analysis
Acute effect of vigorous aerobic exercise on the inhibitory control in adolescents
Analyzing seat belt usage from accident data: an evaluation of Click It or Ticket enforcement campaigns in Ohio
Anxiety, emotional distraction, and attentional control in the Stroop task
Assessment of parental knowledge and attitudes toward pediatric sports-related concussions
Lane width crash modification factors for curb-and-gutter asymmetric multilane roadways: statistical modeling
The neuronal basis of fear generalization in humans
Neuropsychological and behavioral correlates of impulsiveness in veterans with and without mild traumatic brain injury
Opportunity cost neglect attenuates the effect of choices on preferences
Perceptions of supervision among injured and non-injured teens working in the retail or service industry
Protective behaviour of citizens to transport accidents involving hazardous materials: a discrete choice experiment applied to populated areas nearby waterways
Study on illegal driving behavior and vehicle road traffic injury in China from 2006 to 2010
Walk-friendly suburbs for older adults? Exploring the enablers and barriers to walking in a large suburban municipality in Canada
The multi-level prevention and control of catastrophic wildfires in Mediterranean Europe: the European Union, Spain, and Catalonia
The myths we live (and die) by
Passenger perception of security - a methodical approach for public mass transportation systems
Evaluating transport technologies for mitigating the impact of emergency events: findings from the SAVE ME Project
Enhancing capacity for emergency evacuation through resource matching and coordinated volunteerism
Driving behaviour responses to a moose encounter, automatic speed camera, wildlife warning sign and radio message determined in a factorial simulator study
Educating intuition: reducing risky decisions using fuzzy-trace theory
The epidemiology of fatal cyclist crashes over a 14-year period in Alberta, Canada
Long-lasting virtual motorcycle-riding trainer effectiveness
A multilevel examination of affective job insecurity climate on safety outcomes
Physician versus non-physician delivery of alcohol screening, brief intervention and referral to treatment in adult primary care: the ADVISe cluster randomized controlled implementation trial
Regulatory mode and risk-taking: the mediating role of anticipated regret
Risk communication in analysis of occupational health risk for industrial workers
The role of cognitive effort in subjective reward devaluation and risky decision-making
Sociodemographic traits and comorbidities in pathological gamblers with a suicide attempt in Spain
State injury prevention policies and variation in death from injury
Validation of the Driver Behaviour Questionnaire in a representative sample of drivers in Australia
Acceptability of driving an equipped vehicle with drive recorder: the impact of the context
Determinants of driver response to variable message sign information in Athens
Does gender make a difference to performing in-vehicle tasks?
Driver's fatigue detection based on yawning extraction
Effectiveness of advisory warnings based on cooperative perception
Evaluation of the effectiveness of auditory speeding warnings for commercial passenger vehicles -a field study in Wuhan, China
Glimpsing working-class childhood through the Laurier Palace fire of 1927: the ordinary, the tragic, and the historian's gaze
Motorist's response to an increase in traffic fines
Role of driver assistance experience, system functionality, gender, age and sensation seeking in attitudes towards the safety of driver assistance systems
Walking beyond the socioeconomic status in an objectively and perceptually walkable pedestrian environment
Concurrent arm swing-stepping (CASS) can reveal gait start hesitation in Parkinson's patients with low self-efficacy and fear of falling
How well do you expect to recover, and what does recovery mean, anyway? Qualitative study of expectations after a musculoskeletal injury
Between evidence and negligence: coverage and invisibility of health topics in the Portuguese printed media
The building blocks of a 'Liveable Neighbourhood': identifying the key performance indicators for walking of an operational planning policy in Perth, Western Australia
Cross-continental comparison of the association between the physical environment and active transportation in children: a systematic review
Finding the balance between safety and threat may hold the key to success when treating PTSD
Impulsive driving: definition and measurement using the I-Driving Scale (IDS)
Catching or fining speeders
Corrigendum: Processing of visually evoked innate fear by a non-canonical thalamic pathway
Factors contributing to young moped rider accidents in Denmark
Risky bicycling behavior among youth with and without attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder
The Romanian version of the multidimensional driving style inventory: psychometric properties and cultural specificities
Seeing red on the road
Selling safety: the use of celebrities in improving awareness of safety in commercial aviation
Selling safety: an experiment on the effect of specially designed safety posters
Using an Advance Time Meter display as means to reduce driving speed
Walking the line: understanding pedestrian behaviour and risk at rail level crossings with cognitive work analysis
When and why threats go undetected: impacts of event rate and shift length on threat detection accuracy during airport baggage screening
Work attitudes and safety performance in micro-firms - results from a nationwide survey: (the opinion of the employees)
Measuring, discussing, and living together: lessons from 4 years in Suetsugi
The medical response to multisite terrorist attacks in Paris
Why does existential threat promote intergroup violence? Examining the role of retributive justice and cost-benefit utility motivations
Developing a game interface to assess risk perception with respect to two key dimensions of risk (frequency and severity) in contexts where risks are elevated from their accepted, "typical" values
Development of a training programme for primary care providers to counsel patients with risky lifestyle behaviours in South Africa
An fMRI study of risky decision making: the role of mental preparation and conflict
Fully automated driving: impact of trust and practice on manual control recovery
A novel framework for improvement of road accidents considering decision-making styles of drivers in a large metropolitan area
Early sexual debut and associated factors among in-school adolescents in six Caribbean countries
The effects of social context and acute stress on decision making under uncertainty
Enhanced sensitization to animal, interpersonal, and intergroup fear-relevant stimuli (but no evidence for selective one-trial fear learning)
Ethical, legal, and administrative considerations for preparticipation evaluation for wilderness sports and adventures
Evidence-based evidence: a practical method for Bayesian analysis of forensic evidence
Executive control and decision-making in the prefrontal cortex
Existence and control of go/no-go decision transition threshold in the striatum
Eye movements index implicit memory expression in fear conditioning
Fear learning, fear memory, and psychopathology
Feeling high but playing low: power, need to belong, and submissive behavior
Frontolimbic functioning during threat-related attention: relations to early behavioral inhibition and anxiety in children
Functional MRI reveals different response inhibition between adults and children with ADHD
Goal oriented and risk taking behavior: the roles of multiple systems for Caucasian and Arab-American adolescents
When minds matter for moral judgment: intent information is neurally encoded for harmful but not impure acts
Wilderness preparticipation evaluation and considerations for special populations
Hopelessly mortal: the role of mortality salience, immortality and trait self-esteem in personal hope
How the risky features of previous selection affect subsequent decision-making: evidence from behavioral and fMRI measures
Impact of road environment on drivers' behaviors in dilemma zone: Application of agent-based simulation
The impact of sexual arousal on sexual risk-taking and decision-making in men and women
Inhibition in time-based visual selection: strategic or by default?
Introducing RiskSOAP to communicate the distributed situation awareness of a system about safety issues: an application to a robotic system
Is utilitarianism risky? How the same antecedents and mechanism produce both utilitarian and risky choices
A Bayesian Belief Network model of organizational factors for improving safe work behaviors in Thai construction industry
Construction safety risk drivers: a BIM approach
'Culture' as a tool and stumbling block for learning: the function of 'culture' in communications from regulatory authorities in the Norwegian petroleum sector
HSE culture in the petroleum industry: lost in translation?
Identifying safety beliefs among Australian electrical workers
The influence of memory on driving behavior: how route familiarity is related to speed choice. an on-road study
On the use of conservatism in risk assessments
Proactive listening to a training commentary improves hazard prediction
Towards creating a combined database for earthquake pedestrians' evacuation models
Profiling the safety environment on Saskatchewan farms
Research of vehicle flow based on cellular automaton in different safety parameters
Safety motivation at work: evaluation of changes from six interventions
Sensitivity analysis on new simulation-based conflict metrics
A study of herding behaviour in exit choice during emergencies based on random utility theory
Whither risk assessment: new challenges and opportunities a third of a century after the Red Book
Age and social context modulate the effect of anxiety on risk-taking in pediatric samples
Biological risk for the development of problem behavior in adolescence: integrating insights from behavioral genetics and neuroscience
Can link analysis be applied to identify behavioral patterns in train recorder data?
Analysis of the driver's behavior in the highway traveling in the Great East Japan Earthquake
Perception of fire risks of university members: A questionnaire-based survey
Drivers for OSH interventions in small and medium-sized enterprises
Eye movements and brain oscillations to symbolic safety signs with different comprehensibility
Injury prevention as social change
Knowledge, attitudes and practices of occupational risks of Colombian taxi drivers in 2013
The madness of sport
Disaster management: design buildings for rapid evacuation
The impact of death education on fear of death and death anxiety among human services students
An analysis on local government officials' perception of disaster emergency operations plan
Estimations of historical tsunami heights inferred from tsunami fragility
Evaluation of earthquake preparedness by analyzing the reliability of road network in consideration of regional resilience
Expression of negative emotional responses to the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake: analysis of big data from social media
A survey and analysis of labour accidents in the construction industry due to falls on slopes and a study of measures to prevent falling accidents
A study on a transition process of a disaster prevention consciousness and action as a disaster subculture
A study on the alteration of the determinants of trust in risk managers following a catastrophic accident
Measuring behaviours for escaping from house fires: use of latent variable models to summarise multiple behaviours
On the interpretation of risk and rate advancement periods
Pedestrian injuries in children: who is most at risk?
Permissive parenting, deviant peer affiliations, and delinquent behavior in adolescence: the moderating role of sympathetic nervous system reactivity
Protecting the health and well-being of populations from disasters: health and health care in the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030
Subliminal trauma reminders impact neural processing of cognitive control in adults with developmental earthquake trauma: a preliminary report
In-car usage based insurance feedback strategies. A comparative driving simulator study
Laboratory accident drill simulated a chemical accident at OIST
A Real-time monitoring and early warning system for landslides in Southwest China
Risk assessment of disaster chain: experience from Wenchuan earthquake-induced landslides in China
A case study for early warning and disaster management in Thailand
Disaster resilience: a question of 'multiple faces' and 'multiple spaces'?
Does natural disaster influence people׳s risk preference and trust? An experiment from cyclone prone coast of Bangladesh
EPES - Earthquake pedestrians׳ evacuation simulator: a tool for predicting earthquake pedestrians׳ evacuation in urban outdoor scenarios
Evaluations of disaster education programs for children: a methodological review
The impact of educational intervention for providing disaster survival kit: applying precaution adoption process model
Impact of sanctions on Iranian airlines: how people in Iran feel about air travel safety?
Implementing a web-based decision support system for disaster logistics: a case study of an evacuation location assessment for Indonesia
Main challenges on community-based approaches in earthquake risk reduction: case study of Tehran, Iran
A method to improve trust in disaster risk managers: voluntary action to share a common fate
Multipurpose uses of cyclone shelters: quest for shelter sustainability and community development
Outcome-expectancy and self-efficacy: reasons or results of flood preparedness intention?
Preparing for complex interdependent risks: a system of systems approach to building disaster resilience
Process for integrating local and indigenous knowledge with science for hydro-meteorological disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation in coastal and small island communities
Public perception about enforcement of building codes as risk reduction strategy for seismic safety in Quetta, Baluchistan
Revisiting the concept of development, disaster and safety management: the Quranic perspective
Rural hazard risk communication and public education: strategic and tactical best practices
Voluntary relocation as an adaptation strategy to extreme weather events
Uncertainty and decision making: volcanic crisis scenarios
Behaving safely under pressure: the effects of job demands, resources, and safety climate on employee physical and psychosocial safety behavior
Comprehension of safety pictograms affixed to agricultural machinery: a survey of users
Determinants of seat belt use: a regression analysis with FARS data corrected for self-selection
Do as I say, not as I do: distracted driving behavior of teens and their parents
The Driver Behaviour Questionnaire as accident predictor: a methodological re-meta-analysis
Exploring the factors affecting motorway accident severity in England using the generalised ordered logistic regression model
Improving the safety effect of speed camera programs through innovations: evidence from the French experience
Assessment of social perception on the contribution of hard-infrastructure for tsunami mitigation to coastal community resilience after the 2010 tsunami: Greater Concepcion area, Chile
At-risk householders' responses to potential and actual bushfire threat: an analysis of findings from seven Australian post-bushfire interview studies 2009-2014
Children and cultural influences in a natural disaster: flood response in Surakarta, Indonesia
Community awareness and perception on hazards in Southwest Ethiopia: a cross-sectional study
Emergency preparedness amongst university students
GIS based mapping of vulnerability to earthquake and fire hazard in Dhaka city, Bangladesh
Households' immediate responses to the 2009 American Samoa Earthquake and Tsunami
Media's role in disaster risk reduction: the third-person effect
Navigating scientific uncertainty in wildfire and flood risk mitigation: a qualitative review
Psychological differences between south-eastern Australian householders' who intend to leave if threatened by a wildfire and those who intend to stay and defend
Effects of emphasis terminology in warning instructions on compliance intent and understandability
The possibility of a human-borne with bioagent (HBBA) terrorist at foreign FOB ECPs: the perceptions of U.S. military or security personnel, a preliminary report
Reducing motor vehicle-related injuries at an Arizona Indian reservation: ten years of application of evidence-based strategies
Willingness to pay for suicide prevention in Japan
Factors influencing homeowners' seismic risk mitigation behavior: a case study in Zeytinburnu district of Istanbul
Conserved evolutionary history for quick detection of threatening faces
The cowboy and the goddess: television news mythmaking about immigrants
Burst firing in a motion-sensitive neural pathway correlates with expansion properties of looming objects that evoke avoidance behaviors
The effects of police satisfaction on fear of crime in a semirural setting
Human-centered headway control for adaptive cruise-controlled vehicles
Predicting crash risk and identifying crash precursors on Korean expressways using loop detector data
Youth injury prevention in Canada: use of the Delphi method to develop recommendations
Reducing risk for sexual victimization: an analysis of the perceived socioemotional consequences of self-protective behaviors
The shadow of physical harm? Examining the unique and gendered relationship between fear of murder versus fear of sexual assault on fear of violent crime
Psychiatry and highway safety
Application of citizen science risk communication tools in a vulnerable urban community
Agent-based evacuation model considering field effects and government advice
Classification of gaps at uncontrolled intersections and midblock crossings using support vector machines
Comparison of rectangular and circular rapid-flashing beacons in an open-road setting
Design criteria for minimum passing zone lengths: operational efficiency and safety considerations
Effects of traffic control devices on rural curve driving behavior
Exploration of work zone crash causes and implications for safety performance measurement programs
Impacts of different angles and speeds on behavior of pedestrian crowd merging
Identifying optimal high-risk driver segments for safety messaging: geodemographic modeling approach
Investigating maximum intensities for yellow rapid-flashing beacons at night
Longitudinal analysis of rural interstate fatalities in relation to speed limit policies
Improving the neighborhood environment for urban older adults: social context and self-rated health
Narcissism and coach interpersonal style: a self-determination theory perspective
Relationship of safety climate perceptions and job satisfaction among employees in the construction industry: the moderating role of age
Sex differences in risk-taking and associative learning in rats
Shark fears and the media
To risk or not to risk: anxiety and the calibration between risk perception and danger mitigation
Tryptophan hydroxylase 1 gene polymorphisms alter prefrontal cortex activation during response inhibition
Modeling the impacts of inclement weather on freeway traffic speed: exploratory study with social media data
Modeling pedestrian crowd exit choice through combining sources of stated preference data
Teen drivers' perceptions of their peer passengers: qualitative study
Travel patterns, needs, and barriers of adults with autism spectrum disorder: report from a survey
Using dynamic flashing yellow for traffic signal control under emergency evacuation
Spatiotemporal population distribution method for emergency evacuation: case study of New Orleans, Louisiana
Speed control method for highway tunnel safety based on visual illusion
Study of truck driver behavior for design of traffic signal yellow and clearance timings
Potential of group incentive schemes to encourage use of driving safety apps
Railway accidents caused by human error: historic analysis of UK railways, 1945 to 2012
Risk-taking behavior of left-turners in gap acceptance and its effects on capacity estimation at signalized intersections
Data visualisation in surveillance for injury prevention and control: conceptual bases and case studies
The complex etiology of autism presents challenges in risk communication
The effects of revealed information on catastrophe loss projection models' characterization of risk: damage vulnerability evidence from florida
Improving catastrophe modeling for business interruption insurance needs
Wearing a bicycle helmet can increase risk taking and sensation seeking in adults
Adventure thrills are addictive
Household evacuation characteristics in American Samoa during the 2009 Samoa Islands tsunami
Individual markers of resilience in train traffic control: the role of operators' goals and strategic mental models and implications for variation, expertise, and performance
Older persons' definitions and explanations of elder abuse in the Netherlands
A conceptual model of a school-community collaborative network in enhancing coastal community resilience in Banda Aceh, Indonesia
The current cyclone early warning system in Bangladesh: providers' and receivers' views
Effects of risk framing on earthquake risk perception: life-time frequencies enhance recognition of the risk
Factors effecting farmers' risk attitude and risk perceptions: the case of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Modernization of the Driver Behaviour Questionnaire
Musculoskeletal pain characteristics associated with lower balance confidence in community-dwelling older adults
Probative inference from phenomenal coincidence: demystifying the doctrine of chances
Public perceptions of building seismic safety following the Canterbury earthquakes: a qualitative analysis using Twitter and focus groups
Impact of self-reported fatigue on ACL injuries in alpine skiing: a sex comparison
Impulsivity and stillness: NADA, pharmaceuticals, and psychotherapy in substance use and other DSM 5 disorders
Message formats, numeracy, risk perceptions of alcohol-attributable cancer, and intentions for binge drinking among college students
NCRP program area committee 7: radiation education, risk communication, outreach, and policy
On common terms with shared risks - studying the communication of risk between local, regional and national authorities in Sweden
Outcomes after lumbar disc herniation in the National Basketball Association
Preparedness perceptions, sociodemographic characteristics, and level of household preparedness for public health emergencies: Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, 2006-2010
Risk communication in times of crisis: pitfalls and challenges in ensuring preparedness instead of hysterics
The risk conflicts perspective mediating environmental change we can believe in
Road traffic injury trends in the City of Valledupar, Columbia. A time series study from 2008 to 2012
Safety practice in educational demonstrations
Sex differences in a rat model of risky decision making
Socioeconomic differences in physical activity in the middle-aged working population : the role of education, occupation, and income
Tackling in youth football
The time-varying relationship between mortality and business cycles in the USA
Public trust in the military: the Slovenian Armed Forces in a comparative analysis
Statistician, heal thyself: fighting statophobia at the source
Towards people-centred approaches for effective disaster risk management: balancing rhetoric with reality
Towards disaster resilience: a scenario-based approach to co-producing and integrating hazard and risk knowledge
Do adolescents with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder show risk seeking? Disentangling probabilistic decision making by equalizing the favorability of alternatives
Risky decision making in a laboratory driving task is associated with health risk behaviors during late adolescence but not adulthood
Street characteristics preferred for transportation walking among older adults: a choice-based conjoint analysis with manipulated photographs
Built environment influences of children's physical activity: examining differences by neighbourhood size and sex
Fight, flight, or freeze? The answer may depend on your sex
The functional value of preventive and restorative safety behaviors: a systematic review of the literature
Patterns of behaviour that pose potential drowning risk to hikers at Yosemite National Park
The predictive influence of youth assets on drinking and driving behaviors in adolescence and young adulthood
Recidivism risk assessment for adult sexual offenders
Trusting Facebook in crisis situations: the role of general use and general trust toward Facebook
Can journalistic "false balance" distort public perception of consensus in expert opinion?
Conditional or unconditional? The effects of implementation intentions on driver behavior
Dangerous student car drop-off behaviours and child pedestrian-motor vehicle collisions: an observational study
Public perceptions of regulatory costs, their uncertainty and interindividual distribution
Estimated levels of safety for small unmanned aerial vehicles and risk mitigation strategies
A dangerous cocktail: alcohol consumption increases suicidal ideations among problem gamblers in the general population
Identifying beliefs underlying pre-drivers' intentions to take risks: an application of the Theory of Planned Behaviour
Implementing a national tractor safety program: using "Whole System in a Room" to mobilize partners and implement solutions
Knowledge, attitudes, and practice of drivers towards traffic regulations in Bandar-Abbas, Iran
Pregnant women in vehicles: driving habits, position and risk of injury
Rural-urban disparity in knowledge and compliance with traffic signs among young commercial motorcyclists in selected local government areas in Oyo State, Nigeria
What we do not know, hardly know, and really know about traffic safety
Why wear a seat belt? I'm going to die anyway: Young Arab men's rationales for deadly driving behaviors
Seatbelt compliance among orthopaedic injuries resulting from motor vehicle crashes (MVCs) in the State of Qatar
Phenotypes of high-risk drivers based upon driving risk preference
Roadside observational surveys of restraint use by young children in Qatar: initial results and recommendations
Managing the safety of young novice drivers through safer vehicle purchase
Law enforcement role in reducing road crashes
Managing the safety of high-risk drivers with vehicle-based safety monitoring
Innovative strategies to reduce traffic related injuries and deaths in youth
Employing refined licensing conditions to reduce the serious crashes of young drivers
Associations between the objective and perceived built environment and bicycling for transportation
Associations between parents׳ perception of traffic danger, the built environment and walking to school
Bicycling campaigns promoting health versus campaigns promoting safety: a randomized controlled online study of 'dangerization'
Community experience with public sex offender registries in the United States: a national survey
Contrasting urban contexts in healthy ageing: the case of Luxembourg urban agglomeration
Decolonizing policing: indigenous patrols, counter-policing and safety
Do friends really help friends? The effect of relational factors and perceived severity on bystander perception of sexual violence
Don't learn safety by accident: a survey of child safety restraint usage among drivers in Dansoman, Accra
General practitioner attitudes and practices in medical fitness to drive in Ireland
The trouble with safety: fear of crime, pollution and subjectification in public space
Use of health impact assessment to promote safe built environments for active transportation
Assessment of road safety knowledge and practices among undergraduates in a medical college in Kancheepuram district, Tamil Nadu
Stress, adrenaline, and fatigue contributing to at-fault collision risk: quantitative and qualitative measures of driving after gambling
Towards an integrated evaluation of the effects on health from smoke or toxic gas dispersion in the evacuation of subway tunnels
Distraction during driving - an overestimated danger?
Driving in winter conditions, Part 1: Facts about winter tyres
Driving in winter conditions, Part 3: Slip, grip and sliding friction
Drving in winter conditions, Part 2: Tyre technology and rubber compound
Electronic brake systems provide increasingly comprehensive assistance to motorcyclists
The state of things
Different roads to the same destination - the impact of impulsivity on decision-making processes under risk within a rewarding context in a healthy male sample
Effects of information availability on command-and-control decision making: performance, trust, and situation awareness
Why don't we move slower? The value of time in the neural control of action
Multi-stage feature selection based intelligent classifier for classification of incipient stage fire in building
Overall asessment of the response to terrorist bombings in trains, Madrid, 11 March 2004
Psychological differences toward pedestrian red light crossing between university students and their peers
The relationship between cellular phone use, performance, and reaction time among college students: implications for cellular phone use while driving
Drivers' perceptions and reactions to roadside memorials
Reply to Comments by Hancock and Scallen, Moray, and Smiley on ""Using cellular telephones in vehicles: safe or unsafe?"
Commentary on "Using cellular telephones in vehicles: safe or unsafe?"
Commentary: Teen unsafe driving behaviors: faulty perceptions shaping risk
Safety of driver interaction with in-vehicle information systems
Phoning while driving I: a review of epidemiological, psychological, behavioural and physiological studies
Adolescent drivers' perceptions of the advantages and disadvantages of abstention from in-vehicle cell phone use
How can we assess the role of driver distraction in crashes? Feasibility of using the Australian National Crash In-depth Study (ANCIS) for collecting distraction data
Assessment of risky driving caused by the amount of time focused on an in-vehicle display system
Bicycling safety and distracted behavior in The Hague, the Netherlands
Pedestrian injuries due to mobile phone use in public places
Assessing individual differences in driving inattention: adaptation and validation of the Attention-Related Driving Errors Scale to Spain
Compensatory behavior of drivers when conversing on a cell phone
Human factors issues of accidents at passively controlled rural level crossings
Susceptibility to Driver Distraction Questionnaire: development and relation to relevant self-reported measures
Investigating the influence of working memory capacity when driving behavior is combined with cognitive load: an LCT study of young novice drivers
Drivers' attitudes toward imperfect distraction mitigation strategies
Risky driving - relationship between cellular phone and safety belt use
Young driver risk taking: a description of dangerous driving situations among 16- to 19-year-old drivers
Young driver risk taking: A description of dangerous driving situations among 16- to 19-year-old drivers
Perceived risk as a determinant of driver behavior
Situation awareness catches on: what? so what? now what?
Railroad human factors
Auditory displays for in-vehicle technologies
Information environment, fatigue, and culture in the maritime domain
Attitudes toward driving safety and their modification
Evaluation of human machine interface design factors on situation awareness and task performance
Torts: Guest Act: negligent conduct of the driver
Design standards considerations and the effective prevention of operator fatigue
Crash and live -- need cars kill more soldiers than guns?
The psychological relationship between man and aircraft
The carnage on the roads
The psychological approach to the problem of road accidents
A study of accidents
A study of accidents reported to motor accident tribunal in Thiruvananthapuram
Port traffic risks - a study of accidents in Hong Kong waters
'Are you prepared?' Representations and management of floods in Lomanikoro, Rewa (Fiji)
Seat belt and mobile phone use among young adult drivers in the State of Qatar
Use of artificial neural networks (ANNs) for the analysis and modeling of factors that affect occupational injuries in large construction industries
Using mental mapping to unpack perceived cycling risk
The training-injury prevention paradox: should athletes be training smarter and harder?
Transitions in riding with an alcohol/drug-impaired driver from adolescence to emerging adulthood in the United States
Critical factors and paths influencing construction workers' safety risk tolerances
Disentangling the influence of cell phone usage in the dilemma zone: An econometric approach
Driver views on speed and enforcement
Effect of ethylic alcohol on attentive functions involved in driving abilities
How fear-arousing news messages affect risk perceptions and intention to talk about risk
Impulsivity and risky decision making among taxi drivers in Hong Kong: an event-related potential study
Measurement of driver calibration and the impact of feedback on drivers' estimates of performance
Negativity bias in dangerous drivers
Narcissistic personality and risk perception among Chinese aviators: the mediating role of promotion focus
Association of drinking problems and duration of alcohol use to inhibitory control in nondependent young adult social drinkers
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Drivers who self-estimate lower blood alcohol concentrations are riskier drivers after drinking
Effects of context on risk taking and decision times in obsessive-compulsive disorder
Evaluation of perceptions of physical activity related built environment among urban adults with different characteristics in Hangzhou
Increased risk taking in relation to chronic stress in adults
Prevalence and correlates of cell phone use among Texas drivers
The impact of menstrual cycle phase on economic choice and rationality
Self-reported risk behaviors among offender motorcyclists in Ahvaz City
Social media as a risk communication tool following Typhoon Haiyan
Family violence exposure and sexual risk-taking among Latino emerging adults: the role of posttraumatic stress symptomology and acculturative stress
Assessing risk-taking in a driving simulator study: modeling longitudinal semi-continuous driving data using a two-part regression model with correlated random effects
Exploring stop-go decision zones at rural high-speed intersections with flashing green signal and insufficient yellow time in China
Maritime transportation risk assessment of Tianjin Port with Bayesian belief networks
Model development for risk assessment of driving on freeway under rainy weather conditions
CDC MessageWorks: designing and validating a social marketing tool to craft and defend effective messages
Child restraint use and parental perceptions of comfort
Clinical utility and measurement characteristics of the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale for individuals with traumatic brain injury
Cultural values and random breath tests as moderators of the social influence on drunk driving in 15 countries
Cumulative Response to Sequences of Terror Attacks Varying in Frequency and Trajectory
The effect of rights-based fisheries management on risk taking and fishing safety
The effects of co-presence on risk perception and intention to engage in risky behaviors
Effects of multitasking on operator performance using computational and auditory tasks
Exploring why residents of socioeconomically deprived neighbourhoods have less favourable perceptions of their neighbourhood environment than residents of wealthy neighbourhoods
Factors related to motorcycle accident risk behavior among university students in Northeastern Thailand
A framework for modeling information propagation of biological systems at critical states
Historical parallels, ebola virus disease and cholera: understanding community distrust and social violence with epidemics
How cognitive biases can distort environmental statistics: introducing the rough estimation task
Insights into the societal risk of nuclear power plant accidents
Is Toxoplasma gondii infection related to brain and behavior impairments in humans? Evidence from a population-representative birth cohort
Leader-member exchange: moderating the health and safety outcomes of job insecurity
Logic brightens my day: evidence for implicit sensitivity to logical validity
Misuse of booster cushions among children and adults in Shanghai - an observational and attitude study during buckling up
Neural basis of processing threatening voices in a crowded auditory world
Night club patrons who feel safe will return: evidence to encourage management to address club violence
Power and death: mortality salience increases power seeking while feeling powerful reduces death anxiety
Psychophysiology of threat response, paradigm shifts in psychiatry, and RDoC: Implications for genetic investigation of psychopathology (Editorial)
Radiation exposure and health effects - is it time to reassess the real consequences?
Reasoning in psychosis: risky but not necessarily hasty
Risk appraisal of passing zones on two-lane rural highways and policy applications
Simulative investigation on head injuries of electric self-balancing scooter riders subject to ground impact
Effectiveness of training in safety riding program on motorcycle rider use of safety equipment
Evaluation of knowledge, attitude and practice of motorcyclist drivers regarding driving laws in Kashan
Knowledge, attitudes, and practice of the motorcyclists of Bojnourd regarding using helmets
The analysis of influence of individual and environmental factors on two-wheeled users' injuries
Annual Research Review: Neural contributions to risk-taking in adolescence - developmental changes and individual differences
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Building public confidence in emergency management
A cognitive-affective scale for hurricane risk perception
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Commentary: Making the brain matter in assessing and treating adolescent substance use - a commentary on Conrod and Nikolaou (2016)
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Stop or move: defensive strategies in humans
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Propensity for risk taking across the life span and around the globe
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Science and scepticism: drug information, young men and counterpublic health
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Modality, probability, and mental models
Psychophysiological arousal and inter- and intraindividual differences in risk-sensitive decision making
Surprising incentive: an instrument for promoting safety performance of construction employees
Adventure and extreme sports
Are even stronger Christmas road safety blitzes necessary? 20 years of fatality data still says no
The association between driving anger and driving outcomes: a meta-analysis of evidence from the past twenty years
Can civility norms boost positive effects of management commitment to safety?
Clinician attitudes, screening practices, and interventions to reduce firearm-related injury
Concussion characteristics in high school football by helmet age/recondition status, manufacturer, and model: 2008-2009 through 2012-2013 academic years in the United States
The contribution of visual and proprioceptive information to the perception of leaning in a dynamic motorcycle simulator
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Epidemiologic evidence to guide the understanding and prevention of gun violence
Factors influencing the safety behavior of German equestrians: attitudes towards protective equipment and peer behaviors
Analysis of factors affecting drivers' choice to engage with a mobile phone while driving in Beijing
A comprehensive analysis of factors leading to speeding offenses among large-truck drivers
Crisis and emergency risk messaging in mass media news stories: is the public getting the information they need to protect their health?
Can we resolve the disconnect between how communication interventions work and how we evaluate them?
Departure time choice behavior for hurricane evacuation planning: the case of the understudied medically fragile population
Developmental neuroscience explaining why adolescents engage in risky behaviors
Disaster radio for communication of vital messages and health-related information: experiences from the Haiyan Typhoon, the Philippines
Distracted pedestrians in crosswalks: an application of the theory of planned behavior
Drivers׳ merging behavior data in highway work zones
The effects of traffic wardens on the red-light infringement behavior of vulnerable road users
Epidemic of fear
Foot-in-the-door technique and reduction of driver's aggressiveness: a field study
The framing of two major flood episodes in the Irish print news media: implications for societal adaptation to living with flood risk
Identifying factors for traffic safety support in older drivers
Measuring situations that stress Mexicans while driving
Psychosocial determinants of road traffic offences in a sample of Spanish male prison inmates
Reading the situation: the relationship between dyslexia and situational awareness for road sign information
Risk communication: an integral element in public health emergencies
RiskSOAP: introducing and applying a methodology of risk self-awareness in road tunnel safety
Risky behavior in young adult pedestrians: personality determinants, correlates with risk perception, and gender differences
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The role of traffic law enforcements in the relationship between cultural variables and traffic fatality rates across some countries of the world
Safe travel: passenger assessment of trust and safety during seafaring
Self-reported engagement in driver distraction: an application of the Theory of Planned Behaviour
Socio-economic and driving experience factors affecting drivers' perceptions of traffic crash risk
Timing of early warning stages in a multi stage collision warning system: drivers' evaluation depending on situational influences
Multistate safety evaluation of intersection conflict warning systems
Panic that spreads sociobehavioral contagion in pedestrian evacuations
Stranger danger, cell phones, traffic, and active travel to and from schools: perceptions of parents and children
Gap acceptance during lane changes by large-truck drivers-an image-based analysis
How could immersive virtual reality reduce work accidents in developing countries?
The impact of false warnings on partial and full lane departure warnings effectiveness and acceptance in car driving
Personality, executive control, and neurobiological characteristics associated with different forms of risky driving
Race guides attention in visual search
The role of incomplete information and others' choice in reducing traffic: a pilot study
Standing in your peer's shoes hurts your feats: the self-others discrepancy in risk attitude and impulsivity
Assessing households preparedness for earthquakes: an exploratory study in the development of a valid and reliable Persian-version tool
Exercise as a treatment for depression: a meta-analysis adjusting for publication bias
Perceived mortality and perceived morality: perceptions of value-orientation are more likely when a decision is preceded by a mortality reminder
The reversed description-experience gap: disentangling sources of presentation format effects in risky choice
Risky decision making in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: a meta-regression analysis
Testosterone administration related differences in brain activation during the ultimatum game
Toxoplasmosis may lead to road kills of persian leopards ( Panthera pardus saxicolor) in Golestan national park, Iran
Use of a knowledge broker to establish healthy public policies in a city district: a developmental evaluation
Who are the traffic offenders among ethnic groups and why?
An adaptive simulation framework for the exploration of extreme and unexpected events in dynamic engineered systems
BOLD data representing activation and connectivity for rare no-go versus frequent go cues
Community vision and interagency alignment: a community planning process to promote active transportation
Differences in sensation seeking between alpine skiers, snowboarders and ski tourers
Driving through the Great Recession: why does motor vehicle fatality decrease when the economy slows down?
Gender roles and the expression of driving anger among Ukrainian drivers
Do aggressive driving and negative emotional driving mediate the link between impulsiveness and risky driving among young Italian drivers?
Does causality matter more now? Increase in the proportion of causal language in english texts
Health security and risk aversion
Intact neural activity during a Go/No-go task is associated with high global functioning in schizophrenia
Internet vigilantism: attitudes and experiences of university students toward cyber crowdsourcing in Hong Kong
Is it all in the reward? Peers influence risk-taking behaviour in young adulthood
Risk assessment in ramps for heavy vehicles: a French study
What drives technology-based distractions? A structural equation model on social-psychological factors of technology-based driver distraction engagement
Improving the understanding of psychological factors contributing to horse-related accident and injury: context, loss of focus, cognitive errors and rigidity
Tempest in a teapot: a systematic review of HPV vaccination and risk compensation research
Knowledge, attitudes and behaviors on child passenger safety among expectant mothers and parents of newborns: a qualitative and quantitative approach
General and specific information in deterring traffic violations: evidence from a randomized experiment
Individual selection of driving speeds: analysis of a stated preference survey
Investigation of the self-reported aberrant driving behavior of young male Saudi drivers: a survey-based study
Left-turn gap acceptance behavior of elderly drivers at unsignalized intersections
Prediction of drivers' visual strategy using an analytical model
Alcohol and drug involvement in motorcycle driver injuries in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil: analysis of crash culpability and other associated factors
Drunk driving offenders' knowledge and behaviour in relation to alcohol-involved driving in Yinchuan and a comparison with Guangzhou, China
Impulsivity and driver behaviors, offences and accident involvement: a systematic review
Neurobiological bases of intertemporal choices: a comprehensive review
Time perception deficits in impulsivity disorders: a systematic review
Age differences in emotion regulation choice: older adults use distraction less than younger adults in high-intensity positive contexts
Age-related variance in decisions under ambiguity is explained by changes in reasoning, executive functions, and decision-making under risk
Assessing the impact of twenty underage drinking laws
The effects of community attachment and information seeking on displaced disaster victims' decision making
How submarine and guided missile technology can help reduce injury and improve performance in cricket fast bowlers
Impact of an alcohol poisoning storyline in a fictional television program: An experimental study with a live-to-air stimulus
Of disasters and dragon kings: a statistical analysis of nuclear power incidents and accidents
The reliability and validity of video analysis for the assessment of the clinical signs of concussion in Australian football
Contributory factors to critically wrong road-crossing judgements among older people: An integrated research study
A field experiment of workers' responses to proximity warnings of static safety hazards on construction sites
Vehicle and pedestrian safety impacts of signal timing optimization in a dense urban street network
Research on the horizontal curve's radius under coupling effects of uneven adhesion coefficient and crosswind
Safety impacts of red light running photo enforcement at urban signalized intersections
Predictors of child injury in biological and stepfamilies
Commute travel and its effect on housing tenure choice of males and females living in the urban and rural areas of Bangalore city in India
The determinants of commuting mode choice among school children in Beijing
Heterogeneous effects of neighborhood type on commute mode choice: an exploration of residential dissonance in the Twin Cities
Performance orientation and injury among military cadets: the mediating role of disinhibition
Safety culture and speeding in the Australian heavy vehicle industry
Study of current factors affecting road safety for 16-18 year old novice drivers in the Wingecarribee Shire
Psychological climate in occupational safety and health: the safety awareness of construction workers in South China
The role of neuropsychological evaluation in the clinical management of concussion
Sport-related concussion knowledge and occurrence: a survey of high school and college athletes in South Korea
Childhood Precursors of Adult Borderline Personality Disorder Features: A Longitudinal Study
Dealing with uncertainty: testing risk- and ambiguity-attitude across adolescence
Adaptation and evaluation of the Neighborhood Environment Walkability Scale in India (NEWS-India)
Adolescent risk-taking is predicted by individual differences in cognitive control over emotional, but not non-emotional, response conflict
Driving experience moderates the effect of implicit versus explicit threat priming on hazard perception test
Effect of chronotype on emotional processing and risk taking
The impact of personality on driving safety among Chinese high-speed railway drivers
Investigating the familial basis of heightened risk-taking in adolescents with conduct disorder and their unaffected relatives
Why drivers use cell phones and support legislation to restrict this practice
Visor use among National Hockey League players and its relationship to on-ice performance
When existence is not futile: the influence of mortality salience on the longer-is-better effect
Evaluation of a safety culture intervention for Union Pacific shows improved safety and safety culture
Introduction of the concept of risk within safety science in The Netherlands focussing on the years 1970-1990
Sleep duration and injury-related risk behaviors among high school students - United States, 2007-2013
Heavy sexual content versus safer sex content: a content analysis of the entertainment education drama Shuga
Individual differences in cognitive control circuit anatomy link sensation seeking, impulsivity, and substance use
The prevalence of crash risk factors in a population-based study of motorcycle riders
Testing the implicit and explicit cognitions underlying behavioral inhibition system-related drinking in young adults
Evaluation of factors affecting on safety performance at high workplace in Gaza Strip 2014
How child protection in cars can be improved in Iran: suggested approach
Increasing of public information to reduce accidents and road crashes
Responses when the earth trembles: the impact of community awareness campaigns on protective behavior
Road traffic accidents lead to different patterns of injuries depending on impact, age and premedical condition - specific attention must be provided by multi-disciplinary trauma-teams
Visuo-motor interaction in the estimation of distance: athletes vs. no-athletes
Walking in school-aged children in a dual-task paradigm is related to age but not to cognition, motor behavior, injuries, or psychosocial functioning
Prevalence and influence of cys407* Grm2 mutation in Hannover-derived Wistar rats: mGlu2 receptor loss links to alcohol intake, risk taking and emotional behaviour
Cerebral white matter correlates of delay discounting in adolescents
Knowledge, perception, and capacity regarding emergency risk communication: a cross-sectional survey of 429 county health emergency response staff in Chongqing, China
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Evaluation of a decision-making curriculum for teaching adolescents with disabilities to resist negative peer pressure
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The Tripartite Model of Risk Perception (TRIRISK): distinguishing deliberative, affective, and experiential components of perceived risk
Stability and change in risk-taking propensity across the adult life span
People's perspectives and expectations on preparedness against earthquake: Tehran case study
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Communication breakdown: how working teens' perceptions of their supervisors impact safety and injury
Corrigendum to 'Fire on cruise ships - an underestimated risk in travel medicine' [Travel Med Infect Dis 13(6) (2015) 509-510]
Cross sectional association between spatially measured walking bouts and neighborhood walkability
The development of regret and relief about the outcomes of risky decisions
Gait coordination impairment is associated with mobility in older adults
Executive functioning and risk-taking behavior in Parkinson's disease patients with impulse control disorders
Leveraging social computing for personalized crisis communication using social media
Restraint use and risky driving behaviors across drug types and drug and alcohol combinations for drivers involved in a fatal motor vehicle collision on U.S. roadways
Association of graduated driver licensing with driver, non-driver, and total fatalities among adolescents
Eveningness is associated with higher risk-taking in dangerous driving situations
Understanding the health of lorry drivers in context: a critical discourse analysis
The neural basis of regret and relief during a sequential risk-taking task
Pharmacological and expectancy effects of a low amount of alcohol drinking on outcome valuation and risk perception in males and females
What's the meaning of this? A behavioral and neurophysiological investigation into the principles behind the classification of visual emotional stimuli
Gender differences in the prevalence and clustering of multiple health risk behaviours in young adults
Adults' descriptions of a situation can influence children's appraisal, feelings, and subsequent psychological functions
Development of risk-taking, perspective-taking, and inhibitory control during adolescence
Eye blink rate predicts reward decisions in adolescents
Internet-based educational intervention to prevent risky sexual behaviors in Mexican adolescents: study protocol
Public disaster communication and child and family disaster mental health: a review of theoretical frameworks and empirical evidence
Safe driving and executive functions in healthy middle-aged drivers
Storytelling/narrative theory to address health communication with minority populations
Anxiety patients show reduced working memory related DLPFC activation during safety and threat
Development of a prediction method for driver's propensity
A temporal-spatial collision warning method at non-signalized intersection
The Theory of Planned Behavior and competitive driving in China
The development of self-control in late adolescence: an analysis of trajectories and predictors of change within trajectories
Macroscopic hotspots identification: a Bayesian spatio-temporal interaction approach
Major accident prevention through applying safety knowledge management approach
Social media best practices in emergency management
Underage drinking, brief interventions, and trauma patients: are they really special?
Seeing enemies? A systematic review of anger bias in the perception of facial expressions among anger-prone and aggressive populations
Effects of passengers on older driver safety
Association between self-reports of being high and perceptions about the safety of drugged and drunk driving
Predicting crashes using traffic offences. A meta-analysis that examines potential bias between self-report and archival data
A study on the speeding intention and behaviors based on a driver behavior questionnaire
Determinants of seeking and avoiding risk-related information in times of crisis
What can ethobehavioral studies tell us about the brain's fear system?
An exploratory study examining risk communication among adolescent children, their incarcerated mothers, and their caregivers
Overconfidence in projecting uncertain spatial trajectories
Consumers' risk perception of household cleaning and washing products
Counterfactual evaluation of outcomes in social risk decision-making situations: the cognitive developmental paradox revisited
Effect of driver's personal characteristics on traffic accidents in Tabuk city in Saudi Arabia
Too much information? A document analysis of sport safety resources from key organisations
Variance after-effects distort risk perception in humans
The relative state model: integrating need-based and ability-based pathways to risk-taking
Sports-related workload and injury risk: simply knowing the risks will not prevent injuries
The effect of gender on two-passenger vehicle highway crash-injury severity: a mixed logit empirical analysis
The effect of speed limits on drivers' choice of speed: a random parameters seemingly unrelated equations approach
A simulator evaluation of effects of assistive technologies on driver cognitive load at railway-level crossings
How the human brain represents perceived dangerousness or "predacity" of animals
Internet use and electronic gaming by children and adolescents with emotional and behavioural problems in Australia - results from the second Child and Adolescent Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing
Nothing is safe: intolerance of uncertainty is associated with compromised fear extinction learning
New traffic psycologically-based methods in traffic safety work for children
Predicting safe driving behaviour in professional drivers: a theory-based validation of cognitive and personality tests
Influence of urbanistic characteristics in the level of physical activity in people aged 18 to 65 of the metropolitan area Pamplona, Spain
Parachute jumping induces more sympathetic activation than cortisol secretion in first-time parachutists
Using community archetypes to better understand differential community adaptation to wildfire risk
A qualitative comparison of susceptibility and behavior in recreational and occupational risk environments: implications for promoting health and safety
Risk talk: using evidence without increasing fear
Teens and seat belt use: what makes them click?
The users of novel psychoactive substances: online survey about their characteristics, attitudes and motivations
Developments in the safety science domain, in the fields of general and safety management between 1970 and 1979, the year of the near disaster on Three Mile Island, a literature review
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Hungarian Society for Sleep Medicine guideline for detecting drivers with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome
The impact of safety climate on safety related driving behaviors
Pedestrians risk perception of traffic crash and built environment features - Delhi, India
Prefrontal cortex activation and young driver behaviour: a fNIRS study
Tendency to commit traffic violations and presence of passengers in the car
Bicyclists found at fault for bicycle crashes in California
Effect evaluation of a road safety education program based on victim testimonials in high schools in Belgium
Design and management of public health outreach using interoperable mobile multimedia: an analysis of a national winter weather preparedness campaign
Risk-taking attitudes of patients who seek health care: an exploratory approach through lottery games
Safety-specific transformational and passive leadership influences on firefighter safety climate perceptions and safety behavior outcomes
Risk drivers pose to themselves and other drivers by violating traffic rules
Altered decision-making under risk in obesity
Motorists' knowledge, attitudes and practices towards alcohol-impaired driving/riding in Ghana
Pedestrian Road Crossing Behavior (PEROB): development and psychometric evaluation
Psychological factors in exceptional, extreme and torturous environments
Exploring aggressive driving behavior in Pennsylvania's Delaware Valley region
High-risk behaviors while driving: a population-based study from Iran
Traffic accidentability and risky driving behavior in young people in New Caledonia. Results of study Situation Sociale et Comportements de Santé des Jeunes en Nouvelle-Calédonie
Development of continuous speed profile using GPS at Johor Federal Roads F0050
Effective factors in severity of traffic accident-related traumas: an epidemiologic study based on the Haddon matrix
Evaluation index system for disaster prevention signs in urban shelters in china
The vulnerability assessment forest fire in Jeju to climate change using the VESTAP
Situation awareness: its proficiency amongst older and younger drivers, and its usefulness for perceiving hazards
Disaster communication ecology and community resilience perceptions following the 2013 central Illinois tornadoes
Oklahoma tornado risk and variability: a statistical model
An assessment of the tsunami risk in Muscat and Salalah, Oman, based on estimations of probable maximum loss
Humeral torsion as a risk factor for shoulder and elbow injury in professional baseball pitchers
Perceived severity of and susceptibility to overdose among injection drug users: relationships with overdose history
Revising probability estimates: why increasing likelihood means increasing impact
Toy age-labeling: an overview for pediatricians of how toys receive their age safety and developmental designations
Unintentional home injury prevention in preschool children: a study of contributing factors
Using eye tracking and gaze pattern analysis to test a "dirty bomb" decision aid in a pilot RCT in urban adults with limited literacy
Video-based analysis of school students' emergency evacuation behavior in earthquakes
What does it mean for something to be "scientific"? Community understandings of science, educational attainment, and community representation among a sample of 25 CBPR projects
Promoting protection against a threat that evokes positive affect: the case of heat waves in the United Kingdom
Putting people at the centre of tornado warnings: how perception analysis can cut fatalities
The high price of public fear of low-dose radiation
Improved communication, understanding of risk perception and ethics related to ionising radiation
Lay public mental models of ionizing radiation: representations and risk perception in four European countries
Looking for citizen-centered communication: dialogues between radiological protection or nuclear safety specialists and media professionals
Performance in a GO/NOGO perceptual task reflects a balance between impulsive and instrumental components of behaviour
Strategies for improving safety performance in construction firms
Integrating self-affirmation with health risk messages: effects on message evaluation and response
Effects of intuition and deliberation on escape judgment and decision-making under different complexities of crisis situations
Exploring effectiveness of safety information for workplace visitors
Factors responsible for road traffic accidents in India: an analysis
Information guiding effect of evacuation assistants in a two-channel segregation process using multi-information communication field model
Methods for measuring collective behaviour in evacuees
Modelling the predictors of intention in workplace safety compliance of a multi-ethnic workforce
Risk-based crowd massing early warning approach for public places: a case study in China
Visual representation of safety narratives
Analysis of perceived risk among construction workers: a cross-cultural study and reflection on the Hofstede model
Drivers' attitudes towards enforcement speed countermeasure on the Golestan highway
An engineering or behavioural approach? A study into employees' perceptions regarding the effectiveness of occupational road safety initiatives
An exploration into younger and older pedestrians' risky behaviours at train level crossings
Getting a hold of skitching
Influence of cognitive biases in distorting decision making and leading to critical unfavorable incidents
Inherent safety process assessment in the initial phase of the chemical design process: the case of acetic acid production process
Missed opportunities to keep children safe? National survey of injury prevention activities of children's centres
Seat belt survey along Petroleum Training Institute Road (PTI -Road) Effurun, Delta State
Decision neuroscience: why we become more cautious with age
Effectiveness of trigger speed of vehicle-activated signs on mean and standard deviation of speed
Elicitive conflict transformation and new media: in search for a common ground
Information sources as explanatory variables for the Belgian health-related risk perception of the fukushima nuclear accident
Persuasion to use personal protective equipment in constructing subway stations: application of social marketing
Transport company safety climate - the impact on truck driver behaviour and crash involvement
A report on nursing information during volunteer activities conducted by nursing faculty members and students after the Great East Japan Earthquake
Seat belt use among adult workers - 21 states, 2013
Attitudes towards vehicle driving behaviour: categorising and contextualising risk
Are car drivers holding a motorcycle licence less responsible for motorcycle-car crash occurrence? A non-parametric approach
Driver Behaviour Questionnaire: a follow-up study
Driving speed and the risk of road crashes: a review
Estimating the severity of safety related behaviour
Sleep-related car crashes: risk perception and decision-making processes in young drivers
Car following decisions under three visibility conditions and two speeds tested with a driving simulator
Driver behaviour, dilemma zone and safety effects at urban signalised intersections in Greece
Parental survey of beliefs and practices about bathing and water safety and their children: guidance for drowning prevention
Segmentation of lines based on point densities: an optimisation of wildlife warning sign placement in southern Finland
The influence of perceptual speed regulation on speed perception, choice, and control: tunnel wall characteristics and influences
Media coverage of "wise" interventions can reduce concern for the disadvantaged
Naturalistic speeding data: drivers aged 75 years and older
Too individualistic for safety culture? Non-traffic related work safety among heavy goods vehicle drivers
Transformational and passive leadership as cross-level moderators of the relationships between safety knowledge, safety motivation, and safety participation
Using the decision ladder to understand road user decision making at actively controlled rail level crossings
Safety in numbers for cyclists beyond national-level and city-level data: a study on the non-linearity of risk within the city of Hong Kong
Advantages for risk assessment: evaluating learnings from question sets inspired by the FRAM and the risk matrix in a manufacturing environment
Combining speed and acceleration to define car users' safe or unsafe driving behaviour
Effect of drivers' risk perception on safe driving attitude
Elderly perceptions about road traffic injuries in Shiraz, Southern Iran
Exploring the link between the neighborhood typologies, bicycle infrastructure and commuting cycling over time and the potential impact on commuter GHG emissions
Firearm ownership and acquisition among parents with risk factors for self-harm or other violence
Methodological aspects for modeling the environmental risk of transporting hazardous materials by road
Using a procedure doesn't mean following it: a cognitive systems approach to how a cockpit manages emergencies
Weather and road geometry impact on longitudinal driving behavior: exploratory analysis using an empirically supported acceleration modeling framework
Barriers and their influence on the mobility behavior of elder pedestrians in urban areas: challenges and best practice for walkability in the city of Vienna
Driver personality as a valid predictor of risky driving
Evaluation of human behaviour at pedestrian crossings
Influence of human behaviour on geometric road design
Kid-shell: safety system protection for child passengers travelling on powered two-wheeled vehicles
Analytical study of safety education for chemical plant managers
The influence of the transportation environment on driving reduction and cessation
Influence of age on postconcussive postural control measures and future implications for assessment
Method of providing disaster information to foreign tourists visiting Japan
Risk management at railroad grade crossings: proposal for a decision support system
Comparison of driving performance during the blood alcohol concentration ascending period and descending period under alcohol influence in a driving simulator
What motivates adolescents? Neural responses to rewards and their influence on adolescents' risk taking, learning, and cognitive control
Bystander intervention, bullying, and victimization: a multilevel analysis of New Zealand high schools
Lost in search: (Mal-)adaptation to probabilistic decision environments in children and adults
Red-light running violation prediction using observational and simulator data
Which are the critical measures to assess the driving performance of drivers with brain pathologies?
Speed management for local and regional rural roads
Stochastic optimization for investment in facilities in emergency prevention
A survey-based analysis of traffic behaviour of short vacationers and same-day visitors
Systemic vulnerability and risk assessment of transportation systems under natural hazards towards more resilient and robust infrastructures
Towards a European guideline for speed management measures in work zones
Using randomized controlled trials to evaluate interventions for releasing prisoners
Drinking-and-driving-related cognitions mediate the relationship between alcohol demand and alcohol-impaired driving
Toward a theory of police effects
"What we've got here is failure to communicate"
A cross-sectional study of emergency department visits by children after all-terrain vehicle crashes, motor vehicle crashes, and sports activities
Does fear of terrorism differ from fear of crime and sexual assault: a question of geographical location and residential area
Youth personality factors as predictors of risky all-terrain vehicle (ATV) driving behaviors
Evaluation of the effects of school zone signs and markings on speed reduction: a driving simulator study
Patterns of perspectives on fall-prevention beliefs by community-dwelling older adults: a Q method investigation
Belonging nowhere: marginalization & radicalization risk among Muslim immigrants
Global insecurity: how risk theory gave rise to global police militarization
Aggression and subjective risk in emergency medicine : a survey
Double-dissociation between the mechanism leading to impulsivity and inattention in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: a resting-state functional connectivity study
Combining accelerometer data and contextual variables to evaluate the risk of driver behaviour
Human instability related to drowning risk in surf zones for novice beachgoers or weak swimmers
Children's understanding of no diving warning signs: implications for preventing childhood injury
Driving with ADHD: performance effects and environment demand in traffic
The effect of potential fall distance on hormonal response in rock climbing
The ethics of occupational health and safety in Turkey: responsibility and consent to risk
Flash burns while on home oxygen therapy: tracking trends and identifying areas for improvement
Influence of incidental discrete emotions on health risk perception and persuasion
Monitoring speed before and during a speed publicity campaign
The effect of cognitive errors, mindfulness and personality traits on pedestrian behavior in a Chinese sample
Does family background impact driving attitudes and risky behaviours? An investigation on Chinese young drivers
Examining motorcyclists' post-crash impressions: a qualitative study
The legal limit: differences in Injury Severity Score for vehicular crashes
Effectiveness of road safety educational program for pre-drivers about DUI: practical implication of the TPB in developing new preventive program in Slovenia
Evaluation of driver compliance to displayed variable advisory speed limit systems: comparison between Germany and the U.S
An examination of the influence of crosswalk marking removal on pedestrian safety as reflected in road user behaviours
Investigating the effects of rectangular rapid flash beacons on pedestrian behavior and driver yielding on 25 mph streets: a quasi-experimental field study on a university campus
Investigation of automated vehicle effects on driver's behavior and traffic performance
Male drivers speed choice in Iran in relation to driver and front passenger characteristics
Motorcycle speed survey 2014: results of the first motorcycle speed behaviour survey in Belgium
Warning triggers in environmental hazards: who should be warned to do what and when?
Worshipping the colliery-goddess: religion, risk and safety in the Indian coalfield (Jharia), 1895-2009
Traversing the space between threats and violence: a review of threat assessment guidelines
Conveying flood hazard risk through spatial modeling: a case study for Hurricane Sandy-affected communities in northern New Jersey
Pedestrian risk taking while road crossing: a comparison of observed and declared behaviour
Pedestrian safety assessment with video analysis
Peer passenger norms and pressure: experimental effects on simulated driving among teenage males
Person-environment interactions and adolescent substance use: the role of sensation seeking and perceived neighborhood risk
Relationship between job position and safety culture survey results
A hazard-perception test for cycling children: an exploratory study
Gender and age differences in the travel behavior - a Novi Sad case study
Epidemiology of head and neck fractures caused by motorcycle accidents
Built environmental correlates of physical activity in China: a review
Criminals get all the rights: the sociolegal construction of different rights to die
Criminal histories of a subsample of animal cruelty offenders
Countering terrorism, protecting critical national infrastructure and infrastructure assets through the use of novel behavioral biometrics
Considerations about the impact of public lighting on pedestrians' perception of safety and well-being
Design and analysis of semi-controlled studies
The effects of time pressure on driver performance and physiological activity: a driving simulator study
Elderly victimization and fear of crime in public spaces
An evaluation of speed management measures in Bangladesh based upon alternative accident recording, speed measurements, and DOCTOR traffic conflict observations
An examination of thwarted mass homicide plots and threateners
Guardianship against sexual offenses: exploring the role of gender in intervention
Modelling social identification and helping in evacuation simulation
Neighbourhood play on the endangered list: examining patterns in children's local activity and mobility using GPS monitoring and qualitative GIS
Public space and the situational conditions of crime and fear
The relationship between children's perceptions of the natural environment and their subjective well-being
Stop there's water on the road! Identifying key beliefs guiding people's willingness to drive through flooded waterways
Strength model of self-regulation as limited resource: assessment, controversies, update
'War on Terror' in our backyard: effects of framing and violent ISIS propaganda on anti-Muslim prejudice
Deterrence by risk of detection? An inquiry into how elite athletes perceive the deterrent effect of the doping testing regime in their sport
Earthquake preparedness of households in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: a perceptual study
Exploring the spatial dimension of community-level flood risk perception: a cognitive mapping approach
Exporting decentred security governance: the tensions of security sector reform
Factors promoting and impeding precautionary evacuation behaviour
Horseplay, care and hands on hard work: gendered strategies of a project manager on a construction site
Influences on stakeholder support for a wildfire early warning system in a UK protected area
Online terrorism and online laws
Predictors of seeking emergency medical help during overdose events in a provincial naloxone distribution programme: a retrospective analysis
Prevention of overtaking accidents on two-lane rural roads
The impact of adolescent risk behavior on partner relationships
The influence of age, anxiety and concern about falling on postural sway when standing at an elevated level
Towards setting credible speed limits: identifying factors that affect driver compliance on urban roads
Validation of the Attention-Related Driving Errors Scale (ARDES) in an English-speaking sample
Mexico's epidemic of violence and its public health significance on average length of life
The affective bases of risk perception: negative feelings and stress mediate the relationship between mental imagery and risk perception
Communicating information concerning potential medication harms and benefits: what gist do numbers convey?
Evaluating the safety impact of increased speed limits on rural highways in British Columbia
How do we decide what to do? Resting-state connectivity patterns and components of self-generated thought linked to the development of more concrete personal goals
Letting the good times roll: adolescence as a period of reduced inhibition to appetitive social cues
Mental health in sport (MHS): improving the early intervention knowledge and confidence of elite sport staff
Neural correlates of metacognitive ability and of feeling confident: a large-scale fMRI study
Perceived risk for severe outcomes and drinking status among drug users with HIV and Hepatitis C Virus (HCV)
Control of poisoning through product labeling of hazardous chemicals
Genetic influences on adolescent behavior
Healthcare providers' beliefs and attitudes regarding risk compensation following HPV vaccination
Putting up a big front: car design and size affect road-crossing behaviour
The role of social novelty in risk seeking and exploratory behavior: implications for addictions
Experimental investigation of the influence on the performance of novice plant operators by insufficient information in the part of remarks of operation manual
Long-term effectiveness of radar speed display signs in a university environment
Are young men who overestimate drinking by others more likely to respond to an electronic normative feedback brief intervention for unhealthy alcohol use?
Chosen risk level during car-following in adverse weather conditions
Clinical significance of mobile health assessed sleep duration and variability in bipolar disorder
A GIS-based matched case-control study of road characteristics in farm vehicle crashes
An acetaminophen icon helps reduce medication decision errors in an experimental setting
Does interest broaden or narrow attentional scope?
Does the threat of longer prison terms reduce the incidence of assault?
Cognitive motor deficits in cannabis users
Dynamics of metabolism and decision making during alcohol consumption: modeling and analysis
The human consequences of foreign military intervention
Connecting occupational safety awareness, legislation, implementation and enforcement within the Ghanaian industrial economy
The effect of background music in shark documentaries on viewers' perceptions of sharks
Why do people tend to infer "ought" from "is"? The role of biases in explanation
Out of the corner of the driver's eye: Peripheral processing of hazards in static traffic scenes
Psychosocial, health promotion and safety culture management - are health and safety practitioners involved?
Rear seat belt laws and restraint use in rear-seated teen passengers traveling in passenger vehicles involved in a fatal collision on a U.S. roadway
Safety risk intelligence: children's concept formation of safety and their individual capabilities to appraise risk of injury
Road traffic safety perception in Jordan
Auditory stimuli automatically grab attention: evidence from eye tracking and attentional manipulations
Epidemiology of operative procedures in an NCAA Division I football team over 10 seasons
Exploring factors affecting pedestrians' red-light running behaviors at intersections in China
"Good passengers and not good passengers:" adolescent drivers' perceptions about inattention and peer passengers
Codified hashtags for weather warning on Twitter: an Italian case study
Addressing younger workers' needs: the Promoting U through Safety and Health (PUSH) trial outcomes
Developing a measure to understand young children's Internet cognition and cyber-safety awareness: a pilot test
Measuring community resilience to coastal hazards along the Northern Gulf of Mexico
The predictive validity of the Two-Tiered Violence Risk Estimates Scale (TTV) in a long-term follow-up of violent offenders
The role of age, working memory, and response inhibition in deviance distraction: a cross-sectional study
Why do people still text while driving?
Causes of open fractures: orthopaedic injuries related to home-made agricultural vehicles in the eastern Black Sea region of Turkey
Impact of task design on task performance and injury risk: case study of a simulated drilling task
Football players' perceptions of future risk of concussion and concussion-related health outcomes
Investigating community perspectives on falls prevention information seeking and delivery: older person perceptions regarding preferences for falls prevention education using a world cafe approach
When red means go: non-normative effects of red under sensation seeking
Constrained physical space constrains hedonism
Eye movements in risky choice
Frontal traumatic brain injury in rats causes long-lasting impairments in impulse control that are differentially sensitive to pharmacotherapeutics and associated with chronic neuroinflammation
Personalizing substance use treatment based on pre-treatment impulsivity and sensation seeking: A review
Relationship between impulsivity traits and awareness of motor intention
Risk-perception and dangerous driving among adolescents: outcome- and behavior-focused questions yield opposite results
Utilization of ImPACT testing to measure injury risk in alpine ski and snowboard athletes
Influential factors of red-light running at signalized intersection and prediction using a rare events logistic regression model
Operation risk model and monitoring-warning system of expressway tunnels
Are people interested in probabilities of natural disasters?
Dynamic forecasting conditional probability of bombing attacks based on time-series and intervention analysis
Evaluating the effectiveness of a front windshield sticker reminder in reducing texting while driving in young adults
Measuring risk perception in later life: the perceived risk scale
A UK survey of driving behaviour, fatigue, risk taking and road traffic accidents
Development and evaluation of the "BRISK Scale," a brief observational measure of risk communication competence
Female adolescent athletes' attitudes and perspectives on injury prevention programs
Identifying and analyzing stop and go traffic based on asymmetric theory of driving behavior in acceleration and deceleration
Short-term and long-term effects of GDP on traffic deaths in 18 OECD countries, 1960-2011
Pedestrian crosswalk law: a study of traffic and trajectory factors that affect non-compliance and stopping distance
Perceived risk of heroin use among nonmedical prescription opioid users
Racing with friends: resistance to peer influence, gist and specific risk beliefs
Investigating risk factors of traffic casualties at private highway-railroad grade crossings in the United States
A comparison of cognitive function in former rugby union players compared with former non-contact-sport players and the impact of concussion history
An empirical analysis of risk-taking in car driving and other aspects of life
Investigating the gender differences on bicycle-vehicle conflicts at urban intersections using an ordered logit methodology
"Making it worse than what really happened": social chaos and preparedness as problematic mythologies in disaster communication
Older driver safety: a survey of psychologists' attitudes, knowledge, and practices
Risky decision-making under risk in schizophrenia: a deliberate choice?
What you may not know about all-terrain vehicle-related deaths and injuries
Achieving complete intelligence from violent extremist communications: integrating the propaganda analysis nexus
Automobile, construction and entertainment business sector influences on sedentary lifestyles
Capabilities of the RENEB network for research and large scale radiological and nuclear emergency situations
Quantifying phishing susceptibility for detection and behavior decisions
The role of positive expectancies in risk behavior: an exploration of alcohol use and nonsuicidal self-injury
Can body proportions serve as a predictor of risk-taking behaviours in women and men?
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention opioid guidelines: potential for unintended consequences and will they be abused?
Death across the lifespan: age differences in death-related thoughts and anxiety
Do learned alarm sounds interfere with working memory?
Disasters as learning experiences or disasters as policy opportunities? Examining flood insurance purchases after hurricanes
Emergency management communication on university Web sites: a 7-year study
How do low-literacy populations perceive "dirty bombs"? Implications for preparedness messages
The influence of social comparison and peer group size on risky decision-making
Risk assessment of infrastructure system of systems with precursor analysis
Using negative emotional feedback to modify risky behavior of young moped riders
Development of a driving risk model based on speed choice: a case study to evaluate the safety effects of in-vehicle traffic warning information
Modeling the dynamics of driver's dilemma zone perception using agent based modeling techniques
Risk compensation: revisited and rebutted
Role of thrill and adventure seeking in risky work-related driving behaviours
Bicycle helmets work when it matters the most
Cost intensity of identifying contraindications to driving a company car through psychological tests on the basis of real-world data in Poland
Crowd sourcing disaster management: the complex nature of Twitter usage in Padang Indonesia
The cumulative effect of risk compensation on infection preventive measures
An entropy-based analysis of lane changing behavior: an interactive approach
"F*ck it! Let's get to drinking-poison our livers!": a thematic analysis of alcohol content in contemporary youtube musicvideos
The role of memory in distinguishing risky decisions from experience and description
Design and implementation of a Witness Unit for opportunistic routing in tsunami alert scenarios
Disaster network science: research and applications
Do you think I should be scared? The effect of peer discussion on children's fears
Driver injury severity outcome analysis in rural interstate highway crashes: a two-level Bayesian logistic regression interpretation
The effect of distraction on change detection in crowded acoustic scenes
Interaction of reward seeking and self-regulation in the prediction of risk taking: a cross-national test of the dual systems model
Optimal number and location planning of evacuation signage in public space
Peer coordination and communication following disaster warnings: An experimental framework
Predictors of older drivers' involvement in high-range speeding behavior
Understanding posttraumatic stress disorder through fear conditioning, extinction and reconsolidation
Risk in our midst: centrelines, perceived risk, and speed choice
Road crossing behavior under traffic light conflict: modulating effects of green light duration and signal congruency
The role of cognitive and perceptual loads in inattentional deafness
Flexible modulation of risk attitude during decision-making under quota
Framing from experience: cognitive processes and predictions of risky choice
Hazmat facility location and routing analysis with explicit consideration of equity using the Gini coefficient
Tailoring risk communication to improve comprehension: do patient preferences help or hurt?
Influencing factors on professional attitudes towards risk-taking in children's play: a narrative review
Memorable messages about the misuse of prescription stimulants
Neuroimaging supports behavioral personality assessment: overlapping activations during reflective and impulsive risk taking
Truck drivers' perceptions on wearable devices and health promotion: a qualitative study
Tuning the brake while raising the stake: network dynamics during sequential decision-making
A study exploring factors of decision to text while walking among college students based on Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB)
Association between intersection characteristics and perceived crash risk among school-aged children
A behavioral economic analysis of texting while driving: delay discounting processes
Crowd behaviour during high-stress evacuations in an immersive virtual environment
When do adolescents accept or defy to maternal prohibitions? The role of social domain and communication style
Trends in helmet use by motorcycle riders in the decades following the repeal of mandatory helmet laws
Using neuroscience to help understand fear and anxiety: a two-system framework
Slope climbing challenges, fear of heights, anxiety and time of the day
Surgical repair of an impalement genital injury from inline skating accident in a 7-year-old prepubertal girl: a case report
Road safety risks in young people attending general practice: a cross-sectional study of road risks and associated health risks
The effect of social rank feedback on risk taking and associated reward processes in adolescent girls
The effects of curiosity-evoking events on activity enjoyment
Estimating the population attributable fraction of road related injuries due to speeding and passing in rural roads of Iran
Factors implicated in safety-related firefighter fatalities
Linking safety climate perception to types of behavior
Motor vehicle-related deaths around two major holidays in South Korea
Sudden hypertension in a kidney transplant recipient after a skiing accident
Study on mobility-disadvantage group' risk perception and coping behaviors of abrupt geological hazards in coastal rural area of China
Psychiatric medication preferences of sports psychiatrists
Sex differences in discriminating between cues predicting threat and safety
Similarities between adult female crack cocaine users and adolescents in risky decision-making scenarios
Risk - a commentary
Association between adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and helmet use among motorcycle riders
A response surface approach to heavy duty truck rear underrun protection device beam optimisation
Trust in vehicle technology
Understanding driver responses to voice alerts of autonomous car operations
Influence of safety motivation and climate on safety behaviour and outcomes: evidence from the Saudi Arabian construction industry
Do speed cameras reduce speeding in urban areas?
Risk perception of work-related burn injuries from the workers perspective
The role of safety culture/climate and social cognitive factors for driving behaviors of Turkish professional drivers transporting petroleum products
Anxiety-mediated facilitation of behavioral inhibition: threat processing and defensive reactivity during a go/no-go task
Constructing a Bayesian network model for improving safety behavior of employees at workplaces
Cooperative warning systems: the impact of false and unnecessary alarms on drivers' compliance
"I wasn't texting; I was just reading an email …": a qualitative study of distracted driving enforcement in Washington State
A formal approach to discovering simultaneous additive masking between auditory medical alarms
Heterogeneous treatment effects of speed cameras on road safety
Attentional capture by deviant sounds: a noncontingent form of auditory distraction?
Beyond men and women: a critical perspective on gender and disaster
Drivers' visual characteristics when merging onto or exiting an urban expressway
Semantic congruency of auditory warnings
The association between dog walking, physical activity and owner's perceptions of safety: cross-sectional evidence from the US and Australia
Disaster preparedness among university students in Guangzhou, China: assessment of status and demand for disaster education
Does medical risk perception and risk taking change with age?
Driving under the influence of distraction: examining dissociations between risk perception and engagement in distracted driving
Exploring typical and atypical safety climate perceptions of practitioners in the repair, maintenance, minor alteration and addition (RMAA) sector in Hong Kong
From advocacy to action in global adolescent health
German anxiety barometer-clinical and everyday-life anxieties in the general population
Individuals that are consistent in risk-taking benefit during collective foraging
Risk taking across the life span: a comparison of self-report and behavioral measures of risk taking
When the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak: developmental differences in judgments about inner moral conflict
Linking cognitive abilities with the propensity for risk-taking: the balloon analogue risk task
The relationships between OHS prevention costs, safety performance, employee satisfaction and accident costs
Risk factors for fatigue among airline pilots
Democratic and Republican physicians provide different care on politicized health issues
Looking back on media reports on the nuclear accident
Neural mechanisms of human temporal fear conditioning
Putting the fear back again (and within individuals): revisiting the role of fear in persuasion
Reducing resistance to narrative persuasion about binge drinking: the role of self-activation and habitual drinking behavior
Testing alcohol myopia theory: examining the effects of alcohol intoxication on simultaneous central and peripheral attention
Testing whether barriers to a hypothetical screening test affect unrelated perceived benefits and vice versa: a randomised, experimental study
Does heightened fear of crime lead to poorer mental health in new suburbs, or vice versa?
A multidimensional intergenerational model of young males' driving styles
Perceptions of breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) levels among a sample of bar patrons with BrAC values of 0.08% or higher
Pleasure in using adaptive cruise control: a questionnaire study in the Netherlands
One too many? Understanding the influence of risk factor quantity on perceptions of risk
Patterns of cooperation during collective emergencies in the help-or-escape social dilemma
A rank based social norms model of how people judge their levels of drunkenness whilst intoxicated
Danish diving-related fatalities 1999-2012
Effect of a road safety education intervention on road safety knowledge of university drivers in Ibadan, Nigeria
Inconsistent blood glucose checking before driving among drivers with type 1 diabetes: results from the Australian YourSAY: Glucose Monitoring study
Is three the magic number? The role of ergonomic principles in cross country comprehension of road traffic signs
A study of pedestrian compliance with traffic signals for exclusive and concurrent phasing
Using trip diaries to mitigate route risk and risky driving behavior among older drivers
Conflict and bias in heuristic judgment
"Effects of stress on decisions under uncertainty: a meta-analysis": Correction to Starcke and Brand (2016)
Book Review: Mass notification and crisis communications -planning, preparedness, and systems; D. C. Walker, CRC Press, 2012 528p
A method for formulizing disaster evacuation demand curves based on SI model
The road to heaven is paved with effort: perceived effort amplifies moral judgment
Applying an extended theory of planned behavior to predicting violations at automated railroad crossings
Countdown timers, video surveillance and drivers' stop/go behavior: winter versus summer
Development and validation of a video measure for assessing women's risk perception for alcohol-related sexual assault
Laboratory impulsivity and depression in blast-exposed military personnel with post-concussion syndrome
Management of speed: the low-cost, rapidly implementable effective road safety action to deliver the 2020 road safety targets
Minimum required attention: a human-centered approach to driver inattention
Seatbelt use among drivers in an urban city in Nigeria: an observational study
Symbolic Interactionism: a framework for understanding risk-taking behaviors in farm communities
Traffic safety: emerging concerns for low and middle income countries
Thinking after drinking: impaired hippocampal-dependent cognition in human alcoholics and animal models of alcohol dependence
Information communication technology use for public safety in the United States
Intuition and insight: two processes that build on each other or fundamentally differ?
Classification of risk acceptability and risk tolerability factors in occupational health and safety
Disability-adjusted life years (dalys) for injuries using death certificates and hospital discharge survey by the Korean Burden of Disease Study 2012
Distinction between fear and surprise: an interpretation-independent test of the perceptual-attentional limitation hypothesis
The influence of walkability on broader mobility for Canadian middle aged and older adults: an examination of Walk Score™ and the Mobility Over Varied Environments Scale (MOVES)
Fear appeals, engagement, and examination performance: the role of challenge and threat appraisals
Integrating social media monitoring into public health emergency response operations
Greater response variability in adolescents is associated with increased white matter development
Attitude, perceived behavioral control, and intention to adopt risky behaviors
Risk assessment terminology: risk communication part 1
Risk assessment terminology: risk communication part 2
Driving anger as a psychological construct: twenty years of research using the Driving Anger Scale
Drugged drivers blood concentrations in England and Wales prior to the introduction of per se limits
Effect of drivers' risk perception and perception of driving tasks on road safety attitude
The effect of fatigue driving on car following behavior
Evaluating bicyclists' risk perception using video clips: comparison of frequent and infrequent city cyclists
What factors determine metro passengers' risky riding behavior? An approach based on an extended theory of planned behavior
Exploration of older drivers' speeding behaviour
Factors influencing traffic signal violations by car drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians: a case study from Guangdong, China
Forgiveness and adverse driving outcomes within the past five years: driving anger, driving anger expression, and aggressive driving behaviors as mediators
How drivers fail to avoid crashes: a risk-homeostasis/perception-response (RH/PR) framework evidenced by visual perception, electrodermal activity and behavioral responses
How transport users perceive personal safety apps
Human factors of transitions in automated driving: a general framework and literature survey
The impact of roadside landscape colors on driver's mean heart rate considering driving time
The influence of attention allocation and age on intersection accidents
Intentions to cheat: Ajzen's planned behavior and goal-related personality facets
Investigating the motivational factors influencing drivers intentions to unsafe driving behaviours: speeding and overtaking violations
Look: No hands! Driving on the motorway
Mulling over anger: indirect and conditional indirect effects of thought content and trait rumination on aggressive driving
Night-time and daytime operating speed distribution in urban arterials
Psychophysiological, subjective and behavioral differences between high and low anger drivers in a simulation task
"Put the blame on…others!": the battle of cyclists against pedestrians and car drivers at the urban environment. A cyclists' perception study
Risk communication strategies: lessons learned from previous disasters with a focus on the Fukushima radiation accident
Self-concept as a risky driver: mediating the relationship between racing video games and on-road driving violations in a community-based sample
Situational driving anger, driving performance and allocation of visual attention
The slow and the furious: Anger, stress and risky passing in simulated traffic congestion
The sparrow question: social and scientific accord in Britain, 1850-1900
Testing the psychophysical characteristics of professional drivers - can we identify unsafe drivers?
Using naturalistic data to assess e-cyclist behavior
Utilising psychophysical techniques to investigate the effects of age, typeface design, size and display polarity on glance legibility
Comparison of exposure to stress and analysis of ways of coping with stress among freight transport and public transport drivers
Risk communication in the case of the Fukushima accident: impact of communication and lessons to be learned
The fear gasping face as a threat display in a Melanesian society
Trust, but verify: social media models for disaster management
Stress reactivity and personality in extreme sport athletes: the psychobiology of BASE jumpers
Adolescent neural response to reward is related to participant sex and task motivation
Anthropology in farm safety
Disaster declarations associated with bushfires, floods and storms in New South Wales, Australia between 2004 and 2014
Hazard versus history: temporal preparation is driven by past experience
How readers understand causal and correlational expressions used in news headlines
Opioids and chronic pain: where is the balance?
Pokémon Go: cardiovascular benefit or injury risk?
Painful and provocative events scale and fearlessness about death among veterans: exploratory factor analysis
Post-eruptive flooding of Santorini caldera and implications for tsunami generation
Public values for integration in natural disaster management and planning: a case study from Victoria, Australia
Representativity and univocity of traffic signs and their effect on trajectory movement in a driving-simulation task: warning signs
Work environment and safety climate in the Swedish merchant fleet
Comparison of the perceived prosociality, prosociality expressed and the prosociality observed according to the gender of children aged 5 and 6 and the educational context attended
Diagnostic terminology, athlete status, and history of concussion affect return to play expectations and anticipated symptoms following mild traumatic brain injury
Prudence, emotional state, personality, and cognitive ability
Multilevel safety climate and safety performance in the construction industry: development and validation of a top-down mechanism
Consensus and experience trump leadership, suppressing individual personality during social foraging
Information presentation in decision and risk analysis: answered, partly answered, and unanswered questions
The relationship between family expressed emotion, perceived criticism and criticism sensitivity and psychiatric outcomes following traumatic brain injury
Harm from others' drinking: how problematic do people with and without experience of harm perceive it to be?
Hitting a moving target: a strategic tool for analyzing terrorist threats
Australian Hajj pilgrims' perception about mass casualty incidents versus emerging infections at Hajj
Bridging the gap between social acceptance and ethical acceptability
Designing graphs to communicate risks: understanding how the choice of graphical format influences decision making
Novelty seeking, harm avoidance, and cerebral responses to conflict anticipation: an exploratory study
To fear is to gain? The role of fear recognition in risky decision making in TBI patients and healthy controls
Bathing adaptations in the homes of older adults (BATH-OUT): protocol for a feasibility randomised controlled trial (RCT)
Safety compliance and safety climate: a repeated cross-sectional study in the oil and gas industry
Assessing the safety effects of cooperative intelligent transport systems: a bowtie analysis approach
Disconfirming contamination-related threat beliefs by exposure plus safety behavior
Dissuasive exit signage for building fire evacuation
The effect of smartphone-delivered emergency preparedness education on coping knowledge among fifth- and sixth-grade elementary schoolchildren in South Korea
The emotion seen in a face can be a methodological artifact: the process of elimination hypothesis
Europe on fire; medical management of terror attacks - new era and new considerations
An examination of the construct and predictive validity of the self-reported speeding behavior model
Eye spy with my little eye: motivational relevance of visual stimuli guide eye-movements at different processing stages
Forgiveness from emotion fit: emotional frame, consumer emotion, and feeling-right in consumer decision to forgive
Green, Yellow and Red risk perception in everyday life - a communication tool
Gun violence and firearm safety in medical school curricula: missed opportunities to improve patient health
Importance of engaging in dialogue with the population after a nuclear accident
Justificatory information forefending in digital age: self-sealing informational conviction of risky health behavior
Mass media communication of emergency issues and countermeasures in a nuclear accident: Fukushima reporting in European newspapers
A national assessment of the health and safety of emergency medical services professionals
Task inhibition and response inhibition in older vs. Younger adults: a diffusion model analysis
Nuclear and radiological preparedness: the achievements of the European research project PREPARE
The role of hedonic behavior in reducing perceived risk: evidence from postearthquake mobile-app data
Concussed athletes are more prone to injury both before and after their index concussion: a data base analysis of 699 concussed contact sports athletes
Consumer warning labels aren't working
Usability evaluation of the SMART application for youth with mTBI
Effective risk governance requires risk communication experts
Low fitness, low body mass and prior injury predict injury risk during military recruit training: a prospective cohort study in the British Army
Modified Balance Error Scoring System (M-BESS) test scores in athletes wearing protective equipment and cleats
Can traffic violations be traced to gender-role, sensation seeking, demographics and driving exposure?
Developing the Impulsive Driver Behavior Scale
Impacts of delayed feedback on eco-driving behavior and resulting environmental performance changes
Multiple facets of overconfidence: implications for driving safety
Neuroanatomy accounts for age-related changes in risk preferences
Optimising landmark-based route guidance for older drivers
Personality versus traffic accidents; meta-analysis of real and method effects
Road safety communication campaigns: theoretical foundations, validity, and empirical case studies
Investigating the impact of cognitive load and motivation on response control in relation to delay discounting in children with ADHD
Residential area and physical activity: a multi-level study of 68,000 adults in Stockholm County
What characterizes and determines threat-related biases in fear and anxiety?
Alcohol warning label perceptions: do warning sizes and plain packaging matter?
Balance evaluation in haemophilic preadolescent patients using Nintendo Wii Balance Board(®)
Predicting driver behavior during the yellow interval using video surveillance
Prior familiarization with takeover requests affects drivers' takeover performance and automation trust
Temporal characteristics of EEG microstates mediate trial-by-trial risk taking
Boys, early risk factors for alcohol problems, and the development of the self: an interconnected matrix
Charting the expansion of strategic exploratory behavior during adolescence
Comparative analysis of five observational audit tools to assess the physical environment of parks for physical activity, 2016
Failure to retreat: blunted sensitivity to negative feedback supports risky behavior in adolescents
How to warn: 'Outside-in warnings' of Western governments about violent conflict and mass atrocities
Inhibitory control and traumatic brain injury: the association between executive control processes and social communication deficits
Physical activity or rest after concussion in youth: questions about timing and potential benefit
Neural correlates of increased risk-taking propensity in sleep-deprived people along with a changing risk level
Psychophysiological relationships between a multi-component self-report measure of mood, stress and behavioural signs and symptoms, and physiological stress responses during a simulated firefighting deployment
The role of personality traits and driving experience in self-reported risky driving behaviors and accident risk among Chinese drivers
Using optimal control to disambiguate the effect of depression on sensorimotor, motivational and goal-setting functions
An update on risk communication in the Arctic
"What I believe is true": Belief-confirming reasoning bias in social anxiety disorder
Evacuation from natural disasters: a systematic review of the literature
The effect of speed limit credibility on drivers' speed choice
Effects of driving anger on driver behavior - results from naturalistic driving data
Modeling crossing behavior of drivers at unsignalized intersections with consideration of risk perception
Modeling driver behavior near intersections in hidden Markov model
The role of behavioral responses in the total economic consequences of terrorist attacks on U.S. air travel targets
Towards the reduction of injury and illness in athletes: defining our research priorities
Is green exercise for all? A descriptive study of green exercise habits and promoting factors in adult Norwegians
Affective startle potentiation differentiates primary and secondary variants of juvenile psychopathy
The use of simulation to reduce the domain of "black swans" with application to hurricane impacts to power systems
Novelty during a late postacquisition time window attenuates the persistence of fear memory
Relationship between impulsivity and obsession types in obsessive-compulsive disorder
Seeing what you want to see: how imprecise uncertainty ranges enhance motivated reasoning
Screening and mitigation of layperson anxiety in aerospace environments
Defining hazard from the mine worker's perspective
Determinants and barriers of helmet use in Iranian motorcyclists: a systematic review
Fear of crime in old age: a sample case of resilience?
Fear of falling and its association with life-space mobility of older adults: a cross-sectional analysis using data from five international sites
Modelling auditory attention
Motor evoked potential warning criteria
Opportunities and limitations for intersection collision intervention: a study of real world 'left turn across path' accidents
The role of adult perceptions and supervision behavior in preventing child injury
Alcohol-impaired driving and perceived risks of legal consequences
Driver behaviour data linked with vehicle, weather, road surface, and daylight data
Passengers at risk: a multi-level analysis of the decision to travel with a drunk driver
Measuring a conceptual model of the relationship between compulsive cell phone use, in-vehicle cell phone use, and motor vehicle crash
Reduced risk-taking following disruption of the intraparietal sulcus
Exploratory analysis of environmental and socioeconomic factors related to snakebite incidence in Rio de Janeiro from 1990 to 1996
Urban and Rural Differences in the Relationship between Substance Use and Violence
Parental knowledge of child development and the assignment of tractor work to children
Pediatric office emergencies and emergency preparedness in a small rural state
Injuries to farmers and farm families in a dairy state
Activities associated with drownings in Imperial County, CA, 1980-90: implications for prevention
An epidemiological study of roadway fatalities related to farm vehicles: United States, 1988 to 1993
Area-based differences in injury risks in a small Swedish municipality--Geographic and social differences
Estimating nonfatal traumatic brain injury hospitalizations using an urban/rural index
Farm-related fatalities among children in California, 1980 to 1989
Fatal farm injuries among young children
Assessing safety awareness and knowledge and behavioral change among West Virginia loggers
An analysis of injury deaths on Florida farms for years 1989 through 1998
Farm work is dangerous for teens: agricultural hazards and injuries among North Carolina teens
Teaching agricultural health and safety to elementary school students
Development and evaluation of the Kids Count Farm Safety Lesson
A comparison of state-specific all-terrain vehicle-related death rates, 1990-1999
A population based case-control study of agricultural injuries in children
A survey of forest workers in New Zealand. Do hours of work, rest, and recovery play a role in accidents and injury?
Accidents in reindeer herding work
Accidents in the north. some aspects on snowmobile accidents and moose-car collisions
Acute respiratory effects and endotoxin exposure during wheat harvest in Northeastern Colorado
Adolescent all-terrain vehicle deaths in West Virginia, 1990-1998
Agricultural Disability Awareness and Risk Education (AgDARE) for high school students
Agricultural motorcycle injuries in WA adolescents
Agricultural work-related injuries among farmers in Hubei, People's Republic of China
Alcohol consumption patterns and work-related injuries among Colorado farm residents
All terrain vehicle ownership, use, and self reported safety behaviours in rural children
All-terrain vehicle accidents in a rural family practice
All-terrain vehicle accidents in Maine
All-terrain vehicle accidents in Robertson County, Tennessee
All-terrain vehicle accidents: a survey of a community hospital's experience
All-terrain vehicle injuries in central Missouri
All-terrain vehicle injuries in central Wisconsin: a continuing problem
All-terrain vehicle injuries: a growing epidemic
All-terrain vehicle injury risks and the effects of regulation
All-terrain vehicle-related deaths among the West Virginia elderly, 1985 to 1998
All-terrain vehicles--unstable, unsafe and unregulated. a prospective study of ATV-related trauma in rural Ireland
An assessment of potential injury surveillance data sources in Alaska using an emerging problem: all-terrain vehicle-associated injuries
An ergonomic evaluation of snowmobiles
Antecedents of injury among youth in agricultural settings: a longitudinal examination of safety consciousness, dangerous risk taking, and safety knowledge
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Comparison of urban and rural non-fatal injury: the results of a statewide survey
Dynamic performance of the mechanism of an automatically deployable ROPS
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Ergonomic aspects on snowmobile driving
Estimated annual cost of all terrain vehicle-related deaths in West Virginia: 1990-1999
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Fatal and non-fatal farm injuries
Frequency of maxillofacial injuries in all-terrain vehicle collisions
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Gender and geographic differences in intentional and unintentional injury mortality among children in Illinois, 1988-1998
Health risk factors among Iowa farmers
Human response to buffeting in an all-terrain vehicle
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Injuries and deaths and the use of all-terrain vehicles
Injuries associated with snowmobiles, Alaska, 1993-1994
Injuries in Ontario farm children: a population based study
Injury control in developing nations: what can we learn from industrialized countries?
Injury mortality among Iowa farmers, 1980-1988: comparison of PMR and SMR approaches
Injury prevention and indigenous peoples
International comparisons: we need to know a lot more
Knowledge, attitude, and practice of sugarcane crushers towards hand injury prevention strategies in India
Logging injuries for a 10-year period in Jilin Province of the People's Republic of China
Maxillofacial injuries associated with all-terrain vehicles
Maxillofacial injuries caused by all-terrain vehicle accidents
Motor vehicle related injuries among American Indian and Alaskan Native youth, 1981-92: analysis of a national hospital discharge database
Motorist comprehension of the slow-moving vehicle (SMV) emblem
Musculoskeletal trauma in four-wheeled all-terrain vehicles
Nested case-control analysis of high pesticide exposure events from the Agricultural Health Study
Neurological injury and death in all-terrain vehicle crashes in West Virginia: a 10-year retrospective review
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Non-fatal animal related injuries to youth occurring on farms in the United States, 1998
Non-fatal injuries in the West Virginia logging industry: using workers' compensation claims to assess risk from 1995 through 2001
Nonfatal agricultural injuries among Colorado older male farmers
Nonfatal logging-related injuries in West Virginia
Occupational fatalities in the fishing, logging and air transport industries in Alaska, 1991
Pattern of accidents and injuries involving three-wheelers
Pediatric all-terrain vehicle trauma: a 5-year statewide experience
Pediatric facial injuries associated with all-terrain vehicles
Pediatric head injury resulting from all-terrain vehicle accidents
Pediatric injuries resulting from use of all-terrain vehicles
Pesticide poisoning and depressive symptoms among farm residents
Population-based assessment of burn injury in southern Iowa: identification of children and young-adult at-risk groups and behaviors
Prehospital incident profiles. ATV vs. tree. more than blunt trauma
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Risk factors for falls among Iowa farmers: a case-control study nested in the Agricultural Health Study
Risk factors for machinery-related injury among Iowa farmers: a case-control study nested in the Agricultural Health Study
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Safety practices, neurological symptoms, and pesticide poisoning
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Snowmobile accidents in Lapland
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Tractors, motorcycles, atvs: inconsistencies in legislation for child safety. examples from new zealand
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Work patterns and occupational hazard exposures of North Carolina adolescents in 4-H clubs
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The imported fire ant: dimensions of the urban problem
The transtheoretical model of change in adolescents: implications for injury prevention
Snowmobile accidents--a special challenge to traffic medicine
Acute traumatic injuries in rural populations
Impact of a national rural youth health and safety initiative: results from a randomized controlled trial
Urban-rural shifts in intentional firearm death: different causes, same results
The incidence of hospitalizations and emergency room visits resulting from exposure to chemicals used in agriculture
65 mph speed limit on rural interstates
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A population-based study of geriatric trauma in a rural state
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A study of preventable trauma mortality in rural Michigan
Agricultural injuries in children in central Wisconsin
Ammonia inhalation
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All-terrain vehicle injury in children: strategies for prevention
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Pediatric temporal bone fractures in a rural population
Safe tractor access platforms: from guidance material to implementation
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Stress on the farm and its association with injury
Suicide and mental health in rural, remote and metropolitan areas in Australia
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Burns due to grain dust explosions
Factors affecting children's participation and amount of labor on family farms
Comparison of two methodologies to measure agricultural occupational fatalities
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Effect of a voluntary trauma system on preventable death and inappropriate care in a rural state
Epidemiologic features of head injury in a predominantly rural population
Epidemiology of rural traumatic death in children: a population-based study
Evaluation of a pilot program in rural schools to increase bicycle and motor vehicle safety
Traumatic bilateral posterior dislocation of the hip--an unusual mechanism resulting from an agricultural accident
Where is help sought for depression or suicidal ideation in an elderly population living in a rural area of Japan?
Rural work and pesticide poisoning
Eye injuries to agricultural workers--Minnesota, 1992-1993
Farm machinery injuries
Farm tractor fatalities: the failure of voluntary safety standards
Fatal and nonfatal farm injuries to children and adolescents in the United States
Fatal motor vehicle crashes: variations of crash characteristics within rural regions of different population densities
Fatal occupational injuries--United States, 1980-1997
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Fatalities associated with improper hitching to farm tractors--New York, 1991-1995
Fatalities associated with large round hay bales--Minnesota, 1994-1996
Fatalities attributed to entering manure waste pits--Minnesota, 1992
Financial outcome of treating trauma in a rural environment
Geographic variation in preventable deaths from motor vehicle crashes
Geographic variations in mortality from motor vehicle crashes in Taiwan
Hay baler trauma to the upper extremity: a roller injury
Hay balers' fractures
High rates of paraquat-induced suicide in southern Trinidad
Improving prehospital trauma care in rural areas of low-income countries
Incidence of snakebite in wilderness rescue
Infant injury death in Washington State, 1981 through 1990
Injuries associated with self-unloading forage wagons--New York, 1991-1994
Injury mortality in East Germany
Injury recidivism in a rural ED
Injury risks in children of California migrant Hispanic farm worker families
Lawn and garden tractor accidents: small machines--big injuries
Mechanisms and patterns of injuries related to large animals
Monitoring of grape harvesters for evidence of cholinesterase inhibition
Motor vehicle crash fatalities in the elderly: rural versus urban
Motor vehicle deaths: a rural epidemic
Nail gun injury to the heart
NIOSH alert: request for assistance in preventing scalping and other severe injuries from farm machinery
NIOSH alerts on workplace hazards: falls through skylights and roof openings, deaths of farm workers in manure pits, and exposure to dimethylformamide
Nonfatal and fatal firearm injuries in a rural county
Occupational injuries among minors doing farm work in Washington State: 1986 to 1989
Occupational injuries and illnesses among Washington State agricultural workers
Outdoor carbon monoxide poisoning attributed to tractor exhaust--Kentucky, 1997
Culture, risk factors and suicide in rural China: a psychological autopsy case control study
Pediatric wilderness recreational deaths in western Washington State
Injuries to children's hands caused by the engine belts of agricultural machines: classification and treatment
Prevention of injuries to children and adolescents
Previous trauma as a risk factor for recurrent trauma in rural northern Israel
Protective headgear for midwestern agriculture: a limited wear study
Psychosocial correlates of suicide attempts among junior and senior high school youth
Renal trauma in rural Virginia
Rural prehospital trauma systems improve trauma outcome in low-income countries: a prospective study from North Iraq and Cambodia
Scalping incidents involving hay balers--New York
Skid-steer loader-related fatalities in the workplace--United States, 1992-1995
Nonfatal motor-vehicle animal crash-related injuries-United States, 2001-2002
Suffocations in grain bins--Minnesota, 1992-1995
Suicide and rurality in urban society
Survival of seriously injured patients first treated in rural hospitals
The association of trauma death and alcohol use in a rural state
The rural interhospital disaster plan: some new solutions to old problems
The three wheeler--a menace to the preadolescent child
Effectiveness of community health workers for promoting use of safety eyewear by Latino farm workers
Trauma in rural Kenya
A cross-sectional study on injuries in residents from the countryside of Huanghe delta rural areas
Trauma patients: an analysis of rural ambulance trip reports
Urban-rural location and the risk of dying in a pedestrian-vehicle collision
Urban/rural variation in children's bicycle-related injuries
Visual monitoring in a simulated agricultural machinery operation
Weekends, rural roads, alcohol among risk factors gleaned from traffic death data
When the bough breaks: a 10-year review of logging injuries treated at a rural trauma center in Pennsylvania
Tank instructor module crash simulation
Work-related injuries in a rural emergency department population
Work-related pilot fatalities in agriculture--United States, 1992-2001
Anthropometric criteria for the design of tractor cabs and protection frames
Accident rates for heavy truck-tractors in Michigan
Agricultural pesticide accidents and prevention in Ecuador
Evaluation of the North American Guidelines for Children's Agricultural Tasks using a case series of injuries
Nonfatal injury rates of Utah agricultural producers
Falls amongst older people living in the community
Suspected opioid-related emergency medical services encounters in a rural state, 1997-2002
The association between presence of children in the home and firearm-ownership and -storage practices
Rural and urban traffic fatalities, vehicle miles, and population density
A comparison of ATV-related behaviors, exposures, and injuries between farm youth and nonfarm youth
Analysis of prior health system contacts as a harbinger of subsequent fatal injury in American Indians
Suicide and homicide in rural areas of California
Injury morbidity in an urban and a rural area in Tanzania: an epidemiological survey
Fatal motor vehicle crashes in rural and urban areas: decomposing rates into contributing factors
Pediatric farm injuries involving non-working children injured by a farm work hazard: five priorities for primary prevention
Urban-rural variation in mortality and hospital admission rates for unintentional injury in Ireland
Three times the injuries among occasional wood cutters compared to professional loggers: sample of emergency rooms in Central and Northern Wisconsin
Tractor-related injuries: A population-based study of a five-state region in the Midwest
Farm-related limb amputations in children
Missing deaths from pesticide self-poisoning at the IFCS Forum IV
Characteristics of cerebral gunshot injuries in the rural setting
From the bush to the beach: water safety in rural and remote New South Wales
Gender, caste, and economic inequalities and marital violence in rural South India
Our role as agricultural safety and health professionals in the post-9/11 world
Mortality rates in rural and urban areas of Brittany
Mechanical cornpicker hand injuries
Health promotion and disease prevention: a survey of rural family physicians
Accidents in agriculture
Camel bite injury: an unusual report of left shoulder mutilation with major vascular and bony injuries
Causes of horse-related injuries in a rural western community
Assessment of Iowa farmers' perceptions about auger safety
Texas entry-year agriculture teachers' perceptions, practices, and preparation regarding safety and health in agricultural education
Children's injuries in agriculture related events: the effect of supervision on the injury experience
Stories or statistics? Farmers' attitudes toward messages in an agricultural safety campaign.

Pesticide sprayers' knowledge, attitude and practice of pesticide use on agricultural farms of Ethiopia
Equipment dealers' perceptions of a community-based rollover protective structures promotion campaign
A complementary strategy to reduce tractor overturn fatalities: sell more new tractors and retire the old ones
A review of heat stress research with application to forestry
A systematic review of farm safety interventions
Agricultural and horticultural chemical poisonings: mortality and morbidity in the United States
Agricultural hazard data from a population-based survey of cash grain farms: Ohio observations
Agricultural machinery safety alert system using ultrasonic sensors
Accidental child deaths by falls through ice in 1973-1977
Successful prevention of tractor accidents in Sweden
Young children are endangered when close to a tractor: keep children away from tractors; make the tractors safer!
Tractor risk abatement and control as a coherent strategy
Appropriateness of international heat stress standards for use in tropical agricultural environments
Urban-rural comparisons of drink-driving behaviour among late teens: a preliminary investigation
Use of protective equipment among California farmers
Childhood drowning is a global concern
Childhood drowning
Hay baler injuries
Health status among farm workers in the Western Cape--collateral evidence from a study of occupational hazards
Herbicide and insecticide exposures among dairy farm pesticide applicators
Hydrogen sulfide assessment in shallow-pit swine housing and outside manure storage
Human factors in rural road crashes
Imperatives for saving lives
Ionization and photoelectric smoke alarms in rural Alaskan homes
Knowledge, attitude, practice, and toxicity symptoms associated with pesticide use among farm workers in the Gaza Strip
Livestock trauma in central Texas: cowboys, ranchers, and dudes
Effects of safety behaviours with pesticide use on occurrence of acute symptoms in male and female tobacco-growing Malaysian farmers
Assessment of personal protective equipment use among Midwestern farmers
Compliance with required pesticide-specific protective equipment use
Cost-effectiveness of roll-over protective structures
Development of a test device for evaluation of thrown object hazards
Agricultural pesticide-related poisonings in Italy: cases reported to the poison control centre of Milan in 2000-2001
Does poverty lead to non-fatal unintentional injuries in rural Vietnam?
Occupational risky business: injury prevention behaviors of farm women and children
Unintentional injuries over a 1-year period in a rural Vietnamese community: describing an iceberg
Urban/rural inequalities in suicide in Scotland, 1981-1999
Farm injuries in Arkansas 1990-2000
Do parents' perceptions of risks protect children engaged in farm work?
Household youth on minority operated farms in the United States, 2000: Exposures to and injuries from work, horses, ATVs and tractors
Differences between burns in rural and in urban areas: implications for prevention
ROPS retrofitting: measuring effectiveness of incentives and uncovering inherent barriers to success
Simplified overturn stability monitoring of agricultural tractors
Utilizing expert panels in agricultural safety and health research
Farm-related injury presenting to an Australian base hospital
Adverse impact of insecticides on the health of Palestinian farm workers in the Gaza Strip: a hematologic biomarker study
Safety-related knowledge and behavior changes in participants of farm safety day camps
Measuring success in a pesticide risk reduction program among migrant farmworkers in Colorado
Pesticide safety training and access to field sanitation among migrant farmworker mothers from Starr County, Texas
Pesticide poisoning in Dourados, Mato Grosso do Sul State, Brazil, 1992/2002
Community Partners for Healthy Farming Intervention Research
Cost effectiveness of a dealer's intervention in retrofitting rollover protective structures
Disease and injury among participants in the Agricultural Health Study
Farm health surveillance in the Marshfield Epidemiologic Study Area: a pilot study
Instructional practices at Farm Safety 4 Just Kids (FS4JK) safety day camps
Minimizing bias in a case-control study of farm injury
Self-reported symptoms of neurotoxicity and agricultural injuries among Ohio cash-grain farmers
Rural definitions for health policy and research
A fatal accident due to harvester wheel explosion--a case report
Occupational risk among orchard workers: a descriptive study
Nighttime impaired driving in rural Alberta
A Cohort Study of Injuries in Migrant Farm Worker Families in South Texas
Indirect sources of herbicide exposure for families on Ontario farms
Characterizing wildfire regimes in the United States
Seasonal fire danger forecasts for the USA
Work-related, penetrating eye injuries in rural environments
Wheat thresher agricultural injuries: a by-product of mechanised farming
What role does race play in adolescent suicidal ideation?
Changing patterns of suicide in a poor, rural county over the 20th century. A comparison with national trends
Factors associated with incidence of "inappropriate" ambulance transport in rural areas in cases of moderate to severe head injury in children
Perceived barriers to health care access among rural older adults: a qualitative study
Acute pesticide poisoning among female and male cotton growers in India
Occupational injuries in Ghana
Organophosphorus poisoning in agricultural India--status in 2005
A review of horse-related injuries in a rural Colorado hospital: implications for outreach education
Twenty years of rural and urban trends in family and intimate partner homicide: Does place matter?
Hearing loss as a risk factor for agricultural injuries
Rural versus urban victims of violence: The interplay of race and region
Acute pesticide poisoning and pesticide registration in Central America
Investigating slips, trips and falls in the New Zealand dairy farming sector
Psychopathology associated with suicide attempts among rural adolescents of China
Social and psychiatric influences on urban-rural differentials in Australian suicide
Mental health services provided through the National Centers of Excellence in Women's Health: Do they reach rural women?
Development of the Safe Tractor Assessment Rating System
Farm noise emissions during common agricultural activities
Comparison of unsafe drinking between a rural and metropolitan area
A needs assessment for regionalization of trauma care in a rural state
Health, work, and safety of farmers ages 50 and older
Agricultural tractor accidents: A description of 14 tractor accicents and a comparison with road traffic accidents
Understanding the public health impacts of farm vehicle public road crashes in North Carolina
Kids and communities count: reaching migrant children and families with the North American Guidelines for Children's Agricultural Tasks (NAGCAT)
Operational characteristics of tractors driven by children on farms in the United States and Canada
Agroterrorism Workshop. Engaging Community Preparedness
Biological and chemical terrorism and the agricultural health and safety community
Rural youth violence: it is a public health concern!
Farm tractors, and the use of seat belts and roll-over protective structures
The occurrence of farm--environmental injuries in a Swedish municipality
The potential impact of rural mayday systems on vehicular crash fatalities
Motor vehicle crash fatalities among Hispanics in rural North Carolina
Slow-moving vehicles in Swedish traffic
Emergency department pediatric all-terrain vehicle injuries in West Central Illinois
Means of improving a tractor driver's working posture
Use of seat belts in rural Alberta: an observational analysis
Who's right about all-terrain vehicles?
Why rural elders drive against advice
Equestrian injuries in the paediatric age group: a two centre study
Evaluation of a microwave and infrared human-presence sensing system for agricultural equipment
Eye injuries caused by cow horns
Factors affecting injury severity to rear-seated occupants in rural motor vehicle crashes
Factors associated with the higher traumatic death rate among rural children
Farm tractor safety in Kentucky, 1995
Farmers' perceptions and concerns: the risks of driving farm vehicles on rural roadways in North Carolina
Fatal and non-fatal machine-related injuries suffered by children in Alberta, Canada, 1990-1997
Initial rollover effectiveness evaluation of an alternative seat belt design for agricultural tractors
Mexican farmworker women's perspectives on drinking in a migrant community
Pesticide exposures among Hmong farmers in Thailand
Finite element modeling of ROPS in static testing and rear overturns
Prevalence of ROPS--equipped tractors and farm/farmer characteristics
Pests, peasants, and pesticides on the Northern Nicaraguan Pacific Plain
Pesticide-handling practices in agriculture in Tanzania: observational data from 27 coffee and cotton farms
Prevention effectiveness of rollover protective structures--Part I: Strategy evolution
Prevention effectiveness of rollover protective structures--Part II: Decision analysis
Prevention effectiveness of rollover protective structures--Part III: Economic analysis
Pesticide use among farmers in the Amazon basin of Ecuador
Relative safety of traditional agricultural tractor power take-off (PTO) drivelines compared to fluid power--a review
Seat belt use in a rural northern Minnesota city
Situational factors related to rural adolescent alcohol use
Smoke alarm ownership and installation: a comparison of a rural and a suburban community in Georgia
Source, routes, and frequency of pesticide exposure among farmers
Comparative description of migrant farmworkers versus other students attending rural south Texas schools: substance use, work, and injuries
Depressive symptoms in adolescents living in rural America
Model development for health promotion and control of agricultural occupational health hazards and accidents in Pathumthani, Thailand
Safety conscious planning in small and medium-sized MPOs and rural planning agencies: Results of a domestic scan
Growing up on the farm: some kids don't
Trauma caused by three-wheel motor vehicles--an unrecognized epidemic?
Why First Nations communities should not be subsumed in a rural framework: seat belt wearing rates in three Alberta First Nations communities
Coroners' records of rural and non-rural cases of youth suicide in New South Wales
Cost-effectiveness of a ROPS retrofit education campaign
Drive-belt or patta injuries
Agricultural injuries and their control
Suicidality and correlates among rural adolescents of China
Epidemiology of intentional self-poisoning in rural Sri Lanka
Understanding suicide in Australian farmers
Unplanned releases and injuries associated with aerial application of chemicals, 1995-2002
Carbofuran poisoning among farm workers
Scottish Urban versus Rural Trauma Outcome Study
Unique occupational hazards of Alaska: animal-related injuries
Eye injuries due to tractor wheel explosion: report of two cases
Poisoning due to Urea Herbicides
Factors associated with spousal physical violence against women in Bangladesh
Injuries associated with three-wheeled, all-terrain vehicles, Alaska, 1983 and 1984
Injuries related to all-terrain vehicular accidents: a closer look at head and neck trauma
Farming and mental health problems and mental illness
Perceived risk of home fire and escape plans in rural households
Responses of 6500 households to arsenic mitigation in Araihazar, Bangladesh
Epidemiology of snakebites in sugar cane plantations of Kwilu Ngongo in Democratic Republic of Congo
Risk perception related to work in a rural community of Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil: pesticides, health, and environment
Pediatric trauma associated with all-terrain vehicles
Penetrating wound of the aorta by a bull's horn
Power take-off injuries
Protection of the head and eyes in forestry work
Studies on tractor related injuries in northern India
Snowmobile accidents in Northern Sweden
Snowmobiling injuries: types and consequences
Suicide among young Australians, 1964-1993: an interstate comparison of metropolitan and rural trends
Youth agricultural work-related injuries treated in emergency departments--United States, October 1995-September 1997
Segment characteristics and severity of head-on crashes on two-lane rural highways in Maine
Clothesline injury mechanism associated with all-terrain vehicle use by children
Brutal neglect: Australian rural women's access to health services
Our farmers at risk: behaviour and belief system in pesticide safety
Social and emotional impacts of farmwork injuries: an exploratory study
Rural motor vehicle crash mortality: the role of crash severity and medical resources
Use of rollover protective structures -- Iowa, Kentucky, and Ohio, 1992-1997
Effect of population density on mortality after motor vehicle collisions
Effects of road geometry and traffic volumes on rural roadway accident rates
Factors influencing injury severity of motor vehicle-crossing pedestrian crashes in rural Connecticut
Farm work related fatalities among adults in Victoria, Australia: the human cost of agriculture
Impacts of culture on driver knowledge and safety device usage among Hispanic farm workers
Length of hospitalization--an indicator of social costs of disabilities from traffic injuries
Machinery-related injuries: regional rural injury study--I (RRIS--I)
Medications as risk factors for farm injury
Nonfatal farm injuries in eastern Ontario: a retrospective survey
Nonfatal farm injuries in Ontario: a population-based survey
Representativeness of trauma center registries for farm injury surveillance
Roadway safety in rural and small urbanized areas
Pesticide use and poisoning among farmers from the county of Paty do Alferes, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Trauma associated with three-wheeled recreational vehicles
Trauma on rural roads: the role of a peripheral hospital
Fatal on-farm injuries among youth 16 to 19 years of age: 1982-1994
Life on the farm-children at risk
Self-report weapon possession in school and patterns of early adolescent adjustment in rural African American youth
Suicide in Australian farming, 1988-1997
Farm worker injuries on Western Cape fruit farms: the role of the lay health worker
Separation and/or Divorce Sexual Assault in Rural Ohio: Preliminary Results of an Exploratory Study
Differences in rural and urban driver-injury severities in accidents involving large-trucks: an exploratory analysis
Driving risk and rural life: everyday and reconstructed realities
Rural suicide-people or place effects?
Violence in rural communities: youth speak out!
Ducks might quack.... children and domestic violence in rural areas
Drowning deaths of zero- to five-year-old children in Victorian dams, 1989-2001
Crossing county lines: The impact of crash location and driver's residence on motor vehicle crash fatality
Efficacy of the North American Guidelines for Children's Agricultural Tasks in Reducing Childhood Agricultural Injuries
Estimates of acute pesticide poisoning in agricultural workers in less developed countries
Evaluation of a policy to reduce youth tractor crashes on public roads
Gender differences in correlates of recent physical assault among untreated rural and urban at-risk drinkers: role of depression
Sleep quantity and quality as a predictor of injuries in a rural population
Exposure to violence, quality of life, and health status in a group of farm workers in South Africa: a preliminary report
Rural parents, teenagers and alcohol: what are parents thinking?
An insight into the grain auger injury problem in Queensland, Australia
Analysis of factors contributing to 674 agricultural driveline-related injuries and fatalities documented between 1970 to 2003
Cost of compensated injuries and occupational diseases in agriculture in Finland
Pain, medication, and injury in older farmers
Prevention oriented epidemiologic study of accidental burns in rural areas of Ardabil, Iran
Seatbelt use during tractor overturns
Sleep patterns and risk of injury among adolescent farm residents
The NIOSH Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program. A New York Case Study Illustrating the Impact of a Farm Manure Pump PTO Entanglement
Tractor overturn concerns in Iowa: perspectives from the Keokuk county rural health study
Acute pesticide-related illness among emergency responders, 1993-2002
Sports and recreational injuries: regional rural injury study-II. Impact on agricultural households and operations
Understanding the unique characteristics of suicide in China: national psychological autopsy study
Characteristics of suicide attempters and nonattempters with schizophrenia in a rural community
Problem drinking: Rural and urban trends in America, 1995/1997 to 2003
Suicide in farmers in Scotland
Suicide mortality and agricultural rationalization in post-war Europe
Rolling belt injuries in childhood
Cultural context and impact of alcohol use in the Sundarban Delta, West Bengal, India
Predictors of Aggressive Behaviors among Rural Middle School Youth
Characteristics of poisoning cases in adult intensive care unit in Sanliurfa, Turkey
Farm injuries and fatalities in British Columbia, 1990-2000
Nonfatal horse-related injuries treated in emergency departments in the United States, 2001-2003
Predictors of falls in a multiethnic population of older rural adults with diabetes
Science, technology, and human factors in fire danger rating: the Canadian experience
A descriptive study of workers' compensation claims in Washington State orchards
Patterns of hospital transfer for self-poisoned patients in rural Sri Lanka: implications for estimating the incidence of self-poisoning in the developing world
Rapid needs assessment of two rural communities after Hurricane Wilma--Hendry County, Florida, November 1-2, 2005
Women's perception of partner violence in a rural Igbo community
Help-seeking and coping strategies for intimate partner violence in rural and urban women
A review and critique of snowmobile accident reports
A study of accidents occurring to farm people in Michigan
Agricultural injury surveillance using a state injury registry
All-Terrain vehicle accidents: the experience of one hospital located near a major recreational area
ATV use, safety practices, and injuries among Indiana's youth
Behavioral patterns of snowmobile operators: A preliminary report
Correspondence between knowledge, attitudes, and behavior in farm health and safety practices
Costs of occupational accidents in forestry
Describing Patterns of Occupational Agricultural Deaths: The Effect of Case Definition
Emotional immaturity and farm accident involvement
Factors affecting farm safety practices
Factors affecting work-related injury among forestry workers: A review
Farm accident surveys: a 21-state summary with emphasis on animal-related injuries
Friends and Family: Implications for Youth Tractor Safety
Hip joint arthrosis: An occupational disorder among farmers
Intervention analysis for the impacts of the 65 mph speed limit on rural interstate highway fatalities
Logging fatalities in the united states by region, cause of death, and other factors -- 1980 through 1988
Modeling fatal injury rates using Poisson regression: A case study of workers in agriculture, forestry, and fishing
New Zealand Logging Industry Accident Reporting Scheme: Focus for a Human Factors Research Programme
Noise-induced hearing loss in randomly selected New York dairy farmers
Occupational Fatalities to Workers Age 65 and Older Involving Tractors in the Crops Production Agriculture Industry
Occupational health among migrant and seasonal farmworkers: The specific case of dermatitis
Presence of endotoxins in different agricultural environments
Review of Entrapments in Bulk Agricultural Materials at Commercial Grain Facilities
Risk-taking, warning labels, training, and regulation: Are they associated with the use of helmets by all-terrain vehicle riders?
Safety and health educational needs of agricultural education and industry professionals
Spine trauma associated with off-road vehicles
The safety of commercial fishing: Determinants of vessel total losses and injuries
Toward a systematic approach to safety in the commercial fishing industry
Traumatic work-related fatalities in forestry and sawmill workers in Australia
Electrical burns: a review of 80 cases
Epidemiology of burn injuries in a rural community
A note on differences between urban-rural and speed-limit categorisations of road accident data
A survey of snowmobiling in Vermont
A new approach to collecting farm accident data
Children killed in tractor accidents in Denmark 1973-1977
Farm safety attitudes and accident involvement
Highway accident rates and rural travel densities
Increasing road deaths in rural China
Risk perception and work behaviour in forestry: Implications for accident prevention policy
Safety and ergonomics in the maintenance of heavy forest machinery
Snowmobiling: characteristics of owners, patterns of use and injuries
The traffic conflicts technique applied to rural intersections
Tractor accidents
Worker illness related to ground application of pesticide--Kern County, California, 2005
A new approach to understanding pediatric farm injuries
Equipment-related injuries in agriculture: an international perspective
Injuries to youth living on U.S. farms in 2001 with comparison to 1998
NIOSH fills void with surveillance of injuries to youth living on U.S. farms
A One year survey of accidents on Irish farms and their medical outcome
A review of log splitter safety
A review of research into machine stability on slopes
A survey of tractor overturning accidents in the United Kingdom
A swivelling seat to improve tractor drivers' posture
Agricultural medicine
An analysis of fishing vessel accidents in fishing areas off the northeastern United States
Psychophysiological analysis of mental load during driving on rural roads--a quasi-experimental field study
Road-edge delineation in rural areas: effects on driving behaviour
Anthropometric survey for agricultural machinery design: an Indian case study
Anthropometric survey of Indian farm workers to approach ergonomics in agricultural machinery design
Development of safer fodder-cutter machines: a case study from north India
Dust explosion experiments in a vented 236 m3 silo cell
Dust explosion experiments in a vented 500 m3 silo cell
Education, equipment modification and injury control among farm workers in Kentucky
Epidemiological studies and design of agricultural implements
Ergonomics in sickle operation
Factors affecting accident costs to employers, employees and public administration in forestry
Fatal accidents in Swedish farming and forestry, 1988-1997
Foot reach under guard rails on agricultural machinery
Hand-transmitted vibration from the steering wheel to drivers of a small four-wheel drive tractor
Highway safety issues in rural and urban environments: Verification of community perception
Impact of physical handicaps on operators of agricultural equipment
Influence of initial and explosion-induced turbulence on dust explosions in large vented silo cells
Occupational accidents in the maintenance of heavy forest machinery
Operator limitations in farm tractor overturn recognition and response
Personal protectors and working behaviour of loggers
Possibilities of accident prevention in reindeer herding work
Protection from silo gas
Regulating agricultural biotechnology under uncertainty
Rollover of tractors -- international experiences
Safety in fishing -- learning from experience
Safety, health and hygiene in agriculture
Severe hand injuries among Swedish farmers
Risk factors associated with sick leave due to work-related injuries in Dutch farmers: an exploratory case-control study
The effects of psychological load and speed on tractor operator error
The role of the New Zealand forest industry injury surveillance system in a strategic ergonomics, safety and health research programme
Drowning - a major but neglected child health problem in rural Bangladesh: implications for low income countries
Outcomes in TBI With Violent Versus Nonviolent Etiology in a Predominantly Rural Setting
Socio-economic status inequality and major causes of death in adults: A 5-year follow-up study in rural Vietnam
Multivariate methods analysis of accidents while boarding or climbing down from agricultural equipment
Agricultural accidents
Validity of trauma reporting in the agricultural community
Vigilance, visual search and attention in an agricultural task
Tractor overturning accidents on slopes
Tractor stability indicator
The West Jutland study of farm accidents: A model for prevention
Occupational injuries among agricultural workers in rural Haryana, India
Pattern of poisoning in a developing agricultural country
Frequency and severity of injuries to operators during overturns of farm tractors
High pesticide exposure events among farmers and spouses enrolled in the Agricultural Health Study
Pattern of poisoning in a developing agricultural country
Hand-arm vibration and terrain vehicles
Factors affecting farm noise during common agricultural activities
Agriculture--the occupational hazards
Costs of occupational injuries in agriculture
Development of a surveillance program for occupational pesticide poisoning: lessons learned and future directions
Suicide Risk Factors Among Mexican Migrant Farmworker Women in the Midwest United States
Youth suicide-related visits in an emergency department serving rural counties: Implications for means restriction
Farm workers electrocuted when irrigation pipes contact powerlines
Fatalities associated with farm tractor injuries: an epidemiologic study
Nontraditional work factors in farmworker adolescent populations: implications for health research and interventions
Pesticide safety training
Analysis of 8000 hospital admissions for acute poisoning in a rural area of Sri Lanka
Choice of poison for intentional self-poisoning in rural Sri Lanka
Depressive symptoms as a risk factor for unintentional injury: a cohort study in a rural county
Fatal agricultural injuries in preschool children: risks, injury patterns and strategies for prevention
The role of a rural sobering-up centre in managing alcohol-related harm to Aboriginal people in South Australia
Suicide in urban and rural areas
Role and tasks of the institute of occupational hygiene in rural areas
Pediatric safety on farms: redefining the unacceptable
Epidemiologic characteristics of drivers, vehicles, pedestrians and road environments involved in road traffic injuries in rural Thailand
Differences and similarities in poisoning admissions between urban and rural health centers in Zimbabwe
Research and dissemination needs for ergonomics in agriculture
Rural housing
Rural school sanitation. with special reference to chemical closets
Survey of exposure to violence among the children of migrant and seasonal farm workers
Current problems of occupational medicine among forestry workers
Morbidity in the rural population in the region of Suchowola in 1964
Morbidity of rural inhabitants
Problems of rural hygiene
Problems of rural traumatology
Work hygiene of tractor workers
Military tracked vehicle model. part i: multibody dynamics formulation
Military tracked vehicle model. part ii: case study
Off-road lateral stability analysis of an articulated steer vehicle with a rear-mounted load
Predicting the ride behaviour of a suspended agricultural tractor
An intervention method for occupational safety in farming - evaluation of the effect and process
Motorcycle collisions involving white-tailed deer in central and northern Wisconsin: a rural trauma center experience
Realities of rural emergency medical services disaster preparedness
Comparisons Among Female Homicides Occurring in Rural, Intermediate, and Urban Counties in North Carolina
Deadly Violence in the Heartland: Comparing Homicide Patterns in Nonmetropolitan and Metropolitan Counties
Rural and Urban Differences in the Commission of Animal Cruelty
Non-fatal occupational injuries in British agriculture
Sexual violence in rural areas: a review of the literature
Accidental farm injuries in children
Accidental injuries to children and youths in rural Florida
Analysis of causes and effects of children's injuries in a rural area
Sexual violence within marriage: a case study of rural Uttar Pradesh, India
Preventing tractor-related injuries and deaths in rural populations: Using a persuasive health message framework in formative evaluation research
Factors influencing involvement in farm accidents
Infection after farm machine-related injuries in children and adolescents
Life will never be the same. Violence in rural america
Machines and microbes. Still serious hazards to youths on the farm
Analysis of accidents in children in school, apprenticeship and agriculture
Remarks on children's injuries in rural areas
Children of migrant farm work families are at high risk for maltreatment: New York State study
Community-based assessment of unintentional injuries: a pilot study in rural Vietnam
Technology for rural fire protection
Fatal farm injuries: A five-year study utilizing a unique surveillance approach to investigate the concordance of reporting between two data sources
Football injuries in a rural area
Measurements of the explosibility of peat dust
Perceptions of danger, risk taking, and outcomes in a remote community
Traumatism in children in rural locations and its prevention
Protective orders in rural and urban areas: a multiple perspective study
Rural and urban women's perceptions of barriers to health, mental health, and criminal justice services: implications for victim services
Rural woman abuse: the voices of Kentucky women
Predictive Models of Domestic Violence and Fear of Intimate Partners Among Migrant and Seasonal Farm Worker Women
Qualitative Differences Among Rural and Urban Intimate Violence Victimization Experiences and Consequences: A Pilot Study
A statistical analysis of rural Ontario traffic accidents using induced exposure data
Knowledge management: An application to wildfire prevention planning
Critical direct descent and ascent slopes for an agricultural tractor with forage harvester and trailer
Community fire safety at the urban/rural interface: The bushfire risk
A method for computerized three-dimensional analysis of biomechanical load on a seated tractor driver
An initial farmer evaluation of a NIOSH AutoROPS prototype
Anthropometric dimensions of farm youth of the north eastern region of India
Longer lifting hooks for forestry workers: An evaluation of ergonomic effects
Ocular trauma in a rural population of southern India: the Andhra Pradesh Eye Disease Study
Accidents and accident prevention in agriculture a review of selected studies
Agriculture-related sprain and strain injuries, 1985-1987
An ergonomic evaluation of two motor-manual delimbing techniques
Anthropometric study of Algerian farmers
Assessing the readiness and training needs of non-urban physicians in public health emergency and response
Child maltreatment among U.S. east coast migrant farm workers
Design of safer agricultural equipment: Application of ergonomics and epidemiology
Innovative models for rural child protection teams
Organizational and ergonomic analysis of forest work in the Italian Alps
Tractor accidents and their prevention
Productivity and workload in pitsawing plantation grown timber in Tanzania
Disaster Preparedness for Farmers - A Methodology
Disasters and development in agricultural input markets: bean seed markets in Honduras after Hurricane Mitch
Drought Relief and Agricultural Rehabilitation
Earthquakes in El Salvador: a descriptive study of health concerns in a rural community and the clinical implications--part II
Earthquakes in El Salvador: a descriptive study of health concerns in a rural community and the clinical implications: Part III--Mental health and psychosocial effects
Accident prevention in agriculture
Accident prevention in agriculture
Pesticide poisoning
Accidents and injuries in rural areas of northwest of Iran
Carbon monoxide contamination in dwellings in poor rural areas of Guatemala
Agricultural health in the Gambia II: a systematic survey of safety and injuries in production agriculture
Epidemiology of transportation-related injuries in rural Africa
Childhood accidents caused by farming machines in France. Epidemiology, consequences, prevention
Case-control analysis and follow-up study on risk factors of suicide attempt in a rural population in Shandong Province
Severe eye injury in an 11-year-old child during threshing--A case report
An assessment of pediatric all-terrain vehicle injuries
A study of deaths from farm accidents in the United States
Occupational health problems posed by agricultural pesticides
Pesticides and other agricultural chemicals as a public health problem
Public health's unmet need in home and farm safety
Research in toxicology of pesticides
3-wheeled and 4-wheeled all-terrain vehicles: unstable and dangerous vehicles
Comparison of causes for spinal injuries in the city and in the countryside
Educational needs assessment for pediatric health care providers on pesticide toxicity
Preventing elderly suicide through primary care by community-based screening for depression in rural Japan
Realities of Disaster Preparedness in Rural Hospitals
Deaths from unintentional injuries in rural areas of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Increased Mortality in Rural Vehicular Trauma: Identifying Contributing Factors Through Data Linkage
Systemwide implications of the repeal of the national maximum speed limit (USA)
All-terrain vehicle-related maxillofacial trauma in the pediatric population
Children and their television watching habits. a comparative study in rural and urban environments. considerations on the effects
Lethal copper sulphate poisoning following eating of sprayed grapes
Penetrating abdominal trauma: a comparison of the development during 30 years between a rural and an urban area
Poisoning by CO2 in a silo
Ergonomic design of large forestry machines
Ergonomics in the hoeing operation
Suicide and crisis intervention in rural communities in Sri Lanka
Seating discomfort for tractor operators - a critical review
Farm Crime: Out of Sight, Out of Mind: A Study of Crime on Farms in the County of Rutland, England
Farm related injuries and fatalities in Alberta
Age-related Patterns of Spine Injury in Children Involved in All-Terrain Vehicle Accidents
Handtool-task strength comparison between younger and older tractor operators using adjustable rollover protective structures
Health effects of vibration in agriculture - Pilot for an epidemiological study
Listening to Rural People in Africa - the Semistructured Interview in Rapid Rural Appraisal
Intervention on seat adjustment among drivers of forest tractors
Issues in agricultural rehabilitation .1
Issues in agricultural rehabilitation .2
Rural Refugees in Africa - Past Experience, Future Pointers
Rural Refugees in Africa - What the Eye Does Not See
New ergonomic problems in mechanized logging operations
Public opinion and knowledge about childhood sexual abuse in a rural community
Egyptian farmers' attitudes and behaviors regarding agricultural pesticides: implications for pesticide risk communication
Pesticide Advertising in Farm Journals
The Friuli Earthquake as an Agent of Social Change in a Rural Area
Fall-Related Injuries Among Agricultural Household Members: Regional Rural Injury Study II (RRIS-II)
Agriculture Rescue Management
An agricultural accident survey in Alberta, 1970
Dating violence victimization: associated drinking and sexual risk behaviors of Asian, Native Hawaiian, and Caucasian high school students in Hawaii
Protecting young workers in agriculture: participation in tractor certification training
Psychological determinants of behaviors leading to occupational injuries and diseases in agriculture: a literature overview
An investigation of three physical parameters of PTO entanglements
Depressive symptoms in farm women: effects of health status and farming lifestyle characteristics, behaviors, and beliefs
Fire Protection in Agricultural Facilities: A Review of Research, Resources and Practices
Hot-Surface Ignition Temperatures of Dust Layers
Injury among male migrant farm workers in South Carolina
Injury and time studies of working processes in fishing
Population Density and Rural Fire Deaths
Pressure Development During Explosions in Clouds of Dusts from Grain, Feedstuffs and Other Natural Organic Materials
Productivity and safety in worker cooperatives and conventional firms
Rural adolescents' perceived personal risks for suicide
Self-reported incidents, accidents, and use of protective gear among small-scale forestry workers in Sweden
Recent research from Lessons Learned Information Sharing: the importance of partnerships in the rural water response to Hurricane Katrina
The FarmSafe Programme in New Zealand: Process evaluation of year one (2003)
Are all-terrain vehicle injuries becoming more severe?
Identification of strategies to prevent death after pesticide self-poisoning using a Haddon matrix
Nonfatal all-terrain vehicle-related injuries to youths living on farms in the United States, 2001
Occupational health and safety in agriculture: situation and priorities at the beginning of the third millennium
Personal protective equipment use and safety behaviors among farm adolescents: gender differences and predictors of work practices
Pesticide poisoning of farm workers-implications of blood test results from Vietnam
Risk assessment and management of occupational exposure to pesticides in agriculture
Agricultural and horticultural pesticides fatal poisoning; The Jordanian experience 1999-2002
Severe Back Pain Among Farmworker High School Students From Starr County, Texas: Baseline Results
Depression and Pesticide Exposures in Female Spouses of Licensed Pesticide Applicators in the Agricultural Health Study Cohort
North American Guidelines for Children's Agricultural Tasks: Five-year assessment and priorities for the future
Motorcycle deployment and rider characteristics on Victorian farms
Rural-urban differentials of premature mortality burden in south-west China
Workers' compensation experience of Colorado agriculture workers, 2000-2004
Accident cost saving and highway attributes
Validation of FHWA crash models for rural intersections: Lessons learned
Alcohol and other drug disorders, comorbidty and violence in rural african american women
Prevalence of violence against women reported in a rural health region
Development of accident prediction models for rural highway intersections
Development of bicycle compatibility index for rural roads in Nebraska
Modeling crash types: New insights into the effects of covariates on crashes at rural intersections
Relationship between speed, lateral placement, and drivers' eye movement at two-lane rural highways
Flattening of Horizontal Curves on Rural Two-Lane Highways
Procedures for Estimating Accident Reductions on Two-Lane Highways -- Closure
Analysis of Accident Reduction Potentials of Pavement Markings
Diversion from a rural work zone with traffic-responsive variable message signage system
Effectiveness of condition-responsive advisory speed messages in rural freeway work zones
Effects of rural highway median treatments and access
Promotion of evidence-based practices for child traumatic stress in rural populations: identification of barriers and promising solutions
A retrospective study of suicides in a rural health district over ten years
A study of suicide in farmers in England and Wales
Acute poisoning with pesticides in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil
The potential impact of poison control centers on rural hospitalization rates for poisoning
Understanding shared injury risk on the family farm
The Association Between Parents' Past Agricultural Injuries and Their Children's Risk of Injury: Analyses From the Regional Rural Injury Study-II
Changing epidemiology of injury-related pediatric mortality in a rural state: implications for injury control
Suicide rates in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil: association with socioeconomic, cultural, and agricultural factors
Sociopsychological factors relating to suicide prevention in a Japanese rural community: Coping behaviors and attitudes toward depression and suicidal ideation
Evaluation of the burden of logging injuries using West Virginia workers' compensation claims data from 1996 to 2001
Intervention strategies for the retro-fitment of Rollover Protective Structures (ROPS) and fleet characteristic, farm tractors
Promoting safety awareness in fishing communities through community arts: An action research project
An Uphill Climb: The Challenge of Collaboration in Response to Family Violence in a Rural Area
Aeromedical evacuations from an east Arnhem Land community 2003-2005: The impact on a primary health care centre
Farm-related injury event, social consequences and injury reporting in the Land Lantbruk newspaper in Sweden: A retrospective study of farm-related injury reporting during 2000-2005
Nonfatal injuries to household youth on racial minority-operated farms in the U.S., 2000
Rates, timing and causes of neonatal deaths in rural India: implications for neonatal health programmes
Changes in reindeer herding work and their effect on occupational accidents
Variations in drinking patterns in the rural South: joint effects of race, gender, and rural residence
Barriers and benefits of protective eyewear use by Latino farm workers
California surveillance for pesticide-related illness and injury:coverage, bias, and limitations
Fatal work-related injuries in the agriculture production sector among youth in the United States, 1992-2002
Application of "Highway Safety Manual" Draft Chapter: Louisiana Experience
Regional intelligence and suicide rate in Germany
Self-explaining and forgiving roads: speed management in rural areas
Road safety in rural and remote areas of Australia
A framework for the preparation of road safety action plan for rural road networks
Accident prediction models for high speed intersections (both rural and urban)
Hooked on Safety: Using Public Health Methods to Prevent Accidents in Alaska
Changing the Child Labor Laws for Agriculture: Potential Impact on Injury
Using Participant Event Monitoring in a Cohort Study of Unintentional Injuries Among Children and Adolescents
A collaborative systems approach to rural burn care
Adolescent passengers of drunk drivers: a multi-level exploration into the inequities of risk and safety
Occupational health and safety of workers in agriculture and horticulture
A review of the literature on rural suicide: risk and protective factors, incidence, and prevention
Rural Motor Vehicle Crash Risk of Death is Higher After Controlling for Injury Severity
Correlates of Depression in Rural Women With Physical Disabilities
Pesticide self-poisoning: thinking outside the box
Community uptake of safe storage boxes to reduce self-poisoning from pesticides in rural Sri Lanka
Initiation of farm safety programs in the Arkansas delta: a case study of participatory methods
Managing bioterrorism mass casualties in an emergency department: lessons learned from a rural community hospital disaster drill
Suicide rates in rural Tamil Nadu, South India: Verbal autopsy of 39,000 deaths in 1997-98
Understanding barriers to mental health service utilization for adolescents in rural Australia
Children's Health in the Rural Environment
Intimate Partner Violence During Pregnancy: Incidence and Associated Health Behaviors in a Rural Population
Tree stand falls: a persistent cause of sports injury
Home accidents in rural and urban areas of Shiraz, 2000-02
Self-poisoning with pesticides in India
Terrorism and mental health in the rural Midwest
Acute pesticide poisoning--a global public health problem
Inhalant Use and Risky Behavior Correlates in a Sample of Rural Middle School Students
A case-control study on risk factors of drowning among children aged between 1 and 14 in rural areas of Guangxi
Epidemiology of 377 patients with chemical burns in Guangdong province
Incidence and seasonal variation of injury in rural Vietnam: a community-based survey
Sport safety policies and practices in two rural Victorian communities
Where children drown, United States, 1995
Circumstances of injurious falls leading to medical care among elderly people living in a rural community
Death on the highway: an analysis of 100 road accidents in a rural area
Alcohol and the rural driver
"Around here, they roll up the sidewalks at night": A qualitative study of youth living in a rural Canadian community
Differences between urban and rural suicides
Predictors of Low-Intent and High-Intent Suicide Attempts in Rural China
Domestic violence and help-seeking behaviors among rural women: results from a shelter-based study
Empirical investigation of interactive highway safety design model accident prediction algorithm: Rural intersections
Down on the farm: preventing farm accidents in children
Pediatric fall injuries in agricultural settings: a new look at a common injury control problem
American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Accident and Poison Prevention: Rural injuries
Caustic alkali ingestions by farm children
Evaluation of suicide rates in rural India using verbal autopsies, 1994-9
Bullies and victims in rural African American youth: behavioral characteristics and social network placement
Farm accidents in children
Farm accidents
Challenges of recruiting farm injury study participants through hospital emergency departments
Drug use and its association with deviant behaviour among rural adolescent students in South Africa
Mortality among pesticide applicators exposed to chlorpyrifos in the Agricultural Health Study
Non-fatal injuries among urban and rural residents: The [U.S.A.] National Health Interview Survey, 1997-2001
Further increases in rural suicide in young Australian adults: Secular trends, 1979-2003
Trap-gun injuries--a menace in rural agricultural areas
Alcohol consumption among rural area junior secondary school students
Identifying training needs of logging truck drivers using a skill inventory
Extending parental mentoring using an event-triggered video intervention in rural teen drivers
Frightened in isolation: unique considerations for research of sexual assault and interpersonal violence in rural areas
Indiana lane merge system for work zones on rural freeways
Incidence and nature of farm-related injuries among children aged 6-15 during a 10-year period in one region in Poland
Orthopedic trauma from recreational all-terrain vehicle use in central Kentucky: a 6-year review
Accident patterns in rural areas and scope for countermeasures. Vehicles and highways
Major trauma in the rural mountain West
Challenges to Evaluation in Rural Coalitions
First-time young mothers living in rural communities use corporal punishment with their toddlers
Farm accidents involving power take-off devices
Injuries from cow gore in adults among Fulani
Partner Violence Screening in Rural Health Care Clinics
From VAS and white lines in Wiltshire to the real world in Ghana
A detailed analysis of musculoskeletal disorder risk factors among Japanese nurses
All-terrain vehicles--who says four-wheelers are safer?
Health risk behaviors and work injury among Hispanic adolescents and farmworkers
Installing a cost-effective rollover protective structure (CROPS): a cost-effectiveness analysis
Violations of pesticide use and worker safety regulations in North Carolina
Analysis of 151 agricultural driveline-related incidents resulting in fatal and non-fatal injuries to U.S. children and adolescents under age 18 from 1970 through 2004
Cost of farm and rural injuries
Alcohol use among immigrant Latino farmworkers in North Carolina
Decline in pesticide poisonings in the United States from 1995 to 2004
Risk factors for rural residential fires
ATVs represent a significant health risk to children and teenagers
A stable dynamic cohort analysis of installing cost-effective rollover protective structures (CROPS)
All-terrain vehicle major injury patterns in children: a five-year review in Southwestern Ontario
Development and validation of a computer program to design and calculate ROPS
Major injury associated with all-terrain vehicle use in Nova Scotia: a 5-year review
Evaluation of engineering plastic for rollover protective structure (ROPS) mounting
Exploring the perceptions of domestic violence service providers in rural localities
The mental health status of Chinese rural-urban migrant workers: Comparison with permanent urban and rural dwellers
Hay baler injuries to the upper extremity
The importance of poisoning vs. road traffic injuries as a cause of death in rural Sri Lanka
A summary of state laws regulating youth operating farm tractors on highways
Agricultural-related injury and illness in the Gambia: a descriptive survey of a rural nursing service and area farmers
Preparedness for allied health professionals: risk communication training in a rural state
Acute symptoms following work with pesticides
Animal related injuries treated at the Department of Trauma and Emergency Medicine, Medical University of Lublin
Alcohol consumption patterns among young people from rural areas of Lublin province
Impact agricultural safety and health: know producers, know agriculture, and engage in a professional community of practice
Mortality in people with schizophrenia in rural China: 10-year cohort study
Pesticide practices and suicide among farmers of the sundarban region in India
Promoting the Occupational Health of Indigenous Farmworkers
Amish buggy injuries in the 21st century: A retrospective review from a rural level II trauma center
Behavioural factors as predictors of motor vehicle crashes: differentials between young urban and rural drivers
A survey of tractors and rollover protective structures in Washington State
A more effective prescription for ATV safety
Emerging technologies and the safety and health of farming people
Pediatric head and neck trauma from all-terrain vehicle accidents
Risk perceptions, barriers, and motivators to tractor ROPS retrofitting in the New York state farm community
Rollover protection on New York tractors and farmers' readiness for change
Major rural accident: the pesticide "rain" case in Lucas do Rio Verde City - MT
National poisoning information system - sinitox and human intoxication by pesticides in Brazil
Pesticides poisoning in Brazil: the official notification system and challenges to conducting epidemiological studies
Tandir burns: A severe cause of burns in rural Turkey
The community benefits of farm safety day camps
Low-Income Rural Women and Depression: Factors Associated with Self-Reporting
Management of acute organophosphorus pesticide poisoning
Talk-story: perspectives of children, parents, and community leaders on community violence in rural Hawaii
Empowerment of women and mental health promotion: A qualitative study in rural Maharashtra, India
End-users' knowledge, attitude, and behavior towards safe use of pesticides: a case study in the Guanting Reservoir area, China
Emergency Preparedness for Health Professionals in a Statewide AHEC Program: the first two years
Characteristics of Crashes With Farm Equipment That Increase Potential for Injury
Incidence and pattern of injuries among residents of a rural area in South-Western Nigeria: a community-based study
Injury and illness costs in the Certified Safe Farm Study
Rural, suburban, and urban variations in alcohol consumption in the United States: findings from the national epidemiologic survey on alcohol and related conditions
Distribution of causes of death in communities with different urbanization levels
Time saved with the use of emergency warning lights and siren while responding to requests for emergency medical aid in a rural environment
Rural vs urban motor vehicle crash death rates: 20 years of FARS data
Acute pesticide poisoning among cut-flower farmers
Agricultural injuries among operation household members: RRIS-II 1999
All-terrain vehicle injuries in children
Eye injury in migrant farm workers and suggested hazard controls
Safety assessments of agricultural machinery in Iran
Simulation of smoke plumes from agricultural burns: application to the San Luis/Rio Colorado airshed along the U.S./Mexico border
Trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder in a rural primary care population in South Africa
Dynamic Simulation of the Overturning of Articulated Vehicles
Targeted IPV Education: Sustained Change in Rural and Mid-sized Medical Settings
A cluster analysis of detected and substantiated child maltreatment incidents in rural Colorado
A comparative study of abused and neglected American Indian children in the southwest
A survey of rural road fatalities
Graduated drivers license programs and rural teenage motor vehicle fatalities
Adolescent perceptions of teenage morbidity and mortality in a rural population
Agricultural injury prevention
Comparison of rural and urban ambulance crashes in Pennsylvania
Australia: remote area nurses' experiences of violence
Building community networks: a road trauma education and training program for rural areas
Bull horn injuries in rural India
Child abuse notification in a country town
Increased risks of hip fracture in diabetic patients of Taiwan: A population-based study
Risk Factors and Musculoskeletal Injuries Associated with All-Terrain Vehicle Accidents
Accidents on the Farm and How They Happen
Accidents on the Farm
Effectiveness of an educational program to promote pesticide safety among pesticide handlers of South India
Automobile Accidents in a Rural Area Traversed by a Transcontinental Highway
Deaths caused by mole guns: three case reports
All-terrain vehicle crash factors and associated injuries in patients presenting to a regional trauma center
Accident Mitigation on Congested Rural Two-Lane Highways
Alcohol use and injury-related outcomes in older rural trauma patients
Hospital-treated psychosis and suicide in a rural community (1877-2005). Part 1: incidence rates
Hospital-treated psychosis and suicide in a rural community (1877-2005). Part 2: genetic founder effects
Non-communicable disease and injury-related mortality in rural and urban places of residence: a comparison between Canada and Australia
Prevalence and current concepts of management of farmyard injuries
Acute and chronic disability among U.S. farmers and pesticide applicators: the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS)
Agricultural behavioral health
Agricultural injuries in Central India: nature, magnitude, and economic impact
Agricultural machinery injuries in Ontario, 1985-1996: a comparison of males and females
Agricultural work activities reported for children and youth on 498 North American farms
Agricultural work-related fatalities in Australia, 1989-1992
Assessing pesticide safety knowledge among Hispanic migrant farmworkers in Oregon
Case reports of on-site investigations of auger-related farm injuries
Characteristics of farm injuries in Greece
Coalitions: partnerships to promote agricultural health and safety
Cognitive-behavioral approaches to farm community safety education: a conceptual analysis
Creating a safer and healthier agriculture--are we asking the right questions?
Documentation of hazards and safety perceptions for mechanized logging operations in East Central Alabama
Ergonomic concerns with lightbar guidance displays
Evaluation of the Agricultural Safety and Health Best Management Practices Manual
Evaluation of the Farm and Agricultural Injury Classification Code and follow-up questionnaire
Factors influencing the occurrence and severity of farm accidents: comparing work-related and nonwork-related events
Farm safety issues in Old Order Anabaptist communities: unique aspects and innovative intervention strategies
Fatal injuries in Finnish agriculture, 1988-2000
Fatalities in farming and forestry: an examination of the registry information used in the Swedish national statistics, 1988-1997
Injuries in the Iowa Certified Safe Farm Study
Interviews with widows following fatal farming incidents
Management as a risk factor for farm injuries
Mortality and morbidity in agriculture in the United States
Musculoskeletal discomfort, injuries, and tasks accomplished by children and adolescents in Wisconsin fresh market vegetable production
Musculoskeletal disorders among children and adolescents working in agriculture
Non-work-related farm fatalities in Australia, 1989-1992
Nonfatal occupational injury among California farm operators
Observation study of students who completed a high school agricultural safety education program
On-farm falls among youth less than 20 years old in the U.S
Performance of an automatically deployable ROPS on ASAE tests
Physical demands and low-back injury risk among children and adolescents working on farms
Predicting the potential of engulfment using an on-farm grain storage hazard assessment tool
Proper use and improper images: the double-edged sword of the extra seat for farm machinery
Safety: what do we mean?
Summary of fatal entrapments in on-farm grain storage bins, 1966-1998
The impact of biotechnology on agricultural worker safety and health
The perception of farm safety and prevention issues among the Old Order Amish in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
The struggles of doing what is right and needed
The theory of planned behavior: use and application in targeting agricultural safety and health interventions
Traumatic injuries in agriculture
Use of the North American guidelines for children's agricultural tasks with Hmong farm families
Women in agriculture: risks for occupational injury within the context of gendered role
A qualitative assessment of children's farm safety day camp programs
Estimating the occupational morbidity for migrant and seasonal farmworkers in New York state: a comparison of two methods
Family fun -- family tragedy: ATV-related deaths involving family members
Rural children's perceptions of child farm safety printed communication strategies
Work practices and childhood agricultural injury
A Pilot Program Using Promotoras de Salud to Educate Farmworker Families About the Risk from Pesticide Exposure
Interventions to reduce low-back injury risk among youth who perform feed handling and scooping tasks on farms
All-terrain vehicle-related hospitalizations in the United States, 2000-2004
Next steps to reduce agricultural tractor overturn fatal and non-fatal injuries
Housing quality among North Carolina farmworker families
Safety and health perceptions and concerns of custom harvesters
Proposed performance standards for the Agricultural Hazardous Occupations Order certification training program
Safety performance of animal confinement floors: slip, trip, and fall injuries in Finland
Farm Hand Tools Injuries: A Case Study From Northern India
2,4-D (ethyl ester) poisoning: experience at a tertiary care centre in northern India
Acute pesticide poisoning associated with pyraclostrobin fungicide--Iowa, 2007
Validation of simulated assessment of teen driver speed management on rural roads
Acetabular fracture in a 16-year-old secondary to an all-terrain vehicle accident
Assessment of pesticide exposure control practices among men and women on fruit-growing farms in British Columbia
Grassland Plant Composition Alters Vehicular Disturbance Effects in Kansas, USA
Increased rural vehicular mortality rates: roadways with higher speed limits or excessive vehicular speed?
Self-poisoning in Rural Sri Lanka: small-area variations in incidence
Epidemiologic analysis of 399 patients with orgarophosphorus pesticide poisoning
Recreational all-terrain vehicle injuries among children: an 11-year review of a Central Kentucky level I pediatric trauma center database
Agriculture and forestry work-related injuries among farmers admitted to an Emergency Department
Alcohol and drug use in rural colonias and adjacent urban areas of the Texas border
Epidemiology of childhood burns: Yield of largest community based injury survey in Bangladesh
Evaluation of a community-based effort to reduce blueberry harvesting injury
Interventions for preventing injuries in the agricultural industry
Meeting a bi-national research challenge: substance abuse among transnational Mexican farmworkers in the United States
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Expanding the role of nurse practitioners: effects on rural access to care for injured workers
Necrotizing pancreatitis due to poisoning with organophosphate pesticides
Do targeted bans of insecticides to prevent deaths from self-poisoning result in reduced agricultural output?
Accidents at work in agriculture workers in the period 2002-2006
Alcohol harm and cost at a community level: data from police and health
Organophosphorus pesticide poisoning: cases and developments
The pathophysiology of organophosphorus pesticide self-poisoning is not so simple
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Adult supervision and pediatric injuries in the agricultural worksite
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Bullying perspectives among rural youth: a mixed methods approach
Partnerships to promote mental health of NSW farmers: the New South Wales Farmers Blueprint for Mental Health
Urban-rural differences in work disability after an occupational injury
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Enhancing the Impact Energy Absorption in Roll Over Protective Structures
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Unintentional poisoning by phosphine released from aluminum phosphide
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Reaching teen farm workers with health and safety information: an evaluation of a high school ESL curriculum
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Equine-related facial fractures
River Tree Rope Swing Injuries
Heat-related deaths among crop workers--United States, 1992--2006
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Community readiness and prevention of traumatic brain injury
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Acute pesticide poisoning: 15 years experience of a large North-West Indian hospital
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All-terrain vehicles and associated spinal injuries
Search and Rescue Trends and the Emergency Medical Service Workload in Utah's National Parks
Intimate partner violence in rural environments
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Political Violence and Farm Household Efficiency in Colombia
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Gravel road corrugations
Guide to the economic justification of rural grade separations
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News clippings offer intriguing injury prevention possibilities
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Farm Machinery Incidents Present Unique Problems
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Combine Anti-Crush Safety System
Gender difference in the relationships between vision and hearing impairments and negative well-being
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Costs and Issues Associated With Implementing Industrial Confined Space Standards in Manure Storage Facilities
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Ekistics and Traffic
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Pesticide poisoning
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Farm Accidents
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Intervention Tools for Farmers: Safe and Productive Work Practices in a Safer Work Environment
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Occupational and rural accidents
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Occupational Health of Maritime and Oceanic Fishing Industries
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Posted and free-flow speeds for rural multilane highways in Georgia
Potential Impact of a ROPS Retrofit Policy in Central Iowa
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Preventable Trauma Deaths in Rural Michigan
Prevention of accidents in reindeer herding work
Projecting Economic Losses Associated With Farm-Related Permanent Disabilities
Promoting regional disaster preparedness among rural hospitals
Public Healths Unmet Needs in Home and Farm Safety
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Survivors from {beta}-fluoroethyl acetate poisoning show a selective cerebellar syndrome
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Navigation of construction and agriculture machinery
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FS4JK farm safety day camps: who learns the most?
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Investigation of select ergonomic interventions for farm youth. Part 2: wheelbarrows
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Patterns in Blast Injuries to the Hand
Sleep: a good investment in health and safety
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Risk Perception, Beliefs About Prevention, and Preventive Behaviors of Farmers
Road hierarchy in country areas
Roll-Over Protective Structure Use and the Cost of Retrofitting Tractors in the United States, 1993
Rollover Fatalities - Nordic Perspectives
Rural Attitudes Toward Delinquency
Rural battered women
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Rural-urban differences in depression treatment and suicidality
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Safe Farm: The Impact of an Iowa Public Information Campaign
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Cost to government health-care services of treating acute self-poisonings in a rural district in Sri Lanka
Increased All-Terrain Vehicle Crash Accidents in Older Riders
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A Theory of Rural Attitudes
Community Organization
Community transport, social capital and social exclusion in rural areas
Group Influences and Agricultural Innovations: Some Tentative Findings and Hypotheses
More on the Myth of Rural Tranquility
Populism in a State Educational Institution, the Kansas State Agricultural College
Region and Violent Attitudes Reconsidered: Comment on Dixon and Lizotte
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Rural Life (1930 in review)
Rural-Urban Differences in the Use of Stress-Alleviative Drugs
Some Adjustments of Farm Families to Emergencies
Suicide in the Netherlands
The Burden of Proof: Southern Subculture-of-Violence -- Explanations of Gun Ownership and Homicide
The Kentucky Mountains and Their Feuds. I. The People and Their Country
The Kentucky Mountains and Their Feuds. II. The Causes of Feuds
The Ku Klux Klan Interpreted
The Migration to Towns and Cities
The Process of Urbanization and Criminal Behavior
The Rural Mind: A Study in Occupational Attitude
The Social Ecology of Rural Violence: Land Scarcity, the Organization of Agricultural Production, and the Presence of the State
The Social Philosophy of the Old South
There should be more help out here! A qualitative study of the needs of Aboriginal adolescents in rural Australia
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Children's Exposures to Farm Worksite Hazards on Management-Intensive Grazing Operations
Disability on Irish farms-a real concern
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Engagement of children in agricultural work activities - scale and consequences of the phenomenon
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Kerosene lamp "kupi": lights the house, but may bring darkness to life
The Effects of Religion and Gender on Well-Being, Substance Use, and Academic Engagement Among Rural Adolescents
The Heritage of Herding and Southern Homicide
Does "No pesticide" Reduce Suicides?
Using logic models in a community-based agricultural injury prevention project
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Fatalities caused by cattle--four states, 2003-2008
Non-fatal injury rates among the "left-behind children" of rural China
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Spring-operated semiautomatic irrigation valves
Studies on aluminum-made chassis-type frame model of a tractor I: Comparative static strength analysis and mass reduction
Studies on aluminum-made chassis-type frame model of a tractor II: Some mechanical features of a modified model
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Threaded-nail fasteners: Research and standardization needs
Trajectory control and its application to approach a target: Part I. Development of trajectory control algorithms for an autonomous vehicle
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