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Refereeing the public health
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Unique effects of different components of trait emotional intelligence in traditional bullying and cyberbullying
Do academically-engaged adolescents experience social sanctions from the peer group?
Prosocial behavior as a protective factor for children's peer victimization
Why and when is ethnic harassment a risk for immigrant adolescents' school adjustment? Understanding the processes and conditions
Short-term prospective effects of homophobic victimization on the mental health of heterosexual adolescents
Comparison of boys' and girls' families for actor and partner effect of stress, depression and parent-adolescent communication on middle school students' suicidal ideation: triadic data analysis
Role of social support in combating psychological distress among senior secondary school students
Self-awareness of peer-rated social attributes in children with traumatic brain injury
Adapting and implementing an evidence-based treatment with justice-involved adolescents: the example of multidimensional family therapy
Adolescent nonsuicidal self-injury: Examining the role of child abuse, comorbidity, and disinhibition
Examining multiracial youth in context: ethnic identity development and mental health outcomes
Facilitators to promoting health in schools: is school health climate the key?
The FRIENDS emotional health program for minority groups at risk
Mental health service use among high school students exposed to interpersonal violence
Peer victimization, cyberbullying, and suicide risk in children and adolescents
Psychometric support of the school climate measure in a large, diverse sample of adolescents: a replication and extension
Suboptimal maternal and paternal mental health are associated with child bullying perpetration
Weight status misperception as related to selected health risk behaviors among middle school students
Assessing risk of recidivism among juvenile offenders: the development and validation of the recidivism risk instrument
Child mental-health policy development in sub-Saharan Africa: broadening the perspectives using Bronfenbrenner's ecological model
Children's effortful control and academic achievement: do relational peer victimization and classroom participation operate as mediators?
Cognitive delay and behavior problems prior to school age
A cross-sectional study of adolescent non-suicidal self-injury: support for a specific distress-function relationship
Distinguishing among disruptive behaviors to help predict high school graduation: does gender matter?
Attaining khinem: challenges, coping strategies and resilience among Eveny adolescents in northeastern Siberia
Forced sex, rape and sexual exploitation: attitudes and experiences of high school students in South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo
Measuring school climate in high schools: a focus on safety, engagement, and the environment
Peer influences on internalizing and externalizing problems among adolescents: a longitudinal social network analysis
School bus crash rates on routine and nonroutine routes
Suicide ideation and attempts and bullying in children and adolescents
Tauhe association between bullying-related behaviours and subjective health complaints in late adolescence: cross-sectional study in Greece
Utilizing emotionally responsive virtual human role-play simulations to train users to identify, talk to and refer students in psychological distress including those at-risk for suicide: a meta-analysis
Youth Mental Health at the cross road of service organisation
Beyond the walls of the school: Risk factors and children and youth in the Gulf
The role of the family in social integration in the Middle East and North Africa
Classroom carbon dioxide concentration, school attendance, and educational attainment
The effects of epilepsy on child education in Sierra Leone
Examination of the change in latent statuses in bullying behaviors across time
Impact locations and concussion outcomes in high school football player-to-player collisions
Contrasting deficits on executive functions in Chinese delinquent adolescents with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder symptoms and/or reading disability
Cyberbullying, psychological distress and self-esteem among youth in Quebec schools
The link between aggressive behavior and depression in adolescence. A cross-sectional study conducted in the psychiatric emergency unit at the Sainte-Anne hospital
Mandatory school-based mental health services and the prevention of school violence
Paediatric traumatic cardiac arrest: data from the joint theatre trauma registry
Psychosocial functioning of bullied youth who adopt versus deny the bully-victim label
Are we driving our kids to unhealthy habits? Results of the active healthy kids Canada 2013 report card on physical activity for children and youth
Assessment of unsuspected exposure to drugs of abuse in children from a Mediterranean city by hair testing
Does the absence of a supportive family environment influence the outcome of a universal intervention for the prevention of depression?
Evaluation of a school-based depression prevention program among adolescents from low-income areas: a randomized controlled effectiveness trial
Prevention of adolescent depression in the Spanish-speaking world
A qualitative process evaluation of classroom-based cognitive behaviour therapy to reduce adolescent depression
Teachers or psychologists: who should facilitate depression prevention programs in schools?
Exercise-based injury prevention in child and adolescent sport: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Peer victimization and peer rejection during early childhood
Sixth-grade physical education: an acculturation of bullying and fear
The role of individual and collective moral disengagement in peer aggression and bystanding: a multilevel analysis
Response and training needs of school staff towards student self-injury
School-based cognitive-behavioral interventions in the treatment of aggression in the United States: A meta-analysis
A systematic review and content analysis of bullying and cyber-bullying measurement strategies
Ecological context, concentrated disadvantage, and youth reoffending: identifying the social mechanisms in a sample of serious adolescent offenders
Unhealthy sleep practices, conduct problems, and daytime functioning during adolescence
Do adolescents' evaluations of exclusion differ based on gender expression and sexual orientation?
Encouraging Mexican-heritage youth to intervene when friends drink the role of targeted parent-child communication against alcohol
Ethnic classroom composition and peer victimization: the moderating role of classroom attitudes
The association between objective walkability, neighborhood socio-economic status, and physical activity in Belgian children
Associations between bullying and engaging in aggressive and suicidal behaviors among sexual minority youth: the moderating role of connectedness
Body-esteem of pupils who attended single-sex versus mixed-sex schools: A cross-sectional study of intrasexual competition and peer victimization
Bully victimization and emotional problems in adolescents: moderation by specific cognitive coping strategies?
Bullying victimization prevalence and its effects on psychosomatic complaints: can sense of coherence make a difference?
Erratum to: reducing aggression and impulsivity through school-based prevention programs: a gene by intervention interaction
Evidence of a gene × environment interaction between birth weight and genetic risk in the prediction of criminogenic outcomes among adolescent males
Factors that influence concussion knowledge and self-reported attitudes in high school athletes
Insufficient sleep in adolescents and young adults: an update on causes and consequences
Knowledge assessment of sports-related concussion among parents of children aged 5 years to 15 years enrolled in recreational tackle football
A review of evidence-based follow-up care for suicide prevention: where do we go from here?
School start times for adolescents
Statewide assessment of the Rhode Island School and Youth Programs Concussion Act
Teacher and peer reports of overweight and bullying among young primary school children
The underreporting of self-reported symptoms following sports-related concussion
Safety and accidents -- a brief conceptual analysis, and a point of view
"I don't think I would be where I am right now''. Pupil perspectives on using mobile devices for learning
Bullying and its related factors amongst high school students from a school in Cali, Colombia
School nurses perfectly placed to spot girls at risk of joining gangs
Violence against children and adolescents with disabilities: narratives with guardianship councilors
Athletic trainers' management practices and referral patterns for adolescent athletes after sport-related concussion
Assessing adolescents' positive psychological functioning at school: development and validation of the Student Subjective Wellbeing Questionnaire
Bullying prevalence across contexts: a meta-analysis measuring cyber and traditional bullying
Child development and pediatric sport and recreational injuries by age
Close relations to parents and emotional symptoms among adolescents: beyond socio-economic impact?
Concussion knowledge in high school football players
Current perspectives: the impact of cyberbullying on adolescent health
Cyberbullying victimization and mental health in adolescents and the moderating role of family dinners
Differences in prevalence of bullying victimization between native and immigrant children in the Nordic countries: a parent-reported serial cross-sectional study
Does a syrinx matter for return to play in contact sports? A case report and evidence-based review of return-to-play criteria after transient quadriplegia
Middle school injuries: a 20-year (1988-2008) multisport evaluation
The role of families in preventing and buffering the effects of bullying
School-based prevention program associated with increased short- and long-term retention of safety knowledge
Suicidal feelings interferes with help-seeking in bullied adolescents
Suicide risk factors among victims of bullying and other forms of violence: data from the 2009 and 2011 Oklahma Youth Risk Behavior Surveys
Theoretical model describing the relationship between the number of tackles in which a player engages, tackle injury risk and tackle performance
The effects of a school-based functional analysis on subsequent classroom behavior
Friends as a bridge to parental influence: implications for adolescent alcohol use
Functional behavioral assessment and students at risk for or with emotional disabilities: current issues and considerations
ADHD, bullying and suicidality in children and adolescents
The association between school exclusion, delinquency and subtypes of cyber- and F2F-victimizations: Identifying and predicting risk profiles and subtypes using latent class analysis
Does comorbid anger exacerbate the rejection of children with depression by their school peers?
Educational tracking and juvenile deviance in Taiwan: direct effect, indirect effect, or both
External validity of ADHD inattention and sluggish cognitive tempo dimensions in Spanish children with ADHD
Factors associated with the psychological impact of the Great East Japan earthquake on high school students 1 year and 4 months after the disaster
Green and blue spaces and behavioral development in Barcelona schoolchildren: the BREATHE project
Individual and social network predictors of physical bullying: a longitudinal study of Taiwanese early adolescents
Joint use policies: are they related to adolescent behavior?
Mobbing and suicide in children: what is important for the general practitioner?
Predictors of and barriers to service use for children at risk of ADHD: longitudinal study
A prospective investigation of factors that predict desistance from recidivism for adolescents who have sexually offended
Psychosocial difficulties in adolescent and young adult survivors of childhood cancer
Regular gaming behavior and internet gaming disorder in European adolescents: results from a cross-national representative survey of prevalence, predictors, and psychopathological correlates
Validation of the Korean version of the Children's Revised Impact of Event Scale
Understanding school climate, aggression, peer victimization, and bully perpetration: contemporary science, practice, and policy
Truancy and injury-related mortality
Sports-specific issues in men's and women's lacrosse
Effects of the School for Health network on students' behaviour in Asturias (Spain)
School climate, peer victimization, and academic achievement: results from a multi-informant study
School-detected child abuse in Geneva: outlook on the past 10 years
To tell or not to tell: what influences children's decisions to report bullying to their teachers?
Predictors of peer victimization among Peruvian adolescents in the young lives cohort
Aggressive attitudes in middle schools: a factor structure and criterion-related validity study
Alcohol and marijuana use in middle school: comparing solitary and social-only users
Association between sexual behaviors, bullying victimization and suicidal ideation in a national sample of high school students: implications of a sexual double standard
Behavioral health services following implementation of screening in Massachusetts Medicaid children
Constructing childhood: discourses about school violence in the Greek daily press
'Dangerous minds'? Deconstructing counter-terrorism discourse, radicalisation and the 'psychological vulnerability' of Muslim children and young people in Britain
Delayed school progression and mental health problems in adolescence: a population-based study in 10,803 adolescents
Detecting specialization in interpersonal violence versus suicidal behavior
Developmental links between disobedient behavior and social classroom relationships in boys with psychiatric disorders in special education
Emergence of mixed-sex friendship groups during adolescence: developmental associations with substance use and delinquency
Exploring the needs of socially excluded young men
Exposure to violence, social cognitive processing, and sleep problems in urban adolescents
Guarding the precious smile: incidence and prevention of injury in sports: a review
'A hidden group of children': support in schools for children who experience parental imprisonment
Impact of early intervention on psychopathology, crime, and well-being at age 25
Flooding and schools: experiences in Hull in 2007
The long-term effects of repetitive mild head injuries in sports
The postconcussion syndrome in sports and recreation: clinical features and demography in 138 athletes
Longitudinal evaluation of food allergy-related bullying
Money and age in schools: bullying and power imbalances
Peer victimization during adolescence; concurrent and prospective impact on symptoms of depression and anxiety
School-related factors in the development of bullying perpetration and victimization: introduction to the special section
'Youth is present only when its presence is a problem': voices of young people on discipline in school
Print news coverage of school-based human papillomavirus vaccine mandates
Active commuting to school in Mexican adolescents: evidence from the Mexican National Nutrition and Health Survey
Adolescent self-harm: new horizons?
Association of traumatic dental injuries with individual-, sociodemographic- and school-related factors among schoolchildren in midwest Brazil
Active commuting and its associations with blood pressure and adiposity markers in children
Do first generation immigrant adolescents face higher rates of bullying, violence and suicidal behaviours than do third generation and native born?
The path from childhood behavioural disorders to felony offending: investigating the role of adolescent drinking, peer marginalisation and school failure
Brief intervention impact on truant youth attitudes to school and school behavior problems: a longitudinal study
Brief intervention for truant youth sexual risk behavior and alcohol use: a parallel process growth model analysis
Delinquency and peer acceptance in adolescence: a within-person test of moffitt's hypotheses
Heavy alcohol use, marijuana use, and concomitant use by adolescents are associated with unique and shared cognitive decrements
The school nurse's ability to detect and support abused children: a trust-creating process
Sound and noise in high schools gymnasiums
The effects of single-sex versus coeducational schools on adolescent peer victimization and perpetration
Gender violence in and around schools : time to get to zero : perspectives
Alcohol, tobacco, and other drug misuse prevention and cessation programming for alternative high school youth: a review
Association of being bullied in school with suicide ideation and planning among rural middle school adolescents
Behavioral disorder amongst adolescents attending secondary school in southeast Nigeria
Challenges in and strategies for the surveillance of school health policies and practices: a commentary
Childhood trauma and schizotypy: a systematic literature review
Effects of early adolescent alcohol use on mid-adolescent school performance and connection: a longitudinal study of students in Victoria, Australia and Washington State, United States
Managing concussion in the school setting
Prevalence of sport injuries among middle school children and suggestions for their prevention
Understanding how organized youth sport maybe harming individual players within the family unit: a literature review
Initiating change locally in bullying and aggression through the school environment (INCLUSIVE): study protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial
Violence against primary school children with disabilities in Uganda: a cross-sectional study
Violence in urban schools in Romania: experimental results
Bullying among school-age children in the greater Beirut area: risk and protective factors
Du seisch wo düre (DSWD)/It is your decision - a programme of health promotion and prevention at school for adolescents
Friendship quality, social preference, proximity prestige, and self-perceived social competence: interactive influences on children's loneliness
The KiVa antibullying curriculum and outcome: does fidelity matter?
Sexual coercion and health-risk behaviors among urban Chinese high school students
Toward an empirical subclassification of "learning disabilities": psychophysiological comparison of "hyperactive" and "nonhyperactive" subgroups
Alteration of default mode network in high school football athletes due to repetitive sub-concussive mTBI - a resting state fMRI study
Crossing guard presence: Impact on active transportation and injury prevention
Adolescent gang involvement: the role of individual, family, peer, and school factors in a multilevel perspective
Measuring teacher implementation in delivery of a bullying prevention program: the impact of instructional and procedural adherence and competence on student responsiveness
Bullying of youth with autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disability, or typical development: victim and parent perspectives
Correlates of weapon carrying in school among adolescents in three countries
Competitive sport involvement and substance use among adolescents: a nationwide study
Putting our heads together: collaborating for student success after concussion
Risk factors for suicide attempts in the total population of Faroese eighth graders
Return-to-play guidelines in concussion: revisiting the literature
Sexual harassment victimization and perpetration among high school students
A short communication on school bus accidents: a review and analysis
Where do we go from here? An inside look into the development of Georgia's youth concussion law
A little knowledge is a dangerous thing; part 2: survey of empirically-based knowledge of return-to-play guidelines using the RoCKAS
Adolescent socio-economic and school-based social status, health and well-being
Bullying plays a potential role in pediatric lower urinary tract symptoms
Counselor-level predictors of sustained use of an indicated preventive intervention for aggressive children
Psychological, social and environmental barriers to cycling to school
Teachers' perspectives on their role in school-based alcohol and cannabis prevention
Joint trajectories of bullying and peer victimization across elementary and middle school and associations with symptoms of psychopathology
Peer victimization and subsequent disruptive behavior in school: the protective functions of anger regulation coping
Physical child abuse and teacher harassment and their effects on mental health problems amongst adolescent bully-victims in Taiwan
Randomized controlled trial of a family intervention for children bullied by peers
Effects of a Danish multicomponent physical activity intervention on active school transport
Emotion perception accuracy and bias in face-to-face versus cyberbullying
Longitudinal associations among bully, homophobic teasing, and sexual violence perpetration among middle school students
Predictors of traditional and cyber-bullying victimization: a longitudinal study of Australian secondary school students
Ethical media competence as a protective factor against cyberbullying and cybervictimization among German school students
Fighting with siblings and with peers among urban high school students
Gary Scott Pennington: distal and proximal shame in a school rampage shooting
How racial/ethnic bullying affects rejection sensitivity: the role of social dominance orientation
Information sharing during the University of Texas at Austin active shooter/suicide event
The impact of a multiple intelligences teaching approach drug education programme on drug refusal skills of Nigerian pupils
The meth project and teen meth use: new estimates from the national and state youth risk behavior surveys
Parent safety perceptions of child walking routes
Perceived coach support and concussion symptom-reporting: differences between freshmen and non-freshmen college football players
Physical activity and suicide attempt of South Korean adolescents - evidence from the eighth Korea Youth Risk Behaviors Web-Based Survey
Potential transferability of economic evaluations of programs encouraging physical activity in children and adolescents across different countries-a systematic review of the literature
A queer day in Canada: examining Canadian high school students' experiences with school-based homophobia in two large-scale studies
The Sport Concussion Education Project. A brief report on an educational initiative: from concept to curriculum
Adolescent crash rates and school start times in two central Virginia counties, 2009-2011: a follow-up study to a southeastern virginia study, 2007-2008
Assessing the risk factors of cyber and mobile phone bullying victimization in a nationally representative sample of Singapore youth
Attachment-based family therapy with a 13-year-old girl presenting with high risk for suicide
Beyond Bullying: Aggravating Elements of Peer Victimization Episodes
Bullying in Indian school going adolescents
Commentary: high school start times and death on the road
Concussion management in United States college sports: compliance with National Collegiate Athletic Association concussion policy and areas for improvement
The effect of one night's sleep deprivation on adolescent neurobehavioral performance
Epidemiology of injuries in high school football: does school size matter?
Help-seeking behaviour and adolescent self-harm: a systematic review
High school students' knowledge and experience with a peer who committed or attempted suicide: a focus group study
Social support from the perspective of adolescent victims of domestic violence
Understanding linkages between bullying and suicidal ideation in a national sample of LGB and heterosexual youth in the United States
Talk About Alcohol: impact of a school-based alcohol intervention on early adolescents
The joint effects of neighborhoods, schools, peers, and families on changes in the school success of middle school students
Are adolescents' mutually hostile interactions at home reproduced in other everyday life contexts?
Cell phone internet access, online sexual solicitation, partner seeking, and sexual risk behavior among adolescents
Dating violence victimization and perpetration rates among high school students
Factors affecting academic achievement among sexual minority and gender-variant youth
The gaming of concussions: a unique intervention in postconcussion syndrome
Growth dynamics in the context of pediatric sports injuries and overuse
Longitudinal links between perfectionism and depression in children
Posttraumatic growth, stressful life events, and relationship with substance use behaviors among alternative high school students: a prospective study
School performance and the risk of suicidal thoughts in young adults: population-based study
Taking peer victimization research to the next level: complex interactions among genes, teacher attitudes/behaviors, peer ecologies, & classroom characteristics
Science of floorball: a systematic review
Victimization and perpetration of unwanted sexual activities among high school students: frequency and correlates
Predictors of school engagement among same-sex and heterosexual adoptive parents of kindergarteners
Teasing in school locker rooms regarding penile appearance
Bad touches, getting away, and never keeping secrets: assessing student knowledge retention of the "Red Flag Green Flag People" program
Bullying predicts reported dating violence and observed qualities in adolescent dating relationships
Divergent School Trajectories in Early Adolescence in the United States and China: An Examination of Underlying Mechanisms
Factor structure of the Screen for Child Anxiety-Related Emotional Disorders (SCARED) in a community sample of Hong Kong Chinese adolescents
10 strategies to help the traumatized child in school
An international evaluation of DARE in São Paulo, Brazil
Bullying: a wellness concern among Appalachian youth
The effect of one night's sleep deprivation on adolescent neurobehavioral performance
Empowering peers to prevent youth violence
Estimating the costs and benefits of providing free public transit passes to students in Los Angeles County: lessons learned in applying a health lens to decision-making
An analysis of teacher practices with toddlers during social conflicts
Brief intervention for truant youth sexual risk behavior and marijuana use
Bullied children: parent and school supports
Characteristics and associated factors with sports injuries among children and adolescents
Child care quality and children's cognitive and socio-emotional development: an Australian longitudinal study
Child sexual abuse in early-childhood care and education settings
Concussion history in adolescent athletes with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder
Drug use risk behavior co-occurrence among United States high school students
Early childhood education and care practitioners' perceptions of children's risky play; examining the influence of personality and gender
Early childhood education as a resilience intervention for maltreated children
Early childhood educators working with children who have lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender parents: what does the literature tell us?
Evidence for site-specific, systematic adaptation of substance prevention curriculum with high-risk youths in community and alternative school settings
Examining preschool teachers' attitudes, comfort, action orientation and preparation to work with children reared by gay and lesbian Parents
High school sports participation and substance use: differences by sport, race, and gender
Impact of brief intervention services on drug-using, truant youth arrest charges over time
Logistic regression function for detection of suspicious performance during baseline evaluations using concussion vital signs
A longitudinal multilevel study of individual characteristics and classroom norms in explaining bullying behaviors
The predictive effects of the behaviour problem variables on peer victimisation in preschool children
The quality of the physical environment in private and public infant/toddler and preschool Greek day-care programmes
Relationship between school administrators' reports of parental involvement in school and students' substance use: a national study
Take one for the team? Influence of team and individual sport participation on high school athlete substance use patterns
Teacher support mediates concurrent and longitudinal associations between temperament and mild depressive symptoms in sixth grade
Threat assessment: are we using the wrong nets?
Influence of area deprivation and perceived neighbourhood safety on active transport to school among urban Quebec preadolescents
Inside quality: examination of quality improvement processes in afterschool youth programs
'Just kids playing sport (in a chair)': experiences of children, families and stakeholders attending a wheelchair sports club
The making of a man: rethinking and challenging stereotypes
Personality and connectedness as predictors of school bullying among adolescent boys
Posttraumatic stress disorder in children: what elementary teachers should know
A randomized trial on screening for social determinants of health: the iScreen study
Seasonality of child and adolescent injury mortality in Japan, 2000-2010
Learning the use of violence and training boys in team sports "combat"
Girls' childhood trajectories of disruptive behavior predict adjustment problems in early adolescence
A health-in-all-policies approach addresses many of Richmond, California's place-based hazards, stressors
Incident-level analysis of 703 retrospective self-reports of ordinary violence recalled by 334 Swedes aged 6 to 45 years
Stopping cyberbullying requires a combined societal effort
Effectiveness of the IMPACT: Ability program to improve safety and self-advocacy skills in high school students with disabilities
Measuring the youth bullying experience: a systematic review of the psychometric properties of available instruments
No safe haven: locations of harassment and bullying victimization in middle schools
The role of the residential neighborhood in linking youths' family poverty trajectory to decreased feelings of safety at school
The role of social connectedness and sexual orientation in the prevention of youth suicide ideation and attempts among sexually active adolescents
Test of "facilitation" vs. "proximal process" moderator models for the effects of multisystemic therapy on adolescents with severe conduct problem
Correlates of self-report of rape among male school adolescents in Ile-Ife, Nigeria
Epidemiology of hand injuries in children presenting to an orthopedic trauma center in southeast of Iran
Association of adolescent substance use: behavioral problems and family background among school students in Tsunami affected area in southern Thailand
Correlates of polyvictimization among African American youth: an exploratory study
Different effects of adding white noise on cognitive performance of sub-, normal and super-attentive school children
The influence of parent and peer attachment in adolescent's suicidal ideation: mediating effect of depression and anxiety
Interpersonal violence and overweight in adolescents: the HUNT Study
Meta-analytic results of ethnic group differences in peer victimization
Multiple forms and settings of exposure to violence and values: unique and interactive relationships with antisocial behavior in adolescence
Participation in high school sports and bystander intentions, efficacy to intervene, and rape myth beliefs
The predictor of suicidal ideation and attempt of middle school adolescents in an urban community
The prevalence of potentially victimizing events, poly-victimization, and its association to sociodemographic factors: a Swedish youth survey
Public attitudes about different types of anti-bullying laws: Results from a national survey
Growth and change in attention problems, disruptive behavior, and achievement from kindergarten to fifth grade
Do 'School Coaches' make a difference in school-based mental health promotion? Results from a large focus group study
Knowledge and experiences of risks among pupils in vocational education
Leaving school without qualifications and mental health problems to age 30
Marijuana use from middle to high school: co-occurring problem behaviors, teacher-rated academic skills and sixth-grade predictors
Mentoring programs to affect delinquency and associated outcomes of youth at-risk: a comprehensive meta-analytic review
Perspectives on bullying among children who present to the emergency department with behavioral misconduct: a qualitative study
The prevalence and types of bullying in 13 to 17 year-old Brazilian schoolchildren
Developmental pathways from childhood aggression-disruptiveness, chronic peer rejection, and deviant friendships to early-adolescent rule breaking
Gender differences in trajectories of relational aggression perpetration and victimization from middle to high school
Head acceleration measurements in middle school football
High magnitude head impacts experienced during youth football practices
Organized activities during high school and adjustment one year post high school: identifying social mediators
Psychological and medical care of gender nonconforming youth
Active and safe transportation of elementary-school students: comparative analysis of the risks of injury associated with children travelling by car, walking and cycling between home and school
The correlation of parental-nursing style and school aggression in adolescence
Cyberbullying: the discriminant factors among cyberbullies, cybervictims, and cyberbully-victims in a Czech adolescent sample
Intergroup contact is related to evaluations of interracial peer exclusion in African American students
Peer preference and friendship quantity in children with externalizing behavior: distinct influences on bully status and victim status
Taking a toy gun to school: a consideration of the determinants of adolescent forensic behavior in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting
Violence among young men: The importance of a gender-specific developmental approach to adolescent male suicide and homicide
Influence of media on suicide: proper coverage of media on suicide report
Frequency, causes, and places of unintentional injuries in a nationally representative sample of Iranian children and adolescents: the CASPIAN-IV Study
Psychometric properties of the Suicidal Ideation Questionnaire among Chinese high school students
Teachers' experiences of working with students who have attempted suicide and returned to the classroom
Exertional heat stroke management strategies in United States high school football: letter to the editor
Implementation of concussion legislation and extent of concussion education for athletes, parents, and coaches in Washington State
Implementation of a neuromuscular training programme in female adolescent football: 3-year follow-up study after a randomised controlled trial
Practice effects reveal visuomotor vulnerability in school and university rugby players
Abnormal white matter integrity related to head impact exposure in a season of high school varsity football
Effects of after-school programs with at-risk youth on attendance and externalizing behaviors: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Evaluation of a program for teenagers going back to high-school
Interparental violence and maternal mood disorders as predictors of adolescent physical aggression within the family
A latent class approach to examining forms of peer victimization
Look closer ... I am not "just shy": recognizing social anxiety disorder: a case study
Preventing neonaticide by early detection and intervention in student pregnancy.
Prolonged school non-attendance in adolescence: a practical approach
Protective factors against the impact of school bullying perpetration and victimization on young adult externalizing and internalizing problems
Quality of life among Swedish school children who experienced multi-type child maltreatment
Relations between response trajectories on the continuous performance test and teacher-rated problem behaviors in preschoolers
A school-based suicide risk assessment strategy
Teachers' and education support professionals' perspectives on bullying and prevention: findings from a National Education Association study
Building resilience after school for early adolescents in urban poverty: open trial of Leaders @ Play
Determinants of children's independent mobility in Hong Kong
Paternal antisocial behavior and sons' cognitive ability: a population-based quasiexperimental study
A case study of 'The Good School:' Examples of the use of Peterson's strengths-based approach with students
Impact of bullying due to dentofacial features on oral health-related quality of life
Navigating into, through, and beyond the middle grades: the role of middle grades attendance in staying on track for high school graduation
Promoting an equitable and supportive school climate in high schools: the role of school organizational health and staff burnout
The Safety Tips for ATV Riders (STARs) programme: short-term impact of a school-based educational intervention
Young people with features of gender dysphoria: demographics and associated difficulties
Evaluation of a simple test of reaction time for baseline concussion testing in a population of high school athletes
The effects of verbal instruction and shaping to improve tackling by high school football players
Functionally-detected cognitive impairment in high school football players without clinically-diagnosed concussion
Immediate effects of a program to promote school readiness in low-income children: results of a pilot study
Detecting low incidents effects: the value of mixed methods research designs in low-n studies
Teachers offering healthy escape options for teenagers in pain
Assessing the bullying and victimisation experiences of children with special educational needs in mainstream schools: Development and validation of the Bullying Behaviour and Experience Scale
Identifying and referring youths at risk for  suicide following participation in school-based gatekeeper training
Peer victimization predicts psychological symptoms beyond the effects of child maltreatment
Validation of the French version of the child post-traumatic stress reaction index: psychometric properties in French speaking school-aged children
Why is school closed today? Unplanned K-12 school closures in the United States, 2011-2013
Are parents reliable in reporting child victimization? Comparison of parental and adolescent reports in a matched Chinese household sample
Assessing multimodal school travel safety in North Carolina
The association between supportive high school environments and depressive symptoms and suicidality among sexual minority students
Brief report: Cyberbullying perpetration and its associations with socio-demographics, aggressive behaviour at school, and mental health outcomes
Evaluation of the Coaches Educators training implementation of the PAPA project: a comparison between Norway and France
Acculturation orientations and psychosocial adaptation among adolescents with immigrant background
The association between social support and mental health among vulnerable adolescents in five cities: findings from the study of the well-being of adolescents in vulnerable environments
Cybervictimization and somatic and psychological symptoms among Italian middle school students
Are risk factors for drug use and offending similar during the teenage years?
Child behaviour checklist emotional dysregulation profiles in youth with disruptive behaviour disorders: clinical correlates and treatment implications
Child protection network and the intersector implementation of the circle of security as alternatives to medication
Analysis on absentees due to injury during 2012-2013 school year from 32 primary schools in Hubei province
The relevance of commuter and work/school exposure in an epidemiological study on traffic-related air pollution
Substance use and violence among youth: a daily calendar analysis
Time spent by Brazilian students in different modes of transport going to school: changes over a decade (2001-2011)
Fifteen-minute comprehensive alcohol risk survey: reliability and validity across American Indian and White adolescents
From middle school to college: developing aspirations, promoting engagement, and indirect pathways from parenting to post high school enrollment
The relationship of higher education to substance use trajectories: variations as a function of timing of enrollment
School mobility and school-age children's social adjustment
Socioemotional adjustment as a mediator of the association between exposure to community violence and academic performance in low-income adolescents
Too cool for school? Violence, peer status, and high school dropout
"You can try, but you won't stop it. It'll always be there": youth perspectives on violence and prevention in schools
Integrating adolescent substance abuse treatment with HIV services: evidence-based models and baseline descriptions
Towards understanding cyberbullying behavior in a semi-anonymous social network
"Counterfeit deviance" revisited
"Beauties", "geeks" and "men-john": the possibilities and costs of girls' performances of gender in Antiguan schools
"Graceful failure": the privatization of resilience
"It's a girl thing!" Do boys engage in relational aggression? Exploration of whether strategies to educate young people about relational aggression are relevant for boys
"It's helped me with my anger and i'm realising where i go in life": the impact of a Scottish youth work / schools intervention on young people's responses to social strain and engagement with anti-social behaviour and gang culture
"Let's talk about race": exploring racial stereotypes using popular culture in social studies classrooms
"Safeguarding" sports coaching: Foucault, genealogy and critique
"Sinigurisha! (you are not for sale!):" exploring the relationship between access to school, school fees, and sexual abuse in Rwanda
"Tone it down a bit!": euphemism as a colonial device in Australian indigenous studies
"True blood," a critical pedagogy of conjuration, and mediating racial histories in the classroom
"Unplugged," a European school-based program for substance use prevention among adolescents: overview of results from the EU-Dap trial
"We have a great task ahead of us!": child-hate in Roald Dahl's "The Witches"
"We're still human beings, we're not aliens": promoting the citizenship rights and cultural diversity of Traveller children in schools--Scottish and English perspectives
Achievement for all: improving psychosocial outcomes for students with special educational needs and disabilities
Addressing child maltreatment in New Zealand: is poverty reduction enough?
Adolescent drinking and adolescent stress: a domain-specific relationship in Northern Irish schoolchildren
Adolescent pathways to co-occurring problem behavior: the effects of peer delinquency and peer substance use
Adult and middle school girls' perceptions of risk-taking behavior: implications for school practitioners
Advancing school-based interventions through economic analysis
Affective emotions: the pedagogical challenges of knowing war
Alcohol and other drug use in middle school: the interplay of gender, peer victimization, and supportive social relationships
Barriers to meeting the needs of students with traumatic brain injury
Characteristics and psychosocial predictors of adolescent nonsuicidal self-injury in residential care
Coach, are you ready to save a life? Injury and care knowledge check for sudden cardiac arrest
Concussion education for high school football players: a pilot study
Evaluation of a health education programme about traumatic brain injury
Executive function in children with intellectual disability--the effects of sex, level and aetiology of intellectual disability
Farm-to-school programmes in the USA: an examination of state-level enacted, pending and vetoed or dead bills
Hazing in public schools: a liability challenge for school leaders
Improving the memory sections of the standardized assessment of concussion using item analysis
When service members with traumatic brain injury become students: methods to advance learning
Traumatic brain injury: the efficacy of a half-day training for school psychologists
Supervision of school and youth groups on lift-served ski slopes: a research perspective
The role of e-mentoring in distinguishing pedagogic experiences of gifted and talented pupils in physical education
Relative weights of the backpacks of elementary-aged children
The effects of health insurance coverage on the math achievement trajectories of school children in Yuma County, Arizona: implications for education accountability policy
Empathic responsiveness in amygdala and anterior cingulate cortex in youths with psychopathic traits
How can educational psychologists support the reintegration of children with an acquired brain injury upon their return to school?
Implementing athletic trainers for the management of cheerleading injuries
Physical aggression in children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders
Questionable supervision by physical educators
A science that saves lives
Supervising snowsport activities: a reflection upon legislation, policies, guidelines and practice
Analyzing the learning of the Taking Personal and Social Responsibility model within a new physical education undergraduate degree program in El Salvador
Annual research review: the experience of youth with political conflict--challenging notions of resilience and encouraging research refinement
Assessing peer victimization across adolescence: measurement invariance and developmental change
Assessing the risk of imminent aggression in mentally ill young offenders
Assessing students' views of school climate: developing and validating the What's Happening in This School? (WHITS) questionnaire
Assessments of student-teacher relationships in residential treatment center schools
The association between internalizing symptomology and risky behaviors
Associations between peer victimization and academic performance
Associations between school-related factors and depressive symptoms among children: a comparative study, Finland and Norway
Attachment styles, abuse experiences and depression
The attack on teachers and schools of education: identifying the bullies and bystanders
The Australian situation: not so touchy?
Autism spectrum disorders: a research review for school counselors
A longitudinal study of rejecting and autonomy-restrictive parenting, rejection sensitivity, and socioemotional symptoms in early adolescents
A study of sports related occurrence of traumatic orodental injuries and associated risk factors in high school students in north India
Behavioral intention of teachers, school psychologists, and counselors to intervene and prevent harassment of LGBTQ youth
Bullying behaviors among Chinese school-aged youth: A prevalence and correlates study in Guangdong Province
Cannabis use and related harms in the transition to young adulthood: a longitudinal study of Australian secondary school students
Coach-athlete sexual relationships: if no means no does yes mean yes?
A comprehensive model for promoting resiliency and preventing violence in schools
The context of ethnicity: peer victimization and adjustment problems in early adolescence
Corporal punishment and student outcomes in rural schools
Cyberbullying: a cross-cultural perspective
Cyberbullying among youth: a comprehensive review of current international research and its implications and application to policy and practice
Cyberbullying and its risk factors among Chinese high school students
Do social relationships protect victimized children against internalizing problems?
Review of the status of cyberbullying and cyberbullying prevention
Unlicensed motorcycling of high school adolescents in Dehaghan county (Isfahan Province of Iran)
Weapons in schools and zero-tolerance policies
Violence directed against teachers: results from a national survey
Addressing bullying problems in Irish schools and in cyberspace: a challenge for school management
Bullying among young children: strategies for prevention
Tragedy's legacy
Tragedy's legacy
Tragedy's legacy
Tragedy's legacy
Pitting the Second Amendment against the First
At-school substance use as a marker for serious health risks
Impact of a state concussion law on pediatric emergency department visits
Is burnout separable from depression in cluster analysis? A longitudinal study
Not just black and white: peer victimization and the intersectionality of school diversity and race
The predictive utility of early childhood disruptive behaviors for school-age social functioning
School bullying and traumatic dental injuries in East London adolescents
Students' ratings of teacher support and academic and social-emotional well-being
Summary of: School bullying and traumatic dental injuries in East London adolescents
Toward a bioecological model of school engagement: a biometric analysis of gene and environmental factors
Work stress and alcohol consumption among adolescents: moderation by family and peer influences
Why adolescents fight: a qualitative study of youth perspectives on fighting and its prevention
Maternal psychological control and peer victimization in early adolescence: an application of the family relational schema model
Like a stone: "A happy death" and the search for knowledge
Linguistic violence, insecurity, and work: language ideologies of Latina/o bilingual teacher candidates in Texas
Linking psychopathy and school aggression in a nonclinical sample of adolescents
Little people, big helpers: implementing elementary peer programs is possible and powerful
Linking social--environmental risk factors with aggression in suburban adolescents: the role of social--cognitive mediators
Longitudinal investigation of the associations between adolescents' popularity and cyber social behaviors
Lost in the margins? Intersections between disability and other nondominant statuses with regard to peer victimization
Love and politics: Sister Quinlan and the future we have desired
Making the school uniform decision: is it right for "your" school?
Making schools safe and inclusive: gay-straight alliances and school climate in Ontario
Continuing care in high schools: a descriptive study of recovery high school programs
The contribution of "shared education" to Catholic-Protestant reconciliation in Northern Ireland: a third way?
The contribution of mixed methods research to the field of childhood trauma: a narrative review focused on data integration
Attachment, parenting styles and bullying during pubertal years
Does forgiveness mediate the impact of school bullying on adolescent mental health?
Everybody needs good neighbours? Evidence from students' outcomes in England
Benefits of strength and skill-based training during primary school physical education
Can child injury prevention include healthy risk promotion?
Child sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic Church in Germany: Comparison of victim-impact data collected through church-sponsored and government-sponsored programs
Cognitive reappraisal of peer rejection in depressed versus non-depressed adolescents: functional connectivity differences
Examining gender based violence and abuse among Liberian school students in four counties: an exploratory study
Excessive internet use in European adolescents: what determines differences in severity?
Factors affecting aggression in South Korean middle school students
How do children perceive and act on dynamic affordances in crossing traffic-filled roads?
Implementing an ally development model to promote safer schools for LGB youth: a trans-disciplinary approach
Medical-school partnership in guiding return to school following mild traumatic brain injury in youth
Perceived problems with computer gaming and Internet use are associated with poorer social relations in adolescence
Precollege and in-college bullying experiences and health-related quality of life among college students
Prevalence of bullying in secondary schools in Port Harcourt
A school health center intervention for abusive adolescent relationships: a cluster RCT
Use of counselling services by school-attending adolescent girls in Nigeria
State-specific differences in school sports preparticipation physical evaluation policies
The use of skill tests to predict status in junior Australian football
Barriers to providing the sexuality education that teachers believe students need
Born to fail? Some lessons from a national programme to improve education in poor districts
Bringing community colleges to Tunisia
Bringing the cybersecurity challenge to the social studies classroom
Browsing your way to better teaching
Caregiver--teacher agreement on emotional and behavioral problems in traumatized youth in residential treatment
Controlling behaviors in middle school youth's dating relationships: reactions and help-seeking behaviors
Cyberbullying: implications for principal leadership
Developing a measure of traffic calming associated with elementary school students' active transport
Characteristics of student assistance and prevention counseling programs in response to environmental impacts
Child abuse, child protection, and defensive "touch" in PE teaching and sports coaching
Childhood in crisis? Perceptions of 7-11-year-olds on being a child and the implications for education's well-being agenda
Circles of Care
Civilising recalcitrant boys' bodies: pursuing social fitness through the anti-obesity offensive
Civilized and uncivilized behaviors in the classroom: an example from the teachers and students from the second stage of primary education
The classroom flow and engagement experiences of Western Australian rural and remote secondary school students
The co-use of tobacco and cannabis among adolescents over a 30-year period
Contributions of racial and sociobehavioral homophily to friendship stability and quality among same-race and cross-race friends
Coping with sexual stigma: emerging adults with lesbian parents reflect on the impact of heterosexism and homophobia during their adolescence
A critical analysis of the national norms and standards for school funding policy: implications for social justice and equity in South Africa
Crumbs, thieves, and relics: translation and alien humanism
Data collection strategies and measurement tools for assessing academic and therapeutic outcomes in recovery schools
Developing a Scale of Perception of Sexual Abuse in Youth Sports (SPSAYS)
Diet pills, powders, and liquids: predictors of use by healthy weight females
A different type of summer camp: SNCC, Freedom Summer, Freedom Schools, and the development of African American males in Mississippi
Differential susceptibility to prevention: GABAergic, dopaminergic, and multilocus effects
Discipline with dignity: Oakland classrooms try healing instead of punishment
Victims of bullying: whom they seek help from and why--an Australian sample
Victimising of school bullying: a grounded theory
Using systems theory to understand and respond to family influences on children's bullying behavior: Friendly Schools Friendly Families Program
Using social disorganization theory to guide substance abuse prevention among adolescents: implications for educators
Using motivational interviewing with school-age bullies: a new use for a proven, evidence-based intervention
Using the dynamic model of educational effectiveness to design strategies and actions to face bullying
Understanding homophobic behavior and its implications for policy and practice
Understanding bullying: using role-play with 12-year-old boys in Cyprus
Understanding the causes and management of problem behaviour in Zimbabwean schools: teacher perceptions
Trauma in children: a call to action in school psychology
Transformative moral education: challenging an ecology of violence
Toward a critical peace education for sustainability
To give good science: doing qualitative research in the afterward
Time for a sport sex-discrimination uprising of a different sort
What every educator needs to know about queer youth
"We were sad and we were angry": a systematic review of parents' perspectives on bullying
Violent events: school social workers' perception and response
Violent and prosocial behavior by adolescents toward parents and teachers in a community sample
Violence on the US-Mexico border and the capital students use in response
Violence as understandable, deserved or unacceptable? Listening for gender in teenagers' talk about violence
Victories over violence: the quest for safe schools and communities
Drawing as a tool to promote emotional health in the EFL classroom
East coast/west coast art project: a constructivist and technological approach to middle level and higher education collaboration
The ecological and developmental role of recovery high schools
Educating "the new Norwegian we": an examination of national and cosmopolitan education policy discourses in the context of extremism and Islamophobia
Educating for leadership in a divided country: educational practices for a new Nigeria
Education and the reconstitution of social class in england
An education in homecoming: peace education as the pursuit of "appropriate knowledge"
Education in nonviolence: Levinas' Talmudic readings and the study of sacred texts
Education of women and women's expectations from distance education on the issues concerning them
Educator sexual misconduct and nondisclosure agreements: policy guidance from Missouri's Amy Hestir Student Protection Act
The effect of coping knowledge on emergency preparedness in elementary school students
The effect of survey mode on high school risk behavior data: a comparison between web and paper-based surveys
Effectiveness of a school-based yoga program on adolescent mental health, stress coping strategies, and attitudes toward violence: findings from a high-risk sample
Examining neurocognitive function in previously concussed interscholastic female soccer players
The failure of zero tolerance
Family and social environmental factors associated with aggression among Chinese adolescents
Guided by theory, informed by practice: training and support for the good behavior game, a classroom-based behavior management strategy
Helping counts: predicting children's intentions to disclose being bullied to teachers from prior social support experiences
A helping hand? A study into an England-wide peer mentoring program to address bullying behavior
Hitting the wall: youth perspectives on boredom, trouble, and drug use dynamics in rural New Mexico
Identifying baseline covariates for use in propensity scores: a novel approach illustrated for a nonrandomized study of recovery high schools
The influence of peer victimization on educational outcomes for LGBTQ and non-LGBTQ high school students
An investigation into how students respond to being victimized by peer aggression
Is ethnic density associated with risk of child pedestrian injury? A comparison of inter-census changes in ethnic populations and injury rates
Is it time for a U.S. policy to ban corporal punishment of schoolchildren?
Leaking and death-threats by students: a study in German schools
Learning disability and depression in young adulthood
Malicious use of technology: what schools, parents, and teachers can do to prevent cyberbullying
Masculinity and respect in flux: Olli's story
A new definition of punishment
On direction of dependence in latent variable contexts
On the psychometric properties of the aggressiveness-IAT for children and adolescents
Life, liberty, and the pursuit of ...
Neurological and biological foundations of children's social and emotional development: an integrated literature review
Parent, teacher, and school factors associated with over-the-counter drug use among multiracial youth
Parents and teachers reporting on a child's emotional and behavioural problems following severe traumatic brain injury (TBI): The moderating effect of time
Patterns of internet use and risk of online victimization for youth with and without disabilities
Patterns of victimization locations in elementary school children: effects of grade level and gender
Peer victimization and internalizing symptoms from adolescence into young adulthood: building strength through emotional support
Peer victimization and school disaffection: exploring the moderation effect of social support and the mediation effect of depression
Peer victimization in youth from immigrant and non-immigrant US families
Peers' perceptions of gender nonconformity: associations with overt and relational peer victimization and aggression in early adolescence
Perceived prevalence of teasing and bullying predicts high school dropout rates
Prenatal family adversity and maternal mental health and vulnerability to peer victimisation at school
Peer sexual harassment and disordered eating in early adolescence
Perceptions of preparedness for a major school crisis: an evaluation of Missouri school counselors
Preventing neonaticide by early detection and intervention in student pregnancy
Prevention in the twenty-first century: promoting health and well-being in education and psychology
The protective effects of parental monitoring and internet restriction on adolescents' risk of online harassment
Psychoanalytic/psychodynamic psychotherapy for sexually abused children and adolescents: a systematic review
Punishing youth and saturated violence in the era of casino capitalism
The reasons behind early adolescents' responses to peer victimization
Relational aggression and academic performance in elementary school
Revisiting cyberbullying: perspectives from Taiwanese teachers
Revealing racial purity ideology: fear of black-white intimacy as a framework for understanding school discipline in post-"Brown" schools
School performance and gender differences in suicidal behaviour--a 30-year follow-up of a Stockholm cohort born in 1953
School violence in Bedouin schools in Israel: a re-examination
Schooling in violent situations: the politicization of education in Nepal, before and after the 2006 peace agreement
Serious games for learning: games-based child sexual abuse prevention in schools
Social relations and cyberbullying: the influence of individual and structural attributes on victimization and perpetration via the internet
Sports-related concussion
Sports-related concussions in youths
Student perceptions of safety in perceived similar and nonsimilar race high schools
Case report on the successful removal of an organic penetrating object into the orbit
Teacher-student agreement on "bullies and kids they pick on" in elementary school classrooms: gender and grade differences
Teachers' perceptions, beliefs and concerns about cyberbullying
Training activities and injuries in English youth academy and schools rugby union
Using literature and digital storytelling to create a safe place to address bullying
Violence, resilience and solidarity: the right to education for child migrants in South Africa
When disgruntled students go to extremes: the cyberbullying of instructors
An action research project to determine the utility of bully prevention in positive behavior support for elementary school bullying prevention
The transition from middle school to high school as a developmental process among Latino youth
Playing fair: the contribution of high-functioning recess to overall school climate in low-income elementary schools
Prevalence of and attitudes about concussion in Irish schools' rugby union players
Youth walking and biking rates vary by environments around 5 Louisiana schools
School influences on the physical activity of African American, Latino, and White girls
Backlash for breaking racial and ethnic breaking stereotypes: adolescent school victimization across contexts
Bullied youth: the impact of bullying through lesbian, gay, and bisexual name calling
Exploring traditional and cyberbullying among Irish adolescents
The influence of the built environment on outcomes from a "walking school bus study": a cross-sectional analysis using geographical information systems
School-based victimization of teachers in Korea: focusing on individual and school characteristics
Patients hospitalized for suicidal ideation and suicide attempt in a mental health hospital: clinicodemographical features and 6-month follow-up
Peer experiences in short-term residential treatment: individual and group-moderated prediction of behavioral responses to peers and adults
Understanding and enhancing future infrastructure resiliency: a socio-ecological approach
The effects of cumulative violence clusters on young mothers' school participation: examining attention and behavior problems as mediators
A conceptual framework for understanding the association between school bullying victimization and substance misuse
Enhancing cognitive and social-emotional development through a simple-to-administer mindfulness-based school program for elementary school children: a randomized controlled trial
Children with disability are more at risk of violence victimization: evidence from a study of school-aged chinese children
Risk assessment of school police officers in addressing public safety related to school violence: a biopsychosocialcultural perspective
Injury and treatment characteristics of sport-specific injuries sustained in interscholastic athletics: a report from the athletic training practice-based research network
A neuroscientific approach to the examination of concussions in student-athletes
Parent and teacher perspectives about problem behavior in children with Williams syndrome
Peer reactions to early childhood aggression in a preschool setting: defenders, encouragers, or neutral bystander
Prevalence and characteristics of aggression and violence experienced by Western Australian nursing students during clinical practice
Return to physical activity and duration of exemption from physical education classes after mild and moderate head injury in children at school age
The role of reactive aggression in the link between hyperactive-impulsive behaviors and peer rejection in adolescents
Victimisation and psychosocial difficulties associated with sexual orientation concerns: a school-based study of adolescents
Prosocial behaviors during school activities among child survivors after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan: a retrospective observational study
Regional differences in post-traumatic stress symptoms among children after the 2011 tsunami in Higashi-Matsushima, Japan
Physical fitness of students who go in for boxing in the process of their physical training
School health services in the City of Zagreb - do we meet adolescents' needs?
Athletic trainers' familiarity with and perceptions of academic accommodations in secondary school athletes after sport-related concussion
Bullying and suicidal ideation and behaviors: a meta-analysis
Childhood neurodevelopmental problems and adolescent bully victimization: population-based, prospective twin study in Sweden
Cognitive and physiological effects of an acute physical activity intervention in elementary school children
A controlled health promoting school study in the Netherlands: effects after 1 and 2 years of intervention
Coping styles of adolescents experiencing multiple forms of discrimination and bullying: evidence from a sample of ethnically diverse urban youth
Direct and indirect aggression and victimization in adolescents - associations with the development of psychological difficulties
The effects of the prevention program 'New Perspectives' (NP) on juvenile delinquency and other life domains: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial
Factors associated with exposure to violent or degrading pornography among high school students
Glamorizing rampage online: school shooting fan communities on youtube
Risk for coerced sex among female youth in Ghana: roles of family context, school enrollment and relationship experience
Sex-specific differences in injury types among basketball players
Systematic review of rugby injuries in children and adolescents under 21 years
The unknown risks of youth rugby
The protective role of school friendship ties for substance use and aggressive behaviors among middle school students
Prospective effects of family cohesion on alcohol-related problems in adolescence: similarities and differences by race/ethnicity
Sleep Duration, Restfulness, and Screens in the Sleep Environment
Cyberbullying, help-seeking and mental health in young Australians: implications for public health
Effectiveness of school-based suicide prevention programmes
Characteristics and associated factors with sports injuries among children and adolescents
Longitudinal associations between cyber-bullying perpetration and victimization and problem behavior and mental health problems in young Australians
Non-suicidal self-injury and suicidal ideation as predictors of suicide attempts in adolescent girls: a multi-wave prospective study
Physical and social-motivational contextual correlates of youth physical activity in underresourced afterschool programs
Reciprocal pathways between autonomous motivation and affect: a longitudinal investigation of American and Chinese early adolescents
Upgrading preschool environment in a Swedish municipality: evaluation of an implementation process
Association between unmet dental needs and school absenteeism because of illness or injury among U.S. school children and adolescents aged 6-17years, 2011-2012
Depression in athletes: prevalence and risk factors
Public awareness of and support for infrastructure changes designed to increase walking and biking in Los Angeles County
School-based suicide prevention programmes: the SEYLE cluster-randomised, controlled trial
Suicidality, self-harm and psychotic-like symptoms in a general adolescent psychiatric sample
The taunting of parentally bereaved children: an exploratory study
Young adolescents' body dysmorphic symptoms: associations with same- and cross-sex peer teasing via appearance-based rejection sensitivity
A balanced protocol for return to school for children and youth following concussive injury
Childhood bullying and healthcare adherence in adulthood
Cognitive ability at kindergarten entry and socioeconomic status
Similar mechanisms? A comparative longitudinal study of adolescent violence and victimization
Socioeconomic status and adolescent aggression: the role of executive functioning as a mediator
Cyberbullying perpetration and victimization among middle-school students
Estimating contact exposure in football using the Head Impact Exposure Estimate (HIEE)
Prospective Relationship Between Poor Sleep and Substance-Related Problems in a National Sample of Adolescents
Smoking, caning, and delinquency in a secondary modern school
Commentary: 'Smoking, caning and delinquency in a secondary modern school': A pioneer study by JW Palmer
Adolescents' media exposure may increase their cyberbullying behavior: a longitudinal study
Developing a comprehensive school connectedness scale for program evaluation
Disordered eating attitudes, alexithymia and suicide probability among Turkish high school girls
The impact of Playworks on boys' and girls' physical activity during recess
Implementing a targeted teen dating abuse prevention program: challenges and successes experienced by expect respect facilitators
Influence of family and school-level factors on age of sexual initiation
Injury and illness epidemiology at a summer sport-camp program, 2008 through 2011
Commentary on an evaluation of distance estimation accuracy and its relationship to transportation mode for the home-to-school journey by adolescents
A critical examination of child protection initiatives in sport contexts
An evaluation of distance estimation accuracy and its relationship to transport mode for the home-to-school journey by adolescents
Indirect and verbal victimization by peers among at-risk youth in residential care
Modelling the potential impact on CO2 emissions of an increased uptake of active travel for the home to school commute using individual level data
The overlap between cyberbullying and traditional bullying
Urgent protection versus chronic need: clarifying the dual mandate of child welfare services across Canada
School travel planning in Canada: Identifying child, family, and school-level characteristics associated with travel mode shift from driving to active school travel
Project Kealahou: improving Hawai'i's system of care for at-risk girls and young women through gender-responsive, trauma-informed care
Parental attachment as a mediator between parental social support and self-esteem as perceived by Korean sports middle and high school athletes
Walking school buses as a form of active transportation for children-a review of the evidence
Conflictivity and gender violence in adolescents. A discursive study of the psychological adjustment in sociocultural scenarios
Analyzing profiles, predictors, and consequences of student engagement dispositions
Childhood trauma, antisocial personality typologies and recent violent acts among inpatient males with severe mental illness: Exploring an explanatory pathway
Concussion and trauma in young athletes: prevention, treatment, and return-to-play
Does stereotype threat influence performance of girls in stereotyped domains? A meta-analysis
Effects of Cyberprogram 2.0 on "face-to-face" bullying, cyberbullying, and empathy
Relationships between bullying victimization, psychological distress and breakfast skipping among boys and girls
The source and impact of appearance teasing: an examination by sex and weight status among early adolescents from the Czech Republic
Exploring primary and secondary variants of psychopathy in adolescents in detention and in the community
A randomized clinical trial of family therapy in juvenile drug court
The influence of the physical environment and sociodemographic characteristics on children's mode of travel to and from school
Hawai'i's opportunity for active living advancement (HO'ĀLA): addressing childhood obesity through safe routes to school
Safe Routes to School: the next steps in the journey
International safe routes to school programs: examining a charity's efforts across the United Kingdom
Prioritizing schools for safe routes to school infrastructure projects
The impact of the Safe Routes to Schools program on road safety knowledge and behaviour in Victorian primary schools
Transportation professionals get involved with Safe Routes to School
A pilot walking school bus program to prevent obesity in Hispanic elementary school children: role of physician involvement with the school community
'Oh, you're just up the street!': the role of walking school bus in generating local community for children and adults
Positive psychology, walking and well-being: can walking school buses survive a policy of school closures?
Geographies of inequality: child pedestrian injury and walking school buses in Auckland, New Zealand
Active Seattle: achieving walkability in diverse neighborhoods
Common ground: eight factors that influence walking and biking to school
Identifying factors affecting the number of students walking or biking to school
Ticket to a sustainable future: an evaluation of the long-term durability of the Walking School Bus programme in Christchurch, New Zealand
Planning for pedestrians and bicyclists: results from a statewide municipal survey
Project U-turn increasing active transportation in Jackson, Michigan
The safe routes to school program in California: an update
Cost-effectiveness of active transport for primary school children - Walking School Bus program
Preventing childhood obesity through state policy. Predictors of bill enactment
Parental factors in children's active transport to school
Active living collaboratives in the United States: understanding characteristics, activities, and achievement of environmental and policy change
Assessing the distribution of safe routes to school program funds, 2005-2012
Bike, walk, and wheel: a way of life in Columbia, Missouri
A cross-sectional examination of socio-demographic and school-level correlates of children's school travel mode in Ottawa, Canada
Examining the impact of the walking school bus with an agent-based model
High calorie, low nutrient food/beverage intake and video gaming in children as potential signals for addictive behavior
Multistate evaluation of safe routes to school programs
Neighborhood incivilities, perceived neighborhood safety, and walking to school among urban-dwelling children
Patterns and predictors of enactment of state childhood obesity legislation in the United States: 2006-2009
Physical activity policies and legislation in schools: a systematic review
Programs and promotions: approaches by 25 Active Living by Design partnerships
Promoting youth physical activity and healthy weight through schools
Reliability and validity of the Safe Routes to School parent and student surveys
Safe routes to school: a public health practice success story--Atlanta, 2008-2010
A Walking School Bus program: impact on physical activity in elementary school children in Columbia, Missouri
Slavic Village: incorporating active living into community development through partnerships
School nurses as safe routes to school champions: improving the built environment and increasing physical activity
Personality traits elucidate sex differences in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder comorbidity during early childhood
Teenagers and young adults with neurofibromatosis type 1 are more likely to experience loneliness than siblings without the illness
Severe growing-up phobia, a condition explained in a 14-year-old boy
Developmental influences on children's pedestrian route selection
Impact of the safe routes to school program on walking and bicycling
Bullying among school children: a case report
Childhood bullying and social dilemmas
Depressive symptoms and conversational self-focus in adolescents' friendships
Developmental associations between victimization and body mass index from 3 to 10 years in a population sample
Experienced bullying and hostile behavior in the workplace and symptoms of burnout in teachers
A longitudinal study of the social and emotional predictors and consequences of cyber and traditional bullying victimisation
Narcissism, bullying, and social dominance in youth: a longitudinal analysis
The return-to-play incentive and the effect of motivation on neuropsychological test-performance: implications for baseline concussion testing
Sports-related concussions in youth: improving the science, changing the culture
Sports-specialized intensive training and the risk of injury in young athletes: a clinical case-control study
Update on concussion management for the Rhode Island clinician
Costs of school transportation: quantifying the fiscal impacts of encouraging walking and bicycling for school travel
Does parental accompaniment when walking or cycling moderate the association between physical neighbourhood environment and active transport among 10-12 year olds?
Long-term effects of bullying
Help-seeking behaviour following school-based screening for current suicidality among European adolescents
The highs that bind: school context, social status and marijuana use
Individual psychological factors and complex interpersonal conditions that predict LGBT-affirming behavior
Adolescent dating violence: supports and barriers in accessing services
Coping resources and extra-curricular activity as explanatory factors of exposure to violence: comparing Jewish and Arab youth in Israel
E-mentoring for violence and injury prevention: early lessons from a global programme
Suicidality, internalizing problems and externalizing problems among adolescent bullies, victims and bully-victims
The social ecology of girls' bullying practices: exploratory research in two London schools
Healthy routes for active modes in school journeys
Walking routes to school in new urban and suburban neighborhoods: an environmental walkability analysis of blocks and routes
Active commuting to school: associations with environment and parental concerns
Randomised controlled trial of site specific advice on school travel patterns
Environmental determinants of active travel in youth: a review and framework for future research
Patterns of childhood obesity prevention legislation in the United States
The surveillance of children's mobility
Smart Growth: a prescription for livable cities
Making the case for active living communities
Making the most of Safe Routes to School: a federal program provides children in local communities with improved ways to get to school
Policies and opportunities for physical activity in middle school environments
A combined impact-process evaluation of a program promoting active transport to school: understanding the factors that shaped program effectiveness
Active commuting to and from school and BMI in elementary school children-preliminary data
Ethnic differences in BMI among Dutch adolescents: what is the role of screen-viewing, active commuting to school, and consumption of soft drinks and high-caloric snacks?
Correction: Ethnic differences in BMI among Dutch adolescents: what is the role of screen viewing, active commuting to school, and consumption of soft drinks and high-caloric snacks?
Promoting walking to school: results of a quasi-experimental trial
"We move kids"-the consensus report from the roundtable to examine strategies for promoting walking in the school environment
Maximizing school counselors' efforts by implementing school-wide positive behavioral interventions and supports: a case study from the field
Lessons from a disaster on the Great Plains
Four minutes of in-class high-intensity interval activity improves selective attention in 9- to 11-year olds
Neighbourhood preferences, active travel behaviour, and built environment: an exploratory study
Deficits in emotional clarity and vulnerability to peer victimization and internalizing symptoms among early adolescents
Epidemiological pattern of bullying among school children in Mazandaran Province, Iran
Gang membership between ages 5 and 17 years in the United States
An investigation of short-term longitudinal associations between social anxiety and victimization and perpetration of traditional bullying and cyberbullying
School violence prevention: the youth development perspective
Trying to understand the extreme: school children's narratives of the mass killings in Norway July 22, 2011
New DSM-5 maladaptive symptoms in PTSD: gender differences and correlations with mood spectrum symptoms in a sample of high school students following survival of an earthquake
Walking to school: incidental physical activity in the daily occupations of Australian children
Parents' perceptions of neighborhood safety and children's physical activity
Lower neighbourhood walkability and longer distance to school are related to physical activity in Belgian adolescents
Omission of active commuting to school and the prevalence of children's health-related physical activity levels: the Russian Longitudinal Monitoring Study
Active commuting to school: an overlooked source of childrens' physical activity?
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What works in prevention: principles of effective prevention programs
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Why Johnny and Jana can't walk to school
"Safe routes" for city pupils are guarded by variable message signs
'Safe routes' project aims to allay parents' fears of children walking and cycling to school
'Teaching 4 Traffic': a road safety education toolkit for teachers
A data model and internet GIS framework for safe routes to school
A developmental and training study of children's ability to find safe routes to cross the road
A safe route
Factors affecting students’ walking/biking rates: initial findings from a Safe Route to School survey in Florida
Active transportation to school over 2 years in relation to weight status and physical activity
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"Oh yes I can." "Oh no you can't": children and parents' understandings of kids' competence to negotiate public space safely
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Edge-Ucation: What compels communities to build schools in the middle of nowhere? (Editorial)
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Children's travel behaviour
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Travel to school: influencing modal choice and encouraging safer journeys
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Use of "your speed" changeable message signs in school zones
Results of the pre, post and midyear tests of the Walk This Way Safe Kids Philippines
Bringing down the number of road traffic injuries in the country using the pre- and post-tests of the Walk This Way of Safe Kids Philippines
Creating a safe community through the Walk This Way program: safe kids Philippines experience
Walking school buses in Christchurch - do they encourage or discourage independent mobility?
Which pill should we take?
School trips: effects of urban form and distance on travel mode
Smart Growth: a buffer zone between decentrist and centrist theory?
Street design: Part 1. Complete streets
The 50 metre dash - trials and tribulations of the walking journey to school
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Awareness in its infancy
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Better ways to get to school
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Characteristics of child pedestrian crashes in the United States
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Safe routes to schools
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GIS or GPS? A comparison of two methods for assessing route taken during active transport
Healthier kids, safer neighborhoods: safe routes to school encourages walking while educating kids and parents about pedestrian safety
How to save time and money: using the walking school bus to increase your 'effective speed'
Integrating parental attitudes in research on children's active school commuting
Johnny walks to school-does Jane? Examining sex differences in children's active travel to school
Lafayette, CO leverages SRTS grant to make biking and walking to school safer with beacon technology
Regulating environments to reduce obesity
Residents find a safer Way
Road safety education in schools - making it happen
Role of built environments in physical activity, obesity, and cardiovascular disease
Safe routes to school
Safe routes to school
Safe routes to school at low (or no) cost
Safe routes to school--making a big difference via small steps
Making the way to school safer
Niger's road safety challenges
North Earlham Estate, Norwich - the first UK 20 MPH zone
Outcome evaluation of the safe routes to schools program
Participatory geographic information systems and active transportation
Physical activity and active commuting to elementary school
Planning to make every school's travel sustainable by 2010
Cycling and children (editorial)
Key influences on cycling for transport
Bullying and peer victimization: an examination of cognitive and psychosocial constructs
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Stimulus-driven attention, threat bias, and sad bias in youth with a history of an anxiety disorder or depression
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New directions in cyberbullying research
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A school-based program reduces teen suicide attempts
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Severe bicycling injury risk factors in children and adolescents: a case-control study
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Adolescent drug testing policies in schools
Adolescent drug testing policies in schools
On school violence in Korean middle school, prevention and reaction measures
Prevalence and predictors of self-reported student maltreatment by teachers in South Korea
Promoting active commuting to school through environmental and policy supports in Buffalo, New York
Protective equipment and sport-related concussion: response
Protective equipment and sport-related concussion: letter to the editor
Street characteristics to encourage children to walk
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General strain theory for LGBQ and SSB youth. The importance of intersectionality in the future of feminist criminology
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Bullying prevention in schools: position statement
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School-based education programmes for the prevention of child sexual abuse
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Epidemiology and prevention of injuries at school: Swedish experience
Incidence and characteristics of injuries in elite Australian junior rugby league players
It still takes a village: an epidemiological study of the role of social supports in understanding unexpected health states in young people
Mouthguard use and awareness of junior rugby league players in the Gold Coast, Australia: a need for more education
Psychotic functioning in adolescence: the perverse solution to survive
Rationale and methods of a randomised cross-over cluster trial to assess the effectiveness of MOVI-KIDS on preventing obesity in pre-schoolers
Understanding influences on teachers' uptake and use of behaviour management strategies within the STARS trial: process evaluation protocol for a randomised controlled trial
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The role of delinquency, proactive aggression, psychopathy and behavioral school engagement in reported youth gang membership
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School staff perspectives on the challenges and solutions to working with court-involved students
Academic-community partnership to develop a novel disaster training tool for school nurses: emergency triage drill kit
Bullying and internalizing problems: gender differences and the buffering role of parental communication
Teachers' beliefs about maltreatment effects on student learning and classroom behavior
Create effective anti-bullying policies
The effects of school-level victimization on self-blame: evidence for contextualized social cognitions
Factors associated with group bullying and psychopathology in elementary school students using child-welfare facilities
Head injuries in school-age children who play golf
Neuroanatomical correlates of the income-achievement gap
A process view on implementing an antibullying curriculum: how teachers differ and what explains the variation
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Social clustering in high school transport choices
Sociodemographic factors, population density, and bicycling for transportation in the U.S.
Sport-related concussion reporting and state legislative effects
The timing effect of bullying in childhood and adolescence on developmental trajectories of externalizing behaviors
Tweens feel the burn: "salt and ice challenge" burns
Integrating cost-effective rollover protective structure installation in high school agricultural mechanics: a feasibility study
Promoting active transportation modes in school trips
School travel mode choice and the characteristics of the urban built environment: the case of Helsinki, Finland
Epidemiology of patellofemoral instability injuries among high school athletes in the United States
Perceived restorativeness of children's school playground environments: nature, playground features and play period experiences
Core schemas in youth at clinical high risk for psychosis
Developmental changes in genetic and environmental influences on rule-breaking and aggression: age and pubertal development
Childhood behavior problems and academic outcomes in adolescence: longitudinal population-based study
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Are school social workers prepared for a major school crisis? Indicators of individual and school environment preparedness
Child maltreatment reporting by educational personnel: implications for racial disproportionality in the child welfare system
Contextual predictors of perception of school danger among rural youths: baseline results from the rural adaptation project
Experiences of religious minorities in public school settings: findings from focus groups involving Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, and Unitarian Universalist youths
Integrating a suicide prevention program into a school mental health system: a case example from a rural school district
Relational aggression in school settings: definition, development, strategies, and implications
Restorative discipline: from getting even to getting well
School sports, sexual abuse, and the utility of school social workers
"She can't fight 'cause she acts white": identity and coping for girls of color in middle school
Shifting from zero tolerance to restorative justice in schools
The short-term repeat sexual victimization of adolescents in school
Turn 2 Us: outcomes of an urban elementary school-based mental health promotion and prevention program serving ethnic minority youths
Understanding the discipline gap from an ecological perspective
What should school social workers know about children exposed to adult intimate partner violence?
After-school programs for delinquency prevention: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Educators' perceptions of homophobic victimisation of learners at private secondary schools
Sex differences and self-reported attention problems during baseline concussion testing
Concussion under-reporting and pressure from coaches, teammates, fans, and parents
School violence: teenagers perceptions
Injuries to boys and girls in Swedish schools: different activities, different results?
Bullying in medically fragile youth: a review of risks, protective factors, and recommendations for medical providers
Connections between online harassment and offline violence among youth in Central Thailand
Cyberbullying and bullying must be studied within a broader peer victimization framework
Delinquency and association with behavioral disorders and substance abuse
Modelling the contribution of walking between home and school to daily physical activity in primary age children
Predictors of study success from a teacher's perspective of the quality of the built environment
Return-to-play: a primary care physician's guide to management
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Discrimination, racial identity, and cytokine levels among African-American adolescents
Depressive symptoms and clustering of risk behaviours among adolescents and young adults attending vocational education: a cross-sectional study
Ice hockey injuries among United States high school athletes from 2008/2009-2012/2013
Individual and contextual factors associated with verbal bullying among Brazilian adolescents
A joint model for mode choice and escort decisions of school trips
Childhood bullying has greatest impact on mental ill-health
Culture Circles in adolescent empowerment for the prevention of violence
Bystanders' behavior in cyberbullying episodes: active and passive patterns in the context of personal-socio-emotional factors
The impact of definition and question order on the prevalence of bullying victimization using student self-reports
A longitudinal study of bullying of sexual-minority youth
Neighborhood disadvantage and adolescent substance use disorder: the moderating role of maltreatment
Preservice teachers' sources of information on mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse
The role of short- and long-term cognitive empathy activation in preventing cyberbystander reinforcing cyberbullying behavior
Building bridges between professions: a psychoanalytic approach to understanding school violence
The next generation
The effects of static and dynamic stretching on injury prevention in high school soccer athletes. A randomized trial
Exposure to and experiences of violence among adolescents in lower socio-economic groups in Johannesburg, South Africa
Violence against teachers in South Korea: negative consequences and factors leading to emotional distress
Youth involvement in anti-gay and anti-lesbian bias crimes
Where to go from here? An exploratory meta-analysis of the most promising approaches to depression prevention programs for children and adolescents
Poly-victimisation among Vietnamese high school students: prevalence and demographic correlates
Academic effects of concussion in children and adolescents
Behavioral changes associated with a disruptive new student in the classroom
Bullying victimization, parenting stress, and anxiety among adolescents and young adults with autism spectrum disorder
Examining the intersection of bullying and physical relationship violence among New York City high school students
Four decades of research on school bullying: an introduction
Classroom norms of bullying alter the degree to which children defend in response to their affective empathy and power
Law and policy on the concept of bullying at school
A relational framework for understanding bullying: developmental antecedents and outcomes
Translating research to practice in bullying prevention
Understanding the psychology of bullying: Moving toward a social-ecological diathesis-stress model
Trends in sports- and recreation-related traumatic brain injuries treated in U.S. emergency departments: the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System-All Injury Program (NEISS-AIP) 2001-2012
Understanding and defining bullying - adolescents' own views
Participation in organized competitive sports and physical activity among US adolescents: assessment of a public health resource
Patterns of in-migration and out-migration of middle school adolescents
Physical activity and childhood academic achievement: a critical review
Psychosocial factors related to bullying and victimization in children and adolescents
Cost-effectiveness of school-based prevention of cannabis use
Differences in symptom reporting between males and females at baseline and after a sports-related concussion: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Incidence of concussion during practice and games in youth, high school, and collegiate American football players
Interpersonal youth violence perpetration and victimization in a diverse Asian American and Pacific Islander adolescent sample
Knowledge gains following a child sexual abuse prevention program among urban students: a cluster-randomized evaluation
The Mokihana Program: the effectiveness of an integrated department of education and department of health school-based behavioral health approach
The National Youth Sports Health & Safety Institute: a healthy and sustainable approach to youth sports
Prevalence and correlates of sipping alcohol in a prospective middle school sample
School indicators of violence experienced and feeling unsafe of Dutch LGB versus non-LGB secondary students and staff, 2006-2010
Sedentary behavior and indicators of mental health in school-aged children and adolescents: a systematic review
Subjective health, school victimization, and protective factors in a high-risk school sample
Teen responses when a younger school-age sibling has been bullied
From punishment to education--juvenile delinquency in Romanian criminal law
The ability of multi-type maltreatment and poly-victimization approaches to reflect psychopathological impairment of victimization in Spanish community adolescents
Assessing the value and utility of advanced technologies for first responders in a school shooting scenario
EuroTag rugby league: a semi-contact version of the game
The new normal? Addressing gun violence in America
Our schools are safe: challenging the misperception that schools are dangerous places
The search for size: a doping risk factor in adolescent rugby?
Weapon carrying and psychopathic-like features in a population-based sample of Finnish adolescents
Adverse effects of daylight saving time on adolescents' sleep and vigilance
Impact of political violence on the mental health of school children in Egypt
Aggressive and prosocial? Examining latent profiles of behavior, social status, machiavellianism, and empathy
Bullying victimization in childhood predicts inflammation and obesity at mid-life: a five-decade birth cohort study
Effects of school-based mental health literacy education for secondary school students to be delivered by school teachers: a preliminary study
Emotional insecurity in the family and community and youth delinquency in Northern Ireland: a person-oriented analysis across five waves
The expression of genetic risk for aggressive and non-aggressive antisocial behavior is moderated by peer group norms
Health promotion in a low-income primary school: children with and without DCD benefit, but differently
Mental health consequences of childhood physical abuse in Chinese populations: a meta-analysis
Predicting high school minority adolescents' drinking from their exposure to White schoolmates: differences and similarities among Hispanic, Black, and Asian U.S. adolescents
Sports injury pattern in school going children in Union Territory of Chandigarh
Suicide trends among elementary school-aged children in the United States from 1993 to 2012
Reach and knowledge change among coaches and other participants of the online course: "concussion in sports: what you need to know"
Relationships between perceived teachers' controlling behaviour, psychological need thwarting, anger and bullying behaviour in high-school students
The view from the bottom: relative deprivation and bullying victimization in Canadian adolescents
Let's talk about it: peer victimization experiences as reported by adolescents with autism spectrum disorder
Patterns of a culture of aggression amongst Grade 10 learners in a secondary school in the Sedibeng District, South Africa
Effect of the capacity of emotion management on the social anxiety and aggressive behavior among 4-6 grade pupils
They shouldn't post that! Student perception of inappropriate posts on Facebook regarding alcohol consumption and the implications for peer socialization
Activating Schoolyards: study design of a quasi-experimental schoolyard intervention study
"Cyberdating Q_A": An instrument to assess the quality of adolescent dating relationships in social networks
Does cyberbullying overlap with school bullying when taking modality of involvement into account?
Maternal ratings of bullying and victimization: differences in frequencies between psychiatric diagnoses in a large sample of children
Prevalence of dysmenorrhea and its correlating lifestyle factors in Japanese female junior high school students
Prevalence, correlates, and changes in injury epidemiology between 2006 and 2010 among 13-15 year Moroccan school attending adolescents
Teachers' perceptions of bullying of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) students in a southwestern Pennsylvania sample
The Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC) birth cohort as a resource for studying psychopathology in childhood and adolescence: a summary of findings for depression and psychosis
Challenging conventional wisdom
Correction to Nickerson and Mele-Taylor (2014); "Empathetic responsiveness, group norms, and prosocial affiliations in bullying roles"
Externalizing problem behavior in adolescence: dopaminergic genes in interaction with peer acceptance and rejection
The impact of Hurricane Katrina on students' behavioral disorder: a difference-in-difference analysis
Parental support buffering the effect of violence on adolescents' depression: gender differences
Peer victimization and adolescent adjustment: the moderating role of sleep
Previous maltreatment and present mental health in a high-risk adolescent population
Relation of peer effects and school climate to substance use among Asian American adolescents
School- and classroom-based supports for children following the 2013 Boston Marathon attack and manhunt
Aggressive and violent behaviors in the school environment among a nationally representative sample of adolescent youth
Brief report: Associations between in-person and electronic bullying victimization and missing school because of safety concerns among U.S. high school students
High school football players' knowledge and attitudes about concussions
Self-reported Anxiety and Regulation Strategies in Primary School-age Children
Proper football helmet use: high school athletes perspectives
Anger and effortful control moderate aggressogenic thought-behaviour associations
A cluster randomised controlled trial to investigate the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of the 'Girls Active' intervention: a study protocol
Association between school policies and built environment, and youth's participation in various types of physical activities
Effects of poly-victimization on adolescent social support, self-concept, and psychological distress
Epidemiologic dynamics contributing to pediatric wrist fractures in the United States
Evaluation of the health-promoting school supporting network in Taiwan
Head trauma and intracranial hemorrhage in children with idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura
Evaluation of fatal school bus related crashes and near-term crash mitigation strategies
Mitigating barriers against accessible cities and transportation, for child-rearing households
Safety in public spaces for children's play and learning
Why do three-wheelers carrying schoolchildren suffer very low fatal crashes?
Walking to school in Scotland: do perceptions of neighbourhood quality matter?
Children who are exposed to intimate partner violence: interviewing mothers to understand its impact on children
Adolescent peer victimization and physical health problems
Correlates of bullying in Quebec high school students: the vulnerability of sexual-minority youth
Erratum to: Weapon carrying and psychopathic-like features in a population-based sample of Finnish adolescents
Factors influencing the implementation of a school-based parental support programme to promote health-related behaviours-interviews with teachers and parents
Impact of adolescent peer aggression on later educational and employment outcomes in an Australian cohort
Maximizing the potential of early childhood education to prevent externalizing behavior problems: a meta-analysis
Parenting style influences bullying: a longitudinal study comparing children with and without behavioral problems
Polyvictimization, income, and ethnic differences in trauma-related mental health during adolescence
A qualitative analysis of factors influencing middle school students' use of skills taught by a violence prevention curriculum
The research impact of school psychology faculty
Risky behavior among Black Caribbean and Black African adolescents in England: How do they compare?
Severity of maltreatment and personality pathology in adolescents of Jammu, India: A latent class approach
Compression asphyxia from a human pyramid
The development of bystander intentions and social-moral reasoning about intergroup verbal aggression
Examining the relationship between school suspensions/expulsions and felonies
Psychosocial and genetic risk markers for longitudinal trends in delinquency: an empirical assessment and practical discussion
A 6-week school curriculum improves boys' attitudes and behaviors related to gender-based violence in Kenya
Associations between evidence-based practice and mental health outcomes in child and adolescent mental health services
From victim to taking control: support group for bullied schoolchildren
The impact of age of onset of substance use on delinquency
What makes them more vulnerable than others? Obesity, negative emotions, and peer bullying victimization
Understanding the role of school connectedness and its association with violent attitudes and behaviors among an ethnically diverse sample of youth
The theoretical model of the school-based prevention programme: Unplugged
"They'll always find a way to get to you": technology use in adolescent romantic relationships and its role in dating violence and abuse
Structure matters: the role of clique hierarchy in the relationship between adolescent social status and aggression and prosociality
Peer influence processes for youth delinquency and depression
The perceived stigma of mental health services among rural parents of children with psychosocial concerns
Parental problem drinking and adolescent externalizing behaviors: the mediating role of family functioning
Knowledge levels of pre-school teachers related with basic first-aid practices, Isparta sample
Longitudinal relation between general well-being and self-esteem: testing differences for adolescents admitted to secure residential care and after discharge
Functional Movement Screen normative values and validity in high school athletes: can the FMS™ be used as a predictor of injury?
A generic approach for examining the effectiveness of traffic control devices in school zones
An evaluation of the impact of goal setting and cell phone calls on juvenile rearrests
Evaluation of some physical hazards which may affect health in primary schools
Emotional health of lesbian, gay, bisexual and questioning bullies: does it differ from straight bullies?
Driver behavior and accident frequency in school zones: assessing the impact of sign saturation
Brief report: The bystander effect in cyberbullying incidents
Children at risk: a comparison of child pedestrian traffic collisions in Santiago, Chile and Seoul, South Korea
Beyond same-sex attraction: gender-variant-based victimization is associated with suicidal behavior and substance use for other-sex attracted adolescents
Feasibility and impact of implementing motivational enhancement therapy-cognitive behavioral therapy as a substance use treatment intervention in school-based settings
Forms of bullying reported by middle-school students in Latin America and the Caribbean
The importance of proper administration and interpretation of neuropsychological baseline and postconcussion computerized testing
The need and opportunity to expand substance use disorder treatment in school-based settings
A neuropsychological profile of childhood maltreatment within an adolescent inpatient sample
Preparing for school crises: administrator perceptions on supports for teachers
Teachers' role breadth and perceived efficacy in supporting student mental health
Three-year longitudinal study of school behavior and academic outcomes: results from a comprehensive expanded school mental health program
Two-year versus one-year Head Start program impact: addressing selection bias by comparing regression modeling with propensity score analysis
The views of lesbian, gay and bisexual youth regarding computerised self-help for depression: an exploratory study
The effectiveness of driver education and information programs in the state of Nevada
Prevalence and related risk factors of suicidal ideation in urban adolescents
Direct medical charges of pediatric traumatic brain injury in multiple clinical settings
Epidemiology of sports-related concussion in seven US high school and collegiate sports
Associations of health behaviors, school performance and psychosocial problems in adolescents in The Netherlands
Variety, enjoyment, and physical activity participation among high school students
Understanding the association between school climate and future orientation
The role of early language difficulties in the trajectories of conduct problems across childhood
Associations of anger and fear to later self-regulation and problem behavior symptoms
Bullying: the impact of teacher management and trait emotional intelligence
Cyberbullying: review of an old problem gone viral
Depressive symptoms anticipate changes in the frequency of alcohol intoxication among low-accepted adolescents
The diagnosis and management of concussion in children and adolescents
Developmental trajectories of aggressive behavior in children from ages 8 to 10: the role of sex and hormones
Does parental monitoring moderate the relationship between bullying and adolescent nonsuicidal self-injury and suicidal behavior? A community-based self-report study of adolescents in Germany
Epidemiology of injury in male adolescent Gaelic games
Evidence-based preventive intervention for preadolescent aggressive children: one-year outcomes following randomization to group versus individual delivery
Forgiveness reduces anger in a school bullying context
Reducing school violence in Africa: learning from Uganda
A systematic review of research strategies used in qualitative studies on school bullying and victimization
Youth perceptions of how neighborhood physical environment and peers affect physical activity: a focus group study
Brief report: Ethnic identity and aggression in adolescence: A longitudinal perspective
Delay in arrival to care in perpetrator - identified non-accidental head trauma: observations and outcomes
How long do adolescents wait for psychiatry appointments?
Individual, school-related and family characteristics distinguish co-occurrence of drinking and depressive symptoms in very young adolescents
Protective factors for youth exposed to violence in their communities: a review of family, school, and community moderators
Relations between actual group norms, perceived peer behavior, and bystander children's intervention to bullying
Severe pediatric midface trauma: a prospective study of growth and development
Sexual violence among middle school students: the effects of gender and dating experience
A spiritual journey - influence of Hannelore
Understanding ecological factors associated with bullying across the elementary to middle school transition in the United States
The five w's of "bullying" on Twitter: who, what, why, where, and when
fMRI hypoactivation during verbal learning and memory in former high school football players with multiple concussions
Depression and suicide in children and adolescents
*The effect of school life on the physical child
Clumsiness, dyspraxia and developmental co-ordination disorder: how do health and educational professionals in the UK define the terms?
Accuracy of physician-estimated probability of brain injury in children with minor head trauma
Adoption of Safe Routes to School in Canadian and the United States contexts: best practices and recommendations
Analysis of long-term (median 10.5 years) outcomes in children presenting with traumatic brain injury and an initial Glasgow Coma Scale score of 3 or 4
Concurrent and prospective associations between bullying victimization and substance use among Australian adolescents
Motivations for gun possession and carrying among serious juvenile offenders
Cross-national perspectives about weight-based bullying in youth: nature, extent and remedies
Depressive symptoms, social support, and violence exposure among urban youth: a longitudinal study of resilience
Effectiveness of a systematic approach to promote intersectoral collaboration in comprehensive school health promotion-a multiple-case study using quantitative and qualitative data
Examination of substance use, risk factors, and protective factors on student academic test score performance
Extracurricular activities and bullying perpetration: results from a nationally representative sample
Factors affecting high school teacher adoption, sustainability, and fidelity to the "[email protected]: Talking Safety" curriculum
Factors associated with discussion of disasters by final year high school students: an international cross-sectional survey
Individual and contextual factors associated with immigrant youth feeling unsafe in school: a social-ecological analysis
The mediating effect of daily nervousness and irritability on the relationship between soft drink consumption and aggressive behaviour among adolescents
Personal values and moral disengagement promote aggressive and rule-breaking behaviours in adolescents with disruptive behaviour disorders: a pilot study
Pubertal timing, peer victimization, and body esteem differentially predict depressive symptoms in African American and Caucasian girls
The relation between peer victimization and sleeping problems: a meta-analysis
The role of timing of maltreatment and child intelligence in pathways to low symptoms of depression and anxiety in adolescence
The temporal sequence of social anxiety and depressive symptoms following interpersonal stressors during adolescence
Value of information analysis applied to the economic evaluation of interventions aimed at reducing juvenile delinquency: an illustration
Associations between the practice of bullying and individual and contextual variables from the aggressors' perspective
Childhood sexual abuse and later alcohol-related problems: investigating the roles of revictimization, PTSD, and drinking motivations among college women
Educating for diversity: an evaluation of a sexuality diversity workshop to address secondary school bullying
Factors associated with problems for adolescents returning to the classroom after sport-related concussion
The Good School Toolkit for reducing physical violence from school staff to primary school students: a cluster-randomised controlled trial in Uganda
Heads up: communication is key in school nurses' preparedness for facilitating "Return to Learn" following concussion
The impact and response to electronic bullying and traditional bullying among adolescents
Metaphors about violence by preservice teachers
Neuromuscular training injury prevention strategies in youth sport: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Peers and social network on alcohol drinking through early adolescence in Taiwan
Position statement on active outdoor play
Scale for assessment of aggressive behavior of adolescents
Development of a dating violence assessment tool for late adolescence across three countries: the Violence in Adolescents' Dating Relationships Inventory (VADRI)
Investigating the influence of vehicular ad-hoc networks on driver behaviours and traffic accidents
Knowledge and practice of junior and senior high school students regarding violent behaviors in Isfahan Province
Adolescent problematic social networking and school experiences: the mediating effects of sleep disruptions and sleep quality
Adolescent school absenteeism and service use in a population-based study
Associations of school connectedness with adolescent suicidality: gender differences and the role of risk of depression
Characterization of morbidity from interpersonal violence in Brazilian children and adolescents
The attachment of prematurely born children at school age: A pilot study
The cognitive benefits of exercise in youth
An evidence-based discussion of heading the ball and concussions in high school soccer
Factors affecting adolescents' involvement in cyberbullying: what divides the 20% from the 80%?
Feasibility of eeg measures in conjunction with light exercise for return-to-play evaluation after sports-related concussion
Non-suicidal self-injury prospectively predicts interpersonal stressful life events and depressive symptoms among adolescent girls
Peer victimization and forms of aggression during middle childhood: the role of emotion regulation
Quantifying the impacts of subsidy policies on home-to-school pupil travel by bus in England
KIDS OUT! Protocol of a brief school-based intervention to promote physical activity and to reduce screen time in a sub-cohort of Finnish eighth graders
Parental academic involvement in adolescence as predictor of mental health trajectories over the life course: a prospective population-based cohort study
Vulnerable bullies: perpetration of peer harassment among youths across sexual orientation, weight, and disability status
Factors associated with anger among male adolescents in western Iran: an application of social cognitive theory
Public school teachers' perceptions about mental health
The relationships between environmental factors and violent behaviors in adolescent students of Isfahan, Iran
The relationship of parental education with knowledge and practice level of middle school and high school students of Isfahan regarding violent behaviors
Active Smarter Kids (ASK): rationale and design of a cluster-randomized controlled trial investigating the effects of daily physical activity on children's academic performance and risk factors for non-communicable diseases
Anger in adolescent communities: how angry are they?
Baseline physiologic and psychosocial characteristics of transgender youth seeking care for gender dysphoria
Child maltreatment and military-connected youth: developing protective school communities: school responses of referral and clinical interventions do not address needs of military families
Classroom interactions, dyadic teacher-child relationships, and self-regulation in socially disadvantaged young children
Cyberbullying: a 21st century health care phenomenon
Are there linguistic markers of suicidal writing that can predict the course of treatment? A repeated measures longitudinal analysis
Developmental links between children's working memory and their social relations with teachers and peers in the early school years
Preschoolers' psychopathology and temperament predict mothers' later mood disorders
Trajectories of internalizing and externalizing behavior problems in children with developmental disabilities
Benefit-cost analysis of a randomized evaluation of Communities That Care: monetizing intervention effects on the initiation of delinquency and substance use through grade 12
Dental luxation and avulsion injuries in Hong Kong primary school children
Developing a policy to address nonsuicidal self-injury in schools
Examining the contemporaneous occurrence of bullying and teen dating violence victimization
Friends Helping Friends: a nonrandomized control trial of a peer-based response to dating violence
Gaming against violence: a grassroots approach to teen dating violence
The impact of polyvictimization on delinquency among Latino adolescents: a general strain theory perspective
The impact of school nonresponse on substance use prevalence estimates - Germany as a case study
The influence of social support on ethnic differences in well-being and depression in adolescents: findings from the prospective Olympic Regeneration in East London (ORiEL) study
Initiating change locally in bullying and aggression through the school environment (INCLUSIVE): a pilot randomised controlled trial
Impulse Control and Callous-Unemotional Traits Distinguish Patterns of Delinquency and Substance Use in Justice Involved Adolescents: Examining the Moderating Role of Neighborhood Context
Laboratory evaluation of the gForce Tracker™, a head impact kinematic measuring device for use in football helmets
Life course associations between victimization and aggression: distinct and cumulative contributions
Life course associations between victimization and aggression: distinctive and cumulative contributions
Multiple family groups to reduce child disruptive behavior difficulties: moderating effects of child welfare status on child outcomes
Parental Involvement Across Middle and High School: Exploring Contributions of Individual and Neighborhood Characteristics
Predicting young adult degree attainment by late adolescent marijuana use
School experiences associated with alcohol use among Hispanic youth
Self-fulfilling prophecies in ability settings
Self-harm in young people: prevalence, associated factors, and help-seeking in school-going adolescents
Trends in cyberbullying and school bullying victimization in a regional census of high school students, 2006-2012
Anthropometric injury risk factors in elite-standard youth soccer
The association between weapon carrying and health risk behaviors among adolescent students in Bangkok, Thailand
Asthma, depression, and suicidality: results from the 2007, 2009, and 2011 Youth Risk Behavior Surveys
Beauty and the eye of the beholder: gender and attractiveness affect judgments in teacher sex offense cases
Blowing the whistle on sports concussions: will the risk of dementia change the game?
Child Behavior Checklist Dysregulation Profile in children with disruptive behavior disorders: a longitudinal study
Clobazam and aggression-related adverse events in pediatric patients with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome
Comorbid psychiatric conditions as mediators to predict later social adjustment in youths with autism spectrum disorder
Disparities in mental health among adolescents with and without impairments
Effects of psychosocial variables in the similarity and interdependence of physical activity levels among adolescent best friend dyads
Evaluation of the Safety Detective Program: a classroom-based intervention to increase kindergarten children's understanding of home safety hazards and injury-risk behaviors to avoid
Examining the preliminary efficacy of a dating violence prevention program for Hispanic adolescents
Exertional heat illnesses and environmental conditions during high school football practices
HeadCheck: a concussion app
How coaches' motivations mediate between basic psychological needs and well-being/ill-being
The impact of state policy on teen dating violence prevalence
Influence of bullying on the quality of life perception of Chilean students
Occupational injuries of teachers and educational staff at special schools with multiple and severely handicapped children in Rhineland-Palatinate (Germany): results of a cross-sectional study
A path model of school violence perpetration: introducing online game addiction as a new risk factor
A peer-nomination assessment of electronic forms of aggression and victimization
Bullying-related behaviour in a mainstream high school versus a high school for autism: Self-report and peer-report
Youth, suicide attempts and low level of education: a Danish historical register-based cohort study of the outcome of suicide attempt
ADHD and emotion dysregulation among children and adolescents
Victimization and polyvictimization of Spanish youth involved in juvenile justice
Walkable school neighborhoods are not playable neighborhoods
Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury and Attention Deficit
Prevalence and functions of non-suicidal self-injury in Spanish adolescents
Prosocial bystander behavior in bullying dynamics: assessing the impact of social capital
Prospective multifactorial analysis of preseason risk factors for shoulder and elbow injuries in high school baseball pitchers
Safeguarding the welfare of children: what is the nurse's role?
School start times for middle school and high school students - United States, 2011-12 school year
School violence among Arab adolescents in Israel and its relation to self-control skills and social support
The Dysregulation Profile in middle childhood and adolescence across reporters: factor structure, measurement invariance, and links with self-harm and suicidal ideation
How can we strengthen students' social relations in order to reduce school dropout? An intervention development study within four Danish vocational schools
The influence of personality disorder on outcome in adolescent self-harm
The racial foundations of whites' support for child saving
Victimization among Peruvian adolescents: insights into mental/emotional health from the Young Lives study
Vestibulo-ocular dysfunction in pediatric sports-related concussion
Vision diagnoses are common after concussion in adolescents
When sharing is a bad idea: the effects of online social network engagement and sharing passwords with friends on cyberbullying involvement
Self-reported frequency and perceived severity of being bullied among elementary school students
Impact of residential schooling and of child abuse on substance use problem in Indigenous Peoples
School-travel by public transit: rethinking active transportation
"Teaching by humiliation" and mistreatment of medical students in clinical rotations: a pilot study
Survival of the fittest and the sexiest: evolutionary origins of adolescent bullying
The Structured Trauma-Related Experiences and Symptoms Screener (STRESS): development and preliminary psychometrics
The status of preventive behaviors in traffic accidents in junior high school students in Isfahan
The status of school events in middle school students in Isfahan Province
Children's health and vulnerability in outdoor microclimates: a comprehensive review
Cross-sector, multi-agency interventions to address urban youth firearms violence: a rapid evidence assessment
Associations between parental perceptions of the neighbourhood environment and childhood physical activity: results from ISCOLE-Kenya
Balancing social responsibility and personal autonomy: adolescents' reasoning about community service programs
Attention, motivation, and study habits in users of unprescribed ADHD medication
Bullying among adolescents in a Brazilian urban center - "Health in Beagá" Study
Bullying victimization and the social and emotional maladjustment of bystanders: a propensity score analysis
The ch in children stands for cherish
Terrorism, guns, and public health
Preventing lethal violence in schools: the case for entry-based weapons screening
Lethal violence in the schools
Is a weapons-screening strategy for public schools good public policy?
Reducing trauma in the youth of Australia
Road trauma education: the impact of a patient presenter on the road safety attitudes of adolescents
Adolescent dating violence in context
Association of different forms of bullying victimisation with adolescents' psychological distress and reduced emotional wellbeing
Brief report: Examining children's disruptive behavior in the wake of trauma - a two-piece growth curve model before and after a school shooting
Bullied status and physical activity in Texas adolescents
Bully/victim profiles' differential risk for worsening peer acceptance: the role of friendship
Bullying, victimisation, and psychosis
Bullying victimisation and risk of psychotic phenomena: analyses of British national survey data
Children's everyday lives shadowed by stalking: postseparation stalking narratives of Finnish children and women
The development and validation of the Social Networking Experiences Questionnaire: a measure of adolescent cyberbullying and its impact
Do girls with depressive symptoms exhibit more physical aggression than boys? A cross sectional study in a national adolescent sample
Examining explanations for the link between bullying perpetration and physical dating violence perpetration: do they vary by bullying victimization?
Guidelines for diagnosing and managing paediatric concussion: Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation guideline
Helmets for Kids: evaluation of a school-based helmet intervention in Cambodia
Higher childhood peer reports of social preference mediates the impact of the on suicide attempt
Impact of preseason concussion education on knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of high school athletes
Injury prevention in a self-learning health system
An internationally comparative study of immigration and adolescent emotional and behavioral problems: effects of generation and gender
Interpretations of bullying by bullies, victims, and bully-victims in interactions at different levels of abstraction
The long-term effects of being bullied or a bully in adolescence on externalizing and internalizing mental health problems in adulthood
Out-of-school time and adolescent substance use
Permission to park: a statewide study of high school parking permits to determine compliance with graduated driver licensing law
Popularity differentially predicts reactive and proactive aggression in early adolescence
A qualitative review of sports concussion education: prime time for evidence-based knowledge translation
Relative age in school and suicide among young individuals in Japan: a regression discontinuity approach
The School Assessment for Environmental Typology (SAfETy): an observational measure of the school environment
Sexual offenses among children in the north of Jordan: an exploratory study
Time for an Adolescent Health Surveillance System in Saudi Arabia: Findings From "Jeeluna"
Unaccompanied refugee minors' early life narratives of physical abuse from caregivers and teachers in their home countries
School-based anti-bullying interventions: systematic review of the methodology to assess their effectiveness
School bullying: a systematic review of contextual-level risk factors in observational studies
Scientific research on bullying and cyberbullying: where have we been and where are we going
Emerging data on the incidence of concussion in football practice at all levels of amateur play
Eye protection and risk of eye injuries in high school field hockey
A multi-site study of environmental correlates of active commuting to school in Mexican children
A meta-analysis of the relationship between self-esteem and aggression among Chinese students
Personality traits, empathy and bullying behavior: a meta-analytic approach
What do we do with those kids? A critical review of current responses to juvenile delinquency and an alternative
The role of the school in handling the problem of bullying
The influence of school-based health centers on adolescents' youth risk behaviors
Age of entry into early childhood education and care as a predictor of aggression: faint and fading associations for young Norwegian children
Childhood sexual abuse experiences and its associated factors among adolescent female high school students in Arbaminch town, Gammo Goffa zone, Southern Ethiopia: a mixed method study
Community-based global health program for maltreated children and adolescents in Brazil: the Equilibrium Program
Exposure to violence of secondary school children with visual impairment
Implementing comprehensive school health in Alberta, Canada: the principal's role
How do my friends matter? Examining Latino adolescents' friendships, school belonging, and academic achievement
High self-control protects the link between social support and positivity ratio for Israeli students exposed to contextual risk
Longitudinal, reciprocal effects of social skills and achievement from kindergarten to eighth grade
Organic illness and psychic puberty: an accumulation of trauma
Peer and self-reported victimization: do non-victimized students give victimization nominations to classmates who are self-reported victims?
Preference-based health-related quality of life among victims of bullying
Psychometric properties of the Cyberbullying Test, a screening instrument to measure cybervictimization, cyberaggression, and cyberobservation
The relationship between sexual history, bullying victimization, and poor mental health outcomes among heterosexual and sexual minority high school students: a feminist perspective
Relationships between community social capital and injury in Canadian adolescents: a multilevel analysis
Self-injurious, aggressive and destructive behaviour in children with severe intellectual disability: Prevalence, service need and service receipt in the UK
Self-mutilating behaviours in patients with mental disorders - a study on users of a social networking service
Sexual harassment, bullying, and school outcomes for high school girls and boys
Social inequalities in childcare quality and their effects on children's development at school entry: findings from the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children
The stability of elementary school contexts from kindergarten to third grade
Substance abuse and other adverse outcomes for military-connected youth in California: results from a large-scale normative population survey
Substance use, bullying, and body image disturbances in adolescents and young adults under the prism of a 3D simulation program: validation of MySchool4web
Teachers' interpersonal style and its relationship to emotions, causal attributions, and type of challenging behaviors displayed by students with intellectual disabilities
Teen dating violence victimization and patterns of substance use among high school students
Collegiate women's soccer players suffer greater cumulative head impacts than their high school counterparts
Hot idea or hot air: a systematic review of evidence for two widely marketed youth suicide prevention programs and recommendations for implementation
In the wake of suicide: developing guidelines for suicide postvention in fire service
Methodology of the SEYLE trial on suicide prevention in schools - Authors' reply
Methodology of the SEYLE trial on suicide prevention in schools
Methodology of the SEYLE trial on suicide prevention in schools
Middle school students' perceptions of safety: a mixed-methods study
A 20-year comparison of football-related injuries in American and Canadian youth aged 6 to 17 years: a replication study
Active shooter in educational facility
Being bullied and feeling ashamed: implications for eating psychopathology and depression in adolescent girls
Bully victimization: selection and influence within adolescent friendship networks and cliques
Association between maltreatment and polydrug use among adolescents
Associations between active commuting to school and health-related physical fitness in Spanish school-aged children: a cross-sectional study
Aggression in school and family contexts among youngsters with special needs: qualitative and quantitative evidence from the TranSpace project
Bullying victimization and conduct problems among high school students in Taiwan: focus on fluid intelligence, mood symptoms and associated psychosocial adjustment
Correlates of traditional bullying and cyberbullying perpetration among Australian students
Cumulative bullying victimization: an investigation of the dose-response relationship between victimization and the associated mental health outcomes, social supports, and school experiences of rural adolescents
Cyberbullying perpetration and victimization among adolescents in Hong Kong
Effects of parental monitoring on aggressive behavior among youth in the United States and South Korea: A cross-national study
Finding their Way: perceptions of risk, resilience, and positive youth development among adolescents and young adults from public housing neighborhoods
If only I, they, we had done things differently: young people talk about school difficulties and crime
Improving child rights in the Gulf: expectations from the brand-new child law of Oman
Is participation in Head Start associated with less maternal spanking for boys and girls?
The role of race in the out-of-school suspensions of Black students: the perspectives of students with suspensions, their parents and educators
The social costs of child abuse in Japan
Students in distress: unanticipated findings in a cyber bullying study
Testing a path model of relationships between gender, age, and bullying victimization and violent behavior, substance abuse, depression, suicidal ideation, and suicide attempts in adolescents
Universal reporting laws and child maltreatment report rates in large U.S. counties
Use of criminal justice language in personal narratives of out-of-school suspensions: Black students, caregivers, and educators
Prevention of violence against children and psychosocial models of intervention: network analysis of an inter-institutional service
The relationship among childhood risk and protective factors, racial microaggression and ethnic identity, and academic self-efficacy and antisocial behavior in young adulthood
The relationship between online activities, netiquette and cyberbullying
The relationships between after-school programs, academic outcomes, and behavioral developmental outcomes of Latino children from immigrant families: Findings from the 2005 National Household Education Surveys Program
The longitudinal effects of after-school program experiences, quantity, and regulatable features on children's social-emotional development
Parental school involvement as a moderator of the association between peer victimization and academic performance
Youth violence prevention and safety: opportunities for health care providers
After-School Program for urban youth: evaluation of a health careers course in New York City high schools
Comorbid development of disruptive behaviors from age 1½ to 5 years in a population birth-cohort and association with school adjustment in first grade
Eye injuries among primary school children in Enugu, Nigeria: rural vs urban
Nice guys and gals finish last? Not in early adolescence when empathic, accepted, and popular peers are desirable
Victim reports of bystander reactions to in-person and online peer harassment: a national survey of adolescents
Validity of the School-age Assessment of Attachment for moderate-risk, rural early adolescents
Time trends in bullying behavior in Italy
A study of disabled children and child protection in Scotland -- a hidden group?
Safeguarding the child athlete in sport: a review, a framework and recommendations for the IOC youth athlete development model
The role of community, family, peer, and school factors in group bullying: implications for school-based intervention
Resilience in young people living with violence and self-harm: evidence from a Norwegian national youth survey
Prevalence and correlates of school bullying victimization in Xi'an, China
Forms of aggression, peer relationships, and relational victimization among Chinese adolescent girls and boys: roles of prosocial behavior
The phenomenology of non-aggressive antisocial behavior during childhood
Debuts and legacies: the crime drop and the role of adolescence-limited and persistent offending
Weaknesses in executive functioning predict the initiating of adolescents' alcohol use
Variable-ratio matching with fine balance in a study of the Peer Health Exchange
Binge Drinking
Knowledge of injury prevention and prevalence of risk factors for throwing injuries in a sample of youth baseball players
Performance management versus bullying and harassment: an educator perspective
Patterns of time use among low-income urban minority adolescents and associations with academic outcomes and problem behaviors
Outpatient follow-up and return to school after emergency department evaluation among children with persistent post-concussion symptoms
Pediatric first aid practices in Ghana: a population-based survey
Prevalence and risk factors of major depression disorders in local teachers three months after Lushan earthquake
Prevalence, correlates, and prospective predictors of non-suicidal self-injury among New Zealand adolescents: cross-sectional and longitudinal survey data
Prevalence and offense characteristics of multiple casualty homicides: are schools at higher risk than other locations?
Adult mental health consequences of peer bullying and maltreatment in childhood: two cohorts in two countries
Aggressive delinquency among North American indigenous adolescents: trajectories and predictors
Alcohol use in the Pacific region: results from the STEPwise approach to surveillance, Global School-Based Student Health Survey and Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System
Built environment features that promote cycling in school-aged children
Bullying risk in students with food allergy: schoolteachers' awareness
Bullying victimisation and paranoid ideation in people at ultra high risk for psychosis
Clinician and educator experiences of facilitating students' transition back to school following acquired brain injury: a qualitative systematic review
School-based mental health intervention for children in war-affected Burundi: a cluster randomized trial
Swedish pupils' suggested coping strategies if cyberbullied: differences related to age and gender
A teacher-centered exploration of the relevance of social factors to theory of mind development
Emergency response readiness for primary school children
Examining empathy and its association with aggression in young Western Cape children
A first-level evaluation of a school-based family programme for adolescent social, emotional and behavioural difficulties
The impacts of the CONRED Program on different cyberbulling roles
Incidence and causes of dental trauma in children living in the county of Värmland, Sweden
Influence of sex on suicidal phenotypes in affective disorder patients with traumatic childhood experiences
"It was only harmless banter!" The development and preliminary validation of the moral disengagement in sexual harassment scale
Longitudinal impact of the Cyber Friendly Schools program on adolescents' cyberbullying behavior
Methylation of serotonin receptor 3A in ADHD, borderline personality, and bipolar disorders: link with severity of the disorders and childhood maltreatment
Negative social relationships predict posttraumatic stress symptoms among war-affected children via posttraumatic cognitions
Participant roles in peer-victimization among young children in South Korea: Peer-, self-, and teacher-nominations
Participant roles of bullying in adolescence: status characteristics, social behavior, and assignment criteria
Peer status beyond adolescence: types and behavioral associations
Physical self-esteem and personality traits in Swedish physically inactive female high school students: an intervention study
Reducing the risks of firearm violence in high schools: principals' perceptions and practices
The relationship between father involvement and child problem behaviour in intact families: a 7-year cross-lagged study
Tackling psychosocial risk factors for adolescent cyberbullying: evidence from a school-based intervention
Vocational rehabilitation services and outcomes for transition-age youth with traumatic brain injuries
Yoga and emotion regulation in high school students: a randomized controlled trial
Exploring the link between alcohol and marijuana use and teen dating violence victimization among high school students: the influence of school context
Bullying victimization and perpetration among adolescent sport teammates
Adolescents in a residential school for behavior disorders have an elevated mortality risk in young adulthood
Childhood bullying and adiposity in young adulthood: Findings from the E-Risk Longitudinal Twin Study
Do angry birds make for angry children? A meta-analysis of video game influences on children's and adolescents' aggression, mental health, prosocial behavior, and academic performance
Pay no attention to that data behind the curtain: on angry birds, happy children, scholarly squabbles, publication bias, and why betas rule metas
Impact of transactional analysis on depressive and aggressive adolescent students
Socioeconomic gradients in the effects of universal school-based health behaviour interventions: a systematic review of intervention studies
State gun law environment and youth gun carrying in the United States
Validity of the Self-Report Psychopathy Scales (SRP-III Full and Short Versions) in a community sample
Video games do indeed influence children and adolescents' aggression, prosocial behavior, and academic performance: a clearer reading of Ferguson (2015)
Bullying prevention in schools by targeting cognitions, emotions, and behavior: evaluating the effectiveness of the REBE-ViSC Program
Comorbid internalizing and disruptive behavior disorder in adolescents: offending, trauma, and clinical characteristics
Adolescent development and juvenile justice
Perceptions and outcomes following teen court involvement
Racial/ethnic disparities in boys' probability of arrest and court actions in 1980 and 2000: the disproportionate impact of "getting tough'' on crime
Reunifying families after an out-of-home residential stay: evaluation of a blended intervention
Taking the blame for someone else's wrongdoing: the effects of age and reciprocity
Trauma and mental health problems in adolescent males: differences between childhood-onset and adolescent-onset offenders
The validity and clinical utility of the Massachusetts Youth Screening Instrument - version 2 (MAYSI-2) in the UK
Chaos, Hubbub, and Order Scale and health risk behaviors in adolescents in Los Angeles
Describing the attention profile of children and adolescents with acquired brain injury using the Virtual Classroom
Did the 18 drinking age promote high school dropout? Implications for current policy
Identifying mechanisms that underlie links between COMT genotype and aggression in male adolescents with ADHD
The impact of community violence on school-based research
Mental problems and their socio-demographic determinants in young schoolchildren in Sweden, a country with high gender and income equality
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Mouthguard BITES (Behavior, Impulsivity, Theory Evaluation Study): what drives mouthguard use among high school basketball and baseball/softball athletes
School-based intervention on healthy behaviour among Ecuadorian adolescents: effect of a cluster-randomized controlled trial on screen-time
Racial differences in the transactional relationship between depression and alcohol use from elementary school to middle school
Sex, parental incarceration, and violence perpetration among a sample of young adults
Getting the law involved: a quasi-experiment in early intervention involving collaboration between schools and the district attorney's office
Overview of: 'Getting the law involved a quasi-experiment in early intervention involving collaboration between schools and the district attorney's office'
Employers' perceptions on the disclosure of juvenile records
Implications of self-reported levels of hope in Latino and Latina youth on probation
The prevalence of adverse childhood experiences (ACE) in the lives of juvenile offenders
Truancy reduction and prevention: the impact of provider contact in intervention efficacy
Adolescent substance use and educational attainment: An integrative data analysis comparing cannabis and alcohol from three Australasian cohorts
Aggression norms in the classroom social network: contexts of aggressive behavior and social preference in middle childhood
Agreement between high school athletes and their parents on reporting athletic events and concussion symptoms
Associations of adolescent cannabis use with academic performance and mental health: a longitudinal study of upper middle class youth
Bullying and suicide risk among pediatric emergency department patients
The care of traumatic dental injuries in primary schools in Southern Nigeria
Children's exposure to violence, crime, and abuse: an update
Burden of bullying: enduring effects of early victimisation on depression in adulthood
Positively biased self-perceptions of peer acceptance and subtypes of aggression in children
Relational aggression, victimization and self-concept: testing pathways from middle childhood to adolescence
Socio-cultural context and bulling others in childhood
What do high school students say when they talk to their friends about substance use? Exploring the content of substance-use-specific communication with friends
Violence in the eye of adolescents: education intervention with Culture Circles
Case-control study of injury intervention for preschool children in Henggang, Shenzhen
Children's behavioral regulation and literacy: the impact of the first grade classroom environment
Costs and benefits of children's physical and relational aggression trajectories on peer rejection, acceptance, and friendships: variations by aggression subtypes, gender, and age
Dental injuries sustained by high school athletes in the United States, from 2008/2009 through 2013/2014 academic years
Developmental relations between alcohol and aggressive behavior among adolescents: neighborhood and sociodemographic correlates
The effect of victims' responses to overt bullying on same-sex peer bystander reactions
The impact of intimate partner violence on preschool children's peer problems: an analysis of risk and protective factors
Intimate partner violence risk among victims of youth violence: are early unions bad, beneficial, or benign?
A longitudinal evaluation of the Positive Action program in a low-income, racially diverse, rural county: effects on self-esteem, school hassles, aggression, and internalizing symptoms
Multiple violence victimisation associated with sexual ill health and sexual risk behaviours in Swedish youth
Neuropsychological, metabolic, and GABAA receptor studies in subjects with repetitive traumatic brain injury
'No sport is worth sacrificing your brain function'
Physical activity, sadness, and suicidality in bullied US adolescents
Postconcussive syndrome in a high school athlete
Premeditation moderates the relation between sensation seeking and risky substance use among young adults
Research with adolescents who engage in non-suicidal self-injury: ethical considerations and challenges
Suicide in adolescence: attempt to cure a crisis, but also the fatal outcome of certain pathologies
Teen dating violence: the influence of friendships and school context
Training community opinion leaders to raise awareness and promote early intervention for depressed Latino adolescents
Universal school-based depression prevention 'Op Volle Kracht': a longitudinal cluster randomized controlled trial
Understanding sibling influence on adolescents' alcohol use: social and cognitive pathways
Development and validation of a questionnaire to evaluate lifestyle-related behaviors in elementary school children
Does childhood bullying predict eating disorder symptoms? A prospective, longitudinal analysis
Dual trajectories of reactive and proactive aggression from mid-childhood to early adolescence: relations to sensation seeking, risk taking, and moral reasoning
Effects of Communities That Care on males' and females' drug use and delinquency 9 years after baseline in a community-randomized trial
Efficacy of the FIFA 11+ injury prevention program in the collegiate male soccer player
Face masks and basketball: NCAA division I consumer trends and a review of over-the-counter face masks
Posttraumatic stress and emotion regulation in survivors of intimate partner violence
Prevalence and correlates for psychosocial distress among in-school adolescents in Zambia
Preschool attention-deficit/hyperactivity and oppositional defiant problems as antecedents of school bullying
Problem behaviour and traumatic dental injuries in adolescents
Testing for plausibly causal links between parental bereavement and child socio-emotional and academic outcomes: a propensity-score matching model
Associations between antibullying policies and bullying in 25 states
Can computerized neuropsychological testing in the emergency department predict recovery for young athletes with concussions?
Contact in the classroom: developing a program model for youth mental health contact-based anti-stigma education
The cost-effectiveness of the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program: results from a modelling study
Environmental noise and incident mental health problems: a prospective cohort study among school children in Germany
Factors associated with the prevalence of adolescent binge drinking in the urban areas of Greater Manchester
How much is too much? Getting children involved, but not too involved
Early substance use initiation and suicide ideation and attempts among school-aged adolescents in four Pacific Island Countries in Oceania
Important variables when screening for students at suicidal risk: findings from the French cohort of the SEYLE Study
Missouri K-12 school disaster and biological event preparedness and seasonal influenza vaccination among school nurses
Moderating effects of gender on outcomes associated with stressful life events among elementary school-age youth
Response to: 'The search for size: a doping risk factor in adolescent rugby'
Symptoms of anxiety and depression in school-aged children with active epilepsy: a population-based study
Who receives cannabis use offers: a general population study of adolescents
Comparing the functioning of youth and adult partnerships for health promotion
The global implications of bullying and other forms of maltreatment, in the context of migratory trends and psychiatric resources
Incidence of Stingers in Young Rugby Players
Is the prevalence of ADHD in Turkish elementary school children really high?
Understanding gender differences in childhood injuries: examining longitudinal relations between parental reactions and boys' versus girls' injury-risk behaviors
Why and how to promote adolescents' prosocial behaviors: direct, mediated and moderated effects of the CEPIDEA school-based program
Which children and young people are excluded from school? Findings from the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC)
The value of educational records for expert psychiatrists preparing medico-legal reports for children, adolescents and adults
Building sustainable health and education partnerships: stories from local communities
Depression and associated factors among adolescent females in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a cross-sectional study
Developmental patterns of adverse childhood experiences and current symptoms and impairment in youth referred for trauma-specific services
Disability and violent victimization in a national sample of adolescents: a longitudinal study
A whole school approach: collaborative development of school health policies, processes, and practices
Validation of the BRFSS sleep questions
Using the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model: implications for practice
Eliminating the confusion surrounding concussions in sports
Emerging psychopathology moderates upward social mobility: the intergenerational (dis)continuity of socioeconomic status
Support for students exposed to trauma: a pilot study
Evaluation of the courage and confidence mentor program as a Tier 2 intervention for middle school students with identified internalizing problems
Identifying patterns of coaching to support the implementation of the good behavior game: the role of teacher characteristics
Measuring school climate: factor analysis and relations to emotional problems, conduct problems, and victimization in middle school students
Mechanisms of alcohol use disorder severity in adolescents with co-occurring depressive symptoms: findings from a school-based substance use intervention
Mental health service use among youth with mental health need: do school-based services make a difference for sexual minority youth?
A supportive beliefs intervention to facilitate the implementation of evidence-based practices within a multi-tiered system of supports
From criminogenic risk to rehabilitation: is there a need for a culturally sensitive approach?
How the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model works: creating greater alignment, integration, and collaboration between health and education
"Mean mugging": an exploration of young aboriginal women's experiences of bullying in team sports
Mental health service use in schools and non-school-based outpatient settings: comparing predictors of service use
Neural correlates of the propensity for retaliatory behavior in youths with disruptive behavior disorders
Placing students at the center: the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Model
Religiosity and youth substance use in a Muslim context
Stigma and parenting children conceived from sexual violence
Supporting the whole child through coordinated policies, processes, and practices
Association of the Safe Routes to School program with school-age pedestrian and bicyclist injury risk in Texas
Correspondence analysis of association between types of unintentional injuries and influential factors among rural rear pupils
Empowering students to respond to alcohol advertisements: results from a pilot study of an Australian media literacy intervention
Harsh environments, life history strategies, and adjustment: a longitudinal study of Oregon youth
Witnessing interparental violence and acceptance of dating violence as predictors for teen dating violence victimization
What happens when you tell someone you self-injure? The effects of disclosing NSSI to adults and peers
How school climate influences teachers' emotional exhaustion: the mediating role of emotional labor
Patterns and risk factors for deaths from external causes in rural Malawi over 10 years: a prospective population-based study
Predictors and consequences of prescription drug misuse during middle school
Test-retest reliability of the scale of participation in organized activities among adolescents in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
Two dimensions of social anxiety disorder: a pilot study of the Questionnaire for Social Anxiety and Social Competence Deficits for Adolescents
Prevalence of school bullying among youth with autism spectrum disorders: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Replication of a Prospective Randomized Controlled Trial of Resource Facilitation to Improve Return to Work and School after Brain Injury
Social background, bullying, and physical inactivity: national study of 11- to 15-year-olds
Early life adversity, genomic plasticity, and psychopathology
Moderation, mediation - or even both? School climate and the association between peer and adolescent alcohol use
The moderator effects of affective temperaments, childhood abuse and adult stressful life events on depressive symptoms in the nonclinical general adult population
Mothers' management of adolescent peer relationships: associations with aggressive, prosocial, and playful behavior
Multiple substance use patterns in adolescents-a multilevel latent class analysis
Relations of neighborhood environment influences, physical activity, and active transportation to/from school across African American, Latino American, and White girls in the United States
Alcohol use amongst learners in rural high school in South Africa
The association between youth violence exposure and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms in a sample of fifth-graders
Bullied at school, bullied at work: a prospective study
Bullying by peers in childhood and effects on psychopathology, suicidality, and criminality in adulthood
Design of study without drugs: a Surinamese school-based drug-prevention program for adolescents
Effectiveness of a brief school-based intervention on depression, anxiety, hyperactivity, and delinquency: a cluster randomized controlled trial
The effects of racial heterogeneity on mental health: a study of detained youth across multiple counties
Evaluation of community-level effects of Communities that Care on adolescent drug use and delinquency using a repeated cross-sectional design
Examining differences in culturally based stress among clinical and nonclinical Hispanic adolescents: CORRECTION
Impact of the spread of mass education on married women's experience with domestic violence
Medical recognition of bullying and its related morbidity
Mild traumatic brain injury and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in young student athletes
Outpatient visits and medication prescribing for U.S. children with mental health conditions
Psychiatric disorders and omega-3 fatty acids
A six-year longitudinal study of self-harm and suicidal behaviors among Chinese adolescents in Hong Kong
Sustained benefit over four-year follow-up of Michigan's Project Healthy Schools
Violence prevention in childhood and adolescence - a brief overview
Exploitation, violence, and suicide risk among child and adolescent survivors of human trafficking in the Greater Mekong Subregion
Examining the role of psychological distress in linking childhood maltreatment and alcohol use in young adulthood
Examining the impact of peer group selection on self-reported delinquency: a consideration of active gene-environment correlation
Is peer delinquency in the eye of the beholder? Assessing alternative operationalizations of perceptual peer delinquency
Bidirectional associations between perceived parental support for violent and nonviolent responses and early adolescent aggressive and effective nonviolent behaviors
Apolipoprotein E (APOE) ϵ4 allele is associated with increased symptom reporting following sports concussion
Brain response to viewing others being harmed in children with conduct disorder symptoms
Bully, bullied and abused: associations between violence at home and bullying in childhood
Convulsions in a 17-year-old boy after a head injury sustained while playing hockey
Ecological momentary assessment of the association between exposure to alcohol advertising and early adolescents' beliefs about alcohol
High school students' experiences in school toilets or restrooms
The impact of neighborhood disorganization on neighborhood exposure to violence, trauma symptoms, and social relationships among at-risk youth
Longitudinal changes in mathematical abilities and white matter following paediatric mild traumatic brain injury
NCAA strength and conditioning coach demographics, current practice trends and common injuries of athletes during strength and conditioning sessions
Potential impact of a validated screening tool for pediatric abusive head trauma
A prospective study of the impact of child maltreatment and friend support on psychological distress trajectory: from adolescence to emerging adulthood
Psychosocial interventions for child disruptive behaviors: a meta-analysis
Return to Learn: a review of cognitive rest versus rehabilitation after sports concussion
Social norms theory and concussion education
Socioeconomic differences in school dropout among young adults: the role of social relations
Sports-related concussion results in differential expression of nuclear factor-κB pathway genes in peripheral blood during the acute and subacute periods
Structural determinants of youth bullying and fighting in 79 countries
The validity of truant youths' marijuana use and its impact on alcohol use and sexual risk taking
Teen victimization: prevalence and consequences of traditional and cyberbullying
How to help me get out of a gang: youth recommendations to family, school, community, and law enforcement systems
The impact of child protective service history on reoffending in a New Mexico juvenile justice population
Predictors of the severity of the gang problem at the local level: an analysis of police perceptions
The legacy of street corner society and gang research in the 1990s: an interview with William F. Whyte
Do gang prevention strategies actually reduce crime?
The American 'juvenile underclass' and the cultural colonisation of young Australians under conditions of modernity
The effects of gangs on student performance and delinquency in public schools
Youth gang intervention and prevention in Texas: evaluating community mobilization training
Correlates of Hispanic female gang membership
The impact of gang membership on mental health symptoms, behavior problems and antisocial criminality of incarcerated young men
Females and emotional/behavioral disorders and delinquency
Recent literature on approaches and programs for dealing with the gang phenomenon: between tradition and innovation
Views from the field: Are we color blind to the violence behind graffiti?
An empirical evaluation of the Project B.U.I.L.D. gang intervention program
The cause and consequence of mental health problems among at-risk youth
Changes in active commuting to school in Czech adolescents in different types of built environment across a 10-year period
Changing body structure components and motor skills in Military High School students within one year
Childhood Adversities and Educational Attainment in Young Adulthood: The Role of Mental Health Problems in Adolescence
A comparison of women's collegiate and girls' high school volleyball injury data collected prospectively over a 4-year period
Abuse, misuse, and suicidal substance use by children on school property
Epidemiology of meniscal injuries in US high school athletes between 2007 and 2013
Future expectations, attitude toward violence, and bullying perpetration during early adolescence: a mediation evaluation
Let the kids play football!
Let's drop high school football
Development and validation of a self-administered questionnaire to estimate the distance and mode of children's travel to school in urban India
Early puberty, school context, and delinquency among South Korean girls
The effect of early menarche on the sexual behaviors of Korean female adolescents
Social networking sites and mental health problems in adolescents: The mediating role of cyberbullying victimization
Violence at school and the health of students
Violent fantasies in young men with autism spectrum disorders: dangerous or miserable misfits? Duty to protect whom?
A metacognitive strategy for reducing disruptive behavior in children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders: GoFAR Pilot
A new injury prevention programme for children's football - FIFA 11+ Kids - can improve motor performance: a cluster-randomised controlled trial
The responsibility of academic medicine for reducing football injuries
What are school leavers' priorities for festival preparation?
The effects of the Moms and Teens for Safe Dates Program on dating abuse: a conditional process analysis
The effects of narrative versus non-narrative information in school health education about alcohol drinking for low educated adolescents
Experiences of domestic and school violence among child and adolescent psychiatric outpatients
Explicative factors of face-to-face harassment and cyberbullying in a sample of primary students
Incidence and course of adolescent deliberate self-harm in Victoria, Australia, and Washington State
Justification beliefs of violence, myths about love and cyber dating abuse
Moderated mediation analysis: an illustration using the association of gender with delinquency and mental health
Perceived Discrimination and Heavy Episodic Drinking Among African-American Youth: Differences by Age and Reason for Discrimination
The prevalence of nonsuicidal self-injury (NSSI) among high school students in relation to age and sex
Protective factors against child victimization in the school and community: an exploratory systematic review of longitudinal predictors and interacting variables
Relationships between sleep behaviors and unintentional injury in Southern Chinese school-aged children: a population-based study
Sex trafficking related knowledge, awareness, and attitudes among adolescent female students in Nepal: a cross-sectional study
A study on risk perception of community youth
Amygdala response predicts trajectory of symptom reduction during Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy among adolescent girls with PTSD
Association between bullying victimization and health risk behaviors among high school students in the United States
Associations of truancy, perceived school performance, and mental health with alcohol consumption among adolescents
Authoritative school climate, aggression toward teachers, and teacher distress in middle school
Bullying and school transition: context or development?
Bullying in adolescence linked to depression in young adults
Concussion in teenage athletes
Bullying on television: 1960-2010
Underlying mechanisms of gene-environment interactions in externalizing behavior: a systematic review and search for theoretical mechanisms
Use of social networking sites and risk of cyberbullying victimization: a population-level study of adolescents
Developmental pathways from child maltreatment to adolescent marijuana dependence: examining moderation by FK506 binding protein 5 gene (FKBP5)
Interpersonal violence against children in sport in the Netherlands and Belgium
Localization of physical activity in primary school children using accelerometry and global positioning system
Measuring adolescents' exposure to victimization: the Environmental Risk (E-Risk) Longitudinal Twin Study
Measuring alcohol-specific communication with friends: conceptualizing and operationalizing communication as multidimensional
Mental health and pressures in teen sports
Multilevel factor structure and concurrent validity of the teacher version of the Authoritative School Climate Survey
A multilevel prediction of physiological response to challenge: interactions among child maltreatment, neighborhood crime, endothelial nitric oxide synthase gene (eNOS), and GABA(A) receptor subunit alpha-6 gene (GABRA6)
Multiple family groups for child behavior difficulties retention among child welfare-involved caregivers
Perspective taking explains gender differences in late adolescents' attitudes toward disadvantaged groups
Predicting spectrums of adult mania, psychosis and depression by prospectively ascertained childhood neurodevelopment
Recognizing the symptoms of mental illness following concussions in the sports community: a need for improvement
Psychological maltreatment, emotional and behavioral problems in adolescents: the mediating role of resilience and self-esteem
School-level contextual predictors of bullying and harassment experiences among adolescents
The social determinants of mental health
The temporal association between traditional and cyber dating abuse among adolescents
Alcohol and other psychoactive substances addiction risk assessment among chosen high school students test group
Bullying and victimization, depressive mood, and non-suicidal self-injury in adolescents: the moderating role of parental support
Educational services for children in domestic violence shelters: perspectives of shelter personnel
Effectiveness of school based teaching programme (SBTP) for teachers regarding 'prevention of suicide among students' in selected schools, Mangalore
Peer-group mediation in the relationship between family and juvenile antisocial behavior
Being lonely or using substances with friends? A cross-sectional study of Hungarian adolescents' health risk behaviours
Characteristics of the most viewed YouTube™ videos related to bullying
Differential effects of traffic sign stimuli upon speeding in school zones following a traffic light interruption
Effects of the Anger Coping Programme based on cognitive behavioural techniques on adolescents' anger, aggression and psychological symptoms
Epidemiology of elbow dislocations in high school athletes
Examination of the community-specific prevalence of and factors associated with substance use and misuse among rural and urban adolescents: a cross-sectional analysis in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Heat illness in football: current concepts
Mandatory mouthguard rules for high school athletes in the United States
Social goals and grade as moderators of social normative influences on adolescent alcohol use
The what, when, and why of implementation frameworks for evidence-based practices in child welfare and child mental health service systems
Anterior cruciate ligament injuries in elite and high school rugby players: An 11-year review
Association among smoking, depression, and anxiety: findings from a representative sample of Korean adolescents
Bullies on trial: mock jurors' perceptions of a bully
Child aggression as a source and a consequence of parenting stress: a three-wave longitudinal study
Developmental victimology: estimating group victimization trajectories in the age-victimization curve
Early adolescent peer foundations of late adolescent and young adult psychological adjustment
Meaningful youth engagement as a protective factor for youth suicidal ideation
Recognising children's citizenship in the youth justice system
The relation between peer victimization and adolescents' well-being: the moderating role of ethnicity within context
Risk factors for suicide attempts of Korean elderly: relative effects of individual traits and social quality
The role of social performance and physical attractiveness in peer rejection of socially anxious adolescents
School order, justice, and education: climate, discipline practices, and dropping out
Self-destructive symptomatic frames in clinical adolescents: is the same different?
Self-perceived competence in Mainland China: a multiwave longitudinal examination of internalizing symptoms in Chinese adolescents
Teens' self-efficacy to deal with dating violence as victim, perpetrator or bystander
Assessment of parental knowledge and attitudes toward pediatric sports-related concussions
Cognitive-behavioral therapy for externalizing disorders: a meta-analysis of treatment effectiveness
Attribution of human characteristics and bullying involvement in childhood: distinguishing between targets
Consumption of alcoholic beverages and liquor consumption by Michigan high school students, 2011
Effect of school belonging trajectories in grades 6-8 on achievement: gender and ethnic differences
An evaluation of a school-based, peer-facilitated, healthy relationship program for at-risk adolescents
Executive attention impairment in adolescents with major depressive disorder
Executive functions and social information processing in adolescents with severe behavior problems
Gay-related name-calling among Norwegian adolescents - harmful and harmless
The influence of sleep duration and sleep-related symptoms on baseline neurocognitive performance among male and female high school athletes
Life satisfaction and academic performance in early adolescents: evidence for reciprocal association
Measurement and structural relations of an authoritative school climate model: A multi-level latent variable investigation
Modeling school bus crashes using zero-inflated model
Moving in and out of poverty: the within-individual association between socioeconomic status and juvenile delinquency
One strike and you're out: the application of labeling theory to the New Jersey Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act
Predicting adverse childhood experiences: the importance of neighborhood context in youth trauma among delinquent youth
Preventing child pedestrian injury: a guide for practitioners
Promoting social-emotional competence: an evaluation of the elementary version of Second Step®
The relationship between brain behavioral systems and the characteristics of the five factor model of personality with aggression among Iranian students
Suicide in adolescents with depression: the need for early diagnosis
Associations between active commuting to school, body fat, and mental well-being: population-based, cross-sectional study in China
Authoritarian parenting attitudes and social origin: The multigenerational relationship of socioeconomic position to childrearing values
Behavior, social competence, and voice disorders in childhood and adolescence
Explaining differences in depressive symptoms between African American and European American adolescents
The clinical utility of a concussion rebaseline protocol after concussion recovery
Community-based alternatives to incarceration and assessment and community-based planning for probation/community-based alternative
Cyberbullying prevalence among US middle and high school-aged adolescents: a systematic review and quality assessment
Diversion of ADHD stimulants and victimization among adolescents
Drinking behavior and associated factors among middle school students in Shanghai, China
Early callous-unemotional behavior, theory-of-mind, and a fearful/inhibited temperament predict externalizing problems in middle and late childhood
Early family regularity protects against later disruptive behavior
Effect of adolescents' abuse experience on suicidal ideation: focused on moderated mediation effect of self-esteem on depression and anxiety
An enhanced variable two-step floating catchment area method for measuring spatial accessibility to residential care facilities in Nanjing
Exploring parents' understandings of their child's journey into offending behaviours: A narrative analysis
From anxious youth to depressed adolescents: prospective prediction of 2-year depression symptoms via attentional bias measures
Juvenile delinquency (editorial)
'Klar bleiben': a school-based alcohol prevention programme for German adolescents-study protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial
Latino suicidal adolescent psychosocial service utilization: the role of mood fluctuations and inattention
The longitudinal associations between discrimination, depressive symptoms, and prosocial behaviors in U.S. latino/a recent immigrant adolescents
Mortality of youth offenders along a continuum of justice system involvement
Motor and cognitive growth following a football training program
Parenting styles and bullying. The mediating role of parental psychological aggression and physical punishment
Patterns of substance use across the first year of college and associated risk factors
Polyvictimization and youth violence exposure across contexts
Responding to the mental health and substance abuse needs of youth in the juvenile justice system: Ohio's Behavioral Health/Juvenile Justice Initiative
Screening for mental health risk in high schools: the development of the Youth RADAR
Trying to lose weight and alcohol misuse among high school girls: findings from the U.S. National 2011 Youth Risk Behavior Survey
Why do early adolescents bully? Exploring the influence of prestige norms on social and psychological motives to bully
Youth finding meaning through a larger sense of community
Analyzing the effect of state legislation on health care utilization for children with concussion
Assessing bully/victim problems in preschool children: a multimethod approach
Attachment to parents and peers as a parameter of bullying and victimization
Bullying, victimization, school performance, and mother-child relationship quality: direct and transactional associations
Demographic, psychological, and school environment correlates of bullying victimization and school hassles in rural youth
Drug courts and community crime rates: a nationwide analysis of jurisdiction-level outcomes
Gang reengagement intentions among incarcerated serious juvenile offenders
A multilevel examination of peer victimization and bullying preventions in schools
Predicting school bullying victimization: focusing on individual and school environmental/security factors
The role of bystander perceptions and school climate in influencing victims' responses to bullying: to retaliate or seek support?
School bullying and victimization
Victimization, urbanicity, and the relevance of context: school routines, race and ethnicity, and adolescent violence
Young offenders in Brazil: mental health and factors of risk and protection
Violence in the Brazilian scenario: risk factors of adolescents facing a contemporary reality
Academic characteristics of orthopedic team physicians affiliated with high school, collegiate, and professional teams
Dynamic patterns of adolescent substance use: results from a nationally representative sample of high school students
Effects of a school-based drug use prevention programme for middle-school students in Taiwan
Emotion regulation in adolescent males with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder: testing the effects of comorbid conduct disorder
Energy drinks, alcohol, sports and traumatic brain injuries among adolescents
Gender differences in recovery from sports-related concussion in adolescents
Income inequality or performance gap? A multilevel study of school violence in 52 countries
Adrenarche and the emotional and behavioral problems of late childhood
Athletic trainers' skills in identifying and managing athletes experiencing psychological distress
Binge drinking among 12-year-old adolescent schoolchildren and its association with sex, socioeconomic factors and alcohol consumption by best friends and family members
Brain fag syndrome: a culture-bound syndrome that may be approaching extinction
The building blocks of a 'Liveable Neighbourhood': identifying the key performance indicators for walking of an operational planning policy in Perth, Western Australia
Bullying during adolescence in Brazil: an overview
Cross-continental comparison of the association between the physical environment and active transportation in children: a systematic review
Driver's education may reduce annual incidence and severity of moped and scooter accidents. A population-based study
Disposition of charges, out-of-home mental health treatment, and juvenile justice recidivism
Assessing childhood maltreatment and mental health correlates of disordered eating profiles in a nationally representative sample of English females
The association between childhood relocations and subsequent risk of suicide attempt, psychiatric problems, and low academic achievement
Bullying and victimization in overweight and obese outpatient children and adolescents: an Italian multicentric study
Changes in parents' spanking and reading as mechanisms for Head Start impacts on children
Concussions and brain injuries in youth sports
The economic burden of child maltreatment in high income countries
Effectiveness and implementation of interventions to increase commuter cycling to school: a quasi-experimental study
Emotionally abusive behavior in Italian middle school teachers as identified by students
Creating cycling-friendly environments for children: which micro-scale factors are most important? An experimental study using manipulated photographs
Does social belonging to primary groups protect young people from the effects of pro-suicide sites?
Intimate partner violence victimization in the cyber and real world: examining the extent of cyber aggression experiences and its association with in-person dating violence
Language problems among abused and neglected children: a meta-analytic review
The impact of snares on the continuity of adolescent-onset antisocial behaviour: a test of Moffitt's developmental taxonomy
Minority stress, positive identity development, and depressive symptoms: implications for resilience among sexual minority male youth
From evidence to policy: findings from the Christchurch Health and Development Study
Habitual criminal legislation in New Zealand: three years of three-strikes
Exploring possible association between DβH genotype (C1021T), early onset of conduct disorder and psychopathic traits in juvenile delinquents
Factors associated with suicidal ideation and suicide attempt among school-going urban adolescents in Peru
Family complexity, siblings, and children's aggressive behavior at school entry
An effect of physical activity-based recreation programs on children's optimism, humor styles, and school life adjustment
Erratum to: Do girls with depressive symptoms exhibit more physical aggression than boys? A cross sectional study in a national adolescent sample
School-based consultation to improve concussion recognition and response
Unintentional injuries and psychosocial correlates among in-school adolescents in Malaysia
US adolescents' friendship networks and health risk behaviors: a systematic review of studies using social network analysis and Add Health data
Violence and youth in a territory of the Metropolitan Area of Brasília, Brazil: a socio-spatial approach
Warm parenting and effortful control in toddlerhood: independent and interactive predictors of school-age externalizing behavior
You get what you get and you don't throw a fit!: emotion socialization and child physiology jointly predict early prosocial development
Ohio and sports law
Adolescents with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and exposure to violence: parents' opinion
The incidence of concussion in youth sports: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Pre-existing adversity, level of child protection involvement, and school attendance predict educational outcomes in a longitudinal study
Use of cognitive behavioral therapy and token economy to alleviate dysfunctional behavior in children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder
Prevalence and etiology of traumatic injuries to the anterior teeth among 5 to 8 years old school children in Mathura City, India: an epidemiological study
Prevalence and risk factors for intimate partner violence among Grade 8 learners in urban South Africa: baseline analysis from the Skhokho Supporting Success cluster randomised controlled trial
Psychosocial determinants of marijuana use among African American youth
The relationship between concussion knowledge and the high school athlete's intention to report traumatic brain injury symptoms: a systematic review of the literature
Some aspects of juvenile delinquency in Albania
Substance use prevention program for adolescents with intellectual disabilities on special education schools: a cluster randomised control trial
Teachers' promotion or inhibition of children's aggression depends on peer-group characteristics
Comparison of neurological and cognitive deficits in children with ADHD and anxiety disorders
Are school-level factors associated with primary school students' experience of physical violence from school staff in Uganda?
Bullying among South Korean adolescents: prevalence and association with psychological adjustment
Cannabis: alternative realities
Direct aggression and generalized anxiety in adolescence: heterogeneity in development and intra-individual change
Health risk behaviors in a representative sample of bisexual and heterosexual female high school students in Massachusetts
A novel approach to sports concussion assessment: computerized multilimb reaction times and balance control testing
School personnel experiences in notifying parents about their child's risk for suicide: lessons learned
Soccer injuries in players aged 7 to 12 years: a descriptive epidemiological study over 2 seasons
Sports-related eye and adnexal injuries in the Western Australian paediatric population
Upper extremity injuries in Danish children aged 6-12, mechanisms, and risk factors
Understanding the relationship between schematic beliefs, bullying, and unusual experiences in 8-14year olds
The effects of life domains, constraints, and motivations on academic dishonesty: a partial test and extension of Agnew's general theory
The effects of low birth weight on school performance and behavioral outcomes of elementary school children in Oman
Evaluation of a school-based treatment program for young adolescents with ADHD
Evidence of motor-control difficulties in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, explored through a hierarchical motor-systems perspective
Exercise interventions in children and adolescents with ADHD: a systematic review
Functional impairment and mental health functioning among Vietnamese children
When children play, they feel better: organized activity participation and health in adolescents
High school athletes' perceptions of concussion
Housing mobility and cognitive development: change in verbal and nonverbal abilities
Humor style similarity and difference in friendship dyads
The impact of a Portuguese middle school social-emotional learning program
Implementing a community bullying awareness intervention in an adolescent psychiatric unit: a feasibility study
Importance of physical health and health-behaviors in adolescence for risk of dropout from secondary education in young adulthood: an 8-year prospective study
Inattention symptoms are associated with academic achievement mostly through variance shared with intrinsic motivation and behavioral engagement
The intensity of victimization: associations with children's psychosocial well-being and social standing in the classroom
Interactions of school bonding, disturbed family relationships, and risk behaviors among adolescents
Juvenile onset depression alters cardiac autonomic balance in response to psychological and physical challenges
The influence of conduct problems and callous-unemotional traits on academic development among youth
Initiation of alcohol, marijuana, and inhalant use by American-Indian and white youth living on or near reservations
The intricacies of children's physical activity
Who is the rotten apple? Mock jurors' views of teacher-student sexual contact
Bullying behavior, youth's disease and intervention: which suggestions from the data for research on bullying in the Brazilian context?
Attitudes toward education as influenced by neighborhood socioeconomic characteristics: an application of multilevel structural equation modeling
Comparative statistical analysis of the safety management approach and academic field impact on experimenter awareness and behavior
Development of safety locus of control scale for school children
The effects of providing equipment for promoting physical activity in recess among Japanese elementary school children
Alcohol and marijuana use and treatment nonadherence among medically vulnerable youth
Breaking out of surveillance silos: integrative geospatial data collection for child injury risk and active school transport
Changing environments by changing individuals: the emergent effects of psychological intervention
The efficacy of injury prevention programs in adolescent team sports: a meta-analysis
A study on the occurrence of sudden death during sports activities in schools, using text-mining analysis
Mental health implications and consequences following sport-related concussion
Pedestrian injuries in children: who is most at risk?
Perceived physical competence towards physical activity, and motivation and enjoyment in physical education as longitudinal predictors of adolescents' self-reported physical activity
Permissive parenting, deviant peer affiliations, and delinquent behavior in adolescence: the moderating role of sympathetic nervous system reactivity
Reformulating suicide risk formulation: from prediction to prevention
Relationship between dental fluorosis and intelligence quotient of school going children in and around Lucknow District: a cross-sectional study
Selected issues in injury and illness prevention and the team physician: a consensus statement
Victimization and biological stress responses in urban adolescents: emotion regulation as a moderator
Injury types and incidence rates in precollegiate female gymnasts: a 21-year experience at a single training facility
Evaluations of disaster education programs for children: a methodological review
Towards safer public school buildings in Lebanon: an advocacy for seismic retrofitting initiative
Association between weight and smoking not mediated by weight loss attempts or bullying
Changing what it means to 'become a man': participants' reflections on a school-based programme to redefine masculinity in the Balkans
Developmental trajectories of peer-reported aggressive behavior: the role of friendship understanding, friendship quality, and friends' aggressive behavior
Exploring change processes in school-based mentoring for bullied children
Extreme binge drinking among adolescent athletes: a cause for concern?
Exposure to violence predicts poor educational outcomes in young children in South Africa and Malawi
Imagery rescripting of revenge, avoidance, and forgiveness for past bullying experiences in young adults
In response to: Sport-related concussion reporting and state legislative effects
In search of teen dating violence typologies
Interventions for self-harm in children and adolescents
The cost-effectiveness of UK parenting programmes for preventing children's behaviour problems - a review of the evidence
Poverty, caregiver depression and stress as predictors of children's externalizing behaviours in a low-income sample
Predictors of delayed recovery following pediatric sports-related concussion: a case-control study
The prospective links between hyperactive/impulsive, inattentive, and oppositional-defiant behaviors in childhood and antisocial behavior in adolescence: the moderating influence of gender and the parent-child relationship quality
The school environment and adolescent physical activity and sedentary behaviour: a mixed-studies systematic review
School-based mindfulness instruction: an RCT
Socioeconomic indicators and traumatic dental injury
The specter of discrimination: fear of interpersonal racial discrimination among adolescents in Chicago
Understanding clusters of risk factors across different environmental and social contexts for the prediction of injuries among Canadian youth
Active Living: development and quasi-experimental evaluation of a school-centered physical activity intervention for primary school children
Challenges in determining the role of rest and exercise in the management of mild traumatic brain injury
College adjustment, relationship satisfaction, and conflict management: a cross-lag assessment of developmental "spillover"
Connection or independence cross-cultural comparisons of adolescents' coping with peer victimization using mixed methods
The Coordination and Activity Tracking in CHildren (CATCH) study: rationale and design
Dating violence victimization among high school students in Minnesota: associations with family violence, unsafe schools, and resources for support
The deradicalisation of education: terror, youth and the assault on learning
Clinic management of public social protection policy in primary health care
The globalization of higher education as a societal and cultural security problem
Long-term consequences of recurrent sports concussion
The policing of youth on the U.S.-Mexico border: a law enforcement perception of leniency
Policy change eliminating body checking in non-elite ice hockey leads to a threefold reduction in injury and concussion risk in 11- and 12-year-old players
Practices of compassionate, critical, justice-oriented teacher education
RISUS study: Rugby Injury Surveillance in Ulster schools
School-based education programs for the prevention of child sexual abuse: a Cochrane systematic review and meta-analysis
Youth injury prevention in Canada: use of the Delphi method to develop recommendations
Predictors of sexually coercive behavior in a nationally representative sample of adolescent males
Vulnerability and mimicry as predictive axes in cyberbullying
The relationship between social support and adolescent dating violence: a comparison across genders
Dating norms and dating violence among ninth graders in Northeast Georgia: reports from student surveys and focus groups
Adolescent mental health literacy: young people's knowledge of depression and social anxiety disorder
Affective temperaments play an important role in the relationship between childhood abuse and depressive symptoms in major depressive disorder
Affiliation with socially withdrawn groups and children's social and psychological adjustment
Attention bias and anxiety in young children exposed to family violence
Building statewide infrastructure for the academic support of students with mild traumatic brain injury
Bullying victimization among Chinese middle school students: the role of family violence
Bullying victimization: a risk factor of health problems among adolescents with hearing impairment
Child neglect and maltreatment and childhood-to-adulthood cognition and mental health in a prospective birth cohort
Investigating pedestrian injury crashes on modern roundabouts in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Family functioning and children's post-traumatic stress symptoms in a referred sample exposed to interparental violence
High school incompletion and childhood maltreatment among street-involved young people in Vancouver, Canada
Longitudinal dating violence victimization among Latino teens: rates, risk factors, and cultural influences
The longitudinal effects of peer victimization on physical health from adolescence to young adulthood
Management of sport-related concussion in the pediatric and adolescent population
Mild or borderline intellectual disability as a risk for alcohol consumption in adolescents - A matched-pair study
Narcissism and coach interpersonal style: a self-determination theory perspective
Racial bullying and adolescent substance use: an examination of school-attending young adolescents in the United States
Risk factors for acute knee injury in female youth football
Road traffic injuries to children during the school commute in Hyderabad, India: cross-sectional survey
School health: an essential strategy in promoting community resilience and preparedness for natural disasters
Serum neurofilament light in American football athletes over the course of a season
Social relationships, loneliness and adolescence: the potential for disruption by chronic illness
Sport participation and its association with social and psychological factors known to predict substance use and abuse among youth: a scoping review of the literature
Teen alcohol use and social networks: the contributions of friend influence and friendship selection
Turkish school counselors' experiences of reporting child sexual abuse: a brief report
School travel: how the built and social environment relate to children's walking and independent mobility in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, Ontario, Canada
School bus safety: evaluating the evolution of compartmentalization and seat belt restraints
School choice and travel patterns in Northern Ireland: economic, social, and environmental impacts of a complex system
Can emotional and behavioral dysregulation in youth be decoded from functional neuroimaging?
Challenges with propensity score strategies in a high-dimensional setting and a potential alternative
Changing climates of conflict: a social network experiment in 56 schools
Cheerleading injuries in United States high schools
Effects of one versus two bouts of moderate intensity physical activity on selective attention during a school morning in Dutch primary schoolchildren: A randomized controlled trial
Football concussion rates across school levels
Forensic child, adolescent and transitional psychiatry
Predictors of physical activity in positive deviant adolescents
Prevalence and correlates of bullying perpetration and victimization among school-aged youth with intellectual disabilities: a systematic review
Relationship between cyberbullying and the suicide related psychological behavior among middle and high school students in Anhui Province
Study on the relationship between traditional bullying, cyberbullying and depression in adolescents
A twin study on genetic and environmental factors of adolescents violence behaviors
Bullying victimisation increases the risk of emergence and persistence of specific psychotic symptoms and of psychotic disorder
Bullying victimization (being bullied) among adolescents referred for urgent psychiatric consultation: prevalence and association with suicidality
Foster care experiences in youth literature: literary analysis provides insights into how young people talk about, comprehend, and internalize the phenomenon of foster care
Multiple online victimization of Spanish adolescents: results from a community sample
Preventing domestic abuse for children and young people: A review of school-based interventions
Social influences on executive functions development in children and adolescents: steps toward a social neuroscience of predictive adaptive responses
Utilization of professional mental health services related to population-level screening for anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder among public high school students
Bullying and harassment and 'the looking glass self'
The impact of 10-min activity breaks outside the classroom on male students' on-task behaviour and sustained attention: a randomised crossover design
Medical ethics and school football
The psychological response to injury in student athletes: a narrative review with a focus on mental health
Psychopathic traits in early childhood: further validation of the Child Problematic Traits Inventory
Striatal dopaminergic reward response relates to age of first drunkenness and feedback response in at-risk youth
A conceptual model of a school-community collaborative network in enhancing coastal community resilience in Banda Aceh, Indonesia
In times of war, adolescents do not fall silent: teacher-student social network communication in wartime
The long-term effects of school dropout and GED attainment on substance use disorders
The moderating role of parenting on the relationship between psychopathy and antisocial behavior in adolescence
Problem-solving coping and social support as mediators of academic stress and suicidal ideation among Malaysian and Indian adolescents
Protocol for the design of an instrument to measure preadolescent children's self-report of covert aggression and bullying
Psychometric properties of coping and self-efficacy scales related to substance use in a sample of Iranian adolescents
Quickstats: percentage of children and adolescents aged 4-17 years with serious emotional or behavioral difficulties, by poverty status, and sex - National Health Interview Survey, 2011-2014
When change doesn't matter: racial identity (in)consistency and adolescent well-being
Making invisible intersectionality visible through theater of the oppressed in teacher education
Measuring effortful control using the Children's Behavior Questionnaire-Very Short Form: modeling matters
The mental health of children of migrant workers in Beijing: the protective role of public school attendance
Methods and descriptive epidemiology of services provided by athletic trainers in high schools: the National Athletic Treatment, Injury and Outcomes Network Study
Model minority stereotyping, perceived discrimination, and adjustment among adolescents from Asian American backgrounds
Moral disengagement, anticipated social outcomes and adolescents' alcohol use: parallel latent growth curve analyses
Multi-informant assessment of ADHD symptom-related impairments among children and adolescents
Multiple trauma exposure and psychosocial functioning in Singaporean children in out-of-home care
Multitrait-multimethod analysis of the strengths and difficulties questionnaire in young Asian American children
Pathways to youth empowerment and community connectedness: a study of youth-adult partnership in Malaysian after-school, co-curricular programs
Relationship between short sleep duration and preseason concussion testing
Relative Age Effects in Dutch Adolescents: Concurrent and Prospective Analyses
Religious identity, religious participation, and psychological well-being in Asian American adolescents
Review of lacrosse-related musculoskeletal injuries in high school and collegiate players
A rights-based sexuality education curriculum for adolescents: 1-year outcomes from a cluster-randomized trial
The validity of single-item patient-rated outcomes in concussed adolescent football athletes
Variability in emotional/behavioral problems in boys with oppositional deviant disorder or conduct disorder: the role of arousal
The role of school environment in physical activity among Brazilian adolescents
School climate, deployment, and mental health among students in military-connected schools
Sleep duration and school readiness of Chinese preschool children
Social and emotional learning services and child outcomes in third grade: evidence from a cohort of Head Start participants
Social context and problem factors among youth with juvenile justice involvement histories
Social risk and peer victimization in elementary school children: the protective role of teacher-student relationships
Sociodemographic and clinical features of disruptive mood dysregulation disorder: a chart review
Sports participation and positive correlates in African American, Latino, and White girls
Stress and multiple substance use behaviors among Hispanic adolescents
Stressful life events prior to depression onset and the cortisol response to stress in youth with first onset versus recurrent depression
The structure of co-occurring bullying experiences and associations with suicidal behaviors in Korean adolescents
Subjective - objective sleep comparisons and discrepancies among clinically-anxious and healthy children
A systematic review on the functions of rap among gangs
Tackling in youth football
Teachers' intentions in punishing self-defenders and aggressors among schoolchildren: the importance of proving the student's role in a violent altercation
Thriving while engaging in risk? Examining trajectories of adaptive functioning, delinquency, and substance use in a nationally representative sample of U.S. adolescents
Translating cognitive behavioral therapy for anxious youth to rural-community settings via tele-psychiatry
Trauma-informed care for children in the child welfare system: an initial evaluation of a trauma-informed parenting workshop
Treatment options for the cardinal symptoms of disruptive mood dysregulation disorder
Twelve-month effects of the COPE healthy lifestyles TEEN program on overweight and depressive symptoms in high school adolescents
Medical interpreters and bilingual school staff: potential disaster information conduits?
Psychosocial disaster preparedness for school children by teachers
Reacting to crises: the risk-averse nature of contemporary American public education
Suicidal-related behaviors and quality of life according to gender in adolescent Mexican high school students
The Sydney playground project- levelling the playing field: a cluster trial of a primary school-based intervention aiming to promote manageable risk-taking in children with disability
Typologies of social support and associations with mental health outcomes among LGBT youth
Early childhood precursors and school age correlates of different internalising problem trajectories among young children
Longitudinal and incremental relation of cybervictimization to negative self-cognitions and depressive symptoms in young adolescents
Nonfatal injury incidence and risk factors among middle school students from four Polynesian countries: the Cook Islands, Niue, Samoa, and Tonga
Not just academics: paths of longitudinal effects from parent involvement to substance abuse in emerging adulthood
Pediatric sleep problems and social-emotional problems. A population-based study
Risk factors of fatigue status among Chinese adolescents
Students' aggression and its relevance to personal, family, and social factors
A test of an integrative model using social factors and personality traits: prediction on the delinquency of South Korean youth
The transition from primary to secondary school as stressful life event provoking risky dinking behaviors
Adverse experiences in early childhood and kindergarten outcomes
Authoritative school climate and high school student risk behavior: a cross-sectional multi-level analysis of student self-reports
Built environment influences of children's physical activity: examining differences by neighbourhood size and sex
The effect of Teach One Reach One (TORO) on youth acceptance of couple violence
Emotion socialization in anxious youth: parenting buffers emotional reactivity to peer negative events
Empathy in adolescence: relations with emotion awareness and social roles
Factors associated with management of teen aggression: child psychiatric clinical decision making
Football and other issues
Help, I am losing control! Examining the reporting of sexual harassment by adolescents to social networking sites
Physical maturity and concussion symptom duration among adolescent ice hockey players
Prevalence of violence in childhood and adolescence and the impact on educational outcomes: evidence from the 2013 Peruvian national survey on social relations
Profiles of childhood trauma: betrayal, frequency, and psychological distress in late adolescence
Promoting youth agency through dimensions of gay-straight alliance involvement and conditions that maximize associations
Sport concussion knowledge and clinical practices: a survey of doctors of chiropractic with sports certification
Violence against children and education
Barriers to addressing adolescent substance use: perceptions of New York school-based health center providers
Behavioral interventions for anger, irritability, and aggression in children and adolescents
Bullying perpetration and victimization as externalizing and internalizing pathways: a retrospective study linking parenting styles and self-esteem to depression, alcohol use, and alcohol-related problems
Children's exposure to violence: the underlying effect of posttraumatic stress symptoms on behavior problems
Dangerous student car drop-off behaviours and child pedestrian-motor vehicle collisions: an observational study
Disparities in depressive symptoms between heterosexual and lesbian, gay, and bisexual youth in a Dutch cohort: the TRAILS Study
Dual trajectories of gang affiliation and delinquent peer association during adolescence: an examination of long-term offending outcomes
The effect of residence, school status, work status, and social influence on the prevalence of alcohol use among emerging adults
Effectiveness of parent-child mediation in improving family functioning and reducing adolescent problem behavior: results from a pilot randomized controlled trial
Incidence of concussion in youth ice hockey players
The impact of psychopathology, race, and environmental context on violent offending in a male adolescent sample
Race, ethnicity, and adolescent violent victimization
Relationship between leisure time screen activity and aggressive and violent behaviour in Iranian children and adolescents: the CASPIAN-IV Study
A research agenda for childhood bullying
Neural mechanisms of cognitive-behavioral therapy for aggression in children and adolescents: design of a randomized controlled trial within the National Institute for Mental Health Research Domain Criteria Construct of Frustrative Non-Reward
Effects of sport-specific training intensity on sleep patterns and psychomotor performance in adolescent athletes
Full-contact practice and injuries in college football
Hand fractures in children - causes and mechanisms of injury
How do children learn to cross the street? The process of pedestrian safety training
Impulsive aggression as a comorbidity of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in children and adolescents
Incidence and outcomes of school-based injuries during four academic years in Kocaeli, Turkey
Inequality in black and white high school students' perceptions of school support: an examination of race in context
The Active for Life Year 5 (AFLY5) school-based cluster randomised controlled trial: effect on potential mediators
Associations between peer victimization and suicidal ideation and suicide attempt during adolescence: results from a prospective population-based birth cohort
Brief school-based interventions and behavioural outcomes for substance-using adolescents
Cluster randomised-control trial for an Australian child protection education program: study protocol for the Learn to be safe with Emmy and friends™
Compulsory teaching of first aid in UK schools - a missed opportunity?
Differences in sexual behavior, health, and history of child abuse among school students who had and had not engaged in sexual activity by the age of 18 years: a cross-sectional study
Difficulties experienced by young people with Tourette syndrome in secondary school: a mixed methods description of self, parent and staff perspectives
Emergency department surveillance of injuries and head injuries associated with baseball, football, soccer and ice hockey, children and youth, ages 5 to 18 years, 2004 to 2014
An evaluation of Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) athletes' self-reported practice of playing while concussed, knowledge about and attitudes towards sports-related concussion
Longitudinal heritability of childhood aggression
A longitudinal rejection sensitivity model of depression and aggression: unique roles of anxiety, anger, blame, withdrawal and retribution
Predicting high-school students' bystander behavior in simulated dating violence situations
Children's safety risk factors in Khorasan Razavi province
Safe Kids/FedEx children pedestrian road safety program
Safety around schools
Associations between parents׳ perception of traffic danger, the built environment and walking to school
Building on youth's strengths: a call to include adolescents in developing, implementing, and evaluating violence prevention programs
Changes in travel to school patterns among children and adolescents in the São Paulo Metropolitan Area, Brazil, 1997-2007
Children׳s experiences: enjoyment and fun as additional encouragement for walking to school
The development of policy-relevant transport indicators to monitor health behaviours and outcomes
Do friends really help friends? The effect of relational factors and perceived severity on bystander perception of sexual violence
Don't learn safety by accident: a survey of child safety restraint usage among drivers in Dansoman, Accra
Early stigmatization, PTSD, and perceived negative reactions of others predict subsequent strategies for processing child sexual abuse
Emotional and behavioral problems in adolescents and young adults with food allergy
How actively do children travel to their pre-school setting?
The influence of transport on well-being among teenagers: a photovoice project in New Zealand
Use of health impact assessment to promote safe built environments for active transportation
Technical adequacy of the Positive Experiences at School Scale with adolescents
Traffic stress and bicycling to elementary and junior high school: evidence from Davis, California
Preventing violence in context: the importance of culture for implementing systemic change
Puberty, socioeconomic status, and depression in girls evidence for gene × environment interactions
"Putting school travel on the map": facilitators and barriers to implementing school travel planning in Canada
Racially-focused peer victimization: prevalence, psychosocial impacts, and the influence of coping strategies
Narrative writing exercises for promoting health among adolescents: promises and pitfalls
Neighbourhood effects and cultural exclusion
Polyvictimization: latent profiles and mental health outcomes in a clinical sample of adolescents
Are school policies focused on sexual orientation and gender identity associated with less bullying? Teachers' perspectives
Can a school-wide bullying prevention program improve the plight of victims? Evidence for risk × intervention effects
African American children at-risk of increasingly conflicted teacher-student relationships in elementary school
Child-headed households in Rakai District, Uganda: a mixed-methods study
Human Factors. Eine menschengerechte Gestaltung von Schul- und Spielwegen mit "Human Factors" kann gefaehrliche Situationen entschaerfen und helfen, Unfaelle zu vermeiden
The state of things
Developmental variations in the impact of intimate partner violence exposure during childhood
The effects of mind subtraction meditation on depression, social anxiety, aggression, and salivary cortisol levels of elementary school children in South Korea
Effects of victimization and violence on suicidal ideation and behaviors among sexual minority and heterosexual adolescents
Efficacy of adolescent suicide prevention e-learning modules for gatekeepers: a randomized controlled trial
Evaluating the technical adequacy of DBR-SIS in tri-annual behavioral screening: a multisite investigation
Examining predictors of callous unemotional traits trajectories across adolescence among high-risk males
Adverse childhood experiences, negative emotionality, and pathways to juvenile recidivism
Child abuse and neglect epidemiology in secondary school students of Yazd Province, Iran
Developmental disabilities in children involved with child welfare: correlates of referrals for service provision
Estimating the prevalence rate of child physical and psychological maltreatment in South Korea
Pediatric ankle and foot injuries
Preventing unintentional injuries in children: successful approaches
Violence in the school setting: a school nurse perspective
Weight-based bullying and compromised peer relationships in young adult bariatric patients
Who intervenes against homophobic behavior? Attributes that distinguish active bystanders
Unintentional childhood injury: a controlled comparison of behavioral characteristics
Modeling aggression and bullying: a complex systems approach
Parental criminal justice involvement and children's involvement with child protective services: do adult drug treatment courts prevent child maltreatment?
Prevalence of deliberate self-harm and its relation with suicidal behaviors among students in middle schools in Beijing
School-related injuries: a retrospective 5-year evaluation
School bullying and susceptibility to smoking among never-tried cigarette smoking students
School-based speech-language pathologists' knowledge and perceptions of autism spectrum disorder and bullying
Accounting for the associations between child maltreatment and internalizing problems: the role of alexithymia
Safety performance of school buses in the State of Qatar
Youth violence: what we know and what we need to know
We have the programme, what next? Planning the implementation of an injury prevention programme
Weight status and bullying behaviors among Chinese school-aged children
Unequal brains: disability discrimination laws and children with challenging behaviour
Use of a remote clinical decision support service for a multicenter trial to implement prediction rules for children with minor blunt head trauma
Contrasts between young males dying by suicide, those dying from other causes and those still living: observations from the National Longitudinal Survey of Adolescent to Adult Health
Gymnastic formation-related injury to children in physical education
Interactions of problematic mobile phone use and psychopathological symptoms with unintentional injuries: a school-based sample of Chinese adolescents
Life skills interventions to improve social confidence, self-management, and protection against drug use in rural elementary school aged children
The impact of mandatory helmet-use legislation on the frequency of cycling to school and helmet use among adolescents
Perceived school climate and Chinese adolescents' suicidal ideation and suicide attempts: the mediating role of sleep quality
Prevalence and determinants of child maltreatment among school-going adolescent girls in a semi-urban area of Delhi, India
Profiles of bullying victimization, discrimination, social support, and school safety: links with Latino/a youth acculturation, gender, depressive symptoms, and cigarette use
PTSD, cyberbullying and peer violence: prevalence and correlates among adolescent emergency department patients
PTSD, depression, and substance use in relation to suicidality risk among traumatized minority lesbian, gay, and bisexual youth
Reinforcement behavior therapy by kindergarten teachers on preschool children's aggression: a randomized controlled trial
Testing a dual process model of gender-based violence: a laboratory examination
Alcohol use amongst learners in rural high school in South Africa
Cyberbullying in adolescence: a concept analysis
Effectiveness and micro-costing of the KiVa school-based bullying prevention programme in Wales: study protocol for a pragmatic definitive parallel group cluster randomised controlled trial
Ethical obligations in the face of dilemmas concerning patient privacy and public interests: the Sasebo schoolgirl murder case
Familias Unidas for high risk adolescents: study design of a cultural adaptation and randomized controlled trial of a U.S. drug and sexual risk behavior intervention in Ecuador
Gossamer threads: commentary on the impact of digital technology on the developing brain and the capacity for empathy
"Harder, better, faster, stronger": negative comparison on Facebook and adolescents' life satisfaction are reciprocally related
The importance of examining variants of implementation among evidence-based and promising programs to prevent child maltreatment
Masculine and family honor and youth violence: the moderating role of ethnic-cultural affiliation
Psycho-social resilience, vulnerability and suicide prevention: impact evaluation of a mentoring approach to modify suicide risk for remote Indigenous Australian students at boarding school
A 5-year retrospective study of demographic, anamnestic, and clinical factors related to psychiatric hospitalizations of adolescent patients
Alcohol expectancies, posttraumatic stress disorder, and alcohol use in college students with a history of childhood trauma
Associations between depression risk, bullying and current smoking among Chinese adolescents: modulated by gender
Biological and sociocultural factors during the school years predicting women's lifetime educational attainment
Bullying, depression, and suicidal ideation among adolescents in the Fujian Province of China: a cross-sectional study
Chronic and acute relational risk factors for dating aggression in adolescence and young adulthood
Class average score for teacher support and relief of depression in adolescents: a population study in Japan
Context-specific associations between harsh parenting and peer rejection on child conduct problems at home and school
Coping strategies and associations with depression among 12- to 15-year-old Norwegian adolescents involved in bullying
Depressed mood during early to middle adolescence: a bi-national longitudinal study of the unique impact of family conflict
Depressive symptoms and violence exposure: contributors to repeat pregnancies among adolescents
Does self-efficacy mediate the association between socioeconomic background and emotional symptoms among schoolchildren?
High school football injury rates and services by athletic trainer employment status
Impact of irritability and impulsive aggressive behavior on impairment and social functioning in youth with cyclothymic disorder
"It was my fault": bullied students' causal and controllable attributions in bullying blogs
Loneliness and ethnic composition of the school class: a nationally random sample of adolescents
Perceived ethnic discrimination by teachers and ethnic minority students' academic futility: can parents prepare their youth for better or for worse?
School violence, depressive symptoms, and help-seeking behavior: a gender-stratified analysis of biethnic adolescents in South Korea
Tolerable risks? Physicians and youth tackle football
Testing for response shift bias in evaluations of school antibullying programs
A peer victimisation scale based on a behavioural consequences measurement strategy
Penetrating neck trauma in children: an uncommon entity described using the National Trauma Data Bank
Personality traits predict the developmental course of externalizing: a four-wave longitudinal study spanning age 17 to age 29
Promoting the science of school psychology
The relationship among school safety, school liking, and students' self-esteem: based on a multilevel mediation model
Screening for depression in children and adolescents: U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommendation statement
Teacher-mediated interventions to support child mental health following a disaster: a systematic review
Cyber bullying among teenagers in Israel: an examination of cyber bullying, traditional bullying, and socioemotional functioning
Evaluation of a trauma-informed school intervention with girls in a residential facility school: student perceptions of school environment
Family violence exposure and sexual risk-taking among Latino emerging adults: the role of posttraumatic stress symptomology and acculturative stress
The link between psychological abuse victimization and physical health in college students
Predictor variables of PTSD symptoms in school victimization: a retrospective study with college students
Taking stock of behavioral measures of adolescent dating violence
Unwanted pursuit behavior after breakup: occurrence, risk factors, and gender differences
Adding insult to injury: neural sensitivity to social exclusion is associated with internalizing symptoms in chronically peer-victimized girls
Bullying and other forms of peer victimization in adolescence and alcohol use
Cyber dating abuse victimization among secondary school students from a lifestyle-routine activities theory perspective
Development of cycling skills in 7 to 12-year-old children
Energy drink consumption, health complaints and late bedtime among young adolescents
Experiences of antihomosexual attitudes and young black men who have sex with men in the South: a need for community-based interventions
Impaired executive function in 14- to 16-year-old boys with conduct disorder is related to recidivism: a prospective longitudinal study
Individual- and neighborhood-level determinants of fear of violent crime among adolescents
Influence of parental perception of school safety and gender on children's physical activity in Mexico: a cross sectional study
Injury surveillance and associations with socioeconomic status indicators among youth/young workers in New Jersey secondary schools
A meta-review of school-based disaster interventions for child and adolescent survivors
Mutual long-term effects of school bullying, victimization, and justice sensitivity in adolescents
Positive youth development programmes to reduce substance use in young people: systematic review
Predictors of alcohol-related negative consequences in adolescents: a systematic review of the literature and implications for future research
Prodromal psychotic symptoms and psychological distress among secondary school students in Abeokuta, Nigeria
Promotive and corrosive factors in African American students' math beliefs and achievement
The promotive and protective effects of family factors in the context of peer and community risks for aggression
Psychosocial aspects of youth physical activity
Racial and gender differences in dating violence victimization and disordered eating among U.S. high schools
Reduced brain activation in violent adolescents during response inhibition
On the association between self-reported own- and other-gender similarity and the use of physical and relational aggression in sixth grade children
Participation in pre-high school football and neurological, neuroradiological, and neuropsychological findings in later life: a study of 45 retired National Football League players
Risk and protective factors across multiple microsystems associated with internalizing symptoms and aggressive behavior in rural adolescents: modeling longitudinal trajectories from the Rural Adaptation Project
Retrospective cyberbullying and suicide ideation: the mediating roles of depressive symptoms, perceived burdensomeness, and thwarted belongingness
Risk and protective factors associated with being bullied on school property compared with cyberbullied
Annual Research Review: Neural contributions to risk-taking in adolescence - developmental changes and individual differences
Child and adolescent sports participant issues
A comprehensive evaluation of a universal school-based depression prevention program for adolescents
Suicidality and its relationships with individual, family, peer, and psychopathology factors among adolescents with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
What is positive youth development and how might it reduce substance use and violence? A systematic review and synthesis of theoretical literature
Protective effects of adolescent-adult connection on male youth in urban environments
School-based interventions to promote empathy-related responding in children and adolescents: a developmental analysis
Social and physical aggression trajectories from childhood through late adolescence: predictors of psychosocial maladjustment at age 18
Does socioeconomic status moderate the relationships between school connectedness with psychological distress, suicidal ideation and attempts in adolescents?
Effectiveness and sustainability of the ViSC Social Competence Program to prevent cyberbullying and cyber-victimization: class and individual level moderators
Effects of the cyberbullying prevention program media heroes (Medienhelden) on traditional bullying
Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth: limited representation in school support personnel journals
Neighborhood disadvantage and physical aggression in children and adolescents: a systematic review and meta-analysis of multilevel studies
Extreme weight-control behaviors and suicide risk among high school students
Physical fighting, fighting-related injuries and family affluence among Canadian youth
School-based first aid training programs: a systematic review
A statewide profile of frequent users of school-based health centers: implications for adolescent health care
Does recognition of meaning in life confer resiliency to suicide ideation among community-residing older adults? A longitudinal investigation
Early adolescent friendship selection based on externalizing behavior: the moderating role of pubertal development. The SNARE study
Trajectories of callous-unemotional traits in childhood predict different forms of peer victimization in adolescence
Association among subtypes of bullying status and sexually-risky behaviors of urban African American adolescents in Chicago
Association between alcohol sports sponsorship and consumption: a systematic review
Bullying culture: valuing the teacher-student relationship
Bullying victimization among school-aged immigrant youth in the United States
Children with sexual behavior problems: clinical characteristics and relationship to child maltreatment
Children, teachers and GPs call for more bullying support
Concussion characteristics in high school football by helmet age/recondition status, manufacturer, and model: 2008-2009 through 2012-2013 academic years in the United States
Cycle training for children: which schools offer it and who takes part?
Development of suicide postvention guidelines for secondary schools: a Delphi study
The effect of cognitive rest as part of post-concussion management for adolescent athletes: a critically appraised topic
Epidemiology of injuries in United States high school track and field: 2008-2009 through 2013-2014
Injuries from cheerleading are comparatively infrequent but may be more serious (NewsCAP)
Parent Programs for Reducing Adolescent's Antisocial Behavior and Substance Use: A Randomized Controlled Trial
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Substance abuse prevention
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School nurses avoid addressing child sexual abuse
Suicide Ideation and Life Events in a Sample of Rural Adolescents
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A multifactorial injury prevention intervention reduces injury incidence in physical education teacher education students
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Aggression in teachers is related to role conflict and role ambiguity as occupational stress
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Implementing health and safety policy changes at the high school level from a leadership perspective
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Role of headmasters, teachers, and supervisors in knowledge transfer about occupational health and safety to pupils in vocational education
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Investigate the relationship between parenting styles with development of moral judgment in children 4 - 6 years in kindergartens of the City of Babol
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Effects of legislation on sports-related concussion
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Defending victimized peers: opposing the bully, supporting the victim, or both?
Disaster risk education of final year high school students requires a partnership with families and charity organizations: an international cross-sectional survey
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Football safety. "We must change the way the game is played"
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Guide launched to keep children safe on the way to school
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Decline in physical activity during adolescence is not associated with changes in mental health
Doctor, my child is bullied: food allergy management in schools
History of somatization is associated with prolonged recovery from concussion
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Promoting harm? The responsibilities of sports administrators
School composition, family poverty and child behaviour
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Cyberbullying: the shades of harm
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Effects of workplace thermal conditions on safe work behavior
Exploring the link between adolescent anger expression and tendencies for suicide: a brief report
Parents, teachers and child education to prevent trauma of traffic accidents among children
Perceptions of school and health department emergency preparedness collaboration
The plan of temporary assembling of flag on children's umbrella
Concussion recovery time among high school and collegiate athletes: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Qualitative process evaluation of a social support educational program for youths
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Video educational intervention improves reporting of concussion and symptom recognition
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Suicidal behaviour protective factors in adolescents
Using simulator to measure the skills of taxi drivers and increasing the safety of school services vehicles
What are the factors associated with criminal behaviour for young people with mental health problems?
The role of parental support in the relationship between homophobic bullying, internalized homophobia and psychological distress among sexual-minority youths (SMY): a moderated mediation approach
Safety in high school supervised agricultural experiences: teachers' training and students' injury awareness
Walking in school-aged children in a dual-task paradigm is related to age but not to cognition, motor behavior, injuries, or psychosocial functioning
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Residential treatment and the invention of the emotionally disturbed child in twentieth-century America
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Evaluation of a decision-making curriculum for teaching adolescents with disabilities to resist negative peer pressure
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Impulsivity symptoms as core to the developmental externalizing spectrum
Power to the children? Machiavellianism in childhood and adolescence
Mobbing in schools and hospitals in Uruguay: prevalence and relation to loss of status
Multidimensional predictors of treatment outcome in usual care for adolescent conduct problems and substance use
Number of years of team and individual sport participation during adolescence and depressive symptoms in early adulthood
An open pilot study of training hostile interpretation bias to treat disruptive mood dysregulation disorder
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Sexual-orientation differences in Positive Youth Development: the mediational role of bullying victimization
Social and psychological effects of the internet use
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Transactional links between teacher-student relationships and adolescent rule-breaking behavior and behavioral school engagement: moderating role of a dopaminergic genetic profile score
Sexual orientation and gender identity in schools: a call for more research in school psychology-no more excuses
Active transportation to support diabetes prevention: expanding school health promotion programming in an indigenous community
Adolescent loneliness and social skills: agreement and discrepancies between self-, meta-, and peer-evaluations
Applying ecological positive youth development theory to address co-occurring health disparities among immigrant Latino youth
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Associations between the neighborhood environment and moderate-to-vigorous walking in New Zealand children: findings from the URBAN study
Children's route choice during active transportation to school: difference between shortest and actual route
Common sports-related musculoskeletal injuries presenting to the emergency department
The Dating Violence Questionnaire: Validation of the Cuestionario de Violencia de Novios using a college sample from the United States
Developmental outcomes of using physical violence against dates and peers
Effect of adolescent substance use and antisocial behavior on the development of early adulthood depression
Evidence for data missing at random in youth physical activity monitoring research
Long-term effects of the family check-up in early adolescence on risk of suicide in early adulthood
Promotion of safety culture in Italian schools: effectiveness of interventions on student injuries
Removing contact from school rugby will not turn children into couch potatoes
Handgun carrying among White youth increasing in the United States: new evidence from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health 2002-2013
Impact of Cyberprogram 2.0 on different types of school violence and aggressiveness
Facilitating a school-based prevention of commercial sexual exploitation of children
Full spectrum of mental disorders linked with childhood residential mobility
Exposure to violence and virologic and immunological outcomes among youth with perinatal HIV in the Pediatric HIV/AIDS Cohort Study
Impact of persistent and adolescent-limited antisocial behaviour on adult health outcomes
Incidence of Injury Based on Sports Participation in High School Athletes
Lifestyles/routine activities and bullying among South Korean youths
The long-term effectiveness of a selective, personality-targeted prevention program in reducing alcohol use and related harms: a cluster randomized controlled trial
Mapping and evaluation of physical activity interventions for school-aged children
A meta-analysis of predictors of bullying and victimisation in adolescence
Parental attitudes and aggression in the Emo subculture
Peer victimization and adolescent adjustment: does school belonging matter?
Psychological factors associated with delayed symptom resolution in children with concussion
Victim consciousness among youth and their responses to violent encounters
Historical invariance in delinquency causation: a test of equivalent models of delinquency for two generations of adolescents
Assessing symptoms in adolescents following sport-related concussion: a comparison of four different approaches
Who are the adolescents saying "No" to cannabis offers
Does mindset intervention predict students' daily experience in classrooms? A comparison of seventh and ninth graders' trajectories
A family-oriented therapy program for youths with substance abuse: long-term outcomes related to relapse and academic or social status
Health behaviors in high school students in İzmir, Turkey
Long-term effects of the family check-up in public secondary school on diagnosed major depressive disorder in adulthood
A web-based computer-tailored alcohol prevention program for adolescents: cost-effectiveness and intersectoral costs and benefits
Genetic and environmental contributions to associations between infant fussy temperament and antisocial behavior in childhood and adolescence
Political violence exposure, adolescent school violence, and drug use: the mediating role of school support and posttraumatic stress
Psychopathic traits and maltreatment: relations with aggression and mental health problems in detained boys
The impact of school resource officer interaction on students' feelings about school and school police
Psychological factors related to physical education classes as predictors of students' intention to partake in leisure-time physical activity
Psychosocial outcomes of sport concussions in youth hockey players
Racial and ethnic change and serious student offending in Los Angeles middle and high schools
Relations of delinquency to direct and indirect violence exposure among economically disadvantaged, ethnic-minority mid-adolescents
The relationship between post-injury measures of cognition, balance, symptom reports and health-related quality-of-life in adolescent athletes with concussion
Routine cell phone activity and exposure to sext messages: extending the generality of routine activity theory and exploring the etiology of a risky teenage behavior
Test-retest reliability of computerized neurocognitive testing in youth ice hockey players
Utility of the Athlete Drinking Scale for assessing drinking motives among high school athletes
Validation of the Sexual Orientation Microaggression Inventory in two diverse samples of LGBTQ youth
Walkability around primary schools and area deprivation across Scotland
Active travel to school: findings from the Survey of US Health Behavior in School-Aged Children, 2009-2010
Are proactive and reactive aggression meaningful distinctions in adolescents? A variable- and person-based approach
Non-suicidal self-injury in our schools: a review and research-informed guidelines for school mental health professionals
Seeking new glory (d)haze: a qualitative examination of adventure-based, team orientation rituals as an alternative to traditional sport hazing for athletes and coaches
Mental health problems in a school setting in children and adolescents
"Playing through it": delayed reporting and removal from athletic activity after concussion predicts prolonged recovery
Social and individual risk factors for suicide ideation among Chinese children and adolescents: A multilevel analysis
Status differences in target-specific prosocial behavior and aggression
Aerobic exercise for adolescents with prolonged symptoms after mild traumatic brain injury: an exploratory randomized clinical trial
Comment on article: King-Devick test reference values and associations with balance measures in high school American football players
Relationship of social network to protective factors in suicide and alcohol use disorder intervention for rural Yup'ik Alaska Native Youth
The role of attainment value, academic self-efficacy, and message frame in the appraisal of value-promoting messages
Safe-play knowledge, aggression, and head-impact biomechanics in adolescent ice hockey players
The scientific foundations and associated injury risks of early soccer specialisation
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Levels of aggression among Turkish adolescents and factors leading to aggression
Management of persistent cognitive symptoms after sport-related concussion
Online role-play simulations with emotionally responsive avatars for the early detection of Native youth psychological distress, including depression and suicidal ideation
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Six-year mortality in a street-recruited cohort of homeless youth in San Francisco, California
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Adolescent cyberbullying: a review of characteristics, prevention and intervention strategies
Association between peer victimization in adolescence and cannabis use: a systematic review
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Broadening campus threat assessment beyond mass shootings
Fame-seeking rampage shooters: initial findings and empirical predictions
Martial arts participation and externalizing behavior in juveniles: a meta-analytic review
Peer victimization in survivors of premature birth and low birth weight: review and recommendations
Head Start's impact on socio-emotional outcomes for children who have experienced violence or neighborhood crime
Knowledge of concussions by high school coaches in a rural environment
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Direct and indirect forms of childhood maltreatment and nonsuicidal self-injury among clinically-referred children and youth
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Exposure to violence in the community predicts friendships with academically disengaged peers during middle adolescence
How do different dimensions of adolescent narcissism impact the relation between callous-unemotional traits and self-reported aggression?
Impulsive aggression and the significance of bullying in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
Intimate partner violence in early adolescence: the role of gender, socioeconomic factors and the school
Cognitive functioning in adolescents with self-reported ADHD and depression: results from a population-based study
Cyberbullying awareness for mitigating consequences in higher education
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Teenage pregnancy rates and associations with other health risk behaviours: a three-wave cross-sectional study among South African school-going adolescents
Validity and reliability of behavior and theory-based psychosocial determinants measures, using audience response system technology in urban upper-elementary schoolchildren
Drinking to cope: a latent class analysis of coping motives for alcohol use in a large cohort of adolescents
Effects of PREPARE, a Multi-component, School-Based HIV and Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Prevention Programme on Adolescent Sexual Risk Behaviour and IPV: Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial
Elite US college admissions: could the quest for admission increase overuse injury risk?
Evaluation of Youth Mental Health First Aid USA: a program to assist young people in psychological distress
Harsh discipline relates to internalizing problems and cognitive functioning: findings from a cross-sectional study with school children in Tanzania
Psychological health and academic success in rural Appalachian adolescents exposed to physical and sexual interpersonal violence
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Sexual harassment victimization in adolescence: associations with family background
Adolescent social isolation as a model of heightened vulnerability to comorbid alcoholism and anxiety disorders
Birthdays are associated with an increased risk of suicide in Japan: evidence from 27,007 deaths in Tokyo in 2001-2010
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Childhood abuse and aggression in adolescent girls involved in child welfare: the role of depression and posttraumatic stress
Conflict and lack of discipline in the school context: the standardization of the School
Early-childhood social reticence predicts brain function in preadolescent youths during distinct forms of peer evaluation
Economic burden of road traffic accidents: report from a single center from south eastern Iran
Epidemiology of high school sports-related injuries resulting in medical disqualification: 2005-2006 through 2013-2014 academic years
Helmet laws, helmet use, and bicycle ridership
Irie Classroom Toolbox: a study protocol for a cluster-randomised trial of a universal violence prevention programme in Jamaican preschools
Latent profiles of externalizing psychopathology and their relation to children's aggression and social behavior
Longitudinal associations of homophobic name-calling victimization with psychological distress and alcohol use during adolescence
Nutritional supplementation to reduce child aggression: a randomized, stratified, single-blind, factorial trial
Physical and sexual violence against children in Kenya within a cultural context
Prevalence and characteristics of dating violence among school-aged adolescents in Portugal
Returning to school following sport-related concussion
School mobility during childhood predicts psychotic symptoms in late adolescence
Physiological arousal and juvenile psychopathy: is low resting heart rate associated with affective dimensions?
Prevalence of sleep disorders among primary school children
Resilience and other possible outcomes after mild traumatic brain injury: a systematic review
Self-reported emotion reactivity among early-adolescent girls: evidence for convergent and discriminant validity in an urban community sample
The role of childhood sexual abuse, childhood gender nonconformity, self-esteem and parental attachment in predicting suicide ideation and attempts in Turkish young adults
Youth suicide as a "wild" problem: implications for prevention practice
The neurobiology of non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI): a review
A comparison of suicide characteristics and precipitating circumstances by age group among Maryland residents: data from the Maryland Violent Death Reporting System, 2003-2009
Attempted suicide related posttraumatic stress disorder in depression - an exploratory study
Insights into the processes of suicide contagion: narratives from young people bereaved by suicide
African-American and Latino parents' attitudes and beliefs regarding adolescent fighting and its prevention
Association between neighborhood social environment and children's independent mobility
Blowing the whistle on sports concussions: will the risk of dementia change the game?
Daily bidirectional relationships between sleep and mental health symptoms in youth with emotional and behavioral problems
Developmental hazards among young alcohol intoxicated patients
Activities and participation of children and adolescents after mild traumatic brain injury and the effectiveness of an early intervention (Brains Ahead!): study protocol for a cohort study with a nested randomised controlled trial
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
Childhood adversity, substance abuse, and violence: implications for trauma-informed social work practice
What helps children and young people move forward following child maltreatment?
Nonfatal playground-related traumatic brain injuries among children, 2001-2013
Pediatric sport-related concussion education: effectiveness and long-term retention of the Head Safety Youth Sports (HSYS) program for youth athletes, ages 11-16
Prevalence and correlates of any and frequent synthetic cannabinoid use in a representative sample of high school students
Protocols or principles? Reimagining suicide risk assessment as an embedded, principle-based ongoing conversation in youth work practice
Emergency and disaster preparedness of school transportation staff and school buses in the United States: compliance with recommendations for school transportation safety
EMS activations for school-aged children from public buildings, places of recreation or sport, and health care facilities in Pennsylvania
Health status and risk behaviors of sexual minorities among Chinese adolescents: a school-based survey
The impact of vocational education and training programs on recidivism: a systematic review of current experimental evidence
The incidence and economic burden of injuries in Jiangxi, China
Internet use and electronic gaming by children and adolescents with emotional and behavioural problems in Australia - results from the second Child and Adolescent Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing
Longitudinal effects of early childhood maltreatment on co-occurring substance misuse and mental health problems in adulthood: the role of adolescent alcohol use and depression
Maternal mind-mindedness provides a buffer for pre-adolescents at risk for disruptive behavior
Academic dysfunction after a concussion among US high school and college students
"Can a school-wide bullying prevention program improve the plight of victims? Evidence for risk × intervention effects": Correction to Juvonen et al. (2016)
Gangs, clubs, and alcohol: the effect of organizational membership on adolescent drinking behavior
Prevalence and factors associated with substance use and misuse among Kosovar adolescents; cross sectional study of scholastic, familial-, and sports-related factors of influence
The school nurse's role in addressing female genital mutilation
Social interactions and children with asthma
Quantifying the causal effects of 20mph zones on road casualties in London via doubly robust estimation
Factors associated with overweight and obesity among Kuwaiti elementary male school children aged 6-10 years
Internet usage habits and cyberbullying related opinions of secondary school students
Associations between problematic gaming and psychiatric symptoms among adolescents in two samples
Child maltreatment and bullying victimization among a community-based sample of sexual minority youth: the meditating role of psychological distress
Context matters: the state of racial disparities in mental health services among youth reported to child welfare in 1999 and 2009
Diagnosis and treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder during adolescence in the primary care setting: a concise review
Youth concussion laws across the nation: implications for the traveling team physician
Experience with Canada's first policy on concussion education and management in schools
Health-promoting educational settings in Taiwan: development and evaluation of the Health-Promoting School Accreditation System
Multivariate analysis of the risk factors for first-time noncontact ACL injury in high school and college athletes: a prospective cohort study with a nested, matched case-control analysis
Road safety:young people's behaviours in Vila Nova de Famalicão
Child abuse: perception and teacher training
Prevalence and predictors of suicidal ideations among school going adolescents in a hilly state of India
Profiles of student perceptions of school climate: relations with risk behaviors and academic outcomes
The role of sleep in the relationship between victimization and externalizing problems in adolescents
The school-to-prison pipeline: disproportionate impact on vulnerable children and adolescents
Schools, families, and the prevention of child maltreatment: lessons that can be learned from a literature review
Solution-focused brief therapy with Latinos: a systematic review
A vicious cycle: a social-psychological account of extreme racial disparities in school discipline
Trauma-informed schools
The underlying neurobiology of key functional domains in young people with mood and anxiety disorders: a systematic review
Role of direct and indirect violence exposure on externalizing behavior in children
The role of schools in children and young people's self-harm and suicide: systematic review and meta-ethnography of qualitative research
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Tackling causes and costs of ED presentation for American football injuries: a population-level study
Age varying links between violence exposure and behavioral, mental, and physical health
Behavioral profiles associated with objective sleep duration in young children with insomnia symptoms
Characteristics of youth with combined histories of violent behavior, suicidal ideation or behavior, and gun-carrying
Collaboration for a curriculum of caring: the zeitgeist is right
Deflected pathways: becoming aggressive, socially withdrawn, or prosocial with peers during the transition to adolescence
Dutch primary schoolchildren's perspectives of activity-friendly school playgrounds: a participatory study
The effect of educational intervention in promoting safe behaviors in a sample of Iranian primary school students: an application of the health belief model
Evaluation of yoga for preventing adolescent substance use risk factors in a middle school setting: a preliminary group-randomized controlled trial
Examination of teacher knowledge, dissemination preferences, and classroom management of student concussions: implications for return-to-learn protocols
Feasibility of the Prototype Willingness Model as the basis for school-delivered alcohol misuse prevention: a qualitative think-aloud study to explore acceptability of 'The Alcohol Smart Quiz' with adolescents and teachers
Gender differences in concussion reporting among high school athletes
Persistent headache and cephalic allodynia attributed to head trauma in children and adolescents
Physicians and youth tackle football
Policy actions to address weight-based bullying and eating disorders in schools: views of teachers and school administrators
Prevalence, motivations, and social, mental health and health consequences of cyberbullying among school-aged children and youth: protocol of a longitudinal and multi-perspective mixed method study
Promoting fitness and safety in elementary students: a randomized control study of the Michigan Model for Health
Promoting a positive middle school transition: a randomized-controlled treatment study examining self-concept and self-esteem
The protective role of friendship quality on the wellbeing of adolescents victimized by peers
Psychiatric disorders among adolescents from Lebanon: prevalence, correlates, and treatment gap
Research priorities for eight areas of adolescent health in low- and middle-income countries
Adolescent self-harm and risk factors
Youth and caregiver perspectives on barriers to gender-affirming health care for transgender youth
Effect evaluation of a road safety education program based on victim testimonials in high schools in Belgium
Exposure to community violence and sexual behaviors among African American youth: testing multiple pathways
National Safe Routes to School program and risk of school-age pedestrian and bicyclist injury
Who helps whom? Investigating the development of adolescent prosocial relationships
The predictive validity of SAVRY ratings for assessing youth offenders in Singapore: a comparison with YLS/CMI ratings
Rural-to-urban migration, strain, and juvenile delinquency: a study of eighth-grade students in Guangzhou, China
Same-sex sexuality and educational attainment: the pathway to college
School and seasonality in youth suicide: evidence from Japan
Epidemiology of nonfatal injuries among schoolchildren
An internet-based intervention to promote alcohol-related attitudinal and behavioral change among adolescents: protocol of a cluster randomized controlled trial
Management for school environmental health in Japan
Personal and familial predictors of peer victimization trajectories from primary to secondary school
Rejection sensitivity and depressive symptoms: longitudinal actor-partner effects in adolescent romantic relationships
Sex-based differences as a predictor of recovery trajectories in young athletes after a sports-related concussion: response
The Tripod School Climate Index: an invariant measure of school safety and relationships
Use of private motor vehicle transportation for taking children to school in São Paulo Metropolitan Area, Brazil, 1997-2012
Validation of the French Version of Conners' Parent Rating Scale Revised, Short Version: factorial structure and reliability
The influence of pedestrian countdown signals on children's crossing behavior at school intersections
Italian credit mobility students significantly increase their alcohol intake, risky drinking and related consequences during the study abroad experience
Neural correlates of retaliatory and prosocial reactions to social exclusion: associations with chronic peer rejection
The socio-behavioral development of children with symptoms of attachment disorder: An observational study of teacher sensitivity in special education
Suicidal ideation and suicide attempts among youth who report bully victimization, bully perpetration and/or low social connectedness
Manipulative relational behaviour and delinquency: sex differences and links with emotional intelligence
The broader impact of Friend to Friend (F2F): effects on teacher-student relationships, prosocial behaviors, and relationally and physically aggressive behaviors
The longitudinal associations between substance use, crime, and social risk among emerging adults: a longitudinal within and between-person latent variables analysis
School performance after experiencing trauma: a longitudinal study of school functioning in survivors of the Utøya shootings in 2011
Associations between parents' perception of neighbourhood environments and safety with physical activity of primary school children in Klang, Selangor, Malaysia
Awareness in primary school teachers regarding traumatic dental injuries in children and their emergency management: a survey in South Jaipur
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Comment on: Cumulative head impact exposure predicts later-life depression, apathy, executive dysfunction, and cognitive impairment in former high school and college football players
Comparison of Indiana high school football injury rates by inclusion of the USA Football "Heads Up Football" player safety coach
A depression prevention intervention for adolescents in the emergency department
Do extraversion and neuroticism moderate the association between bullying victimization and internalizing symptoms? A three-wave longitudinal study
Does center-based childcare play a role in preventing child maltreatment? Evidence from a one-year follow-up study
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Predictors of sexual minority youth's reported suicide attempts and mental health
Prescription drug misuse and associated risk behaviors among public high school students in Oklahoma: data from the 2013 Oklahoma Youth Risk Behavior Survey
Antecedents of treatment resistant depression in children victimized by peers
Injuries in world junior ice hockey championships between 2006 and 2015
Negative bystander behavior in bullying dynamics: assessing the impact of social capital deprivation and anti-social capital
Reliability and validity of the Sport Concussion Assessment Tool-3 (SCAT3) in high school and collegiate athletes
Symptom-guided emergency department discharge instructions for children with concussion
Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance - United States, 2015
Prevalence and correlates of sex exchange among a nationally representative sample of adolescents and young adults
Quality of life in adolescents and adults with CHARGE syndrome
Characteristics of youth presenting to a Canadian youth concurrent disorders program: clinical complexity, trauma, adaptive functioning and treatment priorities
Classroom and teacher support in kindergarten: associations with the behavioral and academic adjustment of low-income students
Does psychotherapy work with school-aged youth? A meta-analytic examination of moderator variables that influence therapeutic outcomes
Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a brief school-based group programme for parents of children at risk of ADHD: a cluster randomised controlled trial
African refugee youths' stories of surviving trauma and transition in U.S. public schools
Including youth violence screening on previsit questionnaires and the effect on other health risk behavior discussions
The Single-Case Reporting guideline In BEhavioural interventions (SCRIBE) 2016 statement
Teacher-student relationships and adolescent behavioral engagement and rule-breaking behavior: the moderating role of dopaminergic genes
Victimization exposure and psychosocial functioning among school-aged children: the role of moderating and mediating variables
Maternal sensitivity and effortful control in early childhood as predictors of adolescents' adjustment: the mediating roles of peer group affiliation and social behaviors
Parental and adolescent health behaviors and pathways to adulthood
A primrose path? Moderating effects of age and gender in the association between green space and mental health
Where next with theory and research on how the school environment influences young people's substance use?
Assessment of psychological and psycho-physiological problems among visually impaired adolescents
Child abuse and the prevalence of suicide attempts among those reporting suicide ideation
Childhood sexual abuse and supportive factors
Can ideas from United States youth sports reduce judo-related head injuries in Japan?
Correlates of cumulative sexual risk behaviors among African American youth living in public housing
Effects of mindfulness-based interventions in high school and college athletes for reducing stress and injury, and improving quality of life
Associations between the group processes of bullying and adolescent substance use
Bullying victimization and emotional distress: is there strength in numbers for vulnerable youth?
Implicit measures of child abuse and neglect: a systematic review
A meta-analysis of the effectiveness of trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy and play therapy for child victims of abuse
Psychological and background correlates of bullying in adolescent residential care
Differences in the effects of school meals on children's cognitive performance according to gender, household education and baseline reading skills
Examining the relationship between school climate and peer victimization among students in military-connected public schools
Mediating effect of psychological symptoms on the relationship between childhood abuses and non-suicidal self-injuries among medical college students
The unexpected effects of beneficial and adverse social experiences during adolescence on anxiety and aggression and their modulation by genotype
Retrospective study of injury rates among children and adults in the Lublin Region of Poland
Screening for mental health problems: addressing the base rate fallacy for a sustainable screening program in integrated primary care
Sports-related head injuries in adolescents: a comprehensive update
Underreporting of ecstasy use among high school seniors in the US
Actively caring to prevent bullying in an elementary school: prompting and rewarding prosocial behavior
Aggression among adolescent victims of school bullying: protective roles of family and school connectedness
Changing orientations to corporal punishment: a randomized, control trial of the efficacy of a motivational approach to psycho-education
Effect of education based on the theory of planned behavior on preventive behaviors of aggression
Effect of planed teaching programme for mothers of primary school children on knowledge regarding sexual abuse and its prevention in a selected school at Ernakulam District, Kerala
An exploratory study of neglect and emotional abuse in adolescents: classifications of caregiver risk factors
A first look at natural mentoring among preadolescent foster children
Missed opportunities to keep children safe? National survey of injury prevention activities of children's centres
Utilizing the ecological integration model to understand parental abuse of children with dyslexia
Acute and long-term outcomes following pediatric traumatic brain injury
Assessing self-reported clinical high risk symptoms in community-derived adolescents: a psychometric evaluation of the Prodromal Questionnaire-Brief
Association between childhood psychiatric disorders and psychotic experiences in adolescence: a population-based longitudinal study
The association between callous-unemotional traits, externalizing problems, and gender in predicting cognitive and affective morality judgments in adolescence
Evaluating the effectiveness of the SMART contract-signing strategy in reducing the growth of Swedish Adolescents' substance use and problem behaviors
An ecological path model of use of violence among African American adolescents
If we build it, will they come? A qualitative study of key stakeholder opinions on the implementation of a videogame intervention for risk reduction in adolescents
Mindfulness-based program for management of aggression among youth: a follow-up study
School attendance and symptoms in adolescents after sport-related concussion
Two-year findings from a national effectiveness trial: effectiveness of behavioral and non-behavioral parenting programs
Child abuse and neglect among children who drop out of school: a study in Izmir, Turkey
Communicating parent community at prevention meetings in Norwegian schools
Don't forget the siblings: school-aged siblings of children presenting to mental health services show at-risk patterns of attachment
Evolution of functional family therapy as an evidence-based practice for adolescents with disruptive behavior problems
First empirical evaluation of the link between attachment, social cognition and borderline features in adolescents
Football players' head-impact exposure after limiting of full-contact practices
How to improve adolescent stress responses: insights from integrating implicit theories of personality and biopsychosocial models
Parental and school influences on physical activity levels of high school students in hyderabad, pakistan
Poverty and behavior problems trajectories from 1.5 to 8 years of age: is the gap widening between poor and non-poor children?
Use of the 5 As for teen alcohol use
Which dimension of parenting predicts the change of callous unemotional traits in children with disruptive behavior disorder?
Sports- and recreation-related concussions in US youth
Three types of adverse childhood experiences, and alcohol and drug dependence among adults: an investigation using population-based data
School and religious factors impact the neuroticism-grief link in adolescents
Sex differences in claimed and behavioral self-handicapping and ADHD symptomatology in emerging adults
Sex differences in the effect of childhood trauma on the clinical expression of early psychosis
Should School Buses Have Seat Belts?
Small-sided football in schools and leisure-time sport clubs improves physical fitness, health profile, well-being and learning in children
Concordant responding on the physical assault/abuse subscales of the Revised Conflict Tactics Scales 2 and Conflict in Adolescent Dating Relationships Inventory
High school youth's reactions to participating in mixed-methodological dating violence research
Does poor school performance cause later psychosocial problems among children in foster care? Evidence from national longitudinal registry data
Examining young recreational male soccer players' experience in adult- and peer-led structures
Interprovincial variation in antipsychotic and antidepressant prescriptions dispensed in the Canadian pediatric population
A multilevel analysis of school climate, homophobic name-calling, and sexual harassment victimization/perpetration among middle school youth
Parent perspectives from participating in a family component for CBITS: acceptability of a culturally informed school-based program
Risk and protective factors for heavy binge alcohol use among American Indian adolescents utilizing emergency health services
The role of technology in peer harassment: does it amplify harm for youth?
Workplace bullying among teachers: an analysis from the Job Demands-Resources (JD-R) model perspective
Youth experiences with multiple types of prejudice-based harassment
Unintentional injuries at school in China - patterns and risk factors
Systematic review of the relationships between sleep duration and health indicators in school-aged children and youth
Longitudinal trajectory of adolescent exposure to community violence and depressive symptoms among adolescents and young adults: understanding the effect of mental health service usage
The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine report on bullying: overview and recommendations
Uric acid excretion predicts increased aggression in urban adolescents
Factors of depressive symptoms among elementary, middle, and high school students
Coaching, touching, and false allegations of sexual abuse in Canada
Effects of abuse within violence exposed youth: desensitization or masked effects?
Exploring children's travel to school in upgraded informal settlements: a qualitative case study of Ezbet El-Haggana
Adolescent injury prevention programs associated with sports-related injury reduction
Usual modes of marijuana consumption among high school students in Colorado
Suicidal ideation in a community-based sample of elementary school children: a multilevel and spatial analysis
Stepwise development a text messaging-based bullying prevention program for middle school students (BullyDown)
Indirect effects of attributional style for positive events on depressive symptoms through self-esteem during early adolescence
Influence of age on postconcussive postural control measures and future implications for assessment
From foster care to juvenile justice: exploring characteristics of youth in three cities
Community participation in the development and validation of a school violence observation instrument
Aggression is associated with increased anabolic-androgenic steroid use contemplation among adolescents
Cyberbullying victimization in adolescents as related to body esteem, social support, and social self-efficacy
Effectiveness of school-based interventions for the prevention and/or reduction of psychosocial problems among children and adolescents: a review of reviews
Epidemiology of injuries in female high school soccer players
Evaluation of Iowa's anti-bullying law
Head and neck circumference not risk factors for game concussions among youth American football players
In response to: Does visual performance influence head impact severity among high school football athletes?
In search of meaning: are school rampage shootings random and senseless violence?
The influence of witnessing inter-parental violence and bullying victimization in involvement in fighting among adolescents: evidence from a school-based cross-sectional survey in Peru
Make a move: a comprehensive effect evaluation of a sexual harassment prevention program in Dutch residential youth care
Use of performance-enhancing substances
Relationships among perceived stress, bullying, cortisol, and depressive symptoms in ninth-grade adolescents: a pilot study
Activating the sociological imagination to explore the boundaries of resilience research and practice
Against captivity: Black girls and school discipline policies in the afterlife of slavery
Are elementary school teachers prepared to tackle bullying? A pilot study
Associations among middle school students' bullying roles and social skills
At-school victimization and violence exposure assessed in a national household survey of children and youth
Bullying and cyberbullying in Portugal: validation of a questionnaire and analysis of prevalence
Bullying involvement of Korean children in Germany and in Korea
Bullying Participant Behaviors Questionnaire (BPBQ): establishing a reliable and valid measure
Challenging racism through schools: teacher attitudes to cultural diversity and multicultural education in Sydney, Australia
Bystander intervention, bullying, and victimization: a multilevel analysis of New Zealand high schools
The bullying literature project: using children's literature to promote prosocial behavior and social-emotional outcomes among elementary school students
Changing attitudes of high school students in Israel toward homosexuality
Children's positive adjustment to first grade in risk-filled communities: a case study of the role of school ecologies in South Africa and Finland
Choosing to be a defender or an outsider in a school bullying incident: determining factors and the defending process
Community violence exposure and adolescent delinquency examining a spectrum of promotive factors
Covitality constructs as predictors of psychological well-being and depression for secondary school students
A critical interpretive synthesis of the literature linking music and adolescent mental health
Cyber victimization and aggression: are they linked with adolescent smoking and drinking?
Cyber victimization and depressive symptoms in sexual minority college students
Cyber victimization and perceived stress: linkages to late adolescents' cyber aggression and psychological functioning
Defensive egotism and bullying: gender differences yield qualified support for the compensation model of aggression
Delinquency and crime prevention: overview of research comparing treatment foster care and group care
A community of practice as an inclusive model to support children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties in school contexts
Construction and validation of a questionnaire to study future teachers' beliefs about cultural diversity
Developing a valid version of an inventory to measure anger in Mexican adolescents of middle school level: the ML-STAXI-MS
The developmental evaluation of school improvement networks
Disability in relation to different peer-victimization groups and psychosomatic problems
Disproportionality in daily metal detector student searches in U.S. public schools
Educational psychologists' report-writing: acts of justice?
The effect of bullying and victimization on cognitive empathy development during the transition to middle school
The emergence and evolution of school psychology literature: a scientometric analysis from 1907 through 2014
Emotional problems in traditional and cyber victimization
Examining school security measures as moderators of the association between homophobic victimization and school avoidance
Exploring the meso-system the roles of community, family, and peers in adolescent delinquency and positive youth development
Exploring the social-ecological determinants of physical fighting in U.S. schools: what about youth in immigrant families?
Face-to-face and online: an investigation of children's and adolescents' bullying behavior through the lens of moral emotions and judgments
Family and school strains and their effects on adolescent deviance in Taiwan: a mediating study
An exploration of teacher attrition and mobility in high poverty racially segregated schools
Exploring the principal perspective: implications for expanded school improvement and school mental health
Gender performance stress and risk for psychopathology: looking beyond sexual orientation
The Holocaust in Palestinian textbooks: differences and similarities in Israel and Palestine
Homophobic bullying in Mexico: results of a national survey
Impact of school violence on youth alcohol abuse: differences based on gender and grade level
The influence of sensation-seeking and parental and peer influences in early adolescence on risk involvement through middle adolescence: a structural equation modeling analysis
International perspectives on homophobic and transphobic bullying in schools
Is it bullying, teen dating violence, or both? Student, school staff, and parent perceptions
"Just being mean to somebody isn't a police matter": police perspectives on policing cyberbullying
Is there an oppositional culture among immigrant adolescents in the Netherlands?
A latent class analysis of victimization among middle and high school students in California
Latino immigration: preparing school psychologists to meet students' needs
'Minds were forced wide open': black adolescents' identity exploration in a transformative social justice class
Living on borrowed time: rethinking temporality, self, nihilism, and schooling
A longitudinal examination of perceived discrimination and depressive symptoms in ethnic minority youth: the roles of attributional style, positive ethnic/racial affect, and emotional reactivity
Looking for peace in national curriculum: the PECA Project in New Zealand
Lost in search: (Mal-)adaptation to probabilistic decision environments in children and adults
Making schools safer in South Africa: an antihomophobic bullying educational resource
Mental health and health risk behaviours of homeless adolescents and youth: a mixed methods study
The mental health status of single-parent community college students in California
Message processes and their associations with adolescents' executive function and reports of bullying
"Theory of mind and executive function in Chinese preschool children": Correction to Duh et al. (2016)
Theory of mind and executive function in Chinese preschool children
The moderating role of anxiety in the associations of callous-unemotional traits with self-report and laboratory measures of affective and cognitive empathy
A school-based injury prevention program to reduce sport injury risk and improve healthy outcomes in youth: a pilot cluster-randomized controlled trial
Sports-related concussions - media, science and policy
Young voices in mental health care: exploring children's and adolescents' service experiences and preferences
What limits the effectiveness of antibullying programs? A thematic analysis of the perspective of teachers
What makes a bystander stand by? Adolescents and bullying
Young, queer, and Catholic: youth resistance to homophobia in Catholic schools
Youth sexting: a legislative and constitutional analysis
Young adolescents' gender-, ethnicity-, and popularity-based social schemas of aggressive behavior
What features make online harassment incidents upsetting to youth?
Sexual and gender minority youth suicide: understanding subgroup differences to inform interventions
Sexual harassment and emotional and behavioural symptoms in adolescence: stronger associations among boys than girls
Stopping the bully: an analysis of Texas House Bill 1942
Students' perceptions of their own victimization: a youth voice perspective
Teachers' responses to bullying incidents: effects of teacher characteristics and contexts
Teachers' experiences with multiple victimization: identifying demographic, cognitive, and contextual correlates
Teasing experiences and risk-taking: gender and self-esteem as moderator and mediator
Three randomized effectiveness trials - one question: can callous-unemotional traits in children be altered?
Trajectories of school connectedness across the middle school years examining the roles of adolescents' internalizing and externalizing problems
Unclear suicide prevention effects, insufficient large-scale testing of suicide prevention programs
Understanding educational policy formation: the case of school violence policies in Israel
Triarchic dimensions of psychopathy in young adulthood: associations with clinical and physiological measures after accounting for adolescent psychopathic traits
Views of bullying and antibullying working styles among school nurses and school social workers in Sweden
You can lose what you never had
Adolescents' daily worries and risky behaviors: the buffering role of support seeking
After-school program implementation in urban environments: increasing engagement among adolescent youth
The association between characteristics of fathering in infancy and depressive symptoms in adolescence: a uk birth cohort study
Associations of teen dating violence victimization with school violence and bullying among US high school students
Comparison of athletes' proneness to depressive symptoms in individual and team sports: research on psychological mediators in junior elite athletes
Differences in attributions for public and private face-to-face and cyber victimization among adolescents in China, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, India, Japan, and the United States
Children's disruptive behavior
Interpersonal emotion regulation among adolescent athletes: a Bayesian multilevel model predicting sport enjoyment and commitment
Motivation mediates the perfectionism-burnout relationship: a three-wave longitudinal study with junior athletes
Substance use and criminality among juveniles-under-enquiry in New Delhi
Teenage intimate partner violence: factors associated with victimization among Norwegian youths
Relationships between mental health, skill sets, and violence perpetration among adolescent girls
School bus travel is associated with bullying victimization among Canadian male, but not female, middle and high school students
Sex differences in vestibular/ocular and neurocognitive outcomes after sport-related concussion
Perceived parenting and adolescent cyber-bullying: examining the intervening role of autonomy and relatedness need satisfaction, empathic concern and recognition of humanness
From attitude to action: What shapes attitude toward walking to/from school and how does it influence actual behaviors?
The effectiveness of risk assessment methods: Commentary on "Deciding on child maltreatment: A literature review on methods that improve decision-making"
Studying the teaching of kindness: a conceptual model for evaluating kindness education programs in schools
Campus crimes and student safety precautions: implications to campus security processes
Evaluation of the effects of school zone signs and markings on speed reduction: a driving simulator study
A meta-analysis and systematic review of the risks associated with childhood attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder on long-term outcome of arrests, convictions, and incarcerations
"I learned it by watching you!": the Partnership for a Drug-Free America and the attack on use education in the 1980s
Increased rates of body dissatisfaction, depressive symptoms, and suicide attempts in Jamaican teens with sickle cell disease
Mechanisms linking high school graduation to health disparities in young adulthood: a longitudinal analysis of the role of health behaviours, psychosocial stressors, and health insurance
Adolescent male conduct-disordered patients in substance use disorder treatment: examining the "limited prosocial emotions" specifier
Anger and its association with substance use treatment outcomes in a sample of adolescents
Bacon Brains: Video Games for Teaching the Science of Addiction
Football safety: are changes protecting the players?
Barriers and enablers to enacting child and youth related injury prevention legislation in Canada
Disentangling proactive and reactive aggression in children using self-report
Head injuries in soccer
'I just don't want to get bullied anymore, then I can lead a normal life': insights into life as an obese adolescent and their views on obesity treatment
The incidence and types of physical contact associated with body checking regulation experience in 13-14 year old ice hockey players
Psychological maladjustment and quality of life in adolescents with constipation
Prospective relations between overeating, loss of control eating, binge eating, and depressive symptoms in a school-based sample of adolescents
Associations between school violence, military connection, and gang membership in California secondary schools
Characteristics of attention in school-age children with mild autism spectrum disorder
Prevalence and familial predictors of suicidal behaviour among adolescents in Lithuania: a cross-sectional survey 2014
Diversity in School: a Brazilian educational policy against homophobia
Establishing school bus baseline emergency evacuation times for elementary school students
The changing experiences of primary teachers: responding to scenarios involving diverse sexualities
Childhood cigarette and alcohol use: negative links with adjustment
Intervention effects of a school-based health promotion program on children's motor skills
The landscape of UK child protection research 2010 to 2014: a mapping review of substantive topics, maltreatment types and research designs
Measuring community and service provider attitudes to child sexual abuse in remote Indigenous communities in Western Australia
Moving beyond the emphasis on bullying: a generalized approach to peer aggression in high school
Neighborhood disadvantage alters the origins of children's nonaggressive conduct problems
Youth's initiations of civic and political discussions in class: do youth's perceptions of teachers' behaviors matter and why?
'You are not born being racist, are you?' Discussing racism with primary aged-children
Using elite athletes to promote drug abstinence: evaluation of a single-session school-based drug use prevention program delivered by junior hockey players
Peer victimization and social anxiety: an exploration of coping strategies as mediators
Peer victimization and suicidal behaviors among high school youth
Peer victimization, deviant peer affiliation and impulsivity: predicting adolescent problem behaviors
Pilot test of StandUp, an online school-based bullying prevention program
Could isokinetic evaluation contribute to the assessment of sex differences in the incidence of ACL, MCL, and meniscal injuries in collegiate and high school sports? Response
Could isokinetic evaluation contribute to the assessment of sex differences in the incidence of ACL, MCL, and meniscal injuries in collegiate and high school sports? Letter to the editor
Dialogic pedagogies in educational settings for active citizenship, social cohesion and peacebuilding in Lebanon
Family and community predictors of comorbid language, socioemotional and behavior problems at school entry
Updates and current perspectives of psychiatric assessments after traumatic brain injury: a systematic review
Bullying development across adolescence, its antecedents, outcomes, and gender-specific patterns
Emotion knowledge and attentional differences in preschoolers showing context-inappropriate anger
Attitudes towards sexual coercion by Polish high school students: links with risky sexual scripts, pornography use, and religiosity
Capital, inequality and education in conflict-affected contexts
Career development and counselling needs of LGBTQ high school students
Discourses of discipline. An anthropology of corporal punishment in Japan's schools and sports
Generalisation of the Clark and Wells cognitive model of social anxiety to children's athletic and sporting situations
Guanxi and school success: an ethnographic inquiry of parental involvement in rural China
Metaphor as a methodological tool: identifying teachers' social justice dispositions across diverse secondary school settings
Neutralisation and sexual abuse: a study of monks from one Benedictine Abbey
'Peer social capital' and networks of migrants and minority ethnic youth in England and Spain
Piketty, capital and education: a solution to, or problem in, rising social inequalities?
Racism and bullying in rural primary schools: protecting White identities post Macpherson
The relationship between children's perceptions of the natural environment and their subjective well-being
Responding to self-harm in the school setting: the experience of guidance counsellors and teachers in Ireland
School predictors of alcohol use in high school Hispanic and non-Hispanic youth
'Students that just hate school wouldn't go': educationally disengaged and disadvantaged young people's talk about university education
Conceptions and practices of educators at child sheltering institutions
The association between preschool classroom quality and children's social-emotional problems
Bullying: young children's roles, social status, and prevention programmes
A case study of gendered play in preschools: how early childhood educators' perceptions of gender influence children's play
Change in child behaviour concerns associated with childcare quality features among a sample of low-income Latino children
Child sexual abuse at preschools - a research review of a complex issue for preschool professionals
Cognitive and stress vulnerabilities towards obsessive-compulsive disorder amongst British, Iranian and Lithuanian adolescents
A comparison of urban and rural kindergarten teachers' perceptions of school safety for young children: implications for quality teacher education
Concealed carry bans and the American college campus: a law, social sciences, and policy perspective
Concordance in peer victimization-related beliefs across parents and in-service and preservice early childhood teachers
The development of self-control from kindergarten to fifth grade: the effects of neuropsychological functioning and adversity
Early childhood educators attitudes towards playful aggression among boys: exploring the importance of situational context
From didactic to dialogue: assessing the use of an innovative classroom resource to support decision-making about cannabis use
Matter but so does their substance use: the impact of social networks on substance use, offending and wellbeing among young people attending specialist alcohol and drug treatment services
Social factors associated with drug use in the Mexican school-age population: a comparison of two national surveys
Younger teens' mode choice for school trips: do parents' attitudes toward safety and traffic conditions along the school route matter?
Teacher work environments are toddler learning environments: teacher professional well-being, classroom emotional support, and toddlers' emotional expressions and behaviours
Postconcussion symptoms as a marker of delayed recovery in children and youth who recently sustained a concussion: a brief report
A preliminary evaluation of the Spanish Parent-Child Aggression Acceptability Movie Task in Spain
Preventing school bullying: should schools prioritize an authoritative school discipline approach over security measures?
Preventing and addressing homophobic and transphobic bullying in education: a human rights-based approach using the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child
Proactive-reactive aggressiveness in high school students: scale construction, examination of relations to physical and relational aggression, exploration of subtypes
Work stress, poor recovery and burnout in teachers
Access to and use of schools for physical activity among adults in Los Angeles County
Childhood injuries in Singapore: can local physicians and the healthcare system do more to confront this public health concern?
Elements contributing to meaningful participation for children and youth with disabilities: a scoping review
Epidemiology of chest, rib, thoracic spine, and abdomen injuries among United States high school athletes, 2005/06 to 2013/14
Exploration of the factor structure of ADHD in adolescence through self, parent, and teacher reports of symptomatology
More than words: the association of childhood emotional abuse and suicidal behavior
Perceived parental control, self-criticism, and nonsuicidal self-injury among adolescents: testing the reciprocal relationships by a three-wave cross-lag model
Playability of school-environments and after-school physical activity among 8-11 year-old children: specificity of time and place
Predicting sexual coercion in early adulthood: the transaction among maltreatment, gang affiliation, and adolescent socialization of coercive relationship norms
Social capital and fear of crime in adolescence: a multilevel study
Adding to the education debt: depressive symptoms mediate the association between racial discrimination and academic performance in African Americans
Anger and aggression in paediatrics
Bullied by siblings and peers: the role of rejecting/neglecting parenting and friendship quality among Korean children
Characteristics of children in foster care, family-style group care, and residential care: a scoping review
Familial factors relating to alexithymic traits in adolescents with psychiatric disorders
Forge strong ties between staff, students to enhance campus safety
Revisiting thermal comfort models in Iranian classrooms during the warm season
Adolescents' viewing of suicide-related web content and psychological problems: differentiating the roles of cyberbullying involvement
A behaviorally specific, empirical alternative to bullying: aggravated peer victimization
Drug use in adolescents in relation to social support and reactive and proactive aggressive behavior
Manganese in drinking water and cognitive abilities and behavior at 10 years of age: a prospective cohort study
Parents, peers, and places: young urban adolescents' microsystems and substance use involvement
Peer cybervictimization among adolescents and the associated internalizing and externalizing problems: a meta-analysis
Self-reported time in bed and sleep quality in association with internalizing and externalizing symptoms in school-age youth
Sexting coercion as a component of intimate partner polyvictimization
Systematic review and meta-analysis of effects of community-delivered positive youth development interventions on violence outcomes
Teen choices, an online stage-based program for healthy, nonviolent relationships: development and feasibility trial
Childhood exposure to violence and chronic physical conditions in a national sample of US adolescents
Effects of the Maytiv positive psychology school program on early adolescents' well-being, engagement, and achievement
Evaluating empathy in adolescents with conduct disorders
Genetic influences on adolescent behavior
Head impact magnitude in American high school football
How can Continuous Performance Test help to assess inattention when mood and ADHD symptoms coexist?
Measures of aggression and victimization in Portuguese adolescents: cross-cultural validation of the revised peer experience questionnaire
A new approach to athletic training in southern Wisconsin high schools
Psychopathic traits and moral disengagement interact to predict bullying and cyberbullying among adolescents
A randomized controlled trial of strong minds: a school-based mental health program combining acceptance and commitment therapy and positive psychology
Reducing prejudice and promoting positive intergroup attitudes among elementary-school children in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Sexuality education for children and adolescents
Traditional masculinity during the middle school transition: associations with depressive symptoms and academic engagement
A variable-centered and person-centered evaluation of emotion regulation and distress tolerance: links to emotional and behavioral concerns
Variations in students' perceived reasons for, sources of, and forms of in-school discrimination: a latent class analysis
Early childhood behavior problems and the gender gap in educational attainment in the United States
Educational attainment, labour market position and mental ill health as pathways from adversities in adolescence to disability pension in early adulthood: a Finnish cohort study using register data
Trust in friends and school adjustment of junior high school students
Understanding aggression through attachment and social emotional competence in Korean middle school students
Origins of early adolescents' hope personality, parental attachment, and stressful life events
Perceived school climate across the transition from elementary to middle school
The consequences of school environment and locus of control on adulthood deviant behavior
The link between onset age and adult offending: the role of developmental profiles
Long-term effects of adolescent concussion history on gait, across age
The role of race in preservice teachers' perceptions of and attitudes towards corporal punishment & child maltreatment
The effect of before school physical activity on child development: a study protocol to evaluate the Build Our Kids Success (BOKS) program
Associations between school difficulties and health-related problems and risky behaviours in early adolescence: a cross-sectional study in middle-school adolescents in France
Behaviour problems in children with intellectual disabilities in a resource-poor setting in India - part 1: association with age, sex, severity of intellectual disabilities and IQ
Changes in mental health, bullying behavior, and service use among eight-year-old children over 24 years
Childhood adversity and insomnia in adolescence
Cognitive effects of mindfulness training: results of a pilot study based on a theory driven approach
Cultural assets and substance use among Hispanic adolescents
Cyberbullying perpetration by Arab youth: the direct and interactive role of individual, family, and neighborhood characteristics
Descriptive study of dental injury incurred by junior high school and high school students during participation in school sports clubs
Development and psychometric properties of the Suicidality of Adolescent Screening Scale (SASS) using Multidimensional Item Response Theory
Anticipating and addressing event-specific alcohol consumption among adolescents
Callous-unemotional traits and empathy deficits: mediating effects of affective perspective-taking and facial emotion recognition
Cortisol stress response variability in early adolescence: attachment, affect and sex
Diagnosis and dialogue in acute child and adolescent mental health care
Adjunctive amantadine treatment for aggressive behavior in children: a series of eight cases
Biomechanical perspectives on concussion in sport
Digital forms of dating violence: what school nurses need to know
Effectiveness of antidepressant medications for symptoms of irritability and disruptive behaviors in children and adolescents
Impulsivity mediates the relationship between future orientation and juvenile deviancy
Influence of inter-parental conflict on adolescent delinquency via school connectedness: Is impulsivity a vulnerability or plasticity factor?
Nonsuicidal self-injury in adolescents: characterization of the disorder and the issue of distress and impairment
Behavioral and nondirective guided self-help for parents of children with externalizing behavior: mediating mechanisms in a head-to-head comparison
Brief report on a systematic review of youth violence prevention through media campaigns: does the limited yield of strong evidence imply methodological challenges or absence of effect?
CDC grand rounds: adolescence - preparing for lifelong health and wellness
A closer look at school bonding among African American adolescents in low-income communities: a latent class analysis
The construction of a taxonomy of early childhood educators' work
Effects of duration on perceptions of teacher sexual misconduct
Effects of school-based risk and protective factors on treatment success among youth adjudicated of a sexual crime
Factors associated with suicide among adolescents and young adults not in mental health treatment at time of death
KiVa anti-bullying program in Italy: evidence of effectiveness in a randomized control trial
The lived experience of the adolescent sex offender: a phenomenological case study
Longitudinal association between child emotion regulation and aggression, and the role of parenting: a comparison of three cultures
Potential risk and promotive factors for serious delinquency in Japanese female youth
Race and general strain theory: examining the impact of racial discrimination and fear on adolescent marijuana and alcohol use
School-based child sexual abuse prevention programs: moving toward resiliency-informed evaluation
Social rules according to young children
Twenty years of Injury Free Coalition for Kids: precision focus on relentless problems
Victimization of lesbian, gay, and bisexual people in childhood: associations with attempted suicide
School siting near industrial chemical facilities: findings from the U.S. Chemical Safety Board's investigation of the West fertilizer explosion
Sexual orientation discordance and young adult mental health
Specificity of childhood maltreatment and emotion deficit in nonsuicidal self-injury in an inpatient sample of youth
Disruptive behavior among elementary students in physical education
Exertional heat illness in American football players: when is the risk greatest?
Implementation in practice: adaptations to sexuality education curricula in California
Corrigendum to 'Externalizing behaviors of Ukrainian children: the role of parenting' [Child Abuse Negl. 54 (2016) 23-32]
Assessing Ghanaian teachers' perceptions and beliefs regarding substance use among school-aged children in Ghana
"God bless Texas. God bless the NRA": problematizing Texas teachers as armed protectors in the aftermath of Sandy Hook
Identification of risk factors determining attitude towards violence among high school students: a study in schools of Trivandrum Corporation, Kerala
A non-bipartite propensity score analysis of the effects of teacher-student relationships on adolescent problem and prosocial behavior
Poly-victimization across social contexts home, school, and neighborhood violence exposure
Take steps to protect against concussion liability beyond athletics
"Thinking about drinking": exploring children's perceptions of alcohol using the Draw and Write tool
Learning game for training child bicyclists' situation awareness
Possibilities of treatment optimization in children and adolescents with epilepsy and disturbances of emotion and volition (disphoria)
A preliminary investigation of ethnic differences in resistance in multisystemic therapy
The Prosocial Cyberball Game: compensating for social exclusion and its associations with empathic concern and bullying in adolescents
Randomised, waiting list controlled trial of cognitive-behavioural therapy for persistent postconcussional symptoms after predominantly mild-moderate traumatic brain injury
Social engagement and adaptive functioning during early childhood: identifying and distinguishing among subgroups differing with regard to social engagement
Teen dating violence, sexual harassment, and bullying among middle school students: examining mediation and moderated mediation by gender
"This is a question we have to ask everyone": asking young people about self-harm and suicide
Tracking effects of problematic social networking on adolescent psychopathology: the mediating role of sleep disruptions
Beyond cumulative risk: a dimensional approach to childhood adversity
Getting real about suicide prevention in the classroom and beyond: using a classroom simulation to create communications for at-risk individuals
Health-related factors and suicidal ideation in high school students in rural China
Pedestrian crash risk assessment and intervention
Assessment of sedentary behaviors and transport-related activities by questionnaire: a validation study
Association of grade configuration with school climate for 7th and 8th grade students
The effects of yoga practice in school physical education on children's motor abilities and social behavior
Prevalence and risk factors associated with suicidal ideation among adolescents in Malaysia
Understanding the correlates of face-to-face and cyberbullying victimization among U.S. adolescents: a social-ecological analysis
Genetic influences on conduct disorder
Hemoglobin status and externalizing behavioral problems in children
David's story
Psychological health and bullying behavior among adolescent prisoners: a study of young and juvenile offenders
Psychological health and bullying behavior among adolescent prisoners: a study of young and juvenile offenders
Psychological health and bullying behavior among adolescent prisoners: a study of young and juvenile offenders
Football players' perceptions of future risk of concussion and concussion-related health outcomes
"I have the worst fear of teachers": moments of inclusion and exclusion in family/school relationships among indigenous families in southern Ontario
Longitudinal associations between cyberbullying involvement and adolescent mental health
A miscarriage of justice: why is policy not implemented for young offenders?
A prospective examination of the relations between emotional abuse and anxiety: moderation by distress tolerance
Students at enrollment into community-based systems of care characteristics and predictors of functioning in school
Researching and working for transgender youth: contexts, problems and solutions
Alcohol mixed with energy drinks: associations with risky drinking and functioning in high school
Clozapine for treatment of aggression in non-psychotic adolescents
Culturally grounded stress reduction and suicide prevention for African American adolescents
Development and validation of a method to identify children with social complexity risk factors
Effectiveness of positive youth development interventions: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
A feasibility test of a brief motivational interview intervention to reduce dating abuse perpetration in a hospital setting
A pilot study on developing a standardized and sensitive school violence risk assessment with manual annotation
The PSC-17: subscale scores, reliability, and factor structure in a new national sample
The role of neighborhood disadvantage, physical disorder, and collective efficacy in adolescent alcohol use: a multilevel path analysis
Study protocol RapMusicTherapy for emotion regulation in a school setting
Traumatic dental injuries and socioeconomic position - findings from the Children's Dental Health Survey 2013
Effect of a trampoline exercise on the anthropometric measures and motor performance of adolescent students
Examining reach, dose, and fidelity of the "Girls on the Move" after-school physical activity club: a process evaluation
Forecasting Disparities With Early Substance-Use Milestones
Interaction processes as a mediating factor between children's externalized behaviour difficulties and engagement in preschool
Interactions between callous unemotional behaviors and executive function in early childhood predict later aggression and lower peer-liking in late-childhood
Neurological soft signs in Chinese adolescents with antisocial personality traits
Pay attention to the diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries in children and adolescents
Positive psychology intervention to alleviate child depression and increase life satisfaction: a randomized clinical trial
Emotion knowledge, emotion regulation, and psychosocial adjustment in children with nonverbal learning disabilities
The association between inappropriate weight control behaviors and suicide ideation and attempt among Korean adolescents
Bullying victimization and racial discrimination among Australian children
Evaluation and management of children with acute mental health or behavioral problems. Part II: Recognition of clinically challenging mental health related conditions presenting with medical or uncertain symptoms
Evaluation and management of children and adolescents with acute mental health or behavioral problems. Part I: Common clinical challenges of patients with mental health and/or behavioral emergencies
Executive summary: evaluation and management of children and adolescents with acute mental health or behavioral problems. Part I: Common clinical challenges of patients with mental health and/or behavioral emergencies
Executive summary: evaluation and management of children with acute mental health or behavioral problems. Part II: Recognition of clinically challenging mental health related conditions presenting with medical or uncertain symptoms
Long-term outcomes associated with traumatic brain injury in childhood and adolescence: a nationwide Swedish cohort study of a wide range of medical and social outcomes
Doubly disadvantaged? Bullying experiences among disabled children and young people in England
Identifying concussion: when guidelines collide with real-world implementation-is a formal medical diagnosis necessary in every case once a proper protocol is implemented?
Integrating male sexual diversity into violence prevention efforts with men and boys: evidence from the Asia-Pacific Region
Masking in reports of "most serious" events: bias in estimators of sports injury incidence in Canadian children
Suicide risk screening tools and the youth population
Corporal punishment of children in the Jamaican context
Drill-specific head impact exposure in youth football practice
The problematic use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in adolescents by the cross sectional JOITIC study
Self-reported and case file maltreatment: relations to psychosocial outcomes for youth in foster care
Trauma-informed flexible learning: classrooms that strengthen regulatory abilities
Young people who are being bullied - do they want general practice support?
Biological sensitivity to context: cortisol awakening response moderates the effects of neighbourhood density on the development of adolescent externalizing problem behaviours
Burnout among Swedish school teachers - a cross-sectional analysis
Comparative analysis of head impact in contact and collision sports
Toxic ties: networks of friendship, dating, and cyber victimization
The consequences of school dropout among serious adolescent offenders more offending? More arrest? Both?
Effect of working hours and precarious employment on depressive symptoms in South Korean employees: a longitudinal study
Female adolescent athletes' attitudes and perspectives on injury prevention programs
An intergenerational study of perceptions of changes in active free play among families from rural areas of Western Canada
Longitudinal Associations Between Humor Styles and Psychosocial Adjustment in Adolescence
The mental health of transgender youth: advances in understanding
Mentalization mediates the relationship between early maltreatment and potential for violence in adolescence
Methodological and design considerations in evaluating the impact of prevention programs on violence and related health outcomes
The role of emotions in depression and aggression
Social climate profiles in adolescent sports: associations with enjoyment and intention to continue
Substance use and sexual risk behavior in sexual minority hispanic adolescents
Suicidality, self-harm, and body dissatisfaction in transgender adolescents and emerging adults with gender dysphoria
Suicide attempts and behavioral correlates among a nationally representative sample of school-attending adolescents in the Republic of Malawi
Talking about screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment for adolescents: an upstream intervention to address the heroin and prescription opioid epidemic
Negative experiences on Facebook and depressive symptoms among young adults
Neural predictors of initiating alcohol use during adolescence
Physical demands of representative match play in adolescent rugby union
Considering friends within the context of peers in school for the development of ethnic/racial identity
Dream Teens: Adolescents-Led Participatory Project in Portugal in the Context of the Economic Recession
Gender at the intersection with race and class in the schooling and wellbeing of immigrant-origin students
'Haven of safety' and 'secure base': a qualitative inquiry into factors affecting child attachment security in Nairobi, Kenya
Improving evidence-based social work practice with youths exhibiting conduct problems through structured assessment
The interaction between childhood bullying and the FKBP5 gene on psychotic-like experiences and stress reactivity in real life
Comparison of neuropsychological test scores of high school athletes in high and low contact sports: a replication study
Inadequate sleep as a mediating variable between exposure to interparental violence and depression severity in adolescents
Outcomes of a suicide prevention gatekeeper training program among school personnel
Prospective risk for suicidal thoughts and behaviour in adolescents with onset, maintenance or cessation of direct self-injurious behaviour
Ability of the Child Behavior Checklist-Dysregulation Profile and the Youth Self Report-Dysregulation Profile to identify serious psychopathology and association with correlated problems in high-risk children and adolescents
Active children through incentive vouchers - evaluation (ACTIVE): a mixed-method feasibility study
Anxiety, happiness and self-esteem of western Chinese left-behind children
Are narcissists more likely to be involved in cyberbullying? Examining the mediating role of self-esteem
Correlates of mental illness and wellbeing in children: are they the same? Results from the UK Millennium Cohort Study
The cycle of victimization: the relationship between childhood maltreatment and adolescent peer victimization
Depression, marijuana use and early-onset marijuana use conferred unique effects on neural connectivity and cognition
Educational instructors' attitudes toward juvenile inmates: the effect of the inmate's role in a criminal event and the instructors' belief in a just world
The effect of microneighborhood conditions on adult educational attainment in a subsidized housing intervention
"I don't know how, but I'll figure it out somehow": future possible selves and aspirations in "at-risk" early adolescents
Insights into children's independent mobility for transportation cycling: which socio-ecological factors matter?
Intermittent explosive disorder: a controversial diagnosis
Peer victimization and educational outcomes in mainstreamed adolescents with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
Prevalence and correlates of direct self-injurious behavior among Chinese adolescents: findings from a multicenter and multistage survey
Racial discrimination and pathways to delinquency testing a theory of African American offending
Reduced default mode connectivity in adolescents with conduct disorder
Social assistance for children with socio-economic vulnerable parents: a topical matter in pediatric hospitals
Suicidal ideation in American Indian/Alaska Native and White adolescents: the role of social isolation, exposure to suicide, and overweight
Taking the incidence of false child sexual abuse allegations more seriously
The care and development of children living in contexts of poverty
Day-to-day consistency in positive parent-child interactions and youth well-being
Major causes and perpetrators of sexual activities among teenage students in Tanzania: a cross sectional survey in Kinondoni District
Middle school students' understanding of peer alcohol use and implications for secondary school leaders
Social representation of cyberbullying and adolescent suicide: a mixed-method analysis of news stories
The Youth Psychopathic Traits Inventory: measurement invariance and psychometric properties among portuguese youths
Evaluating claims to avoid pseudoscientific and unproven practices in special education
Adolescent alcohol use: protective and predictive parent, peer, and self-related factors
Do causes of stress differ in their association with problem drinking by sex in Korean adolescents?
High school students residing in educational public institutions: health-risk behaviors
Psychosocial factors associated with alcohol use among Hispanic youth
The role of fortitude in relation to exposure to violence among adolescents living in lower socio-economic areas in South Africa
Parent Management Training-Oregon Model: adapting intervention with rigorous research
Peers' perceived support, student engagement in academic activities and life satisfaction: a structural equation modeling approach
Not just another alternative school: policy problematization, neoliberalism, and racial biopolitics
Moving towards inclusion: how Zanzibar succeeds in transforming its education system?
Multiple past concussions in high school football players: are there differences in cognitive functioning and symptom reporting?
Adult victimization in female survivors of childhood violence and abuse: the contribution of multiple types of violence
Anthropometrics, physical performance, and injury characteristics of youth American football
Burns at school
Developmental cascade model for adolescent substance use from infancy to late adolescence
An educational intervention in road safety among children and teenagers in Mexico
Maternal sensitivity: a resilience factor against internalizing symptoms in early adolescents born very preterm?
Peer influence on gender identity development in adolescence
Precocious initiation into smoking, alcohol use, and gambling among children with conduct problems
Reducing mental health emergency services for children served through California's Full Service Partnerships
Removal from play after concussion and recovery time
The rise of concussions in the adolescent population
School nurses on the front lines of medicine: When student heads collide: managing head injuries in the school setting
Second thoughts about who is first: the medical triage of violent perpetrators and their victims
Sports related to drowning
Shoulder injuries in adolescent rugby players
Soft drinks consumption and child behaviour problems: the role of food insecurity and sleep patterns
Warning over vulnerable children as school nurse posts fall 13% in six years
Teachers' perspectives on preventing suicide in children and adolescents in schools: a qualitative study
Urban American Indian community perspectives on resources and challenges for youth suicide prevention
Neigbourhood factors on mental health questionnaire: development, validity, and reliability among Malaysian adolescents
Adolescents under pressure: a new Durkheimian framework for understanding adolescent suicide in a cohesive community
Are school nurses victims of bullying?
Beyond behavior modification: benefits of social-emotional/self-regulation training for preschoolers with behavior problems
Brief report: suicidal ideation in adolescent girls: impact of race
Child abuse at an Ecuadorian school in Ambato
A cluster randomized controlled trial of the Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies (PATHS) curriculum
Concussion management in the classroom
Determinants of organised sports participation patterns during the transition from childhood to adolescence in Germany: results of a nationwide cohort study
When the high school coach is a bully
The distinctive sequelae of children's coping with interparental conflict: testing the reformulated emotional security theory
Do interventions reduce the risk of repeat self-harm or suicide in young people?
Does early childhood callous-unemotional behavior uniquely predict behavior problems or callous-unemotional behavior in late childhood?
Does emotional intelligence have a "dark" side? A review of the literature
The eCHECKUP TO GO for High School: impact on risk factors and protective behavioral strategies for alcohol use
Effect of the Australian "alcopops tax" on alcohol-related emergency department presentations for injury in two states
Effect of environmental risk and externalizing comorbidity on internalizing problems among economically disadvantaged African American youth
Effects of problem-solving interventions on aggressive behaviours among primary school pupils in Ibadan, Nigeria
Electrodermal reactivity moderates the prospective association between peer victimization and depressive symptoms in early adolescence
Executive functions in children who experience bullying situations
Family risk factors associated with aggressive behavior in Chinese preschool children
How parents react when their children self-harm
Impact of a state law on physician practice in sports-related concussions
The influence of validity criteria on Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing (ImPACT) test-retest reliability among high school athletes
Knowledge for unintentional injury and risky behavior among the school-age children in Changsha city of China
The Massachusetts School Sports Concussions Law: a qualitative study of local implementation experiences
Mouthguard usage by middle and high school student-athletes in Houston, Texas
Posttraumatic stress, family functioning, and externalizing in adolescents exposed to violence: a moderated mediation model
Psychometric defensibility of the Social, Academic, and Emotional Behavior Risk Screener (SAEBRS) teacher rating scale and multiple gating procedure within elementary and middle school samples
Using high-risk adolescents' voices to develop a comprehensible CBT-based text-message program
When does co-rumination facilitate depression contagion in adolescent friendships? Investigating intrapersonal and interpersonal factors
Predictors of suicidal behaviors in Canadian adolescents with no recent history of depression
Preschoolers' self-regulation moderates relations between mothers' representations and children's adjustment to school
The socializing effect of classroom aggression on the development of aggression and social rejection: a two-wave multilevel analysis
Experiences and engagement with the design features and strategies of an internet-delivered treatment programme for generalised anxiety disorder: a service-based evaluation
'Racism under the radar': student perceptions of school experiences in a multicultural context
Race and opportunity in a public alternative school
Risk factors for legal involvement among a nationally representative sample of Hispanic adolescents
Risperidone added to psychostimulant in children with severe aggression and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: lack of effect on attention and short-term memory
The role of family income dynamics in predicting trajectories of internalizing and externalizing problems
The role of sexual orientation in school-based victimization: a meta-analysis
School climate and the experience of LGBT students: a comparison of the United States and Israel
The role of parental mediation and peer norms on the likelihood of cyberbullying
School- and community-based youth suicide prevention interventions: hot idea, hot air, or sham?
Growing up with the right to marry: sexual attraction, substance use, and well-being of Dutch adolescents
Higher education as a pedagogical site for citizenship education
Household food insecurity and children's behaviour problems: new evidence from a trajectories-based study
Impact and acceptability of the coach and teacher training within a school-based sport-for-health smoking prevention intervention: SmokeFree Sports
Who are the children most vulnerable to social exclusion? The moderating role of self-esteem, popularity, and nonverbal intelligence on cognitive performance following social exclusion
When onset meets desistance: cognitive transformation and adolescent marijuana experimentation
When somatization is not the only thing you suffer from: examining comorbid syndromes using latent profile analysis, parenting practices and adolescent functioning
Teachers' knowledge and beliefs about child sexual abuse
Teachers reflect on homophobia in the Cypriot education system: a qualitative study
Teaching clinical social work under occupation: listening to the voices of Palestinian social work students
Testing the effects of safety climate and disruptive children behavior on school bus drivers performance: a multilevel model
Theory of mind in middle childhood: longitudinal associations with executive function and social competence
Thomas Piketty's relevance for the study of education: reflections on the political economy of education
Three sides of a triangle: gender disadvantage, resilience and psychological distress in a sample of adolescent girls from India
What do we know about families where parents have a mental illness? A systematic review
Implementation and evaluation of treatments for children and adolescents with conduct problems: findings, challenges, and future directions
Implications of DSM-IV to DSM-5 substance use disorder diagnostic changes in adolescents enrolled in a school-based intervention
Incremental validity of teacher and parent symptom and impairment ratings when screening for mental health difficulties
The influence of simulations on family engagement - prospective early childhood educators' perceptions
Influencing factors on professional attitudes towards risk-taking in children's play: a narrative review
Interpersonal trauma and associated psychopathology in girls and boys living in residential care
It's a two-way street: automatic and controlled processes in children's emotional responses to moral transgressions
Key research themes on travel behavior, lifestyle, and sustainable urban mobility
Learning and memory in adolescent moderate, binge, and extreme-binge drinkers
Longitudinal effects of a second-order multi-problem factor of sexual risk, marijuana use, and delinquency on future arrest among truant youths
Male identity, sport and health : starting points for gender-sensitive support of boys and young men
Victims seeking help from speech-language pathologists: bullying, preparedness, and perceptions
Video gaming in school children- how much is enough?
Victimization and poly-victimization in adolescent outpatients from mental health centers: a case-control study
A very 'prudent integration': white flight, school segregation and the depoliticization of (anti-)racism
Victimization among high school students in Thailand
Mentoring at-risk youth: an examination of strain and mentor response strategies
Mixed schools versus single-sex schools: are there differences in the academic results for boys and girls in Catalonia?
Mothers' depressive symptoms and children's cognitive and social agency: predicting first-grade cognitive functioning
Multiracial matters - disrupting and reinforcing the racial rubric in educational discourse
My brother as "problem": neoliberal governmentality and interventions for Black young men and boys
Neuropsychological functioning and attachment representations in early school age as predictors of ADHD symptoms in late adolescence
Newcomer immigrant adolescents: a mixed-methods examination of family stressors and school outcomes
Participation in community arts: lessons from the inner-city
Perfectionism in language learners review, conceptualization, and recommendations for teachers and school psychologists
Planning adolescent mental health promotion programming in Saskatoon
Posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms among first-generation Latino youths in an English as a second language school
Primary school students' mental health in Uganda and its association with school violence, connectedness, and school characteristics: a cross-sectional study
Psychological distress and revictimization risk in youth victims of sexual abuse
Prosocial behavior and childhood trajectories of internalizing and externalizing problems: the role of neighborhood and school contexts
The public health implications of violence exposures: violence and immunological factors among perinatally HIV-infected youth
A randomized trial of wraparound facilitation versus usual child protection services
Reducing levels of urban passenger travel
Relations among victimization, witnessing, and perpetration of aggression: impact of gender among youth offenders
Relationship between insurance type and discharge disposition from the emergency department of young children diagnosed with physical abuse
Uncompleted suicide attempts in adolescents
Uncovering key patterns in self-harm in adolescents: Sequence analysis using the Card Sort Task for Self-harm (CaTS)
The under-recognition of the significance of social class conceptions of education in Piketty's Capital
Understanding immigrants, schooling, and school psychology: contemporary science and practice
A typology of school-community relationships partnering and universal prekindergarten policy
Topographies of power: a critical historical geography of schooling in Tanzania
Trauma memory characteristics and the development of acute stress disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder in youth
Training educators in anti-racism and pluriculturalismo: recent experiences from Brazil
Trait resilience moderates the longitudinal linkage between adolescent posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms and posttraumatic growth
Technical packages in injury and violence prevention to move evidence into practice: systematic reviews and beyond
Promoting children's and adolescents' social and emotional development: district adaptations of a theory of action
Psychological autopsy of seventy high school suicides: combined qualitative/quantitative approach
Culturally relevant protective and risk factors of youth risk behaviors among Pakistani and Indian students in Hong Kong: a focus group study
Normative values of the Sport Concussion Assessment Tool 3 (SCAT3) in high school athletes
Predictors of physical activity and sedentary behaviours among 11-16 year olds: multilevel analysis of the 2013 Health Behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC) study in Wales
Supportive romantic relationships as predictors of resilience against early adolescent maternal negativity
Translatable and back-translatable measurement of impulsivity and compulsivity: convergent and divergent processes
Staying Strong With Schools: a civilian school-based intervention to promote resilience for military-connected children
Stigma and suicidal ideation among young people at risk of psychosis after one year
Students opinions and attitudes toward LGBT persons and rights: results of a transnational European project
A study in contrasts: supports and barriers to successful implementation of two evidence-based parenting interventions in child welfare
A study of the relationship between investigators' personal characteristics and adherence to interview best practices in training
"Somebody who was on my side": a qualitative examination of youth initiated mentoring
The Sources of Strength Australia Project: study protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial
Smartphone applications for mental health
Social cognition, child neglect, and child injury risk: the contribution of maternal social information processing to maladaptive injury prevention beliefs within a high-risk sample
Social concern and delinquency: an empirical assessment of a novel theory
Sex differences in the prevalence of oppositional defiant disorder during middle childhood: a meta-analysis
Problematizing social justice in health pedagogy and youth sport: intersectionality of race, ethnicity, and class
Profiles of Youths With PTSD and Addiction
Return to sport after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in the skeletally immature athlete
The significant impacts on traffic and emissions of ferrying children to school in Beijing
Psychometric properties of the student subjective wellbeing questionnaire with Turkish adolescents: a generalizability study
A qualitative exploration of attitudes towards the use of outcome measures in child and adolescent mental health services
Queer cultural capital: implications for education
Racial/ethnic differences in emotional health: a longitudinal study of immigrants' adolescent children
A raison d'être for making a reggae opera as a pedagogical tool for psychic emancipation in (post)colonial Jamaica
Significance of the school physical environment - a commentary
Regulators' views of quality in early childhood care and education settings in Ireland
Relationship of mothers' psychological status with development of kindergarten children
Relationships between adolescent well-being and friend support and behavior
Reported schooling experiences of adolescent Jews attending non-Jewish secondary schools in England
Research for action: challenging homophobia in Slovene secondary education
Residential instability among low-income families: a concept analysis
Resilience, social relations, and pedagogic intervention five years after the earthquake occurred in L'Aquila (Central Italy) in 2009: an action-research in the primary schools
A retrospective chart review: adolescents with borderline personality disorder, borderline personality traits, and controls
A review of cognitive biases in youth depression: attention, interpretation and memory
Reviewing the literature on the breakdown of foster care placements for young people: complexity and the social work task
Risk factors associated with peer victimization and bystander behaviors among adolescent students
The role of online communication in long-term cyberbullying involvement among girls and boys
Running away from child welfare placements: justice system entry risk
School administrator assessments of bullying and state-mandated testing
School climate and student absenteeism and internalizing and externalizing behavioral problems
School counselors' intervention in bias-related incidents among Latino students
School engagement, acculturation, and mental health among migrant adolescents in Israel
School enrolment following multisystemic treatment: a register-based examination among youth with severe behavioural problems
School racial composition and parental choice: new evidence on the preferences of white parents in the United States
School resource officers and students' rights
Schools as sanctuaries: a systematic review of contextual factors which contribute to student retention in alternative education
Sexual identity, sex of sexual contacts, and health-related behaviors among students in grades 9-12 - United States and selected sites, 2015
Selecting communication channels for substance misuse prevention with at-risk African-American emerging adults living in the southern United States
Setting adolescents up for success: promoting a policy to delay high school start times
Before-school running/walking club: effects on student on-task behavior
Child abuse: is it accepted in some societies?
Children's exposure to intimate partner violence and their social, school, and activities competence: latent profiles and correlates
Domestic violence and its effects on children: fundamental concepts, safety planning and examples of alternative treatment models
Drug abuse risk and protective factors among Hispanic adolescents
Evaluation of Safer, Smarter Kids: child sexual abuse prevention curriculum for kindergartners
An investigation into the nature of emotional child abuse in Saudi Arabia: systematic literature review
Mental health interventions for children in foster care: a systematic review
Borderline personality disorder in youth: the prospective impact of child abuse on non-suicidal self-injury and suicidality
Can community-based interventions prevent child maltreatment?
Preliminary examination of the interpersonal psychological theory of suicide in an adolescent clinical sample
Primary prevention of suicide and suicidal behaviour for adolescents in school settings
Victimization, polyvictimization, and health in Swedish adolescents
A clarion call for social work attention: brothers and sisters of persons with acquired brain injury in the United States
Ecological factors of being bullied among adolescents: a classification and regression tree approach
Examination of life satisfaction, child maltreatment potential and substance use in mothers referred for treatment by child protective services for child neglect and substance abuse: implications for intervention planning
The impact of degree of exposure to violent video games, family background, and other factors on youth violence
Injury risks in schoolchildren with attention-deficit/hyperactivity or autism spectrum disorder: results from two school-based health surveys of 6- to 17-year-old children in Sweden
Neurocognitive predictors of posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms in children 6 months after traumatic brain injury: a prospective study
Pilot study: a pediatric pedestrian safety curriculum for preschool children
Repeat concussion and recovery time in a primary care pediatric office
Suicide probability in adolescents with a history of childhood maltreatment: the role of non-suicidal self-injury, emotion regulation difficulties, and forms of self-criticism
Underreporting of concussions and concussion-like symptoms in female high school athletes
Effect of background motion on the perceived shape of a 3-D object
Influence of age, speed and duration of monotonous driving task in traffic on the driver's useful visual field
When motion is not perceived: evidence from adaptation and dynamical stability
Visual impairment and motor vehicle accidents
Natural sunlight and its association to civil aviation accidents
Binocular cues and the control of prehension
Distractions and the risk of car crash injury: the effect of drivers' age
Height, surface firmness, and visual reference effects on balance control
Visual impairment and risk of falls and fracture
Factors limiting suprathreshold vision measured by a flash-sound simultaneity paradigm
Illusory motion reversal is caused by rivalry, not by perceptual snapshots of the visual field
Internal surface representations approximated by reverse correlation
Spatial knowledge in blind and sighted children
A descriptive model of visual search
A methodology for quantifying the effects of aging on perceptual-motor capability
Abnormalities of the central visual pathways contributing to traffic accidents
Age and visual impairment decrease driving performance as measured on a closed-road circuit
Albertian errors in head-mounted displays: i. choice of eye-point location for a near- or far-field task visualization
Falls amongst older people living in the community
Effects of naturalistic cell phone conversations on driving performance
Distance perception of vehicle rear lights in fog
Drivers' judgments of safe distances in vehicle following
Drivers' steering behavior during traffic events: a case of perceptual tropism?
Drivers' steering behavior when meeting another car: the case of perceptual tropism revisited
Driving performance under nighttime conditions of visual degradation
Effect of a concurrent auditory task on visual search performance in a driving-related image-flicker task
Effect of geometric field of view on stereoscopic spatial judgments
Effect of visual impairment on driving
Effect of selected in-vehicle route guidance systems on driver reaction times
Effect of prior headlighting experience on ratings of discomfort glare
Effectiveness of audible warning signals for emergency vehicles
Effects of an in-vehicle collision avoidance warning system on short- and long-term driving performance
Effects of visual and auditory impairment in driving performance
Estimates of car-following distances on three types of two-laned roads
Factors affecting distance estimation in sporting activities
Head-up auditory displays for traffic collision avoidance system advisories: a preliminary investigation
Headlight glare resistance and driver age
Headway feedback improves intervehicular distance: a field study
Human factors field evaluation of automotive headway maintenance/collision warning devices
Human performance models and rear-end collision avoidance algorithms
Impact of aviation highway-in-the-sky displays on pilot situation awareness
Impairment of driving performance caused by sleep deprivation or alcohol: a comparative study
Improving visual performance through volitional focus control
Individual differences and the perception of traffic signs
Influence of ethyl alcohol in moderate levels on visual stimulus tracking
Association between visual attention and mobility in older adults
Methodological considerations of visual workloads of helicopter pilots
Minimum and comfortable driving headways: reality versus perception
Note on detection of vehicle velocity changes
Oculomotor factors in visual perceptual response efficiency
On difficulties in localizing ambulance sirens
Discrimination of speed in 5-year-olds and adults: Are children up to speed?
Parametric assumptions of some "nonparametric" measures of sensory efficiency
Pedal error and misperceived centerline in eight different automobiles
Perception of risk in automotive systems
Perception-response speed and driving capabilities of brain-damaged and older drivers
Perception-response time to unexpected roadway hazards
Perceptual narrowing in novice divers
Performance of young and older drivers on a static acuity test under photopic and mesopic luminance conditions
Peripheral contrast thresholds for moving images
Peripheral detection and central task complexity
Pilot response in combined control tasks
Pitfalls in the conception, manipulation, and measurement of visual accommodation
Prediction of linear motion
Attenuation of perceived motion smear during the vestibulo-ocular reflex
Reaction time as an index of traffic sign perception
Readability of dials at different distances with constant visual angle
Relative effects of age and compromised vision on driving performance
Research note: driver's brake reaction times with adaptive controls
Search performance as a function of peripheral acuity
Self-reported visual problems of older drivers
Sequential expectancy in visual search
Sign registration in daytime and nighttime driving
Signal detection and chlorpromazine
Signal detection theory in the analysis of human vigilance
Simultaneous adaptation to size, distance, and curvature underwater
On-road measures of pedestrians' estimates of their own nighttime conspicuity
Spatial representations of virtual mazes: the role of visual fidelity and individual differences
Specification fo road traffic signal light intensity
Speed-of-processing and driving simulator training result in improved driving performance
Strategies of visual search by novice and experimental drivers
Excessive daytime sleepiness and driving: regulations for road safety
Target conspicuity and visual search
The effect of heat stress on reaction time to centrally and peripherally presented stimuli
The effect of local target surround and whole background constraint on visual search times
The effect of vibration on visual acuity with electro-optical aids to night vision
The effects of a simulated head-up display speedometer on perceptual task performance
The effects of degraded visual and tactile information on diver work performance
The effects of previous learning on the visual perception of velocity
The estimation of vehicular velocity as a function of visual stimulation
The influence of an intermittent visual stimulus on perceptual motor skills in aviation
The nighttime legibility of highway signs as a function of their luminance characteristics
The perceived urgency of speech warnings: semantics versus acoustics
The perceived utility of human and automated aids in a visual detection task
The relationship of near-vision peripheral acuity anf far-vision search performance
The relative effects of multiple factors on target acquisition
The relative importance of contrast and motion in visual detection
The semantic differential as an index of traffic sign perception and comprehension
The threshold for hypoxia effects on perceptual-motor performance
The twilight envelope: a user-centered approach to describing roadway illumination at night
The visibility of symbolic highway signs can be increased among drivers of all ages
The role of impulsivity in children's estimation of physical ability: Implications for children's unintentional injury risk
Accommodation as a function of age and the linearity of the response dynamics
Attention enhances adaptability: evidence from motion adaptation experiments
Attentional effects on sensory tuning for single-feature detection and double-feature conjunction
Facilitation of contrast detection in near-peripheral vision
Figure-ground segregation can rely on differences in motion direction
Sensory uncertainty governs the extent of audio-visual interaction
The effects of eye movements, spatial attention, and stimulus features on inattentional blindness
Thresholds and resolution in human vision: a new approach to night vision testing
Traffic signal color recognition is a problem for both protan and deutan color-vision deficients
Vehicle control during curve driving
Verbal response times to directional traffic signs embedded in photographic street scenes
Visibility distance of highway signs among young, middle-aged, and older observers: icons are better than text
Visibility of protective helmets worn by forestry workers
Visual accommodation and target detection in the vicinity of a window post
Visual detection of driving while intoxicated
Visual fields of the scuba diver
Visual mechanisms and predictors of far field visual task performance
Visual monitoring in a simulated agricultural machinery operation
Visual processing impairment and risk of motor vehicle crash among older adults
Visual requirements for safety and mobility of older drivers
Visual search behavior while viewing driving scenes under the influence of alcohol and marihuana
Visual search by automobile drivers
Visual search for traffic signs: the effects of clutter, luminance, and aging
Is there opponent-orientation coding in the second-order channels of pattern vision?
Local and non-local deficits in amblyopia: acuity and spatial interactions
Symmetrical horizontal vergence contributes to the asymmetrical pursuit of targets in depth
Spatial integration in structure from motion
Perceiving depth order during pursuit eye movement
Orientation discrimination across the visual field: matching perceived contrast near threshold
Age-related differences in timing of position and velocity identification
An exploration of the perceptions of the average driver's speed compared to perceived driver safety and driving skill
An observational study of driver behavior at a protected railroad grade crossing as trains approach
Rejuvenation of visual functions in older adult drivers and drivers with cataract during a short-term administration of N-acetylcarnosine lubricant eye drops
Head movements while crossing streets: effect of vision impairment
Attentive tracking of objects versus substances
Assistive devices for balance and mobility: Benefits, demands, and adverse consequences
Foot clearance during stair descent: effects of age and illumination
Influence of gait speed on stability: recovery from anterior slips and compensatory stepping
A speedy solution for balance and gait analysis: angular velocity measured at the centre of body mass
Effectiveness of mandatory license testing for older drivers in reducing crash risk among urban older Australian drivers
Developing an inverse time-to-collision crash alert timing approach based on drivers' last-second braking and steering judgments
Driving anger, sensation seeking, impulsiveness, and boredom proneness in the prediction of unsafe driving
Effects of practice, age, and task demands, on interference from a phone task while driving
Incidence and risk factors for developing fear of falling in older adults
Falls in hospitalized elderly patients: incidence and risk factors
Effects of moderate alcohol consumption on cognitive function in women
Fall-related brain injuries and the risk of dementia in elderly people: a population-based study
Relationship of balance and mobility to fall incidence in people with chronic stroke
Risk Factors for Falls among the Community-Dwelling Elderly in Korea
Clinical history and biologic age predicted falls better than objective functional tests
Incidence and predictors of falls in the Chinese elderly
Exercise leads to faster postural reflexes, improved balance and mobility, and fewer falls in older persons with chronic stroke
Elderly patients with recurrent falls: role of posturographic studies
The relationship between visual perception and postural control in falls of the elderly living in local communities
Measuring the psychological outcomes of falling: a systematic review
Triage decisions of United Kingdom police firearms officers using a multiple-casualty scenario paper exercise
Visual functions of drivers involved in traffic accidents
Visual risk factors for driving difficulty among older drivers
Risk of road accident associated with the use of drugs: A systematic review and meta-analysis of evidence from epidemiological studies
Auditory alerts for in-vehicle information systems: the effects of temporal conflict and sound parameters on driver attitudes and performance
Phototropic eyeglasses for driving
Night vision goggles, human factors aspects--a questionnaire survey of helicopter aircrew
Noise exposure of motorcyclists
Effect of firefighter masks on monocular and binocular peripheral vision
Methamphetamine influences on brain and behavior: unsafe at any speed?
Balance Performance with a Cognitive Task: A Dual-Task Testing Paradigm
Falls associated with dementia: How can you tell?
Tai chi and fall reductions in older adults: a randomized controlled trial
Falls by elders with moderate levels of movement functionality
An innovative solution to continuing misuse of red light on automobiles
Automobile running lights--a research report
Automobile visibility problems
Automobiles, vision and driving
Automobiles, vision and driving
Automobiles, vision and driving
Automobiles, vision and driving. an evaluation of the vision and human factors of 1963 Buick Riviera
Automobiles, vision and driving: visibility tests in the desert
Auxiliary lighting to improve rear visibility of trucks and buses
Fear of falling limiting activity in young-old women is associated with reduced functional mobility rather than psychological factors
Cognitive abilities in driving: differences between normal and hazardous situations
Comparative accuracy of recognizing American and international road signs
Correlation between driving errors and vigilance level: influence of the driver's age
Daytime automobile windshield and dash panel characteristics
Daytime headlights and position on the highway
Daytime vehicle lights
Deterioration of the high-mounted brake light
Disappearing headlights
Do measurements of motorcycle conspicuity really measure conspicuity effects?
Do zopiclone, zolpidem and flunitrazepam have residual effects on simulated task of collision anticipation?
Drivers and road signs: a preliminary investigation of the capacity of car drivers to get information from road signs
Driving into a clearer future. report of the conference Progress in Automotive Lighting 25-26 September 2001, Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany
Driving with a visual impairment: new guidelines are needed
Integrating visual cues for motor control: a matter of time
Eyes, brains, and autos
Driving performance of glaucoma patients correlates with peripheral visual field loss
Effect of a car radio on driving in traffic
Effects of pedestrians' visibility and signs on motorists' yielding
Driver landmark and traffic sign identification in early Alzheimer's disease
Drawing clocks and driving cars
Driving cessation in patients attending a memory clinic
Driving in Parkinson's disease
Visual function and car driving: longitudinal results 5 years after cataract surgery in a population
Status of rendering an expert opinion following the changes in the German traffic legislation
Vision-related quality of life in patients suffering from age-related macular degeneration
Use of prisms for navigation and driving in hemianopic patients
Prevention of coordinated eye movements and steering impairs driving performance
Stroop color-word test, arousal, electrodermal activity and performance in a critical driving situation
Control of attention shifts between vision and audition in human cortex
Coordination of voluntary and stimulus-driven attentional control in human cortex
Factors associated with falls among older, cognitively impaired people in geriatric care settings: a population-based study
Do visual processing deficits cause problem on response time task for dyslexics?
Sources of errors on visuoperceptual tasks: Role of education, literacy, and search strategy
Establishing visual category boundaries between objects: A PET study
Bioptic telescopes meet the needs of drivers with moderate visual acuity loss
Motion and color processing in school-age children and adults: an ERP study
Attentional load and sensory competition in human vision: modulation of fMRI responses by load at fixation during task-irrelevant stimulation in the peripheral visual field
Auditory startle response in firefighters before and after trauma exposure
Impact of congenital colour vision defects on occupation
Noise exposure levels from personal stereo use
A pilot study of falls risk and vestibular dysfunction in older fallers presenting to hospital Emergency Departments
Gait variability: methods, modeling and meaning
Sleepiness/fatigue and distraction/inattention as factors for fatal versus nonfatal commercial motor vehicle driver injuries
Age and gender effects on postural stability and static balance in Thai community dwelling adults
Gait analysis in a challenging environment differentiates between fallers and nonfallers among older patients with peripheral neuropathy
Vision and falls
Psychotropic medication use and accidents, injuries and cognitive failures
Reduction in fear of falling through intense Tai chi exercise training in older, transitionally frail adults
Aging and time-sharing in highway driving
Motor preparation, motor execution, attention, and executive functions in attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
Loss of self-control in intertemporal choice may be attributable to logarithmic time-perception
Motorcycle Accident Risk Could Be Inflated by a Time to Arrival Illusion
Standard measures of visual acuity do not predict drivers' recognition performance under day or night conditions
The impact of visual field loss on driving performance: evidence from on-road driving assessments
The relationship between risk factors for falling and the quality of life in older adults
Visual fields at the wheel
Prediction of falls with performance on timed "up-and-go" and one-leg-balance tests and additional cognitive tasks
Randomised controlled trial of prevention of falls in people aged >=75 with severe visual impairment: the VIP trial
Hearing loss as a risk factor for agricultural injuries
The effects of blurring vision on medio-lateral balance during stepping up or down to a new level in the elderly
Balance and fear of falling in Parkinson's disease
Extent and variations in mobile phone use among drivers of heavy vehicles in Denmark
Action modulates object-based selection
Blind and sighted pedestrians' judgments of gaps in traffic at roundabouts
Falls in elderly
Gait dynamics on an inclined walkway
Older driver failures of attention at intersections: using change blindness methods to assess turn decision accuracy
Prospective proprioceptive and coordinative training for injury prevention in elite female soccer
Alcohol and cognitive performance: a longitudinal study of older Japanese Americans. The Kame Project
Falls in older people: effects of age and blurring vision on the dynamics of stepping
Moving Forward in Fall Prevention: An Intervention to Improve Balance among Older Adults in Real-World Settings
Visual spatial abilities and fall risk: an assessment tool for individuals with dementia
Color sense and traffic safety
Neuropsychiatry and traffic safety
Some factors affecting visibility from a driver's seat and their effect on road safety
Individual driver risk assessment using naturalistic driving data
Assessing falls in older adults: a comprehensive fall evaluation to reduce fall risk in older adults
Vision and road safety
Visual aspects of road safety
Driver's licences and disease from the ophthalmologic standpoint
Negligence in road traffic, cerebral insufficiency and sociological factors in old age
On the possibility of medicinal influencing of night vision in road traffic
Relation between variations of speed of reaction time to multiple stimuli and seriousness of traffic accidents
Significance of hearing defects for traffic safety
Significance of syphilis for motorists and traffic safety
Perceptual lane width, wide perceptual road centre markings and driving speeds
Nonconscious and conscious color priming in schizophrenia
Reflectorization: a new defense mechanism against automobile injury to pedestrians
Road safety and the driver with dementia: shifting the debate up a gear
Better lighting to reduce falls and fracture? A comment on de boer et al. (2004): different aspects of visual impairment as risk factors for falls and fractures in older men and women
Better lighting to reduce falls and fracture?
Influence of virtual reality training on the roadside crossing judgments of child pedestrians
A quality improvement project to reduce falls and improve medication management
Driver's licences and disease: neurologic symptoms
Driver's licences and disease
Epilepsy as a problem of traffic safety
The sick person at the wheel--a hazard for traffic safety
Predicting attention-gaining characteristics of highway traffic signs: Measurement technique
Trends in highway safety: effects of an aging population on accident propensity
Unenlightened: an unsuccessful attempt to promote the use of cycle lights at night
To drive or not to drive: the influence of social factors on the decisions of elderly drivers
Tinted visors and the hazard to motorcyclists
The visual and driving performance of monocular and binocular heavy-duty truck drivers
The Multiple Tasks Test as a predictor of falls in older adults
Out of the toolbox: toddlers differentiate wobbly and wooden handrails
Physician's guide to assessing and counseling older drivers
Ensuring home safety for your Alzheimer's patients
Psychophysical judgment of curvatures
Selective searching while driving: the role of experience in hazard detection and general surveillance
Self-reported experiences of incidents and injury events in traffic among hearing impaired people as pedestrians and cyclists. a follow-up study of mobility and use of hearing equipment
Some considerations upon perception
Stereoscopic vision in an interior driving mirror
Suggestions for more effective rail crossing lights
Test of divided visual attention predicts automobile crashes among older adults
The impact of hands-free message reception/response on driving task performance
The effects of mobile telephoning on driving performance
Effect of lighting quality in street traffic
Eyeglasses for aphakic persons with regard to automobile traffic
Visual information processing during controlled hypoglycaemia in humans
Visual requirements of automobile drivers traffic safety
Visual risk factors for crash involvement in older drivers with cataract
Visual risk factors for falls in older people
Visual standards for driving and occupations
Visual standards for driving
Visual/cognitive correlates of vehicle accidents in older drivers
Warning of visual impairment
What attracts attention when driving?
A preliminary enquiry into the normal values of vision in motor vehicle drivers
Administrative court decisions on driving permission in visual deficiencies
Adverse effects of drugs on the visual capacity while driving
Antidepressive therapy--safety in steering in spite of it
At home utilization of low-vision aids by the visually impaired
Behind the wheel with one eye
Causes of inadequate vision in drivers and their significance in traffic
Changes of mesopic visual acuity after prolonged automobile driving
Cognitive functions and driving ability of older drivers
Cognitive impairments among older drivers: medical examination and driving test
Considerations on the visual fitness, for driving, in subjects with one eye
Correction of article on vision and traffic
Court decisions on the diminution of visual acunity in motor vehicle drivers
Diabetes mellitus and driver's license. Result of a round-table discussion on november 16, 1970
Determination of driving ability by the physician
"Legal gray areas" in low vision: the need for clarification of regulations
A comparison of driving in older subjects with and without age-related macular degeneration
A comparison of the British number plate and Snellen vision tests for car drivers
A driving program for the visually impaired