Pilot Testing and Preliminary Evaluation of a Suicide Prevention Education Program for Emergency Department Personnel
The ubiquity of murder-suicide
Suicide by Jumping : Can it Be Prevented?
100 patients treated at the Cochin Hospital for burns after attempted suicide
2 cases of self-burning suicide
A case of a partial self castration
A case of attempted dissimulation of homicidal strangulation by throwing the victim out of a window
A case of homicide-suicide by hanging
A case of severe recurrent hypoglycemia after suicidal poisoning with tolbutamide
A case of voluntary poisoning with nivaquine
A combined suicide--skull injury and strangulation
A national survey of suicide
A special case of self mutilation of the genitals
A study on the recent suicidal tendency from the view-point of ambulance business
Accidental finding of self mutilation of the skull
Accidents, polyvisceral breakdown, violence, and suicides: their medico-legal relation to blood alcohol levels
Actions of medical first aid brigades in criminal cases, suicides and suicide attempts
Acute poisoning with aminorexfumarate. Report on the clinical course of a case of severe suicidal poisoning without symptoms of a pulmonary hypertension
Admissions to general hospitals because of attempted suicide during the period 1970-1976
Adolescence and attempted suicide
Alcoholism and suicide
Ambulatory care of suicide-prone patients in hospital and office setting
Assessment and treatment of suicidal tendencies
Attempted suicide among adolescents
Attempted suicide by neurotic patients
Attempted suicides with corrosive substances hospitalized at the otorhinolaryngology clinic with complications from 1968 to 1978
Attempted suicide
Beliefs and opinions of a representative sample of working women in relation to suicide
Can an adolescent's family prevent him from committing suicide?
Cases of extended suicide
Characteristics of psychiatric expert testimony in suicide
Clinical and social welfare aspects in suicide attempts of juveniles
Clinical measures for the evaluation of suicidal attempts
Clinical study of a psychotropic drug: sulpiride in attempted suicide without psychosis
Clinico-statistical characteristics of mental patients performing suicidal acts
Cochleo-vestibular complications after attempted suicide with aspirin
Comparative anatomical studies on the coronary arteries and a. radialis in fatal accidents, suicides, cerebral hemorrhages and myocardial infarcts
Comparative studies of suicide and suicidal attempts in adolescence
Comparative study of suicide attempts by children and adolescents observed in 3 pediatric departments and those collected in a pedo-psychiatric department
Contribution of genetic factors in suicide based on temporary increase in the rate of familial suicides in Swiss isolates
Contribution to the genetics of suicide. (Data in twins and familial findings)
Contribution to the interpretation of the psychodynamics of suicide and attempted suicide in depressed persons
Crisis intervention in suicidal patients
Data on a series of cases of attempted suicide in the evolutive age
Depression--suicide and attempted suicide
Detection of "Scilla maritima" glycosides in autopsy material from a suicide case
Diagnosis and determination of suicide
Difficulty in the diagnosis of a case of self-inflicted skin injury
Decreasing incidence of suicide in the Netherlands, with changing methods
Double suicide of the aged and sick (1). Study of an incident of homicide to the wish of the victim
Drug poisoning with the purpose of self destruction in depressed patients
Dynamics of a case of self-injury
"Atypical Suicidal" cut throat injury--a case report
A randomized controlled multicenter trial of post-suicide attempt case management for the prevention of further attempts in Japan (ACTION-J)
Aggression, Suicidality, and Intermittent Explosive Disorder: Serotonergic Correlates in Personality Disorder and Healthy Control Subjects
Comparison of rates of suicide methods used by the elderly in England and Wales
Elderly suicides by drug poisoning in England and Wales: time trends within two elderly age-bands
Guidelines spell out when someone assisting a suicide risks prosecution
History of suicide attempts among patients with depression in the GENDEP project
How adolescents who cut themselves differ from those who take overdoses
How the psychiatrists of a mental health department managed their patients before an attempted suicide
Interaction of Child Maltreatment and 5-HTT Polymorphisms: Suicidal Ideation among Children from low-SES Backgrounds
Male specific association between the 5-HTR6 gene 267C/T SNP and suicide in the Portuguese population
Epidemiologic factors of suicide
Epidemiological considerations of the problem of suicide (condition in the Splitz region)
Epidemiological study of tentative suicide in Spain
Epidemiology and meteoropathology of the suicide occurrence in the district of Wernigerode
Epidemiology of suicides in Cracow area
Evaluation of suicide cases
Evaluation of suicide danger by the physician
Evaluation of suicides following traffic accidents
Evaluation of the incidence of suicide. Scrutiny of the practical usefulness of a risk list for the evaluation of the incidence of suicide
Evolution of committed suicides in Czechoslovakia
Examples for suicide research in adolescents. Distressed by home and school
Exceptional case of suicide with a steel kitchen knife, totally embedded, handle included, in the thorax
Exogenous psychosis after an attempted suicide with disulfiram
Experimental work at Södersjukhuset in suicide prevention. Suicides can be prevented
Facial shotgun wounds in suicide attempts
Fatal complications in attempted suicide
Fatal suicidal case of Sevin (1-naphthyl-N-methyl-carbamate) poisoning
Fatal suicidal malathion poisoning
Fatal, suicidal phosdrin poisoning
Fatigue, nervous depression and unconscious suicide
Forensic medicine. Suicide
Forensic pathology in Norway 1960-1964. Medico-legally examined suicides
Forensic psychiatric expertise in suicide precipitated by alcoholic and reactive status
Frequency of suicidal acts in psychoses
Frontotransversal gunshot through both orbits leading to destruction of the bulbs in a case of attempted suicide
Frustrated suicide during pregnancy
Function and tendencies of suicidal behaviour of adolescents
Gingival lesions caused by auto-agressive behavior in childhood
Gunshot accident or suicide--insurance and medical viewpoints
History and problem of suicide. Introductory report
Importance of narcissistic object relations for the understanding and care of suicide patients
Increasing suicides of psychiatric inpatients: reality or artefact?
Inherent dynamics of suicide in the elderly
Repetition and severity of suicide attempts across the life cycle: a comparison by age group between suicide victims and controls with severe depression
Suicidal ideation and suicide attempts in bipolar disorder type I: an update for the clinician
Suicide attempts among women during low estradiol/low progesterone states
Suicide rate in Bali
The Role of Cognitive Distortion in the Relationship Between Abuse, Assault, and Non-Suicidal Self-Injury
Train-related suicides in Milan, Italy: analysis of cases 1993-2008
Who uses firearms as a means of suicide? A population study exploring firearm accessibility and method choice
Some aspects of suicide in the years 1980-1996
Analysis of 574 cases of high-fall death
Financial incentives to improve adherence to anti-psychotic maintenance medication in non-adherent patients - a cluster randomised controlled trial (FIAT)
Fire-related fatalities in Istanbul, Turkey: analysis of 320 forensic autopsy cases
Limits on legitimacy: Moral and religious convictions as constraints on deference to authority
Rapid large-scale privatization and death rates in ex-communist countries: an analysis of stress-related and health system mechanisms
Role of stress areas, stress severity, and stressful life events on the onset of depressive disorder: a case-control study
Study protocol: the development of a randomised controlled trial testing a postcard intervention designed to reduce suicide risk among young help-seekers
The cultural dynamics of copycat suicide
Suicide attempt by jumping: A study of gonadal axis hormones in male suicide attempters versus men who fell by accident
Intentional acute poisonings. Psychologic and psychiatric aspects
Interpretation in a suicidal woman
Is there an elevated risk of attempted suicide among homosexual adolescents?
It has no purpose. Other part of an excerpt from the book on suicide in the aged
Juridical and forensic aspects of suicide
Juvenile suicide in the provinces of Parma, Piacenza and Brescia
Kind and frequency of suicide and suicide motives. From the statistics of the city of Münster
Legal and social medicine. Forensic serology. Possibilities of suicide prevention
Legal consequences of suicidal acts
Legal medical and insurance problems in suicide following traffic accidents
Life difficulties and pre-suicidal limit
Local ischemic contracture of the hand following suicide attempts
Local ischemic contractures of the hand following suicide attempts
Loneliness and suicide
Mass media are responsible for suicide prevention
'Delusion of world destruction' (Wetzel). Comparative study between Japan and West Germany
3H-imipramine binding in the frontal cortex of suicides
500 psychological autopsies
A case of skin and ear self-mutilation
A case with abundant signs of suicide
A childhood learning disability that predisposes those afflicted to adolescent and adult depression and suicide risk
A comparative prospective study of self-poisoned patients in Trondheim, Norway between 1978 and 1987: epidemiology and clinical data
A comparison between male and female parasuicides in Hong Kong
A comparison of self-injury and self-poisoning from the Regional Poisoning Treatment Centre, Edinburgh
A controlled family history study of prepubertal major depressive disorder
Unusual suicide through hanging
"...If thy right eye offend thee...". A case of bilateral self-enucleation
"Altruistic" homicide or accompanied suicide: apropos of a case
"Attempted suicides"
"Bolt projectiles" discharged from modified humane killers
"Consenting to its own destruction": a reassessment of Freud's development of a theory of suicide
"Experimental" self-mutilation
"Föhn illness" and human biometeorology in the chinook area of Canada
"Folk" criteria for the diagnosis of mental illness in rural Laos: on being insane in sane places
"If I Don’t Have to Work Anymore,Who Am I?": Job Loss and Collaborative Self-Concept Repair
"Institutionalized violence" (apropos of Jonestown and elsewhere)
"Lord of the Mirrors" and demon lover
"Magical thinking," suicide, and malpractice litigation
"Psychogenic" death: a reappraisal
"Suicidal behaviour" in New South Wales
"Swinging in the park". An investigation of an autoerotic death
"Voluntary" admission of children to mental hospitals: a conflict of interest between parent and child
"While the balance of his mind was disturbed"
'Incompetence' and consent to psychiatric treatment and hospitalization
(Auto)aggression and CSF 5-HIAA in depression and schizophrenia
3 cases of self mutilation by driving nails into the cranial cavity
328 suicide attempts observed in a general medicine department
4 cases of peno-scrotal avulsions
40 years of toxicomania at the psychiatric hospital in Liège
5-Hydroxyindoleacetic acid levels in attempted suicides who have killed their children
5-hydroxytryptamine and depression: a model for the interaction of normal variance with pathology
575 cases of suicidal behavior by taking poison
60 years of suicide in England and Wales. A cohort study
72-hour psychiatric detention. Clinical observation and treatment in a county general hospital
A "back door" approach to analysis of ethanol-associated risks and behavior
A 20-year prospective follow-up study of 2,164 cases at the child guidance clinics in Stockholm
A 5 year follow-up study of 237 cases of attempted suicide
A behavioral/pharmacological intervention for the treatment of severe self-injurious behavior
A biological approach to two forms of human self-injury
A bizarre case of vehicular suicide
A carpipramine related fatality
A case of acute poisoning with fenitrothion (Sumithion)
A case of acute sodium chlorate self-poisoning successfully treated without conventional therapy
A case of acute voluntary poisoning with flecainide in a suicide attempt
A case of attempted suicide by 5 approaches
A case of attempted suicide by self-hanging
A case of atypical suicide through a throat cut
A case of auto-emasculation
A case of disguised suicide
A case of female autoerotic death
A case of hetero-aggressively induced autoaggressivity
A case of multiple self mutilations
A case of neurotic self mutilation
A case of ocular automutilation in children
A case of psychotic disorders as a consequence of an attempted suicide with decentan and protactil
A case of radical facial self-mutilation. An unprecedented event and its impact
A case of self-inflicted eye injuries
A case of self-inflicted leucotomy
A case of self-mutilation with a toothbrush
A case of sotalol poisoning with fatal outcome
A case of successful replantation of testis after autohemicastration
A case of suicidal and homicidal ideation and akathisia in a double-blind neuroleptic crossover study
A case of suicidal hanging in an automobile
A case of suicidal ligature strangulation
A case of suicidal poisoning with barium chloride - BaCl2
A case of suicide involving the concomitant intravenous injection of barbital and oral ingestion of arsenic
A case of suicide with nitrazepam and alcohol
A case of suicide
A classical method of committing suicide: with Taxus baccata
A clinical and epidemiological survey of parasuicide and suicide in Edinburgh schizophrenics
A clinical study of 30 wrist cutters
A clinical study of the role of hostility and death wishes by the family and society in suicidal attempts
A cluster of adolescent suicide attempts: is suicide contagious?
A suicide decision as a motive for murder--an airplane as the murder weapon
An unusual case of suicidal carbon monoxide poisoning
Criteria for differentiating self- or other-inflicted injuries of alleged or real victims
Delayed death following strangulation (hanging)
Impact of the pre- or perimenstrual period and syndrome on suicidal behavior. Survey of 127 women who attempted suicide
Zonisamide-induced suicidal ideation
Medically treated injuries in surnadal 1990-91. incidence, risk, alcohol and other contributory conditions
Metacommunication and suicide prevention
Methods of preventing suicide
Military and civil nurses project report. Environment and nursing care of military suicides
Moral aspects of suicide
Mortality due to suicide in Spain: associated socioeconomic and environmental factors
Mortality in pregnant and newly delivered women due to psychiatric disorders
Mental disorders and suicide
Mycophenolate mofetil intentional self-poisoning
Necessity of establishing advisory centers for persons with suicidal tendencies
Neurobiological changes in suicide attempts with drugs
Neurologic signs and psychic disturbances after attempted suicide by hanging
New ways of treatment of borderline patients with suicidal crisis
A Multiple Mediational Test of the Relationship Between Childhood Maltreatment and Non-suicidal Self-Injury
Alcohol and suicide in Belarus
Association between terror attacks and suicide attempts
Characteristics of adult male and female firearm suicide decedents: findings from the National Violent Death Reporting System
Drugs associated with more suicidal ideations are also associated with more suicide attempts
Explaining the relation between religiousness and reduced suicidal behavior: social support rather than specific beliefs
Juvenile suicide in confinement--findings from the first national survey
Measure the recall of suicide warning signs as presented in an Air Force community
Per capita alcohol consumption and suicide rates in the U.S., 1950-2002
Personal growth after a suicide loss: cross-sectional findings suggest growth after loss may be associated with better mental health among survivors
Physical disability and suicidal ideation: a community-based study of risk/protective factors for suicidal thoughts
Predicting deliberate self-harm in adolescents: a six month prospective study
Preliminary spatiotemporal analysis of the association between socio-environmental factors and suicide
Prevalence of suicide risk factors and suicide-related outcomes in the national mental health study, Colombia
Prison Inmates' Suicidal Ideation in China: A Study of Gender Differences and Their Impact
Silenced voices: hearing the stories of parents bereaved through the suicide death of a young adult child
Subway Train-Related Fatalities in New York City: Accident versus Suicide
Suicidal behaviour in a French Cohort of major depressive patients: Characteristics of attempters and nonattempters
Suicidality, problem-solving skills, attachment style, and hopelessness in Turkish students
Suicides among seafarers in UK merchant shipping, 1919-2005
The association between violence and lifetime suicidal thoughts and behaviors in individuals treated for substance use disorders
The distillation of "VISCI": towards a better identification of suicidal inmates
The Moderating Effects of Parenting Styles on African-American and Caucasian Children's Suicidal Behaviors
The Youth-Nominated Support Team-Version II for suicidal adolescents: A randomized controlled intervention trial
Beyond randomized controlled trials in attempted suicide research
Can pediatricians accurately identify maternal depression at well-child visits?
Varenicline and suicidal behaviour: a cohort study based on data from the General Practice Research Database
Comprehending childhood bereavement by parental suicide: a critical review of research on outcomes, grief processes, and interventions
Endogenous Opiates and Behavior: 2008
How do the young suicide survivors wish to be met by psychologists? A user study
Is religiosity a protective factor? Social epidemiological study of adolescent psychological health
Life and death during the Great Depression
Self-reported history of sexual coercion and rape negatively impacts resilience to suicide among women students
Skull Fracture with Brain Expulsion in a One-Level Jumping-Fall
Suicide from the Golden Gate Bridge
An Unusual Zip Gun Suicide-Medicolegal and Ballistic Examination
Attachment and social adjustment: Relationships to suicide attempt and major depressive episode in a prospective study
Cannabis use and deliberate self-harm in adolescence: a comparative analysis of associations in England and Norway
Deliberate Self-harm and Suicide in Adolescents
Depression and Suicide Risks in Older Adults: A Case Study
Does intent matter? The medical and societal burden of self-inflicted injury
Family environment and suicidal ideation among bipolar youth
Farmers' suicide in India: implications for public mental health
Future oriented group training for suicidal patients: a randomized clinical trial
Memes and suicide
Mortality associated with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) drug treatment: a retrospective cohort study of children, adolescents and young adults using the general practice research database
Pattern of domestic violence amongst non-fatal deliberate self-harm attempters: A study from primary care of West Bengal
Reports of suicidality in clinical trials of Montelukast
Risk and protective factors associated with suicidal ideation in veterans of Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom
Risk Profiles for Suicide of Schizophrenic and Depressive Inpatients - A Psychological Autopsy Study
Self-injurious behavior: A clinical appraisal
Substance use disorders and risk for completed suicide
Suicide attempts by poisoning in Hanoi, Vietnam: methods used, mental problems, and history of mental health care
Suicide risk markers in Major Depressive Disorder: A study of Electrodermal Activity and Event-Related Potentials
The role of Expressed Emotion, Self-concept, Coping, and Depression in parasuicidal behavior: a follow-up study
Digestive burns by simultaneous oral and rectal self-administration of ingestion sulphuric acid: an unusual mode of suicide
Mounting incidence of depression--in relation to suicide prevention
Changes in income inequality and suicide rates after "shock therapy": evidence from Eastern Europe
Post partum anxiety and depression in peri-urban communities of Karachi, Pakistan: a quasi-experimental study
Rates of non-suicidal self-injury in high school students across five years
Role of IL-10 -1082, IFN-gamma +874, and TNF-alpha -308 genes polymorphisms in suicidal behavior
Self-Criticism, Dependency, and Stress Reactivity: An Experience Sampling Approach to Testing Blatt and Zuroff’s (1992) Theory of Personality Predispositions to Depression in High-Risk Youth
The concept of the death drive: A clinical perspective
Unemployment and suicide: is alcohol the missing link?
Variation in RGS2 is associated with suicidal ideation in an epidemiological study of adults exposed to the 2004 Florida hurricanes
A comparison of life events in suicidal and nonsuicidal adolescents and young adults with major depression and borderline personality disorder
Big five personality factors and suicide rates in the United States: a state-level analysis
Cigarette smoking is associated with suicidality in bipolar disorder
Clinical characteristics, precipitating stressors, and correlates of lethality among suicide attempters
Impulsivity and hopelessness as predictors of suicide-related ideation among older adults
Invited Commentary: Understanding Brain Mechanisms of Pain Processing in Adolescents' Non-Suicidal Self-Injury
Parenting and Violence Toward Self, Partners, and Others Among Inner-City Young Adults
Population-based prevalence of smoking in psychiatric inpatients: a focus on acute suicide risk and major diagnostic groups
PTSD, depression, and their comorbidity in relation to suicidality: cross-sectional and prospective analyses of a national probability sample of women
Suicidal ideation among students enrolled in healthcare training programs: a cross-sectional study
Suicidal ideation during treatment of depression with escitalopram and nortriptyline in Genome-Based Therapeutic Drugs for Depression (GENDEP): a clinical trial
Suicide Ideation in Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer: A Report From the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study
The impact of social context on socio-demographic risk factors for suicide: a synthesis of data from case-control studies
The impact of widowhood on Irish mortality due to suicide and accidents
Trends in prescribing and self-poisoning in relation to UK regulatory authority warnings against use of SSRI antidepressants in under-18-year-olds
Weight Status, Psychological Health, Suicidal Thoughts, and Suicide Attempts in Dutch Adolescents: Results From the 2003 E-MOVO Project
Causative factors as cues for addressing the rapid increase in suicide in Mie Prefecture, Japan: comparison of trends between 1996-2002 and 1989-1995
Suicidal behaviors in mentally retarded patients
Epigenetics in suicide and depression
Increased Mortality in Bulimia Nervosa and Other Eating Disorders
Measuring Weight Self-stigma: The Weight Self-stigma Questionnaire
Socioeconomic disparities and attempted suicide: state of knowledge and implications for research and prevention
Suicide and attempted suicide. II. The regional Italian situation
Suicide and attempted suicide. I
A Culturally Relevant Conceptualization of Depression: an Empirical Examination of the Factorial Structure of the Vietnamese Depression Scale
"Death sleeps in life and life sleeps in death". The enigma of suicide--the example Stig Dagerman
'Broken hearted teenagers': adolescents that had gone through suicide attempt
Medico-legal questions of suicide
Neither ill, nor victim: the self-injury in the emergency care
Nurses for suicidal adolescents
Nursing care of the suicidal patient
Object loss in criminologic psychiatry or passion according to Werther
Obnubilatory-hallucinatory psychosis in the course of suicidal poisoning with Parcopan
48 years on: is the suicide act fit for purpose?
Adolescent Suicide Risk Screening in the Emergency Department
Alcohol use disorders and acute alcohol use preceding suicide in China
Characteristics and Co-occurrence of Adolescent Non-Suicidal Self-Injury and Suicidal Behaviours in Pediatric Emergency Crisis Services
Gender Differences in Age, Period, and Birth-Cohort Effect on Suicide Mortality Rate in Japan 1985-2006
Limited evidence that bullying behaviour in children may be linked to later suicidal behaviour
Self-Injurious Behavior in Correctional Settings
Service Use by At-Risk Youths After School-Based Suicide Screening
Primary care contact prior to suicide in individuals with mental illness
Terrorist suicide bombings: lessons learned in Metropolitan Haifa from September 2000 to January 2006
Young people leaving the UK armed forces at increased risk of suicide
Depressive Symptoms and Adolescent Romance: Theory, Research, and Implications
Emotion (Dys)regulation and Links to Depressive Disorders
Emotions and the Development of Childhood Depression: Bridging the Gap
Alcohol-related injuries in emergency departments in Brazil, 2006 and 2007
Poisoning deaths in China: Type and prevalence detected at the Tongji Forensic Medical Center in Hubei
Suicide, mental illness, and psychiatry in Queensland, 1890-1950
Women's Sexual Orientation and Health: Results from a Canadian Population-Based Survey
Suicidal attempts and obits in the district of Independencia, Ceara State, Brazil
"Burn repeaters" and injury control
"Death of beautiful youth" or youthful suicide in Geneva in the 18th century
"Feeling worthless": an ethnographic investigation of depression and problem drinking at the Flathead reservation
"I want to join my Peterle". Anthropological and ethical considerations of sexuality and suicidal behavior in the elderly
"Observations and statistics relating to suicide weapons": an update
"Person under train" incidents: medical consequences for subway drivers
"Self-asphyxia"--a forensic medicine-criminal challenge
"Sex" hangings in the female
"Superwarfarin" ingestion. A new problem in covert anticoagulant overdose
'Suicide prevention' by GPs?
'Superwarfarins' as agents of accidental or deliberate intoxication
24-hour cortisol measures in adolescents with major depression: a controlled study
5-HT reuptake inhibitors, tricyclic antidepressants and suicidal behaviour
5-HT uptake sites and 5-HT2 receptors in brain of antidepressant-free suicide victims/depressives: increase in 5-HT2 sites in cortex and amygdala
5-Hydroxyindoleacetic acid in cerebrospinal fluid and prediction of suicidal behaviour in schizophrenia
Youth and the danger of suicide
A 4-year follow-up of treatment of self-injury
A behavioural teratologic study on offspring of self-poisoned pregnant women
A binational school survey of depressive symptoms, drug use, and suicidal ideation
A case of attempted suicide with an enormous quantity of food
A case of common carotid artery stenosis due to hanging
A case of genital self-amputation in which reconstruction was proposed
A case of homicidal choking mistaken for suicide
Marital status, anomie, and forms of social isolation: a case of high suicide rate among the widowed in an urban sub-area
A case of monthly unipolar psychotic depression with suicide attempt by self-burning: selective response to bupropion treatment
A case of recurrent corneal erosion caused by self-inflicted injury
A case of suicide suspected of poisoning from taking some agricultural chemicals
A case of suicide with an atypical explosive device
A case of the massive ingestion of furosemide with suicidal intent
A case of unusual suicidal poisoning by the organophosphorus insecticide dimethoate
A catamnestic study of 476 attempted suicides, with special regard to the prognosis for cases of drug automatism
A clarification system for completing suicidal thoughts
A classification of acts of attempted suicide
A clinical study of schizophrenic suicides. 42 cases in Taiwan
A clinical study of suicidal behavior in schizophrenic patients
A community study of mental disorders among four aboriginal groups in Taiwan
A community survey of self-injurious behavior among developmentally disabled children and adolescents
A comparative analysis of suicide and religiosity
A comparative investigation of health workers' attitudes towards parasuicide
A comparative moral approach to suicide--a Jewish perspective
A comparative study of neuropsychiatric casualties in the United States Army and the Army of the Republic of Vietnam
A comparison of Australian suicide rates in 1969-73 and 1976-80
A comparison of single and multiple note writers among suicides
A comparison of social workers and psychiatrists in evaluating parasuicide
A comparison of suicide and non-suicide deaths involving psychotropic drugs in four major U.S. cities
A comparison of techniques for the elimination of self-injurious behavior in a mildly retarded woman
A comparison of the disturbingness of behaviors related to learning disability and emotional disturbance
A comparison of the manifest content in dreams of suicidal, depressed and violent patients
A comparison of the symptoms of medical and psychiatric patients matched on the Beck Depression Inventory
A comparison of three computer models for prediction of dose in acute amitriptyline overdose
A comparison of typical death scene features in cases of fatal male and autoerotic asphyxia with a review of the literature
A computer information system in a suicide prevention centre
A computer-based system for identifying suicide attemptors
A congressional view of youth suicide
A contribution to the discussion of the role of the genetic factor in suicide, based on five studies in an epidemiologically defined area (Province of Salzburg, Austria)
A controlled study of suicide pacts
A critique of volunteer-staffed suicide prevention centres
A cross-cultural study of suicide among the elderly in Singapore
A curious autopsy case of a car crash in which self-strangulation and lung collapse were found: a case report
A current study of parasuicide in Durban
A database review in C-L psychiatry: characteristics of hospitalized suicide attempters
A death attributed solely to diltiazem
A death involving probenecid
A determination of the health-protective behaviors of female adolescents: a pilot study
A developmental theory of suicide
A factor analysis of six commonly used instruments associated with suicide using college students
A factor analysis of the Beck Depression Inventory in a mildly depressed population
A factor-analytical study of depression across cultures (African and European)
A fatal case due to intoxication with seven drugs detected by GC-MS and TDx methods
A fatal case of parenteral paraquat poisoning
A fatality due to propofol poisoning
A fatality involving clomipramine
A fatality involving secobarbital, nitrazepam, and codeine
A fatality possibly due to legal process
A fatality possibly due to legal process
A field test of Motto's risk estimator for suicide
A fifteen-year follow-up study of community guidance clinic clients
A follow-up of female delinquents: maternal contributions to the perpetuation of deviance
A follow-up of self-poisoned patients
A follow-up study of 618 suicidal patients
A follow-up study of adolescents after suicide attempts
A follow-up study of those who called a suicide prevention center
A footnote to Parham: Was J. L. a casualty of the mental health bar?
A framework for the emergency evaluation of the suicidal patient
A French study of morbidity and mortality in suicidal attempts
A functionally based approach to the treatment of self-injurious behavior
A further investigation of differences in the suicide rates of England and Wales and of Scotland
A gas water heater as a means of suicide
A genetic study of bipolar affective disorder
A granddaughter of violence: Doris Lessing's good girl as terrorist
A high incidence of suicide in a preliterate-primitive society
A hotline telephone service for young people in crisis
A hundred cases of suicide: clinical aspects
A jigger of alcohol, a dash of depression, and bitters: a suicidal mix
X-ray demonstration of sedatives and hypnotics with bromine contents in suicidal poisoning
Analysis of the true death-rate due to alcoholism
Methodological problems of life event research
General assistance to patients in the Bible and the Talmud
Poisoning by rectal administration of carbolic acid
Suicide by insulin
Attempted suicide
Suicide-a leading cause of death
Suicide and temporary insanity
While the balance of his mind
A case of suicide by shot wounds and burning
Combined suicide and homicide
Suicide by methaldehyde
Suicide by hammer blows
Service-connected suicide in military legal medicine
One more case of attempted suicide by swallowing foreign bodies
Forensic aspects of attempted suicide in relation to health insurance
Everyday example illustrating atmospheric-electric bioclimatic effects, weather intolerance, suicide, criminal assault
An extended case of autoerotic accident
Art and suicide; medico-legal observation
Attempted suicide by unusual means: hammering nails into skull
Attempted suicide with alcohol and antabuse
Attempted suicide with phenergan
Cutting of the cervical trachea in attempted suicide; two cases
Externalization of melancholia on awakening from a barbituric coma attempted suicide attempt
A modern review of the suicide problem
On a case of suicide by a gunshot wound in an atypical site
On anemia factitia and other symptoms caused by self mutilation
On fatal poisoning of a non-diabetic person by tolbutamide (Rastinon)
On poisoning caused by dial, pyramidon and caffeine (Bioptan)
On problems of psychiatric diagnosis in attempted suicide
On problems of suicides in atypical depressions
On puerperal psychoses
Atypical strangulation impression in suicidal hanging
Contribution to the epidemiological study of the suicide attempts in Spain
A comparative study of non-fatal self-poisoning with antidepressants relative to prescribing in three centres in England
Attempted suicide predicts suicide risk in schizophrenia spectrum psychosis
Gender differences in healthcare service utilisation 1 year before suicide: national record linkage study
Perceived Dimensions of Parenting and Non-suicidal Self-injury in Young Adults
Pesticide exposure and suicidal ideation in rural communities in Zhejiang province, China
Suicidal behavior and depression in adolescents with eating disorders
Suicide attempt in first-episode psychosis: A 7.4 year follow-up study
The Influence of Romantic Attachment and Intimate Partner Violence on Non-Suicidal Self-Injury in Young Adults
Brain injury and suicide; a problem of cerebral pathology
Bilateral paralysis of the vocal cords after suicidal hanging
Unilateral laryngeal paralysis caused by strangulation
Window fall accidents in the hospitals
Three adolescents and the death
Suicide in children
The question of suicide and weather
Suicide of a teen-age boy
Suicide and war disability
Characteristics of lesions caused by detonating caps; case report and experimental study
Behavior or suicidal neurosis and the Rorschach test
Attempted suicide with chlorpromazine
An unusual suicide attempt
Pathogenesis, prognosis and therapy of severe hypoglycemic states, discussed after a suicide attempt with insulin
On the circular course of a bullet in a case of pretended attempted suicide with fire arm
Kalypnon; a modern suicidal agent
Injury of otorhinolaryngological organs by suicides
Fatal acute peroral poisoning by medobis
Zoo accidents. On the nature of such accidents and possible responsibility of the victim and others and recommendations for preventing such incidents
A case of attempted suicide with potassium nitrate
A case of attempted suicide; narco-analysis, Rorschach test, TAT and existential analysis
A case of depression with attempted suicide treated at a general hospital
A case of familial suicide
A case of ingestion of ethyl ester of bis-4-oxycoumarinyl acetic acid (tromexan) in suicide attempt
A case of intentional isoniazid poisoning
A case of obsessive impulsion for suicide; clinical study
A case of self-mutilation presenting as haemoptysis
A case of suicide à deux
A case of suicide with a shotgun
A case of suicide with butchering pistol
A criticism of the concept of neurotic depression
A curious case of suicide
A longitudinal study of suicidal ideation in young adolescents
A macabre suicide
A method for studying the cadaver in cases of death from strangulation asphyxia
A methodology for the prevention of non-communicable diseases
A model community education program on depression and suicide in later life
A modern melancholia: Van Gogh's portrait of Dr Gachet
A modified grounded theory study of how psychiatric nurses work with suicidal people
A multiple drug intoxication involving cyclobenzaprine and ibuprofen
A multivariate profile analysis of MMPIs of suicidal and nonsuicidal neuropsychiatric hospital patients
A myasthenic episode following intake of large amounts of a beta blocker
A national survey of school-based, adolescent suicide prevention programs
A neuropharmacologic approach to self-mutilating behavior
A new discipline probes suicide's multiple causes
A new method for the determination in blood and urine of a novel triazolobenzodiazepine (estazolam) by HPLC
A non-aversive behavioral-pharmacological intervention for severe self-injury in an adult with dual sensory impairment
A note on M.D. Faber's essay "Suicide and the 'Ajax' of Sophocles"
A note on suicide
A note on the MMPI as a suicide predictor
A nurse for suicidal patients
A nurses' guide to the acute management of suicidal patients in the student health center
A patient who refused treatment after self-poisoning with paracetamol
A peculiar case of suicide
A personal myth--Yukio Mishima: the Samurai Narcissus
A physiological theory of sex differences in suicide
A piece of my mind. Risky business
A piece of my mind. Social Darwinism
A pilot suicidal awareness, identification, and prevention program
A plan for preventing student suicide
A planned complex suicide: need for a high index of suspicion
Study on psychosocial factors of suicide ideation among peasent workers in Guiyang City
Comparative socio-economic follow-up study of patients with psychogenic depressions and alcohol- and drug dependencies with and without suicide attempts
Deep alpha frequency coma after hanging not followed by immediate death. A report of two cases
Paranoid depressions
Problems of suicide in Vorarlberg
Psychodynamics of suicidal ideas and behavior
Questing and despairing. On the problem of self-destructive behaviour in youths with particular reference to "destructive sects"
Recent aspects of the suicide problem
Some practical aspects of suicide prevention
The assessment of suicidal risk
The epidemiology of suicide and parasuicide
The family approach after suicidal gestures in children
The psychotherapy and taking into care of hospitalized adolescents who have tried to commit suicide
Unconscious suicide
Schizophrenics and the significance of their suicidal jumping
Suicide by two head shots
The fate of adult depressive patients
When is suicide a risk in the widowed?
Voluntary genital mutilation in women
Voluntary ingestions of foreign bodies in the penitentiary, apropos of 33 cases
Warning against antidepressive agents has been effective
What young people die of. Analysis of causes of death in age groups 15-44 during the period 1941-1965
A possible association between fluoxetine use and suicide
A possible role of proopiomelanocortin peptides in self-injurious behavior
A prediction model of suicide among youth
A predictive approach to suicide notes of young and old people from Freud's formulations with regard to suicide
A predictive approach to the study of manifest content in suicide notes
A preliminary investigation into parasuicide in Salisbury, Zimbabwe--1979/1980
A preliminary psychiatric study of attempted suicide as seen in a general hospital
A preventive approach to oral self-mutilation in Lesch-Nyhan syndrome: a case report
A preventive approach to the suicidal patient
A preventive program for bereaved families
A probabilistic system for identifying suicide attemptors
A profile of the self-poisoner in Michigan
A prospective 5-year follow-up study of self-poisoned patients
A prospective study of 1212 cases of acute poisoning: general epidemiology
A prospective study of depression and posttraumatic stress symptoms after a natural disaster: the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake
A prospective study on the behavior of pediatric intensive care unit nurses, concerning the care given to suicidal children
A prospective twelve-year follow-up of alcoholic women: a prognostic scale for long-term outcome
A psychiatric perspective on self-inflicted burns
A psychiatric study of attempted suicide in persons over sixty years of age
A psychiatric study of suicide among urban Swedish women
A psycho-educational model for school mental health planning
A psychoanalytic approach to a therapeutic impasse with an impulsive adolescent: permission to speak the unspeakable
A psychodynamic approach to suicide prevention
A psychodynamic study of an attempted suicide
A psychological analysis of a Dostoyevsky character: Raskolnikov's struggle for survival
A psychological autopsy of a geriatric suicide
A psychosocial inquiry on suicide attempts and their statistical interpretation
A public health approach to suicide prevention
A public health perspective on violent death
A qualitative analysis of the use of community treatment orders in Saskatchewan
A quantitative literature review of the effectiveness of suicide prevention centers
A questionnaire study carried out in the county of Västerbotten. 32 percent of the population have suicidal thoughts sometime during their life
A Grounded Theory Study of Action/Interaction Strategies Used When Taiwanese Families Provide Care for Formerly Suicidal Patients
A Survey of Self-Mutilation From Forensic Medicine Viewpoint
Apples to oranges?: A direct comparison between suicide attempters and suicide completers
Blue Monday phenomenon among men: suicide deaths in Japan
Consistency of immigrant suicide rates in Austria with country-of-birth suicide rates: A role for genetic risk factors for suicide?
Divergence in contributing factors for suicide among men and women in Kentucky: recommendations to raise public awareness
Epidemiology of Intimate Partner Homicide-Suicide Events Among Women of Childbearing Age in Maryland, 1994-2003
Pattern of pesticide storage before pesticide self-poisoning in rural Sri Lanka
Persistent nightmares are associated with repeat suicide attempt A prospective study
Predictors of suicidal behavior in a high school student population: a cross-sectional study
Psychiatric comorbidity and suicidal behavior in epilepsy: A community-based case-control study
Response to Mills et al. regarding Tishler and Reiss' review of inpatient suicide
Revealing the form and function of self-injurious thoughts and behaviors: A real-time ecological assessment study among adolescents and young adults
Self-Inflicted Penile Strangulation
Cardiac arrest with residual blindness after overdose of Tessalon(R) (benzonatate) perles
Self-injurious behaviours in people with and without intellectual delay: implications for the genetics of suicide
Smoking cessation agents and suicide
Suicidal ideation in Parkinson's disease
Temperament and character personality profile in relation to suicidal ideation and suicide attempts in major depressed patients
The Relative Influence of Different Domains of Social Connectedness on Self-Directed Violence in Adolescence
Reducing self-injurious behaviour through functional communication training - a single case study
Suicidal crises at the time of motherhood
The Relation of Maternal Sensitivity to Children’s Internalizing and Externalizing Problems Within the Context of Maternal Depressive Symptoms
Risk factors for suicide attempts in dual diagnosis patients
Subcutaneous Corn Oil Injections, Fat Embolization Syndrome, and Death
Suicide burden in the U.S. Air Force: 1990-2004
Suicidal ideation among young French adults: Association with occupation, family, sexual activity, personal background and drug use
Suicide by Ligature Strangulation: Three Case Reports
The influence of a major disaster on suicide risk in the population
2 Suicides by ingestion of large quantities of 3-phenyl-3-ethyl-2,6-dioxopiperidine, of which one was treated with strychnine. Toxicological research. Experimentation related to strychnine therapy of poisoning
A case of attempted suicide by meprobamate
A rare case of a metal foreign body in the bladder
A rare case of poisoning by Gloriosa superba
A rare case of suicide with a firearm
A rare fatal case of silicone resin precursor (SH792) poisoning
A rare suicidal case of a ten-year-old child stabbing himself in the throat
A reanalysis of the impact of non celebrity suicides. A research note
A reexamination of the color-shading Rorschach test response and suicide attempts
A regional analysis of suicide and homicide rates in the USA: search for broad cultural patterns
A regional analysis of suicide: the USA vs Sri Lanka
A regional comparison of mortality from selected causes
A remarkable case of suicide by electricity. (A contribution to the problem of Vital Reaction)
A repertory grid study of the meaning and consequences of a suicidal act
A report of overdose with astemizole
A report of self-amputation of the penis with subsequent complication of myiasis
A report on psychiatric emergencies
A retrospective examination of psychiatric case records of patients who subsequently committed suicide
A retrospective study of self-inflicted burns
A reverberating psychic mechanism in the depressive processes
A review board for determining the dangerousness of mentally ill offenders
A review of 139 suicidal gestures: discussion of some psychological implications and treatment techniques
A review of pharmacological agents for self-injurious behavior
2 Strange cases of suicide caused by butcher knife and by strangulation with a cord; murder or suicide
A case of suicide by formalin
A center for the assistance of attempted suicide victims and for the prevention of suicide: the P. Varenna Foundation
A coroner's view of suicide
A critique of Shneidman and Farberow's TAT heroes of suicidal and non-suicidal subjects
A note on Madame Bovary: did Dalphine Delmare commit suicide
A rare case of foreign body in the ureter
A review of treatment research for self-injurious and stereotyped responding
A scale for assessing suicide risk of attempted suicides
A scatter plot for identifying stimulus control of problem behavior
A self-destruction game
A sex difference in the seasonal variation of suicide rate: a single cycle for men, two cycles for women
A single attempt of suicide
A six-year follow-up study of 100 patients who attempted suicide
A small area analysis of self-poisoning and self-injury in the region of Oxford
A socio-psychiatric profile of emergency service patients
A special case of attempted double suicide
A spectacular case of automutilation
A standardized estimator of the prevalence of alcoholism based on mortality data
A statistical investigation into the relationship between meteorological parameters and suicide
A statistical method for evaluating suicide clusters and implementing cluster surveillance
A stress component in black males. Suicide
A striking foreign body
A stud (cartridge) gun suicide (a case report)
A study of 1000 cases of suicide in Hamilton county
A study of 128 deaths in New York City correctional facilities (1971-1976): implications for prisoner health care
A study of 133 suicides among Canadian federal prisoners
A study of arsonists in a special security hospital
A study of attempted suicide in private practice
A study of attempted suicides in prisons
A study of attempted suicides in urban versus rural areas, with a follow-up
A study of bipolar (manic-depressive) and unipolar recurrent depressive psychoses. I. Genetic investigation
A study of bipolar (manic-depressive) and unipolar recurrent depressive psychoses. X. Mortality, suicide and life-cycles
A study of clinical suicide
A study of coroner's records of suicide in young people, 1986-88 in Western Australia
A study of deliberate self-harm at a Pietermaritzburg general hospital
A study of medico-legal deaths in a rural area of Pondicherry (South India)
A study of opportunity-based suicide rates: the use of guns
A study of police suicide in New York City, 1934-1939
A study of psychiatric emergencies. I. Demographic data
A study of psychiatric emergencies. II. Suicide
A study of psychiatric inpatient suicides in Singapore
A study of selected catecholamine metabolizing enzymes: a comparison of depressive suicides and alcoholic suicides with controls
A study of social and psychological characteristics of adolescent suicide attempters in an urban, disadvantaged area
A study of suicidal attempts by male and female university students
A study of suicidal problems
A study of suicidal tendencies in adolescents in the secondary level
A study of suicide autopsies 1957--1977
A study of suicide in Madurai
A study of suicide in schizophrenic in-patients
A study of suicide in state mental hospitals in New York City
A study of suicides in a State Mental Hospital System
A study of suicides in Sweden 1951-63, including a comparison with 1925-1950
A study of the frequency of suicidal behaviour in children aged 5 to 14
A study on attempted suicide
A study on suicide
A study on the factors contributing to suicide from the standpoint of psychiatry
A suicidal death by explosives
A suicidal family
A suicidal gunshot wound of the back
A suicide attempt and emergency room ethics. Commentary
A suicide attempt and emergency room ethics. Commentary
A suicide attempt by a seductive patient: what's the treatment plan?
A suicide attempt following removal of conversion paralysis with amobarbital
A suicide attempt in unusual circumstances
A suicide attempt with E 605 and its treatment with allylnormorphine
A suicide attempt with oral verapamil: a case report
A suicide attempt with strange consequences
A suicide bomber attack: up close and personal
A suicide by ingestion of a mixture of copper, chromium and arsenic compounds
A suicide by insulin injection--case report
A suicide by pancuronium bromide injection: evaluation of the fluorometric determination of pancuronium in postmortem blood, serum and urine
A suicide by self-decapitation
A suicide by self-immolation--psychosocial perspectives
A suicide by thiopentone infusion
A suicide epidemic in a psychiatric hospital
A suicide epidemic model
A suicide epidemic on an Indian reserve
A suicide precautions policy for the general hospital
A suicide prediction schedule for neuropsychiatric hospital patients
A suicide prevention center in a public mental hospital
A suicide prevention center in Chicago
A suicide prevention program for basic military trainees
A suicide prevention program for Hopi youth
A suicide recognized as industrial accident
A suicide with neuromuscular blocker
A survey of attempted suicide in Shropshire
A survey of blood-alcohol levels in self-poisoning cases
A survey of five types of dangerous behavior among chronic psychiatric patients
A survey of suicidal behaviour in the Mid-Essex area in 1972
A survey of unexpected deaths among psychiatric in-patients and ex-patients
A Swedish health care program for suicide
A systematic review of mortality in schizophrenia: is the differential mortality gap worsening over time?
A team approach to the problem of parasuicide in downtown Toronto
A tentative epidemiologic approach to suicide prevention in adolescence
A test of a social deviancy theory of suicide using the foreign born
A test of Ferri's hypothesis about suicide and homicide rates
A test of Hendin's hypotheses relating suicide in Scandinavia to child-rearing orientations
A test of Lester's depression paradox hypothesis of suicide
A theoretic framework for transcultural psychiatry
A theory for the nursing care of patients at risk of suicide
A three-factor path model of Florida suicide rates
A time series analysis of international immigration and suicide mortality in Canada
A tooth ablation custom occurring in the Maldives
A transcultural evaluation of "self poisoning" in Sri Lanka
A twin study of suicide
A two years' survey on self-aggressive acts, suicides and suicidal threats in the Halifax district between 1962 and 1964. I. Self-aggressive acts in the Halifax area
A typology based on measures of substance abuse and mental disorder
A typology of parasuicide
A unique monthly distribution of suicide and parasuicide through firearms among Israeli soldiers
A W148R mutation in the human FOXD4 gene segregating with dilated cardiomyopathy, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and suicidality
Volontary coma caused by barbiturates
Abdominal spots characteristic of sulfuric acid ingestion
Aberrant extracellular signal-regulated kinase (ERK) 5 signaling in hippocampus of suicide subjects
Abnormal personality and the mood and anxiety disorders: implications for structural models of anxiety and depression
Abnormalities in the child after suicde attempt by the mother during pregnancy
Aboriginal suicides in custody: a view from the Kimberley
Abortion or suicide
Absconding: a review of the literature 1996-2008
Abuse of drugs by the public and by doctors
Abusive prescription of psychostimulants: a study of two cases
Academic pathways between attention problems and depressive symptoms among urban African American children
Acceptability of behavioral interventions for self-injurious behavior
Acceptability of behavioral interventions for self-injurious behavior: replication and inter-institutional comparison
Accident and suicide from a medical insurance viewpoint
Accident or planned self mutilation? Probability of accidental injuries during chopping
Accident or suicide?
Accident or suicide?
Accident or suicide?
Accident or suicide?
Accident or suicide? Do life change events lead to adolescent suicide?
Accident or suicide?
Accidental and intentional violent deaths among British Columbia native Indians
Accidental and self-induced poisoning in Galveston County 1958-1969
Accidental and unspecified deaths among prisoners as disguised suicides
Accidental and voluntary poisoning treated in a general medical ward
Variation in mortality from suicide in Paris from 1925 to 1949
Various aspects of attempted suicide using drugs
Various clinical aspects of suicidal tendencies in psychopathic personalities
Accidental death rates as a measure of the availability of a method for suicide
Accidental deaths and suicides in southwest Alaska: actual versus official numbers
Accidental deaths as disguised suicides
Accidental injury during pregnancy
Accidental poisoning and attempted suicide among children aged 11-15 years during the period from 1965 to 1974 based on the data of the pediatric departments of the Chałubiński and Orłowski Municipal Hospitals in Czestochowa
Accidental poisoning preceding nonaccidental injury
Accidental self-inflicted burns as a complication of bilateral patching
Unusual suicide cases
Urethral injuries caused by hair strangulation
Urologic problems of self mutilation
Use of aversive stimuli in serious behavior disorders of mentally disturbed patients
Use of colored reactions and fluorescence for the rapid detection of several psychotropic drugs in emergency hospital toxicology
Value and limits of judicial inquiry after suicides
Body Mass Index and Risk of Suicide Among One Million US Adults
Brief report: The association between non-suicidal self-injury, self-concept and acquaintance with self-injurious peers in a sample of adolescents
Definition and management of suicidality in psychiatric patients
Duration of untreated illness and suicide in bipolar disorder: a naturalistic study
Early life circumstances and male suicide - A 30-year follow-up of a Stockholm cohort born in 1953
Munchausen syndrome in the emergency department mostly difficult, sometimes easy to diagnose: a case report and review of the literature
Outcome of patients with major depressive disorder after serious suicide attempt
Post-partum depression in the community: A qualitative study from rural south India
Provision and evaluation of a suicide prevention and management programme by frontline nurses in Hong Kong
Randomized controlled trial of cognitive-behavioural therapy for coexisting depression and alcohol problems: short-term outcome
Hallucinations in children and adolescents: diagnostic and treatment strategies
Suicide and suicidality in emergency medicine
Wisconsin Card Sorting Test performance and impulsivity in patients with temporal lobe epilepsy: Suicidal risk and suicide attempts
The Wish to Die and 5-Year Mortality in Elderly Primary Care Patients
Urgency of Suicide Prevention Measures for Older Women in Japan
Seasonality of suicide attempts: association with gender
Self-harm and risk of motor vehicle crashes among young drivers: findings from the DRIVE Study
Seniors' Online Communities: A Quantitative Content Analysis
Sensorimotor Modulation of Mood and Depression: An Integrative Review
Suicidal Drowning in Southwestern Croatia: A 25-Year Review
The effectiveness of a vignette approach to teaching suicide risk factors: an Omani perspective
The Invisible Family: A Qualitative Study of Suicide Survivors in Taiwan
Resilience as positive coping appraisals: Testing the schematic appraisals model of suicide (SAMS)
Two different clinical cases of acute arsenic trioxide intoxication
Two unusual cases of suicidal strangulation
Unmotivated suicide as a most serious complication in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis using D-cycloserine
Unusual attempt of suicide in a patient with endogenous depression
Unusual case of double gunshot injury of the head
Accidents in the water and on ice
Accidents, poisonings an violence as the cause of death in residents of São Paulo City (Brazil)
Accumulation of trauma over time and risk for depression in a twin sample
Accuracy of diagnosis at routine psychiatric assessment in patients presenting to an accident and emergency department
Accuracy of information on substance use recorded in medical charts of patients with intentional drug overdose
Accurate knowledge about suicide and judgments about suicide
Accurate knowledge about suicide and personality (1)
Acetaminophen levels
Acetaminophen overdose as a suicidal gesture: a survey of adolescents' knowledge of its potential for toxicity
Acetaminophen overdose
Acetaminophen poisoning
Acetaminophen sets records in the United States: number 1 analgesic and number 1 cause of acute liver failure
Acetic acid poisoning in Curaçao
Acetonitrile serum concentrations and cyanide blood levels in a case of suicidal oral acetonitrile ingestion
Acid burns of the rectum and colon. Report of a case
ACNP releases final task force report on antidepressants and suicidality among adolescents
Acting on delusions. I: Prevalence
Acting on delusions. II: The phenomenological correlates of acting on delusions
Acting on harmful command hallucinations in psychotic disorders: an integrative approach
Action and reaction in suicidal crisis
Activating training in the treatment of depressions
Active multimodal psychotherapy in children and adolescents with suicidality: description, evaluation and clinical profile
Active suicide intervention by a campus mental health service: operation and rationale
Activities of a home helper. Psychological processes of the aged; an observation of a case resulting in suicide
Activity attendance, hospital expectations, and suicide
Acute alcoholic hallucinosis and its repeated interruption in suicide attempts with illuminating gas
Unusual cases of suicide
Acute and chronic effect of alcohol--a long-term problem in forensic medicine autopsies
Acute arsenic ingestion
Acute aspirin poisoning and deafness. Apropos of 10 cases
Acute barbiturate poisoning and suicide
Acute behaviour disturbances
Acute benzodiazepine poisoning. Apropos of a study of 162 cases hospitalized for attempted suicide
Acute blasticidin S poisoning
Acute carbon monoxide poisoning in the emergency service. The importance of early signs. 90 cases
Acute carbon monoxide poisoning
Acute chlorpyrifos poisoning in pregnancy: a case report
Acute dapsone poisoning
Acute depression caused by isotretinoin: does it exist?
Acute drug poisoning in suicidal elderly patients 70 years' old and over. 92 cases in a medical ICU
Acute drug reactions (overdoses) among females: a race comparison
Acute drug reactions among the elderly
Acute endocarditis in a patient with severe anorexia nervosa and autoaggressive behavior
Acute ethanol co-ingestion confers a lower risk of hepatotoxicity after deliberate acetaminophen overdose
Acute ethchlorvynol (Placidyl) intoxication
Acute ethchlorvynol (Placidyl) intoxication
Acute ethylene glycol poisoning
Acute fatal poisoning with silver nitrate following an abortion attempt
Acute fatigue and chronic fatigue: the generic aggravated risk in the Carabiniere Service
Acute foreign bodies of the gastrointestinal tract
Acute intoxication by endosulfan
Acute intoxication by ingestion of inorganic mercury salts
Acute intoxication by ingestion of trichlorethylene; anatomo-clinical study of five cases, including two fatal cases
Acute intoxications
Acute intoxications, a medical and social problem
Acute medicinal and alcoholic poisoning in the City of Copenhagen. 692 admissions to the Copenhagen Municipal hospital in 1980
Acute meprobamate poisoning. Clinical and medicolegal aspects
Acute mercury poisoning
Acute methanol poisoning--a review and a case report
Acute methemoglobinemia following attempted suicide by Dapson
Acute neurologic and psychiatric complications associated with cocaine abuse
Acute nonfatal poisonings by drug preparations
Acute oleander poisoning. A suicide attempt in a geriatric patient
Acute opium poisoning: a report of two hundred cases in Iran
Acute organophosphate poisoning in university hospital emergency room patients
Acute organophosphorus insecticide poisoning during pregnancy
Acute organophosphorus insecticide poisoning in Sri Lanka
Acute parathion (E 605) poisoning; study based on personal observation of 14 cases, among which 9 fatal
Acute parathion poisoning in children
Acute peroral poisoning by acetic acid
Two cases of diphenhydramine related suicide
Acute phenobarbital and diphenylhydantoin poisoning
Acute phosphine poisoning following ingestion of aluminium phosphide
Acute poisoning by a buffered effervescent aspirin with vitamin C. Retrospective study of data from the Poison Control Center of Paris 1974-1981
Acute poisoning by intentional ingestion of thallous malonate
Acute poisoning by intravenous injection of morphine and pentothal in an attempted suicide
Acute poisoning by isonicotinic acid hydrazide in attempted suicide; case report
Acute poisoning by Mandrax. Evaluation of known cases at the Marseilles Poison Control Center (88 cases in 27 months)
Acute poisoning by maprotiline--experience of Marseille Poison Control Center
Acute poisoning by pirimicarb: clinical and toxicological features
Acute poisoning by rust preventives: An epidemic of suicides in Martinique
Acute poisoning by soporifics; review of cases during ten years
Acute poisoning by tranquilizers
Acute poisoning by tranquilizers
Acute poisoning caused by sodium azide
Acute poisoning due to Mandrax
Acute poisoning during attempted suicide by chlorpromazine
Acute poisoning from arsenous anhydride ingestion. A clinical case
Acute poisoning in a children's hospital: an 8 year experience
Acute poisoning in Barcelona, Spain
Acute poisoning in Izmir, Turkey--a pilot epidemiologic study
Acute poisoning in Valladolid. Epidemiological study of cases seen at the Clinical Hospital from 1978 to 1984
Acute poisoning in Wroclaw during the years 1972-1977
Acute poisoning in young women 1965-73
Acute poisoning treated in the intensive care unit: a case series
Acute poisoning with antimalarials
Acute poisoning with arsenic derivatives; (apropos of 4 personal cases); hemostasis disorders; ultramicroscopic study of the liver and kidney
Acute poisoning with L-triiodothyroinine, L-thyroxine and phendimetrazine bitartrate with suicidal intention
Acute poisoning with moxonidine? A case report
Acute poisoning with organophosphoric esters. A case in a 24-year-old patient
Acute poisoning with the preparation Aviomarin
Acute poisoning
Acute poisoning
Acute poisoning. A 1-year material of hospitalized and ambulatory patients from a large Copenhagen hospital
Acute poisoning: poisoning in adults mostly blamed on suicide
Acute poisonings in children in Guadeloupe. 10 years' activity at a general pediatric service
Acute poisonings of children in Oslo. A one year prospective study
Acute poisonings with chemicals with reference to the inhabitants of Kraków
Acute propafenone poisoning. Description of a case
Acute propoxyphene self-poisoning in 222 consecutive patients
Acute psychiatric admission related to the menstrual cycle
Acute salicylate self-poisoning in 177 consecutive patients treated in ICU
Acute self poisoning. The Stavanger region in 1980 and 1981. Sociomedical and psychiatric aspects
Acute self poisoning. Use and benefits of the determination of serum concentrations of drugs and poisons as an immediate help
Acute self-poisoning by cyclosporin
Acute self-poisoning with tricyclic antidepressants in 295 consecutive patients treated in an ICU
Acute self-poisoning--sociological and psychiatric aspects
Acute strychnine poisoning after a massive dose
Acute suicidal poisoning with lithium carbonate
Acute suicidality after commencing atomoxetine
Acute sulfasalazine overdose
Acute systemic paraquat intoxication: survival without long-term complications
Acute toxic drug ingestions at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. 1963 through 1970
Acute toxic psychosis from suicidal overdosage of amantadine
Acute tryptophan depletion and self-injurious behavior in aggressive patients and healthy volunteers
Acute umlautitis and Munchausen's syndrome
Acute voluntary intoxication by ricin
Acute voluntary poisoning among subjects less than 21 years of age
Acute voluntary poisoning. Some medico-social data and perspectives furnished by a hospital statistic of 1000 cases
Acute yellow phosphorus poisoning from pesticide pastes
Acute yellow-phosphorus poisoning
Acutely suicidal patients. Management in general medical practice
Adaptation, depression, and transitional life events
Adaptations of cognitive therapy for depressed adolescents
Adaptive regression, humor, and suicide
Addiction and suicide
Additional cases of suicidal ideation associated with fluoxetine
Addressing mental health concerns in schools: does School-Link achieve its aims?
Addressing suicidal ideations through the realization of meaningful personal goals
ADHD and aggression as correlates of suicidal behavior in assaultive prepubertal psychiatric inpatients
Adjunctive quetiapine targets self-harm behaviors in adolescent females with major depressive disorder
Adjustment to widowhood after a sudden death: suicide and nonsuicide survivors compared
Adler and the 1910 Vienna Symposium on suicide. A special review
Administration of antidepressive agents in general practice with special regard to the risk of suicide
Admission of self-poisoned patients during one year at the Poisoning Treatment Centre, Copenhagen, Denmark
Admission to intensive care for parasuicide by self-poisoning: variation by time cycles, climate and the lunar cycle
Admissions to hospital due to drugs
Adolescence and the crisis of dying
Adolescent and elderly white male suicide trends: evidence of changing well-being?
Adolescent and pre-adolescent suicide in Newfoundland and Labrador
Adolescent attitudes toward suicide
Adolescent autoerotic deaths
Adolescent couple suicide
Adolescent couple suicide: literature review
Adolescent depression and suicide
Adolescent depression and suicide: rising problems
Adolescent depression
Adolescent depression: a growth and development perspective
Adolescent depression: an illness or developmental task?
Adolescent depression: an overview
Adolescent depression: challenges and opportunities: a review and current recommendations for clinical practice
Adolescent exploratory behavior--what do trainees know?
Adolescent girls in distress: a high-risk intersection
Adolescent girls in need of protection
Adolescent health. Suicide and depression
Adolescent jump case in Japan associated with influenza but not oseltamivir
Adolescent mental health: a review of preventive interventions
Adolescent poisoning: a comparison of accidental and intentional exposures
Treating chronic suicidality involves taking risks
Traumatism and poisoning in Jalisco: An autopsy-based study on mortality
Treatment of suicidal patients: The Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality
Treating chronic suicidality requires continuity in care
Adolescent psychiatric inpatients' risk of suicide attempt at 6-month follow-up
Adolescent self harm patients: audit of assessment in an accident and emergency department
Adolescent self-mutilation in a rural area
Adolescent self-mutilation: diagnosis and treatment
Adolescent self-poisoning: a nine-year followup
Adolescent separation-individuation and the court
Adolescent sexuality. A body/mind continuum
Adolescent suicidal and self-destructive behavior. Results of an intervention study
Adolescent suicidal behavior
Adolescent suicidal behavior
Adolescent suicidality: a clinical-developmental approach
Adolescent suicide and depression
Adolescent suicide and premarital sexual behavior
Adolescent suicide and the classroom teacher
Adolescent suicide and the pediatrician
Adolescent suicide at an Indian reservation
Adolescent suicide attempters hospitalized on a pediatric unit
Adolescent suicide attempters. Response to suicide prevention programs
Adolescent suicide attempters: do physicians recognize them?
Adolescent suicide attempts 1973-1982 in the Helsinki area
Adolescent suicide attempts and borderline personality disorder: clinical features
Adolescent suicide attempts and melancholia
Adolescent suicide attempts by acetaminophen ingestion
Adolescent suicide attempts. A follow-up study of hospitalized patients
Adolescent suicide attempts: outcomes at follow-up
Adolescent suicide clusters: evidence, mechanisms and prevention
Adolescent suicide fatalities
Adolescent Suicide From an International Perspective
Adolescent suicide in a technological society
Adolescent suicide in East Tennessee. A birth cohort study
Adolescent suicide in orthodontics: results of a survey
Adolescent suicide, homicide, and unintentional injuries
Adolescent suicide--assessment and management by the primary care physician
Adolescent suicide
Adolescent suicide
Adolescent suicide
Adolescent suicide
Adolescent suicide
Adolescent suicide
Adolescent suicide
Adolescent suicide
Adolescent suicide
Adolescent suicide
Adolescent suicide
Adolescent suicide
Adolescent suicide
Adolescent suicide
Adolescent suicide. A comparison of attempters and nonattempters in an emergency room population
Adolescent suicide. Prevention, intervention, and postvention
Adolescent suicide. Risk factors and prevention
Adolescent suicide: a cry for help
Adolescent suicide: a geometric increase
Adolescent suicide: a response to developmental crisis
Adolescent suicide: an analysis using Erikson's developmental framework
Adolescent suicide: an epidemic in our time
Adolescent suicide: an epidemiological study of recent trends
Adolescent suicide: an open letter
Adolescent suicide: an overview
Adolescent suicide: assessment and intervention
Adolescent suicide: endpoint of long-term difficulties
Adolescent suicide: epidemiological and biological aspects
Adolescent suicide: etiology and treatment
Adolescent suicide: etiology and treatment
Adolescent suicide: issues and challenges
Adolescent suicide: maternal longing and cognitive development
Adolescent suicide: music preference as an indicator of vulnerability
Adolescent suicide: prevention and treatment of psychiatric causes
Adolescent suicide: preventive considerations
Adolescent suicide: psychosocial and cognitive aspects
Adolescent suicide: risk factors and prevention strategies. Foreword
Adolescent suicide: sensationalism and sensitivity
Adolescent suicide: the tragic end of childhood
Cholesterol lowering--the sense and the sensationalism
Adolescent suicide: views of adolescents, parents, and school personnel
Adolescent witnesses to a peer suicide
Adolescents and antidepressants
Adolescents coping with mood disorder: a grounded theory study
Adolescents in crisis: evaluation of a questionnaire
Adolescents in distress. Suicide and out-of-control behaviors
Adolescents in trouble
Adolescents who attempt suicide
Adolescents who attempt suicide: preliminary findings
Adolescents who make suicide attempts repeatedly
Adolescents who take overdoses: their characteristics, problems and contacts with helping agencies
Adolescents with cancer: are they at risk for suicide?
Adolescents with learning disabilities at risk? Emotional well-being, depression, suicide
Adrenal cholesterol concentration in cases of suicide
Adrenal weight and violent suicide
Adrenocortical function and suicidal behavior in depressive disorders
Adult respiratory distress syndrome and arsenic poisoning caused by Fowler's solution
Adult sequelae of adolescent depressive symptoms
Adult suicide attempts by poisoning
Adult suicide versus coping with nonverbal learning disorder
Advances in crisis management of the suicidal patient: perspectives from patients
Adverse behavioral effects of benzodiazepines
Adverse childhood experiences and suicidal behavior
Adverse health behaviors and depressive symptomatology in adolescents
Aerophagia: an uncommon form of self-injury
Aerosol metallic paints: deliberate inhalation. A study of inhalation and or ingestion of copper and zinc particles
Aetiological factors in attempted suicide
Aetiology of anxiety and depressive disorders in an inner-city population. 2. Comorbidity and adversity
Affect configurations and changes in women who threaten suicide following a crisis
Affect discharge in suicide attempts
Affective and character pathology of suicidal adolescent and young adult inpatients
Affective and suicidal symptoms in epileptic prisoners
Affective disorder and homicide: a case of familial filicide theoretical and clinical considerations
Affective disorder and substance abuse in women with bulimia
Affective disorder and suicide in women physicians: other views
Affective disorders in alcoholism
Affective equivalents in depressive and manic-depressive patients
Affective states of patients immediately preceding suicide
After the suicide attempt
Aftermath of a shooting
Age and attempted suicide
Age and parasuicide ('attempted suicide')
Age and self-poisoning: the epidemiology in Newcastle upon Tyne in the 1980s
Age distribution among suicides in nations of the world
Age of alcoholism onset. I. Relationship to psychopathology
Age of alcoholism onset. II. Relationship to susceptibility to serotonin precursor availability
Age specific mortality trends in the U.S.A. from 1960 to 1980: divergent age-sex-color patterns
Age trends in parental assessments of the behavior problems of their retarded children
Age, alcohol and violent death: a postmortem study
Age, parasuicide and problem drinking
Age, period and cohort effects on suicide: a reply
Age, period of death and birth cohort effects on suicide mortality in Italy, 1955-1979
Age, sex and suicide rates within birth cohorts in England and Wales
Age, transvestism, bondage, and concurrent paraphilic activities in 117 fatal cases of autoerotic asphyxia
Age, unemployment and parasuicide in Leeds
Age- and sex-specific cycles in United States suicides, 1973 to 1985
Age-related differences in individual DSM criteria for borderline personality disorder
Age-sex differences in response to antidepressant drugs
Age-specific characteristics of attempted suicide in adolescence
Aggression and self-injurious behaviors in persons with autism--the TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communications Handicapped Children) approach
Aggression and suicide attempts: preliminary data
Aggression and violence in children
Aggression in Indian folk tales and personal violence (suicide and homicide)
Aggression, substance use, and suicidal behaviors in high school students
Aggression, suicide, and serotonin: relationships to CSF amine metabolites
Aggression--quantitative data
Aggressive behavior as a means of avoiding depression
Aggressive behavior in schizophrenia: relationship to age of onset and cortical atrophy
Aggressiveness in the child
Aggressiveness, anger and eating disorders: a review
Aging and suicide? Maturation or cohort effect?
Aging and the conflict of generations
Agitated "unipolar" major depression: prevalence, phenomenology, and outcome
Agonal and postmortem movement sequences in hanging
Agonal sequences in a filmed suicidal hanging: analysis of respiratory and movement responses to asphyxia by hanging
Agonal sequences in four filmed hangings: analysis of respiratory and movement responses to asphyxia by hanging
Agonizing questioning: experiences of survivors of suicide victims
Agrochemical poisoning in Sri Lanka
Traumatic juvenile paraplegia
Aid for suicide-prone subjects. Study brief for pastoral and social work--G14
AIDS and suicide in California
AIDS patients are at increased risk for suicide
Aircraft as an instrument of self-destruction
Akathisia as a risk factor for suicide
Akathisia causing suicide attempts in patients taking fluoxetine (Prozac)
Akathisia, suicidality, and fluoxetine
Albert Camus: another will for death
Alberta making major effort to overcome high suicide rate
Alberta task force on suicide problem finds present attitudes inadequate
Alcohol abuse and eventual suicide: a 5- to 10-year prospective study of alcohol-abusing suicide attempters
Alcohol abuse, depression, and suicidal behavior in schizophrenia
Alcohol abuse: its implications in trauma care
Alcohol and anguish: apropos of a case report
Alcohol and attempted suicide
Alcohol and depression
Alcohol and depression
Alcohol and drugs: reasons for restraint
Alcohol and fatal injuries in Oklahoma
Alcohol and fatal injuries: temporal patterns
Alcohol and mortality among young men: longitudinal study of Swedish conscripts
Alcohol and statistics of causes of death in middle-aged men in Oslo. A forensic study
Alcohol and suicide and homicide
Alcohol and suicide in Denmark 1911-24--experiences from a 'natural experiment'
Alcohol and suicide in Scandinavia
Alcohol and suicide in Western Australia
Alcohol and suicide
Alcohol and suicide
Alcohol and suicide
Alcohol and violent accidental and suicidal death
Alcohol as a provoking factor of suicidal behavior
Alcohol consumption and its relation to suicidal behavior
Alcohol consumption and its relation to suicidal conduct
Alcohol consumption and suicidal behavior
Alcohol consumption in males with sudden unexpected death in Helsinki
Alcohol consumption in relation to other predictors of suicidality among adolescent inpatient girls
Alcohol dependence and abuse and psychiatric disorders
Alcohol intoxication and psychosocial problems among children
Alcohol misuse and depression in women criminals
Alcohol related morbidity in acute male medical admissions
Alcohol use and abuse, suicide and homicide
Alcohol-associated deaths in the District of Columbia--a postmortem study
Alcohol-related deaths: Birmingham Coroner's records 1980
Alcohol-related parasuicide among married people
Alcohol-related problems in adolescents and women
Alcohol-related problems in the emergency room of an Indian general hospital
Alcohol-related psychiatric emergencies: their characteristics and care at a walk-in clinic
Alcoholism and attempted suicide
Alcoholism and depression
Alcoholism and depression. Statistical survey on familial antecedents of depression and alcoholism in a series of alcoholic men and depressed women
Alcoholism and mortality
Alcoholism and suicide
Alcoholism as a mortality factor. Its effect on the main causes of death
Alcoholism indicators: nonreliability of events partially related to alcohol abuse
Alcoholism, alcohol and attempted suicide
Alcoholism, alcohol intoxication, and suicide attempts
Alcoholism, depression, and life events
Alcoholism, hopelessness and suicidal behavior
Alcoholism. II. Sex, socioeconomic status and race in two hospitalized samples
Alexithymia, depression, and suicidal preoccupation
Alleviating hopelessness--suicide prevention in the schools
Alpha 1-noradrenergic receptor binding in suicide victims
Alpha 2-adrenoceptors in the brain of depressed suicide victims
alpha-11CMethyl-L-tryptophan trapping in the orbital and ventral medial prefrontal cortex of suicide attempters
Alprazolam and depression: a review of risks and benefits
Alteration in kinase activity but not in protein levels of protein kinase B and glycogen synthase kinase-3beta in ventral prefrontal cortex of depressed suicide victims
Alteration of potassium metabolism by cardiac glycosides in suicidal intoxications
Alterations in brain cholecystokinin receptors in suicide victims
Alterations in kynurenine precursor and product levels in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder
Alterations in monoamine receptors in the brain of suicide victims
Alterations of sleep pattern in psychiatric disorder
Altered expression of genes involved in ATP biosynthesis and GABAergic neurotransmission in the ventral prefrontal cortex of suicides with and without major depression
Altered pineal serotonin binding in some suicides
Altered serotonin 2C receptor RNA splicing in suicide: association with editing
Alternate therapy for traumatic pneumothorax in "pocket shooters"
Alternative perspectives on psychodynamic psychotherapy of borderline personality disorder: the case of "Ellen"
Alternative self-destruction
Alternative splicing, methylation state, and expression profile of tropomyosin-related kinase B in the frontal cortex of suicide completers
Alternative to mental hospital treatment. III. Social cost
Alternatives in psychiatric testimony on dangerousness
Altruistic murder-suicide: a case report and clinical indications
Ambulatory psychiatric treatment and suicide
Amelioration of premenstrual mood disturbance with a progestational agent (enovid)
American Indian suicide--Fact and fantasy
American psychiatry and the cause of suicide, 1844-1917
Amine metabolites and neuroendocrine responses related to depression and suicide
Amine metabolites, neuroendocrine findings, and personality dimensions as correlates of suicidal behavior
Aminergic receptor binding correlates of suicide: methodological issues
Aminergic studies and cerebrospinal fluid cations in suicide
Amnesia as a consequence of male rape: a case report
Amphetamine and other non-opioid drug users attending a special drug dependence clinic
Amphetamine usage by medical students
Amputation of fingers or a hand. Accident or self-mutilation
An 11-year follow-up study of 110 depressed patients
An 18-year-old woman with new-onset suicidal ideation while being treated with atomoxetine
An abused wife before and after filicide and suicide by her husband
An accident and emergency department's view of self-poisoning: a retrospective study from the United Norwich Hospitals 1978-1982
An accident during attempted suicide
An Account of the Madagascar Ordeal Poison
An adequate response to a cry for help? Parasuicide patients' perceptions of their nursing care
An aeronautic suicide attempt (3). Suicide and self-destructive behavior in aviation
An alternative to current analyses of suicidal behavior
An analysis of acute poisonings with drugs
An analysis of adolescent suicide attempts: the expendable child
An analysis of recent trends in suicide rates in Australia
An analysis of suicide at a training center
An analysis of the effects of suicide prevention facilities on suicide rates in the United States
An analysis of the sequence of selected events in the lives of a suicidal population: a preliminary report
An analysis of toxic deaths, 1982 to 1985, Pima County, Arizona
An announced suicide with ecstasy
An apple a day does not always keep the doctor away..
An appliance for autoinduced adverse control of self-injurious behavior
An approach to the epidemiology of alcoholism--studies in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland
Analysis of certain causes of suicide in armed forces personnel
Analysis of the personality structure of 26 actual suicides
Are allergic patients less inclined to suicide?
Attempted suicide with butane gas and barbiturate: indications for resuscitation with the Engström apparatus
Attempted suicides arriving at a general hospital
Automutilation and suicide
Cerebral phenomena in persedon poisoning (suicide attempt)
Clinical observations of suicide
Diagnosis of complicated suicide
Electrocution: suicide in a bathtub
Esophageal corrosion by attempted suicide in the Army
Felonious suicide
Insecticide poisoning: a case of suicide with alkyl phosphate (systox)
Original method of carbon monoxide suicide
Review of suicide cases with reference to appraisal of their risk and prevention
Study of various aspects of suicide caused by multiple gunshots
Suicidal behaviour in depressive illness; a study of aetiological factors in suicide
Suicide and the law
Suicide as a crime
Suicide by ammonia ingestion
Suicide by asphyxia in modified rebreathing attempt
Suicide by ingestion of digitalin combined with cutting of throat
Suicide in Hong Kong
Suicide in Vermont; 1957 pattern
Suicide poisoning by nivaquine
Suicide problems in medical practice
Suicide, state of consciousness and social structure
Suicides, killings and injuries by cattle slaughtering apparatus
The nurse's role in preventing suicide
Attempted suicide and the law
Attempted suicide by digitoxin. Apropos of a case
Attempted suicide with the aid of a massive dose (700 units) of insulin in a nondiabetic subject
Attempted suicides and other emergencies
Attempted suicides in adolescents
Cases of attempted suicide admitted to a general hospital
Comparative suicide statistics. I. International comparisons
Comparative suicide statistics. II. Death rates from suicide in Denmark since 1921, and seasonal variations since 1835
Death by accident, suicide or murder on the railroad track. (Observation on vital reaction
Depression, suicide and suicidal gesture in medical practice
EEG changes after survival following suicide attempt by hanging
Investigation of suicide
Iproniazid used in attempted suicide
Is suicide preventable
Le suicidé survivant
Motivation and language behavior: a content analysis of suicide notes
On a suicide attempt with gamma-hexachlorocyclohexane (inexide)
On the connection of causality between service performance and suicide
On the theme of "authenticity" of suicide
Psychological trends toward suicide
Significance of environmental conditions for suicide; a study on 1000 suicides in metropolitan areas in the postwar period
Some explanations for "unexplained mental phenomena regarding suicide"
Statistical analysis of suicide and other mortality rates of students
Student suicides
Student suicides
Suicide and legislation on industrial accidents
Suicide attempt with placidyl, a barbiturate-free narcotic
Suicide attempts in children and adolescents. Personality traits and course of development based on 34 protocols
Suicide by insulin
Suicide, mental disorders and changes of environment
Suicide. I. Demography of suicide
Suicide; demographic aspects of the problem
Suicides by insulin; an attempted suicide by a massive dose of insulin (700 units) in a non-diabetic
Suicides in the armed forces
The suicide problem: its growing importance for the family physician
Three cases of suicide of medicolegal interest
An unusual case of attempted suicide
Attempted suicide by head injury: report of a case, review of the literature
Attempted suicide by schizophrenics in the light of existential phenomenology
Attempted suicide with meprobamate treated with leptazol
Attempted suicide with meprobamate
Carbon monoxide asphyxia; suicide or accident
Considerations on suicide attempts during intoxication
Epidemiology of suicide among college students
Incidence of suicide in tuberculotics
Method of attempted suicide revealing dementia paralytica
Organic disease and suicide
Saving the potential suicide
Some comparisons between genuine and simulated suicide notes in terms of Mowrer's concepts of discomfort and relief
Suicide and attempted suicide
Suicide as a crime
Suicide attempt with chlorpromazine
Suicide attempts with chlorpromazine
Suicide by butane gas; mechanism of death
Suicide by strangulation by means of an extensible rubber spring
Suicide in puberty
Suicide; a review of the literature, 1945-1956
The gamble with death in attempted suicide
Towards preventing suicide
Unsuccessful suicide with chlorpromazine
Women in prison on attempted suicide charges
Anatomical study of a case of suicide by oxalic acid
Attempted suicide in old age
Attempted suicide with chlorpromazine
Attempted suicide with insulin, with a contribution to the problem of hypoglycemia
Attempted suicide with insulin
Attempted suicide with isonicotinic acid hydrazide
Attempted suicide with isonicotinic acid hydrazide
Attempted suicide with isonicotinic acid hydrazide
Attempted suicide with largactil and barbiturates
Attempted suicide with methylpentynol and persomnia
Attempted suicide with phenergan
Attempted suicide with tetraethylthiuram
Attempted suicide
Attempted, threatened, and completed suicide
Blood alcohol determination in suicides and accidents
Bullet wound; suicide with atypical entrance orifices
Case history of a near suicide
Case of attempted suicide with mysoline
Case of suicide with isoniazid
Cases of probable suicide in young persons without obvious motivation
Child psychology. III. Suicide of children
Clinical and statistical considerations on poisoning with carbon monoxide in industry, by accident, and in suicide
Clues to suicide
Concepts of depth psychology and psychotherapy as represented on a case of attempted suicide
Condition of the female genitalia and suicide
Conditions of genitalia in women in suicide
Cutting the throat in suicide
Decrease in incidence of suicides; its causes
Delayed suicide of a murderer; criminological study
Depression: some dynamic and clinical features of depressive character defenses, psychoneurotic depression, and suicide
Diagnosis of suicide
Digitoxin suicide
EEG examination in suicide by hanging
Evaluating the suicide impulse in the university setting
Evaluation of suicide attempts as guide to therapy: clinical and follow-up study of one hundred nine patients
Fates of intercepted suicides; follow-up of 500 cases
Histaminic cephalalgia (suicide headache)
Insurance and socio-medical aspects of suicide
Massive intoxication by R. P. 3277 in a suicide attempt
Mental hygiene and the problem of suicide
New case of suicide by slaughterhouse pistol
Paradoxal trajectory of a bullet in a case of suicide by firearm in a right-handed
Poisoning with chloropromazine (largactil) in the course of a suicide attempt
Post-war suicide; study of 1200 cases in a large city of South Germany
Preliminary report of the Rosenzweig P-F study in attempted suicides
Prevention of suicide
Psychiatric aspects of suicide
Psychopathic states and attempted suicide
Responsibility of care establishments in cases of suicide of persons with mental disorders
Rosenzweig picture frustration study of 30 cases of attempted suicide
Severe sequeles of suicide attempt by hanging in a woman
Significant psychological and social causes of suicide in children and adolescents
Some clinical aspects of suicide
Special psychiatric problems of the paraplegic; report of a case of attempted suicide by a paraplegic
Statistical data on attempted suicide by alcoholics in the St. Anne Asylum
Study of attempted suicides in psychotic patients: a dynamic concept
Suicide and alcohol
Suicide and atmospheric surrounding
Suicide and insanity from the pathologist's viewpoint
Suicide and longing for death in childhood
Suicide and mental derangement
Suicide and public health
Suicide and self-mutilation in remanded prisoners in Amsterdam
Suicide and the physician
Suicide as a social phenomenon
Suicide by a scissors-caused heart wound
Suicide by beating head against a wall; identification of hair by means of diametric measurement
Suicide by incomplete hanging in horizontal position; case report and photographs
Suicide by ingestion of the anesthetic mixture of Bonain
Suicide by Insulin Overdosage
Suicide by neoteben
Suicide by nivaquine
Suicide by perforation of the cranium with a billhook
Suicide by the ingestion of Kalypnon tablets
Suicide in adolescents
Suicide in drowsiness
Suicide in the light of ethno-psychiatry
Suicide problem in legal medicine
Suicide, as a medical problem
Suicide: an epidemiologic analysis
Suicide; critical review
Suicide; introduction to psychology of discouragement
Suicide; psychopathology
Suicides by hunting weapons
Suicides in the Medico-Legal Department of Florence from 1896 to 1954
Testes in suicides and in death for accidental trauma
The growing problem of suicide
The mental health of Singapore. I. Suicide
The prevention of suicide by barbiturates
The problem of detection of suicide tendencies in projective techniques (Rorschach and Szondi tests)
The problem of recognition of suicide as a military service injury
The sequelae and short-term prognosis of attempted suicide; the results of a one-year follow-up of 200 cases
The social effects of attempted suicide
The suicide death rate in Italy and other countries
The suicide of the poet Heinrich von Kleist; tentative analysis
The suicide: attempt at a psychoanalytic study
The threat of suicide
The threat of suicide
Thirty-nine cases of phosphorus poisoning; suicide by ingestion of Chinese firecrackers phaocha
Three cases of attempted suicide in children
Three cases of suicide by molecides
Toxic effects of isoniazid; suicide with 15 grams of isoniazid
Toxic effects of isonicotinic acid hydrazide; suicide with neoteben
Treatment and prevention of suicide attempts
Unusual case of driving a nail through the frontal bone into the intracranial cavity in suicide
Unusual gashing of cranium with a cutting and obtusive tool in a suicide with repeated auto-mutilative gestures
Youthful suicide attempts
Youthful suicide attempts. Part 2
Enquiries into attempted suicide
Evaluation of compensation in a case of suicide in morphine addiction after military service
Mental disorder as a mass phenomenon; a pattern for the study of minor and major disorders, as they affect populations of people, based on a epidemiologic analysis of suicide and other psychiatric disease
Psychology of suicide. Self-destruction as fight against physical suffering
Attempted suicide by burning
Attempted suicide
Suicide and depression in children
Hypnotherapy in a case of amnesia with suicide attempt
Potential suicide
Prevention of suicide
Psychodynamic motivational factors in suicide
Some suicide statistics
Suicide risk
Suicide, accident, or murder?
Suicide: a psychological study of self-destruction
Is suicide liable to accident insurance compensation?
Schizophrenia and suicide
Suicide in children
Suicide in the course of schizophrenia
Suicide prevention by teaching
Complete autoerotic asphyxiation: suicide or accident?
Suicide by a transvestite or sexual asphyxia? A case report
Suicide by proxy: a case report of juvenile autoerotic sexual asphyxia disguised as suicide. A common occurrence?
An attempted suicide with a chlorpromazine cocktail
An autopsy case of suicide by hanging with multiple stab wounds of the neck and chest
An Unusual Suicide
An unusual suicide. The importance of the scene investigation
Anxiety and suicide in depression
Are adolescent suicide attempters noncompliant with outpatient care?
Assessment of suicide risk
Attempted suicide among veterans; a comparative study of fifty cases
Attempted suicide as a reflection of adolescent crisis
Attempted suicide by poisoning; 306 cases in 278 patients
Attempted suicide in adolescents
Attempted suicide in an eleven year old boy
Attempted suicide in Cape Town
Attempted suicide with barbiturates during mental disorders caused by cycloserine; coma with massive bronchial obstruction; resuscitation by tracheotomy and prolonged endotracheal ventilation after ten minutes of respiratory arrest; recovery
Attempted suicide with phanodorm-calcium
Attempted suicide--suicide--prevention. A nursing viewpoint
Attempted suicide--suicide--prevention. From the nurse's point of view. Part II and end
Attempted suicide. Are effective disorders missed
Attempted suicide; a 10-year survey
Attempted suicide; a psychiatric and statistical study
Attempted suicide; experience of five hundred cases at a general hospital
Attempted suicide; then what?
Attempted suicides in the emergency service
Bereavement or depression? The impact of the loss of a friend to suicide
Beta-adrenergic receptor binding in frontal cortex from suicide victims
Burnout and suicide in nursing personnel
Catalytic converter and suicide risk
Changes in suicide mortality in Germany
Characteristics of suicides by inmates in an urban jail
Characteristics of suicides in Japan especially of parent-child double suicide
Childhood depression and risk of suicide: a preliminary report of a longitudinal study
Cluster suicide in rural western Canada
Cognitive predictors of suicide risk among hospitalized psychiatric patients: a prospective study
Committee for the study of suicide
Comparative suicide rates in different types of involuntary confinement
Comparing genuine and simulated suicide notes: a new perspective
Competency after a suicide attempt: an ethical reflection
Concepts and attitudes of parents of adolescents in regard to suicide
Contribution to the study of the role of the endocrine glands in the determination of suicides
Correlates of suicide and violence risk in an inpatient population: coping styles and social support
Credibility of suicide notes
Death without warning? A clinical postmortem study of suicide in 43 Israeli adolescent males
Decriminalization of suicide in New Zealand and suicide rates
Delusional depression and suicide
Depression and suicide in children and adolescents
Depression and suicide in general medical practice
Depression, irritability and ideas of suicide in a young woman; domain of the psychopathology of daily life
Depression, suicide, and the right to refuse life-sustaining treatment
Differences among adolescent, young adult, and adult callers of suicide help lines
Differential diagnosis between pre- and post-mortal lesions; death due to hemorrhage from criminal abortion and simulation of suicide by jumping
Disorders of intentionality exemplified by suicide in childhood and adolescence
Domestic integration and suicide in England and Wales, 1901-1975
Drawing as a final means of expression during a suicide
Dream and suicide
Economic status of African-Americans and suicide rates
Education and suicide: the quality of life among modern Americans
Effect of psychopharmacotherapy on suicide risk in psychiatric inpatients
Effect of therapy variables on suicide of released psychiatric clinic patients. Results of a controlled study
Elderly suicide in British Columbia: an exploration of regional variation and related factors
Emotional content of suicide notes
Emotional reactions to death and suicide
Epidemiology of medication suicide attempt in the elderly
Evaluating adolescent suicide attempters: what emergency nurses need to know
Evaluating suicide risk in the medically ill patient
Evidence of increased non-adrenoceptor 3H.idazoxan binding sites in the frontal cortex of depressed suicide victims
Factors associated with suicide after parasuicide in young people
Factors associated with suicide attempts by depressed older adults: a prospective study
Failed suicide or successful male genital self-amputation?
Features associated with suicide attempts in depression: a partial replication
Friends of adolescent suicide attempters and completers
Gallup poll sheds light on elderly suicide wishes
General practitioners' contact with victims of suicide
Genetic and biologic risk factors for suicide in depressive disorders
High frequency of suicide among younger physicians. Unsatisfactory working situations should be dealt with
High mortality by natural and unnatural causes: a 10 year follow up study of patients admitted to a poisoning treatment centre after suicide attempts
Homicide followed by suicide (dyadic death) in Yorkshire and Humberside
Household structure and suicide in elderly Japanese women
How to go on ...? Following patients after attempted suicide
Humanistic view of the problem of suicide. Increased self-insight increased understanding
Immunoglobulin and complement deposition in glomeruli of 756 subjects who had committed suicide or met with a violent death
Increase in suicide by asphyxiation in New York City after the publication of Final Exit
Increased soluble interleukin-2 receptor concentrations in suicide attempters
Increased tendency towards suicide among the young
Intelligence and suicide in France: an ecological study
Interpersonal stressors, substance abuse, and suicide
Is there a rural suicide problem?
Is there life after suicide? The systemic belief approach for "survivors" of suicide
Long term risks after attempted suicide
Los Angeles suicide prevention center
Low or lowered cholesterol and risk of death from suicide and trauma
Low serum cholesterol and suicide
Low serum cholesterol levels and morning suicide
Marital integration, suicide and homicide
Mental disorder as a mass phenomenon: A pattern for the study of minor and major disorders, as they affect populations of people, based on an epidemiologic analysis of suicide and other psychiatric disease
Mental disorders and comorbidity in suicide
Mental illness and social integration among suicide attempters in Copenhagen. Comparison with the general population and a four-year follow-up study of 100 patients
Mental illness and suicide in Israel
Methods of suicide
Moon phases, suicide, and homocide
Mortality due to suicide in prison
Mortality from suicide in follow-up studies of schizophrenics
Mortality from suicide in Scotland
Naltrexone abuse and risk of suicide
NMDA glutamatergic receptors, labelled with 3H.MK-801, in brain samples from drug-free depressed suicides
Noncompliance in the elderly: a pathway to suicide
Note on a suicide key in the Minnesota multiphasic personality inventory
One hundred years of suicide in New Zealand
Original papers; some aspects of suicide--1
Para-suicide: a cause for nursing concern
Paralysis of the dilatators of the glottis by attempted suicide; cordopexy
Parasuicide in a general hospital in South Africa
Parasuicide: features of repetition and the implications for intervention
Physician-assisted suicide: the dangers of legalization
Post-traumatic epilepsy with acute attacks of delirious hallucinatory psychopathy and suicide attempt, improvement after excision of the zone of contusion
Precipitant stressors in adolescent suicide
Prediction of repetition of parasuicide: with special reference to unemployment
Preventing suicide
Problems of suicide risk management in the emergency department without fixed, full-time emergency physician
Psychiatric impact of the loss of an adolescent sibling to suicide
Psychiatric management of suicide problems in military service
Psychiatric risk factors for adolescent suicide: a case-control study
Psychiatric sequelae to the loss of an adolescent peer to suicide
Psychology of suicide
Psychosocial characteristics of adolescents with a history of suicide attempt
Quality assurance in psychiatry: how do we manage new patients, involuntary commitment and attempted suicides?
Quantitative autoradiography of alpha 1- and alpha 2-adrenergic receptors in the cerebral cortex of controls and suicide victims
Rates of attempted suicide and of completed suicide in European nations
Rates of mental illness and suicide by state
Rational suicide among older adults: a cause for concern?
Recent changes in the age- and gender-specific rates of attempted suicide in Gent
Recent research into suicide and attempted suicide
Recognizing suicides from photographs
Relationship of alcoholism, hypochondria, and attempted suicide
Reliability of judging genuine and simulated suicide notes
Reliability of Norwegian suicide statistics
Reliability of the Turkish version of the Perceived Social Support from Friends and Family scales, Scale for Interpersonal Behavior, and Suicide Probability Scale
Risk factors for completed suicide among adolescents with a lifetime history of substance abuse: a case-control study
Risk factors for suicide and undetermined death among in-patient alcoholics in Scotland
Risk factors for suicide in Huntingtons disease: a retrospective case controlled study
Risk factors for suicide in melancholia. A case-record evaluation of 89 suicides and their controls
Season, climate and suicide in Singapore
Seasonality in severity of depression: relationships to suicide and homicide occurrence
Seasonality in suicide and economic growth
Sedatives and suicide: the San Diego study
Self-destructive behaviour and the health of a nation: suicide as an indicator of social well-being through its use by French psychiatry (1800-1856)
Serotonin, suicide and schizophrenia
Smoking, depression, and suicide
Social support and suicide
Sociodemographic and clinical characteristics of women who attempted suicide
Some aspects of suicide--2
Some interrelations of social factors and clinical diagnosis in attempted suicide: a study of 109 patients
Some notes on suicide
Spinal cord injuries caused by suicide attempts
Substance misuse and suicide
Successful suicide in a patient with conversion reaction
Successful suicide with tranylcypromine sulfate
Suicidal behavior in the nursing home and a postsuicide intervention
Suicidal children grow up: rates and psychosocial risk factors for suicide attempts during follow-up
Suicide after craniocerebral trauma
Suicide after discharge from psychiatric inpatient care
Suicide after discharge from psychiatric inpatient care
Suicide among AIDS patients
Suicide among children and adolescents
Suicide among inpatients in Gaustad Hospital 1954-1991
Suicide Among Physicians
Suicide among physicians
Suicide among psychiatric in-patients in the Wellington region
Suicide among Wisconsin elderly
Suicide among young people aged 15-29 years in Oslo. The development in the Nordic countries and regional variations in Norway
Suicide and Alcohol
Suicide and Asian religions
Suicide and attempted suicide reported by general practitioners in Belgium, 1990-1991
Suicide and attempted suicide--a doctor's legal liability
Suicide and depressive disorders
Suicide and euthanasia: patient attitudes in the context of cancer
Suicide and HIV disease
Suicide and HIV: researchers and clinicians beware
Suicide and homicide by automobile
Suicide and homicide rates and national character
Suicide and homicide rates during presidential terms as a function of economic conditions
Suicide and panic disorder
Suicide and schizophrenia as service connected liabilities in veterans; opinions in three cases
Suicide and social status among Native Americans
Suicide and suicidal attempts in children and adolescents
Suicide and unemployment in Australia 1907-1990
Suicide as psychache
Suicide attempt with rimifon
Suicide attempts by insecticides
Suicide attempts in Brittany (France). Distribution at the regional level
Suicide attempts in Ethiopian adolescents in Addis Abeba high schools
Suicide attempts in patients with panic disorder
Suicide attempts in rapid cycling bipolar disorder patients
Suicide by asthma
Suicide by cutting the vessels of the forearm with the blade from a mechanical razor
Suicide by hatchet; curious attempt of a schizophrenic with stage-setting of murder
Suicide by inflicting multiple penetrating wounds to the neck, chest and abdomen
Suicide by ingestion of metal fragments
Suicide by shot-gun
Suicide evaluation in medical patients. A pilot study
Suicide following morning glory seed ingestion
Suicide following the Chernobyl disaster
Suicide in adolescents
Suicide in custody: occurrence in Maori and nonMaori New Zealanders
Suicide in depressed patients: medico-legal issues
Suicide in doctors
Suicide in Hong Kong 1971-1990: age trend, sex ratio, and method of suicide
Suicide in identical twins
Suicide in Ireland from 1950 to 1985
Suicide in Ireland from 1950 to 1985
Suicide in New Zealand 1950-85
Suicide in Sweden 1925-1950; a statistical analysis and psychodynamic interpretation
Suicide in the elderly: staying in control
Suicide in the military as a function of involvement in war
Suicide in the psychiatric hospital
Suicide in the young
Suicide in Turkey
Suicide in twins and only children
Suicide methods in Finland: does availability and restrictions have an effect on number of suicides?
Suicide mortality in Australia, 1970-1991
Suicide mortality in Italy: an update from 1955 to 1987
Suicide prevention and serotonergic drugs
Suicide prevention by general practitioners
Suicide prevention: a classroom presentation to adolescents
Suicide prevention: fact or fiction
Suicide rate, prevalence of diagnosed depression and prevalence of working physicians in Hungary
Suicide rates in Army personnel in times of peace and war
Suicide rates
Suicide risk in Huntington's disease
Suicide risk in patients with human immunodeficiency virus infection and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
Suicide, alcohol and war
Suicide, chemical abuse, and panic attacks: a preliminary report
Suicide, suicide attempts, and weather
Suicide. Logical conclusion?
Suicide: a neglected medical problem?
Suicide: a public health concern?
Suicide; implications for the general medical man
Suicides among university students in Finland
Suicides in a group of patients who had previously attempted suicide
Suicides in Zaragoza (1988-1991). Epidemiology and outline of suicides
Suicides on Ontario farms
Swedish translations of the Suicide Probability Scale, Perceived Social Support from Friends and Family Scales, and the Scale for Interpersonal Behavior: a reliability analysis
Testing Durkheim's theory of suicide in nineteenth and twentieth century Europe
The 'myth' of suicide prevention
The Antagonism of Opium and Belladonna, Illustrated by a Case of Attempted Suicide
The combination of barbiturates with an emetic as a method for the prevention of suicide
The commitment and suicide of King Ludwig II of Bavaria
The communication of suicidal intent: a study of 134 consecutive cases of successful (completed) suicide
The critical mass theory of suicide
The effect of domestic and economic stress on suicide rates in Canada and the United States
The effect of war on suicide rates. A study of France from 1826 to 1913
The epidemiology of suicide and parasuicide
The impact of availability, attraction and lethality of suicide methods on suicide rates in Germany
The moral problem of suicide
The Multi-Attitude Suicide Tendency Scale: psychometric characteristics in an American sample
The myth of suicide prevention by general practitioners
The quality of life in urban areas and suicide
The Rorschach findings in a case of suicide
The schoolboy suicide in Andre Gide's novel, The Counterfeiters
The sex ratio in samples of attempted and completed suicides over time
The specificity of psychological characteristics of adolescent suicide attempters
The stability of national suicide rates over time
The suicidal gesture; a study of 114 military patients hospitalized because of abortive suicide attempts
The suicide rate in Czechoslovakia 1975-1990
The toxicity of drugs used for suicide
The validity of diagnoses obtained through the psychological autopsy procedure in adolescent suicide victims: use of family history
Trends in suicide mortality in Europe, 1955-89
TRH test and suicide
Two cases of suicide by shots from a gas gun
Two models of suicide treatment: evaluation and recommendations
Two notes on Greek suicide
Two subtypes of adolescent suicide attempters. An empirical classification
Unusual case of suicide
Using age-adjusted rates in ecological studies of suicide and homicide
Various aspects of attempted suicide
Vincent Foster's suicide: what can psychiatric nurses learn?
Youth suicide in the Australian Capital Territory
An attempted suicide when hypoglycaemic
An economic theory of choice and its implications for suicide
An epidemiologic investigation of potential risk factors for suicide attempts
An examination of recent suicides in remote Australia: further information from the Kimberley
An exploratory study of funeral cost for suicides
An unusual attempted suicide by lead poisoning
An unusual case of suicide caused by electric current
Analysis of gunshot residue test results in 112 suicides
Analysis of temporal distribution of suicides. Methodological notes on comparison of dates of death and dates of suicidal act
Analysis of the causes of suicide attempts in women
Anhedonia, suicide ideation and dexamethasone nonsuppression in depressed patients
Antidepressant drugs and suicide
Antidepressant medication and suicide
Antidepressant medications and the relative risk of suicide attempt and suicide
Antidepressants and suicide risk: issues of chemical and behavioral toxicity
Approach to the study of suicide in the essays of Enrico Morselli (1879) and in the successive hypotheses of Durkheim and Freud
Are children and adolescents who have suicidal thoughts different from those who attempt suicide?
Arsenic poisoning: acute or chronic? Suicide or murder?
Asian suicides
Aspects of communication with people who have attempted suicide
Aspects of suicide
Assessing an adult patient's suicide risk. What primary care physicians need to know
Assessing suicide risk in stroke patients: review of two cases
Assessing the validity of the Plutchik Suicide Risk Scale
Assistance in suicide--a contribution to the discussion
Association between parasuicide and Saint Valentine's Day
Association between war and suicide and homicide
Asymmetrical distribution of beta-endorphin in cerebral hemispheres of suicides: preliminary data
Attemoted suicide in the Bern region
Attempted suicide among adolescents--therapeutic possibilities in general practice and health and social services institutions
Attempted suicide among children and adolescents--therapeutic possibilities within the health care
Attempted suicide among Norwegian soldiers. A retrospective study
Attempted suicide among young adults: progress toward a meaningful estimate of prevalence
Attempted suicide and depression in schizophrenia
Attempted suicide and depression
Attempted suicide and the lunar cycle
Attempted suicide by hanging
Attempted suicide by poisoning in the Sofia region
Attempted suicide in childhood and adolescence: epidemiologic characteristics
Attempted suicide in Denmark. IV. A five-year follow-up
Attempted suicide in depression
Attempted suicide in Kuala Lumpur
Attempted suicide in the armed forces: a retrospective study of Norwegian conscripts
Attempted suicide with chloroquine
Attempted suicide with isoniazid
Attempted suicide: a study of 133 cases in Jerusalem
Attempted suicide: efficacy of different aftercare strategies
Attempted suicides in the county of Funen in 1989/1990
Attempted suicides: how should they be managed and suicide prevented?
Attempted-suicide trends in Stockholm County, Sweden, 1975-1985
Attending the funeral of a patient who commits suicide
Attitude of caregivers to suicide patients. An empirical study of nurses
Attitudes toward preventing versus assisting suicide
Attribution of causes to suicide
Australian suicide data and the use of "undetermined" death category (1968-1985)
Autobiographical memory and problem-solving strategies of parasuicide patients
Autoerotic asphyxial death initially misinterpreted as suicide and a review of the literature
Autoradiographic analysis of 3H.ketanserin binding in the human brain postmortem: effect of suicide
Autoradiographic demonstration of increased serotonin 5-HT2 and beta-adrenergic receptor binding sites in the brain of suicide victims
Availability of knowledgeable informants for a psychological autopsy study of suicides committed by elderly people
Behavioral and demographic predictors of suicide after traumatic spinal cord injury
Belief in myths about suicide and irrational beliefs
Beliefs about suicide in American and Turkish students
Benzodiazepine binding sites in amygdala and hippocampus of depressed suicide victims
Beta-adrenergic receptor binding in frontal cortex of suicide victims
Beta-adrenoceptors in brain and pineal from depressed suicide victims
Biological studies and markers in suicide and attempted suicide
Black youth suicide: literature review with a focus on prevention
Borderline personality disorder in young Swedish suicides
Brain 5-HT uptake sites, labelled with 3H.paroxetine, in antidepressant-free depressed suicides
Brain 5-HT1 binding sites in depressed suicides
Brain beta-adrenoceptor binding sites in antidepressant-free depressed suicide victims
Brain beta-adrenoceptor binding sites in depressed suicide victims: effects of antidepressant treatment
Brain gamma-aminobutyrate transaminase and monoamine oxidase activities in suicide victims
Brain markers and suicide: can a relationship be found?
Can adolescent suicide attempters be distinguished from at-risk adolescents?
Can changes in the unemployment rates explain the recent changes in suicide rates in developed countries?
Can the suicide rate be used as a performance indicator in mental illness?
Canadian suicide mortality rates: first-generation immigrants versus Canadian-born
Cancer and suicide
Cancer and suicide: less common and more predictable than we thought
Central serotonergic function in parasuicide
Cerebrospinal fluid monoamine metabolites in alcoholic patients who attempt suicide
Changes in grief and mental health of bereaved spouses of older suicides
Changes in suicide rates after reductions in alcohol consumption and problems in Ontario, 1975-1983
Changes in the methods used for suicide in 16 countries from 1960 to 1980
Changes to suicide rates unique to Canada?
Changing patterns of male suicide in Scotland
Characteristics of alcoholics who attempt suicide
Characteristics of methods of suicide in minors
Characteristics of suicide after committing homicide
Characteristics of suicide attempters in a population-based sample of Dutch adolescents
Chemical poisoning in suicide attempts by the elderly
Child and adolescent suicide
Childhood depression and suicide
Childlessness, suicide and homicide
Chronic dyspnea and suicide in elderly men
Classifying suicide
Classifying suicide
Classifying suicide
Clinical correlates of intent in attempted suicide
Clinical electroencephalographic studies of suicide attempts in psychiatric patients
Clinical predictors of completed suicide and repeated self-poisoning in 8895 self-poisoning patients
Clinicians' assessments of suicide risk: can self-report measures replace the experts?
Close range blasts toward the maxillofacial region in attempted suicide
Clustering of suicides under age 20--seasonal trends and the influence of newspaper reports
Cognitive characteristics of adolescent suicide attempters
Cognitive style and pleasant activities among female adolescent suicide attempters
Cognitive-behavioural problem solving in the treatment of patients who repeatedly attempt suicide. A controlled trial
Collectivism-individualism and rates of personal violence (suicide and homicide)
Combat experience and postservice psychosocial status as predictors of suicide in Vietnam veterans
Comment on the contribution: Is the suicidal patient in the act of suicide insurable? by B. Mitterauer and H. Barta
Community care and suicide
Completed suicide and recent lithium treatment
Completed suicide at age 50 and over
Completed suicide in the gifted: a late comment on "suicide among gifted women"
Concentrations of cerebrospinal fluid monoamine metabolites in suicides
An archival study of depression before and after age 55
An argument for suicide research
Confidentiality and threatened suicide
Connection between the treatment with neuroleptics and suicide is not clear
Construction of an index for predicting suicide attempts in depressed adolescents
Contact neck gunshot wound without weapon--suicide or homicide?
The completed and attempted suicide in Krakow: similarities and differences
Therapeutic approach to adolescent suicide
The Effects of the Use of "No-Suicide Contracts" in Community Crisis Situations: The Experience of Clinicians and Consumers
Contribution of pathologic anatomy and forensic medicine to a theory of suicide in Germany from 1870 to 1933
Correlates of risk of suicide in violent and nonviolent psychiatric patients
Correlates of suicide ideation in French-Canadian adults and adolescents: a comparison
Crisis intervention and suicide prevention from a rural perspective
CSF 5-HIAA and HVA concentrations in elderly depressed patients who attempted suicide
CSF 5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid levels and suicide attempts in schizophrenia
Cyanide ingestion. Case studies of four suicides
Dealing with suicide calls
Deaths from injury, violence, and suicide in secondary prevention trials of cholesterol lowering
Decreased narcissism in the aged and in suicide
Decriminalization of suicide in Canada and suicide rates
Demographic determinants of youth suicide rates
Depression and suicide in the elderly
Depression and suicide
Depression and suicide. National Association of Health Authorities and Trusts
Depression and suicide: are they preventable?
Depression, self-esteem, suicide ideation, and GPAs of high school students at risk
Depression, self-esteem, suicide ideation, death anxiety, and GPA in high school students of divorced and nondivorced parents
Depression, suicide ideation, and aggression among high school students whose parents are divorced and use alcohol at home
Differences between adolescent suicide attempters and depressed adolescents
Differential typology among patients with hard and soft suicide methods
Differentiation of suicide and parasuicide. A study of the last letters of suicidal patients
Disappearance of hypothalamic TRH asymmetry in suicide patients
Disorder to suicide!
Do police officers have accurate information about suicide?
Do statistics lie? Suicide in Kildare--and in Ireland
Do suicides who write notes differ from those who do not? A study of suicides in West Berlin
Does an attempted suicide actually have a cathartic effect?
Does suicidal intent mean the same in completed suicides as it does in attempted suicides?
Drug use and suicide ideation and behavior among North Carolina public school students
Durkheim and French psychiatric views on suicide during the 19th century. A conceptual history
Durkheim's views on suicide
Early dementia as a risk factor for suicide
Early detection measures and triage procedures for suicide ideation in chronic pain patients
Ecological correlates of suicide and homicide in India and the USA
Effect of psychopharmacotherapy on suicide risk in discharged psychiatric inpatients
Effect of using age-adjusted suicide rates on the results of time-series analyses of the suicide rate
Effect of using age-adjusted suicide rates on time-series studies of the American suicide rate
Effects of detoxification of domestic gas on suicide in The Netherlands
Effects of drug misuse treatment on symptoms of depression and suicide
Effects of restrictive licensing of handguns on homicide and suicide in the District of Columbia
Effects of socioeconomic factors on secular trends in suicide in Japan, 1953-86
Elder suicide in Rhode Island
Elderly suicides in the Lothian and borders region of Scotland, 1983-1988
Empirical criteria for the determination of suicide manner of death
Endogenous control and personal self-determination in suicide during manic-depressive psychoses
Epidemiologic aspects of suicide in Asturias in relation to the climate, the seasons and other factors
Epidemiology of and preventive medicine in suicide
Epidemiology of attempted suicide
Epidemiology of suicide in Austria 1980 to 1990
Epidemiology of suicide in Yugoslavia--methodological questions
Epidemiology of suicide
Epidemiology of suicides in Northern Ireland 1984-1989
Epilepsy and suicide
Estimating the number of suicides among Vietnam veterans
Ethical aspects of suicide
Evaluating the risk of suicide in dysthymia
Evaluation of the risk factors of suicide in patients treated for mental disorders. Review of the literature from 1978 to 1988
Experience in the care of mental patients with suicide attempts
Experiences of family members after a suicide
Extensive brain injury caused by attempted suicide with an airgun and ultrasound controlled removal of the deep intracranial projectile
Factor influencing suicide intent in gay and bisexual suicide ideators: differing models for men with and without human immunodeficiency virus
Factors predicting suicide in psychotic patients
Facts and myths of suicide in Canada and the United States
Fatal suicide by buflomedil poisoning
Features associated with suicide attempts in recurrent major depression
Fertility and suicide rates: a time series analysis in the United States
Final Exit as a manual for suicide in depressed patients
Fluoxetine and preoccupation with suicide
Fluoxetine and suicide
Fluoxetine and suicide
Fluoxetine and suicide: a meta-analysis of controlled trials of treatment for depression
Fluoxetine, suicide and aggression
Frequency of suicide by cancer patients at the National Cancer Institute of Milan over 1986-90
Gamma-aminobutyric acid-B (GABAB) binding sites in postmortem suicide brains
Gender roles, suicide attempts, and substance abuse
General hospital admission in the management of parasuicide. A randomised controlled trial
Geographical and urban-rural variation in the seasonality of suicide: some further evidence
Geophysical variables and behavior: LIX. The seasonal variation in suicide rates: three studies
Geriatric suicide
Geriatric suicide
Geriatric suicide. A pattern shift?
Guns and adolescent suicides
Halbwachs and Durkheim: a test of two theories of suicide
Have national suicide rates increased and converged over the last 100 years?
Health care occupations and suicide in Sweden 1961-1985
Health risk behaviors and attempted suicide in adolescents who report prior maltreatment
Hiding and healing: resolving the suicide of a parent or sibling
Homicide-suicide by stabbing
Hopelessness as a predictor of suicide
Suicidal behavior and violence in male adolescents: a school-based study
The co-morbidity of violence-related behaviors with health-risk behaviors in a population of high school students
Violence in America: a survey of suicide linked to homicides
Violence, homicide and suicide: strong correlation and wide variation across districts
Violence, suicidality, and alcohol/drug use involvement in adolescent females with a psychoactive substance use disorder and controls
Suicide prevention and the creation of national violence database is the order of the day
Psychological/verbal abuse and utilization of mental health care in perinatal women seeking treatment for depression
Psychiatric problems and suicidal behaviour in incarcerated adolescents in the Islamic Republic of Iran
CSF serotonin metabolite (5-HIAA) studies in depression, impulsivity, and violence
Deaths due to accidents and violence in two recent trials of cholesterol-lowering drugs
The interactive relationship among adolescent violence, street violence, and depression
Violence and suicide risk assessment in the psychiatric emergency room
A Case of Extreme Sexual Self-Mutilation
A Case of Suicidal Ligature Strangulation by Using a Tourniquet Method
Violence, suicide and the media
Association of population growth, technological development and social integration on rates of personal violence (suicide and homicide)
Correlates of suicide and violence risk 1: the suicide risk measure
Correlates of suicide and violence risk: III. A two-stage model of countervailing forces
A Comparison of Suicide Note Writers with Suicides Who Did Not Leave Notes
Academic psychiatry's responsibility for increasing the recognition of mood disorders and risk for suicide in primary care
Alcohol and other contextual factors of suicide in four aboriginal communities of Quebec, Canada
An Inquiry into Relationship Suicides and Reciprocity
Defense mechanisms in risk of suicide and risk of violence
Immigration and rates of personal violence (suicide and homicide)
Media violence and suicide and homicide rates
Personal violence (suicide and homicide) in South Africa
Comparing Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Problem Solving Therapy, and Treatment as Usual in a High Risk Population
The effect of publicized mass murders and murder-suicides on lethal violence, 1968-1980. A research note
Attitudes toward animals and personal violence (suicide and homicide)
Emigration rates and personal violence indicated by suicide and homicide rates
Distinguishing Between Subgroups of Adolescents Who Self-Harm
Expressed motives in elected Presidents' addresses and rates of personal violence (suicide and homicide) in USA election years
Geophysical variables and behavior: XLVIII. Climate and personal violence (suicide and homicide): a cross-cultural study
Clinical differences between melancholic and nonmelancholic depression as defined by the CORE system
Personal violence (suicide and homicide) on Friday the 13th
Pockets of violence: a study of regional variation in suicide and homicide rates
Dyads of Father and Son Suicide Separated by Time and Circumstances
Economic growth and suicide rate changes: A case in China from 1982 to 2005
Rates of personal violence (suicide and homicide), traffic fatalities, and alcohol consumption
Religion and personal violence (homicide and suicide) in the USA
Cause- and age-specific mortality rates from accidents, poisoning and violence
Homicide and Suicide in Yorkshire and the Humber: 1975-1992 and 1993-2007
Hope as a Predictor of Interpersonal Suicide Risk
Learning about suicide from the diary of Cesare Pavese
Massive increase in injury deaths of undetermined intent in ex-USSR Baltic and Slavic countries: Hidden suicides?
Menstruation and suicide
Optimizing Suicide Prevention Programs and Their Implementation in Europe (OSPI-Europe): An evidence-based multi-level approach
Problem drug use, drug misuse and deliberate self-harm: trends and patient characteristics, with a focus on young people, Oxford, 1993-2006
Psychiatric disorders, comorbidity, and suicidality in Mexico
Recent Suicidal Ideation Among Patients in an Inner City Emergency Department
Correlations of self-directed violence in acute schizophrenics with clinical ratings and personality measures
Deaths from accidents, poisoning and violence--differences between the various population groups in the RSA
Suicidal Behavior and Psychotropic Medications for Adolescents: An Uneasy Association, as Yet Not Clarified (December)
Suicidal ideation in patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder
Suicidality in chronic noncancer pain patients
Suicide risk and personality traits in physically and/or sexually abused acute psychiatric inpatients: a preliminary study
Masochism and violence
Mortality caused by accidents, violence and poisoning in the Federal District, 1970-1982
National character and rates of personal violence (suicide and homicide)
Religiosity and personal violence: a regional analysis of suicide and homicide rates
The attitudes of nursing staff in secure environments to young people who self-harm
Silent violence: clinical and epidemiological reflection on traffic accidents and adolescent suicide
Social integration economic hardship and rates of personal violence (suicide and homicide): 1933-1970 in the USA
Somatosensory theory and personal violence (suicide and homicide)
The evolution of depression and suicidality in first episode psychosis
Violence as a public health issue
Women's liberation and rates of personal violence (suicide and homicide)
Violence: homicide and suicide in New Jersey
Public health and cost implications of suicide, homicide, and criminal violence
Self and other directed violence on a closed acute-care ward
Urbanization and mental health: psychiatric morbidity, suicide and violence in the State of Victoria
Suicide and other forms of death of unclear origin caused by external violence or poisoning
Parental loss, depression and violence. III. Epidemiological studies of female prisoners
Pockets of violence: an exploration of homicide and suicide
Attempted suicide, suicide and communal violence
Habitual violence and self-mutilation
Attempted suicide before and after the communal violence in Belfast, August 1969. A preliminary study
Violence towards self. A study in suicide
Violence, communication and suicide
An unusual suicidal death by automobile antenna: a case report
Fatality of suicide attempts in Amsterdam 1996-2005
Self-poisonings with tricyclic antidepressants and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in Tehran, Iran
Suicide survivors and the suicidology academe
The Relationship Between General Population Suicide Rates and Educational Attainment: A Cross-National Study
The development of effective message content for suicide intervention
Camus' Stranger: his act of violence
Attempted suicide and the experience of violence
International and cultural conflicts affecting mental health. Violence, suicide and withdrawal
The prevalence of violence and relation to depression and illicit drug use among incarcerated women in Recife, Brazil
Intimate partner violence and suicidality in low-income African American women: a multimethod assessment of coping factors
Prediction of suicidality and violence in hospitalized adolescents: comparisons by sex
Prevalence of mental health problems and deliberate self-harm in complainants of sexual violence
Violations of human rights and personal violence (suicide and homicide)
Tobacco consumption and national rates of personal violence (suicide and homicide)
Suicide and violence associated with panic attacks
Suicide and violence risk. i. relationship to coping styles
Suicide risk and violence risk in alcoholics. Predictors of aggressive risk
Narcissism in patients admitted to psychiatric acute wards: its relation to violence, suicidality and other psychopathology
Maternal depression and filicide-case study of ten mothers
Parricide commited by an adolescent followed by suicide (apropos of a case)
Predictors of depression in street youth
Contacts with a Canadian "street-level" Drug and Crisis Centre, 1975-1978
The frequency of sexual abuse and depression in a sample of street children of one of deprived districts of Tehran
The need for improved operational definition of suicide attempts: Illustrations from the case of street youth
Risk factors for depression in truck drivers
Intimate Partner Homicide by Presence or Absence of a Self-Destructive Act
"C3, C4, and C5 Keeps the Diaphragm Alive." Is Phrenic Nerve Palsy Part of the Pathophysiological Mechanism in Strangulation and Hanging? Should Diaphragm Paralysis be Excluded in Survived Cases?: A Review of the Literature
Beverage-specific alcohol sale and suicide in Russia
Explaining suicide in an urban slum of Mumbai, India
Evidence of Cortical Inhibitory Deficits in Major Depressive Disorder
Lethal injection of potassium chloride: first description of the pathological appearance of organs
Mental Disorders and Socioeconomic Status: Impact on Population Risk of Attempted Suicide in Australia
No cathartic effect in suicide attempters admitted to the emergency department
Self-injurious behavior among Greek male prisoners: Prevalence and risk factors
Sex-specific impact of socio-economic factors on suicide risk: a population-based case-control study in Denmark
Suicidality and veterans with a history of traumatic brain injury: Precipitants events, protective factors, and prevention strategies
The Struggle to Prevent and Evaluate: Application of Population Attributable Risk and Preventive Fraction to Suicide Prevention Research
Is there a natural suicide rate for a society?
Is there a natural suicide rate?
A replication of the curvilinear relationship between population growth and elderly suicide rates in a cross-national study
Cannabis and suicide: longitudinal study
Conceptualizing suicide in economic models
Differences in Non-Suicidal Self-Injury and Suicide Attempts in Adolescents
Factors for determining survival in acute organophosphate poisoning
Inuit health system must move past suicide prevention to "unlock a better reality," conference told
Management of schizophrenia with suicide risk
Non-suicidal self-injurious behavior, endogenous opioids and monoamine neurotransmitters
Risk Factors for Suicide Attempts among Korean Adolescents
Screening for depression in adult patients in primary care settings: a systematic evidence review
Self-Constructed Shooting Devices Utilizing Manually-Impacted Firing-Pins (Suicide Machines)
Self-focused attention reduces self-injurious behavior in alcohol-intoxicated men
Sharp force injuries in "clinical" forensic medicine
Suicidal ideation and its correlates among elderly in residential care homes
Suicide and business cycles: Finnish evidence
Suicide and business cycles: new empirical evidence
Suicide mortality in Italy from 1980 to 2002
Suicide, homicide and unemployment
The possible evidence for an epidemiological transition hypothesis for elderly suicides
The social impact of unemployment
To be or not to be: an economic shock, stress and suicidal ideation
A replication of a non-linear association of educational attainment and suicide rates among the elderly using five-year data
Alcohol as a risk factor for injury: lessons from French data
Religion, culture, economic and sociological correlates of suicide rates: a cross-national analysis
Adolescence, substance abuse and suicide attempt by jumping from a window
Improving mental health inequality? Some initial evidence from Australia
Motor Activity and Depression Severity in Adolescent Outpatients
Sexual orientation and mental health: A review
An association between norepinephrine-to-epinephrine ratio and suicidal ideation in depression
An attempt at self-decapitation: case report
An attempt at suicide. The importance of understanding the Shona cultural background
An attempt to commit suicide by contracting AIDS
An atypical gunshot wound from a home-made zip gun--the value of a thorough scene investigation
An autopsy case of acute selenium (selenious acid) poisoning and selenium levels in human tissues
An autopsy case of atypical hanging: were arteries and air passage obstructed?
An autopsy case of fatal nicotine poisoning
An empirical investigation of the latent content of suicide notes
An empirical study on the "cathartic effect" of attempted suicide
An epidemetric study of suicides in Nagpur City for the quinquennium 1953 to 1957
An epidemic of antifreeze poisoning
An epidemic of depression or the medicalization of distress?
An epidemic of suicide among physicians on probation
An epidemic of suicide attempts by burning in a psychiatric hospital
An epidemiologic study of adolescent suicide
An epidemiological study of deaths in mental hospitals
An epidemiological study of self-poisoning in Penarth (South Wales)
An epidemiological study of suicide and attempted suicide among the Papago Indians
An epidemiological survey of parasuicide ('attempted suicide') in general practice
An error in the code: what can a rare disorder tell us about human behavior?
An ethnological approach to self-injurious behavior
An evaluation of positive behavioural support for people with very severe challenging behaviours in community-based settings
An experimental investigation of the impact of biological and psychological causal explanations on anxious and depressed patients' perception of a person with panic disorder
An exploration of gender differences on the reasons for living inventory among older adults
An extinction procedure for eliminating self-destructive behavior in a 9-year-old autistic girl
An extraordinary case: suicide with insulin in a grave dug by the victim himself
An extraordinary suicide with methoxyflurane (Penthrane)
An extraordinary way of suicide
An historical perspective of the mental illness of Vincent Van Gogh
An hypothesis about heroin addiction, murder, prostitution, and suicide: acting out parenting conflicts
Transactional model of suicidal behavior in the elderly
Tiagabine overdose--report of two cases
Time dependence of lung changes following suicidal sleeping pill poisoning
The supposedly pathogenic role of so-called "sects"
The treatment of a suicidal patient with LSD-25
The types of deliberate self-harm and its prevalence among Lithuanian teenagers
The vagus death, I. An anthropological discussion on situations with no way out
The vagus death, II. An anthropological discussion on situations with no way out
The value of legal inquest dossiers in the study of suicide
The relevance of the psychiatric Latin American scientific production and suicidologie in the psychiatric journals with major impact factor
The resemblances in non-resemblances. 2 suicides: Hitler and Zweig
An incidence study of military personnel engaging in suicidal behavior
An index of unnecessary deaths
An Indian community with a high suicide rate--5 years after
An indicator of suicidal ideation on the Bender visual-motor gestalt test
An instrument for evaluating suicide potential: a preliminary study
Forensic medical specificity of death in atypical sexual behavior: asphyxiophilia, autoerotism
Neurological cases as results of poisoning by somnifacients
New case of fatal poisoning by phosphorus; anatomo-pathological considerations
On a case of poisoning with pure aniline
On the concept of addiction
On the criminology of depressive disorders
On the hereditary tendency in bipolar and monopolar phasic psychosis
On the lesions caused by a slaughtering pistol. Apropos of 2 suicidal cases
On the nosology of endogenous depression. Comparison of the results of two studies
On the pathology of the automobile driving license
On the problem of antabuse psychoses
On the problem of maternal suicide connected with infanticide
Suicide: Problems of treatment in OPC poisoning
Hanging or strangling? A case report of suicidal hanging without knot at the neck
Suicide by electrocution
An integrative treatment approach to child and adolescent suicidal behavior
An interesting thinner intoxication case: intrathoracic injection
An interstate drowning study
An investigation of 140 deaths associated with volatile substance abuse in the United Kingdom (1971-1981)
An investigation of a case of Munchausen syndrome (hospital addiction) under deep hypnosis: report of a clinical conference
An investigation of handwriting of suicide persons through suicide notes
An investigation of juvenile profiles on the Szondi test
An investigation of the pattern of firearms fatalities before and after the introduction of new legislation in Denmark
An investigation of the role of the specific opioid antagonist naloxone in clinical toxicology
An investigation of the role played by the superior colliculus and ventromedial thalamus in self-injurious behavior produced by intranigral microinjection of muscimol
An MRI study of pituitary volume and parasuicidal behavior in teenagers with first-presentation borderline personality disorder
An objective study of two medicolegal Systems--Libyan and British
An orally administered opiate blocker, naltrexone, attenuates self-injurious behavior
An outbreak of suicide and suicidal behavior in a high school
An overview of suicide--1979
An uncommon method of suicide
An uncommon suicide
An unsuccessful murder
An unusual autoerotic death: asphyxia with an abdominal ligature
An unusual autoerotic fatality associated with chloroform inhalation
An unusual case of a swallowed thermometer perforated in the mediastinum
An unusual case of carbon monoxide poisoning
An unusual case of child abuse homicide/suicide
An unusual case of drug poisoning with suicidal intent
An unusual case of repeated self mutilation
An unusual case of self-mutilation
An unusual case of self-strangulation with a noose
An unusual case of thermal injuries with a hot glue gun. Deliberate self-harm or maltreatment?
An unusual cause of death in self-hanging
An unusual circumstance of internal chemical burn injury - a case report
An unusual death by transcranial stab wound: homicide or suicide?
An unusual entrance wound associated with rimfire rifles
An unusual entrance wound associated with rimfire rifles
An unusual finding in a case of hypothermia
An unusual form of self mutilation caused by the incorporation of a needle into the heart (case report)
An unusual mechanical asphyxia in a homicide-suicide case by smothering and strangulation
An unusual method of suicide
An unusual perversion: the desire to be injured by an automobile operated by a woman
An unusual potentially fatal penetrating chest injury
An unusual self-inflicted injury of the breast
An unusual suicidal attempt
An unusual suicide in a thirteen-year-old boy
An unusual suicide method used by a paraplegic
An unusual suicide with parenteral copper sulphate poisoning: a case report
An unusual suicide--self explosion in the automobile
An update on depression in children and adolescents
Anabolic androgenic steroids and suicide
Analogies and contrasts of familial enviornment in juveniles attempting suicide and in toxicomania
Analyses of suicidality in double-blind, placebo-controlled trials of pharmacotherapy for weight reduction
Analysis and toxicity of the anti-arrhythmia agent tocainide
Analysis of 172 cases of fatal electric shock
Analysis of a case of "delire des negations" (Cotard) by a neurologist
Analysis of a joint suicide
Analysis of a suicide in the work of Ivo Andrić "Bridge on the River Drina"
Analysis of acute poisoning among children hospitalized in the pediatric department of the Chalubinski Municipal Hospital in Czestochowa 1979-1984
Analysis of case reports concerning attempted suicide in the past 2 years in Parma
Analysis of causes and motives of suicidal attempts in children in the light of our observations
Analysis of cocaine-positive fatalities
A comparative analysis of completed suicide using high resolution brain SPECT imaging
A socio-demographic, psychiatric and medical profile of inpatient suicide attempters in a psychiatric hospital of Puerto Rico
Associations between Lifestyle Factors, Working Environment, Depressive Symptoms and Suicidal Ideation: A Large-scale Study in Japan
Clinical features of adolescents with deliberate self-harm: A case control study in Lisbon, Portugal
Congenital abnormalities in children of 43 pregnant women who attempted suicide with large doses of nitrazepam
Depression in adolescents: current treatments, suicidality and evaluation of novel treatment strategies
Is poor premorbid functioning a risk factor for suicide attempts in first-admission psychosis?
Prostate Cancer, Depression, and Risk of Suicide: Should We Pay More Attention?
Reducing firearm-related violence on college campuses: Police chiefs' perceptions and practices
Relationship between antiepileptic drugs and suicide attempts in patients with bipolar disorder
Seasonal variation of seclusion incidents from violent and suicidal acts in forensic psychiatric patients
Suicide mortality in Olot from 1936 until 2000
Suicide pact by mutual simultaneous arm amputation
Temporal pattern of suicide risk in young individuals with early psychosis
Unsuccessful suicide attempt of a 15 year old adolescent with ingestion of 5000 mg modafinil
"Masquerades:" homicide, suicide, accident or natural death
"Vacuum cleaner injury" of the penis
A case of acute poisoning following intravenous injection of gasoline
A case of attempted suicide by means of neuroleptics
A case of insulin suicide
A case of psychosis after attempted suicidal hanging
A case of suicide by liquid gas
A case of suicide by means of formol
A case of suicide by multiple wounds caused by stabs and cuts in the precordial region
A case of suicide with multiple wounds
A case of voluntary poisoning by chlorzoxazone
A report of an unusual self-inflicted eye injury
A statistical sample on suicides
A study of suicide in the Seattle area
A study of suicide pacts
A study of suicides in a mental hospital
A study on factors contributing to suicide: from the psychiatric standpoint
A suicide attempt by the simultaneous ingestion of imipramine and levopromazine
A suicide attempt with fly agaric. On the toxicology of Amanita muscaria. With a contribution to the psychology of the choice of suicide agent
A suicide attempt with tofranil in combination with sedatives
A suicide prevention center
A throat-cutting suicide by band saw
A typical suicide by CO poisoning
Accidental and intentional poisonings
An analysis of attempted suicide in an urban industrial district
An epidemic of attempted suicide
An unusual suicide with dinitro-o-cresol
Analysis of gunshot injuries with a livestock gun
Analysis of motivation in attempted suicides of sniffing addicts
Death due to ingestion of nicotine-containing solution: Case report and review of the literature
Educational preferences and outcomes from suicide prevention training in the Veterans Health Administration: one-year follow-up with healthcare employees in Upstate New York
News Coverage of FDA Warnings on Pediatric Antidepressant Use and Suicidality
One-Year Follow-Up of Suicidal Adolescents: Parental History of Mental Health Problems and Time to Post-Hospitalization Attempt
The association between internet addiction and self-injurious behaviour among adolescents
Analysis of some factors in attempted suicide. (Observations on a group of self-intoxicated subjects)
Analysis of suicidal tendencies in twins
Analysis of suicide attempts in children and adolescents
Analysis of suicide in the Psychiatric Hospital and Psychiatric Clinic in Wroclaw 1974-1983
Analysis of the incidence of suicide in Nograd County (1970-80)
Analysis of the relation between socioeconomic factors and suicidal behavior
Anatomy of self-injurious, stereotypic, and aggressive movements: evidence for involuntary explanation
Some critical methodological issues in secondary analysis of world health organization data on elderly suicide rates
Homicide-Suicide in Konya, Turkey Between 2000 and 2007
Natural, Unexpected Deaths: Reliability of a Presumptive Diagnosis
Self-mutilating behaviour: A study on 30 inpatients
Alone? Percieved social support and chronic interpersonal difficulties in suicidal elders
Anesthesiologist suicide with atracurium
Anger, hostility, and depression in assaultive vs. suicide-attempting males
Angiotensin I-converting enzyme I/D polymorphism and suicidal behaviors
Animal models of self-destructive behavior and suicide
Announcing of suicidal intentions in childhood and puberty
Anomie and level of suicidality in individuals
Anomie and the suicidal individual
Anomie and United States Suicide rates, 1973--1976
Anonymous suicidal telephone calls: a research critique
Association of polymorphisms in the SLIT2 axonal guidance gene with anger in suicide attempters
Exploring the Relationship Between Depressive and Anxiety Symptoms and Neuronal Response to Alcohol Cues
True and simulated homicidal hangings: a six-year retrospective study
Suicide by burning barbecue charcoal: three case reports
The 2009 Nobel conference on the role of genetics in promoting suicide prevention and the mental health of the population
The meaning of self-injury and overdosing amongst women fulfilling the diagnostic criteria for 'borderline personality disorder'
Pattern of pediatric poisoning in the east Karadeniz region between 2002 and 2006: increased suicide poisoning
Adolescent Russian Roulette Deaths
Antidepressant dispensing trends in New Zealand between 2004 and 2007
Decreased Use of Antidepressants in Youth After US Food and Drug Administration Black Box Warning
Depression, suicidal ideation, and attempts in black patients with sickle cell disease
Determining manner of death: statistical modelling of coronial decisions
COMT but not serotonin-related genes modulates the influence of childhood abuse on anger traits
Seasonal allergies and suicidality: results from the National Comorbidity Survey Replication
Suicide in HIV-Infected Individuals and the General Population in Switzerland, 1988-2008
Suicide in the Northern Territory, 2001-2006
Suicide Prevention
Two models of suicide
X chromosome and suicide
Alcohol drinking, alcoholism, and suicide
Suicide problems--epidemiology, factors, motives and prevention. Part I
Psychological autopsy and its limitation in application
Multiple penetrating head injury by 8 nails: a case report
Inmate Self-Injurious Behaviors
Myofibril membranes in relation to the neuromuscular weakness of acute monocrotophos poisoning
Selective alterations of the CB1 receptors and the fatty acid amide hydrolase in the ventral striatum of alcoholics and suicides
Examining Youth Hopelessness as an Independent Risk Correlate for Adolescent Delinquency and Violence
Fluoxetine response in impulsive-aggressive behavior and serotonin transporter polymorphism in personality disorder
Parental divorce, parental depression, and gender differences in adult offspring suicide attempt
Relationship between blood alcohol concentration on admission and outcome in dimethoate organophosphorus self-poisoning
Self-inflicted penetrating eye injuries using a razor blade: Case report
Sex differences in depressive symptoms and their correlates after mild-to-moderate traumatic brain injury
Youthful Suicide and Social Support
On the suicidal form of a resignation reaction
Open self-injury behavior with special reference to child and adolescent psychiatry. a review of the literature and first study findings
Optimised services for depressed patients. The German Alliance Against Depression
Oral intoxication with xylene--a case report
Out of hopelessness - problem solving training in suicide prevention
Outcome of adolescent suicide attempts
Over-the-counter paracetamol a common cause of poisoning among teenage girls. The poison control center's report on analgesics poisoning
Parasuicide in Sør-Trøndelag 1989-92. Rates and sociodemographic characteristics
Parental communication and support perceived in families of suicidal and non-suicidal adolescents
Pathologic personality development in children and adolescents with cerebral palsy
Pathological aggressive behavior in adults - auto-aggression
Pathological and psychopathological studies of suicide in Vojvodina
Pathological diagnosis in fatal injuries
Penal code problems in suicide
Penile entrapment by metallic rings
Penile injury caused by a Moulinette. Result of autoerotic self-mutilation
Perimenopausal and late life depression
Personality disintegration and despair in suicides among alcoholics
Pharmacological suicide prevention under special consideration of lithium salts
Phylogenetic and psychiatric aspects of self mutilation
Poisoning and attempted suicide. Borderline cases of suicide
Poisoning as a suicide act (poison and suicide)
Poisoning caused by organophosphate insecticides. Study of 506 cases
Poisoning in childhood. Report on a 5-year patient material of the department of child toxicology
Poisoning with a letal dose of INH during alcohol intoxication
Postmortem retention of a knife in the hand in suicide
Preadolescence and suicide attempts
Predominance of urban suicides over rural suicides in Spain
Prevalence and co-occurrence of five types of ill-treatment in relation with depression and conduct disorder in adolescent mothers
The problem of suicidal patients such as appears in a non-specialized hospital
The problem of suicide prevention
The problem of the relation between suicides and suicidal attempts and solar activity
The psychopathic personalities. Attempt at a structural definition
The role of alcohol in attempted suicide by poisoning in Helsinki in the years 1962-64
The significance of examination of the site of the incident in solving the problem of circumstances of autoinfliction of combined injuries
The social worker and the treatment of toxicosis
The strangulation mark after unsuccessful attempted suicide by hanging
The suicidal conduct
The suicide attempt. Current aspects. (Apropos of 500 cases)
The suicide attempt. Psychiatric studies on 820 women
The suicide of melancholics
The nurse in psychiatry: apropos of suicide
Prevalence of psychiatric disorders among homeless adolescents
Prevalence of trauma-related disorders in the French WHO study: Santé mentale en population générale (SMPG)
Prevention of suicide attempt in YNA
Prevention of suicide in the hospital
Prevention of suicide
Prevention of suicide
Problem analysis in adolescent females following attempted suicide
Problems of antidepressive pharmacotherapy
Problems of attempted suicide in the mentally sound
Problems related to the suicide of patients in an open psychiatric ward in a high-rise building: analysis of situation and preventive measures
Problems with suicide in psychiatric clinics
Professionals' reactions to patient's suicide
Prognosis after attempted suicide
Prognosis and surgery indication of suicidal gunshot head injuries
Prognosis of suicidal cranial gunshot wounds
Prognostic importance of the electroencephalogram in acute poisoning. Apropos of the comparison of the development of tracings in the suicide of a married couple
Prognostic value of studying personality traits of civil aviation pilots
Projective examination of a group of people willing to suicide. Preliminary note
Projective examination of a group of suicidal patients: preliminary note
Propane-butane gas embolism following self-inflicted heart stab wound
Protracted suicide as a criminalistic problem
Thallium poisoning
Thallium toxicity; a case of deliberate poisoning
The "European Alliance Against Depression". An European network targeting at effective care in community-based services for persons suffering from depressive disorders
Remarks on the delineation of the definition of suicide attempt
Repetitive suicide attempts in adolescents
Report on suicide in the aged: it has no purpose
Psychosocial aspects of coping with tinnitus and psoriasis patients. A comparative study of suicidal tendencies, anxiety and depression
Psychotherapy in suicidal youth
Quality of suicide mortality data
Quantitative determination of nialamide with cation exchange paper in suicidal poisoning
Railroad suicides and attempted suicides in Austria 1990-1994: Extending the hypothesis mass media transmission of suicidal behavior
Random remarks on suicide
Rapid death after ingestion of short-acting barbiturates. Apropos of 3 cases
Rare case of a 32-year-old woman committing suicide by hanging
Rare chromosome abnormality: tetrasomy X (48XXXX)
Psychopathological approach of a population of non-psychotic suicides
Psychopathological considerations on infantile suicide
Psychopathological dynamics of suicidal behavior in childhood and puberty
Psychopathologies encountered on the island of Mayotte between 1998 and 2004
Psychopathology in eating disorders: new trends
Psychopathology of suicide in minors
Psychopathology of the expression of suicide
Psychopharmacologic drugs and prevention of suicide
Psychosocial and medical conditions for suicidal behaviors among children and young people in Lublin Province
Psychosocial and social problems among international adoptees: Increased risk of suicide, substance abuse and grave criminal offenses
On the problems of suicide in the Yugoslov National Army
Youths and suicide
Yubitsume (self-amputation)
Yukio Mashima--a psychoanalytic interpretation
Zidovudine overdose
Zinc and fluoride values in suicidal poisoning with zinc fluorosilicate
Zinc concentrations in vitreous humor: a postmortem study comparing alcoholic and other patients
Zinc phosphide ingestion: a case report and review
Zinc phosphide poisoning
Psychiatric autopsy: its uses and limits in France
Psychiatric emergencies: means of assistance by clinical teams in emergency cases in Brazil
Psychiatric examination after attempted suicide
Psychiatric peculiarities in Indonesia
Psychiatric symptoms in cancer patients requiring immediate management
Psychiatry and the assessment of human destructiveness: on the question of drawing the line between the "normal" concept of evil and psychiatric illnesses
Psychic diseases and social danger
Psychobiography of a suicide (Virginia Woolf)
Psychodynamics of suicide attempts in a group of female adolescents
Psychogenic causes of death
Psychogenic disorders in old age
Psychological analysis of family situation of youthful suicide
Psychological autopsies in the study of suicide
Psychological profile of suicide using firearms to the face. Review of the literature. Our experiences at the university hospital center at Caen
Psychological study of 50 suicidal adolescents
Psychometric evaluation of the German version of the Barratt Impulsiveness Scale
Psychopathologic disorders in burns
Psychopathological and psychiatric aspects of suicide
Rare variant of attempted suicide in depressive neurosis (differential diagnosis)
Rate of suicides among physicians in the United States
Reaction to 'Psychopathology in female carriers of the fragile X mutation'
Reasons for hospitalization in psychiatric hospitals
Recent reports on the collateral effects of oral contraceptives
Reconstruction after suicide attempt with great lesions
Reconstruction of a fall from a window
Reconstruction of self strangulation accidents. Inference for the practice
Record of 8 months of activity of the Marseilles poison Control Center
Reflections from the field of suicide prevention in the young. "Life has changed them with its wounds"
Reflections on folie à deux
Registration of parasuicide at hospitals and emergency units
Relationship between the suicidal attempts of adolescent girls and risk factors in the family
Relationships between social factors and suicidal attempts of adolescent girls
Research on the actual condition of suicidal patients
Responsibilities of the psychiatrist in the clinical care of threatened suicides
Results of toxicological analyses at the time of medicolegal autopsies. Importance--interpretation problems
Risk factors in attempted suicide in adolescents
Risk factors of near-fatal deliberate self-harm behavior in self-cutting patients: a three-year follow-up study at a psychiatric clinic
Risk of suicide with psychiatric patients. A quantitative study
Ritual tooth mutilation in African Negroes
Role of the psychiatrist in the treatment of poisonings
S.O.S. Friendship and suicide prevention
Schizophrenia and suicide
Schizophrenic patients' length of stay: Clinical factors of variability and consequences
Seasonal occurrence of suicides
Self esteem, affectivity perception, aims, and risk behaviors among teenagers of both sexes
Self inflicted traumatic amputations of fingers and its surgical management
Self mutilation
Self poisoning in older patients
Self-destruction behavior seen in the wrist-cutting syndrome
Self-harm and sports--case reports
Self-harm vs. harming others: The lived experiences of a dysfunctional family
Self-inflicted dermatitis: a case in pediatric age
Self-inflicted injury and self-mutilation in prisoners
Self-leakage syndrome and suicidal tendencies
Self-mutilation in juvenile repeaters
Self-mutilation in men--injury pattern and motivation
Self-mutilation of the skin and psychic disorders
Self-mutilation patient with 1400 ambulatory treatments
Self-reported substance abuse related emergencies: frequency and nature
Sequellae of a disulfiram psychosis
Severe bencyctane intoxication--a case report
Severe multiple self-inflicted injuries in a suicidal attempt
Severe self-injury of the neck of a psychotic patient and its adequate treatment
Sex life of men during long term imprisonment
Sexual asphyxias in medical practice
Sexual peculiarities in psychotics
Sexual perversions. Criminality, depression and the danger of suicide
Sexuality of suicidal elderly
Simulation of a suicide to hide a homicide in a case of autoerotic accident
Simulation of an attack by self-mutilating cuts and stab wounds
Skull trepanations in suicides
Social and medical aspects of suicide
Social evaluation of certain forms of suicide prophylaxis
Social psychologic factors in old age suicide
Sociodemographic features of suicide attempts
Sociological aspects of suicide
Sociology and statistics of suicide
Sodium azide--clinical course of the poisoning and treatment
Solar activity and cardiovascular diseases
Some data on the problem of lethal CO-poisoning
SSRI and SNRI treatment in children and adolescents. Current views of the benefits and risks
Statistical data complied from reports on the occurrence of unexpected deaths in the Shizuoka prefecture of Japan for 3 years from 1964 to 1966
Statistical form for the study of suicide
Statistical observations on the cases of unnatural deaths examined at our department during the past 10 years
Statistical report on handling of cases of unnatural death occurring in Shizuoka Prefecture (1967-68)
Statistical study of attempted suicide
Statistics on the Lyons Poison Control Center
Studies of death by suicide. IV. Death by suicide in the city of Recife
Studies of suicide attempts with chlormethiazole
Studies on death by suicide. 3. Death by suicide in the interior of the state of São Paulo
Studies on the suicide problem
Study of the family environment in attempted suicide during the developmental years
Study of the representation of the socio-familial sphere in the adolescent by Osgood's semantic differential. 3. Results in a group of suicidal adolescents
Suicide by poisoning. 2. Reception and treatment in casualty. 1
Modern treatments in psychiatry: acute poisonings
Suicidal poisoning due to hydrogen sulfide produced by mixing a liquid bath essence containing sulfur and a toilet bowl cleaner containing hydrochloric acid
Suicidal poisoning with barbiturates in pregnancy
Suicidal poisoning with oral antidiabetical drugs
Suicidal tendencies and delinquency
Suicidal tendencies in neurotic children and adolescents
Suicidal thoughts and suicidal attempts among 15-24 years old individuals in the danish educational system
Suicidality due to inability to pay for care despite home ownership
Suicidality in old age
Suicide after involuntary pseudo-homicide in a traffic accident
Suicide among hospital patients
Suicide among young people--familial, psychiatric and socioeconomic risk factors. a nested case-control study
Suicide among young people
Suicide and accident from the viewpoint of medical insurance
Suicide and adolescence. II. Psychosocial factors and clinical aspects
Suicide and attempted suicide among adults
Suicide and attempted suicide. I. Facts and statistics
Suicide and attempted suicide. II. Understanding, recognizing and acting
Suicide and attempted suicide. IV. Study of the method of suicide and of attempted suicide in Italy and Milan
Suicide and attempted suicide
Suicide and attempted suicide
Suicide and depression in adolescents
Suicide and familial chorea
Suicide and homicide in the mental patient
Suicide and paraplegia
Suicide and rural areas
Suicide and suicide attempt, especially in young persons
Suicide and suicide attempts in Baerum 1984-95
Suicide and suicide attempts in old age
Suicide and suicide prevention in Austria
Suicide and the pleasure-pain principle of life
Suicide as a cause of death in patients with endogenous affective disorders
Suicide as a human, medical, and health-political problem
Suicide as a mental health problem
Suicide as a problem of philosophy and theology. Attempt towards a historical presentation
Suicide as a public health problem: a statistico-epidemiological study made in the province of Ascoli Piceno
Suicide as a reaction to catastrophe
Suicide attempt among woman schizophrenics
Suicide attempt as a cry for help
Suicide attempt by alcohol-dependent patients
Suicide attempt by transfixing the head with a metal spit. Bilateral craniotomy, favorable prognosis
Suicide attempt in children
Suicide attempt in patients with hysteria
Suicide attempt patients treated in a psychiatric polyclinic
Suicide attempt using Jatrosome
Suicide attempt with ajmalin
Suicide attempt with high-dose ecstasy
Suicide attempt with potassium cyanide. (Suicidologic-psychopathologic presentation)
Suicide attempt with sotalol: a proarrhythmic intoxication
Suicide attempts among adolescents
Suicide attempts attended at a health centre
Suicide attempts by adolescents. Study of 70 cases
Suicide attempts by ingestion of "Thevetia neriifolia" seeds
Suicide attempts in children and adolescents
Suicide attempts in children and adolescents
Suicide attempts in children and adolescents
Suicide attempts in the student milieu
Suicide attempts of adolescents
Suicide attempts of young persons. (Preliminary results of the Osgood's semantic differentiator technic)
Suicide attempts with insulin
Suicide attempts with intracranial gunshots (10 cases)
Suicide attempts: psychiatric approach in a general hospital
Suicide behavior in adolescents and adults
Suicide by 120 stab wounds of the chest?
Suicide by combined laceration and poisoning
Suicide by electrocution
Suicide by freezing
Suicide by hanging and suspected murder
Suicide by means of blowing air into the arm vein
Suicide by means of oral antidiabetics (sulfonylurea products)
Suicide by means of strangulation. Critical review of the literature and unpublished case material
Suicide by mental patients in a psychiatric hospital
Suicide by shotgun
Suicide can be prevented
Suicide changes with time. II. Influence of wars on suicide
Suicide changes with time
Suicide date and rates in a comparison of Germany, Bavaria and Upper Frankonia
Suicide due to consumption of bananas. Death of a bilaterally nephrectomized female patient due to hyperkalemia after consumption of bananas
Suicide from the viewpoint of the clinical psychiatrist
Suicide in Abitibi-Temiscamingue region: epidemiological data for the period of 1992-96
Suicide in Abitibi-Témiscamingue: epidemiologic studies for 1986-1991
Suicide in adolescence
Suicide in adolescence
Suicide in advanced ages
Suicide in alcoholism
Suicide in and outside mental health care
Suicide in Belgium: current statistics
Suicide in childhood
Suicide in children and adolescents
Suicide in children and adolescents
Suicide in children and its prevention
Suicide in children. No child really wants to die
Suicide in clinical situations--trends in a psychiatric hospital in the past 40 years
Suicide in functional psychoses
Suicide in insurance laws
Suicide in minors. Observations on autopsies made at Belgrade in the period 1953-1962
Suicide in old age as a problem of preventive medicine
Suicide in Paris and Ile-de-France
Suicide in pediatric patients: 30 cases
Suicide in Portugal
Suicide in Santiago de Chile
Suicide in Sweden. Comments on 300 consecutive cases
Suicide in the aged
Suicide in the infantile and juvenile age
Suicide in the manic state
Suicide in the southeastern regions of Stockholm. Bodily factors are significant in suicide
Suicide is no natural death
Suicide mortality in Finland during 1979-2001
Suicide occurring among mental patients after departure from the psychiatric hospital and its relation to depressive states occurring during the same period. Apropos of these cases
Suicide of a women with electric current
Suicide of children and young persons
Suicide of surrender
Suicide of two persons
Suicide on compensation problem damages
Suicide pacts. 2. Analysis and observations of 53 cases
Suicide patient and pastoral telephone counseling
Suicide prevention among young people--a neglected field
Suicide prevention as a task for the hospital minister
Suicide prevention in psychoses and combined pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy
Suicide prevention in the medical practice
Suicide prevention. In adolescents suicide is not an informed choice
Suicide prevention
Suicide prevention
Suicide problems in a day- and nightcare hospital
Suicide prophylaxis invaluable
Suicide risk in children and adolescents. Identification and management
Suicide risk in relation to family history of completed suicide and psychiatric disorders. A nested case-control study
Suicide through hanging in front of witnesses
Suicide with copper sulfate
Suicide with digitalis
Suicide with insulin and demonstration of insulin post mortem
Suicide with isonicotinic acid hydrazide
Suicide with sodium silicofluoride
Suicide, self-mutilation and poisoning in adolescents: an epidemiological study
Suicide, suicidal attempts and behavior. Recent statistical, psychological and preventive studies
Suicide--a neglected public health problem
Suicide--epidemiology and prevention
Suicide: a medical and social problem not yet mastered
Suicides among Finnish university students in 1955-1964
Suicides among schizophrenics
Suicides and attempted suicides by insulin ingestion (apropos of a case)
Suicides and self-inflicted wounds in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Suicides by fire, using the method of the Bonzes
Suicides in children and adolescents in Czechoslovakia
Suicides in children and adolescents
Suicides in epileptics
Suicides in general hospitals
Suicides in patients of the general practitioner
Suicides in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis
Suicides in the military environment
Suicides in the Russian Federation as a sociopsychiatric problem
Suicides in the Tatra Mountains
Suicides of women with unwanted pregnancy
Suicides with hypnotics in Budapest during 1960-1967
Surgical aspects of swallowed foreign bodies and self mutilations
Tape recording of a suicide case
Tearing-out one's tongue as a suicidal act
Telephone service in the prevention of suicide
The "Tyrolean Alliance against Depression": a balance of activities
The "Werther-effect": legend or reality?
The action spectra of antidepressive agents
The advisor team in the psychiatric hospital: assignments and experiences in coping with aggression and compulsion
The analysis of negative life events, hopelessness and coping strategies among psychotic patients
The autopsy findings in suicide by hanging
The biological basis of suicidal behavior: neuroendocrine and psychophysiological approach to the role of catecholamines
The clinical picture of involutional melancholia and its relationship to the age factor
The comparison on cause and treatment of injuries between two types of emergency department among 25 hospitals
The complexity of expert testimony in toxicology; particular effect of an arsenic therapy and the problem of summation of administration of the poison in a case of criminal and fatal acute arsenic poisoning
The criminalogic significance of "gags" in suicides recovered from water
The danger of suicide in rehabilitation of institutionalized psychiatric patients
Subcutaneous injection of insecticide for attempted suicide: a report of two cases
Sudden death after repeated voluntary inhalations of hair lacquer
Suicidal attempt with imipramine
Suicidal attempt with 1200 u. of insulin
Suicidal adolescents--what should clinicians look for?
Suicidal attempts by poisoning in children. Suicide prevention centers
Suicidal behavior in adolescents in Switzerland: role of physicians
Suffering and suicidal adolescents: the dangers of dodging
Suicidal acts of chronic alcoholics from a statistical analysis of archival material
Suicidal adolescents: psychotherapy and treatment interruption. Results of a controlled study
Suicidal attempt with Valium in combination with barbiturates
Suicidal attempts among young people hospitalized in the department of psychiatry of the medical academy in Lublin in 1990-1997
Suicidal attempts in the material of a department of internal diseases
Suicidal attempts with psychotropic drugs observed in the Psychiatric Department of the Medical Academy in Warsaw
Suicidal behavior in adolescents. What questions for the professional?
Suicidal behavior in childhood and adolescence. 2. Motivations, structure of causes and conditions, means and methods, prevention and control
Suicidal behavior in children and adolescents with endogenous psychiatric disorders
Suicidal behavior in children and adolescents. Part I: 1. diagnosis, 2. psychodynamics, 3. distribution principles, 4. statistics
Suicidal behavior in children--a descriptive study
Suicidal behavior--what should be done?
Suicidal behaviour and somatic disorders
Suicidal behaviour in borderline personality disorder
Suicidal behaviour in young people: an epidemiological study in the Verbano-Cusio-Ossola province (years 1988-2000)
Suicidal calls to a telephone emergency service
Suicidal children and adolescents
Suicidal conduct and its significance
Suicidal ideation among university adolescents: prevalence and associated factors
Suicidal ideation and associated characteristics in adolescent women
Suicidal incidents at psychiatric departments and civil liability
Suicidal jumps from the Kleinebelts bridge
Suicidal patient: how can suicide be prevented? (Interview by Dr. Thomas Meissner)
Suicidal patients
Suicidal poisoning by ingestion of aniline oil
Suicidal poisoning by subcutaneous injection of a mixture of parathion and demeton-o-methyl sulfoxide (E 605 MR)
The depression state and suicide: on 2 categories of patients who present serious suicidal risk
The desperate ones call for help
The digito-ocular phenomenon
The diseases and death of Adalbert Stifter. Did this poet in fact commit suicide?
The drug therapy of depression with particular consideration of suicide prophylaxis
The number of suicides in a psychiatric hospital department over a period of 20 years
The present position of the prophylaxis of suicide in Vienna
The effects of psychosocial skills training on symptomatology, insight, quality of life, and suicide probability in schizophrenia
The experience of suicide as a life-history and situational failure
The genetic questionnaire: familial suicide and genetic counselling
The influence of gender on risk factors for child and adolescent suicidal behavior
The killing of children
The life situations of old people with reference to suicide risk
The lung and massive voluntary poisoning by organophosphorus compounds
The misunderstood suicidal person
Study on the mortality of injury in Chinese population in urban and rural areas from 1990 to 1997
Trends and patterns in suicide in England and Wales
Suicide in population subgroups
Suicide prevention: increasing education and awareness
Acute volontary intoxication by acetonitrile
Antidepressants in the hands of the family doctor
Bipolar disorders: the disease of extreme emotions
Early diagnosis of depression by the family physician
From the Nuremberg Alliance Against Depression to a European network (EAAD)--extending community-based awareness-campaigns on national and European level
Consumption of care and psychiatric disorders in 15-25 year old patients
A clinical evaluation of maximum security hospital patients by staff and independent psychiatric consultants
A consultant's survey of the patients in a maximum security hospital
A hazardous environment and city suicide rates
A Marxist perspective on assisted suicide
A neurotransmitter basis for Eysenck's theory of personality
A regional study of fertility and suicide rates
A Taoist orientation and mental health in Kuwaiti and American students
A Taoist orientation and fears of death and dying
A significant association between religiosity and happiness in a sample of Kuwaiti students
Aboriginal suicide in British Columbia
Absolutism in the diary of a suicide
Accurate knowledge about suicide and personality (2)
Accurate knowledge about suicide
Age and intelligence as mediators of anger in black suicide attempters
Alcohol use, self-esteem, depression, and suicidality in high school students
American Indian suicide and homicide rates and unemployment
American Indian suicide rates and the economy
An alternative measure of the frequency of suicide and homicide and its social correlates
An approach for examining the rationality of suicide
An examination of Leenaars' theory of suicide
An examination of Shneidman's application of Henry Murray's classification of needs to suicidal individuals
An inventory to measure helplessness, hopelessness, and haplessness
Anxiety, economic growth and suicide and homicide
'Dark shading' of words in the diary of a suicide
Are females' suicides in Japan fatalistic?
Are murders and suicides committed by different methods intrinsically different?
Arthur Schopenhauer and Andras Angyal
Association of alcohol use and suicide in 27 nations of the world
Astrologers and psychics as therapists
Astrological cuspal days and births and deaths of suicides
Astrological signs and personality in Kuwaitis and Americans
Attitudes about suicide among the Yoruba of Nigeria
Attitudes about suicide in Zambian and Nigerian students
Attitudes of nursing students and nursing faculty toward death
Attitudes toward abortion, capital punishment, and assisted suicide
Attitudes toward death-related choices
Attitudes toward mental illness in police officers
Attitudes toward physician-assisted suicide and death anxiety among Kuwaiti students
Attitudes toward physician-assisted suicide and death anxiety
Attitudes toward physician-assisted suicide
Attitudes toward preventing versus assisting suicide: a correction to an earlier publication
Availability of methods for suicide and suicide rates
Birth order, suicidal preoccupation, and scores suggesting manic-depressive tendencies
Black riots and black suicide rates
Blood pressure and personality
Blue questionnaires and blue mood
Body mass index, suicide and homicide
Can personality predict suicidality? A study in two cultures
Can suicidologists distinguish between suicide notes from completers and attempters?
Cancer and suicide
Challenges in preventing suicide (1994)
Changes in national suicide rates, 1980-1990
Changes in the treatment of depression in the United States: 1987-1997
Climatic data and national suicide and homicide rates
Collectivism and rates of personal violence (suicide and homicide)
Comment on "Catholicism and indices of social pathology in the states"
Jewish affiliation in relation to suicide rates
Comment on "manic-depressiveness and its correlates"
Comment on "Social psychological variables in populations contrasted by income and suicide rate
Comment on "The Positive and Negative Suicide Ideation Scale"
Comparing correlations over time and space
Comparing the changing suicide rate in Singapore with the rates in England/Wales and the USA, 1950-1985
Completed suicide and latitude
Construct validity of the helplessness/hopelessness/haplessness scale: correlations with perfectionism and depression
Conversion disorders: a review of research findings
Correlates of accuracy in judging genuine versus simulated suicide notes
Correlates of motives for suicide
Correlates of rates of suicide and homicide committed by different methods
Correlates of regional suicide and cancer mortality rates
Correlates of suicide in Italian regions in 1864-1876
Correlations of attitudes toward physician-assisted suicide, death depression, death obsession, and trait anxiety
Crisis intervention and counseling by telephone
Cult suicide and physician-assisted suicide
Cultural evolution, suicide and homicide
Decriminalization of suicide in seven nations and suicide rates
Deliberate self-injury in female Russian inmates
Democracy and suicide
Denial in suicide survivors
Depression and fear of death in a normal population
Depression and locus of control in police officers
Depression and suicidal ideation in African-American and Hispanic American high school students
Depression and suicidal preoccupation in high school and college students
Depression and suicidal preoccupation in South African students
Depression in college students in the United States and Kuwait
Depression in Nigerian and American students
Depression, anxiety, and personal finance behavior: implications for the classical economic conception of humans as rational decision-makers
Depression, mania, and suicidal preoccupation
Depressive and manic tendencies in high school and college students
Depressive symptoms among U.S. and Indian college students: the effects of gender and gender role
Derivation of a proxy measure of death anxiety from the suicide opinion questionnaire
Determinants of choice of method for suicide and the person/situation debate in psychology
Deviation in Sheldonian physique-temperament match and neuroticism
Diet, cigarette smoking, stressful life events, and subjective feelings of stress
Differences in content of suicide notes by age and method
Distinguishing suicide notes from completed and attempted suicides
Do how-to-commit-suicide manuals increase the suicide rate?
Do male and female suicides jump from different heights?
Does democracy increase suicide and homicide rates?
Does residential segregation in cities predict African-American suicide rates?
Does self-esteem predict suicidality after controls for depression?
Domestic integration and suicide in Spain
Domestic integration and suicide rates in the provinces of Canada
Domestic social integration and suicide in France
Domestic social integration and suicide in Israel
Psychiatric comorbidity in patients with chronic daily headache and migraine: a selective overview including personality traits and suicide risk
Periventricular white matter hyperintensities as predictors of suicide attempts in bipolar disorders and unipolar depression
Suicide risk and exposure to mobbing
Temperament and personality dimensions in suicidal and nonsuicidal psychiatric inpatients
Temporal variation in suicide and homicide
Economic development, suicide and homicide
Effect of changing alcohol laws in Iceland on suicide rates
Effect of suicide prevention centers in Ireland and Great Britain
Effects of the detoxification of domestic gas on suicide rates in six nations
Elderly suicide in China
Emotional control, depression and suicidality
Equality in suicide and dates of women's suffrage
Estimates of prescription rates and the use of medicaments for suicide
Estimating the true economic cost of suicide
Ethnicity, religion and suicide in Swiss cantons
European-ness and personal violence (suicide and homicide)
Exercise, depression, and self-esteem
Experience of loss and subsequent suicide
Experience of loss in famous suicides
Explaining regional differences in suicide rates
Exploration of a Durkheimian theory of suicide and homicide in Australia and New Zealand
External versus internal attributions in suicide and their implications for crisis intervention and suicide prevention
Eye color, extraversion and neuroticism
Factorial structure of short scales measuring manic-depression in Kuwaiti undergraduates
Factorial structure of the manic-depressiveness scale in American college students
Fertility and suicide
Fetal suicide
Finno-Ugrians and suicide
Fundamentalism, suicide, and homicide
Gender and depression in undergraduate populations: a comment
Gender and depression in undergraduates: a comment
Gender and the risk of violent death in Canada
Gender differences in methods for suicide
Gender equality and the sex differential in suicide rates
Genetic risk factors and variation in European suicide rates
Handgun control laws, suicide, and homicide
Height, gross domestic product and suicide and homicide
Helplessness and depression
Helplessness, locus of control and psychological health
Homicide-suicide rates and homicide rates
Hopelessness and perfectionism
The internal consistency and concurrent validity of the Hopelessness, Helplessness, and Haplessness Scale in a Turkish clinical sample
Iatrogenic concerns in the treatment of suicidal patients
Implications of the sex ratio for suicide and homicide
Incomplete oedipism and chronic suicidality in psychotic depression with paranoid delusions related to eyes
Individualism and suicide
Inequality of income and rates of violence in Caucasian and black groups
Infant mortality and illegitimacy
Intelligence and suicide in Ireland and the United Kingdom
Involvement in war and suicide rates in Great Britain, 1901-1965
Is the gender of a suicide note writer associated with judgments made about the suicide?
Islam and suicide
Joseph Richman's signs for distinguishing genuine from simulated suicide notes
Lay theories of suicide
Locus of control and suicidality
Locus of control, depression and suicidality in Korean workers
Loneliness and depression among elderly nursing home patients
Love and achievement motives in women's and men's suicide notes
Manic-depressive tendencies and belief in life after death
Manic-depressiveness and Jungian dimensions of personality
Manic-depressive tendencies and acceptance of self and others
Manic-depressiveness, obsessive-compulsive tendencies, and suicidality in Kuwaiti college students
Maori and nonMaori youth suicide
Measures of status integration in theory of suicide
Membership in associations and suicide rates
Menninger's motives for suicide in suicide notes from America and Germany
Motivations for preventing versus assisting suicide
Mortality from abortion after Roe vs Wade
Motives for suicide in suicide notes from completed and attempted suicides
Motives for suicide in suicide notes from women and men
Myths about suicide in American and Philippine nurses
National character and rates of suicide and homicide
National ratings of happiness, suicide, and homicide
Nations' rated individualism and suicide and homicide rates
Native American suicide and homicide rates: are they associated with white suicide and homicide rates?
Native American suicide rates, acculturation stress and traditional integration
Neuroticism, psychoticism, and autonomic nervous system balance
Obesity and suicide in Native Americans
Optimism and manic-depressive tendencies
Optimism and pessimism in Kuwaiti and American college students
Pace of life and suicide
Patterns of depression in Xhosa and Yoruba students
Perfectionism, depression, and academic performance
Personality correlates of correctly identifying genuine suicide notes
Predicting past suicidality using the Manic-Depressiveness Scale
Predicting suicidality
Predicting suicide rate among elderly persons in Canadian provinces
Predicting the Italian suicide rate for 1864-1962
Predicting the suicide rate in Wales
Predicting the time series suicide and murder rates in India
Predicting the time-series suicide and homicide rates in Hong Kong
Prison suicide rates by state
Problem behaviors and suicide and homicide
Psychache, depression, and personality
Psychological abuse in dating, locus of control, depression, and suicidal preoccupation
Psychological issues in euthanasia, suicide, and assisted suicide
Reasons for Living Inventory: cross-cultural construct validity
Regarding down-rating the lifetime suicide risk in major depression
Welfare and suicide in 18 affluent capitalist democracies
What is the Chinese suicide rate?
Which nations establish suicide prevention centers?
Who has accurate knowledge about suicide? A study of Americans, Turks, and Filipinos
Wine consumption and suicide rates
Young adult suicide and exposure to television: a comment
Zen and happiness
The effectiveness of suicide prevention centers
Regional associations of methods used for suicide
Regional variation of divorce in Germany
Regional variation of divorce in Poland
Regional variation of suicide in Austria
Regional variations in male and female unemployment
Relation between attempted suicide and completed suicide
Relationship between locus of control and depression mediated by anger toward others
Religion and suicide
Religious homogeneity and suicide
Seasonal depression and conception
Seasonal variation in American Indian suicide
Seasonal variation in suicide and the methods used
Seasonality of suicide in eastern Europe: a comment on "Evidence for lack of change in seasonality of suicide from Timis County, Romania"
Secular trends in suicide: the problem of generality and causation
Self-destructiveness and manic-depressive tendencies
Sex differences in suicide notes
Sex ratio in Chinese suicide
Sex-deviant handwriting and neuroticism
Shame and suicide: a case study
Sibship size, birth order, and personality
Social characteristics of states which do not prohibit assisted-suicide
Social correlates of American Indian suicide and homicide rates
Social correlates of suicide in the British Isles
Social correlates of suicide rates in Portugal
Social correlates of the percentage of suicides and homicides employing firearms
Social integration and suicide in Puerto Rico and the United States
Social psychological indicators associated with the suicide rate: a comment
Social stress and suicide: replicating an Asian study with American data
Social stress, homicide, and suicide
Sophocles--the first great suicidologist
Spring peak in suicides
State and trait depression and suicidality
State initiatives in addressing youth suicide: evidence for their effectiveness
Steven Stack's ecological research on suicide applied to homicide
Steven Stack's ecological studies of national suicide rates
Stress and attitudes toward suicide
Subjective stress and sources of stress for police officers
Subjective well-being, suicide, and homicide
Suicidal behavior and external constraints
Suicidality and personality in American and Kuwaiti students
Suicidality in primary health care and national suicide rates
Suicide among murderers: England and Wales 1901 to 1949
Suicide and alternative measures of domestic integration
Suicide and birth order
Suicide and domestic integration in Spain: the effect of the source of suicide statistics
Suicide and heart disease
Suicide and homicide after the fall of communist regimes
Suicide and homicide in Caribbean nations
Suicide and homicide in Costa Rica
Suicide and homicide rates in American states classified as introverted and neurotic
Suicide and parasuicide in Scotland
Suicide and the shame of exposure
Suicide as an indicator of quality of life: apparent conflict between microeconomic and macroeconomic approaches
Suicide at Christmas
Suicide by drowning and the extent of the nation's coastline
Suicide by jumping from a bridge
Suicide by jumping in Singapore as a function of high-rise apartment availability
Suicide by region of birth and region of residence
Suicide from bridges in Washington, DC
Suicide in a northeastern police department
Suicide in custody
Suicide in eminent persons
Suicide in Hong Kong, 1971-1990
Suicide in immigrant groups as a function of their proportion in the country
Suicide in Indian states and religion
Suicide in murderers in England and Wales
Suicide in prison: a study of France from 1852 to 1913
Suicide in Québec, 1951-1986
Suicide in Singapore by ethnic group, 1955-1984
Suicide in the Hong Kong subway
Suicide in the Ukraine
Suicide in the United kingdom and ireland
Suicide in wide-open spaces
Suicide in writers
Suicide notes from Australia and the United States
Suicide notes in alcoholism
Suicide on death row
Suicide rates among Native Americans in 1890
Suicide rates in birth cohorts in England and wales
Suicide rates in Canadian aboriginals and size of population
Suicide rates in Canadian prisons
Suicide rates in cohorts over time in Denmark
Suicide rates in immigrants
Suicide rates in Native Americans by state and size of population
Suicide risk in schizophrenia: learning from the past to change the future
Suicide, homicide, and a history of oppression in the Caribbean nations
Testing Durkheim's theory of suicide in Hungary
The 'troubles' in Northern Ireland and suicide
Testing Durkheim's theory of suicide: a comment
The Arabic scale of death anxiety: some results from East and West
The association between alcohol consumption and suicide and homicide rates: a study of 13 nations
The birthday blues for males and females
The birthday blues
The civilization of violence
The concentration of neurotransmitter metabolites in the cerebrospinal fluid of suicidal individuals: a meta-analysis
The content of suicide notes written by those using different methods for suicide
The critical mass hypothesis of suicide in adolescents
The Emotions Profile Index and locus of control
The ethics of suicide and suicide prevention
The geographic variation of suicide rates by solid and liquid substances
The Holinger/Easterlin cohort hypothesis about youth suicide and homicide rates
The Hopelessness Scale: a factor analysis
The imposter phenomenon in adolescents
The inner voice and the Plural Self
The Manic-Depressiveness Scale
The military participation rate and suicide rates in Austria, 1873-1913
The military participation rate and suicide rates in Italy, 1864-1913
The misery index and suicide
The monthly distribution of suicides and urbanization
The moral acceptability of suicide
The mortality of attempted suicides in follow-up studies of male suicide attempters
The pace of life and suicide
The quality of life and suicide in Great Britain
The relationship between paranoid delusions and homosexuality
The scientific study of suicide requires accurate data
The sex ratio, suicide, and homicide in nations of the world
The suicide rate in Austrian prisons: does it conform to sociological theory?
The temporal distribution of black suicides
Theories of suicidal behavior applied to Sylvia Plath
Time-series analysis of suicidal and undetermined deaths
Time-series studies of the French suicide rate using age-adjusted rates
Time-series studies of the murder and homicide rates in the USA
To die with your boots on: a comment
Toward a system theory of the mind
Tryptophan and suicide
Tuberculosis and suicide
Unemployment and suicidal behaviour
Unionization and rates of personal violence (suicide and homicide)
Use of age-adjusted suicide rates in time series studies in Canada
Use of firearms for suicide in Canada
Variation in national suicide rates over time
Variation in suicide and homicide rates by latitude and longitude in the United States, Canada, and Australia
Variation of suicide and homicide rates by longitude and latitude
Violence in northerners and southerners
Violent versus nonviolent methods for suicide
War and rates of personal violence
War and suicide in France, 1850-1913
A study of level of knowledge about depressive disorders among general practitioners in Argentina
Clinical-neurophysiological aspects of suicidal behavior
A New Public Health Approach to Suicide Prevention
A Test of Durkheim's Theory of Suicide Using Data from Modern Nations
Antisuicide Pill
An ethological perspective on suicidal behavior
Are Suicides Disguised as Accidental and Undetermined Deaths
Are the Societal Correlates of Suicide and Homicide Rates the Same for Each Lethal Weapon? A Study of European Nations
Attempted Suicide and Religion
Availability of Guns and the Likelihood of Suicide
Basic Research and Suicide Prevention
Bias Resulting from the Choice of Sample and Results of Cross-National Analyses of Suicide Rates
Childhood Predictors of Later Suicide: Follow-up of a Sample of Gifted Children
Combining Opposing Methodologies in Studies of Suicide and Homicide
Review -- Suicide Across the Life Span: Premature Exits-- JM Stillion, EE Mcdowell, JH May
Insulin poisoning with suicidal intent
Concept of an Appropriate Death
Conformity, Suicide and Homicide
Content analysis of suicide notes as a test of the motivational component of the existential-constructivist model of suicide
Corn Consumption, Tryptophan and Cross-National Homicide and Suicide Rates
Correlates of Choice of Method for Completed Suicide
Counseling the suicidal person in the modern age: Direct-decision therapy
Cross-National Correlations Among Religion, Suicide and Homicide
A Cross-National Study of Suicide and Homicide
Depressive Response Sets due to gender and culture-based Differential Item Functioning
Detection of Attempted Suicides and Murderers Using Rorschach
Domestic Integration and Suicide in 21 Nations, 1950-1985
Dreams and suicides: The Greek novel from antiquity to the Byzantine Empire
Estimates of Prescription Rates and the Use of Medications for Suicide
Eye Color, Ectomorphy and Autonomic Nervous System Balance
Gender effects among undergraduates relating to suicide risk, impulsivity, aggression and self-efficacy
Review: Groaning tears: Ethical and dramatic aspects of suicide in Greek tragedy; EP Garrison
Gun deaths in children and guns in the home
Gun ownership and rates of homicide and suicide
Gun Control and Rates of Firearms Violence in Canada and the United States: A Comment
Happiness as stable extroversion: A cross-cultural examination of the reliability and validity of the Oxford Happiness Inventory among students in the UK, USA, Australia, and Canada
Hope for a Theory of Suicide
The Incidence of Suicide and the Fear of Dead in Non-Literate Societies
Influence of Gun Control Laws on Suicidal Behavior
Miscounting suicides
Is Religiosity Related to Suicidal Ideation After Personality and Mood Are Taken into Account?
Jungian dimensions of personality, subclinical depression and suicidal ideation
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and Psychological Health
On the relationship between fatal and nonfatal suicidal behavior
Perceived burdensomeness and suicidality: Two studies on the suicide notes of those attempting and those completing suicide
"This rash act": Suicide across the life cycle in the Victorian city
Physical Abuse and Physical Punishment as Precursors of Suicidal Behavior
Prediction of Suicide and Homicide Rates Cross-Nationally by Means of Stepwise Multiple Regression
Prevention of Suicide
Psychiatrists Use of Antidepressants: Preferences Versus Toxicity
Psychological Health, Suicidal Ideation, and Family Size Among Nigerian Yoruba Students
Racial Background and Suicidal Behavior
Relationship Between Suicide and Homicide
Seasonal variation in suicide rates
Remarriage Rates and Suicide and Homicide in the United States
Resentment and Dependency in Suicidal Individual
Review: From Autothanasia to Suicide -- Self-Killing in Classical Antiquity - AJL VanHoof
Review: Crimes of Violence by Mentally Abnormal Offenders -- a Psychiatric and Epidemiological Study in the Federal German Republic; H Hafner and W Boker
Review: Preventing Elderly Suicide -- Overcoming Personal Despair, Professional Neglect, and Social Bias; J Richman
Role of Psychologists in Crisis Telephone Services
Social Correlates of Suicide and Homicide in the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the 19th-Century
Social Disorganization and Completed Suicide
Specific Agents of Accidental and Suicidal Death: Comparisons by State, 1970
Sex Differences in Reported Psychophysiological Reactivity Controlling for Morphological Differences
Sex Differences in Self-Reported Psychophysiological Activity: Physique Versus Personality
Sexism in suicidology
Show Versus No Show: Comparison of Referral Calls to a Suicide Prevention and Crisis Service
Letter: The study of the inheritance of rare behaviors: The cohort technique
Suicidal Intent, the Medical Lethality of Suicide Attempt, and Components of Depression
Suicidal preoccupation, depression, and locus of control in Nigerians and Americans
Suicide and homicide in USA prisons
Suicide and Abortion
Suicide and Culture
Suicide and Homicide: Bias in the Examination of the Relationship Between Suicide and Homicide Rates
Suicide and unemployment. A reexamination
Suicide and Homicide Rates and Society's Need for Affiliation
Suicide and Homicide on Death Row
Suicide and Internal-External Orientation
Review- Suicide and Its Prevention: the Role of Attitude and Imitation; RFW Diekstra, R. Maris, S. Platt, A. Schmidtke, G. Sonneck
Suicide and sibling position
Suicide and Society
Suicide-prevention centers and prevention of suicide
Suicide as a Failure in Socialization
Suicide as a Positive Act
Suicide in Ibsen's Plays
Suicide in Police Officers
Suicide in the Elderly in Austria: a Comment
Suicide in the former Czechoslovakia: A cross-national perspective
Suicide prevention by e-mail
Suicide Prevention Efforts
Suicide Rate
Suicide Rates and Handgun Ownership in the United States 1959-1984: The Relationship Between Changes in the Variables
Suicide rates in Irish counties
Suicide rates in Irish counties: 10 years later
Suicide, Alcohol and Divorce - a Comment
Suicide Prevention Centers: Data from 1970
Supports Crisis Phone Services: a Reply
Tattoos, Eye Color and Method for Suicide
Testosterone and Suicide: An Explanation of Sex Differences in Fatal Suicidal Behavior
The dexamethasone suppression test as an indicator of suicide: A meta-analysis
The Availability of Lethal Methods for Suicide and the Suicide Rate: a Study in Japan
The base rate of suicide: Comment on "A novel integrated knowledge explanation of factors leading to suicide"
The Categorization of Suicide
The Desire to Lose Ones Identity
The distribution of sex and age among completed suicides: a cross-national study
The Disunity of the Self
The ecological variation of suicide in Russia and the United States
The Effects of the Detoxification of Domestic Gas on the Suicide Rate in Scotland
The impact of availability, attraction and lethality of suicide methods on suicide rates in Germany (comment)
The impact of gun control on suicide and homicide across the life span
The Influences of Society on Suicide
The Interaction of Divorce, Suicide, and Homicide
The Logic and the Rationality of Suicide
The Rate of Psychological Functioning in Theories of Personality
Review: "The rationality of psychological disorders: Psychobizarreness theory"; Yacov Rofe
The Regional Variation of Divorce Rates in Japan and the United States
The regional variation of suicide rates in Switzerland
The Relationship Between Divorce, Unemployment, Female Participation in the Labor Force and Suicide Rates in Australia and America
The seasonal variation in suicide in urban and rural areas: Comment on Micciolo, Zimmerman-Tansella, Williams and Tansella
The sexual politics of double suicide
The Stability of National Suicide Rates in Europe: 1875-1975
The Suicide Capital of America
The use of substitute subjects in the study of suicide
Time-Series Regression Results of Suicide Rates by Social Correlates for the USA and Northern Ireland
Toward a Theory of Parasuicide
Unique Qualities of Telephone Therapy
Review: "Suicide as a Case of Psychic Homicide"; E. West
Why are some nations experiencing an increase in youth suicide rates?
Attempted suicide with screw penetration into the cranium
Completed Suicide and Marital Status According to the Italian Region of Origin
Climate change and mental health: a causal pathways framework
Clinical challenges in the assessment and management of suicidal behaviour in patients with borderline personality disorder
Disturbed sleep: linking allergic rhinitis, mood and suicidal behavior
Exploratory data mining analysis identifying subgroups of patients with depression who are at high risk for suicide
Externalizing behaviors in preadolescents: familial risk to externalizing behaviors and perceived parenting styles
Possible insomnia predicts some risky behaviors among adolescents when controlling for depressive symptoms
Public health surveillance for mental health
Self-harm in adolescence: a girl who swallowed needles. Case Report
Special Issue Introduction: The Place of Self-Harm in Adolescent Development
Specific characteristics of suicide attempts in patients with schizophrenia in Turkey
Suicidal ideation in patients with schizophrenia
Suicide mitigation: time for a more realistic approach
Suicide prevention strategies and mental disorders
The association between relationship markers of sexual orientation and suicide: Denmark, 1990-2001
The role of psychopharmacology in suicide prevention
Use of age-adjusted rates of suicide in time series studies in Israel
Double-bind hypothesis and failure to communicate
E-therapy: caveats from experiences with telephone therapy
Eating disorder and body image
Eating disorder and manic-depressive tendencies
Eating disorders, depression and suicidal preoccupation in a nonclinical sample
Suicidal attempts with psychopharmaceutical drugs in patients of a psychiatric university clinic
Volunteering and Trajectories of Depression
"Kummerspeck" in children and adolescents. A contribution from child guidance and forensic psychological practice
Relationship between vehicle emissions laws and incidence of suicide by motor vehicle exhaust gas in Australia, 2001-06: an ecological analysis
Risk factors for suicide in rural south India
Severe Alcohol Hand Rub Overdose Inducing Coma, Watch After H1N1 Pandemic
Suicide in South India: A community-based study in Kerala
Suicide risk and acute psychiatric readmissions: a prospective cohort study
The back alley revisited: sepsis after attempted self-induced abortion
The effect of referral for brief intervention for alcohol misuse on repetition of deliberate self-harm: an exploratory randomized controlled trial
The evolution of the epidemic of charcoal-burning suicide in Taiwan: a spatial and temporal analysis
'Bad' Boys and 'Sad' Girls? Examining Internalizing and Externalizing Effects on Parasuicides Among Youth
The social determinants of Inuit health: a focus on social support in the Canadian Arctic
Total serum cholesterol levels and suicide attempts in child and adolescent psychiatric inpatients
Varenicline and suicide. Safety data from New Zealand
Apoptosis in subicular neurons: A comparison between suicide and Addison's disease
The relationships among perception of physique, self-esteem, sociality, and behavioral characteristics in children
Clinical Characteristics of Completed versus Non-Completed Suicide and Re-Attempt Rates in 2-4 Years
A Shotgun Injury with Billiard Ball Ricochet Effect: A Case Report
Development and evaluation of a guideline for nursing care of suicidal patients with schizophrenia
Early initiation of alcohol drinking, cigarette smoking, and sexual intercourse linked to suicidal ideation and attempts: findings from the 2006 Korean Youth Risk Behavior Survey
Subjective Sleep Quality in Depressed and Non-Depressed Mothers During the Late Postpartum Period
Factors accounting for youth suicide attempt in Hong Kong: A model building
Non-fatal repetition of self-harm: population-based prospective cohort study in Taiwan
Overcoming the fear of lethal injury: Evaluating suicidal behavior in the military through the lens of the Interpersonal-Psychological Theory of Suicide
2 cases of survival after hanging
Antidepressants and suicide risk: how did specific information in FDA safety warnings affect treatment patterns?
Mental health service use among suicidal adolescents: findings from a U.S. national community survey
Deadly partners: interdependence of alcohol and trauma in the clinical setting
Extending the construct of psychopathy to youth: implications for understanding, diagnosing, and treating antisocial children and adolescents
Farmers' suicide: Across culture
Incidence and course of suicidal ideation and suicide attempts in the general population
Cyberbullying among youngsters: profiles of bullies and victims
Integration of Nidotherapy Into the Management of Mental Illness and Antisocial Personality: a Qualitative Study
Men's Help Seeking for Depression: The Efficacy of a Male-Sensitive Brochure About Counseling
A complex suicide
Alcohol-related disorders and suicide
Are elderly dependency ratios associated with general population suicide rates?
Attitudes and Beliefs of Adolescents and Parents Regarding Adolescent Suicide
Brief report: Emotion regulation and coping as moderators in the relationship between personality and self-injury
Descriptive analysis of the self injurious behavior in a non-clinical population. Exploratory investigation through the Internet
Epidemiological analysis of suicide in Brazil from 1980 to 2006
Factors associated with deliberate self-harm among Irish adolescents
Gender differences in risk assessment of death wishes and suicidal ideation in the community: results from the KORA Augsburg F3 study with 3079 men and women, 35 to 84 years of age
Australia's aboriginal population and mental health
On the Internet and suicide
Study of the outcome of suicide attempts: characteristics of hospitalization in a psychiatric ward group, critical care center group, and non-hospitalized group
Suicidal ideation, post-traumatic stress and suicide statistics in Kosovo. An analysis five years after the war. Suicidal ideation in Kosovo
Suicide in patients treated for obsessive-compulsive disorder: A prospective follow-up study
Suicide inquiry in primary care: creating context, inquiring, and following up
Suicide-related behaviors in older patients with new anti-epileptic drug use: data from the VA hospital system
Demographics of suicide victims in Sweden in relation to their blood-alcohol concentration and the circumstances and manner of death
Liquid nitrogen ingestion followed by gastric perforation
Editorial. Toxicology in the network society: focus on suicide attempts
Deployment and the use of mental health services among U.S. Army wives
Electrocardiographic changes in a rare case of flecainide poisoning: a case report
Gender, age, and diagnosis: the rise and fall of involutional melancholia in American psychiatry, 1900-1980
"Choking game" awareness and participation among 8th graders--Oregon, 2008
Bullying Victimization and Adolescent Self-Harm: Testing Hypotheses from General Strain Theory
Children at danger: injury fatalities among children in San Diego County
Difficult issues of suicide which impact on the families
Education, Income, and Support for Suicide Bombings: Evidence from Six Muslim Countries
Effects of core competency support program on depression and suicidal ideation for adolescents
Firearm-assisted suicide: legislative, policing and clinical concerns
Forced sexual intercourse, suicidality, and binge drinking among adolescent girls
Integrative harm reduction psychotherapy: a case of substance use, multiple trauma, and suicidality
Risk factors for suicide attempts in patients with alcohol dependence or abuse and a history of depressive symptoms: a subgroup analysis from the WHO/ISBRA study
Adolescent Chinese immigrants in Hong Kong: a comparison with locally born students and factors associated with their psychological well-being
Adolescent depression in Tobago
Children's Depression Inventory (CDI) and the Children's Depression Rating Scale-Revised (CDRS-R): reliability of the Hebrew version
Family-based association study of 5-HT(2A) receptor T102C polymorphism and suicidal behavior in Ashkenazi inpatient adolescents
Hopelessness in Chinese adolescents in Hong Kong: demographic and family correlates
How many pins? A case report of a girl who swallowed more than 50 straight pins in a suicide attempt
Measures of resilience and adaptation of adolescents in single parent families in Taiwan: psychometric properties and related profiles
Relationship between adolescent health behaviors and self-esteem in Turkey
Situational runaway adolescents. A study on risk factors from a Turkish sample
Social competence among urban minority youth entering middle school: relationships with alcohol use and antisocial behaviors
Supportive short-term family therapy by nursing staff in the inpatient unit: preventing dependence and rehospitalization in the acutely ill and suicidal adolescent
The breakdown of meaning and adolescent problem behavior
Injuries and death among Danish Soldiers
Mortality and cause of death among 1705 illicit drug users: a 37 year follow up
Psychiatric Disorders (Axis I and Axis II) and Self-Immolation: A Case-Control Study from Iran
A case of intoxication with tegretol
A case of suicide by a woman with general paralysis
A case of suicide by fire
A case of tubazid poisoning
A community anti-suicidal organization
Psychosocial Correlates of Methamphetamine Use
Strong Souls: development and validation of a culturally appropriate tool for assessment of social and emotional well-being in Indigenous youth
Structure, Culture, and Lethality: An Integrated Model Approach to American Indian Suicide and Homicide
Text-Bullying: Associations With Traditional Bullying and Depression Among New Zealand Adolescents
The functional neuroanatomy of mental pain in depression
Interactions between bipolar disorder and antisocial personality disorder in trait impulsivity and severity of illness
Nicotine poisoning due to intravenous injection of cigarette soakage
A Pirandellian perspective on suicide
A proposal for a nomenclature for suicide
Age of minority sexual orientation development and risk of childhood maltreatment and suicide attempts in women
Attempted suicide in the elderly: characteristics of suicide attempters 70 years and older and a general population comparison group
Clinical and psychosocial correlates of non-suicidal self-injury within a sample of children and adolescents with bipolar disorder
Emotion regulation as a mediator of the relation between emotion socialization and deliberate self-harm
How Much Detail Needs to be Elucidated in Self-Harm Research?
Increased risk of suicide in patients with agitated depression
Long-term follow-up of adolescent depression. A population-based study
Martyrs' Last Letters: Are They the Same as Suicide Notes?
Pre-teen alcohol use initiation and suicide attempts among middle and high school students: Findings from the 2006 Georgia Student Health Survey
Precipitating circumstances of suicide among women of reproductive age in 16 U.S. States, 2003-2007
Prosecuting attempted suicides in London: 1891-1913
Self-harm behavior among chronic pain patients
Suicidal Shotgun Wound Employing a Shotgun Barrel, a Shotgun Shell, and a BB
Suicide attempts prior to starting methadone maintenance treatment in Taiwan
Suicide in later life: public health and practitioner perspectives
The impact of panic-agoraphobic comorbidity on suicidality in hospitalized patients with major depression
Suicide and the open door system 1900-1972
Longitudinal trajectories of self-system processes and depressive symptoms among maltreated and non-maltreated children
What have we learned from Columbine? The impact of the self-system on suicidal and violent ideation among adolescents
A culturally-informed approach to trauma, suicidal behavior, and overt aggression in African American adolescents
Adolescent suicide, gender, and culture: A rate and risk factor analysis
The relationship between violence and youth suicide indicators among Asian American and Pacific Islander youth
Is attempted suicide an offense?
Legislation restricting paracetamol sales and patterns of self-harm and death from paracetamol-containing preparations in Scotland
Iatrogenic risk of screening for youth suicide
Severe suicide attempts in young adults: Suicide intent is correlated with medical lethality
Antidepressant warning focuses attention on unmet need for child psychiatrists
Attempted suicide: registration, assessment and treatment modalities. a quantitative investigation before a quality development project
An examination of non-suicidal self-injury in men: Do men differ from women in basic NSSI characteristics?
An investigation of emotional upset in suicide ideation
Association of Genetic Variants in the Neurotrophic Receptor-Encoding Gene NTRK2 and a Lifetime History of Suicide Attempts in Depressed Patients
Attempted suicides in India: a comprehensive look
Chain of care for patients with intentional self-harm: an effective strategy to reduce suicide rates?
Cognitive vulnerability to depression in young people in secure accommodation: The influence of ethnicity and current suicidal ideation
Does a gatekeeper suicide prevention program work in a school setting? Evaluating training outcome and moderators of effectiveness
Elevated Suicide Rate Among HIV-Positive Persons Despite Benefits of Antiretroviral Therapy: Implications for a Stress and Coping Model of Suicide
Emotional impact of a video-based suicide prevention program on suicidal viewers and suicide survivors
Homicide-Suicide Cases in Switzerland and Their Impact on the Swiss Weapon Law
Is religiosity a protective factor against attempted suicide: a cross-cultural case-control study
No evidence of suicide increase following terrorist attacks in the United States: an interrupted time-series analysis of September 11 and Oklahoma City
Old age psychiatry and geriatric medicine admissions and elderly suicide rates in England
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Post-traumatic stress disorder and suicide risk: a systematic review
Representations of non-suicidal self-injury in motion pictures
Suicides in Turkey Between 1996 and 2005: General Perspective
Support groups for suicide survivors: results of a survey of group leaders
The effects of the suicide awareness program in enhancing community volunteers' awareness of suicide warning signs
What does psychological autopsy study tell us about charcoal burning suicide-a new and contagious method in Asia?
Clinical aspects and follow up of suicide attempts treated in a general Intensive Care Unit at Landspitali University Hospital in Iceland 2000-2004
2 typical cases of self-inflicted wounds: iconographical contribution
3 unusual neurological causality problems
A case of "psychosis" from drugs
A case of acute poisoning with dopan
A population-based longitudinal study of risk factors for suicide attempts in major depressive disorder
Urban-rural disparities in injury mortality in China, 2006
Immediate Risk of Suicide and Cardiovascular Death After a Prostate Cancer Diagnosis: Cohort Study in the United States
Nonsuicidal self-injury in college students: the role of perfectionism and rumination
Relationships between suicide and three economic factors in South Korea
Sexual orientation and gender identity in youth suicide victims: an exploratory study
Suicidal Behaviors in Surviving Monozygotic and Dizygotic Co-Twins: Is the Nature of the Co-Twin's Cause of Death a Factor?
Suicide and Emo youth subculture--a case analysis
Thoughts of death and suicide in early adolescence
Who Am I Without You? The Influence of Romantic Breakup on the Self-Concept
Protest suicide among Korean students and laborers: a study of suicide notes
Suicide in Different Cultures: A Thematic Comparison of Suicide Notes From Turkey and the United States
Youth engagement and suicide risk: testing a mediated model in a Canadian community sample
A half century retrospective study of homicide-suicide in Geneva - Switzerland: 1956-2005
A prospective observational study of the clinical toxicology of glyphosate-containing herbicides in adults with acute self-poisoning
An examination of emergency department nurses' attitudes towards deliberate self-harm in an Irish teaching hospital
Association between AKT1 but not AKTIP genetic variants and increased risk for suicidal behavior in bipolar patients
Associations between attempted suicide, violent life events, depressive symptoms, and resilience in adolescents and young adults
Differential diagnoses and assessment of depression in elderly patients
Early dementia diagnosis and the risk of suicide and euthanasia
Events of life and links with severe depression at different ages
Influence of positive and negative symptoms on suicidal behaviour in schizophrenia. Review of current literature
Prison suicide in 12 countries: an ecological study of 861 suicides during 2003-2007
Self-poisoning in older patients
Severe depression : morbidity-mortality and suicide
Suicidal thoughts in epilepsy: A community-based study in Brazil
Suicide amongst psychiatric in-patients who abscond from the ward: a national clinical survey
Suicide in later life
Suicides by country of birth groupings in England and Wales: age-associated trends and standardised mortality ratios
The nature of suicide: science and the self-destructive animal
The Relation Between Sexual Orientation and Suicide Attempts in Austria
The relationship of comorbidity of mental and substance use disorders with suicidal behaviors in the Nigerian Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing
The Role of Marital Status, Literacy, and Urbanity in Suicidal Behavior by Burns in the Province of Khorasan, Iran
The Role of seeing blood in non-suicidal self-injury
The trend in mental health-related mortality rates in Australia 1916-2004: implications for policy
An examination of the base rates of post-concussion symptoms: the influence of demographics and depression
An observer's typology of suicide
Antidepressants and suicide in adolescents and adults: a public health experiment with unintended consequences?
Clinical Considerations for the Diagnosis of Major Depression After Moderate to Severe TBI
Repeated filicide-suicide attempts by a mother with bipolar II depression
When a season means depression
Thyroid axis activity and suicidal behavior in depressed patients
Military suicide: factors that need to be taken into consideration to understand the phenomena
Suicide and employment status during Ireland's Celtic Tiger economy
The mental health of detained asylum seeking children
The psychological autopsy and determination of child suicides: a survey of medical examiners
There’s No Substitute for Belonging: Self-Affirmation Following Social and Nonsocial Threats
Particularities of suicide in the elderly. A population-based study
The role of childhood abuse in adult suicidal behaviour
Bleedings into the Anterior Aspect of the Intervertebral Disks in the Lumbar Region of the Spine as a Diagnostic Sign of Hanging
Long-term suicide mortality rates decrease in men and increase in women after the Niigata-Chuetsu earthquake in Japan
Pattern of acute food, drug, and chemical poisoning in Sari City, Northern Iran
An investigation of the subacute effects of ecstasy on neuropsychological performance, sleep and mood in regular ecstasy users
Antidepressive efficacy of quetiapine XR in unipolar major depression - The role of early onset of action and sleep-improving effect in decreasing suicide risk
Eating disorder psychopathology as a marker of psychosocial distress and suicide risk in female and male adolescent psychiatric inpatients
Ecstasy (MDMA) and high prevalence psychiatric symptomatology: somatic anxiety symptoms are associated with polydrug, not ecstasy, use
Is impulsivity a link between childhood abuse and suicide?
Older adults' health and late-life drinking patterns: A 20-year perspective
Patients with mood disorders admitted for a suicide attempt to an emergency ward
Patterns of actual and perceived control: are control profiles differentially related to internalizing and externalizing problems in youth?
Reflecting on Our Loss: Grieving and Learning Together--A School Community Faces Suicide
Sensation seekers as a healthcare marketing metasegment
Three-year mortality and predictors after release: a longitudinal study of the first-time drug offenders in Taiwan
Deliberate poisoning with dinitrophenol (DNP): an unlicensed weight loss pill
Forensic implications in self-insertion of urethral foreign bodies
Increasing self-reported suicide attempts by adolescents in Greece between 1984 and 2007
Principles for defining adverse events in behavioral intervention research: lessons from a family-focused adolescent drug abuse trial
Risk of suicide and fatal drug poisoning after discharge from the emergency department: a nested case-control study
Adult Suicide Mortality in the United States: Marital Status, Family Size, Socioeconomic Status, and Differences by Sex
A national approach to perinatal mental health in Australia: exercising caution in the roll-out of a public health initiative
Foreigners dying in Istanbul
Suicide in the bath using weight and elevation of feet
Medicolegal evaluation of suicidal deaths exemplified by the situation in Germany
Oral megadose methylphenidate ingestion for suicide attempt
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Completed Suicide
Why do People Hurt Themselves? New Insights Into the Nature and Functions of Self-Injury
Antidepressant treatment and suicide risk
Brain-derived neurotrophic factor and suicide pathogenesis
Group therapy does not reduce repeated deliberate self-harm in adolescents
Levothyroxine, mental confusion and suicide attempt
Socioeconomic inequalities in suicidal ideation, parasuicides, and completed suicides in South Korea
Suicide attempt in a rural area of Vietnam: Incidence, methods used and access to mental health care
The Epidemiology of Acute Poisonings in Women of Reproductive Age and During Pregnancy, California, 2000-2004
Association of Depressed Mood and Mortality in Older Adults With and Without Cognitive Impairment in a Prospective Naturalistic Study
Disturbed sleep among adolescents living in 2 communities on the Texas-Mexico border, 2000-2003
Effect of Childhood Trauma on Adult Depression and Neuroendocrine Function: Sex-Specific Moderation by CRH Receptor 1 Gene
What we can learn from a case of medical malpractice--a case of suicide caused by bullying between male nurses
Cause-specific mortality among neurosurgeons
Does sport have a protective effect against suicide?
Healthcare and social services resource use and costs of self-harm patients
Investigating the Co-Occurrence of Self-Mutilation and Suicide Attempts among Opioid-Dependent Individuals
Lacosamide intoxication in attempted suicide
Method of suicide in the mentally ill: a national clinical survey
Negative intrusive thoughts and dissociation as risk factors for self-harm
Overweight, obesity, youth, and health-risk behaviors
Preventing Deaths in the Canadian Military
Profile of risk factors associated with suicide attempts: A study from Orissa, India
Suicide and fatal drug overdose in child sexual abuse victims: a historical cohort study
Suicide and firearm means restriction: can training make a difference?
Suicide Attempts within 12 Months of Treatment for Substance Use Disorders
The associations between infant homicide, homicide, and suicide rates: an analysis of world health organization and centers for disease control statistics
The evolution of epidemic suicide on Guam: context and contagion
The hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis and serotonin abnormalities: a selective overview for the implications of suicide prevention
The Media and Suicide: Evidence Based on Population Data over 9 Years in Taiwan
Dead Bodies Found in Wells
Taking care of teenagers hospitalized after a suicidal gesture or a suicidal threat
Attitudes of police toward suicide: east coast versus west coast
Exposure to firearms, not marriage, the true risk factor for firearm suicide among women
National intelligence, suicide rate, and subjective well-being
Reply to 'Exposure to firearms, not marriage, the true risk factor for firearm suicide among women'
Suicide rates, national intelligence estimates, and differential K theory
Management of suicidal cut throat injuries in a developing nation:three case reports
Suicide With "Flobert Shotgun": Case Report
Alcohol and aldehyde dehydrogenase polymorphisms and risk for suicide; A preliminary observation in the Japanese male population
Socio-economic inequalities in suicide attempts and suicide mortality in Québec, Canada, 1990-2005
A checklist to identify inpatient suicide hazards in veterans affairs hospitals
A girl with haematomas
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Suicide and hospitalization for mental disorders in Sweden: A population-based case-control study
Suicide in selected occupations in Queensland: evidence from the State suicide register
Trait anger, anger expression, and suicide attempts among adolescents and young adults: a prospective study
Epidemiology of Cleistanthus collinus (oduvan) poisoning: clinical features and risk factors for mortality
Service use and costs of care for depressed adolescents: who uses and who pays?
Would Banning Firearms Reduce Murder and Suicide? A Review of International and Some Domestic Evidence
Differences in reporting of violence and deliberate self harm related injuries to health and police authorities, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
The modern concept of atypical depression: four definitions
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Durkheim and contemporary social pathology
Psychopathy and arousal: a new interpretation of the psychophysiological literature
An Unusual Case of Smothering Secondary to Ingesting Raw Pet Cat
Analysis of social variables when an initial functional analysis indicates automatic reinforcement as the maintaining variable for self-injurious behavior
Attitudes toward suicide in the adolescent population
Factors associated with the history of attempted suicide
Hallucinations, pseudohallucinations, and severity of suicidal ideation among emergency psychiatry patients
Suicide Attempts after Subthalamic Nucleus Stimulation for Parkinson's Disease
Suicide by firearms on the Island of Crete
Increased BDNF promoter methylation in the wernicke area of suicide subjects
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Analysis of features for suicide attempters at emergency departments in general hospitals
Emergency departments are underutilized sites for suicide prevention
Suicide among young Middle Eastern Muslim females
Prevalence of suicidal ideation in Sri Lanka
Multiple Self-Inflicted Stab Wounds to Neck, Chest and Abdomen as a Unique Manner of Suicide
Shooting Through Clothing in Firearm Suicides
Analyses of suicidal deaths with shotguns in Istanbul, 1998-2007
BDNF mRNA expression of peripheral blood mononuclear cells was decreased in depressive patients who had or had not recently attempted suicide
Nonsuicidal Self-Injury: A Review of Current Research for Family Medicine and Primary Care Physicians
Predictors of hyoid fracture in hanging: Discriminant function analysis of morphometric variables
Prevalence of Suicidal Ideation and Associated Risk Factors in the General Population
Restricting sales of barbecue charcoal helps in suicide prevention, study shows
Screening for Suicide Ideation among Older Primary Care Patients
Suicide after ventricular assist device implantation
Suicide prevention by limiting access to methods: A review of theory and practice
The role of impulsivity in self-mutilators, suicide ideators and suicide attempters - A study of 1265 male incarcerated individuals
Type-D personality and depersonalization are associated with suicidal ideation in the German general population aged 35-74: Results from the Gutenberg Heart Study
Suicide and occupation in France
The influence of physical exercise on depressive symptoms and functional fitness in elderly residents of south Brazil
Nonsuicidal self-injury in adolescence
Structural equation modeling of the relationships between pesticide poisoning, depressive symptoms and safety behaviors among Colorado farm residents
A fatal case of suicidal stabbing and cutting
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Understanding suicide in the elderly
Internalizing and externalizing personality dimensions and clinical problems in adolescents
Comorbid personality disorders in major depressive disorder: a comparative study in a 160 Tunisian female inpatients group
A Primer on the Topic of Suicide for Nurses in Plastic Surgery
All along the watchtower: Suicide risk screening, a pilot study
Attachment-based family therapy for adolescents with suicidal ideation: a randomized controlled trial
Cyberbullying: A Review of the Literature on Harassment Through the Internet and Other Electronic Means
Differences Between Younger and Older Adults in the Structure of Suicidal Intent and Its Correlates
Gender differences in antidepressant use-related seasonality change in suicide mortality in Hungary, 1998-2006
Homicidal and suicidal sharp force fatalities: Autopsy parameters in relation to the manner of death
Injured civilian survivors of suicide bomb attacks: From partial PTSD to recovery or to traumatisation. Where is the turning point?
Life after suicide. How emergency responders can help those left behind
Psychiatric and socioenvironmental characteristics of Bahraini suicide cases
Role of Intense Affects in Predicting Short-term Risk for Suicidal Behavior: A Prospective Study
Suicidal Behaviour Among Youth in Five Public Sectors of Care
Suicidal ideation and attempt among adolescents reporting "unsure" sexual identity or heterosexual identity plus same-sex attraction or behavior: forgotten groups?
Suicide assessment by psychiatric nurses: a phenomenographic study
The effectiveness of a web-based self-help intervention to reduce suicidal thoughts: A randomized controlled trial
Effect of exposure to suicidal behavior on suicide attempt in a high-risk sample of offspring of depressed parents
The storm and stress of adolescence: Insights from human imaging and mouse genetics
May Toxoplasma gondii increase suicide attempt-preliminary results in Turkish subjects?
Observation of Two Suicides by Helium Inhalation in a Prefilled Environment
The profile of the autolytic critical patient compared to proper suicider
Violence in the school--imported or self-produced?
Cause of Death Conundrum With Methadone Use: A Case Report
Current practices of suicide risk management protocols in research
Internet use and suicide among younger age groups between 1989 and 2008 in Japan
Medicine, poison, and mystic potion: a personal perspective on paracetamol Louis Roche lecture, Stockholm, 2009
Mechanisms Linking Depression to Delinquency for Males and Females
Restricting the means of suicide by charcoal burning
The choking game: a cause of unintentional strangulation
The relationship between anxiety disorders and suicide attempts: findings from the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions
Correlates of Depressive Symptoms Among Hispanic Older Adults Living in Public Housing
Antiepileptic drugs and risk of suicide: a nationwide study
Effects of Parental Monitoring and Exposure to Community Violence on Antisocial Behavior and Anxiety/Depression Among Adolescents
Suicide attempt of a physician with 3600 units of insulin and rapid onset acute hepatitis
The associations between health risk behaviors and suicidal ideation and attempts in an urban Chinese sample of adolescents
Brain-derived neurotrophic factor gene and protein expression in pediatric and adult depressed subjects
Causes of Death and Incidence of Cancer in a Cohort of Australian Pesticide-Exposed Workers
Case-control study of the relationship of depressive symptoms to suicide in a community-based sample of individuals with schizophrenia in China
Comparison of injury-related hospitalised morbidity and mortality in urban and rural areas in Australia
Exposure to community violence and adolescents' internalizing behaviors among African American and Asian American adolescents
The geriatric depression scale as a screening tool for depression and suicide ideation: a replication and extention
A pilot study in suicide intervention training using a group intervention for patients with recurrent suicide attempts
Screening Tools Assessing Risk of Suicide and Self-Harm in Adult Offenders : A Systematic Review
The 10-year course of physically self-destructive acts reported by borderline patients and axis II comparison subjects
The 18-month impact of an emergency room intervention for adolescent female suicide attempters
The 1990 objectives for the nation for control of stress and violent behavior: progress report
The 3-year longitudinal course of suicidality and predictive factors for subsequent suicidality in youths with major depressive disorder
The aberrational man-a tour de force of legal psychiatry. 3. Psychiatric conditions and resultant responsibility
The youthful suicide epidemic
Youths and communities: toward comprehensive strategies for youth development
The Zurich Study: XV. Suicide attempts in a cohort from age 20 to 30
Abstract thinking: assessing the risk of suicide through prospective studies
Abuse of dititalis
The accident and emergency department management of deliberate self-poisoning
Accident-proneness in attempted suicide and in automobile accident victims
The acetaminophen experience in south Florida
The acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) and suicidal behavior in alcohol-dependent homosexual men
Acute amitriptyline poisoning
Acute arsenic poisoning: an uncommon cause of the acute abdomen
Acute fatal dieldrin poisoning
Acute fatal gold chloride poisoning
Acute intoxications. Somatic, social and psychiatric aspects in data covering 5 years
Acute kidney damage after a suicide attempt with tablets containing phenacetin
Acute methaqualone poisoning. I. Statistics, literature survey and case reports
Acute poisoning caused by swallowing trichloroethylene ("tri")
Acute poisoning in a suicide attempt (in a minor) with isonicotinic acid hydrazide
Acute poisoning with antidepressive agents: pharmacological principles
Acute potassium oxalate poisoning (potassium binoxalate poisoning)
The acute psychiatric diagnostic interview
Youth suicide issues in general practice
Youth suicide rates
Youth suicide rates
Youth suicide
Youth suicide
Youth suicide
Youth suicide
Youth suicide: an intervention strategy
Youth suicide: new research focuses on a growing social problem
Youth suicide: risk factors, assessment, and treatment of adolescent and young adult suicidal patients
Youth suicide: the role of school consultation
Impact of treatment for depression on desire for hastened death in patients with advanced AIDS
Alcohol and drug use in suicidal behaviour
Correctional suicide: has progress ended?
Decreased activation of lateral orbitofrontal cortex during risky choices under uncertainty is associated with disadvantageous decision-making and suicidal behavior
Familism, Parent-Adolescent Conflict, Self-Esteem, Internalizing Behaviors and Suicide Attempts Among Adolescent Latinas
Hair dye poisoning - an emerging problem in the tropics: an experience from a tertiary care hospital in South India
Impact of psychosocial factors on suicide attempts in high school and college students, data from eight cities of China
Self-poisoning suicide attempts among students in Tehran, Iran
A study of Hungarian adolescent outpatients suffering from self-injurious behaviour
Suicidal behavior in Latinos: focus on the youth
Association between gastrointestinal manifestations following acetaminophen poisoning and outcome in 291 acetaminophen poisoning patients
Accounting for accountability: a discourse analysis of psychiatric nurses' experience of a patient suicide
Association between parity and risk of suicide among parous women
A Comparison of Venlafaxine and SSRIs in Deliberate Self-poisoning
Experiential Avoidance and Problem Behavior: A Mediational Analysis
I wish I was dead
Recent declines in Australian male suicide are real, not artefactual
Cholesterol and CSF 5-HIAA in attempted suicide
Depression is associated with increased sensitivity to signals of disgust: A functional magnetic resonance imaging study
Initial Outcomes of a Culturally Adapted Behavioral Activation for Latinas Diagnosed With Depression at a Community Clinic
Looking in, looking out-increasing awareness of intentional self-harm in community populations
Navigating the internet safely: recommendations for residential programs targeting at-risk adolescents
Reliability of the diagnoses of external post-mortem examinations in non-natural deaths before and after the German reunification
Resisting blame and managing emotion in general practice: The case of patient suicide
Self-injury, substance use, and associated risk factors in a multi-campus probability sample of college students
Psychiatric adverse events in randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials of varenicline: a pooled analysis
Schizophrenia, mental capacity, and rational suicide
Understanding the Rapid Increase in Life Expectancy in South Korea
Changes in antidepressant medications prescribing trends in children and adolescents in Hawai'i following the FDA black box warning
Examining the construct validity of the Psychopathic Personality Inventory-Revised: Preferential correlates of fearless dominance and self-centered impulsivity
Excessive computer game playing among Norwegian adults: self-reported consequences of playing and association with mental health problems
A population-based analysis of distinguishers of bipolar disorder from major depressive disorder
Regional intelligence and suicide rate in Italy
Reward/Punishment Reversal Learning in Older Suicide Attempters
Safer self-injury or assisted self-harm?
Subthreshold depression and successful aging in older women
Suicidal ideation and distress among immigrant adolescents: the role of acculturation, life stress, and social support
Adolescents' attrition from school-sponsored sports
Analysis and influence of demographic and risk factors on difficult child behaviors
Completed suicide in adults of rural Kerala: rates and determinants
Impact of traumatic suicide methods on a level I trauma center
Preventing Adolescent Suicide
Study of suicides reported to the Coroner in Colombo, Sri Lanka
Patterns of distress, precipitating events, and reflections on suicide attempts by young Latinas
Pharmacokinetics of biological tags in a case of acute valpromide self poisoning
Psychological assessment of persons following suicide attempt by self-poisoning
The Relationship of Weight-Related Attitudes With Suicidal Behaviors in Korean Adolescents
Seasonal influence in severe drug self-poisoning
Suicidal behaviour in childhood
Suicide attempts at the time of first admission and during early course schizophrenia: A population based study
Symptoms of anxiety and depression in adolescent students; a perspective from Sri Lanka
Veterinary surgeons and suicide: a structured review of possible influences on increased risk
Emotion and omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids
Traffic Collisions Between Electric Mobility Devices (Wheelchairs) and Motor Vehicles: Accidents, Hubris, or Self-destructive Behavior?
Unnatural deaths in reindeer-herding Sami families in Sweden, 1961-2001
Acute Toxic Herbal Intake in a Suicide Attempt and Fatal Refractory Ventricular Arrhythmia
Acute eye changes after attempted strangulation
The frequency of depression and menopause-related symptoms in postmenopausal women living in a province in Eastern Turkey, and the factors that affect depressive status
Depressive symptoms and their social contexts: A qualitative sytematic literature review of contextual interventions
A comparison of suicide and undetermined deaths in Cornwall across national and local agencies
All-cause mortality after non-fatal self-poisoning: a cohort study
All-cause and cause-specific mortality of social assistance recipients in Norway: a register-based follow-up study
Antenatal depression
The association between partner and non-partner aggression and suicidal ideation in patients seeking substance use disorder treatment
Association of various reproductive rights, domestic violence and marital rape with depression among Pakistani women
Belief in the harmfulness of antidepressants: results from a national survey of the Australian public
Borderline personality disorder characteristics in young adults with recurrent mood disorders: a comparison of bipolar and unipolar depression
The broken heart: suicidal ideation in bereavement
Causes of depression: perceptions among people recovering from depression
Changes in the divorce and birth rates correlate with the suicide rate in Japan
Characteristics of the population of deaf and hard of hearing students with emotional disturbance in Illinois
Predictors of Hospitalization After an Emergency Department Visit for California Youths With Psychiatric Disorders
A comparative study of postpartum depression in abused and non-abused women
The current status of methods used by the elderly for suicides in England and Wales
Copycat effects after media reports on suicide: a population-based ecologic study
The correlation between unemployment and suicide rates in Gifu Prefecture, Japan
Demographic and clinical features of schizoaffective (schizobipolar) disorder--a 5-year retrospective study. Support for a bipolar spectrum disorder
Depression among low-income women of color: qualitative findings from cross-cultural focus groups
Depression among women living in the outskirts of São Paulo, Southeastern Brasil
Depression and elder abuse and neglect among a community-dwelling Chinese elderly population
Depression in adolescents: gender differences in Oman and Egypt
Depression--gender differences
Depressive symptoms during adolescence: a study on psychosocial factors in a sample of teenage students in a city in Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil
The design, implementation and acceptability of an integrated intervention to address multiple behavioral and psychosocial risk factors among pregnant African American women
Development of a checklist for evaluation of mental health activities at the workplace
A direct comparison of presenting characteristics of depressed outpatients from primary vs. specialty care settings: preliminary findings from the STAR*D clinical trial
Wars and suicides in Israel, 1948-2006
Effect of conjugal bereavement on mortality of the bereaved spouse in participants of the Renfrew/Paisley Study
Epidemiology of bipolar disorders
Estimating the burden of disease attributable to alcohol use in South Africa in 2000
The relationship between elderly suicide rates and different components of education: a cross-national study
Factors associated with depressive symptoms among postnatal women in Nepal
Vulnerability factors for anxiety disorders in children and adolescents
Widening economic and social disparities: implications for India
Filicide-suicide: common factors in parents who kill their children and themselves
Foreign-body granuloma of the penis in sexually active individuals (penile paraffinoma)
About suicide methods of physicians, medical personnel and related professions
Achievement domain and life expectancies in Japanese civilization
Adolescent physical abuse: risk for adolescent psychiatric disorders
Coming out to talk about suicide: gay men and suicidality
Etiological and clinical features of childhood psychotic symptoms: results from a birth cohort
Firearm suicide decedents in the Republic of Ireland, 1980-2005
A Moral Life After a Suicide Death in Taiwan
The prevalence of previous self-harm amongst self-poisoning patients in Sri Lanka
Suicide problems--epidemiology, factors, motives and prevention. Part II
Adolescents from one parent, stepparent and intact families: emotional problems and suicide attempts
Age-related variation in recent life events preceding suicide
Alcohol and suicide: a comparative analysis of France and Sweden
Alexithymia and suicidal ideation: a 12-month follow-up study in a general population
Antecedents of euthanasia and suicide among older women
Are anaesthetists prone to suicide? A review of rates and risk factors
Are suicide attempters who self-mutilate a unique population?
Assessing abuse in female suicide survivors
Association between physical illness and suicide among the elderly
Attempted suicide versus suicidal intention: a study of differential characteristic
Attitudes of older people toward suicide and assisted suicide: an analysis of Gallup Poll findings
Beyond rates: the tragedy of suicide in Pakistan
Beyond risk theory: suicidal behavior in its social and epidemiological context
Blues fans and suicide acceptability
Self-inflicted penetrating injuries at a Level I Trauma Center
Successful Removal of a 3.6-cm Long Metal Band Used as a Penile Constriction Ring
Artificial penile nodules
Attachment behaviors, depression, and anxiety in nonoffending mothers of child sexual abuse victims
Youth suicide is often a cry for help
Youth suicide trends in the Republic of Ireland
Bereavement and late-life depression: grief and its complications in the elderly
Black-white differences in the psychosocial outcomes of epilepsy
A case of marital discord and secondary depression with attempted suicide resulting from REM sleep behavior disorder in a 35-year-old woman
A Case Series of 44 Completed Gambling-Related Suicides
A case-control study of tattoos in young suicide victims as a possible marker of risk
A case-control study on attempted suicide
Causes of death of patients with multiple injuries in Debrecen, Hungary
Challenging the myth of the suicide-prone dentist
Characteristics of fire station walk-in patients
Characteristics of opiate dependent patients who attempt suicide
Characteristics of suicide attempts in a large urban jail system with an established suicide prevention program
Chemical poisoning in three Telengana districts of Andhra Pradesh
Childhood abuse, parenting and postpartum depression
Childlessness in elderly suicide: an analysis of coroner's inquests of 200 cases of elderly suicide in Cheshire 1989-2001
Overview of violence to self and others during the first episode of psychosis
Cigarette smoking and suicide: a prospective study of 300,000 male active-duty Army soldiers
Cluster and regional influences on suicide in a Southwestern American Indian tribe
Life crisis as a consequence of depression and anxiety
Psychosocial characteristics of an initial sample of Puerto Rican centenarians
Psychotherapeutic day treatment of patients with severe personality disorders. Results from the first two years
Psychotic parricide. Prevention
Quality of life of women depressed in the post-partum period
Risk factors for early neonatal mortality
Ten-year psychosocial outcome of 29 adolescent suicide-attempters
Social malaise, discomfort of adolescents
Comments on "Low plasma BDNF is associated with suicidal behavior in major depression" by Y.K. Kim et al. Progress in Neuropsychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry 2006 Aug 9
Correlation of paired plasma and saliva paracetamol levels following deliberate self-poisoning with paracetamol (the Salivary Paracetamol In Toxicology (SPIT) study)
Specific binding of (3H)Ro 19-6327 (lazabemide) to monoamine oxidase B is increased in frontal cortex of suicide victims after controlling for age at death
A 30-year follow-up study of a child psychiatric clientele. I. Demographic description
Acute suicidal isonicotinic acid hydrazide poisoning
The acute toxicity of doriden overdosage
Acute voluntary poisoning by isoniazid
The addict as savior: heroin, death, and the family
The adequacy of suicide statistics for use in epidemiology and public health
Do individuals with substance use disorders find information for crisis intervention and suicide prevention resources on the Internet?
The suicide re-attempt risk evaluation scale: a trial in a critical care center without an exclusive duty psychiatrist
Anticonvulsant medications and the risk of suicide, attempted suicide, or violent death
Associations of substance use with violent and suicidal behaviors
Has adolescent suicidality decreased in the United States? Data from two national samples of adolescents interviewed in 1995 and 2005
Longitudinal prediction of adolescent nonsuicidal self-injury: examination of a cognitive vulnerability-stress model
Psychological factors among elderly women with suicidal intentions or attempts to suicide: a controlled comparison
Saving and Empowering Young Lives in Europe (SEYLE): a randomized controlled trial
Abuse subtypes and nonsuicidal self-injury: preliminary evidence of complex emotion regulation patterns
Assessing patients for suicide risk
Comparative Safety of Antidepressant Agents for Children and Adolescents Regarding Suicidal Acts
Comparative Toxicology of Intentional and Accidental Heroin Overdose
Expose, Heed, and Coordinate Care: Priorities for Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention
Factors associated with nonbenzodiazepine antiepileptic drug intoxication: Analysis of 9,809 registered cases of drug poisoning
Guns: dangerous, especially for suicide, and costly for America
Homicide followed by suicide
Intracranial Self-Stabbing
Murder followed by suicide: Norwegian data and international literature
Muslim suicide: Kashmir experience
Antidepressant medication prevents suicide in depression
A Case of Hypercalcemia and Gastric Necrosis from Hot Pack Ingestion
Pediatric Suicide-Related Presentations: A Systematic Review of Mental Health Care in the Emergency Department
Suicide and Self-injury Among Children and Youth With Chronic Health Conditions
Cross-cultural study of schizophrenia
Damned and depressed
Debt and deliberate self-harm
Debt and deliberate self-poisoning
Deprivation and mortality in Scotland, 1981 and 1991
Differential and spatial aspects of suicide mortality in New South Wales and Sydney, 1980 to 1991
Dyadic suicide. A case study
An economic evaluation of manic-depressive illness--1991
Economic factors and the rates of suicide in Germany between 1881 and 1989
Epidemiological studies on regional differences in suicide mortality and its correlation with socioeconomic factors
The epidemiology of DSM-III-R bipolar I disorder in a general population survey
The epidemiology of psychiatrist-ascertained depression and DSM-III depressive disorders. Results from the Eastern Baltimore Mental Health Survey Clinical Reappraisal
Epidemiology of suicidal behavior among Korean adolescents
Epidemiology of suicide
Factors related to suicidal behavior among alcoholics
Family images of borderline adolescents
Female labor force participation and suicide
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Gender and depression in Anglo-Jewry
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Catholicism and indices of social pathology in the states
Changes in mortality in Switzerland since 1950. II. Regional differences within Switzerland
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Comparison of suicide rates among industrial groups
The interaction effect of bereavement and sex on the risk of suicide in the elderly: an historical cohort study
Late adolescent development and treatment
Living and dying in the U.S.A.: sociodemographic determinants of death among blacks and whites
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Occupation and suicide
Of ageism, suicide, and limiting life
The predictive capacity of perceived expressed emotion as a dynamic entity of adolescents from the general community
Clinical and sociodemographic features of acute carbamate and organophosphate poisoning: a study of 70 adult patients in north Jordan
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Women alcoholics--social, demographic and clinical characteristics in a Brazilian sample
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Parasuicide in Sør-Trøndelag 1989-1992--clinical and psychological characteristics
Perceived risks associated with mental illness: beyond homicide and suicide
The plight of extremely poor Puerto Rican and non-Hispanic white single mothers
Predicting depression in women: the role of past and present vulnerability
Prevention research program: reconnecting at-risk youth
A prospective study of risk factors for traumatic deaths in a retirement community
Psychosocial background and behavioral and emotional disorders of homeless and runaway youth
Psychosocial portrait of students presenting with suicidal tendancies
Relation between depressive symptoms and stressful life events in a sample of disadvantaged mothers
Salicylic acid poisoning
Simultaneous depression
The social and family context of aboriginal self-harmful behaviour in remote Australia
Social conditions of suicidal poisonings
Social psychological indicators associated with the suicide rate: replying to the socioeconomic hypothesis
Social psychological variables in populations contrasted by income and suicide rate: Durkheim revisited
Social psychological vs socioeconomic hypotheses on the epidemiology of suicide: an empirical study
Social variables and suicide in the population of Genoa, Italy
The socio-economics of depression
Spinal cord injuries and attempted suicide: a retrospective review
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A study of gunshot suicides in Northern Ireland from 1989 to 1993
Suicidal poisoning of health service personnel with graduate level education in material from the Acute Poison center in Lublin from 1992-1996
Suicide among the elderly in the county of Arhus. A 10-year retrospective study of suicide among persons aged 65 and over
Suicide among eminent artists
Suicide during pregnancy and its neglect as a component of maternal mortality
Suicide in bipolar disorder in Finland
Suicide in depression, lost years of life and gross social consequences. What is the outcome of suicide prevention?
Suicide in Norway
Suicide intervention for people with disabilities: a lesson in inequality
Telephone helpline unit in Athens: differences between women and men suicidal callers
Testing Durkheim's theory of suicide: additional results from Germany
Tolerance of suicide, religion and suicide rates: an ecological and individual study in 19 Western countries
Trend in suicide in England and Wales, 1982-96
Variations of suicide rate in the population. Historical perspective with special reference to the 1970s and 1980s
Women's help-seeking patterns for depression
Worldwide trends in suicide mortality, 1955-1989
Managing psychiatric issues in elite athletes
Comparison of 3190 alcohol-dependent individuals with and without suicide attempts
A comparison of antecedents of homicide-suicide and suicide in older married men
Comparison of psychiatric inpatient suicides with suicides completed in the surrounding community
A comparison of youth referred to psychiatric emergency services: police versus other sources
Consequences and correlates of adolescent depression
Consequences of comorbid personality disorders in major depression
Contagious self-mutilation
Correlations between family meals and psychosocial well-being among adolescents
Covariation of cigarette smoking and other health-risk behaviors among Japanese high school students: a preliminary study
Criminalistic and penal problems with "dyadic deaths"
Crisis, crisis, crisis . . . rural indebtedness and farmers' suicides in the post-green revolution Punjab (India)
Cultural influence on the incidence and choice of method of suicide in Saudi Arabia
The daughter, the singing-girl, and the seduction of suicide
Deaths associated with pregnancy outcome: a record linkage study of low income women
Deliberate self-harm in Oxford, 1990-2000: a time of change in patient characteristics
Demographic and social profile of suicide mortality in Australia
Depression screening as an intervention against suicide
Depressive mood and suicide among middle-aged workers: findings from a prospective cohort study in Nagoya, Japan
Depressive symptoms and depressive episodes in recently widowed older men
A description of a psychosocial/psychoeducational intervention for persons with recurrent suicide attempts
Determinants of antidepressant treatment outcome
Determinants of attempted suicide in urban environment
Determinants of suicidal ideation: the role of substance use disorders
Diagnosis and prevention of the military suicidal behavior (Part 1)
Divorce and suicide risk
Do means matter?: Differences in characteristics of Finnish suicide completers using different methods
Doctors who kill themselves: a study of the methods used for suicide
Does the impact of major stressful life events on the risk of developing depression change throughout life?
Domestic social integration and suicide in Israel
Eating disorders and suicide risk factors in adolescents: an Italian community-based study
An ecological study of the relations between the recent high suicide rates and economic and demographic factors in Japan
The economic burden of depression in the United States: how did it change between 1990 and 2000?
Economic crisis and suicide in Geneva: 1991-1995
Effect of latitude on suicide rates in Japan
Effect on suicide rate of having reduced unemployment is uncertain
Employment status influences the weekly patterns of suicide among alcohol misusers
An epidemiological profile of elderly suicides in Hong Kong
Evidence for lack of change in seasonality of suicide from Timiş County, Romania
The experiences of postnatal depression in women from black and minority ethnic communities in Wiltshire, UK
Exploring widows' experiences after the suicide of their spouse
Exposure to electromagnetic fields and suicide among electric utility workers: a nested case-control study
Factors associated with hopelessness: a population study
Family food insufficiency, but not low family income, is positively associated with dysthymia and suicide symptoms in adolescents
The family, love, and suicide in early modern Geneva
A father marries his daughters: a case of incestuous polygamy
Finding meaning in a child's violent death: a five-year prospective analysis of parents' personal narratives and empirical data
Emotion socialization within the family environment and adolescent depression
The "forty-nine" and "seventeen" problems
Gender differences in DSM-IV alcohol use disorders and major depression as distributed in the general population: clinical implications
Comments on: ''Socio-economic factors and suicide rates in European Union countries"
A comparison of the clinical characteristics of women with recurrent major depression with and without suicidal symptomatology
Comparison of Journals of Suicidology
Genesis of suicide terrorism
Can cannabis increase the suicide risk in psychosis? A critical review
Gun ownership associated with increased risk for murder and suicide
Hard times and hurtful partners: how financial strain affects depression and relationship satisfaction of unemployed persons and their spouses
Has there been progress in reducing mortality among Wisconsin adults ages 25 to 44?
Homicide-suicide in older persons
Suicide attempts and completions in the emergency department in Veterans Affairs Hospitals
The impact of parental status on the risk of completed suicide
Increased risk of suicide with exposure to pesticides in an intensive agricultural area. A 12-year retrospective study
The influence of comorbidity on the prevalence of suicidal behaviour
Influence of socio-economic crisis on epidemiological characteristic of suicide in the region of Nis (southeastern part of Serbia, Yugoslavia)
The influences of place of birth and socioeconomic factors on attempted suicide in a defined population of 4.5 million people
Intimate partner violence and depression among Whites, Blacks, and Hispanics
Is occupation relevant in suicide?
Life stress and the symptoms of major depression
Locus of control and academic efficacy in the thoughts of life and death of young Quebec university students
Long-term results and quality of life after parasuicidal multiple blunt trauma
Loss of partner and suicide risks among oldest old: a population-based register study
Major demographic, social and economic factors associated to suicide rates in Latvia 1980-98
Major depression and drug disorders in adolescence: general and specific impairments in early adulthood
Major depression in individuals with a history of childhood physical or sexual abuse: relationship to neurovegetative features, mania, and gender
Managing martyrdom: female suicide and statecraft in mid-Qing China
Marital status and the risk of suicide: experience from England and Wales, 1982-1996
Marital status, alcohol abuse and attempted suicide: a logit model
The Maudsley long-term follow-up of child and adolescent depression. 2. Suicidality, criminality and social dysfunction in adulthood
Maxillofacial trauma by defenestration: 64 cases
The mediating roles of perceived social support and resources in the self-efficacy-suicide attempts relation among African American abused women
Medicolegal problems of "dyadic death"
Mental health promotion and suicide prevention in Iraq after regime change
Microanalysis of adolescent suicide attempters and ideators during the acute suicidal episode
A model for predicting depression in victims of rape
Mortality of young adults in relation to single-parent family background. A prospective study of the northern Finland 1966 birth cohort
Mortality, severe morbidity, and injury in children living with single parents in Sweden: a population-based study
A multimethodological analysis of cumulative risk and allostatic load among rural children
Musical creativity and suicide
Neural network detection of files of suicidal patients and suicidal profiles
Nine suicide pacts. A clinical study of a consecutive series 1974-93
No association of income inequality with adult mortality within New Zealand: a multi-level study of 1.4 million 25-64 year olds
Non-fatal suicidal behaviour in women--the role of spousal substance abuse and marital violence
Nurses' attitudes towards suicidal behaviour--a comparative study of community mental health nurses and nurses working in an accidents and emergency department
Occupational stress, suicide and fatigue depression
Older adults' attitudes toward suicide: are there race and gender differences?
One hundred cases of suicide in elderly people
Outcome of small girls, victims of incest
Paracetamol poisoning among immigrants in a department of hepatology
Parapartum mental illness: an interview follow-up study
Parasuicide in people with schizophrenia
Parasuicide: a Singapore perspective
Partner abuse and posttraumatic stress disorder as risk factors for suicide attempts in a sample of low-income, inner-city women
Passionate women: female suicide in late Imperial China. Introduction
Perceived income inequality and suicide rates in Central/Eastern European countries and Western countries, 1990-1993
Perception of spouses and relationships: a matched control study of patients with severe affective disorder in remission and their spouses
Pesticide poisoning in the Asia-Pacific Region and the role of a regional information network
Physicians are less willing to treat suicidal ideation in older patients
Pilot study of suicidal ideation among elderly Puerto Ricans in a mental health hospital
Postpartum depression and factitious disorder: a new presentation
Predictors and correlates of suicide attempts over 5 years in 1,237 alcohol-dependent men and women
Prevalence of and risk factors for lifetime suicide attempts in the National Comorbidity Survey
The perception of different methods of suicide
A prevalence study of suicide ideation among older adults in Hong Kong SAR
Progress or national suicide: the single-child family in Hungarian political thought, 1840-1945
Prospective childhood predictors of deviant peer affiliations in adolescence
Psychache in context: states 'spending for public welfare and their suicide rates
Psychiatric and personality disorders in deliberate self-harm patients
Psychiatric disorders in Madagascar: clinical study of 376 cases registered in Mahajanga
Psychiatric targets in 'health of the nation': regional suicide 1974-1990 and employment prospects in 1990-1994 in Britain: precursors of failure?
Psychiatry and health in low-income populations
When is a request for assisted suicide legitimate? Factors influencing public attitudes toward euthanasia
We can no longer ignore the rising rate of African-American suicide
The Wessex Recent In-Patient Suicide Study, 1. Case-control study of 234 recently discharged psychiatric patient suicides
Unemployment and suicidal behaviour in perspective
Untamed hearts: Eros and suicide in late Imperial Chinese fiction
The treatment received by substance-dependent male and female suicide victims
Trends and monthly variations in the historical record of suicide in Japan from 1976 to 1994
Trends in suicide from drug overdose in the elderly in England and Wales, 1993-1999
A trial for the complex risk assessment of repeated suicide predictors in patients after suicidal poisoning attempts, hospitalized in the Department of Clinical Toxicology CM UJ in Krakow. I. Influence of socio-demographic factors
Two depression rating instruments in Nigerian patients
Psychosocial and psychiatric risk factors for suicide. Case-control psychological autopsy study
Psychosocial characteristics of victims of suicide in prisons
Psychotic-spectrum symptoms, trauma, and posttraumatic stress disorder among suicidal inner-city women
Societal approval of suicide
Recent developments in understanding the psychosocial aspects of depression
Recommended care for young people (15-19 years) after suicide attempts in certain European countries
The relation between physical activity and mental health among Hispanic and non-Hispanic white adolescents
Relation between sexual abuse in childhood and adult depression: case-control study
Relationship difficulties and unemployment in attempted suicide in an Australian regional center
A review of the literature on the epidemiology of parasuicide in the general population
Risk factors for completed suicide in bipolar disorder
Risk factors for suicide attempts among low-income women with a history of alcohol problems
Risk factors for suicide in psychiatric outpatients: a 20-year prospective study
Risk factors for suicide independent of DSM-III-R Axis I disorder. Case-control psychological autopsy study in Northern Ireland
Risk factors for suicides of inpatients with depressive psychoses
Risk of suicide in relation to income level in people admitted to hospital with mental illness: nested case-control study
Risk of suicide related to income level in mental illness. Direct association between social status and risk of suicide was not found in Germany
The role of childhood sexual abuse sequelae in the sexual revictimization of women: an empirical review and theoretical reformulation
Sales of tranquillizers, hypnotics/sedatives and antidepressants and their relationship with underprivileged area score and mortality and suicide rates
Saturday opening of alcohol retail shops in Sweden: an impact analysis
Schizophrenia, delusional symptoms, and violence: the threat/control override concept reexamined
Schizophrenia and suicide--results of a control group comparison of schizophrenic inpatient suicides with schizophrenic inpatients without suicide
Secular trends in the rates and seasonality of violent and nonviolent suicide occurrences in Finland during 1980-95
Self-injurious behaviors, PTSD arousal, and general health complaints within a treatment-seeking sample of sexually abused women
Self-poisoning and self-injury in adults
Separation and attempted suicide. Risk of aggression against the woman/rival!
Sex and suicide. Gender differences in suicidal behaviour
Suicide rates in Australia, 1971-1991
Significance of subjective evaluation of life events as risk factors for predicting future suicide attempts
The significance of suicide notes in the elderly
Signifying bodies: the cultural significance of suicide writings by women in Ming-Qing China
Social and environmental predictors of maternal depression in current and recent welfare recipients
Social class and suicidal behaviour: the associations between social class and the characteristics of deliberate self-harm patients and the treatment they are offered
Self-mutilating behavior
Social factors and comorbidity of depressive and anxiety disorders
The social perspective of suicide in Shanghai in the 1920's-30's
Social, demographic, and clinical factors related to disruptive behaviour in hospital
Socio-demographic correlates of psychiatric morbidity among low-income women in Aleppo, Syria
Socioeconomic factors associated with suicide in elderly populations in British Columbia: an 11-year review
Solar eclipse and suicide
States' spending for public welfare and their suicide rates, 1960 to 1995: what is the problem?
Suicidal behavior in acute and transient psychotic disorders
Suicidal behavior in psychiatric emergency room patients
Suicidal behavior, satisfaction with life, and perceived social support in end-stage renal disease
Suicide after discharge from psychiatric inpatient care: a case-control study in Hong Kong
Suicide among artists
Suicide among elderly in the county of Aarhus during the period 1993-2000. A descriptive study
Suicide among the elderly in Israel
Suicide among Ethiopian Jews: a survey conducted by means of a psychological autopsy
Suicide and attempted suicide among people of Caribbean origin with psychosis living in the UK
Suicide and occupation in Hong Kong
Suicide and occupation: further supportive evidence for their relevance
Suicide and occupation: a review of the literature
Suicide and schizophrenia
Suicide at 50 years of age and older: perceived physical illness, family discord and financial strain
Suicide attempt history in depressed patients with and without a history of panic attacks
Suicide attempts among Turkish psychiatric patients
Suicide attempts by firearms and by leaping from heights: a comparative study of survivors
Suicide attempts in high-dose benzodiazepine users
Suicide by cyanide: 17 deaths
Suicide in the elderly at home and in retirement homes in France
Suicide in ethnic minority groups
Suicide in the prime of life: current data
Suicide in widowed persons. A psychological autopsy comparison of recently and remotely bereaved older subjects
Suicide in the world: toward a population increase theory of suicide
Suicide on the Indian subcontinent
Suicide prevention strategies in Sri Lanka: the role of socio-cultural factors and health services
Suicide prevention--a medical breakthrough?
Suicide rate rises as South Korea's economy falters
Suicide rates among the elderly in different religious cultures
Suicide rates from 1960 to 1989 in Norwegian physicians compared with other educational groups
Suicide risk in relation to socioeconomic, demographic, psychiatric, and familial factors: a national register-based study of all suicides in Denmark, 1981-1997
Suicides in ethnic minorities within 12 months of contact with mental health services. National clinical survey
Suicides in Japan reach a record high
Youth suicide attempts and the dose-response relationship to parental risk factors: a population-based study
Achieving standardised reporting of suicide in Australia: rationale and program for change
Acute human self-poisoning with bispyribac-containing herbicide Nominee: a prospective observational study
Appearances may deceive: what's going on with Australian suicide statistics?
Australian suicide rates and the National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing
Gender and the tobacco-depression relationship: a sample of African American college students at a Historically Black College or University (HBCU)
Prevalence of Depression and Suicidal Behaviors Among Male Migrant Workers in United Arab Emirates
Self-immolation: Socioeconomic, cultural and psychiatric patterns
Positive social support, negative social exchanges, and suicidal behavior in college students
Parasuicide in pregnancy
Performance of a mixed effects logistic regression model for binary outcomes with unequal cluster size
Predictors of substance use among homeless youth in San Diego
Prevalence and correlates of depression in Chinese oldest-old
Psychosocial impairment in offspring of depressed parents
Relation of childhood socioeconomic status and family environment to adult metabolic functioning in the CARDIA study
Relationships between physical abuse during pregnancy and risk factors for preterm birth among women in Manitoba
Risk factors for completed suicide in schizophrenia
Risks and protective factors associated with symptoms of depression in low-income African American and Caucasian women during pregnancy
Show me the child at seven II: Childhood intelligence and later outcomes in adolescence and young adulthood
Social background, aspects of lifestyle, body image, relations, school situation, and somatic and psychological symptoms in obese and overweight 15-year-old boys in a county in Sweden
Proximal risk factors and suicide methods among suicide completers from national suicide mortality data 2004-2006 in Korea
Television and suicidal behavior
The socio-economic status of communities predicts variation in brain serotonergic responsivity
Multisystemic Therapy for social, emotional, and behavioral problems in youth aged 10-17
Atypical autoerotic death: Part II
Autoerotic asphyxia: Part I
Functional analysis of self-injurious behavior and its relation to self-restraint
Parents' perspectives on young suicide
The associations between substance use disorders, schizophrenia-spectrum disorders, and Axis IV psychosocial problems
The Motives of Attempted Suicide and the Diagnosis of Psychiatric Disorders of Persons Who Attempted Suicide
Young offenders, schools and the neighbourhood: A new approach to data-analysis for community policing
Suicidal ideation in Turkish adolescents
Changes in the inequality of mental health: suicide in Australia, 1907-2003
Impact of Business Cycles on US Suicide Rates, 1928-2007
Suicidal behaviour in adolescents: associations with parental marital status and perceived parent-adolescent relationship
Suicidal ideation among African-American non-injection drug users
Suicidal ideation and correlates in Taiwanese adolescent methamphetamine users
Suicidality in adolescents and adults with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders
Suicidality in bipolar I disorder
Suicide attempt and basic mechanisms in neural conduction: relationships to the SCN8A and VAMP4 genes
The mediating roles of anxiety depression, and hopelessness on adolescent suicidal behaviors
The risks and benefits of antidepressant treatment for youth depression
Correlates of the belief in the inheritance of suicide
DDT and personal violence (suicide and homicide)
Death knocks, professional practice, and the public good: The media experience of suicide reporting in New Zealand
Predictors of depressive symptoms among Israeli Jews and Arabs during the Al Aqsa intifada: a population-based cohort study
Ayurvedic herbal supplements as an antidote to 9/11 toxicity
The Psychiatric Problem of Suicide
Women Suicides
Female suicide bombers and burdensomeness
Gene expression profiling of suicide completers
The genetics of neurosystems in mental ill-health and suicidality: Beyond serotonin
Habitual starvation and provocative behaviors: Two potential routes to extreme suicidal behavior in anorexia nervosa
Mean ages of homicide victims and victims of homicide-suicide
Mental Disorders and Suicide Among Young Rural Chinese: A Case-Control Psychological Autopsy Study
The meteorological factors associated with suicide
Moderators and mediators among panic, agoraphobia symptoms, and suicidal ideation in patients with panic disorder
More sleep will bring more serotonin and less suicide in Japan
New scientific evidence supports the concept of post-traumatic mood disorder and an association of post-traumatic mood disorder with completed suicide
Post mortem outcome of organophosphorus compound poisoning cases at mymensingh medical college
Gender similarities and differences in 200 individuals with body dysmorphic disorder
The Direct and Indirect Effects of Domestic Violence on Young Children's Intellectual Functioning
Loneliness in older women: a review of the literature
Roles and practices of general practitioners and psychiatrists in management of depression in the community
Social capital, age and religiosity in people who are lonely
Antidepressant usage in the Canadian Forces
Antidepressant-induced or clinician-induced suicidality in depression?
Antidepressants and suicidality
Application of The APA Practice Guidelines on Suicide to Clinical Practice
Aqua-eroticum: an unusual autoerotic fatality in a lake involving a home-made diving apparatus
Associations among Depressive Symptoms, Dating Violence, and Relationship Power in Urban, Adolescent Girls
Autoerotic asphyxial deaths: analysis of nineteen fatalities in Alberta, 1978 to 1989
Autoerotic death--characteristic features and diagnostic difficulties
Autoerotic deaths: four cases
Commentary on, "Autoerotic fatalities with power hydraulics," (J. Forensic Sci., Vol. 38, No. 2, March 1993, pp. 359-364)
Suicides in the Baltic countries, 1968-90
The variation of suicide rates over time in Scandinavia
Suicidal children grow up: suicidal behavior and psychiatric disorders among relatives
Suicidal ideation and child abusers: 3 case studies
Suicidality and 5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid concentration associated with a tryptophan hydroxylase polymorphism
Suicide in major depression
Suicide in psychotic major depression
Suicide, violent behaviour and fluoxetine
Synchronized annual rhythms in violent suicide rate, ambient temperature and the light-dark span
Trend in mortality from violent deaths: suicide and homicide, United States, 1960-1991
Violent sexual fantasies and sexual behavior
Suicide in Rural Communities
Review: Autoerotic asphyxiation in the United States
The lethal paraphiliac syndrome. Accidental autoerotic deaths in Denmark 1933-1990
The Pros and Cons of Community Psychiatric Care: Review From the British Experience
The Easterlin Effect
Subway suicide rates and national suicide rates
The behavioural toxicity of the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors
The dexamethasone suppression test in violent suicide attempters with major depression
The impact of unemployment on health: a review of the evidence
Trauma, borderline personality, and self-harm behaviors
Use of the modified scale for suicidal ideation with suicide ideators and attempters
Use of the National Register of medico-legal autopsies in epidemiological suicide research
War and suicide in northern Sri Lanka
Social desirability scales and theories of suicide: Correlations with alienation and self-consciousness
Suicide attempts in twins whose co-twins' deaths were non-suicides
Primary care management of patients who self-harm
Prevalence of mood and substance use disorders among patients seeking primary care office-based buprenorphine/naloxone treatment
Short-term efficacy of interventions by a youth crisis team
Social factors in suicide
Socioeconomic and spatial differentials in mortality and means of committing suicide in New South Wales, Australia, 1985-91
Socioeconomic indices and suicide rate in Queensland
Suicidal behavior as related to social support and assertiveness among Swedish and Turkish high school students: a cross-cultural investigation
Suicidal behavior in children and adolescents with mental retardation
Suicidal children grow up: Ego functions associated with suicide attempts
Suicidal ideas during premenstrual phase
Suicidal ideation in high school students: depression and other correlates
Suicidality correlates in Mexican American teens
Suicide among female adolescents: characteristics and comparison with males in the age group 13 to 22 years
Suicide among New Zealand Maori: is history repeating itself?
Suicide and parasuicide: a selected review of the literature
Suicide and suicide attempts in the lesbian and gay community
Suicide and undetermined violent deaths in Malaysia, 1966-1990: evidence for the misclassification of suicide statistics
Suicide attempts and panic disorder: a study of 62 hospitalized suicidal patients
Suicide attempts and suicidal ideation in a birth cohort of 16-year-old New Zealanders
Suicide contagion among adolescents during acute psychiatric hospitalization
Suicide deaths in England and Wales, 1982-92: the contribution of occupation and geography
Suicide in adolescence and crisis intervention in Japan
Suicide in the Geneva Canton (1971-1990). An analysis of the forensic medicine autopsy sample
Suicide rates and alcohol consumption in the United States, 1970-89
Suicide, road traffic and cancer deaths among the young in Ireland
Suicide: a review of calls to an adolescent peer listening phone service
Survival analysis of suicide risk after attempted suicide
Temperamental vulnerability in attempted suicide
The last appointment before suicide: Is suicide intent communicated?
The management of non-compliance with referral to out-patient after-care among attempted suicide patients: a controlled intervention study
The outcome of adolescent suicide attempts
The psychological autopsy: a useful tool for determining proximate causation in suicide cases
The psychotherapeutic treatment of suicidal adolescents
Traumas and posttraumatic stress disorder in a community population of older adolescents
Trends and availability of suicide methods in Finland. Proposals for restrictive measures
Triple suicide pact
Prevention of suicidal behaviour among army personnel: a qualitative study
Prospective study of externalizing and internalizing subtypes of posttraumatic stress disorder and their relationship to mortality among Vietnam veterans
Psychiatric comorbidity and suicide risk in patients with chronic migraine
Regional suicide rates in Scotland
Response to Letter to the Editor entitled, "Is there a relationship between the WHO hazard classification of organophosphate pesticide and outcomes in suicidal human poisoning with commercial organophosphate formulations?"
Severe neurological sequelae and behaviour problems after cerebral malaria in Ugandan children
A Strengths-Based Group Program on Self-Harm: A Feasibility Study
Outpatient psychotherapy practice with adolescents following psychiatric hospitalization for suicide ideation or a suicide attempt
Suicidality before and in the early phases of first episode psychosis
Suicide and mental wellbeing among vets
Suicide attempts and burden of physical illness among depressed elderly inpatients
Suicide by occupation: does access to means increase the risk?
Suicide in Australia: meta-analysis of rates and methods of suicide between 1988 and 2007
Suicide in serial killers
Various factors of attempted suicide in a selected area of Naogaon district
What is suicide? Will suicidologists ever agree?
Perceived neighborhood safety and depressive symptoms among African American crack users
Prevalence and risk factors associated with postpartum depression in puerperal women consulting in primary care
Psychiatric comorbidity related to alcohol use among adolescents
Suicide in Mie Prefecture, Japan, since 1990
Suicide research before Durkheim
Survival following accidental ligature strangulation: a case report
Time to emergence of severe suicidal ideation among psychiatric patients as a function of suicide attempt history
Are antidepressants associated with new-onset suicidality in bipolar disorder? A prospective study of participants in the Systematic Treatment Enhancement Program for Bipolar Disorder (STEP-BD)
Are BPI and BPII suicide attempters distinct neuropsychologically?
Are there subtypes of suicidal schizophrenia? A prospective study
Assessment of depressive symptoms in Japanese school children and adolescents using the Birleson Depression Self-Rating Scale
Association between a functional polymorphism in the renin-angiotensin system and completed suicide
Association of APOE genetic polymorphism with cognitive function and suicide history in geriatric depression
Association of psychosis with suicidality in pediatric bipolar I, II and bipolar NOS patients
Association of TPH1 with suicidal behaviour and psychiatric disorders in the Chinese population
Association study between the novel functional polymorphism of the serotonin transporter gene and suicidal behaviour in schizophrenia
Association study of serotonin 2A receptor (5-HT2A) gene with schizophrenia and suicidal behavior using systematic meta-analysis
Attempted suicide of youth with Asperger's disorder
Attempted suicide with L-thyroxine in an adolescent girl
Autoerotic deaths in the literature from 1954 to 2004: a review
Autopathography and depression: describing the 'despair beyond despair'
Before and after the 1999 Chi-Chi earthquake: traumatic events and depressive symptoms in an older population
Behavior problems associated with sleep disordered breathing in school-aged children--the Tucson children's assessment of sleep apnea study
Beware the meta-analysis - clozapine and suicidal ideation
Bias and accuracy of children's perceptions of peer acceptance: prospective associations with depressive symptoms
Biological foreign body implantation in victims of the London July 7th suicide bombings
Bipolar disorder and suicide
Birth month and depressive and suicidal symptoms in an elderly Australian sample born in the Southern or Northern Hemisphere
Body mass index and body weight perception as risk factors for internalizing and externalizing problem behavior among adolescents
Borderline personality disorder and suicidality
Brain-derived neurotrophic factor-5-HTTLPR gene interactions and environmental modifiers of depression in children
Brugada electrocardiographic pattern elicited by cyclic antidepressants overdose
Can early detection of psychosis prevent suicidal behavior?
Can suicide be a good death?
Can suicide be a good death? A reply
Can suicide be ethical? A utilitarian perspective on the appropriateness of choosing to die
Cardiac stab injury by a bodkin
Case clinically diagnosed as depressive state after being stung by a lumpfish (Inimicus japonicus)
Challenging times: prevalence of psychiatric disorders and suicidal behaviours in Irish adolescents
Childhood emotional abuse and disordered eating among undergraduate females: mediating influence of alexithymia and distress
Childhood peer reputation as a predictor of competence and symptoms 10 years later
Childhood physical and emotional abuse by a parent: transference effects in adult interpersonal relations
Childhood sexual abuse and depressive symptom severity: the role of neuroticism
Chronic hydrocephalus and alcohol abuse in a young male suicide
Chronic medical conditions and wishes to die among older primary care patients
Classification of severe male juvenile offenders using the MACI clinical and personality scales
Clinical correlates of anxious depression among elderly patients with depression
Suicidal ideation and suicidal attempts in a population-based study of Chinese people: risk attributable to hopelessness, depression, and social factors
Suicidality in pediatric patients treated with antidepressant drugs
The use of antidepressants to treat depression in children and adolescents
Treatment benefit and the risk of suicidality in multicenter, randomized, controlled trials of sertraline in children and adolescents
Impact of Familial Factors and Psychopathology on Suicidality Among African American Adolescents
Outcomes of public concern in schizophrenia
Prevention of mental health problems: rationale for a universal approach
Recurrence of major depression in adolescence and early adulthood, and later mental health, educational and economic outcomes
Autoerotic asphyxia by hanging
The relationship between serial sexual murder and autoerotic asphyxiation
Diverse Sexual Experiences and Self-Harm Behaviors among Women in An Internal Medicine Setting
Death Duties
Antidepressant monotherapy in pre-bipolar depression; predictive value and inherent risk
Dysthymic disorder and double depression: prediction of 10-year course trajectories and outcomes
Impulsivity: differential relationship to depression and mania in bipolar disorder
Predominant polarity in bipolar disorder: diagnostic implications
The involuntary treatment of adolescent psychiatric inpatients--a nation-wide survey from Finland
Toxic myocarditis due to oral ingestion of hydrofluoric acid
Antidepressants: suicide among young adults: more frequent than with placebo
Association between brain-derived neurotrophic factor gene and a severe form of bipolar disorder, but no interaction with the serotonin transporter gene
Association of RGS2 gene polymorphisms with suicide and increased RGS2 immunoreactivity in the postmortem brain of suicide victims
Associations between symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, depression, and suicide in Korean female adolescents
Behaviour problems in institutionalised people with intellectual disability and schizophrenia spectrum disorders
Bromadiolone toxicokinetics: diagnosis and treatment implications
Cannabis use and suicidal behaviours in high-school students
Case report on the analysis of single nucleotide polymorphisms of the serotonergic pathway and array-based comparative genomic hybridisation of a suicide victim
Characteristics of challenging behaviours in adults with autistic disorder, PDD-NOS, and intellectual disability
Childhood adversity predicts earlier onset of major depression but not reduced hippocampal volume
Childhood maltreatment and psychiatric morbidity in bariatric surgery candidates
Childhood maltreatment in patients with somatization disorder
Common comorbidities seen in adolescents with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
Comparing depression diagnostic symptoms across younger and older adults
Demographic and clinical parameters of patients with high risk behavior in a general hospital: the use of constant observation
Dental management of oral self-mutilation in neurological patients: a case of congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis
Depression and cancer: an unexplored and unresolved emergent issue in elderly patients
Depression and the serotonin transporter 5-HTTLPR polymorphism: a review and a hypothesis concerning gene-environment interaction
Descriptive and experimental analyses of potential precursors to problem behavior
Disappearance of self-aggressive behavior in a brain-injured patient after deep brain stimulation of the hypothalamus: technical case report
Divalproex, lithium and suicide among Medicaid patients with bipolar disorder
Dopa decarboxylase and tyrosine hydroxylase gene variants in suicidal behavior
Empirical correlates of the MMPI-2 Restructured Clinical (RC) Scales in mental health, forensic, and nonclinical settings: an introduction
Evidence of altered epidermal nerve fiber morphology in adults with self-injurious behavior and neurodevelopmental disorders
Factors associated with prospective long-term treatment adherence among individuals with bipolar disorder
How they died, time since loss, and bereavement outcomes
Hypomanic symptoms predict an increase in narcissistic and histrionic personality disorder features in suicidal young adults
Hypotension in severe dimethoate self-poisoning
Impact of physical abuse on adulthood depressive symptoms among women
Increased serotonin 2C receptor mRNA editing: a possible risk factor for suicide
Influence of child abuse on adult depression: moderation by the corticotropin-releasing hormone receptor gene
Is the 5-HTTLPR polymorphism associated with bipolar disorder or with suicidal behavior of bipolar disorder patients?
Monthly variation in prevalence rates of comorbid depression and anxiety in the general population at 63-65 degrees North: the HUNT study
Mortality in heroin users 3 years after naltrexone implant or methadone maintenance treatment
Neglected esophageal injury presenting with spontaneously shrunken retroesophageal pocket
Neurological and behavioral consequences of childhood lead exposure
Neuropsychological task performance in bipolar spectrum illness: genetics, alcohol abuse, medication and childhood trauma
NOS-I and -III gene variants are differentially associated with facets of suicidal behavior and aggression-related traits
Parental maltreatment and adulthood cohabiting partnerships: a life-course study of adult chronic depression--4
Pemoline (2-amino-5-phenyl-1,3-oxazol-4-one)-induced self-injurious behavior: a rodent model of pharmacotherapeutic efficacy
Penetrating brain injury by drill bit
Penetrating injury of the maxillofacial region with an arrow: an unsuccessful attempt of suicide
Physician personality characteristics and inquiry about mood symptoms in primary care
Physician suicide--a problem for our time
Power based association analysis (PBAT) of serotonergic and noradrenergic polymorphisms in bipolar patients with suicidal behaviour
Proclivity to self-injurious behavior in MRL-lpr mice: implications for autoimmunity-induced damage in the dopaminergic system
Prognostic factors and toxicokinetics in acute fenitrothion self-poisoning requiring intensive care
Prospective study of major depressive disorder with white matter hyperintensity: comparison of patients with and without lacunar infarction
Prototypes and personal templates: collective wisdom and individual differences
Psychopathology in adolescents presenting for laparoscopic banding
Quality improvement of psychiatric care: challenges of emergency psychiatry
Reciprocal relationships between parenting behavior and disruptive psychopathology from childhood through adolescence
Regional grey matter volumetric changes in forensic schizophrenia patients: an MRI study comparing the brain structure of patients who have seriously and violently offended with that of patients who have not
Relationship between service ecology, special observation and self-harm during acute in-patient care: City-128 study
Remitted depression moderates self-injurious behavior in personality-disordered research volunteers
Review article: psychological aspects of home parenteral nutrition, abnormal illness behaviour and risk of self-harm in patients with central venous catheters
Risk assessment and management in practice: the Forensicare Risk Assessment and Management Exercise
Risk assessment in offenders with intellectual disability: a comparison across three levels of security
Risk factors for suicide attempts among Korean adolescents
Risk prediction: a review of the literature
Seasonality of three dimensions of mania: psychosis, aggression and suicidality
Security fears after patient suicide
Self-inflicted burns
Self-mutilative behaviors in male veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder
Sexuality in patients with spinal cord injuries due to attempted suicide
Some effects of noncontingent positive reinforcement on multiply controlled problem behavior and compliance in a demand context
SSRI antidepressants don't actually do anything to improve depressed states
Structural brain abnormalities in borderline personality disorder: a voxel-based morphometry study
Structural validity of the MACI psychopathy and narcissism scales: evidence of multidimensionality and implications for use in research and screening
Substance-induced suicidal admissions to an acute psychiatric service: characteristics and outcomes
Suicide in a mental health setting: caring for staff, clients, and family members
Survival after massive intentional overdose of paraquat
Symptom features of postpartum depression: are they distinct?
Symptom severity predicts degree of T cell activation in adult women following childhood maltreatment
Temporal patterns of self-injurious behavior correlate with stress hormone levels in the developmentally disabled
Thallium intoxication caused by ingestion of a 60-year-old poison
The 'European Alliance Against Depression (EAAD)': a multifaceted, community-based action programme against depression and suicidality
The CRHR1 gene: a marker for suicidality in depressed males exposed to low stress
The internalizing and externalizing structure of psychiatric comorbidity in combat veterans
The population impact on incidence of suicide and non-fatal self harm of regulatory action against the use of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in under 18s in the United Kingdom: ecological study
Trauma, PTSD and personality: the relationship between prolonged traumatization and personality impairments
Suicidal ideation and attempts in North American school-based surveys: are bisexual youth at increasing risk?
Complex autoerotic death with full body wrapping in a plastic body bag
Emergent and surgical interventions for injuries associated with eroticism: a review
Balancing autonomy and risk: a failure of nerve in England and Wales?
Civil commitment in Turkey: reflections on a bill drafted by psychiatrists
Elevated pain thresholds correlate with dissociation and aversive arousal in patients with borderline personality disorder
Heart rate and the role of the active receiver during contingent electric shock for severe self-injurious behavior
Peer victimization, psychosocial adjustment, and physical activity in overweight and at-risk-for-overweight youth
Suicidal ideation among Viennese high school students
Suicide Psychology and Familial Tendency - Report of a Family of Suicides With History and Discussion
Some Observations on the Psychological Aspects of Suicide
Suicide Among Civilized and Primitive Races
Suicide and Mental Disease - A Clinical Analysis of One Hundred Cases
Postpartum stress as a predictor of women's minor psychiatric morbidity
Severe mental disorder as a basic commitment criterion for minors
The inter-rater reliability of mental capacity assessments
Trends in involuntary psychiatric hospitalization in Israel 1991-2000
Antecedents, concomitants and consequences of anger attacks in depression
Antidepressant management in the context of suicidal ideation
Antidepressant utilization in primary care in a Spanish region: impact of generic and reference-based pricing policy (2000-2004)
Antidepressants and suicidal behavior: cause or cure?
Antidepressants in adult suicides in New York City: 2001-2004
Are mental health problems associated with use of Accident and Emergency and health-related harm?
Arthritis in a child secondary to congenital insensitivity to pain and self-aggression. Why and when pain is good?
Assisting nursing faculty through the crisis and resolution of student suicide
Association between 5-hydroxytryptamine 1A receptor gene polymorphism and suicidal behavior
Association between broadly defined bulimia nervosa and drug use disorders: common genetic and environmental influences
Association between treatment-emergent suicidal ideation with citalopram and polymorphisms near cyclic adenosine monophosphate response element binding protein in the STAR*D study
Association of the serotonin transporter promotor polymorphism with suicide attempters with a high medical damage
Association study between the corticotropin-releasing hormone receptor 2 gene and suicidality in bipolar disorder
Association study of T102C 5-HT(2A) polymorphism in schizophrenic patients: diagnosis, psychopathology, and suicidal behavior
Attachment theory and reactive attachment disorder: theoretical perspectives and treatment implications
Attempted suicide in bipolar disorder pedigrees: evidence for linkage to 2p12
Attitudes of general hospital emergency room personnel towards attempted suicide patients
Being admired or being liked: classroom social status and depressive problems in early adolescent girls and boys
Being burdened and balancing boundaries: a qualitative study of nurses' experiences caring for patients who self-harm
Beliefs in the Inheritance of Risk Factors for Suicide Scale: development, reliability, stability, and convergent and discriminant validity
Bipolar disorders in Australia. A population-based study of excess costs
Bipolar pharmacotherapy and suicidal behavior Part 2. The impact of antidepressants
Bipolar pharmacotherapy and suicidal behavior Part 3: impact of antipsychotics
Bipolar pharmacotherapy and suicidal behavior. Part I: Lithium, divalproex and carbamazepine
Body dysmorphic disorder: case report
Brain cholesterol and suicidal behaviour
Camphor burns to the palm: an unusual self-inflicted burn
A systematic review of elderly suicide prevention programs
Caring for patients with suicidal behaviour: an exploratory study
Caring for the suicidal patient
Carisoprodol intoxications: a retrospective study of forensic autopsy material from 1992-2003
Case-control study of unemployment and parasuicide
Catechol-O-methyltransferase polymorphism (COMT) in suicide attempters: a possible gender effect on anger traits
Causal mediation analyses with rank preserving models
Causes of death contributing to educational mortality disparities in Austria
Cerebrospinal fluid monoamine metabolites and suicide
Changes in mental health policy and their influence on self-injurious behaviours in the Israeli military prison system
Childhood trauma and suicide attempts in patients with unipolar depression
Children's feedback preferences in response to an experimentally manipulated peer evaluation outcome: the role of depressive symptoms
The effect of dialectical behavior therapy skills use on borderline personality disorder features
The five-item Brief-Symptom Rating Scale as a suicide ideation screening instrument for psychiatric inpatients and community residents
The relationship between PTSD arousal symptoms and depression among mothers exposed to the World Trade Center attacks
Vasopressin-neurophysin and DST in major depression: relationship with suicidal behavior
When a coworker completes suicide
Death by web posts
Depression, abuse and its relationship to interstitial cystitis
Examining the link between drinking-driving and depressed mood
Survey of cases of paracetamol overdose in the UK referred to National Poisons Information Service (NPIS) consultants
Chinese demented inpatients admitted following a suicide attempt: a case series
Cholesterol content in brains of suicide completers
Cigarette smoking and suicide attempts in psychiatric outpatients in Hungary
Clinical assessment of self-injury: a practical guide
Clinical cosmobiology: distribution of deaths during 180 months and cosmophysical activity. The Lithuanian study, 1990-2004. The role of cosmic rays
Clinical differences among depressed patients with and without a history of suicide attempts: findings from the STAR*D trial
Clinical features and correlates of major depressive disorder in individuals with body dysmorphic disorder
Clustering of eating disorder symptoms in a general population female twin sample: a latent class analysis
Co-occurrence of major depression or suicide attempt with migraine with aura and risk for unprovoked seizure
Coadministration of modafinil and a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor from the initiation of treatment of major depressive disorder with fatigue and sleepiness: a double-blind, placebo-controlled study
Cognitive behavioral therapy reduces suicidal ideation in schizophrenia: results from a randomized controlled trial
Cognitive behaviour therapy to prevent complicated grief among relatives and spouses bereaved by suicide: cluster randomised controlled trial
Cognitive biases for trauma stimuli in people with schizophrenia
Combination therapy reduces self-injurious behavior in a chimpanzee (Pan Troglodytes Troglodytes): a case report
Committee for the Relief of Distressed Seamen: correspondence from the Admiralty in 1818-19
Community mental health teams (CMHTs) for people with severe mental illnesses and disordered personality
Comorbidity and high-risk behaviors in treatment-seeking adolescents with bulimia nervosa
Comparative proteomic analysis with postmortem prefrontal cortex tissues of suicide victims versus controls
COMT Val(158)Met and 5HTTLPR functional loci interact to predict persistence of anxiety across adolescence: results from the Victorian Adolescent Health Cohort Study
Contributions of the DAT1 and DRD2 genes to serious and violent delinquency among adolescents and young adults
Correlates of adverse childhood events among adults with schizophrenia spectrum disorders
Correlates of depressive disorders in the Quebec general population 6 to 14 years of age
Cosmetic breast augmentation and suicide
Course and outcome of major depressive disorder in non-referred adolescents
CSF monoamine metabolites and lethality of suicide attempts in depressed patients with alcohol dependence
Cyclic AMP response element-binding protein in post-mortem brain of teenage suicide victims: specific decrease in the prefrontal cortex but not the hippocampus
Death due to anaphylactic shock secondary to intravenous self-injection of Toradol: a case report and review of the literature
Death in epileptic people: a review of Manitoba's medical examiner's cases
Death wish or suicidal ideation: implications for management
Decreased plasma BDNF level in depressive patients
Depersonalization, mindfulness, and childhood trauma
Depression and generalized anxiety disorder: cumulative and sequential comorbidity in a birth cohort followed prospectively to age 32 years
Depression and suicide in epilepsy: fact or artefact?
Depression symptoms and substance abuse in adolescents with asthma
Detecting determinants of suicidal ideation: South Australian surveillance system results
Detection of major depression in Ugandan primary health care settings using simple questions from a subjective well-being (SWB) subscale
Developing and maintaining the therapeutic alliance with self-injuring patients
Developing psychological perspectives of suicidal behaviour and risk in people with a diagnosis of schizophrenia: we know they kill themselves but do we understand why?
Development of a retrospective interview measure of parental maltreatment using the Childhood Experience of Care and Abuse (CECA) instrument -- A life-course study of adult chronic depression - 1
Developmental risks and psychosocial adjustment among low-income Brazilian youth
Dextromethorphan-induced near-fatal suicide attempt in a slow metabolizer at cytochrome P450 2D6
Differences in the clinical characteristics of adolescent depressive disorders
Direct social support for young high risk children: relations with behavioral and emotional outcomes across time
Disability associated with psychiatric symptoms among torture survivors in rural Nepal
Do cerebrovascular risk factors confer risk for suicide in later life? A case-control study
Does first episode polarity predict risk for suicide attempt in bipolar disorder?
Suicide in Borderland Cases
Suicide in Borderland Cases
Suicide in Borderland Cases
Suicide in Borderland Cases
Suicide in Borderline Cases
Some Less Known Methods of Arsenical Poisoning
Suicide in Borderland Cases
Suicide in Borderland Cases
Suicide in Borderland Cases
The Heredity of Suicidal Tendencies
Suicide Attempts
Suicide in Women
Cognitive vulnerability to depression, rumination, hopelessness, and suicidal ideation: multiple pathways to self-injurious thinking
Comment on the Werther effect
Commentary on "Self-injurious behavior to the lower extremities among children with atypical development: a diagnostic and treatment algorithm" by Paul Swamidhas Sudhakar Russell
Comorbidity in bipolar disorder: clinical and research opportunities
Complete recovery after repeated suicidal ethylene glycol ingestion
Complete supraglottic rupture after attempt of suicidal hanging
Complications of dysmorphophobia. Description of a self-mutilation case
Concurrent and predictive validity of the psychopathy checklist: youth version across gender and ethnicity
Conduct problems, depressive symptomatology and their co-occurring presentation in childhood as predictors of adjustment in early adolescence
Confusing injury findings in a suicidal gunshot fired to the chest from a carbine with a sawed-off barrel
Cortical serotonin7, 1D and 1F receptors: effects of schizophrenia, suicide and antipsychotic drug treatment
Corticotropin-releasing hormone, arginine vasopressin, gastrin-releasing peptide, and neuromedin B alterations in stress-relevant brain regions of suicides and control subjects
CSF 5-HIAA, suicide intent and hopelessness in the prediction of early suicide in male high-risk suicide attempters
Daniel's story: self-injury and the case study as method
Dealing with the aftermath: a qualitative analysis of mental health social workers' reactions after a client suicide
Decline in suicidal ideation among patients with MDD is preceded by decline in depression and hopelessness
Decreased sensitivity to self-inflicted pain
Depression amongst Nigerian university students. Prevalence and sociodemographic correlates
Depression and modernization: a cross-cultural study of women
Depression and older people
Depression and suicidality in HIV/AIDS in China
Depression and suicide attempt as risk factors for incident unprovoked seizures
Depression is the core of suicidality--its treatment is the cure
Depression, a widespread disease. Epidemiology, care situation, diagnosis, therapy and prevention
Depressive symptoms among adolescents in Sri Lanka: prevalence and behavioral correlates
Determinants of multiple informant agreement on child and adolescent behavior
Developing a family-based depression prevention program in urban community mental health clinics: a qualitative investigation
Diagnosing major depressive disorder IX: are patients who deny low mood a distinct subgroup?
Dialectical Behaviour Therapy for adolescents (DBT-A)--a pilot study on the therapy of suicidal, parasuicidal, and self-injurious behaviour in female patients with a borderline disorder
Did Jean Condorcet (1743-1794) commit suicide?
Differences and similarities between gay and straight individuals involved in the sadomasochistic subculture
Differential and brain region-specific regulation of Rap-1 and Epac in depressed suicide victims
Differential experiences during the holocaust and suicidal ideation in older adults in treatment for depression
Discrimination of SM-identified individuals
Disposition of valproic acid in self-poisoned adults
Distribution of ether in two postmortem cases
Do antidepressants t(h)reat(en) depressives? Toward a clinically judicious formulation of the antidepressant-suicidality FDA advisory in light of declining national suicide statistics from many countries
Dopamine and the pathophysiology of suicidal behavior in alcoholism
Dose-response relationship between number of comorbid anxiety disorders in adolescent bipolar/unipolar disorders, and psychosis, suicidality, substance abuse and familiality
Dramatic reduction in self-injury in Lesch-Nyhan disease following S-adenosylmethionine administration
Durkheim's precedence in the use of the terms egoistic and altruistic suicide: an addendum
Early detection of the first episode of schizophrenia and suicidal behavior
Effect of SNP at position 40237 in exon 7 of the TPH2 gene on susceptibility to suicide
Effective communication with bereaved child survivors of suicide
Effects of embedded instruction versus discrete-trial training on self-injury, correct responding, and mood in a child with autism
Effects of outdoor housing on self-injurious and stereotypic behavior in adult male rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta)
Effects of social context on social interaction and self-injurious behavior in Cornelia de Lange syndrome
Efficacy and safety of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in the treatment of depression in children and adolescents: practitioner review
Emerging psychosis in young people - Part 1 - key issues for detection and assessment
Ending the darkness of suicide
Epidemiological impact of antidepressant and antipsychotic drugs on the general population
Epilepsy, suicidal behaviour, and depression: do they share common pathogenic mechanisms?
ERK MAP kinase signaling in post-mortem brain of suicide subjects: differential regulation of upstream Raf kinases Raf-1 and B-Raf
Evidence that the urban environment specifically impacts on the psychotic but not the affective dimension of bipolar disorder
Excessive daytime sleepiness in patients with depressive disorder
Experts work to prevent college suicides
Explorations of parenting environments in the evolution of psychiatric problems in children
Factors associated with suicidal ideation in the community: a case-control study
Factors associated with suicidal ideation in the general population: five-centre analysis from the ODIN study
Forensic psychiatry and human rights along the course of life: children, adolescents and elderly
Further clarification of the contribution of the tryptophan hydroxylase (TPH) gene to suicidal behavior using systematic allelic and genotypic meta-analyses
Gender differences in bipolar-II disorder
Towards a model of suicidal ideation for Hong Kong Chinese adolescents
Suicidal adverse events in pediatric randomized, controlled clinical trials of antidepressant drugs are associated with active drug treatment: a meta-analysis
Gene expression of tryptophan hydroxylase 2 in post-mortem brain of suicide subjects
Gene-gene interaction between MAOA and COMT in suicidal behavior: analysis in schizophrenia
Genetic and environmental contributions to common psychopathologies of childhood and adolescence: a study of twins and their siblings
Genetic, developmental and personality correlates of self-mutilation in depressed patients
Genital self-mutilation
Grief shortly after suicide and natural death: a comparative study among spouses and first-degree relatives
Higher postmortem prefrontal 5-HT2A receptor binding correlates with lifetime aggression in suicide
How to use non-verbal signs in assessments of suicide risk
Identification of high-risk behaviors among victimized adolescents and implications for empirically supported psychosocial treatment
If we want to know how best to help young people who self-harm, we should be asking the experts. Questions and answers
Implication of SSAT by gene expression and genetic variation in suicide and major depression
In severely suicidal young adults, hopelessness, depressive symptoms, and suicidal ideation constitute a single syndrome
Incidence of schizophrenia does not vary with economic status of the country: evidence from a systematic review
Increased antidepressant use and fewer suicides in Jämtland county, Sweden, after a primary care educational programme on the treatment of depression
Increased deep sleep in a medication-free, detoxified female offender with schizophrenia, alcoholism and a history of attempted homicide: effect of concomitant administration of quetiapine and citalopram
Increased plasma nitric oxide level associated with suicide attempt in depressive patients
Increased plasma nitric oxide metabolites in suicide attempters
Increased suicidal tendency in a case of psoriasis vulgaris under acitretin treatment
Ingestion of metallic rods and needles
Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy of treatment-resistant depression: a pilot study
Interaction between MAO-A genotype and maltreatment in the risk for conduct disorder: failure to confirm in adolescent patients
Investigation of A218C tryptophan hydroxylase polymorphism: association with familial suicide behavior and proband's suicide attempt characteristics
Invocation of coercion context in compliance communication -- power dynamics in psychiatric care
Is current alcohol consumption associated with increased lifetime prevalence of major depression and suicidality? Results from a pilot community survey
Farmers' suicides in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra, India: A qualitative exploration of their causes
Is television viewing associated with social isolation? Roles of exposure time, viewing context, and violent content
Is your patient a suicide risk?
Elderly suicide rates: a replication of cross-national comparisons and association with sex and elderly age-bands using five year suicide data
Latent class analysis shows strong heritability of the child behavior checklist-juvenile bipolar phenotype
Suicidology: suicide notes and their themes
Suicide terrorism in Iraq: A preliminary assessment of the quantitative data and documentary evidence
Lithium and suicidality revisited
Long-term survival after a suicidal intravenous injection of mercury
Low cerebrospinal fluid transthyretin levels in depression: correlations with suicidal ideation and low serotonin function
Low-dose venlafaxine in three adolescents and young adults with autistic disorder improves self-injurious behavior and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorders (ADHD)-like symptoms
Lower cerebrospinal fluid homovanillic acid levels in depressed suicide attempters
Major depressive disorder in adolescents: family psychiatric history predicts severe behavioral disinhibition
Management of the depressed, suicidal child or adolescent
Manual assisted cognitive treatment for deliberate self-harm in borderline personality disorder patients
Manufacturer admits increase in suicidal behaviour in patients taking paroxetine
Media coverage on suicide in Nuremberg's daily papers--frequency and form of the reporting before and during media-intervention with guidelines
Medication utilization patterns and methods of suicidality in borderline personality disorder
Mental illness in a rural area: a Norwegian psychiatric epidemiological study
Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for prevention of recurrence of suicidal behavior
Mixed depression, suicidality, and antidepressants
Modeling of the temporal patterns of fluoxetine prescriptions and suicide rates in the United States
Modern discussion forum "depression, suicidality"
Moral nature of the DSM-IV Cluster B personality disorders
Early intervention reduces morbidity in extravasation injuries from 'lighter fuel' injection
Effect of age at onset on the course of major depressive disorder
Effect of regulatory warnings on antidepressant prescribing for children and adolescents
Effect of tryptophan hydroxylase-2 gene variants on suicide risk in major depression
Effectiveness of psychosocial treatments on suicidality in personality disorders
Effects associated with adolescent standardized patient simulation of depression and suicidal ideation
Emergence, persistence, and resolution of suicidal ideation during treatment of depression in old age
Emergency department visits for acetaminophen overdose: a Canadian population-based epidemiologic study (1997-2002)
Emergency suicide care in France: the psychiatrist's liability as seen in case law
Encountering patient suicide: a requirement of the residency program curriculum
Encountering Patient Suicide: A Resident's Experience
Encountering patient suicide: emotional responses, ethics, and implications for training programs
Encountering patient suicide: the need for guidelines
Encountering patient suicide: the role of survivors
Epidemiology of suicide and suicide attempts in Belgium: results from the sentinel network of general practitioners
Ethnic disparities in problem behaviour in adolescence contribute to ethnic disparities in social class in adulthood
Ethylene glycol poisoning
Euthanasia and suicide in antiquity: viewpoint of the dramatists and philosophers
Evaluating suicide-related adverse events in clinical trials of fluoxetine treatment in adults for indications other than major depressive disorder
Evidence-based treatment of adolescent major depression
Factitious hyperamylasuria by a nurse: symptom of Munchausen's syndrome
Factors affecting outcome in schizophrenia and their relevance for psychopharmacological treatment
Facts and myths about seasonal variation in suicide
Familial pathways to early-onset suicidal behavior: familial and individual antecedents of suicidal behavior
Fatty acid composition in postmortem brains of people who completed suicide
Fluoxetine and adult suicidality revisited: an updated meta-analysis using expanded data sources from placebo-controlled trials
The "choking game": self-strangulation with a belt and clothes rack
Forty-year psychiatric outcomes following assessment for internalizing disorder in adolescence
Friendship interactions in children with and without depressive symptoms: observation of emotion during game-playing interactions and post-game evaluations
Full term normal delivery following suicidal hanging
Future orientation moderates the relationship between functional status and suicide ideation in depressed adults
General health mediates the relationship between loneliness, life satisfaction and depression. A study with Malaysian medical students
Generalized anxiety disorder and depression: childhood risk factors in a birth cohort followed to age 32
Genes and environment in suicidality
Genetic markers of suicidal ideation emerging during citalopram treatment of major depression
Genetic variability at HPA axis in major depression and clinical response to antidepressant treatment
Graphology for the diagnosis of suicide attempts: a blind proof of principle controlled study
Gunshot residue testing in suicides: Part I: Analysis by scanning electron microscopy with energy-dispersive X-ray
Gunshot residue testing in suicides: Part II: Analysis by inductive coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometry
Headspace: National Youth Mental Health Foundation: making headway with rural young people and their mental health
Health locus of control and depressive symptoms among adolescents in Alexandria, Egypt
Heterogeneity of the risk of suicidal behavior in bipolar-spectrum disorders
High suicide risk after the development of cognitive and working memory deficits caused by cannabis, cocaine and ecstasy use
Higher risk. Treating suicidal patients and recognizing the danger among crews
History of childhood maltreatment is associated with comorbid depression in women with migraine
Homotypic versus heterotypic continuity of anxiety symptoms in young adolescents: evidence for distinctions between DSM-IV subtypes
Hope and interpersonal psychiatric/mental health nursing: a systematic review of the literature--part one
Hopelessness and suicidality in Turkish and American respondents
Hopelessness, helplessness, and haplessness as predictors of suicidal ideation
Hostility, anger, and marital adjustment: concurrent and prospective associations with psychosocial vulnerability
Hot pack, nursing costs and suicide: the BJN over 100 years ago
Hypervigilance in patients with borderline personality disorder: specificity, automaticity, and predictors
I'll believe it when I can see it: imagery rescripting of intrusive sensory memories in depression
Impact of conducted electrical weapons in a mentally ill population: a brief report
Impact of publicity concerning pediatric suicidality data on physician practice patterns in the United States
Impact of sociodemographic and clinical factors on subjective quality of life in schizophrenia patients in Beijing, China
Implicit and explicit self-esteem in currently depressed individuals with and without suicidal ideation
In the coroner's chair - substance misuse and suicide in young people: have we got the focus right?
Treatment-associated suicidal ideation and adverse effects in an open, multicenter trial of fluoxetine for major depressive episodes
Venlafaxine discontinuation syndrome and suicidal ideation: a case series
Adolescent suicide and health risk behaviors: Rhode Island's 2007 Youth Risk Behavior Survey
Should the use of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in child and adolescent depression be banned?
Suicidal attempts and aggressive behaviours after temporal lobectomy in epilepsy
Suicidal decapitation using a tractor loader: a case report and review of the literature
Suicidality in schizophrenic patients with and without obsessive-compulsive disorder
Suicidality scores during double-blind fluoxetine and desipramine treatment in Mexican Americans
Suicide by multidrug ingestion: hypothesis on the role played by the self-administration of activated charcoal
The monoamine oxidase A (MAO-A) gene, family function and maltreatment as predictors of destructive behaviour during male adolescent alcohol consumption
The serotonin transporter gene and alcoholism: the two pathways to suicidal behavior
Associations between abortion, mental disorders, and suicidal behaviour in a nationally representative sample
Changes in suicide rates by hanging and/or suffocation and firearms among young persons aged 10-24 years in the United States: 1992-2006
A community-based survey and screening for depression in the elderly
Engagement and retention of suicide attempters in clinical research
Evaluation of the reliability and validity of two clinician- judgment suicide risk assessment instruments
Excess suicide risk and other external causes of death among women with cosmetic breast implants: a neglected research priority
Firearms, hanging, and drowning suicides in the Republic of Ireland
From bench to bedside in the prevention of suicide: a never-ending back and forth journey
Genital self-mutilation
Identification of suicide risk among rural youth: implications for the use of HEADSS
Impulsivity, Aggression and Suicide Risk among Male Schizophrenia Patients
Inequalities in suicide rates in the European Union's elderly: trends and impact of macro-socioeconomic factors between 1980 and 2006
Measuring the suicidal mind: implicit cognition predicts suicidal behavior
A pilot study of mobile telephone message interventions with suicide attempters in China
Season of Birth Is Significantly Associated with the Risk of Completed Suicide
The neurobiology of psychopathy
Suicide attempters' memory traces of exposure to suicidal behavior
Suicide prevalence in Kosova for the period 2007-2008
Trauma, attempted suicide, and morning cortisol in a community sample of adolescents
Anti-suicidal and self-harm properties of lithium carbonate
Antidepressants and suicide
Assessment and treatment of suicide risk in schizophrenia
Association between serotonin-related gene polymorphisms and suicidal behavior in depressive patients
Association between the A-1438G polymorphism of the serotonin 2A receptor gene and nonimpulsive suicide attempts
Association of alpha2A-adrenergic receptor gene polymorphism with susceptibility to suicide in Japanese females
Association of cholesterol and socio-demographic parameters with suicidality in the male patients with schizophrenia
Association of limbic system-associated membrane protein (LSAMP) to male completed suicide
Association of polymorphism (Val66Met) of brain-derived neurotrophic factor with suicide attempts in depressed patients
Association study of the interleukin-1 gene complex and tumor necrosis factor alpha gene with suicide attempts
Association study of two polymorphisms of the serotonin-2A receptor gene and suicide attempts
Attempted and completed suicides after subthalamic nucleus stimulation for Parkinson's disease
Attention deficit in depressed suicide attempters
Trends in adult suicides in New Mexico: utilizing data from the New Mexico violent death reporting system
Available supports and coping behaviors of mental health social workers following fatal and nonfatal client suicidal behavior
Avoiding shame: young LGBT people, homophobia and self-destructive behaviours
Behavioral assessment and treatment of self-injurious behavior in autism
Behavioral disinhibition, suicidal ideation, and self-mutilation related to clonazepam
Behavioral forecasts do not improve the prediction of future behavior: a prospective study of self-injury
Bioterrorism. Scientists seek answers, ponder future after anthrax case suicide
Brain-derived neurotrophic factor and tyrosine kinase B receptor signalling in post-mortem brain of teenage suicide victims
Can music preference indicate mental health status in young people?
Can randomized controlled trials be done with suicidal youths?
Can sociodemographic and clinical variables predict the quality of life of outpatients with major depression?
Cancer, mental disorders, suicidal ideation and attempts in a large community sample
Cardiac pacing and psychologic disorders
Case of self-inflicted skin ulceration
Case report of suicide by inhalation of nitrogen gas
Case report: Etizolam and its major metabolites in two unnatural death cases
Case-control analyses of the impact of pharmacotherapy on prospectively observed suicide attempts and completed suicides in bipolar disorder: findings from STEP-BD
Challenges and opportunities in the treatment of adolescents with substance use disorder and suicidal behavior
Changes to inpatient consultation-liaison psychiatry service delivery over a 7-year period
Childhood abuse, suicidal behavior and the concept of post-traumatic mood disorder
Children's mental health emergencies--part 2: emergency department evaluation and treatment of children with mental health disorders
Chronic suicidality in a physician: an alliance yet to become therapeutic
Classification trees distinguish suicide attempters in major psychiatric disorders: a model of clinical decision making
Clinical inquiries. Which drugs are safest for moderate to severe depression in adolescents?
Clinical observation of self-injurious behavior correlated with changes in scalp morphology in a child with congenital hydrocephalus
Clinical utility of the MMPI-2 Restructured Clinical (RC) Scales in therapeutic assessment: a case study
College mental health since the early twentieth century
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Comparison of demographic and clinical characteristics between children and adolescents with major depressive disorder
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Coricidin HBP abuse: patient characteristics and psychiatric manifestations as recorded in an inpatient psychiatric unit
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Countertransference in the therapy of suicidal patients - an important part of integrative treatment
Cutaneous Munchausen's syndrome caused by self-injections of fermented beans
Cutting: rare in Kelantan (Malaysia)
Dalí's homage to Rothko: a defense against fusion with the victim
Deficits in docosahexaenoic acid and associated elevations in the metabolism of arachidonic acid and saturated fatty acids in the postmortem orbitofrontal cortex of patients with bipolar disorder
Delusional parasitosis: a new pathway for diagnosis and treatment
Demonstration of decreased activity of dorsal raphe nucleus neurons in depressed suicidal patients by the AgNOR staining method
Depression and suicidal behavior in alcohol abusing adolescents: possible role of selenium deficiency
Depression symptomatology and diagnosis: discordance between patients and physicians in primary care settings
Depressive symptoms induce paranoid symptoms in narcissistic personalities (but not narcissistic symptoms in paranoid personalities)
Depressive symptoms, suicidal ideation and acne: a study of male Finnish conscripts
Descriptions of self-mutilation among Finnish adolescents: a qualitative descriptive inquiry
The correlation between rates of unemployment and suicides rates in Japan between 1984 and 2003
The fatal case of a cocaine body-stuffer and a literature review - towards evidence based management
The relationship between elderly suicide rates and elderly dependency ratios: a cross-national study using data from the WHO data bank
Increased incidence of pituitary microadenomas in suicide victims
Informed consent for research in Borderline Personality Disorder
Ingestion of pointed objects in a complex suicide
Instability in self-esteem and paranoia in a general population sample
Internet-delivered targeted group intervention for body dissatisfaction and disordered eating in adolescent girls: a randomized controlled trial
Interrelationship of childhood trauma, neuroticism, and depressive phenotype
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Is the bipolar spectrum the psychopathological substrate of suicidality in heroin addicts?
Is theory of mind understanding impaired in males with fragile X syndrome?
Isotretinoin, depression and suicide ideation in an adolescent boy
Job stress and depressive symptoms among Japanese fire fighters
Lack of association between endoplasmic reticulum stress response genes and suicidal victims
Late-life depression and alcoholism
LC-MS/MS analysis of fentanyl and norfentanyl in a fatality due to application of multiple Durogesic transdermal therapeutic systems
Lithium therapy for unipolar and bipolar depression among the middle-aged and older adult patient subpopulation
Lithium: underappreciated and underused?
Low plasma BDNF is associated with suicidal behavior in major depression
Low plasma cholesterol levels in suicidal males: a gender- and body mass index-matched case-control study of suicide attempters and nonattempters
Major depression in Chinese Americans: the roles of stress, vulnerability, and acculturation
Major depression symptoms in primary care and psychiatric care settings: a cross-sectional analysis
Male gender and low education with poor mental health literacy: a population-based study
Male genital self-amputation in the Middle East. A simple repair by anterior urethrostomy
Managing wounds in patients who self harm
Maternal mortality and psychiatric morbidity in the perinatal period
Measuring the tail of the dog that doesn't bark in the night: the case of the national evaluation of Choose Life (the national strategy and action plan to prevent suicide in Scotland)
Mediating consolation with suicidal patients
Memory of childhood trauma before and after long-term psychological treatment of borderline personality disorder
Mental health and functional outcomes of maternal and adolescent reports of adolescent depressive symptoms
Mental health and substance use disorders among Latino and Asian American lesbian, gay, and bisexual adults
Mental health problems among single and partnered mothers. The role of financial hardship and social support
Meta-analyses suggest association between COMT, but not HTR1B, alleles, and suicidal behavior
Meta-analysis of gene-environment interactions in developmental psychopathology
Meta-analysis supports association between serotonin transporter (5-HTT) and suicidal behavior
Metareview on short-term effectiveness and safety of antidepressants for depression: an evidence-based approach to inform clinical practice
Methamphetamine users in the psychiatric emergency services: a case-control study
Minor depression in adolescence: phenomenology and clinical correlates
MRI study of corpus callosum in patients with borderline personality disorder: a pilot study
Multiple self-inflicted nail gun head injury
What is specific to suicide in schizophrenia disorder? Demographic, clinical and behavioural dimensions
Strain, Emotion, and Suicide Among American Indian Youth
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Treatment of self-restraint associated with the application of protective equipment
Social and gender inequalities in depressive symptoms among urban older adults of Latin America and the Caribbean
State IQ and suicide rates in the United States
Suicide in deaf populations: a literature review
Suicide risk among recently released prisoners in New South Wales, Australia
Suicide risk in schizophrenia: Explanatory models and clinical implications
Urban residence, victimhood and the appraisal of personal safety in people with schizophrenia: results from the European Schizophrenia Cohort (EuroSC)
Moral objections to suicide: Can they counteract suicidality in patients with cluster B psychopathology?
Mortality in a cohort of chronically fatigued patients
Mortality salience, martyrdom, and military might: the Great Satan versus the Axis of Evil
Narcissism, sexuality, and psyche in terrorist theology
Negative life events, social support and gender difference in depression: a multinational community survey with data from the ODIN study
Neuronal tryptophan hydroxylase mRNA expression in the human dorsal and median raphe nuclei: major depression and suicide
No evidence of an association between tyrosine hydroxylase gene polymorphisms and suicide victims
Nonfatal suicidal olanzapine overdose: a case report
Ocular Munchausen syndrome resulting in bilateral blindness
Oedipism: bilateral self-enucleation
Of Eggshells and Thin-skulls: a consideration of racism-related mental illness impacting Black women
Omega-3 fatty acid deficiencies in neurodevelopment, aggression and autonomic dysregulation: opportunities for intervention
Omega-3 polyunsaturated essential fatty acid status as a predictor of future suicide risk
Onychotillomania, major depressive disorder and suicide
Opening of an admission service project for suicidal patients
Pain-driven suicide due to pleural plaques associated with asbestos exposure
Pain-related catastrophizing as a risk factor for suicidal ideation in chronic pain
Panic attack with suicide: an exceptional adverse effect of infliximab
Panic disorder and suicidal ideation in primary care
Parents' and teachers' concordance with children's self-ratings of suicidality: findings from a high-risk sample
Pathways out of a suicidal crisis
Patients and nurses' perceptions of ward environmental factors and support systems in the care of suicidal patients
Patients' views on suicidality and antidepressants
Penetrating craniocerebral injury caused by a pneumatic nail gun: an unsuccessful attempt of suicide
People who have committed a certain sin ought to be dead
Perspectives on the efficacy of antidepressants for child and adolescent depression
Pharmacoepidemiology of psychotropic medication: utilisation and impact in real-life conditions
Planned complex suicide: report of three cases
Platelet 5-HT2A receptor binding and tryptophan availability in depression are not associated with recent history of suicide attempts but with personality traits characteristic for suicidal behavior
Postnatal depressive symptoms go largely untreated: a probability study in urban New Zealand
Potential usefulness of N1,N11-diethylnorspermine to prevent suicidal behaviour
Predictors of aversive alcohol consequences in a military sample
Understanding perpetrators in genocides and mass atrocities
Update from Sri Lankan Twin Registry: establishment of a population-based twin register and ongoing project on common mental disorders, alcohol abuse and suicidal ideations
Preventing depression among early adolescents in the primary care setting: a randomized controlled study of the Penn Resiliency Program
Primo Levi's loneliness: psychoanalytic perspectives on suicide-nearness
Problem music and self-harming
Problems in psychotherapy with suicidal patients
Progress in identifying risk and protective factors in older suicidal adults
Promoting mental health as an essential aspect of health promotion
Prospective studies of suicidal behavior in major depressive and bipolar disorders: what is the evidence for predictive risk factors?
Psychiatric comorbidity may not predict suicide during and after hospitalization. A nested case-control study with blinded raters
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Psychological correlates of depression in children with recurrent abdominal pain
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PTSD and depression after the Madrid March 11 train bombings
Pursuing perfect depression care
R study of suicide with special reference to endometrial study in female individuals
Racial differences in the use of antidepressants and counseling for depression among homeless women
Reciprocal relationship between suicidal ideation and depression in Hong Kong elderly Chinese
Reciprocal, longitudinal associations among adolescents' negative feedback-seeking, depressive symptoms, and peer relations
Reduced suicidal ideation in bipolar I disorder mixed-episode patients in a placebo-controlled trial of olanzapine combined with lithium or divalproex
Regional differences in psychiatric disorders in Chile
Relationship between academic stress and suicidal ideation: testing for depression as a mediator using multiple regression
Relief for surviving relatives following a suicide
Religion/spirituality and adolescent health outcomes: a review
Resiliency among individuals with childhood sexual abuse and HIV: perspectives on addressing sexual trauma
Responding to and treating negative interpersonal processes in suicidal depression
Retrospective analysis of psychomotor agitation, hypomanic symptoms, and suicidal ideation in unipolar depression
Risk factors and protective factors in relation to subjective health among adult female victims of child sexual abuse
Risk factors for completed suicide in schizophrenia and other chronic psychotic disorders: a case-control study
Risk of suicide after attempted suicide in the population of Slovenia from 1970 to 1996
Ritualistic excoriation and blood-letting resulting in anemia in borderline personality disorder
Role of the endocannabinoid system in depression and suicide
Sandro Morselli: schizophrenic solitude, suicide, and psychotherapy
Screening for major depression and posttraumatic stress disorder among asylum seekers: adapting a standardized instrument to the social and cultural context
Teenagers' attitudes about seeking help from telephone crisis services (hotlines)
The associations between peer and parental relationships and suicidal behaviours in early adolescents
The use of the Antenatal Psychosocial Health Assessment (ALPHA) tool in the detection of psychosocial risk factors for postpartum depression: a randomized controlled trial
Screening for postpartum depression in military women with the Postpartum Depression Screening Scale
Self inflicted harm--NICE in ethical self destruct mode?
Self injurious behavior in autism: clinical aspects and treatment with risperidone
Self-administered electroconvulsive treatment with a homemade device
Self-amputation of a healthy hand: a case of body integrity identity disorder
Self-amputation of penis and tongue after use of Angel's Trumpet
Self-cannibalism: an unusual case of self-mutilation
Self-cutting behaviors in adolescents
Self-harming behaviour and dissociation in complex PTSD
Self-inflicted death during interfacility transfer
Self-inflicted finger-amputation: insurance fraud or accidental injury?
Self-inflicted nail-gun injury with 12 cranial penetrations and associated cerebral trauma. Case report and review of the literature
Self-injurious behavior in college students
Self-mutilation as a consequence of the perinatal brachial plexus palsy
Self-mutilation of fingers after cervical spinal cord injury
Sensitive research with adolescents: just how upsetting are self-report surveys anyway?
Serotonin and suicidal behavior in patients with comorbid depression and alcoholism
Serotonin uptake inhibitors in young subjects: risk or opportunity?
Serum lipids and risk factors for attempted suicide in patients with alcohol dependence
Severe and persistent mental illness: a useful definition for prioritizing community-based mental health service interventions
Sex differences in completed suicide by schizophrenic patients: a meta-analysis
Sex differences in reasons for living
Short-Term Assessment of Risk and Treatability (START): The case for a new structured professional judgment scheme
Sleep disorders and depression
Social support, ethnicity and mental health in adolescents
Soluble interleukin 2 receptor levels, temperament and character in formerly depressed suicide attempters compared with normal controls
SOPRoxi: a research-intervention project for suicide survivors
Spectacular suicide associated with mefloquine
Stab injury of the brain by kitchen knife
Stability, correlates, and outcome of adolescent suicidal risk
Stat bite: Suicide circumstances, 2003-2004
Statistical analysis of self-hanging cases in Riazan' and nearby regions for 6 years
Status epilepticus due to attempted suicide with isoniazid
STin2 variant and family history of suicide as significant predictors of suicide completion in major depression
Stress buffering effects of social support on depressive symptoms in middle age: reciprocity and community mental health
Stressful segregation housing and psychosocial vulnerability in prison suicide ideators
Study of suicides and homicides between 1867 and 2004 with a historical epidemiological method
Study on factors related to suicide--from the viewpoint of psychiatry. Suicide by the aged and children. Nos. 1 and 2
Substance use disorder comorbidity in major depressive disorder: a confirmatory analysis of the STAR*D cohort
Suicidal adolescents' social support from family and peers: gender-specific associations with psychopathology
Suicidal and homicidal soldiers in deployment environments
Suicidal behavior in a clinical population of 12-17-year olds with eating disorders
Suicidal ideations and suicide attempts after starting on aripiprazole, a new antipsychotic drug
Suicidal ideations and suicide attempts after starting on aripiprazole, a new antipsychotic drug
Suicidality in body dysmorphic disorder: a prospective study
Suicidality in schizophrenia as a separate symptom domain that may be independent of depression or psychosis
Suicidality, depression, and mental health service use in Canada
Suicide after deep brain stimulation of the internal globus pallidus for dystonia
Suicide after surgical treatment in patients with epilepsy: a meta-analytic investigation
Suicide and documentation: don't let the pen kill your career
Suicide and potential occupational exposure to pesticides, Colorado 1990-1999
Suicide attempt with clopidogrel
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Suicide by combined insulin and glipizide overdose in a non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus physician: a case report
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Suicide with hostile intent in the Bible
Surgical reconstruction of attempted suicide charcoal burns
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Tatoos, piercing: body art? Body damage? Debasement of the body or return to a primitive way of life?
Teachers who bully students: a hidden trauma
Teasing and BMI
Temporal changes in suicide rates for persons treated and not treated with antidepressants in Denmark during 1995-1999
Terror and societal regression: does psychoanalysis offer insights for international relations? Panel report
The alliance against depression: 2-year evaluation of a community-based intervention to reduce suicidality
The association of parental alcohol abuse and depression with severe emotional and behavioural problems in adolescents: a clinical study
The case against no-suicide contracts: the commitment to treatment statement as a practice alternative
The choking game or suffocation roulette in adolescence
Sudden death among young people with first-episode psychosis: An 8-10year follow-up study
Suggestive linkage of the child behavior checklist juvenile bipolar disorder phenotype to 1p21, 6p21, and 8q21
The impact of epidemic outbreak
Nature and nurture in suicidal behavior, the role of genetics: some novel findings concerning personality traits and neural conduction
Nature and nurture predispose to violent behavior: serotonergic genes and adverse childhood environment
Negative mood states and related factors in a sample of adolescent secondary-school students in Barcelona (Spain)
Neonatal death following clozapine self-poisoning in late pregnancy: an unusual case report
Nested association between genetic variation in tryptophan hydroxylase II, bipolar affective disorder, and suicide attempts
Nifedipine suppresses self-injurious behaviors in animals
Non-suicidal self-injury: an introduction
Nonlinear dynamics and probabilistic behavior of adolescent suicidal outbreaks
Noradrenergic function in suicide
Obsessive-compulsive disorder versus body dysmorphic disorder: a comparison study of two possibly related disorders
Omega-3 fatty acid for recurrent self-harm: unanswered questions
On the Werther effect: a reply to Krysinska and Lester
Orexin and psychiatric symptoms in suicide attempters
Outcome of sixty four cases of ethylene dibromide ingestion treated in tertiary care hospital