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Can a safety-in-numbers effect and a hazard-in-numbers effect co-exist in the same data?
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Biomechanical and ergonomic assessment of urban transit operators
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Vision meets robotics: The KITTI dataset
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Pedestrian behavior at signalized pedestrian crossings
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Estimating the robustness of long-haul train plans
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Investigation of the injury threshold of knee ligaments by the parametric study of car-pedestrian impact conditions
Integrated momentum wheel and differential braking control to improve vehicle dynamic performance
Integration of driving simulator and traffic simulation to analyse behaviour at railway crossings
Is active commuting good for our health?
Modeling duration of overtaking in two lane highways
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Rollover crashworthiness analysis of a railroad passenger car
A simulator evaluation of the effects of attention maintenance training on glance distributions of younger novice drivers inside and outside the vehicle
Are people overoptimistic about the effects of heavy drinking?
Blunt transection of rectus abdominis following seatbelt related trauma with associated small and large bowel injury
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Emotional distractors can enhance attention
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Garner interference and temporal information processing
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Integrating life-cycle environmental and economic assessment with transportation and land use planning
Medicine, the Law and traffic accidents
Nintendo® Wii Fit based sleepiness tester detects impairment of postural steadiness due to 24h of wakefulness
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Seat belt injury to the inguinal region presenting with hemorrhagic shock
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Anodal tDCS over SMA decreases the probability of withholding an anticipated action
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Electronic discharge summary driving advice: Current practice and future directions
The impact of pedestrian countdown signals on pedestrian-motor vehicle collisions: A reanalysis of data from a quasi-experimental study
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Speed management strategies and drivers' attitudes in Thailand
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Mode choice models' ability to express intention to change travel behaviour considering non-compensatory rules and latent variables
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Risky driving and pedunculopontine nucleus-thalamic cholinergic denervation in Parkinson disease
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Common and disease-specific dysfunctions of brain systems underlying attentional and executive control in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder
Context-sensitive adjustment of cognitive control in dual-task performance
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European birds adjust their flight initiation distance to road speed limits
Evaluating stress as a challenge is associated with superior attentional control and motor skill performance: Testing the predictions of the biopsychosocial model of challenge and threat
Injuries in the North - analysis of 20 years of surveillance data collected by the Canadian Hospitals Injury Reporting and Prevention Program
Making a task difficult: Evidence that device-oriented steps are effortful and error-prone
Microbiological and abiotic processes in modelling longer-term marine corrosion of steel
On the advantage of an external focus of attention: A benefit to learning or performance?
Prediction of thoracic injury severity in frontal impacts by selected anatomical morphomic variables through model-averaged logistic regression approach
The relationship between self-awareness of attentional status, behavioral performance and oscillatory brain rhythms
Right coronary artery dissection following blunt chest trauma
Testing measurement invariance of the Protective Behavioral Strategies Scale in college men and women
Transportation and physical activity in São Paulo, Brazil
Diversity of individual mobility patterns and emergence of aggregated scaling laws
Driving frequency and its impact on road rage offending and victimization: A view from opportunity theory
Effectiveness of booster seats compared with no restraint or seat belt alone for crash injury prevention
Extent, consequences and economic burden of road traffic crashes in Iran
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How do motorcyclists manage mental tensions of risky riding?
Neighborhood perceptions and active school commuting in low-income cities
Quantifying traffic exposure
State costs of excessive alcohol consumption, 2006
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A behavioral dynamics approach to obstacle detection and avoidance by patients with tunnel vision
Crosswalk time estimation and time perception: An experimental study among older female pedestrians
Dependence of the head injury criterion and maximum acceleration on headform mass and initial velocity in tests simulating pedestrian impacts with vehicles
Distracted by your mind? Individual differences in distractibility predict mind wandering
Distributed pedestrian detection alerts based on data fusion with accurate localization
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Effects of damper failure on vehicle stability
Corrigendum: "An open simulation approach to identify the chances and limitations for pedestrian active safety"
3D traffic scene understanding from movable platforms
Air travel: Effects of sleep deprivation and jet lag
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Alcohol-related road traffic injury and Global Burden of Disease 2010 - Authors' reply
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Dromosagnosia, or why some people lose their sense of direction while driving
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Educational level and age as contributing factors to road traffic accidents
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Effectiveness and equity impacts of town-wide cycling initiatives in England: A longitudinal, controlled natural experimental study
Evaluation of the impacts of speed variation on freeway traffic collisions in various traffic states
Injury pattern, hospital triage and mortality of 1,250 patients with severe traumatic brain injury caused by road traffic accidents
Injury Prevention: Opportunities in the Emergency Department
Kinematics and shoulder belt position of child anthropomorphic test devices during steering maneuvers
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Psychological factors for driver distraction and inattention in the Australian and New Zealand rail industry
Psychomotor performance of truck drivers before and after day shifts
Railway suicide attempts are associated with amount of sunlight in recent days
Real-world injury patterns associated with Hybrid III sternal deflections in frontal crash tests
Reconsidering the effects of blue-light installation for prevention of railway suicides
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Sadness increases distraction by auditory deviant stimuli
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Development of a model for the estimation of pedestrian level of service in Greek urban areas
Perceptual process for bicyclist microcosmic behavior
Dynamic traffic assignment based evacuation planning for CBD areas
Fatigue and brittle fracture of carbon steel of gas and oil pipelines
Optimization of variable speed limits for efficient, safe, and sustainable mobility
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Reduction of collisions between aircraft and surface vehicles
Measures for improving powered two-wheelers riders' traffic safety on Slovenian roads
The influences of access improvements in pedestrian street use
Improper use of child restraint seats as a sleeping environment: Two cases of childhood death
Effect of a pain diary use on recovery from acute whiplash injury: A cohort study
Investigating traffic accidents: The interaction between a motor vehicle and a pedestrian
Leveraging probe data to assess security checkpoint wait times
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Identifying high-crash-risk intersections
Develop calibration factors for crash prediction models for rural two-lane roadways in Illinois
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Modeling human behavior in vessel maneuver simulation by optimal control and game theory
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Empirical analysis on relationship between traffic conditions and crash occurrences
Traffic psychology and driver behavior
Marijuana as a predictor of concurrent substance use among motor vehicle operators
Nordic citizens' views on traffic safety
Structural infrasound from a barge collision with the Mississippi River Bridge
Pre-licensed driving experience and car crash involvement during the learner and restricted, licence stages of graduated driver licensing: Findings from the New Zealand Drivers Study
Dynamics and cortical distribution of neural responses to 2D and 3D motion in human
The problems of the presence of passenger and freight trains on the same track
Quasi-experimental study of traffic calming measures in New York City
Functional characteristics and safety of two-lane rural roads
Helmet use among users of the Citi bike bicycle-sharing program: A pilot study in New York City
Remote sensing of weather and road surface conditions
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Aeroacoustics of volcanic jets: An overview
An empirical study of the effects of road tunnels on driving performance
Probability analysis of damage to offshore pipeline by ship factors
Americans' crash histories and opinions on safety policy
Driving characteristics of teens with attention deficit hyperactivity and autism spectrum disorder
Examining fatal crash reductions by first harmful events since the introduction of the Federal Highway Safety Improvement Program
Distribution of air accidents around runways
Preliminary studies on the relation between the audio-visual cues' perception and the approaching speed of electric vehicles
Rapid decision-making under risk
Exploring inattention and distraction in the SafetyNet Accident Causation Database
Improvement of driving skills in persons with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis: A pilot study
Implementing GigaPan technology into an airport's foreign object debris management program
Mitigating the effects of firebomb and blast attacks on metro systems
Engaging adolescents to care for elderly safety in the community
Active transportation safety features around schools in Canada
Association between neighbourhood marginalization and pedestrian and cyclist collisions in Toronto intersections
Recording and evaluation procedure of drivers' distraction: The case of Thessaloniki ring road
Indian reservation safety improvement program
Developing safety management tools for state departments of transportation
Proposal and application of a new method for bicycle network planning
The experience with Wehner/Schulze Procedure in the Czech Republic
A descriptive study of bicycle helmet use in Montreal, 2011
Interfleet and intrafleet models for crew recovery problems
Are parents following the recommendations for keeping children younger than 2 years rear facing during motor vehicle travel?
Burn injury from car seat in an 11-month-old infant
Driving after orthopaedic surgery
Analysis framework for evaluation of traffic compliance measures
Effectiveness and site selection criteria for red light camera systems
Impact of work related trauma on acute stress response in train drivers
Fatigue design of welded bicycle frames using a multiaxial criterion
Thrill and adventure seeking as a modifier of the relationship of perceived risk with risky driving among young drivers
Groundborne noise produced by rail transit tunnel construction
Improving roadside design to forgive human errors
Factors related with the ability to maintain wakefulness in the daytime after fast and forward rotating shifts
Influence of front light configuration on the visual conspicuity of motorcycles
Temporal trends in the associations between age, sex and socioeconomic status after death from motor vehicle collisions in England and Wales: 1960-2009
Cardinal Raúl Silva Henríquez Bridge during the 2010 Chile earthquake
Fatalities of pedestrians, bicycle riders, and motorists due to distracted driving motor vehicle crashes in the U.S., 2005-2010
Are mariner near misses influencing design?
Reliability of emergency medical field triage : Exemplified by traffic accident victims
Estimating the impacts of police enforcement stops on freeway operations and capacity
A study on the effect of intelligent speed adaptation to bus drivers
Mechanism of injury is not a predictor of trauma center admission
Barriers to care and comorbidities along the U.S.-Mexico border
Children left unattended in parked vehicles: A focus on recent italian cases and a review of literature
Real-time merging traffic control for throughput maximization at motorway work zones
Influence of the socio-economic factors on children's school travel
Evaluation of the applicability of IHSDM crash prediction module on Italian two-lane rural roads
Transport of DE-LIGHT: the design and prototyping of a lightweight crashworthy rail vehicle driver's cab
The influence of the infrastructure characteristics in urban road accidents occurrence
Control strategy for rural variable speed limit corridor
The influence of cognitive load on spatial search performance
Ethical issues in the neurology of aging and cognitive decline
2013 aircrew, avionics, and operations survey, part 1
Training for healthy older drivers
Effects of alcohol mixed with energy drink and alcohol alone on subjective intoxication
Improving the links between research and road safety policy: the case of France and England's speed management
Delays caused by incidents
Children walking to and from school in Tehran: Associations with neighbourhood safety, parental concerns and children's perceptions
Sound design concepts meeting minimum sound requirements: Advantages and disadvantages
When it is time to hang up the keys: the driving and dementia toolkit -- for persons with dementia (PWD) and caregivers -- a practical resource
What is the biggest threat to health and safety: Quiet or noisy vehicles?
Metrical rhythm implicitly orients attention in time as indexed by improved target detection and left inferior parietal activation
Disenfranchised grief following a non-fatal road traffic incident: A case study exploring a mother's experience
Preventing injuries from all-terrain vehicles
European Common Standardized Certification Methodology for road safety experts
Safety early warning research for highway construction based on case-based reasoning and variable fuzzy sets
Simulation of people evacuation in the event of a road tunnel fire
Effects of flickering seizures on road drivers and passengers
Road safety attitudes and perceptions of pedestrians in Europe
Estimation of effectiveness of a vehicle-actuated signal control system on work zone operations for a two-lane highway
Evaluating the performance of algorithms for the detection of travel time outliers
Exploring the effects of attitudinal and perception characteristics on drinking and driving non-compliant behavior
Comparative study of trauma in the elderly and non-elderly patients in a University Hospital in Curitiba
Driving behaviour of a sample of young Romanian drivers
Virtual traumatology of pregnant women: The PRegnant car Occupant Model for Impact Simulations (PROMIS)
An unusual autopsy case of incomplete decapitation of a motorcyclist with herniation of thoracic organs through a helmet-related neck wound
Recognizing safety-critical events from naturalistic driving data
Safety and school travel
Development and implementation of an audit tool for the pedestrian built environment
Benefit and trade-off analysis of continuous descent approach in normal traffic conditions
Investigating the truth of Heinrich's Pyramid in offshore helicopter transportation
Severity and causality of maxillofacial trauma in the Southern region of Saudi Arabia
Prevalence and risk of injury in Europe by driving with alcohol, illicit drugs and medicines
SAFECYCLE: E-safety applications for safe cycling in Europe
An evaluation of Winnipeg's photo enforcement safety program: Results of time series analyses and an intersection camera experiment
Developing early alerting mechanism to support robust terminal radar approach control operations
Assessing the sensitivity of transportation assets to extreme weather events and climate change
A logistic model for powered two-wheeler crashes in Italy
Cyclists' red-light running behaviours: An examination of risk-taking, opportunistic, and law-obeying behaviours
Sideswipes injuries of upper limbs: A case series report and review of literature
Optimizing detection of masked vehicles
Developing incident and near miss reporting in the maritime industry: A case study on the Baltic Sea
The risk assessment method of lighting disaster on railway signal system
Using decision trees to extract decision rules from police reports on road accidents
Mechanisms of motor vehicle crashes related to burns: An analysis of the German In Depth Accident Study (GIDAS) database
Emergency evacuation capacity of subway stations
Children, youth and road environment: Road traffic accident
Barriers to intra-aircraft communication and safety: The perspective of the flight attendants
Forward collision warning system considering both time-to-collision and safety braking distance
The severity of pedestrian crashes: An analysis using Google Street View imagery
Assessment of medical resource utilization for Taiwanese children hospitalized for intracranial injuries
Automatism and driving offences
Behind the Wheel and on the Map: Genetic and Environmental Associations Between Drunk Driving and Other Externalizing Behaviors
A Brief, Critical Review of Research on Impaired Control Over Alcohol Use and Suggestions for Future Studies
A comprehensive experimental study on material properties of human brain tissue
Compliance with seat belt use in Makurdi, Nigeria: An observational study
Child mortality in the Netherlands in the past decades: An overview of external causes and the role of public health policy
Coronial autopsy in a rural setting
Disparity in motorcycle helmet use in Thailand
Effects of bicycle helmet laws on children's injuries
The effects of situational factors and impulsiveness on drivers' intentions to violate traffic rules: Difference of driving experience
Epidemiology of cycling for exercise, recreation or sport in Australia and its contribution to health-enhancing physical activity
Estimating the subjective risks of driving simulator accidents
Excessive daytime sleepiness increases the risk of motor vehicle crash in obstructive sleep apnea
Impact of specific executive functions on driving performance in people with Parkinson's disease
Generalized nonlinear models for rear-end crash risk analysis
Greasy roads: The impact of bad financial news on road traffic accidents
Health risks of space exploration: Targeted and non-targeted oxidative injury by high charge and high energy particles
The impact of environmental factors on traffic accidents in Iran
Fetal intracranial injuries following motor vehicle accidents with airbag deployment
Freeway safety estimation using extreme value theory approaches: A comparative study
Frontal theta EEG dynamics in a real-world air traffic control task
A mediation model linking dispatcher leadership and work ownership with safety climate as predictors of truck driver safety performance
Microsaccades generated during car driving
Optimizing accu time-of-flight/direct analysis in real time for explosive residue analysis
A parametric duration model of the reaction times of drivers distracted by mobile phone conversations
Perceptual modulation of motor--but not visual--responses in the frontal eye field during an urgent-decision task
Predicting risk-taking behavior from prefrontal resting-state activity and personality
Prevalence of synthetic cannabinoids in blood samples from Norwegian drivers suspected of impaired driving during a seven weeks period
Relating traffic, construction, and ventilation noise to cognitive performances and subjective perceptions
Road information collection and sharing system
Scope of public health measures in ensuring road safety
Saccadic eye movements after low-dose oral alcohol exposure
Assessing structural health of helicopter fuselage panels through artificial neural networks hierarchies
Comparative analysis of the transportation of select petrochemicals
Detection of faults in flight control actuators with hard saturation and friction non-linearity
Effects on driving task and road safety impact induced by the usage of adaptive cruise control (ACC): A focus groups study
An exploratory study of psychological tendencies related to texting while driving
A framework to analyse extreme events with case studies
Hazard perception in older drivers
Improving the visibility of bicycle infrastructure
Inducing moods with background music
'Miracle-on-the-Hudson': Quantitative aftermath
Queueing network-adaptive control of thought rational (QN-ACTR): An integrated cognitive architecture for modelling complex cognitive and multi-task performance
Study of the impact of rainfall on freeway traffic flow in Southeast China
Towards a decision support system, application: Itinerary road modification for road transport of hazardous materials
Use of failure case studies in a construction management course
Using brain waves as transparent biometrics for on-demand driver authentication
Analysis of wheel/rail adhesion under oil contamination with surface roughness
The effect of the inflation pressure on the tyre properties and motorcycle stability
An inpatient child passenger safety program
Neighborhood built environment, perceived danger, and perceived social cohesion
Real-time yaw rate prediction based on a non-linear model and feedback compensation for vehicle dynamics control
Road safety as a shared responsibility and a public problem in Swedish road safety policy
Age-related dedifferentiation of cognitive and motor slowing: Insight from the comparison of Hick-Hyman and Fitts' laws
Falsification of the "evidential" breath alcohol analysis by ethanol-containing denture adhesive cream
The criminalization of "legal highs"
Cocaine and benzoylecgonine - pharmacokinetic principles with regard to the unpredictability under § 24a (2) Road Traffic Act
Characterizing bicycle collisions by neighborhood in a large midwestern city
A 20-year-old man with pulmonary cavities post motor vehicle accident: Traumatic pulmonary pseudocyst
Comorbid insomnia and sleep disordered breathing
Increased commuting to school time reduces sleep duration in adolescents
Perceived size change induced by nonvisual signals in darkness: The relative contribution of vergence and proprioception
Processing of complex distracting sounds in school-aged children and adults: evidence from EEG and MEG data
Prolonged extrication as a risk factor for pneumonia in trauma patients involved in a motor vehicle accident
Civil commitment for substance abuse
Volcanic-ash sensor to take flight
Can laptops be left inside passenger bags if motion imaging is used in X-ray security screening?
Drug use among drivers who drank on alcohol outlets from Porto Alegre, Brazil
Increased population drinking is not always associated with increased number of drink driving convictions
Influence of professional drivers' personality traits on road traffic safety: Case study
Prescription of antidepressants and the risk of road traffic crash in the elderly: a case-crossover study
Road traffic crashes in South Africa: The burden of injury to a regional trauma centre
Assessing factors causing severe injuries in crashes of high-deck buses in long-distance driving on freeways
Blinking and driving: The influence of saccades and cognitive workload
EEG alpha spindles and prolonged brake reaction times during auditory distraction in an on-road driving study
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners and medical certification of interstate commercial motor vehicle drivers
Internal validation of near-crashes in naturalistic driving studies: A continuous and multivariate approach
Incidence and predictors of neck and widespread pain after motor vehicle collision among U.S. litigants and non-litigants
Near-miss narratives from the fire service: A Bayesian analysis
Obstacle avoidance, visual detection performance, and eye-scanning behavior of glaucoma patients in a driving simulator: A preliminary study
Obstructive sleep apnea among commercial motor vehicle drivers: Using evidence-based practice to identify risk factors
Psychoactive substance use by truck drivers: A systematic review
Relative fatality risk curve to describe the effect of change in the impact speed on fatality risk of pedestrians struck by a motor vehicle
Safety of the Las Vegas left-turn display
Evaluating the transport, health and economic impacts of new urban cycling infrastructure in Sydney, Australia -- protocol paper
Head injury incidence and mortality in New Zealand over 10 years
Identifying the factors contributing to the severity of truck-involved crashes
Pattern of injury in fatal road traffic accidents in a rural area of western Maharashtra, India
Residence place as a risk factor in different types of fatal car accidents
Variable selection on large case-crossover data: Application to a registry-based study of prescription drugs and road traffic crashes
Curb the Danger: a police-community collaboration to 'curb' impaired driving
The ergonomic value of a bidirectional haptic interface when driving a highly automated vehicle
A parallel design optimisation method for articulated heavy vehicles with active safety systems
A review of side underride statistics and protection device literature and designs
Burden of hospitalizations for bicycling injuries by motor vehicle involvement: United States, 2002 to 2009
Driver distraction and inattention, advances in research and countermeasures
The effect of a helmet on cognitive performance is, at worst, marginal: A controlled laboratory study
Flight deck automation: A call for context-aware logic to improve safety
Helmet use is associated with safer bicycling behaviors and reduced hospital resource use following injury
Insurgents of the sea: Institutional and economic opportunities for maritime piracy
Numerical model (switchable/dual model) of the human head for rigid body and finite elements applications
Occupational licensing in intermediate-skill occupations: The case of drivers in the land transport industry
Evaluating alternate discrete outcome frameworks for modeling crash injury severity
Evaluating the double Poisson generalized linear model
Experimental research on the effectiveness of speed reduction markings based on driving simulation: A case study
Exploring the effects of driving experience on hazard awareness and risk perception via real-time hazard identification, hazard classification, and rating tasks
Fifteen years after a ferry disaster: Clinical interviews and survivors' self-assessment of their experience
Assessment of club patrons' alcohol and drug use: The use of biological markers
Violating traffic light behavior in the Biham-Middleton-Levine flow model
Cause analysis of bridge erecting machine tipping accident based on fault tree and the corresponding countermeasures
Deformation and support of roadways subjected to abnormal stresses
Method of safety assessment for airport baggage conveyer belt
New city model to reduce demand for transportation
Research and application on risk assessment DEA model of crowd crushing and trampling accidents in subway stations
Research on Beijing bus driver psychology fatigue evaluation
Risk assessment of marine traffic safety at coastal water area
Safety aspects of the use of LNG for marine propulsion
Sleep disorder detection and identification
Whole car side impact mode and response evaluation
The association between high-risk behavior and central nervous system injuries: Analysis of traffic-related fatalities in a large coroner's series
Behavioral traits and airport type affecting mammal incidents with U.S. civil aircraft
Do road safety communication campaigns work? How to assess the impact of a national fatigue campaign on driving behavior
Devising and demonstrating an extreme weather risk indicator for use in transportation systems
Dynamic behavior of ribbon floating bridges
Driving and off-road impairments underlying failure on road testing in Parkinson's disease
Emerging issues in safe and sustainable mobility for older persons
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners and Medical Certification of Interstate Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers
The first year of driving
Holistic approach to reduce rural roadway departure crashes
The impact of seatbelt use and airbag deployment on blunt thoracic aortic injury
Injury severity in delivery-motorcycle to vehicle crashes in the Seoul metropolitan area
Exploring the effects of roadway characteristics on the frequency and severity of head-on crashes: Case studies from Malaysian Federal Roads
Feasibility of force platform based roadside drowsiness screening: A pilot study
Gap acceptance of violators at signalised pedestrian crossings
Higher psychological distress is associated with unintentional injuries in US adults
Landscape heritage objects' effect on driving: A combined driving simulator and questionnaire study
Linking sensory neurons to visually guided behavior: Relating MST activity to steering in a virtual environment
Using hierarchical Bayesian binary probit models to analyze crash injury severity on high speed facilities with real-time traffic data
The analysis of roundabouts through visibility
On the attributes and influencing factors of end-users quality perceptions in urban transport: An exploratory analysis
Propensity for voluntary travel behavior changes: An experimental analysis
Purchase intention of environment-friendly automobile
Walking for sustainable living
Warning sound to affect perceived speed in approaching roundabouts: Experiments with a driving simulator
Aircraft rerouting due to abrupt facility outages
Assessing mobility and safety impacts of a variable speed limit control strategy
Development of a system to test somnolence detectors with drowsy drivers
Accident rates in road tunnels and social cost evaluation
Assessment of injury rates associated with road barrier collisions
CASPER-Improvement of child safety in cars
Comparative study of road traffic rules in Qatar compared to western countries
Delay modeling of ped-veh system based on pedestrian crossing at signalized intersection
Driver eye height: Experimental determination and implications on sight distances
Spatial analysis of maritime accidents using the geographic information system
A study of elderly unnatural deaths in medico-legal autopsies at Lucknow locality
Trauma with a touch of fresh water: Necrotizing fasciitis caused by Aeromonas hydrophilia after a motorcycle accident
Vouchers, magnet schools, charter schools, and options
Older adults' driving reduction and cessation: Perspectives of adult children
Opioids and traffic safety - focus on buprenorphine
Relative position vectors: An alternative approach to conflict detection in air traffic control
The spectrum of facial fractures in motor vehicle accidents: An MDCT study of 374 patients
Video analysis of the biomechanics of a bicycle accident resulting in significant facial fractures
Association of cyclists' age and sex with risk of involvement in a crash before and after adjustment for cycling exposure
Crash reconstruction and crash modification factors
Details of motorcycle accidents and their impact on healthcare costs
Forgivingness, anger, and hostility in aggressive driving
Patterns of injury seen in road crash victims in a South African trauma centre
Under-reporting of road traffic injuries in the district of Kandy, Sri Lanka
Update: Repeat DWI offenders involvement in fatal crashes in 2010
Controlling traffic jams by time modulating the safety distance
Culture related to road traffic safety: A comparison of eight countries using two conceptualizations of culture
Evaluation of the safety and usability of touch gestures in operating in-vehicle information systems with visual occlusion
The impact of cost and network topology on urban mobility: A study of public bicycle usage in 2 U.S. cities
Community core detection in transportation networks
A cross-lagged panel model examining protective behavioral strategies: Are types of strategies differentially related to alcohol use and consequences?
Global facilitation of attended features is obligatory and restricts divided attention
Camel bite injury to the maxillofacial region: Unusual cause and uncommon location
Coadaptive aiding and automation enhance operator performance
Dual-coded advisory turn indicators for GPS navigational guidance of surface vehicles: Effects of map orientation
Epidemiology and risk factors of cervical spine injury during heating season in the patients with cervical trauma: A cross-sectional study
Epidemiology of multiple trauma
Facial fractures of the upper craniofacial skeleton predict mortality and occult intracranial injury after blunt trauma: an analysis
The impact of eye movements and cognitive workload on lateral position variability in driving
Glass particle injury to the maxillofacial region
The lost ability to find the way: Topographical disorientation after a left brain lesion
Are neuropsychological deficits after trauma associated with ASD severity?
Attentional and executive functions are differentially affected by post-traumatic stress disorder and trauma
Comparing factors associated with maternal and adolescent reports of adolescent traumatic event exposure
Concealing their communication: Exploring psychosocial predictors of young drivers' intentions and engagement in concealed texting
Design and evaluation of steering protection for avoiding collisions during a lane change
Effect of GDP changes on road traffic fatalities
A probabilistic approach for safety risk analysis in metro construction
ADHD and relative risk of accidents in road traffic: A meta-analysis
Ambulatory cell phone injuries in the United States: An emerging national concern
Demographics, clinical characteristics and quality of life of Brazilian women with driving phobia
Environmental risk analysis of hazardous material rail transportation
Epidemiology and preventive aspects of railway suicides and fatalities related to trespassing accidents
Exploring the risk factors associated with the size and severity of roadway crashes in Riyadh
Head trauma sustained under the influence of alcohol is a predictor for future traumatic brain injury: A long-term follow-up study
Insomnia and accidents: Cross-sectional study (EQUINOX) on sleep-related home, work and car accidents in 5293 subjects with insomnia from 10 countries
Introducing a multivariate model for predicting driving performance: The role of driving anger and personal characteristics
Is more engaging safety training always better in reducing accidents? Evidence of self-selection from Chilean panel data
Lack of impairment due to confirmed codeine use prior to a motor vehicle accident: Role of pharmacogenomics
The overall program effects of California's 3-Tier Assessment System pilot on crashes and mobility among senior drivers
Patterns of infant mortality in Kuwait from 2003 to 2006
Pedestrians' estimates of their own nighttime conspicuity are unaffected by severe reductions in headlight illumination
Putting together "Shattered Dreams": A program to reduce alcohol-related and distracted driving-related car crashes among adolescents
Trauma-related mortality among adults in rural western Kenya: Characterising deaths using data from a health and demographic surveillance system
Travel-related behaviors, opinions, and concerns of U.S. adult drivers by race/ethnicity, 2010
Health impact assessment of increasing public transport and cycling use in Barcelona: A morbidity and burden of disease approach
HPCSA Serious Injury Narrative Test guideline
Perception of risk and the attribution of responsibility for accidents
Personality correlates of accident-proneness in auto-rickshaw drivers in India
Pilot study on constructing a real-world, in-depth database of occupant injury and vehicle damage after a domestic motor vehicle crash accident
Stress of driving: general overview
Whether or not to ride with an intoxicated driver: Predicting intentions using an extended version of the theory of planned behaviour
Driver-related delay in emergency braking response to a laterally incurring hazard
Driver response to unexpected automatic braking/haptic warning while backing
Optimizations for optical velocity measurements in narrow gaps
What are the consequences of sharing a trainee's driving course between different trainers?
Cell phone use and crash risk
More on cell phone use and crash risk
Vehicle LATCH system features associated with correct child restraint installations
A comparative study of count models: Application to pedestrian-vehicle crashes along Malaysia federal roads -- Corrigendum
Agricultural vehicles and rural road safety: Tackling a persistent problem
Analysis of delta velocity and PDOF by means of collision partner and structural involvement in real-life crash pulses with modern passenger cars
Application of Poisson random effect models for highway network screening
Ascertainment of on-road safety errors based on video review
Assessment of vehicle and restraint design changes for mitigating rear seat occupant injuries
Associations between drug use and motorcycle helmet use in fatal crashes
Attitudes toward seat belt use and in-vehicle technologies for encouraging belt use
Autoregressive integrated moving average model in predicting road traffic injury in China
Bicycle accident-related head injuries in India
Bicycle crashes in different riding environments in the Australian capital territory
Blast overpressure after tire explosion: A fatal case
Camel-related pancreatico-duodenal injuries: A report of three cases and review of literature
Cardiac trauma during teenage years
Changes in classes of injury-related risks and consequences of risk-level drinking: A latent transition analysis
Characterization of vertebral angle and torso depth by gender and age groups with a focus on occupant safety
Child restraint use in Canadian provinces with and without legislation in 2010
Clustering of disability caused by unintentional injury among 15- to 60-year-olds: a challenge in rapidly developing countries
Commentary: Pedestrian fatalities-a problem on the rise
Commentary: Why is the odds ratio for involvement in serious road traffic accident among drunk drivers in Norway and Finland higher than in other countries?
Comparative study of European tunnel emergency-stop-area-wall protection measures
A comparison of KABCO and AIS injury severity metrics using CODES linked data
Comparison of foot pedal reaction time among patients with right or left hemiplegia and able-bodied controls
Exploring the impact of access designs on crash injury severity on multilane highways
Factors affecting mortality of critical care trauma patients
French validation of a new version of the Driver Behavior Questionnaire (DBQ) for drivers of all ages and level of experiences
Frequent falling and motor vehicle collision involvement of older drivers
Head injury and loss of consciousness raise the likelihood of developing and maintaining PTSD symptoms
Hierarchical control and driving
High-risk of obstructive sleep apnea and excessive daytime sleepiness among commercial intra-city drivers in Lagos metropolis
Hot-air balloon tours: Crash epidemiology in the United States, 2000-2011
Impact of transportation policy on injury characteristics in a teaching hospital, Calabar, Nigeria
The importance of sight for drivers
Integrated assessment of pedestrian head impact protection in testing secondary safety and autonomous emergency braking
A method for linking motor vehicle victim and collision data collected by multiple county agencies
Micro-simulation of vehicle conflicts involving right-turn vehicles at signalized intersections based on cellular automata
Measuring the effect of the rainfall on the windshield in terms of visual performance
Modeling the impact of rescinding Michigan's primary and secondary seatbelt laws on death and injury from passenger vehicle crashes
Next generation of dock safety equipment
Octogenarians and motor vehicle collisions: Postdischarge mortality is lower than expected
Optimization of vehicle deceleration to reduce occupant injury risks in frontal impact
On testing factorial invariance: A reply to J.C.F. de Winter
Predicting adult offending behavior for individuals who experienced a traumatic brain injury during childhood
Practice does not make perfect in a modified sustained attention to response task
Prevention of bicycle-related injuries in children and youth: a systematic review of bicycle skills training interventions
The reasons for the recent decline in young driver licensing in the United States
Does the concept of safety culture help or hinder systems thinking in safety?
Costs of traffic injuries
Cycling safety as part of a successful road safety strategy in India
Driver rehabilitation in Parkinson's disease using a driving simulator: A pilot study
Driving intoxicated: Is hospital admission protective against legal ramifications?
Effectiveness evaluation of simulative workshops for newly licensed drivers
Evaluation of a child passenger safety class in increasing parental knowledge
Performance during simple and complex military psychomotor tasks at various altitudes
Prospect balancing theory: Bounded rationality of drivers' speed choice
Risk factors related to fatal truck crashes on Korean freeways
Road safety from the perspective of driver gender and age as related to the injury crash frequency and road scenario
Safety evaluation for expressways: A comparative study for macroscopic and microscopic indicators
Second generation antihistamines exhibit a protective effect on drivers in traffic: A preliminary population-based case-control study
Serialization of vehicle control at intersections in older drivers
Underreporting of road crashes in Pakistan and the role of fate
Is the emotional Stroop task a special case of mood induction? Evidence from sustained effects of attention under emotion
Development of degree-of-priority based control strategy for emergency vehicle preemption operation
Dynamic analysis of traffic state and congestion propagation on bidirectional grid network
Optimizing route for hazardous materials logistics based on hybrid ant colony algorithm
Study on driving stability of tank trucks based on equivalent trammel pendulum for liquid sloshing
Alcohol consumption and awareness of the risks related in alcohol-abuse in high school students: Evidence from a health education program
Application of mark-recapture to evaluate preventive road traffic injury policy
Cost-effective application of thermal protection on LPG road transport tanks for risk reduction due to hot BLEVE incidents
Effect of foam application in bus structure for conservation of residual space during rollovers
Failure analysis of motor tire bead wires during torsion test
Active commuting among K-12 educators: A study examining walking and biking to work
Active transport and health outcomes: Findings from a population study in Jiangsu, China
Built environment and its influences on walking among older women: Use of standardized geographic units to define urban forms
The effect of active transport, transport systems, and urban design on population health
Health and the built environment: Exploring foundations for a new interdisciplinary profession
Implications of pedestrian safety planning factors in areas with minority and low-income populations
The influence of the local neighbourhood environment on walking levels during the Walking for Wellbeing in the West pedometer-based community intervention
Measuring workplace travel behaviour: Validity and reliability of survey questions
Safety and urban design - the role of CPTED in the design process
The social ecology of public space: Active streets and violent crime in urban neighborhoods
Exploring the function of selective attention and hypervigilance for threat in anxiety
Farm tractors on Swedish public roads: Age-related perspectives on police reported incidents and injuries
Kinetic energy management in road traffic injury prevention: A call for action
Clock drawing as a screen for impaired driving in aging and dementia: Is it worth the time?
Demographic profile of severe traumatic brain injury admissions to Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital, 2006 - 2011
A different perspective on conspicuity related motorcycle crashes
The effect of traffic calming on pedestrian injuries and motor vehicle collisions in two areas of the eThekwini Municipality: A before-and-after study
Effects of alcohol on automated and controlled driving performances
Explicit nonlinear finite element geometric analysis of parabolic leaf springs under various loads
External-cause mortality among adolescents and young adults in Greece over the millennium's first decade 2000-09
Maxillofacial Trauma in Central Karnataka, India: An Outcome of 95 Cases in a Regional Trauma Care Centre
Modeling simple driving tasks with a one-boundary diffusion model
Motor vehicle-related deaths, active and reserve components, U.S. Armed Forces, 1999-2012
Motorcycle helmet use in Rhode Island
MPI profile classifications and associated clinical findings among litigating motor vehicle collision patients
Neglected increases in rural road traffic mortality in China: findings based on health data from 2005 to 2010
The impact of alertness on cognitive control
Gender-specific differences in severely injured patients between 2002 and 2011: Data analysis with matched-pair analysis
Global trends in maxillofacial fractures
Investigating the relationship between run-off-the-road crash frequency and traffic flow through different functional forms
Longitudinal course of insomnia: Age-related differences in subjective sleepiness and vigilance performance in a population-based sample
Patterns of seatbelt use in different socioeconomic communities in the Cape Town Metropole, South Africa
Prevalence effects in newly trained airport checkpoint screeners: Trained observers miss rare targets, too
The promotion of road safety by healthcare professionals in South Africa
Rates of intentionally caused and road crash deaths of US citizens abroad
Traumatic brain injury: The South African landscape
When the mind wanders: Age-related differences between young and older adults
Neonatal head injury unrelated to birth trauma in South-East Nigeria
Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome: A neglected cause of traffic collision among Iranian public transport drivers
Protracted impairment of impulse control under an acute dose of alcohol: A time-course analysis
Investigating the factors influencing cyclist awareness and behaviour: An on-road study of cyclist situation awareness
Evaluating the use of rural-urban gateway treatments in New Zealand
Human body modelling of motorcyclist impacts with guardrail posts
Age and gender differences in perceptions of traffic risk and safety for older pedestrians in metropolitan Sydney
Addiction, drinking behavior, and driving under the influence
Breath alcohol elimination rate as a function of age, gender, and drinking practice
Cannabis use: A perspective in relation to the proposed UK drug-driving legislation
Child passenger safety practices and injury risk in crashes with father versus mother drivers
Children and adolescents deaths from trauma-related causes in a Brazilian City
Concentrations of cocaine and benzoylecgonine in femoral blood from cocaine-related deaths compared with venous blood from impaired drivers
A cross-sectional observational study of helmet use among motorcyclists in Wa, Ghana
DART-MS as a preliminary screening method for "herbal incense": Chemical analysis of synthetic cannabinoids
Detection of driver drowsiness using wavelet analysis of heart rate variability and a support vector machine classifier
A double dissociation between inattentive and impulsive traits, on tasks of visual processing and emotion regulation
The Dula Dangerous Driving Index in China: An investigation of reliability and validity
Effectiveness of red light running camera enforcement program in reducing crashes: Evaluation using "before the installation", "after the installation", and "after the termination" data
Energy drinks and alcohol: Links to alcohol behaviors and consequences across 56 days
The epidemiology and cost analysis of patients presented to Emergency Department following traffic accidents
Fatalities from road traffic accidents among the young in Bahrain
Heart rate variability (HRV) and muscular system activity (EMG) in cases of crash threat during simulated driving of a passenger car
How safe is your motorcycle helmet?
Immunohistochemical analysis of the ubiquitin proteasome system and autophagy lysosome system induced after traumatic intracranial injury: Association with time between the injury and death
Injuries in the maritime workers and fisheries
Injury prediction in a side impact crash using human body model simulation
Modifying behaviour to reduce over-speeding in work-related drivers: An objective approach
Medical interventions to reduce motor vehicle collisions
Neural mechanisms underlying stop-and-restart difficulties: Involvement of the motor and perceptual systems
Patient perspectives on the promptness and quality of care of road traffic incident victims in Peru: a cross-sectional, active surveillance study
Patterns of vulnerability to non-fatal injuries in Sudan: Initial evidence from a national cross-sectional survey
Pedestrian and motorists' actions at pedestrian hybrid beacon sites: Findings from a pilot study
Prediction of road traffic death rate using neural networks optimised by genetic algorithm
Properties of the Driving Behavior Survey among individuals with motor vehicle accident-related posttraumatic stress disorder
A region tracking-based vehicle detection algorithm in nighttime traffic scenes
The relationship between trait anxiety and driving behavior with regard to self-reported Iranian accident involving drivers
Review of population based coroners autopsy findings in Rivers state of Nigeria
The role of multilevel factors in geographic differences in bicycle crash risk: A prospective cohort study
Surrogate safety measure for evaluating rear-end collision risk related to kinematic waves near freeway recurrent bottlenecks
Timing of blunt force injuries in long bones: The effects of the environment, PMI length and human surrogate model
Traffic violations in Guangdong Province of China: Speeding and drunk driving
Use of illicit drugs by truck drivers arriving at Paranaguá port terminal, Brazil
Traumatic brain injury related hospitalization and mortality in California
What ethanol metabolites as biological markers tell us about alcohol use
An accident causation model for the railway industry: Application of the model to 80 rail accident investigation reports from the UK
Analysis of danger management by highway users confronted with a tunnel fire
Analysis of forklift accident trends within Victorian industry (Australia)
Analyzing the severity of bicycle-motor vehicle collision using spatial mixed logit models: A City of Edmonton case study
Assessment of the validity and intrusiveness of online-probe questions for situation awareness in a simulated air-traffic-management task with student air-traffic controllers
Automated safety diagnosis of vehicle-bicycle interactions using computer vision analysis
The case for research into the zero accident vision
Case-based reasoning for automated safety risk analysis on subway operation: Case representation and retrieval
A caution about using deviance information criterion while modeling traffic crashes
The assessment of lens opacity postmortem and its implication in forensics
Fatigue on the flight deck: The consequences of sleep loss and the benefits of napping
A fault diagnosis method for the tuning area of jointless track circuits based on a neural network
The flow rate of people during train evacuation in rail tunnels: Effects of different train exit configurations
Fractures of the pediatric zygoma: a review of the clinical trends, management strategies, and outcomes associated with zygomatic fractures in children
The health impacts of windstorms: A systematic literature review
Health and well-being of secondary school students in New Zealand: Trends between 2001, 2007 and 2012
How accurately do drivers evaluate their own driving behavior? An on-road observational study
Effect of geometric design parameters to improve safety and accidents reduction (case study: Sari - Kiasar corridor)
Effect of the mental and physical disorders status of Tehran's public transportation system bus drivers on the occurrence of crashes
The rate of safety belt use and its associated factors in 15 to 44-years old of Kerman in 2012
Australian per capita cycling participation in 1985/86 and 2011
Parental safeguarding children from road traffic: A global issue
Identifying the optimal configuration of one-way and two-way streets for contraflow operation during an emergency evacuation
In-vehicle display HMI safety evaluation using a driving simulator
On-road behaviour of younger and older novices during the first six months of driving
On the reliability and validity of ship-ship collision risk analysis in light of different perspectives on risk
Outcomes of traumatic brain injury in Hong Kong: Validation with the TRISS, CRASH, and IMPACT models
Parametric comparisons of intracranial mechanical responses from three validated finite element models of the human head
Partnerships: survey respondents' perceptions of inter-professional collaboration to address alcohol-related harms in England
Patterns of physiological and affective responses to vehicle pass-by noises
The pattern of the electromagnetic field emitted by mobile phones in motor vehicle driving simulators
Potential impacts of highway median barriers on wildlife: State of the practice and gap analysis
Postural/Gait and cognitive function as predictors of driving performance in Parkinson's disease
Powered wheelchairs and scooters for outdoor mobility: A pilot study on costs and benefits
Predicting cycling accident risk in Brussels: A spatial case-control approach
Predictors of demand for risk mitigation in transport
A prepatellar Morel-Lavallée lesion in a pedestrian vs automobile collision: A case report and discussion
Presentation of clustering-classification heuristic method for improvement accuracy in classification of severity of road accidents in Iran
Prevalence of fatigue in a group of airline pilots
Rail squats: Progress in understanding the Australian experience
Resource consumption and simulator driving performance using adaptive controls
Return to driving in the first 6 months of community integration after acquired brain injury
The rising burden of serious thoracic trauma sustained by motorcyclists in road traffic crashes
Corrigendum to: "Publication bias and time-trend bias in meta-analysis of bicycle helmet efficacy: a re-analysis of Attewell, Glase and McFadden, 2001" [Accid. Anal. Prev. 43 (2011) 1245-1251]
The accuracy of eyelid movement parameters for drowsiness detection
Analysis of effects of manhole covers on motorcycle driver maneuvers: A nonparametric classification tree approach
Alterations in white matter microstructure as vulnerability factors and acquired signs of traffic accident-induced PTSD
Cellular photo digital breathalyzer for monitoring alcohol use: A pilot study
Comparing drug detection in oral fluid and blood: Data from a national sample of nighttime drivers
Correlates of drug use and driving among undergraduate college students
Counting injury deaths: A comparison of two definitions and two countries
Can providing feedback on driving behavior and training on parental vigilant care affect male teen drivers and their parents?
Deterioration in driving performance during sleep deprivation is similar in professional and nonprofessional drivers
Disparities in safety belt use by sexual orientation identity among U.S.high school students
Early neuropsychological tests as correlates of return to driving after traumatic brain injury
The effect of traffic tickets on road traffic crashes
Effects of familial climate on the adolescents' driving habits: a recent literature [review]
Evaluation of the effects of anti-motion sickness drugs on subjective sleepiness and cognitive performance of healthy males
Hospitalizations and fatalities in crashes with light trucks
The influence of a bicycle commuter's appearance on drivers' overtaking proximities: An on-road test of bicyclist stereotypes, high-visibility clothing and safety aids in the United Kingdom
Influence of social and built environment features on children's walking to school: an observational study
Man, road and vehicle: Risk factors associated with the severity of traffic accidents
Motorcycle accidents: Comparison between the years 1998 and 2010 in Londrina, Southern Brazil
On-road driving assessment in dementia
Costs and benefits linked to developments in cognitive control
Current aspects of the state and improvement of sanitary and epidemiological welfare of workers and passengers of Russian railways
Driving with hemianopia: 4. Detection of stationary and approaching pedestrians in a simulator
Dynamic compositional modeling of pedestrian crash counts on urban roads in Connecticut
An examination of the validity of the standardized field sobriety test in detecting drug impairment using data from the drug evaluation and classification program
Formation and evaluation of Act and Anticipate Hazard Perception Training (AAHPT) intervention for young novice Drivers
The influence of anxiety on ocular motor control and gaze
Investigation of landslide potential parameters on Zonguldak-Ereğli Highway and adverse effects of landslides in the region
Isolated small bowel mesentery injury after steering wheel trauma
Modelling the propagation of smoke from a tanker fire in a built-up area
One year after mild injury: Comparison of health status and quality of life between patients with whiplash versus other injuries
Pattern, severity, and management of cranio-maxillofacial soft-tissue injuries in Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Predictors of nonstandard helmet use among San Francisco Bay-area motorcyclists
The prevalence of mobile phone use among motorcyclists in three Mexican cities
Prognosis of outcome in adult survivors of road accidents in France: One-year follow-up in the ESPARR cohort
Relationship between motorcyclists' attitudes, behavior, and other attributes with declared accident involvement in Europe
Road safety: Laws and implementation
Roles of motorcycle type and protective clothing in motorcycle crash injuries
Social prejudice hindering proper use of car safety seats
A study into blood alcohol concentration in fatal accidents among vulnerable road users in a tertiary care hospital Sri Lanka
Synchronized flow in oversaturated city traffic
Targeting adequate thermal stability and fire safety in selecting ionic liquid-based electrolytes for energy storage
Validation of simulated chestband data in frontal and lateral loading using a human body finite element model
Using simple agent-based modeling to inform and enhance neighborhood walkability
Volvo drivers' experiences with advanced crash avoidance and related technologies
Compatible cognition amongst road users: The compatibility of driver, motorcyclist, and cyclist situation awareness
Corrigendum to 'Development of a methodology for understanding and enhancing safety culture in Air Traffic Management' [Safety Sci. 53 (2013) 123-133]
Cross-cultural comparison of driving skills among students in four different countries
Confidence in future helicopter underwater egress performance: An examination of training standards
Effects of driving experience and sensation-seeking on drivers' adaptation to road environment complexity
An evaluation of the traffic safety effect of fixed speed cameras
Fatalities in the Norwegian fishing fleet 1990-2011
From risk to safety: Implicit frames of third-party airport risk in Dutch quality newspapers between 1992 and 2009
Gasoline price effects on traffic safety in urban and rural areas: Evidence from Minnesota, 1998-2007
A Human and Organisational Factors (HOFs) analysis method for marine casualties using HFACS-Maritime Accidents (HFACS-MA)
Human fatigue's effect on the risk of maritime groundings - A Bayesian Network modeling approach
The impact of lowered residential speed limits on vehicle speed behavior
Improving communication in general aviation through the use of noise cancelling headphones
Improving safety of runway overrun through the correct numerical evaluation of rutting in cleared and graded areas
Inattention behind the wheel: How factual internal thoughts impact attentional control while driving
Indexing crash worthiness and crash aggressivity by major car brands
Introducing a risk estimation index for drivers: A case of Iran
Investigating the safety effects of road width on urban collector roadways
Measuring the effects of Safety Management System practices, morality leadership and self-efficacy on pilots' safety behaviors: Safety motivation as a mediator
Methods for improving visibility measurement standards of powered industrial vehicles
The necessity of evaluating child neck injury in frontal collision of school bus for transportation safety
A novel method of quantitative risk assessment based on grid difference of pipeline sections
Obstacle clearance while performing manual material handling tasks in construction sites
Quantitative risk analysis - Ship security analysis for effective risk control options
Quantitative risk analysis of offshore drilling operations: A Bayesian approach
Reducing posted speed and perceptual countermeasures to improve safety in road stretches with a high concentration of accidents
The relationship between urban street networks and the number of transport fatalities at the city level
Risk perception and risk-taking among skateboarders
Risk perceptions, fatalism and driver behaviors in Turkey and Iran
Safety assessment of shipping routes in the South China Sea based on the fuzzy analytic hierarchy process
Safety assurance in NextGen and complex transportation systems
Safety guidelines of ultimate hull girder strength for grounded container ships
Safety management for heavy vehicle transport: A review of the literature
Self Explaining Roads and situation awareness
Simulation fidelity and contextual interference in helicopter underwater egress training: An analysis of training and retention of egress skills
A spatial-temporal forensic analysis for inland-water ship collisions using AIS data
Speeding violations related to a driver's social-economic demographics and the most frequent driving purpose in Taiwan's male population
Strategies in coping with complexity: Development of a behavioural marker system for air traffic controllers
Sub-systems on the road to vehicle automation: Hands and feet free but not 'mind' free driving
Traffic flow-accidents relationship for urban intersections on the basis of the translog function
Treatment of uncertainty in risk assessments in the Rogfast road tunnel project
Urban planning and rail transport risks: Coping with deadlocks in Dutch urban development projects
Using Geographically Weighted Poisson Regression for county-level crash modeling in California
What fatal occupational accident investigators can learn from fatal aircraft accident investigations
Bayesian methodology to estimate and update safety performance functions under limited data conditions: A sensitivity analysis
Comparative judgments of symbolic and non-symbolic stimuli yield different patterns of reaction times
Comparison of activation patterns between masking and inattention tasks: A coordinate-based meta-analysis of implicit emotional face processing
Critical opportunities for public health law: A call for action
Determining the effect of environmental accidents on responses to a Gulf of Mexico recreational for-hire fishing industry survey(a.)
Differences in neural activation as a function of risk-taking task parameters
Eyjafjallajökull and 9/11: The impact of large-scale disasters on worldwide mobility
A perceiver's own abilities influence perception, even when observing others
Perceptual training for visual search
Surrogate-based optimisation of automotive structures under multiple crash and vibration design criteria
Surveillance of road crash injuries in Cambodia: An evaluation of the Cambodia Road Crash and Victim Information System (RCVIS)
The Swiss bus accident on 13 March 2012: Lessons for pre-hospital care
Symmetry breaking in optimal timing of traffic signals on an idealized two-way street
Survival of a victim of Isadora Duncan syndrome: A case report
Symmetrical judgement area reduction and ECoHOG feature descriptor for pedestrian detection
Systematic variation of the severity of motor vehicle accident-related traumatic brain injury vignettes produces different post-concussion symptom reports
Trends in driver licensing status and driving among high school seniors in the United States, 1996-2010
Truck drivers' opinion on road safety in Tanzania-a questionnaire study
Trust in smart systems: Sharing driving goals and giving information to increase trustworthiness and acceptability of smart systems in cars
Tweens at risk: Examining car safety practices in four economically disadvantaged urban elementary schools in Virginia
U.S. truck driver anthropometric study and multivariate anthropometric models for cab designs
Uncertainty assessment of reliability estimates for safety-instrumented systems
Understanding road usage patterns in urban areas
An unusual pedestrian road trauma: From forensic pathology to forensic veterinary medicine
Use of Euler parameters for the evaluation of ATD head trajectory from angular rate sensor and accelerometer data in aircraft seat certification testing
Using the community health assessment to screen for continued driving
Using music to change mood while driving
Using fMRI virtual-reality technology to predict driving ability after brain damage: a preliminary report
Variation in U.S. traffic safety policy environments and motor vehicle fatalities 1980-2010
Vigilance decrement during the on-the-road driving tests: The importance of time-on-task in psychopharmacological research
Visual defects and commercial motorcycle accidents in south eastern Nigeria
Visual fitness of public vehicle drivers in southeast of iran
What do pedestrians look at at night?
What happens when a major freeway is closed for repair? The case of fix I-5 in downtown Sacramento, California
Whiplash after motor vehicle crashes
Wind induced buffeting reliability of long-span cable-stayed bridge using stochastic finite element method
Wireless-based portable EEG-EOG monitoring for real time drowsiness detection
Workload-adaptive cruise control - A new generation of advanced driver assistance systems
Analysis of the non-motorized commuter journeys in major Irish cities
Are cell phone laws in the U.S. effective in reducing fatal crashes involving young drivers?
Baby boomers' mobility patterns and preferences: What are the implications for future transport?
Bidding to drive: Car license auction policy in Shanghai and its public acceptance
Car stickiness: Heuristics and biases in travel choice
Analysis of influence of fuel price on individual activity-travel time expenditure
Data from telecommunication networks for incident management: An exploratory review on transport safety and security
Evaluating safe routes to school events that designate days for walking and bicycling
Impact of the Safe Routes to School program on walking and biking: Eugene, Oregon study
The influence of neighbourhood design on travel behaviour: Empirical evidence from North East England
A method to assess multi-modal Hazmat transport security vulnerabilities: Hazmat transport SVA
Network resilience for transport security: Some methodological considerations
Policies for promoting walking and cycling in England: A view from the street
A review of the effectiveness of adult cycle training in Tower Hamlets, London
Some measures for sustaining red-light camera programs and their negative impacts
School travel behaviour in the Netherlands and Flanders
Road transport externalities in Mexico: Estimates and international comparisons
Speeding behavior on urban residential streets with a 30 km/h speed limit under the framework of the theory of planned behavior
Why do immigrants drive less? Confirmations, complications, and new hypotheses from a qualitative study in New Jersey, USA
Standing in cost-benefit analysis of road safety measures: A case of speed enforcement vs. speed change
Sustainability assessment at the transportation planning level: Performance measures and indexes
Travel behavior in the face of surface transportation terror threats
US and EU strategies for maritime transport security: A comparative perspective
User satisfaction and the organization of local public transport: Evidence from European cities
The value of dedicated cyclist and pedestrian infrastructure on rural roads
Carsharing in a university setting: Impacts on vehicle ownership, parking demand, and mobility in Ithaca, NY
Children's travel behaviour and its health implications
A Cochrane systematic review of the effectiveness of organisational travel plans: Improving the evidence base for transport decisions
Competing mobility needs: The users, actors, and discourses in Atlanta, Georgia
The cross elasticity between gasoline prices and transit use: Evidence from Chicago
Does flexitime affect choice of departure time for morning home-based commuting trips? Evidence from two regions in California
Entropy-based performance evaluation on institutional structures of trunk highway management--Case study in China
Equity in transport: The distribution of transit access and connectivity among affordable housing units
Ex post socio-economic assessment of the Oresund Bridge
Factors affecting the adoption of vehicle sharing systems by young drivers
A five-year follow-up among older people after an outdoor environment intervention
Freeway passenger car drivers' travel choice behaviour in a distance-based toll system
The future of mobility in cities: Challenges for urban modelling
Home parking convenience, household car usage, and implications to residential parking policies
Household composition and within-household car saturation in Melbourne
How accurate are national road traffic growth-rate forecasts?--The case of Norway
International comparison of the relationship between urban structure and the service level of urban public transportation--A comprehensive analysis in local cities in Japan, France and Germany
Is the use of informal public transport modes in developing countries habitual? An empirical study in Davao City, Philippines
Evaluation of impaired driving assessments and special management reviews in reducing impaired driving fatal crashes in the United States
Evaluation of chest injury mechanisms in nearside oblique frontal impacts
Changes in the severity and injury sources of thoracic aorta injuries due to vehicular crashes
Abdominal organ location, morphology, and rib coverage for the 5th, 50th, and 95th percentile males and females in the supine and seated posture using multi-modality imaging
Adolescent Balloon Analog Risk Task and behaviors that influence risk of motor vehicle crash injury
Are strong graduated driver licensing laws having unintended consequences?
Assessment of a head support system to prevent pediatric out-of-position: An observational study
Availability and quality of prehospital care on Pakistani interurban roads
Behaviors increasing the risk of crash injury in Latino adolescent males: The influence of acculturation and parent connectedness
Biomechanics of foot/ankle trauma with variable energy impacts
Biomechanics of human thoracolumbar spinal column trauma from vertical impact loading
Child car seat inspection stations: Who attends and what is the benefit?
Commuter motorcycle crashes in Malaysia: An understanding of contributing factors
Comparative performance of rear facing child restraint systems on the CMVSS 213 bench and vehicle seats
Comparison of adult and teen driver crash scenarios in a nationally representative sample of serious crashes
Comparison of AIS 1990 update 98 versus AIS 2005 for describing PMHS injuries in lateral and oblique sled tests
Costs of alcohol-involved crashes, United States, 2010
Crash rates of Quebec drivers with medical conditions
Declining statewide trends in motor vehicle crashes and injury-related hospital admissions
Departing from risky drivers? A sociological analysis of passengers' risk factors
Do speed cameras reduce collisions?
The effects of cadaver orientation on the relative position of the abdominal organs
Estimating side underride fatalities using field data
Evidence of human induce factors in automotive crashes in Nigeria
Identifying the causes of road crashes in Europe
Identifying contributing factors to fatal and serious injury motorcycle collisions involving children in Malaysia
Identifying periods of drowsy driving using EEG
The impact of state level graduated driver licensing programs on rates of passenger restraint use and unlicensed driving in fatal crashes
Injury patterns to other body regions and load vectors in nearside impact occupants with and without shoulder injuries
Injury potential at center rear seating positions in rear-facing child restraint systems in side impacts
Injury risk for rear-seated occupants in small overlap crashes
Low-speed rear impact sled tests involving human subjects
Mortality-based quantification of injury severity for frequently occurring motor vehicle crash injuries
Pedestrian injury risk functions based on contour lines of equal injury severity using real world pedestrian/passenger-car accident data
Quantifying results of a comprehensive school-age child injury prevention program
The relationship between older drivers' performance on the Driving Observation Schedule (eDOS) and cognitive performance
Self-pay trauma victims have a higher mortality rate than patients with different payment methods
Statistical implications of using moving violation data to determine crash responsibility
Use of Kinect(tm) for naturalistic observation of occupants in vehicles
Activities of the Bloomberg Philanthropies Global Road Safety Programme (formerly RS10) in Russia: promising results from a sub-national project
Attitude change in youths after being exposed to different road safety interventions in two Mexican cities
Cell phones and young drivers: A systematic review regarding the association between psychological factors and prevention
Challenges associated with drink driving measurement: Combining police and self-reported data to estimate an accurate prevalence in Brazil
Characteristics of designated drivers and their passengers from the 2007 national roadside survey in the United States
Definition of simulated driving tests for the evaluation of drivers' reactions and responses
Delayed splenic rupture: Dating the sub-capsular hemorrhage as a useful task to evaluate causal relationships with trauma
Does visual experience influence the spatial distribution of auditory attention?
Driver performance approaching and departing curves: Driving simulator study
Drivers' attitudes toward front or rear child passenger belt use and seat belt reminders at these seating positions
Effects of acceleration level on lumbar spine injuries in military populations
Effects of central nervous system drugs on driving: Speed variability versus standard deviation of lateral position as outcome measure of the on-the-road driving test
An evaluation of immediate roadside prohibitions for drinking drivers in British Columbia: Findings from roadside surveys
Examining the impact of opioid analgesics on crash responsibility in truck drivers involved in fatal crashes
Factors affecting self-regulatory driving practices among older adults
Predicting DUI decisions in different legal environments: Investigating deterrence with a conjoint experiment
Predictors of intrinsic motivation behind seatbelt use in a country where current use is low
The prevalence of speeding and drink driving in two cities in China: A mid-project evaluation of ongoing road safety interventions
Prevalence, knowledge, attitude and practice of speeding in two districts in Kenya: Thika and Naivasha
Priming interdependence affects processing of context information in causal inference-But not how you might think
Public opinion on motor vehicle-related injury prevention policies: A systematic review of a decade of research
Qualitative study to explore stakeholder perceptions related to road safety in Hyderabad, India
Related risk factors for injury severity of e-bike and bicycle crashes in Hefei
Restraints and peripheral nerve injuries in adult victims of motor vehicle crashes
The role of alcohol in road traffic accidents with fatal outcome: 10-year period in Croatia Split-Dalmatia County
Seatbelt use and speeding on three major roads in Egypt: A brief report
The six degrees of freedom motion of the human head, spine, and pelvis in a frontal impact
Total sleep deprivation decreases flow experience and mood status
Trauma in elderly patients evaluated in a hospital emergency department in Konya, Turkey: A retrospective study
Trends in prevalence, knowledge, attitudes, and practices of helmet use in Cambodia: Results from a two year study
Analysis on tank truck accidents involved in road hazardous materials transportation in China
Canada's new drug-impaired driving law: The need to consider other approaches
CDC grand rounds: Evidence-based injury prevention
Commentary: Teenage driver fatal crash rate trends: What do they reveal?
Demographic, physical activity, and route characteristics related to school transportation: An exploratory study
Designing and implementing a regional active transportation monitoring program through a county-MPO-university collaboration
Emergency department visits by older adults for motor vehicle collisions
Emergency departments and older adult motor vehicle collisions
Gender-specific associations between perceived neighbourhood walkability and meeting walking recommendations when walking for transport and recreation for Czech inhabitants over 50 years of age
Geometrical properties of the human child cervical spine with a focus on the c1 vertebra
The Global Road Safety Programme: Work in progress
How necessary is monitoring to interlock program success?
How to report and interpret screening test properties: Guidelines for driving researchers
Investigating sustained attention ability in the elderly by using two different approaches: Inhibiting ongoing behavior versus responding on rare occasions
Implementing proven road safety interventions saves lives
Distracted driving and risk of road crashes among novice and experienced drivers
Bus stops and pedestrian-motor vehicle collisions in Lima, Peru: A matched case-control study
The cognitive determinants of behavioral distraction by deviant auditory stimuli: A review
The apparent ineffectiveness of bicycle helmets: A case of selective citation (Letter)
Buses, cars, bicycles and walkers: The influence of the type of human transport on the flight responses of waterbirds
Crosswatch: A system for providing guidance to visually impaired travelers at traffic intersections
Definition of hospital discharge, serious injury and death from traffic injuries
Driving errors in Parkinson's disease: moving closer to predicting on-road outcomes
Does alcohol intoxication protect patients from severe injury and reduce hospital mortality? The association of alcohol consumption with the severity of injury and survival in trauma patients
Effect of subthalamic nucleus deep brain stimulation on driving in Parkinson disease
The epidemiology of horse-related injuries for different horse exposures, activities, and age groups in Queensland, Australia
Evaluating a novice driver and pre-driver road safety intervention
Accident analysis on intersection right turning by using driving simulator
Collision-mitigation level of collision-avoidance braking system
Decision-making on when to brake and when to steer to avoid a collision
Freeway deceleration lane lengths effects on traffic safety and operation
Legitimising risk taking: Articulating dangerous behaviour on the road
Modelling the cost of providing ambulance services
School site walkability and active school transport - association, mediation and moderation
Sustainability of highway bridge networks under seismic hazard
Attentional control 10 years post childhood traumatic brain injury: The impact of lesion presence, location and severity in adolescence and early adulthood
Disability appraisal for common peroneal nerve injury in traffic accidents: 8 cases analysis
Automated analysis of pedestrian crossing speed behavior at scramble-phase signalized intersections using computer vision techniques
Built environment impacts on individual mode choice: An empirical study of the Houston-Galveston metropolitan area
Detecting pedestrians on a Movement Feature Space
Ecoluminance: a new approach to visual guidance for roadways
Epilepsy and driving: Potential impact of transient impaired consciousness
Finite element modal analysis and vibration-waveforms in health inspection of old bridges
Measuring dynamic effects on underpasses of high-speed railway lines
Non-motorized mobility in central urban areas: Application of multi-criteria decision aid in the city of Campinas, Brazil
Numerical study on the optimal sensor placement for historic swing bridge dynamic monitoring
Ontology based road traffic management in emergency situations
Using queuing network and logistic regression to model driving with a visual distraction task
Processing time-dependent shortest path queries without pre-computed speed information on road networks
A path-following driver/vehicle model with optimized lateral dynamic controller
Overview of railway masonry bridges with a safety factor estimate
A functional polymorphism in the promoter region of MAOA gene is associated with daytime sleepiness in healthy subjects
Drivers display anger-congruent attention to potential traffic hazards
How speech modifies visual attention
Impact of relevance and distraction on driving performance and visual attention in a simulated driving environment
The influence of expertise on maritime driving behaviour
On working memory capacity and implicit associations between advanced age and dangerous driving stereotypes
Traffic injury deaths in reproductive age group in Iran
Association between adult attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder and motorcycle traffic injuries in Kerman, Iran: A case-control study
Helmet use is associated with a decrease in intracranial hemorrhage following all-terrain vehicle crashes
Involving fathers in teaching youth about farm tractor seatbelt safety: A randomized control study
Key influences on motivations for utility cycling (cycling for transport to and from places)
A method for mapping flood hazard along roads
Misunderstandings in ATC communication: Language, cognition, and experimental methodology
A new access density definition and its correlation with crash rates by microscopic traffic simulation method
Overestimated crash risks of young and elderly drivers
Parenting adolescent drivers is both a continuation of parenting from earlier periods and an anticipation of a new challenge
Parents' knowledge, attitude, and use of child restraints, Shantou, China
Peer influence on speeding behaviour among male drivers aged 18 and 28
Perceptual load and attentional boost: A study of their interaction
The role of sleepiness, sleep disorders, and the work environment on heavy-vehicle crashes in 2 Australian states
Restless mind, restless body
Sleep problems and work injury types: A study of 180 patients in a Swiss emergency department
Traumatic displacement of stomach - A case report
Vehicle occupant restraint systems impact on eye injuries: A review
Vehicle-assisted suicide with a nylon rope causing complete decapitation
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Visually impaired drivers who use bioptic telescopes: Self-assessed driving skills and agreement with on-road driving evaluation
Working conditions on public buses and common mental disorders among drivers and fare collectors: Greater Metropolitan Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais State, Brazil, 2012
Walking to work: The roles of neighborhood walkability and socioeconomic deprivation
Strict liability for car drivers in accidents involving "bicycle guerrillas"? Some comments on the proposed Fifth Motor Directive of the European Commission
The second annual William S. Stone lecture of the American Trauma Society
Toxic airbags - reply
A case of gastric mucosal laceration due to seat belt injury
Commuting to school and to work among high school students in Santa Catarina state, Brazil: A comparative analysis between 2001 and 2011
The complex management of a traumatic brain injury and aortic injury after a motor vehicle crash: a case report
Do we have an internal model of the outside world?
Driving policy after seizures and unexplained syncope: A practice guide for RI physicians
Evaluation of chest and abdominal injuries in trauma patients hospitalized in the surgery ward of Poursina Teaching Hospital, Guilan, Iran
Gender and racial disparities in driving cessation among older adults
Gender differences in road traffic injury rate using time travelled as a measure of exposure
Heritability of DUI convictions: A twin study of driving under the influence of alcohol
Home-related injuries: Do we pay too much attention to traffic accidents resulting in home-related injury negligence?
Improving drivers' knowledge of road rules using digital games
Mediators of the association between driving cessation and mortality among older adults
Motor influences on judgment: Motor and cognitive integration
Obesity and other risk factors: The National Survey of U.S. Long-Haul Truck Driver Health and Injury
Official blame for drivers with very low blood alcohol content: There is no safe combination of drinking and driving
Open streets initiatives in the U.S.: Closed to traffic, open to physical activity
Patterns and trends in facial fractures in New Zealand between 1999 and 2009
Accidental exposure to electromagnetic fields from the radar of a naval ship: A descriptive study
Adoption of quad bike crush prevention devices on Australian dairy farms
Beverage-specific mortality relationships in US population data
Bus accident analysis of routes with/without bus priority
Chronotype-dependent circadian rhythmicity of driving safety
A comprehensive review on the quasi-induced exposure technique
Vehicle scheduling schemes for commercial and emergency logistics integration
A slow suicide: The seemingly infinite cycle of alcohol and trauma in a middle-aged woman
Traffic-related pedestrian injuries amongst expatriate workers in Qatar: A need for cross-cultural injury prevention programme
Results of the Queensland 2007-2012 roadside drug testing program: The prevalence of three illicit drugs
Police response time to road crashes in south-east of Iran
A possible mechanism for PTSD symptoms in patients with traumatic brain injury: Central autonomic network disruption
Pre-hospital trauma care in road traffic accidents in Kashan, Iran
Predicting pedestrian flow: A methodology and a proof of concept based on real-life data
A prospective study of the role of sleep related disordered breathing as a risk factor for motor vehicle crashes and the development of systemic complications in non-commercial drivers
Platypnea-orthodeoxia syndrome associated with a thoracic vertebral fracture following a car accident
Associated injuries in patients with maxillofacial trauma at the hospital São Vicente de Paulo, Passo Fundo, Brazil
Delayed diagnosis of pelvic hematoma without fracture due to military parachuting
Drinking and parenting practices as predictors of impaired driving behaviors among U.S. adlescents
Drugs and alcohol: Their relative crash risk
Long term trends and patterns of fatal traumatic brain injuries in the pediatric and adolescent population of Austria in 1980-2012: analysis of 33 years
New research findings since the 2007 Surgeon General's Call to Action to Prevent and Reduce Underage Drinking: A review
Disparities in age-appropriate child passenger restraint use among children aged 1 to 12 years
Findings from published meta-analyses of effects of interventions aiming to reduce alcohol-impaired driving
Associations between driving performance and engaging in secondary tasks: A systematic review
Biomechanical considerations for assessing interactions of children and small occupants with inflatable seat belts
Comprehensive target populations for current active safety systems using national crash databases
Development and validation of the Spanish Hazard Perception Test
Development of Brain Injury Criteria (BrIC)
Development, calibration, and validation of a head-neck complex of THOR Mod Kit finite element model
Driver kinematic and muscle responses in braking events with standard and reversible pre-tensioned restraints: Validation data for human models
Effect of vehicle front end profiles leading to pedestrian secondary head impact to ground
Effects of driver characteristics on seat belt fit
Epidemiological trends of spine trauma: An Australian level 1 trauma centre study
Evaluation of NASS-CDS side crash delta-v estimates using event data recorders
Global childhood unintentional injury study: Multisite surveillance data
In vivo analysis of thoracic mechanical response variability under belt loading: Specific behavior and relationship to age, gender and body mass index
Influence of a combo side airbag on the risk for basilar skull fracture in a far-side occupant
Maxillofacial fractures of pedestrians injured in a motor vehicle accident
Natural gas pipeline leaks across Washington, DC
Oblique lateral impact biofidelity deflection corridors from post mortem human surrogates
Observations on pedestrian pre-crash reactions during simulated accidents
Occupant kinematics and shoulder belt retention in far-side lateral and oblique collisions: A parametric study
Opportunities for injury reduction in U.S. frontal crashes: An overview by structural engagement, vehicle class, and occupant age
Prevalence of and factors associated with distraction among public transit bus drivers
The quantification of liver anatomical changes and assessment of occupant liver injury patterns
Relationship between pedestrian headform tests and injury and fatality rates in vehicle-to-pedestrian crashes in the United States
Reliability reallocation models as a support tools in traffic safety analysis
Risks of pedestrian serious injuries and fatalities associated with impact velocities of cars in car-versus-pedestrian accidents in Japan
The roles of mechanical compression and chemical irritation in regulating spinal neuronal signaling in painful cervical nerve root injury
Single-level degenerative cervical disc disease and driving disability: Results from a prospective, randomized trial
Sphenoid sinus and sphenoid bone fractures in patients with craniomaxillofacial trauma
Spinal fracture-dislocations and spinal cord injuries in motor vehicle crashes
Statistical modeling of human liver incorporating the variations in shape, size, and material properties
A study on the effects of fatigue driving and drunk driving on drivers' physical characteristics
Sudden unexpected infant deaths associated with car seats
Unsafe riding practice among electric bikers in Suzhou, China: an observational study
Use of seat belt and enforcement of seat belt laws in Pakistan
Have drivers at alcohol outlets changed their behavior after the new traffic law?
On the method of forensic medical examination of the injuries inflicted and traces left by the objects having the rubber surface
A comparative study on epidemiology, spectrum and outcome analysis of physical trauma cases presenting to emergency department of Dhulikhel Hospital, Kathmandu University Hospital and its outreach centers in rural area
Developing physician consensus on the reporting of patients with mild cognitive impairment and mild dementia to transportation authorities in a region with mandatory reporting legislation
Epidemiology of traumatic head injury from a major paediatric trauma centre in New South Wales, Australia
Fatalities in recreational boating and sub-aqua diving
Gender differences in risk behaviors among high school youth
An international review of the frequency of single-bicycle crashes (SBCs) and their relation to bicycle modal share
Musculoskeletal injuries in Homer's Iliad: The War of Troy revisited
Pattern of non-fatal injuries in road traffic crashes in a hilly area: A study from Shimla, North India
Pediatric acute external laryngeal trauma
Perceptions of tilt angles of an agricultural tractor
Prospective study of 'otological injury secondary to head trauma'
Reduced population burden of road transport-related major trauma after introduction of an inclusive trauma system
Research brief: A literature review of frontotemporal dementia and driving
Responses of elite road motorcyclists to racing in tropical conditions
Study Protocol - Alcohol Management Plans (AMPs) in remote indigenous communities in Queensland: Their impacts on injury, violence, health and social indicators and their cost-effectiveness
Understanding age-related reductions in visual working memory capacity: Examining the stages of change detection
Visual selective attention is equally functional for individuals with low and high working memory capacity: Evidence from accuracy and eye movements
Young novice drivers and the risky behaviours of parents and friends during the provisional (intermediate) licence phase: A brief report
Infant car safety seats and risk of head injury
Work related injuries in Washington state's trucking industry, by industry sector and occupation
Alcohol consumption, helmet use and head trauma in cycling collisions in Germany
Application of cross-ratio in traffic accident reconstruction
Bicyclist safety performance functions for a U.S. city
Characteristics of low-speed vehicle run-over events in children: An 11-year review
Child passenger safety laws in the United States, 1978-2010: Policy diffusion in the absence of strong federal intervention
Effectiveness of two interventions in preventing traffic accidents: A systematic review
Epidemiology of traumatic spinal cord injuries in the Netherlands in 2010
Exploring schema-driven differences in situation awareness between road users: An on-road study of driver, cyclist and motorcyclist situation awareness
Inpatient hospital outcomes following injury in Suriname: Lessons for prevention
Next day effects of naturalistic alcohol consumption on tasks of attention
Optimal proportion of studded tyres in traffic flow to prevent polishing of an icy road
Peak acceleration during impact with helmet materials: Effects of impactor mass and speed
Prediction of driving ability in people with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis using the stroke driver screening assessment
Arrival-time judgments on multiple-lane streets: The failure to ignore irrelevant traffic
Correlations and scaling laws in human mobility
Decoding the dynamics of action, intention, and error detection for conscious and subliminal stimuli
Drinking in social groups. Does 'groupdrink' provide safety in numbers when deciding about risk?
Elucidating the severity of preclinical traumatic brain injury models: A role for functional assessment?
Analytic methods in accident research: Methodological frontier and future directions
Analyzing different functional forms of the varying weight parameter for finite mixture of negative binomial regression models
Comparing three commonly used crash severity models on sample size requirements: Multinomial logit, ordered probit and mixed logit models
A count data model with endogenous covariates: Formulation and application to roadway crash frequency at intersections
A latent segmentation based generalized ordered logit model to examine factors influencing driver injury severity
Modeling safety of highway work zones with random parameters and random effects models
Epidemiological study on tibial plateau fractures at a level I trauma center
Network-level accident-mapping: Distance based pattern matching using artificial neural network
Orienting attention in visual working memory requires central capacity: Decreased retro-cue effects under dual-task conditions
Petri net-based modelling of human-automation conflicts in aviation
Prevalence of health behaviors and their associated factors among a sample of university students in India
Prevalence of whiplash trauma in TMD patients: A systematic review
The relationship between visibility aid use and motor vehicle related injuries among bicyclists presenting to emergency departments
The relationship between whiplash injury and temporomandibular joint dysfunction
Severe temporal bone fractures in children: Clinical presentation, complications and sequelae observed in the last 11 years
Transportation and socioemotional well-being of urban students with and without disabilities
Transportation challenges for urban students with disabilities: Parent perspectives
Traumatic brain injury in children attending a national hospital in Lima, Peru 2004-2011
Potentially driver-impairing (PDI) medication use in medically impaired adults referred for driving evaluation
Alcohol ignition interlocks in all new vehicles: A broader perspective
Alcohol involvement and other risky driver behaviors: Effects on crash initiation and crash severity
Brain mechanisms underlying the effects of aging on different aspects of selective attention
Comparison of road traffic injury characteristics between local versus floating migrant patients in a tertiary hospital between 2007 and 2010
A comparison of urban-rural injury mortality rates across two South African provinces, 2007
The determinants of fishing vessel accident severity
Distress tolerance as a predictor of risky and aggressive driving
Active front-steering control of a sport utility vehicle using a robust linear quadratic regulator method, with emphasis on the roll dynamics
Design of an active trailer-steering system for multi-trailer articulated heavy vehicles using real-time simulations
Determination and analysis of the head and chest parameters by simulation of a vehicle-teenager impact
GPS data conditioning for enhancing reliability of automated off-road vehicles
An investigation into the structures of linear quadratic controllers for vehicle rollover prevention
A proposed decision-making model for evaluating a container's security score
A public health perspective of road traffic accidents
An adaptive clustering algorithm for road abnormal region analysis
Acts of resistance: Breaking the silence of grief following traffic crash fatalities
Predicting on-road assessment pass and fail outcomes in older drivers with cognitive impairment using a battery of computerized sensory-motor and cognitive tests
Seat belt sign and its significance
Security as controversy: Reassembling security at Amsterdam Airport
Serious transport accidents in adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and the effect of medication: A population-based study
'Zombies ahead!' A study of how hacked digital road signs destabilize the physical space of roadways
Work-related road traffic injury: A multilevel systems protocol
Trends in alcohol and other drugs detected in fatally injured drivers in the United States, 1999-2010
Driving with hemianopia: IV. Head scanning and detection at intersections in a simulator
Ethylglucuronide in hair is a top predictor of impaired driving recidivism, alcohol dependence, and a key marker of the highest BAC interlock tests
Graduated driver licensing provisions: an analysis of state policies and what works
The implications of the relative risk for road mortality on road safety programmes in Qatar
Investigating motorists' behaviors in response to supplementary traffic control devices at land surveying work sites
Long-term medical consequences for child occupants 0 to 12 years injured in car crashes
Lower leg injury in relation to vehicle front end
Maxillofacial injuries as markers of urban violence
Medications and impaired driving: A review of the literature
Pediatric head and neck dynamics in frontal impact: Analysis of important mechanical factors and proposed neck performance corridors for 6- and 10-year-old ATDs
Perceived value of a motorcycle training program: The influence of crash history and experience of the training
Risk factors for subsequent impaired driving by injured passengers
Survey about pedestrian safety and attitudes toward automated traffic enforcement in Washington, D.C.
Three-dimensional adult male head and skull contours
Using the Extended Parallel Process Model to understand texting while driving and guide communication campaigns against it
Adaptive traffic management in cities - Comparing decision-making methods
Analysis of deaths caused by secondary damages of road traffic accidents: 17 fatal cases
Analysis of factors associated with injury severity in crashes involving young New Zealand drivers
Application of part-whole training methods to evaluate when to introduce NextGen air traffic management tools to students
Childhood injuries in a tertiary institution in north east Nigeria
A cross-sectional study on the occupational injuries among fishermen in Haikou, Hainan province
Development and validation of a human biomechanical model for rib fracture and thorax injuries in blunt impact
Comprehension and acceptability of on-board traffic information: Beliefs and driving behaviour
Experimental effects of injunctive norms on simulated risky driving among teenage males
Flight schedules and occupational accidents among cabin crew: A longitudinal study
Further development of a commercial driving simulation for research in occupational medicine
Mandating the use of motorcycle helmets: What are the issues?
Neck injury criteria formulation and injury risk curves for the ejection environment: A pilot study
Prevalence of alcohol-impaired drivers based on random breath tests in a roadside survey in Catalonia (Spain)
Road accidents: A third burden of 'disease' in sub-Saharan Africa
Texting and walking: Strategies for postural control and implications for safety
Study on the trend and disease burden of injury deaths in Chinese population, 2004-2010
Implementation of traffic rules and regulations in Cagayan de Oro City as perceived by the pedestrians
Eradicating root causes of aviation maintenance errors: Introducing the AMMP
Experimental investigation of a motorcycle burning scenario
Heat release rate of heavy goods vehicle fire in tunnels with fixed water based fire-fighting system
Breathalyzer programme planning
An editorial: The slaughter on our highways
Brazilian road traffic fatalities: A spatial and environmental analysis
Early impact of a national multi-faceted road safety intervention program in Mexico: Results of a time-series analysis
Economics of global burden of road traffic injuries and their relationship with health system variables
Energy drink consumption and associations with demographic characteristics, drug use and injury among adolescents
Epidemiology of adults receiving acute inpatient rehabilitation for a primary diagnosis of traumatic brain injury in the United States
Increasing number of road traffic fatalities in Germany: Turnaround or snap-shot
The return-to-work process of individuals sick-listed because of whiplash-associated disorder: A three-year follow-up study in a Danish cohort of long-term sickness absentees
Too far to walk or bike?
Alcohol and mortality in Russia: Prospective observational study of 151 000 adults
'A child restraint for every child on every trip'
Daytime sleepiness and sleep habits as risk factors of traffic accidents in a group of Turkish public transport drivers
The Driving Behavior Survey as a measure of behavioral stress responses to MVA-related PTSD
Effect of post-traumatic disorders of the victims and causes of traffic accidents in the early stages of treatment
The epidemiology of traumatic brain injuries treated in emergency departments in North Carolina, 2010-2011
Factors associated with young adults delaying and forgoing driving licences: Results from Britain
Evaluation of new speed limits in Sweden: A sample survey
Factors affecting the probability of bus drivers being at-fault in bus-involved accidents
Farm-related trauma in the west of Ireland: An occupational hazard
Going for distance and going for speed: Effort and optical variables shape information for distance perception from observation to response
The influence of acceleration loading curve characteristics on traumatic brain injury
Motorized mobility scooters: The use of training/intervention and technology for improving driving skills in aging adults - a mini-review
Occupant and crash characteristics in thoracic and lumbar spine injuries resulting from motor vehicle collisions
On-the-road driving performance and driving-related skills in older untreated insomnia patients and chronic users of hypnotics
Generalized lapse of responding in trait impulsivity indicated by ERPs: The role of energetic factors in inhibitory control
Metacognition of multitasking: How well do we predict the costs of divided attention?
Paediatric head injuries treated in a children's emergency department from Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Parenting behaviors during risky driving by teens with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
Preventing death and injury to child motor vehicle passengers: Achieving best practice requires simplifying restraint choice for parents and setting best practice as the societal norm
Relationships between mind-wandering and attentional control abilities in young adults and adolescents
The role of marital status in the association between benzodiazepines, psychotropics and injurious road traffic crashes: A register-based nationwide study of senior drivers in Sweden
Safety system for child pillion riders of underbone motorcycles in Malaysia
Seizure-related vehicular crashes and falls with injuries for people with epilepsy (PWE) in northeastern Thailand
Subarachnoid hemorrhage caused by a traffic accident: De novo aneurysm ruptured 30 years after surgical neck clipping
Spine injuries related to high-performance aircraft ejections: A 9-year retrospective study
What influences the association between previous and future crashes among cyclists? A propensity score analysis
Vertebral fractures in motor vehicle accidents-a medical and technical analysis of 33,015 injured front-seat occupants
Variability of blood alcohol content (BAC) determinations: The role of measurement uncertainty, significant figures, and decision rules for compliance assessment in the frame of a multiple BAC threshold law
Consumer valuation of changes in driving range: A meta-analysis
Crowding in public transport systems: Effects on users, operation and implications for the estimation of demand
Does distance matter? Exploring the links among values, motivations, home location, and satisfaction in walking trips
Drivers' acceptance of delay time at different levels of service at signalised intersections
Drivers' perception of LOSs at signalised intersections
Driving out of choices: An investigation of transport modality in a university sample
The economics and engineering of bus stops: Spacing, design and congestion
Efficiency of speed limits in cities: A spatial computable general equilibrium assessment
Evaluation of age-friendly guidelines for public buses
Highway accident modeling and forecasting in winter
Influence of weather conditions on transit ridership: A statistical study using data from Smartcards
Insights on disruptions as opportunities for transport policy change
A new risk quantification approach in port facility security assessment
A novel method to monitor bicycling environments
A polarized logit model
Posted speed limit: To include or not to include in operating speed models
Road safety forecasting and ex-ante evaluation of policy in the Netherlands
Stated choices and benefit estimates in the context of traffic calming schemes: Utility maximization, regret minimization, or both?
Visual characteristics of roads: A literature review of people's perception and Norwegian design practice
Adolescence: Does good nutrition = good behaviour?
Citywide trauma experience in Mwanza, Tanzania: A need for urgent intervention
Cognitive deficits are associated with poorer simulated driving in older adults with heart failure
Distracted driving: Prevalence, problems, and prevention
Fatal motorcycle crashes: A growing public health problem in Cambodia
Motorcycle helmet use in Mar del Plata, Argentina: Prevalence and associated factors
Paediatric injuries at Bugando Medical Centre in Northwestern Tanzania: A prospective review of 150 cases
Safety of the Japanese K-car in a real-world low severity frontal collision
Seroepidemiology of Toxoplasma gondii infection in drivers involved in road traffic accidents in the metropolitan area of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Spatial variations in motorcycle registrations and the mortality of motorcycle users due to traffic injuries in Argentina
Stable time patterns of railway suicides in Germany: Comparative analysis of 7,187 cases across two observation periods (1995-1998; 2005-2008)
Tackle and impact detection in elite Australian football using wearable microsensor technology
Restraint use and motor vehicle occupant death rates among children aged 0-12 years - United States, 2002-2011
Manual handling risks associated with the transportation of bariatric patients in Australia
Are work disability prevention interventions effective for the management of neck pain or upper extremity disorders? A systematic review by the Ontario Protocol for Traffic Injury Management (OPTIMa) Collaboration
Driving with binocular visual field loss? A study on a supervised on-road parcours with simultaneous eye and head tracking
Fatal blunt cardiac injury: Are there any subtle indicators?
General practitioners' opinions and attitudes towards medical assessment of fitness to drive in older adults
The injury profile and acute treatment costs of major trauma in older people in New South Wales
Investigation on motorcyclist riding behaviour at curve entry using instrumented motorcycle
On-road driving impairments in Huntington disease
Relationship between stressfulness of claiming for injury compensation and long-term recovery: A prospective cohort study
Thought control strategies and rumination in youth with acute stress disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder following single-event trauma
Unusual mechanism of injury resulting in a thoracic chance fracture in a rodeo athlete: A case report
Uncertainty and sensitivity assessments of GPS and GIS integrated applications for transportation
Visual field dependence as a navigational strategy
Bilateral chemical eye injury resulting from airbag deployment
Changes in community mobility in older men and women. A 13-year prospective study
Determining the refractive index variation within panes of vehicle windshield glass
Dominant role of drivers' attitude in prevention of road traffic crashes: A study on knowledge, attitude, and practice of drivers in Iran
Expert evidence in whiplash injury : Interdisciplinary orthopaedic and biomechanical approach
Factors associated with active commuting to work among women
High incidence of acute traumatic spinal cord injury in a rural population in Japan in 2011 and 2012: An epidemiological study
High strength steels, stiffness of vehicle front-end structure, and risk of injury to rear seat occupants
From technological acceptability to appropriation by users: Methodological steps for device assessment in road safety
Follow the leader: Visual control of speed in pedestrian following
How do vision and hearing impact pedestrian time-to-arrival judgments?
Impact of different domains of physical activity on cause-specific mortality: A longitudinal study
Motor vehicle accidents and injuries in patients with idiopathic blepharospasm
Outcomes of the introduction of a standardized fitness-for-duty evaluation of commercial truck drivers on the incidence of low back injuries and workers' compensation costs
An outcome evaluation of the 'Skipper' designated driver program
The measurand problem in breath alcohol testing
Physical injury, PTSD symptoms, and medication use: Examination in two trauma types
A radical change in traffic law: Effects on fatalities in the Czech Republic
Sleepiness in professional truck drivers measured with an objective alertness test during routine traffic controls
Anthropometric specifications, development, and evaluation of EvaRID-A 50(th) percentile female rear impact finite element dummy model
Does traffic stress affect distance estimation and recognition accuracy in urban bus drivers?
Double-blind placebo and active (caffeine) controlled study to examine the effects of the herbal nutritional supplement beverage "Wake up" on vigilance and function after lunch
Ecological warnings
Effects of heavy drinking on executive cognitive functioning in a community sample
The effects of tamping on railway track geometry degradation
The epidemiology and injury patterns of acetabular fractures: Are the USA and China comparable?
Energy drink use, problem drinking and drinking motives in a diverse sample of Alaskan college students
Epidemiology of traumatic brain injury in Austria
Evaluation of accelerated aging of commercial drivers on model of biological age based on parameters of physical work ability
Mobile phones and driving
Ejection in hostile environments: Medico-psychological aspects for the fighter pilot
Endorsement of a personal responsibility to adhere to the minimum drinking age law predicts consumption, risky behaviors, and alcohol-related harms
Escape from harm: Linking affective vision and motor responses during active avoidance
Evaluation of a Swedish version of the Strengthening Families Programme
Geriatric traumatic brain injury in China
High energy trauma patients treated in the department of general surgery in a secondary emergency facility in Japan
Tactical, strategic, and life-goal self-regulation of driving by older adults: Development and testing of a questionnaire
Target visibility level and detection distance on a driving simulator
Temporal alcohol availability predicts first-time drunk driving, but not repeat offending
Testing the conjoint influence of impulsivity and drinking restraint on alcohol use consequences in college student drinkers
Thigh compartment syndrome in urban trauma: Bullets to blame, not collisions
Thoracic injuries to contained and restrained occupants in single-vehicle pure rollover crashes
ThinkFirst for teens: Finding an injury-prevention approach for teenagers
Three-dimensional methodology for design of safe rural highways
Toward a more robust lower neck compressive injury tolerance-an approach combining multiple test methodologies
Track detection in railway sidings based on MEMS gyroscope sensors
Track gauge optimisation of railway switches using a genetic algorithm
Traffic characteristics of high-occupancy vehicle facilities: Comparison of contiguous and buffer-separated lanes
Traffic crashes and alcohol outlets in a Brazilian state capital
A train-related fatality-old dilemmas: Accident, suicide, or homicide? Premortem or postmortem decapitation?
Transferability and robustness of real-time freeway crash risk assessment
Trajectories of cognitive decline by driving mobility: Evidence from the Health and Retirement Study
Using accelerometers and global positioning system devices to assess gender and age differences in children's school, transport, leisure and home based physical activity
Vector disparity sensor with vergence control for active vision systems
Vehicle trajectory linearisation to enable efficient optimisation of the constant speed racing line
Vasodilation associated with supplement use: Potential concern for military aviators
Visual function of drivers and its relationship to road traffic accidents in Urban Africa
Wheels, skills and thrills: A social marketing trial to reduce aggressive driving from young men in deprived areas
Why we may not find intentions in the brain
Widening rural-urban disparities in life expectancy, U.S., 1969-2009
The use of AHP and rank correlation methods for determining the significance of the interaction between the elements of a transport system having a strong influence on traffic safety
Research of the influence of tire hydroplaning on directional stability of vehicle
The effect of bicycle helmet legislation on bicycling fatalities
Assessing fitness to drive in the elderly and those with medical conditions: guidelines should specify methods and evidence
Assessing the health-related outcomes and correlates of active transportation in children and youth
Crash test rating and likelihood of major thoracoabdominal injury in motor vehicle crashes: The new car assessment program side-impact crash test, 1998-2010
Does beverage type and drinking context matter in an alcohol-related injury? Evidence from emergency department patients in Latin America
Encapsulating urban traffic rhythms into road networks
Elevated depressive symptoms and adolescent injury: Examining associations by injury frequency, injury type, and gender
Moving people safely in African cities
Upside-down death: The pathophysiology of inversion
Visibility of children behind 2010-2013 model year passenger vehicles using glances, mirrors, and backup cameras and parking sensors
Visual attention measures predict pedestrian detection in central field loss: a pilot study
What the drivers do and do not tell you: Using verbal protocol analysis to investigate driver behaviour in emergency situations
School bus safety: Issues and controversy
Autopsy of a disaster: The Martinez bus accident
Five-hundred life-saving interventions and their cost-effectiveness
Comparison of outcomes for children with cervical spine injury based on destination hospital from scene of injury
The effect on problematic drinking behavior of a brief motivational interview shortly after a first arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol: A randomized trial
Alcohol-induced impairment of inhibitory control is linked to attenuated brain responses in right fronto-temporal cortex
The arrest of drivers under the influence as a predictor of subsequent social disadvantage and death
Association between economic fluctuations and road mortality in OECD countries
The association between kinematic risky driving among parents and their teenage children: Moderation by shared personality characteristics
BikeSafe: Evaluating a bicycle safety program for middle school aged children
A booming economy means a bursting trauma system: Association between hospital admission for major injury and indicators of economic activity in a large Canadian health region
Case closed: Research evidence on the positive public health impact of the age 21 minimum legal drinking age in the United States
Coagulopathy after severe pediatric trauma: A review
College student drinking research from the 1940s to the future: where we have been and where we are going
Driving among patients with epilepsy in West China
Effects of alcohol hangover on simulated highway driving performance
Factors influencing social and health outcomes after motor vehicle crash injury: An inception cohort study protocol
High voltage electrical burn injuries in teenage children: Case studies with similarities (an Indian perspective)
Limitations of travel data for rate computations
The Mortality Peer Review Panel: A report on the deaths on operations of UK Service personnel 2002-2013
Ocular trauma in patients with maxillofacial fractures
Analysis of AM-2201 and metabolites in a drugs and driving case
Development and validation of two subject-specific finite element models of human head against three cadaveric experiments
Effect of cargo loading on occupant injury and seat deformation in motor-vehicle crashes
Evaluation of deterrent impact of Ontario's street racing and stunt driving law on extreme speeding convictions
How have changes in front airbag designs affected frontal crash death rates? An update
The influence of bicycle oriented facilities on bicycle crashes within crash concentrated areas
Older driver estimates of driving exposure compared to in-vehicle data in the Candrive II study
Parental perceptions of the learner driver log book system in two Australian states
Risk behaviors related to violence and injury among school-going adolescents in Karnataka, Southern India
A study of fatality risk and head dynamic response of cyclist and pedestrian based on passenger car accident data analysis and simulations
Time to death analysis of road traffic accidents in relation to delta V, drunk driving, and restraint systems
Training children in pedestrian safety: Distinguishing gains in knowledge from gains in safe behavior
Rehabilitation for improving automobile driving after stroke
Reliability and validity of the Iranian version of the QAPACE in adolescents
A summary of research and progress on carbon monoxide exposure control solutions on houseboats
Surveillance of paediatric traumatic brain injuries using the NEISS: Choosing an appropriate case definition
Towards cooperative guidance and control of highly automated vehicles: H-Mode and Conduct-by-Wire
Unintentional injury hospitalizations and socio-economic status in areas with a high percentage of First Nations identity residents
Vision screening of older drivers for preventing road traffic injuries and fatalities
Assessment of different mouthwashes on cannabis oral fluid concentrations
Cannabinoids Part I--legal policies and physiological effects
Changes in the prevalence of new psychoactive substances before and after the introduction of the generic scheduling of synthetic cannabinoids in Japan
Comparison between self-report of cannabis use and toxicological detection of THC/THCCOOH in blood and THC in oral fluid in drivers in a roadside survey
Comparison of drug concentrations measured in roadside surveys and in seriously injured drivers in Belgium
Comparison of LUCIO®-direct ELISA with CEDIA immunoassay for 'zero tolerance' drug screening in urine as required by the German re-licensing guidelines
Current knowledge on cannabinoids in oral fluid
Legal controls on cannabimimetics: An international dilemma?
Proof of cannabis administration by sensitive detection of 11-nor-Delta(9)-tetrahydrocannabinol-9-carboxylic acid in hair using selective methylation and application of liquid chromatography- tandem and multistage mass spectrometry
THCCOOH concentrations in whole blood: Are they useful in discriminating occasional from heavy smokers?
Variability of cannabis potency in the Venice area (Italy): a survey over the period 2010-2012
11-Nor-9-carboxy-∆9-tetrahydrocannabinol quantification in human oral fluid by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry
Analysis of synthetic cathinones commonly found in bath salts in human performance and postmortem toxicology: method development, drug distribution and interpretation of results
Analysis of tools, methods and results of toxicological screening for detection of drug abuse in Italian professional drivers
Concentrations of drugs determined in blood samples collected from suspected drugged drivers in England and Wales
A critical first assessment of the new pre-market approval regime for new psychoactive substances (NPS) in New Zealand
Development and validation of two LC-MS/MS methods for the detection and quantification of amphetamines, designer amphetamines, benzoylecgonine, benzodiazepines, opiates, and opioids in urine using turbulent flow chromatography
Driving under the influence of cannabis: pitfalls, validation, and quality control of a UPLC-MS/MS method for the quantification of tetrahydrocannabinol in oral fluid collected with StatSure, Quantisal, or Certus collector
The effects of dehydration, moderate alcohol consumption, and rehydration on cognitive functions
Fast screening of 88 pharmaceutical drugs and metabolites in whole blood by ultrahigh-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry
Field testing of the Alere DDS2 mobile test system for drugs in oral fluid
The frequency of alcohol, illicit and licit drug consumption in the general driving population in South-East Hungary
Has the intake of THC by cannabis users changed over the last decade? Evidence of increased exposure by analysis of blood THC concentrations in impaired drivers
The influence of stimulants on truck driver crash responsibility in fatal crashes
Mandatory side samples dropped in alcohol tests after drunk driving
Mephedrone (methylmethcathinone) in toxicology casework: a Northern Ireland perspective
Optimization and validation of CEDIA drugs of abuse immunoassay tests in serum and urine on an Olympus AU 400
Oral fluid cannabinoid concentrations following controlled smoked cannabis in chronic frequent and occasional smokers
Presence of psychoactive substances in injured Belgian drivers
Prevalence and blood concentrations of desoxypipradrol (2-DPMP) in drivers suspected of driving under the influence of drugs and in post-mortem cases
Quantification of 31 illicit and medicinal drugs and metabolites in whole blood by fully automated solid-phase extraction and ultra-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry
Regarding driving after drug and alcohol use among U.S. high school seniors
Utility of dynamic pupillometry in alcohol testing on drivers
Self-contained pedestrian tracking during normal walking using an inertial/magnetic sensor module
Benzodiazepine harm: how can it be reduced?
CNS effects of indomethacin: should patients be cautioned about decreased mental alertness and motor coordination?
Current topics of epilepsy
Driving after pupil dilation and insurance claims
Fatigue in patients with epilepsy and its association with depression and sleep quality
Less glucuronidation of morphine in the presence of ethanol in vivo
Neurophysiological pharmacodynamic measures of groups and individuals extended from simple cognitive tasks to more "lifelike" activities
Persistent amphetamine consumption by truck drivers in São Paulo State, Brazil, despite the ban on production, prescription, and use
A randomized trial on the acute and steady-state effects of a new antidepressant, vortioxetine (Lu AA21004), on actual driving and cognition
Which drug for which patient? Is there a fluoxetine responding versus a bupropion responding personality profile?
Amphetamine abuse in Sweden: subject demographics, changes in blood concentrations over time, and the types of coingested substances
Blood synthetic cannabinoid concentrations in cases of suspected impaired driving
Combined caffeine and bright light reduces dangerous driving in sleep-deprived healthy volunteers: a pilot cross-over randomised controlled trial
Criminal justice and alcohol treatment: results from a national sample
Dealing with patients you believe shouldn't be driving
Driving ability according to German guidelines in stabilized bipolar I and II outpatients receiving lithium or lamotrigine
Early-stage comparative effectiveness: randomized controlled trial with histamine inverse agonist MK-7288 in excessive daytime sleepiness patients
The effects of most commonly prescribed second generation antidepressants on driving ability: a systematic review
FDA warning: Driving may be impaired the morning following sleeping pill use
Functional disability in medication management and driving among individuals with HIV: a 1-year follow-up study
Zolpidem and drunk driving
Zopiclone's residual effects on actual driving performance in a standardized test: a pooled analysis of age and sex effects in 4 placebo-controlled studies
What we need to report and to whom…
Vivid spectacle, powerful message for teens
Alcohol calibration of tests measuring skills related to car driving
Airmen with mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) at increased risk for subsequent mishaps
An analysis of changes in mobility and safety of older drivers associated with a specific older driver on-road licensing test: a population study
Applying quantile regression for modeling equivalent property damage only crashes to identify accident blackspots
The association of graduated driver licensing with miles driven and fatal crash rates per miles driven among adolescents
Basic concepts in opioid prescribing and current concepts of opioid-mediated effects on driving
Balance lane use with VMS to mitigate motorway traffic congestion
Characteristics of teens-with-teens fatal crashes in the United States, 2005-2010
Child passengers killed in reckless and alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes
Childhood unintentional injuries: Supervision and first aid provided
Can intermittent video sampling capture individual differences in naturalistic driving?
Coronary sinus and atrioventricular groove avulsion after motor vehicle crash
Correction: The impact of pedestrian countdown signals on pedestrian–motor vehicle collisions: a quasi-experimental study
Differences in risk of injury in the U.S. General population by injury treatment type: data from the 1995 to 2010 National Alcohol Surveys
Development of a strain rate dependent material model of human cortical bone for computer-aided reconstruction of injury mechanisms
Does legislation to prevent alcohol sales to drunk individuals work? Measuring the propensity for night-time sales to drunks in a UK city
Dual roadside seismic sensor for moving road vehicle detection and characterization
The effect of trazodone on standardized field sobriety tests
Effects of armodafinil on simulated driving and self-report measures in obstructive sleep apnea patients prior to treatment with continuous positive airway pressure
Effects of red light camera enforcement on red light violations in Arlington County, Virginia
The effects of Crew Resource Management (CRM) training on flight attendants' safety attitudes
Examining driver injury severity in two vehicle crashes - A copula based approach
How well do modelled routes to school record the environments children are exposed to?: a cross-sectional comparison of GIS-modelled and GPS-measured routes to school
Improving Hybrid III injury assessment in steering wheel rim to chest impacts using responses from finite element Hybrid III and human body model
Adolescents' perceptions of a health survey using multimedia computer-assisted self-administered interview
Spine and spinal cord injuries--causes and complications
Sports and 'active commuting' mitigate adolescent obesity
The stages of driving cessation for people with dementia: needs and challenges
A standardised mortuary-based injury surveillance system: lessons learned from the Ibadan Nigerian trial
Staying safe on two wheels means taking precautions
A study of the correlation between computer games and adolescent behavioral problems
Traffic accident as a shortcut to acute appendectomy
Traffic at intermodal logistic hubs: shedding light on the blind spot
Reappraisals of mental disabilities due to traffic accidents: a retrospective analysis of 51 cases
Reaction time in pilots at sustained acceleration of +4.5 G(z)
The problem of the pillion rider: India's helmet law and New Delhi's exemption
Preventive measures against human error based on the classification of the adverse events
Sensation seeking: A new conceptualization and a new scale
Behavioral inhibition, behavioral activation, and affective responses to impending reward and punishment: The BIS/BAS Scales
Active transportation: Do current traffic safety policies protect non-motorists?
The amount of consolation compensation in road traffic accidents
Are national injury prevention and research efforts matching the distribution of injuries across sectors?
Assessment of early onset of driver fatigue using multimodal fatigue measures in a static simulator
Assessment of trend and seasonality in road accident data: an Iranian case study
Effects of an adult passenger on young adult drivers' driving speed: Roles of an adult passenger's presence and driving tips from the passenger
Head injury-a neglected public health problem: a four-month prospective study at Jimma University specialized hospital, Ethiopia
Predicting road test performance in drivers with stroke
Repeal of the Michigan helmet law: early clinical impacts
Safety belt and mobile phone usage in vehicles in Barcelona (Spain)
The association between walking and perceived environment in chinese community residents: A cross-sectional study
Concomitant injuries associated with maxillofacial fractures in Abuja, Nigeria
Daytime sleepiness in Parkinson's disease: perception, influence of drugs, and mood disorder
Differences between musicians and non-musicians in neuro-affective processing of sadness and fear expressed in music
Emergence of criticality in the transportation passenger flow: scaling and renormalization in the seoul bus system
Injury severity and mortality of adult zebra crosswalk and non-zebra crosswalk road crossing accidents: a cross-sectional analysis
Prevention of childhood injuries: a statewide approach
Sanitarians can lead in accident control
Is perception of self-motion speed a necessary condition for intercepting a moving target while walking?
Legislation in Québec for all-terrain vehicles: are we doing enough?
Macroeconomic fluctuations and motorcycle fatalities in the U.S
On the use of low-cost radar networks for collision warning systems aboard dumpers
The neuroeconomics of alcohol demand:an initialinvestigation of the neural correlates of alcohol cost-benefit decision makingin heavy drinking men
Population density, distance to public transportation, and health of women in low-income neighborhoods
The prevalence of positive drug and alcohol screens in elderly trauma patients
Youth physical activity and the neighbourhood environment: Examining correlates and the role of neighbourhood definition
Relationships between the perceived neighborhood social environment and walking for transportation among older adults
A Sarsa(λ)-based control model for real-time traffic light coordination
Somatic consequences of cannabis use
Socio-ecological risk factors for prime-age adult death in two coastal areas of Vietnam
Sensitivity and specificity of EtG in hair as a marker of chronic excessive drinking. Pooled analysis of raw data and meta-analysis of diagnostic accuracy studies
Sleep loss, circadian mismatch, and abnormalities in reorienting of attention in night workers with shift work disorder
Clarifying the measurement and the role of the behavioral inhibition system in alcohol misuse
How children and adults learn to intercept moving gaps
An in-depth pilot study on patterns, destinations, and purposes of walking in Hong Kong older adults
Managing driving issues after an acquired brain injury: Strategies used by health professionals
Mild traumatic brain injury after motor vehicle collisions: what are the symptoms and who treats them? A population-based 1-year inception cohort study
Onsets do not override top-down goals, but they are responded to more quickly
Population-based, inception cohort study of the incidence, course, and prognosis of mild traumatic brain injury after motor vehicle collisions
Restrictions in pub closing times and lockouts in Newcastle, Australia five years on
Risk behaviors and negative health outcomes for adolescents with late bedtimes
Risk factors for closed-head injuries during military airborne operations
Route choices of transport bicyclists: a comparison of actually used and shortest routes
Small area associations between social context and alcohol-attributable mortality in a middle income country
Sleep quality and alcohol risk in college students: examining the moderating effects of drinking motives
Airbag inflation-related left main coronary artery dissection, localized aortic dissection and aortic valve dehiscence in a patient with previous coronary artery surgery
Alcohol-related road traffic injuries in Al-Ain City, United Arab Emirates
Applying visual attention theory to transportation safety research and design: Evaluation of alternative automobile rear lighting systems
A comparison of alcohol and drug use by random motor vehicle drivers in Brazil and Norway
Differential effects of refractive blur on day and night-time driving performance
Driving performance changes of middle-aged experienced taxi drivers due to distraction tasks during unexpected situations
Effects of a cycle training course on children's cycling skills and levels of cycling to school
Secondary collisions revisited: real-world crash data and relationship to crash test criteria
Investigating improper lane changes: driver performance contributing to lane change near-crashes
Viewpoint tethering for remotely operated vehicles: effects on complex terrain navigation and spatial awareness
Using the centre of percussion to design a steering controller for an autonomous race car
Discussions on rail in urban areas and rail history
Analyzing aviation safety: Problems, challenges, opportunities
Activity based travel demand models as a tool for evaluating sustainable transportation policies
Analyzing changes in travel behavior in time and space using household travel surveys in Seoul Metropolitan Area over eight years
Analyzing road surface conditions, collision time, and road structural factors associated with bicycle collisions from 2000 to 2010 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Carsharing as active transport: What are the potential health benefits?
Changes in outdoor mobility when becoming alone in the household in old age
Commentary on transport and clinical practice
Consistency in preferences for road safety: An analysis of precautionary and stated behavior
The contribution of light levels to ethnic differences in child pedestrian injury risk: a case-only analysis
Determinants of motor vehicle crash fatalities using Bayesian model selection methods
The development of road and rail transport safety valuation in the United Kingdom
A disaggregated tool for evaluation of road safety policies
DRAG-ALZ-1, a first model of monthly total road demand, accident frequency, severity and victims by category, and of mean speed on highways, Algeria 1970-2007
Economic impact of non-motorized transportation in Indian cities
The economics of railway safety
Examining pedestrian-injury severity using alternative disaggregate models
Experiences of electric bicycle users in the Sacramento, California area
From theory to practice in road safety policy: Understanding risk versus mobility
Health implications of transport planning, development and operations
Independent mobility on the journey to school: A joint cross-sectional and prospective exploration of social and physical environmental influences
The influence of rainfall on road accidents in urban areas: A weather radar approach
The interurban DRAG-Spain model: The main factors of influence on road accidents in Spain
Killing kilos in car accidents: Are external costs of car weight internalised?
Modeling yard crane operators as reinforcement learning agents
Mumbai lunch box delivery system: A transferable benchmark in urban logistics?
The optimal pricing, finance and supply of urban transportation in general equilibrium: A theoretical exposition
Paradoxes of rationality in road safety policy
Part 1. National road safety performance: Data, the emergence of two single-outcome modeling streams and public health
Part 2. Beyond single-outcome models: Decompositions of aggregate and disaggregate road safety risk
Pedestrian exposure measures: A time-space framework
Public transport access and availability in the RESIDE study: Is it taking us where we want to go?
Rail research projects: Case studies
Rail vehicles, environment, safety and security
Reflections on the economics of transportation safety (editorial)
A review of recent theoretical and empirical analyses of asymmetric information in road safety and automobile insurance
Why do teens abandon bicycling? A retrospective look at attitudes and behaviors
Valuing casualty risk reductions from estimated baseline risk
Valuation of travel time
Travel to work and self-reported stress: Findings from a workplace survey in south west Sydney, Australia
Transport and clinical practice
A study of factors influencing the severity of road crashes involving drunk drivers and non drunk drivers
Some hard questions for road safety experts (editorial)
A simulation approach for estimating value at risk in transportation infrastructure investment decisions
Road pricing and investment
Analyzing road safety in the United States
Association between riding with an impaired driver and driving while impaired
Driver licensing and reasons for delaying licensure among young adults ages 18-20, United States, 2012
Auditory attentional capture: implicit and explicit approaches
Common carotid artery injury caused by a camel bite: case report and systematic review of the literature
Contribution of the physical environment to socioeconomic gradients in walking in the Whitehall II study
The culpability of drivers killed in New Zealand road crashes and their use of alcohol and other drugs
Correction: density, destinations or both? A comparison of measures of walkability in relation to transportation behaviors, obesity and diabetes in Toronto, Canada
Driving indicators in teens with attention deficit hyperactivity and/or autism spectrum disorder
Evaluating medically at-risk drivers: a survey of assessment practices in Canada
The effects of age and workload on 3D spatial attention in dual-task driving
Effects of competing environmental variables and signage on route-choices in simulated everyday and emergency wayfinding situations
Epidemiologic warnings from studies on alcohol use disorders
How does a lower predictability of lane changes affect performance in the Lane Change Task?
How undistorted spatial memories can produce distorted responses
The identification of factors contributing to self-reported anomalies in civil aviation
Impacts of drinking-age laws on mortality in Canada, 1980-2009
Examining the nonparametric effect of drivers' age in rear-end accidents through an additive logistic regression model
Mild dementia and driving ability : Part 1: Fundamentals
Neural effects of mental fatigue caused by continuous attention load: A magnetoencephalography study
Non-natural manners of death among users of illicit drugs: Substance findings
Normative misperceptions of peer seatbelt use among high school students and their relationship to personal seatbelt use
Occupant accelerations and injury potential during an ambulance-to-curb impact
Occupational cognitive failures and safety performance in the workplace
The parental factor in adolescent reckless driving: The road ahead
Parent comments and instruction during the first four months of supervised driving: An opportunity missed?
Predictors of PTSD symptoms in adults admitted to a Level I trauma center: a prospective analysis
Preschool children with head injury: comparing injury severity measures and clinical care
Profile of women detected drink driving via Roadside Breath Testing (RBT) in Queensland, Australia, between 2000 and 2011
Relating crash frequency and severity: evaluating the effectiveness of shoulder rumble strips on reducing fatal and major injury crashes
Serious impact of handlebar injuries
Work- and non-work-related eye injuries in a highly industrialized area in northern Italy: comparison between two three-year periods (1994-1996 and 2005-2007)
Walter Miles and his research on low dose alcohol (1914-1924): shifting the emphasis from intoxication to impairment
Variation in pediatric traumatic brain injury outcomes in the United States
Changes in injury-related hospital emergency department presentations associated with the imposition of regulatory versus voluntary licensing conditions on licensed venues in two cities
Epidemiological study of injury in British cycling: 2011-2013
The economic crisis at the beginning of the XXI century and mortality in Spain. Trend and impact on social inequalities. SESPAS Report 2014
An epidemiological study of road traffic accident cases admitted in a tertiary care hospital
Effects of cervical arthrodesis and arthroplasty on neck response during a simulated frontal automobile collision
Intention to comply with mandatory hurricane evacuation orders among persons living along a coastal area (erratum)
"Journal of Transport and Health": A reply by the JTH editor to an uncredited short piece in Injury Prevention
Cannabinoid disposition in oral fluid after controlled cannabis smoking in frequent and occasional smokers
Changes in physical activity during the transition from primary to secondary school in Belgian children: what is the role of the school environment?
Comparison of injury mortality risk in motor vehicle crash versus other etiologies
Deployment experiences and motor vehicle crashes among U.S. Service members
Down but not out: incidence and estimated costs to society of road casualties in Strathclyde, Scotland
Effects of chronotype and time of day on the vigilance decrement during simulated driving
A few large roads or many small ones? How to accommodate growth in vehicle numbers to minimise impacts on wildlife
The graded and dichotomous nature of visual awareness
How much does one more drink matter? Examining effects of event-level alcohol use and previous sexual victimization on sex-related consequences
Impulsivity-related cognition in alcohol dependence: Is it moderated by DRD2/ANKK1 gene status and executive dysfunction?
Influence of built environment on pedestrian's crossing decision
The influence of driving status on transportation challenges experienced by older adults
Modelling the effect of various factors on the condition of pavement marking
The accuracy of determining speeding directly from mass crash data and using the NSW Centre for Road Safety method
Analytical demonstrations to assess residual bearing capacities of steel plate girder ends with stiffeners damaged by corrosion
Application of singular spectrum analysis to structural monitoring and damage diagnosis of bridges
Blast-induced dynamic response on the interface of a multilayered pipeline
Cable-supported bridges: design, maintenance, rehabilitation and management
Calibrating a high-fidelity finite element model of a highway bridge using a multi-variable sensitivity-based optimisation approach
Comparative study of bridge management programmes and practices in the USA and China
A computational model for full or partial damage of single or multiple adjacent columns in disproportionate collapse analysis via linear programming
A condition assessment method for roadside assets
Condition survey and evaluation of an early post-tensioned bridge verified after removal
Critical issues, condition assessment and monitoring of heavy movable structures: emphasis on movable bridges
Non-destructive measurement toolkit for corrosion monitoring and fracture detection of bridge tendons
On longevity and monitoring technologies of bridges: a survey study by the Japanese Society of Steel Construction
Prediction of railway track geometry deterioration using artificial neural networks: a case study for Turkish state railways
Promoting a more positive traffic safety culture in Australia: lessons learnt and future directions
Remaining fatigue life of steel railway bridges under enhanced axle loads
Risk-based economic assessment of mitigation strategies for power distribution poles subjected to hurricanes
The Safe System in Practice: a sector-wide training programme
Safer speeds: an evaluation of public education materials
Speed - the biggest and most contested road killer
Star safety ratings drive improvements on risky roads
Structural performance evaluation of a precast prefabricated bridge column under vehicle impact loading
Suspension bridge response due to extreme vehicle loads
Medical marijuana and driving: a review
Mother-child conversations about safety: implications for socializing safety values in children
Motor effort alters changes of mind in sensorimotor decision making
Multisensory constraints on awareness
A pilot investigation using global positioning systems into the outdoor activity of people with severe traumatic brain injury
A pilot study using global positioning systems (GPS) devices and surveys to ascertain older adults' travel patterns
Algorithm fusion method to enhance automatic incident detection on Melbourne freeways
Are agricultural quad bike loss-of-control events driven by unrealistic optimism?
Concealed texting while driving: what are young people's beliefs about this risky behaviour?
State variation in underreporting of alcohol involvement on death certificates: motor vehicle traffic crash fatalities as an example
Why do we move our head to look at an object in our peripheral region? Lateral viewing interferes with attentive search
Investigation of haul truck-related fatal accidents in surface mining using fault tree analysis
Measuring the vulnerability of public transport networks
A new method for assessing the application of deterministic or stochastic modelling approach in evacuation scenarios
Road traffic culture and personality traits related to traffic safety in Turkish and Iranian samples
A segment level analysis of multi-vehicle motorcycle crashes in Ohio using Bayesian multi-level mixed effects models
A 26-year comparative review of United Kingdom helicopter emergency medical services crashes and serious incidents
Absorption and peak blood alcohol concentration after drinking beer, wine, or spirits
Alcohol use, drinking consequences, and sensitivity to social cues among college women
Analysis of the effects of communication and surveillance facility service outages on traffic separations
Animal reactions to oncoming vehicles: a conceptual review
Built environment characteristics and parent active transportation are associated with active travel to school in youth age 12-15
Causes and patterns of spine trauma in children and adolescents in Saudi Arabia: implications for injury prevention
Commentary: locked out or locked up: are ignition interlocks the answer?
A community traffic safety analysis of pedestrian and bicyclist injuries based on the catchment area of a trauma center
Detectability of new psychoactive substances, 'legal highs', in CEDIA, EMIT, and KIMS immunochemical screening assays for drugs of abuse
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and its association with sleep and mental disorders in the general population
The epidemiology of trauma-related mortality in the United States from 2002 to 2010
The epworth sleepiness scale for screening of the drowsy driving: comparison with the maintenance of wakefulness test in an Iranian sample of commercial drivers
Injury pattern as an indication of seat belt failure in ejected vehicle occupants
Fuzzy reasoning as a base for collision avoidance decision support system
Feasibility analysis of vehicle-to-vehicle communication on suburban road
Identification of black spots based on reliability approach
Access bridge design measures for safety increase of the road infrastructure
Analysis on influencing factors identification of crash rates using tobit model with endogenous variable
The best location for speed bump installation using experimental design methodology
Marine accidents researched through human factor prisma
New type of roundabout: dual one-lane roundabouts on two levels with right-hand turning bypasses - "target roundabout"
Risk route choice analysis and the equilibrium model under anticipated regret theory
A simulation-based dynamic traffic assignment model with combined modes
Lidar data analysis for time to headway determination in the DriveSafe project field tests
Alcohol-impaired motor vehicle crash risk and the location of alcohol purchase
Application of disability-adjusted life years to predict the burden of injuries and fatalities due to public exposure to engineering technologies
An assessment of etiological spectrum and injury characteristics among maxillofacial trauma patients of Government dental college and Research Institute, Bangalore
Advances of human factors research for future vehicular technology
Affective-sound effects on driving behaviour
Analysis of temporal relationships between eye gaze and peripheral vehicle behavior for detecting driver distraction
Application of the expanded theory of planned behavior in intercity travel behavior
Assessment of different sensor configurations for collaborative driving in urban environments
Automated generation of traffic incident response plan based on case-based reasoning and Bayesian theory
Automotive technology and human factors research: Past, present, and future
Bifocal stereoscopic vision for intelligent vehicles
Blind sailors' spatial representation using an on-board force feedback arm: two case studies
Capacity estimation for on-ramp merging section of urban expressway based on time headway loss
Combined effects of long-term sitting and whole-body vibration on discomfort onset for vehicle occupants
Conspicuity research on the highway roadside objects: a simulator study
Designing stipulated gains of aircraft stability and control augmentation systems for semiglobal trajectories tracking
Development of a safety evaluation model for provincial highway
A driver face monitoring system for fatigue and distraction detection
Driving posture recognition by joint application of motion history image and pyramid histogram of oriented gradients
E-bike injuries: experience from an urban emergency department: a retrospective study from Switzerland
Effectiveness of variable message signs on driving behavior based on a driving simulation experiment
The front seat passenger: How to transfer qualitative findings into design
An integer programming model for analysing impacts of different train types on railway line capacity
An inverse dynamics method for railway vehicle systems
Modeling and deployment of model-based decentralized embedded diagnosis inside vehicles: application to smart distance keeping function
Modeling the perceptions and preferences of pedestrians on crossing facilities
Optimal control with the dynamic change of the structure of the road network
Pedestrian detection and tracking for counting applications in metro station
Predicting driver behavior using field experiment data and driving simulator experiment data: assessing impact of elimination of stop regulation at railway crossings
A quasi-Poisson approach on modeling accident hazard index for urban road segments
Research and application of the Beijing road traffic prediction system
The research of the driver attention field modeling
Stability control of vehicle emergency braking with tire blowout
Statistical analysis of traffic accidents in Shanghai River crossing tunnels and safety countermeasures
StopWatcher: a mobile application to improve stop sign awareness for driving safety
Usability and feasibility of an internet-based virtual pedestrian environment to teach children to cross streets safely
The use of self-report exposure measures among novice motorcyclists: appropriateness and best practice recommendations
Verification of whiplash-associated disorders in forensic medical practice. Part II--Objectivization of injuries
When music tempo affects the temporal congruence between physical practice and motor imagery
Vehicle detection based on perspective transformation using rear-view camera
Close to me: the effect of asymmetrical environments on spatial attention
Compliance with traffic laws by traffic police officers, non-traffic police officers, and civilian drivers
Comprehensive analysis of single- and multi-vehicle large truck at-fault crashes on rural and urban roadways in Alabama
Blunt chest trauma--an audit of injuries diagnosed by the MDCT examination
Buckle up safely (shoalhaven): a process and impact evaluation of a pragmatic, multifaceted preschool-based pilot program to increase correct use of age-appropriate child restraints
Disability identification for cases with clinical diagnosis of diffuse axonal injury due to traffic accidents: a study of 89 cases
Disposed to distraction: genetic variation in the cholinergic system influences distractibility but not time-on-task effects
Distribution and type of crash damage to motorcyclists' clothing: validation of the zone approach in the European standard for motorcycle protective clothing, EN13595
Driving during alcohol hangover among Dutch professional truck drivers
The effect of medical marijuana laws on crime: evidence from state panel data, 1990-2006
Effect of passenger presence on older drivers' risk of fatal crash involvement
Effect of static electronic advertising signs on road safety: an experimental case study
Effects of obesity on occupant responses in frontal crashes: a simulation analysis using human body models
Elevated risk of sleepiness-related motor vehicle accidents in patients with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome: a case-control study
Emotions in robot psychology
Epidemiology of mass casualty incidents in the United States
Epidemiology of orthopedic fractures and other injuries among inpatients admitted due to traffic accidents: a 10-year nationwide survey in Taiwan
Evolving social health scheme for workers in unorganized sector: key evidences from study of cycle rickshaw pullers in Delhi, India
Fatal accidents and injuries among merchant seafarers worldwide
Factors associated with recurrence of alcohol-related traffic violations in southern Brazil
A framework to support human factors of automation in railway intelligent infrastructure
I-95 phobia treated with hypnotic systematic desensitization: a case report
Increased inequality in mortality from road crashes among Arabs and Jews in Israel
Involvement of unendorsed motorcycle operators in fatal crashes in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, 2005-2011
Light-vehicle occupancy and severe injury by vehicle and crash type
Meta-analysis of on-the-road experimental studies of hypnotics: effects of time after intake, dose, and half-life
Mild dementia and driving ability : Part 2: Assessment and its consequences in practice
Motor vehicle crash severity estimations by physicians and prehospital personnel
Narrow-track wheeled agricultural tractor parameter variation
A numerical investigation on the variation in hip injury tolerance with occupant posture during frontal collisions
Next-generation airbags and the possibility of negative outcomes due to thoracic injury
Police officer in-vehicle discomfort: appointments carriage method and vehicle seat features
Prediction of driving safety in individuals with homonymous hemianopia and quadrantanopia from clinical neuroimaging
The scope and nature of injuries to rear seat passengers in NSW using linked hospital admission and police data
Social inequality in motorcycle helmet use: when a reduction in inequality is not necessarily good news
The status of road safety and injury burden: India
A study of feature combination for vehicle detection based on image processing
Technology-related distracted walking behaviours in Manhattan's most dangerous intersections
Aberrant behaviors and road accidents among Iranian truck drivers, 2010
Accommodation of large trucks in roundabouts
Influence of sight distance on crash rates and operating speeds at low-volume single-lane roundabouts in the United States
Barriers to life jacket use among adult recreational boaters
Bicycle helmets are highly effective at preventing head injury during head impact: Head-form accelerations and injury criteria for helmeted and unhelmeted impacts
Built environment and household electric bike ownership
A case-control study of boat-related injuries and fatalities in Washington State
Collision modification functions: Incorporating changes over time
Cornering law: the difficulty of negotiating corners with an unmanned ground vehicle
Driving with the wandering mind: the effect that mind-wandering has on driving performance
Dynamic response due to behind helmet blunt trauma measured with a human head surrogate
Effect of burnout on accident involvement in occupational drivers
Epidemiology of accidents and traumas in Qom province in 2010
Evaluation of innovative bicycle facilities in Washington, D.C
Event-based modeling of driver yielding behavior to pedestrians at two-lane roundabout approaches
Four types of cyclists? Examination of typology for better understanding of bicycling behavior and potential
The impact of alcohol and road traffic policies on crash rates in Botswana, 2004-2011: A time-series analysis
Lessons learned from motorcyclist surveys: riders' attitudes and behaviors in Florida
Modeling injury outcomes of crashes involving heavy vehicles on Texas highways
Motorcycle and motor scooter use in Victoria, Australia
North America's first E-bikeshare
Public bikesharing in North America: early operator understanding and emerging trends
Recreational boating accidents--Part 1: Catamnestic study
Relationship between rider trajectory and injury outcome in motorcycle-to-barrier crashes
Spatial and temporal analysis of driver gap acceptance behavior at modern roundabouts
Safety benefits of stability control systems for motorcoach buses
Safety effects of converting intersections to roundabouts
Tablet-based traffic counting application designed to minimize human error
Use of computer vision data for detailed driver behavior analysis and trajectory interpretation at roundabouts
Use of powered two-wheelers in an Australian capital city
Discussion of 'The overall program effects of California's 3-Tier Assessment System pilot on crashes and mobility among senior drivers' [J Safety Res 47 (2013) 1-8]
Algorithm for analyzing horizontal sight distance from lane centerline coordinates
Analysis of crash severity based on vehicle damage and occupant injuries
Analysis of drivers' stop-or-run behavior at signalized intersections with high-resolution traffic and signal event data
Analysis of nighttime visibility of in-service pavement markings
Assessment of the degree of willingness to change from motorized travel modes to walking or cycling
Assessment of three alternative bicycle infrastructure quality-of-service metrics
Assessment of exposure proxies for macroscopic road safety prediction
Bicycle-specific traffic signals
Commuter cyclist travel behavior
Classification of bicycle traffic patterns in five North American cities
Crash databases in Australasia, the European Union, and the United States
Daytime and nighttime passing maneuvers on a two-lane rural road in Spain
Cycling habits and other psychological variables affecting commuting by bicycle in Madrid, Spain
Effects of public rest areas on fatigue-related crashes
Effects of three advanced devices on preventing crashes and gate-breaking incidents at highway-rail grade crossings
Estimating annual average daily bicyclists
Evaluation of driver perception-reaction time under rainy or wet roadway conditions at onset of yellow indication
Feasibility of incorporating reliability analysis in traffic safety investigation
Flexible, mobile video camera system and open source video analysis software for road safety and behavioral analysis
Full Bayes before-and-after evaluation of traffic safety improvements in city of Edmonton, Canada
Examining heterogeneity of driver behavior with temporal and spatial factors
Fuzzy logic for improved dilemma zone identification
Hot-spot identification
Hybrid choice model to investigate effects of teenagers' attitudes toward walking and cycling on mode choice behavior
Identification of crash-contributing factors
In-vehicle stopping decision advisory system for drivers approaching a traffic signal
Investigating speeding behavior with naturalistic approaches
Is evidence in practice? Review of driver and cyclist education materials with respect to cycling safety evidence
Large-scale observational study of drivers' cell phone use
Linking elderly transport mobility and subjective well-being
Methodology for estimating bicyclist acceleration and speed distributions at intersections
Modeling of passing events in mixed bicycle traffic with cellular automata
Naturalistic driving observations of manual and visual-manual interactions with navigation systems and mobile phones while driving
Observational study of use of cell phone and texting among drivers in California
On-duty struck-by crashes
Quality counts for pedestrians and bicyclists
Role of the bicycle in the limitation of transport poverty in the Netherlands
Roadside clearance limit on horizontal curves with transition arcs
Safety evaluation of horizontal curves on rural undivided roads
Screening naturalistic driving study data for safety-critical events
Severity of injuries to motor vehicle drivers at highway-rail grade crossings in the United States
Association between travel length and drug use among Brazilian truck drivers
Caffeinated alcohol use and expectancies for caffeine versus alcohol
Child deaths from injury in the special wards of Tokyo, Japan (2006-2010): a descriptive study
Cognitive and visual predictors of UFOV performance in older adults
Development of a real-time crash risk prediction model incorporating the various crash mechanisms across different traffic states
Does structured patient education improve the recovery and clinical outcomes of patients with neck pain? A systematic review from the Ontario Protocol for Traffic Injury Management (OPTIMa) Collaboration
Driver behavior during bicycle passing maneuvers in response to a Share the Road sign treatment
Effect of audio in-vehicle red-light running warning message on driving behavior based on a driving simulator experiment
The effects of momentary visual disruption on hazard anticipation and awareness in driving
Epidemiology of patients admitted to a major trauma centre in northern India
An evaluation of a citizen science data collection program for recording wildlife observations along a highway
Exploring structural relationships between blood alcohol concentration and signs and clinical assessment of intoxication in alcohol-involved injury cases
Higher crash and near-crash rates in teenaged drivers with lower cortisol response: an 18-month longitudinal, naturalistic study
How do attitudes, personality traits and driver behaviors relate to pedestrian behaviors?: a Turkish case
"I drove after drinking alcohol" and other risky driving behaviours reported by young novice drivers
Impact of financial crisis on selected health outcomes in Europe
Is trauma in Switzerland any different? Epidemiology and patterns of injury in major trauma - a 5-year review from a Swiss trauma centre
Longer-term effects of ADAS use on speed and headway control in drivers diagnosed with Parkinson's disease
Mortality among a cohort of U.S. commercial airline cockpit crew
Parents' experience with child safety restraints in China
Pedestrian preferences with respect to roundabouts--a video-based stated preference survey
Predicting and interpreting identification errors in military vehicle training using multidimensional scaling
A qualitative review of psychosocial risk factors associated with caffeinated alcohol use
A ten-year analysis of the traumatic maxillofacial and brain injury patient in Amsterdam: incidence and aetiology
There and back again: safety and health on the journey to school
Weather features associated with aircraft icing conditions: a case study
Assessing the short term health impact of the Great Recession in the European Union: a cross-country panel analysis
The global burden of road injury: its relevance to the emergency physician
Motorcycle riding under the influence of alcohol: Results from the SARTRE-4 survey
A new perspective on the perceptual selectivity of attention under load
Results of the treatment of high energy tibial pylon fractures
A review of the number and severity of injuries sustained following a single motocross event
Sensitivity analysis in the context of regional safety modeling: Identifying and assessing the modifiable areal unit problem
All-terrain vehicle rules and regulations: impact on pediatric mortality
Analysis of current two-way evacuation routes based on residents׳ perceptions in a historic preservation area
The influence of atmospheric circulation on evacuation safety in a semi-open parking garage
Development of head injury risk functions based on real-world accident reconstruction
Development of an occupant multi-body model based on Japanese male characteristics data for rear impact analysis
Effect of the blockout crushability on the response of guardrail post subjected to lateral impact
The effect of mass properties on road accident reconstruction
Evaluation of crashworthiness of a carbon-fibre-reinforced polymer (CFRP) ladder frame in a body-on-frame vehicle
How do environmental characteristics at intersections change in their relevance for drivers before entering an intersection: analysis of drivers' gaze and driving behavior in a driving simulator study
Minnesota I35W steel bridge collapse: lessons learned and challenges revealed
Optimisation of vehicle front-end geometry for adult and pediatric pedestrian protection
Reconstruction of a go-karting fatality
Research on the relationship between mishap risk and time margin for control: a case study for carrier landing of aircraft
Safety climate in trucking industry and its effects on safety outcomes
Similarity scoring methodology for comparing real-world cases to crash test standards
Driving with music: Effects on arousal and performance
The comparative effectiveness of individual and group brief motivational interventions for mandated college students
Density-based and transport-based core-periphery structures in networks
Does bus rapid transit promote walking? An examination of New York City's Select Bus Service
Dual-route model of the effect of head orientation on perceived gaze direction
Experiences of teen drivers and their advice for the Learner licence phase
Force-time course parameters and force fatigue model during an intermittent fatigue protocol in motorcycle race riders
In competition for the attentional template: Can multiple items within visual working memory guide attention?
A logistic regression model for estimating transport accident deaths using verbal autopsy data
The problem of suspended and revoked drivers who avoid detection at checkpoints
Workplace-related traumatic injuries: insights from a rapidly developing middle eastern country
Accounting for sensation seeking in route choice behavior with travel time information
Assessing modes and frequency of commuting to school in youngsters: a systematic review
The benefit of attention is not diminished when distributed over two simultaneous cues
Car status as an inhibitor of passing responses to a low-speed frustrator
Case study: The Argentina Road Safety Project: lessons learned for the decade of action for road safety, 2011-2020
Cognitive and psychomotor tests as predictors of on-road driving ability in older primary care patients
Comorbidities and crash involvement among younger and older drivers
A comparative study of two desktop hazard perception tasks suitable for mass testing in which scores are not based on response latencies
Cross-cultural effects on drivers' hazard perception
Do people change behind the wheel? A comparison of anger and aggression on and off the road
Crash risk evaluation of aggressive driving on motorways: microscopic traffic simulation approach
Can psychological variables help predict the use of priced managed lanes?
Detecting motorcycle rider local physical fatigue and discomfort using surface electromyography and seat interface pressure
Detecting powered-two-wheeler incidents from high resolution naturalistic data
Decision processes in temporal discrimination
Did liberalising bar hours decrease traffic accidents?
Do supplementary signs distract the driver?
Does driving experience in video games count? Hazard anticipation and visual exploration of male gamers as function of driving experience
Does the effect of traffic calming measures endure over time? - A simulator study on the influence of gates
Drive as I say, not as I drive: Influence of injunctive and descriptive norms on speeding intentions among young drivers
Driver boredom: Its individual difference predictors and behavioural effects
Dwelling on 'Road Rage': The effects of trait rumination on aggressive driving
Dynamic simulation and prediction of drivers' attention distribution
Ecodriving acceptance: An experimental study on anticipation behavior of truck drivers
The economics of roadside bear viewing
The effects of operating a touch screen smartphone and other common activities performed while bicycling on cycling behaviour
Emotion-laden stimuli influence our reactions to traffic lights
Extending the theory of planned behavior: The role of behavioral options and additional factors in predicting speed behavior
Factors affecting public transportation, car, and motorcycle usage
Factors contributing to hit-and-run crashes in China
Following slower drivers: Lead driver status moderates driver's anger and behavioural responses and exonerates culpability
Fork in the road: in-vehicle navigation systems and older drivers
Glance behaviours when using an in-vehicle smart driving aid: A real-world, on-road driving study
Heavy drinking and alcohol-related injuries in college students
Hoody, goody or buddy? How travel mode affects social perceptions in urban neighbourhoods
The impact of motor vehicle injury on distress: Moderators and trajectories over time
The impact of waiting time and other factors on dangerous pedestrian crossings and violations at signalized intersections: A case study in Montreal
Hypothetical bias in stated choice experiments: is it a problem? And if so, how do we deal with it?
How consumer drivers construe vehicle performance: Implications for electric vehicles
Increasing seat belt use: two field experiments to test engineering-based behavioral interventions
The learning of longitudinal human driving behavior and driver assistance strategies
Investigating the individual and organisational predictors of work-related driving crash involvement in Ethiopia
Knowing their place on the roads: what would equality mean for walking and cycling?
Looking behavior for vertical road signs
Measurement and comparative analysis of driver's perception-reaction time to green phase at the intersections with and without a countdown timer
Unified Driver Model simulation and its application to the automotive, rail and maritime domains
Using an infotainment system while driving: a continuous analysis of behavior adaptations
Using an integrated simulation environment for the risk based design of advanced driver assistance systems
Understanding cyclists' perceptions, keys for a successful bicycle promotion
Using baseline and formative evaluation data to inform the Uganda Helmet Vaccine Initiative
What's driving illegal mobile phone use? Psychosocial influences on drivers' intentions to use hand-held mobile phones
When emotions disturb the localization of road elements: Effects of anger and sadness
Who attempts to drive less in New England?
Why do passengers choose a specific car of a metro train during the morning peak hours?
A systematic review of psychosocial outcomes within 2 years of paediatric traumatic brain injury in a school-aged population
Tennis playing is related to psychomotor speed in older drivers
An analysis of mass casualty incidents in the setting of mass gatherings and special events
Burden of disease attributable to road traffic accidents in the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region (Northeastern Italy)
Childhood psychosocial development and fatal injuries in Gauteng, South Africa
Deaths due to traumatic brain injury in Austria between 1980 and 2012
Excessive daytime sleepiness works together with other sleep disorders in determining sleepiness-related events in shift workers
Traumatic dental injuries among 8- to 12-year-old schoolchildren in Pinggu District, Beijing, China, during 2012
Development of forecasting models for fatal road traffic injuries
Distracted driving and crash risk
Distracted driving and crash risk
Distracted driving and crash risk
Distracted driving and crash risk
Distracted driving and crash risk
Investigating the predictive of risk-taking attitudes and behaviors among Iranian drivers
On the road to prevention: road injury and health promotion
What influences youth to operate all-terrain vehicles safely?
Duration perception in crossmodally-defined intervals
Narrative text analysis of accident reports with tractors, self-propelled harvesting machinery and materials handling machinery in Austrian agriculture from 2008 to 2010 - a comparison
ADHD symptomatology and risky health, driving, and financial behaviors in college: the mediating role of sensation seeking and effortful control
Costs of non-helmeted motorcycle riding in Connecticut
Insomnia and morning motor vehicle accidents: a decision analysis of the risk of hypnotics versus the risk of untreated insomnia
Suppression of salient objects prevents distraction in visual search
Traffic experiment reveals the nature of car-following
Mortality for accident in Tuscany Region (Central Italy) in immigrants from Countries at high migration rates
Role of attentional tags in working memory-driven attentional capture
Traumatic infra-renal aortic dissection after a high-energy trauma: a case report of a primary missed diagnosis
Tribal motor vehicle injury prevention programs for reducing disparities in motor vehicle-related injuries
The same-location cost is unrelated to attentional settings: An object-updating account
Self-control as a moderator of the relationship between drinking identity and alcohol use
Slippage theory and the flanker paradigm: An early-selection account of selective attention failures
Summary statistics of size: Fixed processing capacity for multiple ensembles but unlimited processing capacity for single ensembles
A comparison of immersive and interactive motorcycle simulator configurations
Methodology to develop crash modification functions for road safety treatments with fully specified and hierarchical models
Modelling crash propensity of carshare members
The Motorcycle Rider Behavior Questionnaire: psychometric properties and application amongst novice riders in Australia
The newest epidemiology trend of insomnia
Normalizing and scaling of data to derive human response corridors from impact tests
Numerosity heuristic in route choice based on the presence of traffic lights
Obstructive sleep apnea and driving: A Canadian Thoracic Society and Canadian Sleep Society position paper
Online measurement of mental representations of complex spatial decision problems: Comparison of CNET and hard laddering
The parental bond, resistance to peer influence, and risky driving in adolescence
Pedestrian injuries in the United Arab Emirates
Randomized trial of an official contact letter intended to increase proper licensure among unlicensed motorcycle owners
Re-cycling a city - Examining the growth of cycling in Dublin
The relation between performance in on-road driving, cognitive screening and driving simulator in older healthy drivers
Safety perceptions and reported behavior related to cycling in mixed traffic: A comparison between Brisbane and Copenhagen
Screening CT angiography for pediatric blunt cerebrovascular injury with emphasis on the cervical "seatbelt sign"
Sociological perspectives on travel and mobilities: A review
A study of young adults examining phone dialing while driving using a touchscreen vs. a button style flip-phone
Temporal fluctuations in driving demand: the effect of traffic complexity on subjective measures of workload and driving performance
Thermal-infrared pedestrian ROI extraction through thermal and motion information fusion
Time-varying effects of influential factors on incident clearance time using a non-proportional hazard-based model
The utility of imputed matched sets. Analyzing probabilistically linked databases in a low information setting
Residual effects of zopiclone 7.5 mg on highway driving performance in insomnia patients and healthy controls: a placebo controlled crossover study
Residual effects of low-dose sublingual zolpidem on highway driving performance the morning after middle-of-the-night use
A retrospective analysis of 97 drunk driving cases
Risky riding behavior on two wheels: The role of cognitive, social, and personality variables among young adolescents
Road crash injuries and fatalities in Isfahan, Iran from March 2006 to March 2009
The road to happiness: Measuring Dutch car drivers' satisfaction with travel
Road traffic fatalities in Oman from 1995 to 2009: evidence from police reports
Roadside observation of secondary school students' commuting to school in Vientiane, Laos
Road traffic noise and annoyance: a quantification of the effect of quiet side exposure at dwellings
Road traffic noise exposure and annoyance: A cross-sectional study among adult Indian population
The role of neighborhood safety in recovery from mobility limitations: Findings from a national sample of older Americans (1996-2008)
The role of parents and non-parents in the supervision of learner drivers in Australia
Sensitivity analysis of data set sizes for "Highway Safety Manual calibration factors
Use of opioids for pain relief while driving: when the patient meets the police
Use of top tethers with forward-facing child restraints: Observations and driver interviews
Usefulness of indirect alcohol biomarkers for predicting recidivism of drunk-driving among previously convicted drunk-driving offenders: results from the Recidivism Of Alcohol-impaired Driving (ROAD) study
Using cognitive status to predict crash risk: Blazing new trails?
Victims of road rage: a qualitative study of the experiences of motorists and vulnerable road users
Views of New Jersey teenagers about their state's policies for beginning drivers
Visual difficulty and employment status in the world
Were attitude toward epilepsy and driving license affected by media coverage?
The effects of cell phone use and automation on driver performance and subjective state in simulated driving
Motorised two-wheeler crash and helmets: injury patterns, severity, mortality and the consequence of gender bias
A multidisciplinary approach for fatigue assessment of a steel-concrete high-speed railway bridge on Sesia river
A model for predicting failure of oil pipelines
Mobile phone use and driving: the message is just not getting through
Modafinil improves real driving performance in patients with hypersomnia: a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled crossover clinical trial
A methodology for estimating and comparing the lifecycles of high-build and conventional waterborne pavement markings on primary and secondary roads in South Carolina
Brain dynamics of distractibility: interaction between top-down and bottom-up mechanisms of auditory attention
Changes in household, transport and recreational physical activity and television viewing time across the transition to retirement: longitudinal evidence from the EPIC-Norfolk cohort
Comparative analysis of the spatial analysis methods for hotspot identification
A delayed and rather unusual presentation of a bladder injury after pelvic trauma: 5 years after a road traffic accident
Diagnostic decision-making after a first and recurrent seizure in adults
The directionality effect in the seismic risk assessment of highway networks
Development of performance assessment tools for a highway bridge resulting from controlled progressive monitoring
Parenting influences on bicycle helmet rules and estimations of children's helmet use
Pattern, severity and circumtances of injuries sustained in road traffic accidents: a tertiary care hospital-based study
Pattern of midface trauma with associated concomitant injuries in a Nigerian referral centre
Assessment of multiple sleep latency testing in adults in Europe
What do fast response times tell us about attentional control?
Adolescence, attention allocation, and driving safety
Current knowledge on adolescent driver distraction
Evaluating the effects of a large increase in off-sale alcohol outlets on motor vehicle crashes: a time-series analysis
Epidemiology of injuries in metropolitan Tehran, Iran: a household survey
Excursions out-of-lane versus standard deviation of lateral position as outcome measure of the on-the-road driving test
The impact of Michigan's text messaging restriction on motor vehicle crashes
Keep your eyes on the road: young driver crash risk increases according to duration of distraction
Motorcycle-to-car impact: influence of the mass of the rider in the calculation of the relative impact velocity
Older driver and passenger collaboration for wayfinding in unfamiliar areas
Peer passenger influences on male adolescent drivers' visual scanning behavior during simulated driving
Pounds that kill: the external costs of vehicle weight
Young Driver Distraction: State of the Evidence and Directions for Behavior Change Programs
Demographic patterns of cumulative arrest prevalence by ages 18 and 23
Finite element model of the knee for investigation of injury mechanisms: development and validation
A model to simulate delay in train schedule caused by crowded passengers using a time-space network
Motorcyclists' perceptions and experiences of riding and risk, and their advice for safety
Pedestrian fatalities resulting from train-person collisions
Performing sustainable transport: an artistic RIDE across the city
Predicting driving ability using DriveSafe and DriveAware in people with cognitive impairments: A replication study
The prevalence of distraction among passenger vehicle drivers: a roadside observational approach
Reconsidering the safety in numbers effect for vulnerable road users: an application of agent-based modeling
The road traffic crashes as a neglected public health concern; an observational study from Iranian population
Seasonal variation and homes: understanding the social experiences of older adults
Second-hand drinking may increase support for alcohol policies: new results from the 2010 National Alcohol Survey
Society of Mind cognitive agent architecture applied to drivers adapting in a traffic context
Stimulus-response mappings shape inhibition processes: a combined EEG-fMRI study of contextual stopping
Systems thinking applied to safety during manual handling tasks in the transport and storage industry
There and back again: putting the vectorial movement planning hypothesis to a critical test
Using massive vehicle positioning data to improve control and planning of public road transport
An accident data-based approach for congestion risk assessment of inland waterways: a Yangtze River case
Active transportation and adolescents' health: the Canadian Health Measures Survey
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ATV injury experience at a pediatric trauma center: A 5-year review
Barriers to change in depressive symptoms following multidisciplinary rehabilitation for whiplash: the role of perceived injustice
Brominated flame retardant exposure of aircraft personnel
The burden of motorcycle trauma and seasonal change at a regional trauma centre
Childhood deaths from car accidents decrease
Evaluation of Δ(9) -tetrahydrocannabinol detection using DrugWipe5S(®) screening and oral fluid quantification after Quantisal™ collection for roadside drug detection via a controlled study with chronic cannabis users
Comparison of breath-alcohol screening test results with venous blood alcohol concentration in suspected drunken drivers
Consensus statements on driving for persons with dementia
Consensus statements on driving in people with Parkinson's disease
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Driver distraction: a perennial but preventable public health threat to adolescents
Driving simulators for occupational therapy screening, assessment, and intervention
GPS "bullets" and the Fourth Amendment
Health behaviors and risk factors among American Indians and Alaska Natives, 2000-2010
Health literacy and injury prevention behaviors among caregivers of infants
Helicopter crashes into water: warning time, final position, and other factors affecting survival
Improving the driver-automation interaction: an approach using automation uncertainty
It's five o'clock somewhere: an examination of the association between happy hour drinking and negative consequences
Laboratory test to evaluate the effect of contaminants on road skid resistance
Motor vehicle accident eye injuries in northern Israel
Neural responses to exclusion predict susceptibility to social influence
A new window into adolescents' worlds: the impact of online social interaction on risk behavior
Alcohol and marijuana use patterns associated with unsafe driving among U.S. high school seniors: high use frequency, concurrent use, and simultaneous use
Distracted driving: what is the state of the science, and what are our knowledge gaps?
Dynamics of driver distraction: the process of engaging and disengaging
On and off the horse: Mechanisms and patterns of injury in mounted and unmounted equestrians
Potential distractions and unsafe driving behaviors among drivers of 1- to 12-year-old children
Special considerations in distracted driving with teens
Towards an understanding of driver inattention: taxonomy and theory
Randomized controlled trial to evaluate the effectiveness of a video game as a child pedestrian educational tool
Social norms and risk perception: predictors of distracted driving behavior among novice adolescent drivers
A study on the effectiveness of recent traffic accident prevention measures based on trends in the number of traffic accidents in Japan: specific measures for the future based on recent conditions
A systematic review of community interventions to improve Aboriginal child passenger safety
Traffic tickets: public safety concerns or budget building tools
Unintentional injury mortality among American Indians and Alaska Natives in the United States, 1990-2009
Using eye-tracking to identify pedestrians' critical visual tasks. Part 2. Fixation on pedestrians
Viewing the workload of vigilance through the lenses of the NASA-TLX and the MRQ
Bronchial injuries in children: Single-center experience
Estimates of prevalence and risk associated with inattention and distraction based upon in situ naturalistic data
The link between early onset drinking and early onset alcohol-impaired driving in young males
Modeling situation awareness and crash risk
An opportunity for convergence? Understanding the prevalence and risk of distracted driving through the use of crash databases, crash investigations, and other approaches
Safety in numbers? Investigating Australian driver behaviour, knowledge and attitudes towards cyclists
Sleep self-intoxication and sleep driving as rare zolpidem-induced complex behaviour
When is it safe to return to driving following first-ever seizure?
U.S. state and federal laws targeting distracted driving
Visual and cognitive distraction metrics in the age of the smart phone: A basic review
Effect of road safety information availability and utilization on commercial motorcycle accidents in Nigeria
Approach to functional safety-compliant ECU design for electro-mechanical brake systems
Bus accident severity and passenger injury: evidence from Denmark
Co-operative control for regenerative braking and friction braking to increase energy recovery without wheel lock
Conditionality and risk for the pedestrian: modelling with the Bayesian networks
Drivers' and non-drivers' performance in a change detection task with static driving scenes: is there a benefit of experience?
Evaluating causes of death and morbidity in Iran, Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors Study 2010
Helicopter emergency medical services and weather-related accidents
Preventing the tragedy of railway suicides
Minimizing vehicle post impact path lateral deviation using optimized braking and steering sequences
Multitasking and aging: do older adults benefit from performing a highly practiced task?
The politics of speed - local and regional actors' views on speed limits, traffic safety and mobility in Sweden
Population health and burden of disease profile of Iran among 20 countries in the region: from Afghanistan to Qatar and Lebanon
Public transit bus ramp slopes measured in situ
Rethinking airbag safety: airbag injury causing bilateral blindness
Safety in Stockholm's underground stations: an agenda for action
Stress-induced cortisol secretion impairs detection performance in x-ray baggage screening for hidden weapons by screening novices
Wearing a crotch strap on a correctly fitted lifejacket improves lifejacket performance
Alcohol saliva strip test
Cervical Spine Injury Patterns in Children
An interactive wireless communication system for visually impaired people using city bus transport
Linking masculinity to negative drinking consequences: the mediating roles of heavy episodic drinking and alcohol expectancies
Minimum risk facility location-allocation problem with type-2 fuzzy variables
Prevalence of mandibular fractures reported at C.S.M.S.S Dental College, Aurangabad from February 2008 to September 2009
Producing a commentary slows concurrent hazard perception responses
Sharing the responsibility for driver distraction across road transport systems: a systems approach to the management of distracted driving
TVAR modeling of EEG to detect audio distraction during simulated driving
Years of life lost due to external causes of death in the lodz province, Poland
A 0.05 BAC limit in the United States: an important challenge for policy, health and safety
3D finite element model of human knee injuries in the traffic accident
Are drivers aware of sleepiness and increasing crash risk while driving?
Associations between damage location and five main body region injuries of MAIS 3-6 injured occupants
Audition dominates vision in duration perception irrespective of salience, attention, and temporal discriminability
A better path to progress on drunk driving
Blunt traumatic injury in the Arab Middle Eastern populations
Comparing responsible and non-responsible drivers to assess determinants of road traffic collisions: time to standardise and revisit
Decoupling speed and accuracy in an urgent decision-making task reveals multiple contributions to their trade-off
The Dow is killing me: risky health behaviors and the stock market
The Driving Behavior Survey as a measure of behavioral stress responses to MVA-related PTSD
An epidemiological study on pattern of thoraco-abdominal injuries sustained in fatal road traffic accidents of Bangalore: autopsy-based study
The epidemiology and type of injuries seen at the accident and emergency unit of a Nigerian referral center
Evaluating a model linking assessed parent factors to four domains of youth risky driving
Exploration and comparison of crash modification factors for multiple treatments on rural multilane roadways
Frontal plane margin of stability is increased during texting while walking
Function disorder assessment on patients with mild psychiatric impairment due to road traffic accidents
Injuries associated with cycle rickshaws accidents
Is road safety being driven in the wrong direction?
Model guideline for state ignition interlock programs
Occupational fatalities among driver/sales workers and truck drivers in the United States, 2003-2008
One- and three-screen driving simulator approaches to evaluate driving capacity: evidence of congruence and participants' endorsement
SmartRoads: training Indonesian workers to become road safety ambassadors in industrial and community settings
Trends in drug use among drivers killed in U.S. traffic crashes, 1999-2010
Why quad bike safety is a wicked problem: an exploratory study of attitudes, perceptions, and occupational use of quad bikes in northern Queensland, Australia
What's new in emergencies, trauma and shock? Studying traffic related injuries in India
What's new in emergencies, trauma and shock? Studying the injury patterns in Nigeria
Association of sleep habits with accidents and near misses in United States transportation operators
Changing a dangerous rural cultural tradition: a randomized control study of youth as extra riders on tractors
Child passenger deaths involving alcohol-impaired drivers
Child pedestrian injury and fatality in a developing country
Comparison of assessments of fitness to drive for people with dementia
The epidemiology of childhood and adolescent traumatic spinal cord injury in the United States: 2007-2010
Flight-crash events in turbulence
Occupational injury risk among Australian paramedics: an analysis of national data
Adolescent risk-taking and resting state functional connectivity
Distinct effect of impact rise times on immediate and early neuropathology after brain injury in juvenile rats
An integrative review of screening for obstructive sleep apnea in commercial vehicle drivers
Methods to explore the influence of top-down visual processes on motor behavior
Multi-scale analysis of the European airspace using network community detection
Dissociable neural correlates of intention and action preparation in voluntary task switching
Headache impairs attentional performance
Boredom and distraction in multiple unmanned vehicle supervisory control
Response to commentaries on 0.05 blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit
Preventing alcohol-related problems through health policy research
Conversation with Robert Voas
An argument for prioritizing drivers above the current illegal limit in the United States
Regular cannabis users in road traffic--a result of insufficient monitoring?!
Can we obtain information from urine about recent cannabis consumption in DUID cases?
Ethanol concentrations in breath and blood of drunk drivers; results from hand-held breathalyzer devices vs. analysis of venous blood samples
Are prevalent self-reported cardiovascular disorders associated with delayed recovery from whiplash-associated disorders: a population-based cohort study
Contusio cordis, not an innocent diagnosis
Drowsiness and motor responses to consecutive daily doses of promethazine and loratadine
Drunk personality: reports from drinkers and knowledgeable informants
Eeg-based learning system for online motion sickness level estimation in a dynamic vehicle environment
Highly accurate moving object detection in variable bit rate video-based traffic monitoring systems
Bikes, helmets, and public health: decision-making when goods collide
Binge drinking among Brazilians: Higher drinking frequency increases related problems
Effects of increasing child restraint use in reducing occupant injuries among children aged 0-5 years in Japan
Environmental conditions around itineraries to destinations as correlates of walking for transportation among adults: the RECORD cohort study
Evaluation of rail technology - a practical human factors guide
Head and spine injuries sustained by motorcyclists in head-leading collisions with fixed roadside objects
The influence of drinking, texting and eating on simulated driving performance
New method for distance-based close following safety indicator
Optimization of injury prevention outreach for helmet safety
Pedestrian Injuries in the most densely populated city in Nigeria-an epidemics calling for control
Psychotropic drugs and driving: prevalence and types
Readiness to change and reasons for intended reduction of alcohol consumption in emergency department versus trauma population
Totally asymmetric simple exclusion process with a time-dependent boundary: Interaction between vehicles and pedestrians at intersections
Epidemiological and clinical features of cervical column and cord injuries; a 2-year experience from a large trauma center in southern Iran
A 2.5-dimensional method for the prediction of structure-borne low-frequency noise from concrete rail transit bridges
Adolescent and young adult health in the United States in the past decade: little improvement and young adults remain worse off than adolescents
Allergic rhinitis is a risk factor for traffic safety
A case of obstructive sleep apnea and assessments of fitness for work
Configuring retroreflective markings to enhance the night-time conspicuity of road workers
Conscious disturbance after collision injury in a patient on diet: Wernicke's encephalopathy
Crash fatality risk and unibody versus body-on-frame structure in SUVs
Daily number of fractures is associated with road temperature in an urban area
Effect of driving experience on anticipatory look-ahead fixations in real curve driving
Emergency department visits with facial fractures among children and adolescents: an analysis of profile and predictors of causes of injuries
Etiology, incidence and patterns of mid-face fractures and associated ocular injuries
The impact of mandatory helmet law on the outcome of maxillo facial trauma: a comparative study in kerala
Harm, tangible or feared: young Victorians' adverse experiences from others' drinking or drug use
Incidence and pattern of maxillofacial trauma due to road traffic accidents: a prospective study
India's Supreme Court tells government to improve road safety record
Injury-related consequences of alcohol misuse among injured patients who received screening and brief intervention for alcohol: a latent class analysis
Marijuana-using drivers, alcohol-using drivers, and their passengers: prevalence and risk factors among underage college students
Obesity and seatbelt use: a fatal relationship
Pedestrian gestures increase driver yielding at uncontrolled mid-block road crossings
Pedestrian signalization and the risk of pedestrian-motor vehicle collisions in Lima, Peru
Pregnancy and the risk of a traffic crash
Risky driving, mental health, and health-compromising behaviours: risk clustering in late adolescents and adults
The role of prediction in perception: evidence from interrupted visual search
Which drugs are associated with highest risk for being arrested for driving under the influence? A case-control study
Why has the pedestrian death rate decreased in Spain between 1993 and 2011? An application of the decomposition method
Injuries among adolescents in the United Arab Emirates
The quality of police data on RTC fatalities in India
Socioeconomic and disability consequences of injuries in the Sudan: a community-based survey in Khartoum State
Thoracic injuries sustained by severely injured front-seat passengers and drivers: injury patterns and their relationship to crash characteristics
Circumstances and factors associated with accidental deaths among children, adolescents and young adults in Cuiaba, Brazil
Legal regulation of health-related behavior: a half century of public health law research
Optimization of speed hump geometric design: case study on residential streets in Malaysia
The +Gz recovery of consciousness curve
Accidents and injuries in the EU : results of the EuroSafe Reports
Activities, postures and comfort perception of train passengers as input for train seat design
The application of biological motion research: biometrics, sport, and the military
Attention and visual tracking degradation during acute sleep deprivation in a military sample
Attentional inertia and delayed orienting of spatial attention in task-switching
Commentary: speeding-the elephant in the trauma bay
The cost-effectiveness of New York City's Safe Routes to School Program
Crash fatality and vehicle incompatibility in collisions between cars and light trucks or vans
Direction based Hazard Routing Protocol (DHRP) for disseminating road hazard information using road side infrastructures in VANETs
Emotional states of drivers and the impact on speed, acceleration and traffic violations: a simulator study
A case of death of the driver due to environmental asphyxia by liquid nitrogen leakage in the cabin of the car during a road accident
Clock drawing as a screen for impaired driving in aging and dementia: is it worth the time? (Correction)
Combined alcohol and energy drink use: motivations as predictors of consumption patterns, risk of alcohol dependence, and experience of injury and aggression
Comparison of memory function and MMPI-2 profile between post-traumatic stress disorder and adjustment disorder after a traffic accident
Effects of longer heavy vehicles on traffic congestion
Extending the value of police crash reports for traffic safety research: collecting supplemental data via surveys of drivers
"High" risk? A systematic review of the acute outcomes of mixing alcohol with energy drinks
The impact of seat belts and airbags on high grade renal injuries and nephrectomy rates in motor vehicle collisions
Interaction between road users: offering space in traffic
Investigation of the effect of safety belt on the seat transmissibility
Investigation of the impact of traffic composition on the economic profitability of a new railway corridor
Reorienting driver attention with dynamic tactile cues
Risky behaviors associated with pediatric pedestrians and bicyclists struck by motor vehicles
Strategies for prevention of road traffic injuries (RTIs) in Pakistan: situational analysis
Sudden natural death masquerading as accidental death - a case report
TPPi as a flame retardant for rechargeable lithium batteries with sulfur composite cathodes
Unnatural deaths in a national cohort of people diagnosed with diabetes
Evolution of the binge drinking pattern in college students: neurophysiological correlates
Incidence of road traffic disabilities trending upwards in transitional China: a retrospective analysis from 1980 to 2005
Minimizing the injury potential of deploying airbag interactions with car occupants
Motorcycles entering from access points and merging with traffic on primary roads in Malaysia: Behavioral and road environment influence on the occurrence of traffic conflicts
Multivariate random-parameters zero-inflated negative binomial regression model: An application to estimate crash frequencies at intersections
Occupational injury risk among Australian paramedics: an analysis of national data
Proactive and reactive stopping when distracted: an attentional account
Re-conceptualising the reckless driving behaviour of young drivers
Safety performance models for urban intersections in Brazil
A time series study on the effects of cold temperature on road traffic injuries in Seoul, Korea
Trends in fatal motor vehicle crashes before and after marijuana commercialization in Colorado
Validation of selected temperament and personality questionnaires for diagnosing drivers' aptitude for safe driving. A Polish study
Vulnerability of transportation to extreme weather and climate change
Economic loss and alcohol consumption and problems during the 2008 to 2009 U.S. recession
Energy drink consumption and associated health behaviors among university students in an urban setting
Erratum: Jensen, J.S. (2013). Cable-supported bridges: design, maintenance, rehabilitation and management
How estimation of drinking influences alcohol-related consequences across the first year of college
College students who endorse a sub-threshold number of DSM-5 alcohol use disorder criteria: Alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drug use in DSM-5 diagnostic orphans
Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) in complex systems: cultural adaptation and safety impacts in healthcare
Investigating and improving pedestrian safety in an urban environment
Developing a precise questionnaire to elucidate risk factors and injury pattern in RTA victims
Pattern of orthopaedic injuries among patients attending the emergency department in a tertiary care hospital: an analytical study
Homeless and unclaimed persons' deaths in north India (Jan 2008-Nov 2012): a retrospective study
Helmet use and cervical spine injury: a review of two-wheeled vehicle accidents at a level 1 trauma center
Fatality risks on the road and in space
Epidemiological and clinical features of cervical column and cord injuries; a 2-year experience from a large trauma center in southern Iran
Can representational trajectory reveal the nature of an internal model of gravity?
Development and validation of a multilevel model for predicting workload under routine and nonroutine conditions in an air traffic management center
Diagnostic load testing and assessment of existing bridges: examples of application
Driving ability reported by neovascular age-related macular degeneration patients after treatment with ranibizumab
DUI countermeasures: differences between court jail sentences and jail time actually served and available alternative sanctions in select California counties
The effect of road tunnel environment on car following behaviour
Environmental analysis of new construction and maintenance processes of road pavements in Switzerland
Indicators of club management practices and biological measurements of patrons' drug and alcohol use
The influence of dispositional mindfulness on safety behaviors: A dual process perspective
Influences of pre-crash braking induced dummy - Forward displacements on dummy behaviour during EuroNCAP frontal crashtest
Influencing factors and sensitivity analysis of occupant impact injury in passenger compartment
When action observation facilitates visual perception: activation in visuo-motor areas contributes to object recognition
Why alarm fatigue is a pivotal issue that affects the acoustical design of healthcare facilities
Variations in institutional review board reviews of a multi-center, Emergency Department (ED)-based genetic research protocol
Verification of whiplash-associated disorders in forensic medical practice. part I--assessment of the injury circumstances and biomechanics
Vulnerability analysis and passenger source prediction in urban rail transit networks
Trauma during pregnancy in a Nigerian setting: patterns of presentation and pregnancy outcome
Traffic safety facts 2011 data--children
Quantification of selected synthetic cannabinoids and Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol in oral fluid by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry
Profile-speed data-based models to estimate operating speeds for urban residential streets with a 30 km/h speed limit
Power mobility with collision avoidance for older adults: User, caregiver, and prescriber perspectives
Pedestrian mortality between 2006 and 2010 in China: findings from non-police reported data
Perfect timing: urgency, not driving situations, influence the best timing to activate warnings
The effect of injuries on health measured by Short Form 8 among a large cohort of Thai adults
GPS monitoring of a steel box girder viaduct
Identifying functional decline: a methodological challenge
Association of age and sex with intensity of exposure to bicycle use in Spain, 1993-2009
Blunt thoracic trauma--an analysis of 264 patients in Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Can anatomical morphomic variables help predict abdominal injury rates in frontal vehicle crashes?
Characteristics of 1226 alcohol-positive drivers involved in nonfatal traffic crashes in Shanghai, China
Could moderate alcohol intake be recommended to improve vaccine responses?
Demonstrating a correlation between the maturity of road safety practices and road safety incidents
The effectiveness of red light cameras in the United States-a literature review
Driving competences and neuropsychological factors associated to driving counseling in multiple sclerosis
Effects of excessive speeding and falling asleep while driving on crash injury severity in Ethiopia: A generalized ordered logit model analysis
The effects of primary enforcement laws and fine levels on seat belt usage in the United States
Estimating rear-end accident probabilities at signalized intersections: a comparison study of intersections with and without green signal countdown devices
Inequalities in unintentional injuries between indigenous and non-indigenous children: a systematic review
Mild to moderate dehydration combined with moderate alcohol consumption has no influence on simulated driving performance
Motor-vehicle injury in pregnancy and subsequent feto-maternal outcomes: of grave concern
Injury news coverage, relative concern, and support for alcohol-control policies: an impersonal impact explanation
A one year pay-as-you-speed trial with economic incentives for not speeding
Optimizing the passenger air bag of an adaptive restraint system for multiple size occupants
Raised crosswalks on entrance to the roundabout-a case study on effectiveness of treatment on pedestrian safety and convenience
Behavioural adaptation and road safety
The drive-wise project: driving simulator training increases real driving performance in healthy older drivers
Driving anger in Malaysia
Evidence gaps in the global decade of road traffic safety
Risk of thoracic injury from direct steering wheel impact in frontal crashes
Status of road safety and injury burden: Africa
Epidemiologic study of ankle fractures in a tertiary hospital
Maxillofacial and concomitant injuries in multiple injured patients at Korle Bu teaching hospital,Ghana
Novel acoustic stimuli can alter locomotor speed to hippocampal theta relationship
Phone use while driving: results from an observational survey
Prevalence of alcohol and drugs among car and van drivers killed in road accidents in Norway: an overview from 2001 to 2010
Prismatic displacement effect of progressive multifocal glasses on reaction time and accuracy in elderly people
Road rage and road side accidents involvement in commercial vehicle drivers of Karachi
Road safety forecasts in five European countries using structural time series models
Study the epidemiological profile of taxi drivers in the background of occupational environment, stress and personality characteristics
The "weekend warrior": fact or fiction for major trauma?
Age and sex-related differences in 431 pediatric facial fractures at a level 1 trauma center
Aging increases distraction by auditory oddballs in visual, but not auditory tasks
Commercial motorcycle drivers' perceptions of risk and road safety in urban Nigeria: an explorative study
Effect of free distribution of safety equipment on usage among motorcycle-taxi drivers in Tanzania-A cluster randomised controlled trial
Effects of bright light treatment on psychomotor speed in athletes
From action intentions to action effects: how does the sense of agency come about?
Impulsive action and impulsive choice across substance and behavioral addictions: Cause or consequence?
The influence of object identity on obstacle avoidance reaching behaviour
Injury prevention in young children
Non-invasive wearable electrochemical sensors: a review
Operationalizing an orthopedic action plan for the decade of road traffic safety
Opportunities for knowledge translation in the decade of road traffic safety
Status of road safety and injury burden: Vietnam
Status of road safety and injury burden: North America
Status of road safety and injury burden: Mexico
Status of road safety and injury burden: Europe
Status of road safety and injury burden: China
Status of road safety and injury burden: Brazil
Sleep-related eye symptoms and their potential for identifying driver sleepiness
Roads in India: safety and knowledge cross-sectional evaluation
Road rage: prevalence pattern and web based survey feasibility
Surveying wearable human assistive technology for life and safety critical applications: standards, challenges and opportunities
Trauma type affects recognition of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder among online respondents in the UK and Ireland
Unintentional injuries among children and adolescents in Germany : data sources and results
Unintentional injuries in the German adult population : results of the "German Health Update" survey 2010
Visual environment, attention allocation, and learning in young children: when too much of a good thing may be bad
Why a decade of road traffic safety?
The World Health Organization's action plan on the road traffic injury pandemic: is there any action for orthopaedic trauma surgeons?
Executive function and appetitive processes in the self-control of alcohol use: the moderational role of drinking restraint
Feasibility investigation for a bridge damage identification method through moving vehicle laboratory experiment
ASEAN NCAP: Today and its future undertakings
A hybrid multi-scale approach for simulation of pedestrian dynamics
Optimization of traffic signal timings based on surrogate measures of safety
Efficiency and equity of speed limits in transportation networks
Accounting for dynamic speed limit control in a stochastic traffic environment: a reinforcement learning approach
Agent-based model of maritime traffic in piracy-affected waters
An agent-based modeling system for travel demand simulation for hurricane evacuation
Analyzing drivers' crossing decisions at unsignalized intersections in China
Application of social force model to pedestrian behavior analysis at signalized crosswalk
The association between physical environment and cycling to school among Turkish and Moroccan adolescents in Amsterdam
Automated crash notification: evaluation of in-vehicle principal direction of force estimations
Autonomous emergency braking - the next seat belt?
Beeping ADAS: reflexive effect on drivers' behavior
Behavioral shifts after a fatal rapid transit accident: a multinomial logit model
Behavioral skills training to improve installation and use of child passenger safety restraints
Behavioural adaptation and effectiveness of a forward collision warning system depending on a secondary cognitive task
Black spots identification through a Bayesian Networks quantification of accident risk index
Bounding the inefficiency of atomic splittable selfish traffic equilibria with elastic demands
Buick lLcerne drivers' experiences with rear parking sensors
Car safety for tomorrow
Car-following behavior with instantaneous driver-vehicle reaction delay: a neural-network-based methodology
Characteristics of older at-risk drinkers who drive after drinking and those who do not drive after drinking
Characteristics of red light running violations in urban areas in Tabuk, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Child road traffic crash injuries at the Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa in 1992, 2002 and 2012
Consensus statements on the assessment of older drivers
Controlled mechanical vibration applied to driver's right heel to sustain alertness: effects on cardiovascular behavior
Behavioural changes in drivers experiencing highly-automated vehicle control in varying traffic conditions
A bilevel model for multivariate risk analysis of pedestrians' crossing behavior at signalized intersections
A cross-cultural analysis of aggressive driving: evidence from Serbia and Romania
Deaths of bicycle riders in Brazil: characteristics and trends during the period of 2000 - 2010
Denoising traffic collision data using Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition (EEMD) and its application for constructing Continuous Risk Profile (CRP)
Designers beware: response retrieval effects influence drivers' response times to local danger warnings
Determining the sampling time frame for in-vehicle data recorder measurement in assessing drivers
Development of a headlight glare simulator for a driving simulator
Did compulsory wear regulations increase personal flotation device (PFD) use by boaters in small power recreational vessels? A before-after observational study conducted in Victoria, Australia
Do owner-operators pose a safety risk on the nation's highways?
Driver perception hypothesis: driving simulator study
Driving construals: Personal Construct Theory in a reckless driving context
The effect of cell phones on international motor vehicle fatality rates: a panel-data analysis
Effect of joint mechanism on vehicle redirectional capability of water-filled road safety barrier systems
The effects of emotion on pilot decision-making: a neuroergonomic approach to aviation safety
Effectiveness of motorcycle antilock braking systems (ABS) in reducing crashes, the first cross-national study
Efficient missing data imputing for traffic flow by considering temporal and spatial dependence
The European New Car Assessment Programme
Epidemiology of injuries in Belgium: contribution of hospital data for surveillance
The heterogeneous effects of guardian supervision on adolescent driver-injury severities: a finite-mixture random-parameters approach
High risk of traffic crashes in pregnancy: Are there any explanations?
How are meaning in life and family aspects associated with teen driving behaviors?
Identifying crash patterns on roundabouts
Identifying driver heterogeneity in car-following based on a random coefficient model
Integrated optimization of lane markings and timings for signalized roundabouts
Intelligent road traffic status detection system through cellular networks handover information: an exploratory study
The joint analysis of injury severity of drivers in two-vehicle crashes accommodating seat belt use endogeneity
Longitudinal driving behavior in case of emergency situations: an empirically underpinned theoretical framework
A model of pedestrians' intended waiting times for street crossings at signalized intersections
Monitoring wildlife-vehicle collisions in the information age: how smartphones can improve data collection
New driving control system with haptic feedback: design and preliminary validation tests
New highway geometric design methods for minimizing vehicular fuel consumption and improving safety
A novel visible network approach for freeway crash analysis
On accommodating spatial dependence in bicycle and pedestrian injury counts by severity level
Promotion of traffic safety by NCAP in Japan: aiming to be the safest country of road traffic in the world
Racial/ethnic and socioeconomic disparities in the use of helmets in children involved in bicycle accidents
Robust real-time pedestrians detection in urban environments with low-resolution cameras
A secure and efficient inventory management system for disasters
Seeing pedestrians at night: effect of driver age and visual abilities
Sensation seeking and drunk driving: The mediational role of social norms and self-efficacy
The PARTY program: a systematic approach to injury prevention for young road users around the world
Similarities between self-reported road safety behavior of teenage drivers and their perceptions concerning road safety behavior of their parents
Speeding in school zones: violation or lapse in prospective memory?
A stochastic model for design and evaluation of chain collision avoidance applications
Strapped for life or trapped: survey of drivers' knowledge levels and attitudes towards seatbelts and seatbelt law in Zimbabwe
A study of bicyclist kinematics and injuries based on reconstruction of passenger car-bicycle accident in China
Systemic identification of airspace collision risk tipping points using an evolutionary multi-objective scenario-based methodology
Motorcyclist perceptions of risk when riding
Computer modelling of a test device for investigating injury causes in vehicle rollovers
Addiction to mobile text messaging applications is nothing to "lol" about
Texting among United States young adults: An exploratory study on texting and its use within families
Seat belt injury causing bisection of the breast: A case report
Self-estimation of blood alcohol concentration: A review
Toward a theory of distinct types of "impulsive" behaviors: a meta-analysis of self-report and behavioral measures
Urban sprawl and public health
Temporal perspective on individual driver behavior using electronic records of undesirable events
Prevalence and related factors of injury caused by agricultural machinery in the 3 provinces Shandong, Henan and Hebei of China
Prevalence of alcohol and other drugs and the concentrations in blood of drivers killed in road traffic crashes in Sweden
Prevalence of cardiomegaly and left ventricular hypertrophy in scuba diving and traffic accident victims
Age related annual crash incidence rate ratios in professional drivers of heavy goods vehicles
Aircraft trajectory forecasting using local functional regression in Sobolev space
Analysis of chain saw lubricating oils commonly used in Thailand's southern border provinces for forensic science purpose
Analysis of subway station capacity with the use of queueing theory
Analytical formulation and empirical evaluation of pre-signals for bus priority
Anonymizing trajectory data for passenger flow analysis
Capacity optimization of an isolated intersection under the phase swap sorting strategy
Clothing-related motorcycle injuries in Pakistan: findings from a surveillance study
Commuters' mode choice as a coordination problem: a framed field experiment on traffic policy in Hyderabad, India
Driving behavior at a roundabout: a hierarchical Bayesian regression analysis
Concomitant dental injuries in maxillofacial fractures - a retrospective analysis of 1219 patients
Detection and prevalence of drug use in arrested drivers using the Dräger Drug Test 5000 and Affiniton DrugWipe oral fluid drug screening devices
Developing a chaotic pattern of dynamic Hazmat routing problem
Do cooperative systems make drivers' car-following behavior safer?
Driver behaviour, truck motion and dangerous road locations: unfolding from emergency braking data
Driver headway choice: A comparison between driving simulator and real-road driving
Driving to save time or saving time to drive? The enduring appeal of the private car
Effectiveness of an improved road safety policy in Ethiopia: an interrupted time series study
Effects of specific emotions on subjective judgment, driving performance, and perceived workload
The effects of road geometrics and traffic regulations on driver-preferred speeds in northern Italy. An exploratory analysis
Effects of vehicle technologies, traffic volume changes, incidents and work zones on greenhouse gas emissions production
Introducing naturalistic cycling data: what factors influence bicyclists' safety in the real world?
Investigation of the impact of low cost traffic engineering measures on road safety in urban areas
Investigation of probability of pedestrian crash based on auditory recognition distance due to a quiet vehicle in motor mode
Is exercise effective for the management of neck pain and associated disorders or whiplash-associated disorders? A systematic review by the Ontario Protocol for Traffic Injury Management (OPTIMa) Collaboration
It takes two: A brief report examining mutual support between parents and teens learning to drive
Eco-driving: an economic or ecologic driving style?
Kinematics of pediatric crash dummies seated on vehicle seats with realistic belt geometry
Knowledge of alcohol impairment in boaters in southern Illinois
Impacts of accident severity factors and loss values of crashes on expressways in Thailand
The impacts of multiple rest-break periods on commercial truck driver's crash risk
Importance measures for inland waterway network resilience
Improving the dependability of DC point machines with a novel condition monitoring system
Improving rutting resistance of pavement structures using geosynthetics: an overview
Impulsiveness mediates the association between GABRA2 SNPs and lifetime alcohol problems
Incidence of paediatric fatal and non-fatal low speed vehicle run over events in Queensland, Australia: eleven year analysis
Unintentional injury and its prevention in infants: knowledge and self-reported practices of main caregivers
A dynamic evacuation model for pedestrian-vehicle mixed-flow networks
Dynamic impact on global supply chains performance of disruptions propagation produced by terrorist acts
Evaluation of a simulation-based surrogate safety metric
Extended spectral envelope method for detecting and analyzing traffic oscillations
Feelings of vulnerability and effects on driving behaviour - a qualitative study
Impact of everyday weather on individual daily travel behaviours in perspective: a literature review
Are longer and heavier vehicles (LHVs) beneficial for society? A cost benefit analysis to evaluate their potential implementation in Spain
Bike share: a synthesis of the literature
Computational Bayesian statistics in transportation modeling: from road safety analysis to discrete choice
Ethical theories and the cost-benefit analysis-based ex ante evaluation of transport policies and plans
Independent mobility and mode choice for school transportation: a review and framework for future research
Non-motorised level of service: addressing challenges in pedestrian and bicycle level of service
Promoting cycling for transport: research needs and challenges
A review of the evolution of shared (street) space concepts in urban environments
Transition between signal timing plans: a methodological and analytical overview
Transport services and their impact on poverty and growth in rural Sub-Saharan Africa: a review of recent research and future research needs
Agricultural quad-bike incidents: do farmworkers take risks?
Acute effects of alcohol on inhibitory control and simulated driving in DUI offenders
Analysis of driver speeds under night driving conditions using a driving simulator
Analysis of the prevalence of medicines and psychoactive substances among drivers in the material of the department of forensic medicine at the Medical University of Bialystok
Analyzing road design risk factors for run-off-road crashes in the Netherlands with crash prediction models
Assessing the risk of secondary crashes on highways
Assessing characteristics related to the use of seatbelts and cell phones by drivers: application of a bivariate probit model
Assessment of traumatic rib fractures caused by traffic accident
ATV riding and helmet use among youth aged 12-17 years, USA, 2011: results from the YouthStyles survey
The club-level road cyclist: injury, pain, and performance
The combination of short rest and energy drink consumption as fatigue countermeasures during a prolonged drive of professional truck drivers
A comparison of contributing factors between alcohol related single vehicle motorcycle and car crashes
Divided attention in young drivers under the influence of alcohol
Driver's behavioral adaptation to Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC): the case of speed and time headway
Driving simulator validation of driver behavior with limited safe vantage points for data collection in work zones
The effect of different navigation voices on trust and attention while using in-vehicle navigation systems
Effects of alcoholic beverage control policies and contextual factors on alcohol consumption and its related harms in France from 1960 to 2000
Enhancement of road delineation can reduce safety
Epilepsy and driving
Gender differences of young drivers on injury severity outcome of highway crashes
Impact of texting on young drivers' behavior and safety on urban and rural roads through a simulation experiment
The influence of clear zone size and roadside vegetation on driver behavior
An investigation of state population characteristics that moderate the relationship of state seat belt law and use in the United States
A mathematical model for predicting lane changes using the steering wheel angle
On the required complexity of vehicle dynamic models for use in simulation-based highway design
An operative case of a chronic traumatic thoracic aortic aneurysm 16 years after a jet skiing crash: report of a case
Post-stroke driving: examining the effect of executive dysfunction
Preliminary reliability analysis of a high-altitude airship's envelope
Relationships between frequency of driving under the influence of cannabis, self-reported reckless driving and risk-taking behavior observed in a driving simulator
Road safety and simulation conferences: an interdisciplinary network for safer roads
Safer cycling in the urban road environment: study approach and protocols guiding an Australian study
Social and health impact of Institutes of Legal Medicine in Spain: beyond justice
Spatial measurement of mobility barriers: improving the environment of community dwelling older adults in Taiwan
Summarizing risk using risk measures and risk indices
Accurate expectancies diminish perceptual distraction during visual search
The use of meta-analysis or research synthesis to combine driving simulation or naturalistic study results on driver distraction
Assessment of driving in patients with vertigo and dizziness
Attentional capture by signals of threat
Bicycle commuting and exposure to air pollution: a questionnaire-based investigation of perceptions, symptoms and risk management strategies
The built environment predicts observed physical activity
Causes of youth licensing decline: a synthesis of evidence
Driver rehabilitation: a systematic review of the types and effectiveness of interventions used by occupational therapists to improve on-road fitness-to-drive
Driving ability with affective disorders and under psychotropic drugs
Driving ability with alcohol and drug dependence and schizophrenia
Driving difficulties among military veterans: clinical needs and current intervention status
Driving with upper extremity immobilization: a comprehensive review
Driving: a road to unhealthy lifestyles and poor health outcomes
The effectiveness of a 0.05 blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit for driving in the United States
Middle-of-the-night administration of sleep medication: a critical review of the effects on next morning driving ability
Saudi women's beliefs on the use of car infant restraints: a qualitative study
Seatbelt wearing rates in middle income countries: A cross-country analysis
Serious injuries: an additional indicator to fatalities for road safety benchmarking
A simulator to improve awareness of rollover risk and stimulate safer driving behavior among young all-terrain (ATV) drivers
A social-ecologic framework for improving bicycle helmet use by children
Surveillance of disease and injury in Wisconsin dairy farmers and workers
Cultural influences on safety training among Vietnamese shrimp fisherman
Development of an ergonomics training program for the commercial fishing industry: charges, challenges and changes
A driving commitment
Why should being visible on the road? A challenge to prevent road traffic injuries among pedestrians in Iran
Implementing a public bicycle share program: impact on perceptions and support for public policies for active transportation
Belted and unbelted driver accident involvement rates compared
Airbag effectiveness in preventing fatalities predicted according to type of crash, driver age, and blood alcohol concentration
Alcohol's effect on fatality risk from a physical insult
Antilock brakes and risk of front and rear impact in two-vehicle crashes
Car mass and fatality risk: has the relationship changed?
Car size or car mass: which has greater influence on fatality risk?
Causal influence of car mass and size on driver fatality risk
Compulsory seat belt usage and driver risk taking behavior
Do accident-involved drivers exhibit riskier everyday driving behavior?
Estimation of seat belt effectiveness values using double pair comparison method based on state highway crash data
Double pair comparison--a new method to determine how occupant characteristics affect fatality risk in traffic crashes
Driver injury and fatality risk in two-car crashes versus mass ratio inferred using Newtonian mechanics
Estimating fatality reductions from increased safety belt use
Examination of some possible biases in double pair comparison estimates of safety belt effectiveness
Factors controlling traffic crashes
Fatality risk for belted drivers versus car mass
Fatality risk reduction from safety belt use
Female compared with male fatality risk from similar physical impacts
Future predictions and traffic safety research
Helmet effectiveness in preventing motorcycle driver and passenger fatalities
Helmet effectiveness in preventing motorcycle driver and passenger fatalities
Human behavior feedback and traffic safety
Involvement of older drivers in multivehicle side-impact crashes
Involvement rate in two-car crashes versus driver age and car mass of each involved car
Is it safer to fly or drive?
Motorcyclist fatalities and the repeal of mandatory helmet wearing laws
Motorcyclist fatalities and the repeal of mandatory helmet wearing laws
Motorized two-point safety belt effectiveness in preventing fatalities
Motorized two-point safety belt effectiveness in preventing fatalities
A new traffic safety vision for the United States
Occupant protection device effectiveness-- Some conceptual considerations
Older driver involvement in fatal and severe traffic crashes
Potential fatality reductions through eliminating occupant ejection from cars
Re-evaluation of rear seat restraint system effectiveness in preventing fatalities, using recent fatal accident data
Rear seat restraint system effectiveness in preventing fatalities
Relative fatality risk in different seating positions versus car model year
Restraint effectiveness, occupant ejection from cars, and fatality reductions
Observations of fuel savings due to the introduction of right-turn on red
Risk of fatality from physical trauma versus sex and age
Safety-belt effectiveness: the influence of crash severity and selective recruitment
Seating position in cars and fatality risk
Serious or fatal driver injury rate versus car mass in head-on crashes between cars of similar mass
The effectiveness of safety belts in preventing fatalities and major injuries among school-aged children
The effectiveness of safety belts in preventing fatalities
The fraction of traffic fatalities attributable to alcohol
Accounting for sex-related differences in the estimation of breath alcohol concentrations using transdermal alcohol monitoring
Augmented GNSS differential corrections minimum mean square error estimation sensitivity to spatial correlation modeling errors
Biomechanics of concussion
Cockpit displays of traffic information and pilot bias in time-to-contact judgments
Combined influence of visual scene and body tilt on arm pointing movements: gravity matters!
Compulsory seat belt usage and driver risk-taking behavior
Control pattern injuries in fatal fixed-wing general aviation accidents
Corrigendum: A comparison of the effect of mobile phone use and alcohol consumption on driving simulation performance
Epidemiology of road traffic incidents in Peru 1973-2008: incidence, mortality, and fatality
Examining the direct and indirect effects of fear and anger on criminal decision making among known offenders
Fatal accident rates for instrument-rated private pilots
How effective is drug testing as a workplace safety strategy? A systematic review of the evidence
Impact of texting laws on motor vehicular fatalities in the United States
Long-term chronic diseases and crash responsibility: a record linkage study
Microsimulation modelling of driver behaviour towards alternative warning devices at railway level crossings
A preliminary study of sexual activity as a distraction for young drivers
Traffic fatality reductions: United States compared with 25 other countries
Twenty thousand more americans killed annually because US traffic-safety policy rejects science
Death in traffic: why are ethical issues ignored?
Safety first. A response to: "Safer vehicles for people and the planet," by Thomas P. Wenzel and Marc Ross
Safer vehicles for people and the planet
Safety first. Wenzel and Ross respond to Evans criticism
Drivers involved in crashes killing older road users
Neuropsychological performance, brain imaging, and driving violations in multiple sclerosis
A new equation for calculating the maximum wait time for pilots who use an impairing medication
Outcome of proximal femoral fractures caused by cycling in the young and mid-aged
Probability analysis of multiple-tank-car release incidents in railway hazardous materials transportation
Propensity scores-potential outcomes framework to incorporate severity probabilities in the Highway Safety Manual crash prediction algorithm
Public bicycle share programs and head injuries
Risk-cost-benefit analysis for transportation corridors with interval uncertainties of heterogeneous data
TeenDrivingPlan effectiveness: the effect of quantity and diversity of supervised practice on teens' driving performance
Share of mass transit miles traveled and reduced motor vehicle fatalities in major cities of the United States
A smartphone-based sensing platform to model aggressive driving behaviors
Vulnerability in speed of visuomotor ability
Predictors of injury mortality: findings from a large national cohort in Thailand
Updating the NAGCAT tractor guidelines to reflect the latest scientific evidence
BRICS: opportunities to improve road safety
Cannabis depenalisation, drug consumption and crime - Evidence from the 2004 cannabis declassification in the UK
Could deep brain stimulation help with driving for patients with Parkinson's?
The decade of action for road safety - progress in research
Demographic profile and epidemiology of injury in Mthatha, South Africa
Effect of simulated resistance, fleeing, and use of force on standardized field sobriety testing
The effects of moderate alcohol concentrations on driving and cognitive performance during ascending and descending blood alcohol concentrations
The effects of visual and cognitive distractions on operational and tactical driving behaviors
Feature-based inattentional blindness: loss of awareness to featural information in fully attended objects
The health status of people claiming compensation for musculoskeletal injuries following road traffic crashes is not altered by an early intervention programme: a comparative study
To reduce youthful binge drinking: call an election in Mexico
What's the risk? A comparison of actual and perceived driving risk
Whiplash evokes descending muscle recruitment and sympathetic responses characteristic of startle
When range of motion is not enough: towards an evidence-based approach to medico-legal reporting in whiplash injury
Driving ability with cerebral perfusion disorders
Injury risk among children in motor vehicle crashes: older versus younger drivers
Multimodal injury risk analysis of road users at signalized and non-signalized intersections
Occupational cognitive failure and its relationship with unsafe behaviors and accidents
Perception of side rollover hazards in a Pennsylvania rural population while operating an all-terrain vehicle (ATV)
Railway crossing risk area detection using linear regression and terrain drop compensation techniques
Road traffic injuries in Mexico: evidences to strengthen the Mexican road safety strategy
A strategically timed verbal task improves performance and neurophysiological alertness during fatiguing drives
Driving Behaviors in Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Driving towards obesity: a systematized literature review on the association between motor vehicle travel time and distance and weight status in adults
A dynamic carsharing decision support system
Effectiveness of vehicle weight enforcement in a developing country using weigh-in-motion sorting system considering vehicle by-pass and enforcement capability
Effects of work zone configurations and traffic density on performance variables and subjective workload
Environmental assessment of road construction and maintenance policies using LCA
High accuracy crash mapping using fuzzy logic
How do drivers interact with navigation systems in real life conditions? Results of a field-operational-test on navigation systems
A hybrid Bayesian Network approach to detect driver cognitive distraction
Impact of road safety interventions on traffic-related occupational injuries in Spain, 2004-2010
The influence of time headway on subjective driver states in adaptive cruise control
Injury and illness patterns in competitive sailors of the 43rd ISAF youth sailing world championship - a 12-month retrospective study
Inspecting and repairing old bridges: experiences and lessons
Intelligent Speed Adaptation and driving speed: Effects of different system HMI functionalities
Investigation of the use of a Weibull model for the determination of optimal road link intervention strategies
Life cycle assessment framework for railway bridges: literature survey and critical issues
Lifetime design of long-span bridges
Linking decisions and actions in dynamic environments: how child and adult cyclists cross roads with traffic
Mobility decline in old age: the combined effect of mobility-related fatigue and socioeconomic position
A methodology for multihazards load combinations of earthquake and heavy trucks for bridges
Mobility, traffic accidents, and associated factors among Guatemalan university students
Modelling negative interactions among pedestrians in high density situations
Mortality after road traffic crashes in a system with limited trauma data capability
Motorcycle crashes: attitudes of the motorcyclists regarding riders' experience and safety measures
Motorcycle safety through smart technology
A multi-objective analysis of a rural road network problem in the hilly regions of Nepal
Multi-strategy budget allocation decision support system for seismic rehabilitation of road infrastructure
Multilayer distributed intelligent control of an autonomous car
Navigating toward zero fatalities: the role of NCAPs
Naturalistic conversation improves daytime motorway driving performance under a benzodiazepine: a randomised, crossover, double-blind, placebo-controlled study
The neighborhood environment: perceived fall risk, resources, and strategies for fall prevention
New tool launched to support development of strong road safety mass media campaigns around the world
Nonlinear cascade strategy for longitudinal control of electric vehicle
Not just a rural occurrence: differences in agricultural equipment crash characteristics by rural-urban crash site and proximity to town
A novel classification method for driving simulators based on existing flight simulator classification standards
Obesity and vehicle type as risk factors for injury caused by motor vehicle collision
Occupational color vision standards: new prospects
On the periodicity of traffic oscillations and capacity drop: the role of driver characteristics
Operationalizing an orthopaedic research plan in the Decade of Action for Road Safety: the INternational ORthopaedic MUlticenter Study in Fracture Care
Outcomes of motor vehicle crashes with fracture: a pilot study of early rehabilitation interventions
Overall rating system in KNCAP and the further enhancement roadmap
Patterns of road traffic accidents in north west of Iran during 2013 New Year Holidays: complications and casualties
Patterns of road traffic accidents in north west of Iran during 2013 New Year Holidays: complications and casualties
Pediatric helmet use in residential areas
Perceived cost potential field cellular automata model with an aggregated force field for pedestrian dynamics
The physical environment and health-enhancing activity during the school commute: global positioning system, geographical information systems and accelerometry
A polydrug intoxication involving methoxetamine in a drugs and driving case
Powered-Two-Wheelers kinematic characteristics and interactions during filtering and overtaking in urban arterials
Proposed collision warning system for right-turning vehicles at two-way stop-controlled rural intersections
A prospective study of perceived injustice in whiplash victims and its relationship to recovery
Recent developments and research needs in modeling lane changing
Recreational boating accidents--Part 2: causes of accidents and deaths
Red light running and close following behaviour at urban shuttle-lane roadworks
Reducing rear-end crashes with cooperative systems
The relationship of neuropsychological variables to driving status following holistic neurorehabilitation
The relative risk of involvement in fatal crashes as a function of race/ethnicity and blood alcohol concentration
A review of powered-two-wheeler behaviour and safety
A review on the temporal pattern of deer-vehicle accidents: impact of seasonal, diurnal and lunar effects in cervids
Rib fractures: comparison of associated injuries between pediatric and adult population
The risk of a safety-critical event associated with mobile device use in specific driving contexts
Risk-based spatial zone determination problem for stage-based evacuation operations
Roadway justice: making angry drivers, happy drivers
Robust sensing of approaching vehicles relying on acoustic cues
Road safety impact of Ontario street racing and stunt driving law
Rolling horizon control framework for driver assistance systems. Part I: Mathematical formulation and non-cooperative systems
Rolling horizon control framework for driver assistance systems. Part II: Cooperative sensing and cooperative control
Rollover car crashes with ejection: a deadly combination-an analysis of 719 patients
Safe mobility for elderly drivers-Considerations based on expert and self-assessment
Safety effects of an extensive black spot treatment programme in Flanders-Belgium
Safety management in tunnel construction: case study of Wuhan metro construction in China
Safety in numbers: target prevalence affects the detection of vehicles during simulated driving
Safety modeling of suburban arterials in Shanghai, China
Safety propensity index for signalized and unsignalized intersections: exploration and assessment
Seat belt syndrome with unstable Chance fracture dislocation of the second lumbar vertebra without neurological deficits
A seven-year study on head injuries in infants, Iran---the changing pattern
Shared leadership in multiteam systems: how cockpit and cabin crews lead each other to safety
Side impact PMHS thoracic response with large-volume air bag
Simulation of safety: A review of the state of the art in road safety simulation modelling
The socio-environmental determinants of railway suicide: a systematic review
Standards and consumer information - the winning formula for vehicle safety in the UN Decade of Action
Street intercept method: an innovative approach to recruiting young adult high-risk drinkers
Survivors perceptions of recovery following air medical transport accidents
Thoughts in flight: automation use and pilots' task-related and task-unrelated thought
Training monitoring skills in helicopter pilots
Traffic conflict assessment for non-lane-based movements of motorcycles under congested conditions
Understanding the social context of fatal road traffic collisions among young people: a qualitative analysis of narrative text in coroners' records
Unraveling the evacuation behavior of the medically fragile population: findings from Hurricane Irene
Using high-resolution event-based data for traffic modeling and control: an overview
Using the Bayesian updating approach to improve the spatial and temporal transferability of real-time crash risk prediction models
Using police crash databases for injury prevention research - a comparison of opt-out and opt-in approaches to study recruitment
Vertical field of view restriction in driver training: a simulator-based evaluation
Using topology and neighbor information to overcome adverse vehicle density conditions
Walkability is only part of the story: walking for transportation in Stuttgart, Germany
Using smartphones as a very low-cost tool for road inventories
Use of personal protective equipment for motorcycle taxi drivers: perception of risks and associated factors
Intuitiveness of symbol features for air traffic management
Emotional responses to trouble events on a train-driving simulator
Experimental evidence for the field of safe travel
How a video record of a driver's forward view made a difference in the human factors analysis of a traffic crash
Analysis of residence characteristics of at-fault drivers in traffic crashes
Effects of phone type on driving and eye glance behaviour while text-messaging
Development of zone system for macro-level traffic safety analysis
Dual right-turn lanes in mitigating weaving conflicts at frontage road intersections in proximity to off-ramps
Effect of mild hypoxia on working memory, complex logical reasoning, and risk judgment
Work and non-work-related vehicle crashes: the contribution of risky driving practices
Modelling major traffic incident impacts and estimation of their associated costs
National road mortality reduction targets under European Union road safety policy: 2011-2020
Should smaller commercial trucks be subject to safety regulations?
Task analysis of transit bus drivers' left-turn maneuver: potential countermeasures for the reduction of collisions with pedestrians
Differences in the social patterning of active travel between urban and rural populations: findings from a large UK household survey
Driving under the influence of prescription drugs used non-medically: associations in a young adult sample
Neuropsychological functioning among chronic khat users in Jazan Region, Saudi Arabia
Seatbelt and child-restraint use in Kazakhstan: attitudes and behaviours of medical university students
Anxiety, sedation, and simulated driving in binge drinkers
Augmented reality cues to assist older drivers with gap estimation for left-turns
Auto accidents 101: a primer on accident procedures
Do alcohol excise taxes affect traffic accidents? Evidence from Estonia
Does drinking location matter? Profiles of risky single-occasion drinking by location and alcohol-related harm among young men
Effect of the Teen Driving Plan on the driving performance of teenagers before licensure: a randomized clinical trial
Elevated alcohol demand is associated with driving after drinking among college student binge drinkers
Examining physiological responses across different driving maneuvers during an on-road driving task: a pilot study comparing older and younger drivers
Exploring the impact of a dedicated streetcar right-of-way on pedestrian motor vehicle collisions: a quasi experimental design
A high accuracy pedestrian detection system combining a cascade AdaBoost detector and random vector functional-link net
Incidence of traumatic spinal cord injury worldwide: a systematic review
Integrated traffic conflict model for estimating crash modification factors
Pedestrian crossing situations: Quantification of comfort boundaries to guide intervention timing
In flight automatic detection of vigilance states using a single EEG channel
Bilateral corneal abrasions from airbag deployment
Causes of death in Tunisia: estimates of years of life lost
Clinical practice guidelines for the management of conditions related to traffic collisions: a systematic review by the OPTIMa Collaboration
Contextual factors and alcohol consumption control policy measures: the AMPHORA Study background
Determinants of road traffic injury among adult motorcyclists in Malé, Maldives
Development of a risk-based prioritisation methodology to inform public health emergency planning and preparedness in case of accidental spill at sea of hazardous and noxious substances (HNS)
Elderly deaths in Ankara, Turkey
Enhancing evacuation plans with a situation awareness system based on end-user knowledge provision
Evaluating time-reminder strategies before amber: common signal, green flashing and green countdown
World War I: an air war of consequence
Health status recovery at one year in children injured in a road accident: A cohort study
A human body model with active muscles for simulation of pre-tensioned restraints in autonomous braking interventions
Hypovigilance detection for UCAV operators based on a hidden Markov model
Incidence of hospital-admitted severe traumatic brain injury and in-hospital fatality rates in a Pacific Island country: a 5-year retrospective study
Measuring the ability of military aircrews to adapt to perceived stressors when undergoing centrifuge training
Modelling of agricultural combination driver behaviour from the aspect of safety of movement
Multiple risk behaviour in adolescence and socio-economic status: findings from a UK birth cohort
Multiple-object tracking while driving: the multiple-vehicle tracking task
Numerical simulation of pipeline deformation caused by rockfall impact
Parental perceived neighborhood attributes: associations with active transport and physical activity among 10-12 year old children and the mediating role of independent mobility
Population-based incidence and 5-year survival for hospital-admitted traumatic brain and spinal cord injury, Western Australia, 2003-2008
Predicting in-hospital death among patients injured in traffic crashes in Saudi Arabia
The relationship between social capital and traffic law violations: Israeli Arabs as a case study
Robustness of interrelated traffic networks to cascading failures
The role of reward prediction in the control of attention
Sharing a driver's context with a caller via continuous audio cues to increase awareness about driver state
Sleepiness and safety: where biology needs technology
Social influence in a virtual tunnel fire - Influence of conflicting information on evacuation behavior
Suicide on railroad rights-of-way: a psychological autopsy study
Traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage due to motor vehicle crash versus fall from height: a 4-year epidemiological study
Unintentional injuries in childhood and adolescence: current prevalence, determinants, and trends : Results of the KiGGS study: first follow-up (KiGGS Wave 1)
Value of a statistical life in road safety: a benefit-transfer function with risk-analysis guidance based on developing country data
A vehicle detection algorithm based on deep belief network
The walking environment in Lima, Peru and pedestrian-motor vehicle collisions: An exploratory analysis
Work-related psychosocial hazards among emergency medical responders (EMRs) in Mansoura City
Airbag lung: an unusual case of sarcoid-like granulomatous lung disease after a rollover motor vehicle accident
Alcohol consumption among drivers in Curitiba, Brazil
Analysis of injury severity of drivers involved in single- and two-vehicle crashes on highways in Ontario
A bicycle safety index for evaluating urban street facilities
Commentary on: Vosk T, Forrest AR, Emery A, McLane LD. The measurand problem in breath alcohol testing. J Forensic Sci 2014 Feb 6. Doi: 10.1111/1556-4029.12406 [Epub Ahead of Print]
Methylphenidate significantly reduces lapses of attention during on-road highway driving in patients with ADHD
A meta-analysis of the effects of texting on driving
Common mental disorders in public transportation drivers in lima, peru
Driving behaviours, traffic risk and road safety: comparative study between Malaysia and Singapore
Environmental supports for walking/biking and traffic safety: income and ethnicity disparities
Experiences of model year 2011 Dodge and Jeep owners with collision avoidance and related technologies
Fatal crashes from drivers testing positive for drugs in the U.S., 1993-2010
Influence of type of helmet on facial trauma in motorcycle accidents
A prospective, multi-institutional study of pediatric all-terrain vehicle crashes
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Situational and contextual factors that increase the risk of harm when students drink: case-control and case-crossover investigation
Who sits where? Infrastructure-free in-vehicle cooperative positioning via smartphones
Safe system approach to reducing serious injury risk in motorcyclist collisions with fixed hazards
Powered two-wheeler drivers' crash risk associated with the use of bus lanes
Pain location and duration impact life function interference during the year following motor vehicle collision
Modelling total duration of traffic incidents including incident detection and recovery time
Incidence and predictors of acute psychological distress and dissociation after motor vehicle collision: a cross-sectional study
Drowsy driving and risk behaviors -- 10 states and Puerto Rico, 2011-2012
Recommendation regarding universal motorcycle helmet laws -- Community Preventive Services Task Force : Revised June 2014
Analysis of pedestrian exposure to risk in relation to crossing behavior
Competing risks analysis on traffic accident duration time
Traffic analysis and road accidents: a case study of Hyderabad using GIS
Transit bus and pedestrian safety analysis in the context of operator improvements and traffic volume assessment
Eye injuries in automobile accidents: a need for visual rehabilitation.
Epidemiology of road traffic injuries in a tertiary care centre of Lucknow
Injuries sustained by passengers travelling in the cargo area of light delivery vehicles
The association between alcohol restriction policies and vehicle-related mortality in Cali, Colombia, 1998-2008
Relationship between obesity and driving
Road safety and audit: an accident studies of selected stretch road
Road safety: knowledge, practice and determinants among undergraduate medical students of Agartala Government Medical College and Govinda Ballabh Pant hospital
An improved cooperative adaptive cruise control (CACC) algorithm considering invalid communication
ACOEM practice guidelines: opioids and safety-sensitive work
Alcohol use in France
Analysis of motorcyclist riding behaviour on speed table
Associations between the built environment, total, recreational, and transit-related physical activity
Correlates of walking for transportation and use of public transportation among adults in St Louis, Missouri, 2012
Effect of home visiting by nurses on maternal and child mortality: results of a 2-decade follow-up of a randomized clinical trial
Effectiveness of cable barriers, guardrails, and concrete barrier walls in reducing the risk of injury
The effects of cyclists present at rural intersections on speed behaviour and workload of car drivers: a driving simulator study
How congestion shapes cities: from mobility patterns to scaling
The impact of billboards on driver visual behavior: a systematic literature review
Intelligent advisory speed limit dedication in highway using VANET
Measures of spontaneous and movement-evoked pain are associated with disability in patients with whiplash injuries
Odds of fault and factors for out-of-state drivers in crashes in four states of the USA
Association between helicopter with physician versus ground emergency medical services and survival for adults with major trauma in Japan
Building a reliable measure for unobtrusive observations of street-connecting pedestrian walkways
Cellular phone texting impairs gait in able-bodied young adults
Domain adaptation for pedestrian detection based on prediction consistency
Evidence-based review of interventions for medically at-risk older drivers
Explaining differences in crash and injury crash outcomes in red light camera studies
Postural stability in subjects with whiplash injury symptoms: results of a pilot study
Real driving at night-predicting lane departures from physiological and subjective sleepiness
Recent research and applications of numerical simulation for dynamic response of long-span bridges subjected to multiple loads
Visual target distance, but not visual cursor path length produces shifts in motor behavior: a multisensory integration perspective
Utility of an occupational therapy driving intervention for a combat veteran
Optimization and planning of emergency evacuation routes considering traffic control
Quality of life in a cohort of high-dose benzodiazepine dependent patients
Responsible management of motor vehicle drivers with dementia
Time-series intervention analysis of pedestrian countdown timer effects
Trends in epidemiological and clinical characteristics in severe traumatic brain injury: Analysis of the past 25 years of a single centre data base
Trends in older driver crash involvement rates and survivability in the United States: an update
Vigilance on the move: video game-based measurement of sustained attention
Driving under the influence of alcohol in the Netherlands by time of day and day of the week
Early psychological intervention in accidentally injured children ages 2-16: a randomized controlled trial
Bicycle injuries and injury prevention (editorial)
Evaluation of motor vehicle accident drivers for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: hyperactivity and ADHD in traffic accidents
Finite mixture modeling for vehicle crash data with application to hotspot identification
Fitness to drive and cannabis: validation of two blood THCCOOH thresholds to distinguish occasional users from heavy smokers
From acoustic descriptors to evoked quality of car door sounds
Impact of New Regulations On Assessing Driving Status (INROADS): A South Australian seizure clinic cohort
Environmental and cultural correlates of physical activity parenting practices among Latino parents with preschool-aged children: Ninos Activos
Intelligent speed assistance for serious speeders: The results of the Dutch Speedlock trial
A multinomial logit analysis of risk factors influencing road traffic injury severities in the Erzurum and Kars Provinces of Turkey
Mixed logit model-based driver injury severity investigations in single- and multi-vehicle crashes on rural two-lane highways
"National character" and traffic behavior
An Epidemiology of traffic accidents in northern Thailand
The impact of occupational stress on suicide ideation of subway drivers
Commuting accidents in Malaysia: are we doing enough?
Occupational accidents and diseases among community health agents in the municipality of Caraguatatuba/SP
Acute hypoxic hypoxia and isocapnic hypoxia effects on oculometric features
Alcohol consumption and risky drinking patterns in Malaysia: findings from NHMS 2011
Alcohol hangover as a cause of impairment in apprehended drivers
Causes and consequences of sleepiness among college students
Where do they go and how do they get there? Older adults' travel behaviour in a highly walkable environment
Stakeholders' opinions on a future in-vehicle alcohol detection system for prevention of drunk driving
Risk of permanent medical impairment (Rpmi) in car crashes correlated to age and genders
Safety impacts of red-light cameras at signalized intersections based on Cellular Automata models
'The last coachman', the trio of risk factors: alcohol, tobacco and traffic accidents
Neurologic injury in snowmobiling
Interaction between socio-demographic characteristics: traffic rule violations and traffic crash history for young drivers
Factors influencing the oblique impact test of motorcycle helmets
Gradient navigation model for pedestrian dynamics
Crash pulse optimization for occupant protection at various impact velocities
Man in modern traffic
Color vision defectives in road traffic
Capacity and delay estimation for roundabouts using conflict theory
Comprehensive optimization of emergency evacuation route and departure time under traffic control
Dementia and driving
Differences in injury severities between two-vehicle and three-vehicle crashes
Analysis of intra-urban traffic accidents using spatiotemporal visualization techniques
Comparison of driving avoidance and self-regulatory patterns in younger and older drivers
Determinants of behavior of students as pedestrian and car occupants in relation to traffic laws in 2013, Gorgan, Iran: an application of Health Belief Model
Development and validation of a vehicle dynamics integrated traffic simulation environment assessing surrogate safety
Evaluating the effectiveness of the law banning handheld cellphone use while driving
Evaluation of centralised and autonomous routing strategies in major incident response
Factors associated with motorcycle injury and fatality
Examining signalized intersection crash frequency using multivariate zero-inflated Poisson regression
Implementation of the driver training curriculum in Spain: An analysis based on the Goals for Driver Education (GDE) framework
Improving emergency response collaboration and resource allocation by task network mapping and analysis
Layout effects of multi-exit ticket-inspectors on pedestrian evacuation
Model of potential crash rates of rural roundabouts with geometrical features
Modeling the pedestrian's movement and simulating evacuation dynamics on stairs
Pattern and distribution of pedestrian injuries in fatal road traffic accidental cases in Dharan, Nepal
Perceiving safety in passenger ships - User studies in an authentic environment
Potential crash risks of expressway on-ramps and off-ramps: a case study in Beijing, China
The Quantitative Minor Injury Scale: pilot study of a scale to measure level of minor injury after motor vehicle collisions
A robust model for the network violator interception problem
Safety evaluation of pedestrian behaviour and violations at signalised pedestrian crossings
Satisfaction with travel, goal achievement, and voluntary behavioral change
Sensation seeking, parental bond, and risky driving in adolescence: some relationships, matter more to girls than boys
Smoke confinement utilizing the USME ventilation mode for subway station fire
Sun glare and road safety: an empirical investigation of intersection crashes
A survey on awareness of traffic signs among youth in Qatar
Texting and driving among drivers in Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies : health
Utilisation of cognitive map in modelling human error in marine accident analysis and prevention
Transition to manual: Driver behaviour when resuming control from a highly automated vehicle
Traffic safety culture among bicyclists: results from a Norwegian study
The gradual emergence of spatially selective target processing in visual search: from feature-specific to object-based attentional control
Jurisdictional spillover effects of sprawl on injuries and fatalities
Measuring the value of mortality risk reductions in Turkey
Modeling road accident injury under-reporting in Europe
Neighbourhood environment factors and the occurrence of injuries in Canadian adolescents: a validation study and exploration of structural confounding
Noninvasive in-vehicle alcohol detection with wavelength-modulated differential photothermal radiometry
Perceived density of road maps
Propagation and dissipation of crash risk on saturated freeways
Public-private partnership in traffic safety research and injury prevention
Rapid extrication of entrapped victims in motor vehicle wreckage using a Norwegian chain method - cross-sectional and feasibility study
Accounting for heterogeneity among treatment sites and time trends in developing crash modification functions
Analysis of the effect of two-wheeler lane-sharing behavior on macroscopic traffic flow modeling
Applying the sign luminance computation model to study the effects of other vehicles on sign luminance
Assessing the safety effects of removing highway mainline barrier toll plazas
Assessment of the precision of data collected about the traffic accidents with property damage only in claim handling process by insurance companies
Behavioural inhibition system response to conflicting advertisement cues: road safety messages vs. motor vehicle promotional advertisements
Bicycle helmet modelling and validation under linear and tangential impacts
Catastrophe models for cognitive workload and fatigue in a vigilance dual task
Choice in multitasking: how delays in the primary task turn a rational into an irrational multitasker
Cognitive biases in aggressive drivers: does illusion of control drive us off the road?
Comparison of MADYMO and physical models for brain injury reconstruction
Coupled human body and side impact model to predict thoracic response
The critical tracking task: a potentially useful method to assess driver distraction?
Deconstructing impulsivity to better understand adolescent risk-taking
Development and validation of an FE model for motorcycle-car crash test simulations
Development of a 3-year-old child head-neck finite element model and derivation of novel head injury criterion
Development of a regulation for testing the effectiveness of a rigid side underride protection device (SUPD)
Dopaminergic gene-stress interactions on young adults' driving performance: a pilot study
Driving anger in China: psychometric properties of the Driving Anger Scale (DAS) and its relationship with aggressive driving
A dynamic traffic light management system based on wireless sensor networks for the reduction of the red-light running phenomenon
Effect of humidity on dynamic characteristics of foam CF45 for the TRL pedestrian legform impactor
Evaluation of energy loss in motorcycle-to-car collisions
A finite element analysis of high-energy absorption cellular materials in enhancing passive safety of road vehicles in side-impact accidents
Front underride protection device (FUPD) development: design strategy with simultaneous loading
Homogenization effects of variable speed limits
In-depth real-world bicycle accident reconstructions
Innovative passive and active countermeasures for near side crash safety
New investigations concerning the relationships between congenital colour vision defects and road traffic security
Optimization of speed hump profiles based on vehicle dynamic performance modeling
Pedestrian traffic deaths among residents, visitors, and homeless persons - Clark County, Nevada, 2008-2011
Personal, social and environmental correlates of active transport to school among adolescents in Otago, New Zealand
Possibility of installing a data acquisition system in a pedestrian headform impactor
Preliminary observations on MRI correlates of driving independence and performance in persons with heart failure
Responsibility for crashes of autonomous vehicles: an ethical analysis
Sleepy driving and pulling over for a rest: investigating individual factors that contribute to these driving behaviours
Traffic management facilities used at intersection of Ukmergės and Geležinio Vilko Streets in Vilnius
Transport accidents among children and adolescents at the emergency service of a teaching hospital in the southern zone of the city of São Paulo
Validity of the selection procedure for air traffic controllers
Why most traumatic brain injuries are not caused by linear acceleration but skull fractures are
Young tend to commit suicide, die of road traffic accidents or being killed by someone: an analysis of medico-legal deaths
Injury severity in relation to seatbelt use in Cape Town, South Africa: A pilot study
Prediction of vehicle traffic accidents using Bayesian networks
Recognition of coloured lights by colour defective individuals
Abdominal pain after a motor vehicle accident
Acceleration testing and modeling of vehicle kinematics under idle conditions
Accuracy and characteristics of 2012 Honda event data recorders from real-time replay of controller area network (CAN) traffic
The accuracy and sensitivity of 2005 to 2008 Toyota Corolla event data recorders in low-speed collisions
Acute hyperammonaemia induces a sustained decrease in vigilance, which is modulated by caffeine
Adolescent drivers in Brazil: prevalence and associated factors estimated from the National Adolescent School-based Health Survey (PeNSE 2012)
Alternative ordered response frameworks for examining pedestrian injury severity in New York City
Analysis of high-speed sideswipe collisions using data from small overlap tests
Analysis of seat belt positioning in recent NCAP crash tests
Analytical approach to determining the effectiveness of the front windshield wiper of a light motor vehicle
Anxiety levels among Turkish public transportation drivers: a relation to restless legs syndrome?
Assessing the potential for bias in direct observation of adult commuter cycling and helmet use
Assessing the relative crash fault of out-of-state drivers in Vermont, USA
Assessing the road safety impacts of a teleworking policy by means of geographically weighted regression method
Assessment of the accuracy of certain reduced order models used in the prediction of occupant injury during under-body blast events
An assessment of the effects of passenger vehicle weight and size on accident and fatality risk based on data for 1991 through 2007 model year vehicles
Ballistic testing of motorsport windshields
Correlation between depth perception by three-rods test and stereoacuity by distance randot stereotest
Development of a short form of the driving anger expression inventory
Impact of speed cameras on trauma centers
Management of medical care for the victims of road accidents in traumatology centers of Saint-Petersburg
A memory structure adapted simulated annealing algorithm for a green vehicle routing problem
Stability of risky driving from late adolescence to early adulthood
Venous injuries in pediatric trauma: Systematic review of injuries and management
Automated analysis and validation of right-turn merging behaviour
Benefits of slope flattening
Biomechanics of neck injuries resulting from rear-end vehicle collisions
Characterization of force deflection properties for vehicular bumper-to-bumper interactions (Full article)
Characterization of force deflection properties for vehicular bumper-to-bumper interactions (Retracted due to incomplete information)
Characterizing driver behaviors relevant to traffic safety: a multistage approach
Clustering-based roadway segment division for the identification of high-crash locations
Can minor changes in the environment lower accident risk at level crossings? Results from a driving simulator-based paradigm
Collision prevention while driving in real traffic flow using emotional learning fuzzy inference systems
A comparative benchmark study of using different multi-objective optimization algorithms for restraint system design
A comparison of 25 high speed tire disablements involving full and partial tread separations
Comparison of dummy kinematics and injury response between WorldSID and ES-2 in side impact
A comparison of the effects of transcranial direct current stimulation and caffeine on vigilance and cognitive performance during extended wakefulness
A comparison of the NHTSA research offset oblique and small overlap impact tests and the IIHS moderate and small overlap tests
Comparison of the THOR and Hybrid III responses in oblique impacts
Correlation between crash severity and embankment geometry
Crash test with a hot operating engine and R-1234yf MAC system
A critical assessment of factors affecting the flammability of R-1234yf in a frontal collision
Design, development and testing of an improved stock car driver's window net mounting system
Development of head-on conflict model for overtaking maneuvers on two-lane rural roads using inductive loop detectors
The development of child pedestrian training in the United Kingdom 2002-2011: a national survey of local authorities
Development of safety performance measures for urban roundabouts in India
Development of a variable speed limit strategy to reduce secondary collision risks during inclement weather
Did California's hand-held cell phone ban reduce accidents?
Direct spatial correlation in crash frequency models: estimation of the effective range
Driving habits and risk factors for traffic accidents among sleep apnea patients - a European multi-centre cohort study
The effect of weather on the use of North American bicycle facilities: a multi-city analysis using automatic counts
Effects of vehicle mass and other parameters on driver relative fatality risk in vehicle-vehicle crashes
Ejection experience in Serbian Air Force, 1990-2010
An examination of crash and NASS data to evaluate the field relevance of IIHS small offset tests
An examination of the endogeneity of speed limits and accident counts in crash models
Examination of a properly restrained motorsport occupant
Explaining pedestrian safety experience at urban and suburban street crossings considering observed conflicts and pedestrian counts
Factors affecting median cable barrier crash frequency: new insights
Factors associated with in-hospital outcomes in 594 consecutive patients suffering from severe blunt chest trauma
Factors associated with injuries in adolescents, from the National Adolescent School-based Health Survey (PeNSE 2012)
Features of fatal pedestrian injuries in vehicle-to-pedestrian accidents in Japan
Finite-element-based transfer equations: post-mortem human subjects versus Hybrid III test dummy in blunt impact
Flex-PLI application to high-bumper vehicles - optimization of supplemental weight
Front rail crashworthiness design for front oblique impact using a Magic Cube approach
The FTA's constrained based methodology in risk assessment of crash and condition monitoring for older drivers on roads
Full-scale burn test of a 1992 compact pick-up truck
Gravity frequency and its monitoring application of EEG spectrum in the vigilance operation
Happiness in motion: emotions, well-being, and active school travel
Hazardous birthday drinking among young people: population-based impacts on emergency department and in-patient hospital admissions
Idealized vehicle crash test pulses for advanced batteries
Impacts of using electronic devices on road crossing behaviors among medical college students
Influence of feature lines of vehicle hood styling on headform kinematics and injury evaluation in car-to-pedestrian impact simulations
The influence of the road network on private productivity measures using Data Envelopment Analysis: a case study from Spain
Influence of stimulant and non-stimulant drug treatment on driving performance in patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: A systematic review
The influence of visual target information on the online control of movements
Influences on the risk of injury of bicyclists' heads and benefits of bicycle helmets in terms of injury avoidance and reduction of injury severity
Injury prevention among friends: the benefits of school connectedness
Legal versus consumer requirements for secondary safety of passenger vehicles in Europe and the U.S
Kinematic and dynamic biomechanical values in relation to muscle activity during contact head impact
Lateral control for automated vehicle following system in urban environments
Local fire department responses to fires involving automobiles, buses, and larger trucks: 2006-2010 estimates
Low cost embedded car safety and security enhancement using ARM
Method development of multi-dimensional accident analysis using self organizing map
The Mini-Mental State Examination, clinical factors, and motor vehicle crash risk
Modeling and simulation of intelligent driving with trajectory planning and tracking
Numerical prediction of dynamic progressive buckling behaviors of single-hat and double-hat steel components under axial loading
Occupant rollover protection in motorsports
A new bivariate regression model for the simultaneous analysis of total and severe crashes occurrence
A new tool for coding and interpreting injuries in fatal airplane crashes: the Crash Injury Pattern Assessment Tool Application to the Air France Flight AF447 disaster (Rio de Janeiro-Paris), 1st of June 2009
On the relationship between pedestrian gap acceptance and time to arrival estimates
Operating speeds from driving simulator tests for road safety evaluation
Optimization of traffic signal timings based on surrogate measures of safety
Outlaw motorcycle gangs: aspects of the one-percenter culture for emergency department personnel to consider
Parametric study on responses of a self-anchored suspension bridge to sudden breakage of a hanger
Prevention of open water drowning while boating
Psychological work characteristics, psychological workload and associated psychological and cognitive requirements of train drivers
Rapid assessment of road safety policy change: relaxation of the national speed enforcement law in Russia leads to large increases in the prevalence of speeding
Repeatability of a small overlap and an oblique moving deformable barrier test procedure
Response surface generation for kinematics and injury prediction in pedestrian impact simulations
Robust design in occupant safety simulation
Safety impacts of auxiliary lanes at isolated freeway on-ramp junctions
Statistical considerations for evaluating biofidelity, repeatability, and reproducibility of ATDs
The stochastic and integrative prediction methodology and modeling for reliability of pedestrian crossing on roads
Validation of event data recorders in side-impact crash tests
Vehicle hot surface ignition and mitigation measures of R-1234yf refrigerant for MAC systems
Tracheal transection caused by clothesline injury
Tradeoffs in the evaluation of light vehicle pre-collision systems
An unbiased estimate of the relative crash risk of cell phone conversation while driving an automobile
Under-body blast mitigation: stand-alone seat safety activation system
Understanding road safety in Kenya: views of matatu drivers
Urban infrastructure design and pedestrian safety in the Kumasi Central Business District, Ghana
Stochastic risk assessment methodology and modeling as an in-vehicle safety enhancing tool for younger drivers on roads
A study of a mass casualty train crash, focusing on the cause of injuries
Successful conviction of intoxicated drivers at a level I trauma center
Thus spake road users on the road accidents and their views to prevent road accidents: a case study in the Kancheepuram District of Tamil Nadu
Real time accident sensing system using wireless sensors and microcontroller
Recruitment of older drivers from primary care clinics for on-road fitness-to-drive testing: results of a pilot study
Reduction of capacity and projected costs associated with seat belt installation on school buses
Risk assessment of operation safety in freeway tunnels: an evaluation approach using multiple safety indices
Risk factors associated with crash severity on low-volume rural roads in Denmark
Risks endemic to long-haul trucking in North America: strategies to protect and promote driver well-being
The Road Accident Analyzer: a tool to identify high-risk road locations
Road traffic deaths and injuries are under-reported in Ethiopia: a capture-recapture method
Routing strategies for emergency management decision support systems during evacuation
Self-regulation minimizes crash risk from attentional effects of cognitive load during auditory-vocal tasks
Ship safety index
A survey of taxi drivers' aberrant driving behavior in Beijing
Synthesis of state-of-the-art in visibility detection systems' applications and research
Testing usability and trainability of indirect touch interaction: perspective for the next generation of air traffic control systems
A comparison of the factors influencing the safety of work-related drivers in work and personal vehicles
Design of expressway construction safety evaluation system based on AHP
Environment protection for human behavior in metro fires
How to improve road traffic safety management greatly in China: use a systems perspective of safety
Impact of tooth shape parameters on strength safety coefficient of herringbone planetary train
Metro operation safety evaluation
Research on evaluation model of aviation ordnance safety performance
Research on quantification of airline SMS security risk assessment
Research on safety comprehensive assessment method for air traffic control based on RBF neural network
Safety driving decision-making of the advanced vehicle control and safety system
Study of the safety evaluation of urban subway operation based on extenics
Study on the work specifications of dangerous goods' safety inspection in bus passenger station
Effectiveness of traffic sign setting in adjacent tunnel exit
Non-spatial analysis for road traffic accidents
Sudden death memorials in Bucharest: mortuary practices and beliefs in an urban context
Administration's role in managing urban pedestrian accessibility
Analysis of driver's adaptability of stress response in dangerous situation
An analysis of driver's choice based on information of traffic accidents
Analysis of impact of transverse slope on hydroplaning risk level
Analysis of intersection accidents of mountainous highway
Analyzing driving risks of roadway traffic under adverse weather conditions: in case of rain day
Characterize dilemma zone and minimize its effect at coordinated signalized intersections
Decision-making model of roadside safety improvement on two-lane highway
Delay analysis of stop sign intersection and yield sign intersection based on VISSIM
Development trends and characteristics of devastating accidents in China
Differences in injury severity of accidents on mountainous highways and non-mountainous highways
Driver's reaction time towards red-light timing at urban intersections
Educational campaign for improving pedestrian safety: a university campus study
Making Siliguri a walkable city
Medical condition analysis and safety loophole screening of CDL drivers
Pedestrian crossing behavior at unsignalized mid-block crosswalks around a primary school
Research on driving risk model of freeway interchange entrance area for accident prevention
Stress state of driver: mobile phone use while driving
A review of yellow dilemma problem and a dynamic speed guidance system design based on CVIS
Speed characteristics and safety risk level evaluation for nighttime roadway work area
Study on the collision avoidance strategy at unsignalized intersection based on PreScan simulation
The study of evacuation passenger service level of Shanghai-Nanjing high-speed railway stations
Speed-accident relationship at urban signalized intersections
Traffic safety knowledge survey and difference analysis for migrant workers
Travel time estimation model for emergency vehicles under preemption control
Vulnerability evaluation of the highway transportation system against meteorological disasters
Accident-preventive measure selection method based on the speed cognition of lead-vehicle driver in curved roadway
Analysis of driver behaviour and crash characteristics during adverse weather conditions
Analysis of the lateral gap maintaining behavior of vehicles in heterogeneous traffic stream
Comparative analysis of pedestrian, bicycle and car traffic moving in circuits
A comprehensive analysis of the association of highway traffic with winter weather conditions
Data collection for traffic and drivers' behaviour studies: a large-scale survey
Digit ratios as correlates of accident involvement and aggressive driving - a pilot study
Effect of bicycle friendly roadway infrastructure on bicycling activities in urban India
Effect of speed limit compliance on roadway capacity of Indian expressways
Effect of vehicular lanes on pedestrian gap acceptance behaviour
Effects of driver task-related fatigue on driving performance
Empirical studies on impacts of obstacle inside corridor on pedestrian flow
Environmental analysis of Pareto optimal routes in hazardous material transportation
An estimation method of roundabout entry capacity considering pedestrian impact
Examining the continuum of injury severity: pooling the GES and FARS datasets
Examining the distribution of the elderly and accessibility to essential services
Geometric design consistency of multiple horizontal curves on two-lane rural highways
Impact of elderly road users characteristics at intersection
Impacts of on-board devices and training on light duty vehicle driving behavior
Investigating cell phone use while driving in Qatar
A methodology for estimating exposure-controlled crash risk using traffic police crash data
Modeling pedestrian delay at signalized intersection crosswalks under mixed traffic condition
Modelling severity level in multi-vehicle collision on Indian highways
A modified social force model for pedestrian behavior simulation at signalized crosswalks
Moving from conventional roundabouts to turbo-roundabouts
A multiperiod maximal covering location model for the optimal location of intersection safety cameras on an urban traffic network
Pedestrian crossing scenario model using Petri Nets
Pedestrian evacuation modeling and simulation on metro platforms considering panic impacts
Road safety performance assessment: a new road network risk index for info mobility
Speed distribution curves for pedestrians during walking and crossing
Spatial extent and modeling intracity truck crashes
Study of relation between actual and perceived crash risk
Study on objective evaluation method of taxi driver safety consciousness
Study of vehicles lateral movement in non-lane discipline traffic stream on a straight road
A study of safety impacts of different types of driveways and their density
A synchronized model for crash prediction and resource allocation to prioritize highway safety improvement projects
Trucks and bikes: sharing the roads
Validating attention tests on external criterion on driving school students- pilot study
The importance of the "minority problem for road safety"
The importance of assessment of epileptic drivers
No preponderance of aspiration death in traffic accidents
Electroencephalography and assessment of fitness to drive
Oxygen to combat fatigue?
Carbon monoxide risks to the motorist
The causes of glare
Aptitude tests for mine locomotive drivers
The ability of truck drivers with monocular vision
The readability of road signs
Fatigue and falling asleep at the wheel
Assessing fitness to drive
The color of the road surface and traffic safety
The importance of color vision to motorists and the police (Colloquium)
General information about the problem of "alcohol breaking" [substances among intoxicated drivers]
Experimental studies on the deadly "alcohol breaking" products, "Contra" or "Stopp"
Adolescent drivers
The significence of psychological tests when assessing the aptitude of bus and tram drivers
Psychological study on the effects of glare in road traffic
Protective helmets for drivers
Statistical observations on on comparative blood alcohol content using the Widmark and ADH methods
Addicts and the delirious in road traffic
About attempts by intoxicated motorists to appear sober
Considerations for the measurement of variables that lead to the emergence of motion-sickness
Accidents and psychoanalysis
Traffic accidents caused by the mentally ill
Traffic accidents caused by smog
Injuries to vehicle occupants in accidents
On the issue of reaction time capacity
The effects of a blood alcohol level of 1.5 ‰
Blunt cardiac trauma: a review of the current knowledge and management
Causes of unnatural deaths among children and adolescents in northern India - A qualitative analysis of postmortem data
Comparing the effects of age, BMI and gender on severe injury (AIS 3+) in motor-vehicle crashes
Components of attention modulated by temporal expectation
Computer vision and driver distraction: developing a behaviour-flagging protocol for naturalistic driving data
The assessment of damages for motor vehicle injuries
Built environment and driving outcomes: the case for an integrated GIS/GPS approach
Construction of motorways through Bosnia and Herzegovina, possible consequences on the environment and traffic safety
Drivers' peripheral risk perception evaluation indexes and threshold division
Estimating the work safety situation in mainland China using Grey theory
EU directives and possibility of implementation of modern systems of incident situations management in road tunnels
Forensic and traffic-technical aspect of simulated cervical spine injury
A framework for accident reduction and risk identification and assessment in Saudi Arabia
A method to determine relative vehicle positioning for safety warning
Modeling zonal traffic accident counts with the regression under zero-adjusted inverse Gaussian distribution
Risk assessment among drivers via the Affect Misattribution Procedure (AMP)
Road network safety management in the Republic of Croatia
Study on anti-slide stability of rock slope along river
Theory of Planned Behavior: application for risk taking in traffic
Study on the relationship between asset condition and safety (Part I)
Assessing the impact of typeface design in a text-rich automotive user interface
Characteristics of prescription and nonprescription sleep medication users in the United States
Drugged driving: increased traffic risks involving licit and illicit substances
Experimental and numerical studies of fluid-structure interaction phenomena inside the head when subjected to a dynamical loading
How do healthy older pedestrians walk when they cross the street?
Investigation of a six-year-old Hybrid III dummy neck stiffness and the consequences regarding out-of-position Neck Injury Criteria
Multiple driver distractions: a systemic transport problem
Occupational injuries among children and adolescents in Cusco Province: a cross-sectional study
Personality domains and traits that predict self-reported aberrant driving behaviours in a southeastern US university sample
Postmortem MSCT diagnosis of whiplash injuries in a traffic accident: a case report and review of the literature
Severity of injuries in different modes of transport, expressed with disability-adjusted life years (DALYs)
Study on the policy of Chinese road passenger transport intensification
Critical appraisal of an article published in the Ethiopian Medical Journal
Cycling around a curve: the effect of cycling speed on steering and gaze behavior
Effects of age on metacognitive efficiency
Emergency evacuation orders: considerations and lessons from Hurricane Sandy
Epidemiological study on the trend of accidental deaths among children under five in Beijing, during 2003-2012
Epidemiology of traumatic hip dislocation in patients treated in Ceará, Brazil
Fatal head injuries in children under the age of 5 years in Pretoria
Fatal injuries among motorcyclists in Klang Valley, Malaysia
Forecast the trend of burden from fatal road traffic injuries between 2015 and 2030 in China
Habitus of home and traditional drinking: a qualitative analysis of reported middle-class alcohol use
"If I can get over that, I can get over anything"-understanding how individuals with acute whiplash disorders form beliefs about pain and recovery: a qualitative study
Injuries and absenteeism among motorcycle taxi drivers who are victims of traffic accidents
Medical support at a large-scale motorsports mass-gathering event: the Inaugural Formula One United States Grand Prix in Austin, Texas
Risk factors for self-reported driving under the influence of alcohol and/or illicit drugs among older adults
Risks of a lifetime in construction Part I: traumatic injuries
Use of Cognitive Work Analysis for exploration of safety management in the operation of motorcycles and scooters
Use of continuous transdermal alcohol monitoring during a contingency management procedure to reduce excessive alcohol use
A visual analytics system for railway safety management
Sociodemographic and environmental correlates of active commuting in rural America
Accidents among postmen using motorbikes for mail deliveries in Tuscany in the period 2007-2009.
Car child safety seats use among Iranian children in Mashad
Effect of weight, height and BMI on injury outcome in side impact crashes without airbag deployment
Fatigue in air medical clinicians undertaking high-acuity patient transports
An indecent proposal: the dual functions of indirect speech
"Just do it when you get a chance": the effects of a background task on primary task performance
Non-point source analysis of a railway bridge area using statistical method: Case study of a concrete road-bed
Analysis of safety effects of traffic, geometric, and access parameters on truck arterial corridors
Analysis of pedestrian performance in shared-space environments
Application of computer vision to diagnosis of pedestrian safety issues
Application of naturalistic driving data to modeling of driver car-following behavior
Assessing how drivers of through vehicles react to driveway activity
Comparing calibrated shared space simulation model with real-life data
Complete enough for complete streets? Sensitivity testing of multimodal level of service in the Highway Capacity Manual
Considerations for integrating bicycling and walking facilities into urban infrastructure
Cooperative highway traffic
Development of Canadian National Pedestrian Crossing Control Guide
Development of relationships between safety and congestion for urban freeways
Do complete streets cost more than incomplete streets?
Do all roadway users want the same things?
Does prior specification matter in hotspot identification and before-after road safety studies?
Effect of advance yield markings and symbolic signs on vehicle-pedestrian conflicts: field evaluation
Effect of circadian rhythms and driving duration on fatigue level and driving performance of professional drivers
Effect of left-turn operational mode on pedestrian safety: development of models and guidelines
Effectiveness of audible and tactile heading cues at complex intersections for pedestrians who are blind
Effects of approach speed at rural high-speed intersections
Effects of high-visibility enforcement on driver compliance with pedestrian yield right-of-way laws
Estimating annual average daily traffic for local roads for highway safety analysis
Evaluation of pedestrian safety: pedestrian crash hot spots and risk factors for injury severity
Estimating percentile speeds from maximum operating speed frontier
Evaluation of triangabout as alternative for intersection with nonthrough arterial movement
Evaluation of truck impact hazards for interstate overpasses
Event-based framework for noncompliant driver behavior at single-lane roundabouts
Experimental microsimulation modeling of road safety impacts of bus priority
Feature analysis and operation evaluation of pedestrian weaving zone
Feasibility and advantages of estimating local road vehicle miles traveled on basis of global positioning system travel data
Full versus simple safety performance functions: comparison based on urban four-lane freeway interchange influence areas in Florida
Identification of causal paths and prediction of runway incursion risk by means of Bayesian belief networks
Impact of curbside parking on travel time and space mean speed of nonmotorized vehicles
Improving cyclist and pedestrian environment while maintaining vehicle throughput
Influence of land use and driveway placement on safety performance of arterial highways
The language of driving: advantages and applications of symbolic data reduction for analysis of naturalistic driving data
Link between pavement marking retroreflectivity and night crashes on Michigan two-lane highways
Logistic regression models of the safety of large trucks
Low-mass urban microcars for the emerging vehicle markets of megacities
Missing links: how social paths can improve pedestrian accessibility to light rail
Modeling car ownership in urban areas of developing countries: case study of Bogotá, Colombia
Modeling pedestrian delay and level of service at signalized intersection crosswalks under mixed traffic conditions
Multiresolution visualization tools to aid in conducting road safety audits
New car-following model considering impacts of multiple lead vehicle types
Pedestrian crash risk on boundary roadways: university campus case study
Potential for metering to help roundabouts manage peak period demands in the United States
Probabilistic analysis of freeway deceleration speed-change lanes
Public opinion, traffic performance, the environment, and safety after construction of double-lane roundabouts
Safety effects of horizontal curve and grade combinations on rural two-lane highways
Safety evaluation of converting traffic signals from incandescent to led bulbs
Safety evaluation of discontinuing late nighttime flash operations at signalized intersections
Safety of channelized right-turn lanes for motor vehicles and pedestrians
Safety performance functions reflecting categorical impact of exposure variables for freeways
Sight distance for disabled pedestrians at crossings: methodology comparison with other modes
Sight distance standards based on observational data risk evaluation of passing
Simulation-based assessment of double-parking impacts on traffic and environmental conditions
Spatial effects on zone-level collision prediction models
Speed harmonization: evaluation of effectiveness under congested conditions
Study on pedestrian red-time crossing behavior: integrated field observation and questionnaire data
Toward a capacity analysis procedure for nonstandard two-way stop-controlled intersections
Toward people's cities through land use and transport integration: a review of India's national urban investment program
Turboroundabouts: multicriterion assessment of intersection capacity, safety, and emissions
Use of spatiotemporal parameters of gait for automated classification of pedestrian gender and age
Using a smartphone application to support visually impaired pedestrians at signalized intersection crossings
Validation of a macroscopic lane-changing model
Variable speed limit control based on extended link transmission model
Analysis of pedestrian-vehicle traffic conflicts in street designs with elements of shared space
Calibration and development of safety performance functions for Alabama
Data density requirements as functions of design speed: controlling accuracy of representation of horizontal and vertical curves in surface models for automated machine guidance
Causes and incidence of maxillofacial injuries in India: 12-year retrospective study of 4437 patients in a tertiary hospital in Gujarat
Driving under the influence of synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonist XLR-11
Effect of driver, roadway, collision, and vehicle characteristics on crash severity: a conditional logistic regression approach
The effect of motorcycle helmet type, components and fixation status on facial injury in Klang Valley, Malaysia: a case control study
Effects of sleep/wake history and circadian phase on proposed pilot fatigue safety performance indicators
The Emergency Medical Service personnel's perception of the transportation of young children
End-of-life vehicle recycling and international cooperation between Japan, China and Korea: Present and future scenario analysis
Epitome of China's unnatural deaths: a historically retrospective study of forensic autopsy cases in Shanghai Public Security Bureau from 1990 to 1999
Factors contributing to driver choice after hitting a pedestrian in Japan
Flame-retardant fibrous materials in an aircraft
Geological controls on tunnelling in the chalk of Southwick Hill, Brighton
Measuring listening effort: driving simulator versus simple dual-task paradigm
Medical outcomes of emergency ejections from Russian aircrafts in 2003-2010
Model predicting discomfort glare caused by LED road lights
Modeling LED street lighting
Non-compliance with graduated driver licensing (GDL) requirements: changes in GDL-related conviction rates over time among 16-17-year-old California drivers
Objective assessment of the effects of texting while driving: a simulator study
Pedestrian at-fault crashes on rural and urban roadways in Alabama
Physiological strain of stock car drivers during competitive racing
Policies to prevent the harm caused by alcohol
Population-based studies on alcohol-related harm in Spain
Prefrontal transcranial direct current stimulation improves fundamental vehicle control abilities
The prevalence of motorcycle helmet use from serial observations in three Mexican cities
Real time remote monitoring and pre-warning system for highway landslide in mountain area
Sloped Terrain Segmentation for Autonomous Drive Using Sparse 3D Point Cloud
A longitudinal study of driving instructor guidance from an activity-oriented perspective
Modeling the biomechanical and injury response of human liver parenchyma under tensile loading
Analysis of vehicle detection with WSN-based ultrasonic sensors
Blunt chest trauma as a cause of acute myocardial infarction
The contribution of parents' driving behavior, family climate for road safety, and parent-targeted intervention to young male driving behavior
Relationship between injury and alcohol use in 531 patients in the emergency room
The response of the adult and ATD heads to impacts onto a rigid surface
A review of the effect of traffic and weather characteristics on road safety
The role of conspicuity in preventing bicycle crashes involving a motor vehicle
Safe places for pedestrians: Using cognitive work analysis to consider the relationships between the engineering and urban design of footpaths
Steering Teens Safe: a randomized trial of a parent-based intervention to improve safe teen driving
Sustainable transportation stage of change, decisional balance, and self-efficacy scale development and validation in two university samples
Texting while driving: Is speech-based text entry less risky than handheld text entry?
Topographic electroencephalogram changes associated with psychomotor vigilance task performance after sleep deprivation
Trends in reporting injury as a cause of death among people with epilepsy in the U.S., 1981-2010
Urban flow: bike messengers and the city
Working memory load and distraction: dissociable effects of visual maintenance and cognitive control
Using naturalistic driving data to explore the association between traffic safety-related events and crash risk at driver level
When two actions are easier than one: how inhibitory control demands affect response processing
Bumper contact sensor for pedestrian collisions based on analysis of pedestrian kinematic behaviour
The bureaucratization of safety
A comfort scale for standing bus passengers in relation to certain road characteristics
Conceptualizing and measuring community road-safety climate
Development of finite element model for the analysis of a guardrail post subjected to dynamic lateral loading
Exploring endogeneity of macroscopic speed parameters: empirical study during low volume conditions in construction work zones
Forecast the trend of burden from fatal road traffic injuries between 2015 and 2030 in China
Freeway drivers' willingness to pay for speeding fines
Fuzzy logic-based user interface design for risk assessment considering human factor: a case study for high-voltage cell
Human and organizational factors assessment of the evacuation operation of BP Deepwater Horizon accident
The impact of the penalty point system on the behaviour of young drivers and passengers in Spain
Improving bridge collapse detection and on-site emergency alarms: a case study in Taiwan
The incidence and pattern of maxillofacial injuries in helmeted vs. non-helmeted motorcycle accident victims
Influence of bridge facility attributes on bicycle travel behavior
Investigation of a crash concept for CFRP transport aircraft based on tension absorption
An investigation of freeway capacity before and during incidents
An investigation of household interactions in daily in-home and out-of-home maintenance activity participation and social behavior in Cairo, Egypt
Kinematics and injury risk of a wheelchair occupant in a railway vehicle crash
Material modelling for crash simulation of thin extruded aluminium sections
Minimum requirements for taxicab security cameras
Modeling and detecting aggressiveness from driving signals
Physical and empirical models for motorcycle speed estimation from crush
Powered two-wheeler rider eye-height determination
Professional drivers' views on risky driving behaviors and accident liability: a questionnaire survey in Xining, China
The relationship between four-wheel drives and risky driving behaviours
Restraint device for airway management in low-birthweight infants
Roadway network as a degrading system: vulnerability and system level performance
What are the differences in management characteristics of heavy vehicle operators with high insurance claims versus low insurance claims?
A Tobit model for analyzing speed limit compliance in work zones
Self-regulation of driving in the context of impaired visual attention: are there gender differences?
Senseless messaging: advertising images of illegal driving and deviant behavior
Spatial analysis of road traffic crashes in Oyo State of Nigeria
A static test method to assess swivel seat strength in frontal impact
A structured method for the traffic dispatcher error behavior analysis in metro accident investigation
Study of van roadworthiness considering their maintenance and periodic inspection. The Spanish case
Survey of LATCH vehicle hardware
Estimating cost ratio distribution between fatal and non-fatal road accidents in Malaysia
Fatalities above 30,000 feet: characterizing pediatric deaths on commercial airline flights worldwide
Predicting road accidents: structural time series approach
Probabilities of ground impact conditions of the new horizons spacecraft and RTYG for near launch pad accidents
Ranking of causes lead to road accidents using a new linguistic variable in interval type-2 fuzzy entropy weight of a decision making method
Unintended benefits of election day alcohol bans: evidence from road crashes and hospitalizations in Brazil
Children safety devices in Brazil--why do people don't use them after the law?
Visual memory performance for color depends on spatiotemporal context
Visual ability of patients seeking outpatient low vision services in the United States
Advanced emergency braking controller design for pedestrian protection oriented automotive collision avoidance system
Assessing communities' age-friendliness: how congruent are subjective versus objective assessments?
Buffering social influence: neural correlates of response inhibition predict driving safety in the presence of a peer
Evaluation of shoulder overload during acrobatic flight: analysis of pilot's self-report and surface electromyography (SEMG)
Factors contributing to crashes among young drivers
Health profiles of clients in substance abuse treatment: a comparison of clients dependent on alcohol or cocaine with those concurrently dependent
Incidental visual field loss: ethical considerations in assessing and reporting ability to drive
Comparison of factors affecting injury severity in angle collisions by fault status using a random parameters bivariate ordered probit model
Crash frequency modeling for signalized intersections in a high-density urban road network
A latent class analysis of single-vehicle motorcycle crash severity outcomes
Incorporating spatial dependence in simultaneously modeling crash frequency and severity
A heterogeneity-in-means count model for evaluating the effects of interchange type on heterogeneous influences of interstate geometrics on crash frequencies
Short-term impact of changes in drinking-and-driving legislation in Guadalajara and Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico
Association of implementation of a public bicycle share program with intention and self-efficacy: the moderating role of socioeconomic status
Burden, pattern and outcomes of road traffic injuries in a rural district of India
Comparison of teen and adult driver crash scenarios in a nationally representative sample of serious crashes
Analysis of compensative behavior in demanding driving situations
Analysis of experience with formalizing handicapped parking system
Are absolute and comparative judgements about road traffic-risks inherent in speeding realistic? A study among French traffic regulation offenders
Assessing the relationship between the driver behavior questionnaire and the driver skill inventory: revealing sub-groups of drivers
Behavioral adaptation caused by predictive warning systems - the case of congestion tail warnings
Children's pedestrian route selection: efficacy of a video and internet training protocol
Detection and localization of approaching vehicles in the presence of competing vehicle noise
Criteria and methodology for evaluating aerial wildfire suppression
Building safety into active living initiatives
Causes of fatal accidents for instrument-certified and non-certified private pilots
Clinical assessment of motor speech disorders in adults with concussion
Early cortical thickness changes after mild traumatic brain injury following motor vehicle collision
The effect of different delineator post configurations on driver speed in night-time traffic: A driving simulator study
An evaluation of traffic-awareness campaign videos: empathy induction is associated with brain function within superior temporal sulcus
Emotion and affect in mental imagery: do fear and anxiety manipulate mental rotation performance?
Experimental evaluation of the attenuation effect of a passive damper on a road vehicle bumper
An exploratory study of the role played by sustained attention along a rural Irish route using a video-playback system
Grounded Theory analysis of commuters discussing a workplace carbon-reduction target: autonomy, satisfaction, and willingness to change behaviour in drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, and bus users
The happy commuter: a comparison of commuter satisfaction across modes
Has the incidence of thoracolumbar spine injuries increased in the United States from 1998 to 2011?
Heart and mind in public transport: analysis of motives, satisfaction and psychological correlates of public transportation usage in the Gdańsk-Sopot-Gdynia Tricity Agglomeration in Poland
Identical skull fractures in a fatal road traffic accident: a case report
Incidence of road traffic injury and associated factors among patients visiting the emergency department of Tikur Anbessa specialized teaching hospital, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Invited Commentary: Taking Advantage of Time-Varying Neighborhood Environments
A longitudinal analysis of the influence of the neighborhood built environment on walking for transportation: the RESIDE study
Mathematical formulation and preliminary testing of a spline approximation algorithm for the extraction of road alignments
Modeling trailer-traffic flow on a Kenyan highway
Ocular trauma resulting in enucleation: a 12-year experience from a large regional institution
Real-time and accurate rail wear measurement method and experimental analysis
Real-time traffic signal control for modern roundabouts by using particle swarm optimization-based fuzzy controller
Reduction in fatalities, ambulance calls, and hospital admissions for road trauma after implementation of new traffic laws
School bus crash rates on routine and nonroutine routes
Social influence on route choice in a virtual reality tunnel fire
Toward an effective long-term strategy for preventing motor vehicle crashes and injuries
Train repathing in emergencies based on fuzzy linear programming
Workload of younger and elderly drivers in different infrastructural situations
Air tanker drop patterns
Damage to the salience network and interactions with the default mode network
Epidemiology of trauma in an acute care hospital in Singapore
A geography of moral hazard: sources and sinks of motor-vehicle commuting externalities
A 10-year review of open-globe trauma in elderly patients at an urban hospital
Applying online fleet driver assessment to help identify, target and reduce occupational road safety risks
Assessing cardiovascular associations to affective states in Australian truck drivers
Data foundations for relationships between economic and transport factors with road safety outcomes
Improving road safety through truck visibility
Measuring non-fatal road trauma: using police-reported and hospital admission-based data to monitor trends and inform policy
Seriously injured occupants of passenger vehicle rollover crashes in NSW
United Nations Road Safety Collaboration (UNRSC)
Accident rates amongst regular bicycle riders in Tasmania, Australia
Acrylonitrile exposure assessment in the emergency responders of a major train accident in Belgium: A human biomonitoring study
Can functional capacity tests predict future work capacity in patients with whiplash-associated disorders?
The cost-effectiveness of installing sidewalks to increase levels of transport-walking and health
The epidemiology of traumatic brain injury in children and youths: a review of research since 1990
Epidemiological profile of traffic-related disability in Peru, 2012
Identifying factors of bicycle comfort: an online survey with enthusiast cyclists
Intense illumination in the morning hours improved mood and alertness but not mental performance
Investigating driver willingness to drive through flooded waterways
Is the useful field of view a good predictor of at-fault crash risk in elderly Japanese drivers?
Large airtanker use and outcomes in suppressing wildland fires in the United States
Loud pre-impact tones reduce the cervical multifidus muscle response during rear-end collisions: a potential method for reducing whiplash injuries
Moped collisions among patients with revoked drivers' licenses are a significant public health problem: a retrospective cohort study
Motorcyclist's lane position as a factor in right-of-way violation collisions: a driving simulator study
Moving object localization using optical flow for pedestrian detection from a moving vehicle
Opportunities, threats and barriers to enacting mandatory child car restraint laws in Iran
No Man is an Island: living in a disadvantaged neighborhood influences chronic pain development after motor vehicle collision, and this effect is moderated by common genetic variation influencing HPA axis function
Personality and attitudes as predictors of risky driving among older drivers
Partial proportional odds model-An alternate choice for analyzing pedestrian crash injury severities
Predicting the use of public transportation: a case study from Putrajaya, Malaysia
Predicting recovery from whiplash injury in the primary care setting
Real-time assessment of fog-related crashes using airport weather data: a feasibility analysis
Active commuting by bicycle: results of an educational intervention study
Characteristics of wind velocity and temperature change near an escarpment-shaped road embankment
Comparative analysis of risky behaviors of electric bicycles at signalized intersections
Compromise solutions between conservation and road building in the tropics
The contribution of the Israeli trauma system to the survival of road traffic casualties
Driving ability in patients with severe chronic low back or osteoarthritis knee pain on stable treatment with tapentadol prolonged release: a multicenter, open-label, phase 3b trial
DUI offenders' experience with an ignition interlock program: comparing those who have and have not adapted from their primary drinking location
Effect of smart phone use on dynamic postural balance
Effectiveness of electronic stability control on single-vehicle accidents
Effects of urban sprawl and vehicle miles traveled on traffic fatalities
Epidemiological survey of head and neck injuries and trauma in the United States
Behavioural causes and categories of traffic violations by motorcyclists in Indonesian urban roads
Analysis of crash data using quantile regression for counts
Are we driving our kids to unhealthy habits? Results of the active healthy kids Canada 2013 report card on physical activity for children and youth
Assessing the transferability of the Highway Safety Manual predictive method for urban roads in Fortaleza City, Brazil
Assessment of driver impairment: Evaluation of a two-choice tester using ethanol
Degraded voices through mobile phones and their neural effects: A possible risk of using mobile phones during driving
A demonstration of avoidance learning in turning decisions at intersections
Drivers' attitude regarding driving activities
Empirical Bayes approach for estimating urban deer-vehicle crashes using police and maintenance records
Evaluation of dynamic message signs on rural freeways: case study of a full freeway closure
Examining the impact of adverse weather on urban rail transit facilities on the basis of fault tree analysis and fuzzy synthetic evaluation
From Gibson and Crooks to Damasio: The role of psychology in the development of driver behaviour models
Highway access safety program evaluation with uncertain parameters
The history of road safety research: A quantitative approach
How to evacuate: model for understanding the routing strategies during hurricane evacuation
Identifying precrash factors for cars and trucks on interstate highways: mixed logit model approach
Impact of abandoned and disabled vehicles on freeway incident duration
Introduction to the special issue on "The history of road safety research and the role of traffic psychology"
Maximum curving speed
Methods for defining spatiotemporal influence areas and secondary incident detection in freeways
Mining the characteristics of secondary crashes on highways
Morbidity and mortality among the RTA casualties attending in a tertiary care hospital, Belgaum - a retrospective study
Passenger car units at different levels of service for capacity analysis of multilane interurban highways in india
Perceptions of heat risk to health: a qualitative study of professional bus drivers and their managers inJinan, China
Relating built environment to physical activity: two failures to validate
Relationship between predicted speed reduction on horizontal curves and safety on two-lane rural roads in Spain
Road safety knowledge and policy: a historical institutional analysis of the Netherlands
The role of traffic psychology in psychopharmacological research
Safety analysis of horizontal curves using real traffic data
Safety impacts of right-turn lanes at unsignalized intersections and driveways on two-lane roadways: crash analysis
Social and clinical factors causing mobility limitations in the elderly
Thinking about the history of road safety research: past achievements and future challenges
Finite element study of human pelvis model in side impact for Chinese adult occupants
A longitudinal study of an intervention to improve road safety climate: climate as an organizational boundary spanner
Mechanisms underlying chronic whiplash: contributions from an incomplete spinal cord injury?
A multimodal examination of emotional responding to a trauma-relevant film among traumatic motor vehicle accident survivors
Multivariable time series prediction for the icing process on overhead power transmission line
Work zone safety analysis and modeling: a state-of-the-art review
Walking for transportation and leisure among U.S. adults - National Health Interview Survey 2010
Transport priorities, risk perception and worry associated with mode use and preferences among Norwegian commuters
A parametric study of nonlinear seismic response analysis of transmission line structures
Potential determinants of drink driving in young adults
Prevalence of and Attitudes about Distracted Driving in College Students
High-dose alcohol intoxication differentially modulates cognitive subprocesses involved in response inhibition
Safety analysis of foreign traffic from Visegrad countries on the Hungarian network
System theory and safety models in Swedish, UK, Dutch and Australian road safety strategies
Typology of driving-under-the-influence (DUI) offenders revisited: Inclusion of DUI-specific attitudes
Unsuitability of the epidemiological approach to bicycle transportation injuries and traffic engineering problems
Visits to an emergency department due to head injuries
Willingness to use mobile application for smartphone for improving road safety
Landscapes of risk: the geography of fatal traffic collisions in Indiana, 2003 to 2011
Tracking ethnically divided commuting patterns over time: a case study of Atlanta
Information and support needs among parents of young children in a region of Canada: a cross-sectional survey
Right turn on red--a traffic management simulation
A determination of the prevalence of gender-based violence among conflict-affected populations in East Timor
An investigation into the short term and medium term health impacts of personal incapacitant sprays. a follow up of patients reported to the national poisons information service (London)
A comparison of nonviolent, psychologically violent, and physically violent male college daters
Ethnic differences in intimate partner violence in the U.S. general population: the role of alcohol use and socioeconomic status
Firearm advertising: product depiction in consumer gun magazines
Gunshot injuries as a topic of medicolegal research in the German-speaking countries from the beginning of the 20th century up to the present time
Intimate partner violence and sexual assault in Native American communities
Safer at work: development and evaluation of an aggression and violence minimization program
Safer storage of firearms at home and risk of suicide: a study of protective factors in a nationally representative sample
The deadliness of mass murderers
A validity test of movie, television, and video-game ratings
Age of drinking onset and involvement in physical fights after drinking
Corporal punishment in schools
Media violence
Distinguishing sudden infant death syndrome from child abuse fatalities
Are 'accidental' gun deaths as rare as they seem? A comparison of medical examiner manner of death coding with an intent-based classification approach
Are household firearms stored safely? It depends on whom you ask
Assessing an educational intervention to improve physician violence screening skills
Attitudes of New York City high school students regarding firearm violence
Barriers to domestic violence screening in the pediatric setting
Behaviors of children who are exposed and not exposed to intimate partner violence: an analysis of 330 black, white, and Hispanic children
Bullying among young adolescents: the strong, the weak, and the troubled
Bullying: children hurting children
Bullying: why all the fuss?
Can child deaths be prevented? The Arizona Child Fatality Review Program experience
Child neglect: outcomes in high-risk urban preschoolers
Childhood abuse, neglect, and household dysfunction and the risk of illicit drug use: the adverse childhood experiences study
Community norms on toy guns
Costs of childhood physical abuse: comparing inflicted and unintentional traumatic brain injuries
Costs of juvenile violence: policy implications
Dating of bruises in children: an assessment of physician accuracy
Dating violence and the sexual health of black adolescent females
Exposure to violence among urban school-aged children: is it only on television?
Femur fracture in infants: a possible accidental etiology
Firearm safety counseling in primary care pediatrics: a randomized, controlled trial
Firearm-related injuries affecting the pediatric population. committee on injury and poison prevention. american academy of pediatrics
Genital injuries in prepubertal girls from inline skating accidents
Geographic disparities in children's mental health care
Gun storage--Who's the right target?
Maternal domestic violence screening in an office-based pediatric practice
Munchausen by proxy defined
Occult head injury in high-risk abused children
Out-of-school suspension and expulsion
Prevalence of retinal hemorrhages and child abuse in children who present with an apparent life-threatening event
Preventing child neglect and physical abuse: a role for pediatricians
Seeing is believing: what do boys do when they find a real gun?
Serious firearm injury prevention does make sense
Shaken baby syndrome: rotational cranial injuries-technical report
The Black Talon: a new risk for percutaneous injury
Injuries to adolescents and young adults
Peacebuilders: a theoretically driven, school-based model for early violence prevention
Peer victimization during early adolescence: an injury trigger, an injury mechanism and a frequent exposure in school
Personal awareness of domestic violence: implications for health care providers
Physical, sexual, and emotional abuse by male intimates: experiences of women in Japan
Policies to prevent firearm injuries
Population estimates of household firearm storage practices and firearm carrying in Oregon
Precursors of lethal violence: a death row sample
"I didn't know the gun was loaded": an examination of two safety devices that can reduce the risk of unintentional firearm injuries
'In the safety of your own home': results from a national survey on gun use at home
A "call to arms" for a national reporting system on firearm injuries
Pregnancy-associated assault hospitalizations
Preventing youth violence: what works?
A cross-national study of violence-related behaviors in adolescents
Prevention of family violence
Prevention of firearm-related injuries and deaths among youth. a product-oriented approach
A review of selected school-based conflict resolution and peer mediation projects
Prevention of youth violence: rationale and characteristics of 15 evaluation projects
Accidental firearm fatalities (Letter)
Public health and violence prevention
Public health policy for preventing violence
Public health: a successful paradigm applied to firearm injuries
Public opinion polling on gun policy
Race, socioeconomic status, and domestic homicide, Atlanta, 1971-72
Race, socioeconomic status, and domestic homicide
Race/ethnicity patterns in the homicide of children in Los Angeles, 1980 through 1989
Adolescents and firearms: a California statewide survey
Age-within-school-class and adolescent gun-carrying
Alcohol and illicit drug abuse and the risk of violent death in the home
Alcohol use and interpersonal violence: Alcohol detected in homicide victims
Bridging prevention and practice: public health and family violence
Building relationships and resilience in the prevention of youth violence
Bullying in the school environment: An injury risk factor?
Characteristics of automatic or semiautomatic firearm ownership in the United States
Characteristics, costs, and effects of violence in Vermont
Child-rearing violence
Childhood homicide, suicide, and firearm deaths: an international comparison
Community and dating violence among adolescents: perpetration and victimization
Community firearms, community fear
Community-level firearm injury surveillance: local data for local action
Comparing death certificate data with (US) FBI crime reporting statistics on U.S. homicides
Control of stress and violent behavior: Mid-course review of the 1990 Health Objectives
Coroner-reviewed infant and toddler deaths: many 'undetermineds' resemble homicides
Correlates of gun-carrying among adolescents in south Louisiana
Costs associated with gunshot wounds in Canada in 1991
Cross-national consistency in the relationship between bullying behaviors and psychosocial adjustment
Dynamic analysis of penetrating trauma
Effect of a ban on carrying firearms on homicide rates in 2 Colombian cities
Effect of current federal regulations on handgun safety features
Effectiveness of denial of handgun purchase to persons believed to be at high risk for firearm violence
Epidemiology of injuries among women after physical assaults: the role of self-protective behaviors
Estimating intruder-related firearm retrievals in u.s. households, 1994
Estimating the occurrence of child maltreatment and risk-factor effects: benefits of a mixed-design strategy in epidemiologic research
Factors associated with the intent of firearm-related injuries in pediatric trauma patients
Recent trends in violence-related behaviors among high school students in the United States
Regional variation in homicide rates: Why is the West so violent?
Relationships between bullying and violence among US youth
Resistance to sexual assault: who resists and what happens?
Risk factors for infant homicide in the United States
Fatal violence among spouses in the United States, 1976-85
Risk factors for violent death of women in the home
Fighting as a marker for multiple problem behaviors in adolescents
Firearm availability and female homicide victimization rates among 25 populous high-income countries
Firearm availability and suicide, homicide, and unintentional firearm deaths among women
Firearm availability and unintentional firearm deaths, suicide, and homicide among 5-14 year olds
Firearm injuries in girls and women. the unaddressed imperative
Firearm ownership among female physicians in the United States
Firearm prevalence and social capital
Firearm regulations and rates of suicide: A comparison of two metropolitan areas
Firearm training and storage
Firearm-related death and injury among children and adolescents
Firearm-related deaths in the United States and 35 other high- and upper-middle-income countries
Firearm-related injury surveillance in California
Firearm-related injury surveillance. an overview of progress and the challenges ahead
Firearm-related violence--what we don't know is killing us (editorial)
Firearms and family violence
Self-reports of spousal violence in a Mexican-American and non-Hispanic white population
Sensitivity of hospitals' E-coded data in identifying causes of children's violence-related injuries
Firearms in the home: parental perceptions
Social context and geographic patterns of homicide among US black and white males
From research to public policy: the prevention of motor vehicle injuries, childhood drownings, and firearm violence
Geographic patterns of fatal abuse or neglect in children younger than 5 years old, United States, 1979 to 1988
Gun acquisition and use by juvenile offenders
State estimates of household exposure to firearms, loaded firearms, and handguns, 1991 through 1995
Gun ownership and risk (Letter)
Gun ownership as a risk factor for homicide in the home
Gun threats against and self-defense gun use by California adolescents
Guns in young hands: a survey of urban teenagers' attitudes and behaviors related to handgun violence
Handgun regulations, crime, assaults, and homicide. a tale of two cities
Handgun safety features: a review for physicians
Handgun sales, beer sales, and youth homicide, California, 1972-1993
Suicide in the home in relation to gun ownership
High school students' attitudes about firearms policies
Support for new policies to regulate firearms. results of two national surveys
Homicide risk among immigrants in California, 1970 through 1992
Homicide surveillance--United States, 1979-1988
Homicide, handguns, and the crime gun hypothesis: firearms used in fatal shootings of law enforcement officers, 1980 to 1989
Household firearm ownership and suicide rates in the United States
Household firearm storage practices: do responses differ by whether or not individuals ever use firearms?
Temporal and geographic trends in the autopsy frequency of blunt and penetrating trauma deaths in the United States
The availability of extrinsic handgun locking devices in a defined metro area
The choice of weapons in firearm suicides
The effect of nondiscretionary concealed weapon carrying laws on homicide
I am the NRA: an analysis of a national random sample of gun owners
Identification of nonfatal family and intimate assault incidents in police data
Impact of the Brady Act on homicide and suicide rates
Impact of the Brady Act on homicide and suicide rates
Impact of the Brady Act on homicide and suicide rates
Increased risk of intimate partner homicide among California women who purchase handguns
Initial and subsequent hospital costs of firearm injuries
Injunctive social norms of adults regarding teen dating violence
Injuries and deaths due to firearms in the home
Injuries due to firearms in three cities
Intentional injuries among children and adolescents in Massachusetts
Landmines: not just another travel risk
Learning to do violence prevention well
Adolescent beliefs about antisocial behavior: mediators and moderators of links with parental monitoring and attachment
Lethality of firearm-related injuries in the United States population
Loaded guns in the home. analysis of a national random survey of gun owners
Magnitude and patterns of family and intimate assault in Atlanta, Georgia, 1984
Medical care solicitation by criminals with gunshot wound injuries: a survey of Washington, DC, jail detainees
Men, women, and murder: gender-specific differences in rates of fatal violence and victimization
Mortality among recent purchasers of handguns
Mortality associated with the use of upper-body control holds by police
Motor vehicles or firearms: which takes a heavier toll?
Nonfatal and fatal firearm-related injuries among children aged 14 years and younger: United States, 1993-2000
Murder at work
National estimates of nonfatal firearm-related injuries: beyond the tip of the iceberg
New directions in violence prediction: The public health arena
Prevalence and risk of violence against children with disabilities: a systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studies
Nurses' logs as an evaluation tool for school-based violence prevention programs
Obstacles to firearm and violence research
Patterns of homicide victimization in the city of Los Angeles, 1970-79
Preventing land mine--related injury and disability: a public health perspective
Protection or peril? An analysis of firearm-related deaths in the home
Rates of household firearm ownership and homicide across US regions and states, 1988-1997
Re: guns and self-protection (march 1994)
Reducing gun carrying by youth
Regulation of firearms
Relationship between illegal use of handguns and handgun sales volume
Research fraud, public policy, and gun control
Screening for intimate partner violence in the emergency department: where do we go from here?
Sexual assault and mental disorders in a community population
Tattoos, alcohol, and violent death
The American public and the gun control debate
The epidemiologic basis for the prevention of firearm injuries
The epidemiology of U.S. firearm injuries
Risk markers of severe psychological violence against women: a WorldSAFE multi-country study
The Impact of Culture and Minority Status on Women's Experience of Domestic Violence
Ocular injuries caused by plastic bullet shotguns in Switzerland
Adolescent abuse: the dimensions of the problem
Administrative and behavioral interventions for workplace violence prevention
Effectiveness of safety measures recommended for prevention of workplace homicide
Detecting domestic violence. a pilot study of family practitioners
Evaluation of the "Respect Not Risk" firearm safety lesson for 3rd-graders
Firearm ownership and storage practices, U.S. households, 1992-2002; a systematic review
Female intimate partner homicide: a population-based study
Homicide on the job: workplace and community determinants
Is adolescent sibling violence a precursor to college dating violence?
Killed on the clock: a population-based study of workplace homicide, 1977-1991
Partner homicide-suicide involving female homicide victims: a population-based study in North Carolina, 1988-1992
State gun control advocacy tactics and resources
The role of surveillance and evaluation research in the reduction of violence against workers
Fatal and non-fatal injuries among U.S. Air Force personnel resulting from the terrorist bombing of the Khobar towers
Firearm-related mortality in Texas (1985-1990)
Firearms are leading cause of injury mortality in texas ... again
Firearms continue to be the leading cause of injury mortality in Texas
Oklahoma Firearm-Related Injury Surveillance
Unintentional injury death rates for Texas children drop, while intentional injury death rates rise
A breakthrough in gun control in Australia after the Port Arthur massacre
A new paradigm of injury intentionality
A population based study of unintentional firearm fatalities
Airgun injuries in New Zealand, 1979-92
Alliance Against Childhood Violence--an update
Association between handgun purchase and mortality from firearm injury
Association of rates of household handgun ownership, lifetime major depression, and serious suicidal thoughts with rates of suicide across US census regions
Beliefs about the risks of guns in the home: analysis of a national survey
Bias when using dead controls to study handgun purchase as a risk factor for violent death
Buying a handgun for someone else: firearm dealer willingness to sell
Characteristics of a gun exchange program, and an assessment of potential benefits
Child and adolescent injury and death from urban firearm assaults: association with age, race, and poverty
Children shooting guns: a failure in product design
Community based program to improve firearm storage practices in rural Alaska
Comparing pediatric intentional injury surveillance data with data from publicly available sources: consequences for a public health response to violence
Comparison of three instruments for assessing ongoing intimate partner violence
Deaths among criminal suspects, law enforcement officers, civilians, and prison inmates: a coroner-based study
Development of a screen for ongoing intimate partner violence
Did that injury happen on purpose? does intent really matter?
Do criminals go to the hospital when they are shot?
Domestic violence awareness and prevalence in a first-year medical school class
Domestic violence awareness in a medical school class: 2-year follow-up
Domestic violence in a university emergency department
Domestic violence in an inner-city ED
Effect of urban closed circuit television on assault injury and violence detection
Effects of Maryland's law banning Saturday night special handguns on crime guns
Elder abuse and neglect: how to recognize warning signs and intervene
Electrocution in a bath
EMT domestic violence knowledge and the results of an educational intervention
Epidemiology of violent deaths in the world
Evaluating the impact of a street barrier on urban crime
Exposure to violence and its relationship to psychopathology in adolescents
Firearm injuries and deaths
Firearm ownership and storage practices in Pennsylvania homes
Geographic variation in serious nonfatal firearm injuries in Pennsylvania
Gun use in the United States: results from two national surveys
Guns in the world: old news and new news
Handguns as a pediatric problem. 1986
Homicide victims in the military: 1980-1992
Identification and characteristics of victims of violence identified by emergency physicians, triage nurses, and the police
Impact of handgun types on gun assault outcomes: a comparison of gun assaults involving semiautomatic pistols and revolvers
Implementing a hospital-based violence-related injury surveillance system--a background to the Jamaican experience
Incomplete and biased perpetrator coding among hospitalized assaults for women in the United States
Increasing paintball related eye trauma reported to a state eye injury registry
Infant injury deaths with unknown intent: what else do we know?
Injury research and violence: what's our contribution?
Integrating a domestic violence education program into a medical school curriculum: challenges and strategies
Intimate partner violence and the role of socioeconomic indicators in WorldSAFE communities in Chile, Egypt, India and the Philippines
Intimate partner violence from the emergency medicine perspective
Law enforcement officers' opinions about gun locks: anchors on life jackets?
Mandatory reporting of domestic violence injuries to the police: What do emergency department patients think?
Mandatory reporting of intimate partner violence to police: views of physicians in California
Missing the target: a comparison of buyback and fatality related guns
National attitudes concerning gun carrying in the United States
National estimates of non-fatal firearm related injuries other than gunshot wounds
Next steps in cross-cultural research on intimate partner violence
Non-fatal violence-related injuries in Kingston, Jamaica: a preventable drain on resources
Partner violence as a risk factor for mental health among women from communities in the Philippines, Egypt, Chile, and India
Patterns of violence in Karachi, Pakistan (Letter)
Patterns of violence in Karachi, Pakistan
Pediatric practice based evaluation of the Steps to Prevent Firearm Injury program
Physical and emotional partner abuse reported by men and women in a rural community
Physical intimate partner violence in Chile, Egypt, India and the Philippines
Predictors and severity of injury in assaults with barglasses and bottles
Predictors of injury from fighting among adolescent males
Prevalence of intimate partner abuse in women treated at community hospital emergency departments
Prevalence of youth access to alcohol or a gun in the home
Preventing school violence: a time for hard, solid thinking
Prevention of injury by early socialization of aggressive behavior
Public opinion about guns in the home
Recent trends in violent deaths among young adults in the United States
Recording of community violence by medical and police services
Relationship between licensing, registration, and other gun sales laws and the source state of crime guns
Review of evaluations of educational approaches to promote safe storage of firearms
Risk factors associated with non-fatal adolescent firearm injuries
Rural population survey of behavioral and demographic risk factors for loaded firearms
Screening and intervention for intimate partner abuse: practices and attitudes of primary care physicians
Shall-issue policy and criminal activity among applicants for permits to carry concealed firearms
Snowmobile injuries and fatalities in children
Studying "exposure" to firearms: household ownership v access
Studying homicide in the home and how guns are kept
Suicide guns: why collect this information?
Suicides in the military: 1980-1992
Surveillance of interpersonal violence in Kingston, Jamaica: an evaluation
Television violence and children
The choice of weapons in firearm suicides in Iowa
The nature of newspaper coverage of homicide
The security of urban women: practice, research, and partnerships
The world studies of abuse in the family environment (WorldSAFE): a model of a multi-national study of family violence
Training and field methods in the WorldSAFE collaboration to study family violence
Transcultural attitudes toward homocide and suicide
Trends in BB/pellet gun injuries in children and teenagers in the United States, 1985-99
Underestimates of unintentional firearm fatalities: comparing Supplementary Homicide Report data with the National Vital Statistics System
Unintentional and undetermined firearm related deaths: a preventable death analysis for three safety devices
United States military casualty comparison during the Persian Gulf War
Violence and its injury consequences in American movies: A public health perspective
Violent attacks on Middle Easterners in the United States during the month following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks
What distinguishes unintentional injuries from injuries due to intimate partner violence: a study in Greek ambulatory care settings
What pediatricians can do to further youth violence prevention--a qualitative study
World studies of abuse in the family environment - risk factors for physical intimate partner violence
Yes, Americans are often shot--and so are many others
Young guns: an empirical study of persons who use a firearm in a suicide or a homicide
Adolescent violence: is it the same everywhere?
Are guns used more by US civilians for self-defense or for intimidation?
Armed conflict as a public health problem
Bad data and the "evil empire": interpreting poll data on gun control
Combining analysis and action to solve the problem of youth violence
Comment: Gunsmoke--changing public attitudes toward smoking and firearms
Do guns matter?
Do shall-issue laws save lives?
Domestic violence and the internist's response: advocacy or apathy?
Editorial: 28,000 Gun deaths a year: what is our role?
Firearm and motor vehicle injury mortality--variations by state, race, and ethnicity: United States, 1990-91
Firearm injuries: a call for science
Firearm injury surveillance at the local level from data to action
Firearm mortality among children, youth, and young adults 1-34 years of age, trends and current status: United States, 1985-90
Gun carrying among male adolescents as a function of gun ownership in the general population
Gun smoke
Guns and homicide in the home
Guns and self-protection
Guns in the home, homicide, and suicide
Guns in the medical literature
Guns in the medical literature
Handgun availability and firearm mortality
Homicide among adolescents in the United States
Homicide surveillance, 1970-1978
Homicide: epidemiologic analysis at the national level
The firearm fatality reporting system. a proposal
The future of firearm violence prevention: building on success
The impact of an elementary school-based violence prevention program on visits to the school nurse
The life cycle of crime guns: a description based on guns recovered from young people in California
The medical costs of gunshot injuries in the United States
The ongoing hazard of BB and pellet gun-related injuries in the United States
The physician's role in preventing small arms injury
The prevalence of adult sexual assault. the Los Angeles epidemiologic catchment area project
The prevalence of childhood sexual assault. the Los Angeles epidemiologic catchment area project
The public health approach to motor vehicles, tobacco, and alcohol, with applications to firearms policy
The relationship between firearm design and firearm violence. handguns in the 1990s
The relative frequency of offensive and defensive gun uses: results from a national survey
The Wisconsin Firearm-Related Injury Surveillance System
World report on violence and health
Three shots, two dead, five errors, one gun: a recipe for prevention?
Traumatic child death and documented maltreatment history, Los Angeles
Treating gun violence before the 911 call
Trends in death associated with traumatic brain injury, 1979 through 1992. success and failure
Trends in fatal firearm-related injuries, United States, 1962-1993
Trends in motor vehicle and firearm deaths in Wisconsin: an analysis for examining prevention strategies
Truth or consequences: firearm safety instruction at the time of purchase
Undetermined manner of death. a comparison with unintentional injury, suicide, and homicide death
Unintentional firearm deaths in California
Unintentional firearm-related fatalities, 1970-1984
Unintentional, nonfatal firearm-related injuries. a preventable public health burden
Use of national data systems for firearm-related injury surveillance
Validating survey responses to questions about gun ownership among owners of registered handguns
Violence against women with physical disabilities
Violence against women. examining ethnic differences and commonalities
Violence and women's health. the role of epidemiology
Violence in America: an integrated approach to understanding and prevention
Violence prevention and concealed weapons laws
Violence prevention is as American as apple pie
Violent deaths in the United States: a need to know more
Weapon involvement and injury outcomes in family and intimate assaults
Weapon-carrying, physical fighting, and fight-related injury among u.s. adolescents
Weapons of choice: previous criminal history, later criminal activity, and firearm preference among legally authorized young adult purchasers of handguns
When children shoot children. 88 unintended deaths in california
Where the guns come from: the gun industry and gun commerce
Wisconsin firearm injury surveillance system development: a comparison of medical examiner/coroner data
Without guns, do people kill people?
Workplace-related homicide among health care workers in the United States, 1980 through 1990
Youth violence. developmental pathways and prevention challenges
Tattoos and body piercings as indicators of adolescent risk-taking behaviors
'Road rage' in Arizona: armed and dangerous
A brief actuarial assessment for the prediction of wife assault recidivism: the Ontario domestic assault risk assessment
Assessing psychiatric patients for violence
Blood types and national suicide rates
Correlates of wife assault in Hong Kong Chinese families
Gunshot wound to the head: an unusual complication of sleep apnea and bilevel positive airway pressure
Life span and repeated violence against women during military service: effects on health status and outpatient utilization
Mine clearance injuries in South Croatia
Pattern of homicidal deaths in Faisalabad
Prevalence of, and factors associated with, adolescent physical fighting while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
Recent research findings on aggressive and violent behavior in youth: Implications for clinical assessment and intervention
The San Diego East County school shootings: a qualitative study of community-level post-traumatic stress
Urban-rural shifts in intentional firearm death: different causes, same results
Concealed and revealed violence: an epidemiological study of mortality from external causes in Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro
Violence for all
Traumatic potential of colour marking cartridges (fx ammunition)
Attitudes toward wife rape: effects of social background and victim status
Attitudinal acceptance of intimate partner violence among u.s. adults
Battering during pregnancy: a role for physicians
Behavioral science activities at the centers for disease control and prevention. a selected overview of exemplary programs
Breeds of dogs involved in fatal human attacks in the United States between 1979 and 1998
CDC's family and intimate violence prevention team: basing programs on science
Childhood victimization and subsequent adult revictimization assessed in a nationally representative sample of women and men
Dog bite-related fatalities from 1979 through 1988
Evaluating a cognitive/ecological program for the prevention of aggression among urban children
Evaluation of a hospital-based youth violence intervention
Fatal dog attacks, 1989-1994
Firearm use in G- and PG-rated movies
Firearms prevalence and storage practices in Wisconsin households
Future directions for violence against women and reproductive health: science, prevention, and action
Home safety with families being treated for child abuse and neglect
Home safety: development and validation of one component of an ecobehavioral treatment program for abused and neglected children
Implications of public health for policy on sexual violence
In-home parent training, treatment of migraine headaches, and marital counseling as an ecobehavioral approach to prevent child abuse
Intimate partner violence against women: do victims cost health plans more?
Introduction: consequences of terrorism
Massachusetts Weapon-Related Injury Surveillance System
Missouri Firearm-Related Injury Surveillance System
Physical abuse around the time of pregnancy: an examination of prevalence and risk factors in 16 states
Pregnancy intendedness and physical abuse around the time of pregnancy: findings from the pregnancy risk assessment monitoring system, 1996-1997. prams working group. pregnancy risk assessment monitoring system
Prevalence of wife rape and other intimate partner sexual coercion in a nationally representative sample of women
Project 12-ways: measuring outcome of a large in-home service for treatment and prevention of child abuse and neglect
Recommended data elements for firearm-related injury surveillance
Richmond youth against violence: a school-based program for urban adolescents
Screening for domestic violence. Balanced approach is needed
Screening for intimate partner violence by health care providers. barriers and interventions
Students who carry weapons to high school: comparison with other weapon-carriers
Surveillance for homicide among intimate partners--United States, 1981-1998
The relationship between pregnancy intendedness and physical violence in mothers of newborns. the prams working group
Using multimedia to teach conflict-resolution skills to young adolescents
Using recidivism data to evaluate project safecare: teaching bonding, safety, and health care skills to parents
Violence and adverse pregnancy outcomes: a review of the literature and directions for future research
Violence and reproductive health: current knowledge and future research directions
Washington State Gunshot-Wound Surveillance System
Youth violence in the united states. major trends, risk factors, and prevention approaches
World report on violence and health
Pathways from physical childhood abuse to partner violence in young adulthood
Recent research and views on shaking baby syndrome
Telling their stories: primary care practitioners' experience evaluating and reporting injuries caused by child abuse
The influence of gender and ethnicity on judgments of culpability in a domestic violence scenario
Violence against women in Ghana: a look at women's perceptions and review of policy and social responses
Violence: innate or acquired? A survey and some opinions
What Situations Induce Intimate Partner Violence? A Reliability and Validity Study of the Proximal Antecedents to Violent Episodes (PAVE) Scale
"Pseudo-battered child" syndrome
Linking the orthopaedic patient with community family violence resources
'Society's love affair with violence' cited as major factor in child abuse
A 4-year review of severe pediatric trauma in eastern Ontario: a descriptive analysis
A case-control study of female-to-female nonintimate violence in an urban area
DOCS: a gun violence injury prevention program
Access to firearms and risk for suicide in middle-aged and older adults
A case-site/control-site study of workplace violent injury
A cross-validation of Paulson's discriminant function-derived scales for identifying "at risk" child-abusive parents
A longitudinal perspective on dating violence among adolescent and college-age women
A mental health intervention for schoolchildren exposed to violence: a randomized controlled trial
Filicide, medical empathy, directives of the Supreme Court and reduced punishment
A piece of my mind. knife and gun clubs of america
Decision‐making tools and the development of expertise in child protection practitioners: are we 'just breeding workers who are good at ticking boxes'?
A population-based study of inflicted traumatic brain injury in young children
A profile of combat injury
A prospect of violence
A public health approach to making guns safer
A reconsideration of the wounding mechanism of very high velocity projectiles--importance of projectile shape
A safe model for creating blunt and penetrating ballistic injury
A study of battered women presenting in an emergency department
A study of homicides in Manhattan, 1981
A training program to improve domestic violence identification and management in primary care: preliminary results
Abuse of pregnant women and adverse birth outcome. current knowledge and implications for practice
Abuse of spouses
Abuse of the elderly
Access to war weapons and injury prevention activities among children in Croatia
Accidental firearm fatalities in North Carolina, 1976-80
Theoretical Articulation on Immigration and Crime
Accurate ascertainment of child-abuse mortality
ACOG renews domestic violence campaign, calls for changes in medical school curricula
Additive impact of childhood emotional, physical, and sexual abuse on suicide attempts among low-income African American women
Adolescent Multiphasic Personality Inventory and its utility in assessing suicidal and violent adolescents
Adolescents as victims of family violence. Council on Scientific Affairs, American Medical Association
Adolescents may experience home, school abuse; their future draws researchers' concern
Afghan war wounded: application of the Red Cross wound classification
After the shooting stops: follow-up on victims of an assault rifle attack
Aggressive behaviors and injuries among nursing home residents
Air gun injuries to the abdominal aorta: report of two cases and review of the literature
Air gun pellet cardiac injuries: case report and review of the literature
Air gun pellet embolization to the right heart: case report and review of the literature
Air-powered guns: too much firepower to be a toy
Alcohol and drug disorders among physically abusive and neglectful parents in a community-based sample
Alcohol and family violence
Alcohol and other drug use among high school students--United States, 1990
Alcohol intoxication, injuries, and dangerous behaviors--and the revolving emergency department door
Alcohol, firearms, and suicide among youth. temporal trends in allegheny county, pennsylvania, 1960 to 1983
AMA, joint commission urge physicians become part of solution to family violence epidemic
An analysis of 1,423 facial fractures in 788 patients at an urban trauma center
An analysis of pediatric gunshot wounds treated at a Level I pediatric trauma center
Perspectives on violence and the necessity of fighting
Recognition of and attitude towards domestic violence screening
An exploration of prevalence of domestic violence in same-sex relationships
Assessing the Get Real about ViolenceR Curriculum: process and outcome evaluation results and implications
Effects of a primary care-based intervention on violent behavior and injury in children
Elder abuse
Firearm related deaths: the impact of regulatory reform
Media violence exposure and executive functioning in aggressive and control adolescents
Risk factors for work related violence in a health care organization
An evaluation of knife handle guarding
An evaluation of Safe Dates, an adolescent dating violence prevention program
Analysis of impact of rigid projectiles on compound targets
Anonymously(?) authored book urges violence
Argentine Jewish community institution bomb explosion
Asking about domestic violence: SAFE questions
Assault victimization and suicidal ideation or behavior within a national sample of u.s. adults
Assessing the long-term effects of the Safe Dates program and a booster in preventing and reducing adolescent dating violence victimization and perpetration
Assessment of the incidence of rape--North Carolina, 1989-1993
Assessment of torture and ill treatment of detainees in Mexico: attitudes and experiences of forensic physicians
Association between childhood physical abuse and gastrointestinal disorders and migraine in adulthood
Association of alcohol use and other high-risk behaviors among trauma patients
Attacks on homosexual persons may be increasing, but many 'bashings' still aren't reported to police
Auto theft-related trauma
Hunting-related shooting incidents in Pennsylvania, 1987-1999
Ballistic characteristics of "magnum" sidearm bullets
Ballistics: a pathologic examination of the wounding mechanisms of firearms
Ballistics: a pathophysiologic examination of the wounding mechanisms of firearms: Part I
Ballistics: a pathophysiologic examination of the wounding mechanisms of firearms: Part II
Baseball bat assault injuries
Battered and pregnant: a prevalence study
Battered children of all ages
Battered women: not-so-hot lines
Battering victimization among a probability-based sample of men who have sex with men
BB and pellet gun-related injuries--United States, June 1992-May 1994
BB and pellet guns--toys or deadly weapons?
Beaten to death: why do they die?
Behavioral problems among children whose mothers are abused by an intimate partner
Biological effects of weak blast waves and safety limits for internal organ injury in the human body
Biomechanics of femur fractures secondary to gunshot wounds
Blast injuries: bus versus open-air bombings--a comparative study of injuries in survivors of open-air versus confined-space explosions
Blast injury from explosive munitions
Blast injury research: modeling injury effects of landmines, bullets, and bombs
Response to letter to the editor regarding emergency management of chemical weapons injuries
Bone as a secondary missile: an experimental study in the fragmenting of bone by high-velocity missiles
Brain wounds and their treatment in VII Corps during Operation Desert Storm, February 20 to April 15, 1991
Bullet fragmentation: a major cause of tissue disruption
Bullet trajectory predicts the need for damage control: an artificial neural network model
C-spine injury associated with gunshot wounds to the head: retrospective study and literature review
California trends reveal teenage violence myths
Campaign alerts physicians to identify, assist victims of domestic violence
Can conflict resolution training increase aggressive behavior in young adolescents?
Casualties from terrorist bombings
CDC investigators explore new territory in aftermath of unrest in Los Angeles
Cerebral infarct in head injury: relationship to child abuse
Certification change versus actual behavior change in teenage suicide rates, 1955-1979
Changing profiles in spinal cord injuries and risk factors influencing recovery after penetrating injuries
Characteristics of blunt and personal violent injuries
Characteristics of cavities trailing different projectiles penetrating water
Characterizing perceived police violence: implications for public health
Child abuse and children's advocates, inc
Child abuse and neglect
Child abuse and the physician
Child abuse by burning--an index of suspicion
Child abuse by burning: a review of the literature and an algorithm for medical investigations
Child abuse in Georgia: a method to evaluate risk factors and reporting bias
Child abuse incidence and reporting by hospitals: significance of severity, class, and race
Child abuse laws--are they enough?
Child abuse problem demands much of physician but also of the community and its officials
Child abuse, a neglected form of trauma
Child abuse
Child mistreatment remains an ugly problem
Child molestation and pedophilia
Child molestation and pedophilia. an overview for the physician
Child psychiatrists address problem of youth violence
Childhood abuse and the use of inhalants: differences by degree of use
Childhood trauma and suicidal behavior in male cocaine dependent patients
Childhood victimization and subsequent risk for promiscuity, prostitution, and teenage pregnancy: a prospective study
Children who witness violence
Civil protection orders and risk of subsequent police-reported violence
Civilian gunshot wounds: determinants of injury
Civilian gunshot wounds: determinants of injury
Civilian landmine injuries in Sri Lanka
Clinical pathological conference. violence and brain disease
Cloth ballistic vest alters response to blast
Community violence and asthma morbidity: the Inner-City Asthma Study
Comparing suicide attempters, suicide ideators, and nonsuicidal homeless and runaway adolescents
Comparison of domestic violence screening methods: a pilot study
Adolescent voting for right-wing extremist parties and readiness to use violence in political action: parent and peer contexts
Domestic violence: an approach to identification and intervention
Infant crying and abuse
Intentional burn injury: an evidence-based, clinical and forensic review
Intimate partner violence
Longitudinal predictors of serious physical and sexual dating violence victimization during adolescence
Recognising and responding to partner abuse: challenging the key facts
If only you hadn't, I would not have hit you: infant crying and abuse.

Violence and mortality in West Darfur, Sudan (2003-04): epidemiological evidence from four surveys
Violence and mortality in West Darfur
Risk of driving: male aggressiveness, violence, and delinquency
Comparison of low- and high-velocity ballistic trauma to genitourinary organs
Compassion vs control. conceptual and practical pitfalls in the broadened definition of child abuse
Compromise, complicity, and torture
Consequences of nonpenetrating projectile impact on a protected head: study of rear effects of protections
Contemporary threats to adolescent health in the United States
Content and ratings of teen-rated video games
Contextualizing depression and physical functioning in battered women: adding vulnerability and resources to the analysis
Coping with violence epidemic
Correlates of injury to women with partners enrolled in batterer treatment programs
Costs of treating gunshot and stab wounds
Crack and fatal child abuse
Cross-national comparison of injury mortality: Los Angeles County, California and Mexico City, Mexico
Cutaneous burns caused by sulfuric acid drain cleaner
Dating violence against adolescent girls and associated substance use, unhealthy weight control, sexual risk behavior, pregnancy, and suicidality
Death by hand grenade: altruistic suicide in combat
Deaths from firearms among children and adolescents in New Mexico
Deaths resulting from firearm- and motor-vehicle-related injuries--United States, 1968-1991
Definitions of terrorism
Demographics of civilian cranial gunshot wounds
Demographics of civilian cranial gunshot wounds: devastation related to escalating semiautomatic usage
Denial of handgun purchase to violent misdemeanants
Dermatologic conditions misdiagnosed as evidence of child abuse
Development of a health care provider survey for domestic violence: psychometric properties
Differences in the risk of homicide and other fatal injuries between postpartum women and other women of childbearing age: implications for prevention
Disarming violent domestic abusers is key to saving lives, say experts
Distribution and care of shipboard blast injuries (USS Cole DDG-67)
Do protection orders affect the likelihood of future partner violence and injury?
Does racism harm health? Did child abuse exist before 1962? On explicit questions, critical science, and current controversies: an ecosocial perspective
Does video game violence sow aggression? Studies probe effects of virtual violence on children
Domestic elder abuse and the law
Domestic violence against women
Domestic violence against women. incidence and prevalence in an emergency department population
Domestic violence and primary care. attitudes, practices, and beliefs
Domestic violence hot line's demise: what's next?
Domestic violence in Mexico
Domestic violence recognized as world problem
Domestic violence victims in the emergency department. new findings
Domestic violence, separation, and suicide in young men with early onset alcoholism: reanalyses of Murphy's data
Domestic violence-medieval and modern
Domestic violence
Domestic violence: the role of alcohol
Domestic violence: what to ask, what to do
Duluth takes firm stance against domestic violence; mandates abuser arrest, education
Dum-dums, hollow-points, and devastators: techniques designed to increase wounding potential of bullets
Dyadic death: a typology
Dyadic death: murder-suicide
Early pathomorphologic characteristics of the wound track caused by fragments
Early predictors of adolescent violence
Editorial: Choice of bullets for police use
Editorial: The battered child syndrome: unusual manifestations
Editorial: Weapons and wounds
Effect of an administrative intervention on rates of screening for domestic violence in an urban emergency department
Effect of community-based interventions on high-risk drinking and alcohol-related injuries
Effect of television violence on children and youth
Effects of sexual victimization on suicidal ideation and behavior in u.s. college women
Elder abuse and neglect a new research topic
Elder abuse and neglect. council on scientific affairs
Emergency department screening for domestic violence
Emergency department surveillance for weapon-related injuries--Massachusetts, November 1993-April 1994
Environmental and personality similarities in case histories of suicide and self-poisoning by children under ten
Epidemiologic differences between sexual and physical child abuse
Epidemiologic features of head injury in a predominantly rural population
Epidemiology and prevention of childhood injuries
Epidemiology and prevention of severe assault and gun injuries to children in an urban community
Epidemiology of childhood injury
Epidemiology of combat casualties in Thailand
Epidemiology of trauma deaths: a reassessment
Epidemiology of violent deaths in children and adolescents in the United States
Epidemiology of violent injury in the workplace
Epidemiology study of facial injuries during a 13 month of trauma registry in tehran
Evaluation of the new type of military bullet and rifling
'Dying to Tell?': Do mandatory reporting laws benefit victims of domestic violence?
Black women and intimate partner violence: new directions for research
Helping women understand their risk in situations of intimate partner violence
Internet-initiated sex crimes against minors: Implications for prevention based on findings from a national study
Intimate partner violence and the justice system: an examination of the interface
Longitudinal study of the inception of perimenopause in relation to lifetime history of sexual or physical violence
Separation as a risk factor for victims of intimate partner violence: beyond lethality and injury: a response to Campbell (Letter)
The role of substance use in male-to-female physical and sexual violence: a brief review and recommendations for future research
Toward a national research agenda on violence against women: continuing the dialogue on research and practice
Typologies of men who are maritally violent: scientific and clinical implications
Workplace violence in health care: recognized but not regulated
Youth violence perpetration: What protects? What predicts? Findings from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health
Youth violence: opportunities for intervention
Regionalization as a strategy for the definition of homicide-control public policies
Violent crime and outdoor physical activity among inner-city youth
Expanding handgun bullets
Experiences of harassment, discrimination, and physical violence among young gay and bisexual men
Experimental arrow wounds: ballistics and traumatology
Experimental cardiac trauma--ballistics of a captive bolt pistol
Experimental evaluation of a rig to simulate the response of the thorax to blast loading
Exposure to terrorism, stress-related mental health symptoms, and coping behaviors among a nationally representative sample in Israel
Facial airgun wound
Factors associated with the use of violence among urban black adolescents
Factors that influence clinicians' assessment and management of family violence
Family and other intimate assaults--Atlanta, 1984
Family violence and the insurance industry: education, not discrimination
Fatal injury: characteristics and prevention of deaths at the scene
Fatal occupational injury rates: Quebec, 1981 through 1988
Learning disabilities and bullying: double jeopardy
Physical violence against impoverished women: A longitudinal analysis of risk and protective factors
Female homicides in United States workplaces, 1980-1985
Female suicide and wife abuse: a cross-cultural perspective
Firearm availability and homicide rates across 26 high-income countries
Firearm design and firearm violence
Firearm injuries among Virginia juvenile drug traffickers, 1992 through 1994
Firearm injury prevention counseling by pediatricians and family physicians. practices and beliefs
Firearm training and storage
Firearm violence and public health
Firearm violence and public health. limiting the availability of guns
Firearm-associated deaths and hospitalizations--California, 1995-1996
Firearm-related deaths and hospitalizations--Wisconsin, 1994
Firearm-related deaths--Louisiana and Texas, 1970-1990
Firearm-related fatalities: an epidemiologic assessment of violent death
Firearm-related years of potential life lost before age 65 years--United States, 1980-1991
Firearms and youth suicide
Firearms as a cause of death in the United States, 1920-1982
First reports evaluating the effectiveness of strategies for preventing violence: early childhood home visitation. findings from the task force on community preventive services
First reports evaluating the effectiveness of strategies for preventing violence: firearms laws. findings from the task force on community preventive services
Fractures of the mandible caused by stoning--return of an ancient entity
Fractures with major vascular injuries from gunshot wounds: implications of surgical sequence
Franklin E. Zimring on law and firearms
From deadly weapon to toy and back again: the danger of air rifles
From the centers for disease control. behaviors related to unintentional, intentional injuries, high school students--united states, 1991
From the world health organization. violence prevention: a public health approach
Gang warfare: the medical repercussions
Geographic patterns of urban trauma according to mechanism and severity of injury
Good news on guns--but not for everyone
Guidelines for managing domestic abuse when male and female partners are patients of the same physician. the delphi panel and the consulting group
Gender, caste, and economic inequalities and marital violence in rural South India
Gunshot wounds: bullet caliber is increasing
Gun control, gun ownership, and suicide prevention
Gun injury prevention comes of age
Gun safety and the family physician
Gun-associated violence increasingly viewed as public health challenge
Guns and violence
Guns, drugs threaten to raise public health problem of violence to epidemic
Gunshot injuries in children
Gunshot wounds caused by modern firearms in the light of our investigations
Gunshot wounds in children
Gunshot wounds seen at a county hospital before and after a riot and gang truce: Part Two
Gunshot wounds to the male genitalia
Gunshot wounds: bullet caliber is increasing
Gunshot wounds: evaluating the adequacy of documentation at a level I trauma center
Gunshot wounds: evaluating the adequacy of documentation at a Level I trauma center
Handguns and children: a dangerous mix
Handguns and homicide. a public health problem
Head protection in England before the First World War
Head protection in England before the first World War
Health and justice professionals set goals to lessen domestic violence
Health risk behaviors among adolescents who do and do not attend school--United States, 1992
High-energy, low-velocity close-range shotgun wounds
HIV-positive women report more lifetime partner violence: Findings from a voluntary counseling and testing clinic in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Homemade guns
Homicidal death by air rifle
Homicide and suicide in a metropolitan county. i. long-term trends
Homicide and suicide rates associated with implementation of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act
Homicide followed by suicide--Kentucky, 1985-1990
Homicide followed by suicide: Los Angeles, 1970-1979
Homicide in childhood: a public health problem in need of attention
Homicide prevention and intervention
Homicide trends and characteristics--Brazil, 1980-2002
Homicide while at work: persons, industries, and occupations at high risk
Homicide, suicide, other violence gain increasing medical attention
Homicide-suicides between adult sexual intimates: an Australian study
Homicide-suicides in Fiji: offense patterns, situational factors, and sociocultural contexts
Women at risk of physical intimate partner violence: a cross-sectional analysis of a low-income community in southwest Nigeria
Young and migrants: a multidisicplinary approach in a youth clinic in Geneva
Horseback-riding-associated traumatic brain injuries--Oklahoma, 1992-1994
Hospital costs of firearm injuries
Hospital preparedness for weapons of mass destruction incidents: an initial assessment
Hospital study offers hope of changing lives prone to violence
Hospitalizations for firearm-related injuries. a population-based study of 9,562 patients
Hospitalizations for injury in New Zealand: prior injury as a risk factor for assaultive injury
Human rights, torture, terrorism
Hunting firearm injuries, North Carolina
Hunting firearm injuries
Hunting-associated injuries and wearing "hunter" orange clothing--New York, 1989-1995
Identification and management of domestic violence: a randomized trial
Identified spouse abuse as a risk factor for child abuse
Immigrant South Asian women at greater risk for injury from intimate partner violence
Impact of the Brady act on homicide and suicide rates (Letter)
Impact of the Brady act on homicide and suicide rates (Letter)
Impact resistance of bar glasses
Impending child abuse. psychosomatic symptoms in adults as a clue
Implications of the World Trade Center attack for the public health and health care infrastructures
In the wake of tragedy: studies track psychological response to mass violence
Incidence of gunshot wounds at a county hospital following the Los Angeles riot and a gang truce
Incidence of inflicted traumatic brain injury in infants
Incidence of gunshot wounds at a county hospital following the Los Angeles riot and a gang truce
Incidence of non-fatal workplace assault injuries determined from employer's reports in California
Incidence, causes and severity of injuries in Aquitaine, France: a community-based study of hospital admissions and deaths
Incidence, risk factors and prevention strategies for work-related assault injuries: a review of what is known, what needs to be known, and countermeasures for intervention
Increased damage from rifle wounds of the chest caused by bullets striking commonly carried military equipment
Inflicted burns in children. recognition and treatment
Injuries among inner-city minority women: a population-based longitudinal study
Injuries and illnesses among New York City Fire Department rescue workers after responding to the World Trade Center attacks
Injuries as a public health problem in sub-Saharan Africa: epidemiology and prospects for control
Injuries associated with landmines and unexploded ordnance--Afghanistan, 1997-2002
Injuries in infants and small children resulting from witnessed and corroborated free falls
Injuries to children younger than 1 year of age
Injury control in childhood
Injury mortality among American Indian and Alaska Native children and youth--United States, 1989-1998
Injury mortality in East Germany
Injury prevention practices as depicted in G-rated and PG-rated movies
Intentional traumatic brain injury: epidemiology, risk factors, and associations with injury severity and mortality
Internal deformation of the AK-74; a possible cause for its erratic path in tissue
Interpersonal violence-related injuries in an African-American community in Philadelphia
Interpersonal violence: patterns in a Danish community
Interpretation of research on sexual abuse of boys
Intervening in abusive relationships
Advancing the field of elder mistreatment: a new model for integration of social and medical services
Assessing the risk of domestic violence reoffending: a validation study
Elder mistreatment in women
Influences of income, education, age, and ethnicity on physical abuse before and during pregnancy
Physical partner violence and Medicaid utilization and expenditures
Reliability of sexually violent predator civil commitment criteria in Florida
The CARE Communities project: An academic, practitioner, and federal public health agency collaboration to improve intimate partner violence services for underserved communities
The social networks of women experiencing domestic violence
Violent adolescents: psychiatry, philosophy, and politics
Domestic violence towards children in the material of the Department of Forensic Medicine of the Medical Academy in Bydgoszcz
Temporal analysis of mortality due to intimate partner violence in Spain
Interventions for intimate partner violence against women: clinical applications
Intimate partner violence and women of color: a call for innovations
Intrathoracic pressure variations in an anthropomorphic dummy exposed to air blast, blunt impact, and missiles
Is domestic violence screening helpful?
Is work conducive to self-destruction?
JAMA patient page: bullying
JAMA patient page: inflicted brain injury in children
JAMA patient page: violence in the media
JAMA patient page: youth violence in schools
JAMA Patient Page: child abuse
Juvenile delinquency and adolescent trauma: how strong is the connection?
Landmark article July 7, 1962: The battered-child syndrome
Landmark perspective: The 'battered child' revisited
Landmine-related injuries, 1993-1996
Laws mandating reporting of domestic violence. Do they promote patient well-being?
Letter bomb injuries: a report of three cases
Letter from Cali, violence in the americas
Letter: Re: Child abuse
Letter: Violence and brain disease
Letter: Violence on television
Lifetime and annual incidence of intimate partner violence and resulting injuries--Georgia, 1995
Long-term follow-up of unsuccessful violent suicide attempts: risk factors for subsequent attempts
Low-impact falls: demands on a system of trauma management, prediction of outcome, and influence of comorbidities
Low-velocity gunshot wounds to extremities
Major blunt abdominal trauma due to child abuse
Man-made death: a neglected mortality
Mandatory incarceration for convicted armed felons: a trauma prophylaxis
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