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Side impact PMHS thoracic response with large-volume air bag
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The socio-environmental determinants of railway suicide: a systematic review
Standards and consumer information - the winning formula for vehicle safety in the UN Decade of Action
Street intercept method: an innovative approach to recruiting young adult high-risk drinkers
Survivors perceptions of recovery following air medical transport accidents
Thoughts in flight: automation use and pilots' task-related and task-unrelated thought
Training monitoring skills in helicopter pilots
Traffic conflict assessment for non-lane-based movements of motorcycles under congested conditions
Understanding the social context of fatal road traffic collisions among young people: a qualitative analysis of narrative text in coroners' records
Unraveling the evacuation behavior of the medically fragile population: findings from Hurricane Irene
Using high-resolution event-based data for traffic modeling and control: an overview
Using the Bayesian updating approach to improve the spatial and temporal transferability of real-time crash risk prediction models
Using police crash databases for injury prevention research - a comparison of opt-out and opt-in approaches to study recruitment
Vertical field of view restriction in driver training: a simulator-based evaluation
Using topology and neighbor information to overcome adverse vehicle density conditions
Walkability is only part of the story: walking for transportation in Stuttgart, Germany
Using smartphones as a very low-cost tool for road inventories
Use of personal protective equipment for motorcycle taxi drivers: perception of risks and associated factors
Intuitiveness of symbol features for air traffic management
Emotional responses to trouble events on a train-driving simulator
Experimental evidence for the field of safe travel
How a video record of a driver's forward view made a difference in the human factors analysis of a traffic crash
Analysis of residence characteristics of at-fault drivers in traffic crashes
Effects of phone type on driving and eye glance behaviour while text-messaging
Development of zone system for macro-level traffic safety analysis
Dual right-turn lanes in mitigating weaving conflicts at frontage road intersections in proximity to off-ramps
Effect of mild hypoxia on working memory, complex logical reasoning, and risk judgment
Work and non-work-related vehicle crashes: the contribution of risky driving practices
Modelling major traffic incident impacts and estimation of their associated costs
National road mortality reduction targets under European Union road safety policy: 2011-2020
Should smaller commercial trucks be subject to safety regulations?
Task analysis of transit bus drivers' left-turn maneuver: potential countermeasures for the reduction of collisions with pedestrians
Differences in the social patterning of active travel between urban and rural populations: findings from a large UK household survey
Driving under the influence of prescription drugs used non-medically: associations in a young adult sample
Neuropsychological functioning among chronic khat users in Jazan Region, Saudi Arabia
Seatbelt and child-restraint use in Kazakhstan: attitudes and behaviours of medical university students
Anxiety, sedation, and simulated driving in binge drinkers
Augmented reality cues to assist older drivers with gap estimation for left-turns
Auto accidents 101: a primer on accident procedures
Do alcohol excise taxes affect traffic accidents? Evidence from Estonia
Does drinking location matter? Profiles of risky single-occasion drinking by location and alcohol-related harm among young men
Effect of the Teen Driving Plan on the driving performance of teenagers before licensure: a randomized clinical trial
Elevated alcohol demand is associated with driving after drinking among college student binge drinkers
Examining physiological responses across different driving maneuvers during an on-road driving task: a pilot study comparing older and younger drivers
Exploring the impact of a dedicated streetcar right-of-way on pedestrian motor vehicle collisions: a quasi experimental design
A high accuracy pedestrian detection system combining a cascade AdaBoost detector and random vector functional-link net
Incidence of traumatic spinal cord injury worldwide: a systematic review
Integrated traffic conflict model for estimating crash modification factors
Pedestrian crossing situations: Quantification of comfort boundaries to guide intervention timing
In flight automatic detection of vigilance states using a single EEG channel
Bilateral corneal abrasions from airbag deployment
Causes of death in Tunisia: estimates of years of life lost
Clinical practice guidelines for the management of conditions related to traffic collisions: a systematic review by the OPTIMa Collaboration
Contextual factors and alcohol consumption control policy measures: the AMPHORA Study background
Determinants of road traffic injury among adult motorcyclists in Malé, Maldives
Development of a risk-based prioritisation methodology to inform public health emergency planning and preparedness in case of accidental spill at sea of hazardous and noxious substances (HNS)
Elderly deaths in Ankara, Turkey
Enhancing evacuation plans with a situation awareness system based on end-user knowledge provision
Evaluating time-reminder strategies before amber: common signal, green flashing and green countdown
World War I: an air war of consequence
Health status recovery at one year in children injured in a road accident: A cohort study
A human body model with active muscles for simulation of pre-tensioned restraints in autonomous braking interventions
Hypovigilance detection for UCAV operators based on a hidden Markov model
Incidence of hospital-admitted severe traumatic brain injury and in-hospital fatality rates in a Pacific Island country: a 5-year retrospective study
Measuring the ability of military aircrews to adapt to perceived stressors when undergoing centrifuge training
Modelling of agricultural combination driver behaviour from the aspect of safety of movement
Multiple risk behaviour in adolescence and socio-economic status: findings from a UK birth cohort
Multiple-object tracking while driving: the multiple-vehicle tracking task
Numerical simulation of pipeline deformation caused by rockfall impact
Parental perceived neighborhood attributes: associations with active transport and physical activity among 10-12 year old children and the mediating role of independent mobility
Population-based incidence and 5-year survival for hospital-admitted traumatic brain and spinal cord injury, Western Australia, 2003-2008
Predicting in-hospital death among patients injured in traffic crashes in Saudi Arabia
The relationship between social capital and traffic law violations: Israeli Arabs as a case study
Robustness of interrelated traffic networks to cascading failures
The role of reward prediction in the control of attention
Sharing a driver's context with a caller via continuous audio cues to increase awareness about driver state
Sleepiness and safety: where biology needs technology
Social influence in a virtual tunnel fire - Influence of conflicting information on evacuation behavior
Suicide on railroad rights-of-way: a psychological autopsy study
Traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage due to motor vehicle crash versus fall from height: a 4-year epidemiological study
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Value of a statistical life in road safety: a benefit-transfer function with risk-analysis guidance based on developing country data
A vehicle detection algorithm based on deep belief network
The walking environment in Lima, Peru and pedestrian-motor vehicle collisions: An exploratory analysis
Work-related psychosocial hazards among emergency medical responders (EMRs) in Mansoura City
Airbag lung: an unusual case of sarcoid-like granulomatous lung disease after a rollover motor vehicle accident
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Pain location and duration impact life function interference during the year following motor vehicle collision
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Relationship between obesity and driving
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ACOEM practice guidelines: opioids and safety-sensitive work
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Analysis of motorcyclist riding behaviour on speed table
Associations between the built environment, total, recreational, and transit-related physical activity
Correlates of walking for transportation and use of public transportation among adults in St Louis, Missouri, 2012
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Effectiveness of cable barriers, guardrails, and concrete barrier walls in reducing the risk of injury
The effects of cyclists present at rural intersections on speed behaviour and workload of car drivers: a driving simulator study
How congestion shapes cities: from mobility patterns to scaling
The impact of billboards on driver visual behavior: a systematic literature review
Intelligent advisory speed limit dedication in highway using VANET
Measures of spontaneous and movement-evoked pain are associated with disability in patients with whiplash injuries
Odds of fault and factors for out-of-state drivers in crashes in four states of the USA
Association between helicopter with physician versus ground emergency medical services and survival for adults with major trauma in Japan
Building a reliable measure for unobtrusive observations of street-connecting pedestrian walkways
Cellular phone texting impairs gait in able-bodied young adults
Domain adaptation for pedestrian detection based on prediction consistency
Evidence-based review of interventions for medically at-risk older drivers
Explaining differences in crash and injury crash outcomes in red light camera studies
Postural stability in subjects with whiplash injury symptoms: results of a pilot study
Real driving at night-predicting lane departures from physiological and subjective sleepiness
Recent research and applications of numerical simulation for dynamic response of long-span bridges subjected to multiple loads
Visual target distance, but not visual cursor path length produces shifts in motor behavior: a multisensory integration perspective
Utility of an occupational therapy driving intervention for a combat veteran
Optimization and planning of emergency evacuation routes considering traffic control
Quality of life in a cohort of high-dose benzodiazepine dependent patients
Responsible management of motor vehicle drivers with dementia
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Trends in older driver crash involvement rates and survivability in the United States: an update
Vigilance on the move: video game-based measurement of sustained attention
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Finite mixture modeling for vehicle crash data with application to hotspot identification
Fitness to drive and cannabis: validation of two blood THCCOOH thresholds to distinguish occasional users from heavy smokers
From acoustic descriptors to evoked quality of car door sounds
Impact of New Regulations On Assessing Driving Status (INROADS): A South Australian seizure clinic cohort
Environmental and cultural correlates of physical activity parenting practices among Latino parents with preschool-aged children: Ninos Activos
Intelligent speed assistance for serious speeders: The results of the Dutch Speedlock trial
A multinomial logit analysis of risk factors influencing road traffic injury severities in the Erzurum and Kars Provinces of Turkey
Mixed logit model-based driver injury severity investigations in single- and multi-vehicle crashes on rural two-lane highways
"National character" and traffic behavior
An Epidemiology of traffic accidents in northern Thailand
The impact of occupational stress on suicide ideation of subway drivers
Commuting accidents in Malaysia: are we doing enough?
Occupational accidents and diseases among community health agents in the municipality of Caraguatatuba/SP
Acute hypoxic hypoxia and isocapnic hypoxia effects on oculometric features
Alcohol consumption and risky drinking patterns in Malaysia: findings from NHMS 2011
Alcohol hangover as a cause of impairment in apprehended drivers
Causes and consequences of sleepiness among college students
Where do they go and how do they get there? Older adults' travel behaviour in a highly walkable environment
Stakeholders' opinions on a future in-vehicle alcohol detection system for prevention of drunk driving
Risk of permanent medical impairment (Rpmi) in car crashes correlated to age and genders
Safety impacts of red-light cameras at signalized intersections based on Cellular Automata models
'The last coachman', the trio of risk factors: alcohol, tobacco and traffic accidents
Neurologic injury in snowmobiling
Interaction between socio-demographic characteristics: traffic rule violations and traffic crash history for young drivers
Factors influencing the oblique impact test of motorcycle helmets
Gradient navigation model for pedestrian dynamics
Crash pulse optimization for occupant protection at various impact velocities
Man in modern traffic
Color vision defectives in road traffic
Capacity and delay estimation for roundabouts using conflict theory
Comprehensive optimization of emergency evacuation route and departure time under traffic control
Dementia and driving
Differences in injury severities between two-vehicle and three-vehicle crashes
Analysis of intra-urban traffic accidents using spatiotemporal visualization techniques
Comparison of driving avoidance and self-regulatory patterns in younger and older drivers
Determinants of behavior of students as pedestrian and car occupants in relation to traffic laws in 2013, Gorgan, Iran: an application of Health Belief Model
Development and validation of a vehicle dynamics integrated traffic simulation environment assessing surrogate safety
Evaluating the effectiveness of the law banning handheld cellphone use while driving
Evaluation of centralised and autonomous routing strategies in major incident response
Factors associated with motorcycle injury and fatality
Examining signalized intersection crash frequency using multivariate zero-inflated Poisson regression
Implementation of the driver training curriculum in Spain: An analysis based on the Goals for Driver Education (GDE) framework
Improving emergency response collaboration and resource allocation by task network mapping and analysis
Layout effects of multi-exit ticket-inspectors on pedestrian evacuation
Model of potential crash rates of rural roundabouts with geometrical features
Modeling the pedestrian's movement and simulating evacuation dynamics on stairs
Pattern and distribution of pedestrian injuries in fatal road traffic accidental cases in Dharan, Nepal
Perceiving safety in passenger ships - User studies in an authentic environment
Potential crash risks of expressway on-ramps and off-ramps: a case study in Beijing, China
The Quantitative Minor Injury Scale: pilot study of a scale to measure level of minor injury after motor vehicle collisions
A robust model for the network violator interception problem
Safety evaluation of pedestrian behaviour and violations at signalised pedestrian crossings
Satisfaction with travel, goal achievement, and voluntary behavioral change
Sensation seeking, parental bond, and risky driving in adolescence: some relationships, matter more to girls than boys
Smoke confinement utilizing the USME ventilation mode for subway station fire
Sun glare and road safety: an empirical investigation of intersection crashes
A survey on awareness of traffic signs among youth in Qatar
Texting and driving among drivers in Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies : health
Utilisation of cognitive map in modelling human error in marine accident analysis and prevention
Transition to manual: Driver behaviour when resuming control from a highly automated vehicle
Traffic safety culture among bicyclists: results from a Norwegian study
The gradual emergence of spatially selective target processing in visual search: from feature-specific to object-based attentional control
Jurisdictional spillover effects of sprawl on injuries and fatalities
Measuring the value of mortality risk reductions in Turkey
Modeling road accident injury under-reporting in Europe
Neighbourhood environment factors and the occurrence of injuries in Canadian adolescents: a validation study and exploration of structural confounding
Noninvasive in-vehicle alcohol detection with wavelength-modulated differential photothermal radiometry
Perceived density of road maps
Propagation and dissipation of crash risk on saturated freeways
Public-private partnership in traffic safety research and injury prevention
Rapid extrication of entrapped victims in motor vehicle wreckage using a Norwegian chain method - cross-sectional and feasibility study
Accounting for heterogeneity among treatment sites and time trends in developing crash modification functions
Analysis of the effect of two-wheeler lane-sharing behavior on macroscopic traffic flow modeling
Applying the sign luminance computation model to study the effects of other vehicles on sign luminance
Assessing the safety effects of removing highway mainline barrier toll plazas
Assessment of the precision of data collected about the traffic accidents with property damage only in claim handling process by insurance companies
Behavioural inhibition system response to conflicting advertisement cues: road safety messages vs. motor vehicle promotional advertisements
Bicycle helmet modelling and validation under linear and tangential impacts
Catastrophe models for cognitive workload and fatigue in a vigilance dual task
Choice in multitasking: how delays in the primary task turn a rational into an irrational multitasker
Cognitive biases in aggressive drivers: does illusion of control drive us off the road?
Comparison of MADYMO and physical models for brain injury reconstruction
Coupled human body and side impact model to predict thoracic response
The critical tracking task: a potentially useful method to assess driver distraction?
Deconstructing impulsivity to better understand adolescent risk-taking
Development and validation of an FE model for motorcycle-car crash test simulations
Development of a 3-year-old child head-neck finite element model and derivation of novel head injury criterion
Development of a regulation for testing the effectiveness of a rigid side underride protection device (SUPD)
Dopaminergic gene-stress interactions on young adults' driving performance: a pilot study
Driving anger in China: psychometric properties of the Driving Anger Scale (DAS) and its relationship with aggressive driving
A dynamic traffic light management system based on wireless sensor networks for the reduction of the red-light running phenomenon
Effect of humidity on dynamic characteristics of foam CF45 for the TRL pedestrian legform impactor
Evaluation of energy loss in motorcycle-to-car collisions
A finite element analysis of high-energy absorption cellular materials in enhancing passive safety of road vehicles in side-impact accidents
Front underride protection device (FUPD) development: design strategy with simultaneous loading
Homogenization effects of variable speed limits
In-depth real-world bicycle accident reconstructions
Innovative passive and active countermeasures for near side crash safety
New investigations concerning the relationships between congenital colour vision defects and road traffic security
Optimization of speed hump profiles based on vehicle dynamic performance modeling
Pedestrian traffic deaths among residents, visitors, and homeless persons - Clark County, Nevada, 2008-2011
Personal, social and environmental correlates of active transport to school among adolescents in Otago, New Zealand
Possibility of installing a data acquisition system in a pedestrian headform impactor
Preliminary observations on MRI correlates of driving independence and performance in persons with heart failure
Responsibility for crashes of autonomous vehicles: an ethical analysis
Sleepy driving and pulling over for a rest: investigating individual factors that contribute to these driving behaviours
Traffic management facilities used at intersection of Ukmergės and Geležinio Vilko Streets in Vilnius
Transport accidents among children and adolescents at the emergency service of a teaching hospital in the southern zone of the city of São Paulo
Validity of the selection procedure for air traffic controllers
Why most traumatic brain injuries are not caused by linear acceleration but skull fractures are
Young tend to commit suicide, die of road traffic accidents or being killed by someone: an analysis of medico-legal deaths
Injury severity in relation to seatbelt use in Cape Town, South Africa: A pilot study
Prediction of vehicle traffic accidents using Bayesian networks
Recognition of coloured lights by colour defective individuals
Abdominal pain after a motor vehicle accident
Acceleration testing and modeling of vehicle kinematics under idle conditions
Accuracy and characteristics of 2012 Honda event data recorders from real-time replay of controller area network (CAN) traffic
The accuracy and sensitivity of 2005 to 2008 Toyota Corolla event data recorders in low-speed collisions
Acute hyperammonaemia induces a sustained decrease in vigilance, which is modulated by caffeine
Adolescent drivers in Brazil: prevalence and associated factors estimated from the National Adolescent School-based Health Survey (PeNSE 2012)
Alternative ordered response frameworks for examining pedestrian injury severity in New York City
Analysis of high-speed sideswipe collisions using data from small overlap tests
Analysis of seat belt positioning in recent NCAP crash tests
Analytical approach to determining the effectiveness of the front windshield wiper of a light motor vehicle
Anxiety levels among Turkish public transportation drivers: a relation to restless legs syndrome?
Assessing the potential for bias in direct observation of adult commuter cycling and helmet use
Assessing the relative crash fault of out-of-state drivers in Vermont, USA
Assessing the road safety impacts of a teleworking policy by means of geographically weighted regression method
Assessment of the accuracy of certain reduced order models used in the prediction of occupant injury during under-body blast events
An assessment of the effects of passenger vehicle weight and size on accident and fatality risk based on data for 1991 through 2007 model year vehicles
Ballistic testing of motorsport windshields
Correlation between depth perception by three-rods test and stereoacuity by distance randot stereotest
Development of a short form of the driving anger expression inventory
Impact of speed cameras on trauma centers
Management of medical care for the victims of road accidents in traumatology centers of Saint-Petersburg
A memory structure adapted simulated annealing algorithm for a green vehicle routing problem
Stability of risky driving from late adolescence to early adulthood
Venous injuries in pediatric trauma: Systematic review of injuries and management
Automated analysis and validation of right-turn merging behaviour
Benefits of slope flattening
Biomechanics of neck injuries resulting from rear-end vehicle collisions
Characterization of force deflection properties for vehicular bumper-to-bumper interactions (Full article)
Characterization of force deflection properties for vehicular bumper-to-bumper interactions (Retracted due to incomplete information)
Characterizing driver behaviors relevant to traffic safety: a multistage approach
Clustering-based roadway segment division for the identification of high-crash locations
Can minor changes in the environment lower accident risk at level crossings? Results from a driving simulator-based paradigm
Collision prevention while driving in real traffic flow using emotional learning fuzzy inference systems
A comparative benchmark study of using different multi-objective optimization algorithms for restraint system design
A comparison of 25 high speed tire disablements involving full and partial tread separations
Comparison of dummy kinematics and injury response between WorldSID and ES-2 in side impact
A comparison of the effects of transcranial direct current stimulation and caffeine on vigilance and cognitive performance during extended wakefulness
A comparison of the NHTSA research offset oblique and small overlap impact tests and the IIHS moderate and small overlap tests
Comparison of the THOR and Hybrid III responses in oblique impacts
Correlation between crash severity and embankment geometry
Crash test with a hot operating engine and R-1234yf MAC system
A critical assessment of factors affecting the flammability of R-1234yf in a frontal collision
Design, development and testing of an improved stock car driver's window net mounting system
Development of head-on conflict model for overtaking maneuvers on two-lane rural roads using inductive loop detectors
The development of child pedestrian training in the United Kingdom 2002-2011: a national survey of local authorities
Development of safety performance measures for urban roundabouts in India
Development of a variable speed limit strategy to reduce secondary collision risks during inclement weather
Did California's hand-held cell phone ban reduce accidents?
Direct spatial correlation in crash frequency models: estimation of the effective range
Driving habits and risk factors for traffic accidents among sleep apnea patients - a European multi-centre cohort study
The effect of weather on the use of North American bicycle facilities: a multi-city analysis using automatic counts
Effects of vehicle mass and other parameters on driver relative fatality risk in vehicle-vehicle crashes
Ejection experience in Serbian Air Force, 1990-2010
An examination of crash and NASS data to evaluate the field relevance of IIHS small offset tests
An examination of the endogeneity of speed limits and accident counts in crash models
Examination of a properly restrained motorsport occupant
Explaining pedestrian safety experience at urban and suburban street crossings considering observed conflicts and pedestrian counts
Factors affecting median cable barrier crash frequency: new insights
Factors associated with in-hospital outcomes in 594 consecutive patients suffering from severe blunt chest trauma
Factors associated with injuries in adolescents, from the National Adolescent School-based Health Survey (PeNSE 2012)
Features of fatal pedestrian injuries in vehicle-to-pedestrian accidents in Japan
Finite-element-based transfer equations: post-mortem human subjects versus Hybrid III test dummy in blunt impact
Flex-PLI application to high-bumper vehicles - optimization of supplemental weight
Front rail crashworthiness design for front oblique impact using a Magic Cube approach
The FTA's constrained based methodology in risk assessment of crash and condition monitoring for older drivers on roads
Full-scale burn test of a 1992 compact pick-up truck
Gravity frequency and its monitoring application of EEG spectrum in the vigilance operation
Happiness in motion: emotions, well-being, and active school travel
Hazardous birthday drinking among young people: population-based impacts on emergency department and in-patient hospital admissions
Idealized vehicle crash test pulses for advanced batteries
Impacts of using electronic devices on road crossing behaviors among medical college students
Influence of feature lines of vehicle hood styling on headform kinematics and injury evaluation in car-to-pedestrian impact simulations
The influence of the road network on private productivity measures using Data Envelopment Analysis: a case study from Spain
Influence of stimulant and non-stimulant drug treatment on driving performance in patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: A systematic review
The influence of visual target information on the online control of movements
Influences on the risk of injury of bicyclists' heads and benefits of bicycle helmets in terms of injury avoidance and reduction of injury severity
Injury prevention among friends: the benefits of school connectedness
Legal versus consumer requirements for secondary safety of passenger vehicles in Europe and the U.S
Kinematic and dynamic biomechanical values in relation to muscle activity during contact head impact
Lateral control for automated vehicle following system in urban environments
Local fire department responses to fires involving automobiles, buses, and larger trucks: 2006-2010 estimates
Low cost embedded car safety and security enhancement using ARM
Method development of multi-dimensional accident analysis using self organizing map
The Mini-Mental State Examination, clinical factors, and motor vehicle crash risk
Modeling and simulation of intelligent driving with trajectory planning and tracking
Numerical prediction of dynamic progressive buckling behaviors of single-hat and double-hat steel components under axial loading
Occupant rollover protection in motorsports
A new bivariate regression model for the simultaneous analysis of total and severe crashes occurrence
A new tool for coding and interpreting injuries in fatal airplane crashes: the Crash Injury Pattern Assessment Tool Application to the Air France Flight AF447 disaster (Rio de Janeiro-Paris), 1st of June 2009
On the relationship between pedestrian gap acceptance and time to arrival estimates
Operating speeds from driving simulator tests for road safety evaluation
Optimization of traffic signal timings based on surrogate measures of safety
Outlaw motorcycle gangs: aspects of the one-percenter culture for emergency department personnel to consider
Parametric study on responses of a self-anchored suspension bridge to sudden breakage of a hanger
Prevention of open water drowning while boating
Psychological work characteristics, psychological workload and associated psychological and cognitive requirements of train drivers
Rapid assessment of road safety policy change: relaxation of the national speed enforcement law in Russia leads to large increases in the prevalence of speeding
Repeatability of a small overlap and an oblique moving deformable barrier test procedure
Response surface generation for kinematics and injury prediction in pedestrian impact simulations
Robust design in occupant safety simulation
Safety impacts of auxiliary lanes at isolated freeway on-ramp junctions
Statistical considerations for evaluating biofidelity, repeatability, and reproducibility of ATDs
The stochastic and integrative prediction methodology and modeling for reliability of pedestrian crossing on roads
Validation of event data recorders in side-impact crash tests
Vehicle hot surface ignition and mitigation measures of R-1234yf refrigerant for MAC systems
Tracheal transection caused by clothesline injury
Tradeoffs in the evaluation of light vehicle pre-collision systems
An unbiased estimate of the relative crash risk of cell phone conversation while driving an automobile
Under-body blast mitigation: stand-alone seat safety activation system
Understanding road safety in Kenya: views of matatu drivers
Urban infrastructure design and pedestrian safety in the Kumasi Central Business District, Ghana
Stochastic risk assessment methodology and modeling as an in-vehicle safety enhancing tool for younger drivers on roads
A study of a mass casualty train crash, focusing on the cause of injuries
Successful conviction of intoxicated drivers at a level I trauma center
Thus spake road users on the road accidents and their views to prevent road accidents: a case study in the Kancheepuram District of Tamil Nadu
Real time accident sensing system using wireless sensors and microcontroller
Recruitment of older drivers from primary care clinics for on-road fitness-to-drive testing: results of a pilot study
Reduction of capacity and projected costs associated with seat belt installation on school buses
Risk assessment of operation safety in freeway tunnels: an evaluation approach using multiple safety indices
Risk factors associated with crash severity on low-volume rural roads in Denmark
Risks endemic to long-haul trucking in North America: strategies to protect and promote driver well-being
The Road Accident Analyzer: a tool to identify high-risk road locations
Road traffic deaths and injuries are under-reported in Ethiopia: a capture-recapture method
Routing strategies for emergency management decision support systems during evacuation
Self-regulation minimizes crash risk from attentional effects of cognitive load during auditory-vocal tasks
Ship safety index
A survey of taxi drivers' aberrant driving behavior in Beijing
Synthesis of state-of-the-art in visibility detection systems' applications and research
Testing usability and trainability of indirect touch interaction: perspective for the next generation of air traffic control systems
A comparison of the factors influencing the safety of work-related drivers in work and personal vehicles
Design of expressway construction safety evaluation system based on AHP
Environment protection for human behavior in metro fires
How to improve road traffic safety management greatly in China: use a systems perspective of safety
Impact of tooth shape parameters on strength safety coefficient of herringbone planetary train
Metro operation safety evaluation
Research on evaluation model of aviation ordnance safety performance
Research on quantification of airline SMS security risk assessment
Research on safety comprehensive assessment method for air traffic control based on RBF neural network
Safety driving decision-making of the advanced vehicle control and safety system
Study of the safety evaluation of urban subway operation based on extenics
Study on the work specifications of dangerous goods' safety inspection in bus passenger station
Effectiveness of traffic sign setting in adjacent tunnel exit
Non-spatial analysis for road traffic accidents
Sudden death memorials in Bucharest: mortuary practices and beliefs in an urban context
Administration's role in managing urban pedestrian accessibility
Analysis of driver's adaptability of stress response in dangerous situation
An analysis of driver's choice based on information of traffic accidents
Analysis of impact of transverse slope on hydroplaning risk level
Analysis of intersection accidents of mountainous highway
Analyzing driving risks of roadway traffic under adverse weather conditions: in case of rain day
Characterize dilemma zone and minimize its effect at coordinated signalized intersections
Decision-making model of roadside safety improvement on two-lane highway
Delay analysis of stop sign intersection and yield sign intersection based on VISSIM
Development trends and characteristics of devastating accidents in China
Differences in injury severity of accidents on mountainous highways and non-mountainous highways
Driver's reaction time towards red-light timing at urban intersections
Educational campaign for improving pedestrian safety: a university campus study
Making Siliguri a walkable city
Medical condition analysis and safety loophole screening of CDL drivers
Pedestrian crossing behavior at unsignalized mid-block crosswalks around a primary school
Research on driving risk model of freeway interchange entrance area for accident prevention
Stress state of driver: mobile phone use while driving
A review of yellow dilemma problem and a dynamic speed guidance system design based on CVIS
Speed characteristics and safety risk level evaluation for nighttime roadway work area
Study on the collision avoidance strategy at unsignalized intersection based on PreScan simulation
The study of evacuation passenger service level of Shanghai-Nanjing high-speed railway stations
Speed-accident relationship at urban signalized intersections
Traffic safety knowledge survey and difference analysis for migrant workers
Travel time estimation model for emergency vehicles under preemption control
Vulnerability evaluation of the highway transportation system against meteorological disasters
A determination of the prevalence of gender-based violence among conflict-affected populations in East Timor
An investigation into the short term and medium term health impacts of personal incapacitant sprays. a follow up of patients reported to the national poisons information service (London)
A comparison of nonviolent, psychologically violent, and physically violent male college daters
Ethnic differences in intimate partner violence in the U.S. general population: the role of alcohol use and socioeconomic status
Firearm advertising: product depiction in consumer gun magazines
Gunshot injuries as a topic of medicolegal research in the German-speaking countries from the beginning of the 20th century up to the present time
Intimate partner violence and sexual assault in Native American communities
Safer at work: development and evaluation of an aggression and violence minimization program
Safer storage of firearms at home and risk of suicide: a study of protective factors in a nationally representative sample
The deadliness of mass murderers
A validity test of movie, television, and video-game ratings
Age of drinking onset and involvement in physical fights after drinking
Corporal punishment in schools
Media violence
Distinguishing sudden infant death syndrome from child abuse fatalities
Are 'accidental' gun deaths as rare as they seem? A comparison of medical examiner manner of death coding with an intent-based classification approach
Are household firearms stored safely? It depends on whom you ask
Assessing an educational intervention to improve physician violence screening skills
Attitudes of New York City high school students regarding firearm violence
Barriers to domestic violence screening in the pediatric setting
Behaviors of children who are exposed and not exposed to intimate partner violence: an analysis of 330 black, white, and Hispanic children
Bullying among young adolescents: the strong, the weak, and the troubled
Bullying: children hurting children
Bullying: why all the fuss?
Can child deaths be prevented? The Arizona Child Fatality Review Program experience
Child neglect: outcomes in high-risk urban preschoolers
Childhood abuse, neglect, and household dysfunction and the risk of illicit drug use: the adverse childhood experiences study
Community norms on toy guns
Costs of childhood physical abuse: comparing inflicted and unintentional traumatic brain injuries
Costs of juvenile violence: policy implications
Dating of bruises in children: an assessment of physician accuracy
Dating violence and the sexual health of black adolescent females
Exposure to violence among urban school-aged children: is it only on television?
Femur fracture in infants: a possible accidental etiology
Firearm safety counseling in primary care pediatrics: a randomized, controlled trial
Firearm-related injuries affecting the pediatric population. committee on injury and poison prevention. american academy of pediatrics
Genital injuries in prepubertal girls from inline skating accidents
Geographic disparities in children's mental health care
Gun storage--Who's the right target?
Maternal domestic violence screening in an office-based pediatric practice
Munchausen by proxy defined
Occult head injury in high-risk abused children
Out-of-school suspension and expulsion
Prevalence of retinal hemorrhages and child abuse in children who present with an apparent life-threatening event
Preventing child neglect and physical abuse: a role for pediatricians
Seeing is believing: what do boys do when they find a real gun?
Serious firearm injury prevention does make sense
Shaken baby syndrome: rotational cranial injuries-technical report
The Black Talon: a new risk for percutaneous injury
Injuries to adolescents and young adults
Peacebuilders: a theoretically driven, school-based model for early violence prevention
Peer victimization during early adolescence: an injury trigger, an injury mechanism and a frequent exposure in school
Personal awareness of domestic violence: implications for health care providers
Physical, sexual, and emotional abuse by male intimates: experiences of women in Japan
Policies to prevent firearm injuries
Population estimates of household firearm storage practices and firearm carrying in Oregon
Precursors of lethal violence: a death row sample
"I didn't know the gun was loaded": an examination of two safety devices that can reduce the risk of unintentional firearm injuries
'In the safety of your own home': results from a national survey on gun use at home
A "call to arms" for a national reporting system on firearm injuries
Pregnancy-associated assault hospitalizations
Preventing youth violence: what works?
A cross-national study of violence-related behaviors in adolescents
Prevention of family violence
Prevention of firearm-related injuries and deaths among youth. a product-oriented approach
A review of selected school-based conflict resolution and peer mediation projects
Prevention of youth violence: rationale and characteristics of 15 evaluation projects
Accidental firearm fatalities (Letter)
Public health and violence prevention
Public health policy for preventing violence
Public health: a successful paradigm applied to firearm injuries
Public opinion polling on gun policy
Race, socioeconomic status, and domestic homicide, Atlanta, 1971-72
Race, socioeconomic status, and domestic homicide
Race/ethnicity patterns in the homicide of children in Los Angeles, 1980 through 1989
Adolescents and firearms: a California statewide survey
Age-within-school-class and adolescent gun-carrying
Alcohol and illicit drug abuse and the risk of violent death in the home
Alcohol use and interpersonal violence: Alcohol detected in homicide victims
Bridging prevention and practice: public health and family violence
Building relationships and resilience in the prevention of youth violence
Bullying in the school environment: An injury risk factor?
Characteristics of automatic or semiautomatic firearm ownership in the United States
Characteristics, costs, and effects of violence in Vermont
Child-rearing violence
Childhood homicide, suicide, and firearm deaths: an international comparison
Community and dating violence among adolescents: perpetration and victimization
Community firearms, community fear
Community-level firearm injury surveillance: local data for local action
Comparing death certificate data with (US) FBI crime reporting statistics on U.S. homicides
Control of stress and violent behavior: Mid-course review of the 1990 Health Objectives
Coroner-reviewed infant and toddler deaths: many 'undetermineds' resemble homicides
Correlates of gun-carrying among adolescents in south Louisiana
Costs associated with gunshot wounds in Canada in 1991
Cross-national consistency in the relationship between bullying behaviors and psychosocial adjustment
Dynamic analysis of penetrating trauma
Effect of a ban on carrying firearms on homicide rates in 2 Colombian cities
Effect of current federal regulations on handgun safety features
Effectiveness of denial of handgun purchase to persons believed to be at high risk for firearm violence
Epidemiology of injuries among women after physical assaults: the role of self-protective behaviors
Estimating intruder-related firearm retrievals in u.s. households, 1994
Estimating the occurrence of child maltreatment and risk-factor effects: benefits of a mixed-design strategy in epidemiologic research
Factors associated with the intent of firearm-related injuries in pediatric trauma patients
Recent trends in violence-related behaviors among high school students in the United States
Regional variation in homicide rates: Why is the West so violent?
Relationships between bullying and violence among US youth
Resistance to sexual assault: who resists and what happens?
Risk factors for infant homicide in the United States
Fatal violence among spouses in the United States, 1976-85
Risk factors for violent death of women in the home
Fighting as a marker for multiple problem behaviors in adolescents
Firearm availability and female homicide victimization rates among 25 populous high-income countries
Firearm availability and suicide, homicide, and unintentional firearm deaths among women
Firearm availability and unintentional firearm deaths, suicide, and homicide among 5-14 year olds
Firearm injuries in girls and women. the unaddressed imperative
Firearm ownership among female physicians in the United States
Firearm prevalence and social capital
Firearm regulations and rates of suicide: A comparison of two metropolitan areas
Firearm training and storage
Firearm-related death and injury among children and adolescents
Firearm-related deaths in the United States and 35 other high- and upper-middle-income countries
Firearm-related injury surveillance in California
Firearm-related injury surveillance. an overview of progress and the challenges ahead
Firearm-related violence--what we don't know is killing us (editorial)
Firearms and family violence
Self-reports of spousal violence in a Mexican-American and non-Hispanic white population
Sensitivity of hospitals' E-coded data in identifying causes of children's violence-related injuries
Firearms in the home: parental perceptions
Social context and geographic patterns of homicide among US black and white males
From research to public policy: the prevention of motor vehicle injuries, childhood drownings, and firearm violence
Geographic patterns of fatal abuse or neglect in children younger than 5 years old, United States, 1979 to 1988
Gun acquisition and use by juvenile offenders
State estimates of household exposure to firearms, loaded firearms, and handguns, 1991 through 1995
Gun ownership and risk (Letter)
Gun ownership as a risk factor for homicide in the home
Gun threats against and self-defense gun use by California adolescents
Guns in young hands: a survey of urban teenagers' attitudes and behaviors related to handgun violence
Handgun regulations, crime, assaults, and homicide. a tale of two cities
Handgun safety features: a review for physicians
Handgun sales, beer sales, and youth homicide, California, 1972-1993
Suicide in the home in relation to gun ownership
High school students' attitudes about firearms policies
Support for new policies to regulate firearms. results of two national surveys
Homicide risk among immigrants in California, 1970 through 1992
Homicide surveillance--United States, 1979-1988
Homicide, handguns, and the crime gun hypothesis: firearms used in fatal shootings of law enforcement officers, 1980 to 1989
Household firearm ownership and suicide rates in the United States
Household firearm storage practices: do responses differ by whether or not individuals ever use firearms?
Temporal and geographic trends in the autopsy frequency of blunt and penetrating trauma deaths in the United States
The availability of extrinsic handgun locking devices in a defined metro area
The choice of weapons in firearm suicides
The effect of nondiscretionary concealed weapon carrying laws on homicide
I am the NRA: an analysis of a national random sample of gun owners
Identification of nonfatal family and intimate assault incidents in police data
Impact of the Brady Act on homicide and suicide rates
Impact of the Brady Act on homicide and suicide rates
Impact of the Brady Act on homicide and suicide rates
Increased risk of intimate partner homicide among California women who purchase handguns
Initial and subsequent hospital costs of firearm injuries
Injunctive social norms of adults regarding teen dating violence
Injuries and deaths due to firearms in the home
Injuries due to firearms in three cities
Intentional injuries among children and adolescents in Massachusetts
Landmines: not just another travel risk
Learning to do violence prevention well
Adolescent beliefs about antisocial behavior: mediators and moderators of links with parental monitoring and attachment
Lethality of firearm-related injuries in the United States population
Loaded guns in the home. analysis of a national random survey of gun owners
Magnitude and patterns of family and intimate assault in Atlanta, Georgia, 1984
Medical care solicitation by criminals with gunshot wound injuries: a survey of Washington, DC, jail detainees
Men, women, and murder: gender-specific differences in rates of fatal violence and victimization
Mortality among recent purchasers of handguns
Mortality associated with the use of upper-body control holds by police
Motor vehicles or firearms: which takes a heavier toll?
Nonfatal and fatal firearm-related injuries among children aged 14 years and younger: United States, 1993-2000
Murder at work
National estimates of nonfatal firearm-related injuries: beyond the tip of the iceberg
New directions in violence prediction: The public health arena
Prevalence and risk of violence against children with disabilities: a systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studies
Nurses' logs as an evaluation tool for school-based violence prevention programs
Obstacles to firearm and violence research
Patterns of homicide victimization in the city of Los Angeles, 1970-79
Preventing land mine--related injury and disability: a public health perspective
Protection or peril? An analysis of firearm-related deaths in the home
Rates of household firearm ownership and homicide across US regions and states, 1988-1997
Re: guns and self-protection (march 1994)
Reducing gun carrying by youth
Regulation of firearms
Relationship between illegal use of handguns and handgun sales volume
Research fraud, public policy, and gun control
Screening for intimate partner violence in the emergency department: where do we go from here?
Sexual assault and mental disorders in a community population
Tattoos, alcohol, and violent death
The American public and the gun control debate
The epidemiologic basis for the prevention of firearm injuries
The epidemiology of U.S. firearm injuries
Risk markers of severe psychological violence against women: a WorldSAFE multi-country study
The Impact of Culture and Minority Status on Women's Experience of Domestic Violence
Ocular injuries caused by plastic bullet shotguns in Switzerland
Adolescent abuse: the dimensions of the problem
Administrative and behavioral interventions for workplace violence prevention
Effectiveness of safety measures recommended for prevention of workplace homicide
Detecting domestic violence. a pilot study of family practitioners
Evaluation of the "Respect Not Risk" firearm safety lesson for 3rd-graders
Firearm ownership and storage practices, U.S. households, 1992-2002; a systematic review
Female intimate partner homicide: a population-based study
Homicide on the job: workplace and community determinants
Is adolescent sibling violence a precursor to college dating violence?
Killed on the clock: a population-based study of workplace homicide, 1977-1991
Partner homicide-suicide involving female homicide victims: a population-based study in North Carolina, 1988-1992
State gun control advocacy tactics and resources
The role of surveillance and evaluation research in the reduction of violence against workers
Fatal and non-fatal injuries among U.S. Air Force personnel resulting from the terrorist bombing of the Khobar towers
Firearm-related mortality in Texas (1985-1990)
Firearms are leading cause of injury mortality in texas ... again
Firearms continue to be the leading cause of injury mortality in Texas
Oklahoma Firearm-Related Injury Surveillance
Unintentional injury death rates for Texas children drop, while intentional injury death rates rise
A breakthrough in gun control in Australia after the Port Arthur massacre
A new paradigm of injury intentionality
A population based study of unintentional firearm fatalities
Airgun injuries in New Zealand, 1979-92
Alliance Against Childhood Violence--an update
Association between handgun purchase and mortality from firearm injury
Association of rates of household handgun ownership, lifetime major depression, and serious suicidal thoughts with rates of suicide across US census regions
Beliefs about the risks of guns in the home: analysis of a national survey
Bias when using dead controls to study handgun purchase as a risk factor for violent death
Buying a handgun for someone else: firearm dealer willingness to sell
Characteristics of a gun exchange program, and an assessment of potential benefits
Child and adolescent injury and death from urban firearm assaults: association with age, race, and poverty
Children shooting guns: a failure in product design
Community based program to improve firearm storage practices in rural Alaska
Comparing pediatric intentional injury surveillance data with data from publicly available sources: consequences for a public health response to violence
Comparison of three instruments for assessing ongoing intimate partner violence
Deaths among criminal suspects, law enforcement officers, civilians, and prison inmates: a coroner-based study
Development of a screen for ongoing intimate partner violence
Did that injury happen on purpose? does intent really matter?
Do criminals go to the hospital when they are shot?
Domestic violence awareness and prevalence in a first-year medical school class
Domestic violence awareness in a medical school class: 2-year follow-up
Domestic violence in a university emergency department
Domestic violence in an inner-city ED
Effect of urban closed circuit television on assault injury and violence detection
Effects of Maryland's law banning Saturday night special handguns on crime guns
Elder abuse and neglect: how to recognize warning signs and intervene
Electrocution in a bath
EMT domestic violence knowledge and the results of an educational intervention
Epidemiology of violent deaths in the world
Evaluating the impact of a street barrier on urban crime
Exposure to violence and its relationship to psychopathology in adolescents
Firearm injuries and deaths
Firearm ownership and storage practices in Pennsylvania homes
Geographic variation in serious nonfatal firearm injuries in Pennsylvania
Gun use in the United States: results from two national surveys
Guns in the world: old news and new news
Handguns as a pediatric problem. 1986
Homicide victims in the military: 1980-1992
Identification and characteristics of victims of violence identified by emergency physicians, triage nurses, and the police
Impact of handgun types on gun assault outcomes: a comparison of gun assaults involving semiautomatic pistols and revolvers
Implementing a hospital-based violence-related injury surveillance system--a background to the Jamaican experience
Incomplete and biased perpetrator coding among hospitalized assaults for women in the United States
Increasing paintball related eye trauma reported to a state eye injury registry
Infant injury deaths with unknown intent: what else do we know?
Injury research and violence: what's our contribution?
Integrating a domestic violence education program into a medical school curriculum: challenges and strategies
Intimate partner violence and the role of socioeconomic indicators in WorldSAFE communities in Chile, Egypt, India and the Philippines
Intimate partner violence from the emergency medicine perspective
Law enforcement officers' opinions about gun locks: anchors on life jackets?
Mandatory reporting of domestic violence injuries to the police: What do emergency department patients think?
Mandatory reporting of intimate partner violence to police: views of physicians in California
Missing the target: a comparison of buyback and fatality related guns
National attitudes concerning gun carrying in the United States
National estimates of non-fatal firearm related injuries other than gunshot wounds
Next steps in cross-cultural research on intimate partner violence
Non-fatal violence-related injuries in Kingston, Jamaica: a preventable drain on resources
Partner violence as a risk factor for mental health among women from communities in the Philippines, Egypt, Chile, and India
Patterns of violence in Karachi, Pakistan (Letter)
Patterns of violence in Karachi, Pakistan
Pediatric practice based evaluation of the Steps to Prevent Firearm Injury program
Physical and emotional partner abuse reported by men and women in a rural community
Physical intimate partner violence in Chile, Egypt, India and the Philippines
Predictors and severity of injury in assaults with barglasses and bottles
Predictors of injury from fighting among adolescent males
Prevalence of intimate partner abuse in women treated at community hospital emergency departments
Prevalence of youth access to alcohol or a gun in the home
Preventing school violence: a time for hard, solid thinking
Prevention of injury by early socialization of aggressive behavior
Public opinion about guns in the home
Recent trends in violent deaths among young adults in the United States
Recording of community violence by medical and police services
Relationship between licensing, registration, and other gun sales laws and the source state of crime guns
Review of evaluations of educational approaches to promote safe storage of firearms
Risk factors associated with non-fatal adolescent firearm injuries
Rural population survey of behavioral and demographic risk factors for loaded firearms
Screening and intervention for intimate partner abuse: practices and attitudes of primary care physicians
Shall-issue policy and criminal activity among applicants for permits to carry concealed firearms
Snowmobile injuries and fatalities in children
Studying "exposure" to firearms: household ownership v access
Studying homicide in the home and how guns are kept
Suicide guns: why collect this information?
Suicides in the military: 1980-1992
Surveillance of interpersonal violence in Kingston, Jamaica: an evaluation
Television violence and children
The choice of weapons in firearm suicides in Iowa
The nature of newspaper coverage of homicide
The security of urban women: practice, research, and partnerships
The world studies of abuse in the family environment (WorldSAFE): a model of a multi-national study of family violence
Training and field methods in the WorldSAFE collaboration to study family violence
Transcultural attitudes toward homocide and suicide
Trends in BB/pellet gun injuries in children and teenagers in the United States, 1985-99
Underestimates of unintentional firearm fatalities: comparing Supplementary Homicide Report data with the National Vital Statistics System
Unintentional and undetermined firearm related deaths: a preventable death analysis for three safety devices
United States military casualty comparison during the Persian Gulf War
Violence and its injury consequences in American movies: A public health perspective
Violent attacks on Middle Easterners in the United States during the month following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks
What distinguishes unintentional injuries from injuries due to intimate partner violence: a study in Greek ambulatory care settings
What pediatricians can do to further youth violence prevention--a qualitative study
World studies of abuse in the family environment - risk factors for physical intimate partner violence
Yes, Americans are often shot--and so are many others
Young guns: an empirical study of persons who use a firearm in a suicide or a homicide
Adolescent violence: is it the same everywhere?
Are guns used more by US civilians for self-defense or for intimidation?
Armed conflict as a public health problem
Bad data and the "evil empire": interpreting poll data on gun control
Combining analysis and action to solve the problem of youth violence
Comment: Gunsmoke--changing public attitudes toward smoking and firearms
Do guns matter?
Do shall-issue laws save lives?
Domestic violence and the internist's response: advocacy or apathy?
Editorial: 28,000 Gun deaths a year: what is our role?
Firearm and motor vehicle injury mortality--variations by state, race, and ethnicity: United States, 1990-91
Firearm injuries: a call for science
Firearm injury surveillance at the local level from data to action
Firearm mortality among children, youth, and young adults 1-34 years of age, trends and current status: United States, 1985-90
Gun carrying among male adolescents as a function of gun ownership in the general population
Gun smoke
Guns and homicide in the home
Guns and self-protection
Guns in the home, homicide, and suicide
Guns in the medical literature
Guns in the medical literature
Handgun availability and firearm mortality
Homicide among adolescents in the United States
Homicide surveillance, 1970-1978
Homicide: epidemiologic analysis at the national level
The firearm fatality reporting system. a proposal
The future of firearm violence prevention: building on success
The impact of an elementary school-based violence prevention program on visits to the school nurse
The life cycle of crime guns: a description based on guns recovered from young people in California
The medical costs of gunshot injuries in the United States
The ongoing hazard of BB and pellet gun-related injuries in the United States
The physician's role in preventing small arms injury
The prevalence of adult sexual assault. the Los Angeles epidemiologic catchment area project
The prevalence of childhood sexual assault. the Los Angeles epidemiologic catchment area project
The public health approach to motor vehicles, tobacco, and alcohol, with applications to firearms policy
The relationship between firearm design and firearm violence. handguns in the 1990s
The relative frequency of offensive and defensive gun uses: results from a national survey
The Wisconsin Firearm-Related Injury Surveillance System
World report on violence and health
Three shots, two dead, five errors, one gun: a recipe for prevention?
Traumatic child death and documented maltreatment history, Los Angeles
Treating gun violence before the 911 call
Trends in death associated with traumatic brain injury, 1979 through 1992. success and failure
Trends in fatal firearm-related injuries, United States, 1962-1993
Trends in motor vehicle and firearm deaths in Wisconsin: an analysis for examining prevention strategies
Truth or consequences: firearm safety instruction at the time of purchase
Undetermined manner of death. a comparison with unintentional injury, suicide, and homicide death
Unintentional firearm deaths in California
Unintentional firearm-related fatalities, 1970-1984
Unintentional, nonfatal firearm-related injuries. a preventable public health burden
Use of national data systems for firearm-related injury surveillance
Validating survey responses to questions about gun ownership among owners of registered handguns
Violence against women with physical disabilities
Violence against women. examining ethnic differences and commonalities
Violence and women's health. the role of epidemiology
Violence in America: an integrated approach to understanding and prevention
Violence prevention and concealed weapons laws
Violence prevention is as American as apple pie
Violent deaths in the United States: a need to know more
Weapon involvement and injury outcomes in family and intimate assaults
Weapon-carrying, physical fighting, and fight-related injury among u.s. adolescents
Weapons of choice: previous criminal history, later criminal activity, and firearm preference among legally authorized young adult purchasers of handguns
When children shoot children. 88 unintended deaths in california
Where the guns come from: the gun industry and gun commerce
Wisconsin firearm injury surveillance system development: a comparison of medical examiner/coroner data
Without guns, do people kill people?
Workplace-related homicide among health care workers in the United States, 1980 through 1990
Youth violence. developmental pathways and prevention challenges
Tattoos and body piercings as indicators of adolescent risk-taking behaviors
'Road rage' in Arizona: armed and dangerous
A brief actuarial assessment for the prediction of wife assault recidivism: the Ontario domestic assault risk assessment
Assessing psychiatric patients for violence
Blood types and national suicide rates
Correlates of wife assault in Hong Kong Chinese families
Gunshot wound to the head: an unusual complication of sleep apnea and bilevel positive airway pressure
Life span and repeated violence against women during military service: effects on health status and outpatient utilization
Mine clearance injuries in South Croatia
Pattern of homicidal deaths in Faisalabad
Prevalence of, and factors associated with, adolescent physical fighting while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
Recent research findings on aggressive and violent behavior in youth: Implications for clinical assessment and intervention
The San Diego East County school shootings: a qualitative study of community-level post-traumatic stress
Urban-rural shifts in intentional firearm death: different causes, same results
Concealed and revealed violence: an epidemiological study of mortality from external causes in Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro
Violence for all
Traumatic potential of colour marking cartridges (fx ammunition)
Attitudes toward wife rape: effects of social background and victim status
Attitudinal acceptance of intimate partner violence among u.s. adults
Battering during pregnancy: a role for physicians
Behavioral science activities at the centers for disease control and prevention. a selected overview of exemplary programs
Breeds of dogs involved in fatal human attacks in the United States between 1979 and 1998
CDC's family and intimate violence prevention team: basing programs on science
Childhood victimization and subsequent adult revictimization assessed in a nationally representative sample of women and men
Dog bite-related fatalities from 1979 through 1988
Evaluating a cognitive/ecological program for the prevention of aggression among urban children
Evaluation of a hospital-based youth violence intervention
Fatal dog attacks, 1989-1994
Firearm use in G- and PG-rated movies
Firearms prevalence and storage practices in Wisconsin households
Future directions for violence against women and reproductive health: science, prevention, and action
Home safety with families being treated for child abuse and neglect
Home safety: development and validation of one component of an ecobehavioral treatment program for abused and neglected children
Implications of public health for policy on sexual violence
In-home parent training, treatment of migraine headaches, and marital counseling as an ecobehavioral approach to prevent child abuse
Intimate partner violence against women: do victims cost health plans more?
Introduction: consequences of terrorism
Massachusetts Weapon-Related Injury Surveillance System
Missouri Firearm-Related Injury Surveillance System
Physical abuse around the time of pregnancy: an examination of prevalence and risk factors in 16 states
Pregnancy intendedness and physical abuse around the time of pregnancy: findings from the pregnancy risk assessment monitoring system, 1996-1997. prams working group. pregnancy risk assessment monitoring system
Prevalence of wife rape and other intimate partner sexual coercion in a nationally representative sample of women
Project 12-ways: measuring outcome of a large in-home service for treatment and prevention of child abuse and neglect
Recommended data elements for firearm-related injury surveillance
Richmond youth against violence: a school-based program for urban adolescents
Screening for domestic violence. Balanced approach is needed
Screening for intimate partner violence by health care providers. barriers and interventions
Students who carry weapons to high school: comparison with other weapon-carriers
Surveillance for homicide among intimate partners--United States, 1981-1998
The relationship between pregnancy intendedness and physical violence in mothers of newborns. the prams working group
Using multimedia to teach conflict-resolution skills to young adolescents
Using recidivism data to evaluate project safecare: teaching bonding, safety, and health care skills to parents
Violence and adverse pregnancy outcomes: a review of the literature and directions for future research
Violence and reproductive health: current knowledge and future research directions
Washington State Gunshot-Wound Surveillance System
Youth violence in the united states. major trends, risk factors, and prevention approaches
World report on violence and health
Pathways from physical childhood abuse to partner violence in young adulthood
Recent research and views on shaking baby syndrome
Telling their stories: primary care practitioners' experience evaluating and reporting injuries caused by child abuse
The influence of gender and ethnicity on judgments of culpability in a domestic violence scenario
Violence against women in Ghana: a look at women's perceptions and review of policy and social responses
Violence: innate or acquired? A survey and some opinions
What Situations Induce Intimate Partner Violence? A Reliability and Validity Study of the Proximal Antecedents to Violent Episodes (PAVE) Scale
"Pseudo-battered child" syndrome
Linking the orthopaedic patient with community family violence resources
'Society's love affair with violence' cited as major factor in child abuse
A 4-year review of severe pediatric trauma in eastern Ontario: a descriptive analysis
A case-control study of female-to-female nonintimate violence in an urban area
DOCS: a gun violence injury prevention program
Access to firearms and risk for suicide in middle-aged and older adults
A case-site/control-site study of workplace violent injury
A cross-validation of Paulson's discriminant function-derived scales for identifying "at risk" child-abusive parents
A longitudinal perspective on dating violence among adolescent and college-age women
A mental health intervention for schoolchildren exposed to violence: a randomized controlled trial
Filicide, medical empathy, directives of the Supreme Court and reduced punishment
A piece of my mind. knife and gun clubs of america
Decision‐making tools and the development of expertise in child protection practitioners: are we 'just breeding workers who are good at ticking boxes'?
A population-based study of inflicted traumatic brain injury in young children
A profile of combat injury
A prospect of violence
A public health approach to making guns safer
A reconsideration of the wounding mechanism of very high velocity projectiles--importance of projectile shape
A safe model for creating blunt and penetrating ballistic injury
A study of battered women presenting in an emergency department
A study of homicides in Manhattan, 1981
A training program to improve domestic violence identification and management in primary care: preliminary results
Abuse of pregnant women and adverse birth outcome. current knowledge and implications for practice
Abuse of spouses
Abuse of the elderly
Access to war weapons and injury prevention activities among children in Croatia
Accidental firearm fatalities in North Carolina, 1976-80
Theoretical Articulation on Immigration and Crime
Accurate ascertainment of child-abuse mortality
ACOG renews domestic violence campaign, calls for changes in medical school curricula
Additive impact of childhood emotional, physical, and sexual abuse on suicide attempts among low-income African American women
Adolescent Multiphasic Personality Inventory and its utility in assessing suicidal and violent adolescents
Adolescents as victims of family violence. Council on Scientific Affairs, American Medical Association
Adolescents may experience home, school abuse; their future draws researchers' concern
Afghan war wounded: application of the Red Cross wound classification
After the shooting stops: follow-up on victims of an assault rifle attack
Aggressive behaviors and injuries among nursing home residents
Air gun injuries to the abdominal aorta: report of two cases and review of the literature
Air gun pellet cardiac injuries: case report and review of the literature
Air gun pellet embolization to the right heart: case report and review of the literature
Air-powered guns: too much firepower to be a toy
Alcohol and drug disorders among physically abusive and neglectful parents in a community-based sample
Alcohol and family violence
Alcohol and other drug use among high school students--United States, 1990
Alcohol intoxication, injuries, and dangerous behaviors--and the revolving emergency department door
Alcohol, firearms, and suicide among youth. temporal trends in allegheny county, pennsylvania, 1960 to 1983
AMA, joint commission urge physicians become part of solution to family violence epidemic
An analysis of 1,423 facial fractures in 788 patients at an urban trauma center
An analysis of pediatric gunshot wounds treated at a Level I pediatric trauma center
Perspectives on violence and the necessity of fighting
Recognition of and attitude towards domestic violence screening
An exploration of prevalence of domestic violence in same-sex relationships
Assessing the Get Real about ViolenceR Curriculum: process and outcome evaluation results and implications
Effects of a primary care-based intervention on violent behavior and injury in children
Elder abuse
Firearm related deaths: the impact of regulatory reform
Media violence exposure and executive functioning in aggressive and control adolescents
Risk factors for work related violence in a health care organization
An evaluation of knife handle guarding
An evaluation of Safe Dates, an adolescent dating violence prevention program
Analysis of impact of rigid projectiles on compound targets
Anonymously(?) authored book urges violence
Argentine Jewish community institution bomb explosion
Asking about domestic violence: SAFE questions
Assault victimization and suicidal ideation or behavior within a national sample of u.s. adults
Assessing the long-term effects of the Safe Dates program and a booster in preventing and reducing adolescent dating violence victimization and perpetration
Assessment of the incidence of rape--North Carolina, 1989-1993
Assessment of torture and ill treatment of detainees in Mexico: attitudes and experiences of forensic physicians
Association between childhood physical abuse and gastrointestinal disorders and migraine in adulthood
Association of alcohol use and other high-risk behaviors among trauma patients
Attacks on homosexual persons may be increasing, but many 'bashings' still aren't reported to police
Auto theft-related trauma
Hunting-related shooting incidents in Pennsylvania, 1987-1999
Ballistic characteristics of "magnum" sidearm bullets
Ballistics: a pathologic examination of the wounding mechanisms of firearms
Ballistics: a pathophysiologic examination of the wounding mechanisms of firearms: Part I
Ballistics: a pathophysiologic examination of the wounding mechanisms of firearms: Part II
Baseball bat assault injuries
Battered and pregnant: a prevalence study
Battered children of all ages
Battered women: not-so-hot lines
Battering victimization among a probability-based sample of men who have sex with men
BB and pellet gun-related injuries--United States, June 1992-May 1994
BB and pellet guns--toys or deadly weapons?
Beaten to death: why do they die?
Behavioral problems among children whose mothers are abused by an intimate partner
Biological effects of weak blast waves and safety limits for internal organ injury in the human body
Biomechanics of femur fractures secondary to gunshot wounds
Blast injuries: bus versus open-air bombings--a comparative study of injuries in survivors of open-air versus confined-space explosions
Blast injury from explosive munitions
Blast injury research: modeling injury effects of landmines, bullets, and bombs
Response to letter to the editor regarding emergency management of chemical weapons injuries
Bone as a secondary missile: an experimental study in the fragmenting of bone by high-velocity missiles
Brain wounds and their treatment in VII Corps during Operation Desert Storm, February 20 to April 15, 1991
Bullet fragmentation: a major cause of tissue disruption
Bullet trajectory predicts the need for damage control: an artificial neural network model
C-spine injury associated with gunshot wounds to the head: retrospective study and literature review
California trends reveal teenage violence myths
Campaign alerts physicians to identify, assist victims of domestic violence
Can conflict resolution training increase aggressive behavior in young adolescents?
Casualties from terrorist bombings
CDC investigators explore new territory in aftermath of unrest in Los Angeles
Cerebral infarct in head injury: relationship to child abuse
Certification change versus actual behavior change in teenage suicide rates, 1955-1979
Changing profiles in spinal cord injuries and risk factors influencing recovery after penetrating injuries
Characteristics of blunt and personal violent injuries
Characteristics of cavities trailing different projectiles penetrating water
Characterizing perceived police violence: implications for public health
Child abuse and children's advocates, inc
Child abuse and neglect
Child abuse and the physician
Child abuse by burning--an index of suspicion
Child abuse by burning: a review of the literature and an algorithm for medical investigations
Child abuse in Georgia: a method to evaluate risk factors and reporting bias
Child abuse incidence and reporting by hospitals: significance of severity, class, and race
Child abuse laws--are they enough?
Child abuse problem demands much of physician but also of the community and its officials
Child abuse, a neglected form of trauma
Child abuse
Child mistreatment remains an ugly problem
Child molestation and pedophilia
Child molestation and pedophilia. an overview for the physician
Child psychiatrists address problem of youth violence
Childhood abuse and the use of inhalants: differences by degree of use
Childhood trauma and suicidal behavior in male cocaine dependent patients
Childhood victimization and subsequent risk for promiscuity, prostitution, and teenage pregnancy: a prospective study
Children who witness violence
Civil protection orders and risk of subsequent police-reported violence
Civilian gunshot wounds: determinants of injury
Civilian gunshot wounds: determinants of injury
Civilian landmine injuries in Sri Lanka
Clinical pathological conference. violence and brain disease
Cloth ballistic vest alters response to blast
Community violence and asthma morbidity: the Inner-City Asthma Study
Comparing suicide attempters, suicide ideators, and nonsuicidal homeless and runaway adolescents
Comparison of domestic violence screening methods: a pilot study
Adolescent voting for right-wing extremist parties and readiness to use violence in political action: parent and peer contexts
Domestic violence: an approach to identification and intervention
Infant crying and abuse
Intentional burn injury: an evidence-based, clinical and forensic review
Intimate partner violence
Longitudinal predictors of serious physical and sexual dating violence victimization during adolescence
Recognising and responding to partner abuse: challenging the key facts
If only you hadn't, I would not have hit you: infant crying and abuse.

Violence and mortality in West Darfur, Sudan (2003-04): epidemiological evidence from four surveys
Violence and mortality in West Darfur
Risk of driving: male aggressiveness, violence, and delinquency
Comparison of low- and high-velocity ballistic trauma to genitourinary organs
Compassion vs control. conceptual and practical pitfalls in the broadened definition of child abuse
Compromise, complicity, and torture
Consequences of nonpenetrating projectile impact on a protected head: study of rear effects of protections
Contemporary threats to adolescent health in the United States
Content and ratings of teen-rated video games
Contextualizing depression and physical functioning in battered women: adding vulnerability and resources to the analysis
Coping with violence epidemic
Correlates of injury to women with partners enrolled in batterer treatment programs
Costs of treating gunshot and stab wounds
Crack and fatal child abuse
Cross-national comparison of injury mortality: Los Angeles County, California and Mexico City, Mexico
Cutaneous burns caused by sulfuric acid drain cleaner
Dating violence against adolescent girls and associated substance use, unhealthy weight control, sexual risk behavior, pregnancy, and suicidality
Death by hand grenade: altruistic suicide in combat
Deaths from firearms among children and adolescents in New Mexico
Deaths resulting from firearm- and motor-vehicle-related injuries--United States, 1968-1991
Definitions of terrorism
Demographics of civilian cranial gunshot wounds
Demographics of civilian cranial gunshot wounds: devastation related to escalating semiautomatic usage
Denial of handgun purchase to violent misdemeanants
Dermatologic conditions misdiagnosed as evidence of child abuse
Development of a health care provider survey for domestic violence: psychometric properties
Differences in the risk of homicide and other fatal injuries between postpartum women and other women of childbearing age: implications for prevention
Disarming violent domestic abusers is key to saving lives, say experts
Distribution and care of shipboard blast injuries (USS Cole DDG-67)
Do protection orders affect the likelihood of future partner violence and injury?
Does racism harm health? Did child abuse exist before 1962? On explicit questions, critical science, and current controversies: an ecosocial perspective
Does video game violence sow aggression? Studies probe effects of virtual violence on children
Domestic elder abuse and the law
Domestic violence against women
Domestic violence against women. incidence and prevalence in an emergency department population
Domestic violence and primary care. attitudes, practices, and beliefs
Domestic violence hot line's demise: what's next?
Domestic violence in Mexico
Domestic violence recognized as world problem
Domestic violence victims in the emergency department. new findings
Domestic violence, separation, and suicide in young men with early onset alcoholism: reanalyses of Murphy's data
Domestic violence-medieval and modern
Domestic violence
Domestic violence: the role of alcohol
Domestic violence: what to ask, what to do
Duluth takes firm stance against domestic violence; mandates abuser arrest, education
Dum-dums, hollow-points, and devastators: techniques designed to increase wounding potential of bullets
Dyadic death: a typology
Dyadic death: murder-suicide
Early pathomorphologic characteristics of the wound track caused by fragments
Early predictors of adolescent violence
Editorial: Choice of bullets for police use
Editorial: The battered child syndrome: unusual manifestations
Editorial: Weapons and wounds
Effect of an administrative intervention on rates of screening for domestic violence in an urban emergency department
Effect of community-based interventions on high-risk drinking and alcohol-related injuries
Effect of television violence on children and youth
Effects of sexual victimization on suicidal ideation and behavior in u.s. college women
Elder abuse and neglect a new research topic
Elder abuse and neglect. council on scientific affairs
Emergency department screening for domestic violence
Emergency department surveillance for weapon-related injuries--Massachusetts, November 1993-April 1994
Environmental and personality similarities in case histories of suicide and self-poisoning by children under ten
Epidemiologic differences between sexual and physical child abuse
Epidemiologic features of head injury in a predominantly rural population
Epidemiology and prevention of childhood injuries
Epidemiology and prevention of severe assault and gun injuries to children in an urban community
Epidemiology of childhood injury
Epidemiology of combat casualties in Thailand
Epidemiology of trauma deaths: a reassessment
Epidemiology of violent deaths in children and adolescents in the United States
Epidemiology of violent injury in the workplace
Epidemiology study of facial injuries during a 13 month of trauma registry in tehran
Evaluation of the new type of military bullet and rifling
'Dying to Tell?': Do mandatory reporting laws benefit victims of domestic violence?
Black women and intimate partner violence: new directions for research
Helping women understand their risk in situations of intimate partner violence
Internet-initiated sex crimes against minors: Implications for prevention based on findings from a national study
Intimate partner violence and the justice system: an examination of the interface
Longitudinal study of the inception of perimenopause in relation to lifetime history of sexual or physical violence
Separation as a risk factor for victims of intimate partner violence: beyond lethality and injury: a response to Campbell (Letter)
The role of substance use in male-to-female physical and sexual violence: a brief review and recommendations for future research
Toward a national research agenda on violence against women: continuing the dialogue on research and practice
Typologies of men who are maritally violent: scientific and clinical implications
Workplace violence in health care: recognized but not regulated
Youth violence perpetration: What protects? What predicts? Findings from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health
Youth violence: opportunities for intervention
Regionalization as a strategy for the definition of homicide-control public policies
Violent crime and outdoor physical activity among inner-city youth
Expanding handgun bullets
Experiences of harassment, discrimination, and physical violence among young gay and bisexual men
Experimental arrow wounds: ballistics and traumatology
Experimental cardiac trauma--ballistics of a captive bolt pistol
Experimental evaluation of a rig to simulate the response of the thorax to blast loading
Exposure to terrorism, stress-related mental health symptoms, and coping behaviors among a nationally representative sample in Israel
Facial airgun wound
Factors associated with the use of violence among urban black adolescents
Factors that influence clinicians' assessment and management of family violence
Family and other intimate assaults--Atlanta, 1984
Family violence and the insurance industry: education, not discrimination
Fatal injury: characteristics and prevention of deaths at the scene
Fatal occupational injury rates: Quebec, 1981 through 1988
Learning disabilities and bullying: double jeopardy
Physical violence against impoverished women: A longitudinal analysis of risk and protective factors
Female homicides in United States workplaces, 1980-1985
Female suicide and wife abuse: a cross-cultural perspective
Firearm availability and homicide rates across 26 high-income countries
Firearm design and firearm violence
Firearm injuries among Virginia juvenile drug traffickers, 1992 through 1994
Firearm injury prevention counseling by pediatricians and family physicians. practices and beliefs
Firearm training and storage
Firearm violence and public health
Firearm violence and public health. limiting the availability of guns
Firearm-associated deaths and hospitalizations--California, 1995-1996
Firearm-related deaths and hospitalizations--Wisconsin, 1994
Firearm-related deaths--Louisiana and Texas, 1970-1990
Firearm-related fatalities: an epidemiologic assessment of violent death
Firearm-related years of potential life lost before age 65 years--United States, 1980-1991
Firearms and youth suicide
Firearms as a cause of death in the United States, 1920-1982
First reports evaluating the effectiveness of strategies for preventing violence: early childhood home visitation. findings from the task force on community preventive services
First reports evaluating the effectiveness of strategies for preventing violence: firearms laws. findings from the task force on community preventive services
Fractures of the mandible caused by stoning--return of an ancient entity
Fractures with major vascular injuries from gunshot wounds: implications of surgical sequence
Franklin E. Zimring on law and firearms
From deadly weapon to toy and back again: the danger of air rifles
From the centers for disease control. behaviors related to unintentional, intentional injuries, high school students--united states, 1991
From the world health organization. violence prevention: a public health approach
Gang warfare: the medical repercussions
Geographic patterns of urban trauma according to mechanism and severity of injury
Good news on guns--but not for everyone
Guidelines for managing domestic abuse when male and female partners are patients of the same physician. the delphi panel and the consulting group
Gender, caste, and economic inequalities and marital violence in rural South India
Gunshot wounds: bullet caliber is increasing
Gun control, gun ownership, and suicide prevention
Gun injury prevention comes of age
Gun safety and the family physician
Gun-associated violence increasingly viewed as public health challenge
Guns and violence
Guns, drugs threaten to raise public health problem of violence to epidemic
Gunshot injuries in children
Gunshot wounds caused by modern firearms in the light of our investigations
Gunshot wounds in children
Gunshot wounds seen at a county hospital before and after a riot and gang truce: Part Two
Gunshot wounds to the male genitalia
Gunshot wounds: bullet caliber is increasing
Gunshot wounds: evaluating the adequacy of documentation at a level I trauma center
Gunshot wounds: evaluating the adequacy of documentation at a Level I trauma center
Handguns and children: a dangerous mix
Handguns and homicide. a public health problem
Head protection in England before the First World War
Head protection in England before the first World War
Health and justice professionals set goals to lessen domestic violence
Health risk behaviors among adolescents who do and do not attend school--United States, 1992
High-energy, low-velocity close-range shotgun wounds
HIV-positive women report more lifetime partner violence: Findings from a voluntary counseling and testing clinic in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Homemade guns
Homicidal death by air rifle
Homicide and suicide in a metropolitan county. i. long-term trends
Homicide and suicide rates associated with implementation of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act
Homicide followed by suicide--Kentucky, 1985-1990
Homicide followed by suicide: Los Angeles, 1970-1979
Homicide in childhood: a public health problem in need of attention
Homicide prevention and intervention
Homicide trends and characteristics--Brazil, 1980-2002
Homicide while at work: persons, industries, and occupations at high risk
Homicide, suicide, other violence gain increasing medical attention
Homicide-suicides between adult sexual intimates: an Australian study
Homicide-suicides in Fiji: offense patterns, situational factors, and sociocultural contexts
Women at risk of physical intimate partner violence: a cross-sectional analysis of a low-income community in southwest Nigeria
Young and migrants: a multidisicplinary approach in a youth clinic in Geneva
Horseback-riding-associated traumatic brain injuries--Oklahoma, 1992-1994
Hospital costs of firearm injuries
Hospital preparedness for weapons of mass destruction incidents: an initial assessment
Hospital study offers hope of changing lives prone to violence
Hospitalizations for firearm-related injuries. a population-based study of 9,562 patients
Hospitalizations for injury in New Zealand: prior injury as a risk factor for assaultive injury
Human rights, torture, terrorism
Hunting firearm injuries, North Carolina
Hunting firearm injuries
Hunting-associated injuries and wearing "hunter" orange clothing--New York, 1989-1995
Identification and management of domestic violence: a randomized trial
Identified spouse abuse as a risk factor for child abuse
Immigrant South Asian women at greater risk for injury from intimate partner violence
Impact of the Brady act on homicide and suicide rates (Letter)
Impact of the Brady act on homicide and suicide rates (Letter)
Impact resistance of bar glasses
Impending child abuse. psychosomatic symptoms in adults as a clue
Implications of the World Trade Center attack for the public health and health care infrastructures
In the wake of tragedy: studies track psychological response to mass violence
Incidence of gunshot wounds at a county hospital following the Los Angeles riot and a gang truce
Incidence of inflicted traumatic brain injury in infants
Incidence of gunshot wounds at a county hospital following the Los Angeles riot and a gang truce
Incidence of non-fatal workplace assault injuries determined from employer's reports in California
Incidence, causes and severity of injuries in Aquitaine, France: a community-based study of hospital admissions and deaths
Incidence, risk factors and prevention strategies for work-related assault injuries: a review of what is known, what needs to be known, and countermeasures for intervention
Increased damage from rifle wounds of the chest caused by bullets striking commonly carried military equipment
Inflicted burns in children. recognition and treatment
Injuries among inner-city minority women: a population-based longitudinal study
Injuries and illnesses among New York City Fire Department rescue workers after responding to the World Trade Center attacks
Injuries as a public health problem in sub-Saharan Africa: epidemiology and prospects for control
Injuries associated with landmines and unexploded ordnance--Afghanistan, 1997-2002
Injuries in infants and small children resulting from witnessed and corroborated free falls
Injuries to children younger than 1 year of age
Injury control in childhood
Injury mortality among American Indian and Alaska Native children and youth--United States, 1989-1998
Injury mortality in East Germany
Injury prevention practices as depicted in G-rated and PG-rated movies
Intentional traumatic brain injury: epidemiology, risk factors, and associations with injury severity and mortality
Internal deformation of the AK-74; a possible cause for its erratic path in tissue
Interpersonal violence-related injuries in an African-American community in Philadelphia
Interpersonal violence: patterns in a Danish community
Interpretation of research on sexual abuse of boys
Intervening in abusive relationships
Advancing the field of elder mistreatment: a new model for integration of social and medical services
Assessing the risk of domestic violence reoffending: a validation study
Elder mistreatment in women
Influences of income, education, age, and ethnicity on physical abuse before and during pregnancy
Physical partner violence and Medicaid utilization and expenditures
Reliability of sexually violent predator civil commitment criteria in Florida
The CARE Communities project: An academic, practitioner, and federal public health agency collaboration to improve intimate partner violence services for underserved communities
The social networks of women experiencing domestic violence
Violent adolescents: psychiatry, philosophy, and politics
Domestic violence towards children in the material of the Department of Forensic Medicine of the Medical Academy in Bydgoszcz
Temporal analysis of mortality due to intimate partner violence in Spain
Interventions for intimate partner violence against women: clinical applications
Intimate partner violence and women of color: a call for innovations
Intrathoracic pressure variations in an anthropomorphic dummy exposed to air blast, blunt impact, and missiles
Is domestic violence screening helpful?
Is work conducive to self-destruction?
JAMA patient page: bullying
JAMA patient page: inflicted brain injury in children
JAMA patient page: violence in the media
JAMA patient page: youth violence in schools
JAMA Patient Page: child abuse
Juvenile delinquency and adolescent trauma: how strong is the connection?
Landmark article July 7, 1962: The battered-child syndrome
Landmark perspective: The 'battered child' revisited
Landmine-related injuries, 1993-1996
Laws mandating reporting of domestic violence. Do they promote patient well-being?
Letter bomb injuries: a report of three cases
Letter from Cali, violence in the americas
Letter: Re: Child abuse
Letter: Violence and brain disease
Letter: Violence on television
Lifetime and annual incidence of intimate partner violence and resulting injuries--Georgia, 1995
Long-term follow-up of unsuccessful violent suicide attempts: risk factors for subsequent attempts
Low-impact falls: demands on a system of trauma management, prediction of outcome, and influence of comorbidities
Low-velocity gunshot wounds to extremities
Major blunt abdominal trauma due to child abuse
Man-made death: a neglected mortality
Mandatory incarceration for convicted armed felons: a trauma prophylaxis
Massachusetts' new child abuse and neglect felony law repeals religious exemption
Maternal and perinatal risk factors for later delinquency
Mauling by pit bull terriers: case report
Medical care utilization patterns in women with diagnosed domestic violence
Medical ethics and the issue of torture
Medical management of disasters and mass casualties from terrorist bombings: how can we cope?
Mental illness and violent acts: protecting the patient and the public
Methods of suicide among persons aged 10-19 years--United States, 1992-2001
Money for guns: Evaluation of the Seattle gun buy-back program
Morphopathologic observations on high-velocity steel bullet wounds at various intervals after wounding
Mortality rates among opioid addicts in a longitudinal study
Mortality trends and leading causes of death among adolescents and young adults--United States, 1979-1988
Motor vehicle deaths: a rural epidemic
National estimates of nonfatal injuries treated in hospital emergency departments--United States, 2000
National Medical Association Surgical Section position paper on violence prevention. a resolution of trauma surgeons caring for victims of violence
Neuroleptics. violence as a manifestation of akathisia
New classification for deaths and injuries involving terrorism
New frontiers in the relationship between suicidology and law enforcement
New technology in wound ballistics: the Doppler radar
NMA seeks prescription to end violence
Nonfatal and fatal firearm injuries in a rural county
Nonfatal and fatal firearm-related injuries--United States, 1993-1997
Nonfatal physical assault-related injuries treated in hospital emergency departments--United States, 2000
Nonpowder firearm injuries: whose job is it to protect children?
Nonsexual assaults to the genitals in the youth population
Occupational homicides among women--United States, 1980-1985
Occupational injury deaths of postal workers--United States, 1980-1989
Occupational injury mortality rates in the United States: changes from 1980 to 1989
Ocular injuries from violence treated at an inner-city hospital
Offender-victim relationships in criminal homicide followed by offender's suicide, North Carolina, 1972-1977
Origins and clinical relevance of child death review teams
Outcomes and costs of acute treatment of traumatic brain injury
Paramilitary punishment in Northern Ireland: a macabre irony
Parental loss and family violence as correlates of suicide and violence risk
Partner violence among adolescents in opposite-sex romantic relationships: findings from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health
Pattern and mechanism of traumatic amputation by explosive blast
Patterns of alcohol and drug abuse in an urban trauma center: the increasing role of cocaine abuse
Patterns of injury in the battered child syndrome
Pediatric amputation injuries: etiology, cost, and outcome
Pediatric gunshot wounds
Abusive head trauma in young children: characteristics and medical charges in a hospitalized population
City centre violence (Aarhus, Denmark)
Comparison of sexual assaults by strangers versus known assailants in a community-based population
Guns in the home and risk of a violent death in the home: findings from a national study
Homicide and mental illness in New Zealand, 1970-2000
Incidence of child and adolescent abuse among incarcerated females in the northeast of Brazil
Psychiatric morbidity among homicide offenders: a Swedish population study
Screening for domestic violence in a general pediatric clinic: be prepared!
Secondary prevention of domestic violence in HMO primary care: evaluation of alternative implementation strategies
Violence, sex and profanity in films: correlation of movie ratings with content
Zero tolerance for domestic violence
Peer pressure and risk-taking behaviors in children
Penetrating bean bag injury: intrathoracic complication of a nonlethal weapon
Penetrating cardiac injuries: a population-based study
Penetrating head injuries caused by a new weapon, the side dome
Penetrating injury from a less-lethal bean bag gun
Perceptions of child sexual abuse as a public health problem--Vermont, September 1995
Perceptions, safety behaviors, and learning needs of parents of children brought to an emergency department
Perforating eye injury in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
Peripheral high-energy missile hits cause pressure changes and damage to the nervous system: experimental studies on pigs
Physical abuse in children under two: a study of therapeutic outcomes
Physical abuse of women before, during, and after pregnancy
Physical and psychological outcomes 8 months after serious gunshot injury
Physical effects of the penetration of head simulants by steel spheres
Physical violence and injuries in intimate relationships--New York, Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, 1994
Physician complicity in misrepresentation and omission of evidence of torture in postdetention medical examinations in Turkey
Physician firearm ownership as a predictor of firearm injury prevention practice
Physician participation in human rights abuses in southern Iraq
Physician reporting of sexual abuse of children
Physician, heal thyself--then aid abused women
Injury risk of nonpowder guns
Physicians and domestic violence. Can we make a difference?
Physicians and domestic violence: ethical considerations
Physicians try creating a violence-free society
Plastic bullet injuries in Northern Ireland: experiences during a week of civil disturbance
Plastic handguns that resemble toy guns: new technology creates a uniquely hazardous product
Poor hospital documentation of violence against women
Population attributable fractions of psychiatric disorders and behavioral outcomes associated with combat exposure among US men
Position statement. violence and injury in ice hockey
Postal service tries to reverse violent image through employee assistance and team approach
Postnatal causes of developmental disabilities in children aged 3-10 years--Atlanta, Georgia, 1991
Potential for suicide and aggression in delinquents at Juvenile Court in a southern city
Prediction of violence both art and science
Premature mortality due to suicide and homicide--United States, 1983
Premature mortality due to suicide and homicide--United States, 1984
Preparing at the local level for events involving weapons of mass destruction
Preparing the civilian surgeon for combat casualty management
Prevalence and predictors of physical partner abuse among Mexican American women
Prevalence of adult domestic violence among women seeking routine care in a Native American health care facility
Prevalence of child physical and sexual abuse in the community. results from the ontario health supplement
Prevalence of corporal punishment among students in Washington State schools
Prevalence of domestic violence and associated factors among women on a trauma service
Prevalence of violence against pregnant women
Prevalence of war-related sexual violence and other human rights abuses among internally displaced persons in Sierra Leone
Preventing child abuse and neglect with a program of nurse home visitation: the limiting effects of domestic violence
Preventing injuries from violence towards women
Preventing recurring injuries from violence: the risk of assault among Cleveland youth after hospitalization
Preventing school violence: no easy answers
Prevention of traumatic deaths to children in the United States: how far have we come and where do we need to go?
Prevention of violence and injuries due to violence
Prevention of violence. role of the pediatrician
Preventive medicine and public health
Prison rape and suicide
Privacy beliefs and the violent family
Privacy beliefs and the violent family. extending the ethical argument for physician intervention
Proactive violence reduction: successful quality assurance
Problems related to the management of combat wounds caused by specific ordnance
Programs target youth violence prevention
Prospective psychosocial, interpersonal, and behavioral predictors of handgun carrying among adolescents
Protection orders and intimate partner violence: an 18-month study of 150 black, Hispanic, and white women
Psychiatrist explores apocalyptic violence in Heaven's Gate and Aum Shinrikyo cults
Public health and aging: nonfatal physical assault-related injuries among persons aged >60 years treated in hospital emergency departments--United States, 2001
Public health problem of violence receives epidemiologic attention
Violence in America: A public health emergency. Time to bite the bullet back
Rapid assessment of injuries among survivors of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center--New York City, September 2001
Rates and relative risk of hospital admission among women in violent intimate partner relationships
Rates of domestic violence in southern Iraq
Rates of homicide, suicide, and firearm-related death among children--26 industrialized countries
Rates of intimate partner violence in the United States
Re: Firearms as a cause of death in the United States, 1920-1982
Reactions of serum creatine kinase in early phase of spherical steel bullet injury
Recent trends in suicide and homicide among blacks
Reducing lethal violence: a reply to the Stolinskys
Reducing violence--how do we proceed?
Regional variation in suicide and homicide
Repetition of parasuicide: a predictive study
Reporting suspected child abuse
Reporting abuse of competent patients
Rescue fantasies in homicide-suicide
Research in adolescent suicide: implications for training, service delivery, and public policy
Research on violence in developing countries: benefits and perils
Resident-to-resident violent incidents in nursing homes
Resolution of depression among victims of intimate partner violence: is cessation of violence enough?
Retributive rage: the case of Roger
Risk factors for dating violence in adolescents
Risk factors for femicide in abusive relationships: Results from a multisite case control study
Risk factors for injury to women from domestic violence against women
Risk factors for suicide attempts among Navajo adolescents
Risk factors for violent death in children
Routine screening for intimate partner violence in an obstetrics and gynecology clinic
Same-sex romantic attraction and experiences of violence in adolescence
Scale effects in ballistic wounding
School health guidelines to prevent unintentional injuries and violence
School-associated suicides--United States, 1994-1999
School-based interventions for children exposed to violence
Screening mothers for intimate partner abuse at well-baby care visits: the right thing to do
Selected behavioral features of patients with borderline personality traits
Selected perinatal factors and child abuse
Self-directed and other-directed aggressive behavior in a forensic sample
Sensitivity of multiple-cause mortality data for surveillance of deaths associated with head or neck injuries
Severity of intimate partner abuse indicators as perceived by women in Mexico and the United States
Sexual abuse of children
Sexual abuse of children. detection and management
Sexual assault history and suicidal behavior in a national sample of women
Sexual behaviors and reproductive health outcomes: associations with wife abuse in India
Shifting categories of the social harms associated with alcohol: examples from late medieval and early modern England
Shifting patterns of deadly violence
Shock after blast wave injury is caused by a vagally mediated reflex
Shotgun slug injuries: case report and literature review
Shotgun slug injuries: case report and literature review
Shotgun wound ballistics
Shotgun wound ballistics
Silent victims. children who witness violence
Similarities between civilian gunshot wounds to the head and nongunshot head injuries
Slaughter of the innocents
Small fragment wounds: biophysics and pathophysiology
Sociodemographic characteristics and criminality in victims of firearm injuries
Complexity of women's response to violence: response to Briere and Jordan
Intimate partner violence and physical health consequences: commentary on Plichta
Intimate partner violence and physical health consequences: policy and practice implications
Issues related to defining and measuring violence against women: response to Kilpatrick
Primary prevention of intimate partner violence for women's health: a response to Plichta
Researcher-advocate collaborations to end violence against women: toward liberating methodologies for action research
Toward developing complex multivariate models for examining the intimate partner violence-physical health relationship: commentary on Plichta
Some medicolegal aspects of gunshot wounds
Violence against women: outcome complexity and implications for assessment and treatment
Violence in healthcare facilities: lessons from the Veterans Health Administration (USA)
What is violence against women: defining and measuring the problem
What is violence against women? Defining and measuring the problem: a response to Dean Kilpatrick
Profiles of non-victims, escaped victims, continuing victims and new victims of school bullying
Revisiting recent research on Social Learning Theory as an etiological proposition for sexually abusive male adolescents
Adolescent preventive health and teams-games-tournaments: a research and development paradigm entering its fourth decade of research
Some observations relating to behind-body armour blunt trauma effects caused by ballistic impact
Some principles of protection against burns from flame and incendiary munitions
Source of firearms used by students in school-associated violent deaths--United States, 1992-1999
Spent bullets and their injuries: the result of firing weapons into the sky
Spinal cord injuries caused by missile weapons in the Croatian war
Spinal injuries in child abuse: case report
State gun safe storage laws and child mortality due to firearms
Statement on child abuse and neglect
States debate 'carrying concealed weapons'laws
Statistical association between firearm availability and an increased incidence of violent death in children
Status of public health--Bosnia and Herzegovina, August-September 1993
Strategic thinking about gun markets and violence
Strict firearm laws have been claimed to reduce rates of suicide and homicide
Student injuries due to aggressive behavior in the Seattle public schools during the school year 1969-1970
Suicidal ideation among adolescent school children, involvement in bully-victim problems, and perceived social support
Suicidal women and their relationships with husbands, boyfriends, and lovers
Suicide among adolescents and young adults: a cross-national comparison of 34 countries
Suicide among Hispanics--United States, 1997-2001
Suicide among police in a federal force
Suicide and firearm prevalence
Suicide and firearm prevalence: are youth disproportionately affected?
Suicide and homicide rates are not correlated with each other
Suicide and homicide rates in Canada and the United States
Suicide and homicide rates: their relationship to latitude and longitude and to the weather
Suicide attempts and physical fighting among high school students--United States, 2001
Suicide in released prisoners of war
Suicide in San Francisco, CA: a comparison of Caucasian and Asian groups, 1987-1994
Suicide planning among high school students who report attempting suicide
Suicide, homicide, and the quality of life: an archival study
Surveillance for traumatic brain injury deaths--United States, 1989-1998
Surveillance of non-fatal workplace assault injuries, using police and employers' reports
Survey shows surprising rate of child sexual abuse
Survival in extreme conditions
Vulnerability re-assessed: The changing face of sex work in Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh
Cultural considerations in understanding family violence among Asian American Pacific Islander families
Dangerousness in the home--violence against women
Intimate partner violence in American Indian and/or Alaska Native communities: a social ecological framework of determinants and interventions
Reliability and validity of aggressive driving measures in China
The role of behavioral undercontrol in the relation between alcohol use and partner aggression
To prevent, react, and rebuild: health research and the prevention of genocide
Youth violence: an exploratory study of a treatment program in a central Illinois county
Inflicted head injury in infants
Mortality before and after the 2003 invasion of Iraq: cluster sample survey
Taking aim at gun violence: tracing bullets and guns to sideline scofflaw dealers
Taking aim at handgun violence
Teen suicide and changing cause-of-death certification, 1953-1987
Temporal variations in school-associated student homicide and suicide events--United States, 1992-1999
Terminal behaviour of deforming bullets
Terminal effects of bullets based on firing results in gelatin medium and on numerical modeling
Terrorism: a public health threat with a trauma system response
The accuracy of predictions of violence to others
The application of preventive medicine to the control of violence
The association of trauma death and alcohol use in a rural state
The baseball bat: a popular mechanism of urban injury
The battering child
The burden of responsibility in suicide and homicide
The cost of hospitalization for firearm injuries
The economic burden of hospitalizations associated with child abuse and neglect
The effects of retained lead bullets on body lead burden
The emergency department log as a simple injury-surveillance tool
The epidemic of gang-related homicides in Los Angeles County from 1979 through 1994
The epidemiology of child abuse: findings from the Second National Incidence and Prevalence Study of Child Abuse and Neglect
The epidemiology of firearm deaths among residents of California
The financial impact of intentional violence on community hospitals
The Glasgow Coma Scale and prognosis in gunshot wounds to the brain
The growing use of firearms by suicidal older women, 1979-1992: a research note
The idolatry of velocity, or lies, damn lies, and ballistics
The impact of school-organized sport activities on the priority youth health-risk behaviors
The incidence and outcome of penetrating and blunt trauma in central Bosnia: the Nova Bila Hospital for War Wounded
The incidence of acute brain injury and serious impairment in a defined population
The influence of personal blast protection on the distribution and severity of primary blast gut injury
The injury potential and lethality of stab wounds: a Folsom Prison Study
The unrelenting epidemic of violence in America: truths and consequences
The Los Angeles riots of 2014: how to avert them
The mechanism of shotgun wounds
The new epidemic in children: penetrating injuries
The participation of females in the labor force and rates of personal violence (suicide and homicide)
The past, present, and future of wound ballistics research in China
The pattern of gunshot injuries in a communal clash as seen in two Nigerian teaching hospitals
The positive predictive value of rib fractures as an indicator of nonaccidental trauma in children
The preventive effect of strict gun control laws on suicide and homicide
The relationship between socioeconomic factors and gang violence in the City of Los Angeles
The rise and decline of homicide--and why
The risk of assaultive violence and alcohol availability in Los Angeles County
The risk of domestic violence and women with HIV infection: implications for partner notification, public policy, and the law
The role of firearms and violence
The sexual assault of women at work in Washington State, 1980 to 1989
The solution is injury prevention
The spectrum of intent in fatal child abuse
The terrorist bomb explosion in Bologna, Italy, 1980: an analysis of the effects and injuries sustained
The use of chemical incapacitant sprays: a review
The violence our violent country does to others
The wound profile: illustration of the missile-tissue interaction
The wounding characteristics of spherical steel fragments in live tissues
Could nursery rhymes cause violent behaviour? A comparison with television viewing
Domestic violence--a comparison of activities in the health care sector in Brazil and Germany
Epidemic theory and group violence
Ethnic differences in battered women's formal help-seeking strategies: A focus on health, mental health, and spirituality
Exposure to violence and low-income children's mental health: Direct, moderated, and mediated relations
Helping prevent violence against pregnant women
Increasing inequalities in risk of murder in Britain: trends in the demographic and spatial distribution of murder, 1981-2000
Youth in detention and handguns
Injury recurrence among untreated and medically treated victims of violence in the USA
Social network predictors of bullying and victimization
Substance use and youth violence. a study among 6th to 10th grade Israeli school children
Suicide and violence in patients with major psychiatric disorders
The criteria for causation of alcohol in violent injuries based on emergency room data from six countries
Susan Limber: award for distinguished early career contributions to psychology in the public interest
Physical abuse of women
War injuries of the extremities
The war in Iraq: civilian casualties, political responsibilities
Association of selected risk factors with variation in child and adolescent firearm mortality by state
The special injury pattern in terrorist bombings
Thoracic BB injuries in pediatric patients
Tibial fractures associated with civilian gunshot injuries
Tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use among high school students in Bureau of Indian Affairs-funded schools--United States, 2001
Tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use among high school students--United States, 1991
Torture and its treatment
Toward the prevention of torture
Tracing the Brady Act's connection with homicide and suicide trends
Training in wound ballistics: operation exercise at the Defence Medical Training Centre
Trauma and human violence
Trauma in pregnancy: anesthetic management of the parturient with multiple gun shot wounds to the gravid uterus and fetal injury
Traumatic brain injury among American Indians/Alaska Natives--United States, 1992-1996
Traumatic brain injury-related hospital discharges. results from a 14-state surveillance system, 1997
Traumatic occupational fatalities in the retail industry, United States 1992-1996
Tree stand-related injuries among deer hunters--Georgia, 1979-1989
Trends in hanging and firearm suicide rates in Australia: substitution of method?
Truncal gunshot wounds in Finland, 1985 to 1989
Twenty-one-year experience with land mine injuries
Two new projects to help Native Americans end substance abuse and domestic violence
Two New York City hospitals' surgical response to the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack in New York City
Unarmed violence-related injuries requiring hospitalization in Sweden from 1987 to 1994
Uncovering the mystery: factors of African American suicide
Underascertainment of child abuse mortality in the United States
Underrecording of infant homicide in the United States
Unintentional carbon monoxide-related deaths in the United States, 1979 through 1988
Unintentional death, suicide, and domestic homicide against the improbable threat of an undefined terrorist or criminal threat
Unintentional firearm-related fatalities among children and teenagers--United States, 1982-1988
United States Army Rangers in Somalia: an analysis of combat casualties on an urban battlefield
Update: external cause-of-injury coding in hospital discharge data--United States, 1994
Urban firearm deaths: a five-year perspective
Urban violence in Los Angeles in the aftermath of the riots: a perspective from health care professionals, with implications for social reconstruction
Urban violence in Los Angeles
Urban violence: A health care issue
Victim as offender in youth violence
Violence begins at home
Violence by male partners against women during the childbearing year: a contextual analysis
Violence decreases with gang truce
Violence during pregnancy among women with or at risk for HIV infection
Violence hits public health: Surgeon General
Violence in America: a public health crisis--domestic violence
Violence in America: a public health crisis--the role of firearms. Violence Prevention Task Force of the Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma
Violence in America: guns
Violence in America: guns
Violence in America: Time to bite the bullet back
Violence in children's films and video games
Violence in E-rated video games
Violence in G-rated animated films
Violence in geriatric patients
Violence in geriatric patients
Violence in television commercials during nonviolent programming. the 1996 major league baseball playoffs
Violence increasingly being viewed as problem of public health; prevention programs attempted
Violence, a neglected epidemic: call for papers
Violence--ubiquitous, threatening, and preventable
Violence-related behaviors among high school students--United States, 1991-2003
Violence-related traumatic brain injury: a population-based study
Violence: America's uncivil war--presidential address, Sixth Scientific Assembly of the Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma
Violent death among intimate partners: A comparison of homicide and homicide followed by suicide in California
Violent death in the West: suicide and homicide in New Mexico, 1958-1987
Violent deaths among persons 15-24 years of age--United States, 1970-1978
Violent events and security programs in California Emergency Departments before and after the 1993 Hospital Security Act
Critical incident stress debriefing: a health promotion model for workplace violence
Visual mechanisms and predictors of far field visual task performance
Vulnerability, victims and violence
War injuries among children in Karlovac District, Croatia
War injuries of major extremity vessels
Watch what kids are watching, says AAP
Weapon-related injury surveillance in the emergency department
What can we do about violence?
What to do when faced with troubling suspicion that young patient may be victim of abuse?
When does a worker's death become murder?
When physicians ask, women tell about domestic abuse and violence
While national domestic violence hot line's down, other resources can assist physicians, patients
Who gets protection orders for intimate partner violence?
Wife abuse among women of childbearing age in Nicaragua
Wife abuse. the diagnosis and its implications
Workplace homicides of Texas males
Workplace violence in municipal occupations
Workplace-violence investigations by the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health, 1993-1996
Wound ballistics of Swedish 5.56-mm assault rifle AK 5
Wound ballistics of unstable projectiles. part ii: temporary cavity formation and tissue damage
Wound-dynamic studies in Australia
Years of potential life lost before age 65, by race, Hispanic origin, and sex--United States, 1986-1988
Young female violent death trends in the general population during the Vietnam era
Young male violent death trends in the general population during the Vietnam era
Attributions toward violence of male juvenile delinquents: a concurrent mixed-methodological analysis
Child sexual abuse in China: a study of adolescents in four provinces
Domestic violence, sexual ownership, and HIV risk in women in the American deep south
Youth and violence on local television news in California
Younger children, more girls commit acts of violence: some get help, others receive only punishment
Fixing broken bones and broken homes: domestic violence as a patient safety issue
Intention to participate in child sexual abuse prevention programs: a study of Chinese adults in Hong Kong
Links between pubertal timing and neighborhood contexts: implications for girls' violent behavior
Previous emergency department use among homicide victims and offenders: A case-control study
Psychosocial risk factors associated with suicide attempts and violence among psychiatric inpatients
Suicide bombers: are psychological profiles possible?
Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance--United States, 1995
Youth risk behavior surveillance--United States, 1997
Youth risk behavior surveillance--United States, 1999
Youth risk behavior surveillance--United States, 2001
Youth risk behavior surveillance--United States, 2003
Youth suicide: a psychosocial perspective
Youth suicide: insights from 5 years of Arizona Child Fatality Review Team data
Alcoholism at the time of injury among trauma center patients: vehicular crash victims compared with other patients
An exploratory study of the relationship between road rage and crash experience in a representative sample of US drivers
Anger and aggression among drivers in three European countries
Are aggressive people aggressive drivers? A study of the relationship between self-reported general aggressiveness, driver anger and aggressive driving
Acid violence: a burning issue of Bangladesh-its medicolegal aspects
Attachment styles and violence within couples
Battle scars: global conflicts and environmental health; the price of preparing for war
Family violence among adults with severe mental illness: a neglected area of research
Neonaticidal mothers: are more boys killed?
Perceptions of domestic violence: a dialogue with African American women
Predicting wife assault: a critical review and implications for policy and practice
Premigration exposure to political violence among independent immigrants and its association with emotional distress.

Preventing violence and related health-risking social behaviors in adolescents
Rates and risk factors for sexual violence among an ethnically diverse sample of adolescents
Suffocation and poisoning-the hard-hitting side of Munchausen syndrome by proxy
The detection and treatment of substance abuse in offenders with major mental illness: an intervention study
Exploring the Association Between HIV and Violence: Young People's Experiences with Infidelity, Violence and Forced Sex in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Exposure to media violence and bullying at school: mediating influences of anger and contact with delinquent friends
Intimate partner violence in China: national prevalence, risk factors and associated health problems
Preparing for an era of weapons of mass destruction (WMD)--are we there yet? Why we should all be concerned?  Part ii
Prevalence of intimate partner violence among women presenting to an urban adult and paediatric emergency care department
Reproductive health services and intimate partner violence: shaping a pragmatic response in sub-saharan Africa
Screening for domestic violence: practice patterns, knowledge, and attitudes of physicians in Arizona
Socioeconomic factors and processes associated with domestic violence in rural Bangladesh
The relationship between intimate partner violence and unintended pregnancy: analysis of a national sample from Colombia
Update on firearm use in G- and PG-rated movies
Violence against women in New Zealand: prevalence and health consequences
Workplace bullying: the silent epidemic
Relationship between posttraumatic stress disorder and asthma among New York area residents exposed to the World Trade Center disaster
Children's Exposure to Violence: Exploring Developmental Pathways to Diverse Outcomes
Empirically enhanced reflections on 20 years of rape research
From gunstore to smoking gun: tracking guns that kill children in North Carolina
The most important things learned about violence and trauma in the past 20 years
The public health context of violence in Colombia
The bane of "inhumane" weapons and overkill: an overview of increasingly lethal arms and the inadequacy of regulatory controls
Advances in violence and trauma: toward comprehensive ecological models
Prevalence of Domestic Violence When Midwives Routinely Enquire in Pregnancy
Lessons learned and unanswered questions about sexual assault perpetration
Of mice and men: Will the intersection of social science and genetics create new approaches for intimate partner violence?
Prevalence of and risk factors for intimate partner violence in China
Targets of partner violence: the importance of understanding coping trajectories
Thoughts on interpersonal violence and lessons learned: fact or fiction
Preventing violence and trauma in the next generation
Reflections on 20 Years of Research on Violence and Trauma
Reflections on Partner Violence: 20 Years of Research and Beyond
The past and the future of violence against women
Top 10 Greatest "Hits": important findings and future directions for intimate partner violence research
Acculturation, gender stereotypes, and attitudes about dating violence among Latino youth
Ascertainment of intimate partner violence in women seeking legal protection
Design and injury assessment criteria for blunt ballistic impacts
Detecting ongoing intimate partner violence in the emergency department using a simple 4-question screen: the OVAT
Illicit substance use and intimate partner violence among men in batterers' intervention
Impact of training on work-related assault
Storage of poisonous substances and firearms in homes with young children visitors and older adults
The association between presence of children in the home and firearm-ownership and -storage practices
The economic toll of intimate partner violence against women in the United States
The tip of the iceberg for child abuse: the critical roles of the pediatric trauma service and its registry
The use of temporary restraining orders (TROs) as a strategy to address intimate partner violence
Alcohol, unintentional injuries and violence against emergency health care workers
Shaken baby syndrome: assessment, intervention, and prevention
Fatal poisoning in childhood, England and Wales 1968-2000
Anger, hostility, and male perpetrators of intimate partner violence: A meta-analytic review
Complex investigation of body injuries and clothing during the identification of the assault instrument
Conventional terrorism and critical care
Ignoring it doesn't make it stop: adolescents, appearance, and bullying
Injuries and deaths caused by unexploded ordnance in Afghanistan: review of surveillance data, 1997-2002
Integrating international responses to complex emergencies, unconventional war, and terrorism
Is there violence in the neighbourhood? Ask the children
Perceptions of service providers and community members on intimate partner violence within a Latino community
Sudden unexpected infant death: infanticide or SIDS?
The differential association of intimate partner physical, sexual, psychological, and stalking violence and posttraumatic stress symptoms in a nationally representative sample of women
Tobacco Industry Sponsorship of Community-Based Public Health Initiatives: Why AIDS and Domestic Violence Organizations Accept or Refuse Funds
War, mental disorder and suicide
Zero tolerance for domestic violence
Detection of domestic violence against women: Survey in a primary health care clinic
A review of satellite and airborne sensors for remote sensing based detection of minefields and landmines
Domestic violence: improved screening techniques could reverse this chronic health problem
Drinking, alcohol problems and the five-year recurrence and incidence of male to female and female to male partner violence
Psychological intimate partner violence: the major predictor of posttraumatic stress disorder in abused women
Quality of life and depression in women abused by their partners
Trends of homicide death in Brazil in the 90s: the role of firearms
Adolescent help-seeking for dating violence: Prevalence, sociodemographic correlates, and sources of help
Are there patterns of bruising in childhood which are diagnostic or suggestive of abuse? A systematic review
Arrests for intimate partner violence in female detention patients
Assessment of trauma symptoms among adolescent assault victims
Attention deficit disorder and hospitalization owing to intra- and interpersonal violence among children and young adolescents
Attributable risk of injury associated with alcohol use: cross-national data from the emergency room collaborative alcohol analysis project
Attributions and behaviours of parents abused as children: a mediational analysis of the intergenerational continuity of child maltreatment (Part II)
Bullying and peer victimization: Position paper of the Society for Adolescent Medicine
Implementation of a male domestic violence screening program
Did the defeat of Saddam Hussein reduce suicide bombing casualties and attacks in Israel? A statistical analysis
Domestic violence, lifetime trauma and psychological health of childbearing women
Depression: a deadly comorbidity
Emergency department patients' opinions of screening for intimate partner violence among women
Humeral fractures and non-accidental injury in children
Health care interventions for intimate partner violence: What women want
Hidden victims: the healthcare needs and experiences of older women in abusive relationships
High CSF-insulin in violent suicide attempters
How nurses' experiences of domestic violence influence service provision: Study conducted in North-west province, South Africa
Issues and dynamics of sexually assaulted adolescents and their families
Parental influences on adolescent problem behavior: revisiting Stattin and Kerr
Torn frenulum and non-accidental injury in children
Overcrowded motor vehicle trauma from the smuggling of illegal immigrants in the desert of the Southwest
Physical abuse: Recognition and reporting
Plastic baton round injuries
Reporting of gunshot wounds by doctors in emergency departments: A duty or a right? Some legal and ethical issues surrounding breaking patient confidentiality
Social anatomy of racial and ethnic disparities in violence
Neighborhood cohesion as a buffer against hostile maternal parenting
Suicide and homicide in rural areas of California
Symbolic violence and the neighbourhood: the educational aspirations of 7-8 year old working-class girls
The contributions of community, family, and school variables to student victimization
The increasing English homicide rate
Firearm safety
Hunting: a safe, family tradition
11 March 2004: The terrorist bomb explosions in Madrid, Spain - an analysis of the logistics, injuries sustained and clinical management of casualties treated at the closest hospital
Contributions to the study of violence and trauma: multisystemic therapy, exposure therapy, attachment styles, and therapy process research
Aggression, social cognitions, anger and sadness in bullies and victims
A comparison of two surveillance systems for deaths related to violent injury
An internet-based violence prevention resource guide for trauma care professionals
Biosocial bases of aggressive and violent behavior-implications for nursing studies
Building friendships and combating bullying: effectiveness of SSGRIN at one-year follow-up
Burnt pregnant wives: a social stigma
Domestic violence in Singapore: a ten year comparison of victim profile
Existence of staff barriers to partner violence screening and screening practices in military prenatal settings
Gender stereotypes, aggression, and computer games: an online survey of women
Impact of childhood abuse on the clinical course of bipolar disorder
An actuarial model for assessment of prison violence risk among maximum security inmates
Intimate partner violence: homicides followed by suicides in Kentucky
Investigating infant deaths
Maternal and neonatal outcomes of assaults during pregnancy
Medical consequences of terrorist bombs containing spherical metal pellets: analysis of a suicide terrorism event
Mental health care for ethnic minority individuals and communities in the aftermath of disasters and mass violence
Posttraumatic stress disorder in the general population after mass terrorist incidents: considerations about the nature of exposure
Combating child homicide: preventive policing for the new millennium
School bullying and suicidal risk in Korean middle school students
Severe Intimate Partner Violence and Alcohol Use among Female Trauma Patients
Sexual victimization among a national probability sample of adolescent women
The case for enhanced data collection of gun type
The effect of violent versus non-violent incidents on eyewitness memory
The impact of conflict on children: the Palestinian experience
The impact of current and past interpersonal violence on women's mental health
Traffic violations: determining the meaning of violence in sexual trafficking versus sex work
Understanding the new context of the male sex work industry
Violence and legalized brothel prostitution in Nevada: examining safety, risk, and prostitution policy
Women's perceived experiences of abuse in the health care system: their relationship to childhood abuse
Child abuse
Domestic violence, an universal phenomenon
Nuances of violence against women: knowing the phenomenon
Psychological state of abused children of risk group
The profile of female victims of conjugal violence
Community interventions to prevent violence: Translation into public health practice
Firearms laws and the reduction of violence: A systematic review
Gunshot fatalities: suicide, homicide or accident? A series of 48 cases
Harmful alcohol use of those who died a violent death (the extended region of Ljubljana 1995-1999)
Impact of the terrorist bombings of the Neve Shalom and Beth Israel synagogues on a hospital in Istanbul, Turkey
Abstracts of the 13th annual research conference and workshop on violence prevention. November 10-12, 2004, Kingston, Jamaica
Culture and interpersonal violence research: paradigm shift to create a full continuum of domestic violence services
Recommendations to reduce violence through early childhood home visitation, therapeutic foster care, and firearms laws
Screening for intimate-partner violence in the pediatric emergency department
Sharp force fatalities: suicide, homicide or accident? A series of 21 cases
Alcohol consumption and domestic violence against mothers
Stop America's violence everywhere: bullying
Suicide and the war in Croatia
The effectiveness of early childhood home visitation in preventing violence: A systematic review
The effectiveness of therapeutic foster care for the prevention of violence: A systematic review
Towards collation and modelling of the global cost of armed violence on civilians
Dating violence prevention in middle school and high school youth
Domestic violence and minoritisation: Legal and policy barriers facing minoritized women leaving violent relationships
Domestic violence in Spain
Gun storage practices and risk of youth suicide and unintentional firearm injuries
Gunshot injuries to the extremities: experience of a U.K. trauma centre
New Developments in Prevention and Early Intervention for Alcohol Abuse in Youths
Advances and future directions in the study of children's neurobiological responses to trauma and violence exposure
Risk factors for partner violence among a national sample of combat veterans
Sexual abuse of boys
Assessment of hate crime offenders: the role of bias intent in examining violence risk
Violence against young Australian women and association with reproductive events: a cross-sectional analysis of a national population sample
What can be done to prevent violence and maltreatment of children with disabilities?
Does childhood sexual abuse set in motion a cycle of violence against women? What we know and what we need to learn
Domestic violence research: what have we learned and where do we go from here?
Fatal gunshot wounds between 1995 and 2001 in a highly populated region in Finland
Can we compare violence data across countries?
Improving violence intervention outcomes by integrating alcohol treatment
Intimate partner violence in the U.S. general population: progress and future directions
Intimate partner violence research in the health care setting: what are appropriate and feasible methodological standards?
A statewide case-control study of spousal homicide-suicide in older persons
Nature-nurture interplay: genetically informative designs contribute to understanding the effects of trauma and interpersonal violence
After hours care--a qualitative study of GPs' perceptions of risk of violence and effect on service provision
Physical forms of contemporary small-arms propellants and their forensic value
The discovery of acquaintance rape: the salience of methodological innovation and rigor
The influence of violent media on children and adolescents:a public-health approach
Trauma and violence research: taking stock in the 21st century
Youth violence in everyday life
Criminal history and assault of dating partners: the role of type of prior crime, age of onset, and gender
Current state of knowledge on child-to-mother violence: a literature review
Effects of violence exposure and daily stressors on psychological outcomes in urban adolescents
Epidemiologic features of the physical and sexual maltreatment of children in the Carolinas
Evaluation of the Effects of the Aban Aya Youth Project in Reducing Violence among African American Adolescent Males Using Latent Class Growth Mixture Modeling Techniques
Experiences of sexual violence and relocation in the lives of HIV infected Canadian women
Family violence: walking the tight rope between maternal alienation and child safety
Homicide: a leading cause of injury deaths among pregnant and postpartum women in the United States, 1991-1999
How to prevent violence at work
Domestic violence: Recognising the signs
Income, family characteristics, and physical violence toward children
Increasing homicide rates and linoleic acid consumption among five Western countries, 1961-2000
Intimate partner physical assault before and during pregnancy: how does it relate to women's psychological vulnerability?
Community level effects of gender inequality on intimate partner violence and unintended pregnancy in Colombia: Testing the feminist perspective
Patterns of mutual and nonmutual spouse abuse in the U.S. Army (1998-2002)
Potential for violence against teenage retail workers in the United States
Counting to ten milliseconds: Low-anger, but not high-anger, individuals pause following negative evaluations
Psychological health and bullying behavior among adolescent prisoners: A study of young and juvenile offenders
Relationship between drug abuse and intimate partner violence: a longitudinal study among women receiving methadone
Bullying and symptoms among school-aged children: International comparative cross sectional study in 28 countries
School connectedness, anger behaviors, and relationships of violent and nonviolent American youth
Testing three competing hypotheses for explaining lethal violence
Aggressors against women in prison and in the community: an exploratory study of a differential profile
Validation of the HITS Domestic Violence Screening Tool With Males
Violent lives of women: critical points for intervention--phase I focus groups
Where to publish family violence research?
Revealing new contexts of violence in therapeutic work with families (from label to description)
The specificity of injuries inflicted by shots made from remade and self-made guns with silencers
Penetrating missile injuries during asymmetric warfare in the 2003 Gulf conflict
A skin on fire: The link between thermal metaphors and early trauma in a case of pedophilia
Risk factors for reabuse in intimate partner violence: a cross-disciplinary critical review
Sleep-related Violence
The Canadian contribution to violence risk assessment: history and implications for current psychiatric practice
Triage decisions of United Kingdom police firearms officers using a multiple-casualty scenario paper exercise
Violence exposure and traumatic stress symptoms as additional predictors of health problems in high-risk children
Violence perpetration among urban American Indian youth: can protection offset risk?
What girls need: recommendations for preventing violence among urban girls in the US
Domestic elder abuse and neglect-conclusions from the evaluation of a model project
Recent history of the news coverage of violence against women in Spain, 1997-2001
"Assault weapons" revisited--an analysis of the AMA report
"Locks for Life": a gun lock distribution community health intervention program
"Love our kids, lock your guns": a community-based firearm safety counseling and gun lock distribution program
'Ammunition' needed to fight firearm-related injuries, deaths
'Icebreaker' clears way for gun control efforts
A call to arms: the emergency physician, international perspectives on firearm injury prevention and the Canadian gun control debate
A comparison of firearms--related legislation on four continents
A comparison of violence exposure and perpetration in recruits and high school students
A death from an air gun
A firearm safety program for children: they just can't say no
A novel hunting accident. discharge of a firearm by a hunting dog
A population-based study of fatal and nonfatal firearm-related injuries
A population-based study of severe firearm injury among children and youth
A profile of rural Texas adolescents who carry handguns to school
A radio-based approach to promoting gun safety: process and outcome evaluation implications and insights
A study of 93 deaths from gunshot injuries during security force action in the Greater Cape Town area, 1985
A survey of gun collection and use among three groups of veteran patients admitted to veterans affairs hospital treatment programs
A synopsis of urban firearm ballistics: Washington, DC model
A time-series analysis of trends in firearm-related homicide and suicide
Abdominal injuries due to blank cartridges
Access to methods of suicide: what impact?
Accidental death by gunshot wound--fact or fiction
Accidental deaths involving derringer handguns: a report of three cases
Accidental firearm fatalities among New Mexico children
Accidental firearm fatalities and injuries among recreational hunters
Accidental firearm fatalities during hunting
Accidental firearm fatalities in a metropolitan county (1958-1973)
Abhorrent weapons and 'superfluous injury or unnecessary suffering': a concern for trauma surgeons?
Accidental firearm fatalities
Accidental firearm fatalities. forensic and preventive implications
Accidental firearm injury in childhood--a predictor of social and medical outcome?
Accidental injuries from captive-bolt guns (slaughterer's gun)
Accidental shotgun injuries sustained in game-shooting
Acoustic trauma of sportsman hunter due to gun firing
African-American adults' perceptions of guns and violence
Air gun injuries in children
Air gun injuries in children
Air gun injuries in children: a continuing cause for concern
Air gun injuries to the eye in children: Canadian ophthalmologists have to stop the onslaught
Air gun pellet penetration
Air guns: the main cause of enucleation secondary to trauma in children and young adults in the greater Ottawa area in 1974-93
Air pellet gun injury
Air-gun pellet injuries to the head and neck in children
Alcoholism and gun control
American as apple pie; guns in the lives of US children and youth
An analysis of fatal and non-fatal head wounds incurred during combat in Vietnam by U.S. forces
An analysis of firearm injuries to the head and face in Belfast 1969-1977
An assessment of the validity of the injury severity score when applied to gunshot wounds
An investigation into pellet dispersion ballistics
Are toy guns too dangerous?
Assessing the increase in firearm-related homicides in Wisconsin, 1979-1993
At both ends of the gun: testing the relationship between community violence exposure and youth violent behavior
At the summit: Minnesota youth lobby for gun safety
Attitudes toward gun control and personality
Attitudes toward gun control in urban and suburban youth
Australia's new gun laws: preventing the backslide
Australians swift and decisive on gun violence
Automatic rifle injuries: suicide by eight bullets: report of an unusual case and a literature review
Autopsy examination of firearm fatalities
BB gun injuries: two case reports
BB-gun injuries to the eye
Behavior-oriented approaches to reducing youth gun violence
Breaking the cycle of violence among youth living in metropolitan Atlanta: a case history of kids alive and loved
Can psychiatry contribute to gun control?
Capital punishment, gun control, and personal violence (suicide and homicide)
Characteristics of cerebral gunshot injuries in the rural setting
Characteristics of firearms and gunshot wounds as markers of suicide
Chasing the casing: a 38 Special suicide
Childhood injuries caused by nonpowder firearms
Children and guns in a well child cohort
Children who murder: a review
Children's and women's ability to fire handguns. the pediatric practice research group
Children, adolescents, and guns in Louisiana: a thought experiment
Children, youth, and gun violence: analysis and recommendations
Civilian gunshot wounds and ballistics: dispelling the myths
Classification of gunshot injuries in civilians
Clinical case histories and sketches of gun-shot injuries from the Carlist War
Clinical update: gunshot wound ballistics
Comparison of the costs of acute treatment for gunshot and stab wounds: further evidence of the need for firearms control
Compliance with recommendations to remove firearms in families participating in a clinical trial for adolescent depression
CPHA gun control campaign successful
Cost of children's firearm injuries
Crime control or gun control?
Culture of fear. parallels between hospital birth and gun ownership
Cutaneous current marks due to a stun gun injury
Data collection system needed for gun injuries
Death from "non-lethal" firearm
Dealing with school shootings, violence: how Jonesboro and Denver hospitals met this new challenge to emergency preparedness
Deaths due to firearms injuries in children
Debating gun registration
Development and factor analysis of a measure of youth attitudes toward guns and violence
Disaster may be a boy with a gun
Discussion of "minimal velocities necessary for perforation of skin by air gun pellets and bullets"
Doctors may have say on gun licences
Doctors may have to countersign gun applications
Does handgun legislation change firearm fatalities?
Drugs and firearm deaths in New York City, 1990-1998
Drugs and guns among inner-city high school students
Educating the community about violence through a gun turn-in program
Educating youths and their parents about the prevention of firearm injury
Education is key to firearm safety
Effect of gun control legislation on suicide
Effects of gun control on homicide in Canada
Effects of gun admonitions on the behaviors and attitudes of school-aged boys
Effects of gun laws on suicide rates
Effects of Maryland's law banning "Saturday night special" handguns on homicides
Electronic gun (Taser) injuries
Epidemiologic trends in firearm suicides among adolescents
Epidemiology of firearm mortality and injury estimates: state of Connecticut, 1988-1993
Electronic weaponry--a question of safety
Emergency medical services providers and weapons in the prehospital setting
Episodic and persistent gun-carrying among urban African-American adolescents
Family practice physicians' firearm safety counseling beliefs and behaviors
Factors preventing gun acquisition and carrying among incarcerated adolescent males
Family experiences, attitudes, and household safety practices regarding firearms
Fatal firearm accidents in Sweden
Fatal firearm accidents in the United States
Fatal firearm injuries caused by handmade weapons
Fatal firearm injuries in Finland: a nationwide survey
Fatal firearm wounds: a clinicopathologic study
Fatal firearm-related injury surveillance in Maryland
Fatal neck injuries caused by blank cartridges
Fatal nonpowder firearm wounds: case report and review of the literature
Federal gun storage legislation: will this keep guns out of the hands of our children?
Female suicides in Berlin with the use of firearms
Fetal gunshot wound characteristics
Fighting fire with cease fire. thoughts on guns and health care
Firearm availability and the incidence of suicide and homicide
Firearm availability and the use of firearms for suicide and homicide
Firearm collection and use among combat veterans admitted to a posttraumatic stress disorder rehabilitation unit
Firearm counseling by physicians: coverage under medical liability insurance policies
Firearm deaths among children and youth
Firearm deaths and the density of firearms dealers in America
Firearm deaths in Canadian adolescents and young adults
Firearm deaths in the United States and gun availability
Firearm deaths in Yorkshire and Humberside
Firearm fatalities and injuries from hunting accidents in Germany
Firearm fatalities in Eastern Saudi Arabia: impact of culture and legislation
Firearm fatalities in Edirne, 1984-1997
Firearm fatalities in Jordan
Firearm fatalities in Victoria, Australia 1988
Firearm fatalities
Firearm fatalities. a preliminary study report from Iran
Firearm fatalities: epidemiologic and investigational considerations
Firearm injuries among children and adolescents: i. the facts
Firearm injuries among children and adolescents: ii. the physician's role in prevention
Firearm injuries in children and adolescents: epidemiology and preventive approaches
Firearm injuries in Finland 1985-1989
Firearm injury among urban youth during the last decade: an escalation in violence
Firearm injury in America
Firearm injury in Orleans Parish: a 24-month perspective
Firearm injury prevention counseling: a study of pediatricians' beliefs and practices
Firearm injury prevention counseling: are We missing the mark?
Firearm injury prevention
Firearm injury prevention: Internet resources for the health care provider
Firearm injury risk among primary care patients
Firearm injury surveillance in Rhode Island
Firearm legislation and the Cullen Inquiry
Firearm mortality among persons aged 1 to 34
Firearm mortality in Minnesota. Minnesota Medical Association firearm injury prevention task force
Firearm mortality in Texas, 1976-1985: how far is Fort Smith?
Firearm mortality trends in Wisconsin
Firearm ownership among female physicians
Firearm ownership among nonurban adolescents
Firearm ownership and health care workers
Firearm ownership and safety practices: a random-digit dial survey of San Diego
Firearm ownership in households with children
Firearm patient education and firearm regulation: health care providers' attitudes and practices
Firearm presence in households of patients with Alzheimer's disease and related dementias
Firearm projectile review for medical examiners. part ii: unusual and new bullets
Firearm regulations and rates of suicide. (Comment)
Firearm related deaths in New Zealand 1978-87
Firearm safety and children: access and attitudes
Firearm safety as preventive medicine
Firearm safety courses for elementary school-age children
Firearm safety devices
Firearm safety
Firearm safety. prevention put into practice
Firearm safety: an essential primary care issue
Firearm safety: where we are, where we need to be
Firearm storage patterns in U.S. homes with children
Firearm storage practices and children in the home, United States, 1994
Firearm storage practices of officers in a law enforcement agency in the South
Firearm suicide among older men
Firearm suicide among older women in the u.s
Firearm suicides and homicides in the United States: regional variations and patterns of gun ownership
Firearm suicides during confrontations with police
Firearm versus motor vehicle related spinal cord injury: preinjury factors, injury characteristics, and initial outcome comparisons among ethnically diverse groups
Firearm victims--who were they?
Firearm violence among youth
Firearm violence among youth: public health strategies for prevention
Firearm violence and public health. limiting the availability of guns
Firearm violence and the effects of gun control legislation
Firearm violence in California: information and ideas for creating change
Firearm violence. impact on the patient and society
Firearm-related deaths among children in Texas: 1984-1988
Firearm-related fatality surveillance in Hartford County, Connecticut
Firearm-related hunting fatalities in North Carolina: impact of the 'Hunter Orange' Law
Firearm-related injuries and deaths among children and adolescents in Cape Town--1992-1996
Firearm-related injuries in Canada: issues for prevention
Firearm-related injury surveillance in Colorado
Firearm-related injury surveillance
Firearm-related injury surveillance
Firearm-related mortality in Oklahoma, 1985-1989
Firearm-related mortality: a review of four hundred-forty four deaths in Diyarbakir, Turkey between 1996 and 2001
Firearm-related suicide among young African-American males
Firearm-related suicide in Minnesota: a picture of morbidity and mortality
Firearms and adolescent suicide. a community case-control study
Firearms and gun control: a public-health concern
Firearms and suicide in Australia
Firearms fatalities in Denmark 1970-1979
Firearms in New Mexico
Firearms in the home and child safety
Firearms injuries and deaths: a critical public health issue. American Medical Association Council on Scientific Affairs
Firearms regulation: Canada in the international context
Firearms risk management in psychiatric care
Acute Severe Pain Is a Common Consequence of Sexual Assault
Firearms, firearms injury, and gun control: a critical survey of the literature
Flawed gun policy research could endanger public safety
Get a medical license? It's easier to get a gun
Gulf war wounds: application of the Red Cross wound classification
Gulf war wounds: application of the Red Cross wound classification
Gun availability and the use of guns for suicide and homicide in Canada
Gun availability and use of guns for murder and suicide in Canada
Gun availability and use of guns for murder and suicide in Canada: a replication
Gun availability, psychopathology, and risk of death from suicide attempt by gun
Gun collecting
Gun control and suicide in Ontario
Gun control as a public health issue
Gun control editorial illogical
Gun control in the medical literature
Gun control in the United States: ethical perspectives for the twenty-first century
Gun control legislation: a major public health issue for children
Gun control policy need not be all or nothing
Gun control response
Gun control revisited--religion or science?
Gun control
Gun control
Gun control
Gun control
Gun control
Gun control
Gun control
Gun control. Is it the answer? No way!
Gun control. Is it the answer? You bet!
Gun control: education is the best control
Gun control: Iowa physicians have opposing views
Gun culture and symbolism among U.K. and U.S. women
Gun deaths in rural and urban settings: recommendations for prevention
Gun deaths in schools, in the USA
Gun injury and mortality: the delinquent backgrounds of juvenile victims
Gun ownership and counseling of Alabama pediatricians
Gun ownership and suicide in the United States
Gun safety education
Gun safety practices of trauma center workers in a southern city
Gun storage patterns in U.S. homes with children. a pediatric practice-based survey
Gun use, attitudes toward violence, and aggression among combat veterans with chronic posttraumatic stress disorder
Gun violence among youth and the pediatrician's role in primary prevention
Gun violence and children: factors related to exposure and trauma
Gun violence exposure and trauma among rural youth
Gun-related violence in and around inner-city schools
Gun-related violence
Guns and blood alcohol levels among homicide victims
Guns and knives in New Mexico: patterns of penetrating trauma, 1978-1993
Guns and suicide: possible effects of some specific legislation
Guns in the home: nurses' roles
Guns in the home: risky business
Guns, germs, and science: public health approaches to gun control
Guns, health and the exploitation of natural resources
Gunshot fatalities in Stockholm, Sweden with special reference to the use of illegal weapons
Gunshot injuries as seen at the Aga Khan Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya
Gunshot injuries in adults in the Abha region of Saudi Arabia
Gunshot suicide in the County of Avon, England
Gunshot injuries in infants and children in KwaZulu-Natal--an emerging epidemic?
Gunshot injuries in Mobile County, Alabama: 1985-1987
Gunshot injuries
Gunshot injuries: pathophysiology and treatments
Gunshot suicides in Victoria, Australia, 1988
Gunshot wounds to the head in an urban setting
Gunshot wounds. incidence, cost, and concepts of prevention
Handgun safety: what do consumers learn from gun dealers?
Handguns as a pediatric problem
Handguns: risks versus benefits
Hanging, firearm, and non-domestic gas suicides among males: a comparative study
Home-made gun injury: spontaneous version and anterior migration of bullet
Homemade battery-operated multi-barreled muzzle-loading gun
Homicidal manual strangulation and multiple stun gun injuries
Homicidal manual strangulation and multiple stun-gun injuries
Homicide and suicide risks associated with firearms in the home: a national case-control study
Homicide by firearms in two Scandinavian capitals
Homicide by use of a pellet gun
Homicide death rates in childhood in 23 developed countries: U.S. rates atypically high
Homicide followed by suicide: Paris and its suburbs, 1991-1996
Homicide in five southern states: a firearms phenomenon
Homicide in New York City: cocaine use and firearms
Homicide in Newfoundland: a nine-year review
Homicide rates and firearm availability
Hospitalization charges, costs, and income for firearm-related injuries at a university trauma center
Hospitalization for firearm-related injuries in the United States, 1997
Hospitals taking aim to curb gun violence
Household gun ownership
How delinquent youths acquire guns: initial versus most recent gun acquisitions
How the law affects gun policy in the United States: law as intervention or obstacle to prevention
Therapeutic change in Colombian families dealing with violence: therapists, clients, and referring systems in conversation
Hunting guns in homes and suicides in 15-24-year-old males in eastern Finland
Hunting injuries in Mississippi
In the hands of babes. a new report targets youth gun violence
Incidence and circumstances of nonfatal firearm-related injuries among children and adolescents
Incidence rates of firearm injuries in Galveston, Texas, 1979-1981
Incorporating gun safety into clinical practice
Increasing use of firearms in completed suicides in Wisconsin, 1979-1994
Injuries from nail gun cartridges: a dangerous new game
Injuring mechanisms of gunshot wounds
Injury research and the US gun lobby
Inner city gunshot wounds
Intentions to use violence among young adolescents
Interpretation of unusual wounds caused by firearms
Legislative strategies to address firearm violence and injury
Low-velocity gunshot wounds in police officers
Management of shotgun wounds: do we need classification systems?
Media violence, gun control, and public policy
Medical societies unite against firearm injuries
Medicolegal problems in firearm injuries and their interpretation
Minimal velocities necessary for perforation of skin by air gun pellets and bullets
Metal pins fired from unmodified blank cartridge guns and very small calibre weapons--technical and wound ballistic aspects
Mitigating the effects of gun violence on children and youth
Methods used for suicide by farmers in England and Wales: the contribution of availability and its relevance to prevention
Multifactorial analysis of firearm wounds to the head with attention to anatomic location
Multishot firearm suicide. examination of 58 cases
Murder and gun control
Murder-suicide in Fulton County, Georgia, 1988-1991. comparison with a recent report and proposed typology
New federal gun-control law takes a scattergun approach
Nonfatal firearm misuse: licence status of perpetrators and legality of the firearms
NRA on gun ownership
Nonfatal firearm injuries in New Zealand, 1979-1992
Observations and statistics relating to suicide weapons
Ocular air-gun injury: 19 cases
Are we ready for suicide bombings?
On public health and gun control
Parents' beliefs about preventing gun injuries to children
Parental attitudes toward BB and pellet guns
Pediatric nonpowder firearm injuries: outcomes in an urban pediatric setting
Pediatric firearm injuries treated at Charity Hospital, New Orleans
Pediatric firearm injuries, Kansas City, 1992: a population-based study
Pediatric firearm injuries: time to target a growing population
Pediatric firearm injury in minnesota, 1998. fatal and nonfatal firearm injuries among Minnesota youth
Pediatric firearm-related fatalities: not just an urban problem
Pellet gun injuries of the eye
Pellet gun injuries
Pellet-gun eye injuries
Penetrating BB shot head wound in an asymptomatic 9-year-old girl: the ultimate teaching moment
Penetrating chest injuries in the firearm era
Physicians among many participants in midst of Canada's emotional gun-control debate
Physicians need to encourage responsibility, not gun control
Physicians should participate in gun safety education
Physicians, firearm counseling, and legal liability
Plastic bullets: significant risk of serious injury above the diaphragm
Plastic bullets: significant risk of serious injury above the diaphragm
Policing guns and youth violence
Possession and carrying of firearms among suburban youth
Potato gun ocular injury
Do episodes of peer victimization trigger physical injury? A case-crossover study of Swedish school children
Predictors of mortality in severely head-injured patients with civilian gunshot wounds: a report from the NIH Traumatic Coma Data Bank
Prevalence, promotion, and person: the 3 Ps of firearm use
Prevalence of youth access to alcohol, guns, illegal drugs, or cigarettes in the home and association with health-risk behaviors
Preventing firearm accidents
Preventing firearm violence: a physician's guide
Firearm availability and homicide: A review of the literature
Preventing firearm violence: a public health imperative. American College of Physicians
Prevention of elderly suicide. physicians' assessment of firearm availability
Prevention of firearm accidents
Prevention of firearm-related injuries in Canada
Principles of ballistics applicable to the treatment of gunshot wounds
Prior nonfatal firearm injuries in detainees of a large urban jail
Problem fractures associated with gunshot wounds in children
Product-oriented approaches to reducing youth gun violence
Prospects and challenges in implementing firearm-related injury surveillance in the United States: not a flash in the pan
Public health strategies to reduce firearm injuries and deaths in Milwaukee County
Public health surveillance for firearm injuries
Public opinion about gun policies
Racial and ethnic patterns in firearms deaths
Reasonable control: gun registration in Canada
Recreational firearm use and hearing loss
Reducing gun deaths in the United States
Reducing gun deaths in the USA
Reduction in mortality from firearm accidents
Reduction of firearm-related violence through firearm safety counseling. the role of family physicians
Reexamining the association between child access prevention gun laws and unintentional shooting deaths of children
Internists' and surgeons' attitudes toward guns and firearm injury prevention
Regulating firearm advertisements that promise home protection: a public health intervention
Regulating firearm advertisements (Letter)
Relations between violence, calendar events and ambient conditions
Relationship between firearm availability and primary and secondary murder
Reliability of a short gun questionnaire
Renewed interest in gun control
Replica hand guns: not so safe!
Research fraud, public policy, and gun control (Letter)
Response of African-American adolescents in North Carolina to gun carrying by school mates
Richard Gatling and his gun
Risk factors for ocular injuries caused by air guns
Self-inflicted and unintentional firearm injuries among children and adolescents: the source of the firearm
Self-inflicted gunshot wounds to the head during the war and post-war period
Sensible gun laws needed
Serious air gun injuries in children: update of injury statistics and presentation of five cases
Serious air rifle injuries in children
Serious and fatal air gun injuries: more than meets the eye
Serious and fatal firearm injuries among children and adolescents in Alaska: 1991-1997
Should you carry a gun?
Should your neighbor buy a gun?
Sociodemographic and geographic patterns of firearm suicide in the United States, 1989-1993
SMS kicks off statewide CHILD SAFE health initiative to reduce firearm injuries, deaths among children, teens
Social capital, income inequality, and firearm violent crime
So-called accidental firearm fatalities in children and teenagers in Tennessee, 1961-1988
Sociodemographic predictors of firearm suicide among older white males
Spinal cord injuries in adolescents after gunshot wounds: an increasing phenomenon in urban North America
Spinal cord injury caused by gunshot wounds: the cost of rehabilitation
State firearm laws and rates of suicide in men and women
Statement on firearm injuries
Statistical analysis of impact parameters of soft nose bullet fired on windowpane
Study of the wounding mechanism in firearm injuries of long bones of the extremities
Stun gun injuries in the abuse and death of a seven-month-old infant
Stun gun injury
Stun gun injury: a new presentation of the battered child syndrome
Suicidal gunshot wounds
Severe metabolic acidosis following assault chemical burn
Suicide by air rifle and shotgun
Suicide in the home in relation to gun ownership (Letter)
Suicide rates in Canada before and after tightening firearm control laws
Suicide rates, handgun control laws, and sociodemographic variables
Suicide with "non-lethal" firearm
Suicide with a signal pen gun
Summary of hunting injuries in central Wisconsin: a 4-year experience at a rural referral center
Support for gun-control legislation
Surveillance the key to firearm injury prevention
Taking a stand on gun safety
Taking aim at firearm injuries
Talking to your patients about gun violence and gun safety
Survivors of self-inflicted firearm injury. a liaison psychiatry perspective
Teaching firearm safety in junior high school
Teaching firearm safety to children: failure of a program
Ten years' experience with pediatric gunshot wounds
The air gun--a dangerous toy
Tests on a shocking device--the stun gun
The "guns" debate
The air gun: toy or weapon?
The allure of foreign gun laws
The availability of firearms and the use of firearms for suicide: a study of 20 countries
The case against the gun industry
The case against the gun industry
The childhood air gun: serious injuries and surgical interventions
The clinical presentation of trap-gun injuries
The cost of hospitalizations for firearm injuries
The costs of using gun control to reduce homicide
The costs of gun violence against children
The decline in gun deaths
The gun and its victims. a study of 1024 firearm fatalities in North Carolina during 1970
The gun and the sanctity of human life; or the bullet as pathogen
The impact of firearm control legislation on suicide in Queensland: preliminary findings
The impact of firearm violence on children: support for prevention strategies. a position report from the ASPA Trauma Committee. American Pediatric Surgical Association
The financial costs of gun violence
The impact of gun control (Bill C-51) on suicide in Canada
The incidence of defensive firearm use by US crime victims, 1987 through 1990
The increasing burden of pediatric firearm injuries on the emergency department
The influence of gun control laws on suicidal behavior
The influence of manufacturing processes on the identification of bullets and cartridge cases--a review of the literature
The medical profession sets its sights on the gun-control issue
The next generation deserves a gun-free world
The passage of Maryland's gun law: data and advocacy for injury prevention
The politics and prevention of gun violence
The rural-urban continuum: variability in statewide serious firearm injuries in children and adolescents
The secrets of gun violence in America: what we don't know is killing us
The smoking gun: do clinicians follow guidelines on firearm safety counseling?
The storage of household long guns: the situation in Quebec
The tragedy of gun violence
The use of air weapons in attempted suicide
The Wisconsin firearm injury surveillance system
The Wisconsin Research Network Firearm Safety Survey
Thoracic air gun injuries in children
TNA "gun safe" campaign unites community with common goal
Toward reducing pediatric injuries from firearms: charting a legislative and regulatory course
Toy gun injuries--more than meets the eye
Toy gun injuries
Training in firearm safety counseling in family practice residency programs
Trigger locks and firearm safety: one trauma center's prevention campaign
Two separate unintentional fatalities with the same revolver
Unintentional firearm deaths: can they be reduced by lowering gun ownership levels?
Unintentional gun injuries, firearm design, and prevention: what we know, what we need to know, and what can be done
Validity of a household gun question in a telephone survey
Unique system examines firearm injury data: looking behind the bullets
Violence and gun control
Was it the gun under the mattress?
Weapon carrying and substance abuse among college students
Weapon carrying on school property among middle school students
What physicians can do about firearm violence and prevention
What works in Wisconsin: talking to your patients about gun violence and gun safety
What we know about gun use among adolescents
When bullets don't kill
Who should have a gun?
Who should have a gun? Some preliminary psychiatric thoughts
Why I carry a gun
Why firearm injury surveillance?
Why physicians should support gun control
Work-place homicide by bow and arrow
Would prevention of gun carrying reduce US homicide rates?
Would prevention of gun carrying reduce US homicide rates (Letter)?
Would prevention of gun carrying reduce US homicide rates?
Wound ballistics: recognizing wound potential. part 1: characteristics of missiles and weapons
Youth, guns, and violent crime
A new non-penetrating firearm projectile
Youth attitudes toward guns and violence: relations with sex, age, ethnic group, and firearm exposure
A new sign for the establishment of gunshot in suicide?
Airgun injuries in children
Air gun injuries of the brain, a method of suicide characteristic for butchers
Biomechanical and clinical interpretation of firearm wounds. general problems. V. the propaedeutic abc of terminal ballistics
Biomechanical and clinical interpretation of firearm wounds. general problems. VI. propedeutic abc of terminal ballistics
Biomechanical and clinical interpretation of firearm wounds. general problems. VII. propedeutic abc of terminal ballistics
Biomechanical-clinical interpretation of firearm wounds. general problems. IX. propedeutic abc of terminal ballistics
Biomechanical-clinical interpretation of firearm wounds. general problems. VIII. propedeutic abc of terminal ballistics
Biomechanical-clinical interpretation of firearm wounds. general problems. X. propedeutic abc of terminal ballistics
Biomechanical-clinical interpretation of firearm wounds. general problems. XI. propedeutic abc of terminal ballistics
Differentiation of hunting accident and suicide with rifles
Evaluation of fatal gunshot injuries (the weapon in the hand)
Fatal gunshot injuries in Hamburg 1966-1991
Fatal hunting injuries in North Rhine-Westphalia
Experimental research on the deformation of firearm projectiles caused by bone
Fatal stun gun injury using a modified animal sedation gun
Firearm assaults occur on a relatively small scale in Sweden
Firearm wounds of the limbs
Gun-shot wounds of the face under conditions of local and boundary conflicts
Gunshot fatalities in connection with hunting and hunting rifles--causes, prevention and expert evaluation
Gunshot injuries in the pediatric area
Gunshot wounds and injuries of the face in civilian practice
Gunshot wounds in children
Gunshot wounds of the head in soldiers wearing military helmets-- general aspects and experiments and observations on the biomechanics and wound morphology
Pump-gun as a weapon. type of injuries, prohibition of weapons
Possibility of serious damage when handling air guns
Radiological study of firearm projectiles. 1. introduction: the guns
Radiological study of firearm projectiles. 2. projectiles of smooth-bore guns
Radiological study of firearm projectiles. 3: projectiles for sifled firearms
Stability in shooting: the effect of expertise in the biathlon and in rifle shooting
Suicidal gunshot wounds--site and characteristics
Suicide with air gun. research in would ballistics of air-driven weapons
Suicide with a walking cane gun: weapon, injury picture and psychopathology
Terminal ballistics. 2. (the skin)
The dangerousness of revolvers cal 4 mm, long
The criminality of the firearm bearing juveniles
The standardization of the description of gun shells (bullets)
Propedeutic to general problems of the hypothesis of a new "open" interpretation of firearm wounds of soft tissues
The thermal action of a shot from a small-caliber sporting-gun
Weapons in school--experiences and approaches in Berlin
Wounds caused by firearm projectiles : interpretation of the physical-physiological mechanism of the lesions
Analysis of wounds incurred by U.S. Army seventh corps personnel treated in corps hospitals during Operation Desert Storm, February 20 to March 10, 1991
Pathways to adolescent substance use among sexually abused girls
The illegitimacy of one-sided speculation: Getting the defensive gun use estimate down
Psychosocial and substance-use risk factors for intimate partner violence
Psychosocial functioning and determinants of domestic violence among women. An epidemiological study
Recognizing imminent danger: characteristics of a suicide bomber
Suicide risk and mental health indicators: Do they differ by abuse and HIV status?
Violence toward health care workers in emergency departments in west Turkey
Domestic violence against women and health care demands. Results of a female emergency department patient survey
Domestic violence during pregnancy: screening and management
Familial violence during pregnancy
Prevalence of violent events and post-traumatic stress disorder in the Mexican population
The S.I.G.N.A.L. intervention project to combat violence against women
Clueless: parental knowledge of risk behaviors of middle school students
Decreased juvenile arson and firesetting recidivism after implementation of a multidisciplinary prevention program
Fatality trends in United Nations Peacekeeping Operations, 1948-1998
Impact of the Brady Act on homicide and suicide rates (Author reply to letters)
Local television news coverage of traumatic deaths and injuries
Harvard Trauma Questionnaire Urdu translation: the only cross-culturally validated screening instrument for the assessment of trauma and torture and their sequelae
Health care providers' experience reporting child abuse in the primary care setting. pediatric practice research group
Adapting the gang model: peer mentoring for violence prevention
Adolescent femicide: a population-based study
Adolescent injury and death: the plagues of accident, self-infliction and violence
Adolescent suicide and household access to firearms in Colorado: results of a case-control study
African American mothers in south central Los Angeles: their fears for their newborn's future
Age-related patterns of violent death, Cook County, Illinois, 1977 through 1982
Aiming for Prevention: international medical conference on small arms, gun violence and injury
Alcohol, drugs, and urban violence in a small city trauma center
An overview of a few well-known national children's gun safety programs and ENA's newly developed program
An update on the impact of gun control legislation on suicide
Assault rifles in Tennessee: a review of firearm-related injuries
Assault: characteristics of victims attending an inner-city hospital
Assessing firearm safety in inner-city homes
Ballistic characteristics and wounding effects of a tear gas pen gun loaded with ortho-chlorobenzalmalononitrile
Battered women who were "being killed and survived it": straight talk from survivors
Beyond treating the wounds. the physician's role in preventing gun violence
Bias, ignorance, and gun control: a plea for education (Letter)
Bioethics, public health, and firearm-related violence: missing links between bioethics and public health
Biomechanical changes in the head associated with penetrating injuries of the maxilla and mandible: an experimental investigation
Blindness due to firearm eye injuries in rural western Uttar Pradesh
Calculating the costs of gun injuries. a new methodology
Cause and prevention of maxillofacial war wounds: a historical review
Centerfire frangible ammunition: wounding potential and other forensic concerns
Characteristics of fatal gunshot wounds in the home in Oklahoma: 1982-1983
Characteristics of pediatric firearm fatalities
Characteristics of penetrating abdominal firearm injuries in children
Characterization of nonfatal events and injuries resulting from youth violence in patients presenting to an emergency department
Childhood gunshot injuries in the Ottawa area
"Don't shake the baby": the effectiveness of a prevention program
Attitude towards rape among doctors working in the emergency department
Child protection in a south London district
Domestic violence: a comparative survey of levels of detection, knowledge, and attitudes in healthcare workers
Health visitors' perceptions of domestic violence: the private nature of the problem
Health visitors' understandings of domestic violence
Reducing situational violence in low-income couples by fostering healthy relationships
Knowledge of and compliance with privileged communication and child-abuse-reporting laws
Attempted drowning as a form of non-accidental injury
Bathtub scalds
Child abuse by drowning
Child deaths from consumer products and guns
The "harmless" airgun
"Between me and the computer": increased detection of intimate partner violence using a computer questionnaire
Measures developed by the public health system to prevent accidents and violence in children and adolescents in Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil
Keeping children safe: protecting children from sexual abuse
Advancing prevention research on child abuse, youth violence, and domestic violence: emerging strategies and issues
Drowning in the bath tub after choking: unusual death, accident or suicide? Reconstruction of an unusual fall
Acute acoustic trauma in military personnel. evaluation of 1 year epidemiologic surveillance
Study on determination of bath temperature
The physiological bases and athletic aspect of combat swimming
Alcohol-related injuries among adolescents in the emergency department
Community Types, Crime, and Police Services on Canadian Indian Reserves
Analysis of 1,076 cases of sexual assault
The Taser weapon: a new emergency medicine problem
"I know what love means." Gender-based violence in the lives of urban adolescents
Alcohol and intimate partner violence: when can we say that heavy drinking is a contributing cause of violence?
Alcohol consumption and intimate partner violence by alcoholic men: comparing violent and nonviolent conflicts
Racial/ethnic differences in health status and morbidity among adults who use methamphetamine
Bullying prevention: Wisconsin takes a stand
The injury pattern of a new law enforcement weapon: the police bean bag
Physical and sexual abuse in childhood as predictors of early onset cardiovascular events in women
The smacking controversy: what advice should we be giving parents?
Universal screening for intimate partner violence in the emergency department: importance of patient and provider factors
Gender-based violence
Death and injury on duty--a study of South African police officers.

Nail-gun injuries. Accident, homicide, or suicide?
National survey of pediatricians' violence prevention counseling
Neuropsychiatry and gun safety
Need for law enforcement in cases of intimate partner violence in a university ED
Note on 'suicide and increased availability of handguns in the United States': the influence of firearm ownership on accidental deaths
Notes on epidemiology of homicide in an urban area
Ocular trauma caused by air-gun pellets: a ten year survey
Behind armour blunt trauma--an emerging problem
Blank cartridge wounds: clinical and experimental studies
Bullet velocity and design as determinants of wounding capability: an experimental study
Bullet velocity as applied to military rifle wounding capacity
Bullet velocity makes the difference
Perinatal violence assessment: teenagers' rationale for denying violence when asked
Child sexual abuse: the emergency department response
Decreasing the burden of trauma for victims of violence
Fractures in infants: a sign of child abuse
Gunshot wound review
Health status and intimate partner violence: a cross-sectional study
High-velocity bullet wounds of muscle and bone: the basis of rational early treatment
Homicide in the bathtub
Weapons detection at two urban hospitals
How to describe bullet holes
Impact of Yankee Stadium Bat Day on blunt trauma in northern New York City
Scholarship, collaboration, struggle, and learning in the Women, Co-occurring Disorders, and Violence Study: Introduction to the 6-month outcome papers
Screening for Abuse During Pregnancy: Implementing a Multisite Program
The burden of suicide and homicide of Wisconsin's children and youth
Trauma center-community partnerships to address firearm injury: it can be done
What social workers can do about violence: learnings from the lives of 37 men
Wisconsin's violent death reporting system: monitoring and responding to Wisconsin's violent deaths
Women, Co-occurring Disorders, and Violence Study: A case for trauma-informed care
Women, Co-occurring Disorders, and Violence Study: Evaluation design and study population
Domestic and institutional violence in health services: women's experiences
The path of domestic violence in the town of Ribeiraeo Preto
Is Teen Court effective for repeat offenders? A test of the restorative justice approach
Knowledge and attitude assessment and education of prehospital personnel in child abuse and neglect: report of a National Blue Ribbon Panel
Law enforcement K-9 dog bites: injuries, complications, and trends
Impact resistance of common spectacle and safety lenses to airgun and rimfire projectiles
Oppression and exposure as differentiating predictors of types of workplace violence for nurses
M-16 rifle wounds in Vietnam
Mandatory reporting laws
ED use by older victims of family violence
Education is not enough: a systems failure in protecting battered women
Effect of a security system on violent incidents and hidden weapons in the emergency department
Elder abuse and neglect: responding to a national problems
Elder abuse: a review
Elder mistreatment: national survey of emergency physicians
Emergency department violence in United States teaching hospitals
Emergency department-based study of risk factors for acute injury from domestic violence against women
Emergency preparedness and response in Israel during the Gulf War (version with errors)
Assault-related injury: what do we know, and what should we do about it?
Ballistic helmets and aspects of their design
Ballistic injury
Battered women: injury locations and types
Cross-gender violence
Drive-by shootings
A 15 year retrospective review of homicide in the elderly
The USPSTF recommendation on intimate partner violence: what we can learn from it and what can we do about it
Opportunities for prevention: addressing intimate partner violence in the healthcare setting
A balanced approach to dealing with violence and aggression at work
Acculturation and reported intimate partner violence among Latinas in Los Angeles
Counting the cost of violence in the Middle East
Domestic violence: a review for case managers of regulations, women's center services, and referral questions
Examination of a conceptual model of child neglect
Neglectful behavior by parents in the life history of university students in 17 countries and its relation to violence against dating partners
South Asian victims of intimate partner violence more likely than non-victims to report sexual health concerns
The occurrence of male-to-female intimate partner violence on days of men's drinking: the moderating effects of antisocial personality disorder
The severity of injury in children resulting from acts against civilian populations
Violence in advertising
Violence in advertising
An evaluation of state firearm regulations and homicide and suicide death rates
Behaviors of children exposed to intimate partner violence before and 1 year after a treatment program for their mother
Blast injuries
Documentation of family violence in New Zealand general practice
Early cognitive stimulation, emotional support, and television watching as predictors of subsequent bullying among grade-school children
Elder abuse and neglect: an overview
Isolating the nexus of substance use, violence and sexual risk for HIV infection among young adults in the United States
Preventing abusive head trauma among infants and young children: a hospital-based, parent education program
Taser penetrating ocular injury
Relationships of US youth homicide victims and their offenders, 1976-1999
Biological aspects of social bonding and the roots of human violence
Age, puberty, and exposure to intimate partner violence in adolescence
A paradigm for developing a comprehensive treatment protocol for survivors of domestic violence
Use of an audit in violence prevention research
Winning, losing, and violence
Beyond the prison paradigm: from provoking violence to preventing it by creating "anti-prisons" (residential colleges and therapeutic communities)
Collective Violence: Comparisons between Youths and Chimpanzees
Cost-Effective Violence Prevention through Targeted Family Interventions
Dangerous and endangered youth: social structures and determinants of violence
Domestic violence: the silent killer. Fairview hospital and health system, Minneapolis
Drug and alcohol use as determinants of New York City homicide trends from 1990 to 1998
Early-life trauma and the psychogenesis and prevention of violence
Gang violence: too high a price to pay. Integris Health, Oklahoma City
Intimate partner violence: homicides followed by suicides in Kentucky
Maternal death due to domestic violence: an unrecognized critical component of maternal mortality
On the nature and nurture of antisocial behavior and violence
Preventing violence in an academic setting: one school of nursing's approach
Role of alcohol consumption in escalation to violence
Social cognition as a mediator of the influence of family and community violence on adolescent development: implications for intervention
Social stratification, health, and violence in the very young
Strengthening healthy resistance and courage in children: a gender-based strategy for preventing youth violence
The behavioral economics of violence
The Discourse on Violence Prevention: What are the Implications for Smaller Schools?
The discrete character of high-lethality youth violence
The heavy burden of a silent scourge: domestic violence
The Resolve to Stop the Violence Project: reducing violence in the community through a jail-based initiative
The Resolve to Stop the Violence Project: transforming an in-house culture of violence through a jail-based programme
The role of the bystander in the social architecture of bullying and violence in schools and communities
Why is Violence More Common Where Inequality is Greater?
Validation of a short questionnaire to use in clinical consultations to detect gender violence
Animal cruelty as a predictor of human violence
Alcohol and injuries resulting from violence: a comparison of emergency room samples from two regions of the u.s
Alcohol and injuries resulting from violence: a review of emergency room studies
Alcohol and injury in the general population: data from two household samples
Alcohol and injury: a comparison of emergency room populations in two Canadian provinces
Demographic and substance use factors related to violent and accidental injuries: results from an emergency room study
Was an increase in cocaine use among injecting drug users in New South Wales, Australia, accompanied by an increase in violent crime?
The Assessment of Trauma History in Women With Co-occurring Substance Abuse and Mental Disorders and a History of Interpersonal Violence
Bruising in children
Domestic violence against 116 Turkish housewives: A field study
Ethics in violence against women research: the sensitive, the dangerous, and the overlooked
Homicide and suicide rates --- National Violent Death Reporting System, six states, 2003
Gunshot suicides in England: A multicentre study based on coroners' records
Hospital-based intervention for intimate partner violence victims: a forensic nursing model
Influence of violent media on children and adolescents
Intimate partner abuse and the reproductive health of sexually active female adolescents
Moving beyond disclosure:women's perspectives on barriers and motivators to seeking assistance for intimate partner violence
Psychosocial correlates of U.S. adolescents who report a history of forced sexual intercourse
Severe trauma caused by stabbing and firearms in metropolitan Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Sexual intercourse precedes partner violence in adolescent romantic relationships
Shotgun shooting in northern India: a review (1980-1999)
Teaching about family violence: a proposed model curriculum
Using Florida's adult protective services data in research opportunities and challenges
Neglect of elderly women in feminist studies of violence -- a case of ageism?
Elder abuse spouse / intimate partner abuse and family violence among elders
A gendered analysis of the abuse of older adults: evidence from professionals
Elder Abuse in Africa: What policy and legal provisions are there to address the violence?
Iowa family physician's reporting of elder abuse
Attitudes toward sex and sex offences among Israeli and former Union of Soviet Socialist Republic youth: implication for prevention strategies for new immigrants
Correlating homicide and suicide
Current trends in youth suicide and firearms regulations
Employer policies toward guns and the risk of homicide in the workplace
HIV and intimate partner violence among methadone-maintained women in New York City
Intimate femicide followed by suicide: examining the role of premeditation
Medical and nursing students' knowledge and attitudes toward violence against women in India
Pathways to recurrent trauma among young black men: traumatic stress, substance use, and the 'code of the street.'
Prevalence estimates of violence in the dating experiences of college women
The Baltimore Youth Ammunition Initiative: A model application of local public health authority in preventing gun violence
Transgender health: findings from two needs assessment studies in Philadelphia
Weapon carrying in a sample of high school students in New Zealand
Burning brides--a medicolegal study
An evaluation of the Motion Picture Association of America's treatment of violence in PG-, PG-13-, and R-rated films
Application of risk assessment for violence methods to general adult psychiatry: a selective literature review
Domestic violence towards women
Identifying non-accidental injury in children presenting to A and E departments: An overview of the literature.

Examining the science and practice of violence risk assessment with female adolescents
Abnormal Pap smears in teenage mothers and the association with domestic violence, homelessness, and chlamydia
Predictions of future dangerousness in capital murder trials: is it time to 'disinvent the wheel'?
Sexually violent predator evaluations: empirical evidence, strategies for professionals, and research directions
Acute service delivery in a police-mental health program for children exposed to violence and trauma
Terror-related open-globe injuries: a 10-year review
The multi-institutional validation of the new screening index for physical child abuse
Adverse health behaviors and the detection of partner violence by clinicians
The risk of child abuse in infants and toddlers with lower extremity injuries
Effects of violence and discrimination on the mental health of bisexuals, lesbians, and gays in Mexico City
Homicides in Medellin, Colombia, from 1990 to 2002: victims, motives and circumstances
Intimate partner violence against women: experiences from a woman-focused development programme in Matlab, Bangladesh
Is road rage increasing? Results of a repeated survey
Preventing violence in youth
The relationship between birth predictedness and violence during pregnancy among women in La Paz And El Alto, Bolivia
Summary: sexual aggression against girls and adult women - causes and consequences
Summary: the role of governmental and non-governmental institutions in fighting domestic violence against women, with a special focus on prevention
Summary: treatment of victims of domestic violence
Summary: violence against women in the context of migration
Dowry--a deep-rooted cause of violence against women in India
Intimate partner violence: a culturally sensitive approach
Lethal injuries occurring during illegal break-ins
Long-term consequences of childhood sexual abuse by gender of victim
Urban Jamaican children's exposure to community violence
Consequences of violence--a public health issue. strong connection between violence/threat and illness in both women and men
Gender based violence: knowledge and attitudes of health care providers in Nicaragua
More violent assaults reported to the police and increasing gang violence. a survey of violence-related personal injuries in Umea
Dealing with road rage
Northeastern Ohio Trauma Study: i. magnitude of the problem
Northeastern Ohio Trauma Study: ii. injury rates by age, sex, and cause
Matricide by failure to act in autism
Neonaticide, infanticide and child homicide
Non-accidental immersion in bathwater: another aspect of child abuse
Child homicide--the extreme of child abuse
Child abuse and neglect
Fatal child neglect
Fatal tapwater scald burns in the USA, 1979-86
Clinical correlates and repetition of self-harming behaviors among female adolescent victims of sexual abuse
Contextualizing community violence and its effects: an ecological model of parent-child interdependent coping
Geisinger nurses screen for domestic violence
Gender and risk assessment accuracy: underestimating women's violence potential
Kitchen accidents vis-a-vis dowry deaths
Substance abuse and domestic violence
Drinking and domestic violence: findings from clinical survey of alcoholics
Domestic violence in relevance with drinking problems: the Japanese national survey
Incidence, case-fatality rate and clinical pattern of firearm injuries in two cities where arm owning is forbidden
An ethno-epidemiological study on urban violence in Salvador, Bahia state, Brazil: summary executions as an object of study
Linkage of ambulance service and accident and emergency department data: a study of assault patients in the West Midlands region of the UK
Patterns of non-firearm homicide
Population-based study of police-reported sexual assault in Baltimore, Maryland
Punishing parents for the crimes of their children
Extreme mass homicide: From military massacre to genocide
Influence of violent television upon children of a public school in Bogota, Colombia
The role of alcohol use and depression in intimate partner violence among Black and Hispanic patients in an urban emergency department
Societal cost of workplace homicides in the United States, 1992-2001
Violence in conjugal relations: concealing and taking sexual violence for granted
Aggression and disruptive behavior disorders in children and adolescents
Child molestations by homosexual foster parents: Illinois, 1997--2002
State crime in the heart of darkness
Domestic violence and employment: a qualitative study
Intentional injury and the behavioral syndrome
Reducing knife crime: We need to ban the sale of long pointed kitchen knives
Explicating alcohol's role in acquaintance sexual assault: complementary perspectives and convergent findings
Community approaches to elder abuse
Intimate partner violence and depression: a deadly comorbidity
A Comparison of Adolescent Inpatients With and Without a History of Violence Perpetration: Impulsivity, PTSD, and Violence Risk
Accidental and nonaccidental head injuries in infants: a prospective study
Action on violence
Brief report: Acceptance of physical violence (APV) among adolescents in a Norwegian normal sample; statistical description of the assessment
Domestic violence: conceptual and practice issues
Explaining the link between violence perpetration, victimization and drug use
Firearm violence exposure and serious violent behavior
Four in five nurses on mental wards face violence
Guardians and handlers: the role of bar staff in preventing and managing aggression
Isolation and the stress of being bullied
Mass medical repatriation of injured civilians after terrorist attack in Mombassa, Kenya: medical needs, resources used, and lessons learned
Sociology. controversial study suggests seeing gun violence promotes it
The association between bullying behaviour, arousal levels and behaviour problems
The deterioration and mobilization effects of trauma on social support: Childhood maltreatment and adulthood military violence in a Palestinian community sample
The relationship of aggression to suicidal behavior in depressed patients with a history of alcoholism
Adolescence today: a clinician's viewpoint on adolescent violence
Is there a "biology of violence"?
Judicial management of the violent adolescent
Perinatal and infantile roots of violence -- an opportunity for prevention
A letter to the Editor in response to: Acid burns from personal assault in Uganda
An evaluation of a sexual assault prevention and advocacy program for U.S. Navy personnel
Homicide in Adana, Turkey: A 5-Year Review
Intimate partner sexual assault against women: frequency, health consequences, and treatment outcomes
Perceptions of sexual harassment in Swedish high schools: experiences and school-environment problems
The impact of sexual assault history and relationship context on appraisal of and responses to acquaintance sexual assault risk
The victimization of children and youth: a comprehensive, national survey
Infanticide in female forensic patients: the view from the evolutionary standpoint
Preventing aggressive behavior and drug use in elementary school: Six family-oriented programs
Does viewing violent media really cause criminal violence? A methodological review
Situational determinants in intimate partner violence
Explaining gender differences in crime and violence: The importance of social cognitive skills
The process and consequences of reporting child maltreatment: A brief overview for professionals in the mental health field
A review of the literature on marijuana and interpersonal violence
Violence and aggression in the lives of homeless children: A review
Intimate partner physical abuse perpetration and victimization risk factors: A meta-analytic review
Affective and predatory violence: A bimodal classification system of human aggression and violence
The integration of etiology and risk in sexual offenders: A theoretical framework
Preliminary study of police experience of misconduct in their colleagues
Preliminary evaluation of a video-based intervention for older adult victims of violence
Police solidarity and tolerance for police misbehavior, revisited
Work-related homicides among seafarers and fishermen
Suicidal ideation among 8-year-olds who are maltreated and at risk: findings from the LONGSCAN studies
The lived experience of women victims of intimate partner violence
Victimization and attitudes towards woman abuse of impoverished minority women
Privacy versus public safety: reporting of gunshot wounds
The pharmacology, toxicology, and medical treatment of sulphur mustard poisoning
The responsibility to protect and the root causes of conflicts
Toward a definition of neglect in young children
A population based study of reporting patterns and characteristics of men who abuse their female partners
Abortion disclosure and the association with domestic violence
Changing practices: the specialised domestic violence court process
Children's Exposure to Violent Video Games and Desensitization to Violence
Comparison of injuries caused by the pistols Tokarev, Makarov and Glock 19 at firing distances of 10, 15 and 25cm
Femur fractures resulting from stair falls among children: an injury plausibility model
Do partners with children know about firearms in their home? Evidence of a gender gap and implications for practitioners
Early violent death among delinquent youth: a prospective longitudinal study
Ethnic Differences in Prediction of Violence Risk With the HCR-20 Among Psychiatric Inpatients
Evaluation of a community-based handgun safe-storage campaign
Getting past the "f" word in federally funded public health research
Heterosexual intimate partner homicide: review of ten years of clinical experience
Homicide by ligature strangulation in Finland: Offence and offender characteristics
Homicide in Abbottabad
Intimate Partner Violence and Monogamy among Women in Methadone Treatment
Psychiatric emergency service use and homelessness, mental disorder, and violence
PTSD Following Terrorist Attacks: A Prospective Evaluation
Recognizing and intervening in intimate partner violence
Relation between school bullying during adolescence and subsequent long-term unemployment in adulthood in a Finnish sample
Reliability reporting practices in rape myth research
Reported childhood trauma, attempted suicide and self-mutilative behavior among women in the general population
War, aggression and state crime: A criminological analysis of the invasion and occupation of Iraq
The impact of terrorism on children and adolescents: terror in the skies, terror on television
Violence-related behaviors on school property among Mississippi Public High School students, 1993--2003
Accidental or inflicted?
Assessment and follow-up of suspected child abuse in preschool children with fractures seen in a general hospital emergency department
Evaluating child sexual abuse
Firearm storage practices and rates of unintentional firearm deaths in the United States
Internet poses multiple risks to children and adolescents
Recognizing and responding to domestic violence
Sexual victimization in relation to perceptions of risk: mediation, generalization, and temporal stability
Theological reflections on violence and abuse
Psychosocial factors predicting school violence tendencies among students of tertiary institutions in Ibadan
Psychological consequences of wife abuse
Children and adolescents' exposure to traumatic war stressors in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Ocular Injuries in a Civilian Conflict in Jos
Fatal gunshots to the head and neck regions in Benin City, Nigeria
Adolescent birth rates, total homicides, and income inequality in rich countries
Drinking and intimate partner violence in a changing society
The problem behavior model: the development of a stalkers clinic and a threateners clinic
The genetic-environmental etiology of parents' perceptions and self-assessed behaviours toward their 5-month-old infants in a large twin and singleton sample
Bride burning
Global child trafficking
The neurobiology of aggression
"Like a bird in a cage": Vietnamese women survivors talk about domestic violence
A multimedia violence prevention program increases pediatric residents' and childcare providers' knowledge about responding to childhood aggression
Assessing violence risk in stalking cases: a regression tree approach
Domestic violence against women in Taiwan: their life-threatening situations, post-traumatic responses, and psycho-physiological symptoms. an interview study
Gender, traditionalism, and attitudes toward domestic violence within a closed community
Trends in mortality from homicide in Medellin, Colombia: 1975-2003
"For Us It Is Like Living in the Dark": Ethiopian Women's Experiences With Domestic Violence
"No Way Out": Russian-Speaking Women's Experiences With Domestic Violence
"Women must endure according to their karma": cambodian immigrant women talk about domestic violence
Adolescent aggression and differentiation of self: guided mindfulness meditation in the service of individuation
Angry young men, interpersonal violence, alcohol, and broken faces
Behavioural manifestations of anabolic steroid use
Child maltreatment prevention priorities at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Clinical features of pedophilia and implications for treatment
Developing a practical forecasting screener for domestic violence incidents
Domestic violence in pregnancy in North Indian women
Emotional distress, alcohol use, and peer violence among Mexican-American and European-American adolescents
High-velocity gunshot wounds to the head: analysis of 135 patients
Neuroimaging studies of violence and antisocial behavior
Parent and partner violence in families with young children: rates, patterns, and connections
Parent and peer predictors of physical aggression and conflict management in romantic relationships in early adulthood
Participatory action research in practice: a case study in addressing domestic violence in nine cultural communities
Pilot study of the relationship between drug misuse and violence among drug addicts in Greater Accra, Ghana: the south of Saharan Africa case
Life-course persistent offenders and the propensity to commit sexual assault
Prevalence of victims of violence admitted to an emergency department
Prevention of alcohol-related assault and injury
Suicidal behaviour and aggression in psychiatric inpatients
Testing a four-factor model of psychopathy and its association with ethnicity, gender, intelligence, and violence
The evaluation of casualties from Operation Iraqi Freedom on return to the continental United States from March to June 2003
The importance of recognizing abuse of older people
Treatment of alcohol use disorders in adolescents
Uncovering neighbourhood influences on intimate partner violence using concept mapping
Using a five-factor lens to explore the relation between personality traits and violence in psychiatric patients
Health advocacy in violence against women: an experience
Prevalence of intimate partner violence and related factors in a local city in Japan
Some epidemiological and forensic assessments on cases of domestic violence, recorded in Piatra Neamţ, between 1997-2009
Elementary school teachers' involvement in firearm safety education
Evaluation of a high school peer group intervention for at-risk youth
Proximal peer-level effects of a small-group selected prevention on aggression in elementary school children: an investigation of the peer contagion hypothesis
Creating a peaceful school learning environment: the impact of an antibullying program on educational attainment in elementary schools
Influence of Personal Armor on Distribution of Entry Wounds: Lessons Learned from Urban-Setting Warfare Fatalities
Operational effectiveness of suicide-bomber-detector schemes: A best-case analysis
Reasonable suspicion: a study of Pennsylvania pediatricians regarding child abuse
Prehospital and in-hospital mortality: a comparison of intentional and unintentional traumatic brain injuries in Colorado (USA) children
Media violence affects children. risk of aggressive behavior--mostly among the unprivileged, vulnerable children
Infant crying--a safety risk?
A model of contagion through competition in the aggressive behaviors of elementary school students
Do predisposing and family background characteristics modify or confound the relationship between drinking frequency and alcohol-related aggression? A study of late adolescent and young adult drinkers
Inattention/hyperactivity and aggression from early childhood to adolescence: heterogeneity of trajectories and differential influence of family environment characteristics
Intervention groups for adolescents with conduct problems: is aggregation harmful or helpful?
Perceived preparedness to provide preventive counseling: reports of graduating primary care residents at academic health centers
The relationships of dissociation and affective family environment with the intergenerational cycle of child abuse
Violence and HIV/AIDS prevention among female out-of-school youths in southwestern Nigeria: lessons learnt from interventions targeted at hawkers and apprentices
A prospective observational study of domestic violence during pregnancy
Domestic violence and its mental health correlates in Indian women
Intimate partner violence consensus statement
Protecting you/protecting me: effects of an alcohol prevention and vehicle safety program on elementary students
Mental disorders and the internal armed conflict in Guatemala
Is violent method of suicide a behavioral marker of lifetime aggression?
Suicide in the epilepsies: A meta-analytic investigation of 29 cohorts
Traditional gender roles and intimate partner violence linked in China
Dr. Lytle Adams' incendiary "bat bomb" of World War II
Intimate partner violence among military veterans and active duty servicemen
A singular case of murder-suicide committed with a homemade firearm
Anger in the combat zone
Domestic violence and children
Terror suicide: how is it possible?
The ethics of self-sacrifice: what's wrong with suicide bombing?
Violence against women in India: evidence from rural Maharashtra, India
Abdominal injury due to child abuse
Adolescent firearm violence: position paper of the Society for Adolescent Medicine
An actuarial model of violence risk assessment for persons with mental disorders
Evaluation of age-appropriate firearm safety interventions
Fire and behavior: exploring intrapsychic trauma in arson survivors
Intimate partner violence in the Latino community and its effect on children
Mandatory reporting of domestic violence: the law, friend or foe
Predictors of fighting attributed to alcohol use among adolescent drinkers
Prevalence of family violence amongst women attending an abortion clinic in New Zealand
Successful public policy change in California: firearms and youth resources
Are we really detecting violence in families of children visiting our health services? the experience of a public health service in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Abdominal injury due to child abuse
Adolescents who witness community violence: can parent support and prosocial cognitions protect them from committing violence?
Dating violence in college women: associated physical injury, healthcare usage, and mental health symptoms
Domestic violence against women seeking induced abortion in China
Exposure to violence and parenting as mediators between poverty and psychological symptoms in urban African American adolescents
Injuries and illnesses treated at the World Trade Center, 14 September-20 November 2001
Is more better? Combining actuarial risk scales to predict recidivism among adult sex offenders
Men who batter intimate partners: a grounded theory study of the development of male violence in intimate partner relationships
Corporal punishment of children in England and the United States: current issues
Women's anger, aggression, and violence
Achieving social change on gender-based violence: A report on the impact evaluation of Soul City's fourth series
Evaluating performance of law enforcement personnel during a stressful training scenario
Forensic analysis of homicides on the basis of cases examined in the Forensic Medicine Department, Medical University of Silesia, Katowice, in the years 1991-2002
Psychological and physical sequelae of intimate partner violence among women with limitations in their activities of daily living
Role of chemical tests and scene investigation in determination of range of fire
Self-destructive and delinquent behaviors of adolescent female victims of child sexual abuse: rates and covariates in clinical and nonclinical samples
Assessing the Effects of the Dating Violence Prevention Program "Safe Dates" Using Random CoefficientRegression Modeling
Attitudes toward rape: a comparison between Asian and Caucasian college students (USA)
Barriers to Domestic Violence Help Seeking: Implications for Intervention
Challenging Despair: Teaching About Women's Resistance to Violence
Do structural inequalities contribute to marital violence? Ethnographic evidence from rural South India
Domestic violence risk during and after pregnancy: findings from a British longitudinal study
Factors associated with spousal physical violence in Albania: cross sectional study
Firearm safety in the home. the role of health care providers
Individual, family, and community risk markers for domestic violence in Peru
Is there a relationship between victim and partner alcohol use during an intimate partner violence event? Findings from an urban emergency department study of abused women
Knowledge and attitudes about intimate partner violence among immigrant Latinos in rural North Carolina: baseline information and implications for outreach
Perceived causes of physical assault in heterosexual dating relationships
Police-reported intimate partner violence during pregnancy: who is at risk?
Restraining orders in California: a look at statewide data
Suicidal bus bombing of French Nationals in Pakistan: physical injuries and management of survivors
25,000 civilians have been killed in Iraq since invasion
The social skills problems of victims of bullying: self, peer and teacher perceptions
Adult domestic violence in cases of international parental child abduction
Applications for release by Australians in Victoria found not guilty of offences of violence by reason of mental impairment
Assessing physical, sexual, and psychological violence perpetrated by intimate male partners toward women: a Spanish cross-sectional study
Association between physical partner violence, posttraumatic stress, childhood trauma, and suicide attempts in a community sample of women
Understanding women's labeling of unwanted sexual experiences with dating partners: a qualitative analysis
Child neglect and adolescent violence: examining the effects of self-control and peer rejection
Changing Help-Seeking Rates for Intimate Partner Violence in Canada
Child custody and visitation decisions when the father has perpetrated violence against the mother
Child custody mediation in cases of domestic violence: empirical evidence of a failure to protect
Domestic violence: court case conviction and recidivism
Domestic violence at the intersections of race, class, and gender: challenges and contributions to understanding violence against marginalized women in diverse communities
Gendered violence and restorative justice: the views of victim advocates
Heterosexuals' attitudes toward hate crimes and hate speech against gays and lesbians old-fashioned and modern heterosexism
Why Don't the Police Stop Crime?
Gang rape in Sydney: Crime, the media, politics, race and sentencing
Watched Over or Over-watched? Open Street CCTV in Australia
Incorporating feminist theory and insights into a restorative justice response to sex offenses
Intimate Partner Violence, Substance Use, and HIV Among Low-Income Women: Taking a Closer Look
Justice From the Victim's Perspective
What really happened? A validation study of rape survivors' help-seeking experiences with the legal and medical systems
Rape reporting after reforms: have times really changed?
Regulating Intimacy: Judicial Discourse in Cases of Wife Assault (1970 to 2000)
Safety conferencing: toward a coordinated and inclusive response to safeguard women and children
Sita's Trousseau: Restorative Justice, Domestic Violence, and South Asian Culture
TANF Workers' Responses to Battered Women and the Impact of Brief Worker Training: What Survivors Report
Applying the transtheoretical model to female and male perpetrators of intimate partner violence: gender differences in stages and processes of change
Binge drinking and violence
Bullying and sexual harassment among Brazilian high school students
Bullying and victimization in elementary schools: a comparison of bullies, victims, bully/victims, and uninvolved preadolescents
Bullying in Lithuanian schools in 1994-2002
Community violence and urban families: experiences, effects, and directions for intervention
Correlations for alcohol use, abuse, and treatment with suicide and homicide across 21 nations
Courtship violence using couple data: characteristics and perceptions
Crime victimization in adults with severe mental illness: comparison with the national crime victimization survey
Dating violence and sexually transmitted disease/HIV testing and diagnosis among adolescent females
Criminal records of homicide offenders
Domestic violence among male and female patients seeking emergency medical services
Exerting power or striking back: a gendered comparison of motivations for domestic violence perpetration
Family violence research: lessons learned and where from here?
Gender symmetry in dating intimate partner violence: does similar behavior imply similar constructs?
Hostility and violence of acute psychiatric inpatients
Men's and women's use of intimate partner violence in clinical samples: toward a gender-sensitive analysis
Is the curve relating temperature to aggression linear or curvilinear? A response to Bell (2005) and to Cohn and Rotton (2005)
Is the curve relating temperature to aggression linear or curvilinear? Assaults and temperature in Minneapolis reexamined
Injury deaths, suicides and homicides associated with pregnancy, Finland 1987-2000
Midwives' experiences of routine antenatal questioning relating to men's violence against women
National character, suicide and homicide
Past and future research on the crack cocaine-domestic violence link
Prosecutorial perspectives on gender-bias hate crimes
Sexual assault in Virginia: A population-based study
Strangulation deaths during 1993-2002 in East Delhi (India)
The 5-year course of intimate partner violence among white, black, and Hispanic couples in the United States
The Curve Is Still Out There: A Reply to Bushman, Wang, and Anderson's (2005) "Is the Curve Relating Temperature to Aggression Linear or Curvilinear?"
Violence and the mentally ill: victims, not perpetrators
Violent behavior by girls reporting violent victimization: a prospective study
The costs of interpersonal violence-an international review
The voices of battered women in India
Training police officers on domestic violence and racism: challenges and strategies
What Would MacGyver Do? The Meaning(s) of Resistance and Survival
Women's Experience of Violence During Stalking by Former Romantic Partners: Factors Predictive of Stalking Violence
Adulthood depression, anxiety, and trauma symptoms: a comparison of women with nonabusive, abusive, and absent father figures in childhood
Distal and proximal factors related to aggression severity among patients in substance abuse treatment: Family history, alcohol use and expectancies
Protecting military convoys in Iraq: an examination of battle injuries sustained by a mechanized battalion during Operation Iraqi Freedom II
Quality of life of victims of intimate partner violence
The Utility of Elementary School TOCA-R Scores in Identifying Later Criminal Court Violence Among Adolescent Females
R and B: a conversation between a researcher and a battered woman about domestic violence fatality review
A coordinated response to intimate partner violence: lessons from an exploratory study
Community organizing to prevent youth drug use and violence: The D.A.R.E. Project
Sleep paralysis, sexual abuse, and space alien abduction
A comparison of male and female dually arrested domestic violence offenders
Anger, interpersonal relationships, and health-related quality of life in bullying boys who are treated with outpatient family therapy: a randomized, prospective, controlled trial with 1 year of follow-up
Common mental disorders in a young urban population in Colombia
Intimate partner violence and patient screening across medical specialties
Measuring the impact of the voices of survivors program on health care workers' attitudes toward survivors of intimate partner violence
An integrated review of indirect, relational, and social aggression
Emotional impact of exposure to terrorism among young-old and old-old Israeli citizens
Epidemiology of unarmed threats in the emergency department
Occurrence of violence and violence-related injuries among 12-18 year-old Finns
The Effects of the Going Places Program on Early Adolescent Substance Use and Antisocial Behavior
Violence and PTSD in Mexico Gender and regional differences
Education to fair play. Results from an empirical study in youth soccer
A randomised controlled trial of empowerment training for Chinese abused pregnant women in Hong Kong
A family-based mental health program of recovery from state terror in Kosova
Screening for domestic violence in a predominantly Hispanic clinical setting
The specificity of torture as trauma: the human wilderness when words fail
Women's Resources and Use of Strategies as Risk and Protective Factors for Reabuse Over Time
Workplace violence and corporate policy for health care settings
Workplace violence: a survey of emergency physicians in the state of Michigan
The life cycle of bruises in older adults
Cannabis and other drug use among trauma patients in three South African cities, 1999-2001
Children with signs of abuse: when is it not child abuse?
Introduction to this issue: terrorism
Concerns and Coping of African-American Mothers After Youth Assault Requiring Emergency Medical Treatment
Measuring paternal discrepancy and its public health consequences
Impact of the Terrorist Bombings of the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Corporation Headquarters and the British Consulate on Two Hospitals in Istanbul, Turkey, in November 2003
Interactive work place trauma (IWPT)
Intraocular Foreign Body Injuries during Operation Iraqi Freedom
Mortality from isolated civilian penetrating extremity injury
Penetrating arrow injuries in Western India
Social psychology, terrorism, and identity: a preliminary re-examination of theory, culture, self, and society
The intelligence community and the war on terror: the role of behavioral science
The new face of terrorism: socio-cultural foundations of contemporary terrorism
Toward inherently secure and resilient societies
Verbal and physical violence towards hospital- and community-based physicians in the Negev: an observational study
Violence against pregnant women: prevalence and characteristics. a population-based study in Nicaragua
Violence against substance-abusing South African sex workers: intersection with culture and HIV risk
What is terrorism and can psychology do anything to prevent it?
A gun-cleaning "accident"
Terrorism and the pregnant woman
Facial fractures: a 1-year retrospective study in a hospital in Belo Horizonte
Intimate partner violence: forms, consequences and preparedness to act as perceived by healthcare staff and district and community leaders in a rural district in northern Vietnam
Adolescents and media literacy
Adolescents and media violence: six crucial issues for practitioners
Beyond Zero Tolerance: a varied approach to workplace violence
Characteristics of perpetrators of homicide in independent inquiries
Clinical effectiveness information bulletin. 18. Domestic violence
Family support and victim identification in mass casualty terrorist attacks: an integrative approach
Fatal head injury in homicidal victims
Further aspects of male-on-male rape and sexual assault in greater Manchester
Macrotheories: child physical punishment, injury and abuse
Personal safety in the accident and emergency department
Terrorism and preparedness: What September 11 and its aftermath mean for physicians
Prostitution in Vancouver: violence and the colonization of First Nations women
Psychosocial correlates of dating violence victimization among Latino youth
Reducing violence in serious juvenile offenders using intensive treatment
Substance use, firearm availability, depressive symptoms, and mental health service utilization among white and African American suicide decedents aged 15 to 64 years
Video killed the radio star: the effects of music videos on adolescent health
Vulnerable victims of sexual assault
Linking of information from health and security databases on homicides
Voices from the margins Part 1: narrative accounts of indigenous family violence
Voices from the margins part 2: narrative accounts of the support needs of Indigenous families experiencing violence
Predictors of violent behavior in an early adolescent cohort: similarities and differences across genders
Community policing: A preliminary assessment of environmental impact with panel data on program implementation in U.S. cities
Responding to Asian Pacific Islander youth violence: Lessons learned from a community mobilization strategy
Examining attributes of homicides: Toward quantifying qualitative values of injury severity
A cautionary note on using county-level crime and homicide data
Changing public policy on firearms: Success stories from around the world
A 25-year retrospective review of deaths due to pediatric neglect
A theoretical framework for understanding help-seeking processes among survivors of intimate partner violence
Adolescents' perceptions of attachments to their mothers and fathers in families with histories of domestic violence: A longitudinal perspective
Attachment and family violence: complexities in knowing
Comparative rates of violence in chimpanzees and humans
Comparison of wound patterns in homicide by sharp and blunt force
Domestic Violence and Women's Employment: Fixed Effects Models of Three Waves of Women's Employment Study Data
Effects of Intimate Partner Violence on Low-Income Women's Health and Employment
Effects of South African Men Having Witnessed Abuse of Their Mothers During Childhood on Their Levels of Violence in Adulthood
Epidemiology of Homicide-Suicide Events: Oklahoma, 1994-2001
Family support and mental health in pregnant women experiencing interpersonal partner violence: an analysis of ethnic differences
Injuries to the head, face, mouth and neck in physically abused children in a community setting
People and guns involved in denied and completed handgun sales
Injury location and screening questionnaires as markers for intimate partner violence
Investigation of Federal Bureau of Investigation bomb-related death and injury data in the United States between 1988 and 1997
Managing violence on the railways
Psychological and behavioural reactions to the bombings in London on 7 July 2005: cross sectional survey of a representative sample of Londoners
Protective factors against suicide attempt risk among African American women experiencing intimate partner violence
Lessons learned from cross-border medical response to the terrorist bombings in Tabba and Ras-el-Satan, Egypt, on 07 October 2004
Predicting re-victimization of battered women 3 years after exiting a shelter program
Risk factors for community violence exposure in adolescence
The evolution of lethal intergroup violence
The future of research on intimate partner violence: person-oriented and variable-oriented perspectives
The influence of community violence on the functioning of women experiencing domestic violence
The prevalence of partner violence in a group of HIV-infected men
Forensic-medical aspects of injuries inflicted by nonlethal arms
Work-related violence policy: a process evaluation
A study of homicidal deaths in medico-legal autopsies at UMMC, Kuala Lumpur
Injuries inflicted by non-barrel self-defense guns
Femicide in New York City - 1990 to 1999
Homicide in Seattle’s Chinatown, 1900-1940: Evaluating the influence of social organizations
Twenty years of rural and urban trends in family and intimate partner homicide: Does place matter?
Principal component analysis of the College Date Rape Attitude Survey (CDRAS): An instrument for the evaluation of date rape prevention programs
Conceptualizing and testing an interaction-based unit of analysis for the study of conflict escalation
Frontal lobe deficits and alcohol abuse: Possible interactions in predicting domestic violence
Over-representation of people of color as intimate partner violence perpetrators: The case for examining multiple points-of-contact
Being bullied: Associated factors in children and adolescents 8 to 18 years old in 11 European countries
"Catastrophic" violence continues unchecked in Somalia
A Resident's Experience in Cross Cultural/Community Psychiatry
A web in the patriarchal clan system: tactics of intimate partners in the Japanese sociocultural context
Breaking the cycles of violence
Forensic assessment of survived strangulation
Commuters remain stoical in face of terrorist attacks
Domestic violence against women in Egypt: Wife beating and health outcomes
Domestic violence towards women
The Alabama Structured Assessment of Treatment Completion for Insanity Acquittes (The AlaSATcom)
Facilitating the emotional education of medical students: using literature and film in training about intimate partner violence
Fall or shaken: traumatic brain injury in children caused by falls or abuse at home - a review on biomechanics and diagnosis
Family Violence
Forensic case profiling aspects on multiple homicides from the Cologne-Bonn Metropolitan Area 1985-2000
Gunshot wounds to the head: gang- and non-gang-related injuries and outcomes
Immigrant Latinas' conceptualizations of intimate partner violence
Juvenile firesetters
Alcohol dependence, temper and personality
The London Bombings: how EDs and nurses responded to the terrorist attacks of July 7
Prevalence of household firearms and firearm-storage practices in the 50 states and the District of Columbia: findings from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, 2002
Psychosocial implications of disaster or terrorism on children: a guide for the pediatrician
Risk factors for work-related assaults on nurses
Suicide-homicide temporal interrelationship, links with other fatalities, and environmental physical activity
The critical path of women affected by family violence in Latin America: case studies from 10 countries
Shared predictors of youthful gambling, substance use, and delinquency
Violence against women in New Zealand
Violence and sex in television programs do not sell products in advertisements
Examination of live victims of violent crimes at the institutes of legal medicine of Hanover, Cologne and Leipzig
The emergency department approach to violently injured patient care: a regional survey
Patterns in sexual assault violence as a function of victim perpetrator degree of relatedness
Rural versus urban victims of violence: The interplay of race and region
Predictors of child abuse potential among military parents: Comparing mothers and fathers
An examination of the relationship between child sexual offending and psychopathy
An extension and test of Sutherland's concept of differential social organization: the geographic clustering of Japanese suicide and homicide rates
Childhood sexual abuse, teenage pregnancy, and partnering with adult men: exploring the relationship
Childhood sexual assault victims: long-term outcomes after testifying in criminal court
Epidemiology of international terrorism incomplete
Firearms, violence, and self-protection
Intensification of the phenomenon of violence in the family environment of teenagers
Motor vehicle crash brain injury in infants and toddlers: A suitable model for inflicted head injury?
Physical injury in young children: The differential diagnosis must include child abuse
Physical, emotional and sexual violence during pregnancy in Malatya, Turkey
Prevalence and pattern of domestic violence against pregnant Nigerian women
Psychiatric and behavioral problems in aggressive drivers
Social cognition and revictimization risk
State of the science: violence prevention efforts in developing and developed countries
The Oklahoma city bombing study and methodological issues in longitudinal disaster mental health research
The sight of violence and violent action
Time for gun control?
Who are the young victims of violence?
Victims of color: homicides in greater metropolitan Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2000
Violence clusters in Pernambuco, Brazil
Violence in the university environment: the case of the national University of Colombia
Funding the public health response to terrorism
Physical and psychological violence in Jamaica's health sector
A national study of neighborhood safety, outdoor play, television viewing, and obesity in preschool children
A prospective analysis of sexual assault perpetration: risk factors related to perpetrator characteristics
Age at first sexual assault and current substance use and depression
Attitudes and beliefs about domestic violence: results of a public opinion survey: I. Definitions of domestic violence, criminal domestic violence, and prevalence
Attitudes and beliefs about domestic violence: results of a public opinion survey: II. Beliefs about causes
Block observations of neighbourhood physical disorder are associated with neighbourhood crime, firearm injuries and deaths, and teen births
Caring for victims of sexual abuse
Child maltreatment and childhood injury research: a cognitive behavioral approach
Combining clinical and actuarial methods to assess and manage risk in a New South Wales forensic psychiatric setting
Domestic violence: shattering the silence
Domestic violence homicide: a multi-disciplinary analysis by the Oklahoma Domestic Violence Fatality Review Board
Improving the quality of home visitation: An exploratory study of difficult situations
Exposure to violence and cardiovascular and neuroendocrine measures in adolescents
Intimate partner violence among Canadian women with activity limitations
Obesity and bullying: Different effects for boys and girls
On aggressiveness and violence in adolescence
Perpetration of severe intimate partner violence: premilitary and second year of service rates
Postdeployment domestic violence by U.S. Army soldiers
Poverty, violence and depression during pregnancy: a survey of mothers attending a public hospital in Brazil
Supportive social relationships and adolescent health risk behavior among secondary students in El Salvador
Record linkage of domestic assault victims between an emergency department and the police
Relation between policies and work related assault: Minnesota Nurses' Study
Sexual abuse in childhood and interpersonal violence in adulthood: a cumulative impact on depressive symptoms in women
Violence against women and suicide risk: The neglected impact of same-sex sexual behaviour
Violence against women
We've Had Training, Now What?: Qualitative Analysis of Barriers to Domestic Violence Screening and Referral in a Health Care Setting
What do clinicians expect? Comparing envisioned and reported violence for male and female patients
A comparison of statistical models in predicting violence in psychotic illness
Adolescent decisional autonomy regarding participation in an emergency department youth violence interview
Child physical punishment, injury and abuse (part two)
Book review of terrorism and disaster: individual and community mental health interventions
Female-perpetrated intimate partner violence and romantic attachment style in a college student sample
Battered mothers speak out: participatory human rights documentation as a model for research and activism in the United States
Motivating women and men to take protective action against rape: examining direct and indirect persuasive fear appeals
Is sense of coherence a mediator or moderator of relationships between violence at work and stress reactions?
Screening offenders with histories of mental illness and violence for supportive housing
Multisystemic therapy and neighborhood partnerships: reducing adolescent violence and substance abuse
Paternal filicide in Quebec
Physical and mental health outcomes of women in nonviolent, unilaterally violent, and mutually violent relationships
Prosecution of women arrested for intimate partner abuse
Response to commentary on "adolescent decisional autonomy regarding participation in an emergency department youth violence interview"
Risk factors for intimate partner violence and associated injury among urban women
Risk factors of violent death in rural Bangladesh, 1990-1999
Typology of reactions to intimate partner violence among men and women arrested for partner violence
Women and girls are still victims of violence in Darfur
Weapon violence in adolescence: Parent and school connectedness as protective factors
Women who use violence in intimate relationships: the role of anger, victimization, and symptoms of posttraumatic stress and depression
Wounds caused by firearms in El Salvador, 2003-2004: epidemiological issues
Considering the interplay of cultural context and service provision in intimate partner violence: the case of Haitian immigrant women
Deaths involving firearms
Developmental Issues in School-Based Aggression Prevention from a Social-Cognitive Perspective
Ethnicity and child sexual abuse experiences of female college students
Experiences of occupational violence in Australian urban general practice: a cross-sectional study of GPs
Injury prevention and terrorism
Intentional injury management and prevention in pediatric practice: results from 1998 and 2003 American Academy of Pediatrics Periodic Surveys
Intimate partner sexual assault against women and associated victim substance use, suicidality, and risk factors for femicide
Intimate partner violence against Kentucky women: prevalence and health consequences
Intimate partner violence against older women in Kentucky
Intimate partner violence and mental health consequences in women attending family practice in Spain
Violence in the workplace
Know workplace violence: developing programs for managing the risk of aggression in the health care setting
Physical violence against women: Evaluation of women assaulted by spouses
Preparedness of Hospitals to Respond to a Radiological Terrorism Event as Assessed by a Full-Scale Exercise
Public Health Department Training of Emergency Medical Technicians for Bioterrorism and Public Health Emergencies: Results of a National Assessment
Relatives of psychiatric inpatients--do physical violence and suicide attempts of patients influence family burden and participation in care?
Reporting violence to a health care employer: a cross-sectional study
Violence in health care: the contribution of the Australian Patient Safety Foundation to incident monitoring and analysis
Violence in emergency departments: under-reported, unconstrained, and unconscionable
The relation of child maltreatment to shame and guilt among adolescents: psychological routes to depression and delinquency
The framing safety project: photographs and narratives by battered women
The perceived likelihood of dental hygienists to report abuse before and after a training program
The prevalence and incidence of intimate partner violence in older women in primary care practices
Through Black Eyes: African American Women's Constructions of Their Experiences With Intimate Male Partner Violence
Understanding Mass School Shootings: Links between Personhood and Power in the Competitive School Environment
Analysis of battlefield head and neck injuries in Iraq and Afghanistan
Bedroom rape: sequences of sexual behavior in stranger assaults
Character Education as a Prevention Strategy in School-Related Violence
Child physical abuse: prevalence, characteristics, predictors, and beliefs about parent-child violence in South Asian, Middle Eastern, East Asian, and Latina women in the United States
Correlates and consequences of exposure to video game violence: hostile personality, empathy, and aggressive behavior
Design Strengths and Issues of SAMHSA's Women, Co-occurring Disorders, and Violence Study
Depressive symptoms in women experiencing intimate partner violence
Impact of childhood abuse on the course of bipolar disorder: a replication study in U.S. veterans
Intimate partner violence, employment,and the workplace: consequences and future directions
Parental reported bullying among Nordic children: a population-based study
Service Use and Costs for Women With Co-occurring Mental and Substance Use Disorders and a History of Violence
Sexual murderers' implicit theories
Epidemiology of accidents and violence against children in a city of southern Brazil
The Effectiveness of Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Programs: A Review of Psychological, Medical, Legal, and Community Outcomes
The Impact of Culturally Relevant Violence Prevention Models on School-Age Youth
The relationship between life satisfaction, risk-taking behaviors, and youth violence
Trauma in pregnancy
Traumatic stress symptoms in women exposed to community and partner violence
Twelve-Month Outcomes of Trauma-Informed Interventions for Women With Co-occurring Disorders
Violence and aggression in the emergency department: Factors impinging on nursing research
Juvenile entry into prostitution: the role of emotional abuse
Special section on relapse prevention: qualitative interviews on substance abuse relapse and prevention among female trauma survivors
Medicolegal childhood deaths in Benin City, Nigeria
Intimate partner violence injuries--Oklahoma, 2002
Authority as coercion:when authority figures abuse their positions to perpetrate child sexual abuse
A study of the cycle of abuse among child molesters
Acceptability and Student Outcomes of a Violence Prevention Curriculum
Adolescent females who have sexually offended: comparisons with delinquent adolescent female offenders and adolescent males who sexually offend
Age and criminal poisonings
Brief communication: physical abuse of boys and possible associations with poor adult outcomes
Date-rape drugs scene in Poland
Guest Editorial: School-Related Violence and Primary Prevention
Immigrants, immigration law, and family violence
Patterns among sexual assault victims seeking treatment services
Perceptions of child sexual abuse: victim and perpetrator characteristics, treatment efficacy, and lay vs. legal opinions of abuse
Physician-identified barriers to intimate partner violence screening
Psychometric properties of the pediatric emotional distress scale in a diverse sample of children exposed to interpersonal violence
Sexual harassment--abuse or flirtation
Summaries for patients. Boys are victims of domestic violence
The Colorado Sex Offender Risk Scale
Witnessing violence: biopsychosocial impact on children
Alcohol and violence: psychiatry and public health
An evaluation of the effectiveness of an educational programme promoting the introduction of routine antenatal enquiry for domestic violence
Anti-bullying intervention: Implementation and outcome
Biological and chemical terrorism and the agricultural health and safety community
Child physical abuse and self-perceived social isolation among adolescents
Cognitive-behavioral rehabilitation for high-risk violent offenders: an outcome evaluation of the violence prevention unit
College women's experiences of psychological maltreatment and sexual assault
Criminal history and assaults on intimate partners by Mexican American and non-Mexican white college students
Criminal investigations of child abuse: the research behind "best practices"
Differences Among Sexually Abused and Nonabused Youth Living With HIV
Ecological analysis of the distribution and socio-spatial context of homicides in Porto Alegre, Brazil
Effects of male rape on psychological functioning
Effects of trauma exposure on anger, aggression, and violence in a nonclinical sample of men
Formative Evaluation of Home Visitors' Role in Addressing Poor Mental Health, Domestic Violence, and Substance Abuse Among Low-Income Pregnant and Parenting Women
Gender, partner violence, and perceived family functioning among a sample of Vietnam veterans
Coat hanger injury
Interpersonal violence cases reported to the police: a Nigerian study
Is intimate partner violence associated with unintended pregnancy? A review of the literature
Longitudinal model predicting mutual partner violence among White, Black, and Hispanic couples in the United States general population
National campaign effects on secondary pupils' bullying and violence
No resting place: African American women at the crossroads of violence
Nonaccidental head injuries in children: a Sydney experience
Patterns of intimate partner violence: correlates and outcomes
Peritraumatic responses and their relationship to perceptions of threat in female crime victims
Prevalence of victims of violence among ethnically diverse Asian/Pacific Islanders
Rural youth violence: it is a public health concern!
Reducing violence and aggression in schools
Resilience among Urban Adolescent Mothers Living with Violence: Listening to Their Stories
The association between childhood and adolescent sexual abuse and proxies for sexual risk behavior: A random sample of the general population of Sweden
The composite abuse scale: further development and assessment of reliability and validity of a multidimensional partner abuse measure in clinical settings
The impact of intimate partner violence on decisions to leave dating relationships: a test of the investment model
Fear and attitudes towards torture and preventive war
Journalistic coverage of violence against women
Marital violence
Violence against women, official complaints and media coverage
Exploring the relation between bullying and homophobic verbal content: the homophobic content agent target (HCAT) scale
Somatic Complaints in Children and Community Violence Exposure
The relationship between bullying and self-worth in children with movement coordination problems
A 5-Year Follow-up Study of Aggression at Work and Psychological Health
A multidisciplinary youth violence-prevention initiative: impact on attitudes
Approach to evaluation of sexual assault in children. Experience of a secondary-level regional pediatric sexual assault clinic
Asking about intimate partner violence: advice from female survivors to health care providers
Asking the question: antenatal domestic violence
Assisting and advising complaints of sexual assault in the family planning setting
Average cost per person victimized by an intimate partner of the opposite gender: a comparison of men and women
The consequences upon victims of violent crime including domestic violence
Correlates of women's sexual assault disclosure to informal and formal support sources
Dating violence and sexual risk behaviors in a sample of at-risk Israeli youth
Domestic violence issues
Domestic violence issues
Drug-facilitated rape
Family representative payeeship and violence risk in severe mental illness
Gender inequality and intimate partner violence among women in Moshi, Tanzania
Intra-familial physical violence among Mexican and Egyptian youth
Lifetime sexual and physical victimization among male veterans with combat-related post-traumatic stress disorder
Medical student identification of domestic violence as measured on an objective, standardized clinical examination
More on 'violence against women in New Zealand'
One in four: providing emotional support to female victims of domestic violence
Perspective of violence and crime
Prosecution of rape and sexual assault
Rape: the victim's perspective
Risk factors for suicide completion in major depression: a case-control study of impulsive and aggressive behaviors in men
Role taking of youths in a family context: adolescents exposed to interparental violence
Sexual violence and youth in South Africa: The need for community-based prevention interventions
Substance use and multiple victimisation among adolescents in South Africa
The dynamic nature of the drug use/serious violence relationship: a multi-causal approach
The effect of gender in the perception of elder physical abuse in court
The effects of early sexual abuse on adult risky sexual behaviors among persons with severe mental illness
The effects of reward and punishment in violent video games on aggressive affect, cognition, and behavior
The problem of rape and supporting victims
The Relation between Violence Exposure and Conduct Problems among Adolescents: A Prospective Study
Zero tolerance of violence
Profile of gender violence by intimate partners
Scale of psychological violence against adolescents
When Initial Interviews Are Delayed a Year: Effect on Children's 2-Year Recall
Identifying the turning point: using the transtheoretical model of change to map intimate partner violence disclosure in emergency department settings
Bullying, psychosocial adjustment, and academic performance in elementary school
The relationship between liquor outlet density and injury and violence in New Mexico
Domestic violence--more than bruises and broken bones
Emotional intelligence and violence
Firearm suicide in Maryland: characteristics of older versus younger suicide victims
Prevention of youth violence
Putting the cuffs on workplace violence
Recreational gun use by California adolescents
Teaching safety skills to children to prevent gun play: an evaluation of in situ training
The burden of violence and injuries in Maryland
The development and evaluation of an internal workplace violence risk assessment protocol: one organization's experience
The impact of violence in video games
The Supply and Demand for Guns to Juveniles: Oakland's Gun Tracing Project
Domestic violence against women during pregnancy
Firearm injury prevention: reasons for optimism
Trends and characteristics of oral and maxillofacial injuries in Nigeria: a review of the literature
Routine screening of Halloween candy: helpful or hazardous?
Hangman's fracture in a 7-week-old infant
Physician's knowledge of and attitudes toward a domestic violence mandatory reporting law
Outcome studies of sexual assault cases
Do responses to an intimate partner violence screen predict scores on a comprehensive measure of intimate partner violence in low-income black women?
Do some types of alcoholic beverages lead to more problems for adolescents?
Doctors, lawyers and the battered child law
Does alcohol use mediate the association between alcohol evaluations and alcohol-related problems in adolescents?
Domestic violence screening and referral can be effective
Domestic violence
Domestic violence: a new priority for emergency medicine
Domestic violence: an EMS-targeted clinical condition in California
Domestic violence: clues to victimization
Domestic violence: issues for health care providers
Domestic violence: the role of emergency medical services personnel. american college of emergency physicians
The BAOMS United Kingdom survey of facial injuries part 1: aetiology and the association with alcohol consumption. British Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
Impact of childhood traumatic events, trauma-related guilt, and avoidant coping strategies on PTSD symptoms in female survivors of domestic violence
Motives to drink as mediators between childhood sexual assault and alcohol problems in adult women
What every nurse needs to know about ... juvenile firesetters. a report of the juvenile firesetter intervention project
What every professional who works with adolescents needs to know about firesetters
Role of physicians in violence against women in family
A conceptualization of firesetting in children and adolescents
Antiterrorism programs: intense fire doomed Trade Center towers
Criminal psychological profiling of serial arson crimes
Delinquent firesetters: a comparative study of delinquency and firesetting histories
Detecting and managing elder abuse: challenges in primary care. The research subcommittee of the elder abuse and self-neglect task force of Hamilton-Wentworth
The effects of victim of bullying reputation on adolescents' choice of friends: Mediation by fear of becoming a victim of bullying, moderation by victim status, and implications for befriending interventions
Effects of inferred social status and a beginning driver's sticker upon aggression of drivers in Japan
Adolescent substance use: brief interventions by emergency care providers
Development and validation of a new instrument to assess lifetime trauma and victimization history
Event-list construction and treatment of exposure data in research on political violence
A female fire-setter: a case report
Application of a work penalty threat in the treatment of a case of juvenile fire setting
Comprehensive treatment of chronic fire setting in a severely disordered boy
Firesetting during the preschool period: assessment and intervention issues
Inpatient psychiatric treatment of a young recidivist firesetter
Intervention with children who set fires
Juvenile firesetters: do the agencies help?
Examining aggression in male vietnam veterans who receive VA services: The role of traumatic events and combat exposure
Long-term effects of an early childhood intervention on educational achievement and juvenile arrest: A 15-year follow-up of low-income children in public schools
Motives of childhood firesetters: firesetting characteristics and psychological correlates
Multi-factorial assessment of hospitalized children who set fires
Multicomponent parental treatment of firesetting in a six year old boy
Photosensitive epilepsy in children who set fires
Physical aggression during early childhood: trajectories and predictors
Physiological and cognitive assessment of a fire-setting child
Profile of female firesetters. implications for treatment
Satiation in the treatment of inappropriate fire setting
Severe vs. nonsevere firesetters revisited
The children's firesetting interview with psychiatrically referred and nonreferred children
The emergence and recurrence of child firesetting: a one-year prospective study
The etiology, diagnosis and treatment of the fire-setting behaviour of children
The incidence of fire setting and associated psychopathology of children attending a child psychiatric outpatients
The problems of malicious fire raising
Effectiveness of an individual school-based intervention for children with aggressive behaviour: a randomized controlled trial
The subclassification of child firesetters
Urban community intervention to prevent Halloween arson--Detroit, Michigan, 1985-1996
Pathological fire-setting (pyromania)
The economy as a factor in motor vehicle fatalities, suicides, and homicides
Ergogenic supplements and health risk behaviors
An arresting experiment: domestic violence victim experiences and perceptions
Explosions and blast injuries
Failure of the mandatory domestic violence reporting law to increase medical facility referral to police
FiGHTS: a preliminary screening tool for adolescent firearms-carrying
Inflicted submersion in childhood
Post-traumatic stress disorder symptom severity in service members returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with different types of injuries
Injuries and deaths from gang violence: they are preventable
Injuries and illnesses of domestic violence
Mass casualty terrorist bombings: a comparison of outcomes by bombing type
Minimizing gang violence in the emergency department
Collapse, crash, or crime: who's missing?

Occupational fatalities in emergency medical services: a hidden crisis
Penetrating brain injury in military conflict: does it merit more research?
Perceptions of the risk of child abduction or loss and the utility of child electronic security devices
Fatal injuries in adolescents
Increasing emergency physician recognition of domestic violence
Indicators of assault-related injuries among women presenting to the emergency department
Which "broken windows" matter? School, neighborhood, and family characteristics associated with youths' feelings of unsafety
Policy and technology for safer guns: an update
Pre- and posthospitalization alcoholic arrests in a rural state
Prevalence study of domestic violence victims in an emergency department
Prevention of alcohol use and abuse
Primary blast injuries
Prospective field study of violence in emergency medical services calls
Reducing harmful alcohol-related behaviors: effective regulatory methods
Relationships between experiences of parental violence during childhood and women's self-esteem
Safe at home? Domestic violence and other homicides among women in New Mexico
Safety of imaging exploding bullets with ultrasound
Sarin poisoning of a rescue team in the Matsumoto sarin incident in Japan
Soft body armor for EMS providers
Study of aeroball injuries
Stun guns. the medical implications
Taser power
Terrorism and the ethics of emergency medical care
The epidemiology of pepper spray exposures reported in Texas in 1998-2002
A comparison of aggressive and DUI crashes
Air Gun Pellet Injuries of the Hand
Child and adolescent abuse and subsequent victimization: A prospective study
Child-to-Child Unintentional Injury and Death from Firearms in the United States: What can be Done?
Diagnosis and interpretation of injuries: A study of Dutch general practitioners
Domestic violence, alcohol and substance abuse
Domestic violence--medicine's response
Homeland security, car crashes and traffic incident data: Killing three birds with one IT architecture
Homicide in the Canadian prairies: spousal killers, amnesia and self-harm
How and why community hospital clinicians document a positive screen for intimate partner violence: a cross-sectional study
Intimate partner violence
Medical response to terrorism: preparedness and clinical practice
Native women, violence, substance abuse and HIV risk
Parents' beliefs about children and gun safety
Perpetrator accounts in infant abusive head trauma brought about by a shaking event
Predicting Immune Status in Women From PTSD and Childhood and Adult Violence
Preliminary examination of the relationship between anxiety disorders in adults and self-reported history of teasing or bullying experiences
Reporting possible sexual abuse: A qualitative study on children's perspectives and the context for disclosure
"I'm gonna do what I wanna do." Organizational change as a legitimized vehicle for bullies
Hospital planning for acts of terrorism and other public health emergencies involving children
Multilevel correlates of childhood physical aggression and prosocial behavior
September 11, 2001, revisited: a review of the data
Terrorism and resilience: adolescents' and teachers' responses to September 11, 2001
The prevalence and correlates of abuse among children with autism served in comprehensive community-based mental health settings
Toward evidence-based treatment: child-parent psychotherapy with preschoolers exposed to marital violence
Trauma: the motor end plate of violence
Traumatic death from rival gang violence in Rivers State, Nigeria
Underground attack. How London's disaster plan worked for EMS
Preparedness for terrorist attack in the United States--the role of forensic pathologists and medical examiners
Sexual child abuse: correlation between medical certificates' conclusions and judiciary sanctions
Parenting processes and dating violence: The mediating role of self-esteem in low- and high-SES adolescents
Predictors of inner-city recurrent violence-related injuries
Youth gangs, delinquency and drug use: a test of the selection, facilitation, and enhancement hypotheses
The destabilizing effect of body armour on military rifle bullets
Violence against women: response from clinicians
Violence in the pediatric emergency department
Violence-free society. American College of Emergency Physicians
Violence-inflicted injuries: reporting laws in the fifty states
When is childhood drowning neglect?
Wilderness mortalities: a 13-year experience
Wound ballistics
Wound ballistics, round 3
Wound ballistics: theory and practice
Engaging men as social justice allies in ending violence against women: evidence for a social norms approach.

Children's exposure to violence in an urban setting
Civilian medicine and war: transformation of a health centre to a war hospital in Croatia (July 1991-October 1992)
Co-victimization among African-American adolescents
Commentary: When counseling parents on guns doesn't work: why don't they get it?
Communicated threats and violence toward public and private targets: discerning differences among those who stalk and attack
Community solutions to violence: a Minnesota managed care action plan
Congressional voting behavior on firearm control legislation: 1993-2000
Convenience store robberies in selected metropolitan areas. risk factors for employee injury
Correlates and consequences of workplace violence
Criminality and morbidity in young victims of firearm injuries. a follow-up study
Culture, social organization, and patterns of violence
Deaths and injuries due to unexploded ordnance (UXO) in northern Lao PDR (Laos)
Dementia as a risk factor for homicide
Domestic violence. risk factors and outcomes
Driving-induced stress in urban college students
Effect of new federal gun-control law on physicians
Epidemiology of fatal child abuse: international mortality data
Epidemiology of severe eye injuries in childhood
Evaluation of alcohol outlet density and its relation with violence
Evaluation of the emergency department logbook for population-based surveillance of firearm-related injury
Exposure to violence among inner-city youth
Exposure to violence and victimization and the use of violence by adolescents in the United States
Eye injuries associated with paintball guns
Factors affecting mortality and morbidity in patients with abdominal gunshot wounds
Factors associated with assault-related firearm injuries in male adolescents
Factors associated with weapon use in maternal filicide
Female victims of intimate partner physical domestic violence (IPP-DV), California 1998
Florida gun control
Gang-related homicides in Los Angeles County
Gender differences in homicide in Contra Costa County, California: 1982-1993
Educational needs in the field of detection of domestic violence and neglect: the opinion of a population of French dentists
A descriptive study of the perceptions of workplace violence and safety strategies of nurses working in level I trauma centers
A summary of personal protection order statutes in the United States
After-rape among three populations in the Southwest: a time of mourning, a time for recovery
Aggressive behaviors in early adolescence and subsequent suicidality among urban youths
An examination of the effectiveness of domestic violence coordinating councils
Bullying perspectives: experiences, attitudes, and recommendations of 9- to 13-year-olds attending health education centers in the United States
Dentist tackles bullying
Epidemiology of assaultive injuries in areas of Sichuan province, China
Global efforts to prevent violence: World Health Organization reports significant progress
Homicide and Native Americans
Individual and Contextual Determinants of Domestic Violence in North India
Injuries and assaults in a long-term psychiatric care facility: an epidemiologic study
Intimate Partner Violence and Disabilities among Women Attending Family Practice Clinics
Predicting the use of single versus multiple types of violence towards children in a representative sample of Quebec families
Pregnant women in poor countries face domestic violence
Public health. Violence against women
Rape survivors' experiences with the legal and medical systems: do rape victim advocates make a difference?
The Aftermath of Workplace Violence: One Person's Account
The Building Resiliency and Vocational Excellence (BRAVE) Program: A Violence-Prevention and Role Model Program for Young, African American Males
The enduring effects of abuse and related adverse experiences in childhood. A convergence of evidence from neurobiology and epidemiology
Victimization during childhood and revictimization in dating relationships in adolescent girls
Violence among peoples in the light of human frustration and aggression
Visceral injuries in nonaccidental trauma: spectrum of injury and outcomes
Women's Use of Force: Voices of Women Arrested for Domestic Violence
Alcohol and/or benzodiazepine use: different accidents-different impacts?
Alcohol expectancies in relation to personality and aggression among juvenile delinquents in Northern Russia
Bullying and victimization behaviors in boys and girls at South korean primary schools
Cross-national study of fighting and weapon carrying as determinants of adolescent injury
Deaths from international terrorism compared with road crash deaths in OECD countries
Domestic violence and female mental health in developing countries
Violence and aggression: how nurses perceive their own and colleagues' risk
Injury research explains conflicting violence trends
Randomized trial of the Early Start program of home visitation
Management of agitated, violent or psychotic patients in the emergency department: an overdue protocol for an increasing problem
Mortality patterns during a war in Guinea-Bissau 1998-99: changes in risk factors?
Oral and dental aspects of child abuse and neglect
Patterns of health care use that may identify young children who are at risk for maltreatment
Perceiving classroom aggression: the influence of setting, intervention style and group perceptions
Prevalence and characteristics of trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder in female prisoners in China
Rape--the Malaysian scenario
Risk factors among handgun retailers for frequent and disproportionate sales of guns used in violent and firearm related crimes
The Building Resiliency and Vocational Excellence (BRAVE) Program: A Violence-Prevention and Role Model Program for Young, African American Males
The global burden of non-conflict related firearm mortality
The impact of violence on adolescents in schools: a case study on the role of school-based health centers
The prevalence of teachers who bully students in schools with differing levels of behavioral problems
The relationship between males' attitudes to partner violence and use of contraceptive methods in Turkey
The USCCB and rape protocols
The welfare cost of violence across countries
When home is no longer safe: intimate-partner violence
A discriminant function procedure for identifying abusing parents
On the association of sex and violence in the fantasy production of college students
Differences in the prevalence and impact of risk factors for general recidivism between different types of juveniles who have committed sexual offenses (JSOS) and juveniles who have committed nonsexual offenses (NSOS)
The anticipation of death by violence: a psychological profile
An investigation of the effectiveness of police cruiser doors as protection from handgun attack
Risk-taking behaviours in a sample of New Zealand adolescents
A study of psychiatric nurses' beliefs and attitudes about work safety and assaults in Turkey
Child labor in Ghana cocoa production: focus upon agricultural tasks, ergonomic exposures, and associated injuries and illnesses
From the editor-a call for violence prevention in 2006
Genital injuries in women reporting sexual assault
Interpersonal violence in prehistoric San Pedro de Atacama, Chile: Behavioral implications of environmental stress
Is the Australian hospital system adequately prepared for terrorism? The Australian Government's response
Psychiatry and the Palestinian population
The effectiveness of an ED-based violence prevention program
The risk of child abuse in children younger than 18 months with lower extremity injury
The role of intimate partner violence, race, and ethnicity in help-seeking behaviors
The utility of cumulative meta-analysis: application to programs for reducing sexual violence
Experiencing familiar violence: men who commit violence against their mates
Adult perpetrator gender asymmetries in child sexual assault victim selection: results from the 2000 national incident-based report system
Bullying girls - changes after brief strategic family therapy: a randomized, prospective, controlled trial with one-year follow-up
Changing coverage of domestic violence murders: a longitudinal experiment in participatory communication
Description of a domestic violence measure for Puerto Rican gay males
Drug 'hot-spots', alcohol availability and violence
Epidemiological Measurement of Children's and Adolescents' Exposure to Community Violence: Working with the Current State of the Science
Gender and sufferings
Identification of violence in Turkish health care settings
Intimate Partner Violence and HIV/STD Risk Among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Individuals
Intimate partner violence and long-term psychosocial functioning in a national sample of American women
IQ and Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms in Children Exposed to Interpersonal Violence
Journalists and gender-based violence in Ibadan, Nigeria
Older Women's Experiences of Psychological Violence in Their Marital Relationships
Sexual abuse and reproductive health among unmarried young women seeking abortion in China
Sex-work harm reduction
Spousal Abuse Against Women and Its Consequences on Reproductive Health: A Study in the Urban Slums in Bangladesh
Structured practice opportunities with a mnemonic affect medical student interviewing skills for intimate partner violence
The roles of victim and perpetrator alcohol use in intimate partner violence outcomes
Violence in some so-called 'sports'
Zero tolerance of violence
Bullying--aggressive behavior among students
Current view of sexual abuse in childhood and adolescence
Follow-up of child abuse victims: challenges for the pediatrician
Sexual assault of women: injury pattern and victim-perpetrator relationship
Urban violence: a challenge for pediatricians
A Psychosocial Risk Assessment and Management Framework to Enhance Response to CBRN Terrorism Threats and Attacks
A clinical forensic scientist in the burns unit: Necessity or not? A prospective clinical study
A developmental approach to mentalizing communities: i. a model for social change
A developmental approach to mentalizing communities: ii. The peaceful schools experiment
A youth violence prevention curriculum for public health students
Against the odds:the impact of woman abuse on maternal response to disclosure of child sexual abuse
American Medical Association's Youth Violence Prevention Training and Outreach Guide
Assault cases in Maiduguri metropolis: a comparative study of police and accident and emergency units' records
Bringing violence prevention into the clinic. The Massachusetts Medical Society Violence Prevention Project
Bullying at work, health outcomes, and physiological stress response
Collaborating for violence prevention training health professionals to work with schools
Defense mechanisms and self-reported violence toward strangers
Domestic violence: learning to ask the question
Exposure to violence among substance-dependent pregnant women and their children
Health professional training in youth violence prevention a commentary by the Surgeon General
Healthcare professionals and the prevention of youth violence where do we go from here?
Homicide survivors research and practice implications
Medical training in child maltreatment
Oklahoma Nurses Association 2005 House of Delegates resolution. Intimate partner violence assessment, intervention and documentation
Prevent A Program of the National Training Initiative on Injury and Violence Prevention
Public health training on the prevention of youth violence and suicide an overview
Tackling alcohol related violence in city centres: effect of emergency medicine and police intervention
Terrorism: the reality of blast injuries
The bully as victim?
The matrix comes to youth violence prevention. A strengths-based, ecologic, and developmental framework
Training emergency medicine nurses and physicians in youth violence prevention
Training health professionals in youth violence prevention overview of extant efforts
Training healthcare professionals in youth violence prevention an overview
Training healthcare professionals in youth violence prevention: Closing the gap
Validity of Teacher Ratings in Selecting Influential Aggressive Adolescents for a Targeted Preventive Intervention
What health professionals should know. Core competencies for effective practice in youth violence prevention
Childhood Bullying Behaviors as a Risk for Suicide Attempts and Completed Suicides: A Population-Based Birth Cohort Study
CAEP Position Statement on Gun Control
World Health Organization's TEACH-VIP Contributing to Capacity Building for Youth Violence Prevention
Youth violence prevention curriculum for undergraduate nursing and allied health students
Youth violence prevention in a problem-based clerkship curriculum
Assessing violence exposure and trauma symptoms in young children: A critical review of measures
Distinguishing Inflicted versus Accidental Abdominal Injuries in Young Children
Evaluation of a police and social services domestic violence program: empirical evidence needed to inform public health policies
Interpersonal violence at the crossroads between adolescence and adulthood: learning about partner violence from young mothers
Multilevel generalized linear models for modelling age-related gender difference in violent behaviour and associated factors in the general household population
Posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms among low-income, African American women with a history of intimate partner violence and suicidal behaviors: Self-esteem, social support, and religious coping
Protecting prosecution: exploring the powers of law in an intervention program for domestic violence
The relations between family environment and violence exposure among youth: findings from the national survey of adolescents
Unmet health care needs among children evaluated for sexual assault
Utilization of Services by Abused, Low-income African-American Women
Violence Against American Indian Women and the Services-Training-Officers-Prosecutors Violence Against Indian Women (STOP VAIW) Program
The origins of hopelessness among inner-city african-american adolescents
Help network says firearms data gap makes reducing gun injuries more difficult. Handgun epidemic lowering plan
High-velocity gunshot wounds to the head and neck: a review of wound ballistics
Hindfoot injuries due to landmine blast accidents
Homicide in childhood. Distinguishable patterns of risk related to developmental levels of victims
Homicides in two Scandinavian capitals
Homosexual homicides
Hopelessness and violence among inner-city youths
Celebrity stalking, homicide, and suicide: a psychological autopsy
Childhood sexual abuse, relationship satisfaction, and sexual risk taking in a community sample of women
Domestic violence as risk factor for unwanted pregnancy and induced abortion in Mulago Hospital, Kampala, Uganda
Domestic violence: a study among a group of Turkish women
Editorial: In Puero est Homo: Nipping Violence in the Bud
Evaluation of a curriculum for intimate partner violence screening in a pediatric emergency department
Factors associated with spousal physical violence against women in Bangladesh
Female caregivers' experiences with intimate partner violence and behavior problems in children investigated as victims of maltreatment
Filicide-suicide: common factors in parents who kill their children and themselves
How batterer intervention programs work: participant and facilitator accounts of processes of change
Impulsivity and schemas for a hostile world: postdictors of violent behaviour
Jocks, gender, binge drinking, and adolescent violence
Lifetime prevalence and socioemotional effects of hearing about community violence
Measuring violence risk and outcomes among Mexican American adolescent females
Mortality in the Democratic Republic of Congo: a nationwide survey
Perceived Positive Aspects of Intimate Relationships Among Abused Women in Methadone Maintenance Treatment Programs (MMTP)
Predictors of alcohol misuse and abuse in older women
Psychopathy and suicidality in female offenders: mediating influences of personality and abuse
Recent sexual abuse, physical abuse, and suicide attempts among male veterans seeking psychiatric treatment
Sexual assault--myths and facts
Sexually violent predators: the risky enterprise of risk assessment
The characteristics of persistent sexual offenders: a meta-analysis of recidivism studies
The prediction of violence and homicide in young men
The role of alcohol and drugs in triggering criminal violence: a case-crossover study
The United States Twenty-Year Experience With Bombing Incidents: Implications for Terrorism Preparedness and Medical Response
Use of the COVR in Violence Risk Assessment
Violence among Arab elementary school pupils in Israel
IMSS in numbers. Consumption of alcohol and psychoactive substances
Patterns of violent death in Bogota, 1997-2003
Sexual violence--sexualized violence
Human cost of political violence
Hunting-related injuries
Identifying potential gun offenders
Impact of acute alcohol intoxication on patterns of non-fatal trauma: cause-specific analysis of head injury effect
Implementing means restriction education in urban EDs
Improving firearm storage habits: impact of brief office counseling by family physicians
Injuries caused by personal violence
Injuries of the lower limbs caused by antipersonnel mines: the experience of the International Committee of the Red Cross
Interpersonal violence, aggression, and antisocial behaviours in the adolescents
Interpersonal violence
Interpretation of fatal, multiple, and exiting gunshot wounds by trauma specialists
Intracranial penetration due to BB air rifle injuries
Intrafamilial homicide committed by juveniles: examination of a sample with recommendations for prevention
Is there a regional subculture of firearm violence in Canada?
It may be more significant than you think: BB air rifle injury to a child's head
Jacobson and Soliman's analysis of the public health effects of tobacco and firearm litigation
Jumping the gun: firearms and the mental health of Australians
Life-threatening air rifle injuries to the heart in three boys
Magnitude, type and outcomes of physical violence against married women in Butajira, southern Ethiopia
Man with a gun--intensive care
Mass-casualty, terrorist bombings: implications for emergency department and hospital emergency response (Part II)
Medical statistics of battlefield casualties
Medicolegal autopsies of violent deaths in northern Norway 1972-1992
Mexican American and white American school dropouts' drug use, health status, and involvement in violence
Missile injuries of the sciatic nerve
Morbidity and injury recurrence in victims of firearm injuries
More ammunition against firearm editorial
More guns, more deaths
Mortality epidemiology in low-intensity warfare: Israel Defense Forces' experience
Mortality from interpersonal violence in Great Britain
Paintball ocular injuries
Parent's behaviors, knowledge, and beliefs related to unintentional firearm injuries among children and youth in the Southwest [USA]
Parents' attitudes toward firearm injury prevention counseling in urban pediatric clinics
Patterns and correlates of gun ownership among nonmetropolitan and rural middle school students
A retrospective study of risk to siblings in abusing families
Acceptability of domestic violence against women in the European Union: a multilevel analysis
Differences in individual-level terrorism preparedness in Los Angeles County
Executive dysfunction and domestic violence
Prevalence of childhood sexual abuse among incarcerated males in county jail
Rethinking the bystander role in school violence prevention
Social behavior and peer relationships of victims, bully-victims, and bullies in Kindergarten
Urban violence and public health in Latin America: a sociological explanatory framework
Utility of indices of gun availability in the community
Violent video game effects on children and adolescents. a review of the literature
Women exposed to intimate partner violence: expectations and experiences when they encounter health care professionals: a meta-analysis of qualitative studies
Injuries made by shooting from the self-defence gun--a traumatic gun Strazhnik
Automated comparison of firearm bullets
Pediatric residents' attitudes and behaviors related to counseling adolescents and their parents about firearm safety
Pediatricians' experience with and attitudes toward firearms: Results of a national survey
Penetrating injuries in children: is there a message?
Physical and pathophysiological effects of blast
Planned complex suicide by self-poisoning and a manipulated blank revolver: remarkable findings due to multiple gunshot wounds and self-made wooden projectiles
Post Gulf war explosive injuries in liberated Kuwait
Prevalence and impact of exposure to interpersonal violence among suburban and urban middle school students
Prevalence of carrying a weapon and related behaviors in urban schoolchildren, 1989 to 1993
Prevalence of drugs and alcohol in autopsied homicide cases in St. John Parish, Louisiana
Prevalence of traumatic brain injury amongst children admitted to hospital in one health district: a population-based study
Preventability of death from penetrating injury in England and Wales
Seasonal fluctionations in testosterone:estrogen ratio in men from the southwest United States
Psychosocial needs of young persons who are victims of interpersonal violence
Reducing violent injuries: priorities for pediatrician advocacy
Residents' perspectives on violence and personal safety in the emergency department
Restricting the availability of guns as a strategy for preventing suicide
Rethinking homicide: violence, race, and the politics of gender
Riot injuries to policemen. An analysis of 808 policemen injured in roiting between 1969 and 1972 in Northern Ireland
Risk of occupational glass injury in bar staff
Risk of pediatric lead poisoning from nonenvironmental exposures: gun ownership
Roots of urban violence
Safe storage of handguns. What do the police recommend?
Safety standards for stab-resistant body armour: a computer tomographic assessment of organ to skin distances
Screening, health promotion, and prevention in men
Self inflicted gunshot wound caused by a home-made gun - medico-legal and ballistic examination
Self-inflicted abdominal stab wounds
Self-inflicted accidental gunshot wounds
Self-reported weapon ownership, use, and violence experience among clients accessing an inner-city sexually transmitted disease clinic
Severe blunt assault injuries at Auckland Hospital
Severity of abuse to pregnant women and associated gun access of the perpetrator
Severity of spousal and intimate partner abuse to pregnant Hispanic women
Sex differences in the perpetrator-victim relationship among emergency department patients presenting with nonfatal firearm-related injuries
Shooting in the dark: estimating the cost of firearm injuries
Small arms, physicians and politics
Spontaneous discharge of a firearm in an MR imaging environment
Spousal homicide and suicide in Quebec
Stud guns revisited: report of a suicide and literature review
Study of civilian victims of terrorist attacks (France 1982-1987)
Suicide among young Australians, 1964-1993: an interstate comparison of metropolitan and rural trends
Suicide among young rural Australians 1964-1993: a comparison with metropolitan trends
Suicide and gun control
Suicide and violence prevention: parent education in the emergency department
Suicide in peacekeepers--a cohort study of mortality from suicide in 22,275 Norwegian veterans from international peacekeeping operations
Suicide in South Africa. An analysis of nationally registered mortality data for 1984-1986
Suicide with the latest type of slaughterer's gun
Supporting Adolescents with Guidance and Employment (SAGE)
The association of handgun ownership and storage practices with safety consciousness
The changing pattern of paramilitary punishments in Northern Ireland
The context and consequences of ocular injuries from air guns
The continuing gun debate--puzzling; byzantine and drug abuse?
The cost to our children: the issue of gun control
The effect of written informed consent on detection of violence in the home
The epidemiology of homicide-suicide (dyadic death)
The scud missile disaster in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia, 1991: the orthopaedic experience
Victims of violence in schools: ASK
Viet Nam wound analysis
Violence against women during the Liberian civil conflict
Violence against women in Mexico: a study of abuse before and during pregnancy
Violence and epilepsy
Violence and its injury consequences in American movies: A public health perspective
Violence and personal responsibility
Violence and substance use among North Carolina pregnant women
Violence and threats of violence experienced by public health field-workers
Violence prevention involvement among trauma surgeons: description and preliminary evaluation
The gender gap in reporting household gun ownership
Adolescent homicides in Finland: Offence and offender characteristics
Bullying in schools. How successful can interventions be?
Changes in the timing of SIDS deaths in 1989 and 1999: indirect evidence of low homicide prevalence among reported cases
Early detection of illness associated with poisonings of public health significance
Elder abuse at end of life
Gaps in pediatricians' advice to parents regarding early childhood aggression
Intimate partner violence: steps for future generations
Is an armed society a polite society? Guns and road rage
Physical violence by husbands: Magnitude, disclosure and help-seeking behavior of women in Bangladesh
Personal exposure of faculty and medical students to family violence
The top 10 things to evaluate in children with suspected blunt abdominal injuries
A Risk-Taking "Set" in a Novel Task Among Adolescents With Serious Conduct and Substance Problems
Domestic violence experiences among medical students in 2 universities
Knowledge and perceptions of parents regarding child sexual abuse in Botswana and Swaziland
Missed opportunities: emergency department visits by police-identified victims of intimate partner violence
Multimedia bullying using a website
Acceptance of killing and homicide rates in nineteen nations
Association of Violence Victimization with Inconsistent Condom Use in HIV-Infected Persons
Brutal neglect: Australian rural women's access to health services
Cancer patients and domestic violence: providing safety and support
Climatic effects on incidence of sexual assault
Domestic violence against women with cancer: examples and review of the literature
Gunshot injuries of the spine--a review of 49 cases managed at the Groote Schuur Acute Spinal Cord Injury Unit
Incapacitated rape and alcohol use: A prospective analysis
Intimate Partner Violence Against Women: Findings From One State's ED Surveillance System
Non-accidental burns in children. Are we neglecting neglect?
Psychopathology in women arrested for domestic violence
Psychosocial outcomes derived from an acid burned population in Bangladesh, and comparison with Western norms
Rates of mental disorder in people convicted of homicide: National clinical survey
Secondary Prevention of Intimate Partner Violence: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Victimization of the elderly homeless
The relative risk of police use-of-force options: Evaluating the potential for deployment of electronic weaponry
Will words ever harm me? Escalation from verbal to physical abuse in sixth-grade classrooms
Women's Views of Prenatal Violence Screening: Acceptability and Confidentiality Issues
Pattern of civilian gunshot injuries in Irrua, Nigeria
Violence against women: A global public health crisis
Racial differences in the evaluation of pediatric fractures for physical abuse
Risks for abuse against pregnant Hispanic women: Morelos, Mexico and Los Angeles County, California
Seven hundred fifty-three consecutive deaths in a level I trauma center: the argument for injury prevention
Violent death in a metropolitan county. changing patterns in homicide (1958-74)
Violent death in children in a metropolitan county: changing patterns of homicide, 1958 to 1982
Violent deaths among adolescents in Switzerland. from epidemiology to prevention
Violent injuries among adolescents: declining morbidity and mortality in an urban population
War injuries of the extremities
Weapon location following suicidal gunshot wounds
Weapon-carrying among high school students--United States, 1990
Who is violent?: factors associated with aggressive behaviors in Latin America and Spain
Working through conflict with self-destructive preschool children
Prevalence and severity of intimate partner violence and associations with family functioning and alcohol abuse in psychiatric inpatients with suicidal intent
Victimization prevention programs for children: a follow-up
Victims of domestic violence on the trauma service: unrecognized and underreported
Costs of gunshot and cut/stab wounds in the United States, with some Canadian comparisons
Firearm availability and unintentional firearm deaths
Firearms in US homes as a risk factor for unintentional gunshot fatality
Impact forces following the unexpected removal of a chair while sitting
The impact of hate violence on victims: emotional and behavioral responses to attacks
The impact of professional (American) football games upon violent assaults on women
The increasing rate of suicide by firearms
Domestic violence in Caracas: social and cultural predictors
Epidemiology of homicides in Cali, Colombia, 1993-1998: six years of a population-based model
Mortality by firearms in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: a spatial analysis
Position, role and tasks of medical services in mass disasters during the use of nuclear, chemical and firearm weapons
Statistical survey of medico-legal activities for the murderous and accidental death (40 cases) by use of firearms
The danger of the game called "paint ball"
The flare gun and hazards related to its improper use
Opportunities for intervention: discussing physical abuse during prenatal care visits
Nonintracranial fatal firearm injuries in children: implications for treatment
Surveillance for injuries and violence among older adults
The mortality of elder mistreatment
Turning point: rethinking violence--evaluation of program efficacy in reducing adolescent violent crime recidivism
Violence and gender: reports from an urban high school
Violence anticipatory guidance
Violence epidemiologists test the hazards of gun ownership
Violence-related injuries in a pediatric emergency department
Violence: a challenge to the public health community
Violence: a growing danger to children. The American case
Violent behavior among urban youth attending alternative schools
Violent behaviors in early adolescent minority youth: results from a "middle school youth risk behavior survey"
Violent crime in the United States. An epidemiologic profile
Youth violence and the apocalyptic
Clear connection between gun ownership and suicide. 92 per cent of attempts result in death
Sexual victimization and completed suicide among Danish female adults
Trends in firearm suicide among older American males: 1979-1988
Triage of war wounded: the experience of the International Committee of the Red Cross
The price of peace: the personal and financial cost of paramilitary punishments in Northern Ireland
The London nail bombings: the St. Thomas' Hospital experience
The Million Mom March: engaging the public on gun policy
The relationship between alcohol intoxication, injury severity and Glasgow Coma Score in assault patients
The return of the projected: some thoughts on paranoia and a recent trend in horror films
The students for peace project: a comprehensive violence-prevention program for middle school students
The Victoria bomb: a report from the Westminster Hospital
Training in firearm safety counseling in pediatric residency programs
Re: Guns and violence
Re: Guns and violence
Possibilities of situational expertise in investigation of firearm-related criminal cases
Forensic-medical assessment of irritant distribution on the target in gas firearm shots
Firearms--a growing threat against public health
A model for estimating the number of glass fragments transferred when breaking a pane: experiments with firearms and hammer
A partisan assault on science--the threat to the CDC
A probabilistic approach to the joint evaluation of firearm evidence and gunshot residues
A review of 187 gunshot wound admissions to a teaching hospital over a 54-month period: training and service implications
A sign of hope: promising solutions in response to youth violence
Aiming for prevention: medical and public health approaches to small arms, gun violence, and injury
Cervical spine firearm injury: bullets do not have eyes
Controlling violence and other destructive impulses: a retail approach
Controlling violence: a retail approach
Domestic violence: an analysis of battered women in Georgia
Empty arms: the effect of the arms trade on mothers and children
Family violence: a national epidemic
Gunshot wounds to the hand: management and economic impact
Health care and firearms
Male privilege and male violence
Metropolitan Hospital first to join New York's 'Goods for Guns' drive
On guns and violence
Outcomes in children and young adults who are hospitalized for firearms-related injuries
Dental trauma in patients with maxillofacial fractures
Re: Editor's Corner, "On guns and violence" (July 1993)
Re: Guns and violence
Responding to family violence
The attack on the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control
The epidemic of penetrating trauma: a national dilemma
The nature of interpersonal violence in Jamaica and its strain on the national health system
The perspectives of violent street gang injuries
The socioeconomic impact of assault injuries on an urban trauma center
Trends in mortality attributable to current alcohol consumption in east and west Germany
Violence in america. reaching epidemic proportions
Violence in the workplace
Waging a new kind of war. a scourge of small arms
We need you in the fight against family violence
Weapon-carrying and youth violence
Laws and psychiatry: "One madman keeping loaded guns": misconceptions of mental illness and their legal consequences
'Battered pets': non-accidental physical injuries found in dogs and cats
A case of suicide-by-cop
A research review of public figure threats, approaches, attacks, and assassinations in the United States
A review of 101 homicide cases in Jos, Nigeria
A second survey of high explosives traces in public places
Adolescents carrying handguns and taking them to school: psychosocial correlates among public school students in Illinois
Air weapon injuries: a serious and persistent problem
Air-gun injuries: initial evaluation and resultant morbidity
An antique pistol fatality: consideration of the legal and pathological aspects: a case report
An evaluation of two procedures for training skills to prevent gun play in children
An overview of reported youth violence in Puerto Rico
An unusual missile-type head injury caused by a stone: case report and medicolegal perspectives
Are medical societies developing a standard for gun injury prevention?
Arms sales, health, and security
Autopsy features relevant for discrimination between suicidal and homicidal gunshot injuries
Ballistic study of the SAPL GC27 gun: is it really "nonlethal"?
Case report of a homicide by a shotgun loaded with unusual ammunition
CDC's National Violent Death Reporting System: background and methodology
Chemical agents and chemical terrorism
Childhood injury: a status report, part 2
Children and guns: advocacy groups speak out
Co-opting the health and human rights movement
Comparison of two programs to teach firearm injury prevention skills to 6- and 7-year-old children
Concealed weapons and children's hospitals: a new look at safety in our changing world
Confronting the small arms pandemic
Correlates of violent assault among young male primary care patients
Criminal deterrence as a public health strategy
Demographic, intrinsic, and extrinsic factors associated with weapon carrying at school
Developing a center for Hispanic youth violence prevention
Effective trauma center partnerships to address firearm injury: a new paradigm
Effects of stun guns and tasers
Epidemiological study of suicide in the Republic of Croatia -- comparison of war and post-war periods and areas directly and indirectly affected by war
Evaluation of behavioral skills training to prevent gun play in children
Examining the impact of external influences on police use of deadly force over time
Expertise and peripheral autonomic activity during the preparation phase in shooting events
Factors associated with state variations in homicide, suicide, and unintentional firearm deaths
Farm-related fatal injury of young and older adults in Australia, 1989-1992
Firearm homicide and firearm suicide: opposite but equal
Firearm injuries to the maxillofacial region: an overview of current thoughts regarding demographics, pathophysiology, and management
Firearm injury prevention: failure of gun-safety education
Firearms and suicide
Firearms injury center's objectivity questioned
Firearms risk management
Firearms, violence, and the potential impact of firearms control
From tobacco to health care and beyond--a critique of lawsuits targeting unpopular industries
Gun availability and use of guns for suicide, homicide, and murder in Canada
Gun burner injury: a peculiar accidental self-inflicted missile head injury
Gun carrying and conduct disorder: a highly combustible combination? Implications for juvenile justice and mental and public health
Gun control and suicide: possible impact of Canadian legislation to ensure safe storage of firearms
Gun control law (Bill C-17), suicide, and homicide in Canada
Guns and gunshot wounds among teens are an epidemic
Guns in Wisconsin
Guns killing our children: a status report
Gunshot injury to the head and spine
Gunshot wounds: bullet caliber is increasing, 1998-2003
Head injury by gunshots from blank cartridges
High school students are also adversely affected by bullying
Homicide victim/offender relationship in Florida Medical Examiner District 8
Homicide-suicide in Hong Kong, 1989-1998
Homicide-suicide in Hong Kong, 1989-1998
How many more Columbines? what can pediatricians do about school and media violence?
Impact of police and legislative initiatives on urban gunshot wound admissions
Incidence and patterns of violent and/or traumatic deaths between 1993 and 1999 in the Transkei region of South Africa
Indian homemade firearm--a technical review
International law and law enforcement firearms
International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) International Medical Conference on Small Arms, Gun Violence and Injury: A call for action to reduce small arms deaths and injuries
Introduction and commentary: developmental perspectives on violence and victimization
Introduction. evolution, prevention, and responses to aggressive behavior and violence
Israeli doctors warn against rubber bullets
Land use planning and the control of alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and fast food restaurants
Lies, damned lies, and statistics.
Linking crime guns: the impact of ballistics imaging technology on the productivity of the Boston Police Department's Ballistics Unit
Litigation as public health policy: theory or reality?
Mechanisms of pediatric trauma deaths in Canada and the United States: the role of firearms
Medical education through community experience: community projects at the University of South Dakota School of Medicine
Mole gun--an unusual firearm, a case note
Murder-suicide in New Hampshire, 1995-2000
Neighborhood predictors of concealed firearm carrying among children and adolescents: results from the project on human development in Chicago neighborhoods
NIST bullet signature measurement system for RM (Reference Material) 8240 standard bullets
Non-lethal weapons: operational and policy developments
Operationalizing non-lethality: a Northern Ireland perspective
Outlawing the firearm vs. implementation of stricter punishment
Penetrating injury of the heart by a nail gun
Pistol image retrieval by shape representation
Political violence, ethnic conflict, and contemporary wars: broad implications for health and social well-being
Prejudice and perception: the role of automatic and controlled processes in misperceiving a weapon
Premeditated mass shootings in schools: threat assessment
Preventing youth violence: an office-based approach
Project UJIMA: working together to make things right
Psychiatric and neurological characteristics of murder defendants referred for pretrial evaluation
Psychiatric disorders among victims of a courthouse shooting spree: a three-year follow-up study
Public health and peace
Reality check: using newspapers, police reports, and court records to assess defensive gun use
Reference ballistic imaging database performance
Relation of rifle stock length and weight to military rifle marksmanship performance by men and women
Research fraud and public policy
Robbery characteristics and employee injuries in convenience stores
School connectedness and the transition into and out of health-risk behavior among adolescents: a comparison of social belonging and teacher support
School shootings: doctors were victims, too
Science and politics, or on the irony of the term political science
Screening for adolescent firearms-carrying: one more way to save a life
Self-report weapon possession in school and patterns of early adolescent adjustment in rural African American youth
Should physicians routinely inquire about guns? No: this inquiry is an invasion of privacy
Should physicians routinely inquire about guns? Yes: inquiry could save lives
Some samples of weapons and instruments used as weapon in criminal offenses in Turkey
Spectrum of unnatural fatalities in the Chandigarh zone of north-west India--a 25 year autopsy study from a tertiary care hospital
Suicide by firearms: a 15-year experience
Conflict and containment events in inpatient psychiatric units
Suicide rate after the 1991-1995 War in Southwestern Croatia
Suicide with a butcher's bolt
Suicide with two guns represents a special type of combined suicide
Suicide, firearms, and data
Systematic medical data collection of intentional injuries during armed conflicts: a pilot study conducted in West Bank, Palestine
Taming the killing fields of Laos
Teaching safety skills to children to prevent gun play
Technologies to detect concealed weapons: Fourth amendment limits on a new public health and law enforcement tool
Terminal ballistics of the Russian AK 74 assault rifle: two wounded patients and experimental findings
The COMT Met158 allele and violence in schizophrenia: A meta-analysis
The effects of war on the Colombian population
The hard bigotry of gun control
The intention of adolescents to carry a knife or a gun: a study of low-income African-American adolescents
The magazine: a major cause of bullet fragmentation
The police officer's dilemma: using ethnicity to disambiguate potentially threatening individuals
The production of criminal violence in America: is strict gun control the solution?
The relationship between health risk behaviors and fear in one urban seventh grade class
The relationship between human security, demand for arms and disarmament in the horn of Africa
Three dimensional visualization and comparison of impressions on fired bullets
Three-year follow-up of survivors of a mass shooting episode
UK civil rights groups question safety of stun guns
Unfair assessment presented by Mrs. Brady
Unnatural female deaths in Peshawar
Unsupervised firearm handling by California adolescents
Unusual homicide by air gun with pellet embolisation
Using litigation to make public health policy: theoretical and empirical challenges in assessing product liability, tobacco, and gun litigation
Utah youth suicide study, phase I: government agency contact before death
Violence in the USA
Vulnerability to homicide in Karachi: political activity as a risk factor
Weapon carrying among rural southern Illinois elementary school children
Weapon-carrying at Swiss schools? A gender-specific typology in context of victim and offender related violence
When the perpetrator gets killed: effects of observing the death of a handgun user in a televised public service announcement
Workplace homicides in Chicago. Risk factors from 1965 to 1990
Wounding characteristics of glaser safety ammunition: a report of three cases
Years of potential life lost by children and adolescent victims of homicide, Recife, 1997
Youth homicide racial disparities: gender, years, and cause
Youths' involvement with guns: motivation vs availability
Zero tolerance and searching for premeditated school shooters
A Community-Based Trial of an Online Intimate Partner Violence CME Program
A retrospective case series of skeletal surveys in children with suspected non-accidental injury
A tool for measuring physician readiness to manage intimate partner violence
Adolescent abuse in a community sample in Beni Suef, Egypt: prevalence and risk factors
Alcohol drinking habits and community perspectives on alcohol abuse in the Bella Coola Valley
An examination of sexual violence against college women
Anticipatory guidance and violence prevention: results from family and pediatrician focus groups
Behavioral strategies for constructing nonviolent cultures with youth: a review
Bullying among Turkish high school students
Circumstance and outcome of ocular paintball injuries
Coping with terrorism: the impact of increased salience of terrorism on mood and self-efficacy of intrinsically religious and nonreligious people
Domestic violence as witnessed by New Zealand children
Female Child Sexual Abuse within the family in a Hungarian County
Firearm fatalities in the Transkei region of South Africa, 1993 - 2004
Firearm suicide in New York City in the 1990s
Firearms accidents in Northern India (1980-2000)
Global Campaign for Violence Prevention: significant progress for many countries
Homicide in the Canadian Prairies: spousal killers and recidivism
Physical health outcomes of childhood exposure to intimate partner violence: a systematic review
Intimate Partner Violence and Women's Depression Before and During Pregnancy
Parental expectations, physical punishment, and violence among adolescents who score positive on a psychosocial screening test in primary care
Perforating ocular injuries in children: a retrospective study of 57 cases
Punitive action or gentle persuasion: exploring police officers' justifications for using dual arrest in domestic violence cases
Responding to the needs of older women experiencing domestic violence
Separation and/or Divorce Sexual Assault in Rural Ohio: Preliminary Results of an Exploratory Study
Social Norms and the Likelihood of Raping: Perceived Rape Myth Acceptance of Others Affects Men's Rape Proclivity
Substance abuse amplifies the risk for violence in schizophrenia spectrum disorder
The response of general practitioners to the threat of violence in their practices: results from a qualitative study
Variation of homicidal and suicidal behaviour within Trinidad and Tobago and the associated ecological risk factors
Violence in Jamaica: an analysis of homicides 1998-2002
Ocular trauma caused by a beebee gun
Age- and sex-specific analysis of homicide mortality as a function of economic development: a cross-national comparison
An unusual case of homicidal near drowning followed by electrocution
Arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy/dysplasia mimicking rape homicide: a case report
Mental illness and violent death: major issues for public health
Dumping after homicide using setting in concrete and/or sealing with bricks-Six case reports
Handedness, homicide and negative frequency-dependent selection
Two unusual stab injuries to the neck: homicide or self-infliction?
Adolescent homicide victims in southern brazil: situations of vulnerability as reported by families
Social inequality and homicide rates in Sao Paulo City, Brazil
"Ordinary people" and "death work": Palestinian suicide bombers as victimizers and victims
Examining the intergenerational transmission of violence in a New Zealand birth cohort
Alcohol and intimate partner violence: do we have enough information to act?
Animal abuse among preadolescents directly and indirectly victimized at school and at home
Arterial injuries in civilian practice in Lagos, Nigeria
Conducting research on violence in Asian American communities: methodological issues
Domestic Violence in Barriers to Health Care for HIV-Positive Women
Firearms legislation and reductions in firearm-related suicide deaths in New Zealand
Intimate sexual victimization among women with protective orders: types and associations of physical and mental health problems
Psychotic-like experiences and interpersonal violence in the general population
PTSD symptoms among men and women survivors of intimate partner violence: the role of risk and protective factors
War and medicine in a culture of peace. 5. Synopsis of nonlethal weapons
The mediating role of alienation in the development of maladjustment in youth exposed to community violence
The Role of Maternal Acceptance in the Relation Between Community Violence Exposure and Child Functioning
Trauma symptoms among infants exposed to intimate partner violence
Victim services in the National Health Service (NHS): combining treatment with violence prevention
Early screening of intimate partner violence. An evidence-based intervention?
Occupational violence problems in an emergency hospital in Londrina, Paranai, Brazil
Flunitrazepam abuse and malicious use in Texas, 1998-2003
Social representations by health professionals of sexual violence against women: a study in three municipal public maternity hospitals in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Consumer satisfaction and child behaviour problems in child and adolescent mental health services
Ducks might quack.... children and domestic violence in rural areas
Excessive infantile crying: a review of the literature
Exploitation of children and young people through prostitution
Munchausen syndrome by proxy abuse
School age prostitution: an issue for children's nurses?
Family violence in New Zealand: we can do better
Adolescent inhalant use among male patients in treatment for substance and behavior problems: two-year outcome
Optimistic bias among potential perpetrators and victims of youth violence
Prevalence and correlates of interpersonal violence victimization in a junior enlisted Navy cohort
Coexistence and independence between a mental disorder and female stalking
Car accident or homicide--case analysis
Homicide by stab to the neck with subsequent attempted suicide by cut to the neck
Client narratives about experiences with a multicouple treatment program for intimate partner violence
Recidivism is related to psychopathy (PCL-R) in a group of men convicted of homicide
Underreporting of pregnancy-associated deaths
Updated classification of findings for evaluation of sexual assault in children
Violence in rural communities: youth speak out!
Spatial analysis of socioeconomic determinants of homicide in Brazil
Some issues concerning the use of firearms with flobert cartridges
Aggression and violence - a problem in Irish Accident and Emergency departments?
Non-fatal injuries among Pacific infants in Auckland: Data from the Pacific Islands Families First Two Years of Life study
Clinical response to child abuse
Domestic violence, single parenthood, and fathers in the setting of teenage pregnancy
Eliminating gender-based violence: learning from the widowhood practices elimination initiative of a women organisation in Ozubulu, Anambra State of Nigeria
Intimate partner abuse: wife beating among civil servants in Ibadan, Nigeria
School's out for bullying
Mass homicide and suicide deadliness and outcome
Perceptions of inner city parents about early behavioral and violence prevention counseling
Perceptions of Nigerian women on domestic violence: evidence from 2003 Nigeria Demographic and Health Survey
Psychological consequences of rape on women in 1991-1995 war in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina
Substance Use, Sexual Risk, and Violence: HIV Prevention Intervention with Sex Workers in Pretoria
Investigating the association between psychosis and criminality/violence
Aggression in nature and society
Adolescence, violence and society
A case of suicide by firing the self-defence pistol "pb-4"
Adolescents and violence. Impact of African traditions and customs on the importance of the law to children in familial, social, educative and judicial practices
Characteristics of gunshot wounds caused by the special forces shooting knife (NRS and NRS-2)
Child and adolescent mortality due to external causes: trends from 1979 to 1995
Clinico-morphological characteristics of injuries inflicted by shots from weapons of non-lethal action
Dimensions and constructions of violence in Latin America
Examination of individuals soliciting and possessing permission for firearms--questions and considerations for medical practice
Forensic, medical, and criminalistic description of injuries inflicted by firing the pistol "pb-4"
Gunshot wounds, firearms and wound ballistics
Hand weapons and health
Addressing intimate partner violence in primary care: lessons from chronic illness management
Associations Between Witnessing Parental Domestic Violence and Experiencing Depressive Symptoms in Filipino Adolescents
Risks of mortality and morbidity from worldwide terrorism: 1968-2004
Bullying in Turkish white-collar workers
Community violence victimization and symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder: the moderating effects of coping and social support
Cosmopolitanism and violence: difficulties of judgment
Definitions of and beliefs about wife abuse among ultra-orthodox Jewish men from Israel
Domestic Violence during Pregnancy in Turkey and Responsibility of Prenatal Healthcare Providers
Drug consumption and violence in female work Zapallal - Lima/Peru
Gender differences in correlates of recent physical assault among untreated rural and urban at-risk drinkers: role of depression
Global injury and violence
Abuses of the girl child in some African societies: implications for nurse practitioners
Adding Insult to Injury: Intimate Partner Violence Among Women and Men Reporting Activity Limitations
Inner-City Victims of Violence and Trauma Care. The Importance of Trauma-Center Discharge and Aftercare Planning and Violence Prevention Programs
Interpretive pedagogy in action: design and delivery of a violence and health workshop for baccalaureate nursing students
Mental disorders and charges of violent offences. A study of male adolescent remand prisoners
Nurses and occupational violence: the role of organisational support in moderating professional competence
Perception of the mothering role of women who live in a context of drugs and violence
Power, control, and intimate partner sexual violence in Haiti
Prevalence of workplace violence against nurses in Hong Kong
Putting Woman-Centered Care into Practice: A New (ANEW) Approach to Psychosocial Risk Assessment During Pregnancy
Reassessing who contributed most to the decline in violence during the 1990s: a reminder that size does matter
Relations among parental substance use, violence exposure and mental health: The national survey of adolescents
Reliability of translated measures assessing dating violence among Mexican adolescents
Risk factors for femicide-suicide in abusive relationships: results from a multisite case control study
The association between length of stay in Canada and intimate partner violence among immigrant women
A Review of: "Suing the Gun Industry: A Battle at The Crossroads of Gun Control and Mass Torts"
The influence of method-related partner violence on covert pill use and pill discontinuation among women living in La Paz, El Alto and Santa Cruz, Bolivia
The magnitude of intimate partner violence in Brazil: Portraits from 15 capital cities and the Federal District
The relationship between drugs use and risk behaviors in Brazilian university students
The role of perceptions in dating violence among young adolescents
Unavailable essential archival data: a major limitation in the conduct of clinical practice and research in violence risk assessment
Violence in the health care workplace
Violence in women with psychosis in the community: prospective study
Violence related injuries, deaths and disabilities in the capital of Honduras
Women living in a drug (and violence) context: the maternal role
An exploratory study of the point of view of women and men on the services used concerning conjugal violence
Changing the focus: an exploratory study of drug use and workplace violence among women of popular classes in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Drug consumption and occupational violence in working women of Monterrey, N.L
Juvenile violence: reality today and the implicated psychological factors
Social support and psychological consequences of sexual assault : a literature review
Homicide progression per geographical area in the state of Pernambuco, Brazil, 1980-1998
Child abuse and non-accidental injury in Hong Kong
Association of gun-related measures in American states and child and adolescent firearm mortality
Cease Fire Tampa Bay: a three-tiered approach to firearm injury prevention
Depressive Symptomatology as a Predictor of Exposure to Intimate Partner Violence Among US Female Adolescents and Young Adults
Injury profiles of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in New South Wales
Exposure to violence, quality of life, and health status in a group of farm workers in South Africa: a preliminary report
Familial risks, conduct disorder and violence: A Finnish study of 278 adolescent boys and girls
Gun-related eye injury in the United States, 1993-2002
Intimate Partner Violence and Men's Health
Screening for intimate partner violence using an audiotape questionnaire: a randomized clinical trial in a pediatric emergency department
Premature mortality due to suicide, homicide, and motor vehicle accidents in health service delivery areas: comparison of status Indians in British Columbia, Canada, with all other residents
Suicidal Ideation Among Urban Nine and Ten Year Olds
Child Abuse and Neglect. The responsibility of the dental community
Variation in the diagnosis of child abuse in severely injured infants
Violence and Men's Health
War and suicidal deaths by explosives in Southwestern Croatia
Cholesterol, violence and suicidality--history of errors
Nursing and attention to the child who is a victim of familial violence
"I say no, she says yes": matrimonial violence according to male speech
Perceived frequency of domestic violence against women and neighbourhood social disorder
A study of domestic violence among women attending a medical centre in Sudan
Arms Trade and its Impact on Global Health
Burden of injury during the complex political emergency in northern Uganda
Can we prevent road rage?
Challenging behaviour in the elderly: monitoring violent incidents
Characteristics of homicide perpetrators among Italian forensic hospital inmates
Do bullied children become anxious and depressed adults? A cross-sectional investigation of the correlates of bullying and anxious depression
Domestic Violence. A Tragedy Behind the Doors
Effects of early and later family violence on children's behavior problems and depression: A longitudinal, multi-informant perspective
Examining a conceptual framework of intimate partner violence in men and women arrested for domestic violence
Family violence in the military: a review of the literature
Modern ideas concerning the mechanisms of gunshot injury formation (communication 1)
Modern ideas about the mechanisms of gunshot injury formation (report 2)
Gender-based violence among high school students in north west Ethiopia
A pilot study on differences in aggression in New York City and Madrid, Spain, and their possible impact on suicidal behavior
One hospital system's safety plan for domestic violence victims
Police chiefs' perceptions of the regulation of firearms
A comparative study examining associations between women's drug-related lifestyle factors and victimization within the family
Psychopathy and violence risk assessment in youth
Putting community risk in perspective: A look at correlations, causes and controls
Receiving care facility and outcome differences for victims of severe violent injuries
Relationship of restraint use, patient injury, and assaults onÂ
Expert evaluation of the gunshot distance based on the volume of wound canal in flat bones
Successful integration and maintenance of screening for domestic violence in the health sector: moving beyond individual responsibility
Team dynamics and the management of assaultive behavior
Terrorism Preparedness: Web-based Resource Management and the TOPOFF 3 Exercise
Depressive symptomatology as a predictor of exposure to intimate partner violence among U.S. female adolescents and young adults
The effect of past-year heavy drinking on alcohol-related aggression
The role of media violence in violent behavior
Trends in deliberate interpersonal violence in the Odense municipality, Denmark 1991-2002. The Odense study on deliberate interpersonal violence
Violence against women in Turkey and the role of women physicians
Violence against women
Violence at the workplace-a questionnaire survey of nurses
Violence in primary care : Prevalence and follow-up of victims
War injuries of the extremities: twelve-year follow-up data
Mostly heterosexual and heterosexual young adult females. Comparisons of sexual violence victimization history and sexual risk behaviors in a community-based urban cohort
Youth Gangs and Drugs. The Case of Marijuana
Children against children: bullying as an emerging disorder
Addressing domestic violence through maternal-child health home visiting: what we do and do not know
Violence in the perspective of the nurse: an issue of health and education
Association of parental involvement and social competence with school adjustment and engagement among sixth graders
Prospective analysis of peer and parent influences on minor aggression among early adolescents
Student-school bonding and adolescent problem behavior
Building cultures of peace: Contextual and discursive considerations
Understanding collective violence in apartheid and post-apartheid South Africa
Truth, confessions and reparations: Lessons from the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Acute alcohol consumption and mechanism of injury
The role of dating violence in condom use at last sex among adolescent and young adult females
Intimate partner violence and pregnancy. Narratives of pregnant and parenting teens
HIV and violence prevention among Latino teen parents in South Texas
A lifetime of intimate partner violence: coping strategies of older women
Correlation Between Incidences of Self-inflicted Burns and Means of Inbreeding Coefficients, an Ecologic Study
Arab and Jewish elementary school students' perceptions of fear and school violence: understanding the influence of school context
Domestic Violence Screening: Implications for Surgical Nurses
Domestic violence: A complex health care issue for dentistry today
He's got a gun!: weapons in the emergency room-you can survive!
Review of research methods used to investigate violence in the emergency department
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander suicide in context
Peacemaking and consolation in Japanese preschoolers witnessing peer aggression
Alcohol and violence: Comparison of the psychosocial correlates of adolescent involvement in alcohol-related physical fighting versus other physical fighting
A prospective analysis of juvenile male sex offenders: characteristics and recidivism rates as adults
Violence to and maltreatment of people with disabilities: a short review
Price of beer and violence-related injury in England and Wales
Survivors of domestic violence: Demographics and disparities in visitors to an interdisciplinary specialty clinic
A model linking biology, behavior and psychiatric diagnoses in perpetrators of domestic violence
Violent deaths in small children in northern Sweden
Injuries due to domestic violence against women: sites on the body, types of injury and the methods of infliction
Prevalence of domestic violence among women consulting their family doctors
Suicide in Spain today
Violence is also a public health issue
The specificity of gunshot wounds caused by rubber buck shot
The law on compulsory notification concerning firearms is a legal and practical monstrosity
Suicidal single intraoral shooting by a shotgun--risk of misinterpretation at the crime scene
Injury potential of soft-air pistols
Medicolegal aspects of witnessed suicide due to gunshot to the head. ii. legal medicine aspects and examination of the firing hand
Military conflicts and firearms injuries of the abdomen (literature review)
Once again: risk of injury caused by blank pistols
Pellet guns: a persistent threat to eyes
Preventing suicide by firearms
Psychiatrists' obligation to report weapons according to the weapon legislation--why include more specialists?
Adverse childhood experiences and lifetime suicide ideation: a cross-sectional study in a non-psychiatric hospital setting
Adolescent complainants of sexual assault; injury patterns in virgin and non-virgin groups
Are multiracial adolescents at greater risk? Comparisons of rates, patterns, and correlates of substance use and violence between monoracial and multiracial adolescents
Arresting developments: trends in female arrests for domestic violence and proposed explanations
Criminal poisoning: medical murderers
Domestic violence, emotion coaching, and child adjustment
Electroshock as a form of violence against women
Estimating the number of American children living in partner-violent families
Facilities for complainants of sexual assault throughout the United Kingdom
Familial violence socialization in childhood and later life approval of corporal punishment: a cross-cultural perspective
Firearm-related personal and clinical characteristics of US medical students
Future physicians and firearms: the need for additional training in firearm injury prevention counseling
Medico-legal approach to sexual assault victims: The Belgian situation
Ocular Trauma Score in Deadly Weapon-related Open-globe Injuries
Pediatric homicides related to burn injury: a retrospective review at the Medical University of South Carolina
Reducing Conduct Problems Among Children Brought to Women's Shelters: Intervention Effects 24 Months Following Termination of Services
Reporting domestic violence
Review of 212 individuals attending a city centre genitourinary medicine clinic following acute sexual assault
Sexual violence
Ten years after the genocide: trauma confrontation and posttraumatic stress in Rwandan adolescents
The association between caregiver substance abuse and self-reported violence exposure among young urban children
The influence of difficult temperament on alcohol-related aggression: Better accounted for by executive functioning?
Urban adolescent mothers exposed to community, family, and partner violence: prevalence, outcomes, and welfare policy implications
Violence against women associated with arrests for sex trade but not drug charges
Ascertainment of intimate partner violence using two abuse measurement frameworks
Barriers to care in severe mental illness: accounts from perpetrators of intra-familial homicide
Cannabis dependence and mental health perception amongst people diverted by police after arrest for cannabis-related offending behaviour in Australia
Characteristics of spousal homicide perpetrators: a study of all cases of spousal homicide in Sweden 1990-1999
Child sexual abuse, coping responses, self-blame, posttraumatic stress disorder, and adult sexual revictimization
Childhood abuse and adult violence in homeless people
Content and ratings of mature-rated video games
Continuity of interpersonal violence between Nubian communities
Cross-validation of the risk matrix 2000 sexual and violent scales
Cultural context and impact of alcohol use in the Sundarban Delta, West Bengal, India
Does body armor protect from firearm injuries?
Effects of media violence on health-related outcomes among young men
Exploring the health care needs of women in abusive relationships in Japan
Findings from an elder abuse forensic center
Improving services for lesbian clients: what do domestic violence agencies need to do?
Increased risk of attempted suicide among aging holocaust survivors
Peer and teacher bullying/victimization of South Australian secondary school students: Prevalence and psychosocial profiles
Physical Environment and Crime and Misconduct in Kentucky Schools
Postpartum mothers' disclosure of abuse, role, and conflict
Pregnancy-associated death: a qualitative systematic review of homicide and suicide
Psychiatric aspects of homicide in Singapore: a five-year review (1997 - 2001)
Research participants telling the truth about their lives: the ethics of asking and not asking about abuse
Short-term and Long-term Effects of Violent Media on Aggression in Children and Adults
Support for emergency department screening for intimate partner violence depends on perceived risk
The failure of international action against terrorism
The epidemiology of drug facilitated sexual assault
The extent and frequency of abuse in the lives of older women and their relationship with health outcomes
The traumatic impact of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and the potential protection of optimism
Why are cohabiting relationships more violent than marriages?
Child protection measures
Lifetime prevalence and help seeking behavior in physical marital violence
Precision of in-hospital triage in mass-casualty incidents after terror attacks
Relevance of childhood trauma for later drug dependence
The civil war in Liberia hard particularly to women. Rapes, devastated homes, divided families have left deep wounds
A Bilingual "Neighborhood Club": Intervening with Children Exposed to Urban Violence
Academic dishonesty, bullying, incivility, and violence: difficult challenges facing nurse educators
Age and gender differences and predictors of victimization of the older homeless
Animal cruelty by children exposed to domestic violence
Assault-injured Adolescents Presenting to the Emergency Department: Causes and Circumstances
Beliefs and practices of the parents of violent and oppositional adolescents: An ecological perspective
Child Witnesses and Victims in Homes with Adult Intimate Partner Violence
Contextual Effects in School-Based Violence Prevention Programs: A Conceptual Framework and Empirical Review
Dating aggression, sexual coercion, and aggression-supporting attitudes among college men as a function of participation in aggressive high school sports
Domestic violence exposure in Colombian adolescents: Pathways to violent and prosocial behavior
Domestic violence towards women
Experiences of pregnant adolescents - voices from Wakiso district, Uganda
Gender differences in role of alcohol in fatal injury events
Homicides among children and young adults--Puerto Rico, 1999-2003
Homicides involving knives and other sharp objects in Scotland, 1981-2003
Wounding patterns for U.S. marines and sailors during operation Iraqi freedom, major combat phase
Web-based methods in terrorism and disaster research
Music, substance use, and aggression
Intentional burn injuries
Juvenile perpetrators of homicides and attempted homicides--a case control study
Implications of bride price on domestic violence and reproductive health in Wakiso District, Uganda
Sexy media matter: exposure to sexual content in music, movies, television, and magazines predicts black and white adolescents' sexual behavior
3:59--pt pronounced dead...not yet 4 hrs into October--domestic violence awareness month
Non-fatal sports and recreational violent injuries among children and teenagers, United States, 2001-2003
Perceptions of health care providers in Mulago hospital on prevention and management of domestic violence
Responding in Their Best Interests: Contextualizing Women's Coping With Acquaintance Sexual Aggression
Responding to intimate partner violence: what role for general practice?
Risk and Protective Factors Mediating Psychological Symptoms and Ideological Commitment of Adolescents Facing Continuous Terrorism
Risk factors for family violence: introduction to the special series
Sense-making, grief, and the experience of violent loss: toward a mediational model
Social Class, Race, and Ethnicity: Career Interventions for Women Domestic Violence Survivors
The acceptability of routine inquiry about domestic violence towards women: a survey in three healthcare settings
The effects of age and ethnicity on physical injury from rape
The Phenomenology of Meditation for Female Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence
Unexplained infant and child death: a review of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Sudden Unexplained Infant Death, and child maltreatment fatalities including shaken baby syndrome
Where do we go from here? Moving toward an integrated approach to family violence
Homicide by mentally ill: clinical and criminological analysis
Child sexual abuse in Henan province, China: associations with sadness, suicidality, and risk behaviors among adolescent girls
Infant mandibular fractures: are you considering child abuse?
Mass casualty management after a suicidal terrorist attack on a religious procession in Quetta, Pakistan
Psychosocial needs of African American youth presenting to a pediatric emergency department with assault-related injuries
Risk factors for violence and violence-related injuries among 14- to 18-year-old Finns
Brazil: the need for violence (including suicide) prevention
The effects of weapons of mass destruction on children
The impact of gender-role nonconforming behavior, bullying, and social support on suicidality among gay male youth
Victimization and health among indigent young women in the transition to adulthood: a portrait of need
Violence against nurses--looking forward to a safer future
Women's perception of partner violence in a rural Igbo community
Childhood sexual abuses among 1307 adult students and analysis on results of symptom checklist-90 test
Occurrence of child abuse: knowledge and possibility of action of speech-language pathologists
Effects of adolescent trauma exposure on risky behavior in college women
Child abuse fatalities: are we missing opportunities for intervention?
Child maltreatment, child protection and mental health
Childhood Predictors of Male Criminality: A Prospective Population-Based Follow-up Study From Age 8 to Late Adolescence
Do bullied children get ill, or do ill children get bullied? A prospective cohort study on the relationship between bullying and health-related symptoms
Domestic violence cases involving children: effects of an evidence-based prosecution approach
Exposure to terrorism, stress-related mental health symptoms, and defensive coping among Jews and Arabs in Israel
Ecological models of alcohol outlets and violent assaults: crime potentials and geospatial analysis
Effects of community violence exposure and parental mental health on the internalizing problems of urban adolescents
Emotional functioning, attachment style, and attributions as predictors of child abuse potential in domestic violence victims
Findings in older children with abusive head injury: does shaken-child syndrome exist?
Help-seeking and coping strategies for intimate partner violence in rural and urban women
Intimate partner violence screening practices of certified nurse-midwives
Intimate partner violence: Prevalence and risk factors for men in Cape Town, South Africa
Is domestic violence followed by an increased risk of psychiatric disorders among women but not among men? A longitudinal cohort study
Landmine injuries: experience in the West Azarbaijan Province
Maternal Mental Health, Substance Use, and Domestic Violence in the Year After Delivery and Subsequent Behavior Problems in Children at Age 3 Years
Parental misperceptions about children and firearms
Pattern and outcome of abdominal injuries at Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi
Perpetration of Intimate Partner Violence Associated With Sexual Risk Behaviors Among Young Adult Men
Physical and Sexual Violence During Pregnancy and After Delivery: A Prospective Multistate Study of Women With or at Risk for HIV Infection
Reducing aggressive behaviour and staff injuries: a multi-strategy approach
Sexual offenses and traumatic brain injury
Suicide to harass others: clues from mythology to understanding suicide bombing attacks
Teaching nursing students to assess and intervene for domestic violence
Apparent life-threatening event or child abuse?
Trauma related to sexual assault in Calabar, south eastern Nigeria
Health care providers' opinions on intimate partner violence resources and screening in a pediatric emergency department
Firearm availability and accidental deaths from firearms
Measuring road rage: development of the Propensity for Angry Driving Scale
Occupational violent crime: Research on an emerging issue
Violence in the workplaces in Finland
Society's aggression level as a predictor of traffic fatality rate
The effects of gun control on the accidental death rate from firearms in Canada
Assault by burning and its relationship to social circumstances
Burns caused by napalm bombs
Child maltreatment by burning
Combat burns in the 1973 October War and the anti-tank missile burn syndrome
The elderly, disabled and handicapped adult burned through abuse and neglect
A prospective study of suicidal burns admitted to the Harare burns unit
A study of suicide and attempted suicide by self-immolation in an Irish psychiatric population: an increasing problem
Acid burns from personal assault in Uganda
Acute mass burns caused by o-chlorobenzylidene malononitrile (CS) tear gas
Amateur branding
An audit of non-accidental injury in burned children
Assault by burning--a reappraisal
Assault inflicted by hot water
Bizarre paediatric facial burns
Burn mortality: recent trends and sociocultural determinants in rural India
Burns caused by the terrorist bombing of the department store Hipercor in Barcelona. part 2
Burns caused by the terrorist bombing of the department store Hipercor in Barcelona. Part 1
Burnt wives--a study of suicides
Chemical assaults in Hong Kong: a 10-year review
Chemical burns as assault injuries in Jamaica
Child burn: accident, neglect or abuse. a case report
Deliberate self-burning in Mazandaran, Iran
Characteristics of violence against children in a Brazilian Capital
Infant scald burns: a case of negligence?
Non-accidental burns in children
Non-invasive quantification of skin injury resulting from exposure to sulphur mustard and Lewisite vapours
Patients with suicidal burns and accidental burns: a comparative study of socio-demographic profile in India
Patterns of deliberate self-burning in various parts of the world. a review
Perineal burns in males secondary to spouse abuse
Ritual burns--the Buddhist tradition
Self-immolation a common suicidal behaviour in eastern Sri Lanka
Suicide attempts by self-immolation--our experience
Suicide by self-inflicted burns
Sulphuric acid burned women in Bangladesh: a social and medical problem
Sulphuric acid burns: report of a mass domestic accident
Terrorist bombing with a 'Molotov cocktail' inside travelling cars: an old weapon for a new burn syndrome?
The economic effect of child abuse in the burn unit
The problems of burns in India
Unusual inflicted hot oil burns in a 7-year-old
Unusual ritual burns of the hand
Women victims of self-inflicted burns in Tabriz, Iran
Women victims of self-inflicted burns
A 3-year survey of assault-related maxillofacial fractures in central Switzerland
Seasons of shame: The new violence in sports
Some social characteristics of young gunshot fatalities
Some statistical characterizations of aircraft hijacking
The impact of consecutive terrorist attacks on road accidents in Israel
The influence of gun control laws on the incidence of accidents with guns: a preliminary study
Strategies in the management of child maltreatment: should reporting be mandatory or voluntary?
Unintentional shootings, highway crashes and acts of violence--A behavior paradigm
Mental health epidemiological research in South America: recent findings
UK statistical indifference to military casualties in Iraq
UK statistical indifference to military casualties in Iraq
Suicidal shot in the mouth with a rubber shot shell
Suicide and attempted suicide in the armed forces in 1998
The evaluation of mental capability to use firearms: practical and ethical questions
Complex suicides--a review of the literature
Hunting and the brain! Difficult decisions in connection with firearms permits
Potential neurosurgical damage of rubber bullets. Analysis of 2 pediatric cases
A community participatory research partnership: the development of a faith-based intervention for children exposed to violence
A prospective analysis of the relationship between childhood sexual victimization and perpetration of dating violence and sexual assault in adulthood
Air gun--a deadly toy?: A case report
Alleged dowry death: a study of homicidal burns
Are temporary restraining orders more likely to be issued when applications mention firearms?
Dating violence among college men and women: evaluation of a theoretical model
Disarming batterers through restraining orders: the promise and the reality in California
Do laws restricting access to firearms by domestic violence offenders prevent intimate partner homicide?
Domestic violence and firearms: reflections of a prosecutor
Ecstasy (MDMA), methamphetamine, and date rape (drug-facilitated sexual assault): a consideration of the issues
Firearm use in intimate partner violence: a brief overview
Gun Possession among Massachusetts Batterer Intervention Program Enrollees
Historical and medico-legal aspects of infanticide: an overview
Homicidal sharp force injuries inflicted by family members or relatives
Hospital planning for weapons of mass destruction incidents
Intimate partner violence, welfare receipt, and health status of low-income African American women: A lifecourse analysis
Judicial sentencing in Canadian intimate partner sexual assault cases
Partner abuse in physically disabled women: a proposed model for understanding intimate partner violence
Persistence of intimate partner violence among families referred to child welfare
Separating batterers and guns: a review and analysis of gun removal laws in 50 States
Suicide attacks in Israel and suicide rates
Taking guns from batterers: public support and policy implications
The Epidemiology of Intentional Burns
The Role of Victim-Offender Relationship in Women's Sexual Assault Experiences
Toward a more comprehensive understanding of violence against impoverished women
Understanding and informing policy implementation: a case study of the domestic violence provisions of the Maryland gun violence act
Urban adolescent mothers exposed to community, family, and partner violence: is cumulative violence exposure a barrier to school performance and participation?
Violent deliberate self-harm amongst adolescent refugees
Analysis on the incidence and relevant risk factors of campus violence among college students
Murders and suicides as problem of public health
Study on the risk factors and characteristics on childhood sexual abuses among female students in a college
Hospital-based multidisciplinary teams can prevent unnecessary child abuse reports and out-of-home placements
Alcohol problems in Alaska Natives: lessons from the Inuit
Paediatricians' views on smacking children as a form of discipline
Mobbing--a work related risk factor of service-based society?
Hand steadiness: effects of sex, menstrual phase, oral contraceptives, practice, and handgun weight
Interrelated harms: Examining the asociations between victimization, accidents, and criminal behavior
In Bangladesh, women's risk of domestic violence is linked to their status
A survey of pediatricians' attitudes and experiences with court in cases of child maltreatment
Socio-economic differences in injury risk in Swedish youth of different ages: A national study comparing unintentional with intentional injuries
The pattern and predictors of intentionallly inflicted injuries on Greek adults: data from an Emergency Injury Surveillance System (EDISS)
Youth violence and its prevention in the United States: An overview of current knowledge
A methodology for assessing blast protection in explosive ordnance disposal bomb suits
Influence on grip of knife handle surface characteristics and wearing protective gloves
The effect of knife handle shape on stabbing performance
Health care : Womens accounts of their experiences
A Protocol to Diagnose Intimate Partner Violence in the Emergency Department
Child maltreatment in the "children of the nineties": A cohort study of risk factors
Child-to-Mother Violence: A Pilot Study
Does a failure to count mean that it fails to count? Addressing intimate partner violence
Domestic violence in the adult years
Environmental and Contextual Influences on School Violence and its Prevention
Interpersonal violence and mental illness: A literature review
Intimate Partner Violence and Women's Physical, Mental, and Social Functioning
Intimate partner violence prevalence, types, and chronicity in adult women
Managing America's schools in an age of terrorism, war, and civil unrest
No longer 'a private matter': collective action against the manifestations of violence
Nurses' understanding of domestic violence
Ocular gunpowder injury
Peace, love and equality: Nurses, interpersonal violence and social justice
Physical abuse during pregnancy and risk of low-birthweight infants among Aborigines in Taiwan
Preventing intimate partner violence how we will rise to this challenge
Recognising, responding and resisting violence: A critical challenge for nurses
Screening for domestic violence: the 'evidence' dilemma
Sexual Abuse and Subsequent Suicidal Behaviour. Exacerbating Factors and Implications for Recovery
Socialization of coping with community violence: influences of caregiver coaching, modeling, and family context
Staff well-being. Bully blues
The process of coping with domestic violence in adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse
The roles of religion and spirituality among African American survivors of domestic violence
Violence, zero tolerance and the subversion of professional practice
Working with families experiencing violence: the Ploeger Model of Enhanced Maternal and Child Health Nursing Practice
Workplace bullying in nursing: towards a more critical organisational perspective
Workplace violence: the dark side of organisational life
Domestic accident or child abuse?
Drug consumption and occupational violence in working women, a multicenter study: Mexico, Peru, Brazil
Survey on awareness of violence against children and the use of the guide "violence against children and young people" by pediatricians in Brandenburg
Women's physical aggression in bars: an event-based examination of precipitants and predictors of severity
Relationships with mothers and peers moderate the association between childhood sexual abuse and anxiety disorders
Role of home visiting in improving parenting and health in families at risk of abuse and neglect: results of a multicentre randomised controlled trial and economic evaluation
Individual differences conducive to aggression and violence: trajectories and correlates of irritability and hostile rumination through adolescence
Outcome of infants with inflicted traumatic brain injury (shaken baby syndrome) in Estonia
Sudden infant cot death: accident or disease?
Intimate partner abuse perpetrated by employees
Effects of rifle weight and handling length on shooting performance
Explosives sabotage and its investigation in civil aircraft
Five year risk of assault on employees in a psychiatric hospital
Influence of body armour on pulmonary function
Exploring maternal social perceptions and child aggression among urban American Indians
Information complexity--mental workload and performance in combat aircraft
Maxillofacial fractures in Southern Bulgaria - A retrospective study of 1706 cases
Person-Group Dissimilarity in Involvement in Bullying and Its Relation with Social Status
Situational factors contributing to the expression of aggression on the roads
A qualitative exploration of the nature of domestic violence in pregnancy
The development of a training pack on the management of aggression and violence in primary care
Brief checklists for assessing violence risk among patients discharged from acute psychiatric facilities: A preliminary study
Child and adolescent violent deaths: an epidemiologic investigation
Child maltreatment in American Indian and Alaska Native communities: integrating culture, history, and public health for intervention and prevention
Firearm-related injuries: clinical considerations on 1326 cases
Individualized performance feedback to increase prenatal domestic violence screening
Outcomes in TBI With Violent Versus Nonviolent Etiology in a Predominantly Rural Setting
Parents' Perceptions of Causes of and Solutions for School Violence: Implications for Policy
Physical dating violence among high school students--United States, 2003
Post-9/11 helpseeking by New York City parents on behalf of highly exposed young children
Posttraumatic stress disorder among female street-based sex workers in the greater Sydney area, Australia
Putting a stop to domestic violence in the United Kingdom: challenges and opportunities
Sociodemographic associations of physical, emotional, and sexual intimate partner violence in Spanish women
The effect of firearm deaths on life expectancy and insurance premiums in the United States
The emerging problem of physical child abuse in South Korea
The epidemiology and characteristics of stalking
Theorizing About Violence: Observations From the Economic and Social Research Council's Violence Research Program
Effect of caffeine on target detection and rifle marksmanship
Violence and aggression in the emergency department
Violence exposure and cortisol responses in urban youth
Who listens? The voices of domestic violence survivors in service provision in the United kingdom
Occupational violence in aged care
Relations of moderate physical exercise to scores on hostility, aggression, and aggression, and trait-anxiety
Trait aggression and hostility in recovered alcoholics
Mechanisms linking violence exposure to health risk behavior in adolescence: motivation to cope and sensation seeking
Occupational risks among public safety and security forces
The mortality of young offenders sentenced to prison and its association with psychiatric disorders: a register study
A fractured peace: a changing pattern of violence
A possible contributor to the higher degree of girls reporting psychological symptoms compared with boys in grade nine?
Adolescent use of anabolic-androgenic steroids and relations to self-reports of social, personality and health aspects
Attacks on postmen in Northern Ireland. What features of the attacks are associated with prolonged absence from work?
Casualties of violence in Northern Ireland
Childhood abuse and risk of smoking onset
Comparison between the abuse assessment screen and the revised conflict tactics scales for measuring physical violence during pregnancy
Comparison of Spanish gypsy and foreign immigrant maltreated children admitted to protection centers
Conceptual models of child mistreatment: a biopsychosocial approach
Critical incident stress debriefing following the terrorist bombing at Army Headquarters Northern Ireland
Cross sectional survey of perpetrators, victims, and witnesses of violence in Bogota, Colombia
Cross-sectional review of morbidity among young soldiers
Early detection of psychosocial problems in adolescents: how useful is the Dutch short indicative questionnaire (KIVPA)?
Alcohol problems and the differentiation of partner, stranger, and general violence
Anger feelings and anger expression as a mediator of the effects of witnessing family violence on anxiety and depression in Japanese adolescents
Family violence, employment status, welfare benefits, and alcohol drinking in the United States: what is the relation?
Fear of crime and health in residential tower blocks: a case study in Liverpool, UK
Fear of racism and health
Domestic violence in the workplace--part I: understanding how it affects victims
Exploring the possible link between childhood and adolescent bestiality and interpersonal violence
Neighbourhood level and individual level SES effects on child problem behaviour: a multilevel analysis
Open letter to the president of the Spanish government on health professionals and the consequences of a possible war in Iraq
Exposure to Interpersonal Violence as a Predictor of PTSD Symptomatology in Domestic Violence Survivors
Partner violence and women's health
Personal problems associated with mental health and mental illness
Poverty, time, and place: variation in excess mortality across selected US populations, 1980-1990
Gun carrying and drug selling among young incarcerated men and women
Psychiatric morbidity among students
Recent trends of mortality from violence
Incomplete Priorities: Ignoring the Role of Firearms in US Suicides
Injuries associated with teacher assaults: magnitude, nature, cost, and outcome
Intimate Partner Violence, PTSD, and Adverse Health Outcomes
Neighborhood influences and intimate partner violence: does geographic setting matter?
Sexual assault among North Carolina women: prevalence and health risk factors
Sexual assault in women veterans: an examination of PTSD risk, health care utilization, and cost of care
So simple and so meaningful: An approach to mental health after violence
Social aetiology of violent deaths in Swedish children and youth
Noise-induced gastric lesions: a light and scanning electron microscopy study of the alterations of the rat gastric mucosa induced by low frequency noise
Non-fatal head injury among Scottish young people: the importance of assault
Prevalence of mental disorders in the general population of Catalonia
Response to Giacaman: terror toll before Jenin
Sport involvement, sport violence and health behaviours of Greek adolescents
Taking action against gender-based violence. a challenge for public health
The effects of neighbourhood, school and family factors upon juveniles before the courts
The war: a risk for public health
The association between intimate partner violence perpetration, victimization, and mental health among women arrested for domestic violence
Appraisal distortions and intimate partner violence: gender, power, and interaction
Unreported cases of domestic violence against women: towards an epidemiology of social silence, tolerance, and inhibition
Victims of violence: a demographic and clinical study
Violence against pregnant women in developing countries: review of evidence
Violence against women: a global public health issue!
Violence: a challenge for public health and for all
Violence: developing a policy agenda
Violent behaviour among Turkish high school students and correlates of physical fighting
What can epidemiology do when faced with terrorism?
Women's strategic responses to violence in Nicaragua
Hospital costs due to violence against children and adolescents in Pernambuco state, Brazil, during 1999
Marital violence in Barranquilla Colombia: prevalence and risk factors
Mental health and "the Troubles" in Northern Ireland: implications of civil unrest for health and wellbeing
Inpatient costs and paramilitary punishment beatings in northern Ireland
Intimate partner violence in Spain
Intimate partner violence: social and health determinants and responses
Landmine related injuries in children of Bosnia and Herzegovina 1991-2000: comparisons with adults
Preadolescents' report of exposure to violence: Association with friends' and own substance use
Evaluation of human exposure to single electromagnetic pulses of arbitrary shape
Evidence fails to support more punishment as remedy for childhood violence
Hatred is the worse contaminant
Qualitative research into women who are victims of male violence
Epidemiology and family characteristics of severely-abused children
Violence Against Bisexuals, Gays and Lesbians in Mexico City
Violence-related attitudes and beliefs: scale construction and psychometrics
What happened to children in detention? Caring for children in a Juvenile Justice System after a disaster
Exploited Children
Societal costs of underage drinking
The dark figure of infanticide in England and wales: complexities of diagnosis
School Climate and Adolescent Drug Use: Mediating Effects of Violence Victimization in the Urban High School Context
Prevalence of mental health problems and deliberate self-harm in complainants of sexual violence
Treatment of gang members can reduce recidivism and institutional misconduct
Assessing Macro-Level Predictors and Theories of Crime: A Meta-Analysis
Does religion really reduce crime?
"You would if you loved me": Toward an improved conceptual and etiological understanding of nonphysical male sexual coercion
A brief review of the research on husband violence : Part II: The psychological effects of husband violence on battered women and their children
A brief review of the research on husband violence Part I: Maritally Violent Versus Nonviolent Men
A brief review of the research on husband violence Part III: Sociodemographic factors, relationship factors, and differing consequences of husband and wife violence
A classification scheme for discipline: type, mode of administration, context
A critical review of field studies on the link of alcohol and adult sexual assault in women
A critical review of interventions for the primary prevention of perpetration of partner violence
"Living in sin" and sinful living: Toward filling a gap in the explanation of violence against women
A critique of the female sexual perpetrator research
A family empowerment intervention for families of juvenile offenders
A further comment on the construct validity of laboratory aggression paradigms: A response to Giancola and Chermack
A painted devil: Constructing the satanic ritual abuse of children problem
A psychobiological theoretical characterization of interpersonal violence offenders
A review of acute stress reactions among victims of violence: Implications for early intervention
A review of conceptual models explaining the effects of child sexual abuse
A review of the cognitive distortions in child sex offenders: An examination of the motivations and mechanisms that underlie the justification for abuse
Completion and recidivism among court- and self-referred batterers in a psychoeducational group treatment program: Implications for intervention and public policy
Abusive family interaction: A review
Youth violence prevention: Are we there yet?
Youth violence and exposure to violence in childhood: an ecological review
Women's involvement in serious interpersonal violence
Workplace violence in the health care sector: A review of staff training and integration of training evaluation models
Yet there's method in his madness: Dimensions of deception and dangerousness
Youth gangs and the new second generation: A review essay
Use of the Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory in the psychological assessment of domestic violence: A review
Victim characteristics influencing attributions of responsibility to rape victims: A meta-analysis
Adolescent sex offenders with mental retardation: Literature review and assessment considerations
Adult rape scripting within a victimological perspective
Affiliative and aggressive dimensions of dominance and possible functions during early adolescence
Aggression and brain asymmetries: A theoretical review
Aggression and psychological problems in juvenile male delinquents versus controls in russia: Alternative ways of "letting off steam"?
Aggression in temporal lobe epilepsy and limbic psychotic trigger reaction implicating vagus kindling of hippocampus/amygdala (in sinus abnormalites on MRIs)
Aggression strategies among older adults: delivered but not seen
Aggression, gender, and ethnicity
Aggressive children's self-systems and the quality of their relationships with significant others
Aggressive, rejected, and delinquent children and adolescents: a comparison of their friendships
An aggregate analysis of professional sports, suicide, and homicide rates: 30 U.S. metropolitan areas, 1971-1990
An ecological framework for understanding risk for exposure to community violence and the effects of exposure on children and adolescents
An integrated theory of sexual offending
An understudied form of intra-family violence: Sibling-to-sibling aggression among foster children
Anger, over-control and serious violent offending
Animal models in the research of human aggression
Applying systems principles to models of social information processing and aggressive behavior in youth
Are children exposed to interparental violence being psychologically maltreated?
Arrest and intimate partner violence: Toward a more complete application of deterrence theory
Assessing child neglect
Assessing child neglect: A review of standardized measures
Assessing the occurrence of child sexual abuse: An information processing, hypothesis testing approach
Assessment and treatment of obsessional harassment
Assessment of social functioning in combat veterans with PTSD
Assessment typology and intervention with the survivors of stalking
Automatic sources of aggression
Beyond psychotherapy: Treating abused children by changing their social ecology
Bimodal classification of aggression: affective defense and predatory attack
Bullying among prisoners: A review of research
Causes and consequences of infant abuse and neglect in monkeys
Characteristics associated with the persistence of antisocial behavior: Results from recent longitudinal research
Characteristics of adolescent sex offenders: A review of the research
Child abuse and neglect: Behavioral research, treatment, and theory
Child-rearing and child abuse antecedents of criminality
Childhood abuse as a possible locus for early intervention into problems of violence and psychopathology
Childhood bullying: Current empirical findings and future directions for research
Childhood family and personological risk factors for sexual offending
Children's and adolescents' aggressive behavior in context: The development and application of aggressive problem-solving strategies
Cholesterol and aggression
Clinical assessment of dangerousness in psychotic patients: Some risk indicators and pitfalls
Cognition in rapists. Theoretical patterns by typological breakdown
Cognitive behavioral therapy of violence-related posttraumatic stress disorder
Cognitions supportive of child molestation
Cognitive-behavioral therapy for anger in children and adolescents: a meta-analysis
Comparison between two opposite homicidal syndromes (syndrome e vs. limbic psychotic trigger reaction)
Conceptualizing the impact of indirect violence on HIV risk among women involved in street-level prostitution
Conflict resolution in the African American
Construct validity of laboratory aggression paradigms: a response to Tedeschi and Quigley (1996)
Crisis (hostage) negotiation: current strategies and issues in high-risk conflict resolution
Critical incident stress management (CISM): A review of the literature
Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM): updated review of findings, 1998-2002
Cultural issues in: The relation between child disabilities and child abuse
Dangerous inmates: Maximum security incarceration in the state prison systems of the United States
Date rape risk factors: A review and methodological critique of the literature
Developing the helping skills and prosocial motivation of aggressive adolescents in peer group programs
Discipline and the use of sanctions
Disposed to aggress?: In search of the violence-prone personality
Disorganized attachment as a diathesis for sexual deviance: Developmental experience and the motivation for sexual offending
Domestic and intimate violence: An application of routine activities theory
Domestic violence and family interdependence
Dostoevsky's enigmas: An analysis of violent men
Emotion and aggression in the psychopathic personality
Empathic deficits in sexual offenders: An integration of affective, social, and cognitive constructs
Empathy and offending: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Empathy, social skills, and other relevant cognitive processes in rapists and child molesters
Engaging high risk families in community based intervention services
Environmental victimization and violence
Evaluating batterer counseling programs: A difficult task showing some effects and implications
Evaluating effects of residential treatment for juvenile offenders by statistical metaanalysis: A review
Evaluating sex offenders under sexually violent predator laws: How might mental health professionals conceptualize the notion of volitional impairment?
Evolution, psychopathology, and sexual offending: Aping our ancestors
Examining hate-motivated aggression: a review of the social psychological literature on hate crimes as a distinct form of aggression
Executive cognitive functioning and aggression: a public health perspective
Factors of parricide: Allowance of the use of battered child syndrome as a defense
Family violence: A focus on india
Fan violence: Social problem or moral panic?
Fastest fight/flight reaction via amygdalar visual pathway implicates simple face drawing as its marker: Neuroscientific data consistent with neuropsychological findings
Feeling good about oneself, being bad to others? Remarks on self-esteem, hostility, and aggressive behavior
Female perpetrators of child sexual abuse: A review of the clinical and empirical literature
Film violence and young offenders
Violence against Native women in substance abuse treatment
Forensic assessment of sexual interest: A review
Forensic interviewing in child sexual abuse cases: Current techniques and future directions
From volitional action to automatized homicide: changing levels of self and consciousness during partial limbic seizures
Frontal lobe dysfunction and aggression: Conceptual issues and research findings
Further evidence for a cognitive component of rape
Gender, sexual harassment, workplace violence, and risk assessment: Convergence around psychiatric staff's perceptions of personal safety
Going beyond gender-specific treatments in wife battering: Pro-feminist couple and family therapy
Good lives and the rehabilitation of offenders: Promises and problems
Harassment and bullying at work: A review of the Scandinavian approach
Homicide linked to moderate repetitive stresses kindling limbic seizures in 14 cases of limbic psychotic trigger reaction
Homicide Linked to Moderate Repetitive Stresses Kindling Limbic Seizures in 14 Cases of Limbic Psychotic Trigger Reaction
Hormones and aggression in childhood and adolescence
Identification of the psychopathic batterer: The clinical, legal, and policy implications
Impact of fear-inducing violence on neuropsychological visuo-spatial tests in warring hunter-gatherers: analogies to violent Western environments
Ineffective discipline and conduct problems in males: Association, late adolescent outcomes, and prevention
Interpersonal hostility and violence in Vietnam combat veterans with chronic posttraumatic stress disorder: A review of theoretical models and empirical evidence
Intervention in child neglect: an applied behavioral perspective
Interventions to prevent violence among African American adolescents from low-income communities
Intimate partner homicide: A review of the male proprietariness and the self-defense theories
Crime and ideology: From the third reich to the murder of Moses
Invisible touch
Issues in the dating violence research: A review of the literature
Issues in the treatment of sexual offenders: Recent developments and directions for future research
Jurors' perception of violence: A framework for inquiry
Juvenile justice and mental health: Youth and families in the middle
Life stressors and husband-to-wife violence
Limitations of laboratory paradigms for studying aggression
Linkage analysis: Modus operandi, ritual, and signature in serial sexual crime
Linkage analysis: modus operandi, ritual, and signature in serial sexual crime