Assessing Crash Occurrence on Urban Freeways by Applying a System of Interrelated Equations
Case Study Assessment of Crash Data Challenges: Linking Databases for Analysis of Injury Specifics and Crash Compatibility Issues
Comprehensive Analysis of Relationship Between Real-Time Traffic Surveillance Data and Rear-End Crashes on Freeways
Crash Estimation at Signalized Intersections Along Corridors: Analyzing Spatial Effect and Identifying Significant Factors
Crash Estimation at Signalized Intersections: Significant Factors and Temporal Effect
Describing the Evolution in the Number of Highway Deaths by Decomposition in Exposure, Accident Risk, and Fatality Risk
Application of "Highway Safety Manual" Draft Chapter: Louisiana Experience
Evaluating Safety Effects of Daylight Savings Time on Fatal and Nonfatal Injury Crashes in Texas
Analysis of Security System Designs for Ferry Transportation
Identifying Intersections with Potential for Red Light- Related Safety Improvement
Internal Traffic Control Plans and Worker Safety Planning Tool
New Stand-Alone and Advanced Earthquake Early Warning Systems Designed to Protect Railways
Regulation of Motorized Two-Wheelers in India
Safety Effect of Continuous Shoulder Rumble Strips on Rural Interstates in Maine
Practical Method for Estimating Frequency of Right-Angle Collisions at Traffic Signals
Whether weather matters to traffic demand, traffic safety, and traffic operations and flow
Improving Compliance with Work Zone Speed Limits: Effectiveness of Selected Devices
Prediction of fire and smoke propagation in an underwater tunnel
How pavement markings influence bicycle and motor vehicle positioning - Case study in Cambridge, Massachusetts
Alcohol and other drug use among victims of motor-vehicle crashes--West Virginia, 2004-2005
Effect of Trauma Systems on Motor Vehicle Occupant Mortality: A Comparison Between States With and Without a Formal System
On the nature of over-dispersion in motor vehicle crash prediction models
Victoria's Speed Camera Program
Modeling aggressive driver behavior at unsignalized intersections
The relationship between road traffic accidents and real economic activity in Spain: common cycles and health issues
Seating position, seat belt wearing, and the consequences in facial fractures in car occupants
The contribution of design to accidents
Safety learning and imagination versus safety bureaucracy in design of the traffic sector
Association between alcohol and mortality in patients with severe traumatic head injury
Association between alcohol and mortality in patients with severe traumatic head injury: Invited critique
Kinematics of belted fatalities in frontal collisions: a new approach in deep studies of injury mechanisms
A cohort study of 20 822 young drivers: the DRIVE study methods and population
Creation of a register on alcohol-impaired driving
Prevalence of helmet use among motorcycle riders in Vietnam
Why we fight about black spots
An epidemiological study of road traffic accident cases attending emergency department of teaching hospital
Effects of motivational interviewing for incarcerated adolescents on driving under the influence after release
Midair collisions in U.S. civil aviation 2000-2004: the roles of radio communications and altitude
Preventing traffic accidents by mobile phone users
Self-awareness of impairment and the decision to drive after an extended period of wakefulness
Pilot alcohol violations reported in U.S. newspapers, 1990-2006
Train Drivers' Sleep Quality and Quantity during Extended Relay Operations
Drinking, drugs and driving in Ireland: more evidence for action
Motor vehicle crash pedestrian deaths in New York City: the plight of the older pedestrian
Prevalence of transportation safety measures portrayed in primetime US television programs and commercials
Public road transport crashes in a low income country
Seat belt use among Hispanic ethnic subgroups of national origin
Alcoholism -- A Public Health Issue
Residential street widths, on-street parking and accident frequency
Gender differences in responses to speed cameras: Typology findings and implications for road safety
Road accident models and safety measures for vulnerable road users
Self-explaining and forgiving roads: speed management in rural areas
Fatigue crashes: the extent to which terrain change has an influence on the fatigued (drowsy) driver
Road safety in rural and remote areas of Australia
A framework for the preparation of road safety action plan for rural road networks
Accident prediction models for roundabouts
Road accident modelling in developing countries
Stochastic modelling for traffic crashes on non urban highways in India
Accident prediction models for high speed intersections (both rural and urban)
School bus-related deaths and injuries in New South Wales
Binge drinking and associated health risk behaviors among high school students
Death due to railway-related suicidal decapitation: a case report
Effectiveness of child safety seats vs safety belts for children aged 2 to 3 years
Paternalism and its discontents: motorcycle helmet laws, libertarian values, and public health
Improvement in booster seat use in Tennessee
Trends and issues in safe driver assistance systems: Driver acceptance and assistance for elderly drivers
The acceptability to older drivers of different types of licensing restriction
Traffic signal phasing at intersections to improve safety for alcohol-affected pedestrians
Work-related bystander deaths in New Zealand: a significant hidden problem
Using the safe system approach to keep older drivers safely mobile
Tsunami evacuation behavior analysis: One step of transportation disaster response
Anticipatory guidance about child safety seat misuse: lessons from safety seat "checkups"
Knowledge of neonatal car seat location in a predominantly disadvantaged prenatal population
Alternating Passing Lane Lengths
Daytime High-Speed Passing Maneuvers Observed on Rural Two-Lane, Two-Way Highway: Findings and Implications
Design of Safe Urban Roadsides: An Empirical Analysis
Desirable Length of Spiral Curves for Two-Lane Rural Roads
Hierarchical Fuzzy Inference System to Evaluate Expert Opinions on Median Safety
Operating-Speed Model for Low-Speed Urban Tangent Streets Based on In-Vehicle Global Positioning System Data
Operation and Safety of Right-Turn Lane Designs
Role and Application of Accident Modification Factors Within Highway Design Process
Three-Dimensional Stop-Control Intersection Sight Distance: General Model
Casual Versus Formal Uniforms: Flight Attendants' Self-perceptions and Perceived Appraisals by Others
A hierarchical model of operational anticipation windows in driving an automobile
Identifying and Remedying Failures of Selective Attention in Younger Drivers
Robbers aboard: workplace violence and (in)security in public transport in Salvador, Brazil
Role of drowsy driving in traffic accidents: a questionnaire survey of Thai commercial bus/truck drivers
The prevalence of sleep related disorders among the drivers and it's relation with traffic accidents
An abdominal aortic rupture due to seatbelt blunt injury: report of a case
An examination of the environmental attributes associated with pedestrian-vehicular crashes near public schools
Back to the future: Brake reaction times for manual and automated vehicles
Engineering better wheelchairs to enhance community participation
Financial performance, ISO-9000 Standard and safe driving practices effects on accident rate in the U.S. motor carrier industry
Promoting public health messages: should we move beyond fear-evoking appeals in road safety?
Rough set approach for accident chains exploration
The relationship between depressed mood, self-efficacy and affective states during the drinking driving sequence
The use of hazard road signs to improve the perception of severe bends
Motor vehicle accidents with entrapment: a medical and technical investigation of crash mechanism, injury pattern and severity of entrapment of motor vehicle occupants between 1983 and 2003
Road and home-accident injuries of infants and adolescents in the Lazio region: Results of an integrated surveillance system
Roadside observation on the use of safety belt in Guangzhou and Nanning cites of China
Technological development of driving support systems based on human behavioral characteristics
The application of RTK-GPS and steer-by wire technology to the automatic driving of vehicles and an evaluation of driver behavior
Stand-alone collision warning systems based on information from on-board sensors: Evaluating performance relative to system penetration rate
Effects of nighttime nap and daytime sleep on heart rate and drowsiness in long-distance highway bus drivers
Knowledge of and Attitude towards Road Traffic Codes among Commercial Motorcycle Riders in Anambra State
A study on control behaviors of motorcycle riders
Age-related differences in the driving performance of persons entering a motorway
Analysis of drivers' behaviour before making a right turn at an intersection based on driving behaviour data on an actual road
Attention-capturing properties of high frequency luminance flicker: Implications for brake light conspicuity
Benefit assessment of driver assistance strategies for pedestrian safety
Benefits of driver assistance systems from the point of view of an insurer
Blocking problem of freeway side traffic signs
Driver assist systems: Comfort and safety
Effect of speed cushions in Townsville
Examining the effectiveness of physical threats in road safety advertising: The role of the third-person effect, gender, and age
Indirect methods of identifying driver performance
Landscape improvement impacts on roadside safety in Texas
Presuming the driver's drowsiness by image processing and a trial of application to a driving support system
Simulator for measuring elderly driver's visual performances while driving
Sleepy at the wheel: Knowledge, symptoms and behaviour among car drivers
The effect of mobile phone use on driving style and driving skills
Vision-based pedestrian detection: Efficient classification and improved evaluation of performance
Brief report: How do adolescents perceive the risks related to cell-phone use?
The injury risk to wheelchair occupants using motor vehicle transportation
Relationship between quality of life and child traffic fatalities
New methods to identify and rank high pedestrian crash zones: An illustration
Retrospective analysis of malleolar fractures in an impact environment
Parent and Child Agreement for Acute Stress Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and other Psychopathology in a Prospective Study of Children and Adolescents Exposed to Single-Event Trauma
Risk factors associated with fatal animal-vehicle collisions in the United States, 1995-2004
Rural Motor Vehicle Crash Risk of Death is Higher After Controlling for Injury Severity
The role of attention in horizontal curves: A comparison of advance warning, delineation, and road marking treatments
Measuring transport injuries in a developing country: an application of the capture-recapture method
A study of the interaction between a guardrail post and soil during quasi-static and dynamic loading
A detailed evaluation of ramp metering impacts on driver behaviour
A study on vehicle lane departure delay system
A Theoretical Math Model for Projecting AIS3+ Thoracic Injury for Belted Occupants in Frontal Impact
Abstraction and implementation of human skill by hybrid dynamical system theory - Application to an automatic driving system
An application of the driver behaviour questionnaire in an Australian organisational fleet setting
Application of switching control for automatic pre-crash collision avoidance in cars
AUTOSAFE - A modular system for integral safety in road traffic
Below Knee Impact Responses using Cadaveric Specimens
Cervical spine geometry in the automotive seated posture: variations with age, stature, and gender
The effects of climate on wakefulness and fatigue
Detection of driver gaze direction and considerations on its application to glance away detection using image processing
Does road familiarity change eye fixations? A comparison between watching a video and real driving
Driver models for a vehicle avoidance maneuver in cornering
Driver behavior modeling in ACT-R cognitive architecture
Effect of an active gas-pedal on acceptance, gaze behaviour and driving performance
Effects of major-road vehicle speed and driver age and gender on left-turn gap acceptance
Equilibria and information provision in risky networks with risk-averse drivers
Evaluation of structural integrity of transport aircraft based on flight data
Eye tracking as a method to evaluate users' strategies in contact with driver assistance systems
Fixation distribution of driver while driving through passageways with different widths
Gradation of Neck Muscle Responses and Head/Neck Kinematics to Acceleration and Speed Change in Rear-end Collisions
Honda night vision system with pedestrian detection - A system concept for Japanese driving situations
Integrative assistance: a 'task-timer' to counteract possible driver distraction effects
Investigating customer requirements for active safety and driver assistance systems with the "Real-life Analysis" approach
Towards establishing an International Hydrogen Incidents and Accidents Database (HIAD)
Key techniques of multi-body modeling of occupant restraint system of vehicle side impact
Methods to develop a driver observation system used in an active safety system
Motorcycle-related injuries: the high costs of riding
Neurocognitive characteristics of DUI recidivists
Optimizing driver acceptance and objective benefit using Predictive Collision Warning as an example
Perception, attitudes and beliefs, and openness to change: Implications for older driver education
Predictors of Pediatric Abdominal Injury Risk
Reduction of mental workload for elderly drivers through individual navigation - A case study
Reliable detection of overtaking vehicles using robust information fusion
Research of driver optimal preview acceleration integrated decision model
Study on awareness, acceptance and willingness to buy of driver assistance systems
The Effect of Axial Load in the Tibia on the Response of the 90 degrees Flexed Knee to Blunt Impacts with a Deformable Interface
The effect of restricted velocity in the two-lane on-ramp system
Using transportation accident databases to investigate ignition and explosion probabilities of flammable spills
WorldSID Dummy Head-Neck Biofidelity Response
Fatal bicycle accidents involving right turning heavy goods vehicles--forensic pathological findings
Driving in a simulator. Design and evaluation of a training programme
Modeling the probability of freeway rear-end crash occurrence
Motion extrapolation of car-following scenes in younger and older drivers
The measurement of situation awareness while driving with a secondary task
Traffic congestion and dispersion in Hurricane evacuation
The night driving behavior in a car-following model
A force model for single-line traffic
A new overtaking model and numerical tests
Expansion, compression and triangular shockwaves in traffic flow above critical point
Jam formation in traffic flow on a highway with some slowdown sections
Traffic dispersion and its mapping to one-sided ballistic deposition
Calcaneal fractures in occupants involved in severe frontal motor vehicle crashes
Epidemiology of mandibular fractures treated in a Brazilian level I Trauma Public Hospital in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Substance use among patients attending an accident and emergency department
Misunderstanding of right-of-way rules at various pedestrian crossing types: Observational study and survey
Suspension airbags: a potential danger
Statewide Assessment of Injury and Death Rates among Riders of Off-Road Vehicles Treated at Trauma Centers
Prevalence of alcohol dependence among excessive drinkers in New Mexico
Analysis of traffic accidents in children
Characterization of motorcylists admitted in the emergency hopsital of Porto Alegre
The cause of traffic accidents when drivers use car phones and the functional requirements of car phones for safe driving
From data to information: Probabilistic methods for dealing with sensor inaccuraty
Injury tolerance and response of the ankle joint in dynamic dorsiflexion
Non-injurious and injurious impact response of the human shoulder three-dimensional analysis of kinematics and determination of injury threshold
Potential visibility gains on straight and curved roads from proportional increases in low-beam headlamp intensities
A challenge to the assumed generalizability of prediction and countermeasure for risky driving: Different factors predict different risky driving behaviors
Age-related differences in street-crossing decisions: The effects of vehicle speed and time constraints on gap selection in an estimation task
Differential trends in alcohol-related mortality: a register-based follow-up study in Finland in 1987-2003
Do laboratory frontal crash test programs predict driver fatality risk? Evidence from within vehicle line variation in test ratings
Effects of passengers on bus driver celeration behavior and incident prediction
Field use patterns and performance of child restraints secured by lower anchors and tethers for children (LATCH)
Estimating the contributions of speeding and impaired driving to insurance claim cost
Volvo safety design philosophy
Voice dialling can reduce the interference between concurrent tasks of driving and phoning
Multilevel modelling for the regional effect of enforcement on road accidents
Modeling the contribution of speeding and impaired driving to insurance claim counts and costs when contributing factors are unknown
Monitoring Driver's Alertness Based on the Driving Performance Estimation and the EEG Power Spectrum Analysis
Wheel slip phenomena
The use of car phones and changes in driver behaviour
Where did that car come from? Crossing the road when the traffic comes from an unfamiliar direction
Seat belt syndrome. Acute spinal cord injury due to incorrect use of two-point seat belts
The contribution of specific causes of death to sex differences in mortality
The impact of outlet densities on alcohol-related crashes: A spatial panel approach
Traffic dispersion induced by noise in off-lattice model
A Swedish alcohol ignition interlock programme for drink-drivers: effects on hospital care utilization and sick leave
Alcohol misuse and traffic accidents
Attitudes associated with behavioral predictors of serious road traffic crashes: results from the GAZEL cohort
Evaluation of booster seat campaign
Evaluation of the health effects of the new driving penalty point system in the Lazio Region, Italy, 2001-4
Express railway disaster in Amagasaki: a review of urban disaster response capacity in Japan
How to decrease pedestrian injuries: conceptual evolutions starting from 137 crash tests
Road Crash Casualties: Characteristics of Police Injury Severity Misclassification
Vehicle industry: Public versus individual transportation
Socio-cultural characteristics of high versus low risk societies regarding road traffic safety
Statewide tracking of crash victims' medical system utilization and outcomes
Vehicle crashworthiness design and analysis by means of nonlinear flexible multibody dynamics
Some determinants of possible injuries in crashes at signalized intersections
The economic cost of road traffic crashes in an urban setting
Vehicle Stability during braking manoeuvers
Vehicle rollover maximum limits
The social accident: A theoretical model and a research agenda for studying the influence of social and cultural characteristics on motor vehicle accidents
Vehicle structural collapse analysis using a finite element limit method
Willingness to pay for road safety and estimates of the risk of death: Evidence from a Swedish contingent valuation study
Vehicle structural analysis: A survey
Velocity scheduled driver assisted control
Reported fatal and non-fatal incidents involving tourists in Thailand, July 1997-June 1999
Evaluating psychological injury in motor vehicle accidents: development and validation of a protocol for detecting simulation
A review of driving risks and impairments associated with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and the effects of stimulant medication on driving performance
Approaches and landings at wrong airports: analysis of 54 incidents and 11 accidents, 1981-2004
Development of numerical models for injury biomechanics research: a review of 50 years of publications in the Stapp car crash conference
A function-centred approach to joint driver-vehicle system design
Finite Element Analysis of Hard and Soft Tissue Contributions to Thoracic Response: Sensitivity An alysis of Fluctuations in Boundary Conditions
Older driver retraining: A systematic review of evidence of effectiveness
Practicing for and performance on driver's license tests in relation to gender differences in crash involvement among novice drivers
Predicting motor vehicle collisions using Bayesian neural network models: An empirical analysis
Recognition distance of pedestrian traffic signals by individuals with low vision
Review of causes of road traffic accidents in Benin City, Nigeria: A 1-year study, August 2003-July 2004
Thoracic Response of Belted PMHS, the Hybrid III, and the THOR-NT Mid-Sized Male Surrogates in Low Speed, Frontal Crashes
Train driving efficiency and safety: examining the cost of fatigue
Biomechanics of 4-point seat belt systems in farside impacts
Crash protection of stock car racing drivers - application of biomechanical analysis of Indy car crash research
Study of Potential Mechanisms of Traumatic Rupture of the Aorta Using InSitu Experiments
A taxonomy of human communication errors and application to railway track maintenance
A user-centred approach for designing driving support systems: the case of collision avoidance
Bridging the gap between analysis and design: improving existing driver interfaces with tools from the framework of cognitive work analysis
Communication and interaction strategies in automotive adaptive interfaces
Principles of cooperation and competition: application to car driver behavior analysis
Rail passenger perceptions of risk and safety and priorities for improvement
Trust and the use of adaptive cruise control: a study of a cut-in situation
Some critical issues when studying behavioural adaptations to new driver support systems
Aggregation of driver celeration behavior data: Effects on stability and accident prediction
Shaping the drivers' interaction: how the new vehicle systems match the technological requirements and the human needs
Driver detection and recognition of [rail] lineside signals and signs at different approach speeds
Use of manual speed alerting and cruise control devices by car drivers
Causes of initiation and promotion of cannabis among local transport drivers in Peshawar
Evaluation of Childhood Deaths in Istanbul, Turkey
Recent trends in the performance of tungsten-halogen and HID low beams in the USA
Evaluation of fatigue life of aluminum alloy wheels under radial loads
Failure investigation of a tie rod end of an automobile steering system
Evaluation of structural safety of a tilting bolster
An investigation of train driver visual strategies
Failures of bearings and axles in railway freight wagons
An air crash due to failure of compressor rotor
Antilock brakes and the risk of driver injury in a crash: A case-control study
Organizational policy and other factors associated with emergency medical technician seat belt use
Does negative affect increase change readiness among college hazardous drinkers?
Vehicle crash analysis based on own data recording
Use of light water for major aircraft fires
Impact of lowering the legal BAC limit to .03 on teenage drinking and driving related crashes in Japan
Yaw moment control for vehicle stability in a crosswind
Probabilistic models of motorcyclists' injury severities in single- and multi-vehicle crashes
Seafarers and passengers who disappear without a trace from aboard ships
Safety factors in civil aircraft design requirements
Validation of a measure of college students' intoxicated behaviors: associations with alcohol outcome expectancies, drinking motives, and personality
Failure analysis of automatic coupler SA-3 in railway carriages
State Driver Stress as a Function of Occupational Stress, Traffic Congestion, and Trait Stress Susceptibility
Sleep and circadian phase in a ship's crew
The performance of various rear facing child restraint systems in a frontal crash
Psychological effects of road accidents: a challenge for public health
Chest trauma in children: A local experience
Clinical severity and financial burden among road traffic injury patients in Kunming, China
How do public health policies tackle alcohol-related harm: a review of 12 developed countries
Reading the road: the influence of age and sex on child pedestrians' perceptions of road risk
How children with special needs travel with their parents: observed versus reported use of vehicle restraints
Limits for survivability in frontal collisions: Theory and real-life data combined
Relationship between night myopia and night-time motor vehicle accidents
Seat Belt use, Counseling and Motor-Vehicle Injury During Pregnancy: Results from a Multi-State Population-Based Survey
Cannabis effects driving skills
Review of diver fatigue/drowsiness detection methods
Correct and incorrect use of child restraints: results from an urban survey in New Zealand
Pattern of traffic injuries in Shanghai: implications for control
Road traffic accident admissions in the United Arab Emirates
Road traffic accident trends in Nigeria
Trends in fatal motor vehicle accidents in Transkei region of South Africa
Visual impairment and motor vehicle accidents
Factors related to serious injury in post-NCAP European cars involved in frontal crashes
Gender differences in hip anatomy: possible implications for injury tolerance in frontal collisions
Influence of age, speed and duration of monotonous driving task in traffic on the driver's useful visual field
Injury biomechanics of c2 dens fractures
Prediction of severe eye injuries in automobile accidents: static and dynamic rupture pressure of the eye
Comparing driver frontal mortality in vehicles with redesigned and older-design front airbags
Consequences and costs of lower extremity injuries
Differential Risk of Injury to Child Occupants by SUV Size
Evaluating pregnant occupant restraints: the effect of local uterine compression on the risk of fetal injury
Evaluation of pediatric use patterns and performance of lap shoulder belt systems in the center rear
A new biomechanically-based criterion for lateral skull fracture
A preliminary evaluation of child restraints and anchorage systems for an Australian car
An evaluation of the effectiveness of the supervised driver-training system in France
Benefits of Australian Design Rule 69 (full frontal crash protection) and airbags in frontal crashes in Australia
Traumatology of the traffic accident-dead people for the safety in traffic
Spinal injury considerations in the competitive diver: a case report and review of the literature
Injuries to the hip joint in frontal motor-vehicle crashes: biomechanical and real-world perspectives
Natural sunlight and its association to civil aviation accidents
Update for the pediatrician on child passenger safety: five principles for safer travel
The association between hands-on instruction and proper child safety seat installation
The danger of premature graduation to seat belts for young children
Too small for a seatbelt: predictors of booster seat use by child passengers
Trends in booster seat use among young children in crashes
A preliminary note on the drinking driver in Victoria, Australia, since 1966
A psychosocial comparison of drunken drivers and alcoholics
A questionnaire study of risk-taking in psychiatric patients
Acute adaptation to the effects of alcohol
Action on alcohol and road accidents
Adolescence and alcohol
Alcohol and driving
Alcohol and driving: the breathalyser bogey
Alcohol and society
Alcohol and the law
Alcohol involvement in highway crashes. a review of the epidemiologic evidence
Alcohol, traffic, and chemical testing in the United States: a resume and some remaining problems
Alcoholism and teenagers
Be careful with statistics--they're fragile
Blood tests and drivers
Can students be taught to mix alcohol and gasoline--safely?
Case-control study of recidivist drivers involved in fatal highway accidents in Alberta in 1970-72
Cerebral electrical phenomena elicited by alcohol
Characteristics of convicted drunken drivers
Characteristics of driving in relation to the drug and alcohol use of Finnish outpatients
Christchurch traffic trauma survey: Part 1, Blood alcohol analysis
Collision behavior of young drivers. impact of the change in the age of majority
Death on the highway: an analysis of 100 road accidents in a rural area
Drinking and accidents
Drinking and driving in 753 general practice and psychiatric patients on psychotropic drugs
Drinking and driving
Drinking, driving and dying
Drinking, driving, and the attribution of responsibility
Drug abuse, alcohol and marihuana problems: errors, costs and concepts
Drug maintenance in the outpatient treatment of chronic alcoholism
Editorial: Blood-alcohol in dead drivers
Editorial: Teen-age alcoholism, medicine, and the law
Editorial: "Under the influence"
Effects of reducing the legal alcohol-purchasing age on drinking and drinking problems. a review of empirical studies
Epidemiology of alcohol abuse
Fatal crashes among Michigan youth following reduction of legal drinking age
Impaired driving
International Seminar Research on Alcohol, Drugs and Driving, 25th-27th October, 1972, held at the University Psychiatric Clinic, Basle, Switzerland
International seminar research on alcohol, drugs and driving
International views on alcohol and traffic safety
Investigation of 400 people killed in road accidents with special reference to blood alcohol levels
Item analysis of the Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test
Letter: Drinking drivers and the law
Marihuana and driving hazards
Marihuana and simulated driving
Marijuana use among adults
Maryland alcoholics: follow-up study 1
Medical Association of New Zealand submission to Royal Commission on Liquor 15 March 1974
Medicolegal. drink-driving offences
Motor vehicle accidents and occupational health: the roads meet
Observations of tavern patrons before and after the compulsory breath test law in Canada
Philosophy and evaluation of an alcohol education program
Prearrest behavior of persons convicted of driving while intoxicated
Psychometric identification of problem drinkers
Psychotropic drugs and impairment of psychomotor functions
Relationship between perceptual style and driver reaction to an emergency situation
Road safety and mental health in South Africa. Part II
Road trauma--a community crisis
Social adjustment profiles of fatally injured drivers; a replication and extension
Studies of driving and drinking
Suicide at the wheel
Survey on driver behaviour alcohol and drug
The anti-alcoholism campaign in Poland
The driniking driver: a blueprint for some further action
The drinking driver or the driving drinker?
The drinking driver or the driving drinker? Alcohol, alcoholism and other factors in road accidents
The driving records of multiproblem families
The drunken driver: a psychosocial study
The effect of legislated lowering of the drinking age on fatal highway accidents among young drivers in Alberta, 1970-1972
The effect of medazepam and alcohol on cognitive and motor skills used in car driving
The hard facts of the influence of alcohol on serious road accident casualties
The Michigan alcoholism screening test: the quest for a new diagnostic instrument
The physician's role in blood alcohol testing
The psychiatrist's role in combating drunken driving
The social alcoholic
Under the influence
Small group drinking behavior: an experimental study of chronic alcoholics
Acquired chromatoasthenopia and chromatoanopia in automobile drivers
Alcohol and driving behaviour
Alcohol and traffic safety
Alcohol and traffic: official detection of drunken drivers, the top of the iceberg
Alcoholic intoxication and vision from a moving car
Assessment of the blood alcohol concentration by analysis of alcohol in the expired air
Behavior and efficiency in street traffic and in pharmacopychological experiment
Drugs and traffic safety
Effect of alcohol during the absorption phase
Effect of certain social hygiene factors on the work capacity of car drivers
Knowledge about "alcohol and traffic" in a younger population
Oculovestibular reaction and blood alcohol concentration
On the effect of small doses of alcohol on the driving ability
On the effect of small doses of alcohol on the function of vestibular apparatus in drivers of motor vehicles
Problems in road safety: alcohol and automobile driving
Problems relating to using blood alcohol levels as a register of driving capabilities
Psychotropic drugs, alcohol and automobile driving
Status of alcohol after-effect in drivers as a cause of accidents and the effectiveness of medical control
Status of legislation and jurisdiction according driving under alcohol influence
Studies on the effects of alcohol and oxazepam on behavior in traffic
The impairment of the ability to drive with blood alcohol concentrations of 0,5 per mille. a review of the literature
The knowledge of Hessian driving instructors concerning traffic and alcohol
The medical association on the crime of alcohol intoxication in drivers: keep the clinical examination but alter the specimen collection
The problem of fitness of the judgment of participitants in the modern road traffic
A damaging error in Australian drinking driver education programmes
A damaging error in Australian drinking driver education programmes
Alcohol and drug abuse
Alcohol and drugs
Alcohol and the driver
Alcohol and the rural driver
Alcohol elimination rate after inhalation of oxitol(2-ethoxyethanol)
Blood alcohol and social drinking
Classification of men arrested for driving while intoxicated, and treatment implications. a cluster-analytic study
Consultation paper on drinking and driving
Currents in alcoholism: overview of epidemiology
Drinking-driving pattern of male football spectators
Driving records of persons convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol
Drugs, alcohol and driving
Effect of active metabolites of chlordiazepoxide and diazepam, alone or in combination with alcohol, on psychomotor skills related to driving
Effects of short-term rehabilitation on alcohol consumption and drinking-related behaviors: an eight-month follow-up study of drunken drivers
Energy balance and alcoholized state of drivers and their significance to traffic accident injuries
"Heavy" and "light" drinking-drivers as separate target groups for treatment
Introduction to the drinking driver
Knowledge about responsible drinking in drinking drivers and social drinkers
Road traffic accidents
Survey of pilots' attitudes and opinions about drinking and flying
Use of Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test with hospitalized alcoholics, psychiatric patients, drinking drivers, and social drinkers in New Zealand
What causes road accidents?
Clinico-experimental studies on the ability to drive in traffic after dental interventions
Correlations between alcohol ingestion, blood alcohol levels and behavior problems
Problem of breath analyser
Proposals for economic regulatory mechanisms
Role of alcohol in accident etiology
The involvement of retired persons in alcohol-induced offenses in Middle Hessen
Alcoholism: A problem of different cultures and centuries
Criminological significance of alcohol
Role of the state and voluntary organizations in the prevention of alcohol-related problems in Bulgaria
The significance of the alcohol abuse in patients with antisocial personality disorder
Excess workload and sleep-related symptoms among commercial long-haul truck drivers
Sleep deprivation: A clinical perspective
Risk factors for traffic accidents in patients with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome
Two cases of failure in the power transmission system on vehicles: A universal joint yoke and a drive shaft
Cross border railway operations: improving safety at cultural interfaces
Design of human-machine interactions in light of domain-dependence of human-centered automation
Future train traffic control: control by re-planning
Human factors in support of a successful railway: a review
Multi-driver agent-based traffic simulation systems for evaluating the effects of advanced driver assistance systems on road traffic accidents
Sleep deprivation and some aspects of performance: ii. Lapses and other attentional effects
Inequality among men in standardised years of potential life lost from external causes, 1971-1991
Application of ALE to airbag deployment simulation
Case study of a low-velocity pedestrian accident
Crash involvement risks of cars with electronic stability control systems in Great Britain
Exploring motorcyclist injury severity resulting from various crash configurations at T-junctions in the United kingdom--an application of the ordered probit models
Hardcore drinking drivers and other contributors to the alcohol-impaired driving problem: need for a comprehensive approach
Impact of the use of safety belts on the structural requirements under rollover of coaches
Light truck vehicles (LTVs) contribution to rear-end collisions
Mandating interlocks for fully revoked offenders: the New Mexico experience
Perceptions and experiences of random breath testing in Queensland and the self-reported deterrent impact on drunk driving
Predicting throw distance variations in bicycle crashes
Risky driving among young Australian drivers: Trends, precursors and correlates
Social and behavioral characteristics of young adult drink/drivers adjusted for level of alcohol use
Technical report: Literature survey on driving simulator validation studies
The effects of graduated driver licensing on hospitalization rates and charges for 16-and 17-year-olds in North Carolina
A normalised measure of relative roll instability for open-loop rollover warning
A risk-based method for modeling traffic fatalities
Association of traffic behavior with personality and platelet monoamine oxidase activity in school children
Backset and cervical retraction capacity among occupants in a modern car
Do speeding tickets reduce the likelihood of receiving subsequent speeding tickets? A longitudinal study of speeding violators in Maryland
Study of CAE crash signatures for airbag sensor calibration
Vehicle front impact safety design using a hybrid methodology
A review of side impact component test methodologies
Estimating a passenger vehicle's SNCAP star rating probability distribution
Innovative test method for seat belt D-ring
Investigating the rollover propensity of a 15 seater mini bus
Setting vehicle side impact safety design targets using a regression-based approach
Three-dimensional finite element modelling of the torso of the anthropomorphic test device THOR
Validation of pre-crash systems with vehicle hardware-in-the-loop experiments
Do short international layovers allow sufficient opportunity for pilots to recover?
Hypersomnolence and accidents in truck drivers: A cross-sectional study
Seasonal variation of falling asleep while driving: An examination of fatal road accidents
The sleep, subjective fatigue, and sustained attention of commercial airline pilots during an international pattern
Should we abandon activity type analysis? Redefining activities by their salient attributes
Fatigue in long-duration travel diaries
A human factors evaluation of a novel display and control concept for in-vehicle audio systems: A case study
A limited review of finite element models developed for brain injury biomechanics research
A tool for downhill accident analysis and brake design evaluation
Accident analysis: Front, side and rear protection of trucks
Accident risk of car drivers during mobile telephone use
Active safety for buses
Advanced numerical methods for analysis and design of aircraft structures
Aircrew fatigue in trans-Atlantic morning and evening flights
An overview of truck and bus safety: 1999 Knoxville symposium
Analysis and optimization of handling performance of a car performing a lane-change manoeuvre
Analysis of driving behaviour under a state of reduced alertness
Analysis of vehicle behaviour in a cross wind
Analytical model for the prediction of tyre-road friction under braking and cornering
Anti-swerve mechanical brakes
Preventing G-induced loss of consciousness: 20 years of operational experience
New vehicle technologies for supporting the mobility of the elderly
Mortality, severe morbidity and injury among long-term lone mothers in Sweden
Medical factors of falling asleep behind the wheel
Recovery after Minor Traffic Injuries: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Virtual driving and risk taking: do racing games increase risk-taking cognitions, affect, and behaviors?
Alcohol and amphetamines use among long-distance truck drivers
A data-matching study of the role of fatigue in work-related crashes
Concept evaluation of intersection decision support (IDS) system interfaces to support drivers' gap acceptance decisions at rural stop-controlled intersections
Do physical neighborhood characteristics matter in predicting traffic stress and health outcomes?
Flattened fauna and mitigation: Traffic victims related to road, traffic, vehicle, and species characteristics
Larger size vehicles (LSVs) contribution to red light running, based on a driving simulator experiment
Motorcyclist accident involvement by age, gender, and risky behaviors in Taipei, Taiwan
Neighborhood design and vehicle type choice: Evidence from Northern California
Predictors of seat belt use amongst Spanish drivers
Survival analysis: Pedestrian risk exposure at signalized intersections
The economic valuation of train horn noise: a U.S.A. case study
Using cluster analysis to test the cultural theory of risk perception
The impact of highway safety regulation enforcement activities on motor vehicle fatalities
Are driver-side convex mirrors helpful or harmful?
Assessing transport-related health costs
Automated steering control for vehicles
Automobile in the media
Aviation Deregulation and Safety: Theory and Evidence
Barrier collision tests of 50cc commuter cars
Basic considerations on the benefit of passive safety measures to passenger cars and their effects on fuel consumption
Behavior of passenger cars on impact with underride guards
Benefits of road friction feed forward control for improved vehicle handling
Bicycle-friendly shoulder rumble strips
Biomechanics of human head-neck in rear impacts
Bus design for elderly and disabled people
Calibration of Safety Prediction Models for Planning Transportation Networks
Case study: A safety and usability evaluation of two different carphone designs
Characterization of PMHS Ribs: A New Test Methodology
Cognitive-behavioral treatment of high anger drivers
Collapse of thin-wall composite sections subjected to high speed axial loading
Computer simulation study on a vehicle's directional response in some severe manoeuvres: Part 1: rapid lane-change manoeuvres
Conjugate boundary method for control law design of anti-skid brake systems
Cooperative copilot with active steering assistance for vehicle lane keeping
Cost Effectiveness of Urban Traffic Law Enforcement
Decision-making style, driving style, and self-reported involvement in road traffic accidents
Definition of influence of quasi-random and repeated shock vibrations on human fatigue
Defrosting of automotive windshields: progress and challenges
Defrosting of automotive windshields: progress and challenges
Delineation effects in overtaking lane design
Demographic influences in sensation seeking and expressions of sensation seeking in religion, smoking and driving habits
Dependence of truck roll stanbility on size and weight variables
Design and Development of a THOR Based Small Female Crash Test Dummy
Design and type approval of coach structures for roll-over using the CRASH-D program
Design considerations for a blind spot detector
Design of bus and truck structures for passenger and crew safety
Design of the running gear of light passenger cars for comfort and safety
Design rules for structural safety of passenger-car bodies
Determination of alcohol in the blood and medical examinations prescribed in cases of crime, misdemeanor or traffic accident followed by death or injury
Developing safe route planning strategies in young child pedestrians
Development and Evaluation of a Proposed Neck Shield for the 5 Percentile Hybrid III Female Dummy
Development of a driving anger scale
Development of a finite element-based injury metric for pulmonary contusion part I: model development and validation
Development of a longitudinal and lateral driver model for autonomous vehicle control
Development of a software-based rollover warning device
Development of a Three-Dimensional Finite Element Chest Model for the 5(th) Percentile Female
Development of ATD Installation Procedures Based on Rear-Seat Occupant Postures
Development of easy-to-understand vehicle malfunction warnings
Development of impact simulator and airbag control algorithm for reliable detection of side-impact collisions
Development of New Crash Experience Warrants for Traffic Signals in Ontario, Canada
Development of Roadway Weather Severity Index
Development of simulator vehicle for conducting vehicle dynamics research
Directional response of a tractor towing a semitrailer
The effectiveness of a new law to reduce alcohol-impared driving in Japan
A Randomized Trial of a DWI Intervention Program for First Offenders: Intervention Outcomes and Interactions With Antisocial Personality Disorder Among a Primarily American-Indian Sample
Behavior change among agents of a community safety program: Pizza deliverers advocate community safety belt use
Attempts to increase vehicle safety-belt use among industry workers: What can we learn from our failures?
Fatal passenger vehicle crashes with at least 1 driver younger than 15 years: a fatality analysis reporting system study
Head injury resulting from motor scooter accidents in Rome: differences before and after implementing a universal helmet law
Joint Impacts of Minimum Legal Drinking Age and Beer Taxes on US Youth Traffic Fatalities, 1975 to 2001
The effects of dispositional attachment orientations and contextual priming of attachment security on reckless driving
Driver stress as influenced by driving maneuvers and roadway conditions
Drivers' gaze fixations during judgements about a bicyclist's intentions
Measuring perceived risk: Self-reported and actual hand positions of SUV and car drivers
Modelling acceptability of the intelligent speed adapter
Impacts of a Congestion Assistant on driving behaviour and acceptance using a driving simulator
What drives car use? A grounded theory analysis of commuters' reasons for driving
Discomfort glare is task dependent
Does increased confidence among novice drivers imply a decrease in safety? The effects of skid training on slippery road accidents
Does the windshield wiper impede a driver's vision?
Driver assistance systems to improve active safety in the closed-loop system driver-vehicle-surroundings
Driver gap acceptance at intersections
Driver models: how to avoid critical yaw movements of vehicles
Driver responses to navigation information on full-windshield, head-up displays
Driver suicides
Driving after severe head injury: the need for assessment
Driving anger and other driving-related behaviors in high and low ADHD symptom college students
Driving anger: correlates and a test of state-trait theory
Driving experience, personality, and skill and safety-motive dimensions in drivers' self-assessments
Driving safety in Parkinson's disease
Driving-related behavior: an epidemiologic study of undergraduate students
Driving-related fear: a review
Drunk driving, sensation seeking, and egocentrism among adolescents
Dynamic modelling and stability analysis of articulated frame steer vehicles
Dynamic traction limitations of a passenger car with 4-wheel drive
EEC-type-approval system and its development: an efficient contribution to traffic safety in the European Community
Effect and modelling of 'finite stiffness hinges' in the collapse analysis of roll-over safety rings in buses and coaches
Effect of fatigue on performance measured by a driving simulator in automobile drivers
Effect of humidity, air temperature, and wind speed on fine fuel moisture content
Effect of wheel slip on the stability and stopping ability of a road vehicle
Effects of driver cell-phone use on driver aggression
Effects of Sample Size on Goodness-of-Fit Statistic and Confidence Intervals of Crash Prediction Models Subjected to Low Sample Mean Values
Effects of steering response characteristics on control performance of the driver-vehicle system
Effects of the Avianca Aircrash on Disaster Workers
Effects of transient powertrain shift dynamics on vehicle handling
Effects of tyre pressure variations on vehicle handling
Effects on buildings of vibrations caused by traffic
Effects on road safety of converting intersections to roundabouts: Review of evidence from non-US studies
Ejection: A hazard in traffic accidents
Elderly Drivers and Intersection Accidents
Elderly drivers: Problems and needs for research
Electric and hybrid vehicle crashworthiness simulation
Electrocortical signs of arousal in response to darkness and the assessment of Type A behavior in professional drivers with and without cardiovascular disease
Emergency Response System for Dangerous Goods Movements by Highways
Emerging Trends in Roadway Transport and Their Impact on Highway Safety
ES-2 Dummy Biomechanical Responses
Estimates of work zone exposure on the national highway system in 2001
Estimating rear-end accident probabilities at signalized intersections: Occurrence-mechanism approach
Estimating safety by the empirical Bayes method: A tutorial
Estimation of Driver Behavior Model Parameters
Estimation of Left-Turn Traffic Parameters -- Discussion
Estimation of Left-Turn Traffic Parameters
Child seating position and restraint use in the Ibadan Metropolis, south western Nigeria
Crash and road user characteristics in non-fatal motor vehicle collisions in Narobi, Kenya
Partnership and dialogue for implementation of new road safety rules in Kenya
Patterns of road traffic injuries and associated factors among school-aged children in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Behavior-based safety and working alone: The effects of a self-monitoring package on the safe performance of bus operators
Behavioral impact of a corporate driving policy: Undesirable side-effects reflect countercontrol
Equity, social differentiation, transport policy and road design (editorial)
Exploring the perceived causes of road traffic crashes in Uganda and Pakistan: A pilot study
Intervening to improve the safety of delivery drivers: A systematic behavioral approach
Motivating auto safety belt wearing in industrial settings: From awareness to behavior change
Performance management and occupational safety: Start with a safety belt program
Response generalization in behavioral safety: fact or fiction?
Self-Management to Increase Safe Driving Among Short-Haul Truck Drivers
The effects of objective feedback on vehicular and industrial accidents: A field experiment using outcome feedback
Using public feedback and competitive rewards to increase the safe driving of pizza deliverers
Alcohol use among college students: an international perspective
Epilepsy and the law--a view from Thailand
Impact of Georgia's Teenage and Adult Driver Responsibility Act
Incidence and crash mechanisms of aortic injury during the past decade
Incidence and outcome of whiplash injury after multiple trauma
Injured road users' experience of care in the emergency department
The consequences of high-risk behaviors: trauma during pregnancy
Sleepy driver near-misses may predict accident risks
Studying injury prevention: practices, problems, and pitfalls in implementation
Tracheal Rupture After Air Bag Deployment
Accidents and automobiles
Airplane travel and child safety
American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Accident and Poison Prevention: All-terrain vehicles: two-, three-, and four-wheeled unlicensed motorized vehicles
American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Accident and Poison Prevention: Safe transportation of newborns discharged from the hospital
American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Accident and Poison Prevention: Snowmobile statement
American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Injury and Poison Prevention and Committee on Fetus and Newborn: Safe transportation of premature infants
American academy of pediatrics committee on injury and poison prevention. The 55 miles per hour maximum speed limit
American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Injury and Poison Prevention: Children in pickup trucks
American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Injury and Poison Prevention: School bus transportation of children with special needs
Non-occupational accidents in Switzerland
Automobile accidents: potential years of life lost
Automotive restraint devices for the pediatric patient
Avulsion of the optic nerve with luxation of the eye after motor vehicle accident
Alcohol and risk/sensation seeking: specifying a causal model on high-risk driving
Car safety for infants: effectiveness of prenatal counseling
Car seat burns
Car seats
Carbon monoxide poisoning due to automobile exposure: disparity between carboxyhemoglobin levels and symptoms of victims
Child restraint law effects on motor vehicle accident fatalities and injuries: the New Mexico experience
Children and car seats
Children in alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes
Children in traffic accidents
Children killed in falls from motor vehicles
Children riding in the back of pickup trucks: a neglected safety issue
Children's behavior during automobile rides: do car seats make a difference?
Children's car seat restraints: when top-tether straps are ignored, are these restraints safe?
Commentaries: A first priority--childhood automobile safety
Committee on accident and poison prevention. The 55 miles per hour maximum speed limit
Concerns, dispositions and behaviors of aggressive drivers: what do self-identified aggressive drivers believe about traffic safety?
Developmentally disabled children recycle car seats: a win-win program
Driving safety and adolescent behavior
Driving-related risks and outcomes of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in adolescents and young adults: a 3- to 5-year follow-up survey
Effect of pediatricians' counseling on infant restraint use
Effectiveness of moped legislation
Establishing special needs car seat loan program
Estimates of Current Hazardous Materials Flow Patterns
Estimating magnitude and duration of incident delays
Evaluating abdominal injury in impacts with workstation tables
Evaluating factors affecting safety at highway-railway grade crossings
Evaluating perception in driving simulation experiments
Evaluating Roadside Hazards Using Computer Simulation Model
Evaluating safety of urban arterial roadways
Evaluating speed-reduction strategies for highway work zones
Evaluating the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia road-safety improvement program
Evaluating the safety of shared-use paths: Results from three corridors in Connecticut
Evaluation of a low-cost program of road system traffic safety reviews for county highways
Evaluation of dynamic speed display signs
Evaluation of effectiveness of automated work zone information systems
Evaluation of emergency evacuation strategies for downtown event traffic using a dynamic network model
Evaluation of flashing yellow arrow in traffic signal displays with simultaneous permissive indications
Evaluation of freeway lane control for incident management
Evaluation of headlamp systems for night-time safety
Evaluation of highway consistency and safety: Practical application
Using simulation to predict safety and operational impacts of increasing traffic signal density
Evaluation of performance of permanent pavement markings
Evaluation of rail passenger equipment crashworthiness strategies
Evaluation of safety benefits and potential crash migration due to shoulder rumble strip installation on Connecticut freeways
Evaluation of Safety Effects of Driver Assistance Systems Through Traffic Simulation
Evaluation of the accuracy of stop bar video vehicle detection at signalized intersections
Evaluation of the ES-2re Dummy in Biofidelity, Component, and Full Vehicle Crash Tests
Evaluation of threshold values of acceleration severity index by using event data recorder technology
Evaluation of traffic markings in cold regions
Evaluation of traffic safety risk of drivers who use bioptic telescopic lenses
All causes mortality in male professional soccer players
Handbook guidance promoting a safe journey for children with disabilities - An evaluation
Ex ante assessment of safety issues of new technologies in transport
Nationwide survey on the posting of minimum speed limit signs on Interstate freeways
Crash risk in general aviation
Incorporating land use in metropolitan transportation planning
Benzodiazepine use and motor vehicle accidents. systematic review of reported association
Association between cellular-telephone calls and motor vehicle collisions
Car phones and car crashes: an ecologic analysis
Ambulance collisions in an urban environment
Cardiovascular pharmaceuticals: a risk while driving vehicles
Fracture of an automobile anti-roll bar
Physical and mechanical metallurgy of premature failure of tie rods of a cable-stayed bridge
Alerts for in-vehicle information systems: annoyance, urgency, and appropriateness
Using the theory of planned behaviour to predict observed driving behaviour
Proportion of injured alcohol-impaired drivers subsequently convicted of an impaired driving criminal code offence in British Columbia
Self-reported drinking and driving amongst educated adults in Spain: The Seguimiento Universidad de Navarra (SUN) cohort findings
Long-term prediction of traffic accident record from bus driver celeration behavior
Analysis of failed aircraft wheel assembly
Analysis of failures of guardrail base-plates in scissors crossovers of the Athens Metro: The role of foundation-structure interaction
Evolution of an enhanced rear signaling system
Evolution of pavement winter roughness
Examination of fault, unsafe driving acts, and total harm in car-truck collisions
Examining the relationship between whiplash kinematics and a direct neurologic injury mechanism
Excess injury mortality among children in the United States: Comparison of recent international statistics
Expected safety benefits of electronic charts and integrated navigation systems [for ships]
Experimental analysis of car-following dynamics and traffic stability
Experimental study of breakaway highway sign connections
Explicit consideration of safety in transportation planning and project scoping
Exploratory simulation of pedestrian crossings at roundabouts
Extended photometric model of fog effects on road vision
Extending older drivers' access to freeways with intelligent transportation system technologies
External Cost Estimates of Road Traffic Accidents: An International Comparison
Eye glance behavior during lane changes and straight-ahead driving
Eye glance behavior of van and passenger car drivers during lane change decision phase
Eyetracker analysis of fixation points using an IR HUD in an automobile
Facility location and reliable route planning in hazardous material transportation
Shoulder impingement presenting as neck pain
Sports utility vehicles and vulnerable road users
The interaction of 'occupant factors' on the lower extremity fractures in frontal collision of motor vehicle crashes based on a level I trauma center
Requiring model of a child emergency care unit in road accidents in 2005 year
Analysis of damage in laminated automotive glazing subjected to simulated head impact
Change blindness blindness: Beliefs about the roles of intention and scene complexity in change detection
Alcohol consumption awareness in young male drivers
Failure analysis of seat belt buckle inertial release
Fatigue failure of a rear axle shaft of an automobile
Adolescents, bush parties and drinking-driving
Military helicopters: Have the seeds of future accidents already been sown?
Metacognitive errors in change detection: Lab and life converge
Metacognitive errors in change detection: Missing the gap between lab and life
Age, gender and early morning highway accidents
Alcoholic beverage choice, risk perception and self-reported drunk driving: effects of measurement on risk analysis
Alcohol-impaired driving and its consequences in the United States: the past 25 years
Factors Affecting Adherence to the 55 MPH Speed Limit
Factors affecting air traffic controller workload - Multivariate analysis based on simulation modeling of controller workload
Factors in truck crashes an roadways with intersections
Factors of importance for determining daytime versus nighttime operations in Oregon
Factors related to more severe older driver traffic crash injuries
Failure analysis of a motorcycle brake disc
Failure analysis of a passenger car coil spring
Failure analysis of the suspension spring of a light duty truck
Failure analysis of the wing-fuselage connector of an agricultural aircraft
Failure of an intermediate gearbox of a helicopter
Failure of pediatricians to provide automobile restraint information to parents
Falling asleep while driving and automobile accidents among patients with obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome
Fatal motor vehicle accidents of child passengers from birth through 4 years of age in Washington State
Fatal railway injuries in Cape Town, South Africa
Fatigue and individual differences in monotonous simulated driving
Fatigue fracture of a nose landing gear in a military transport aircraft
Feasibility of driver judgment as basis for a crash avoidance database
Field comparison of two types of accessible pedestrian signals
Field dependence, sensation seeking and driving behaviour
Field evaluation of late merge traffic control in work zones
Field Test of Catenary Net to Protect Traffic from Mining Subsidence
Field testing of intrusion detection technologies for high-speed rail crossings
Fishing for safety information in murky waters
Flashing Signals in Peak Periods
Fog luminance evaluation in daytime
Forecasting crashes at the planning level: Simultaneous negative binomial crash model applied in Tucson, Arizona
Forecasting train travel times at grade crossings
Forecasts of future vehicle miles of travel in the United States
Forensic investigation of failed mast arms of traffic signal supported structures
Fracture strength of welded aluminium joints in commercial road vehicles
Fracture tolerance of the small female elbow joint in compression: the effect of load angle relative to the long axis of the forearm
Freeway Work Zone Accident Characteristics
Frequency of bicycle commuting Internet-based survey analysis
From headlamp illumination to headlamp performance: a critical review of the Ford motor company 'detect' model
Further evidence of associations of type A personality scores and driving-related attitudes and behaviors
Functional requirements for in-vehicle dilemma zone warning system at signalized intersections
Fundamental considerations concerning the detection of gross leaks in bridge-wire initiators
Child pedestrian injuries in the United States: Current status of the problem, potential interventions, and future research needs
Aircraft-assisted pilot suicides in the United States, 1993-2002
College Student Alcohol Consumption, Day of the Week, and Class Schedule
A review of California police pursuit crashes, injuries, and fatalities from 1998-2005
Human error and commercial aviation accidents: an analysis using the human factors analysis and classification system
Mortality among pesticide applicators exposed to chlorpyrifos in the Agricultural Health Study
Motor Vehicle Crash Injury Rates by Mode of Travel, United States: Using Exposure-Based Methods to Quantify Differences
Motor vehicle vs deer: an antler injury to the ring finger
Pattern of alcohol consumption among commercial road transport workers in a semi-urban community in South Western Nigeria
A proposed new biomechanical head injury assessment function - the maximum power index
Risky Driving in Adolescents and Young Adults with Childhood ADHD
Vision Zero - Is it irrational?
Pregnant woman and road safety: a numerical approach. Application to a restrained third trimester pregnant woman in frontal impact
A risky treat: exploring parental perceptions of the barriers to seating their children in the rear seats of passenger vehicles
Comparative analysis of alcohol control policies in 30 countries
How exposure information can enhance our understanding of child traffic "death leagues"
Injuries and illnesses of big game hunters in western Colorado: a 9-year analysis
Injury and illness aboard an Antarctic cruise ship
On the road: accidents that should not happen
An investigation of tactile and visual stimuli in the roadway environment
A model for risky driving attitudes in Turkey
A comparison of the effects of posted feedback and increased police surveillance on highway speeding
Healthcare utilization and costs among older adult female drivers and former drivers
Fatal Road Traffic Accidents in Dublin Children
Biomechanics of human occupants in simulated rear crashes: documentation of neck injuries and comparison of injury criteria
Assessment of injury risk to children from side airbags
Child neck strength characteristics using an animal model
Comparative Evaluation of the Q3 and Hybrid III 3-Year-Old Dummies in Biofidelity and Static Out-of-Position Airbag Tests
Development and field performance of Indy race car head impact padding
Development and Testing of a Prototype Pregnant Abdomen for the Small-Female Hybrid III ATD
Development and validation of the finite element model for the human lower limb of pedestrians
Development of a finite element model of the human shoulder
Development of a Reusable, Rate-Sensitive Abdomen for the Hybrid III Family of Dummies
Driving under the influence in Greece: A 7-year survey (1998-2004)
Influence of Airbags and Seatbelt Pretensioners on AIS1 Neck Injuries for Belted Occupants in Frontal Impacts
Report recommends tighter legislation and better road design to reduce traffic injuries and deaths
Personalized mailed feedback for college drinking prevention: a randomized clinical trial
Prediction of airbag-induced forearm fractures and airbag aggressivity
Stature, Body Weight, and Serious Injury from Air Bags among Adult Drivers and Passengers Involved in Motor Vehicle Crashes
Fatal motor vehicle accidents in the counties of Ontario, 1965-69
A Study of AIS1 Neck Injury Parameters in 168 Frontal Collisions Using a Restrained Hybrid III Dummy
Abdominal impact response to rigid-bar, seatbelt, and airbag loading
Comparison of Thoracic Injury Risk in Frontal Car Crashes for Occupant Restrained without Belt Load Limiters and Those Restrained with 6 kN and 4 kN Belt Load Limiters
Development and Evaluation of a New Rear-Impact Crash Dummy: The RID 2
Heel flap injuries in spoke wheel accidents
Improved neck injury risk curves for tension and extension moment measurements of crash dummies
Mechanisms and factors involved in hip injuries during frontal crashes
Failure analysis of a civil aircraft landing gear
Gender differences among young drivers in the association between high-risk driving and substance use/environmental influences
Load distribution of bridge parapet supports in Southern England: Re-evaluation, testing and analysis
Further evidence of reliability and validity for the driving anger expression inventory
Fuzzy model of rider control for a motorcycle undergoing lane change
General outlook of pavement and vehicle dynamics
Geographic information system-based truck accident information and management system for New Jersey roadways
Geometric Characterization of Road Humps for Speed Control Design -- Closure
Geometric Characterization of Road Humps for Speed Control Design
Geometric Design of Compound Horizontal Curves
Geometric models to calculate intersection sight distance for unprotected left-turn traffic
Grade crossing safety in the Chicago area: An environmental analysis of the potential noise impacts from the Swift Rail Development Act's locomotive horn sounding requirement
Guardrail connection for low-fill culverts
Guardrail end types, vehicle weights, and accident severities
Guide signing for two-lane exits with an option lane: Evaluation of human factors
Guidelines for application of portable work zone intelligent transportation systems
Guidelines for assessing the biofidelity of side impact dummies of various sizes and ages
Guidelines for using late merge traffic control in work zones: Results of a simulation-based study
Hand Test personality variables related to automotive moving violations in female drivers
Handling Changes in Highway Accident Data Reporting: The Case of Pennsylvania's Towaway Criterion
Fuzzy model for safety evaluation process of new and old roads
Health-Care Costs and Transportation
Heat stress in motor vehicles: a problem in infancy
Hierarchical Bayesian estimation of safety performance functions for two-lane highways using Markov chain Monte Carlo modeling
Highways, people, and places: Past, present, and future
Cautions about car telephones and collisions
Collisions involving mobile intensive care unit vehicles in Flanders, Belgium
Does vehicle color influence the risk of being passively involved in a collision?
Driving safety after brain damage: follow-up of twenty-two patients with matched controls
How Safe are Air Charters?
How safe is pupil transportation?
Human factors in driving
Human factors in the design and assessment of in-vehicle information systems
Human factors in the design and assessment of in-vehicle information systems
Human fatalities in animal-related highway crashes
Human-factors methods in the design of vehicle components
Identification and ranking of black spots: Sensitivity analysis
Identification of accident causal factors and prediction of hazardousness of intersection approaches
Identifying black spots along highway SS107 in southern Italy using two models
Identifying locations with potential for accident reductions: Use of direct diagnostics and pattern recognition methodologies
Identifying nearest neighbors in a large-scale incident data archive
Identifying pedestrian high-crash locations as part of Florida's highway safety improvement program - A systematic approach
Contribution of the components of graduated licensing to crash reductions
Driver education and graduated licensing in North America: Past, present, and future
Eastern minds in western cockpits: meta-analysis of human factors in mishaps from three nations
Effect of roof strength in injury mitigation during pole impact
Extending parental mentoring using an event-triggered video intervention in rural teen drivers
Factors influencing the injury pattern and injury severity after high speed motor vehicle accident-A retrospective study
GDL [graduated driver licensing] and Beyond: Progress and Promise
GDL [graduated driver licensing] then and now
Graduated driver licensing: Review of evaluation results since 2002
Improving graduated driver licensing systems: A conceptual approach and its implications
Measuring the propensity to drink and drive
Novice teen driving: GDL [graduated driver licensing] and beyond
Parent involvement in novice teen driving: Rationale, evidence of effects, and potential for enhancing graduated driver licensing effectiveness
Progress in teenage crash risk during the last decade
Recent developments in young driver education, training and licensing in Australia
Technology and teen drivers
The effect of mass, stiffness and geometry on injury outcome in side impacts - a parametric study
Aphasic adults and their decisions on driving: an evaluation
Understanding adolescent development: Implications for driving safety
Trends in young driver risk and countermeasures in European countries
Development methodology for dynamic stability control systems
Biomechanical evaluation of occupant anthropometry during frontal collisions
Biomechanics of under ride motor vehicle crashes
Moving GDL [graduated driver licensing] Forward
Science and graduated licensing
A follow-up study of seat belts usage
A new approach to the analysis of accident distributions
A psychological comparison of violator and non-violator automobile drivers in the 16 to 19 year age group
Impact of video advertising on driver fixation patterns
Impacts of traffic calming -- A peer-reviewed paper
Important considerations in commercial aircraft damage tolerance
Improved estimation of human neck tensile tolerance: reducing the range of reported tolerance using anthropometrically correct muscles and optimized physiologic initial conditions
Improved truck model for roadside safety simulations Part I, Structural modeling
Improved truck model for roadside safety simulations Part II, Suspension modeling
Improving the quality-of-life for residents living near highway-rail crossings
Improving traffic safety: A new systems approach
In-vehicle alerting system for older and younger drivers: does experience count?
Increases in crash involvement and fatalities among motor vehicle occupants younger than 5 years old
Inexpensive, infrastructure-based, intersection collision-avoidance system to prevent left-turn crashes with opposite-direction traffic
Influence of drivers' attitudes and vehicle characteristics on speed choice on highways and its safety consequences
Influence of Land Use, Population, Employment, and Economic Activity on Accidents
Influence of limited-slip differentials on the stability of rear-wheel-drive automobiles running on even road with dry surface
Influence of Stopped Delay on Driver Gap Acceptance Behavior
2004 vehicle rear crash test results
Influence of vehicle and roadway factors on the dynamics of tripped rollover
Multi-vehicle collision on I-90 Hampshire - Arengo toll plaza near Hampshire, Illinois [U.S.A.]
2003 vehicle frontal crash test data
Crash testing and evaluation of the Florida / Jersey safety-shaped bridge rail
Experiments in technology forcing: Comparing the regulatory processes of US automobile safety and emissions regulations
Road diet treatment in Ocean City, New Jersey [U.S.A.]
Tractor-trailer ABS brake testing on dry pavement
Changes in self-reported driving behaviour following attendance at a mature driver education program
Effect of restricted sight distances on driver behaviors during unprotected left-turn phase at signalized intersections
Effects of distraction and experience on situation awareness and simulated driving
Effects of weather and weather forecasts on driver behaviour
Imperfect in-vehicle collision avoidance warning systems can aid distracted drivers
California's Graduated Driver License Law: Effects on Older Teenagers
Driving Under the Influence Laws, Party Culture and College Students: Results from a New Orleans University
Alcohol involvement in fatal crashes under three crash exposure measures
Every 15 Minutes: A Preliminary Evaluation of a School Based Drinking/Driving Prevention Program
Changes in driving behavior and cognitive performance with different breath alcohol concentration levels
Concept of a platform-based impact isolation system for protection of wheelchair occupants from injuries in vehicle crashes
Effectiveness and driver acceptance of the Honda belt reminder system
Efficacy of Side Airbags in Reducing Driver Deaths in Driver-Side Car and SUV Collisions
A survey of motorists' vision requirements
How Important is Vehicle Safety in the New Vehicle Purchase/Lease Process for Fleet Vehicles?
Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice of Nigerian Commercial Motorcyclists in the Use of Crash Helmet and other Safety Measures
Longer-Term Effects of Washington, DC, Law on Drivers' Hand-Held Cell Phone Use
Lower extremity injuries in children seated in forward facing child restraint systems
Prevalence of alcohol and illicit drugs in blood specimens from drivers involved in traffic law offenses. systematic review of cross-sectional studies
Preventing Alcohol-Related Convictions: The Effect of a Novel Curriculum for First-Time Offenders on DUI Recidivism
Road traffic accidents and ocular trauma: experience at Tripoli Eye Hospital, Libya
Study of Vehicle Speeds on a Major Highway in Ghana: Implication for monitoring and control
Urban road safety strategy: The Portuguese City of Almada
The impact of visual perspective and anger on the actor-observer bias among automobile drivers
Why do parents drive their children to school?
Single vehicle roll over accidents: an unique pattern of motor vehicle accidents in central Australia
Why do slow drivers drive slowly?
Murphy's law
A New THOR Shoulder Design: A Comparison with Volunteers, the Hybrid III, and THOR NT
Experience with railroad injuries at a major urban trauma center serving the United States-Mexico border
Traumatic axillary and subclavian vein thrombosis after seat belt injury
Strategies and outcomes in translating alcohol harm reduction research into practice: the Alcohol Linking Program
Estimating deaths and injuries due to road traffic accidents in Karachi, Pakistan, through the capture-recapture method
55 MPH speed limit and fatality reduction in Utah
Accident and violation reduction through brief driver improvement interviews
A Community Program to Reward Childrens Use of Seat Belts
A detailed evaluation of the impact of speed cameras on safety
A simple engineering solution transforms a dangerous road bend
Acceleration signatures
Accident blackspots and the bivariate negative binomial
Accident liability and human factors - researching the relationship
Accident 'migration' after remedial treatment at accident blackspots
Accident migration associated with lane-addition projects on urban freeways
Accident model for minor highway improvements
Accident pattern evaluation and countermeasures
Accident patterns in rural areas and scope for countermeasures. Vehicles and highways
Accident- and travel time-minimising routeing patterns in congested networks
Accidents and the School Crossing Patrol Warden
Accuracy of accident data
Accuracy of estimates of expected accident frequencies obtained using an Empirical Bayes approach
Active control of a truck full-trailer's rearward amplification
Adjustable face pedestrian signal head standard
Advanced stop-lines for cyclists - a simplified layout
Alternate methods of examining correlation of conflicts with accidents
Analysis and evaluation of a T-junction working under the nearside priority rule
Application of low-cost road accident countermeasures according to an area-wide strategy
Area-wide effects of engineering measures on road accident occurrence
Assessing the impacts of shopping centers on urban road systems
Assessing the reliability of road accident severity models
Assessment of bridge-friendliness of heavy vehicle suspensions
Assessment of changes in accident frequencies at treated intersections. A comparison of four methods
Assessment of open-loop rollover control of articulated vehicles under different manoeuvres
Automated machine for highway cone placement and retrieval
Automatic identification of motor vehicle accident locations
Automatic license plate recognition in law enforcement
Automatic surveillance and red-light running. Potential for camera use and accident reduction at high-risk light-controlled junctions
Behavioural adaptation of drivers to warning and tutoring messages: Results from an on-the-road and simulator test
Biological indicators of stress in racing car drivers
Braking controllers and steering controllers for combination vehicles
Build the best, safest highways possible to avoid legal liability as a government traffic and transportation engineer
Cargo load shift and its influence on tank vehicle dynamics under braking and turning
Causes of traffic accidents
Children - How they interact with the street environment
Collection and use of additional sources of road safety data in highway authorities
Community-Based Interventions for Encouraging Safety Belt Use
Control of right-turning vehicles at signal-controlled intersections
Controlling signal intensity and uniformity to improve signal visiblity
Cycle accidents at signalized roundabouts
Cycling motorists 10 years on: Still mobile, but failing to thrive?
Cycling motorists. How to encourage them
Debating Drunk Driving - the Construction of Causal Explanations in Television Discussion Programs
Delays to mixed left- and right-turning vehicles at priority intersections
A controlled evaluation of group driver improvement meetings
Descriptions and predictions of accidents on urban radial routes
Design and simulation of an energy absorbing underride guard for heavy vehicle rear-end impacts
Design and simulation of two wooden-post W-beam guardrails to eliminate wheel snagging
Automobile accident occupant injuries
Pedestrian injuries near disabled vehicles
Filling know-do gaps in road safety policy in developing countries: a case study of Thailand
Road traffic accidents and safety programme in Turkey
The argument for passenger restraints in automobiles
The effect of seatbelt legislation on hospital admissions with road traffic injuries in an oil-rich, fast-developing country
The Illinois Trauma System: changes in patient survival patterns following vehicular injuries
Walking through the ages: the impact of pedestrian injury
Changes in driver fatality rates and vehicle incompatibility concurrent with changes in the passenger vehicle fleet
Tree collisions in road traffic accidents - mechanism and pattern of injury
A review of injuries sustained by bus passengers
Air-bag injury
An unusual cause of rib fracture following a road traffic accident
Aortic rupture as a result of low velocity crush
Data collection from road traffic accidents
Delayed presentation of perforation of the ileum following seat belt trauma
Delivering travel news to the end-user
Design aspects of reducing the generated dynamic tyre loads of the articulated tanker vehicles
Design guidelines for overtaking lanes
Design of automotive body structures using plastic models and damage analysis
Designer's handbook on the safety and capacity of road junctions
Designing safe and efficient high volume driveways and intersections
Determination of adhesion potential using the IKH slip measuring system
Determining the width of residential streets
Development and performance of passive restraint systems
Development of a parsimonious dynamic model of tractor-semitrailers
Development of an effective highway safety program
Development of driver-vehicle model on 'risk time' basis
Development of roadside crash cushions in the U.K
Development of traffic calming in a heavily-trafficked shopping street
Dilemma in overtaking on two-lane roads
An investigation into the effects of British summer time on road traffic accident casualties in Cheshire
Children's car-restraints: use and parental attitudes
Driver behaviour of ethanol-impaired non-vehicular trauma victims
Analysis of dynamic lateral response for a multi-axle-steering tractor and trailer
Analysis of the driver's workplace in coaches related to passive safety
Analysis of the dynamic forces in the steering linkage of an off-road vehicle
Analysis of the dynamic response of four wheel steering vehicles at high speed
Anti-dive front suspension mechanism design for scooter motorcycles
Application of a model of collision between cars to the analysis of compatibility and its sensitivity to the variation of certain design parameters
Application of genetic algorithm to analysis of driver's behaviour in collision avoidance
Application of stereoscopic techniques using mobile high-speed cameras in automotive crash simulation
The feasibility of detecting phone-use related driver distraction
The process control and robust design for the reduction of vehicle drift and brake pulling
Theoretical model to analyse the collision of an automobile vehicle
Thermoregulatory changes at driver sleepiness
U.S. approach to vehicle safety regulation
Use of ground cover materials to suppress fuel fires at airports
Child Traffic Accidents - Investigation of Accident Factors
Pedestrians' estimates of their own visibility: A simple and effective computer-based technique
Death due to traumatic railway injury
Drinking Social Norms and Drinking Behaviours: a Multilevel Analysis of 137 Workgroups in 16 Worksites
Risk behaviours, victimisation and mental distress among adolescents in different family structures
The Sensitivity and Specificity of Control Surface Injuries in Aircraft Accident Fatalities
Effective and ineffective use of fear in health promotion campaigns
Effectiveness of the anti-drink-driving campaign in New Zealand
A study of the learning of selected driving skills through exposure to a specially produced motion picture film
A study of the relationship betweeen driving records, field driving performance and labratory driving performance of professional drivers
A study of the relationship of street-level carbon monoxide concentrations to traffic accidents
A survey of accident hazzard in relation to fenders and mudguards for motor vehicles
Adaptational perspective on the traffic accident
Alcohol and highway fatalities
Alcohol and traffic accidents: Can the Gordian knot be broken?
Alcohol, drivers and traffic safety
An epidemiological approach to the control of automobile accidents: Experimental patrol intensification at a military base
An experimental field test of the Smith-Cummins-Sherman driver training system
An Investigation of the Relationship between Illuminated Advertising Signs and Expressway Accidents
Awareness of collision cause in traffic accidents
Calculating relative involvement rates in accidents without determining exposure
Case studies of traffic accidents
Characteristics of safe drivers: A pilot study
Characteristics of safe drivers: a pilot study
Classifying accidents: A theoretical viewpoint
Communities Mobilizing for Change on Alcohol - Design of A Randomized Community Trial
Communities mobilizing for change on alcohol: Lessons and results from a 15-community randomized trial
Control processes and road-crossing skills
Determination of the amount of alcohol in the blood of motorists
Dimensions of the Traffic Safety Problem
The detectability of automobile front turn signals as a function of color, position, viewing  distance, and ambient illumination
Do driver training courses produce better drivers? An alternative hypothesis
Do policemen use seatbelts?
Driving exposure: what does it mean? how is it measured?
Driving records of accident-involved drivers
Effect of exposure to a safety poster on the frequency of turn signalling
Effects of driver education: the role of motivation, intelligence, social class, and exposure
Emotions and traffic accidents
Factor Analysis of Driver Records
Factors influencing the severity of Illinois school bus accidents
Final report: Survey of seat belt use among motor vehicle fleet operators, National Safety Council members
Freeway traffic analysis and safety study
Human factors in highway safety
Human factors research in the use of electronic devices as traffic aids
Injury-producing private motor vehicle accidents among airmen: Psychological models of accident generating processes
Road traffic safety and the pharmaceutical industry
The value of low speed, off-road driving tasks
Causes of death in U.S. special operations forces in the global war on terrorism: 2001-2004
General practitioner prescribing for the driving patient
Information for the driver
Sleepiness and motor vehicle accidents
The drugs (medicines) driving situation in the UK
The influence of physical disease and its treatment on driving performance
The influence of psychiatric disease and its treatment on driving performance
The international (mainly European) attitude to the drug driving problem--legislation and countermeasures
The psychopharmacological approach: effects of psychotropic drugs on car handling
The significance of impaired performance
Unemployment and road fatalities
Use of turn signals on the expressway
Variability and fixed-point speed measurements
Vortex aspects of the highway safety problem
A co-ordinated approach to the drugs and traffic safety problem
A proposed investigation into drug impairment testing methodology
An investigation of the effects of lofepramine, nomifensine, amitriptyline and placebo on aspects of memory and psychomotor performance related to car driving
Are actual driving tests necessary for evaluating drug safety?
Driving and drug regulation
The practical use of projective personality tests as accident predictors
The prediction of accident involvement using concurrent driving record data
The reduction of traffic accidents in a transport company by the determination of the accident liability of individual drivers
The relationship of drinking and speeding to accident severity
The relationship of scholastic achievment and traffic citations in Seattle public schools
The reliability of rating procedures used at the Automotice Crash Injury Research Center at Cornell University
The role of alcoholism in motor vehicle traffic accidents
The soldier as a driver: An opinion survey
The statistical estimation of individual accident liability
The use of "control groups" in highway accident research
The use of projective tests in the selection of bus drivers
Three studies evaluating the effectiveness of incentives for increasing safety belt use
Traffic signals and accidents in Michigan
Two simple techniques for determning the significance of accident-reducing measures
Survey of road patrols and observation reports
Taking the child's perspective seriously
The autotrainer as a measure of driving performance
The child in injury-producing automobile accidents
The effect of pneumatic road tubes on vehicle speeds
The effectiveness of an emphasis patrol by the Illinois State Highway Police
The effects of 0.10 percent blood alcohol on driving ability: results of a practical experiment conducted at Austin, Texas on January 4 and 5, 1961
The effects of driver education on driver knowledge and attitudes
The elderly pedestrian: response to an enforcement campaign
The high school student and the automobile
The impact of driver training on motor fleet accident experience: A preliminary survey of the Smith-Cummings-Sherman System
The mechanical reduction of impact forces by automoticce design
Personality characteristics and attitudes of youthful accident repeating drivers
Prediction of follow-up driving accidents and violations
Prosecutions in fatal traffic accidents in Michigan, 1957-1958
Psychological and behavioural aspects of automobile accidents
Psychological characteristics in relation to sex and driving experience of driver education students
Railroad crossing protection
Research trends in traffic safety
Roadside design for safety
Safe distances in car following
Same Data, Different Conclusions: Analysis of the New Zealand Drink-Driving Campaign Data
Schematic analysis of the driving situation
Judgment of speed on the highway and on the auto trainer
Learning to cross the road: Cognition in action
New Zealand Drink-driving Statistics: The Effectiveness of Road Safety Television Advertising
On the effects of speed information on driving performance and the description of a speedometer
Operation analysis of traffic safety, part IV
Oregon study of advisory letters: The effectiveness of warning letters in driver in driver improvement
Pedestrian accidents in service areas of selected city recreation facilities
Performance in a Gymkhana sports car event with low levels of blood alcohol
Fracture of cervical rib: a novel seat-belt injury
Hand injury in a child--a rare adverse effect of rear seatbelt use
Injuries sustained by aircrew on ejecting from their aircraft
Injuries sustained by passengers on buses
Injuries, seat-belts and further research
Injury control strategies: extending the quality and quantity of data relating to road traffic accidents in children
Alcohol violations and aviation accidents: findings from the U.S. mandatory alcohol testing program
Traffic deaths and injuries: an issue we can battle
Comfort and safety as perceived by wheelchair-seated bus passengers
Driving behaviour: Models and challenges
Fog detection and some effects of fog on motorway traffic
Evaluation update of the red light camera program in Fairfax County, VA
Effect of red light cameras on accident risk at intersections
Safety impacts of photo-red enforcement at suburban signalized intersections - An empirical Bayes approach
Directional behaviour during braking of a tractor/semi-trailer fitted with anti-locking devices
Directional median crossovers
Directional performance analysis of an A-train double with externally mounted dampers
Directional stability of articulated tank vehicles: A simplified model
Directional stability of vehicle trailer systems
Distribution of speeds in parking facilities
Does low self-control during childhood explain the association between delinquency and accidents in early adolescence?
Does self-control account for the relationship between binge drinking and alcohol-related behaviours?
Driver behaviour during onset of amber at signalised junctions
Driver information
Driver response to an icy bridge warning sign
Driver response to different driving instructions: effect on speed, acceleration and fuel consumption
Driver-vehicle robust steering control
Driver/vehicle systems: From linear stability to chaotic oscillations
Drivers' acceptance of automatic traffic surveillance
Drivers' decision-making at signalised intersections: an optimisation of the yellow timing
Drivers' speed behaviour on rural road curves
Driving speeds and pedestrian safety in the City of Helsinki
Durability test of retro-reflecting materials for road signs at Nordic test sites
Dynamic analysis of a heavy vehicle using a condensation technique
Dynamic roll instability analysis of heavy vehicles using energy approach
Dynamic rollover threshold of articulated freight vehicles
Dynamics of log hauling vehicles
Economy of highway median barriers
Effect of automatic red-light cameras on red-running
Effect of darkness on the capacity of road junctions
Effect of lighting reduction on an urban major route
Effect of overtaken vehicle speed and length on overtaking behaviour on two-lane rural roads
Effect of speed limits on road casualties
Effect of suspension spring stiffness on vehicle dynamics
Effect of traffic signals on road accidents -- with special reference to the introduction of a blinking green phase
Effects of engineering measures on safety at adjacent sites
Effects of entry signals on the capacity of roundabout entries. a case-study of moore street roundabout in sheffield
Effects of gap acceptance criteria on merging delay and capacity at an uncontrolled junction
Ejection -- a hazard in traffic accidents
Energy-based determination of velocity change in traffic accidents
Epidemiological methods in causal accident research
Erratum: Software for the numerical simulation of tramcar vehicle dynamics (Heavy Vehicle Systems 10:1-2 (48-69))
Estimating car ownership using geographically weighted regression
Estimation of accident rates and countermeasure effectiveness
Estimation of the cost of rural road crashes in a developing country
Estimation of the rollover threshold of heavy vehicles carrying liquid cargo: a simplified approach
Estimation of tyre-road contact pressure distribution based on nonlinear finite element analysis
Evaluating the effectiveness of road safety measures
Evaluating the environmental impact of traffic calming
Evaluation of icy bridge warning signs
Evaluation of residential traffic calming: a new multi-criteria approach
Evaluation of reversible lanes
Evaluation of the performance of anti-lock brake systems using laboratory simulation techniques
Experimental investigation of spatial repeatability
Experimental study of the detection of pedestrians by the drivers of mobile machinery
Face-to-face interviews with motorists who 'admit to drink-driving' in rural Northern Ireland
Fires in public service vehicles in the United Kingdom
Fitting probability distributions to accident frequency data
FLARE: a program for estimating the usage of under-utilised flares at traffic signal junctions
Knowledge and application of correct car seat head restraint usage among chiropractic college interns: a cross-sectional study
From VAS and white lines in Wiltshire to the real world in Ghana
Functionality of a bus stop at exit or merging lanes and its impact on driver behaviour
Gap acceptance as a criterion for left turn phasing
Gap acceptance characteristics at unsignalised urban intersections
Getting to grips with ELV traffic signals
Grooving streets and highways can help skid crashes
Grounding of vehicles on road humps
Horizontal and vertical bridge dynamic response to vehicle loading
Hortations on the use of accident cost data
Impact of traffic on pedestrian behaviour - 1. measuring the traffic barrier
Impact of traffic on pedestrian behaviour - 2. Assessing the traffic barrier on radial routes
Impact of U-turns on roundabout capacity: An approach for congested conditions
Impact on accidents and driver behaviour of concentric lane-markings in small roundabouts
Influence of minor junctions on link accident frequencies
Influencing the Passage of Child Passenger Restraint Legislation
Informing healthy transport policies: Systematic reviews and research synthesis
Attentional capture and inattentional blindness
Characteristics of PMHS Lumbar Motion Segments in Lateral Shear
Classroom instruction versus roadside training in traffic safety education
Comparison of Hybrid III, Thor-alpha and PMHS Response in Frontal Sled Tests
Handling behaviour of off-road vehicles
Harm, Benefits, and Net Effects on Mortality of Moderate Drinking of Alcohol Among Adults in Canada in 2002
A new methology for predicting the rollover limit of buses
A review of biomechanics in automotive safety
A study of the starting behaviour of vehicles at signalised intersections
A study on the autonomous driving system of heavy duty vehicle
Composite bus rollover simulation and testing
Computational dynamical model for traffic accident reconstruction
Computer simulation of a motor vehicle crash dummy and use of simulation in the design/analysis process
Injury severity analysis with variable and correlated thresholds: Ordered mixed logit formulation
Injury severity and total harm in truck-involved work zone crashes
Integrated lateral and longitudinal vehicle control for an emergency lane change manoeuvre design
Integrated safety management system and Iowa safety management system: Introduction to workshop results
Integrated vehicle dynamics control using active brake, steering and suspension systems
Integrating safety into the transportation planning process - Case study in Hampton Roads, Virginia
Integration of larger combination vehicles into the existing infrastructure using heavy vehicle simulation
Intelligent Amber Arrows at traffic signal junctions get DfT approval
Intelligent control of wheeled vehicles with anti-braking systems
Effects of air traffic geometry on pilots' conflict detection with cockpit display of traffic information
Hazardous substances released during rail transit--18 states, 2002-2007
Premature mortality among males with substance use disorders
Installing a cost-effective rollover protective structure (CROPS): a cost-effectiveness analysis
Portrayal of health-related behaviours in popular UK television soap operas
Intercity bus rollover simulation
Intergreen timings
Intermittent explosive disorder and other psychiatric comorbidity among court-referred and self-referred aggressive drivers
Intermodal freight transportation and highway safety
International comparisons of road accident statistics
International harmonization of side impact standards: Vehicle design and thoracic injury criteria trends
Intersection accident frequencies
Intersection level of service for the bicycle through movement
Intersection safety at high-speed signalized intersections - Number of vehicles in dilemma zone as potential measure
Influence of structural and geometric parameters on the inter-ply shear stresses in a radial truck tyre
Influence of suspended cargoes on dynamic behaviour of articulated vehicles
Influence of tank cross-section and road adhesion on dynamic response of partly-filled tank trucks under braking-in-a-turn
Influence of tyre loading and inflation pressure on standing waves phenomenon using PAM-SHOCK
Influences of the load centre of gravity on heavy vehicle acceleration
Interpretation of collision scratch marks
Investigation of the loads on truck cabin aerodynamic devices
Iowa driving simulator: a tool for human factors and vehicle virtual prototyping research
Measurement of tyre/pavement interface stresses under moving wheel loads
Method of fire testing cars
Modal analysis of a truck tyre using FE tyre model
Modelling of multi-unit heavy vehicle systems for automated guidance
Models to assess vehicle/bridge interaction
Modern suspensions in European trailers and semitrailers
Motor car lateral impacts and occupant injuries
Nonlinear hunting stability analysis of high-speed railway vehicles on curved tracks
On nonlinear yaw-roll-pitch model of the dynamics of log hauling trucks
Optimisation of a bus body structure
Optimisation of liquid tank geometry for enhancement of static roll stability of partially-filled tank vehicles
Recent trends in structural design of ultra-light refrigerated semitrailers
Relating truck productivity to safety related performance measures
Restrained cargo dynamics in road transportation: Direct tiedowns
Contribution to optimization of vehicle seats
Convincer: An interactive tutorial and study tool
Corner meshing effect on component lateral impact simulation
Crash test simulation of a modified thrie-beam high containment level guardrail under NCHRP Report 350 TL 4-12 conditions
Crashworthiness optimization of S-shape square tubes
Crashworthy characteristics of thin fibre-reinforced composite frusta under axial collapse
Crime and Risky Behavior in Traffic: An Example of Cross-Situational Consistency
Critical direct descent and ascent slopes for an agricultural tractor with forage harvester and trailer
Crossing the road. A method of assessing pedestrian crossing difficulty
Day versus night driving in real traffic and on a driving simulator during an 800 km all-highway drive
Deaths from Road Accidents in the United States: An Econometric Analysis
Deceleration of major-road vehicles approaching a T-junction
Intersections: is the traffic system safe?
Interventions in preschools to increase the use of safety restraints by preschool children
Inverse estimation of friction coefficients of winter road surfaces: New considerations of lateral movements and angular movements
Investigating the effect of light truck vehicle percentages on rear-end fatal traffic crashes
Investigating the sensitivity of optimal network safety needs to key safety management inputs
Investigation into the stability of four wheel steering vehicles
Investigation of Conflict Characteristics at Airway Intersections
Investigation of median trees and collisions on urban and suburban conventional highways in California
Investigation of the transient state steering stability in side winds for a high-speed vehicle
Investigation of time into red for red light-related crashes
Investigation of weather factor effects on traffic accidents
Database for assessing the safety effects of highway improvements
Deaths and injuries from road rage: cases in Canadian newspapers
Definition of crash parameters for an advanced frontal crash test based on real-world crashes
Emergency medical vehicle collisions and potential for preventive intervention
Emergency medical vehicle collisions in an urban system
Empirical investigation of interactive highway safety design model accident prediction algorithm: Rural intersections
Energy absorption of passenger car body structures made of steel and aluminium
Escorting children to school: Statistical analysis and applied Modeling approach
Estimating Accident Benefits of Reduced Freeway Congestion
Estimating bicycling demand
Estimating safety benefits of road improvements: Case based approach
Estimating the safety and operational impact of raised medians and driveway density: Experiences from Texas and Oklahoma case studies
Estimating trip generation of elderly and disabled people - Analysis of London data
Estimating Trucks Critical Cornering Speed and Factor of Safety
Evaluation of effects of centerline rumble strips on lateral vehicle placement and speed
The effects of skull thickness variations on human head dynamic impact responses
The effect of loading rate on the degree of acute injury and chronic conditions in the knee after blunt impact
The complexity of seat belt injuries including spinal injury in the pediatric population: a case report of a 6-year-old boy and the literature review
The Hybrid III 10-Year-Old Dummy
The influence of superficial soft tissues and restraint condition on thoracic skeletal injury prediction
Translating research into practice
Recent advances in brain injury research: a new human head model development and validation
Relationship between patterns of alcohol use and negative alcohol-related outcomes among U.S. Air Force recruits
Technological approaches to injury prevention
Legislation, Regulation, and Litigation To Prevent Injury
Is glaucoma associated with motor vehicle collision involvement and driving avoidance?
IVHS and the Older Driver
John Paul Stapp and Deceleration Research Part II: Windblast and Deceleration Tests at Holloman Air Force Base
John Paul Stapp and Deceleration Research Part III: Project 7850 and Other Research at Holloman Air Force Base
Junction design - A view from the sharp end
A look at the national health crisis of drunk driving
A lantern color vision test for the rail industry
A general model of the effects of sleep medications on the risk and cost of motor vehicle accidents and its application to France
A two-rider motorcycle accident involving injuries around groin area in both the driver and the passenger
Aetiology and management of injuries to male external genitalia in Nigeria
Association of rear seat safety belt use with death in a traffic crash: a matched cohort study
Cargo areas of pickup trucks: an avoidable mechanism for neurological injuries in children
Child passenger injury risk in sibling versus non-sibling teen driver crashes: a US study
Cyclists injured while sharing the road with motor vehicles
Drinking behaviors in young adults: the potential role of designated driver and safe ride home programs
Effects of Drivers' License Suspension Policies on Alcohol-Related Crash Involvement: Long-Term Follow-Up in Forty-Six States
Factors affecting the likelihood of reporting road crashes resulting in medical treatment to the police
Implementing a screening and brief intervention for high-risk drinking in university-based health and mental health care settings: Reductions in alcohol use and correlates of success
Towards the Prevention of Alcohol Abuse
Looking for an accident: glider pilots' visual management and potentially dangerous final turns
Making a bad thing worse: Effects of communication of results of an epidemiological study after an aviation disaster
Risk of Road Traffic Accidents Associated With the Prescription of Drugs: A Registry-Based Cohort Study
Survival, neurological recovery and morbidity after spinal cord injuries following road accidents in Israel
The aftermath of road trauma: survivors' perceptions of trauma and growth
Visual attention and the transition from novice to advanced driver
Restrained cargo dynamics in road transportation: Indirect tiedowns
Ride behaviour of trucks transporting liquids
Road surface description and vehicle response
Role of suspension damping in enhancement of road friendliness of heavy vehicles
Rollover dynamics of road vehicles: Literature survey
Self-steering axles for tractor semitrailers. research and tests in eastern canada
Self-steering behaviour of a tractor-semitrailer at high- speed and its control to improve lateral stability
Sensitivity analysis approach for fast estimation of rollover stability of heavy articulated vehicles during steady state turning
Simplified method for evaluation of the lateral dynamic behaviour of a heavy vehicle
Simplified models for truck dynamic response to road inputs
Simplified models for truck dynamic response to road inputs
Simplified understanding of fundamentals of on-centre stability for large size vehicles
Simulation of bridge-heavy road vehicle interaction and assessment of structure durability
Software for the numerical simulation of tramcar vehicle dynamics
Stability and braking performance analysis of bus/pony-trailer combination vehicles
Stability of an articulated vehicle with suspended cargo
Static and dynamic analysis of tow trucks with tag axle during towing manoeuvres
Statistical norms for off-road wheeled vehicle parameters
Structure of the driver model for articulated vehicles
Study of the longitudinal slip and side slip of a wheeled tractor under variable vertical load
Truck tyres and roads
Tyre factors and vehicle handling
Unsafe practices of truck drivers on long grades: the case of the expressway in the Mont-Blanc-Le Fayet tunnel
Use of a weight transfer hitch to increase the critical direct descent slopes of a tractor with trailed equipment
Utilisation of five- and six-axle tractor semitrailers in western Canada
Volvo safety design philosophy
Wheel slips and slides during turning in articulated vehicles
Wide base radial truck tyres: properties and performance
Inverted drop testing as a mechanism to evaluate rollover occupant injury potential
Methodology for estimating thoracic impact response in frontal crash tests
Occupant injury in longitudinal barrier collisions: effects of restraints
Applicability of drivers' electrodermal response to the design of the traffic environment
Attitudes regarding alcoholism among a group of drinking drivers
Characteristics of drivers and driving record after traumatic and nontraumatic brain injury
Characteristics of speeders
Designated driving among college students
Distortion of drivers' estimates of automobile speed as a function of speed adaptation
Drinking location and risk of alcohol-impaired driving among high school seniors
Drinking norms versus drinking behavior
Drinking place selection factors among drunk drivers
Drinking-driving and riding with drunk drivers among young adults: an analysis of reciprocal effects
Drivers, binge drinking, and gamma-glutamyltranspeptidase
Drivers, binge drinking, and gammaglutamyltranspeptidase
Driving experience and the functional field of view
Drunken-driving and knowledge of blood alcohol levels
Effect of lane-closure signals upon driver decision making and traffic flow
Effects of cognition on driving involvement among the oldest old: variations by gender and alternative transportation opportunities
Eye fixation scanpaths of younger and older drivers in a hazard perception task
Eye movements and hazard perception in police pursuit and emergency response driving
Eye movements during intentional car following
Factors associated with planned avoidance of alcohol-impaired driving in high-risk men
Fatalities from motor-vehicle collisions with trains--Kansas, 1990-1994
Feedback interventions and driving speed: A parametric and comparative analysis
Female drivers suspected for drunken or drugged driving
From vision to action: experiments and models of steering control during driving
Gender roles and female drinking-driving
Giving the older driver enough perception-reaction time
Identifying impaired drivers among the general driving population
Illicit drugs and driving: prevalence, beliefs and accident involvement among a cohort of current out-of-treatment drug users
Intensifying the war against drunken driving by discouraging alcohol consumption in general
Legal and social control of alcohol-impaired driving in California: 1983-1994
Loss of control drinking among first offender drunk drivers
Measurement of baseline drinking behaviour in problem-drinking probationers, drinking drivers, and normal drinkers
Modeling and prediction of human behavior
A comparison of eye movement behavior of inexperienced and experienced drivers in real traffic environments
A theory of visual control of braking based on information about time-to-collision
An electronic device for hearing-handicapped drivers: evaluation of performance
Changing drivers' minds: the evaluation of an advanced driver coaching system
Driver brake reaction times: unobtrusive measurement on public roads
Driver reaction times in car-following situations
Effects of normal aging on the performance of motor-vehicle operational skills
High-priority research and development needs for maintaining the safety and mobility of older drivers
Lane-change detection using a computational driver model
Modeling of driver's collision avoidance maneuver based on controller switching model
Nonveridical factors of visual perception and close following on the road
A pilot study of the effects of atomoxetine on driving performance in adults with ADHD
A 46-year-old man with anxiety and nightmares after a motor vehicle collision, 2 years later
On the driving of automobiles by older people
Overcoming denial: changing the self-concepts of drunken drivers
Oxygen reduction and reaction time in hypoxic and normal drivers
Vertigo and driving--between the law and ethics
Perceived parental/peer attitudes and alcohol-related behaviors: an analysis of the impact of the drinking age law
Perception of male drinkers as a function of their alcoholic beverage preference
Perception of traffic accident risk and decision to drive under light alcohol consumption--a double-blind experimental study
Physiological investigation of automobile driver's activation index using simulated monotonous driving
Pilots' attitudes toward alcohol use and flying
Predriving riders and drinking drivers
Presence and quality of navigational landmarks: effect on driver performance and implications for design
Psychomotor mobility and the elderly driver
Quantitative analysis of truck driver EEG during highway operations
Relationships of drinking behaviour, gender and age with reported negative and positive experiences related to drinking
Risk of accidents in drivers with epilepsy
Risks older drivers face themselves and threats they pose to other road users
Rural elders and the decision to stop driving
Some aspects of reaction processes
Study of rearrests for drunken driving in Norway
Tau as a potential control variable for visually guided braking
Test case based risk predictions using artificial neural network
The development, validation, and application of a video-based technique for measuring an everyday risk-taking behavior: drivers' speed choice
The failure of feedback on alcohol impairment to reduce impaired driving
The impact of alcohol beverage container warning labels on alcohol-impaired drivers, drinking drivers and the general population in northern California
The relationship of social context of drinking, perceived social norms, and parental influence to various drinking patterns of adolescents
The speeding attitude scale and the role of sensation seeking in profiling young drivers at risk
The validity of a revised version of the Mortimer-Filkins Test with impaired drivers in Oshawa, Ontario
Top ten defence challenges among drinking drivers in Sweden
Traffic-entry behavior and crash risk for older drivers with impairment of selective attention
Understanding the use of a community-based drive-home service after alcohol consumption among young adults
Utility of portable breath alcohol testers for drunken driving offenders
Validation of a driving simulator by measuring the visual attention skill of older adult drivers
Vehicle accidents related to sleep: a review
Vehicle kinematics and gap acceptance
Vigilance and automobile accidents in patients with sleep apnea or narcolepsy
Vigilance monitoring for operator safety: A simulation study on highway driving
Visual and cognitive predictors of driving problems in older adults
Visual field differences in an object decision task
The Stockholm project: drunken drivers are given supervision instead of prison sentences
Essence and validity of reaction time in the practical examination of motor vehicle drivers
Visual search of driving situations: danger and experience
Where we look when we steer
Ability of automobile drivers to react--studies with various stimuli and the effect of alcohol
Alcohol consumption among convicted drivers
Can speeding by police be permitted in emergencies?
Dependence of driving ability on the configuration of traffic conditions
Drivers' claims on their drug consumption and results of urine analyses
Results of the psychological examination of patients: alcohol-addicted drivers, treated in a detoxification unit
Assessing fitness to drive
Assessment and counseling of older drivers
Characteristics of frail older adult drivers
Driver safety in older adults. the physician's role in assessing driving skills of older patients
Driving and the elderly
Driving retirement: the role of the physician
Driving safety for older adults
Driving: the ultimate IADL
Fitness to drive and emotional disorders
Fitness to drive
Issues to consider when using the new diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment
Licensing the driver with alterations of consciousness
Mandatory assessment of patients aged over 75
Mandatory assessment of patients over 75
Medical aspects of fitness to drive. Assessments should be independent
Medical aspects of fitness to drive. unfit patients are a common and difficult problem
Older adult drivers with cognitive impairment
Prediction of driving ability after stroke and the effect of behind-the-wheel training
Prediction of driving after stroke: a prospective study
Predictors of a successful driver evaluation in stroke patients after discharge based on an acute rehabilitation hospital evaluation
Senior drivers: risks, interventions, and safety
System of renewal of driving licences for elderly people needs overhauling
Work by Alberta researchers may free MDs from awkward fitness-to-drive decisions
Driving license for persons with epilepsy--to drive or not to drive?
Evaluation of functional capacity
Medico legal issues related to driving: the role of the general practitionner
Process in which aged patients with dementia give up automobile driving--dealing with family members and dilemma that patients face
Traffic safety management for the elderly--with special reference to automobile driving by aged patients with cognition disorders
A re-examination of the whiplash associated disorders (WAD) as a systemic illness
Abnormally high concentrations of amphetamine in blood of impaired drivers
Acute stress disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder in children and adolescents involved in assaults or motor vehicle accidents
Airbag-induced bilateral corneal graft dehiscence
Alberta rodeo athletes do not develop the chronic whiplash syndrome
Alcohol use in South Africa: findings from the first Demographic and Health Survey (1998)
Ambulance crashes: fatality factors for EMS workers
An epidemiological study on alcohol/drugs related fatal traffic crash cases of deceased drivers in Hong Kong between 1996 and 2000
An investigation of the effect of privatization of retail sales of alcohol on consumption and traffic accidents in Alberta, Canada
Assessing the effectiveness of various auditory cues in capturing a driver's visual attention
Authority from grief, presence and place in the making of roadside memorials
Avoiding the death risk of avoiding a dread risk: the aftermath of March 11 in Spain
Blindness and visual impairment from severe midface trauma in Nigerians
Blunt trauma of the aging eye: injury mechanisms and increasing lens stiffness
Calibration, information, and control strategies for braking to avoid a collision
Camel-related injuries in the pediatric age group
Changes in trauma service workload since the introduction of the penalty points system
Characteristics of visual target influence detection of change in naturalistic scenes in Alzheimer disease
Chronic pain and posttraumatic stress symptoms in litigating motor vehicle accident victims
Comparison between two quasi-induced exposure methods for studying risk factors for road crashes
Concentration of drugs in blood of suspected impaired drivers
Conduct and its consequences: attempts at debiasing jury judgments
Correcting the holiday roadtoll myth: Christmas and Easter holiday periods are actually safer than other times of the year
Correlating crash severity with injury risk, injury severity, and long-term symptoms in low velocity motor vehicle collisions
Demands on scientific studies in different fields of forensic medicine and forensic sciences: Traffic medicine--impaired driver: alcohol, drugs, diseases
Detection of cannabis use in drivers with the drugwipe device and by GC-MS after Intercept device collection
Development of a portable psychometric testing device for use in the field: an alcohol investigation
Distribution of 11-nor-9-carboxy-Delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol in traffic fatality cases
Do new drivers equal new donors? An examination of factors influencing organ donation attitudes and behaviors in adolescents
Driving simulator and neuropsychological [corrected] testing in OSAS before and under CPAP therapy
Drowsiness and driving--a dangerous duo
Drugs and chronic alcohol abuse in drivers
Drugs in oral fluid part ii. investigation of drugs in drivers
Effect of backrest and torso twist on the apparent mass of the seated body exposed to vertical vibration
Effect of trunk flexion on the occupant neck response to anterolateral whiplash impacts
Effects of caffeine on prospective duration judgements of various intervals depend on task difficulty
Effects of trochanteric soft tissues and bone density on fracture of the female pelvis in experimental side impacts
Emergency nurse urges booster seat advocacy after encounter at traumatic crash scene
Factors predicting outcome after whiplash injury in subjects pursuing litigation
Fetal trauma from motor vehicle collisions
Flunitrazepam: psychomotor impairment, agitation and paradoxical reactions
Frontal impact causes ligamentous cervical spine injury
Functional assessment of head-eye coordination during vehicle operation
Hands-free mobile phone conversation impairs the peripheral visual system to an extent comparable to an alcohol level of 4-5 g 100 ml
Health in Africa: in Taiwan, taking action on road safety made a difference
Incomplete uterine rupture, following blunt trauma to the abdomen: a case report
Influence of back support conditions on the apparent mass of seated occupants under horizontal vibration
Inhibited head movements: a risk of combining phoning with other activities?
Interactive virtual environment training for safe street crossing of right hemisphere stroke patients with unilateral spatial neglect
Is Toxoplasma gondii a potential risk for traffic accidents in Turkey?
Kinematics of head movement in simulated low velocity rear-end impacts
Legal issues in oral fluid testing
Leveraging existing databases to study vehicle crashes in a combat occupational cohort: epidemiologic methods
Meralgia paraesthetica--an addition to 'seatbelt syndrome'
Modeling thermal burns due to airbag deployment
Neuromuscular performance characteristics of open-wheel and rally drivers
Non-resident orthopaedic admissions to Dunedin Hospital, New Zealand: 1997 to 2004
Obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome
Psychoreactive disorders after motor vehicle accidents. Is it possible to predict the development of psychoreactive disorders after motor vehicle accidents?
Use of cannabis: screening strategy and evaluation of severity factors
When safety becomes a danger. Penetrating trauma by side impact protection
Which biological matrix for cannabis testing?
Occupational light-vehicle use and OHS legislative frameworks: an Australian example
Oculomotor responses during partial and total sleep deprivation
Perceiving possibilities for action: on the necessity of calibration and perceptual learning for the visual guidance of action
Posterior dislocation of a crystalline lens associated with airbag deployment
Prevalence of abuse of alcohol and other drugs among injured drivers presenting to the emergency department of the University Hospital of Modena, Italy
Relation between blood- and urine-amphetamine concentrations in impaired drivers as influenced by urinary pH and creatinine
Relationship between blood alcohol concentration and carbohydrate-deficient transferrin among drivers
Reliability and validity of useful field of view test scores as administered by personal computer
Restraint use among northwest American Indian children traveling in motor vehicles
Revealing alcohol abuse: to ask or to test?
Risk factors for blunt thoracic aortic injury in children
Salamol asthma inhaler fails roadside alcohol breath testing
A comment on allowing Saturday sales in the Swedish retail monopoly
Seat-belt aorta: a rare injury associated with blunt abdominal trauma
Serious paediatric head trauma caused by vehicle rear view mirrors
Sharing control between humans and automation using haptic interface: primary and secondary task performance benefits
Social capital in settings with a high concentration of road traffic injuries. The case of Cuernavaca, Mexico
Stroke among male professional drivers in Denmark, 1994-2003
Task-dependent differences in subjective fatigue scores
The acute effects of d-amphetamine and methamphetamine on attention and psychomotor performance
The differential effect of vibrotactile and auditory cues on visual spatial attention
The effects of a seatbelt-gearshift delay prompt on the seatbelt use of motorists who do not regularly wear seatbelts
The scaling of information to action in visually guided braking
Unauthorized border crossings and migrant deaths: Arizona, New Mexico, and El Paso, Texas, 2002-2003
Understanding moral responsibility in the design of trailers
Venlafaxine and serious withdrawal symptoms: warning to drivers
Vision requirements for driver's license examiners
Visual field defects and the risk of motor vehicle collisions among patients with glaucoma
When policy meets physiology: the challenge of reducing resident work hours
What are the current guidelines on the use of implantable defibrillators in transportation safety critical work?
Neural network development in late adolescents during observation of risk-taking action
World Assumptions as a measure of meaning in rural road crash victims
Clinical and behavioral approach: detection of driver impairment
Drugs and traffic accidents
Elderly patients behind the wheel
Fitness for drivers
Health conditions in the cargo and passenger road transportation industry: a study based on the Brazilian national sample household survey
Is alcohol normalizing factor?
More information on drug package inserts and counseling replace the warning triangle
2006 ENA national scorecard on [USA] state highway laws: a road map for advocacy
A stable dynamic cohort analysis of installing cost-effective rollover protective structures (CROPS)
A study of cervical spine kinematics and joint capsule strain in rear impacts using a human FE model
Back-up detection devices: what do we all need to know? Dangerous blind zones
All-terrain vehicle major injury patterns in children: a five-year review in Southwestern Ontario
Appraisals and cognitive coping styles associated with chronic post-traumatic symptoms in child road traffic accident survivors
Association between body mass index and recovery from whiplash injuries: a cohort study
Clinical and sociodemographic variables associated with the onset of posttraumatic stress disorder in road traffic accidents
Comparative structural neck responses of the THOR-NT, Hybrid III, and human in combined tension-bending and pure bending
Effect of booster seat laws on appropriate restraint use by children 4 to 7 years old involved in crashes
Injuries of the nervous system: On railway and other injuries of the nervous system
Modeling dispersion from toxic gas released after a train collision in Graniteville, SC
Risk of falls and motor vehicle collisions in glaucoma
The impact of later trading hours for hotels on levels of impaired driver road crashes and driver breath alcohol levels
A complete tear of the pectoralis major muscle from a seat belt injury
US Coast Guard collision at sea
Relationship between posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms and the course of whiplash complaints
American Academy of Neurology position statement on physician reporting of medical conditions that may affect driving competence
Amnesia and driving
An audit of compliance with motor traffic regulations and use of green warning lights by consultants recalled to hospital to attend emergencies
Antidepressants and driving ability: results from a clinical study
Booster seats: protecting the forgotten child
Assessing and counseling older drivers
Biological and behavioral factors affecting driving safety
Cell phones and E-mail: some thoughts
Child passenger safety behaviors in Latino communities
Concurrent and predictive validity of drug use and psychiatric diagnosis among first-time DWI offenders
Comparing speed estimations from a moving vehicle in different traffic scenarios: absence versus presence of traffic flow
Diabetes and driving: Desired data, research methods and their pitfalls, current knowledge, and future research
Diabetes and driving
Driver contrast sensitivity and reaction times as measured through a salt-covered windshield
Driving anger and driving behavior in adults with ADHD
Driving tired: cultural factors, long-distance driving and fatigue
Effect of a concurrent task on driving performance in people with Parkinson's disease
Evaluation of engineering plastic for rollover protective structure (ROPS) mounting
Motorcycle protective clothing
Are helmet laws protecting young motorcyclists?
Direct and indirect costs attributable to alcohol consumption in Germany
A review of police pursuit fatalities in the United States from 1982-2004
Driving and flying with epilepsy
Observed LATCH use and misuse characteristics of child restraint systems in seven states
Policing the drunk driver: Measuring law enforcement involvement in reducing alcohol-impaired driving
The incidence of drug abuse in unnatural deaths in northern Thailand
The importance of poisoning vs. road traffic injuries as a cause of death in rural Sri Lanka
Analysis of injuries of motorcycle occupants in traffic accidents
Examining driver behavior using data gathered from red light photo enforcement cameras
Traffic safety in the U.S.: Re-examining major opportunities
Women drivers' behavior in well-known versus less familiar locations
Blood alcohol concentrations after "one standard drink" in Thai healthy volunteers
Cannabis and driving: Results from a general population survey
Car crash and injury among young drivers: contribution of social, circumstantial and car attributes
Renal Injury Mechanisms of Motor Vehicle Collisions: Analysis of the Crash Injury Research and Engineering Network Data Set
Visually impaired drivers and public protection vs confidentiality
Visual performance in night-time driving conditions
Visual attention and older drivers: the contribution of inhibition of return to safe driving
Visual fields in patients who have undergone vitrectomy for complications of diabetic retinopathy. a prospective study
Yielding behavior of Israeli drivers: interaction of age and sex
Young adult drivers' sensitivity to changes in speed and driving mode in a simple vehicle simulator
A teetotaller rejected by alcohol ignition interlock
Acute need of registration of ambulance crash-related injuries
Automobile driving and protection of the rights of aged patients with dementia
Automobile driving and visual aptitude in 100 patients over 60 years of age
Automobile driving by old demented patients--an issue that has to be addressed immediately
Automobile driving simulation for diagnosis and therapy of driving fitness in neurologic disorders
Car driving after cardiac surgery: clinical aspects, regulations, and legal implications
Confidentiality threatened if physicians are to report drivers who pose a danger to traffic
Drunk driving in professional drivers in the Via Blanca highway in Cuba
Effects of oral cannabis and dronabinol on driving capacity
Insufficient controllable, measuring data in a debate article on alcohol ignition interlock
Serial dependence in the estimation of a car's arrival time
Traffic relevant vision disorders in elderly automobile drivers
Women, age and mobility in traffic
Social aspects of dementia: an overview of the Japanese research about driving in patients with dementia
Trends in alcohol-related harms and offences in a liberalized alcohol environment
Truckers with OSA, should they be driving?
The impact of cannabis on driving
The efficacy of the Rio Hondo DUI court: a 2-year field experiment
The effects of prompting and feedback on drivers' stopping at stop signs
The role played by a former federal government residential school in a First Nation community's alcohol abuse and impaired driving: results of a talking circle
The impact of distraction mitigation strategies on driving performance
Compliance with seat belt enforcement law in Saudi Arabia
Preventing motor vehicle crashes (no accidents please!)
Characteristics and availability of fatal road-crash databases in 20 countries worldwide
Post-license education for novice drivers: Evaluation of a training programme implemented in Spain
Bitemporal hemianopia in road traffic
Consensus on demented patients giving up automobile driving and the role of physicians
Is it possible to compensate for visual field defects?
Methods of preliminary evaluation of psychophysical skills of drivers
Necessity of education for prevention of drunken-driving
Neurologic disorders and driving performance
Opioids and driving ability
Routines upon suspicion of driving under influence
Status of automobile driving by demented patients and the response by physicians
Traffic ophthalmology: Assessment of ability to drive in road traffic
Visual acuity and driving
Visual field and road traffic: How does peripheral vision function?
Trends in RTA related spinal injuries: the post penalty points era
Understanding graduated drivers licensing
Urine as a biological specimen for forensic analysis of alcohol and variability in the urine-to-blood relationship
Validation of the standardized field sobriety test battery at 0.08% blood alcohol concentration
Verbal and cognitive distractors in driving performance while using hands-free phones
Violations and errors during simulation-based driver training
The physiology and pathology of formula one Grand Prix motor racing
The primary care physician and the unsafe older drivers
The role of effort in moderating the anxiety-performance relationship: Testing the prediction of processing efficiency theory in simulated rally driving
The role of perceived control in explaining depressive symptoms associated with driving cessation in a longitudinal study
To drive or not to drive: roles of the physician, patient, and state
To drive or not to drive (after TBI)? A review of the literature and its implications for rehabilitation and future research
Topiramate-positive death-investigation and impaired-driving cases in Washington State
Trends in road traffic crashes, casualties and fatalities in Malawi
Stimulant effects of 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) 75 mg and methylphenidate 20 mg on actual driving during intoxication and withdrawal
Stress, fatigue, health, and risk of road traffic accidents among professional drivers: the contribution of physical inactivity
Subjective sleepiness, simulated driving performance and blink duration: examining individual differences
Sustained attention measurements in obstructive sleep apnea and risk of traffic accidents
Systematic review of the optimal frequency of follow-up in persons with mild dementia who continue to drive
The challenge of car safety seats
The effect of auditory and visual distracters on the useful field of view: implications for the driving task
The effects of lumbar massage on muscle fatigue, muscle oxygenation, low back discomfort, and driver performance during prolonged driving
Self-reported safety belt use among emergency department patients in Boston, Massachusetts
Deformations and intrusions of the passenger compartment as indicators of injury severity and triage in head-on collisions of non-airbag-carrying vehicles
Confidentiality contra public welfare when driving under influence is suspected
Assessment of the cardiac patient for fitness to drive: drive subgroup executive summary
Driving advice for palliative care patients taking strong opioid medication
Effect of cognitive arousal on sleep latency, somatic and cortical arousal following partial sleep deprivation
Infants and children passengers in automobiles
Moose and other large animal wildlife vehicle collisions: implications for prevention and emergency care
Motor vehicle fatalities among men in the U.S. Army from 1980 to 1997
Occam's approach to video critical behavior detection: a practical real time video in-vehicle alertness monitor
One-wheeling in Pakistan: a trendy new phenomenon with disastrous outcomes
The role of health research in the prevention and control of road traffic injuries in South Asia
Can the number of people killed in traffic accidents in Denmark be reduced?
Health education as prevention of alcoholism in young people
A sertraline-intoxicated driver
The minimalist approach to road traffic collision management
Mortality rate in children caused by traffic accidents according to geographical regions : Brazil, 1997 - 2005
Positional asphyxia as a cause of death in a traffic accident with the driver--in the "upside-down car position"
Psychological disorders can impair driving ability. Should depressed patients be allowed to drive?
Surprise, surprise--the correlation between legislation and behavior of people explains the increasing number of accidents due to driving under the influence of alcohol
A summary of state laws regulating youth operating farm tractors on highways
A multimodal assessment of driving performance in HIV infection
Phone use and crashes while driving: A representative survey of drivers in two Australian states
Alcohol and other drug use and the transition from riding to driving
A test of the tau-dot hypothesis of braking control in the real world
Aging and the detection of observer and moving object collisions
Addendum to "Personal and public safety issues related to arrhythmias that may affect consciousness: implications for regulation and physician recommendations: a medical/scientific statement from the American Heart Association
A prospective, population-based study of the role of visual impairment in motor vehicle crashes among older drivers: the SEE study
A randomized trial of a physical conditioning program to enhance the driving performance of older persons
A Traffic Accident Caused by Fatigue Failure of Axle
Awareness of sleepiness and ability to predict sleep onset: Can drivers avoid falling asleep at the wheel?
Comparison between interpersonal violence and motor vehicle accidents in the etiology of maxillofacial fractures
Crash costs: assessing the hidden damages of an ambulance accident
Minimal Hepatic Encephalopathy: A Vehicle for Accidents and Traffic Violations
Occupant Dynamics in Rollover Crashes: Influence of Roof Deformation and Seat Belt Performance on Probable Spinal Column Injury
Recent trends in fatal motorcycle crashes: an update
The economic impacts of a terrorist attack on the U.S. commercial aviation system
Epidemiological analysis on road traffic injury in China in 2004
Race, ethnicity and motor vehicle crashes
Re: Holiday road toll data
Road Traffic Injury Is an Escalating Burden in Africa and Deserves Proportionate Research Efforts
School transportation safety
Seats must be secured when children are not using them
Shoulder restraint injury of the female breast
Side impact: influence of impact conditions and bone mechanical properties on pelvic response using a fracturable pelvis model
The effect of breast anthropometry on the Hybrid III 5th female chest response
Whole-body kinematic and dynamic response of restrained PMHS in frontal sled tests
Forensic expertise of the injury severity in fatally injuried car-occupants
Location of direct injuries in car drivers and passengers on the front seats
The physiological and hygienic bases of traffic control on high-speed transport
Assessing cognition and psychomotor function under long-term treatment with controlled release oxycodone in non-cancer pain patients
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and driving risk: a review of the literature and a methodological critique
Bilateral cataract surgery and driving performance
Car seat or car bed for very low birth weight infants at discharge home
Central interference in driving: is there any stopping the psychological refractory period?
Change in dynamic visual acuity (DVA) by pupil dilation
Characterizing luminous efficiency functions for a simulated mesopic night driving task based on reaction time
Clinical utility of office-based cognitive predictors of fitness to drive in persons with dementia: A systematic review
Cognition and motor control as a function of Delta9-THC concentration in serum and oral fluid: limits of impairment
Cognitive, psychomotor and actual driving performance in healthy volunteers after immediate and extended release formulations of alprazolam 1 mg
Correlation of Delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol concentrations determined by LC-MS-MS in oral fluid and plasma from impaired drivers and evaluation of the on-site Drager Drug Test
Concentrations of scheduled prescription drugs in blood of impaired drivers: considerations for interpreting the results
Detecting eye movements in dynamic environments
Development of the Adelaide driving self-efficacy scale
Doctors are failing to tell diabetic people about UK driving rules
Doctor's knowledge of driving regulations: an interview-based survey
Driver sensitivity to brake pulse duration and magnitude
Driving ability in sleep apnoea patients before and after CPAP treatment: evaluation on a road safety platform
Driving and dementia in older adults: Implementation and evaluation of a continuing education project
Driving abilities in frontotemporal dementia patients
Driving pedal reaction times after right transtibial amputations
Drugs and driving: when science and policy don't mix
Roadside oral fluid testing: Comparison of the results of Drugwipe 5 and Drugwipe Benzodiazepines on-site tests with laboratory confirmation results of oral fluid and whole blood
Interpersonal violence and motor vehicle crashes caused the most significant amount of maxillofacial trauma
3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA, ecstasy) and driving impairment
70-mph speed limit and motor vehicular fatalities on interstate highways
A comparison between on-site immunoassay drug-testing devices and laboratory results
A comparison of the recognition distance of several types of pedestrial signals with low-vision pedestrians
A critical review of the psychophysiology of driver fatigue
A decision-making model for health promotion advocacy: the case for advocacy of drunk driving control measures
A driving simulation task: correlations with Multiple Sleep Latency Test
A practical approach to measuring the visual field component of fitness to drive
Aircraft accidents and incidents associated with visual effects from bright light exposures during low-light flight operations
A 4-year retrospective study of mandibular fractures in a South Indian city
Airline passenger misconduct: management implications for physicians
Development and validation of Aviation Causal Contributors for Error Reporting Systems (ACCERS)
Drug use in motor vehicle drivers presenting to an Australian, adult major trauma centre
Gasoline Contact Burns After a Car Accident
Impact of the new UK licensing law on emergency hospital attendances: a cohort study
Modeling mechanisms of skull base injury for drivers in motor vehicle collisions
Monitoring sleepiness with on-board electrophysiological recordings for preventing sleep-deprived traffic accidents
Reducing Road Traffic Injuries: Effectiveness of Speed Cameras in an Urban Setting
Road safety and the tsunami of cell phones
School bus and children's traffic safety
Mobile phone use while driving in Florentine area: results of the new survey
Mandibular fractures in Far North Queensland: an ethnic comparison
Antihistamines and driving-related behavior: A review of the evidence for impairment
Associations Between Sociodemographics and Safety Belt Use in States With and Without Primary Enforcement Laws
Fatigue and related human factors in the near crash of a large military aircraft
The longitudinal prediction of alcohol consumption-related harms among young adults
The patterns of facial injury suffered by patients in road traffic accidents: A case controlled study
Smoking while driving and its consequences on road safety
A review of serious injuries and deaths among car occupants after motor vehicle crashes in Sweden from 1987 to 1994
A single-center, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover investigation of the effects of fexofenadine hydrochloride 180 mg alone and with alcohol, with hydroxyzine hydrochloride 50 mg as a positive internal control, on aspects of cognitive
A survey of the effects of fatigue on driving in people with multiple sclerosis
A traumatic car crash
Aberrant driving behaviour: homogeneity of a four-factor structure in samples differing in age and gender
Abnormal sleep duration and motor vehicle crash risk
Accident versus near miss causation: a critical review of the literature, an empirical test in the UK railway domain, and their implications for other sectors
Across-country viewpoints on sleepiness during driving
Acute hearing loss after airbag deployment
ADHD and driving safety
Adolescent motor vehicle crashes: the relationship between behavioral factors and self-reported injury
Age-related differences in collision detection during deceleration
Advice on driving after groin hernia surgery in the United Kingdom: questionnaire survey
Age and distraction by telephone conversation in task performance: implications for use of cellular telephones while driving
Age, performance and sleep deprivation
Alcohol consumption and mortality rates from traffic accidents, accidental falls, and other accidents in 14 European countries
Alcohol breath testing
Air bags and ocular injuries
Alcohol and motor vehicle-related deaths of children as passengers, pedestrians, and bicyclists
Alcohol and/or benzodiazepine use in injured road users
Alcohol intoxication increases morbidity in drivers involved in motor vehicle accidents
Alcohol involvement in fatal motor-vehicle crashes--United States, 1999-2000
Alcohol use and abuse by adolescents: the impact of living in a border community
Alcohol, illicit drugs and medicinal drugs in fatally injured drivers in Spain between 1991 and 2000
Alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes in Rhode Island
Alcoholic drinkers and road safety in the Republic of Slovenia
Altering the pattern of panretinal photocoagulation: could the visual field for driving be preserved?
Amish buggy injuries in the 21st century: A retrospective review from a rural level II trauma center
An examination between single-parent family background and drunk driving in adulthood: findings from the Northern Finland 1966 Birth Cohort
An unexpected role for visual feedback in vehicle steering control
An unusual case of driving under the influence of enflurane
Analysis of burn injuries in frontal automobile crashes
Analysis of the incidence of pelvic trauma in fatal automobile accidents
Anogenital injuries in child pedestrians run over by low-speed motor vehicles: four cases with findings that mimic child sexual abuse
Another Y2K problem: New Zealand's ageing drivers
Antigravity hills are visual illusions
Appropriate vision standards for safe driving: experience of on-road driving assessment
Are child pedestrians at increased risk of injury on one-way compared to two-way streets?
Are drunk-driving offenders referred for screening accurately reporting their drug use?
Are opioid-dependent/tolerant patients impaired in driving-related skills? A structured evidence-based review
Asleep at the wheel: who's at risk?
Association of driver air bags with driver fatality: a matched cohort study
Atlanto-occipital dislocation: an unusual lethal airbag injury
Attention and driving in traumatic brain injury: a question of coping with time-pressure
Attribution of injury to alcohol involvement in young adults seriously injured in alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes
Attributions of cause for vehicular accidents: effects of participants' sex, information level, and instructions to identify with the actor
Audit in occupational medicine: an audit of fitness to drive among voluntary drivers in an NHS trust
Awareness of sleepiness when driving
Behavioural factors as predictors of motor vehicle crashes: differentials between young urban and rural drivers
Benefit of long-term stimulants on driving in adults with ADHD
Biomechanical analysis of injury criterion for child and adult dummies
Biomechanical injury evaluation of laminated side door windows and sunroof during rollover accidents
Biomechanics of calcaneal fractures: a model for the motor vehicle
Blocking the box: an informal look
Blood concentration of Milnacipran in a case of a fatal automobile accident
Blood pressure, attention and cognition: drivers and air traffic controllers
Blood propofol concentration and psychomotor effects on driving skills
Caffeine antagonism of alcohol-induced driving impairment
Can altering the pattern of laser photocoagulation for proliferative diabetic retinopathy help retain visual fields for driving?
Can patients taking opioids drive safely? A structured evidence-based review
Can wine tasting be used as a defence to a charge of excess alcohol?
Car drivers with epilepsy (Pilot Hungarian EPIMED Database Evaluation)
Car phones and car crashes: some popular misconceptions
Carisoprodol, meprobamate, and driving impairment
Cell phone use and visual attention
Cell phone-induced failures of visual attention during simulated driving
Cellular phones and their hazards: the current evidence
Changes in driving patterns and worsening depressive symptoms among older adults
Changing visual standards in driving: but a high proportion of eye patients still drive illegally
Child deaths and injuries in driveways
Child passenger protection: then and now
A boost for child passenger safety
A survey of adherence to community-generated safety guidelines in rotor-wing air medical programs
Biomechanical response of the pediatric abdomen, part 1: development of an experimental model and quantification of structural response to dynamic belt loading
A survey of tractors and rollover protective structures in Washington State
A synthetic vision system using directionally selective motion detectors to recognize collision
An analysis of relational complexity in an air traffic control conflict detection task
Counseling about proper use of motor vehicle occupant restraints and avoidance of alcohol use while driving: a systematic evidence review for the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force
Counseling about proper use of motor vehicle occupant restraints and avoidance of alcohol use while driving: U.S. preventive services task force recommendation statement
Japan: alcohol today
Flight display dynamics and compensatory head movements in pilots
Mechanisms of abdominal organ injury in seat belt-restrained children
Helicopter crashes and probability
Pediatric head and neck trauma from all-terrain vehicle accidents
Pilot medical history and medications found in post mortem specimens from aviation accidents
Trigeminal nerve injury following accidental airbag deployment and assessment with quantitative sensory testing
Recommendations for Toxicological Investigation of Drug Impaired Driving
Safer car travel for children: the updated law
Simple Advice for Injured Hazardous Drinkers: An Implementation Study
Summaries for patients. Counseling during doctors' visits to prevent motor vehicle injuries: recommendations from the U.S. preventive services task force
Unusual findings in a death caused by a car fire
High-speed seatbelt pretensioner loading of the abdomen
An analysis of motorcyclist injury severity under various traffic control measures at three-legged junctions in the UK
Assessment of hazardous material risks for rail yard safety
Determinants of safety priorities in transport - The effect of personality, worry, optimism, attitudes and willingness to pay
Developing traffic safety interventions from conceptions of risks and accidents
Differences between taxi and nonprofessional male drivers in attitudes towards traffic-violation penalties
The effect of yellow light onset time on older and younger drivers' perception response time (PRT) and intersection behavior
Safety culture in Swedish air traffic control
Driver personality characteristics related to self-reported accident involvement and mobile phone use while driving
Errors of perception in air traffic control
Influence of traffic conditions on driver behavior before making a right turn at an intersection: Analysis of driver behavior based on measured data on an actual road
Conceptual Model of Assets and Risks: Unlawful Behavior
The panorama of urban violence in Brazil and its capitals
Effects of conflict alerting system reliability and task difficulty on pilots' conflict detection with cockpit display of traffic information
Ejection experience 1956-2004 in Japan: an epidemiological study
Airline passenger fatality and the demand for air travel
Evaluating the long-run impacts of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on US domestic airline travel
Representing household time allocation behavior by endogenously incorporating diverse intra-household interactions: A case study in the context of elderly couples
Driving ability and daytime sleepiness
Driving ability and fitness to drive in people with diabetes mellitus
Synergistic effects of traffic-related air pollution and exposure to violence on urban asthma etiology
Road safety in low- and middle-income countries: a neglected research area
Risk perception, road behavior, and pedestrian injury among adolescent students in Kathmandu, Nepal
Road traffic knowledge and behaviour of drivers in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia
An analysis of audit scores of adolescent offenders in two midwestern counties
Treatment participation and outcome in a program for problem drinker-drivers
Trends in socioeconomic inequalities in adult health behaviors among U.S. states, 1990-2004
Occurrence of mandibulofacial injuries presenting to the otorhinolaryngology and head and neck surgery department
CMA driver's guide
Contemporary analysis of thoracic aortic injury: importance of screening based on crash characteristics
Driving and dementia
Dynamic sagittal flexibility coefficients of the human cervical spine
EEG-based assessment of driver cognitive responses in a dynamic virtual-reality driving environment
Focused road-safety initiatives urgently required
The benefits of seatbelt use in pregnant women drivers
Booster seat use among Latino families: An observational survey
The impact of traumatic brain injury and cerebrovascular accident on motor vehicle citations and crashes: A cohort analysis.

Longer term effects of New York State's law on drivers' handheld cell phone use
The relationship between perceived crash responsibility and post-crash depression
A comparison of young drinking offenders with other adolescents
A literature review of the young drinking offender. Is he a problem drinker?
An experimental study on hepatic injury from belt-restraint loading
Automobile crash simulation with the first pregnant crash test dummy
Blood alcohol concentrations among motor vehicle accident trauma admissions to a regional trauma unit
Blood alcohol testing: comparison of the performance obtained with the different methods used in the Belgian external quality assessment schemes
Cause and control of automotive trauma
Causes and control of spinal cord injury in automotive crashes
Classification of medicines according to their influence on driving ability
Comparison of arm up and down in side impacts with BioSID and different armrests
Computing body segment trajectories in the Hybrid III dummy using linear accelerometer data
Development of biomechanical response corridors of the thorax to blunt ballistic impacts
Drinking-driving behaviour of Ontario high school students
Effects of raising the legal drinking age in Ontario
Evaluation of biomechanical response and potential injury from thoracic impact
Humanitarian benefits of cadaver research on injury prevention
Influence of the lateral ventricles and irregular skull base on brain kinematics due to sagittal plane head rotation
Injury biomechanics research: an essential element in the prevention of trauma
Mortality in a sample of convicted drinking drivers
Myocardial conducting system dysfunctions from thoracic impact
Patterns of injury in motor vehicle trauma
Perceptual countermeasures to speeding
Rehabilitation for convicted drinking drivers (second offenders): effects on mortality
Role of impact velocity and chest compression in thoracic injury
The effects of changes in curve geometry on magnitude estimates of road-like perspective curvature
Anterior longitudinal ligament injuries in whiplash may lead to cervical instability
Mechanics of arterial subfailure with increasing loading rate
Multiple subfailures characterize blunt aortic injury
Stabilizing effect of precontracted neck musculature in whiplash
Simulated driving in obstructive sleep apnoea-hypopnoea; effects of oral appliances and continuous positive airway pressure
Experimental and Simulated Flexion Tests of Humerus
Examining cognitive interference and adaptive safety behaviours in tactical vehicle control
Acute alcohol intoxication impairs controlled search across the visual field
Diseases and motor vehicle fatalities in Finland in 2001 and 2002
Fatigue and beyond: patterns of and motivations for illicit drug use among long-haul truck drivers
General health status and functional disability following injury in traffic crashes
Pedestrian injuries resulting from road traffic accidents: the Azare experience
Random alcohol testing reduced alcohol-involved fatal crashes of drivers of large trucks
Road casualties and enforcement: distributional assumptions of serially correlated count data
Road rage victimization among adolescents
Suicidal behavior by motor vehicle collision
Task-induced fatigue and collisions in adult drivers with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
A comparative study of acute and subchronic effects of dothiepin, fluoxetine and placebo on psychomotor and actual driving performance
A cross-study comparison of the effects of moclobemide and brofaromine on actual driving performance and estimated sleep
Acrivastine, terfenadine and diphenhydramine effects on driving performance as a function of dose and time after dosing
Acute effects of 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) on behavioral measures of impulsivity: alone and in combination with alcohol
Acute effects of nocturnal doses of MDMA on measures of impulsivity and psychomotor performance throughout the night
Additional dopamine reuptake inhibition attenuates vigilance impairment induced by serotonin reuptake inhibition in man
Antihistamine effects on actual driving performance in a standard test: a summary of Dutch experience, 1989-94
Considering the P450 cytochrome system as determining combined effects of antidepressants and benzodiazepines on actual driving performance of depressed outpatients
Effects of emedastine and cetirizine, alone and with alcohol, on actual driving of males and females
Characteristics and conviction rates of injured alcohol-impaired drivers admitted to a tertiary care Canadian Trauma Centre
Results of a proposed breath alcohol proficiency test program
Epidemiological features of automobile traumatism in Russia and abroad
Behavioural toxicity of medicinal drugs: Practical consequences, incidence, management and avoidance
High-potency marijuana impairs executive function and inhibitory motor control
Visual search and urban driving under the influence of marijuana and alcohol
Effects of loratadine and cetirizine on actual driving and psychometric test performance, and EEG during driving
Modulation of the critical flicker fusion effects of serotonin reuptake inhibitors by concomitant pupillary changes
Pharmacokinetic properties of delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol in serum and oral fluid
Stimulating effects of H1-antagonists
Driving impairment in patients with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome
Risk factors and correlates of snoring and observed apnea
Is there any obligation to maintain and promote health?
Alcohol limit for drink driving should be much lower
Smoking is a marker of risky behaviors independent of substance abuse in injured drivers
Opinions, attitudes and practices of Australian neurologists with regard to epilepsy and driving
Finite element modelling of metallic tubular crash structures with an explicit code
On-board cost effective event monitoring and recording system for enhanced road safety
Open loop optimal downhill driving brake strategies using non-linear programming
Persuasion and licensure: a randomized controlled intervention trial to increase licensure rates among Maryland motorcycle owners
What shall we do with the drunken sailor? Effects of alcohol on the performance of ship operators
Clubgoers and their trendy cocktails: implications of mixing caffeine into alcohol on information processing and subjective reports of intoxication
A small-scale vehicle for assessing and training driving skills among the disabled
Abdominal injury and response in side impact
Acceleration induced shear strains in a monkey brain hemisection
Age and gender differences in perceived accident likelihood and driver competences
Age Effects on Thoracic Injury Tolerance
Air Bags and Children: Results of a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Special Investigation into Actual Crashes
Airbag Folding Pattern As a Means of Injury Reduction of Out-of-Position Occupants
Biomechanics of minor automobile accidents
Biomechanics of road traffic collision injuries: a clinicians perspective
Biomedical engineering analysis of glass impact injuries
Blood-alcohol levels: show me the evidence
Blood-alcohol levels: show me the evidence
Blunt pancreatic trauma by a wheelchair user restraint system during a traffic accident
Brief prevention for adolescent risk-taking behavior
Can traffic calming measures achieve the Children's Fund objective of reducing inequalities in child health?
Car colour and risk of car crash injury: population based case control study
Carotid artery dissection: another airbag injury
Cataract surgery and motor vehicle crashes--proceed with caution
Causes of impaired consciousness while driving a motorized vehicle
Changes in EEG alpha power during simulated driving: a demonstration
Characteristics of fatal ambulance crashes in the United States: an 11-year retrospective analysis
Changing picture of facial fractures in northern Nigeria
Biofidelity of Anthropomorphic Test Devices for Rear Impact
Biomechanical analysis of head, neck, and torso injuries to child surrogates due to sudden torso acceleration
Biomechanical Bases for the CRABI and Hybrid III Child Dummies
Biomechanical properties of the human neck in lateral flexion
Car occupant fatalities and the effects of future safety legislation
Car seat safety -- past, present, and future
Car-to-car side impacts: computerized crash reconstruction
Cartoon reaction scale with special reference to driving behavior
Cervical Injury Mechanism Based on the Analysis of Human Cervical Vertebral Motion and Head-Neck-Torso Kinematics During Low Speed Rear Impacts
Car makers press Europe for voluntary agreement on safety
Car surfing: an underreported mechanism of serious injury in children and adolescents
Characteristics of motor vehicle crashes of drivers with dementia of the Alzheimer type
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for PTSD in Children and Adolescents: A Preliminary Randomized Controlled Trial
Road humps: accident prevention or hazard?
A test for the determination of sustained attention in patients with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome
Vision and perception in traffic: Contribution of psychological traffic diagnosis and the section of ophthalmology
What can the physician do in order to improve the traffic safety?
A comparative study of the effects of carbamazepine and the NMDA receptor antagonist remacemide on road tracking and car-following performance in actual traffic
A comparison of rural and urban ambulance crashes
A comprehensive program to improve safety for pregnant women and fetuses in motor vehicle crashes: a preliminary report
A dose-ranging study of the effects of mequitazine on actual driving, memory and psychomotor performance as compared to dexchlorpheniramine, cetirizine and placebo
A fatal impaling injury in a road traffic accident: a case report
A matched case-control study evaluating the effectiveness of speed humps in reducing child pedestrian injuries
A new class of auditory warning signals for complex systems: auditory icons
A new deal for road crash victims
A placebo controlled investigation into the effects of paroxetine and mirtazapine on measures related to car driving performance
A review of a major driver rehabilitation centre: a ten-year client profile
A review of medico-legal deaths in Kano
A single-photon emission computed tomography imaging study of driving impairment in patients with Alzheimer's disease
A traffic sign recognition test can discriminate between older drivers who have and have not had a motor vehicle crash
A unique pattern of injury secondary to seatbelt-related blunt abdominal trauma
Abdominal injury and the seat-belt sign
Abdominal seat belt marks in the era of focused abdominal sonography for trauma
Ability and fitness to drive of Parkinson's disease patients
Abruptio placentae after auto accidents. a case-control study
Characterization of Belt Restraint Systems in Quasistatic Vehicle Rollover Tests
Chestband Analysis of Human Tolerance to Side Impact
Choosing a rational threshold for the definition of drunk driving: what research recommends
Circadian alertness simulator for fatigue risk assessment in transportation: application to reduce frequency and severity of truck accidents
Clinical decision making: doctor, when can I drive?
"Cognac alibi" as a drunk-driving defense and medico-legal challenge
Commentary: automatic collision notification: ready or not, here it comes
Commentary: cellular telephones and cars: a mix that is a real handful...with or without the hands
Community intervention can prevent risky drinking and car crashes and trauma associated with alcohol abuse
Community versus individual benefit
Comparing the effects of fatigue and alcohol consumption on locomotive engineers' performance in a rail simulator
Comparison and characteristics of motor vehicle accident (MVA) and non-MVA driving fears
Comparison between in-the-field accidents and reconstructed accidents with dummies and with cadavers
Comparison of biomechanical head-neck responses of hybrid III dummy and whole body cadaver during inverted drops
Comparison of passenger injuries in frontal car collisions with dummy loadings in equivalent simulations
Comparison of the effects of sleep deprivation, alcohol and obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) on simulated steering performance
Comparison of the prevalence of alcohol, cannabis and other drugs between 900 injured drivers and 900 control subjects: results of a French collaborative study
Competency issues in dementia: medical decision making, driving, and independent living
Complete small bowel transection following lap-belt injury
Comprehensive driving assessment: neuropsychological testing and on-road evaluation of brain injured patients
Computational Analysis of Head Impact Response Under Car Crash Loadings
Concentration ratios of morphine to codeine in blood of impaired drivers as evidence of heroin use and not medication with codeine
Concentrations of unconjugated morphine, codeine and 6-acetylmorphine in urine specimens from suspected drugged drivers
Confidential inquiry into avoidable vehicle accident deaths in the province of Modena, Italy
Confidentiality and driver licensing authorities
Consensus statement: fatigue and accidents in transport operations
Control error statistics
Controlled studies on reducing alcohol-impaired driving are being registered
Controlled-release methylphenidate improves attention during on-road driving by adolescents with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
Correlation between injuries sustained in the A17 coach accident and the seating location
Crash testing. Part. 2: Predicting human injury with computerized dummies
Crosswalk markings and motor vehicle collisions involving older pedestrians
Cyclists and pedestrians are sacrificed for the greater safety of motorists, says campaigner
Dangers of sleepiness and inattention while driving
Daytime sleepiness and other sleep disorders in Parkinson's disease
Daytime sleepiness, agonist therapy, and driving in Parkinson disease
Death and injury from motor vehicle crashes in Colombia
Deaths among drivers of off-road vehicles after collisions with trail gates--New Hampshire, 1997-2002
Delayed abdominal aortic rupture in a child with a seat-belt sign and review of the literature
Dementia and driving: European national guidelines. EFNS scientist panel on dementia
Descriptive epidemiology of dozing and driving in a college student population
Designing road vehicles for pedestrian protection
Detectable blood alcohol after a motor vehicle crash and screening for alcohol abuse/dependence
Detection of cannabis in oral fluid (saliva) and forehead wipes (sweat) from impaired drivers
Traumatic rupture of the left hemidiaphragm
Unfounded prohibition of driving for chronic opioid users
Usefulness of geographic analysis in the study of deaths caused by motor vehicle injuries
Vigilance disorders and driving
Acquired brain damage and driving: a review
Acute cervical spinal cord injury secondary to air bag deployment without proper use of lap or shoulder harnesses
Acute subdural hematoma and diffuse axonal injury in fatal road traffic accident victims: a clinico-pathological study of 15 patients
Alcohol in a series of medico-legally autopsied deaths in northern Norway 1973-1992
An analysis of 3599 midfacial and 1141 orbital blowout fractures among 4426 United States Army Soldiers, 1980-2000
An audit of medico-legal reports prepared for claims of psychiatric injury following motor vehicle accidents
An exploratory study of the interrelations among driving ability, driving exposure, and socioeconomic status of low, average, and high intelligence males
An interesting mammary implant rupture: seat belt injury
An investigation of hybrid III and living human drop tests
An open forearm fracture with intermedullary foreign body plug--a complication of airbag deployment
An unobtrusive measurement method of the horizontal gaze angle
Analysis and evaluation of the biofidelity of the human body finite element model in lateral impact simulations according to ISO-TR9790 procedures
Analysis of injury criteria to assess chest and abdominal injury risks in blunt and ballistic impacts
Ankle joint injuries as a reconstruction parameter in car-to-pedestrian accidents
Another look at visual standards and driving
Application of hidden Markov models on residuals: an example using Canadian traffic accident data
Application of the induced exposure method to compare risks of traffic crashes among different types of drivers under different environmental conditions
Are anaesthetic trainees a high-risk group for road accidents?
Assessing perceptions of synergistic health risk: a comparison of two scales
Impact of road conditions on elderly drivers
Impact of dynamic and safety-conscious route guidance on accident risk
Impact of primary safety belt laws on alcohol-related front-seat occupant fatalities: five case studies
Impacts of participatory safety rules revision in US railroad industry: An exploratory assessment
Implementing red light camera programs: Guidance from economic analysis of safety benefits
Impacts of shorter perception-reaction time of adapted cruise controlled vehicles on traffic flow and safety
Improved compatibility between the lateral stability and curving behaviour of modified truck designs
Improved red clearance intervals based on observed turning times for left-turn movement
Improvements to sight distance algorithm
Improved positioning procedures for 6YO and 10YO ATDs based on child occupant postures
Improvements to G4(RW) strong-post round-wood, W-beam guardrail system
Improving dilemma-zone protection of advance detection with advance-warning flashers
Shoulder response characteristics and injury due to lateral glenohumeral joint impacts
50 Years German Society of Traffic Medicine -- 50 Years Drugs and Driving -- Historical View and Future Aspects in Traffic Toxicology
About the Work of the "Alcohol Commission" of Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Rechtsmedizin: Historical Background, Current and Future Tasks
Accidents and Genuine Endangering of Road Traffic Under the Influence of Cannabis
Basic Principles of Ethanol Pharmacokinetics on the Basis of BrAC: Part I: Accumulation and Peak Concentrations
Basic Principles of Ethanol Pharmacokinetics on the Basis of Breath Alcohol Concentrations - Part II: Comparison of the Mathematical Approximation of BrAC- and BAC-Curves in the Elimination
"And Then We Finished the Bottle": Differences Between Eastern European and Central European Drinking Habits, With Regard to the Attained Intoxication During a Drinking Test (German-Russian Drinking Test)
Cannabis Intoxication and Fatal Road Crashes in France: Population Based Case-control Study
Control of the Alcohol Prohibition for Beginner Drivers by Blood Alcohol or Breath Alcohol Measurements
Driving Inability After Drug Use
Interpretation of Analytical Data Obtained From Blood Samples of Cocaine Users
Inventory of Congener Analysis and Results of First Proficiency Tests
Legal Expert's Opinion for Expert Assessment of Driving Ability
Manipulation of Breath Alcohol Concentration Measurements by Physiological Breathing Variants in the Pre-Test Phase
Performnance Behaviour and Toxicokinetik of Cannabinoids After Inhaling Marihuana
Prevalence of Alcohol in Blood Samples From Adults Involved in Traffic Law Violations in Frankfurt/Main and South-Hessen: Cross Sectional Study (1993 - 2004)
Problem Awareness of Teenagers Concerning the Consumption of Legal and Illegal Drugs in Connection With Road Traffic - Part 1: Legal Drugs - Nicotine and Alcohol
Results of a European Pilot Trial to Test Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Devices in Different Groups of Motor Vehicle Drivers
The Sobering Up Preparation (Per Mille Killer) "Break Down"
Change of Volatile Congeners of Alcoholic Mixed Drinks Caused by the New Alcopops Fiscal Legislation in Germany
Comment on the article by Kaferstein et al.: "congener and ethyl glucuronide determination after consumption of ouzo in an amount of 1.8 g ethanol per kg body weight and hour" in Blutalkohol 2006, 73-80
Determinants of sleepiness in automobile drivers
Development of extension kinematic corridors to validate a head/neck finite element model
Development of foam models as applications to vehicle interior
Dissociation and post-traumatic stress disorder: Two prospective studies of road traffic accident survivors
Do risk factors for re-arrest differ for female and male drunk-driving offenders?
Does acute stress disorder predict post-traumatic stress disorder in traffic accident victims? Analysis of a self-report inventory
Drawing blood from unconscious accident victims now legal in UK
Dread risk, September 11, and fatal traffic accidents
Drinking and driving
Drink driving as a component of problem driving and problem behavior in young adults
Driven to distraction: dual-Task studies of simulated driving and conversing on a cellular telephone
Driver fatigue: electroencephalography and psychological assessment
Driver route-following and safety errors in early Alzheimer disease
Driver sleepiness and risk of car crashes in Shenyang, a Chinese northeastern city: population-based case-control study
Driver sleepiness--evaluation of reaction time measurement as a secondary task
Driver sleepiness: occupational screening and the physician's role
Drivers who take insulin must tell driver and vehicle licensing agency
Driveway motor vehicle injuries in children
Driveway motor vehicle injuries in children
Driving ability after pupillary dilatation
Driving after a severe head injury
Driving after cerebral damage: a model with implications for evaluation
Driving after epilepsy surgery: effects of visual field defects and epilepsy control
Driving and arrhythmias: implications of new data
Driving and dementia in Ontario: a quantitative assessment of the problem
Driving and our aging population
Driving and the physician: a (more) modest proposal
Driving and vertigo
Driving as night falls: the contribution of retinal flow and visual direction to the control of steering
Driving assessment issues for practicing clinicians
Driving behaviors following brain injury: self-report and motor vehicle records
Toward vision zero at zebra crossings: Case study of traffic safety and mobility for children and the elderly, Malmo, Sweden
A Methodology for Assessment of Visibility During Road Tunnel Fires
A Preliminary Evaluation of the Impact of Local Accident Information on the Public Perception of Road Safety
Analysis of Nighttime Driver Behavior and Pavement Marking Effects Using Fuzzy Inference System
Anticipating the Content and Circumstances of Skill Transfer: Unrealistic Expectations of Driver Training and Graduated Licensing?
Characteristics of facilities with specialized programming for drinking drivers and for other criminal justice involved clients: analysis of a national database
Collision avoidance behavior as a function of aging and tennis playing
Correlation Between Driver's Factors and Traffic Accident Rate
Driver Braking Behavior Under Emergency
Driving violations observed: an Australian study
2002 Focus Struck Head-On By 2003 Silverado Traveling 70 Mph
Evaluation of Flexible Traffic Separators at Highway-Railroad Grade Crossings
Factors associated with hospital length of stay and hospital charges of motor vehicle crash related hospitalizations among children in the United States
Fatigue and Fracture Evaluation of a 70 Year Old Steel Bridge
Gravity Center Height Limit of Loaded Wagon Based on Safety Criteria for Derailment Coefficient
Improved Transition Preemption Strategy for Signalized Intersections Near at-Grade Railway Grade Crossing
Improving Intersection Safety With an Innovative Collision Avoidance System
Intelligent Infrastructure-Based Queue-End Warning System for Avoiding Rear Impacts
ITS Sensor for Railroad Crossing Safety
Making Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) Limits Visible
Medico-legal implications of sleep apnoea syndrome: Driving license regulations in Europe
Medium Access Control Protocol Design for Vehicle - Vehicle Safety Messages
Pedestrian Level of Service for Sidewalks
Potential Impact of Seatbelt Use on the Spectrum of Ocular Injuries and Visual Acuity Outcomes after Motor Vehicle Accidents with Airbag Deployment
A Traffic Accident Recording and Reporting Model at Intersections
Accident Severity Analysis Using Ordered Probit Model
Best Practices for Pavement Edge Maintenance Farm-to-Market Road System in Texas
Car Driver Speed Choice in Scotland
Concerns About Methodology Used in Real-World Experiments on Transport and Transport Safety
Evaluation of Pavement Edge Lines on Narrow Highways With Low Traffic Volume in Louisiana
Evaluation of the Effects of Rebuilt Bicycle Paths at Intersections
Risk of injury and fatality in single vehicle rollover crashes: danger for the front seat occupant in the "outside arc"
Road Black Spot Identification Method Based on Information Assignment
Rough Set Application in the Analysis of Formulation Cause of Traffic Black-Spot
Safety of Cooperative Collision Avoidance for Unmanned Aircraft
Safety Treatments at Isolated High-Speed Signalized Intersections: Synthesis
Using a K-Means Clustering Algorithm to Examine Patterns of Pedestrian-Involved Crashes in Honolulu, Hawaii
Simulation and Analysis of Freeway Lane Reversal for Coastal Hurricane Evacuation
Site, type, and local mechanism of tibial shaft fracture in drivers in frontal automobile crashes
Sleep Apnea, Alertness and Motor Vehicle Crashes
Suicidal Behaviour on Subway Systems: A Review of the Epidemiology
The Cell Phone: A Potential "Digital Danger"
Acceptability and concurrent validity of measures to predict older driver involvement in motor vehicle crashes: An Emergency Department pilot case-control study
Characteristics of Crashes With Farm Equipment That Increase Potential for Injury
"Cubs Click It For Safety": a school-based intervention for Tween passenger safety
Food-poisoning and commercial air travel
A method for evaluating collision avoidance systems using naturalistic driving data
Identifying interventions that promote belt-positioning booster seat use for parents with low educational attainment
Indicators of Sleepiness in an ambulatory EEG study of night driving
Premature graduation of children in child restraint systems: An observational study
Randomized sanctions to reduce re-offense among repeat impaired-driving offenders
Analysis of Vehicle Delay on Road Sections on the Condition of Pedestrian Crossing
The impact of later trading hours for hotels (public houses) on breath alcohol levels of apprehended impaired drivers
The role of motorcyclist and other driver behaviour in two types of serious accident in the UK
A joint econometric analysis of seat belt use and crash-related injury severity
Biomechanics of Side Impact Injuries: Evaluation of Seat Belt Restraint System, Occupant Kinematics and Injury Potential
Evidence-based policy on road safety: the effect of the demerit points system on seat belt use and health outcomes
Lapbelt injuries and the seatbelt syndrome in pediatric spinal cord injury
Predictors of seatbelt use in American Indian motor vehicle crash trauma victims on and off the reservation
The risk of traffic accidents after prescriptions of Carisoprodol
Antidepressant use and safety in civil aviation: a case-control study of 10 years of Australian data
Car-Following Safety Modeling and Simulation With Fuzzy Neural Network
Circular Road Signs Recognition With Soft Classifiers
Comprehensive Method Evaluating Effect of Roadside Landscape of High-Level Road on Traffic Safety
Drowning deaths of U.S. service personnel associated with motor vehicle accidents occurring in operation "Iraqi Freedom" and operation "Enduring Freedom", 2003-2005
Effect of Traffic Rule Breaking Behavior on Pedestrian Counterflow in a Channel With a Partition Line
Estimation of the Safety Effectiveness of Lane and Shoulder Width: Case-Control Approach
Experimental Study on the Performance of New Locomotive Flash Light Alerting System
Forecasting and Evaluation of Traffic Safety Impacts: Driving Assistance Systems Against Road Infrastructure Measures
How Modern Headlamp Performance Impacts Sag Vertical Curve Design
Improving Safety at Mobile Road Work Zones Through a Study of Driver Reaction to Advance Warning
Sending baby home safely. developing an infant car seat testing program
Traffic accidents in a city in southern Brazil: an evaluation of coverage and quality of data
Present status of traffic accidents in the age of speed: an overview
The spatial and temporal dimensions of child pedestrian injury in Edmonton
Driving restrictions after stroke: doctors' awareness of DVLA guidelines and advice given to patients
Driving restrictions after stroke: doctors' awareness of DVLA guidelines and advice given to patients
Driving restrictions after stroke: doctors' awareness of DVLA guidelines and advice given to patients
Eating behavior and other distracting behaviors while driving among patients with eating disorders
Reckless driving and gender: an examination of a terror management theory explanation
Motor accident and workers' compensation insurance design for high-quality health outcomes and cost containment
Driving competence in older persons
Identifying safe versus unsafe drivers following brain impairment: the Coorabel Programme
Knowledge, attitudes and practices of secondary-school pupils in Oman: I. Health-compromising behaviours
Mechanisms of motor vehicle accidents that predict major injury
The Paddington rail disaster
Speed limits: a letter to the minister of transportation Pietro Lunardi
Ocular injuries secondary to motor vehicle accidents
Effects of aging on the useful field of view
Sleep related vehicle accidents on Italian highways
Sociomedical aspects of reduction of risk in the development of occupational diseases and industrial trauma in railway transport
Main factors of occupational risk for railway workers
Present-day problems in organization of medical aid in railway wrecks
Modeling peripheral vision for moving target search and detection
Realistic program for teens discourages drunk driving
Driving for handicapped people
English medical experts and the claims for shock occasioned by railway collisions in the 1860s issues of law, ethics, and medicine
Traffic safety: ambitious targets and initiatives in Canada and around the world
Development of the Crash Injury Research and Engineering Network
Reporting impaired drivers
The use of hand held mobile phones by drivers
Drugs and driving: the nuances
Heroin use by motorists in Sweden confirmed by analysis of 6-acetylmorphine in urine
Evaluation of driver stress in a motor-vehicle driving simulator using a biochemical marker
Medicolegal rounds: medicolegal issues and alleged breaches of standards of medical care in a patient motor vehicle accident allegedly related to chronic opioid analgesic therapy
The teenage driver: an opportunity to educate
Whiplash injury secondary to a motor vehicle accident
Every ride a safe ride
Driving performance and workload assessment of drivers with tetraplegia: an adaptation evaluation framework
Post-traumatic stress disorder in children and adolescents with motor vehicle-related injuries
Lessons learned when science meets legislation
Unintentional injury during foreign travel: a review
Epileptic disease and fitness for specific jobs involving driving motor vehicles
Sleepiness and road accidents among policemen on shift-work on Italian highways: study of the national highway network in the period 1993-1997
The 'railway spine' -- a precursor for the 'whiplash syndrome'?
Evaluation of the elderly driver
Sleep apnoea and road traffic accidents
Moving objects appear to slow down at low contrasts
Pedestrian deaths resulting from road traffic accidents seen at the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital--six-year review
Hazardous drinking among adults with diabetes and related eye disease or visual problems: a population-based cross-sectional survey
Reducing illegal BAC levels across the country
Medication and fitness to drive
Time saved with the use of emergency warning lights and siren while responding to requests for emergency medical aid in a rural environment
Rural vs urban motor vehicle crash death rates: 20 years of FARS data
First-aid training and bystander actions at traffic crashes--a population study
Organizational and legal problems of medical care of traffic safety
Failure in the control of the number of traffic accident victims in Spain: Is this a result of the correct answer to the wrong question?
Elderly people victims of traffic accidents in the municipality of Ribeirao Preto-sp, in 1998
Accidents prevalence in a group of patients with the narcolepsy- cataplexy syndrome
Neurological diseases and driving
The Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test: fraudulent science in the American courts
Note on fabric marks in motor vehicle collisions
Predictors of driving ability following stroke: a systematic review
Professional exposure of drivers to carbon monoxide as a possible risk factor for the occurrence of traffic accidents in the road traffic
Results of medical selection of drivers and candidates for drivers of motor vehicles
Analysis of the health status of intoxicated motor vehicle drivers and the effect of therapeutic and health education programs
The pattern and management outcomes of splenic injuries in the Assir region of Saudi Arabia
Spinal cord injuries in Ilorin, Nigeria
Hospitalization and mortality succeeding drunk driving and risky driving
Low educational performance is associated with drunk driving: a 31-year follow-up of the northern Finland 1966 birth cohort
The effects of alcohol on head injury in the motor vehicle crash victim
Driving cessation in older men with dementia
Identifying driving impairment in Alzheimer disease: a comparison of self and observer reports versus driving evaluation
Parental predictors of teen driving risk
Occupational therapy assessment of open-road driving performance: validity of directed and self-directed navigational instructional components
Visual testing for readiness to drive after stroke: a multicenter study
Flexible adaptation to changing task demands in severe closed head injury patients: a driving simulator study
Reconstruction of a real car-pedestrian-accident. part 2: Modelling and simulation
Reconstruction of a real car-pedestrian-accident. part 1: Generating an individual digital topographic image of the victim
Rare pattern of injuries after being run over by a railroad train
Serum cannabinoid levels 24 to 48 hours after cannabis smoking
Injury pattern in fatal automobile accident passengers due to rear-end collisions
Suicide by a locomotive with unusual transport of suicide victims
Analytical problems in examination of small amounts of blood samples taken from law offenders
Sobriety testing in case of lack of cooperation of the examined person--the legal basis of the physician's activities
A direct observation study of nighttime safety belt use in Indiana
Accident risk of foreign drivers in various road environments
Alcohol-related road traffic accidents: promoting a lower alcohol strategy
Cooperative Collision Warning Systems: Concept Definition and Experimental Implementation
Culpable versus non-culpable traffic accidents; What is wrong with this picture?
Heavy Flow-Based Incident Detection Algorithm Using Information From Two Adjacent Detector Stations
Kalman Filtering Used in Video-Based Traffic Monitoring System
Lessons Learned From Evaluating Maryland's Anti-Drunk Driving Campaign: Assessing the Evidence for Cognitive, Behavioral, and Public Health Impact
Passenger effects on teenage driving and opportunities for reducing the risks of such travel
Posturography as an indicator of fatigue due to sleep deprivation
Risk taking and risk perception in road safety: comparative study of young sportsmen and nonsportsmen in southeastern France
Analysis of Vehicle Positioning Accuracy Requirements for Communication-Based Cooperative Collision Warning
Cognitive Performance and Neural Correlates of Detecting Driving Hazards in Healthy Older Adults
Crash Risk Assessment Using Intelligent Transportation Systems Data and Real-Time Intervention Strategies to Improve Safety on Freeways
Defining Traffic Flow Phases Using Intelligent Transportation Systems-Generated Data
Impact on Car Driving Performance of a Following Distance Warning System: Findings From the Australian Transport Accident Commission SafeCar Project
Investigation of Driver-Infrastructure and Driver-Vehicle Interfaces for an Intersection Violation Warning System
The theory of planned behavior as mediator of the effect of parental supervision: A study of intentions to violate driving rules in a representative sample of adolescents
The use of technology to address patterns of risk among teenage drivers
Trauma and motorcyclists; born to be wild, bound to be injured?
Fitness to drive in spite (because) of THC
A Materials and Structure Perspective on the Feasibility of Automotive Frontal Protection Systems Meeting the Proposed Pedestrian Safety Test Criteria
A Mathematical Model to Set Speed Limits for Vehicles on the Highway
A Methodology for the Simulation of Out-of-Position Driver Airbag Deployment
A Reliable and Robust Lane Detection System Based on the Parallel Use of Three Algorithms for Driving Safety Assistance
A Study of an Asian Anthropometric Pedestrian in Vehicle-Pedestrian Accidents Using Real-World Accident Data
Adaptive Headlights Aim to Ease Nighttime Driving Hazards
Advanced Protection for Vulnerable Road Users: A Case Study
Crashworthiness of Motor Vehicle and Traffic Light Pole in Frontal Collisions
Aircraft Icing Detection Technology
An Application of Risk-Based Ship Design for Damage Survivability
Crossing Locations, Light Conditions, and Pedestrian Injury Severity
Analysis of Driver and Pedestrian Comprehension of Requirements for Permissive Left-Turn Applications
Analysis of Factors Affecting the Severity of Head-on Crashes Two-Lane Rural Highways in Connecticut
Design of Safe Urban Roadsides an Empirical Analysis
Design, Development, and Qualification of New Guardrail Post
Determination of the Crush Stiffness Coefficients of a Typical Aftermarket Frontal Protective Guard Used in Light Trucks and Vans With Comparisons Between Guard Stiffness and Frontal Vehicle Crush Coefficients
Driver Response to Rainfall on Urban Expressways
Dynamic Simulation of the Overturning of Articulated Vehicles
Effect of Assumed Stiffness and Mass Density on the Impact Response of the Human Chest Using a Three-Dimensional FE Model of the Human Body
Effects of the Provision of Wide-Area Snowstorm Information on Winter Driving
Elements of Passive Safety of Railway Vehicles in Collision
Evaluation of Erratic Maneuvers Associated With Installation of Rumble Strips
A Demonstration of a Vision Enhancement System for State Patrol Vehicles
A Freeway Safety Strategy for Advanced Proactive Traffic Management
Editorial: Intelligent Transportation Systems and Safety: Innovation and Directions
Exploring the Effectiveness of Variable Speed Limit Controls on Highway Work-Zone Operations
Alcohol and Road Accidents
Objectives, Stimulus and Feedback in Signal Control of Road Traffic
Reserve Capacity for a Road Network Under Optimized Fixed Time Traffic Signal Control
SPUTERS: An Integrated Traffic Surveillance and Emergency Response Architecture
Traveller Behavior: Decision-Making in an Unpredictable World
A Kind of F-AHP Method to Macroscopically Evaluate Road Traffic Safety
A Comparison of the Effect of Four Anti-G Suit Systems on G-Tolerance and Task Performance Before and After Heat Stress
Accidental Explosions on the Railway: Simulation-Based Prediction of Damage to Nearby Buildings
Algorithm of Mid-Block Street Crossing Capacity and Cross-Street Green Time
Algorithm Research for Computing the Minimum Distance Between Two Convex Polyhedra in Collision Detection
An Examination of Survival Rates Based on External Flotation Devices: A Helicopter Ditching Review From 1971 to 2005
Analyses on the Road Safety Condition of Majuqiao Interchange in Jingjintang Highway
Analysis of Dark Adaptation for Drivers With Safety Driving at Night
Analysis on Collision Dynamics About Collision-Preventing Device of Pier
Application of Regression Analysis Method in Vessel Traffic Accident Forecasting
Applied Gis Software for Improving Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety
Causes and Countermeasures of Highway Traffic Accidents in Long Straight Line Combined With Sharp Curve
Comparative Research of a Motor Car Motion in the Case of the Loss of Contact With the Road Surface
Computer Simulation for Side Collisions Between Motorcycle and Car
Engineering Solutions of Traffic Safety Problems of Road Transport
Establishment of Error Bounds for the Main Effect Factor in Car-to-Car Collision Model
Health Monitoring of Long-Span Bridges
Investigation of Road Accidents on Lithuanian State Roads
Investigation of the Interaction of an Automobile Wheel With a Vertical Obstacle
Method for Highway Safety Design on Computer Simulation
Method of Ships Avoiding a Typhoon at Sea Based on Weather Analysis
Modelling of Collisions of the Automobiles
Movement of the Vehicle Being Braked When Some Wheels Are Incapable of Braking or Have Lost Touch With the Road Surface
Multi-Factor Time Series Model for Macro-Level Road Accident Prediction
New Street Scene for Pedestrians and Drivers
On Smart Control of Carbon Fiber Electrically Conductive Concrete for Deicing or Snow Melting
Outstanding Factor Method to Black Spot Differentiation
Probability Evaluating Method of Bridge Deck Side Wind Effects on Driving Safety
Road Identification for ITS-Integrated Systems of Automotive Active Safety
Simulation Analysis of Driver's Lane-Changing Behavior
Road Safety Audit - Possibility to Avoid a Dangerous Road Section
Setting Criterion of Pedestrian Twice Crossing at Signalized Control Link
Smooth Traffic Flow as One of the Most Important Factors for Safety with Increases in Road Transport
Study of the Way of Setting Pedestrian's Traffic Control Signal
Traffic Conflict Identification of Road Accident Blackspots
Vehicle speed control using road bumps. Part 1
Vehicle speed control using road bumps. Part 2
Strain, Attribution, and Traffic Delinquency Among Young Drivers: Measuring and Testing General Strain Theory in the Context of Driving
A Study on the Fatigue Life Prediction and Evaluation of the Natural Rubber Components for Automobile Vehicles
A Few Words on Highway Safety
A Multilevel Collision Mitigation Approach - Its Situation Assessment, Decision Making, and Performance Tradeoffs
A Study on Speed Elevation Possibility at the Connection Between High Speed Lines and Conventional Lines With Korean High Speed Train
A Systemic Analysis of the Paddington Railway Accident
Assessment of driving performance in patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis by a driving simulator
Assessing the driving potential of the handicapped
Associations of biomarkers, cognition and self-reports of sensory function with self-reported driving behaviour and confidence
A 40-year-old woman with an air bag-mediated injury
A case-control study of traffic risk factors and child pedestrian injury
A bio-inspired visual collision detection mechanism for cars: combining insect inspired neurons to create a robust system
A decade of difference--MADD in Hawaii
A legislative view of driving and legal restriction
A MADYMO model of near-side human occupants in side impacts
A modeling analysis of young drivers' judgments of accident risk due to alcohol use and other driving conditions
A parametric study of a side airbag system to meet deflection based criteria
A pilot study of alcohol and drug-related traffic accidents and death in two Jamaican parishes, 1991
A polysomnographically documented case of adult somnambulism with long-distance automobile driving and frequent nocturnal violence: parasomnia with continuing danger as a noninsane automatism?
A prospective study of non-fatal childhood road traffic accidents: what can seat restraint achieve?
A review of national television PSA campaigns for preventing alcohol-impaired driving, 1987-1992
A skeletal model for the efficacy of automobile safety restraints
A study on driving status in 98 epileptic patients with driving licences
A survey of rural road fatalities
A survey of the visual acuity of Brisbane drivers
Accident experience and notification rates in people with recent seizures, epilepsy or undiagnosed episodes of loss of consciousness
Accident Frequency Model Using Zero Probability Process
Accident savings overvalued in road scheme appraisal
Acetabular fractures and seat belts
Action to reduce road casualties
Active involvement and intervention in patients exposed to whiplash trauma in automobile crashes reduces costs: a randomized, controlled clinical trial and health economic evaluation
Acute respiratory failure associated with a motor vehicle accident
A motor vehicle accident fatality involving the inhalation of 1,1-difluoroethane
A population-based cohort study of longer-term changes in health of car drivers involved in serious crashes
A review of current technology in child safety seats for infants
Acute stress disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms among patients severely injured in motor vehicle accidents in Japan
Air bag-induced orbital blow-out fractures
Airbag asthma: a case report and review of the literature
Airbag-mediated pediatric atlanto-occipital dislocation
Alcohol-related social consequences in Castille and Leon, Spain
Amphetamines as potential inducers of fatalities: a review in the district of Ghent from 1976-2004
Anti-diabetic drug use and the risk of motor vehicle crash in the elderly
Assessing a whiplash management model: a population-based non-randomized intervention study
Asymmetric mandibular dysplasia due to in utero compression
Car backlight position and fog density bias observer-car distance estimates and time-to-collision judgments
Car buffs
Car culture
Cardiovascular correlates of motor vehicle accident related posttraumatic stress disorder and its successful treatment
Child and provider restraints in ambulances: knowledge, opinions, and behaviors of emergency medical services providers
Commentary: Speeding: socially acceptable but often fatal
Computer simulation and validation of the Archimedes Lever hypothesis as a mechanism for aortic isthmus disruption in a case of lateral impact motor vehicle crash: a Crash Injury Research Engineering Network (CIREN) study
Computer simulation of the accident with nine victims
Conspicuity, memorability, comprehension, and priming in road hazard warning signs
Continuous positive airways pressure for obstructive sleep apnoea in adults
Contribution of cognitive factors to the prediction of post-traumatic stress disorder, phobia and depression after motor vehicle accidents
"Crash" was his name; car safety was his game
Death on the roads: no strong support for risk compensation
Death on the roads: is unsafe behaviour due to the choice or the chooser?
Death on the roads: article lacks logic
Death on the roads: perceived threat is important in road safety
Death on the roads: schools obstruct road safety measures
Delta V as a predictor of significant injury for children involved in frontal motor vehicle crashes
Determination of drugs of abuse and their metabolites in human plasma by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry. an application to 156 road fatalities
Effect of continuous positive airway pressure on the risk of road accidents in sleep apnea patients
Derivation and theoretical assessment of a set of biomechanics-based, AIS2+ risk equations for the knee-thigh-hip complex
Fatalities due to intoxicated arrestees jumping out of moving police vehicles
Hypoglycemia preceding fatal car collisions
Finite element analysis of head-neck kinematics during motor vehicle accidents: analysis in multiple planes
Graduated drivers license programs and rural teenage motor vehicle fatalities
Frontal sinus fractures: a 28-year retrospective review
Head-turned rear impact causing dynamic cervical intervertebral foramen narrowing: implications for ganglion and nerve root injury
GPs' attitudes to benzodiazepine and 'Z-drug' prescribing: a barrier to implementation of evidence and guidance on hypnotics
Investigation of injury potential through matched pair drop testing
Legislative advocacy is key to addressing teen driving deaths
John Paul Stapp memorial lecture. the birth of European biomechanics fed by the Atlantic umbilical cord
Multiplanar cervical spine injury due to head-turned rear impact
Investigation of an alleged mechanism of finger injury in an automobile crash
Modelling the hierarchical structure of road crash data--application to severity analysis
Mechanisms of aortic blunt rupture in fatally injured front-seat passengers in frontal car collisions: an autopsy study
Neurological emergencies as causes of accidents
Obstructive sleep apnea: a contagious disease?
Monocular precrash vehicle detection: features and classifiers
Medicolegal autopsies in North Central Nigeria
Long-term global health deficits: yet another adverse outcome from motor vehicle crashes
Paying attention to at-risk commercial vehicle operators
Planning and implementing a community-based public health advocacy campaign: a transport case study from Australia
Prevalence of risk factors for obstructive sleep apnea syndrome in interstate bus drivers
Responsibility ascriptions and Vision Zero
Road traffic deaths in the Middle East: call for action
Risks on the roads
Risks on the roads
Seatbelt law enforcement and motor vehicle crash fatalities among blacks and whites in Louisiana and Mississippi
Seat belt law enforcement and racial disparities in seat belt use
Sleep apnea and commercial motor vehicle operators: Statement from the joint task force of the American College of Chest Physicians, the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, and the National Sleep Foundation
Temporal transferability and updating of zonal level accident prediction models
The lunar cycle: effects on human and animal behavior and physiology
Tightening seat belts
Time-to-collision judgments under realistic driving conditions
When risk factors combine: the interaction between alcohol and smoking for aerodigestive cancer, coronary heart disease, and traffic and fire injury
Secondarily accelerated foreign bodies as a source of danger from airbag deployment
Myocardial ischemia of the driver as a cause of a traffic road accident: Immunohistochemical c9 staining method in diagnostics of early myocardial infarction
Stop the dangerous ambulance transports!
50 Years of Driving Ability Diagnostics - From Casuistry to Structured Decisionmaking
Commentary: Polypharmacy and older drivers: beyond the doors of the emergency department (ED) for patient safety
Accidents, alcohol and single-cause explanations. Lessions from the Grand Rapids study
 A comparison of premature mortality due to cigarette smoking and road crashes in Australia
 The implications of increasing alcohol consumption in Australia today
A two year prospective study of rearrests for drunken driving
Accident vulnerability and blood alcohol concentrations of drivers by demographic characteristics
Adolescent risk-takers: a trauma center study of suicide attempters and drivers
Adults' knowledge about the use of child restraint devices
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems -- Enhancement of Safety and Comfort
Advanced Smart Airbags: The Solution for Real Life Safety?
Etiological factors contributing to road traffic accidents in Riyadh City, Saudi Arabia
Affordable Safety
After the party's over: evaluation of a drinking and driving prevention program
Age and injury severity
A multi-level framework for generating train schedules in highly utilised networks
Parenting practices and adolescent risky driving: a three-month prospective study
Aging and fatal accidents in male and female drivers
Alcohol and Road Accidents
Air bag--mediated injury in the emergency department population
Air bag: friend or foe?
Air bags: lifesaving with toxic potential?
Air-bag-associated rupture of the right atrium
Airbag deployment following a motor vehicle accident in pregnancy
Airbag injury during low impact collision
Airbag safety: deployment in an automobile crash with a fall from height
1981 night-time surveys of drivers' alcohol use
Abdominal injuries to restrained front seat occupants in frontal collisions
Airbag-associated bilateral hyphemas and angle recession
Airbag-associated injury producing cyclodialysis cleft and ocular hypotony
Airbags and fatal injuries to children
Alcohol and accidents in Switzerland--a critical review
Are alcohol safety schools effective?
Alcohol and drugs (medical and illicit) in fatal road accidents in a city of 300,000 inhabitants
Alcohol and road traffic accidents
Alcohol and/or cocaine effect on driving
Alcohol availability and alcohol-related crashes: does distance make a difference?
Alcohol availability and motor vehicle fatalities
Alcohol availability and motor vehicle fatalities
Alcohol involvement in fatal motor-vehicle crashes--United States, 1992-1993
Alcohol involvement in fatal motor-vehicle crashes--United States, 1993-1994
Alcohol involvement in fatal motor-vehicle crashes--United States, 1994-1995
Alcohol involvement in fatal motor-vehicle crashes--United States, 1995-1996
Alcohol involvement in motor vehicle fatalities, 1995
Alcohol involvement in Texas driver fatalities: Accident reports vs blood alcohol concentration
Alcohol outlet density and motor vehicle crashes in Los Angeles County cities
Alcohol policies and highway vehicle fatalities
Alcohol, the elderly, and motor vehicle crashes
Alcohol-impaired driving: the family's tragedy and the public's health
Alcohol-related automobile crashes
Alcohol-related relative risk of fatal driver injuries in relation to driver age and sex
Alcohol-related traffic fatalities among youth and young adults--United States, 1982-1989
Alcohol-related traffic fatalities involving children--United States, 1985-1996
Alcoholism and drunken driving. Evidence from psychiatric and driver registers
Alcoholism and fatal accidents
An evaluation of a hospital-based drinking and driving prevention program
An examination of driving records in a dementia clinic
An unexpected fetal outcome following a severe maternal motor vehicle accident
An unexpected fetal outcome following a severe maternal motor vehicle accident
Analysis of Continuous Welded Rail Track Stability in Vertical Plane
Analysis of Drivers' Acceptance of Travel Time Information Related to the Precision of Prediction
Analysis of Electrostatic Hidden Troubles in Railway Freight Yard for Dangerous Goods
Analysis of Hispanic motor vehicle trauma victims in Illinois, 1991-1992
Analysis of Improvement on Automobile Side Tumbling Stability With Active Suspension System
Analysis of Influence of Left-Turn Non-Motors in Signalized Intersection
Analysis of pedestrian injuries in traffic accidents (2)--Especially on leg injury
Annual and New Year's Day alcohol-related traffic fatalities--United States, 1982-1990
Applying Ergonomics in Safety Design of Car Body
Ascertaining police bias in arrests for drunken driving
Asleep at the wheel: fatigue usually wins with deadly results
Assaults in the Air - Concerning Attacks Against Flight Attendants
Assessment and policy for commercial driver license referrals
Assessment of Remaining Fatigue Life and Service Safety for Old Steel Bridges Based on Fracture Mechanics
Acute stress response and recovery after whiplash injuries. a one-year prospective study
Availability of Litigation as a Public Health Tool for Firearm Injury Prevention: Comparison of Guns, Vaccines, and Motor Vehicles
Bicycle-related injuries: a prospective study of 200 patients
Comparison of rural and urban ambulance crashes in Pennsylvania
Comparison of teen driver fatality rates by vehicle type in the United States
Corneal abrasion and alkali burn secondary to automobile air bag inflation
Developing limits for driving under cannabis
Evidence-based practice in road casualty reduction
Mental healthcare status and psychiatric diagnoses of train suicides
Motorcycle Safety and the Repeal of Universal Helmet Laws
Pilot performance, strategy, and workload while executing approaches at steep angles and with lower landing minima
Prevention of motor-vehicle deaths by changing vehicle factors
Response inhibition under task switching: its strength depends on the amount of task-irrelevant response activation
Smooth handling: The lack of safety-related consumer information in car advertisements
The epidemiology of psychiatric disorders among repeat DUI offenders accepting a treatment-sentencing option
Epidemiological research and analysis on the impaired person in road traffic accident in Chengdu area
Simulation study on the bicyclist involved traffic accident and analysis of the injury
Attribution of responsibility for alcohol-related motor vehicle collisions: Summary report
Automobile accidents as an expression of psychopathology in an alcoholic population
Automobile crashes and sleep
Automotive collisions involving serious injury or death: an analysis of trends over time (1980-1983) in Maryland
Axle Load Variations and Vehicle Growth Projection Models for Safety Assessment of Transportation Structures
Bag Folding for a Low Risk Air Bag Deployment
Batch processing of 10,000 hours of truck driver EEG data
Bicycle/automobile accidents in Arkansas 1991-1993
Bilateral tibial fractures in properly restrained toddlers involved in motor vehicle collisions: case reports
Biodynamic Modeling and Simulation of the Ejection Seat/Occupant System
Biokinematics of vehicle impacts, occupant injury and vehicle crashworthiness
Biomechanical features of axial injuries to the lower limbs and to the pelvic ring by motor car collisions
Blood alcohol concentration in motor vehicle crash victims. A survey of North Carolina emergency physician attitudes and utilization patterns
Blood alcohol level and injury in traffic crashes
Blood alcohol levels in drivers not involved in accidents
Body habitus as a predictor of injury pattern after blunt trauma
Bright lights, big noise. How effective are vehicle warning systems?
British road traffic deaths fall but casualties rise
Building community networks: a road trauma education and training program for rural areas
Building safer routes and crosswalks to schools
C5-6 cervical dislocation resulting from improper seat belt use
Can emergency physicians correlate between vehicle damage and velocity change?
Capacity of Multi-Vehicle-Types Mixed Traffic Flow at an Unsignalized Intersection
Car Side Structure Crashworthiness in Pole and Moving Deformable Barrier Side Impacts
Car surfing in Indiana--an unusual form of motor vehicle fatality
Carboxyhemoglobin levels in a series of automobile fires. Death due to crash or fire?
Cellular telephones and traffic accidents
Cellular telephones and traffic accidents
Cervical seat belt sign after motor vehicle collision
Cessation of driving and unsafe motor vehicle operation by dementia patients
Changes in the incidence of alcohol-impaired driving in the United States, 1973-1986
Characteristics of fatal crashes of 16-year-old drivers: implications for licensure policies
Chest injuries in children: an analysis of 100 cases of blunt chest trauma from motor vehicle accidents
Child occupants travelling in non-passenger zones of small cars
Child traffic accidents. An investigation of accident factors
Childhood injuries: A model data system
Civil responsibility for driving under the influence of pharmaceutical drugs in Germany
Class differences and traffic deaths
Close Encounters
Air bag-associated burn
Attitudes of commercial motor vehicle drivers towards safety belts
Bayesian multiple testing procedures for hotspot identification
Contributory factors to traffic crashes at signalized intersections in Hong Kong
Crash risk of older drivers after attending a mature driver education program
Diagnostic analysis of the logistic model for pedestrian injury severity in traffic crashes
Do states upgrading to primary enforcement of safety belt laws experience increased daytime and nighttime belt use?
Effect of caffeine on simulator flight performance in sleep-deprived military pilot students
Effort-reward imbalance at work and driving anger in an Australian community sample: Is there a link between work stress and road rage?
Evolution of technical regulations and drivers' safety in top class motor sports
Experimental evaluation of fog warning system
Explicit and implicit self-enhancement biases in drivers and their relationship to driving violations and crash-risk optimism
Fatigue management by truck drivers in real life situations: Some suggestions to improve training
Hemodynamic Responses during Simulated Automobile Driving in a Monotonous Situation
Injury mortality report for Sao Paulo State, 2003
Mandibular fractures: an epidemiological survey at the Oral and Dental Hospital, Pretoria
Mild neuritic changes are increased in the brains of fatally injured older motor vehicle drivers
Positive health-care effects of an alcohol ignition interlock programme among driving while impaired (DWI) offenders
Prevalence of impaired driving behaviors in a diverse, rural, southern middle school
Providing car seat checks with well-child visits at an urban health center: a pilot study
A Comparison of Spinal Cord Injuries in Motorcyclists as a Result of Road and Sports Accidents
A Comment on Biologically Correct Traffic Equipment
Abnormalities of the Eye and Their Significance in Traffic Court Cases
Scan patterns when viewing natural scenes: Emotion, complexity, and repetition
Accidents Connected With Motor Cars
Accidents in Aviation
Accidents in Industry and Traffic With Cars
Adding Traction to Slippery Bituminous Road Surfaces
Asleep at the wheel: fatigue and liability in EMS
50 years ago in CORR: Motorist Injuries and Motorist Safety: Introduction: Prevention of Accidents by Jacob Kulowski, MD
A comparison of cerebral activity in the prefrontal region between young adults and the elderly while driving
Airbag induced corneal ectasia
Assessment of fitness to drive and cardiovascular diseases at the Spanish medical traffic centres
Commentary: Teen unsafe driving behaviors: faulty perceptions shaping risk
Development and assessment of a neuropsychological battery to aid in predicting driving performance
Development of a mental workload index: a systems approach
Driving Anger Scale, French adaptation: further evidence of reliability and validity
Driving performance in patients with cancer in the head and neck region: a pilot study
Driving performance in patients with mild to moderate glaucomatous clinical vision changes
Driving with minimal hepatic encephalopathy: real world consequences?
Drugs in oral fluid in randomly selected drivers
Impaired navigation in drivers with Parkinson's disease
Learning headway estimation in driving
Medical accessment of fitness to drive for commercial and private vehicle drivers
Neural systems in the visual control of steering
Self-reported health and driving cessation in community-dwelling older drivers
Sleeping and driving: Not a safe dual-task
Sleepy older drivers
Rwanda's road-safety transformation
A biomechanical evaluation of whiplash using a multi-body dynamic model
A case of in utero fetal brain trauma after motor vehicle collision
Aging drivers: stay mobile, stay safe. age-related illness and medications can impair driving, but you can minimize the risks
Alcohol and Automobile Accidents
Alcohol and Automobile Accidents
Alcohol and Automobile Driving
Alcohol and Motor Accidents
Alcohol and Motoring Accidents
Alcohol and Road Accidents
Alcohol and Road Safety
Alcohol and the Pedestrian in Traffic Accidents
Alcohol As a Factor in Traffic Accidents
Alcohol in relation to traffic accidents
An evaluation of a supplementary road safety package
An Unusual Motor Car Accident
Are older drivers actually at higher risk of involvement in collisions resulting in deaths or non-fatal injuries among their passengers and other road users?
Automobile Accidents
Automobile Accidents
Automobile Accidents
Automobile Fatalities
Automobile Injuries - Clinical Lecture at Atlantic City Session
Automobile, Motor-Truck and Motorcycle Street Accidents in Chicago
Average Speed Measuring Device for Automobiles
Aviation on the Ground: Safety Culture in a Ground Handling Company
Basic Possibilities to Shorten the Braking Distance of Automobiles and Their Limits
Belting up safely: what every mother-to-be should know
Bilateral renal subcapsular hematoma subsequent to seat belt compression
Bills Regulating Interstate Traffic in Drugs
Blood Alcohol Tests in Accident Cases
Blood levels of acute phase reactants with traffic accidents
Blood Tests for Alcohol in Traffic Accidents
Blunt cardiac trauma following a head-on motor vehicle crash
Boundaries of Cognitive Performance As a Function of Age and Flight Experience
Busyness of Streets and Traffic Commotion Through Road Vehicles
Can Death Caused by Injuries Received in a Motor Accident Be Instantaneous?
Car accidents in cellular automata models for one-lane traffic flow
Carbon monoxide control in a high highway tunnel
Carbon monoxide levels in city driving
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Private Garages
Carbon monoxide poisoning in an automobile
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning From Exhaust Gases
Characteristics of low speed accidents with buses in public transport: Part II
Chemical Tests and the Drunken Automobile Driver
Wisconsin's Point System for Weighing Traffic Law Violations
Children in Road Accidents
Trends in hospitalisation rates for road traffic injuries in child motor vehicle passengers in New South Wales, July 1998 - June 2005
Relation between traffic accidents and sleep apnea syndrome in truck drivers
Making the most of the daily commute
Predictors of fitness to drive in people with Parkinson disease
Relationship Between Diabetes Mellitus and Excessive Sleepiness During Driving
Seat belt-induced chylothorax: a cause of idiopathic chylothorax?
Sharing the responsibility for assessing the risk of the driver with dementia
The impact of education, legislation and service on Alabama child passenger safety
The interactive effects of extended wakefulness and low-dose alcohol on simulated driving and vigilance
Visual and cognitive predictors of performance on brake reaction test: Salisbury eye evaluation driving study
Visual attention in driving: the effects of cognitive load and visual disruption
Work-related road safety
Diabetes mellitus in automobile transport drivers--incidence, occupational performance]
Visual acuity in automobile transport drivers under changed light conditions
Myocardial infarction in automobile transport drivers and occupational performance
Traffic law compliance in the city of Santa Fe, Argentina
The "unintended pedestrian" on expressways
1992 AUSTROADS Bridge Design Code
Gender Differences in DUI Offenders in Treatment in Texas
Implementation of Washington State's Zero Tolerance Law: Patterns of Arrests, Dispositions, and Recidivism
Increased fatalities after motorcycle helmet law repeal: is it all because of lack of helmets?
Interlocks for first offenders: effective?
Predictors of motor vehicle collision injuries among a nationally representative sample of Canadians
Predominance of illicit drugs and poly-drug use among drug-impaired drivers in Sweden
Temporal Patterns of Crashes of 16-to 17-Year-Old Drivers in Fairfax County, Virginia
The effectiveness of electronic stability control in reducing real-world crashes: a literature review
The incidence of injuries traveling to and from school by travel mode
Comparison of mid-block and intersection-related left turn collisions
Delta V, principal direction of force, and restraint use contributions to motor vehicle crash mortality
Driving, navigation, and vehicular technology: experiences of older drivers and their co-pilots
Evaluation of the drug evaluation and classification program: a critical review of the evidence
Level of neurotic disorders among drivers causing traffic accidents
Rollover injury: effects of near- and far-seating position, belt use, and number of quarter rolls
Crash data analysis: collective vs. individual crash level approach
DISAST-CIR: Disastrous incidents systematic analysis through components, interactions and results: application to a large-scale train accident
Effects of Legal BAC Limits on Fatal Crash Involvement: Analyses of 28 States from 1976 through 2002
Medical histories of 61 aviation accident pilots with postmortem SSRI antidepressant residues
Road traffic accident-Bangladesh stance and proposed action plan
Road traffic accidents in an urban area: linkage between municipal police data-base and routinely collected medical data to assess adverse health effects, health system activities and costs
Body-pillar vision obstructions and lane-change crashes
Development and pilot testing of an assessment battery for older drivers
Geo-spatial and log-linear analysis of pedestrian and bicyclist crashes involving school-aged children
Highs and lows: patterns of use, positive and negative effects of benzylpiperazine-containing party pills (BZP-party pills) amongst young people in New Zealand
2000 Canadian Motor Vehicle Traffic Collision Statistics
400-Lb/Hp Truck on grades: Numerical approach
A Preliminary Investigation into the Self-Reported Impact of a Drink Driving Rehabilitation Program on a Group of Recidivist Drink Drivers
Acceleration and deceleration of modern vehicles
Street Accidents - New York City
Accident investigator bias potential
A New Crash Tests Configuration for Car-to-Car Frontal Collisions With Small Lateral Overlap
Benchmarking and Accident Characteristics of Flat-Fronted Commercial Vehicles With Respect to Pedestrian Safety
Conditions of Possible Head Impacts for Standing Passengers in Public Transportation: an Experimental Study
Numerical Simulations of Motorcycle Helmet Impact Tests
Polymer Foams to Optimize Passive Safety Structures in Helmets
Real Accidents Involving Vulnerable Road Users: in-Depth Investigation, Numerical Simulation and Experimental Reconstitution With PMHS
A New Analytical Model for High-Velocity Impact of Thick Composites
A Road Vehicle Multibody Model for Crash Simulation Based on the Plastic Hinges Approach to Structural Deformations
An Algorithm for Optimised Generation of a Finite Element Mesh for Folded Airbags
Application of the Finite Element Method to Predict the Crashworthy Response of a Metallic Helicopter Underfloor Structure Onto a Hard Surface
Experimental Study on the Interface Fracture Toughness of PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral)/Glass at High Strain Rates
Geographical variations in mortality and morbidity from road traffic accidents in England and Wales
Fatal Positional Asphyxia Associated With Rollover Crashes
Car-Car Crash Compatibility: Development of Crash Test Procedures in the VC-Compat Project
Pedestrians injured by automobiles: risk factors for cervical spine injuries
Preventable causes of death in Wisconsin, 2004
Reinforcement of Vehicle Roof Structure System Against Rollover Occupant Injuries
Restrained Occupant Protection Performance Under Rollover Conditions Using an Intelligent Rollover Protection Subsystem
Safety Barrier Performance Predicted by Multi-Body Dynamics Simulation
Structural Response of Paratransit Buses in Rollover Accidents
A Comparative Study on Vehicle Aluminum and Steel Hood Assemblies
A Comparison of the Crashworthiness Performance of Geometrically Identical Aluminium and Magnesium Steering Wheel Armatures
A Demonstrator Bumper System Based on Aluminium Foam Filled Crash Boxes
A Method to Determine Structural Sensitivities in Vehicle Crashworthiness Design
Teaching old dogs new tricks: Training and Older Motorcyclists
Why Do Older Drivers Have a High Rate of Involvement in Casualty Accidents Per Distance Driven?
Characteristics of Rollover Crashes
School Travel: Injury Risk by Travel Mode
Spinal cord injuries from road traffic crashes in southeastern Iran
Child restraint misuse: Incorrect and inappropriate use of restraints by children reduces their effectiveness in crashes
Research Study into the Speed Behaviour of Long and Short Haul Heavy Vehicle Drivers
Views of the Verge: Roadside Memorials and Local Government Policies
The Prevalence and Characteristics of Paediatric Driveway Accidents in Queensland
A Two-Dimensional Analysis of the Biomechanics of Frontal and Occipital Head Impact Injuries
A new oblique impact test for motorcycle helmets
Observations From Repeatable Dynamic Rollover Tests
Age of licensure and monitoring teenagers' driving: Survey of parents of novice teenage drivers
Association between exposure/non-exposure to the mandatory seat belt law with regards to compliance in vehicle accident victims--a hospital review
Association between road vehicle collisions and recent medical contact in older drivers: a case-crossover study
California's graduated driver license law: Effect on teenage drivers' deaths through 2005
Cannabis use and self-reported collisions in a representative sample of adult drivers
Car safety seats for children: rear facing for best protection
Cell phone users, reported crash risk, unsafe driving behaviors and dispositions: A survey of motorists in Maryland
Exploring the economics of motorcycle helmet laws--implications for low and middle-income countries
Fatal road accidents among Finnish military conscripts: fatigue-impaired driving
Road traffic collisions in Bursa, Turkey, during 2003, 2004 and 2005
Understanding high traffic injury risks for children in low socioeconomic areas: a qualitative study of parents' views
Upper Limb Injuries in Road Traffic Accidents: The Influence of Airbags
Incidence and prediction of psychiatric morbidity after a motor vehicle accident in Japan: The Tachikawa Cohort of Motor Vehicle Accident Study
Preventing alcohol-related problems in community sports clubs: the good sports program
Partying before the party: examining prepartying behavior among college students
Party behaviors and characteristics and serial drunkenness among college students
The impact of a tailgating policy on students' drinking behavior and perceptions
The pattern of deaths in road traffic crashes in Sindh, Pakistan
A Comparison of Reported Driving Anger in Canada with USA, UK and Australia
Reducing road accidents through fatigue detection and monitoring: A review
Air bag and oral anticoagulation: a deadly combination in a low-velocity car accident?
Are elderly pedestrians allowed enough time at pedestrian crossings in Cape Town, South Africa?
Costing national road accidents with partially complete national data" The case of Lesotho
A Restitution Model of Two-Car Collinear Collisions
Aging and Late-Life Terminal Decline in Perceptual Speed
Alternate Conflict Avoidance With Descent in Front of the Intruder
An Analysis of Intersection Traffic Signal Warrants
An Approach to the Safety Problem of Railway-Road Crossings in the Transport System
Analysis of Reconstruction of a Dangerous Spot at 390 Km of A3 Motorway Zagreb - Lipovac
Analysis of the Causes of Maritime Casualties
Application of Changeable Message Signs in Traffic
Blind Drunk: the Effects of Alcohol on Inattentional Blindness
Challenges of Transition From Joint Aviation Authorities/Federal Aviation Administration to European Aviation Safety Agency
Computer Based Road Accident Reconstruction Experiences
Conflict Avoidance by Descent Behind the Intruder
Contribution to Analysis of Technical Possibilities in Designing Artificial Humps for Vehicle Speed Limitation
Costs in Searching for Two Targets: Dividing Search Across Target Types Could Improve Airport Security Screening
Cyclists: Injuries in Traffic
Does Impulsivity Relate to Perceived Dependence on and Actual Use of the Mobile Phone?
Ground Proximity Warning System--GPWS
Identifying the Traits of Aggressive and Distracted Drivers: a Hierarchical Trait Model Approach
In-Vehicle Safety System Performance Depending on the Quality of Road Markings
Influence of Ergonomics on Traffic Safety and Economy Development
Measurement of the Driver Response Time in the Simulated and Real Emergency Driving Situations
Mixed Signals: Stimulus-Response Compatibility and Car Indicator Light Configuration
Model of Optimal Collision Avoidance Manoeuvre on the Basis of Electronic Data Collection
Overtaking As Indicator of Road Traffic Conditions
Possibility of Fire Accident Analysis in Road Tunnel
Vehicle-Driver Behavioral Responses Defined by Radio-Navigation System GPS
The Instruments of Transport Policy
The Effects of Speech Production and Speech Comprehension on Simulated Driving Performance
Systematic Changes in the Rate of Instruction During Driver Training
Study and Evaluation of the Split Ring-Road Traffic Flows
Real Capacity of Ropeway Transportation Subsystem
Road Incidents Emergency Service: A Case Study for Locating and Equipping Fire Brigade
Simulation of Crossroad Traffic
Structuring of Road Traffic Flows
Increase of Air Traffic Safety in the Republic of Crotia Using New Methods of Analyzing Secondary Radar Parameters
Using a Focus Group to Determine Car Seat Use Among Mothers of Children Aged 3 to 7 Years
The Driving Cognitions Questionnaire: development and preliminary psychometric properties
The Handling Characteristics of a Transit Bus
Roadside drug testing: unanswered questions and future challenges
Nonparametric Approaches for Estimating Driver Pose
Haptic Interface For UAV Collision Avoidance
Development and Validation of a Measure to Assess Perceptions Regarding Gender-Related Pilot Behavior
Performance and Psychophysiological Measures of Fatigue Effects on Aviation Related Tasks of Varying Difficulty
2003 Lincoln Navigator/1996 Dodge Neon Head-On Crash Test
2003 Silverado/2002 Focus Head-On at 75 Mph Closing Speed
A Brief Summary of Railroad Safety Legislation
A Fuzzy Logic Method for Collision Avoidance in Vessel Traffic Service
A Comparative Evaluation of the Safety Performance of Roundabouts and Traditional Intersection Controls
A Method for the Derivation of Coefficients for the Constant Stiffness Force-Crush Model From Full-Engagement Front-to-Rigid Barrier Collision Tests Using Unequally Spaced Crush Profiles
A Model to Predict the Probability of Highway Rail Crossing Accidents
Accident Data and Traffic Safety
Alcohol Law Enforcement: Agencies, Methods, and Impact
Analysis of Collisions: Point Mass Mechanics and Planar Impact Mechanics
The influence of passengers on the risk of the driver causing a car collision in Spain. Analysis of collisions from 1990 to 1999
An Examination of the Performance of Motorcycle Brake Systems
All Trucks Need Recorders, Not Just Those Driven by Habitual Violators
Annual Performance Indicators of Enforced Driver Behaviours in South Australia, 2003
Beyond Cognition: Predicting Health Risk Behaviors From Instrumental and Affective Beliefs
A Human Factors Analysis of an EMS Crew's Exposure to Carbon Monoxide
Crash Injuries May Be Prevented, or Caused, by Tension in the Belt
Crash Testing and Evaluation of the Florida/Jersey Safety-Shaped Bridge Rail
Damage-Based Collision Severity Reconstruction Technique
Deceleration Model for Two-Lane Rural Roads
Examining a Safe Ride Program: An Assessment of the Midnight Special Late Night Bus Service
Older Individuals' Perceptions Regarding Driving: Focus Group Findings
Older Drivers
Older People and Transport: Coping Without a Car
Onboard Sensor-Based Collision Risk Assessment to Improve Pedestrians' Safety
Pedestrian Protection Systems: Issues, Survey, and Challenges
Poor Recognition of the UK Minimum Driving Standard by Motorists Attending Optometric Practice
Proactive Method for Safety Evaluation of Two-Lane Rural Highway Segments
Renovation of a Safety-Inspection Methodology for River Bridges
Review of Community Mobility: Driving and Transportation Alternatives for Older Persons
Reconstruction and analysis of steering-induced, on-road, untripped SUV rollover tests. Part 1
Review of the Literature on Cannabis and Crash Risk
Comparative Accuracy of two Sampling Methods for Measuring Motor-Vehicle Traffic
Driving Task Analysis As a Tool in Traffic Safety Research and Practice
If You Can't Take the Heat: Influences of Temperature on Bus Accident Rates
Structural Measures for a Safer Transport of Hazardous Materials by Rail: The Case of the Basic Network in The Netherlands
The effect of an overpass on pedestrian injuries on a major highway in Kampala - Uganda
Design, Operation, and Safety of At-Grade Crossings of Exclusive Busways
Detecting Alcohol Impairment by Observation of Intoxication
Driver Distraction - A Review of the Literature
Drivers' Evaluations of the Active Accelerator Pedal in a Real Life Trial
Data Analysis and Evaluation of Road Weather Information System Integrated in Lithuania
Alcohol Prices and Traffic Safety
Alcohol Policies in the Americas
Alcohol Regulation and Traffic Safety: An Overview
Alcohol Regulation in Sweden and the European Union: Effects on Road Safety
Alcohol Sales and Service to Underage Youth and Intoxicated Patrons: Effects of Responsible Beverage Service Training and Enforcement Interventions
An Antilock Braking Algorithm for an Eddy-Current-Based Brake By Wire System
An Ounce of Prevention: Leading Indicators Represent the Future of Proactive, Preventive Safety Performance Metrics
Articulations of the Car: The Dominant Articulations of Racing and Rally Driving
Association of Body Mass Index and Recovery From Whiplash Injuries: A Cohort Study
Association of Traffic Behavior With Personality and Platelet Monoamine Oxidase Activity in Schoolchildren
Better Options for Older Adults
Bringing Harmony to North America's Truck Size and Weight Regulations
Bare Necessities: Morocco's Integrated National Traffic Safety Strategy Has At Its Heart the Widespread Use of Automated Digital Enforcement
Brush Model for Steady-State, Side Slip of Tires on an Icy Road
Cell Phone Induced Driver Distraction
Coaxing and Coercion in Roadblock Encounters on Nigerian Highways
Collision Avoidance for Vehicle-Following Systems
Comparing the Effectiveness of Measures that Improve Aircraft Structural Safety
Comfort and Safety As Perceived by Wheelchair-Seated Bus Passengers
Critical Behavioral Assumptions in Evacuation Time Estimate Analysis for Private Vehicles: Examples From Hurricane Research and Planning
Dynamic Simulation of Collisions of Heavy High-Speed Trucks With Concrete Barriers
Effects of Pavement on Fires in Road Tunnels
Effect of Traffic Rule Breaking Behavior on Pedestrian Counterflow in a Channel With a Partition Line
Effectiveness of Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Training Curricula and Delivery Methods
Ethnic and Gender Differences in Attitudes Toward Driving
Evaluation Method of Train Operation Control Under Gales Considering Temporal Fluctuations of Wind Velocity
Example of Evaluation of Media Campaign in Traffic
Physical Load Related to Highway Driving Among Disabled People
Pedestrian Safety in Quebec
A 6-year analysis of German emergency medical services helicopter crashes
A controlled study of the time-course of breath alcohol concentration after moderate ingestion of ethanol following a social drinking session
Recognizing the importance of injury in other policy forums: the case of motorcycle licensing policy in Spain
Alcohol and Road Accidents
Alcohol and Road Accidents
Alcohol and Road Accidents
Alcohol and Road Accidents
Road characteristics and driver fatigue: a simulator study
Adolescent predictors of traffic crash patterns from licensure into early young adulthood
Measurement of driving patterns of older adults using data logging devices with and without global positioning system capability
Alcohol problems among Swedish drunk drivers: differences related to mode of detection and geographical region
An approach to the derivation of the cost of UK vehicle crash injuries
Alcohol and Road Accidents
Alcohol and Road Accidents
Alcohol and Road Accidents
Alcohol and Road Accidents
Alcohol and Road Accidents
Alcohol and Road Accidents
Alcohol and Road Accidents
General deterrence effects of U.S. statutory DUI fine and jail penalties: long-term follow-up in 32 states
Tests of Fitness to Drive
Anxiety, acute- and post-traumatic stress symptoms following involvement in traffic crashes
Personality factors as predictors of persistent risky driving behavior and crash involvement among young adults
Accuracy of the "Breathalyser"
Alcohol and Road Accidents
Alcohol and Road Accidents
Analyzing heterogeneous accident data from the perspective of accident occurrence
Alcohol and Road Accidents
Alcohol and Road Accidents
Alcohol and Road Accidents
Alcohol and Road Accidents
The deterrent effect of increasing fixed penalties for traffic offences: The Norwegian experience
Alcohol and Road Accidents
Alcohol and Road Accidents
Alcohol and Road Accidents
Alcohol and Road Accidents
Alcohol and Road Accidents
Alcohol and Road Accidents
Alcohol and Road Accidents
Alcohol and Road Accidents
Alcohol and Road Accidents
Alcohol and Road Accidents
Alcohol and Road Accidents: Report of Special BMA Committee
'Getting Around Town': A Preliminary Investigation of the Theory of Planned Behavior and Intent to Change Driving Behaviors Among Older Adults
Getting Around in an Aging Society
Age- and Gender-Related Differences in Blood Amphetamine Concentrations in Apprehended Drivers: Lack of Association With Clinical Evidence of Impairment
Limits on Hours of Sales and Service: Effects on Traffic Safety
A Peer-to-Peer Safety Program to Reduce Teen Driver Crashes in Texas
Advances in Visual Aids to Navigation Technology: Leveraging Technology to Improve Navigational Aid Performance and Reduce Risk
Analysis and Evaluation of the Efficiency of Road Safety Measures Applied to Lithuanian Roads
2004 Vehicle Frontal Crash Test Data
2005 Honda Odyssey/2002 Focus Head-On at 76 Mph Closing Speed
3-D Motion Estimation Using Range Data
Lung Injury After Airbag Deployment: Airbag Lung
Predicting driver from front passenger using only the postmortem pattern of injury following a motor vehicle collision
A GIS-Based Bayesian Approach for Analyzing Spatial-Temporal Patterns of Intra-City Motor Vehicle Crashes
Evaluation of Methods to Limit the Time Taken to Investigate Crash Sites
The aetiology of head injury in admitted patients in Jamaica
Pattern of seat belt wearing in Nanjing, China
A Comparison of Physicians' Attitudes and Beliefs Regarding Driving for Persons With Epilepsy
How Personality and Reward Relate to Automobile Drivers' Judgments of Affordances Using Their Own Vehicles
Canada's Railway Safety Regulatory Regime: Past, Present and Future
Choice of teenagers' vehicles and views on vehicle safety: Survey of parents of novice teenage drivers
Driving Anger in Spain
Casualty Crash Types for which Teens are at Excess Risk
Health-risk behaviors related to road safety among adolescent students
Age appropriate restraints for the right front passenger
Are child passengers bringing up the rear? Evidence for differential improvements in injury risk between drivers and their child passengers
Frontal sled tests comparing rear and forward facing child restraints with 1-3 year old dummies
Medicaid-based child restraint system disbursement and education and the Vaccines for Children Program: Comparative cost-effectiveness
Misuse of child restraint systems in crash situations: Danger and possible consequences
Assessment of Alcohol Use Disorders Among Court-Mandated DWI Offenders
Evaluation of the use and benefit of passive alcohol sensors during routine traffic stops
Feasibility of transdermal ethanol sensing for the detection of intoxicated drivers
Accident precursors and safety nets: Leading indicators of tanker operations safety
Application of Traffic Simulation Modeling for Improved Preparedness Planning
Analysis of Workload and Attention Factors on Human Performances of the Bridge Team
Fatigue at sea - A field study in Swedish shipping
Medical emergency motorcycles: are they safe?
A Study on the Transmission Performance Improvement of Transmitting Site Diversity for Continuous Road-to-Vehicle Communication Systems
An index for rating the total secondary safety of vehicles from real world crash data
Assessment of Road Safety Measures
Automated Speed Enforcement for California: A Review of Legal and Institutional Issues
Carrying Out a High-Speed Crash Test for the Dutch Police
Collapse of Steel Bridges
Combination of Feature Extraction Methods for SVM Pedestrian Detection
Elucidating Vehicle Lateral Dynamics Using a Bifurcation Analysis
Experimental Assessment of the RESCUE Collision-Mitigation System
Fault Tree Analysis of Schoharie Creek Bridge Collapse
Guidelines to engineering analysis of motorized mixed use on low-volume roads in U.S. national forests
Incorporating Uncertainty into the Estimation of the Passing Sight Distance Requirements
De-Icing Experience in Lithuania
A weighted logistic regression analysis for predicting the odds of head/face and neck injuries during rollover crashes
Biomechanical risk estimates for mild traumatic brain injury
EDR Durability and 49CFR563 Survivability Requirements
"Cooking the books"-behavior-based safety at the San Francisco Bay Bridge
Bicycle-related injuries in Tehran
An evaluation of the EuroNCAP crash test safety ratings in the real world
A population-based comparison of CIREN and NASS cases using similarity scoring
Benefits of a low severity frontal crash test
Close Range Photogrammetry
Driving behaviour, lapses, errors and violations on the road: United Arab Emirates study
Driving with intelligent speed adaptation: Final results of the Belgian ISA-trial
How Do Drivers Evaluate Fines for Different Traffic Offences? A Literature Study
A Study of Collisions With Lead Versus Lag Left-Turn Phasing: Additional Data and Analyses
Freeway Accident Likelihood Prediction Using a Panel Data Analysis Approach
Freeway Speeds and Speed Variations Preceding Crashes, Within and Across Lanes
Is seat belt usage by front seat passengers related to seat belt usage by their drivers?
Crash risk of older female drivers--contributing factors
Individual difference factors in risky driving among older adults
Fatal accidents in nighttime vs. daytime highway construction work zones
Airbag-induced fatal subaxial cervical spinal cord injury in a low-velocity collision
Impact of BAC limit reduction on different population segments: A Poisson fixed effect analysis
Road environment, crash type and hospitalisation of bicyclists and motorcyclists presented to emergency departments in Western Australia
Sequential forecast of incident duration using Artificial Neural Network models
Success on a practical driver's license test with and without the presence of another testee
The contribution of passengers versus mobile phone use to motor vehicle crashes resulting in hospital attendance by the driver
The cost and risk impacts of rerouting railroad shipments of hazardous materials
The credibility of speed limits on 80 km/h rural roads: The effects of road and person(ality) characteristics
The guessability of traffic signs: Effects of prospective-user factors and sign design features
The impact of red light cameras on safety in Arizona
The sleep of commercial vehicle drivers under the 2003 hours-of-service regulations
Total costs of bicycle injuries in Norway: Correcting injury figures and indicating data needs
Using fuzzy signal detection theory to determine why experienced and trained drivers respond faster than novices in a hazard perception test
Working in light vehicles--a review and conceptual model for occupational health and safety
Validation of simulated assessment of teen driver speed management on rural roads
Factors leading to older drivers' intersection crashes
The Victorian legislative framework for testing drivers for impairment caused by drugs other than alcohol: an evaluation of the characteristics of drivers detected from 2000 to 2005
Attention Grounding: A New Approach to In-Vehicle Information System Implementation
Baby-Boomer Bikers Dominate Roads - But at a Cost
Clear Vision: Don't Drive Into a Situation Blindly
Commercial Motor Vehicle Carrier Safety Management Certification
Compartmentalization Compromised: The Issue of School Bus Passenger Safety
Computer Simulation of Staged Motorcycle-Vehicle Collisions Using EDSMAC4
Consequences of Boosting Fuel Economy: New Data About Fuel Economy and Safety
Controlling Motor Vehicle Driver Behavior at Roadside Interview Sites
Considering Various ALINEA Ramp Metering Strategies for Crash Risk Mitigation on Freeways Under Congested Regime
Crash! : Technology Provides Prevention, Payback
Deck-Mounted Steel Post Barrier System
Door Latch Standard Is Strengthened but Still Requires Work
Driver Deaths: By Make and Model
Development and Evaluation of a Vehicle-Infrastructure Integration Simulation Architecture
Distributed Surveillance on Freeways Emphasizing Incident Detection and Verification
Development of an Infrastructure Coefficient By an Analytic Hierarchy Process and Its Relationship to Safety
Effectiveness of the 2000-2006 National Road Traffic Safety Programme Implementation in Latvia
Factors Contributing to Fatalities in General Aviation Accidents
Enhanced Enforcement of Laws Prohibiting Sale of Alcohol to Minors: Systematic Review of Effectiveness for Reducing Sales and Underage Drinking
Entry-Level Heavy Truck Drivers and Highway Safety : Is It Finally Time for Federally Mandated Training?
Evaluation of Florida DOT Transportation Safety Devices
Finding and Analyzing True Effect of Non-Recurrent Congestion on Mobility and Safety
Historical Earthquake Damage to Tunnels in Japan and Case Studies of Railway Tunnels in the 2004 Niigataken-Chuetsu Earthquake
Incident-Friendly and Secure Light Rail Vehicle Design
Interactive Road Situation Analysis for Driver Assistance and Safety Warning Systems: Framework and Algorithms
Lack of Effects Between Rupatadine 10 Mg and Placebo on Actual Driving Performance of Healthy Volunteers
Legal Framework for Alcohol Regulation in the United States
Limits on Outlet Density and Location: Effects on Traffic Safety
Maxi Yacht Canting Keel System Influence Analysis on the Safety of the Crew in Terms of Hydrostatic Characteristics
Mercury-Free HID Headlamps: Glare and Color Rendering
Method for Running Safety Assessment of Railway Vehicles Against Structural Vibration Displacement During Earthquakes
Miles Away: Determining the Extent of Secondary Task Interference on Simulated Driving
Minimum Purchase Age Laws: How Effective Are They in Reducing Alcohol-Impaired Driving?
Model Refinement and Experimental Evaluation for Optimal Design of Speed Humps
Modeling and Simulation of Collisions of Heavy Trucks With Concrete Barriers
Monitoring Alcohol Use Through Transdermal Alcohol Testing
Multi-vehicle collision on the I-90 Hampshire-Arengo toll plaza near Hampshire, Illinois: the NTSB report
Overcoming Barriers to Creating a Well-Functioning Safety Culture: A Comparison of Australia and the United States
Pass/No Pass: Dynamic Road Prediction for Safe Overtaking
Optic Flow and Geometric Field of View in a Driving Simulator
Potential Visibility Gains on Straight and Curved Roads From Proportional Increases in Current Low-Beam Intensities
Right Turn Crashes at Signalised Intersections
Risk compensation theory keeps popping up where it's wholly irrelevant
Seat Belt Laws -- Repeal them?
Crash dieting: The effects of eating and drinking on driving performance
Effects of using a portable navigation system and paper map in real driving
Error specific restrictions for older drivers: Promoting continued independence and public safety
Decision making and personality in traffic offenders: A study of Israeli drivers
Mobile telephones, distracted attention, and pedestrian safety
Young drivers -- Reduced crash risk with passengers in the vehicle
Geographical information systems aided traffic accident analysis system case study: city of Afyonkarahisar
A longitudinal study of drivers with Alzheimer disease
Acetabular fracture in a 16-year-old secondary to an all-terrain vehicle accident
Go out or stay in? The effects of zero tolerance laws on alcohol use and drinking and driving patterns among college students
Grassland Plant Composition Alters Vehicular Disturbance Effects in Kansas, USA
Helmet use among motorcyclists: observational study in the city of Mar del Plata, Argentina
Pilot error in air carrier mishaps: longitudinal trends among 558 reports, 1983-2002
Occupational disparities in accidents and roles of lifestyle factors and disabilities: a population-based study in north-eastern France
Increased rural vehicular mortality rates: roadways with higher speed limits or excessive vehicular speed?
Pattern of fatal head injuries due to vehicular accidents in Mangalore
Reporting Patterns for
Road traffic accident risk related to prescriptions of the hypnotics zopiclone, zolpidem, flunitrazepam and nitrazepam
Road crash in China from 2003 to 2005
Terrorism and hazardous material trucking: Promoting perceived collective efficacy for terrorism prevention
Entrapped motorists and air rescue services : analysis of tactical rescue approach, rescue techniques, and emergency medical services illustrated by a helicopter emergency medical service
Risk perception and speeding
Side impact causes multiplanar cervical spine injuries
Detection of road hazards by novice teen and experienced adult drivers
Investigation of Car Users' Perceptions of the Ride Quality of Roads
Effects on road safety of new urban arterial roads
A systematic review of epidemiological studies investigating risk factors for work-related road traffic crashes and injuries
Accuracy of medical and ambulance record restraint and crash data information for child occupants
Conspicuity and bicycle crashes: preliminary findings of the Taupo Bicycle Study
Driving miles estimates by teen drivers: how accurate are they?
Effectiveness of a law to reduce alcohol-impaired driving in Japan
Psychosocial function of driving as predictor of risk-taking behaviour
Passenger car collision fatalities - with special emphasis on collisions with heavy vehicles
Reducing red light running through longer yellow signal timing and red light camera enforcement: Results of a field investigation
Risky driving among young Australian drivers II: Co-occurrence with other problem behaviours
Evaluation of community-based programs to increase booster seat use
In my car the brake is on the right: Pedal errors among older drivers
Is an alcohol ignition interlock programme a useful tool for changing the alcohol and driving habits of drink-drivers?
Motorcyclist fatality rates and mandatory helmet-use laws
Older drivers, medical condition, medical impairment and crash risk
Recreational all-terrain vehicle injuries among children: an 11-year review of a Central Kentucky level I pediatric trauma center database
Posttraumatic Anterior Lung Herniation in a Restrained Front Seat Passenger
Tension Pneumopericardium Following a Traffic Accident
Advancing Sustainable Safety: National Road Safety Outlook for The Netherlands for 2005-2020
Impalement Injury of the Pelvis Due to Car Brake Pedal
Air bag deployment sensing apparatus and method
An unusual case of car seat burn
Drugs and fatal traffic accidents in the Czech Republic
Helmets for preventing injury in motorcycle riders
Measurement of direct ethanol metabolites in a case of a former driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol offender, now claiming abstinence
Stroke and driving
Risk and Severity of Motor Vehicle Crashes in Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Hypopnea
The effects of mandatory seatbelt laws on seatbelt use, motor vehicle fatalities, and crash-related injuries among youths
Dupatta (scarf): A unique cause of cervical spine injury in females
Prevalence of refractive error and attitude to spectacle use among drivers of public institutions in Ibadan, Nigeria
Profile of services provided by an accident and emergency care department in connection with road traffic injuries involving children, 2003-2005
BMI and seatbelt use
Reduced cognitive performance and prolonged reaction time accompany moderate hypotension
Lane detection by orientation and length discrimination
Assessment of Current Alcoholism Rates Among Vehicular and Nonvehicular Patients Admitted to a Level I Regional Trauma Center
Atlas and Axis Injuries in Fatal Motorcycle Collisions
Automated screening techniques for drivers with age-related ability deficits
Bicycle Couriers: A Unique Injury Risk Group
Biomechanical Considerations for Child Occupant Protection
Biomechanical Tolerance of Calcaneal Fractures
A Descriptive Study of Pediatric Injury Patterns From the National Automotive Sampling System
A Cost/Benefit Analysis of a 5-Month Intensive Alcohol-Impaired Driving Road Check Campaign
Uni- and multivariate analysis of factors influencing car crash mortality of passengers
A logistic regression analysis of lower limb injury risk in frontal collisions
A Population-Based Study of Teenage Drivers: 1992-1996
Accident Experience of Passenger Vehicles With Four-Wheel Antilock Braking Systems
Actual Use of Child Protection Devices in France: Instance of Short Journeys (1992)
Adolescent Antecedents of High-Risk Driving Behavior in Young Adulthood: Substance Use and Parental Influences
Age Dependence of Female to Male Fatality Risk in the Same Crash: An Independent Reexamination
Age Differences in Road Crossing Decisions Based on Gap Judgements
Airbag Interaction With and Injury Potential From Common Steering Control Devices
Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test Questions to Screen Trauma Patients for Alcoholism According to Suggested Guidelines
Alcohol-Related Predictors of Adolescent Driving: Gender Differences in Crashes and Offenses
Alternative Sanctions for Repeat DWI Offenders
An Evaluation of Red Shoulders As a Bicycle and Pedestrian Facility
An Investigation of Damage to the Human Temporomandibular Joint During Cranial Accelerations
An Overview of Anatomical Considerations of Infants and Children in the Adult World of Automobile Safety Design
An Overview of Automobile Crashes in Nigeria, 1970-1994
Antilock brakes and risk of front and rear impact in two-vehicle crashes
Biomechanics of Compression-Extension Injuries to the Cervical Spine
Can Screening for Cognitive Impairment at License Renewal Identify High Risk Older Drivers?
Cervical Spine Injury Not Caused by Head Contact
Characteristics of Accidents Attributed to the Driver Having Fallen Asleep
Characteristics of Crash-Involved Younger Drivers
Characteristics of Drivers Not Using Seat Belts in a High Belt Use State
Children in Restraints
Comparison of Real Workd Side Impact Collisions Whch Occurred in the United Kingdom and United States
Conflict Analysis for Prediction of Fatal Crash Locations in Mixed Traffic Streams
Conversion of AIS 85 to AIS 90 and the application of the Injury Impairment Scale to real-world crash data
Crash Characteristics and Injuries of Victims Impaired by Alcohol Versus Illicit Drugs
Deployment of Airbags in Traffic Accidents: Characteristics and Consequences
Designated driver concept: Extent of use in the USA (conference presentation)
Differences Between Pickup Truck and Automobile Driver-Owners
Deriving and validating a road safety performance indicator for vehicle fleet passive safety
Friction Reliability Criteria Applied to Horizontal Curve Design of Low-Volume Roads
From Disasters to Lessons Learned: The Investigation Process for Marine Casualties
First She Sneezed And the Next Thing She Knew, A Mailbox Was Looming Straight Ahead: New Institute Study Looks at How and Why Beginning Drivers Get Into Crashes
Left-Foot Braking: A Safe Technique or an Invitation to Crash?
Looking-In and Looking-Out of a Vehicle: Computer-Vision-Based Enhanced Vehicle Safety
Monotony in Air Traffic Control
Medium Access Control Protocol Design for Vehicle-Vehicle Safety Messages
Model for the Physical Risk Assessment of Bridges With Unknown Foundation
Modelling Wear and Crack Initiation in Rails
Motorcycle Sliding Coefficient of Friction Tests
Natural Optima in Human Skull: A Low-Velocity Impact Study
Personal Injury Evaluations in Motor Vehicle Accident Cases
Optimal Winter Speed Limit
Probabilistic Model for Predicting Rail Breaks and Controlling Risk of Derailment
Project B-RAIL: Using the UML Notation and the B Method for the Modelization of a Level Crossing
Railroad Safety: An Unfinished Investment (With Commentary)
Risk Taking in Adolescence: New Perspectives From Brain and Behavioral Science
Road Mortality in Europe: How Sensitive Is It to Demographic Structure and Population Dynamics?
Road Prevention and Safety: An Instrument for Measuring Locus of Control in the Social Marketing Perspective
Road Rage and Collision Involvement
Status of 14 Under-Age-21 Drinking Laws in the United States
Separation Is a Positive: Good Planning Can Prevent Run-Over Accidents Technology Can Help Too
Aggressiveness propensity index for driving behavior at signalized intersections
Why "Intelligent" Automotive Occupant Restraint Systems?
Work and Sleep/Rest Factors Associated With Driving While Drowsy Experiences Among Long-Distance Truck Drivers
Analysis of the individual factors affecting mobile phone use while driving in France: Socio-demographic characteristics, car and phone use in professional and private contexts
Chasing the silver bullet: Measuring driver fatigue using simple and complex tasks
Determinants of traffic injuries in drivers and motorcyclists involved in an accident
Estimated cost of crashes in commercial drivers supports screening and treatment of obstructive sleep apnea
Distribution and characteristics of road traffic crashes in the Chaoyang District of Beijing, China
Effects of electronic stability control (ESC) on accidents: A review of empirical evidence
Factors influencing subjective ranking of driver distractions
Observations of how drivers fasten their seatbelts in relation to various startup tasks
The influence of driver distraction on the severity of injuries sustained by teenage drivers and their passengers
The United Kingdom neighbourhood road safety initiative: Baseline results on risk factors for children in deprived communities
An atypical air bag injury?
Criminal prosecution of a driver with sleep apnea
Supracondylar fractures of the humerus in children caused by traffic
Opioids and automobile driving
Demographics and risky lifestyle behaviors associated with willingness to risk sexually transmitted infection in Air Force recruits
Models and Signal Processing for an Implanted Ethanol Bio-Sensor
Who's Driving When Unrestrained Kids Get Hurt?
Updating the twenty-year-old [USA] DOT helmet standard (FMVSS no. 218)
What Happens on the Road Before Fatal Car Crashes?
Crash compatibility between cars and light trucks: Benefits of lowering front-end energy-absorbing structure in SUVs and pickups
Event-related potentials and secondary task performance during simulated driving
Exploratory study of fatigue in light and short haul transport drivers in NSW, Australia
Highway accident severities and the mixed logit model: An exploratory empirical analysis
Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis response to stress in male DUI recidivists
Identification of vehicle components associated with severe thoracic injury in motor vehicle crashes: A CIREN and NASS analysis
Impact of federal compliance reviews of trucking companies in reducing highway truck crashes
Modeling left-turn crash occurrence at signalized intersections by conflicting patterns
News, music videos and action movie exposure and adolescents' intentions to take risks in traffic
Risk factors for pelvic fractures in lateral impact motor vehicle crashes
Road crash involvement and professional status: A prospective study using the French Gazel cohort
Severity of driver injury and vehicle damage in traffic crashes at intersections: A Bayesian hierarchical analysis
Sustainability of the effects of the demerit points system on seat belt use: A region-wide before-and-after observational study in Italy
The impact of driver age on lost life years for other road users in France: A population based study of crash-involved road users
Using non-linear methods to investigate the criterion validity of traffic-psychological test batteries
Validating a driving simulator using surrogate safety measures
Abdominal injury patterns in real frontal crashes: influence of crash conditions, occupant seat and restraint systems
Characteristics on fractures of tibia and fibula in car impacts to pedestrians and bicyclists - influences of car bumper height and shape
Drink specials and the intoxication levels of patrons exiting college bars
Driving responses of older and younger drivers in a driving simulator
Driving under the influence of cannabis: a 10-year study of age and gender differences in the concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol in blood
Event data recorders in the analysis of frontal impacts
High risk characteristics for motor vehicle crashes in persons with diabetes by age
Helmet use and associated spinal fractures in motorcycle crash victims
Injury patterns in side pole crashes
Experimental tests for the validation of active numerical human models
Comparison of human visual cortical potentials evoked by stabilized and unstabilized targets
Saliva alcohol reagent strips in altered response protocols
The role of aeromedical transportation in global disaster health care
The tilt illusion: repulsion and attraction effects in the oblique meridian
Effects of Aripiprazole on Subjective and Physiological Responses to Alcohol
Housing and living arrangements of South Asian immigrant seniors in Edmonton, Alberta
Disabilities Resulting From Traffic Injuries in Barcelona, Spain: One-Year Incidence by Age, Gender, and Type of User
Discussion of "Severe and Fatal Injuries in Rear Impacts"
Discussion of, "Injuries to Restrained Children" by Henderson et al
Discussion on "Seat Belt Usage and Injuries Sustained in Motor Vehicle Collisions" by Kim and Li
Drinking Passengers and Their Drivers: Roadside Survey Results
Driver Injury Patterns in the United States and Australia: Does Beltwearing or Airbag Deployment Make a Difference?
Effects of Alcohol-related Health Education on Alcohol and Drinking Behavior Awareness among Japanese Junior College Students: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Factors influencing occupant-to-seat belt interaction in far-side crashes
LAVIA - An evaluation of the potential safety benefits of the French intelligent speed adaptation project
Misuse study of LATCH attachment: A series of frontal sled tests
Mortality burden from motor vehicle accidents in Taiwan
Opportunities for reduction of fatalities in vehicle-guardrail collisions
Non-fatal work-related motor vehicle traffic crash injuries in New Zealand: analysis of a national claims database
Overall impact of speed-related initiatives and factors on crash outcomes
Performance of booster seats in side impacts: effect of adjacent passengers and ISOFIX attachment
Quantifying the relationship between vehicle interior geometry and child restraint systems
Review of traffic accident cases presenting to an adult emergency service in Turkey
Statewide annual hospital charges for acute care of traffic injuries: Nebraska, 2004
Study of injuries combining computer simulation in motorcycle-car collision accidents
The effects of tethering rear-facing child restraint systems on ATD responses
The exposure of children to deploying side air bags: An initial field assessment
The impacts of functional performance, behaviour and traffic exposure on road-crossing judgements of young children
The relationship of 16 underage drinking laws to reductions in underage drinking drivers in fatal crashes in the United States
The SCENESCORE for improved pre-hospital triage of motor-vehicle crash victims
Age at drinking onset, alcohol dependence, and their relation to drug use and dependence, driving under the influence of drugs, and motor-vehicle crash involvement because of drugs
Annoyance due to single and combined sound exposure from railway and road traffic
Driver sleepiness and individual differences in preferences for countermeasures
Driving under the influence of central stimulant amines: age and gender differences in concentrations of amphetamine, methamphetamine, and ecstasy in blood
Epilepsy and driving capability in Slovenia
How comparable are road traffic crash cases in hospital admissions data and police records? An examination of data linkage rates
Injury severity and outcome of overweight and obese patients after vehicular trauma: a crash injury research and engineering network (CIREN) study
A study of the response of the human cadaver head to impact
Politomic Erased Respondent Method (PERM) for the joint assessment of two dichotomous characteristics, with an application to the polydrug use of cocaine and cannabis by simulation
Population-based health promotion perspective for older driver safety: conceptual framework to intervention plan
The impact of roadway intersection design on driving performance of young and senior adults
The impact of intersection design on simulated driving performance of young and senior adults
Estimation of the probability of wheel lockup
Evaluation of asthmatic volunteers' pulmonary responses to effluents from automotive airbags
Generating proper dynamic models for truck mobility and handling
Theoretical stability analyses of the cornering behaviour of three- and four-wheel vehicles
Thermo-plastic effects on structural behaviour during crush and impact
Traction-limited longitudinal acceleration map for front-, rear-, and all-wheel drive vehicles
Transient fluid slosh and its effect on the rollover-threshold analysis of partially filled conical and circular tank trucks
Trends in the development of vehicle instruments
Two distinct methods for integration of active differential and active roll control systems
Reconstruction of crashes involving injured child occupants: the risk of serious injuries associated with sub-optimal restraint use may be reduced by better controlling occupant kinematics
Reducing primary and secondary impact loads on the pelvis during side impact
Stability analysis and derailment evaluation of rail vehicles
The influence of human head tissue properties on intracranial pressure response during direct head impact
Virtual rollover tests
Nurse-delivered brief interventions for hazardous drinkers with alcohol-related facial trauma: A prospective randomised controlled trial
Social context of drinking and alcohol problems among college students
The accuracy of WinSmash delta-v estimates: the influence of vehicle type, stiffness, and impact mode
The association between age, injury, and survival to hospital among a cohort of injured motorcyclists
The economic benefits of child safety seat misuse reduction programs and design improvements for children in rear seats
Using child age or weight in selecting type of in-vehicle restraint: implications for promotion and design
Pediatric victims of traffic accidents admitted to a university hospital: epidemiological and clinical aspects
Drinking and driving: toward a broader understanding of the role of mass media
Aging and nocturnal driving: better with coffee or a nap? A randomized study
Fall Injuries in Older Adults from an Unusual Source: Entering and Exiting a Vehicle
Rear-facing car safety seats: getting the message right
Pregnant woman and road safety: experimental crash test with post mortem human subject
Urban sprawl and miles driven daily by teenagers in the United States
Work injuries among drivers in the goods-transport branch in Denmark
Work-related road safety: an analysis based on U.K. bus driver performance
Low speed motor vehicle crashes and whiplash-associated disorders
Assessment of the pubic force as a pelvic injury criterion in side impact
Alarming trends in the improper use of motor vehicle restraints in children: implications for public policy and the development of race-based strategies for improving compliance
Calming traffic on Bogota's killing streets
Car accidents after ambulatory surgery in patients without an escort
Effects of shoulder belt limit forces on adult thoracic protection in frontal collisions
College student use of Salvia divinorum
A comparison of self-reported motor vehicle collision injuries compared with official collision data: An analysis of age and sex trends using the Canadian National Population Health Survey and Transport Canada data
Acute disinhibiting effects of alcohol as a factor in risky driving behavior
Capturing attention to brake lamps
Better vision for safer roads: an instance of accidental advocacy in Nigeria
An assessment of the relevance of laboratory and motorcycling tests for investigating time of day and sleep deprivation influences on motorcycling performance
Assessing the awareness of performance decrements in distracted drivers
Child passenger restraint use and emergency department-reported injuries: A special study using the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System-All Injury Program, 2004
Crashes of novice teenage drivers: Characteristics and contributing factors
Daytime driving simulation performance and sleepiness in obstructive sleep apnoea patients
Driver fatigue during extended rail operations
Exploring motorcyclist injury severity in approach-turn collisions at T-junctions: Focusing on the effects of driver's failure to yield and junction control measures
Glaucoma and On-Road Driving Performance
High re-arrest rates among drug-impaired drivers despite zero-tolerance legislation
Impact of a program for the prevention of traffic accidents in a Southern Brazilian city: a model for implementation in a developing country
Initial age of unlicensed motorcycling experience for a cohort of high school students
Modeling safe and unsafe driving behaviour
Mitigating driver distraction with retrospective and concurrent feedback
Mixed logit analysis of safety-belt use in single- and multi-occupant vehicles
Regional economic conditions and crash fatality rates - a cross-county analysis
Do Familiarity and Expectations Change Perception? Drivers' Glances and Response to Changes
Driver Comprehension and Acceptance of the Active Accelerator Pedal After Long-Term Use
Driver Performance in the Moments Surrounding a Microsleep
Effects of Stimulus Type, Duration and Location on Priming of Road Signs: Implications for Driving
Experimental Analysis of Interactions Between `Where' and `What' Aspects of Information in Listening and Driving: A Possible Cognitive Risk of Using Mobile Phones During Driving
Formation of Expectations While Driving: Influence of the Possibility and the Necessity to Anticipate on the Ability to Identify Danger
Effects of Route Guidance Variable Message Signs (VMS) on Driver Behaviour
Frequency, Determinants, and Consequences of Different Drivers' Emotions: An on-the-Road Study Using Self-Reports, (Observed) Behaviour, and Physiology
Neck muscle strain when wearing helmet and NVG during acceleration on a trampoline
Societal risk perception among African villagers without access to the media
Comparison of PMHS, WorldSID, and THOR-NT responses in simulated far side impact
Correlation of strain and loads measured in the long bones with observed kinematics of the lower limb during vehicle-pedestrian impacts
Development and validation of a synthetic eye and orbit for estimating the potential for globe rupture due to specific impact conditions
Geometry of rear seats and child restraints compared to child anthropometry
High mortality in elderly drivers is associated with distinct injury patterns: analysis of 187,869 injured drivers
Influence of impact speed on head and brain injury outcome in vulnerable road user impacts to the car hood
Injury causation scenarios in belt-restrained nearside child occupants
Injury risk behaviours among young Asian New Zealanders: a national survey of secondary school students
Motor vehicle crashes obesity and seat belt use: a deadly combination?
Parametric study of head impact in the infant
Pediatric cervical spine fracture caused by an adult 3-point seatbelt
Predictors for traumatic brain injuries evaluated through accident reconstructions
Seatbelt use among military personnel during operational deployment
Assessment of driving after stroke: A pluri-disciplinary task
An implicit non-self-report measure of attitudes to speeding: Development and validation
Predictability of clinical assessments for driving performance
Quantile regression provides a fuller analysis of speed data
Relationships between young drivers' personality characteristics, risk perceptions, and driving behaviour
Risk factors for a first-time drink-driving conviction among young men: A birth cohort study of all men born in Denmark in 1966
Safety effects of blue cycle crossings: A before-after study
Stereotype threat increases the likelihood that female drivers in a simulator run over jaywalkers
Streets ahead on safety: young people's participation in decision-making to address the European road injury 'epidemic'
Testing assumptions implicit in the use of the 15-second rule as an early predictor of whether an in-vehicle device produces unacceptable levels of distraction
Testing for Effects of Racial Attitudes and Visual Contrast on the Speed of a Driver's Response to a Pedestrian
The Effect of Audio Materials From a Rear-Seat Audiovisual Entertainment System or From Radio on Simulated Driving
The effects of practice with MP3 players on driving performance
The effects of safety climate on vessel accidents in the container shipping context
The Hispanic Americans Baseline Alcohol Survey (HABLAS): Rates and predictors of DUI across Hispanic national groups
The Impact of in-Car Displays on Drivers in Neighbouring Cars: Survey and Driving Simulator Experiment
The influence of body mass index on thoracic injuries in frontal impacts
The Voice of Lay Experts: Content Analysis of Traffic Accident "Talk-Backs"
Validity and reliability of the on-road driving assessment with senior drivers
Blood alcohol concentration in fatal traffic accidents in the federal district, Brazil
Road accidents in Piedmont (Italy): factors affecting mortality among drivers
Comparison of roadside crash injury metrics using event data recorders
Differences of drivers' reaction times according to age and mental workload
Developing a driving Safety Index using a Delphi stated preference experiment
Factors associated with the premature graduation of children into seatbelts
In-Vehicle Information Systems to Improve Traffic Safety in Road Tunnels
Identifying social mechanisms for the prevention of adolescent drinking and driving
Lane change behavior with a side blind zone alert system
Masculinity causes speeding in young men
Modeling motor vehicle crashes for street racers using zero-inflated models
Statistical analysis of"looked-but-failed-to-see"accidents: Highlighting the involvement of two distinct mechanisms
Self-Assessment of Driving Skill - A Review From a Measurement Perspective
Teaching adolescents safe driving and passenger behaviors: Effectiveness of the You Hold the Key Teen Driving Countermeasure
The effect of reclined seats on mortality in motor vehicle collisions
The effects of mobile speed camera introduction on road traffic crashes and casualties in a rural county of England
Why Turks do not use seat belts? An interview study
A comparative case study on active transport to and from school
A New Look at NHTSA's Evaluation of the 1984 Charlottesville Sobriety Checkpoint Program: Implications for Current Checkpoint Issues
Analysis of seating position and anthropometric parameters of pregnant Japanese drivers
Application of a Walking Suitability Assessment to the Immediate Built Environment Surrounding Elementary Schools
Blood alcohol concentrations in apprehended drivers of cars and boats suspected to be impaired by the police
Cellular phone use while driving at night
Crash injury risks for obese occupants using a matched-pair analysis
Deaths among Drivers and Right-Front Passengers in Frontal Collisions: Redesigned Air Bags Relative to First-Generation Air Bags
Acute and subchronic effects of nefazodone and imipramine on highway driving, cognitive functions, and daytime sleepiness in healthy adult and elderly subjects
How much can you drink before driving? The influence of riding with impaired adults and peers on the driving behaviors of urban and rural youth
Japanese high school students' usage of mobile phones while cycling
Misuse of an adult seat belt in a 7-year-old child: a source of dramatic injuries and a plea for booster seat use
Perceived risk and other predictors and correlates of teenagers' safety belt use during the first year of licensure
Patterns of Alcohol Consumption and Alcohol-Impaired Driving in the United States
The effect of IM droperidol on driving performance
Productivity losses from road traffic deaths in Turkey
Re: Braver ER, "Using head-on collisions to compare risk of driver death..."
Ride Safe: A Child Passenger Safety Program for American Indian/Alaska Native Children
SAM Survey on"Drugs and Fatal Accidents": Search of Substances Consumed and Comparison between Drivers Involved under the Influence of Alcohol or Cannabis
Sleep-disordered breathing and quality of life of railway drivers in Greece
The combination of two training approaches to improve older adults' driving safety
The Effectiveness of a Multimedia Intervention on Parents' Knowledge and Use of Vehicle Safety Systems for Children
Toward development of effective custom child restraint systems in motor vehicles
Young female drivers in fatal crashes: recent trends, 1995-2004
Rear seat safer: Seating position, restraint use and injuries in children in traffic crashes in Victoria, Australia
The history of optical signals for traffic regulation
Characteristics of unprotected left-turn accidents at signalised intersections
Development and validation of a frontal impact 6-year-old occupant and wheelchair computer model
Estimating road traffic mortality more accurately: Use of the capture-recapture method in the West Azarbaijan Province of Iran
Motor vehicle transportation use and related adverse events among persons who use wheelchairs
Traffic injury mortality in children in transitional Lithuania - a longitudinal analysis from 1971 to 2005
A comparison of external and internal injuries within an autopsy series
Sudden death while driving a four-wheeled vehicle: an autopsy analysis
Risk perception of driving as a function of advanced training aimed at recognizing and handling risks in demanding driving situations
Routes to failure: Analysis of 41 civil aviation accidents from the Republic of China using the human factors analysis and classification system
Safety effects of the separation distances between driveway exits and downstream U-turn locations
Safety improvements through Intelligent Transport Systems: A South African case study based on microscopic simulation modelling
Spreading or concentrating drinking occasions - who is most at risk?
The consequences of an increase in heavy goods vehicles for passenger car drivers' mental workload and behaviour: A simulator study
The contribution of stereo vision to the control of braking
The Dula Dangerous Driving Index: An investigation of reliability and validity across cultures
The effects of alcohol on in-hospital mortality in drivers admitted after motor vehicle accidents
The effects of roundabouts on traffic safety for bicyclists: An observational study
The impact of environmental, vehicle and driver characteristics on injury severity in older drivers hospitalized as a result of a traffic crash
The Long-Term Effects of an ISA Speed-Warning Device on Drivers' Speeding Behaviour
The relation of non-culpable traffic incidents to bus drivers' celeration behavior
Tobit analysis of vehicle accident rates on interstate highways
Work-related fatal injuries in parking lots, 1993-2002
Addressing the health disadvantage of rural populations: How does epidemiological evidence inform rural health policies and research?
Liver injuries in frontal crash situations a coupled numerical - experimental approach
Orthopaedic patients' experience of motor vehicle accident in Singapore
Safety restraint use linked to hospital use and charges in Arkansas
Substance and psychiatric disorders among men and women repeat driving under the influence offenders who accept a treatment-sentencing option
The test-retest reliability of the Form 90-DWI: An instrument for assessing intoxicated driving
Airbag-related chest wall burn as a marker of underlying injury: a case report
Detection of emergency vehicles: driver responses to advance warning in a driving simulator
Geriatric pedestrian versus auto trauma: an age-old problem
Pattern of Maxillofacial Injuries in Motorcyclists in Malaysia
The reality of multiple casualty triage: putting triage theory into practice at the scene of multiple casualty vehicular accidents
Safety for whom? The effects of light trucks on traffic fatalities
Role of the law in ensuring work related road safety
Damage connected with cocaine consumption: all we see is the tip of the iceberg
Traumatic hyoid bone fracture in patient wearing a helmet: a case report
Factors associated with pre-hospital care in victims of traffic accidents
Traffic accidents in a metropolitan area in Brazil, 1991-2000
Circadian patterns of sleep, sleepiness, and performance in older and younger adults
Counteracting driver sleepiness: effects of napping, caffeine, and placebo
Effects of coffee and napping on nighttime highway driving
Perception of simulated driving performance after sleep restriction and caffeine
Risk-taking behavior: effects of ethanol, caffeine, and basal sleepiness
Sleepiness and ethanol effects on simulated driving
Two Interventions for the Prevention of Work-Related Road Accidents
Actual incidences of road casualties, and their injury severity, modelled from police and hospital data, France
Age is more than just a number: Implications for an aging workforce in the US transportation sector
Assessing DUI risk: Examination of the Behaviors and Attitudes Drinking and Driving Scale (BADDS)
Critical factors for active transportation to school among low-income and minority students evidence from the 2001 National Household Travel Survey
Do cognitive models help in predicting the severity of posttraumatic stress disorder, phobia, and depression after motor vehicle accidents? A prospective longitudinal study
Car surfing: case studies of a growing dangerous phenomenon
Factors associated with helmet use among motorcycle users in Karachi, Pakistan
Road traffic injuries: and emerging problem in Nepal
Finding a safe place to cross the road: the effect of distractors and the role of attention in children's identification of safe and dangerous road-crossing sites
The effects of acute treatment with paroxetine, amitriptyline, and placebo on driving performance and cognitive function in healthy Japanese subjects: A double-blind crossover trial
Using head-on collisions to compare risk of driver death by frontal air bag generation: a matched-pair cohort study
A review of similarities between domain-specific determinants of four health behaviors among adolescents
Analyses of factors of crash avoidance maneuvers using the general estimates system
Analysis of head impacts causing neck compression injury
Changing pattern of premature mortality burden over 6 years of rapid growth of the economy in suburban south-west China: 1998-2003
DUI offenders who delay relicensing: a quantitative and qualitative investigation
Frequent detection of benzodiazepines in drugged drivers in Norway
The relation between the use of psychoactive substances and the severity of the injury in a group of crash-involved drivers admitted to a regional trauma center
Motorcycle helmet use in Southern China: an observational study
Motorcycle helmets in Vietnam: ownership, quality, purchase price, and affordability
Patients treated with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome and fitness to drive assessment in clinical practice in Spain at the medical traffic centers
The sleep and performance of train drivers during an extended freight-haul operation
Traffic speeds on interstates and freeways 10 years after repeal of the [USA] national maximum speed limit
What we know about ADHD and driving risk: a literature review, meta-analysis and critique
Zero blood alcohol concentration limits for drivers under 21: lessons from Canada
Drinking-and-driving prevalence in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais State, Brazil
Chest deflections and injuries in oblique lateral impacts
Evidence-based perspective on the effect of automobile-related modifications on the driving ability, performance, and safety of older adults
Fetal outcome in motor-vehicle crashes: effects of crash characteristics and maternal restraint
Licensing teenagers: nontraffic risks and benefits in the transition to driving status
The Lack of Motor Vehicle Occupant Restraint Use in Children Arriving at School
Alcohol effects during acamprosate treatment: a dose-response study in humans
Differential response to alcohol in light and moderate female social drinkers
Reassessing the dimensionality of the moral emotions
Social drinkers underestimate the additive impairing effects of alcohol and visual degradation on behavioral functioning
Transfer of learning to compensate for impairment by alcohol and visual degradation
5/6 a driver always in control
6/6 how to stay a good driver
Impairment of safety in navigation caused by alcohol: impact on visual function
Parents' knowledge and attitudes about preventing injuries in motor vehicle accidents in children in Greece
Reversing motor vehicle injuries: a preventable tragedy
Role of alcohol in maxillofacial fractures
The Advocacy in Action Study. A custer randomized controlled trial to reduce pedestrian injuries in deprived communities. [Study Protocol]
Traumatic rupture of thoracic aorta in real-world motor vehicle crashes
Cervical spine injuries associated with the incorrect use of airbags in motor vehicle collisions
Changes in the percentage of students who walk or bike to school -- United States, 1969 and 2001
Contributing factors and issues associated with rural ambulance crashes: literature review and annotated bibliography
Driver fatigue and highway driving: A simulator study
Epidemiology of powdered glass-coated kite line injuries: victims admitted to a trauma hospital in Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Introducing the X-tree
The joint association of average volume of alcohol and binge drinking with hazardous driving behaviour and traffic crashes
Characteristics and biomechanical mechanism of riding injuries in accidents of bicycles collided by motor vehicles
Commuting accidents: the influence of excessive daytime sleepiness. a review of an Italian police officers population
Safety of professional drivers: literature review about prevention measures linked to sleeping
Words mean something
Quality management for accident investigations I
Quality management for accident investigations II
Are these the same accident?
Standards for the Conduct of Air Safety Investigation
Safety training's Achilles heel
Reducing the damage of Motor Vehicle Use
Environmental factors influencing older adults' walking for transportation: a study using walk-along interviews
The Advocacy in Action Study: a cluster randomized controlled trial to reduce pedestrian injuries in deprived communities
Ambulance and aeromedical accident rates during emergency retrieval in Great Britain
Engineering with Uncertainty: Monitoring Air Bag Performance
Massive internal injury in the absence of significant external injury after collisions of passenger vehicles with much larger vehicles
Personality types and risky health behaviors in Norwegian students
Characteristics and mechanism of boat propeller injuries
Prevention of road accidents in the road haulage field
Homicide and Road Traffic Accident Deaths Among Young Men in The Northern and West Central Regions of Brazil, 1980-2005
Excessive daytime sleepiness in ambulance drivers from the Northern macro-region of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Evaluating the Process of Implementation of the Reduction Program on Mortality and Morbidity in Transit Accidents
Descriptive and trend analyses of land transport accidents for public policies in Brazil
DIAL: A Telephone Brief Intervention for High-Risk Alcohol Use With Injured Emergency Department Patients
Impact of transit training and free bus pass on public transportation use by older drivers
Road traffic accidents and diabetes: insulin use does not determine risk
Statement on prevention of nontraffic vehicle-related injuries in children
Survey of older drivers' experiences with Florida's mandatory vision re-screening law for licensure
Alcohol problems in drinking drivers and clinical management methods
Caffeinated cocktails: energy drink consumption, high-risk drinking, and alcohol-related consequences among college students
Numerical human models for accident research and safety - potentials and limitations
The limits of expertise: rethinking pilot error and the causes of airline accidents by R. Key Dismukes, Benjamin A. Berman, and Loukia D. Loukopoulos
Acceptability and validity of older driver screening with the Driving HealthTM Inventory
Alertness maintaining tasks (AMTs) while driving
Application of the Conway-Maxwell-Poisson generalized linear model for analyzing motor vehicle crashes
Calibration and validation of simulated vehicle safety performance at signalized intersections
Car drivers' attitudes towards motorcyclists: A survey
Characteristics of DUI offenders convicted in wet, dry, and moist counties
Cognitive failures as predictors of driving errors, lapses, and violations
Driver irritation and aggressive behaviour
A mixed generalized ordered response model for examining pedestrian and bicyclist injury severity level in traffic crashes
A multivariate Poisson-lognormal regression model for prediction of crash counts by severity, using Bayesian methods
Are SUVs dangerous vehicles?
Assessing the safety benefits of an advanced vehicular technology for protecting pedestrians
Cyclists' perception of risk in roundabouts
Dimensions of road safety problems and their measurement
Informal social support networks and the maintenance of voluntary driving cessation by older rural women
National young-driver survey: teen perspective and experience with factors that affect driving safety
Less is more: The influence of traffic count on drinking and driving behaviour
Classification and prediction of pilot weather encounters: A discriminant function analysis
Power computations in time series analyses for traffic safety interventions
Risky attitudes towards road use in pre-drivers
Road safety management by objectives: A critical analysis of the Norwegian approach
Safety in work vehicles: A multilevel study linking safety values and individual predictors to work-related driving crashes
Studying the effect of weather conditions on daily crash counts using a discrete time-series model
Teen driver crash risk and associations with smoking and drowsy driving
The importance of self-regulatory and goal-conflicting processes in the avoidance of drunk driving among Greek young drivers
The influence of road curvature on fatal crashes in New Zealand
Tiring job and work related injury road crashes in the GAZEL cohort
Willingness to use safety belt and levels of injury in car accidents
The revision of the regulations concerning driving licenses to combat the dangers of sleep apnoea and insomnia in road traffic
Impact of airbags on a Level I trauma center: injury patterns, infectious morbidity, and hospital costs
Road traffic deaths, injuries and disabilities in India: current scenario
Child restraint seat use behavior and attitude among Japanese mothers
Traffic related deaths in Nuevo Leon, Mexico: causes and associated factors
Impact of interventions directed toward motorcyclist death prevention in Cali, Colombia: 1993-2001
Impact-absorbing and containment barriers: reduction in accident mortality
Prevalence of non-fatal road traffic injuries in Mexico: results from ENSANUT 2006
Association between upper extremity injuries and side airbag availability
Motor vehicle collisions and their demographics: a 5-year retrospective study of the Hamilton-Wentworth Niagara region
Traffic safety and city structure: lessons for the future
Road traffic injuries among youth: measuring the impact of an educational intervention
A Quantitative Review of the Relationship Between Anger and Aggressive Driving
Comparison of Characteristics Between Fatal and Injury Accidents in the Highway Construction Zones
A Design Optimization Approach of Vehicle Hood for Pedestrian Protection
A Review of Airbag Testing and Analysis
A Review of Composite Structures Subjected to Dynamic Loading
A Two-Stage Multi-Objective Optimisation of Vehicle Crashworthiness Under Frontal Impact
Child Restraint Seat Design Considerations to Mitigate Injuries to Three-Year-Old Children in Side Impact Crashes
Consideration of Vehicle Handling and Stability With Improved Roof Strength
Crash Performance of Cellular Foams With Reduced Relative Density Part 1: Rib Thickness Variation
Crash Performance of Cellular Foams With Reduced Relative Density Part 2: Rib Deletion
Design and Application of an Instrumented Projectile for Load Measurements During Impact
Compliance with seat belt use in Benin City, Nigeria
Hospital contacts due to injuries among male drivers working for road goods-transport contractors in Denmark
Is the Threshold for Injury in Whiplash Really a Delta-v of 3 Mph?
Prevalence of sleepiness in surviving drivers of motor vehicle collisions
Crashes With Roadside Objects Along Motorcycle Lanes in Malaysia
Detailed Tire Modeling for Crash Applications
Diving Versus Roof Intrusion: a Review of Rollover Injury Causation
Enhancing the Impact Energy Absorption in Roll Over Protective Structures
Influence of the Occupant Restraint System on Traumatic Brain Injuries
A prospective study on elderly patients with facial fractures in a developing country
Childhood crash injury patterns associated with restraint misuse: implications for field triage
Does the Low Back Displace Significantly in Low Velocity Rear Impact Shunts?
Effects of 6/6 and 4/8 Watch Systems on Sleepiness among Bridge Officers
Otological Symptoms Following Airbag Inflation in Low Speed Car Crashes
The elderly in the Italian traffic environment: analysis of mobility patterns and determinants for fatal outcomes
The Influence of Seat Structure and Passenger Weight on the Rollover Crashworthiness of an Intercity Coach
Role of Gender and Driver Behaviour in Road Traffic Crashes
Characteristics of User, Tasks and Interfaces in Virtual Reality
Maxillofacial trauma due to road traffic accidents in Benin City, Nigeria: a prospective study
Pattern and management of chest injuries in Maiduguri, Nigeria
Epidemiology of Accident Deaths in Jos, Nigeria (1996-2000).

Awareness of Hazards and Use of GSM Mobile Phone among Non-Commercial Drivers in Ilorin, Nigeria
Driving Violations, Aggression and Perceived Consensus
Effects of Persuasive Communication and Group Discussions on Acceptability of Anti-Speeding Policies for Male and Female Drivers
Measuring Cognitive Determinants of Speeding: An Application of the Theory of Planned Behaviour
Motivational Sources of Driving and Their Associations With Reckless Driving Cognitions and Behavior
Perception and Appraisal of Approaching Motorcycles at Junctions
Replication and Extension: The Effect of the Commitment to Comply With Speed Limits in Rehabilitation Training Courses for Traffic Regulation Offenders in France
Social Psychology of Seat Belt Use: A Comparison of Theory of Planned Behavior and Health Belief Model
Speeding: Deliberate Violation or Involuntary Mistake?
Task Difficulty and Risk in the Determination of Driver Behaviour
The Effect of the Commitment to Observe Speed Limits During Rehabilitation Training Courses for Traffic Regulation Offenders in France
The Impact of Age on Useful Visual Field Deterioration and Risk Evaluation in a Simulated Driving Task
A Reduced-Order Finite Element Model for the Simulation of Automotive Side Structure Crash Response
Aerodynamic Design of High-Sided Coaches to Reduce Cross-Wind Sensitivity, Based on Wind Tunnel Tests
Design of Ventilated Helmets: Computational Fluid and Impact Dynamics Studies
Evaluation of Knee Injury Threshold in Pedestrian-Car Crash Loading Using Numerical Approach
Frontal Thoracic Response to Dynamic Loading: the Role of Superficial Tissues, Viscera and the Rib Cage
Material and Structural Crashworthiness Characterization of Paratransit Buses
Performance Analysis of a Bumper-Pedestrian Contact Sensor System by Using Finite Element Models
Simulated Evaluation of Pedestrian Safety for Flat-Front Vehicles
The Dangers of Automobile Travel: A Reconsideration
Bunt small bowel injuries--a challenging diagnosis
Head injury prediction capability of the HIC, HIP, SIMon and ULP criteria
Limits of the quasi-induced exposure method when compared with the standard case-control design. Application to the estimation of risks associated with driving under the influence of cannabis or alcohol
Modeling violation of Hawaii's crosswalk law
Lessons learned from aviation safety
Seating patterns and corresponding risk of injury among 0- to 3-year-old children in child safety seats
Car tire injuries: a review of 35 patients
Gender differences in drunk driving prevalence rates and trends: A 20-year assessment using multiple sources of evidence
Smoking behaviors and perceived risk of injuries in Italy, 2007
Neighborhood Road Environments and Physical Activity Among Youth: The CLAN Study
Assessment and treatment of PTSD after a motor vehicle collision: Empirical findings and clinical observations
Comparison of road traffic fatalities and injuries in Iran with other countries
Factors associated with marine injuries during vertical chute evacuation training
Informal parental traffic training and children's traffic accidents
Road traffic injuries among young car drivers by country of origin and socioeconomic position
Road-traffic deaths in China, 1985-2005: threat and opportunity
Traffic and the risk of vehicle-related pedestrian injury: a decision analytic support tool
Youth risk behavior surveillance--United States, 2007
Age-specific parental knowledge of restraint transitions influences appropriateness of child occupant restraint use
Automobile door entrapment - A different form of vehicle-related crush asphyxia
Evaluation of aortic injury in driver fatalities occurring in motor vehicle accidents in the State of Maryland for 2003 and 2004
Predictors of in-hospital mortality of trauma patients injured in vehicle accidents
The relation between driving experience and recognition of road signs relative to their locations
Vehicle rollover risk and electronic stability control systems
Development of a Finite Element Model of the Shoulder: Application During a Side Impact
Interactions Among Structural Components During Complex Impact Events
Investigating the Effects of Strengthening the Crossbeam in Frontal Car-to-Car Impacts
Mechanism Analysis of Pedestrian Knee-Bending Angle by Sedan-Type Vehicle Using Human FE Model
Mechanism Analysis of Pedestrian Knee-Bending Angle by SUV Type Vehicles Using Human FE Model
Modelling and Simulation of Seat-Integrated Safety Belts Including Studies of Pelvis and Torso Responses in Frontal Crashes
Realistic Simulation Models for Airbags and Humans: New Possibilities and Limits of FE Simulation
Reconstruction of Pedestrian-Vehicle Accident Using Sequential Linear Programming Optimizer
Predicting Brain Injury Under Impact With a Strain Measure From Analytical Models
Multiphysics Out of Position Airbag Simulation
Dynamic pinch tolerance of the phalanges and interphalangeal joints
Effects of Alcohol on Simulated Driving and Perceived Driving Impairment in Binge Drinkers
Factors Influencing Booster Seat Use in a Multiethnic Community: Lessons for Program Implementation
Anger, Aggression, and Risky Behavior on the Road: A Preliminary Study of Urban and Rural Differences
Is a Stage Model a Useful Approach to Explain Car Drivers' Willingness to Use Public Transportation?
Malingering, Perceptions of Illness, and Compensation Seeking in Whiplash Injury: A Comparison of Illness Beliefs Between Individuals in Simulated Compensation Scenarios and Litigation Claimants
Reducing Road Rage: An Application of the Dissonance-Attribution Model of Interpersonal Forgiveness
Spinal Injuries in Pedestrians Struck by Motor Vehicles
Territorial Markings As a Predictor of Driver Aggression and Road Rage
Safety device use affects the incidence patterns of facial trauma in motor vehicle collisions: an analysis of the National Trauma Database from 2000 to 2004
Whiplash risk estimation based on linked hospital-police road crash data from France and Spain
Whiplash injuries and vulnerability
The relationship between leisure, walking, and transportation activity with the natural environment
Travel behavior and objectively measured urban design variables: associations for adults traveling to work
The sociodemographics of land use planning: relationships to physical activity, accessibility, and equity
Issues in ALE Simulation of Airbags
Modelling Motorcyclist Injury Severity Resulting From Sideswipe Collisions at T-Junctions in the United Kingdom: New Insights into the Effects of Manoeuvres
Multi-Scale and Multi-Model Methods for Efficient Crash Simulation
Single-Vehicle Collisions in Europe: Analysis Using Real-World and Crash-Test Data
Smart Head Restraint System
The Effect of Brain Mass and Moment of Inertia on Relative Brain-Skull Displacement During Low-Severity Impacts
Trailer Truck-Mounted Attenuator
Vehicle/Occupant Movement in Moderate Speed in-Line Collisions
Validation of the Simplified Super Folding Element Theory Applied for Axial Crushing of Complex Aluminium Extrusions
Topology Optimization of Energy-Absorbing Structures
Three-Dimensional Finite Element Simulation of Pelvic Fracture During Side Impact With Pelvis-Femur-Soft Tissue Complex
The Localized Low-Velocity Impact Response of Aluminium Honeycombs and Sandwich Panels for Occupant Head Protection: Experimental Characterization and Analytical Modelling
Using multiple imputation and propensity scores to test the effect of car seats and seat belt usage on injury severity from trauma registry data
Analysing cockpit and laboratory recordings to determine fatigue levels in pilots' voices
Cognitive failures, driving errors and driving accidents
Incidence of golf cart-related injury in the United States
Mortalities among children and adolescents in Manipal, southern India
The Effects of Regulatory Focus on Braking Speed
Changes in child safety restraint use and parental driving behaviours in Italy
Changes in Motorcycle-Related Head Injury Deaths, Hospitalizations, and Hospital Charges Following Repeal of Pennsylvania's Mandatory Motorcycle Helmet Law
Complete decapitation of a motorcyclist in a road accident. A case report
Does increased emergency medical services prehospital time affect patient mortality in rural motor vehicle crashes? A statewide analysis
Drivers involved in road traffic accidents in Piedmont Region: psychoactive substances consumption
Effectiveness of the black spot programs in Western australia
Connecticut's 2003 impaired-driving high-visibility enforcement campaign
Are patients after severe injury who drop out of a longitudinal study at high risk of mental disorder?
Children's active commuting to school: current knowledge and future directions
Driving and community integration after traumatic brain injury
Driving assessment in Parkinson's disease-A novel predictor of performance?
EEG-based mental fatigue measurement using multi-class support vector machines with confidence estimate
Experimental and analytical investigation of thermal coating effectiveness for 3m(3) LPG tanks engulfed by fire
Motor vehicle crashes: The association of alcohol consumption with the type and severity of injuries and outcomes
Musculoskeletal injuries in terrorist attacks: A comparison between the injuries sustained and those related to motor vehicle accidents, based on a national registry database
Need and Possibilities for Seat Belt Use Promotion in Bashkortostan, Russia
Optimization of aeromedical base locations in New Mexico using a model that considers crash nodes and paths
Perceived risk, resources, and perceptions concerning driving and epilepsy: A patient perspective
Retinal hemorrhages in children following fatal motor vehicle crashes: a case series
Road traffic injuries in the province of Grosseto
Seat belt associated central line fracture-A previously unreported complication in cystic fibrosis
Self-reported driving habits in subjects with persistent whiplash-associated disorder: relationship to sensorimotor and psychologic features
Subjective experiment on auditory localization for traffic alarm sounds
Surgical management of severely displaced pediatric seat-belt fracture-dislocations of the lumbar spine associated with occlusion of the abdominal aorta and avulsion of the cauda equina: a report of two cases
Traumatic deltoid rupture caused by seatbelt during a traffic accident: a case report
Wind effects on retention time in highway ponds
Injuries associated with motorcycle accidents
Road safety under psychiatric drug targeting
Comparative study of health behavior among college students at the start and end of their courses
A model for preventing serious traffic injury in teens: or"keep those teenagers out of our ICU!"
Antiemetic and sedative levels found together in 26 civil aviation pilot fatalities, 2000-2006
The influence of vehicle damage on injury severity of drivers in head-on motor vehicle crashes
Knee Injuries in Restrained Car Drivers in German Road Traffic Accidents
Automobile versus pedestrian accidents analysis by fixed-parameters computer simulation
The influence of damage distribution on serious brain injury in occupants in frontal motor vehicle crashes
Minor Increase in Risk of Road Traffic Accidents After Prescriptions of Antidepressants: A Study of Population Registry Data in Norway
No cash no whiplash?: Influence of the legal system on the incidence of whiplash injury
Young people's perceptions of traffic injury risks, prevention and enforcement measures: A qualitative study
Pediatric motorbike injuries: do children riding motorbikes get the same injuries as those riding bicycles?
Driving behavior under the influence of cannabis or cocaine
Fatal drink-driving accidents of young adult and middle-aged males--a risky driving style or risky lifestyle?
Fatigued and drowsy driving: A survey of attitudes, opinions and behaviors
Flying bullets and speeding cars: analysis of child injury deaths in the Palestinian Territory
Injury severity, vehicle safety features, and intersection crashes
Load limiting behavior in CRS tether anchors as a method to mitigate head and neck injuries sustained by children in frontal crash
Observational failures/distraction and disease attack/incapacity as cause(s) of fatal road crashes in Finland
Accidents, claiming, and regional subcultures: Are medical errors and malpractice lawsuits related to social capital?
Attitudes of teenagers and their parents to Pennsylvania's graduated driver licensing system
Booster seat use in an inner-city day care center population
Do older drivers pose a risk to other road users?
Does the Maryland graduated driver licensing law affect both 16-year-old drivers and those who share the road with them?
Environmental and psychosocial factors affecting seat belt use among Turkish front-seat occupants in Ankara: two observation studies
Investigation of large transit vehicle accidents and establishing appropriate protection for wheelchair riders
Prevalence and issues in non-use of safety belts and child restraints in a high-income developing country: lessons for the future
Residents' evaluation of urban environments: attraction of urban life and anxiety associated with traffic accidents and urban crimes
The effects of driver factors and sign design features on the comprehensibility of traffic signs
The profile of head injuries and traumatic brain injury deaths in Kashmir
The roles of garment design and scene complexity in the daytime conspicuity of high-visibility safety apparel
The limits of expertise: rethinking pilot error and the causes of airline accidents
The relationship between blood alcohol concentration (BAC), age, and crash risk
Are OSAS patients impaired in their driving ability on a circuit with medium traffic density?
Behaviourally relevant road categorisation: A step towards self-explaining rural roads
Car driver casualty rates in Great Britain by type of car
Chinese truck drivers' attitudes toward feedback by technology: A quantitative approach
Combining road safety information in a performance index
Comparison of methods to correct the miscounting of multiple episodes of care when estimating the incidence of hospitalised injury in child motor vehicle passengers
Defining the"older"crash victim: The relationship between age and serious injury in motor vehicle crashes
Effect of wheelchair headrest use on pediatric head and neck injury risk outcomes during rear impact
Evaluation of automated speed enforcement on Loop 101 freeway in Scottsdale, Arizona
Evaluation of Iowa's graduated driver's licensing program
Fear and danger appraisals of a road-crossing scenario: A developmental perspective
Helmet use among 510 injured motorcyclists in a state with limited helmet laws
How many accidents are needed to show a difference?
Influence of anthropometry on the kinematics of the cervical spine and the risk of injury in sled tests in female volunteers
Injury risks between first- and second-generation airbags in frontal motor vehicle collisions
Is driving under the influence of cannabis becoming a greater risk to driver safety than drink driving? Findings from a longitudinal study
Observed seatbelt usage among drivers of heavy commercial vehicles in Utah
Predicting motor vehicle crashes using Support Vector Machine models
Predicting road crashes from a mathematical model of alertness regulation-The Sleep/Wake Predictor
Primary prevention of drink driving by the large-scale use of alcolocks in commercial vehicles
Road traffic injuries in urban Africa and Asia: A policy gap in child and adolescent health
Self-regulatory driving practices among older adults: Health, age and sex effects
The development of a method to measure speed adaptation to traffic complexity: Identifying novice, unsafe, and overconfident drivers
The Driver Behaviour Questionnaire in Arab Gulf countries: Qatar and United Arab Emirates
The increasing problem of motorcycle injuries in children and adolescents
The relationship of underage drinking laws to reductions in drinking drivers in fatal crashes in the United States
Underreporting in traffic accident data, bias in parameters and the structure of injury severity models
Referrals for psychiatric examination of driving ability - a comparison of illicit drugs and alcohol
The role of looming and attention capture in drivers' braking responses
Traffic accident segmentation by means of latent class clustering
Use of cultural consensus analysis to evaluate expert feedback of median safety
Using multiple datasets to understand trends in serious road traffic casualties
Parent attitudes toward integrating parent involvement into teenage driver education courses
Traumatic aortic injuries in the pediatric population
Video games and adolescents' intentions to take risks in traffic
Work schedules of long-distance truck drivers before and after 2004 hours-of-service rule change
Deleterious Effect of Cirrhosis on Outcomes After Motor Vehicle Crashes Using the Nationwide Inpatient Sample
Drink driving and the patterns and context of drinking among New Zealand adolescents
Driver and passenger seatbelt use among U.S. high school students
Effects of Alzheimer's disease and mild cognitive impairment on driving ability: a controlled clinical study by simulated driving test
Musculoskeletal Trauma Services in Uganda
Musculoskeletal Trauma Service in Thailand
Musculoskeletal Trauma Services in China
Regional analysis of road mortality in Europe
Risky Driving Among Regular Armed Forces Personnel from the United Kingdom
Strength limitations to proper child safety seat installation: Implications for child safety
A logistic model of the effects of roadway, environmental, vehicle, crash and driver characteristics on hit-and-run crashes
Alcohol and fatal accidents in the United States-A time series analysis for 1950-2002
Barriers to, and factors associated, with observed motorcycle helmet use in Vietnam
Children at risk: Predictors of car safety seat misuse in Ontario
Musculoskeletal Trauma Services in Mozambique and Sri Lanka
Assessment of vehicle speeds on different categories of roadways in Ghana
Compulsory child restraint seat law and motor vehicle child occupant deaths and injuries in Japan 1994-2005
Conventional vision screening tests and older driver motor vehicle crash prevention
Fatal occupational accidents in Danish fishing vessels 1989-2005
Spatial analysis and socio-economic burden of road crashes in south-western Nigeria
The influence of licence status on Kansas child fatalities due to motor vehicle crashes
Young drivers at railway crossings: an exploration of risk perception and target behaviours for intervention
Downside risk of wildlife translocation
50 Years Ago in CORR: Motorist Injuries and Motorist Safety: Introduction: Prevention of Accidents. [editorial]
A community based survey of cognitive functioning, highway-code performance and traffic accidents in a cohort of older drivers
Self-evaluative appraisals of coping capability and posttraumatic distress following motor vehicle accidents
The effect of highway driving on the health of factory workers
The sleep of long-haul truck drivers
Postmortem computed tomography findings as evidence of traffic accident-related fatal injury
Automobile crashes and teenaged drivers
Driving in Europe: the need of a common policy for drivers with obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome
A Model for Explanation of Personal Attitudes Toward Traffic of Candidate Drivers Attending Drivers' Courses: Risky Candidate Driver's Attitude Model
Associations Between Self-Assessment of Driving Ability, Driver Training and Crash Involvement Among Young Drivers
Association of Risk Proneness in Overtaking Maneuvers With Impaired Decision Making
Cellular Phone Use While Driving: A Methodological Checklist for Investigating Dual-Task Costs
An Investigation of the Effect of Sleepiness, Drowsy Driving, and Lifestyle on Vehicle Crashes
A Large-scale Study of the Characteristics of Impaired Drivers in Treatment in Texas
Cost-effectiveness of traffic enforcement: case study from Uganda
Magnitude and fatality from road accidents among children in Tirana, Albania
Motorcycle accidents in China
Procedures for transportation workplace drug and alcohol testing programs. Final rule
Procedures for transportation workplace drug and alcohol testing programs: State laws requiring drug and alcohol rule violation information. Interim final rule
Profile of spinal injuries in Lagos, Nigeria
The M77 Highway: Saving lives and money
The Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Diagnosis in Preschool- and Elementary School-Age Children Exposed to Motor Vehicle Accidents
Cost-effectiveness analyses for injury prevention initiatives in low- and middle-income countries
Doctors, drugs, and driving--tort liability for patient-caused accidents
Risk of injury of the cervical spine in sled tests in female volunteers
Epidemiological analysis of posttraumatic cervical spine injury
Helmet use and the risk of neck or cervical spine injury among users of motorized two-wheel vehicles
Cognitive and Personality Determinants of Fitness to Drive
Decision Making and Strategies in an Interaction Situation: Collision Avoidance at Sea
Drivers' Beliefs About Exceeding the Speed Limits
Feedback and Driver Situation Awareness (SA): A Comparison of SA Measures and Contexts
Modeling and Prediction of Driver Preparations for Making a Right Turn Based on Vehicle Velocity and Traffic Conditions While Approaching an Intersection
Psychological Correlates of Car Use: A Meta-Analysis
The Impact of Four-Wheel Drive on Risky Driver Behaviours and Road Traffic Accidents
“I am flying to the stars”—Suicide by aircraft in Germany
Aging baby boomers--a blessing or challenge for driver licensing authorities
An Australasian model license reassessment procedure for identifying potentially unsafe drivers
Driving difficulties of brain-injured drivers in reaction to high-crash-risk simulated road events: A question of impaired divided attention?
Implications of vision testing for older driver licensing
Maintenance of Wakefulness test, obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, and driving risk
Medical review of fitness to drive in older drivers: the Maryland experience
Older drivers'"high per-mile crash involvement": the implications for licensing authorities
Predicting driving performance in older adults: we are not there yet!
Suicidal behaviour by train collision in Queensland, 1990-2004
Suicide on railway networks: epidemiology, risk factors and prevention
The licensing of older drivers in Europe--a case study
The relationship between self-regulation and driving-related abilities in older drivers: an exploratory study
TRB Workshop 2007: Licensing authorities' options for managing older driver safety--practical advice from the researchers
Usefulness of off-road screening tests to licensing authorities when assessing older driver fitness to drive
At-risk drivers with Alzheimer's disease: recognition, response, and referral
Future directions for older driver research
Individualized assessment of driving fitness for older individuals with health, disability, and age-related concerns
It cannot be all about safety: the benefits of prolonged mobility
Risk, human error, and system resilience: fundamental ideas
Should it be the law in Wisconsin that all motorcyclists are required to wear helmets?
Development and validation of head finite element model for traffic injury analysis
Problems related to alcohol drinking among youth in Jujuy, Argentina
Neurotrauma in children
The Changing Effect of Motorcycle Helmet Use on Mortality: Comparisons of Drivers and Passengers on the Same Motorcycle
Helmets Are Key to Reversing Growing Trend of Rider Deaths
Full Face Protective Helmet Modelling and Coupling With a Human Head Model
Investigations on Impact Testing of Head Injury Protection Helmets
Response of Helmets in Direct and Oblique Impacts
Effect of Helmet Inertial Properties on Male and Female Head Response During +Gz Impact Accelerations
Waiting Time in Emergency Evacuation of Crowded Public Transport Terminals
Suicide Prevention in Railway Systems: Application of a Barrier Approach
Tinted Windshield and Its Effects on Aging Drivers' Visual Acuity and Glare Response
Research on Bicycle Conversion Factors
Modelling Motorcyclist Injury Severity by Various Crash Types at T-Junctions in the UK
The Propensity for Motorists to Walk for Short Trips: Evidence From West Edinburgh
Child Transport Practices and Perceived Barriers in Active Commuting to School
Profile of motorcycle accident victims treated at a public hospital emergency department
Relationship between alcohol, drug use and traffic accidents related to nightlife among a Spanish youth sample in three autonomous communities in 2007
Association of objective measures of trauma exposure from motor vehicle accidents and posttraumatic stress symptoms
Maternal fatalities, fetal and neonatal deaths related to motor vehicle crashes during pregnancy: A national population-based study
Microsleep, sleepiness and driving performance in patients with sleep apnoea syndrome
EMBLEM2: An Empirically Based Large Scale Evacuation Time Estimate Model
Does Economic Level Similarly Matter for Injury Mortality in the OECD and Non-OECD Countries?
Explaining Crashes at Intersections With Red Light Cameras: A Note
Construction equipment and motor vehicle related injuries on construction sites in Turkey
Helicopter mishap attributed to single seizure. [Letter]
Helicopter mishap attributed to single seizure
Update on Road Traffic Crashes : Progress in the Middle East
Mass casualty in an isolated environment: medical response to a submarine collision
A perceptual map for understanding concern about unsafe driving behaviours
Age and pedestrian injury severity in motor-vehicle crashes: A heteroskedastic logit analysis
Alcohol-attributable deaths and years of potential life lost among American Indians and Alaska Natives--United States, 2001--2005
An epidemiological analysis of drunk driving accidents in Kagawa Prefecture - Comparison of 1997-2000 and 2003-2006
Combined effects of alcohol and distraction on driving performance
Does the impact of anti-drinking and driving Public Service Announcements differ based on message type and viewer characteristics?
Forgiveness and consideration of future consequences in aggressive driving
Implementation of safety driving system using e-health and telematics technology
Investigative and autopsy findings in sport aircraft-related deaths in southwest Florida
Motor vehicle driver death and high state maximum speed limits: 1991-1993
Methodological issues in motorcycle injury epidemiology
Neurological outcome in road traffic accidents with spinal cord injury
Orofacial damage resulting from road accidents
Prevalence of alcohol and drugs among Norwegian motor vehicle drivers: A roadside survey
Analysis of left-turn crash injury severity by conflicting pattern using partial proportional odds models
Diseases, consumption of medicines and responsibility for a road crash: A case-control study
Nonnatural deaths of adolescents and teenagers: Fulton County, Georgia, 1985-2004
Presence of passengers: Does it increase or reduce driver's crash potential?
Relationships between interest in motor racing and driver attitudes and behaviour amongst mature drivers: An Australian case study
Safety effects of reducing freeway illumination for energy conservation
Risk for excessive alcohol use and drinking-related problems in college student athletes
Understanding the human factors contribution to railway accidents and incidents in Australia
Impact of a drink-driving detection program to prevent traffic accidents (Villa Clara Province, Cuba)
Driving performance assessment: Effects of traffic accident location and alarm content
Female involvement in fatal crashes: Increasingly riskier or increasingly exposed?
The costs of traumatic brain injury due to motorcycle accidents in Hanoi, Vietnam
Survival after motor vehicle crash: impact of clinical and prehospital variables
How to obtain a healthy journey to school
Impact of Enforcement on Traffic Accidents and Fatalities: A Multivariate Multilevel Analysis
Laser exposure incidents: pilot ocular health and aviation safety issues
Recommendations to reduce psychological harm from traumatic events among children and adolescents
The prognostic value of injury severity, location of event, and age at injury in pediatric traumatic head injuries
Development of crash-severity-index models for the measurement of work zone risk levels
Epidemiology of mandibular fractures in a tertiary trauma centre
Incidence and pattern of mandibular fractures in rural population: a review of 324 patients at a tertiary hospital in Loni, Maharashtra, India
Time series count data models: An empirical application to traffic accidents
Trends in pediatric and adult bicycling deaths before and after passage of a bicycle helmet law
Minimizing impairment-related youth traffic deaths: the need for comprehensive provincial action
Pedestrian road traffic injuries in urban Peruvian children and adolescents: case control analyses of personal and environmental risk factors
Person-environment transactions in youth drinking and driving
Oil workers and seat-belt wearing behaviour: the northern Alberta context
Aggressive driving: A survey of attitudes, opinions and behaviors
Analyzing Complicity in Risk
Children and adolescents injured in traffic - associated psychological consequences: a literature review
Complete decapitation of a motorcycle driver due to a roadblock chain
Evaluating the effectiveness of barrier installation for preventing railway suicides in Hong Kong
Risk tolerance and pilot involvement in hazardous events and flight into adverse weather
Road traffic injuries: a stocktaking
The safest seat: Effect of seating position on occupant mortality
Significance of motor vehicle crashes and pelvic injury on fetal mortality: a five-year institutional review
Upper limb traumatic lesions related to airbag deployment: a case report and review of literature
Assessing elderly people to drive - Practical considerations
Attitudes to walking and cycling among children, young people and parents: a systematic review
Child passenger safety: direction, selection, location, installation
Evolution of road risk disparities at small-scale level: Example of Belgium
The effects of a mandatory motorcycle helmet law on helmet use and injury patterns among motorcyclist fatalities
Adolescents, peers, and motor vehicles: the perfect storm?
Conceptual frameworks for developing and comparing approaches to improve adolescent motor-vehicle safety
Dealing with the White Death: Avalanche Risk Management for Traffic Routes
Parenting and the young driver problem
Teen driving: motor-vehicle crashes and factors that contribute
Adolescent drivers: a developmental perspective on risk, proficiency, and safety
Behavioral risks during the transition from high school to college
Emergency medical services response to a major freeway bridge collapse
Impact of retirement on risky driving behavior and attitudes towards road safety among a large cohort of French drivers (the GAZEL cohort)
Person-vehicle-environment interactions predicting crash-related injury among older drivers
Road traffic accidents in Yemen
The appropriate and inappropriate use of child restraint seats in Manitoba
Effect of alcohol and caffeine on the driver fatigued by a long trip: a study on a driving simulator
Problem driving behavior and psychosocial maturation in young adulthood
Trends in drinking driver fatalities in Canada
The effects of driving age, driver education, and curfew laws on traffic fatalities of 15-17 year olds
Speed freaks? A literature review detailing the nature and prevalence of dance drugs and driving
Deterrence of drunk driving in Massachusetts: criminal justice system impacts
A revised economic analysis of restrictions on the use of cell phones while driving
Driving fatalities on US presidential election days
Severe abdominal injuries sustained in an adult wearing a pelvic seatbelt: a case report and review of the literature
Summary: Effects of Swedish Traffic Safety Research 1971 - 2004
The 2007 annual report of the Regional Infant and Child Mortality Review Committee
The Tachikawa cohort of motor vehicle accident study investigating psychological distress: design, methods and cohort profiles
Differences in the effectiveness of frontal air bags by body size among adults involved in motor vehicle crashes
Intelligent seat belt reminders-do they change driver seat belt use in Europe?
Interventions to prevent adolescent motor vehicle crashes: a literature review
Road injury-related mortality in a medium-sized Brazilian city after some preventive interventions
Trends in drink driving accidents and convictions in Denmark
Use of fatal real-life crashes to analyze a safe road transport system model, including the road user, the vehicle, and the road
A multiagency effort to reduce bicyclist fatalities and serious injuries in New York City
A review of "Traffic Safety and Human Behavior, by David Shinar."
Adult seat belt use: does the presence of children in the household make a difference?
Alcohol consumption among victims of external causes in a university general hospital
An overview of frontal air bag performance with changes in frontal crash-test requirements: findings of the Blue Ribbon Panel for the evaluation of advanced technology air bags
Clinical predictors of older driver performance on a standardized road test
Could driving safety be compromised by noise exposure at work and noise-induced hearing loss?
Does the decline in road traffic injury in London vary by ethnicity?
Evaluation of automated speed enforcement in Montgomery County, Maryland
LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for CHildren) usability in school buses and passenger vehicles
Reducing the burden of road traffic injury: translating high-income country interventions to middle-income and low-income countries
The influence of reduced friction on head injury metrics in helmeted head impacts
Injuries resulting from car surfing--United States, 1990-2008
Catastrophizing and causal beliefs in whiplash
Civilian helicopter accidents into water: analysis of 46 cases, 1979-2006
Driving behaviour after brain injury: a follow-up of accident rate and driving patterns 6-9 years post-injury
Gyroplane accidents 1985-2005: epidemiological analysis and pilot factors in 223 events
Isolated double gastric rupture caused by blunt abdominal trauma in an eighteen months old child: A case report
Long-term treatment of a girl with severe facial injury caused by a car accident
Motor vehicle accident deaths, 1979 to 2004
Prevalence of alcohol and drugs in urine of patients involved in road accidents
Risk perception in Northeast Asia
Traumatic degloving lesion of male external genitalia
Hospitalization from the traffic victims' and their family caregivers' points of view
Illicit drugs, medications and traffic accidents
Application of Heart Rate Variability Analysis to Electrocardiogram Recorded Outside the Driver's Awareness From an Automobile Steering Wheel
Automobile versus pedestrian injuries: does gender matter?
Explosion protection for vehicles intended for the transport of flammable gases and liquids-An investigation into technical and operational basics
Guidelines for research on drugged driving
Highlighting human form and motion information enhances the conspicuity of pedestrians at night
Increased police patrols for preventing alcohol-impaired driving
Outcome in 1,000 head injury hospital admissions: the Athens head trauma registry
Reducing contrast makes speeds in a video-based driving simulator harder to discriminate as well as making them appear slower
Road Casualties and Changes in Risky Driving Behavior in France Between 2001 and 2004 Among Participants in the GAZEL Cohort
A regression model applied to gender-specific ethanol elimination rates from blood and breath measurements in non-alcoholics
Burn Injuries Related to Liquefied Petroleum Gas-Powered Cars
Despite overall low pediatric head injury mortality, disparities exist between races
Energy drinks, race, and problem behaviors among college students
+Gz acceleration loss of consciousness: time course of performance deficits with repeated experience
A comparison of tactile, visual, and auditory warnings for rear-end collision prevention in simulated driving
A flight by periscope and where it landed
A model of extended, semisystematic visual search
A tactile cockpit instrument supports the control of self-motion during spatial disorientation
Aging and human performance
An accurate method for determining the conspicuity area associated with visual targets
Articulating the differences between safety and resilience: the decision-making process of professional sea-fishing skippers
Binocular rivalry and head-worn displays
Cough once for danger: icons versus abstract warnings as informative alerts in civil aviation
Determinants of conflict detection: a model of risk judgments in air traffic control
Effect of task and eccentricity of the target on detection thresholds in mesopic vision: implications for road lighting
Effects of age and illumination on night driving: a road test
Effects of single versus multiple warnings on driver performance
Fifty years of driving safety research
Gender differences in driver's license theory test scores in the Netherlands
Influence of age and proximity warning devices on collision avoidance in simulated driving
Interaction with an immersive virtual environment corrects users' distance estimates
Multisensory in-car warning signals for collision avoidance
Cognitive processes involved in smooth pursuit eye movements
Engaging policy makers in road safety research in Malaysia: A theoretical and contextual analysis
Extended driving impairs nocturnal driving performances
The epidemiology of surgically treated acute subdural and epidural hematomas in patients with head injuries: a population-based study
Injury-related fatalities in China: an under-recognised public-health problem
Non-fatal limb injuries in motorbike accidents
Iinfluence of the penalty point system on driving behaviour: Drivers' point of view
Seatbelts on school buses: are they safe for our children?
Drug Use and Criminal Activity Among Rural Probationers With DUI Histories
Road traffic injuries: A major global public health crisis
Exploring the Chemical Aspects of Truck Tire Blowouts and Explosions
Perception Towards Chemical Labeling for College Students in Taiwan Using Globally Harmonized System
Probabilistic Models of Freeway Safety Performance Using Traffic Flow Data As Predictors
Unregistered alcohol consumption and alcohol-related harm in Sweden, 2001–2005
Darkness-enhanced startle responses in ecologically valid environments: a virtual tunnel driving experiment
Indirect optic nerve injury in two-wheeler riders in northeast India
Unlicensed teenaged drivers: who are they, and how do they behave when they are behind the wheel?
Characteristics of death cases caused by road traffic accident in Shenzhen
Epidemiological features of the injured in road traffic accidents in Shanghai
A numerical investigation of factors affecting cervical spine injuries during rollover crashes
The Determinants of Truck Accidents
Sign Location, Sign Recognition, and Driver Expectancies
Field Operational Test of a Seatbelt Reminder System: Effects on Driver Behaviour and Acceptance
An Examination of Message-Relevant Affect in Road Safety Messages: Should Road Safety Advertisements Aim to Make Us Feel Good or Bad?
Effects of Cognitive Load Presence and Duration on Driver Eye Movements and Event Detection Performance
Sleepiness among Iranian lorry drivers
Study on susceptible and damages from motorcycle accidents in Mashhad
The epidemiology of midfacial fractures at two hospitals in Qazvin (1995-2005)
The pattern of road traffic injuries and related factors in Shahrood, Iran
A decade of train-pedestrian fatalities: the Charleston experience
The use of alcohol and other psychoactive substances by victims of traffic accidents in Greece
Train versus pedestrian accidents
An electrophysiological study of the impact of a forward collision warning system in a simulator driving task
Can Organisational Safety Climate and Occupational Stress Predict Work-Related Driver Fatigue?
Auditory and Haptic Systems for in-Car Speed Management - A Comparative Real Life Study
A Multiple Dispatch and Partial Backup Hypercube Queuing Model to Analyze Emergency Medical Systems on Highways
A Sequential Stochastic Security System Design Problem for Aviation Security
Analysis of Calculation Methods Used for Accuracy Evaluation of the Results of Road Accident Examination
Analysis of Emergency Braking of a Vehicle
Automobile Braking and Traction Characteristics on the Different Road Surfaces
Bounds on Effectiveness of Driver Hours-of-Service Regulations for Freight Motor Carriers
Children's mode choice for the school trip: the role of distance and school location in walking to school
Cost benefits of reduction in motor vehicle injuries with a nationwide speed limit of 65 miles per hour (mph)
Criminal and alcohol problems among Swedish drunk drivers - Predictors of DUI relapse
Defensive Driving and the External Costs of Accidents and Travel Delays
Designing a Sliding Mode Controller for Slip Control of Antilock Brake Systems
Evaluating the Pedestrian Realm: Instrumental Rationality, Communicative Rationality and Phenomenology
Evaluation of Veracity of Car Braking Parameters Used for the Analysis of Road Accidents
Making Cycling Irresistible: Lessons From The Netherlands, Denmark and Germany
Improvement of Road Safety Using Passive and Active Intelligent Vehicle Safety Systems
Modeling children's school travel mode and parental escort decisions
Multi-Objective Optimal Planning for Designing Relief Delivery Systems
Methodology for the Qualitative Evaluation of Pedestrian Crossings at Road Junctions With Traffic Lights
A clustering of injury behaviors
A Scenario Planning Approach for the Flood Emergency Logistics Preparation Problem Under Uncertainty
Assessment of the Impact of Jet Flame Hazard From Hydrogen Cars in Road Tunnels
Ant Colony Optimization for Disaster Relief Operations
Analysis of Handling Characteristics of All-Wheel-Drive Off-Road Vehicles
Determinants of the Severity of Cruise Vessel Accidents
Modelling and Investigation of Car Collisions
Port Traffic Risks - A Study of Accidents in Hong Kong Waters
Potential Benefits of an Adaptive Forward Collision Warning System
Real-world personal conversations using a hands-free embedded wireless device while driving: effect on airbag-deployment crash rates
Motorcycle-related foot injuries in children: A growing menace
Simulating Pedestrian Movements at Signalized Crosswalks in Hong Kong
The Effect of Improved Safety on Fuel Economy of European Cars
More Gray Hair -- but for Whom? Scenario-Based Simulations of Elderly Activity Travel Patterns in 2020
Road Accident Cost Prediction Model Using Systems Dynamics Approach
Rollover Risk Prediction of Heavy Vehicle in Interaction With Infrastructure
The driver vigilance telemetric control system (DVTCS): Investigating sensitivity to experimentally induced sleep loss and fatigue
Valuing the Prevention of Road Accidents in Belgium
Knowledge, attitude and practice of pedestrians about driving laws in Tehran
Evaluation of the effect of offender motorcyclists' penalty enforcement project on the incidence of road traffic accident injuries in Tehran
A survey of work related accidents induced death in public service and green space laborers of Tehran municipality in 2004- 2005
Epidemiologic evaluation of traffic accidents in Isfahan, (2002-2003)
Epidemiology of car accidents in land forces of Sepah - Pasdaran in Tehran
Useful field of view and risk of accident in simulated car driving
Study of motorcycle accidents in Mashhad
Risk factors for motorcyclist traffic accidents in Kashan
Estimation of death due to road traffic injuries in Kerman district: Application of capture-recapture method
Trauma mortality in six university hospitals: Tehran, Iran
10-Year Traffic Trends
18 u. s. c. section 924(c)(1). the court's construction of "use" and "second or subsequent conviction"
2 Years Experience in Combined Engineering and Pathology Investigation in Aircraft Accidents
A Boltzmann-Like Approach for Traffic Flow
A Computer Profile of Mobility Coverage and a Safety Index
A Criminology of Traffic Offenses
A Critique of Accident Research
A Curriculum Model to Improve Young Children's Concept of Speed to Reduce Their Pedestrian Accident Vulnerability
A field study of stress and fatigue in long-distance bus drivers
A Misleading Safety Record
A Modern Aerospace Modeling Approach for Evaluation of Aircraft Fuselage Crashworthiness
A Multibody Methodology for the Design of Anti-Climber Devices for Train Crashworthiness Simulation
A New Concept for a Helicopter Sub-Floor Structure Crashworthy in Impacts on Water and Rigid Surfaces
A New Dimension in Highway Safety
A New Laboratory Device for Passenger Car Safety Studies
A new visual performance test offers new variables for assessing daytime vigilance: short pauses in performance
A Non-Traditional Look at Safety
A note on disability glare
A Pilot Study of Drivers Incurring Automobile Accidents
A Probability Problem Arising in Reliability and Traffic Studies
A Proposed Automobile Accident Compensation Plan
A Proposed Reference Framework for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and System Airworthiness Requirements
A Question of Survival - Military Aircraft Vs the Electromagnetic Environment
A Review of the Effectiveness of Seat Belt Systems: Design and Safety Considerations
A Safety Index for Traffic With Linear Spacing
A Side Airbag System to Meet Chest Injury Measures: Evaluation by Mathematical Simulations
A Simplified Traffic Model for Small Cities
A Statistical Analysis of Automobile Accidents and the Determination of Insurance Rates
A Statistical and Critical Contribution to Problems of Traffic Medicine
A Statistical Guide for Accident Research, Illustrated by Application to Non-Air-Carrier Flying, 1949-51
A Study of Aerodynamic Performance Degradation on Aerofoils and Aircraft Wings Due to Accreted Ice
A Study of Speed in Injury Producing Accidents: A Preliminary-Report
A Study of Standards for Child Restraint System Sled Tests
A Study on a Retrofit of the Breakaway Cable Terminal
A Study on Crushing Behaviour and Energy Absorption Capacity of a Thin-Walled Rectangular Tube Under Axial Compression
A Study on Crushing Characteristics of Thick-Walled Aluminum Tubes Under Axial Loading
A Study on Large Deflection of Thin-Walled Tubes Under Pure Bending
A Summary of Roadway Accidents Involving Agricultural Machinery
A Ten-Year Survey of Snowmobile Accidents, Injuries, and Fatalities in Wisconsin
A View on the Road Accident Problem
Accident Prevention in Arizona
Accident Proneness in Attempted Suicide and in Automobile Accident Victims
Accident Proneness in Motor Vehicle Drivers
Do drinking and riding mix? Effects of legal doses of alcohol on balance ability in experienced motorcyclists
The Doctor, the Driver, and the Police
Coverage of motor vehicle crashes with injuries in U.S. newspapers, 1999-2002
Factors associated with driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs among an Australian sample of regular ecstasy users
Improving traffic safety: Conceptual considerations for successful action
Evaluation of a high visibility enforcement project focused on passenger vehicles interacting with commercial vehicles
Quality-Adjusted Life Years Lost from Nonfatal Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries
Injury severity analysis of accidents involving young male drivers in Great Britain
Television news' coverage of motor-vehicle crashes
Traffic speeds associated with implementation of 80 mph speed limits on West Texas rural interstates
Using data linkage to assess the impact of motorized recreational vehicle-related injuries in Ohio
Why don't more children walk to school?
The effects of in-vehicle tasks and time-gap selection while reclaiming control from adaptive cruise control (ACC) with bus simulator
The experiences and perceptions of heavy vehicle drivers and train drivers of dangers at railway level crossings
The Enforcement of Speeding: Should Fines Be Higher for Repeated Offences?
The impact of benzodiazepines on safe driving
The consequences of providing drinkers with blood alcohol concentration information on assessments of alcohol impairment and drunk-driving risk
The choice of statistical models in road safety countermeasure effectiveness studies in Iowa
Systemic Approach to the Integration of Motorway Networks into European Emergency Number 112
Stopping behavior in a VR driving simulator: A new clinical measure for the assessment of driving
Sternal fractures are frequent among polytraumatised patients following high deceleration velocities in a severe vehicle crash
How to modify the risk-taking behaviour of emergency medical services drivers?
How important is vehicle safety in the new vehicle purchase process?
Hospital-based rental programs to increase car seat usage
HIC (head injury criterion) and SI (severity index) of impacts with different pulse shapes
High-speed 3-D kinematics from whole-body lateral impact sled tests
Harm from seat belt: transthoracic lung herniation and pericardial rupture
Geographical and Socioecological Variations of Traffic Accidents Among Children
Gender differences in self-regulation patterns and attitudes toward driving among older adults
Future of vehicle navigation systems
Fuel-fed fires and commercial vehicle design
Male/female driver characteristics and accident risk: some new evidence
An exploration of the offset hypothesis using disaggregate data: The case of airbags and antilock brakes
Bridging Research and Practice: A Synthesis of Best Practices in Travel Demand Modeling
Effectiveness of Motorcycle Training and Motorcyclists' Risk-Taking Behavior
Predicted Risk Perception and Risk-Taking Behavior: The Case of Impaired Driving
The Value of Mortality Risk Reductions in Delhi, India
Working with cognitively impaired drivers: Legal issues for mental health professionals to consider
Work profile and traffic accidents among motorcycle couriers in two medium-sized cities in the state of Parana, Brazil
Road safety messages tailored for young adults: using the internet and encouraging protective passenger behaviour
Speech shadowing while driving: on the difficulty of splitting attention between eye and ear
Statistical analyses of influence of solar and geomagnetic activities on car accident events
Seat Belts and Accident Prevention
Seat Belts in Prevention of Automobile Injuries - Report of Committee on Accident Prevention
Seeing Habits and Vision, A Neglected Area in Traffic Safety
Shared Patterns of Nonverbal Normative Expectations in Automobile Driving
Some Late Sequelae of Head Injuries Due to Road Accidents
Some Personal and Social-Attitudes of Habitual Traffic Violators
Some Results for Fixed-Time Traffic Signals
Sould the Dead Mans Statute Apply to Automobile Collisions?
Sources of Information in Automobile Engineering
Statistical Problems of Automobile Insurance
Street and Sidewalk Safety - the Scope of the Municipal Duty in Minnesota
Structural + Medical Analysis of Civil Aircraft Accident
Structural + Medical Analysis of Civil Aricraft Accident
Study of the Autocar Traffic Stream According to Motor Car Accidents
Suicide and Homicide by Automobile
Summary + Evaluation of Aircraft Accidents + Fatalities
Survey of Rotary Wing Accidents
Systems Safety and Health
Tactile Relationships in the Subway As Affected by Racial, Sexual, and Crowded Seating Situations
Taking the Trauma Out of Traffic
Teamwork and Safety in Flight
Teenagers and the Automobile
The Accident Surgery of Motorways
The Action Program for Highway Safety
The Automobile - A Challenge to Medicine: Doctors Have Intimate Knowledge of Smashups. Are They Logical Leaders in Auto Safety?
The Columbia Study of Compensation for Automobile Accidents: An Unanswered Challenge
The Control of Traffic Flow to Increase the Flow
The Coordination of Highway and Traffic Engineering
The Cost of Road Accidents
The District Attorney and the Traffic Problem
The Economic Treatment of Automobile Injuries
The Effect of the Automobile on Patterns of Urban-Growth
The Effectiveness of Curved Surface Traffic Markers
The Efficiency of 2 Dimensional Traffic Markers in Referring Commands
The Financial Impact of Automobile Accidents
The Flow of Highway Traffic Through A Sequence of Synchronized Traffic Signals
The Future of Traffic Flow Theory
The Human Element in Aircraft Accidents
The Influence of Alcohol on Automobile Driving Ability: An Experimental Study for the Evaluation of Certain Medicological Aspects
The Mathematical Analysis of Traffic Congestion
The Medical and Civic Responsibilities of the Physician in the Prevention of Automobile Injuries and Deaths
The Military Looks at Traffic Safety
The Pathology of Fatal Aircraft Accidents
The Patient, the Attendants and the Externals in Traffic Hazards
The Pedestrian Safety Campaign in New York City
The prevention and care of automobile injuries and deaths: The responsibility of the otolaryngologist both as a physician and a citizen
The Problem of Accident Distribution
The Problem of the Amber Signal Light in Traffic Flow
The Proper Emphasis in Traffic Safety
The Public Analyst and the Public Safety
The Relationship of Fields of Vision to Safety in Driving - With A Report of 680 Drivers Examined by Various Screening Methods
The Relief of Traffic Congestion by Parking Restrictions
The Responsibility of the Medical Profession to the Victim of the Automobile Accident
The Sampling of Road Traffic
The Traffic Accident Problem and the United States. [Presidents Committee for Traffic Safety]
The Uniform Traffic Ticket and Complaint: A Judicial Function
The Volume-Density Relation in the Theory of Road Traffic
Theoretical Studies and Operational Research on Traffic and Traffic Congestion
Tobacco smoking and automobile driving stress in relation to deaths from cardiac and vascular causes
Toward Solving the Accident Problem
Towards a Unified Theory of Road Traffic
Traffic accidents
Traffic Accident Research: Review and Prognosis
Traffic Accident Trends in Europe and the British Isles
Traffic Accidents: Epidemiology and the Medical Aspects of Prevention
Traffic Accidents: Epidemiology and the Medical Aspects of Prevention
Traffic and Safety in Tomorrow's Urban Areas
Traffic deaths on holidays
Traffic Dynamics: Studies in Car Following
Traffic Engineering in Public Works
Traffic Engineering Techniques Applied in Los Angeles
Traffic Law Violations: A Folk Crime
Traffic Planning for Chicago
Traffic Safety and the Adolescent Driver
Traffic safety from an economists point of view
Traffic Safety in the Nation's Capital Moves Steadily Ahead
Traffic Safety, the Driver and Electronics
Traffic Safety
Traffic Safety
Traffic Tantrums
Traffic violations: Vicarious liability of owners and presumptive owner-operation
Traumatic Accidents in Rural Tropical Regions: An Epidemiological Field Study in Punjab, India
Unified Programming and Improved Traffic Safety
Uniformity of traffic control. Has it been achieved?
The Use and Misuse of Traffic Signs
Use of Lap Safety Belts in Motor Cars: A Review
Virginia State Police Achievements in Traffic Law Enforcement
Wanted: Safety Devices for Automobile Passengers
Varying gender pattern of childhood injury mortality over time in Scotland
A Field Data Analysis of Risk Factors Affecting the Injury Risks in Vehicle-to-Pedestrian Crashes
A Methodology for the Geometric Standardization of Vehicle Hoods to Compare Real-World Pedestrian Crashes
A qualitative exploration of self-regulation behaviors among older drivers
Evaluation of Advanced Air Bag Deployment Algorithm Performance using Event Data Recorders
A Comprehensive Review of Rollover Accidents Involving Vehicles Equipped with Electronic Stability Control (ESC) Systems
Occupant Restraint in the Rear Seat: ATD Responses to Standard and Pre-tensioning, Force-Limiting Belt Restraints
Seat integrated and conventional restraints: a study of crash injury/fatality rates in rollovers
Risk of Permanent Medical Impairment (RPMI) in Road Traffic Accidents
Visual and Medical Risk Factors for Motor Vehicle Collision Involvement among Older Drivers
Injury risk for children in rear impacts: Role of the front seat occupant
Injury Reduction Opportunities of Far side Impact Countermeasures
Misuse of Booster Cushions: An Observation Study of Children's Performance during Buckling Up
The Effectiveness of Road-Safety Crossing Guards: Knowledge and Behavioral Intentions
Air Passenger Perceptions on Exit Row Seating and Flight Safety Education
Ethical Dilemmas in Traffic Safety Work
Column generation with dual inequalities for railway crew scheduling problems
Injury of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples due to transport, 2001-02 to 2005-06
Serious injury due to transport accidents involving a railway train, Australia, 2001-02 to 2005-06
Serious injury due to land transport accidents, Australia, 2005-06
Serious injury due to transport accidents, Australia, 2005-06
Adult Correlates of Early Behavioral Maladjustment: A Study of Injured Drivers
Age thresholds for increased mortality of three predominant crash induced head injuries
Aging is not a Risk Factor For Femoral and Tibial Fractures in Motor Vehicle Crashes
Characteristics of back pain among commercial drivers and motorcyclists in Lagos, Nigeria
Characteristics of older drivers who self-limit their driving
Effect of Delta-V Errors in NASS on Frontal Crash Risk Calculations
Evaluation of seven publicized enforcement demonstration programs to reduce impaired driving: Georgia, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Indiana, and Michigan
Influence of Active Muscle Contribution on the Injury Response of Restrained Car Occupants
Injury mechanisms and severity in narrow offset frontal impacts
Minor crashes and 'whiplash' in the United States
The Uberlingen Accident: Macro-Level Safety Lessons
Vehicle Related Factors that Influence Injury Outcome in Head-On Collisions
A Decision Support System for Integrated Hazardous Materials Routing and Emergency Response Decisions
An Emergency Logistics Distribution Approach for Quick Response to Urgent Relief Demand in Disasters
Determinants of Motor Carrier Safety Technology Adoption
Estimation of the Need for Harmonization of Technical Demands for Vehicles Used in Transit Countries to Decrease Threats Made by the Accidents, Presented in the Selected Examples
In-Vehicle Data Recorders for Monitoring and Feedback on Drivers' Behavior
Traffic Control Elements Influence on Accidents, Mobility and the Environment
Hemopericardium-related fatalities: a 10-year medicolegal autopsy experience
Creating Safe Travel Environments for Mobility As We Age: AARP's Efforts and Key Roles for Transportation Professionals
Creating Safe Travel Environments for Mobility As We Age: Understanding AARP's Livable Communities Agenda
Criteria for Setting General Urban Speed Limits
Crossing Pedestrians and Dynamic Severance on Urban Main Roads
Customer Service, Customer Safety: Florida's Turnpike Enterprise Mainline Safety Program
Data Collection Technology at ARRB Transport Research
Day-Time Hazards of Windshield Tinting
Daytime Effects of Raised Pavement Markers on Horizontal Curves
Delays and Conflicts at One Lane Bridges
Delays, Inaccuracies and Anticipation in Microscopic Traffic Models
Demand management: An overview
Derivation of Control Activity Metrics for the Rule-Based Prediction of Helicopter Pilot Workload
Design Guidelines for Railroad Preemption at Signalized Intersections
Design of Formation Control Laws for Manoeuvred Flight
Design Speed, Operating Speed and Posted Speed Relationships
Designing Accessible Facilities in the Public Right-of-Way
Detector Placement Strategies for a Diamond Interchange
Determination of Basic Capacity of an Uninterrupted Flow Highway in Thailand
Determination of Interaction Potentials in Freeway Traffic From Steady-State Statistics
Developing a Canadian Guide to Traffic Calming
Developing Curb Ramp Designs Based on Curb Radius
Development and Evaluation of Fractal Dimension Models for Freeway Incident Detection
Development of Head Protection for Car Occupants
Differences Between the AUSTROADS Roundabout Guide and Aa SIDRA Roundabout Analysis Methods
Distribution of Driver Eye Heights at Mid-Block Locations
Distribution of Driver Eye Heights on the Appoaches to Intersections
Do Elderly Victorians in Rural Areas Have Access to Public Transport?
Does Color Blindness Affect the Perception of Green LED Signal Indications?
Does the Polished Stone Value Test Assure Skid Resistance?
Downgrade speed characteristics of heavy vehicles
Drink Driving Rehabilitation Programs and Alcohol Ignition Interlocks: Is There a Need for More Research?
Driver Education and Driving Offences in Young Males
Driver Inattention, Driver Distraction and Traffic Crashes
Driver Perception: Response Time for Braking Action During Signal Change Interval
Driver Perception of a Series of on-Road Treadle Sensors
Driving at dusk and the conspicuity role of vehicle lights. a review
Dynamic Message Sign Accuracy: A Challenge to the Operations Community
Dynamics and Control of Different Aircraft Formation Structures
Dynamics of Drivers' Route Choice Decisions Under Advanced Traveller Information Systems
Early Green Start Analysis for Time-of-Day Signal Coordination
Economic Impact of Speed Humps on Housing Values
Effect of a Lower Default Urban Speed Limit on Speeds in South Australia
Effect of a New Urban Arterial on Road Safety
Effect of a Pavement Marking Countermeasure on Improving Signalized Intersection Safety
Effect of Climate on the Seasonal Variation of Pavement Skid Resistance for Sites Near Sydney
Effect of Climate on the Seasonal Variation of Pavement Skid Resistance
Effect of Directional Split and Slow-Moving Vehicles on Two Lane Capacity
Effect of energy shortage and land use on auto occupancy
Effect of Non-Optimal Cycle Lengths and Traffic Volumes on Progression
Effect of Police Presence on Urban Driving Speeds
Effect of presence lights on the detection of change of vehicle headway
Effect of Road Cross-Section on Vehicle Lateral Placement
Effect of Shoulder Width and Type on Rural Traffic Safety and Operations
Effect of Speed Humps on Traffic Delay in Jordan
Effect of Visual Noise on the Recognition of Road Traffic Signal Lights
Effect on Vehicle Speeds of Signs Warning of Police Enforcement in Rural Areas of South Australia
Effect on vision of terminations and isolated lengths of fixed lighting
Effectiveness of Additional Lanes at Signalized Intersections
Effectiveness of road work speed limit signs
Effectiveness of Strobes on Improving Violation Rates at Pedestrian Signals
Effectiveness of the Anti-Drink Driving Advertising Campaign in New Zealand
Effects of Back Step and Update Rule on Congestion of Mobile Objects
Effects of bike lanes on driver and bicyclist behavior
Effects of Distance and Speed on Driver Stop-Versus-Cross Decision at Traffic Signals
Effects of Red Light Camera Installation on Driver Behaviour at a Signalised Cross-Junction in Singapore
Effects of Reference Line Positioning on Gap Acceptance Data
Effects of Road User Characteristics and Vehicle Type on Road Roughness Perception
Effects of Self-Activated Pavement Markers on Driver Behaviour
Effects of weather and climate on urban bicycle commuters' decision to ride: A pilot survey
Efficiency of Dual Left-Turn Lane Intersections in Charlotte: a Study Using TRAF-NETSIM
Emergency braking of semi-trailer trucks using a belt-drop method
Emergency Vehicle Preemption Signal Timing: Constraints and Solutions
Energy Implications of Co-Ordinated Traffic Signals
Entry Capacity at Roundabouts and Impact of Waiting Times
Environmental Capacity Based on Pedestrian Delay and Accident Risk
Equilibrium Functions of Traffic Flow
Equipment Failures in ATC: Finding an Appropriate Safety Target
Escalators in rapid transit stations
Establishing a Uniform Definition of Red-Light Running Crashes
Establishing Multi-Combination Vehicle Trajectories Under Acceleration From Rest
Evaluating the Unknown: Hypothetical Evaluation of the Perth Pedestrian Strategy
Evaluation of alternative station spacings for rapid transit lines
Evaluation of bridge overloads
Evaluation of bus priority traffic signals
Evaluation of Critical Highway Safety Needs of Special Population Groups
Evaluation of Driver-Based Freeway Incident Detection
Evaluation of red light camera enforcement in fairfax, va., usa
Evaluation of the AUSTROADS Horizontal Curve Design Standards for New Zealand
Evaluation of transition curve design parameters using an analytical vehicle model
Evaluation of Two- and Four-Foot Shoulders on Two-Lane State Routes
Examination of Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Collisions Over 10 Years in Seven Midwestern States
Exploring the Future of Car Use for an Ageing Society: Preliminary Results From a Sydney Study
Factors Affecting PCU in Mixed Traffic Situations on Urban Roads
Fail-to-stand accidents at traffic signals
Fatigue and driving: A theoretical analysis
Field Evaluation of Two Methods for Restricting Right Turn on Red to Promote Pedestrian Safety
Field Measurements of Capacity and Delay at Unsignalized Intersections
Fire protection systems on (WMATA) Metro
Flight Control System Damage Simulation Using Freely Flying Models
Fluctuation and Transition of Vehicular Traffic Through a Sequence of Traffic Lights
Forecasting the Cost of Driving
Framework for Accident Costing
Freeway traffic control and surveillance model
Future Air Traffic Management - Passing the Key Tests
Gaming Casino Traffic
Gap Acceptance and Approach Capacity at Unsignalized Intersections
Getting Clear on Fog-Related Crashes in Tampa Bay
Goods Transport
Grade-crossing accident prediction
Graduated Licensing in the United States
Gravel road corrugations
Guide to the economic justification of rural grade separations
Guidelines for Establishing Freeway Service Patrols
Guidelines for Night-Time Maintenance and Construction Operations
Guidelines for Right-Turn Treatments at Signalized Intersections
Guidelines for the Use of Bus Bulbs
Guidelines for the Use of Flashing Operation at Signalized Intersections
Guidelines for Traffic Sign Symbols
Have We Grown Complacent About Highway Deaths?
Helicopter emergency medical care delivery systems
High accident spot-improvement program
Highway Light Trespass: Human and Social Factors
Human orientation in transportation terminals
Humps for Use on Bus Routes
Ice-Breaking Operations in Northern Baltic - Simulation Study
Ideal and Disordered Two-Lane Traffic Models
Identifying High Frequency Crash Locations: Empowering End-Users With GIS Capabilities
iFlorida: Making Florida's Transportation System Smarter, Safer and More Secure
Image processing for roads: an on-line literature review and text database assessment
Impact behavior of barriers on nonlevel terrain
Impact of energy on future transportation systems
Impact of Expressway Reconstruction on Adjacent Traffic Operations
Impact of federal highway policy on county road programs
Impact of Perceived Risk on Urban Commuters' Route Choices
Impacts of Different Types of Ramps on the Traffic Flow
Implementation of a Multimedia Highway Sign Database
Implementing ITS for Hurricane Evacuations in Florida
Improved mobility for elderly and handicapped persons
Improving Grade Crossing Safety Near Highway Intersections
Improving Intersection Safety - What's Next?
Improving Pedestrian Safety at Unsignalized Intersections
Improving the Identification, Analysis and Correction of High-Crash Locations
Improving the intrinsic safety of blacked-out traffic signal installations in New South Wales
Improving Transportation Response and Security Following a Disaster
Incident Detection: Selection of Appropriate Technologies and Methodologies
Incorporating highway safety into level of service
India's Transport System: At the Crossroads
Influence of Road Width on the Lighting of Curves
Influence of Traffic Calming on Emergency Response Times
Innovative Traffic Control Devices: Request for Experimentation
INROADS: A new database for roads and transport
Integrated Public Safety and Highway Operations: A Policy Framework and Analysis
International Walk to School Day 2003
Investigating the Relationship Between Cellular Phone Use and Traffic Safety
Investigation on the Aerodynamic Performance of an Ejection Seat
Investigations of distraction by irrelevant information
Investing in urban bicycle facilities
Issues Affecting Heavy Vehicle Drivers in Western Australia: A Delphi Study
ITE and Road Safety Audit: A Partnership for Traffic Safety
ITE Pedestrian and Bicycle Task Force Survey Results Summary
ITE Pedestrian and Bicycle Task Force
ITE Technical Committee TENC-105-01: school site planning, design and transportation
ITE Traffic Calming Definition
ITS Animated LED Signals Alert Drivers to Pedestrian Threats
IVHS: An international perspective
Keywalk. a key operated extension of 'walk - don't walk' traffic signals
KIDSAFE: a Young Pedestrian Safety Study
Kuwait accident patterns and cost evaluation
LATM (Traffic Calming): How Do We Encourage Local Government to Share Their Knowledge More Effectively?
Lawsuits arising out of reconstruction
LED Traffic Signal Modules As an Incandescent Lamp Alternative
LEDs in Light-Emitting Highway Devices in Maryland
Left turn versus right turn priorities: What can Australia learn from New Zealand?
Left-Turn-on-Red Traffic Scheme in Singapore
Legal and contractual areas of subsurface investigations for pipeline
Legal liability and highway design and maintenance
Levels of Service for Pedestrians
Liability and Risk Management Associated With At-Grade Pedestrian Crossings
Liability implications for low volume rural highways
Liability in Negligence and the High Court Decisions in Brodie and Ghantous: Where to From Here for Road Authorities?
Liability in traffic and highway operations
Lifting our game. an action and research plan to improve safety in the Australian road transport industry
Limited sight distance effect on speed
Investigations on the belt-to-pelvis interaction in case of submarining
Mortality pattern according to autopsy findings among traffic accident victims in Yazd, Iran
Two wheels - too dangerous? : analysis of real-world crash data and federal statistics
An evaluation of the official Swedish statistics on seriously injured in road traffic accidents
Epidemiology of deaths and injuries among pre-schoolers as passengers in cars. An analysis of a health problem in New Zealand and an evaluation of preventive measures
Blood alcohol concentration and reaction time
Blood alcohol in automobile drivers: measurement and interpretation for medicolegal purposes. I. Effect of time interval between incident and sample acquisition
Compensation for injuries while commuting to and from work
Contributions from psychology to the study of drinking and driving
Head and neck trauma in taxicabs. a growing urban problem
Craniofacial injuries resulting from taxicab accidents in New York City
Re: Craniofacial injuries resulting from taxicab accidents in New York City
A comparison of emergency medical helicopter accident rates in the United States and the Federal Republic of Germany
A psychophysiological profile of taxi drivers in Singapore
A study of the mortality patterns of taxi drivers in Singapore
Age-related vision problems in commuter and air taxi pilots: a study of 3019 pilots, 1987-1997
Air taxi certificate: issues to consider
Alaska air carrier operator and pilot safety practices and attitudes: a statewide survey
An evaluation of the taxi service available to wheelchair users
Analysis of accidents during instrument approaches
Biodynamic effects of canopy loss in the TF-15 aircraft
Broken necks in passengers in London taxi accidents
Comparison of the prevalence of substance use and psychiatric disorders between government- and self-employed commercial drivers
Concerning Relative Value of a Physician's and a Taxi Driver's Services: Re California Industrial Accident Commission
Controlled flight into terrain accidents among commuter and air taxi operators in Alaska
Drinking and driving in an urban setting in Kenya
Effects of ageing on taxi driving
Factors associated with pilot fatalities in work-related aircraft crashes--Alaska, 1990-1999
Flight crew fatigue III: North Sea helicopter air transport operations
General aviation accident rates and pilot community population size: an examination of rural-urban differences
Geographic patterns of pilot fatality rates in commuter and air taxi crashes
Geographic variations in crash risk of general aviation and air taxis
Heat stress in front and rear cockpits of F-4 aircraft
Heat stress in the A-10 cockpit: flights over desert
Human hippocampal theta activity during virtual navigation
London taxi drivers and bus drivers: a structural MRI and neuropsychological analysis
Medical assessment for licensing of taxi drivers by Scottish local authorities
Mortality among professional drivers
Non-spatial expertise and hippocampal gray matter volume in humans
Professional drivers in London: a mortality study
Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in pilot fatalities of civil aviation accidents, 1990-2001
The Colchester taxi cab murder
The design of entrances of taxis for elderly and disabled passengers: an experimental study
Behaviors and personality traits of taxi drivers, with special reference to driving speed
Health condition of taxi drivers. (1) subjective symptoms and fatigue
Health condition of taxi drivers. (2) cause of death
Medical aspects and driving history of drivers with higher class automobile driver's licenses
Application of Genetic Neural Networks to Real-Time Intersection Accident Detection Using Acoustic Signals
Application of Highway Safety Manual Draft Chapter: Louisiana Experience
Approaches to Simulate the Door Trim Behavior in Side Impact
Architecture Design of Commercial Vehicle Safety Surveillance Platform and Key Technologies Analyzing
Assessing Driver Distraction From Cell Phone Use: A Simulator-Based Study
Assessing Weather, Environment, and Loop Data for Real-Time Freeway Incident Prediction
Assessment Criteria for Assessing Energy-Absorbing Front Underrun Protection on Trucks
Assessment of the Occlusion Technique As a Means for Evaluating the Distraction Potential of Driver Support Systems
Automatic Car Driving Based on Fuzzy Logic and GNSS
Automatic Classify Method of Traffic Sign
AUTOSAFE - A Modular System for Integral Safety in Road Traffic
Behavior of Ship Officers in Maneuvering to Prevent a Collision
Benefits of Driver Assistance Systems From the Point of View of an Insurer
Blast Phenomena in Urban Tunnel Systems
Capacity of Small Roundabouts With Two-Lane Entries
Case Studies on an Approach to Multiple Autonomous Vehicle Motion Coordination
Causative Factors and Trends in Florida Pedestrian Crashes
Cause-Effect Relationships of Road Incidents Using Decision Tree Method
Centerline Rumble Strips Cut Accident Rates
Characteristics of Traffic Safety on Desert Highway
Characteristics Related to Midblock Pedestrian-Vehicle Crashes and Potential Treatments
Characterization of Driving Behaviors Based on Field Observation of Intersection Left-Turn Across-Path Scenarios
Communication Control and Driving Assistance to a Platoon of Vehicles in Heavy Traffic and Scarce Visibility
Comparative Evaluation of Freeway Incident Detection Models Using Field Data
Comprehensive Analysis of the Relationship Between Real-Time Traffic Surveillance Data and Rear-End Crashes on Freeways
Comprehensive Evaluation Approach of Road Traffic Safety Based on Artificial Neural Network
Computational Robust Design Methods for Vehicle Crash Safety
Computer Modeling of Lift Trucks and Operators to Simulate Lateral Tipover
Condition Based Aero-Engine Maintenance Decision Method Using Proportional Hazards Model
Constant Force Restraints for Frontal Collisions
Context-Sensitive Urban Transportation Design in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Control Allocation in Ground Vehicles
Cooperative Driving at Blind Crossings Using Intervehicle Communication
Correlation Between Pressure Wave of Train Passing and Running Speed
Cost-Benefit-Analyses for Driver Assistance Systems Methodical Issues and Empirical Results
Crash Analysis and Modeling of Two Vehicles in Frontal Collisions Using Two Types of Smart Front-End Structures: An Analytical Approach Using IHBM
Crash Classification Logic Using Accelerometers
Crash Compatibility Between Road Safety Barriers and Cars
Crash Testing/ the Dummy Run
Crash Tests Prove Unrivalled Performance of Concrete Step Barriers
Crumple Zones for Pedestrians
Design and Implementation of GPS Ground-Based Regional Integrity Monitoring System for China Civil Aviation
Design and Simulation of Automotive Plastic Pillars for Occupant Protection
Design of 5.9 ghz dsrc-based vehicular safety communication
Design of an Automobile Seat With Regulations Using Axiomatic Design
Design of Angled Parking Bays
Design of Simulator Scenarios to Study Effectiveness of Electronic Stability Control Systems
Design, Validation, and Utilization of an Articular Cartilage Impact Instrument
Developing a Standard for Boat Barriers
Developing Safety Indicators for New Zealand Airspace Analysis of Loss-of-Separation Incidents
Development and Implementation of Driver Safety History Indicator into Roadside Inspection Selection System
Development of a New Methodology for Vehicle Steering System Inspection
Effect of Side Rigidity on Passenger Injury in Vehicle Side Impact
Effectiveness of Speed-Monitoring Displays in Speed Reduction in School Zones
Effects of Adaptive Cruise Control and Alert Modality on Driver Performance
Effects of Aroma of Trees on Active Safety During Car Driving
Effects of Dedicated Stop-Lamps on Nighttime Rear-End Collisions
Effects of Pre-Impact Pedestrian Position and Motion on Kinematics and Injuries From Vehicle and Ground Contact
Effects of Ribs on S-Frame Crashworthiness
Energy Absorber With Force Modificator
Enhancing Night Vision
Estimation Method for Field Effectiveness of Active Safety Technologies
Estimation of Incident Delay and Its Uncertainty on Freeway Networks
Estimation of the Visibility Distance by Stereovision: A Generic Approach
Evaluation of Collision Warning-Collision Avoidance Systems Using Empirical Driving Data
Evaluation of Design Variants of an Information and Communication System Using Safety-Relevant Criteria in a Driving Simulator Study
Evaluation of Operational Impacts of Installation of Centerline and Edge Line Rumble Strips
Evaluation of Passenger Railroad Car Roll Over Crashworthiness
Evaluation of proneness to red light violation: quantitative approach suggested by potential conflict analysis
Evaluation of Variable Speed Limits to Improve Traffic Safety
Experimental Evaluation of the Wheelchair Occupant Protection Under Different Impact Conditions Using Commercial Wheelchairs
Exploration of Pedestrian Gap-Acceptance Behavior at Selected Locations
Exploration of the Theoretic and Technical Systems of Train Operation Accident Emergency and Rescue
Exploratory Analysis of Crossing Difficulties for Blind and Sighted Pedestrians at Channelized Turn Lanes
Eye Tracking As a Method to Evaluate Users' Strategies in Contact With Driver Assistance Systems
Eyeglance Behavior of Novice Teen and Experienced Adult Drivers
Factors Affecting Common Vehicle-to-Vehicle Collision Types: Road Safety Priorities in an Aging Society
Fatigue Design of Leaf Spring Using Artificial Neural Network
Field Experiments to Evaluate Lighting Performance in Nighttime Highway Construction
Financing Road Networks in Developing Countries
Finite Element Analysis of an Induced Current Potential Drop Method for the Defect Detection of Railway Axles
Finite Element Analysis of Seat Belt Bunching Phenomena
Finite Element Modeling of Impact Between Bus and Roadside Guardrail
Fires/Explosions Onboard Greek Vessels: The Hazards, the Records and the Statistical Trends
Fishing for a New Paradigm - Balancing Sustainability, Profitability, and Safety in Modern Fisheries
Five-Dimensional Taxonomy to Relate Human Errors and Technological Interventions in a Human Factors Literature Database
Flashover in Subway Fire Based on Catastrophe Theory
Formal Safety Assessment for Fishery Vessels
Front Collision Warning Algorithm for Curved Highway
Front Impact Development in the Context of Global Requirements
Fuzzy Control on Vehicle Motion Based on Avoidance Urgent Degree
Fuzzy Inference Based Car Following Collision Prevention Controller
Fuzzy-Reasoning-Based Approach to Qualitative Railway Risk Assessment
Government Regulation of Road Passenger Transportation
Guardrail Run-Out Length Design Procedures Revisited
Helicopter Safety Initiative Makes Progress
Heuristic Priority Ranking of Emergency Evacuation Staging to Reduce Clearance Time
Hidden Epidemic of Maternal, Fetal, and Neonatal Mortality and Injury From Crashes a Case of Societal Neglect?
High Temperature Automobile Protection System
Hindsight Judgment of Driver Fault in Traffic Accident Analysis: Misusing the Science of Accident Reconstruction
Houston, Texas, Metropolitan Traffic Safety Planning Program
How Multitasking Interacts With Visual Impairment and Age on Measures of Driving Performance
Icing Encounter Flight Simulator
Identification and Control of a Vehicle Restraint System
Impact of E-Economy on Traffic and Traffic-Related Indicators in Urban Areas
Impact of Highway Safety Flares on Driver Behavior
Impact of Hourly Measured Speed on Accident Risk in the Netherlands: Results From Exploratory Study Using Geographic Information Systems
Impact of Wind Forces on Heavy Truck Stability
Impact on driving performance of intelligent speed adaptation, following distance warning and seatbelt reminder systems: key findings from the TAC SafeCar Project
Implications of Risk Perception Under Assumption of Rational Driver Behavior
Improved Design for Vision-Based Incident Detection in Transportation Systems Using Real-Time View Transformations
Improvement of Windproof Performance of Ropeway Carriers (1st Report, Analysis of Accidents Due to Wind and Wind Tunnel Experiment of Real Carriers)
Improvement of Windproof Performance of Ropeway Carriers (2nd Report, Possibility of Improving Windproof Performance by Means of Aerodynamic Devices)
Improving road safety in developing countries: Opportunities for U.S. cooperation and engagement
Improving Safety at Mobile Road Work Zones Through a Study of Driver Reaction to Visual Stimuli
Index for Assessing Pedestrian Safety at Intersections
Indirect Methods of Identifying Driver Performance
Influence of Pedestrians Entry Process on Pedestrian Delays at Signal-Controlled Crosswalks
Influence of Vertical Illuminance on Pedestrian Visibility in Crosswalks