Development of a case study method of road accidents in Finland
Development of a computer simulation of highway accident prevention and treatment
Development of breakaway utility poles
Development of the Michigan disaggregate database on driving exposure
Differences between single- and multiple-automobile fatal accidents
Digit preference in reported time of collision
Disabilities caused by road traffic accidents and their relation to severity scores
Diurnal variation in subsidiary reaction time in a long-term driving task
Do symptoms of psychopathology predict a professional driver's involvement in traffic accidents?
Dominant and challenging paradigms of drunk driving
Drink driving and speeding offenses a survey carried out in the North of France
Drinking and driving habits attitudes, and behaviour of male motorists
Drinking and driving in Helsinki
Drinking drivers' estimates of their own blood alcohol concentration
Drinking driving research unit
Driver exposure : The indirect approach for obtaining relative measures
Driver fatalities and injuries in Jordan
Driver fatalities versus car mass using a new exposure approach
Driver improvement courses for drinking-drivers reconsidered
Driver performance measurement based on dynamic driver behavior patterns in rural, urban, suburban and freeway traffic
Driver performance related to median visibility
Drivers compliance with stop and yield signs in jordan
Drivers' attitudes to the seriousness of road traffic offences considered in relation to the design of sanctions
Drivers' pulse frequency in skidding
Drivers' records: Are they a valid measure of driving behavior?
Driving fitness after kidney transplantation
Driving licences and known use of licit and illicit drugs
Driving performance of the elderly
Driving strategies in overtaking
Driving under the influence of alcohol and the combined use of medicine
Drug recognition in road traffic - A report on a training program for police officers
Drug use and driving risk among high school students
Drugs and driver incapacity
Drugs and driving : Introduction
Drugs and narcotics in Danish drivers
Drugs in Danish traffic cases where no alcohol was found present
Drunken driving in Finland; late-night, weekend incidence in five communities in 1978
Drunken driving with motorboat in Finland : A pilot study on the southern seacoast in summer 1978
DWI enforcement programs: why are they not more effective?
Education of traffic engineering in the developing countries, problems and strategy for future
Effect of reduction of speed inside the city of Amman-Jordan on reduction of road accidents
Effect of street lighting and speed limit interaction on road accidents: Investigations from Jordan
Effective highway barriers
Effects of alcohol and other psychotropic drugs on eye movements: Relevance to traffic safety
Drinking and driving behaviors of 16 to 19 year-olds
Effects of macroeconomic conditions on the incidence of motor vehicle accidents
Effects of measurement assumptions on estimations of risk of collision
Effects of moderate levels of blood alcohol on responses to information from simulated automobile rear-signal systems
Effects of sleep deprivation and prolonged driving on a subsidiary auditory reaction time
Effects of small doses of alcohol on driver performance in emergency traffic situations
Effects of traffic signal installation on accidents
Effects of viewing a road trauma film on emotional and motivational factors
Ejection and safety belts
Empirical estimates of seat belt effectiveness in two-car collisions
Empirical results on the exposure-proneness model
Enabling disabled people to drive by means of simple aids and equipment
Epidemiology of accidents
Epidemiology of accidents
Epidemiology of road traffic accidents and traffic medicine
Epidemiology of road traffic accidents in China - 1995 in retrospect
Ergonomics, biomechanics, and road safety
Estimating hazards in traffic situations
Estimating the effects of crash phase injury countermeasures--I the reduction of the fatality risk
Estimating the effects of crash phase injury countermeasures--II: The fatality trend and its modification by countermeasures
Estimating the number of accidents at intersections from a knowledge of the traffic flows on the approaches
Estimation of alcohol for nonrespondents in roadside breath surveys
Estimation of nonrespondent BAC using a priori judgement
Evaluation of a performance test to detect impaired drivers
Evaluation of different types of child restraint systems for cars
Evaluation of different types of child restraint systems for cars
Evaluation of the four films on drinking and driving known as 'One for the Road' series
Evaluation of the motorcycle rider course
Evaluation of treatment and monitoring programs for drunken drivers
Exceptional condition of police enforcement: Driving speeds during the police strike
Experience of road control pilot study in South Korea for international motor vehicle project aimed at counteracting traffic injuries
Experiences and results in using statistical methods on accident researches on highways and roads
Explaining highway hypnosis: Experimental evidence for the role of eye movements
Explosion risk in handling tires and rims
Exposure and experience are a confounded nuisance in research on driver behaviour
Exposure to risk and the risk of exposure
Factors influencing pedestrian and motocyclist fatality risk
Factors related to head injury severity of motorcyclists involved in traffic crashes
Factors related to mortality from motor vehicle accidents in European countries in 1970
Fatal bicycle accidents in Dusseldorf 1980-1989. analysis of autopsy cases
Fatal crashes involving 16-year-old drivers: Narrative descriptions
Fatal maxillofacial injuries sustained in traffic accidents
Fatal motorcycle accidents and helmet laws in Peninsular Malaysia
Fatal road traffic accidents in people aged 70 years or more
Features of fatal- and severe-injury motorcycle crashes according to vehicle design type, California 1985
Feedback concepts of driver behavior and the highway information system
First aid to victims of highway accidents: The Brazilian experience
Fitness to drive in China
Forces imposed on the hip-joint in car collisions
Fractures of the pelvis and the lower extremities of belted drivers in car-to-car frontal collisions
Fuel tanker accidents: Causes and safety measures from driver's perspective
Further evaluation of the relationships between road accidents and average daily traffic
Gamma glutamyltransferase activity. blood alcohol concentration and suspension history of injured male drivers and riders
General deterrence effects of red light camera and warning signs in traffic signal compliance in British Columbia
Geographic differences in traffic-injury risks: A study of a Swedish municipality
Getting to grips with road safety
Graduated licensing in Nova Scotia: A survey of teenagers and parents
Graduated licensing in Ontario: A survey of parents
Hazardous materials highway transportation accident potentials in Virginia
Hazards at sea
Hearing and motorcycle helmets
Highway accident rates and rural travel densities
Highway accidents in Sweden: Modelling the process of drunken driving behaviour and control
Highway safety engineering aspects and safety awareness
How does it change safety margins if overtaking is prohibited: A pilot study
How drivers prevented from driving would reach work: Implications for penalties
Human factors analysis of driver behavior by experimental systems methods
Human factors and highway-accident causation: Some theoretical considerations
Human factors in level crossing accidents
Human sensitivity, intelligence and physical cycles and motor vehicle accidents
Illegal drugs and driving
Benefits of centralised medical accident investigation as exemplified in aviation
Biological markers and traffic safety
Blood alcohol testing among a group of Spanish drivers injured in roads accidents
Bloodshed on asphalt and why the thing bites back: Traffic safety issues in Greece prior to the 2004 Summer Olympics
Improvement on traffic safety on Jordanian roads through a comprehensive plan of education training and control of drivers
Improving the effectiveness of drinking-driving enforcement through increased efficiency
Inaccuracies in the official statistics of fatal traffic accidents - Comparative studies in West Germany during two time periods
Increase in car occupant injuries: The need for reinforcement of seatbelt wearing law
Increase in driving under influence of amphetamine
Increasing road deaths in rural China
Indirect determination of exposure and liability
Induced exposure
Ineffectiveness of threat appeals about drinking and driving
Influence of narcotic drugs on highway safety
Influence of speed limits on driving behaviour in Austria
Influencing factors for railroad-highway grade crossing accidents in Florida
Information concerning drugs and driving received by customers of pharmacies
Injuries to children in automobiles in relation to seating location and restraint use
Injuries to unrestrained occupants in small car and large car head-on collisions
Injuries, restraints and vehicle factors in rollover car crashes
Injury frequency and severity in rollover car crashes as related to occupant ejection, contacts and roof damage : An analysis of national crash severity study data
Injury risk as a function of age of vehicles and injury reduction in 1967, 1968 and 1969 model cars
Inner models as a basis for traffic behaviour
INRETS, the French National Institute for Transport and Safety Research
Institutional aspects of traffic safety
Interaction effects of hypnotics and alcohol on driving performance
Interdisciplinary and interfacultative collaboration in the area of traffic medicine
Interview investigation of road traffic accidents
Uncertainty of calculation results in vehicle collision analysis
Intra-accident correlations of driver injury and their application to the effect of mass ratio on injury severity
Introduction : O.E.C.D. Symposium on the use of statistical methods in the analysis of road accidents, April 1969
Investigation of factors significantly affecting child seat belt usage
Invitation to an International Conference on Traffic Safety (ICOTS '91)
Is Adams right? Some aspects on a theory concerning effects of seat-belt legislation
Is the position of seat belt anchoring point a factor in the etiology of spinal injury?
Japanese government white paper on transportation safety, 1979 edition
Job-related attitudes and safety orientation of professional drivers
Kwik-fit: Promoting child car seats
Law enforcement and alcohol consumption policy as countermeasures against drunken driving: Possibilities and limitations
Liberalization and rationalization of drunk-driving laws in Scandinavia
License renewal for older drivers: The effects of medical and vision tests
Licit and illicit drugs in traffic - An international literature review with a link to Danish conditions
Life skills for Road Safety: A Life Skills Education programme for the promotion of youth's road safety
Long-term predictability of driver behavior
Low use of safety belts among seriously injured car occupants
Lower extremity injuries in automobile crashes
Marihuana and driving among teenagers: Reported use patterns, effects, and experiences related to driving
Marihuana and driving
Marihuana: effects on simulated driving performance
Medical aspects of fitness to drive
Medical aspects of seat belt usage
Medical certificates exempting motorcyclists from wearing helmets: An Australian experience
Medical exemptions from seat belt requirements
Medical fitness to drive: Some practical problems
Medicines and narcotics: The impairment in drivers' ability to drive safely
Medicolegal aspects of mortal traffic accidents
Methadone substitution and driver ability: Research findings and conclusions from a discussion of experts
Methodological guidelines for experimental research on medicinal drugs affecting driving performance: An international expert survey
Methods for studying the impact of drunk driving laws
Mobilopathy. the obscure plague of the Twentieth Century
Model of injury severity allowing for different gradings of severity: Some applications using the British road accident data
Modifying negligent driving behavior through warning letters
Motor vehicle sizes in 1440 fatal crashes
Motorcycle casualties - a time bomb? how long is the fuse?
Motorcycle conspicuity and traffic accidents
Motorcycle crashes: Injuries, rider, crash and vehicle characteristics associated with helmet use
Motorcycle helmet use in relation to legal requirements
Motorcycle helmets. last chance for life
Motorcycle helmets: Ventilation
Motorization and traffic mortality in Sweden
Multi-level road accident exposure sampling system for South Africa
Multidimensional graphic techniques for exploratory analysis of archival accident data
Multifactoral index for traffic safety planning
Multivariate analysis of categorical data with applications to road safety research
Narcotic use and driving behavior
Nature and tasks of Liikenneturva
Neuroticism-extraversion as correlates of accident occurence
New Zealand survey of driver exposure to risk of accidents
NHMRC Road Accident Research Unit
Nighttime legibility of traffic signs: conditions eliminating the effects of driver age and disability glare
Nonfatal traffic accidents in relation to biographical, psychological and religious factors
Occupant protection for children: a survey of restraint usage, attitudes and knowledge. : kathleen freedman and jill lukin. traffic accident research unit, department of motor transport, new south wales, australia, 1977. 228 pp
Official driver records and self-reports as sources of accident and conviction data for research purposes
On blood alcohol concentrations of drunken drivers exceeding 3(per mille) in Hamburg 1979-1988
On the use of annual vehicle miles of travel estimates from vehicle owners
On-the-road driving records of licensed race drivers
Optimum policy for warrants for and design of guardrails
Pattern of road traffic accidents in the State of Qatar
Patterns of safety belt usage following introduction of a safety belt wearing law
Patterns of, and attitudes towards, drinking alcohol and driving among Spanish drivers
Pedestrian safety in the United States: Some recent trends
Pediatric injuries due to road traffic accidents. a cause for concern
Perceived risk as a determinant of driver behavior
Performance tests on used safety belts
Personality characteristics of juvenile driving violators
Personality factors in relation to car accident determinism: An Italian survey
Perspectives to improve driving behaviour in the Federal Republic of Germany
Physical and psychological aspects of crash barriers
Police recording of road accident in-patients : Investigation into the completeness, representativity and reliability of police records of hospitalized traffic victims
Potential impacts of invasion on driving behavior and road safety in Kuwait
Predicting accident involvement with the motorcycle operator skill test
Predicting blood alcohol concentrations of nighttime drivers: Relevance to sobriety checkpoints
Predicting reported seat belt use from attitudinal and normative factors
Predicting wet weather accidents
Prediction of the number of road accidents in Great Britain, 1971-1990
Preliminary analysis of motorcycle accidents: Short-term impacts of the running headlights campaign and regulation in Malaysia
Prescribing medication for the driver: The role of health professionals
Prescription drug labeling re potential driving hazard
Preventing motor vehicle related burns
Prevention of road accidents in Nigeria
Preventive medical examination of professional motorists: Medical and material support
Prior violation records of 1447 drivers involved in fatal crashes
Probabilities of injury in road accidents
Problems in the rational analysis of transportation safety
Profile of road traffic injuries as seen in an emergency ward. a one-year survey
Programs to improve driving behaviour in the Federal Republic of Germany
Prolonged driving in convoy: The truck driver's experience
Propaganda and alternative countermeasures for road safety
Psychiatric and psychological aspects of traffic accidents: A review
Psychiatric illness and driving performance
Psychiatric symptoms of the head trauma patients by CNS lesions detected by MRI
Psychological first aid rendered by laymen: 4-S rules of psychological first aid
Psychological, social and cognitive characteristics of high-risk drivers: A pilot study
Putting the analysis and evaluation of traffic safety measures into perspective
Quality assurance elements and standardization of empirical studies on the subject 'drugs and traffic safety'
Quantitative analysis of policy decisions
Questionnaire response bias as a function of respondent anonymity
RATTFALLAN (THE TRAP): Evaluation of an educational Programme for imprisoned drunk drivers in Sweden: Recidivism rate within four years
Rear seat occupant protection. a study of children and adults in the rear seat of cars in relation to restraint use and car characteristics
Reasons for driving while disqualified
Recent evidence from Scandinavia on deterring alcohol impaired driving
Recent trends in Scandinavian drunk-driving law
Reduced winter speed limits are effective on slippery roads
Reducing the casualty toll: Proven measures
Reflections on methods of statistical inference in research on the effect of safety countermeasures
Regression analysis to predict the number of road fatalities in Saudi Arabia
Related coordinative, reactive and cognitive performances as impaired by drugs and alcohol: Comparison with clinical test for driving fitness
Relationship between intelligence and driving record
Relationships between road accidents and hourly traffic flow--I : Analyses and interpretation
Relationships between road accidents and hourly traffic flow--II : Probabilistic approach
Reliability of Swedish alcohol statistics in traffic fatalities - A comparison between official statistics and blood alcohol analysis
Relicensing of drunken drivers
Repeat offences among arrested drunken drivers
Response to Brian O'Neill's comments
Restraint use legislation: Its prospects for increasing the protection of children in cars
Review of the W.H.O. program for safety from accidents and injuries as a health problem
Rewards for unsafe driving? a rejoiner to P.M. Hurst
Right-turn-on-red and accidents: A detailed analysis of the data used by Zador, Moshman and Marcus
Right-turn-on-red laws and motor vehicle crashes: A review of the literature
Risk of fatal crash involvement according to alcohol status: Changes from 1983 to 1990 in the United States
Risk-taking behaviour in road traffic accidents
Risks of road transportation in a psychological perspective
Road accident involvement per miles travelled -- I
Road accident involvement per miles travelled--II
Road accident involvement per miles travelled--III
Road accident involvement per miles travelled--IV
Road accident involvement per miles travelled--V
The general and specific deterrent effects of DUI sanctions: A review of California's experience
The high risk offender in Britain
The identification of multiple accident correlates in high risk drivers with specific emphasis on the role of age, experience and prior traffic violation frequency
The impact of court monitoring and no-plea bargaining laws on DWI behavior, enforcement, and adjudication
The Intervention Approach: How it works and its impact
The relationship between blood benzodiazepine concentrations and the Clinical Test for Drunkenness in drivers suspected of driving under the influence of drugs
The role of youth in traffic accidents: A review of past and current California data
The sleep - wakefulness continuum: Interactions with drugs which increase wakefulness and enhance alertness
Tolerance to the effects of alcohol
Toward a jurisprudence of drunk driving recidivism
Traffic safety and individual differences in drivers' attention and information processing capacity
Two experiments on alcohol-caffeine interaction
Understanding the opioid analgesics and their effects on skills performance
Victim Impact Panels: Their impact on DWI recidivism
Vision and driving: Past limitations and future possibilities
Who gets charged with minimum drinking age offences? A Toronto sample
Passive alcohol sensors in law enforcement screening for alcohol-impaired drivers
Pharmacokinetics and metabolism of D-9-tetrahydrocannabinol: Relations to effects in man
Pharmacological sensitivities
Polydrug and alcohol use
Polydrug effects and traffic safety
Preventing traffic casualties among youth: What is our knowledge base?
Prevention skills for alcohol-involved drivers
Problem-behavior theory and driving risk
Problems and methods in studying drug crash effects
Prosecutors and drunk driving: Choosing an effective role
Psychoactive substances and driving: State of the art and methodology
Psychosocial correlates of marijuana use in adolescence and young adulthood: The past as prologue
Punishing the drinking driver: Toward an experimental design
Raising the legal purchase age in the United States: Its effects on fatal motor vehicle crashes
Reduced BAC limits for young people (impact on night fatal crashes)
Reportable medical conditions and driver risk
Risky driving and adolescent problem behavior: An extension of problem-behavior theory
Safe use of medication by aircrew
Sedating effects of ethanol after a nap
Self-reported driving while under the influence of alcohol/drugs and the risk of alcohol/drug-related accidents
Server intervention: Conceptual overview and current developments
Sobriety tests for the presence of drugs
Social and individual factors, drinking-driving behaviour and risk
Social influences on adolescent driving under the influence in a sample of high school students
Speculations on the social psychology of young male drinking-driving
Stimulant induced impairment: A perspective across dose and duration of use
Subjective factors related to fatigue
Substance abuse countermeasures for the railroad industry
Subtypes of DWIs and high risk drivers: Implications for differential intervention
Television socialization and risky driving by teenagers
The application of Problem Behavior Theory to the understanding of risky driving
The citizens' movement against drunken driving and the prevention of risky driving: A preliminary assessment
The comparative effectiveness of alcohol rehabilitation and licensing control actions for drunk driving offenders: A review of the literature
The contribution of education and public information to reducing alcohol-impaired driving
The effect of license suspension upon DWI recidivism
The effectiveness of administrative license suspension laws
The effects of alcohol and marijuana in combination: A review
The effects of alcohol on the variability of aircraft pilot performance
The effects of cocaine on complex performance in humans
The effects of marijuana and alcohol on actual driving performance
If they didn't drink, would they crash anyway? The role of alcohol in traffic crashes
Ignition interlocks for DWI offenders: A useful tool?
Ignition interlocks for DWI offenders: A useful tool? Comment
Impaired driving performance in shiftworkers: The role of the circadian system in a multifactorial model
Institutional response to changes in alcohol limits for drivers
Intervening to increase children's use of safety belts
Intervention in teenage drunk driving
Issues of risk in adult and teen safety belt use
Legal interventions to reduce drunken driving and related fatalities among youthful drivers
Legal knowledge and compliance: Drinking and driving in Norway and the United States
License deprivation as a drunk-driver sanction
Lifestyle correlates of risky driving and accident involvement among youth
Low-dose alcohol effects on human behavior and performance
Machines, motives, and management: Police discretion in the enforcement of laws against driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI)
Marijuana: On-road and driving simulator studies
Mass communication as an essential aspect of community prevention to reduce alcohol-involved traffic crashes
Mass communications and drinking-driving: Theories, practices and results
Media socialization, the adolescent and high risk behavior
Meta-analysis of research on DUI remedial interventions
Older drivers: A different problem, a different solution?
Drug arrests and drunk driving
Drug concentrations and traffic safety
Drug effects on human performance: NIDA research programs
DUI enforcement problems at roadside
Effect of Minnesota's license plate impoundment law on recidivism of multiple DWI violators
Effects of Maine's 1982 .02 law to reduce teenage driving after drinking
Effects of sentence severity on drinking driving offenders
Enforcement of drink-driving laws by use of per se legal alcohol limits: Blood and / or breath concentration as evidence of impairment
Enforcement of DUI laws
Epidemiology of road accidents involving marijuana
Ethanol and daytime sleepiness
Evaluation of a behavioral intervention to reduce DWI among adolescent drivers
Evaluation of jail as a penalty for drunk driving
Exposure-controlled highway fatality rates: Temporal patterns compared to some explanatory variables
Factors associated with high blood alcohol concentrations among fatally injured drivers in the United States, 1991
Field sobriety tests: An important component of DUI enforcement
Fatigue and driving
Functional potential of the methadone-maintenance person
How young viewers respond to televised drinking and driving messages
Road accident statistics--A comparison of police and hospital information
Road accidents in developing countries
Road and rail casualties in Great Britain in 1970
Road crashes and injuries in Quebec (1974): patterns among many variables
Road safety education in Singapore - The role of traffic police
Road safety in low income countries
Road safety in Sweden
Road safety in West Germany: The situation
Road safety problems in Korea: Priorities for the future
Road safety: defeat, complicity and the bankruptcy of science
Road safety: Potential of engineering countermeasures
Road sign recognition and non-recognition
Road traffic accidents and the Abbreviated Injury Scale (AIS) in Japan
Road traffic accidents as a public health concern
Road traffic accidents as a public health problem in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Road traffic accidents in Holy Mekkah and the Eastern province
Road traffic accidents in Kabardino-Balkaria
Road traffic accidents in Qatar. the size of the problem
Road traffic accidents in rich developing countries: The case of Libya
Road traffic accidents in Riyadh. analysis of characteristics and remedies
Road traffic accidents in Saudi Arabia
Road traffic accidents-medical point of view
Road traffic accidents: Medical and social aspects
Road traffic deaths in Finland
Road traffic injuries in Delhi: A hospital based study
Road use and travel behaviour: the case for multipurpose data-collection programmes
Role of primary personality factors in the perception of traffic signs and driver violations and accidents
Running lights--conspicuity, glare and accident reduction
Safe work; dangerous free time
Safety aspects of public transport vehicles in Asian countries
Safety issues in non-motorized transport in India
Safety of passenger care in the future
Safety specifications in the design of vehicles
Safety-related driving performance changes in older drivers
Sampling from highway crash populations
School buses in Jordan could contribute to safety of students
Scotland's campaign against irresponsible drivers
Seat belt law - Benefits in reducing mortality and morbidity
Seat belt legislation and the experience of the world
Seat belt legislation and the experience of the world
Seat belt use in Ontario four years after mandating legislation
Seat belt use of high school drivers and their passengers
Seat belt wearing in severe traffic accidents
Seat belts: Factors influencing their use a literature survey
Seat belts: The importance of situational factors
Self-destruction in motor vehicle accidents: The proportion of suicides and negligent drivers in fatal motor vehicle accidents in 1974-75 and 1985-85 in Finland
Self-estimates and objective measurement of breath alcohol concentration in young French drivers: A field study and its preventive aspects
Self-reported drug-usage and crash-incidence in breathalyzed drivers
Server intervention: A new approach for preventing drinking driving
Setting performance priorities for breath alcohol ignition interlock devices
Simpson's paradox : An example using accident data from the state of Texas
Simulated driving performance of benzodiazepine users
Simulated driving performance of benzodiazepine users
Sleepy drivers: Analysis and therapy of seven cases
A longitudinal study of social, psychological and behavioural factors associated with drunken driving and public drunkenness
Social and economic dimension of road accidents
Cocaine use and driving behavior
Comments on driver behavior and its role in traffic crashes
Comparison of the effects of alcohol and sleepiness on simple reaction time performance: Enhanced habituation as a common process
Decision making and risk taking of young drivers: Conceptual distinctions and issues
Deficiencies in enforcement, judicial, and treatment programs related to repeat offender drunk drivers
Delaying teenage licensure
Derivation of personality subtypes among high-risk drivers
Diabetes, breath acetone and breathalyzer accuracy: A case study
Do we really drive as we live? The role of personality factors in road crashes
Drink driver rehabilitation programs: An Australian perspective
Drink-driving countermeasures in Australia
Drinking, drug use and accidents: An epidemiological perspective
Driver fatigue and road safety
Driving behaviour: Laws and social norms--drinking and driving
Driving impairment: Blood levels of alcohol and other substances
Wobbling in modern motorcycles
Young driver accidents: in search of solutions. proceedings of an international symposium
Young men in the arms of the law: An Australian perspective on policing and punishing the drinking driver
Youthful drivers as a special safety problem
A consideration of factors influencing drinking and driving by women
A five-year follow-up of treatment for DWI recidivists in the Federal Republic of Germany
A second look at substance abuse: Peer prevention and education
Accident-related behaviors in adolescents: A biopsychosocial view
Alcohol and other drugs in road crashes: What does pharmacokinetics have to do with it?
Alcohol and pilot performance decrements
Alcohol and road safety in the Netherlands
Alcohol use and aviation safety
Alcohol, youth and traffic safety: Public policy: An international perspective
Attitudes towards drinking and driving: Their role in the effectiveness of countermeasures
Blood alcohol limits and deterrence: Is there a rational basis for choice?
Causes and consequences of implied consent test refusal
Soft tissue injury of the cervical spine in rear-end car collisions
Some aspects of road user behaviour in selected Gulf countries
Some effects of alcohol, age of driver, and estimated speed on the likelihood of driver injury
Some factors affecting the increase of road accidents in developing countries, with particular reference to Israel
Some statistical characterizations of aircraft hijacking
Special conditions for drivers in hot climates
Speed as a measure of driver risk: Observed speeds versus driver and vehicle characteristics
Speed enforcement and speed choice
State and federal new-car safety regulation: Effects on fatality rates
Statistical analyses of highway commercial vehicle accidents
Statistical estimation of individual motor vehicle driver's accident liability based on an analysis of the mean time intervals between accidents of Georgia drivers
Statistical evaluation of the effectiveness of alcohol safety action projects
Statistical study of tram driver accidents
Study of a nomogram to estimate alcohol consumption using blood alcohol concentration, Widmark factor and body weight
Suggestions for an improved system for statistical data about road accidents and road traffic
Suicide on the roads
Surveillance of fatal motor vehicle accidents in Michigan, involving young drivers, utilizing time-series analysis of police records
Survey of drivers to explain the reduction of drink driving in the UK
Survey of drivers' attitudes toward airbags and deactivation
Surveys measuring risk exposure and the combining of results with other data
Teenage drivers and motor vehicle deaths
Testing drivers taking diazepam in the Daimler-Benz driving simulator
The 55 mph limits and front-to-rear collisions involving autos and large trucks
The age and sex distribution of casualties involved in various forms of road transportation in Nigeria
The application of Smeed's equation for road accidents in Greece
The association of accident severity and frequency with vehicle age : A study in three Michigan counties for the period 1 January to 30 September, 1966
The benefits of the European frontal offset regulation for Australia
The case for comprehensive seat belt legislation
The case for laws requiring use of safety belts
The child support seat--A new type of protection system for the older child passenger
The concept of exposure to the risk of a road traffic accident and an overview of exposure data collection methods
The concept of exposure
The correlation of traffic accident and alcohol concentration
The cost of rear-end collisions in Denmark and the potential savings from a high, center-mounted auxiliary brake light
The crash helmet legislation in Nigeria: A before-and-after study
The current situation and countermeasures of road traffic trauma in China
The definition of restraint effectiveness
The difference in road traffic safety in the U.S.A. and in the netherlands--a study of statistical data
The distribution and prediction of driver accident frequencies
What is a designated driver anyway?: Results of a California survey on definitions and use of designated drivers
What is the risk of being burned in a motor vehicle crash? A survey of crash fatalities in Alberta, Canada, 1970-1972
What vehicle safety means to consumers and its role in the purchase decision
Who was the driver? Traffic-medical assessment in complicated accident cases
Witnesses' estimates of the speeds of traffic accidents
Adolescent problem drinking: Psychosocial aspects and developmental outcomes
Behavioral interactions and the effects of marijuana
Truck drivers: licensing and monitoring. an analysis with recommendations. summary report
The doctor and traffic safety
The driver as cause or victim in vehicle skidding accidents
The effect of a Danish propaganda campaign for children to be placed in the back seat of cars
The effect of alcohol on traffic accidents and traffic offence in Turkey
The effect of seat belts on minor and severe injuries measured on the abbreviated injury scale
The effect on casualties of a compulsory seat belt wearing law in South Australia
The effectiveness and limitations of seat belts in collisions
The effectiveness of a uniform traffic school curriculum for negligent drivers
The effectiveness of belt systems in frontal and rollover crashes
The effectiveness of compulsory wearing of seat-belts in casualty reduction (with an appendix on chi-square partitioning-tests of complex contingency tables)
The effectiveness of impact attenuators: Two case studies in Massachusetts
The effectiveness of the Canadian mandatory seat belt use laws
The effectiveness of the helmet for the motocyclist (machine under 50 cc) and the importance of alcoholemia in traffic accidents
The effectiveness of the West Virginia Interlock Program
The effectiveness of traffic safety material in influencing the driving performance of the general driving population
The effectiveness on seat belt use in Jordan of a public education campaign
The effects of automobile inspections on accident rates
The effects of automobile safety regulation: Comments on Peltzman's reply
The effects of automobile safety regulation: Reply
The effects of public education on subjective probability of arrest for impaired driving: A field study
The effects of range versus nonrange driver training on the accident and conviction frequencies of young drivers
The energy crisis, characteristics of traffic flows, and highway safety
The enigma of the present evidence on drinking-driving in Norway
The epidemiology of bicyclist's collision accidents
The epidemiology of fatal motor vehicle accidents in Kuwait
The epidemiology of injury motor vehicle accidents in Kuwait
The epidemiology of traffic accidents and the effect of the 1969 breathalyser amendment in Canada
The fatal crash reduction program: A reevaluation
The impact of consecutive terrorist attacks on road accidents in Israel
The impact of Massachusetts' reduced drinking age on auto accidents
The impact of seat belt usage on casualty reduction in road traffic accidents in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The influence of advisory letters in changing the driving behaviour of private motorists in Israel
A comparison of the cell phone driver and the drunk driver
The influence of car frontal design on pedestrian accident trauma
The influence of daylight saving time on motor vehicle fatal traffic accidents
The influence of human factors in road safety engineering
The influence of instructional variables on the effectiveness of traffic education
The influence of personal communication on the driving behaviour of private motorists in Israel
The injury severity score of road traffic casualties in relation to mortality, time of death, hospital treatment time and disability
The interaction of male and female car drivers at roundabouts
The Massachusetts saving lives program: Six cities widening the focus from drunk driving to speeding, reckless driving, and failure to wear safety belts
The monitoring of vigilance in locomotive engineers
The need for regular monitoring of the exposure of pedestrians and cyclists to traffic
The New Zealand open road speed limit
The occurrence of benzodiazepines in blood samples received at the Institute of Forensic Chemistry in Copenhagen, Denmark, for alcohol determination, and where no alcohol was found present
The Ontario 12-hour administrative licence suspension law against drinking-drivers; The Ontario provincial police assessment of offence and drivers' characteristics
The passenger and pedestrian contribution to the highway accident toll in Alberta, Canada, 1970-1972
The pathological investigation into the causes of fatal road traffic accidents
The pattern of road traffic accidents in a developing country
The perception of lead vehicle movement in darkness
The physician's role in reporting impaired drivers
The potential uses of a computer animated film in the analysis of geographical patterns of traffic crashes
The predictive power of driver demerit points: A case study of male drivers in Nova Scotia
The prevalence of learner drivers with cerebral palsy who are in need of highly specialized driver education
The protective effect of different kinds of protective clothing worn by motorcyclists
The relation between injury frequency and severity and vehicle age in pre-1967 automobiles
The relation between motor vehicle accident deaths and economic activity
The relationship between blood benzodiazepine concentration and vehicle crash culpability
The relationship between previous driving record and driver culpability in fatal, multiple-vehicle collisions
The relationship between safety belt usage as observed in selected California communities and belt configuration in the vehicle
The relationship of traffic accidents with personality traits
The role frontal motorcycle conspicuity has in road accidents
The role of drug abuse in road traffic accidents
The role of exposure, experience and demerit point levels in the risk of collision
The role of safety in highway investment appraisal for developing countries
The sensitivity of certain indices associated with two-vehicle accidents
The service life of seat belts
The severity of drunken driving as perceived by drunken drivers
The social profitability of the Swedish seat-belt law
The stability of driving record over time
The traffic behaviour of elderly male automobile drivers in Gothenburg, Sweden
The traffic conflicts technique applied to rural intersections
The traffic handicapped
The traffic safety impact of alcohol abuse treatment as an alternative to mandated licensing controls
The use of multiplicative models for analysis of road safety data
The use of the police for limited road accident data collection in developing countries
The use of time series analysis and intervention analysis to assess the effects of external factors on traffic indices: A case study of the effects of the speed limit reduction and energy crisis in the state of Texas
The usefulness of formulae in traffic engineering and road safety
The validity of police reported accident data
The young driver follow-up study: An evaluation of the role of human factors in the first four years of driving
Vulnerable road users - motorcyclists
Vehicle action lights: An approach to intersection crash avoidance
Vehicle collision accident data - Validity and reliability
Vehicle deformation patterns in New Zealand road accidents
Vision and driving: a report on research
Vision and road safety: introduction
Voluntary seat belt use among high school students
Traffic safety measures, driver behavior responses, and surprising outcomes
Traffic violations by type, age, sex, and marital status
Tranquilizers and driving
Transport and public health towards a holistic view of traffic medicine
Transport safety science and the political process
Transportation resource allocation based on new methods of accident reporting
Trends in deaths due to motorcycle crashes and risk factors in injury collisions
Trends in occupant protection and crash performance in Europe
Two-wheeler injuries in Delhi, India: A study of crash victims hospitalized in a neuro-surgery ward
Types and severities of serious injuries in traffic collisions
Typology of rated driving and the relationship between self and other driver ratings
Uncertainties in evaluating periodic motor vehicle inspection by death rates
Unintentional shootings, highway crashes and acts of violence--A behavior paradigm
Towards a better performance to achieve safety and traffic awareness
Towards a methodology of traffic safety measurement and program evaluation
Towards a rationale for warrants with an application to median barriers
Towards a theory of driving behaviour
Traffic accident injuries. a survey of the injured driver, front-seating passenger and motorcyclists
Traffic accident investigators' handbook
Traffic accident rates among Finnish out-patients
Traffic accident risk of disabled drivers having special driving control equipment: A driver survey and accident data
Traffic accidents and professional driver characteristics: A follow-up study
Traffic accidents frequency and the human factor
Traffic accidents in military Jeeps and Land-Rovers
Traffic accidents with military Mercedes-Benz 240GD
Traffic conflicts and exposure
Traffic offences: Another approach to description and prediction
Traffic officers' attitudes toward blood alcohol law enforcement
Traffic safety in Argentina, South America
Use of multidimensional utility functions in hazardous shipment decisions
Use of weighted least squares in relating component outage rates to age of vehicle
Validation of the motorcycle operator skill test
Validity of the traffic conflicts technique
An historical note on highway hypnosis
Impact of developments in diabetic therapy
Means of safety and security in motor vehicles
Measures of site hazard--hazardous maneuvers
Measuring driving knowledge
Measuring the effect of police surveillance on the prevention of traffic accidents
Measuring the extent of the drinking and driving problem
Locomotor handicaps and driving ability
MADD: The heart of America's anti-drunk driving movement
The effect of Nabilone on neuropsychological functions related to driving ability: an extended case series
Road-traffic injuries: confronting disparities to address a global-health problem
Consequences for children involved in a road traffic accident: one year of observation and follow-up in the Rhone County
Air traffic management accident risk. part 1: the limits of realistic modelling
Case study: 128 injured in rollover coach crashes in Sweden--Injury outcome, mechanisms and possible effects of seat belts
Effects of planar and non-planar driver-side mirrors on age-related discomfort-glare responses
Transferability of accident prediction models
A comparison of rating scale, secondary-task, physiological, and primary-task workload estimation techniques in a simulated flight task emphasizing communications load
A psychophysiological assessment of operator workload during simulated flight missions
A variable-memory model of visual search
Aging and response selection in spatial choice tasks
An evaluation of adult clasping strength for restraining lap-held infants
An information-processing model of the aircraft accident investigator
Apparent displacement of moving and stationary strobe flashes
Cockpit visibility and contrail detection
Cognitive ability determinants of elite pilot performance
Convergence of self-report and archival crash involvement data: a two-year longitudinal follow-up
Displays for seeing without looking
Does visual angle of a line of characters affect reading speed?
Drivers' brake reaction times
Educational interventions successfully reduce pedestrians' overestimates of their own nighttime visibility
Effectiveness of accommodative aids in reducing empty field myopia in visual search
Effects of glare and background luminance on visual acuity and contrast sensitivity: implications for driver night vision testing
Effects of intermittent noise on the performance of a complex psychomotor task
Effects of pyridostigmine bromide on in-flight aircrew performance
Effects of rest and secondary task on simulated truck-driving task performance
Effects of signal probability on individual differences in vigilance
Effects of task type and stimulus heterogeneity on the event rate function in sustained attention
Effects of visual flow display of flight maneuvers on perceived spatial orientation
Emergent features in visual display design for two types of failure detection tasks
Eye accommodation to head-up virtual images
Flying performance on the advanced simulator for pilot training and laboratory tests of vision
Human versus automation in responding to failures: an expected-value analysis
Imperfect in-vehicle collision avoidance warning systems can aid drivers
Information transmission during eye movements
Is the airport symbol sufficient to convey route information?
Localization of virtual objects in the near visual field
Monocular vision and landing performance in general aviation pilots: Cyclops revisited
Not Now! Supporting interruption management by indicating the modality and urgency of pending tasks
Older observers' tolerance of optical blur: age differences in the identification of defocused text signs
Operator effort and the measurement of heart-rate variability
Performance under dichoptic versus binocular viewing conditions: effects of attention and task requirements
Physiological measures of aircrew mental workload
Pilot ability to anticipate the consequences of flight actions as a function of expertise
Pilot and observer performance in simulated low altitude high speed flight
Pilot errors as a source of workload
Practice effects on a visual vigilance task with and without search
Prediction of aural detectability of noise signals
Presentation effects and eye-motion behaviors in dynamic visual inspection
Profiles in driver distraction: effects of cell phone conversations on younger and older drivers
Relationships among display features, eye movement characteristics, and reaction time in visual search
Remembrance of cases past: who remembers what, when confronting critical flight events?
Response time effects of alerting tone and semantic context for synthesized voice cockpit warnings
Right of way in the sky: two problems in aircraft self-separation and the auction-based solution
Spatial ability and land navigation under degraded visual conditions
Speed and load stress as determinants of performance in a time sharing task
Comment on "Relative controllability of dissimilar cars" by P. L. Olson and R. A. Wachsler
A development of a conceptual framework of the driving task
A new method of evaluating the effects of fatigue on driver performance
A system measure of driver performance
Acceleration and motor performance
Aircraft ground emergency exit design considerations
An evaluation of the effect of selected combinations of target and background coding on map-reading performance: Experiment V
An investigation of automobile handling as implemented by a variable-steering automobile
Analysis of a complex skill: vehicle driving
Automobile collisions on purpose
Detection of vehicle velocity changes during expressway driving
Development of a peripheral vision command indicator for instrument flight
Effect of injury information on damage estimates
Estimation of visually perceived closure rates
Experimental investigations of flash blindness
Following distance on the highway related to speed, trip duration, traffic, and illumination
Forces that may be exerted by man in the operation of aircraft door handles
Man-machine steering dynamics
Maximum information-handling rates for sequentially presented visual stimuli
Perceived movement in depth as a function of luminance and velocity
Perceived movement in depth as a function of stimulus size
Pilot eye fixations while flying selected maneuvers using two instrument panels
Relation between visual search time and peripheral visual acuity
Relative controllability of dissimilar cars
Response of the seated human cadaver to acceleration and jerk with and without seat cusions
Speech interference level and aircraft acoustical environment
Systems analysis of driving simulation
The driver's reference point as a function of vehicle type, direction and radius of turn
The effect of flash distribution and illumination level upon the detection of low intensity light stimuli
The effect of the precision of informational feedback on human tracking performance
The effectiveness of curved surface traffic markers
The effects of cockpit vertical accelerations on a simple piloted tracking task
The efficiency of two dimensional traffic markers in referring commmands
The magnitude and direction of forces that man can exert in operating aircraft emergency exits
The psychometric prediction of problem drivers
The psychophysical testing of an aircraft visual approach aid
Threshold and rate of dark adaptation as functions of age and time
Vision and unusual gravitational forces
Visual acuity under vibration
Visual capabilities of performing rendezvous in space
Visual estimates of airplane speed
Visual experiences of the astronauts and cosmonauts
Visual experiments related to night carrier landing
Visual search in the space environment
Visual surveillance and reconnaissance from space vehicles
Stimuli fixation and manual response as a function of expectancies
Synchronization of traffic signals as a means of reducing red-light running
Target uncertainty and visual scanning strategies
Task workload and cognitive abilities in dynamic decision making
The detection of a simple visual signal as a function of time of watch
The effect of area, density, and number of background characters on visual search
The effects of cockpit environment on long-term pilot performance
The effects of signal salience and caffeine on performance, workload, and stress in an abbreviated vigilance task
The effects of values and costs on the detection and identification of signals in auditory vigilance
The elimination of irrelevant information in a multidimensional stimulus classification task
The far-anchor effect: errors in the perception of motion and implications for aviation safety
The relation between the type A behavior pattern, pacing, and subjective workload under single- and dual-task conditions
Transfer of landing skill after training with supplementary visual cues
Tunnel vision induced by a foveal load manipulation
Variability in brightness matching of colored lights
Vibration and human performance
Vigilance and task load: in search of the inverted U
Vision and driving: a report on research
Visual acuity, color vision, and visual search performance at sea
Visual control of displacement at slow speeds
Visual difficulties reported by low-vision and nonimpaired older adult drivers
Visual displays: the highlighting paradox
Visual search in complex displays: factors affecting conflict detection by air traffic controllers
Visual target acquisition and ocular scanning performance
Visual workload of the copilot/navigator during terrain flight
Weatherwise: evaluation of a cue-based training approach for the recognition of deteriorating weather conditions during flight
A Latent Class Analysis of Injury Patterns Among Rear-Seated, Seat-Belted Children
A finite element model of the lower limb for simulating pedestrian impacts
Childhood injury prevention in Israel
Clearance of emergency exits for use by the elderly, a proposal for an addition to a Dutch standard
Community safety promotion at local, regional, and national levels
Current activities in the field of child safety within the CEN and ISO
Expansion of the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System
Experience from a multivenue program to increase the use of car restraints in Greece
Injuries among preschool children in the federal state of Brandenberg in relation to social factors -- 1997-1999
Interrelated harms: Examining the asociations between victimization, accidents, and criminal behavior
Motor vehicle exhaust gassing in Australia
Public transport injuries in The Netherlands
A strategy to reduce older driver injuries at intersections using more accommodating roundabout design practices
Road traffic injuries in childhood and youth: a national study of socio-economic inequalities by category of road users
Sharp rise in microscooter accidents
Socio-economic differences in injury risk in Swedish youth of different ages: A national study comparing unintentional with intentional injuries
Socioeconomic descriptors of fatal crash rates in the Southeast USA
A pilot study of a method for assessing the reach capability of wheelchair users for safety belt design
Aspects of seat modelling for seating comfort analysis
Effect of drivers' age and push button locations on visual time off road, steering wheel deviation and safety perception
Factors contributing to officers' fatigue in high-speed maritime craft operations
Investigation into issues of passenger egress in Ladbroke Grove rail disaster
Reviewing ambulance design for clinical efficiency and paramedic safety
Safety and human factors considerations in control rooms of oil and gas pipeline systems: conceptual issues and practical observations
The development of a multidimensional scale to evaluate motor vehicle dynamic qualities
The ironies of vehicle feedback in car design
Train drivers' sleep and alertness during short relay operations
The effect of age on cognitive performance under the impact of vibration in a driving environment
The Integrated Workload Scale (IWS): a new self-report tool to assess railway signaller workload
Organizational climate in air traffic control Innovative preparedness for implementation of new technology and organizational development in a rule governed organization
Aggressive traffic enforcement: a simple and effective injury prevention program
Assessing the effectiveness of "intuitive" vibrotactile warning signals in preventing front-to-rear-end collisions in a driving simulator
Death and injury from motor vehicle crashes: a tale of two countries
Driving performance while using cell phones: an observational study
Economic Impact of Motorcycle Helmets: From Impact to Discharge
Factors associated with automobile accidents and survival
Substance-related traffic-risk behaviors among college students
Subjective sleepiness and accident risk avoiding the ecological fallacy
Child traffic accident injuries in Japan
Blood alcohol levels in persons who died from accidents and suicide
Safeguarding of pinch and shear points on power windows by limitation of the closing velocity: A pilot study
'Actions not as planned' in military air-traffic control
A behavioural approach to improving traffic behaviour of young children
A broad-brush outline for the railways of the next century
A chronology of the traffic history of Japan (1926-1975)
A combined accelerator-brake pedal
A comparative analysis of incident service time on urban freeways
A comparative analysis of the potential of international road accident data files
A comparative study of the environmental impacts of transport policies in the Netherlands and Greece
A comparative study on the implementation of transportation demand management: Florida and Japan
A comparison of heart rates during blind mobility and car driving
A comparison of two subsidiary tasks used to measure fatigue in car drivers
A comparison of vehicular approach speed and braking between day and nighttime periods at an automated railway crossing
A comprehensive assessment system for the maritime traffic environment
A decision-making model for a strategic approach towards bus transit planning and management: Bankok case study
A down-to-earth view of proposals for a grand unification of traffic sciences (GUTS)
A feasibility study of the use of incidents and accidents reports to evaluate effects of Team Resource Management in Air Traffic Control
A follow-up study on fatality rates: a comparison between the number of accident fatalities occurring within and after a 24 hours period
A German example for integrated traffic and transport systems at Darnstadt University of Technology
A macroscopic risk assessment method for railway systems
A mathematical model of driver alertness
A method for investigating human factor aspects of aircraft accidents and incidents
A method, DEB analysis, for proactive risk analysis applied to air traffic control
A methodology for the analysis of SPAD
A model for forcasting vehicle ownership in Saudi Arabia
A model of driver behaviour
A model of the air traffic controller's picture
Unsafe acts and unsafe outcomes in aircraft maintenance
Use of auditory icons as emergency warnings: evaluation within a vehicle collision avoidance application
Vigilance on the civil flight deck: incidence of sleepiness and sleep during long-haul flights and associated changes in physiological parameters
Visual attention while driving: sequences of eye fixations made by experienced and novice drivers
Work/rest cycles in railroad operations: effects of shorter than 24-h shift work schedules and on-call schedules on sleep
Working and health conditions of Italian air traffic controllers
The effect of vehicle characteristics on drivers' risk-taking behaviour
A note on the interdisciplinary study in transportation research
The influence of aircraft proximity data on the subjective mental workload of controllers in the air traffic control task
Truck driver fatigue risk assessment and management: a multinational survey
Using semantic environment description as a tool to evaluate car interiors
Skills, rules and knowledge in aircraft maintenance: errors in context
Some Aspects of Vehicle Active Safety
Speeding in relation to perceptions of risk, utility and driving style by British company car drivers
Surface electromyography analysis in long-term recordings: application to head rest comfort in cars
Surface electromyography as a tool to study the head rest comfort in cars
Task effects on fatigue symptoms in overnight driving
The 'Wheel of Misfortune': a taxonomic approach to human factors in accident investigation and analysis in aviation and other complex systems
A pessimistic view
A policy perspective for sustainable cities: non-motorized transport (NMT) in Asia
A procedure developed to prioritize roadway intersections for safety and traffic improvements
A profile of occupational therapists as driving instructors and evaluators for elderly drivers
A questionnaire-based survey on road vehicle travel habits of children with disabilities
A report on the construction and opening of Kansi International Airport
A report on the IATSS Symposium on Traffic Science 1982: Man and Space
A review of road safety research on children as pedestrians: How far can we go towards improving their safety?
A review of the impact of medical care and technology in reducing traffic fatalities
A review of the occurrence reporting system proposed by EASA Part-145
A review of the traffic safety situation in Sweden with regard to different strategies and methods of evaluating traffic safety measures
A scenerio of traffic and transport in German cities for the year 2010
A study of a large scramble intersection: An interdisciplinary approach to the Sukiya-bashi intersection
A study of passenger behaviour on a slow speed travellator system
A study of some anthropometric characteristics of motorcycle riders
A subjective scale of speed when driving a motor vehicle
A survey of town planning and transportation in the German Democratic Republic
A system for motorway management based on risk rate estimation
A theory of sociability for coordinating townscape planning and design proceedures
A validation of subsidiary reaction time against detection of roadside obstacles during prolonged driving
Access systems of heavy construction vehicles: Parameters, problems and pointers
Accident analysis methodology
Accident analysis methods and research prospects
Accident and society in the German Democratic Republic
Accident prediction models for signalized crosswalks
Accident prediction models for unsignalised urban junctions in Ghana
Accident probability after accident occurrence
Accident risk and driver behaviour
Accidents -- In-Depth Analysis; towards a method AIDA?
Activating a safety message from truck drivers' memory: an experiment in a work zone
Adaptation evaluation: An adaptive cruise control system used by drivers with lower limb disabilities
Adult age and the speed-accuracy trade-off
Advanced safety vehicles
Advanced vehicle control and safety systems
Ageing and driving -- decreasing mental and physical abilities and increasing compensatory abilities?
Air traffic safety and airport runway capacity
Air transport pilot involvement in general aviation accidents
Airborne Separation Assurance Systems: towards a work programme to prove safety
Alcohol effects on driver performance under conditions of divided attention
Alcohol related traffic safety legislation: Where do we stand today?
Ambulant disabled persons using buses: experiments with entrances and seats
American research in intelligent vehicle-hiway systems -- an overview
An advanced method of identifying hazardous locations
An anthropometric survey of British drivers
An appraisal of digital displays with particular reference to altimeter design
An approach to urban transportation planning: California's congestion management policy
Predictors of whole-body vibration exposure experienced by highway transport truck operators
Psychophysiological analysis of mental load during driving on rural roads--a quasi-experimental field study
Quantitative assessment of effects of visual scanning on concurrent task performance
Road traffic offending, stress, age, and accident history among male and female drivers
Road-edge delineation in rural areas: effects on driving behaviour
Role of formal instruction and informal practice in learning to drive
Simulation of accident risk displays in motorway driving with traffic
Motion sickness in public road transport: the effect of driver, route and vehicle
Music is as distracting as noise: the differential distraction of background music and noise on the cognitive test performance of introverts and extraverts
On-line driver workload estimation. effects of road situation and age on secondary task measures
Pattern recognition for road traffic accident severity in Korea
Physical workload of lorry drivers: a comparison of four methods of transport
An ergonomics approach to the problem of high vehicles striking low bridges
An evaluation of comfort of a bus seat
An evaluation of congestion pricing policy in Seoul: a case study
An ex post facto evaluation of Sukiya-bashi intersection -- A study of large scramble intersection, part II
An experimental comparison of conservative versus optimal collision avoidance warning system thresholds
An experimental comparison of test and symbols for in-car reconfigurable displays
An improved motorcycle helmet design for tropical climates
An interactive multiobjective model for the strategic maritime transportation of petroleum products: risk analysis and routing
An international comparative perspective on motorisation in urban China: Problems and prospects
An investigation into aspects of bus design and passenger requirements
An investigation into fatal accidents and their prediction
An investigation into the effects of stress upon skilled performance
An investigation into the use of the car as a mobile office
An investigation on fatal road accidents - Malaysia
Analysis and identification of present and future environmental problems in road transport
Analysis of freeway accident frequencies: Negative binomial regression versus artificial neural network
Analysis of mental processes involved in air traffic control
Analysis of recent trends in bus and coach safety in Britain
Analysis of the safety of traffic from the structural standpoint
Analysis of traffic accidents through hospital's trauma registry records: Case study of Khon Kaen, Thailand
An analysis of accidents involving motorcycles and suggestions for drivers' education
An on-site study of guide sign effectiveness
Anthropometric study of Swedish engine drivers
Anthropometry of North Sea helicopter pilots
Anthropometry of the Hong Kong male and the design of bus driver cabs
Anxiety, manual dexterity and diver performance
Application of an equilibrium model to short-term traffic policy evaluation
Application of fast-time simulation techniques to the study of ATC systems
Approaches to enhance motorcycle safety
Are licensed drivers 'perfect drivers'? Getting a driver's license and driver training: current situation in Japan
Aspects of speed in relation to traffic safety
Assessing driving capability: a method for individual testing: the significance of paraparesis inferior studied in a controlled experiment
Assessing senior drivers' performances with critical driving incidents
Assessment of pilot performance and mental workload in rotary wing aircraft
Assessment of the static fit of automobile lap-belt systems on front-seat passengers
Assessment, re-design and evaluation of changes to the driver's cab in a suburban electric train
Attitudes of air traffic controllers at Frankfurt Airport towards work and the working environment
Audible warning signals for police vehicles
Auditory signals in military aircraft: ergonomics principles versus practice
Automation and the future of driver behavior
Automation in civil transport aircraft
Automobile safety devices and drivers' offsetting behavior
Automobile seat comfort prediction: statistical model vs. artificial neural network
Automobile seat comfort: occupant preferences vs. anthropometric accommodation
Automobile traffic in an aging society
Bangkok traffic
Basic study on tailormade braking support system
Behaviour change on the road: The unification of Platonian, Draconian and Pentagonian measures
Behavioural change
Behavioural changes in the context of traffic safety
Biochemical and haemodynamic indicators of stress in truck drivers
Bosozoku (hot rodders' clan) and car-oriented youth
Can pilots time-share better than non-pilots?
Car fatalities, driver training and licensing in European countries: A comparative study
Car safety and social differences in traffic injuries among young adult drivers: a study of two-car injury-generating crashes in Sweden
Causes of accidents with post-drivers and their remedies
Cellular mobile radio communications -- current status and future prospect
Changes in speed and safety by automated speed enforcement systems
Changes in subsidiary reaction time and heart-rate during car driving, passenger travel and stationary conditions
Changing attitudes of speed-limit offenders using a multimedia program
Characteristics of today's youths as indicated by their inclinations for vehicles -- An interim report
Characteristics of visual reaction to dynamic environment -- the proper distance between cars
Child casualties before and after enactment of child restraint seats (CRS) legislation in Japan
Circumstances in which people reduce car ownership -- a comparative analysis of three panel data sets
City transport of the future - the high speed pedestrian conveyor. part 1: ergonomic considerations of accelerators, decelerators and transfer sections
City transport of the future - the high speed pedestrian conveyor. part 2: ergonomic considerations of complete conveyor systems
Coach design for the Helsinki underground
Cognition and affect in measures of driving style
Cognitive abilities and safety on the road: a re-examination of individual differences in dichotic listening and search for embedded figures
Cognitive capacity and concurrent driving performance in older drivers
Cognitive style and driving skills in adulthood: Implications for licensing of older drivers
Combining accident data and laboratory simulation data reduces the risk for sub-optimized safety systems in cars
Community cycling accessibility initiative - enhancing cycling to decrease auto dependency
Comparison of severity affecting factors between young and older drivers involved in single vehicle crashes
Comprehansive evaluation of traditional techniques and proposal of a new method for identifying hazardous locations
Conception of establishing educational institutions to train traffic specialists
Concepts of fatigue and vigilance in relation to railway operation
Concurrent physiological activity of driver and passenger when driving with and without automatic transmission in heavy city traffic
Conflicting criteria in evaluating air traffic control systems
Conflicts between mobility, safety, and environment
Conflicts between mobility, safety, and environmental preservation expressed as a hierarchy of social dilemmas
Control and stability of single-track vehicles
Control law optimization in simulated visual tracking of aircraft
Control of road accidents in Malysia
Controlling air traffic with touch sensitive screen
Controlling the consequences of mobility
Cooling of motorcyclists in various clothing during winter in Britain
Coping with accelerating socio-technical systems
Countermeasures for securing the wintertime traffic on the National Highway in regions subject to heavy snowfall
Countermeasures to limit the conflict between mobility, safety and environment
Countermeasures to limit the conflict between mobility, safety, and environment
Course holding by cyclists and moped riders
Critical incidents and fatigue among locomotive engineers
CRT display visibility in automobiles
Danger, rear wheel steering
Data fusion, ensemble and clustering to improve the classification accuracy for the severity of road traffic accidents in Korea
De l'analyse des donnees a une demarche d'expression des travailleurs: Une approche integree de la prevention
Deaths at sea--a study of fatalities on board Hong Kong-registered merchant ships (1986-95)
Demand management for urban road traffic in the United Kingdom -- towards a sustainable transport policy for urban areas
Design of mirror systems for commercial vehicles
Design of workcards for aircraft inspection
Detection and reading distances of retroreflective road signs during night driving
Development and structuring of inter-city buses in Japan
Development and application of a human error identification tool for air traffic control
Development and evaluation of measures to reduce the accident risk of elderly road users
Difference thresholds for automobile seat vibration
Differences between older and younger drivers; characteristics of fatal car crashes and driver injuries
Differential psychophysiological reactivity of city bus drivers
Difficulties in studying spatial aspects of road safety the example of accidents at intersections
Direct observation of driving, self reports of driver behaviour, and accident involvement
In-vehicle vibration study of child safety seats
Incorporating user satisfaction into the look-and-feel of mobile phone design
Workload and psychophysiological stress reactions in air traffic controllers
Workload variation, intrinsic risk and utility in a simulated air traffic control task: Evidence for compensatory effects
Body position and seat construction for motor vehicle drivers
Criteria in ergonomic studies of safe roads
Development of an adjustable backrest for auto and quiet sitting
Operation functions in vehicle control
Seat of the driver: it's adaptation to functional and anthropometric requirements
What the passenger contributes to passenger comfort
What will be the European traffic transportation 1992? The influence of single market consolidation
Why is the driver rarely motion sick? The role of controllability in motion sickness
Work problems associated with suburban train driving
A psychophysiological investigation of the effects of driving longer-combination vehicles
A three-dimensional dynamic posture prediction model for simulating in-vehicle seated reaching movements: development and validation
Aberrant driving behaviour: errors and violations
Adaptive strategy changes as a function of task demands: a study of car drivers
Alarm effectiveness in driver-centred collision-warning systems
An analysis of 'looked but failed to see' accidents involving parked police vehicles
Behavioural compensation by drivers of a simulator when using a vision enhancement system
Choice of time-headway in car-following and the role of time-to-collision information in braking
Circadian rhythm of heart rate, urinary cortisol excretion, and sleep in civil air traffic controllers
Combining psychophysical measures of discomfort and electromyography for the evaluation of a new automotive seating concept
Comparative study of the effects of auditory, visual and multimodality displays on drivers' performance in advanced traveller information systems
Motor vehicle crashes and spinal injury
Road trauma: who should be counted?
The need for epidemiological research in road trauma
Direction-of-turn stereotypes - conflict and concord
Directional guidance of motor vehicles--a preliminary survey and analysis
Discussion on accident analysis methodology
Distance headway behavior between vehicles from the viewpoint of proxemics
Distinguishing between severe and non severe accident victims by means of classification procedures
Distribution of eye-fixations driving -- effects of road characteristics and driving speed as assessed by two eye-movements registration devices
Don't wait for accidents -- possibilities to assess risk in traffic by applying the 'Wiener Fahrprobe'
Drinking driving -- attitudes, knowledge, and behavior patterns of drivers
Drive-by-wire: The case of driver workload and reclaiming control with adaptive cruise control
Driver age differences in day and night gap acceptance capabilities
Driver approach behaviour at an unprotected railway crossing before and after enhancement of lateral sight distances: An experimental investigation of a risk perception and behavioural compensation hypothesis
Driver behavior and accident characteristics of the elderly drivers in Japan
Driver behaviour in the presence of child and adult pedestrians
Driver behaviour. International Conference on Road Safety held at Uwist, Cardiff, UK, 7-11 September 1981
Driver feeling relative to vehicle handling
Driver inattention: Drivers' perception of risks and compensating behaviours
Driver training and licensing: Current situation in Sweden
Driver training in Finland
Driver training: a perceptual-motor skill approach
Driver's back pain and its prevention. a review of the postural, vibratory and muscular factors, together with the problem of transmitted road-shock
Driver's license system improvement effect in Korea
Driver-vehicle behaviour in restricted-path turns
Drivers and road signs
Drivers' hazard and risk perception, confidence in safe driving, and choice of speed
Driving ability following the subchronic application of lormetazepam, flurazepam and placebo
Driving behavior and safety measures of the aged
Driving patterns for different-sized vehicles
Drugs and traffic safety -- some basic reflections
Dummies for crash testing motor cars
Dynamic padding by retrofit airbags and knee bars. a study of Swedish mail delivery cars
Dynamic speed adaptation in adverse conditions: A system proposal
Early impacts of alcoholic beverage warning labels: national study findings relevant to drinking and driving behavior
Effect of prolonged driving on overtaking criteria
Effective traffic accident prevention through education and mandatory driver training
Effective vehicle width in self-paced tracking
Effectiveness of old, new, and future motor-car lighting
Effectiveness of safety belts and Hierarchical Bayesian analysis of their relative use
Effects of 10 h time zone changes on female flight attendants' circadian rhythms of body temperature, alertness, and visual search
Effects of driving style on headway preference and acceptance of an adaptive cruise control (ACC)
Effects of experience of the driver on heart-rate, respiration-rate, and subsidiary reaction time in a three hours continuous driving task
Effects of platform fashion shoes on brake response time
Effects of redundancy in the comparison of speech and pictorial displays in the cockpit environment
Effects of rickshaws and auto-rickshaws on the capacity of urban signalized intersections
Effects of speed limit alterations on road safety
Effects of speed
Effects of speed
Effects of Taiwan in-vehicle cellular audio phone system on driving performance
Effects of visual guidance on the reduction of impacts during landings
Elderly and young driver's reaction to an in-car enforcement and tutoring system
Elderly drivers and safety when using information technology systems
Elderly drivers and their transport environment
Emergency braking of underground rope-hauled rail-mounted vehicles: design principles and experimental investigations
Engineering of traffic markers to satisfy requirements of perceptual space
Environmental countermeasures for safe traffic in the tunnels
Environmental influence on driving behavior
Equipment note. 'moving road simulator'--a machine suitable for the study of speed phenomena including motion after-effect
Ergonomic aspects of automation in navigation bridges
Ergonomic aspects of risk control associated with the impact of new technology : The vehicle design and driving performance
Ergonomic problems in ship control
Ergonomics in aviation
Ergonomics of road transport
Ergonomics within the civil aviation authority
Errors of memory in air traffic control
Estimated slip potential on icy surfaces during various methods of exiting commercial tractors, trailers, and trucks
Evaluating the role of colour in a flight information cockpit display
Evaluation of a stimulation plan for municipalities in the Netherlands
Evaluation of driver discomfort during long-duration car driving
Evaluation of formats for aircraft control/display units
Evaluation of in-vehicle HMI using occlusion techniques: experimental results and practical implications
Evaluation of legislation on seat belt use on rear seats: social persuasion as a new measure to promote seat belt use
Evaluation of the driver's cab in the Rc5 engine
Evaluation of the seating of Qantas flight deck crew
Evaluation of workload in air traffic controllers
Evaluation traffic safety in Poland as compared with backgrounds of other countries
Experimental studies of deal-task performance in a driving simulator -- the relationship between task demands and subjects general performance
Experimental study on fist-ellipse for Chinese auto drivers
Experiments to investigate the level of 'comfortable' loads for people against crush barriers
Explanation of and countermeasures against traffic congestion
Explosions initiated by welding the rims of wheels fitted with tubeless tyres
Explosives sabotage and its investigation in civil aircraft
Eye movement behaviour viewing colour-coded and monochrome avionic displays
Eye movements in actual and simulated curve negotiation tasks
Factors affecting the safety performance of bus companies--The experience of Taiwan bus deregulation
Factors influencing the occurrence and outcome of car rear-end collisions: The problem of whiplash injury in the Netherlands
Fashion and transportation
Fatal traffic accidents in the Turkish construction industry
Fatigue among young male night-time car drivers: is there a risk-taking group?
Fatigue and driving
Fatigue and stress in air traffic controllers
Fatigue in simulated car driving
Fighting traffic congestion: An agenda for the future
Flight deck environment and pilot workload: biological measures of workload
Flight simulator research at the Royal Air Force Institute of Aviation Medicine
Flying is not safe
Foot brake pedal force capability of drivers
Foot operation of controls
Meta-analysis on total braking time
Mobile (cellular) phone use and driving: a critical review of research methodology
Modelling cognitive processes of experienced air traffic controllers
Framework of tailormade driving support systems and neural network driver model
Freight transport
From accident report to design problems--a study of accidents on board ship
From fly-by-wire to drive-by-wire: Safety implications of automation in vehicles
Full-scale collision tests
Function of the muscles of the upper limb in car driving
Function of the muscles of the upper limb in car driving. iv: the pectoralis major, serratus anterior and latissimus dorsi muscles
Function of the muscles of the upper limb in car driving. v: the supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor and teres major muscles
Further need of research in air traffic control tasks
Future aims of traffic control
General evaluation of traffic accident countermeasures
General trends of ITS in the world: Key technology to improve traffic safety
Graphic representation of accident scenarios: mapping system structure and the causation of accidents
Grey relationship analysis on causes of road traffic accidents
Hand-transmitted vibration from the steering wheel to drivers of a small four-wheel drive tractor
Hazard perception and its relevance for driver licensing
Heart rate as a measure in road layout design
High school students and motorcycles -- Two schools of thought on traffic education
Highway safety issues in rural and urban environments: Verification of community perception
Historical analysis of accidents in seaports
History of sidewalks and Japan -- a study on transition of the structural standard
HMI aspects of the usability of Internet services with an in-car terminal on a driving simulator
Holiday traffic activities and problems on planning procedure for recreational roads in Japan
Hours at work at sea: watchkeeping schedules, circadian rhythms and efficiency
How can we make car dependent adults manage their car usage
How much visual road information is needed to drive safely and comfortably?
How to substitute short car trips by cycling and walking
How unsafe and how much safer (part 1)
How unsafe and how much safer (part 2)
Human factors considerations for a combined brake-accelerator pedal
Human factors studies of the working hours of UK ship's pilots. 1. a field study of fatigue
Human factors studies of the working hours of UK ships' pilots. part 2: a survey of work-scheduling problems and their social consequences
Human vigilance in railway and long-haul flight operation
Impact of new information technologies
Impacts of lower speed limits in South Australia
Impacts of progressive signal systems with low progression speed on traffic safety and the urban traffic flow
Implications in the design and implementation of the Metro Manila LRT Network
Implications of visual perception and road traffic safety
Improvement of traffic safety by road-vehicle cooperative smart cruise systems
Improving circuity and traffic safety in urban roadway network: Using the multiple loop systems - conceptual formulation
Improving flow and safety upon roads by unorthodox layout
Improving road environments for the aging society
In defence of the two-tone horn
In search of the 'optimum' speed: From the user's viewpoint
Incentive systems for accident-free and violation-free driving in the general population
Incorporating fire safety in the Channel Tunnel design
Increased vigilance with vertical vibration at 5 Hz: an alerting mechanism
Independent investigation of transportation accidents
Indicators of fatigue in truck drivers
Individual strategies in ATC freedom and choice
Influence of mobile phone use while driving: the experience in Taiwan
Information technology and road transport industry: how does IT affect the lorry driver?
Injury events among bus and coach occupants: Non-crash injuries as important as crash injuries
Inland waterway transport: Modelling the probability of accidents
Institut fur Zweirdsicherheit: elements of its motorcycle safety work
Insurance classifications and drivers' galvanic skin response
Integrating simulators in motorcycle safety education
Intelligent speed adaptation (ISA) and road safety
Interdisciplinary approach to transportation safety
Interface pressure and the prediction of car seat discomfort
Interface pressure data and the prediction of driver discomfort in road trials
International comparison of traffic behavior and perceptions of traffic
International Cooperation in traffic safety
International harmonization of safety regulations relating to the construction of road vehicles
Intrinsic road safety: A new approach?
Introduction to driver training and licensing in Ghana
Investigating the adjustment factor for protected left turns from a shared lane
Investigating the characteristics of non-motorized public transport services: a case study of Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Investigations into the skills of train-driving
Is increasing automobile dependence inevitable in booming economies? Asian cities in an international context
Issues and recent trends in vehicle safety communication systems
Joint international traffic safety research: an important step forward
Just how many accidents are caused by bad road signs?
Key components of a motorcycle-traffic system: A study along the motorcycle path in Malaysia
Laboratory visibility studies of directional symbols used for traffic control signals
Licensing and training of truck drivers: New and continuing challenges
Living environment and design of "Woonerf" -- Tokyu Dwell Okegawa Village
Lorry driver's time habits in work and their involvement in traffic accidents
Luminance and luminance contrast requirements for legibility of self-luminous displays in aircraft cockpits
Major tasks for the future of road transport in Japan
Making sense of invulnerability at work--a qualitative study of police drivers
Managing risks and liabilities in the highways and transport sector
Managing road transport risks: sustainable safety in the Netherlands
Mapping mental load in car driving
Marking for the elderly driver in Japan -- background, experiment, and analysis
Maximum forces sustained during various methods of exiting commercial tractors, trailers and trucks
Measurement of control skills, vigilance, and performance on a subsidiary task during 12 hours of car driving
Measurement of traffic conflicts
Kinematics of head-trunk movements while entering and exiting a car
Learning from errors in a driving simulation: effects on driving skill and self-confidence
Low back muscle activity in an automobile seat with a lumbar massage system
Measuring pilot workload in a motion base trainer. a comparison of four techniques
Mental performance of air crew following layovers on transzonal flights
Metropolitan transport networks: the case of Randstad, Holland
Mobility and accessibility for elderly and disabled people in Sweden
Mobility for all: Towards barrier-free environment in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Mobility, environment and safety in megacities: Dealing with a complex future
Mobility, transportation, and development
Modeling crashes involving pedestrians and motorized traffic
Models of human reaction to vehicle environments
Motion sickness: Some theoretical and practical considerations
Motor traffic in snowy districts -- Studded tire problem
Motor vehicle accidents in the United States
Motor vehicle handling properties and driver control
Motorcycle braking -- a 'gap' between technology and rider?
Motorcycle crash prediction models for non-signalized intersections
Motorcycle safety in the near future (editorial)
Motorcycle-propelled public transport and local policy development: The case of tricycles and habal-habal in Davao City Phillippines
Musculoskeletal injuries among bus drivers due to motor vehicle accidents and hazardous environmental conditions
National and local road safety policies in France -- conditions and perspectives
Nautical safety and efficiency: simulation and reality
Near-accident reporting: A review of Swedish research
New drivers' assessment of risks and driving skills in Japan: the effects of sex, age, and learning environment
New experiment in driver's education
New issues in urban traffic planning
New media's impact on social life -- from resarch in the U.S.A. and France
Night shift paralysis in air traffic control officers
Night-time driving: the use of seat-belts and alcohol
Objective job difficulty, behavioural response, and sector characteristics in air route traffic control centres
Objective workload and behavioural response in airport radar control rooms
Operator response factors in the location and control of foot pedals
Operator-centred local error management in air traffic control
Optimization of vehicle accelerator-brake pedal foot travel time
Outline on the symposium on the future course of traffic safety developments
Palleted automated transportation - a view of developments at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Passenger comfort--an overview
Passenger transport
Pedestrian movement patterns and street furniture
Perception of traffic guidance signs containing conflicting symbol and direction information
Personality and speeding: Some policy implications
Personality, attitudes and risk perception as predictors of risky driving behaviour among young drivers
Physical and muscular strain in Swedish tanker truck drivers
Physical, mental, emotional, and subjective workload components in train drivers
Pilot performance and preference for short cycles of automation in adaptive function allocation
Pilot response in flight and simulated flight
Pilot-error accidents: male vs female
Planning for non-motorized traffic: a prerequisite for sustainable transport system
Policies for controlling air pollution from road traffic
POLSSS: overview and cost-effectiveness analysis
POLSSS: policy making for sea shipping safety
POLSSS: surveying stakeholders about acceptability of risks and system changes
Potential of regional goods transport collaboration toward sustainable urban development
Pre-hospital emergency care in Sweden with special emphasis on care of traffic victims
Precognitive control: open- and closed-loop steering in a lane-change manoeuvre
Predicting pilot-error incidents of US airline pilots using logistic regression
Predictive models for road accidents at signalised intersections
Preliminary analysis of exclusive motorcycle lanes along the Federal Highway F02, Shah Alam, Malaysia
Preliminary investigations into the loco-man factor on the Indian railways
Present condition and outlook of drivers education at driving schools
Present conditions and problems of road safety in the Federal Republic of Germany from the viewpoint of human sciences
Present conditions and problems of traffic safety education in Japan
Present state, prospects, and problems of bicycle transportation in Japan
Present status and approach of transport policy for the elderly in Japan
Pro-active safety management: Application and evaluation within a rail context
Problems of visual elements and urban space
Progress of TDM and the role of the social experiemnt in the transportation policy of a local major city: a case study of Utsunomiya City
Progress of technology and traffic accidents
Proposed safety criteria for traffic control on motorways
Pros and Cons of Speed limits on German Motorways
Psychological studies in bosozoku -- An interim report
Public transport in metropolitan areas -- a danger for unprotected road users
Qualification of Formal Safety Assessment: an exploratory study
Quality of mobility
Railway signals passed at danger. situational and personal factors underlying stop signal abuse
Railway signals passed at danger: the drivers, circumstances and psychological processes
Reaction times to neon, LED, and fast incandescent brake lamps
Rear lights and visual reaction: the process of close-up phenomenon between vehicles
Reflections on accident investigation
Regional cultural characteristics and driving behavior -- indexing of a social speed
Regional views of road transport and environment
Regulating airport safety: the case of Schiphol
Reinforcing the rules or integrating behavioural responses into road planning
Relation between time to falling asleep behind the wheel on a closed track and changes in subsidiary reaction time during prolonged driving on a motorway
Religion and changes in transportation
Report on national road accident analyses in the E.U. countries
Report on the 11th International Symposium on Transportation and Traffic Theory
Report on the 22nd International Congress of Applied Psychology
Human factors in modern traffic systems
Identification of driver model parameters
Image parameters for driving with indirect viewing systems
Information complexity--mental workload and performance in combat aircraft
Interpersonal violations, speeding violations and their relation to accident involvement in Finland
Road accidents in Australia
Road accident models for large metropolitan cities of India
Risk management for water and energy pipelines
Risk management in a large-scale new railway transport system project: Evaluation of Korean high-speed railway experience
Road accidents and safety policy in France
Road accidents and the Netherlands
Road accidents in Australia
Road accidents in Australia
Road accidents in Bangladesh
Road accidents in Belgium
Road accidents in Brazil
Road accidents in Canada
Road accidents in Denmark
Road accidents in Finland
Road accidents in Finland
Road accidents in France
Road accidents in German Democratic Republic
Road accidents in Great Britain since 1965
Road accidents in Great Britain since 1975
Road accidents in Greece
Road accidents in Hungary
Road accidents in India
Road accidents in Indonesia
Road accidents in Italy
Road accidents in Japan
Road accidents in Japan
Road accidents in Korea
Road accidents in Korea
Road accidents in metropolitan Dhaka, Bangladesh
Road accidents in New Zealand
Road accidents in Norway
Road accidents in People's Republic of China
Road accidents in Poland
Road accidents in Portugal
Road accidents in Singapore
Road accidents in Singapore
Road accidents in South Africa: 1990-2003
Road accidents in Spain
Road accidents in Sweden
Road accidents in Switzerland
Road accidents in Switzerland
Road accidents in Taiwan
Road accidents in Thailand: Changes over the past decade
Road accidents in the Czech Republic
Road accidents in the Netherlands
Road accidents in the Philippines
Road accidents in Turkey
Road and urban transportation in Bulgaria
Road freight transport and the single European market
Road freight transport policy in Japan with special reference to economic deregulation
Road junction convex mirrors
Road risk production: A social analysis through mobility, attitude, reported behaviour and accident data
Road safety education at schools in Germany
Road safety in Canada
Road safety in Germany
Road safety in Israel
Road safety in Northern Ireland
Road safety resarch in Germany
Road traffic accident analysis and safety program for the elderly considering birth cohort
Road traffic accident trend in Hong Kong in the past decade
Road traffic environment countermeasures
Road traffic fatalities in Saudi Arabia
Road transport and risk
Road transport barriers encountered by people with travel difficulties in Japan
Road transport priorities in adapting from planned to market economies
Road transport problems in urban areas and future perspectives in Japan
Road-accident data: interpreting the British experience with particular reference to the risk homoeostasis theory
Roadscape -- The analysis of visual-perception mechanism
Safe design of personal rapid transit systems
Safe Mobility for senior citizens
Safety and speed: A systems view of determinants and control measures
Safety climate factors, group differences and safety behaviour in road construction
Safety climate in the road administration
Safety clothing for human traffic obstacles
Safety considerations in designing automobile suspension
Safety equipment for passengers on railway platforms
Safety in automobile-relying society
Safety in automobile-relying society
Safety management systems and safety culture in aircraft maintenance organisations
Safety measures for elderly drivers: The situation in Germany
Safety plus mobility -- a goal impacted by technology and the political process
Safety Recommendations -- The engine that drives change
Safety versus mobility
Safety-based capacity analysis for Chinese highways: A preliminary study
SAVE: System for detection of driver impairment and emergency handling
Scientific theory and practical experience
Sea transport safety -- A challenge to European maritime society
Searching for names in two city street maps
Seat belt legislation: the evidence revisited
Seat belt use among car users in Malaysia
Seat-belts and behavioural adaptation: the loss of looming as a negative reinforcer
Selective visual degredation and the older driver
Self-explaining roads
Shifts, duration of work and accident risk of bus drivers
Shinjuku Family Town Project -- Problems and future traffic measures
Shortcomings in road accident data in developing countries, identification and correction: A case study
Situational factors contributing to the expression of aggression on the roads
Sleepiness in long distance truck driving: an ambulatory EEG study of night driving
Slip resistance versus surface roughness of deck and other underfoot surfaces in ships
Social costs of road accidents: Italian case study
Software safety for the space station flight telerobotic servicer (FTS)
Some alternative methods of predicting performance among professional drivers in training
Some implications of motion perception: evidence and theory for road accidents
Some issues on visual information acquisition and attention in driving
Some measurements of air quality in garages specialising in the undersealing of motor vehicles
Some observations regarding the vibrational environment in child safety seats
Some problems on traffic accidents analysis
Spatial nested scales for road accidents in the periphery of Brussels
Speed and accuracy in decision responses of men and women pilots
Speed and car traffic regulation in urban areas: The case of Paris
Speed policy in the Netherlands and speed management research at the SWOV
Speed regulation by in-car active accelerator pedal: Effects on speed and speed distribution
Stability controllability and safety
Standards for the design of controls: a case history
Standards of acceptable load in ATC tasks
State of art of urban transport in Hungary
Statistical analysis of dangerous goods accidents in Japan
Steam locomotive ergonomics
Stochastic pattern of traffic accidents in Bandung City
Stress, violations and accidents
Studies in travel behaviour and mobility management need a special scientific discipline: Mobilistics
Study on traffic safety measures for elderly pedestrians and cyclists: The difference in having a driver's license or not
Subjective and objective comparisons of successful and unsuccessful trainee drivers
Subjective hazard assessment of geometric design elements in relation to accident causation
Sustainability assessment of speed regulation of urban traffic
Sustainable vehicles for the 21st Century: beginning the transition to electric and hydrogen vehicles
Symposium "The traffic dilemma"
Head tilt during driving
Heavy mining vehicle controls and skidding accidents
Human factors and aviation safety: what the industry has, what the industry needs
Alcohol as a risk factor for unintentional rail injury fatalities during daylight hours
Risk contours and risk management criteria for safety at major airports, with particular reference to the case of Schiphol
Risk homeostasis theory, utility and accident loss in a simulated driving task
Risk homeostasis theory: A study of intrinsic compensation
Tapping the potential of ITS for greater pedestrian safety
TDM measures toward a sustainable mobility
TDM trends in Europe
TDM trends in the United States
Telematics and transport: Towards a market orientation
The application of system safety engineering and management techniques at the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
The basic driver error: late detection
The biodynamic aspects of low altitude, high speed flight
The car -- a challenge in functional requirements complexity, safety and reliability
The case studies of the traffic assessment using 'AVENUE'
The Channel Tunnel Safety Authority
The Channel Tunnel: reflections on transportation concepts and policies
The construction of the Oresund Link between Denmark and Sweden: the effect of a multi-faceted safety campaign
The contribution of communications signals to noise exposure
The contribution of pavement skidding resistance to traffic accident prevention
The contribution of public interest research to transportation policy -- Seen in the activities of the Institute for Transport Policy Studies
The current status and future aspects in formal ship safety assessment
The current status and future issues in human evacuation from ships
The design and effect of child restraint systems in vehicles
The development of the Real Time Integrated Traffic Information System (RITIS) for Indonesia
The differences of driving behavior among different driver age groups at signalized intersections
The economic control of urban transport demand
The effect of alcohol on driving skills and reaction times
The effect of cellular phone use on driving performance
The effect of discrete headway and relative velocity information on car-following performance
The effect of environmental and design parameters on subjective road safety -- a case study in Poland
The effect of four-day round trip flights over 10 time zones on the sleep-wakefulness patterns of airline flight attendants
The effect of posture and seat suspension design on discomfort and back muscle fatigue during simulated truck driving
The effect of the size of one and two traffic signs on two measures of perceptual performance
The effects of "stress fatigue" on performance in a simulated driving situation
The effects of alcohol and of varying amounts of visual information on a balancing test
The effects of alcohol dosing on driving performance on a closed course and in a driving simulator
The effects of information and education on traffic accident decrease, behavioral change and attitude change
The effects of media messages, police enforcement and road design measures on speed choice
The effects of psychological load and speed on tractor operator error
The effects of sex, accident type and car characteristics among elderly drivers in Finland
The efficiency and walking speed of visually impaired people
The energy cost of rickshaw pulling
The ergonomic evaluation of eye movement and mental workload in aircraft pilots
The ergonomics of flight management systems: fixing holes in the cockpit certification net
The evaluation of vehicle vibration and seats
The evolution of road safety and mobility
The extent of illegal overtaking in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia
The future of mobilit -- an optimistic view
The future of the automobile revisited -- observations on over capacity and technology in the 1990s
The helicopter - some ergonomic factors
The hovercraft environment
The human factor in driving accidents. an overview of approaches and problems
The human operator in air traffic control systems
The IATSS symposium on traffic science 1978 -- mobility for man and society
The IATSS symposium on traffic science 1980: Man and a high speed society
The impossibility of a unified traffic science
The INDICATE safety program: evaluation of a method to proactively improve airline safety performance
The influence of restructuring the goods movement system on transportation demand management (TDM)
The influence of driver's sex on driving behavior: an analysis of drivers who cause road accidents
The injury severity rate differences in passenger cars and pick up trucks related two vehicle involved motor vehicle crashes in British Columbia, Canada
The instrument explosion--a study of aircraft cockpit instruments
The intensity of auditory warning tones in the automobile environment: detection and preference evaluations
The investigation of explosions with special reference to aircraft and ships
On the highway measures of driver glance behavior with an example automobile navigation system
On the methodology of the interdisciplinary approach
On the multidisciplinary dynamics of trffic science
One step further from 3-Nai Undo (The 3-No Movement)
Research into raising the maximum speed limit for light motor vehicles and motorcycles on national expressways
Research on older drivers: a review
Research, policy-making and intervention programming in injury prevention: A classic case of sub-optimisation
Response speed as a function of sensory pattern and alcohol in a velocity judgement task
Restructuring of the Japanese National Railways into Japan Railways
Results of a questionnaire survey on the concept concerning the relationships between man and space
Riding simulator in safe driving education -- a method to evaluate the effectiveness and the simulated fidelity of necessary functions using fuzzy relation
Risk analyses of transportation on road and railway from a European Perspective
Risk analysis in harbor environments using simulation
Risk assessment in the aerospace industry
The Kansas Universiity Transportation Center (KUTC): Its societal roles
The low-cost, short term public transportation improvements to reduce the traffic congestion in urban areas: Case study - Jakarta metropolitan area
The measurement of driver performance
The mobility of the blind in Japan -- to create a safe and comfortable society for blind people
The motion of a ship at sea and the consequent motion sickness amongst passengers
The Munich car traffic reduction concept
The nature and process of interdisciplinary research
The need for a unification in traffic science
The noise factor in railway locomotives
The occlusion technique: a procedure to assess the HMI of in-vehicle information and communication systems
The paradoxes of almost totally safe transportation systems
The present conditions and characteristics of road traffic in China and the measures which have been adopted
The problems and improvement of traffic congestion in the Tokyo capital region
The problems of being an older driver: comparing the perceptions of an expert group and older drivers
The provision of transport for the handicapped
The psycho-social consequences of aircraft noise
The quality of railway carriage environments
The regulation of working methods as a function of work-load among air traffic controllers
The relation between clothing thickness and cooling during motorcycling
The relationship between rider and two-wheeled vehicle: a view to handling and safety
The relationship between training, practice, and license requirements
The risk of injury and vehicle damage severity in vehicle mismatched side impact crashes in British Colombia
The role of informatics in future freight transport
The role of National Police Agency in road traffic administration in Japan
The role of possibilities for bicycle transportation in the post-motorization age
The role of road transport in a broader environmental perspective
The role of the bicycle in relation to the train
The role of the controller in the accelerating industry of air traffic management
The role of two wheeled vehicles in urban traffic -- the present situation and countermeasures of two wheeled vehicle traffic
The role of working memory, field dependence, visual search, and reaction time in the left turn performance of older female drivers
The safety of the rapid transit system in Zurich
The scientific investigation of road accidents
The Singapore Safety Driving Center (SSDC) -- an example of Japan - Singapore cooperation in driver training
The substitution and complementary relationships between traffic and communication
The symptoms reported by long distance travellers
The use of heart rate as an index of stress in blind pedestrians
Association between setting quantified road safety targets and road fatality reduction
Balloon crash damage and injuries: an analysis of 86 accidents, 2000-2004
Chest and abdominal injuries caused by seat belt wearing
Cross-cultural differences in driving skills: A comparison of six countries
Does the type of exposure to a roadside sobriety checkpoint influence driver perceptions regarding drunk driving?
Fragility and crash over-representation among older drivers in Western Australia
Influence of visibility out of the vehicle cabin on lane-change crashes
Motorcycle safety programmes in Malaysia: how effective are they?
Pattern of road traffic injuries: one year hospital-based study in Western Nepal
Traffic and communication: their relationship and prospects -- a report on the 7th IATSS Domestic Symposium
Transport ergonomics and design education
Transport for the elderly and the handicapped
Transport safety: Trends and challenges from a systems perspective
Transport scenario of remote offshore islands of Bangladesh: Cases of Hatiya and Swandip
Transportation cost analysis for sustainability
Transportation engineering and urban transport in Czechoslovakia
Transportation on mainland Okinawa
Transportation research contributions to society by university transportation centers
Travel demand management in Seoul, Korea
Travel in Japan: its origins and history
Severity of alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes in British Columbia: case - control study
Trends in fatal accidents in Japan
Severity of injuries associated with femoral fractures as a result of motor vehicle collisions
Traffic violation detection and deterrence: implications for automatic policing
Transportation for the elderly: towards a user-friendly combination of private and public transport
Understanding accident mechanisms: an analysis of the components of 2516 accidents collected in a MAIM database
Updates of road safety status in Malaysia
Urban pedestrian accidents in Ghana
Urban space and mobility -- practicable solutions for better towns
Use of studless tires and driver education in Japan
Validity and utility of experimental research on severe work vehicle accidents
Using system simulation to model the impact of human error in a maritime system
Variable errors set a limit to adaptation
Variations in ATC-work load as a function of variations in cockpit workload
Vehicle accessibility in Japan today and the outlook for the future
Vehicle guidance by delineation systems at night
Vehicle mass and driver injury
Vehicle noise and the passenger
Ventilation and oxygen uptake during escape from a civil aircraft
Vibration and passenger comfort: Can data from subjects be used to predict passenger comfort?
Vibration and spinal lengthening in simulated vehicle driving
Vigilance and simulated night driving
Visibility requirements for the driver's stand of lift trucks. experimental study of drivers' lateral head movements
Visible distances and safe approach speeds for night driving
Visual distraction while driving: Trends in research and standardization
Visual search in intersections -- an underlying mechanism
Visual tasks in helicopter shipboard landing
Visual-manual feedback mechanism in human vehicular performance
Criteria for driver impairment
Dimensions of aberrant driver behaviour
Driver workload response to in-vehicle device operations
Drivers' fatigue studies
The association of light trucks and vans with pediatric pedestrian deaths
Effects of alcohol and caffeine on maritime navigational skills
Effects of moderate heat stress on driver vigilance in a moving vehicle
Effects of wearing aircrew protective clothing on physiological and cognitive responses under various ambient conditions
Ergonomics modelling and evaluation of automobile seat comfort
Examination of the use of fuzzy sets to describe relative speed perception
Fatigue self-management strategies and reported fatigue in international pilots
Traffic safety on motorways
Traffic systems and facilities for handicapped -- problems and improvements
Distraction from multiple in-vehicle secondary tasks: vehicle performance and mental workload implications
Effect of driving experience on drivers' decoding process of roadway interpersonal communication
Effects of gender and athletic participation on driving capability
Effects of mild hypoxia on perceptual-motor performance: a signal-detection approach
Traffic accident prevention and reduction: review of strategies
Traffic accidents in Thailand
Traffic accidents under the effect of the Gulf crisis
Traffic control device comprehension: Differences between domestic and international drivers in the USA
Traffic flow phenomena in expressway tunnels
Traffic injuries to truck and bus occupants
Cannabis and driving: the situation in Europe
Traffic management system against major earthquakes
Traffic safety and driver education in San Juan, Argentina
Traffic safety and environment -- conflict or integration
Traffic safety education for senior citizens in Japan
Traffic safety for the aged in West Germany
Cannabis and road crashes: a survey of recent French studies
Traffic safety in Germany after reunification
Drivers' impressions of front and rear gaps in queues
Occupational road trauma and permanent medical impairment
OECD's international emphasis -- research on road traffic safety
Older people, driving and new technology
Issues regarding alcoholic intoxication and driving
Thoughts on the possibility of a grand unification of traffic science
Time analyses of the tasks of approach controllers in ATC
Time dependence and temporal information integration for human reaction to motion
Neurobiology of cannabis - recent data enlightening driving disturbances
Time-of-day effects of alcohol intake on simulated driving performance in women
Tin cans or assault vehicles? The role of crashworthiness and non-aggressiveness in vehicle safety design, promotion and regulation
Toll road system and congestion pricing: a case of Japan Highway Public Corporation
Toward effective TDM through partnership in Japan
Towards a unified traffic science
Towards process-oriented requirements for ITS safety assurance
Tracking performance under random acceleration: effects of control dynamics
Tracking-task performance during heat stress simulating cockpit conditions in high-performance aircraft
Traffic accidents in 1999 in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Computer-intensive methods in traffic safety research
Effect of road layout and road environment on driving performance, drivers' physiology and road appreciation
Ergonomic diagnosis of the driver's workplace in an electric locomotive
Theoretic model for the computer analysis of vehicle collisions
Theory of manual vehicular control
Towards financing and planning road safety audit operations in Nigeria
Traditional and innovative speed-reducing measures for curves: an investigation of driver behaviour using a driving simulator
Traffic rules and traffic safety
Older drivers' safety in age-heterogeneous driving contexts
On beartraps and Australian drunk drivers: A response to Culvenor
On adaptive manual control
Maxillofacial fractures in Southern Bulgaria - A retrospective study of 1706 cases
The use of psychophysiology to assess driver status
UFOV performance and driving ability following traumatic brain injury
Motor vehicle crash fatalities at 30 days in Spain
Eye diseases among elderly drivers in Finland
Traffic accidents another disaster?
Acute effects of using a mobile phone on CNS functions
Admission to hospital for road trauma in patients with diabetes mellitus
Alcohol level and injury risks in traffic accidents in Tudela (Navarre)
Alcohol measurement in traffic accidents: how long will the ostrich strategy last?
Characteristics of road accident victims with positive blood alcohol levels
Child pedestrian deaths: sensitivity to traffic volume--evidence from the USA
Does acute exposure to the electromagnetic field emitted by a mobile phone influence visual evoked potentials? A pilot study
Does rear seat belt use vary according to socioeconomic status?
Analysis of traffic injury severity: An application of non-parametric classification tree techniques
Assessment of freeway traffic parameters leading to lane-change related collisions
Association between major injuries and seat locations in a motorcoach rollover accident
Driving Status and Risk of Entry Into Long-Term Care in Older Adults
Motor vehicle accidents (1973-6) in a cohort of Montreal drivers
Environmental and individual predictors of error in field estimates of blood alcohol concentration: a multilevel analysis
Prevalence of mobile phone use while driving vehicles
Short-term effectiveness of brief interventions in alcohol-positive traffic casualties
Socio-economic coasts of road traffic accidents in the Canary Islands, Spain, in 1997
Reducing socioeconomic inequalities in road traffic injuries: time for a policy agenda
Relation between increased numbers of safe playing areas and decreased vehicle related child mortality rates in Japan from 1970 to 1985: a trend analysis
Risk for injuries in traffic accidents among drivers under the effect of alcohol in Navarra
The association between regular alcohol consumption and accidents
The effect of age, sex, and experience on the risk of causing a car collision in drivers aged 18-24 years old
The human factor in shipwrecks and other accidents to ships: analysis of an official Swedish series
The principal causes of mortality in young people in the autonomous community of Madrid: 1990-1991
The role of driver demerit points and age in the prediction of motor vehicle collisions
Time trends in motorcycle accidents in Britain
Traffic accident mortality in Catalonia and other autonomous communities (1983-1990)
Trends in mortality and years of life lost related to alcohol in the Canary Islands, Spain 1980-1998
The efficacy of two brief intervention strategies among injured, at-risk drinkers in the emergency department: impact of tailored messaging and brief advice
Analysis of traffic accidents in Romania, 2009
Influence of driver nationality on the risk of causing vehicle collisions in Spain
Injuries caused by traffic accidents in Spain: a call to action
Injuries in The Netherlands: A survey
Geographical variability in the severity of traffic accidents in Spain
Distribution of and changes in Danish traffic deaths
Prevention of traffic deaths in accidents involving motor vehicles
Use of designated boat operators and designated drivers among college students
Self-regulation of driving and its relationship to driving ability among older adults
Societal costs of underage drinking
Ten-year Brisbane experience in petrol burns: A preventable health burden
Synthesis of quantitative and qualitative evidence for accident analysis in risk-based highway planning
Road rage: a domain for psychological intervention?
Changing a Corporate Culture: Managing Risk on the London Underground
A proposed campaign to increase the use of restraint systems for young children who ride in cars
Alcohol and highway safety in a public health perspective
An observational study of car occupant restraint in Fife: impact of recent legislation
Caffeine consumption in drivers of heavy vehicles in Turkey
Car occupant restraint use in Fife: an observational study
Cellular phones and traffic accidents
Deaths from road traffic accidents in Scotland: 1979-1988. Does it matter where you live?
Deprived children or deprived neighbourhoods? A public health approach to the investigation of links between deprivation and injury risk with specific reference to child road safety in Devon County, UK
Earning a driver's license
Phenomenology of bereavement process after suicide, traffic accident and terminal illness (in spouses)
Effects of legislative reform to reduce drunken driving and alcohol-related traffic fatalities
Effects of mandating seatbelt use: a series of surveys on compliance in Michigan
Impairment and work disability due to whiplash injury following traffic collisions. an analysis of insurance material from the Swedish road traffic injury commission
Lower legal blood alcohol limits for young drivers
MADD rates the states: a media advocacy event to advance the agenda against alcohol-impaired driving
Motorcycle accidents in Nottinghamshire
Processing capacity under perceptual and cognitive load: A closer look at load theory
An improved representation of vehicle incompatibility in frontal NCAP tests using a modified rigid barrier
Influence of muscle preactivation of the lower limb on impact dynamics in the case of frontal collision
Nonfatal injuries and restraint use among child passengers--United States, 2004
The prevalence and correlates of DSM-IV intermittent explosive disorder in the National Comorbidity Survey Replication
Changes in traffic crash mortality rates attributed to use of alcohol, or lack of a seat belt, air bag, motorcycle helmet, or bicycle helmet, United States, 1982-2001
Factors influencing the use of booster seats: A state-wide survey of parents
Accidental poisoning due to motor vehicle exhaust
Patterns of road traffic injuries in a vulnerable population in Hyderabad, India
Raising Healthy Children: Examining the Impact of Promoting Healthy Driving Behavior within a Social Development Intervention
Relative risk of spinal cord injury in road crashes involving seriously injured occupants of light passenger vehicles
Road safety
Serious injury is associated with suboptimal restraint use in child motor vehicle occupants
The significance of endogeneity problems in crash models: An examination of left-turn lanes in intersection crash models
The effects of coffee and napping on nighttime highway driving: a randomized trial
Motor vehicle crash fatalities at 30 days in Spain
Role of health services in the prevention of traffic accidents
Seizure-related injuries in northeast Thailand
Pediatric eye injury-related hospitalizations in the United States
A "pack of trouble" for smoking drivers
A case-control study of non-fatal traffic accidents on hospital patients in Bangkok metropolis
A cluster analysis of road traffic-related childhood knee injuries
A community program to reward children's use of seat belts
A comparative study of road traffic accidents in West Malaysia
A comparison of hospital admissions data and official government statistics of serious traffic accident injuries
Abdominal injuries in road traffic accidents
Acute stress disorder symptoms in children and their parents after pediatric traffic injury
Age differences in estimating vehicle velocity
Alcohol intake and severity of injuries on highways in Mexico: a comparative analysis
An evaluation of the Beltman traffic safety program for children
Area-wide traffic calming for preventing traffic related injuries
Auckland children's exposure to risk as pedestrians
Children and road safety: increasing knowledge does not improve behaviour
Children's attentional skills and road behavior
Children's auditory perception of movement of traffic sounds
Computer modeling and dummy simulation studies of occupant kinetics in road accidents
Diazepam and traffic accidents
Dragging deaths: a case in point
Editorial: Cannabis and road accidents
Elderly drivers involved in road crashes: a profile
Epidemiologic characteristics of drivers, vehicles, pedestrians and road environments involved in road traffic injuries in rural Thailand
Epidemiological study of the victims of vehicular accidents in Delhi
Epidemiology of adulthood injuries: a quickly changing injury profile in Finland
Epidemiology of road traffic accidents in developing communities: Nigeria an example
Evaluation of the efficacy of simulation games in traffic safety education of kindergarten children
Financial compensation following road traffic injury: who is footing the bill?
Geographical and socio-ecological variations of traffic accidents among children
Geophysical variables and behavior: lxviii. distal and lunar variables and traffic accidents in Saskatchewan 1984-1989
Heroin addiction and road traffic accidents
Incidence and characteristics of injuries in Eldoret, Kenya
Injuries in fatal traffic accidents
Kola nut and road traffic accidents in Nigeria
Minor tranquillisers and road accidents
Minor tranquillisers and road accidents
Mortality and morbidity following road accidents
Natural deaths of road users
Pedestrian fatalities in Alaska, 1980-1984
Pedestrian-motor vehicle trauma: an analysis of injury profiles by age
Prediction of accidents at full green and green arrow traffic lights in Switzerland with the aid of configuration-specific features
Preventing motor vehicle-occupant and pedestrian injuries in children and adolescents
Promoting automobile safety for young children
Psychotropic drugs and road accidents
Ridit analysis and related ranking procedures--use at your own risk
Risk to self versus risk to others: how do older drivers compare to others on the road?
Road safety education for schoolchildren
Road safety education for young children
Road traffic accident related morbidity as seen in an accident and emergency department
Road traffic accidents in Greece: recent trends (1981-1991)
Road traffic accidents in Kenya: an epidemiological appraisal
Road traffic accidents in Lusaka and blood alcohol
Road traffic accidents in Nigeria: a look at the state
Road traffic accidents in the elderly--a major cause of morbidity and mortality
Road traffic injuries in Karachi: the disproportionate role of buses and trucks
Safety education of pedestrians for injury prevention
The effects of age on accident severity and outcome in Irish road traffic accident patients
The epidemiology of trauma of the genitourinary system after traffic accidents: analysis of a register of over 43,000 victims
The road toll: possible improvements
The safe journeys of an enterprising school: negotiating landscapes of opportunity and risk
Traveling with children. it's the little things that count
Trends and characteristics of road traffic accidents in Nigeria
Uptake of the children's traffic club in Lothian
War on the road. prevention of the head trauma
Young traffic victims' long-term health-related quality of life: child self-reports and parental reports
1st all-union conference on road-traffic injuries
Drivers of advanced age in traffic accidents
Accidents as a function of the development of transport facilities. epidemiology of traffic accidents
Analysis and prognosis of traffic injuries in Leningrad
Analysis of biases in epidemiological knowledge of road accidents in France
Analysis of causes and sequelae of highway accidents in the region of Nis
Analysis of permanent accident-induced physical damage based on statistics of the federal insurance organization
Attempt at a new look on the problems of traffic accidents type pedestrian--car
Causes of dementia and bed-ridden state in elderly victims of road traffic accidents in Japan
Children's safety in traffic
Data for predicting road-transport injuries
Data on the causes and mechanisms of fatal injuries based on traffic accident cases at Csikszereda
Diagnostic errors and mortality in those suffering in road traffic accidents
Disability and mortality for traffic accidents
Epidemiological features and determinants of road injury in China
Epidemiology of motorcycle accidents
Fatal accidents at train intersections in Denmark
Fatal traffic accidents among the elderly in the county of Ringkobing
Fatal traffic accidents among the elderly
Injuries to unprotected pedestrians and road users
Is the traffic accident, really an artificial disaster? Accidents of the aged
Knowledge of accident causation research in relation to age-induced decrease in the performance of elderly motorists, their accident risk and legal consequences
Method of preparation of input information on the road-transport traumatism for computer processing
Peculiarities of injuries to pedestrians due to derailed trolley-buses
Pediatric road traffic injuries in a large city
Prevention of road and transportation injuries of children
Profile of aged traffic victims on the road to Sherbrooke (Quebec)
Regression analysis of traffic accidents
Risk factors for injuries caused by traffic accidents and the impact of an intervention on the road
Road traffic accidents, circumstances, diagnoses and severity of injury--data from the Israeli national trauma registry
Unprotected railroad crossings--one of the frequent factors in the cause of multiple injuries
Role of collision velocity in traffic accidents involving automobiles and pedestrians
Should autopsy be undertaken on all road deaths?
Sickness and other causes of traffic accidents
The risk of road traffic accidents among primary school children in Kuala Terengganu
Traffic accidents load on the Danish hospital system
Traffic accidents, a 20th century disease
Traffic injuries
Traffic-related injuries in children at Trieste, 1984-1986
Traumatic and economic assessment of traffic accidents victims. Analysis of 3 years of activity at the Hopital Antoine Beclere
Licence for mayhem
One fatal night
Promoting the public health benefits of cycling
Public health in relation to aviation
Racial discrimination and alcohol-related behavior in urban transit operators: findings from the San Francisco Muni Health and Safety Study
Risk-taking behaviors and other correlates of seat belt use among university students
Road crashes: a modern plague on South Asia's poor
Road safety is no accident: a call for global action
Road traffic accidents in a Swedish municipality
Road traffic accidents: a major public health problem in Nigeria
Road traffic injuries, health and development-the new challenge for public health systems in South Asia
Seasonal variation and weather effects on road traffic accidents in Riyadh city
Sporting motorcycle accidents in children
Teenagers as peer persuaders and 10,000 preventable deaths: sad statistics
The controversy surrounding epilepsy and driving: a review
The millennium development goals and road traffic injuries: exploring the linkages in South Asia
The needs of a family following a fatal road traffic accident: a case study
The secretary's Conference for Youth on Drinking and Driving: special report
Traffic accidents and minor tranquilizers: a review
Trends in alcohol-related morbidity and mortality
University students' drinking patterns and problems: examining the effects of raising the purchase age
Use of restraint devices to prevent collision injuries and deaths among welfare-supported children
Vision for driving
When motor vehicles hit joggers: an analysis of 60 cases
Youth risk behaviour in a Chinese population: a territory-wide youth risk behavioural surveillance in Hong Kong
Alcohol sales to pseudo-intoxicated bar patrons
Can a community inject public health values into transportation questions?
Characteristics of drowning deaths in North Carolina
College-age drinking problems
Comments on watercraft-related drownings
Incidence of disabled persons among traffic injured
Inequality and road-traffic injuries: call for action
Drinking patterns and traffic casualties in Switzerland: matching survey data and police records to design preventive action
Drugs in fatally injured young male drivers
Emergency medical service accessibility and outcome from road traffic accidents
Epidemic on the roads
Deaths from injury and poisoning of children in Liverpool: a ten-year survey 1978-1987
The Effectiveness of Redeployable CCTV
Application of neural network to analyses of CCD colour TV-camera image for the detection of car fires in expressway tunnels
Design and test methods for a video-based cargo fire verification system for commercial aircraft
A study on effectiveness of driver protection using energy absorbing steering system
A theoretical study on the stability of car-caravan systems under the influence of crosswind
Comfort analysis of car occupants: comparison between multibody and finite element models
Hybrid control of real vehicle semi-active suspensions
Military tracked vehicle model. part i: multibody dynamics formulation
Military tracked vehicle model. part ii: case study
Steering and handling testing using roadway simulator technology
Real-time dynamic simulation of vehicles with electronic stability control: modelling and validation
The behaviour of very long semi-trailers
A literature review of rollover test methodologies
Benefits of a 3+2-point belt system and an inboard torso side support in frontal, far-side and rollover crashes
Corner meshing effect on component axial impact simulation
Effectiveness of the head and neck support (HANS1) device in frontal impacts of CART cars: a CAE analysis
Experimental and numerical modal analysis of the human head-neck system - a new finite element model validation method
Improving design for crashworthiness of a minibus
Optimal design of vehicle target pulse and restraint system
Predictions of neck load due to combined compression and lateral bending
Quantitative assessment of driver's risk perception using a simulator
Court-mandated treatment for convicted drinking drivers
Development of a measure of drinking and driving expectancies for youth
Epidemiology of emergency department-treated traumatic brain injury in Minnesota
Holding On and Letting Go: The Perspectives of Pre-seniors and Seniors on Driving Self-Regulation in Later Life
Motorcycle collisions involving white-tailed deer in central and northern Wisconsin: a rural trauma center experience
Sled tests and simulations of offset deformable barrier
Upper extremity fracture patterns following motor vehicle crashes differ for drivers and passengers
Effectiveness of Child Safety Seats vs Seat Belts in Reducing Risk for Death in Children in Passenger Vehicle Crashes
Is fatality-free travel on North Carolina's streets and highways feasible? It's time to think the unthinkable
A cognitive engineering analysis of the flight management system (FMS) vertical navigation (VNAV) function
A review of the benefits of aviation human factors training
Angry drivers: a test of state-trait theory
"I Missed the Bus": School Grade Transition, the Wilmington Truancy Center, and Reasons Youth Don't Go to School
An Examination of the Effects of Delayed Versus Immediate Prompts on Safety Belt Use
Driven to extremes: Fear of crime and the rise of the sport utility vehicle in the United States
Estimating the speed of vehicles using an electronic travel-aid interface
Increasing Parent Limits on Novice Young Drivers: Cognitive Mediation of the Effect of Persuasive Messages
Informal Social Support and Use of a Specialized Transportation System by Chronically Ill Older Adults
Multidimensional Traffic Locus of Control Scale (T-LOC): factor structure and relationship to risky driving
A conceptual framework for reducing risky teen driving behaviors among minority youth
Association of First- and Second-Generation Air Bags with Front Occupant Death in Car Crashes: A Matched Cohort Study
Bayesian estimation of hourly exposure functions by crash type and time of day
Can novice drivers be trained to scan for information that will reduce their likelihood of a crash?
Collective responsibility for freeway rear-ending accidents? An application of probabilistic casual models
Competent independent driving as an archetypal task of adolescence
Influences on youthful driving behavior and their potential for guiding interventions to reduce crashes
Multiple-vehicle traffic accidents in Hong Kong
Parent involvement in novice teen driving: a review of the literature
Patterns of traffic offenses from adolescent licensure into early young adulthood
Reducing crashes and injuries among young drivers: what kind of prevention should we be focusing on?
Reducing young driver road trauma: guidance and optimism for the future
Reductions in driver speed using posted feedback of speeding information: Social comparison or implied surveillance?
Retail alcohol monopolies, underage drinking, and youth impaired driving deaths
Social marketing: an overview of approach and effects
Temporal and spatial analyses of rear-end crashes at signalized intersections
The hidden epidemic of road-traffic injuries
Young driver risk factors: successful and unsuccessful approaches for dealing with them and an agenda for the future
Youthfulness, inexperience, and sleep loss: the problems young drivers face and those they pose for us
Healthy elderly drivers are more likely to commit errors or lapses than violations
Road safety practices among commercial motorcyclists in a rural town in Nigeria: implications for health education
Promoting road traffic injuries research in South Asia: capacity strengthening in health research
Motorcycle taxis and road safety in southwestern Nigeria
Children on motorcycles: A cause for concern
Demographic predictors of infant car seat use
Television portrayals of drinking and driving
Driver sleepiness and risk of serious injury to car occupants: population based case control study
Effects of a seat belt law on child restraint use
Evaluation of an infant car seat program in a low-income community
Factors in the initiation of bicycle-motor vehicle collisions
Failure of hospitals to promote the use of child restraint devices
Falls from pickup trucks during childhood
Hospital-based child safety restraint programs
Jejunal stenosis: a delayed complication of lap-type seat belt injury
Motorcycling injuries in children
Observed child restraint use in automobiles
Personal, family, social, and environmental correlates of active commuting to school
Taxicabs and child restraint
The effects of a mandatory child restraint law on injuries requiring hospitalization
Traumatic death in urban children, revisited
Use and misuse of automobile child restraint devices
Using virtual reality driving simulators in persons with spinal cord injury: three screen display versus head mounted display
Accidents and acts of violence in Brazil: IV--Report of an experiment related to traffic accident prevention: a model used by the Pan American Health Organization
Accidents among ambulance employees: epidemiologic features
A current problem: the death seat and safe cars
A contribution on the prevention of traffic accidents. Selected physical and technical statistics
Childhood accidents
Driving licence renewal in persons with Parkinson disease
Value of the restraint systems for security of children under 10 years in motor vehicles
The elderly and automobile driving: analysis and reflection on the emergence of a social phenomenon
A comparison of teen perceptions and parental reports of influence on driving risk
Analysing the Evacuation Procedures Employed on a Thames Passenger Boat Using the maritimeEXODUS Evacuation Model
Anthropological approaches to culture, aviation, and flight safety
Applying reason: The human factors analysis and classification system (HFACS)
Associability: A comparison of sounds in a cognitive approach to auditory alert design
Beyond facilitation: An improved CRM debrief for safety training
Beyond teamwork! Reconceptualising communication, coordination and collaboration in air traffic control
Cabin crew expected safety behaviours
Communication and operational failures in the cockpit
Configuration factor for radiation in a tunnel or partial cylinder
Controller workload, airspace capacity and future systems
Cultural challenges in Australian military aviation: Soft issues at the sharp end
Culture, authoritarianism and commercial aircraft accidents
Death of an airline: Personal repercussions of the Ansett collapse
Designing speech interfaces for command and control applications
Developing human informed automation in air traffic management
The international FORUM of fire research directors: A position paper on future actions for improving road tunnel fire safety
The King's Cross fire: A correlation of eyewitness accounts and results of the scientific investigation
The King's Cross fire: Experimental verification of the 'Trench effect'
The King's Cross Underground fire and the setting up of the investigation
Variation of heat release rate with forced longitudinal ventilation for vehicle fires in tunnels
Stress in modern air traffic control systems and potential influences on memory
Sustained organisational development
Task analysis of shift change activity in aviation maintenance environment: Methods and findings
Teamwork at 35,000 feet: Enhancing safety through team training
Techniques used to evaluate Crew Resource Management training: A literature review
Driveway-related child pedestrian injuries: a case-control study
Psychophysiological responses under exceptional stress: Air traffic control during the Duesseldorf airport fire on April 11th 1996
Quantifying accident precipitating events
A tool for evaluation and identification of training needs in aircraft maintenance teams
Air traffic control automation: For humans or people?
Development of the NOTECHS (non-technical skills) system for assessing pilots' CRM skills
Differentiated order in the cockpit
Drinking and flying: Causes, effects and the development of effective countermeasures
Error 'molecules' and their implications for system safety
Errorless discrimination learning in simulated landing flares
Estimated apparatus speeds by street type in Chicago, Illinois
Fatigue in aircrew from short-haul flights in civil aviation: The effects of work schedules
A computer-based simulation model for the prediction of evacuation from mass-transport vehicles
A national program for fire safety in transportation
A non-linear model of major fire spread in a tunnel
Measurement and three-dimensional graphic representations of Korean seatpan and seatback contours
Hot Surface Ignition of Automotive and Aviation Fluids
How to improve interorganisational relationships in air traffic management
Whole-body vertical biodynamic response characteristics of the seated vehicle driver: Measurement and model development
Risk factors for road traffic injury in Pakistani children
A tissue level tolerance criterion for living brain developed with an in vitro model of traumatic mechanical loading
Two roads diverged: young children's ability to judge distance
Fire-inhibiting behavior of high molecular weight polyisobutylene in JP-5 jet fuel
Suburbia, Mobility, and Urban Calamities
Further validation of the driving vengeance questionnaire
The "homogamy" of road rage: understanding the relationship between victimization and offending among aggressive and violent motorists
The Driving Vengeance Questionnaire (DVQ): the development of a scale to measure deviant drivers' attitudes
The relationship between driver aggression, violence, and vengeance
Awareness of driving while sleepy and road traffic accidents: prospective study in GAZEL cohort
Barriers to interlock implementation
Breath alcohol ignition interlock devices: controlling the recidivist
Car seat palsy
An evaluation of a lane support system for bus rapid transit on narrow shoulders and the relation to bus driver mental workload
International symposium on enhancing the effectiveness of alcohol ignition interlock programs
Human-factors engineering for smart transport: Decision support for car drivers and train traffic controllers
Modeling drivers' visual attention allocation while interacting with in-vehicle technologies
Preventing alcohol crashes: the role of ignition interlocks
Procedural errors in air traffic control: effects of traffic density, expertise, and automation
Risk of pediatric back-over injuries in residential driveways by vehicle type
Risk of vehicle-pedestrian and vehicle-bicyclist collisions among children with disabilities
Socioeconomic differences and motorcycle injuries: Age at risk and injury severity among young drivers. A Swedish nationwide cohort study
The alcohol interlock: an underutilized resource for predicting and controlling drunk drivers
The association between anxiety and chronic pain after whiplash injury: gender-specific effects
The economic costs of road traffic crashes: Australia, states and territories
The impact of mandatory versus voluntary participation in the Alberta ignition interlock program
Unsafe driving behaviour and four wheel drive vehicles: observational study
Greater traffic safety for people with visual impairment - the Berufsforderungs priamos project.]
Mobile phones and automobile driving
An evaluation of the Swedish ignition interlock program
Attempts to improve rail safety run head on into CMA concerns
Driving plastered: who does it, is it safe and what to tell patients
"Ute surfing": a novel cause of severe head injury
Effects of an opioid (oxycodone/paracetamol) and an NSAID (bromfenac) on driving ability, memory functioning, psychomotor performance, pupil size, and mood
Fatal accidents among Danes with multiple sclerosis
Child safety seat Co-op in New Hampshire
Compulsory blood alcohol testing
Crash helmets reduce head injuries
Educating the other highway users
Epidemiology of accidents in the field of traffic medicine
Evaluation of an alternative transport initiative in Perth, Western Australia, 2000-04
Facial disfigurement--a plea for safety belts
How many deaths will it take?
Letter: Startle reactions to air-bag restraints
Moped accidents in South Carolina
Motorcycle and bicycle accidents
Motorcycle and bicycle accidents
Promoting child passenger safety: a comparison of two positive methods
Protecting the child passenger
The relationship between speed restrictions and head injury admissions to Groote Schuur hospital. an interim report
Traffic "accidents"
Traffic accidents are a political issue
Characteristic features helping to establish the direction of the wheel in examining corpses run over by cars
Moped accidents: epidemiological aspects
Problems with expertise in traffic accidents involving two-wheeled vehicles
Perceived Distance in the City as a Function of Time
Age and vengeance as predictors of mild driver aggression
Avoiding drunk drivers: the level and sources of protective behavior
Fire Spread Between Vehicles in Tunnels: Effects of Tunnel Size, Longitudinal Ventilation and Vehicle Spacing
Flight control using only engine thrust: Development of an emergency display system
Flight crew and aircraft performance during RNAV approaches: Studying the effects of throwing new technology at an old problem
Follow the procedure or survive
Head-up displays and visual attention: Integrating data and theory
A statistical analysis of rural Ontario traffic accidents using induced exposure data
A note on shape optimization of dissipation elements
Human cognition performance model to evaluate safe spacing in air traffic
Incidents and accidents on the ramp: Does 'risk communication' provide a solution?
Incompatible goals, uncertain information and conflicting incentives: The dispatch dilemma
Initial validation of a computer-based assessment battery for pilot selection in the Norwegian Air Force
Interaction of perceptual instruction and gender in novice pilot landings
Investigating complexity factors in UK air traffic management
Social issues as media constructions: The case of 'road rage'
Why are there no lessons learned from road traffic incidents involving the police?
Methods used to evaluate the effectiveness of flightcrew CRM training in the UK aviation industry
Minimising pilot error by design: Are test pilots doing a good enough job?
Minimising pilot error by design: Are test pilots doing a good enough job? A rejoinder to Richard Newman and Kevin Greeley
Minimising pilot error by design: Are test pilots doing a good enough job? A response to Gideon Singer
Modelling naturalistic decision making using an artificial neural network: Pilot's responses to a disruptive passenger incident
Passenger safety in future very large transport aircraft
Precautionary emergency evacuations: Is it better to be safe and sorry?
Predicting and simulating human errors in using the airborne separation assurance system procedure
Quantity and quality of sleep during the record manned space flight of 438 days
Response time to reject a takeoff
Safety and security from the air traffic control services' point of view
Security management in aviation
Situational awareness in air traffic management (ATM)
Some analyses of the FAA post crash aircraft fire scenario
The dragon in the cockpit: The faces of Chinese authoritarianism
Time to think and time to do? I can fail, and so can you!
A recent fire incident on London underground
A survey of the development of fire safety regulations for railways
A thermodynamic analysis of fuel vapor characteristics in an aircraft fuel tank ullage
The acceptance of ab initio pilot selection methods
The disembodiment of data in the analysis of human factors accidents
The effect of fire engine road performance on alarm response travel times
The extinction of fires in aircraft jet engines : part II, full-scale fire tests
The extinction of fires in aircraft jet engines : part III, extinction of fires at low airflows
The extinction of fires in aircraft jet engines : Part IV, extinction of fires by sprays of bromochlorodifluoromethane
The extinguishment of fires using low flow water hose streams : part I
The hindsight bias is not a bias and not about history
The path back to the cockpit: FAA and USAF procedures for head-injured aviators
The re-invention of human error
The role of trust in safety management
Turbulence assessment and decision-making on the flight deck and in the cabin
Vibrotactile cueing as a master caution system for visual monitoring
A computational study of the flammability of methanol and gasoline fuel spills on hot engine manifolds
CFD simulations of a tunnel fire--Part I
CFD simulations of a tunnel fire--Part II
Characterization of the fire behaviour of a burning passenger car. part i: car fire experiments
Characterization of the fire behaviour of a burning passenger car. part ii: parametrization of measured rate of heat release curves
Combustible material in passenger trains
Computer simulation of the flows of hot gases from the fire at King's Cross Underground station
Control of smoke flow in tunnel fires using longitudinal ventilation systems - a study of the critical velocity
Control of smoke flow in tunnel fires
Controlling fire behaviour of materials on London underground
Definition and experimental evaluation of the smoke "confinement velocity" in tunnel fires
Fire modelling and the King's cross fire investigation
Fire properties in near field of square fire source with longitudinal ventilation in tunnels
Fire safety concerns for rail rapid transit systems
Flame spread on aviation fuels
Gas temperatures in heavy goods vehicle fires in tunnels
Heat release rates from heavy goods vehicle trailer fires in tunnels
Ignition of timber bridges in bushfires
Adaptive and maladaptive impulsivity, platelet monoamine oxidase (MAO) activity and risk-admitting in different types of risky drivers
Latest developments in wool aircraft textile furnishings
Limiting case fires arising from fuel tank/pipeline ruptures
Long wavelength video detection of fire in ship compartments
Modelling the effects of a torch-type fire impingement on a rail or highway tanker
New fire detector for road tunnels
Preventive fire protection for underground trains operated by the Hamburger Hochbahn AG
Problems of operational planning for fires connected with an underground rail transport system -- The Hamburg high speed railway
Pulsations during large-scale fire tests in the Runehamar tunnel
Simple model for control of fire gases in a ventilated tunnel
Simulation of ventilation and fire in the underground facilities
Smoke control in sloping tunnels
Smoke extraction experiments in case of fire in a tunnel
Some major accident investigations of fires in underground rail rapid transit systems
Stability assessment of shallow tunnels subjected to fire load
Studies relating to ignition of the fire at King's Cross Underground Station
The critical ventilation velocity in tunnel fires--a computer simulation
A different perspective in participatory ergonomics in product development improves assembly work in the automotive industry
A field study on validation of supplemental brake lamp with flashing turn signals for motorcycles
A framework for a decision model of river-pilots based on their workload
A Kansei Engineering approach to a driver/vehicle system
A model for the objective assessment of automobile restraint systems
A multiple logistic function for pilot trainee selection
A new evaluation method for daylight discomfort glare
A new method for checking the driving visibility on hydraulic excavators
A new method for describing search patterns and quantifying visual load using eye movement data
A pilot evaluation of car seat side support: Leading to a redefinition of the problem
A review of human error in aviation maintenance and inspection
A robust design approach for enhancing the feeling quality of a product: a car profile case study
An investigation of relationships between driver comfort, performance and automobile seat type during short term driving tasks
Alcohol consumption and driving intentions amongst hotel patrons
Application studies to car interior of Kansei engineering
Braking hazards of golf cars and low speed vehicles
Driver aging and its effect on male and female single-vehicle accident injuries: Some additional evidence
Driver hand-held cellular phone use: A four-year analysis
Case report: illegal immigration via overloaded vans and the effects on a trauma system
Estimated and measured blood alcohol levels in the night-time driving population
Gender differences in the Swedish driving-license test
Is Speeding a Form of Gambling in Adolescents?
The development of a naturalistic data collection system to perform critical incident analysis: An investigation of safety and fatigue issues in long-haul trucking
Using personal digital assistants (PDAs) for the collection of safety belt use data in the field
Unreliable FHWA dataq prompt Institute to stop use and warn others
Biomechanical modeling of pregnant occupants in far-side vehicle crashes
Development of point mass occupant injury criteria using event data recorders
Accidents in the trucking industry
An analysis of the costs and benefits of a system for FAA safety inspections
An anthropometric measurement for developing an electric scooter
An anthropometric study of manual and powered wheelchair users
An automatic transmission for bicycles: a simulation
An ergonomic case study of the lighthouse: New technology and old systems
An Evaluation of the CCTV Scheme at Oslo Central Railway Station
Analyzing human error in aircraft ground damage incidents
Autonomic responses of young passengers contingent to the speed and driving mode of a vehicle
Bereavement and Mourning After A Shipping Disaster - the Case for Intervention
Bike Off! Tracking the Design Terrains of Cycle Parking: Reviewing Use, Misuse and Abuse
Biomechanical evaluation of the comfort of automobile clutch pedal operation
Biomechanical model of human on seat with backrest for evaluating ride quality
Changing rates of suicide by car exhaust in men and women in the United States after car exhaust was detoxified
Comfortable driving postures for Koreans
Competency-based on-the-job training for aviation maintenance and inspection - a human factors approach
Crash victim simulation: Use of computer models
Developments in the Technique of Combatting Winter Hazards on European Highways
Increasing seat belt usage in logging machinery
Passenger-side rear-view mirrors: driver behavior and safety
Perceptions of Physical, Psychological, Social and Legal Deterrents to Joyriding
Perceptual factors underlying user preferences toward product form of mobile phones
Petrol Service Stations as Victims of Crime: Their Risks and Vulnerabilities
Plane crash crisis intervention: a preliminary report from the Bijlmermeer, Amsterdam
Predicting automobile seat comfort using a neural network
Predicting the accuracy of visual search performance in the structural inspection of aircraft
The effect of ship accelerations on three-dimensional low back loading during lifting and pulling activities
The relation of age, work ability index and stress-inducing factors among bus drivers
Vehicle Scheduling for Emergency Relief Management - A Knowledge-Based Approach
Vehicle Workshop Operations
The Social Construction of Speeding as Not 'Real' Crime
The wreck of Amtrak's Sunset Limited: news coverage of a mass transport disaster
Thermal effects of ventilated car seats
Traffic accidents during work and work commuting
Train suicides in Brisbane, Australia, 1980-1986
Configurations in the perception of velocity
Effects of prolonged gravitational stress on performance
Laboratory studies on the psychology of motion-sickness
On using inverting spectacles with children to test their motion sickness susceptibility
Changes in safety on England's roads: analysis of hospital statistics
Truck driver anthropometric data: Estimation of the current population
Distribution of human-seat interface pressure on a soft automotive seat under vertical vibration
Rear-impact inflicted temporomandibular joint injury
Effects from twisted postures and whole-body vibration during driving
Alcholism, mental illness, and stress in 96 drivers causing fatal accidents
Risk of causing a fatal accident associated with alcoholism, psychopathology, and stress: further analysis of previous data
"Alco Screen"--a reliable method for determining blood alcohol concentration by saliva alcohol concentration?
"Disco accidents." Causes--background--approaches for prevention
"Drinking and driving" with various blood alcohol limit values in Europe
"Other intoxicating drugs" in traffic law
1.10/1.15 promille--consequences for the current and future promille regulation
A behavioral scientific model of the drunk driver
A comparison of female and male drivers arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
A correlation between level of blood alcohol and repeated offense
A four-field approach for improving examination conditions in the psychological evaluation of fitness for driving
A traffic psychology comment on "a cost-benefit analysis of courses for repeatedly intoxicated automobile drivers"
Absolute driving incapacity at 1.0 promille--an erroneous limit
Acute alcohol-induced disorders of psychophysical performance and its relevance for traffic medicine (attempt at a comprehensive, synoptic statement and evaluation of neuropathophysiology and traffic. medicine of the relation between acute alcohol effect
Acute and hang-over effects of alcohol on simulated driving performance
Alcohol and aggression--violence prone drivers preventing passing maneuvers
Alcohol and automobile driving in the former East German area
Alcohol and road traffic in Canada--legal control and methods of determining alcohol
Alcohol and safety in street traffic--investigations in epidemiology and the approximation of traffic laws in Europe
Alcohol and street traffic (critical comments from the legal and traffic medicine viewpoint)
Alcohol and traffic safety--study of epidemiology. (II. 1990/1991 status)
Alcohol impaired drivers after completion of a long-term model IVT-HAP rehabilitation
Alcohol intoxicated female drivers in Schleswig-Holstein between 1977 and 1987
Alcohol intoxication at the wheel in the Waadt Canton (Switzerland). A comparative study of penal and administrative measures 1970 and 1989 in the Canton capital city (Lausanne) and a rural area
Alcohol related accidents and revoking the driving license for alcohol-induced traffic violations in Germany 1975-1993
Alcohol-induced accidents within the scope of official statistics
Alcohol-induced unsafe driving in drivers of lightweight mopeds
Alcoholic intoxication in ship traffic (paragraph 316 of the penal code)
Applying the revoked driving privilege law according to section 25 stvg
Are legal sanctions for improving traffic safety adequate?
Automobile drivers in the "drinking and driving" conflict: behavior pattern and influence factors
Automobile driving studies to determine alcohol-induced driving insecurity after dark
Benzodiazepines in blood samples of alcohol intoxicated drivers
Blood alcohol concentration and effect, traffic medicine characteristics and legal traffic relevance of alcohol limit values in road traffic
Blood methanol as a marker of alcoholism. A diagnostic component within the scope of expert assessment of driving competence in alcoholic intoxication
Breathalizers in practical use by the Hamburg police
Cannabis and alcohol in traffic
Causes and incidence of traffic accidents caused by precipitous disorders of consciousness and illnesses of drivers. A one year study in upper Austria and Salzburg
Changes in the spectrum of alcohol-induced traffic accidents in relation to blood alcohol level
Comparative viewpoint of expert assessment by the federal health office in relation to "on the question of alcohol in traffic infractions" (1966) and "on safety values in blood alcohol. determination" (1989)
Compliance with legal decisions in administrative legal withdrawal of driving privileges
Contribution of automobile technology to traffic safety
Control competence of police in road traffic. Are global controls allowed?
Cough syncope as a cause of traffic accident
Criminal prosecution of drunk driving in the former Czechoslovakia and in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
Criteria for the evaluation of programs for rehabilitation of apprehended drivers
Criteria for the validation of forensic breath alcohol tests (results of a specialty meeting of the society against alcohol in road traffic.)
Destruction of confidence in established jurisprudence--1.1 promille as the new limit value of absolute inability to drive?
Detection of drugs and pharmaceuticals in suspected drivers
Dental prosthesis--residual alcohol content?
Editorial: Death and injury on roads: Lowering the road toll will take much more than altering road users' behaviour
Dresden PTSD treatment study: Randomized controlled trial of motor vehicle accident survivors
Interventions to Increase Children's Booster Seat Use. A Review
Motor vehicle injuries in childhood: a hospital-based study in Saudi Arabia
Parents' views of teen driving risks, the role of parents, and how they plan to manage the risks
Risk Factors Associated with Pelvic Fractures Sustained in Motor Vehicle Collisions Involving Newer Vehicles
The effectiveness of reducing illegal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limits for driving: evidence for lowering the limit to .05 BAC
Use of CCTV to determine road accident factors in urban areas
Defining a common set of indicators to monitor road accidents in the European Union
Traumas in road accidents
Abuse of and addiction to drugs in relation to driving licence
Alcohol and psychotropic drugs in fatal traffic accidents (the nord-pas-de-calais region, France.)
Alcohol and psychotropic drugs in road accidents in the Nord-pas-de-calais region
Alcohol and road traffic accidents
Alcoholism and the drivers' license
Anatomic, clinical, therapeutic and medico-legal aspects of 180 cases of traffic accident, multiple injury victims
Attitude of orthopedic surgeons to car accidents
Blood alcohol levels in motor vehicle accident fatalities in the Republic of South Africa
Burn injuries following traffic accidents
Characteristic lesions of motorcyclists
Concentrations of ethanol, methanol, propanol-2 and acetone in blood samples of impaired drivers
Concerning risk, carelessness and the significance of biological insufficiency in road traffic
Concerning the evaluation of early stages of cerebral insufficiency in drivers
Dangerous details on motorcars
Death by road traffic accidents
Drinking habits and motor driving; an analysis of 207 offenders
Driving and alcohol
Driving under the influence of other drugs than alcohol in Norway
Emergency admission department: statistics on 500 traffic accidents
Epilepsy and automobile driving
Is the traffic accident a man-made disaster? A traffic accident of the human being
Epidemiogy of traffic accidents in Tehran 1. Event: the accidents
Epidemiogy of traffic accidents in Tehran 2. Agent: the faulty drivers
Epidemiogy of traffic accidents in Tehran 3. Host: the injured and dead
Carbon monoxide poisoning in children riding in the back of pickup trucks
Deaths from motor-vehicle-related unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning--Colorado, 1996, New Mexico, 1980-1995, and United States, 1979-1992
A prospective study of 39 patients with whiplash injury
Driving accident frequency increased in patients with multiple sclerosis
Driving with Parkinson's disease. A controlled laboratory investigation
The role of mental problems in impaired driving by Parkinson's disease (PD) patients compared with controls
Children's journey to school: Spatial skills, knowledge and perceptions of the environment
Case-control study of risk factors for fatal and non-fatal injury in crashes of rotary-wing aircraft
Epidemiology of transportation-related injuries in rural Africa
Does the frontal airbag avoid thoracic injury?
Drinking status and fatal crashes: which drinkers contribute most to the problem?
Driving aggression in forensic and non-forensic populations: Relationships to self-reported levels of aggression, anger and impulsivity
Occupant risk, partner risk and fatality rate in frontal crashes: estimated effects of changing vehicle fleet mass in 15 years
Perception of traffic risks for older and younger adults
Psychiatric disorders in a sample of repeat impaired-driving offenders
PTSD in Railroad Drivers Under the Federal Employers' Liability Act
Statistical analysis on 2213 inpatients with traffic injuries from January 2003 to September 2005 in Ningbo city
The epidemiology of the railway related casualties
Validity of the Passive Alcohol Sensor for Estimating BACs in DWI-Enforcement Operations
Parent/child interaction and road behaviour: An exploratory study
A comparison of volunteer, BioRID 3 and Hybrid III performance in rear impacts
A multi-body integrated vehicle-occupant model for compatibility studies in frontal crashes
A random, roadside breathalizer survey of alcohol impaired driving in Ghana
Age dependence of female to male fatality risk in the same crash: An independent reexamination
Airbag technology in Australian passenger cars: Preliminary results from real world crash investigations
Alignment of the lumbar vertebrae in a driving posture
Antilock brake systems and risk of different types of crashes in traffic
Behavioral factors as predictors of motor vehicle crashes in young drivers
Views of parents of teenagers about graduated licensing after experience with the law
Modeling of compliance behavior of motorcyclists to proper usage of safety helmets in Malaysia
Influence of the anterior and middle cranial fossae on brain kinematics during sagittal plane head rotation
Response of the head, neck and torso to pendulum impacts on the back
Relative risk of fatal injury in high-performance small-motorcycle crashes in Malaysia
Human volunteer kinematics in rear-end sled collisions
Multivariate analysis of motorcycle accidents and the effects of exclusive motorcycle lanes in Malaysia
The crash compatibility of cars and light trucks
Safer truck front design for pedestrian impacts
Review: Biomechanics of child occupant protection
Review: Risk compensation literature - the theory and evidence
Biomechanics of pediatric cervical spine: compression, flexion and extension responses
A human-body 3D mathematical model for simulation of car-pedestrian impacts
Is it safest to travel by bicycle, car, or big truck?
Biomechanics of brain and spinal-cord injury: Analysis of neuropathologic and neurophysiologic experiments
Field evaluation of the PAS III passive alcohol sensor
Case study: Correlation between the seat belt sign and positive abdominal computed tomography findings in pediatric trauma patients
Motion analysis of human cervical vertebrae during low-speed rear impacts by the simulated sled
Thoracic response and trauma in air bag deployment tests with out-of-position small female surrogates
Crash-pulse recorders in real life accidents: Influence of change of velocity and mean and peak acceleration on injury risk in frontal impacts
Rating the aggressivity of Australian passenger vehicles towards other vehicle occupants and unprotected road users
The dynamics of near vertex head impact and its role in injury prevention and the complex clinical presentation of basicranial and cervical spine injury

Small female upper extremity interaction with a deploying air bag
Impact Of The Graduated Driver Licensing Program In Nova Scotia
Making road safety a public health concern for policy-makers in India
Predicting offenses and crashes from young drivers' offense and crash histories
Probabilistic linkage of police and emergency department sources of information on motor-vehicle injury cases: A proposal for improvement
Review: The dynamics of near vertex head impact and its role in injury prevention and the complex clinical presentation of basicranial and cervical spine injury
Self reported seat belt use in four countries: A telephone survey
The importance of non-struck side occupants in side collisions
Traffic safety and sports utility vehicles
Epidemiological study of road traffic cases: A study from South India
Injury pattern among road traffic accident cases: A study from South India
Making Alabama's highways safer
Motorcycle accidents in Auburn-Opelika, Alabama, 1969-1971
The fate of the motorcycle safety bill in the 1973 Alabama legislature
Traffic safety: action needed now
The medical and psychosocial aspects of motor vehicle accident prevention
The condition of railway carriages and stations
Respective roles and limitations of accidentology and epidemiology in the understanding and prevention of traffic accidents involving children
A comparative evaluation of special seating for severely disabled children
Intelligent warning systems for instrument landings
Human factors in aviation maintenance: how we got to where we are
The Response of the South-Manchester-Accident-Rescue-Team (Smart) to the Armenian Earthquake and Lockerbie Air Disaster - A Report to the Prime Ministers Office
To make further progress against carbon monoxide poisoning, focus on motor vehicles
Training of pilots of fast planes
Vigilance impairing effects of clemastine and dithiadene: laboratory assessment in drivers
Volatile solvent addiction and traffic safety
Fatal abdominal injuries following traffic accidents
Injuries of motorcyclists
Intestinal tract injuries in persons using motorcar saftey belts
Investigating effects of alcohol and medicaments in traffic casualties
Characteristics of the victims of traffic accidents in a city of the southern region of Brazil
Trends in traffic accident mortality in Spain, 1962-1994
Traffic accidents: various methodologic preliminary problems in their prevention
Mortality due to traffic accidents in Chile, 1994: an epidemiological approach
Correlation between survival time and severity of injuries in fatal injuries in traffic accidents
A geomatics-based road surface temperature prediction model
Cortical blindness after motorcycle accident: a case report
Does the right leg require extra protection? Five-year review of type 3 open fractures of the tibia
Factors affecting the severity of injuries among young motorcyclists--a Swedish nationwide cohort study
Mode choice model for vulnerable motorcyclists in Malaysia
Motorcycle safety: educating riders at the teachable moment
Motorcycling freedom: a paraplegics dream
Children and two-wheeled motorized vehicles. Can more be done to prevent accidents?
Epidemiological study of the traumatic brachial plexus injuries in adults
Do motorcyclists have erectile dysfunction? A preliminary study
The use of seat belts in cars with smart seat belt reminders--results of an observational study
Cell phones and driving: review of research
Calculation of dynamic spinal ligament deformation
Analysis of the biomechanical response of kidneys under blunt impact
Collisions involving senior drivers: high-risk conditions and locations
The role of driver education in the licensing process in Quebec
Commentary: legal minimum tread depth for passenger car tires in the u.s.a.--a survey
A comparison of volunteers and dummy upper torso kinematics with and without shoulder belt slack in a low speed side/pre-roll environment
Far-side occupant kinematics in low speed lateral sled
Relationship between THC concentration in blood and impairment in apprehended drivers
The influence of age on the morbidity and mortality of pedestrian victims
Whitney letter to editor on McLean article/response from McLean
A partial ban on sales to reduce high-risk drinking South of the border: seven years later
Child passenger injury risk in motor vehicle crashes: A comparison of nighttime and daytime driving by teenage and adult drivers
Death on the roads: should we advocate daytime running lights?
Drinking-driving fatalities and consumption of beer, wine and spirits
Pilot error in air carrier accidents: does age matter?
Segmentation of lines based on point densities-An optimisation of wildlife warning sign placement in southern Finland
Simulated train driving: Fatigue, self-awareness and cognitive disengagement
Sleep disorders, sleepiness and traffic safety: a public health menace
Sternal fractures occur most often in old cars to seat-belted drivers without any airbag often with concomitant spinal injuries: clinical findings and technical collision variables among 42,055 crash victims
The prevalence of detectable blood alcohol concentration among unnatural deaths in northern Thailand
A debate about mental disability expertise of the disability evaluation criteria of traffic accident injurious
Retrospective analysis of unnatural death in one district of Shanghai city from the years 1995 to 2004
Survival following controlled aircraft crashes
Controlled substance abuse and illicit drug use in chronic pain patients: an evaluation of multiple variables
Estimates of harm associated with changes in Swedish alcohol policy: results from past and present estimates
Laterality and accident proneness: A study of locomotive drivers
The influence of urban land-use on non-motorised transport casualties
Motor vehicle collisions with large animals
Parents' knowledge about and use of child safety systems
Pattern of paediatric maxillofacial fractures in Lagos, Nigeria
Peripheral nerve injuries: A retrospective survey of 456 cases
Characteristics of DUI recidivists: A 12-year follow-up study of first time DUI offenders
Drinking and driving among high-risk young Mexican-American men
Use of Clinical Forensic Skills for a 9-year-old Pedestrian Who Was Struck by a Motor Vehicle in a Hit and Run Crash
A pilot study of drivers incurring automobile accidents
A study of speed in injury producing accidents: a preliminary report
An additional factor to be considered in calculating automobile fatality rates
Editorial: Should the health officer look at the automobile -- the misguided missile
Improving the behavior of drivers
Industrial hygiene program for the U.S. Navy
Comparison of self-reported driving behaviors and experiences of immediate-uptake and delayed-uptake license holders
Public health implications in city and regional planning
Safeguards in the publicity use of vital statistics
A 5-year series. Injuries in moped and motorcycle accidents
The medical association's suggestions on traffic: increase of driving age, improved motorcycle control
Unusual mechanism of motorcycle injury (abilities under the effects of fatal wounds)
The head--the most frequently injured part of the body in traffic accidents
The fall of Icarus or the seriously injured young motorcyclist
The characteristics of trauma in motorcyclists
The causes of motorcycle injuries and their analysis
Study of children in traffic accidents: raise the age for moped driving, driver's license for mopeds!
Studies on alcohol-induced riding performance decrease in bicyclists and moped riders
Streetcars in urban environment pose a great risk of accidents
Spinal injuries caused by motorcycle accidents
Significance and mechanism of thoracic and lumbar spine injuries in traffic accidents
Road traffic accidents--severe injuries. Decision-making on the basis of partial data
Road accidents in a city in southern Brazil
Reduction of the number of fatal traffic accidents. Preventive measures against injuries yield results
Psychosocial problems must be noticed in rehabilitation after traffic accidents
Pediatric and adolescent accident victims (ICD  E800 to E829) in Austria 1980 to 1989
Motorcycle accidents. I. An epidemiological description
Motorcycle accidents - eidemiology, clinical aspects and protective measures - a follow-up and prospective study
Moped accidents. ii. injuries, duration of treatment, social and economical aspects
Moped accidents: a prospective study on the causes of accidents, injury patterns and sequelae
Moped accidents in the period 1962-1973: Increase in the number of moped driver injuries evaluated on the basis of material from the esbjerg central hospital
Modeling cranio-cerebral injury for evaluation and elaboration of the methods of protection of pilots from an impact
Medicolegal and compensation scientific approach to automobile accident
Medical examination for driver's licence. The government disagrees with medical experts regarding the driver's licence of insulin-dependent diabetics
Mechanogenesis of traffic trauma in motorcycle drivers after fall
Injury patterns in motorcycle accident victims
Injury diagnosis quality of life among motorcyclists, victims of traffic accidents
Impact of diabetes mellitus on driving safety
Horizontal deceleration trauma with diffuse decollement bleeding--a casuistry
Fuel tanks of motorcycles: role in severe trauma of the pelvis
Forensic medical expertise problems of automobile-motorcycle injury
Effect of crash helmets on the characteristics of craniocerebral injuries in motorcycle accidents
Driving license for diabetic patients
Driving fitness and withdrawal of driver's license in neurologic and psychiatric diseases
Driving competence of the elderly with cognitive problems. Assessment and recommendations
Driving accidents and diabetes: risks and prevention
Driver's licence to patients with heart disease
Driver's licence revocation of epileptics
Driver's licence and health-related suitability to drive registered motor vehicles
Driver identification of the motorcycle in motorcycle/car accidents
Do standard safety seats for young children protect against head injury in urban traffic accidents?
Damage to the locomotion apparatus due to faulty posture in the car seat
Characteristics of people involved in accidents with two-wheel vehicles
Traumatic internal carotid artery dissection due to compression by a helmet strap
Traumatic dislocation of the testis: report of five cases
Traumatic dislocation of the testis. a case report
Traumatic bilateral testicular dislocation
Traffic medicine and the prevention of highway accidents
Traffic accidents: characterization of the victims by the revised trauma score in the pre-hospital period
Patterns of injuries and preventive measures for motorcycle accidents
Pattern of road traffic injuries in China
The typical traffic accident of the adolescent: the motorcycle accident
The traumatic detachment of parts of the body in automobile injury
The motorcycle and adolescents. comments on the experiences, groups and rituals of motorcyclist adolescents
Fatal head injury caused by brake handle of a motorcycle
Nature and severity of injuries in traffic accident victims
Multiple injuries after motorcycle accident
Epidemiologic study of head injuries in Taipei City, Taiwan
Challenge to the politicians: can aims for traffic security be measured in lives and money?
Motorcycle accidents: a neurosurgical problem
Estimation of case fatality rate and incidence rate of traffic injury in taiwan--analysis of 4,329 victims at a medical center
Automobile fire
Assessing the severity of nonfatal injuries in motorcycle accidents
Causes and possible prevention of motorcycle accidents
Better scientific basis is necessary for traffic safety
Alcohol-induced impairment in peripheral vision. studies with the computerized perimeter octopus
Alcohol-drinking young drivers
An epidemiological study of head injury in Hualien County, Taiwan
Alcohol content of the saliva and its usefulness
All traffic related deaths are not "fatalities" -- analysis of the official Swedish statistics of traffic accident fatalities in 1999
Alcoholic intoxication crimes from the foreign viewpoint
Activities in the health sector in the prevention of traffic accidents
Accidents involving bicycles: pattern of injuries and costs in relation to type of vehicle
Accidents with bicycles and motorcycles: the injury pattern, costs, and possibilities for prevention
Concept for prevention and sanctions of the German Federal Government against alcohol abuse in ocean navigation
Driving licensing law: "Risks by legal aids" for the point of view of the driving license authority
Drugs and driving ability - A critical review
Initiatives for primary and secondary prevention of drunk driving - A summary of interlock programs throughout the world
One-off use of "hard" drugs and driving ability
Morphine and codeine in blood after consumption of poppy seeds: Further systematic studies
Reducing alcohol-impaired driving crashes through the use of social marketing
Effects on accidents of periodic motor vehicle inspection in Norway
Assessing whiplash recovery - The Whiplash Disability Questionnaire
Brief Report: Binge drinking among high-risk male and female adolescents in Israel
DOVER and QUVER-New Marker Combinations to Detect and Monitor At-risk Drinking
Influence of rubber compound and tread pattern of retreaded tyres on vehicle active safety
International survey of seat belt use exemptions
Motor-vehicle boarding and alighting injury-how large a problem?
Motorcycle injuries in a developing country and the vulnerability of riders, passengers, and pedestrians
Police deaths in New York and London during the Twentieth Century
Relation of parent-teen agreement on restrictions to teen risky driving over 9 months
The effect of norms, attitudes and habits on speeding behavior: Scale development and model building and estimation
The impact of driver distraction on road safety: results from a representative survey in two Australian states
Traumatic spinal cord injuries in Ile-Ife, Nigeria, and its environs
Risks linked to mobile phone use and how they are portrayed in the media: examples from three daily newspapers
Walking, cycling and transport safety: an analysis of child road deaths
"What is and what should be" normative aspects regarding limits and driving ability - An examination of the relation between legal medicine and the law
'Critical self evaluation' in traffic participants under the influence of alcohol
'Debacle for the police! Miraculous pill for tipsy car drivers'
5 Years on - What kind of long-term changes in behaviour and attitude can be achieved by a short-term driver improvement course for alcohol impaired drivers?
A criminology of hit- and run-offences
A study of attitudes of specialists towards currently proposed countermeasures for the alleviation of the drinking driving problem
A study of the effects of certain tranquillizers and small amounts of alcohol on driving performance
A subjective measurement of the influence of ethyl alcohol in moderate levels on real driving performance
About the agreement of judging driving ability between both medico-psychological institutions and authorities that issue driving licences
Absolute driving inability under the influence of cannabis: Proposal for a threshold limit
Absolute incapability to drive Mofas: BAC limits
Abstinence from alcohol and other drugs as a condition for driver aptitude
Acceptance of foreign driving licences and driving licence tourism
Accidents caused by alcohol with special reference to the types of accidents characterized by 'alcohol affinity' in the German Federal Republic and in the federal states between 1966-1970
Acute effects of cannabis on cognitive, perceptual, and motor performance in chronic hashish users
Addiction, harmful use, problems with discrimination: Principles for the assessment of drink driving offenders in road traffic
Additional driver's education as an alternative to driving licence withdrawal
Administration of justice with regards to alcohol and other drugs in German administrative law dealing with driving licences
Against 'alcohol at the wheel'
Alcohol accidents in road traffic 1977 to 1979. a regional-statistical review
Alcohol and traffic accidents
Alcohol at the wheel and employment relationship
Alcohol in road traffic and its effect on legal accident insurance cover - also a discussion of LSG Berlin - L 3 U 121/99
Alcohol in road traffic: legislation and jurisprudence in Australia
Alcohol induced occupational and road accidents in the administration of justice by the Federal Social Court
Alcohol tolerance and drunken driving
Alcohol, drugs and driving in Italy. Current status, future prospects, and the Veneto region experience
Alcoholism and the cause-related examination to assess suitability to drive
An epidemic study of blood alcohol in accident service
An experimental investigation about the effect of cannabis on car driving behaviour
Aspects regarding proof of unsafe driving due to alcohol
Assessing the culpability with regard to the court of appeal
Assessment of human performance in learning a skill involved in driving
Arteriovenous differences (A-V differences) by patients with a hepatocellular carcinoma in relation to percutaneous ethanol injection therapy (PEIT)
Contribution to the reform of the right to withdraw the permission to drive with special reference to the basic concepts of (integral) 69, section 2, subsection 2 of the law book
Counter measures against DWI-offenders: Conclusions from an evaluation of driver selection tests
Crime in the Federal Republic of Germany during the year 1998
Dagga and driving
Definite danger or abstract dangerousness as evidence to sanction drunken driving?
Definition of 'safe steering' of vessels and its 'impairment' by the influence of alcohol
Delinquency under the influence of alcohol in adolescents and young adults
Dependence of serum-matrix on gas chromatographic determination of blood alcohol concentration
Detection of the dangerous driver by documented clinical investigation
Determinants of early participation in drink driver rehabilitation
Determination of an overdose of estazolam in the case of a driver
Determination of the type of beverage through gas-chromatographic blood and urine analysis
Diagnostic potential of gamma-glutamyl-transpeptidase (GGT) in the context of medico-psychological examinations
Disciplinary law and alcoholism
Does only quantity matter? Comments on the legislation with reference to (section) 24a StVG
Dose effects of smoked marihuana on human cognitive and motor functions
Dose-response relationships to cannabis in human subjects
Double blood sampling in cases of alleged or possible after-drink is not necessary
Drager Alcotest Evidential 7110 - The measuring device for forensic breath alcohol analysis in Germany
Drink driving in Mid-Transdanubia (Hungary) before and after the introduction of breath alcohol analysis as evidence in a court of law
Drink driving of young drivers - Is it possible to detect learner drivers at risk?
Drink driving with intent or negligence - A medical-legal controversy?
Drinking habits of impaired drivers
Driving during epileptic psychomotor fits
Driving in road traffic under the influence of alcohol and other addictive drugs in Austria: A critical view on the legal situation and penal practice
Driving inability due to drug-induced impaired vision - Also a discussion of OLG Saarbrucken, BA 2004, 72
Driving prohibition instead of withdrawal of driving licences for drink driving practices and other offences
Driving simulation test, medical and toxicological examination of cannabis and amphetamines
Driving under the influence of alcohol (changes in Swiss traffic laws)
Driving under the influence of alcohol among youth and young adults: Results of the survey "youth in Brandenburg"
Driving under the influence of alcohol and drags in Mecklenburg, Germany - A comparative study of the years 1993/94 and 1997/1998
Driving under the influence of alcohol in Zurich city
Driving under the influence of alcohol on the VW simulator
Drug effect and criminal liability - Toxicological finding and statement
Drug effects on psychomotor skills related to driving: interaction of atropine, glycopyrrhonium and alcohol
Drug recognition in traffic - The police experience
Drug use and driving inability from the medical toxicological point of view: Do threshold values now exist for absolute driving inability?
Drug use of young people in Western Mecklenburg in 1998/1999
Drug-related reduced criminal liability - Current state of judgement of the German Federal High Court
Drugs and driving in Spain
Drugs and medicine amongst traffic participants in Hamburg from 1993 until 2000
Drugs and traffic in Finland
Drugs in traffic and agreements for the enforcement of sanctions in Europe
Drugs, medicines and road safety from a European Union perspective
Drunkenness while navigating a ship. forensic assessment of alcohol induced inability to navigate engine water vehicles in harbours, inland and coastal waters
Duration of the absorptive phase. an analysis of 712 blood alcohol curves using a statistical technique
Education of road users
Effect of an isomerized sugar solution ('alsaver') on blood alcohol concentration in man
Effect of cannabis on driving
Effect of cannabis use on cognitive functions and driving ability
Effect of marihuana on the visual autokinetic phenomenon
Effects of a fructose-ascorbic acid mixture on reaction times and coordination tests under alcohol
Effects of a sugar mixture on blood ethanol profiles and on ethanol metabolism in man
Effects of a sugar mixture on ethanol-induced impairment of performance and behavior in man
Effects of cannabis and alcohol on automobile driving and psychomotor tracking
Effects of four commonly-used tranquillizers on low-speed driving performance tests
Effects of marijuana on equilibrium, psychomotor performance, and simulated driving
Experimental data on qualitatively and quantitatively demonstrable changes in psychophysical performance capacity with blood alcohol concentrations between 0.7 and 0.6 per mille
Experimental investigations concerning the blood-analytical detection of small doses of higher aliphatic alcohols in man
Basic concept and development of assessment criteria regarding road traffic participation
Behaviour modification by intensifying police supervision or by inducing methods of self-control?
Blood alcohol concentrations among Scandinavian drivers: data from the Northern countries in international perspective
Blood alcohol content at the time of sample collection in persons suspected of drunken driving. A study after introduction of the 0.8 per mille law
Calculations on probability of arrest when driving under the influence of alcohol and significance of previous convictions for judgement of fitness to hold a driving licence
Can a 'digestive system related emergency' in road traffic, preceded (or not) by alcohol consumption, lead to a renunciation of a driving licence withdrawal or a driving ban?
Can the effectiveness of a short-term driver improvement course be verified?
Can the United Kingdom statutory defences for driving under the influence of alcohol also apply to drugs?
Cannabis and alcohol: effects on stimulated car driving
Cannabis and driving: a new perspective
Character of the car owner and the car user. Reflections on a judicial ruling by the Supreme Court of Hamm
Characteristics of the so called "accessory to a crime" in cases of a driving ban ((section) 44 sec. 1 stgb) and the withdrawal of driving licences ((section) 69 sec. 1 stgb)
Comments upon an informative action of the federal minister of traffic. Preventive measures against street traffic accidents instanced by the fight against alcohol at the wheel
Committing traffic offenders to 'post schooling'. Possibilities and limits in existing legislation. Reflections on legislation changes
Comparison between alcohol and non-alcohol dependent traffic accidents
Computer judgement in alcohol offences? Reform of withdrawal of permission to drive
Continuation of paragraph 24a of the StVG (road traffic law)
Do drunk drivers still typically cause hit-and-run-offences?
Drink driving with intent - Comments on OLG Hamm, resolution passed on the 11(th) of August 1998 - 4 Ss 922/98 in BA 1998, 462
Effects of small doses of alcohol on traffic safety. Results of Wolfsburg test
Effects of the 0.8(per mille) danger limit in South Wurttemberg Hohenzollern
Establishment of reduced driving performance due to illicit drugs and/or medication in Switzerland
Estimation of recurrence liability in persons committing traffic offences under the influence of alcohol
Enforcement of measures for the improvement of road traffic safety in Germany from an European point of view
Ethnic German emigrants in road traffic
Ethyl glucuronide in blood samples containing 32 and 39 per mille ethanol respectively
Evaluation of driver selection tests
Evaluation of driver selection tests
Examination model for suspected drunken drivers
Exceptions of withdrawal of driving licence of motorists on 'probation'
Experimental studies on the question of alcohol-induced lack of driving ability of bicycle and motor-bike riders
Experimental study of traffic safety after ingestion of a bromine containing hypnotic with or without concomitant alcohol intake
Expiry of the waiting period: A success of appeal?
Flight after accident - A typical alcohol offence
Flooding effect in driving under influence of alcohol
Further development of the law relating to the permission to drive by differentiation as well as integration of further training and post-schooling
Future traffic safety policy
Gamma glutamyl transferase in forensic diagnosis, as exemplified by aptitude tests for motorists with a record of alcohol problems
General prevention and drunk driving - Findings to date at home and abroad
Hazardous behaviour of male adolescents in a driver-non-driver comparison
Heroin metabolites in blood samples taken from road traffic delinquents and from other offenders
High blood alcohol concentrations from 3.00 mg/g in road traffic in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
High blood alcohol concentrations in road traffic
How reliable is the 'German Roadside-Survey' for undetected cases of alcoholized driving?
Impaired driving and public policy: an evaluation of proposed countermeasures
Incentive rehabilitation programs in legal sanctions against road traffic offenders
Influence of methadone use on traffic safety in Luxembourg
Ingestion of hypnotics in motorised traffic participants
Initial effects of the '0.5 per mille law' on the behaviour of road users under the influence of alcohol
Intention or negligence in drunken driving - medical and legal aspects
Interlock - A contribution to increasing road traffic safety
Intervention through driver improvement programmes: Methodological aspects and fundamental questions with the example of an effectiveness control
Introduction to the theme - The roadsite testing assessment (ROSITA) project
Investigation of alcoholic hang-over effects on driving performance
Investigation on the decrease of competence for driving in traffic induced by drugs
Is it permissible to ride a bicycle or moped under the influence of alcohol? No, of course not
Is the hit-and-run offence according to paragraph 69 II No. 3 StGB an 'alcohol offence in disguise'?
IV working group: road traffic surveillance in Germany and Europe. Constitutional acknowledgement of the recommendation 2004/345/ec
Jurisdiction regarding the detection of driving inability due drug use
Juveniles' attitudes towards alcohol, drugs and road traffic in Austria
The Chance of Being Killed in A Road Accident for People Born During Different Years
Legal questions at the expiration of the blocking period for issue of permission to drive before close of appellate proceedings
Legal results of alcohol-impaired driving in Austria
Legislative initiative for changes in infringements of the law-facts about driving under the influence of alcohol
Limit for relapse rates of drink drivers after participating in courses according to (section) 70 FeV
Limits and possibilities of medical and psychological diagnosis in the recognition of alcohol dependence in the appraisal of drunken drivers
Long-standing, unquestioned driving practice and its legal repercussions in cases of driving offences and infringements of the Road Traffic Act
Mainz 77. A measure to change the behaviour of dwi - first offenders
Marijuana and driving in real-life situations
Marijuana effects on simulated flying ability
Medical and technical evaluation of the alcohol sensitive ignition lock (Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device, BAIID) 'alcolock(registered trademark) system' - Applicability and aspects of traffic safety
Medicines and road traffic safety
Modulation of the effects of alcohol on driving-related psychomotor skills by chronic exposure to cannabis
Movement-related brain potentials in medical-psychological examinations of drink drivers
Must the judge be denied the right to withdraw the driving licence?
Nature, causes, consequences and incidence of alcohol related accidents occurring at a bend in the road. ii. Influence of speed
Necessity for reform of a law relating to blood alcohol of motorists
Neuropsychology in assessing driving skills: Which cognitive functions does the driver of a vehicle need?
New concepts regarding the performance of a driver, its limitations and decrease caused by medicines and alcohol
New counter measures against drunken driving
New data on traffic medicine
New German legal regulations for the driving ability of motor vehicles during influence of alcohol and drugs
New trends in penal jurisdiction of road traffic offences
Offences and typology of young traffic offenders
On blood alcohol concentrations of drunken drivers and criminal delinquents exceeding 3(per mille) (Hamburg 1969-1979)
On the high road: driving under the influence of cannabis in Ontario
On the increase in drug abuse amongst traffic users under the influence of alcohol
On the value of previous history data and test values in assesing the prognosis of driver behaviour in intoxicated offenders
Once again: Drinking driver's programs
Participation in special courses for drivers with alcohol problems
Penalties for 'drunken driving' in Switzerland
Percentage distribution of time lags between convictions among DWI drivers
Pharmaceuticals and drugs in road traffic - Developments in Poland and current situation in Bydgoszcz
Pilot project alcohol prevention among learners and newly qualified drivers (PAFF): A new method of road traffic related psychological intervention - Final results
Police and medicolegal experiences with on-site drug testing devices in police traffic checks
Possibilities and limitations of the present sanction system in traffic law. Thoughts on the reform of the suspension of permission and prohibition to drive
Possibilities of penal law for rehabilitation and retraining of persons convicted of traffic offences under the influence of alcohol
Post-schooling of alcohol conspicuous drivers and their consideration in terms of the traffic law's 'de lege lata' and 'de lege ferenda'
Post-schooling of alcohol conspicuous motor vehicle drivers. Considerations of the present practice and its further development viewed by a lawyer
Post-schooling, a means to remedy suitability deficiencies in alcohol-conspicuous drivers?
Post-schooling: A psychological means to alleviate suitability deficiencies in alcohol conspicuous motorvehicle drivers
Preventive traffic control action in cases of driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs and their significance for criminal proceedings and the fining system
Lateral impact injuries with side airbag deployments-A descriptive study
Drink driving and the regulates of drinking: when will governments learn?
Suicidal intent in single-car accident drivers: Review and new preliminary findings
Frequent lapses of responsiveness during an extended visuomotor tracking task in non-sleep-deprived subjects
Problems of traffic jurisdiction and traffic policy in Switzerland related to alcohol ingestion while driving
Problems regarding the assessment of evidence in cases of drug related dangerous driving - Also a discussion of OLG Zweibrucken - 1 Ss 242/03
Problems with driving safety and driver aptitude in cases of substitution patients
Processes in health promotion of drink drivers: From a perspective of process-analysis
Prognosis time interval with suspension of sentence
Prohibition to drive and withdrawal of driving licence
Proof of abstinence by means of the ethanol metabolite ethyl glucuronide (EtG) in the expert assessment for judging driving ability
Proof of unsafe driving due to alcohol
Proof of unsafe driving due to alcohol: procedural problems
Provisions in the juvenile legislation regarding post-schooling of alcohol conspicuous motor vehicle drivers
Psychological considerations of the alcohol problem in the statistical category: 'Administration of Justice'
Psychology of driving
Putting the revised traffic law into practice in Switzerland: Consequences for the Swiss Society of Judicial Medicine (SGRM)
Quantification of the probability of error in case of a conviction according to section 24a (1) stVG
Quantification of the probability of error in case of sentencing according to section 24 a (1) stvg. 2nd communication: the probability of the breath alcohol concentration limit of 0.4 mg/l falling below the true limit of breath alcohol concentration equi
Questions about the introduction of forensic breath-alcohol analysis in relation to road safety
Rate of increase and time of increase of blood alcohol concentration after short drinking period
Rate of recidivism among DWI drivers
Re-examination of breath alcohol concentrations by Alcotest 7310
Regranting of driving licences after drink driving offences
Reaction time at low blood alcohol levels
Reasons for refusal of application for reduction of blocking period in alcohol-conspicuous motorvehicle drivers
Reasons for the expert assessment of driving ability when dealing with narcotics
Recidivism among DWI drivers
Reconviction of drunken drivers
Reflections of a traffic lawyer on the interdisciplinary co-operation to clarify accident circumstances
Reflections on the decisions of the VI working group "Road traffic surveillance in Germany and Europe" of the 43rd German Traffic Court Day (VGT)
Reflections on the trial to withdraw permission to drive
Reflections on verdicts in terms of the 0,8 (per mille) act
Reform of alcohol clauses in traffic laws
Reform of the legal basis of Driver Improvement in Austria
Refusal of doctors to take blood samples
Regulation concerning damage to vehicles
Rehabilitation of drinking drivers in North America
Relative unfitness for driving from a medical point of view
Reliability of retrospective calculations of blood alcohol at the time of action
Reliability of two different breath- testing apparatures at routine conditions
Remarks on alcohol-sensitive ignition interlocks from the point of view of the ADAC
Repeated drink driving offences in Hamburg
Report on a field study with the breath analyser 'Alcytron'
Research conception 'Alcohol and driving'
Responsibility of drug abusers
Results of the Belgian Toxicology and Trauma Study (BTTS): Prevalence of drags in blood and urine of injured drivers
Retrospective calculation of blood alcohol concentrations after 'normal drinking'
Revised version of the (section) 24a section 1 StVG regarding illegal driving under the influence of alcohol
Revision of the German standard DIN VDE 0405 "Determination of breath alcohol concentration" - Part 2 and part 4
Revocation of suspension of sentence on probation in renewed drunken driving
Rewards, disappointments and premises of the fight against alcohol dependent traffic hazards
Rising tide symptomatology after excessive drinking
Risks for motor vehicle drivers following out-patient treatment of alcohol withdrawal symptoms with chlormethiazole
Road safety after intake of psychotropic substances
Road users under the influence of methadone - A report on the current state of affairs
Role of alcohol in fatal accidents on board ship and in harbours
Saccadic eye movements and reactions of drivers with low alcohol concentrations
Stopal: Yet another ineffective sobering-up preparation (per mille killer)
Scientific bases of a breath alcohol threshold for criminal law
Scientific bases of a breath alcohol threshold for criminal law
Scientific conditions for furnishing reliable evidence for breath alcohol concentrations
Screening of hazardous drinking by use of subjective and objective alcohol markers - An alternative way to gain access to risk populations in the context of the prevention of alcohol related health disorders
Should the driver under the influence of alcohol who is therefore "unfit to drive" be held responsible when failing to act?
Significance of forensic criteria in the assessment of alcohol-related driving inability
Significance of the 0.8 per thousand limit for incidence of alcohol related accidents in Middle Hessen
Simplification of blood alcohol limits; arguments for and against
Simulated car driving influenced by cannabis and alcohol
Social-ethical learning objectives in road traffic
Standardization of legal limits for blood alcohol concentration
Statements of persons detained for driving under the influence of alcohol with regard to their drug intake and confirmation of such statements
Statutory measures and alcoholic traffic offence. an empirical study concerning efficacy of the 0,8(per mille)-bac limit
Still too much drinking and driving in the EU
Street traffic delinquency and misuse of drugs
Studies on the influence of vomiting on the blood alcohol curve by means of continuous registration of the blood alcohol level
Study of driving ability after drunk driving offences of emigrants from Poland and the former Soviet Union
Suitability criteria for withdrawal of driving licence
Supreme expert reports when doubts arise about driving ability due to drink driving or other character unsuitability
Survival with a 6.2 o/oo blood alcohol concentration
Symposium of the BADS: vehicle immobilizing systems for alcohol impaired drivers. an approach to improve road traffic safety - preface
Test for interaction between alcohol and a drug (coumarol plus troxerutin in a depot formulation)
Test performance under influence of alcohol
Testing for cannabis in saliva of impaired drivers
Testing the alcohol-sensitive ignition interlock Alcolock system in practice
The 38th German meeting on legal medicine related to road safety, January 26-28, 2000 in Goslar: Report on results of breath alcohol analysis
The 42nd German meeting on legal medicine related to road safety, January 28-30, 2004 in Goslar: Report of the results of the working group iv - "withdrawal of the driving license by the criminal judge"
The ability of coffee shop guests before and immediately after cannabis consumption and before possible driving
The advice for the driving ability of ill drivers
The alcohol delinquency of foreign nationals in central Hesse
The alcoholic influence of road users in West-Berlin 1980
The analytical specificity of the Drager Alcotest 7110 Evidential
The applicability of Section 330 a of the act in chronic alcoholics
The conditions for withdrawal of the driving license under criminal law with special regard to the latest jurisdiction of the Federal High Court
The detection of driving under the influence of addictive drugs - A stepchild of the Austrian legislation
The development of alcohol-related traffic delinquency in Hamburg 1996-2002
The development of medical-psychological assessment procedures for drivers in the Federal Republic of Germany
The effect of benzoctamine and alcohol on motor-skills used in car driving
The effect of blood alcohol concentration on the onset of gaze nystagmus
The effect of blood alcohol concentrations of 0.4(per mille) and 0.8(per mille) on the vestibular system with regards to driving performance
The effect of ingestion of 'Japanischen Heilpflanzenols' on the Alcotesttube (Drager)
The effect of Prohalin on breath-alcohol analysis
The effect of THC on the pupillary reaction
The effectiveness of the BUSS model - Advice, assessment and rehabilitation within the legal ban period - For DWI drivers
The effects of introducing the 0,5 per mille limit in the context of long term developments
The employment of personality tests in conjunction with traffic related psychological assessment - An exemplary investigation using the Manson- Questionnaire
The estimated number of undetected cases of drinking driving and the measuring of breath alcohol in section 24 a section 1 of the StVG
The EU project ROSITA (roadside testing assessment)
The evaluation of walking performance as a test-model of the interaction between alcohol and drugs
The evidential value of the alcohol concentration in double samples of blood. recommendations for revised text of uniform rules
The evolution of accidents associated with alcohol with particular reference to alcohol linked type of accidents in West Germany and its various territorial units from 1966 to 1970
The examination of biochemical alcoholism parameters in blood samples of drivers under the influence of alcohol; with particular reference to carbohydrate deficient transferrin (CDT)
The expert at criminal court - At the same time a critical assessment of the quality of the transfer of professional knowledge and the qualification of experts
The German Federal Government and measures against alcohol in road traffic
The hit and run driver in a twilight state
The importance of alcohol markers CDT for the expert assessment regarding the judging of driving ability
The importance of further expert opinions in the process of assessing driving ability: An evaluating study
The importance of the double blood sample as a criterion for alleged after-drink
The importance of toxicological urine and hair analysis when assessing motor vehicle driver aptitude
The influence of alcohol and marihuana on motor and mental performance
The influence of ambient tempreratures on the blood alcohol to breath alcohol ratio: Investigations using the Alcotest 7110 Evidential MK III breathlyser
The influence of ceftriaxon on the alcohol metabolism and acetaldehyde level in serum
The influence of drugs on drivers in the area of southern Baden, Germany in 1995
The influence of ethanol on the motor activity of the pupil
The influence of small amounts of alcohol on psychomotor performance and attention
The influence of the memory effect on the evidential breath alcohol analysis
The installation and use of breath testers from the point of view of criminal law
The magistrate's own expert knowledge in retrospective calculation of blood alcohol
The medical expertise in traffic law from the lawyer's point of view
The medical expertise in traffic law from the physician's point of view
The medical expertise in traffic law from the viewpoint of the judge
The medico-psychological examination of maladjusted motor vehicle drivers: Reflections on the view of Himmelreich
The occurrence of drugged driving in Norway - Existing problems and solutions
The orbicularis oculi reflex at various stages of alcoholization
The origin of 'Alcotest': The division of Germany and the honesty of scientific work
The phenomenon of intentional drink driving, problems of criminal responsibility (or no responsibility) and the vertical and horizontal partial legal status
The possibilities of the traffic-judge influencing alcohol-conspicious drivers
The postmortem formation of ethanol in the blood and urine of diabetics
The prevalence of drugs and pharmaceuticals in conspicuous drivers
The prevalence of drugs in blood alcohol samples of suspected DUI drivers
The probation study by A. Muller: a critical assessment
The range of error of the ADH method in the routine determination of the content of ethyl alcohol in the blood
The rate of disappearance of blood alcohol in drunken drivers
The relevance of personality tests for a valid prognosis of driver behaviour
The repeated drink driving offence - A follow-up analysis of relapse rates based on blood alcohol record sheets from 1992 to 1995
The role of biological alcohol markers in DUI offenders appraisals for regranting of licenses
The role of the drinking driver in traffic accidents (the Grand Rapids study)
The significance of the dark number in drunken driving offences
The significance of the dark number in drunken driving offences
The specific preventive effect of penal measures on subjects convicted for drunken driving
The stochastically justified blood alcohol concentration limit in road traffic. Part A. the stochastic model of the blood alcohol concentration distribution for car drivers
The time courses of the alcohol concentrations in breath and blood and of some alcohol effects
The treatment of alcohol offenders as part of criminal sentences in Austria
The usefulness of the present medico-psychological evaluation in the re-examination of driving ability
The Widmark-factor r and its deviation. an evaluation of experimentally derived blood alcohol graphs from the literature
Thoughts on the suspension of sentence after a longstanding procedural period in serious drunkendriving
Toxicological methods and criteria for the assessment of drug consumption and drug abstinence in medical-psychological examination
Traffic congestion, type A behavior, and stress
Traffic court day, Goslar 1981
Traffic criminal law in dispute of opinions
Traffic delinquency of elderly people aged 60 and over - a comparison between three regions of Germany. part i: alcohol
Traffic incidence as stochastic process
Traffic offences in Israel
Training with award and incentives for behaviour change: An innovative concept to early restoration of driver aptitude and relapse prevention
Typology and rehabilitation of alcoholics
Unchallenged driving practice and presumptive rule
Under the influence of alcohol, esp. in roadtraffic, in civil litigation
Undetected cases of driving while intoxicated
Unfitness to drive on account of alcohol intake; is it 'absolute' or relative?
Use of a portable device for the measuring of reaction time in the medical evaluation of offenders under alcohol
Use of the 'ROSITA' system during nighttime: Course and toxicological results
Utility of the parameters gGT, MCV and CDT as markers of alcohol intake - Results of a cross-sectional study of a male working population
Value of an automated method for routine determinations of ethanol by the Widmark Gruner method ('substratmessplatz')
Variations of the minimum legal age for the acuisition of alcoholic beverages and their effect on alcohol consumption in general and in motor vehicle traffic
Verdict or 'operational research'
Why are sobriety checkpoints not widely adopted as an enforcement strategy in the United States?
Widmark's body factor r in pregnant women
Withdrawal of driving license
Withdrawal of the driving license by the criminal judge in so-called "Zusammenhangstaten"
Working group IV: "Withdrawal of the driving license by the criminal judge" - The driving license law
Zusammenfassung von Itzhak Yanovitzky, effect of news coverage on the prevalence of drunk-driving behavior: Evidence from a longitudinal study
Zusammenfassung von Robert b. voas et al., Assessing the effectiveness of minimum legal drinking age and zero tolerance laws in the united states
Cannabis and car driving
Hashish and driving behavior: An experimental study
Experiences in drug screening by police officers with DrugWipe II and chemical-toxicological analysis of blood samples
Influence of ethanol-containing medical drugs on breath alcohol concentration as measured by using the Alcotest 7110 Evidential MK III
Legal protection against measures of the administrative authority regarding driving license affairs
The 44th German road traffic court day, january 25-27, 2006 in Goslar. Report on the opening event and the working groups
Working group III: Legal protection against measures of the administrative authority. difficult legal protection by regulation deficits in the driving licensing law, particularly in cases related to being under influence of drugs
Working group VI: Drugs in road traffic - New developments
Working group VIII: suitability criteria and alcohol threshold in ship operators. alcohol and safety in water traffic
A Study on Speed and Changes of Physical Reaction due to Alcohol Intake
Graduated driver licensing programs and fatal crashes of 16-year-old drivers: a national evaluation
Comparison of respiratory physiologic features when infants are placed in car safety seats or car beds
Development of a child safety seat Hassles Scale in a largely low-income Latino population
Ergonomics of steering wheel mounted switch-how number and arrangement of steering wheel mounted switches interactively affects performance
A re-assessment of older drivers as a road safety risk
Applying a public participation approach to black spot identification processes
Cognitive and physical factors in changes to the automobile driving ability of elderly people and their mobility life: Questionnaire survey in various regions of Japan
Enhancing mobility of the elderly in Sub-Saharan Africa cities through improved public transportation
Mobility devices for the elderly: "Silver vehicle" feasibility
Publiic attitudes, epidemiology, and consequences of drinking and driving in British Columbia
Self-reported differences between crash-involved and non-crash-involved three-wheeler drivers in Sri Lanka
Some insights on roadway infrastructure design for safe elderly pedestrian travel
A course for alcohol offending drivers: a preliminary study
An epidemiological Study on Traffic Accidents
An Observation on the Mortality Rates of Transport Accidents in Korea
Characteristics of Traffic Accidents for the Primary School Students and Its Affecting Factors
Diving patterns and diving related disease of diving fishermen in Korea
Frequency and Pattern of Traffic Accidents in Different Atmospheric Phenomena
Human Health Factors and Traffic Accidents among Taxi Drivers in the Seoul Area
A characteristic type of motorcycle fracture of the tibia
Alcohol and road safety: Geelong experience 1967 to 1978
Amputations following motorcycle accidents. a 1-year experience
An epidemiological analysis of motorcycle accidents: environmental and human risk factors
An evaluation of the effectiveness of motorcycle daytime headlight laws
Analysis of injuries in motorcycle accidents according to clinical material collected in 1957-1961
Burn injuries associated with motorcycles
Cenla motorcycle traffic experience - 1975
Club motorcycle racing medical aid and types of injury
Fatal motorcycle accidents of military personnel: a study of 223 cases
Fatal motorcycle accidents
Fatal motorcycle and motorscooter accidents
Fatal motorcyclist injury from a hinged and rounded rearview mirror
Fractures of the scapula: a review of 53 fractures
General mechanism of injuries caused by motorcycle accidents and their characteristic types
Hospitalization costs of motorcycle drivers who had accidents
How effective are daytime motorcycle headlight use laws?
Incidence and implications of natural deaths of road users
Injuries in motorcycle accidents
Injuries resulting from motorcycle desert racing
Knee impacts and resulting injuries in automobile and motorcycle riders
Lesions resulting from fatal traffic accidents on motorcycles
Lower limb injuries in motorcycle accidents
Medical aspects of motorcycle safety
Moped injuries in children
Motorcycle injuries in speed sport for youngsters
Motorcycle accident deaths rising rapidly
Motorcycle accident fatalities
Motorcycle accidents and alcohol. A survey of fatalities in the Cape Peninsula
Motorcycle accidents and their outcome. Commentary
Motorcycle accidents at the University of Virginia Hospital
Motorcycle accidents
Motorcycle accidents: a study of 600 consecutive patients treated at Ramathibodi Hospital
Motorcycle and accidents
Motorcycle injuries: An increasing traffic problem
Motorcycle injuries: problem without solution
Motorcycle spoke injury
Motorcycle/motor scooter hazards in a military population
Non-fatal injuries among motorcyclists treated as in-patients in a general hospital
Nursing care study. Motorcycle accident
On moped accidents
Paralysis of the brachial plexus caused by motorcycle accidents
Preventing motorcycle accidents
Skin temperature and motorcyclists' braking performance
Death on the roads: the influence of vehicle design
Schedule tightness among tractor-trailer drivers
Accident analysis at railroad-highway grade crossings in urban areas
Suicide, Motor Vehicle Fatalities, and the Mass Media: Evidence toward a Theory of Suggestion
A clinical trial demonstration of a web-based test for alcohol and drug effects
Rates of Time Preference and Consumer Valuations of Automobile Safety and Fuel Efficiency
Skull fractures and their sequelae in 100 motorcycle accidents
Some epidemiologic features of motorcycle collision injuries. i. introduction, methods and factors associated with incidence
Spinal cord injuries as a result of motorcycle accidents
Study of lesions caused by fatal motorcycle collision
Surgical pros and cons: impact of repeal of motorcycle helmet law
The female paraplegic: a statistical survey
The frequency of cervical spine injuries in motorcycle accidents
The geographical distribution of motorcycle accidents in Tasmania, 1983-1986
The incidence of motorcycle accidents in South Africa--an alarming increase
The issues in perspective
The motorcycle as a psychological tool
The motorcycle syndrome
The nature of the alcohol problem in U.S. fatal crashes
Traction injury of the brachial plexus--a typical motorcycle injury
Traumatic dislocation of testis
Traumatic dislocation of the testes
Traumatic paralysis of the brachial plexus due to motorcycle accident: a case of total paralysis
Typical injuries of automobile and motorcycle drivers
A nationwide epidemiological study of spinal cord injury in geriatric patients in Taiwan
Assessing Effectiveness of a Mature Trauma System: Association of Trauma Center Presence with Lower Injury Mortality Rate
Characteristics of motorcycle-related hospitalizations: Comparing states with different helmet laws
Development, implementation and evaluation of a unique African-American faith-based approach to increase automobile restraint use
Driving evaluation practices of clinicians working in the United States and Canada
Hyperactive children as young adults: Driving abilities, safe driving behavior, and adverse driving outcomes
Increased Mortality in Rural Vehicular Trauma: Identifying Contributing Factors Through Data Linkage
Modeling crash outcome probabilities at rural intersections: Application of hierarchical binomial logistic models
Practicing in relation to the outcome of the driving test
Systemwide implications of the repeal of the national maximum speed limit (USA)
Transport and industrial safety, how are they affected by sleepiness and sleep restriction?
Validity of the Cognitive Behavioral Driver's Inventory in predicting driving outcome
Cholera and car accidents
Analysis of motor vehicle crash data in an urban trauma center: implications for nursing practice and research
Bilateral upper ureteric disruptions caused by a traffic accident
Brachial plexus injury in Thailand: a report of 520 cases
Changing public behavior for better health: is education enough?
Changing trends with mandibular fractures: a review of 1,067 cases
Decapitation death
Drinking and driving in Singapore 1987 to 1989
Drinking and driving in Singapore, 1987 to 1989
Driving experience and the risk of traffic accident among motorcyclists
Effect of motorcycle rider education on changes in risk behaviours and motorcycle-related injuries in rural Thailand
Epidemiological study of head injuries in central Taiwan
Epidemiology of brachial plexus injuries in a multitrauma population
Helmet slippage during visual tracking: the effect of voluntary head movements
Histo-pathological findings of abraded skins in the cases of automobile dragging
Identification of the driver in two-rider motorcycle accidents: inguinal contusion-laceration as an indication of the driver
Impact of motor vehicle injury in Taiwan using potential productive years of life lost
Incidence of xenobiotics among drivers killed in single-vehicle crashes
Intra-abdominal injury with handlebar hernia: case report and literature review
Lower extremity injuries from motorcycle crashes: a common cause of preventable injury
Mechanism of injury influences the pattern of injuries sustained by patients involved in vehicular trauma
Mechanisms of injury and biomechanics: vehicle design and crash performance
Motor racing accidents at Brands Hatch, 1988/9
Motorbike toe: a toddler's sporting injury
Motorcycle accident injury severity, blood alcohol levels, insurance status, and hospital costs: a 4-year study in St. Petersburg, Florida
Motorcycles for the disabled: mobility, modernity and the transformation of experience in urban China
Motorcycling safety research: a review of the social and behavioral literature
Motorcyclist traffic accidents and risk factors: a Singapore study
Motorcyclists and wind noise
Musculoskeletal problems and driving in police officers
Nonfatal motor vehicle crash injuries: Wisconsin's experience with linked data systems
Perceptions of risk in motorcyclists: unrealistic optimism, relative realism and predictions of behaviour
Prediction of posttraumatic stress disorder by immediate reactions to trauma: a prospective study in road traffic accident victims
Psychological and social predictors of motorcycle use by young adult males in New Zealand
Rider training, reasons for riding, and the social context of riding among young on-road motorcyclists in New Zealand
Road crash experiences during the fourteenth and fifteenth years of life: an overview
Road traffic accidents in patients with obstructive sleep apnoea
Symposium on burns. friction burns
Testicular dislocation
The age-dependent incidence of injuries due to road traffic accidents in Odense, Denmark from 1980 to 1992
The cost of home delivery
The injured motor cycle messenger
The psychosocial consequences of traumatic injury
Traffic deaths in western Norway. a study from the county of Hordaland 1986-1990
Train accidents involving pedestrians, motor vehicles, and motorcycles
Trauma on the Isle of Man
Traumatic dislocation of the hip
Traumatic dislocation of the testes
Traumatic dislocation of the testicle
Traumatic head and spinal cord injury in Iowa
Unsafe driving behaviors and hospitalization
5196 mandible fractures among 4381 active duty army soldiers, 1980 to 1998
A case of acute myocardial infarction after blunt chest trauma in a young man
Adolescent injury mortality in New Zealand and opportunities for prevention
An analysis of status of cadaver donors at The National Taiwan University Hospital: eleven-year case review
An autopsy case of a stunt man who jumped into seawater riding a motorcycle: a case report
Analysis of heart donation for cardiac transplantation at the National Taiwan University Hospital: fifteen-year cases review
Behavioral, demographic, and prior morbidity risk factors for accidental death among men: a case-control study of soldiers
Bilateral traumatic dislocation of testes
Brachial plexus injury and pain: incidence and the effects of surgical reconstruction
Brachial plexus injury: a survey of 100 consecutive cases from a single service
Case reports. 2. accidental strangulation: a case report
Conception of the cervico-brachial protector for motorcycle drivers
Crash simulation of lower limb with motorcycle basket
Decapitation in helmeted motorcyclists
Effective measures to improve driver safety
Does right leg require extra protection? Five-year review of type 3 open fractures of the tibia
Driving and insulin--consensus, conflict or confusion?
Driving and riding avoidance following motor vehicle crashes in a non-clinical sample: psychometric properties of a new measure
Epidemiology of posterior cruciate ligament injuries
Handlebar hernia in children: two cases and review of the literature
Injured moped riders who required admission to hospital in Sweden from 1987 to 1994
Injuries in 8927 patients admitted after motor-cycle crashes in Sweden 1987-1994 inclusive
Most head injury related motorcycle crash deaths are related to poor riding practices
Motorcycle helmets do save lives!
Motorcycle injury and survival: improving outcomes
Quantifying the role of risk-taking behaviour in causation of serious road crash-related injury
Riding off into the sunset: Implications of an aging motorcyclist population
Social psychological models of choice behavior and drivers' left turns
Spinal injury patterns resulting from car and motorcycle accidents
Sudden hemiplegia after a motorcycle accident
Testicular dislocation: an uncommon and easily overlooked complication of blunt abdominal trauma
The effect of crash experience on changes in risk taking among urban and rural young people
The incidence of motocross injuries: a 12-year investigation
Traumatic dislocation of the testis: a rare sequel of perineal injury
Vulnerability of the lower limb in non-fatal motorcycle injuries
Accuracy of blood alcohol estimations obtained with a breath alcohol analyser in a casualty department
Alcohol is the main factor in excess traffic accident fatalities in France
Alcohol, road crash casualties, and countermeasures
Analysis of causes of death in long-term survivors of injuries sustained in traffic accidents
Automobiles--highways--deaths. an analysis of our automobile culture in relation to death and injury on the highway
Blood alcohol and road trauma survey
Children in cars
Comparison between blood analysis and police assessment of drug and alcohol use by injured drivers
CRASH helmets on trial
Crash responsibility versus drug and alcohol use among fatally injured and hospitalized motor vehicle drivers in Sweden
Cyclical calendar and lunar patterns in automobile property accidents and injury accidents
Death and injury to children in cars in Britain
Direct and indirect cost of general aviation crashes
People's views on marijuana, other drugs and driving: an update
Modeling driver behavior in a cognitive architecture
Driver casualties in Victoria (1978-1980): predominant influences of driver inexperience and alcohol
Driver education
Drug and alcohol use among injured motor vehicle drivers in Sweden: prevalence, driver, crash, and injury characteristics
Economic development and traffic accident mortality in the industrialized world, 1962-1990
Evaluation of the prehospital management of road traffic fatalities in Victoria, Australia
New Jersey college students' high-risk behavior: will we meet the health objectives for the year 2000?
Traumatic spinal cord injury in Saudi Arabia: an epidemiological estimate from Riyadh
Injuries by steering-wheel rebounding
Intensive care unit outcome of vehicle-related injury in elderly trauma patients
Interior safety in automobiles--study of the HUK-Association on 32.000 personal motor vehicle accidents with passenger injuries
Machine learning of motor vehicle accident categories from narrative data
Making cycle helmets compulsory: ethical arguments for legislation
Mandatory bicycle helmet use--Victoria, Australia
Motor vehicle component failures in road accidents
Motorcycle accidents in teenage males. a modern epidemic
Motorcycle training and accidents
New "Highway Code"
Night-time curfew: an option for reducing probationary driver casualties
Case-control study of risk factors for fatal and non-fatal injury in crashes of civil aircraft
Persoality differeces between accident-loaded and accident-free young car drivers
Prediction of psychological outcomes one year after a motor vehicle accident
Premature avoidable deaths by road traffic injuries in Belgium: trends and geographical disparities
Psychosocial consequences of traffic accidents: a two year follow-up
Rear-end accident victims. importance of understanding the accident
Rear-end collisions and injury
Reduction in cervical "whiplash" after new motor vehicle accident legislation in Victoria
Reduction in rear-end collisions
Relationship between compensation claims for psychiatric injury and severity of physical injuries from motor vehicle accidents
Relationship between obstructive sleep apnoea, driving simulator performance, and risk of road traffic accidents
Restraint of babies in cars
Road characteristics and bicycle accidents
Road traffic fatalities in Victoria, Australia and changes to the trauma care system
Seat belt campaigns--role of health agencies
Sick leave and disability pension among passenger car occupants injured in urban traffic
Signs of an impact of a transport vehicle with a pedestrian
Spatial disorientation-implicated accidents in Canadian forces, 1982-92
Statements made to police and road traffic accident analysis
Suicidal motor vehicle fatalities in Detroit: a replication
The alcohol problem on the road
The analysis of group truncated binary data with random effects: injury severity in motor vehicle accidents
The application of K-function analysis to the geographical distribution of road traffic accident outcomes in Norfolk, England
The biomechanical development of injury-attenuating motor vehicle design
The impact of industrialization on road traffic accidents in Thailand
The safe motor vehicle?
The safe motor vehicle?
Traffic accident mapping in Bangkok metropolis: a case study
Truncated logistic regression
Using survival analysis to study spatial point patterns in geographical epidemiology
Vehicle and highway hazards
Interaction between auditory and visual processing in car audio: simulation experiment using video reproduction
Thermal aspects of vehicle comfort
Lack of motivation and personality alienation with respect to crimes committed in a drunken state
Medical and psychological examination of auto drivers and its role in the prevention of accidents
Medico-legal aspects of fatal injuries caused by a train
Medicosocial aspects in incidence of traffic accidents in Geneva
Morphology of cranial injuries caused by traffic accidents in cases of quick death
Morphology of wounds and traffic accident reconstruction
Motorcycle accidents from the viewpoint of neurosurgery
Pathology investigation of aircraft accidents
Penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol and new proceedings
Prolegomena on discernment in deviant behavior related to consumption of alcoholic beverages
Rare injury patterns in air plane crashes
Reconstruction of traffic accidents in legal medicine
Road traffic casualties in a surgical department. a prospective study of a one-year hospital material, with special reference to epidemiology, official statistics, hospital load and economy
Search of uniform methods in the evaluation of bodily injury caused by traffic accidents
Sick and handicapped drivers. a study on the risks of sudden illness at the wheel and on the frequency of road accidents and traffic offences in chronically sick, disabled, and elderly drivers
Sick and handicapped drivers. a study on the risks of sudden illness at the wheel and on the frequency of road accidents and traffic offences in chronically sick, disabled, and elderly drivers
Statistical study of the morphology of traffic accident injuries: survey conducted at the Institut Medico-Legal de Bordeaux
The blood alcohol test in motorists in the Scandinavian countries
The expert assessment of whiplash injury with reference to the accident sequence
The finding of clues for the reconstruction of cases of being run over by a train
The iconography in use for battle against drunk driving
The traumatic pathology of traffic accidents; the review of 302 autopsies
Thoracic injuries in fatal traffic accidents
Traffic accidents from the neurological viewpoint
Traffic accidents
Traffic deaths in Denmark during 1955
Traffic facial injuries
Traffic injuries in south Sweden; with special reference to medico-legal autopsies of car occupants and value of safety belts
Unusual circumstances of a road accident bearing on the opinion as to who was the driver
Determination of limit values for "safe driving" in street traffic with reference to centrally active drugs from the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic viewpoint
Developments in street traffic from 1975 to 1988 from a statistical viewpoint
Diagnosis of chronic alcohol abuse in intoxicated drivers: carbohydrate-deficient transferrin (cdt) in combination with other parameters
Disclosure of drinking behavior, social drinking and blood alcohol concentration
'Mothers Against Drunk Driving'
Does the highest judicial ordinance for a new limit value for absolute driving incapacity (BGH 4 StR 297/90, Beschl. v. 28 June 1990) allow unequal treatment of alcohol intoxicated drivers?
Driver's license and driving fitness after introduction of driver's permit on probation. Considerations and arguments in traffic psychology
Driver's license regulations in the light of the criminal justice compensation law
Driving under the influence of alcohol and subsequent obligatory accident report (section 142 of the federal penal code)
Drunk driving crimes in traffic and alcohol abuse. A farewell to individual and public illusions is necessary
Drunk driving in th Bavarian Untermain region
Effect of low dose alcohol concentration on saccadic eye movements. infrared reflection technique for recording oculomotor reactions with reference to dangerous traffic situations
Empirical studies of automobile driving fitness of patients treated with methadone-substitution
Epidemiologic data in driving under the influence by repeat offenders
Evaluation of an increased blood level of ggt, cdt, methanol, acetone and isopropanol in alcohol intoxicated automobile drivers. Alcoholism indicators instead of medical-psychological examination
Exceptions for revoking the driver's license of alcohol intoxicated drivers at apprehension and during initial withdrawal
Expert evaluation of the aptitude for driving in a concept of problem solving. Reflections on the problems of driving aptitude and traffic safety in connection with the new aptitude guidelines
Female alcoholics in road traffic
Wasted years--politics and the promille limit
Gamma-glutamyl-transpeptidase and transaminases in the sera of drunk drivers--some empirical findings
5Th-Amendment - Videotaping Drunk Drivers - Limitations on Miranda Protections - Pennsylvania V Muniz, 110 S-Ct 2638 (1990)
Gamma-glutamyltransferase and blood alcohol level--criteria for alcohol risk in automobile drivers. A critical comment on the guidelines for medical-psychological studies of first-time alcohol offenders
Human behavior between instinct, feelings and responsibility
Hypoglycemia as a cause of traffic accidents
Illegally leaving the site of an accident (paragraph 142 of the penal code). How can the rights of victims be improved?
In what percentage of road traffic accidents in the Federal Republic of Germany is alcohol impairment involved?
Increased serum activities of gamma-GT and transaminases within the framework of medical suitability studies of automobile drivers with alcohol-related incidents: some aspects of differential diagnosis
Intake of addictive drugs and traffic safety--a report of experiences of the Vienna federal police department
Intent or negligence in drunk driving at high speed from the viewpoint of the criminal lawyer
Intoxicated drivers 21 to 25 years of age: data on their characteristics
Involvement of chronic alcoholics in road traffic
Is alcohol crime in street traffic decreasing?
Is blood alcohol concentration of 1.1 g% the new limit value of "absolute driving fitness"?
Leaving the scene of an accident (section 142 stgb) from the legal viewpoint and in relation to the "nemo tenetur rule."
Leaving the scene of an accident--a special offense in forensic psychiatric assessment?
Legal consequences of drunk driving from the occupational, social and insurance law point of view
Legal principles in assigning apprehended drivers to courses
Legal probation of young alcohol traffic offenders. Comparative investigation with and without post-schooling at the Munich juvenile court
Legal requirement of medical-psychological examination of drunk driving offenders: should other than blood alcohol concentration and "particular circumstances" of the individual case be considered?
Legal requirements for medical findings in determining driving capacity in driving under the influence of drugs--discussion of establishing limit values for "absolute" incapacity
Legally relevant effects of drugs in road traffic
Liver enzyme values (gamma-gt, got, gpt) in intoxicated drivers at the time of the offense
Long-term rehabilitation of alcohol dependent drivers (1)--individual psychologic traffic therapy
Long-term safe driving practice--a bonus for alcohol perpetrators and those leaving the scene of an accident and its limitations
Markers of the 1st drunken driving offense in repeat offenders
Neurologic and psychiatric diseases and driving fitness with special reference to seizure disorders and alcoholism
Premature return of the drivers' license--temporal limits according to section 69  A ABS
Problems in the practice of revoking a driver's license in West Germany
Proof of alcoholic intoxication in automobile driving by breath alcohol content in Austria from the legal viewpoint
Psychological measures in the rehabilitation of traffic violators
Psychological rehabilitation measures from the viewpoint of traffic law
Random breath alcohol screening? Comments on the decisions of the 30th German traffic legislation workshop (29 to 31 January 1992 in Goslar)
Reasons for blood sampling in blood alcohol concentrations below 0.80 promille
Recent regulations on alcohol and other drugs in German criminal traffic law
Recidivism in alcohol offenders--follow-up of remedial traffic education
Reducing the duration of revoked driving permit penalty in alcoholic drivers following psychological remedial traffic education
Reduction of the threshold value for absolute driving incapacity due to improved measuring quality in forensic blood alcohol determination
Refusal to give a blood sample--a peculiarity of the Swiss traffic law
Regulation for medical-psychologic examination of drunk drivers
Regulations for improvement and safety, especially withdrawing the driver's license of adolescents and young adults
Remedial courses for alcohol apprehended drivers are effective!
Results of a study of alcoholics as automobile drivers. Simultaneously a contribution to the problem of undetected driving under the influence
Revoking the driver's license--ingenious discovery or anachronism
Seizure-like disorders of consciousness as cause of accidents
Should courses for alcohol intoxicated automobile drivers be legally introduced? An answer based on public economics
Post-arrest memory disorders: results of a retrospective study
Proof of post-schooling in criminal proceedings
Social psychological and sociocultural aspects of alcohol drinking and alcoholic intoxication behind the wheel
Social training of alcoholic traffic offenders completing a penal term--a general practice report
Some focal points for penalty apportionment and penalty suspension in the assessment of alcohol-related road traffic accidents
Sources of error in psychological evaluation for automobile driving fitness
Statistical approach to forensic conversion values for alcoholics
Statistical data for 1971-1982 on motor vehicle numbers, traffic discipline, road traffic accidents, license suspensions, license prohibitions and multiple traffic offenders with regard to drunkenness at the wheel
Statistical evaluation of 60,000 blood alcohol findings 1964-1983. i. general epidemiologic data
Statistical evaluation of 60,000 blood alcohol findings 1964-1983. ii. high blood alcohol values (equal to or greater than 3.0 promille)
Statistical evaluation of 60,000 blood alcohol values from 1964 to 1983. iii. multiple convictions
Status of knowledge about the "0.8 pars pro mille law." results of a survey
Systematic comparison of procedures for determining blood and breath alcohol
Systematic studies of the linearity and reproducibility of breath alcohol concentrations in long-term tests
Temperature measurement in breath alcohol analysis
Test performance with minimal alcoholic intoxication
Testing the automobile driver in cases of uncertain qualification prognosis
The "alcomat" breath alcohol analyzer in a controlled drinking trial
The accuracy of driver selection in cases of drunk driving: results of a probation control
The alcohol traffic offender in juvenile court practice. criminological and sociological data and juvenile court sanction practice
The concept of "control of an automobile"--simultaneously a comment on the decision by the federal court of appeals of 27 october 1988--blood alcohol 26, 61-63 (1989)
The course of blood alcohol curves after drinking large quantities of alcohol
The course of blood alcohol curves after the ingestion of beer and brandy together with "alcohol-free" beer
The drug impaired driver: detection and forensic specimen analysis
The effects of hypo- and hyperventilation on breath alcohol measurements
The effects of long-term therapy on the psychophysical performance of alcoholics
The effects of low alcohol beers on the blood alcohol concentration
The expert witness in traffic court procedures
The formation of ethanol in fresh blood samples of diabetics
The Frankfurt experiment. a group project with drunk traffic offenders under conditional discharge. i: methods and judicial restrictions on tests of a new sanction for traffic offenders?
The Frankfurt experiment. a group project with drunk traffic offenders under conditional discharge. ii: psychological aspects of a new sanction for traffic offenders?
The German promille law--overview and guideline for legal traffic applications
The irrefutable benefits of courses for alcohol intoxicated drivers
The legal consequences of alcohol-induced accidents at work and in street traffic
The Netherlands alcohol-traffic project
The Netherlands alcohol-traffic project in Drenthe. from imprisonment to punishment while at liberty
The prevalence of binge drinking and heavy drinking among drunken drivers arrested due to involvement in road traffic accidents
The probability of recidivism as a criterion of fitness in alcohol-related incidents among automobile drivers
The promille limit and reduced responsibility
The promille limit in political discussion
The protocol for blood collection, report of medical findings and expert assessment of blood alcohol in criminal procedures
The reliability of instruments for measuring breath alcohol
The sensitivity of clinico-chemical markers of alcoholism following short-term motivated alcohol abstinence
The significance of the recidivism rate of participants in courses following the Mainz 77 model from recent viewpoints
The so-called "promille limits" in alcohol-induced offenses from the forensic medicine viewpoint
The social training of convicted drunk drivers during their prison term
The temperature problem in breath alcohol analysis
The use of silica gel in evidential tests in drunken drivers: problems related to alcohols adsorption and elution
Therapeutic strategies in fitness studies of intoxicated automobile drivers
Time course of breath and blood alcohol concentration in disorders of lung function
Traffic accidents in alcoholic intoxication
Two traffic accidents after heroin consumption with fatal outcome
Unethical advertising?--the promille killer and alcohol tester
Unsuitable results after driver training school: critical remarks on Ostermann's article
Use of breath alcohol analysis in France
Validity of driver fitness studies in repeatedly apprehended drunk drivers
Value of blood alcohol concentration in the assessment of legal responsibility
Electroencephalographic study of drowsiness in simulated driving with sleep deprivation
Emergency Mental-Health Services and A Major Aircraft Accident
Emotional stress and information processing ability in the context of accident causation
Enhancing the safe driving performance of older commercial vehicle drivers
Entropy compromise programming method for parameter identification in the seated driver biomechanical model
Evaluations of a new Advance Flagger traffic sign
Driving Vengeance and Willful Violations: Clustering of Problem Driving Attitudes
Effectiveness of a Media Campaign to Reduce Traffic Crashes Involving Young Drivers
Gender-Based Judgments of Traffic Violations: The Moderating Influence of Car Type
Is Television a Health and Safety Hazard? A Cross-Sectional Analysis of At-Risk Behavior on Primetime Television
A Note: Can Vehicle Speed Be Estimated Accurately?
Alcohol addiction and perceived sanction risks: Deterring drinking drivers
Deterrence, defiance and deviance: An investigation into a group of recidivist drink drivers' self-reported offending behaviours
Did Ontario's zero tolerance and graduated licensing low reduce youth drunk driving?
A descriptive analysis of light vehicle-heavy vehicle interactions using in situ driving data
Characteristics of maxillofacial injuries resulting from road traffic accidents - a 5 year review of the case records from Department of Maxillofacial Surgery in Katowice, Poland
Injury profiles of road traffic deaths
Occipital condyle fracture: An unusual airbag injury
Rollover crashes
Prognostic factors for chronic neck pain in persons with Minor or moderate injuries in traffic accidents
Reduction of speed limit from 110 km/h to 100 km/h on certain roads in South Australia: a preliminary evaluation
The crash and offence experience of drivers eligible for the South Australian Driver Intervention Program
South Australia's Driver Intervention Program: Participant characteristics, best practice discussion and literature review
Driving and dementia
Study of symbols coding in airway facilities
Surveying Fear: Crime, Buses and New Paint
Achieving Higher Seat Belt Usage: The Role of Habit in Bridging the Attitude-Behavior Gap
An Evaluation of Arizona's July 1982 Drunk Driving Law: Effects on the City of Phoenix
An Examination of the Actor-Observer Effect in Young Drivers' Attributions for Their Own and Their Friends' Risky Driving
An Examination of the Relationships Between Personality, Attitudes, and Cognitions Relevant to Alcohol-Impaired Driving Tendencies
Assignment of Responsibility and Penalties for an Impaired Driving Incident
Associations Between Peer Drink Driving, Peer Attitudes Toward Drink Driving, and Personal Drink Driving
Automobile Driving as Seen by the Actor, the Active Observer, and the Passive Observer
Bright Cars and Outsiders: Evidence of Asymmetric Estimates in Vehicular Speeds
Bright Cars and Speeding Tickets
Drinking and Driving: Perceptions and Evaluations as a Function of Level of Intoxication and Weather
Effects of Severity of Accident, History of Drunk Driving, Intent, and Remorse on Judgments of a Drunk Driver
Effects of Severity of Accident, Intent, and "Alcoholism is a Disease" Excuse on Judgments of a Drunk Driver
Flirting with Death: Variables Affecting Risk Taking at Intersections
Hierarchical Position, Gender, Accident Severity, and Causal Attribution
Incentives and Seat Belts: Changing a Resistant Behavior Through Extrinsic Motivation
Increasing Safety Belt Use: Effects of Modeling and Trip Length
Informal Drunk Driving Intervention: Psychosocial Correlates Among Young Adult Women and Men1
Judgment Processes Relevant to Drunk Driving
Modifying Beliefs and Attitudes to Exceeding the Speed Limit: An Intervention Study Based on the Theory of Planned Behavior
Parent and Teen Perceptions Regarding Parental Efforts at Controlling Teen Drunk Driving
Perceived Consensus in Estimates of the Prevalence of Driving Errors and Violations
Promoting Safe Driving Behaviors: The Influence of Message Framing and Issue Involvement
Promoting Safety Belt Use on a University Campus: An Integration of Commitment and Incentive Strategies
Psychological Reactions to the Drunk Driver: Associations With Intervention and Their Success
Psychosocial Factors in Child Safety Restraint Use
Rape and Accident Counterfactuals: Who Might Have Done Otherwise and Would It Have Changed the Outcome?
Reactions to a Motor-Vehicle Accident in Relation to Mitigating Circumstances and the Gender and Moral Worth of the Driver
Reasoned Action and Irrational Motives: A Prediction of Drivers' Intention to Violate Traffic Laws
Reexamining Personal and Situational Factors in Drunk Driving Interventions
Seat Belt Attitudes, Habits, and Behaviors: An Adaptive Amendment to the Fishbein Model
Self-Determination Theory as a Framework for Understanding Road Rage
The Driving Appraisal Inventory: Psychometric Characteristics and Construct Validity
The effects of trait driving anger, anonymity, and aggressive stimuli on aggressive driving behavior
The Importance of Risk in Determining the Extent to Which Attitudes Affect Intentions to Wear Seat Belts
The Influence of Music on Driver Stress
The Relation Between Perceived Risk and Preventive Action: A Within-Subject Analysis of Perceived Driving Risk and Intentions to Wear Seatbelts
The Role of Affect in Predicting Social Behaviors: The Case of Road Traffic Violations
The Role of Counterfactual Thinking and Causal Attribution in Accident-Related Judgments
Thinking, Drinking, and Driving: Application of the Theory of Reasoned Action to DWI Prevention
Traffic Citations in Relation to Gender
Understanding Seat-Belt Intentions and Behavior: A Decision-Making Approach
What Do People Think About the Risks of Driving? Implications for Traffic Safety Interventions
Why It Can't Happen to Me: The Base Rate Matters, But Overestimating Skill Leads to Underestimating Risk
World Assumptions Following Disaster
Helmet-mounted display attitude symbology: An evaluation of compression ratio
Stair-chair passenger transfer from the ground to airplane: A case study
Some effects of 8- vs. 10-hour work schedules on the test performance/alertness of air traffic control specialists
Low back load in two car driver seats
Time to get transportation on the aging policy agenda
MTM-based ergonomic workload analysis
Single road traffic deaths--accident or suicide?
Single road traffic deaths--accidents or suicide?
Situation awareness and workload in driving while using adaptive cruise control and a cell phone
Situation awareness in aircraft maintenance teams
Job demands, physical fitness, work ability, and age of vehicle inspectors
Kansei engineering: A study on perception of vehicle interior image
Road safety on the Snowy Mountains scheme and its application to the community
Roulette of the road: a new kind of suicide attempt? A preliminary report
Safety improvement in railways: Which criteria for coordination at a distance design?
Transient global amnesia and its aeromedical implications
Relational database as a tool in industrial design. experience from a human factors engineering analysis of a module for manned space-flight
Relative advantage of portable computer-based workcards for aircraft inspection
Results from a user-centred critical incidents study for guiding future implementation of augmented reality in automotive maintenance
A drunk driving prevention program for your students
A Life-Style Typology to Model Young Male Drinking and Driving
A Mandatory Jail Sentence for Drinking and Driving
A Note on Drinking, Driving and Enforcement Costs
A Pattern of Arrests for Drink Driving in Hobart, Tasmania
A Pilot-Study of Factors Associated with Drink-Driving by Underage Youth
A Structural Model of Drinking and Driving - Alcohol-Consumption, Social Norms, and Moral Commitments
A Study of Perceived Drinking-Driving Behavior Changes Following Media Campaigns and Police Spot Checks in 2 Canadian Cities
Age, Machismo, and the Drinking Locations of Drunken Drivers - A Research Note
Age-Sex Structure and Drinking Locations of Mississippi Drunk Driving Offenders
Alberta Impaired Drivers Project - Countermeasure to Cope with Drinking Driver
Alcoholics anonymous as a condition of drunk driving probation: When does it amount to establishment of religion?
Altruism in Drunk Driving Situations - Personal and Situational Factors in Intervention
An application of Stafford and Warr's reconceptualization of deterrence to drinking and driving
An Empirical-Examination of the Assumptions Underlying Youth Drinking Driving Prevention Programs
Analysis of Data Concerning Involvement of Drinking Drivers in Road Accidents
Attitudes and Perceptions Toward Drinking and Driving - A Simulation of Citizen Awareness
BAC and beer: Operationalizing drunk driving laws in a research methods course exercise
Behavioral Treatment of Drunk-Driving Recidivists - Short-Term and Long-Term Effects
Biochemistry and Drunk Drivers
Blood-Alcohol Concentration on Arrest As An Indicator of Problem Drinking in Driving Under the Influence Offenders
Breath Analysis for Control of Drunk Driving in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia
Breathalyzer Law in Canada - Prosecution and Defence of Drinking and Driving Offences
Can Mandatory Jail Laws Deter Drunk Driving - the Arizona Case
Can police deter drunk driving?
Characteristics of Youths Arrested for Drunk Driving in 2 Wisconsin Counties 1981-1984
Cheers - the Drunk-Driving Exception to Discharge
Cognitive-Processes and Individual-Differences in Judgments Relevant to Drunk Driving
College-Students do Intervene in Drunk Driving Situations
Consequences of License Revocation for Drunk Driving Under the Criminal Code
Conventional Education and Controlled Drinking Education Courses with Convicted Drunken Drivers
Curbing the Drunk Driver Under the 4Th Amendment - the Constitutionality of Roadblock Seizures
Decision-Making in Altered States - Effects of Alcohol on Attitudes Toward Drinking and Driving
Decriminalizing Drunk Driving - A Means to Effective Punishment
Delaware V Prouse - Guidelines for Drunk Driver Roadblocks
Deterrence and Subjective Probabilities of Arrest - Modeling Individual Decisions to Drink and Drive in Sweden
Deterrence of Drinking and Driving in France - An Evaluation of the Law of July 12, 1978
Deterrence of Drinking-Driving - Priorities in Public Policy
Deterrence of Drinking-Driving - the Effect of Changes in the Kansas Driving Under the Influence Law
Deterrent effects of drink driving enforcement: Some evidence from New Zealand
Deterring drunk driving fatalities: An economics of crime perspective
Disappearance Rate of Alcohol from the Blood of Drunk Drivers Calculated from 2 Consecutive Samples - What do the Results Really Mean
Discretionary Leniency in Police Enforcement of Laws Against Drinking and Driving - 2 Examples from the State of Maine, USA
Distinguishing Driving While Impaired (DWI) Offenders from Among Alcoholics, Criminals, and Drunk Drivers - A Preliminary-Study
Do Drinkers Know When to Say When - An Empirical-Analysis of Drunk Driving
Do Drunk Drivers Pay Their Way - A Note on Optimal Penalties for Drunk Driving
Do stricter penalties deter drinking and driving? An empirical investigation of Canadian impaired driving laws
Drink Driving - A Promotion to Influence Attitudes and Behavior - An Evaluation Survey
Drink Driving and Unlawful Arrest - Is the Boot on the Other Foot
Drink Driving Offender Rates in Tasmania
Drink-Drivers and the Judicial Process - An Analysis That Relates to the Defendants Perspective
Drink-Driving - the Role of Structural Measures in Primary Prevention
Drink-Driving and Adolescent Life-Styles - Rethinking Policy
Drink Driving Research in New Zealand
Drinkers, drivers and bartenders: Balancing private choices and public accountability
Drinkers, drivers, and bartenders: Balancing private choices and public accountability
Drinking and Driving (Motorboats) in Finland
Drinking and Driving - Alcohol Association with Traffic Accidents
Drinking and driving: Detecting the "dark figure" of compliance
Drinking and Driving - New Directions
Drinking and Driving - the Effect of Alcohol-Consumption on Blood-Alcohol Concentration
Drinking and Driving in Maryland - Special Report, 1979
Drinking and driving in university students: An international study of 23 countries
Drinking and Driving in Western-Australia - Perceptions of Practices, Priorities and Preventives
Drinking and Driving, Self-Control, and Gender - Testing A General-Theory of Crime
Drinking Driver - Blueprint for Some Further Action
Drinking Driver - Challenge of Seventies
Drinking Driver Enforcement Problems
Drinking Drivers Course in Iowa - Evaluation of Recidivism
Drinking Driving Knowledge of Young-People
Drinking Patterns, Risk-Taking and Road Accidents of Young Drivers - Results of A Swiss Case-Control Study
Drinking, and driving PSAs: A content analysis of behavioral influence strategies
Drinking, Driving and Implied Consent
Drinking, Driving and Implied Consent
Drinking, Driving, and Deterrence - the Effectiveness and Social Costs of Alternative Policies
Drinking, Driving, and the Price of Automobile Insurance
Drinking, Drug-Use, and Driving Among Rural Midwestern Youth
Drinking and driving in America: A test of behavioral assumptions underlying public policy
Drinking Driving Compliance in Great Britain -- the Role of Law As A Threat and As A Moral Eye-Opener
Driving to Drink
Drunk drivers in the courts: Legal and extra-legal factors affecting pleas and sentences
Drunk Driving - One Last Round
Drunk Driving and Statistical Morality
Drunk Driving and the Alcoholic Offender - A New Approach to An Old Problem
Drunk driving and the ecological fallacy: Comments on a paper by Phillips, Ray, and Votey
A response to "drunk driving and the ecological fallacy: Comments on a paper by Phillips, Ray, and Votey" by Michael D. Maltz
Drunk Driving
Drunk driving: probability of detection and its perception
Drunk-Driver Prevention
Drunk-Driving Intervention in An Urban-Community - An Exploratory Analysis
Drunk-Driving Research and Innovation - A Factorial Survey Study of Decisions to Drink and Drive
Effectiveness of Drinking and Driving Laws in Sweden and Great Britain
Effects of Criminal Sanctions on Drunk Drivers - Beyond Incarceration
Effects of Tort-Liability and Insurance on Heavy Drinking and Drinking and Driving
Electronic Monitoring of the Drunk Driver: A 7-Year Study of the Home Confinement Alternative
Endogenous ethanol 'auto-brewery syndrome' as a drunk-driving defence challenge
Evaluating alleged drinking after driving - the hip-flask defence part 2. congener analysis
Evaluating the effectiveness of policies related to drunk driving
Evaluation of the Australian Medical Association Drink-Driving Campaign in Wollongong
Evaluation of Waikato Hospital Board Drink-Drive Campaign, December 1986
Finding Solutions to Drink-Driving - the Lessons of Research
General Deterrence of Drunk Driving - Evaluation of Recent American Policies
Genetic and Environmental Modulation of Associations Between Personality and Willingness to Drive When Drunk
Governmental Liability for Negligent Failure to Detain Drunk Drivers
Heavy alcohol use and the commission of nuisance crime: Evidence from underage drunk driving laws
Heavy alcohol use and youth suicide: Evidence from tougher drunk driving laws
Heavy episodic drinking predictors of harmful and sensation seeking in adolescents as driving and celebrating behaviors: implications for prevention
Hidden Deviance and Labelling Approach - Case for Drinking and Driving
Hospitalization and Injury Influence on the Prosecution of Drunk Drivers
How dangerous are drinking drivers?
In Vino Veritas: the Truth About Blood-Alcohol Presumptions in State Drunk Driving Law
Incorrect Procedures in Drink-Driving Cases
Iowas Drinking Driver, 1961 with A Method for Identifying Drinking Drivers in A Survey Sample
Is Drunk Driving A Serious Offense
Judicial Disobedience of the Mandate to Imprison Drunk Drivers
Legal Fictions and Criminology - the Jurisprudence of Drunk Driving
Legislating Safety - A Look at the Effects of Michigans 1983 Anti-Drunk Driving Statute
Literary Rhetoric of Science - Comedy and Pathos in Drinking Driver Research
Local Drink-Driving Campaigns - Can They be Evaluated
Mandatory Confinement As A Response to Community Concerns About Drunk Driving
Mass media, social norms, and health promotion efforts - A longitudinal study of media effects on youth binge drinking
Media attention, institutional response, and health behavior change - The case of drunk driving, 1978-1996
Media exposure and attention as mediating variables influencing social risk judgments
Mixed messages: Contributions to adolescent drinking and driving
Modifying Drink Driving Behavior - An Overview
National Attack on Drunk Drivers
On preventing drunk driving recidivism: An examination of rehabilitation and punishment approaches
On Seeing the Forest and the Trees - the Need for Contextual Analysis in Evaluating Drunk Driving Policies
Organizational Determinants of Police Discretion - the Case of Drinking-Driving
Organizational Mortality in the Anti-Drunk-Driving Movement - Failure Among Local MADD Chapters
Penalties and the Drink-Driver - A Study of 1000 Offenders
People V Watson: Drunk Driving Homicide - Murder or Enhanced Manslaughter
Perceived Effectiveness of Drinking Driving Countermeasures - An Evaluation of MADD
Perceptual Deterrence and Drinking and Driving Among College-Students
Perpetrators and Servers Responsibility and Punishment for Drunk-Driving Outcomes
Personality Subtypes Among Driving While Intoxicated Offenders -- Relationship to Drinking Behavior and Driving Risk
Personality, Problem Drinking, and Drunk Driving - Mediating, Moderating, and Direct-Effect Models
Police Documentation of Drunk-Driving Arrests: Jury Verdicts and Guilty Pleas As A Function of Quantity and Quality of Evidence
Police Enforcement Practices and Perceptions of Drinking-Driving Laws
Policy Alternatives and Traffic Safety: Mandatory Seat Belts and Drunk Driving Reform in California
Potential Consumer Research Contributions to Combatting Drinking and Driving Problems
Preliminary Note on Drinking Driver in Victoria, Australia, Since 1966
Pretrial Diversion - A Solution to California Drunk-Driving Problem
Probation and the Drunk Driver - A Cost of Being MADD
Problem Drinkers Among Drunk Drivers - the Prevalence and Consequences - Tayside Safe Driving Project
Problems Facing Drunk-Driving Counter Measures
Problems in the Evaluation of Treatment Programs for Drunk Drivers - Goals and Outcomes
Professional Perceptions of Drunk Driving Countermeasures
Psychological Study of Drivers Concern for Road Safety and Their Opinions of Various Public Policy Measures Against Drinking and Driving
PTSD in surviving family members of drunk driving episodes: Victim and crime-related factors
Public Support for Drunk-Driving Countermeasures: Social-Policy for Saving Lives
Punishment and alcohol problems - Recidivism among drinking-driving offenders
Punishment Celerity and Severity - Testing A Specific Deterrence Model on Drunk Driving Recidivism
Put down that drink!: The double jeopardy drunk driving defense is not going to save you
Raising the Legal Drinking Age in Maine - Impact on Traffic Accidents Among Young Drivers
Reduction in Drunk Driving As A Response to Increased Threats of Shame, Embarrassment, and Legal Sanctions
Rehabilitation of Drinking Drivers - the Practice in Germany
Rehabilitation Programs for Drink Drivers - A Critical-Appraisal
Rehabilitative Sanctions for Drunk Driving - An Experimental Evaluation
Resource mobilization by local social movement organizations: Agency, strategy, and organization in the movement against drinking and driving
Responses of Drinking Drivers to Possible Detection
Risk and Perceived Risk of Drunk Driving Among Young Drivers
Risk for DI: A New Look at Gender Differences in Drinking and Driving Influences, Experiences, and Attitudes Among New Adolescent Drivers
Road aggression among drinking drivers: Alcohol and non-alcohol effects on aggressive driving and road rage
Sanctions for Drinking Driver - Experimental Study
Impact of Cognitive Task Complexity on Drivers' Visual Tunneling
Scandinavian Drinking-Driving Control - Myth Or Intuition
Scandinavian Myth - Effectiveness of Drinking and Driving Legislation in Sweden and Norway
Self-reported drink driving and deterrence
Self-Reports of Youthful Drinking and Driving - Sensitivity Analyses of Sensitive Data
Sentencing Persons Convicted of Drunk-Driving Offences: Evaluation of Provisions Preventing the Use of Motor Vehicles and An Alternative Sentence
Shed Thou No Blood - the Forcible Removal of Blood-Samples from Drunk Driving Suspects
Social Control Through Deterrence: Drinking and Driving Laws
Stress Experiences and Drinking Histories of Elderly Drunken-Driving Offenders
Taking on the drugged and drunk drivers
Taylor V Superior Court - Punitive Damages for Non-Deliberate Torts - the Drunk Driving Context
The Anatomy of A Campaign Against Drunk Driving
The Continuing Search for Solutions to the Drinking Driver Tragedy and the Problem of Social Host Liability
The Detection of Problem Drinkers in A Population of Drivers Suspected of Driving Offences
The Development of Drink Driving - An Analysis of the Experience of Students in Grades 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 in Queensland
The Drinking Driver - A Medical View
The drunk pedestrian and driver on our highways in Puerto Rico (1970)
The Effect of MADD on Drinking-Driving Activities: An Empirical Study
The Federal Law on Drinking and Driving - A Better Protection for Citizens
The ignition interlock program for drunk drivers: A multivariate test
The Impact of Increased Penalties on Australian Drink Driving Behavior - A Procedural Note
The Impact of Increased Penalties on Australian Drink Driving Behavior
The Impact of Recent Changes in California Drinking-Driving Laws on Fatal Accident Levels During the 1St Postintervention Year - An Interrupted Time-Series Analysis
The Legislative Impact of Social Movement Organizations: the AntiDrunken Driving Movement and the 21-Year-Old Drinking Age
The military's drunk driving statute: Have we gone too far?
The Party Over: Controlling Drunk Drivers
The Problem of Countermeasures in Drinking and Driving
The Queensland Drink Driving Project - An Overview of the Educational Package
The Validity of Psychological Tests to Identify Problem Drinkers Among Drunk Drivers: the Tayside Safe Driving Project
The Victim-Activist Role in the Anti-Drunk Driving Movement
Theory and Empirical Study of What Deters Drinking Drivers, If, When and Why
Theory and Empirical Study of What Deters Drinking Drivers, If, When and Why
To drink and to drive: The passengers perspective
To Drink But Not to Drive - Reply
To Drink But Not to Drive
To Drink But Not to Drive
Top 10 Defense Challenges Among Drinking Drivers in Sweden
Treating Drunk Drivers with Moral Reconation Therapy - A 2-Year Recidivism Study
Treatment of Chronic Drunk Drivers - the Turning-Point Project
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What Have We Learned About Youth Anti-Drinking-Driving Programs
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Young Driver Fatalities - the Roles of Drinking Age and Drinking Experience
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Distribution of Willingness-to-Pay for Speed Reduction with Non-positive Bidders: Is Choice Modelling Consistent with Contingent Valuation?
Estimating the Willingness-to-Pay for Road Safety Improvements
Evaluating the Effects of Safety Policy Measures on Traffic Fatalities in Korea
Fixed-effects Hedonic Price Model for Statistical Value of Life Estimations
HMB Reflectors: A New Horizontal Retro-reflecting System to Improve Safety at Pedestrian Crossings
Integrating Accident and Travel Delay Externalities in an Urban Speed Reduction Context
Life, Limb and Bumper Trade-offs Calculable from Road Accident Models: An Empirical Multi-Moment Portfolio Analysis and Life Asset Pricing Model (LAPM)
A Quantitative Evaluation of the Nighttime Visual Sign Inspection Method
Airline Passenger Profiling Systems After 9/11: Personal Privacy versus National Security
On the Stock Market's Reaction to Major Railroad Accidents
Operational and Safety Evaluation of Freeways with Posted Minimum Speed Limit
Quantification of the Accuracy of Low Priced GPS Receivers for Crash Location
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Impact of legislation requiring moped and motorbike riders to wear helmets
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Biomechanics of minor automobile accidents: treatment implications for associated chronic spine symptoms
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What have we learned about youth anti-drinking-driving programs?
Whither the drunk driving movement? : The social and programmatic orientations of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)
Abdominal injury patterns in real frontal crashes: influence of crash conditions, occupant seat and restraint systems
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Analysis of pregnant occupant crash exposure and the potential effectiveness of four-point seatbelts in far side crashes
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Car following decisions under three visibility conditions and two speeds tested with a driving simulator
Causes and distribution of facial fractures in a group of South African children and the value of computed tomography in their assessment
Car-following: a historical review
Car-following from the driver's perspective
Classification of rollovers according to crash severity
Comparison of Delta-V and occupant impact velocity crash severity metrics using event data recorders
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Crash culpability and the role of driver blood alcohol levels
Driver behaviour, dilemma zone and safety effects at urban signalised intersections in Greece
Driving fear and driving skills: Comparison between fearful and control samples using standardised on-road assessment
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Effectiveness of Brief Interventions After Alcohol-Related Vehicular Injury: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Brain strains in vehicle impact tests
Games that "work": Using computer games to teach alcohol-affected children about fire and street safety
High back booster seats: in the field and in the laboratory
Implications of vehicle roll direction on occupant ejection and injury risk
Incidence of thoracic and lumbar spine injuries for restrained occupants in frontal collisions
Etiology and incidence facial fractures in children and adults
Kid in the middle: a discussion of effectiveness of center rear-seat restraint systems
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A Study of Smoke Emission of Materials Used in Passenger Rail Vehicles
Alcohol, Time of Day, and Driving Experience: Effects on Simulated Driving Performance and Subjective Mood
An aircraft accident database of human experience in evacuation derived from aviation accident reports
An Effective Braking System for Your Apparatus
An economic analysis of child restraints
An Ommatometric Approach to Traffic Signal Visibility
Speeding, Terrorism, and Teaching to the Test
A San Francisco Bay Area "speed" scene
Assessing Behavioral Effects of In-Vehicle Information Systems
Assessing Road Sign Perception: A Methodological Review
Assessment of a Driver Guidance System: A Multilevel Evaluation
How drunk am I? Misperceiving one's level of intoxication in the college drinking environment
Cervical spine loads and intervertebral motions during whiplash
A review of the principal theoretical models used to explain aggressive behavior today and road safety applications
Controversies and speed cameras: lessons learnt internationally
Convergent, discriminant, and predictive validity of aggressive driving inventories: They drive as they live
It is speed that kills
Motor vehicle deaths: failed policy analysis and neglected policy
Vehicles and Crashes: Why is this Moral Issue Overlooked?
Motorcycle Helmet Laws: A Case Study of Consumer Protection
Residual injuries after recent safety improvements
Ultralight aviation accident factors and latent failures: a 66-case study
Using self-reported data to assess the validity of driving simulation data
Uterine trauma in pregnancy after motor vehicle crashes with airbag deployment: a 30-case series
WorldSID assessment of far side impact countermeasures
Self-concept, post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms and suicide ideation and behaviour in permanently physically disabled after a motor vehicle accident
Quality of life outcomes in a hospitalized sample of road users involved in crashes
Teenage drunkenness: warning signal, transient boisterousness, or symptom of social change?
The curfew bill as it relates to the juvenile and his family
Social Control Through Deterrence: Drinking-and-Driving Laws
Sociological Research on Alcohol Use, Problems, and Policy
The Sociology of Transportation
A model of parental involvement in adolescent drinking and driving
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The correlation between motoring and other types of offence
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Are there safe and unsafe drivers?
Anger amongst New Zealand drivers
Cross-cultural differences in driving behaviours: A comparison of six countries
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Shift work, sleepiness and long distance driving
Smoking, belt use, and road accidents of youth in Kuwait
What causes the differences in driving between young men and women? The effects of gender roles and sex on young drivers' driving behaviour and self-assessment of skills
A socio-technical approach of risk management applied to collisions involving fishing vessels
Accident or suicide? Single-vehicle car accidents and the intent hypothesis
Aggression and violence among drivers on the road today
Effects of head restraint and seat redesign on neck injury risk in rear-end crashes
Air traffic management accident risk. part 2: repairing the deficiencies of ESARR4
BART Experience with New Seat Materials
Biomechanical assessment of soft tissue neck injuries in cases with long sick leave times
Brake Reaction Times and Driver Behavior Analysis
Burn-through resistance of fibre/felt materials for aircraft fuselage insulation blankets
Bus driver well-being review: 50 years of research
Can Applied Research Help Naval Aviation?: Lessons Learned Implementing Crew Resource Management Training in the Navy
Car Drivers' Adjustments to Cyclists at Roundabouts
Characteristics of older drivers who adopt self-regulatory driving behaviours
Color Identification in the Visual Periphery: Consequences for Color Coding of Vehicle Signals
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Commentary on "Car Drivers' Adjustments to Cyclists at Roundabouts"
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Commentary on "Using Cellular Telephones in Vehicles: Safe or Unsafe?"
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Commentary reply [Brake Reaction Times and Driver Behavior Analysis]
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Conspicuity and Glare Properties of Daytime Running Lights: Effects of Lamp Separation and Intensity
Consumer Responses to Auto Recalls
Consumer Risk Response and Consumer Protection: An Economic Analysis of Seat Belt Usage
Correlation of Smoke and Fumes from Overheated Materials in an Aircraft Fuselage and in a Laboratory Test Apparatus
Couple similarity for driving style
Crash characteristics and injury outcomes for older passenger car occupants
Crew Situation Awareness in High-Tech Settings: Tactics for Research Into an Ill-Defined Phenomenon
Effect of Backing Fiber and Latex Type on Burning Behavior and Smoke Emission of Wool Carpets for Aircraft Interiors
Effects of Manual and Autopilot Control on Mental Workload and Vigilance During Simulated General Aviation Flight
Effects of Nonplanar Driver-Side Mirrors on Lane-Change Crashes
Effects of Overall Low-Beam Intensity on Seeing Distance in the Presence of Glare
Elderly and Disabled Travelers: Intelligent Transport Systems Designed for the 3rd Millennium
Epidemiology of older driver crashes - Identifying older driver risk factors and exposure patterns
Estimating the flow rate capacity of an overturned rail carriage end exit in the presence of smoke
Evaluation of passenger train car materials in the cone calorimeter
Raised speed limits, case fatality and road deaths: a six year follow-up using ARIMA models
Injuries on offshore cruising sailboats. Analysis for prevention means
Deregulation of trucking in the United States -- Implications for consumers
Developing cone calorimeter acceptance criteria for materials used in high speed craft
Developing Effective Human Factors Design Guidelines: A Case Study
Development of a Driver Assist Interface for Snowplows Using Iterative Design
Differential front and back seat safety belt use by prehospital care providers
Difficulties with standard tests to predict shipping hazards with coals and carbons
Display Alternatives for In-Vehicle Warning and Sign Information: Message Style, Location, and Modality
Does gendered driving create gendered mobility? Community-related mobility in Finnish women and men aged 65+
Drinking adolescents on the roads
Driver Behavior in an Emergency Situation in the Automated Highway System
Driver Response to In-Vehicle Warnings
Driver Sleepiness-Related Problems, Health Status, and Prolonged Driving Among Professional Heavy-Vehicle Drivers
Drivers' attitudes toward imperfect distraction mitigation strategies
Drivers' decision to speed: A study inspired by the theory of planned behavior
Drivers' Risk Perception of Road Design Elements
Workload and Reliability of Predictor Displays in Aircraft Traffic Avoidance
Fire Resistant Films for Aircraft Applications
Fire Resistivity and Toxicity Studies of Candidate Aircraft Passenger Seat Materials
Fire Response Test Methods for Aerospace Materials
Fire Safety Analysis for Public Mass Transit Trains
Fire Safety Aspects in Public Transport - Road, Rail, Air
Fire-control in aircraft I. Comparative testing of some dry powder chemical fire extinguishants and a new effective system
Flame spread over fuel-spilled and/or snow-covered asphalt road
Football, fast cars, and cheerleading: adolescent gender norms, 1978-1989
Full Scale Fire Tests on Van Interiors
Cervical vertebral motions and biomechanical responses to direct loading of human head
Handling Marine Incidents by Planning
Heat-Transfer Characteristics of Flight Jacket Materials
"How Long Does It Take to Stop?" Methodological Analysis of Driver Perception-Brake Times
Stopping dead in one's tracks: Motor inhibition following incidental evaluations
A comparison of South Australia's driver licensing methods: competency-based training vs. practical examination
A computational model of driving for autonomous vehicles
A decision support system for the safety of airport runways: the case of heavy rainstorms
A longitudinal investigation of psychological and social predictors of traffic convictions among young New Zealand drivers
A method for relating type of crash to traffic flow characteristics on urban freeways
A mixed integer knapsack model for allocating funds to highway safety improvements
A model of speed profiles for traffic calmed roads
A model to represent motorcycle behaviour at signalised intersections incorporating an amended first order macroscopic approach
A network flow model for lane-based evacuation routing
A note on the travel speeds debate
A review of the yellow interval dilemma
A simple detection scheme for delay-inducing freeway incidents
A sleep physiologist's view of the drowsy driver
A social psychological approach to driving violations in two Chinese cities
Aberrant driving behaviours amongst New Zealand truck drivers
Acceptability of urban transport pricing strategies
Accuracy of household planning of car use: comparing prospective to actual car logs
Aggressive driving behaviors: are there psychological and attitudinal predictors?
Aggressive driving: the contribution of the drivers and the situation
Alertness management in long-haul flying
Alteration of the useful visual field as a function of state of vigilance in simulated car driving
An evaluation of crosswalk warning systems: effects on pedestrian and vehicle behaviour
An exploratory hazard-based analysis of highway incident duration
An international comparative study of self-reported driver behavior
Anger while driving
Assessment of drivers' comprehension of traffic signs based on their traffic, personal and social characteristics
Attitudinal predictors of interpersonally aggressive violations on the road
Average time gaps in congested freeway flow
Behavioural adaptation to adaptive cruise control (ACC): implications for preventive strategies
Behavioural adaptation to driving with an adaptive cruise control (ACC)
A disaggregate model of auto-type choice
A topological system for classifying and coding interactions between road users at junctions
A transportation network evacuation model
Airport congestion and near-midair collisions
Attentional demand requirements of an automobile moving-map navigation system
Beliefs, motives and situational factors related to pedestrians' self-reported behavior at signal-controlled crossings
Benefit-cost analysis and the construction and financing of rail/highway grade separations
Bus crime in Los Angeles: I -- Measuring the incidence
Bus crime in Los Angeles: II -- Victims and public impact
Can one estimate the value of life or is it better to be dead than stuck in traffic?
Can we trust self-reports of driving? Effects of impression management on driver behaviour questionnaire responses
Change detection and occlusion modes in road-traffic scenarios
Changes in seatbelt use after licensing: a developmental hypothesis for novice drivers
Cognitive demands of hands-free-phone conversation while driving
Cohort effects in older drivers' accident type distribution: are older drivers as old as they used to be?
Concurrent mobile (cellular) phone use and driving performance: task demand characteristics and compensatory processes
Design considerations for highway sight-hidden dips
Development of script-based travel mode choice after forced change
Development of transitioned vertical curve I: Properties
Development of transitioned vertical curve II: Sight distance
Dimensions of driver anger, aggressive and highway code violations and their mediation by safety orientation in UK drivers
Does traffic congestion increase driver aggression?
Driver ageing does not cause higher accident rates per km
Driver education for persons with cerebral palsy -- a retrospective study of educational problems
Driver fatigue among military truck drivers
Driver memory: Motorist selection and retention of individualized headways in highway traffic
Driver response at a signalized T-intersection during an amber blackout
Drivers' psychological and physical reactions after motor vehicle accidents
Drivers' use of hand-held mobile phones in Western Australia
Driving experience, attentional focusing, and the recall of recently inspected events
Driving tests with older patients: effect of unfamiliar versus familiar vehicle
Dynamic vehicular delay comparison between a police-controlled roundabout and a traffic signal
Effects of experience with retroreflectors on recognition of nighttime pedestrians: comparison of driver performance in Finland and Michigan
Effects of variable message signs for slippery road conditions on driving speed and headways
Effects of variable message signs for slippery road conditions on reported driver behaviour
Efficacy of stimulants for fatigue management: the effects of Provigil and Dexedrine on sleep-deprived aviators
Empirical tests of a model of determinants of script-based driving choice
A behavioural approach to the measurement of motorway circulation comfort and safety
A note on the selection of gap acceptance criteria for traffic simulation studies
An extended model for car-following
Application of human factors data to estimating air traffic control conflicts
Behavior of vehicles along roads for which passing is not permitted
Car following models and the fundamental diagram of road traffic
Driver-vehicle behaviour in free-path turns
Entrance ramp control for travel-rate maximization in expressways
Evaluation with sparse nominal data: The case of differential compliance with the 55 MPH limit [in the USA]
Examining the self-enhancement bias: professional truck drivers' perceptions of speed, safety, skill and consideration
Explanations for "understating" in self-reported speeding behaviour
Factors influencing drivers' decision to install an electronic speed checker in the car
Fatal crash involvement by multiple-trailer trucks
Fatigue and alertness in the United States railroad industry part I: the nature of the problem
Fatigue and alertness in the United States railroad industry part II: fatigue research in the Office of Research and Development at the Federal Railroad Administration
Fatigue management in air traffic control: the New Zealand approach
Field-based validations of a work-related fatigue model based on hours of work
Fixation patterns of learner drivers with and without cerebral palsy (CP) when driving in real traffic environments
Formulation and solution of a multi-commodity, multi-modal network flow model for disaster relief operations
From control of the vehicle to personal self-control; broadening the perspectives to driver education
Gap stability in the light of car-following theory
Gender and age-related differences in attitudes toward traffic laws and traffic violations
Geometric and environmental effects on speeds of 2-lane highways
Geometric delay to pedestrians
Headway on urban streets: observational data and an intervention to decrease tailgating
How common sense fails us on the road: contribution of bounded rationality to the annual worldwide toll of one million traffic fatalities
Impact of passing-climbing lanes on traffic flow on upgrades
Impact of the energy crisis on traffic accidents
Improvement of traffic flow and safety by longitudinal control
In support of the child restraint law
In the driving seat: psychosocial benefits from private motor vehicle transport compared to public transport
In-Vehicle Information Systems: Premises, Promises, and Pitfalls
Incident Warning Systems and Traffic Safety: A Comparison Between the PORTICO and MELYSSA Test Site Systems
Instrumental-reasoned and symbolic-affective motives for using a motor car
Internal locus of control moderates the effects of road-hostility on recalled driving behavior
Interpersonal antecedents of drivers' aggression
Intersection approach speed and accident probability
Intersection design for older drivers
Is car following the real question - are equations the answer?
Japan's struggle for traffic accident reduction
Judgments about collision in younger and older drivers
Lane change manoeuvres and safety margins
Learner drivers and lay instruction - how socio-economic standing and lifestyle are reflected in driving practice from the age of 16
Limiting speed, towards an intelligent speed adapter (ISA)
Drivers' illusions -- no more risk
Maintaining task set under fatigue: a study of time-on-task effects in simulated driving
Making Sense Out of Team Performance Errors in Military Aviation Environments
Materials for Fire Resistant Passenger Seats in Aircraft
U.S. consumer crash test results and injury risk in police-reported crashes
Measuring post-disaster transportation system performance: the 1995 Kobe earthquake in comparative perspective
Measuring the Operational Effects of Highway Geometrics: Beyond Spot Speed
Mechanics of the passing maneuver and the impact of large trucks
Mental load and loss of control over speed in real driving: towards a theory of attentional speed control
Mobile phone use amongst New Zealand drivers
Model Tests of Aircraft Interior Panel Flammability
Modeling individuals' consideration of strategies to cope with congestion
Modifying driver behaviour with passenger feedback
Motorway driver behaviour: studies on car following
National review of hurricane evacuation plans and policies: a comparison and contrast of state practices
New Evaluation Methods: Progress or Blind Alley?
New Fireworthy Composites for Use in Transportation Vehicles
Air bag effectiveness as function of impact speed
Effects of electronic stability control: an update
New systems: new behaviour?
Older drivers' aberrant driving behaviour, impaired activity, and health as reasons for self-imposed driving limitations
Older drivers' safety and mobility: Current and future issues
On the distinction between violations and errors: sensation seeking associations
On the fluid mechanics of human crowd motion
On the quantum mechanics of optic flow and its application to driving in uncertain environments
Operational and Behavioral issues in the Comprehensive Evaluation of Lane Change Crash Avoidance Systems
Specific and long-term effects of Nova Scotia's graduated licensing program
Parental role in teenage driving
Passing sight distance on two-lane highways: Review and revision
Patterns of stimulant drug use on Western Australian heavy transport routes
Peripheral detection as a measure of driver distraction. a study of memory-based versus system-based navigation in a built-up area
Personality subtypes of young drivers. relationship to risk-taking preferences, accident involvement, and response to a traffic safety campaign
Persuading young car drivers to take part in a driving skills test: The influence of regulatory fit on informational assessment value and persuasion
Seat belt use in Argentina--a 10-year struggle
Pilot Performance During Multiple Failures: An Empirical Study of Different Warning Systems
Policies and practices of transport companies that promote or hinder the management of driver fatigue
Post-Crash Fuel Fire Hazard Measurements in a Wide Body Aircraft Cabin
Potential health hazards from burning aircraft composites
Potential of transferring car trips to bicycle during winter
Predicting speeds for rural 2-lane highways
Private car as the grand equaliser? Demographic factors and mobility in Finnish men and women aged 65+
Promoting hospital discharge of infants in safety seats
Prompting drivers to stop for crossing pedestrians
Propane Gas Leak in Vehicle Results in Flash Fire
Provoked driver aggression and status: a field study
Psychological factors that influence car-following and car-following model development
Public knowledge, attitudes, and behavior toward Kansas mandatory seatbelt use: implications for public health policy
Rear-view mirror use, driver alertness and road type: An empirical study using EEG measures
Reducing drivers' mental workload by means of an adaptive man-machine interface
Reliability-based design of sight distance at railroad grade crossings
Reply to Comments by Hancock and Scallen, Moray, and Smiley on "Using Cellular Telephones in Vehicles: Safe or Unsafe?"
Reply to Comments by Meister on "Developing Effective Human Factors Design Guidelines: A Case Study"
Reply to Comments on "Driver Behavior in an Emergency Situation in the Automated Highway System"
Reply to Comments on "Elderly and Disabled Travelers: Intelligent Transport Systems Designed for the 3rd Millennium"
Reply to Comments on "The Effects of In-Vehicle Distraction on Driver Response During a Crucial Driving Maneuver"
Response of pedestrians to traffic challenge
Understanding the process of adaptation to car-use reduction goals
Use of a Time Constant for Designing a Smoke Control System in Car Parks
Useful headway models
Using Cellular Telephones in Vehicles: Safe or Unsafe?
Using Powder Packs for Passive Fire Protection of Military Vehicles
Using traffic light information as navigational cues: implications for navigation system design
Validation of in-car observations, a method for driver assessment
Vernacular cabs: Jitneys and gypsies in five cities
Whiplash-associated disorders in frontal impacts: influencing factors and consequences
Visual demand of bilingual message signs displaying alternating text messages
Visual search patterns in trained and untrained novice drivers
Visual search while driving: skill and awareness during inspection of the scene
Volume effects on speeds of 2-lane highways in Ontario
What type of vehicle do people drive? The role of attitude and lifestyle in influencing vehicle type choice
When technology tells you how you drive--truck drivers' attitudes towards feedback by technology
Risk factors in work-related traffic
Why are there sex differences in risky driving? The relationship between sex and gender-role on aggressive driving, traffic offences, and accident involvement among young Turkish drivers
Why do older drivers reduce driving? Findings from three European countries
Would those who need ISA, use it? Investigating the relationship between drivers' speed choice and their use of a voluntary ISA system
Young drivers' responses to anti-speeding and anti-drink-driving messages
The single lane merging problem with mixed cars and trucks
The subjective value of the time spent in travel
The Taunton Sleeping-Car Fire and Its Effect on Design
The Thermal Impact of External Pool Fires on Aircraft Fuselages
The time course of a lane change: Driver control and eye-movement behavior
The value of integrated multimodal traveller information and its potential contribution to modal change
Theory of planned behavior and pedestrians' intentions to violate traffic regulations
Thermal Performance of Aircraft Polyurethane Seat Cushions
Risk optimization training and transfer
Risk perception in novice drivers: the relationship between questionnaire measures and response latency
Risky Drinking and Driving/Riding Decisions: The Role of Previous Experience
Towards an express diagnostics for level of processing and hazard perception
Traffic characteristics on two-lane highway downgrades
Safety aspects of freeway weaving sections
Safety Concerns of Local/Short Haul Truck Drivers
Top-Down and Bottom-Up Processes in Driver Behavior at Roundabouts and Crossroads
Traffic congestion, driver stress, and driver aggression
Traffic psychology and behaviour
Trafficking in cognition: applying cognitive psychology to driving
The risk of whiplash injury in the rear seat compared to the front seat in rear impacts
What characterizes a "free vehicle" in an urban area?
What is the answer? ... and come to that, what are the questions?
When Recalls Matter: Factors Affecting Owner Response to Automotive Recalls
Scaling Up Laboratory Research to the "Real World"
Scrappage and survival rates of passenger cars and light trucks in the U.S., 1966-1977
Seat belt use and stress in adolescents
Seat belt use laws and occupant crash protection in the United States
Seat belt use--United States
Seat belts and negligence
Short and long term effects of moped rider training: a field experiment
Simulation of two-way traffic on an isolated two-lane road
Sleep-related vehicle accidents: some guides for road safety policies
Smoke toxicity measurements of automotive materials
Social influence from the back-seat: factors related to adolescent passengers' willingness to address unsafe drivers
Social psychological factors involved in adolescents' efforts to prevent their friends from driving while intoxicated
Socialization and Risk Behavior in Two Countries:: Denmark and the United States
Some Aspects of Fire Safety Design on Railways
Some Comments and Suggestions Concerning Apparatus Emergency Warning Lights
Spanish drivers and their aberrant driving behaviours
Specification of Combustible Materials for Passenger Train Design
Speed adjustment of motorway commuter traffic to inclement weather
Speed choice in relation to speed limit and influences from other drivers
Speed Reduction Mechanisms of Transverse Lines
Speed regulation by in-car active accelerator pedal: Effects on driver behaviour
Speeds and delays on two-lane roads, where passing is possible at given points of the road
Stability in drivers' speed choice
Statistics of delay for a driver population with step and distributed gap acceptance functions
Stochastic properties of total air traffic control voice communication time
Strategic adaptations to lack of preview in driving
Strategic changes in task performance in simulated car driving as an adaptive response to task demands
Structural behaviour of an open car park under real fire scenarios
Characteristics and risks of drivers with low annual distance driven
Analyses of rear-end crashes based on classification tree models
Connecticut nighttime safety belt use
Demographic and clinical characteristics of motor vehicle accident victims in the community general health outpatient clinic: a comparison of PTSD and non-PTSD subjects
Do recommended driving limits affect teen-reported traffic violations and crashes during the first 12 months of independent driving?
Driver's alcohol and passenger's death in motor vehicle crashes
Encouraging compliance with graduated driver licensing restrictions
Geographic variability in alcohol-related crashes in response to legalized Sunday packaged alcohol sales in New Mexico
Low-manpower checkpoints: can they provide effective DUI enforcement in small communities?
Motor vehicle restraint system use and risk of spine injury
Parental supervision of teenage drivers in a graduated licensing system
Predicting multiplanar cervical spine injury due to head-turned rear impacts using IV-NIC
Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD): the first 25 years
Survey of New Zealand truck driver fatigue and fitness for duty
Symptoms of sleepiness while driving and their relationship to prior sleep, work and individual characteristics
Test Methodology for Evaluation of Fireworthy Aircraft Seat Cushions
The 55 MPH speed limit: costs, benefits, and implied trade-offs
Turning at intersections and pedestrian injuries
Young driver risk in relation to parents' retrospective driving record
Trespassing on the tracks: A review of railway pedestrian safety research
Towards a causal model for air transport safety--an ongoing research project
The relationship between the geographic density of alcohol outlets and alcohol-related hospital admissions in San Diego County
The risks of piloting with advancing age
The relation of acceleration force to traffic accident frequency: a pilot study
The relationship between drinking habits and safe driving behaviors
The case for and against mandatory age-based assessment of older drivers
The coming mini/micro car crisis: Do we need a new definition?
The Critical Oxygen Index Test As a Potential Screening Test for Aerospace Materials
The design of automatic surveillance systems for urban freeways
The Development and Application of a Full-Scale Wide-Body Test Article to Study the Behavior of Interior Materials During a Post Crash Fuel Fire
The Driving Question
The Economics of the Pinto Recall
The effect of alcohol impairment on road-crossing behaviour
The effect of distractions on the crash types of teenage drivers
The effect of experience on using a safety device
The effect of roundabout design features on cyclist accident rate
The effects of fatigue on train handling during speed restrictions
The Effects of Forward Vision Restriction on Automobile Driver Posture
The Effects of In-Vehicle Distraction on Driver Response During a Crucial Driving Maneuver
The effects of music tempo on simulated driving performance and vehicular control
The effects of personality and gender on risky driving behaviour and accident involvement
The human element in car following models
The influence of desire for control on drivers' risk-taking behaviour
The role of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) in reducing alcohol-related crashes in the U.S.A
The Influence of Impairment Feedback on Driver Behavior: A Simulator Study
The influence of music on mild driver aggression
The Influence of Stimulus Duration on Discomfort Glare for Persons With and Without Visual Correction
The intention to commit driving violations - A qualitative study
The mobility and accessibility expectations of seniors in an aging population
The phenomenology of being a female pedestrian in an African and an Asian city: A qualitative investigation
The place of safety research in transportation research
The politics of stress: the case of air traffic control
The priming function of road signs
Coercive treatment for alcoholic 'driving under the influence of liquor' offenders
Drugs and criminal responsibility
Treating the problem drinking driver: some notes on the time required to achieve impact
Airplane crash in Guam, August 6, 1997: the aeromedical evacuation response
Development of injury criteria for pelvic fracture in frontal crashes
Driving circumstances and accidents among novice drivers
Bicyclist injury severities in bicycle-motor vehicle accidents
Car manufacturers and global road safety: a word frequency analysis of road safety documents
Changing patterns of drug and alcohol use in fatally injured drivers in Washington state
Evaluation of Safe Kids Week 2004: Age 4 to 9? It's Booster Seat Time!
Cost of Traffic Accidents in Ghana: Empirical Evidence from Accra
Legalized Sunday Packaged Alcohol Sales and Alcohol-Related Traffic Crashes and Crash Fatalities in New Mexico
Pattern of visceral injuries following blunt abdominal trauma in motor vehicular accidents
Individual Differences in Boredom Proneness amongst Truck Drivers
Suicidal Asphyxiation by Inhalation of Automobile Emission without Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
The influence of local politicians on pedestrian safety
Thermoregulatory models of safety-for-flight issues for space operations
Walking, cycling and transport safety: an analysis of child road deaths
Psychological factors contributing to unsafe behavior in train drivers
Road traffic accidents, causes and causalities [editorial]
Active prompting to decrease cell phone use and increase seat belt use while driving
Comparing safety climate factors as predictors of work-related driving behavior
Fatal crashes involving young unlicensed drivers in the U.S.
New findings regarding the significance of pavement skid resistance for road safety on Swiss freeways
The prevalence and reliability of visibility aid and other risk factor data for uninjured cyclists and pedestrians in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Innate sex differences supported by untypical traffic fatalities
Anxiety, Locus of Control, Subjective Well Being and Knowledge of Road Rules Correlates of Accidents among Public Transport Drivers
Empirical Analysis of Two-Leader Car-Following Behavior
Does the car make elderly people happy and mobile? Settlement structures, car availability and leisure mobility of the elderly
Scooter injuries or a chronicle of a new epidemic. apropos of a prospective study of Geneva cases
Severe traumatic brain injury from unmotorized scooter
Atypical distal radial fractures in children
Federal Aviation Administration's behavioral research program for defense against hijackings
Are speeding, open sirens and red light-breaking by ambulances necessary?
Color-specificity to enhance identification of rear lights
EMT knowledge of ambulance traffic laws
Red light violations at rural and suburban signalized intersections in Jordan
A before and after study on red-light camera installation
A study on multi-speed cellular automata model of traffic flow of main-road with two-lane under the traffic light control
An effective video analysis method for detecting red light runners
An Innovative Solution to Continuing Misuse of Red-Light on Automobiles
Assessment of Red Light Running cameras in Fairfax County, Virginia
Impacts of red light camera on violation characteristics
Prediction of expected red light running frequency at urban intersections
Prediction of human driving behavior using dynamic Bayesian networks
Red-light cameras: Effective enforcement measures for intersection safety
Systems Modeling and Simulation: Theory and Applications: Modeling and simulation of red light running violation at urban intersections
Analysis of red light running crashes based on quasi-induced exposure and multiple logistic regression method
Change and clearance interval design on red-light running and late exits
Driver behavior characteristics at urban signalized intersections
Effect of yellow-interval timing on the frequency of red-light violations at urban intersections
Modeling pedestrians' road crossing behavior in traffic system micro-simulation in China
The response of criminals and noncriminals to fines
The stoplight task: A procedure for assessing risk taking in humans
Urban motor vehicle crashes and potential countermeasures
Errors and violations in relation to motorcyclists' crash risk
General aviation accidents in degraded visibility: a case control study of 72 accidents
Safety Belt Use by Law Enforcement Officers on Reality Television: A Missed Opportunity for Injury Prevention?
Magazine information on safety belt use for pregnant women and young children
Mobile phone use while driving in a sample of Spanish university workers
Motorcycle deployment and rider characteristics on Victorian farms
Pattern of motorcycle-related injuries in Tehran, 1999 to 2000: a study in 6 hospitals
Seat belt use among 13-15 year olds in primary and secondary enforcement law states
The prevalence of, and factors associated with, serious crashes involving a distracting activity
Knee injuries of vulnerable road users in road traffic
A Comparative-Evaluation of Speed Humps and Deviations
A Different Look at America's Highway Accident Record
A History of Roundabouts in Britain
A History of Roundabouts in the United States and France
A Longitudinal Comparison of Bicycle and Moped Use by University Students
A model for evaluating countermeasures at highway-railway grade crossings
Accident cost saving and highway attributes
Accident count model based on multiyear cross-sectional roadway data with serial correlation
Accommodating Cognitive Disabilities in Public Transit
Accuracy of global positioning system for determining driver performance parameters
Actual driving data analysis for design consistency evaluation
Adaptive planning for dealing with uncertainty in implementing advanced driver assistance systems
Adequacy of Transportation in Minority Communities for Handicapped, Low-Income and Elderly Groups
Advance yield markings and fluorescent yellow-green RA 4 signs at crosswalks with uncontrolled approaches
Aggression, violence, and vengeance among male and female drivers
Aircraft Maintenance Costs and Aircraft Age
Airport terminal signs: Use of advance guide signs to speed search times
Alternative methods to increase the effectiveness of freeway contraflow evacuation
Alternative risk models for ranking locations for safety improvement
An Evaluation of Jitney Systems in Developing Countries
Analysis of Census Data on Walking to Work and Working at Home
Analysis of crash precursors on instrumented freeways
Analysis of Florida transit bus crashes
Analysis of Issues Leading to Texas Adoption of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations
Analysis of North Carolina guidelines and criteria for establishing school walk zones
Analysis of severity of young driver crashes: Sequential binary logistic regression modeling
Analysis of the effects of speed limit enforcement cameras -- Differentiation by road type and catchment area
Analysis of types of crashes at signalized intersections by using complete crash data and tree-based regression
Antiterrorism security and surface transportation systems
Application of accident prediction models for computation of accident risk an transportation networks
Application of distributed traffic simulation for passing behavior study
Application of Poisson underreporting model to examine crash frequencies at signalized three-legged intersections
Are car users too lazy to walk? The relationship of distance thresholds for driving to the perceived effort of walking
Are Drivers Manuals Understandable
Are late-night truck drivers more dangerous? Not at one company
Are SUVs "supremely unsafe vehicles"? Analysis of rollovers and injuries with sport utility vehicles
Artificial neural networks and logit models for traffic safety analysis of toll plazas
Asking, the right question: Understanding the travel needs of older women who do not drive
Asleep at the wheel: A review of research related to driver fatigue
Assessing emergency preparedness of transit agencies: Focus on performance indicators
Assessing message display formats of portable variable message signs
Assessing multifunction interfaces in vehicles - Usability as a requisite for safety
Assessing safety benefits of variable speed limits
Assessing the Effects of Heavy Trucks
Assessment and rehabilitation of foreign object damage potential on airfield shoulder and blast pavements - case of John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York
Assessment of driver fatigue, distraction, and performance in a naturalistic setting
Attitude of Greek drivers toward road safety
Automated-accident detection in intersections via digital audio signal processing
Bayesian reconstruction of median-crossing crashes and potential effectiveness of cable barriers
Best practices in managing school campus traffic circulation
Better transportation services for older persons
Bicycle commuting and facilities in major US cities: If you build them, commuters will use them
Bicycle Traffic in China
Bicycling boom in Germany: A revival engineered by public policy
Bicycling in the United States: A fringe mode?
Box-beam burster energy-absorbing single-sided crash cushion
Box-beam burster energy-absorbing terminal bridge pier protection system
Bus accidents, bus deregulation and London
Bus or car? The classic choice in school transportation
Cable and wire rope barrier design considerations - Review
Calibration and transferability of accident prediction models for urban intersections
Calibration of predictive models for estimating safety of ramp design configurations
Can we trust the results of meta-analyses? A systematic approach to sensitivity analysis in meta-analyses
Capacity analysis based on theoretical and practical considerations
Capacity at intersections without traffic signals
Car drivers' willingness to pay for not losing their driving licence
Car-following behavior analysis from microscopic trajectory data
Car-following model for motorway traffic
Cars Owned and Driven by Teenagers
Case study analysis of pedestrian and bicycle data collection in US communities
Challenges of measuring performance for FAA's safety oversight system
Characteristics of cell phone-related motor vehicle crashes in North Carolina
Characteristics of emerging road and trail users and their safety
Characteristics of Large Truck Crashes in Virginia
Classifying passing maneuvers - A behavioral approach
Click it or ticket boosting seat belt use in Hawaii
Collision frequency analysis using tree-based stratification
Commute rates on urban trails - Indicators from the 2000 census
Comparison of capacity models for two-lane roundabouts
Comparison of radius-estimating techniques for horizontal curves
Compatibility of vehicles with safety barriers: Head ejection through side windows
Configuration analysis of two-vehicle rear-end crashes
Consequences of driving reduction or cessation for older adults
Consolidating Elderly and Handicapped Transportation Services
Context-sensitive design will the vision overcome liability concerns?
Continuous learning process model for work zone safety management
Control of traffic in residential neighborhoods: Some considerations for implementation
Conversions of wide curb lanes -- The effect on bicycle and motor vehicle interactions
Costs of Delays to Emergency Vehicles at Rail-Highway Grade Crossings
Crash reduction factors for deer-vehicle crash countermeasures: State of the knowledge and suggested safety research needs
Crash testing and analysis of work-zone sign supports
Crime in public transit systems: An environmental design perspective
Critical measures of transit service quality in the eyes of older travelers
Cycling safety on bikeways vs. roads
Dancing diamonds in highway work zones: Evaluation of arrow-panel caution displays
Data requirements for enhanced digital maps in an advanced warning curve-speed warning system
Data Validity Barriers to Determining Magnitude of Large Truck Accident Problem
Deception pass log rail in Washington State
Dedicated short-range wireless communications for intelligent transportation system applications - state of the art
Defining and measuring traffic data quality: White paper on recommended approaches
Deployment of smart work zone technology in Arkansas
Design and testing of tie-down systems for temporary barriers
Design for simulator performance evaluations of driving with vision impairments and, visual aids
Design of alert criteria for an intersection decision support system
Detection and identification of light-emitting diode traffic signals by Protan observers
Determination of events leading to sport utility vehicle rollover
Determining design wind loads for work zone traffic-control devices
Developing guidelines for median barrier installation: Benefit-cost analysis with Texas data
Swissair Flight 111 Disaster Response Impacts: Lessons Learned From the Voices of Disaster Volunteers
Using time-domain reflectometry for real-time monitoring of subsidence over an inactive mine in Virginia
Utilities in highway right-of-way: Data needs and modeling
Utilizing increased discretion: Explaining state speed limits
Validation and improvement of a rear-end conflict prediction model
Validation of a driving simulator for work zone design
Validation of FHWA crash models for rural intersections: Lessons learned
Valuation of speed camera enforcement in the District of Columbia
Variable response time lag module for car-following models: Development and structuring with fuzzy set theory
Vehicle height affects drivers' speed perception: Implications for rollover risk
Vehicle occupancy and crash risk
Video simulation of pedestrian crossings at signalized intersections
Viewing ground-mounted diagrammatic guide signs before entrance ramps at night: Driver eye scanning behavior
Visual information for car following by drivers: Role of scene information
Visual performance under mesopic conditions: Consequences for roadway lighting
Visual sampling of in-vehicle text messages - Effects of number of lines, page presentation, and message control
Visualization in transportation: Current practice and future directions
Warrants for Left Turn Lanes
Wet night visibility of pavement markings: A static experiment
Why do people use their cars for short trips?
Why people cross where they do: The role of street environment
Wireless Internet access to real-time transit information
Young drivers and graduated licensing: The Ontario case
An on-road assessment of cognitive distraction: Impacts on drivers' visual behavior and braking performance
Correlates of driving under the influence of cannabis
Human error in recreational boating
Interventions for increasing pedestrian and cyclist visibility for the prevention of death and injuries
Is speeding a
Neck injury tolerance under inertial loads in side impacts
Self-reported motorcycle riding behaviour among school children in India
The lack of an adult seat belt law in New Hampshire: Live free and die?
Unsafe rear-end collision avoidance in Alzheimer's disease
Driver Reaction to a Technical Safety Measure: Studded Tires
The effects of automobile safety regulation
Bullying on the school bus: a video analysis
Child and parent perspectives on routes to and from school in high crime neighborhoods
Child safety seats: They work
Developing updated minimum in-service retroreflectivity levels for traffic signs
Development of a procedure for estimating expected safety effects of a contemplated traffic signal installation
Development of a safety resource-allocation model in Michigan
Development of accident prediction models for rural highway intersections
Development of crash reduction factors: Methods, problems, and research needs
Development of hybrid energy-absorbing reusable terminal for roadside safety applications
Development of trailer attenuating cushion for variable message signs and arrow boards
Development of visibility assessment methods with digital images under foggy conditions
Alcohol, illegal drugs, violent crime, and traffic-related and other unintended injuries in U.S. local and national news
Risk, trust, and safety culture in U.K. train operating companies
Blood and oil: vehicle characteristics in relation to fatality risk and fuel economy
Safety belt use and the switch to primary enforcement, 1991-2003
3D calculation of stopping-sight distance from GPS data
Crashworthiness of motor vehicles and traffic light poles in frontal collisions
Delay analysis for the fixed-cycle traffic light queue
Effect of variable message signs on driver speed behavior on a section of expressway under adverse fog conditions: A driving simulator approach
Evacuation route selection based on tree-based hazards using light detection and ranging and GIS
Evaluating the safety risk of narrow medians using reliability analysis
Modeling crash types: New insights into the effects of covariates on crashes at rural intersections
Modeling driver visual demand on three-dimensional highway alignments
On driver anticipation, two-regime flow, fundamental diagrams, and kinematic-wave theory
Risk factors to driver fatalities in single-vehicle crashes: Comparisons between non-motorcycle drivers and motorcyclists
Safety analysis of Florida rural interstate freeway travel in relation to the 65 km/h (40 mi/hr) minimum speed regulation
Relationship between speed, lateral placement, and drivers' eye movement at two-lane rural highways
Safety impacts of differential speed limits for trucks and passenger cars on rural interstate highways: A modified empirical Bayes approach
Screening tools for considering grade separation at rail-highway crossings
Speed distribution curves under mixed traffic conditions
Two-level integrated optimization system for planning of emergency evacuation
Louisiana highway evacuation plan for Hurricane Katrina: Proactive management of a regional evacuation
Lateral distribution of mixed traffic on two-lane roads
Estimation of uniform delay of permitted left turns from exclusive turn lanes
Predicting speeds in an urban right-turn lane
Transverse pavement grooving against hydroplaning. i: simulation model
Transverse pavement grooving against hydroplaning. ii: design
A Model of Driver Behavior at High Speed Signalized Intersections
Accidents on Suburban Highways: Tennessee's Experience
Analytical Framework for Minimizing Freeway Incident Response Time
Are pedestrians safe at right-turn-on-red intersections? Discussion
Are pedestrians safe at right-turn-on-red intersections? Closure
Are pedestrians safe at right-turn-on-red intersections?
Buried Gas Pipelines Under Vehicular Crossings
Characteristics of Hazardous Materials Accidents in Pennsylvania
Aspects of Road Accident Death Analyses
Chemistry of Deicing Roads: Breaking the Bond Between Ice and Road
Characteristics of Fixed Roadside Object Side-Impact Accidents
Chemistry of Deicing Roads: Penetrating the Ice
Child Pedestrian Fatalities: The Size of the Problem and Some Suggested Countermeasures
Commingled Plastic Guardrail Post
Computer-Assisted Routing of Dangerous Goods for Haute Normandie
Cost of Driving Comfort and Convenience for Two-Lane Highways
Developing an Intersection Hazard Index
Development of the Highway Accident Hazard Index: Discussion
Development of the Highway Accident Hazard Index: Further discussion
Driver Gap Acceptance Phenomena: Discussion
Effects of Vehicles on Buried High-Pressure Pipe -- Closure
Facing the Realities of Non-Motorized Transportation in Developing Countries
Flattening of Horizontal Curves on Rural Two-Lane Highways
Geometric Characterization of Road Humps for Speed-Control Design -- Discussion
Hazmat Transport Risks: Societal and Individual Perspectives
Highway Elements Associated with Tort Liability Actions
Human Factors Design Considerations for Variable Message Freeway Signs
Human Factors in Highway Design and Operations
Identifying accident-prone locations using fuzzy pattern recognition
Improving Steep Bends As Hairpin Curves on Mountainous Roads -- Closure (Vol 118, Pg 884, 1992)
Improving Steep Bends As Hairpin Curves on Mountainous Roads -- Closure
Individual Decisions and Collective Effects in a Simulated Traffic System
PC-Based Traffic Accident Data Analysis Program
Procedures for Estimating Accident Reductions on Two-Lane Highways -- Closure
Procedures for Estimating Accident Reductions on Two-Lane Highways -- Discussion
Risk and Capacity Impacts of ATC Separation Rules
Transportation Hazard Analysis in an Integrated GIS Environment
Unified Design of Horizontal Circular Curves -- Discussion
Work Area Traffic Control -- Evaluation and Design
A framework for assessing models that rank highway-rail grade crossings for improvement
A Mathematical-Model of A Non-Signalized Pedestrian Crossing
A methodology for estimating traffic safety improvements at intersections
A systemic overview of non-motorized transportation for developing countries: An agenda for action
Acceleration Profile Models for Vehicles in Road Traffic
Acceptable Walking Distances in Central Areas
Active warning systems: Synthesis
Additional Through Lanes at Signalized Intersections
Advisory System for Design of Highway Safety Structures
Airline crew scheduling with time windows and plane-count constraints
Airline Safety Posture: Evidence from Service Difficulty Reports
Analysis of Accident Reduction Potentials of Pavement Markings
Analysis of Heavy Truck Accident Data -- An Exposure-Based Approach
Aspects of road safety audits
Assessing the occlusion effect of large-dimension vehicles on traffic signs at multilane highways
Assessing Traffic and Emergency Benefits of Railroad Grade Separations
Characterization of freeway capacity reduction resulting from traffic accidents
Characterization of incidents on an urban arterial road
Comparison of two models evaluating automobile safety features
Computer simulations of roadside crash cushion impacts
Consolidating Elderly and Handicapped Transportation
Context-sensitive design: Issues with design elements
Controlled optimization of phases at an intersection
Cost-effectiveness evaluation of Hoosier Helper freeway service patrol
Crash comparison of single point and tight diamond interchanges
Crash reconstruction technique for longitudinal barriers
Criteria for Predicting Hydroplaning Potential
Critical impact point for longitudinal barriers
Critical Issues in Safe Transport of Hazardous Materials
Decision-Support Rules for Profile Design at Intersections
Delay estimation and optimal length for four-lane divided freeway workzones
Design and simulation of large breakaway signs
Designing Articulated Vehicles for Low-Speed Maneuverability
Determination of left-turn yellow change and red clearance interval
Determining need for and location of truck escape ramps
Development of Color Pavement in Korea
Development of decision-support system for managing highway safety
Development of energy-absorbing composite utility pole
Development of Highway Accident Hazard Index
Development of Prototype Expert System for Roadside Safety
Differences Between Self-Reported and Observed Use of Child Safety Seats in Hawaii
Dimensions in elderly travel behaviour: A simplified activity-based model using lifestyle clusters
Distribution and characteristics of crashes at different work zone locations in Virginia
Diversion from a rural work zone with traffic-responsive variable message signage system
Does separating trucks from other traffic improve overall safety?
Double left-turn lanes in medium-size cities
Draft state utility pole safety program for Alabama
Driver behavior end traffic stream interactions at unsignalized intersections
Driver distraction - Evaluation with event detection paradigm
Driver Drowsiness and Falling Asleep at the Wheel
Driver en-route guidance compliance and driver learning with advanced traveler information systems: Analysis with travel simulation experiment
Driver identification of landmarks and traffic signs after a stroke
Driver turn-taking behavior in congested freeway merges
Driver understanding of pavement marking colors and patterns
Driver understanding of potential all-white pavement marking patterns
Driver understanding of simultaneous traffic signal indications in protected left turns
Drivers' Opinions on Work Zone Traffic Control
Drivers' perception of pedestrians' rights and walking environments
Drivers' use of deceleration and acceleration information in car-following process
Driving forces: The automobile, its enemies, and the politics of mobility
Driving simulators for evaluation of novel traffic-control devices: Protected-permissive left-turn signal display analysis
Durable roadside protective structures for low-volume roads
Dynamic actions on bridge slabs due to heavy vehicle impact on roadside barriers
Dynamics of highway design for safety
Easy-to-apply solution to a persistent safety problem - Clearance time for railroad-preempted traffic signals
Economic regulation vs safety regulation of the trucking industry: Which more effectively promotes safety?
Education of truck drivers using the ASSIST driver support system - a pilot survey
Effect of continuous shoulder rumble strips and pavement marking on lateral placement of vehicles
Effect of fuel economy on automobile safety - A reexamination
Effect of lane width on capacity under mixed traffic conditions in India
Effect of lane width on speeds of cars and heavy vehicles in work zones
Effect of pedestrian-related factors on intersection performance
Effect of Restriction of Vision on Driving Performance
Effect of time and foggy conditions on subjective visibility: Evaluation of retroreflective traffic control devices
Effect of variable-message signs in reducing railroad crossing impacts
Effect of Vehicle Length on Passing Operations
Effect of vehicles' suspension on highway horizontal curve design
Effect of vertical alignment on driver perception of horizontal curves
Effective and fair identification of hazardous locations
Effective Width of Pedestrian Corridors
Effectiveness of condition-responsive advisory speed messages in rural freeway work zones
Effectiveness of ground-mounted diagrammatic advance guide signs for freeway entrance ramps
Effectiveness of lane direction arrows as pavement markings in reducing wrong-way movements on two-way frontage roads
Effectiveness of safety vests in nighttime highway construction
Effectiveness of Traffic Control Devices in Reducing Accident Rates at Urban Work Zones
Effects of 65-MPH Speed Limit on Traffic Safety
Effects of a controlled auditory-verbal distraction task an older driver vehicle control
Effects of geometric characteristics on head-on crash incidence on two-lane roads in Connecticut
Effects of Horizontal Curve Transition Design on Truck Roll Stability
Effects of human-machine interface design for intelligent speed adaptation on driving behavior and acceptance
Effects of interface workload of in-vehicle information systems on driving safety
Effects of passenger and cellular phone conversations on driver distraction
Effects of rural highway median treatments and access
Effects of speed limit enforcement cameras on accident rates
Effects of standard enforcement on safety belt citations in Michigan
Effects of truck driver wages and working conditions on highway safety: Case study
Effects of U-turns on capacities of signalized intersections
Effects of Vehicles on Buried High-Pressure Pipe -- Discussion
Effects of Vehicles on Buried, High-Pressure Pipe
Study of Evaluation Methods for Cab Strength
Motor vehicle event data recorders: Validation and use of data for admission to the court
Analysis of the GM sensing and diagnostic module in 360-degree linear momentum collisions
Motorcycle collinear collisions involving motor vehicles equipped with event data recorders
Practical aspects of crash data retrieval using the Vetronix system
Rational legislative and organizational policy for automotive event data recorders
The accuracy of speed recorded by an [EDR] SDM and the effects of brake, yaw and other factors
Road traffic injury prevention
Psychological profile of the motorcyclist
Examining the effect of exit separation on aircraft evacuation performance during 90-second certification trials using evacuation modelling techniques
The mathematical modelling and computer simulation of fire development in aircraft
The numerical simulation of aircraft evacuation and its application to aircraft design and certification
Analysis of 2004 German general aviation aircraft accidents according to the HFACS model
Drivers overtaking bicyclists: Objective data on the effects of riding position, helmet use, vehicle type and apparent gender
Rail safety and rail privatisation in Britain
Social, behavioral and driving characteristics of injured pedestrians: A comparison with other unintentional trauma patients
Survey of traumatic intracranial hemorrhage in Taiwan
Using eye movements to evaluate a PC-based risk awareness and perception training program on a driving simulator
Mobile phone use while driving in Florence health district area
Test road experiment on imminent warning rear lighting and signaling
A 15-year review of railway-related deaths in Jefferson County, Alabama
About morphological findings in fatal railway collisions
Airline crew recovery
Interest in periodic health examinations for young people in the judicial system
Alcohol consumption and problems among road rage victims and perpetrators
Attributions and personality as predictors of the road rage response
Assessing road rage victimization and perpetration in the Ontario adult population: the impact of illicit drug use and psychiatric distress
Prevalence and correlates of lifetime smokeless tobacco use in female military recruits
Road rage behavior: Experiences of university students
Road rage: old wine in a new bottle (letter)
Severe irritability associated with statin cholesterol-lowering drugs
A 3-year follow-up of the driving status of 32 young adults with spina bifida
A 36-year history of fatal road rage in Marion County, Oregon: 1963-1998
A comparison of reported levels and expression of anger in everyday and driving situations
Aggressive driving
Anger on and off the road
Anger, aggression, and risky behavior: a comparison of high and low anger drivers
Anger, aggression, risky behavior, and crash-related outcomes in three groups of drivers
Antidepressants and driver impairment: empirical evidence from a standard on-the-road test
Towards improved infant restraint system requirements
Burn injury caused by motor vehicle use and repair
Cost-outcome analysis of booster seats for auto occupants aged 4 to 7 years
Effects of graduated driver licensing on fatalities in 16-year-olds
Empirical Bayes before-after safety studies: Lessons learned from two decades of experience and future directions
Estimating countermeasure effects for reducing collisions at highway-railway grade crossings
School bus-related injuries among children and teenagers in the United States, 2001-2003
Symptoms of PTSD according to individual and work environment characteristics of Korean railroad drivers with experience of person-under-train accidents
Computer simulation by passenger wound analysis of vehicle collision
PDOF: principle direction of force
Deceleration Rates of Modern Passenger Vehicles During Straight Line Braking and Yaw Events
Motorcycle crash investigation: Performance testing and review of previous studies
Vehicle dynamic characteristics of SUVs in on-road, untripped rollover accidents
Contribution of a laterally displaced vehicle to post-impact deceleration of a heavy truck
Predictors of Falling in Older Maryland Drivers: A Structural-Equation Model
Abdominal response to high-speed seatbelt loading
Assessment of pelvis and upper leg injury risk in car-pedestrian collisions: comparison of accident statistics, impactor tests and a human body finite element model
Biomechanical Analysis of Human Abdominal Impact Responses and Injuries through Finite Element Simulations of a Full Human Body Model
Factors influencing pediatric Injury Severity Score and Glasgow Coma Scale in pediatric automobile crashes: results from the Crash Injury Research Engineering Network
Breathing difficulty and tinnitus among children exposed to airbag deployment
Safety effects of roundabouts in Flanders: Signal type, speed limits and vulnerable road users
Estimating the relationship between measured wind speed and overturning truck crashes using a binary logit model
Difficulties with quasi-induced exposure when speed varies systematically by vehicle type
Determining the potential safety benefit of improved lighting in three pedestrian crash scenarios
A recommended specification for heavy vehicle rear underrun guards
A crash-prediction model for multilane roads
Economic development's effect on road transport-related mortality among different types of road users: A cross-sectional international study
Effective dialogues in driver education
Estimating non-fatal road casualties in a large French county, using the capture-recapture method
Traffic accidents from the motorcycle couriers' perspective: feedback for health promotion
Motor vehicle exhaust gas suicide in Victoria, Australia 1998-2002
Neural response of cervical facet joint capsule to stretch: a study of whiplash pain mechanism
Numerical Investigations of Interactions between the Knee-Thigh-Hip Complex with Vehicle Interior Structures
Predicting risky and angry driving as a function of gender
Shoulder injury and response due to lateral glenohumeral joint impact: an analysis of combined data
Structural and material changes in the aging thorax and their role in crash protection for older occupants
The effect of unrestrained rear-seat passengers on driver mortality
The RID2 biofidelic rear impact dummy: A pilot study using human subjects in low speed rear impact full scale crash tests
The Utility of Hybrid III and THOR Chest Deflection for Discriminating Between Standard and Force-Limiting Belt Systems
A Study of Knee Joint Kinematics and Mechanics using a Human FE Model
Analysis of finite element models for head injury investigation: reconstruction of four real-world impacts
Ankle skeletal injury predictions using anisotropic inelastic constitutive model of cortical bone taking into account damage evolution
Safety implications of providing real-time feedback to distracted drivers
Comparison Tests of BioRID II and RID 2 with Regard to Repeatability, Reproducibility and Sensitivity for Assessment of Car Seat Protection Potential in Rear-End Impacts
Maternal mortality due to violence
Applying developmental psychology to children's road safety: Problems and prospects
Pattern of mandibular fractures in Chennai, India
Motion Analysis of the Mandible during Low-Speed, Rear-End Impacts using High-Speed X-rays
Eye injuries in Singapore -- don't risk it. do more. A prospective study
Experiences from dual-country drivers: Driving safely in China and the US
Driver-training and emergency brake performance in cars with antilock braking systems
Road safety valuation under a stated choice framework
Biomechanical and scaling bases for frontal and side impact injury assessment reference values
Biomechanics of 4-point seat belt systems in frontal impacts
Characterizing occipital condyle loads under high-speed head rotation
Comparison of EuroSID-2 and SID-IIs in Vehicle Side Impact Tests with the IIHS Barrier
Comparison of the Rear Impact Biofidelity of BioRID II and RID2
Comparison Tests of BioRID II and RID 2 with Regard to Repeatability, Reproducibility and Sensitivity for Assessment of Car Seat Protection Potential in Rear-End Impacts
Compressive tolerance of the maturing cervical spine
Correlation of an FE Model of the Human Head with Local Brain Motion--Consequences for Injury Prediction
Defining regional variation in the material properties of human rib cortical bone and its effect on fracture prediction
Development of a biofidelic flexible pedestrian legform impactor
Development of a new biofidelity ranking system for anthropomorphic test devices
Development of Side Impact Thoracic Injury Criteria and Their Application to the Modified ES-2 Dummy with Rib Extensions (ES-2re)
Development of THOR-FLx: A Biofidelic Lower Extremity for Use with 5th Percentile Female Crash Test Dummies
Effects of hip posture on the frontal impact tolerance of the human hip joint
Estimating infant head injury criteria and impact response using crash reconstruction and finite element modeling
Evaluation of the Performance of the THOR-alpha Dummy
Experimental determination of adult and pediatric neck scale factors
Finite Element Simulation Study of a Frontal Driver Airbag Deployment for Out-of-Position Situations
Laboratory Reconstructions of Real World Frontal Crash Configurations using the Hybrid III and THOR Dummies and PMHS
On the Development of the SIMon Finite Element Head Model
Pediatric pelvic fractures in side impact collisions
Prediction and analysis of human thoracic impact responses and injuries in cadaver impacts using a full human body finite element model
Shoulder impact response and injury due to lateral and oblique loading
Structural Response of Lower Leg Muscles in Compression: A Low Impact Energy Study Employing Volunteers, Cadavers and the Hybrid III
Tolerance of the cervical spine to eccentric axial compression
Thoracic Injury Investigation using PMHS in Frontal Airbag Out-of-Position Situations
Thoracic injury criterion for frontal crash applicable to all restraint systems
The tolerance of the human hip to dynamic knee loading
The development, validation and application of a finite element upper extremity model subjected to air bag loading
The effect of impact angle on knee tolerance to rigid impacts
The effects of axial preload and dorsiflexion on the tolerance of the ankle/subtalar joint to dynamic inversion and eversion
The effects of occupant age on patterns of rib fractures to belt-restrained drivers and front passengers in frontal crashes in Japan
A company-based lottery to reduce the personal driving of employees
An analysis and reduction of disruptive behavior on school buses
An analysis of public posting in reducing speeding behavior on an urban highway
Aviation Security: Promise or Reality?
A cost-benefit analysis of U.S. motor carrier safety programmes
Public safety legislation and the risk compensation hypothesis: the example of motorcycle helmet legislation
A cost-benefit analysis of risk-reduction strategies targeted at older drivers
A new challenge to child and adolescent survival in urban Africa: an increasing burden of road traffic injuries
Accident Externality Charges
An Economic Evaluation of Child Restraints
A theoretical field-analysis of automobile-driving
Determining older driver crash responsibility from police and insurance data
Estimation of non-fatal road traffic injuries in Thai Nguyen, Vietnam using capture-recapture method
Field data: a study on trend and prediction of fatal traffic injuries prevalence in Shanghai
Field data: distributions and costs of road-traffic fatalities in South Africa
Heavy equipment and truck-related deaths on excavation work sites
Longitudinal examination of underage drinking and subsequent drinking and risky driving
Parent driver characteristics associated with sub-optimal restraint of child passengers
The efficacy of seat belt legislation
Psychiatric morbidity following motor vehicle crashes: a pilot study from India
Relationship between Traffic Fatalities and Drunk Driving in Japan
Road traffic injuries in a two-speed Europe
Short-term effects of countermeasures for improved safety and mobility at marked pedestrian crosswalks in Boras, Sweden
A retrospective analysis of oral and maxillofacial injuries in motor vehicle accidents
The effect of driver eye height on speed choice, lane-keeping, and car-following behavior: results of two driving simulator studies
The impact of chronic pain patients' psychotropic drug knowledge and warning labels on the decision whether to drive a car or not
The role of personality characteristics in young adult driving
Trends over time in the risk of driver death: what if vehicle designs had not improved?
Use and misuse of motor-vehicle crash death rates in assessing highway-safety performance
Analysis of deaths caused by rail-vehicles in the materials collected by the department of forensic medicine in Bydgoszcz in the years 1992-2002
Deregulation and the right to life
The effect of seat belt legislation on British road casualties: a case study in structural time series modelling
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Personal characteristics related to accident histories of Canadian pilots
The use of incentives for the promotion of accident-free driving
Risk homeostasis theory and traffic accident data
Smeed's Law: Some further thoughts
Some statistical aspects of road safety regulation
Risk Communication with young drivers and passengers for the improvement of road safety
Traffic education at secondary schools in Germany
Emotional stress and driving performance: The effects of divorce
Alcohol recidivist confiscation (of Driving licence)-- Retraining of Drivers' Rehabilitation Expert-Opinion Impact Study
Assessment procedure for elderly drivers: results of the EU--project AGILE
Analysis of near-accidents and accidents on the highway
Identification of personality, attitudinal, and biographical characteristics of drinking drivers
Driving records of persons hospitalized for suicide gestures
Personality variables associated with traffic accidents
Automobile accidents in the year following high school: The predictive value of 377 unobtrusive variables
A highway safety 'scare' film and its effects on performance and mood of males and females
Driving Simulation: an Overview
Behavior modification as a countermeasure for the drinking driver
A factor analytic approach to the driving task
A typology of accident proneness
Administrative and research problems in identifying individuals with high crash risk
Claims Auditing in Automobile Insurance: Fraud Detection and Deterrence Objectives
Classifying accidents by sociological variables for educational research
Communication, media, and audience effects upon attitude change with regard to automobile safety responsibility
Comparing collision drivers with the driving population-at-risk: A challenge to conventional methods
Consistency in driver risk taking
Estimating the effectiveness of blood alcohol limits
Improving driver-licensing programs
Insurance Fraud
Licensing examinations and their relation to subsequent driving record
On the Consequences of Behavioral Adaptations in the Cost-Benefit Analysis of Road Safety Measures
Personal Bias in Automobile Claims Settlement
Testing for Offsetting Behavior and Adverse Recruitment Among Drivers of Airbag-Equipped Vehicles
The changing approach to the epidemiology, prevention, and amelioration of trauma: The transition to approaches etiologically rather than descriptively based (1970)
The prediction of automobile accidents following the senior year in high school
The psychoanalyst as accident investigator
The youthful driver: Some characteristics and comparisons
Injuries from motor-vehicle collisions with moose--Maine, 2000-2004
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The teen driver
Apparently life threatening events in infant car safety seats
Measuring the cost effectiveness of multimode bus transit in the presence of accident risks
A decision-based criterion for selecting parameters in the evaluation of pedestrian safety problems with the traffic conflict analysis technique
Explaining property damage from crashes at signalized intersections
Analysis of Factors Affecting the Severity of Head-On Crashes: Two-Lane Rural Highways in Connecticut
Applying Variable Speed Limits and the Potential for Crash Migration
Assessing Crash Occurrence on Urban Freeways by Applying a System of Interrelated Equations
Case Study Assessment of Crash Data Challenges: Linking Databases for Analysis of Injury Specifics and Crash Compatibility Issues
Comprehensive Analysis of Relationship Between Real-Time Traffic Surveillance Data and Rear-End Crashes on Freeways
Crash Estimation at Signalized Intersections Along Corridors: Analyzing Spatial Effect and Identifying Significant Factors
Crash Estimation at Signalized Intersections: Significant Factors and Temporal Effect
Describing the Evolution in the Number of Highway Deaths by Decomposition in Exposure, Accident Risk, and Fatality Risk
Application of "Highway Safety Manual" Draft Chapter: Louisiana Experience
Evaluating Safety Effects of Daylight Savings Time on Fatal and Nonfatal Injury Crashes in Texas
Analysis of Security System Designs for Ferry Transportation
Identifying Intersections with Potential for Red Light- Related Safety Improvement
Internal Traffic Control Plans and Worker Safety Planning Tool
New Stand-Alone and Advanced Earthquake Early Warning Systems Designed to Protect Railways
Regulation of Motorized Two-Wheelers in India
Safety Effect of Continuous Shoulder Rumble Strips on Rural Interstates in Maine
Practical Method for Estimating Frequency of Right-Angle Collisions at Traffic Signals
Whether weather matters to traffic demand, traffic safety, and traffic operations and flow
Improving Compliance with Work Zone Speed Limits: Effectiveness of Selected Devices
Prediction of fire and smoke propagation in an underwater tunnel
How pavement markings influence bicycle and motor vehicle positioning - Case study in Cambridge, Massachusetts
Alcohol and other drug use among victims of motor-vehicle crashes--West Virginia, 2004-2005
Effect of Trauma Systems on Motor Vehicle Occupant Mortality: A Comparison Between States With and Without a Formal System
On the nature of over-dispersion in motor vehicle crash prediction models
Victoria's Speed Camera Program
Modeling aggressive driver behavior at unsignalized intersections
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Seating position, seat belt wearing, and the consequences in facial fractures in car occupants
The contribution of design to accidents
Safety learning and imagination versus safety bureaucracy in design of the traffic sector
Association between alcohol and mortality in patients with severe traumatic head injury
Association between alcohol and mortality in patients with severe traumatic head injury: Invited critique
Kinematics of belted fatalities in frontal collisions: a new approach in deep studies of injury mechanisms
A cohort study of 20 822 young drivers: the DRIVE study methods and population
Creation of a register on alcohol-impaired driving
Prevalence of helmet use among motorcycle riders in Vietnam
Why we fight about black spots
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Effects of motivational interviewing for incarcerated adolescents on driving under the influence after release
Midair collisions in U.S. civil aviation 2000-2004: the roles of radio communications and altitude
Preventing traffic accidents by mobile phone users
Self-awareness of impairment and the decision to drive after an extended period of wakefulness
Pilot alcohol violations reported in U.S. newspapers, 1990-2006
Train Drivers' Sleep Quality and Quantity during Extended Relay Operations
Drinking, drugs and driving in Ireland: more evidence for action
Motor vehicle crash pedestrian deaths in New York City: the plight of the older pedestrian
Prevalence of transportation safety measures portrayed in primetime US television programs and commercials
Public road transport crashes in a low income country
Seat belt use among Hispanic ethnic subgroups of national origin
Alcoholism -- A Public Health Issue
Residential street widths, on-street parking and accident frequency
Gender differences in responses to speed cameras: Typology findings and implications for road safety
Road accident models and safety measures for vulnerable road users
Self-explaining and forgiving roads: speed management in rural areas
Fatigue crashes: the extent to which terrain change has an influence on the fatigued (drowsy) driver
Road safety in rural and remote areas of Australia
A framework for the preparation of road safety action plan for rural road networks
Accident prediction models for roundabouts
Road accident modelling in developing countries
Stochastic modelling for traffic crashes on non urban highways in India
Accident prediction models for high speed intersections (both rural and urban)
School bus-related deaths and injuries in New South Wales
Binge drinking and associated health risk behaviors among high school students
Death due to railway-related suicidal decapitation: a case report
Effectiveness of child safety seats vs safety belts for children aged 2 to 3 years
Paternalism and its discontents: motorcycle helmet laws, libertarian values, and public health
Improvement in booster seat use in Tennessee
Trends and issues in safe driver assistance systems: Driver acceptance and assistance for elderly drivers
The acceptability to older drivers of different types of licensing restriction
Traffic signal phasing at intersections to improve safety for alcohol-affected pedestrians
Work-related bystander deaths in New Zealand: a significant hidden problem
Using the safe system approach to keep older drivers safely mobile
Tsunami evacuation behavior analysis: One step of transportation disaster response
Anticipatory guidance about child safety seat misuse: lessons from safety seat "checkups"
Knowledge of neonatal car seat location in a predominantly disadvantaged prenatal population
Alternating Passing Lane Lengths
Daytime High-Speed Passing Maneuvers Observed on Rural Two-Lane, Two-Way Highway: Findings and Implications
Design of Safe Urban Roadsides: An Empirical Analysis
Desirable Length of Spiral Curves for Two-Lane Rural Roads
Hierarchical Fuzzy Inference System to Evaluate Expert Opinions on Median Safety
Operating-Speed Model for Low-Speed Urban Tangent Streets Based on In-Vehicle Global Positioning System Data
Operation and Safety of Right-Turn Lane Designs
Role and Application of Accident Modification Factors Within Highway Design Process
Three-Dimensional Stop-Control Intersection Sight Distance: General Model
Casual Versus Formal Uniforms: Flight Attendants' Self-perceptions and Perceived Appraisals by Others
A hierarchical model of operational anticipation windows in driving an automobile
Identifying and Remedying Failures of Selective Attention in Younger Drivers
Robbers aboard: workplace violence and (in)security in public transport in Salvador, Brazil
Role of drowsy driving in traffic accidents: a questionnaire survey of Thai commercial bus/truck drivers
The prevalence of sleep related disorders among the drivers and it's relation with traffic accidents
An abdominal aortic rupture due to seatbelt blunt injury: report of a case
An examination of the environmental attributes associated with pedestrian-vehicular crashes near public schools
Back to the future: Brake reaction times for manual and automated vehicles
Engineering better wheelchairs to enhance community participation
Financial performance, ISO-9000 Standard and safe driving practices effects on accident rate in the U.S. motor carrier industry
Promoting public health messages: should we move beyond fear-evoking appeals in road safety?
Rough set approach for accident chains exploration
The relationship between depressed mood, self-efficacy and affective states during the drinking driving sequence
The use of hazard road signs to improve the perception of severe bends
Motor vehicle accidents with entrapment: a medical and technical investigation of crash mechanism, injury pattern and severity of entrapment of motor vehicle occupants between 1983 and 2003
Road and home-accident injuries of infants and adolescents in the Lazio region: Results of an integrated surveillance system
Roadside observation on the use of safety belt in Guangzhou and Nanning cites of China
Technological development of driving support systems based on human behavioral characteristics
The application of RTK-GPS and steer-by wire technology to the automatic driving of vehicles and an evaluation of driver behavior
Stand-alone collision warning systems based on information from on-board sensors: Evaluating performance relative to system penetration rate
Effects of nighttime nap and daytime sleep on heart rate and drowsiness in long-distance highway bus drivers
Knowledge of and Attitude towards Road Traffic Codes among Commercial Motorcycle Riders in Anambra State
A study on control behaviors of motorcycle riders
Age-related differences in the driving performance of persons entering a motorway
Analysis of drivers' behaviour before making a right turn at an intersection based on driving behaviour data on an actual road
Attention-capturing properties of high frequency luminance flicker: Implications for brake light conspicuity
Benefit assessment of driver assistance strategies for pedestrian safety
Benefits of driver assistance systems from the point of view of an insurer
Blocking problem of freeway side traffic signs
Driver assist systems: Comfort and safety
Effect of speed cushions in Townsville
Examining the effectiveness of physical threats in road safety advertising: The role of the third-person effect, gender, and age
Indirect methods of identifying driver performance
Landscape improvement impacts on roadside safety in Texas
Presuming the driver's drowsiness by image processing and a trial of application to a driving support system
Simulator for measuring elderly driver's visual performances while driving
Sleepy at the wheel: Knowledge, symptoms and behaviour among car drivers
The effect of mobile phone use on driving style and driving skills
Vision-based pedestrian detection: Efficient classification and improved evaluation of performance
Brief report: How do adolescents perceive the risks related to cell-phone use?
The injury risk to wheelchair occupants using motor vehicle transportation
Relationship between quality of life and child traffic fatalities
New methods to identify and rank high pedestrian crash zones: An illustration
Retrospective analysis of malleolar fractures in an impact environment
Parent and Child Agreement for Acute Stress Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and other Psychopathology in a Prospective Study of Children and Adolescents Exposed to Single-Event Trauma
Risk factors associated with fatal animal-vehicle collisions in the United States, 1995-2004
Rural Motor Vehicle Crash Risk of Death is Higher After Controlling for Injury Severity
The role of attention in horizontal curves: A comparison of advance warning, delineation, and road marking treatments
Measuring transport injuries in a developing country: an application of the capture-recapture method
A study of the interaction between a guardrail post and soil during quasi-static and dynamic loading
A detailed evaluation of ramp metering impacts on driver behaviour
A study on vehicle lane departure delay system
A Theoretical Math Model for Projecting AIS3+ Thoracic Injury for Belted Occupants in Frontal Impact
Abstraction and implementation of human skill by hybrid dynamical system theory - Application to an automatic driving system
An application of the driver behaviour questionnaire in an Australian organisational fleet setting
Application of switching control for automatic pre-crash collision avoidance in cars
AUTOSAFE - A modular system for integral safety in road traffic
Below Knee Impact Responses using Cadaveric Specimens
Cervical spine geometry in the automotive seated posture: variations with age, stature, and gender
The effects of climate on wakefulness and fatigue
Detection of driver gaze direction and considerations on its application to glance away detection using image processing
Does road familiarity change eye fixations? A comparison between watching a video and real driving
Driver models for a vehicle avoidance maneuver in cornering
Driver behavior modeling in ACT-R cognitive architecture
Effect of an active gas-pedal on acceptance, gaze behaviour and driving performance
Effects of major-road vehicle speed and driver age and gender on left-turn gap acceptance
Equilibria and information provision in risky networks with risk-averse drivers
Evaluation of structural integrity of transport aircraft based on flight data
Eye tracking as a method to evaluate users' strategies in contact with driver assistance systems
Fixation distribution of driver while driving through passageways with different widths
Gradation of Neck Muscle Responses and Head/Neck Kinematics to Acceleration and Speed Change in Rear-end Collisions
Honda night vision system with pedestrian detection - A system concept for Japanese driving situations
Integrative assistance: a 'task-timer' to counteract possible driver distraction effects
Investigating customer requirements for active safety and driver assistance systems with the "Real-life Analysis" approach
Towards establishing an International Hydrogen Incidents and Accidents Database (HIAD)
Key techniques of multi-body modeling of occupant restraint system of vehicle side impact
Methods to develop a driver observation system used in an active safety system
Motorcycle-related injuries: the high costs of riding
Neurocognitive characteristics of DUI recidivists
Optimizing driver acceptance and objective benefit using Predictive Collision Warning as an example
Perception, attitudes and beliefs, and openness to change: Implications for older driver education
Predictors of Pediatric Abdominal Injury Risk
Reduction of mental workload for elderly drivers through individual navigation - A case study
Reliable detection of overtaking vehicles using robust information fusion
Research of driver optimal preview acceleration integrated decision model
Study on awareness, acceptance and willingness to buy of driver assistance systems
The Effect of Axial Load in the Tibia on the Response of the 90 degrees Flexed Knee to Blunt Impacts with a Deformable Interface
The effect of restricted velocity in the two-lane on-ramp system
Using transportation accident databases to investigate ignition and explosion probabilities of flammable spills
WorldSID Dummy Head-Neck Biofidelity Response
Fatal bicycle accidents involving right turning heavy goods vehicles--forensic pathological findings
Driving in a simulator. Design and evaluation of a training programme
Modeling the probability of freeway rear-end crash occurrence
Motion extrapolation of car-following scenes in younger and older drivers
The measurement of situation awareness while driving with a secondary task
Traffic congestion and dispersion in Hurricane evacuation
The night driving behavior in a car-following model
A force model for single-line traffic
A new overtaking model and numerical tests
Expansion, compression and triangular shockwaves in traffic flow above critical point
Jam formation in traffic flow on a highway with some slowdown sections
Traffic dispersion and its mapping to one-sided ballistic deposition
Calcaneal fractures in occupants involved in severe frontal motor vehicle crashes
Epidemiology of mandibular fractures treated in a Brazilian level I Trauma Public Hospital in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Substance use among patients attending an accident and emergency department
Misunderstanding of right-of-way rules at various pedestrian crossing types: Observational study and survey
Suspension airbags: a potential danger
Statewide Assessment of Injury and Death Rates among Riders of Off-Road Vehicles Treated at Trauma Centers
Prevalence of alcohol dependence among excessive drinkers in New Mexico
Analysis of traffic accidents in children
Characterization of motorcylists admitted in the emergency hopsital of Porto Alegre
The cause of traffic accidents when drivers use car phones and the functional requirements of car phones for safe driving
From data to information: Probabilistic methods for dealing with sensor inaccuraty
Injury tolerance and response of the ankle joint in dynamic dorsiflexion
Non-injurious and injurious impact response of the human shoulder three-dimensional analysis of kinematics and determination of injury threshold
Potential visibility gains on straight and curved roads from proportional increases in low-beam headlamp intensities
A challenge to the assumed generalizability of prediction and countermeasure for risky driving: Different factors predict different risky driving behaviors
Age-related differences in street-crossing decisions: The effects of vehicle speed and time constraints on gap selection in an estimation task
Differential trends in alcohol-related mortality: a register-based follow-up study in Finland in 1987-2003
Do laboratory frontal crash test programs predict driver fatality risk? Evidence from within vehicle line variation in test ratings
Effects of passengers on bus driver celeration behavior and incident prediction
Field use patterns and performance of child restraints secured by lower anchors and tethers for children (LATCH)
Estimating the contributions of speeding and impaired driving to insurance claim cost
Volvo safety design philosophy
Voice dialling can reduce the interference between concurrent tasks of driving and phoning
Multilevel modelling for the regional effect of enforcement on road accidents
Modeling the contribution of speeding and impaired driving to insurance claim counts and costs when contributing factors are unknown
Monitoring Driver's Alertness Based on the Driving Performance Estimation and the EEG Power Spectrum Analysis
Wheel slip phenomena
The use of car phones and changes in driver behaviour
Where did that car come from? Crossing the road when the traffic comes from an unfamiliar direction
Seat belt syndrome. Acute spinal cord injury due to incorrect use of two-point seat belts
The contribution of specific causes of death to sex differences in mortality
The impact of outlet densities on alcohol-related crashes: A spatial panel approach
Traffic dispersion induced by noise in off-lattice model
A Swedish alcohol ignition interlock programme for drink-drivers: effects on hospital care utilization and sick leave
Alcohol misuse and traffic accidents
Attitudes associated with behavioral predictors of serious road traffic crashes: results from the GAZEL cohort
Evaluation of booster seat campaign
Evaluation of the health effects of the new driving penalty point system in the Lazio Region, Italy, 2001-4
Express railway disaster in Amagasaki: a review of urban disaster response capacity in Japan
How to decrease pedestrian injuries: conceptual evolutions starting from 137 crash tests
Road Crash Casualties: Characteristics of Police Injury Severity Misclassification
Vehicle industry: Public versus individual transportation
Socio-cultural characteristics of high versus low risk societies regarding road traffic safety