Travel behavior of immigrants: An analysis of the 2001 National Household Transportation Survey
Walking accessibility to bus rapid transit: Does it affect property values? The case of Bogotá, Colombia
Walking school buses in the Auckland region: A longitudinal assessment
Why we fail to reduce urban road traffic volumes: Does it matter how planners frame the problem?
Australian Road Safety Equipment Certification in Crisis?
Choice of licensing method and crashes of young drivers
Community Policing and Education to Reduce Motorcycle Trauma
Databases for Road Traffic Injury Surveillance in New South Wales
Daytime Running Lights for Motorcycles -- an Idea and Research Proposal
Driver and rider licensing provisions for clients who are d/Deaf
Driver Distraction: Breakdowns of a multi-level control process
Driver Distraction: Reflections on the Past, Present and Future
Effect of Past Black Spot Programs on Motorcycle Safety
Issues of Child Occupant Protection: A Literature Review
It Starts with the Parents and Ends with the Parents -- the attitudes, knowledge and practices of metropolitan parents in relation to teenage alcohol use
Lay Perceptions of Responsibility and Accountability for Fatigue-Related Road Crashes
Hitchhiking women's hair color
A GIS-based Stochastic Approach to Generating Daytime Population Distributions for Vehicle Route Planning
A method to improve the energy absorption capability of fibre-reinforced composite tubes
Numerical and experimental investigations on the behaviour of the sandwiched tube-type airbag
On the consequences of non linear constitutive modelling of brain tissue for injury prediction with numerical head models
Response of lower limb in full-scale car–pedestrian low-speed lateral impact – influence of muscle contraction
Robustness analysis through virtual testing
Scaling head-neck response data and derivation of 5th percentile female side-impact dummy head-neck response requirements in NBDL - test conditions
Search for pedestrian protection regulations for commercial vehicles
Simulation analysis of human neck injury risk under high-level landing impact
The contested concept of sustainable aviation
Isolating the Effects of Vection and Optokinetic Nystagmus on Optokinetic Rotation-Induced Motion Sickness
Neuropsychological performance and solvent exposure among car body repair shop workers
Neuropsychological performance and solvent exposure among car body repair shop workers
Night aircraft noise index and sleep research results
Modeling strategic behavior in human-automation interaction: why an "aid" can (and should) go unused
Nursing care of rural battered women
Obstructive intestinal herniation due to improper use of a seat belt: a case report
Occult spinal cord injury in traumatized children
Operational requirements for avoidance and eventual elimination of Gz-induced loss of consciousness (G-LOC) in flight
Obstructive sleep apnea and risk of motor vehicle crash: systematic review and meta-analysis
Paragliding accidents--a prospective analysis in Swiss mountain regions
Evaluating Green-Extension Policies with Reinforcement Learning and Markovian Traffic State Estimation
Evaluation of Impacts of Intermodal Terminals on the Highway System
Evaluation of Integrated Platoon-Priority and Advance Warning Flasher System at High-Speed Intersections
Evaluation of International Friction Index Coefficients for Various Devices
Framework for Analysis of the Workload of Training Captains
Horizontal Drains in a Clay-Landslide Stabilization Test Program
How to Incorporate Accident Severity and Vehicle Occupancy into the Hot Spot Identification Process?
Identifying Secondary Crashes and Their Contributing Factors
Impedance Effects of Left-Turning Vehicles from the Major Street at a Two-Way Stop-Controlled Intersection
Improved Sight Distance Model for Sag Vertical Curves with Overpasses
Improving Signing from the Installation Perspective: Creating the Sign Crew Field Book
Incorporating Traffic Operation Measures in Safety Analysis at Signalized Intersections
Indicators to Evaluate Road Safety Actions Promoted by a Nongovernmental Organization
Integrated Evacuation Network Optimization and Emergency Vehicle Assignment
Life in the Fast Lane: Duration-Based Investigation of Driver Behavior Differences Across Freeway Lanes
Loop Detector Segmentation Error and Its Impacts on Traffic Speed Estimation
Macroscopic Effects of Multianticipative Driving Behavior on Traffic Flow Characteristics
Methodology to Predict Driver Vision Impairment Situations Caused by Sun Glare
Midwest Guardrail System with Round Timber Posts
Model for Person and Household Mobility Attributes
Model for Predicting Speed Along Horizontal Curves on Two-Lane Highways
Modeling Acceleration Decisions for Freeway Merges
Multilevel Assessment of the Impact of Rain on Drivers' Behavior
Nighttime Visibility of Prototype Work Zone Markings Under Dry, Wet-Recovery, and Rain Conditions
Noncontact Ultrasonic Guided Wave Detection of Rail Defects
Optimal Preliminary Highway Alignment, with Slope Disaster Risk Management, in Himalayan Regions
Path Guidance Information in Advance of Work Zones at Urban Freeway Interchanges
Pedestrians' Level of Service at Signalized Intersections in China
Performance Measures for Railroad-Preempted Intersections
Planning for Bus-on-Shoulders Operations in Northeastern Illinois
Practical Approach to Measuring and Reporting Friction and Macrotexture at Variable Test Speeds
Precipitation Variation and the Identification of High-Risk Wet Accident Locations in California
Predicting Segment-Intersection Crashes with Land Development Data
Prediction of Red Light Running Based on Statistics of Discrete Point Sensors
Prioritizing Access Management Implementation
Probabilistic Determination of Crash Locations in a Road Network with Imperfect Data
Public Versus Private Mobility for Low-Income Households: Transit Improvements Versus Increased Car Ownership in the Sacramento, California, Region
QuickZone Improvement for Rural Freeway and Model Validation
Real-Time Detection of Hazardous Traffic Events on Freeways
Towards System for the Management of Safety on Board Artisanal Fishing Vessels: Proposal for Check-Lists and Their Application
Alcohol-related injury and driving while intoxicated: a risk function analysis of two alcohol-related events in the 2000 and 2005 National Alcohol Surveys
Biomechanical analysis and injury prevention in off-highway vehicular crashes - biomed 2010
Car drivers attend to different gaze targets when negotiating closed vs. open bends
Replication of Work Zone Capacity Values in a Simulation Model
Resources to Minimize Disruption Caused by Increased Security Inspection of Containers at an Intermodal Terminal
Revised Process for Work Zone Decision Making Based on Quantitative Performance Measures
Road Capacity at Bus Stops with Mixed Traffic Flow in China
Road Crash History and Risk Groups in India
Road Data Aggregation and Sectioning Considerations for Crash Analysis
Roadside Alligators and the UMTRI Tire Debris Survey
Runway Geometric Design Incorporating Hydroplaning Consideration
Safety Analysis of Interchanges
Safety Assessment of Taxi Drivers in Singapore
Safety Effectiveness of Lane and Shoulder Width Combinations on Rural, Two-Lane, Undivided Roads
Safety Evaluation for Intergreen Intervals at Signalized Intersections Based on Probabilistic Method
Safety Evaluation of Curve Delineation Improvements
Safety Evaluation of Truck Lane Restriction Strategies Using Microsimulation Modeling
Safety Impact of Truck Lane Restrictions on Multilane Freeways
Safety Implications of Mandated Truck Speed Limiters on Freeways
Safety Performance of High-Occupancy-Vehicle Facilities
Safety Screening of Road Networks with Limited Exposure Data
Speed and Safety
Speed Photo-Radar Enforcement and Its Effects on Speed in Work Zones
State Dependence in Lane-Changing Models
Statistical Versus Simulation Models in Safety
Strategy Implementation by State Transportation Agencies to Maintain Work Zone Mobility and Safety
Traffic Flow Impacts of Adaptive Cruise Control Deactivation and (Re)Activation with Cooperative Driver Behavior
Traffic Management of Special Events in Small Communities
Traffic Microsimulation Modeling to Study a Traffic Signal Incident Reduction Function
Traffic Sign Comprehensibility in an Aging Society: A Study of "Photo-Enforced Traffic Signal Ahead" Signage
Turbo Roundabouts: Design Principles and Safety Performance
Turbo Roundabouts: Estimation of Capacity
Two Low-Cost Safety Concepts for Two-Way, Stop-Controlled Intersections in Rural Areas
Understanding Speed Concepts: Key Definitions and Case Study Examples
Urban Arterial Accident Prediction Models with Spatial Effects
Urban Roadside Safety
Use of Expert Panels in Highway Safety
Use of Precast Bridge Members in Areas of High or Moderate Seismicity
Using a Public Education Campaign to Improve Driver Compliance with Streetcar Transit Lanes
Using Simulation to Plan Capacity Models by Lane for Two- and Three-Lane Roundabouts
Vehicle Type-Specific Headway Analysis Using Freeway Traffic Data
Symptoms of traumatic stress in mothers of children victims of a motor vehicle accident
Validation of the Neighborhood Environment Walkability Scale (NEWS) items using geographic information systems
Epidemiology of leisure, transportation, occupational, and household physical activity: prevalence and associated factors
Optimization of Shared Autonomy Vehicle Control Architectures for Swarm Operations
Shear wave propagation in anisotropic soft tissues and gels
Street morphology and its effect on pedestrian movement in historical Cairo
Traumatic displacement of maxillary permanent incisor into the nasal cavity
Using microstate intensity for the analysis of spontaneous EEG: Tracking changes from alert to the fatigue state
Visual stabilization dynamics are enhanced by standing flight velocity
What contributes to driving ability in Parkinson's disease
Something Less than a Driver: Toward an Understanding of Gendered Bodies in Motorsport
Describing a problem: rear seatback failure and unsecured cargo
DUI Offenders Delay License Reinstatement: A Problem?
The Social and Material Culture of Hyperautomobility: "Hyperauto"
Effects of a Computer-Based Training Module on Drivers’ Willingness to Engage in Distracting Activities
Effects of Human—Machine Competition on Intent Errors in a Target Detection Task
Effects of In-Car Support on Mental Workload and Driving Performance of Older Drivers
False Alerts in Air Traffic Control Conflict Alerting System: Is There a "Cry Wolf" Effect?
Investigating injury mechanism and occupant BMI for malleolar fractures in frontal motor vehicle collisions - Biomed 2010
Kinematic response of the spine during simulated aircraft ejections
The Functional Significance of Stereopsis
Using input minimization to train a cerebellar model to simulate regulation of smooth pursuit
Condition monitoring of wooden railway sleepers
Departure headways at signalized intersections: A log-normal distribution model approach
EEG theta/beta ratio in relation to fear-modulated response-inhibition, attentional control, and affective traits
Effect before cause: supramodal recalibration of sensorimotor timing
Patterns and consequences of inadequate sleep in college students: substance use and motor vehicle accidents
Examining the Impacts of Residential Self-Selection on Travel Behaviour: A Focus on Empirical Findings
Fitts's Law violation and motor imagery: are imagined movements truthful or lawful?
A pitfall of traumatic injury from a motorcycle crash: a case report
Individual differences in aging and cognitive control modulate the neural indexes of context updating and maintenance during task switching
Measuring Attitudes in Research on Residential Self-Selection and Travel Behaviour: A Review of Theories and Empirical Research
Overtaking assistant assessment using traffic simulation
Perceptual and motor factors of implicit skill learning
Personality and psychopathology of university students
Reaction time distributions constrain models of visual search
Real-time queue length estimation for congested signalized intersections
Residential Self-Selection and Appropriate Control Variables in Land Use: Travel Studies
Self-Selection: A Key to a Better Understanding of Location Choices, Travel Behaviour and Transport Externalities?
Speed estimation and length based vehicle classification from freeway single-loop detectors
The automated cockpit: A comparison of attitudes towards human and automated pilots
The dynamics of dopamine in control of motor behavior
The trajectory of adaptation to the visuo-motor transformation of virtual and real sliding levers
Situational Specificity of Trait Influences on Drivers' Evaluations and Driving Behaviour
Road safety: objective of the European union for 2010 and assessment criteria
Pupil function as a parameter for assessing impairment of the central nervous system from a traffic-medicine perspective
The future of cars. Inteview by Stuart F. Brown
Toothpaste artifact of the spinal cord observed in a victim of traffic accident who died of pulmonary thrombotic embolism after laminectomy
Where is your arm? Variations in proprioception across space and tasks
Experts see it all: configural effects in action observation
Fronto-cerebellar circuits and eye movement control: a diffusion imaging tractography study of human cortico-pontine projections
Late backward effects in the refractory period paradigm: effects of Task 2 execution on Task 1 performance
Manual obstacle avoidance takes into account visual uncertainty, motor noise, and biomechanical costs
Static and dynamic visuomotor task performance in children with acquired brain injury: predictive control deficits under increased temporal pressure
The influence of memory on perception: It's not what things look like, it's what you call them
Unusual presentation of acute coronary syndrome. Bilateral coronary dissection after car accident
Individual Differences in Route-Learning Strategy and Associated Working Memory Resources
Integration of gaze direction and facial expression in patients with unilateral amygdala damage
Involvement of the intrinsic/default system in movement-related self recognition
Reasons for urban trail use predict levels of trail-related physical activity
Reversed effects of spatial compatibility in natural scenes
Trend of alcohol involvement in maxillofacial trauma
Road and Rail Side Vegetation Management Implications of Habitat Use by Moose Relative to Brush Cutting Season
Measuring Law for Evaluation Research
The tay bridge disaster
The fall of a balloon
Modern rail-making
Transportation of petroleum to the seaboard
How far have modern improvements in production and transportation changed the principle that men should be left free to make their own bargains?
Railroad transportation
Chrome considered as a Poison
Is beer-drinking injurious?
The Sprague electric road at Boston
Another electric road at Atlantic City, N.J
Highway improvement
The Boynton bicycle railroad
The Boynton bicycle railroad
The daft electric road in Cincinnati
The Thomson-Houston road in Bangor, ME
West end electric road at Boston
The Bicycle as a Sanitary Measure
Maryland's highway report
Statistics of London Traffic
Transportation and combination
Structural defects on board vessels
The Public Road in its Relation to the Public Health
Visual task performance using a monocular see-through head-mounted display (HMD) while walking
Assessment of mesopic and contrast vision for driving licences: Which cut-off values, which methods are appropriate?
Physician integration into mass gathering medical care. The United States Air Show
Physician's statement concerning whiplash injuries. Significance of supplementary information
Physicians and drivers' licences
Physiological considerations concerning positive pressure breathing (PBG) during +Gz
Physiological problems caused by transportation of hazardous cargo in military aircraft
Positional asphyxia during law enforcement transport
Positional asphyxia during law enforcement transport
Postural and performance changes following exposures to flight simulators
Practicing under the influence
Predicting driving performance after stroke
Prediction of behind-the-wheel driving performance in patients with cerebral brain damage: a discriminant function analysis
Prevalence of corrective lens wear in Royal Australian Air Force flight crews
Preventing and controlling inadvertent IFR (instrument flight rule encounters)
Prevention of decompression sickness in current and future fighter aircraft
Proposed FHWA regulations for insulin-using commercial motor vehicle operators
Psychophysiologic aspects of occupational flying
Quasi-transfer as a predictor of transfer from simulator to airplane
Real-time expert systems interfaces, cognitive processes, and task performance: an empirical assessment
Refractive error distribution and incidence among U.S. Army aviators
Rehabilitation of the elderly crash victim
Relationship between postmortem blood and vitreous humor ethanol levels
Rescue on the "rattler". Rescue and evacuation by railway ambulances plus railroad-centred health services
Resolving the casualty evacuation conflict
Active vehicle safety system design based on driver characteristics and behaviour
An analysis of communication and navigation issues in collision avoidance support systems
Assessment of the pedestrian friendliness of a vehicle using subsystem impact tests
Basic parameters affecting child occupant responses in side impact
A Bayesian semi-parametric model to estimate relationships between crash counts and roadway characteristics
Bird impact effects on different types of aircraft bubble windows using numerical and experimental methods
Collision avoidance support in roads with lateral and longitudinal maneuver prediction by fusing GPS/IMU and digital maps
Comprehensive Review of the Maritime Safety Regimes: Present Status and Recommendations for Improvements
Countermeasures to mitigate head and neck injuries to toddlers in frontal and lateral vehicle crash conditions
Decision fusion of a multi-sensing embedded system for occupant safety measures
Design and efficiency measurement of cooperative driver assistance system based on wireless communication devices
Design of active suspension and electronic stability program for rollover prevention
Development and evaluation of a finite element truck chassis crash model
A driver focused truck crash prediction model
Drivers' propensity to have different types of intelligent speed adaptation installed in their cars
Effect of drowsiness on driving performance variables of commercial vehicle drivers
Effects of head restraint and vehicle damage severity on neck injury risk
Erratum: Scaling head-neck response data and derivation of 5th percentile female side-impact dummy head-neck response requirements in NBDL - test conditions
Evaluation of a brake assistance system (BAS) using an injury severity prediction model for pedestrians
Exploring public transport usage trends in an ageing population
Finite element analysis of collapse of front side rails with new types of crush initiators
A head-neck biomechanical model of a 6-year-old child for frontal crash studies
Identifying critical road segments and measuring system-wide robustness in transportation networks with isolating links: A link-based capacity-reduction approach
Drink driving rehabilitation: An investigation into the self-reported effectiveness of a distance-education drink driving rehabilitation program for a group of drink drivers
Driver distraction in Sydney -- Drivers' attitudes, awareness and knowledge about driver distractions: Research from two central Sydney communities
Managing fatigued driving: Public information and education
Understanding street racing and hoon culture: An exploratory investigation of perceptions and experiences
Road traffic and adverse effects on respiratory health in children
Method for control of steering angles for articulated vehicles using virtual rigid axles
A numerical investigation of mid-femoral injury tolerance in axial compression and bending loading
Safety concerns as a factor in pilot desire to change aircraft
Addressing inadequacies in Victoria's trauma system: Responses of the Consultative Committee on Road Traffic Fatalities and Victorian trauma services
Age-related driving disorders: Screening in hospitals and outpatients settings
Analysis of fatal road traffic crashes in Ghana
Assessing the loss of health as a result of road accidents
Simulation assessment of incident detection by cellular phone call-in programs
Scant instructions reduce the value of a proposal for a drunk driving law
Seat belt syndrome
Seat belt use on a university campus
Seat-belt injury of the abdominal aorta
Seatbelt injury to a pelvic kidney as demonstrated by CT
Severe closed head injury associated with nonfracture and nonrotated atlantoaxial dislocation
California's program for reducing the number of fatalities and injuries associated with alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes
The contribution of medical conditions to passenger vehicle crashes
The effects of minimum legal drinking age 21 laws on alcohol-related driving in the United States
The efficiency of using non-culpable crash-claim involvements from insurance data as a means of estimating travel exposure for road user sub-groups
An Epidemiological Survey of Acute Spinal Trauma Caused by Traffic Accidents Versus Falls in Northern Taiwan
Fatal crash trends for Australian young drivers 1997-2007: Geographic and socioeconomic differentials
Neuropsychological Predictors of Driving Errors in Older Adults
Passenger accidents and injuries reported during 3 years on a cruise ship
The regulation of pedestrian traffic lights in Spain: Do older people have enough time to cross the road?
Improved determination of aeroelastic stability properties using a direct method
Transitioning basic research to build a dynamic model of pilot trust and workload allocation
Social desirability effects in driver behavior inventories
Survey of pedestrian detection for advanced driver assistance systems
Combating impaired driving in an era of diminished resources and shifting priorities
Effective use of deterrence approaches to reduce alcohol-impaired driving
Discussion comments (on effective use of deterrence approaches to reduce alcohol-impaired driving)
Discussion comments (on environmentally based prevention policies at the local level)
Drunk driving: the middle age of a social problem
Enforcement of drinking-driving laws in an era of reduced resources
Who by Accident? The Social Morphology of Car Accidents
Environmentally based prevention policies at the local level
Full-scale barge impact experiments
Lowering state legal blood alcohol limits to 0.08%: the effect on fatal motor vehicle crashes
North Carolina's "booze it and lose it" program
Ohio highway safety program: program overview - federal fiscal year 1995
Strategies needed to prevent legislative and policy changes detrimental to the progress made in impaired driving
Analytical study on the performance of a high power pretensioner
Bayesian mixture modeling approach to account for heterogeneity in speed data
Characteristic analysis for cognition of dangerous driving using automobile black boxes
Built environment and pedestrian behavior at rail rapid transit stations in Bangkok
Computation of axonal elongations: towards a new brain injury criterion
Feasibility of a globally harmonised Environmentally Friendly Vehicle concept
An experimental analysis of intelligibility and efficiency of in-vehicle route guidance system displays
Head injuries due to unrestrained objects during frontal collisions
Injury analysis of pedestrians in collisions using the pedestrian deformable model
Optimization of bus rollover strength by consideration of the energy absorption ability
Preliminary classification of driving style with objective rank method
A study on the deployment of a validation process of a simplified driving test simulator with car-following driving simulation performances
Hazardous Materials Transportation in an Age of Devolution
Simulation considers the human factors
Situational awareness: the trainability of the near-threshold information acquisition dimension
Some personality and aptitude characteristics of air traffic control specialist trainees
Spatial contrast sensitivity through aviator's night vision imaging system
Splenic injury in children: a 10 year experience
St. John's wort extract in the ambulatory therapy of depression. Attention and reaction ability are preserved
Sternal fractures: a retrospective analysis of 272 cases
Sternal fractures: associated injuries and management
Study of hypertension in urban bus drivers questioned. 1. Hypoglycemic agents, intrinsic stress may be factors
Study of hypertension in urban bus drivers questioned. Study design as source of bias
Study of patients arriving by ambulance in Taipei City
Subcutaneous lateral disruption of the abdominal wall with intestinal prolapse caused by a seat belt injury. Case report
Prevalence of daytime sleepiness in a population of drivers
Property Values and Transportation Facilities: Finding the Transportation-Land Use Connection
Simple reaction time, duration of driving and sleep deprivation in young versus old automobile drivers
The Assessment of Safe and Unsafe Turns by Young and Older Drivers
The Effect of Rest-Schedule Orientation on Sleep Quality of Commercial Drivers
The Epidemiology of Traumatic Brain Injury: A Statewide Study of Hospitalized Maryland Drivers
The epidemiology of traumatic injury-related fetal mortality in Pennsylvania, 1995-1997: The role of motor vehicle crashes
The United States Limits Drinking by Youth Under Age 21. Does This Reduce Fatal Crash Involvements?
Traffic Mortality in Germany Before, During, and After Reunification
The Prediction of Frontal Impact Crashworthiness of a Spaceframe Sportscar
Three-Dimensional Finite Element Modelling of Vehicle Crashes Against Roadside Safety Barriers
Train Crashworthiness and Its Impact on Society
Tort Liability Review of Roadway Lighting Design Methods
The Incidence of Incidents: A Nationwide Study of Flight Experience and Exposure to Accidents and
The Use of Autonomic Components to Improve Cardiovascular Assessment of Mental Workload in Flight
Vision rehabilitation for age-related macular degeneration
Study of the Traffic Accident Transaction System Based on Artificial Intelligence
Statistical evaluation of population data for calculation of radioactive material transport accident risks
The impact of mortality salience on reckless driving: a test of terror management mechanisms
The comparative toxicity of operational Air Force hydraulic fluids
The correlation of a computer simulated driving program with polysomnographic indices and neuropsychological tests in consecutively referred patients for assessment of sleep apnea
The effect of seat suspension on exposure to whole-body vibration of professional drivers
The effects of brace position on injuries sustained in the M1 Boeing 737/400 disaster, January 1989. NLDB Study Group
The effects of litter carrying on rifle shooting
Surveillance for five health risks among older adults--United States, 1993-1997
The effects of structural failure on injuries sustained in the M1 Boeing 737 disaster, January 1989. NLDB Study Group
The driver with dementia: a role for the neuropsychologist
The elderly driver
The impact of hiv-related neuropsychological dysfunction on driving behavior. the hnrc group
Trauma in pregnancy
Using science to prevent injuries: dissecting an event using the Haddon Matrix
The concept of "sense of coherence" and the development of posttraumatic stress disorder in traffic accident victims
The evaluation of the electrooculogram as a psychophysiological measuring instrument in the driver study of driver behaviour
Study of early warning of accident and emergency departments by ambulance services
Use of main roads by utility cyclists in urban areas
The Freiburg Stereotest. On assessment of stereovision in automobile driver examination
The importance of severity as a factor in post-traumatic stress disorder
The incidence of TMJ dysfunction in patients who have suffered a cervical whiplash injury following a traffic accident
The influence of nocturnal aircraft noise on sleep and on catecholamine secretion
The photic sneeze reflex as a risk factor to combat pilots
The physiological consequences of simulated helicopter flight in NBC protective equipment
The prevalence of alcohol-related mortality in both sexes: variation between indicators, Stockholm, 1987
Alcohol-hypoxia effects upon operator tracking, monitoring, and reaction time
Vehicle Structural Impact and Occupant Biomechanics in a Multibody Integrated Environment
Belt routing and safety assessment through computer simulation
Visually timed action: time-out for `tau'?
Social valuation of road accident reduction using subjective perceptions
Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction: The Case of Aum Shinrikyo
Suicide in the Montreal subway system: characteristics of the victims, antecedents, and implications for prevention
The past, present, and future of urban cable propelled people movers
Using conditional probability to find driver age effect in crashes
The automobile, its enemies, and the politics of mobility
The cost-effectiveness of safety options for big public school buses in Florida
Traffic engineering approaches to improving pedestrian safety
The crash involvement of older drivers is associated with their hazard perception latencies
International surgery: causes of hand injuries in a developing country
Night Driving Simulation in a Randomized Prospective Comparison of Visian Toric Implantable Collamer Lens and Conventional PRK for Moderate to High Myopic Astigmatism
An evaluation of freeway lane control signing using computer simulation
Field test of nonintrusive traffic detection technologies
Simulation of vehicle traffic on an automated highway system,
SmartAHS: A simulation framework for automated vehicles and highway systems
Traffic incident detection: Sensors and algorithms
Vehicle crash modelling using recurrent neural networks
A comparison and evaluation of the geometric design practices with passing lanes, wide-paved shoulders and extra-wide two-lane highways in canada and germany
A comparison of interchange planning, operations, and design in poland and the usa
A new stopping sight distance model for use in highway geometric design
A practical safety approach to highway geometric design international case studies: germany, greece, lebanon, and the united states
A study to improve the safety of expressways by desirable combinations of geometric alignments
A survey of principal north american 3r/4r safety-geometric design practices
A system for no-passing zone signing and marking setup
Alternative techniques for evaluating roadside safety systems
An operational and safety evaluation of alternative horizontal curve design approaches on rural two-lane highways
Assessing the needed passing sight distance
At-grade intersections/worldwide review
Changes in horizontal alignment design standards in australia and canada
Comparison of worldwide practice in interchange design
Danish planning and design procedures for traffic calming
Design considerations for passing sight distance and passing zones
Design criteria and traffic performance research in new swedish guidelines on rural highways
Design criteria for curves on two-lane rural highways
Design of intersections on divided highways
Determination of longitudinal grades on rural roads
Effects of intersection geometrics on driver performance
Evaluation of roadside features to accommodate vans, mini-vans, pickup trucks and 4-wheel drive vehicles
Formulating a strategic plan for improving roadside safety
Future directions in roadside safety, woods hole, massachusetts, july 27-30, 1997
Highway capacity and induced travel: issues, evidence and implications
Highway geometric design: the issue of driving behavior variability
Implementation and research needs
Implementation of intermediate cross sections
Influence of vehicle dynamics on road geometrics
Influence of vehicle parameters on horizontal curve design of rural highways
Innovative approaches to highway geometric design in poland
International sight distance design practices
Investigation of current and proposed superelevation design practices on roadway curves
Low-volume road geometric design practices in the national forests of the united states
Open-graded friction course: state of the practice
Operating speed approach to geometric design of low-speed urban streets
Other safety performance evaluation criteria
Overview of cross section design elements
An evaluation of the pediatric medico-legal admissions to a tertiary hospital emergency department
Do neighborhood environments moderate the effect of physical activity lifestyle interventions in adults?
Neighborhood perceptions and active commuting to school among adolescent boys and girls
Restraint use and seating position among children less than 13 years of age: Is it still a problem?
Vascular injuries following road traffic collisions in a high-income developing country: a prospective cohort study
Affective dimensions of the waiting experience
Analysis of personal action space using a model system with multiple choice structures
Approximations to the magic formula
The call of the road: factors predicting students’ car travelling intentions and behaviour
A dynamic analysis of household car ownership
A dynamic model system of household car ownership, trip generation, and modal split: model development and simulation experiment
The effects of added transportation capacity on travel: a review of theoretical and empirical results
Impact behavior modeling of motorcycle front wheel-tire assembly
Improvement of drivability and fuel economy with a hybrid antiskid braking system in hybrid electric vehicles
Mobile mapping technology of wind velocity data along highway for traffic safety evaluation
Modeling and verification of heavy-duty truck drivers’ car-following characteristics
Mutual forbearance, the representativeness heuristic and airline safety
Partial range scaling method based washout algorithm for a vehicle driving simulator and its evaluation
Red-light cameras at intersections: Estimating preferences using a stated choice model
Rollover stabilisation in electric vehicles
Scale modelling of aircraft fuselage: an innovative approach to evaluate and improve crashworthiness
The statistical analysis of crash-frequency data: A review and assessment of methodological alternatives
A systematic investigation of the differential predictors for speeding, drink-driving, driving while fatigued, and not wearing a seat belt, among young drivers
"Egg-box" panel for commercial vehicle front – compressive loading tests
"Turn on the radio, bust out a song": the experience of driving to work
Moderate alcohol disrupts a mechanism for detection of rare events in human visual cortex
Motorist comprehension of the slow-moving vehicle emblem in Manitoba
Pain interference in individuals in driver intervention programs for driving under the influence offenders
Relative brain displacement and deformation during constrained mild frontal head impact
Sternal fracture due to airbag injury: case report
Whiplash injury: 30-year follow-up of a single case series
Smart growth: Coming to a place near you
Recent developments in highway cross section design in Germany
Relationship between roundabout geometry and accident rates
Review of international design speed practices in roadway geometric design
Review of test matrices and conditions
Rural perspective on rail
Safety effects of cross-section design on rural multi-lane highways
Safety effects of road design standards in europe
Selected aspects of road safety in polish road design practice
Testing procedures: defining and measuring the relevancy of evaluation procedures
The "forgiving roadside" design of roadside elements
The effect of rural road geometry on safety in southern africa
The relationship between geometric design standards and safety
The traffic inducement effect: its meaning and measurement
Toward the new geometric design standard for the 21st century in japan
Translating strategies into actions
Truck widths and paths
Updating procedures for the crashworthiness evaluation of highway safety features
Vehicle tracking in black spots using artificial vision techniques in order to improve road geometric design standards
Widening the roads: data gaps and philosophical problems
Work plan for updating procedures for safety performance evaluation
Worldwide review of alignment design policies
Crisis Magnitude and Interstate Conflict: Changes in the Arab-Israel Dispute
Psychophysiologic sensitization to headlight glare among professional drivers with and without cardiovascular disease
The Peaceful Settlement of Interstate Conflict: Saar, Austria, and Berlin
The good, the bad and the ugly. Association between car colour and bicycle passing space
Neighborhood as a Unit of Planning and Action: A Heuristic Approach
Stress hormonal factors, fatigue, and antioxidant responses to prolonged speed driving
The New Neck Design for the Rear-End Impact Dummy, BioRID I
The Use of an Injury Cost Database to Evaluate Vehicle Design Changes in Australia
Traffic-Related Injuries to Children: Lessons From Real World Crashes
Statistics and Epidemiology of Tractor Fatalities - a Historical Perspective
Sweden's Thirty-Year Experience With Tractor Rollovers
The Iowa Farm Family Health and Hazard Surveillance Project
Aortic laceration due to rapid deceleration
The Influence of Frontal Crash Test Speeds on the Compatibility of Passenger Cars in Real World Accidents
The Response of Square Cross-Section Tubes Under Lateral Impact Loading
The Simulation of Real World Car to Pedestrian Accidents Using a Pedestrian Humanoid Finite Element Model
Thermal Influence on Mild Steel Behaviour During a Crash Event
Tracking the Energy in an Energy Absorbing Guardrail Terminal
Validation of an Analytical Model of a Right-Angle Collision Between a Vehicle and a Fixed, Rigid Object
Vehicle Safety in Australia Using Real World Crash Data
Toward Uniform Left-Turn Guidelines
Vital Signs: Circulation in the Heart of the City - an Overview of Downtown Traffic
Two Test Procedures of Measuring Lateral Transient Response Characteristic of Vehicle
Virtual traffic calming
Severe head injury in children - a preventable but forgotten epidemic
Supporting ergonomics in automotive design
The social context of drinking scales: construct validation and relationship to indicants of abuse in an adolescent population
The Thule case. Mortality and hospitalization after the crash of an American B-52 bomber in 1968
The time-course of alcohol impairment of general aviation pilot performance in a Frasca 141 simulator
Things that go bump in the light: on the optical specification of contact severity
Topographic-anatomical basis for forensic medical assessment of central structures of the brain in craniocerebral trauma
Traffic noise and cardiovascular risk: the Speedwell study, first phase. Outdoor noise levels and risk factors
Transport injuries in small coal mines: an exploratory analysis
Transportation needs of the elderly population
Transportation of children with special seating needs
Trauma and accidents. Practical aspects of the prevention and management of trauma associated with travel
Traumatic rupture of the diaphragm: study of 35 cases
Urban bus driving: an international arena for the study of occupational health psychology
The social benefits of personal vehicle travel
The relationship among highway geometrics, traffic-related elements and motor-vehicle accident frequencies
The 4Cs (Crash History, Family Concerns, Clinical Condition, and Cognitive Functions): A Screening Tool for the Evaluation of the At-Risk Driver
True costs of air medical vs. ground ambulance systems
Zero buoyancy: simulation of weightlessness to evaluate psychophysiological and anthropomorphic parameters that affect space station design
Unwanted optical images with narrow profile intraocular lenses compared with conventional intraocular lenses
Computer modeling and validation of a hybrid III dummy for crashworthiness simulation
Viability analysis of an aircraft flight domain for take-off in a windshear
Bicyclists injured by automobiles: relationship of age to injury type and severity: a National Trauma Databank analysis
Vision and driving: Canada
Trends in Alcohol-Related Traffic Risk Behaviors Among College Students
Virtual reality treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder due to motor vehicle accident
Acoustic trauma caused by diesel engine noise
An exploratory study of parents' use and knowledge of car safety seats in Beijing, China
Prevalence and correlates of susceptibility to motion sickness
A study of traffic pattern modifications in an urban crime prevention program
Victimization rates for domestic travelers
Anti-drink driving reform in Britain, c. 1920-80
Suppression of sleepiness in drivers: combination of caffeine with a short nap
The perils of drowsy driving
Sick Leave and Disability Pension Among Passenger Car Occupants Injured in Urban Traffic
Some Errors in the Application of Human Factors Data in Traffic Safety: Actual and Potential Problems
Thoracic Response and Trauma of Out-of-Position Drivers Resulting From Air Bag Deployment
Tractor Fatalities and Injury on New Zealand Farms
Further investigation into the effective use of clear zones and barriers in a safe system's context on rural roads
Sleepiness and driving: the experience of heavy goods vehicle drivers in the UK
Using Electoral Cycles in Police Hiring to Estimate the Effect of Police on Crime
The Development of a "Smart Seat" Occupant Size and Position Sensing System for the Enhancement of Occupant Protection
Thoracic Response and Injury With Belt, Driver Side Airbag, and Force Limited Belt Restraint Systems
Vehicle Frontal Crashworthiness Analysis by Simplified Structure Modeling Using Nonlinear Spring and Beam Elements
Traffic Calming in Australia - More Than Neighborhood Traffic Management
Traffic Calming in Europe
Traffic Speeds Following Repeal of the National Maximum Speed Limit
Sustaining Female Helicopter Pilot Performance With Dexedrine During Sleep Deprivation
Symptoms of Fatigue and Coping Strategies in International Pilots
The Boundaries of Aviation Psychology, Human Factors, Aeronautical Decision Making, Situation Awareness, and Crew Resource Management
Transfer and Quasi-Transfer Effects of Scene Detail and Visual Augmentation in Landing Training
Sleep, sleep disorders and motor vehicle crashes
Sleep-disordered breathing and motor vehicle accidents in a population-based sample of employed adults
Speed and acceleration as measures of driving style in young male drivers
Using a passive alcohol sensor to detect legally intoxicated drivers
Status asthmaticus in a paramedic following exposure to a roadside flare: a case report
Suicide by gunshot while driving a motor vehicle. two additional cases
The aetiology of mandibular fractures at an urban centre
The impact of prehospital instant photography of motor vehicle crashes on receiving physician perception
The wake-effect--emergency vehicle-related collisions
Traffic dangerous drugs are often found in fatally injured older male drivers
Traumatic carotid artery dissection of restrained driver and thoracic aorta transection of unrestrained passenger in a motor vehicle accident: case report
Traumatic injuries among university students in Finland
Two traffic fatalities related to the use of difluoroethane
Using a program logic model that focuses on performance measurement to develop a program
Vehicular accidents and cardiac concussion. a traumatic connection
Time headway in car following and operational performance during unexpected braking
Translational Energy Criteria: A Validation Study for Non-Fracture Head Impacts
What we need to know about walking
Type A behaviour pattern and traffic accidents
Stability criteria of driver-vehicle system and objective evaluation of vehicle handling performance
The elderly driver: what physicians need to know
Causes of mortality of free-ranging Florida panthers
Diseases and mortality in free-ranging brown bear (Ursus arctos), gray wolf (Canis lupus), and wolverine (Gulo gulo) in Sweden
Morbidity and mortality factors in key deer (Odocoileus virginianus clavium)
Relative vulnerability of chronic wasting disease infected mule deer to vehicle collisions
Traumatic injuries occurring in possums and gliders in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales
A survey of koala road kills in New South Wales
Visual compromise of automobile drivers by frontal photo-flash in mesoptic conditions
Visual information about time-to-collision between two objects
When is air medical service faster than ground transportation?
Whiplash and temporomandibular joint dysfunction
Whiplash injury and peer copying
Whiplash injury--a confusing concept
The geographic relationship between alcohol use, bars, liquor shops and traffic injuries in Rotterdam
Lost in translation: Translating injury research into effective interventions
Speed limits in the Safe System context
New Zealand’s new road safety strategy
Loads off roads: Shifting freight to rail creates a shift in road safety
Research initiatives to improve the visibility and hence safety of road workers at night-time
Driver behaviour and crash profiles at Seagull T-junctions on high speed rural roads
Evaluation of narrow median wire rope barrier installation on Centennial Highway, New Zealand
The effect of traffic lane widths on the safety of cyclists in urban areas
Driver compliance with, and understanding of, level crossing controls
An analysis of road signage and advertising from a pragmatic visual communication perspective: Case study of the M1 Motorway between the Gold Coast and Brisbane
Work-related road safety as a conduit for community road safety
Special provisions for left turns at signalized intersections to increase capacity and safety
Ten myths about transportation for the elderly
The interaction between policy and research in the implementation of server training
The public health physician's role in chemical incidents
The role of alcohol providers in prevention: an evaluation of a server intervention programme
Thoracic trauma in Nigerians: an eight year experience
Traffic accident induced thoracic outlet syndrome: decompression without rib resection, correction of associated recurrent thoracic aneurysm
Trauma scores, accident deformity codes, and car restraints in children
Traumatic aortic valve injury sustained despite the deployment of an automobile air bag
Undiagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder following motor vehicle accidents
Vehicular crashes and alcohol involvement in drivers at fault, and related fatalities
Victims of traffic accidents: incidence and prevention of post-traumatic stress disorder
Visual effects. post-traumatic stress disorder
Why have child pedestrian death rates fallen?
The Avianca plane crash: an emergency medical system's response to pediatric survivors of the disaster
Young adult drinking-driving: behavioral and psychosocial correlates
The effect of major railway accidents on the psychological health of train drivers--ii. a longitudinal study of the one-year outcome after the accident
The effect of major railway accidents on the psychological health of train drivers--i. acute psychological responses to accident
Speech intelligibility mappings in a car compartment
Spinal cord injuries in iceland 1973-1989. a follow up study
Substance abuse and the duty to protect
Substance abuse as a factor in the causality, severity, and recurrence rate of traumatic brain injury
Suicide notes
The aetiology, pattern and prognosis of fractures of the spine in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
The causes, sequelae and attempts at prevention of cervical spine injuries in Poland
The cost of injury
The effect of higher rural interstate speed limits in alcohol-related accidents
The epidemiology of traumatic death. a population-based analysis
The Construction of Personality Questionnaires for Selection of Aviation Personnel
Traffic Congestion in Urban Areas: The Present Position
Traffic Accident Analysis Using Geoprocessing Techniques
Transportation injuries and the affected pedestrians
Postmortem Study of Head Injury in Fatal Road Traffic Accidents
Road Traffic Accidents in Bangladesh
Personality traits and underachievement of deviant adolescent hot rodders: Cultural orientations toward introversion and juvenile delinquency
The human factor in flying accidents
Ignition hazards arising from broken optical fibres in flammable atmospheres,
The 10-year risk of verified motor vehicle crashes in relation to physiologic sleepiness
Analysis of the mechanism of lateral impact aortic isthmus disruption in real-life motor vehicle crashes using a computer-based finite element numeric model: with simulation of prevention strategies
Are Roadside Pedestrian Injury Patterns Predictable in a Densely Populated, Urban Setting?
Can the MSLT be a useful tool to assess motor vehicle crash risk in sleepy drivers?
A community initiative to increase use of seat belts in Northern British Columbia: impacts on casualty crashes
Graduated licensing laws and fatal crashes of teenage drivers: a national study
Spatial reference frames and driver performance
Syncope: driving advice is frequently overlooked
The Land-Use Impacts of Urban Rail Transit Systems
The Transportation Effects of Neo-Traditional Development
Spinal Injuries in Car Collisions
Supplemental Restraint Systems: Friend or Foe to Belted Occupants?
The Effect of Vehicle Impoundment and Immobilization on Driving Offenses of Suspended and Repeat DWI Drivers
The Effectiveness of the "Checkpoint Tennessee" Program
The Role of Driver Inattention in Crashes: New Statistics From the 1995 Crashworthiness Data System
Work Hazard Control Efforts by Wisconsin Dairy Farmers
The Effect of Multiple Impact Damage on the Residual Compressive Strength of Composite Structures
Toolbox Approach to Residential Traffic Management
Traffic Detector Designs for Isolated Intersections
Studies of Cockpit Task Management Errors
Three-Dimensional Audio Versus Head-Down Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System Displays
Should people taking opioids for medical reasons be allowed to work and drive?
Sleepiness and driving: the experience of UK car drivers
Sleepiness, snoring and driving habits
Some host factors and seasonal variations in the fatal road traffic accidents occurring in eastern suburban Calcutta
Standardisation or modelling of mortality rates
Studies of risks associated with technological development in Nigeria
The current situation of road traffic trauma
The five-factor model, conscientiousness, and driving accident involvement
The geography of availability and driving after drinking
The injury impairment scale in pelvic and lower limb fractures sustained in road traffic accidents
How have changes in air bag designs affected frontal crash mortality?
Improving older drivers' hazard perception ability
Incorporation of lower neck shear forces to predict facet joint injury risk in low-speed automotive rear impacts
Mental disorders and delivery motorcycle drivers (motoboys): A dangerous association
A method for assessing the visibility benefits of roadway lighting
What Influences Positive Return to Work Expectation?: Examining Associated Factors in a Population-Based Cohort of Whiplash-Associated Disorders
Snowmobile accidents
Assessment of driving performance in patients with retinitis pigmentosa
Public health versus public policy? An appraisal of British urban transport policy
Interreality in practice: bridging virtual and real worlds in the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorders
Parental awareness and perception for correct use of child occupant restraints in Korea
The pedestrian behaviour of Spanish adolescents
The SAM framework: modeling the effects of management factors on human behavior in risk analysis
The spectrum of emotional distress and personality changes after minor head injury incurred in a motor vehicle accident
The teenage driver. american academy of pediatrics committee on injury and poison prevention and committee on adolescence
Traffic accidents and daylight saving time
Traffic accidents and daylight saving time
Traffic accidents and daylight saving time
Traffic fatality related to the use of methylenedioxymethamphetamine
Trends in incidence of hospitalization for traumatic brain injury in Wisconsin from 1989 through 1992
Trends in motor vehicle traffic fatalities among Hispanics, non-Hispanic whites and American Indians in New Mexico, 1958-1990
Unnatural deaths in Delhi during 1991
Vehicle entrapment rescue and pre-hospital trauma care
Who develops PTSD from motor vehicle accidents?
Risky driving behavior and road traffic crashes among young Asian Australian drivers: findings from the DRIVE study
Road traffic safety in African countries - status, trend, contributing factors, countermeasures and challenges
A roadside survey of alcohol and drug use among drivers in British Columbia
Skull fractures in children: a population study
Severe-to-fatal injury risks in crashes with two front-seat occupants by seat belt use
Spiral lane-markings at roundabouts - a different angle
Symmetric relationship between self and others in aggressive driving across gender and countries
Traffic rule violations of private bus drivers and bus crashes in Sri Lanka: a case-control study
Vehicle-Assisted Decapitation: A Case Report
The impact of traffic on pedestrian behaviour. i: measuring the traffic barrier
Volvo and Infiniti drivers' experiences with select crash avoidance technologies
Values of Risk Reduction Implied by Motorist Use of Protection Equipment
The Common Disaster and the Unexpected Education: Delta Flight 1141 and the Discourse on Aviation Safety
Sensitivity of physiological measures for detecting systematic variations in cognitive demand from a working memory task: an on-road study across three age groups
Train over-runs in south-east Queensland
Trip characteristics of travelers without vehicles
Travel among non-urban elderly
Understanding causes of injuries in motor vehicle crashes
Requiring suspended drunk drivers to install alcohol interlocks to reinstate their licenses: effective?
Telescope Aiming Point Tracking Method for Bioptic Driving Surveillance
Friction Burn Injuries to the Dorsum of the Hand After Car and Industrial Accidents: Classification, Management, and Functional Recovery
From road to lab to math: the co-evolution of technological, regulatory, and organizational innovations for automotive crash testing
Amphetamines Detected in Exhaled Breath from Drug Addicts: A New Possible Method for Drugs-of-Abuse Testing
The Burden of Disease and the Cost of Illness Attributable to Alcohol Drinking-Results of a National Study
A 5-year profile of trauma admissions to the surgical intensive care unit of a tertiary hospital in Singapore
Integrated safety analysis: probabilistic risk assessment using markov reliability analysis and operational simulation
Safety conscious planning: supporting the establishment of safe transportation networks
Standards for testing, evaluating, and locating roadside safety features
The State Safety Participation Program
Medical conditions associated with driving cessation in community-dwelling, ambulatory elders
The effect of random breath testing on perception of likelihood of apprehension and on illegal drink-driving
The elderly driver: deciding when to stop
Will You Stop in Time: Some Problems in Emergency Braking
Structured Interviews for Pilot Selection: No Incremental Validity
Time Required for Transmission of Time-Critical Air Traffic Control Messages in an En Route Environment
Traumatic fatalities at work. american indians and alaska natives, 1980 through 1988
Standards of guard fences
Supporting the establishment of safe transportation networks. Part i: safety-conscious planning forums; part ii: facilitator's toolkit
Testing, evaluation, and application of standards for road safety devices in south africa
Toward a review of the need for and selection of appropriate end treatments in permanent and work zone situations
Update of u.S. Crash test procedures
Sex difference in geographical knowledge: driving experience is not essential
Smoking and mortality in 81,344 drivers in Guangzhou, China
Usage of Recycled Plastic Bottles in Roadside Safety Devices
Time Gap Measurement Using CAMDAS
A comparison between the impact of noise from aircraft, road traffic and trains on long-term recall and recognition of a text in children aged 12-14 years
Abnormal findings on magnetic resonance imaging in a group of motor vehicle accident patients with low back pain
Air medical transport of patients from offshore oil and gas facilities. Historical accident data and initial experience
Alcohol education among junior high school students. Results from a WHO educational program
Analytical study of the safety records of a leading seaport in the GCC
Culpable driving and issues of causation
Intersection-Based Routing Protocol for VANETs
Safety related attributes of registered vehicles and of vehicles that crash in South Australia
Protection of the unhelmeted head against blunt impact: the pedestrian and the car bonnet
Motorcycle speeds at urban intersections
An evaluation of pedestrian countdown timers in the Sydney CBD
Driver perceptions of police speed enforcement: differences between camera-based and non-camera based methods: results from a qualitative study
Determining quantitative road safety targets by applying statistical prediction techniques and a multi-stage adjustment procedure
Deaths from road injuries in Argentina: a spatial analysis for the 2001-2009 period
Cognitive impairment and driving safety
Safety risk analysis of maritime transportation
Road rage: relationships with borderline personality and driving citations
Driving difficulties in Parkinson's disease
E-Speed Governors For Public Transport Vehicles
Aggressive and unsafe driving in male veterans receiving residential treatment for PTSD
The Built Environment and Motor Vehicle Ownership and Use: Evidence from Santiago de Chile
Definition, classification and epidemiology of whiplash
The most primary of care -- talking about driving and distraction
Prioritisation of road traffic injury prevention fund spending in developing countries
Reporting on road traffic injury: content analysis of injuries and prevention opportunities in Ghanaian newspapers
Sleep habits and excessive daytime sleepiness correlate with injury risks in the general population in Taiwan
5-HTTLPR genotype and associations with intoxication and intention to drive: results from a field study of bar patrons
Clinical consequences of road traffic injuries among the elderly in Japan
Controlling alcohol-related global health problems
Demographic and clinical characteristics of red tag patients and their one-week mortality rate from the emergency department of the Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia
Do The Health Benefits Of Cycling Outweigh The Risks?
Electric-bicycle-related injury: a rising traffic injury burden in China
Epilepsy and driving: considerations on how eligibility should be decided
Hospital admitted eye injury in Victoria, Australia
Orbital blow-out fractures in children: characterization and surgical outcome
Representations of cycling in metropolitan newspapers - changes over time and differences between Sydney and Melbourne, Australia
Review of rural and regional alcohol research in Australia
Road traffic accidents in Dubai, 2002-2008
The role of motorcycle taxi drivers in the pre-hospital care of road traffic injury victims in rural Dominican Republic
Seat belt injury to the female breast: review and discussion of its surgical management
Spatial patterns monitoring of road traffic injuries in Karachi metropolis
Train suicides in The Netherlands
Vision and Driving
Wheelchair tiedown and occupant restraint loading associated with adult manual transit wheelchair in rear impact
Development and validation of rear impact computer simulation model of an adult manual transit wheelchair with a seated occupant
Child safety in vehicles: validation of a mathematical model and development of restraint system design guidelines for 3-year-olds through mathematical simulations
Computer simulation to aid the risk assessment of wheelchair and special seating systems used in transport
Computer simulation to aid the risk assessment of wheelchair and special seating systems used in transport
Comparative study of musculoskeletal injuries in transport aircrew
Does Screening Classification Predict Long-term Outcomes of DWI Offenders?
Driving after concussion: The acute effect of mild traumatic brain injury on drivers' hazard perception
Epidemiological study of road traffic accident cases from Western Nepal
Hazardous Use of Car Seats Outside the Car in the United States, 2003-2007
Pediatricians' Knowledge, Perceptions, and Behaviors Regarding Car Booster Seats
Population density and mortality among individuals in motor vehicle crashes
Auditory Displays as Occasion Setters
Cortical Temporal Dynamics of Visually Guided Behavior
The Effect of Pre-emptive Flare Deployment on First Generation Man-Portable Air-Defence (MANPAD) Systems
Multisensory Integration With a Head-Mounted Display: Role of Mental and Manual Load
Age-related declines in car following performance under simulated fog conditions
Detection of imminent collisions by drivers with Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease: a preliminary study
Geographic and sociodemographic variation in self-reported seat belt use in the United States
The development and validation of two complementary measures of drivers' hazard perception ability
Driver responses to green and red vehicular signal countdown displays: safety and efficiency aspects
Effectiveness of hands-on education for correct child restraint use by parents
Simulator sickness during driving simulation studies
The effects of cannabis and alcohol on simulated arterial driving: Influences of driving experience and task demand
Evaluation of different speech and touch interfaces to in-vehicle music retrieval systems
Effects of color scheme and message lines of variable message signs on driver performance
A fully Bayesian multivariate approach to before-after safety evaluation
Near peripheral motion detection threshold correlates with self-reported failures of attention in younger and older drivers
Psychological predictors of college students' cell phone use while driving
All terrain vehicle accidents (ATV's) requiring hospital admission--A 13-year state major trauma centre experience
An analysis of state legislation on community trails
Child restraint system use in vehicles in Victoria, Australia
Daylight savings time (DST) transition: The effect on serious or fatal road traffic collision related injuries
Preparing lane changes while driving in a fixed-base simulator: Effects of advance information about direction and amplitude on reaction time and steering kinematics
Intention to speed in a rural area: Reasoned but not reasonable
Motorcyclists' and car drivers' responses to hazards
Predicting the travel intention to take High Speed Rail among college students
Will announcing seat-belt checkpoints reduce the non-use of seat-belts or increase other violations?
Cellular automata simulation for mixed manual and automated control traffic
Cerebral infarction due to aortic dissection which developed immediately after traffic accident
Attitudes toward accompanied driving: The views of teens and their parents
Booming development of biofuels for transport: Is fire safety of concern?
The potential health impacts of increased mobile phone use for contacting emergency services in life-threatening trauma and emergency events
RTAS--Case fatality rate, crash injury rate and motor vehicles: Time trends between a developed and developing country
Audible Beaconing with Accessible Pedestrian Signals
Changing paradigms of seat belt and air bag injuries
The effect of light rail transit on body mass index and physical activity
Persistence of airline accidents
Road traffic injuries as seen in a Nigerian teaching hospital
Examining Ontario deaths due to all-terrain vehicles, and targets for prevention
Can the blood alcohol concentration be a predictor for increased hospital complications in trauma patients involved in motor vehicle crashes?
Pre-hospital care time intervals among victims of road traffic injuries in Iran. A cross-sectional study
Driving and Reintegration Into the Community in Patients After Stroke
Editorial. Road traffic injury prevention
Evaluating the impact of a school-based helmet promotion program on eligible adolescent drivers: different audiences, different needs?
Matched cohort analysis in traffic injury epidemiology: including adults when estimating exposure risks for children
Pattern of deaths and injuries in road crashes on three main entrance roads in Kerman, Iran
Pedestrians struck by motor vehicles further worsen race- and insurance-based disparities in trauma outcomes: the case for inner-city pedestrian injury prevention programs
Pre-hospital trauma care resources for road traffic injuries in a middle-income country-A province based study on need and access in Iran
Psychologic Processes in Daily Life With Chronic Whiplash: Relations of Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms and Fear-of-pain to Hourly Pain and Uptime
Exposure to whole-body vibration and seat transmissibility in a large sample of earth scrapers
Adolescents and Driving: A Position Paper of the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine
Alcohol impairment of saccadic and smooth pursuit eye movements: impact of risk factors for alcohol dependence
Analysis of factors associated with seatbelt wearing among rear passengers in Malaysia
The co-benefits for health of investing in active transportation
Commercial fishing deaths - United States, 2000-2009
Decomposition of socio-economic differences in life expectancy at birth by age and cause of death among 4 million South Korean public servants and their dependents
Injury patterns in low intensity conflict
An Extraordinary Orbital Foreign Body
Quad Driving - Life-Endangering Fun? A Medical and Technical Analysis
Transportation and driving in longitudinal studies on ageing
On the usefulness of the evaluation of railroads
Frequency distribution of blood alcohol values in 12,000 traffic accidents in Baden-Wuerttemberg
The choice to text and drive in younger drivers: Behavior may shape attitude
Cognitive control by brain-injured car drivers: an exploratory study
A circadian rhythm in skill-based errors in aviation maintenance
Daylight saving time transitions and road traffic accidents
The Relationship between Benzodiazepine Use and Traffic Accidents: A Systematic Literature Review
Social Justice Approach to Road Safety in Kenya: Addressing the Uneven Distribution of Road Traffic Injuries and Deaths across Population Groups
Correlations between coping styles and symptom expectation for whiplash injury
Adolescence and road accident prevention
CAEP position statement on cellphone use while driving
Cardiac injuries in car occupants in fatal motor vehicle collisions - An autopsy-based study
Determinants of residential indoor and transportation activity times in Korea
Effect of Simulator Training on Fitness-to-Drive After Stroke: A 5-Year Follow-up of a Randomized Controlled Trial
Estimating the incidence of road traffic fatalities and injuries in Sri Lanka using multiple data sources
Excessive Daytime Sleepiness Among Japanese Public Transportation Drivers Engaged in Shiftwork
Factors affecting return to driving post-stroke
Fatigue and the road users: travellers' account!
Performance evaluation of the DrugWipe((R)) 5/5 (+) on-site oral fluid screening device
Profile of Post-traumatic Epilepsy in Benin City, Nigeria
The relationship between alcohol supply source and young people's risky drinking and alcohol-related problem behaviours in Victoria, Australia
Skateboarding Injuries in Vienna: Location, Frequency, and Severity
Status and trend of injury deaths among Chinese population, 1991-2005
Uterine rupture following a road traffic accident
Upper Extremity Injuries in Restrained Front-Seat Occupants After Motor Vehicle Crashes
Visualization in transportation: challenges and opportunities for everyone
Effect of motorized scooters on quality of life and cardiovascular risk
Embolization of the Stent to the Right Heart After a Motor Vehicle Accident
Empirical Evidence of Toll Road Traffic Diversion and Implications for Highway Infrastructure Privatization
An Evaluation of the Importance of Military Associations at Civil Airports
Does Policing the Risk Society Hold the Road Risk?
The Robbery of Motorcycle Taxi Drivers (Dake Zai) in China: A Lifestyle/Routine Activity Perspective and Beyond
Modeling operating speed of two lane rural roads
The Impact of Rail Transport on Real Estate Prices: An Empirical Analysis of the Dutch Housing Market
Hospital charges associated with motorcycle crash factors: A quantile regression analysis
Driving Patterns of Older Adults: Results from the Second Injury Control and Risk Survey
Driving with Hemianopia: 2. Lane Position and Steering in a Driving Simulator
Fatal crashes involving young drivers
My car is sinking: automobile submersion, lessons in vehicle escape
Prevalence of drugged drivers among non-fatal driver casualties presenting to a trauma centre in Hong Kong
Pupil behaviour on school buses and potential risk factors for injury: an observational study
Racial disparities in motorcycle-related mortality: an analysis of the National Trauma Data Bank
Road rage and you
Road safety in Ireland--enforcement is the key
Simultaneous injuries to both eyes in traffic accidents
Turning 21 and the associated changes in drinking and driving after drinking among college students
A basic neural traffic noise prediction model for Tehran's roads
Effects of Anisometropic Amblyopia on Visuomotor Behaviour: I. Saccadic Eye Movements
Long-term visual associations affect attentional guidance
Why We Should Not Set a Minimum Price per Unit of Alcohol
Public Health and Liberty: Beyond the Millian Paradigm
A comprehensive analysis of household transportation expenditures relative to other goods and services: an application to United States consumer expenditure data
An adaptive time gap car-following model
Analysis of Crashes on Freeway Ramps by Location of Crash and Presence of Advisory Speed Signs
Are driving simulators effective tools for evaluating novice drivers' hazard anticipation, speed management, and attention maintenance skills?
The cell phone effect on motor vehicle fatality rates: A Bayesian and classical econometric evaluation
Contributing Factors for Young At Fault Drivers in Fatal Traffic Crashes in Florida
EEG signal analysis for the assessment and quantification of driver's fatigue
Effectiveness of Traffic Management Strategies at Destination during Emergency Evacuation
Effects of Neighborhood Street Patterns on Traffic Collision Frequency
Estimating the Safety Impact of Differential Speed Limit and Truck Lane Restriction on Interstate-10 through Atchafalaya Basin in Louisiana
Effects of minor phrasing variations in traffic-related questionnaires - Comparison of objective equivalences and respondents' subjective statements
Factors Affecting Crash Severity on Gravel Roads
Expectations of efficacy, social influence and age as predictors of helmet-use in a sample of Spanish adolescents
Factors Affecting Students’ Walking/Biking Rates: Initial Findings from a Safe Route to School Survey in Florida
Between-mode-differences in the value of travel time: Self-selection or strategic behaviour?
The effect of neighbourhood characteristics, accessibility, home–work location, and demographics on commuting distances
Expected car use reduction in response to structural travel demand management measures
Estimating the socioeconomic costs of alcohol drinking among adolescents in Korea
Traffic injuries among youth in Goiania, Goias State
Editorial Commentary: Resource utilization and outcomes of intoxicated drivers: does evidence of alcohol-impaired driving affect road traffic crash injury outcomes?
Work hours, workload, sleep and fatigue in Australian Rail Industry employees
Effects of Upgraded Child Restraint Law Designed to Increase Booster Seat Use in New York
PTSD among a treatment sample of repeat DUI offenders
Occupational stressors and the mental health of truckers
Risk factors for worker injury and death from occupational light vehicles crashes in New South Wales (Australia)
Effects of Urban Growth Controls on Intercity Commuting
Refining the Air Traffic Approach to City Networks
Unpacking Preference: How Previous Experience Affects Auto Ownership in the United States
Commuting Times: Is There Any Penalty for Immigrants?
Resource utilization and outcomes of intoxicated drivers
Estimates of drowning morbidity and mortality adjusted for exposure to risk
Design of built environments to accommodate mobility scooter users: part I
Monkey steering responses reveal rapid visual-motor feedback
Sociodemographic Factors Associated With Aggressive Driving Behaviors of 3-Wheeler Taxi Drivers in Sri Lanka
Taking care of the families of air disaster victims
What's "quickest and easiest?": parental decision making about school trip mode
Continuous kinematic wave models of merging traffic flow
Development of Planning-Level Transportation Safety Models using Full Bayesian Semiparametric Additive Techniques
Development of a Time-Dependent, Audio-Visual, Stated-Choice Method of Data Collection of Hurricane Evacuation Behavior
The effect of the building population and the number of floors on the vertical transportation design of low and medium rise buildings
Evaluation of the Use of Rural Transportation Infrastructure in Evacuation Operations
Indicators of self-rated driving across 3 years among a community-based sample of older adults
Managing Large-Scale Multimodal Emergency Evacuations
Measuring Injury Risks from Motor Vehicle Crashes with an Integrated Approach
Observation-Based Study of Intersection Dilemma Zone Natures
A Proof of Concept Study for Analyzing Hazmat Transportation Risks in an All-Hazards Environment
Real-Time Traffic Information for Emergency Evacuations
Relationship Between Highway Pavement Condition, Crash Frequency, and Crash Type
The Role of Driver Age and Gender in Motor Vehicle Fatal Crashes
Routing Hazardous Materials around the District of Columbia Area
Sample-Based Bayesian Accident Reconstruction
Trucker Perceptions of Lane Restriction and Differential Speed Limit Policies on Freeways
Using Drivers' Stop/Go Decisions in Driving Simulator to Assess Rear-End Crash Risk at Signalized Intersections
Using an IADL Assessment to Identify Older Adults Who Need a Behind-the-Wheel Driving Evaluation
State-of-the-Art Modeling and Analysis for Evacuation Planning and Operations
A behavioral ecology approach to traffic accidents: Interspecific variation in causes of traffic casualties among birds
Identification of malignant hyperthermia-susceptible ryanodine receptor type 1 gene (RYR1) mutations in a child who died in a car after exposure to a high environmental temperature
A kinematic wave theory of lane-changing traffic flow
Generic and crime type specific correlates of youth crime: a Finnish population-based study
Analysis of the ComGuard Advance Signalising System for Dangerous Road Traffic Points
Child cyclist traffic casualties: The situation in South Australia
Crash prediction models and the factors that influence cycle safety
A note on the central stories of fatal and other cyclist accidents in Adelaide
Painting a designated space: Cyclist and driver compliance at cycling infrastructure at intersections
The role of traffic violations in police-reported bicycle crashes in Queensland
Traffic control designing using model predictive control in a high congestion traffic area
Validity of suspected alcohol and drug violations in aviation employees
Conceptual model for identifying factors relevant to the safety of children in school buses
Patterns in deer-related traffic injuries over a decade: the Mayo clinic experience
Who wants airbags?
Late Sequelae of Whiplash Injury with Dissection of Cervical Arteries
Isolated ventricular septal rupture secondary to blunt trauma
Labor analgesia for the morbidly obese woman involved in a minor motor vehicle accident and unaware of pregnancy until full term and labor
Cycling injuries in Australia: Road safety’s blind spot?
Cyclist visibility at night: Perceptions of visibility do not necessarily match reality
Explosion characteristics of flammable organic vapors in nitrous oxide atmosphere
On the speed of pop-out in feature search
Temporal frequency modulates reaction time responses to first-order and second-order motion
The speed of feature-based attention: Attentional advantage is slow, but selection is fast
Precise Spatiotemporal Patterns among Visual Cortical Areas and Their Relation to Visual Stimulus Processing
Moving Toward Transportation Asset Management
Motion sickness, stress and the endocannabinoid system
Motorcycle related neurotrauma in Ireland and the introduction of the SHARP programme
Multi-objective crashworthiness design optimisation of thin-walled tubes
A matched-cohort analysis of belted front and rear seat occupants in newer and older model vehicles shows that gains in front occupant safety have outpaced gains for rear seat occupants
Models and estimation for systems with recurrent events and usage processes
Built environment characteristics and perceived active park use among older adults: Results from a multilevel study in Bogota
Cognitive and Psychomotor Performance during Alcohol Hangover
Extra-peritoneal rectal perforation caused by water jet: a case report and literature review
Geriatric Traumatic Open Globe Injuries
Hangover and Risk for Alcohol Use Disorders: Existing Evidence and Potential Mechanisms
Post-traumatic growth as outcome of a cognitive-behavioural therapy trial for motor vehicle accident survivors with PTSD
Shoulder Height Labeling of Child Restraints to Minimize Premature Graduation
Trends in the incidence of hospitalisation for injuries resulting from non-traffic crashes in New South Wales, July 1998 to June 2007
Understanding young and older male drivers' willingness to drive while intoxicated: The predictive utility of constructs specified by the theory of planned behaviour and the prototype willingness model
The longitudinal influence of home and neighbourhood environments on children's body mass index and physical activity over 5 years: the CLAN study
Identification and validation of a logistic regression model for predicting serious injuries associated with motor vehicle crashes
Overview on the development of a test standard for the evaluation of motorcyclists' impacts on road infrastructure elements
The social cognitive determinants of offending drivers' speeding behaviour
Sources of uncertainty in estimated benefits of road safety programmes
Speeding and the time-saving bias: How drivers' estimations of time saved in higher speed affects their choice of speed
That's close enough-A threshold effect of time headway on the experience of risk, task difficulty, effort, and comfort
Adolescent drivers' perceptions of the advantages and disadvantages of abstention from in-vehicle cell phone use
Analyzing fault in pedestrian-motor vehicle crashes in North Carolina
Analyzing the influence of median cross-section design on highway safety using vehicle dynamics simulations
Are airbags a dangerous safety measure? A meta-analysis of the effects of frontal airbags on driver fatalities
Attitudes towards current and lowered speed limits in Australia
Amphibian Encounter Rates on Roads with Different Amounts of Traffic and Urbanization
Commentary training improves responsiveness to hazards in a driving simulator
Correlates of motorcycle helmet use among recent graduates of a motorcycle training course
Deer-vehicle collisions, deer density, and land use in Iowa's urban deer herd management zones
Vehicle child restraint usage for Pacific children aged 6 weeks to 4 years: Findings from the Pacific Islands Families study
Work characteristics associated with injury among light/short-haul transport drivers
Discrete distributions when modeling the disability severity score of motor victims
The effect of alcohol, THC and their combination on perceived effects, willingness to drive and performance of driving and non-driving tasks
Effect of bus size and operation to crash occurrences
The effect of safety climate on seafarers' safety behaviors in container shipping
The effect of overwing hatch placement on evacuation from smaller transport aircraft
Effects of osteoporosis on AIS 3+ injury risk in motor-vehicle crashes
Estimation of rear-end crash potential using vehicle trajectory data
Evaluation of traffic safety, based on micro-level behavioural data: Theoretical framework and first implementation
The impact response of motorcycle helmets at different impact severities
Long-term effect of the North Carolina graduated driver licensing system on licensed driver crash incidence: A 5-year survival analysis
Population-level estimates of child restraint practices among children aged 0-12 years in NSW, Australia
Predictors of driving after alcohol and drug use among adolescents in Valencia (Spain)
Alcohol and driving factors in collision risk
Alcohol-related impairment in the Lane Change Task
Bicycle crash casualties in a highly motorized city
The blind date: The effects of change blindness, passenger conversation and gender on looked-but-failed-to-see (LBFTS) errors
Change plan as an active ingredient of brief motivational interventions for reducing negative consequences of drinking in hazardous drinking emergency-department patients
Changes in children's perception-action tuning over short time scales: Bicycling across traffic-filled intersections in a virtual environment
Child pedestrian anthropometry: evaluation of potential impact points during a crash
Commuting by bike in Belgium, the costs of minor accidents
Comparison of a linear and a non-linear model for using sensory-motor, cognitive, personality, and demographic data to predict driving ability in healthy older adults
The direct and indirect effects of corruption on motor vehicle crash deaths
Exploring differential trends in severe and fatal child pedestrian injury in New South Wales, Australia (1997-2006)
Impact of heavy drinkers on others' health and well-being
Influence of venting areas on the air blast pressure inside tubular structures like railway carriages
Methodology of estimating restraint use in children: Roadside observation or parking lot interview survey
Modeling of dynamic vehicle-road interactions for safety-related road evaluation
Pattern of Injuries among Children and Adolescents in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: a household survey
Parental and offspring assessment of driving capability under the influence of drugs or alcohol: Gender and inter-generational differences
Pedestrian injury mitigation by autonomous braking
Priorities for an age-friendly bus system
Priorities of pedestrian protection-A real-life study of severe injuries and car sources
Reduction of the blood alcohol concentration limit in Norway-Effects on knowledge, behavior and accidents
Speed cameras in Sweden and Victoria, Australia-A case study
Traffic calming along rural highways crossing small urban communities: Driving simulator experiment
Vehicle occupant injury severity on highways: An empirical investigation
Young novice driver subtypes: Relationship to driving violations, errors and lapses
Using endemic road features to create self-explaining roads and reduce vehicle speeds
Normal Aging and Motor Imagery Vividness: Implications for Mental Practice Training in Rehabilitation
Opioids in the management of chronic pain and driving ability
Posttraumatic growth, posttraumatic stress disorder and resilience of motor vehicle accident survivors
Quantifying safety benefit of winter road maintenance: Accident frequency modeling
Traumatic foot amputation in young children secondary to all-terrain vehicles: A case series
Discussion: "Who wants airbags?"
Reply to discussion of "Who wants airbags?"
Commentary on "Another look at Meyer and Finney's 'Who wants airbags?'"
Another Look at Meyer and Finney’s 'Who Wants Airbags?'
Associations between adolescent seatbelt non-use, normative perceptions and screen media exposure: results from a national US survey
The Depiction of Protective Eyewear Use in Popular Television Programs
Cognitive processing of traffic signs in immersive virtual reality environment: An ERP study
Examination of the Impact of Airbags on Renal Injury Using a National Database
Motor vehicle mismatch: a national perspective
Road Rage: What's Driving It?
Socioeconomic impact of road traffic injuries in West Africa: exploratory data from Nigeria
Validation of two child passenger safety questionnaires
Why the United States lags in auto safety and lessons it can import
Activity-related summation of pain and functional disability in patients with whiplash injuries
Changes in Alcohol Availability, Price and Alcohol-related Problems and the Collectivity of Drinking Cultures: What Happened in Southern and Northern Sweden?
Delinquency and alcohol-impaired driving among young males: A longitudinal study
Electrophysiological correlates of inter- and intrahemispheric saccade-related updating of visual space
General consumer awareness of warnings regarding the consumption of alcoholic beverages
Impact of Motorcycle Helmets and State Laws on Society's Burden: A National Study. (Croce, et al.)
Impact of Motorcycle Helmets and State Laws on Society's Burden: A National Study. (Adeleye)
Impaired updating ability in drivers with Parkinson's disease
The limits of tolerance: convicted alcohol-impaired drivers share experiences driving under the influence
Road traffic fatalities in Qatar, Jordan and the UAE: estimates using regression analysis and the relationship with economic growth
Tram-related trauma in Melbourne, Victoria
The risk of motor vehicle crashes and traffic citations post stroke: a structured review
Critical factors in fatal collisions of adult cyclists with automobiles
Cortico-striatal connections predict control over speed and accuracy in perceptual decision making
Cultural values and governance quality as correlates of road traffic fatalities: A nation level analysis
Current cycling, bicycle path use, and willingness to cycle more-findings from a community survey of cycling in southwest Sydney, Australia
Developing injury indicators for Canadian children and youth: a modified-Delphi approach
Driving rehabilitation for military personnel recovering from traumatic brain injury using virtual reality driving simulation: a feasibility study
The effect of daily-activity patterns on crash involvement
Effectiveness of social norms media marketing in reducing drinking and driving: A statewide campaign
Empirical calibration of a roadside hazardousness index for Spanish two-lane rural roads
Evaluating pedestrian crashes in areas with high low-income or minority populations
Evolution of the crashworthiness and aggressivity of the Spanish car fleet
Examining relationships between anxiety and dangerous driving
Examining the influence of aggressive driving behavior on driver injury severity in traffic crashes
Excess accident risk among residents of deprived areas
Hazard perception as a function of target location and the field of view
Nilsson's Power Model connecting speed and road trauma: Applicability by road type and alternative models for urban roads
The prevalence of drugs in motor vehicle accidents and traffic violations in Shanghai and neighboring cities
A probabilistic quantitative risk assessment model for the long-term work zone crashes
Airbag injury and bilateral globe rupture
Case series of 226 γ-hydroxybutyrate-associated deaths: lethal toxicity and trauma
Driveway runover, the influence of the built environment: A case control study
Postural activity and visual vigilance performance during rough seas
The psychological impact of motor vehicle accidents on emergency service workers
Residential carbon monoxide poisoning from motor vehicles
Validity of the Prey-Trap Hypothesis for Carnivore-Ungulate Interactions at Wildlife-Crossing Structures
A new perspective on sleepiness
Active traffic management on road networks: a macroscopic approach
Are Coarse Scales Sufficient for Fast Detection of Visual Threat?
A Case of Commotio Cordis Caused by Steering Wheel Injury
Comparison of sustained attention assessed by auditory and visual psychomotor vigilance tasks prior to and during sleep deprivation
Effects of alcohol on attention orienting and dual-task performance during simulated driving: An event-related potential study
A mechanism to describe the formation and propagation of stop-and-go waves in congested freeway traffic
Relationships of Land Use Mix with Walking for Transport: Do Land Uses and Geographical Scale Matter?
Route preferences among adults in the near market for bicycling: findings of the cycling in cities study
Pancreatic trauma in children
The effects of visibility conditions, traffic density, and navigational challenge on speed compensation and driving performance in older adults
Expectations while car following-The consequences for driving behaviour in a simulated driving task
Externality of risk and crash severity at roundabouts
Female involvement in U.S. nonfatal crashes under a three-level hierarchical crash model
Identifying crash-prone locations with quantile regression
Invulnerability and the intention to drink and drive: An application of the theory of planned behavior
Median barrier crash severity: Some new insights
A note on modeling pedestrian-injury severity in motor-vehicle crashes with the mixed logit model
Changes in alcohol-related harm in Sweden after increasing alcohol import quotas and a Danish tax decrease--an interrupted time-series analysis for 2000-2007
Driving Guidelines and Restrictions in Patients With a History of Cardiac Arrhythmias, Syncope, or Implantable Devices
Motor vehicle collision fatalities involving alcohol and illicit drugs in Greece: the need for management protocols and a reassessment of surveillance
Traffic Accidents In Cuiabá-Mt: An Analysis Through The Data Mining Technology
The Driving Behavior Survey: Scale construction and validation
Pediatric Obesity in Motor Vehicle Collisions
Road traffic collisions-case fatality rate, crash injury rate, and number of motor vehicles: time trends between a developed and developing country
Speed Kills? Not Always: The New York State Thruway Experience
Motivational pathways to unique types of alcohol consequences
Calibration of microscopic traffic-flow models using multiple data sources
Enhanced intelligent driver model to access the impact of driving strategies on traffic capacity
Air bag-mediated fatal craniocervical trauma: a case report
Alcohol and pedestrians
Are alcohol-related acute surgical admission rates falling?
Behavior and lifestyle characteristics of male Kuwaiti drivers
Cars before kids: automobility and the illusion of school traffic safety
Crash involvement during the different phases of the New Zealand Graduated Driver Licensing System (GDLS)
Dimensions of air traffic control tower information needs: From information requests to display design
The DriveABLE Competence Screen as a predictor of on-road driving in a clinical sample
Driver Drowsiness Classification Using Fuzzy Wavelet Packet Based Feature Extraction Algorithm
Emergency response management near the tracks of the public railway network : Special aspects of missions connected with the German national railway system
Examining traffic crash injury severity at unsignalized intersections
Exsanguinating blunt breast trauma: a report of a rare injury
Increasing self-awareness among older drivers: The role of self-screening
Lap belt injuries in children
Neck motion patterns in whiplash-associated disorders: Quantifying variability and spontaneity of movement
New-onset status epilepticus develops after a motor vehicle collision
Re-education of young driving offenders; Effects on self-reports of driver behavior
A reporting guide for studies on individual differences in traffic safety
Accounting for vehicle, crash, and occupant characteristics in traffic crash studies
Simulator driving performance predicts accident reports five years later
A traffic safety evaluation of California's traffic violator school citation dismissal policy
Influence of ambient lighting in a vehicle interior on the driver’s perceptions
Abdominal aortic injury in a child: Seat-belt syndrome
Street network types and road safety: A study of 24 California cities
Money down the drain: The direct cost to government of alcohol abuse
Urban Road Transportation Externalities: Costs and Choice of Policy Instruments
Accident rates for drug-dependent patients in treatment for substance dependence: a pilot trial
Alcohol and unnatural deaths in the West of Ireland: a 5-year review
The association of road safety knowledge and risk behaviour with paediatric road traffic injury in Guangzhou, China
Child pedestrian injuries and urban change
Cell phone use while driving and attributable crash risk
A community intervention to prevent traffic accidents among bicycle commuters
A comparative study of two hazard handling training methods for novice drivers
Comparison of the visual function index to the snellen visual acuity test in predicting older adult self-restricted driving
Drinking characteristics of drivers arrested for driving while intoxicated in two police jurisdictions
Effects of advertising billboards during simulated driving
The effect of feedback on attitudes toward cellular phone use while driving: a comparison between novice and experienced drivers
Epidemiological transition in Venezuela: Relationships between infectious diarrheas, ischemic heart diseases and motor vehicles accidents mortalities and the Human Development Index (HDI) in Venezuela, 2005-2007
Impact of the Penalty Points System on Road Traffic Injuries in Spain: A Time-Series Study
Influence of crash pulse characteristics on injury risk in frontal impacts based on real-life crashes
Motorcycle spoke injuries of the heel
A New Test to Measure Attentional Bias and Cognitive Disinhibition in Drinkers, Based on the Hayling Task
Parents' Attitudes About Connecticut's Required Driver Orientation Course for Parents
Prevalence of helmet use among motorcycle users in Tamale metropolis, Ghana: an observational study
Safe driving in a green world: a review of driver performance benchmarks and technologies to support 'smart' driving
Simulated driving performance coupled with driver behaviour can predict the risk of sleepiness-related car accidents
Train-vehicle crash risk comparison between before and after stop signs installed at highway-rail grade crossings
Trends in Fatalities From Distracted Driving in the United States, 1999 to 2008
Utilization of Research in Policymaking for Graduated Driver Licensing
WHIPS Seat and Occupant Motions During Simulated Rear Crashes
Texting Laws and Collision Claim Frequencies
Seat belt use during pregnancy in Iran: attitudes and practices
Do Smooth Waters Run Deep? Alcohol Intoxication and the Effects of Water Consumption on Driving-Related Cognitions and Behavior
Drive alive: teen seat belt survey program
Relations between Chronic Disease and Crashes within Professional Drivers
Examining the Influence of Different Attentional Demands and Individuals' Cognitive Failure on Workload Assessment and Psychological Functioning
The Burden of Traffic Accidents in South Khorasan Province, Iran in 2005
Problem of drinking driver
Control of the drinking driver: Science challenges legal creativity
Administration of justice in drunk driving cases
British law on drinking and driving
Drunk driving - Are random checkpoints constitutional?
Motor accident compensation study
The traffic court: The most important in our system
Traffic courts: The judge's responsibility
Analysis of hospital clinical services to elderly victims of accidents and violence
Assessment of drivers' ability to anticipate traffic hazards after traumatic brain injury
Attentional demand and processing of relevant visual information during simulated driving: A MEG study
Association between wearing a personal floatation device and death by drowning among recreational boaters: a matched cohort analysis of United States Coast Guard data
Cultural translation: acceptability and efficacy of a US-based injury prevention intervention in China
Determinants of helmet use behaviour among employed motorcycle riders in Yazd, Iran based on theory of planned behaviour
Epidemiology of traumatic spinal cord injury in Tianjin, China
From crisis to development - Analysis of air traffic control work processes
Global outcome in acute phase of treatment following moderate-to-severe traumatic brain injury from motor vehicle collisions vs assaults
Injuries among wheeled shoe users: A comparison with other nonmotorized wheeled activities
Normative data, preliminary inter-rater reliability and predictive validity of the Drive Home Maze Test
Serious injuries related to the Segway® personal transporter: a case series
Traumatic abdominal wall hernia: case report and review of the literature
Application of association rules in Iranian Railways (RAI) accident data analysis
The art of measuring nothing: The paradox of measuring safety in a changing civil aviation industry using traditional safety metrics
Benchmarking road safety performances of countries
CNG cylinder burst in a bus during gas filling - Lesson learned
The consequences of unexpected emotional sounds on driving behaviour in risky situations
Designing a composite indicator for road safety
Does vehicle colour influence crash risk?
The expected number of road traffic casualties using stratified data
Is the effect of quantified road safety targets sustainable?
A framework for estimating the safety effects of roadway lighting at intersections
Official reporting and newspaper coverage of road crashes: A case study
Providing the numerical context for British casualty reduction targets
Strengthening road safety strategy development 'Towards Zero' 2008-2020 - Western Australia's experience scientific research on road safety management SWOV workshop 16 and 17 November 2009
Evaluation of a human factors analysis and classification system used by trained raters
Epidemiology of injury and violence in North Carolina
The Additive Impact of Group and Individual Publicly Displayed Feedback: Examining Individual Response Patterns and Response Generalization in a Safe-Driving Occupational Intervention
Automatically Activated Attitudes as Mechanisms for Message Effects: The Case of Alcohol Advertisements
Bicyclists and other cyclists
Circumstances of injury in childhood and adolescence: Data and epidemiology
Computer-aided Nonlinear Vehicle-bridge Interaction Analysis
Deadly trend. Arkansas accident was eighth air medical crash in '10
Design of LED freeform optical system for road lighting with high luminance/illuminance ratio
Driver behaviour at rail level crossings: Responses to flashing lights, traffic signals and stop signs in simulated rural driving
Esophageal injury in fatal rear-impact collisions
Ethanol and other psychoactive substances in fatal road traffic accidents in the Czech Republic in 2008
Experiences of driving and driving restrictions in recipients with an implantable cardioverter defibrillator-the patient perspective
Exploring knowledge and attitudes of taxi drivers with regard to obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome
Strengthening incentives for efficient road safety policy priorities: The roles of cost-benefit analysis and road pricing
Beyond "best practice" road safety thinking and systems management - A case for culture change research
Comparison of portable and onboard navigation system for the effects in real driving
Estimation of pressure distribution for shock wave through the bend of bend laneway
An integrated information technology assisted driving system to improve mine trucks-related safety
Incident tree model and incident tree analysis method for quantified risk assessment: An in-depth accident study in traffic operation
An investigation of the relationship between organizational climate and professional drivers' driver behaviours
Managers' attitudes towards safety measures in the commercial road transport sector
Managing error on the open road: The contribution of human error models and methods
Measuring and understanding road safety performance at local territorial level
The need for a systems theory approach to road safety
Road accidents, an occupational risk
The validity of a low-cost simulator for the assessment of the effects of in-vehicle information systems
Towards a method to forecast the effectiveness of national road safety programmes
Constructivist evaluation, under an integrating and intersectoral approach, of actions of the Disque Idoso Project in Sobral (CE, Brazil)
Cultural and Gender Convergence in Adolescent Drunkenness: Evidence From 23 European and North American Countries
Health care for aged victims of accidents and violence: analysis of SUS health services in Recife (PE, Brazil)
Medico-legal autopsy and testing for alcohol and drugs/medicine after traffic fatalities is not routinely conducted
A Multi-sectoral Approach to Capture Information on Road Traffic Injuries
Nonfire Carbon Monoxide-Related Deaths: A Survey in Tehran, Iran (2002-2006)
Predictors of Parental Risk Perceptions: The Case of Child Pedestrian Injuries in School Context
Protection against head injuries should not be optional: a case for mandatory installation of side-curtain air bags
Reducing alcohol-related harm and social disorder in a university community: a framework for evaluation
Application of Recursive Least Square Algorithm on Estimation of Vehicle Sideslip Angle and Road Friction
Driver Drowsiness Warning System Using Visual Information for Both Diurnal and Nocturnal Illumination Conditions
A joint watermarking and ROI coding scheme for annotating traffic surveillance videos
Multiobjective Reinforcement Learning for Traffic Signal Control Using Vehicular Ad Hoc Network
Performance and reliability of DSRC vehicular safety communication: a formal analysis
Priority-Based Inter-Vehicle Communication for Highway Safety Messaging Using IEEE 802.11 e
A Reputation System for Traffic Safety Event on Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
A Rule-Based Data Transfer Protocol for On-Demand Data Exchange in Vehicular Environment
Securing Embedded Smart Cameras with Trusted Computing
A Simulation Tool for Hurricane Evacuation Planning
Addressing Fear of Crime in Public Space: Gender Differences in Reaction to Safety Measures in Train Transit
Association of workplace supports with active commuting
Cast shadow can modulate the judged final position of a moving target
Community-based applications to enhance road safety
Countermeasures to prevent detection failure of a vehicle approaching on collision course
Differential alcohol expectancies based on type of alcoholic beverage consumed
Driving functions in a video simulator in chronic non-malignant pain patients using and not using codeine
Epidemiology of non-disaster spinal injuries at a spine unit
Equity, Pricing, and Surface Transportation Politics
Establishments licensed to serve alcohol and their contribution to police-recorded crime in Australia: further opportunities for harm reduction
Evaluation of a community-based intervention to enhance road safety
Fear patterns: a new approach to designing road safety advertisements
Iatrogenically induced Stevens-Johnson syndrome after a car accident
Interventions to promote cycling: systematic review
Investigating road safety issues and deaf people in the United kingdom: an empirical study and recommendations for good practice
Motivating motorists to voluntarily slow down
Neck collar used in treatment of victims of urban motorcycle accidents: over- or underprotection?
Negotiation in Motion: Unpacking a Geography of Mobility
Observed seat belt use in Kumasi Metropolis, Ghana
Plank Fence Penetration into Automobiles-Implications for Prevention Initiatives
Review of occupational hazards associated with aquaculture
Risk analysis of tractor overturns on catfish farms
Road safety and deaf people: the role of the police
Road traffic injuries
The Role of Community in Pediatric Injury
Thermal Perception of Ventilation Changes in Full-Face Motorcycle Helmets: Subject and Manikin Study
An Approach to the Study of Transport and Dispersion of Threat Agents in a Subway Station
Potential risk of using General Estimates System: Bicycle safety
Multilevel data and Bayesian analysis in traffic safety
Medicolegal assessment of the ability to drive a motor vehicle in persons with epilepsy
Motorized transportation, social status, and adiposity: the China Health and Nutrition Survey
Addressing Fear of Crime in Public Space: Gender Differences in Reaction to Safety Measures in Train Transit
Association of waterpipe smoking and road traffic crashes
Burden and factors associated with highway work-zone crashes, on a section of the Karachi-Hala Road, Pakistan
Causes of road accidents as perceived by Arabs in Israel: A qualitative study
Motor vehicle fatal crash profiles of 13-15-year-olds
Concepts from research literature and practical assessment of risk awareness: The Swedish driving test from the perspective of cognitive psychology
Derivation of continuum traffic model for weaving sections on freeways
Disability evaluation of 204 cases of children with brain injury in road traffic accidents
Do perceptions of effective distractive driving public service announcements differ between adults and teens?
Do we track what we see? Common versus independent processing for motion perception and smooth pursuit eye movements: A review
Does Psychological Distress Increase the Risk for Motor Vehicle Crashes in Young People? Findings From the DRIVE Study
Drivers aged 16 or 17 years involved in fatal crashes --- United States, 2004-2008
Driving in dangerous territory: Complexity and road-characteristics influence attentional demand
The Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Oculomotor Responses
An examination of the factors that influence drivers' willingness to use hand-held mobile phones
Exhaust burns in children
What does the Driving and Riding Avoidance Scale (DRAS) measure?
Habitual moderate alcohol consumption desynchronizes circadian physiologic rhythms and affects reaction-time performance
Hazards with mobile phones during driving. Time for a more stringent legislation and smarter technology according to a pilot study
Grasping the thistle: The role of alcohol brief interventions in Scottish alcohol policy
Measuring transport efficiency with adjustment of accidents: case of Taipei bus transit
Modelling the operational effects of unconventional U-turns at a highway intersection
Models of acceleration and deceleration rates on a complex two-lane rural highway: Results from a nighttime driving experiment
Mortality Among Members of a Truck Driver Trade Association
Operational impact of tongue piercing on French military pilots during overseas deployments: a case report
A passing gap acceptance model for two-lane rural highways
Passing behavior on two-lane highways
Post-traumatic camel-related benign paroxysmal positional vertigo
Potential Health Impact of Switching From Car to Public Transportation When Commuting to Work
The Prevalence of Seatbelt Use Among Pediatric Hospital Workers
Six years of facial trauma care: an epidemiological analysis of 355 cases
Sleep disorders and accidental risk in a large group of regular registered highway drivers
Using trauma registry data to guide injury prevention program activities
The Blind Date: The Effects of Passenger Conversation and Gender on Looked-but-Failed-to-See (LBFTS) Errors
Comparison of Two Eye-Gaze Based Real-Time Driver Distraction Detection Algorithms in a Small-Scale Field Operational Test
Ecodrive Training Delivers Substantial Fuel Savings for Heavy Vehicle Drivers
Evaluation of an Onboard Safety Monitoring Device in Commercial Vehicle Operations
A Measure of Strong Driver Fatigue
Object Detection and Identification Using Enhanced Camera/Video Imaging Systems (E-C/VISs) on Heavy Trucks
Acquisition, response, and error rates with three suites of collision warning sounds
The adaption test: The development of a method to measure speed adaption to traffic complexity
Age and attentional capacity
Aging and the detection of collision events in fog
Collision avoidance training using a driving simulator in drivers with Parkinson's disease: a pilot study
Assessment in driving simulators: Where we are and where we go
Attention function structure of older and younger adult drivers
Attention maintenance in novice drivers: assessment and training
Capturing driver response to in-vehicle human-machine interface technologies using facial thermography
Changing driver behavior through unconscious stereotype activation
Can low cost road engineering measures combat driver fatigue? A driving simulator investigation
Comparing the gap acceptance and turn time patterns of novice with experienced drivers for turns across traffic
Comparing techniques to reduce simulator adaptation syndrome and improve naturalistic behaviour during simulated driving
Comparison of the effects of two push-to-talk button implementations on driver hand position and visual attention
Considerations when calculating percent road centre from eye movement data in driver distraction monitoring
Crash risk: eye movement as indices for dual task driving workload
A cross-cultural comparison of younger and older adults' simulated highway driving performance under single and dual task conditions
Curve Negotiation: Identifying Driver Behavior Around Curves with the Driver Performance Database
The design and assessment of attention-getting rear brake light signals
Design and evaluation of serial-hybrid vehicle energy gauges
Development of a system to study the impact of headlight glare in a driving simulator
Differences in simulated car following behavior of younger and older drivers
Differential effects of focal and ambient visual processing demands on driving performance
Do redundant head-up and head-down display configurations cause distractions?
Driver comprehension of integrated collision avoidance system alerts presented through a haptic driver seat
Driving assessment and subsequent driving outcome: A prospective study of safe and unsafe healthy driver groups
Driving with cardiovascular disease: The impact of implantable cardioverter defibrillators on driver safety
The effect of age on decision making during unprotected turns across oncoming traffic
Effects of cell phone conversations on driver performance while driving under highway monotony
Effects of cognitive and physical decline on older drivers' side-to-side scanning for hazards while executing turns
Effects of display location within simulated driving environments
The effects of dual-task interference and response strategy on stop or go decisions to yellow light changes
Elderly pedestrians' visual timing strategies in a simulated street-crossing situation
Enhanced seat belt reminder systems for teenage drivers and passengers
Estimating fatigue from predetermined speech samples transmitted by operator communication systems
Estimating workload demands of turning left at intersections of varying complexity
Evaluating design options for a dynamic traffic sign
Gender effects on lane change test (LCT) performance
Hard braking events among novice teenage drivers by passenger characteristics
Verbal-spatial cue conflict: implications for the design of collision-avoidance warning systems
A simulator-based street-crossing training for older pedestrians: Short and long term effects
Steering wheel behavior based estimation of fatigue
Useful field of view impairments in drivers with obstructive sleep apnea
Validation of the static load test for event detection during hands-free conversation
Validity of an on-road driver performance assessment within an initial driver training context
How Do Drivers Behave in a Highly Automated Car?
How well do drivers understand their own headlights?
Identifying Influences of Driving Behaviour: Could the Australian Work Driving Setting Be Unique?
The impact of macular disease on pedestrian detection: a driving simulator evaluation
Implementation of a driving diary intervention to reduce aberrant driving behaviours
An invariant may drive the decision to encroach at unsignalized intersections
Manipulating drive characteristics to study the effects of mental load on older and younger drivers
Modeling the behavior of novice young drivers using data from in-vehicle data recorders
Multiple exposition to a driving simulator reduces simulator symptoms for elderly drivers
Multiple-session simulator training for older drivers and on-road transfer of learning
Near peripheral motion contrast threshold predicts older drivers' driving simulator performance
Nighttime speed negotiation on rural road s-shaped curves: Discussion of an experimental case-study
Normative values for driving simulation parameters: A pilot study
Operator fatigue estimation using heart rate measures
The perception of optical flow in driving simulators
Predicting older drivers' difficulties using the Roadwise Review
Prediction of driving ability in people with dementia- and non-dementia-related brain disorders
Quantifying the subjective brightness of retroreflective material using magnitude estimations
A recording and analysis system of bioptic driving behaviors
Seizure and the risk for seizure recurrence among individuals who have undergone surgery for epilepsy
45-year-old male from an RTA with isolated sternal fracture: immediate discharge or hospital admission?
Abuse of handicap tags and license tags
Acute myocardial infarction as an incidental finding: reflections on the preanesthesia evaluation
Acutely developed reversible posterior leukoencephalopathy syndrome following a prompt physical activity to avoid a traffic accident: a case report
Addressing a deadly epidemic
The adverse health effects of cannabis use: what are they, and what are their implications for policy?
AE special issue on "driver modelling in automotive systems"
Alcohol and driver fatalities in Israel: an examination of the current problem
Alcohol dose effects on brain circuits during simulated driving: an fMRI study
Alcohol-impaired driving and children in the household
American Pediatric Surgical Association Trauma Committee position statement on the use of all-terrain vehicles by children and youth
An approach to the use of state crash and fatality registries
Are go-karts safe?
Are paediatricians aware of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency guidance for common medical conditions?
Assessment of cerebral oxygenation during prolonged simulated driving using near infrared spectroscopy: its implications for fatigue development
Assessment of the influence of the car driver's posture on the mechanism of injuries
Association of lens opacities, intraocular straylight, contrast sensitivity and visual acuity in European drivers
Associations between parenting styles and teen driving, safety-related behaviors and attitudes
Associations between weight change since 20 years of age and sleep-disordered breathing among male truck drivers
Attentional processing of location and color cues during driving
Attenuation of noise by motorcycle safety helmets
Avulsion of the perineal body in a single nulliparous woman following a motorcycle accident: a case report
Awareness of functional difficulties in mild cognitive impairment: a multidomain assessment approach
Belly full of trouble. A driver's condition following an accident may be worse than it appears
Bicycling injuries and mortality in Victoria, 2001-2006. Comment
Bilateral anterior sternoclavicular dislocation
Biopsychosocial differences between drivers and non-drivers over the age of 74
Bipolar disorder as a risk factor for repeat DUI behavior
Blood concentrations of clonazepam and 7-aminoclonazepam in forensic cases in Denmark for the period 2002-2007
Blunt cerebrovascular trauma: distal internal carotid dissection
The bruise which depicted the pattern of subjacent bone
Building the evidence base for postoperative and postpartum advice
Buckling up is 'cool' on Russian island
Burn injuries from in-car cigarette lighters
Car accident leading to "traumatic" macular hole formation proven by optical coherence tomography
Car driving with and without a movable back support: Effect on transmission of vibration through the trunk and on its consequences for muscle activation and spinal shrinkage
Car safety
Car versus bicycle
Carbohydrate deficient transferrin and forensic medicine
Carotid artery thrombosis and delayed stroke associated with the use of a shoulder belt in a teenager
Case report: associated both-column acetabulum fracture with an ipsilateral centrally dislocated intertrochanteric femur fracture
Casting technique and restraint choice influence child safety during transport of body casted children subjected to a simulated frontal MVA
A catastrophic car crash: right main bronchial rupture with concomitant thrombosis of the right carotid artery, vertebral artery dissection, and dislocated cervical spine fracture
Can chest trauma patients provide breath sample with Lion SD-400 Alcometer?
Cerebral palsy--long-term medical, functional, educational, and psychosocial outcomes
Cerebral venous thrombosis associated with seat belt syndrome
Child restraint systems for young children during motor vehicle collisions
Child safety restraint use among children attending day care centers
"Can I drive, doctor?" LEAN thinking may help us answer the question
Clinical and societal consequences of obstructive sleep apnea and excessive daytime sleepiness
Clinical characterization of comatose patients with cervical spine injury and traumatic brain injury
Cognitive speed of processing training delays driving cessation
Collectively optimal routing for congested traffic limited by link capacity
Commentary: Causal pathways of relative motor vehicle crash fatality risk are hard to estimate from police records
Commentary: moving forward by looking behind you
Comparative study of aspheric intraocular lenses with negative spherical aberration or no aberration
A comparison of the hazard perception ability of matched groups of healthy drivers aged 35 to 55, 65 to 74, and 75 to 84 years
Complete thoracic cage disruption associated with anterior lung herniation
Concomitant repair of mitral valve papillary muscle rupture and tricuspid valve avulsion in a pediatric patient after a motor vehicle collision
Consensus statement of the European Heart Rhythm Association: updated recommendations for driving by patients with implantable cardioverter defibrillators
Correlation between screening for obstructive sleep apnea using a portable device versus polysomnography testing in a commercial driving population
A cost-utility analysis of nursing intervention via telephone follow-up for injured road users
Counseling for driving restrictions in epilepsy and other causes of temporary impairment of consciousness: how are we doing?
Countering postural posteffects following prolonged exposure to whole-body vibration: a sensorimotor treatment
Can patients with low energy whiplash associated disorder develop low back pain?
Can the prevalence of high blood drug concentrations in a population be estimated by analysing oral fluid? A study of tetrahydrocannabinol and amphetamine
Cycling and health: an opportunity for positive change?
Danger, Will Robinson, danger!!
The Deceleration Detection Flicker Test: a measure of experience?
Dependence of the character of primary injuries to the pedestrian's lower extremities on the the shape of the front part of a moving car
Determination and evaluation of the influence of addictive drugs on drivers of motor vehicles in Germany
Development and validation of a human neck FE model for dynamic response during impact condition
Development of an in vitro porcine aorta model to study the stability of stent grafts in motor vehicle accidents
"Diabetes and literacy: negotiating control through artifacts of medicalization"
Diabetes at 100 mph. Catching up with Charlie Kimball, a race car driver with type 1
Direction coding using a tactile chair
Distractive driving or sharks... you be the judge
Do restricted driver's licenses lower crash risk among older drivers? A survival analysis of insurance data from British Columbia
Doc, can I drive home?
Does advanced driver training improve situational awareness?
Does the sleep apnoea sufferer act grossly negligent according to paragraph 81 of the new German Insurance Contract Act (VVG) when he causes a traffic accident through microsleep?
Driver Acceptance of False Alarms to Simulated Encroachment
Driver-Vehicle-Environment monitoring for on-board driver support systems: lessons learned from design and implementation
Driveway accidents in New Zealand
Driving behaviors among community-dwelling persons with multiple sclerosis
Driving cessation and driving limitation in glaucoma: the Salisbury Eye Evaluation Project
Driving cessation and health trajectories in older adults
Driving competence expert evaluation in cases involving alcohol
Driving is smoother and more stable when using the tangent point
Driving simulator performance and psychomotor functions of schizophrenic patients treated with antipsychotics
Driving status and community integration after stroke
Driving under low-contrast visibility conditions in Parkinson disease
Early laparoscopic approach for complicated blunt hepatic injury in an adolescent
An economic evaluation of health-promotive built environment changes
Economic impact on health-care costs related to major diseases including HIV/AIDS due to alcohol drinking among Thai populations
The effect of an active lumbar system on the seating comfort of officers in police fleet vehicles
The effect of cannabis compared with alcohol on driving
Effect of desired speed variability on highway traffic flow
Effect of ivabradine, a novel antianginal agent, on driving performance: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial in healthy volunteers
The effect of scheduling and withdrawal of carisoprodol on prevalence of intoxications with the drug
Effectiveness of mandatory alcohol testing programs in reducing alcohol involvement in fatal motor carrier crashes
Effectiveness of posterior tension band fixation in the thoracolumbar seat-belt type injuries of the young population
Effects of alcohol on performance on a distraction task during simulated driving
Effects of dichotically enhanced electronic communication on crash risk and performance during simulated driving
Effects of road surface appearance and low friction warning systems on driver behaviour and confidence in the warning system
Emergency department charges for evaluating minimally injured alcohol-impaired drivers
Endovascular management of stenosis of the infrarenal aorta secondary to blunt abdominal aortic trauma in a multiply injured patient
Endovascular treatment of intramural hematoma of internal carotid artery after blunt trauma of neck inflicted with the seatbelt
Environmental correlates of physical activity in driving and non-driving rural Japanese women
Epilepsy and driving. Background, new German guidelines and comments
The European Standard testing method for motorcyclists' protective clothing (EN 1621-1) is unsuitable for hip protectors
Etiopathology and management challenges of blunt chest trauma in Nigeria
Estimation of drowsiness level based on eyelid closure and heart rate variability
Evaluating the effectiveness of motivational counseling and hospital emergency department observation for court mandated young drives
Women with PTSD have lower basal salivary cortisol levels later in the day than do men with PTSD: a preliminary study
Who cares for involuntary clients?
Why does public transport not arrive on time? The pervasiveness of equal headway instability
What happens next? Predicting other road users' behaviour as a function of driving experience and processing time
Expert examination of seat belts for the identification of the car driver
Experimental analysis of the relationship between simulated low-velocity rear-end collisions and fetal outcomes of pregnant rats
Exploration of the links between concepts of theoretical driving models and the International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health
Field tests and machine learning approaches for refining algorithms and correlations of driver's model parameters
Forensic expertise of thoracic aorta, heart and pericardial injuries in car-occupant fatalities
Airbag pneumonitis
Alcohol-related emergency department attendances: is preloading a risk factor? Cross-sectional survey
Analysis and application of relationship between post-braking-distance and throw distance in vehicle-pedestrian accident reconstruction
Attention to speed and guide traffic signs with eye movements
A controlled evaluation of the WHO Safe Communities model approach to injury prevention: increasing child restraint use in motor vehicles
The epidemiology of childhood injury in Maputo, Mozambique
Exposure to Traffic and Risk of Hospitalization Due to Injuries
Increased risk of hospitalization related to motor vehicle accidents among people taking zolpidem: a case-crossover study
How can we reduce alcohol-related road crash deaths among young Australians?
Motorcycle-related major trauma: On-road versus off-road incidence and profile of cases
Predicting Multiple DUI Offenders Using the Florida DRI
Real-Time Walk Light Detection with a Mobile Phone
Spanish drivers' beliefs about speed. Speeding is a major issue of road safety
Synchronizing self and object movement: How child and adult cyclists intercept moving gaps in a virtual environment
Upper extremity fractures in pedestrian versus motor vehicle accidents: an underappreciated concern
Alcohol use problem among patients in methadone maintenance treatment in Taiwan
Attention, awareness of contingencies, and control in spatial localization: A qualitative difference approach
Attentional signatures of perception: Multiple object tracking reveals the automaticity of contour interpolation
Autonomous driving in urban environments: approaches, lessons and challenges
Axial head rotation increases facet joint capsular ligament strains in automotive rear impact
Examining Commuting Patterns: Results from a Journey-to-work Model Disaggregated by Gender and Occupation
Bullish new medical measures to give more pilots wings
Childhood injuries in Pakistan: results from two communities
Predictors of chronic sequelae in whiplash trauma
Preferences for lives, injuries, and age: A stated preference survey
Farm Tractors, Occupational Therapy, and Four-Wheel Drive: Transforming a Military Vehicle Into a Cultural Icon
Age group differences in collision risk
Age thresholds for increased mortality of predominant crash induced thoracic injuries
The AIS-2005 Revision in Severe Traumatic Brain Injury: Mission Accomplished or Problems for Future Research?
Causes of imprisonment for crimes against road safety: illness or irresponsibility?
Childhood accidents: injuries and poisoning
Anthropometric parameters, lipid peroxidation and antioxidants in auto-rickshaw drivers
A classification tree based modeling approach for segment related crashes on multilane highways
Cognitive training decreases motor vehicle collision involvement of older drivers
Cyclist Injuries Treated in Emergency Department (ED): Consequences and Costs in South-eastern Finland in an Area of 100 000 Inhabitants
Driving anger and its expressions: Further evidence of validity and reliability for the Driving Anger Expression Inventory French adaptation
The effect of driver age on the incidence and severity of upper extremity injuries due to second generation front air bag deployment
Evaluation of the Accuracy of NASS/CDS Delta-V Estimates from the Enhanced WinSmash Algorithm
Expansion and evaluation of data characterizing the structural behavior of the pediatric abdomen
Factors associated with speeding penalties in novice drivers
An Evaluation of Three Intensive Supervision Programs for Serious DWI Offenders
Hypoglycemia and safe driving
Nothing gold can stay?: EMS crashes, lack of evidence bring the golden hour concept under new scrutiny
Positive effects of Red Bull® Energy Drink on driving performance during prolonged driving
Perception and biodynamics in unalerted precrash response
Pursuit of Licensure by Senior Drivers Referred by Police to a State Licensing Agency's Medical Advisory Board
Risk factors for road traffic injury among adolescents in Brazil: National Adolescent School-based Health Survey (PeNSE)
Traumatic urologic injuries in Ile-Ife, Nigeria
The aetiology and agents of pre-hospital transportation of patients with femoral shaft fractures
Violence Against Drivers and Conductors in the Transport Sector in Maputo, Mozambique
Direct ELISA kits as a sensitive and selective screening method for abstinence control in urine
Temperature variations in a parked vehicle
Statistical modelling of measurement errors in gas chromatographic analyses of blood alcohol content
Actions and strategies for the prevention and control of road traffic injuries: Peruvian experience by levels of prevention
Assessment of the structure, dynamics and monitoring of information systems for road traffic injuries in Peru - 2009
Association between cannabis and cocaine use, traffic injuries and use of protective devices
Bicycle commuter injury prevention: it is time to focus on the environment
Coverage of the emergency health care law and the Compulsory Insurance against Road Traffic Crashes (SOAT)
Deaths of cyclists in London: trends from 1992 to 2006
Epidemiological profile of road traffic accidents in Peru, 2005-2009
An evidence-based review: helmet efficacy to reduce head injury and mortality in motorcycle crashes: East practice management guidelines
Fatigue and sleepiness in interprovincial road bus drivers: comparative study between formality and informality
An immersive virtual peer for studying social influences on child cyclists' road-crossing behavior
The impact of 20 mph traffic speed zones on inequalities in road casualties in London
Injury Analyses in Rural Children: Comparison of Old-Order Anabaptists and Non-Anabaptists
Motorcycle conspicuity: effects of age and daytime running lights
Noninvasive Biological Sensor System for Detection of Drunk Driving
Psychosocial aspects and accidents in land transport
Reducing pedestrian deaths and injuries due to road traffic injuries in Peru: interventions that can work
Road traffic injuries in developing countries: research and action agenda
Review of injuries over a one year period among 87,134 adults studying at an open university in Thailand
Socio-demographic characteristics, health behaviour, co-morbidity and accidents in snorers: a population survey
Sleep monitoring in bus and truck drivers: relevant factor to consider for the renewal of the driving license
Road safety in 10 countries
Transporting children in wheelchairs in passenger vehicles: a comparison of best practice to observed and reported practice in a pilot sample
Conventional and alternative matrices for driving under the influence of cannabis: recent progress and remaining challenges
Differences in perceptions regarding driving between young and old drivers and non-drivers in Japan
Negative affect and drinking drivers: a review and conceptual model linking dissonance, efficacy and negative affect to risk and motivation for change
Negative psychosocial consequence of self-restricted driving among cancer survivors in the head and neck region
Negative self-appraisals in treatment-seeking survivors of motor vehicle accidents
Neural correlates of resolving uncertainty in driver's decision making
Neuropsychological assessment of driving ability and self-evaluation: a comparison between driving offenders and a control group
Neuropsychological tests and driving in dementia: a review of the recent literature
Night driving after LASIK
Nine out of ten traffic accidents occur in middle and low income countries
Nonintrusive biological signal monitoring in a car to evaluate a driver's stress and health state
Novice drivers' performance after different alcohol dosages and placebo in the divided-attention steering simulator (DASS)
Obstructive sleep apnea screening during commercial driver medical examinations: a survey of ACOEM members
Oh deer! Whitetail-vehicle accidents
Older drivers in Australia: trends in driving status and cognitive and visual impairment
The opinions of newly licensed drivers in New Zealand on the minimum car driver licensing age and reasons for getting a licence
Organization of specialized health care of children who have suffered during traffic accidents in the Moscow Region
Peculiarities of injuries to the extremities of the driver and the front-seat passenger in a head-on collision between cars
Physicians' duty to inform about the presence of health contraindications to driving motor vehicles
A portable device for real time drowsiness detection using novel active dry electrode system
Postural stability and vehicle kinematics during an evasive lane change manoeuvre: a driver training study
Practical issues in the application of occlusion to measure visual demands imposed on drivers by in-vehicle tasks
Prevalence of gabapentin in impaired driving cases in Washington State in 2003-2007
Prevalence of ROPS-equipped tractors on minority operated farms in the US
Psychoactive drugs and fitness to drive in the occupational field
Pulse wave sensor for non-intrusive driver's drowsiness detection
Reaction of sleepiness indicators to partial sleep deprivation, time of day and time on task in a driving simulator--the DROWSI project
Relationships between driving simulator performance and driving test results
Analysis of non-sexual injuries of the male genitals in children and adolescents
Brake response time before and after total knee arthroplasty: a prospective cohort study
Decision-Making in People Who Relapsed to Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol
Driving anxiety and fear in young older adults in New Zealand
Off-Road Vehicle Trauma in Children: A New South Wales Perspective
Perceived Neighborhood Environment and Park Use as Mediators of the Effect of Area Socio-Economic Status on Walking Behaviors
Saving lives in road traffic-ethical aspects
Step Counts of Non-White Minority Children and Youth by Gender, Grade Level, Race/Ethnicity, and Mode of School Transportation
Are driving and overtaking on right curves more dangerous than on left curves?
Assessing the residual teen crash risk factors after graduated drivers license implementation
Association between Supervisory Driver Offences and Novice Driver Crashes Post-Licensure
The association of weight percentile and motor vehicle crash injury among 3 to 8 year old children
Barriers and facilitators to provide effective pre-hospital trauma care for road traffic injury victims in Iran: a grounded theory approach
Biomechanical response of human liver in tensile loading
Cardiogenic shock following blunt chest trauma
Classification tree modeling to identify severe and moderate vehicular injuries in young and middle-aged adults
Cognitive demand of human sensorimotor performance during an extended space mission: a dual-task study
Combined Dislocation of the Trapezoid and Finger Carpometacarpal Joints -- The Steering Wheel Injury: Case Report
Comparing the Capitalisation Benefits of Light-rail Transit and Overlay Zoning for Single-family Houses and Condos by Neighbourhood Type in Metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona
Comparison of injuries sustained by drivers and pillion passengers in fatal head-on motorcycle collision accidents
The effect on collisions with injuries of a reduction in traffic citations issued by police officers
Epidemiology of injuries presenting to the national hospital in Kampala, Uganda: implications for research and policy
An Evaluation of Three Driving-Under-the-Influence Courts in Georgia
Evaluation of thoracic injuries in older motor vehicle occupants
Evaluation of on-site oral fluid screening using Drugwipe-5(+), RapidSTAT and Drug Test 5000 for the detection of drugs of abuse in drivers
Factors Associated With Cervical Spine Injury in Children After Blunt Trauma
Improved Prediction from Revised Injury Severity Classification (RISC) over Trauma and Injury Severity Score (TRISS) in an Independent Evaluation of Major Trauma Patients
Incarcerating death: Mortality in U.S. state correctional facilities, 1985-1998
An inflatable belt system in the rear seat occupant environment: investigating feasibility and benefit in frontal impact sled tests with a 50(th) percentile male ATD
Influence of daytime running lamps on visual reaction time of pedestrians when detecting turn indicators
A piece of my mind. Driving thoughts
Pilot see, pilot do: Examining the predictors of pilots' risk management behaviour
Port safety and the container revolution: A statistical study on human factor and occupational accidents over the long period
Potential Occupant Injury Reduction in Pre-Crash System Equipped Vehicles in the Striking Vehicle of Rear-end Crashes
Predictive indicators for bowel injury in pediatric patients who present with a positive seat belt sign after motor vehicle collision
Prevalence and etiological factors related to dental injuries amongst 18-22-year-olds in United Arab Emirates
Primitive transport vehicle (varangele) accidents
Principles of organization of emergency care to victims of traffic accidents at the stages of evacuation under conditions of a megapolis
Occupational light vehicle use: Characterising the at-risk population
Effects of Working Memory Load and Repeated Scenario Exposure on Emergency Braking Performance
Cash in transit armed robbery in Australia
Adaptive Williams filters for active vehicle suspensions
Alcohol problems in young adults transitioning from adolescence to adulthood: The association with race and gender
The American Medical Association older driver curriculum for health professionals: changes in trainee confidence, attitudes, and practice behavior
Analysis of large truck crash severity using heteroskedastic ordered probit models
Analysis of traffic accident injury severity on Spanish rural highways using Bayesian networks
Analyzing angle crashes at unsignalized intersections using machine learning techniques
Assessing causality in multivariate accident models
Comparison of Anthropometry of U.S. Electric Utility Field-Workers With North American General Populations
Comparison of factors influencing emergency department visits and hospitalization among drivers in work and nonwork-related motor vehicle crashes in Utah, 1999-2005
A comprehensive analysis of factors influencing the injury severity of large-truck crashes
The contribution of a novel intervention to enhance safe driving among young drivers in Israel
Developing a tool to measure safe recreational boating practice
Differing types of cellular phone conversations and dangerous driving
The determinants of bicycle helmet use: Evidence from Germany
Determination of pre-impact occupant postures and analysis of consequences on injury outcome-Part II: Biomechanical study
Determination of pre-impact occupant postures and analysis of consequences on injury outcome. Part I: A driving simulator study
Driving regulations and psychogenic non-epileptic seizures: Perspectives from the United Kingdom
Early predictors of injury mortality among Swedish conscripts: A 35-year cohort study
Effect of a road safety training program on drivers' comparative optimism
Effect of street pattern on the severity of crashes involving vulnerable road users
Effects of roadside memorials on traffic flow
Licence restrictions as an under-used strategy in managing older driver safety
Managing non-response rates for the National Child Safety Seat Survey in Canada
Daredevils and early birds: Belgian pioneers in automobile racing and aerial sports during the belle époque
Modeling animal-vehicle collisions using diagonal inflated bivariate Poisson regression
The intriguing effects of ecstasy (MDMA) on cognitive function in mice subjected to a minimal traumatic brain injury (mTBI)
Pedestrian crash estimation models for signalized intersections
Riding through red lights: The rate, characteristics and risk factors of non-compliant urban commuter cyclists
"Safety in Numbers" re-examined: Can we make valid or practical inferences from available evidence?
Prevalence rates of helmet use among motorcycle riders in a developed region in China
Quantification method analysis of the relationship between occupant injury and environmental factors in traffic accidents
Situational and personal characteristics associated with adverse weather encounters by pilots
Spying or steering? Views of parents of young novice drivers on the use and ethics of driver-monitoring technologies
Unexpected changes in direction of motion attract attention
What are the shapes of response time distributions in visual search?
Exploring the psychological factors involved in the Ladbroke Grove rail accident
Road Pricing and Relocation Decisions of Dutch Households
Analysis of Microscopic Data under Heterogeneous Traffic Conditions
An Artificial Intelligent Approach to Traffic Accident Estimation: Model Development and Application
Assessment of Employee's Knowledge Potential in Transport Sector
Car Rollover Collision with Pit Corner
Optimization Problems in Designing Automobiles
Characterization of Cell Phone Use While Driving in Jordan
Comparison of Different Capacity Models for Traffic Circles
The Criteria Describing the Need for Highway Reconstruction Based on the Theory of Traffic Flows and Repay Time
Developing Strategies to Reduce the Risk of Hazardous Materials Transportation in Iran Using the Method of Fuzzy SWOT Analysis
Evaluation of Left Turn Channelization at a Signalized Intersection under Heterogeneous Traffic Conditions
The Impact of Road Parameters and the Surrounding Area on Traffic Accidents
Investigating Traffic Accidents: A Collision of Two Motor Vehicles
Investigation into Marine Traffic and a Risky Area in the Turkish Straits System: Canakkale Strait
Investigation into the Stability of Driving an Automobile on the Road Pavement with Ruts
Legibility of Urban Highway Traffic Signs Using New Retroreflective Materials
Longer Combination Vehicles and Road Safety
Mathematical Simulation of the Correlation between the Frequency of Road Traffic Accidents and Driving Experience
Metrics for Performance Evaluation of Safety Applications in Vehicular Ad hoc NETworks
Modelling Heterogeneous Traffic Flow on Upgrades of Intercity Roads
Modelling the Interaction between Railway Wheel and Rail
Multi-Objective Decision-Making for Road Design
Multiple-Criteria Decision Support System in Highway Infrastructure Management
Possibilities of Using Liquefied Oil Gas in Transport
A Proposal for the Models and Measures of Search and Rescue on Inland Waterways
Research on the Compatibility of the Calculation Methods of Rolling-Stock Brakes
The Safety of Tankers and Single Point Mooring during Loading Operations
Saturation Flow versus Green Time at Two-Stage Signal Controlled Intersections
Sea Motorways as a Part of the Logistics Chain
Ship Safety in Open Ports
The Slippage of the Driving Wheels of a Tractor in a Cultivated Soil and Stubble
A Study of the Deflections of Metal Road Guardrail Elements
Theoretical Basis for an Economic Evaluation of Road Accident Losses
Broken bodies, healing spirits: road trauma survivor's perceptions of pastoral care during inpatient orthopaedic rehabilitation
The control of stimulus-driven saccades is subject not to central, but to visual attention limitations
The Development of Sensory Hypoesthesia After Whiplash Injury
Development, reliability, and validity of an urban trail use survey
Different models for predicting driving performance in people with brain disorders
Active Commuting to School and Cognitive Performance in Adolescents: The AVENA Study
The acute effects of caffeinated versus non-caffeinated alcoholic beverage on driving performance and attention/reaction time
Enhanced Presence in Driving Simulators Using Autonomous Traffic with Virtual Personalities
Atlas occipitalization in a supersonic fighter pilot involved in a midair collision: a case report
Effects of reduced contrast on the perception and control of speed when driving
The challenges and opportunities of technological approaches to fatigue management
Comparison Between Euro NCAP Test Results and Real-World Crash Data
The contribution of fatal crashes involving teens transporting teens
Demographic factors, fatigue, and driving accidents: An examination of the published literature
Development and Testing of a More Realistic Pelvis for the Hybrid III 6-Year-Old ATD
The difference transport makes to child mortality and preventive healthcare efforts: Riders for Health
Distraction 'on the buses': A novel framework of ergonomics methods for identifying sources and effects of bus driver distraction
The Driver Behaviour Questionnaire as a predictor of accidents: A meta-analysis
Environmental And Psychological Correlates of Older Adult's Active Commuting
Evidence that Seat Belts Are as Effective as Child Safety Seats in Preventing Death for Children Aged Two and Up
Factors associated with clinically significant head injury in children involved in motor vehicle crashes
Fatigue risk management: Organizational factors at the regulatory and industry/company level
Focus on seat belt use in China
Fractures of the patella in children and adolescents
Future directions in fatigue and safety research
Gas Prices, Traffic, and Freeway Speeds in Los Angeles
Gasoline prices and traffic safety in Mississippi
Incentive Mechanisms for Safe Driving: A Comparative Analysis with Dynamic Data
Influence of obesity on mortality of drivers in severe motor vehicle crashes
The Latino adolescent male mortality peak revisited: attribution of homicide and motor vehicle crash death
The link between fatigue and safety
Look Who's Talking! A Roadside Survey of Drivers' Cell Phone Use
Motorcycle injury severity in Barcelona: The role of vehicle type and congestion
Motorist actions at a crosswalk with an in-pavement flashing light system
National reported patterns of driver cell phone use in the United States
Modelling fatigue and the use of fatigue models in work settings
Obstructive sleep apnea among express bus drivers in Malaysia: Important indicators for screening
Planes, trains and automobiles: Contemporary ergonomics research in transportation safety
Prescription Medicines and the Risk of Road Traffic Crashes: A French Registry-Based Study
Reliability and validity of child passenger safety restraint observations by community observers
The reliability of suicide rates: An analysis of railway suicides from two sources in fifteen European countries
Research needs and opportunities for reducing the adverse safety consequences of fatigue
Role of motorcycle type in fatal motorcycle crashes
Road traffic injuries to foreigners in the People's Republic of China, 2000-2008
Sleep disorders, medical conditions, and road accident risk
Social inequalities in fatal childhood accidents and assaults: England and Wales, 2001-03
Talking and texting among teenage drivers: a glass half empty or half full?
Teenage driver crash incidence and factors influencing crash injury by rurality
Temporal profile of prolonged, night-time driving performance: Breaks from driving temporarily reduce time-on-task fatigue but not sleepiness
Toward understanding the recent large reductions in U.S. Road fatalities
Traffic Gap Detection for Pedestrians with Low Vision
Visual strategies used for time-to-arrival judgments in driving
The effects of daylight saving time on vehicle crashes in Minnesota
The Effects of Mandatory Seat Belt Laws on Driving Behavior and Traffic Fatalities
Evaluation of the Click It or Ticket intervention in Utah
History of Attempted Suicide and Reckless Driving: A Cross-Sectional Study in Primary Care
Limits of spatial attention in three-dimensional space and dual-task driving performance
Lived experience of driving ability following stroke
The longitudinal impact of cognitive speed of processing training on driving mobility
Longitudinal Assessment of Quality of Life and Its Change in Relation to Motor Vehicle Crashes: The SUN (Seguimiento Universidad de Navarra) Cohort
Medical and genetic differences in the adverse impact of sleep loss on performance: ethical considerations for the medical profession
Nightlife young risk behaviours in Mediterranean versus other European cities: are stereotypes true?
Relationship between oral fluid and blood concentrations of drugs of abuse in drivers suspected of driving under the influence of drugs
Fatal Burn Injuries in Accidental Vehicular Crush: A Medicolegal Study
Fatal unintentional carbn monooxide poisoning inside a garage: A case report
Pattern of fatal blunt head injury: A two year retrospective/prospective medicolegal autopsy study
Profile of Medicolegal Cases at Adesh Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Bathinda, Punjab
Study Of Road Traffic Accidental Deaths (RTA) in and Around Bastar Region of Chhattisgarh
Crashes involving motorised rickshaws in urban India: Characteristics and injury patterns
Bicycle weight and commuting time: randomised trial
Characteristics of a population of commuter cyclists in the Netherlands: perceived barriers and facilitators in the personal, social and physical environment
Community nursing services continue despite road closures and liquefied ground
Disaggregate land uses and walking
Emergency mental health: lessons learned from flight 3407
Endogenous rhythm of absence epilepsy: Relationship with general motor activity and sleep-wake states
Epidemiology of post-traumatic limb amputation: a National Trauma Databank analysis
Estimation of muscle response using three-dimensional musculoskeletal models before impact situation: a simulation study
Evaluation of a School-Based Intervention to Reduce Traffic-Related Injuries among Adolescents in Beijing
Examinations of the deceased can contribute to the understanding of whiplash injuries after traffic accidents
Healthy Homes and Communities Putting the Pieces Together
Human and fishing vessel losses in sea accidents in the UK fishing industry from 1948 to 2008
In-vehicle extremity injuries from improvised explosive devices: current and future foci
A Novel Human Error Probability Assessment Using Fuzzy Modeling
Occupational poisoning by carbon monoxide aboard a gas carrier. Report on 8 cases
Population strategies and high-risk-individual strategies for road safety in Japan
Risk factors contributing to road traffic crashes in a fast-developing country: the neglected health problem
Speed Hump Spine Fractures: Injury Mechanism and Case Series
Spinal injury in car crashes: crash factors and the effects of occupant age
Supporting the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020
Traffic behavior of medical students
The effects of long-term exposure to railway and road traffic noise on subjective sleep disturbance
Emerging Issues in Improving Food and Physical Activity Environments: Strategies for Addressing Land Use, Transportation, and Safety in 3 California-Wide Initiatives
Enhancing hazard avoidance in teen-novice riders
Equivalent comfort contours for vertical vibration of steering wheels: effect of vibration magnitude, grip force, and hand position
Evaluating knowledge benefits of automotive lightweighting materials R and D projects
Evaluation of potential lactate/lactate dehydrogenase interference with an enzymatic alcohol analysis
Evaluation of the public health impacts of traffic congestion: a health risk assessment
Evaluation of vehicular trauma in dogs: 239 cases (January-December 2001)
Evaluation of working environment for drivers of various bus types
Excellent gamer, excellent driver? The impact of adolescents' video game playing on driving behavior: A two-wave panel study
Factors predicting incorrect use of restraints by children travelling in cars: a cluster randomised observational study
Fatal train accidents on Europe's railways: 1980-2009
A flexible spatially dependent discrete choice model: Formulation and application to teenagers' weekday recreational activity participation
Fluid-dynamical and microscopic description of traffic flow: a data-driven comparison
The formulation and implementation of a national helmet law: a case study from Viet Nam
Forty-five cases on re-assessing the personal disability
A full Bayes multivariate intervention model with random parameters among matched pairs for before-after safety evaluation
Gender and class in urban transport: the cases of Xian and Hanoi
Gasoline prices and their relationship to drunk-driving crashes
Genitourinary injuries following road traffic collisions: A population-based study from the Middle East
German criteria for selection of hearing protectors in the interest of good signal audibility
Glioblastoma multiforme with an unusual location and clinical course
Group cognitive behavior therapy for chronic posttraumatic stress disorder: an initial randomized pilot study
Hair testing is superior to urine to disclose cocaine consumption in driver's licence regranting
Health-risk behaviors among high-school students in southern Thailand
Heart rate measured in the acute aftermath of trauma can predict post-traumatic stress disorder: A prospective study in motor vehicle accident survivors
Helicopter emergency medical system in a region lacking trauma coordination (experience from Tehran)
Hidden risk of cars
Highways and outposts: economic development and health threats in the central Brazilian Amazon region
Risk-Taking and the Media
Road traffic injuries in the jungle: other reasons to discuss
A silent death. Carbon monoxide poisoning poses risks to both patients and providers
To Leave an Area After Disaster: How Evacuees from the WTC Buildings Left the WTC Area Following the Attacks
Awake seizures after pure sleep-related epilepsy: a systematic review and implications for driving law
Ten years of all-terrain vehicle injury, mortality, and healthcare costs
Risk of recurrence after a first seizure and implications for driving: further analysis of the Multicentre study of early Epilepsy and Single Seizures
Human Interaction with Levels of Automation and Decision-Aid Fidelity in the Supervisory Control of Multiple Simulated Unmanned Air Vehicles
Hospital performance in caring for injured patients: does the type of injury make a difference?
Vehicle Surveillance with a Generic, Adaptive, 3-D Vehicle Model
Transportation use in community-dwelling older adults: association with participation and leisure activities
Hospitalization for lifestyle related diseases in long haul drivers compared with other truck drivers and the working population at large
Application of generalized link functions in developing accident prediction models
Human population growth and temperature increase along with the increase in urbanisation, motor vehicle numbers and green area amount in the sample of Erzurum city, Turkey
Characteristics and Epidemiology of Zygomaticomaxillary Complex Fractures
The City as a Mirror: Transport, Land Use and Social Change in Jakarta
The active commuting route environment scale (ACRES): development and evaluation
Optimal reward harvesting in complex perceptual environments
Options for Improving Transportation Project Scoping
Nocturnal road traffic noise: A review on its assessment and consequences on sleep and health
Noise exposure and convertible cars
Mental strain and annoyance during cognitive performance in different traffic noise conditions
Imaging occult lesions in the cervical spine facet joints
Injury-related childhood mortality in migrant households in a southern city of China
The information content of a stated choice experiment: A new method and its application to the value of a statistical life
The impact of continuous positive pressure on systemic consequences and quality of life in obstructive sleep apnea syndrome patients
The impact of casinos on fatal alcohol-related traffic accidents in the United States
The impact of climate change on winter road maintenance and traffic accidents in West Midlands, UK
The impact of built environment on pedestrian crashes and the identification of crash clusters on an urban university campus
Higher prevalence of toxoplasmosis in victims of traffic accidents suggest increased risk of traffic accident in Toxoplasma-infected inhabitants of Istanbul and its suburbs
Hearing impairment affects older people's ability to drive in the presence of distracters
Hepatic encephalopathy and fitness to drive
Health advocacy by accident and discipline
Health risk behaviors of black male college students: seat belt use, smoking, and obesity status
Health habits and behaviour of adolescent schoolchildren, Taif, Saudi Arabia
A hazard perception test for novice drivers
Hazards faced by young designated drivers: in-car risks of driving drunken passengers
Geometric facial comparisons in speed-check photographs
Glaucoma and disability: which tasks are affected, and at what stage of disease?
A global map for traumatic spinal cord injury epidemiology: towards a living data repository for injury prevention
Implementing evidence-based policy in a network setting: road safety policy in the Netherlands
Gender differences in alcohol impairment of simulated driving performance and driving-related skills
Analysis on the characteristics of injuries from the Chinese National Injury Surveillance System
Analysis on injuries among the elderly from Chinese Injury Surveillance System, 2006 - 2008
Analysis of road traffic injuries from Chinese National Injury Surveillance System, 2006 - 2008
Built Environment Influences on Healthy Transportation Choices: Bicycling versus Driving
Chemical Burn from an Airbag
Determinants of bicycle injury among school-aged children in rural China: a qualitative study
Dimensions of acculturation: Associations with health risk behaviors among college students from immigrant families
Identification of Dynamic Vehicular Axle Loads: Theory and Simulations
Cognitive functioning in type 1 diabetes: the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT) revisited
A comparative Full Bayesian before-and-after analysis and application to urban road safety countermeasures in New Jersey
'Pothole' conversion external mechanical force reverses supraventricular tachycardia
Hip subluxation associated with Pipkin II fracture: an injury to look for before reduction
Driving with a Congestion Assistant; mental workload and acceptance
Guardian availability in children evaluated in the emergency department for blunt head trauma
The importance of accurate road data for spatial applications in public health: customizing a road network
The Role of Transportation in Evacuation and Reentry: A Survey of Practice
Traffic accident at the end of pregnancy. Think of traumatic uterine rupture
A late post-traumatic diaphragmatic hernia revealed by a tension fecopneumothorax (a case report)
A longitudinal study of drivers with Alzheimer disease
A patient with a transient high-density area on computed tomography in juvenile lung injury
A randomised clinical trial of a comprehensive exercise program for chronic whiplash: trial protocol
A response to, "Is self-reported history accurate in patients with persistent axial pain after a motor vehicle accident?"
A road traffic accident leads to a fortuitous malaria diagnosis
A study on the combined effect of noise and vibration on the performance of a readability task in a mobile driving environment by operators of different ages
A taxi driver with type 2 diabetes
An integrated device to evaluate a driver's functional state
Improving rural emergency medical service response time with global positioning system navigation
Inhibition of rat recombinant GluN1/GluN2A and GluN1/GluN2B NMDA receptors by ethanol at concentrations based on the US/UK drink-drive limit
Initial management of open lower limb fractures
Integrating ergonomics into production system development--the Volvo Powertrain case
Intervention improves physician counseling on teen driving safety
Interventricular septum rupture following blunt chest trauma
Intracorporeal laparoscopic management of mesenteric avulsion in a blunt trauma patient
Is the self-reported history accurate in patients with persistent axial pain after a motor vehicle accident?
Islet autotransplantation after distal pancreatectomy for pancreatic trauma
Isolated duodenal rupture due to go-karting accidents--braking news
Last call: Lawmakers hope new technology could mean the end to drunken driving
Lessons learned: Community-based participation to promote primary seat belt enforcement legislation and increase teen seat belt use
Limitations of feedforward control in multiple-phase steering movements
Long-term road traffic noise exposure is associated with an increase in morning tiredness
Longitudinal magnetic resonance imaging study on whiplash injury patients: minimum 10-year follow-up
Low back pain and association with whole body vibration among military armoured vehicle drivers in Malaysia
Low-alcohol beers: contribution to blood-ethanol concentration and its elevation above the UK legal limit after 'topping-up'
Management of maxillofacial injuries in an emergency unit: our experience
Risk factors for 24-hour mortality after traumatic rib fractures owing to motor vehicle accidents: a nationwide population-based study
Risk factors for persistent problems following whiplash injury: results of a systematic review and meta-analysis
Road Safety Week
Road traffic and the elderly
Safe transport from a specialist paediatric intensive care unit to a referral hospital
Seat for the child. Until the child is 4 years old, it is better to arrange his safety seat in the back of the vehicle
Short-term psychological consequences of car accidents: an empirical study
Simple whiplash?
Simulated car driving in fMRI--Cerebral activation patterns driving an unfamiliar and a familiar route
Skid warning!
Sleep and motor vehicle crash risk
Sleep and transit in Brazil: new legislation
Sleep, ageing and night work
Snoring men with daytime sleepiness drive more than others: A population-based study
Medical secret regarding driving capacity or aptitude
Medicine before the motor car
Minimal hepatic encephalopathy and driving
Minute ventilation of cyclists, car and bus passengers: an experimental study
Motion sickness with combined fore-aft and pitch oscillation: effect of phase and the visual scene
MRI algorithm for medical necessity for auto accident injured patients
Multilevel contiguous injuries of the lower cervical spine during flexion trauma with delayed diagnosis: a case report
Must physicians report impaired driving? Rethinking a duty on a collision course with itself
Next cardioversion or RF ablation in professional driver with recurrent typical atrial flutter and MAS syndromes
Open-book pelvic fracture in late pregnancy
Pre-collision pain and psychological distress predict poor outcome following acute whiplash trauma--secondary publication
Prehospital teamwork life support service for traffic accident victims
Productive aging or "healthy worker effect"? Retrospective analysis of morbidity in motor transport drivers
Relationship between trauma severity and analgesia standards used in traffic accident victims
Resonance, criticality, and emergence in city traffic investigated in cellular automaton models
Responses in a manual tracking and visual detection task
Responses to deceleration during car following: roles of optic flow, warnings, expectations, and interruptions
Results of the first three years of operation of the emergency medical assistance service (SAMU) in Yaounde, Cameroon
Retrohepatic hematoma causing caval compression after blunt abdominal trauma
Return to work, driving and other activities after varicose vein surgery is very variable and is influenced little by advice from specialists
Specifying comfortable driving postures for ergonomic design and evaluation of the driver workspace using digital human models
Speed of processing in older adults: a cognitive overview for nursing
Spinal cerebrospinal fluid leakage after motor vehicle accident
Stress in auto-transportation sector between prejudice and reality
Struck from behind: maintaining quality of life with chronic low back pain
Study on Grey model of electroencephalogram and features of driving fatigue
Summaries for patients. The effects of limited sleep and alcohol on driving performance in people with untreated sleep apnea
Syncope while driving: clinical characteristics, causes, and prognosis
Syncope while driving: how safe is safe?
Talent in the taxi: a model system for exploring expertise
Teaching about the traumatic impact of vehicular crashes: Rock 'n' roll never forgets
Teen driver tune-up: a move is underway to impose national standards on teen drivers
Teenage driving, rural bugs in urban spaces, web scorecards to set public health priorities, and how primary care physicians should be taught
Telematics in acute trauma care
The medical certification for diabetic drivers in selected countries outside Europe
The pattern of combined maxillofacial and cervical spine fractures
The prevalence and correlates of hearing loss in drivers in isfahan, iran
The public health effect of economic crises and alternative policy responses in Europe: an empirical analysis
The responsibility of alcohol-impaired road users in fatal road traffic accidents
The risk factors for and prevalence of coronary artery disease in heavy vehicle drivers
The risk of motor vehicle accidents involving drivers with prescriptions for codeine or tramadol
The role of driver motivation
The role of rollovers
The use and efficacy of child restraint devices
Toluene-impaired drivers: behavioral observations, impairment assessment, and toxicological findings
Traffic accidents and environmental physical activity
Traffic exposure and subclinical cardiovascular disease: is the association modified by socioeconomic characteristics of individuals and neighbourhoods? Results from a multilevel study in an urban region
Traffic, anger strain the heart
Transdiaphragmatic repositioning of the heart in the setting of emergency laparotomy after blunt trauma
Transfer of computer-based training to simulated driving in older adults
Trauma in pregnancy
Traumatic aortic injury: a case report
Traumatic aortic valve rupture after a high-speed motor-vehicle accident: case report
Traumatic disruption of the optic chiasm
Traumatic dissection of extracranial vertebral artery with massive subtentorial cerebral infarction: Report of an autopsy case
Traumatic dissection of the internal carotid artery by a safety belt: a report of two cases
Traumatic intramyocardial dissection with mitral regurgitation
Traumatic lumbar hernia in a child
Traumatic posterior lumbosacral spondyloptosis in a six-year-old: a case report and review of the literature
Travel thrombosis, 2008
Trends in blunt laryngotracheal trauma in children
Unexplained car crash: what you should consider
Unhelmeted motorcyclists: Do they really cost us a dime?
Update on managing diaphragmatic rupture in blunt trauma: A review of 208 consecutive cases
Transportation Density and Opportunities for Expediting Recovery to Promote Security
Virtopsy -- noninvasive detection of occult bone lesions in postmortem MRI: additional information for traffic accident reconstruction
Use of self-controlled analytical techniques to assess the association between use of prescription medications and the risk of motor vehicle crashes
Use of short acting sedatives: how to minimise forensic risks
Varenicline gets stronger warnings about psychiatric problems, vehicle crashes
Viscoelastic finite element analysis of the cervical intervertebral discs in conjunction with a multi-body dynamic model of the human head and neck
Vision and driving legislation: what nurses need to know
Visual function survey of commercial intercity vehicle drivers in Ilorin, Nigeria
Why people in RI won't drive far: a scientific explanation
Traumatic spondyloptosis resulting from high-energy trauma concurrent with a tonic-clonic seizure
Three Large Truck Crash Categories: What They Tell Us About Crash Causation
Three Navigation Systems With Three Tasks: Using the Lane-Change Test (LCT) to Assess Distraction Demand
Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do (and What It Says About Us)
Mass spectrometric approaches in impaired driving toxicology
Objective evaluation of interior noise booming in a passenger car based on sound metrics and artificial neural networks
Self-assessment of driving ability and the decision to resume driving following stroke
The Eye, the Brain, and the Auto Industry
Improving classification rates for use in fatigue countermeasure devices using brain activity
Incidence and patterns of mandibular condyle fractures
Incorporation of CPR Data into ATD Chest Impact Response Requirements
Aging Drivers: A Need For Developing Advanced Driver Workload Measurements
Ask Older Drivers: Dashboard Design – A Qualitative Assessment
Cognitive Training: Impact on Driving and Everyday Function
Can pedestrians make correct street-crossing decisions with impaired vision?
Current perspectives on bioptic driving: A review of state licensure regulations
The Driver's Brain
Driving Simulator Advances for Vision Testing of Contact Lenses
Driving With Peripheral Visual Field Loss
Effects of Vision and Glare on Night-time Driving Visibility
Evidence-based vision requirements for safe driving and solutions for deficit compensation
Improving Transportation Safety: The Role of Naturalistic Driving Data
In-Car Technology to Alert Attention-Impaired Drivers
The issue of older drivers from a public health perspective: Injury burden, risk and prevention strategies
Methods of Predicting Visual Performance in Driving Situations
Multisensory Rear-End Collision Warnings During Cell Phone Use
New light sources, automotive lighting, and the Purkinje shift
A Paradigm for Assessing Threat Detection and Local Area Awareness for Vehicle Research and Design
Reducing Crash Risk In A Population Of Older Automobile Insurance Policyholders Using A Computer-Based Visual Training Program
Simulator Studies of Driving with Impaired Vision
Urban and rural differences in older drivers: Failure to stop at stop-signs
Vehicle Cockpit Design that Accommodates Human Age-Related Performance Depreciation
Virtual Navigation Training and Gaze Guidance
Vision Data In Drivers Reported As Unfit: The Missouri Experience
Visual Exploration In Patients With Homonymous Visual Field Defects
Visual field defects may not affect safe driving
Visual Field Impairment in Glaucoma and Motor Vehicle Collision Risk
Where is basic attention research driving us next?
Traffic Accidents in Crete (1996-2006): the Role of the Emergency Coordination Center
Insufficient sleep impairs driving performance and cognitive function
NICE is told to halt work on 19 public health topics (News and Commentary)
The Interplay between Cognitive and Motor Functioning in Healthy Older Adults: Findings from Dual-Task Studies and Suggestions for Intervention
Is a combined enforcement and penalty strategy effective in combating red light violations? An aggregate model of violation behavior in Hong Kong
Kinematic Comparison of Pediatric Human Volunteers and the Hybrid III 6-Year-Old Anthropomorphic Test Device
Leadership and Strategy: A Comparison of the Outcomes and Institutional Designs of the Alameda Corridor and Alameda Corridor East Projects
When Transport Geography Meets Social Psychology: Toward a Conceptual Model of Travel Behaviour
Who is keeping the sea safe? Testing theories of international law compliance
Who's flying the plane: Serotonin levels, aggression and free will
Why some road safety problems are more difficult to solve than others
Youth Motorcycle-Related Brain Injury by State Helmet Law Type: United States, 2005-2007
Youth Motorcycle-Related Hospitalizations and Traumatic Brain Injuries in the United States in 2006
Zolpidem and zopiclone impair similarly monotonous driving performance after a single nighttime intake in aged subjects
The long-term effect of Intelligent Speed Adaptation on driver behaviour
Measuring search efficiency in complex visual search tasks: Global and local clutter
Mechanisms of percept-percept and image-percept integration in vision: Behavioral and electrophysiological evidence
Medical cannabis and chronic opioid therapy
Neurobehavioral effects of transportation noise in primary schoolchildren: A cross-sectional study
Minor psychiatric disorders and working conditions in truck drivers
Mortality among U.S. astronauts: 1980-2009
Mortality from road traffic accidents in Switzerland: Longitudinal and spatial analyses
Motor signals in visual localization
Motorcycle Conspicuity: Effects of Age and Daytime Running Lights
Motorcycle rider training for the prevention of road traffic crashes
Movement Stability under Uncertain Internal Models of Dynamics
Multi-scale traffic safety and operational performance study of large trucks on mountainous interstate highway
A multivariate ordered-response model system for adults' weekday activity episode generation by activity purpose and social context
Naturalistic cycling study: identifying risk factors for on-road commuter cyclists
Noise exposure in convertible automobiles
NREM parasomnias
Objective and subjective evaluation of motor priming and warning systems applied to lateral control assistance
Obstructive sleep apnea and cognitive impairment in the elderly
On prediction in road safety
Orofacial Injuries Due to Trauma Following Motor Vehicle Collisions: Part 1. Traumatic Dental Injuries
Orofacial Injuries Due to Trauma Following Motor Vehicle Collisions: Part 2. Temporomandibular Disorders
An outlook on Dutch road safety in 2020; future developments of exposure, crashes and policy
Patient Factors Associated With Return to Driving Poststroke: Findings From a Multicenter Cohort Study
Computing what the public wants: Some issues in road safety cost-benefit analysis
Decoding the direction of auditory motion in blind humans
Amenable Mortality in Germany: Spatial Distribution and Regional Concentrations
Driving with a chronic whiplash-associated disorder: a review of patients' perspectives
Effects of high-profile collisions on drink-driving penalties and alcohol-related crashes in Japan
Environmental and Occupational Health Risks Among Agricultural Workers Living in a Rural Community Near Petroleum Refinery and Motorway in Skopje Region
Findings on youth injuries bolster case for helmet use by all motorcycle riders
Hangman's fracture: a historical and biomechanical perspective
Mortality of urban Aboriginal adults in Canada, 1991-2001
Seasonal and socio-demographic determinants of school commuting with regard to season and factors
Seat Belt Use Among Overweight and Obese Adolescents
Suicide of a cyclist
Tracking Without Perceiving: A Dissociation Between Eye Movements and Motion Perception
Types of drinkers and drinking settings: An application of a mathematical model
The utility of keg registration laws: A cross-sectional study
The Impact of Transit-oriented Development on Housing Prices in San Diego, CA
Emotion on the Road: Necessity, Acceptance, and Feasibility of Affective Computing in the Car
Navigation aids performance evaluation for precision approaches
Modeling of Underwater Bomb Trajectory for Mine Clearance
What factors influence drivers' response time for evasive maneuvers in real traffic?
Evaluation of Patients Undergoing Removal of Glass Fragments From Hand Injuries: A Retrospective Study
Accident models and organisational factors in air transport: The need for multi-method models
Adaptive route choices in risky traffic networks: A prospect theory approach
Air traffic control complexity as workload driver
Aircraft replacement scheduling: A dynamic programming approach
An application of data mining tools for the study of shipping safety in restricted waters
An arterial signal optimization model for intersections experiencing queue spillback and lane blockage
Automation for task analysis of next generation air traffic management systems
Autos, transit and bicycles: Comparing the costs in large Chinese cities
Barrier-free outdoor environments: Older peoples' perceptions before and after implementation of legislative directives
Behavioral and eye-movement measures to track improvements in driving skills of vulnerable road users: First-time motorcycle riders
Built environment effects on leisure travel for children: Trip generation and travel mode
The comparative merits of expert observation, subjective and objective data in determining the effects of in-vehicle information systems on driving performance
A comparison of the driving behavior between remunerated and volunteer drivers
Cost-Effective Measures for Reducing Road Fatalities in the Short Term
The criminalization of human error in aviation and healthcare: A review
Designing a route planner to facilitate and promote cycling in Metro Vancouver, Canada
Driving and telephoning: Relative accident risk when using hand-held and hands-free mobile phones
The effects of a driver assistance system for safe speed and safe distance - A real-life field study
The effects of personality traits on driving-related anger and aggressive behaviour in traffic among Serbian drivers
Effects of time pressure on left-turn decisions of elderly drivers in a fixed-base driving simulator
Estimation of traffic stream space mean speed from time aggregations of double loop detector data
Evaluating Social Justice in Transport: Lessons to be Learned from the Capability Approach
Evaluation of cognitive responses to anger-provoking driving situations using the Articulated Thoughts during Simulated Situations procedure
Evaluation of discrete choice and neural network approaches for modelling driver compliance with traffic information
Evaluation of offshore emergency preparedness in view of rare accidents
Exploring the connections among residential location, self-selection, and driving: Propensity score matching with multiple treatments
Exploring impacts of countdown timers on traffic operations and driver behavior at a signalized intersection in Bangkok
Extended prediction models for crashes at roundabouts
Finnish novice drivers' competences - Successful driving test candidates 2000-2009 evaluated by driving examiners
How to Capture the Passengers’ Point of View on a Transit Service through Rating and Choice Options
The impact of a naturalistic hands-free cellular phone task on heart rate and simulated driving performance in two age groups
Incident reduction and risk migration
Learning effects in the lane change task (LCT)--Evidence from two experimental studies
Loudness interacts with semantics in auditory warnings to impact rear-end collisions
Measuring safety climate in aviation: A review and recommendations for the future
Measuring traveler involvement in urban public transport services: The case of Kaohsiung
Methodology for Assessing Safety Benefits of Truck Diversion from Truck-Only Toll Lanes to Arterials
A methodology for evaluating transit service quality based on subjective and objective measures from the passenger's point of view
Perspectives and images of cycling as a barrier or facilitator of cycling
A national survey of vehicle sanction laws for alcohol-related driving offenses in the United States: preliminary findings
The role of attitudes toward characteristics of bicycle commuting on the choice to cycle to work over various distances
The role of risk perception and other risk-related judgements in transportation mode use
Route choice of cyclists in Zurich
Safety Effects of Winter Weather: The State of Knowledge and Remaining Challenges
A structural model of safety and safety regulation in the truckload trucking industry
Studying alcohol elimination using the alcohol clamp method
A travel behavior analysis of urban cycling facilities in Montréal, Canada
Vehicle Positioning for Improving Road Safety
What is paratransit worth?
Why did the chicken cross the road, and what's funny about it? The role of transportation cartoons in social experiences
Mobility, Poverty, and Gender: Travel 'Choices' of Slum Residents in Nairobi, Kenya
Multilevel learning from accidents - Case studies in transport
On the identification of the effect of prohibiting hand-held cell phone use while driving: Comment
Perceptions of representatives of public, private, and community sector institutions of the barriers and enablers for physically active transport
Post-construction evaluation of traffic forecast accuracy
A preliminary ergonomic assessment of piloting a lifeboat in ice
The Prism of Everyday Life: Towards a New Research Agenda for Time Geography
The quality of service desired by public transport users
Reliability-based assessment of vehicle safety in adverse driving conditions
Reliable sensor deployment for network traffic surveillance
Reporting practices in merchant shipping, and the identification of influencing factors
Safety culture in an aircraft maintenance organisation: A view from the inside
The traffic and behavioral effects of the I-35W Mississippi River bridge collapse
Understanding and managing anti-social behaviour on public transport through value change: The considerate travel campaign
Mobile phone addiction: a point of issue
Analysis of Maxillofacial Injuries of Vehicle Passengers Involved in Frontal Collisions
Association of Subway Driver's Depressive Symptoms and Experience of Work-Related Problems
Benzodiazepines and Sedative-Hypnotics in Blood of Drivers Under the Influence and Their Association With Other Common Illegal Drug Use and National Sales Figures
Commentary on: Semon MD. Review of: Mathematical Methods for Accident Reconstruction. J Forensic Sci 2010;55(4):1138-9
Epidemiology of Childhood Injuries in Rural Puducherry, South India
The influence of automobile windscreen rake on effective light transmittance
Incidence of traumatic spinal cord injury in Aragón, Spain (1972-2008)
Injury prevention: Role of the hospital-based Child Passenger Safety Program (CPSP)
Toward a National Model for Managing Impaired Driving Offenders
Whiplash-associated disorders and temporomandibular symptoms following motor-vehicle collisions
Traumatic injuries in pregnant women: A case of motor vehicle accident for "Ground Round" discussion
Blunt thoracic aortic injuries: an autopsy study
Buckle Up Safely: A cluster randomised trial to evaluate the effectiveness of a pre-school based program to increase appropriate use of child restraints
Changes in Sleep as a Function of Adolescent Development
Childhood injuries in Ilesa, South-Western Nigeria: causes, pattern, and outcome
Criminal behavior and police records : Self-reports from elderly individuals
Death by Motorcycle: Background, Behavioral, and Situational Correlates of Fatal Motorcycle Collisions
Death of a driver due to an atypical missile
Drinking and driving among immigrant and US-born Hispanic young adults: Results from a longitudinal and nationally representative study
Estimation of fatalities due to road traffic crashes in Karachi, Pakistan, using capture-recapture method
Explaining regional disparities in traffic mortality by decomposing conditional probabilities
The hydrogen issue
Individual and areal risk factors for road traffic injury deaths: nationwide study in South Korea
Legal issues encountered when treating the patient with a sleep disorder
Massive Lesions Owing to Motorcyclist Impact Against Guardrail Posts: Analysis of Two Cases and Safety Considerations
Motorcycle rider training
Obesity and non-fatal motor vehicle crash injuries: sex difference effects
Parental factors associated with walking to school and participation in organised activities at age 5: Analysis of the Millennium Cohort Study
Physiological fitness and health adaptations from purposeful training using off-road vehicles
Sleep apnea symptoms and accident risk factors in Persian commercial vehicle drivers
A Study of Riders' Noise Exposure on Bay Area Rapid Transit Trains
Survey of health and licensing policies for taxi drivers in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia: a perspective from evidence on older drivers
Vital signs: nonfatal, motor vehicle--occupant injuries (2009) and seat belt use (2008) among adults --- United States
When Yellow Lights Look Red: Tinted Sunglasses on the Railroads
Risk of first-generation H(1)-antihistamines: a GA(2)LEN position paper
Initial results of Pakistan's first road traffic injury surveillance project
Hallucinations in vision impairment
The older patient with syncope: Practicalities and controversies
Pedestrian injuries in eight European countries: an analysis of hospital discharge data
What do we mean by 'friend'? an inductive study
Driving Under the (Cellular) Influence: The Link Between Cell Phone Use and Vehicle Crashes
Driving Under the (Cellular) Influence (2011)
(R and B) rhythm and blues: Post-traffic lights in Ramallah and Al-Bireh city
Dynamic Analysis of a Slow-active Suspension System Based on a Full Car Model
Staying safe while on the move
Unsafe at any speed: the designed-in dangers of the American automobile
Risk Assessment for the Security of Inbound Containers at U.S. Ports: A Failure, Mode, Effects, and Criticality Analysis Approach
Developing a Theoretical Framework for Research into Driver Control Practices in the Trucking Industry
The Independence of Independents: Influences on Commercial Driver Intentions to Commit Unsafe Acts
Car Seat Heaters as a Potential Burn Hazard: A Clarification
Cognition and driving in older persons
Cognitive demands and the relationship between age and workload in apron control
Detailed analysis of distraction induced by in-vehicle verbal interactions on visual search performance
Driving Simulation for Evaluation and Rehabilitation of Driving After Stroke
Driving skills of young adults with developmental coordination disorder: Regulating speed and coping with distraction
Examining the impact of traffic environment and executive functioning on children's pedestrian behaviors
Exit strategies and safety concerns for machinery occupants following ice failure and submersion
Field operational tests of Smartway in Japan
Generalized centrifugal-force model for pedestrian dynamics
Hazardous alcohol use among active duty Air Force personnel: Identifying unique risk and promotive factors
ICT and road transportation safety in the United States: a case of "American exceptionalism"
Improving truck safety: Potential of weigh-in-motion technology
An investigation of factors contributing to major crash types in Japan based on naturalistic driving data
Motor Vehicle Intrusion Alone Does Not Predict Trauma Center Admission or Use of Trauma Center Resources
Motorcycle accident is the main cause of maxillofacial injuries in the Penang Mainland, Malaysia
Motorcycle Helmets Associated with Lower Risk of Cervical Spine Injury: Debunking the Myth
The national burden of road traffic injuries in Thailand
Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) syndrome and traffic accidents
Prevalence and Correlates of Poor Sleep Quality and Daytime Sleepiness in Belgian Truck Drivers
Prolonged nocturnal driving can be as dangerous as severe alcohol-impaired driving
Quality of pedestrian flow and crosswalk width at signalized intersections
Residual effects of esmirtazapine on actual driving performance: overall findings and an exploratory analysis into the role of CYP2D6 phenotype
Response to: Car Seat Heaters as a Potential Burn Hazard: A Clarification
Right-sided diaphragmatic rupture after blunt trauma. An unusual entity
Road traffic accidents - a cause of death and trauma
School site and the potential to walk to school: The impact of street connectivity and traffic exposure in school neighborhoods
Two-lane traffic-flow model with an exact steady-state solution
Evaluating the protective capacity of two-post ROPS for a seat-belted occupant during a farm tractor overturn
NCDOT Quality Control Methods for Weigh-in-Motion Data
2002 Tundra Pickup/2004 Accord Head-on at 58 mph Closing Speed
2002 Tundra Pickup/2004 Accord Offset at 58 mph Closing Speed
Analysis of Recent Car-Trailer Underride Crash Tests
Braking Rates for Students in a Motorcycle Training Program
Career Firefighter Dies after Being Backed Over: The N.I.O.S.H. Report
Crash Testing and Evaluation of Breakaway Signs
Evaluation of Barriers for Very High Speed Roadways
Evaluation of Electronic Data Recorders for Incident Investigation and Driver Performance
Evaluation of Motorcycle Braking System Performance and Characteristics Relative to Current Regulatory Standards
Heavy Truck Original Equipment and Aftermarket Brake Performance
Keep Lighting on the Level
Motorcycle High-Speed Crash Tests
Pedestrian Walking Speed in Crosswalk Study
Scrutiny of Older Drivers May Cut Deaths but Loss of Independence Can Be Painful
Simulation of Heavy Truck Electronic Stability Control Systems: Literature Review
Safety Evaluation of Increasing Retroreflectivity of Stop Signs
Summary of 3 Vehicle-to-Pole Side-Impact Crash Tests
Supervisor/Foreman Struck by a Pickup Truck While Placing Channelizer Drum in Road: The MIOSHA Report
Summary of 3 Vehicle-to-Pole Side-Impact Crash Tests
Testing the Speed Calculation from Video Evidence Method
Triangulation Scene Mapping
Volunteer Fire Chief Dies in Motor Vehicle Incident While Responding to a Fire Alarm: The N.I.O.S.H. Report
Highway on-ramp Control using Fuzzy Decision Making
Predictive factors of chronic post-traumatic stress disorder 6 months after a road traffic accident
Psychiatric and psychological complications in obstructive sleep apnea syndrome
A residential location approach to traffic safety: Two case studies from Germany
Unintentional Struck by/Struck Against Injury Mortality in the United States, 1999-2006
Unique drowning in an atypical medium: paraffin wax in the setting of a motor vehicle crash-case report and literature survey
Unraveling the complexity of driving while intoxicated: A study into the prevalence of psychiatric and substance abuse comorbidity
Use of Advanced Information Technologies for Marine Accident Data Analysis Visualization and Quality Control
Using driving simulators to assess driving safety
Validation of a posturographic approach to monitor sleepiness
The validity of driving simulation for assessing differences between in-vehicle informational interfaces: A comparison with field testing
Variants of the shoulder side impact syndrome: The posterior sternoclavicular dislocation
Vehicle steering returnability with maximum steering wheel angle at low speeds
Vehicle velocity estimation for real-time dynamic stability control
Visual assessment of pedestrian crashes
Vital signs: binge drinking among high school students and adults --- United States, 2009
What is the single most important thing you can do to prevent injuries in a crash?
The risk of pedestrian injury and fatality in collisions with motor vehicles, a social ecological study of state routes and city streets in King County, Washington
Do motor vehicle advertisements that promote vehicle performance attributes also promote undesirable driving behaviour?
Anger and health risk behaviors
Are age-based licensing restrictions a meaningful way to enhance rural older driver safety? The need for exposure considerations in policy development
Cooperation between police and social treatment services offering treatment to drink and drug drivers-experience in Sweden
Determinants of seat belt use among drivers in Sabzevar, Iran: a comparison of theory of planned behavior and health belief model
Disease Prevalence and Mortality among Agricultural Workers in Korea
Effect of caffeine on reactive agility time when fresh and fatigued
Effects of benzodiazepines, antidepressants and opioids on driving: a systematic review and meta-analysis of epidemiological and experimental evidence
Epidemiology of motor vehicle crashes in utah
Etiology of nonspecific cause of death coding in new york city motor vehicle crash-related fatalities
Factors influencing injury severity to highway workers in work zone intrusion accidents
Head injury causation scenarios for belted, rear-seated children in frontal impacts
Helmet use and risk compensation in motorcycle accidents
The Influence of Emotion Regulation on Decision Making under Risk
Knowledge and attitude of safety belt use among professional drivers in a tertiary Nigerian institution
A modified human head model for the study of impact head injury
Pediatric All-Terrain Vehicle Injuries: Does Legislation Make a Dent?
Prediction of seat belt use among Iranian automobile drivers: application of the theory of planned behavior and the health belief model
Reducing harm in drinking environments: A systematic review of effective approaches
Roadside judgments in children with Developmental Co-ordination Disorder
Sensitivity of THOR and Hybrid III Dummy Lower Neck Loads to Belt Systems in Frontal Impact
Variations in rear seat cushion properties and the effects on submarining
Vehicle-associated closed trauma-induced stroke in a 27-day-old girl
Views of parents of teenagers about licensing policies: a national survey
Work-related fatalities among youth ages 11-17 in North Carolina, 1990-2008
When here becomes there: attentional distribution modulates foveal bias in peripheral localization
Cervical spine rotation and range of motion: pilot measurements during driving
The role of safety research in road safety management
The Role of Working Memory in Supporting Drivers’ Situation Awareness for Surrounding Traffic
Safety culture aboard fishing vessels
The Safety of Driving a Commercial Motor Vehicle After a Stroke
Safety performance functions with measurement errors in traffic volume
Safety impact of Gateway Monuments
Sailing injury and illness: results of an online survey
Secondary collisions following a traffic barrier impact: frequency, factors, and occupant risk
Analysis and Evaluation of The Effect of Studded Tyres on Road Pavement and Environment (III)
Early-Age Response of Concrete Pavements to Temperature and Moisture Variations
Experimental Analysis on Hairpin Curves
Investigation of Concrete Cracking Effect in Deck Slab of Continuous Bridges
Model for the Substantiation of Road Safety Improvement Measures on the Roads of Lithuania
Possibilities for the Improvement of the Quality of Design Solutions in the Gravel Road Reconstruction Projects
Properties of Cellulose Fibres and Waste Plastic Modified Porous Friction Course Mixes
Research on Motor Transport Produced Noise on Gravel and Asphalt Roads
Space Frame Lattice Model for Stress Analysis of Bridge
Speed Factors on Low-Volume Roads for Horizontal Curves and Tangents
A Study of the Deflections of Metal Road Guardrail Post
Data accuracy on automatic traffic counting: the SMART project results
Estimated societal costs of a hierarchical measures approach to enhanced school transportation safety at bus stops on roads with high speed limits
Field test on visibility at cycle crossings at night
An intelligent curve warning system for powered two wheel vehicles
A methodology to assess pedestrian crossing safety
Objective and subjective evaluation of an advanced motorcycle riding simulator
Analysis of Tire Contact Parameters Using Visual Processing
Investigation of Driver Performance With Night-Vision and Pedestrian-Detection Systems - Part 2: Queuing Network Human Performance Modeling
Erratum to: Expert opinion of ORL for private accident insurance
The economics of regulating cellular phones in vehicles
Defining the drivers for accepting decision making automation in air traffic management
An exploration of the utility of mathematical modeling predicting fatigue from sleep/wake history and circadian phase applied in accident analysis and prevention: The crash of Comair Flight 5191
Paradoxical Changes in Alcohol Consumption and CAGE Ratings Between 1996 and 2006 in the General Population of Geneva
The impact of Relative Prevalence on dual-target search for threat items from airport X-ray screening
Road traffic noise and stroke: a prospective cohort study
Trust and technology: the social foundations of aviation regulation
Age influences visual attention characteristics among accident‐free and accident‐involved drivers
Safety climate and safety behavior in the passenger ferry context
Crash-related factors associated with the severity of road traffic injuries in Iran
Assessing the risk to firefighters from chemical vapors and gases during vehicle fire suppression
The epidemiological trends of head injury in the largest Canadian adult trauma center from 1986 to 2007
Dislocation of a Groshong catheter from a titanium Dome® Port after thoracic trauma caused by airbag activation
An economic evaluation of setting up physical barriers in railway stations for preventing railway injury: evidence from Hong Kong
Controlling speeds on residential streets
Exercise can improve speed of behavior in older drivers
Deciding alternative left turn signal phases using expert systems
Descriptive model for fatality rates of traffic accidents in Jordan
Effects of motorcycle safety helmet use on injury location and severity: before-and-after helmet law repeal in Colorado
HCM Roundabout Capacity Methods and Alternative Capacity Models
A hospital-initiated multisectoral road safety campaign with speed-adapted coconut drop test in Northern Laos
Death by complete decapitation of motorcyclist wearing full face helmet: Case report
Come together: Airbag improvements
The first hero of auto safety: Dr. Claire Straith
Injury mortality in rural South Africa 2000 - 2007: rates and associated factors
Interface Value
Toward a meaningful way to measure whole body vibration in motor cycle riders exposed to rough surfaces
Motor equivalence and self-motion induced by different movement speeds
Mortality from suicide and other external cause injuries in China: a prospective cohort study
Pressure point: Pedestrian protection sensors
A retrospective study of oral and maxillofacial injuries in Seremban Hospital, Malaysia
The seekers
Ship inspection strategies: Effects on maritime safety and environmental protection
Visual characteristics of elderly night drivers in the Salisbury Eye Evaluation Driving Study
Analysis of hazmat transportation accidents in congested urban areas, based on actual accidents in Mexico
Ant colony system based routing and scheduling for hazardous material transportation
A behavioral observation study of Turkish drivers' and children's safety belt use
Driver education as a part of upper secondary education - arguments and perspectives
Incorporating risks in City Logistics
The Representations of inhabitants of Latvia about reasons of aggressive vehicle driving
The road traffic safety and the notions of inhabitants of Latvia of the Phenomenon "aggressive driving"
Smart car with security camera for homeland security
A study on the effects of seat belt posters on drivers
Towards a taxonomy of City Logistics projects
Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis of National Road Transport Inventories Compiled with COPERT 4
Acute traumatic gonadal vein rupture in a pregnant patient involved in a major motor vehicle collision
Alcohol and distraction interact to impair driving performance
Sensitivity analysis for tire/road interface model
Factors Associated With Obstructive Sleep Apnea Among Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers
Light, Years Ahead
People Power
A Spatial Queuing Approach to Optimize Coordinated Signal Settings to Obviate Gridlock in Adjacent Work Zones
Streets Ahead
There To Be Broken?
Towards improving road traffic safety in Nigeria
Wheel Slip Control via Second-Order Sliding-Mode Generation
Wireless Local Danger Warning: Cooperative Foresighted Driving Using Intervehicle Communication
Social desirability and self-reported driving behaviours: Should we be worried?
Socio-demographic risks of child injury in a Greek region
Socioeconomic position and health status of people who live near busy roads: the Rome Longitudinal Study (RoLS)
Socioeconomic status and the occurrence of non-fatal child pedestrian injury: Results from a cross-sectional survey
Sound affects the speed of visual processing
Special Safety Concerns of the School Bus Industry
Speed cameras "do a good job" in reducing road deaths and injuries
Speed cameras for the prevention of road traffic injuries and deaths
Sports aviation accidents: fatality and aircraft specificity
A study of the effectiveness of Electronic Stability Control in Canada
Sunglasses, the European directive and the European standard
Supervising road safety in Peru
Supporting drivers in forming correct expectations about transitions between rural road categories
Supporting Drivers in Keeping Safe Speed and Safe Distance: The SASPENCE Subproject Within the European Framework Programme 6 Integrating Project PReVENT
System design of ABS dynamic simulation test stand
Estimation of fatality and injury risk by means of in-depth fatal accident investigation data
Facial trauma in the largest city in Latin America, São Paulo, 15 years after the enactment of the compulsory seat belt law
Distraction of task‐relevant information processing by irrelevant changes in auditory, visual, and bimodal stimulus features: A behavioral and event‐related potential study
Injury patterns by restraint usage in 1973 and 1974 passenger cars
Static bending response of the human lower torso
Injury to unembalmed belted cadavers in simulated collisions
Cadaver femur responses to longitudinal impacts
Contribution of physical analysis of accidents towards interpretation of severe traffic trauma
Significance of rate of onset in impact injury evaluation
Injury predictions for frontal collisions
Bumper characteristics for improved pedestrian safety
Static and dynamic articular facet loads
Design and use of the TRRL side impact dummy
Comparative knee impact response of Part 572 dummy and cadaver subjects
Comparison of kinematic parameters between hybrid II head and neck system with human volunteers for minus-Gx acceleration profiles
Design, test and development of wheelchair restraint system for use in buses
Prediction of thoracic impact injuries
Critical assessment of the use of non-human responding surrogates for safety system evaluation
Automotive seat design and collision performance
Biomechanics of real child pedestrian accidents
Results of cadaver and anthropomorphic dummy tests in identical crash situations
Whole-body human surrogate response to three-point harness restraint
Injury mechanisms in side impact
Correlation between thoracic lesions and force values measured at the shoulder of 92 belted occupants involved in real accidents
Results of experimental head impacts on cadavers: the various data obtained and their relations to some measured physical parameters
Sled test comparisons of child restraint performance
Subcompact vehicle energy-absorbing steering assembly evaluation
Variation of human tolerance to impact and its effect on the design and testing of automotive impact performance
Biodynamics of the living human spine during minus G//x impact acceleration
Study of driver interactions with an inflating air cushion
Response of belt restrained subjects in simulated lateral impact
Simulation of side impact using the Cal3d occupant simulation model
Injury mechanisms to fully restrained occupants
Modification of Part 572 dummy for lateral impact according to biomechanical data
30 MPH front/rear crash with human test persons
Child restraint evaluation by experimental and mathematical simulation
Tests and materials for school bus retrofit applications
Factors associated with pelvic and knee injuries in pedestrians struck by the fronts of cars
Factors influencing the estimation of submarining on the dummy
Field facial injuries and study of their simulation with dummy
Frequency and significance of seat belt induced neck injuries in lateral collisions
Impact force-deflection of the human thorax
Influence of arm position on thoracic injuries in side impact
Injury mechanisms in head-on collisions involving glance-off
Interrelationship of velocity and chest compression in blunt thoracic impact to swine
Pedestrian post-impact kinematics and injury patterns
Quantification of side impact responses and injuries
Response of the cervical spine to superior-inferior head impact
Results of an analysis of truck accidents and possibilities of reducing their consequences discussed on the basis of car-to-truck crash tests
Risk and effectiveness of seat belts in Munich area automobile accidents
Simulation of head injury due to combined rotation and translation of the brain
Simulation of head/neck impact responses for helmeted and unhelmeted motorcyclists
A study of impacts to the lateral protected and unprotected head
Test dummy interaction with a shoulder or lap belt
The design and experimental use of a chest load-distribution transducer and force-indicating legs for the part 572 dummy
Thoracic injury prediction via digital convolution theory
Comparison of Measured and Predicted Human Whole-Body Inertial Properties
Relationships Between Passenger Car Seat Back Strength and Occupant Injury Severity in Rear End Collisions: Field and Laboratory Studies
Injury Risk Curves for Children and Adults in Frontal and Rear Collisions
Validation of a 3D Anatomic Human Head Model and Replication of Head Impact in Motorcycle Accident by Finite Element Modeling
Response and Vulnerability of the Upper Arm Through Side Air Bag Deployment
Biomechanical Investigation of Airbag-Induced Upper-Extremity Injuries
Modeling of the human head under impact conditions: A parametric study
Interaction of air bags with upper extremities
Study of Motor Vehicle Accidents Involving Children
Validation Study of a 3D Finite Element Head Model Against Experimental Data
Three-Dimensional Finite Element Model of the Human Ankle: Development and Preliminary Application to Axial Impulsive Loading
Analysis of Injury Mechanisms for Ankle/Foot Region in Frontal Offset Collisions
Instrumentation of Human Surrogates for Side Impact
Biomechanics of Lower Limb Injuries of Belted Car Drivers and the Influence of Intrusion and Accident Severity
Comparison of the Six-Year-Old Hybrid III, Part 572 and TNO P6 Child Dummies
Side Impact Countermeasure Study Using a Hybrid Modeling Technique
Computer Simulation of Shearing and Bending Response of the Knee Joint to a Lateral Impact
Biofidelity and Injury Assessment in Eurosid I and Biosid
Analytical Method to Assess the Risk of the Lap-Belt Slipping Off the Pelvis in Frontal Impacts
Biomechanical Face for the Hybrid III Dummy
Injury Severity in Restrained Children in Motor Vehicle Crashes
Comparison of Sled Tests With Real Traffic Accidents
Insult to the Human Cadaver Patellofemoral Joint: Effects of Age on Fracture Tolerance and Occult Injury
Coupling Phenomenon in the Case of a Frontal Car Crash
Research and development for lower lateral force armrests
Survey of Older Children in Automotive Restraints
Design and Structure of the Windscreen As Part of Injury Reduction for Car Occupants, Pedestrians and Bicyclists
Computer Experiments for Optimal FMVSS 208 and NCAP Performance
Comparison of Hybrid III and human cadaver thorax deformations loaded by a thoracic belt
Comparison of occupant restraints based on injury-producing contact rates
Biofidelity improvements to the hybrid III headform
Side impact - a comparison between dummies and cadavers, correlations between cadaver loads and injury severity
Significance of head-to-knee impacts - a comparison of dummy and cadaver responses
Comparison of experimental car-pedestrian collisions performed with various modified side-impact dummies and cadavers
Simulation analysis of head and neck dynamic response
Fighting Traffic: The Dawn of the Motor Age in the American City by Peter D. Norton and Republic of Drivers: A Cultural History of Automobility in America by Cotten Seiler
The Automobile and American Life by John Heitman
NASCAR Nation: A History of Stock Car Racing in the United States by Scott Beekman
Misleading Findings on Cognitive Status Stereotype Older Drivers
Hearing Impairment Affects Older People's Ability to Drive in the Presence of Distracters
Comments on article on older drivers in Australia
Temporal variations in road traffic fatalities in South Africa
Thirty-day self-reported risky driving behaviors of ADHD and non-ADHD drivers
Response letter to Drs. O'Callaghan and O'Neill, Comments on article on older drivers in Australia
Predictions of child motion during panic braking and impact
Unrestrained, front seat, child surrogate trajectories produced by hard braking
Transportation of children in cars -- evaluation of restraint use in France
Wheelchair restraint systems, dynamic test results and the development of standards
Accuracy and sensitivity of crash
Comparison between frontal impact tests with cadavers and dummies in a simulated true car restrained environment
Critical issues in finite element modeling of head impact
Biomechanical accident investigation methodology using analytical techniques
Structure of European research into the biomechanics of impacts
Trajectories of pedestrians, motorcycles, motorcyclists, etc., following a road accident
Speed limit reduction from 60 TO 50 km/h and pedestrian injuries
Detailed injury severity scale for lower limbs based on analysis of injuries sustained by pedestrians
Study of 'knee-thigh-hip' protection criterion
Side impact - a comparison between HSRI, APROD and Hybrid II dummies and cadavers
Belt slip measurements on human volunteers and the Part 572 Dummy in low -G//x impact acceleration
Comparison of current anthropomorphic test devices in a three-point belt restraint system
Injury potential with misused child restraining systems
Traffic accidents concerning child epidemiology - Mechanism and means of prevention
Time course of driving-skill self-assessments during French driver training
The traffic phases of road networks
Perceptions of Police Disrespect During Vehicle Stops: A Race-Based Analysis
Trauma care - a global challenge : Experience gathered in a (trauma) center managing urban violence in Nigeria
The effects of music on time perception and performance of a driving game
Screening and Brief Intervention of Detainees for Alcohol Use: A Social Crime Prevention Approach to Combating Alcohol‐Related Crime?
Automobility and the Politics of Bicycling in New York City
Decision‐making, intermodal transportation, and sustainable mobility: towards a new paradigm
Travel behavior of university students who live on campus: A case study of a rural university in Asia
Virtualized traffic: reconstructing traffic flows from discrete spatiotemporal data
Testing implementation conditions for in-vehicle information systems
Manipulation specific effects of mental fatigue: Evidence from novelty processing and simulated driving
Age-related differences in mechanism, cause, and location of trauma deaths
Booster seat legislation: does it work for all children?
The burden of childhood injuries and evidence based strategies developed using the injury surveillance system in Pasto, Colombia
Causes of traumatic brain injury in patients admitted to Rafidia, Al-Ittihad and the specialized Arab hospitals, Palestine, 2006?2007
Evaluative Appraisals of Environmental Mystery and Surprise
Changes in Risk Perceptions Prospectively Predict Changes in Self‐Reported Speeding
Age and Gender Effects on Auto Liability Insurance Payouts
An Empirical Analysis of the Effects of Increasing Deductibles on Moral Hazard
Number of Accidents or Number of Claims? An Approach with Zero‐Inflated Poisson Models for Panel Data
Age‐friendly buses? A comparison of reported barriers and facilitators to bus use for younger and older adults
Age‐Based Testing for Driver's License Renewal: Potential Implications for Older Australians
Volunteering, Driving Status, and Mortality in U.S. Retirees
Effective prevention measures based on aspects of traffic fatality rates are needed in Thailand
Injury prevention in child death review: child pedestrian fatalities
Knee Injuries and the Use of Prophylactic Knee Bracing in Off-road Motorcycling: Results of a Large-Scale Epidemiological Study
Motor vehicle accidents, suicides, and assaults in epilepsy: A population-based study
Moving urban trips from cars to bicycles: impact on health and emissions
Paediatric low speed vehicle run-over fatalities in Queensland
Use of child death review to inform sudden unexplained infant deaths occurring in a large urban setting
Slow eye movement as a possible predictor of reaction delays to auditory warning alarms in a drowsy state
Signal evaluation environment: a new method for the design of peripheral in-vehicle warning signals
Surrendering the keys: a doctor tries to get an impaired elderly patient to stop driving
Road safety attitudes and opinions of newly licensed Māori car drivers: New Zealand Drivers Study
Severe frostbite injury in a 19-year-old patient requiring amputation of both distal forearms and lower legs due to delayed rescue: a need for advanced accident collision notification systems?
Motor vehicle crashes, suicides, and assaults: The dangers of epilepsy?
Study on Cervical Spine Injuries in Vehicle Side Impact
Traffic accident in Patchaboon hospital 5-year retrospective study October 1987-September 1992
Traffic accident patients in Prapokklao hospital Chanthaburi: 3 year retrospective study
Traffic accidents: Another example of diseases of civilization
Traffic accident patients at the emergency unit, Nopparat Rajathanee hospital
Traffic accidents during Songkran festival in Nongbualumpoo province: an epidemiological study
Future Trends in Safe Driving
Road safety education - does it work?
Acute aortic occlusion in a child secondary to lap-belt injury treated with thromboendarterectomy and primary repair
Aero-disaster in Port Harcourt, Nigeria: A case study
Alcohol-related vehicular death rates for college students in the commonwealth of Virginia
Another mechanism of décollement
Biomechanical modeling of eye trauma for different orbit anthropometries
Drug Violations and Aviation Accidents: Findings from the U.S. Mandatory Drug Testing Programs
Economic impact of fatal and nonfatal road traffic injuries in Belize in 2007
Emergency physicians' knowledge and provision of child passenger safety information
Health status of southern Arizona border counties: a Healthy Border 2010 midterm review
Incredible India: The inconvenient truth
A novel approach to the physiological measurement of mental workload
Occupant and crash characteristics for case occupants with cervical spine injuries sustained in motor vehicle collisions
Prevalence of alcohol and other substances of abuse among injured patients in a Norwegian emergency department
Primary prevention measures for controlling pedestrian injuries and deaths and improving road safety
Risk of injury for bicycling on cycle tracks versus in the street
Contributory Factors to Crash Severity in Taiwan's Freeways: Genetic Mining Rule Approach
Manpower Demand Evaluation Model for Traffic Control Duties At Urban Intersections
A study on bicycle-related injuries and their costs in Shanghai, China
A systematic review of interventions for promoting active transportation to school
Traumatic Testicular Displacement in Motorcycle Drivers
Analysis and modelling of traffic flow under variable speed limits
Close following behavior: Testing visual angle car following models using various sets of data
Comparing stress of car and train commuters
The correlation between gradients of descending roads and accident rates
Developing fuzzy signal detection theory for workers' hazard perception measures on subway operations
Effects of critical incidents on car users' predicted satisfaction with public transport
Exploring passenger anxiety associated with train travel
Factors associated with bicycle ownership and use: A study of six small U.S. cities
Freeway service patrol deployment planning for incident management and congestion mitigation
Habitual or reasoned? Using the theory of planned behavior, technology acceptance model, and habit to examine switching intentions toward public transit
Heterogeneity in car-following behavior: Theory and empirics
Managers' conceptions regarding human factors in air traffic management and in airport operations
Motivators and deterrents of bicycling: Comparing influences on decisions to ride
The prevalence and characteristics of self-reported dangerous driving behaviours among a young cohort
Reduction in car-bicycle conflict at a road-cycle path intersection: Evidence of road user adaptation?
The validity of self-reported driver competence: Relations between measures of perceived driver competence and actual driving skill
Work-related driving safety in light vehicle fleets: A review of past research and the development of an intervention framework
Young drivers' sensation seeking, subjective norms, and perceived behavioral control and their roles in predicting speeding intention: How risk-taking motivations evolve with gender and driving experience
Does risk homoeostasis theory have implications for road safety. (Against)
Does risk homoeostasis theory have implications for road safety? (For)
Environmental factors in drinking venues and alcohol‐related harm: the evidence base for European intervention
Indicators of alcohol consumption and attributable harm for monitoring and surveillance in European Union countries
Science and alcohol policy: a case study of the EU Strategy on Alcohol
Assessing the Field Relevance of Testing protocols and Injury risk functions employed in new car assessment programs
Characterisation of motorcyclist's upper body motion during braking manoeuvre
Comparison of hybrid III and human body models in evaluating thoracic response for various seat belt and airbag loading conditions
Development of injury probability function for the thorax of a pedestrian dummy based on two-dimensional evaluation of chest deflection using human and pedestrian dummy FE models
Field data - A base for the development of safe vehicles
Head injury risk evaluation for standing passengers in rail transport
Integrated Pedestrian Countermeasures: Potential of Head Injury Reduction Combining Passive and Active Countermeasures
Force reconstruction for low velocity impacts using force and acceleration measurements
Analysis of crack formation in T-joint structures under dynamic loading
How Can Older People Survive in an Ever-Changing Urban Community
The effect of countermeasures to reduce the incidence of unintended acceleration accidents
An Attitude Analysis of Elderly People toward Mobility and Community Bus in Rural Area - Case Study of the Osaki-Kamijima Island in Japan
Assessing astronaut injury potential from suit connectors using a human body finite element model
Implementation of head injury criteria in cyclist-car accidents
Effects of muscle tense on impact responses of lower extremity
Influence of rotational acceleration on intracranial mechanical parameters under accidental circumstances
The effect of a Pretensioner and a Load Limiter on a HIII 6Y, Seated on Four Different Types of Booster Cushions in Frontal Impacts
The pedestrian legform impactor according to EEVC WG 17 - Results of actual research and possibilities for the implementation within regulations on pedestrian protection
Influence of direction and duration of impacts to the human head evaluated using the finite element method
BOSCOS - Development and benefits of a bone scanning system
Evaluation of the Simulated Response of the Human Brain Subjected to Different Accelerations during a Frontal Impact
The Development of Car Safety: Past, Present and Future
Occupant Safety: Mine Detonation under Vehicles - A Numerical Lower Leg Injury Assessment
Influence of age and restraint force value on the seriousness of thoracic injuries sustained by belted occupants in real accidents
Contributive factors to aviation accidents
Dangerous toys
Driving licence and hand surgery
EEG alpha spindle measures as indicators of driver fatigue under real traffic conditions
The effects of risk-glorifying media exposure on risk-positive cognitions, emotions, and behaviors: A meta-analytic review
Epidemiology of Traumatic Epidural Hematoma in Young Age
Impact of organization on occupational injury risk: Evidence from high-speed railway construction
Intra-individual and inter-individual variation in breath alcohol pharmacokinetics: The effect of food on absorption
Measurement of readiness to reduce driving speed: a pilot study
Motor vehicle crashes associated with alcohol: Child passenger injury and restraint use
Pedestrians at risk in Peru
Pilot age and geographic region of commuter and air taxi crashes: A case-control study
The Prevalence of Alcohol Use Disorders among Nighttime Weekend Drivers
Retrospective analysis of 954 adult patients with head injury: An epidemiological study
Screening for fitness to drive after stroke: A systematic review and meta-analysis
The societal costs of insomnia
Spatial and temporal EEG dynamics of dual-task driving performance
Spatial study of mortality in motorcycle accidents in the State of Pernambuco, Northeastern Brazil
Surprise influences hindsight-foresight differences in temporal judgments of animated automobile accidents
Unnecessary premature and avoidable mortality in Costa Rica
Car Passenger Transport and Barriers to Community Bus Use in a Mountainous Underpopulated Region in Japan
Challenges in steering wheel rim to thorax impacts using finite element hybrid III and human body models for heavy vehicle frontal crash applications
Cervical spine segment finite element model validation and verification at traumatic loading levels for injury prediction
A comparison of accident characteristics in highland and lowland regions: a case study in Malang District, Indonesia
Without electronic stability control (ESC) systems
The Sociology of Street Use in Edo and colonial Manila
Specificities of rear occupant protection: Analysis of French accident data
Statistical prediction of pedestrian pre-impact speed based on post-accident vehicle damage
The roles of gender, age and cognitive development in children's pedestrian route selection
Repositioning the human body FE model at the hip (femuropelvic) joint
Modelling and analysis of air traffic control systems using hierarchical timed coloured Petri nets
Qalandia Checkpoint as Space and Nonplace
Empowerment of personal injury victims through the internet: design of a randomized controlled trial
Head injuries to nearside occupants in lateral impacts: epidemiological and full-scale crash test analyses
Incident Clearance Time Analysis for Korean Freeways Using Structural Equation Model
Suitability of current side impact test dummies in far-side impacts
Subjective well-being related to satisfaction with daily travel
Associated factors for drowsy driving among licensed drivers
Comparing road traffic mortality rates from police-reported data and death registration data in China
Drive-Away Policing and Situational Crime Prevention in China: An Analysis of Motorcycle Ban (jinmo) Policy in Guangzhou
Economic impact of Wicks v State Rail Authority (NSW) (2010) 84 ALJR 497
Fatal Traffic Injuries Among Children and Adolescents in Three Cities (Capital Budapest, Vilnius, and Tallinn)
High rates of injured motorcycle drivers in emergency rooms and the association with substance use in Porto Alegre, Brazil
In-simulator training of driving abilities in a person with a traumatic brain injury
Increasing seat belt use in service vehicle drivers with a gearshift delay
Late development of carotid dissection after traffic accident
Pattern and presentation of blunt chest trauma among different age groups
Patterns, predictors, and associated benefits of driving a modified vehicle after spinal cord injury: Findings from the national spinal cord injury model systems
Predicting and Measuring Premises-Level Harm in the Night-Time Economy
Relationship of social factors including trust, control over life decisions, problems with transport and safety, to psychological distress in the community
A reliability and usability study of TRACEr-RAV: The technique for the retrospective analysis of cognitive errors - For rail, Australian version
Reporting a sudden death due to accidental gasoline inhalation
Return to work following road accidents: Factors associated with late work resumption
Run-over injuries : Causes, injury pattern, treatment and long-term sequelae
Self-Protection and Partner-Protection for new vehicles (UNECE R94 amendment)
Sensitivity of THOR and Hybrid III dummy upper and lower neck forces and moments to belt systems in frontal impact
Upper extremity fractures in car accidents
Traumatic Brain Injury at Multiple Length Scales: Relating Diffuse Axonal Injury to Discrete Axonal Impairment
Torso deformation in frontal sled tests: Comparison between THOR NT, THOR NT with the Chalmers SD-1 shoulder, and PMHS
Overview of serious thorax injuries in European frontal car crash accidents and implications for crash test dummy development
The performance of tethered and untethered forward facing child restraints
A new method to determine rib geometry for a personalised FEM of the thorax
A new methodology for biofidelic head-neck postural control
Effect of short sleep duration on daily activities --- United States, 2005--2008
Unhealthy sleep-related behaviors --- 12 States, 2009
Impact on alcohol‐related mortality of a rapid rise in the density of private liquor outlets in British Columbia: a local area multi‐level analysis
Gender analysis on whiplash seat effectiveness: Results from real-world crashes
Motion of the head and neck of female and male volunteers in rear impact car-to-car tests at 4 and 8 km/h
Influence on cervical vertebral motion of the interaction between occiput and head restraint/seat based on the reconstruction of rear-end collision using finite element human model
Photometric measurements for visibility level computations
Age and gender differences in risky driving: The roles of positive affect and risk perception
Alcohol use, illicit drug use, and road rage
Alcohol, psychoactive drugs and fatal road traffic accidents in Norway: A case-control study
Alcohol-related traffic accidents with fatal outcomes in the city of Sao Paulo
Are child occupants a significant source of driving distraction?
Attitudes and behavior of Chinese drivers regarding seatbelt use
Attributes affecting preferences for traffic safety camera programs
Benzodiazepine-Like Hypnotics and the Associated Risk of Road Traffic Accidents
Biometrics, e-Identity, and the Balance between Security and Privacy: Case Study of the Passenger Name Record (PNR) System
Cabin safety and emergency evacuation: Passenger experience of flight CI-120 accident
Car drivers' perceptions of electronic stability control (ESC) systems
Can business road travel be safe? Experience of an international organization
Cell phone conversing while driving in New Zealand: Prevalence, risk perception and legislation
Cervical spine curvature during simulated rear crashes with energy-absorbing seat
Characteristics of fatal motorcycle crashes into roadside safety barriers in Australia and New Zealand
Characteristics of single vehicle rollover fatalities in three Australian states (2000-2007)
Child Restraint Fitting Stations reduce incorrect restraint use among child occupants
Cognitive compatibility of motorcyclists and car drivers
Crash avoidance potential of four passenger vehicle technologies
Current situation of accidents in the world
Declines in fatal crashes of older drivers: Changes in crash risk and survivability
Delay discounting: Trait variable?
Determining the drivers' acceptance of EFTCD in highway work zones
An Optimised Assessment of "Severely Injured Patients" for the Documentation of Road Traffic Accident Black Spots
Overtaking, rear-end, and door crashes involving bicycles: An empirical investigation
Perception of Own Death Risk: An Assessment of Road-Traffic Mortality Risk
Pedestrian and bicycle planning in rural communities: tools for active living
Pattern of mid-facial fractures in Tehran, Iran
The Premises is the Premise: Understanding Off- and On-premises Alcohol Sales Outlets to Improve Environmental Alcohol Prevention Strategies
Rehearsal and verbal reminders in facilitating compliance with safety rules
Risk factors for fatal crashes in rural Australia
Road safety mass media campaigns: Why are results inconclusive, and what can be done?
Role of some psycho-physiological factors on driving safety
Meta-analysis of the effect of road safety campaigns on accidents
Rating the overall secondary safety of vehicles from real world crash data: The Australian and New Zealand Total Secondary Safety Index
Sleep driving: Sleepwalking variant or misuse of z-drugs?
The special severity of occupational accidents in the afternoon: "The lunch effect"
Speed choice and driving performance in simulated foggy conditions
Differences in traffic violations and at-fault crashes between license suspension and revocation
Direct admission versus inter-hospital transfer to a level I trauma unit improves survival: An audit of the new Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital trauma unit
Distribution of transport injury and related risk behaviours in a large national cohort of Thai adults
Does street network design affect traffic safety?
Does the transition to parenthood influence driving?
Door velocity and occupant distance affect lateral thoracic injury mitigation with side airbag
Driver characteristics associated with child safety seat usage in Malaysia: a cross-sectional study
Driver performance while text messaging using handheld and in-vehicle systems
Driving while intoxicated among individuals initially untreated for alcohol use disorders: one- and sixteen-year follow-ups
Dynamic and functional balance tasks in subjects with persistent whiplash: A pilot trial
Econometric analysis of the changing effects in wind strength and significant wave height on the probability of casualty in shipping
Effect of three countermeasures against the illegal crossing of railway tracks
The effects of Electronic Stability Control (ESC) on crashes-An update
Effects of Pay-As-You-Drive vehicle insurance on young drivers' speed choice: Results of a Dutch field experiment
Effectiveness of different types of motorcycle helmets and effects of their improper use on head injuries
The effects of increased police enforcement along a route in London
Effects of steering demand on lane keeping behaviour, self-reports, and physiology. A simulator study
Estimation of the social costs of home injury: A comparison with estimates for road injury
The endurance of the effects of the penalty point system in Spain three years after. Main influencing factors
Factors contributing to driving by people with uncontrolled seizures
Fatality risk in motorcycle collisions with roadside objects in the United States
Injuries of the cervical spine in motorcycling and bicycling traffic accidents
Mopeds and Scooters: Crash Outcomes in a High Traffic State
2010 ENA National Scorecard on State Roadway Laws: A Blueprint for Injury Prevention
Alcohol in fatal crashes involving Mexican and Canadian drivers in the USA
Alcoholic beverage preferences and associated drinking patterns and risk behaviors among high school youth
Association between unsafe driving performance and cognitive-perceptual dysfunction in older drivers
Characteristics of Alcohol-related Injuries in Adolescents Visiting the Emergency Department
Car versus Tree: Accident or Suicide Attempt?
Chest X-ray quiz. A large right pneumothorax possibly inflicted by the air bag
Cognitive training for older drivers can reduce the frequency of involvement in motor vehicle collisions
Comparison of 2008 national and state-level self-reported and observed seatbelt use estimates
A comprehensive multi-level approach for passing safe routes to school and complete streets policies in Hawaii
Differences in geometry of pedestrian crashes in daylight and darkness
Driving self-restriction in high-risk conditions: How do older drivers compare to others?
Identifying crash type propensity using real-time traffic data on freeways
Impact of a new gender-specific definition for binge drinking on prevalence estimates for women
"The little squealer" or "the virtual guardian angel"? Young drivers' and their parents' perspective on using a driver monitoring technology and its implications for parent-young driver communication
Accidental through and through penetrating injury to the neck
Alcohol-Related Negative Consequences among Drinkers around the World
Factors at the Scene of Injury Associated with Air versus Ground Transport to Definitive Care in a State with a Large Rural Population
Factors affecting hospital charges and length of stay from teenage motor vehicle crash-related hospitalizations among United States teenagers, 2002-2007
Factors contributing to anxious driving behavior: The role of stress history and accident severity
Generalized railway tank car safety design optimization for hazardous materials transport: Addressing the trade-off between transportation efficiency and safety
Hazard perception of motorcyclists and car drivers
Health literacy of older drivers and the importance of health experience for self-regulation of driving behaviour
High-impact trauma causing multiple posteromedial rib fractures in a child
High-rate, regional mechanical properties of the porcine brain: Cross-comparison with two methods of indentation
Human head and cervical spine behaviour during low-speed rear-end impacts: PMHS sled tests with a rigid seat
A human model for low-severity rear-impacts
Identifying driver characteristics influencing overtaking crashes
Impact of gender, age and experience of pilots on general aviation accidents
An Improved Follower Recognition Procedure to Estimate Follower Flow-Based Quality of Service Measures
The Influence of Aging on Human Sound Localization
Individual and family motivational interventions for alcohol-positive adolescents treated in an emergency department: Results of a randomized clinical trial
Influence of the body on head rotational acceleration in motorcycle helmet oblique impact tests
The influence of Cruise Control and Adaptive Cruise Control on driving behaviour - A driving simulator study
The influence of familiarity on life jacket donning performance: Implications for participant selection
Influence of the Impact and Restraint Conditions on Human Surrogate Head Response to a Frontal Deceleration
The influence of the safety belt on the decisive injury assessment values in the new US-NCAP
Installation of bicycle lanes and increased ridership in an urban, mixed-income setting in New Orleans, Louisiana
A joint-probability approach to crash prediction models
Kinematical, physiological, and vehicle-related influences on pedestrian injury severity in frontal vehicle crashes: Multivariate analysis and cross-validation
Let them experience a ride under the influence of alcohol; A successful intervention program?
Line-of-duty deaths among U.S. firefighters: An analysis of fatality investigations
The medical organizational aspects of decreasing of preventable mortality in the case of traffic accident in municipal district
Measurement and dimension of road fatality in Brunei
Mapping of road traffic accidents with pedestrians in the territory of a Local Health Unit of Rome through integration of administrative and health data
Methodology for the development and evaluation of active safety systems using reference scenarios: Application to preventive pedestrian safety
Methodology to predict thresholds for loading corridors of human ribs
Modelling the social and psychological impacts of transport disadvantage
MOPEDS: Motorized Objects Propelling Ethanol Drinking Subjects
Novice riders and the predictors of riding without motorcycle protective clothing
Random parameter models for accident prediction on two-lane undivided highways in India
Reduced Sensitivity to Visual Looming Inflates the Risk Posed by Speeding Vehicles When Children Try to Cross the Road
A retrospective study of zygomatico-orbital complex and/or zygomatic arch fractures over a 71-month period
Rib and sternum fractures in the elderly and extreme elderly following motor vehicle crashes
Road accidents and tourism: The case of the Balearic Islands (Spain)
Road safety: decade of action with research
Road factors and bicycle-motor vehicle crashes at unsignalized priority intersections
Road traffic crashes, alcohol, meals, sleep and work hours: A case-crossover study at the Emergency Room of Udine, Italy
Safety performance evaluation of left-side off-ramps at freeway diverge areas
Self-regulation of motor vehicle advertising: Is it working in Australia?
Speeding for fun? Exploring the speeding behavior of riders of heavy motorcycles using the theory of planned behavior and psychological flow theory
A stochastic catastrophe model using two-fluid model parameters to investigate traffic safety on urban arterials
Taxi drivers' views on risky driving behavior in Tehran: A qualitative study using a social marketing approach
Time saved with high speed driving of ambulances
Tractors and rollover protection in the United States
Types of damages among victims and dead persons in sea accidents
Trends in head injuries and helmet use in cyclists at an inner-city major trauma centre, 1991-2010
Trends and characteristics of animal-vehicle collisions in the United States
Using biological motion to enhance the conspicuity of roadway workers
Using taxes to curb drinking: A report card on the Australian government's alcopops tax
Validation of sobriety tests for the marine environment
Walking and talking: Dual-task effects on street crossing behavior in older adults
When may road fatalities start to decrease?
Winter storm-related injuries in Oklahoma, January 2007
Work-related non-crash heavy vehicle driver fatalities in Australia, 2000-9
Application of multi-slice computed tomography in biomechanical analysis of traffic accidents
Application of finite element method in evaluation of craniocerebral trauma
Determination of fibromyalgia syndrome after whiplash injuries: Methodologic issues
Differences in police, ambulance, and emergency department reporting of traffic injuries on Karachi-Hala road, Pakistan
Different Methods of Early Identification of Risky Drinking: A Review of Clinical Signs
Field quantification of physical exposures of police officers in vehicle operation
The finite element modeling of human pelvis and its application in medicolegal expertise
Geriatric Motor Vehicle Collision Survival: The Role of Institutional Trauma Volume
Impaired mental rotation performance in overweight children
Observed use of tethers in forward-facing child restraint systems
Paediatric road traffic injuries in urban Ghana: a population-based study
Pediatric femur fractures, epidemiology and treatment
Policy Statement--Child Passenger Safety
Predicting parents' use of booster seats
Processing two tasks with varying task order: Central stage duration influences central processing order
Retinal dialysis and detachment in a child after airbag deployment
Relationship Between Pressure Pain Thresholds and Pain Ratings in Patients With Whiplash-associated Disorders
The Commodification of Compensation? Personal Injuries Claims In an Age of Consumption
A Note on Rail Transit Cost-Benefit Analysis: Do Nonuser Benefits Make a Difference?
Socio-economic inequities in children's injury rates: has the gradient changed over time?
Technical Report--Child Passenger Safety
Vision screening of older drivers for preventing road traffic injuries and fatalities
Effectiveness of ignition interlocks for preventing alcohol-impaired driving and alcohol-related crashes: a Community Guide systematic review
Recommendations on the effectiveness of ignition interlocks for preventing alcohol-impaired driving and alcohol-related crashes
Shared space and cyclists
Alcohol use disorder history moderates the relationship between avoidance coping and posttraumatic stress symptoms
Anger-congruent behaviour transfers across driving situations
The association between primary open-angle glaucoma and motor vehicle collisions
Changes in coping style and treatment outcome following motor vehicle accident
Child automobile restraints
Collision Detection as a Model for Sensory-Motor Integration
Density of Surgeons Is Significantly Associated with Reduced Risk of Deaths from Motor Vehicle Crashes in US Counties
Commentary on Watson et al.'s Articles on Airport Remediation Following a Chemical Terrorist Attack
Comments on Airport Remediation Following a Chemical Terrorist Attack Articles
Entrapped victims in motor vehicle collisions: Characteristics and prehospital care in the city of São Paulo, Brazil
The geography of binge drinking: The role of alcohol-related knowledge, behaviours and attitudes. Results from the Health Survey for England 2007
Government says no to lowering drink driving limit in UK
Human surrogates for injury biomechanics research
Influencing corporations' injury-producing practices: lessons learned from the Toyota recall
Livestock vehicle accidents in Spain: Causes, consequences, and effects on animal welfare
Measuring risky adolescent cycling behaviour
Mephedrone (4-methylmethcathinone)-related deaths
Protection of health and safety of rescue workers to non-profit organizations
Results of deep clinical and physiologic study of eye in locomotive operators
The role of college students' use of protective behavioral strategies in the relation between binge drinking and alcohol-related problems
Spatial and temporal aspects of cognitive influences on smooth pursuit
Understanding novice driver policy agenda setting
Change detection in traffic: Where do we look and what do we perceive?
Differences between formal and informal practical driver training as experienced by the learners themselves
Driver workload and eye blink duration
How is the older road users' perception of risk constructed?
Psychological determinants of fuel consumption of purchased new cars
Satisfaction with travel and subjective well-being: Development and test of a measurement tool
The short-term effect of verbally assessing drivers' state on vigilance indices during monotonous daytime driving
Use of a video monitoring approach to reduce at-risk driving behaviors in commercial vehicle operations
'You're a bad driver but I just made a mistake': Attribution differences between the 'victims' and 'perpetrators' of scenario-based aggressive driving incidents
Spatial Representation of Community Shared Spaces Preferred by Residents
Development and Implementation of a Vehicle-Pedestrian Conflict Analysis Method
1,454 mandibular fractures: A 3-year study in a hospital in Belo Horizonte, Brazil
"Active living" related to the rural-urban continuum: a time-use perspective
Autopsy report diagnoses for motor vehicle-related deaths: How much more can they add to death certificate information?
Analysis of the pattern of maxillofacial fractures in north western of Iran: A retrospective study
Factors influencing self-reported vision-related activity limitation in the visually impaired
Neuropsychological assessment of fitness to drive following acquired cognitive impairment
Youth risk for deadly driving
What vehicle features are considered important when buying an automobile? An examination of driver preferences by age and gender
What kinds of hand injuries are more likely to result in amputation? An analysis of 6549 hand injuries
An update on the association between setting quantified road safety targets and road fatality reduction
Usage and perceived effectiveness of fatigue countermeasures for professional and nonprofessional drivers
A systematic review of factors contributing to outcomes in patients with traumatic brain injury
Sleep Optimizes Motor Skill in Older Adults
Should traffic enforcement be unpredictable? The case of red light cameras in Edmonton
Signals of threat do not capture, but prioritize, attention: A conditioning approach
Changing lanes in a simulator: effects of aging on the control of the vehicle and visual inspection of mirrors and blind spot
Commentary: alcohol and motor vehicle-related crashes-driver attitudes need further intervention
Detection of Phosphatidylethanol (PEth) in the Blood of Drivers in an Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program
Driving Simulation as a Performance-based Test of Visual Impairment in Glaucoma
Effectiveness of antilock braking systems in reducing motorcycle fatal crash rates
Emotional modulation of urgent and evaluative behaviors in risky driving scenarios
Empirical analysis of gross vehicle weight and free flow speed and consideration on its relation with differential speed limit
Effectiveness of sealed shoulders and audible edge lines in Western australia
Is reducing drinking always the answer to reducing consequences in first-year college students?
Jaw fractures diagnosed and treated at Malmö University Hospital: a comparison of three decades
A kinetic energy model of two-vehicle crash injury severity
Investigation on pedestrian pelvis loading mechanisms using finite element simulations
Investigation into the protective effects of helmets on users of powered two-wheelers
Health care utilisation following hospitalisation for transport-related injury
The influence of distance to school on the associations between active commuting and physical activity
The influence of fault on health in the immediate post-crash period following road traffic crashes
Injuries to the head and face in 0-4-year-old child victims of fatal external causes in Campina Grande, PB, Brazil
Protective helmets and cranio-cerebral trauma in motorcycle accidents: a preliminary study
Quality of life lost due to non-fatal road traffic injuries
'You're less complete if you haven't got a can in your hand': alcohol consumption and related harmful effects in rural Australia: the role and influence of cultural capital
Commentary: Using NOPUS Data to Identify At-Risk Groups
Bus drivers' exposure to bullying at work: An occupation-specific approach
Cost-driven injury prevention: Creating an innovative plan to save lives with limited resources
Age-related deficits in low-level inhibitory motor control
Drinking and driving and riding with an alcohol impaired driver among United States air force recruits
Editorial comments-Evaluation of medical command and control using performance indicators during a full-scale major aircraft crash exercise
The effect of transportation suit induced heat stress on helicopter underwater escape preparation and task performance
Effects of Socialization on Activity-Travel Behavior in Developing Countries: A Case Study of University Students in Metro Manila, the Philippines
An empirical assessment of fixed and random parameter logit models using crash- and non-crash-specific injury data
The epidemiological survey of acute traumatic spinal cord injury (ATSCI) of 2002 in Beijing municipality
Average out-of-pocket healthcare and work-loss costs of traffic injuries in Karachi, Pakistan
Economic impact of fatal and non-fatal road traffic injuries in Guadalajara Metropolitan Area and Jalisco, Mexico
Traffic risks by travel mode in the metropolitan regions of Stockholm and San Francisco: a comparison of safety indicators
Accident reconstruction of some uncommon spinal injuries in auto-crashes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Alcohol use disorders and drink-driving
Approaches to the prevention of drink-driving in the community
Approaches to the prevention of drink-driving in other countries
Approaches to the prevention of drink-driving in the work place
Child and adolescent injury report card: New Zealand 2009
Current status of drink-driving in other countries
Differences in drink-driving by region in Japan
Jet Engine Coatings for Resisting Volcanic Ash Damage
Mind wandering behind the wheel: performance and oculomotor correlates
Prevalence of driving with blood drug concentrations above proposed new legal limits in Norway: Estimations based on drug concentrations in oral fluid
Road traffic injuries - changing trend?
A road traffic injury surveillance system using combined data sources in Peru
The role of perceptual, cognitive, and motor abilities in street-crossing decisions of young and older pedestrians
Short sleep in young adults: Insomnia or sleep debt? Prevalence and clinical description of short sleep in a representative sample of 1004 young adults from France
Unintentional childhood injury patterns, odds, and outcomes in Kampala City: an analysis of surveillance data from the National Pediatric Emergency Unit
Traffic injuries and drinking
New designer drug of abuse: 3,4-Methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV). Findings from apprehended drivers in Finland
Effects of sleep deprivation and time-of-day on selected physical abilities in off-road motorcycle riders
Interactions of environmental and safety measures for sustainable road transportation
Articulation at shoulder level - A pilot experimental study on car seat comfort
Conserving Energy by Inducing People to Drive Less
Sleep Deprivation Does Not Mimic Alcohol Intoxication on Field Sobriety Testing
Analysis of fatal motor vehicle collisions: evidence from Central Macedonia, Greece
Accidents, illness and injuries involved in road haulage : Consequences for medical care and prevention
Social inequalities in road traffic deaths at age 16-20 years among all 611 654 Norwegians born between 1967 and 1976: a multilevel analysis
Changes in protective behavioral strategies and alcohol use among college students
Effectiveness of the P.A.R.T.Y. (Prevent alcohol and risk-related trauma in youth) program in preventing traumatic injuries: a 10-year analysis
System versus traditional approach in road traffic injury prevention: A call for action
Traffic medicine in basic medical practice
Verbal collision avoidance messages during simulated driving: Perceived urgency, alerting effectiveness and annoyance
Bicycle helmet wearing and the risk of head, face, and neck injury: a French case-control study based on a road trauma registry
Commuting Economy: An alternative Approach for Assessing Regional Commuting Efficiency
(Mis)use of alcohol by the young population in Serbia
Electric Bikes as a New Active Transportation Modality to Promote Health
Frequency of alcohol-impaired driving in new york state
Urban bus drivers' sleep problems and crash accidents
Injuries sustained in noncombat motor vehicle accidents during Operation Iraqi Freedom
Do Media Messages Change People's Risk Perceptions for Binge Drinking?
The influence of behavioural and health problems on alcohol and drug use in late adolescence - a follow up study of 2 399 young Norwegians
The decade of action for global road safety
Chronological age and age-related cognitive deficits are associated with an increase in multiple types of driving errors in late life
Death and injury from automobile collisions: an overlooked epidemic
Choking under pressure: Multiple routes to skill failure
Biometeorological phases influence pedestrian trauma
Assessment tools for evaluating fitness to drive: a critical appraisal of evidence
Adding a driving task to AMPS: A pilot study
The contribution of alcohol to fatal traumatic head injuries in the forensic setting
Breath alcohol analysis
Trucking organization and mental health disorders of truck drivers
First-time DWI offenders are at risk of recidivating regardless of sanctions imposed
Hand position on steering wheel during driving
Head restraint backset during routine automobile driving: drivers usually exceed the recommended guidelines
Haptic perceptions in the vehicle seat
Impact of Automobile Restraint Device Utilization on Facial Fractures and Fiscal Implications for Plastic Surgeons
Insurance status, not race, is a determinant of outcomes from vehicular injury
All-terrain self-leveling wheelchair
Measures against drink-driving by the Japanese Government and local governments
Combining energy drinks and alcohol - a recipe for trouble?
Trends in alcohol prevalence, age of initiation and association with alcohol-related harm among South African youth: Implications for policy
Effects of vehicle seat and belt geometry on belt fit for children with and without belt positioning booster seats
Trauma in the Russian Federation: Then and now
The criminal justice system's considerations of so-called near-virtual autopsies: the East Midlands experience
Access to alcohol outlets and harmful alcohol consumption: A multilevel study in Melbourne, Australia
Ten great public health achievements --- United States, 2001--2010
Biometeorological influence on motorcyclists and bicyclists trauma
Impaired conditional reasoning in alcoholics: a negative impact on social interactions and risky behaviors?
Sleep/wake measurement using a non‐contact biomotion sensor
Active commuting to and from school among Swedish children--a national and regional study
Alcohol use and misuse within the military: A review
Amphetamine, cocaine and cannabinoids use among truck drivers on the roads in the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Are we there yet? Australian road safety targets and road traffic crash fatalities
Biomechanical and injury response to posterolateral loading from torso side airbags
Biomechanical considerations for abdominal loading by seat belt pretensioners
Burden of disease on road traffic injuries in Penglai city, Shandong province, in 2006 - 2007
Characteristic of mortality in the Russian Federation
Combining best evidence: A novel method to calculate the alcohol-attributable fraction and its variance for injury mortality
A driving-emulation task to study the integration of goals with obligatory and prohibitory traffic signs
The Effect on Reconviction of an Intervention for Drink-Driving Offenders in the Community
Estimating the Influence of Neckform Compliance on Brain Tissue Strain during a Helmeted Impact
Evaluation of the field relevance of several injury risk functions
Evaluation of US Rear Underride Guard Regulation for Large Trucks Using Real-World Crashes
Factors associated with abdominal injury in frontal, farside, and nearside crashes
The Geography of Deterrence: Exploring the Small Area Effects of Sobriety Checkpoints on Alcohol-Impaired Collision Rates Within a City
Impact of auditory distraction on user performance in a brain-computer interface driven by different mental tasks
Injury risk to specific body regions of pedestrians in frontal vehicle crashes modeled by empirical, in-depth accident data
Impact of the 1994 Alcohol Production and Sales Deregulation Policy on Traffic Crashes and Fatalities in Japan
Occupational highway transportation deaths --- United States, 2003--2008
The RailCorp Lantern test
Origin of the scaling law in human mobility: Hierarchy of traffic systems
Pediatric occupants, restraint use, and injuries in motor vehicle crashes - biomed 2011
The Polish helicopter crash in Belarus--an analysis of the accident
Pediatric Head Contours and Inertial Properties for ATD Design
Neuroscience: Sleep deprivation: a risky business
Lower limb injuries arising from motorcycle crashes
Evaluating Californian under‐age drunk driving laws: Endogenous policy lags
Acts of Resistance: Breaking the Silence of Grief Following Traffic Crash Fatalities
Do alcohol warning labels influence men's and women's attempts to deter others from driving when intoxicated?
Mixed logit analysis of bicyclist injury severity resulting from motor vehicle crashes at intersection and non-intersection locations
Mobility Should be Fun. A Consumer (Law) Perspective on Border Check Technology
Motor Vehicle-Assisted Ligature Strangulation Causing Complete Decapitation: An Autopsy Report
Multiple chronic medical conditions and associated driving risk: a systematic review
Narcissism and Aggressive Driving: Is an Inflated View of the Self a Road Hazard?
Whole-body response to pure lateral impact
Novice drivers' exposure to known risk factors during the first 18 months of licensure: the effect of vehicle ownership
Older adults' safety perceptions of driving situations: Towards a new driving self-regulation scale
Orthopaedic Aspects of All-terrain Vehicle-related Injury
Poor compliance with child safety restraint use while travelling
Case-control and cross-sectional methods for estimating crash modification factors: Comparisons from roadway lighting and lane and shoulder width safety effect studies
A retrospective quality assessment of pre-hospital emergency medical documentation in motor vehicle accidents in south-eastern Norway
Visual Acuity Loss Two Years after Car Accident
Age and gender variations in trend of road traffic fatalities in Manipal, India
Cognition and daytime functioning in sleep-related breathing disorders
A Drive Through Web 2.0: An Exploration of Driving Safety Promotion on FacebookTM
Effects of pedestrian prompts on motorist yielding at crosswalks
Measuring Neuromuscular Control Dynamics During Car Following With Continuous Haptic Feedback
Predicting cognitive impairment and accident risk
Prevalence of post-traumatic stress disorder among children and adolescents who survive road traffic crashes: A systematic review of the international literature
Shift Work and Sleep: Optimizing Health, Safety, and Performance
Sleep loss and accidents-Work hours, life style, and sleep pathology
Surveillance for traumatic brain injury-related deaths - United States, 1997-2007
Using accelerator pedal force to increase seat belt use of service vehicle drivers
Effects of the use of hypnotics on cognition
An evaluation of a screening and brief intervention pilot project for hazardous and harmful drinkers within the accident and emergency department of Manchester Royal Infirmary
Discretionary medical reporting of potentially unfit drivers: A questionnaire-based survey in Southeast Switzerland
Retrospect and prospect of "Traffic Safety Education" in Kagawa Prefecture
Motorcyclist rear brake simple perception-response times in rear-end collision situations
Motorcycle right-of-way accidents-A literature review
Neighborhood and PA: neighborhood factors and physical activity in African American public housing residents
Representational momentum in aviation
A review of the effectiveness of ignition interlock programs to reduce drink-driving and strategies to prevent alcohol related problems
Risk-sensitivity in a motor task with speed-accuracy trade-off
Societal costs of risky driving: an economic analysis of high-risk patients visiting an urban emergency department
Study of reducing drink-driving in Japan: with special reference to effectiveness of amendment of laws including the Road Traffic Act
Technologies, Multitasking, and Driving: Attending to and Preparing for a Mobile Phone Conversation in a Car
Theory of Mind Deficits following Acute Alcohol Intoxication
Benzodiazepines, opioids and driving: An overview of the experimental research
College students' prevalence and perceptions of text messaging while driving
A comparison of the hazard perception ability of accident-involved and accident-free motorcycle riders
Comparison of two methods to assess the effect of age and sex on the risk of car crashes
Cranial impalement in a child driving an all-terrain vehicle
Development of student drivers' self-assessment accuracy during French driver training: Self-assessments compared to instructors' assessments in three risky driving situations
Dopaminergic genes modulate response inhibition in alcohol abusing adults
Driving behaviors and accident risk under lifetime license revocation
Driving, brain injury and assistive technology
Effectiveness of speed indicator devices: An observational study in South London
Effects of target location, stature and hand grip type on in-vehicle reach discomfort
Estimated incident cost savings in shipping due to inspections
Estimated Rate of Fatal Automobile Accidents Attributable to Acute Solvent Exposure at Low Inhaled Concentrations
An evaluation of the narrowing gender gap in DUI arrests
Evaluation of rear-end crash risk at work zone using work zone traffic data
Exploring a Bayesian hierarchical approach for developing safety performance functions for a mountainous freeway
Factors associated with alcohol and drug use among traffic crash victims in southern Brazil
Parental willingness to pay for child safety seats in Mashad, Iran
Predicting intentions not to "drink and drive" using an extended version of the theory of planned behaviour
Prevalence of alcohol consumption related disorders in a prison population convicted of crimes against road safety
Prevalence of teen driver errors leading to serious motor vehicle crashes
The Pulfrich phenomenon; clumsiness and collisions which can be ameliorated
QRA Model-Based Risk Impact Analysis of Traffic Flow in Urban Road Tunnels
Reducing road dangers
The relative impact of work-related stress, life stress and driving environment stress on driving outcomes
Requirements of a system to reduce car-to-vulnerable road user crashes in urban intersections
Respiratory vulnerability to vehicle buffeting
Risky and aggressive driving in young adults: Personality matters
The road safety implications of illegal street racing and associated risky driving behaviours: An analysis of offences and offenders
Speed maintenance under cognitive load - Implications for theories of driver behaviour
Stimulant and Sedative Effects of Alcohol
The impact of changes to the graduated driver licensing program in Queensland, Australia on the experiences of Learner drivers
Fixed-wing medical transport crashes: Characteristics associated with fatal outcomes
The frequency and predictors of helmet use among Iranian motorcyclists: A quantitative and qualitative study
Gender differences in injury severity risks in crashes at signalized intersections
A grounded theory model for analysis of marine accidents
Identifying crash contributory factors at urban roundabouts and using association rules to explore their relationships to different crash types
Identifying factors that increase the likelihood of driving after drinking among college students
Indexing crash worthiness and crash aggressivity by vehicle type
Integrating human factors and operational research in a multidisciplinary investigation of road maintenance
The Isadora syndrome: A case report of cervical, oesophageal and tracheal transection in a go-karting accident
Jerky driving-An indicator of accident proneness?
Making minor rural road networks safer: The effects of 60km/h-zones
Missing value imputation in longitudinal measures of alcohol consumption
A model of Beijing drivers' scrambling behaviors
Outcomes for Children Hospitalized with Abusive vs. Non-inflicted Abdominal Trauma
Modeling occupant-level injury severity: An application to large-truck crashes
Mortality of motorcyclists in traffic accidents in the Brazilian Federal District from 1996 to 2007
Naturalistic assessment of novice teenage crash experience
A numerical investigation into the effect of CRS misuse on the injury potential of children in frontal and side impact crashes
Older drivers: On-road and off-road test results
On the training and testing of entry-level commercial motor vehicle drivers
Technique, muscle activity and kinematic differences in young adults texting on mobile phones
Trends in traffic collisions and injuries in Kyrgyzstan, 2003-2007
Two Automobile Collisions in One Day
Understanding risk compensation in children: Experience with the activity and level of sensation seeking play a role
Understanding whiplash injury and prevention mechanisms using a human model of the neck
When seeing doesn't matter: Assessing the after-effects of tactile distractor processing in the blind and the sighted
Young drivers' optimism bias for accident risk and driving skill: Accountability and insight experience manipulations
Driver comprehension of multiple haptic seat alerts intended for use in an integrated collision avoidance system
Driver distraction, crosstalk, and spatial reasoning
Emotionally involving telephone conversations lead to driver error and visual tunnelling
Psychometric adaptation of the Driving Anger Expression Inventory in a Spanish sample: Differences by age and gender
Re-education of young driving offenders: Effects on recorded offences and self-reported collisions
A behavioral study of distraction by vibrotactile novelty
The effect of fear and anger on selective attention
An exploratory study of students' use of cell phones, texting, and social networking sites
How do changes in speed affect the perception of duration?
Investigation of a fatal airplane crash: autopsy, computed tomography, and injury pattern analysis used to determine who was steering the plane at the time of the accident. A case report
Judging intoxication
Making sense of alcohol experiences Young adolescents' accounts of alcohol-related critical incidents
Parameters affecting seat belt use in Greece
Passenger vehicle safety in Australasia for different driver groups
Prospective memory in an air traffic control simulation: External aids that signal when to act
Public health tools for holding self-regulators accountable: lessons from the alcohol experience
Random breath testing: a Canadian perspective
Recent trends in drink-driving in Japan
Recording and automated analysis of naturalistic bioptic driving
Reducing the threat of in-transit derailments involving dangerous goods through effective placement along the train consist
Recovery of DNA and fingermarks following deployment of render-safe tools for vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIED)
The relationship between lower neck shear force and facet joint kinematics during automotive rear impacts
Statistical modeling of the sensory‐perception process of computational driver models for vehicle simulations
THCVA-A - A new additional marker for illegal cannabis consumption
When to blink and when to think: preference for intuitive decisions results in faster and better tactical choices
Botswana alcohol policy and the presidential levy controversy
Musings on new australian guidelines for reducing the risk from single occasion drinking
Sleep onset and cardiovascular activity in primary insomnia
Psychomotor slowness is associated with self‐reported sleep duration among the general population
Sudden early‐morning awakening impairs immediate tactical planning in a changing ‘emergency’ scenario
Potential Benefits and Costs of Concurrent Task Engagement to Maintain Vigilance: A Driving Simulator Investigation
The Effect of Concurrent Bandwidth Feedback on Learning the Lane-Keeping Task in a Driving Simulator
Looming Auditory Collision Warnings for Driving
Traffic accidents involving pedestrians: A problem of modern medicine and public health
Distracted walking: Cell phones increase injury risk for college pedestrians
Do complex models increase prediction of complex behaviours? Predicting driving ability in people with brain disorders
Gaining insights to the clinical reasoning that supports an on-road driver assessment
Focus group findings for the self-report safe driving behaviour measure
The effect of prehospital time related variables on mortality following severe thoracic trauma
Evaluating impaired drivers confidence and intention to "(Please) drink responsibly"
Increase of Child Car Seat Temperature in Cars Parked in the Outpatient Parking Lot
Injury outcomes and costs for cross-median and median barrier crashes
Mixed-Priority Pedestrian Delay Models at Single-Lane Roundabouts
Motor vehicle transportation in hip spica casts: Are our patients safely restrained?
Neighborhood-level built environment and social characteristics associated with serious childhood motor vehicle occupant injuries
Occupational therapists lead a national injury prevention strategy to help older drivers
Pediatric Adrenal Trauma in the 21st Century: Children's Hospital of Atlanta Experience
Poor vision, refractive errors and barriers to treatment among commercial vehicle drivers in the Cape Coast municipality
Preventing bicycle-related injuries: Next steps
Preventing unintentional injuries in children and young people under 15
Prioritisation of road traffic injury interventions: Results of a participative research with stakeholders in Mexico
Promoting active transportation as a partnership between urban planning and public health: The Columbus healthy places program
The psychological distress of the young driver: a brief report
Retrospective analysis of 2461 patients with maxillofacial fractures
Risk-Based Decision Support Tools: Protecting Rail-Centered Transit Corridors from Cascading Effects
Road safety plan aims to save five million lives in next 10 years
Road use pattern and risk factors for non-fatal road traffic injuries among children in urban India
The role of executive functions in human prospective interval timing
State laws restricting driver use of mobile communications devices distracted-driving provisions, 1992-2010
Stopping while going! Response inhibition does not suffer dual-task interference
Strategic adaptation to performance objectives in a dual-task setting
Survival risk factors for fatal injured car and motorcycle drivers in single alcohol-related and alcohol-unrelated vehicle crashes
A systems perspective of managing error recovery and tactical re-planning of operating teams in safety critical domains
Traffic accidents with motorcycles and their relationship to mortality
The unrecognized danger of a new transportation mechanism of injury - Pedicabs
The Effect of Prior Task Loading on Mental Workload: An Example of Hysteresis in Driving
Influence of Task Combination on EEG Spectrum Modulation for Driver Workload Estimation
Preparatory Processes and Compensatory Effort in Older and Younger Participants in a Driving-Like Dual Task
Vibrotactile "On-Thigh" Alerting System in the Cockpit
‘I’m a Normal Person’1: An Examination of How Utilitarian Cyclists in Charleston South Carolina Use an Insider/Outsider Framework to Make Sense of Risks
Visual perceptual load induces inattentional deafness
What is the social cost of injured people in traffic collisions? An assessment for Catalonia
Prevalence of self-reported traffic accidents in Rio Branco, Northern Brazil
The prevalence of sleep-disordered breathing among commercial drivers and analysis of predictive factors based on health examinations
Risk Analysis of Safety Service Patrol (SSP) Systems in Virginia
Paediatrician knowledge, attitudes, and counselling patterns on teen driving
Perceptual scale expansion: An efficient angular coding strategy for locomotor space
Interventions for alcohol-related offending by women: A systematic review
The minimum legal drinking age and public health
Economic burden of injuries in South Korea
Ethical, technical and legal procedures of the medical doctor responsibility to accomplish the road enforcement law about driving under the influence of alcohol and psychotropic substances
Fatal Injuries in the Slums of Nairobi and their Risk Factors: Results from a Matched Case-Control Study
Functioning of Alcohol Use Disorder Criteria Among Men and Women with Arrests for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol
Incidence, aetiology and pattern of mandibular fractures in central Switzerland
Involuntary human hand movements due to FM radio waves in a moving van
Isolated traumatic head injury in children: Analysis of 276 observations
"Man-ing" up and getting drunk: The role of masculine norms, alcohol intoxication and alcohol-related problems among college men
Neck pain among fighter pilots after the introduction of the JHMCS helmet and NVG in their environment
Promoting a bicycle-friendly environment: Community assessment and action
Real-life driving outcomes in Parkinson disease
Reducing the legal blood alcohol concentration limit for driving in developing countries: A time for change? Results and implications derived from a time series analysis (2001-2010) conducted in Brazil
Seatbelts and road traffic collision injuries
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Vehicle safety features, especially airbags, may account for the recent decline in heart donors
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Diaphragmatic avulsion with chance fracture: A rare association in the seat belt syndrome
Driving restrictions after implantable cardioverter defibrillator implantation: an evidence-based approach
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Description, validation and use of a model to estimate speed profile of heavy vehicles in grades
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Hangover Predicts Residual Alcohol Effects on Psychomotor Vigilance the Morning After Intoxication
How the risk-taking personality influences commute drivers' departure time choices
Impacts of weather on traffic flow characteristics of urban freeways in Istanbul
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Managing Evacuation Networks
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A note on the relationship between obesity and driving
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User-centred design and evaluation of automotive seat adjustment controls
Use of GNSS for vehicle-pedestrian and vehicle-cyclist crash avoidance
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Visual awareness of objects and their colour
Physician reporting of potentially impaired drivers
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Decision Support System for emergency management on motorway networks
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Dynamic model of a vehicle moving in the urban area
Design optimisation of vehicle roof structures: Benefits of using multiple surrogates
Analysing Models as a Knowledge Technology in Transport Planning
An energy absorption performance index for cellular materials – development of a side-impact cork padding
Experimental and finite element robustness studies of a bumper system subjected to an offset impact loading
Evaluation of a new security system to reduce thoracic injuries in case of motorcycle accidents
Exploring the relative influences of transport disadvantage and social exclusion on well-being
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Integrating before and after crash features into measuring the effectiveness of intersection safety improvement project in Harbin
Kids and cars: Environmental attitudes in children
A method for simulating the car-entering movement for variably dimensioned vehicles
Seatbelt effectiveness for rear seat occupants in full and offset frontal crash tests
Simultaneous consideration of user acceptability and regulatory compliance in vehicle seat design
Socioeconomic differences in public acceptability and car use adaptation towards urban road pricing
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Study on crashworthiness of wagon's frame under frontal impact
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Clinical epidemiological assessments on 3521 patients suffering from road traffic injuries, in relation with trauma localisation and severity, assisted in "Sf. Ioan" Emergency Unit, during 2002-2009
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Computational and experimental modification of portable sign structure design following NCHRP - 350 criteria
Considering race and gender distributions of the target user population in the multivariate design of vehicle seating
Defining the ergonomic parameters of the driver's seat in a competition single-seater
The effect of Advanced Traveller Information Systems on public transport demand and its uncertainty
From Macro to Micro -- How Much Micro is too Much?
How vehicle ownership affects time utilization on study, leisure, social activities, and academic performance of university students: A case study of engineering freshmen in a rural university in Thailand
Intelligent on-board TV system
On the potential for recognising of social interaction and social learning in modelling travellers’ change of behaviour under uncertainty
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Structural response and strain patterns of isolated ribs under lateral loading
Transportation security and the role of resilience: A foundation for operational metrics
Dealing with Alcohol-related problems in the Night-Time Economy: A Study Protocol for Mapping trends in harm and stakeholder views surrounding local community level interventions
Delayed duodenal hematoma and pancreatitis from a seatbelt injury
Developing safety signs for children on board trains
Fatalities of the 2008 Los Angeles train crash: Autopsy findings
Management of seat-belt aorta in severe polytrauma: A review
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Older emergency department drivers: Patterns, behaviors, and willingness to enroll in a safe driver program
Walk or Bike to a Healthier Life: Commuting Behavior and Recreational Physical Activity
Environmental Correlates That Provide Walkability Cues for Tourists: An Analysis Based on Walking Decision Narrations
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Adjusting the Rear View Mirror: An Examination of Youth Driving Culture
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Feel safer with Informit
Forecasting negative effects of monotony and sensation seeking on performance during a vigilance task
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Driver fatigue: More than tuckered truckers
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SafetyLit: A bibliographic service for injury prevention
Social influences on drivers in China
Stop Territory Aboriginal Road Sadness: NT Police Indigenous Road Safety Project
A toolkit for saving lives
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Everyday and prospective memory deficits in ecstasy/polydrug users
Effects of Light on Cognitive Brain Responses Depend on Circadian Phase and Sleep Homeostasis
Hedonic Price Effects of Pedestrian- and Transit-Oriented Development
Alcohol-induced memory blackouts as an indicator of injury risk among college drinkers
Attentional bias toward threat in contamination fear: Overt components and behavioral correlates
Attitudes and Behaviors on Alcohol Use and Impaired Driving in Adolescents
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Difficult case of toraco-abdominal injuries of motor vehicle accident
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Fatal trauma injuries in a Brazilian big metropolis: A study of autopsies
Investigation of epidemiology of neurotrauma in the Republic of Guinea
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Ten great public health achievements --- worldwide, 2001--2010
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Subjective Measures of Binge Drinking, Suboptimal Subjective Health and Alcohol-Specific Hospitalizations Among Working-Aged Adults: A Prospective Cohort Study
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Severe trauma patients in a mountain area: An observational study
Spice: A legal marijuana equivalent
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Post-traumatic stress disorder after a submarine accident
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Preparatory processes and compensatory effort in older and younger participants in a driving-like dual task
Pedestrian injury and human behaviour: Observing road-rule violations at high-incident intersections
Overnight distribution and motor characteristics of REM sleep behaviour disorder episodes in patients with narcolepsy-cataplexy
Noise effects on human performance: A meta-analytic synthesis
3D Deformable Model Based Localization and Recognition of Road Vehicles
Age group differences in self-reported aggressive driving perpetration and victimization
Assessing the impact of risk-taking behavior on road crash involvement among University students residing in two Mediterranean countries
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The Association between Driving Distance and Glycemic Control in Rural Areas
The Association between Social Determinants and Drunken Driving: A 15-Year Register-based Study of 81,125 Suspects
Attention during visual secondary tasks in driving: Adaptation to the demands of the driving task
Barriers to municipal planning for pedestrians and bicyclists in North Carolina
Changing commuters' behavior using rewards: A study of rush-hour avoidance
Contact of heavy vehicles with overhead power lines
Cross-cultural comparison of drivers' tendency to commit different aberrant driving behaviours
Definition of an airworthiness certification framework for civil unmanned aircraft systems
Detection of spatially clustered outbreaks in motor vehicle crashes: What's the best method?
Developing an accident modification function for speed enforcement
The development of probabilistic models to estimate accident risk (due to runway overrun and landing undershoot) applicable to the design and construction of runway safety areas
Do seat belts and air bags reduce mortality and injury severity after car accidents?
The education of attention as explanation of variability of practice effects: Learning the final approach phase in a flight simulator
Effect of fire engulfment on thermal response of LPG tanks
The effect of in-vehicle warning systems on speed compliance in work zones
Gender stereotypes associated with vehicle driving among French preadolescents and adolescents
Human reliability analysis: A critique and review for managers
The impact of minimum legal drinking age laws on alcohol consumption, smoking, and marijuana use: Evidence from a regression discontinuity design using exact date of birth
An integrated approach to the analysis of incident causes
Integrating field methodology and web-based data collection to assess the reliability of the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT)
Longitudinal Changes in Active Transportation to School in Canadian Youth Aged 6 Through 16 Years
Mixed effects modelling for glass category estimation from glass refractive indices
Modeling the tendency for music to induce movement in humans: First correlations with low-level audio descriptors across music genres
Naturalistic observation of drivers' hands, speed and headway
Neighbourhood street connectivity and injury in youth: A national study of built environments in Canada
The neurobiological role of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex in recovery from trauma: Longitudinal brain imaging study among survivors of the South Korean subway disaster
Occupational aviation fatalities --- Alaska, 2000--2010
On risk governance deficits
Outcomes in Geriatric Genitourinary Trauma
Perceptual load alters visual excitability
Personality as a predictor of driving performance: An exploratory study
Physiological responses to simulated and on-road driving
Posttraumatic epilepsy in Tunisia
The relationship between the implementation of a Safety Management System and the attitudes of employees towards unsafe acts in aviation
Relationship between retinal nerve fiber layer thickness and driving ability in patients with human immunodeficiency virus infection
Reliability estimation of auxiliary ventilation systems in long tunnels during construction
Risk factors for cervical spine injury
School travel plans: Preliminary evidence for changing school-related travel patterns in elementary school children
Scientific evidence and policy change: Lowering the legal blood alcohol limit for drivers to 0.08% in the USA
Severity of vehicle bumper location in vehicle-to-pedestrian impact accidents
The spatial distribution of attention within and across objects
Status and risk factors of unintentional injuries among Chinese undergraduates: A cross-sectional study
A Survey of Georgia Adult Protective Service Staff: Implications for Older Adult Injury Prevention and Policy
A Trial of an All-Terrain Vehicle Safety Education Video in a Community-Based Hunter Education Program
Underage drinking on Saturday nights, socio-demographic and environmental risk factors: A cross-sectional study
Use of the Labour-Intensive Method in the Repair of a Rural Road Serving an Indigenous Community in Jocotán (Guatemala)
Variations in car crash-related hospitalization costs amongst young adults in New South Wales, Australia
Visibility-related fatalities related to construction equipment
Socio‐economic determinants of drugged driving - a register‐based study
Stress Training Improves Performance During a Stressful Flight
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Alcohol dependence, disinhibited behavior and variation in the prodynorphin gene
Arousal Effect of Caffeine Depends on Adenosine A2A Receptors in the Shell of the Nucleus Accumbens
Brazil targets drink driving on the road to fewer deaths
Components of behavioural impulsivity and automatic cue approach predict unique variance in hazardous drinking
Context and competition in the capture of visual attention
Demographic profile of older adults using wheeled mobility devices
Drivers can poorly predict their own driving impairment: A comparison between measurements of subjective and objective driving quality
Driving into the sunset: Supporting cognitive functioning in older drivers
Dying for romance: Risk taking as purposive behavior
Dynamic mechanical response of brain tissue in indentation in vivo, in situ and in vitro
Epidemiological characteristics and types of domestic and leisure accidents. Sentinel health network of Castilla y León (2009)
Investigation of the acceptance of a handbook for safe driving at an older age
Multiple-look effects on temporal discrimination within sound sequences
The nature of occupational violence against taxicab drivers
Neurological altitude decompression sickness among U-2 pilots: 2002-2009
Patterns of fatal machine rollovers in Canadian agriculture
Psychomotor speed in a random sample of 7979 subjects aged 30 years and over
Public sentiment towards alcohol and local government alcohol policies in New Zealand
Reward and Uncertainty Favor Risky Decision-Making in Pilots: Evidence from Cardiovascular and Oculometric Measurements
Sleep and alertness in North Sea helicopter operations
Spatial disorientation: Decades of pilot fatalities
Technical note: Spine loading in automotive seating
Alcohol‐related negative consequences among drinkers around the world
The Model of Children's Active Travel (M‐CAT): A conceptual framework for examining factors influencing children's active travel
Consumers, cars and communities: the challenge of sustainability
Trauma mortality in the state of Qatar
Active transport and heat
Agent-based simulation of fire emergency evacuation with fire and human interaction model
Analysis of accidents and incidents occurring during transport of packaged dangerous goods by sea
The application of reliability models in traffic accident frequency analysis
Are road traffic fatalities affected by economic growth and urbanization development?
Assessment of the design of reverse horizontal curves to accommodate heavy vehicles based on simulation
Automatic system for detecting driver use of mobile phones
A basic mathematical model for evacuation problems in urban areas
Bicycling renaissance in North America? An update and re-appraisal of cycling trends and policies
A case study of pedestrian safety on multi-lane high-speed arterials
Can the focus of attention accommodate multiple, separate items?
Cognitive decline and the default American lifestyle
A combined frequency-severity approach for the analysis of rear-end crashes on urban arterials
Cost-Benefit Analysis of Passive Fire Protections in Road LPG Transportation
A cross-nested logit model for trip type-mode choice: An application
Cycle commuting in Belgium: Spatial determinants and 're-cycling' strategies
Developing HMI components for a driver assistance system for safe speed and safe distance
Differences in observed speed patterns between crash-involved and crash-not-involved drivers: Application of in-vehicle monitoring technology
The Distribution of Alcohol Consumption and the Prevention Paradox in Brazil
The driver's illness as a cause of traffic accidents
The dynamics of the competition between cars and trucks on motorways
The effect of manipulating context-specific information on perceptual-cognitive processes during a simulated anticipation task
Effects of noise from non-traffic-related ambient sources on sleep: Review of the literature of 1990-2010
Embedding risk attitude and decision weights in non-linear logit to accommodate time variability in the value of expected travel time savings
Estimating dilemma zone hazard function at high speed isolated intersection
Experts, Bayesian Belief Networks, rare events and aviation risk estimates
Forecasting ridership for a metropolitan transit authority
A Genetic algorithm approach to assessing work zone casualty risk
Grandparents Driving Grandchildren: An Evaluation of Child Passenger Safety and Injuries
Hazardous materials transportation in Mexico City: Chlorine and gasoline cases
An improved virtual intersection model for vehicle navigation at intersections
Improving the obstacle detection and identification algorithms of a laserscanner-based collision avoidance system
Incidence of Orthopedic Surgery Intervention in a Level I Urban Trauma Center With Motorcycle Trauma
Incidents, accidents and fatalities in 40 years of German helicopter emergency medical system operations
Increasing the capacity of signalized intersections with separate left turn phases
The Influence of Landscape Features on Road Development in a Loess Region, China
Influences of communication structural complexity on operational safety in regional airspace design
Jobs at risk of work-related road crashes: An analysis of the casualties from the Rhône Road Trauma Registry (France)
Lane changing patterns of bane and benefit: Observations of an uphill expressway
Logistic modeling of the equilibrium speed-density relationship
Meta-analysis of UK values of travel time: An update
Motor vehicle accident or driver suicide? Identifying cases of failed driver suicide in the trauma setting
Multi-objective optimization of a road diet network design
A new program to promote injury prevention and its application in China
On the use of "average delay" as a measure of train reliability
Prerequisites for learning from accident investigations - A cross-country comparison of national accident investigation boards
Prevalence and determinants of non-standard motorcycle safety helmets amongst food delivery workers in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur
Psychotropic medications and crash risk in older drivers: A review of the literature
Railroad transportation of dangerous goods: A conditional exposure approach to minimize transport risk
Relationship between cervical spine injury and helmet use in motorcycle road crashes
Rural and Urban Differences in Kentucky DUI Offenders
Safety and headway characteristics in highway work zones with automated speed enforcement
Self-reported Alcohol Use is an Independent Risk Factor for Head and Brain Injury among Cyclists but Does Not Confound Helmets' Protective Effect
Sensorimotor coupling in music and the psychology of the groove
Social networks as a source of private-vehicle transportation: The practice of getting rides and borrowing vehicles among Mexican immigrants in California
The "social-physiology" of safety. An integrative approach to understanding organizational psychological mechanisms behind safety performance
Testing a Level of Response to Alcohol-Based Model of Heavy Drinking and Alcohol Problems in 1,905 17-year-olds
Towards the adoption of low-cost rail level crossing warning devices in regional areas of Australia: A review of current technologies and reliability issues
Traffic simulation modelling of driver assistance systems
What is the association between traumatic life events and alcohol abuse/dependence in people with and without PTSD? Findings from a nationally representative sample
A wearable system for the affective monitoring of car racing drivers during simulated conditions
Twelve-Year Review of Pediatric Traumatic Open Globe Injuries in an Urban U.S. Population
Two (or three) is one too many: Testing the flexibility of contextual cueing with multiple target locations
U.S. School travel, 2009 an assessment of trends
The under-five mortality rate and the causes of death in Zhejiang Province between 2000 and 2009
Using traffic micro-simulation to test route diversion as a real-time crash prevention strategy on freeways
Velocity-dependent robust control for improving vehicle lateral dynamics
Validity of the Hangover Symptoms Scale: Evidence from an Electronic Diary Study
Contributing Factors to Older-Driver Injury Severity in Rural and Urban Areas
Studying the tailgating issues and exploring potential treatment
The Impacts of Emergency Vehicle Signal Preemption on Urban Traffic Speed
Public Transit Training: A Mechanism to Increase Ridership Among Older Adults
Real-time Traveler Information Performance Measures for Work Zone Congestion Management
Relationship Between Perceived In-Cabin Air Quality and Truck Drivers' Self-Reported Health and Alertness
Safety Effectiveness of Offsetting Opposing Left-Turn Lanes: A Case Study
State Variation in the Determinants of Motor Vehicle Fatalities
Study of Driver's Behavior at Passive Railroad-Highway Grade Crossings
Mortality patterns of Australian male farmers and farm managers
Deterrence Theory and the Implementation of Speed Limits in the American States
Are speed cameras effective in reducing road crashes in the emirate of Abu Dhabi?
10 year review of low speed vehicle run-overs in 0-15 year olds across Queensland
Another perspective on motorcycle helmet use
Alcohol misuse and offending: Challenges for policy and practice
Dual diagnosis training for the criminal justice workforce
The impact of the Licensing Act 2003 on drinking habits, offences of crime and disorder, and policing in England's newest city
The Licensing Act 2003, five years on: Taking stock and stumbling into the future
Lose your bottle: Young people and alcohol
The problem with drink
Combining Movement Kinematics, Efficiency Functions, and Brinley Plots to Study Age-Related Slowing of Sensorimotor Processes: Insights from Fitts' Task
Commentary: Emerging Crash Avoidance Technology: What Does It Mean to My ED?
A cultural adaptation of motivational interviewing to address heavy drinking among Hispanics
Design of primary optics for LED chip array
 in road lighting application
Driving ability in stroke patients with residual visual inattention: A case study
The ecology of entrainment: Foundations of coordinated rhythmic movement
The effects of extended work under sleep deprivation conditions on team-based performance
Epidemiology of ocular emergencies in the Egyptian population: a five-year retrospective study
Executive functions and neurocognitive aging: Dissociable patterns of brain activity
Fatigue-proofing: A new approach to reducing fatigue-related risk using the principles of error management
Gender Disparities in Injury Mortality: Consistent, Persistent, and Larger Than You'd Think
Health of adolescents and young adults: Trends in achieving the 21 critical national health objectives by 2010
Impact of external cue validity on driving performance in Parkinson's disease
Integrated vehicle-based safety systems: Light vehicle field operational test, key findings report
Implementation of a motorcycle helmet law in Taiwan and traffic deaths over 18 years
Is the "alcopops" tax working? Probably yes but there is a bigger picture
Is Brief Motivational Intervention Effective in Reducing Alcohol Use Among Young Men Voluntarily Receiving It? A Randomized Controlled Trial
Major facial trauma after helicopter landing
Mediating Factors Associated With Pedestrian Injury in Children With Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
The pregnant motor vehicle accident casualty: Adherence to basic workup and admission guidelines
Readiness for Change Predicts Outcomes of Functional Rehabilitation Following Motor Vehicle Accident
The review of autopsy cases of accidental childhood deaths in Istanbul
Risk-taking and other effects of sleep loss on brain function and behaviour
To twist or poke? A method for identifying usability issues with the rotary controller and touch screen for control of in-vehicle information systems
Uncertainty clouds China's road-traffic fatality data
Characteristics of drink drivers: Results from a Japanese nationwide survey
CLP Regulation and the transport of dangerous goods
Effects of alcohol consumption on driving
Examining the aging process through the stress-coping framework: Application to driving cessation in later life
Examining traffic flow and speed data: Determining imitative behavior
Event-level associations between objective and subjective alcohol intoxication and driving after drinking across the college years
Factors that affect safe driving
Hazardous Drinking Concepts, Limits and Methods: Low Levels of Awareness, Knowledge and Use in the Swedish Population
Assurance of the Function of Low-Volume Roads for the Improvement of Driving Conditions
Comparison of Bridge Dynamic Amplifications due to Articulated 5-Axle Trucks and Large Cranes
Investigation of a New Transition Curve
Investigation of Occupant Fatalities and Injuries During the Impact of Vehicle and Road Safety Barrier
Public Transport Integration into Urban Planning
Revision of Calculation of Stopping Sight Distance
System Analysis of Information Reception and Processing for Driving Task
Traffic Safety Performance Assessment and Multivariate Treatments for Intersection Locations
Air Traffic Controllers' Performance in Advance Air Traffic Management System: Part I--Performance Results
The Airspace as a Cognitive System
A computational model for articulated human body dynamics
Finite element analysis to predict the dynamic characteristics of human trunk-neck-head for whole body vibration
Pregnant driver injury investigations through modelling and simulation of full-frontal crashes with and without airbags
Summary of Electronic Bill of Lading Legal Issues in Trucking
Using feature extraction and electromyography to evaluate affect during simulation
Attentional Tunneling and Task Management in Synthetic Vision Displays
Auditory Alerts: An Intelligent Alert Presentation System for Civil Aircraft
The "Black Hole" Night Visual Approach: Calculated Approach Paths Resulting From Flying a Constant Visual Vertical Angle to Level and Upslope Runways
Certified Flight Instructor Weather Training: Perspectives and Practices
Combining Enhanced and Synthetic Vision for Autonomous All-Weather Approach and Landing
Commercial Flight Crew Decision Making During Low-Visibility Approach Operations Using Fused Synthetic and Enhanced Vision Systems
Direct Manipulation Interfaces for In-Flight Four-Dimensional Navigation Planning
Dietary Effects on Cognition and Pilots' Flight Performance
Developing Risk Models for Aviation Maintenance and Inspection
Conceptions of Cognition for Cognitive Engineering
Distributed Mission Operations Within-Simulator Training Effectiveness
Downlink of TCAS Resolution Advisories: A Means for Closing the Gap Between Pilot and Controller?
Effect of Caffeine on Vigilance and Cognitive Performance During Extended Wakefulness
The Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Flight Performance, Instrument Scanning, and Physiological Arousal in Pilots
The Effects of Time Delay and Physical Motion on Manual Flight Control: An In-Flight and Ground-Based Simulation Experiment
Effects of a Velocity-Vector-Based Command Augmentation System and Synthetic Vision System Terrain Portrayal and Guidance Symbology Concepts on Single-Pilot Performance
Enhancing Aeronautical Decision Making through Case-Based Reflection
Envisaging the Future Air Traffic Management System
Evaluating the Effects of Dimensionality in Advanced Avionic Display Concepts for Synthetic Vision Systems
Evaluation of Computer-Based Situation Awareness Training for General Aviation Pilots
Executive Functions and Pilot Characteristics Predict Flight Simulator Performance in General Aviation Pilots
Exploring the Equivalence of the Aviation Gender Attitude Questionnaire for South African and Australian Pilots: A Cross-Cultural Comparison
Field of View Effects on Pilot Performance in Flight
Hazardous Events and Accident Involvement by Military and Civilian Pilots
The Impact of Reweighting the AT-SAT Subtests on Group Score Differences
The Impact of Time Efficacy on Air Traffic Controller Situation Awareness and Mental Workload
The Importance of Motion Cues in Spatial Disorientation Training for VFR-Pilots
The Influence of Experience and Organizational Goals on Leadership in the Military Cockpit
Introducing a Subject Matter Expert-Based Utility Analysis Approach to Assessing the Utility of Organizational Interventions Such as Crew Resource Management Training
Investigation of Air Traffic Controllers' Response Strategies in a Free Recall Task: What Makes Auditory Recall Superior to Visual Recall?
Language Error in Aviation Maintenance: Quantifying the Issues and Interventions in Four World Regions
Measuring Expertise in Weather-Related Aeronautical Risk Perception: The Validity of the Cochran-Weiss-Shanteau (CWS) Index
Mental Imagery in Air Traffic Control
Mental Workload in Aircraft and Simulator During Basic Civil Aviation Training
Meta-Analysis of Personality Assessments as Predictors of Military Aviation Training Success
A Methodology for Assessing Safety Programs Targeting Human Error in Aviation
Online Single-Pilot Resource Management: Assessing the Feasibility of Computer-Based Safety Training
Outsourcing Aviation Maintenance: Human Factors Implications, Specifically for Communications
Performance of Helicopter Pilots During Inadvertent Flight Into Instrument Meteorological Conditions
Pilot Support Interface for Three-Degree Decelerating Approach Procedures
Predicting Pilot Task Demand Load During Final Approach
Predicting Professional Success of Air Traffic Control Personnel From Their Personality Profile at Admission to Ab Initio Training
Prediction in Situation Awareness: Confidence Bias and Underlying Cognitive Abilities
Psychophysiological Evaluation of an Anti-disorientation Training for Visual Flight Rules Pilots in a Moving Base Simulator
Recording of Psychophysiological Data During Aerobatic Training
Supporting 4D Trajectory Revisions on the Flight Deck: Design of a Human-Machine Interface
Synthetic Vision Enhanced Surface Operations With Head-Worn Display for Commercial Aircraft
Synthetic Vision: Application Areas, Rationale, Implementation, and Results
Systems Change in Transport Control: Applications of Cognitive Work Analysis
Why Don't Pilots Submit More Pilot Weather Reports (PIREPs)?
Unknown-Attitude Recoveries Using Conventional and Terrain-Depicting Attitude Indicators: Difference Testing, Equivalence Testing, and Equivalent Level of Safety
Trade-Offs in Synthetic Vision System Display Resolution, Field of Regard, Terrain Data Density, Texture, and Shading During Off-Path Operations
TRACON Controller Cooperative Shift Changes
Toward a Visual Flow Integrated Display Format to Combat Pilot Spatial Disorientation
ANFIS-Based Approach for Predicting the Scour Depth at Culvert Outlets
A Novel Approach in Pipe Condition Scoring
An Application of the Node-Place Model to Explore the Spatial Development Dynamics of Station Areas in Tokyo
Agglomeration Economies, Accessibility and the Spatial Choice Behavior of Relocating Firms
Aging and motor variability: A test of the neural noise hypothesis
Analysis of surgical emergencies in Benghazi, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
Antidepressant use and risk of adverse outcomes in older people: Population based cohort study
Cataract as the root cause of fatal road traffic accidents in pedestrians
Causes of laryngeal cartilage and hyoid bone fractures found at postmortem
Correlation between expectations of recovery and injury severity perception in whiplash-associated disorders
Determination of blood/serum ratios of different forensically relevant analytes in authentic samples
EEG potentials predict upcoming emergency brakings during simulated driving
The effect of alcohol administration on human timing: A comparison of prospective timing, retrospective timing and passage of time judgements
Epidemiology of major incidents: An EMS study from Pakistan
Identifying Changing Aviation Threat Environments Within an Adaptive Homeland Security Advisory System
The Modern "Deck-Slap" Injury-Calcaneal Blast Fractures From Vehicle Explosions
Motorcycle and other motor vehicle accident-related deaths, U.S. Armed Forces, 1999-2010
Pattern of chest injuries in road traffic incident victims: A six-year retrospective study
Pedestrian Detection: An Evaluation of the State of the Art
Predicting pediatric posttraumatic stress disorder after road traffic accidents: The role of parental psychopathology
Prenatal Counseling on Seat Belt Use and Crash-Related Medical Care
Protocol for an Economic Evaluation alongside the University Health Network Whiplash Intervention Trial: Cost-effectiveness of Education and Activation, a Rehabilitation Program, and the Legislated Standard of Care for Acute Whiplash Injury in Ontario
Regional variations in pedal cyclist injuries in New Zealand: Safety in numbers or risk in scarcity?
A review of military research into alcohol consumption
Rumble Strips in Centre of the Lane and the Effect on Sleepy Drivers
Seatbelt compliance and mortality in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries in comparison with other high-income countries
Speed cameras in an urban setting: A cost-benefit analysis
Subjective measures of binge drinking and alcohol-specific adverse health outcomes: A prospective cohort study
Surveillance Snapshot: Emergency department visits for traumatic brain injury
Surveillance Snapshot: Illness and injury burdens among U.S. military recruits, 2010
Traffic-light boundary in the deterministic Nagel-Schreckenberg model
Trunk sway in patients with and without, mild traumatic brain injury after whiplash injury
Using the Rating Scale Model to Examine the Psychometric Properties of the Self-Efficacy Scale for Driver Competence
Blood alcohol concentration at 0.06 and 0.10% causes a complex multifaceted deterioration of body movement control
Alcohol poisonings and fatal accidents in Belarus
Does prehospital prolonged extrication (entrapment) place trauma patients at higher risk for venous thromboembolism?
Drunkenness, driving and sexual relations in young cocaine and ecstasy users
EMS Provider Assessment of Vehicle Damage Compared with Assessment by a Professional Crash Reconstructionist
The health risks and benefits of cycling in urban environments compared with car use: Health impact assessment study
Last Call: Decreasing drunk driving among 21-34-year-old bar patrons
Minor trauma is an unrecognized contributor to poor fetal outcomes: A population-based study of 78,552 pregnancies
More knowledge of worldwide incidence and epidemiology of spinal cord injury: Data from the United States military
Long-term evaluation of a trauma center-based juvenile driving intervention program
Profile of injury cases admitted to a tertiary level hospital in south India
Rollover hands: Classification of injuries and therapeutic strategy
Road safety management: Interviewing casualties
Validating an Efficient Method to Quantify Motion Sickness
Evaluation of Eye Metrics as a Detector of Fatigue
The Evaluation of Traditional and Early Driver Training With Simulated Accident Scenarios
Modeling Training Effects Using a Human Performance Taxonomy
An Assessment of Parking Fare Rate Deregulation in Taipei
An analysis of alcohol breath tests results with portable and desktop breath testers as surrogates of blood alcohol levels
An Analysis of Head Impact Severity in Simulations of Collisions Between Pedestrians and SUVs/Work Utility Vehicles, and Sedans
Biomechanical response of ribs under quasistatic frontal loading
BioRID Dummy Responses in Matched ABTS and Conventional Seat Tests on the IIHS Rear Sled
Census Study of Fatal Car-to-Car Intersection Crashes in Sweden Involving Modern Vehicles
Chlorine leak on Mumbai Port Trust's Sewri yard: A case study
Comparison of the Analytical Capabilities of the BAC Datamaster and Datamaster DMT Forensic Breath Testing Devices
The dark side of stimulus control-Associations between contradictory stimulus configurations and pedestrians' and cyclists' illegal street crossing behavior
Decisions about objects in real-world scenes are influenced by visual saliency before and during their inspection
Department of Transportation vs Self-reported Data on Motor Vehicle Collisions and Driving Convictions for Stroke Survivors: Do They Agree?
A Descriptive Analysis of the Social Context of Drinking Among First-Time DUI Offenders
Developing effective professional bus driver health programs: An investigation of self-rated health
Developing safety performance functions incorporating reliability-based risk measures
The development and application of a proxy measure of alcohol-related traffic crashes for rural communities
Driving performance impairments due to hypovigilance on monotonous roads
Drugs related to motor vehicle crashes in northern European countries: A study of fatally injured drivers
Dynamic kinematic responses of female volunteers in rear impacts and comparison to previous male volunteer tests
ECG on the Road: Robust and Unobtrusive Estimation of Heart Rate
Effect of shoulder width, guardrail and roadway geometry on driver perception and behavior
Effects of alcohol on highway driving in the STISIM driving simulator
The effects of closer monitoring on driver compliance with interlock restrictions
Effects of transverse rumble strips on safety of pedestrian crosswalks on rural roads in China
Epidemiology and pattern of paediatric and adolescent trauma deaths in a level 1 trauma centre in Benin city, Nigeria
Equine road user safety: Public attitudes, understandings and beliefs from a qualitative study in the United Kingdom
Estimating the number of serious road injuries in the Netherlands
Exposure to lateral collision in signalized intersections with protected left turn under different traffic control strategies
A framework for a critical assessment of the quality of epidemiological studies of driver health and accident risk
Go Fast! Reaction Time Differences between Adults and Adolescents in Evaluating Risky Traffic Situations
Incidence, severity and correlates of bicycling injuries in a sample of cyclists in Queensland, Australia
Influence of curbs on traffic crash frequency on high-speed roadways
Is the Environment Near Home and School Associated with Physical Activity and Adiposity of Urban Preschool Children?
Latency periods between alcohol-related traffic violations: Implications for recidivism
Mind the gap: Training road users to use speed and distance when making gap-acceptance decisions
Modeling animal-vehicle collisions considering animal-vehicle interactions
Modeling improvements in booster seat use: A discrete choice conjoint experiment
Motor Vehicle Accident Fatalities Trends, Puerto Rico 2000-2007
Necessity of an integrated road traffic injuries surveillance system: A community-based study
A note on modeling road accident frequency: A flexible elasticity model
Older drivers' attitudes about instrument cluster designs in vehicles
Outline for a causal model of traffic conflicts and crashes
Pedestrians' crossing behaviors and safety at unmarked roadway in China
"Teaching them a lesson?" A qualitative exploration of underlying motivations for driver aggression
Adjustment of the Polish Road Safety Data Base to European Union Standards
An assessment of road safety and accident policy transitions and pathways in Uganda: Milestones and priorities for immediate action
Characteristics of injury crashes in Dubai, UAE
3 step generic procedure to assess road safety: a case study of Egypt
Accident characteristics by road types on Singapore roads
Assessment of the crash database system of the United Arab Emirates
Collection of road and roadside data to help address road safety risk
Bringing structure into road safety evaluation: a hierarchy of indicators
Metrological Aspects of Pipe Corrosion Resistance Estimation in the Electric Power Installation
Adaptation of Watt's indicator mechanism in altitude measurement
Are we failing our rural communities? Motor vehicle injury in British Columbia, Canada, 2001-2007
Cervical spinal cord deformation during simulated head-first impact injuries
A diffusion model decomposition of the effects of alcohol on perceptual decision making
Drinking patterns and risk behaviors associated with combined alcohol and energy drink consumption in college drinkers
Early onset of delinquency and the trajectory of alcohol-impaired driving among young males
The effect of d,l-methamphetamine on simulated driving performance
Epidemiology of pediatric cardiac injuries: a National Trauma Data Bank analysis
The European air traffic management response to volcanic ash crises: Towards institutionalised aviation crisis management
Fatal and Nonfatal Injuries among Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics
Hearing the speed: Visual motion biases the perception of auditory tempo
Heart rate as a marker of stress in ambulance personnel: A pilot study of the body's response to the ambulance alarm
Mechanism of injury predicts case fatality and functional outcomes in pediatric trauma patients: The case for its use in trauma outcomes studies
Motion sickness at sea and in the air
Nationwide desert highway assessment: A case study in China
Not all spinal cord injuries involve a fracture
Obstructive sleep apnoea and driving
Open-label pilot study of extended-release naltrexone to reduce drinking and driving among repeat offenders
Psychoactive Substance Use and the Risk of Motor Vehicle Crash Injuries in Southern Taiwan
Simulated driving performance of combat veterans with mild tramatic brain injury and posttraumatic stress disorder: A pilot study
Stress training improves performance during a stressful flight
Subjective and psychomotor effects of carisoprodol in combination with oxycodone in healthy volunteers
Towards operationalising and measuring the Traffic Safety Culture construct
Tracking Pedestrians using Local Spatio-temporal Motion Patterns in Extremely Crowded Scenes
The incidence of drugs of impairment in oral fluid from random roadside testing
Life-threatening injuries in older adults
The link between built environment, pedestrian activity and pedestrian-vehicle collision occurrence at signalized intersections
Listening to music and physiological and psychological functioning: The mediating role of emotion regulation and stress reactivity
Managing speed at school and playground zones
Mapping reflexive shifts of attention in eye-centered and hand-centered coordinate systems
Maxillofacial injuries in western Iran: a prospective study
Measuring driver responses at railway level crossings
Modeling of time headway distribution on suburban arterial: Case study from South Korea
Models for Relief Routing: Equity, Efficiency and Efficacy
Modeling factors influencing the capacity of motorway merge actions controlled by ramp metering
Motor vehicle-bicycle crashes in Beijing: Irregular maneuvers, crash patterns, and injury severity
Motorcycle protective clothing: Protection from injury or just the weather?
National burden of road traffic injuries in Argentina
The negative binomial-Lindley distribution as a tool for analyzing crash data characterized by a large amount of zeros
Non-daily smoking predicts hazardous drinking and alcohol use disorders in young adults in a longitudinal U.S. sample
A new model for level of service of freeway merge, diverge, and weaving segments
Epidemiology of Facial Fracture Injuries
Exploration of 85th percentile operating speed model on horizontal curve: A case study for two-lane rural highways
Development of road infrastructure as a tool of transforming Ibiono Ibom local government area
Game Theoretic Analysis of Road Traffic Problems in Nigeria
Causes of injuries resulting in a visit to the emergency department of a Provincial General Hospital, Nyanza, western Kenya
Can fear of going to jail reduce the number of road fatalities? The Spanish experience
Challenge and error: Critical events and attention-related errors
College students' evaluations of alcohol consequences as positive and negative
Communication with survivors of motor vehicle crashes
Correlation between catecholamine levels and outcome in patients with severe head trauma
Deprived neighborhoods and risk of road trauma (incidence and severity) among under 25year-olds in the Rhône Département (France)
Drinking at college parties: Examining the influence of student host-status and party-location
Driving exposure by driver age in Michigan
Effects of menu structure and touch screen scrolling style on the variability of glance durations during in-vehicle visual search tasks
Event-Based Modeling of Driver Yielding Behavior at Unsignalized Crosswalks
The injury epidemiology of cyclists based on a road trauma registry
Investigation on the role of traffic volume in accidents on urban highways
Motorcycle injuries in north-central Nigeria
Overview of motorcycling in the United States: A national telephone survey
Predictors of partying prior to bar attendance and subsequent BrAC
Prevention and monitoring strategies on the use of illicit substances and accidents and costs in heavy load drivers in Mexico
Road safe seniors: Screening for age-related driving disorders in inpatient and outpatient settings
A simple three-step dispatch rule may reduce lights and sirens responses to motor vehicle crashes
Sudden illness while driving a vehicle - a retrospective analysis of commercial drivers in Japan
The Traumatic Impact of Motor Vehicle Accidents in High School Students
Traumatic injuries of primary teeth: epidemiology, classification, approaches to diagnostics and treatment
Variability of cannabinoid findings in blood
The Walking School Bus and Children's Physical Activity: A Pilot Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial
Surveying the range and magnitude of alcohol's harm to others in Australia
The relationship between serious injury and blood alcohol concentration (BAC) in fatal motor vehicle accidents: BAC = 0.01% is associated with significantly more dangerous accidents than BAC = 0.00%
'The Best Drivers in the World': Drink-Driving and Risk Assessment
Collective behavior in road crossing pedestrians: the role of social information
Counting distributions for renewal processes
Age-related differences in performance and stimulus processing in dual task situation
Agricultural injury among rural California public high school students
Amblyopia and real-world visuomotor tasks
Associations between binge and heavy drinking and health behaviors in a nationally representative sample
Cases of myocarditis and their effect on the mechanism of death
Comparative clinical-epidemiological assessments of road traffic accidents. Observations in emergency rooms from three counties of Moldavia, Romania, during 2005-2010
The costs of switching attentional sets
Current study and research progress of whiplash injury of cervical vertebrae
Differential prevalence of alcohol use among 2-year and 4-year college students
Does Automatic Transmission Improve Driving Behavior in Older Drivers?
Does mechanism of injury predict trauma center need?
Driving skills of young adults with developmental coordination disorder: Maintaining control and avoiding hazards
Effects of Bracing on Human Kinematics in Low-Speed Frontal Sled Tests
The effects of donepezil on computer-simulated driving ability among healthy older adults: a pilot study
Employing a youth-led adult-guided framework: "why drive high?" social marketing campaign
Fechner, information, and shape perception
Legal update. Definition of accident--accidental death and dismemberment--alcohol-related automobile collision--foreseeability of death as result of driving while intoxicated
Mobility and aging: Transference to transportation
The Specific Deterrent Effect of Higher Fines on Drink-Driving Offenders
Traumatic Fifth Finger Amputation Due to Pontoon Boat Railing Design
Uncertainty forecasts improve weather-related decisions and attenuate the effects of forecast error
Testing sleepiness and vigilance in the sleep laboratory
Transportation resource requirements for hospital evacuation
Traumatic dissection of carotid arteries caused by high energy motorcycle accident
Subdural Hematomas and Emergency Management in Infancy and Childhood: A Single Institution's Experience
Predicting self-reported recovery one year after major road traffic accident trauma
Paediatric traffic accident and obstructive sleep apnoea by antrochoanal polyps: Case report and literature review
Drivers' Reasons for Choosing Forward Facing Car Safety Seats
Responses to childhood trauma: An international perspective
Making links: On (re)engaging with transport and transport geography
Governing temptation: Changing behaviour in an age of libertarian paternalism
Defining Land Use Intensity Based on Roadway Level of Service Targets
Divided attention interferes with fulfilling activity-based intentions
Evaluation of a program for changing attitudes in pre-drivers to prevent road accidents related to drink-driving in Catalonia
An ergonomic case study on the interior customisation of Fast Response Cars (FRCs) based on vehicle adaptation
Prevalence of risk factors for disorders of vigilance among professional drivers in Morocco
Aeroacoustic sources of motorcycle helmet noise
Ambulance insignias in a turmoil zone
Are characteristics of the school district associated with active transportation to school in Danish adolescents?
Bicyclist deaths and striking vehicles in the USA
Blunt cerebrovascular injuries in acute trauma care: a screening protocol
Breath analysis: Clinical research to the end-user market
Broken expectations: Violation of expectancies, not novelty, captures auditory attention
Decapitation Due to Car Accident
Do community interventions targeting licensed venues reduce alcohol-related emergency department presentations?
Economic Burden of Injuries in Children: A Cohort Study Based on Administrative Data in a Northwestern Italian Region
Effect of windshield washer fluid on breathalyser results
The effects of 7.5% carbon dioxide inhalation on task performance in healthy volunteers
An epidemiological analysis of patients with abdominal trauma in an eastern Indian metropolitan city
Epidemiological trends of pediatric trauma: A single-center study of 791 patients
Genital trauma in prepubertal girls and adolescents
Getting drunk safely? Night-life policy in the UK and its public health consequences
Hawai'i's Opportunity for Active Living Advancement (HO'ĀLA): Addressing Childhood Obesity through Safe Routes to School
Heavy Drinking and Use of Sedative or Anxiolytic Drugs Among Aging Men: An 11-Year Follow-Up of the FinDrink Study (October)
Helicopter crashes related to oil and gas operations in the Gulf of Mexico
Income disparities in perceived neighborhood built and social environment attributes
Neurological injuries are common contributors to pediatric intensive care unit deaths: A wake-up call
One night's CPAP withdrawal in otherwise compliant OSA patients: marked driving impairment but good awareness of increased sleepiness
The overestimation of performance: a specific bias of aging?
Prediction of Driving Capacity After Traumatic Brain Injury: A Systematic Review
Preventing unintentional injuries to children under 15 years in the outdoors: A systematic review of the effectiveness of educational programs
Psychoactive Medications and Crash Involvement Requiring Hospitalization for Older Drivers: A Population-Based Study
Psychotropic drugs and accidents in Scania, Sweden
Reducing regional inequality in mortality from road traffic injuries through enforcement of the mandatory motorcycle helmet law in Taiwan
Spike-triggered reaction-time EEG as a possible assessment tool for driving ability
Spinal cord injuries sustained in road crashes are not on the decrease in France: A study based on epidemiological trends
Why Drivers Start Drinking and Driving--A Prospective Study Over a 6-Year Period in the GAZEL Cohort
Walking for transportation among Latino adults in San Diego County: Who meets physical activity guidelines?
Traffic death trends in children aged 0-14 years in Lithuania: patterns by age group
Graduated driver licensing and fatal crashes involving 16- to 19-year-old drivers
Strengthening driver licensing systems for teenaged drivers
City Governments and Aging in Place: Community Design, Transportation and Housing Innovation Adoption
Disparities in trauma center access of older injured motor vehicular crash occupants
Driving Simulation Can Improve Insight into Impaired Driving Skills in Cirrhosis
Drunk driving, distracted driving, moralism, and public health
Epidemiological profile of 239 traumatic spinal cord injury cases over a period of 12 years in Tianjin, China
Epidemiology of injuries and poisonings in emergency departments in Iran
The evaluation of traditional and early driver training with simulated accident scenarios
Fatal occupational injuries in Nicaragua, 2005
Fracture of vertebra D12 in jet-ski accidents
Morphological study of the palatal rugae in western Indian population
Ophthalmological assessment of driving ability of drivers at the age more than 60 years
Physical Profile of Elite Young Motorcyclists
Reduction in the exposure to being out-of-position among car occupants who used a sleeping device
Scene mobility status as a predictor of injury severity and mortality due to vehicular crashes
Street Connectivity is Negatively Associated with Physical Activity in Canadian Youth
Sudden cardiac event on a sea-going ship and recognition of a work-related accident
WITHDRAWN: Primary prevention for alcohol misuse in young people
Methamphetamine influences on brain and behavior: unsafe at any speed?
Findings from Research on Active Transportation to School and Implications for Safe Routes to School Programs
Statistical Approaches to Testing the Relationships of the Built Environment with Resident-Level Physical Activity Behavior and Health Outcomes in Cross-Sectional Studies with Cluster Sampling
Age‐related differences in corticospinal excitability during a Go/NoGo task
The absence of a visual stimulus can trigger task‐set‐independent attentional capture
Attentional shift by eye gaze requires joint attention: Eye gaze cues are unique to shift attention
Slow eye movement detection can prevent sleep‐related accidents effectively in a simulated driving task
Event‐related activity and phase locking during a psychomotor vigilance task over the course of sleep deprivation
Caffeine protects against increased risk‐taking propensity during severe sleep deprivation
Temporal profile of prolonged, night‐time driving performance: breaks from driving temporarily reduce time‐on‐task fatigue but not sleepiness
Daytime symptom patterns in insomnia sufferers: is there evidence for subtyping insomnia?
Risk‐taking and other effects of sleep loss on brain function and behaviour
Maternal injuries during the periconceptional period and the risk of birth defects, National Birth Defects Prevention Study, 1997-2005
Safety in Occupational Driving: Development of a Driver Behavior Scale for the Workplace Context
Motorcycle Rider Training for the Prevention of Road Traffic Crashes: A Review Synopsis
A geography‐specific approach to estimating the distributional impact of highway tolls: an application to the puget sound region of washington state
High Reliability Systems and the Provision of a Critical Transportation Service
Neurobehavioral correlates of the rapid formation of the symbolic control of visuospatial attention
Couples, contentious conversations, mobile telephone use and driving
Bus drivers' exposure to bullying at work: An occupation‐specific approach
Perception of Own Death Risk: An Assessment of Road‐Traffic Mortality Risk
Chlorine Truck Attack Consequences and Mitigation
Assessment of older drivers in New Zealand: The current system, research and recommendations
Birds flee en mass from New Year's Eve fireworks
Effects of higher-order driving skill training on young, inexperienced drivers' on-road driving performance
The effects of travellers’ acceptance/satisfaction of unimplemented/implemented transportation demand management strategies on travel behaviour
The geometry of high angle of attack maneuvers and the implications for Gy-induced neck injuries
Helmet use in Connecticut motorcycle crashes: a state without a universal helmet law
Identifying traditional and nontraditional predictors of crash injury severity on major urban roadways
Impacts of Ethanol Plants on Highway Networks
The influence of company identity on the perception of vehicle sounds
The influence of multiple goals on driving behavior: The case of safety, time saving, and fuel saving
Injury severities of truck drivers in single- and multi-vehicle accidents on rural highways
Interior aesthetics: an experience-focused approach for the design of brand-specific automotive identity
Interventricular septal rupture caused by vehicular trauma
Aetiology and incidence of maxillofacial trauma in Amsterdam: A retrospective analysis of 579 patients
Alcohol drinking, mean corpuscular volume of erythrocytes, and alcohol metabolic genotypes in drunk drivers
Analysis of epidemiology, lesions, treatment and outcome of 354 consecutive cases of blunt and penetrating trauma to the chest in an African setting
Analysis of trauma patients in a rural hospital in Turkey
A beverage-specific measure of expectancies for malt liquor: Development and initial testing
Characteristics of injuries due to traffic accidents in the pediatric age group
Closing the loophole: Shea's Law and DWI blood draws in New York State under Vehicle and Traffic Law section 1194(4)(A)(1)
Determinants of safety helmet use among motorcyclists in Kerala, India
Drunk versus drugged: How different are the drivers?
Effect of age on cervical spine injury in pediatric population: a National Trauma Data Bank review
Exposure to hand-held mobile phone use while driving among Iranian passenger car drivers: An observational study
Exposure-based cycling crash, near miss and injury rates: The Safer Cycling Prospective Cohort Study protocol
Impairment of perceptual and motor abilities at the end of a night shift is greater in nurses working fast rotating shifts
Interventions to Reduce Risks Associated With Vehicle Incompatibility
Pills and pints: Risky drinking and alcohol-related harms among regular ecstasy users in Australia
Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome: Assessing and managing risk in the motor vehicle operator
Perception of temporal order is impaired during the time course of the attentional blink
Predicting psychopharmacological drug effects on actual driving performance (SDLP) from psychometric tests measuring driving-related skills
The Relations Between Driving Behaviour, Physical Activity and Weight Status Among Canadian Adults
Revisiting current strategies for primary prevention of motorcycle collisions in Jamaica
The Role of Race/Ethnicity in Alcohol-attributable Injury in the United States
Road traffic-related injury among the 0-17 age group in Turkey
Subjective Perceptions Associated with the Ascending and Descending Slopes of Breath Alcohol Exposure Vary with Recent Drinking History
Unnatural deaths in South African platinum miners, 1992-2008
Walking for Transport Versus Recreation: A Comparison of Participants, Timing, and Locations
Variability and seasonality of active transportation in USA: Evidence from the 2001 NHTS
Young Adults at Risk for Excess Alcohol Consumption Are Often Not Asked or Counseled About Drinking Alcohol
A probabilistic framework for geometry and motion reconstruction using prior information
On-board image-based vehicle detection and tracking
Feature subset selection based on co-evolution for pedestrian detection
Vehicle flow detection in real-time airborne traffic surveillance system
Commentary: Driven to Success
Alcohol and Drug Prevention in Nightlife Settings: A Review of Experimental Studies
Alcohol's harm to others: Self-reports from a representative sample of New Zealanders
An Analysis of the Significant Decline in Motor Vehicle Traffic Fatalities in 2008
Assessing University Students' Self-efficacy to Employ Alcohol-Related Harm Reduction Strategies
Attentional impairment in anxiety: Inefficiency in expanding the scope of attention
Awareness of Deficits and On-Road Driving Performance
A Bayesian approach for understanding the role of ship speed in whale-ship encounters
The benefits and harms of alcohol use in New Zealand: What politicians might consider
Bicycle-related Genitourinary Injuries
Binge drinking differentially affects adolescent male and female brain morphometry
Blunt breast trauma: Is there a standard of care?
Change in Causes of Injury-Related Deaths in South Korea, 1996-2006
Comfort effects of a new car headrest with neck support
Controlled intoxication: The self-monitoring of excessive alcohol use within a New Zealand tertiary student sample
The effect of competition on heart rate during kart driving: A field study
The effects of prompting and reinforcement on safe behavior of bicycle and motorcycle riders
The effects of a rectangular rapid-flashing beacon on vehicle speed
Epidemiology of traumatic spinal cord injuries in Iceland from 1975 to 2009
Forensic medical diagnostics of the extent of the trauma to the thigh skin inflicted by motor vehicles of different weight
Fusion prevents the redundant signals effect: Evidence from stereoscopically presented stimuli
The implications of cross-regional differences for the design of In-vehicle Information Systems: A comparison of Australian and Chinese drivers
An Inside Look at Active Transportation in Bogotá: A Qualitative Study
Letter to the Editor-The Awesome Power of a $30 Seat Belt: An Early Recollection of M Gazi Yasargil
MDMA (ecstasy) effects on actual driving performance before and after sleep deprivation, as function of dose and concentration in blood and oral fluid
Moving faster while preserving accuracy
A New PMHS Model for Lumbar Spine Injuries During Vertical Acceleration
One Hundred Years of Railway Disasters and Recent Trends
Paediatric trauma mortality in Norway: A population-based study of injury characteristics and urban-rural differences
Pain-Related Emotions in Early Stages of Recovery in Whiplash-Associated Disorders: Their Presence, Intensity, and Association With Pain Recovery
Perceptual and cognitive load interact to control the spatial focus of attention
Physical activity patterns in Greenland : A country in transition
Planning for pedestrians and bicyclists: Results from a statewide municipal survey
Predicting university undergraduates' binge-drinking behavior: A comparative test of the one- and two-component theories of planned behavior
Railway Suicide in Belgium 1998-2009
Reliability Testing of the PABS (Pedestrian and Bicycling Survey) Method
Traffic accidents in Brazil from 1998 to 2010: Many changes and few effects
Turning on the alarm: The neural mechanisms of the transition from innocuous to painful sensation
Understanding the determinants of active transportation to school among children: Evidence of environmental injustice from the Quebec longitudinal study of child development
Unintentional injuries among children admitted in a tertiary care hospital in North Kerala
Unintentional injuries among children in resource poor settings: where do the fingers point?
The effect of acute increase in urge to void on cognitive function in healthy adults
A comparison of two contemporary types of in-car multifunctional interfaces
International Workshop on Gender, Economic Integration and Cross-border Road Infrastructure Development
A methodology to determine pre-crash fuel quantity from post-crash fire thermal damage to an aircraft structure
Who perished on the Titanic? The importance of social norms
Valuing Mortality Risk Reductions from Environmental, Transport, and Health Policies: A Global Meta‐Analysis of Stated Preference Studies
The Impact of Rate Regulation on Claims: Evidence From Massachusetts Automobile Insurance
Acute tolerance to alcohol impairment of behavioral and cognitive mechanisms related to driving: Drinking and driving on the descending limb
Admissions and costs to acute hospitals resulting from road traffic crashes, 2005-2009
Agricultural health and safety performance in Australia
Analysis of injury death trends among women in Macheng City, China, 1984-2008
The basis for Canada's new low-risk drinking guidelines: A relative risk approach to estimating hazardous levels and patterns of alcohol use
Biomechanical Impact Response of the Human Chin and Manubrium
Cervical artery dissection following a turbulent flight
The characteristics of sleepiness during real driving at night-a study of driving performance, physiology and subjective experience
Driver Report of Improper Seat Belt Position Among 4- to 9-Year-old Children
Exploring child car passenger safety practices in China: Experience from a parental survey in Shanghai
Identification of Recent Cannabis Use: Whole-Blood and Plasma Free and Glucuronidated Cannabinoid Pharmacokinetics following Controlled Smoked Cannabis Administration
Immobility in the elderly: Fitness to drive, gait and falls
Maxillofacial injuries in Calabar south-south, Nigeria: a 5 year study of jawbone fractures
Next-Day Effects of Ramelteon (8 mg), Zopiclone (7.5 mg), and Placebo on Highway Driving Performance, Memory Functioning, Psychomotor Performance, and Mood in Healthy Adult Subjects
Driving simulator sickness: An evidence-based review of the literature
Occurrence and Severity of Concomitant Injuries in Other Areas Than the Face in Children With Mandibular and Midfacial Fractures
Orienting attention to locations in mental representations
The psychomotor test for research of eye-hand coordination at performance of monotonous activity on tracking target
Speed-dependent emission of air pollutants from gasoline-powered passenger cars
Structural Etiology of Chronic Low Back Pain Due to Motor Vehicle Collision
Trauma center accessibility for road traffic injuries in Hanoi, Vietnam
Unintentional injuries in pediatrics
An analysis of U.S. Road fatalities per population: Changes by age from 1958 to 2008
Attempts at the practical on-road driving test and the hazard perception test and the risk of traffic crashes in young drivers
Attentional networks functioning, age, and attentional lapses while driving
Aviation psychology and human factors
Driving habits and risk exposure in older drivers: Lessons learned from the implementation of a self-regulation curriculum
Effects of countdown timers on driver behavior after the yellow onset at Chinese intersections
Graduated driver licensing for reducing motor vehicle crashes among young drivers
In-depth evaluation of real-world car collisions: Fatal and severe injuries in children are predominantly caused by restraint errors and unstrapped cargo
Older drivers, crashes and injuries
Logico-graphical analysis of hazards: Vehicle collisions and the recognition of and response to braking
Transport safety in agriculture
An algorithm for combining autonomous vehicles and controlled events in driving simulator experiments
Analysis of child pick-up during daily routines and for daytime no-notice evacuations
Analysis of in-vehicle driver behaviour data for improved safety
Analysis of the occurrence of traffic injuries and related factors according to the National Household Sample Survey (PNAD) Brazil, 2008
Analysis of the traffic injury severity on two-lane, two-way rural roads based on classification tree models
Animal-Related Fatalities-Part I: Characteristic Autopsy Findings and Variable Causes of Death Associated with Blunt and Sharp Trauma
Assessing methods of mitigating wildlife-vehicle collisions by accident characterization and spatial analysis
Assessment of the impact of speed limit reduction and traffic signal coordination on vehicle emissions using an integrated approach
Autonomous vehicle control systems for safe crossroads
Cause-specific mortality among a cohort of U.S. flight attendants
Coding ATC incident data using HFACS
Commentary on "blunt aortic injury"
Comparing pedestrian injury mortality in Mexico City: Have changes occurred over a decade?
Comparison of Injuries Experienced by International Tourists Visiting Australia and Australian Residents
Comparison of steel, aluminum and composite bonnet in terms of pedestrian head impact
Computational methodology to predict injury risk for motor vehicle crash victims
Concentrations of carbon dioxide in the cabin of a small passenger car
A correction framework for improving the robustness of motor vehicle registration data
Development of crash prediction models with individual vehicular data
The development of an intervention to improve the safety of community care nurses while driving and a qualitative investigation of its preliminary effects
Driving after discharge: Advising injured patients
Dynamic analysis of Hybrid III 3-year-old child dummy in frontal collisions
Effect prediction of time-gaps for adaptive cruise control (ACC) and in-vehicle tasks on bus driver performance
The effects of personal music devices on pedestrian behaviour
Effects of scale and efficiency of rural traffic calming on safety, accessibility and wildlife
EMS Relocation in a Rural Area Using a Geographic Information System Can Improve Response Time to Motor Vehicle Crashes
Estimating percent-time-spent-following on two-lane rural highways
Etiology of spinal cord injuries in Sub-Saharan Africa
Evaluating the impact on noise levels of a ban on private cars in Dublin city centre, Ireland
Global ship risk profiles
Hazard perception at high- and low-risk road sites: A pilot study of interurban roads in Pakistan and Cameroon
High Neighborhood Walkability Mitigates Declines in Middle-to-Older Aged Adults' Walking for Transport
Hours spent and energy expended in physical activity domains: Results from The Tomorrow Project cohort in Alberta, Canada
Identification of occupant posture using a Bayesian classification methodology to reduce the risk of injury in a collision
The impact of risk tolerance, risk perception and hazardous attitude on safety operation among airline pilots in China
An improved cellular automata model for heterogeneous work zone traffic
Injuries to the upper cervical medulla in severe brain injuries
Internalizing and externalizing dimensions and alcohol use in first time DWI offenders: Indirect effects through coping self-efficacy
Is the intention to travel in a pro-environmental manner and the intention to use the car determined by different factors?
A latent class accelerated hazard model of social activity duration
Mobile phone use while driving
Modeling speed-flow relationship and merging behavior in work zone merging areas
A mobile flight case learning system for ATC miscommunications
Mobility, social exclusion and well-being
A model to assess public transport demand stability
Modeling heterogeneous risk-taking behavior in route choice
Modulation of attention and urgent decisions by affect-laden roadside advertisement in risky driving scenarios
Motor vehicle crashes among active duty U.S. Army personnel, 1999 to 2006
Numerical computation and characteristic analysis on the center shift of fire whirls in a ship engine room fire
Occupational injuries and health problems in the Egyptian Mediterranean fisheries
Opinions on railway trespassing of people living close to a railway line
Perceptual compression of visual space during eye-head gaze shifts
Perspectives on the commercial development of landing gear health monitoring systems
Prevalence and association of dental injuries with socioeconomic conditions and alcohol/drug use in adolescents between 15 and 19 years of age
Proactive detection of high collision concentration locations on highways
Public responses to policies designed to internalise environmental and social externalities from road transport in New Zealand
Railway wheel-flat detection and measurement by ultrasound
Reaching a destination earlier by starting later
Real-time data acquisition system for vehicle ABS test stand
Review of non-battle injuries in Air Force personnel deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom
Road rage behaviour and experiences of rickshaw drivers in Rawalpindi, Pakistan
The runway capacity constraint and airlines' behavior
Safety distance warning system with a novel algorithm for vehicle safety braking distance calculating
A safety-based approaching behavioural model with various driving characteristics
Sight distance analysis of highways using GIS tools
Work-related road safety: A case study of Roche Australia
Work-related injuries and fatalities among farmers in South Korea
The willingness-to-accept in time compensation for turning off the idling engine of motorcycles at red lights in Taiwan
Walking frequency, cars, dogs, and the built environment
Validating walkability indices
Understanding driver anger and aggression: Attributional theory in the driving environment
Walking the tightrope: Developing a systems approach to balance safety and mobility for an aging society
Understanding neighbourhood design impact on travel behaviour
Understanding peak pedestrian exposures due to traffic emissions within the urban environment
Visual working memory supports the inhibition of previously processed information: Evidence from preview search
Relationship between road traffic accidents and conflicts recorded by drive recorders
Restraint use and seating position among child car passengers: An observational study in Shanghai
Required length of guardrails before hazards
Return to Driving After Severe Traumatic Brain Injury: Increased Risk of Traffic Accidents and Personal Responsibility
Socio-economic inequalities in mortality due to injuries in small areas of ten cities in Spain (MEDEA Project)
The social context of motorcycle riding and the key determinants influencing rider behavior: A qualitative investigation
The statistical analysis of highway crash-injury severities: A review and assessment of methodological alternatives
Visual field defects may not affect safe driving
Vital signs: alcohol-impaired driving among adults --- United States, 2010
QoS-aware Two-level Dynamic Uplink Bandwidth Allocation Algorithms in IEEE 802.16j Based Vehicular Networks
Swarm cognition on off-road autonomous robots
The Street Level Built Environment and Physical Activity and Walking: Results of a Predictive Validity Study for the Irvine Minnesota Inventory
Incompatibility and Mental Fatigue
The Residents' Benefits and Concerns Before and After a New Rail Stop: Do Residents Get What They Expect?
Solitary Versus Social Drinking: An Experimental Study on Effects of Social Exposures on In Situ Alcohol Consumption
Those in peril on the sea: The maritime work of the UK military SAR
Aortic injuries in crush trauma patients: Different mechanism, different management
Changes in physical activity and travel behaviors in residents of a mixed-use development
Characteristics analyses of road traffic injury in Beijing in 2009
Comments on diagnostic problems and procedures in certifying the ability of epileptic patients to drive motor vehicles based on published articles and our own cases
A comprehensive assessment of neurocognition in middle-aged chronic cigarette smokers
Conflict-induced perceptual filtering
Conscious and unconscious thought in risky choice: Testing the capacity principle and the appropriate weighting principle of unconscious thought theory
Cyclists' experiences of harassment from motorists: Findings from a survey of cyclists in Queensland, Australia
Delayed Diagnosis of Injury in survivors of the February 2009 crash of flight TK 1951
Determining the capacity of time-based selection
Drivers' and conductors' views on the causes and ways of preventing workplace violence in the road passenger transport sector in Maputo City, Mozambique
Drifting from slow to "d'oh!": Working memory capacity and mind wandering predict extreme reaction times and executive control errors
Economic costs of excessive alcohol consumption in the U.S., 2006
Effect of alcohol references in music on alcohol consumption in public drinking places
"Where have all the bicycles gone?" Are bicycle sales in Australia translated into health-enhancing levels of bicycle usage?
What is known about the health and living conditions of the indigenous people of northern Scandinavia, the Sami?
What is the relationship between mental workload factors and cognitive load types?
Trauma epidemiology: Where are we today?
Use of Sun-Protective Items by Japanese Pedestrians: A Cross-sectional Observational Study
Walking for leisure among adults from three Brazilian cities and its association with perceived environment attributes and personal factors
Time distribution characteristics of traffic injury in different age groups in Beijing from 2004 to 2008
Space-, object-, and feature-based attention interact to organize visual scenes
Risky business: Executive function, personality, and reckless behavior during adolescence and emerging adulthood
Safe drinking campaigns run by alcohol industry do not reduce consumption
Scaphoid Fracture Epidemiology
Search for a curvilinear relationship between the sense of coherence and the intensity of PTSD in MVA survivors
Self-governance, control and loss of control amongst drink-drivers
Self-Reported Alcohol Consumption and the Risk of Alcohol-Related Problems: A Comparative Risk-Curve Analysis of the 3 Baltic Countries, Sweden, and Italy
Effect of Pharmacological Enhancement on the Cognitive and Clinical Psychomotor Performance of Sleep-Deprived Doctors: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Epidemiology of Injuries in Nigeria: A Systematic review of Mortality and Etiology
Evaluation of Three Animal Models for Concussion and Serious Brain Injury
First Aid and Harm Minimization for Victims of Road Trauma: A Population Study
Hospital-Admitted Injury Attributable to Alcohol
Inequalities in size and power across road users
Motor vehicle injuries in Qatar: Time trends in a rapidly developing Middle Eastern nation
Physicians' knowledge and continuing medical education regarding fitness to drive: a questionnaire-based survey in Southeast Switzerland
Avoiding DWI Among Bar-room Drinkers: Strategies and Predictors
Acute tolerance to alcohol in at-risk binge drinkers
Adolescents' attitudes and behaviors regarding the consumption of alcohol
Age differences in risky choice: a meta-analysis
Alcohol policy, social context, and infant health: The impact of minimum legal drinking age
Are There Implications for Morphological Changes in neck Muscles Following Whiplash Injury?
Assessing external cause of injury coding accuracy for transport injury hospitalizations
Avulsion injuries of the male external genitalia & rupture of the diaphragm following road traffic accident
A Bayesian assessment of the effect of highway bypasses in Iowa on crashes and crash rate
Cognitive mappers to creatures of habit: differential engagement of place and response learning mechanisms predicts human navigational behavior
Crash and Risky Driving Involvement Among Novice Adolescent Drivers and Their Parents
Disability 3, 12, and 24 Months After Traumatic Brain Injury Among Children and Adolescents
Distraction and facilitation-two faces of the same coin?
Does delivering preventive services in primary care reduce adolescent risky behavior?
Does Knowledge of Seat Design and Whiplash Injury Mechanisms Translate to Understanding Outcomes?
Driving under the influence of benzodiazepines and antidepressants: Prescription and abuse
Driving While Impaired (DWI) Intervention Service Provider Orientations: The Scales of the DWI Therapeutic Educator Inventory (DTEI)
Dual-task repetition alters event-related brain potentials and task performance
Efficacies of roadway safety improvements across functional subclasses of rural two-lane highways
Effects of red light camera enforcement on fatal crashes in large US cities
Ethyl glucuronide in hair - A highly effective test for the monitoring of alcohol consumption
Factors associated with overweight in children living in the neighbourhoods of an urban area of Brazil
Fatigue in medical residents--lessons to be learned
February 2009 Airplane Crash at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport: An Overview of Injuries and Patient Distribution
Forensic epidemiology of childhood deaths in Nebraska, USA
Human subject rear passenger symptom response to frontal car-to-car low-speed crash tests
Illegal mid-block pedestrian crossings in China: gap acceptance, conflict and crossing path analysis
The impact of public transportation strikes on use of a bicycle share programme in London: Interrupted time series design
Implementation of municipal mobility support services for older people who have stopped driving in Japan
How Can Animal Models Inform on the Transition to Chronic Symptoms in Whiplash?
Implementing brief interventions in health care: Lessons learned from the Swedish risk drinking project
Improving safety behaviour and accident rates of professional drivers: the Dead Sea project
Incidence and trend of road traffic injuries and related deaths in Kuwait: 2000-2009
Influence of a concurrent cognitive task on foot pedal reaction time following traumatic, unilateral transtibial amputation
Injury in China: a systematic review of injury surveillance studies conducted in Chinese hospital emergency departments
Interactions between psychosocial and built environment factors in explaining older adults' physical activity
Motor control accuracy: A consequential probe of individual differences in emotion regulation
Motor vehicle accidents, suicides, and assaults in epilepsy: A population- based study
A national evaluation of the nighttime and passenger restriction components of graduated driver licensing
Preventing motor vehicle crashes related spine injuries in children
Reduced susceptibility to the attentional blink in psychopathic offenders: Implications for the attention bottleneck hypothesis
The Relationship between Saccadic Choice and Reaction Times with Manipulations of Target Value
The Risk Assessment Score in acute whiplash injury predicts outcome and reflects bio-psycho-social factors
The Role of Tissue Damage in Whiplash Associated Disorders: Discussion Paper 1
The spectrum of diaphragmatic injuries managed in a Prague traumatology centre
Trauma admissions to the Intensive Care Unit at a reference Hospital in Northwestern Tanzania
Traumatic Injury and Traumatic Stress
Usefulness of screening tools for predicting driving performance in people with Parkinson's disease
Sinking under the weight of corruption: Neoliberal reform, political accountability and justice
Measuring Infrastructure Performance: Development of a National Infrastructure Index
Polycentricity, Commuting Pattern, Urban Form: The Case of Southern California
Saudi Arabian consumer's interest in commercial application of 3D body scanner in the apparel market
'Life is War': Informal Transport Workers and Neoliberalism in Tanzania 1998-2009
A Bayesian Method for Predicting Future Customer Need Distributions
Identification and monitoring of bridge health from ambient vibration data
Active vibration control with comparative algorithms of half rail vehicle model under various track irregularities
To T or Not to T: A Ballpark Assessment of the Costs and Benefits of Urban Rail Transportation
Benefit-Cost Analysis of Rail Projects: A Commentary
Paying for Locally Owned Roads: A Crisis in Local Government Highway Finance
Plexiglas-Roofed City Highways/Roadways Can Eliminate Snow/Ice/ Rain-Associated Deaths, Deicing Salt-Induced Environmental Damage, and Hypertension-Promoting Salinization of Water
Experimental evaluations of track structure effects on dynamic properties of railway bridges
Understanding the Pursuit of Happiness in Ten Major Cities
People Use Self-Control to Risk Personal Harm: An Intra-Interpersonal Dilemma
Is Timing Everything? Temporal Considerations in Emotion Regulation
On Conceptualizing Self-Control as More Than the Effortful Inhibition of Impulses
Caught in Their Own Speed Trap: The Intersection of Speed Enforcement Policy, Police Legitimacy, and Decision Acceptance
Presenting a practical model for governmental political mapping on road traffic injuries in Iran in 2008: a qualitative study
Active transportation environments surrounding Canadian schools
Agreement between two observers in the measurement of smoking and use of safety belt and cell phones in vehicles
Algorithmic modeling of the irrelevant sound effect (ISE) by the hearing sensation fluctuation strength
Brain injury from a first nations' perspective: Teachings from elders and traditional healers
Canadian and Spanish youths' risk perceptions of drinking and driving, and riding with a drunk driver
Classifying External Causes of Injury: History, Current Approaches, and Future Directions
Complications of hip fractures in children
Definition and measurement of rider-intrinsic physical attributes influencing all-terrain vehicle safety
Detailed discussion on evidence for the further prevention of traffic fatalities in Japan: a comparison of trends in three countries
Drawing road networks with focus regions
Emotion and Perception: The Role of Affective Information
Epidemiological characteristics of adult SCIWORA in Tianjin, China: a preliminary study
Exaggerated startle reactions
Interventions to improve work outcomes in work-related PTSD: a systematic review
Is Blood Alcohol Level a Good Predictor for Injury Severity Outcomes in Motor Vehicle Crash Victims?
Letter to the editor-increasing body weight of motorcycle riders
Mortality in parents following the death of a child: a nationwide follow-up study from Sweden
Neural Correlates of Visual-Spatial Attention in Electrocorticographic Signals in Humans
Non-medical use of prescription opioids among Ontario adults: Data from the 2008/2009 CAMH Monitor
Patients with minor injuries in a Berlin inner-city emergency room: Substance misuse, residential area, and sociodemographics
Preparation for voluntary movement in healthy and clinical populations: Evidence from startle
The railway suicide death of a famous German football player: Impact on the subsequent frequency of railway suicide acts in Germany
Rethinking safety behaviors in insomnia: Examining the perceived utility of sleep-related safety behaviors
Risk, uncertainty and regulation
The role of hope in engaging in healthy behaviors among college students
Seatbelt Injury Causing Small Bowel Devascularisation: Case Series and Review of the Literature
Sedative Load among Community-Dwelling People Aged 75 Years and Older: A Population-Based Study
Under-reporting of road traffic crash data in Ghana
What helps children to be more active and less sedentary? Perceptions of mothers living in disadvantaged neighbourhoods
Ambulance Crash Characteristics in the US Defined by the Popular Press: A Retrospective Analysis
Development of a screening method to assess flood risk on Danish national roads and highway systems
Experimental evaluation of human facial tolerance to injuries
Occupant injury criteria for roadside safety design
Quasistatic characterization of the human foot-ankle joints in a simulated tensed state and updated accidentological data
The biomechanics of the pediatric and adult human thoracic spine
Child posture and shoulder belt fit during extended night-time traveling: An in-transit observational study
Comparison of head-neck responses in frontal impacts using restrained human surrogates
Comparisons of the outcome prediction performance of injury severity scoring tools using the Abbreviated Injury Scale 90 update 98 (AIS 98) and 2005 update 2008 (AIS 2008)
Costs of crashes to government, United States, 2008
Crash injury risk behavior in Latino adolescent males: The power of friends and relational connections
Crash-related mortality and model year: Are newer vehicles safer?
Demographics, velocity distributions, and impact type as predictors of AIS 4+ head injuries in motor vehicle crashes
Injury differences between small and large overlap frontal crashes
Development of a U.S. child-focused motor vehicle crash surveillance system: a pilot study
Driving position field study, differences with the whiplash protocol and biomechanics experimental responses
Driving simulator performance in patients with possible and probable Alzheimer's disease
Drunk driving among novice drivers, possible prevention with additional psychological module in driving school curriculum
An evaluation of three driving-under-the-influence courts in Georgia [USA]
Fruits of 20 years of highway safety legislative advocacy in the United States
Influence of an enforcement campaign on seat-belt and helmet wearing, Karachi-Hala Highway, Pakistan
Improving trauma triage using basic crash scene data
How safe is vehicle safety? The contribution of vehicle technologies to the reduction in road casualties in France from 2000 to 2010
Important child occupant safety trends Indiana, between 2005 and 2010
Investigating the effects of side airbag deployment in real-world crashes using crash comparison techniques
Kinematics and shoulder belt position of child rear seat passengers during vehicle maneuvers
Lateral neck injury assessments in side impact using postmortem human subject tests
Pedestrian injury patterns according to car and casualty characteristics in France
Planar impacts in rollover crashes: Significance, distribution and injury epidemiology
Prescription medication usage and crash culpability in a population of injured drivers
Quality-adjusted life years lost to road crash injury: Updating the Injury Impairment Index
Quantitative analyses of pediatric cervical spine ossification patterns using computed tomography
Response of the Worldwide Side Impact Dummy (WorldSID) to localized constant-speed impacts
Responsibility study: Main illicit psychoactive substances among car drivers involved in fatal road crashes
Air Quality and Exercise-Related Health Benefits from Reduced Car Travel in the Midwestern United States
Validation of a Persian version of motorcycle rider behavior questionnaire
Assessing cul-de-sac neighbourhoods: A methodological prelude
Testing and contrasting road safety education, deterrence, and social capital theories: A sociological approach to the understanding of male drunk-driving in Chile's Metropolitan Region
Study of mild traumatic brain injuries using experiments and finite element modeling
Overcoming Distance and Space Through Technology: Record Aviation Linking Fascist Italy With South America
In-cabin Exposure Levels of Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide and Airborne Particulate Matter in Air-Conditioned Buses of Hong Kong
Advance yield markings and drivers' performance in response to multiple-threat scenarios at mid-block crosswalks
Age-related differences in street-crossing safety before and after training of older pedestrians
Agricultural injury risk among rural California public high school students: Prospective results
Attending overtaking cars and motorcycles through the mirrors before changing lanes
Attention and search conspicuity of motorcycles as a function of their visual context
Bicycle injuries: A matter of mechanism and age
Characterization of pedestrian accidents and an examination of infrastructure measures to improve pedestrian safety in Israel
Comparison of two warning concepts of an intelligent Curve Warning system for motorcyclists in a simulator study
A day at the races: Ocular injuries in extreme motorcycle racing spectators
Drivers' perception of vulnerable road users: A hazard perception approach
Dual task performance of working memory and postural control in major depressive disorder
Epidemiological Survey of Orthopedic Joint Dislocations based on Nationwide Insurance Data in Taiwan, 2000-2005
Epidemiology of concussion and mild traumatic brain injury
Evaluation of bike boxes at signalized intersections
How to make more cycling good for road safety?
Injury protection and accident causation parameters for vulnerable road users based on German In-Depth Accident Study GIDAS
Kinetics of the cervical spine in pediatric and adult volunteers during low speed frontal impacts
Mapping patterns of pedestrian fatal accidents in Israel
Motorcycle riders' perception of helmet use: Complaints and dissatisfaction
Optimism about safety and group-serving interpretations of safety among pedestrians and cyclists in relation to road use in general and under low light conditions
Pedestrians' behaviour in cross walks: The effects of fear of falling and age
Perspectives for motorcycle stability control systems
Powered two wheelers in a changing world: Challenges and opportunities
Study of risky behaviors leading to unintentional injuries among high school students in Tehran, Iran
The metacity: A conceptual framework for integrating ecology and urban design
A multilevel analysis of neighbourhood built and social environments and adult self-reported physical activity and body mass index in Ottawa, Canada
Individual responsibilities and moral inclusion in an age of rights
Joe Sixpack: Normality, deviance, and the disease model of alcoholism
Alcohol use by pedestrians who are struck by motor vehicles: How drinking influences behaviors, medical management, and outcomes
Examining the link between collision involvement and cocaine use
Elevated levels of serum glial fibrillary acidic protein breakdown products in mild and moderate traumatic brain injury are associated with intracranial lesions and neurosurgical intervention
Attentional demands of movement observation as tested by a dual task approach
Sleep opportunities and periodic light exposures: Impact on biomarkers, performance and sleepiness
A proposal to classify road lighting energy efficiency
Announcing a Decade of Action for Global Road Safety
Alcohol-related injury visits: Do we know the true prevalence in U.S. trauma centres?
The association of compensation on longer term health status for people with musculoskeletal injuries following road traffic crashes: Emergency department inception cohort study
The causes of death of the women in age of procreation at the hospitals of Sfax
Effects of alcohol (BAC 0.5‰) and ecstasy (MDMA 100 mg) on simulated driving performance and traffic safety
Effects of dexamphetamine with and without alcohol on simulated driving
The Increase in the User Rate of Child Seats Is Clearly an Important Factor in the Decreases in the Rates of Death and Serious Injury
Minds on the blink: The relationship between inattentional blindness and attentional blink
On your bike! A cross-sectional study of the individual, social and environmental correlates of cycling to school
Policy determines drinking behaviour, says expert on addiction
Re: Improving Road Safety through Deterrence-Based Initiatives
Road traffic crashes and the protective effect of road curvature over small areas
Roadway Characteristics and Pediatric Pedestrian Injury
Self-Monitoring as a Moderator Between Descriptive Norms and Drinking: Findings Among Korean and American University Students
Spatial and visuospatial working memory tests predict performance in classic multiple-object tracking in young adults, but nonspatial measures of the executive do not
Trauma networks: Present and future challenges
Using funnel plots in public health surveillance
Helicopter emergency medical services accident rates in different international air rescue systems
Acute whiplash associated disorders (WAD)
CT scan findings and outcomes of head injury patients: A cross sectional study
Assessing the perceived safety risk from quiet electric and hybrid vehicles to vision-impaired pedestrians
Linking offence histories to accident causation using OTS data
The potential for cycle helmets to prevent injury - A review of the evidence
Puffin pedestrian crossing accident study
Restraint system safety diversity in frontal impact accidents
Rock slope risk assessment
Safer aerodynamic frontal structures for trucks: Final report
Risk and expertise in the speed limit enforcement debate: Challenges, adaptations and responses
10 years outcome from childhood traumatic brain injury
10-year evaluation of train accidents
Acciphilia on the road: An analysis of severe collisions
Adolescents' risky driving in context
Adult attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder is associated with alterations in circadian rhythms at the behavioural, endocrine and molecular levels
Age and gender differences in conviction and crash occurrence subsequent to being directed to Iowa's driver improvement program
Alpha spindles as neurophysiological correlates indicating attentional shift in a simulated driving task
Analysis of precipitation-related motor vehicle collision and injury risk using insurance and police record information for Winnipeg, Canada
25 years or more after spinal cord injury: Clinical conditions of individuals in the Florence and Stockholm areas
Appropriateness of CT of the Chest, Abdomen, and Pelvis in Motorized Blunt Force Trauma Patients Without Signs of Significant Injury
Assessment of whiplash and cervical spine injury
Awareness of legal blood alcohol concentration limits amongst respondents of a national roadside survey for alcohol and traffic behaviours in Brazil
Bicycle accidents - Do we only see the tip of the iceberg? A prospective multi-centre study in a large German city combining medical and police data
Building an effective nonlinear three-dimensional finite-element model of human thoracolumbar spine
Challenges and Opportunities for Promoting Booster Seat Use: Progressive Dissemination of a High-Threat Message
Cognitive Functioning Predicts Driver Safety on Road Tests 1 and 2 Years Later
Commentary: Characteristics of LEOs' Fatalities in Motor Vehicle Crashes: A Lack of Safety Culture in LEOs Is a Loss for Us All
Continued care of children seen in an emergency department for dental trauma
Does more cycling also reduce the risk of single-bicycle crashes?
Driving brake reaction time following right ankle arthrodesis
The effect of passengers and risk-taking friends on risky driving and crashes/near crashes among novice teenagers
Emergency Physician Perspectives on Child Passenger Safety: A National Survey of Attitudes and Practices
Engaging the Somali Community in the Road Safety Agenda: A Process Evaluation from the London Borough of Hounslow
Enhancing older driver safety: A driving survey and evaluation of the CarFit program
The Essential Role of Psychosocial Risk and Protective Factors in Pediatric TBI Research
Evaluating the Safety Effects of Bicycle Lanes in New York City
Exploring the provision of hospital trauma care for road traffic injury victims in Iran: a qualitative approach
Healthy people 2010 objectives for unintentional injury and violence among adolescents trends from the national youth risk behavior survey, 1999-2009
Hospital-based injury data from level III institution in Cameroon: Retrospective analysis of the present registration system
Injuries and risk-taking behaviours in Portuguese adolescents: Highlights from the health behaviour in school-aged children survey
Making the message meaningful: a qualitative assessment of media promoting all-terrain vehicle safety
A method for simplifying the analysis of traffic accidents injury severity on two-lane highways using Bayesian networks
Motor Vehicle Deaths Among American Indian and Alaska Native Populations
Nonfatal Child Pedestrian Injury in Two Urban Cities of Guangdong Province, China: Results from a Cross-sectional Survey
Predicting road test performance in drivers with dementia
The Effectiveness of Screening and Brief Intervention on Reducing DWI Citations
Railway-controller-perceived competence in incidents and accidents
Re: Examination of the Impact of Airbags on Renal Injury Using a National Database
Road traffic crashes and prescribed methadone and buprenorphine: A French registry-based case-control study
Study on the status of unintentional injuries in children under age 7 in Guangzhou
Severity models of cross-median and rollover crashes on rural divided highways in Pennsylvania
A survey on the agricultural profession-related injuries among 11 902 rural residents in Shandong province
What is the potential of trauma registry data to be used for road traffic injury surveillance and informing road safety policy?
Unintended Consequences of Moral "Over-Regulation"
Ventromedial Prefrontal Cortex and the Future of Morality
Current Emotion Research in Psychophysiology: The Neurobiology of Evaluative Bivalence
An IT appliance for remote collaborative review of mechanisms of injury to children in motor vehicle crashes
Alcohol-related sexual consequences during the transition from high school to college
Are there racial disparities in the use of restraints and outcomes after motor vehicle collisions in Los Angeles county?
Association Between Weight and Risk of Crash-Related Injuries for Children in Child Restraints
At-fault motor vehicle crash risk in elderly patients treated with antidepressants
Childhood Executive Function Continues to Predict Outcomes in Young Adult Females with and Without Childhood-Diagnosed ADHD
Common denominators in death from pediatric back-over trauma
Disobedience and driving in patients with epilepsy
Doubtful nosological validity of the chronic whiplash syndrome
Dump truck-related deaths in construction, 1992-2007
Drinking to distraction: Does alcohol increase attentional bias in adults with ADHD?
Epidemiological evaluation of victims of spinal cord injury
Epidemiology of chronic subdural hematoma
Epidemiology of road traffic mortality and injuries in Yazd, Iran during 2003-2008
Factors associated with severity of road traffic injuries, Thika, Kenya
Measuring the Population Burden of Fatal and Nonfatal Injury
Mortality in patients with traumatic spinal cord injury: Descriptive analysis of 62 deceased subjects
The problems of differential diagnostics and forensic medical expertise of various forms of craniocerebral injuries
The role of demographic characteristics and readiness to change in 12-month outcome from two distinct brief interventions for impaired drivers
Survivors' experiences from a train crash
Violence and accidents among older and younger adults: evidence from the Surveillance System for Violence and Accidents (VIVA), Brazil
A report of an accident investigation commission as evidence in legal proceedings
State under the influence of drugs or psychotropic agents--a comparison of toxicological and medical examinations in materials of the Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, Silesian University of Medicine, Katowice
Recent Advances in Understanding the Personality Underpinnings of Impulsive Behavior and their Role in Risk for Addictive Behaviors
Medicolegal assessment of post-traumatic vertigo
The role of self breath-testing devices in the Kimberley region of Western Australia
Increase in cycling to work in Sydney: Analysis of journey-to-work Census data from 1996 and 2001
Cycling should be on transport, health and tourism agendas
Ride your bike: Healthy policy for Australians (Editorial)
The effectiveness of school travel access guides (TAGs)
Staff walking program: A quasi-experimental trial of maintenance newsletters to maintain walking following a pedometer program
Walking to school in inner Sydney
Road Safety Monitor 2010: Distracted Driving
Road Safety Monitor 2010: Youth Drinking and Driving
Alcohol-Related Effects on Automaticity due to Experimentally Manipulated Conditioning
Associations between energy drink consumption and alcohol use behaviors among college students
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Detection of Sudden Pedestrian Crossings for Driving Assistance Systems
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Effects of age and the use of hands-free cellular phones on driving behavior and task performance
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Environmental experience within and across testing days determines the strength of human visuomotor adaptation
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Impact of Connecticut's Graduated Driver Licensing System on Teenage Motor Vehicle Crash Rates
Identifying Significant Predictors of Head-on Conflicts on Two-Lane Rural Roads Using Inductive Loop Detectors Data
If we designed airplanes like we design drugs…
Incidence of blunt cerebrovascular injury in low-risk cervical spine fractures
The influence of morphology on cervical injury characteristics
Initiation and persistence of alcohol use in United States Black, Hispanic, and White male and female youth
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Mopeds: the legal loophole for repeat driving while intoxicated offenders
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Texting and accessing the web while driving: traffic citations and crashes among young adult drivers
Auditory novelty processing is enhanced in obsessive-compulsive disorder
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Biomechanical effects of mobile computer location in a vehicle cab
The bivalency effect: Evidence for flexible adjustment of cognitive control
The cerebellum and neuropsychological functioning: A critical review
0 + 1 > 1: How Adding Noninformative Sound Improves Performance on a Visual Task
Common-fate grouping as feature selection
Dissociating spatial attention and awareness in emotion-induced blindness
A dissociation between judged causality and imagined locations in simple dynamic scenes
Natural-scene perception requires attention
Individual differences in recovery time from attentional capture
Pop-out without awareness: unseen feature singletons capture attention only when top-down attention is available
Profiling genitourinary injuries in United Arab Emirates
Profiling pediatric patients involved in automobile crashes in Japan
The return trip effect: Why the return trip often seems to take less time
Rewarding, stimulant, and sedative alcohol responses and relationship to future binge drinking
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Roadwise review has limited congruence with actual driving performance of aging drivers
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School Travel Planning: Mobilizing School and Community Resources to Encourage Active School Transportation
Required hours of practice for learner drivers: a comparison between two Australian jurisdictions
Mobility and safety are conflicting goals for transport policy makers when making decisions about graduated driver licensing
Parliamentary committees are important in developing policy: evidence from a Queensland case study
Adaptive Road Crack Detection System by Pavement Classification
Advancing our understanding of mothers' safety rules for school-age children
Agreement With Night-Waking Strategies Among Community Mothers of Preschool-Aged Children
Altered brain activation during visuomotor integration in chronic active cannabis users: relationship to cortisol levels
Analysis of bus collision and non-collision incidents using transit ITS and other archived operations data
Analyzing Brazilian Vehicle Documents for Authenticity by Easy Ambient Sonic-Spray Ionization Mass Spectrometry
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Boosting-Based On-Road Obstacle Sensing Using Discriminative Weak Classifiers
Building capacity of drivers in Nigeria to provide first aid for road crash victims
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Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020
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Gender and occupational health and safety requirements among Saskatchewan farm adolescents
Graduated driver licensing research, 2007-present: a review and commentary
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Hypoglycaemia unawareness: judge driving ability prudently
Hypoglycaemia unawareness: report it to the CBR (the Dutch Driving Test Organisation) and revoke the licence to drive
The impact of pedestrian countdown signals on pedestrian-motor vehicle collisions: a quasi-experimental study
An increased risk of motor vehicle accidents after prescription of methadone
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Integrating Millimeter Wave Radar with a Monocular Vision Sensor for On-Road Obstacle Detection Applications
Is the density of alcohol establishments related to nonviolent crime?
Literature review of whiplash injuries of the cervical spine
Major trauma deaths at Perth secondary hospitals
Occurrence of critical driver's behavior as a result of alcohol intoxication
The optimism bias
Planning of actions for liquidation of medical-and-sanitary consequences after railway accidents with hazardous cargo
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Smart Roadside System for Driver Assistance and Safety Warnings: Framework and Applications
Toxicological Findings in 889 Fatally Injured Obese Pilots Involved in Aviation Accidents
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Vision Zero - a road safety policy innovation
Method to Investigate Contusion Mechanics in Living Humans
Music, the Body in Time, and Self-Similarity Concepts
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Movement control in older adults: Does old age mean middle of the road?
Naturalistic Study of Winter Driving Practices by Older Men and Women: Examination of Weather, Road Conditions, Trip Purposes, and Comfort
Navigation assistance: A trade-off between wayfinding support and configural learning support
Neck exercises, physical and cognitive behavioural-graded activity as a treatment for adult whiplash patients with chronic neck pain: Design of a randomised controlled trial
Neck injuries
Neighborhood conditions are associated with maternal health behaviors and pregnancy outcomes
Neural and behavioral mechanisms of impulsive choice in alcohol use disorder
Why do car drivers fail to give way to motorcycles at t-junctions?
Why did the pilots shut down the wrong engine? Explaining errors in context using Schema Theory and the Perceptual Cycle Model
Work unit incivility, job satisfaction, and total quality management among transportation employees
Watch for Those Fragments of Evidence: The Use of an Automatic Timepiece to Help Correlate a Helicopter Crash Site from the Vietnam War
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User evaluation of three wheelchair securement systems in large accessible transit vehicles
Using Emergency Department-Based Inception Cohorts to Determine Genetic Characteristics Associated with Long Term Patient Outcomes after Motor Vehicle Collision: Methodology of the CRASH Study
Using Geographical Information Systems Mapping to Identify Areas Presenting High Risk for Traumatic Brain Injury
Underreporting of maritime accidents to vessel accident databases
Understanding the relationship of perceived social support to post-trauma cognitions and posttraumatic stress disorder