Gaze behavior when approaching an intersection: dwell time distribution and comparison with a quantitative prediction
Hybrid safety analysis method based on SVM and RST: an application to carrier landing of aircraft
In the eye of the beholder: a simulator study of the impact of Google Glass on driving performance
Vehicle height affects drivers' speed perception: implications for rollover risk
Individual differences in perception and control of walking direction
Antihypertensive and statin medication use and motor function in community-dwelling older adults
The development of stimulus and response interference control in midchildhood
Effect of active arm swing to local dynamic stability during walking
Effects of auditory rhythm and music on gait disturbances in Parkinson's disease
Alcohol use in shiftworkers
The correlation between depression, balance, and physical functioning post stroke
Impulsive driving: definition and measurement using the I-Driving Scale (IDS)
Beta-Band Oscillations Represent Auditory Beat and Its Metrical Hierarchy in Perception and Imagery
Corrigendum: Processing of visually evoked innate fear by a non-canonical thalamic pathway
Differences in the use of vision and proprioception for postural control in autism spectrum disorder
Experimentally derived kinetic model for sensor-based gait monitoring
Exploring the association between working memory and driving performance in Parkinson's disease
Factors contributing to young moped rider accidents in Denmark
Fear of falling in women with fibromyalgia and its relation with number of falls and balance performance
Functional parameters and their association with gait speed in Chilean community-dwelling older adults
Effect of a combining cognitive and balanced training on the cognitive postural and functional status of seniors with a mild cognitive deficit in a randomized, controlled trial
Effect of Developmental Binocular Vision Abnormalities on Visual Vertigo Symptoms and Treatment Outcome
Effect of kinesiology tape on measurements of balance in subjects with chronic ankle instability: a randomized clinical trial
Effect of preferred music on agitation after traumatic brain injury
The effect of whole body vibration exposure on balance and functional mobility in older adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Effects of fatigue on real-world driving in diseased and control participants
Embodied salience for gaze analysis in ecologically valid environments
Self-reporting by unsafe drivers is, with education, more effective than mandatory reporting by doctors
Risk factors for severe injury following indoor and outdoor falls in geriatric patients
The role of eye movements in the size-speed illusion of approaching trains
Seeing red on the road
Using interstimulus interval to maximise sensitivity of the Psychomotor Vigilance Test to fatigue
Using a Virtual Environment to Examine How Children Cross Streets: Advancing Our Understanding of How Injury Risk Arises
Vision sensor-based road detection for field robot navigation
Visual impairment, coping strategies and impact on daily life: a qualitative study among working-age UK ex-service personnel
Walking the line: understanding pedestrian behaviour and risk at rail level crossings with cognitive work analysis
The walking speed questionnaire: assessing walking speed in a self-reported format
Movement induces the use of external spatial coordinates for tactile localization in congenitally blind humans
Multicomponent physical exercise with simultaneous cognitive training to enhance dual-task walking of older adults: a secondary analysis of a 6-month randomized controlled trial with 1-year follow-up
Age and gender differences in children and adolescents' attitudes toward noise
Assessment of an alternative army aircrew eyewear
Binge drinkers are fast, able to stop - but they fail to adjust
The effect of road traffic noise on reaction time
Effect of visual perceptual disturbance on gait and balance
Effects of core muscle stability training on the weight distribution and stability of the elderly
Gait in very preterm school-aged children in dual-task paradigms
Google Glass glare: disability glare produced by a head-mounted visual display
Impaired visual integration in children with traumatic brain injury: an observational study
On the relationship between subjective and objective measures of fatigue
Physiological synchronization in a vigilance dual task
Positive bias in teenage drivers with ADHD within a simulated driving task
Usefulness of the driveABLE cognitive assessment in predicting the driving risk factor of stroke patients
Roller coaster retinopathy: case report of symptomatic bilateral intraretinal hemorrhages after shaking injury in an otherwise healthy adult
Tactile and proprioceptive sensory stimulation modifies estimation of walking distance but not upright gait stability: a pilot study
Decoding the content of visual short-term memory under distraction in occipital and parietal areas
Differential impact of emotional task relevance on three indices of prioritised processing for fearful and angry facial expressions
The development of balance retraining: an online intervention for dizziness in adults aged 50 years and older
Fully automated driving: impact of trust and practice on manual control recovery
A novel framework for improvement of road accidents considering decision-making styles of drivers in a large metropolitan area
Do high-level perceptual schemata influence the encoding of novel everyday scenes?
Does behavioral dissociation of real vs. pantomime movements only apply to visually guided action?
Does continuous partial attention offer a new understanding of the required vigilance and associated stress for parents of children with complex needs?
The effect of age on postural and cognitive task performance while using vibrotactile feedback
Effect of a virtual reality exercise program accompanied by cognitive tasks on the balance and gait of stroke patients
Effects of conventional overground gait training and a gait trainer with partial body weight support on spatiotemporal gait parameters of patients after stroke
The effects of different sensory augmentation on weight-shifting balance exercises in Parkinson's disease and healthy elderly people: a proof-of-concept study
Effects of different types of exercise on muscle activity and balance control
The effects of gait velocity on the gait characteristics of hemiplegic patients
The effects of gait with use of smartphone on repositioning error and curvature of the lumbar spine
Effects of modified sit-to-stand training on balance control in hemiplegic stroke patients: a randomized controlled trial
The effects of music salience on the gait performance of young adults
Effects of stroboscopic visual training on visual attention, motion perception, and catching performance
Effects of vestibular rehabilitation on balance control in older people with chronic dizziness: a randomized clinical trial
The effects of vision on sit-to-stand movement
An engineering model of human balance control part 1: biomechanical model
Enhanced response inhibition in experienced fencers
Enhanced sensitization to animal, interpersonal, and intergroup fear-relevant stimuli (but no evidence for selective one-trial fear learning)
Ensemble summary statistics as a basis for visual categorization
Episodic memory and executive function impairments in non-demented older adults: which are the respective and combined effects on gait performances?
ERP and behavioral evidence of increased sensory attenuation for fear related action outcomes
Evaluating the effects of increasing physical activity to optimize rehabilitation outcomes in hospitalized older adults (MOVE Trial): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial
Evidence of motor-control difficulties in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, explored through a hierarchical motor-systems perspective
Examining the preferred self-controlled KR schedules of learners and peers during motor skill learning
Executive control and decision-making in the prefrontal cortex
Executive function is necessary for the regulation of the stepping activity when stepping in place in older adults
Exercise interventions in children and adolescents with ADHD: a systematic review
Existence and control of go/no-go decision transition threshold in the striatum
Exploring associations between gaze patterns and putative human mirror neuron system activity
Exploring the characteristics of the attentional blink paradigm when used to discover concealed knowledge
Exposure to "exergames" increases older adults' perception of the usefulness of technology for improving health and physical activity: a pilot study
Feeling of control of an action after supra and subliminal haptic distortions
Frontolimbic functioning during threat-related attention: relations to early behavioral inhibition and anxiety in children
Functional MRI reveals different response inhibition between adults and children with ADHD
Functions of the human frontoparietal attention network: evidence from neuroimaging
General and specific strategies used to facilitate locomotor maneuvers
What to make of misidentification rates in obsessive-compulsive disorder
What would Jaws do? The tyranny of film and the relationship between gaze and higher-level narrative film comprehension
When complex is easy on the mind: internal repetition of visual information in complex objects is a source of perceptual fluency
Hearing aid use and adherence to treatment in a publicly-funded health service from the City of São Paulo, Brazil
Hearing aid use and associated factors in South Korea
The higher order auditory cortex is involved in the assignment of affective value to sensory stimuli
How 'core' are motor timing difficulties in ADHD? A latent class comparison of pure and comorbid ADHD classes
Human cortical activity for visual processing is modulated by cued actions
Human visual response gain increases with arousal
Human visual search performance for camouflaged targets
Immediate effects of the activation of the affected lower limb on the balance and trunk mobility of hemiplegic stroke patients
The impact of an acute social stress on the use of visual information in facial expression categorization
The impact of expert visual guidance on trainee visual search strategy, visual attention and motor skills
Impact of falls on mental health outcomes for older adult mental health patients: An Australian study
The impact of interference on short-term memory for visual orientation
Impact of road environment on drivers' behaviors in dilemma zone: Application of agent-based simulation
The impact of sleep restriction and simulated physical firefighting work on acute inflammatory stress responses
In the presence of others: Self-location, balance control and vestibular processing
Visual perceptual abilities of children with low motor abilities - a pilot study
Incorporating research technology into the clinical assessment of balance and mobility: perspectives of physiotherapists and people with stroke
Inter-rater reliability of the Berg Balance Scale, 30 s chair stand test and 6 m walking test, and construct validity of the Berg Balance Scale in nursing home residents with mild-to-moderate dementia
Interactions of sex and aging on spatiotemporal metrics in non-pathological gait: a descriptive meta-analysis
The interplay between aerobic metabolism and antipredator performance: vigilance is related to recovery rate after exercise
Kung-fu versus swimming training and the effects on balance abilities in young adolescents
Increased stimulus expectancy triggers low-frequency phase reset during restricted vigilance
Individual differences in antisocial and prosocial traits predict perception of dynamic expression
Influences of visual and supporting surface conditions on standing postural control and correlation with walking ability in patients with post-stroke hemiplegia
Information integration in sequential visual decision-making
Information processing becomes slower and predominantly serial in aging: characterization of response-related brain potentials in an auditory-visual distraction-attention task
Inhibiting prepotent responses in the elderly: distraction and disinhibition
Inhibition in time-based visual selection: strategic or by default?
Introducing RiskSOAP to communicate the distributed situation awareness of a system about safety issues: an application to a robotic system
Is the Berg Balance Scale an effective tool for the measurement of early postural control impairments in patients with Parkinson's Disease? Evidence from Rasch analysis
It depends: approach and avoidance reactions to emotional expressions are influenced by the contrast emotions presented in the task
Is the motor system necessary for processing action and abstract emotion words? Evidence from focal brain lesions
Challenges in leveraging existing human performance data for quantifying the IDHEAS HRA method
The effects of mobile phone use on pedestrian crossing behaviour at unsignalized intersections - models for predicting unsafe pedestrians behaviour
Human reliability under sleep deprivation: derivation of performance shaping factor multipliers from empirical data
The influence of memory on driving behavior: how route familiarity is related to speed choice. an on-road study
Proactive listening to a training commentary improves hazard prediction
Using eye-tracker to compare search patterns between experienced and novice workers for site hazard identification
Relation between vehicle travel velocity and pedestrian injury risk in different age groups for the design of a pedestrian detection system
Research of vehicle flow based on cellular automaton in different safety parameters
Sensitivity analysis on new simulation-based conflict metrics
Strengthening air traffic safety management by moving from outcome-based towards risk-based evaluation of runway incursions
Visual Memory for Objects Following Foveal Vision Loss
We-Measure: toward a low-cost portable posturography for patients with multiple sclerosis using the commercial Wii balance board
Where children with adhd direct visual attention during emotion knowledge tasks: relationships to accuracy, response time, and adhd symptoms
Traffic accidents involving fatigue driving and their extent of casualties
Anthropometric evaluation of cockpit designs
Changes in dual-task performance after 5 months of karate and fitness training for older adults to enhance fall prevention
Can link analysis be applied to identify behavioral patterns in train recorder data?
Deficits in attention and visual processing but not global cognition predict simulated driving errors in drivers diagnosed with mild Alzheimer's disease
Analysis of the driver's behavior in the highway traveling in the Great East Japan Earthquake
The effects of sleep, wake activity and time-on-task on offline motor sequence learning
Eye movements and brain oscillations to symbolic safety signs with different comprehensibility
The cognitive evaluation of elderly individuals in family practice
Behavioral and electrophysiological auditory processing measures in traumatic brain injury after acoustically controlled auditory training: a long-term study
Causal role of motor simulation in turn-taking behavior
Direction-specific impairment of stability limits and falls in children with developmental coordination disorder: implications for rehabilitation
Do characteristics of a stationary obstacle lead to adjustments in obstacle stepping strategies?
Driving simulator performance in novice drivers with autism spectrum disorder: the role of executive functions and basic motor skills
Establishing the attention-distractibility trait
Expert-novice differences in brain function of field hockey players
Factors associated with truck crashes in a large cross section of commercial motor vehicle drivers: erratum
Inter-individual differences in stress sensitivity: basal and stress-induced cortisol levels differentially predict neural vigilance processing under stress
Interactive cognitive-motor step training improves cognitive risk factors of falling in older adults - a randomized controlled trial
Driving feature extraction from high and low skilled drivers in curve sections based on machine learning
Motor cost influences perceptual decisions
Optimal fall indicators for slip induced falls on a cross-slope
Pedestrian injuries in children: who is most at risk?
Quantifying performance and effects of load carriage during a challenging balancing task using an array of wireless inertial sensors
Sleep-related crash characteristics: implications for applying a fatigue definition to crash reports
Stretchable, transparent electrodes as wearable heaters using nanotrough networks of metallic glasses with superior mechanical properties and thermal stability
Subliminal trauma reminders impact neural processing of cognitive control in adults with developmental earthquake trauma: a preliminary report
The fear of other persons' laughter: poor neuronal protection against social signals of anger and aggression
Highly challenging balance program reduces fall rate in Parkinson disease
Internalized impressions: the link between apparent facial trustworthiness and deceptive behavior is mediated by targets' expectations of how they will be judged
LCD-based digital eyeglass for modulating spatial-angular information
Learning visual search: increased retinotopic response to target vs. distractors in early visual cortex
Limits on perceptual encoding can be predicted from known receptive field properties of human visual cortex
Marine accidents based on seamanship
Examination of the prediction of falling in community-dwelling older adults based on results from the new physical fitness test created by the Japanese Ministry of Education and Science
Kinematic assessment of postural control during simulated slips while walking: a comparison with and without carrying a handbag
Are factors related to dual-task performance in people with Parkinson's disease dependent on the type of dual task?
The association between states' texting regulations and the prevalence of texting while driving among U.S. high school students
Balance and mobility in clinically recovered children and adolescents after a mild traumatic brain injury
A balance retraining program reduces injurious falls and improves physical function in older women at risk of falling [commentary]
Balance, dizziness and proprioception in patients with chronic whiplash associated disorders complaining of dizziness: a prospective randomized study comparing three exercise programs
Behaving safely under pressure: the effects of job demands, resources, and safety climate on employee physical and psychosocial safety behavior
Do as I say, not as I do: distracted driving behavior of teens and their parents
The Driver Behaviour Questionnaire as accident predictor: a methodological re-meta-analysis
Driving ability after right-sided ankle arthroscopy-A prospective Study
Dropout during a driving simulator study: a survival analysis
Eye movements and hazard perception in active and passive driving
Home-based risk of falling assessment test using a closed-loop balance model
Improving the safety effect of speed camera programs through innovations: evidence from the French experience
Modeling secondary accidents identified by traffic shock waves
Real-world effects of using a phone while driving on lateral and longitudinal control of vehicles
Electrocortical activity distinguishes between uphill and level walking in humans
Leg joint function during walking acceleration and deceleration
Motor-cognitive dual-task training improves local dynamic stability of normal walking in older individuals
Perception adapts via top-down regulation to task repetition
The utility of automated measures of ocular metrics for detecting driver drowsiness during extended wakefulness
Vestibular contribution to balance control in the medial gastrocnemius and soleus
Applicability of mesopic factors to the driving task
Contribution of head position, standing surface, and vision to postural control in community-dwelling older adults
Can a smartphone application help balance patient autonomy and public safety in drivers who take psychoactive medications?
Appropriate polypharmacy and medicine safety: when many is not too many
Biomechanics of ramp descent in unilateral trans-tibial amputees: comparison of a microprocessor controlled foot with conventional ankle-foot mechanisms
Brain volume changes in gait control in patients with mild cognitive impairment compared to cognitively healthy individuals; GAIT study results
Burst firing in a motion-sensitive neural pathway correlates with expansion properties of looming objects that evoke avoidance behaviors
Computational evaluation of load carriage effects on gait balance stability
Does vibration training reduce the fall risk profile of frail older people admitted to a rehabilitation facility? A randomised controlled trial
Dual-task performance in older adults during discrete gait perturbation
Identification of emotional expressiveness in facial photographs over 36 h of extended vigilance in healthy young men-a preliminary study
Mild cognitive impairment is associated with falls among older adults: findings from the Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA)
Probing attention prioritization during dual-task step initiation: a novel method
Repeatability of the Oxford foot model for kinematic gait analysis of the foot and ankle
Driving performance in patients with chronic obstructive lung disease, interstitial lung disease and healthy controls: a crossover intervention study
Effect of augmenting cholinergic function on gait and balance
Effect of leg selection on the Berg Balance Scale scores of hemiparetic stroke survivors: A cross sectional study
Feasibility analysis of phase transition signals based on e-bike rider behavior
How do drivers overtake cyclists?
Human-centered headway control for adaptive cruise-controlled vehicles
Injury risk and noise exposure in firefighter training operations
Street crossing behavior in younger and older pedestrians: an eye- and head-tracking study
Yoga-based exercise improves balance and mobility in people aged 60 and over: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Psychiatry and highway safety
Proposition of generic validation criteria using stereo-vision for on-road obstacle detection
A 30-minute, but not a 10-minute nighttime nap is associated with sleep inertia
Age-related differences in dual task performance: a cross-sectional study on women
A balance retraining program reduces injurious falls and improves physical function in older women at risk of falling [synopsis]
Between the devil and the deep blue sea: avoidance-avoidance competition increases pain-related fear and slows down decision-making
Brain vigilance analysis based on the measure of complexity
Can concurrent memory load reduce distraction? A replication study and beyond
Commercial motor vehicle driver positive airway pressure therapy adherence in a sleep center
A comparison of driving errors in patients with left or right hemispheric lesions after stroke
Cultural competence training for law enforcement responding to domestic violence emergencies with the deaf and hard of hearing: a mixed-methods evaluation
Differences in sustained attention capacity as a function of aerobic fitness
The effect of modified trampoline training on balance, gait, and falls efficacy of stroke patients
The effect of step climbing exercise on balance and step length in chronic stroke patients
The effects of varying break length on attention and time on task
Emergency braking in adults versus novice teen drivers: response to simulated sudden driving events
Evaluation of a risk awareness perception training program on novice teen driver behavior at left-turn intersections
Assessing performance of glow-in-the-dark concrete
Behind the wheel: confidence and naturalistic measures of driving exposure among older drivers
Comparison of rectangular and circular rapid-flashing beacons in an open-road setting
Correlating the safety performance of urban arterials with lighting: empirical model
Countdown pedestrian signals and low-vision pedestrians
Crash patterns at signalized intersections
Development of freeway and interchange safety performance functions with respect to roadway lighting: a pilot study
Distracted motor vehicle driving at highway-rail grade crossings
Effect of beacon activation and traffic volume on driver yielding behavior at rapid flashing beacons
Exploration of work zone crash causes and implications for safety performance measurement programs
Exploring driver error at intersections: key contributors and solutions
Investigating maximum intensities for yellow rapid-flashing beacons at night
Light rail crossing safety performance functions
Long-term monitoring of wrong-way maneuvers at diverging diamond interchanges
Macroscopic models for accident prediction at railroad grade crossings: comparisons with U.S. Department of Transportation accident prediction formula
Factors that affect the quality of life of community-dwelling elderly women with musculoskeletal disorders
Fall risk assessment tools for elderly living in the community: can we do better?
Far-infrared based pedestrian detection for driver-assistance systems based on candidate filters, gradient-based feature and multi-frame approval matching
Findings from the National Machine Guarding Program: a small business intervention: lockout/tagout
Genetic factors moderate everyday physical activity effects on executive functions in aging: evidence from the Victoria Longitudinal Study
Geriatric assessment, falls and rehabilitation in patients starting or established on peritoneal dialysis
Gray matter volume and executive functioning correlate with time since injury following mild traumatic brain injury
Haptic communication in collaborative virtual environments
High risk of near-crash driving events following night-shift work
Losing the trees for the forest in dynamic visual search
Moving object detection on a vehicle mounted back-up camera
Perception and attitude of a rural community regarding adult blindness in north central Nigeria
Physical factors underlying the timed "up and go" test in older adults
Predictors of the on-road driving assessment after traumatic brain injury: comparing cognitive tests, injury factors, and demographics
Propranolol's impact on cognitive performance in post-traumatic stress disorder
SPIDER: a framework for understanding driver distraction
Video and computer-based interactive exercises are safe and improve task-specific balance in geriatric and neurological rehabilitation: a randomised trial
Vision, perception, and attention through the lens of microsaccades: mechanisms and implications
Traffic safety at road-rail level crossings using a driving simulator and traffic simulation
Travel patterns, needs, and barriers of adults with autism spectrum disorder: report from a survey
Transportation issues of adults on the autism spectrum: findings from focus group discussions
Using dynamic flashing yellow for traffic signal control under emergency evacuation
Value of confirmation lights and their unintended impact on driver compliance and deterrence to running a red light
Wrong-way driving prevention: incident survey results and planned countermeasure implementation in Florida
Safety effectiveness of flashing yellow arrow: evaluation of 222 signalized intersections in North Carolina
Speed control method for highway tunnel safety based on visual illusion
Study of truck driver behavior for design of traffic signal yellow and clearance timings
Platform edge detection and protection effects on platform-train interface safety
Quantifying the effectiveness of performance-based pavement marking maintenance contracts
Railway accidents caused by human error: historic analysis of UK railways, 1945 to 2012
Relationship between roadway illuminance level and nighttime rural intersection safety
Reliability-based assessment of benefits in roadway safety management
Risk-taking behavior of left-turners in gap acceptance and its effects on capacity estimation at signalized intersections
An analysis on driver drowsiness based on reaction time and EEG band power
Association of subjective and interpretive drowsiness with facial dynamic changes in simulator driving
Drug Dependence and Cytotoxicity of Law-evading Drugs: Their Identities Explored from Basic Research
The influence of environmental context in interpersonal observation-execution
Loss of balance, gait disturbance and falls in an elderly woman
Mind wandering minimizes mind numbing: Reducing semantic-satiation effects through absorptive lapses of attention
Prevalence of sedating medication use among older drivers presenting in the emergency department
Sleep, recovery, and metaregulation: explaining the benefits of sleep
Straight and curved path walking among older adults in primary care: associations with fall-related outcomes
Twenty years of load theory: where are we now, and where should we go next?
Understanding the experience of age-related vestibular loss in older individuals: a qualitative study
Activity, balance, learning, and exposure (ABLE): a new intervention for fear of falling
Adaptation of multi-joint coordination during standing balance in healthy young and healthy old individuals
Adventure thrills are addictive
Associations of walking speed, grip strength, and standing balance with total and cause-specific mortality in a general population of Japanese elders
Automatic vs. Clinical assessment of fall risk in older individuals: a proof of concept
Classification of older adults with/without a fall history using machine learning methods
Cognitive and physical resources are important in order to complete a geriatric fall prevention programme
Context aware falls risk assessment: A case study comparison
Context focused older adult mobility and gait assessment
Easy-to-use, general, and accurate multi-Kinect calibration and its application to gait monitoring for fall prediction
The effect of cannabis on regular cannabis consumers' ability to ride a bicycle
Emotional distraction and bodily reaction: modulation of autonomous responses by anodal tDCS to the prefrontal cortex
Falls in young adults: perceived causes and environmental factors assessed with a daily online survey
Gait analysis and estimation of changes in fall risk factors
Gait assessment using the Kinect RGB-D sensor
Gait rehabilitation with a high tech platform based on virtual reality conveys improvements in walking ability of children suffering from acquired brain injury
Individual markers of resilience in train traffic control: the role of operators' goals and strategic mental models and implications for variation, expertise, and performance
Investigating the correlation between the neural activity and task performance in a psychomotor vigilance test
Muscle weakness is related to slip-initiated falls among community-dwelling older adults
A tactile handle for cane use monitoring
Temporal and kinematic variables for real-world falls harvested from lumbar sensors in the elderly population
Wearable technology and ECG processing for fall risk assessment, prevention and detection
Biodynamic hypothesis for the frequency tuning of motion sickness
Effects of memory load and test position on short-duration sustained attention tasks
Planning of spatially-oriented locomotion following focal brain damage in humans: a pilot study
Respiratory muscle training and cognitive function exercising at altitude
Safety-critical event risk associated with cell phone tasks as measured in naturalistic driving studies: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Driving cessation anno 2010 which older drivers give up their license and why? Evidence from Denmark
The light transmission through intraocular lenses with or without yellow chromophore (blue light filter) and its potential influence on functional vision at everyday environmental conditions
Musculoskeletal pain characteristics associated with lower balance confidence in community-dwelling older adults
Psychometrics of the Fitness-to-Drive Screening measure
Quality of life, health, and sleep of air traffic controllers with different shift systems
Real-time pedestrian detection with the videos of car camera
A Unified Model of Performance: Validation of its Predictions Across Different Sleep/Wake Schedules
Work environment, overtime and sleep among offshore personnel
Understanding brains: details, intuition, and big data
Levodopa is a double-edged sword for balance and gait in people with Parkinson's disease
Longitudinal relationships between cognitive decline and gait slowing: the Tasmanian Study of Cognition and Gait
A mobile Kalman-filter based solution for the real-time estimation of spatio-temporal gait parameters
Mobility and cognition in seniors. Report from the 2008 Institute of Aging (CIHR) Mobility and Cognition Workshop
Motion effects synthesis for 4D films
Motor and cognitive integration: effect of bilateral behaviors on judgment
Mood & alcohol-related attentional biases: new considerations for gender differences and reliability of the visual-probe task
A novel approach to measuring the useful field of view in simulated real-world environments using gaze contingent displays: the GC-UFOV
Object-scene relationships vary the magnitude of target prevalence effects in visual search
One step ahead: the perceived kinematics of others' actions are biased toward expected goals
Physiological basis of the improvement of movement accuracy with the use of stabilographic training with biological feedback
Prediction in the vestibular control of arm movements
Predictive and reactive locomotor adaptability in healthy elderly: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Prefrontal cortex activation while walking under dual-task conditions in stroke: a multimodal imaging study
Psychometric properties of the pediatric balance scale using Rssch analysis
Reduced contextual discrimination following alcohol consumption or MDMA administration in mice
Reliability of mechanical trunk responses during known and unknown trunk perturbations
Reporting policy regarding drivers with dementia
Resistance versus balance training to improve postural control in Parkinson's disease: a randomized rater blinded controlled study
Reward favors the prepared: incentive and task-informative cues interact to enhance attentional control
A variational approach to simultaneous multi-object tracking and classification
Savings upon re-aiming in visuomotor adaptation
Screening for at-risk drinking in a population reporting symptoms of depression: a validation of the AUDIT, AUDIT-C, and AUDIT-3
Select injury-related variables are affected by stride length and foot strike style during running
Selective and divided attention modulates auditory-vocal integration in the processing of pitch feedback errors
Sensitivity of the balance error scoring system and the sensory organization test in the combat environment
Separating visual and motor components of motor cortex activation for multiple reach targets: a visuomotor adaptation study
Sequential modulation of backward crosstalk and task-shielding in dual-tasking
Shaping Relations: Exploiting Relational Features for Visuospatial Priming
Similarity of actions depends on the functionality of previously observed actions
Simulator study of young driver's instinctive response of lower extremity to a collision
SNARC effect in different effectors
Somatosensory contribution to the initial stages of human motor learning
Spatiotemporal and kinematic parameters relating to oriented gait and turn performance in patients with chronic stroke
Sports concussions, imbalance, and dizziness
State fall prevention coalitions as systems change agents: an emphasis on policy
A survey of spinal cord stimulator use by chronic pain patients while driving
Symptom dimensions of depression and 3-year incidence of dementia: results from the Amsterdam Study of the Elderly
There is no attentional global effect: attentional shifts are independent of the saccade endpoint
Tonic and phasic alertness training enhances executive function, working memory, and skill acquisition in older adults
Toward balance recovery with leg prostheses using neuromuscular model control
Transportation self-efficacy and social problem-solving of persons who are blind or visually impaired
Two eyes are identical to one: three-dimensional motor tracking of visual targets
A validated smartphone-based assessment of gait and gait variability in Parkinson's disease
A method to set the target on-centre steering force characteristic
Possible recovery or unavoidable fall? A model to predict the one step balance recovery threshold and its stepping characteristics
Reviewing the static and dynamic balance in predicting the risk of falls in elderly people in Tehran
Segway running behavior focusing on riders' experience based on image-processing data
Sensitivity to musical emotions in congenital amusia
Sit to stand in elderly fallers vs non-fallers: new insights from force platform and electromyography data
Sleep and performance in simulated Navy watch schedules
Sleep apnoea and driving risk: the need for regulation
Smile and behavior: new evaluation method for pedestrian environment
Spatial and temporal gait characteristics in pre-frail community-dwelling older adults
The Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFST) and measures of cognitive functioning
Strength or power, which is more important to prevent slip-related falls?
Summary of factors contributing to falls in older adults and nursing implications
Theoretical approaches to lightness and perception
Determination of safety margins for whole blood concentrations of alcohol and nineteen drugs in driving under the influence cases
Exploring the relationship between fall risk-increasing drugs and fall-related fractures
Characteristics of United States emergency department visits for traumatic amputations in the elderly adult from 2010 to 2013
Drivers' visual behavior-guided RRT motion planner for autonomous on-road driving
Driving cessation and health outcomes in older adults
Drowsiness and traffic safety: at least as dangerous as alcohol!
Drowsiness detection using heart rate variability
Falls and balance impairments in older adults with type 2 diabetes: thinking beyond diabetic peripheral neuropathy
High-risk behaviors and experiences with traffic law among night drivers in Curitiba, Brazil
Integration of body sensor networks and vehicular ad-hoc networks for traffic safety
Issues in the implementation and evolution of the commercial recreational cannabis market in Colorado
Leading to distraction: driver distraction, lead car, and road environment
Perceptual-auditory and acoustic analysis of air traffic controllers' voices pre- and postshift
Perspectives on aging vestibular function
Sex differences in the subjective effects of oral Δ9-THC in cannabis users
Analysis of naturalistic driving videos of fleet services drivers to estimate driver error and potentially distracting behaviors as risk factors for rear-end versus angle crashes
Association of opioids with falls, fractures, and physical performance among older men with persistent musculoskeletal pain
Attention-dependent sound offset-related brain potentials
Biomechanics of step initiation after balance recovery with implications for humanoid robot locomotion
Cerebral correlates of cognitive reserve
Characterizing frailty status in the Systolic Blood Pressure Intervention Trial
Decoding negative affect personality trait from patterns of brain activation to threat stimuli
Distracted driving, a major preventable cause of motor vehicle collisions: "just hang up and drive"
Systematic review of risk prediction models for falls after stroke
Effects of a high-intensity functional exercise program on dependence in activities of daily living and balance in older adults with dementia
Fall prevention intervention technologies: a conceptual framework and survey of the state of the art
Gait partitioning methods: a systematic review
Gait recording with inertial sensors - how to determine initial and terminal contact
Getting more from visual working memory: retro-cues enhance retrieval and protect from visual interference
Injury prevention programs against distracted driving: are they effective?
Interaction between object-based attention and pertinence values shapes the attentional priority map of a multielement display
Intimate partner violence PTSD and neural correlates of inhibition
Missing a trick: auditory load modulates conscious awareness in audition
Motor performance as risk factor for lower extremity injuries in children
Cognitive impairment is associated with the absence of fear of falling in community-dwelling frail older adults
Comorbidity in drivers with Parkinson's disease
Cycling strategies of young and older cyclists
Detecting driver mental fatigue based on EEG alpha power changes during simulated driving
Effects of balance control training on functional outcomes in subacute hemiparetic stroke patients
The effects of shoulder slings on balance in patients with hemiplegic stroke
Essential psychiatric medicines: wrong selection, high consumption and social problems
Ethical dilemmas concerning autonomy when persons with dementia wish to live at home: a qualitative, hermeneutic study
Evaluation of eye, head, and trunk coordination during target tracking tasks
Evaluation of postural balance in mild cognitive impairment through a three-dimensional electromagnetic system
Extent and time course of competition in visual cortex between emotionally arousing distractors and a concurrent task
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Technology and aging
Human-automation interaction
Behavioral and neurophysiological signatures of benzodiazepine-related driving impairments
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Head direction cell activity is absent in mice without the horizontal semicircular canals
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Stress, adrenaline, and fatigue contributing to at-fault collision risk: quantitative and qualitative measures of driving after gambling
Threatening faces induce fear circuitry hypersynchrony in soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder
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Neural mechanisms of post-error adjustments of decision policy in parietal cortex
Optical design of a road lighting luminaire using a chip-on-board LED array
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Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) affects forelimb motor map expression but has little effect on skilled and unskilled behavior
Eyes on the road
Braking deceleration values achievable by modern cars and their utilization by normal drivers
Distraction during driving - an overestimated danger?
Human Factors. Eine menschengerechte Gestaltung von Schul- und Spielwegen mit "Human Factors" kann gefaehrliche Situationen entschaerfen und helfen, Unfaelle zu vermeiden
Illegal drugs in traffic
Walking speeds and walking behaviour of older or disabled road users with walking frames
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Visuospatial neglect from stroke causing a motor vehicle collision
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Reply to Comments by Hancock and Scallen, Moray, and Smiley on ""Using cellular telephones in vehicles: safe or unsafe?"
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Commentary on "Using cellular telephones in vehicles: safe or unsafe?"
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Ablenkung durch Informations- und Kommunikationssysteme
Editorial: Death by distraction
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Regulating conversation during driving: a problem for mobile telephones?
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The distracted driver
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Noise and driver performance
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Car phones and car crashes: some popular misconceptions
Association between cellular-telephone calls and motor vehicle collisions
Webster's scattergram method: usefulness for assessing the asymmetry of interference between concurrent tasks
Cellular phones and traffic accidents
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Task interruptions
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Fatigue-inducing factors in transportation operators
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Intravehicular, short- and long-range communication information fusion for providing safe speed warnings
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Object affordances potentiate responses but do not guide attentional prioritization
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Effects of exergames on balance, functional mobility, and quality of life of geriatrics versus home exercise programme: randomized controlled study
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Longitudinal control behaviour: analysis and modelling based on experimental surveys in Italy and the UK
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Postural instability in patients with injury of corticoreticular pathway following mild traumatic brain injury
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Attentional gain and processing capacity limits predict the propensity to neglect unexpected visual stimuli
Balance functional assessment in people with visual impairment
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Fatigue in emergency services operations: assessment of the optimal objective and subjective measures using a simulated wildfire deployment
Fatigue risk management: a maritime framework
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The involvement of prescribed drugs in road trauma
Keep your scanners peeled: gaze behavior as a measure of automation trust during highly automated driving
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Prevalence of sedating medication use among older drivers presenting in the emergency department
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Tests of a new drowsiness characterization and monitoring system based on ocular parameters
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Falls and fear of falling in vertigo and balance disorders: a controlled cross-sectional study
Falls resulting from a laboratory-induced slip occur at a higher rate among individuals who are obese
Model development for risk assessment of driving on freeway under rainy weather conditions
Bodily action penetrates affective perception
Are you sure the library is that way? Metacognitive monitoring of spatial judgments
Climbing with a head-mounted display: dual-task costs
Degradation of fluorescent high-visibility colors used in safety garments for the Australian railway industry
Deep neural network for structural prediction and lane detection in traffic scene
Development of cycling skills in 7 to 12-year-old children
Effects of multitasking on operator performance using computational and auditory tasks
An evaluation of Ontario's Group Education Session (GES) for license renewal of seniors aged 80 and above
Factors related to motorcycle accident risk behavior among university students in Northeastern Thailand
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Mind-wandering tends to occur under low perceptual demands during driving
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Neural control of walking in people with Parkinsonism
Observed activation status of lane departure warning and forward collision warning of Honda vehicles at dealership service centers
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Prepulse inhibition deficits only in females with obsessive-compulsive disorder
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Reference frames for reaching when decoupling eye and target position in depth and direction
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Acute effects of theanine, caffeine and theanine-caffeine combination on attention
Aging embodiment and the somatic work of getting into and out of a car
Analysis of the injury severity of crashes by considering different lighting conditions on two-lane rural roads
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Staying connected on the road: a comparison of different types of smart phone use in a driving simulator
A stricter condition for standing balance after unexpected perturbations
A statistical approach to discriminate between non-fallers, rare fallers and frequent fallers in older adults based on posturographic data
Taming the white bear: initial costs and eventual benefits of distractor inhibition
Which diagnostic findings in disorders with excessive daytime sleepiness are really helpful? A retrospective study
The useful field of view assessment predicts simulated commercial motor vehicle driving safety
Visual dysfunctions at different stages after blast and non-blast mild traumatic brain injury
Walking with a four wheeled walker (Rollator) significantly reduces EMG lower-limb muscle activity in healthy subjects
Toyota drivers' experiences with dynamic radar cruise control, pre-collision system, and lane-keeping assist
Traffic aspects in glaucoma patients
REM sleep is causal to successful consolidation of dangerous and safety stimuli and reduces return of fear after extinction
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Development of a theory-based intervention to increase clinical measurement of reactive balance in adults at risk of falls
Accident prediction model for public highway-rail grade crossings
Are even stronger Christmas road safety blitzes necessary? 20 years of fatality data still says no
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Bicycling and walking are associated with different cortical oscillatory dynamics
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Can you ride a bicycle? The ability to ride a bicycle prevents reduced social function in older adults with mobility limitation
Design and cognitive evaluation of six dynamic lane departure warning symbols
Design of fall detection system for elderly people based on MPU6050 Sensor
Detecting traces of consciousness in the process of intending to act
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Adapting to time: duration channels do not mediate human time perception
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Cardiac resynchronization therapy with and without defibrillator in a commercial truck driver with ischemic cardiomyopathy and New York Heart Association Class III heart failure
Characteristics of college students who text while driving: do their perceptions of a significant other influence their decisions?
Comparison of contributing factors in hit-and-run crashes with distracted and non-distracted drivers
Controllability of partially automated driving functions - does it matter whether drivers are allowed to take their hands off the steering wheel?
Distracted pedestrians in crosswalks: an application of the theory of planned behavior
Do experiments in the virtual world effectively predict how pedestrians evaluate electric vehicle sounds in the real world?
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Effect of gaze position and blur on stepping accuracy in older adults
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Fighter pilots' heart rate, heart rate variation and performance during instrument approaches
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Health-related quality of life in working-age adults with visual impairments in Germany
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Imagery-inducing distraction leads to cognitive tunnelling and deteriorated driving performance
Introducing human factors in pedestrian crossing behaviour models
Is there a spillover effect of a right turn on red permission for bicyclists?
Motor output variability impairs driving ability in older adults
Night-time noise index based on the integration of awakening potential
Personal factors influencing the visual reaction time of pedestrians to detect turn indicators in the presence of Daytime Running Lamps
Personal space of war veterans with PTSD - some characteristics and comparison with healthy individuals
Physical activity in older age: perspectives for healthy ageing and frailty
Predictors of health care provider anticipatory guidance provision for older drivers
Psychophysiological responses to auditory change
Reading the situation: the relationship between dyslexia and situational awareness for road sign information
Relevance of nerve conduction velocity in the assessment of balance performance in older adults with diabetes mellitus
RiskSOAP: introducing and applying a methodology of risk self-awareness in road tunnel safety
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Secondary task engagement and vehicle automation - comparing the effects of different automation levels in an on-road experiment
Self-reported engagement in driver distraction: an application of the Theory of Planned Behaviour
Similar prevalence and magnitude of auditory-evoked and visually-evoked activity in the frontal eye fields: implications for multisensory motor control
Socio-economic and driving experience factors affecting drivers' perceptions of traffic crash risk
Unexpected perturbations training improves balance control and voluntary stepping times in older adults - a double blind randomized control trial
Suitability of smartphone inertial sensors for real-time biofeedback applications
Timing of early warning stages in a multi stage collision warning system: drivers' evaluation depending on situational influences
Exploring relationships between physiological and psychological condition of seniors and their mobility and social activity
Legibility of the Clearview Typeface and FHWA Standard Alphabets on negative- and positive-contrast signs
Multistate safety evaluation of intersection conflict warning systems
Road user behaviors at pedestrian hybrid beacons
The balance function of the patients with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo during standing
Female listeners' autonomic responses to dramatic shifts between loud and soft music/sound passages: a study of heavy metal songs
Fractal fluctuations in human walking: comparison between auditory and visually guided stepping
Gap acceptance during lane changes by large-truck drivers-an image-based analysis
Haptic feedback to assist bus drivers for pedestrian safety at low speed
How fast do objects fall in visual memory? Uncovering the temporal and spatial features of representational gravity
The impact of false warnings on partial and full lane departure warnings effectiveness and acceptance in car driving
Improved vigilance after sodium oxybate treatment in narcolepsy: a comparison between in-field and in-laboratory measurements
Influence of visual feedback on dynamic balance control in chronic stroke survivors
Landscaping of highway medians and roadway safety at unsignalized intersections
A layered approach for robust spatial virtual human pose reconstruction using a still image
A minimum-error, energy-constrained neural code is an instantaneous-rate code
Modifiable risk factors for new-onset slow gait in older adults
The neurocognitive basis for impaired dual-task performance in senior fallers
The performance analysis for lighting sources in highway tunnel based on visual function
Personality, executive control, and neurobiological characteristics associated with different forms of risky driving
Predicting aggressive tendencies by visual attention bias associated with hostile emotions
Prediction of fitness to drive in patients with Alzheimer's dementia
Race guides attention in visual search
Sub-lethal dose of shiga toxin 2 from enterohemorrhagic escherichia Coli affects balance and cerebellar cytoarchitecture
A vehicle active safety model: vehicle speed control based on driver vigilance detection using wearable EEG and sparse representation
Virtual reality exercise to improve balance control in older adults at risk of falling
Timing paradox of stepping and falls in ageing: not so quick and quick(er) on the trigger
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Association between Berg Balance, Physiological Profile Assessment and physical activity, physical function and body composition: a cross-sectional study
Balance impairment limits ability to increase walking speed in individuals with chronic stroke
Biomechanical risk factors for tripping during obstacle-crossing with the trailing limb in patients with type II diabetes mellitus
Boredom, sustained attention and the default mode network
Could in-home sensors surpass human observation of people with Parkinson's at high risk of falling? An ethnographic study
Debunking the viper's strike: harmless snakes kill a common assumption
Does the influence of risk factors on accident occurrence change over time?
Does Tall Man lettering prevent drug name confusion errors? Incomplete and conflicting evidence suggest need for definitive study
Estimation of foot trajectory during human walking by a wearable inertial measurement unit mounted to the foot
Extension of stability radius to neuromechanical systems with structured real perturbations
Factors associated with accidental injuries in children with ADHD-combined type: more than a motor problem?
Influence of non-spatial working memory demands on reach-grasp responses to loss of balance: effects of age and fall risk
An integrated practice approach to mobility care for older people
Light-sensitive brain pathways and aging
Medication use and the risk of motor vehicle collision in West Virginia drivers 65 years of age and older: a case-crossover study
Out of touch? Visual load induces inattentional numbness
The prevalence of hearing impairment in transport workers and peculiarities of management of occupational loss of hearing (as exemplified by the situation in the air and railway transport)
The protective role of long-term meditation on the decline of the executive component of attention in aging: a preliminary cross-sectional study
The reaction times of drivers aged 20 to 80 during a divided attention driving
Sex differences in music: a female advantage at recognizing familiar melodies
Supporting anticipation in driving through attentional and interpretational in-vehicle displays
Toxoplasmosis may lead to road kills of persian leopards ( Panthera pardus saxicolor) in Golestan national park, Iran
Travel in adverse winter weather conditions by blind pedestrians: effect of cane tip design on travel on snow
Validation of the balance board for clinical evaluation of balance during serious gaming rehabilitation exercises
Vestibular asymmetry increases double support time variability in a counter-balanced study on elderly fallers
Vision-based steering control, speed assistance and localization for inner-cityvehicles
An advanced scheme of compressed sensing of acceleration data for telemonintoring of human gait
An anchor-based pedestrian navigation approach using only inertial sensors
BOLD data representing activation and connectivity for rare no-go versus frequent go cues
Correlation between gait speed and muscular strength with balance for reducing falls among elderly
Cultural differences in visual attention: implications for distraction processing
Distracted biking: an observational study
Dual task cost of cognition is related to fall risk in patients with multiple sclerosis: a prospective study
Editorial: Acute stress impacts psychomotor performance
The effect of enhanced trunk control on balance and falls through bilateral upper extremity exercises among chronic stroke patients in a standing position
Effects of dividing attention on memory for declarative and procedural aspects of tool use
Effects of forward head posture on static and dynamic balance control
The effects of multidirectional stepping training on balance, gait ability, and falls efficacy following stroke
The effects of standing balance in anteroposterior and mediolateral directions on knee strengthening in post-total knee replacement
Gaze direction aftereffects are surprisingly long-lasting
Health-adjusted neuropsychological test norms based on 463 older Swedish car drivers
Hearing and vision impairment and the 5-year incidence of falls in older adults
Injury prevention programs against distracted driving among students
On-road driving performance of patients with bilateral moderate and advanced glaucoma
What happens when drivers face hazards on the road?
Age performance relationships among accident-repeater automobile drivers
Behavioural and functional vestibular disturbances after space flight. 1. Mammals
Center of mass velocity based predictions in balance recovery following pelvis perturbations during human walking
Active and passive discrimination of moving sounds: rhythmic activity of human brain
The hidden advantage in shoot/don't shoot simulation exercises for police recruit training
Clinical significance of an easy-to-use dual task for assessing inattention
Disentangling cognitive-frailty: results from the gait and brain study
A disturbed processing of graviceptive pathways may be involved in the pathophysiology of balance disorders in patients with multiple sclerosis
Driver state examination: treading new paths
Effectiveness of the STOPP/START (Screening Tool of Older Persons' potentially inappropriate Prescriptions/Screening Tool to Alert doctors to the Right Treatment) criteria: systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled studies
The effects of attractive vs. repulsive instructional cuing on balance performance
An efficient method for traffic sign recognition based on extreme learning machine
Effort to reduce postural sway affects both cognitive and motor performances in individuals with Parkinson's disease
Individual differences in reasoning and visuospatial attention are associated with prefrontal and parietal white matter tracts in healthy older adults
Intra-individual gait pattern variability in specific situations: implications for forensic gait analysis
On the necessity of distinguishing between unintentional and intentional mind wandering
Patients with essential tremor can have manual dexterity and attention deficits with no impairments in other cognitive functions
Polypharmacy of medications and fall-related fractures in older people in Japan: a comparison between driving-prohibited and driving-cautioned medications
Poor weight control, alcoholic beverage consumption and sudden sleep onset at the wheel among Italian truck drivers: a preliminary pilot study
A quality improvement project in balance and vestibular rehabilitation and its effect on clinical outcomes
Risk assessment in ramps for heavy vehicles: a French study
Safety-in-numbers: estimates based on a sample of pedestrian crossings in Norway
A simple test of choice stepping reaction time for assessing fall risk in people with multiple sclerosis
What drives technology-based distractions? A structural equation model on social-psychological factors of technology-based driver distraction engagement
Taking over control from highly automated vehicles in complex traffic situations: the role of traffic density
The validity of three fall risk screening tools in an acute geriatric inpatient population
Differentiated audio-tactile correspondences in sighted and blind individuals
Disrupting monotony while increasing demand: benefits of rest and intervening tasks on vigilance
Improving the understanding of psychological factors contributing to horse-related accident and injury: context, loss of focus, cognitive errors and rigidity
Perception of actions performed by external agents presupposes knowledge about the relationship between action and effect
Postural instability and falls in Parkinson's disease
Review of safety and mobility issues among older pedestrians
Risk of occupational accidents in workers with obstructive sleep apnea: systematic review and meta-analysis
Sagittal plane momentum control during walking in elderly fallers
Test track evaluation of headlight glare associated with adaptive curve HID, fixed HID, and fixed halogen low beam headlights
When paradigms collide at the road rail interface: evaluation of a sociotechnical systems theory design toolkit for cognitive work analysis
What are the main physical functioning factors associated with falls among older people with different perceived fall risk?
General and specific information in deterring traffic violations: evidence from a randomized experiment
Identification of contributing factors for wrong-way crashes on freeways in Illinois
Impacts of signal-related characteristics on crash frequency at urban signalized intersections
Investigation of the self-reported aberrant driving behavior of young male Saudi drivers: a survey-based study
Left-turn gap acceptance behavior of elderly drivers at unsignalized intersections
The pattern of road traffic crashes in South East Iran
Policy considerations for evaluating the safety effectiveness of passing lanes on rural two-lane highways with lower traffic volumes: Wyoming 59 case study
Prediction of drivers' visual strategy using an analytical model
Road traffic accidents: patterns and predisposing factors
Traffic crash accidents in Tehran, Iran: its relation with circadian rhythm of sleepiness
A study on driving performance along horizontal curves of rural roads
Improving teenage driver perceptions regarding the impact of distracted driving in the Pacific Northwest
Analyzing accidents and developing elderly driver-targeted measures based on accident and violation records
Are buzzed drivers really the problem: a quasi-experimental multilevel assessment of the involvement of drivers with low blood alcohol levels in fatal crashes
The complexity of daily life walking in older adult community-dwelling fallers and non-fallers
Coordination of horizontal and sag vertical curves on two-lane rural roads: driving simulator study
Deficits in selective attention alter gait in frail older adults
Developing framework to test driving performance at left-turn movement with in-vehicle advance collision warning message
Driver fatigue detection
Education for older drivers in the future
Impulsivity and driver behaviors, offences and accident involvement: a systematic review
Patient perceptions and experiences with falls during hospitalization and after discharge
The perception of arrival time for different oncoming vehicles at an intersection
A review of road traffic accidents in Saudi Arabia: the neglected epidemic
Time perception deficits in impulsivity disorders: a systematic review
Age-related decline of gait variability in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: Support for the maturational delay hypothesis in gait
Alcohol hits you when it is hard: intoxication, task difficulty, and theta brain oscillations
Amphetamine-type stimulant use and the risk of injury or death as a result of a road-traffic accident: a systematic review of observational studies
Analysis of dual-task elderly gait in fallers and non-fallers using wearable sensors
Barriers to and promoters of screening for falls in elderly community-dwelling patients by general practitioners: a large cross-sectional survey in two areas of France
Best practices for event-related potential research in clinical populations
Clinical application of the "Stop walking while talking test". Relationship with geriatric assessment parameters and other tests of balance and gait
Can the provision of a home help service for the elderly population reduce the incidence of fall-related injuries? A quasi-experimental study of the community-level effects on hospital admissions in Swedish municipalities
Distraction adds to the cognitive burden in multiple sclerosis
Driving drowsiness detection using fusion of electroencephalography, electrooculography, and driving quality signals
Driving without wings: the effect of different digital mirror locations on the visual behaviour, performance and opinions of drivers
Duty hours and incidents in flight among commercial airline pilots
The effect of a dual task on gait speed in community dwelling older adults: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Effects of Tai Chi training on postural control and cognitive performance while dual tasking - a randomized clinical trial
Exergames for unsupervised balance training at home: a pilot study in healthy older adults
Fall-related experiences of stroke survivors: a meta-ethnography
Gait dynamics when wearing a treadmill safety harness
Greater fall risk in elderly women than in men is associated with increased gait variability during multitasking
Hearing loss and falls: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Identification of the unstable human postural control system
Influence of person- and situation-specific characteristics on collision avoidance behavior in human locomotion
Instrumented shoes for activity classification in the elderly
Mobile phone use among motorcyclists and electric bike riders: a case study of Hanoi, Vietnam
Motor dual-tasking deficits predict falls in Parkinson's disease: a prospective study
Neurocognitive correlates of young drivers' performance in a driving simulator
Objective level of alertness and inhibitory control predict highway driving impairment in adults with ADHD
Prevention of impaired mobility in the elderly in primary care: a brief report
The psychoactive designer drug and bath salt constituent MDPV causes widespread disruption of brain functional connectivity
The reliability of local dynamic stability in walking while texting and performing an arithmetical problem
Self-selected and maximal walking speeds provide greater insight into fall status than walking speed reserve among community-dwelling older adults
Texting while driving: the development and validation of the distracted driving survey and risk score among young adults
An analysis on possibility of intelligent speed adaptation in terms of drivers' consciousness
Conditions affecting safety on the Swedish railway - train drivers' experiences and perceptions
Cost effectiveness of new roadway lighting systems
Distracted walking: examining the extent to pedestrian safety problems
Dynamic blindspots measurement for construction equipment operators
The effect of time of day on driver's injury severity at highway-rail grade crossings in the United States
Categorization and standardization of accidental risk-criticality levels of human error to develop risk and safety management policy
Contributory factors to critically wrong road-crossing judgements among older people: An integrated research study
Evaluation of pedestrian mid-block road crossing behaviour using artificial neural network
A field experiment of workers' responses to proximity warnings of static safety hazards on construction sites
Speed control with and without advanced warning sign on the field: an analysis of the effect on driving speed
Study on pedestrian crossing behavior at signalized intersections
Safety assessment method of performance-based navigation airspace planning
Safety impacts of red light running photo enforcement at urban signalized intersections
A program in safety management for the occupational driver: conceptual development and implementation case study
Influence of roadway geometric elements on driver behavior when overtaking bicycles on rural roads
A vehicle behavioral analysis of the signal pre-warning information provided to the driver
Adaptive technologies for the blind and visual impaired persons in the traffic network
An analysis of driver behaviour through rural curves: exploratory results on driver speed
The association of medication-use and frailty-related factors with gait performance in older patients
Clinical medication review and falls in older people: what is the evidence base?
Development of fuzzy based intelligent decision model to optimize the blind spots in heavy transport vehicles
Driving heavy vehicle safety through technology: challenges, results and lessons learned at toll group: a contextual overview
Effects of winter precipitation on automobile collisions, injuries, and fatalities in the United States
Heavy vehicle driver fatigue: Evidence-based policy making
Human error analysis in a permit to work system: a case study in a chemical plant
Noise-induced hearing loss in the police force
The type of payment and working conditions
A multimodal assessment of balance in elderly and young adults
Multinomial logistic regression model for predicting drivers' drowsiness using only behavioral measures
New approach for managing pavement friction and reducing road crashes
Prevalence of affective states in Australian truck and train drivers
Quantifying the impact of adaptive traffic control systems on crash frequency and severity: evidence from Oakland County, Michigan
Safety aspects of line markings on two-lane low-volume narrow roads in Virginia
Sound quality of turn indicator sounds--use of a multidimensional approach in the automotive product development
Study of current factors affecting road safety for 16-18 year old novice drivers in the Wingecarribee Shire
Visual impairment: an occupational hazard
In-truck cameras at Toll NQX
Balance improvement effects of biofeedback systems with state-of-the-art wearable sensors: a systematic review
A case study of topographical disorientation: behavioural intervention for achieving independent navigation
Daytime sleep has no effect on the time course of motor sequence and visuomotor adaptation learning
Development of a field-deployable psychomotor vigilance test to monitor helicopter pilot performance
Differences in functional fitness among older adults with and without risk of falling
Driving performance of residents after six consecutive overnight work shifts
Driving Task: How Older Drivers' On-Road Driving Performance Relates to Abilities, Perceptions, and Restrictions
The effect of two different cognitive tests on gait parameters during dual tasks in healthy postmenopausal women
Effects of slip severity on muscle activation of the trailing leg during an unexpected slip
Visually impaired individuals, safety perceptions and traumatic events: a qualitative study of hazards, reactions and coping
Age differences in reactive strategies and execution time during choice stepping with visual interference
Daily impaired detachment and short-term effects of impaired sleep quality on next-day commuting near-accidents - an ambulatory diary study
Driving experience moderates the effect of implicit versus explicit threat priming on hazard perception test
The impact of personality on driving safety among Chinese high-speed railway drivers
The impact of preventive measures on the burden of femoral fractures - a modelling approach to estimating the impact of fall prevention exercises and oral bisphosphonate treatment for the years 2014 and 2025
India needs to reduce incidental injuries to enhance productivity
Investigation of work zone crash casualty patterns using association rules
Look at the beat, feel the meter: top-down effects of meter induction on auditory and visual modalities
Mobility in old age: capacity is not performance
Why drivers use cell phones and support legislation to restrict this practice
Virtual car accidents of epilepsy patients, interictal epileptic activity, and medication
Visor use among National Hockey League players and its relationship to on-ice performance
The time course of attentional bias to cues of threat and safety
Systematic review of factors affecting driving and motor vehicle transportation among people with autism spectrum disorder
Exploratory field trial of motorcycle autonomous emergency braking (MAEB): considerations on the acceptability of unexpected automatic decelerations
Assessment of ability to drive in patients with MCI and dementia
Differential impact of personality traits on distracted driving behaviors in teens and older adults
Perceptions of speed and risk: experimental studies of road crossing by older people
Transcranial direct current stimulation does not influence the speed-accuracy tradeoff in perceptual decision-making: evidence from three independent studies
Staying in dynamic balance on a prosthetic limb: A leg to stand on?
Perception of communicative and non-communicative motion-defined gestures in Parkinson's disease
The influence of speed, cyclists' age, pedaling frequency, and observer age on observers' time to arrival judgments of approaching bicycles and e-bikes
Animate objects are detected more frequently than inanimate objects in inattentional blindness tasks independently of threat
Attention's accelerator
Compensatory neural activity in response to cognitive fatigue
Help-seeking intentions for early signs of mental illness and their associated factors: comparison across four kinds of health problems
Individual differences in cognitive control circuit anatomy link sensation seeking, impulsivity, and substance use
An investigation of the impact of facial affect recognition impairments in moderate to severe TBI on fatigue, depression, and quality of life
The Mini-Balance Evaluation Systems Test (Mini-BESTest) demonstrates higher accuracy in identifying older adult participants with history of falls than do the BESTest, Berg Balance Scale, or Timed Up and Go Test
Balance confidence: A predictor of perceived physical function, perceived mobility, and perceived recovery one year following inpatient stroke rehabilitation
The impact of high trait social anxiety on neural processing of facial emotion expressions in females
Synchrony of gaze and stepping patterns in people with Parkinson's disease
Comparison of 2 different exercise approaches: tai chi versus Otago, in community-dwelling older women
Accident rates of drivers with bioptic telescopic lenses
Driving simulator studies of marijuana alone and in combination with alcohol
Effect of motor versus cognitive secondary tasks on performance of stair descent in community-dwelling older adults
An enhanced fall detection system for elderly person monitoring using consumer home networks
Excessive daytime sleepiness, dozing at the wheel and road safety
Main factors causing health-related vehicle collisions and incidents in Japanese taxi drivers
The plan of temporary assembling of flag on children's umbrella
Polypharmacy in elderly patients: a review
Psychological evaluation of traffic: computer- based assessment of fitness to drive safety and mobility in road traffic
Road traffic accidents lead to different patterns of injuries depending on impact, age and premedical condition - specific attention must be provided by multi-disciplinary trauma-teams
Safety potential of advanced driver assistance systems
Sleep disorders and traffic accidents
Sleepiness in road accidents
Traffic accidents in children
Timed Up and Go test: a simple test gives important information in elderly
Using simulator to measure the skills of taxi drivers and increasing the safety of school services vehicles
Visuo-motor interaction in the estimation of distance: athletes vs. no-athletes
Sand, surf and sideways: a systems analysis of beaches as complex roadway environments
Selected state policies and associations with alcohol use behaviors and risky driving behaviors among youth: findings from Monitoring the Future study
Walking in school-aged children in a dual-task paradigm is related to age but not to cognition, motor behavior, injuries, or psychosocial functioning
Preservation of neural sensitivity after noise-induced suppression of sensory function
Proactive control strategies for overt and covert go/nogo tasks: an electrical neuroimaging study
Psychosocial constructs as possible moderators of self-reported driving restrictions
Pupillary correlates of lapses of sustained attention
Quantifying the safety effects of horizontal curves on two-way, two-lane rural roads
Rearward visibility issues related to agricultural tractors and self-propelled machinery: contributing factors, potential solutions
Speech auditory alerts promote memory for alerted events in a video-simulated self-driving car ride
It's in the eyes: planning precise manual actions before execution
Research progress on the interaction effects and its neural mechanisms between physical fatigue and mental fatigue
Vigilance in the laboratory predicts avoidance in the real world: a dimensional analysis of neural, behavioral, and ecological momentary data in anxious youth
Dizziness and death: an imbalance in mortality
A fast testing method to objectively quantify the stiffness of stability boots
Gait event detection in real-world environment for long-term applications: incorporating domain knowledge into time-frequency analysis
Gait rhythm fluctuation analysis for neurodegenerative diseases by empirical mode decomposition
Listening natively across perceptual domains?
Movement: how the brain communicates with the world
Object-based encoding in visual working memory: evidence from memory-driven attentional capture
Pilates exercise training vs. physical therapy for improving walking and balance in people with multiple sclerosis: a randomized controlled trial
Postural Control in Dual-Task Situations: Does Whole-Body Fatigue Matter?
Predicting value of nine-item Berg balance scale among the aged: a 3-year prospective follow-up study
A randomized controlled trial of a home-based action observation intervention to improve walking in Parkinson disease
Regulation of gait and balance: the underappreciated role of neuronal nicotinic receptor agonists
The relationship between functional movement, balance deficits and prior injury history in deploying marine warfighters
Translating fatigue to human performance
Road traffic noise effects on cardiovascular, respiratory, and metabolic health: an integrative model of biological mechanisms
Acute alcohol drinking promotes piecemeal percepts during binocular rivalry
Analysis of risk factors affecting driver injury and crash injury with drivers under the influence of alcohol (DUI) and non-DUI
Are novel objects perceived as stressful? The effect of novelty on heart rate
Assessment of automatic associations with bodily sensations and agoraphobic situations in panic disorder
Associations between number of consecutive night shifts and impairment of neurobehavioral performance during a subsequent simulated night shift
Caffeine administration at night during extended wakefulness effectively mitigates performance impairment but not subjective assessments of fatigue and sleepiness
A comparison of contributing effects on two-vehicle alcohol related crashes between impaired and non-impaired operators
Comparison of dynamic balance ability in healthy university students according to foot shape
Connectomic and Surface-Based Morphometric Correlates of Acute Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
The contribution of single case studies to the neuroscience of vision
Counseling epilepsy patients on driving and employment
A critical ear: analysis of value judgments in reviews of Beethoven's piano sonata recordings
Cue utilization and cognitive load in novel task performance
DIZZYNET: the European network for vertigo and balance research
DIZZYNET-a European network initiative for vertigo and balance research: visions and aims
The effect of hip arthroplasty on osteoarthritic gait: a blinded, prospective and controlled gait study at fast walking speeds
The effectiveness of simulator motion in the transfer of performance on a tracking task is influenced by vision and motion disturbance cues
The effects of attentional focus instructions on punching velocity and impact forces among trained combat athletes
Emotion regulation during threat: parsing the time course and consequences of safety signal processing
Evaluation of a four month rehabilitation program for stroke patients with balance problems and binocular visual dysfunction
An evaluation of the longitudinal, bidirectional associations between gait speed and cognition in older women and men
Dizziness, physical exercise, falls, and depression in adults and the elderly
Letter to the editor: Gait speed: a new "vital sign" for older persons in primary care
Quantitative modelling in cognitive ergonomics: predicting signals passed at danger
A rating measure of ADHD-related neuropsychological impairment in children and adolescents: Data from the Cognition and Motivation in Everyday Life (CAMEL) Scale from population and clinical samples
Student motorcyclists' mobile phone use while driving in Vientiane, Laos
Flavanol-rich chocolate acutely improves arterial function and working memory performance counteracting the effects of sleep deprivation in healthy individuals
Flying the needles: flight deck automation erodes fine-motor flying skills among airline pilots
Improved emotional conflict control triggered by the processing priority of negative emotion
Integration of sensory, spinal, and volitional descending inputs in regulation of human locomotion
Involuntary capture and voluntary reorienting of attention decline in middle-aged and old participants
Measuring the useful field of view during simulated driving with gaze-contingent displays
Nonadherence with employer-mandated sleep apnea treatment and increased risk of serious truck crashes
On the character of consciousness
Predicting air traffic controller workload: trajectory uncertainty as the moderator of the indirect effect of traffic density on controller workload through traffic conflict
The role of self-regulation in the context of driver distraction: a simulator study
Unsupervised classification of operator workload from brain signals
What daily activities increase the risk of falling in Parkinson patients? An analysis of the utility of the ABC-16 scale
Antidepressants and driving in older adults: a systematic review
Comparative study of suicide potential among Pakistani and American psychiatric patients
Death on campuses: common postvention strategies in higher education
Predictors of suicidal behavior in a sample of Turkish suicide attempters
Detection of non-accidental injuries presenting at emergency departments
Reasons For Living: translation, psychometric evaluation and relationships to suicidal behaviour in a Swedish random sample
Deliberate self-harm cases: a primary care perspective
Comparison of (USA) VA Health Care System intentional and unintentional deaths
Gender-related changes in suicide rates and methods in Eastern Finland from 1988 to 1997
Mortality from suicides: Mexico, 1990-2001
Safer storage of firearms at home and risk of suicide: a study of protective factors in a nationally representative sample
The deadliness of mass murderers
Innovative practices for suicide prevention in Quebec : a social challenge
Adolescent suicide attempts: risks and protectors
Adoption as a risk factor for attempted suicide during adolescence
Child suicide and the schools
Depression and suicide
Detecting suicide risk in a pediatric emergency department: development of a brief screening tool
Geographic disparities in children's mental health care
Receipt of psychological or emotional counseling by suicidal adolescents
Suicide and suicide attempts in adolescents
Injuries to adolescents and young adults
Parental social determinants of risk for intentional injury: a cross-sectional study of Swedish adolescents
Programs for the prevention of suicide among adolescents and young adults
Adolescent patients--healthy or hurting? Missed opportunities to screen for suicide risk in the primary care setting
An epidemiologic study of risk factors in two teenage suicide clusters
Assigning time-linked exposure status to controls in unmatched case-control studies: alcohol use and nearly lethal suicide attempts
Building a foundation for suicide prevention: the contributions of Jack C. Smith
Childhood homicide, suicide, and firearm deaths: an international comparison
Depression in the community: an investigation into age of onset
Responding to community-identified suicide clusters: statistical verification of the cluster is not the primary issue
Fighting as a marker for multiple problem behaviors in adolescents
Suicide clusters: an examination of age-specific effects
Suicide contagion and the reporting of suicide: recommendations from a national workshop. united states department of health and human services
Suicide in the home in relation to gun ownership
Suicide in twins
Suicide: Epidemiology, Prevention, and Treatment
The choice of weapons in firearm suicides
Impact of the Brady Act on homicide and suicide rates
Impact of the Brady Act on homicide and suicide rates
Impact of the Brady Act on homicide and suicide rates
Is it rational to have reasons for not committing suicide?
Is perceived failure in school performance a trigger of physical injury? A case-crossover study of children in Stockholm County
Is suicide contagious? A study of the relation between exposure to the suicidal behavior of others and nearly lethal suicide attempts
Marital status and the risk of suicide
Minimum-age drinking laws and youth suicide, 1970-1990
Miscounting suicides
Retraction: suicide after natural disasters
Risk factors for suicide attempts among African American women
Suicide acts in 8 states: incidence and case fatality rates by demographics and method
Suicide after natural disasters
Suicide in schizophrenia
Suicide in youth: a public health framework
Suicide rates for young people
The emergence of youth suicide: an epidemiologic analysis and public health perspective
The emergency department in surveillance of attempted suicide: findings and methodologic considerations
The epidemiology of case fatality rates for suicide in the (US) Northeast
The epidemiology of firearm suicide in the United States
Suicidal ideation in inpatients with acute schizophrenia
Suicide risk in depressed methadone-maintained patients: associations with clinical and demographic characteristics
Suicide Resilience Inventory-25: development and preliminary psychometric properties
Suicide among North Carolina women, 1989-93: information from two data sources
A new paradigm of injury intentionality
Are no-suicide contracts effective in preventing suicide in suicidal patients seen by primary care physicians?
Association of rates of household handgun ownership, lifetime major depression, and serious suicidal thoughts with rates of suicide across US census regions
Characteristics and outcomes of self inflicted pediatric injuries: the role of method of suicide attempt
Financial loss and suicidal ideation in a rural community sample
Injury death excesses in smokers: a 1990-95 United States national cohort study
Identification of early self-injurious behaviour in young children with intellectual disability
Media coverage as a risk factor in suicide
New trends in suicide in Japan
Occupation and suicide among males in the US Armed Forces
Prevalence and correlates of depressive symptoms among older U.S. adults
Self strangulation by hanging from cloth towel dispensers in Canadian schools
Suicide guns: why collect this information?
Suicide mortality among Kentucky farmers, 1979-1985
Suicides in the military: 1980-1992
Teenage suicides in northern Sweden: an interview study of investigating police officers
The choice of weapons in firearm suicides in Iowa
Transcultural attitudes toward homocide and suicide
Understanding suicide among indigenous adolescents: a review using the PRECEDE model
Watching the canary: the prevention of suicide
Young guns: an empirical study of persons who use a firearm in a suicide or a homicide
Anticipation of nursing home placement may be a precipitant of suicide among the elderly
CDC recommendations for a community plan for the prevention and containment of suicide clusters
Cigarettes and suicide: a prospective study of 50,000 men
Guns in the home, homicide, and suicide
The health status of elderly persons in the last year of life: a comparison of deaths by suicide, injury, and natural causes
The interface between empirical suicide research and clinical practice
The share of suicide in injury deaths in the South African context: sociodemographic distribution
Transgenerational patterns of suicide attempt
Undetermined manner of death. a comparison with unintentional injury, suicide, and homicide death
Young adult suicide and exposure to television
Tattoos and body piercings as indicators of adolescent risk-taking behaviors
A comprehensive and concise assessment of suicide risk
A multinomial logit analysis of methods used by persons who completed suicide
A suicide prevention strategy for England
Adolescent depression and suicide risk: association with sex and drug behavior
An active postvention program
Assessing suicide risk in cluster C personality disorders
Blood types and national suicide rates
Complicated grief in survivors of suicide
Do patients volunteer their life weariness and suicidal ideations? A Sri Lankan study
Empirically informed approaches to topics in suicide risk assessment
Familial study of suicidal behavior among adolescents in Slovenia
Familial Transmission of Mood Disorders: Convergence and Divergence With Transmission of Suicidal Behavior
Firearms and suicide in the northeast (USA)
Fuzzy logic detection of medically serious suicide attempt records in major psychiatric disorders
Gambling and suicidality in treatment-seeking pathological gamblers
Investigation of vocal jitter and glottal flow spectrum as possible cues for depression and near-term suicidal risk
Lifetime psychiatric symptoms in persons with schizophrenia who died by suicide compared to other means of death
Restricted fetal growth and adverse maternal psychosocial and socioeconomic conditions as risk factors for suicidal behaviour of offspring: a cohort study
Suicide surveillance in the U.S. military: reporting and classification biases in rate calculations
The Effects of Changes in the World Health Organization's International Classification of Diseases on Suicide Rates in 71 Countries, 1950-1999
Methods of suicides in Lithuania and their associations with demographic factors
Reducing self-injurious behavior by facial screening
Suicides among older United States residents: epidemiologic characteristics and trends
Motives for suicide--a study of Australian suicide notes
Nurture versus nature: evidence of intrauterine effects on suicidal behaviour
Peer suicide prevention in a prison
Predictors of police suicide ideation
Psychological and psychosocial interventions after attempted suicide: an overview of treatment studies
Psychological dimensions associated with suicidal ideation and attempts in the national comorbidity survey
Risk factors of suicidal ideations and attempts in talented, at-risk girls
Seasonality of suicide in Eastern Europe: a rejoinder to Lester and Moksony
Self-cutting: patient characteristics compared with self-poisoners
Self-inflicted superglue injuries
Self-reported suicidal behavior in juvenile offenders in custody: prevalence and associated factors
Stress and suicide are we well-equipped to study this issue?
Suicidal Behavior Among Inpatients with Schizophrenia and Mood Disorders in Chengdu, China
Suicidal behavior, negative affect, gender, and self-reported delinquency in college students
Suicidality Among High School Students in Hong Kong, SAR
Suicidality in adolescence: review and legal considerations
Suicide among the homeless: a 9-year case-series analysis
Suicide and the unique prevalence pattern of schizophrenia in mainland China: a retrospective observational study
Suicide attempts in an African schizophrenia population: an assessment of demographic risk factors
The impact of suicide prevention centers on the suicide rate in the Canadian provinces
The relationships among clinical depression, suicide, and other actions that may hasten death
What helps and what hinders the process of surviving the suicide of somebody close?
"Anxious suicidality": a new subtype of childhood suicide ideation?
39 years of suicide research: a personal view
A bibliography of suicide notes: 1856-1979
A borderline dilemma
A call for research on planned vs. unplanned suicidal behavior
A call to collaboration: the federal commitment to suicide prevention
A case control study of suicide and attempted suicide in older adults
Access to firearms and risk for suicide in middle-aged and older adults
A century of suicide in Italy: a comparison between the old and the young
A cluster of suicides at a London psychiatric unit
A comparative evaluation of police suicide rate validity
A comparison of 15 theories of suicide
A comparison of injury date and death date in 42,698 suicides
A comparison of suicidal and nonsuicidal elders referred to a community mental health center program
A comparison of suicide and undetermined deaths in psychiatric patients
A comparison of the effects of prejob training and job experience on nonprofessional telephone crisis counselors
A comprehensive client management system for crisis intervention services
A consideration of the validity and reliability of suicide mortality data
A critical look at our adolescence: notes on turning 18 (and 75)
A critical-mass theory of national suicide rates
A cross-cultural study of suicide intent in parasuicide patients
A death in the family: parental bereavement in the first year
A demographic analysis of suicide among U.S. Navy personnel
A drop in suicides around major national holidays
A Durkheimian analysis of youth suicide: Canada, 1971 and 1981
A follow-up program for suicide attempters: evaluation of effectiveness
A general systems approach to suicide prevention: lessons from cardiac prevention and control
A historical survey of police suicide in Queensland, Australia, 1843-1992
A life course theory of suicide risk
A longitudinal investigation of depression, hopelessness, social support, and major and minor life events and their relation to suicidal ideation in adolescents
A mathematical model of evolutionary pressures regulating self-preservation and self-destruction
A measure of adolescent potential for suicide (MAPS): development and preliminary findings
A meta-analysis of police suicide rates: findings and issues
A method for reporting self-harm according to level of injury and location on the body
A model for the description and interpretation of suicide prevention
A necessary neologism: the origin and uses of suicide
A note concerning Durkheim's precedence in the use of the terms egoistic and altruistic suicide
A note of suicidal behaviors among intimates
A note on the importance of cultural factors in suicide studies
A population-based study of the association between pathological gambling and attempted suicide
A possible classification of suicidal acts based on Murray's need system
A predictive approach to Freud's formulations regarding suicide
A price too dear
A proposed curriculum on suicide care for psychiatry residency
A prospective investigation of suicidal ideation in college students: a test of a model
A prospective study of adolescent suicidal behavior following hospitalization
A rational approach to rational suicide
A reciprocal control approach to the treatment of repeated parasuicide
A reliability investigation of the eight clinical scales of the Suicide Opinion Questionnaire
A reply to Larry Lockridge, phd, least likely suicide: the search for my father, Ross Lockridge, jr., author of raintree county
A semistructured interview for psychologycal autopsy: an inter-rater reliability study
A story about suicide in the Arctic
A strategic theory
A stress-diathesis theory of suicide
A study of the personal meaning of suicide in the context of Baechler's typology
A suicide epidemic in a psychiatric hospital
A suicide peak after weekends and holidays in patients with alcohol dependence
A test of Durkheim's theory of suicide in primitive societies
A time of hurt and confusion
Acceptance of conditional suicide and euthanasia among adult Americans
Accidents masking suicide attempts
Acculturative stress, depression, and suicidal ideation among Central American immigrants
Activity involvement among suicidal and nonsuicidal high-risk and typical adolescents
Additive impact of childhood emotional, physical, and sexual abuse on suicide attempts among low-income African American women
Adequacy of official suicide statistics for scientific research and public policy
Adolescent attitudes about death in relation to suicidality
Adolescent development and the emergence of sexuality
Adolescent development and youth suicide
Adolescent health in the Caribbean: risk and protective factors
Adolescent Multiphasic Personality Inventory and its utility in assessing suicidal and violent adolescents
Adolescent self-destructive behavior and crisis intervention in Japan
Adolescent suicidal risk: psychological, problem solving, and environmental factors
Adolescent suicide and defensive style
Adolescent suicide and suicide attempts--Santa Fe County, New Mexico, January 1985-May 1990
Adolescent suicide attempts
Adolescent suicide attempts: some significant factors
Adolescent suicide prevention: acceptability of school-based programs among secondary school principals
Adolescent suicide
Adolescent suicide: second leading death cause
Adolescents who attempt suicide
Adolescents' experience with and response to suicidal peers
Adolescents' misperceptions of the dangerousness of acetaminophen in overdose
Affective disorders and aggression disorders: evidence for a common biological mechanism
Affective, behavioral, and cognitive functioning in adolescents with multiple suicide attempts
African American and Caucasian attempters compared for suicide risk factors: a preliminary study
African American college women's suicide buffers
African-American suicide: a cultural paradox
AIDS and suicide
AIDS-related factors predictive of suicidal ideation of low and high intent among gay and bisexual men
Alberta's suicide prevention training programs: a retrospective comparison with Rothman's developmental research model
Alcohol and other drug use among high school students--United States, 1990
Alcohol and suicide death among American Indians of New Mexico: 1980-1998
Alcohol consumption and nearly lethal suicide attempts
Alcohol intoxication, injuries, and dangerous behaviors--and the revolving emergency department door
Alcohol use disorders and risk factor interactions for adolescent suicidal ideation and attempts
Alcohol, firearms, and suicide among youth. temporal trends in allegheny county, pennsylvania, 1960 to 1983
Alcoholism and suicide
American Association of Suicidology Presidential Address, 1988
American association of suicidology. presidental address: suicide assessment in the 1990's
An analysis of suicide
An analysis of the suicide rates of birth cohorts in Canada
An annotated bibliography to suicide and life-threatening behavior. volumes 1-13 (1971-1983)
An application of the empirical Bayes approach to directly adjusted rates: a note on suicide mapping in California
An assessment of community suicide risk
An assessment of the utility of suicide prediction
An empirical investigation of Shneidman's formulations regarding suicide
An empirical investigation of Shneidman's formulations regarding suicide: age and sex
An epidemiological profile of suicides in Beijing, China
An evaluation of a school-based suicide awareness intervention
Alcohol abuse and suicide attempts among youth
Child and adolescent clinical features as forerunners of adult-onset major depressive disorder: retrospective evidence from an epidemiological sample
Depression in the elderly: new concepts and therapeutic approaches
Earthquake and suicide: bringing context back into disaster epidemiological studies (letter)
Overdose in young people using heroin: associations with mental health, prescription drug use and personal circumstances
Reports of attempted suicide among Brazilian addicts
Self-extraction of teeth involving gamma-hydroxybutyric acid (GHB)
Suicide and mental health in rural, remote and metropolitan areas in Australia
The suicidal process; prospective comparison between early and later stages
Factors associated with self-worth in young people with physical disabilities
An evaluation of postvention following adolescent suicide
An inquiry into the psychological dimensions of cult suicide
An integrated approach to estimating suicide risk
An integrative model of suicidal ideation
An investigation of differences between self-injurious behavior and suicide attempts in a sample of adolescents
An investigation of psychopathology in nonreferred suicidal and nonsuicidal adolescents
An unmatched case-control study of nearly lethal suicide attempts in Houston, Texas: research methods and measurements
An unusual case of self-inflicted death in childhood
Annotated bibliography of "suicide": AJPH, 1911--1978, and PHR, 1930--1978
Antidepressants and the risk of suicidal behaviors
Aokigahara-jukai: suicide and amnesia in mt. fuji's black forest
Are closed-minded people more open to the idea of killing themselves?
Are UN peacekeepers at risk for suicide?
Are young adults' suicides psychologically different from those of other adults? (The Shneidman Lecture)
Asian/Pacific Islander adolescent sexual orientation and suicide risk in Guam
Asking adolescents to explain discrepancies in self-reported suicidality
Assault victimization and suicidal ideation or behavior within a national sample of u.s. adults
Assessing vulnerability to suicide
Assessment of knowledge gains in proactive training for postvention
Assisted suicide, euthanasia, and suicide prevention: the implications of the Dutch experience
Association between serotonin transporter gene polymorphism and family history of attempted and completed suicide
Association of alcohol use and other high-risk behaviors among trauma patients
Attempted suicide among high school students--United States, 1990
Attempted suicide among young rural women in the People's Republic of China: possibilities for prevention
Attempted suicide with methyprylon
Attempted suicide: an ethological perspective
Attempted suicides in adolescence
Attempted suicides-35 years afterward
Attitudes toward suicide in Japanese and American medical students
Attitudes toward suicide prevention in front-line health staff
Attitudes toward suicide: a comparison of canadian and u.s. college students
Attitudes toward the body in suicidal, depressed, and normal adolescents
Attitudes toward the unification of Western Europe and cross-national suicide rates: eight European countries, 1973-1990
Attributes of suicide in females
Autocastration as a counterphobic focal suicide
Backgrounds of higher suicide rates among "name university" students: a retrospective study of the past 25 years
Basic issues in suicide prevention: resolutions of liberty and love (the Dublin lecture)
Before and after suicide: a preventive outreach program for colleges
Behaviors related to unintentional and intentional injuries among high school students--United States, 1991
Being suicidal and elderly in changing times: a case history
Bereavement after a physician-assisted suicide: a speculation based on theory
Bereavement after a physician-assisted suicide: a speculation based on theory
Bereavement group for parents who suffered a suicidal loss of a child
Biochemical studies in suicide victims: current findings and future implications
Biology of elderly suicide
Biology of suicide
Black suicide in the seventies: current trends
Body attitudes and body experiences in suicidal adolescents
Bringing the public health approach to the problem of suicide
California's suicide decline, 1970-1990
Campus student suicide rates: fact or artifact?
Can Shneidman's "Ten Commonalities of Suicide" accommodate rational suicide?
Can temperament identify affectively ill patients who engage in lethal or near-lethal suicidal behavior? A 14-year prospective study
Can the Edinburgh Risk of Repetition Scale predict repetition of deliberate self-poisoning in an Australian clinical setting?
Case consultation. cathy
Case consultation. david
Case consultation. malpractice
Case consultation. the case of ellen west revisited: a permitted suicide
Case consultation: Mary Catherine
Case of Kim
Certification change versus actual behavior change in teenage suicide rates, 1955-1979
Changing age patterns of u.s. male and female suicide rates, 1934-1983
Changing concepts of suicide
Changing patterns in methods of suicide by race and sex
Changing the legacy of suicide
Characteristics of blunt and personal violent injuries
Characteristics of completed suicides: implications of differences among methods
Characteristics of impulsive suicide attempts and attempters
Characteristics of suicidality among adolescents
Characteristics of suicide attempters in a Slovenian high school population
Cheap thrills and humble pie: the adolescence of female suicide attempters
Childhood maltreatment and college students' current suicidal ideation: a test of the hopelessness theory
Childhood stress leads to later suicidality via its effect on cognitive functioning
Childhood diagnoses and later risk for multiple suicide attempts
Childhood trauma and suicidal behavior in male cocaine dependent patients
Chloroquine suicide
Chronic callers to a suicide prevention center
Chronic, early exposure to suicidal ideation in a parental figure: a pattern of presuicidal characteristics
Circadian variation in suicide attempts in Tokyo from 1978 to 1985
Classification of attempted suicide: a review of empirical studies, 1963-1993
Classification of suicidal behavior: a review and step toward integration
Clinical considerations of biological correlates of suicide
Clinical electroencephalography and the study of suicide behavior
Clinical implications of moral theory regarding suicide
Clinical observations of play of hospitalized suicidal children
Clinical psychology graduate education in the study of suicide: availability, resources, and importance
Clinicians' attitudes toward no-suicide agreements
Clues to suicide, reconsidered
Cluster of suicides and suicide attempts--New Jersey
Multi-scale motility amplitude associated with suicidal thoughts in major depression
Cocaine use, risk taking, and fatal Russian roulette
Coercive suicide prevention: a libertarian perspective
Cognition and suicide: a methodological review
Cognitive aspects of suicidal behavior
Cognitive distortions in the poetry of Anne Sexton
Cognitive predictors of depression and suicide ideation
Cognitive rigidity in suicide attempters
Cohort, age, and period effects in the analysis of u.s. suicide patterns: 1933-1978
Collaborating to prevent suicide: a clinical-research perspective
Community suicide prevention: the effectiveness of bridge barriers
Comorbidity of symptoms among junior and senior high school suicide attempters
Comparing suicide attempters, suicide ideators, and nonsuicidal homeless and runaway adolescents
Adolescent propensity for depressed mood and help seeking: race and gender differences
Brief report - mental health research on low- and middle-income countries in indexed journals: a preliminary assessment
Preventing suicide in primary care patients: the primary care physician's role.

Suicides in general hospitals in Hong Kong: retrospective study
Use of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in children and adolescents
Causes, diagnosis and treatment of suicidality
Comparison of male and female suicides in a defined community
Comparison of suicides among Anglos and Hispanics in five southwestern states
Completed suicides among Quebec adolescents involved with juvenile justice and child welfare services
Conceptions of death and suicide in children ages 6-12 and their implications for suicide prevention
Conceptual, methodological, and sociocultural issues in black youth suicide: implications for assessment and early intervention
Concurrent validity of a stress-vulnerability model of suicidal ideation and behavior: a follow-up study
Confidential death to prevent suicidal contagion: an accepted, but never implemented, nineteenth-century idea
Confidentiality in crisis counseling: a philosophical perspective
Consultation and the suicidal patient
Consumers of mental health services
Contemporary philosophical literature on suicide: a review
Contemporary threats to adolescent health in the United States
Control group studies of suicide survivors: a review and critique
Coping responses of adolescent suicide attempters and their relation to suicidal ideation across a 2-year follow-up: a preliminary study
Coping with grief as "bearing up" and "bearing down": an exchange on James Agee's A Death in the Family
Correctional suicide prevention in the year 2000 and beyond
Correlates of relative lethality and suicidal intent among deliberate self-harm patients
Correlates of suicidal behavior in a juvenile detention population
Correlates of suicidal ideation among rural adolescents
Cracking the ice: an examination of "instantaneous thanatology"
Creativity, depression and suicide
Cross-national comparison of injury mortality: Los Angeles County, California and Mexico City, Mexico
Cross-validation of the five-factor interpretive model of the Suicide Opinion Questionnaire
CSF 5-HIAA predicts suicide risk after attempted suicide
Cultural orientation, family cohesion, and family support in suicide ideation and depression among African American college students
Culture and ego-ideal in suicide: an adult case
Culture and suicide: from a Japanese psychiatrist's perspective
Culture, gender, and suicidal behavior in Sri Lanka
Current status of program evaluation efforts
D.h. lawrence and modern destructiveness
Dark as a dungeon, way down in the mines
Dating violence against adolescent girls and associated substance use, unhealthy weight control, sexual risk behavior, pregnancy, and suicidality
Death and injury patterns, Toronto Subway System 1954-1980
Death anxiety and counseling skill in the suicide interventionist
Death attitudes and experiences of rehabilitation counselors
Death by hand grenade: altruistic suicide in combat
Death following self-poisoning with aspirin
Death in a panic situation: a subintentioned rational dilemma
Death in Jonestown: techniques of political control by a paranoid leader
Death on every weekend
Death, suicide and the older adult
Death--a form of life in Flannery O'Connor
Death-related attitudes and behavior among Mexican Americans: a review
Deliberate self-poisoning, unemployment and public health
Dependency and self-criticism as predictors of suicidal behavior
Dependent children and suicide of married parents
Depression and hostility in self-mutilation
Depression and suicide in schizophrenic patients
Depression, hopelessness, and self-esteem: accounting for suicidality in adolescent psychiatric inpatients
Depression, suicide, and suicide prevention in schizophrenia
Depression, violent suicide tied to low metabolite level
Describing suicidality: an investigation of qualitative SSF responses
Determination of precipitating events in the suicide of psychiatric patients
Development of a questionnaire on attitudes towards suicide (ATTS) and its application in a Swedish population
Development of the College Student Reasons for Living Inventory
Development of the Grief Experience Questionnaire
Dialectical behavior therapy adapted for suicidal adolescents
Differences in nonfatal suicide behaviors among Mexican and European American middle school children
Diffusion of responsibility in the care of a difficult patient
Dimensions of black suicide: a theoretical model
Dimensions of impulsivity and aggression associated with suicide attempts among bipolar patients: a preliminary study
Dimensions of perfectionism, hopelessness, and attempted suicide in a sample of alcoholics
Dimensions of suicide: perceptions of lethality, time, and agony
Discriminators of suicide thoughts and attempts among homeless veterans who abuse substances
Disentangling the interrelations between hopelessness, loneliness, and suicidal ideation
Dissociation, physical pain, and suicide: a hypothesis
Do extenuating circumstances influence African American women's attitudes toward suicide?
Do they suffer more? Reflections on research comparing suicide survivors to other survivors
Do you see what I see? Patient and clinician perceptions of underlying dimensions of suicidality
Doctoral dissertations on suicide from u.s. and canadian institutions of higher learning, 1990-1995
Does culture make a difference? Racial/ethnic patterns of completed suicide in San Francisco, CA 1987-1996 and clinical applications
Does legalized gambling elevate the risk of suicide? an analysis of u.s. counties and metropolitan areas
Does suicidal history enhance acceptance of other suicidal individuals?
Does writing about suicidal thoughts and feelings reduce them?
Domestic violence, separation, and suicide in young men with early onset alcoholism: reanalyses of Murphy's data
Double jeopardy: suicide rates in forensic hospitals
Dreams and suicide
Durkheim revisited: "Why do women kill themselves?"
Duty to warn third parties
Dyadic death: a typology
Dyadic death: murder-suicide
Dynamics of self-injurious behaviors
Dysfunctional attitudes and suicidal ideation in psychiatric outpatients
Early suicide following discharge from a psychiatric hospital
Ecological variation in self-injury behavior
Economic stress and suicide: multilevel analyses. part 1: aggregate time-series analyses of economic stress and suicide
Economic stress and suicide: multilevel analyses. part 2: cross-level analyses of economic stress and suicidal ideation
Educating parents about youth suicide: knowledge, response to suicidal statements, attitudes, and intention to help
Effective problem solving in suicide attempters depends on specific autobiographical recall
Effects of sexual victimization on suicidal ideation and behavior in u.s. college women
Electroconvulsive therapy and suicide
Elevated suicide levels associated with legalized gambling
Emergency medical system responses to suicide-related calls--Maine, November 1999-October 2000
Empirically based criteria for rational suicide: a survey of psychotherapists
Empirically based criteria for rational suicide: a survey of psychotherapists
Endocrinology and suicide
Environmental and personality similarities in case histories of suicide and self-poisoning by children under ten
Environmental factors in suicide in long-term care facilities
Epidemiologic surveys as tools for studying suicidal behavior: a review
Epidemiologists also studying suicidal behavior
Epidemiology and prevention of childhood injuries
Epidemiology of suicidal behavior
Epidemiology of suicide in the elderly
Estimation of suicide risk by the use of clinical models
Ethnocultural differences in prevalence of adolescent suicidal behaviors
Evaluation of an evolutionary model of self-preservation and self-destruction
Evaluation of suicide risk among youths in community settings
Evaluation of the effectiveness of suicide prevention programs: a methodological perspective
Adolescent suicide in Quebec and prior utilization of medical services
Involvement in physical activity and risk for nearly lethal suicide attempts
Recent developments: suicide in older people
The child suicide risk assessment: a screening measure of suicide risk in pre-adolescents
The possible factors affecting suicide attempts in the different phases of the menstrual cycle
Trends in adolescent suicide mortality in the WHO European Region
Evaluations of the quality of coping reported by prisoners who have self-harmed and those who have not
Eventual suicide in interrupted and uninterrupted attempters: a challenge to the cry-for-help hypothesis
Exchange, balance, and formal organization in psychotherapeutic interactions
Explaining the gender difference in self-reported suicide attempts: a nationally representative study of Norwegian adolescents
Exposure to suicide: incidence and association with suicidal ideation and behavior: United States, 1994
Factor composition of the Suicide Intent Scale
Factorial structure of the suicide intervention response inventory
Factors associated with suicide ideation among American Indian adolescents: does culture matter?
Factors associated with the medical severity of suicide attempts in youths and young adults
Factors determining the incidence of suicide within families
Fall from power: suicide of an executive
Family loss and hospital suicide
Family survivors of suicide and accidental death: consequences for widows
Fatal and nonfatal suicide attempts among adolescents--Oregon, 1988-1993
Fatal injury: characteristics and prevention of deaths at the scene
Where is help sought for depression or suicidal ideation in an elderly population living in a rural area of Japan?
Federal, state, and community partnerships to prevent youth suicides
Female labor force participation, status integration and suicide, 1950-1969
Female suicide and wife abuse: a cross-cultural perspective
Fifty years of prison suicide in Austria: does legislation have an impact?
Final exit and the risk of suicide
Firearm availability and homicide rates across 26 high-income countries
Firearm-related fatalities: an epidemiologic assessment of violent death
Firearm-related years of potential life lost before age 65 years--United States, 1980-1991
Firearms and youth suicide
First reports evaluating the effectiveness of strategies for preventing violence: firearms laws. findings from the task force on community preventive services
Founder's perspectives--then and now
Frequency of suicidal thought and self-destructive behavior among females
Further evaluation of the role of protective equipment in the functional analysis of self-injurious behavior
Further reflections on the suicide of Kawabata Yasunari
Further suicidal behavior among medically serious suicide attempters
Gender and history of suicidality: are these factors related to U.S. college students' current suicidal thoughts, feelings, and actions?
Gender and suicide in India: a multiperspective approach
Gender and suicide in the elderly
Gender and suicide risk among artists: a multivariate analysis
Gender and the cultural construction of good and bad suicides
Gender and the primary prevention of suicide mortality
Gender differences in nonfatal suicidal behavior in Pakistan: significance of sociocultural factors
Gender differences in the psychosocial correlates of suicidal ideation among adolescents
Gender socialization and suicide: American Association of Suicidology presidential address, 1989
Gender, culture, and suicidal behavior: a feminist critique of theories and research
Generational analyses of suicide: baby boomers and 13ers
Genetics, twin studies, and suicide
Genuine versus simulated suicide notes: an issue revisited through discourse analysis
Graduate training and the treatment of suicidal clients: the students' perspective
Group intervention for widowed survivors of suicide
Gun control, gun ownership, and suicide prevention
Habits of nervous tension and suicide
Health downturns and predictors of suicidal ideation: an application of the Baumeister model
Health risk behaviors among adolescents who do and do not attend school--United States, 1992
Heavy metal, religiosity, and suicide acceptability
Help-seeking behavior prior to nearly lethal suicide attempts
Helpline: suicide prevention at a suicide site
Heroes as fathers
High free fall with survival
High rates of paraquat-induced suicide in southern Trinidad
Homicide and suicide in a metropolitan county. i. long-term trends
Homicide and suicide rates associated with implementation of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act
Homicide followed by suicide--Kentucky, 1985-1990
Homicide followed by suicide: Los Angeles, 1970-1979
Homicide, suicide, other violence gain increasing medical attention
Homicide-suicides between adult sexual intimates: an Australian study
Homicide-suicides in Fiji: offense patterns, situational factors, and sociocultural contexts
Hopelessness, depression, suicidal ideation, and clinical diagnosis of depression
Hospital suicides: lawsuits and standards
Household objects as a cause of self-inflicted orbital apex syndrome
How psychiatrists weigh risk factors when assessing suicide risk
Human aggression and suicide
Hypnotic overdoses and fairy tales: Snow White and the uses of disenchantment
Hysteria and suicide
Identification of coping ideation and strategies preventing suicidality in a college-age sample
Identification of nearly fatal suicide attempts: Self-Inflicted Injury Severity Form
Identifying suicidal ideation in general medical patients
Immediate post intervention effects of two brief youth suicide prevention interventions
Immediate post intervention effects of two brief youth suicide prevention interventions
Impact of the Brady act on homicide and suicide rates (Letter)
Impact of the Brady act on homicide and suicide rates (Letter)
Improving the validity and reliability of medical-legal certifications of suicide
In conscience's talons: the suicide of a Vietnam veteran
In honor of my father and my son
In remembrance of things past: prospects for the future
Inadequate response to therapy as a predictor of suicide
Incidence of near-death experiences following attempted suicide
Incidence of suicidal ideation and behavior in the United States, 1994
Incidence, causes and severity of injuries in Aquitaine, France: a community-based study of hospital admissions and deaths
Increase in suicidal thoughts and tendencies. association with diazepam therapy
Increased risk of suicide in persons with AIDS
Indirect self-destructive behavior in chronic hemodialysis patients
Inequalities in daily variations of deaths from suicide in Lithuania: identification of possible risk factors
Inferred characteristics of successful suicides as function of gender and context
Injuries as a public health problem in sub-Saharan Africa: epidemiology and prospects for control
Injuries sustained from high velocity impact with water: an experience from the Golden Gate Bridge
Injury control in childhood
Injury hospitalization and risks for subsequent self-injury and suicide: a national study from New Zealand
Injury mortality among American Indian and Alaska Native children and youth--United States, 1989-1998
Injury mortality in East Germany
Inpatient treatment planning
Intensive follow-up does not decrease the risk of repeat suicide attempts
Interpersonal loss and self-mutilation
Interpersonal loss as a factor in the suicides of alcoholics
Interpersonal problem-solving deficits in self-poisoning patients
Interpersonal problem-solving skills training in the treatment of self-poisoning patients
Assessment and aftercare for deliberate self-harm patients provided by a general hospital psychiatric service
Don't overlook childhood depression
Intervention styles with suicidal callers at two suicide prevention centers
From respect to rights to entitlement, blocked aspirations and suicidal behavior
Male depression: a review of gender concerns and testosterone therapy
Risk of suicide ideation associated with problem-solving ability and attitudes toward suicidal behavior in university students
Suicide in the French armed forces
Suicide outside of prison settings among males under investigation for sex offenses in Ireland during 1990 to 1999
The inventory of suicide orientation-30: Further validation with adolescent psychiatric inpatients
The main factors of repetition: review of some results of the Pecs Center in the WHO/EURO Multicentre Study on Suicidal Behaviour
Therapist competence and clinical outcome in the Prevention of Parasuicide by Manual Assisted Cognitive Behaviour Therapy trial: the POPMACT study
Trends in suicide in Scotland 1981 - 1999: age, method and geography
Validation of the Positive and Negative Suicide Ideation (PANSI) Inventory in a diverse sample of young adults
What predicts suicide attempts in women with eating disorders?
Interventions for suicidal children and their parents
Interviewing suicide "decedents": a fourth strategy for risk factor assessment
Introduction to supplemental issue: research issues in suicide and sexual orientation
Is evaluative research on youth suicide programs theory-driven? The Canadian experience
Is suicide a special occupational hazard for physicians?
Is suicide bereavement different? A reassessment of the literature
Is work conducive to self-destruction?
Jail suicide and legal redress
JAMA patient page: suicide in older persons
John Holland: the near-death of a frightened sailor: specific phobia and suicide-related behavior
Jonestown--two faces of suicide: a Durkheimian analysis
Knowing when to say goodbye
Knowing when to say goodbye: Final Exit and suicide in the elderly
Laur's final display: suicide by fire
Law enforcement and crisis intervention services: a critical relationship
Learnings from Durkheim and beyond: the economy and suicide
Least likely suicide: the search for my father, ross lockridge, jr., author of raintree county
Legacy of a suicide
Lesbian, gay, and bisexual suicidal behavior: testing a constructivist model
Lethality of suicide attempt rating scale
Letter: Attempted suicide by black widow spider bite
Letter: Suicide attitudes
Letter: Suicide by physicians
Letter: Suicide prevention centers: data from 1970
Letter: Suicide prevention efforts
Letter: The prevention of suicide
Letter: The suicide capital of America
Life events and social support in suicide
Life stress, social support, and problem-solving skills predictive of depressive symptoms, hopelessness, and suicide ideation in an Asian student population: a test of a model
Life-threatening drug overdose. precipitants and prognosis
Life-threatening indicators among the Indochinese refugees
Ling's death: an ethnography of a Chinese woman's suicide
Linking work and domestic problems with police suicide
Loneliness in relation to suicide ideation and parasuicide: a population-wide study
Long-term follow-up of unsuccessful violent suicide attempts: risk factors for subsequent attempts
Long-term outpatient treatment in alcoholics with previous suicidal behavior
Lorenzo in wonderland: a short play based upon the death of d. h. lawrence
Lunar association with suicide
Magnetic field exposure may not have a directly causal relationship to suicide
Managing elder suicide: a profile of American and Canadian Crisis Prevention Centers
Managing suicidal behavior
Manifest predictors of past suicide attempts in a population of Icelandic adolescents
Mansur Zaskar: a man almost bored to death
Mass suicide by members of the Japanese Friend of the Truth Church
Mass suicide: historical and psychodynamic considerations
Meanings of gender and suicidal behavior during adolescence
Media influence on attitudes toward suicide
Mediating effects of an indicated prevention program for reducing youth depression and suicide risk behaviors
Medical conditions and nearly lethal suicide attempts
Medical, social, and legal aspects of suicide
Melancholy and suicide
Mental disorders and suicidal intention
Mental health literacy of those with major depression and suicidal ideation: an impediment to help seeking
Mental health professionals' determinations of adolescent suicide attempts
Mental pain and its relationship to suicidality and life meaning
Mental pain: a multidimensional operationalization and definition
Method choice, intent, and gender in completed suicide
Methods of suicide among persons aged 10-19 years--United States, 1992-2001
Minor self-harm and psychiatric disorder: a population-based study
Mobilizing schools for suicide prevention
Models of development: understanding risk in adolescence
Modernization and the male-female suicide ratio in India 1967-1997: divergence or convergence?
Mortality and causes of death in a 10-year follow-up of patients treated for self-poisonings in Oslo
Mortality in a cohort of street youth in Montreal
Mortality trends and leading causes of death among adolescents and young adults--United States, 1979-1988
Motor vehicle deaths: a rural epidemic
Multifaceted treatment aids depressed young
Multiple suicide attempts and informal labeling: an exploratory study
Munchausen syndrome and necrophilia
Music preference, depression, suicidal preoccupation, and personality: comment on Stack and Gundlach's papers
Narcissistic crises of aging and suicidal despair
Narcissistic crises of aging and suicidal despair
Near-death experiences and attempted suicide
National vehicle emissions policies and practices and declining US carbon monoxide-related mortality
Negative attributional style for interpersonal events and the occurrence of severe interpersonal disruptions as predictors of self-reported suicidal ideation
Neighborhood predictors of hopelessness among adolescent suicide attempters: preliminary investigation
Neurochemical findings in suicide completers and suicide attempters
New approaches to crisis intervention
New frontiers in the relationship between suicidology and law enforcement
New technologies and telephone hotlines
Niagara Falls suicides
Nicole: suicide and terminal illness
Non-fatal suicidal and life-threatening behavior among 13- to 17-year old adolescents seeking emergency medical care
Nonfall injuries in older adults
Nonfatal self-inflicted injuries treated in hospital emergency departments--United States, 2000
Observable and subjective factors associated with attempted suicide in later life
Occupational status and suicide
Offender-victim relationships in criminal homicide followed by offender's suicide, North Carolina, 1972-1977
Older adults: the next suicide epidemic?
On "therefore I must kill myself"
On abolishing "death": an etymological note
On precipitating factors: cancer as a cause of suicide
On the alleged ineffability of death
On the nature, magnitude, and causality of suicidal behaviors: an international perspective
On the need for a new term for suicide
On the relationship between suicide prevention and suicide advocacy groups
Operational criteria for determining suicide
Outpatient standards of care and the suicidal patient
Outpatient treatment planning: the adolescent patient
Parapsychology: a new perspective on dying?
Parasuicide and use of intoxicants among Norwegian adolescents
Parental bereavement after suicide and accident: a comparative study
Parental loss and family violence as correlates of suicide and violence risk
Parental suicide: an organizing event in the development of latency age children
Partial death as a defining characteristic of a subculture
Pathological gambling and suicidality: an analysis of severity and lethality
Pathological narcissism and sudden suicide-related collapse
Patients' reactions to the suicide of a psychotherapist
Patterns of suicide among hospitalized mentally disordered offenders
Patterns of suicide mortality in Russia
A study of suicides in Kildare, 1995-2002
Antidepressants and suicidal behaviour in unipolar depression
Factors influencing the development and amelioration of suicidal thoughts in the general population: Cohort study
Familial suicide behaviour: association with probands suicide attempt characteristics and 5-HTTLPR polymorphism
Parasuicide in a low-income country: results from three-year hospital surveillance in Nicaragua
Rates of lifetime suicide attempt and rates of lifetime major depression in different ethnic groups in the United States
Seasonal variation in suicides and in deaths by unintentional illicit acute drug intoxications
Suicide, psychiatric malpractice, and the bell curve
Suicide-preventive activities in psychiatric care: Evaluation of an educational program in suicide prevention
Fluctuations and seasonality in suicidal attempts
The frequency of suicide attempts depending on gender and the age structure
The risk factors of suicide attempt in elderly and old elderly patients
Perceived peer and family relationships, hopelessness and locus of control as factors in adolescent suicide attempts
Perception of behavioral contagion of adolescent suicide
Perceptions of child sexual abuse as a public health problem--Vermont, September 1995
Perceptions of suicide risk and the helpfulness of intervention strategies: a comparison of students and mothers
Perfectionism, cognitive bias, and hopelessness as prospective predictors of suicidal ideation
Personal and professional factors and suicide intervention skills
Personality assessment in suicide prediction
Personality traits and cognitive styles as risk factors for serious suicide attempts among young people
Personality types and suicidal behavior: an exploratory study
Personality, life situation, and life expectancy
Perspective: suicide in Europe
Perspectives in suicidology: families, mental illness, and suicide
Perspectives on suicidology. further reflections on suicide and psychache
Pharmacotherapy and risk of suicidal behaviors among patients with bipolar disorder
Culture, risk factors and suicide in rural China: a psychological autopsy case control study
Physician-assisted death: progress or peril?
Physician-assisted suicide: a mental health perspective
Physicians' knowledge and attitudes about suicide
Physiological reactions to a suicide film: suicide attempters, suicide ideators, and nonsuicidal patients
Positive and negative attitudes mediating suicide ideation
Positive and negative symptoms as risk factors for later suicidal activity in schizophrenics versus depressives
Postponed suicide death? Suicides around birthdays and major public holidays
Potential for suicide and aggression in delinquents at Juvenile Court in a southern city
Predicting and preventing hospital and clinic suicides
Predicting grief symptomatology among the suddenly bereaved
Prediction of suicide intent in aboriginal and non-aboriginal adolescent inpatients: a research note
Predictors and correlates of bereavement in suicide support group participants
Preinjury psychopathology in trauma patients
Preliminary field-testing of a risk estimator for suicide
Premature mortality due to suicide and homicide--United States, 1983
Premature mortality due to suicide and homicide--United States, 1984
Presuicide attempt communications between parasuicides and consulted caregivers
Prevalence of suicide attempts in a Mexican-American population: prevention implications of immigration and cultural issues
Prevalence of suicide programs in schools and roadblocks to implementation
Preventing physician suicide. the role of family, colleagues, and organized medicine
Prevention of suicide
Prevention of traumatic deaths to children in the United States: how far have we come and where do we need to go?
Prevention of violence and injuries due to violence
Prevention of youth suicide: how well informed are the potential gatekeepers of adolescents in distress?
Primo Levi's death: physicians and the ruling of suicide
Prison rape and suicide
Prison suicides in Austria, 1975-1997
Problem solving and suicidal behavior
Problem solving, stress, and coping in adolescent suicide attempts
Proposal for a distinctive diagnosis: the deliberate self-harm syndrome (DSH)
Protective factors for suicidal black females
Psychache and suicidality in adult mood disordered outpatients in Brazil
Psychiatric and substance use disorders as risk factors for attempted suicide among adolescents: a case control study
Psychiatric hospital treament of suicidal children
Psychiatric inpatients' perceptions of written no-suicide agreements: an exploratory study
Psychological autopsies in court
Psychological autopsies: methods and ethics
Psychological intervention, spontaneous remission, hopelessness, and psychiatric disturbance in adolescent parasuicides
Psychological models of self-mutilation
Psychological vulnerability to completed suicide: a review of empirical studies
Psychosis and functioning as risk factors for later suicidal activity among schizophrenia and schizoaffective patients: a disease-based interactive model
Psychosocial and pharmacological treatment of patients following deliberate self-harm: the methodological issues involved in evaluating effectiveness
Psychosocial correlates of suicidal ideation in adolescent psychiatric inpatients
Psychosocial correlates of suicide attempts among junior and senior high school youth
Psychosocial vulnerability, life stress, and suicide ideation in a jail population: a cross-validation study
Public approval of suicide: a situational analysis
Some reflections of a founder
Rates of homicide, suicide, and firearm-related death among children--26 industrialized countries
Rational suicide among the elderly
Rational suicide: an impoverished self-transformation
Reasons for living among Chinese adolescents in Hong Kong
Reasons for living versus reasons for dying
Reasons for living versus reasons for dying: examining the internal debate of suicide
Recent biologic studies on suicide
Recent trends in suicide and homicide among blacks
Recognizing and responding to a suicide crisis
Recommendations for a research agenda in suicide and sexual orientation. working groups, workshop on suicide and sexual orientation
Reducing suicidal ideation and depressive symptoms in depressed older primary care patients: a randomized controlled trial
Reducing suicide potential among high-risk youth: tests of a school-based prevention program
Regional analyses of alcohol and suicide in Norway: some empirical considerations
Regional variation in suicide and homicide
Regional variations in suicide rates--United States, 1990-1994
Relation of marital separation and divorce to suicide: a report
Relationships between suicidal behavior and personality types
Reliability and sensitivity of suicide certification in higher-income countries
Religiosity and self-destructive crises in the institutionalized elderly
Religiosity, attributional style, and social support as psychosocial buffers for African American and white adolescents' perceived risk for suicide
Religiosity, fear of death and suicide acceptability
Repetition of parasuicide: a predictive study
Reply to Kim Smith, PhD, on "Teen suicide and changing cause of death certification, 1953-1987"
Rescue fantasies in homicide-suicide
Research in adolescent suicide: implications for training, service delivery, and public policy
Resistance encountered in starting a group therapy program for suicide attempters in varied administrative settings
Resistances encountered in starting a group therapy program for suicide attempters in varied administrative settings
Reverend Jones on suicide
Rick: a suicide of a young adult
Risk factors for adolescent suicide and suicidal behavior: mental and substance abuse disorders, family environmental factors, and life stress
Risk factors for suicide attempts among Navajo adolescents
Risk of future suicide attempts in adolescent psychiatric inpatients at 18-month follow-up
Risk of suicide among persons with AIDS. a national assessment
Risk-taking behavior and adolescent suicide attempts
Robert Salter: attempted suicide by jumping from a high bridge
Roberta Hyalos: a case of hidden psychosis
Samantha Morrisey: suicide and the need for support
San Diego suicide study: comparison of gay to straight males
Schizophrenia--a high-risk factor for suicide: clues to risk reduction
School health guidelines to prevent unintentional injuries and violence
School-associated suicides--United States, 1994-1999
Scott Ames: a man giving up on himself
Selected behavioral features of patients with borderline personality traits
Self-destructive behavior in patients with dissociative disorders
Self-directed and other-directed aggressive behavior in a forensic sample
Self-harmful behaviors in a population-based sample of young adults
Self-inflicted crossbow injury to the head
Self-inflicted injuries before arrival of Hale-Bopp comet
Self-mutilation and eating disorders
Self-ownership and the ethics of suicide
Self-regarding suicide: a modified Kantian view
Self-reported suicidal behavior in Dutch secondary education students
A longitudinal population-based study exploring treatment utilization and suicidal ideation and behavior in major depressive disorder
Serum cholesterol levels and suicide: a further comment
Serum cholesterol levels and suicide: a meta-analysis
Serum lipids in suicide attempters
Sex difference trends in completed suicide
Sex differences in adolescent suicides in Norway, 1990-1992
Sex differences in peer responsiveness to suicide ideation
Sex-role change, anomie and female suicide: a test of alternative Durkheimian explanations
Sexual assault history and suicidal behavior in a national sample of women
Sexual orientation and developmental challenges experienced by gay and lesbian youths
Sexual orientation and suicide risk among teenagers
Sexual orientation and youth suicide
Sexual orientation in adolescents who commit suicide
Shifting patterns of deadly violence
Short-term suicide awareness curriculum
Similarities and differences in precipitating events between black and anglo suicide attempts
Simon Muralis: self-sequestration and psychotherapeutic failure
Situational determinants of inpatient self-harm
Social and economic correlates of the elderly suicide rate
Social factors in suicide
Social life factors affecting suicide in Japanese men and women
Social suicide
Sociocultural determinants of suicide ideation: a comparison between American and Ghanaian college samples
Sociodemographic characteristics and criminality in victims of firearm injuries
Socioeconomic status and the occurrence of fatal and nonfatal injury in the United States
Some common characteristics of latency-age suicidal children: a tentative model based on case study analyses
Some controversies in suicidology: toward a mentalistic discipline
Factors associated with suicidal phenomena in adolescents: A systematic review of population-based studies
A prospective study of patients admitted to a Norwegian university hospital after deliberate self-poisoning, 1978 - 2002
Adolescent preventive health and teams-games-tournaments: a research and development paradigm entering its fourth decade of research
Some notes on conducting a psychological autopsy
Some psychological reflections on the death of Malcolm Melville
Some social and psychological factors related to suicide in primitive societies: a cross-cultural comparative study
Some sociopsychological factors in attempted suicide among urban black males
Some thoughts on grief and mourning
Special issue: Suicide prevention toward the year 2000
Acute indoramin poisoning: a review of 55 cases reported to the Paris poison centre from 1986 t o 2010
Stable hopelessness and its predictors in a general population: a 2-year follow-up study
Starting a therapy group in a suicide prevention and crisis center
State gun safe storage laws and child mortality due to firearms
States' public welfare expenditures as predictors of state suicide rates
Strangulation injuries in children. part 1. clinical analysis
Strategies for studying suicide and suicidal behavior
Strategies for suicide intervention by telephone
Stress, coping, and suicide risk in psychiatric inpatients
Stressful life events and impulsiveness in failed suicide
Stressful life events, psychopathology, and adolescent suicide: a case control study
Strict firearm laws have been claimed to reduce rates of suicide and homicide
Student recognition of and response to suicidal peers
Studies of suicidal preadolescent and adolescent inpatients: a critique of research methods
Studying adolescent suicidal ideation and behavior in primary care settings
Studying suicide with psychological autopsy: social and cultural feasibilities of the methodology in China
Studying survivors of nearly lethal suicide attempts: an important strategy in suicide research
Styles of problem solving in suicidal individuals
Substance abuse and adolescent suicidal behavior
Sudden death and bereavement outcomes: the impact of resources on grief symptomatology and detachment
Suggested recommendations for the study of suicide and other life-threatening behaviors
Suggested recommendations for the study of suicide and other life-threatening behaviors
Suggested recommendations for the study of suicide and other life-threatening behaviors
Suicidal Adolescents and Children
Suicidal adolescents' perceptions of their family environment
Suicidal Asian patients: recommendations for treatment
Suicidal behavior among "normal" high school students
Suicidal behavior among Latino youth
Suicidal behavior among urban, African American young adults
Suicidal behavior and cognitive flexibility: design and verbal fluency after attempted suicide
Suicidal behavior and marital interaction
Suicidal behavior and prophylactic lithium treatment of major mood disorders: a review of reviews
Suicidal behavior as a form of communication in married couples
Suicidal behavior in a bicultural society: a review of gender and cultural differences in adolescents and young persons of Aotearoa/New Zealand
Suicidal behavior in adolescent and young adult gay men
Suicidal behavior in hospitalized schizophrenics
Suicidal behavior in Italy: data, trends and guidelines for a suicide intervention/prevention policy
Suicidal behavior in jails and prisons in The Netherlands: incidence, characteristics, and prevention
Suicidal behavior in long-term care facilities
Suicidal behavior in schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder: examining the role of depression
Suicidal behavior in the municipality of Baerum, Norway: a 12-year prospective study of parasuicide and suicide
Suicidal behavior in urban American Indian adolescents: a comparison with reservation youth in a southwestern state
Suicidal behavior: toward an explanation of differences in female and male rates
Suicidal behaviors among clients at an outpatient psychology clinic versus the general population
Suicidal ideation among adolescent school children, involvement in bully-victim problems, and perceived social support
Suicidal ideation and attempts among chemically dependent adolescents
Suicidal ideation and attempts in Norwegian police
Suicidal ideation and somatic symptoms of patients with mind/body distress in a Japanese psychosomatic clinic
Suicidal ideation and the residual capacity to promote inclusive fitness: a survey
Suicidal ideation in elderly bereaved: the role of complicated grief
Suicidal ideation in Hispanic and mixed-ancestry adolescents
Suicidal ideation, psychiatric disorder, and medical illness in a community epidemiological study
Suicidal ideation in the United States
Suicidal intent/life satisfaction: comparing the life stories of older women
Suicidal persons and their partners: individual and interpersonal dynamics
Suicidal tendencies in the elderly
Suicidal women and their relationships with husbands, boyfriends, and lovers
Suicidality among acculturating Mexican Americans: current knowledge and directions for research
Suicidality among adolescent Alberta Indians
Suicidality and its relationship to treatment outcome in depressed adolescents
Suicidality and psychosis: beyond depression and hopelessness
Suicidality patterns and sexual orientation-related factors among lesbian, gay, and bisexual youths
Suicide across the life span: pathways to prevention
Suicide after suicide attempt in severe depression: a long-term follow-up
Suicide among adolescents and young adults: a cross-national comparison of 34 countries
Suicide among adolescents in Sacramento County, California 1950-1979
Suicide among African American men
Suicide among American Indian adolescents: an overview
Suicide among black youths--United States, 1980-1995
Suicide among children, adolescents, and young adults--United States, 1980-1992
Suicide among Hispanics--United States, 1997-2001
Suicide among minority elderly: a preliminary investigation
Suicide among older people: projections for the future
Suicide among older persons--United States, 1980-1992
Suicide among police in a federal force
Suicide among women physicians
Suicide and affective disorder among the old order Amish
Suicide and attempted suicide--China, 1990-2002
Suicide and blacks: a conceptual framework
Suicide and cocaine
Suicide and dangerous sports: parachuting
Suicide and drug abuse in the medical community
Suicide and ethical theory
Suicide and euthanasia--special types of partner relationships
Suicide and euthanasia--special types of partner relationships
Suicide and firearm prevalence
Suicide and firearm prevalence: are youth disproportionately affected?
Suicide and HIV infection: mortality follow-up of 4147 HIV-seropositive military service applicants
Suicide and homicide rates are not correlated with each other
Suicide and homicide rates in Canada and the United States
Suicide and homicide rates: their relationship to latitude and longitude and to the weather
Suicide and infantile fixations
Suicide and life-threatening behavior
Suicide and life-threatening behavior: background papers to the National Suicide Prevention Conference. October 1998, Reno, Nevada, USA
Suicide and life-threatening behavior. introduction
Suicide and mass urban transit
Suicide and rurality in urban society
Suicide and sexual orientation: a critical summary of recent research and directions for future research
Suicide and suicide attempts by the nonmedical use of drugs
Suicide and suicide attempts in the European Economic Community: an analysis of trends, with special emphasis upon trends among the young
Suicide and suicidology in the Soviet Union
Suicide and the failure of modern moral theory
Suicide and the menstrual cycle
Suicide and the military justice system
Suicide and the military justice system
Suicide and the standard of care: optimal vs. acceptable
Suicide and the suicidal body. 2002 Dublin Award address
Suicide as social logic
Suicide attempt by a 10-year-old after quadruple amputations
Suicide attempts among drug abusers
Suicide attempts and physical fighting among high school students--United States, 2001
Suicide attempts and the nicotine patch
Suicide attempts by rock-climbing falls
Suicide attempts in preadolescent child psychiatry inpatients
Suicide attempts in runaway youths
Suicide attributed to work
Suicide bereavement and recovery patterns compared with nonsuicide bereavement patterns
Suicide by anaphylaxis attempted with penicillin
Suicide by industry and occupation: a structural-change approach
Suicide by rifampin overdose
Suicide by the ingestion of tranylcypromine
Suicide cases
Suicide causation: pies, paths, and pointless polemics
Suicide caution stamped on antidepressants
Suicide clusters: a critical review
Suicide danger: clinical estimation and decision
Suicide deaths in males during morning hours
Suicide epidemics and newspaper reporting
Suicide ideation among recent immigrants to Israel from the former Soviet Union: an epidemiological survey of prevalence and risk factors
Suicide ideation and attempts in Hispanics and non-Hispanic whites: demographic and psychiatric disorder issues
Suicide ideation and creative problem solving
Suicide ideation and its relationship to depressed mood in a community sample of adolescents in Hong Kong
Suicide ideation at its worst point: a predictor of eventual suicide in psychiatric outpatients
Suicide ideation: its relation to depression, suicide and suicide attempt
Suicide in America--moving up the public health agenda
Suicide in America: a nation of immigrants
Suicide in an international perspective
Suicide in Canada with special reference to the difference between Canada and the United States
Suicide in Denmark: a statistical review for the past 150 years
Suicide in Detroit 1975: changes and continuities
Suicide in France: some hypotheses
Suicide in Japan: socioeconomic effects on its secular and seasonal trends
Suicide in later life: a review and recommendations for prevention
Suicide in Maine: a social psychological approach
Suicide in male and female physicians
Suicide in mental disorder
Suicide in nurses
Suicide in police--a critical review
Suicide in pregnancy: the Hedda Gabler syndrome
Suicide in psychiatric patients: age distribution
Suicide in released prisoners of war
Suicide in San Francisco, CA: a comparison of Caucasian and Asian groups, 1987-1994
Suicide in teenagers: assessment, management, and prevention
Suicide in Texas: a cohort analysis of trends in suicide rates, 1945-1980
Suicide in the 1970s: a second look
Suicide in the Israeli army
Suicide in the literary work of Cesare Pavese
Suicide in the medically ill
Suicide in the U.S. Army: epidemiological and periodic aspects
Suicide in the workplace
Suicide mortality in the Maryland state prison system, 1979 through 1987
Suicide notes and risk of future suicide
Suicide notes of the older adult
Suicide of a patient: gender differences in bereavement reactions of therapists
Suicide of Japanese Youth
Suicide planning among high school students who report attempting suicide
Suicide postvention
Suicide potential and behavior in children ages 4 to 12
Suicide prediction revisited
Suicide prevention and niacin
Suicide prevention evaluation in a Western Athabaskan American Indian Tribe--New Mexico, 1988-1997
Suicide prevention for high-risk persons who refuse treatment
Suicide prevention from a public health perspective
Suicide prevention in a treatment setting
Suicide prevention in adolescents (age 12-18)
Suicide prevention in adults (age 30-65)
Suicide prevention in American Indian and Alaska Native communities: a critical review of programs
Suicide prevention in an educational context: broad and narrow foci
Suicide prevention in Canada: a national perspective highlighting progress and problems
Suicide prevention in the elderly (age 65-99)
Suicide prevention in the Pacific War (WW II)
Suicide prevention in young adults (age 18-30)
Suicide prevention programs: issues of design, implementation, feasibility, and developmental appropriateness
Suicide prevention: broadening the field toward a public health approach
Suicide rates among psychiatrists
Suicide related to the assassination of president John F. Kennedy
Suicide risk and the SSRIs
Suicide risk by birth cohort
Suicide risk factors among Australian Vietnam era draftees
Suicide risk factors in alcohol abuse
Suicide statistics
Suicide survivors groups: results of a survey
Suicide survivors' perceptions of the treating clinician
Suicide survivors: psychotherapeutic implications of egocide
Suicide thoughts and reflections, 1960-1980
Suicide trends in Australia, 1901-1985: an analysis of sex differentials
Suicide with, and because of, cocaine
Suicide, homicide, and the quality of life: an archival study
Suicide, hysteria, and conversion symptoms
Suicide--United States, 1970-1980
Suicide--Washington, 1980-1995
Suicide prevention telephone service
Suicide: a 15-year review of the sociological literature. part i: cultural and economic factors
Suicide: a 15-year review of the sociological literature. part ii: modernization and social integration perspectives
Suicide: a multidimensional malaise
Suicide: bad act or good intervention
Suicide: media impacts in war and peace, 1910-1920
Suicide: rights and rationality
Suicide: the psychosocial dimension
Suicide: the scourge of Native American people
Suicides among persons 15-24 years of age, 1970-1984
Suicides and other deaths in police custody
Suicides and the weather
Suicides in active-duty enlisted Navy personnel
Suicides in Beijing, China, 1992-1993
Suicides in the Nazi concentration camps
Suicidology and the university: a founder's reflections at 80
Suicidology: a look backward and ahead
Survivor siblings, the case of schizophrenia: a response to "Impact of adolescent suicide on siblings and parents" by Brent, Moritz, Bridge, Perper, and Canobbio
Survivor-victim status, attachment, and sudden death bereavement
Survivors of suicide do grieve differently: empirical support for a common sense proposition
Symbiosis, empathy, suicidal behavior, and the family
Antidepressants--do they cause suicide?
Does type of first contact in depressive and bipolar disorders predict subsequent hospitalization and risk of suicide?
Identifying suicidal ideation among older adults in a general practice setting
Outcomes of substance use disorder treatment in suicidal and nonsuicidal male patients
Panic disorder and suicide attempt in the National Comorbidity Survey
Seasonality and suicide
Sex-specific time patterns of suicidal acts on the German railway system. An analysis of 4003 cases
Recurrent ingestion of foreign bodies and abdominal self-injury as a form of attempted suicide
Task force to make recommendations for adolescents in terms of suicide risk
Ted, suicide in an adolescent storm
Teen suicide and changing cause-of-death certification, 1953-1987
Teenage suicide clusters
Telephone counselling for adolescent suicide prevention: changes in suicidality and mental state from beginning to end of a counselling session
Temperamental vulnerability and suicide risk after attempted suicide
Temporal fluctuations in suicide calls to a crisis intervention service
Temporal trends and geographic patterns of teen suicide in Alaska, 1979-1993
Temporal variation in adolescent suicide attempts
Temporal variations in school-associated student homicide and suicide events--United States, 1992-1999
Terminal illness and risk of suicide
The 24 hours before hospitalization: factors related to suicide attempting
The adolescent suicide problem
The adolescent: the individual in cultural perspective
The anatomy of suicidology: a psychological science perspective on the status of suicide research. 2002 shneidman award address
The approval of suicide: a social-psychological model
The assessment of suicidal behavior in adolescents
The association between homelessness and suicidal ideation and behaviors: results of a cross-sectional survey
The Big Ten Student Suicide Study: a 10-year study of suicides on midwestern university campuses
The burden of responsibility in suicide and homicide
The case against rational suicide
The case for rational suicide
The case of Paul Framson
The certification of suicide in eleven western states: an inquiry into the validity of reported suicide rates
The challenge and the promise of clinical suicidology
The choice of weapons: a study of methods of suicide by sex, race, and region
The comorbidity of post-traumatic stress disorder and suicidality in Vietnam veterans
The confrontation with death and the renewal of life
The connection between macro and micro levels: states' spending for hospitals and their suicide rates
The course of post-crisis suicidal symptoms: how and for whom is suicide "cathartic"?
The decision to terminate one's life: psychoanalytic thoughts on suicide
The decline of youth suicidal behavior in an urban, multicultural public school system following the introduction of a suicide prevention and intervention program
The deterrent effect of capital punishment during the 1950s
The ecology of self-injury: a multivariate approach
The effect of marital integration on African American suicide
The effect of suicide stories on various demographic groups, 1968-1985
The effect of the media on suicide: evidence from Japan, 1955-1985
The effect of the media on suicide: the Great Depression
The effectiveness of suicide prevention centers
The effectiveness of suicide prevention centers: A review
The epidemiology of suicide in Israel: international and intranational comparisons
The escape theory of suicide in college students: testing a model that includes perfectionism
The frequency of suicide in individual Danish birth cohorts, 1922-1991
The frequency of suicides around major public holidays: some surprising findings
The fusion of pressing situation and releasing writing: on adolescent suicide poetry
The gender paradox in suicide
The growing use of firearms by suicidal older women, 1979-1992: a research note
The health educator as a suicidologist
The heavy metal subculture and suicide
The impact of a medical student's suicide
The impact of a suicide prevention program for adolescents on suicidal tendencies, hopelessness, ego identity, and coping
The impact of adolescent suicide on siblings and parents: a longitudinal follow-up
The impact of epidemic, war, prohibition and media on suicide: United States, 1910-1920
The impact of rock videos and music with suicidal content on thoughts and attitudes about suicide
The impact of school-organized sport activities on the priority youth health-risk behaviors
The impact of suicide in television movies: replication and commentary
The influence of economic business cycles on United States suicide rates
The influence of geographic mobility on nearly lethal suicide attempts
The influence of medical and legal authorities on deaths facilitated by physicians
The Iowa record-linkage experience
The Kurt Cobain suicide crisis: perspectives from research, public health, and the news media
The legacy of Emile Durkheim
The Life Attitudes Schedule Short Form: an abbreviated measure of life-enhancing and life-threatening behaviors in adolescents
The Life Attitudes Schedule-Short Form: psychometric properties and correlates of adolescent suicide proneness
The life attitudes schedule: a scale to assess adolescent life-enhancing and life-threatening behaviors
The linguistics of suicide
The LSARS-II: Lethality of Suicide Attempt Rating Scale-Updated
The media and suicide: a nonadditive model, 1968-1980
The postself and Richard Nixon's partial death
The multi-attitude suicide tendency scale: further validation with adolescent psychiatric inpatients
The national incidence of juvenile suicide in adult jails and juvenile detention centers
The participation of females in the labor force and rates of personal violence (suicide and homicide)
The place of suicide prevention in the spectrum of intervention: definitions of critical terms and constructs
The possibility of no suicide
The presuicidal syndrome
The prevalence of suicidal behaviors, attitudes and associated social experiences in an urban population
The prevalence of suicidal ideation among college students
The prevention of suicidal behaviors: an overview
The preventive effect of strict gun control laws on suicide and homicide
The psychological autopsy: methodological considerations for the study of adolescent suicide
The psychological pain assessment scale
The rate and characteristics of suicide attempters in the native Hawaiian adolescent population
The recurrent self-harm patient
The relation of delusional content in psychotic depression to life-threatening behavior
The relation of new Samaritan clients and volunteers to high risk people in England and Wales (1965-1977)
The relationship between coping strategies and perceived stress in telephone intervention volunteers at a suicide prevention center
The relationship between exposure to adolescent suicide and subsequent suicide risk. 2002 student award address
The relationship between posttraumatic stress symptomatology and suicidal behavior in school-based adolescents
The relationship between sexual orientation and risk for suicide: research findings and future directions for research and prevention
The relationship of drug use to suicide ideation and attempts among African American, Hispanic, and white non-Hispanic male adolescents
The reliability of suicide statistics: a bomb-burst
The risk of suicide among wounded Vietnam veterans
The risk of suicide in persons with AIDS
The role of death romanticization in the dynamics of suicide
The role of drugs in adolescent suicide attempts
The role of firearms and violence
The role of no-suicide agreements in the treatment of suicidal ideation and behavior: a comment
The role of objective personality inventories in suicide risk assessment: an evaluation and proposal
The role of shame in suicide
The role of social isolation in suicide
The role of social supports in the bereavement process of surviving spouses of suicide and natural deaths
The self-inflicted wrist slash
The serious suicide attempt. five-year follow-up study of 886 patients
The significance of Nico Speijer's suicide: how and when should suicide be prevented?
The sociological study of suicide: methodological issues
The structure of fantasied movement in suicidal children and adolescents
The study of suicidal behavior in the schools
The study of suicidal lives
The subjective experience of problem irresolvability and suicidal behavior: dynamics and measurement
The suicidal mode: a cognitive-behavioral model of suicidality
The suicide of a friend
The suicide of Anne Sexton
The suicide of Marigold Perry
The suicide of Seymour Glass
The suicide rate among psychiatrists revisited
The suicide survivor's grief and recovery
The trajectory of suicidal behavior over time
The transition from inpatient to outpatient care
The two traditions in suicide research (the Dublin lecture)
The underrecording of suicides in state and national records, Alaska, 1983-1984
The use of simulations to assess the impact of an adolescent suicide response curriculum
The utility of emergency room data for record linkage in the study of adolescent suicidal behavior
The Werther effect and assisted suicide
The working through of patients' suicides by four therapists
Theresa O'Hanley, persona non grata
Adolescent suicide risk: four psychosocial factors
Antidepressants and suicide risk in the United States, 1985-1999
Antidepressant Risks for Adults
Association of alcohol and drug use disorders and completed suicide: an empirical review of cohort studies
Attempted suicides in the municipality of Padua (Italy): a retrospective survey (1996-2000)
Australian and New Zealand clinical practice guidelines for the management of adult deliberate self-harm
Cause-specific mortality differences across socioeconomic position of municipalities in Japan, 1973-1977 and 1993-1998: increased importance of injury and suicide in inequality for ages under 75
High incidence of suicide by burning in Masjid-i-Sulaiman (southwest of Iran), a polluted area with natural sour gas leakage
Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance--National Alternative High School Youth Risk Behavior Survey, United States, 1998
Irrational fear of AIDS associated with suicidal behavior
Kindling and behavioral sensitization: are they relevant to recurrent suicide attempts?
Neurobehavior disinhibition in childhood predicts suicide potential and substance use disorder by young adulthood
Paternal alcohol dependence and offspring suicidal behaviors in a children-of-twins study
Post-traumatic stress disorder, drug dependence, and suicidality among male Vietnam veterans with a history of heavy drug use
Letter: Reply to Comments by Coles on the paper, 'Relationship between economic development and suicide mortality: a global cross-sectional analysis in an epidemiological transition perspective'
Self-inflicted burns: a sporadic phenomenon
Self-Reported Frequent Mental Distress Among Adults--United States, 1993-2001
Youth in detention and handguns
Suicidal behavior, drug use and depressive symptoms after detoxification: a 2-year prospective study
Suicidal ideation and attempts in adolescents: associations with depression and six domains of self-esteem
Suicide and violence in patients with major psychiatric disorders
Suicide attempts: differences between unipolar and bipolar patients and among groups with different lethality risk
The development of suicide ideation and attempts: an epidemiologic study of first graders followed into young adulthood
The pattern of completed suicides seen in Kuala Lumpur General Hospital 1999
The wish to die and the wish to commit suicide in the adolescent: two different matters?
Work and mental health
Can suicidality be cured? Suicide prevention in the G.P.'s practice
Suicidal methods-a comparison between East and West Germany. Epidemiological, forensic and sociomedical aspects
Regional and local clusters of railway suicides
Suicide mortality among Turks in Germany
Do nations' mental health policies, programs and legislation influence their suicide rates? An ecological study of 100 countries
Letter: Comments upon, 'Relationship between economic development and suicide mortality: a global cross-sectional analysis in an epidemiological transition perspective' by Moniruzzaman and Andersson
Time to sleep
Tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use among high school students in Bureau of Indian Affairs-funded schools--United States, 2001
Tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use among high school students--United States, 1991
Toward a predictive model of suicidal ideation and behavior: some preliminary data in college students
Toward a standard of care for treating suicidal outpatients: a survey of social workers' beliefs about appropriate treatment behaviors
Toward an empirical taxonomy of suicide ideation: a cluster analysis of the youth risk behavior survey
Toward an integrative model of suicide attempt: a cognitive psychological approach
Tracing the Brady Act's connection with homicide and suicide trends
Treating suicidal behavior in the mentally retarded: the case of Kim
Treatment adherence among Latina female adolescent suicide attempters
Trends in attempted suicide in Denmark, 1976-1980
Trends in hanging and firearm suicide rates in Australia: substitution of method?
Trends in suicide ideation and suicidal behavior among high school students in the United States, 1991-1997
Two models of adolescent self-mutilation
U.s. involuntary mental health commitment statutes: requirements for persons perceived to be a potential harm to self
Uncovering the mystery: factors of African American suicide
Understanding and preventing suicide: plenary papers of the first combined meeting of the AAS and the IASP, San Francisco, May 1987
Understanding life and death from a dialectical perspecitve
Unintentional carbon monoxide-related deaths in the United States, 1979 through 1988
Unintentional death, suicide, and domestic homicide against the improbable threat of an undefined terrorist or criminal threat
United Kingdom legislation on pack sizes of analgesics: background, rationale, and effects on suicide and deliberate self-harm
Use of case vignettes in suicide risk assessment
Use of paracetamol (acetaminophen) for suicide and nonfatal poisoning: worldwide patterns of use and misuse
Use of statistical techniques in studies of suicide seasonality, 1970 to 1997
Use of the Suicide Probability Scale (SPS) with adolescents
Variation in suicide occurrence by time of day, day of the week, month, and lunar phase
Vehicle drivers and fatal accidents
Veterinary euthanasia drugs as suicide agents
Vicissitudes of the suicidal impulse in dreams
Violent death among intimate partners: A comparison of homicide and homicide followed by suicide in California
Violent death in the West: suicide and homicide in New Mexico, 1958-1987
Vocabularies of motive and suicide
Warning signs for suicide: everyone's business
Warning signs for suicide?
What right to die?
What would you say to the person on the roof? A suicide prevention text
When a patient commits suicide
Where are they now? A follow-up study of suicide attempters from the Golden Gate Bridge
Why people engage in parasuicide: a cross-cultural study of intentions
Witnessed suicides
Women in cultural transition: suicidal behavior in South African Indian women
Worker and caller variety in three crisis centers
Writing projects: lessening undergraduates' unique suicidal bereavement
Years of potential life lost before age 65, by race, Hispanic origin, and sex--United States, 1986-1988
Young adults' reactions to gay and lesbian peers who became suicidal following "coming out" to their parents
Young adults' support strategies when peers disclose suicidal intent
Young female violent death trends in the general population during the Vietnam era
Young male violent death trends in the general population during the Vietnam era
Epidemiology of attempted suicide in Canterbury Province, New Zealand (1993-2002)
Youth risk behavior surveillance--United States, 1993
Psychosocial risk factors associated with suicide attempts and violence among psychiatric inpatients
Religious affiliation and suicide attempt
Suicide rates among physicians: a quantitative and gender assessment (meta-analysis)
The epidemiology and management of self-harm amongst adults in England
Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance--United States, 1995
Youth risk behavior surveillance--United States, 1997
Youth risk behavior surveillance--United States, 1999
Youth risk behavior surveillance--United States, 2001
Youth risk behavior surveillance--United States, 2003
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Youth suicide prevention
Youth suicide prevention: a survey and analysis of policies and efforts in the 50 states
Youth suicide trends in California: an examination of immigrant and ethnic group risk
Youth suicide--United States, 1970-1980
Youth suicide: a psychosocial perspective
Youth suicide: insights from 5 years of Arizona Child Fatality Review Team data
Youth suicide: the knowledge and attitudes of Australian teachers and clergy
Youth suicide: the physician's role in suicide prevention
Youth suicides unknown to psychiatric care providers
Youth violence prevention: the physician's role
Adolescent psychiatric inpatients' self-reported reasons for cutting themselves
Adolescent suicide myths in the United States
African American children's reports of depressed mood, hopelessness, and suicidal ideation and later suicide attempts
Antidepressant treatment and risk of suicide attempt by adolescents with major depressive disorder : a propensity-adjusted retrospective cohort study
Changes in suicide and divorce in new casino jurisdictions
Comparison of suicide in people aged 65-74 and 75+ by gender in England and Wales and the major Western countries 1979-1999
Criminalizing suicide attempts: can it be a deterrent?
Desperation and other affective states in suicidal patients
Environmental risk factors in hospital suicide
Antidepressants and the risk of suicidal behaviors
Interventions for suicide survivors: a review of the literature
Laboratory measured behavioral impulsivity relates to suicide attempt history
Natural suicide rates in nations of the world
Antidepressants and the risk of suicidal behaviors
Newspaper reporting of suicide cases in Hong Kong
Psychiatric diagnoses and suicide: revisiting the evidence
Substance use, suicidal ideation and attempts in children and adolescents
Agency warns of withdrawal risks for patients taking SSRIs
Suicidal behavior and self-disclosure in adolescent psychiatric inpatients
Suicide by gunshot in the United Kingdom: a review of the literature
Suicide pacts and the Internet
Suicide research based on Danish registers
Suicide risk screening in an urban high school
Temporal variation in Irish suicide rates
The association of irritability and impulsivity with suicidal ideation among 15- to 20-year-old males
The effect of the September 11 terrorist attacks on suicide and deliberate self-harm: a time trend study
Family history of suicidal behavior and earlier onset of suicidal behavior
Intoxicants and suicidal behaviour among adolescents: changes in levels and associations from 1992 to 2002
Mortality and suicide among Danish women with cosmetic breast implants
Repeated self-wounding: Women's recollection of pathways to cutting and of the value of different interventions
Sleep and adolescent suicidal behavior
Teachers' knowledge of facts and myths about suicide
Understanding the nurse's role in improving suicide prevention
Epidemiological aspects of suicide in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Attempted suicide in Hanoi, Vietnam
Comparative study about methods of suicide between Japan and the United States
Low intelligence test scores in 18 year old men and risk of suicide: cohort study
Screening for suicide risk: Recommendation and rationale
Suicide gap among young adults in Scotland: population study
Suicide: a focus on primary care
A survey of adolescents' knowledge about depression
Change in profile of acute self drug-poisonings over a 10-year period
Charcoal-burning suicide in post-transition Hong Kong
Psychiatric diagnoses and comorbidity in relation to suicidal behavior among psychiatrically hospitalized adolescents
Screening may not reduce suicide in later life
Suicidal ideation in patients with irritable bowel syndrome
Value of measuring suicidal intent in the assessment of people attending hospital following self-poisoning or self-injury
Attempted suicide: factors leading to hospitalization
Conventional terrorism and critical care
Derivation of a proxy measure of suicidal ideation from the Suicide Opinion Questionnaire
Getting inside depression and suicide ideation
History and geography of suicide: Could genetic risk factors account for the variation in suicide rates?
Suicidal behavior prevention: WHO perspectives on research
Suicidal disorders: A nosological entity per se?
War, mental disorder and suicide
Self-inflicted burns in Athens, Greece: a six-year retrospective study
Family genetic studies, suicide, and suicidal behavior
Gender differences in risk factors for attempted suicide among young adults: findings from the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey
Personality traits as intermediary phenotypes in suicidal behavior: Genetic issues
Risk factors for fatal accidents and suicides in peacekeepers: is there an overlap?
Suicide rate and blood groups: an ecological study of 39 nations
Suicides in Los Angeles County in relation to the Northridge earthquake
A survey of teenager unnatural deaths in northern Sweden 1981-2000
Attention deficit disorder and hospitalization owing to intra- and interpersonal violence among children and young adolescents
Deliberate self-harm (DSH) among older people: a retrospective study in Barnet, North London
Did the defeat of Saddam Hussein reduce suicide bombing casualties and attacks in Israel? A statistical analysis
Eating disorders, especially anorexia nervosa, are associated with an increased risk of attempted suicide in young women
Enterprise failures correlate positively with suicide rate for both sexes in Japan
Depression: a deadly comorbidity
High CSF-insulin in violent suicide attempters
Injuries from biologic material of suicide bombers
Mortality and further suicidal behaviour after an index suicide attempt: a 10-year study
Non-suicidal deaths following hospital-treated self-poisoning
Prevalence of over-the-counter drug-related overdoses at Accident and Emergency departments in Northern Ireland - a retrospective evaluation
Sex differences in severity of suicidal behavior in an Iranian sample
Substance use and male gender as risk factors for deaths and suicide--a 5-year follow-up study after deliberate self-harm
Suicidal ideation, antidepressive medication and car crash injury
Suicide and homicide in rural areas of California
Suicide in the United States End-Stage Renal Disease Program
The epidemiology and prevention of suicide by hanging: a systematic review
Trends in suicide by drowning in the elderly in England and Wales 1979-2001
A case-crossover study of acute alcohol use and suicide attempt
A multicentre study of coproxamol poisoning suicides based on coroners' records in England
Comparison of suicide attempters and completers
Ethnic differences in patterns of suicide (in the USA) across the life cycle
Impact of childhood abuse on the clinical course of bipolar disorder
Impaired decision making in suicide attempters
Intimate partner violence: homicides followed by suicides in Kentucky
Medical consequences of terrorist bombs containing spherical metal pellets: analysis of a suicide terrorism event
Mental health service delivery and suicide risk: the role of individual patient and facility factors
Opinion: Depression, antidepressants and suicidality: a critical appraisal
Perceived academic performance, self-esteem and locus of control as indicators of need for assessment of adolescent suicide risk: implications for teachers
Potential effects of antidepressant agents on the growth and development of children and adolescents
Predicting the risk of repetition after self harm: cohort study
Psychological evaluation of self-inflicted burn patients: suicide or parasuicide?
School bullying and suicidal risk in Korean middle school students
Self-inflicted burns: a rising tide?
Social capital and youth suicide risk factors in First Nations communities
Socio-economic differentials in mental disorders and suicide attempts in Australia
Suicide after deliberate self-harm: a 4-year cohort study
Suicide huge but preventable public health problem, says WHO. World Suicide Prevention Day--10 September
Contextual features and behavioral functions of self-mutilation among adolescents
Clinical management of deliberate self-harm in young people: the need for evidence-based approaches to reduce repetition
Psychological state of abused children of risk group
Antidepressant treatment and the risk of fatal and non-fatal self harm in first episode depression: nested case-control study
Fatal suicide cases from 1991 to 2000 in Szeged, Hungary
Gunshot fatalities: suicide, homicide or accident? A series of 48 cases
Poor social integration and suicide: fact or artifact? A case-control study
Presence of alcohol in suicide victims
Sharp force fatalities: suicide, homicide or accident? A series of 21 cases
Suicide among adolescents and young adults
Suicide and the war in Croatia
The relationship between antidepressant medication use and rate of suicide
Treatment for adolescents following a suicide attempt: results of a pilot trial
Suicide, accident? The importance of the scene investigation
Gun storage practices and risk of youth suicide and unintentional firearm injuries
Changeability, confidence, common sense and corroboration: comprehensive suicide risk assessment
Managing suicides via videoconferencing in a remote northern community in Canada
Association between suicide attempts and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors: systematic review of randomised controlled trials
Mortality and mental illness
An overview of the assessment tools available to mental health professionals to help determine patients at risk of suicide
A model predicting suicidal ideation and hopelessness in depressed older adults: the impact of emotion inhibition and affect intensity
Recent life events preceding suicide attempts in a personality disorder sample: findings from the collaborative longitudinal personality disorders study
Report highlights barriers to research on firearms and violence
The psychology and neurobiology of suicidal behavior
Effect of gender on suicide attempters versus nonattempters in an adolescent inpatient unit
Epidemiology of depression in the Asia Pacific region
Age-period-cohort analysis of suicide rates in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1979-1998
A statewide case-control study of spousal homicide-suicide in older persons
Suicide, depression, and antidepressants
Co-proxamol and suicide: preventing the continuing toll of overdose deaths
Completed suicide after a suicide attempt
Depressive symptoms in mothers of pre-school children: Effects of deprivation, social support, stress and neighbourhood social capital
Fatal accidents and suicide among reindeer-herding Sami in Sweden
Elderly suicide: an analysis of coroner's inquests into two hundred cases in Cheshire 1989 - 2001
Correlates and predictors of self-reported suicide attempts among incarcerated youths
Posttraumatic stress disorder comorbid with major depression: factors mediating the association with suicidal behavior
Prostate cancer: a significant risk factor for late-life suicide
Repeated self-poisoning: increasing severity of self-harm as a predictor of subsequent suicide
Restricted fetal growth and adverse maternal psychosocial and socioeconomic conditions as risk factors for suicidal behavior of offspring: a cohort study
Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor antidepressants and the risk of suicide: a controlled forensic database study of 14 857 suicides
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Social predictors of suicidal behaviour in adolescents in Trinidad and Tobago
Suicide by hanging: multicentre study based on coroners' records in England
Suicides in the midnight sun-a study of seasonality in suicides in West Greenland
The challenge of reducing youth suicide in Greenland--interventions, strategies and roads to be explored
Variation in European suicide rates is better accounted for by latitude and longitude than by national percentage of Finno-Ugrians and Type O blood: a rebuttal of Lester and Kondrichin (2004)
Factors associated with the recent decline in suicide rates in the elderly in England and Wales, 1985-1998
Missing deaths from pesticide self-poisoning at the IFCS Forum IV
Self-inflicted burns fatalities in Manipal, India
Spotting the signs of depression to ensure early treatment and reduce suicide deaths
Suicides among Danish cancer patients 1971-1999
The function of self-harm behavior in a forensic population
Trends in suicide mortality in the deprived region of Epirus (Northwest Greece) during the period 1998-2002
A review of nail gun suicides and an atypical case report
A study of 13 cases of near-hanging presenting to an Accident and Emergency Department
A career plundered
Access to methods of suicide: what impact?
Automatic rifle injuries: suicide by eight bullets: report of an unusual case and a literature review
Capital punishment, gun control, and personal violence (suicide and homicide)
Characteristics of firearms and gunshot wounds as markers of suicide
Epidemiologic trends in firearm suicides among adolescents
Female suicides in Berlin with the use of firearms
Firearm regulations and rates of suicide. (Comment)
Firearm suicide among older men
Firearm suicide among older women in the u.s
Firearm suicides and homicides in the United States: regional variations and patterns of gun ownership
Firearm suicides during confrontations with police
Firearm-related suicide among young African-American males
Firearms and adolescent suicide. a community case-control study
Gun availability and use of guns for murder and suicide in Canada
Gun control and suicide in Ontario
Gun ownership and suicide in the United States
Gunshot suicide in the County of Avon, England
Gunshot suicides in Victoria, Australia, 1988
Hanging, firearm, and non-domestic gas suicides among males: a comparative study
Homicide and suicide risks associated with firearms in the home: a national case-control study
Homicide followed by suicide: Paris and its suburbs, 1991-1996
Self-harm, substance use and psychological distress in the Australian general population
Methods used for suicide by farmers in England and Wales: the contribution of availability and its relevance to prevention
Multishot firearm suicide. examination of 58 cases
Suicide prevention in the dot com era: Technological aspects of a university suicide prevention program
Observations and statistics relating to suicide weapons
Are we ready for suicide bombings?
Charcoal burning is also popular for suicide pacts made on the Internet
Effect of the broadcast of a television documentary about a teenager's suicide in Israel on suicidal behavior and methods
Prevention of elderly suicide. physicians' assessment of firearm availability
Firearm availability and homicide: A review of the literature
Self-inflicted and unintentional firearm injuries among children and adolescents: the source of the firearm
Self-inflicted gunshot wounds to the head during the war and post-war period
Sociodemographic and geographic patterns of firearm suicide in the United States, 1989-1993
Sociodemographic predictors of firearm suicide among older white males
State firearm laws and rates of suicide in men and women
Sexual victimization and completed suicide among Danish female adults
Suicide by air rifle and shotgun
Suicide in the home in relation to gun ownership (Letter)
Suicide rates in Canada before and after tightening firearm control laws
Suicide with "non-lethal" firearm
The relationship between firearms and suicide: A review of the literature
Survivors of self-inflicted firearm injury. a liaison psychiatry perspective
Suicide prevention for psychoanalytic institutes and societies
The influence of gun control laws on suicidal behavior
A new sign for the establishment of gunshot in suicide?
Air gun injuries of the brain, a method of suicide characteristic for butchers
Differentiation of hunting accident and suicide with rifles
Fatal stun gun injury using a modified animal sedation gun
Suicidal gunshot wounds--site and characteristics
Suicide with air gun. research in would ballistics of air-driven weapons
Suicide with a walking cane gun: weapon, injury picture and psychopathology
Knowledge of and attitudes toward suicide and depression among Japanese in municipalities with high suicide rates
National strategies for the reduction and prevention of suicide
Negative life events associated with deliberate self-harm in an African population in Uganda
Recognizing imminent danger: characteristics of a suicide bomber
Risk factors for completed suicides: a case-control study from Bangalore, India
Suicide and the media: pitfalls and prevention
Suicide attempt history, self-esteem, and suicide risk in a sample of 116 depressed voluntary inpatients
Suicide in Japan: present condition and prevention measures
Suicide risk and mental health indicators: Do they differ by abuse and HIV status?
Suicide trends in South Africa, 1968--90
Temperament and character profile of persons with suicide attempt
Injuries of the head and neck in suicidal intention
Clueless: parental knowledge of risk behaviors of middle school students
Impact of the Brady Act on homicide and suicide rates (Author reply to letters)
Impact of the Brady Act on homicide and suicide rates (Letter)
Local television news coverage of traumatic deaths and injuries
Adolescent injury and death: the plagues of accident, self-infliction and violence
Adolescent suicide and household access to firearms in Colorado: results of a case-control study
Adolescent suicide and suicide attempts: a population study
Adolescent suicide prevention. current research and social policy implications
Adolescent suicide. a review of 87 cases of completed suicide in shelby county, tennessee
Age- and sex-related risk factors for adolescent suicide
Attempted suicide by black men and women: an 11 year study
Can a lecture influence attitudes to suicide prevention?
Suicide myths and health care provider bias
The treatment of postnatal depression by health visitors: impact of brief training on skills and clinical practice
Attempted drowning as a form of non-accidental injury
"Suffocation roulette": a case of recurrent syncope in an adolescent boy
"Jumpers syndrome". The trauma of high free fall as seen at Harlem Hospital
Drowning in the bath tub after choking: unusual death, accident or suicide? Reconstruction of an unusual fall
Unusual case of suicide; 2 suicides by burning; 2 by drowning: by immersion of head and by drowning in shallow vessel
The suicidal jailhouse hanging
Anti-depressants, suicide, and drug regulation
Cigarette Smoking and Completed Suicide among Middle-aged Men: A Population-based Cohort Study in Japan
Clinical evolution after self-induced or accidental traumatism: a controlled study of the extent and the specificity of suicidal catharsis
Poisoning and self-harm
Nail-gun injuries. Accident, homicide, or suicide?
Note on 'suicide and increased availability of handguns in the United States': the influence of firearm ownership on accidental deaths
Suicidal behavior in the family and adolescent risk behavior
Suicide and exposure to organophosphate insecticides: Cause or effect?
Caffeine intoxication: a near fatality
Changing patterns of female suicide: 1986-2000
Lifetime prevalences of physical diseases and mental disorders in young suicide victims
Deadly game among children and adolescents
Assessing risk following deliberate self harm
The burden of suicide and homicide of Wisconsin's children and youth
Asthma, suicidal ideation, and suicide attempts: findings from the Baltimore epidemiologic catchment area follow-up
Concerns over antidepressant medications and suicide: what does it mean?
Deliberate self-injury. A consumer-therapist co-run group. A choice or a necessity?
Effect of a suicide prevention centre for young people with suicidal behaviour in Copenhagen
Nicotine use in suicides: a case-control study
Prediction of repeated parasuicide after 1-12 months
Psychosocial assessment of patients who attend an accident and emergency department with self-harm
Suicide in Cyprus 1988-1999
Suicide probability: an assessment terms of reasons for living, hopelessness and loneliness
Gender differences in suicidal behaviour results of the WHO/EURO multicentre study on suicidal behaviour
An evaluation of state firearm regulations and homicide and suicide death rates
Assessing Chinese older adults' suicidal ideation: Chinese version of the Geriatric Suicide Ideation Scale
Childhood suicide: a major issue in pediatric health care
Clinical differences between suicidal and nonsuicidal depressed children and adolescents
Critical Periods of Suicide Risk in Huntington's Disease
Daubert and suicide risk of antidepressants in children
Do smokers who commit suicide have high blood levels of nicotine?
Evaluating iatrogenic risk of youth suicide screening programs: a randomized controlled trial
A European comparative study of marital status and socio-economic inequalities in suicide
Occult suicidality in an emergency department population
Peer suicidal behavior and adolescent risk behavior
Changes in mental disorder distribution among suicide attempters in mid-west area of Kanagawa
Prospective study of risk factors for attempted suicide among patients with DSM-IV major depressive disorder
The prevalence and impact of alcohol problems in major depression: A systematic review
Variability of the tryptophan hydroxylase gene: Study in victims of violent suicide
Clinical predictors of suicide in primary major depressive disorder
Detecting suicidal ideation in older patients:identifying risk factors within the general practice setting
Do suicide survivors suffer social stigma: a review of the literature
Epidemiology of suicide and the impact on Western trauma centers
Gender differences in risk factors of suicidal behavior in epilepsy
Incidence of note-leaving remains constant despite increasing suicide rates
Intimate partner violence: homicides followed by suicides in Kentucky
Karojisatsu in Japan: characteristics of 22 cases of work-related suicide
Responding to suicidal calls: does trait anxiety hinder or help?
Suicidal behavior in schizophrenia and depression: a comparison
Suicide in classical mythology: cues for prevention
Suicide prevention strategies--a brief review
Supporting young people who repeatedly self-harm
The prevention of suicide in later life: a task for GPs?
The Richard Cory phenomenon: suicide and wealth in Kansas City, Missouri
Urban/rural inequalities in suicide in Scotland, 1981-1999
Antidepressants and suicide
Age and paracetamol self-poisoning
Homicide and suicide rates --- National Violent Death Reporting System, six states, 2003
Gunshot suicides in England: A multicentre study based on coroners' records
Midlife suicide risk, partner's psychiatric illness, spouse and child bereavement by suicide or other modes of death: a gender specific study
Self-injurious behavior as a separate clinical syndrome
Suicide and deliberate self harm in young people
Suicide risk after spousal suicide or psychiatric admission: effects of assortative mating on heritable traits compared with environmental explanations
Why do so many Latina teens attempt suicide? A conceptual model for research
Are adoptees at increased risk for attempting suicide?
Aspects of suicidal behavior, depression, and treatment in college students: results from the Spring 2000 National College Health Assessment Survey
Attempted suicide among heroin users: 12-month outcomes from the Australian Treatment Outcome Study (ATOS)
Confirmatory factor analysis of the Trinity Inventory of Precursors to Suicide (TIPS) and its relationship to hopelessness and depression
Correlates of suicide in the older adult population in Quebec
Correlating homicide and suicide
Current trends in youth suicide and firearms regulations
Demographic, criminal, and psychiatric factors related to inmate suicide
Gender differences in predictors of suicidal thoughts and attempts among homeless veterans that abuse substances
Historical change of suicide seasonality in the Canton of Zurich, Switzerland
Intimate femicide followed by suicide: examining the role of premeditation
Is suicide ideation a surrogate endpoint for geriatric suicide?
Prediction of suicide revisited: a brief methodological note
Prospective cohort study of stress, life satisfaction, self-rated health, insomnia, and suicide death in Japan
Suicide compared to other causes of mortality in physicians
Suicide in the media: a quantitative review of studies based on nonfictional stories
Suicide risk in relation to level of urbanicity--a population-based linkage study
Testing a model of suicide ideation in college students
The association between suicide screening practices and attempts requiring emergency care in juvenile justice facilities
The relationship between seriously considering, planning, and attempting suicide in the Youth Risk Behavior Survey
The science of public messages for suicide prevention: a workshop summary
Transgender health: findings from two needs assessment studies in Philadelphia
Understanding resolution of deliberate self harm: qualitative interview study of patients' experiences
Young peoples' opinions about the causes of, and solutions to, New Zealand's high youth suicide rate
Youth suicide prevention: a survey of public school superintendents' acceptability of school-based programs
Burn mortality during 1982 to 1997 in Kuwait
A social semiotic interpretation of suicidal behaviour in young people
Deliberate self harm
Familial aggregation of suicidal behavior: a family study of male suicide completers from the general population
Datapoints: recent trends in suicide among U.S. adolescent males, 1992-2001
Response to Dr. Maurizio Pompili's comment as to suicide risk during pregnancy
Suicidal behavior in the community: prevalence and factors associated with suicidal ideation
Suicide and latitude in Argentina: Durkheim upside-down
Suicide risk during pregnancy. comment on 'the obstetrician and depression during pregnancy' by Campagne DM
Effects of violence and discrimination on the mental health of bisexuals, lesbians, and gays in Mexico City
Prevalence of suicidality during pregnancy and the postpartum
The effect of hospitalization with medical illnesses on the suicide risk in the oldest old: a population-based register study
Rail-related fatalities in Victoria, Australia: 1990-2002
Characteristics of self-cutters among male inmates: Association with bulimia and dissociation
Community-based suicide prevention through group activity for the elderly successfully reduced the high suicide rate for females
Do selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors cause suicide? Figures look doubtful
Do selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors cause suicide? Risk of suicide should be assessed for whole class of antidepressants
Factors associated with suicidal ideation in an elderly urban Japanese population: A community-based, cross-sectional study
Medical disorders of suicides in Australia: analysis using a multiple-cause-of-death approach
Suicide patterns and characteristics in Akita, Japan
Antidepressive treatment is the best prevention against suicide among young people
Medicolegal childhood deaths in Benin City, Nigeria
Clinical correlates and repetition of self-harming behaviors among female adolescent victims of sexual abuse
Evidence on youth suicide prevention highlights research gaps
Factor analysis of the Beck Scale for suicide ideation with female suicide attempters
Interpersonal dependency in suicide attempters
Preference for fall from height as a method of suicide by elderly residents of New York City
Suicide huge but preventable public health problem, says WHO
Suicide in depressive disorders: A retrospective case-control study of 127 suicides
Trends in suicide ideation, plans, gestures, and attempts in the United States, 1990-1992 to 2001-2003
A suicide using a homemade carbon monoxide "death machine"
Pesticide use and suicide in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil
Ethical and legal issues in suicide research
Exposure to suicide and suicidal behaviors among Hong Kong adolescents
Is cigarette smoking associated with suicidal ideation among young people?
Smoking and the risk of suicidal behavior: a prospective study of a community sample
Suicidal phenomena and abuse in adolescents: a review of epidemiological studies
Suicide among Russians in Estonia: database study before and after independence
Suicide attempts and impulsivity
Higher cortisol levels in spring and fall in patients with major depression
Self-harm in older people with depression: Comparison of social factors, life events and symptoms
The association between bullying behaviour, arousal levels and behaviour problems
The relationship of aggression to suicidal behavior in depressed patients with a history of alcoholism
Toys and potentially lethal games
Are treatment emergent suicidality and decreased response to antidepressants in younger patients due to bipolar disorder being misdiagnosed as unipolar depression?
Comparison of drug use and psychiatric morbidity between prostitute and non-prostitute female drug users in Glasgow, Scotland
Depression and suicidal behavior
General practice critical incident reviews of patient suicides: benefits, barriers, costs, and family participation
Long-term follow-up after severe suicide attempt by multiple blunt trauma
Gender differences in suicide attempters in Hungary: retrospective epidemiological study
The impact of trends in psychotropic prescribing on the method of suicide in the elderly
Pesticide poisoning in Dourados, Mato Grosso do Sul State, Brazil, 1992/2002
Pharmacological treatment of major depressive disorder in adolescents
Schizophrenia and deliberate self-harm: a systematic review of risk factors
Suicidal ideation among 8-year-olds who are maltreated and at risk: findings from the LONGSCAN studies
Suicide attempts in schizophrenia and affective disorders with relation to some specific demographical and clinical characteristics
Suicide mortality in Southern Italy: 1998-2002
Suicide risk in relation to psychiatric hospitalization: evidence based on longitudinal registers
Suspected suicide and suicide attempt with mysterious concomitant circumstances
The completed suicide as interplay of genes and environment
The impact of media coverage of the suicide of a well-known Quebec reporter: the case of Gaatan Girouard
The lifetime risk of suicide in schizophrenia: a reexamination
The Guarani-Kaiwa suicide epidemic: investigating its causes and suggesting the impossible return hypothesis
Self harm was misrepresented (again)
Anxiety and depression in adolescents in urban and rural China
Associations of body mass index and perceived weight with suicide ideation and suicide attempts among US high school students
Early violent death among delinquent youth: a prospective longitudinal study
Factors associated with parent-reported suicide threats by children and adolescents with community-diagnosed bipolar disorder
Life events, psychopathology, and suicidal behavior in Chinese adolescents
Lifetime risk of suicide ideation and attempts in an Australian community: Prevalence, suicidal process, and help-seeking behaviour
Low income, unemployment, and suicide mortality rates for middle-age persons in Japan
Parental death and bipolar disorder: A robust association was found in early maternal suicide
Reported childhood trauma, attempted suicide and self-mutilative behavior among women in the general population
Risk factors for acute pesticide poisoning in Sri Lanka
Suicidal behaviour is not lessened by higher treatment rate, study shows
Suicidal intent in deliberate self-harm and the risk of suicide: The predictive power of the Suicide Intent Scale
Suicide: a ten-year retrospective review of Kentucky medical examiner cases
The New Zealand Suicide Prevention Strategy consultation round: an open submission to the Ministry of Health
Poisoning hospitalizations among Texas adolescents: age and gender differences in intentional and unintentional injury
Suicide prevention through means restriction: Assessing the risk of substitution -- a critical review and synthesis
The material culture of suicidal fantasies
Assessment of suicide risk: clinical and legal aspects
The limits of social capital: Durkheim, suicide, and social cohesion
The genetic-environmental etiology of parents' perceptions and self-assessed behaviours toward their 5-month-old infants in a large twin and singleton sample
A Public Health Response to a Cluster of Suicidal Behaviors: Clinical Psychiatry, Prevention, and Community Health
An application of Durkheim's theory of suicide to prison suicide rates in the United States
Protective Factors Against Suicidal Behavior in Latinos
Suicidality in depressive children and adolescents during treatment with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors review and meta-analysis of the available randomised, placebo controlled trials
An ecologic study of parasuicide in Edmonton and Calgary
Antidepressant Drug Consumption and Public Health Indicators in Italy, 1955 to 2000
Anxiety Disorders Associated With Suicidal Ideation and Suicide Attempts in the National Comorbidity Survey
Assessing and Managing Suicide Risk: Guidelines for Clinically Based Risk Management
Can biological tests assist prediction of suicide in mood disorders?
Depression and suicidal behaviors in medicare primary care patients under age 65
Effect of psychiatric illness and labour market status on suicide: a healthy worker effect?
Epidemiology of suicide in Brazil (1980 - 2000): characterization of age and gender rates of suicide
Parasuicide and drug self-poisoning: analysis of the epidemiological and clinical variables of the patients admitted to the Poisoning Treatment Centre (CAV), Niguarda General Hospital, Milan
Self-poisoning suicides in England: a multicentre study
Suicidal behaviour and aggression in psychiatric inpatients
Suicidal ideation and attempted suicide among women living with HIV/AIDS
Suicidal Ideation and Suicide Attempts in Body Dysmorphic Disorder
Suicidality in adjustment disorder Clinical characteristics of adolescent outpatients
Suicide and attempted suicide in bipolar disorder: a systematic review of risk factors
Suicide prevention: a vital national public health issue
Treatment of alcohol use disorders in adolescents
The use of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in children and adolescents with major depression
Repeat suicide attempts: characteristics of repeaters versus first-time attempters admitted in the emergency of a tunisian general hospital
Outcome evaluation of a public health approach to suicide prevention in an American Indian tribal nation
Depression and suicidal ideation among Mexican American school-aged children
Evaluation of a high school peer group intervention for at-risk youth
Perspectives on suicide prevention among American Indian and Alaska native children and adolescents: a call for help
Strong inverse association between height and suicide in a large cohort of Swedish men: evidence of early life origins of suicidal behavior?
Suicide ideation in different generations of immigrants
Socio-economic inequalities in suicide: a European comparative study
Suicide rates according to education with a particular focus on physicians in Norway 1960-2000
Suicide among young women in Sweden: high numbers in comparison with the rest of Europe
A qualitative study of Mexican American adolescents and depression
Race, gender, and psychiatrists' diagnosis and treatment of major depression among elderly patients
Current concepts of depression during adolescence
Deliberate self-poisoning in children
Is violent method of suicide a behavioral marker of lifetime aggression?
Pain and deliberate self-harm: An important association
A 20-year review of trends in deliberate self-harm in a British town, 1981-2000
A dose-response relationship between imitational suicides and newspaper distribution
A qualitative study of help seeking and primary care consultation prior to suicide
A singular case of murder-suicide committed with a homemade firearm
Accident and emergency staff's perceptions of deliberate self-harm: attributions, emotions and willingness to help
Age of attaining nocturnal bladder control and adolescent suicidal behavior
Altruistic suicide in India
Altruistic suicide or altruistic martyrdom? Christian Greek Orthodox neomartyrs: a case study
Altruistic suicide: a few reflections
Altruistic suicide: a look at some issues
Altruistic suicides: are they the same or different from other suicides?
Does single motherhood protect against Black female suicide?
Emile Durkheim and altruistic suicide
Factors associated with treatment compliance in young people following an emergency department presentation for deliberate self-harm
Neither altruistic suicide, nor terrorism but martyrdom: a Muslim perspective
Mental health and socio-economic variations in Australian suicide
Suicide by firearm, a unique pattern from Iran
Terror suicide: how is it possible?
The ethics of self-sacrifice: what's wrong with suicide bombing?
In what ways are adolescents who engage in self-harm or experience thoughts of self-harm different in terms of help-seeking, communication and coping strategies?
Predicting suicide in nations
Regional and time-series studies of suicide in nations of the world
Cross-cultural attitudes towards suicide: the SOQ and a personal odyssey
Decreased density of peripheral benzodiazepine receptors in psychiatric patients after a suicide attempt
Do sociocultural factors predict suicidality among persons of African descent living in the U.S.?
Health professionals' perspectives of suicide in Taiwan
History of family suicide behaviors and negative problem solving in multiple suicide attempters
Psychiatric "survivors" and testimonies of self-harm
Mania, hypomania, and suicidality: findings from a prospective community study
Schizophrenia and suicide: systematic review of risk factors
The impact of lithium long-term medication on suicidal behavior and mortality of bipolar patients
Suicide in bipolar I disorder in Finland: psychological autopsy findings from the national suicide prevention project in Finland
Suicide in 406 mood-disorder patients with and without long-term medication: a 40 to 44 years' follow-up
Perceived academic performance as an indicator of risk of attempted suicide in young adolescents
Personality as a mediator of demographic risk factors for suicide attempts in a community sample
Suicidal ideation in prisoners: risk factors and relevance to suicidal behaviour. a prospective case-control study
Predictors of treatment response for suicidal youth referred for emergency psychiatric hospitalization
Risky behaviors and factors associated with suicide attempt in adolescents
Suicide attempters vs. ideators: are there differences in personality profiles?
The language of cutting: initial reflections on a study of the experiences of self-injury in a group of women and nurses
Suicide notes and their importance to suicide research the representativeness of suicide note writers
Attempted suicide in elderly Chinese persons: a multi-group, controlled study
Evolution of the concept of altruistic suicide in pre-Durkheim suicidology
Paetus, it does not hurt: altruistic suicide in the Greco-Roman world
Self-reported gambling-related suicidality among gambling helpline callers
Self-destructive and delinquent behaviors of adolescent female victims of child sexual abuse: rates and covariates in clinical and nonclinical samples
Sociopolitical contexts of self-immolations in Vietnam and South Korea
Suicide notes in India: what do they tell us?
Suicide: a literature review and its implications for nursing practice in Taiwan
Suicide: an Indian perspective
The lifetime prevalence, health services utilization and risk of suicide of bipolar spectrum subjects, including subthreshold categories in the Sao Paulo ECA study
The early development of self-injurious behaviour: evaluating the role of social reinforcement
Characteristics of suicides in Bogota, 1985-2000
Evaluation of a university hospital unit specialising in treating adults at risk of suicide
Ophthalmological complications of the asphyxiophilic "scarf game" in a 12-year-old child
A multicenter study about Neurobiology of Suicidal Behavior: design, development, and preliminary results
Differential suicide rates in typologies of child sex offenders in a 6-year consecutive cohort of male suicides
Emergency staff reactions to suicidal and self-harming patients
Prognosis of risk factors and trends in mortality from external causes among middle-aged men in Lithuania
Psychologists warn of more suicide attacks in the wake of London bombs
Seasonal fluctuation of suicide in Hungary between 1970-2000
Suicide is probably more common in untreated youths than in those receiving treatment: The need for a retrospective epidemiological study
Are cancer patients at higher suicide risk than the general population?
Association between physical partner violence, posttraumatic stress, childhood trauma, and suicide attempts in a community sample of women
Suicide in Tsukuba University students, 1974-2002
Differences in suicide behaviour in the elderly: a study in two provinces of Northern Italy
Internet comments on media reporting of two adolescents' collective suicide attempt
How effective is advanced training concerning depression and suicidality among the elderly? Results of a pilot study
Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and suicide in a region of Eastern Province ("Transkei"), South Africa
Low intelligence increases risk of suicide
Race and method of suicide: culture and opportunity
Suicidal behaviour in adolescence and subsequent mental health outcomes in young adulthood
Suicidal ideation and associated factors among community-dwelling elders in Taiwan
Suicide and the Chinese Cultural Revolution
The feasibility of a randomised, placebo-controlled clinical trial of homeopathic treatment of depression in general practice
Chronic self-destructiveness, hopelessness, and risk-taking in college students
Correlations for alcohol use, abuse, and treatment with suicide and homicide across 21 nations
Crisis card following self-harm: 12-month follow-up of a randomised controlled trial
Death by hanging while watching violent pornographic videos on the Internet-suicide or accidental autoerotic death?
Injury deaths, suicides and homicides associated with pregnancy, Finland 1987-2000
Multivariate analysis in suicide attempts: a useful tool for the clinician
National character, suicide and homicide
Suicide by inhalation of carbon monoxide in a residential fire
Suicide by jumping from bridges
Suicide by pencil
Variability in suicidal ideation: A better predictor of suicide attempts than intensity or duration of ideation?
A paired case-control study on related factors to attempted suicide
Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors for children and adolescents with major depression: current controversies and recommendations
What role does race play in adolescent suicidal ideation?
A case study on adolescent suicide: Tim
A psychometric analysis of the Geriatric Hopelessness Scale (GHS): Towards improving assessment of the construct
Adjustment disorder and the course of the suicidal process in adolescents
Register for Suicide Attempts
The suicide rate in the concentration camps was extraordinarily high: a comment on Bronisch and Lester
The treatment of adolescent depression in the era of the black box warning
The response inventory for stressful life events (RISLE) i. refinement of the 100-item version
The Response Inventory for Stressful Life Events (RISLE) II: Validation of the 36-item Version
Incidence of hospital admissions for deliberate self-poisoning with drugs in Norway
Acute selenium poisoning: suicide by ingestion
Plasma serotonin levels and suicidal behavior in adolescents
Assessing intervention effects in a community-based trial to reduce self-harm: A methodological case study
Increased risk of attempted suicide among aging holocaust survivors
Predictors of suicide in a community-based cohort of individuals with severe mental disorder
Social support in depressed patients who attempted suicide
Suicide after successful deep brain stimulation for movement disorders
Unusual motor vehicle suicides
Dances of the day of the dead. From suicide tendency to fear of death
Suicide in New Zealand
Suicide risk in patients treated with lithium
The effects on suicide rates of an educational intervention for front-line health professionals with suicidal patients (the STORM Project)
Underlying causes of cocaine, amphetamine and opioid related deaths in Australia
Alcohol and suicide at the population level-the Canadian experience
Pathways to suicidal behaviour among adolescent girls in Nicaragua
Changing patterns of suicide in a poor, rural county over the 20th century. A comparison with national trends
Depression and suicidal behavior in acne patients treated with isotretinoin: a systematic review
Factors associated with failed and completed railway suicides
The risk of suicide
Suicidal tendencies and attitude towards freedom to choose suicide among Lithuanian schoolchildren: results from three cross-sectional studies in 1994, 1998, and 2002
Suicides and suicide ideation in the Bible: an empirical survey
Ten-year incidence and time trends of railway suicides in Germany from 1991 to 2000
Low-planned suicides in China
Parasuicide, self-harm and suicide in Aboriginal people in rural Australia: A review of the literature with implications for mental health nursing practice
Perceived parental care and control among Israeli female adolescents presenting to emergency rooms after self-poisoning
Police officer suicide: causes, prevention, and practical intervention strategies
Potentially preventable suicide
Substance use, firearm availability, depressive symptoms, and mental health service utilization among white and African American suicide decedents aged 15 to 64 years
Suicide by aircraft: a comparative analysis
Childhood trauma and impulsivity. Possible relevance to suicidal behavior
A review of suicide behavior among Arab adolescents
Alcohol use and suicide rates
Antidepressants Reduce the Risk of Suicide among Elderly Depressed Patients
Axis I disorders and personality disorders as risk factors for suicide
Biochemical and clinical profile after organophosphorus poisoning--a placebo-controlled trial using pralidoxime
Epidemiology of Homicide-Suicide Events: Oklahoma, 1994-2001
Evaluating a suicide prevention program: a question of impact
Intentional self-poisoning with the chlorophenoxy herbicide 4-chloro-2-methylphenoxyacetic acid (MCPA)
Preventing suicidal behaviour in a general hospital psychiatric service: priorities for programming
Protective factors against suicide attempt risk among African American women experiencing intimate partner violence
Reduced completed suicide rate in Hungary from 1990 to 2001: Relation to suicide methods
Suicide attempts and externalizing psychopathology in a nationally representative sample
Suicide in the Army: a review of current information
Suicide in severe depression related to treatment, depressive characteristics and rate of antidepressant overdose
Suicides at work: misclassification and prevention implications
The characteristics of suicides within a week of discharge after psychiatric hospitalisation - a nationwide register study
The knowledge of pedagogic students on suicidal behaviors in adolescents
Towards a national strategy to reduce suicide in India
A review of suicidal behavior in anorexia nervosa
A review of eating disorders and suicide risk in adolescence
A comparative study of young and adult deliberate self-harm patients
Antidepressants and suicide: a commentary on a significant contribution to this debate
Antidepressant adherence and suicide risk in depressed youth
Are mental health insurance mandates effective? Evidence from suicides
Deliberate self harm (and attempted suicide)
Discharge Disposition of Adolescents Admitted to Medical Hospitals After Attempting Suicide
Alcohol and suicide in Switzerland: An aggregate-level analysis
Family history of suicidal behavior and mood disorders in probands with mood disorders
Gender differences in suicide risk by socio-demographic factors in Hong Kong
Geographical variations in fatal poisoning due to antidepressant drugs in England and Wales 1993-2003
Increased impulsivity associated with severity of suicide attempt history in patients with bipolar disorder
Long- and short-term risk factors in the prediction of inpatient suicide: review of the literature
Maternal suicidality and risk of suicidality in offspring: findings from a community study
Migration and mental health in Europe (The state of the mental health in Europe working group: appendix 1)
Mortality from suicide and drug-related poisoning by day of the week in England and Wales, 1993-2002
On being happy that someone has committed suicide
Preliminary findings of noncompliance with psychotropic medication and prevalence of methamphetamine intoxication associated with suicide completion
Sati: a type of nonpsychiatric suicide
Socioeconomic change and suicide: a time-series study from the Republic of Ireland
Studying suicide from the life course perspective: implications for prevention
Suicide Among Regular-Duty Military Personnel: A Retrospective Case-Control Study of Occupation-Specific Risk Factors for Workplace Suicide
Suicide prevention discussed at the WHO European ministerial conference on mental health
Suicide-homicide temporal interrelationship, links with other fatalities, and environmental physical activity
Value of measuring suicide intent
Factors associated with suicidal risk among consulting young people in a preventive health center
Suicidal crises in children and adolescents
Characteristics of Gambling Helpline Callers with Self-Reported Gambling and Alcohol Use Problems
Treatment of depression in children and adolescents
A prospective clinical analysis of pain behavior and self-injurious behavior
An extension and test of Sutherland's concept of differential social organization: the geographic clustering of Japanese suicide and homicide rates
Comparison of the effects of four suicide prevention programs for family and friends of high-risk suicidal men who do not seek help themselves
Cultural aspects of suicide
Efficacy of brief telephone psychotherapy with callers to a suicide hotline
Evaluation of suicide risk in children: psychometric properties of the Spanish version of the Risk of Suicide Questionnaire (RSQ)
Experts address risk of physician suicide
Indicators associated with suicidal ideation and suicide attempts among 16-35-year-old Danes: a national representative population study
Psychopathology associated with suicide attempts among rural adolescents of China
Season-of-birth as a risk factor for the seasonality of suicidal behaviour
Seasonal changes in suicide in the United States, 1971 to 2000
Social and psychiatric influences on urban-rural differentials in Australian suicide
Suicidal attempt and psychiatric disorders in Iran
Suicidal high falls
Suicide behavior in persons with intellectual disability
Suicides among family members of elderly suicide victims: an exploratory study
The needs of adolescent girls who self-harm
The prevalence of suicidal phenomena in adolescents: a systematic review of population-based studies
The role of the home care nurse in suicide prevention
Treatment of depression in children and adolescents
Trends in adolescent suicide in Hong Kong for the period 1980 to 2003
Antidepressant drug use and suicide prevention
Characteristics of attempted suicides seen in emergency-care settings of general hospitals in eight low- and middle-income countries
Comparison of compensation and capitalization models when treating suicidality in young adults
Frequency and patterns of mental health services utilization among adolescents with anxiety and depressive disorders
Myths about suicide on the suicide opinion questionnaire: an attempt to derive a scale
Reaching for the bottle of pesticide-a cry for help. Self-inflicted poisonings in Sri Lanka
Self-harming in depressed patients: pattern analysis
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Suicide among Danes with multiple sclerosis
Suicide attempts, plans, and ideation in culturally diverse sites: the WHO SUPRE-MISS community survey
Suicide from a holistic point of view
Suicide in athletes: a review and commentary
Suicide in the elderly in Kaniyambadi block, Tamil Nadu, South India
Supportive social relationships and adolescent health risk behavior among secondary students in El Salvador
The ecological association between suicide rates and indices of deprivation in English local authorities
Violence against women and suicide risk: The neglected impact of same-sex sexual behaviour
Suicidal behavior in adolescents--psychopathology and addictive comorbidity
Adolescent suicidality: who will ideate, who will act?
After the attempt: maintaining the therapeutic alliance following a patient's suicide attempt
An empirical taxonomy of social-psychological risk indicators in youth suicide
Artists' suicides as a public good
Borderline personality disorder and deliberate self-harm: does experiential avoidance play a role?
Emergency mental health nursing for self-harming refugees and asylum seekers
Exploring lag and duration effect of sunshine in triggering suicide
Factors relating to adolescent suicidal behavior: a cross-sectional Malaysian school survey
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National study of US emergency department visits for attempted suicide and self-inflicted injury, 1997-2001
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Patients' perceptions of isotretinoin, depression and suicide--a qualitative study
Prevalence of suicide ideation in two districts of Uganda
Psychological and sociological aspects of parenting and their relation to suicidal behavior
Psychological factors in deliberate self-harm as seen in a urban African population in Uganda: a case-control study
Repetition of deliberate self-harm as seen in Uganda
Securing a suicide hot spot: effects of a safety net at the Bern Muenster Terrace
Social problem solving in adolescents with suicidal behavior: a systematic review
Social risk and protective factors for suicide attempts in low income African American men and women
Substance use and suicidal conduct: A study of adolescents hospitalized for suicide attempt and ideation
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Suicide - A statistical analysis by age, sex and method
Suicide in Batman, southeastern Turkey
Suicide in Thailand, 1977 to 2002
Suicide in Vietnam veterans: the suicide wall
Suicide: the unmet challenge of the trauma system
Suicide of young adults psychiatric and psychosocial comorbidity
The prevalence of suicide ideation and suicide attempts in Manisa City Centre
Change of suicidal ideation induced by suicide attempt
Characteristics of suicide attempters with depressive disorders
Child and adolescent suicides in Virginia: 1987 to 2003
Chronic alcohol problems among suicide attempters--post-mortem findings of a 14-year follow-up
Cocaine and alcohol use preceding suicide in African American and white adolescents
Deliberate self harm
Emergency Treatment of Young People Following Deliberate Self-harm
Establishing Priorities for Reducing Suicide and Its Antecedents in the United States
Gender and suicidality prediction in epilepsy
Intimate partner sexual assault against women and associated victim substance use, suicidality, and risk factors for femicide
Lithium in the prevention of suicidal behavior and all-cause mortality in patients with mood disorders: a systematic review of randomized trials
Obsessive fears about harm to self or others and overt aggressive behaviors in youth diagnosed with juvenile-onset bipolar disorder
Problem-solving ability and repetition of deliberate self-harm: a multicentre study
Recent suicide attempt and the effectiveness of inpatient and outpatient substance use disorder treatment
Reducing the suicide rate among veterinary surgeons: how the profession can help
Incidence of suicide in the veterinary profession in England and Wales
Relatives of psychiatric inpatients--do physical violence and suicide attempts of patients influence family burden and participation in care?
State suicide prevention plans
Suicide and alcoholism
Suicide and mental disorders in Asia
Suicide attempts and life events 5-9 years after referral for emergency psychiatric outpatient treatment
Suicide prevention and developing countries
Suicide rates in China during a decade of rapid social changes
The internal struggle between the wish to die and the wish to live: a risk factor for suicide
The social ecology of intelligence and suicide in Belarus
Suicidality and the Internet: danger from new media
A needs assessment for regionalization of trauma care in a rural state
Clinical Features of Suicide Attempts After Traumatic Brain Injury
Depressive symptoms in adolescent pupils are heavily influenced by the school they go to. A study of 10th grade pupils in Oslo, Norway
Depressive symptoms in women experiencing intimate partner violence
Special section on relapse prevention: qualitative interviews on substance abuse relapse and prevention among female trauma survivors
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Suicides in male prisoners in England and Wales, 1978-2003
Self-inflicted injurious behavior
Suicide attempters' contacts with the primary health care system
Festina lente: the road to prevention of death by suicide
Kostas Karyotakis (1896-1928): did the great Greek suicidal poet suffer from syphilis?
Suicide in prison
Impact of national policy initiatives on fatal and non-fatal self-harm after psychiatric hospital discharge: time series analysis
Epidemiological data and mortality rate of patients hospitalized with burns in Brazil
A model program for youth suicide prevention
An uncommon view about teenage suicide
Acute suicidal self-poisonings during pregnancy
Age-Related Characteristics of Depression: A Preliminary STAR*D Report
Alcohol and adolescent suicide
Child, adolescent and youth suicide and undetermined deaths in England and Wales compared with Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the USA for the 1974-1999 period
Deliberate self-poisoning in Ontario following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001
Dependency and suicidality in addictive disorders
Diversity and change in suicide seasonality over 125 years
Extreme obesity is associated with attempted suicides: results from a family study
Factors associated with the non-assessment of self-harm patients attending an Accident and Emergency Department: Results of a national study
Family history of suicide, female sex, and childhood trauma: separate or interacting risk factors for attempts at suicide?
National intelligence, suicide rate in the elderly, and a threshold intelligence for suicidality: an ecological study of 48 Eurasian countries
Near miss incidents in police custody suites in London in 2003: A feasibility study
Prescription and over-the-counter medicals in deliberate self-poisoning and accidental overdosing--preliminary study
Prevention of suicide in an inpatient adolescent unit by environmental safety modification
Psychological effects of bio-terrorism and adolescent suicide
Relation between rates of suicide in 15-24-year-olds and per capita consumption of alcohol beverages in European countries
Suicide and suicide attempts in adolescents and young adults in Krakow in the years 2002-2003
Suicide attempts among adolescents in northeastern Slovenia: a 25 year report
Suicide in classical mythology: not just a case-series?
Suicide in early childhood: a brief review
Suicide prevention: critical elements for managing suicidal clients and counselor liability without the use of a no-suicide contract
Suicide self-poisoning in childhood
Suicide: a neurobiological point of view
The characteristics of suicide attempts based on the suicidal intent scale scores
The relationship between suicidal attempts and menstrual cycle in woman
The social support to patients after suicidal attempts provided by the nurses in Clinic of Acute Poisonings Medical University of Gdansk
Youths who intentionally practise self-harm. Review of the recent research 2001-2004
Committed suicide in the background of the history of previous suicide attempts--a 5-year prospective study of suicide attempts
The assessment of suicidal risk in the concept of the presuicidal syndrome, and the possibilities it provides for suicide prevention and therapy--review
Data need to be accurate when screening for depression in teenagers
Frequency and pattern of poisoning in adult and adolescent Krakow population in 2003 and 1983
Attendance at accident and emergency for deliberate self harm predicts increased risk of suicide, especially in women
Completed Suicide among Subjects Receiving Psychotherapy
Deliberate self-harm in older people revisited
Differences between organophosphorus insecticides in human self-poisoning: a prospective cohort study
Factors associated with ideation and acts of deliberate self-harm among 18-year-old boys. A prospective 10-year follow-up study
Forensic database study suggests selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors do not increase the risk of suicide in people taking antidepressants
Lifetime risk of suicide in people with schizophrenia lower than commonly reported
Postcards from the edge: GPs have role in reducing repetition of self harm
Postcards from the edge: homelessness poses extra challenge in reducing self harm
Self-harm, capacity, and refusal of treatment: implications for emergency medical practice. A prospective observational study
Suicide and self-harm following prescription of SSRIs and other antidepressants: confounding by indication
Suicide in the north of Thailand
Suicide prevention strategies: a systematic review
Suicide risk peaks in first week of psychiatric hospitalisation and post-discharge
Suicidal attempts in adolescents
Suicidal ideations and suicide attempts after starting with Aripiprazole, a new antipsychotic drug
The neurobiology of suicide in adolescents. an emerging field of research
Alcohol-related suicides in victims with a history of hospital-treated depression
Can psychiatrists prevent suicide? Yes, in collaboration
Can psychiatry prevent suicide? Not yet!
Clustering of suicides among people with mental illness
Completed suicide and psychiatric diagnoses in young people: a critical examination of the evidence
Investigating the "self" in deliberate self-harm
Later results don't confirm antidepressant suicide link
Mortality and suicide after non-fatal self-poisoning: 16-year outcome study
Risk factors for suicide completion in major depression: a case-control study of impulsive and aggressive behaviors in men
Suicide among physicians
Suicide attempters' reaction to survival as a risk factor for eventual suicide
Exploring the relationship between religious service attendance, mental disorders, and suicidality among different ethnic groups: results from a nationally representative survey
Alcohol and suicide in Alaska Natives
A Kantian view of suicide and end-of-life treatment
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Association of Body Mass Index with Suicide Mortality: A Prospective Cohort Study of More than One Million Men
Complicated grief and suicidal ideation in adult survivors of suicide
Fatal poisoning with antipsychotic drugs, England and Wales 1993-2002
Factors associated with suicide attempts in female inmates: the hegemony of hopelessness
Firearm suicide in Maryland: characteristics of older versus younger suicide victims
Gay adolescents and suicide: understanding the association
Juvenile suicide in confinement in the United States results from a national survey
Living circumstances of suicide mortality in a South African city: an ecological study of differences across race groups and sexes
Prevalence of mental disorders and deliberate self-harm in Greek male prisoners
Risk of suicide and SSRIs
Self-inflicted injuries with negative political overtones
Single and multiple suicide attempts and associated health risk factors in New Hampshire adolescents
Sleep and suicidality: do sleep disturbances predict suicide risk?
Suicide in Blantyre, Malawi (2000-2003)
Suicide in developing countries: frequency, distribution, and association with socioeconomic indicators
Suicide in developing countries: prevention efforts
Suicide prevention: a pragmatic review of recent studies
The Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality versus Treatment as Usual: A Retrospective Study with Suicidal Outpatients
The epidemiology of suicide and attempted suicide in Dutch general practice 1983-2003
Toward an understanding of suicide in First-Nation Canadians
Unacted suicide: a proposal
Utah youth suicide study: psychological autopsy
Violence against self: self-mutilation syndromes
Suicide in developing countries: risk factors
A Discussion of the Value of Cross-Cultural Studies in Search of the Meaning(s) of Suicidal Behavior and the Methodological Challenges of Such Studies
A Prospective Study of Noncompliance With Medication, Suicidal Ideation, and Suicidal Behavior in Recently Discharged Psychiatric Inpatients
Age-period-cohort analysis of Swiss suicide data, 1881-2000
Alcohol consumption and suicide
Altruistic Suicide: Update
Deaths from poisoning in New Zealand: 2001-2002
Educational attainment and suicide rates in the United States
High Cholesterol, Triglycerides, and Body-Mass Index in Suicide Attempters
National Differences in Predictors of Suicide Among Young and Elderly Citizens: Linking Societal Predictors to Psychological Factors
Soldiers Who Kill Themselves: The Contribution of Dispositional and Situational Factors
Suicide and Islam
Suicide and mental health issues in the (veterinary) profession
Suicide trends following the Taiwan earthquake of 1999: empirical evidence and policy implications
The Transformation of Suicide Fluctuation in Slovenia
The use of antidepressants in school-age children
Tobacco and alcohol tax relationships with suicide in Switzerland
Why Do People Injure Themselves?
Traumatic Exposure Severity Scale (TESS): A measure of exposure to major disasters
Exercise for depression
The economy as a factor in motor vehicle fatalities, suicides, and homicides
Victim characteristics in fatal home accidents. alcohol, mental disorder, and suicidal intent in officially registered accidents in the home
Epidemiology of fatal tricyclic antidepressant ingestion: implications for management
Fatal injuries in adolescents
Adolescents who self-harm: Professional staff knowledge, attitudes and training needs
Predictors of suicide-related behaviors during treatment following a first episode of psychosis: The contribution of baseline, past, and recent factors
Suicidal asphyxiation by using pure helium gas: case report, review, and discussion of the influence of the Internet
Seat belt induced transection of the trachea in a child on the lap of an adult
Submersion cases in The Netherlands
Suicide by cop
Suicide with an air rifle
Child and adolescent suicide deaths in New Mexico, 1990-1994
Adolescent hospital discharges associated with self-poisonings in Wisconsin, 2000-2002
Antidepressants use in children and adolescents and the risk of suicide
Brief report: Classification of adolescent suicide and risk-taking deaths
Depressive symptoms in adolescents living in rural America
Homicide in the Canadian prairies: spousal killers, amnesia and self-harm
Retrospective study of suicide cases admitted in Nepal Medical College Teaching Hospital
Delayed motor and visual complications after attempted suicide
Suicide in Children and Adolescents: A 10-Year Retrospective Review
Suicides and other fatalities from train-person collisions on Swedish railroads: A descriptive epidemiologic analysis as a basis for systems-oriented prevention
Underlying factors for the rapid increase of suicide in Mie Prefecture, Japan
Youth suicide in Wisconsin: mortality, hospitalizations, and risk factors
Neck structure injuries in Hanging--comparing retrospective and prospective studies
Wilderness mortalities: a 13-year experience
Controlling the environment to prevent suicide: international perspectives
Coping with the suicidal elderly: a physician's guide
Coroners' records of rural and non-rural cases of youth suicide in New South Wales
Determinants of suicide in the Transkei sub-region of South Africa
Epidemiology of suicide
Female suicides in major Texas cities, 1994 through 1998
Risk of depression and multiple sexual risk-taking behaviours in adolescents in Nova Scotia, Canada
Suicidal tendencies of physicians - an overview
Aggressive behaviors in early adolescence and subsequent suicidality among urban youths
Deliberate self-poisoning with acetaminophen: A comparison with other medications
Grassroots armada for suicide prevention
Long-term treatment and suicidal behavior in severe depression: ECT and antidepressant pharmacotherapy may have different effects on the occurrence and seriousness of suicide attempts
ACNP Task Force Report on SSRIs and Suicidal Behavior in Youth
Accident and emergency nurses' attitudes towards patients who self-harm
Patterns of injury and functional outcome after hanging: analysis of the National Trauma Data Bank
Suicide and the military
Suicidality and correlates among rural adolescents of China
Suicide by carbon monoxide from car exhaust-gas in Denmark 1995-1999
Suicide prevention and audit
The suicide thing
Epidemiology and control of injury
Social support in suicide forums
Childhood residential mobility and multiple health risks during adolescence and adulthood: the hidden role of adverse childhood experiences
Dissecting the suicide phenotype: the role of impulsive-aggressive behaviours
Early-Stage Alzheimer Disease Represents Increased Suicidal Risk in Relation to Later Stages
Epidemiology of intentional self-poisoning in rural Sri Lanka
Reflections on death
Management of self-harm in adults: which way now?
Temporal trends over the past two decades in asphyxial deaths in South Australia involving plastic bags or wrapping
The effect of macroeconomic variables on suicide
The National Center on Indigenous Hawaiian Behavioral Health Study of Prevalence of Psychiatric Disorders in Native Hawaiian Adolescents
Factors affecting reported rates of self-injury
Death psychology, science fiction, and the writings of Stanley G. Weinbaum
A psychological autopsy of an Indian adolescent suicide with implications for community services
A survey of hospital services for suicidal persons
Banality reinvestigated: A computer-based content analysis of suicidal and forced death documents
Death and suicide in modern lyrics
Family dynamics, childhood depression, and attempted suicide in a 7-year-old boy: a case study
Hopelessness: an indicator of suicidal risk
Is there a biochemical predictor of suicide?
Police suicides revisted
Reporting of suicide: Canadian statistics
Risks of mortality of suicide attempters compared with psychiatric and general populations
Self-attitudes and suicidal behavior
Self-destructive consequences of sex-role socialization
Self-poisoning with follow-up considerations
Some aspects of suicide
Suicide behavior: community attitudes and beliefs
The anticipation of death by violence: a psychological profile
The epidemiology of life-threatening events
The future fate of suicide attempters
The vulnerability of young Japanese women and suicide
Toward a sociocultural perspective on means of self-destruction
Alcohol consumption as a risk factor for anxiety and depression: Results from the longitudinal follow-up of the National Psychiatric Morbidity Survey
The perception of the passage of time among death-involved hospital patients
To be, or not to be--certified
Advances in the assessment of suicide risk
Alcohol dependence, excessive drinking and deliberate self-harm. Trends and patterns in Oxford, 1989-2002
Assessment of suicidality in a Moroccan metropolitan area
Birth month and suicide among major league baseball players
Clinical applications of the interpersonal-psychological theory of attempted and completed suicide
Cognitive therapy and preventing suicide attempts
Cognitive therapy and preventing suicide attempts
Do SSRIs cause suicide in children? The evidence is underwhelming
Help stop self-injury
Improving detection of suicidal ideation among depressed patients in primary care
Individualism and suicide
Life events and suicidality in adolescents with schizophrenia
Psychiatry and the Palestinian population
Psychoanalytic perspectives on the treatment of an acute suicidal crisis
Psychosocial treatments of suicidal behaviors: A practice-friendly review
Risk management with suicidal patients
Screening for depression and suicide: self-report instruments that work
Suicidal ideation and risk levels among primary care patients with uncomplicated depression
Suicidality in clinical practice: Anxieties and answers
Suicide among animals: clues from folklore that may prevent suicidal behaviour in human beings
Suicide ideation after the 1999 earthquake in Marmara, Turkey
The impact of the Samaritan centres on suicide in Scotland
The relationship between suicidal thoughts and psychoactive substances
Uncompleted suicide attempts
Understanding suicide in Australian farmers
Cervical spine injuries in 64 attempted suicidal hangings in India
Clinical profiles of serious suicide attempters consecutively admitted to a university-based hospital: a cluster analysis study
Completed suicides in a youth centres population
Core features of repeated suicidal behaviour A long-term follow-up after suicide attempts in a low-suicide-incidence population
Suicide mortality in South Africa. A city-level comparison across socio-demographic groups
Feasibility of Screening Adolescents for Suicide Risk in "Real World" High School Settings
Personality and reports of suicide ideation among depressed adults 50 years of age or older
Public health training on the prevention of youth violence and suicide an overview
Public health training online the National Center for Suicide Prevention training
Suicidal behaviour in national and international adult adoptees.  A Swedish cohort study
Alcoholism and suicidal behavior: a clinical overview
Posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms among low-income, African American women with a history of intimate partner violence and suicidal behaviors: Self-esteem, social support, and religious coping
Seasonal Variation in Suicidal Deaths in Chile: Its Relationship to Latitude
Suicide in India
Suicide risk during antidepressant treatment
The "birthday blues" in a sample of major league baseball players' suicides
The media and suicide
The relationship between media reporting of suicide and actual suicide in Australia
The origins of hopelessness among inner-city african-american adolescents
Prevention of suicide in the elderly
Suicide attempt, psychopathology and genetics
Suicide behind bars - an international review
Celebrity stalking, homicide, and suicide: a psychological autopsy
Characteristics of people committing suicide in Medellin, Colombia
Filicide-suicide: common factors in parents who kill their children and themselves
Influence of lunar phases on suicide: the end of a myth? A population-based study
Mass-casualty events at schools: a national preparedness survey
Prevalence and correlates of suicidal ideation among young injection vs. noninjection drug users
Psychopathy and suicidality in female offenders: mediating influences of personality and abuse
Recent sexual abuse, physical abuse, and suicide attempts among male veterans seeking psychiatric treatment
Treating depression in children and adolescents : what options now?
Patterns of violent death in Bogota, 1997-2003
Implementing means restriction education in urban EDs
Injuries in attempted suicide by jumping from a height
Pattern of suicides in Ile-Ife, Nigeria
Deaths from all causes in a long-term follow-up study of 11583 deliberate self-harm patients
Elderly suicide and the 2003 SARS epidemic in Hong Kong
Farming and mental health problems and mental illness
Healing fractured families: parents' and elders' perspectives on the impact of colonization and youth suicide prevention in a Pacific Northwest American Indian tribe
History of suicide attempts in pediatric bipolar disorder: factors associated with increased risk
Life-time history of suicide attempts and coronary artery disease in a community-dwelling elderly population
Parent-child connectedness and behavioral and emotional health among adolescents
Predictors of suicidal ideation for adolescents by gender
Risk and protective factors for medically serious suicide attempts: a comparison of hospital-based with population-based samples of young adults
Suicide attempts and associated factors in Newfoundland and Labrador, 1998-2000
Sunshine and suicide: Bright light may lead to serotonin-driven behavioural activation without improvement in depressive cognitive deficits
The development of a brief screening instrument for depression and suicidal ideation for elderly: the Depression and Suicide Screen
The geography of self-injury: Spatial patterns in attempted and completed suicide
The need for translational research on antidotes for pesticide poisoning
Time patterns of attempted suicide
Trends of acute poisoning in south Karnataka
Utility of indices of gun availability in the community
Evaluation of the effect of climatic warming on population health is a new task of preventive medicine
Planned complex suicide by self-poisoning and a manipulated blank revolver: remarkable findings due to multiple gunshot wounds and self-made wooden projectiles
Planned complex suicide: report of three cases
Preventability of death from penetrating injury in England and Wales
Restricting the availability of guns as a strategy for preventing suicide
Risk and prevention of youth suicide
Risk factors for male and female suicide decedents ages 15-64 in the United States. Results from the 1993 National Mortality Followback Survey
Self inflicted gunshot wound caused by a home-made gun - medico-legal and ballistic examination
Self-inflicted abdominal stab wounds
Self-reported depression and suicide attempts among U.S. women physicians
Self-destruction in Finnish motor traffic accidents in 1974-1992
South Carolina's suicide mortality in the 1970s
Spousal homicide and suicide in Quebec
Stud guns revisited: report of a suicide and literature review
Suicidal ideation among older primary care patients
Suicide among young Australians, 1964-1993: an interstate comparison of metropolitan and rural trends
Suicide and gun control
Suicide and violence prevention: parent education in the emergency department
Suicide attempts among adolescent drug users
Suicide attempts among American Indian and Alaska Native youth: risk and protective factors
Suicide attempts by the old and the very old
Suicide in adolescents with no apparent psychopathology
Suicide in Israel: 1985-1997
Suicide in Mississippi--a growing concern
Suicide in New Zealand 1957-1986: the influence of age, period and birth-cohort
Suicide in peacekeepers--a cohort study of mortality from suicide in 22,275 Norwegian veterans from international peacekeeping operations
Suicide in South Africa. An analysis of nationally registered mortality data for 1984-1986
Suicide in the Highlands of Scotland
Suicide with the latest type of slaughterer's gun
The associations of suicide attempts in adolescents
The epidemiology of homicide-suicide (dyadic death)
The female suicide victim. trends in a metropolitan county (1963-1983)
Young suicide attempters compared with a control group: psychological, affective, and attitudinal variables
Adolescents referred to specialty mental health care from local services and adolescents who remain in local treatment: what differs?
Apparent suicidal carbon monoxide poisonings with concomitant prescription drug overdoses
Epidemiological study of suicide in Croatia (1993-2003)--comparison of Mediterranean and continental areas
Internet addiction in Korean adolescents and its relation to depression and suicidal ideation: A questionnaire survey
Suicidal behaviour among primary-care patients with depressive disorders
Suicidal ideation and attempts in bipolar I and II disorders
Suicidal thought and behavior in high school students in Adana, Turkey
Suicidality in chronic pain: a review of the prevalence, risk factors and psychological links
Suicide among patients with schizophrenia: a consideration of risk and protective factors
Suicide attempts amongst elderly bipolar patients
Suicide trends in discharged patients with mood disorders: associations with selective serotonin uptake inhibitors and comorbid substance misuse
The association between suicide and the socio-economic characteristics of geographical areas: a systematic review
Do the antidepressants increase suicide risk?
Suicidal and parasuicidal behaviour
The prevalence of suicide ideas and their psychosocial backgrounds among physicians
Characteristics of high intent suicide attempters admitted to a general hospital
Deliberate self-harm and childhood hyperactivity in junior high school students
Lifetime Histories of Trauma among Pathological Gamblers
Recent alcohol intake and suicidality--a neuropsychological perspective
Solving the puzzle of deliberate self-harm: The experiential avoidance model
Suicide among older people
Suicide ideation and attempts are more prevalent in people aged 25-44 years in Australia but become less prevalent in older people
Suicide in mental health in-patients and within 3 months of discharge: National clinical survey
Suicide within 12 months of mental health service contact in different age and diagnostic groups: National clinical survey
Young people admitted with self-injury had more severe psychiatric disorders in 2000 than in 1990
Violent suicide in South Yorkshire, England
Weapon location following suicidal gunshot wounds
Working through conflict with self-destructive preschool children
Prevalence and severity of intimate partner violence and associations with family functioning and alcohol abuse in psychiatric inpatients with suicidal intent
Recent life events and suicide: A case-control study in Tallinn and Frankfurt
Recognizing and treating depression in children and adolescents
Risk of harm: inmates who harm themselves while in prison psychiatric treatment
The incidence of child suicide in Minnesota
The increasing rate of suicide by firearms
Suicidal electric fatalities outside the bathtub (with 3 case reports)
Suicide prevention among active duty Air Force personnel--United States, 1990-1999
Suicide risk in bipolar disorder during treatment with lithium and divalproex
Risk of self-harm in physically ill patients in UK primary care
Youth suicide trends in Australian metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas, 1988-1997
Clear connection between gun ownership and suicide. 92 per cent of attempts result in death
Trends in firearm suicide among older American males: 1979-1988
The prevalence of aborted suicide attempts among psychiatric in-patients
The return of the projected: some thoughts on paranoia and a recent trend in horror films
The role of alcohol in suicides in Erie County, NY, 1972-84
Suicidal behaviors among Connecticut youth
Laws and psychiatry: "One madman keeping loaded guns": misconceptions of mental illness and their legal consequences
A case of suicide-by-cop
A case study of the suicide of Luis Mendes France, in Bordeaux, in 1695
A dose-response relationship of imitational suicides with newspaper distribution
Adolescent substance abuse and suicide
Are seasonalities in suicide dependent on suicide methods? A reappraisal
Autopsy features relevant for discrimination between suicidal and homicidal gunshot injuries
Child and adolescent suicide in a large, urban area: psychological, demographic, and situational factors
Death by suicide in Grampian 1991-1999: comparison with a previous study
Epidemiological features of suicides in Osijek County, Croatia, from 1986 to 2000
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Epidemiology of suicide in Israel: a nationwide population study
Factors associated with state variations in homicide, suicide, and unintentional firearm deaths
Female suicides in Diyarbakir, Turkey
Firearm homicide and firearm suicide: opposite but equal
Firearms and suicide
Gun availability and use of guns for suicide, homicide, and murder in Canada
Gun control and suicide: possible impact of Canadian legislation to ensure safe storage of firearms
Deliberate self-harm and the elderly: a volatile combination-an overview from the plastic surgery perspective
Homicide-suicide in Hong Kong, 1989-1998
Homicide-suicide in Hong Kong, 1989-1998
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Managing suicide risk in late life: access to firearms as a public health risk
Medical illness and the risk of suicide in the elderly
Murder-suicide in New Hampshire, 1995-2000
Paroxetine, other antidepressants, and youth suicide in New York City: 1993 through 1998
Prevention of suicide in adolescents
Rates and risk factors for suicide, suicidal ideation, and suicide attempts in chronic epilepsy
Retrospective analysis of youth evaluated for suicide attempt or suicidal ideation in an emergency room setting
Suicidal deaths in childhood and adolescence
Suicide among young people in selected Brazilian State capitals
Suicide attempts in a Nigerian military setting
Suicide by firearms: a 15-year experience
Suicide in Australian farming, 1988-1997
Suicide in children and adolescents at a province in Turkey
Suicide in the elderly 60 years of age and over in the south-east part of Serbia
Suicide in Travis County, Texas, from 1994 through 1998
Suicide rate after the 1991-1995 War in Southwestern Croatia
Suicide rates in Russia on the increase
Suicide, firearms, and data
Surveillance of completed suicide in the Department of the Navy
The culture of suicide through societal integration and religion: 1996-1998 gender-specific suicide rates in 50 American states
Utah youth suicide study, phase I: government agency contact before death
Youth suicide risk and preventive interventions: a review of the past 10 years
A Review of Serotonin Toxicity Data: Implications for the Mechanisms of Antidepressant Drug Action
Characteristics of Chinese suicide attempters: an emergency room study
Eviction as a risk factor for suicide
Firearm suicide in New York City in the 1990s
Genetics of suicide
Japan promises to curb number of suicides
Profile of acute poisoning cases presenting to health centres and hospitals in Oman
Rates and factors associated with suicide in Kaniyambadi Block, Tamil Nadu, South India, 2000-2002
Recognition of suicide risk according to the characteristics of the suicide process
Sense of belonging as a predictor of reasons for living in older adults
Suicide behaviour over 18 months in recent onset schizophrenic patients: The effects of CBT
Suicides in Trakya region, Turkey, from 1984 to 2004
The close link between suicide attempts and mixed (bipolar) depression: Implications for suicide prevention
Variation of homicidal and suicidal behaviour within Trinidad and Tobago and the associated ecological risk factors
Analysis of suicide notes from persons commiting completed suicides
Review of the results and developments of the research on suicide notes
Two unusual stab injuries to the neck: homicide or self-infliction?
"Ordinary people" and "death work": Palestinian suicide bombers as victimizers and victims
Adolescent suicide attempters in Hong Kong and the United States
Firearms legislation and reductions in firearm-related suicide deaths in New Zealand
Local community intervention through depression screening and group activity for elderly suicide prevention
Are the SSRIs and atypical antidepressants safe and effective for children and adolescents?
Mortality among mentally disordered offenders: a community based follow-up study
Mortality from external causes among ethnic German immigrants from former Soviet Union countries, in Germany
Personality traits as correlates of suicidal ideation, suicide attempts, and suicide completions: a systematic review
Psychiatric emergencies in adolescents
Rural suicide-people or place effects?
Suicide in Thailand during the period 1998-2003
Suicide mortality of Eastern European regions before and after the Communist period
Interaction patterns in male and female suicide attempters
Prevention of repeated suicide attempts: evaluation of the effectiveness of treatment
Symptom specificity of adolescents with self-injurious actions
The effect of public holidays on the suicide drive (frequency) in Hungary (1970-2002)
Consumer satisfaction and child behaviour problems in child and adolescent mental health services
School age prostitution: an issue for children's nurses?
Adolescent alcohol use and suicide indicators among adolescents in Hawaii
Homicide by stab to the neck with subsequent attempted suicide by cut to the neck
Cleistanthus collinus poisoning
Risk factors of attempted suicide in the elderly: The role of cognitive impairment: A case-control study of old psychiatric in-patients
Suicide and undetermined death by drowning
Multiple psychiatric diagnoses and self-harm behavior
Crisis occurrence and resolution in patients with severe and persistent mental illness: the contribution of suicidality
Mass homicide and suicide deadliness and outcome
Prevalence and correlates of suicidal ideation among patients with skin disease
Cholesterol fractions, symptom burden, and suicide attempts in mood disorders
Psychological consequences of rape on women in 1991-1995 war in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina
Recurrence of suicidal ideation across depressive episodes
Social and economic burden of suicides in Hong Kong SAR: a year of life lost perspective
Some problems of research on the association between blood types and suicide mortality: comment on Lester (2004)
The biochemistry of suicide
Suicide attempts in alcohol dependents: clinical characteristics and differentiation of the applied methods
Complex suicides--a review of the literature
Adolescent suicide and suicidal behavior
Alcohol consumption and suicide among middle-aged men in Japan
Do antidepressants precipitate youth suicide? A nationwide pharmacoepidemiological study
Epidemiology of suicide by hanging in Transkei, South Africa
Lifetime suicide rates in treated schizophrenia: 1875-1924 and 1994-1998 cohorts compared
Near-hanging injuries: A 10-year experience
Panic and suicidal ideation and suicide attempts: results from the National Comorbidity Survey
Risk factors for femicide-suicide in abusive relationships: results from a multisite case control study
Seasonal patterns of suicides over the period of socio-economic transition in Lithuania
Suicide in schizophrenia
Suicide now and then... an elusive comparison: Invited commentary on, "Lifetime suicide rates in treated schizophrenia: 1875-1924 and 1994-1998 cohorts compared"
The Risk of Reinjury in Relation to Time Since First Injury: A Retrospective Population-Based Study
A systematic review of suicide rating scales in schizophrenia
Can social support help prevent men from suide attempt ?
Risk factors for suicide in substance-related disorders
Course and outcomes of depression in the elderly
Depressive symptoms in middle-aged men: Results from a household survey in Hong Kong
E staff attitudes to self-harm patients who use self-laceration: Influence of previous training and experience
Managing depression and suicide risk in men presenting to primary care physicians
Premature mortality due to suicide, homicide, and motor vehicle accidents in health service delivery areas: comparison of status Indians in British Columbia, Canada, with all other residents
Quick assessment of hopelessness: a cross-sectional study
Retrospective evaluation of emergency service patients with poisoning: a 3-year study
Screening for Suicide Among Juvenile Delinquents: Reliability and Validity Evidence for the Suicide Screening Inventory (SSI)
Suicidal Ideation Among Urban Nine and Ten Year Olds
Suicide rates and the association with climate: A population-based study
War and suicidal deaths by explosives in Southwestern Croatia
Changes in the frequency of suicidal behaviour after a 2-year intervention campaign
Cholesterol, violence and suicidality--history of errors
Influence of weather factors on suicidal hangings
Datapoints: rates of nonfatal intentional self-harm in nine States, 2001
Hanging without knot in the noose
Lack of association between the serotonin transporter and tryptophan hydroxylase gene polymorphisms and completed suicide
Male suicide and occupation in Scotland
A pilot study on differences in aggression in New York City and Madrid, Spain, and their possible impact on suicidal behavior
Precontemplated and impulsive suicide attempts among individuals with alcohol dependence
Subsequent Suicide Mortality among Emergency Department Patients Seen for Suicidal Behavior
Suicidal behaviour in nursing homes: a survey in a region of north-east Italy
Suicide in older people without psychiatric disorder
Risk factors for suicide: a questionnaire survey to psychiatrists in Fukuoka Prefecture
Adverse childhood experiences and lifetime suicide ideation: a cross-sectional study in a non-psychiatric hospital setting
Antidepressants double suicidality in children, says FDA
Association between suicide attempts and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors: systematic review of randomised controlled trials
Characterization of impulsivity in suicide completers: Clinical, behavioral and psychosocial dimensions
Correlation Between Incidences of Self-inflicted Burns and Means of Inbreeding Coefficients, an Ecologic Study
Early adult outcomes of adolescents who deliberately poisoned themselves
Evaluation of a modified interview version and of a self-rating version of the Suicide Assessment Scale
Fatality after deliberate ingestion of sustained-release Ibuprofen: a case report
Mortality of the users of a hospital emergency department
Parental suicide after the expected death of a child at home
Psychiatric symptoms and substance use disorders in a nationally representative sample of American adolescents involved with foster care
Self harm and attempted suicide in adults: 10 practical questions and answers for emergency department staff
Suicide in older adults: nursing assessment of suicide risk
Understanding the unique characteristics of suicide in China: national psychological autopsy study
What characterizes substance abusers who commit suicide attempts? Factors related to Axis-I disorders and patterns of substance use disorders. A study of treatment-seeking substance abusers in Norway
Youth-nominated support team for suicidal adolescents (version 1): a randomized controlled trial
Suicide in Spain today
Suicide mortality: gender and socioeconomic differences
Suicide and attempted suicide in the armed forces in 1998
Suicidal single intraoral shooting by a shotgun--risk of misinterpretation at the crime scene
Suicidal shot in the mouth with a rubber shot shell
Medicolegal aspects of witnessed suicide due to gunshot to the head. ii. legal medicine aspects and examination of the firing hand
Preventing suicide by firearms
Characteristics of suicide attempters and nonattempters with schizophrenia in a rural community
Depression and suicide in adolescents with epilepsy
Drug related admissions to intensive care: the role of illicit drugs and self poisoning
Early predictors of deliberate self-harm among adolescents. a prospective follow-up study from age 3 to age 15
Evaluation of suicidal thoughts and behaviors in children and adolescents taking Paroxetine
Examining a model of the relation between religiosity and suicidal ideation in a sample of African American and White college students
Gender, place, and method of suicide
Indirect self-destructive behavior and overt suicidality in patients with complicated grief
Psychosocial risk clustering in high school students
Life time suicidal thoughts in an urban community in Hanoi, Vietnam
Perceptions concerning college student suicide: data from four universities
Predicting the suicide attempts of lesbian, gay, and bisexual youth
Reported childhood onset of self-mutilation among borderline patients
Reported childhood trauma and suicide attempts in schizophrenic patients
Siblings after suicide--"the forgotten bereaved"
Suicidality in African American men: the roles of southern residence, religiosity, and social support
Suicidality and associated risk factors among lesbian, gay, and bisexual compared to heterosexual Austrian adults
Suicide associated with the antichrist delusion
Suicide attempt by the intravenous injection of rattlesnake venom
Suicide attempts and family history of suicide in three psychiatric populations
Suicide in farmers in Scotland
Suicide mortality and agricultural rationalization in post-war Europe
Suicide rates, life satisfaction and happiness as markers for population mental health
The impact of fathers physical and psychosocial work conditions on attempted and completed suicide among their children
The risk of suicidality with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors
The usefulness of coroners' data on suicides for providing information relevant to prevention
Why suicide rates are high in China
Body modification and suicidal behavior
Changing selves in changing worlds: youth suicide on the fault-lines of colliding cultures
Clinical toxicology: part II. Diagnosis and management of uncommon poisonings
Depression, hopelessness and suicide ideation among vulnerable prisoners
Depression: major problem for public health
Detecting suicide risk in adolescents and adults in an emergency department: a pilot study
Increased risk of attempted suicide among aging holocaust survivors
Mental health outcomes of adjudicated males and females: the aftermath of juvenile delinquency and problem behaviour
Mortality in relation to employment status during different levels of unemployment
Pregnancy-associated death: a qualitative systematic review of homicide and suicide
Relation between rates of geriatric suicide and consumption of alcohol beverages in European countries
Relationship between antidepressant sales and secular trends in suicide rates in the Nordic countries
Strategies to prevent suicide
Strategies to prevent suicide
Suicidal behaviour and the menstrual cycle
Suicidal ideation among American Indian youths
Suicide Among Guarani Kaiowa and Nandeva Youth in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil.

Suicide among indigenous people: foreword
Suicide prevention efforts in one area of Indian Health Service, USA
The failure of international action against terrorism
Prevalence and correlates of depressed mood among youth with diabetes: the SEARCH for Diabetes in Youth study
Actions and implementation strategies to reduce suicidal events in the Veterans Health Administration
Alcohol consumption, alcoholics anonymous membership, and suicide mortality rates, Ontario, 1968-1991
Multiple outcome measures and mixed methods for evaluating the effectiveness of theory-based behaviour-change interventions: A case study targeting health professionals' adoption of a national suicide prevention guideline
Depression, suicidal behavior and insight in adolescents with schizophrenia
Familial and sociopsychopathological risk factors for suicide attempt in bulimic and in depressed women: Prospective study
Integration of a suicide risk assessment and intervention approach: the perspective of youth
Suicide among indigenous peoples: a cross-cultural perspective
Suicide among indigenous peoples: introduction and call to action
Suicide in Siberian aboriginal groups
Prevalence of deliberate self harm and attempted suicide within contemporary Goth youth subculture: longitudinal cohort study
Profile of a metropolitan North American immigrant suicidal adolescent population
Self-inflicted burns, outcome and cost
Sleep and youth suicidal behavior: a neglected field
Smart and suicidal? The social ecology of intelligence and suicide in Austria
Suicidal ideation, deliberate self-harm behaviour and suicide attempts among adolescent outpatients with depressive mood disorders and comorbid axis I disorders
Suicide and deliberate self-harm in personality disorders
Suicide and its prevention among older adults
Suicide in Japan
Suicide risk in relation to social class: a national register-based study of adult suicides in Korea, 1999-2001
Telematic technologies in mental health caring: a web-based psychoeducational program for adolescent suicide survivors
The Self-Injury Questionnaire: evaluation of the psychometric properties in a clinical population
Thoughts of death and suicidal ideation in nonpsychiatric human immunodeficiency virus seropositive individuals
Where is the research on homeless persons and suicide?
Assessment of suicidal behaviour in general practice
Management of suicidal adolescents: a clinical audit in 76 hospitals
Profile of adolescent suicide attempters admitted in an emergency unit
Study on suicide attempts among drug addicts--the prevalence of suicide attempts and investigation of related risk factors
Brazil: the need for violence (including suicide) prevention
Child sexual abuse in Henan province, China: associations with sadness, suicidality, and risk behaviors among adolescent girls
Coping and suicidality among homeless youth
Evaluating suicide prevention: various approaches needed
Global suicide rates among young people aged 15-19
Mass casualty management after a suicidal terrorist attack on a religious procession in Quetta, Pakistan
Patterns of hospital transfer for self-poisoned patients in rural Sri Lanka: implications for estimating the incidence of self-poisoning in the developing world
Predictors of suicidal ideation among high school students by gender in South Korea
Risk factors of future suicide in suicide attempters - A comparison between suicides and matched survivors
A risk assessment based approach to the management of acute poisoning
Time-trends in method-specific suicide rates compared with the availability of specific compounds. The Danish experience
Staff views of a deliberate self-harm protocol for children and young people
Suicidal Behavior in Alcohol-Dependent Subjects: The Role of Personality Disorders
Suicide prevention in developing countries: where should we start?
Suicide prevention is far more than a psychiatric business
Suicide prevention: at what level does it work?
Suicide prevention: the urgent need in developing countries
Suicide rates in short-term randomized controlled trials of newer antidepressants
Suicide, suicide attempts and pesticides: a major hidden public health problem
The impact of gender-role nonconforming behavior, bullying, and social support on suicidality among gay male youth
Suicide-a challenge in modern Greenland
Cultural specificity and universality of suicide: challenges for the International Association for Suicide Prevention
Deliberate self-harm in children and adolescents: a research update
Deliberate self-harm in people aged 60 years and over: characteristics and outcome of a 20-year cohort
Depression in adolescence new developments
Do we need to be cautious in evaluating suicide statistics?
Preventing suicide: a call to action
Effect of month of birth on the risk of suicide
Impulsive-aggressive traits and suicidal adolescents and young adults with alcoholism
Impulsivity, suicidality and alcohol use disorders in adolescents and young adults with borderline personality disorder
Social integration and suicide in South Korea
Maternal and neonatal outcomes after attempted suicide
Psychotherapy in the treatment of alcohol and substance abusing adolescents with suicidal behavior
Self-injurious behaviour in individuals with intellectual disabilities
The relationship between the frequency of alcohol use and suicide rates in young people
Suicidal behavior by burns among adolescents in Kurdistan, Iran: a social tragedy
Suicide Rates in Relation to Health Care Access in the United States: An Ecological Study
Suicide to harass others: clues from mythology to understanding suicide bombing attacks
The risk of suicide with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in the elderly
The role of alcohol in suicide: a case-control psychological autopsy study
Looking back and ahead. Suicidology and suicide prevention: do we have perspectives?
Why People Die by Suicide
A prospective study of suicidal burns admitted to the Harare burns unit
A study of suicide and attempted suicide by self-immolation in an Irish psychiatric population: an increasing problem
Amateur branding
An unusual self inflicted burn in an asthmatic patient
Burnt wives--a study of suicides
Characteristics of self-immolation attempts in Akita Prefecture, Japan
Contact burn by charcoal in an attempted suicide
Deliberate self-burning in Mazandaran, Iran
Images of God used by self-injurious burn patients
Increasing numbers of patients with self-inflicted burns at Dutch burn units
Attitudes to animal euthanasia do not correlate with acceptance of human euthanasia or suicide
Patients with suicidal burns and accidental burns: a comparative study of socio-demographic profile in India
Patterns of deliberate self-burning in various parts of the world. a review
Burns in a suicide attempt related to psychiatric side effects of interferon
Ritual burns--the Buddhist tradition
Self-immolation a common suicidal behaviour in eastern Sri Lanka
Self-inflicted burns
Self-inflicted burns
Self-inflicted burns: a common way of suicide in the Asian population. a 10-year retrospective study
Suicidal burns in Hong Kong Chinese
Suicide attempted by burning in Brazil
Suicide attempted by burning: a 10-year study of self-immolation deaths
Suicide attempts by self-immolation--our experience
Suicide by burning: a retrospective review of the Akron Regional Burn Center
Suicide by burns: a tragic end
Suicide by self-inflicted burns
The problems of burns in India
Unusual ritual burns of the hand
Women victims of self-inflicted burns in Tabriz, Iran
Women victims of self-inflicted burns
Accident and suicide : An ongoing study of comparable hospitalized groups of drivers injured in one-car accidents and survivors of serious suicide attempts
Self-destruction in motor vehicle accidents: The proportion of suicides and negligent drivers in fatal motor vehicle accidents in 1974-75 and 1985-85 in Finland
Suicide on the roads
Mental health epidemiological research in South America: recent findings
A case of suicide by firing the self-defence pistol "pb-4"
A comparative study of five fatal cases of Taxus poisoning
Associations between delinquency and suicidal behaviors in a nationally representative sample of adolescents
Belief in the inevitability of suicide: results from a national survey
Correlates of suicide among home health care utilizers who died by suicide and community controls
Increased suicide risk among Danish women with non-melanoma skin cancer, 1971-1999
Predictors of suicide ideation and depression in Hong Kong adolescents: perceptions of academic and family climates
Prevalence of suicidal ideation in patients with atopic dermatitis
Prison suicides and self-harming behaviours in Italy, 1990-2002
Reexamining the suicide connection
Risky assessments: participant suicidality and distress associated with research assessments in a treatment study of suicidal behavior
Six year follow-up of health status changes in Danish adults with suicide tendency in 1994
Social inequalities in suicide mortality: Spain and France, 1980-1982 and 1988-1990
Suicidal ideation and attitudes toward suicide
Suicide and antidepressants: what is the evidence?
Suicide attacks in Israel and suicide rates
Suicide attempts in Israel: age by gender analysis of a national emergency departments database
Suicide in Austrian children and young adolescents aged 14 and younger
Suicide prevention - targeting the patient at risk
Suicides in the developing world: case study from Pakistan
The Epidemiology of Intentional Burns
Violent deliberate self-harm amongst adolescent refugees
Epidemiological analysis of drug self-poisonings required by a mobile intensive care unit
Murders and suicides as problem of public health
Suicide and suicide attempts by asylum seekers in Denmark, 2001-2003
Motor vehicle exhaust gassing in Australia
Clinical diagnostic and sociocultural dimensions of deliberate self-harm in Mumbai, India
Depression should be managed like a chronic disease: myth of 15% suicide rate was promulgated again
Developmental Differences in Risk Factors for Suicide Attempts between Ninth and Eleventh Graders
Do antidepressants prevent suicide?
Epidemiology of nonfatal deliberate self-harm in the United States as described in three medical databases
Integratively assessing risk and protective factors for adolescent suicide
Negative bodily self in suicide attempters
Neurocognition and suicidal behaviour in an Irish population with major psychotic disorders
Psychiatric hospitalization after deliberate self-poisoning
Sexual Abuse and Subsequent Suicidal Behaviour. Exacerbating Factors and Implications for Recovery
Strengthening the validity of population-based suicide rate comparisons: an illustration using U.S. military and civilian data
Suicide in Hong Kong: a case-control psychological autopsy study
Suicide risk at juvenile justice intake
The effects of a celebrity suicide on suicide rates in Hong Kong
Blood alcohol levels in persons who died from accidents and suicide
Positive affect and suicide ideation in older adult primary care patients
Self-destructive behaviors in American Indian and Alaska Native high school youth
A Study of Multi-media Suicide Education in Nunavut
Adolescent perceptions of a suicide prevention group on an inpatient unit
Country of Birth and Suicide: A Follow-up Study of a National Cohort in Sweden
Differences in characteristics between suicide victims who left notes or not
ED docs at high risk for suicide
Hopelessness and suicide risk emerge in psychiatric nurses suffering from burnout and using specific defense mechanisms
Risk factors for deliberate self-harm among female college students: The role and interaction of childhood maltreatment, emotional inexpressivity, and affect intensity/reactivity
Self harm in Goth youth subculture: conclusion relates only to small sample
Self harm in Goth youth subculture: study merely reinforces popular stereotypes
Self-harm in British South Asian Women: Psychosocial Correlates and Strategies for Prevention
Self-injurious behavior in human and non-human primates
Teenage suicide cluster formation and contagion: implications for primary care
The accuracy of prevalence estimations for suicide attempts. How reliably do adolescents and young adults report their suicide attempts?
The Balkan Piedmont: Male Suicide Rates Pre-war, Wartime, and Post-war in Serbia and Montenegro
Understanding suicide through studies of diaries: the case of Cesare Pavese
Reduction in short-term repetition of attempted suicide associated with new organization of psychiatric management of suicide attempters
Suicide prevention: screening in the emergency department
Design and validation of a questionnaire for the detection of major depression in elderly patients
Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in childhood depression: a soap opera that reflects serious problems of drug safety
Demand for psychiatric emergency services and immigration. findings in a Spanish hospital during the year 2003
Drug-related mortality and its impact on adult mortality in eight European countries
The mortality of young offenders sentenced to prison and its association with psychiatric disorders: a register study
A possible contributor to the higher degree of girls reporting psychological symptoms compared with boys in grade nine?
Adolescent use of anabolic-androgenic steroids and relations to self-reports of social, personality and health aspects
Association of age and social class with suicide among men in Great Britain
Attempted suicide and suicidal gestures
Blood alcohol levels in suicide cases
Characteristics of suicidal adolescents and young adults presenting to primary care with non-suicidal (indeed non-psychological) complaints
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Contagious suicide in prisons and police cells
Correlates of depression in a representative nationwide sample of adolescents (15-19 years) and young adults (20-24 years)
Descriptive study of suicide in Galicia, 1987
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Body dissatisfaction as a predictor of self-reported suicide attempts in adolescents: A Spanish community prospective study
Emotional health problems are the most important cause of disability in adults of working age: a study in the four counties of the old Oxford region
Comparison of completed and attempted suicide in Akita, Japan
Evolution of suicide mortality in the Valencia country 1976-1990
Deaths in juvenile justice residential facilities
Effect of telephone contact on further suicide attempts in patients discharged from an emergency department: randomised controlled study
Multiple standardization of parasuicide ('attempted suicide') rates in Edinburgh
On the influence of data source in aggregated data studies: a comparative study of suicide information based on death certificates and judicial files
Paracetamol in suicide and non-accidental overdose--are restrictions justified?
Patterns of self poisoning
Personal problems associated with mental health and mental illness
Factors distinguishing suicide attempters from suicide ideators in a community sample: social issues and physical health problems
Psychiatric morbidity among students
Reduction in drug related suicide in Scotland 1990-1996: an artefactual explanation
Relation between attempted suicide and suicide rates among young people in Europe
Reliability of routine hospital data on poisoning as measures of deliberate self poisoning in adolescents
Incomplete Priorities: Ignoring the Role of Firearms in US Suicides
Life problems and physical illness as risk factors for suicide in older people: a descriptive and case-control study
National Inquiry into self-harm breaks down taboos
Self-poisoning and self-injury in the Oxford area: epidemiological aspects 1969-73
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Prevalence of mental disorders in the general population of Catalonia
Space-time distribution of suicide in Galicia, Spain 1976-1998
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Suicide after a stroke: a population study
Suicide and political regime in New South Wales and Australia during the 20th century
Suicide and unemployment in Italy, 1982-1994
Suicide from the Clifton Suspension Bridge in England
Suicide from the Clifton Suspension Bridge in England
Suicide in doctors
Suicide in doctors: a study of risk according to gender, seniority and specialty in medical practitioners in England and Wales, 1979-1995
Suicide in the 12 months after discharge from psychiatric inpatient care, Scotland 1968-92
Suicide mortality in Greater London: changes during the past 25 years
Suicide mortality in the European Union
Suicide reporting in Swiss print media: Responsible or irresponsible?
Suicide reporting in the Swiss print media: Frequency, form and content of articles
Suicide, religion, and socioeconomic conditions. an ecological study in 26 countries, 1990
Suicide, unemployment, and domestic gas detoxification in Britain
The accuracy of officially reported suicide statistics for purposes of epidemiological research
The changing pattern of attempted suicide in Edinburgh, 1962-67
The incidence and repetition of attempted suicide in Ireland
The influence of the social network on mental health in the elderly
The mortality trend in suicides in Andalucia from 1976 to 1995
Assessing the efficacy of 2 screening measures for depression in people with epilepsy
Antenatal depressive symptoms increase the likelihood of preterm birth
The relationship between suicide attempts and low-lethal self-harm behavior among psychiatric inpatients
Major depressive episode and physical health in adolescents and young adults: results from a population-based interview survey
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Marital status and suicide: some common methodological problems
Media coverage as a risk factor in suicide
Medically treated suicide attempts: a four year monitoring study of the epidemiology in The Netherlands
Mortality and political climate: how suicide rates have risen during periods of Conservative government, 1901-2000
Use of paracetamol for suicide and non-fatal poisoning in the UK and France: are restrictions on availability justified?
Patients with deliberate self-harm seen by a consultation-liaison service
Global suicide rates
Ethnic density and deliberate self harm; a small area study in south east London
Epidemiological aspects of suicide among the young in selected European countries
Epidemiological surveillance of suicides and attempted suicides in Aquitaine, south-west France, using an original computer network of sentinel general practitioners
Epidemiology and patterns of hospital use after parasuicide in the south west of England
Prevalence of mental health problems and deliberate self-harm in complainants of sexual violence
Sex, gender role orientation, gender role attitudes and suicidal thoughts in three generations : A general population study
An aggregate analysis of professional sports, suicide, and homicide rates: 30 U.S. metropolitan areas, 1971-1990
Counter-transference reactions contributing to completed suicide
Polyamines and suicide risk
Multicultural perspectives on suicide
Reactive aggression and suicide: Theory and evidence
Sexual assault victimization and suicidal behavior in women: a review of the literature
Suicide and youth violence prevention: The promise of an integrated approach
Suicide in special populations and circumstances: A review
The relationship between firearms and suicide: A review of the literature
Adolescent Suicidal Behavior: Associations With Preadolescent Physical Abuse and Selected Risk and Protective Factors
Accidental and self-induced poisoning
Association between mortality from suicide in England and antidepressant prescribing: an ecological study
Benefits of implementing an academic training of trainers program to promote knowledge and clarity in work with psychiatric suicidal patients
Bipolar affective disorders and suicide during psychiatric in-patient treatment
Blue Thursday? Homicide and suicide among urban 15-24-year-old black male Americans
Children's reasons for living, self-esteem, and violence
Depression, anxiety, and psychological defense in attempted suicide: a pilot study using PORT
"I Am Nobody": A Case Study of Suicidal Dynamics in Pedophilia
'Suicide' in the Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1777-1997
A preliminary statistical model for identifying repeaters of parasuicide
A suicide belt in China: The Yangtze Basin
A theoretical model of adolescent suicide risk
An empirical examination of Thomas Masaryk's theory of suicide
An empirical typology of suicide
Applicability of Neural Networks to Suicidological Research: A Pilot Study
Aspects of Qualitative Research in Suicidology
Aspects of suicide in rural Ireland 1978-1994
Aspects of the Suicidal Career in Severe Depression: A Comparison Between Attempts in Suicides and Controls
Attempted suicide among Swedish-born people and foreign-born migrants
Audit of a multi-disciplinary assessment unit for deliberate self-harm patients in a general hospital
Can Writing Autobiographical Essays Lessen Suicidal Thinking?
Celebrity suicide: Did the death of Kurt Cobain influence young suicides in Australia?
Changing methods of suicide by young Australians 1974-1994
Characteristics and management of prisoners at risk of suicide behaviour
Characteristics of Recent Suicide Attempts by Inmates in Maximum Security Correctional Centers
Child sexual abuse in women who take overdoses: i. a study of prevalence and severity
Child sexual abuse in women who take overdoses: ii. risk factors and associations
Clinical applications of biological aspects of suicide
Commentary: Suicide prevention remains an important objective for the mental health services
Conceptual confusion about intentions and motives of nonfatal suicidal behavior: A discussion of terms employed in the literature of suicidology
Consensus statement on youth suicide by firearms
Consultations for research in suicidology
Correlation Between Suicide Rate and Antidepressant Use in Slovenia
Cultural aspects of suicide: The case of Japanese oyako shinju (parent-child suicide)
Culture Change and Mental Health: The Epidemiology of Suicide in Greenland
Depressed inpatients, electrodermal reactivity, and suicide - A study about psychophysiology of suicidal behavior
Depression and suicidal behaviour: Psychopathological differences between suicidal and non-suicidal depressive patients
Do Psychosocial and Pharmacological Interventions Reduce Suicide in Schizophrenia and Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders?
Does the Level of Divorce or Religiosity Make a Difference? Cross-National Suicide Rates in 21 Developed Countries, 1955-1994
Economic and Environmental Factors in Hong Kong Suicide
Ecstatic suicide
Effectiveness of a 'Green Card' Intervention for Patients Engaging in Deliberate Self-harm
Epidemiological trends of youth suicide in Norway
Failed suicide by Amanita phalloides (Mycetismus) and subsequent liver transplant: Case report
Gender and suicide risk among laborers
Gender and the impact of gun control on suicide and homicide
Gender differences in completed suicide
Gender equality and the sex differential in suicide rates using gender-age standardized data
Gender, gun control, suicide and homicide in Canada
Geographic spatial autocorrelation and United States suicide patterns
Have suicide prevention centers prevented suicide in Japan?
High Suicidal Intent Scores Indicate Future Suicide
Historical Perspectives on Suicide and Suicide Prevention in Sweden
Impaired Self-Regulation and Suicidal Behavior Among Adolescent and Young Adult Psychiatric Inpatients
In Defense of the Idiographic Approach: Studies of Suicide Notes and Personal Documents
Inpatient suicide on a general hospital psychiatric ward. Does experience with high risk patients help to prevent suicides?
Late adulthood suicide: A life-span analysis of suicide notes
Lethal Violence Rates and Suicide-Homicide Ratios in 21 Developed Countries, 1955-1994: How Different are LVR and SHR from Suicide and Homicide Rates?
Long-term Trends, Seasonality, Weekly Distribution, and Methodsof Suicide in Slovenia: A Comparison Between the Younger and Older Population
Measuring Attitudes of Mental Health Care Staff Toward Suicidal Patients
Media and mass homicides
Media influence to suicide: The search for solutions
Mental Health and Social Isolation Among Survivors Ten Years After a Suicide in the Family: A Case-Control Study
Mental health CPR: Peer contracting as a response to potential suicide in adolescents
Motives for Suicide Attempts--the Views of the Patients
Motives to commit suicide: Statistical versus mass-mediated reality
Natural killer cell activity and CSF monoamine metabolites in suicide attempters
Negative Life Events in Childhood, Psychological Problems and Suicide Attempts in Adulthood: A Matched Case-Control Study
Parasuicide and psychotropic medication: Clinical data and drugs used for overdose in 202 parasuicides
Parasuicide in a northern Swedish county 1989-1995 and its relation to suicide
Parasuicide: The value of suicidal intent and various motives as predictors of future suicidal behaviour
Parental influence, pessimism and adolescent suicidality
Pathological Gambling and Suicidal Behavior
Patterns of Suicide by Age and Gender in the Indian States: A Reflection of Human Development?
Phenomenology of bereavement process after suicide, traffic accident and terminal illness (in spouses)
Place of Birth and Suicide in Hungary: Is There a Regional Subculture of Self-Destruction?
Predicting Repetition of Suicide Attempt: A Prospective Study of 50 Suicide Attempters
Preventing suicide by influencing mass-media reporting. the viennese experience 1980-1996
Preventing suicide by restricting access to methods for suicide
Problems of Importance for Suicide Attempts--the Patients' Views
Psychopharmacological therapy and suicide of inpatients with depressive psychoses
Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches in Suicidology: Commentary
Qualitative Research in Suicidology: Still a Well-Disguised Blessing?
Qualitative Versus Quantitative Studies in Psychiatry: Two Examples of Cooperation from Suicidology
Quantitative Methods in Suicide Research: Issues Associated With Official Statistics
Psychological Autopsy Interviews in Suicide Research: The Reactions of Informants
Quantitative Suicidology: Individual and Aggregate Level Approaches
Reasons for living and their protective value: A Turkish sample
Reasons for living in homosexual and heterosexual young adults
Repetition of attempted suicide: the performance of the Edinburgh predictive scales in patients in Oxford
Reported family dynamics, sexual abuse, and suicidal behaviors in community adolescents
Research Methods: A History of Some Important Strands
Research on controlling suicide: Methodological issues
Season of birth associated with the age and method of suicide
Seasons and meteorological factors in suicidal behaviour. findings and methodological considerations from a Danish study
Self-Blame, Social Introversion, and Male Suicides: Prospective Data from a Longitudinal Study
Serum cholesterol, triglyceride and suicide in depressed patients. results of a controlled group comparison of depressed patients who committed violent suicide with non-suicidal depressives and lower backpain patients
Sexual Abuse and Suicide: Why We May Not Know What We Think We Know
Social and economic influence on suicide
Social Hopelessness and College Student Suicide Ideation
Social support among European suicide attempters
Social Protests and Rates of Personal Violence in The Netherlands
Structured disposition planning for adolescent suicide attempters in a general hospital: Preliminary findings on short-term outcome
Suicidal Adolescents: Helpful Aspects of Psychotherapy
Suicidal Behavior as a Cry of Pain: Test of a Psychological Mode
Suicidal behaviour and the co-occurrence of behavioural, emotional and cognitive problems among adolescents
Suicidal behaviour in adolescents
Suicidal behaviour in HIV infection: a case-control study of deliberate self-harm in people with HIV infection
Suicidal Callers to a National Helpline in the UK: A Comparison of Depressive and Psychotic Sufferers
Suicidal ideation and unemployment: a prospective longitudinal study
Suicidal Ideation as an Articulation of Intent: A Focus for Suicide Prevention?
Suicidality among women: From epidemiology to psychodynamics
Suicidality and tiredness of life among very old persons: Results from the Berlin aging study (BASE)
Suicidality in German concentration camps
Suicidality in German concentration camps
Suicide across the adult life span: Replications and failures
Suicide After Natural Disasters and Statistical Disasters: A Comment
Suicide Among Former Mineworkers in the Sub Region of Transkei, South Africa: Case Reports
Suicide among medical doctors: Psychological autopsy data on seven cases
Suicide among psychiatric in-patients in Stockholm, Sweden
Suicide Amongst the Elderly in 'Catholic and Orthodox' and 'Non-Catholic-Orthodox' Countries: An Unexpected Finding
Suicide and Auto-aggression, Depression, Hopelessness, Self-communication -- Results of a Prospective Study
Suicide and Homicide: Durkheim's and Henry and Short's Theories Tested on Data from the Baltic States
Suicide and religion in Ireland: An investigation of Thomas Masaryk's theory of suicide
Suicide and the continental divide
Suicide in India
Suicide in India, 1995-1999
Suicide as goal-directed action
Testing the cohort size hypothesis of suicide and homicide rates in Canada and the United States
Suicide in Ireland - 1982 to 1992
Temporal fluctuations and seasonality in attempted suicide in Europe
Suicide in Ireland: Statistical, social and clinical considerations
Suicide in Lithuania
Suicide Mortality Among Immigrant Finnish Swedes
Suicide, homicide and crime in Ireland: What are the relationships?
Suicide of psychiatric inpatients 1970-1993 in Baden-Wurttemberg (Germany)
Suicide risk among correctional officers: A logistic regression analysis
Suicide prevention is possible: A review of recent studies
Telephonic service utilization in a crisis intervention centre: Some findings, similar to temporal variation in suicides
Suicide Rates in Hungary Do Not Correlate Negatively with Reported Rates of Depression and with the Number of General Practitioners
Suicide rates in the world: Update
Suicide, aggression and war
Suicide Risk Factors Among Mexican Migrant Farmworker Women in the Midwest United States
Suicide, ethnicity and psychiatric in-patient care: A case-control study
The age pattern of suicide in Hungary
The Gender Gap in Suicide Rates: An Analysis of Twenty Developed Countries, 1955-1994
The epidemiology of suicide and parasuicide
The effect of environmental physical influences on suicide: How long is the delay?
The epidemiology of suicide in old age
The gender difference in Chinese suicide rates
The impact of gun control on suicide: Studies from Canada
The Internet - A New Source of Data on Suicide, Depression and Anxiety: A Preliminary Study
The Marke-Nyman Temperament (MNT) scale in relationship with monoamine metabolism and corticosteroid measures in suicide attempters
The impact of the reunification of Germany on the suicide rate
The Regional Correlates of Suicide in Canada: Changes Over Time
The influence of television suicide in a normal adolescent population
The Quantitative and Qualitative in Suicidological Science: An Editorial
The Psychophysiology of Repetitive Self-Mutilation
The suicide rate by each method in Japan: A test of Durkheim's theory of suicide
The psychophysiology of self-mutilation: Evidence of tension reduction
The relationship between suicidality and depression
The Role of Personality Traits in the Understanding of Suicide Attempt Behavior Among Psychiatric Patients
The relationship of female labor force participation to suicide: A comparative analysis
The widespread nature of suicide in Kuzbass (Russia)
The role of general practitioners in parasuicide: A Western Australia perspective
Treatment Attendance and Suicidal Behavior 1 Month and 3 Months After a Suicide Attempt: A Comparison Between Two Samples
Under-reporting of suicide in Ireland 1960-1989
Twin Studies of Suicidal Behavior
U.S. psychologists' suicide rates have declined since the 1960s
Violence and Substance Use in Adolescents with Increasing Severity of Suicidal Behavior
Was There a Suicide Epidemic After Goethe's Werther?
Youth suicide-related visits in an emergency department serving rural counties: Implications for means restriction
Effects of seasons and sociological variables on suicidal behavior
Suicidality and the state-trait debate on problem solving deficits: A re-examination with incarcerated young offenders
Suicide and the Irish problem: Comments on under-reporting
The impact of relative cohort size on national suicide trends, 1950-1980: A comparative analysis
Geographic variation in suicide rates: relationships to social factors, migration, and ethnic history
Health promotion: Control of stress and violent behavior
Impulsivity in drug dependent patients who attempt suicide
Letter to the editor: the impact of lithium long-term medication on suicidal behavior and mortality of bipolar patients
Life events, motives, and precipitating factors in parasuicide among borderline patients
Measuring adolescent behaviors related to intentional injuries
Newer prophylactic agents for bipolar disorder and their influence on suicidality
No relationship between serum cholesterol and suicidal ideation and depression in African-American diabetics
On suicides committed by disability pensioners
Pain and psychiatric disorders contribute independently to suicidal ideation in HIV-positive persons
Personal and family risk factors for adolescent suicidal ideation and attempts
Pharmacotherapy of suicidal behavior in bipolar disorder
Predicting the variation in suicide rates in Norwegian counties
Prevention of suicide by youth health care
Preventive aspects of mental health
Analysis of 8000 hospital admissions for acute poisoning in a rural area of Sri Lanka
Bullying in adolescence: Psychiatric problems in victims and bullies as measured by the Youth Self Report (YSR) and the Depression Self-Rating Scale (DSRS)
Cause and motivation in cases of non-fatal drug overdoses in opiate addicts
Choice of poison for intentional self-poisoning in rural Sri Lanka
Choking on toilet paper: an unusual case of suicide and a review of the literature on suicide by smothering, strangulation, and choking
Depression in Irish migrants living in London: case-control study
Factors of suicide ideation and their relation to clinical and other indicators in older adults
Features associated with laxative abuse in individuals with eating disorders
Self-injurious behaviors in a college population
Suicidal expressions among young people in Nicaragua : A community-based study
Suicide attempts among substance use disorder patients: an initial step toward a decision tree for suicide management
Suicide in borderline personality disorder: A meta-analysis
Suicide prevention is not just about treating depression
Suicide Rates and Antidepressant Prescribing: A Casual or Causal Relationship?
The association between changes in household firearm ownership and rates of suicide in the United States, 1981-2002
The virtual cutting edge: the internet and adolescent self-injury
Toxicologic Findings in Suicide: A 10-Year Retrospective Review of Kentucky Medical Examiner Cases
Undergraduate student mental health at Makerere University, Uganda
Alcohol and suicide in Belarus
Suicidal behaviors and correlated psychological factors in secondary school students
Survey of suicidal ideation and suicide attempts in outpatients at 50 general hospitals in Beijing
Suicide in urban and rural areas
Age-adjusted relative suicide risk by marital and employment status over the past 25 years in Japan
Suicide aggregation in relation to socio-demographic variables and the suicide method in a general population: Assortative susceptibility
Life expectancies for individuals with psychiatric diagnoses
One hundred years of Scottish lunacy legislation; a critical review
One view of the etiology of depression in the American Indian
Psychiatric disorders in male Norwegian youths
Rating Suicidality in Schizophrenia: Items on Global Scales (HoNOS and CPRS) Correlate with a Validated Suicidality Rating Scale (InterSePT)
Risk factors for suicide among Indian adolescents at a boarding school
Self poisoning--A decennial survey from Cardiff
Self-inflicted gunshot wounds among Alaska Natives
Sex- and age-specific trends in mortality from suicide and undetermined death in Germany 1991-2002
Suicidal ideation among help-seeking adolescents: association with a negative self-image
Suicidal ideation and suicide attempts among adult Danes
Suicidality and interrogative suggestibility
Suicidality in bipolar disorders-psychoanalytic contribution
Suicidality, bipolar disorders, and pharmacotherapy
Suicide among social workers: a research note
Suicide attempt and melancholic depression in a male with erotomania: case report
Suicide genes floating in a glass of sparkling wine
Suicide in Lithuania during the years of 1990 to 2002
Suicide in the State of Maryland, 1970-80
Suicide mortality among the elderly Finnish population 1960-1979
Suicide mortality in Finland during an economic cycle, 1985-1995
Suicide risk among physicians: a multivariate analysis
Suicide: who's counting?
Suicides among alcoholics on social welfare rolls
The bidimensional structure of suicidal symptoms in Nepal
The epidemiology of self poisoning
The general public's views on suicide and suicide prevention, and their perception of participating in a study on attitudes towards suicide
The German Research Network on Depression and Suicidality
The German Research Network on Depression and Suicidality: an introduction
The problems and privileges of the adolescent
The reporting of in-patient suicides: identifying the problem
The role of benzodiazepines in elderly suicides
The self-poisoner--a profile
The use of mindfulness-based approaches for suicidal patients
Therapist sensitivity towards emotional life-career issues and the working alliance with suicide attempters
Unemployment is an important risk factor for suicide in contemporary Sweden: an 11-year follow-up study of a cross-sectional sample of 37,789 people
W.H.O. and preventive psychiatry
Youth risk behaviour in a Chinese population: a territory-wide youth risk behavioural surveillance in Hong Kong
Can suicides be identified from case records? A case control study using blind rating
Correlated risk factors for suicidal ideation in aboriginal Southern Taiwanese women of childbearing age
Depressed mood among the elderly in Jyvaskyla. a five-year follow-up
A comparison of suicide notes written by suicide completers and suicide attempters
A voluntary effort to save the youth suicide via the Internet in Japan
Childhood physical and sexual abuse and lifetime number of suicide attempts: A persistent and theoretically important relationship
Suicide among Viennese minors, 1946-2002
Accidental autoerotic death by volatile substance abuse or nonsexually motivated accidents?
Asphyxial deaths: a retrospective study and review of the literature
Further evidence of the validity of the Suicide Risk Assessment Scale for prisoners
A pilot study of depression among American Indian patients with research diagnostic criteria
A public health approach to suicide attempts on a Sioux reservation
Forces of Production and Direction: A Test of an Expanded Model of Suicide and Homicide
Gender, Attributional Styles, and Direction of Lethal Violence: A Partial Test of an Integrated Model of Suicide and Homicide
American Indians and Suicide: A Neglected Area of Research
Caught in the chasm: Literary representation and suicide among people with impaired vision
Differential Pathways to Violence and Self-Injurious Behavior: African American and White Girls in the Juvenile Justice System
An ecological study of factors associated with rates of self-inflicted death in prisons in England and Wales
Deliberate self-harm and suicide attempt in custody: Distinguishing features in male inmates' self-injurious behavior
Differing correlates for suicide attempts among patients with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder in India and USA
Do antidepressants cause suicidality in children? A Bayesian meta-analysis
Evidence for beneficial effects of antidepressants on suicidality in depressive patients : A systematic review
Genetic contribution to suicidal behaviors and associated risk factors among adolescents in the U.S
How have the SSRI antidepressants affected suicide risk?
Mortality among Canadian Women with Cosmetic Breast Implants
Suicidal behaviour and SSRIs: updated meta-analysis
Suicide in the homeless within 12 months of contact with mental health services : A national clinical survey in the UK
Attempted suicide in Switzerland: from practice to prevention
Distal antecedents and sociodemographic characteristics of suicidal attempts among treatment seeking alcoholics
Teenage suicide expressions: echoes from the past
Drugs, drinking, and adolescence
Hyperuricemia and mental retardation with athetosis and self-mutilation
Intentional ipecac poisoning in children
Tattooing behavior in adolescence. a comparison study
Traumatic death in urban children, revisited
Catamnesis of a suicide: death by asphyxiation in a plastic bag under the effect of ether while listening to music
Young patients must be protected from self-inflicted injury as well as from being injured by others
Suicide and unemployment
Chronic somatisizing autoaggression--imminent psychosomatic decompensation (IPD)--crisis and intervention
An increase in suicides by falling in Switzerland
Behavioral health force protection: optimizing injury prevention by identifying shared risk factors for suicide, unintentional injury, and violence
What can psychiatric genetics offer suicidology?
What does brain imaging tell us about the predisposition to suicidal behavior
Youth suicide in custody: an overview
Youth suicide in New Zealand
Youth suicide: trends indicate increasing hopelessness in young males
Yugoslavia: a natural laboratory for suicide research?
Comparison of the two telephone crisis lines in Los Angeles (USA) and in Ljubljana (Yugoslavia)
Supervisory neglect and risk of harm. Evidence from the Canadian Child Welfare System
Major depressive disorder and depressive symptomatology as predictors of husband to wife physical aggression
Mass media, cultural attitudes, and suicide. results of an international comparative study
Thoughts of suicide and stage of recovery in patients with schizophrenia in community mental health care
Testing informant discrepancies as predictors of early adolescent psychopathology: why difference scores cannot tell you what you want to know and how polynomial regression may
Media influences on suicidal behavior in young people
Metapreferences, preferences and suicide
Methodological issues in community surveys of suicide ideators and attempters
WHO/EURO Multicentre Study on Parasuicide
Why has suicide increased in young males?
Why has the antidepressant era not shown a significant drop in suicide rates?
History of trauma and attempted suicide among women in a primary care setting
Psychological impact of writing about abuse or positive experiences
Risk factors for suicide attempts among African American women experiencing recent intimate partner violence
Suicide following homicide in the family
Threatened and attempted suicide by partner-violent male respondents petitioned to family violence court
A perspective in epidemiology of suicide in Japan
Alcohol and suicide: neurobiological and clinical aspects
Antidepressant drugs increase suicide risk in children
Assessing for suicide risk in depressed geriatric cancer patients
Changes in Scottish suicide rates during the Second World War
Changes in the seasonality of suicides over time in Slovenia, 1971 to 2002
College student suicide in the United States: 1990-1991 through 2003-2004
Educational attainment, intelligence, interstate migration, and suicide rates in the United States: rejoinder to Abel and Kruger (2005)
Evaluating STORM skills training for managing people at risk of suicide
Forms of parasuicide in young people in Bosnia
Four eras of study of college student suicide in the United States: 1920-2004
Liability for outpatient suicide in Tennessee
Modelling suicide risk in later life
Negotiating Limits. The Legal Status of S/M in the United States
Should colleges withdraw students who threaten or attempt suicide?
Subthreshold bipolar traits and suicide risk among undergraduates
Suicidality and Sexual Orientation: Differences Between Men and Women in a General Population-Based Sample From The Netherlands
Suicide attempts and severe psychiatric morbidity among former child welfare clients - a national cohort study
Suicide in the capital of Serbia and Montenegro in the period 1997-2004 - sex differences
The Impact of Physical, Psychological, and Sexual Intimate Male Partner Violence on Women's Mental Health: Depressive Symptoms, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, State Anxiety, and Suicide
The role of gender and sexual relations for young people in identity construction and youth suicide
The suicide epidemic in Japan and strategies of depression screening for its prevention
Antidepressants and suicidality : risk-benefit analysis
Suicidality - suicide and suicide prevention
Personality traits and the development of depression, hopelessness, and suicide ideation
A case study of female genital self-mutilation in schizophrenia
A case of genital self-mutilation
Suicidal Intent in Victim-Precipitated Homicide: Insights from the Study of "Suicide-by-Cop"
Suicide Following Homicide in Canada
A suicide epidemic in an American Indian community
An analysis of homicide-suicide
Suicide by means of victim-precipitated homicide
Vulnerable phases in adolescence represented by means of committed suicide
Was it preventable? The comprehensive review of inmate suicide
What are hotlines?
The Associations Among Family-of-Origin Violence and Young Adults' Current Depressed, Hopeless, Suicidal, and Life-Threatening Behavior
Self-injurious Behavior to the Lower Extremities Among Children With Atypical Development: A Diagnostic and Treatment Algorithm
The Social Environment and Suicide Attempts in Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Youth
Differentiation of suicidal and non-suicidal adolescents: Decision value of the Mini-Multi personality test examined by discrimination analysis
Use of the DSM at hotlines
Using rational suicide as an intervention to prevent irrational suicide
Values, economic estimations, and suicide intent
A new impulse for a more comprehensive view of adolescent suicide in Europe
Verbally expressed intentions of parasuicide: i. characteristics of patients with various intentions
A clinical-psychological approach to suicidal behavior in depression from Moscow
The regional variation of suicide by different methods: a problem for Durkheim's theory of suicide
The relationship between stressful and traumatic life events and depression in the elderly
A crisis among generations: senior citizens and baby boomers
A cross-cultural comparison of ideal and undesirable qualities of crisis line workers
A longitudinal follow-up study of 583 attempted suicides, based on Hungarian material
A mass-distributed CD-ROM for school-based suicide prevention
A hotline ethical dilemma
A model for analyzing suicide prevention
A reflection on "suicide survivor"
A repetition-prediction study on European parasuicide populations. part ii of the WHO/Euro multicentre study on parasuicide in cooperation with the EC concerted action on attempted suicide
A social-psychological investigation on suicide attempts in a military population
A solution to the problem of jail suicide
A study of elderly suicides in Hong Kong
A study of suicides in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
A study on suicide
A support group for people bereaved through suicide
A systematic and integrated interagency model for providing coordinated and comprehensive suicide prevention services
A tale of two bridges: Comparative suicide incidence on the Golden Gate and San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridges
Law and psychiatry: "Depressed? Get out!": dealing with suicidal students on college campuses
An unusual case of state-assisted prison suicide
Analysis of crisis intervention processes
Analytically oriented group psychotherapy with borderline patients as long-term crisis management
A test of the effectiveness of a list of suicide warning signs for the public
Another preventable jail suicide
Addressing suicide and its risk
Adolescent suicidal ideation as predictive of psychopathology, suicidal behavior, and compromised functioning at age 30
Arranging the death of a dog
Arranging the death of a king
Arranging the death of Freud
Arthur Koestler: was his suicide rational?
Availability, content and quality of local guidelines for the assessment of suicide attempters in university and general hospitals in the Netherlands
Clinical assessment of suicide risk in depressive disorder
Assessing the "modeling effect" in parasuicidal behavior: a comment on Platt (1993)
Assisted suicide among psychiatric patients in The Netherlands
Can jail suicide be prevented?
Can professionals and nonprofessionals work together following a suicide?
Facility-level characteristics associated with serious suicide attempts and deaths from suicide in juvenile justice residential facilities
Gender in suicide attempt rates and childhood sexual abuse rates: is there an interaction?
Long-term crisis management by furthering group dependence as a narcissistic reinforcement of drug and alcohol dependents
Homicide-suicide-An event hard to prevent and separate from homicide or suicide
Imminent suicide: the illusion of short-term prediction
Interpersonal precipitants and suicide attempts in borderline personality disorder
Menninger's motives for suicide in suicide notes from Germany and the USA
Mental health profiles, suicidal behavior, and community sexual assault in 2112 Canadian adolescents
Mental health care for adults with suicide ideation
Predictors of suicidal ideation among "at risk" cocaine-using African American women
Routine use of the Beck Scale for Suicide Ideation in a psychiatric emergency department
Screening for Suicide Risk
Suicidal and deliberate self-harm ideation among patients with physical illness: the role of coping styles
The emotional impact and ease of recall of warning signs for suicide: a controlled study
The hospital management of fatal self-poisoning in industrialized countries: an opportunity for suicide prevention?
The standard of care in suicide risk assessment: an elusive concept
Three assessment tools for deliberate self-harm and suicide behavior: evaluation and psychopathological correlates
Variation in functioning, psychosocial characteristics, and six-month outcomes among suicidal youth in comprehensive community mental health services
Warning signs for suicide on the Internet: a descriptive study
Warning signs for suicide: theory, research, and clinical applications
What has clinical research in suicide prevention done for you lately?
An editorial on "Mental health care for adults with suicide ideation"
A thematic analysis of suicide notes
Abortion and suicide
Abuse and deliberate self-poisoning in women: a matched case-control study
Acute carbon monoxide poisoning and alcohol intoxication: a rare condition that is complex to manage
Adolescent grief after suicide
Adolescent suicide and attempted suicide: the importance of substance abuse
Affect and the capacity for rational choice
After suicide: who counsels the therapist?
Aggression as a natural part of suicide bereavement
Alcohol problems among suicide attempters in the Nordic countries
Alexithymia as a mediator between childhood trauma and self-injurious behaviors
Altruism in hotline volunteers--the final distortions of caring
Altruism in hotline volunteers
Altruism in hotline volunteers: the distortions of caring
An aeronautic suicide attempt (1). the lifesaver's story
An aeronautic suicide attempt (2). the psychiatrist's comments
An exercise in improving suicide reporting in print media
Another preventable jail suicide: Part Two
Attempted suicide by foreigners and Germans: a comparative study
Self-poisoning in Heidelberg, 1974-1980
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Problems in the treatment of suicide attempts in the province of Salzburg, Austria
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David Lester: A prodigious researcher in suicidology
Content analysis investigation of the concreteness of suicide notes
Attempted suicide and recent stressful life events: a report from India
Attempted suicide, suicidal intent, and alcohol
Attempted suicides in Ankara in 1995
Attitudes and psychological characteristics of suicidal individuals
Attitudes toward suicide in the print media
Background and introduction to the WHO/EURO Multicentre Study on Parasuicide
Befriending in cyberspace--challenges and opportunities
Befriending mental patients: experience in the Ukraine
Befriending the suicidal in Hong Kong and China
Befriending the suicidal in India--a column from Befrienders International
Befriending the suicidal in Yugoslavia
Befriending the suicidal
Bereavement after suicide--how far have we come and where do we go from here?
Beyond the crisis
Beyond the scale: toward a new definition of suicide?
Biological prediction of suicide: the role of serotonin
Brief psychotherapy with suicidal persons
Challenges in preventing suicide (1993)
Changing rates of suicide by car exhaust in men and women in the United States after car exhaust was detoxified
Childhood and adolescent suicide research: A critique
Clinical evaluation of prior suicide attempts and suicide risk in psychiatric inpatients
Cognitive therapy of depression: a means of crisis intervention
Commitment decisions: identification of indeterminate cases
The completed suicides of 119 male and female physicians and dentists in Upper Bavaria -- 1963-1978
Common interest of suicide and its prevention
Common risk factors in adolescent suicide attempters revisited
Communitarianism and suicide prevention: proposals for the year 2000
Comparison between counselor's and caller's expectations and their realization on the telephone crisis line
Conference report: attempted suicide in Europe
Conference report: bioethics in eastern Europe--bioethics vs suicide
Confrontation with suicide: figures from a university psychiatric outpatient department
Conscientiousness in childhood and later suicide
Consensual definitions
Contracting for safety: a concept analysis
Contribution to suicide risk assessment: i. a simple method to predict crises after suicide attempts (parasuicides)
Contribution to suicide risk assessment: ii. on the practice of suicide risk assessment
Controversial issues in jail suicide prevention, part 2: use of inmates to conduct suicide watch
Controversial issues in jail suicide prevention
Controversial issues in the ethics and limitations of suicide prevention
Correspondence as adjunct to crisisline intervention in a suicide prevention center
Could "How-to-commit-suicide" book prevent suicide?
Counseling the suicidal client by letter
Covariation of suicides and undetermined deaths among elderly persons: a methodological study
Crisis intervention and a suicidal crisis in adolescents
Crisis intervention models in the French-speaking countries
Crisis-to-crisis management or crisis management
Critical care unit family support sessions: using postvention principles in a medical setting
Cultural issues in suicide and old age
Cybersuicide: the role of interactive suicide notes on the Internet
Defining crisis and emergency
Defining suicide: implications for suicide behavior and for suicide prevention
Deliberate self-harm and public holidays: is there a link?
Deliberate self-harm patients with alcohol disorders: characteristics, treatment, and outcome
Deliberate self-harm: an assessment of patients' attitudes to the care they receive
Dementia, insight, and suicidal behavior
Depression and suicidal ideation in sexually abused children
Depression as a "cause" of late life suicide
Depression, suicidal ideation and suicide attempts in 900 adolescents: an analysis
Depressive symptomatology in depressed and suicidal adolescents
Developing a European Network for suicidology
Differentiating incest survivors who self-mutilate
IASP task force on euthanasia and assisted suicide
Icons of ancient suicide: self-killing in classical art
Impact of suicide prevention centers on suicide in Canada
Improving treatment compliance among adolescent suicide attempters
Impulsivity as a correlate of suicidal behavior in adolescent psychiatric inpatients
Incarcerated adolescents' distress and suicidality in relation to parental bonding styles
Indirect suicide and social status
Individual therapy techniques with adolescent suicide attempters
Inmate suicides in the Correctional Service of Canada
Inpatients under constant observation for suicide risk
Opioid addiction and suicidality
Panic disorders and suicidal behavior
Patients' experience of the therapeutic process in a crisis intervention unit
Perpetrator suicide following incest reporting: two case studies
Personality disorders and suicidal behavior
Physical illness, pain, and suicidal behavior
Physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia
Physicians' attitudes toward suicide and their influence on suicide prevention
Plane crash crisis intervention: a preliminary report from the Bijlmermeer, Amsterdam
Postvention for bereaved family members: some therapeutic possibilities
Pre-Durkheim suicidology
Preparing for life: the critical transition of adolescence
The Irish Association of Suicidology arrives--conference report: "suicide in ireland: a growing problem"
The Los Angeles survivors-after-suicide program. an evaluation
The meaning of suicide: implications for research
The measurement of suicidal ideation
The media as partners in suicide prevention. a column from befrienders international
The connection between media and suicidal behavior warrants serious attention
The cost of hospital care in the year before and after parasuicide
The death of suicidology? Letter across the Pacific
The demise of the last emperor: its influence on Japanese society from a thanatological viewpoint
Temporal patterns of charcoal burning suicides among the working age population in Hong Kong SAR: the influence of economic activity status and sex
The discrete charm of the hotline
The effect of suicide prevention centers on suicide in Japan
The end of suicidology
The epidemiology of attempted suicide in the Oxford area, England (1989-1992)
The epidemiology of suicides in the metropolitan area of Quebec
The fatally burned suicidal patient
The Finnish national suicide prevention program evaluated
The frequency of suicide and chronological parameters
The IASP Adelaide declaration on suicide prevention
The implications of Tom's case: guidelines and protocols
The increase of suicides in psychiatric hospitals in southwestern Germany according to diagnostic subgroups
The internet, suicide, and suicide prevention
The New Forest Suicide Prevention Initiative (NFSPI)
The pattern of suicide in Pakistan
The posttotalitarian pattern of suicidal behavior: impact on youth
The predictability of suicidal behavior: the results of a meta-analysis of published studies
The prevention of suicide among older people in The Netherlands: interventions in community mental health care
The privilege and responsibility of suicide prevention
The psychiatric management of parasuicide patients: a controlled clinical study comparing different strategies of outpatient treatment
The psychopathology and psychodynamics of self-destruction
The public image of suicide: attitudes toward suicide and mental illness
The rationality of suicide
The regional variation of suicide and homicide in the USA and Taiwan
The relationship between sexual abuse and female suicidal behavior
Understanding deliberate self-harm: the patients' views
Unrecognized symptoms of depression
Variation in suicide rates: the "tipping point"
Verbally expressed intentions of parasuicide: ii. prediction of fatal and nonfatal repetition
The role of depressive disorder in the suicidal behavior of alcoholics
The sex ratio of suicide rates in China
The social transmission of parasuicide: is there a modeling effect?
The Stengel Research Award: the man
The study of suicide from a feminist perspective
The Sumithrayo strategy for the reduction of suicide in Sri Lanka
The unique role of the volunteer in suicide prevention
The WHO-EURO Multicentre Study: risk of parasuicide and the comparability of the areas under study
Theoretical and social implications of the changing suicide profile
Toward a comprehensive strategy for the prevention of suicidal behavior: a summary of recommendations of national task forces
Toward a new classification of risk factors for suicide behavior
Train suicides in Brisbane, Australia, 1980-1986
Prison suicide--politics and prevention: a view from Ireland
Prison suicide: a special issue
Prison suicide: an overview and guide to prevention (Part 1)
Prison suicide: an overview and guide to prevention (Part 2)
Prison suicide: an overview and guide to prevention (Part 3)
Problems with borderline patients in a crisis intervention unit: a case history
Proceedings of the international meeting "Suicide: interplay of genes and environment"
Project plan for studies on suicide, attempted suicide, and suicide prevention
Psychiatric treatment of a child suicide survivor
Psychiatric-psychotherapeutic crisis intervention for inpatient adolescents
Psychoeducational intervention strategies for survivors of suicide
Type and severity of child abuse and college students' lifetime suicidality
Types of hospital suicide and depression: some selected results of a study on suicides committed during psychiatric hospitalization
Ubuntu in action--befriending in high density areas in South Africa
Ukrainian adolescents
Under-reporting of suicide in an Irish county
Distant suicide
Domestic integration and suicide in the provinces of Canada
Double suicide and homicide-suicide in Switzerland
Dreams and suicidal behaviour
Early identification of maternal depression as a strategy in the prevention of child abuse
Inter-annual rainfall variations and suicide in New South Wales, Australia, 1964-2001
Correlations for number of sunspots, unemployment rate, and suicide mortality in Japan
Editorial: Suicide in recently released prisoners
Did regulators fail over selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors?
Does every allusion to possible suicide require the same response?
Epidemic of suicide by hanging in Lithuania: Does socio-demographic status matter?
Homicides and suicides--National Violent Death Reporting System, United States, 2003-2004
Planning of suicide attempts among depressed inpatients ages 50 and over
Risk perception research and the black box warning for SSRIs in children
Suicide in recently released prisoners: a population-based cohort study
Suicide rate and national scores on the Big Five personality factors
The economy and suicide in Japan, 1985-2000
The prevalence of suicidal behaviours in a group of HIV-positive men
Is it possible to run suicide prevention interventions within the school setting?
Methodological proposal for studying suicide as a complex phenomenon
A fatal ingestion of sparteine and meprobamate: medicolegal and toxicological data
A report of a suicide by means of an electric drill
A statistical study of suicides through intoxication
A suicide case of a drug addict
An exceptional case of suicide through choking
An investigation into self-poisoning with analgesic drugs in Scotland
Changes in suicidal deaths in Budapest during the 25 years from 1960 to 1984
Encountering suicide: the experience of psychiatric residents
Acute poisonings in Barcelona: epidemiology and therapeutic considerations
A method of predicting suicidal behaviour
Celebrities and suicide: a taxonomy and analysis, 1948-1983
Durkheim's one cause of suicide
Durkheim, suicide, and religion: toward a network theory of suicide
Effect of regulatory withdrawal of drugs and prescription recommendations on the pattern of self-poisonings in Oslo
Effects of United States presidential elections on suicide and other causes of death
Imitative suicides: a national study of the effects of television news stories
On assessing the theory of status integration and suicide
Self-poisoning with Prazosin
Status integration and suicide: an assessment
Suicidal behavior
Suicide and risk of suicide
Testing the theory of status integration and suicide rates
The influence of suggestion on suicide: substantive and theoretical implications of the Werther effect
The influence of suggestion on suicide: substantive and theroretical implications of the Werther effect
A group carbon monoxide poisoning
A trial for the complex risk assessment of repeated suicide predictors in patients after suicidal poisoning attempts, hospitalized in the department of clinical toxicology CMUJ in Krakow. II. Clinical predictors
Accidental death rates and suicide
Acute poisoning: Apropos of 1200 cases
Acute toxicological cases during a ten-year period in our clinic
Alcohol consumption and rates of personal violence (suicide and homicide)
An analysis of poets and novelists who completed suicide
An availability-acceptability theory of suicide
Analysis of 2956 cases of suicidal poisoning
Attempted drug suicide in a Swedish city
Attempted suicides with psychotropic drugs: an analysis of hospitalized cases in the Psychiatric Hospital during 1967-1971
Carbon monoxide poisoning as a new method of suicide in Hong Kong
Carbon monoxide suicide from car exhausts
Carbon-monoxide poisoning, behavioural changes and suicide: an unusual industrial accident
Alcohol and the 1950-90 Hungarian Suicide Trend - Is There a Causal Connection?
The Influence of Social Support, Suggestion and Depression on Suicidal Behavior Among Icelandic Youth
CO and suicide
Catalytic converter and suicide risk revisited
Effects of weather on incidence of attempted suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning
Epidemiology of suicide attempts in Reunion Island
Fatal intentional poisoning cases admitted to the University Hospitals of Leuven, Belgium from 1993 to 1996
Letter: Suicide prevention--myth or mandate?
Locus of control, anger and suicide
Commentary: carceral suicides--some exceptions and paradoxes
Comparison of German and Japanese general practitioners' awareness of suicide and attitudes toward patients with suicidal ideation
Preventing suicide in prison: a collaborative responsibility of administrative, custodial, and clinical staff
Re: "Association of body mass index with suicide mortality: a prospective cohort study of more than one million men."
Re: "Association of body mass index with suicide mortality: a prospective cohort study of more than one million men."
Seasonality of suicides with and without psychiatric illness in Denmark
Self-harm in the UK : Differences between South Asians and Whites in rates, characteristics, provision of service and repetition
Suicidal behaviour during different phases of bipolar disorder
Suicide behaviour of patients treated with antidepressants
The black-white suicide paradox: Possible effects of misclassification
Attempted suicide in Gent: results from the Who/Euro multicentre study on parasuicide in 1996
The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, as psychological toxin: increase in suicide attempts
Trends in suicide in a Lithuanian urban population over the period 1984-2003
Attempted suicide by defenestration in children and adolescents
Depression in childhood
Attempted suicide or deliberate self poisoning. Choice of terminology can make a big difference
Organization of a suicide prevention center
Self-inflicted complication in an accident case
Suicide: trends in New Jersey
Case report. self-inflicted amputation of the penis in two Nigerian males
Case-control analysis and follow-up study on risk factors of suicide attempt in a rural population in Shandong Province
Relationship between suicide and myocardial infarction with regard to changing physical environmental conditions
Epidemiology, over an 8 year period, of attempted suicides in children, seen in emergency service
Factors involved in suicide attempts in children and adolescents. Apropos of 52 cases hospitalized in a general pediatric service
Suicide in adolescents
Non-accidental carbon monoxide poisoning from burning charcoal in attempted combined homicide-suicide
Rational choice theory and suicide
Report of five cases where an ordinary vinyl bag was used for suicidal purpose. (Suffocation, co-poisoning and "thinner"-poisoning)
Role of psychopharmaca in the problem of suicide
Self-poisoning in elderly patients
Interdisciplinary suicide prevention teaching program
International Conference on Conflict and Development in Adolescence
How to evaluate national suicide programs?
History of physical and/or sexual abuse and current suicidality in college women
Training young befrienders
Suicidal poisonings using industrial poisons
Suicide and attempted suicide. Review of literature
Suicide in the province of Antwerp. Analysis of some data for the periods 1961-1964 and 1973-1975
Suicide prevention: a myth or a mandate?
The analysis of organophosphates poisoning cases treated at the Centre for Acute Poisonings in Lublin Provincial Hospital in 1994-1996
The electroencephalographic picture in suicide attempts
The neuropsychiatry of carbon monoxide poisoning in attempted suicide: a prospective controlled study
The study of poisoning-suicide-attempted patients in emergency departments of 25 hospitals in China
Toxicological features of deliberate self-poisonings
Why do people choose particular methods for suicide?
Experiences of suicide attempts gained in the ambulance practice
Frequency of homicides and suicides with side arms and especially with pointed and edged arms in particular
Impact of patient suicide on psychiatrists and psychiatric trainees
Algorithm for the grouping of contiguous geographical zones
A terrorist suicide bombing at a nightclub in Tel Aviv: analyzing response to a nighttime, weekend, multi-casualty incident
Association between suicide attempts in south Brazilian depressed patients with the serotonin transporter polymorphism
Association study of seven polymorphisms in four serotonin receptor genes on suicide victims
Can mainstream health services provide meaningful care for people who self-harm? A critical reflection
Causes of death among patients with chronic fatigue syndrome
Clinical Correlates of Self-Mutilation in Turkish Male Substance-Dependent Inpatients
Containment strategies for people with serious mental illness
No apparent difference in suicide risk between older and newer antidepressants although older drugs may increase risk of suicide attempt during the first month of treatment
Nicotine and cotinine levels in body fluids of smokers who committed suicide
Statistical disease cluster surveillance of medically treated self-inflicted injuries in Alberta, Canada
Retrospective analysis of unnatural death in one district of Shanghai city from the years 1995 to 2004
An examination of DSM-IV depressive symptoms and risk for suicide completion in major depressive disorder: A psychological autopsy study
Increased Suicidal Risk Among Smoking Schizophrenia Patients
Low back pain: risk factors for suicide should be elicited
Pain experience related to self-injury in eating disorder patients
Prevalence of and risk factors for suicide attempts versus suicide gestures: analysis of the national comorbidity survey
Risk factors for suicide ideation and attempts among pathological gamblers
Suicidality in first episode psychosis
Suicide in psychiatric in-patients in England, 1997 to 2003
The association between domestic violence and self harm in emergency medicine patients
The cost of misinformation in deadly conflicts: Hawk-Dove games and suicidal terrorism
Suicide prevention after publication of the book: Suicide Mode d'Emploi (Suicide: How to do it)
Group therapy for survivors of suicide
Morita therapy and suicide prevention
Suicidal behavior in women
Suicide attempt: Clinical assessment and mode of intervention
Suicide prevention: Retrospective and outlook on the occasion of the ten-year anniversary of the German Society for Suicide Prevention
On the epidemiology of attempted suicide: A sample-survey study among general practitioners
Jewish and non-Jewish suicide in Oakland County, Michigan
Suicide with associated acts of arson: two cases from Colorado
Suicide bombing injuries: the Jerusalem experience of exceptional tissue damage posing a new challenge for the reconstructive surgeon
Suicide attempts among indigenous Sami adolescents and majority peers in Arctic Norway: Prevalence and associated risk factors
Suicidality in eating disorders: Occurrence, correlates, and clinical implications
Suicidal ideation in multiple sclerosis
Long-term mortality in anorexia nervosa: a report after an 8-year follow-up and a review of the most recent literature
One-year follow-up study of suicide attempters treated for drug dependence
First psychiatric hospitalizations in the US military: the National Collaborative Study of Early Psychosis and Suicide (NCSEPS)
Adolescent and young adult suicide: a 10-year retrospective review of kentucky medical examiner cases
Association between antidepressant prescribing and suicide in Israel
Australia's National Suicide Prevention Strategy: the next chapter
Hopelessness, demoralization and suicidal behaviour: the backdrop to welfare reform in Australia
Self-mutilation in adolescents
What can a community do when it is not yet ready to establish a community mental health clinic?
An experiment with companionship therapy: college students and troubled boys--assumptions, selection, and design
Are the "nerves" and badness of children of any importance to the field of public health?
Risk of suicide attempt in asthmatic children and young adults prescribed leukotriene-modifying agents: A nested case-control study
Editorial: Toward prevention of suicide
Burns in rural Kwa-Zulu Natal: Epidemiology and the need for community health education
Incidence of treated mental illness in three Pennsylvania communities
Is there an epidemiology of mental disease?
Mental health tasks in general health programs
Mental Hygiene and the health department
Mental hygiene programs in schools and colleges
Prevention in psychiatry
Problems in studying the prevalence of psychiatric disorder
Public health and the law. the right to psychiatric treatment
Reliability of psychiatrists' ratings in community case finding
Socioeconomic and family characteristics of patients admitted to psychiatric services
Suicide: a neglected problem
The aplication of census socioeconomic and familial data to the study of morbidity from mental disorders
The Los Angeles suicide prevention center: a demonstration of public health feasibilities
The role and nature of emergency psychotherapy
Two autoerotic accidents: fatal nitrous oxide anesthesia and thoracic compression
Suicidal behavior and suicide attempts in adolescents and young adults--epidemiology, risk factors, prevention and treatment
Practice of trauma and emergency units in delivering care to youth who attempt suicide--experiences from Provence
Suicidality: procedure in emergency cases
Attempted suicide among teenagers and young adults
Assessing the risk factors for suicidal thoughts at a nontraditional commuter school
Factors associated with 'feeling suicidal' -- the role of sexual identity
Non-suicidal self-injury among adolescents: Diagnostic correlates and relation to suicide attempts
Study of burn deaths in Nagpur, Central India
The association between alcohol misuse and suicidal behaviour
The change of symptomatology in hospitalized suicidal patients
The aftermath of suicide: a comparison of attitudes of those bereaved by suicide, social workers and a community sample
The aftermath of youth suicide--providing postvention services for the school and community
The Cardiff sib-pair study: suicidal ideation in depressed and healthy subjects and their siblings
Treatment of mental disorders in seven physicians committing suicide
Author's reply to "Reader's response to 'who gets shot? Firearms and the doctor."
Cybersuicide: review of the role of the internet on suicide
Deliberate self-harm in adolescence
Deliberate self-harm patients of no fixed abode : A study of characteristics and subsequent deaths in patients presenting to a general hospital
High rates of suicide and attempted suicide using pesticides in Nickerie, Suriname, South America
Media guidelines on the reporting of suicide
Lifetime rhythmicity and mania as correlates of suicidal ideation and attempts in mood disorders
Number and type of substances in alcohol and drug-related completed suicides in an Australian sample
Psychiatric illness, socioeconomic status, and marital status in people committing suicide: a matched case-sibling-control study
Self-disclosure, depression, anxiety, and suicidal behavior in adolescent psychiatric inpatients
Suicidal ideation in veterans receiving treatment for opiate dependence
Suicidal intent in single-car accident drivers: Review and new preliminary findings
Suicide attempts versus suicidal ideation in bulimic female adolescents
Suicide in Asia
Suicide in India - A four year retrospective study
Suicide phenomena in nursing homes: a neglected issue in geriatric research and clinical management?
Toxicology Findings in Child and Adolescent Suicides in Virginia: 1987-2003
Exploring the relationship between area characteristics and self-harm: Old and new approaches
Preventing elderly suicide through primary care by community-based screening for depression in rural Japan
Reader's response to "Who gets shot? firearms and the doctor."
Suicidal attempts admitted to a general hospital in the Western Galilee: an inter-ethnic comparison study
A study of depression among Alexandria preparatory school adolescents
The 8th European Symposium on Suicide and Suicidal Behavior
Interventions for adolescent depression in primary care
A study for Effects of Economic Growth Rate and Unemployment Rate to Suicide Rate in Korea
Examining the Complexities of Suicidal Behavior in the African American Community
Explaining Changes in the Patterns of Black Suicide in the United States From 1981 to 2002: An Age, Cohort, and Period Analysis
Introduction: Suicidal Behaviors in the African American Community
Lay Theories of Suicide: An Examination of Culturally Relevant Suicide Beliefs and Attributions among African Americans and European Americans
Racial Differences in Hopelessness as a Risk Factor for a Nearly Lethal Suicide Attempt
Suicidal Behavior Among Low-Income African American Women: A Comparison of First-Time and Repeat Suicide Attempters
The Aftermath of Suicide among African Americans
A Reanalysis of the Impact of Non-Celebrity Suicides - A Research Note
Celebrities and Suicide - A Taxonomy and Analysis, 1948-1983
Safe-storage gun laws: Accidental deaths, suicides, and crime
Number of gun-related suicides in Austria has fallen since tightening of gun controls
The female paraplegic: a statistical survey