A progress report of the joint national educational seat belt program
A proposed injury code for automotive accident victims
A report on considerations of seatbelts for infants and small children
A safety engineering approach to child restraining devices
A statistical study of post-crash phenomena in automobile accidents
A study of helmet and motorized two-wheeler use patterns in Delhi
A study of the dynamics of pedestrians and generally unsupported transit system occupants in selected accident modes
A test to measure ability to maintain alertness and its application in assessing the automobile driver
A university- and police-sponsored spring field trial to reach high school seniors in Michigan
Acceleration-deceleration injuries of the cervical spine in animals
Accident and violation experience of Oklahoma drivers with selected chronic medical conditions
Actual pedestrian visibility and the pedestrian's estimate of his own visibility
Advanced belted restraint systems
After seat belts -- What?
Air pillow occupant restraint system: Automatic and effective
Alcohol and adult pedestrian fatalities
Alcohol involvement in Texas driver fatalities
Alcohol involvement in traffic crashes
Alcohol-related automobile crash problems
Alcoholism and general drug abuse
Ambulance design
An analysis of emergency medical service fatal and non-fatal motor vehicle injuries in San Francisco
An analysis of the North Carolina driver medical evaluation program
An evaluation of some qualitative breath screening tests for alcohol
An evaluation of the effect of sign brightness on the sign reading behavior of alcohol impaired drivers
An investigation into the level of protection afforded to fully restrained passenger vehicle occupants
An investigation of rider, bicycle, and environmental variables in urban bicycle collisions
An objective method of assessing laceration damage to simulated facial tissues: The Triplex Laceration Index
Analysis of rear-end accident factors and injury patterns
Analysis of rollover accident factors and injury causation
Analysis of the dynamics of automobile passenger-restraint systems
Analytical evaluation of restraining harness materials
Are racing and safety natural enemies
Assessment of psychiatric disorders: Driver's licensing implications
At work and at play: Testimony to 49 CFR 571 (Docket no. 74-14; Notice 32). Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard: occupant crash protection
Auto-pedestrian impact experiments
Automobile defect recall campaigns: A survey of time phased effectiveness and owner satisfaction
Automobile fatalities by postural asphyxia
Automobile safety in the medical curriculum
Automotive manufacturer's approach to automotive safety
Automotive research engineering analysis of the design potentials for reducing injury
Automotive side-window glass impact study
Barrier collision and related impact sled tests on buses in intercity service
Barrier collision investigation of harness restraining systems
Belt occupant restraint effectiveness
Booby trapped highways in the beckoning country
Breath measurement instrumentation in the U.S
Car crash injuries by seating position and miles travelled
Carbon monoxide, smoking, and fatal highway crashes
Case results of some 1974 passenger car crashes
Case study investigation of human injury patterns and the relation to vehicular design
Caudo-cephalad static and dynamic injuries
Causes of death in road crashes: Evidence from the routinely-published statistics of several countries
Cervical spine injuries
Changing character and management of soft-tissue windshield injuries
Characteristics of motor carrier transportation of hazardous materials
Clinical evaluation of injuries related to snowmobiles
Collection, analysis and interpretation of data on relationship between drugs and driving: A study of drug usage and driving histories among arrestees in six metropolitan areas of the United States
Comments on the paper "Rollovers and serious driver injury differences among various utility vehicles, pickup trucks, and passenger car groups"
Comparisons of concepts in automobile occupant restraint protection
Compartment collapse and auto crash injury
Considerations for a lap belt-shoulder harness assembly
Considerations in crash energy absorption
Consumers union's dynamic tests of seat belts
Correlates of seat belt use in new parents
Correlation tests of animals and humans
Crash performances of the new automobile safety features
Crash theories and the implications for research
Criminals who drive
Current significance of visual problems in Pennsylvania drivers
Dashboard injuries of the larynx
Decline in automotive collision injuries: A ten-year comparison of clinical cases
Denver Alcohol Safety Action Project treatment modalities for the problem drinking driver
Design aspects of automobile safety
Detection of soft-tissue injuries of the cervical spine
Determination of seat belt effectiveness for survival in fatal highway collisions
Development of a questionnaire to identify the problem-drinking driver
Development of an "advanced" driver education program
Differential risk among alcoholic drivers
Doctors, Samaritans and the accident victim
Drinking age 21: Facts, myths and fictions
Drinking drivers in an alcoholism program
Driver passing behavior on two-lane highways
Drivers involved in fatal pedestrian collisions
Drunk driver countermeasures
Dynamic force-distance data recording: A method
Dynamic research of human restraining devices
Dynamic testing of a prototype air bag with human volunteers serum enzyme determinations, observed trauma and subjective response descriptions
Editorial: The Australian experience
Effect of localized impact on the human skull and patella
Effective protection by a restraint system: A panel discussion
Effects of moderate blood alcohol levels on automobile passing behavior
Effects of pitch angle on impact tolerance
Emergency services: An emergency department record form
European economic community support for major biomechanics research programme
European research, standardization and regulations on protective devices
Evaluation in the drinking/driving countermeasures program
Evaluation of cardiac patients with ischemic heart disease for motor vehicle driving
Existing traffic accident injury causation data recording methods and the proposal of an occupant injury classification scheme
Experimental head impact studies
Facial injuries: Causes and prevention
Federal safety standards: Their objective and how they affect heavy-duty vehicles
Field testing 1000 air cushion equipped automobiles
Findings in the investigations of fifty traffic death cases
Flexion-torsion neck injury in rear impacts
Fourteen ounces of prevention: A clinician's viewpoint
Fractures of the spine caused by automobile injuries: Relative incidence and types
Fully passive restraint systems: alternatives to inflatable systems
Functional ability profiles for driver licensing exemplified by the visual profile
German society for traffic medicine
Hazards, management, and prevention of episodic unconsciousness resulting from trauma
Head and neck injuries in Goteborg in 1983
Head injury evaluation: Criteria for assessment of field, clinical and laboratory data
Head protection for the bicyclist
Head protection: Preventive medicine in traffic safety
Health checks of motor vehicle operators
Highlights of a two-year snowmobile accident study in Saskatchewan
Highway accident analysis in Canada
Highway safety: Dream or reality?
History of the driver license compact
Hospital based child passenger safety activities: A statewide survey
How many needed to die
How to further improve the protection of occupants wearing seat belts
Human factors in driver research
Human temporal bone impact trauma
Human tolerance data from "real life" motor vehicle accidents
Human volunteer testing of the inflatable belt restraint
Human/psychological factors in multidisciplinary accident investigation
Impact of motorcycle helmet law repeal
Impact sled testing and related barrier tests
Impairment, dangerous driving, and the law
Improving commercial driver safety
Improving safety in highway work zones: A matter of ethics
Improving the highway information system
Improving visual recognition and response to collision producing situations through use of a tachistoscopic process
In-service failures of highway safety systems
Incompatible standards and their implications for automotive medicine
Increased seat belt-shoulder harness usage by a starter interlock system
Increasing seatbelt use through a program presented in elementary schools
Influence of vehicle design on pedestrian leg injuries
Injuries fatal to auto occupants using seat belts
Injuries of the Thorax and of the Lower Extremities to Forces Applied By Blunt Objects
Injury assessment of unembalmed cadavers using a three-point harness restraint
Injury causation in rollover accidents
Injury characteristics of riders of motorcycles, minibikes, and mopeds
Injury mechanisms in motorcycle collisions
Injury severity patterns by restraint usage
Injury-producing traffic crash patterns in Australia
Interconnected motorist injuries of the hip, femoral shaft and knee
International Organization for Standardization: Recommendations for seat belt assemblies
Investigating the roadway environment
Investigation of injury mechanisms associated with fully restrained passenger vehicle occupants in London, Ontario
Investigation report of the first air-bag deployment in a "real-world" accident
Involvement of alcohol in fatal motor vehicle crashes
Kinematics of cervical spine injuries on impacting types of safety glass
Knowledge and attitudes as predictors of motorcycle helmet use
Lap / Shoulder belt effectiveness
License revocation and alcoholism treatment programs for habitual traffic offenders
Licensing of auto drivers in Florida
Logical fallacies in research on driver education
Major thrusts of the [U.S.] DOT crash survivability program
Mandatory seat belt usage: The French experience 1973-1981
Mapping young drivers in behavioral space
Marijuana effects on a critical tracking task
Marijuana effects on driving: Performance and personality
McGill Automotive Collision Investigation Project
Measuring the effects of changes in vehicle design with mass accident data
Measuring the emergency surgical care of auto accident patients
Mechanics of bone fracture
Mechanics of dorsal-lumbar spine injury: A preliminary report
Mechanism of brain concussion, contusion and laceration
Mechanism of cervical spine injury in auto accidents
Mechanisms of injury from crash fires
Mechanisms of spinal cord injury (SCI) in vehicle occupants
Medical aspects of automotive fatalities
Medical aspects of driver licensure: Public Health Service recommendations
Medical aspects of safety seat belt development
Medical evaluation of enrollees in the Rochester Experimental Drivers Rehabilitation Project
Medical factors in driver licensing
Medical orientation for driver license examiners
Medical reporting of drivers with emotional problems
Medical-legal problems in determining cause of death in motor vehicle accidents
Men and women drivers: A study of exposure, accidents, and injuries
Methodology for establishing cost-effective frictional requirements
Military Assistance to Safety and Traffic (MAST)
Moderate auto injuries: The role of reflexes in pathogenesis and symptomatology
Monitoring head injured patients following motor vehicular accidents
Moped accidents in select southern California communities
Motor carrier accident evaluation (medical aspects)
Motor vehicle accidents and burns: An epidemiologic study of motor vehicle fires and their victims
Motor vehicle occupant kinematics and injury patterns
Motor vehicle occupant protection: A historical perspective
Motor vehicle-related mortality and economic development, Part I: A global analysis
Motor vehicle-related mortality and economic development, Part II: intra- and inter-regional variations
Motorcycle education and licensing improvement from past research to current demonstration to future implementation
Motorcycle kinematics and injury patterns
Motorcycle operator task analysis research
Motorcycle safety: VROOM for improvement
Motoring and safety
Motorist exposure during intersection collision
Neck injuries in rear end car collisions: Biomechanical considerations to improve head restraints
New hazards in penetrating wounds of the eye
New York state's approach to the licensing of telescopic lens users
New York's belt use regulation for learner permit holders
Pathophysiology of "protected" guinea pigs in high transverse impact accelerations
Patterns of injury in fatal automobile accidents
Preliminary ranking of injury causes in automobile accidents
Preventive medicine
Problems and techniques of human sled subject selection: Technical Documentary Report no. ARL-TDR-62
Problems with the three-point belt installations and possible solutions, Part I
Problems with the three-point belt installations and possible solutions, Part II
Safe and unsafe upper torsion restraints for occupant protection in motor vehicles
Safe automotive construction
Safety harness research: California
Seat belt effectiveness in the non-ejection situation
Speed kills -- any speed kills
Studies on the energy absorbing capacity of human lumbar intervertebral discs
Survival by design: Head protection
Systematic automobile design for pedestrian injury prevention
Technical findings from full-scale vehicle bridge barrier impact tests
The Air Force motor vehicle accident prevention program
The anatomy of death by driving: A case report
The epidemiology of automotive accidents
The nature and causation of fatal road injuries to car occupants on various types of British roads
The packaging of car occupants: A British approach to seat design
The pathologist and investigation of fatal automobile accidents
The public health service research grants program in accident prevention
The relation of blood pressure to driving
The role of a physician's influence on installation of seat belts
Progress in safe vehicle design
Public health aspects of automotive collision
Reduction in crash forces
Requirements for testing of inertia reels for harnesses
Restraining characteristics of harnesses
SAE motor vehicle seat belt activities
The role of an independent research and testing facility in the furtherance of automotive safety
The safety and medical aspects of motor vehicle accident prevention
The use of mass, non-specific accident data in research
The use of seat belts in Britain
The Wisconsin motor vehicle code
Thin-strong glass for automobile glazing
Transient motions and internal injuries in a crash
Twenty-three fatal crashes with seat belts
Varieties of automobile death
Visual requirements for drivers' licenses
We must make a decision
Webbings for use in automobile seat belts
"Blackouts" as a cause of motor vehicle crashes in British Columbia, Canada, 1966
A model of the operator in a man/machine motor vehicle loop
A study of highway driving -- Part II: Personality profiles of drivers
Causal factors in single-vehicle fatal accidents
Causative factors and corrective needs in 148 injured motorcyclists
Chronic medical conditions and traffic accidents
Clinical studies of pain: Simulated automobile rides in association with the neck and shoulders
Observations on "reaction time" of automobile race drivers
Ocular findings in extension-flexion injuries of the cervical spine
Panel on future testing of the Federal Safety Standards: Part 2
Panel on future testing of the Federal Safety Standards: Part 1
Panel on future testing of the Federal Safety Standards: Part 3
Passenger protection in automobiles: A medical problem with a legal solution
Physiological observations on non-simulated stress in race car drivers
Problems of auto-safety on the British side of the Atlantic
Psychological considerations in the design of automotive signaling systems
Recent developments in car design for injury reduction
Recognition of coloured lights by colour defective individuals
Restraint system effectiveness in racing crashes
Safety assurance and the design process in a public-responsible safety car
Safety standards for automobiles: Past, present and future
Seven medical proposals for the prevention of mass trauma on the highways
Severe extension-flexion injuries of the cervical spine
Slaughter - and what to do about it
Some relationships between vision and driving
Submerged vehicle survival
Systematic automobile design for pedestrian injury prevention
The "Life-Shield": A device to protect passenger from injury
The automobile: A medico-legal hazard
The development of vehicle safety seating for injury prevention
The need for traffic safety legislation
The pre-crash, crash, and post-crash parts of the highway safety problem
The role of carbon poisoning in freeway accidents
The sleepy driver
The use of non-programmed simulators in the Driving Research Laboratory, Providence, R.I
Visual considerations: The man, the vehicle, and the highway -- Part 1
Visual considerations: The man, the vehicle, and the highway -- Part 2
Whiplash injuries of the neck
A comparison of contacts for unrestrained and lap belted occupants in automobile accidents
A comparison of injury severity patterns for unrestrained, lap belted, and torso restrained occupants in automobile accidents
A critical evaluation of the Phystester: A test for driver impairment
A human factors analysis of most-responsible drivers in fatal accidents
A new test device for pedestrian-vehicle accident simulation and evaluation of leg injury criteria
Crash injury and vehicle size mix
Night vision and accident involvement
Obscure injury mechanisms in automobile accidents
Ocular manifestations of whiplash injuries
On the influence of crash helmets on whiplash injury to racing car drivers
Operational evaluation of court procedures for identifying problem-drinking drivers
Optical properties of reflex reflectors and the use of color in traffic guidance
Outlook 70s: Driver education
Pedestrian impact case study
Pharmaco-kinesiological study of alcoholic hangover
Possible effects of airbag inflation on a standing child
Post crash considerations: Escape-worthiness and flammability
Preventive medicine: California's driver improvement program
Proposal for a protection criterion as regards abdominal internal organs
Proposed alcohol-related auto crash control program
Psychosocial antecedents of automobile accidents in rural adolescents
Pulmonary complication from trauma
Pulmonary ventilation and energy expenditure in car driving with and without seat belts
Recent developments in roadside crash cushions
Recording and analysis of physiological responses and vehicle data during high speed driving
Research in child restraint development
Response blocking: A necessary performance criterion
Restraint system effectiveness
Restraint system usage: Education, electronic inducement systems or mandatory usage legislation
Restraint systems: How effective are they?
Role of peripheral vision and time-sharing in driving
Selected fatal injury mechanisms and the relevancy of motor vehicle and highway safety standards
Semantic gymnastics in alcohol-highway crash research and public information programs
Short term benefits from field accident studies
Snowmobile accidents in Ontario
Snowmobiling: characteristics of owners, patterns of use, and injuries
Some injury mechanisms in new car collisions
Special accident investigation studies: The role of alcohol/drug involvement
Splenectomy following abdominal trauma
Statistical analysis of field accident data
Stress, crisis and lifestyle changes and traffic violations and accidents
Tarso-metatarsal joint injuries in head-on collisions
Techniques to determine occupant restraint usage and the effect of improved restraint systems on usage
Telescopic spectacles and motor vehicle driving licensure
The AAAM -- Its educational potential in the medical community
The application of the SMAC accident reconstruction program to actual highway accidents
The bridge abutment problem
The complicated head injuries of the unrestrained child in auto collision
The development of a national motorcycle training program
The development of evaluative instruments for rehabilitation programs for drunken drivers
The effect of lap belt restraint on pregnant victims of automobile collisions
The effect of mandatory seat belt use in New South Wales, Australia
Vehicle-pedestrian collision experiments with the use of a moving dummy
Upper-third of the face fractures from vehicle accidents
Traumatic arthritis: A medical and legal dilemma
Traffic deaths due to blunt abdominal trauma
The effect of qualitatively different driver education programs on frequency of accidents and violations
The effect of rehabilitation on the driving behavior of problem drinkers
The effects of alcohol on driving skill
The effects of certain tranquilizers and alcohol upon kinetic visual acuity
The enigma of whiplash injuries
The General Motors Infant Safety Carrier
The hazard of the unrestrained occupant
The human ear in an air bag noise environs
The man in the street: Pedestrian accidents in the Empire State
The mechanics of motorcycle accidents
The neglected child syndrome: The infant and child in automobile collisions
The other road users
The predictive value of driver demerit points in Ontario
The role of a professional society for traffic medicine
The role of alcohol in fatal collisions involving trucks
The USAF's multimedia driver training program
Toxicity evaluation of crash restraint gas generators
Traffic accident reconstruction from coded information
NHTSA report
Passenger protection in automobiles--a medical problem with a legal solution
Physicians' attitudes and counseling practices for the use of infant restraint systems in automobiles
Public opinion about seatbelts and seatbelt law in Illinois
Recent trends in motor vehicle crash deaths
Reducing car crash injuries: Folklore, science and promise
Relationship between some biomechanical and dimensional characteristics of the skull and the risk of cerebral injuries
Review of 179 deaths due to chest injuries resulting from motor traffic crashes during 1977-1980 at Muhimbili medical centre
Some major changes ahead in automotive safety
The dilemma of the monocular driver
The effectiveness of deferred prosecution for driving while intoxicated offenders
The epidemiology of motor vehicle crashes in Kuwait
The New York state safety belt use law: A political success story for AAAM, traffic safety and organized medicine
The physician's role in highway safety--reporting requirements
Traumatic neurosis following a motor vehicle crash
The rear seat occupant in car crashes
The risk compensation tambourine - risk and freedom: The record of road safety regulation [Book review]
Carbon monoxide effects on highway driving performance: an investigation of the effects of 12 percent COHb on the nighttime performance of young and aged drivers
Chain link fencing top rails: A roadside hazard
Characteristics of culpable accident-involved drivers
Children in injury level accidents
Collision severity measured by delta-V
Current problems in gaining access to automobile accident victims
Driving and psychosocial characteristics of drunk drivers
Driving, disease and the physician's responsibility
Drug use and driving by a university student sample
Establishment of an air-brake equipped motor vehicle accident database for southwestern Ontario
Evaluating the effects of seatbelt information and legislation in Ontario
Evaluation of illumination designs for accident reduction at high nighttime-accident highway sites
Fatally injured truck drivers
Guide for medical examiners to determine fitness to drive buses and trucks in interstate commerce
Handling test procedures for light trucks, vans, and recreational vehicles
Occupant motion in rollover collisions
Pedal-cycle injuries
Pediatric road accidents
Personality factors in crashes: Age and alcohol
Priorities for roadside hazard modification: A study of 300 fatal roadside object crashes
Reliability and validity assessments of a newly developed battery of driving related vision tests
Restraint system use and misuse
Risk factors in motorcycle collision injuries
Road injuries in Quebec (1974): Nature, severity and direct costs
Roadside screening for impaired drivers in Canada
Safety belt restraint systems: Comfort, convenience, use laws as factors in increased usage
Safety village concept
School bus seat back pads: The California experience
State of the art in highway traffic barriers
The analysis of accident data using the "case-by-case matching" technique
The anthropometric profile of the injured car occupant and the incidence of injury severity
The coroner's system in Ontario, Canada: Investigation and inquest in automotive medicine
The driver demerit-point system in Ontario as a long-term predictor of collisions
The effect of side door reinforcement beams and 5 mph energy absorbing bumpers on injury severity
The effects of alcohol and Valium, singly and in combination, upon driving-related skills performance
The impact of a motorcycle lights-on law
The Maryland Medical Advisory Board
The motorcycle problem
The National Accident Sampling System: A status report
The need for better criteria in determining driver impairment limits
The role of the medical examiner in crash investigation
The school bus safety improvement program
The vehicle: Presentation for panel, "Investigation Plus Action"
Toward representative motorcycle statistics: A preliminary report
Driver licensing and public health: A proposal for collaborative efforts
An alternative injury code for police reporting: An evaluation of the New York State Injury Coding Scheme
An analysis of accidents involving buses and an assessment of the need for safety belt requirements in such vehicles
An examination of runaway truck escape ramps
A case study of external forces exerted on vehicles and vehicle occupants in an automobile accident
A comparison of selected daytime and nighttime driving performances
Alcohol and drugs in traffic accident victims
Driver vision and accident involvement: New findings with new vision tests
Driver/vehicle characteristics related to accident vehicle condition and causation and an assessment of Indiana PMVI effectiveness
Driving behaviour of cannabis users and non-users in closed-course and normal traffic situations
Drugs and highway safety: Research issues and information needs
Education of medical students about injury control
Effect of quadriceps function on submarining
Engineering considerations in the design of protective headgear
Facial injuries from motorcycle accidents
Fatal injuries to restrained passenger car occupants
Fatal occupational injuries associated with motor vehicles
Feasibility of designating medical examiners for interstate commercial drivers
Occupant restraint in motor vehicles in Australia
Pattern of motor cycle injuries sustained by motor cyclists in Victoria, 1974-1975
Pedestrian head injuries
Pedestrian safety vehicle - design elements: Results of in-depth accident analyses and simulation
Results of financial and functional consequences of injury: A pilot clinical study
Road traffic accidents in Nigeria
Road traffic accidents: a major public health problem in Nigeria
Severely and fatally injured rear seat car passengers (OAIS ≥ 2) in Switzerland during 1976
Social and interpersonal factors in driving
Some characteristics of culpable drivers in rural accidents
Sources of information for discriminating dynamic human actions
The biomechanics of automotive cervical fractures
The effect of mandatory crash helmet use for moped riders in Denmark
The effect of mandatory seat belt legislation on mortality and morbidity in Denmark
The rear seat automobile passenger in frontal crashes
The trend of traffic accidents in Tokyo
Traffic medicine as a part of preventive medicine teaching programs in Virginia medical schools
Are Fractures Above and Below the Waist in a Highway Trauma Victim an Indicator of Abdominal Injury?
Belt Usage Rates in the Federal Republic of Germany and Their Medical Consequences
Biomechanics and the regulation of vehicle crash performance
Biomechanics of the human chest, abdomen, and pelvis in lateral impact
Case studies of severe frontal collisions involving fully-restrained occupants
Reversing the sequence: Reducing alcohol consumption by overcoming alcohol attentional bias
Alcohol-Related Problems Among Younger Drinkers Who Misuse Prescription Drugs: Results from the National Epidemiologic Survey of Alcohol and Related Conditions (NESARC)
Peritraumatic panic attacks and health outcomes two years after psychological trauma: Implications for intervention and research
Working conditions of bus drivers in the private sector and bus crashes in Kandy district, Sri Lanka: a case-control study
Crash vulnerability and blood alcohol concentration of drivers according to their demographic characteristics
Critical injuries produced by seat belts: Case report
Design deficiencies in new automobiles
Detection of coronary insufficiency and arrhythmia during the stress of automobile driving
Drug-induced disturbances of vision that may affect driving
Evaluation of General Standards Association [sic] standards for automotive vehicles
Examples of needed information in the biomechanics field
Facial injuries from automobiles crashes: A survey of 400 consecutive cases
Facial injuries in automobile accidents
24-hour sleep deprivation. driving capacity of a drunk person
5-HTOL--a new biochemical alcohol marker with forensic applications
A case report concerning traffic medicine: A fatal accident after renal dialysis
A comparative analysis of the incidence of the occurrence of injuries to the soft tissues, bones and internal chest organs in trauma from a fall from a height and from the collision of a moving car with a pedestrian
A comprehensive evaluation on psychological quality among automobile drivers
A cross-sectional study on injuries in residents at the community level of Zhejiang
A kinematic study of a human mannequin in a simulation of head-on vehicular collisions
A method for performing complex medical and technical automobile expertise in establishing the position of subjects in the passenger section of a car
A prospective cohort study on injuries among school-age children with and without behavior problems
A review on some of the problems associated with long-distance journeys
A severe traffic accident--250 years ago: Medical history presentation
A survey of cognitive probability structure of risk of death by cause
Abuse of psychotropic drugs during driving
Accident incidence at various ages
Accident-related mortality in 5- to 9-year-old children
Accidents and acts of violence in Brazil, I: Analysis of mortality data
Accidents and illicit drugs
Accidents during infancy
Accidents, suicide or cry for help? 173 fatal cases on the railroads during 1990-95
Acquired medical condition and driving ability
Acute alcoholic intoxication and accidents
Acute confusional syndrome due to acute nicotine withdrawal
Acute stress disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder after motor vehicle accidents
Adolescent mortality in Vojvodina
Adolescents alcohol related traffic accidents and mortality in 1999-2000--problem and solutions
Traffic behaviour among adolescents using mopeds and light motorcycles
When Do Driver Errors Occur? Using in-Depth Accident Analysis to Derive Requirements for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
User perceptions and preferences of advanced driver assistance systems
Advanced Smart Airbags: The Solution for Real-Life Safety?
Aircraft Accident Statistics and Knowledge Database: Analyzing Passenger Behavior in Aviation Accidents
An Estimation Method of the Average Effect and the Different Accident Risks When Modelling a Road Safety Measure: A Simulation Study
An Offset Rigid Barrier-Based Test: Equivalence to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Frontal Offset Impact Safety Test
Analysis and Reconstruction of the Typical Traffic Accident Based on the Tire Marks
Analysis of Speeding in Saudi Arabia and Effectiveness of Enforcement Methods
Driver-Vehicle-Road Virtual Simulation With Interaction Mode
Driving Safety on Long-Even-Straight-Line Road on Highland
Driving Situations and Driver Decisions at Road Traffic Signals
Emergency motorcycle: Has it a place in a medical emergency system?
Drugged driving in Hungary 2000-2004
Experimental Methodology for Evaluating Survivability of an Aeronautical Construction From Composite Materials: An Overview
Factors associated with poor compliance of patients with epilepsy driving restrictions
First Comprehensive Road Safety Plan by the Valencia Regional Government
Fitness to drive assessment in drivers with neurological disorders at the Medical driver test Centres
Identification of real-time diagnostic measures of visual distraction with an automatic eye-tracking system
Identification of the Spongy Bone Mechanical Behavior Under Compression Loads: Numerical Simulation Versus Experimental Results
Innovative Design for Safe and Accessible Light Rail or Tram Stops Suitable for Streetcar-Style Conditions
Intelligent Transport Systems and Effects on Road Traffic Accidents: State of the Art
Investigation of anteroposterior head-neck responses during severe frontal impacts using a brain-spinal cord complex FE model
Many cars don't protect against whiplash injuries: How to save your neck in a rear-end crash
Modeling Dynamic Vehicle Navigation in a Self-Organizing, Peer-to-Peer, Distributed Traffic Information System
Modeling Mixed Traffic Flow at Crosswalks in Micro-Simulations Using Cellular Automata
Motor vehicle accidents during pregnancy.  A review of maternal and fetal outcomes in Saudi Arabian population
Motor vehicle-related cardiac and aortic injuries differ from other thoracic injuries
Multi-Level Fuzzy Evaluation Method for Civil Aviation System Safety
Oblique and lateral impact response of the PMHS thorax
On-Line Vehicle Routing and Scheduling With Time-Varying Travel Speeds
Operation Save a Life: Massachusetts General Hospital Trauma Center's program to educate drivers on the dangers of driving while intoxicated
Optimization of Evacuation Routes Considering Movements at Intersections
Physiological indicators based sleep onset prediction for the avoidance of driving accidents
Placement of Roadside Traffic Signs Based on Visibility Distance
Probabilistic Assessment of Road Vehicle Safety in Windy Environments
Projecting effects of improvements in passive safety of the New Zealand light vehicle fleet
Prompting safety-belt use in the context of a belt-use law: The flash-for life revisited
Research on Delay of Pedestrian Crossing
Research on Interrupted Type of Concrete Guardrails Using Orthogonal Design
Research on Safety Evaluation About Foundation Excavation of Subway Stations Based on Fuzzy Theory
Research on the Relationship Between V/C and Crash Rate on Freeway
Seat belt use among American Indians/Alaska natives and non-Hispanic whites
Seatbelts and the law: how well do we protect Australian children?
Secondary analysis of time of day on simulated driving performance
Simulation Evaluation of the Benefits of Real-Time Traffic Information to Trucks During Incidents
Simulation of an ITS Crash Prevention Technology at a No-Passing Zone Site
Simulation of Road Alignment Design Safety Evaluation
Situation Awareness and Driving Performance in a Simulated Navigation Task
Statistical Method for Identifying Dangerous Location and Countermeasures
Studies on Capacity of Signalized Intersections Influenced by Pedestrian Traffic
Study of a Device for Controlling the Pulses of Sled Testing
Study on the secular trend of road traffic injuries and its influencing factors in China
The impact of safety belt use on liver injuries in motor vehicle crashes
The impact of safety belt use on liver injuries in motor vehicle crashes: The importance of motor vehicle safety systems
The Relationships Between Crash Rates and Average Speed Difference Between Cars and Large Vehicles on Freeway
Toward Autonomous Collision Avoidance by Steering
Toward developing an approach for alerting drivers to the direction of a crash threat
Usual seat belt practices reported by airline passengers surveyed in gate areas of a U.S. airport
Vehicle and Guard Rail Detection Using Radar and Vision Data Fusion
Visual Information-Based Freeway Operating Speed Prediction Model
Visual standards in commercial driving
Minimizing Costs While Meeting Safety Requirements: Modeling Deterministic (Imperfect) Staggered Tests Using Standard Markov Models for SIL Calculations
The 2005 Annual Report of the Regional Infant and Child Mortality Review Committee
The 2006 annual report of the Regional Infant and Child Mortality Review Committee
Epidemiology of auricular trauma
Gambling as an emerging health problem on campus
Suicidal gunshot to the head while driving a car
Reliability-Based Assessment of Bridges Using Long-Term Monitoring Data
Prevalence and patterns of alcohol use in the Australian workforce: Findings from the 2001 National Drug Strategy Household Survey
Significant injury in cruise ship passengers: A case series
Review of car-following theory
Review of mathematical human models for incorporation into vehicle safety design
Review of regulations and guidelines for commercial and noncommercial drivers with sleep apnea and narcolepsy
Review of research on road-tyre friction
Review of the 20 mile/h speed zones. 1991
Review of the Air Bag Effectiveness in Real Life Accidents Demands - for Positioning and Optimal Deployment of Air Bag Systems
Review of the design speed concept
Review of the Development of US Roadside Design Standards
Review of the Procedure for Curve Advisory Speed Determination
Reviewing car fleet performance after advanced driver training
Fatal pleasure trip--the "covered wagon catastrophe"
Fatal traffic accidents in Denmark. Prehospital changes in consciousness and loss of life-years due to traffic accidents
Fatal traffic accidents in Denmark. Survival time and factors of importance for the prehospital phase
Fatal traffic accidents in Denmark
Fatal traffic accidents
Fatal traffic injuries in southern Moravia over a 40-year period
Fatigue and low-back pain of freight-container tractor drivers. Correlation with ergonomic factors
Fatigue, drowsiness and sleep
First aid measures by bystanders at the place of accident. A prospective, epidemiologic study in the Vienna area
Fitness for automobile driving of patients at an epilepsy outpatient care unit
Fitness for automobile driving of physically handicapped patients
Fitness to drive in people with diabetes mellitus; a recommendation from the health council of the Netherlands
Fitness-to-drive in neurological disorders
Flunitrazepam and driving ability
Forensic medical expertise in road transportation accidents caused by the sudden death of drivers at the wheel or by their diseases
Drinking on the dirt roads of America: NACCHO's Impaired Driving Prevention in Rural Communities demonstration site project
Sensation seeking and drinking game participation in heavy-drinking college students
Inequalities in health in Italy
The effects of carbon dioxide in champagne on psychometric performance and blood-alcohol concentration
Influence of sleep deprivation and work on performance in vigilance tests
Drowsiness and traffic accidents. Importance of diagnosis
Drowsiness--greater traffic hazard than alcohol. Causes, risks and treatment
Drug tests on 198 drivers involved in an accident
Drugs and driving behavior
Duty to secrecy in a patient's unfitness for automobile driving
An epidemiological analysis on the relationship between road injury and traffic environment in China
An epidemiological study of 2,353 patients injured in motor vehicle accidents
An epidemiological study on traffic accident in Guangzhou
An investigation on traffic accidents in Shanghai from 1986 to 1990
An unusual case of fatal airbag injury
Analysis of causes of accidental deaths in several districts of Sichuan Province
Analysis of hospital morbidity by motor vehicle accidents in public hospitals in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Analysis of pedestrian injuries in traffic accidents: Impact point, injury portion, and injury severity
Analysis on pedestrian traffic injury among aged 0-14 years children in Guangzhou, China
Analysis on potential years of life lost of automobile drivers in Jiangsu in 1990 - 1999
Are cross-eyed persons worse drivers? The effect of stereoscopic disparity on driving skills
Are older drivers dangerous?
Are physicians' examinations required for driving licences correct?
Assessment of car driving skills in brain injured individuals
Assessment of cognitive suitability to drive after brain injury
Assessment of excessive day-time sleepiness in professional drivers with suspected obstructive sleep apnea syndrome
Assessment of various rest periods in respect of time variant fatigue-processes during simulated automobile driving
Association between the functional monoamine oxidase a gene polymorphism and aggressively driving behavior
At least she was restrained by seat belts
Attention of crashed patients hurt on the road
Automobile drivers with retinal diseases - a prospective analysis
Automobile driving after a brain injury
Automobile driving by elderly persons and traffic safety
Automobile driving by the aged
Automobile driving capacity of the elderly from the psychiatric viewpoint
Automobile driving with alcohol impaired abilities in young people from rural areas in Quebec: a comparison of the years 1983 and 1992
Basic principles of medical confidentiality within the scope of traffic safety
Because hepatic encephalopathy is a frequent contributing factor, patients with liver cirrhosis are poorer drivers
Behavioral consistency when parents drive their children to preschool
Benzodiazepine levels in drivers involved in traffic accidents
Bicycle accidents. Differences between one-vehicle accidents and accidents involving two or more vehicles
Bicycle accidents
Blinding effects of headlights on drivers of the motor vehicles in the dark hours of the day
Blood alcohol and (air)traffic
Blunt thoracic injuries in Oslo
Brain injury after fetal traumatism due to maternal traffic accident
Bus accidents, I. An epidemiological survey
Bus accidents, II. A detailed study of the mechanisms of injury
Bus passenger accidents in Fredriksberg
Camouflaged h1-antihistaminic and road-traffic accident
Can the decreased number of cases of drunken driving be stabilised? Availability of alcohol leads to higher consumption
Cannabis and automobile driving
Cardiovascular diseases in motor vehicle drivers and traffic safety
CDT a valuable marker of overconsumption of alcohol. Guidelines for its use in connection with automobile driver examination
Centrally acting muscle relaxants and traffic hazards
Cervical spine injuries in children
Changes in mortality associated with traffic accidents in Andalusia from 1975 to 2001 and forecast for 2004
Characteristics of head trauma in children: Epidemiology and a 5-year follow-up
Children's accidents treated at health centers
Classification of complications of combined injuries of abdominal organs and long tubular bones in traffic accidents
Commentary: Smoking and traffic accidents: possible relationships
Complete severance of the trunk in a pedestrian-automobile collision
Current problems of ophthalmologic examination in automobile drivers
Death behind the wheel
Crash and occupant predictors of pulmonary contusion
Driver- and passenger-based estimates of alcohol-impaired driving in the U.S., 2001-2003
Impairment of Driving Ability and Neuropsychological Function in Patients with MHE Disease
Pedestrian traffic injuries among school children in Kawempe, Uganda
Performance in normal subjects on a novel battery of driving-related sensory-motor and cognitive tests
Guidelines of the Austria section of the International Epilepsy League on the health-related capacity for automobile driving (license guidelines) of persons with epileptic seizures and other sudden disorders of consciousness
"Sleep for seconds" in elderly automobile drivers
130 kilometers/hour save time!--besides there is a shortage of organ donors
Air bags--do they help?
Alcohol and sudden death: a survey on alcohol-related deaths at Tokyo metropolitan medical examiner's office (1989)
Alcohol at the wheel--medical psychological expert assessment. Laboratory data and abstinence--prognosis--responsibilities of the family physician
Alcohol, drugs, pharmacologic agents, and street safety
Alcohol, street drugs and therapeutic drugs in street traffic
Alcoholism and traffic accidents
An epidemiological analysis on the relationship between motorization and traffic mortality in China
Dementia and automobile driving capacity
Depressed skull fractures in children under 2 years of age. Retrospective study of 43 cases
Development of a lower limb model for the study of accident sequelae of vehicle-pedestrian collisions
Development of carbon monoxide and hydrocyanic acid in automobile fires and their forensic significance
Diabetes and driver's license. A commentary
Diabetic patients: No danger on the road
Diagnosis and certification of the ability of epileptic patients to drive motor vehicles: cases consulted by the author
Direction-dividing road construction measures and their consequences in traffic. An analysis of 1120 accident protocols prior to and following opening of a freeway section
Disagreement about epilepsy and driving
Dislocation fracture with transverse spinal lesion caused by a seat belt injury in infant
Disorders of homoistasis and accident hazards
Driver drowsiness--are physicians at a special risk?
Driver's licence and seizures
Driver's license and diabetes. Legal and social medicine aspects
Driver's license, driving habits and traffic safety of patients with diabetes mellitus
Driver's licenses after neurosurgery
Driver's licenses and medicine. A review of legal requirements and practice
Drivers with obstructive sleep apnea as potential authors of car accidents
Driving and diabetes
Driving and professional aptitude
Driving and the elderly: an ophthalmological and gerontological viewpoint
Driving ban for patients on chronic opioid therapy unfounded
Driving capacity and antidepressive drugs
Driving capacity of diabetics against the background of legal principles
Driving license of patients with epilepsy, management of their oral drugs and suppositories by non-medical professionals, and the role of pediatric neurologists
Driving of a motor vehicle after implantation of a cardioverter-defibrillator in malignant heart rhythm disorders. criteria for the medical assessment of driving fitness in Europe
Driving performance and auto accidents in patients with sleep apnea
Driving restrictions for arrhythmia patients--with special reference to the implantable cardioverter/defibrillator
Driving under the influence is no longer only "one in a thousand"
Driving under the influence of medication and various substances other than alcohol
Ecstasy--the status in French-speaking Switzerland. Composition of seized drugs, analysis of biological specimens and short review of its pharmacological action and toxicity
Effect of cardiovascular disorders on traffic fitness
Effect of ethanol on ability to drive a motor vehicle
Effects of modafinil on visual and auditory reaction abilities and subjective fatigue level during 48 h sleep deprivation
Elderly automobile drivers
Elderly drivers: medical, epidemiological and social aspects
Epidemiologic study of mid-face fractures in a 14-year (1977-1990) material of the authors' clinic
Epidemiological data on severely injured patients: a retrospective study of the period 1985-1989
Epidemiological features and causes of railway traffic accidents
Epidemiological study of snoring--a questionnaire survey in factory workers
Driving ability as influenced by various drugs
Effects of THC on driving performance, physiological state and subjective feelings relative to alcohol
Expediting emergency contact for car accidents. Database will link emergency contact information with vehicle id number
Factors influencing driving 10 years after brain injury
Failures to ignore entirely irrelevant distractors: the role of load
Fatalities of children 0-7 years old in the second row
Fatigue-related impairment in the speed, accuracy and variability of psychomotor performance: comparison with blood alcohol levels
Gender Differences in Self-Regulation Patterns and Attitudes Toward Driving Among Older Adults
Ilio-psoas fatigue in car drivers
Images in neuroscience. The slow and clumsy motorcyclist
Inter-group differences in road-traffic crash involvement
Licensing authorities' options for managing older driver safety--practical advice from the researchers: commentary
Methodology for estimating the variance and confidence intervals for the estimate of the product of baseline models and AMFs
Modelling area-wide count outcomes with spatial correlation and heterogeneity: An analysis of London crash data
Motor accidents and blood samples in New South Wales
Motor vehicle accident: ejection-puzzling chest film
Pediatric lumbar Chance fractures in British Columbia: Chart review and analysis of the use of shoulder restraints in MVAs
Prediction of Experimental Diffuse Axonal Injury Severity Using Macroscopic Head Motion Parameters
Prevention through Design: Transportation, warehousing, and utilities sector
Relationship between effects of alcohol on psychomotor performances and blood alcohol concentrations
Relationship of age of first drink to alcohol-related consequences among college students with unhealthy alcohol use
Relationships between affect, vigilance, and sleepiness following sleep deprivation
Reliability of the Washington University road test. A performance-based assessment for drivers with dementia of the Alzheimer type
Special issue of traffic injury prevention. Introduction
The epidemiology of mandibular fractures treated at Chiang Mai University Hospital: a review of 198 cases
The knock-on effects of unrestrained drinking
The relationship between temperamental traits and the level of performance of an eye-hand co-ordination task in jet pilots
Thirty-five years of progress in automotive safety-my perspectives
Understanding the Impact of Mortality-Related Health-Risk Information: A Terror Management Theory Perspective
Unintentional injuries in the rural population of Twiserkan, Iran. A cross-sectional study on their incidence, characteristics and preventability
Revised estimates of the U.S. drowsy driver crash problem size based on general estimates system case reviews
Revisiting Highway Speed Limits
Revisiting the influence of crash report forms on work zone crash data
Rewarding parents for their children's use of safety seats
Rheumatoid arthritis impairs driving ability even in patients with a low disability index
Riblines in Hampshire
Ride-sharing: Psychological factors
Right Turn Form Driveways Followed by U-Turn on Four-Lane Arterials: Is It Safer Than Direct Left Turn?
Right-Angle Crashes and Late-Night/Early-Morning Flashing Operation: 19 Case Studies
Right-turn priority overlap stages. a comparison of techniques
Right-Turn Saturation Flow at Signalized Intersections
Rimob impact attentuator. Findings after eight years of practical experience
Risk analysis as design tool in fire-safety retrofit of two Italian tunnels
Risk analysis of freeway lane closure during peak period
Risk and impact of natural hazards on a road network
Risk Assessment for Bridge Maintenance Projects: Neural Networks Versus Regression Techniques
Risk factors for motor vehicle crashes among older drivers in a rural community
Risk factors for motor vehicle crashes in older women
Risk Factors in Ejection Seat Design Associated With Upward Ejection for a Large Occupant
Risk factors of poor prognosis after whiplash injury
Risk of automobile accidents among elderly drivers with impairments or chronic diseases
Risk of death due to alcohol-impaired driving in Japan
Risk of death from motor-vehicle injury in Brazilian steelworkers: a nested case-control study
Risk of fatal industrial accidents and death from other external causes among asphalt workers
Risk of thoracolumbar fractures doubled in victims of motor vehicle collisions with cervical spine fractures
Risk of traffic accident injury after a prescription for a benzodiazepine
Risk on the roads, 2. Attitudes and acceptability of countermeasures
Risk on the roads
Risk Perception Among General Aviation Pilots
Risk Perception and Demand for Risk Mitigation in Transport: A Comparison of Lay People, Politicians and Experts
Risk Perception Training for Novice Drivers: Evaluating Duration of Effects of Training on a Driving Simulator
Risk perceptions and stress during the threat of explosion from a railroad accident
Risk perceptions of mobile phone use while driving
Risk taking in male taxi drivers: Relationships among personality, observational data and driver records
Risk taking, approach speeds and traffic control at low volume intersections with restricted sight distances
Risk-Adaptation Theory
Risk-Based Bridge Management
Risk-Based Driving Plan Lowers Accident Losses
Risk-based model for identifying highway-rail grade crossing blackspots
Risk-Factors for Injury in A 3-Year-Old Birth Cohort
Risk-order of injury-causing car parts in various types of car accidents
Risk-taking attitudes among young drivers: the psychometric qualities and dimensionality of an instrument to measure young drivers' risk-taking attitudes
Spatial exploratory analysis of road accidents in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
Spanish young adults' perceptions of the costs and benefits of risky driving behaviors
Risk-taking behaviour of Cape Peninsula high-school students, Part IX: evidence for a syndrome of adolescent risk behaviour
Risks on the roads: Links between attitudes and perceptions of risk and applications of results
Risks, Ethics, and Airport Security
Risky driving - Relationship between cellular phone and safety belt use
Risky driving behavior: a consequence of motion adaptation for visually guided motor action
Road Accident Losses
Road Accident Rates by Number of Vehicles on Register and Miles of Travel
Road Accidents an International Analysis
Road safety: Research and reality -- 6th Reuben Smeed memorial lecture
Road Sector Development in China and India: Trends and Implications
Road security and aging: how to prevent accidents
Road signing research: A study in London of traffic sign angularity
Road speed colour coding and traffic speed control: An applied psychology approach
Road Surfaces As Reflectors of Light, From the Point of View of Street Lighting
Road traffic accident as an iatrogenic complication of steroid treatment in Crohn's disease
Road traffic accidents and secondary victimisation: the role of law professionals
Road traffic accidents as a major contributor to neurosurgical mortality in adults
Road Traffic Accidents in France
Road traffic accidents with vehicular entrapment: incidence of major injuries and need for advanced life support
Road Traffic Accidents
Road Traffic Accidents
Road Traffic Bill
Road traffic flow considered as stochastic process
Road traffic injuries are a global public health problem
Road traffic injuries--a neglected pandemic
Road traffic injury--a global public health scourge: a review for World Health Day 2004 (April 7)
Road traffic mortality in Estonia: Alcohol as the main contributing factor
Road Traffic Research
Road Traffic Signals
Road Traffic Signals
Road Traffic Signals
Road Traffic Signals
Road Accidents and Research
Road Accidents and Road Structure
Road Accidents As a Problem of Preventive Medicine
Road Accidents During Christmas 1959
Road Accidents in 1942
Road Accidents in Canada
Understanding the challenges facing child pedestrian trauma in Victoria 2000-2010
Road Accidents in Wartime
Road Accidents Profile in Taiwan
Road Accidents, Other Accidents, and Our Laws About Them
Road accidents
Road accidents
Road accidents
Road accidents
Road accidents
Road accidents
Road Accidents
Road Accidents
Road Accidents
Road Accidents
Road Accidents
Road Accidents
Road Accidents
Road Accidents
Road Accidents
Road Accidents
Road Accidents
Road Accidents
Road Accidents
Road Accidents
Road Accidents
Road Accidents
Road and Paving Materials
Road and Racetrack Motor Cycle Injuries
Road casualties - improvement by learning processes
Road Casualties in London in Relation to Public Transport Policy
Road crashes involving animals in Australia
Road Dangers
Road Dangers
Road Dangers
Road Dangers
Road Dangers
Road Dangers
Road Dangers
Road Design and Road Safety
Road hierarchy in country areas
Road humps for the control of vehicle speeds
Road Injuries: Lord Moynihan's Bill
Road lighting as an accident counter-measure
Road Line and Driving Behavior Mode
Road Network Management - The Safety Focus
Road network robustness for avoiding functional isolation in disasters
Road not taken: lessons to be learned from Queen v. Gillett
Road Problems Arising From Snow and Ice
Road rage
Road Research in Great Britain
Road rage: a psychiatric phenomenon?
Road Research in Scotland
Road Resistance and Performance Demand of Land Travelling Vehicles
Road Restraint System Provision
Road Safety - The Partnership Approach
Road Safety and Road Structure
Analysis of child pedestrian deaths and serious injuries in Malaysia
Road Safety Audit: The AUSTROADS Project
Road Safety Audits - Practice in Australia and New Zealand
Road Safety Audits: FHWA Case Study Program
Road Safety Design of Expressway Reconstruction and Expansion in China
Road Safety Engineering Risk Assessment - Update on Austroads Research Program
Road Safety in Corporate Fleet Settings: Approaches From Organisational and Industrial Psychology
Road safety in urban districts. Final results of accident studies in the Dutch demonstration projects of the 1970s
Road Safety Lessons on the Playground
Road Safety
Road Safety
Road Safety
Road safety: Discussion of state of practice
Road Transportation in Africa
Road Width and Accidents
Road-safety education: Spatial decentering and subjective or objective picture processing
Road-Sign Detection and Recognition Based on Support Vector Machines
Road-traffic accidents--a demographic and topographic analysis
Roads - Health and Safety
Roads and Environments
Roadside Accidents in Illinois
Roadside driver alcohol survey and hospital alcohol survey in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
Roadside Protection With Steel Plate Ribbons
Rock anchor system for securing failing wall
Role of alcohol in traffic crashes involving women: passenger car fatalities in northern Sweden
Role of alcohol in unnatural deaths: a study of all deaths in Sweden
Role of cannabis in motor vehicle crashes
Role of Disease in Traumatic Deaths of Motor Vehicle Drivers
Role of exposure in analysis of road accidents: A Belgian case study
Role of impact location in reversible cerebral concussion
Role of Multiple Resources in Predicting Time-Sharing Efficiency: Evaluation of Three Workload Models in a Multiple-Task Setting
Role of Physician in Investigation of Aircraft Accidents
The challenges of predicting speeding behaviour in young drivers
Role of Psychologically Induced Passive Hyperventilation in Aerospace Safety
Role of steering wheel structure in the performance of energy absorbing steering systems
Rollerblading and skateboarding injuries in children in northeast England
Rollerblading in children: the Edinburgh experience
Rolling Stock Maintenance for Safe and Stable Transport
Rollover Crash Mechanisms and Injury Outcomes for Restrained Occupants
Rollover stability control in steer-by-wire vehicles based on an LPV method
Rollovers on Sideslopes and Ditches
Romance with the automobile in the 20th century: Implications for adolescents in a new millennium
Roundabouts, traffic flow and public opinion
Route-following and safety errors by drivers with stroke
Routine ED screening of the alcohol-impaired driver: ask the questions!
Rules of the road
Runway Width Effects in the Visual Approach to Landing
Rupture of the aorta following road traffic accidents in the United Kingdom 1992-1999. The results of the co-operative crash injury study
Rural Expressway Intersection Characteristics as Factors in Reducing Safety Performance
Rural Expressway Intersection Surveillance for Intersection Decision Support System
Accidents and injuries related to powered paragliding: a cross-sectional study
Safe Conversions of Unwarranted Multi-Way Stop Signs
The safe deceleration of infants in car crashes
Safe design of in-vehicle information and support systems: the human factors issues
Safe Design of Personal Rapid-Transit Systems
Safe driving and transportation decisions and initiatives that can help ED nurses educate older Americans
Safe driving for business
Safe driving: the New Zealand experience
Safe mobility for older people: Key to a healthy future
Safe restraint of the child passenger
Safe-Economic Decision Making Model of Ship's Avoidance Routing to Tropical Cyclone
SAFECAR: a New Car Safety Features Rating System
Safety Analysis of Car Frontal Crash Based on Virtual Crash Test
Safety and Cost-Effectiveness of Approach Guardrail for Bridges on Low-Volume Roads
Are roadside electronic static displays a threat to safety?
Safety and Operational Impacts of Minicars
Safety and the Direction of Rotation of the Automobile Engine
Safety aspects of flexible new Austrian tunneling method versus stiff shotcrete linings
Safety Assessment of Information Delay on Performance of Intelligent Vehicle Control System
Safety at sea problems
Safety at Track Construction Sites - A Challenge for European Standardisation
Safety at Wheel
Safety audit at traffic signal junctions
Safety Behaviors Among Parents of Preschoolers
Safety Belt Attachments for Front Seats of Automobiles - A Step Forward
Safety Belts for Ambulance Patients
Safety Belts in Cars
Safety Belts in Cars
Safety Belts in Cars
Safety Belts in Cars
Safety Belts in Cars
Safety Belts in Cars
Safety Belts in Cars
Safety Belts in Cars
Safety Belts in Cars
Safety Belts in Cars
Safety Belts in Cars
Safety Belts in Cars
Safety Belts in Cars
Safety Belts in Cars
Safety Belts in Cars
Safety Belts in Cars
Safety Belts in Motor Vehicles
Safety Benefits of the 55 MPH Speed Limit
Safety Cap for Motorists
Safety Cap for Motorists
Safety Characteristics of Ethanol / Automotive Petrol Mixtures
Safety comparison of laminated glass and acrylic glazing in front camper windows
Safety Comparison of New Jersey Jug Handle Intersections and Conventional Intersections
Safety considerations for electric and hybrid vehicles
Safety Culture: An Integrative Review
Safety Distances for Hydrogen Filling Stations
Safety Distances for Hydrogen Filling Stations
Safety Education for Children With Auditory Handicaps
Safety Education for Children With Mental-Handicaps
Safety Evaluation System for Concrete-Filled Steel Tube Arch Bridge Based on GIS
Safety Factor in Car Design
Safety Factor in Car Design
Safety Factor in Car Design
Safety Factor in Car Design
Safety Factor in Car Design
Safety Harness for Car Occupants
Safety Harness for Car Occupants
Safety Harness for Car Occupants
Safety Harness for Car Occupants
Safety Harness for Car Occupants
Safety Harness for Car Occupants
Safety Harnesses for Road Vehicles
Advertising billboards impair change detection in road scenes
Safety impacts at intersections on curved segments
Safety Impacts of Photo-Red Enforcement at Suburban Signalized Intersections an Empirical Bayes Approach
Safety impacts of vehicular information technology
Safety Implications of a Pedestrian Protection System : the Driver's Point of View
Safety implications of freeway work zone lane closures
Safety implications of multi-day driving schedules for truck drivers -- A comparison of field experiments and crash data analysis
Safety in Flight
Safety in Numbers Data From Oakland, California
Safety in Sea Transport
Safety in the Air
Safety in the deregulated bus industry
Safety in the road environment: a driver behavioural response perspective
Safety Management System for Freeway in Fog
Safety models for urban four-lane undivided road segments
Safety of Application Programming for Railway Signal Controllers
Safety of efficiency: Link between operational performance and operational errors in the national airspace system
Safety of High-Occupancy Vehicle Lanes Without Physical Separation
Safety of infants in automobiles
Safety of roadworks
Safety of roundabouts in The Netherlands
Safety of U-turns at unsignalized median openings: Some research findings
Safety on Roads
Safety on the Highway - A Problem of Vision, Visibility, and Color
Safety performance functions for signalized intersections in large urban areas - Development and application to evaluation of left-turn priority treatment
Safety performance of asymmetric windshields
Safety performance of Securiflex windshield
Safety Plans for Fires on Passenger Ships With Oil Furnaces
Safety Prejudices, Training Practices, and CRM: A Midpoint Perspective
Safety Programs Family Scoreboard for Safe Driving
Safety reviews of existing roads: Quantitative safety assessment methodology
Safety Role of the Naval Architect
Safety Seat Belts
Safety seat use for children with hip dislocation
Safety Skills
Safety Standards for Deep Submersible Vehicles
Safety Straps in Cars
Safety studies related to RRR projects
Safety, energy and environmental evaluation of traffic signal operation at off-peak hours
Safety-Belts in Sports Car
Safety-Conscious Planning in Practice: Development of Regional Safety Planning and Policy Priorities
Safety-Harnesses in Cars
Safety Helmets
Saturation flow rate, start-up lost time, and capacity for bicycles at signalized intersections
Scare Technique and Traffic Safety
Scenario analysis of freight vehicle accident risks in Taiwan
Scene Content and Runway Breadth Effects on Simulated Landing Approaches
Scene safety for bike medics
School based driver education for the prevention of traffic crashes
School bus related deaths and injuries in New South Wales
School children as pedestrians in Cairo: Proxies for improving road safety
Impulsivity and drinking motives predict problem behaviours relating to alcohol use in university students
School location and student travel: analysis of factors affecting mode choice
Screening for color vision testing should be black or white, but screening should not constitute the final answer
Screening for diabetic retinopathy: a cause for concern in people who drive
Screening for PTSD in motor vehicle accident survivors using the PSS-SR and IES
Screening the road network for sites with promise
Scrotal Injury Following Restrained Impact: A Risk of Misnavigation
Sealing is at the origin of rubber slipping on wet roads
Searching for preventable causes of child mortality in Texas: trends in the major causes from 1987 through 1996
Seasonal variation in pavement deflection measurements in the Sydney metropolitan area
Seat belt compression appendicitis
Seat belt injuries of the breast: findings on mammography and sonography
Seat belt injuries: radiologic findings and clinical correlation
Seat belt injury in pregnancy resulting in fetal death -- a need for education? Case reports
Seat belt injury masquerading as sexual abuse
Seat Belt Injury to the Common Carotid Artery
Seat Belt Syndrome: An Examination of Patterns of Injury Associated With Seat Belt Use
Seat Belt Usage and Injuries Sustained in Motor Vehicle Collisions
Seat belt usage: A potential target for applied behavior analysis
Impact of population density on collision rates in a rapidly developing rural, exurban area of Los Angeles County
Seat design -- a significant factor for safety belt effectiveness
Seat restraint contamination and cleaning
Seat restraints don't fit
Seat-belt injuries of the spine in young children
Seat-belt injury
Seatbelt induced chance fracture in an infant. Case report and literature review
Seated posture of vehicle occupants
Seated Weight Distribution of Adults and Children in Normal and Non-Normal Positions
Secondary accident rates on Los Angeles freeways
Secondary safety of car adaptations for disabled motorists
Seeing in three dimensions: the neurophysiology of stereopsis
Segregation Effect in Symmetric Cellular Automata Model for Two-Lane Mixed Traffic
Seeing While Moving: Measuring the Online Influence of Action on Perception
Seeking a reduction in aggressive driving through different strategies
Seismic Damage to Pipelines -- A Case Study
Seismic design criteria for underground pipelines
Seizure-related motor vehicle crashes in Arizona before and after reducing the driving restriction from 12 to 3 months
Selecting exposure measures in crash rate prediction for two-lane highway segments
Selection and placement of lighting poles
Selection of Routes for Avoiding Serious Accidents in Transportation of Hazardous Materials
Selection of the stiffness control system of a motorcycle suspension based on driving safety during braking
Self-adapting time integration management in crash-worthiness and sheet metal forming computations
Self-Control, Accidents, and Crime
Self-estimates of blood-alcohol concentration and ability to drive in a population of soldiers
Self-report versus state records for identifying crashes among older drivers
Self-Reported Alcohol Consumption Following Alcohol-Related Motor Vehicle Crashes: A Validity Study in Non-Dependent Drinkers
Self-reported attitude towards speeding and its possible consequences in five different road contexts
Self-reported automobile accidents involving patients with obstructive sleep apnea
Self-reported musculoskeletal problems amongst professional truck drivers
Self-reported risk-taking behaviors and hospitalization for motor vehicle injury among active duty army personnel
Self-reported sleepiness while driving as a risk factor for traffic accidents in patients with obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome and in non-apnoeic snorers
Rationalisation of speed limits within the safe system approach
Semi-Active Control Method to Reduce Lateral Vibration of Bridge Structures
Semi-Optimal Co-Ordinated Manoeuvres for Aircraft Conflict Resolution
SENSATION remote monitoring system for enabling the "anytime, anywhere" monitoring of patients with selected sleep disorders
Sensation Seeking As A Factor in Police Pursuit
Sensation seeking, aggressiveness, and adolescent reckless behavior
Sensitivity of porcine thoracic responses and injuries to various frontal and a lateral impact site
Sensitivity of subjective questionnaires to cognitive loading while driving with navigation aids: a pilot study
Sensitivity parametric analysis of UMTRI static roll model
Sensor Fusion for Predicting Vehicle's Path for Collision Avoidance Systems
Sensor Waveform Assessor and Its Application
Sensory cause of railroad grade-crossing collisions: Test of the Leibowitz hypothesis
Separate and combined effects of marijuana and alcohol on mood, equilibrium and simulated driving
Sequential kinking and flared energy-absorbing end terminals for midwest guardrail system
Serious Injury Due To Transport Accidents, Australia, 2003-04
Serious on-the-track accidents experienced by train drivers: Psychological reactions and long-term health effects
Serum cholesterol and long-term death rates from suicide, accidents, or violence. seven countries study group
Impact of adding artificially generated alert sound to hybrid electric vehicles on their detectability by pedestrians who are blind
Setting Initial Targets in Vehicle Side Impact Safety Design Using Regression-Based Modeling
Seven-year follow-up of child survivors of a bus-train collision
Severe and Fatal Injuries in Rear Impacts
Road safety is no accident--for celebrating World Health Day 2004
Road Safety Audit: a New Tool for Accident Prevention
Safety effectiveness of intersection left- and right-turn lanes
Safety Effectiveness of Stop Control at Ultralow-Volume Unpaved Intersections
Safety effects of narrow lanes and shoulder-use lanes to increase capacity of urban freeways
Safety effects of differential speed limits on rural interstate highways
Safety effects of speed limit changes: Use of panel models, including speed, use, and design variables
Safety evaluation of a flashing-green light in a traffic signal
Safety Evaluation of Buffer-Separated High-Occupancy Vehicle Lanes in Texas
Safety evaluation of centerline rumble strips: Crash and driver behavior analysis
Safety Evaluation of City Road Intersection Based on System Clustering
Safety evaluation of permanent raised snow-plowable pavement markers
Safety Evaluation of Stop Sign In-Fill Program
School transport. seatbelts are not the issue
The slash obscures the symbol on prohibitive traffic signs
The Accident-Prone Automobile Driver -- A Study of the Psychiatric and Social Background
Braking movement time and accelerator-brake separation
The mentally ill as motor vehicle operators
The chronic alcoholic as a motor vehicle operator
A record analysis of Washington drivers with license restrictions for heart disease
Comparison of the effects of marihuana and alcohol on simulated driving performance
Fatal one-car accidents
Abdominal injury with airbag deployment for belted drivers in frontal crashes
Acquiring non-censored pelvic bone fracture data during dynamic side impact loading
Biomechanical analysis of protective countermeasures in underride motor vehicle accidents
Comparing visual performance and useful field of view of older and younger drivers
Biomechanical analysis of pulmonary contusion in motor vehicle crash victims: a Crash Injury Research and Engineering Network (CIREN) study
Automobile driving by dementia patients: A need for social support
Alcohol and drug screening of occupational drivers for preventing injury
A step toward safety. NIOSH study shows improved reach in Winter Park ambulance design
Influence of the missing vehicle and CDC-only delta-v reconstruction algorithms for prediction of occupant injury risk
Aircraft mishap investigation with radiology-assisted autopsy: helicopter crash with control injury
Alcohol impairment, alcoholism, and traffic accidents
Alcoholism and traffic fatalities: study in futility
Alcoholism, mental illness and the drunk driver
Alcoholism, mental illness, and stress in 96 drivers causing fatal accidents
Automobile accidents, suicide and unconscious motivation
Characterization of torso side airbag aggressivity
Evaluation of the accuracy of side impact crash test reconstructions
Fatal Accidents: The Role of Psychopathology, Social Stress, and Acute Disturbance
Fatal traffic accidents: deterrents to an emergency approach
Gender dependent cervical spine anatomical differences in size-matched volunteers
Geographic region, weather, pilot age, and air carrier crashes: a case-control study
Investigating methods for determining mismatch in near side vehicle impacts
Life events, subjective stress, and traffic accidents
Mapping injuries in traffic accident victims: a literature review
Motor vehicle safety
Personality versus intoxication as critical factor in accidents caused by alcoholic drivers
Population-based estimates of whiplash injury using NASS CDS data
Role of life events in accident causation
Biomechanical analysis of child restraint system
Engineering. Can technology get your eyes back on the road?
Evaluation of a thor dummy rigid-body model in frontal crash environment using objective rating techniques
Fatal child cervical spine injuries in motor vehicle collisions: Analysis using unique linked national datasets
Pediatric head injury prediction: investigating the distance between the skull and the brain using medical imaging
The value of restraint. A near miss underscores a crew's insistence on passenger safety
The influence of airbags on thoracic organ lesion types
The medical and retrieval costs of road crashes in rural and remote northern Queensland, 2004-2007: findings from the Rural and Remote Road Safety Study
Trunk response analysis under sudden forward perturbations using a kinematics-driven model
Place, positionality, and priorities: Experts' views on women's health at the Mexico-US border
Associations between demographic, perceptual, and behavioral factors and support for policies encouraging active transport
Chauffeuring and commuting: A story of work, family, class, and community
Conducting environmental assessments for physical activity: determining traffic volume in walkability audits in two West Virginia communities
Correlates of using neighborhood recreational destinations in physically active respondents
Cultures of mothering and car use in suburban Sydney: a preliminary investigation
Objectively measured commute distance: Associations with actual travel modes and perceptions to place of work or study in Auckland, New Zealand
Perceived individual, social, and environmental factors for physical activity and walking
School choice from a household resource perspective: Preliminary findings from a north of England case study
Systematic review of active commuting to school and children's physical activity and weight
The automatic management of drivers and driving spaces
Walking behaviors reported in the American Time Use Survey 2003-2005
The Environment and Visual Requirements of Railway Enginemen and Firemen - Personal Observations From an Engine Cab
A Review of the Firm-Level Role of Transport Infrastructure with Implications for Transport Project Evaluation
A Study of Bus Route Crime Risk in Urban Areas: The Changing Environs of a Bus Journey
Accessing Transit as Universal Design
Beyond the Spatial Mismatch: Welfare Recipients and Transportation Policy
Characterizing Exurbia
Children Who Move: Relocation Effects and Their Context
Children's Independent Movement in the Local Environment
Children, Young People and Built Environments
Community in Theory and Practice: A Framework for Intellectual Renewal
Demographic research on gentrification and displacement
Designing Communities to Enhance the Safety and Mobility of Older Adults: A Universal Approach
Do Neighborhoods Influence Child and Adolescent Development?
Do Social Barriers Affect Urban Crime Trips? The Effects of Ethnic and Economic Neighbourhood Compositions on the Flow of Crime in The Hague, The Netherlands
Economic Contributions to Transportation Planning I
Economic Contributions to Transportation Planning II
Economic Contributions to Transportation Planning III
Edgework: A Social Psychological Analysis of Voluntary Risk Taking
Environmental Injustice and Transportation: The Claims and the Evidence
From Quiet Revolution to Smart Growth: State Growth Management Programs, 1960 to 1999
Geographies of age: thinking relationally
Highways and Economic Productivity: Interpreting Recent Evidence
Human Wayfinding, Environment-Behavior Relationships, and Artificial Intelligence
A longitudinal study of the effectiveness of a multi-media intervention on parents' knowledge and use of vehicle safety systems for children
A mixed logit analysis of motorists' right-of-way violation in motorcycle accidents at priority T-junctions
Adverse health outcomes of road traffic injuries in Iran after rapid motorization
Age and gender differences in blood-alcohol concentration in apprehended drivers in relation to the amounts of alcohol consumed
Alcohol and trauma: a summary of the Satellite Symposium at the 30th Annual Meeting of the Shock Society
An analysis of common patterns in aggregated causation charts from intersection crashes
Benzodiazepine use and driving: a meta-analysis
Cell phone and road safety
Characterization of pediatric wheelchair kinematics and wheelchair tiedown and occupant restraint system loading during rear impact
Comparison of the Effect of Two Driving Retraining Programs on On-Road Performance After Stroke
Costs and benefits to Sweden of Swedish road safety research
Dilemma game structure observed in traffic flow at a 2-to-1 lane junction
Effects of graduated driver licensing on licensure and traffic injury rates in Upstate New York
Heavy vehicle driver fatalities: learning's from fatal road crash investigations in Victoria
Mental illness and road safety
Merging into heavy motorway traffic by young and elderly drivers
Modeling motorcycle helmet use in Iowa: evidence from six roadside observational surveys
Retrospective review of adverse incidents involving passengers seated in wheeled mobility devices while traveling in large accessible transit vehicles
Prevalence of psychoactive drug use among drivers in Thailand: a roadside survey
Road traffic injuries in one local health unit in the Lazio region: results of surveillance system integrating police and health data
Seat belt injury causing delayed sigmoid colon fistula
Seeing pedestrians at night: Visual clutter does not mask biological motion
Short-term effects of a teenage driver cell phone restriction
Simplified method for evaluating energy loss in vehicle collisions
The effectiveness of audio-tactile lane-marking in reducing various types of crash: a review of evidence, template for evaluation, and preliminary findings from Australia
Alert eyes and DWIs: an indirect evaluation of a DWI witness reward program in Stockton, CA
Alcohol-impaired driving behavior and sensation-seeking disposition in a college population receiving routine care at campus health services centers
Alcohol, illicit and non-illicit psychoactive drug use and road traffic injury in Thailand: a case-control study
Discrepancy in bicycle helmet use among college students between two bicycle use purposes: commuting and recreation
Evaluation of the static belt fit provided by belt-positioning booster seats
Obstructive sleep apnoea among professional taxi drivers: a pilot study
Obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome as a cause of road traffic accidents
A critical assessment of pedestrian behaviour models
An assessment of what motivates road violations
Driver fatigue: The importance of identifying causal factors of fatigue when considering detection and countermeasure technologies
Relationship of seat belt use to health and driver behaviors
The theory of planned behaviour: The role of descriptive norms and past behaviour in the prediction of drivers' intentions to violate
The trade-off between efficiency and equity in road safety policy
Young driving learners' intention to use a hand-held or hands-free mobile phone when driving
Policies and programs for road safety in developing India
An experimental simulation study of advanced decision support system for ship navigation
Recognition primed decision making and the organisational response to accidents: Überlingen and the challenges of safety improvement in European air traffic management
Risk comparative judgments while driving a car among competitive road cyclists and non-cyclists
Vision Zero - Implementing a policy for traffic safety
Evaluating the safety impacts of the number and arrangement of lanes on freeway exit ramps
Evaluation of a roadside impairment test device using alcohol
Evaluation of the Scottsdale Loop 101 automated speed enforcement demonstration program
Factors affecting the severity of work related traffic crashes in drivers receiving a worker's compensation claim
Illegal pedestrian crossing at signalised intersections: Incidence and relative risk
Impairment related to blood drug concentrations of zopiclone and zolpidem compared to alcohol in apprehended drivers
Kernel density estimation and K-means clustering to profile road accident hotspots
Modeling drivers' speed selection as a trade-off behavior
Pedestrian fatality risk as a function of car impact speed
Road traffic accident risk in patients with diabetes mellitus receiving blood glucose-lowering drugs. Prospective follow-up study
Seat belt misuse among children transported in belt-positioning booster seats
Signal treatments to reduce heavy vehicle crash-risk at metropolitan highway intersections
The effect of conformity tendency on pedestrians' road-crossing intentions in China: an application of the theory of planned behavior
The effects of perception of risk and importance of answering and initiating a cellular phone call while driving
The impact of mental health symptoms on heavy goods vehicle drivers' performance
The Impact of Underage Drinking Laws on Alcohol-Related Fatal Crashes of Young Drivers
The preventable causes of death in the United States: comparative risk assessment of dietary, lifestyle, and metabolic risk factors
Validity of surrogate measures of alcohol involvement when applied to nonfatal crashes
Video-based road commentary training improves hazard perception of young drivers in a dual task
What can we learn about North Dakota's youngest drivers from their crashes?
Drivers' random controls and population's recent drug use monitoring]
Postural control disorders in initial phases of whiplash
Traffic accidents, personality and alcoholism: a preliminary study
Traffic Fatalities, Suicide, and Homicide
The Contagiousness of Aircraft Hijacking
The Impact of Fictional Television Suicide Stories on U.S. Fatalities: A Replication
Indecent assault on the public transport in Hong Kong
Who's on the line? Policing and enforcing laws relating to mobile phone use while driving
A comparative study of design optimisation methodologies for side-impact crashworthiness, using injury-based versus energy-based criterion
The impact of medicinal drugs on traffic safety: A systematic review of epidemiological studies
Usefulness of Austroads' fitness-to-drive guidelines: lessons from the Gillett case
Differences in licensee, police and public opinions regarding interventions to reduce alcohol-related harm associated with licensed premises
Retraction notice to "Sternal fractures are frequent among polytraumatised patients following high deceleration velocities in a severe vehicle crash" [Injury 39 (2008) 36-43]
Sleepiness and vigilance tests
Spanish drivers' valuation of the penalty point system
Traffic Officers' Neuroses
Awareness of driving ability in senior drivers with neurological conditions
Child safety driver assistant system and its acceptance
Implied-consent laws: a review of the literature and examination of current problems and related statutes
Older driver retraining: an updated systematic review of evidence of effectiveness
Pediatrician attitudes, knowledge, and practice behavior regarding teen driving safety
Post-crash management of road traffic injury victims in Iran. Stakeholders' views on current barriers and potential facilitators
Trauma at the Tunnel Los Angeles Metrolink train crash presents crews with unprecedented triage, treatment and transport challenges
Watchdog warns [UK] government over inaccurate data on road casualties
Disaster Management at the 1904 New Market, Tennessee Train Wreck: Role of a Surgeon
Drink driving deterrents and self-reported offending behaviours among a sample of Queensland motorists
Evaluation of an adolescent hospital-based injury prevention program
Injury crashes with bicyclists at roundabouts: influence of some location characteristics and the design of cycle facilities
Injury severity related to overturn characteristics of tractors
Motocross medicine
Pediatric blunt and penetrating trauma deaths in Ontario: a population-based study
Physical properties of the human head: Mass, center of gravity and moment of inertia
The prevalence of drugs and alcohol found in road traffic fatalities: a comparative study of victims
Can a driving licence be recommended to users of benzodiazepines with half-life > 10 hours?
Health-based driver's licence renewal
A Comparison of Data Sets Varying in Spatial Accuracy Used to Predict the Occurrence of Wildlife-Vehicle Collisions
A generic evaluation methodology for advanced safety systems: APROSYS
A study on introduction of notch into thin-walled polygonal shell member to control plastic buckling behaviour in axial collapse
C IV class tram crashworthiness assessment
Compatibility between sports-utility vehicles and sedan-type vehicles
Crash performance of X-shaped support base work zone temporary sign structures
Design and analysis of Annisquam River Bridge railing
Effectiveness and evaluation of SEAS of SUV in frontal impact
Finite element based robustness study of a truck cab subjected to impact loading
Improvement of crashworthiness behaviour for simplified structural models of aircraft fuselage
Penetrating injury from laminated glass--a trap for the unwary
Predictive control of a vehicle trajectory using a coupled vector with vehicle velocity and sideslip angle
Predictive Factors for Acute Stress Disorder and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder after Motor Vehicle Accidents
Reliability analysis of a crashed thin-walled s-rail accounting for random spot weld failures
Substance-dependent professional drivers in Iran: a descriptive study
The importance of muscle tension on the outcome of impacts with a major vertical component
A fuzzy logic procedure for ventilation control in case of fire in long tunnels
Aircraft cargo compartment fire detection and smoke transport modeling
Burning behavior of sedan passenger cars
Commuter characteristics in mass rapid transit stations in Singapore
A first step in computer modelling of the active human response in a far-side impact
APROSYS in-depth database of serious pedestrian and cyclist impacts with vehicles
APROSYS: Advances in secondary safety research
A simple model of driver behaviour to sustain design and safety assessment of automated systems in automotive environments
A study of the pedestrian impact kinematics using finite element dummy models: the corridors and dimensional analysis scaling of upper-body trajectories
Accident-related risk behaviors associated with motivations for motorcycle use in Iran: a country with very high traffic deaths
Analysis of traumatic brain injury due to primary head contact during vehicle-to-pedestrian impact
BioRID II manikin and human seating position in relation to car head restraint
Child restraint system misuse and/or inappropriate use in Australia
Child safety analysis for forward-facing child restraint system in frontal impact
Comparison of human FE model and crash dummy responses in various child restraint systems
Effects of road lighting on motorways
Emerging trend in motorisation and the epidemic of road traffic crashes in an economically growing country
Facial fractures in motor vehicle collisions: epidemiological trends and risk factors
Front versus rear seat injury risk for child passengers: Evaluation of newer model year vehicles
Improved head injury criteria based on head FE model
Improvements to the protection of vulnerable road users: Retrofittable, energy-absorbing front end for heavy goods vehicles
Numerical (analytical-based) model for the study of vehicle frontal collision
Psychoactive medication and traffic safety
Quantitative health impact assessment of transport policies - two simulations related to speed limit reduction and traffic re-allocation in the Netherlands
Road traffic injuries among middle school students in a rural area of China
Roof strength and injury risk in rollover crashes
Screening for drugs in oral fluid: drug driving and illicit drug use in a sample of Queensland motorists
Sociodemographic, family, and environmental factors associated with active commuting to school among US adolescents
Style over substance: A needless contact burn from a protruding car exhaust pipe
Substance use as a predictor of driving under the influence (DUI) rearrests. a 15-year retrospective study
Driving simulators in risk assessment of traffic accident among drivers with obstructive sleep apnea
School Travel Planning: Travel Behaviour Change and Community Engagement-Results From Victoria
School Zone Safety and Operational Problems at Existing Elementary Schools
Risk of injury after alcohol consumption from case-crossover studies in five countries from the America's
Sexual harassment on the school bus: Supporting and preparing bus drivers to respond appropriately
Shared space and child safety
Shared Space: Reconciling People, Places and Traffic
Shear Stress Distribution in the Porcine Brain Due to Rotational Impact
Shearing and Bending Effects at the Knee Joint at High Speed Lateral Loading
Unconstrained Shear Failure of the Osteochondral Region at Low Strain Rates
Visocelastic shear responses of the cadaver and Hybrid III lumbar spine
Safety of children in cars: Safety systems, their use and misuse possibilities
Children in cars: how are they being restrained?
Children in cars
Reaction time of motorists
Efficiency on the Road: The Effect of Alcohol
Street Accidents and the Transport of Injured Persons
Sudden Illness and Accidents in the Streets of London
Treatment of Wounds in Road or Garden or Field Accidents
The Law of the Road
The Law of the Road
Unusual Results of a Motor Car Accident
The Human Factor in Road Accidents
Traffic Control by Light Signals
Traffic Control by Light Signals
Traffic Control by Light Signals
Speed and Road Casualties
Wartime Street Lighting
Cognitive predictors of unsafe driving in older drivers: a meta-analysis
Current circumstances of and measures to counter traffic fatalities in Japan
Depressive symptoms, drinking consequences, and motivation to change in first time DWI offenders
Adolescent preventive services: Rates and disparities in preventive health topics covered during routine medical care in a California sample
Association of Occupational and Substance Use Factors with Burnout among Urban Transit Operators
Pattern of road traffic accidents in Durban municipality, South Africa
A comparative study on traffic characteristics and driver behavior at signalized intersections in Germany and Japan
A prototype of the GIS-based traffic accident database system: a Thailand case study
A study on passing - overtaking characteristics and level of service of heterogeneous traffic flow
A study on the interest of children in the sidewalk area
A study on the motorcycle ownership: a case study in Penang State, Malaysia
Commentary: Pedestrians -- truly vulnerable road users
Driving with a forearm plaster cast: patients' perspective
Increased incidence of traffic accidents in Toxoplasma-infected military drivers and protective effect RhD molecule revealed by a large-scale prospective cohort study
Pediatric femur neck fractures: a retrospective analysis of 39 hips
An application of multi-agent simulation to traffic behavior for evacuation in earthquake disaster
An extended car-following model combined with a driver model
Application of a vehicle tracking system to right turning behavior for intersection collision analysis
Binary choice model to value motorcyclist’s slight injury cost in Surabaya
Bus accidents: a problem in public transport in Hanoi today
Bus crash situation in Thailand: case studies
Characteristics of passing and paired riding maneuvers of motorcycles
Vehicle passing behavior through the stop line of signalized intersection
Traffic safety as a pre-requisite for sustainable urban transport: an international analysis
Traffic management in terms of speed limit in Hokkaido area
Traffic accident costing for Thailand
Traffic accident application using geographic information system
Cost benefit analysis of speed limit regulation for highways in Japan
Decision support system for work zone safety management: a case study in Thailand
Determination of comfortable safe width in an exclusive motorcycle lane
Determination of economic losses due to road crashes in Thailand
Development of road accident reporting computerized system in Thailand
Development of seismic risk assessment methodology for high speed railways
Driving environment complexity of mixed traffic flow: its measurement and characteristics
Effect of VMS and geometry on mean speed and speed deviation under adverse fog conditions on simulated Oyamazaki section
Effects of motorcycles on traffic operations on arterial streets
Preliminary investigation of driver head dynamics during impact of a small car with a high-containment safety barrier
Sensor fusion-based lane detection for LKS+ACC system
Structural polyurethane foam: testing and modelling for automotive applications
The relationship of injury risk to accident severity in impacts with roadside barriers
Virtual modelling of safety helmets: practical problems
Viscoelastic response of the thorax under dynamic belt loading
Load path distribution within the pelvic structure under lateral loading
Modelling the effect of forming history in impact simulations: evaluation of the effect of thickness change and strain hardening based on experiments
Numerical simulation of aircraft interior components under crash loads
Hybrid III ATD in Inverted Impacts: Influence of Impact Angle on Neck Injury Risk Assessment
Impact behaviour of a multi-body system with energy dissipation
Improving the accuracy of vehicle crashworthiness response predictions using an ensemble of metamodels
Energy absorption properties of braided glass/epoxy tubes subjected to quasi-static axial crushing
Epidemiology of sternal fractures
Evaluation of safety ratings of roads based on frontal crashes with known crash pulse and injury outcome
Experimental investigation of the collapse modes and the main crushing characteristics of composite sandwich panels subjected to flexural loading
Design of motorcyclist-friendly guardrail using finite element analysis
Development and persistence of posttraumatic stress disorder and the 5-HTTLPR polymorphism
Development of a finite element model of the knee-thigh-hip of a 50th percentile male including ligaments and muscles
Development of an embedded vehicle safety system for frontal crash detection
Crack analysis in PVB laminated windshield impacted by pedestrian head in traffic accident
Characterisation and modelling of short fibre reinforced polymers for numerical simulation of a crash
A new pre-crash system for side impact protection
The discrepant severity of external and internal injuries in a traffic accident: The cushioning effect via a human body against direct impact: Autopsy cases
Treat sleep apnoea before people fall asleep at the wheel
A survey of subjective sleepiness and consequences in attending physicians
Alcohol badly affects eye movements linked to steering, providing for automatic in-car detection of drink driving
Alcohol continues to affect sleepiness related driving impairment, when breath alcohol levels have fallen to near-zero
An examination of common coping strategies used to combat driver fatigue
An outcome evaluation of the New South Wales Sober Driver Programme: a remedial programme for recidivist drink drivers
Approach to the vestibular patient and driving: A patient perspective
Are some lives more valuable? An ethical preferences approach
Assessment of driving with the global positioning system and video technology in young, middle-aged, and older drivers
Behavior analysis and unsafe driving: Warning-learning trap ahead!
Behavioural reactivation and subjective assessment of the state of vigilance--application to simulated car driving
Caffeine: sleep and daytime sleepiness
Car driving for the severely physically disabled: the American experience
Dementia severity and on-road assessment: briefly revisited
Disparities in motor vehicle crash fatalities of young drivers in North Carolina
Driver impairment at night and its relation to physiological sleepiness
Drivers' biased perceptions of the adverse consequences of drink-driving
ABS president comments on bulk carrier safety and past lowest common denominator practices
Area licensing scheme in Singapore
Combining Choice Experiments With Contingent Valuation and the Fritsch Elicitation Method
Aviation and development constraints in South Pacific micro-states
Consumer Demand Analysis of Complementarity-Substitution Relationships Among Passenger Transport Modes in Greece
Costs Economies of Scale and Factor Demand in Urban Bus Transport. An Analysis of Municipal Transport Undertakings in India
Demand for Gasoline in Japan
Experience in reforms of road maintenance financing and management in Sub-Saharan Africa
Factors Behind Recent Bus Patronage Trends in Britain and Their Implications for Future Policy
Financing roads in the United Republic of Tanzania: challenges and strategies
Improving Urban Public Transport Operation: Experience of Rostov-on-Don (Russia)
In Search of a Transport Policy Research Agenda
Management of Shanghai's road traffic
Marginal Costs and Capacity Utilization: Calculating Short-Run, Medium-Term, and Long-Run Marginal Costs in the Ferry Industry
On the Approximation Bias to Benefit Measures in Discrete Choice Models
Performance evaluation of road safety measures: a case study of the Dhaka-Aricha highway in Bangladesh
Performance Measurement of U.S. Transit Systems, 1982-2001
Private sector participation in the road sector in China
Private sector participation in the transport sector in India
Prospects for urban railways in the ESCAP region, with special attention to Hong Kong
Public Expenditure on Transport and Macroeconomic Performance
Risk Management Clauses in Tender Contracts for Passenger Transport Operations: The Case of Manaus, Brazil
Road funds: a case study of sustainable road maintenance in India
Road safety in ASEAN: introducing a regional approach
Roads Board Nepal: a sustainable approach to road maintenance management
Stability or Regularity of the Daily Travel Time in Lyon?: Application of a Duration Model
Staggered School Hours to Spread Peak Demand for Public Transport. Benefits and Costs
Study on vehicle operating costs
Sustainable financing for the maintenance of Pakistan's highways
Techniques of transport planning
The Adjustment of Supply Chains to New States: A Qualitative Assessment of Decision Relationships with Reference to Congestion Charging
The advantages for the community of railway high speeds
The casualty cost of slight motorcycle injury in Surabaya, Indonesia
The Economic Benefits from Competition in Bus Public Transport - The Israeli Case
The Efficiency of Norwegian Ferries in Providing Public Transport Services
The Potential Impact of Innovative Transit Finance: Evidence from Florida
The value of daytime running headlight initiatives on motorcycle crashes in Malaysia
Traffic accident characteristics of Kolkata
Transport Policy That Works: How to Decide?
Valuing Time With a Joint Mode Choice-Activity Model
Valuing Travel Time and Its Variation Level Projected as Traffic Information on a Roadside VMS Board: A SP Approach
Women's and Men's Role in Passenger Transport. Employment and Mobility Patterns
A basic study on traffic accident data analysis using support vector machine
A car-following model applied reaction times distribution and perceptual threshold
A fuzzy bi-level and multi-objective model to control traffic flow into the disaster area post earthquake
A multi-user classes emergency evacuation network reconstruction model for large-scale natural disasters
A signal optimization model integrating pedestrian crossings to traffic movements
A study for hazardous road selection criteria for provincial roads
A study of construction of the traffic accident authentication models for two-vehicle collision
A study on emergency evacuation and rescue network reconstrcuction for natural disasters with multi-class users travel behavior constraints
A study on the behavior of delivery motorcycles in Bangkok
A study on the stress and driving behavior of drivers forced to travel at low speeds
Accident analysis and prevention from the chain perspective and revision report
Accounting for serial correlation in count models of traffic safety
An analysis of the crossing-crash factor from the view point of the feature of intersection
Accident risk at a railway level crossing
An analysis of traffic conflict phenomenon of bicycles using space occupancy index
An approach-based crash analysis and appraisal model for safety design and management
An effect of trip length on freeway accident rates
An evaluation of the effectiveness of the private vehicle inspection process in Thailand
Analysis on the consciousness about departure behavior and traffic measures by using driver's experience data under downpour
Analyzing the relationship between grade crossing elements and accidents
Application of in-depth crash analysis to improve safety condition around a community: a case study in Hat Yai, Thailand
Car-following models: an experiment based benchmarking
Comparative analysis of household car and motorcycle ownership characteristics
Comparative study of traffic calming design process
Developing a new method to assess poor visibility level on roads by digital images
Development of a risk evaluation model for rear end collisions considering the variability of reaction time and sensitivity
Development of an Accident Prediction Model using GLIM (Generalized Log-linear Model) and EB method: A case of Seoul
Development of hazardous road fog index and its application
Development of sensitivity term in car-following model considering practical driving behavior of preventing rear end collision
Different models of saturation flow in traffic dominated by motorcycles
Dynamic speed control strategy for freeway traffic congestion management
Effect of speed reduction devices on through traffic: an analytical model and scenario analysis
Effects of curve designs and road conditions on driver's curve sharpness judgment and driving behavior
Effects of road geometry and season on head-on and single-vehicle collisions on rural two lane roads in Hokkaido, Japan
Land use factors and the risk for child pedestrians
Exploring the mode choice in daily travel behavior of the elderly in Taiwan
Empirical analysis of the effectiveness of mandated motorcycle helmet use in Taiwan
Empirical study on identifying potential black spots through public participation approach: a case study of Bangkok
Estimation of socio-economic cost of road accidents in metro Manila
Establishing marine accident classification: a case study in Taiwan
Evaluation of casualty cost of motorcyclist's slight injury in Indonesia
Evaluation of speed limit on Hokkaido roads
Fatigue analysis based on synthesis of psychological and physiological responses measured simultaneously in follow-up driving
Finding Dominant Links of Emergency Network with Respect to Earthquake Disaster
How do the traffic police perceive their ability for red light running enforcement? an application of the Rasch measure
Incident detection models to detect both lane-blocking and shoulder incidents
Influence of heavy vehicles on Japan two-lane highway speed and follower flow characteristics
Injury severity sustained in road crash: Khon Kaen, Thailand case study
Is it a timely approach for bus accident investigation in Thailand?
Making cities more compact by improving transport and amenity and reducing hazard risk
Measurement of the impact of logistical distribution network interruption on regional economy
Measuring level-of-service for cycling of urban streets using "probe bicycle system"
Measuring passenger car equivalents for nonmotorized vehicle (rickshaws) at mid-block sections
Medical investigation of motorcycle accidents in Thailand
Method to determine pedestrian level-of-service for crosswalks at urban intersections
Modeling level of service on pedestrian environment
Modeling the relationship between seasonal constraints and modal choice characteristics of high school students in snowy regions
Modeling walking accessibility to public transport terminals: case study of singapore mass rapid transit
Modelling traffic accident occurrence on Indonesian toll roads
Motorcycle accidents, alcohol intoxication and futile helmet legislation in Thailand: How long must we tolerate?
Performance evaluation of roundabouts considering traffic conflicts
Plasma amitriptyline level after acute administration, and driving performance in healthy volunteers
Potential fallacies in measuring the safety effects of road accident prevention polices with different observational periods
Preferred road characteristics on walking routes and stroller behavior in residential areas
Recent advantages of lower speed limits in Australia
Red light violation by motorcyclists at a signalized intersection in Jakarta
Relationships between network topology and pedestrian route choice behavior
Research on the development of Malaysian road traffic injury surveillance system
Road network accessibility issues and impacts on regional Australia
Safety analysis of traffic roundabout: conventional versus alberta-type markings
Sensitivity analysis and validation of a multi-agents pedestrian model
Shelter location-allocation model for flood evacuation planning
Simple design method of resistive type crash cushion
Simultaneous estimation of the pedestrian origin-destination matrix and parameter of the activity/destination choice model
Skid mark patterns and identification of ABS-equipped passenger car
Street space sustainability in Asia: the role of the Asian pedestrian and street culture
Study on development and practical use of rumble strips as a new measure for highway safety
Study on the evacuation of people flow in the venue of Olympic Games
The behavior analysis on a new type weaving section
The effect of geometric variables to the risk of accidents on Indonesian toll roads
The influence of urban land use on pedestrians accidents during congested and uncongested periods
The obstacles of cycling to school: an empirical study of Taiwanese students
The speed, flow and headway analyses of motorcycle traffic
Vehicle behavioral safety assessment for unsignalized small intersections to evaluate collision avoidance system
VR analysis of multi-vehicle accidents in underground urban expressway
Driver education: the needs of the learner driver with spina bifida and hydrocephalus
Driver sleepiness
Drivers' knowledge, attitudes, and behavior: a cross-sectional study
Anxiety in driving assessment of individuals with cognitive impairment
Multimodal safety management and human factors: Crossing the borders of medical, aviation, road and rail industries
Natural history and impact on outcomes of acute kidney injury in patients with road traffic injury
Pathoanatomy of the lower cervical spine facet joints in motor vehicle crash fatalities
Road traffic accident fatalities: 1961 to 1986
Air medical evacuations of soldiers for oral-facial disease and injuries, 2005, Operations Enduring Freedom/Iraqi Freedom
Anatomical correlate of a persistent paracentral scotoma after an airbag injury
Development, standardisation and pilot testing of an online fatigue self-management program
Differences Between Poststroke Drivers and Nondrivers: Demographic Characteristics, Medical Status, and Transportation Use
Too young to drink but old enough to drive under the influence: A Study of underage offenders as seen in substance abuse treatment in Texas
Complete fetal transection after a motor vehicle collision
Computerized maze navigation and on-road performance by drivers with dementia
Concentrations of cocaine and its major metabolite benzoylecgonine in blood samples from apprehended drivers in Sweden
Conceptualizing and measuring confidence in older drivers: development of the day and night driving comfort scales
Consensus criteria for screening commercial drivers for obstructive sleep apnea: evidence of efficacy
Critical review and analysis of the impact of the physical infrastructure on the driving ability, performance, and safety of older adults
Determination of mouth alcohol using the Dräger Evidential Portable Alcohol System
Development of wireless brain computer interface with embedded multitask scheduling and its application on real-time driver's drowsiness detection and warning
Does gaze influence steering around a bend?
Driving after a transient ischaemic attack or minor stroke
Driving under the influence of gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB)
Employing components-of-variance to evaluate forensic breath test instruments
Effects of navigation method on workload and performance in simulated high-speed ship navigation
Effect of driver distraction and low alcohol concentrations on useful field of view and frequency-doubling technology perimetry
Examination of a driver alleged to have consumed alcohol
Fitness to drive in multiple sclerosis: awareness of deficit moderates risk
Flight crew fatigue management in a more flexible regulatory environment: an overview of the New Zealand aviation industry
Improving the design of higher-capacity railway tank cars for hazardous materials transport: optimizing the trade-off between weight and safety
Medical aspects of fitness to drive. What do public hospital doctors know and think
Mental representations of obligatory and prohibitory traffic signs
Most precious cargo: child restraints continue to save young lives, but gaps persist in many state laws
New Zealand's breath and blood alcohol testing programs: further data analysis and forensic implications
Nonbenzodiazepine hypnotic use and cases of "sleep driving"
Predicting fitness to drive using the visual recognition slide test (USyd)
Promoting child booster seat use. Has no one ever done high-quality research?
The subtle trade-off between personal freedom and social responsibility
A study investigating the acute dose-response effects of 13 mg and 17 mg Delta 9- tetrahydrocannabinol on cognitive-motor skills, subjective and autonomic measures in regular users of marijuana
Adolescent sleep, school start times, and teen motor vehicle crashes
Acute oxygen therapy does not improve cognitive and driving performance in hypoxaemic COPD
Assessing the effectiveness of interactive media in improving drowsy driver safety
Auditory feedback influences perceived driving speeds
Background and methodology of the older driver evidence-based systematic literature review
Clinical and temperamental differences between early- and late-onset alcoholism in Korean men
Evidence-based and occupational perspective of effective interventions for older clients that remediate or support improved driving performance
Formal testing and utilization of streaming media to improve flight crew safety knowledge
Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement officer: an occupational assessment
Review of the evidence related to older adult community mobility and driver licensure policies
Standardized note template improves screening of firearm access and driving among veterans with dementia
Sleep apnea syndrome and car crashes
Traffic medicine units can stop unfit drivers
The impact of legislation in Ireland on handheld mobile phone use by drivers
Evaluation of the impact of an increased flight duty period on flight safety
Method for determination of visual acuity
Visual efficiency of pilot using of the night vision glasses
A rare case of blunt thoracoabdominal trauma with small bowel perforation from airbag
Building national estimates of the burden of road traffic injuries in developing countries from all available data sources: Iran
Correlation-regression analysis of the impact of motor transport on human health
Driver and epilepsy
The hazards of providing care in emergency vehicles: an opportunity for reform
Injuries to cargo area passengers of heavy goods vehicles
Changes in physical activity from walking to school
Comparison between artificial neural network and multilinear regression models in an evaluation of cognitive workload in a flight simulator
Dumb down for safety or, everything I learned about not crashing occurred in my first year of flying and not much has changed since
The effects of transdermal scopolamine on simulated ship navigation and attention/reaction time
Traumatic events and depressive symptoms among youth in Southwest Nigeria: a qualitative analysis
Intensive media reporting following bus crash in Rasbo-Uppsala
Health habits and risk factors among truck drivers visiting a health booth during a trucker trade show
Using social judgment theory to study occupational therapists' use of information when making driver licensing recommendations for older and functionally impaired adults
Alcoholism in bus drivers
New medical requirements for driver's licence since May 1 (2008)
The burden of road traffic injuries in Nigeria: results of a population-based survey
Neighbourhood income gradients in hospitalisations due to motor vehicle traffic incidents among Canadian children
The epidemiology of pediatric head injuries: Data from a referral centre in Victoria, Australia
Advise use of rear facing child car seats for children under 4 years old
Absence behavior as traffic crash predictor in bus drivers
Crash types: markers of increased risk of alcohol-involved crashes among teen drivers
Motorcycle injuries in Rhode Island
To drive or not to drive, that isn't the question-the meaning of self-regulation among older drivers
Multicentre study on risk factors of injuries in car crashes
Before you slip into the night, you'll want something to drink: exploring the reasons for prepartying behavior among college student drinkers
Latent Class Analysis of Lifestyle Characteristics and Health Risk Behaviors among College Youth
Mechanisms involved in the recent large reductions in US road fatalities
Ocular injury requiring hospitalisation in the South East of Ireland: 2001-2007
Visual function survey of commercial intercity vehicle drivers in Ilorin, Nigeria
Why Hong Kong needs a transportation safety board
Committing driving violations: an observational study comparing city, town and village
Injury patterns among obese children involved in motor vehicle collisions
Motorcyclist "biker couples": A descriptive analysis of orthopaedic and non-orthopaedic injuries
Reciprocal associations between drinking-and-driving behavior and cognitions in adolescents
The conspicuity of first-responder safety garments
Epidemiological characteristics of road traffic injuries in AP Vojvodina
Unusually small sex differentials in mortality of Israeli Jews: What does the structure of causes of death tell us?
A review of risk factors and patterns of motorcycle injuries
An assessment of the skid resistance effect on traffic safety under wet-pavement conditions
Central nervous system stimulants: effect on visual functions and occurrence of road traffic accidents
Convicted of fatigued driving: who, why and how?
Drivers' perceptions and reactions to roadside memorials
Hazard perception in novice and experienced drivers: the effects of sleepiness
Mandatory helmet legislation and the print media in Viet Nam
Markov switching multinomial logit model: An application to accident-injury severities
Ocular parameters as an objective tool for the assessment of truck drivers fatigue
Socio-economic factors and active commuting to school in urban Spanish adolescents: the AVENA study
State-of-the-art road tunnel safety
The role of information technology in maritime education for hazard avoidance
A new method for assessing the risk of accident associated with darkness
An experimental investigation of post-earthquake travel behaviours: the effects of severity and initial location
An exploratory analysis of models for estimating the combined effects of road safety measures
Approaches of truck drivers and non-truck drivers toward reckless on-road behavior
Binge drinking in childhood and adolescence: epidemiology, consequences, and interventions
Caution: a comment on Alena Erke's red light for red-light cameras? A meta-analysis of the effects of red-light cameras on crashes
Child neck FE model development and validation
Cross-cultural differences in drivers' speed choice
Development and evolution of a crisis support service at an international airport
How do car crashes happen among young drivers aged 18-20 years? Typical circumstances in relation to license status, alcohol impairment and injury consequences
SAVE: a wireless Java enabled automobile accident reporting system
The non-linearity of risk and the promotion of environmentally sustainable transport
Development of a unified model for sensor and crash analyses
Military parachuting injuries in Brazil
Hands-Free Embedded Cell Phones and Airbag-Deployment Crash Rates
Pre-hospital care in Nigeria: a country without emergency medical services
Alcohol, seniority and traffic
Use of psychotropic substances by the elderly and driving accidents
Alcohol and cause-specific mortality in Russia: a retrospective case-control study of 48,557 adult deaths
Application of finite mixture models for vehicle crash data analysis
Characteristics of adults with incident traumatic spinal cord injury in Ontario, Canada
Drivers' and cyclists' experiences of sharing the road: incidents, attitudes and perceptions of visibility
Impact of traffic congestion on road accidents: a spatial analysis of the M25 motorway in England
Marine accidents: quality vs. safety and one step further
Neuropsychiatric sequelae of traumatic brain injury
Public perception of population health risks in Canada: Health hazards and health outcomes
Public policies and motorcycle safety
Risk and type of crash among young drivers by rurality of residence: findings from the DRIVE Study
Risk evaluation by modeling of passing behavior on two-lane rural highways
Safety assessment of wheelchair occupants in paratransit buses
The role of the built environment in explaining relationships between perceived and actual pedestrian and bicyclist safety
The use of RFID for traffic management
Viet Nam's mandatory motorcycle helmet law and its impact on children
Traffic accidents associated with emotional stress after divorce
Crash injury prediction and vehicle damage reporting by paramedics
Highway driving performance and cognitive functioning the morning after bedtime and middle-of-the-night use of gaboxadol, zopiclone and zolpidem
Interaction between visual status, driver age and distracters on daytime driving performance
P-Drive on-road: Internal scale validity and reliability of an assessment of on-road driving performance in people with neurological disorders
Seatbelt use in Qatar in association with severe injuries and death in the prehospital setting
Dangerous games and the criminal law
Characteristics of associated craniofacial trauma in patients with head injuries: An experience with 100 cases
Magnitude of and trends in alcohol-related mortality and morbidity among U.S. college students ages 18-24, 1998-2005
Driving ability and dementia
Fitness Check for elder drivers
Fatigued driver's driving behavior and cognitive task performance: Effects of road environments and road environment changes
First principles, second hand: Perceptions and interpretations of vision zero in Norway
Highly reported prevalence of drinking and driving in Brazil: data from the first representative household study
Landscape, development, technology and drivers: the geography of drownings associated with automobiles in Texas floods, 1950-2004
Passengers play a key part in road safety in Kenya
Entrapment of adult fingers between window glass and seal entry of a motor vehicle side door: An experimental study for investigation of the force at the subjective pain threshold
Fatal unintentional injuries among young children--a hospital based retrospective analysis
Heckle and chide: results of a randomized road safety intervention in Kenya
Classification of errors contributing to rail incidents and accidents: A comparison of two human error identification techniques
Motorcyclist injury severity in angle crashes at T-junctions: Identifying significant factors and analysing what made motorists fail to yield to motorcycles
Crowding in platform staircases of a subway station in China during rush hours
An arterial grid of dirt roads
A comparison of drivers with high versus low perceived risk of being caught and arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol
Analysis of risk factors associated with outcomes in road traffic injury patients with acute lung injury
Back-over collisions in child pedestrians from the Canadian Hospitals Injury Reporting and Prevention Program
Crashes of sightseeing helicopter tours in Hawaii
During which month is it riskiest to drive in the United States?
From the brain to bad behaviour and back again: neurocognitive and psychobiological mechanisms of driving while impaired by alcohol
Incidence and predictors of onboard injuries among Sri Lankan flight attendants
Opium consumption and the risk of traffic injuries in regular users: a case-crossover study in an emergency department
Pedestrian injury and the built environment: an environmental scan of hotspots
Pilot age and error in air taxi crashes
Reduction of road traffic noise and mental health: An intervention study
Sleepiness and sleep-related accidents in commercial bus drivers
The association of driver age with traffic injury severity in Wisconsin
Warning drivers about potential congestion as a means to reduce frustration-driven aggressive driving
A new approach to multibody model development: pedestrian lower extremity
Comparison of driving errors between on-the-road and simulated driving assessment: a validation study
Commentary: evaluation of driver fitness--the role of continuing medical education
Comparison of the biomechanical behavior of the liver during frontal and lateral deceleration
Could ESC (Electronic Stability Control) change the way we drive?
Ejection injury to the spine in small aviators: sled tests of manikins vs. post mortem specimens
Motorcycle helmets and rider safety: A legislative crisis
Road traffic injuries in Iran: the role of interventions implemented by traffic police
The relationship between regional economic conditions and the severity of traffic crashes
Transporting Children With Special Health Care Needs: Comparing Recommendations and Practice
A bi-objective traffic counting location problem for origin-destination trip table estimation
A lane-based optimization method for the multi-period analysis of isolated signal-controlled junctions
A rolling-trained fuzzy neural network approach for freeway incident detection
Adaptation of the paired combinatorial logit model to the route choice problem
An algorithm for multi-class network equilibrium problem in PCE of trucks: Application to the SCAG Travel Demand Model
Estimating the Impact of Seat Belt Use on Traffic Fatalities: Empirical Evidence from Canada
Some traffic safety implications of movement of goods by road
Travel survey data required to inform transport safety policy and practice
On-the-move destination entry for vehicle navigation systems: Unsafe by any means?
Accidental unilateral and incomplete strangulation injury in a patient while traveling on a bicycle
Causes and consequences of head injuries among rural inhabitants hospitalised in a multi-organ injury ward. II. Circumstances, types and consequences of head injuries
Predicting the safety performance of volunteers: Does motivation for volunteering influence driving behavior?
Rates of thoracic trauma and mortality due to accidents in Brazil
Children Killed in Street Accidents
An Evidence Accumulation Model for Conflict Detection Performance in a Simulated Air Traffic Control Task
Driver Reaction Time to Tactile and Auditory Rear-End Collision Warnings While Talking on a Cell Phone
An Investigation of Driver Distraction Near the Tipping Point of Traffic Flow Stability
Environmental Characteristics Associated With Pedestrian-Motor Vehicle Collisions in Denver, Colorado
Cognitive training for older drivers can reduce the frequency of involvement in motor vehicle collisions
Impact Force when Fabric Inflates at High Speed
Long-Term Effects of Repealing the National Maximum Speed Limit in the United States
The effectiveness of a peer lead smart driving campaign on high school students' driving habits
A wayfinding pilot study: the use of the Intelligent Public Vehicle by people with visual impairment
Commentary: thoracic injury in older occupants: challenged human crashworthiness
Comparison overview of prehospital errors involving road traffic fatalities in Victoria, Australia
Determining the Proportion of Children Too Heavy for Age: Appropriate Car Seats in a Practice-Based Research Network
Do Familiar Teammates Request and Accept More Backup? Transactive Memory in Air Traffic Control
Driving with Hemianopia: 1. Detection Performance in a Driving Simulator
Evaluating the educational component of a hospital-based child passenger safety program
Factors that dissuade young drivers from committing traffic violations
Is the "seat belt sign" associated with serious abdominal injuries in pediatric trauma?
Lessons from a statewide pilot of "the battle of the belts project" in a state without a primary seat belt law
Motor vehicle injury, mortality, and hospital charges by strength of graduated driver licensing laws in 36 States
Motor vehicle occupant injury and related hospital expenditures in children aged 3 years to 8 years covered versus uncovered by booster seat legislation
Neurological injuries from car surfing
Nonfatal work-related motor vehicle injuries treated in emergency departments in the United States, 1998-2002
Novice Drivers' Risky Driving Behavior, Risk Perception, and Crash Risk: Findings From the DRIVE Study
Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome in truck drivers
Occupational Injuries Among Emergency Medical Service Providers in the United States
Road traffic injuries in Pakistan: challenges in estimation through routine hospital data
Role of air-medical evacuation in mass-casualty incidents-a train collision experience
Teenagers: We thought we knew--we didn't. Lessons learned
The moderating role of personal relevance on differential priming of anxiety and sadness on perceived travel risk: a replication
The use of driving impairing medicines: a European survey
Visual vigilance in drivers with obstructive sleep apnea
Temperament and perceived stress in road traffic
Testing the effectiveness of a tactile signal to deliver navigation information while the participant's attention is otherwise engaged
FMRI adaptation during performance of learned arbitrary visuomotor conditional associations
Traumatic injuries of the permanent maxillory incisors at Dental Department, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences Islamabad: a retrospective study
Acute alcohol tolerance on subjective intoxication and simulated driving performance in binge drinkers
An overview of injuries to adolescents and young adults related to substance use: data from Canadian emergency departments
Associations between the five-factor model of personality and health behaviors among college students
Social capital in the college setting: the impact of participation in campus activities on drinking and alcohol-related harms
Dynamic traffic assignment: properties and extensions
Economic fundamentals of road pricing: A diagrammatic analysis, Part I -- Fundamentals
Economic fundamentals of road pricing: A diagrammatic analysis, Part II -- Relaxation of assumptions
Does uniform design really work in stated choice modeling? A simulation study
Modelling learning and adaptation in transportation contexts
Is travel demand insatiable? A study of changes in structural relationships underlying travel
Travel characteristics survey -- Method of expanding household interview survey data
Vaginal Laceration as a Result of Blunt Vehicular Trauma
Addressing Women's Fear of Victimization in Transportation Settings
DUI recidivism: an ongoing traffic safety concern
Longevity, Lifestyle, and Anticipating the New Demands of Aging on the Transportation System
Risky behavior: cell phone use while driving
Road traffic fatalities among pedestrians, bicyclists and motor vehicle occupants in Sirjan, Kerman, Iran
The Relationship Between Religiosity and Subjective Well-being: A Case of Kuwaiti Car Accident Victims
Demographics, Destiny, and Anticipating the Future of the Transportation System
Enacting Traffic Spaces
Neighborhood Environment Walkability Scale for Youth (NEWS-Y): Reliability and Relationship with Physical Activity
Performance of Multi-TMD in the Towers of Suspension Bridges
Reaction time of drivers who caused road traffic accidents
Sleep deprivation and its effect on the ability to maintain wakefulness: implications on functioning and driving
Evaluation of the Impact of Potential Fire Scenarios on Structural Elements of a Cable-Stayed Bridge
Long-term effects of cannabis on oculomotor function in humans
Neighborhood Social Cohesion and Disorder in Relation to Walking in Community-Dwelling Older Adults
Neurocognitive performance during acute THC intoxication in heavy and occasional cannabis users
The Safety and Mobility Patterns of Older Women
The Built Environment and Traffic Safety
Age and skill differences in classifying hazardous traffic scenes
Decision support for risk assessment of mid-air collisions via population-based measures
Do organized leisure activities for children encourage car-use?
Driver distraction based lane-keeping assistance
Effects of high occupancy vehicle lanes on freeway congestion
Estimating the willingness to pay and value of risk reduction for car occupants in the road environment
Exploring the route choice decision-making process: A comparison of planned and observed routes obtained using person-based GPS
Factors influencing car use for commuting and the intention to reduce it: A question of self-interest or morality?
Hazard perception abilities of experienced and novice motorcyclists: An interactive simulator experiment
Individual differences in stress and fatigue in two field studies of driving
Influence of the residential and work environment on car use in dual-earner households
Lifestyle classifications with and without activity-travel patterns
Modeling impacts of adverse weather conditions on a road network with uncertainties in demand and supply
Pedestrians at the kerb: Recognising the action intentions of humans
Regimes in social–cultural events-driven activity sequences: Modelling approach and empirical application
Screening for drugs in oral fluid: Illicit drug use and drug driving in a sample of urban and regional Queensland motorists
Socio-demographic and built environment influences on the odds of being overweight or obese: The Atlanta experience
Specification, estimation and validation of a pedestrian walking behavior model
The changing nature of motorcycling: Patterns of use and rider characteristics
The impact of demographics, built environment attributes, vehicle characteristics, and gasoline prices on household vehicle holdings and use
The social dimension in action: A multilevel, personal networks model of social activity frequency between individuals
When strike comes to town… anticipated and actual behavioural reactions to a one-day, pre-announced, complete rail strike in the Netherlands
Older Adult Safety and Mobility
Post-traumatic stress impacts on quality of life in children after road traffic accidents: prospective study
A survey of bull bar prevalence at pedestrian crash sites in Adelaide, South Australia
A survey of drivers' child restraint choice and knowledge in South Australia
An assessment of conspicuous traffic signals: mast arms
Annual performance indicators of enforced driver behaviours in South Australia, 2004
Annual performance indicators of enforced driver behaviours in South Australia, 2005
Annual performance indicators of enforced driver behaviours in South Australia, 2006
Annual performance indicators of enforced driver behaviours, 2002
Best Practice criteria in practical driving test of medically referred drivers
Best practice review of drink driving enforcement in South Australia
Development of peripheral vision tests for driver assesment
Edge Deliniations
Evaluation of South Australian red light and speed cameras
Evaluation of the Adelaide Hills speed limit change from 100 km/h to 80 km/h
Evaluation of the South Australian default 50km/h speed limit
Front side window tinting visual light transmittance requirements
Further evaluation of the South Australian 50km/h speed limit
Identifying and improving exposure measures
Impediments to the use of child restraints
In-depth research into rural road crashes
Older drivers: Crash involvement rates and causes
Patterns of bicycle crashes in South Australia
Pedestrian and cyclist crashes in the Adelaide Metropolitan Area
Pedestrian collisions in South Australia
Performance of bull bars in pedestrian impact tests
Rear end crashes
Review of the literature on coffee stops as a road safety measure
Review of Western Australian drug driving laws
Road courtesy and road safety
Whiplash associated disorders: a comprehensive review
Vehicle speeds in South Australia 2007
Vehicle improvements to reduce the number and severity of rear end crashes
Vehicle design for pedestrian protection
Vehicle age-related crashworthiness of the South Australian passenger fleet
Using crash information to improve the treatment of crash injuries
Trends in traffic casualties in South Australia, 1981-2003
The effect of bull bars on head impact kinematics in pedestrian crashes
Should U-turns be permitted at signalised intersections?
The economic cost and impact of the road toll on south australia
Damage Identification in Elastic Suspended Cables through Frequency Measurement
Perceptual-Motor Performance and Associated Kinematics in Space
A review of fatal road traffic accidents in Singapore from 2000 to 2004
Accidents and Unpleasant Incidents: Worry in Transport and Prediction of Travel Behavior
Accidents associated with aerobatic maneuvers in U.S. aviation
Exposure to workplace violence and quality of life among drivers and conductors in Maputo city, Mozambique
A comparison of booster seat use in Canadian provinces with and without legislation
BAC controls on the road as a tool for early identification of subjects with alcohol-related problems
Are school zones effective? An examination of motor vehicle versus child pedestrian crashes near schools
New Zealand Drivers Study: a follow-up study of newly licensed drivers
Road injuries and relaxed licensing requirements for driving light motorcycles in Spain: a time-series analysis
The urgency of establishing a rapid monitoring system for mortality due to traffic accidents (as well as for all mortality due to violence and accidents)
Development of a fuzzy logic controller for autonomous forest path navigation
An obstacle identification algorithm for a laser range finder-based obstacle detector
Dynamic stability of two tractor front-end loader systems
Machine vision-based guidance system for an agricultural small-grain harvester
Model to evaluate exposure criteria during roll-over protective structures (ROPS) testing
Obstacle detection using stereo vision to enhance safety of autonomous machines
Sensing overhead power lines for accident prevention
Studies on aluminum-made chassis-type frame model of a tractor I: Comparative static strength analysis and mass reduction
Studies on aluminum-made chassis-type frame model of a tractor II: Some mechanical features of a modified model
The influence of deck size on the continuous roll behavior of front-drive mowers
Trajectory control and its application to approach a target: Part I. Development of trajectory control algorithms for an autonomous vehicle
Trajectory control and its application to approach a target: Part II. Target approach experiments
Can Headway Reduction in Fog Be Explained by Impaired Perception of Relative Motion?
Effects of in-vehicle warning information on drivers' decelerating and accelerating behaviors near an arch-shaped intersection
Identification of differences between rural and urban safety cultures
A novel approach for analyzing severe crash patterns on multilane highways
Accident prediction models with random corridor parameters
Achievement of alternative configurations of vehicles on multiple lanes
Age affects drivers' response times
An evaluation of graduated driver licensing programs in North America using a meta-analytic approach
At work or play: a comparison of private property vehicle crashes with those occurring on public roads in north Queensland
Cardiac Autonomic Control During Simulated Driving With a Concurrent Verbal Working Memory Task
The burden of road trauma due to other people's drinking
The importance of vehicle rollover as a field triage criterion
Valuation of road safety effects in cost-benefit analysis
Wakefulness in young and elderly subjects driving at night in a car simulator
Analysis of motorcycle accident victims presenting to the emergency department
Cost effectiveness of wearing head protection on all-terrain vehicles
Drivers' misjudgement of vigilance state during prolonged monotonous daytime driving
Dynamic continuum pedestrian flow model with memory effect
Effects of alcohol impairment on motorcycle riding skills
Evaluation of experience-based fatigue countermeasures
Factors correlated with traffic accidents as a basis for evaluating Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
Flow improvement caused by agents who ignore traffic rules
The effects of drink-driving checkpoints on crashes--a meta-analysis
Upper extremity amputations after motor vehicle rollovers
Global status report on road safety
On hopes for a historic road safety meeting
On-road assessment of driving performance in bilateral vestibular-deficient patients
Seizure attacks while driving: quality of life in persons with epilepsy
Urban built environments and trajectories of mobility disability: Findings from a national sample of community-dwelling American adults (1986-2001)
Development of a bespoke human factors taxonomy for gliding accident analysis and its revelations about highly inexperienced UK glider pilots
Physical trauma experience among school children in peri-urban Blantyre, Malawi
Emergency care for traffic accidents in Bavaria : Current process analysis depending on hospital and emergency service structures
Mild Cognitive Impairment and Everyday Function: An Investigation of Driving Performance
How Does Urban Public Transport Change Cities? Correlations between Past and Present Transport and Urban Planning Policies
A Comparative Study of Damage Variables in Continuum Damage Mechanics
Mobility in Old Age
Reduced memory and attention performance in a population-based sample of young adults with a moderate lifetime use of cannabis, ecstasy and alcohol
Wind Tunnel Tests on Improvement of Windproof Performance for Ropeway Carriers
A Brainwave Signal Measurement and Data Processing Technique for Daily Life Applications
A Feasibility Study on Crash Avoidance at Four-Way Stop-Sign-Controlled Intersections Using Wireless Sensor Networks
A Train Stop Deployment Planning Algorithm Using a Petri-net-based Modelling Approach
Analysis of Environmental and Safety Effects on Freight Vehicle Traffic by Using Degital Taco-Meter with Talking Guidance
Analysis of the Pattern of Maxillofacial Fracture by Five Departments in Tokyo: A Review of 674 Cases
Comparison of Simulated Physical Load of Sidewalk Curb for Electric, Manual Wheelchair Users and Visually Impaired People
Controller Design and Evaluation of Lane-Keeping-Assistance System for Motorcycles
Development of an Emergency-shutdown System for the Commercially-supplied Joystick-type Electric-wheelchair
Traffic Light Violation Among Motorists in Malaysia
The Compact City Approach: Environment, Safety and Electric Vehicles
Combined Dextromethorphan and Chlorpheniramine Intoxication in Impaired Drivers
Fundamental Study on Organization and Application of Traffic Calming Techniques from the Sight of Landscape Planning with Tree Planting
Influence of the arms on pedestrian head injury at the time of vehicle collision
Optimization Model Analyses for the Optimal Railway Track Maintenance Schedule Considering Derailment Accident Risk
Research into Warning Time Optimum Control for Level Crossing with a Continuous Type Train Location Detector using Crossed Inductive Wires
Motorization and Highway System Challenges in Taiwan
Motorization in Indonesia and Its Impact to Traffic Accidents
Road Accidents in Great Britain Since 1985
Road Safety in Greece
Transportation and Safety in Japan: Dual Mode Vehicle (DMV) Overview
The Influence of Urban Land Use on Pedestrians Casualties - Case Study Area: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Redesign of Transport Systems on Highways, Streets and Avenues
Passenger Car Travel Characteristics in Singapore: Analysis of Changes from 1990 to 2005
Motorization Process and Management in Big Cities in China: Take Beijing as an Example
Motorization and Role of Mass Rapid Transit in East Asian Megacities
Introducing the Organization of Transport Studies: Hellenic Institute of Transport: A New Era in Transport Research in Greece
Researches and Implementations of Structural Health Monitoring Systems for Long Span Bridges in China
Safety Considerations Regarding the Abolition of Compulsory Stopping before Entering Railroad Crossings
Selective Integration of Local-Feature Detector by Boosting for Pedestrian Detection
Techniques to Measure Effects of Passing Trains on Dynamic Pressure Applied to Sleeper Bottoms and Dynamic Behavior of Ballast Stones
A Method for Assessing the Driving Ability of the Elderly and Thoughts on its systematization
Creating a Risk-Based Network for HazMat Logistics by Route Prioritization with AHP: - Case Study: Gasoline Logistics in Rayong, Thailand
Creating More People-Friendly Urban Streets Through "Link and Place" Street Planning and Design
Decision Making Process of Traffic Calming Devices: A Comparative Study
Eco-Transport Cities Utilizing ITS
Educational Methods to Change the Attitudes of Transport Planners Towards Environmentally Sustainable Transportation System in Developing Countries
Employment of ATMS Traffic Control Device Data to Assist in Identification of Crash-Prone Intersections
Factors Associated With Safety of Passenger Cars
Physical and psychosocial functioning following motor vehicle trauma: Relationships with chronic pain, posttraumatic stress, and medication use
Psychological effects and intervention following a traffic disaster involving a large number of victims
Study on psychiatric disorders that develop one month after injuries associated with traffic accidents and factors to predict the development of such disorders
Does placenta position modify the risk of placental abruption in car crashes?
Severe childhood injuries and poisoning in a densely populated city: Where do they occur and what type?
Causes of scapula fractures differ from other shoulder injuries in occupants seriously injured during motor vehicle crashes
Minimal hepatic encephalopathy is associated with motor vehicle crashes: The reality beyond the driving test
Overweight children: are they at increased risk for severe injury in motor vehicle collisions?
Personality, safety attitudes and risky driving behaviors--evidence from young Taiwanese motorcyclists
Proposal for territorial distribution of the 2010 EU road safety target
Stop versus yield on pedestrian-involved fatal crashes in the United States
Urban and rural differences in older drivers' failure to stop at stop signs
The impact of remedial intervention on 3-year recidivism among first-time DUI offenders in Mississippi
A virtual environment for decision support in ship damage control
Active versus passive transportation to school-differences in screen time, socio-economic position and perceived environmental characteristics in adolescent girls
Flicker illness: an underrecognized but preventable complication of helicopter transport
An Effective Crashworthiness Design Optimization Methodology to Improve Helicopter Landing Gear Energy Absorption
An Exercise in Vehicle Kinematics and Energetics
Flight Test and Simulation of a Cargo Container Slung Load in Forward Flight
Influence of Dynamic Stall and Dynamic Wake Effects on Helicopter Trim and Rotor Loads
Wake Structure and Kinematics in the Vortex Ring State
Cognitive Task Analysis for Developing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Wilderness Search Support
Effects of Automatic Detection on Dynamic Decision Making
Polychronicity and Information Acquisition in Pilot Decision Making
Situation Awareness and the Decision-Making Process in a Dynamic Situation: Avoiding Collisions at Sea
Staying Up to Speed: Four Design Principles for Maintaining and Recovering Situation Awareness
The Impact of Time Pressure and Experience on Information Search and Decision-Making Processes
Visual Representations of Meta-Information
Bridge Embankments. I: Seismic Risk Assessment and Ranking
Bridge Embankments. II: Seismic Risk for I-24 in Kentucky
Analysis of the death cases in the urban rail traffic accident in Shanghai
Death with complete decapitation: report of four suicides by train
Driver suicides in Finland--are they different in northern and southern Finland?
Abdominal and Pelvic Injuries Caused by Road Traffic Accidents: Characteristics and Outcomes in a French Cohort of 2,009 Casualties
Newspaper media reporting of motor vehicle crashes in Singapore: an opportunity lost for injury prevention education?
Road traffic accidents and the elderly
Characteristics and triage of a maritime disaster: an accidental passenger ship collision in Korea
Gasoline Prices and Their Relationship to Rising Motorcycle Fatalities, 1990-2007
Impact of the demerit point system on road traffic accident mortality in Spain
Outcomes of Oregon’s Law Mandating Physician Reporting of Impaired Drivers
Seat-Belt and Chance Fractures of the Thoracolumbar Spine
Analysis of 84 ocular disability cases in traffic accident
The association between price of regular-grade gasoline and injury and mortality rates among occupants involved in motorcycle- and automobile-related motor vehicle collisions
The effects of driving situation on sleepiness indicators after sleep loss: a driving simulator study
The outcome from legalizing Sunday packaged alcohol sales on traffic accidents in New Mexico
Validation of the Australian Propensity for Angry Driving Scale (Aus-PADS)
Whiplash injury prevention with active head restraint
A survey of the mortality caused by alcohol
Jumping from the Westgate Bridge, Melbourne
Survival after free falls of 59 metres into water from the Sydney Harbour Bridge, 1930-1982
Premature mortality in Australia 1983-1992, the first decade of the AIDS epidemic
Young people, dangerous driving and car culture
Men's health: what's a GP to do?
Differential effects of trait anger on optimism and risk behaviour
A gaze-based study for investigating the perception of visual realism in simulated scenes
Elevated risk of motor vehicle accident for male drivers with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome in the Tokyo metropolitan area
Analysis of truck-involved rear-end crashes using multinomial logistic regression
Effectiveness of an experimental stop/slow flag in workzones
How driver risk perception affects operating speeds
Updating French formulas for operating speeds on horizontal curves of rural two-lane highways
Officer Safety Trumps Passenger Privacy
The prevention of traffic traumatism
A behavioural model to estimate willingness-to-pay for reducing road accident risk
Analysis of rumble strips and driver fatigue using traffic simulation
Driver’s perceived discomfort and road safety
Comparative analysis of the attitude and behavior of young drivers’ use of two-way two-lane highways
Effects on driver behaviour of different signalling schemes of work zones
Locating in-car controls: predicting the effects of varying design layout
Older drivers and safety: a roadway study using driving simulator
Road users’ socio-economic status and road safety in Denmark
Spatial analysis of road weather safety data using a Bayesian hierarchical modeling approach
The sleepy driver
Visual inspections made by young and elderly drivers before lane changing
Using a riding trainer as a tool to improve hazard perception and awareness in teenagers
Inappropriate tyre characteristics and high ambient temperature: A recipe for traffic accidents
Road safety: Methods to predict the safety level of a freeway
Surrogate safety assessment for a tight urban diamond interchange using micro-simulation
The role of geometric road design parameters in driving speed negotiation and safety perception: objective and subjective measures in simulation study
A new microsimulator to evaluate road safety at skewed intersections
Driver perception of horizontal curvature in sag vertical curves
Effects of age in Useful Field of View and Time-to-Arrival
Driving and activation of mental concepts
A simulator for assessing older driver skills
Behavioural effects of predictable rural road layout: a driving simulator study
Assessing proneness to simulator sickness in a fixed-base driving simulator
Best practices for road safety in Europe: A systematic approach
Can safety indicators assess and monitor road traffic risk in real-time? Investigation of two safety indicators on Swiss motorways
Development of a nanoscopic traffic simulation tool
Driver training using fused reality
Driving simulator sickness and validity: how important is it to use real car cabins?
Driving simulator study of a motorway car share lane: Lessons for the design and implementation of novel schemes
Estimating road accidents of Turkey based on regression analysis and artificial neural network approach
Integrating actual road design into highway driving simulators for research, design, and consumer information applications
Modelling human behaviour by numerically described multidimensional probability distributions
New model to estimate speed differential in tangent-curve transition
Operating speed-profile prediction model for two-lane rural roads in the Italian context
Risk-based approach for highway geometric design
Road traffic accidents in Ethiopia: Magnitude, causes and possible interventions
Safety assessment of barrier toll plazas
Study of passing gap acceptance behavior using a driving simulator
The impairing effects of alcohol intoxication and speeding on driving precision: analyses of additive and interactive effects
The relationship between chronic sleep deficits and distractions in young adult drivers
Trajectory measurement of vehicles: a new observatory
Validation of speed perception and production in a single screen simulator
Validity of driving simulator in assessing drivers with Parkinson’s disease
Visuomotor strategies using driving simulators in virtual and pre-recorded environment
'Race' or place? Explaining ethnic variations in childhood pedestrian injury rates in London
A case-crossover study of alcohol consumption, meals and the risk of road traffic crashes
A prospective study of cognitive tests to predict performance on a standardised road test in people with dementia
Increasing seat belt use on a college campus: an evaluation of two prompting procedures
Injuries in special transport services-Situations and risk levels involving wheelchair users
Patients' and health care providers' knowledge of wheelchair transportation issues
The Costs of Short Sleep
A decrease in brain activation associated with driving when listening to someone speak
A modified rigid barrier for improved assessment of occupant injury in incompatible frontal collisions
A multidomain approach for predicting older driver safety under in-traffic road conditions
A nationwide speed limit < or = 65 miles per hour will save thousands of lives
A neural-network-based model for the dynamic simulation of the tire/suspension system while traversing road irregularities
Airbag-induced chemical eye injury
Characterization of acute and chronic whiplash-associated disorders
College students' responses to a 5/4 drinking question and maximum blood alcohol concentration calculated from a timeline followback questionnaire
Comparison of subjective symptoms and cold prevention measures in winter between traffic control workers and construction workers in Japan
Injury situation of novice drivers in road traffic - a medical and technical analysis
Medico-legal study on crashes of fighter planes of the National People's Army
Character, frequency and localization of fractures in maxillofacial region, during the period 1991-2000
Christmas work dinners. A pattern of recreational use of alcohol and other drugs?
Adolescent injuries in urban South Africa: a multi-city investigation of intentional and unintentional injuries
Ethnicity, deprivation and road traffic injury risk: a survey of risk and road safety and implications for injury prevention
Parliamentary committees turn road safety research and ideas into practice: examples from Australia
Road lighting and energy saving
The Racing-Game Effect: Why Do Video Racing Games Increase Risk-Taking Inclinations?
Incidence of mandibular fractures in eastern part of Libya
Survival hazards of road environment factors between motor-vehicles and motorcycles
Thoracolumbar junction injuries after rollover crashes: difference between belted and unbelted front seat occupants
Understanding safety and production risks in rail engineering planning and protection
Paying great attention to automobile accident caused by sleep-disorded breathing
A pilot survey of child restraint and seating position in cars in Florence Health Authority area
A preliminary study of MR sickness evaluation using visual motion aftereffect for advanced driver assistance systems
A preliminary study on driver's stress index using a new method based on differential skin temperature measurement
A randomized trial of an education program to enhance older driver performance
A relative age effect in NASCAR
A review of math-based CAE tools for rollover simulations
A study on the combined effect of noise and vibration on operators' performance of a readability task in a mobile driving environment
A smoke model and its application for smoke management in an underground mass transit station
A Swedish survey of occupational therapists' involvement and performance in driving assessments
Occupational injuries of immigrant and Finnish bus drivers
Sports injuries in an America's Cup yachting crew: A 4-year epidemiological study covering the 2007 challenge
Use of a Safety Resource Center in a Pediatric Emergency Department
A survey of the improvement of public transportation for the elderly. Reasons for giving up driving by retired automobile workers living in in Kanagawa Prefecture
Abdominal lesions associated to safety belt mark
A questionnaire study on health of taxi drivers--relations to work conditions and daily life
Airbag hit as a cause of retinal detachment--case report
Always on the road - health costs as prize of mobility in a 24-h society
Anger expression on the road: validity and reliability of the driving anger expression inventory
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and road traffic - special considerations for the treatment of adolescents with ADHD
Whiplash injury
The National Transportation Safety Board's Helicopter Emergency Medical Services Public Hearings
Vibration as a hygienic factor in automobile transport
"Danger spots" for bicyclists based on data from accident registration in emergency departments
Degree of neurosis, attitude to health and disease, personal and intrapersonal conflicts in motor vehicle drivers
Development of a sensitive neuropsychological battery to foretell the performance in elder's car driving
Diabetes mellitus and driving
The most dramatic train accident in Denmark: Gentofte 1897
The presence of pathological processes among Spanish drivers: its relevance to road safety
Disturbances of respiration during sleep and automobile crashes
Driver fatigue
Drugs and driving
Effect of automobile driving on the cardiovascular system of the driver (according to data from foreign literature)
Epidemiology of traffic accidents in Costa Rica
Street Risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Street Accidents
The Increase in Street Accidents
The Increase of Street Accidents
Road Accidents and Noises
The Peril of the Street
A Fly in a Driver's Eye Causes a Fatal Motor Accident
Road Accidents Increasing
The Crusade Against Automobile Accidents
Street Accidents
Train Accidents
The Danger From Fatigued Automobile Drivers
Fourth of July Injuries: A Comparative Study of the Treatment of Fourth of July Injuries at the Beekman Street Hospital, New York, During the Seasons of 1928 and 1929
Street Accidents and Speed
The Accident Record of Automobile Drivers
Traffic Accidents in Amsterdam
Abolition of the Speed Limit of Automobiles
Design Improvement by Damage Tolerance Test in Airframe Development
A fuzzy approach to reconstructing vehicle–pedestrian collisions
'Expecting': occupant model incorporating anthropometric details of pregnant women
A fuzzy logic controlled Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) for improved braking performance and directional stability
A new approach to designing lateral collision warning systems
A new method for simulating the car-entering movement
A numerical study in the interaction of blast wave with a wheeled armoured vehicle
A physics-based digital human model
A technique for developing a high accuracy durability test for a Light Truck on a Six Degree-of-Freedom Road Test Simulator
Advanced composites for the body and chassis of a production high performance car
Analytical modelling and experimental verification of tyre non-uniformity
Computer active control of damping fluid of a racing superbike suspension scheme for road-safety improvement spin-off
Condition monitoring of rail vehicle suspensions based on changes in system dynamic interactions
Crash behaviour of a carbon fibre floor panel
Design and certification of a composite thin-walled structure for energy absorption
Design of a lightweight chassis for the land speed record vehicle Buckeye Bullet 2
Designer driving: drivers' conceptual models and level of trust in adaptive cruise control
Development of a rear spoiler of a new type for mini-vans
Digital human modelling for user-centred vehicle design and anthropometric analysis
Driver response to controllable failures of fixed and variable gain steering
Driving automation: learning from aviation about design philosophies
Dynamic analyses of roll plane interconnected hydro-pneumatic suspension systems
Easy rider meets knight rider: an on-road exploratory study of situation awareness in car drivers and motorcyclists
Effects of stature, age and vehicle motion on ingress movement
Evaluation of road load classification for fatigue assessments
Evaluation of road-induced interior noise of vehicle based on virtual experiment
Experimental study of impact on SMC composites used in the automotive industry
Fast estimation and compensation of the tyre force in real time control for vehicle dynamic stability control system
Gain scheduling PID control with pitch moment rejection for reducing vehicle dive and squat
Head injury criterion: the best way to evaluate head damage?
How a rear steering system may improve motorcycle dynamics
Indicators of longitudinal unevenness of roads in the USA
Influence of deployable hood systems on finite element modelled brain response for vulnerable road users
Interpretation of roll plane stability models
Is it possible to follow a vehicle using just one camera?
Maximisation of crash energy absorption by crash trigger for vehicle front frame using the homogenisation method
Modelling and simulation study on application of sliding-mode control for an active anti-roll system in a passenger car with air suspension
Multi-objective optimisation approach for predicting seated posture considering balance
Parametric uncertainty analysis of vehicle suspensions
Response of tonic lower limb FE model in various real life car-pedestrian impact configurations: a parametric study for standing posture
Rigid-elastic coupling modelling of air suspension and fatigue life prediction of its key part for heavy-duty truck
Road profile estimation in heavy vehicle dynamics simulation
Robust observer-based fault-tolerant control for vehicle lateral dynamics
Roof-to-ground contact force during a vehicle rollover
Safety implications of a pedestrian protection system: the driver's point of view
Second order sliding-mode observer for estimation of vehicle dynamic parameters
Speed-independent vibration-based terrain classification for passenger vehicles
Structural optimisation of composite elements of a Formula One racing car
The derivation of structural usage profiles for vehicles from failure statistics
Vehicle rollover recovery using active steering/wheel torque control
Vehicle ride evaluation based on a time-domain variable speed driving pattern
Vehicle wheel aerodynamic testing, using the double-symmetry technique
Virtual dummy with spine model for automotive vibrational comfort analysis
What's happened to car design? An exploratory study into the effect of 15 years of progress on driver situation awareness
Work domain analysis and intelligent transport systems: implications for vehicle design
Medicolegal Aspects of Automobile Accidents
Decline in Accidents in Paris
Traffic Accidents in Tokyo
The Cost to Hospitals of Automobile Accidents
The Payment of Physicians for Road Accidents
Regulations for Prevention of Accidents
The Prevention of Road Accidents
Restriction on Use of Automobile Horns
A Large City Without Fatal Automobile Accidents
The Contrast Between Railway and Road Accidents
The Toll of the Roads
The Toll of the Roads
The Toll of the Roads
The Hazard of the Automobile Door Handle - Report of Six Serious Injuries
The Causes of Road Accidents
Medical Aspects of Accident Control
Some Reduction of Road Accidents
The Physician and the Traffic Problem
Sudden Loss of Consciousness As Cause of Automobile Accidents
Some Improvement in Road Accidents
Traffic Accidents
Relationship of driver blood alcohol to injury severity
Relationships between road accidents and hourly traffic flow -- i. analyses and interpretation
Relationships between road accidents and hourly traffic flow -- ii. probabilistic approach
A Neurologic Note on Traffic Lights
Traffic Accidents Increased by the Blackout
The Automobile and the Fractured Spine - Clinical Lecture at St. Louis Session
Automobile Accidents in a Rural Area Traversed by a Transcontinental Highway
The Mental Hygiene Aspect of the Traffic Accident
The Ophthalmologist's Place in the Prevention of Traffic Accidents
Epilepsy and driving in Argentina. a new proposal
Epilepsy--inability to work and drive
Establishing the location of the driver and passenger with fastened seatbelts at the moment of a traffic accident
Estimation of accident risk in obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (osas) by driving simulation
Evaluation of campaign promoting restraint systems for children in automobiles
Evaluation of the capacity to drive in patients diagnosed of mild cognitive impairment and dementia
Evaluation of traffic accident cases admitted to the emergency department of the cumhuriyet university hospital in 1998
Evidence that excessive sedimentation rate is predictive of traffic accidents in systemic diseases
Examination of blinking-rate in a simulated four hour driving task
Examination of fitness to drive
Exposure to the risk of traffic accidents, a fundamental epidemiological parameter, and one difficult to measure
Eye injuries caused by air bags. the importance of information about alkalic aerosol
Eye injuries on highways of kabardino-balkar
Falling asleep at the steering wheel--a dangerous sequel of sleep apnea
Falling asleep at the wheel: chronicle of a predictable accident
Falling asleep at the wheel: the chief cause of severe traffic accidents
Fitness to drive: which assessment by doctors in 2008?
Frequency of occurrence of traumatic aortic rupture in automobile passengers involved in a frontal crash with a static or dynamic obstacle
Gasoline poisoning following a traffic accident
Guidelines of the Spanish society of cardiology for car driving, airplane flying,and underwater activities in subjects with heart disease
Health-related definition of the concept of where the motor vehicle driver sits
Hyperkinetic syndrome and behavioral disorders in street traffic: a case control pilot study
Hypersomnolence and automobile driving
Impairment of automobile driving capacity by therapeutic drugs
Incidence of acetabular fractures before and after introduction of compulsory seatbelt fastening
Incidence of drugs and euphoretic agents among motorists on the roads of Denmark. a possible relationship to traffic safety
Increased frequency of driving accidents in epilepsy
Increased frequency of traffic accidents among patients with disseminated sclerosis
Increased speed=more killed
Indices of the heat state of children traveling in railroad cars without air conditioning in a dry, hot climate
2008 ENA National Scorecard on state roadway laws: A blueprint for injury prevention
Alcohol and high-risk behavior among young first-time offenders
Influence of changes to daily dose of opioids on aspects of cognitive and psychomotor performance involved in driving
Influence of optotypes' contrast changes on visual acuity in automobile drivers
Injured bus passengers. occurrence, injuries and causes
Injuries are reduced by air bags. but seat belts are still to be used
Injuries caused by automobile safety glass
Injuries due to seat belts. comments on a clinical case
Injuries sustained by bus passengers in the municipality of odense 1996-1999
Injuries to the cervical spine in automobile accidents
Interactive driving simulation--a new approach to diagnosis and rehabilitation of driving skills
International consensus meeting on fatigue and the risk of traffic accidents. the significance of fatigue for transportation safety is underestimated
Investigation of the cab of steam locomotive from the viewpoint of occupational health and prevention of the accident occurred in the cab--the trouble on karikatsu tunnel
Commentary: How traffic crashes were reduced in China--experience and difficulties
Comparison of distributions of key predictor variables in CIREN and NASS-CDS cases meeting CIREN inclusion criteria
Deterioration of the useful visual field with ageing during simulated driving in traffic and its possible consequences for road safety
Do consultant obstetricians and gynaecologists comply with motor traffic regulations when recalled to hospital to attend emergencies? A national audit
Drowsy drivers: The effect of light and circadian rhythm on crash occurrence
Highway driving in the elderly the morning after bedtime use of hypnotics: a comparison between temazepam 20 mg, zopiclone 7.5 mg, and placebo
The effectiveness of antilock brake systems on motorcycles in reducing real-life crashes and injuries
Toward national estimates of alcohol use disorders among drivers: results from the National Roadside Survey Pilot Program
Traffic law knowledge disparity between Hispanics and non-Hispanic whites in California
Unintentional motor vehicle-train collisions--Oklahoma, 1995-2003
Lethal intoxication while driving a car
A noncontiguous 2-level spinal injury in a young female driver due to a 3-point seat belt restraint
A theoretical and methodological framework for studying and modelling drivers’ mental representations
Aircraft accidents with student pilots flying solo: analysis of 390 cases
Ambulatory care among young adults in the United States
Analysis of large truck rollover crashes
Belt use: comparison of NASS-CDS and police crash reports
Blood screening in a southern Nigeria City: a case study with SAVAN
Coping with fear through suppression and avoidance of threatening information
Effects of gender, sex-stereotype conformity, age and internalization on risk-taking among adolescent pedestrians
Emotions drive attention: Effects on driver’s behaviour
Ethnicity, age, and trends in alcohol-related driver fatalities in the United States
Impact of training programs on decision-making and situation awareness of trainee watch officers
Importance of physical properties of the human head on head-neck injury metrics
Modeling perceived collision risk in port water navigation
Monitoring Driver's Sleepiness On-Board for Preventing Road Accidents
Prevalence and Patterns of Alcohol Consumption and Health-Risk Behaviors Among High School Students in Thailand
Psychoactive substance-related deaths in road traffic accidents in Slovakia between 2000 and 2007
Studies Probe US Traffic Injuries, Deaths: Focus on Factors That Reduce, Exacerbate Toll
The effect of aviation safety education on passenger cabin safety awareness
The Health Belief Model variables as predictors of risky driving behaviors among commuters in Yazd, Iran
The impact of replacing heavy passenger vehicles (LTVs and SUVs) in the British Columbia fleet with lighter versions
Understanding road signs
Use of car crashes resulting in fatal and serious injuries to analyze a safe road transport system model and to identify system weaknesses
What-You-Look-For-Is-What-You-Find – The consequences of underlying accident models in eight accident investigation manuals
"One Man's Foolishness Led to the Death of 14 Men". Norwegian Reactions to Umberto Nobile and the "Italia" Disaster
Impact of muscle contraction upon head stabilisation during forward acceleration
Traction and braking of hybrid electric vehicles using control allocation
Vehicle parameter estimation and stability enhancement using sliding modes techniques
Using the Milliken Moment Method and dynamic simulation to evaluate vehicle stability and controllability
The psychology of driving automation: a discussion with Professor Don Norman
Assessing effectiveness of various auditory warning signals in maintaining drivers' attention in virtual reality-based driving environments
How will alcohol sales in the UK be affected if drinkers follow government guidelines?
Personality traits and mental health of severe drunk drivers in Sweden
Safety status of farm tractors that operate on public highways in four rural Kentucky counties
"One for the road--how big a problem?
Clinically significant avoidance of public transport following the London bombings: Travel phobia or subthreshold posttraumatic stress disorder?
107 647 driver license candidates did not pass the vision test
A brake-clutch simulator
A clinical electroencephalographic study on normal male adults for driver's screening test
A gas chromatographic method for ethanol determination in vapors of biological fluids
A method for measuring human behavioural and physiological responses at different stress levels in a driving simulator
A method for the detection of drugs at therapeutic dosages in human urine using adsorption column chromatography and thin-layer chromatography
Aid to a person in danger according to French and other laws. Rights of the physician on the road
Alcohol and traffic safety
Alcohol, accidents and violence
Amantadine-HCl and its effect on driving ability
Aortic valve insufficiency and driving licence. Should the present legislation be modified for eleven observations?
Apoplectic insult and vascular sclerosis from the aspect of motor traffic medicine
Apropos of the symposium on human factors in traffic accidents
Aptitude for driving pleasure vehicles or ambulances
Aspects of evaluation of work ability of motor vehicle drivers
Attempt of analysis of medical examinations of automobile drivers
Audiovestibular exploration with electronystagmography of topflight automobile racing drivers
Automobile controls for paraplegics
Automobile controls for paraplegics
Automobile fires and burn injuries
Automobile radio-telephone
Automotive vehicles with 2 wheels and gravity of traffic accidents
Avenues and dangerous cross-roads in the Federal District
Bezold-Brücke effect and misunderstanding of traffic signals
Biomechanics of blunt chest injuries especially of the thorax, aorta and heart. Contribution to the problem of the so-called internal safety of personal moor vehicles
Can one perceive as quickly as driving and flying?
Cardiovascular diseases and driving aptitude
An injuries prevention programme in the transport and cargo handling sector, implemented by the ASL 10 Local Health Unit, Florence
Car driving ability of patients with frontotemporal lobar degeneration and Alzheimer's disease
A mock disaster on a rural road
A psychophysical evaluation of the accuracy of shape discrimination as an aircraft landing aid
A study of dichotomous thought processes in accident-prone drivers
A study of Halon 1301 (CBrF 3 ) toxicity under simulated flight conditions
A useful test in selecting motion-sick-prone individuals
Abdominal trauma due to safety belts
Absorption properties of tinted windshields in personal automobiles
Accidents and fatigue in small boats
Acquired chromatoasthenopia and chromatoanopia in automobile drivers
Action mechanism of an antihistaminic on specific automobile driving capacities and their influencing through packaging
Driving after binge drinking
Drunk driving, implied consent, and self-incrimination
Effectiveness of multicomponent programs with community mobilization for reducing alcohol-impaired driving
Pedestrians, cyclists among main road traffic crash victims
Truck drivers hours-of-service regulations and occupational health
Hazardous alcohol use in rural southern India: nature, prevalence and risk factors
Rear-seat motor vehicle travel in the U.S.: Using national data to define a population at risk
Risk assessment of the fatality due to explosion in land mass transport infrastructure by fast transient dynamic analysis
The cost-effectiveness of a law banning the use of cellular phones by drivers
Death of pedestrians after traffic accidents with motor cars
Lightning strike to a vehicle causing acute acoustic trauma
Distractor interference during smooth pursuit eye movements
Ten Years Down the Road: Predictors of Driving Cessation
Impact of motorcycle helmets and state laws on society's burden: a national study
Predicting Fitness to Drive in People With Cognitive Impairments by Using DriveSafe and DriveAware
Predictors of error in estimates of blood alcohol concentration: A replication
Risk Analysis of the Vessel Traffic in the Strait of Istanbul
A cost and expected consequence approach to planning and managing railroad transportation of hazardous materials
A field evaluation case study of the environmental and energy impacts of traffic calming
"Side-swipe" injuries of the elbow in automobile accidents
"Signal" headlights in town? A negative response from the optical physiology viewpoint
1498 evaluations conducted from 1956 to 1966 in the districts of Allier and Haute-Loire in application of the legal order of 18 June 1955 (drunken driving)
2d behavior analysis of drivers and study of the validity of traffic-psychological examination methods
31st Annual meeting of the German Society for Traumatology, Insurance, Welfare and Traffic Medicine Inc
A chart for numerical identification of internal safety of windshields
Ability to drive after dental interventions (medico-legal report)
Absenteeism in an automobile assembly plant
Acute alcoholism of drivers in traffic accidents in B and H
Alcoholism and road traffic
Caffeine and smoking-induced changes in the behavior of car drivers
Cerebral fat embolism in decapitation resulting from being run over by a train
Certain medical aspects of traffic accidents
Changes in the coronary arteries as an incidental finding at autopsy of automobile drivers killed in traffic accidents
Collaboration between engineering and medicine for the purpose of comfort of the driver's seat and habitability of the automobile
Comparative anatomical studies on the coronary arteries and a. radialis in fatal accidents, suicides, cerebral hemorrhages and myocardial infarcts
Comparative color psychological studies in motorists (with reference to the Lüscher and BKG tests)
Comparative experimental study on the effect of bencyclane in drivers
Comparative studies of the fitness for automobile driving following short-term anesthesia or under the influence of alcohol
Compulsive acceptance of blood specimen collection in automobile drivers suspected of alcoholic intoxication
Conditions involving loss of consciousness and automobile driving
Considerations of railway traffic safety in prescribing drugs
Considerations on the examinations for the medical evaluation of the fitness to drive an automobile
Contact lenses, eyeglasses and road safety
Critical and questionable aspects of aid to traffic accident victims
Critical remarks of driving efficiency of patients with a pacemaker
Decapitation caused by bad safety belts
Difficulties in determining the degree of drunkeness in drivers refusing the blood test
Discussion about the directives for medical examination and evaluation of automobile drivers of 1 July 1964, Special B, Department V, nervous and mental diseases
Diseases involving seizures, and fitness to drive
Divers' diseases and injuries
Double blind study of the criteria to distinguish tendancy to traffic offences from tendency to be the victim of traffic accidents
Driver and motor vehicle. Aspects of psychosensory and cardiocirculatory physiopathology
Driving ability of neuro-psychiatric patients
Driving ability of the diabetic
Driving accidents and cervical vertebrae injury
Driving accidents. A compilation of physical factors
Driving behavior of cardiovascular patients as affected by beta receptor blockers
Driving fitness in epilepsy and other seizure disorders
Driving fitness in internal medical diseases
Driving tests to determine the influence of alcohol, tranquilizers and hypnotics on driing capability
Drug addiction and traffic
Drug consumption among drivers suspected for driving under the influence of alcohol. Medical and criminological aspects
Drug induced impairement of vision and driving aptitude
Drugs and driving ability
Drugs and driving ability
Drugs and fitness to drive an automobile
Drugs and road traffic
Drugs and traffic safety
Drugs and traffic
Drugs and traffic
Drugs, alcohol and driving fitness
Drugs, alcohol and traffic
Drugs, drug dependence and traffic safety. Psychophysical capacity under the influence of drugs and their effect on traffic
Drugs, drug dependency and traffic
Drugs, drug dependency and traffic
Effect of a digestive preparation on the ability to drive a large vehicle (Double-blind study)
Effect of automobile driving on the normal and pathologic heart, and on cathecholamine and 11-hydroxysteroid excretion
Effect of psychodrugs on behavior in traffic
Alcohol and drugs in suspected impaired drivers in Ontario from 2001 to 2005
All-terrain vehicle crashes and associated injuries in north Queensland: findings from the Rural and Remote Road Safety Study
Influence of Presbyopic Corrections on Driving-Related Eye and Head Movements
Knowledge and attitude of Turkish parents regarding car safety seats for children
Effect of some physiological conditions on the driving safety in road traffic
Effect of the interior noise of a passenger car on efficiency
Electrocardiographic study of drivers over 60 years old
Electroencephalographic aspects of the fatigue process in train mechanics
Emergency care rendered to victims of traffic accidents in Great Britain
Emergency care rendered to victims of traffic accidents
Emergency driving by physicians
Empirical studies of the stress of the Deutsche Reichsbahn power vehicle drivers for the purpose of optimizing the work schedules
Endangering of drivers' safety by disorders of consciousness due to internal diseases
Epilepsy and driving aptitude
Epilepsy and the driver licence
Essential arterial hypertension and fitness to drive automobiles
Evaluation of binocular stereoscopic vision in motor vehicle drivers
Evaluation of motor vehicle driving fitness in wearers of artificial pacemakers
Evaluation of psychophysical ability of drivers of military motor vehicles
Evaluation of suicides following traffic accidents
Evaluation of the function of labyrinth from the viewpoint of traffic safety
Expensive traffic
Experience with expert testimony on fitness for driving
Experimental psychology studies of a new antihistaminic. Various achievement functions with reference to driving ability
Experimental studies of attention and diversion in street traffic
Expert evaluation of hearing capacity in railroad, naval and civil-aviation transportation
Expert evaluation of hearing capacity in road transport
Eye and traffic
Eye injuries caused by splinters from automobile windshields
Eye injuries in automobile accidents
Eye injuries in traffic accidents
Falling asleep at the wheel of a motor vehicle
Fatal traffic accident of the aged
Findings on traffic noise in the city of Imperia
Forensic evaluation of fatigue in traffic
Forensic medical characteristics of fatal injuries on narrow gauge railroads
Forensic medical problems in the evaluation of the fitness to drive with consideration of dispositional influences (alcohol, drugs, fatigue)
Guidelines for remodeling of the automobile for physically handicapped drivers
Guidelines for the evaluation of the fitness of epileptic patients to drive. German section of the International League against Epilepsy
Hearing loss in truck drivers
How does color blindness affect color differentiation in occupations related to transportation?
How to reduce the gravity of automobile accidents
Human relations and street traffic
Hygiene and epidemiology in railroad transportation
Hypersomnolence of plethori subjects as a possible cause of traffic accidents
Hypertension treatment and ability to drive a large vehicle
Inadequacy of the ophthalmologic examination of driver's licence applicants
Income tax and automobile accidents
Industrial hygiene problems in automotive vehicular transportation
Influence of reflex motor acts on driving safety
Influence of some psychic characteristics on traffic accidents and violations. Preliminary study
Non-fatal injuries to the cervical spine facet joints after a fatal motor vehicle crash: a case report
Pediatric injury prevention: methods of booster seat education
Predicting driver drowsiness using vehicle measures: recent insights and future challenges
Railway associated injuries in Pakistan
The Long Beach/Fort Lauderdale relative risk study
Train-related suicides in Milan, Italy: analysis of cases 1993-2008
Motor vehicle driving after binge drinking, Brazil, 2006 to 2009
Biomechanics of whiplash injury
Analysis of teenage seat belt use: from the 2007 Missouri high school seat belt survey
Clavicle Fracture Prediction: Simulation of Shoulder Lateral Impacts With Geometrically Personalized Finite Elements Models
Clinical implications of the seat belt sign in blunt trauma
Diabetes and road traffic collisions
Fatalities and Injuries in Motor Vehicle Backing Crashes
Horse-related injuries among agricultural household members: Regional Rural Injury Study II (RRIS-II)
Mobility devices to promote activity and participation: a systematic review
Reducing non-collision injuries in special transportation services by enhanced safety culture
Risk Factors for Riding and Crashing a Motorcycle Unhelmeted
Self-assessed driver competence among novice drivers--a comparison of driving test candidate assessments and examiner assessments in a Dutch and Finnish sample
Track configuration determines risk of driver injury in open wheel motor racing
Traumatic brain injury and driving assessment: an evidence-based literature review
Using conditional inference forests to identify the factors affecting crash severity on arterial corridors
What makes Maurice Ravel's deadly craniotomy interesting? Concerns of one of the most famous craniotomies in history
Red, yellow and green? Road safety in Spain during the first decade of the 21st century
Study on pelvic injury mechanisms in road traffic fatalities according to Young-Burgess classification
Injuries and circumstances of the drivers as a result of rear-end collisions in traffic accidents.(I)
Injuries due to sitting and car seats
Injuries of the face caused by projectiles from the explosion of heavy-weight tires
Injuries to the kidneys in automobile accidents
Inquiry on speed limits for automobiles
Introduction of the use of the Nagy-Zsigmond alcohol tube Pluralcol into general medical practice for the detection of drunken drivers
Is the use of helicopters in the evacuation of traffic and drowning victims justified? Report of a traffic injury rescue experiment in the Southwest during the summer of 1967
Is there a connection between alcoholism and the chance of traffic accidents?
Is there a linkage between mental illness and traffic accidents?
Is there a relationship between alcoholism and the chance of traffic accidents?
Isolated abdominal organ injury caused by seat belts. Contribution to the "seat belt syndrome"
Isolated lesion of the small intestine caused by a steering wheel
Judgment regarding exemption from punishment in the violation of traffic laws in an urgent situation
Kidney contusions and traffic accidents. Apropos of the tunisian experience
Legal medical and insurance problems in suicide following traffic accidents
Lesion severity and characteristics of motorcycle riders cared at an emergency hospital
Limitations in medico-legal appraisal of sobriety or alcohol intoxication in drivers and the use of retrospective calculation. Practical comments based on an analysis of the files investigated in the chair of forensic medicine, Medical University of Sile
Loading, functional limits and fatigue in motor vehicle drivers
Local anesthesia and the ability to drive in traffic
Long-term observations on the effect of noise on drivers of large tanktrucks
Management of facial injuries from car accident
Measurement of interior noise in passenger cars
Measures against driving under the influence of drugs--the county medical officer's role. a 2-year material from vest-agder
Mechanism of injury in midfacial fractures in traffic
Medical and psycho-technical examination centers in the prevention of traffic accidents: 1480 examinations carried out at the Spanish red cross center in Valencia
Medical aspects of the law on driver's licenses. Criteria of ability, proneness to accidents and delinquency; the physician's responsibilities
Medical certificate for elderly automobile drivers
Medical certification for diabetic drivers in the selected European Union member states
Medical dilemmas related to issuing a driver license
Medical fitness to drive an automobile. Marginal notes by a former official of the related report by the Board of Health
"Doctors' orders": the American medical profession and the origins of automobile design for crash protection, 1930-1955
"Feeding the motorist"
"First ride--safe ride". Keeping baby safe in the car from birth to nine months
"Guide for physicians in determining fitness to drive a motor vehicle"
"Kneeling" buses and other aids simplify travel for the elderly and handicapped
"Somogyi symptom" associated with retroperitoneal duodenal rupture caused by a safety belt
"The driving game"
'Fasten your seat-belt!'
+Gz-induced loss of consciousness and aircraft recovery
+Gz-induced loss of consciousness in undergraduate pilot training
.05% or 0.08%?
12 and 24 h Rhythms in error frequency of locomotive drivers and the influence of tiredness
2 cases of fatal strangulation by the shutters of pneumatically closing doors of an electric train
3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) and other amphetamine derivatives
4 cases of lesions due to safety belts
A "back door" approach to analysis of ethanol-associated risks and behavior
A balanced placebo investigation of the effects of alcohol vs. alcohol expectancy on simulated driving behavior
A behavioral science approach to transportation safety
A behavioral solution to the drunk driving dilemma
A bizarre case of vehicular suicide
A case of crash-helmet injury
A case of head injury colored with a paint film of the Scotch light plate, caused by a collision with a parked vehicle
A case of suicidal hanging in an automobile
A case with bear facts
A casualty ward analysis of bus passenger accidents
Medical information system regarding the control of the results of the railroad accidents involving hazardous substances
Medical reasons for traffic accidents
Medicinal drugs and automobile driving ability
Medicine and aviation accidents
Medicine's contribution in the prevention of traffic accidents
Mental unfitness for automobile driving
Method of assessment of vestibular function in drivers
Mobile phone in the car - a traffic safety hazard?
Modern foreign car safety systems and their forensic-medical significance
Mortality among victims of traffic accidents with multiple injuries. A descriptive study 1986-1990
Mortality caused by traffic accidents at the traumatology and orthopedics center of grand-yoff. A 2-year study. apropos of 156 cases
Mortality due to road traffic in baden-württemberg--air pollution, accidents, noise
Mortality rate associated to traffic accidents and registered motor vehicles
Mortality statistics in traffic accidents
Motor vehicle accident in snowy areas
Motor vehicle accidents and eye injuries
Multiparameter approach to undesirable effects of drugs that may represent risk for the automobile driving
Necessary reconstruction of vehicles for handicapped drivers with critical evaluation of legal regulations
New airbag-associated injuries in traffic accidents
New potentials in assessment of the acoustic analyzer in occupational selection and certification of drivers
Effects of alcohol and sleep restriction on simulated driving performance in untreated patients with obstructive sleep apnea
Estimation of the full marginal costs of port related truck traffic
Is there really a "cushion effect"?: a biomechanical investigation of crash injury mechanisms in the obese
Personality Disorders are Not Associated With Nonrecovery in Patients With Traffic-Related Minor Musculoskeletal Injuries
Primary access to vehicles increases risky teen driving behaviors and crashes: national perspective
The effect of counting principal and secondary injuries on national estimates of motor vehicle-related trauma: a NEISS-AIP special study
A demand model for international freight transport by road
A self-sensing carbon nanotube/cement composite for traffic monitoring
Athletic Participation and Seatbelt Omission Among U.S. High School Students
Blink rate during tests of executive performance after nocturnal traffic noise
Towards safer level crossings: existing recommendations, new applicable technologies and a proposed simulation model
Characterizing the human mobility pattern in a large street network
Constant-net-time headway as a key mechanism behind pedestrian flow dynamics
Development of a noise prediction model under interrupted traffic flow conditions: A case study for Jaipur city
Driver-related risk factors in commercial motorcycle (Okada) crashes in Benin city, Nigeria
Driver-vehicle interfaces and interaction: where are they going?
e-TREAM—improve your knowledge on transport
Editorial comments-driver-related risk factors in commercial motorcycle (Okada) crashes in Benin city, Nigeria
Impact of increasing number of road alcohol controls on the prevalence of driving under the influence in Italy
Mild stress increases attentional bias in social drinkers who drink to cope: A replication and extension
Motion Sickness: A Negative Reinforcement Model
Research and development of electric vehicles for clean transportation
Residual effects of hypnotic drugs in aging drivers submitted to simulated accident scenarios: an exploratory study
Retrospective Analysis of Two Hundred Thirty-Five Pediatric Mandibular Fracture Cases
Subway Train-Related Fatalities in New York City: Accident versus Suicide
Super Light Car -- lightweight construction thanks to a multi-material design and function integration
The effects of travel information presentation through nomadic systems on driver behaviour
The On-Road Difficulties of Older Drivers and Their Relationship with Self-Reported Motor Vehicle Crashes
Study on the situation of seat belt wearing among drivers and front-seat passengers of vehicles in Nanjing in 2005-2007
Young Driver Education Programs That Build Resilience Have Potential to Reduce Road Crashes
Towards automatic near real-time traffic monitoring with an airborne wide angle camera system
Trespassing on Finnish railways: identification of problem sites and characteristics of trespassing behaviour
Vehicle mass as a determinant of fuel consumption and secondary safety performance
Using on-board logging devices to study the longer-term impact of an eco-driving course
Runoff and water erosion on road side-slopes: Effects of rainfall characteristics and slope length
Severity of injury resulting from pedestrian-vehicle crashes: What can we learn from examining the built environment?
The built environment, walking, and physical activity: Is the environment more important to some people than others?
The effects of information bias and riding frequency on noise annoyance to a new railway extension in Hong Kong
The impacts of environmental knowledge and attitudes on vehicle ownership and use
The inconvenient truth about improving vehicle fuel efficiency: A multi-attributes analysis of the technology efficient frontier of the US automobile industry
The interaction of environmental and traffic safety policies
The relationship between segment-level built environment attributes and pedestrian activity around Bogota's BRT stations
Tradeoffs in incremental changes towards pedestrian-friendly environments: Physical activity and pollution exposure
Real world driving cycle for motorcycles in Edinburgh
Effects of transportation and built environment on general health and obesity
Feebates, footprints and highway safety
Measuring the potential for automobile fuel savings in the US: The impact of obesity
Cycling and walking: Explaining the spatial distribution of healthy modes of transportation in the United States
A systemic analysis of the Edge Hill railway accident
Civilian aviation fatalities involving pilot ethanol and a previous record of substance abuse
Hearing loss in civilian airline and helicopter pilots compared to air traffic control personnel
Predicting DUI recidivism of male drunken driving: A prospective study of the impact of alcohol markers and previous drunken driving
Six-month Follow-up of a Brief Intervention on Self-reported Safety Belt Use Among Emergency Department Patients
The burden of road traffic accidents in a French Department: the description of the injuries and recent changes
Aviation safety and maintenance under major organizational changes, investigating non-existing accidents
Burn injuries caused by ship fire: A 12-year study in Shanghai
Cross-analysis of hazmat road accidents using multiple databases
Direct fetal injury due to airbag deployment and three-point restraint
Identity consolidation and health risk behaviors in college students
Is bigger better? The effect of obesity on pelvic fractures after side impact motor vehicle crashes
MDCT evaluation of injuries after tram accidents in pedestrians
Motorcycle Helmets Save Lives, But Not Limbs: A National Trauma Data Bank Analysis of Functional Outcomes After Motorcycle Crash
Neural mechanobiology and neuronal vulnerability to traumatic loading
Older Drivers and Failure to Stop at Red Lights
Physiological and psychological effects of escape from a sunken submarine on shore and at sea
Preliminary study on the transport of hazardous materials through tunnels
Socioeconomic status and risk of car crash injury, independent of place of residence and driving exposure: results from the DRIVE Study
Test-retest reliability of a new self reported comprehensive questionnaire measuring frequencies of different modes of adolescents commuting to school and their parents commuting to work - the ATN questionnaire
A Comparison of Three Methods for Identifying Transport-Based Exclusion: A Case Study of Children's Access to Urban Opportunities in Erie and Niagara Counties, New York
Attitudinal Study on a Reciprocal Community Transport System in Japan
Britain's 11-Year Road Safety Strategy Beyond Midterm and in a European Context
Development and Evaluation of a Stochastic Traffic Signal Optimization Method
Economic Appraisal of Road Safety Measures in Great Britain
Health Associations with Transport-Related Physical Activity and Motorized Travel to Destinations
Influences of Built Environments on Walking and Cycling: Lessons from Bogotá
Mixed Routing Strategies for Hazardous Materials: Decision-Making Under Complete Uncertainty
Some Insights into the Key Influences on Trip-Chaining Activity and Public Transport Use of Seniors and the Elderly
Vehicle Size and Driver Perceptions of Safety
The Nonmotorized Core of Tianjin
Effectiveness of belt positioning booster seats: an updated assessment
Prevalence of maxillofacial injuries by motorized two wheeler road traffic accidents in Bangalore city
Clearing a road to being driving-fit by better assessing driving wellness: Development of California's prospective three-tier driving-centered assessment system (Technical Report)
Adverse health effects of non-medical cannabis use
Can Metric Feedback Training Hinder Actions Involving Distance?
Cognitive Models of the Influence of Color Scale on Data Visualization Tasks
Motorcyclists' reactions to safety helmet law: a qualitative study
Stochastic Optimization for Sustainable Traffic Signal Control
Sustainable Urban Land Use and Transportation Planning: A Cognitive Decision Support System for the Naples Metropolitan Area
The Effectiveness of Automated and Manned Traffic Enforcement
The Effects of Appraisal Methodology on the Specification of Optimal Urban Transport Strategies
The Identification of Hazardous Road Locations: A Comparison of the Blacksite and Hot Zone Methodologies in Hong Kong
Toward Socially Sustainable Urban Transportation: Progress and Potentials
Transport Planning and Environmental Assessment: Implications of Induced Travel Effects
Travel Socialization: A Social Theory of Travel Mode Behavior
Compression fractures of the vertebrae during a "bumpy" boat ride
Driving error and anxiety related to iPod mp3 player use in a simulated driving experience
Local Political Institutions and Smart Growth
Monocular pedestrian detection: survey and experiments
Skill Acquisition While Operating In-Vehicle Information Systems: Interface Design Determines the Level of Safety-Relevant Distractions
The Interaction of Cognitive Load and Attention-Directing Cues in Driving
Frequency of forensic autopsies after deaths in road traffic accidents
Effects of Talker Sex and Voice Style of Verbal Cockpit Warnings on Performance
Selection in Air Traffic Control: Is Nonradar Training a Predictor of Radar Performance?
Health Supervision Visits of Very Young Children: Time Addressing 3 Key Topics
Making Infrastructure Competitive in an Urban World
New Strategies for the Reduction of Shopping Centers Generated Car Trips — Theory and Experiences
Obesity and the Built Environment Among Massachusetts Children
The Changing Shape of Metropolitan America
Transport Infrastructure and Global Competitiveness: Balancing Mobility and Livability
Not wearing seat belts is expensive!
Obligation to report unintelligent and unsuitable motor vehicle drivers
Observations on eyeball movement at high speed driving
Observations on the destiny and behavior of recent one eyed persons at work and in street traffic
Occupational accidents in road traffic
Occupational medicine and driving aptitude of amputees and persons with severe motor dysfunction
Occupational medicine and driving aptitude
A systematic approach to clinical determinations of causation in symptomatic spinal disk injury following motor vehicle crash trauma
The impact of transportation infrastructure on bicycling injuries and crashes: a review of the literature
Gaps in Childhood Injury Research and Prevention: What Can Developmental Scientists Contribute?
Pediatric unintentional injury: Behavioral risk factors and implications for prevention
Alcohol and injury: a survey in primary care settings
Alcohol-related injuries in emergency departments in Brazil, 2006 and 2007
Analysis of the implantation of the healthcare network for victims of accidents and violence following the guidelines of the National Policy for the Reduction of Morbidity and Mortality from Violence and Accidents
Are airbags effective in decreasing trauma in auto accidents?
Automobile traffic around the home and attained body mass index: A longitudinal cohort study of children aged 10-18 years
Children in deprived areas at most risk of road injuries
Frail elderly women following traffic accident: a specific approach to the trauma care chain
How and when auditory action effects impair motor performance
Invisible sequels of traffic accident: the post-traumatic stress disorder as a public health problem
Should patients with psychogenic nonepileptic seizures be allowed to drive? Recommendations of German experts
Profile of unintentional injuries involving children under ten years of age in emergency departments--Brazil, 2006 to 2007
Traffic injuries among youth in Goiania, Goias State
Unintentional injuries at the Emergency Department Injury Surveillance System--Brazil, 2006
"Breathalyzer" faults: principles and practice
"Chin-sternum-heart syndrome": cardiac injury associated with parachuting mishaps
"Do you wear a seat belt"?
"General staff" should coordinate the fight for better traffic safety
"Imprint" injuries in motorcycle accidents
"Injuries". Their role in reconstruction of traffic accidents
"No fault" insurance, health care, and discrimination
"No fault" motor accident insurance in Victoria
"Person under train" incidents: medical consequences for subway drivers
"Petit mal" as a possible cause of traffic accidents
"Railway" paranoid disorder and forced insomnia
"Thunderous" motor sports
"Which erring men call chance"
'Drunk pilot' testing may be mandated next year
1 of the signs of being run over by a car wheel
1975 accident experience of civilian pilots with static physical defects
1989 accident review. Helicopter accidents set second lowest record in decade
1989 Senator Lothar Danner Gold Medal for Prof. Dr. Phil. Werner Winkler
227 road accidents to children
39th annual Louis H. Bauer Lecture: Cultural differences--facilitators or hindrances to global civil aviation medical standards
3W approach to the investigation, analysis, and prevention of human-error aircraft accidents
50th anniversary of the Germany Society for Traumatology, Insurance, Preventive, and Traffic Medicine
526 spinal cord injuries: experience of the Louisiana Rehabilitation Institute, 1965-1984
65 mph speed limit on rural interstates
8 ways you can help reduce auto accidents and fatalities
A 3-year-old boy with neck pain after motor-vehicle accident. Pseudospread of the atlas
A Big Road goes in for Electricity
A blizzard meets an electric road
A brief survey of road traffic accidents carried out in the orthopaedic wards of Harare Hospital
A case of automobile trauma during pregnancy
A case of death due to dragging by a car: Establishment of a homicide because of conscious negligence
A case of dissecting aneurysm of the abdominal aorta caused by an accident
A case of G-LOC in a propeller aircraft
A case of glass foreign body migration originally caused by an automobile accident
A case of guest passenger injury
A case of high cervical cord injury caused by broken front-glass fragments
A case of high opiate tolerance: implications for drug analyses and interpretations
A case of multiple trauma following a motor cycle accident
A case of spinal fluid accumulation under the right upper lid following a traffic accident
A case of ureteral disruption caused by a traffic accident
A case report of traumatic transection of the aortic arch
A clinical case of skull fracture of the fetus in utero due to the effect of external force
A clinical survey of head injuries sustained in the M1 Boeing 737 disaster: recommendations to improve aircrash survival
A comment on kola nuts and traffic accidents
A comparative study of air traffic trainee aptitude-test measures involving Navy, Marine corps and FAA controllers. AM 68-14
A comparison of blood alcohol concentration using non-alcohol- and alcohol-containing skin antiseptics
A comparison of methods for assessing the sedative effects of diphenhydramine on skills related to car driving
A comparison of motion sickness prevalence between seafarers and non-seafarers onboard naval platforms
A comparison of postmortem coronary atherosclerosis findings in general aviation pilot fatalities
A comparison of simulated and realistic emergency stop responses: relevance of driving assessment
A comparison of the post-mortem blood-alcohol levels of drivers and passengers compared with those of drinking drivers who kill pedestrians
A comparison of three manual methods of inputting navigational data
A comparison of underwater helicopter-escape lights
A computer-based analysis of injuries sustained by victims of a major air disaster
A concept of triple tolerance limits based on chronic carbon dioxide toxicity studies
A conceptual model for predicting pilot group G tolerance for tactical fighter aircraft
A concern associated with single breath alcohol analysis for forensic purposes
A controlled experiment on the use of court probation for drunk arrests
A controlled group study of pedestrian-skill training for the mentally retarded
A critical load for nocturnal high-density road traffic noise
A curious autopsy case of a car crash in which self-strangulation and lung collapse were found: a case report
A damaging error in Australia driver education programme
A decade at the roadside
A disaster in a local community. Experiences following an airplane crash in Spitsbergen
A disastrously complicated offence: drunken driving: Road Safety Act 1967
A disastrously complicated offence: drunken driving: Road Safety Act 1967
A diving casualty suggesting an episode of thoracic squeeze: a case report. SMRL Report No. 584
A driver training program for the disabled
A driving adaptation for triplegic persons and a travelling adaptation device for paraplegic persons
A fatal motor-car accident and cannabis use. Investigation by radioimmunoassay
A field study on the immediate effects of exposure to low-altitude flights on heart rate and arrhythmia in patients with cardiac diseases
A field trial of young drivers
A fifteen-year experience with automotive hepatic trauma
A five-year history of sailplane accidents
A flight at high altitude
A follow-up of leukemia and drivers is needed
A follow-up report of spinal cord injuries in a group of World War II patients
A framework for managing system disturbances and insights from air traffic management
A geographical analysis of drunken drivers
A heuristic risk assessment technique for birdstrike management at airports
A high-speed hydroplane accident
A legislative approach to automotive safety
A limitation of position constancy
Trauma and Safety – The Road Trauma Advisory Work of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
From the Viewpoint of Enforcement: Road Policing for the future - Accepting the challenge
The Right Approach for Older Drivers
Driving and licensing experiences of learner drivers in two Australian states prior to major changes in the licensing laws
The Material Culture of Road Safety: Road safety as museum display?
Interface Design: The Next Major Advance in Road Safety
The Effectiveness of Designated Driver Programs
Utilising the Driver Behaviour Questionnaire in an Australian Organisational Fleet Setting: Can it Identify Risky Drivers?
Rollover crashworthiness: The final frontier for vehicle passive safety
A Comparison of the Pedestrian Passive Safety Performance of the New Vehicle Fleet in Australia, France and the United Kingdom
Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS)
Moped Crashes in Queensland
Road Safety Is No Accident
The Role of Bystander First Aid in Road Trauma
Widmark's blood test and traffic accidents
Wounds of the eyeball and eyelids caused by windshield fragments. On 29 cases
Analysis of the true death-rate due to alcoholism
Hypoglycemic and vision impaired. When is a diabetic patient unfit to drive?
Investigation of mesopic vision and sensitivity to glare by means of the new "nyktometer"
Laryngeal trauma and laryngo-tracheal rupture during road accidents. Current concepts
Mobile telephones: a 'new risk'
Occupational health studies on airport transport workers. I. Results of ergonomic time and motion studies
Traffic safety
Accident-proneness and the motorcar driver
North Carolina acts to reduce highway accidents
Traffic accidents
Vertebral traumas in flying personnel
Absenteeism in aviation due to sickness
An unusual case of a wound caused by a fortuitous pointed object in a street accident
Alcoholic intoxication causing traffic accidents
Aerial war and medical services
Accidental diseases in childhood
Sensory illusions during instrument flying
Reaction time and reaction capacity in rapid flight
Preliminary note on the selection of drivers of public vehicles
Physical and mental defects prohibiting licensure as truck driver
Mountain sports in training and selection of flight personnel
Human factors in jet plane accidents in 1951
Emotional reactions of aviators to service
The relative frequency of oligo-symptomatic fractures of the vertebrae after aviation accidents and mishaps; value of their systematic detection
Accidents in aviation
Alcohol and traffic accidents
Alcoholemia and traffic accidents
An explanation of so-called shifting of the motor point
Aviation accident and alcoholism; the law of 24 March 1951
Aviation and otology
Basic principles of blood testing in intoxication in traffic accident cases
Cases of accidents with motor scooters
Causes of automobile accidents and possibility of their prevention
Critical analysis and prevention of injuries caused by automobile accidents
Driver's permits
Expert opinion and legislation: alcohol versus automobile
A child's posture in a motor-car: position habitually assumed
A method for evaluating aircraft acoustical comfort
A "Dram-Shop" rule in Virginia?
A car accident. Parallel development of posttraumatic psychiatric pathology in a mother and child
A case of body identification after a bomb explosion in an airplane
A case of complete transection of intrathoracic trachea due to blunt chest trauma
A case of transorbital intracranial foreign bodies due to windshield impact
On alcohol tests
On certain major trends in occupational physiology in the field of transportation
On changes of lipoprotein content of the blood in drivers of motor vehicles
On psychophysical and psychosocial factors as a cause of elimination in the period of professional training of the student pilot of the air force. General considerations
On sleep apnea and automobile accidents
A recent and sudden change in barge injuries submersion in the canals of northern France
Epilepsy and automobile driving
Contributing to shipping container security: can passive sensors bring a solution?
Effectiveness of the training program for workers at construction sites of the high-speed railway line between Torino and Novara: Impact on injury rates
Permanent visual loss secondary to airbag deployment
An injury risk curve for the hip for use in frontal impact crash testing
Automobile Windscreen Rake, Spectacle Lenses, and Effective Transmittance
Driving with polyneuropathy
The role of environmental factors and distance from Emergency Medical Services on the severity of road accidents
Blinking of eye as possible cause of aircraft accidents
Unrecognized loss of consciousness as a cause of unexplained accidents
Traffic accidents and aspiration death
The problem of determination of alcoholic intoxication in cases of traffic incidents; legislative measures and medicolegal standards
The motor sphere of deaf-mutism
The differences between American and European psychological thought, with special reference to the selection of flying personnel
The right of the physician travelling by motor. When does he have an emergency right
Study of unexplained accidents with emphasis on the importance of the pilot-aircraft complex
Strangulation of extremity with cable in navigation
Statistics of violent death with special reference to fatal traffic accidents in the German Federal Republic
Safety problems related to jet aircraft
Review of 1956 hearing tests in the air force
Report on 1500 fractures in children and adolescents
Relationship between industrial and road injuries in their effects on workmen's compensation and insurance associations
Surgical problems in traffic accidents
Psychological modifications caused by high altitude flying
Problems of traffic safety from the psychiatric and neurological point of view
Determination of the effect of alcoholic intoxication on traffic accidents
Dangers of alcohol consumption to flying personnel
Aviation medicine and airplane accidents
Aviation medical examination and the role of the central nervous system
Automatic reaction behavior of motorists and its legal valuation
Arctic aviation and arctic medicine
Pathogenesis and prophylaxis of decompression sickness in altitude fliers. I. Influence of hyaluronidase on duration of oxygen prebreathing
Ophthalmological aspects of the problem of preventing mid-air collisions
Ocular injuries and burns in aviators
Needs for a good physical condition with special reference to flight personnel
Medicolegal measures used in view of the biological determination of the degree of alcoholic intoxication in traffic accidents; practical considerations
Medicolegal measures used in view of the biological determination of the degree of alcoholic intoxication in traffic accidents
Medical and psychological research on traffic; from the point of view of an industrial physician
Mass examinations of professional drivers
Flight safety and unexplained aircraft accidents in the French Air Force
Flight crew fatigue
First aid in injuries due to road accidents; experiences of physicians at accident sites
Experimental studies on the possibilities of compensation for disorders of attention of motoricity caused by alcoholism
Experimental application of Bourdon-Wiersma test in the determination of flying aptitude of aviators
Epilepsy and traffic hazards
Ependymal cysts and accidents
Effect of circulation on oxygen poisoning
Effect of alcohol on causes of traffic accidents
Reactivity tests of deaf driving school trainees in road traffic
Psychotechnical studies on automobile drivers under the influence of medication
Performance ability of automobile drivers and analysis of driving
A case of traumatic middle meningeal arteriovenous fistula on the side of the head opposite to the injured side
Zolpidem and traffic safety - the importance of treatment compliance
A clinical study on head injuries in the aged
A five year review of deaths following trauma
A major disaster as examined by forensic medicine
A manual for medical, pathological-anatomical and toxicological examination of aviation accidents
A mathematical model for conflicting judgements caused by stress, applied to possible misestimations of speed caused by alcohol
A matter of fried onions
A mechanical impedance investigation of human response to vibration. Amrl-tr-64-91
A method for determination and evaluation of dynamic visual acuity
A method for determining the height of the site of injuries on the victim's body based on medical document data in traffic trauma
A method for evaluating field triage criteria
A method for observing physical activity on residential sidewalks and streets
A method for shipboard treatment of multiple heat casualties
A method for the recovery of mishap related events lost to amnesia
A method of reducing the accident rate in bus operation; selection of the bus operator
A method of studying variations in the common center of gravity (stabilometry)
A methodological note on location-allocation models
A methodology for the prevention of non-communicable diseases
A model for prediction of resynchronization after time-zone flights
A model for reaching control
A model for whiplash
A mortal case of combined automobile collision
A multi-facets analysis of the driver status by EEG and fuzzy hardware processing
A multidisciplinary approach to developing safe transportation for children with special needs
A national alcohol and trauma center survey. Missed opportunities, failures of responsibility
A naturalistic study of railway controllers
A neglected problem: kinetic size constancy
A neural network model of multistable perception
A neurovascular traction injury involving the subclavian artery and brachial plexus in a motorcyclist
A new approach to the analysis of nystagmus: an application for order-statistic filters
A new case of traumatic rupture of the left diaphragmatic cupola complicated by acute respiratory insufficiency due to mobile rib in a patient with multiple injuries due to a road accident
A new design of vehicle seat intended to alleviate lower back pain
A new device to measure drug-induced changes on reactive and coordinative skills of human performance
A new generation of U.S. Army flight helmets
A new look at aviation physiology
A new look at the loss of consciousness experience within the U.S. Naval forces
A new method of breath testing the general driving population
A new pattern of spine injury associated with lap-type seat belts: a preliminary report
A new response-time measure of object persistence in the tunnel effect
A new twist to the seat belt syndrome
A newspaper for drivers in promotion of traffic safety
A note on "Optical motions as information for unsigned depth"
A note on "the sensory-tonic theory of figural after-effect--a failure to replicate"
A note on a new technique of recording ambulation in the open field test and its validation
A note on the influence of rail defects on the risk associated with shipping hazardous materials by rail
A note on the reduction of a risk of death
A pancreas injury caused by a hip seat belt
A pediatrician rides on Iowa school bus
A perforation injury of the eye resulting from a car battery explosion
A perspective on human performance as the limiting factor in aircraft performance
A pharmacological profile of fluoxetine and other antidepressants on aspects of skilled performance and car handling ability
A physical fitness program for student combat aviators
A physiological evaluation of the divers' wet suit in simulated flight and emergency environments
A pictorial perception paradox
A piece of my mind. Road accident
A pilot study of drivers incurring automobile accidents
Psychosocial survey of drunken drivers within the Kapubra project. a new interview technique suitable for matching the right treatment with the right client
Psychosocial aspects of epilepsy
Pedestrian accidents--pattern of injuries and collision mechanism
The driving license and epilepsy
The vibration of handle-bar of motorcycle in running (on the paved road)
Thoracic and abdominal injuries caused by safety belts
Annual cycle of the frequency of demand for safety equipment by engine-drivers of the Deutsche Bundesbahn (German Federal Railway)
Examination and assessment of time-variant human strain in motor car driving: real situation--simulation
Whiplash injury--diagnosis and treatment
What young people die of. Analysis of causes of death in age groups 15-44 during the period 1941-1965
A postmortem review of trauma mortalities--a comparative study
A practice based study of trauma in a rural community
A preliminary investigation of the effect on blood pressure of passengers in a moving train at different altitudes
A preliminary investigation of the effects of continuous stimulation on the perception of apparent motion
A preliminary study of a test for air traffic controllers
A preliminary study of the awakening and startle effects of simulated sonic booms. NASA CR-1193
A prenatal and postpartum safety education program: influence on parental use of infant car restraints
A preschooler in a disaster
A private pilot learns
A programm of childhood accident prevention, 1979
A proposed theoretical framework for a comprehensive research program on human response to aircraft noise
A protective passenger smoke hood. AM 67-4
A psychophysiological study of compensatory tracking on a digital display
A questionnaire study of psychological background factors in U.S. Navy aircraft accidents
A queuing model for determining system manning and related support requirements. Technical Document Report amrl-tdr-64-21
A railway accident a hundred years ago as reason for systematic testing of colour vision
A Comment on ‘The Myth of Travel Time Saving’
A Comment on ‘The Myth of Travel Time Saving’
A new roadway lighting measurement system
A novel physiological index for Driver's Activation State derived from simulated monotonous driving studies
A spatial queuing model for the emergency vehicle districting and location problem
Aggregate crash prediction models: Introducing crash generation concept
Alcohol-related motor vehicle accident fatality: Wisconsin rural-urban trends and observations
Are biomarkers of chronic alcohol misuse useful in the assessment of DWI recidivism status?
Collision avoidance timing analysis of DSRC-based vehicles
Comparison of empirical Bayes and full Bayes approaches for before-after road safety evaluations
Comparison of the whiplash injury criteria
Conditions for speeding behaviour: A comparison of car drivers and powered two wheeled riders
Conflicts of interest: The implications of roadside advertising for driver attention
Crossing at a red light: Behaviour of individuals and groups
Defensive purchasing, the safety (dis)advantage of light trucks, and motor-vehicle policy effectiveness
Determinants behind young motorcyclists' risky riding behavior
Digit ratio (2D:4D) is associated with traffic violations for male frequent car drivers
Do drivers become less risk-prone after answering a questionnaire on risky driving behaviour?
A dynamic traffic assignment model for the assessment of moving bottlenecks
A gender role socialization model of explicit and implicit biases in driving self-enhancement
Effects of countdown timers on queue discharge characteristics of through movement at a signalized intersection
Effects of Safety Climate on Perceptions of Safety Performance in Container Terminal Operations
Effects of the viewing context on target detection. Implications for road lighting design
Empirical assessment of the impact of highway design exceptions on the frequency and severity of vehicle accidents
Estimation of an integrated driving behavior model
Accidents, aberrant behaviours, and speeding of young moped riders
Experimental evaluation of underride analysis techniques and empirical validation of a new analytical technique
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems from Autonomous to Cooperative Approach
Factors influencing self-rated health in traffic-related mild traumatic brain injury
Free child passenger restraints for patients in an urban pediatric medical home: effects on caregiver behavior
Hazard scenarios of truck drivers' occupational accidents on and around trucks during loading and unloading
An ensemble approach for conflict detection in Free Flight by data mining
Helmet usage in motorcycle-related neurotrauma
How highway safety regulations and enforcement activities affect subcategories of motor vehicle fatalities
Analysis of 185 maxillofacial fractures in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil
Applying Bayesian hierarchical models to examine motorcycle crashes at signalized intersections
Injury patterns in frontal crashes: The association between knee-thigh-hip (KTH) and serious intra-abdominal injury
Injury risk curves for the skeletal knee-thigh-hip complex for knee-impact loading
ITS Solutions and Accident Risks: Prospective and Limitations
Modeling signalized intersection safety with corridor-level spatial correlations
Mortality and Causes of Death among Drugged Drivers
Pre-driving adolescent attitudes: Can they change?
Psychosocial characteristics of drunk drivers assessed by the Addiction Severity Index, prediction of relapse
Rainfall effect on single-vehicle crash severities using polychotomous response models
Reducing air-pollution: A new argument for getting drivers to abide by the speed limit?
Risk behaviour and mental workload: Multimodal assessment techniques applied to motorbike riding simulation
Safety Management Evaluation in Bus and Coach Companies
Car versus bicycle: conclusion
Cardiac Injuries Caused by Blunt Trauma: An Autopsy Based Assessment of the Injury Pattern
Severity of injury and outcomes among obese trauma patients with fractures of the femur and tibia: a crash injury research and engineering network study
The association between opioid analgesics and unsafe driving actions preceding fatal crashes
The association of age, sex and helmet use with the risk of death for occupants of two-wheeled motor vehicles involved in traffic crashes in Spain
The determinants of car ownership in England and Wales from anonymous 2001 census data
The effect of a collision warning system on the driving performance of young drivers at intersections
The effect of cellular telephone conversation and music listening on response time in braking
The effect of cycle lanes on the proximity between motor traffic and cycle traffic
The impact of perceptual treatments on lateral control: A study using fixed-base and motion-base driving simulators
The impacts of an air-crash on students' transportation choice behaviour: An empirical study undertaken in Taiwan
The road user behaviour of New Zealand adolescents
The role of edge lines in curve driving
The stability of long-term trends in the number of traffic fatalities in a sample of highly motorised countries
The use of electronic pharmacy data to investigate prescribed medications and fatal motor vehicle crashes in a military population, 2002-2006
Understanding Accessibility and Road Capacity Changes: A Response in Support of Metz
Understanding the psychosocial factors influencing the risky behaviour of young drivers
Using hierarchical tree-based regression model to predict train-vehicle crashes at passive highway-rail grade crossings
Work stress and driving anger in Japan
Evidence-based effectiveness of road safety interventions: a literature review
Children with Special Physical Health Care Needs: Restraint Use and Injury Risk in Motor Vehicle Crashes
Classification analysis of driver's stop/go decision and red-light running violation
Bi-criteria Convoy Movement Problem
CT imaging in motorcycle collision victims: routine or selective?
Development of an accident duration prediction model on the Korean Freeway Systems
Measurement uncertainty determination and curve-fitting algorithms for development of accurate digital maps for advanced driver assistance systems
A study in body ballistics: seat ejection
A suggested experiment on the clock paradox
The relationship between leisure time and driving style in two groups of male drivers
The visual search patterns and hazard responses of experienced and inexperienced motorcycle riders
Morbidity of irregular work schedules
Relative injury severity among vulnerable non-motorised road users: Comparative analysis of injury arising from bicycle-motor vehicle and bicycle-pedestrian collisions
The Myth of Travel Time Saving: A Comment
A civilized approach to alcohol and the motorcar
A rapid screening blood alcohol analysis for the local pathologist
A rapid test for dark adaptation
A rare case dying from trauma with special reference to automobile accident
A rare case of a traffic accident with fatal result
A rare case of airway foreign bodies complicated with flail chest following traffic accident
A rational approach to traumatic aortic rupture
A Report of the Examination of the Employees of the Pennsylvania Rail Road as to Color Sense, Acuteness of Vision, and Hearing
A report on a unilateral defective inner ear with deafness and severe hyposensitivity of the vestibular organ of the same side after unusual strangulation
A responding hand effect in a simple-RT precueing experiment: evidence for a late locus of facilitation
A restricted medical certification for civilian pilots
A retrospective study of drugged driving in Norway
A review of age changes in perceptual information processing ability with regard to driving
A review of Army Air Corps helicopter accidents, 1971-1982
A review of available information on the acoustical and vibrational aspects of manned space flight
A review of explosives sabotage and its investigation in civil aircraft
A review of horse-drawn buggy accidents
A review of military pilot selection
A bizarre hazard to flying safety
A brief review of aviator's decompression sickness and the high altitude selection test
A physiologic evaluation of the Flack test
A review of the effects of antihistamines on mental processes related to automobile driving
A review of the effects of colds and influenza on human performance
A review of treatment and rehabilitation legislation regarding alcohol abusers and alcoholics in the United States: 1920-1971
A safe ride for Pennsylvania's children
A school-based program to increase seatbelt use
A self-administered Short Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test (SMAST)
A severe traffic accident
A sign of life on Indiana highways
A signal-detection evaluation of flat vs curved marker performance
A simple and versatile driving appliance for upper-limb amputees
A simple but powerful theory of the moon illusion
A simple classification of the present and future stages of manned flight
A simple device for measuring the visual motor reaction time
A simple method of chorioretinal burn protection
A simple occupant dynamics model
A simplified model of spatiotemporal population dynamics
A simulator for objectively evaluating prospective drivers of the Scott van
A simulator-based approach to training in aeronautical decision making
A sobering perspective on a lower blood alcohol limit
A social learning approach to teaching adolescents about alcohol and driving: a multiple variable follow-up evaluation
A solicitor's view of accidents
A special form of object relationship disturbance as the cause of delinquent behavior (joy riding)
A spectacular sailing accident. A contribution to the problem of combined/concurrent causes of death in high-voltage injuries
A speed and frequency substandard for tachograph calibration equipment
A spinal injury caused by a patient impaled on a shotgun
A start toward the prevention of highway accidents
A statewide motor vehicle injury surveillance system. Emergency room vehicular injury cases are heavily weighted toward adolescents, younger adults, and males
A statistical analysis of road traffic accidents in Athens, 1978-82
A statistical and morphological observation of cranial fractures
A statistical study of the cause of death of automobile drivers with particular reference to malignant tumors
A statistical study on fracture of the pelvis of victims killed in traffic accident
A statistical study on the relationship between mental illness and traffic accidents--a pilot study
A statistical survey of medico-legal activities for the traffic accidental death
A statistical survey of traffic accidents, especially of head injuries in and outside Kyoto in 1966, together with a comparison with data for 1961
A strategy for injury prevention
A study and review of human response to prolonged random vibration
A study of accident-prone personnel amongst tram and bus drivers in Calcutta. I. Tram driver trainees
A study of anxiety assessment in aircrew
A study of bailouts for a five-year period in the U.S. Navy
A study of CO2 build-up with a neck seal substituted for the face seal in the full pressure suit helmet
A study of intellectual impairment and recovery rates in heavy drinkers in Ireland
A study of potential roles of supersonic transport crews and some implications for the flight deck. Volume I. Workload, crew roles, flight deck concepts, and conclusions
A study of potential roles of supersonic transport crews and some implications for the flight deck. Volume II. Feasible automated and manual implementation concepts for SST activities and functions. NASA CR-562
A study of reaction time to light and sound as related to increased positive radial acceleration
A study of sleep patterns on two Finnish icebreakers, ambulatory recording and automatic analysis
A study of speed in injury-producing accidents: a preliminary report
A study of spinal cord injury in pursuit pilots of the Royal Air Force
A study of statement attractiveness indices obtained under personal and social orientations. Res Rep NSAM-937
A study of street illumination of some residential streets of Jeddah
A study of the attentional changes accompanying orienting to different types of change stimuli
A study of the influence of body weight and height on military parachute landing injuries
A study of the relationship of street level carbon monoxide concentrations to traffic accidents
A study of traumatized permanent teeth in children 7-15 years. I
A study of Unites States air carrier water accidents, July 1954-June 1964
A study on the visibility of aircraft insignia
A summary of current concepts of the dynamics of head injury
A survey and evaluation of lantern tests of color vision
A survey of 700 cases of blood alcohol when driving. Medicolegal considerations and legal aspects
A survey of accidents to children aged under 15 years seen at a district hospital in Sydney in one year
A survey of drug use among impaired drivers in Virginia
A survey of injuries to the liver and spleen in forensic autopsies
A survey of jaw fractures in children
A survey of ocular injuries sustained in traffic accidents
A survey of pre-placement urinalysis drug findings
A survey of snowmobile injuries and hazards
A survey of the visual problems relating to motor accidents
A survey of transportation services for children with disabilities
A system of notation and measurement for space suit mobility evaluation
A system of vision testing for motor vehicle drivers
A system of vision testing for motor vehicle drivers
A systematic technique for the identification of crash hazards in U.S. Army aircraft
A systems approach to statewide emergency medical care
A systems task used in the stress testing of special mission personnel
A technique for instrumenting sub-gravity flights
A theoretical study of space equivalent thermal conditions and their applicability
A third diabetic shock syndrome: hyperosmolar hyperglycemic nonketotic coma
A thought for the disabled driver
A three-dimensional finite element stress analysis of L4-L5 vertebra in a bending posture
A tiger under the hood and a donkey at the wheel
A traffic safety drive: poisons as risks and accident factors in traffic
A traffic--alarm-sounds monitor for the hearing handicapped driver
A two-dimensional weighting function for a driver assistance system
A two-factor theory of stimulus-repetition effects
A two-factor theory of vigilance in the light of recent studies
A two-term exponential functional description of the time course of sustained attention
A typology of psychiatric reactions to motor vehicle accidents
A visual profile of the alcoholic driver
A warning about median reaction time
A warning against garage doors
A wheelchair seatbelt for elderly patients
ABCs of safe driving
Abdominal contusions in traffic victims with multiple injuries (34 cases in black Africa)
Abdominal contusions. Injuries and their effects. Statistics, mechanisms, types of lesions
Abdominal contusions. Unusual problems raised by abdominal contusions in multiple traumas after traffic accidents
Abdominal injuries after traffic accidents
Abdominal injuries associated with the use of seatbelts
Abdominal injuries caused by seat belts
Abdominal injuries in childhood and adolescence
Abdominal injuries in pregnant women
Abdominal injuries in seat-belted automobile occupants
Abdominal injuries with special reference to liver injury
Abdominal injuries--a report of 75 cases
Vision problems in road security
Visual problems of motorists from the point of view of physics and light technics
Visual impairment and traffic accidents from the viewpoint of lack of personnel
Visual acuity and granting of automobile driving licenses
Abdominal injuries
Abdominal injuries
Abdominal injuries. Occurrence and outcome
Abdominal trauma caused by road accidents
Abdominal trauma from seat belts
Ability of deutan color defectives to perform simulated air traffic control tasks
Ability of diabetics to drive an automobile
Ability perceptions, perceived control, and risk avoidance among male and female older drivers
Ability to drive a car and diabetes
Ability to drive motor cars in cardiovascular diseases
Ability to drive motor cars in traumatic brain lesions
Abnormal mammogram after steering wheel injury
Abrupt visual onsets and selective attention: evidence from visual search
Abrupt visual onsets and selective attention: voluntary versus automatic allocation
Absorption, distribution and elimination of alcohol: highway safety aspects
Abuse of drugs and driver certification
Accelerating a community response to safe teen driving
Acceleration injuries of the neck
Acceleration problem in aviation medicine
Acceleration problems in space flight
Acceleration profile for minimum injury
Acceleration-deceleration neck trauma, remarks by a neurosurgeon
Accelerations acting on the human body during storms
Accelerations and vibrations in land and air transport (Physical study)
Accepting risks for other people
Access to knowledge of spatial structure at novel points of observation
Accessible public transport--when will the dream become a reality?
Accessory equipment and testing problems
Accident and assault deaths in the United States Navy: demography and preliminary interpretations
Accident and fall prevention in the elderly
Accident and traffic medicine
Accident and violation rate of handicapped drivers
Accident caused by exposure to the blast of a turbojet
Accident control
Accident danger of children and adolescents in road traffic
Accident hazards and accident prevention in toddlers and school children in street traffic--presented on the basis of a sampling study of 4,100 traffic accidents
Accident mechanism and safety devices in traffic accidents
Accident mortality among men at the working ages
Accident mortality among men of working ages
Accident mortality at the older ages
Accident mortality in Beirut and suburbs
Accident mortality in childhood in selected countries of different continents, 1950-1971
Accident neurosis
Accident occurrence from the viewpoint of legal treatment
Accident or myocardial infarct?
Accident pathology in children (statistic contribution)
Accident prevention activities of the public health service
Accident prevention among crews of merchant ships
Accident prevention in Maryland
Accident prevention in primary care
Accident prevention in the Air Force
Accident prevention
Accident prevention: how and whom to educate?
Accident prevention; the physician's role in driver licensure, law enforcement, driver training, and safety advances
Accident proneness among street car motormen and motor coach operators
Accident proneness in aviation as a psychologic problem
Accident proneness in aviation
Accident proneness in flying personnel
Accident proneness--a psychological expertise on aviation
Accident proneness
Accident reconstruction on the basis of medical and accident dynamic data
Accident risk in epilepsy
Accident risk of the diabetic driver
Accident statistics and the human-factor element
Accident trends for air medical helicopters. 1988 accidents up from 1987, but set second lowest record this decade
Accident- and injury-related health-care utilization among benzodiazepine users and nonusers
Accident-proof transport of single heavy loads
Accidental childhood deaths. The Metropolitan Dade County experience, 1978-1982
Accidental death associated with motorized wheelchair use: a case report
Vision function in automobile traffic
Vision necessary for an automobile driving license--special cases and borderline cases
Various psychophysical aptitude requirements to drive E and D cathegory automobiles
Vehicular traffic traumatism and its prevention on the Baikal-Amur mainline
Verification of the criteria of railroad noise
Very severe middle face injuries caused by the bursting of rings in careless tire changing
Vibrations in motor vehicles
Violence on the road causes 700,000 deaths each year in the world. World Health Organization
Accidental death following unconsciousness due to alcohol
Accidental death in Australian children
Accidental death toll in 1973
Accidental deaths among British Columbia Indians
Accidental decompression: a new philosophy for the transports of the 1970's
Accidental head injuries in occupants of automobiles; a report of two-hundred and seventy-three cases
Accidental head injury in childhood
Accidental injuries of the spinal cord and their sequelae. Review of the literature
Accidental injuries
Accidental injury in childhood: a literature review on pediatric trauma
Accidental injury
Accidental non-commercial aircraft fatalities: the 7-year Metro-Dade County experience from 1977-1983
Accidental profound hypothermia. Successful resuscitation by core rewarming and assisted circulation
Accidental railway-related fatalities. The Metro Dade County experience, 1980-1984
Accidents among children
Accidents among the Norwegian population. Interview by Marit Fonn
Accidents and cardiac lesions
Accidents and fatigue in small boats
Accidents and handicap
Accidents and injuries in child vehicle occupants in New Zealand
Accidents and injuries in hanggliding
Urinary screening of drugs of abuse among drivers involved in road accidents
Use of cellular telephones and automobile driving
Use of colored reactions and fluorescence for the rapid detection of several psychotropic drugs in emergency hospital toxicology
Advanced characterization of electrowetting retroreflectors
Alcohol biomarkers as tools to guide and support decisions about intoxicated driver risk
Commercial drivers' health: a naturalistic study of body mass index, fatigue, and involvement in safety-critical events
Cost-benefit analysis of an alcohol ignition interlock for installation in all newly registered vehicles
Genitourinary Injuries in Pediatric All-terrain Vehicle Trauma-A Mechanistic Relationship?
Homicide rate as a predictor of traffic fatality rate
Ethnic differences in drinking outcomes following a brief alcohol intervention in the trauma care setting
Exciting traffic jams: nonlinear phenomena behind traffic jam formation on highways
Experimental study of short-range interactions in vehicular traffic
Fatal left cardiac failure caused by external compression of left internal mammary artery graft in an accident: a case report
Heading for a fall - moped and scooter accidents from 2002 to 2007
Imagined self-motion differs from perceived self-motion: evidence from a novel continuous pointing method
Impact of driving cessation on daily transportation utility in elderly people with cognitive decline: a survey of patients in the memory clinic of an urban university hospital
In-depth analysis of pedestrian crashes in Riyadh
Making the most of the worst-case scenario: should belt-positioning booster seats be used in lap-belt-only seating positions?
Online Boosting for Vehicle Detection
Pedestrian Fatalities and Injuries Involving Irish Older People
Posts to online news message boards and public discourse surrounding DUI enforcement
Quality-Adjusted Life-Years and Helmet Use Among Motorcyclists Sustaining Head Injuries
Assessment of problematic alcohol use
Vehicle model year and crash outcomes: a CIREN study
When motor attention improves selective attention: The dissociating role of saliency
Useful field of view as a reliable screening measure of driving performance in people with Parkinson's disease: results of a pilot study
The utility of seat belt signs to predict intra-abdominal injury following motor vehicle crashes
Unlicensed driving among urban and rural Maori drivers: New Zealand drivers study
Self-harm and risk of motor vehicle crashes among young drivers: findings from the DRIVE Study
State of the science workshop on wheelchair transportation safety
Roof strength and injury risk in rollover crashes of passenger cars
Road use pattern and risk factors for non-fatal road traffic injuries among children in urban India
Unusual cranial fracture caused by an airplane accident
Accidents and weather
Accidents as a cause of death 1901-1965
Accidents as a function of the development of transport facilities. Psychological assessment of someone's fitness to be a driver
Accidents as a function of the development of transport facilities. Selected problems of medical assessment of someone's fitness to be a driver
Accidents as a function of the development of transport facilities. Some trends in traffic psychology in the aspect of traffic safety
Accidents as a function of the development of transport facilities. Traffic accident prevention and forensic medicine
Accidents as a symptom of alcohol abuse
Accidents causing open fractures in children in the period 1963-1966 in the city of Bucharest
Accidents cost more and more
Accidents do happen: two cautionary tales
Accidents due to the ejection of pilots from jet planes
Accidents from the viewpoint of protection and saving of life
Accidents in a region of Norway during a single year
Accidents in advanced age with reference to traffic accidents
Accidents in automobile races
Accidents in childhood and adolescence (epidemiologic, clinical and preventive aspects). 1. Social aspects--traffic and home accidents--sport and leisure time accidents--burns and scalds--foreign body aspiration and ingestion
Accidents in childhood
Accidents in childhood
Accidents in childhood
Accidents in childhood. From epidemiology to prevention
Accidents in childhood: a childproof environment
Accidents in childhood: first aid statistics
Accidents in children and hospital care
Accidents in children and traffic: a challenge for society
Accidents in children especially in motorized traffic
Accidents in children; what can we do about them?
Accidents in civil aviation
Accidents in delta sailing
Accidents in itinere in English legislation and jurisprudence
Accidents in pregnancy and fetal skull injuries
Accidents in the elderly
Accidents in the water and on ice
Accidents involving handicapped drivers
Accidents involving off-road motor vehicles in a northern community
Accidents of children: rules for their diagnosis, prevention and first aid
Accidents of pedestrians on zebra stips
Accidents of tractor drivers
Accidents on country roads
Accidents on the road
Accidents to old people
Accidents under the influence of medicaments and alcohol
Accidents will happen
Accidents with 2-wheel vehicles. Study of 224 accident patients, treated in 1984 at the Basel Canton Hospital as inpatients
Accidents with fatal outcome in Finnish leisure boating 1986-1988
Accidents, emergencies, and ambulances: a survey in Portsmouth
Accidents--an emerging health problem in India
Accidents--rarely accidental
Accidents--speed and the road environment
Accidents: the stumbling-block of modern medicine
Accumulation of static electricity on arctic clothing
Accuracy and reliability of breath alcohol testing by hand-held electrochemical analysers
Accuracy and usefulness of a breath alcohol analyzer
Accuracy of blood ethanol determination using serum osmolality
Accuracy of diagnosis of injuries in traffic accidents at all stages of medical transport
Accuracy of judging time to arrival: effects of modality, trajectory, and gender
Acetabular injuries in childhood
Achievements of aviation medicine--practical implications
Acoustic and vibrational media aboard ship type B-516 and the state of hearing in the crew
Acoustic phenomena accompanying supersonic velocity and their effects on man (penetration of the sound barrier)
Acquired maxillofacial defects from motor vehicle accidents: statistics and prosthodontic considerations
Acquiring non-censored rib fracture data during dynamic belt loading
Acquisition and long-term retention of a simple serial perceptual-motor skill
Acquisition and transfer of attention allocation strategies in a multiple-task work environment
Acquisition of motor skill. IV. Effects of repeated periods of massed practice
Actinic Keratosis of the Left Forearm Due to Driving an Automobile
Action on cycling in primary care trusts: results of a survey of Directors of Public Health
Active commuting to school among NSW primary school children: implications for public health
Activities of aviation health services and its role in controller services
Activity of the first aid service of the Italian Red Cross at the car race track of Monza in the 1990 agonistic season
Actual pedestrian visibility and the pedestrian's estimate of his own visibility
Acute and carry-over effects of brotizolam compared to nitrazepam and placebo in monotonous simulated driving
Acute and subacute effects on psychomotor performance of femoxetine alone and with alcohol
Acute and subchronic effects of amitriptyline 25mg on actual driving in chronic neuropathic pain patients
Acute and subchronic effects of the H1-histamine receptor antagonist ebastine in 10, 20 and 30 mg dose, and triprolidine 10 mg on car driving performance
Acute blunt traumatic rupture of the diaphragm in a child
Acute blunt traumatic rupture of the spleen
Acute complications of alcoholism
Acute cor pulmonale and death due to massive fat embolism
Acute cord injury. Part II: A study of 224 cases
Acute coronary occlusion and myocardial infarction secondary to blunt chest trauma from an automobile airbag deployment
Acute diaphragmatic hernia from blunt trauma in children
Acute diseases of drivers as a cause of traffic accidents
Acute extradural haematoma in the elderly
Acute fatigue and chronic fatigue: the generic aggravated risk in the Carabiniere Service
Acute gastroenteritis and air operations
Acute hypertension: its significance in traumatic aortic rupture
Acute hyperthyroidism precipitated by trauma
Acute hypoxia during rapid decompression and emergency descent in a commercial jet aircraft
Acute laryngeal injury
Acute loss of vestibular function: an emergency for patient and physician
Acute medical care for championship auto racing
Acute myocardial infarction after blunt chest trauma in young people: need for prompt intervention
Acute myocardial infarction resulting from 'steering-wheel' injury of the chest
Acute nasal trauma in children
Acute neck sprain after road traffic accident: a long-term clinical and radiological review
Acute problems in diagnosis and therapy of chest- and abdominal injuries in combination trauma after traffic accidents
Acute psychiatric help to victims of the train accident at the Dybbølsbro Station
Acute toxicity of conventional versus shale-derived JP5 jet fuel: light microscopic, hematologic, and serum chemistry studies
Acute traumatic brain lesions. II. Brain lesions due to traffic accidents based on the Copenhagen neurosurgery department 1952-1956
Acute traumatic disruption of the thoracic aorta: a ten-year experience
Acute traumatic rupture of major intrathoracic arteries in traffic accidents
Acute traumatic rupture of the thoracic aorta
Acute traumatic tetraplegia during pregnancy
Adaptability screening of flying personnel; cross-validation of the personal history blank under field conditions
Adaptability screening of flying personnel; preliminary analysis and validation of criteria of adaptability to military flying
Adaptation of ventilation to 'buffeting' in vehicles
Adaptation to emotional reactions in flight training
Adaptive processing of visual motion
Address by Mr. Bonnefous; Minister of Public Works and Transportation
Adenosine triphosphate in vital and postmortem blood
ADHD in adults--a familiar disease with unfamiliar challenges
ADHD, methylphenidate and driving: does some legislation endanger public health?
Adjustment of the diurnal rhythm in body temperature by a transposition across the longitudes with a moderate speed
Traumatism and poisoning in Jalisco: An autopsy-based study on mortality
Traffic medicine: experience and unresolved problems
Traffic offenders
Traffic signals and road signs in Europe in 1968
Traffic, tranquilizing agents and alcohol
Train disaster at Odense
Traumatic encephalopathy and driving ability
Traumatic lesions caused by the "air-bag" system
Adolescent risk-taking behavior
Adolescents and accidents
Adult active transportation: adding habit strength to the theory of planned behavior
Adult eye injuries at Wolverhampton
Adults' views of laws that limit teenagers' driving and access to alcohol
Advanced driving maneuvers
Advances in research on childhood injuries
Advantages and disadvantages of automobilism
Advantages for social purposes of psychotechnical examination after treatment of the injured in industrial accidents
Adverse effects of cocaine abuse
Advice about driving after herniorrhaphy
Advice given to patients about return to work and driving following surgery
Advice on the medicolegal aspects of attendance at road accidents
Aerial application accidents 1963 to 1966. An analysis of the principal factors
Aero medical problems of space travel
Aero medicine
Aero-medical aspects of syncopal states in student pilots
Aerodynamic effects on cabin altitudes
Aeromedical and human factors aspects of airports
Aeromedical aspects of civil aviation accidents
Aeromedical considerations for flight operations from high-elevation airfields
Aeromedical evacuation
Aeromedical evaluation--a philosophy
Aeromedical factors of Titan II ICBM support: a summary of two years' operational experience
Aeromedical problems in cranio-vertebral injuries
Aeromedical responsibilities in aircraft reliability
Aeromedical support of flying safety programs
Aeronautic charts for night flying
Aeronautical accidents
Aeronautical industrial medicine and visual acuity in low luminosity
Aerospace environment simulator. Techn docum rep amrl-tdr-64-6
Aerospace medical and bioengineering considerations in lifting-body and research-aircraft operations
Aerospace medical surveillance of the Titan II
Aerospace medicine and the problem of hypoglycemia
Aerospace medicine considerations in man-rating space environment simulators
Aerospace simulation and human performance research
Aesthetic properties of everyday objects
Aetiology of traffic accidents
Affine distortions of pictorial space: some predictions for Goldstein (1987) that La Gournerie (1859) might have made
After the fire-ball
Afterword: teen driving
Age and airline accidents
Age and BAC when arrested for drunken driving and public drunkenness
Age and driving
Age and pilot performance
Age and sex and road accidents
Age and the problems of professional truck divers in highway transportation
Age and traffic accident expectancy
Age factor in powered two-wheeled road traffic accidents?
Age limits for drivers' licenses
Age restriction on bus driver selection
Age, experience and aircraft accidents
Age- and gender-related differences in blood amphetamine concentrations in apprehended drivers: lack of association with clinical evidence of impairment
Age-60 Rule: the end is in sight
Age-dependent injury tolerance exemplified by fatal pedestrian accidents
Aggravating effect of alcohol on admission serum insulin patterns of patients with trauma and in a state of shock
Aging airline pilot
Aging and space travel
Aging and the human nervous system
Aging and visual search: automatic and controlled attentional bias to threat faces
Aging persons' estimates of vehicular motion
Aging pilot
Aging, memory and visual search
Agnew, alcohol, automobiles, and assessment
Agricultural accidents: a study of 132 patients seen at Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge, in 12 months
Agricultural aeronautics and its pathology
Agricultural pilot safety in Australia: a survey
Trauma and pregnancy
Trauma in parachutists
Traumatic cardiopathies
Traumatic juvenile paraplegia
Traumatic dislocation of the testis
Traffic accidents in Dakar
Traffic accidents in Norway
Traffic accidents in obstructive sleep apnea patients and effect of nasal CPAP treatment
Aid for multiple-injured traffic accident cases, their rescue and safeguards, from roadside to receiving hospital
Aids for disabled drivers
Air accidents, pilot experience, and disease-related in-flight sudden incapacitation
Air accidents, pilot experience, and disease-related inflight sudden incapacitation
Air bag deployment and injury reduction
Air bag injury producing retinal dialysis and detachment
Air bag-associated ocular injury
Air bags and auto safety
Air bags OK for drivers
Air collision of the plane "Bandai"--cooperation of the local medical association members in the rescue operations
Air crash disaster planning
Air crash survival: injuries and evacuation toxic hazards
Air disasters and their special problems
Air embolism as a primary or a concurrent cause of death
Air medical accident rates: a historical look back at causes
Air pollution and traffic safety
Air quality inside motor cars
Air safety
Air safety. Moral aspect
Air shows and disaster planning--the Australian experience
Air traffic controller burnout: survey responses regarding job demands, job resources, and health
Air training command ejection experience, 1 January 1962 to 31 December 1964
Air travel and circadian rhythm
Air-to-air target detection
Airbag-associated ocular injury and periorbital fractures
Airbag-induced corneal flap
Airbags and the rescue professional
Airbags: safety delayed
Airboats and injuries
Aircraft accident in the Faroe Islands in 1970: observations from a medical point of view, with special reference to spinal fractures
Aircraft accident injuries in the U.S. Air Force; a review of 2,011 cases in 1953 and 1955
Aircraft accident investigation
Aircraft accident investigation: the pathologist's role
Aircraft accident pathology: A study in cooperation
Aircraft accident potential related to pilot age at time of graduation
Aircraft accident survivors as witnesses
Aircraft accident toxicology: U.K. experience 1967-1972
Aircraft accidents and aircraft instruments
Aircraft accidents and human factors
Aircraft accidents as related to pilot age and experience
Aircraft accidents at night
Aircraft accidents by older persons
Aircraft accidents vs. characteristics of pilots
Aircraft accidents-incidents among aircrewmen flying with medical waiver
Aircraft accidents
Aircraft and related factors in crashes involving spatial disorientation: 15 years of U.S. Air Force data
Aircraft as an instrument of self-destruction
Aircraft automation: the problem of the pilot interface
Aircraft crash rates and cumulative hours: USAF data for 25 airframes, 1950-2006
Aircraft fatality investigation as a function of a comprehensive health service
Aircraft fatality investigation: the non-natural death
Aircraft noise and birth weight
Aircraft noise and hearing impairment in children
Aircraft noise and incidence of hypertension
Aircraft noise and mental health
Aircraft noise and mental health: I. Prevalence of individual symptoms
Aircraft noise and psychiatric morbidity
Aircraft noise annoyance at three joint air carrier and general aviation airports
Aircraft noise effects on sleep: application of the results of a large polysomnographic field study
Aircraft noise: changes in biochemical parameters
Aircraft periscopes for pilotage
Aircraft-type crash injury investigation of a commuter train collision
Aircrash on Mount Erebus
Aircrew decision-making behavior in hazardous weather avoidance
Aircrew safety equipment: a pathologist's appraisal
Airline pilot disability: economic impact of an airline preventive medicine program
Airline pilot incapacitation in flight
Airline pilot incapacitation survey
Airline pilot's views on medical licensing standards
Airline Security After the Event: Unintended Consequences and Illusions
Airline-related trauma may cause post-traumatic stress disorder
Airplane cockpit noise levels and pilot hearing sensitivity
Airplane propellers and cynicism
Airport disasters
Airport preparedness for mass disaster: a proposed schematic plan
Airshow disaster plans
Airsickness in B-52 crewmembers
Airsickness prevention in helicopter passengers
Alarm bells ring over emergency vehicles
Alcholism vs. work ability in Polish merchant marine
Alcohol a health hazard
Alcohol abuse among seamen--aspects of modern treatment
Alcohol abuse and public transport
Alcohol abuse: its implications in trauma care
Alcohol and accident
Alcohol and accidents
Alcohol and accidents
Alcohol and accidents
Alcohol and accidents
Alcohol and alcoholism in traffic and other accidental deaths
Alcohol and alertness; importance in motor traffic
Alcohol and amitriptyline effects on skills related to driving behavior
Alcohol and automobile accidents
Alcohol and car crashes: the wrong driver
Alcohol and civil aviation
Alcohol and criminal behavior
Alcohol and criminal responsibility
Alcohol and diabetes
Alcohol and drivers
Alcohol and drivers
Alcohol and driving ability
Alcohol and driving
Alcohol and driving
Alcohol and driving
Alcohol and driving
Alcohol and driving
Alcohol and driving
Alcohol and driving
Alcohol and driving: a survey of prosecution and defense alcohol estimations
Alcohol and driving: application of a definition in a way to deter offenders
Alcohol and driving: changing the laws
Alcohol and driving: the breathalyser bogey
Alcohol and driving: the breathalyser bogey
Alcohol and drug abuse: causes of sudden death
Alcohol and drug use and involvement in automobile accidents
Alcohol and drugs in the blood and urine of 142 persons suspected of driving while intoxicated
Alcohol and fatal injuries in Oklahoma
Alcohol and fatal road accidents
Alcohol and fatal road traffic accidents
Alcohol and fatal traffic accidents
Alcohol and flying efficiency
Alcohol and general aviation accidents
Alcohol and head injuries caused by traffic accidents
Alcohol and highway crashes. Closing the gap between epidemiology and experimentation
Alcohol and highway fatalities. A study of 961 fatalities in North Carolina during the last six months of 1970
Alcohol and highway safety in Tennessee
Alcohol and highway safety. Proceedings of the North American Conference on Alcohol and Highway Safety. Baltimore, MD, 12-14 June 1984
Alcohol and injury
Alcohol and military aviation fatalities
Alcohol and mortality among young men: longitudinal study of Swedish conscripts
Alcohol and other drug use and automobile safety: a survey of Boston-area teen-agers
Alcohol and other drugs in aircraft accidents
Alcohol and other factors in California highway fatalities
Alcohol and other human factors involved in traffic accidents
Alcohol and road accidents
Alcohol and road safety
Alcohol and road traffic accidents
Alcohol and road traffic injury
Alcohol and roadway trauma: problems of diagnosis and management
Alcohol and the adolescent trauma population
Alcohol and the driver
Alcohol and the driver
Alcohol and the holocaust on our roads
Alcohol and the law
Alcohol and the road toll
Alcohol and the road user
Alcohol and the road
Alcohol and traffic
Alcohol and traffic accidents
Alcohol and traffic accidents
Alcohol and traffic accidents
Alcohol and traffic accidents
Alcohol and traffic accidents
Alcohol and traffic deaths
Alcohol and traffic hazards
Alcohol and traffic injury
Alcohol and traffic safety
Alcohol and traffic safety
Alcohol and traffic safety: the role of the National Safety Council
Alcohol and traffic-injured patients. A 1-year prospective study of hospitalized traffic-injured patients and fatal traffic accidents in Esbjerg
Alcohol and traffic
Alcohol and traffic
Alcohol and traffic
Alcohol and unintentional injury: beyond the motor vehicle
Alcohol and vehicular injuries in adolescents
Alcohol and victim compensation as determinants of responsibility attribution in traffic accidents
Alcohol associated deaths in British soldiers
Alcohol associated with fatal light aircraft accidents, United Kingdom-1964-1973
Alcohol availability and alcohol-related casualties in Michigan 1968-1976
Alcohol availability and alcohol-related problems in 213 California cities
Alcohol breath testing in patients with respiratory disease
Alcohol comsumption: an adolescent problem
Alcohol consumption among vehicular occupants injured in crashes
Alcohol consumption and accidents in Barcelona. Epidemiologic study
Alcohol consumption and driving behaviour of hotel patrons
Alcohol consumption and problem drinking in Vietnam era veterans and nonveterans
Alcohol consumption and problem drinking in white male veterans and nonveterans
Alcohol consumption and the incidence of acute alcohol-related problems
Alcohol consumption before sleep is associated with severity of sleep-disordered breathing among professional Japanese truck drivers
Alcohol consumption by college undergraduates: current use and 10-year trends
Alcohol consumption in Guadeloupe
Alcohol control policy in Israel 1986-1987: recognizing the need for diverse primary prevention initiatives
Alcohol determination in urine in traffic violations; practical experiences in 428 cases
Alcohol drinking habit, accidents, arteriosclerosis, hepatic damage and socioeconomic situation. Study based on 1,662 cases autopsied in the Instituto Médico Legal de Santiago. 1960-1964
Alcohol in relation to highway safety
Alcohol in the blood of drivers. United States standards compared to European standards
Alcohol in the driver
Alcohol in traffic injuries
Alcohol in traffic. Blood alcohol concentrations in the clientele of a casualty department
Alcohol incidence in rural drivers: characteristics of a population and clues for countermeasures
Alcohol induced damage to the pancreas in patients with increased blood alcohol levels detected in road traffic
Alcohol interaction of lormetazepam, mepindolol sulphate and diazepam measured by performance on the driving simulator
Alcohol intolerance in isoniazid therapy
Alcohol involved in most driver deaths
Alcohol levels in trauma victims
Alcohol on the road
Alcohol outlets and problem drinking among adults in California
Alcohol policies in national health and development planning. Including a summary of the technical discussions held during the thirty-fifth World Health Assembly, 1982
Alcohol prevention among adolescents: a French experiment
Alcohol question in aircraft accident investigation
Alcohol risk in adolescent drivers--epidemiologic study of the Hannover region
Alcohol screening instruments and psychiatric evaluation outcomes in military aviation personnel
Alcohol tests, legal safety and equality
Alcohol tolerance tests in motorists
Alcohol use and alcoholism among motor vehicle driver fatalities
Alcohol use and the appearance of alcohol problems among first offender drunk drivers
Alcohol's impact on man's activities. Its role in unnatural death
Alcohol, age, and piloting: judgement, mood, and actual performance
Alcohol, automobiles, and the law
Alcohol, aviation, and safety revisited: a historical review and a suggestion
Alcohol, drugs and driving
Alcohol, drugs and traffic laws. 2: Studies of the assessment of significant disability in automobile driving fitness caused by psychotropic drugs or alcohol and psychotropic drug combinations
Alcohol, drugs and traffic legislation
Alcohol, drugs and traffic safety
Alcohol, drugs, and road accidents
Alcohol, injury, and legal controls: some complex interactions
Alcohol, law and public policy: current controversies
Alcohol, personality traits, and high risk driving: a comparison of young, drinking driver groups
Alcohol, thioridazine and chlorpromazine effects on skills related to driving behaviour
Alcohol, tobacco and analgesics--Busselton, 1972
Alcohol--a shared responsibility
Alcohol--an underestimated factor in traffic accidents. Based on medico-legal examinations of traffic deaths
Alcohol--drug interactions
Alcohol-associated deaths in the District of Columbia--a postmortem study
Alcohol-caused injury to the tissues of the maxillofacial area and its sequelae
Alcohol-induced hypoglycemia as a factor in aircraft accidents
Alcohol-induced impairment of central nervous system function: behavioral skills involved in driving
Alcohol-related deaths: Birmingham Coroner's records 1980
Alcohol-related highway accidents. A hospital survey
Alcohol-related highway fatalities among young drivers--United States
Alcohol-related problems in cross-national perspective: results of the ISACE study
Alcohol-related problems in the emergency room of an Indian general hospital
Alcohol-related traffic fatalities during Christmas and New Year holidays--United States, 1978-1984
Alcohol-related traffic fatalities--United States, 1982-1989
Alcohol: absorption, metabolism and significance
Alcohol: increasing danger
Alcoholic beverages and the aviator
Alcoholic intoxication among traffic accident victims
Alcoholic intoxication, requisition
Alcoholics on the road
Alcoholics, drinking and traffic accidents
Alcoholism and traffic accidents
Alcoholism and alcoholemia in recent modifications of the highway code
Alcoholism and driving ability
Alcoholism and drug abuse--some legal issues for employers
Alcoholism and highway accidents; note on the dispositions concerning medical examinations of persons at fault in traffic accidents
Alcoholism and road accidents
Alcoholism and semi-truck drivers
Alcoholism and traffic accident injuries
Alcoholism and traffic accidents
Alcoholism and traffic accidents; a preliminary study
Alcoholism and traffic deaths
Alcoholism and work and traffic accidents
Alcoholism as a mortality factor. Its effect on the main causes of death
Alcoholism at the steering wheel
Alcoholism in a group of railroad workers
Alcoholism in Australia in 1975
Alcoholism in drivers
Alcoholism in faciocranial injuries
Alcoholism in professional drivers
Alcoholism indicators: nonreliability of events partially related to alcohol abuse
Alcoholism, a public health problem
Alcoholism: a medicosocial problem
Alcoholism: can honest mistake about one's capacity for self control be an excuse?
Alcoholism: the drug problem of the 1970's
Alcoholometric data in traumatological casuistics (work accident insurance)
All of us were in shock those days after the train collision. Interview by Elisabeth Magnusson
Alleged daytime somnolence in a professional driver: approaching the fitness for duty determination
Allocation of attention and the locus of adaptation to displaced vision
Alpha index and personality traits of pilots
Alteration of circadian rhythm in shift-working ambulance personnel
Alteration of circadian rhythm in shift-working ambulance personnel. Monitoring of salivary cortisol rhythm
Altered processing of sensorimotor feedback in schizophrenia
Alternative forms of transport and their use in the health services of developing countries
Alternative solutions to kinetic stimulus transformations
Alternatives to age for assessing occupational performance capacity
Amateur aircraft construction
Ambient and cockpit luminance measurements
Ambulance driving in emergency cases
Ambulance driving in emergency cases
Ambulance involvement in road accidents
Ambulance organization (evacuation of road accident cases)
Ambulance safety first: experts convene to discuss personal and patient safety issues
Ambulance services present a dissimilar and motley picture
Ambulance services. Cowboys and engines
Ambulance use in a military population: epidemiology and implications
Ambulatory ECG recording during competitive parachute jumping in apparently healthy young men: more evidence for intermittent vagal dominance during enhanced sympathetic activity
America's No. 1 public health problem
America's number one epidemic
American Academy of Neurology position statement on physician reporting of medical conditions that may affect driving competence: to drive or not to drive: roles of the physician, patient, and state
American Academy of Neurology position statement on physician reporting of medical conditions that may affect driving competence: to drive or not to drive: roles of the physician, patient, and state
American Academy of Pediatrics. Committee on Accident and Poison Prevention. Automatic passenger protection systems
Evaluation the epidemiologic factors of road accidents from 2009 to 2010
Sleepiness, driving, and motor vehicle crashes. Council on Scientific Affairs, American Medical Association
Amnesia and responsibility following brain concussion. A study of 70 patients
Amnesic action of and skills related to driving after intravenous flunitrazepam
Traffic chemistry--seen in the rear-view mirror
Traffic competency after ambulatory anesthesia in oral surgery
Traffic deaths and traffic injuries: also an economic problem for society
Traffic injuries
Amputees and driving
Amtrak '87: a recap
An acceleration track operated through a falling weight for the simulation of crash accidents--principle and function
An accident related to a seat belt. Lymphocoele and extrinsic stenosis of the ureter in a transplant patient. Reparative surgery
An Additional Factor to Considered be in Calculating Automobile Fatality Rates
An additive factor analysis of the effects of sleep loss on reaction processes
An aeronautic suicide attempt (3). Suicide and self-destructive behavior in aviation
An aid for disabled drivers--a powered hoist for wheelchair stowage
An Air Force alcoholic rehabilitation program
An air photo analysis of an airplane crash
An airport director's perspective on disaster planning and mental health needs
An analysis of 17 fatal and 31 nonfatal injuries following an airplane crash
An analysis of 2,067 cases of zygomatico-orbital fracture
An analysis of 285 legal autopsies in road accidents. Reconstruction of the accident
An analysis of a Casualty Receiving Centre's services for traffic crash victims
An analysis of cardiovascular injuries resulting from accelerative force
An analysis of civil aviation propeller-to-person accidents: 1965-79
An analysis of factors impeding passenger escape from aircraft fires
An analysis of mandibular fractures in Dundee, Scotland (1977 to 1985)
An analysis of mooring accidents on the Polish Ocean Lines ships in 1975-80. Preventive recommendations
An analysis of performance by pre-school children on the KRISP and on a length discrimination task
An analysis of relationships among environmental noise, annoyance and sensitivity to noise, and the consequences for health and sleep
An analysis of the clinical relevance of type 1 and type 2 alcoholics
An anesthetist who became professor in road safety. Physicians are making a great effort in silence to increase "risk groups" security
An appraisal of cardiovascular standards for Australian civilian flying licences
An approach to the physiologic simulation of the null-gravity state
An approach toward understanding wildlife-vehicle collisions
Death by accident, suicide or murder on the railroad track. (Observation on vital reaction
Suicide and homicide by automobile
An assessment of measures to predict the outcome of driving evaluations in patients with cerebral damage
Violence in the Road: The Crime of Vehicular Homicide
Highway violence and public policy
Heart injury due to blunt violence
The fine lines in traffic violence
VI. Double Fracture of the Clavicle from Direct Violence
Mortality due to lesions in accidents and violence in children under 20 years of age
Are drivers' comparative risk judgments about speeding realistic?
Brief Motivational Interviewing for DWI Recidivists Who Abuse Alcohol and Are Not Participating in DWI Intervention: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Rates of personal violence (suicide and homicide), traffic fatalities, and alcohol consumption
Estimating driver risk using alcohol biomarkers, interlock blood alcohol concentration tests and psychometric assessments: initial descriptives
Explorative spatial analysis of traffic accident statistics and road mortality among the provinces of Turkey
Cause- and age-specific mortality rates from accidents, poisoning and violence
Health, traffic, and environmental justice: collaborative research and community action in San Francisco, California
Psychiatric consequences of stress after a vehicle accident
Deaths from accidents, poisoning and violence--differences between the various population groups in the RSA
Mortality caused by accidents, violence and poisoning in the Federal District, 1970-1982
Silent violence: clinical and epidemiological reflection on traffic accidents and adolescent suicide
Violence on the highway. A national public health problem
The faces of violence. Norway--a violent society?
A further exploration of sensation seeking propensity, reward sensitivity, depression, anxiety, and the risky behaviour of young novice drivers in a structural equation model
Surveying adolescents: Focusing on positive development
A comparison of web-based and telephone surveys for assessing traffic safety concerns, beliefs, and behaviors
Do older pedestrians have enough time to cross roads in Dublin? A critique of the Traffic Management Guidelines based on clinical research findings
Failure to reduce drinking and driving in France: a 6-year prospective study in the GAZEL cohort
Finite element modelling of pediatric head impact: Global validation against experimental data
Marketing and alcohol-related traffic fatalities: Impact of alcohol advertising targeting minors
Road deaths three times higher in poorer European countries
The age-21 minimum legal drinking age: a case study linking past and current debates
The contribution of traumatic brain injury to the medical and economic outcomes of motor vehicle-related injuries in Ohio
The relationship between risky alcohol consumption, crime and traffic accidents in Australian rural communities
Three siblings with chance fractures: the importance of 3-point restraints
Traffic and cardiovascular disease: the challenge of estimating exposure
Improving Road Safety through Deterrence-Based Initiatives: A review of research
Role of alcohol in accidents and violence
Exploring how parents and peers influence the behaviour of young drivers
Improving road safety by increased truck visibility
Effectiveness of traffic safety education: parents, children and schools
Do minor tranquilisers (benzodiazepines) increase risk of collision in which the driver is injured?
Medical problems connected with street and highway traffic
Streetcar accidents
Sudden death in street traffic; x-ray studies
White streets, safe streets
Traffic and street trauma according to data of the Department of Propedeutics and Surgical Diseases
Causes of street and highway traffic accidents and possible preventive measures
Statistical study of street accidents in Florence. II
Appendix rupture as a complication following streetcar accident
Appendix rupture caused by streetcar accident
On street fear
Street accidents and their control
Three cases of neurological disorders dangerous in street traffic
Street and highway illumination
Coping with risk in the community: Is there a need to streetproof the community health care worker?
Automobile driving fitness and street traffic accident
Characteristics of streetcar injuries with fatal outcome in the city of Perm
Chiasmal syndrome following street accident
Closed traumas of the pelvis in street accidents
Death in the street. Review of literature - I
Drugs of abuse and street accidents in Italy
Fatal pedestrian-accidents in street traffic
Forensic evidence of the so-called vital signs in street traffic victims with injuries of the cervical spine
On the physiology and psychology of street traffic accidents
On the risk of accidents due to epileptic attacks in street traffic
Prevention of street injuries in children
Safety on the streets: cohort changes in fear
Short and long-term survival in fatal street traffic accidents
Street traumatism among children of the city of Kuibyshev
The right-left problem in childhood. Relevance and consequences for participating in street traffic
The victims of street accidents: organization of first aid and statistical findings
Traffic regulation as a means of preventing injury and death from street vehicles
Unexpected natural death in street traffic
White's street-railway rail and chair
Don't be a street stain
Surviving the streets
The value of breath alcohol determination in street traffic
Discussion of "Electrocution by Street Lighting"
Organization of first-aid in street auto-racing
Stereovision with a stereo distance test for street traffic situations
Annoyance due to street traffic and aircraft noise
Comparative evaluation of indicators of street noise with reference to the effect on the Warsaw's population
Electrocution by street lighting
Heat balance of streetcar passengers in winter
Human reactions to community noise. I. Noise of urban street traffic in the city of Verona
Diseases--risk factors in street traffic
Effect of driving speed and street conditions on the incidence of accidents and the injury pattern
Noise caused by street traffic: evaluation, predetermination and limits
Problems of street traffic as regards the elderly pedestrian. Part 1
Slippery streets, fog and traffic
The influencning of "street fitness" through premedication and various anesthetics
Carbon monoxide in the urban atmosphere: hazards to the pedestrian and the street-worker
Death in the street. Review of literature - II
Editorial: Disappearance of streetcars. Was spitting responsible?
Nocturnal myopia and street traffic
On the problem of "optimum speed" for motor vehicles in street traffic
Practical studies on the behavior of persons with disturbed color perception in street traffic
Recovery and emergence time after propanidid and barbiturates. Street fitness after anaesthesia in out-patients
On the danger to street traffic through the effect of alcohol. Federal Government submits changes of the traffic law
Some psychological causes of accidents in street traffic
Studies on excessive demand on the driver in street traffic
The effect of alcohol on equilibrium and vision in street traffic
The handicapped in street traffic
Patients with a pacemaker in street traffic
Modeling urban street patterns
Traffic Calming Design Standards for New Residential Streets: A Proactive Approach
Street Accidents
Street Accidents
Street Traffic Accidents
The Death Toll of Street Accidents
Time to take back our streets--and our homes
Severity of injury of alcohol-intoxicated pedestrians in street traffic
Street traffic accident--whiplash injury of the cervical spine from the viewpoint of insurance medicine
The elderly in street traffic from the viewpoint of the ENT specialist
The elderly in street traffic--effect of drugs
The hot-rod driver
Street Youths, Bosozoku, and Yakuza: Subculture Formation and Societal Reactions in Japan
The fast and the fatal: street racing fatal crashes in the United States
Pain patients in street traffic. Do analgesics impair driving safety?
Street adaptations in residential areas. A survey of local authorities in England and Wales
Why Does A Pedestrian Cross Street
The motor car and the territorial aggression thesis: some aspects of the sociology of the street
Street crossing by sighted and blind pedestrians at a modern roundabout
Traffic safety, usability and streetscape effects of new design principles for major urban roads
Effects of geometric design on freeway capacity: Impacts of truck lane restrictions
The effect of the competition between cars and trucks on the evolution of the motorway transport system
Drivers of dump-trucks of the Euclid type
Effect of vibrations on drivers of heavy trucks
Medical examination of truck drivers; a step toward greater traffic security
The aging, ailing truck driver with special reference to the motor carrier safety regulations of the interstate commerce commission
Injuries of a truck passenger in sideswiping by another truck
Death caused by hurling a truck plate spring into the interior of an automobile
Incomplete dismemberment of the trunk by a truck
Injuries caused by impact of truck bumper hooks
Loss of a bus passenger's arm in collision with a truck
Safety: making factories safe for fork lift truck drivers
Sleep apnea and hypertension in commercial truck drivers
The relationship between truck and tractor driving and disorders of the spine and supporting structures; report of a survey
Truck hits school bus; "if we want a Community Disaster Plan which works, we have to communicate and work with the people who make things happen at the local level"
Unusual mechanism of truck injury
The effect of noise on sleep--changes in hypnograms of subjects exposed to repeated truck-passing sound
Asymmetric hearing loss in truck drivers
Avulsion of the head in a case of being run over by a truck wheel
Injury risks posed by incompatibilities between trucks and other highway users
Characteristics of the injuries caused by KamAZ-type trucks
An ergo-ophthalmological battery of tests to classify truck drivers
Applied physiology: the work of driving an industrial heavy-duty truck on the highway
Coronary heart disease risk factors in bus and truck drivers. A controlled cohort study
From beltline to steering wheel: the vanishing space. An informal study of persistent weight gain of truck drivers
Hypoglycemia as the responsible factor in a truck driver accident fatality
Job satisfaction, counterproductive behavior and circumstantial drug use among long-distance truckers
Physiological and hygiene analysis of the body reaction of young truck drivers to a production load
Subsidiary behavior of truck drivers in rear-end collisions
Fork lift truck injuries
Psychophysiological evaluation of the state of the drivers of open-cut mine trucks by their electroencephalographic indices
Struck by lightning -- the effects upon the men and the ships of HM Navy
Struck by lightning--the effects upon the men and the ships of HM Navy
Psychophysiological criteria and a methodology of job selection for truck drivers
The trouble with trucks
Physiological and hygienic evaluation of the effect of vibration on dump truck drivers in ore mining
Endogenous cholesterol synthesis in truck drivers, piece-workers and shift workers
Survey on truck drivers
Truck tire-rim injury--a new trauma entity
Working conditions of drivers of heavy Bel-AZ-540 dump trucks in hot climate
Proximity of schools in Detroit, Michigan to automobile and truck traffic
Short sleep is associated with obesity among truck drivers
Smoking behavior in trucking industry workers
Premature signs of stress fatigue in truck drivers
Cause-specific mortality in the unionized U.S. trucking industry
Predictors of psychostimulant use by long-distance truck drivers
Prevalence of psychoactive substances in truck drivers in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region (France)
Use of n-fold cross-validation to evaluate three methods to calculate heavy truck annual average daily traffic and vehicle miles traveled
Assessing the visual status of truck drivers in a developing country
The risks of licensing persons with diabetes to drive trucks
Vehicle crash mortality in the Kimberley region, 1990 to 1994: the role of open-load-space passengers in utility trucks
Sleep and sleep-disordered breathing in commercial long-haul truck drivers
Traffic accidents in commercial long-haul truck drivers: the influence of sleep-disordered breathing and obesity
Some factors influencing the injuries sustained by child pedestrians struck by the fronts of cars
Sleepiness at work among commercial truck drivers
Unrestricted riding in pickup truck cargo beds poses significant hazards
Study of an energy dissipative under-ride guard for enhancement of crashworthiness in a car-truck collision
Technological and safety developments in truck design
Truck safety factors on urban arterials
Speed and Training Factors Associated with Heavy Truck Accidents
Status-Report on Large Truck Safety
Comparison of visibility measurement techniques for forklift truck design factors
Determining standards of care for substance abuse and alcohol use in long-haul truck drivers
Risk factors for depression in truck drivers
Terrorism Potential for Research Reactors Compared With Power Reactors: Nuclear Weapons, "Dirty Bombs," and Truck Bombs
Identifying variables that predict falling asleep at the wheel among long-haul truck drivers
Locomotor diseases among male long-haul truck drivers and other professional drivers
Pathologic physiology of truck and car driving
Sleepiness and performance of professional drivers in a truck simulator--comparisons between day and night driving
The sleep of long-haul truck drivers
The Importance of Non-Struck-Side Occupants in Side Collisions
Struck-Side Crashes Involving Post-Regulatory European Passenger Cars: Crash Characteristics and Injury Outcomes
The Domain of Truck and Bus Safety Research
The Domain of Truck and Bus Safety Research: Introduction
Three construction workers killed after being struck by a bus in a highway work zone. NIOSH FACE program report
Truck Accident Countermeasures for Urban Freeways
Truck accidents in the city of Melbourne
The fatality and injury risk of light truck impacts with pedestrians in the United States
Should persons with diabetes be licensed to drive trucks?--Risk management
The prevalence of drugs and alcohol in fatally injured truck drivers
Statistical validation of physiological indicators for non-invasive and hybrid driver drowsiness detection system
A Control Sign Facility Design to Meet the New FHWA Minimum Sign Retroreflectivity Standards
An Intelligent Controller Design for Magnetorheological Damper Based on a Quarter-car Model
Development of Adaptive Seat Mounts for Helicopter Aircrew Body Vibration Reduction
HOV or General Purpose Lanes?
Use of Pavement Marking Degradation Models to Develop a Pavement Marking Management System
Attitude-Based Target Groups to Reduce the Ecological Impact of Daily Mobility Behavior
Recklessness in Context
A wait-list controlled pilot study of eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) for children with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms from motor vehicle accidents
Aging and Urbanization: The Neighborhood Perception and Functional Performance of Elderly Persons in Belo Horizonte Metropolitan Area-Brazil
Are perceptions about worksite neighborhoods and policies associated with walking?
Driving and aging
Isolated rollover mechanism does not warrant trauma center evaluation
National study of medications associated with injury in elderly Medicare/Medicaid dual enrollees during 2003
A note on the effectiveness of the house-arrest alternative for motivating DWI offenders to install ignition interlocks
A perverse effect of lowering the threshold blood alcohol content
Are 1994 alcohol production and the sales deregulation policy in Japan associated with increased road traffic fatalities among adult and teenage males and females in Japan?
Behavioral impact of graduated driver licensing on teenage driving risk and exposure
Integrated model of simulated occupant injury risk and real medical costs
Is maritime piracy random?
Occupant death: a study with directed graphs
Occupant injury severity from lateral collisions: A literature review
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Chronic Pain Arising from Motor Vehicle Accidents: Efficacy of Interoceptive Exposure Plus Trauma-Related Exposure Therapy
Poverty as a determinant of young drivers' fatal crash risks
Promoting traffic safety in low- and middle-income countries
Quality of life technology: the state of personal transportation
Relationship between blood and urine alcohol concentrations in apprehended drivers who claimed consumption of alcohol after driving with and without supporting evidence
Road traffic crashes in Iran from 1997 to 2007
Spatial clusters of violent deaths in a newly urbanized region of Brazil: Highlighting the social disparities
Taxi driver seat belt wearing in Nanjing, China
Traffic injury deaths in West Azarbaijan province of Iran: a cross-sectional interview-based study on victims' characteristics and pre-hospital care
Alcohol as a risk factor for injury: lessons from French data
All-terrain vehicle use in agriculture: Exposure to whole body vibration and mechanical shock
Are Safety-Related Features of the Road Environment Associated with Smaller Declines in Physical Activity among Youth?
Crashes involving motorised rickshaws in urban India: Characteristics and injury patterns
Driving mishaps among individuals with type 1 diabetes: a prospective study
Illness and injury to travellers on a premium seniors' tour to Indochina
Motorcycle accident injury profiles in Jamaica: an audit from the University Hospital of the West Indies
Road profiling of traffic accidents in Jos, Nigeria, 1995-1999
Seat belt use in States and territories with primary and secondary laws -- United States, 2006
The fatal toll of driving to drink: The effect of minimum legal drinking age evasion on traffic fatalities
The impact of state level behavioral regulations on traffic fatality rates
Visual and auditory analyzers of human under the conditions of acceleration: comparative analysis of the genesis of disturbances
Analysis of running child pedestrians impacted by a vehicle using rigid-body models and optimization techniques
Enhancing road safety through early detection of outbreaks in the frequency of motor vehicle crashes
A risk-based modelling approach to enhance shipping accident investigation
Associations between driver training, determinants of risky driving behaviour and crash involvement
Enhancement of occupational health and safety requirements in chemical tanker operations: The case of cargo explosion
Investigation of key factors for accident severity at railroad grade crossings by using a logit model
Learning lessons from tunnel accidents – Recommendations in support of the implementation of Article 15 on Reporting of the EU Directive 2004/54/EC
Safety leadership and safety behavior in container terminal operations
Significant human risk factors in aircraft maintenance technicians
Public health benefits of strategies to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions: urban land transport
The Path to Active Living Physical Activity Through Community Design in Somerville, Massachusetts
The relationship of whiplash injury and temporomandibular disorders: a narrative literature review
An assessment of research relevant to pilot training. AMRL-TR-66-196
An assessment of the circulatory problem of weightlessness in prolonged space flight
An attribution theory perspective on alcohol-impaired driving
An atypical posttraumatic myocardial necrosis in a 4-year-old boy
An audit of road traffic accident victims requiring admission to hospital
An autopsy case of heart rupture from a scooter accident with 3 riders
An autopsy case of the traffic accident
An aviation perspective of safety in the pharmaceutical sector
An easily missed foreign body in the respiratory passages
An ecological approach to the prevention of injuries due to drinking and driving
An ecologically based examination of barriers to physical activity in students from grade seven through first-year university
An educational project in childhood; accident prevention
An effective motor vehicle accident prevention program
An electric road for Chattanooga
An electric scooter simulation program for training the driving skills of stroke patients with mobility problems: a pilot study
An electric surface road in New York
An electrical impedance plethysmograph
An electromyographically triggered photographic technique for recording visual behavior
An electronic aid for aurally handicapped drivers
An electronic device for the hearing handicapped drivers
An empirical typology of problem drinkers from the Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test
An epidemiologic survey of facial fractures and concomitant injuries
An epidemiological approach to the control of motor vehicle accidents
An epidemiological approach to traffic accidents
An epidemiological study of 162 tractor accidents in Australia, 1964 to 1966
An epidemiological study of 162 tractor accidents in Australia, 1964 to 1966
An epidemiological study of cerebral palsy in Western Australia, 1956-1975. III: Postnatal aetiology
An epidemiological study of road traffic accident cases admitted in Safdarjang Hospital, New Delhi
An ergonomic analysis of railway locomotive driver functions in India
An estimate of the lifesaving benefit of child restraint use legislation
An evaluation of a controlled drinking program for drinking drivers
An evaluation of an injury prevention campaign in general practice in Norway
An evaluation of back rests designed to relieve drivers' low back pain
An evaluation of proposed causal mechanisms for "ejection associated" neck injuries
An evaluation of the fatal automobile collision
An evaluation of the Mortimer-Filkins test as a predictor of alcohol-impaired driving recidivism
An evaluation of the relationship between fatigue and intake of alcohols on the adult workers (I)--Analysis by inquiries and examinations
An evaluation of the U.S. Air Force's detailed follow-up audiometric examination program
An evening shift in rural America
An experience of a nurse who suffered serious injuries in a traffic accident during her study in the United States
An experimental approach to flash blindness
An experimental evaluation of crisis intervention
An experimental evaluation of the effectiveness of short-term education and rehabilitation programs for convicted drinking drivers
An experimental study of physical fitness of Air Force personnel
An experimental study on driver identification of passenger car in vehicle-to-vehicle accidents
An experimental test of the ability to remain alert in monotonous conditions: validity check by means of a standard interview
An expert assessment of the organization of medical care in peacetime catastrophes
An exploration of the potential impact of the designated driver campaign on bartenders' willingness to over-serve
An exploratory study of automobile driving performance under the influence of low levels of carboxyhemoglobin
An exploratory study of the health decision-making variables of New York and Montana ninth-graders
An eye-mark camera for use in driver behaviour studies
An historical perspective on crew rescue and the role of the Association of Space Explorers
An illustrative reconstruction of the Moorgate tube train disaster
Traffic accidents in the Spanish population: analysis from an emergency department
Traffic accidents in the Spanish population
Traffic accidents involving children
Traffic accidents, an unnecessarily premature and potentially avoidable cause of mortality
Traffic accidents: a health problem in primary care
Traffic accidents: a health problem waiting for sanitary response
Traffic accidents
Traffic accidents
Traffic casualties and injuries: a problem of costs, too. A Swiss survey
Transportation which is detrimental to the health of the pregnant worker
Threshold value of the stimulation of the horizontal semicircular canals; a study during the flying of curves and spirals
Tire explosion as a new cause of eye injuries
Tired drivers and misleading advertising
Traffic accident fatality involving the elderly as passengers
Traffic accident with several severely injured patients: how does the emergency physician proceed?
Traffic accidents and possibilities of their prevention (literary review)
Traffic accidents and sleep apnea
Traffic accidents as a cause of death in Chile
Traffic accidents from the social medicine viewpoint--a medical history connection with present time
Traffic accidents in a metropolitan area of southern Brazil--victim and lesion characterization
Traffic accidents in children
Traffic accidents in the midst of busy municipal transportation in Lodz
The taking of blood for alcohol determination within the framework of traffic law (Swiss practice)
The taking of blood for alcohol determination within the framework of traffic law--according to German practice
The taking of blood for alcohol determination within the framework of traffic law
The time-threshold of color perception in color blind drivers
The use of a method of sequential mathematical analysis for the differential diagnosis of trauma from a fall from a height and of trauma due to the collision of a moving automobile with a pedestrian by the chest injuries
The visual field in a car
The wind-screen: tempered or divided? A medico-legal opinion
The windshield: an eye hazard
The woman automobile driver
The road accident is not inevitable
An in vitro study of the accuracy and precision of Breathalyzer models 900, 900A, and 1000
An index of injuries
An industrial aspect of aviation medicine
An information test as a method of increasing the effectiveness and quality of pre-trip medical examinations of locomotive engineers
An information transmission analysis of signal flash rate discriminability
An infrequent cause of diplopia
An instrument for measuring the vibration transmissibility of vehicle seats
An instrument for the determination of ethanol in breath in law-enforcement practice
An integrated approach to the aeromedical investigation of civil aircraft accidents
An integrated display for vertical and translational flight: eight factors affecting pilot performance
Is the raise of the insurance premium for motor vehicle liabilities applicable to present contracts?
Kümmel-Verneuil syndrome apparently following an airplane accident
Medical examination of drivers of motor vehicles
Methods for the prevention of traffic accidents
Occupational rehabilitation of motor vehicle drivers with the sequelae of craniocerebral injuries
Ocular accidents from the breaking of windshields
Ocular homeostasis in working conditions in road and air traffic
Of interest to the physician as automobile driver. New decisions
Of what significance are diseases, intoxication and suicide in fatal traffic accidents?
Old and new trends in the use of the constructive psychotechnic of the artificial horizon and their repercussions on the mental health of student pilots
On sport and aviation medicine
On the effect of temporal conditions on occurrence and results of traffic accidents
On the epileptic's fitness for driving
On the history of naval hygiene from the viewpoint of ship construction techniques
On the importance of neuro-injuries in traffic accidents
On the pathology of the automobile driving license
On the prevention of cold injury in shipwrecks
Zolpidem and driving impairment
On the problem of fitness for motor vehicle driving in unilateral mydriasis
Trends of road traffic accidents in Seurat city
A study on pattern of fatal injuries in road traffic accidents in costal belts of Orissa
Research note: the effectiveness of a year 10 traffic safety programme
An interchangeable, mobile pilot-restraint system, designed for use in high sustained acceleration force fields
An interdisciplinary approach to a trouble-shooting manual for vehicle drivers
An interdisciplinary approach to mobility and safety education for caregivers and stroke patients
An investigation into the feasibility of using the standard Martin-Baker ejection seat systems for underwater escape from ditched aircraft
An investigation of conditions influencing the development of perceptual sets
An investigation of the effect of flying on speech intelligibility in noise
An investigation regarding the use of a dynamic seat-pan display for training and as a device for communicating roll-axis motion information
An objective criterion for apparent motion based on phase discrimination
An objective testing method to determine driving ability
An objective type method of measuring flight performance; development and evaluation in the Naval Air Basic Training Command
An observation tool to study air traffic control and flightdeck collaboration
An olfactory investigation of the compatibility of oddity instructions with the design of a 3-AFC signal detection task
An ophtalmological contribution to the problem of traffic accidents
An optometric service in the field of automobile driving
An ounce of prevention, a pound of cure
An ounce of prevention: checking up on buckling up
An outline for a new approach to the problem of highway accidents
An overview of epilepsy and driving
An overview of fatal traffic accidents in the Eastern Bohemian Region from 1970 to 1974
An overview of public transportation and the elderly: new directions for social policy
An RS-T pattern associated with myocardial injury
An unexpected burden--the safety of air ambulances
An unsuccessful ejection
An unusual air bag-mediated injury
An unusual automobile steering-wheel accident
An unusual case of bronchial obstruction
An unusual case of carbon monoxide poisoning
An unusual case of condylar dislocation
An unusual case of traumatic primary amenorrhoea
An unusual case of tyre damage resulting from a high speed accident
An unusual cause of occupational anaphylaxis occurring in the Army
An unusual example of spontaneous bladder gas
An unusual foreign body. Case report with unbelievable recovery
An unusual fracture of the atlas
An unusual injury of the sigmoid colon produced by seat belt trauma
An unusual intracerebral foreign body associated with eye trauma
An unusual mechanism of limb amputation in a railroad accident
An unusual penetrating injury of the face: report of case
An unusual perversion: the desire to be injured by an automobile operated by a woman
An unusual skull fracture
An unusual suicide--self explosion in the automobile
An unusual traffic injury
An unusual type of mandibular fracture
An urgent need; more fact-finding research for our highway safety programs
ANA update on use of safety seats for children
Analgesia in ambulatory interventions. Effect on traffic fitness
Analgesic drugs and traffic ability. Effects of single and repeated applications of combination of 5-allyl-5-isobutylbarbituric acid, dimethyl aminophenazone and caffeine
Analgesics, benzodiazepines and traffic
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Analysis and evaluation of blood alcohol values found in victims of fatal traffic accidents in the Parma region (1982-1986)
Analysis and treatment of maxillofacial injuries
Analysis for drugs of abuse--some applications and limitations
Analysis of 366 traffic accident fatalities
Analysis of 523 mandibular fractures
Analysis of accident proneness from the viewpoint of the psychologist in the rehabilitation center
Analysis of accidents occurring among school children in the Białystok Province
Analysis of affected body regions in children with multiple injuries
Analysis of annual accident statistics in the district of Mladá Boleslav
Analysis of biomechanical and ergonomic aspects of the cervical spine in F-16 flight situations
Analysis of causes of death in subjects with multiple injuries
Analysis of changes in the pilot population and general aviation accidents
Analysis of crash test and computer aided engineering pulses for airbag sensor development
Analysis of drug involvement in traffic fatalities in Alabama
Analysis of extrinsic factor associated with 379 injuries occurring during 34,236 military parachute descents
A safe route to work? Accident experience of world bank group bike commuters
Bringing you up to speed on sharing the road
Detection and prediction of drowsiness by reflexive eye movements
Event-level analyses of energy drink consumption and alcohol intoxication in bar patrons
Falls, poisonings, burns, and road traffic injuries in urban Peruvian children and adolescents: a community based study
Motor vehicle accidents, a serious health problem in Mexico City
Road Safety in the Political Agenda: the Impact on Road Traffic Injuries
Seasonal variation in hospital admission for road traffic injuries in England: analysis of hospital statistics
The increase in lives saved, injuries prevented, an cost savings if seat belt use rose to at least 90 percent in all States
Abbreviated Injury Scale Scoring in Traffic Fatalities: Comparison of Computerized Tomography and Autopsy
Factors to affect severity of hyperextension injury of cervical spinal cord
Effect of 20 mph traffic speed zones on road injuries in London, 1986-2006: controlled interrupted time series analysis
Analysis of User Equilibrium Traffic Patterns on Bottlenecks with Time-Varying Capacities and their Applications
Mobility Scooters on Loan – A Scheme Complementing the Existing Special Transport Services in London
Toward Sustainable Transport: Conventional and Disruptive Approaches in the U.S. Context
"Safety belts", an effective method of protection
"They don't build 'em like they used to"
"Under the influence"
"Whiplash" injuries of the cervical spine
3 cases of alcohol poisoning; the role of endocrine factors in the hypersensitivity to alcohol
A law enforcement officer looks at intoxication as an accident cause
A new machine for safe mounting and removal of automobile tires
A proposal for examination of ocular adaptation in automobile drivers
A safety test and training school for pilots
A study of alcoholism as an occupational hazard of merchant seamen
A study of the exhaust gases from automobile transportation
A survey of the factors limiting the visual fields of motor vehicle drivers in relation to minimum visual field and visibility standards
Abandonment of ship and shipwreck salvage
Accident proneness in the automobile accident field
Accidents at sea
Accidents in childhood
Accidents in childhood
Accidents in childhood. A survey of 10 years (1949 to 1958)
Administrative legal viewpoints on the problem of reissue of the driver's permit after withdrawal because of illness or injury
Aging and driving
Aging and pilot pertormance
Air evacuation of the psychiatric patient
Aircaft accidents
Alcohol analyses in relation to plane crashes
Alcohol analysis in connection with flight accidents
Alcohol and driving capacities
Alcohol and highway safety
Alcohol and road accidents, report of special B.M.A. committee
Alcohol as a factor in Victorian road collisions
Alcohol, responsibility and traffic crimes
Alcoholemia in relation to traffic accidents
Alcoholic intoxication while driving in the German Federal Republic. Diagnostic tests--prevention--penalties
Alcoholism and traffic accidents
Amphetamine sulfate and performance. A critique
An analysis of 4011 traffic accidents from an ophthalmological viewpoint
An investigation of traffic accident insurance
An Unusual Automobile Injury
Analysis of F4 aircraft day and night carrier approaches
Analysis of facial trauma resulting from traffic accidents
Analysis of fatal accidents among sailing crews on the basis of materials from the Marine Chamber in the light of psychoprophylaxis
Analysis of fatal automotive injuries in the Leningrad region and ways of improving medical services to the injured
Analysis of fatalities in road accidents
Analysis of fractures treated in the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast, in 1972, with special reference to gunshot wounds and bomb blast injuries
Analysis of human factors in aircraft accidents
Analysis of injuries incurred during emergency ejection-extraction combat and noncombat
Analysis of maxillofacial injuries in traffic accidents
Analysis of medical factors in fatal aircraft accidents in 1965
Analysis of medical factors in fatal aircraft accidents
Analysis of mental characteristics of air traffic controllers in relation to their age
Analysis of modern road transportation traumatism and the ways to improve medical care for the victims
Analysis of mortality in highway causalities
Analysis of motorized bicycle accidents--treated at the Emergency Clinic of the Occupational Association in Frankfurt am Main 1977 to 1980
An integrated platform to assess driver's physiological and functional states
Analyzing motorists’ responses to temporary signage in highway work zones
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The Case for Universal Motorcycle Helmet Laws
Transportation policy and injury control
Who owns the roads? How motorised traffic discourages walking and bicycling
The Effect of the 1997 Texas Motorcycle Helmet Law on Motorcycle Crash Fatalities
Motor vehicle crashes in diabetic patients with tight glycemic control: a population-based case control analysis
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Analysis of pilot assessment of workload
Analysis of pilot errors in wave-off during landing
Analysis of recreational off-road vehicle accidents resulting in spinal cord injury
Analysis of road accidents, 1967, treated at the General Hospital, Outram Road
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Analysis of the fatal outcome of traffic injuries in hospitals
Analysis of the injuries in road traffic accidents in a provincial center
Analysis of the mechanism of tibial injury in cases of automobile-pedestrian collisions
Analyses of school commuting data for exposure modeling purposes
Analysis of the vibration of motor scooters and the problems of the vibration protection of the driver
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Analysis of traffic injuries of the lower extremities
Analysis of USAF undershoot and overshoot accidents, 1960-1964
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Determinants of safety helmet use among motorcyclists in Kerala, India
Traffic speed zones and road injuries
Evaluation of a designated driver intervention to prevent alcohol-related road accidents in the clubs of Milan, Italy
Physical factors of the industrial environment and traffic safety
Ankle and foot injuries in an aircraft crash
A comparison between a child-size PMHS and the Hybrid III 6 YO in a sled frontal impact
A Study of Impairing Injuries in Real World Crashes Using the Injury Impairment Scale (IIS) and the Predicted Functional Capacity Index (PFCI-AIS)
Abdominal Injuries in Belt-Positioning Booster Seats
Comparison of injury severity between AIS 2005 and AIS 1990 in a large injury database
Cost of crashes related to road conditions, United States, 2006
Differential Rollover Risk in Vehicle-to-Traffic Barrier Collisions
Dynamic Biomechanics of the Human Head in Lateral Impacts
Finite Element Modeling of Human Placental Tissue
How many people are injured and killed as a result of aging? Frailty, fragility, and the elderly risk-exposure trade-off
Identifying critical road geometry parameters affecting crash rate and crash type
NASS/CDS Delta-V Estimates: The Influence of Enhancements to the WinSmash Crash Reconstruction Code
Performance Evaluation of Child Safety Seats in Far-Side Lateral Sled Tests at Varying Speeds
Police referral of drivers to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Admininstration’s medical advisory board
PTSD Six Months After Severe Vehicular Crashes
Rear Seat Occupant Thorax Protection in Near Side Impacts
Splenic Trauma as an Adverse Effect of Torso-Protecting Side Airbags: Biomechanical and Case Evidence
The Effect of Obesity on the Restraint of Automobile Occupants
The Evaluation of the Safety Benefits of Combined Passive and On-Board Active Safety Applications
The Potential for Further Development of Passive Safety
U.S. motor vehicle fatality trends in young Latino males
A summary: 'The role of alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs in the accidents of injured drivers.'
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Bartender Alcohol Awareness Program
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Limitations on deterring the drinking driver
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Risk and alcohol lifestyle advertising
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Social action and the current state of knowledge in treating drinking-drivers
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Testing the impaired driver: The Los Angeles Police Department approach
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The Economy and Its Effect on Drinking/Driving
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The first offender: What is to be done? The San Diego County experience under new law
Traffic accidents and drunken driving: The problem as seen in public opinion polls
What works? Some observations about the evaluation of DUI programs
Trends in problem driving behavior in Los Angeles County and California
Training in intervention procedures: A prevention program
Comment: A multidisciplinary motorcycle safety initiative
A multidisciplinary motorcycle safety initiative
Adolescent vulnerability to PTSD and effects of community-based intervention: Longitudinal study among adolescent survivors of the Ehime Maru sea accident
Are Effects from a Brief Multiple Behavior Intervention for College Students Sustained Over Time?
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Analysis of factors associated with traffic injury severity on rural roads in Iran
Disruptions in Functional Network Connectivity During Alcohol Intoxicated Driving
Estimating the morbidity profile amongst Colombian civil aviation personnel
Healthcare and Medical Graduates of 2009: Their Reactions to Four Key Proposals in the Scottish Government's Strategy for Tackling Alcohol Misuse
Submandibular gland injury and delayed airway compromise caused by a seat belt
The effect of air bags on pregnancy outcomes in Washington state: 2002-2005
Road safety in drivers with Parkinson disease
Performance-based regulation: Enterprise responsibility for reducing death, injury, and disease caused by consumer products
Blast Injuries of Large Tyres: Case Series
Demographic characteristics of 38 patients injured in motor vehicle accidents referred by chiropractors to physiatrists
Motorcycle-related trauma in Alberta: a sad and expensive story
Pediatric abdominal injury patterns generated by lap belt loading
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Preventive interventions in nightlife: a review
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Relationships between drinking onset, alcohol use intensity, and nighttime risk behaviors in a college bar district
Social Capital in an Outdoor Recreation Context
Drinking and driving: a decrease in executive frontal functions in young drivers with high blood alcohol concentration
Estimation of vehicle speed using wayside sound pressure onset rate
My older sibling was drunk - Younger siblings' drunkenness in relation to parental monitoring and the parent-adolescent relationship
Prognostic significance of lower extremity long bone fractures after automobile versus pedestrian injuries
Ruptured gallbladder: delayed presentation after motor vehicle collision
On the significance of carbon monoxide in cigarette smoking in an automobile
On the situation of injuries at the accident site and on transport
On the subject of causes and prevention of automobile accidents
Ophthalmologic side effects of some drugs with special reference to traffic regulations in Hungary
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Ophthalmological problems at automobile driving by night
Opinions on medical certification procedures for driving and diabetes presented by occupational medicine and diabetology experts
Opioids and driving ability -- a problem unsolved?
Organization of emergency services on the Francorchamps automobile course
Organization of health protection of drivers in Yugoslavia
Otorhinolaryngological-specific complaints after injuries caused by a serious auto-accident
Paroxysmal cardiac arrhythmias and automobile driving capability
Pathological diagnosis in fatal injuries
Pedestrian traffic injuries--estimation of the speed of the colliding vehicle based on the extent of injuries in the pedestrian
Pedestrian traffic injuries
Pelvic fractures of seat belted car occupants
Perimetry findings and driving performance. How much visual field does a motorist need?
Permanent electro-therapy of the heart (pacemaker) and its significance to road traffic
Phenobarbital and driving skill
Physical and psychologic conditions for automobile driving
Physician and road traffic
Physician and traffic safety
Physician's role in the prevention of traffic accidents among elderly drivers is of significance
Physio-pathological effects of changes in time on flying personnel in civil aviation
Planimetric registration of the visual field
Polytrauma in automobile drivers--on the coincidence of adolescents and the elderly
Polytrauma is more severe after a free fall from a height than after a motor vehicle accident
Position of the czech society of forensic medicine and forensic toxicology on evaluation of the effect of addictive substances other than alcohol on drivers (drugs)
Possibilities of driver fitness diagnosis and training using a stationary training car
Posttraumatic stress disorder (psychiatric injury) after road traffic accidents in forensic medicine: a primary study
Potentials of monocular augmented reality technology in automobile production
Predisposition to airplane accidents investigated with the Rorschach test
Pregnancy and traffic accident. A case report
The prevalence of seatbelt usage among university lecturers
The prevention of body injuries in traffic accidents
The problems of medical expertise in cases of automobile driver examination of epileptics
The psychophysiological aspects of the status, behavior and activities of people in foci of disasters and catastrophes
The road, the automobile and the road user
The role of accident size in the risk-overestimation phenomenon
The role of aeriform toxic causes of the flight environment in the determinism of air accidents
The one-eyed in the automobile industry
The person who commits traffic violations and his rehabilitation
The person who commits traffic violations and his rehabilitation
Prevalence of driving motor vehicles and cognitive impairment in people older than 74 years
Prevalence of impaired carbohydrate metabolism among public transport drivers
Prevalence of sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome among long-haul professional drivers
Prevention of accidents and infections during travel. Simple protective measures may avert the risks
Prevention of arterial hypertension in automobile transport workers and ways of reducing traffic accidents
Prevention of eye diseases and injuries from the viewpoint of care and safety of railroad workers
Prevention of traffic accidents by physician's consultation
Prevention of traffic accidents
Preventive measures in accidents in childhood
Principles and scale of automobile driver tests
Problems and experiences concerning the ability to drive from the viewpoint of neurology and traffic medicine
Problems in evaluation of health ability of drivers of motor vehicles
Problems in obtaining a driver's license in remote areas
Problems in ordering a blood specimen collection according to section 81a of the criminal code
Problems in the occupational rehabilitation of drivers with combined injuries of the tubular bones and brain
Problems of automobile traffic in Japan
Problems of driving ability in patients of the dental emergency service
Problems posed by vision disorders in automobile drivers
Professional discretion and traffic safety
Professional personality of the pilot
Professional secrecy and traffic safety
Prognosis of sleep apnea syndrome: prognosis and social problems
Prognostic value of studying personality traits of civil aviation pilots
Protective air bags in traffic accidents. Change in the injury pattern and reduction in the severity of injuries
Testimony value of the results of quantitative barbiturate determinations in serum
The physician as an automobile driver
Report on medico-legal data from the mass-investigation performed by the medico-legal society of Japan (xiv). autopsy cases of traffic accidents in Japan (1990-1994). Planning and development committee of the medico-legal society of Japan
Report on the interpretation of the ophthalmologic examination of automobile drivers in view of the quality of the refraction studies
Report on traffic casualties and their sequelae in the city and district of Uherské Hradistĕ
Repression and prevention in regard to persons who commit traffic violations
Public health hazards and vertigo
Pulse frequency changes in automobile drivers during various driving conditions
Pupillography for the assessment of driver sleepiness
Quantitative trauma mechanics in pelvic fracture
Questioning the ability to drive in patients with cognitive disorders
Radioelectrocardiography of automobile drivers on testing circuit. Preliminary findings
Railroad catastrophe at Odense the 10th of August
Railroad suicides and attempted suicides in Austria 1990-1994: Extending the hypothesis mass media transmission of suicidal behavior
Railway crossing accidents and the dead angle
Railway spine and traumatic neuroses--the psyche and the spinal cord
Psychopharmaca with particular consideration of their influence on efficiency in traffic
Psychopharmaceutical agents and traffic
Psychophysiological job selection for various categories of driving work
Psychoses and driving fitness--development of criteria for clinical assessment
On the problem of preventing injuries on board ships of the fishing industry fleet
On the protection of the population in the vicinity of airports from aviation noises
The premature ageing indices among professional drivers
The physician as automobile driver
Zaleplon and driving impairment
Zero-gravity maneuver instruments and instrumentation
On the railway accident in Kastel-Stari
Psychiatric aspects of traffic accidents
Psychiatric evaluation of the ability to drive motor vehicles
Psychiatric research of the ability to drive after driving under influence of alcohol: Offender characteristic description and recommendations for prevention
Psychiatric studies on driving ability (examination for driver licenses)
Psychoactive substances and driving: which approach?
Psychological and psychiatric elements involved in the ability to drive motor vehicles professionally (road traffic)
Psychological causes and consequences of childhood accidents
Psychological sequelae of accidents. Symptoms are seldom recognized
Psychopathologic syndromes in Air Force flight instructors
Reaction behavior and driving fitness. Review
Reaction performance, motor coordination performance and findings in hypertensive patients under diisopropylamine and reserpine therapy
Red light for cockpit lighting. Results of an inquiry and some experiments
Reducing automobile and tractor noise
Reduction of the noise of railway traffic and of rheostat tests of Diesel locomotives
Reflections on 18 cases of fatal accidents in children studied within the framework of the "react" program
Relation between the effect of alcohol and blood alcohol concentration in drivers
Relations between collision speed, car damage, fractures and distance of projection in fifty cases of pedestrian-car accidents
Relationship between drivers' work time and conduct of driving
Relevance of a driving simulator in the assessment of handicapped individuals
Responsibility of psychotropic drugs in road accidents
Responsibility of the dentist for the patient's ability to cope with traffic
Results of a health survey on air transport of Italian parachutists
Results of crush-tests and their forensic-medical significance
Retrospective study of a method of automobile driving evaluation in adult mental health
Review and prospective on the epidemiology of road traffic accidents in China
Revoking the driver's license, assessment of driver competence, re-education and therapy in alcohol offenses: approaches to a necessary reorientation
Right and obligation of the physician to report patients incapacitated to drive automobiles
Risk factors in traffic accidents
Risk of accident due to hypersomnia: relevance for sleep medicine
Risk of injuries among older drivers
Risks and dangers of maritime traffic with boats with nuclear propulsion
Road safety and the authorities
Road traffic injury--a global public health problem
Role of drivers' epilepsy in traffic accidents
Role of the ophthalmologist in the prevention of traffic accidents
Role of the physician in the prevention of traffic accidents
Roller skating accidents. A dangerous game on the road
Roller skating injuries
Safety belts for motorists, mode of action and requirements
Safety equipment for children in cars
Safety problems of occupational activity during alcoholic intoxication
Schizophrenia and driving capacity
Seat-belt syndrome: Is "securing" children in back seats of cars exclusively with a lap belt defensible?
Seating problems of watchmen on seagoing ships
Seizures and traffic risks
Self esteem, affectivity perception, aims, and risk behaviors among teenagers of both sexes
Self-reported substance abuse related emergencies: frequency and nature
Several reliable legal regulations of East German legislation in relation to the forensic medicine specialty
Severe injuries following road traffic accidents with registered motor vehicles among the inhabitants of the municipality of Odense 1990-1999
Severe perforating eye injury caused by an air bag in a traffic skid accident
Should established dangerousness be considered when judging driving under influence?
Sick elderly in the traffic--an increasing risk?
Significance of acoustic signals in navigation
Significance of alcohol and alcoholism in psychomedicine of traffic
Significance of fatal accidents in 0- to 25-year-old persons
Significance of psychological personality testing of motor vehicle drivers in the traffic safety system
Significance, detection and evaluation of the effect of alcohol in traffic accidents
Significance, determination and evaluation of effects of alcohol in traffic cases
Skull impression fracture in childhood--causes and therapy
Sleep and accident risk
Sleep apnea and risk of traffic accidents
Sleepiness and driving
Sleepiness and fatal traffic accidents
Sleepiness and fatal traffic accidents
Sleepiness attacks while driving: adverse effects of new antiparkinson drugs
Sleepy drivers have a high frequency of traffic accidents related to respiratory effort-related arousals
Smog and traffic accident
Smoking and nonfatal traffic accidents
Social hygiene characteristics of traumatism in preschoolers
Socioecological determinants of the risk of accidents in young pedestrians
Some drugs dangerous for drivers
Some medical and legal problems in abnormally high concentration of alcohol in the blood
Spinal cord injuries in infants and juveniles
Spinal cord injuries in infants in traffic accidents
Spinal cord lesions in whiplash injuries of the cervical spine
Standard for physical examination of aircraft pilots
Statistical approach to the validity of a diurnal cycle with periods of 4-6 hours
Statistical evaluation of visual acuity in owners of class 3 driving licenses
Statistical record of an auxiliary hospital's cases in travel accident trauma
Statistical studies on the effect of alcohol, drugs and accompanying diseases on driving ability
Statistics on the injuries by traffic accidents
Steady car engine noise does not affect the cognitive abilities of sleep apnea syndrome patients
Studies of sites of the highest incidence of accidents in 5 rural and 5 metropolitan areas, possibilities of reducing the hazards by providing emergency vehicles for physician
Studies of the value of an exercise test in determination of fitness for sport parachuting
Studies on the influence of automobile vibration to the human body
Studies on the question of urinary catecholamine excretion as criterion of emotional stress under various environmental conditions. Vibration load, presentation of motion pictures and examination periods
Studies on the relationship between depth perception and accidents of professional drivers and its treatment
Study of eye adaptation to darkness in drivers of motor vehicles
Study on assessments of injury grade in 203 cases of traffic accident
Study on injuries from emergency departments in 25 general hospitals
Study on risk factors involving train traffic accidents--effects of human factors on accidents
Driving under the influence of alcohol. 6. The legislation in operation in various countries
Psychobiological errors of man in traffic
Blood alcohol and traffic accidents
Experimental research on circulation in normal motorcar drivers under various driving conditions
Automobile accidents as social scourge number 1 in France
Aviation medical problems of weightlessness
Aviation medicine problem of weightlessness
Suicide after involuntary pseudo-homicide in a traffic accident
Suitability to the specific task of drivers suffering from hypertension
Supersonic "boom". Its nature and its effects
Supersonic booms. A current problem
Survey of driving during the influence in Sweden: even a low blood level of alcohol can indicate alcohol problems
Syncope and professional driving: the role of the occupational physician
Tasks of the traffic policeman
The aged driver
The assessment of anxiety levels in patients with posttraumatic stress disorder
The assessment of mental disturbances (mental illness) as a qualifying sign of the severity of bodily injuries
The automobile clinic
The changes of pilot's cardiac rhythm indices and components of his operator's activity during modeling flight situations
The choice of piloting in military air services as a motivational factor of a neurotic compensatory character
The comparison on cause and treatment of injuries between two types of emergency department among 25 hospitals
The contribution of blood anticonvulsant determination to the evaluation of fitness to drive in epileptics
The contribution of cognitive and psychomotor evaluation tools to the assessment of driving potential
The crash of the US Dakota in 1946
Substances other than alcohol found in the blood among Danish road-users during a week in 1996
The prevalence of anterior tooth trauma in children 6 to 11 years old
The dependence of visual acuity of the partially color blind on the color of the light. A simple method for the determination of disorders of color vision
The detection of the sleep apnea syndrome in a population of professional drivers
The diagnosis of the types of automobile-caused trauma by the nature of the injuries to the internal abdominal organs
The diagnosis of trauma to the human body from being run over by automobile wheels
The driving simulation test "carsim" for assessing vigilance. Effect of driving practice and other factors in health subjects and in patients with sleep apnea syndrome
The dynamics of fatigue of railway dispatchers during day and night shifts
The effect of age on driving capability, evaluated by psychotechnical exams
The effect of caffeine on the electroretinogram in man
The effect of drivers' health status on the occurrence of traffic accidents
The effect of heliogeophysical parameters on the ecological situation
The effect of industrial noise on the audiotry organs in conductors and railway car inspectors
The neurological and psychological aspect of the problem of traffic medicine. The influence of modern psychopharmacological agents on attitudes of drivers
The photochromatic eyeglasses of the motorist
The physician as driver. Safer but also reasonable driving with spikes
The physician's automobile
The effect of magnitopuncture stimulation on HRV during simulated driving under vibration conditions
The effect of the work performed by an air traffic control inspector on the organism
The effect of vibration of railroad transport on vestibular chronaxy
The elderly and automobile driving
The elderly as accident victims--an overview
The elderly driver's perception of risk: do older drivers still express comparative optimism?
The environment and health protection of the child
The epidemiological aspects of head trauma due to road accidents. The cases of a hospital emergency service
The evaluation of excessive daytime sleepiness in taxi drivers
The evaluation of the relative danger of various traffic violations
The examination on fitness for driving at darkness with the mesoptometer
The exposure of man to altitude when flying: from Paul Bert to today
The factual leaving of the scene of an accident in German, Austrian and Swiss law
The forensic medical diagnosis of the types of vehicle-caused trauma by using mathematical methods and programming systems
The human factor in accidents
The human factor in aviation accidents
The hypoglycemia complex of symptoms in traffic
The influence of highly intensive aviation noise on hemodynamic indices in air forces engineering-and-technical staff
The influence of transportation mode on mortality in polytraumatized patients. An analysis based on the German Trauma Registry
The influencing of driving performance by an intermediate tranquilizer. Objectifying studies
The internal safety of the cars--how safe are they?
The medical record of the 1st transport of traffic casualties
Study on the mortality of injury in Chinese population in urban and rural areas from 1990 to 1997
Drug influences on the visual organs and traffic
Habituation to monocular depth perception
Current recommendations on the evaluation of the impact of opioids on driving ability
Driving ability under opioids: current assessment of published studies
Effects of psychoactive drugs on car driving ability
Influence of opioids on the psychomotor ability of patients in chronic pain
Medicolegal aspects of driving ability and discussion of study methods
Mental impairment caused by pain: behavioral indicators and cerebral correlates
Needs and expectations of patients during pain treatment
The "Driving under the Influence of Drugs, Alcohol and Medicines" (DRUID) project of the European Commission
Opioids and driving ability: two incompatible contrasts?
Cycling in Zagreb
Validity and reliability of a school travel survey
Health among teenagers and young adults
Effects of moclobemide and mianserin on highway driving, psychometric performance and subjective parameters, relative to placebo
Alcohol breath tests and breath deodorization by chlorophyll derivatives
Breath tests for alcohol
Emission controls on cars and accidental deaths from car exhaust
Suicide in the Hong Kong subway
Effect of passenger position on fear of danger experienced during sudden bus stops
Evaluation of a sudden brake warning system: Effect on the response time of the following driver
Geocoding police collision report data from California: a comprehensive approach
Securing the safety of our most precious cargo: SAFE KIDS
Working Memory, Cues, and Wayfinding in Older Women
Authority relationships between obedience and disobedience
The Concentration of Apparent Endogenous Ethanol
Criminal and legal responsibilities in Tourette's syndrome
Differential Vertical Visual Latency as Determined with a Simultaneity Paradigm
Economic and cultural correlates of road-traffic accident fatality rates in OECD countries
Eye health of professional drivers of a Nigerian University
Possible insomnia predicts some risky behaviors among adolescents when controlling for depressive symptoms
The Functional Anatomy of a Perceptual Decision in the Human Brain
The requirements and challenges in prevention of road traffic injury in Iran: A qualitative study
Changes in the Prevalence of Mobility Limitations and Mobile Life Expectancy of Older Adults in Singapore, 1995-2005
Sleep disorders and the ability to drive, revision of legislation
Identifying optimal data aggregation interval sizes for link and corridor travel time estimation and forecasting
2 cases of diabetes insipidus following head injuries in traffic accidents
A Multiple Criteria Decision-Making Approach for Prioritizing Accident Hotspots in the Absence of Crash Data
A traffic analysis zone definition: a new methodology and algorithm
An analysis of bicycle route choice preferences in Texas, USA
How do other people influence your driving speed? Exploring the 'who' and the 'how' of social influences on speeding from a qualitative perspective
Professional and non-professional drivers' stress reactions and risky driving
The development of hazard perception: Dissociation of visual orientation and hazard processing
Commuting by Bicycle: An Overview of the Literature
Analysis of effects of driver/vehicle characteristics on acceleration noise using GPS-equipped vehicles
Comparative analysis of household car, motorcycle and bicycle ownership between Osaka metropolitan area, Japan and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Mobile phone use while driving: An investigation of the beliefs influencing drivers' hands-free and hand-held mobile phone use
Disentangling the influence of neighborhood type and self-selection on driving behavior: an application of sample selection model
The use of a hazard-based duration model for imputation of missing personal income data
Two-phase driver education models applied in Finland and in Austria: Do we have evidence to support the two phase models?
Using census aggregates to proxy for household characteristics: an application to vehicle ownership
Who is the typical bicyclist?
Graduated driver licensing policy in the Great Lakes states: current benefits and future potential
Deadly partners: interdependence of alcohol and trauma in the clinical setting
Externalities from alcohol consumption in the 2005 US National Alcohol Survey: implications for policy
Participation of metropolitan, urban and rural community-dwelling older adults
Adolescent, and their parents, attitudes towards graduated driver licensing and subsequent risky driving and crashes in young adulthood
Motor vehicle collisions involving child pedestrians in eThekwini in 2007
Preventing Traffic Injuries: Strategies That Work
A finite element model of region-specific response for mild diffuse brain injury
A method to estimate one's own blood alcohol concentration when the ministerial tables are not available
Acute stress symptoms, dissociation, and depression among rescue personnel 24 hours after the Bet-Yehoshua train crash in Israel:the effect of gender
All terrain vehicle loss of control events in agriculture: contribution of pitch, roll and velocity
Bladder rupture after minor accidental trauma: case reports and a review of the literature
Characteristics of motor resonance predict the pattern of flash-lag effects for biological motion
Unintentional injury outcomes secondary to pedestrian traffic crashes: a descriptive analysis from a major medical center
Experimental study of blast-induced traumatic brain injury using a physical head model
Lower extremity injury criteria for evaluating military vehicle occupant injury in underbelly blast events
Mobile phone use while cycling: incidence and effects on behaviour and safety
Nonbattle injury among deployed troops: an epidemiologic study
The role of the health sector on road traffic injuries
Comparison of kinematic responses of the head and spine for children and adults in low-speed frontal sled tests
Impact response of restrained PMHS in frontal sled tests: skeletal deformation patterns under seat belt loading
Rear seat occupant safety: an investigation of a progressive force-limiting, pretensioning 3-point belt system using adult PMHS in frontal sled tests
Structural characterization of human rib cage behavior under dynamic loading
ES2 neck injury assessment reference values for lateral loading in side facing seats
Uncovering Residual Effects of Chronic Sleep Loss on Human Performance
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Discreet discrete commands for assistive and neuroprosthetic devices
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Handlebar herniation: a case of near missed abdominal injury
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Are Youth-Only Motorcycle Helmet Laws Better Than None at All?
Evaluating the effectiveness of a road safety education intervention for pre-drivers: An application of the theory of planned behaviour
Road traffic crash circumstances and consequences among young unlicensed drivers: A Swedish cohort study on socioeconomic disparities
Social host liability for minors and underage drunk-driving accidents
Increased cannabinoids concentrations found in specimens from fatal aviation accidents between 1997 and 2006
Motor Vehicle Occupants, Neck Injuries, and Seat Belt Utilization: A 5-Year Study of Fatalities in New York City
Terrorism-related injuries versus road traffic accident-related trauma: 5 years of experience in Israel
Quality assurance in road traffic analyses in Switzerland
A case of traumatic rupture of the isthmus of the thoracic aorta, operated successfully 8 hours after the accident
A color vision criterium for automobile drivers and new examination methods (Wilczek's lamp)
A contribution to the surgical management of mass casualties. (analysis of the surgical management of victims of the Tetovo traffic accident in July of 1962)
A controlled study of fatal automobile accidents in New York City
A country doctor's view of accident organization and emergency care
A fall from 1000 meters
A few socio-medical aspects of railway medicine
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A historical review of the bubble theory of the etiology of decompression sickness as related to high altitude exposure
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A method for measuring some components of the pursuit rotor skill
A new look at whiplash injuries
A new view of aviation psychology
A note concerning accident theory and research with special reference to motor vehicle accidents
Cognitive and Personality Determinants of Post-injury Driving Fitness
Fatal accidents and non-fatal injuries amongst seamen in Iceland 2001-2005
Paying for Transportation
Postmortem CT examination with 3D reconstruction in cases referring to casualties of traffic accidents
The complex network of global cargo ship movements
The priorities of elderly patients suffering from dizziness: A qualitative study
The relationship of cognitive retraining to neurological patients' driving status: The role of process variables and compensation training
Varying Target Prevalence Reveals Two Dissociable Decision Criteria in Visual Search
Injury risk curves for the WorldSID 50th male dummy
Latent tricuspid valve rupture after motor vehicle accident and routine echocardiography in all chest-wall traumas
Permanent atrioventricular block after a motor vehicle accident
Predicting the effects of muscle activation on knee, thigh, and hip injuries in frontal crashes using a finite-element model with muscle forces from subject testing and musculoskeletal modeling
Prognosticative Extensions and Enhancements to Existing Practices: a Biomechanical PEEEP Show into the Future
Protection of rear seat occupants in frontal crashes, controlling for occupant and crash characteristics
The tolerance of the femoral shaft in combined axial compression and bending loading
Relative Benefits of Population-Level Interventions Targeting Restraint-Use in Child Car Passengers
Severe neurological decompression sickness in a U-2 pilot
The active city? Disparities in provision of urban public recreation resources
The clinical impact of health behaviors on emergency department visits
The effect of angle on the chest injury outcome in side loading
The effects of posture and subject-to-subject variations on the position, shape and volume of abdominal and thoracic organs
The impact of risk-averse operation on the likelihood of extreme events in a simple model of infrastructure
Transportation Difficulty of Black and White Rural Older Adults
Driven By Distraction
A Feasibility Study on Friction for Winter Road Management
Accommodating Pedestrians with Visual Impairments In and Around Work Zones
Application and Integration of Lattice Data Analysis, Network K-Functions, and Geographic Information System Software to Study Ice-Related Crashes
Application of Bayesian Statistics to Identify Highway Sections with Atypically High Rates of Median-Crossing Crashes
Drugs of Abuse, Driving and Traffic Safety
Effectiveness of Motorcycle Training and Licensing
Effects of Cognitive and Perceptual Loads on Driver Behavior
Examining Application of Aggregated and Disaggregated Poisson-Gamma Models Subjected to Low Sample Mean Bias
Facial trauma in geriatric patients in a selected Malaysian hospital
Fatal Wrong-Way Collisions on New Mexico's Interstate Highways, 1990-2004
Impact of Narrower Lane Width
Impaired Motorcycle Operation: Evaluation of Riders Helping Riders Program
Investigating accident causation through information network modelling
Methodology for Counting Pedestrians at Intersections: Use of Automated Counters to Extrapolate Weekly Volumes from Short Manual Counts
Pedestrian Crosswalks at Midblock Locations: Fuzzy Logic Solution to Existing Signal Operations
All-terrain vehicle accidents at a level II trauma center in Indiana: an 8-year retrospective review
Analysis of Effects of LED Rectangular Rapid-Flash Beacons on Yielding to Pedestrians in Multilane Crosswalks
Assessing and Influencing Driver Attitudes in the United Kingdom
Automated Analysis of Pedestrian-Vehicle Conflicts Using Video Data
Brief communication: Transportation and trauma: Dog-sledding and vertebral compression in Alaskan Eskimos
Bayesian Multivariate Poisson Lognormal Models for Crash Severity Modeling and Site Ranking
Characterizing Urban Traffic Exposures Using Transportation Planning Tools: An Illustrated Methodology for Health Researchers
Can Driving Simulators Contribute to Solving Critical Issues in Geometric Design?
Comparison of Risk Taking in Moped and Motorcycle Crashes
Driving Behaviors, Risk Perceptions, and Stress: An Examination of Military Personnel During Wartime Deployment
Pilot Model for Estimating Pedestrian Intersection Crossing Volumes
Reduction of Pedestrian Fatalities, Injuries, Conflicts, and Other Surrogate Measures in Miami-Dade, Florida
Spatial Autocorrelation and Bayesian Spatial Statistical Method for Analyzing Intersections Prone to Injury Crashes
Hand-Held Cellphone Laws and Collision Claim Frequencies
Visual Analytics for Transportation Incident Data Sets
The visual subsystem concept and spacecraft illumination
The resorption of ethanol in the coupled convection-diffusion system of the circulation
Driving performance under antidepressants: Do selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors impair driving performance less than tricyclic antidepressants?
Lesions by traumatism in Mexico: End to the negligence
Analysis of the mortality by road accidents in Monterrey City: Strategies to implement. (Editorial)
Epidemiology of trauma in Mexico City
Development of an Abdominal Deformation Measuring System for Hybrid III Dummy
Gaming Simulation to Pretest Operant-Based Community Interventions: Urban-Transportation Example
Socioeconomic differences in road traffic injuries
Comfort and efficiency of the driver's seat
Deportation and driving: felony DUI and reckless driving as crimes of violence following Leocal v. Ashcroft
Adolescent and Young Adult Crash Risk: Sensation Seeking, Substance Use Propensity and Substance Use Behaviors
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Alcohol-impaired drivers involved in fatal crashes, by gender and state, 2007-2008
Bouncing of a Vehicle on an Irregularity: A Mathematical Model
Characteristics of motor vehicle accidents in the Herzegovina region
Factors associated with recovery expectations following vehicle collision: a population-based study
Forensic Kinesiology: Foundations of an Interdiscipline for Accident/Crime Investigation
Methamphetamine and driving
Safety Effectiveness of HAWK Pedestrian Treatment
Trends in drug use of Scottish drivers arrested under Section 4 of the Road Traffic Act--a 10 year review
990 cases of head injury in traffic accidents and comments on surgery on them
Adolescent Motor Vehicle Crash Risk: What's Needed to Understand and Reduce the Risk?
All-terrain vehicle safety and use patterns in central Illinois youth
Assessment of the alcohol use disorders identification test (AUDIT) to detect problem drinkers
Binge Drinking in Adolescents and Young Adults
Changing paradigms of seat belt and air bag injuries: what we have learned in the past 3 decades
Development of a bespoke human factors taxonomy for gliding accident analysis and its revelations about highly inexperienced UK glider pilots
Effect of Headlight Swivel Angle on Driver Behavior to Avoid Conflict with Pedestrians Approaching from the Right
Evaluation of Pedestrian Safety Educational Program for Elementary and Middle School Children
Human Factors Measurement for Future Air Traffic Control Systems
Impact of Incremental Increases in Cognitive Workload on Physiological Arousal and Performance in Young Adult Drivers
Influence of Driver Distractions on the Likelihood of Rear-End, Angular, and Single-Vehicle Crashes in Missouri
Intrafamilial Transmission of Driving Behavior
Increased cardiac death or decreased motor vehicle accidents?
Influence of Individual Perceptions and Bicycle Infrastructure on Decision to Bike
Immediate Recall of Driver Warnings in Forward Collision Warning Scenarios
Managing emergencies and abnormal situations in air traffic control (part I): Taskwork strategies
Managing emergencies and abnormal situations in air traffic control (part II): Teamwork strategies
Methodology to Analyze Adaptation in Driving Simulators
New Approach to Modeling Mixed Traffic Containing Motorcycles in Urban Areas
Missed opportunities: under-detection of trauma in elderly adults involved in motor vehicle crashes
Perception of Waiting Time at Signalized Intersections
Predictors of road traffic accident, road traffic injury and death among commercial motorcyclists in an urban area of Nigeria
Pedestrian and Bicyclist Exposure to Risk: Methodology for Estimation in an Urban Environment
Pedestrian Scramble Operations: Pilot Study in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Secondary tasks impair adaptation to step- and gradual-visual displacements
Simulation of motorcycle crashes with w-beam guardrail: injury patterns and analysis
Text Messaging During Simulated Driving
The Effect of Active Versus Passive Training Strategies on Improving Older Drivers’ Scanning in Intersections
The use of conspicuity aids by cyclists and risk of crashes involving other road users: a protocol for a population based case-control study
Urban-rural disparities in injury mortality in China, 2006
Adolescent use of helmets moped riders in the city of Gerona, Spain, 2006
Human risk factors and injuries due to road accidents: analysis of current data
Traffic medicine expert opinions in otorhinolaryngology : Current aspects
A national plan for physical activity: the enabling role of the built environment
An Experimental Study on the Effect of Slope on the Critical Velocity in Tunnel Fires
Congestion road tax and physical activity