Fatal injury in tree felling and related activities, Victoria, Australia 1992-2007
Initial community response to a childhood drowning prevention programme in a rural setting in Bangladesh
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Injuries on farms - the role of the community based health worker in documenting data
Farm injuries in the Western Cape -- findings from a hospital-based study
An overview of The Rural Injury Surveillance Study (RISS II)
Dating violence: a comparison of rural, suburban, and urban teens
Farm work exposure of older male farmers in Saskatchewan
Determinants of childhood burns in rural Bangladesh: A nested case-control study
"Safety for agricultural educators": evaluation of an intervention to enhance awareness of agricultural hazards
A family outbreak of acute organophosphate poisoning: a diagnostic challenge
A model for safety and health promotion among Danish farmers
Adventures in beekeeping
Adventures in beekeeping
Anhydrous ammonia injuries
Approaching actionable farm safety programs
Assessment of farmers' acceptance of veterinarians as human health advocates
Case histories of insect- or arachnid-caused human illness
Case report: agrichemicals complicating emergency helicopter transport of a farm worker
Characteristics of children's agricultural tasks in Hmong farming communities
Child labor issues in the international setting
Comparison of farmers in the agricultural health study to the 1992 and the 1997 censuses of agriculture
Contact dermatitis in agriculture
Contributing factors to engulfments in on-farm grain storage bins: 1980 through 2001
Cultural effectiveness in research: a summary report of a panel session entitled "Engaging Populations at Risk"
Demographics, employment, income, and networks: differential characteristics of rural populations
Do economic stresses influence child work hours on family farms?
Epidemiologic studies in agricultural populations: observations and future directions
Epidemiological perspectives on childhood agricultural injuries within the United States
Epidemiology, surveillance, and prevention of farm tractor overturn fatalities
Estimated risk of death among employees in agriculture and agriculture-related industries in Georgia, 1985-1994
Farmer assessment of the certified safe farm program
Farming-related caustic ingestion by a 2-year-old: innocent play with costly results
Fire ant anaphylaxis: two critical cases in South Carolina
Health and safety issues relating to Maine's fishing industry
Health effects of pesticide use among Indonesian women farmers: Part I: Exposure and acute health effects
Interdisciplinary approach required to address broad spectrum of animal-related injuries and zoonoses
Intervening to improve health indicators among Australian farm families
Learning and recall of Worker Protection Standard (WPS) training in vineyard workers
Lower extremity injuries sustained while farming
Migrant farmworker field and camp safety and sanitation in eastern North Carolina
New paths for occupational health and safety in sustainable agricultural systems
Nonfatal injuries to household youth on Native American operated farms in the U.S., 2000
Offering answers and insight into occupational health dangers for a variety of populations
Pacific Northwest health professionals survey on pesticides and children
Physician training in agricultural safety and health: the Emory Agromedicine Training Project
Plant chemicals: poisons and cures
Preventive agricultural medicine: a student's perspective of farmers' mental health
Stress in rural America
Structural equation modeling of the relationships between pesticide poisoning, depressive symptoms and safety behaviors among Colorado farm residents
Work exposures, injuries, and musculoskeletal discomfort among children and adolescents in dairy farming
Summary of documented fatalities in livestock manure storage and handling facilities--1975-2004
Survey of health needs and concerns of rural Pennsylvanians
What's in a name? Revisited: terms used to describe activities related to the health and safety of agricultural-associated populations and consumer
The changing face of agricultural health and safety--alternative agriculture
Trauma in Hispanic farm workers in Eastern North Carolina: 10-year experience at a level I trauma center
Water safety among Latino farmworkers in North Carolina
Implementation evaluation of a culturally competent eye injury prevention program for citrus workers in a Florida migrant community
North Carolina all-terrain vehicle (ATV) safety legislation: an assessment of the short-term impact on ATV-related morbidity and mortality
Epidemiological study on alcohol consumption and agricultural profession-related injuries among Minority Residents from the Northern parts of China
Study on the risk factors of injuries among children at school age, from the families of migrant workers in Hangzhou city
Policing in the wild: the game wardens' perspective
Effects of the built environment on physical activity of adults living in rural settings
Causes of Death and Incidence of Cancer in a Cohort of Australian Pesticide-Exposed Workers
Bystander injury evaluation of children from Midwestern agricultural operations
Comparison of injury-related hospitalised morbidity and mortality in urban and rural areas in Australia
Cost-effectiveness of a ROPS social marketing campaign
Work-related non-fatal injuries to adults on farms in the U.S., 2001 and 2004
Accident hazards on the farm
The accident risk on tractors
Accidental poisoning from agricultural pesticides
Accidents caused by insecticides
Accidents due to the mechanization of agriculture and their prevention
Evaluation on the health education program regarding prevention of non-fatal drowning among school-aged children in Lianping county, Guangdong province
Two-wheel tractors: Road safety issues in Laos and Cambodia
Development of GPS navigation meter system for All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)
Geographic access to care is not a determinant of child mortality in a rural Kenyan setting with high health facility density
Imidacloprid Poisoning-Newer Insecticide and Fatal Toxicity
Occupational injuries to senior farmers in Sweden
Adjustment problems and emerging personality characteristics from early to late adolescence
Conducting ecologically valid prevention research: recruiting and retaining a "whole village" in multimethod, multiagent studies
An analysis of risk factors of non-fatal drowning among children in rural areas of Guangdong Province, China: a case-control study
Completed suicide in adults of rural Kerala: rates and determinants
'Offensive' snakes: cultural beliefs and practices related to snakebites in a Brazilian rural settlement
Unintentional injuries and parental violence against children during flood: a study in rural Bangladesh
Unnatural deaths in reindeer-herding Sami families in Sweden, 1961-2001
Agreement of injury reporting between primary care medical record and maternal interview for children aged 0-3 years: implications for research and clinical care
Post-crisis: earthquake, tsunami, radiation leak and rural health crisis in Japan
Causes and consequences of head injuries among rural population hospitalized in the Ward for Multi-Organ Injuries. I. Demographic and social structure
Child labor in Ghana cocoa production: focus upon agricultural tasks, ergonomic exposures, and associated injuries and illnesses
Creation of a safety culture: reducing workplace injuries in a rural hospital setting
An exploration into the wellbeing of the families living in the 'suburbs in the bush'
Widening economic and social disparities: implications for India
Addressing barriers to community care of battered women in rural environments: creating a policy of social inclusion
Adolescent work patterns and work-related injury incidence in rural Minnesota
Agricultural workers' return to work following spinal cord injury: a comparison with other industry workers
Alcohol and other drug disorders, comorbidity, and violence: comparison of rural African American and Caucasian women
Assignment of work involving farm tractors to children on North American farms
Association of socio-economic factors with health risk behaviours among high school students in rural Nova Scotia
Traumatic Brain Injury, Participation and Rural Identity
Causes, nature, and outcomes of work-related injuries to adolescents working at farm and non-farm jobs in rural Minnesota
Chemical poisoning in three Telengana districts of Andhra Pradesh
Child Sexual Behavior Inventory: normative, psychiatric, and sexual abuse comparisons
Children's agricultural health: traumatic injuries and hazardous inorganic exposures
Cofactors of alcohol-related trauma at a rural trauma center
Acute toluene poisoning. An accidental case while painting in a silo
The impact of disasters on populations with health and health care disparities
Who pays for agricultural injury care?
Barriers and facilitators for alcohol treatment for women: Are there more or less for rural women?
Tracking the prevalence of rollover protective structures on U.S. farm tractors: 1993, 2001, and 2004
Farming with a disability: literature from a Canadian perspective
Epidemiologic study on physical conditions related to work among the elderly
Epidemiology of incident spinal fracture in a complete population
Girl child in rural India
Health care allocation and selective neglect in rural Peru
Health hazards among working children in Texas
An indicator of the participation of children in manual labour
Risk factors for injury in Pakistani children
Child sexual abuse in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Occupational hazards, living conditions, and physical assault of sugar cane workers in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
The wife, the farmer and the farmer's slaves: adultery and murder on a frontier farm in the early eighteenth century Cape
Associations between wife-beating and fetal and infant death: impressions from a survey in rural India
Behavioral risk factors for injury among rural adolescents
Promoting social health in northern Saskatchewan
The social and family context of aboriginal self-harmful behaviour in remote Australia
The spring peak in suicides: a cross-national analysis
Violence, pregnancy and birth outcome in Appalachia
Crisis, crisis, crisis . . . rural indebtedness and farmers' suicides in the post-green revolution Punjab (India)
The Epidemiology of Caving Injuries in the United States
Dying peacefully: considering good death and bad death in Kwahu-Tafo, Ghana
Dysfunctional domesticity: female insanity and family relationships among the West Riding poor in the mid-nineteenth century
Economic burden of agricultural machinery injuries in Ontario, 1985 to 1996
An examination of intimate partner violence in rural communities: results from a hospital emergency department study from Southwest United States
Fatal accidental burns in married women
Fatal agricultural injuries in North Carolina by race and occupation, 1977-1991
Hand injuries in agricultural accidents
The health of U.S. hired farm workers
The impact of agricultural injury on farm owners and workers in Alabama and Mississippi
Increased risk of agricultural injury among African-American farm workers from Alabama and Mississippi
Increased risk of suicide with exposure to pesticides in an intensive agricultural area. A 12-year retrospective study
Interdisciplinary action supporting sexual assault prevention efforts in rural elementary schools
Maori work-related fatal injury, 1985-1994
Marriage through abduction ('Telefa') in rural north west Ethiopia
Maxillofacial fractures in a semi-urban Nigerian teaching hospital. A review of 442 cases
Men's violence against women in rural Bangladesh: undermined or exacerbated by microcredit programmes?
The seasonal variation in suicide in urban and rural areas: Comment on Micciolo, Zimmerman-Tansella, Williams and Tansella
A multimethodological analysis of cumulative risk and allostatic load among rural children
Narrative accounts of tracking the rural domestic violence survivors' journey: a feminist approach
Nature of domestic violence against women in a rural area of Bangladesh: implication for preventive interventions
Pesticide poisoning in the Asia-Pacific Region and the role of a regional information network
Preventing fractures in large rural centres: sociodemographic sub-groups at risk of osteoporosis from their lifestyle
Psychiatric disorders among American Indian and white youth in Appalachia: the Great Smoky Mountains Study
Vulnerability to alcohol and other drug disorders in rural women
Vulnerable but invincible: high-risk children from birth to adulthood
War and the rural world: requisitions in the areas around Paris, 1814-16
Utilization of district health services by injured persons in a rural area of Ghana
Rural general practitioner apprehension about work related violence in Australia
Rural general practitioner experience of work-related violence in Australia
Sense of self: voices of separation and connection in women who have experienced abuse
Severe traumatic brain injury in New South Wales: comparable outcomes for rural and urban residents
Sociodemographic, clinical, and laboratory features of cases of organic phosphorus intoxication who attended the Emergency Department in the Southeast Anatolian Region of Turkey
The spectrum of accidental childhood poisoning in the Caribbean
Sport injury patterns in urban and rural accident and emergency units
Suicide and occupation in Hong Kong
Acute human self-poisoning with bispyribac-containing herbicide Nominee: a prospective observational study
Ocular injuries in all-terrain-vehicle accidents
Community support systems for farmers who live with disability
Intimate partner violence against women in rural Vietnam--different socio-demographic factors are associated with different forms of violence: need for new intervention guidelines?
Longitudinal changes in methamphetamine and cocaine use in untreated rural stimulant users: racial differences and the impact of methamphetamine legislation
Mental health status among rural women of reproductive age: findings from the Central Pennsylvania Women's Health Study
The role of performing life support courses in rural areas in improving pre-hospital physiologic conditions of patients with penetrating injuries
Trajectories of non-intimate partner and intimate partner homicides, 1980-1999: The importance of rurality
Crash Prediction Models for Rural Motorways
Exploring Travel Behavior of Elderly Women in Rural and Small Urban North Dakota: An Ecological Modeling Approach
Potential Accident Modification Factors for Driveway Density on Rural Highways: From Texas Data
Procedure for Developing Accident Modification Factors from Cross-Sectional Data
Vehicle Time Spent in Following: New Exposure Measure for Predicting Same-Direction Collisions on Two-Lane Rural Roads
America's aging farmers: tenacious, productive, and underresearched
Backyard burning
Farm Equipment-Motor Vehicle Crash Prevention Conference (FEMVCPC)
Involving farmers in preventing work-related injuries and illnesses: the NIOSH Research-to-Practice initiative
Obstructive sleep apnea indicators and injury in older farmers
A population view of mental illness in South Australia: broader issues than location
The links between agriculture and health: an intersectoral opportunity to improve the health and livelihoods of the poor
Context-Sensitive Design for Streets in Rural Built-Up Areas
Snowmobile driving and symptoms of the locomotive organs
Traumatic injuries to permanent teeth among Swedish school children living in a rural area
Violent and destructive behavior among the severely mentally ill in rural areas: evidence from Arkansas' community mental health system
Suicide in Rural Communities
The National Ag Safety Disc: A Database of Agricultural Health, Safety, and Injury Prevention Educational Materials
The West-Jutland Study on Prevention of Farm Accidents, Phase 1: A Study of Work Specific Factors in 257 Hospital-Treated Agricultural Injuries
Work-related fatalities in the agricultural production and services sectors, 1980-1989
Travel Patterns of Rural Elders
Rural-Urban Differences in General and Health-Related Internet Use
Socioeconomic correlates of rates of child maltreatment in small communities
Implications of the aging process: opportunities for prevention in the farming community
Older farmers' prevalence, capital, health, age-related limitations, and adaptations
Axial loading with hyperflexion injury to the atlas resulting in crushed lateral masses
Characteristics of annual exposure to noise among private farmers on family farms of mixed-production profile
Application of auditory signals to the operation of an agricultural vehicle: results of pilot testing
Childhood physical and sexual abuse: prevalence and correlates among adolescents living in rural Taiwan
Searches past 100 hours successful in Oregon in 2006
Sleep and sleepiness of fishermen on rotating schedules
The effects of organophosphate pesticide exposure on Hispanic children's cognitive and behavioral functioning
West Nickel Mines School shooting: how a rural MCI was successfully managed
Biofuels and North American agriculture--implications for the health and safety of North American producers
Encouraging the installation of rollover protective structures in New York State: the design of a social marketing intervention
Net monetary benefit of cost-effective rollover protective structures (CROPS): an estimate of the potential benefits of the CROPS research project
Comments on "Surgical and psychosocial outcomes in the rural injured, a follow up study of 2001 earthquake victims" Int. J. Care Injured 36 (2005) 927-934
Defining urban and rural areas in U.S. epidemiologic studies
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It is hard to predict the future: the evolving nature of threats and vulnerabilities
Labour standards, safety and health, and risk assessment in the fishing sector
Mental illness in a rural area: a Norwegian psychiatric epidemiological study
Slow to catch on to the slow-moving vehicle emblem
Headspace: National Youth Mental Health Foundation: making headway with rural young people and their mental health
Suicidal decapitation using a tractor loader: a case report and review of the literature
Characteristics of non-fatal fall injuries in rural India
Identification of suicide risk among rural youth: implications for the use of HEADSS
Readiness to change as a predictor of drug-related behaviors in a sample of rural felony probationers
The French republican model of integration: the theory of cohesion and the practice of exclusion
Male gender and low education with poor mental health literacy: a population-based study
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) notes. Contrasting rural and urban fatal crashes 1994-2003
Parents and teachers reports of DSM-IV psychopathological symptoms in preschool children: differences between urban-rural Spanish areas
Potential exposure to hazardous work activities: tractor usage among farmwomen
Slippery road conditions and fatal motor vehicle crashes in the northeastern United States, 1998-2002
Recruitment of first-generation Latinos in a rural community: the essential nature of personal contact
Shock and vibration data acquisition system for off-road vehicle operator health and safety assessment
Suicide and potential occupational exposure to pesticides, Colorado 1990-1999
The application of geographic information systems and spatial analysis to assess dumped and subsequently scattered human remains
Natural disasters, climate change and mental health considerations for rural Australia
Patient bypass behavior and critical access hospitals: implications for patient retention
Preliminary recognition of whole body vibration risk in private farmers' working environment
Repeatability of a checklist for evaluating cab design characteristics of heavy mobile equipment
Risks and resources associated with antepartum risk for depression among rural southern women
Editorial: Farmer suicides in India: the role of psychiatry and anthropology
Traumatic vertebral artery dissection and stroke in a 16-year-old male as the result of an ATV accident
Urbanization and traffic related exposures as risk factors for schizophrenia
Violent crime exposure classification and adverse birth outcomes: a geographically-defined cohort study
We don't need a randomized controlled trial: youth should have a driver's license to operate tractors on public roads
Medical consequences of work-related accidents on 2,454 Swedish farms
Causes of health and safety hazards in Canadian agriculture
Childhood farm injury: the role of the physician in prevention
Cooperative program for domestic accidents of children in the department of Doubs. Epidemiological aspects
Characteristics of pesticide-related hospitalizations, Louisiana, 1998-2007
Comparing the cost of alcohol-related traffic crashes in rural and urban environments
NIOSH alert explains hazards of manure pits
The International Centre for Pesticide Safety
Work accidents in the dairy industry and the economic efficiency of preventive measures
Beyond surveillance: methodologic considerations in analytic studies of agricultural injuries
Epilogue: agricultural occupational and environmental health policy strategies for the future
Farmers' health and safety programs in Sweden
Farmers' occupational health care--worldwide
Farmers' occupational health program in Finland, 1979-1988: from research to practice
Injury surveillance in agriculture
Issues in agricultural health and safety
National surveillance of occupational fatalities in agriculture
Occupational health services for farmers
Development of comprehensive accident models for two-lane rural highways using exposure, geometry, consistency and context variables
An empirical analysis of farm vehicle crash injury severities on Iowa's public road system
Forty elder patients with acute organophosophorus pesticides poisoning
Practical considerations for the development and risk assessment of pesticides
Prologue: agricultural occupational and environmental health: policy strategies for the future
Reaching the difficult audience: an experiment to provide occupational health services to farmers and ranchers in Colorado, U.S.A
Safety programs of the Farm Safety Association in Ontario, Canada
Scope and magnitude of injuries in the agricultural workplace
Technical workshop report: Working Group II: agricultural occupational health and safety services for farmers and ranchers
The Bassett Farm Safety and Health Project
The spectrum of emergency care of agricultural trauma in central Wisconsin
Aspects of occupational health in the sugar cane industry
Causes of injuries in agriculture and the concepts of their prevention
Death and disability from agricultural injuries in Wisconsin: a 12-year experience with 739 patients
Farm accidents and injuries among farm families and workers. A pilot study
Farm tractors and mandatory roll-over protection retrofits: potential costs of the policy in New York
Morbidity with temporary work incapacity in workers of the agroindustrial sector
Occupational injuries among North Carolina migrant farmworkers
Operational safety practices as determinants of machinery-related injury on Saskatchewan farms
Farm accidents in adults
Farm accidents in children
Global estimates of acute pesticide morbidity and mortality
Health and safety on the farm
Health status of rural schoolchildren from Byelorussian Polesye: twenty-years shifts
Implications for the use of E codes of the International Classification of Diseases and narrative data in identifying tractor-related deaths in agriculture, United States, 1980-1986
Birth intervals and childhood mortality in rural Bangladesh
Community health in a rural area of Sudan
Drinking, drug use, and driving among rural midwestern youth
Illness, injuries, and deaths from pesticide exposures in California 1949-1988
Aspects of agricultural accidents in the LPG peasantry in Csongrad county in Hungary
Study of morbidity compiled from ambulatory documents of 10,000 citizens from statistics of the German Insurance Institute, concerning LPG missed days and economic computations on LPG type 3
Organophosphate poisoning
Prevention and emergency field management of venomous snakebites during military exercises
Response to environmental conditions of extreme driving by the human organism and the stomatognathic apparatus
Spectral analysis of electroencephalograms (EEG) before and after off road driving
Suicide and homicide in rural areas: a study of Arkansas
The femur as lance
Variations in cardiac rate and arterial pressure during off road driving
The snowmobile--only for fun? Registration of snowmobile accidents in Western Finnmark 1988-89
Tornado trauma down on the farm
Morbidity and risk factors of Finnish farmers
Non-fatal farm injuries on 117 eastern Ontario beef and dairy farms: a one-year study
Occupational health problems among migrant and seasonal farm workers
On farm injuries and safety
Promoting occupational health in agriculture at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
Rural Youth Disability Prevention Project Survey: results from 169 Iowa farm families
Safe use of pesticides. Fourteenth Report of the WHO Expert Committee on Vector Biology and Control
The theoretical problems of agricultural traumatism
Tractor injuries: are they always farm related?
Work-related deaths in children
Child sexual abuse--the problem for medical practitioners in small towns
Clinical and epidemiological study of depression and aggressiveness in a rural population center
Fair dinkum way-out woop woop: the Sydney to Darwin Motor Safari 1990. Part 2
All-cause and cause-specific mortality among U.S. youth: socioeconomic and rural-urban disparities and international patterns
Out of sight, out of mind--1. Emergent patterns of self-harm among aborigines of remote Australia
Out of sight, out of mind--2. Social and historical contexts of self-harmful behaviour among aborigines of remote Australia
Psychological effects of disaster
Reporting and founding of child neglect in urban and rural communities
Social correlates of suicide and homicide in urban and rural regions
Suicide among men in the highlands of Scotland
Suicide in a rural Irish population
The effect of sexual assault on a small isolated community
Childhood accidental deaths on farms in Northern Ireland
Epidemiology of health and safety risks in agriculture and related industries. Practical applications for rural physicians
Changing farm injury trends by sex for youth living on US farms, 1998-2006
Availability of personal transportation in households of elders: age, gender, and residence differences
Factors associated with female high-risk drinking in a rural and an urban South African site
Fifty-year mortality trends in three rural African villages
Women and suicide in rural China
Urban vs rural pediatric trauma in Alberta: where can we focus on prevention?
The agrarian imperative
Fire regimes, forest change, and self-organization in an old-growth mixed-conifer forest, Yosemite National Park, USA
Unusual death of a farmer
Vascular injuries in a rural state: a review of 978 patients from a state trauma registry
Wilderness injuries and illnesses
Health and safety hazards associated with farming
Health hazards to children in agriculture
Health risks of vaccination of farmed fish
Ice fishing as a risk factor for pulmonary emboli
Kids are working
Methcathinone: a Russian designer amphetamine infiltrates the rural midwest
Does the built environment affect when American teens become drivers? Evidence from the 2001 National Household Travel Survey
Out yonder: sexual-minority adolescents in rural communities in British Columbia
Prevalence and socio-demographic correlates of major depressive episode in rural and urban areas of Beijing, China
Expected Safety Performance of Rural Signalized Intersections in South Korea
Operationalising 'sustainable mobility': the case of transport policy for older citizens in rural areas
Simulation of rural travel times to quantify the impact of lower speed limits
Paraquat causes chronic ocular surface toxicity
Child labor and acute pesticide poisoning in Nicaragua: failure to comply with children's rights
Two Low-Cost Safety Concepts for Two-Way, Stop-Controlled Intersections in Rural Areas
Health hazards, injury problems, and workplace conditions of carpet-weaving children in three districts of Punjab, Pakistan
Myeloneuritis due to acute organophosphate (DDVP) intoxication
A pilot study of symptoms of neurotoxicity and injury among adolescent farmworkers in Starr County, Texas
Rural medicine interest groups at McMaster University: a pilot study
Psychiatric morbidity in young people in a rural area of Madrid
Rural hospital health promotion: programs, methods, resource limitations
Access to farming pesticides and risk for suicide in Chinese rural young people
Scalping accidents with shielded PTO units: four case reports
Variation in Pediatric and Adolescent Firearm Mortality Rates in Rural and Urban US Counties
Assessing the capabilities of geospatial data to map built structures and evaluate their bushfire threat
Defense Spending and Economic Growth in South Korea: The Indirect Link
5 cases of Wofatox poisoning at our hospital
Small and isolated. The solution is community
Systemic effects of inhalational methyl bromide poisoning: a study of nine cases occupationally exposed due to inadvertent spread during fumigation
Spinal Cord Injury in the Australian Agricultural Work Force
The Agricultural Health and Safety Network: The 10-Year History of a Unique Extension Program
The Certified Safe Farm Project in Nebraska: the First Year
The Hidden Work of the Farm Homemaker
The differential diagnosis of the types of trauma caused by wheeled tractors
The Occupational Health Nurses in Agricultural Communities program: identifying and preventing agriculturally related illnesses and injuries
Suicide attempts among adults in Butajira, Ethiopia
The geographical distribution of suicides in farmers in England and Wales
Urban and rural suicide differentials in migrants and the Australian-born, New South Wales, Australia 1985--1994
Motorist comprehension of the slow-moving vehicle emblem in Manitoba
Design criteria and traffic performance research in new swedish guidelines on rural highways
Design criteria for curves on two-lane rural highways
Determination of longitudinal grades on rural roads
Juvenile justice decision making in a rural hispanic community
Assessment of annual exposure of private farmers to the whole body mechanical vibration on selected family farms of animal production profile
Rural perspective on rail
Statistics and Epidemiology of Tractor Fatalities - a Historical Perspective
Sweden's Thirty-Year Experience With Tractor Rollovers
The Iowa Farm Family Health and Hazard Surveillance Project
The Pennsylvania Central Region Farm Safety Pilot Project: Part II - Baseline Data Associations Between Approach-to-Safety and Hazard Conditions
The Pennsylvania Central Region Farm Safety Pilot Project: Part I - Rationale and Baseline Results
The nonenforcement role of police in western Alaska and the eastern Canadian arctic: An analysis of police tasks in remote arctic communities
Incorporating Market and Nonmarket Values into Regional Planning for Rural Development
The Needs of Missouri's Secondary Agriculture Teachers Regarding the Teaching of Agricultural Safety
Tractor Fatalities and Injury on New Zealand Farms
Tractor Fatalities and Injury on New Zealand Farms
Social and cultural patterns of suicide in young people in rural Australia
Warm-weather injuries
Work-related agricultural fatalities in Australia, 1982-1984
The causes, sequelae and attempts at prevention of cervical spine injuries in Poland
The effect of higher rural interstate speed limits in alcohol-related accidents
Child supervision practices for drowning prevention in rural Bangladesh: a pilot study of supervision tools
Communicative actions, women's degree of social connectedness and child mortality in rural Bangladesh
Does Unauthorized Status Reduce Exposure to Pesticides? Evidence From the National Agricultural Workers Survey
Urban-rural differences in adolescent self-esteem, leisure boredom, and sensation-seeking as predictors of leisure-time usage and satisfaction
The National Ag Safety Database: Factors Influencing Adoption
Work Hazard Control Efforts by Wisconsin Dairy Farmers
Traffic Detector Designs for Isolated Intersections
Snowmobile accidents
Rural male suicide in Australia
Women and Floods in Bangaladesh
Suicide from the standpoint of social medicine
Travel among non-urban elderly
Defense Spending and Economic Growth in Subsaharan Africa: Comment on Gyimah-Brempong
From Politics Back to the Barracks in Nigeria: A Theoretical Exploration
Traumatic fatalities at work. american indians and alaska natives, 1980 through 1988
An epidemic of caterpillar sting dermatitis in a rural West Virginia community
Body composition and its relation to bone mass and fractures in an urban and a rural population
Assault, a burden for a rural hospital in Lesotho
Cyclone disaster vulnerability and response experiences in coastal Bangladesh
The incomplete circle of the National Disaster Medical System: what Arkansas hospitals learned from hurricane Gustav
Prioritisation of road traffic injury prevention fund spending in developing countries
Urban/rural and gender differences among Canadian emerging adults
Outcomes from the trial implementation of a multidisciplinary online learning program in rural mental health emergency care
Review of rural and regional alcohol research in Australia
The role of motorcycle taxi drivers in the pre-hospital care of road traffic injury victims in rural Dominican Republic
A traditional Malay myth leading to unintentional self intoxication with kecubung fruit
A limit-cycle model of leg movements in cross-country skiing and its adjustments with fatigue
Search and Rescue Activity on Denali, 1990 to 2008
Man vs. machine. A farm accident leads to devastating injuries and a tough extrication
Pediatric anthropometrics are inconsistent with current guidelines for assessing rider fit on all-terrain vehicles
Alcohol consumption and work-related injuries among farmers in Heilongjiang Province, People's Republic of China
All terrain vehicle accidents (ATV's) requiring hospital admission--A 13-year state major trauma centre experience
Cow-related trauma: A 10-year review of injuries admitted to a single institution
Intention to speed in a rural area: Reasoned but not reasonable
Mortality rates of children aged under five in Henan province, China, 2004-2008
Suicidal Ideation, Plans, and Attempts Among Rural Young Chinese: The Effect of Suicide Death by a Family Member or Friend
Examining Ontario deaths due to all-terrain vehicles, and targets for prevention
A population-based analysis of injury-related deaths and access to trauma care in rural-remote Northwest British Columbia
Commercial fishing deaths - United States, 2000-2009
Nonmedical use of sedative-hypnotics and opiates among rural and urban women with protective orders
Quad Driving - Life-Endangering Fun? A Medical and Technical Analysis
Ergonomic risks and musculoskeletal disorders in production agriculture: recommendations for effective research to practice
Pesticides and other chemicals: minimizing worker exposures
Preventing heat-related illness among agricultural workers
The Diffusion of Internet Technologies to Rural Communities: A Portrait of Broadband Supply and Demand
Recreational mountain biking injuries
Firearm suicide in Queensland
Mental health collaborative care: a synopsis of the Rural and Isolated Toolkit
Factors Affecting Crash Severity on Gravel Roads
Evaluation of the Use of Rural Transportation Infrastructure in Evacuation Operations
Changes in depression-related mental health literacy in young men from rural and urban South Australia
Machine-related farm injuries in Turkey
Not such a pastoral setting. Rural-specific issues contribute to high suicide rates
Evaluation of a School-Based Train-the-Trainer Intervention Program to Teach First Aid and Risk Reduction Among High School Students
How do children perceive health to be affected by domestic water carrying? Qualitative findings from a mixed methods study in rural South Africa
The Independent and Interactive Effects of Tree-Tree Establishment Competition and Fire on Savanna Structure and Dynamics
Indigenous Austalians and physical activity: using a social-ecological model to review the literature
Integrating environmental health into nurse practitioner training-childhood pesticide exposure risk assessment, prevention, and management
Biochemical and toxicological evidence of neurological effects of pesticides: the example of parkinson's disease
"They mess with me, I mess with them": Understanding physical aggression in rural girls and boys from methamphetamine-involved families
Traffic calming along rural highways crossing small urban communities: Driving simulator experiment
Deer-vehicle collisions, deer density, and land use in Iowa's urban deer herd management zones
Accident rates and types among self-employed private forest owners
Traumatic foot amputation in young children secondary to all-terrain vehicles: A case series
The acceptability of suicide among rural residents, urban residents, and college students from three locations in china
Horse-related facial injuries: the perceptions and experiences of riding schools
A Population-Based Study of All-Terrain Vehicle-Related Head and Spinal Injuries
Empirical calibration of a roadside hazardousness index for Spanish two-lane rural roads
Acute 1,2,3-Trichloropane Poisoning: A Case Report and Literature Review
Rural-urban differences in suicide rates for current patients of a public mental health service in Australia
Suicide -- Risk Behavior in Teenagers From Rural Areas, in Bihor County
Burden, Differentials, and Causes of Child Deaths in India
Estimation of the risks of thermal stress due to the microclimate for manual fruit and vegetable harvesters in central Italy
Factor deficiencies in venom induced consumption coagulopathy resulting from Australian elapid envenomation: Australian Snakebite Project (ASP-10)
Forensic aspects of the 2009 Victorian Bushfires Disaster
Alcohol prevalence and attitudes among adults and adolescents: Their relation to early adolescent alcohol use in rural communities
The rodeo athlete: Injuries - Part II
Altitude, Gun Ownership, Rural Areas, and Suicide
Changing Patterns in Electrical Burn Injuries in a Developing Country: Should Prevention Programs Focus on the Rural Population?
Child with injuries in eyelashes in rural enviroment
A cross-sectional examination of the physical fitness and selected health attributes of recreational all-terrain vehicle riders and off-road motorcyclists
Improving the skills of rural and remote generalists to manage mental health emergencies
Epidemiology of ocular trauma among the elderly in a developing country
Rural Community Characteristics, Economic Hardship, and Peer and Parental Influences in Early Adolescent Alcohol Use
Risk factors for rural young suicide in China: A case-control study
Drive alive: teen seat belt survey program
Association between wearing a personal floatation device and death by drowning among recreational boaters: a matched cohort analysis of United States Coast Guard data
Demographics, nature and treatment of orthopaedic trauma injuries occurring in an agricultural context in the West of Ireland
Bilateral internal carotid and vertebral artery dissection after a horse-riding injury
Common perinatal mental disorders in northern Viet Nam: community prevalence and health care use
Driver behaviour at rail level crossings: Responses to flashing lights, traffic signals and stop signs in simulated rural driving
A Dyadic Approach to Understanding the Relationship of Maternal Knowledge of Youths' Activities to Youths' Problem Behavior Among Rural Adolescents
All-terrain vehicle use by children: a form of child neglect?
Cost-effectiveness analysis of a rural telemedicine collaborative care intervention for depression
Causes of death of adults and elderly and healthcare-seeking before death in rural Bangladesh
Cultural influences on safety and health education among Vietnamese fishermen
The Development and Efficacy of Safety Training for Commercial Fishermen
Review of occupational hazards associated with aquaculture
Risk analysis of tractor overturns on catfish farms
Risk factors for musculoskeletal symptoms among crawfish farmers in Louisiana-a pilot study
Utilizing United States Coast Guard data to calculate incidence rates and identify risk factors for occupational fishing injuries in New Jersey
Determinants of agricultural injury: a novel application of population health theory
Mood disorders hospitalizations, suicide attempts, and suicide mortality among agricultural workers and residents in an area with intensive use of pesticides in Brazil
Economic evaluation of a combined microfinance and gender training intervention for the prevention of intimate partner violence in rural South Africa
Models of acceleration and deceleration rates on a complex two-lane rural highway: Results from a nighttime driving experiment
Passing behavior on two-lane highways
A passing gap acceptance model for two-lane rural highways
Risk and protective factors associated with patterns of antisocial behavior among nonmetropolitan adolescents
Still Unsafe, Still in Use: Ongoing Epidemic of All-Terrain Vehicle Injury Hospitalizations Among Children
Symptoms of heat illness among Latino farm workers in North Carolina
Using trauma registry data to guide injury prevention program activities
Vipera berus bite-epidemiology, clinical symptoms and review of treatment methods
Work disability prevention in rural healthcare workers
Curve Negotiation: Identifying Driver Behavior Around Curves with the Driver Performance Database
Nighttime speed negotiation on rural road s-shaped curves: Discussion of an experimental case-study
American Pediatric Surgical Association Trauma Committee position statement on the use of all-terrain vehicles by children and youth
Challenges of managing paediatric abdominal trauma in a Nigerian setting
The Deceleration Detection Flicker Test: a measure of experience?
Environmental correlates of physical activity in driving and non-driving rural Japanese women
Impact of Long Farm Working Hours on Child Safety Practices in Agricultural Settings
Motorcycle-related major trauma: On-road versus off-road incidence and profile of cases
Rural-urban disparities in child abuse management resources in the emergency department
Walnut tree falls as a cause of musculoskeletal injury--a study from a tertiary care center in Kashmir
Access to Trauma Systems in Canada
Active Living Among Older Residents of a Rural Naturally Occurring Retirement Community
Assessment of controls layout of Indian tractors
Association of socio-economic, gender and health factors with common mental disorders in women: A population-based study of 5703 married rural women in India
Farm Tractors, Occupational Therapy, and Four-Wheel Drive: Transforming a Military Vehicle Into a Cultural Icon
Acute human lethal toxicity of agricultural pesticides: a prospective cohort study
Occupational pesticides exposure of sprayers of grape gardens in western Maharashtra (India): effects on liver and kidney function
Planning and providing for a good death using rural French-Canadian and English-Canadian insights
Clinical Profile of Somatoform Disorders in Children
Reduction of Family Violence in Aboriginal Communities: A Systematic Review of Interventions and Approaches
Translocation as a Tool for Mitigating Conflict with Leopards in Human-Dominated Landscapes of India
An urgent need to restrict access to pesticides based on human lethality
Case series of 2,4-D poisoning in Tikur Anbessa Teaching Hospital
Effects of school district factors on alcohol consumption: results of a multi-level analysis among Danish adolescents
Epidemiology of tornado destruction in rural northern Bangladesh: risk factors for death and injury
Injury Analyses in Rural Children: Comparison of Old-Order Anabaptists and Non-Anabaptists
Potentially hazardous environmental factors for poisoning in rural Vietnam: a community-based survey
Students' response to disaster: a lesson for health care professional schools
Mountain Biking-Related Injuries Treated in Emergency Departments in the United States, 1994-2007
Active Living for Rural Children Community Perspectives Using PhotoVOICE
Perspectives on safety and health among migrant and seasonal farmworkers in the United States and México: a qualitative field study
Prevalence of ROPS-equipped tractors on minority operated farms in the US
A 4-year intervention to increase adoption of safer dairy farming work practices
Off-Road Vehicle Trauma in Children: A New South Wales Perspective
Comprehensive care and HIV prophylaxis after sexual assault in rural South Africa: the Refentse intervention study
Piranha attacks in dammed streams used for human recreation in the State of São Paulo, Brazil
Nonmedical Prescription Drug Use in a Nationally Representative Sample of Adolescents: Evidence of Greater Use Among Rural Adolescents
Alcohol-related social disorder and rural youth: Part 1 - victims
Analysis of traffic accident injury severity on Spanish rural highways using Bayesian networks
A study of neurologic symptoms on exposure to organophosphate pesticides in the children of agricultural workers
Suicidal ideation and attempts among rural Chinese aged 16-34 years -- Socio-demographic correlates in the context of a transforming China
The Slippage of the Driving Wheels of a Tractor in a Cultivated Soil and Stubble
Assessment of health risk behaviours and their interrelationships among young people from two counties of Romania
Environmental And Psychological Correlates of Older Adult's Active Commuting
Teenage driver crash incidence and factors influencing crash injury by rurality
Effects of controlling specific dangerous pesticides on prevention of acute pesticide poisoning in rural area
Injuries and envenoming by aquatic animals in fishermen of Coxim and Corumbá municipalities, state of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil: identification of the causative agents, clinical aspects and first aid measures
Mediating and Moderating Effects of Differentiation of Self on Depression Symptomatology in a Rural Community Sample
Non-fatal unintentional injuries and risk factors among male farmers-turned-construction workers with different age groups
Public Knowledge and Beliefs About Depression Among Urban and Rural Malays in Malaysia
An Epidemiological study of Organophosphorus Poisoning at Manipal Teaching Hospital, Pokhara, Nepal
Incidence of Snake Bites in Belgaum
Pattern of Renal Pathology in Fatal Envenomation by Indian Cobra (Naja naja)
Trends of Poisoning in Faridkot region of Punjab-A retrospective study of one year
Electrophysiological Changes in Patients with Acute Organophosphorous Pesticide Poisoning
GP rural registrars' experiences of occupational violence: a qualitative study
Heat exposure in sugarcane workers in Costa Rica during the non-harvest season
Road traffic injuries in the jungle: other reasons to discuss
Ten years of all-terrain vehicle injury, mortality, and healthcare costs
Arrow injury to the heart
Internet Service Provision in the U.S. Counties: Is Spatial Pattern a Function of Demand?
A global map for traumatic spinal cord injury epidemiology: towards a living data repository for injury prevention
Patterns and correlates of stress among rural Chinese males: A four-region study
Determinants of bicycle injury among school-aged children in rural China: a qualitative study
Expedition Medicine-the Risk of Illness and Injury
Improving rural emergency medical service response time with global positioning system navigation
Tracheobronchial injury diagnosed by computed tomography scan: a case report
Urban and rural differences in older drivers: Failure to stop at stop-signs
The Longitudinal Relationships Between Rural Adolescents' Prosocial Behaviors and Young Adult Substance Use
Mortality in the Agricultural Health Study, 1993-2007
Environmental and Occupational Health Risks Among Agricultural Workers Living in a Rural Community Near Petroleum Refinery and Motorway in Skopje Region
Factors associated with the prevalence of non-ROPS tractors on farms in the U.S
The farm apprentice: agricultural college students recollections of learning to farm "safely"
Injury surveillance for youth on farms in the U.S., 2006
Trained lay first responders reduce trauma mortality: A controlled study of rural trauma in Iraq
Injunctive and Descriptive Peer Group Norms and the Academic Adjustment of Rural Early Adolescents
Performing rurality and practising rural geography
Comparative research on individual modernity of adolescents between town and countryside in China
Midwest Domestic Violence Shelters: Increasing Multiculturalism Training to Improve Communication Between Staff and Native American Women
Dealing With Pre-ROPS Tractors: Is a Trade-in Program the Solution?
Embedding routine alcohol screening and brief interventions in a rural general hospital
Explaining regional disparities in traffic mortality by decomposing conditional probabilities
Incidence and cost of nonfatal farm youth injury, United States, 2001-2006
Physiological fitness and health adaptations from purposeful training using off-road vehicles
Prevention of occupational respiratory symptoms among Certified Safe Farm intervention participants
Results from inspections of farmer-installed rollover protective structures
Exit strategies and safety concerns for machinery occupants following ice failure and submersion
Pesticide Use and Self-Reported Symptoms of Acute Pesticide Poisoning among Aquatic Farmers in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
The Prevalence of Emotional and Behavior Problems in Pediatric Primary Care Serving Rural Children
Preventing heat-related illness among Hispanic farmworkers
Evaluating the protective capacity of two-post ROPS for a seat-belted occupant during a farm tractor overturn
Use of the Griffiths Mental Development Scales in an agro‐industrial province in the Philippines
The relationship between maternal depression and adverse infant health outcomes in Zambia: a cross‐sectional feasibility study
Farmers’ Suicide in India: Implications for Public Mental Health
Mental health and well‐being within rural communities: The Australian Rural Mental Health Study
Distress among rural residents: Does employment and occupation make a difference?
Determinants of mental health and well‐being in rural communities: Do we understand enough to influence planning and policy?
Healthy minds for country youth: Help‐seeking for depression among rural adolescents
Women living in a remote Australian mining community: Exploring their psychological well‐being
GP rural registrars' experiences of occupational violence: A qualitative study
Psychological distress of rural parents: Family influence and the role of isolation
A residential location approach to traffic safety: Two case studies from Germany
Are age-based licensing restrictions a meaningful way to enhance rural older driver safety? The need for exposure considerations in policy development
Disease Prevalence and Mortality among Agricultural Workers in Korea
Inequitable coverage of non-communicable diseases and injury interventions in India
Pediatric All-Terrain Vehicle Injuries: Does Legislation Make a Dent?
Rural trauma and emergency medical service challenges in a sample of Western States
Injury mortality in rural South Africa 2000 - 2007: rates and associated factors
Social perception of homosexuality in Romania
Social perception of homosexuality in Romania
Spatial and temporal characteristics of wildfires in Mississippi, USA
A study on domestic violence against adult and adolescent females in a rural area of west Bengal
The current status of urban‐rural differences in psychiatric disorders
A Novel Emergency Medical Services–Based Program to Identify and Assist Older Adults in a Rural Community
Urban-Rural Differences in Physical Activity in Belgian Adults and the Importance of Psychosocial Factors
Eye health and safety among latino farmworkers
Growing Cell‐Phone Population and Noncoverage Bias in Traditional Random Digit Dial Telephone Health Surveys
Alcohol consumption and binge drinking in adolescents: comparison of different migration backgrounds and rural vs. urban residence - a representative study
Amitraz poisoning in South Africa: A two year survey (2008?2009)
Causes of eye burns in children
Death Secondary to a Donkey's Bites
Buffers of Racial Discrimination: Links With Depression Among Rural African American Mothers
Characteristics of Young Suicides by Violent Methods in Rural China
Immigration and work. Roles and opportunities for occupational medicine in the health and safety of migrant workers
Role of a child death review team in a small rural county in California
Poisoning hospitalisations among reproductive-aged women in the USA, 1998-2006
A study on bicycle-related injuries and their costs in Shanghai, China
Co-occurring suicide attempts and physical fighting: A comparison between urban, suburban, and rural high school students
Dangerous toys
Glenohumeral dislocations in snowboarding and skiing
Health promotion outcomes associated with a community-based program to reduce pesticide-related risks among small farm households
Impact of Individual-, Environmental-, and Policy-Level Factors on Health Care Utilization Among US Farmworkers
Measuring intimate partner violence among male and female farmworkers in San Diego County, Ca
Attitudes of rural population in emergency exposure situations
Periostitis of the metatarsal caused by a date palm thorn in a child: a case report
Adolescent suicidality as seen in rural northeastern Uganda
Agricultural tractor overturn deaths: Assessment of trends and risk factors
Citation-related reliability analysis for a pilot sample of underground coal mines
Pedestrian and bicycle planning in rural communities: tools for active living
Possible geographical barriers to trauma center access for vulnerable patients in the United States: an analysis of urban and rural communities
Risk factors for fatal crashes in rural Australia
Certified safe farm: identifying and removing hazards on the farm
Community reintegration of spinal cord-injured patients in rural south India
A comparative study of youth health risk behaviors by region: focused on metropolitan areas, medium sized and small city areas, and rural areas
Comparisons of urban and rural heat stress conditions in a hot-humid tropical city
Earning their keep: the productivity of older women and men in rural Bangladesh
Epidemiology of alcohol use in rural men in two provinces of china
Fatal occupational injuries in the Arkhangelsk region, Northwest Russia
Attacks by Jaguars (Panthera onca) on Humans in Central Brazil: Report of Three Cases, with Observation of a Death
Does the small farm exemption cost lives?
Factors at the Scene of Injury Associated with Air versus Ground Transport to Definitive Care in a State with a Large Rural Population
First detection of cyanobacterial PSP (paralytic shellfish poisoning) toxins in Spanish freshwaters
First echelon hospital care before trauma center transfer in a rural trauma system: does it affect outcome?
Five years' experience at a single centre of craniocerebral injury from winnowing fan blades
Full time trauma service leads to improved Level III trauma center outcomes
Good Neighbors? The Effect of a Level 1 Trauma Center on the Performance of Nearby Level 2 Trauma Centers
Health care utilization in non-traumatic and traumatic spinal cord injury: a population-based study
How nurses address the burden of disease in remote or isolated areas in Queensland
Human poisoning with spinosad and flonicamid insecticides
Human rights and health: Opportunities to advance rural occupational health
Identifying driver characteristics influencing overtaking crashes
Impact of hypothermia in the rural, pediatric trauma patient
Impact on fetal growth of prenatal exposure to pesticides due to agricultural activities: A prospective cohort study in Brittany, France
An Improved Follower Recognition Procedure to Estimate Follower Flow-Based Quality of Service Measures
Incorporating occupational health interventions in a community-based participatory preventive health program for farm families: A qualitative study
An Item Response Theory Analysis of Safety Knowledge in Colorado Farm Residents
Lack of safety systems in agricultural settings in rural Thailand: a report of three worker death
The meaning of health in rural children: a mixed methods approach
Mechanisms of paediatric trauma at a rural hospital in Uganda
Modelling the social and psychological impacts of transport disadvantage
Pesticide safety training and practices in women working in small-scale agriculture in South Africa
Planting the seed: the 2009 Midwest Rural Agricultural Safety and Health Forum (MRASH)
Prevalence of roll-over protective structure (ROPS)-equipped tractors on Hispanic-operated farms in the United States
Random parameter models for accident prediction on two-lane undivided highways in India
Risk behavior among farmers from Podkarpacie Provinece
Rural trauma in Iran: are the data reliable?
ROPS performance during field upset and static testing
Selling ideas, attitudes, and behaviors
Tractors and rollover protection in the United States
Town-level comparisons may be an effective alternative in comparing rural and urban differences: A look at accidental traumatic brain injuries in North Texas children
Trends and characteristics of animal-vehicle collisions in the United States
Farmers' suicides in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra, India: A qualitative exploration of their causes
Epidemiology of injury in rural Pondicherry, India
A comparison of cardiorespiratory fitness and body mass index between rural and urban youth: Findings from the East of England Healthy Hearts Study
Earthquake, tsunami, radiation leak, and crisis in rural health in Japan
Promotores as Researchers: Expanding the Promotor Role in Community-Based Research
Rural adolescents' help‐seeking intentions for emotional problems: The influence of perceived benefits and stoicism
Suicide in Australian pesticide-exposed workers
The activity of local health units in agriculture: Promotion, prevention, control
Delinquent Behavior of Dutch Rural Adolescents
Density of Surgeons Is Significantly Associated with Reduced Risk of Deaths from Motor Vehicle Crashes in US Counties
Farming fit? Dispelling the Australian agrarian myth
Knowledge and practices of pesticide use among farm workers in the West Bank, Palestine: Safety implications
Livestock vehicle accidents in Spain: Causes, consequences, and effects on animal welfare
Meta-analysis: Effectiveness of the preventive interventions in agriculture accidents
Psychometric properties of the Dickman Impulsivity Instrument in suicide victims and living controls of rural China
Residence time of buoyant objects in drowning machines
The adaptation of migrant children
Agricultural medicine core course: building capacity for health and safety professionals
Upper and lower extremity nerve injuries in pediatric missile wounds: a selective approach to management
Safety on North Carolina and Kentucky trout farms
Cattle associated trauma - A one year prospective study of all injuries
Changes in the hearing status and noise injury prevention practices of Australian farmers from 1994 to 2008
Causes of injuries in the mountains: a review of worldwide reports into accidents in mountaineering
The Effectiveness and Feasibility of Videoconferencing Technology to Provide Evidence-Based Treatment to Rural Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Populations
Mechanism of Action of Stinging Nettles
Climate change and farmers' mental health: risks and responses
'You're less complete if you haven't got a can in your hand': alcohol consumption and related harmful effects in rural Australia: the role and influence of cultural capital
Esophageal complications following aluminium phosphide ingestion: an emerging issue among survivors of poisoning
Treatment Outcome Research in Rural Pediatric Populations: The Challenge of Recruitment
An investigation into the level of empowerment of rural women in the Zululand district of KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa
Lateral process talus fracture in a kayaking injury
Trends in farm fatalities, Saskatchewan, Canada: 1990-2004
Occupational injuries in a commune in rural Vietnam transitioning from agriculture to new industries
Unintentional injury deaths among children younger than 5 years of age in India: a nationally representative study
Commentary on the problems of diving in remote areas and underdeveloped countries
Interpersonal violence presentations to general practitioners in Western Australia: implications for rural and community health
Electrocution by Arcing: A Nonfatal Case Study
Stability and Change in Female and Male Violence across Rural and Urban Counties, 1981–2006
A Mathematical Model to Predict Length of Stay in Pediatric ATV Accident Victims
Orthopaedic Aspects of All-terrain Vehicle-related Injury
Practices in pesticide handling and the use of personal protective equipment in Mexican agricultural workers
Rural/urban mortality differences in England and Wales and the effect of deprivation adjustment
Using Protection Motivation Theory and Formative Research to Guide an Injury Prevention Intervention: Increasing Adherence to the North American Guidelines for Children's Agricultural Tasks
Safety and animal handling practices among women dairy operators
Awareness and knowledge of child abuse amongst physicians - a descriptive study by a sample of rural Austria
Improving agricultural injury surveillance: A comparison of incidence and type of injury event among three data sources
Rural High North: A High Rate of Fatal Injury and Prehospital Death
Suicidal intent among young suicides in rural china
Surveillance Data on Pesticide and Agricultural Chemical Releases and Associated Public Health Consequences in Selected US States, 2003-2007
Analysis on the changing trend of mortality rate and spectrum regarding causes of death in the last recent 30 years in Hunan province
Native herbivore exerts contrasting effects on fire regime and vegetation structure
Cranial impalement in a child driving an all-terrain vehicle
Psychological Morbidity of Farmers and Non-farming Population: Results from a UK Survey
Human fatalities from wild elephant attacks - A study of fourteen cases
Large animal-related injury requiring hospital admission: Injury pattern disparities
Mental Health Service Utilization in a Community Sample of Rural Adolescents: The Role of Father-Offspring Relations
What we are not talking about: An evaluation of prevention messaging in print media reporting on agricultural injuries and fatalities
Hazardous Drinking and Drinking Patterns Among the Reindeer-Herding Sami Population in Sweden
Suicide means used by Chinese rural youths: A comparison between those with and without mental disorders
Vascular injuries after bear attacks: Incidence, surgical challenges and outcome
Acute Pesticide Illnesses Associated with Off-Target Pesticide Drift from Agricultural Applications - 11 States, 1998-2006
Adoption of Safety Eyewear Among Citrus Harvesters in Rural Florida
Empirical examination of passing lane operational benefits on rural two-lane highways
Increasing alcohol restrictions and rates of serious injury in four remote Australian Indigenous communities
Work-related pesticide poisoning among farmers in two villages of Southern China: a cross-sectional survey
Psychological strains and youth suicide in rural China
Pesticide exposure, safety issues, and risk assessment indicators
The Burden of Unhelmeted and Uninsured ATV Drivers and Passengers
Compliance with NAGCAT work practices recommendations for youth cleaning service alleys in stall barns
Does rurality affect the outcome of trauma patients?
Occupational all-terrain vehicle deaths among workers 18 years and older in the United States, 1992-2007
Seasonality of Chinese rural young suicide and its correlates
Willingness to pay to reduce alcohol-related harm in Australian rural communities
Introduction to the Special Section: Rural Health Issues in Pediatric Psychology
Socio-demographic characteristics of alcohol abusers in a rural Ijaw community in Bayelsa State, South-South Nigeria
Deliberate self-harm in rural and urban regions: A comparative study of prevalence and patient characteristics
Determinants of organophosphorus pesticide urinary metabolite levels in young children living in an agricultural community
The health status and unique health challenges of rural older adults in California
Injuries to hired crop workers in the United States-a descriptive analysis of a national probability survey
Pattern of animal-related injuries in iran
Rural Drug Users: Factors Associated With Substance Abuse Treatment Utilization
A conceptual model of suicide in rural areas
The Evaluation of Pat-Pat Related Injuries in the Western Black Sea Region of Turkey
The Battle River Project: School division implementation of the health-promoting schools approach: assessment for learning: using student health and school capacity measures to inform action and direct policy in a local school district
Health and Safety in Agriculture and Food Security Nexus
The Association between Driving Distance and Glycemic Control in Rural Areas
Compliance With the North American Guidelines for Children's Agricultural Tasks (NAGCAT) Work Practice Recommendations for Youth Working With Large Animals
Determinants of Work Hours Among a Cohort of Male and Female Farmers 50 Years and Older in Kentucky and South Carolina (2002-2005)
An Exploratory Pilot Study of Childhood Injuries on Cattle Farms in Jalisco, Mexico
From Kentucky to the Caribbean - and the Future of Federally Funded Agricultural Safety and Health
Managing occupational injuries records in Slovenia from 1948 to 2008
Pilot Health Promoting Hospital in rural South Africa: Evidence-based approach to systematic hospital transformation
Practical Safety and Health Risk Management in Production Agriculture: Report on the 2011 ASHCA Workshop
Secondary Injury Potential of Assistive Technologies Used by Farmers With Disabilities: Findings From Case Studies
Socioeconomic Status and Injury in a Cohort of Saskatchewan Farmers
A Trial of an All-Terrain Vehicle Safety Education Video in a Community-Based Hunter Education Program
Use of the Labour-Intensive Method in the Repair of a Rural Road Serving an Indigenous Community in Jocotán (Guatemala)
Wilderness Communications
Environmental Determinants of Children's Physical Activity in Residential Children's Homes
Injuries due to falling fruit
Patterns of fatal machine rollovers in Canadian agriculture
Suicide and Pesticide Use among Pesticide Applicators and Their Spouses in the Agricultural Health Study
Accessing alcohol & other drug services in a rural community: client experiences of changing factors that impact on their health and wellbeing
Between Affiliation and Autonomy: Navigating Pathways of Women's Empowerment and Gender Justice in Rural Bangladesh
Illness associated with exposure to methyl bromide--fumigated produce --- California, 2010
Physical violence by partner during pregnancy and use of prenatal care in rural India
Predicting the performance of cost-effective rollover protective structure designs
Rural and Urban Differences in Kentucky DUI Offenders
Contributing Factors to Older-Driver Injury Severity in Rural and Urban Areas
Using cohort studies to investigate rural and remote mental health
Mortality patterns of Australian male farmers and farm managers
Implementing alcohol and other drug interventions effectively: How does location matter?
Sociodemographic Correlates of Behavioral Problems Among Rural Chinese Schoolchildren
Cowherd's injury: Traumatic retrospondyloptosis of L1 over L2 in a 7-year-old child
Exploratory Study of the Occupational Health and Health-Seeking of Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers on the U.S.-Mexico Border
Risk assessment induced by knapsack or conventional motor sprayer on pesticides applicators and farm workers in cotton season
Assessing the Knowledge of All-Terrain Vehicle Safety for Children Among Alabama Pediatricians
The BRIDGE Community Consultation Project: Building rural interprofessional discussions and group experiences
Mild traumatic brain injuries in adults
The role of grandparents in preventing aggressive and other externalizing behavior problems in children from rural, methamphetamine-involved families
Minor trauma is an unrecognized contributor to poor fetal outcomes: A population-based study of 78,552 pregnancies
Non-exercise Physical Activity in Agricultural and Urban People
The Spatial Pattern of Suicide in the US in Relation to Deprivation, Fragmentation and Rurality
The development and application of a proxy measure of alcohol-related traffic crashes for rural communities
Impact of youth injuries on the uninsured farm family's economic viability
Interpersonal violence against people with disabilities: Understanding the problem from a rural context
Modeling animal-vehicle collisions considering animal-vehicle interactions
Chemical poisoning
Silage gas poisoning
Insecticide poisoning
Are we failing our rural communities? Motor vehicle injury in British Columbia, Canada, 2001-2007
Assessment of prehospital care and disaster preparedness in a rural Guatemala clinic
Country made scare gun vs. air gun: A comparative study of terminal ballistics using gelatine blocks
The impact of clinical and demographic variables on cognitive performance in methamphetamine-dependent individuals in rural South Carolina
Pregnancy and intimate partner violence: how do rural, low-income women cope?
Trends in All-Terrain Vehicle-related Spinal Injuries in Children and Adolescents
The evaluation of an online orientation to rural mental health practice in Australia
Pediatric response to a large-scale child protection intervention
Acute poisoning in southern part of Bangladesh--the case load is decreasing
Adolescent admissions to adult psychiatric units: Patterns and implications for service provision
Agricultural injury among rural California public high school students
Epidemiology of snakebites in Morocco
Place-Based Income Inequality Clusters in the Rural North Central Region, 1979-2009
Epidemiological profile of acute pesticide poisoning in children, Morocco
Adolescent drinking, academic achievement and leisure time use by secondary education students in a rural area of Crete
A correction factor for estimating statewide agricultural injuries from ambulance reports
The injured and diseased farmer: Occupational health, embodiment and technologies of harm and care
Fatal occupational injuries in Nicaragua, 2005
The most frequent injury with mechanical corn picker during harvest--possibility of prevention
Neurobehavioral function and organophosphate insecticide use among pesticide applicators in the Agricultural Health Study
Occupational injury in rural Bangladesh: Data gathering using household survey
Obesity in rural youth: Looking beyond nutrition and physical activity
The GABRIEL Advanced Surveys: study design, participation and evaluation of bias
Rurality and African American Perspectives on Children's Mental Health Services
Injury severities of truck drivers in single- and multi-vehicle accidents on rural highways
Drought, drying and mental health: Lessons from recent experiences for future risk‐lessening policies
Rapid change, climate adversity and the next 'big dry': Older farmers' mental health
If the land's sick, we're sick: The impact of prolonged drought on the social and emotional well‐being of Aboriginal communities in rural New South Wales
In their own words: Young people's mental health in drought‐affected rural and remote NSW
Improving the mental health of rural New South Wales communities facing drought and other adversities
Analysis of trauma patients in a rural hospital in Turkey
Drivers of adoption of safety innovations on Australian cotton farms
The epidemiology of cranio-facial injuries caused by animals in southern-central China
Farmwork-related injury among farmers 50 years of age and older in Kentucky and South Carolina: a cohort study, 2002-2005
High pesticide exposure events and central nervous system function among pesticide applicators in the Agricultural Health Study
The illegal and the dead: are mexicans renewable energy?
Mining injuries in Serbian underground coal mines - A 10-year study
Rural Disparity in Domestic Violence Prevalence and Access to Resources
Risk factors and prevalence of declined work ability among dairy farmers
Terrestrial snakebites in the South East of the Arabian peninsula: Patient characteristics, clinical presentations, and management
Falling less in Kansas: Development of a fall risk reduction toolkit
Paediatric trauma mortality in Norway: A population-based study of injury characteristics and urban-rural differences
Physical activity patterns in Greenland : A country in transition
Role of Farm Women in Agriculture
Agricultural health and safety performance in Australia
Behavioral and non-behavioral risk factors for occupational injuries and health problems among Belgian farmers
Does Daily Exposure to Whole-Body Vibration and Mechanical Shock Relate to the Prevalence of Low Back and Neck Pain in a Rural Workforce?
Farm-related ocular trauma in Makurdi, Nigeria
A task-based analysis of machinery entanglement injuries among Western Canadian farmers
Logico-graphical analysis of hazards: Vehicle collisions and the recognition of and response to braking
Transport safety in agriculture
Analysis of the traffic injury severity on two-lane, two-way rural roads based on classification tree models
Animal-Related Fatalities-Part I: Characteristic Autopsy Findings and Variable Causes of Death Associated with Blunt and Sharp Trauma
Animal-Related Fatalities-Part II: Characteristic Autopsy Findings and Variable Causes of Death Associated with Envenomation, Poisoning, Anaphylaxis, Asphyxiation, and Sepsis
Development of a Burn Prevention Teaching Tool for Amish Children
Effects of scale and efficiency of rural traffic calming on safety, accessibility and wildlife
EMS Relocation in a Rural Area Using a Geographic Information System Can Improve Response Time to Motor Vehicle Crashes
Estimating percent-time-spent-following on two-lane rural highways
In Response to "Wilderness Medical Society Practice Guidelines for the Prevention and Treatment of Frostbite"
Intersection Between Alcohol Abuse and Intimate Partner's Violence in a Rural Ijaw Community in Bayelsa State, South-South Nigeria
Work-related injuries and fatalities among farmers in South Korea
Report of a case of poisoning by double snake bite with neurotrope venom at the National Donka Hospital, Conakry (Guinea)
Rural youth and violence: A gender perspective
Early and risky sexual behavior in a sample of rural adolescents
What is known about the health and living conditions of the indigenous people of northern Scandinavia, the Sami?
Factors in the Neighborhood as Risks of Suicide in Rural China: A Multilevel Analysis
Forearmbone mineral density and incidence of hip fractures in Swedish urban and rural men 1987-2002
Frostbites in circumpolar areas
A Half Century of Burn Epidemiology and Burn Care in a Rural State
Innovations in health service organization and delivery in northern rural and remote regions: a review of the literature
Migration and depressive symptoms in migrant-sending areas: Findings from the survey of internal migration and health in China
Preventing Eye Injuries Among Citrus Harvesters: The Community Health Worker Model
"Our People Are Still Resisting": Farmworker Community Organizing and the Texas Agricultural System
Definition and measurement of rider-intrinsic physical attributes influencing all-terrain vehicle safety
Ritual and Performance in Domestic Violence Healing: From Survivor to Thriver Through Rites of Passage
Epidemiological transition in a rural community of northern India: 18-year mortality surveillance using verbal autopsy
Agricultural injury risk among rural California public high school students: Prospective results
Injuries to individuals participating in mountain and wilderness sports: a review
Snowboarding injuries
The spatial pattern of suicide in the US in relation to deprivation, fragmentation and rurality
Suicide in a rural community
The epidemiology of cross country skiing injuries
The epidemiology of sports head injuries in a rural population
Mule bite to the male genitalia with complete penile and anterior urethra amputation: Unusual case and review of the literature
A community-based cluster randomised trial of safe storage to reduce pesticide self-poisoning in rural Sri Lanka: Study protocol
Intimate partner violence among women with HIV infection in rural Uganda: critical implications for policy and practice
Making the message meaningful: a qualitative assessment of media promoting all-terrain vehicle safety
A method for simplifying the analysis of traffic accidents injury severity on two-lane highways using Bayesian networks
Severity models of cross-median and rollover crashes on rural divided highways in Pennsylvania
A survey on the agricultural profession-related injuries among 11 902 rural residents in Shandong province
Urban-rural influences on suicidality: Gaps in the existing literature and recommendations for future research
Urban compared with rural and remote burn hospitalisations in Western Australia
Behind the Silence of Harmony: Risk Factors for Physical and Sexual Violence among Women in Rural Indonesia
The delay between symptom onset and seeking professional treatment for anxiety and depressive disorders in a rural Australian sample
The role of school engagement in preventing adolescent delinquency and substance use: A survival analysis
Stimulant use trajectories and the longitudinal risk of heavy drinking: Findings from a rural population-based study
The role of ecological assets in positive and problematic developmental trajectories
Severe acute poisoning by organophosphate pesticides: Report of 28 cases
The role of self breath-testing devices in the Kimberley region of Western Australia
Pediatric all-terrain vehicle related temporal bone fractures
Rural-urban comparison in prevalence of overweight and obesity among children and adolescents of Asian Indian origin
Rural-Urban Migration and Experience of Childhood Abuse in the Young Thai Population
The comparison of clinical manifestation of organophosphorus pesticide poisoning (OPP) between oral exposure and occupational exposure in field work
"Rewarming" an important issue from the cold: simulated avalanche survival and the physiology of afterdrop
An agriculture and health inter-sectorial research process to reduce hazardous pesticide health impacts among smallholder farmers in the Andes
Gender and occupational health and safety requirements among Saskatchewan farm adolescents
Global Functioning and Suicide Among Chinese Rural Population Aged 15-34 Years: A Psychological Autopsy Case-Control Study
Occupational safety of farmers in the vegetable industry
Pathway analysis of risk factors for severe suicidal ideation: a survey in rural China
Natural Mentoring Processes Deter Externalizing Problems Among Rural African American Emerging Adults: A Prospective Analysis
Noise-induced hearing loss in agriculture: Creating partnerships to overcome barriers and educate the community on prevention
In Response to Bradford Washburn's 1962 NEJM Article "Frostbite: What It Is-How To Prevent It-Emergency Treatment"-Historical Background and Commentary
Knowledge of students of tourism and recreation Academy of Physical Education on wild mushrooms
Potential Risk Estimation Drowning Index for Children (PREDIC): A pilot study from Matlab, Bangladesh
Home Fires in America: Progress and Opportunities
Physical Phenomena and Length Scales Governing the Behaviour of Wildfires: A Case for Physical Modelling
A Case Study of a Community Affected by the Witch and Guejito Wildland Fires
Eruptive Behaviour of Forest Fires
Analysis on Downwind Distribution of Firebrands Sourced from a Wildland Fire
Effective Heat of Combustion for Flaming Combustion of Mediterranean Forest Fuels
Fuel Moisture Thresholds in the Flammability of Calluna vulgaris
Guest Editorial: Wildfires, Fire Science and Fire Safety Engineering
Metrological Tool for the Characterization of Flame Fronts Based on the Coupling of a Heat Flux Approach with Image Processing Data
Modelling Soil Moisture Deficit and Moisture Content of Ground Vegetation: Progress Towards Development of a Fire Weather Index System Appropriate to the UK
The adults in the making program: Long-term protective stabilizing effects on alcohol use and substance use problems for rural African American emerging adults
Bush Animal Attacks: Management of complex injuries in a resource-limited setting
Key events in microvascular damage induced by snake venom hemorrhagic metalloproteinases
Prevalence and Effects of Violence Against Women in a Rural Community in Minia Governorate, Egypt
A reassessment of the association between social disorganization and youth violence in rural areas
Reducing farm injury deaths through regulation
All-terrain vehicle injuries in Texas, mapping the path to intervention with a geographic information system
A Cross-Sectional Exploration of Excessive Daytime Sleepiness, Depression, and Musculoskeletal Pain among Migrant Farmworkers
Mental health disorders in children of non-drug-abusing parents: A sample from a rural community devastated by methamphetamine
Occupational eye injuries experienced by migrant farmworkers
Overview of literature and information on "khat-related" mortality: a call for recognition of the issue and further research
Participatory research and service-learning among farmers, health professional students, and experts: an agromedicine approach to farm safety and health
The relationship between fatigue-related factors and work-related injuries in the Saskatchewan farm injury Cohort Study
Variability in veterans' alcohol use by place of residence
Approach to prevent farm work accidents in Saga city
Comparing Rural Ground and Air Emergency Medical Services: A Level I Trauma Center's Experience
Acute collective gas poisoning at work in a manure storage tank
Association between health risk behaviors in parents and adolescents in a rural area in southern Brazil
An empirical approach to selecting community-based alcohol interventions: combining research evidence, rural community views and professional opinion
Engagement in risky behaviours by 15-19-year-olds from Polish urban and rural areas
Farming suicides during the Victorian drought: 2001-2007
Pesticide poisonings in South Korea: Findings from the National Hospital Discharge Survey 2004-2006
Physiological relevance and health cost benefits. Reply: "Disputing the Claims for Physiological Fitness and Health Adaptations from Purposeful Training using Off-road Vehicles" by Milburn et al
Prenatal substance use, prenatal stress and offspring behavioural outcomes: Considerations for future studies
Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Disorders and Physiological Stress Among Adult, Male Potato Cultivators of West Bengal, India
Sampling Efficacy for the Red Imported Fire Ant Solenopsis invicta (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)
All-Terrain Vehicle Injury Prevention: Healthcare Providers' Knowledge, Attitudes, and the Anticipatory Guidance They Provide
The impact of perceptual treatments on driver's behavior: From driving simulator studies to field tests-First results
Knowledge, attitude and practices of pesticide use and acetylcholinesterase depression among farm workers in Nepal
Neurobehavioral performance among agricultural workers and pesticide applicators: a meta-analytic study
Peripheral Nervous System Function and Organophosphate Pesticide Use among Licensed Pesticide Applicators in the Agricultural Health Study
Disputing the claims for physiological fitness and health adaptations from purposeful training using off-road vehicles
Electrical heart activity recorded during prolonged avalanche burial
Ocular trauma epidemiology: 10-year retrospective study
On the value of experience-based decisions in studying constructs of risk taking
Rural school transportation in emerging countries: The Brazilian case
Upper extremity injuries due to threshing machine
Validation of the trait anxiety scale for state-trait anxiety inventory in suicide victims and living controls of Chinese rural youths
What may be happen after an organophosphate exposure: Acute myocardial infarction?
Traumatic rhabdomyolysis (crush syndrome) in the rural setting
Early driving experience and influence on risk perception in young rural people
Psychological Symptoms and Blood Pressure Among Rural-Dwellers
Statistical data concerning head trauma with frontal sinus involvement in Clinical Hospital "Prof. Dr. Nicolae Oblu", Iasi
Ensuring safe access to medication for palliative care while preventing prescription drug abuse: innovations for American inner cities, rural areas, and communities overwhelmed by addiction
Severe hydrogen sulfide intoxication: A pediatric case of survival
Toxicity from ingestion of Jatropha curcas ('saboo dum') seeds in Thai children
Acute oral poisoning due to chloracetanilide herbicides
The Evolution of a Community-Based Telepsychiatry Program in Rural Alabama: Lessons Learned-A Brief Report
Health and safety strategy in Swedish agriculture
Occupational accidents among elderly farmers in Sweden
Tractor accidents in Swedish traffic
Water development projects and marital violence: experiences from rural Bangladesh
All-Terrain Vehicle-Related Orthopaedic Trauma in North Central West Virginia: An 8-Year Review of a Level I Trauma Center
Cerebellar infarct with neurogenic pulmonary edema following viper bite
Effect of psychological skills training during military survival school: a randomized, controlled field study
Incidence of acute occupational pesticide poisoning among male farmers in South Korea
Injury deaths among people with epilepsy in rural Bangladesh: A retrospective population-based study
Investigation on the unintentional injuries among rural children in Shaanxi province
Plant dermatitis: Asian perspective
The ergonomics analysis of work: a case study in a experimental farm
Behaviour of Solitary Adult Scandinavian Brown Bears (Ursus arctos) when Approached by Humans on Foot
Bite through the tent
Effects of a provincial ban of two toxic organophosphorus insecticides on pesticide poisoning hospital admissions
The Forensic Deaths Caused by Pesticide Poisoning Between the Years 2006 and 2009 in Izmir, Turkey
Quantifying vapor drift of dicamba herbicides applied to soybean
Socio-demographic factors and psychological distress in Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian adults aged 18-64 years: analysis of national survey data
Using Disaster Exercises to Determine Staff Educational Needs and Improve Disaster Outcomes in Rural Hospitals: The Role of the Nursing Professional Development Educator
Alcohol use and abuse among rural Zimbabwean adults: A test of a community-level intervention
Amputation in low-income countries: particularities in epidmiological features and management practices
Maxillofacial Injuries due to Bear Mauling
Wild boar inflicted human injury
Water Tubing-Related Injuries Treated in US Emergency Departments, 1991-2009
Fear of darkness, the full moon and the nocturnal ecology of African lions
Analysis of driver injury severity in rural single-vehicle crashes
The gap in injury mortality rates between urban and rural residents of Hubei province, China
Incidence and Cost of Injury Among Youth in Agricultural Settings, United States, 2001-2006
Suicide among patients in the veterans affairs health system: rural-urban differences in rates, risks, and methods
Socio-demographic correlates of the health-seeking behaviours in two districts of Pakistan's Punjab province
Clinico-epidemiological features of viper bite envenomation: a study from Manipal, South India
Home versus nonhome neighborhood: quantifying differences in exposure to the built environment
Incidence of disability pension and associations with socio-demographic factors in a Swedish twin cohort
Pesticide use and fatal injury among farmers in the Agricultural Health Study
The farming population in Ireland: mortality trends during the 'Celtic Tiger' years
'There's nothing the *@#! wrong with me: Youth mental health and substance use in rural and remote Australia and the potential role of school-based interventions
Mountain clothing and thermoregulation: a look back
Seat belt and child seat use in Lipetskaya Oblast, Russia: frequencies, attitudes, and perceptions
A Systematic Review of Aluminium Phosphide Poisoning
Unusual lower genital tract injury caused by bull's horn: prolapse of small intestine through vagina-first case report in literature
Analysis of 4713 cases of Wuhan pesticide poisoning reports of year 2002 to 2010
Bayesian modeling of the microscopic traffic characteristics of overtaking in two-lane highways
The economic cost of farm-related fatalities in Australia
Estimated Global Mortality Attributable to Smoke from Landscape Fires
Expected injury cost indices on Finnish farms
Identifying culturally and age appropriate farm safety curricula for Amish and other conservative Anabaptist youth
Physical victimization of rural methamphetamine and cocaine users
Spectrum of all-terrain vehicle injuries in adults: A case series and review of the literature
Acute human Glufosinate-containing herbicide poisoning
Emerging health risks associated with modern agriculture practices: A comprehensive study in India
Urban-rural differences in oral and maxillofacial trauma
Work-related injury and ill-health among mountain instructors in the UK
Non-intentional farm injury fatalities in Australia, 2003-2006
Characteristics of evaluated childhood agricultural safety interventions
Child care needs of farm families
Child labor in agriculture: some new developments to an ancient problem
Children's Environmental Health in Agricultural Settings
Children's Safety on American Indian Farms: Information and Recommendations
Commitment and cooperation for a common cause
Culturally competent safety interventions for children in old order Anabaptist communities
Developing the 2012 national action plan for protecting children in agriculture
Enhancing surveillance of injuries and disease among agricultural youth
The future structure of childhood agricultural injury prevention: first the blueprint
Guidelines for Children's Work in Agriculture: Implications for the Future
Historical background of the child labor regulations: strengths and limitations of the agricultural hazardous occupations orders
Partnering strategies for childhood agricultural safety and health
The potential for social media to educate farm families about health and safety for children
Unique agricultural safety and health issues of migrant and immigrant children
Using social marketing to address barriers and motivators to agricultural safety and health best practices
Supervision of children in agricultural settings: implications for injury risk and prevention
The role of child and adolescent development in the occurrence of agricultural injuries: an illustration using tractor-related injuries
Gender differences in acute pesticide-related illnesses and injuries among farmworkers in the United States, 1998-2007
Organophosphate-induced brain damage: Mechanisms, neuropsychiatric and neurological consequences, and potential therapeutic strategies
Analysis of speed characteristics for rural two-lane roads: A field study from Minoufiya Governorate, Egypt
Examining spring wet slab and glide avalanche occurrence along the Going-to-the-Sun Road corridor, Glacier National Park, Montana, USA
Influences of forest roads on the spatial patterns of human- and lightning-caused wildfire ignitions
Remoteness and accessibility in the vulnerability analysis of regional road networks
Understanding similarities in the local implementation of a healthy environment programme: Insights from policy studies
Crime in rural Sweden
Accessibility and capability: the minimum transport needs and costs of rural households
Aging farmers are at high risk for injuries and fatalities: how human-factors research and application can help
Be seen and be safe highway safety with farm equipment program
Injury and death on the farm: improving prevention through improved surveillance
Pediatric All-Terrain Vehicle Trauma: The Epidemic Continues Unabated
Biomechanics of walking with snowshoes
Comment on "A Prospective Study on Electrocardiographic Findings of Patients with Organophosphorus Poisoning"
Harvest of need: addressing health and safety challenges on North Carolina's farms
Inpatient hospitalizations related to agricultural machine injuries in North Carolina, 2006-2010
North Carolina's preparedness to respond to on-farm emergencies
Occupational exposure to pesticides and nerve conduction studies among Korean farmers
Reliability and validity of the Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale in 2 special adult samples from rural China
Impact crash analyses of an off-road utility vehicle - part I: validation of finite-element model for body structure
Impact crash analyses of an off-road utility vehicle - part II: simulation of frontal pole, pole side, rear barrier and rollover impact crashes
Forest fire hazard classification in Poland
A descriptive analysis of work-related fatal injury in older workers in Australia 2000-2009
A Qualitative Inquiry into the Application of Verbal Autopsy for a Mortality Surveillance System in a Rural Community of Southern India
Prevention of chaff cutter injuries in rural India
Farming Tractor Fatalities in Virginia: An 11-Year Retrospective Review
Ethnic and gender differences in farm tasks and safety practices among rural California farm youth
Associations Between Suicidal High School Students' Help-Seeking and Their Attitudes and Perceptions of Social Environment
Gender differences in trauma mechanisms, and outcomes in a rural hospital which is not designed as trauma centre
Voices from the bush: remote area nurses prioritise hazards that contribute to violence in their workplace
Analysis of violent deaths of mountaineers and tourists at high altitudes
Head and traumatic brain injuries among Australian youth and young adults, July 2000-June 2006
Penile fracture caused by wild bear attack
Rural Nevada and Climate Change: Vulnerability, Beliefs, and Risk Perception
Thoracic hyperextension injury with complete "bony disruption" of the thoracic cage: Case report of a potentially life-threatening injury
Rural transport - Valuing the mobility of older people
Wilderness medicine within global health: a strategy for less risk and more reward
Assessing rural coalitions that address safety and health issues
Suicidal characteristic-clusters for rural young victims aged 15 - 34 in three province, China: a case controlstudy
Retrospective review of all-terrain vehicle accidents in Alberta
Pattern of organophosphorous poisoning: a retrospective community based study
Patterns of life events preceding the suicide in rural young Chinese: A case control study
Oral and oropharyngeal impalement injury in pediatric patients-Focus on rural environment
In the wake of the 2009 Gippsland fires: Young adults' perceptions of post-disaster social supports
Modeling and validation of off-road vehicle ride dynamics
Characteristics of rural crack and powder cocaine use: gender and other correlates
Criminality among rural stimulant users in the United States
Belaya Smert: The White Death
Balancing Riparian Management and River Recreation: Methods and Applications for Exploring Floater Behavior and Their Interaction with Large Wood
Differences in incidence of injury between rural and urban children in Canada and the USA: a systematic review
Water Turnover and Core Temperature on Mount Rainier
Atropa Belladonna intoxication: a case report
Autonomic Function following Acute Organophosphorus Poisoning: A Cohort Study
A case of fatal cervical discoligamentous hyperextension injury without fracture: Correlation of postmortem imaging and autopsy findings
Can Atropa belladonna L. poisoning result in acute subdural hematoma?
Corridors promote fire via connectivity and edge effects
Assessing farm tractor incidents and awareness levels of operators for tractor safety issues in the Hatay province of Turkey
The Epidemiology of Mountain Bike Park Injuries at the Whistler Bike Park, British Columbia (BC), Canada
Epidemiology of the Reported Severity of Copperhead (Agkistrodon contortrix) Snakebite
Establishing the need for an engineering standard for agricultural hitch pins
Ohio farm safety day camps: developing a successful statewide program through surveillance and evaluation
Oximetry fails to predict acute mountain sickness or summit success during a rapid ascent to 5640 meters
Prominent barriers and motivators to installing ROPS: an analysis of survey responses from Pennsylvania and Vermont
Risk factors for occupational injuries among full-time farmers in Finland
Risk reanalysis
ROPS deficiency of gray-market tractors
The utility of injury narratives for prioritising future prevention activities in small and medium enterprises in rural Vietnam
Aboriginal hunting buffers climate-driven fire-size variability in Australia's spinifex grasslands
Camel-Related Injuries: Prospective Study of 212 Patients
Do mountain pine beetle outbreaks change the probability of active crown fire in lodgepole pine forests? Comment
Do mountain pine beetle outbreaks change the probability of active crown fire in lodgepole pine forests? Comment
Neuropsychological Outcomes of U.S. Veterans with Report of Remote Blast-Related Concussion and Current Psychopathology
Pesticide regulations and farm worker safety: the need to improve pesticide regulations in Viet Nam
Prevalence and characteristics of patients with risky alcohol consumption presenting to emergency departments in rural Australia
Issues affecting therapist workforce and service delivery in the disability sector in rural and remote New South Wales, Australia: perspectives of policy-makers, managers and senior therapists
An account of a complete luxation of the thigh bone, in an adult person, by external violence; by Mr. Charles White, surgeon, at Manchester. Communicated by George Lloyd, Esq; F. R. S
Factors impacting on the well-being of older residents in rural communities
Farm safety education in New York Mennonite schools
Health status and needs of Latino dairy farmworkers in Vermont
Human exposures to pesticides in the United States
Looking for Lessons in the Child Agricultural Labor Law Dust-up
Mortality in the California Farmer Health Study cohort
Risk-accepting personality and personal protective equipment use within the agricultural health study
Environmental risk factors for REM sleep behavior disorder: A multicenter case-control study
Identifying differences between off-highway vehicle (OHV) and non-OHV user groups for recreation resource planning
Is helicopter evacuation effective in rural trauma transport?
State-specific ATV-related fatality rates: an update in the new millennium
Successful research recruitment strategies in a study focused on abused rural women at risk for sexually transmitted infections
Characteristics of Chinese rural young suicides by pesticides
The decision-making processes adopted by rurally located mandated professionals when child abuse or neglect is suspected
Fatalities from venomous and nonvenomous animals in the United States (1999-2007)
Factors affecting survival from avalanche burial-a randomized prospective porcine pilot study
Promoting and protecting worker health and safety in the republic of Korea agricultural sector
Study on ESP control principle of light off-road vehicle based on brake / drive integrated control
Eye injuries at a tertiary health center in the west Black Sea region, Turkey
Injury prevention and recreational all-terrain vehicle use: the impact of helmet use in West Virginia
The foundations of wilderness medicine: some historical features
In search of housing: urban families in rural contexts
Predictors of exposure to organophosphate pesticides in schoolchildren in the Province of Talca, Chile
All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) crashes in an unregulated environment: A prospective study of 56 cases
Crisis intervention team (CIT) programs in rural communities: a focus group study
The epidemiology of injury in ATV and motocross sports
The epidemiology of injury in mountaineering, rock and ice climbing
Evolution of venom antigenaemia and antivenom concentration in patients bitten by snakes in Uruguay
Front versus rear seat placement of children aged 12 or younger within vehicles: a rural/urban comparison in North Dakota
Prevalence and correlates for nonmedical use of prescription opioids among urban and rural residents
Comparing modern and presettlement forest dynamics of a subboreal wilderness: does spruce budworm enhance fire risk?
Engaging Latino farmworkers in the development of symbols to improve pesticide safety and health education and risk communication
The impact of invisibility on the health of migrant farmworkers in the southeastern United States: a case study from Georgia
Has TRISS become an anachronism? A comparison of mortality between the National Trauma Data Bank and Major Trauma Outcome Study databases
Wilderness Medical Society Practice Guidelines for the prevention and treatment of lightning injuries
Olive-harvesting eye injuries
Pathological and toxicological findings in glyphosate-surfactant herbicide fatality: a case report
Violence against women with chronic maternal disabilities in rural Bangladesh
All-terrain vehicle dealership point-of-sale child safety compliance in Illinois
Lifestyles and self-rated health, in Portuguese elderly from rural and urban areas
Predicting the likelihood of suicide attempts for rural outpatients with schizophrenia
Service contacts prior to death in people dying by suicide in the Scottish Highlands
Transorbital orbitocranial penetrating injury caused by a metal bar
Contributors to suicidality in rural communities: beyond the effects of depression
Starting to drink: the experiences of Australian lower secondary students with alcohol
Depression in rural adolescents: relationships with gender and availability of mental health services
Development of a hierarchical tree based regression model for rural traffic crashes
Estimating space-mean speed for rural and suburban highways in Malaysia
A new, non-canonical Poisson regression model for the prediction of crashes on low-volume rural roads
The reconstruction of transportation and environmental infrastructure in rural areas
Determinants of high pesticide exposure events in the agricultural health cohort study from enrollment (1993-1997) through phase II (1999-2003)
The economic burden of all-terrain vehicle related adult deaths in the U.S. workplace, 2003-2006
Management of safety and quality and the relationship with employee decisions in country grain elevators
Nationwide study of injury-related deaths among children aged 1-4 years in China, 2000-2008
The U.S. Department of Labor's Tractor and Machinery Certification Program: management styles and perceptions held by community stakeholders and instructors
Burn injury in Bangladesh: electrical injury a major contributor
Factors affecting accident severity inside and outside urban areas in Greece
Priorities for action in a rural older adults study
Rural Australian women's legal help seeking for intimate partner violence: women intimate partner violence victim survivors' perceptions of criminal justice support services
Agricultural exposures and farm-related injuries among adolescents in rural China
Drinking, substance use and the operation of motor vehicles by young adolescents in Canada
Applied clinical pharmacology and public health in rural Asia - preventing deaths from organophosphorus pesticide and yellow oleander poisoning
Central nervous system damage due to acute paraquat poisoning: A neuroimaging study with 3.0T MRI
Ocular injuries by durian fruit
From agricultural fields to urban asphalt: the role of worker education to promote California's heat illness prevention standard
Older farmers and machinery exposure-cause for concern?
Identifying a high-risk cohort in a complex and dynamic risk environment: out-of-bounds skiing-an example from avalanche safety
The pattern of injury and poisoning in South East Iran
Temporal modeling of highway crash counts for senior and non-senior drivers
Skills, transport and economic development: evidence from a rural area in England
Attentional differences in driving judgments for country and city scenes: Semantic congruency in inattentional blindness
Assessing disaster preparedness among Latino migrant and seasonal farmworkers in eastern North Carolina
Cautiousness in young rural and semi-rural drivers: Are there influencing factors?
Coping skills, mental disorders, and suicide among rural youths in China
Manure pit injuries: Rare, deadly, and preventable
The U.S./Mexico border: a binational approach to framing challenges and constructing solutions for improving farmworkers' lives
Action learning: a new method to increase tractor rollover protective structure (ROPS) adoption
Informal occupational safety information exchange among Latino migrant and seasonal farmworkers
Lessons learned from the child agricultural labor law debate
Major extremity injuries associated with farmyard accidents
Midwest growers' mail survey of contributors to migrant health and nutrition
The relationship between elder mistreatment and suicidal ideation in rural older adults in China
Safety features on agricultural machines and farm structures in Saskatchewan
Swedish dairy farmers' perceptions of animal-related injuries
Urbanization, globalization and road safety: a potential dialogue in search of equity?
Depression, suicidal ideation, and associated factors: a cross-sectional study in rural Haiti
Termination of cardiopulmonary resuscitation in mountain rescue
Twenty years of agrability: a retrospective forum
Epidemiological survey of the prevalence of non-fatal injury among children aged 5-14 years in China
Perception of occupational risk by rural workers in an area of central Italy
Adolescent alcohol use in rural South African high schools
Deaths in the desert: the human rights crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border
Mechanistic relationship of all-terrain vehicles and pediatric renal trauma
Hazardous gases and oxygen depletion in a wet paddy pile: an experimental study in a simulating underground rice mill pit, Thailand
Overcoming cultural barriers to deliver comprehensive rural community mental health care in Southern India
Urban, suburban, and rural variations in separation/divorce rape/sexual assault results from the National Crime Victimization Survey
Drug-scene familiarity and exposure to gang violence among residents in a rural farming community in Baja California, Mexico
Analysis of pediatric all-terrain vehicle trauma data in Middle Tennessee: Implications for injury prevention
Evaluating the effectiveness of a lay health promoter-led, community-based participatory pesticide safety intervention with farmworker families
Farmers' stress and coping in a time of drought
Intimate partner violence in southwestern Nigeria: are there rural-urban differences?
Safety factors related to all-terrain vehicle injuries in children
Acute poisoning with neonicotinoid insecticides: a case report and literature review
At what age should children engage in agricultural tasks?
Inverse propensity weighting to adjust for bias in fatal crash samples
Natural environments, obesity, and physical activity in nonmetropolitan areas of the United States
Partial ptosis, dilated pupils and ataxia following abamectin poisoning
A review of the main driving factors of forest fire ignition over Europe
The new tobacco--tactics adopted by quad bike manufacturers to not rollover
Optimising seat length design to minimise extra passengers on all-terrain vehicles
The safety information and guidance provided to parents by all-terrain vehicle dealers and sales representatives
Anxiety and aggression in rural youth: baseline results from the Rural Adaptation Project
Relations between loss of services and psychiatric symptoms in urban and non-urban settings following a natural disaster
Successful resuscitation after multiple injuries in the wilderness
Acute occupational injury among adolescent farmworkers from South Texas
Health impacts of wildfires
Health risk behaviors in insured and uninsured community health center patients in the rural US South
Non fatal injuries among infants: a pilot study
Predictors of psychiatric aftercare among formerly hospitalized adolescents
Rural older adults' mental health: status and challenges in care delivery
An integrated contextual model of confidence in local police
Risk factors for injury mortality in rural Tanzania: a secondary data analysis
An exploratory study of migrant workers and safety in three European countries
Reducing occupational fatalities by using NIOSH 3rd generation automatically deployable rollover protective structure
Degree of urbanization and mortality from motor vehicular crashes
The 2012 action plan for preventing childhood agricultural injuries in the USA
The aging workforce: a population-based study of agricultural workers
Alternative dairy farm employment/dairy farm task sheets
Barriers to helmet use for drivers of all-terrain vehicles
Characteristics of injured off-road cyclists
Children and drowning in Vietnam
Children on all-terrain vehicles: development of simulated crash scenarios for educational intervention
Development and implementation of an agricultural safety consultation program to protect dairy farm workers
Documented evidence of agricultural injury in China
'Down the Back Paddock': a programme to educate local primary school children about safety on rural properties
Drivers of change in agricultural health and safety in Australia
The economic burden of all-terrain vehicle-related adult deaths in the U.S. workplace, 2003-2006
The exposure of farm workers to pesticides used in potato cultivation in Brazil
A family intervention to increase the use of seatbelts on ROPS tractors
GPS tracking of quad bike use on Australian dairy farms
Grass roots suicide prevention in rural Western Australia (WA)
Human factors in farming--publishing the learning from accident reviews to influence farmers' behaviours and practices
I have a bone to pick with you: the challenge of addressing dog-related injury in a rural community
Injury prevention with migrant workers in Swedish agriculture--initial studies with employer perspectives
Needlestick injuries in agriculture
A novel training for occupational safety in agriculture using mobile training unit (MTU)
Occupational ATV-related injuries in Washington State's agricultural industry, 2004-2008
Out of sight but not out of mind: rural drowning in Queensland
A picture is worth a thousand words: utilising social media to better understand all-terrain vehicle crash mechanisms of real patients
Preventing children from being extra-riders on tractors
Reducing risk of entry into confined space manure storages
Regional rural injury study III: the roles of injury type and injured body part in determining short- and long-term consequences of injuries among children on agricultural operations
Rural health providers--improving farmer health and safety
Strategies for injury prevention in Swedish agriculture
Tractor related fatalities following mandatory rollover protection structure retrofitting in Victoria, Australia
Analysis of traffic accidents on rural highways using latent class clustering and bayesian networks
Mortality in rural locations after severe injuries from motor vehicle crashes
Determination of effort required to insert a rescue tube into various grain types
Effect of using GPS autosteer guidance systems on the eye-glance behavior and posture of tractor operators
Control of the multimillennial wildfire size in boreal North America by spring climatic conditions
Fire characteristics associated with firefighter injury on large federal wildland fires
Epidemiology and clinical characteristics of traumatic brain injuries in a rural setting in Maharashtra, India. 2007-2009
Relationships of forest fire with lightning in Daxing'anling Mountains, Northeast China
Reducing the risk of violence towards remote area nurses: A violence management toolbox
Rogue-elephant-inflicted panfacial injuries: a rare case report
Rural and urban distribution of trauma incidents in Scotland
A stochastic analysis of tractor overturn costs on catfish farms
Trends in tractor related fatalities among adults working on farms in Victoria, Australia, 1985-2010
Utah farm owner/operators' safety practices and risk awareness regarding confined space work in agriculture
Rural and urban suicide in South Korea
Elements of comprehensiveness in the professional health practices provided to rural women victims of violence
Prevalence of domestic accidents in the rural field practice area of a medical college in Bangalore, Karnataka
Estimation of safety effectiveness of composite shoulders on rural two-lane highways
Development of left-turn lane warrants for unsignalized intersections
Bridging prevention and health: exploring community perceptions of intimate partner violence in rural Honduras
Health-related quality of life in rural children living in four European countries: the GABRIEL study
Calibration of Highway Safety Manual safety performance function: development of new models for rural two-lane two-way highways
Evaluation of a standardized all-terrain vehicle safety education intervention for youth in rural central Illinois
Modeling ventilation time in forage tower silos
Pediatric "off-road vehicle" trauma: determinants of injury severity and type
Accidental chemical burns of oral mucosa by herbicide
Migrant and seasonal crop worker injury and illness across the Northeast
Lethal brain edema, shock, and coagulopathy after scorpion envenomation
Traumatic deaths in children: is there a difference between urban and rural populations?
Crime prevention in rural Sweden
Impact of terrorism on investment decisions of farmers: evidence from the Punjab insurgency
Burn prevention in Zambia: a targeted epidemiological approach
Off-road vehicle ridership and associated helmet use in Canadian youth: an equity analysis
Rural roadway safety perceptions among rural teen drivers living in and outside of towns
Unintentional injury, psychological distress and depressive symptoms: is there an association for rural Australians?
Risk factors on the unintentional injuries among rural children aged 0-12 in Shaanxi province
Agricultural injury in California Hispanic farm workers: MICASA follow-up survey
Farm safety research to practice: the long road from the laboratory to the farm
Farm trauma-a firefighter's perspective
Home-related injuries among children: knowledge, attitudes and practice about first aid among rural mothers
Health aspects of organophosphorous pesticides in Asian countries
Occupational injury and disease incidence and risk factors in Finnish agriculture based on 5-year insurance records
Respirator and hearing protection use in the certified safe farm program
Respirator use among U.S. farm operators: evidence from the 2006 Farm and Ranch Safety Survey
Analysis of the phenomenon of attempted suicides in 1978-2010 in Poland, with particular emphasis on rural areas of Lublin Province
Epidemiologic features of child unintentional injury in rural PuCheng, China
Ocular blunt trauma during wood chopping as the reason for serious visual impairments
Various aspects of physical activity among Lithuanian adolescents
'Elastic band strategy': women's lived experience of coping with domestic violence in rural Indonesia
Understanding the causes and consequences of injuries to adolescents growing up in poverty in Ethiopia, Andhra Pradesh (India), Vietnam and Peru: a mixed method study
Views of adolescents on addressing violence in semi-rural secondary schools in Mafikeng, North West province
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Depressive symptoms and severity of acute occupational pesticide poisoning among male farmers
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Performance evaluation for rural two-plus-one-lane highway in a cold, snowy region
Childhood agricultural injuries: an update for clinicians
Integrated approach to the promotion of health and safety in agriculture: a pilot study in the Cremona area
Effectiveness of pesticide safety training and knowledge about pesticide exposure among Hispanic farmworkers
Effects of acute organophosphorus poisoning on function of peripheral nerves: a cohort study
Effects of vehicle volume and lane closure length on construction road user costs in rural areas
Penetrating orbital injuries from plant material during pond and river diving
Public health impact of heat-related illness among migrant farmworkers
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Pesticides, depression and suicide: A systematic review of the epidemiological evidence
Design of risk communication strategies based on risk perception among farmers exposed to pesticides in Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil
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Investigation and analysis of motorcycle safety in rural China
Accidental poisoning by death cap mushrooms: be careful what you eat
Change trends of summer fire danger in great Xing' an Mountains forest region of Heilongjiang Province, Northeast China under climate change
Economic worry and the presence of safety hazards on farms
Health care access disparities among children entering kindergarten in Nevada
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Single- versus multi-vehicle bicycle road crashes in Victoria, Australia
Adolescent suicide: characterizing the need and identifying the predictive factors for preventive consultation or hospitalization in a rural community setting
Violence against rural older women: Promoting community awareness and action
Assessing depression in rural communities
A 10-year analysis of 214 HEMS backcountry hoist rescues
Bull gore injury of the vagina
Community gun safety in central Pennsylvania
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Depressive symptoms and interpersonal needs as mediators of forgiveness and suicidal behavior among rural primary care patients
Fatal injury as a function of rurality-a tale of two Norwegian counties
Infidelity, jealousy, and wife abuse among Tsimane forager-farmers: Testing evolutionary hypotheses of marital conflict
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Overview of immigrant worker occupational health and safety for the agriculture, forestry, and fishing (AgFF) sector in the Southeastern United States
The role of child protection in cannabis grow-operations
Quad bike injuries in Waikato, New Zealand: an institutional review from 2007-2011
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Disentangling the impacts of geography and Aboriginality on serious road transport injuries in New South Wales
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An examination of the environmental, driver and vehicle factors associated with the serious and fatal crashes of older rural drivers
Identifying the psychological determinants of risky riding: an application of an extended Theory of Planned Behaviour
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Patterns of alcohol, tobacco and cannabis use and related harm in city, regional and remote areas of Australia
Model for optimization of locations of schools and student transportation in rural areas
Basic characteristics of road traffic deaths in China
Impact of improvements to indigenous identification in hospital data
Are environmental influences on physical activity distinct for urban, suburban, and rural schools? A multilevel study among secondary school students in Ontario, Canada
Fatal snake bites -- sociodemography, latency pattern of injuries
Fatal motorcycle crashes: a serious public health problem in Brazil
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Demographic determinants of perceived barriers to community involvement: examining rural/urban differences
Australian quad bike fatalities: what is the economic cost?
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Erratum to: Musculoskeletal injury, functional disability, and health-related quality of life in aging mexican immigrant farmworkers
Flooding, resettlement, and change in livelihoods: evidence from rural Mozambique
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Analysis of tractor-related deaths
Accidental occupational exposure to phytosanitary products: experience of the poison control center in Marseille from 2008 to 2010
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Domestic animal-related neuro-trauma: An account, from a tertiary institute
Farm machinery injuries: the 15-year experience at an urban joint trauma center system in a rural state
Hazards for farmers with disabilities: working in cold environments
Inhalation of phosphine gas following a fire associated with fumigation of processed pistachio nuts
Injuries due to human and animal aggression in humans
Is gender a risk factor for pesticide intoxications among farmers in Bolivia? A cross-sectional study
Qualitative assessment of agritourism safety guidelines: a demonstration project
Giant hogweed burns
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An examination of wilderness first aid knowledge, self-efficacy, and skill retention
Physically-based model of pesticide application for risk assessment of agricultural workers
Occurrence of neurotic and anxiety disorders in rural schoolchildren and the role of physical exercise as a method to support their treatment
Cities through a "gender lens": a golden "urban age" for women in the global South?
Pediatric maxillofacial injuries at a Nigerian teaching hospital: A three-year review
Urbanization and gender-based violence: exploring the paradoxes in the global South
Deep snow immersion suffocation - the deadly threat
Agriculture related corneal injuries
Bounded ranges of variation as a framework for future conservation and fire management
Environmental drivers and spatial dependency in wildfire ignition patterns of northwestern Patagonia
First authenticated case of Sri Lankan flying snake (Chrysopelea taprobanica) bite
Physical activity and its correlates in children: a cross-sectional study (the GINIplus & LISAplus studies)
Road safety education: a paradoxical state for children in a rural primary school in South Africa
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Evaluation of implement monitoring systems
Operators' perception of comfort in two tractor cabs
Physical working conditions in young cattle production in Sweden
Notes from the field: acute pesticide-related illness resulting from occupational exposure to acrolein - Washington and California, 1993-2009
Toward the improvement of trail classification in national parks using the recreation opportunity spectrum approach
Pesticide risk perceptions and the differences between farmers and extensionists: Towards a knowledge-in-context model
Appalachian versus non-Appalachian U.S. traffic fatalities, 2008-2010
Increased severe all-terrain vehicle accidents at a rural Tennessee trauma center despite safety legislation
Home unintentional non-fatal injury among children under 5 years of age in a rural area, el Minia Governorate, Egypt
Modifiable risk factors for depressed mood among farmers
The prevalence of traumatism in population of rural industrial region
The worldwide "wildfire" problem
Quad bikes: tobacco on four wheels (Editorial)
A new bench-scale methodology for evaluating the flammability of live forest fuels
Emergence of new poisons: A case of pendimethalin poisoning from rural India
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Agricultural work related injuries among the farmers of West Bengal, India
Active coping, personal satisfaction, and attachment to land in older African-American farmers
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The analysis of traffic accidents on Lithuanian regional gravel roads
Impact of household endowments on response capacity of farming households to natural disasters
Linkages between income, housing quality and disease occurrence in rural Ghana
The effect of school status and academic skills on the reporting of premarital sexual behavior: evidence from a longitudinal study in rural Malawi
Feasibility of internet-delivered mental health treatments for rural populations
Injuries and medical issues on the Zambezi "Great River"
Modeling wildfire incident complexity dynamics
Vegetation limits the impact of a warm climate on boreal wildfires
Barriers and facilitators to all-terrain vehicle helmet use
Sleep patterns during an Antarctic field expedition
Distribution and characteristics of occupational injuries and diseases among farmers: A retrospective analysis of workers' compensation claims
Evaluation of aerodynamic and rolling resistances in mountain-bike field conditions
Why are some animal populations unaffected or positively affected by roads?
High prevalence of household pesticides and their unsafe use in rural South India
Epidemiological profile of hospitalised injuries among electric bicycle riders admitted to a rural hospital in Suzhou: a cross-sectional study
A community-supported clinic-based program for prevention of violence against pregnant women in rural Kenya
Participatory research for preventing pesticide-related DSH and suicide in Sundarban, India: a brief report
The role of private pesticide vendors in preventing access to pesticides for self-poisoning in rural Sri Lanka
Community resilience and sense of coherence as protective factors in explaining stress reactions: comparing cities and rural communities during missiles attacks
Differences in heat-related mortality across four ecological regions with diverse urban, rural, and remote populations in British Columbia, Canada
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Neighborhood disadvantage in context: the influence of urbanicity on the association between neighborhood disadvantage and adolescent emotional disorders
Suicide ideation and its influential factors among primary and junior high school students in rural areas of Anhui province
An epidemiological survey of burn injuries in rural area, Bhopal: A cross sectional study (Commentary)
An epidemiological survey of burn injuries in rural area, Bhopal: A cross-sectional study
Critical concerns in Iraq/Afghanistan war veteran-forensic interface: veterans treatment court as diversion in rural communities
The health effects of motorization
Pesticide regulations: exposure-dose modeling from FIFRA to FQPA
Health risk behaviors associated with agrochemical exposure among rice farmers in a rural community, Thailand: a community-based ethnography
Characteristics of the residential neighborhood environment differentiate intimate partner femicide in urban versus rural settings
Larger regional and rural areas in Victoria, Australia, experience more alcohol-related injury presentations at emergency departments
Longitudinal course and predictors of suicidal ideation in a rural community sample
Barriers and motivators to exercise for older adults: A focus on those living in rural and remote areas of Australia
Characteristics and magnitude of acute pesticide-related illnesses and injuries associated with pyrethrin and pyrethroid exposures-11 states, 2000-2008
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Analysis of human factors on agricultural machines
All-terrain vehicle-related nonfatal injuries among young riders in the United States, 2001-2010
Carbon dynamics in the future forest: the importance of long-term successional legacy and climate-fire interactions
Indigenous road safety in Australia and the "Drivesafe NT Remote" project
Mitochondrial electron transport chain complexes, catalase and markers of oxidative stress in platelets of patients with severe aluminum phosphide poisoning
Survey methods and response rates among rural community dwelling older adults
An image-based method to measure all-terrain vehicle dimensions for engineering safety purposes
Optimising seat design for all-terrain vehicle injury prevention: wide variability illustrates need for evidence-based standardisation
Using structure locations as a basis for mapping the wildland urban interface
Gap acceptance at stop-controlled T-intersections in a simulated rural environment
International dairy health and safety
International perspectives on psychosocial working conditions, mental health, and stress of dairy farm operators
Occupational health and safety aspects of animal handling in dairy production
Occupational health and safety regulations in the dairy industry
A review of health and safety leadership and managerial practices on modern dairy farms
Work-related injuries and fatalities on dairy farm operations-a global perspective
Magnitude, types and sex differentials of aggressive behaviour among school children in a rural area of west Bengal
Causes of death in rural adult population of North India (2002-2007), using verbal autopsy tool
Fire regime zonation under current and future climate over eastern Canada
Dependence between deficit and surplus of precipitation and forest fires
Problems of policy formulation and implementation: The case of ICT use in rural women's empowerment in Ghana
Contributions of family environment and parenting processes to sexual risk and substance use of rural African American males: a 4-year longitudinal analysis
Making strides in women's mental health care delivery in rural Ethiopia: Demographics of a female outpatient psychiatric cohort at Jimma University Specialized Hospital (2006-2008)
Safety in numbers: Are major cities the safest places in the United States?
Use of health services following self-harm in urban versus suburban and rural areas: a national cross-sectional study
Dirt bikes injuries in children
Increases in ROPS pricing from 2006-2012 and the impact on ROPS demand
Measurement of worker perceptions of trust and safety climate in managers and supervisors at commercial grain elevators
Summation of the frequency, severity, and primary causative factors associated with injuries and fatalities involving confined spaces in agriculture
Nonfatal work-related injuries among agricultural machinery operators in northern China: A cross-sectional study
Off-road vehicle fatalities: A comparison of all-terrain vehicle and snowmobile accidents in Sweden
Pesticide exposure and self-reported incident depression among wives in the Agricultural Health Study
A profile of residents in Prairie nursing homes
A longitudinal examination of psychological, behavioral, academic, and relationship consequences of dating abuse victimization among a primarily rural sample of adolescents
Evaluation of a wildfire smoke forecasting system as a tool for public health protection
Wildlife-vehicle collisions in Croatia--a hazard for humans and animals
Bayesian road safety analysis: Incorporation of past evidence and effect of hyper-prior choice
A comparison of fatal occupational injury event characteristics from the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries and the Vital Statistics Mortality System
Effect of fuel type on carbon monoxide accumulation in tents of varied design
Experiences undergone while researching survival strategies of the Changpas of Eastern Ladakh
Work-related risk factors by severity for acute pesticide poisoning among male farmers in South Korea
High rate of suicide attempt and associated psychological traits in an isolated tribal population of North-East India
Hypertensive encephalopathy following snake bite in a child: A diagnostic dilemma
Land use planning and wildfire: development policies influence future probability of housing loss
Mortality trends among Alaska Native people: Successes and challenges
National scale operational mapping of burnt areas as a tool for the better understanding of contemporary wildfire patterns and regimes
Vietnam turns back a 'tsunami of pesticides'
A child an hour: burden of injury deaths among children under 5 in Pakistan
Cholinesterase inhibitor poisoning: A complicated medical challenge
Forecasting intentional wildfires using temporal and spatiotemporal autocorrelations
Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs among adolescents: The role of urban and rural environments
The epidemiology of falling-through-the-ice in Alaska, 1990-2010
Fatal tiger attack: A case report with emphasis on typical tiger injuries characterized by partially resembling stab-like wounds
Injuries in agriculture - injury severity and mortality
The moderating effects of impulsivity on Chinese rural young suicide
Peripheral and central auditory effects of pesticide exposure: a systematic review
Subjective and objective analysis of three water pump systems carried by forest firefighters
Assessing the flammability of surface fuels beneath ornamental vegetation in wildland-urban interfaces in Provence (south-eastern France)
Forest fire management to avoid unintended consequences: A case study of Portugal using system dynamics
Fuel reduction at a Spanish heathland by prescribed fire and mechanical shredding: Effects on seedling emergence
Safe play areas on farms in New South Wales
A test of the substitution hypothesis: An analysis of urban and rural trends in solid/liquid poisoning suicides in Taiwan
The characteristics and trends of acute pesticide poisoning of Shaoxing in 2006 to 2011
Forest fire danger rating in complex topography - results from a case study in the Bavarian Alps in autumn 2011
On the generality of age differences in social and nonsocial decision making
Suicidal behavior in anxiety disorders among adolescents in a rural community population in India
Suicides in urban and rural counties in the United States, 2006-2008
Injuries in the North - analysis of 20 years of surveillance data collected by the Canadian Hospitals Injury Reporting and Prevention Program
Drowning risk perceptions among rural guardians of Thailand: A community-based household survey
Women's autonomy and experience of physical violence within marriage in rural India: Evidence from a prospective study
Accounting for vulnerable populations in rural hazard mitigation plans: Results of a survey of emergency managers
Pesticide risk perception and biomarkers of exposure in Florida female farmworkers
Functional characteristics and safety of two-lane rural roads
Develop calibration factors for crash prediction models for rural two-lane roadways in Illinois
Evaluation of the applicability of IHSDM crash prediction module on Italian two-lane rural roads
Intoxication due to pesticides in the central northern region of the State of Paraná, Brazil - 2002 to 2011
Leading causes of unintentional injury and suicide mortality in Canadian adults across the urban-rural continuum
Preventing injuries from all-terrain vehicles
Children's perception about falls and its prevention: A qualitative study from a rural setting in Bangladesh
Control strategy for rural variable speed limit corridor
Relationship among fear of falling, physical performance, and physical characteristics of the rural elderly
Modeling operating speed of two lane rural roads
Coronial autopsy in a rural setting
Female farmworkers' perceptions of heat-related illness and pregnancy health
Needs assessment for reducing pesticide risk: A case study with farmers in Vietnam
Neurodevelopmental effects in children associated with exposure to organophosphate pesticides: A systematic review
A retrospective study of pediatric traumatic dental injuries in Xi'an, China
Backward, dumb, and violent hillbillies? Rural geographies and intersectional studies on intimate partner violence
A regional approach to understanding farmer suicide rates in Queensland
Pattern of injury in fatal road traffic accidents in a rural area of western Maharashtra, India
Residence place as a risk factor in different types of fatal car accidents
Socio-demographic characteristics and leading causes of death among the casualties of meteorological events compared with all-cause deaths in Korea, 2000-2011
Social dynamics in rural Sri Lankan hospitals: Revelations from self-poisoning cases
Urban versus rural differences in the occurrence of hip fractures in Japan's Kyoto prefecture during 2008--2010: A comparison of femoral neck and trochanteric fractures
A study of elderly unnatural deaths in medico-legal autopsies at Lucknow locality
Epidemiology and risk factors of cervical spine injury during heating season in the patients with cervical trauma: A cross-sectional study
Mental health care training for practitioners in remote and rural areas
Fatal crocodile attack
Organization of work in the agricultural, forestry, and fishing sector in the US southeast: Implications for immigrant workers' occupational safety and health
Agricultural vehicles and rural road safety: Tackling a persistent problem
Antecedents and consequences of pediatric dog-bite injuries and their developmental trends: 101 cases in rural China
Arsenic pesticides and environmental pollution: Exposure, poisoning, hazards and recommendations
Association of outdoor recreation availability with physical activity and weight status in Minnesota youth
Bicycle accident-related head injuries in India
Paraquat poisoning by skin absorption: Two case reports and a literature review
Cycling safety as part of a successful road safety strategy in India
Demonopolizing medical knowledge
Effectiveness of a primary health care program on urban and rural community disaster preparedness, Islamic Republic of Iran: A community intervention trial
Alcohol consumption and awareness of the risks related in alcohol-abuse in high school students: Evidence from a health education program
Ergonomics-related risk identification and pain analysis for farmers involved in rice field preparation
Farm tractors on Swedish public roads: Age-related perspectives on police reported incidents and injuries
Neglected increases in rural road traffic mortality in China: findings based on health data from 2005 to 2010
No place is safe: Sexual abuse of children in rural Bangladesh
Accidents at work and occupational diseases trend in agricolture insurance management. The contribution of INAIL data's for the knowledge of a worrying phenomenon
Assessment of safety and health in the tea industry of Barak Valley, Assam: A fuzzy logic approach
Effects of value strains on psychopathology of Chinese rural youths
The feasibility of concentrated rural settlement in a context of post-disaster reconstruction: A study of China
Gender, traumatic events, and mental health disorders in a rural Asian setting
Intimate relationship status variations in violence against women: Urban, suburban, and rural differences
Parenteral organophosphorus poisoning in a rural emergency department: A case report
National plan for prevention in agriculture state of art and prosecution
Rural trauma telemedicine
Timing of blunt force injuries in long bones: The effects of the environment, PMI length and human surrogate model
Imaging of farm-related injuries
The connection between psychosocial health, health behaviors and the environment in rural children
Responses to and resources for intimate partner violence: Qualitative findings from women, men, and service providers in rural Kenya
A review of recent advances in risk analysis for wildfire management
Clinical profile and visual outcome of ocular injuries in a rural area of western India
An outcome evaluation of a New Zealand farm safety intervention: A historical cohort study
Nursing students' attitude towards suicide attempters: A study from rural part of Northern India
Occupational pesticide poisoning mortality, 2000-2009, Brazil
Wood harvesting accidents in the Austrian State Forest Enterprise 2000-2009
Swedish strategies for health and safety in agriculture: A coordinated multiagency approach
Unintentional paediatric poisoning in rural Victoria: Incidence and admission rates
Violence and violent victimization in people with severe mental illness in a rural low-income country setting: A comparative cross-sectional community study
Wildfire ignition-distribution modelling: a comparative study in the Huron-Manistee National Forest, Michigan, USA
The value of dedicated cyclist and pedestrian infrastructure on rural roads
Research progress in post-fire debris flow
Effects of community stress and problems on residents' psychopathology
Helmet use is associated with a decrease in intracranial hemorrhage following all-terrain vehicle crashes
The influence of snowmobile trails on coyote movements during winter in high-elevation landscapes
Influence of stressors and possible pathways of onset of seventh graders' suicidal ideation in urban and rural areas in Taiwan
Involving fathers in teaching youth about farm tractor seatbelt safety: A randomized control study
Mortality in Cambodia: An 18-month prospective community-based surveillance of all-age deaths using verbal autopsies
Occupational injuries on thoroughbred horse farms: A description of Latino and non-Latino workers' experiences
The ongoing development of a pragmatic and adaptive fire management policy in a large African savanna protected area
The only gay in the village? Everyday life of gays and lesbians in rural slovenia
Potential dangers of hay bailing
Widening Rural-Urban Disparities in All-Cause Mortality and Mortality from Major Causes of Death in the USA, 1969-2009
The association of intimate partner violence and depressive symptoms in a cohort of rural couples
Grievous temporal and occipital injury caused by a bear attack
Adoption of quad bike crush prevention devices on Australian dairy farms
Characteristics of and risk factors for compensated occupational injury and disease claims in dairy farmers: a case-control study
Use of the "crash room" in a rural hospital: case review of 100 cases
Suicide risk among farmers
Predictors of depressive symptoms in older rural couples: The impact of work, stress and health
National estimates of non-canine bite and sting injuries treated in U.S. hospital emergency departments, 2001-2010
Physical activity and sedentary behavior among adolescents in rural South Africa: Levels, patterns and correlates
Factors associated with agricultural work performed by adolescents from an immigrant farm worker population (MICASA study)
I just keep my antennae out: How rural primary care physicians respond to intimate partner violence
Large animal-related injuries in a rural population in northeastern Turkey
The outcomes of health care process in Iran's rural society
Perceptions of tilt angles of an agricultural tractor
Prospective study of 'otological injury secondary to head trauma'
Selecting target populations for ROPS retrofit programs in Pennsylvania and Vermont
A seven-year intervention to diffuse economic innovations with safety benefits to Wisconsin dairy farmers
The use of audience response system technology with limited-english-proficiency, low-literacy, and vulnerable populations
Occupational accident and the modernization of the production process in the Quebec forest industry
Perinatal common mental disorders among women and the social and emotional development of their infants in rural Vietnam
Community matters: Intimate partner violence among rural young adults
A comparison of urban-rural injury mortality rates across two South African provinces, 2007
Investigating environmental determinants of injury and trauma in the Canadian north
Suicide risk among farming patients and the effects of HS2
Suicide ideation and acceptability among females aged 15 to 34 years in rural China
Factors associated with self-reported symptoms of acute pesticide poisoning among farmers in northwestern Jamaica
Farm-related trauma in the west of Ireland: An occupational hazard
Pesticide poisoning trend analysis of 13 years: A retrospective study based on telephone calls at the National Poisons Information Centre, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi
Sexual violence in the backlands: Toward a macro-level understanding of rural sex crimes
Six-month postintervention depression and disability outcomes of in-home telehealth problem-solving therapy for depressed, low-income homebound older adults
Risk factors for intimate partner violence in a migrant farmworker community in Baja California, México
An estimate of the U.S. government's undercount of nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses in agriculture
High incidence of acute traumatic spinal cord injury in a rural population in Japan in 2011 and 2012: An epidemiological study
Long-term complications of rattlesnake bites: A telephone survey from Central California
Pediatric ocular injuries in a resource-deficient rural mission eye hospital in southeastern Nigeria
Neonicotinoid insecticide exposures reported to six poison centers in Texas
They talk like that, but we keep working: Sexual harassment and sexual assault experiences among Mexican indigenous farmworker women in Oregon
Electrical burns of the abdomen
Effective advocacy in rural domains: Applying an ecological model to understanding advocates' relationships
Three-dimensional methodology for design of safe rural highways
What small rural emergency departments do: A systematic review of observational studies
Widening rural-urban disparities in life expectancy, U.S., 1969-2009
An epidemiologic profile of pediatric concussions: Identifying urban and rural differences
An improved real time image detection system for elephant intrusion along the forest border areas
Youth injury on farms: a complex problem
Aluminum phosphide (celphos) poisoning in children: A 5-year experience in a tertiary care hospital from northern India
Geographical disparities in child mortality in the rural areas of Iran: 16-years trend
Psychological strains and depression in Chinese rural populations
Avoidable mortality differences between rural and urban residents during 2004-2011: a case study in Iran
Legislation in Québec for all-terrain vehicles: are we doing enough?
From theory to practice in road safety policy: Understanding risk versus mobility
Effects of an injury and illness prevention program on occupational safety behaviors among rice farmers in Nakhon Nayok Province, Thailand
Heat-related illness: time to update our lexicon
Are agricultural quad bike loss-of-control events driven by unrealistic optimism?
Depression, stress, and intimate partner violence among Latino migrant and seasonal farmworkers in rural southeastern North Carolina
Hand safety for specialty crop production workers: a pilot study investigating frequencies of minor open-wound hand injuries and presence of pathogenic bacteria
Hydrogen sulfide gas emissions during disturbance and removal of stored spent mushroom compost
Narrow-track wheeled agricultural tractor parameter variation
Paraquat poisoning: a case report and review of literature
Pilot study on agricultural pesticide poisoning in Burkina Faso
The political economy of farmers' suicides in India: indebted cash-crop farmers with marginal landholdings explain state-level variation in suicide rates
Cause of death in women of reproductive age in rural Nepal obtained through community-based surveillance: is reducing maternal mortality the right priority for women's health programmes?
Determinants of adolescent suicidal ideation: rural versus urban
Environmental and population studies concerning exposure to pesticides in Iran: a comprehensive review
A comparison of rural versus urban trauma care
Flood disaster risk assessment of rural housings - a case study of Kouqian Town in China
Pre-hospital treatment: the bane of organophosphorous poisoning in rural india
Promoting youth physical activity in rural Southern communities: practitioner perceptions of environmental opportunities and barriers
A retrospective analysis of acute organophosphorus poisoning cases admitted to the tertiary care teaching hospital in South India
The Associations Between Park Environments and Park Use in Southern US Communities
Working with men to prevent intimate partner violence in a conflict-affected setting: a pilot cluster randomized controlled trial in rural Cote d'Ivoire
All-terrain vehicle rules and regulations: impact on pediatric mortality
The routine of mass murder in China
Intimate partner violence in rural U.S. areas: what every nurse should know
What influences youth to operate all-terrain vehicles safely?
Narrative text analysis of accident reports with tractors, self-propelled harvesting machinery and materials handling machinery in Austrian agriculture from 2008 to 2010 - a comparison
Mortality from and incidence of pesticide poisoning in South Korea: findings from National Death and Health Utilization Data between 2006 and 2010
National toxicovigilance for pesticide exposures resulting in health care contact - An example from the UK's National Poisons Information Service
Severe acute illness in a toddler exposed to multiple agricultural pesticides and an insect repellent
Prevalence of falls and risk assessment for falls among elderly in a rural area of Karnataka
Concussion management in the wilderness
ATV injury experience at a pediatric trauma center: A 5-year review
Farmers' knowledge, practices and injuries associated with pesticide exposure in rural farming villages in Tanzania
European Union (EU) policy on pesticides: Implications for agriculture in Ireland
Determinants of occupational safety for agribusiness workers
The nationwide impact of injury-related deaths on average life expectancy in China
Fatal injury caused by low-energy trauma - a 10-year rural cohort
On and off the horse: Mechanisms and patterns of injury in mounted and unmounted equestrians
Marital infidelity and intimate partner violence in rural Malawi: a dyadic investigation
Protecting rural church-going immigrant women from family violence
Traumatic brain injury due to bull assault in a girl: a case report
Assessing health in agriculture - towards a common research framework for soils, plants, animals, humans and ecosystems
Diné (Navajo) parents' and community leaders' perceptions of agriculture-related injury risk to youth: a social narrative
Driveline shields: barriers and motivators to shield use for New York State farmers
Estimated rate of agricultural injury: the Korean Farmers' Occupational Disease and Injury Survey
Exploration and comparison of crash modification factors for multiple treatments on rural multilane roadways
Why quad bike safety is a wicked problem: an exploratory study of attitudes, perceptions, and occupational use of quad bikes in northern Queensland, Australia
Changing a dangerous rural cultural tradition: a randomized control study of youth as extra riders on tractors
Wilderness search strategy and tactics
Child labor in a rural Egyptian community: an epidemiological study
Planning for disaster resilience in rural, remote, and coastal communities: moving from thought to action
Rural Canadian youth exposed to physical violence
Injury and illness sustained by human competitors in the 2010 Iditarod Sled Dog Race
Efficacy of firearms for bear deterrence in Alaska
Problematising the suicides of older male farmers: subjective, social and cultural considerations
Effect of Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) on the time needed for treatment in simulated mountain medicine emergencies
Effects of salvage logging and pile-and-burn on fuel loading, potential fire behaviour, fuel consumption and emissions
Study of socio-demographic factors among injured persons in a district of Western Uttar Pradesh: a cross sectional study
Harms unknown: health uncertainties cast doubt on the role of unconventional gas in Australia's energy future
Development of standard fuel models in boreal forests of northeast China through calibration and validation
Disparity in the fear of falling between urban and rural residents in relation with socio-economic variables, health issues, and functional independency
Perfect timing: urgency, not driving situations, influence the best timing to activate warnings
Are mental disorders more common in urban than rural areas of the United States?
The experience of medical and rehabilitation intervention for traumatic hand injuries in rural and remote North Queensland: a qualitative study
Risky alcohol consumption and associated factors in adolescents aged 15 to 16 years in Central Catalonia (Spain): differences between rural and urban areas
Association between pesticide exposure and suicide rates in Brazil
Prevalence and related factors of injury caused by agricultural machinery in the 3 provinces Shandong, Henan and Hebei of China
Driver behaviour, truck motion and dangerous road locations: unfolding from emergency braking data
The Effects of Positive and Negative Parenting Practices on Adolescent Mental Health Outcomes in a Multicultural Sample of Rural Youth
Evaluation of a pilot promotora program for Latino forest workers in southern Oregon
Agricultural quad-bike incidents: do farmworkers take risks?
Accommodating the needs of agricultural workers with vision impairments: a review of the literature on agricultural lighting standards and guidelines relating to farm safety and productivity
ATV riding and helmet use among youth aged 12-17 years, USA, 2011: results from the YouthStyles survey
Glyphosate surfactant herbicide poisoning and management
Impact of texting on young drivers' behavior and safety on urban and rural roads through a simulation experiment
Introduction to ecological description of a community intervention: building prevention through collaborative field based research
Social representations of violence against rural women: unveiling senses in multiple views
Assessing the effectiveness of the Pesticides and Farmworker Health Toolkit: a curriculum for enhancing farmworkers' understanding of pesticide safety concepts
Assessing the effectiveness of the Pesticides and Farmworker Health Toolkit: a curriculum for enhancing farmworkers' understanding of pesticide safety concepts
Careful-they can't hear you: intervention of vulnerable populations working in agriculture
Clinical profile of snake bite in children in rural India
Coalition consensus process: youth grain handling position statement
Collaborating for safety in Amish communities
Developing an agriculture employer-based position paper on youth employment
Development of a grain handling safety curriculum for youth
Development of a safety decision-making scenario to measure worker safety in agriculture
Education takes two: safety and health English learning curriculum and bilingual picture dictionary for immigrant workers in agriculture
Effectiveness of a media campaign to motivate farm parents to seek child farm injury prevention information online
Estimating the effect of selected predictors on agricultural confined-space hazard perceptions of Utah farm owner/operators
Farm Safety For Just Kids goes electronic
Grain bin lifeline establishing procedure
Farm worker training to reduce take-home pesticide exposure
The Grain Handling Safety Coalition: organizations collaborating to address grain safety issues
Identification and characterization of data sources for logger injuries and fatalities
Inhalation of phosphine gas following a fire associated with fumigation of processed pistachio nuts
Rollover protective structure (ROPS) retrofitting on agricultural tractors: goals and approaches in different countries
A simulator to improve awareness of rollover risk and stimulate safer driving behavior among young all-terrain (ATV) drivers
Suicide and accidental death in Australia's rural farming communities: a review of the literature
Surveillance of disease and injury in Wisconsin dairy farmers and workers
A systematic review of male gender, history of prior injury, full time working status and farm owner/operator status as risk factors for agricultural injuries
Voluntary certification systems to protect children's safety and health in agriculture
Young workers' abilities to self-report agricultural work experience and occupational injuries using daily diaries
Characterizing and promoting "model" services for children of seasonal farm workers
Contamination and footprints of organ-ophosphate pesticide on rice-growing farmers' bodies: a case study in Nakhon Nayok Province, Central Thailand
Cultural influences on safety training among Vietnamese shrimp fisherman
Delivering a farm safety plan through the Saskatchewan Agricultural Health and Safety Network
Development and implementation of an agricultural safety consultation program to protect dairy farms
Environment and subjective well-being of rural Chinese elderly: a multilevel analysis
Facilitating return to work for injured and ill animal agriculture workers
Farmworkers' health and safety training by grassroots organizations: the importance of greater corporate social responsibility to protecting workers' health
Farm Mapping to Assist, Protect, and Prepare Emergency Responders: Farm MAPPER
A fast and highly sensitive colorimetric sensor for gaseous methyl iodide and methyl bromide
Growing our mission through state and local networks
Farm Mapping to Assist, Protect and Prepare Emergency Responders: Farm MAPPER
Worker protection rights and indigenous farmworker participation in multimodal intervention
Improving eye safety in citrus harvest crews through the acceptance of personal protective equipment, community-based participatory research, social marketing, and community health workers
Improving eye safety in citrus harvest crews through the acceptance of personal protective equipment, community-based participatory research, social marketing, and community health workers
Improving health and safety conditions in agriculture through professional training of Florida farm labor supervisors
Improving health and safety conditions in agriculture through professional training of Florida farm labor supervisors: preliminary findings of a program evaluation
Latino migrant farmworker student development of safety instructional videos for peer education
Attitudinal and behavioral characteristics predict high risk sexual activity in rural Tanzanian youth
Cause of death among infants in rural western China: a community-based study using verbal autopsy
Violence in the lives of rural, southern, and poor white women
A model health and safety intervention for Hispanic immigrants working in the dairy industry
A model health and safety intervention for Hispanic immigrants working in the dairy industry
Musculoskeletal symptoms and biomechanical exposures in intensive swine production
North Carolina farm women: opportunities for support and farm-related education
Not just the farm wife: perceptions and needs of North Carolina farm women
Occupational health among Latino horse and crop workers in Kentucky: the role of work organization factors
An ounce of prevention: an interactive health and safety CD for 4-H youth
Participatory educational intervention to address heat, ergonomic stress, and pesticide exposure as workplace hazards for female farm-workers in central Florida
Pesticides use and human health effects in agricultural farmworkers in the Kingdom of Thailand: current situation and concerns
A pilot project to develop culturally and linguistically-appropriate pesticide/chemical education materials for Hmong produce growers
A pilot study of worker safety training and injuries on small to medium sized dairies in southeastern Minnesota
Practical solutions for pesticide safety: translating and disseminating research, evaluating impact
Promoting agritourism safety and health via the internet
Quantifying the association of sleeping hours and balance biomarkers in farmers
Reducing stress to minimize injury: the nation's first employee assistance program for dairy farmers
Reducing stress to minimize injury: the nation's first employee assistance program for dairy farmers and related photo documentary project
Safety and health hazard observations in Hmong farming operations
The safety of farm children and youth: understanding reactions to proposed DOL regulatory changes
A study of neuromotor function and work injury risk among Hispanic adolescent farmworkers: pilot test findings
Updating the NAGCAT tractor guidelines to reflect the latest scientific evidence
Safety in the migrant camps and student development of a multimedia instructional learning tool
Understanding OSHA--addressing the confusion around agricultural exemptions
'When can i ride again?' Recidivism in children with all-terrain vehicle injuries
Blunt injury to the ileum following a bull attack: case report
Intimate partner violence among rural South African men: alcohol use, sexual decision-making, and partner communication
Perception of side rollover hazards in a Pennsylvania rural population while operating an all-terrain vehicle (ATV)
Hospitalized head and spine injuries on Saskatchewan farms
Injuries from firearms in hunting activities
Migrant workers in agriculture-communication of health and safety with Swedish perspectives
Neutron diffraction analysis of residual stresses near unannealed welds in anhydrous ammonia nurse tanks
Not just a rural occurrence: differences in agricultural equipment crash characteristics by rural-urban crash site and proximity to town
Regional Rural Injury Study III: sources, severity, and consequences of injuries among children in agriculture
Risk factors for unintentional injury among children in rural areas of Liling, Hunan Province, China
National road mortality reduction targets under European Union road safety policy: 2011-2020
Battered woman syndrome: an unusual presentation of pseudodystonia
Differences in the social patterning of active travel between urban and rural populations: findings from a large UK household survey
Developing a model policy on youth employment in agriculture
Gendered agricultural space and safety: towards embodied, situated knowledge
Heat-related illness in Washington state agriculture and forestry sectors
Agricultural pesticide usage and prioritization in South Korea
Modelling of agricultural combination driver behaviour from the aspect of safety of movement
Prevalence of musculoskeletal symptoms among agricultural workers in the United States: an analysis of the national health interview survey, 2004-2008
The epidemiology of horse-related injuries
Feasibility of an online safety planning intervention for rural and urban pregnant abused women
A prospective, multi-institutional study of pediatric all-terrain vehicle crashes
The epidemiology of horse-related injuries (comment)
A survey comparison of rural versus urban residents and household preparedness
Compensation for occupational injuries and diseases in special populations: farmers and soldiers
Epidemiology of road traffic injuries in a tertiary care centre of Lucknow
Source of prescription drugs used nonmedically in rural and urban populations
Depression, perceived stress and nervios associated with injury in the MICASA Study, a California farm worker population
Changing the focus of suicide research in China from rural to urban communities
The effects of cyclists present at rural intersections on speed behaviour and workload of car drivers: a driving simulator study
Impact evaluation of a farm safety awareness workshop in New Zealand
Analysis and injury paterns of walnut tree falls in central Anatolia of Turkey
Features and risk factors of nonfatal injury among the rural children: a survey of seven schools in a mountain area in southwest China
Labor and related injuries among schoolchildren in Palestine: findings from the National Study of Palestinian Schoolchildren (HBSC-WBG2006)
Mixed logit model-based driver injury severity investigations in single- and multi-vehicle crashes on rural two-lane highways
A multinomial logit analysis of risk factors influencing road traffic injury severities in the Erzurum and Kars Provinces of Turkey
Effects of agricultural work practices and pesticide use on occupational health of farmers
Work related mortality and hospital admissions among migrant workers in Australia, 1991-2010
Surveillance of mortality by suicide among French farmers
 Non-fatal agricultural injuries: surveillance in the Midwestern United States
A school-based study of adolescent all-terrain vehicle exposure, safety behaviors, and crash experience
Neurologic injury in snowmobiling
The experience of living with a traumatic hand injury in a rural and remote location: an interpretive phenomenological study
Model of potential crash rates of rural roundabouts with geometrical features
Male victims of sexual violence in rural Malawi: the overlooked association with HIV infection
Nonfatal occupational injuries in Norwegian farmers
Perception of the importance of human-animal interactions on cattle flow and worker safety on Minnesota dairy farms
Development of head-on conflict model for overtaking maneuvers on two-lane rural roads using inductive loop detectors
Lightning deaths: a retrospective review of New Mexico's cases, 1977-2009
Risk factors associated with crash severity on low-volume rural roads in Denmark
Suicide mortality among agricultural workers in a region with intensive tobacco farming and use of pesticides in brazil
Incidence of fractures among children and adolescents in rural and urban communities - analysis based on 9,965 fracture events
Geometric design consistency of multiple horizontal curves on two-lane rural highways
Violence in rural regions: the case of modern Turkey
Prevalence of domestic violence and associated factors among married women in a semi-rural area of western Turkey
Sociodemographic and environmental correlates of active commuting in rural America
Dynamic pattern of suicide in Australia, 1986-2005: a descriptive-analytic study
Effects of approach speed at rural high-speed intersections
Influence of land use and driveway placement on safety performance of arterial highways
An analysis of the prevalence and effects of bullying at a remote rural school in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa
Poverty measurement, agrarian crisis in Karnataka and suicidal data
Adolescent drinking onset and its adult consequences among men: a population based study from India
The effects of housing on health and health risks in an aging population: a qualitative study in rural Thailand
Occupational risks and pregnancy and infant health outcomes in Florida farmworkers
Pesticide use pattern among farmers in a rural district of West Bengal, India
Burden, pattern and outcomes of road traffic injuries in a rural district of India
Incidence of road traffic injury and associated factors among patients visiting the emergency department of Tikur Anbessa specialized teaching hospital, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Risk factors of suicide and para suicide in rural Bangladesh
Effects of the patriarchal mentality on domestic violence appearance in the region of Elbasan, Albania
Bibliometric analysis on Australian rural health publications from 2006 to 2012
Exploring the relationship between socioeconomic status and dog-bite injuries through spatial analysis
Falls in rural and remote community dwelling older adults: a review of the literature
Farmer and retailer knowledge and awareness of the risks from pesticide use: A case study in the Wei River catchment, China
Alcohol use, working conditions, job benefits, and the legacy of the "Dop" system among farm workers in the Western Cape Province, South Africa: hope despite high levels of risky drinking
Assessing program efficiency: a time and motion study of the mental health emergency care - rural access program in NSW Australia
The cost of falls: exploring the cost of the whole system pathway for older people in a rural community in England
Neurological effects of pesticide use among farmers in China
Fatal tusk injuries from a wild boar attack
Tree stand falls: A persistent cause of neurological injury in hunting
A public health initiative for reducing access to pesticides as a means to committing suicide: findings from a qualitative study
Facial injuries following hyena attack in rural eastern Ethiopia
Heat stress increases long-term human migration in rural Pakistan
Wildfire disasters: Implications for rural nurses
Political economy of suicide: financial reforms, credit crunches and farmer suicides in India
Intentional injuries in young Ohio children: is there urban/rural variation?
Paediatric trauma on the Last Frontier: an 11-year review of injury mechanisms, high-risk injury patterns and outcomes in Alaskan children
Sex trafficking of minors in metropolitan, micropolitan, and rural communities
Shifting the paradigm: an assessment of the quality of fall risk reduction in Nebraska hospitals
Confined space manure storage and facilities safety assessment
Culturally relevant model program to prevent and reduce agricultural injuries
Rural Latinos' mental wellbeing: a mixed-methods pilot study of family, environment and social isolation factors
Structural strength evaluation of driver's protective structures for self-propelled agricultural machines
Survival of pediatric blunt trauma patients presenting with no signs of life in the field
Active and sedentary behaviours in children aged 7 to 10 years old: the urban and rural contexts, Brazil
Heat-related illness among Oregon farmworkers
Physical illness and suicide risk in rural residents of contemporary China
The wilderness novelty seeking scale
Rural neighborhoods and child aggression
Analysis of mortality rate and causes of death among children under 5 years old in Beijing from 2003 to 2012
Implementing intimate partner violence care in a rural sub-district of South Africa: a qualitative evaluation
Active commuting to school, weight status, and cardiometabolic risk in children from rural areas: the Cuenca study
Burnt sugarcane harvesting is associated with acute renal dysfunction
On childhood and risk: an exploration of children's everyday experiences in rural Peru
Sleep-related factors and work-related injuries among farmers in Heilongjiang Province, People's Republic of China
The effect of proximity on park and beach use and physical activity among rural adolescents
Four barriers and a set of values that prevent violence among cannabis growers
The relative contribution of system failures and extreme behaviour in South Australian crashes
Spinal Cord Injury: Scenario in an Indian State
Do Bolivian small holder farmers improve and retain knowledge to reduce occupational pesticide poisonings after training on Integrated pest management?
Factors influencing poisoning symptoms: a case study of vegetable farmers exposed to mixed insecticides in Prek Balatchheng Village, Cambodia
Health-risk behaviors in agriculture and related factors, Southeastern Anatolian Region of Turkey
A meta-analytic review of the effectiveness of single-layer clothing in preventing exposure from pesticide handling
National Farm Medicine Center celebrates 10 years editing Journal of Agromedicine
Safety and injury characteristics of youth farmworkers in North Carolina: a pilot study
Suicide in Indian country: the continuing epidemic in rural Native American communities
Suicide prevention in rural communities: perspectives from a Community of Practice
Complex fracture of the larynx caused by a horse kick
Development of a regional transport policy support system for rural planning agencies in developing world
Intimate partner violence and its association with maternal depressive symptoms 6-8 months after childbirth in rural Bangladesh
Accuracy of residential geocoding in the agricultural health study
Agricultural injuries to the hand and upper extremity
Acute kidney injury: acute kidney injury associated with burnt sugarcane harvesting
A lightning multiple casualty incident in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks
Medical repatriation of migrant farm workers in Ontario: a descriptive analysis
Intervention with substance-abusing mothers: are there rural-urban differences?
Trends in trauma: a rural experience
Village tolerance of abuse, women's status, and the ecology of intimate partner violence in rural Uttar Pradesh, India
Discussion on existing problems and countermeasures of rural fire control - take Yunnan Province as an example
ATV rollover, rider response, and determinants of injury: in-depth analysis of video-documented ATV rollover events
Feasibility of a first responder programme in rural Bangladesh
Comparison of abuse experiences of rural and urban African American women during perinatal period
Drowning in the social determinants of health: understanding policy's role in high rates of drowning in Aboriginal communities in Canada
Helmet use among Alaskan children involved in off-road motorized vehicle crashes
Pesticide knowledge, practice and attitude and how it affects the health of small-scale farmers in Uganda: a cross-sectional study
Nonfatal agricultural injuries in Guinea: a retrospective descriptive analysis
Pesticide retailers' knowledge and handling practices in selected towns of Tanzania
Rural work and health risks: a review into the "safe use" of pesticides in Brazil
Access to health and support services: perspectives of people living with a long-term traumatic spinal cord injury in rural and urban areas
Comparison of domestic violence against women in urban versus rural areas of southeast Nigeria
'We desperately need some help here' - The experience of legal experts with sexual assault and evidence collection in rural communities
Facial injuries following hyena attack in rural Ethiopia
The preference and actual use of different types of rural recreation areas by urban dwellers-the Hamburg Case Study
Road traffic injury on rural roads in Tanzania: measuring the effectiveness of a road safety program
Building a future without gender violence: rural teachers and youth in rural KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, leading community dialogue
Bullying: a wellness concern among Appalachian youth
Challenges for a local service agency to address domestic violence -a case study from rural indonesia
Development of a pedestrian audit tool to assess rural neighborhood walkability
Community influence on youths' use of inhalants and other legal products to get high in rural Alaska
The social contexts of drug offers and their relationship to drug use of rural Hawaiian youths
Re-imagining the (un)familiar: feminist pedagogy in rural spaces
Driving simulator configuration impacts drivers' behavior and control performance: an example with studies of a rural intersection
On-road all-terrain vehicle (ATV) fatalities in the United States
Housing and neighborhood characteristics and Latino farmworker family well-being
Current status and associated risk factors of child abuse on children aged 7-12 in rural areas of Ningxia
Elder mistreatment and health status of rural older adults
Epidemiology of injuries in rural Wardha, central India
Estimating cause of adult (15+ years) death using InterVA-4 in a rural district of southern Ghana
Depression and self-rated health among rural women who experienced adolescent dating abuse: a mixed methods study
Internal migration, mental health, and suicidal behaviors in young rural Chinese
Factors related to rural young adolescents' participation in outdoor, noncompetitive physical activity
A cross-sectional study of stressors among farmers in Eastern North Carolina
Effects of a randomized controlled recurrent fall prevention program on risk factors for falls in frail elderly living at home in rural communities
Domestic violence in rural India: phenomenological study from cultural perspective
Implementation of concussion legislation and extent of concussion education for athletes, parents, and coaches in Washington State
Age-based risk factors for pediatric ATV-related fatalities
Factors responsible for mortality variation in the United States: a latent variable analysis
Clinical features of organophosphate poisoning: a review of different classification systems and approaches
The Safety Tips for ATV Riders (STARs) programme: short-term impact of a school-based educational intervention
Utilisation of a helicopter emergency medical service (HEMS) for equestrian accidents in a regional major trauma network in the United Kingdom
Strategies pregnant rural women employ to deal with intimate partner violence
Africanized honeybees in urban areas: a public health concern
Search and rescue response to a large-scale rockfall disaster
Waterfall mortality and morbidity in North Carolina, 2001-2013
A different approach to Indigenous drink driving is needed to incorporate cultural factors in outer regional and remote Australia
Farmers, mechanized work, and links to obesity
Identity-driven differences in stakeholder concerns about hunting wolves
The hidden snake in the grass: superior detection of snakes in challenging attentional conditions
Intimate partner violence and the rural-urban-suburban divide: myth or reality? A critical review of the literature
Rural urban comparisons: heterogeneity and methodological limitations
Adding fuel to the fire? Revegetation influences wildfire size and intensity
Farm-to-school programmes in the USA: an examination of state-level enacted, pending and vetoed or dead bills
Work safety culture of youth farmworkers in North Carolina: a pilot study
Urban-rural dichotomy of burn patients in Georgia and South Carolina: a geographic information system study
Barking up the wrong tree: injuries due to falls from trees in Solomon Islands
Characteristics of chinese rural young suicides: who did not have a strong intent to die
Corporal punishment and student outcomes in rural schools
Hospitalized head and spine injuries on Saskatchewan farms
Incidence of accident proneness and its influencing factors in rural children
Constructing new identities? The role of gender and education in rural girls' life aspirations in Peru
Coping skill as a moderator between negative life events and suicide among young people in rural China
Brazilian porcupine quill injuries
Improving mental health and wellbeing for young men in the building and construction industry
Is extracorporeal rewarming indicated in avalanche victims with unwitnessed hypothermic cardiorespiratory arrest?
Off-premise alcohol outlets on and around tribal land: risks for rural California Indian youth
The classroom flow and engagement experiences of Western Australian rural and remote secondary school students
Hitting the wall: youth perspectives on boredom, trouble, and drug use dynamics in rural New Mexico
Negative affect, delinquency, and alcohol use among rural and urban African-American adolescents: a brief report
Occupational cow horn eye injuries in ibadan, Nigeria
Wilderness Medical Society Practice Guidelines for the Prevention and Treatment of Acute Altitude Illness: 2014 Update
Pre-hospital care among victims of road traffic accident in a rural area of Tamil Nadu: a cross-sectional descriptive study
Suicide risks among adolescents and young adults in rural China
Development of adjustment functions to assess combined safety effects of multiple treatments on rural two-lane roadways
All-terrain vehicle accidents in children
A correlated random parameter approach to investigate the effects of weather conditions on crash risk for a mountainous freeway
Farmer suicides
The GMO-suicide myth
Identifying hot spots of security vulnerability associated with climate change in Africa
A multidisciplinary approach to providing care to adolescents with spinal cord trauma resulting from all-terrain vehicle accidents
Factors associated with muscle strength among rural community-dwelling older women in southern Brazil
Neurotoxicology of pesticides
Why do farmworkers delay treatment after debilitating injuries? Thematic analysis explains if, when, and why farmworkers were treated for injuries
Helping Aged Victims of Crime (the HAVoC Study): common crime, older people and mental illness
Time-use patterns and the recreational use of prescription medications among rural and small town youth
Ambiguous loss experienced by transnational Mexican immigrant families
Anthrax: a disease of biowarfare and public health importance
Causality of injury and outcome in patients admitted in a major trauma center in North India
Characteristics of patients who died from traumatic brain injury in two rural hospital emergency departments in Maharashtra, India, 2007-2009
Measuring personal heat exposure in an urban and rural environment
Mortality of intentional and unintentional pesticide poisonings in Germany from 1980 to 2010
Negative life events and attempted suicide in rural china
Outcome of avalanche victims with out-of-hospital cardiac arrest
Worker illness related to newly marketed pesticides - Douglas County, Washington, 2014
Assessment of personal protective equipment use among farmers in eastern North Carolina: a cross-sectional study
Concept identification for a power take-off shielding campaign
Increasing the number of trained health and safety professionals in agricultural medicine: evaluation of the "Building Capacity" program, 2007-2013
Job characteristics and work safety climate among North Carolina farmworkers with H-2a visas
Obamacare and immigration reform: is it time to promote occupational and agricultural health and safety?
Unrealistic optimism, fatalism, and risk-taking in New Zealand farmers' descriptions of quad-bike incidents: a directed qualitative content analysis
Toward a national core course in agricultural medicine and curriculum in agricultural safety and health: the "Building Capacity" consensus process
Stroke after piercing barbed wire injury: a time for introspection
Examining the role of urban form in shaping people's accessibility to opportunities: an exploratory spatial data analysis
Planning for pedestrians and bicyclists: results from a statewide municipal survey
Agroterrorism: the risks to the United States food supply and national security
Farmers health and safety at Sharkia governorate and the influencing environmental factors
Acute effects of exposure to a traditional rural environment on urban dwellers: a crossover field study in terraced farmland
The role of intermediaries in delivering an occupational health and safety programme designed for small businesses - A case study of an insurance incentive programme in the agriculture sector
Epidemiology of maxillofacial injuries in Ontario, Canada
Analysis of occupational accidents with agricultural machinery in the period 2008-2010 in Austria
The human factor in agriculture: An interview study to identify farmers' non-technical skills
Incidence and fatality of serious suicide attempts in a predominantly rural population in Shandong, China: a public health surveillance study
SAFESIDE: a computer-aided procedure for integrating benefits and costs in roadside safety intervention decision making
Challenges for resuming normal life after earthquake: a qualitative study on rural areas of iran
Driving down injuries and deaths on country roads
Epidemiological pattern of bullying among school children in Mazandaran Province, Iran
The implementation and development of complex alcohol control policies in indigenous communities in Queensland (Australia)
Craniofacial fracture patterns in all terrain vehicle injuries
A GPS-based examination of the mobility and exposure to risk of older drivers from rural and urban areas
Alcohol related work place injuries: more questions than answers!
A case of accidental fatal aluminum phosphide poisoning involving humans and dogs
Phlegmon of the foot as a camel bite complication
Horse kick related injury: significance of the line of impact
Injury patterns at Isle Royale National Park: an epidemiologic review of injuries and illnesses sustained in a remote environment
Krait envenomation disguised as heat exhaustion in a wilderness setting
Managing fire in the mesic deciduous forest when fire history is unknown: response to Stambaugh et al
Retrospective study on search and rescue operations in two Prealps areas of Italy
Epidemiology of work-related traumatic brain injury: a systematic review
Prolonged occupational activity and 6-year changes in postural sway in elderly women
Suicides and medically serious attempters are of the same population in Chinese rural young adults
Organophosphate pesticides exposure among farmworkers: pathways and risk of adverse health effects
Widening rural-urban disparities in youth suicides, United States, 1996-2010
Unequally safe: the race gap in school safety
Evaluation of occupational traumatic injuries in rural sectors of Turkey
Reported sexual violence among women and children seen at the gynecological emergency unit of a rural tertiary health facility, Northwest Nigeria
Do sex differences exist in rates of falls and fractures in Hutterite, rural, and nonrural populations, aged 20 to 66 years?
Impulsivity, mental disorder, and suicide in rural China
Youth suicide rate in rural US is nearly double that of urban areas, study finds (editorial)
Taiwanese farm workers' pesticide knowledge, attitudes, behaviors and clothing practices
All-terrain vehicle accident trends at a Tennessee trauma center in 2014
Adolescent pesticide exposures reported to Texas poison centers
Association of socio-economic and demographic factors with physical activity of males and females aged 20-69 years
Advancing suicide prevention research with rural American Indian and Alaska Native populations
Occupational accidents with mowing machines in Austrian agriculture
Electromagnetic interference from electronic devices used in the management of type 1 diabetes can impair the performance of an avalanche transceiver in search mode
Investigation of pedestrian crashes on two-way two-lane rural roads in Ethiopia
Psychological strains and suicide intent: results from a psychological autopsy study with Chinese rural young suicides
Adirondack Park incidents: a retrospective review of search and rescue reports from 2008 and 2009
Psychological co-morbidity in children with specific learning disorders
Urban and rural fitness level: comparison between italian and croatian students
In response to "Wilderness search strategy and tactics", by Phillips et al
Development of a new microscopic passing maneuver model for two-lane rural roads
Correction: challenges for resuming normal life after earthquake: a qualitative study on rural areas of Iran
A population-based cross-sectional study comparing depression and health service deficits between rural and nonrural U.S. military veterans
Prevalence and predictors for domestic violence among pregnant women in a rural community Northwest, Nigeria
Psychosocial correlates of suicidal ideation in rural South African adolescents
Bullhorn hernia: a rare traumatic abdominal wall hernia
Effect of a multi-level education intervention model on knowledge and attitudes of accidental injuries in rural children in Zunyi, southwest China
Reproductive coercion and intimate partner violence among rural women in Côte d'Ivoire: a cross-sectional study
Examining intimate partner violence and health factors among rural Appalachian pregnant women
Mortality related to acute illness and injury in rural Uganda: task shifting to improve outcomes
In reply to hypothermia evidence, afterdrop, and guidelines
A rural, community-based suicide awareness and intervention program
Accessibility of health services for aged people in rural Ireland
Barriers and incentives to rural health department accreditation
Den entry behavior in Scandinavian brown bears: implications for preventing human injuries
Intervention with substance-abusing mothers: are there rural-urban differences?
Localized health news releases and community newspapers: a method for rural health promotion
The prevalence of ADHD in primary school children in Vinh Long, Vietnam
Heat-Related symptoms in sugarcane harvesters
Advances in the research of clinical features and treatment of ammonia burns
Assessing biomarkers and neuropsychological outcomes in rural populations exposed to organophosphate pesticides in Chile - study design and protocol
A case of acute paraquat poisoning lead to esophageal obstruction
Depression, social support and associated factors among women living in rural China: a cross-sectional study
Perceived descriptive safety-related driving norms within and outside Arab towns and villages in Israel
Pidemiological analysis of pesticide poisoning in Hangzhou during 2006-2013
Prevalence and pattern of traumatic limb amputations in female population of Bhimber District, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan
Promotion and application on the injury prevention strategy research in China
Participatory women's groups and counselling through home visits to improve child growth in rural eastern India: protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial
Trans-orbital orbitocranial penetrating injury by pointed iron rod
Stressful life events, hopelessness, and coping strategies among impulsive suicide attempters
Rural definition of health: a systematic literature review
Alcohol use among Latino migrant workers in South Florida
Understanding suicide in socially vulnerable contexts: psychological autopsy in a small town in Mexico
Agricultural occupational health and safety perspectives among Latino-American youth
Animal-related activities as risk factors for injuries among youth on agricultural operations
Epidemiology of animal-related injuries in a high-income developing country
Estimation of agricultural and logging injury incidence in Maine using electronic administrative data sets
Factors related to self-perceived health in rural men and women
Integrating cost-effective rollover protective structure installation in high school agricultural mechanics: a feasibility study
Occupational and nonoccupational farm fatalities among youth for 2000 through 2012 in Pennsylvania
Orthopaedic trauma in the Anabaptist community: epidemiology and hospital charges
Promoting active transportation modes in school trips
Physical activity among adolescents in an East Malaysian rural indigenous community: exploring the influence of neighborhood environmental factors
Childhood trauma and childhood urbanicity in relation to psychotic disorder
Children's Agricultural Safety Network: evaluating organizational effectiveness and impacts
Contextual predictors of perception of school danger among rural youths: baseline results from the rural adaptation project
Integrating a suicide prevention program into a school mental health system: a case example from a rural school district
The short-term repeat sexual victimization of adolescents in school
The epidemiology of self-defense gun use: Evidence from the National Crime Victimization Surveys 2007-2011
Drivers' response to dynamic gap assistance signs at simulated rural unsignalised T-intersections
Prevention of injuries associated with horseback riding
Examining contextual influences on fall-related injuries among older adults for population health management
Factors controlling vegetation fires in protected and non-protected areas of Myanmar
The feasibility of community mobilisation for child injury prevention in rural Nepal: a programme for female community health volunteers
Insomnia symptom, mental disorder and suicide: a case-control study in Chinese rural youths
Impact of the financial crisis on adherence to treatment of a rural population in Crete, Greece
Advanced avalanche safety equipment of backcountry users: current trends and perceptions
Cohort study of physical activity and injury among Latino farm workers
Nonfatal tractor-related injuries presenting to a state trauma system
Perpetration and victimization of intimate partner aggression among rural mothers
Built environment interventions aimed at improving physical activity levels in rural Ontario health units: a descriptive qualitative study
Gender-based violence in rural Uttar Pradesh, India: prevalence and association with reproductive health behaviors
Under fire: gun violence is not just an urban problem
Poly-victimisation among Vietnamese high school students: prevalence and demographic correlates
The association of falls and various physical activities in Chinese nonagenarians/centenarians
Sexual risk behavior among frontier adolescents: profiles of pregnancy risk and protection
Does transport time help explain the high trauma mortality rates in rural areas? New and traditional predictors assessed by new and traditional statistical methods
Estimating occupational illness, injury, and mortality in food production in the united states: a farm-to-table analysis
Scoping review of the exclusion and inclusion of rural newcomers in community participation
Sleep disturbance and attempted suicide in rural China: a case-control study
Work safety climate, safety behaviors, and occupational injuries of youth farmworkers in North Carolina
Secondary overtriage in a statewide rural trauma system
Development and evaluation of training in culturally specific screening and brief intervention for hospital patients with alcohol-related injuries
Molecular mechanisms of amitraz mammalian toxicity: a comprehensive review of existing data
Trend of suicide rates according to urbanity among adolescents by gender and suicide method in Korea, 1997-2012
Hand injuries in mountain sports
Randomized controlled trial on drowning prevention for parents with children aged below five years in Bangladesh: a study protocol
Risk factors for work-related injury among farm workers: a 1-year study
Rural youths commit suicide almost twice as often as urban counterparts
An enigmatic death in farm chopping machine: is this the perfect murder?
Understanding the rural-urban differences in nonmedical prescription opioid use and abuse in the United States
Accidental incomplete strangulation due to buffalo head collar rope in a child
Aggression among male migrant farmworkers living in camps in eastern North Carolina
Animal-inflicted ocular and adnexal injuries in children: a systematic review
7-year retrospective review of quad bike injuries admitted to Starship Children's Hospital
How does intimate partner violence differ depending on level of rurality of residential area in Spain?
Beyond urban places: responding to intimate partner violence in rural and remote areas
Beyond urban places: responding to intimate partner violence in rural and remote areas
The regularities and tendencies of infant and children mortality in the Russian Federation
Characteristics of work- and non-work-related farm injuries
Child drowning deaths in Aydin province, western Turkey, 2002-2012
A longitudinal examination of rural status and suicide risk
Farmers' suicides: some grass root level reflections and policy options
Factors influencing the quality of life (QoL) among thai older people in a rural area of Thailand
Farmers' willingness to pay for less health risks by pesticide use: a case study from the cotton belt of Punjab, Pakistan
Risk of alcohol abuse in urban versus rural DUI offenders
Ten years of equine-related injuries: severity and implications for emergency physicians
All-terrain vehicle fatalities on paved roads, unpaved roads, and off-road: evidence for informed roadway safety warnings and legislation
Childhood injuries due to hay-hole falls: a 19-year experience at a rural pediatric trauma center
The perceived stigma of mental health services among rural parents of children with psychosocial concerns
Imidacloprid poisoning: case report
Low base rate, high impact: responding to teen suicidal threat in rural Appalachia
Rural restructuring and its impact on community recreation opportunities
Profile of road traffic accidents in rural area of South-West Madhya Pradesh
Emergency care facility access in rural areas within the golden hour? Western Cape case study
Improving autonomy and social participation with a home-based exercise program
Analysis of injuries and causes of death in fatal farm-related incidents in Lower Silesia, Poland
Tyranny of distance and rural prehospital care: is there potential for a national rural responder network?
Burden and correlates of non-communicable-diseases among rural residents: a cross-sectional study in Hebei, China
7-year retrospective review of quad bike injuries admitted to Starship Children's Hospital
The survey of the role of humans' risk factors in the severity of road traffic injuries on urban and rural roads
Epidemiological study on animal bite cases and its related injury in Quchan district in 2013
Factors affecting on experts' attitude of agricultural Jihad organization toward safety in agricultural operations
Evaluating adverse rural crash outcomes using the NHTSA State Data System
The relationship between impulsivity and suicide among rural youths aged 15-35 years: a case-control psychological autopsy study
Risk factors in arrest of rural and urban female victims of intimate partner violence
Toxicoepidemiology of acute poisoning cases in a secondary care hospital in rural South India: A five-year analysis
Understanding the link between social organization and crime in rural communities
The origin of the term ridgeling
Burden and trend analysis of injury mortality in China among children aged 0-14 years from 2004 to 2011
Predictors of clinical outcome of assertive community treatment (ACT) in a rural area in Denmark: an observational study with a two-year follow-up
Familial power and women's contradictory responses to attitudinal questions about intimate partner violence in rural Bangladesh
Paraquat prohibition and change in the suicide rate and methods in South Korea
Making hinterland transport more sustainable: a multi actor multi criteria analysis
Child and adolescent mental health problems in Tyva Republic, Russia, as possible risk factors for a high suicide rate
Older age and time to medical assistance are associated with severity and mortality of snakebites in the Brazilian Amazon: a case-control study
Participants' reactions to and suggestions for conducting intimate partner violence research: a study of rural young adults
Pattern of injuries due to fatal road traffic accidents from rural Chennai
Comparing the injury profile, service use, outcomes, and comorbidities of people with severe TBI across urban, regional, and remote populations in New South Wales: a multicentre study
Profile of organophosphorus poisoning at Tertiary Care Hospital, Bellary (Hyderabad-Karnataka Region)
Community perspectives on communication strategies for alcohol abuse prevention in rural central Kenya
Comparison of Social Trust's effect on suicide ideation between urban and non-urban areas: the case of Japanese adults in 2006
Cost-effective safety treatment of trees on low-volume rural roads
Creating a national coalition to address tractor overturn fatalities
A deathtrap while mowing
Determination of entrapment victim extrication forces with and without use of a grain rescue tube
Epidemiological characteristics, hospital course and outcome of snakebite victims in West Texas
Establishing speed limits on unpaved roads
Evaluation of the effect of rural road condition on agricultural produce transportation
Field tests of a tractor rollover detection and emergency notification system
Identifying low-volume road segments with high frequencies of severe crashes
Impact of automation on drivers' performance in agricultural semi-autonomous vehicles
Implementation of Wyoming rural road safety program
Physical characteristics of farm equipment crash locations on public roads in Tennessee
Predictors of morbidity and mortality in organophosphorus poisoning: a case study in rural hospital in Karnataka, India
The effect of stress, attitudes, and behavior on safety during animal handling in Swedish dairy farming
Family economic hardship, corticotropin-releasing hormone receptor polymorphisms, and depressive symptoms in rural African-American youths
Increased risk of dementia in patients with acute organophosphate and carbamate poisoning: a nationwide population-based cohort study
Levels of urbanization and parental education in relation to the mortality risk of young children
Moving to serene nature may prevent poor mental health-results from a Swedish longitudinal cohort study
Novel psychoactive substances: use and knowledge among adolescents and young adults in urban and rural areas
Optimized maintenance standards for unpaved road networks based on cost-effectiveness analysis
Perceptions of agricultural college students on the relationship between quality and safety in agricultural work environments
The psychosocial risks of farm workers in south-east Spain
Risk factor analysis of fatal forest harvesting accidents: a case study in Turkey
Transforming farm health and safety: the case for business coaching
Updating side friction factors for design of unpaved roads
Validation of self-reported power take-off shielding using on-site farm audits
Worker injuries involving the interaction of cattle, cattle handlers, and farm structures or equipment
Road and off-road vehicle system dynamics: understanding the future from the past
State of the art survey: active and semi-active suspension control
The association of sleep loss and balance stability in farmers
Characteristics and costs of disability pensions in Finnish agriculture based on 5-year insurance records
Characteristics of African American women and their partners with perceived concurrent partnerships in 4 rural counties in the southeastern US
Developing surveillance methodology for agricultural and logging injury in New Hampshire using electronic administrative data sets
Factors influencing mental health screening and treatment among women in a rural south central Appalachian primary care clinic
Factors to be considered in developing occupational regulations for quad bikes in Australia
Farm activities and agricultural injuries in youth and young adult workers
Fatal injury caused by a ram (Ovis aries) attack
Health information systems and pesticide poisoning at Pernambuco
The hierarchy of control in the epidemic of farm injury
Latino farmworkers in Saskatchewan: language barriers and health and safety
Prevention in dangerous industries: does safety certification prevent tree-faller injuries?
Where do agricultural producers get safety and health information?
Prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders among Saskatchewan farmers
Risk factors for heat-related illness in Washington crop workers
Health care provider mobility counseling provision to older adults: a rural/urban comparison
In reply to Drs Weinstein and White
Injury-related mortality in South Africa: a retrospective descriptive study of postmortem investigations
Does education play a role in meeting the human rights needs of Indian women with mental illness?
The relationship between children's physical activity and family income in rural settings: A cross-sectional study
The status of preventive behaviors in traffic accidents in junior high school students in Isfahan
Hyperthermia as a potential threat for tractor driver's health
Estimating crashes attributable to low and high level speeding: Melbourne compared with Perth and urban Queensland
From research to practice - development of a rural mass curve treatment program
High rates of homicide in a rural South African population (2000-2008): findings from a population-based cohort study
Nègènègèn: Sweet talk, disrespect, and abuse among rural auxiliary midwives in Mali
Patterns of youth injury: a comparison across the northern territories and other parts of Canada
Snakes and snakebite envenoming in Northern Tanzania: a neglected tropical health problem
The synergy of family and neighborhood on rural dating violence victimization
Trauma related to falls from trees treated in a specialized trauma centre in Burkina-Faso-one hundred and six cases treated in one year
Factors affecting farmers' behaviour in pesticide use: insights from a field study in northern China
Alcohol use-related problems among a rural Indian population of West Bengal: an application of the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT)
Androgen receptor gene polymorphism, aggression, and reproduction in Tanzanian foragers and pastoralists
An intelligent system proposal for improving the safety and accessibility of public transit by highway
The Wild West: associations between mining and violence in Western Australia
Why gender matters in the solution towards safe sanitation? Reflections from rural India
Predictors of Mortality Among Pediatric Burn Patients in East Africa
Socio-economic differentials in impoverishment effects of out-of-pocket health expenditure in China and India: evidence from WHO SAGE
The association between alcohol outlet density and alcohol use among urban and regional Australian adolescents
Factors associated with protective eyewear use among cocoa farmers in Ghana
The hazards of off-road motor sports: are four wheels better than two?
Protective clothing for pesticide operators: Part II - data analysis of fabric characteristics
Protective clothing for pesticide operators: Part I - selection of a reference test chemical for penetration testing
Quantifying driver's field-of-view in tractors: methodology and case study
Eye injuries among primary school children in Enugu, Nigeria: rural vs urban
Ocular trauma in a rural population of north China: the Handan Eye Study
Validity of the School-age Assessment of Attachment for moderate-risk, rural early adolescents
Urban-rural dichotomy of burn patients in Georgia and South Carolina: a GIS study: RETRACTION
Severity of scorpion stings in the western Brazilian Amazon: a case-control study
Rural and metropolitan pediatric burns in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory: does distance make a difference?
A random parameters probit model of urban and rural intersection crashes
Snakebites are associated with poverty, weather fluctuations, and El Niño
Marriage outcome and relationship with urban versus rural context for individuals with psychosis in a population-based study in China
The play experiences of preschool children from a low-socio-economic rural community in Worcester, South Africa
Built environments and active living in rural and remote areas: a review of the literature
Determining optimal strategies to reduce maternal and child mortality in rural areas in western china: an assessment using the lives saved tool
Emergency medical service in the US National Park Service: a characterization and two-year review, 2012-2013
Validated analytical methodology for the simultaneous determination of a wide range of pesticides in human blood using GC-MS/MS and LC-ESI/MS/MS and its application in two poisoning cases
Cholinesterase Research Outreach Project (CROP): measuring cholinesterase activity and pesticide use in an agricultural community
Contextual socioeconomic factors associated with childhood mortality in Nigeria: a multilevel analysis
Difference in rural and urban driver-injury severities in highway-rail grade crossing accidents
The impacts of pesticides on the health of farmers in Fasa, Iran
Variability in decision-making and critical cue use by different road users at rail level crossings
A demonstration project in New York and Virginia: retrofitting cost-effective roll-over protective structures (CROPS) on tractors
Differential impacts of an intimate partner violence prevention program based on child marriage status in rural Côte d'Ivoire
Alcohol consumption and hazardous drinking in western Kenya-a household survey in a health and demographic surveillance site
Alcohol use disorder and heavy episodic drinking in rural communities in Cambodia: risk factors and community-perceived strategies
Common pesticides used in suicide attempts following the 2012 paraquat ban in Korea
Community professionals' response to intimate partner violence against rural older women
Maharashtra government launches mental health programme to reduce suicide in farmers
Rural v metro: geographical differences in sports injury hospital admissions across Victoria
A community-based intervention for improving health-seeking behavior among sexual violence survivors: a controlled before and after design study in rural Tanzania
A longitudinal evaluation of the Positive Action program in a low-income, racially diverse, rural county: effects on self-esteem, school hassles, aggression, and internalizing symptoms
An organizational analysis of road traffic crash prevention to explain the difficulties of a national program in a low income country
Trends of potential years of life lost due to main causes of deaths in urban and rural population in Poland, 2002-2011
Counseling for the wilderness athlete and adventurer during a preparticipation evaluation for preparation, safety, and injury prevention
Perceived effects of occupational hazards on farmers' productivity in Kwara State, Nigeria
Amitraz: a mimicker of organophosphate poisoning
Deaths by lightning in Mexico (1979-2011): threat or vulnerability?
"Deaths by lightning in Mexico (1979-2011): threat or vulnerability?" Reply to comment
"Deaths by lightning in Mexico (1979-2011): threat or vulnerability?" Comment
Brown bear attacks in a Nepalese scenario: a brief review
A review of primary and secondary burn services in the Western Cape, South Africa
Hazards for women and children in rural settings
Awareness of domestic and family violence in rural regions
Correspondence analysis of association between types of unintentional injuries and influential factors among rural rear pupils
Harsh environments, life history strategies, and adjustment: a longitudinal study of Oregon youth
Hierarchical Bayesian random intercept model-based cross-level interaction decomposition for truck driver injury severity investigations
Patterns and risk factors for deaths from external causes in rural Malawi over 10 years: a prospective population-based study
Surgery for children in low-income countries affected by humanitarian emergencies from 2008 to 2014: the Médecins Sans Frontières Operations Centre Brussels experience
Test-retest reliability of the scale of participation in organized activities among adolescents in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
"There are risks to be taken and some just push it too far": how farmers perceive quad-bike incident risk
Recreational motor vehicle use and facial trauma
Rural and urban differences in adolescent alcohol use, alcohol supply, and parental drinking
Occupational health and safety issues among vegetable farmers in Trinidad and the implications for extension
Cardiac injury after all-terrain vehicle accidents in 2 children and a review of the literature
Comparison of rates of emergency department procedures and critical diagnoses in metropolitan and rural hospitals
Damage control of civilian penetrating brain injuries in environments of low neuro-monitoring resources
Factors influencing falls in the frail elderly individuals in urban and rural areas
First approximations of prescribed fire risks relative to other management techniques used on private lands
From the horse worker's mouth: a detailed account of injuries experienced by Latino horse workers
Hidden farmworker labor camps in North Carolina: an indicator of structural vulnerability
Lonely adolescents exhibit heightened sensitivity for facial cues of emotion
A brief report describing the union of medical training and agricultural health
A descriptive study of farm-related injuries presenting to emergency departments in North Carolina: 2008-2012
Development of the Seasonal Migrant Agricultural Worker Stress Scale in Sanliurfa, Southeast Turkey
Drift from the use of handheld knapsack pesticide sprayers in Boyacá (Colombian Andes)
Epidemiology of search and rescue in Baxter State Park: dangers of descent and fatigue
Estimating the prevalence of heat-related symptoms and sun safety related behavior among Latino farmworkers in Eastern North Carolina
Incidence rates and trend of serious farm-related injury in Minnesota, 2000-2011
Occupational accidents with agricultural machinery in Austria
Pesticide poisoning and neurobehavioral function among farm workers in Jiangsu, People's Republic of China
Risk factors for agricultural injury: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Undocumented status as a social determinant of occupational safety and health: The workers' perspective
Rural youth crime: a reexamination of social disorganization theory's applicability to rural areas
A comparison of gang and non-gang involved adult probationers in California's agricultural heartland
Agricultural media coverage of farm safety: review of the literature
Association of brain-derived neurotrophic factor G196a and attempted suicide: a case-control study in rural China
Health impacts of increased physical activity from changes in transportation infrastructure: quantitative estimates for three communities
The mental health outcomes of drought: a systematic review and causal process diagram
Summary of notifiable noninfectious conditions and disease outbreaks: acute occupational pesticide-related illness and injury - United States, 2007-2010
Understanding the conflicting values associated with motorized recreation in protected areas
'Drinking with respect': drinking constructions of men who live in a Cape Winelands farm community in South Africa
Hand amputations: epidemiology, management and resurfacing options for soft tissue coverage
Practical Solutions for Pesticide Safety: a farm and research team participatory model
Relationships between sleep behaviors and unintentional injury in Southern Chinese school-aged children: a population-based study
Amish-initiated burn care project: case report and lessons learned in participatory research
Developing a safety indicator to measure the safety level during design for safety
Injury mechanisms in fatal Australian quad bike incidents
Medically serious suicide attempters with or without plan in rural China
Mortality due to pesticide poisoning in Colombia, 1998-2011
Perceived peer delinquency and externalizing behavior among rural youth: the role of descriptive norms and internalizing symptoms
Post-mortem as preventative medicine in Papua New Guinea: a case in point
Rural Kentucky high school students' exposure to ATV riding and injuries
Depression and health-seeking behaviour among migrant workers in Shenzhen
Factors contributing to school bus crashes
Modes and impacts of agriculture related ocular injury
Acute poisonings admitted to a tertiary level intensive care unit in northern India: patient profile and outcomes
Examination of the community-specific prevalence of and factors associated with substance use and misuse among rural and urban adolescents: a cross-sectional analysis in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Potential underestimation of pesticide suicide and its impact on secular trends in South Korea, 1991-2012
Systematic motorcycle management and health care delivery: a field trial
Evaluation of a drowning prevention program based on testimonial videos: a randomized controlled trial
Factors associated with occupational injuries in seasonal young workers
Household debt and relation to intimate partner violence and husbands' attitudes toward gender norms: a study among young married couples in rural Maharashtra, India
Multifactorial program for the prevention of falls: A multifactorial project in the rural area
Short-term outcome and differences between rural and urban trauma patients treated by mobile intensive care units in Northern Finland: a retrospective analysis
Confucian values, negative life events, and rural young suicide with major depression in China
Study of organophosphorous poisoning cases at Maharajah Institute of Medical Sciences, AP
Disability pension and symptoms of anxiety and depression: a prospective comparison of farmers and other occupational groups. The HUNT Study, Norway
Not just an urban phenomenon: uninsured rural trauma patients at increased risk for mortality
Pattern of spine and spinal cord injuries in Tikur Anbessa hospital, Ethiopia
The dark side of the rural idyll: stories of illegal/illicit economic activity in the UK countryside
Defining environmental crime: the perspective of farmers
Demographic, psychological, and school environment correlates of bullying victimization and school hassles in rural youth
Does burglary affect property prices in a nonmetropolitan municipality?
Domestic violence (DV) service provision and the architecture of rural life: an Australian case study
Effect of intelligent speed adaptation technology on older drivers' driving performance
Exploring the relationship between crime and place in the countryside
Exploring the role and importance of post-disaster events in rural communities
Farm, place and identity construction among Irish farm youth who migrate
How people move to rural areas: insights in the residential search process from a diary approach
Lost and hound: the more-than-human networks of rural policing
Measuring violent victimization: rural, suburban, and urban police notification and emergency room treatment
New directions in feminist understandings of rural crime
Police and crime in rural and small Swedish municipalities
'Put the wet stuff on the hot stuff': the legacy and drivers of conflict surrounding wildfire suppression
The radicalisation of rural resistance: how hunting counter-publics in the Nordic countries contribute to illegal hunting
Relationships and responses: policing anti-social behaviour in rural Scotland
Rural crime and community safety
The social organisation of the rural and crime in the United States: Conceptual considerations
Safety in the global south: criminal victimization in Brazilian rural areas
Victimization, urbanicity, and the relevance of context: school routines, race and ethnicity, and adolescent violence
Staying or leaving? Analyzing the rationality of rural-urban migration associated with farm income of staying households: a case study from southern ethiopia
Strange and stranger ruralities: Social constructions of rural crime in Australia
What is smart rural development?
Healthcare providers' experiences screening for intimate partner violence among migrant and seasonal farmworking women: a phenomenological study
Can housing improvements cure or prevent the onset of health conditions over time in deprived areas?
General consideration in the history, physical examination, and safety determination
The experience of older women living with loneliness and chronic conditions in Appalachia
A multivariate spatial crash frequency model for identifying sites with promise based on crash types
Negotiating peril: the lived experience of rural, low-income women exposed to ipv during pregnancy and postpartum
Automated extraction and validation of children's gait parameters with the Kinect
Characteristics of farm equipment-related crashes associated with injury in children and adolescents on farm equipment
Characterization of pesticide exposures reported between 2006 and 2013 to a poison information center in Chile
"Do it all by myself": a salutogenic approach of masculine health practice among farming men coping with stress
Epidemiological trends in search and rescue incidents documented by the Alpine Club of Canada from 1970 to 2005
Following "the roots" of kratom (Mitragyna speciosa): the evolution of an enhancer from a traditional use to increase work and productivity in southeast Asia to a recreational psychoactive drug in western countries
Impact of heat and cold on total and cause-specific mortality in Vadu HDSS-a rural setting in western india
Pediatric traumatic amputations in the United States: a 5-year review
Delivering CBT to rural Latino children with anxiety disorders: a qualitative study
Ethical, legal, and administrative considerations for preparticipation evaluation for wilderness sports and adventures
Immigrant dairy workers' perceptions of health and safety on the farm in America's Heartland
Accident prevention in agriculture in the ASL1 Abruzzo Local Health Service: protection facilities for tractors
Knowledge, attitudes and practices towards rabies: questionnaire survey in rural household heads of Gondar Zuria District, Ethiopia
Profiling the safety environment on Saskatchewan farms
Modeling crash rates for a mountainous highway by using refined-scale panel data
Analysis of occupational accidents: prevention through the use of additional technical safety measures for machinery
Analysis of accidents on head-feeding combine harvesters with questionnaire survey for Japanese farmers
Attitudes toward education as influenced by neighborhood socioeconomic characteristics: an application of multilevel structural equation modeling
Criticism of the city and family norms: the urban version of Ie no Hikari
Epidemiological profile of traumatic brain injury at the Dr. Rafael A. Calderón Guardia Hospital, Neurosurgery Department, during the period from 2007 to 2012
Long-term effects of lifetime trauma exposure in a rural community sample
Soil atterberg limits and consistency indices as influenced by land use and slope position in Western Iran
Rural hazard risk communication and public education: strategic and tactical best practices
Comprehension of safety pictograms affixed to agricultural machinery: a survey of users
Determinants of seat belt use: a regression analysis with FARS data corrected for self-selection
Epidemiology of non-fatal injuries among Egyptian children: a community-based cross-sectional survey
Quantifying vulnerability of rural communities to flooding in SSA: a contemporary disaster management perspective applied to the Lower Shire Valley, Malawi
Rebalance without the balance: a research note on the availability of community-based services in areas where nursing homes have closed
Reducing motor vehicle-related injuries at an Arizona Indian reservation: ten years of application of evidence-based strategies
The effects of police satisfaction on fear of crime in a semirural setting
Boy or girl: does gender matter when learning to farm safely?
Effects of geodemographic profiles of drivers on their injury severity from traffic crashes using multilevel mixed-effects ordered logit model
Effects of traffic control devices on rural curve driving behavior
Is horizontal curvature a significant factor of safety in rural multilane highways?
Limitations of using conventional unpaved road specifications for understanding unpaved road performance
Longitudinal analysis of rural interstate fatalities in relation to speed limit policies
Folding ROPS or automatically deployable ROPS?
Gender differences in the occurrence of nonfatal agricultural injuries among farmers in Fukuoka, Japan
Intimate partner violence in rural low-income families: correlates and change in prevalence over the first 5 years of a child's life
A multi-year analysis of fatal farm and agricultural injuries in Pennsylvania
Protecting ourselves from harm: voices of aging farmers
Trends in non-fatal agricultural injuries requiring trauma care
Relationship between roadway illuminance level and nighttime rural intersection safety
Factors effecting farmers' risk attitude and risk perceptions: the case of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Workplace and security stressors and mental health among migrant workers on the Thailand-Myanmar border
Social and physical environments and self-rated health in urban and rural communities in Korea
Stress and alcohol use in rural Chinese residents: a moderated mediation model examining the roles of resilience and negative emotions
Translating cognitive behavioral therapy for anxious youth to rural-community settings via tele-psychiatry
Suicidal ideation among rural immigrant daughters-in-law with multi-roles as females, farmers and immigrants in China
Regional differences in correlates of daily walking among middle age and older Australian rural adults: implications for health promotion
Are suicide rates related to the psychiatrist density? A cross-national study
Patterns of behaviour that pose potential drowning risk to hikers at Yosemite National Park
Asphyxiation incidents by hydrogen sulfide at manure storage facilities of swine livestock farms in Korea
How to assess the biomechanical risk levels in beekeeping
Age and gender-based patterns in youth all-terrain vehicle (ATV) riding behaviors
Carbon monoxide poisonings from forklift use during produce packing operations
Implementing a national tractor safety program: using "Whole System in a Room" to mobilize partners and implement solutions
Work-time exposure and acute injuries in inshore lobstermen of the Northeast United States
Rural providers' access to online resources: a randomized controlled trial
Rural-urban differences in health care provider child passenger safety anticipatory guidance provision
Seeing community for the trees: the links among contact with natural environments, community cohesion, and crime
Comparison of injury pattern in victims of bear (Ursus thibetanus) and leopard (Panthera pardus) attacks. A study from a tertiary care center in Kashmir
Incidents involving agricultural vehicles on narrow country roads
Ski helmets and the backcountry
What's your poison? Neurobehavioural consequences of exposure to industrial, agricultural and environmental chemicals
Validation and comparison study of three urbanicity scales in a Thailand context
Fatal injuries in rural and urban areas in northern Finland: a 5-year retrospective study
The influence of visitor use levels on visitor spatial behavior in off-trail areas of dispersed recreation use
Magnitude and characteristics of acute paraquat- and diquat-related illnesses in the US: 1998-2013
Huichol migrant laborers and pesticides: structural violence and cultural confounders
Alcohol consumption and risk for dependence among male Latino migrant farmworkers compared to Latino nonfarmworkers in North Carolina
Alcohol use amongst learners in rural high school in South Africa
Association between depression and aggression in rural women
Bear-inflicted injuries - a report from Nepal
Compositional, contextual, and collective community factors in mental health and well-being in australian rural communities
Death in a legal poppy field in Spain
Early clinical outcome of acute poisoning cases treated in intensive care unit
Human behaviour can trigger large carnivore attacks in developed countries
Large machinery-related agricultural injuries across a five-state region in the Midwest
Some uses of models of quantitative genetic selection in social science
Video intervention changes parent perception of all-terrain vehicle (ATV) safety for children
Differential effectiveness of Head Start in urban and rural communities
Sporting injuries, seasonal trend and impact on rural Australian hospitals: implications and recommendations
Strengthening resources for midlife and older rural women who experience intimate partner violence
System failure: no surgeon to be found
Geographic variation in suicide rates in Australian farmers: why is the problem more frequent in Queensland Than in New South Wales?
Heat effects among migrant and seasonal farmworkers: a case study in Colorado
Risk and protective factors across multiple microsystems associated with internalizing symptoms and aggressive behavior in rural adolescents: modeling longitudinal trajectories from the Rural Adaptation Project
Analysis of the injury severity of crashes by considering different lighting conditions on two-lane rural roads
Usual alcohol consumption and suicide mortality among the Korean elderly in rural communities: Kangwha Cohort Study
Seat belt usage interventions for motor vehicle crash prevention on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota
Domestic violence against rural women in Pakistan: an issue of health and human rights
Prevalence of depression and depression care for populations registered in primary care in two remote cities in the Brazilian Amazon
Domestic violence and abortion among rural women in four Indian states
Estimation of calibration functions for predicting crashes on rural two-lane roads in Arizona
Model development for use of portable traffic signals in conjunction with pilot car operations at two-lane, two-way rural highway work zones
Earlobe inflammation from a palm thorn injury
Marginalisation, discrimination and the health of Latino immigrant day labourers in a central North Carolina community
Observed and self-reported pesticide protective behaviors of Latino migrant and seasonal farmworkers
Organophosphate pesticides and neuropsychological and motor effects in the Maule Region, Chile
Piloting health text messages for rural low-income mothers: effects of source similarity and simple action steps
"Things i did not know": retrospectives on a canadian rural male youth suicide using an instrumental photovoice case study
The economic impact for farm injury in Minnesota, 2004 - 2010
Hired crop worker injuries on farms in the United States: a comparison of two survey periods from the National Agricultural Workers Survey
Intimate partner violence norms cluster within households: an observational social network study in rural Honduras
Occupational fatalities among young workers in the United States: 2001-2012
Patterns and trends in accidental poisoning deaths: Pennsylvania's experience 1979-2014
Access to healthcare among people with physical disabilities in rural Louisiana
Suicide Ideation and Life Events in a Sample of Rural Adolescents
Poisoning by herbs and plants: rapid toxidromic classification and diagnosis
Test track evaluation of headlight glare associated with adaptive curve HID, fixed HID, and fixed halogen low beam headlights
Human-animal interactions and safety during dairy cattle handling--Comparing moving cows to milking and hoof trimming
Policy considerations for evaluating the safety effectiveness of passing lanes on rural two-lane highways with lower traffic volumes: Wyoming 59 case study
Profile of deaths due to poisoning in a medical college teaching hospital
Road traffic crashes in rural setting: an experience of a middle-income country
Socio-demographic study of poisoning cases at I.G.G.M.C. Nagpur
A study on driving performance along horizontal curves of rural roads
Disaster management in mountain economy---a case of Uttarakhand State of India
Factors associated with high-risk behaviour among migrants in the state of Maharashtra, India
Off-road motorbike and all-terrain vehicle/quadbike accidents in rural New South Wales
Profile of head injuries in road traffic accident cases with ocular trauma in a rural tertiary care hospital
Comparisons of traffic collisions between expressways and rural roads in truck drivers
Early trajectories of alcohol and other substance use among youth from rural communities within the Cherokee Nation
Epidemiology and severity of sports and recreation injuries presenting to a tertiary adult emergency department
Identification of key items regarding personality, environment, and life events to assess risk and resilience factors for harmful alcohol drinking in adolescents
In response to epidemiology of search and rescue in Baxter State Park: dangers of descent and fatigue
Non-fatal suicidal behaviour in rural Ethiopia: a cross-sectional facility- and population-based study
Injuries associated with bison encounters - Yellowstone National Park, 2015
Quality of life and fear of falling among an aging population in semi rural, Thailand
The dyadic context of safety: an examination of safety motivation, behavior, and life satisfaction among farm couples
The associations between occupational health and safety management system programming level and prior injury and illness rates in the U.S. dairy industry
Developing a Guttman scale for measuring the degree of empowerment of rural women
Effects of interventions on use of hearing protectors among farm operators: a randomized controlled trial
Epidemiological study of occupational injuries among farmers in Iran
Toward an operating speed profile model for rural two-lane roads in Egypt
Assessment of mobility inequalities and income data collection. Methodological issues and a case study (Douala, Cameroon)
Epidemiological study of animal bite victims in Central India: a cross sectional institutional study
Epidemiological study of socio demographic factors in relation to depression among the elderly people in a rural area of Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, India
Low-oxygen atmosphere and its predictors among agricultural shallow wells in Northern Thailand
A road safety risk prediction methodology for low volume rural roads
Safety aspects of line markings on two-lane low-volume narrow roads in Virginia
A road safety risk prediction methodology for low volume rural roads
Characteristics of fatal agricultural injuries by production type
A pilot initiative to deliver community-based psychiatric services in rural Haiti after the 2010 earthquake
Taken to health care provider or not, under-five children die of preventable causes: findings from cross-sectional survey and social autopsy in rural India
Farm safety: a tale of translational research and collaboration
Lethal poisoning with Gelsemium elegans in Guizhou, China
Cumulative incidence of acute kidney injury in California's agricultural workers
Safety in high school supervised agricultural experiences: teachers' training and students' injury awareness
Quantifying the safety effects of horizontal curves on two-way, two-lane rural roads
Rearward visibility issues related to agricultural tractors and self-propelled machinery: contributing factors, potential solutions
Summary of agricultural confined-space related cases: 1964-2013
Summarization of injury and fatality factors involving children and youth in grain storage and handling incidents
Perceived impact of a land and property rights program on violence against women in rural Kenya: a qualitative investigation
Rice-field drowning-associated pneumonia in which pseudomonas spp., aspergillus fumigatus, and cunninghamella sp. Are isolated
Portable prehospital methods to treat near-hypothermic shivering cold casualties
Rasmussen's legacy in the great outdoors: a new incident reporting and learning system for led outdoor activities
Community health workers as cultural producers in addressing gender-based violence in rural South Africa
Adapting Certified Safe Farm to North Carolina agriculture: an implementation study
Hearing health in agricultural aviation pilots from Cindacta II wearing earplugs and a helmet
Growing agricultural education: embracing health and safety
Homelessness among a nationally representative sample of US veterans: prevalence, service utilization, and correlates
Factors associated with the farmer suicide crisis in India
First reported case of fatal stinging by the large carpenter bee Xylocopa tranquebarica
Injuries and associated risk factors among adolescent elite orienteerers: a 26-week prospective registration study
The lived experience of intimate partner violence in the rural setting
Review and meta-analysis of emerging risk factors for agricultural injury
The dangers to children from coconut tree trauma, in KiraKira, Solomon Islands: a retrospective clinical audit
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Health workers sent to indigenous Canadian community beset by attempted suicides
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Relationship of social network to protective factors in suicide and alcohol use disorder intervention for rural Yup'ik Alaska Native Youth
A role for attention during wilderness navigation: comparing effects of BDNF, KIBRA, and CHRNA4
Musculoskeletal disorders and agricultural risk factors among Korean farmers
Penetrating spinal cord injury with screwdriver in situ, leading to Brown-Sequard syndrome
Traumatic amputation of finger from an alligator snapping turtle bite
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A community partnership to respond to the heroin and opioid abuse epidemic
Knowledge of concussions by high school coaches in a rural environment
Neonatal abstinence syndrome in West Virginia substate regions, 2007-2013
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Update on causes of premature death in people with convulsive epilepsy in rural West China
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Psychological health and academic success in rural Appalachian adolescents exposed to physical and sexual interpersonal violence
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Preventing and investigating horse-related human injury and fatality in work and non-work equestrian environments: a consideration of the workplace health and safety framework
Prevention of burn injuries in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review
Effort allocation in rural road safety analysis under data-limited conditions
A model and its applications for predicting passing rate at passing zones on two-lane rural highways
Random effect models to predict operating speed distribution on rural two-lane highways
Alternative method of highway traffic safety analysis for developing countries using Delphi technique and Bayesian network
Concurrent alcohol and medication poisoning hospital admissions among older rural and urban residents
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Health care experiences of rural women experiencing intimate partner violence and substance abuse
Women handling of domestic violence in rural township of Alice in South Africa
Type and characters of agricultural injury subjective burden
Nonmedical prescription drug use among midwestern rural adolescents
Pattern of two wheeler road traffic accidents in rural setting: a retrospective study
Prevalence and risk factors of non fatal road traffic accidents in a community setting of district Dehradun
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Adult pornography and violence against women in the heartland: results from a rural Southeast Ohio study
Alcohol use and alcohol use disorder among male outpatients in a primary care setting in rural Puducherry
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Health workers' views of help seeking and suicide among Aboriginal people in rural Victoria
Identifying safety factors associated with crash frequency and severity on non urban four lane highway stretch in India
People, El Niño southern oscillation and fire in Australia: fire regimes and climate controls in hummock grasslands
Potassium as a potential predictive biomarker of brain hypoxia in avalanche victims: preanalytical recommendations
Profile and risk factor analysis of unintentional injuries in children
Sociodemographic profile of suicide attempters among the rural agrarian community of central India
Understanding domestic violence in rural spaces: a research agenda
Safety performance functions for crash severity on undivided rural roads
Study on incidence and risk factors of fall in the elderly in a rural community in Beijing
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Characteristics of rural children admitted to pediatric hospitals
Community perspectives on HIV, violence and health surveillance in rural South Africa: a participatory pilot study
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Ecological analyses of the associations between injury risk and socioeconomic status, geography and Aboriginal ethnicity in British Columbia, Canada
Landowner's perception of flood risk and preventive actions in estuarine environment: an empirical investigation
Utility of the measurement of carboxyhemoglobin level at the site of acute carbon monoxide poisoning in rural areas
Analysis of driver injury severity in single-vehicle crashes on rural and urban roadways
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Analysis of road traffic accidents and ranking of sites severity: a case study of EL Minia / Beni-suef Eastern Desert and Agricultural Roads, Egypt
The preventive effect of head injury by helmet type in motorcycle crashes: a rural Korean single-center observational study
Structural inequality and social support for women prisoners released to rural communities
The sustainability of changes in agricultural technology: the carbon, economic and labour implications of mechanisation and synthetic fertiliser use
When the social discourse on violation behaviours is challenged by the perception of everyday life experiences: effects of non-accident experiences on offending attitudes and habits
Identifying causes, dynamics and consequences of work accidents in forest operations in an alpine context
A cultural and contextual analysis of health concepts and needs of women in a rural district of Nepal
Perceptions of health and safety among immigrant Latino/a dairy workers in the U.S.
Retrospective study of injury rates among children and adults in the Lublin Region of Poland
Accidental strangulation due to entrapment of saree in crop thrasher machine in an elderly women working at agricultural field
Assisting rural domestic violence victims: the public librarian's role
Burial duration, depth and air pocket explain avalanche survival patterns in Austria and Switzerland
All-terrain vehicle safety―potential effectiveness of the Quadbar as a crush prevention device
ATV-related workers' compensation claims in Montana, 2007-2012
A case study: the development of safety tip sheets for ATV use in ranching
The effect of passengers on all-terrain vehicle crash mechanisms and injuries
Potential benefit of the Quadbar™ on all-terrain vehicles
Quads, farmers 50+ years of age, and safety in Australia
A review on all terrain vehicle safety
Standardized mortality ratio in patients with schizophrenia - findings from Thirthahalli: a rural South Indian community
Daytime sleepiness is associated with hyperhomocysteinemia in rural area of China: a cross-sectional study
Injury risks for on-road farm equipment and horse and buggy crashes in PA: 2010-2013
Investigating the influence on safety of retrofitting Italian motorways with barriers meeting a new EU standard
Prediction of road track paths by a fuzzy model
Prevalence of violence: male and female seasonal agricultural workers' approach to violence in Turkey
Effect of group activities on health promotion for the community-dwelling elderly
Rapid response doctor cars for cases of severe trauma in remote locations: a life saved owing to cooperation between a doctor car and a physician from a local medical facility
Spatial distribution of scorpion sting in a high-risk area of southern Iran
Perceived susceptibility to and perceived causes of road traffic injuries in an urban and rural area of Tanzania
Safety impact of engineering treatments on undivided rural roads
Urban-rural differences in motor vehicle crash fatality and hospitalization rates among children and youth
Speeding drivers' attitudes and perceptions of speed cameras in rural England
Modeling crash outcome probabilities at rural intersections: application of hierarchical binomial logistic models
Segmentation of lines based on point densities: an optimisation of wildlife warning sign placement in southern Finland
Thrombelastographic characterization of the thrombin-like activity of Crotalus simus and Bothrops asper venoms
Understanding the relationships between gender inequitable behaviours, childhood trauma and socio-economic status in single and multiple perpetrator rape in rural South Africa: structural equation modelling
Cutting patterns as a predictor of the odds of accident among professional fellers
Predicting road accidents: a rare-events modeling approach
An integrative review of postpartum depression in rural U.S. communities
Big bad wolf or man's best friend? Unmasking a false wolf aggression on humans
Methods to improve traffic flow and noise exposure estimation on minor roads
Parents' attitudes to risk and injury to children and young people on farms
Speed management for local and regional rural roads
Variability of capacity and traffic performance at urban and rural signalised intersections
Approaching safety through quality: factors influencing college student perceptions
Development and validation of written exam items for the Agricultural Hazardous Occupations Orders (AgHOs) certification training program
Drowning among the lakeside fishing communities in Uganda: results of a community survey
A case-control study of psychological distress in survivors of farmers' suicides in Wardha District in central India
A cross-sectional study of emergency department visits by children after all-terrain vehicle crashes, motor vehicle crashes, and sports activities
Effects of neonicotinoid pesticide exposure on human health: a systematic review
Object detection for agricultural and construction environments using an ultrasonic sensor
Mountain bikes as seed dispersers and their potential socio-ecological consequences
Summary of auger-related entanglement incidents occurring inside agricultural confined spaces
Youth personality factors as predictors of risky all-terrain vehicle (ATV) driving behaviors
Home-related injuries among under-five-year children and mothers' care regarding injury prevention in rural areas
Growing up too fast: rural children working in Addis Ababa
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Child protection in a low-resource setting: experiences from paediatric professionals in Kenya
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Disparities in paediatric injury mortality between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal populations in British Columbia, 2001-2009
Epidemiology of feature-specific injuries sustained by skiers in a snow park
Hired farmworkers in the US: demographics, work organisation, and services
Paediatric recreational vehicle-related head injuries presenting to the emergency department of a major paediatric trauma centre in Australia: is there room for improvement?
Identifying and mitigating risks for agricultural injury associated with obesity
Lighting and marking policies are associated with reduced farm equipment-related crash rates: a policy analysis of nine Midwestern US states
A population based study of drowning in Canada
Suicide among farmers in France: occupational factors and recent trends
Developing a road safety review tool to identify design standard and safety deficits on high risk road sections
Regional emergencies, Bam, Kerman Province, Iran foreign bodies from the palm tree
Adoption of a tai chi intervention, tai ji quan: moving for better balance, for fall prevention by rural faith-based organizations, 2013-2014
Economic development and road traffic fatalities in two neighbouring African nations
An evaluation of speed management measures in Bangladesh based upon alternative accident recording, speed measurements, and DOCTOR traffic conflict observations
Guanxi and school success: an ethnographic inquiry of parental involvement in rural China
A novel line space voting method for vanishing-point detection of general road images
Prevention of overtaking accidents on two-lane rural roads
Farm work-related injuries and risk factors in South Korean agriculture
Awareness and need for knowledge of health and safety among dairy farmers interviewed in Uganda
Evaluating the safety impact of increased speed limits on rural highways in British Columbia
The roles of financial threat, social support, work stress, and mental distress in dairy farmers' expectations of injury
One Health profile of a community at the wildlife-domestic animal interface, Mpumalanga, South Africa
Pediatric orthopaedic trauma and associated injuries of snowmobile, ATV, and dirtbike accidents: a 19-year experience at a Level 1 pediatric trauma center
Farm related concerns and mental health status among Norwegian farmers
Fatal poisoning with plant growth regulator - chlormequat
Traffic fatalities of drivers who visit urban and rural areas: an exploratory study
Diving bradycardia of elderly Korean women divers, haenyeo, in cold seawater: a field report
Pediatric eye trauma in the Republic of Tajikistan: more than meets the eye
Comparing OHSMS programming with injury rates in poultry production
High-risk rural road safety study and determining the crash-reduction factors for high-risk rural-road usage
Prescription opioid misuse among rural community pharmacy patients: pilot study for screening and implications for future practice and research
Association of cognitive performance with time at altitude, sleep quality, and acute mountain sickness symptoms
Current epidemiological profile and features of traumatic spinal cord injury in Heilongjiang province, Northeast China: implications for monitoring and control
Geographic elevation, car driving, and depression among elderly residents in rural areas: the Shimane CoHRE study
Food-poisoning outbreak and fatality following ingestion of sea turtle meat in the rural community of Ndrondroni, Mohéli Island, Comoros, December 2012
Land use and traffic collisions: a link-attribute analysis using empirical Bayes method
Development of safety performance functions for Spanish two-lane rural highways on flat terrain
A GIS-based matched case-control study of road characteristics in farm vehicle crashes
Assessment of home safety in children from Kentuckiana
Criminologists, duct tape, and Indigenous peoples: quantifying the use of silencing research methods
Evaluating distracted driving behaviors in parents of children in suburban and rural areas of Alabama
Explaining large mortality differences between adjacent counties: a cross-sectional study
Factors underlying bus-related crashes in Hanoi, Vietnam
Insiders and outsiders: social change, deviant others, and sense of community in a boomtown
Women's empowerment as a protective factor against intimate partner violence in Bangladesh: a qualitative exploration of the process and limitations of its influence
Prevalence and correlates of achieving recommended physical activity levels among children living in rural South Asia-A multi-centre study
The relationship between urbanisation and cross-national homicide rates: robustness across multiple estimation methods
Severe unintentional injuries sustained by Ohio children: is there urban/rural variation?
Adverse child experiences and health in adulthood in a rural population-based sample
Examining driver injury severity outcomes in rural non-interstate roadway crashes using a hierarchical ordered logit model
An evaluation tool for agricultural health and safety mobile applications
Heat exposure on farmers in northeast Ghana
Heat stroke admissions during heat waves in 1,916 US counties for the period from 1999 to 2010 and their effect modifiers
Parental absence, child victimization, and psychological well-being in rural China
Causes of open fractures: orthopaedic injuries related to home-made agricultural vehicles in the eastern Black Sea region of Turkey
Eight issues to think about before interviewing farmers
Factors associated with crash severity on rural roadways in Wyoming
The human chameleon--bombarded
Social support: a important psychological factor in farmer's suicide
Influence of deficiencies in traffic control devices in crashes on two-lane rural roads
M5 model tree based predictive modeling of road accidents on non-urban sections of highways in India
Rural location and relative location: adding community context to the study of sexual assault survivor time until presentation for medical care
Use of short messaging services to assess depressive symptoms among refugees in South Africa: implications for social services providing mental health care in resource-poor settings
Is prevention of acute pesticide poisoning effective and efficient, with locally adapted personal protective equipment? A randomized crossover study among farmers in Chitwan, Nepal
Occupational health and safety of Finnish dairy farmers using automatic milking systems
Ocular injuries and eye care seeking patterns following injuries among cocoa farmers in Ghana
Narratives of violence, pathology, and empowerment: mental health needs assessment of home-based female sex workers in rural India
Epidemiology, clinical characteristics and outcomes of traumatic brain injury: evidences from integrated Level 1 trauma center in India
Living with traumatic brain injury in a rural setting: supports and barriers across the continuum of care
An intergenerational study of perceptions of changes in active free play among families from rural areas of Western Canada
Levels of community ambulation ability in patients with stroke who live in a rural area
Risk factors for smoking in rural women: the role of gender-based sexual and intimate partner violence
Opioid overdose experience, risk behaviors, and knowledge in drug users from a rural versus an urban setting
Health and health care access of rural women veterans: findings from the National Survey of Women Veterans
Investigating risk factors of traffic casualties at private highway-railroad grade crossings in the United States
Anxiety, happiness and self-esteem of western Chinese left-behind children
Scorpionism by Tityus silvestris in eastern Brazilian Amazon
Nurses' experiences of home visiting new parents in rural and regional communities in Australia: a descriptive qualitative study
What you may not know about all-terrain vehicle-related deaths and injuries
Is the Animal Liberation Front morally justified in engaging in violent and illegal activism towards animal farms?
Goat horn-induced intracranial emphysema and orbital injury
Pesticide health and safety challenges facing informal sector workers: a case of small-scale agricultural workers in Tanzania
Associations of suicide seasonality with rural-urban residence and mental disorders in Ilam, Iran
Occupational hazards of traditional healers: repeated unprotected blood exposures risk infectious disease transmission
Professional help-seeking for adolescent dating violence in the rural south: the role of social support and informal help-seeking
A factor analysis of traffic accident frequency by type on major road sections in Japan
Driver injury severity outcome analysis in rural interstate highway crashes: a two-level Bayesian logistic regression interpretation
When chronic conditions become emergencies - a report from regional Queensland
Predicting crash-relevant violations at stop sign-controlled intersections for the development of an intersection driver assistance system
A Prospective study of poisoning cases in Basaveshwara Teaching and General Hospital, Kalaburagi
Relationships of community and individual level social capital with activities of daily living and death by gender
The role of environmental factors in search and rescue incidents in Nunavut, Canada
Rural risk: geographic disparities in trauma mortality
Safety PL-A support tool for road safety impact assessment
Self-reported acute pesticide intoxications in Ethiopia
The effects of environmental and socioeconomic factors on land-use changes: a study of Alberta, Canada
Injuries caused by the venomous catfish pintado and cachara (Pseudoplatystoma genus) in fishermen of the Pantanal region in Brazil
The moderating effect of spiritual well-being on the association between depressive state and living arrangement in the elderly in rural Okinawa
Pesticides, neurodevelopmental disagreement, and Bradford Hill's guidelines
The Traffic Adaptive Data Dissemination (TrAD) protocol for both urban and highway scenarios
Prescription opioid poisoning across urban and rural areas: identifying vulnerable groups and geographic areas
Prevalence of and factors associated with homebound status among adults in urban and rural Spanish populations
A study of risk factors associated with depression and suicidal ideation in a rural population
Estimating the population attributable fraction of road related injuries due to speeding and passing in rural roads of Iran
Human-wildlife conflicts in Nepal: patterns of human fatalities and injuries caused by large mammals
Spatial-temporal human exposure modeling based on land-use at a regional scale in China
Public trust in the Chinese police: the impact of ethnicity, class, and Hukou
Characteristics of suicide completers and attempters in rural Chinese population
Assessing the socio-economic impacts of rural road improvements in Ghana: a case study of Transport Sector Program Support (II)
The role of seat belt in the prevention of fatalities and determination of fatality index of road traffic accidents in Rivers state
Spatio - temporal analysis of characteristics and causes of road traffic crashes in Oyo State of Nigeria
Understanding the multiple dimensions of transportation disadvantage: the case of rural North Carolina
Weather impacts on single-vehicle truck crash injury severity
Patterns of poisoning in urban and rural children: a single-center study
Intimate partner violence as a predictor of marital disruption in rural Rakai, Uganda: a longitudinal study
Rurality and self-reported health in women with a history of intimate partner violence
Gender and sexual minority youth in nonmetropolitan communities: individual- and community-level needs for support
Rates and characteristics of elderly suicide in China, 2013-14
The health and wellbeing of Australian farmers: a longitudinal cohort study
Obese children experience more extremity fractures than nonobese children and are significantly more likely to die from traumatic injuries
Community emergency department utilization following a natural disaster (the Goderich Tornado)
Factors affecting suicidal ideation among middle-aged Korean women in an urban-rural province
Physician staffed helicopter emergency medical systems can provide advanced trauma life support in mountainous and remote areas
African American perspectives and experiences of domestic violence in a rural community
Agriculture and snakebite in Bahia, Brazil - an ecological study
Hospitalization of injured immigrants in Poland - demographic profile and diagnosis
An analysis of the clinical and epidemiological characteristics of acute poisoning patients in a general hospital
Current state of child health in rural America: how context shapes children's health
Injuries and outcomes associated with recreational vehicle accidents in pediatric trauma
Traumatic injury risk and agricultural transitions: a view from the American Southeast and beyond
Intentional poisonings in urban and rural children - a 6-year retrospective single centre study
Measurement of physical activity in urban and rural South African adults: a comparison of two self-report methods
Meeting nontraditional medical information needs for the unique populations and geographically remote locations of Alaska
Burning anticipation: wildfire, risk mitigation and simulation modelling in Victoria, Australia
Duration of suicide process among suicide attempters and characteristics of those providing window of opportunity for intervention
Has child restraint system use increased among parents of children in Shantou, China?
Factors influencing health knowledge and behaviors among the elderly in rural China
How do the definitions of urban and rural matter for transportation safety? Re-interpreting transportation fatalities as an outcome of regional development processes
Interventions to reduce injuries among older workers in agriculture: a review of evaluated intervention projects
Off-road vehicle crash risk during the six months after a birthday
Traumatic brain injury registry: need of the hour
Assessing non-metro recovery across two continents: issues and limitations
Disaster impact on impoverished area of US: an inter-professional mixed method study
Factors influencing animal bites in Iran: a descriptive study
Pesticide risk behaviors and factors influencing pesticide use among farmers in Kuwait
Vulnerability to unintentional injuries associated with land-use activities and search and rescue in Nunavut, Canada
Pesticides: an update of human exposure and toxicity
Temporal patterns of moose-vehicle collisions with and without personal injuries
A case-crossover study of heat exposure and injury risk in outdoor agricultural workers
Acute nonoccupational pesticide-related illness and injury - United States, 2007-2011
Acute occupational pesticide-related illness and injury - United States, 2007-2011
Estimating the burden of injury in urban and rural Sudan in 2008
Child passenger restraint system misuse in rural versus urban children: a multisite case-control study
The entanglements of agrarian ethics with agrarian risks and leveraging them in agricultural health safety
Violent deaths among Georgia workers: an examination of suicides and homicides by occupation, 2006-2009
Wildland fire fighter deaths in the United sSates: a comparison of existing surveillance systems
New institutional theory and a culture of safety in agriculture
"The only thing I wish I could change is that they treat us like people and not like animals": injury and discrimination among Latino farmworkers
A qualitative assessment of safe work practices in logging in the southern United States
Symbolic Interactionism: a framework for understanding risk-taking behaviors in farm communities
Urban/Rural disparities in Oregon pediatric traumatic brain injury
The conceptualization of mistreatment by older American Indians
An optimal sampling approach to modelling whole-body vibration exposure in all-terrain vehicle driving
Proteomic analysis of venom variability and ontogeny across the arboreal palm-pitvipers (genus Bothriechis)
Risk of Parkinson disease after organophosphate or carbamate poisoning
Visual impairment among older adults in a rural community in eastern China
Whole body vibration exposure patterns in Canadian prairie farmers
"When this breaks down, it's black gold": race and gender in agricultural health and safety
Rural young adults' lay theories of intimate partner violence: a qualitative examination
Smoke inhalation in a rural emergency setting: a simulation session
"Life is at a standstill" Quality of life after lower extremity trauma in Malawi
Civil conflict sensitivity to growing-season drought
Does fluoride affect serum testosterone and androgen binding protein with age-specificity? A population-based cross-sectional study in Chinese male farmers
Work-related injuries among farmers: a cross-sectional study from rural Nepal
Evaluation of access to health care in rural areas using enhanced two-step floating catchment area (E2SFCA) method
Exploration of older drivers' speeding behaviour
Prevalence of occupational injury and its contributing factors among rubber tappers in Galle, Sri Lanka
Tracheobronchial injury caused by blunt trauma: case report and review of literature
Secondary analysis of snake bite data in the Western Region of Ghana: 2006-2010
Anthropology in agricultural health and safety research and intervention
Anthropology in farm safety
Major trauma mortality in rural and metropolitan NSW, 2009-2014: a retrospective analysis of trauma registry data
Sleepiness, driving, and motor vehicle accidents: a questionnaire-based survey
Spousal violence and receipt of skilled maternity care during and after pregnancy in Nepal
Epidemiology of animal bites and other potential rabies exposures and anti-rabies vaccine utilization in a rural area in Southern Ethiopia
Perceptions and treatment seeking behavior for dog bites in rural Bangladesh
Prevalence of dog bites in rural and urban slums of Delhi: a community-based study
A prospective study on the incidence of dog bites and management in a rural Cambodian, rabies-endemic setting
Case report: acute demyelinating encephalomyelitis following viper bite
Exploring beliefs around physical activity among older adults in rural Canada
A unusual lightning death in an indoor setting: a case report
A case of accidental toad venom ingestion in rural Mississippi (conference abstract)
Regional disparities in road traffic injuries and their determinants in Brazil, 2013
Addressing engagement, anger and aggression through the Rock Water Program: rural adolescent males' perceptions
The determinants of physical activity in rural women, aged 20 to 44 years, in Georgia
Drivers' detection of roadside targets when driving vehicles with three headlight systems during high beam activation
Federal Emergency Management Agency response in rural Appalachia: a tale of miscommunication, unrealistic expectations, and "Hurt, Hurt, Hurt"
Health and rural context among victims of partner abuse: does justice matter?
Hospital admissions in the Hunter Region from trees and other falling objects, 2008-2012
Hospitalizations due to external causes involving contact with animals in a general hospital in the interior of Bahia State, Brazil, 2009-2011
Incidence and impact of unintentional childhood injuries: a community based study in rural South India
The NIOSH CROPS Demonstration Project: a study in New York and Virginia with an emphasis on youth
Assessment of occupational exposure to pesticides in a pooled analysis of agricultural cohorts within the AGRICOH consortium: authors' response
The changing context of rural America: a call to examine the impact of social change on mental health and mental health care
Multivariate poisson lognormal modeling of crashes by type and severity on rural two lane highways
Substance exposure and helmet use in all-terrain vehicle accidents: nine years of experience at a level 1 trauma center
Understanding risk factor patterns in ATV fatalities: a recursive partitioning approach
Bullying in college by students and teachers
Death on campuses: common postvention strategies in higher education
A school-based exercise intervention elicits substantial bone health benefits: a 2-year randomized controlled trial in girls
Acute backpack injuries in children
Corporal punishment in schools
School bus transportation of children with special health care needs
Attitudes of New York City high school students regarding firearm violence
Bullying among young adolescents: the strong, the weak, and the troubled
Bullying: children hurting children
Bullying: why all the fuss?
Child suicide and the schools
Injuries sustained by students in shop class
Out-of-school suspension and expulsion
Injuries to Swedish school pupils: Distribution and patterns by type of school and type of municipality
Nurses' logs as an evaluation tool for school-based violence prevention programs
Peacebuilders: a theoretically driven, school-based model for early violence prevention
Peer victimization during early adolescence: an injury trigger, an injury mechanism and a frequent exposure in school
A review of selected school-based conflict resolution and peer mediation projects
Acceptability of various brief intervention approaches for hazardous drinking among university students
Age-within-school-class and adolescent gun-carrying
Building relationships and resilience in the prevention of youth violence
Bullying in the school environment: an injury risk factor?
Causes and outcomes of pediatric injuries occurring at school
Cross-national consistency in the relationship between bullying behaviors and psychosocial adjustment
Driver education and fatal crash involvement of teenaged drivers
Effects of high school driver education on motor vehicle crashes, violations, and licensure
Equalisation of socioeconomic differences in injury risks at school age? A study of three age cohorts of Swedish children and adolescents
Evaluation of the Utah student injury reporting system
Recent trends in violence-related behaviors among high school students in the United States
High school students' attitudes about firearms policies
How safe are our schools?
Injury-control education in six u.s. medical schools
Long-term follow-up of a high school alcohol misuse prevention program's effect on students' subsequent driving
Analysis of US child care safety regulations
Evaluation of a poison prevention lesson for kindergarten and third grade students
Evaluation of a poison prevention lesson for kindergarten and third grade students
Evaluation of the "Respect Not Risk" firearm safety lesson for 3rd-graders
Middle school students and bicycle helmet use: knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors
School policy and environment: results from the School Health Policies and Programs Study 2000
Teaching agricultural health and safety to elementary school students
The MORE HEALTH bicycle safety project
'Safety in primary schools: towards an accident-free school': national implementation of a safety-policy strategy at primary schools in The Netherlands
A statewide survey of hazards in child care centers
Agricultural Disability Awareness and Risk Education (AgDARE) for high school students
An evaluation of the effectiveness of the Injury Minimization Programme for Schools (IMPS)
Childhood finger injuries and safeguards
Cycling to school--a significant health risk?
Design and implementation of injury prevention curricula for elementary schools: lessons learned
Effects of first-aid training in junior high schools
Evaluation of North Carolina child care safety regulations
Evaluation of the THINK FIRST For KIDS injury prevention curriculum for primary students
Evaluation of the Think First head and spinal cord injury prevention program
Evaluation of the ThinkFirst Canada, Smart Hockey, brain and spinal cord injury prevention video
From educator to strategic activist for injury control
Immediate care of school sport injury
Incidence and distribution of injury among schoolchildren aged 11-15
Injuries among children in home and out-of-home care
Injuries and their relation to potential hazards in child day care
Injuries in child care centers: gender-environment interactions
Prevention of spinal cord injuries caused by diving: evaluation of the distribution and usage of a diving safety video in high schools
Promoting safety--a component in health promotion in primary and secondary schools
Pupil injury risks as a function of physical and psychosocial environmental problems experienced at school
Rates of, and the factors affecting, cycle helmet use among secondary schoolchildren in East Sussex and Kent
School injuries in an occupational health perspective: what do we learn from community based epidemiological studies?
Teaching safety: evaluation of a children's village in Maryland
The San Diego East County school shootings: a qualitative study of community-level post-traumatic stress
Prevention of paediatric acquired brain injury: an interactive, elementary-school program
Students who carry weapons to high school: comparison with other weapon-carriers
Adolescent suicide prevention: acceptability of school-based programs among secondary school principals
Adolescents may experience home, school abuse; their future draws researchers' concern
Aggression and fighting behavior among African-American adolescents: Individual and family factors
Assessing the Get Real about ViolenceR Curriculum: process and outcome evaluation results and implications
Behaviors related to unintentional and intentional injuries among high school students--United States, 1991
Adolescent beliefs about antisocial behavior: mediators and moderators of links with parental monitoring and attachment
Children dragged to their death by school vans
Comparing unintentional and intentional injuries in a school setting
Educating grade school children using a structured bicycle safety program
Effectiveness of a health education curriculum for secondary school students--United States, 1986-1989
A violence prevention curriculum
Evaluation of a pilot program in rural schools to increase bicycle and motor vehicle safety
Evaluation of a school-based education program to promote bicycle safety
Can textbook covers be used to increase poison center utilization?
Learning disabilities and bullying: double jeopardy
First aid training: the hidden dimension of injury control for school-based injuries
From the centers for disease control. behaviors related to unintentional, intentional injuries, high school students--united states, 1991
Head injury with and without hospital admission: comparisons of incidence and short-term disability
Health behaviour and the school environment in New South Wales, Australia
Health risk behaviors among adolescents who do and do not attend school--United States, 1992
Injury prevention education in United States medical school curricula
JAMA patient page: youth violence in schools
Mobilizing schools for suicide prevention
Injuries to the head among children enrolled in special education
Incidence and risk factors for concussion in high school athletes, North Carolina, 1996-1999
Playground equipment injuries in a large, urban school district
Playground safety--United States, 1998-1999
Playground-related injuries in preschool-aged children--United States, 1983-1987
Prevalence of corporal punishment among students in Washington State schools
Preventing school violence: no easy answers
Prevention of pedestrian injuries to children: effectiveness of a school training program
Reducing one source of pediatric head injuries
Reducing suicide potential among high-risk youth: tests of a school-based prevention program
School health guidelines to prevent unintentional injuries and violence
School-associated suicides--United States, 1994-1999
School-based interventions for children exposed to violence
Screening and brief intervention for alcohol problems among college students treated in a university hospital emergency department
Seats on school buses
'What about bullying?' An experimental field study to understand students' attitudes towards bullying and victimisation in Italian middle schools
Profiles of non-victims, escaped victims, continuing victims and new victims of school bullying
Adolescent preventive health and teams-games-tournaments: a research and development paradigm entering its fourth decade of research
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Suicide attempts and physical fighting among high school students--United States, 2001
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Surface-specific fall injury rates on Utah school playgrounds
WalkSafe: a school-based pedestrian safety intervention program
Temporal variations in school-associated student homicide and suicide events--United States, 1992-1999
The impact of school-organized sport activities on the priority youth health-risk behaviors
The perceived needs of child care center directors in preventing injuries and infectious diseases
The study of suicidal behavior in the schools
Association of selected risk factors with variation in child and adolescent firearm mortality by state
Childhood bullying: implications for physicians
Is there equalization in socioeconomic differences in the risk of traffic injuries in childhood? A study of three cohorts of Swedish school children
School nurses: a resource for young worker safety
Social network predictors of bullying and victimization
Susan Limber: award for distinguished early career contributions to psychology in the public interest
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Tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use among high school students--United States, 1991
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Child sexual abuse in China: a study of adolescents in four provinces
Recollections of bullying at school and their long-term implications for lesbians, gay men, and bisexuals
Suicide risk screening in an urban high school
Exposure to media violence and bullying at school: mediating influences of anger and contact with delinquent friends
Gender-specific differences in school sports injuries
Teachers' knowledge of facts and myths about suicide
Volleyball sport school injuries
Attempted suicide in Hanoi, Vietnam
School injuries and preventive policies and programs
A survey of adolescents' knowledge about depression
Adolescents' attitudes and behaviour towards motorcycle helmet use in Italy
Ignoring it doesn't make it stop: adolescents, appearance, and bullying
Attention deficit disorder and hospitalization owing to intra- and interpersonal violence among children and young adolescents
Bicycle helmet use in Sweden during the 1990s and in the future
Development of a questionnaire to collect public health data for school entrants in London: Child Health Assessment at School Entry (CHASE) project
Drug selling among high school students: Related risk behaviors and psychosocial characteristics
Relations between family structure and students' health-related attitudes and behaviors
The contributions of community, family, and school variables to student victimization
Family preparation for responding to disasters
Alcohol awareness-crash simulation
Building friendships and combating bullying: effectiveness of SSGRIN at one-year follow-up
Health-endangering behaviours among Japanese college students: a test of psychosocial model of risk-taking behaviours
Links between accidents and lifestyle factors among Lithuanian schoolchildren
Perceived academic performance, self-esteem and locus of control as indicators of need for assessment of adolescent suicide risk: implications for teachers
School bullying and suicidal risk in Korean middle school students
Psychological state of abused children of risk group
Evaluation of the California Safe Routes to School legislation: urban form changes and children's active transportation to school
Bullying and symptoms among school-aged children: International comparative cross sectional study in 28 countries
School connectedness, anger behaviors, and relationships of violent and nonviolent American youth
A comparison of violence exposure and perpetration in recruits and high school students
Gun deaths in schools, in the USA
Gun-related violence in and around inner-city schools
Do episodes of peer victimization trigger physical injury? A case-crossover study of Swedish school children
Effectiveness of a home-based balance-training program in reducing sports-related injuries among healthy adolescents: a cluster randomized controlled trial
Evaluation of a school-based peer leader bicycle helmet intervention
Response of African-American adolescents in North Carolina to gun carrying by school mates
Teaching firearm safety in junior high school
Weapon carrying on school property among middle school students
There are no lessons to be learned from Littleton
Teens' knowledge of risk factors for sports injuries
A consumer health products contest
Mortality among children enrolled in public day care centers in Brazil
Through the art of children: perceptions of alcohol use and abuse
Are educational aspirations associated with the risk of alcohol use and alcohol use-related problems among adolescents?
Bullying prevention: Wisconsin takes a stand
Elementary school drinking: the role of temperament and learning
Student injury rates in public schools
Promoting safe walking and biking to school: the Marin County success story
Promoting physical activity: going to school by the piedibus (walking school bus)
Early cognitive stimulation, emotional support, and television watching as predictors of subsequent bullying among grade-school children
Evaluating iatrogenic risk of youth suicide screening programs: a randomized controlled trial
School-based policies: safety and injury liability
Retrospective overview of medically treated non-fatal injuries in pupils aged 11-15 years in Poland (1994-2002)
The Discourse on Violence Prevention: What are the Implications for Smaller Schools?
The role of the bystander in the social architecture of bullying and violence in schools and communities
Weapon carrying in a sample of high school students in New Zealand
Youth suicide prevention: a survey of public school superintendents' acceptability of school-based programs
Analysis of a school bus collision: mechanism of injury in the unrestrained child
Preventing violence in youth
Reducing risk liability for dental injuries in school children
Development of a preventive fire education program based on a profile of the hospitalized burn victim
Evaluation of the effectiveness of a pavement stencil in promoting safe behavior among elementary school children boarding school buses
How safe is pupil transportation? Study of laws, regulations, and practices in school bussing in the United States carried out by physicians for automotive safety
Improving student bus-riding behavior through a whole-school intervention
The effect of safer play equipment on playground injury rates among school children
Child passenger safety in the school-age population
School backpack weights: a survey of students in Ghana, Guatemala and the USA
Effectiveness of school-based programs for reducing drinking and driving and riding with drinking drivers a systematic review
Adapting the 'family wellbeing' empowerment program to the needs of remote indigenous school children
Isolation and the stress of being bullied
Prevention of school sport injuries - an analysis of different ballsports in 2234 injuries
Perceptions of sexual harassment in Swedish high schools: experiences and school-environment problems
Preventing aggressive behavior and drug use in elementary school: Six family-oriented programs
Improving the health and safety of children in nonparental early education and child care
K-12 school health and safety--where to start
Health risk behaviour among students of vocational schools
Associations of body mass index and perceived weight with suicide ideation and suicide attempts among US high school students
Effects of a large-scale industrial disaster on rates of symptoms consistent with posttraumatic stress disorders among schoolchildren in Toulouse
Relation between school bullying during adolescence and subsequent long-term unemployment in adulthood in a Finnish sample
Reliability reporting practices in rape myth research
Violence-related behaviors on school property among Mississippi Public High School students, 1993--2003
Psychosocial factors predicting school violence tendencies among students of tertiary institutions in Ibadan
Children and adolescents' exposure to traumatic war stressors in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Health and safety awareness for working teens: developing a successful, statewide program for educating teen workers
High school off-campus lunch policies and adolescent motor vehicle crash risks
Depression and suicidal ideation among Mexican American school-aged children
Evaluation of a high school peer group intervention for at-risk youth
Proximal peer-level effects of a small-group selected prevention on aggression in elementary school children: an investigation of the peer contagion hypothesis
Creating a peaceful school learning environment: the impact of an antibullying program on educational attainment in elementary schools
A cross-national comparison of school drug policies in Washington State, United States, and Victoria, Australia
A model of contagion through competition in the aggressive behaviors of elementary school students
Alcohol addiction of adolescents and risk factors related to this habit
Community and school drug prevention strategy prevalence: differential effects by setting and substance
National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign and school-based drug prevention: Evidence for a synergistic effect in ALERT Plus
A qualitative study of Mexican American adolescents and depression
A role for school health personnel in supporting children and families following childhood injury
Protecting you/protecting me: effects of an alcohol prevention and vehicle safety program on elementary students
"Heads Up": Concussions in High School Sports
Social determinants of repeated injuries in pupils aged 11-15 years, in Poland
The Citizenship Safety Project: a pilot study
Requiring belt use as part of a school parking permit program: does it increase students' belt use?
The social skills problems of victims of bullying: self, peer and teacher perceptions
The New Mexico school nurse and emergency medical services emergency preparedness course: program description and evaluation
Bullying and victimization in elementary schools: a comparison of bullies, victims, bully/victims, and uninvolved preadolescents
Bullying in Lithuanian schools in 1994-2002
Groin injuries and groin pain in athletes: part 1
Groin injuries and groin pain in athletes: part 2
Sleep patterns and sleep problems among school children in the United States and China
Investigation on sleep status of college and high school students
Sleeping habits and sleep disorders during adolescence: relation to school performance
The Effects of the Going Places Program on Early Adolescent Substance Use and Antisocial Behavior
Psychosocial correlates of recreational ecstasy use among college students
Are tattooing and body piercing indicators of risk-taking behaviours among high school students?
Suicidal tendencies and attitude towards freedom to choose suicide among Lithuanian schoolchildren: results from three cross-sectional studies in 1994, 1998, and 2002
Facilitating youth self-change through school-based intervention
An Interactive, Hospital-based Injury Prevention Program for First-, Second-, and Third-grade Students
Wired for wellness: e-Interventions for addressing college drinking
School matters: drinking dimensions and their effects on alcohol-related problems among Ontario secondary school students
The occurrence of addictions among high school students
Violence in the university environment: the case of the national University of Colombia
Physical activity levels of children who walk, cycle, or are driven to school
Supportive social relationships and adolescent health risk behavior among secondary students in El Salvador
Factors relating to adolescent suicidal behavior: a cross-sectional Malaysian school survey
Injuries during physical activity in school children
Barriers to children walking to or from school--United States, 2004
School bus-related injuries in St. Louis children: 29
Two brief alcohol interventions for mandated college students
Weapon violence in adolescence: Parent and school connectedness as protective factors
Developmental Issues in School-Based Aggression Prevention from a Social-Cognitive Perspective
Inconsistencies between actual and estimated blood alcohol concentrations in a field study of college students: do students really know how much they drink?
Weekly work hours and health-related behaviours in full-time students
Nonfatal Injuries among Middle-School and High-School Students in Guangxi, China
Understanding Mass School Shootings: Links between Personhood and Power in the Competitive School Environment
Use of Discretionary Protective Equipment in High School Athletes: Prevalence and Determinants
Process evaluation of the New South Wales Walk Safely to School Day
Character Education as a Prevention Strategy in School-Related Violence
Depressive symptoms in adolescent pupils are heavily influenced by the school they go to. A study of 10th grade pupils in Oslo, Norway
Parental reported bullying among Nordic children: a population-based study
Scooter injuries in children in a midwestern metropolitan area
The Impact of Culturally Relevant Violence Prevention Models on School-Age Youth
Kids and communities count: reaching migrant children and families with the North American Guidelines for Children's Agricultural Tasks (NAGCAT)
An annotated guide to safety belt education resources for secondary school teachers
Acceptability and Student Outcomes of a Violence Prevention Curriculum
Guest Editorial: School-Related Violence and Primary Prevention
Krakow secondary school students and contemporary threats to human health such as alcoholism and drug addiction
Parental and Peer Influences on the Risk of Adolescent Drug Use
Witnessing violence: biopsychosocial impact on children
Children's traffic safety program: influence of early elementary school safety education on family seat belt use
Cost-benefit analysis of safety belts in Texas school buses
Anti-bullying intervention: Implementation and outcome
Child physical abuse and self-perceived social isolation among adolescents
Criminal history and assaults on intimate partners by Mexican American and non-Mexican white college students
Exploring the relation between bullying and homophobic verbal content: the homophobic content agent target (HCAT) scale
Factors associated with ideation and acts of deliberate self-harm among 18-year-old boys. A prospective 10-year follow-up study
Misperceiving the college drinking norm and related problems: a nationwide study of exposure to prevention information, perceived norms and student alcohol misuse
National campaign effects on secondary pupils' bullying and violence
Reducing violence and aggression in schools
The relationship between bullying and self-worth in children with movement coordination problems
Alcohol consumption in Toledo (Spain) schoolchildren: reasons and alternatives
Health locus of control and voluntary use of seat belts among high school students
Oregon Head and Spinal Cord Injury Prevention Program and evaluation
Drinking locations prior to impaired driving among college students: implications for prevention
Reasons for drinking in relation to problem drinking behavior in a sample of Japanese high school students
Substance abuse counseling services in secondary schools: a national study of schools and students, 1999-2003
The causes and consequences of injury in students at UK institutes of higher education
Rewarding elementary schoolchildren for their use of safety belts
Safety belt education using visual crash images and low-cost incentives
School buses and seat belts
Seat belts in school buses
Seat belts on school buses
Active transportation to school: findings from a national survey
Bullying, psychosocial adjustment, and academic performance in elementary school
The compelling case for seat belts on school buses
Disability and risk of school related injury
Seating patterns on the Washington, DC Metro Rail System
The home and school background of young drivers involved in traffic accidents
Comparing the number of ill or injured students who are released early from school by school nursing and nonnursing personnel
The use of antidepressants in school-age children
Firesetting during the preschool period: assessment and intervention issues
Long-term effects of an early childhood intervention on educational achievement and juvenile arrest: A 15-year follow-up of low-income children in public schools
Effectiveness of an individual school-based intervention for children with aggressive behaviour: a randomized controlled trial
Smoke detection: critical element of a university residential fire safety program
Drug-addicted students: instead of jail, delay of driver's licence
The use of economic incentives and education to modify safety belt use behavior of high school students
Aging and street safety: a conflictive binomial
Prevalence of school policies, programs, and facilities that promote a healthy physical school environment
School based driver education for the prevention of traffic accidents
Road safety. perceptions of final-year secondary-school students
Role rehearsal and efficacy: two 15-month evaluations of a ninth-grade alcohol education program
School bus crash test
Social context, sensation seeking, and teen-age alcohol abuse
Comparative description of migrant farmworkers versus other students attending rural south Texas schools: substance use, work, and injuries
Iatrogenic risk of screening for youth suicide
The case for having the public schools teach our youngsters how to drink
Evaluation of a program to prevent head and spinal cord injuries: a comparison between middle school and high school
Evaluation of a promotional strategy to increase bicycle helmet use by children
How safe is cycling with a schoolbag?
Bullying perspectives: experiences, attitudes, and recommendations of 9- to 13-year-olds attending health education centers in the United States
Epidemiology of Musculoskeletal Injuries among High School Cross-Country Runners
An epidemiological study for child pedestrian traffic injuries that occurred in school-zone
Bullying and victimization behaviors in boys and girls at South korean primary schools
Injury prevention education in medical schools: an international survey of medical students
Perceiving classroom aggression: the influence of setting, intervention style and group perceptions
Smoking and drinking among 15-16-year-old girls: do male peers have an influence?
The impact of violence on adolescents in schools: a case study on the role of school-based health centers
The prevalence of teachers who bully students in schools with differing levels of behavioral problems
Bullying--aggressive behavior among students
Safe school
Socioeconomic differentials in health and health related behaviors: findings from the Korea youth panel survey
A developmental approach to mentalizing communities: i. a model for social change
A developmental approach to mentalizing communities: ii. The peaceful schools experiment
A youth violence prevention curriculum for public health students
Collaborating for violence prevention training health professionals to work with schools
Feasibility of Screening Adolescents for Suicide Risk in "Real World" High School Settings
The bully as victim?
Validity of Teacher Ratings in Selecting Influential Aggressive Adolescents for a Targeted Preventive Intervention
Youth violence prevention curriculum for undergraduate nursing and allied health students
Community actions against alcohol drinking in Slovenia - a Delphi study
Drinking behavior from high school to young adulthood: differences by college education
Helmets! All the pros wear them
High-risk behaviors among high school students in Massachusetts who use anabolic steroids
Identifying high school students "at risk" for substance use and other behavioral problems: implications for prevention
The sidewalk survey: a field methodology to measure late-night college drinking
Violence among Arab elementary school pupils in Israel
Risk factors for alcohol consumption in students between 10 and 18 years old in public schools located in La Paz - Bolivia (2003-2004)
Protection factors against alcohol consumption promoted by pre-school teachers
Patterns of exposures at school among children age 6-19 years reported to Texas poison centers, 1998-2002
Rethinking the bystander role in school violence prevention
School-level contextual influences on smoking and drinking among Asian and Pacific Islander adolescents
Social behavior and peer relationships of victims, bully-victims, and bullies in Kindergarten
Thai school-age children's perception of fear
School-injury patterns: a tool for safety planning at the school and community levels
Victims of violence in schools: ASK
Child pedestrian casualties with special reference to casualties on the journey to or from school in Manchester and Salford, England
School-injury determinants and characteristics: developing an investigation instrument from a literature review
School-based programmes for the prevention of drinking and driving: issues and results
Bullying in schools. How successful can interventions be?
Domestic violence experiences among medical students in 2 universities
Suicidal thought and behavior in high school students in Adana, Turkey
Suitability of commuting by bicycle to Arizona elementary schools
Deliberate self-harm and childhood hyperactivity in junior high school students
Excessive drinking and other problem behaviours among 14-16 year old schoolchildren
Health behaviour among adolescents in Denmark: Influence of school class and individual risk factors
Will words ever harm me? Escalation from verbal to physical abuse in sixth-grade classrooms
Weapon-carrying among high school students--United States, 1990
High school driver education: further evaluation of the DeKalb County study
Is school-based reporting of injuries at school reliable? A literature review and an empirical study
Violence and gender: reports from an urban high school
Violent behavior among urban youth attending alternative schools
Youth violence and the apocalyptic
The students for peace project: a comprehensive violence-prevention program for middle school students
Adolescents carrying handguns and taking them to school: psychosocial correlates among public school students in Illinois
Demographic, intrinsic, and extrinsic factors associated with weapon carrying at school
How many more Columbines? what can pediatricians do about school and media violence?
Introduction and commentary: developmental perspectives on violence and victimization
Premeditated mass shootings in schools: threat assessment
School connectedness and the transition into and out of health-risk behavior among adolescents: a comparison of social belonging and teacher support
School shootings: doctors were victims, too
Self-report weapon possession in school and patterns of early adolescent adjustment in rural African American youth
Utah youth suicide study, phase I: government agency contact before death
Weapon carrying among rural southern Illinois elementary school children
Weapon-carrying at Swiss schools? A gender-specific typology in context of victim and offender related violence
Bullying among Turkish high school students
Perceived parental approval of drinking and its impact on problem drinking behaviors among first-year college students
Sports medicine and school nurses: a growing need for further education and appropriate resources
Behaviours and needs for health of secondary-school-adolescents in Sousse, Tunisia
Adolescent alcohol use and suicide indicators among adolescents in Hawaii
Does time spent in child care influence risk for unintentional injury?
Factors associated with alcohol consumption, problem drinking, and related consequences among high school students in Taiwan
The relationship between social-contextual factors and alcohol and polydrug use among college freshmen
The Effect of a Balance Training Program on the Risk of Ankle Sprains in High School Athletes
Childhood accidents: how a health promotion model may help
A profile of adolescents who attend driver education for the insurance discount: are insurers rewarding bad risks?
School's out for bullying
Injuries to high school (American) football athletes in California
The relationship between drugs use and risk behaviors in Brazilian university students
Unintentional injuries among primary and middle school students in Maanshan City, eastern China
Cease Fire Tampa Bay: a three-tiered approach to firearm injury prevention
Medical coverage of high school athletics in North Carolina
Comparison of smoking, drinking, and marijuana use between students present or absent on the day of a school-based survey
Development and preliminary validation of the young adult alcohol consequences questionnaire
Evaluation of the effectiveness of single-session school-based programmes to increase children's seat belt and pedestrian safety knowledge and self-reported behaviours
Gender-based violence among high school students in north west Ethiopia
A community participatory research partnership: the development of a faith-based intervention for children exposed to violence
Children against children: bullying as an emerging disorder
Childhood predictors of drunkenness in late adolescence among males: a 10-year population-based follow-up study
Emergency Department Visits for Injury in School-aged Children in the United States: A Comparison of Nonfatal Injuries Occurring Within and Outside of the School Environment
HEADS UP! A nested intervention with freshmen male college students and the broader campus community to promote responsible drinking
Arab and Jewish elementary school students' perceptions of fear and school violence: understanding the influence of school context
Assessment of First-Aid Knowledge and Decision Making of High School Athletic Coaches
Implementing an Over-the-Counter Medication Administration Policy in an Elementary School
Injury Patterns in Selected High School Sports: A Review of the 1995-1997 Seasons
Psychosocial risk clustering in high school students
The introduction of the heavy and frequent drinker: a proposed classification to increase accuracy of alcohol assessments in postsecondary educational settings
Associations between risk behavior and injury and the protective roles of social environments: an analysis of 7235 Canadian school children
Peer and teacher bullying/victimization of South Australian secondary school students: Prevalence and psychosocial profiles
Physical Environment and Crime and Misconduct in Kentucky Schools
Predictors of Aggressive Behaviors among Rural Middle School Youth
A Bilingual "Neighborhood Club": Intervening with Children Exposed to Urban Violence
Contextual Effects in School-Based Violence Prevention Programs: A Conceptual Framework and Empirical Review
Health behaviors of school-age children: evidence from one large city
Predictors of suicidal ideation among high school students by gender in South Korea
Do bullied children get ill, or do ill children get bullied? A prospective cohort study on the relationship between bullying and health-related symptoms
The constitutionality of random drug and alcohol testing of students in secondary schools
A survey of sports-related spinal cord injuries in schools and colleges, 1973-1975
In reply to Dr. Goldstein's case against driver education
School bus safety belts: Their use, carryover effects and administrative issues
Teaching safety, accident prevention and first aid in schools
A before and after analysis of accidents involving students of the defensive driving course
At terms with road safety in schools
Life skills for Road Safety: A Life Skills Education programme for the promotion of youth's road safety
School buses in Jordan could contribute to safety of students
Epidemiology on the elementary school playground
Urban adolescent mothers exposed to community, family, and partner violence: is cumulative violence exposure a barrier to school performance and participation?
Analysis on the incidence and relevant risk factors of campus violence among college students
Developmental Differences in Risk Factors for Suicide Attempts between Ninth and Eleventh Graders
Environmental and Contextual Influences on School Violence and its Prevention
Managing America's schools in an age of terrorism, war, and civil unrest
Relationship between mechanisms and activities at the time of pedestrian injury and activity limitation among school adolescents in Kathmandu, Nepal
Children's behaviour and the design of school furniture
Injuries in Swedish schools during recesses: distribution and patterns
Person-Group Dissimilarity in Involvement in Bullying and Its Relation with Social Status
School type, stress and sport-related injuries in middle school students in central Taiwan
Parents' Perceptions of Causes of and Solutions for School Violence: Implications for Policy
Physical dating violence among high school students--United States, 2003
Increasing children's physical activity levels during recess periods in elementary schools: the effects of providing game equipment
An outbreak of illness among schoolchildren in London: toxic poisoning not mass hysteria
Injuries associated with teacher assaults: magnitude, nature, cost, and outcome
School injuries in Athens: socioeconomic and family risk factors
The Gatehouse Project: can a multilevel school intervention affect emotional wellbeing and health risk behaviours?
Violent behaviour among Turkish high school students and correlates of physical fighting
School Climate and Adolescent Drug Use: Mediating Effects of Violence Victimization in the Urban High School Context
Subcultural explanations and interpretations of school deviance
Teachers' reasoning about school fights, contexts, and gender: an expanded cognitive developmental domain approach
"Mobbing": a symposium organized by the Medical Officers of Schools Association and held at 11 Chandos Street, London Wl on 20 May 1982
Accidents in the school environment: perspectives of staff concerned with data collection and reporting procedures
Accidents to Isle of Wight schoolchildren occurring on school premises --1961-1963
Bullying in Jerusalem schools: victims and perpetrators
Can school-related factors predict future health behaviour among young adolescents?
Child protection in schools: a survey of the training needs of Fife schoolteachers
Child protection in schools: an evaluation of a training course for Fife schools' co-ordinators of child protection
Differences between Japanese pre-school and school-age pedestrian mortality and morbidity trends
Prevention of suicide by youth health care
Bullying in adolescence: Psychiatric problems in victims and bullies as measured by the Youth Self Report (YSR) and the Depression Self-Rating Scale (DSRS)
Effects of antibullying school program on bullying and health complaints
Empowering children for risk taking--children's participation as a health promoting strategy in the "Safe Schools in a Community at Risk" project
Children's acquisition and retention of safety skills: the Lifeskills program
Fitting back in: Adolescents returning to school after severe acquired brain injury
Teens having babies: the unexplored role of domestic violence
Suicidal behaviors and correlated psychological factors in secondary school students
Health-related quality of life in Icelandic school children
Study on health related behaviors and its protective factors of junior middle school students in 4 cities of China
A poison education program for primary school
Evaluating pedestrian safety education materials for children ages five to nine
Road safety education for schoolchildren
The safe journeys of an enterprising school: negotiating landscapes of opportunity and risk
The risk of road traffic accidents among primary school children in Kuala Terengganu
Rural school sanitation. with special reference to chemical closets
School accidents during a three school-years period in a Swedish municipality
The incidence of drug and solvent misuse among southern English normal comprehensive schoolchildren
The Trading Cards Program--using high school role models for drug abuse prevention
Two years of school injuries in a Scottish education sub-division
Mobbing in an independent secondary boarding school and the reaction of the staff to it
Epidemiology of Playground Injuries in an Urban Public School System Resulting in Emergency Department Evaluation
Promoting physical activity and reducing child pedestrian risk: early evaluation of a walking school bus program in central Seattle
Unintentional injuries among school adolescents in Kathmandu, Nepal: A descriptive study
Youth risk behavior surveillance--United States, 2005
"I Missed the Bus": School Grade Transition, the Wilmington Truancy Center, and Reasons Youth Don't Go to School
Beyond Zero Tolerance: Restoring Justice in Secondary Schools
Bullies Move Beyond the Schoolyard: A Preliminary Look at Cyberbullying
Conflict Resolution Tactics And Bullying: The Influence of Social Learning
Evaluation of a School-Based, Universal Violence Prevention Program: Low-, Medium-, and High-Risk Children
Individual and Institutional Predictors of School Disorder
"You're Either In or You're Out": School Violence, Peer Discipline, and the (Re)Production of Hegemonic Masculinity
An Integrated Model of School Crisis Preparedness and Intervention: A Shared Foundation to Facilitate International Crisis Intervention
Children and Natural Disasters: A Primer for School Psychologists
Are schools safe? Analysis of 409 student accidents in elementary schools
Cultural Capital and High School Bullies: How Social Inequality Impacts School Violence
Cyberbullying in Schools: A Research of Gender Differences
Knowledge and Beliefs about Bullying in Schools: Comparing Pre-Service Teachers in the United States and the United Kingdom
Latino High School Students' Perceptions of Gangs and Crews
Social-cognitive and behavioral attributes of aggressive victims of bullying
Health studies--presumably normal high school students. ii. Absence from school
How safe are our schools?
How safe are schools?
Injuries at school: a review
Injuries in high school physical education classes
Injuries to preschool-age children in day-care centers. a retrospective record review
Life events and injury in children: implications for schools
Measuring exposure to injury risk in schoolchildren aged 11-14
Pediatric power wheelchairs: evaluation of function in the home and school environments
Personal, family, social, and environmental correlates of active commuting to school
School accidents to children: time to act
Sequellae of school-related injuries: school and parent perspectives
Sleep behavior in an urban US sample of school-aged children
Solving a linear model of nonfatal risk behavior and injuries in school children
Violence among schoolchildren in Alexandria
Accident risk of epileptic children and adolescents in the area of school sports and leisure activities
Accidents in school. epidemiological presentation
Analysis of accidents in children in school, apprenticeship and agriculture
A case-control study on the risk factors of injuries in middle school students in southern part of Anhui Province
School injuries among 7 to 15 years old children
School-related injuries: incidence, causes, and consequences
A prospective study of high school wrestling injuries
A study of the type and cost of football injuries. A single season in a Minnesota high school
Aggressive boys in the classroom: biased attributions or shared perceptions?
An adoption study of the etiology of teacher and parent reports of externalizing behavior problems in middle childhood
Children injured during physical education lessons. nine hundred and eighteen cases
Children's perceptions concerning school injuries
Compliance of Dunedin school playground equipment with the New Zealand playground standard
Cost of high school soccer injuries
Countering bullying at an Australian secondary school with students as helpers
Teaching children fire safety skills
Effect of obesity on injury risk in high school football players
Fire deluge systems for school theatrical stages
High school football injuries: prevention of injury to the central nervous system
Maltreatment of primary school students by educational staff in Israel
Mandatory notification training for suspected child abuse and neglect in South Australian schools
Peer victimization: cause or consequence of school maladjustment?
Results of the Kentucky high school football knee injury survey
School playground climbing equipment--safe or unsafe?
The neglect and abuse of children and youth: the scope of the problem and the school's role
The prevention of playground injuries
The relation between behavior problems and peer preference in different classroom contexts. conduct problems prevention research group
Texas Middle School Principals' Perceptions of Bullying on Campus
Correlates of violent and nonviolent victimization in a sample of public high school students
Opportunity theory and adolescent school-based victimization
Trouble in the schoolhouse: New views on victimization, fear of crime, and teacher perceptions of the workplace
Aftermath of tragic events: the development and use of community support meetings on a university campus
College student suicide in the United States: 1990-1991 through 2003-2004
Should colleges withdraw students who threaten or attempt suicide?
Why Do Some Children Bully at School?: The Contributions of Negative Attitudes Towards Victims and the Perceived Expectations of Friends, Parents and Teachers
The Relationship Between School-Aged Bullying and Trust, Shyness and Quality of Friendships in Young Adulthood: A Preliminary Research Note
Reducing Crime And Conflict In Kentucky's Schools
School Shootings and the Man-Bites-Dog Criterion of Newsworthiness
The Importance of School: Protecting At-Risk Youth From Early Offending
An evaluation of a secondary school primary prevention program on violence in intimate relationships
School-based child sexual abuse prevention programs
School Climate Predictors of School Disorder: Results from a National Study of Delinquency Prevention in Schools
The contested terrain of teachers detecting and reporting child abuse and neglect
The Efficacy of Non-Anonymous Measures of Bullying
The Impact of Violence on Urban Adolescents: Longitudinal Effects of Perceived School Connection and Family Support
The effects of a burn prevention program on child-care providers
A mass-distributed CD-ROM for school-based suicide prevention
Law and psychiatry: "Depressed? Get out!": dealing with suicidal students on college campuses
An incidence survey of battered children in two elementary schools of Seoul
Bullying victimization uniquely contributes to adjustment problems in young children: a nationally representative cohort study
Catastrophic Cervical Spine Injuries in High School and College Football Players
Bullying and psychiatric symptoms among elementary school-age children
Bullying in schools and exposure to domestic violence
Efficacy vs Effectiveness Trial Results of an Indicated "Model" Substance Abuse Program: Implications for Public Health
American educational systems and child abuse and neglect
Childhood environment of adult psychiatric outpatients in Norway having been bullied in school
Patterns of adolescent bullying behaviors: Physical, verbal, exclusion, rumor, and cyber
Children involved in bullying at elementary school age: their psychiatric symptoms and deviance in adolescence. an epidemiological sample
Children involved in bullying: psychological disturbance and the persistence of the involvement
Children's adjustment to school and its relationship with preschool care
Children's reports of emotional, physical and sexual maltreatment by educational staff in Israel
Corporal punishment in schools: myths, problems and alternatives
Covert and overt forms of maltreatment in the preschools
Persistence of bullying from childhood to adolescence--a longitudinal 8-year follow-up study
The management of child abuse and neglect cases in schools: the Toronto model
The development and evaluation of a training program for school-based professionals dealing with child abuse : The University of Toronto interfaculty child abuse prevention project 1978-1979
The effect of mandatory protective daycare on mutual attachment in maltreating mother-infants dyads
The nature, extent and effects of emotional abuse on primary school pupils by teachers in Zimbabwe
The Recovery of Schools from Earthquake Effects - Lessons from Mexico-City
Variables and risk factors associated with child abuse in daycare settings
The school: liberator or censurer?
Training day care program personnel in handling child abuse cases: intervention and prevention outcomes
Proximate effects of a child sexual abuse prevention program in elementary school children
Violence in community home schools
Educational and psychological problems of abused children
Are Students Failing School or Are Schools Failing Students? Class Cutting in High School
Is it possible to run suicide prevention interventions within the school setting?
Alcohol and Suicide--Durkheim Revisited
A longitudinal study of bullying, dominance, and victimization during the transition from primary school through secondary school
Lonely in the crowd: Recollections of bullying
Accidents in nursery schools. From the anxiety of the teachers to the risk to pre-school-age children
Classification of accidents linked to physical education in schools. Factor analysis of the relationships in 336 cases seen in Geneva in 3 grades of junior high school
Bullying in Schools: A Plea for Measure of Human Rights
Forgiveness, Reconciliation, and Shame: Three Key Variables in Reducing School Bullying
Prevention of athletic injuries in high school
Producing Contradictory Masculine Subject Positions: Narratives of Threat, Homophobia and Bullying in 11-14 Year Old Boys
School Bullying and Restorative Justice: Toward a Theoretical Understanding of the Role of Respect, Pride, and Shame
The school physician and the abused child
Two deaths, one blind eye, one imprisonment: child abuse in the guise of corporal punishment in Nigerian schools
Deaf children and bullying: directions for future research
Elementary school nurses' perceptions of student bullying
School-based secondary prevention programmes for preventing violence
Self-mutilation in adolescents
Victimization of obese adolescents
Health behavior among students of public and private schools in the metropolitan area of Sao Paulo, Brazil
A Cohort Study of Incidence Rate and Causes of School Accidents in a Boys' Middle School in Taegu
Adolescent Male Bullies, Victims, and Bully-Victims: A Comparison of Psychosocial and Behavioral Characteristics
Assessing the risk factors for suicidal thoughts at a nontraditional commuter school
Audit of an intervention to decrease cycle related head injuries in primary school children
Beyond psychopathology: Assessing seriously disruptive students in school settings
An overview of juveniles and school violence
Perceptions of drinking among Hispanic college students: how qualitative research can inform the development of collegiate alcohol abuse prevention programs
Head masters' perception of school-based hostility in Alicante, Spain: a qualitative study
The impact of schools self-administering substance abuse surveys: an evaluation
A study of depression among Alexandria preparatory school adolescents
Safe Routes to School in the United States
Verbal abuse by the teacher and child adjustment from kindergarten through grade 6
Health Concern Survey of Parents of School Children
Prevalence of sleep problems and habits in a sample of Saudi primary school children
The abused child: The school's response
The unconvincing case for school-based conflict resolution programs for adolescents
A study of the utilization patterns of an elementary school-based health clinic over a 5-year period
Walking to school: distribution by age, sex and socio-economic status
Youth risk behavior surveillance-United States, 2005
"Girl stabs boy at school": girls and the cycle of violence
School injuries. epidemiology and clinical features of 307 cases registered at hospital during one school year
Suicide prevention in adolescents: a controlled study of the effectiveness of a school-based psycho-educational program
Suicidal behavior in Swiss students: an 18-month follow-up survey
Teacher awareness of child abuse and neglect
Teacher awareness program on child abuse: a randomized controlled trial
Teachers' and parents' reports on 3- to 6-year-old children's sexual behavior--a comparison
Teachers' attitudes toward and knowledge of child maltreatment
Teachers' beliefs about the effects of child abuse
Teachers' knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs about child abuse and its prevention
Teachers' recognition and reporting of child abuse: a factorial survey
School programs to prevent intrafamilial child sexual abuse
School sexual abuse prevention: unintended consequences and dilemmas
School stress, teachers' abusive behaviors, and children's coping strategies
School violence in an impoverished South African community
School-based sexual abuse prevention programs: a review
Are Written Reports of Suicide and Seeking Help Contagious? High Schoolers' Perceptions
Do Written Reports of Suicide Induce High-School Students to Believe that Suicidal Contagion Will Occur?
Strategies for school-based response to loss: proactive training and postvention consultation
Highlights on abuse in education. a view from India
Invisible wounds: corporal punishment in British schools as a form of ritual
Sexual abuse of children in day care centers
Sexual abuse of deaf children. a retrospective analysis of the prevalence and characteristics of childhood sexual abuse among deaf adults in Norway
Sexual harassment in Jewish and Arab public schools in Israel
Letter to the editors on "Negative effects of a school suicide postvention program--a case example"
Negative effects of a school suicide postvention program--a case example
Prevention of alcohol use and abuse in adolescence: teacher- vs peer-led intervention
Prevention of child sexual abuse victimization: a meta-analysis of school programs
A drunk driving prevention program for your students
Maternal depression and violence exposure: double jeopardy for child school functioning
School bullying and youth violence: causes or consequences of psychopathologic behavior?
Surveillance-based injury epidemiology in schools in Germany
Teachers' and pupils' definitions of bullying
Defining and operationalizing 'research-based' prevention: a critique (with case studies) of the US Department of Education's Safe, Disciplined and Drug-Free Schools Exemplary Programs
Implementation and evaluation of urban school-wide social-emotional learning programs
Traditional and Rights-Informed Talk about Violence: High School Educators' Discursive Production of Student Violence
Bullying, depression and suicidiality in adolescents
Care of the high school athlete: prevention and treatment of medical emergencies
Developing the evidence base for university student suicide policies: research experiences from the UK
Adolescent Experience and Delinquency - School Versus Subcultural Effects
Another look at school crime: The student as victim
Speeding, Terrorism, and Teaching to the Test
Assessing After-School Programs as Contexts for Youth Development
Aggression among university employees
Aggression and bullying
A developmental perspective on bullying
Sex differences in the personal costs and benefits of relational and physical aggression in high school
Suicide attempts among adolescent Mexican American students enrolled in special education classes
"We're not friends anymore! unless...": the frequency and harmfulness of indirect, relational, and social aggression
Why does Sweden have the lowest childhood injury mortality in the world? The roles of architecture and public pre-school services
Gender and Gang Membership: A Contrast of Rural and Urban Youth on Attitudes and Behavior
An adolescent suicide, the mass media and the educator
Genetic and environmental sources of continuity and change in teacher-rated aggression during early adolescence
How much can the school house control?
Accidents and school children
Alcohol-related incident guardianship and undergraduate college parties: enhancing the social norms marketing approach
Lifetime community violence exposure and health risk behavior among young adults in college
Aggression and social equilibrium in a group of Kalmyk primary school children
Aggression in the school context: Perceptions and associated attitudes
Aggressive girls at school
An effective approach to violence prevention: traditional martial arts in middle school
Analysis of physical abuse in American-schools
Anger and aggression among Filipino students
Anger, hostility, and aggression among Japanese, Iranian, and Spanish students: A cross-cultural comparison
Applicability of Olweus aggression inventory in a sample of Chinese primary school children
Applications of the multi-faceted aggression inventory for boys by Olweus to an Italian sample
Approval of aggressive acts: A comparison between Iranian and Spanish students
Assessing the reliability and validity of student self-reports of campus violence
At what age are children most likely to be bullied at school?
Bully/victim problems and coping with stress in school among 10-to 12-year-old pupils in Aland, Finland
Bully/victim problems and their association with psychological constructs in 8-to 12-year-old Greek school children
Bullying among school children in Scandinavia
Bullying and coping-behaviour among schoolchildren
Bullying and victimisation in Scottish secondary schools: Same or separate entities?
Bullying and victimization: prevalence and relationship to gender, grade level, ethnicity, self-esteem, and depression
Bullying as a group process: An adaptation of the participant role approach
Bullying as a group process: Participant roles and their relations to social status within the group
Bullying at school: A pilot study using semi-structured interviews
Bullying in school: Three national innovations in Norwegian schools in 15 years
Bullying in schools: Lessons from two decades of research
Bullying in Spanish secondary schools
Bystanding or standing by: Gender issues in coping with bullying in English schools
Changes in school playground and aggressive behavior reduction
Child sexual abuse: offenders, disclosure, and school-based initiatives
Cooperation between parents, teachers, and school boards to prevent bullying in education: An overview of work done in the Netherlands
Critical issues for teacher training to counter bullying and victimisation in Ireland
Cross-national comparison of children's attitudes towards bully/victim problems in school
Enhancing children's responsibility to take action against bullying: Evaluation of a befriending intervention in Italian middle schools
Ethological observations of aggressive and cohesive behaviors during class hours
Ethological observations of aggressive and cohesive behaviors during play hours
Evaluating aggression: School students' responses to television portrayals of institutionalized violence
Evaluation of an intervention program for the reduction of bullying and victimization in schools
Evaluation of the effectiveness of an anti-bullying programme in primary schools
From aggression to mediation: A school based intervention
Home Correlates of Aggression in Preschool
How do the victims respond to bullying?
Interaction between teacher and pupils as influenced by the teachers aggression relevant subjective theories
Mothers' socialization strategies as parallels of children's aggression and social success in school
Narrative strategies in bullies and victims in Italian schools
NFPA's Learn Not to Burn Curriculum Enrolls 160,000 Students in Nassau County, New York
Physical symptoms of stress, depression, and suicidal ideation in high school students
Prevalence estimation of school bullying with the Olweus Bully Victim Questionnaire
Prevention of aggressive behavior: Training in relaxation procedures as a low cost/high benefit system for use by teachers and students
Pride and prejudice in high school gang members
Proactive and reactive aggression among school bullies, victims, and bully-victims
Psychological correlates of peer victimisation in preschool: Social cognitive skills, executive function and attachment profiles
Relationship of the Family Environment to Children's Involvement in Bully/Victim Problems at School
Restructuring the social environment: Effects of a school based intervention program against bully victim problems
Types of bullying behavior and their correlates
Accident reports: survey of high school injuries
The role of the high school professional in identifying and managing adolescent suicidal behavior
Scared Kids, Unattached Kids, or Peer Pressure: Why Do Students Carry Firearms to School?
School bullying and workplace bullying: Are there any links?
School shooting fatalities and school corporal punishment: A look at the states
School violence: prevalence and intervention strategies for at-risk adolescents
School-Related Stress Experience as a Risk Factor for Bullying Behavior
Self-esteem and its relationship to bullying behaviour
Self-reported delinquency among Alberta's youth: findings from a survey of 2,001 junior and senior high school students
Sex differences in genetic and environmental effects on aggression
Sexual assault in school, mental health and suicidal behaviors in adolescent women in Canada
Sexual Coercion Attitudes Among High School Students -- The Influence of Gender and Rape Education
Sexual harassment on campus: A preliminary study in the University of the Balearic Islands
"She is not actually bullied." The discourse of harassment in student groups
Social cognition and aggression in the Head Start classroom: Implications for prevention
Social skills training in the Cleveland public schools
Social structure, life stress and depressive symptoms in a high school-aged population
Stability and change of behavior in connection with bullying in schools: A two-year follow-up
Structural characteristics of aggressor-victim relationships in Dutch school classes of 4-to 5-year-olds
A systematic review of college student-athlete drinking: Prevalence rates, sport-related factors, and interventions
A national needs assessment of nurses providing health care to adolescents
Nonmedical use of prescription stimulants among students
Study of school playgrounds and aggressive behavior of children
Studying aggression in school children: The use of a wireless microphone and micro-video camera
Teasing, rejection, and violence: Case studies of the school shootings
The Analysis of Extracurricular Activities and Their Relationship to Youth Violence
The Relationship between Social Capital and Corporal Punishment in Schools: A Theoretical Inquiry
The epidemiology of school injuries: the problem of measuring injury severity
The evidence base for the management of imminent violence in learning disability settings
The impact of parental attachment and feelings of isolation on adolescent fear of crime at school
The Legacy of 'The Troubles' on the Young People's Psychological and Social Development and their School Life
The prevalence of depression in a high school population
A Prospective Study of Injury Incidence among North Carolina High School Athletes
Association between television, movie, and video game exposure and school performance
Efficacy of cognitive-behavioral interventions targeting personality risk factors for youth alcohol misuse
Disaster preparedness in schools for chemical and radiological weapons and agents of opportunity
Impact of a community based fire prevention intervention on fire safety knowledge and behavior in elementary school children
School based programs for prevention of violence: do they work?
Schools and suicide
Schools, parents, and youth violence: a multilevel, ecological analysis
Sports-related injuries among high school athletes--United States, 2005-06 school year
Bullying and smoking: examining the relationships in Ontario adolescents
College student suicide: a call to action
Good school performance is a risk factor of suicide in psychoses: a 35-year follow up of the Northern Finland 1966 Birth Cohort
D-TAG: erasing the tag of gang membership
Gang membership and student behavior: nursing's involvement with prevention, intervention, and suppression
Come On Back: Enhancing Youth Development Through School/Community Collaboration
Impact of a School-Based Dating Violence Prevention Program among Latino Teens: Randomized Controlled Effectiveness Trial
A Longitudinal Comparison of Bicycle and Moped Use by University Students
Analysis of North Carolina guidelines and criteria for establishing school walk zones
Best practices in managing school campus traffic circulation
Bus or car? The classic choice in school transportation
The Consequences of Reporting Child Maltreatment: Are School Personnel at Risk for Secondary Traumatic Stress?
A Trauma and Recovery Model for Victims and Their Families after a Catastrophic School Shooting: Focusing on Behavioral, Cognitive, and Psychological Effects and Needs
The Efficacy of Sexual Violence Prevention Programs Implications for Schools
Involving students in school violence prevention: are they willing to help?
Perceiving the enemy within: optimistic bias and school violence
Safe schools through strategic alliances: how assessment of collaboration enhances school violence prevention and response
Peer mediation and conflict resolution (editorial)
Residual Effects of Repeated Bully Victimization Before the Age of 12 on Adolescent Functioning
Evaluation of a Theater-Based Youth Violence Prevention Program for Elementary School Children
Adolescent females' attraction to male adolescent bullies and victims of bullying
Are There Gangs in Schools? It Depends Upon Whom You Ask
Assessing student perceptions of school victimization and school safety: a psychometric assessment of relevant instruments
What can student bystanders do to prevent school violence? Perceptions of students and school staff
Comparison of tobacco, alcohol and illegal drug usage among school students in three Pacific Island societies
Increases in alcohol and marijuana use during the transition out of high school into emerging adulthood: the effects of leaving home, going to college, and high school protective factors
Domestic violence against Mexican teenagers
A camparison of 9th and 10th grade boys' and girls' bullying behaviors in two states
A discussion of the incongruence between optimism and academic performance and its influence on school violence
A principle-based psychology of school violence prevention
"Adging up" to "beef on sight": a qualitative study of the perceived causes of interpersonal conflict and violence among African-American girls in an urban high school
An analysis of interagency communication patterns surrounding incidents of school crime
An at-risk student and school retaliation
An elementary school violence prevention program
An examination of school violence and safety in South Florida elementary schools
An examination of the reliability, data screening procedures, and extreme response patterns for the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Survey (YRBS)
An experimental evaluation of an Internet-delivered conflict resolution skills curriculum in a secondary school setting
Building a foundation against violence: impact of a school-based prevention program on elementary students
Bullying on the school bus: a video analysis
"Bullying widespread": a critical analysis of research and public discourse on bullying
Bullying Widespread: A Critical Analysis of Research and Public Discourse on Bullying
Characteristics of school bullies and victims as perceived by public school professionals
Characteristics of school violence and the value of family-school therapeutic alliances
Child and parent perspectives on routes to and from school in high crime neighborhoods
Comparing middle school teachers' and students' views on bullying and anti-bullying interventions
Controlling crime and delinquency in the schools: an exploratory study of student perceptions of school security measures
Creating a culture of tolerance in schools: everyday actions to prevent hate-motivated violent incidents
Data quality in student risk behavior surveys and administrator training
Dealing with a schoolyard bully: a case study
Developing operational and safety guidelines for school sites in Texas
Critical issues in health and safety education
Child sexual abuse primary prevention: outcome evaluation of a health education project implemented in Milan's elementary schools
A Test of Hirschi's Social Bonding Theory: Juvenile Delinquency in the High Schools of Ankara, Turkey
A support group intervention for at-risk female high school students
A YRBS survey of youth risk behaviors at alternative high schools and mainstream high schools in Hong Kong
Acculturative stress, depression, and suicidal ideation among Mexican-American adolescents: implications for the development of suicide prevention programs in schools
An outcome evaluation of the SOS Suicide Prevention Program
Are teachers of children and young adolescents responsive to suicide prevention training modules? Yes
School performance and social-emotional behavior of primary school children before and after a disaster
School bus-related injuries among children and teenagers in the United States, 2001-2003
School accidents - an epidemiological assessment of injury types and treatment effort
Arguments for and against teaching suicide prevention in schools
Budapest student health behavior survey--Budapest, Hungary, 1999. Findings on unintentional and intentional injuries, alcohol use, and sexual activity
Bullies, victims and bystanders: a method of in-school intervention and possible parental contributions
Bullying behavior and associations with psychosomatic complaints and depression in victims
Student homicidal violence in schools: An international problem
An analysis of the Revised Olweus Bully/Victim Questionnaire using the Rasch measurement model
Individual Differences in Responses to Provocation and Frequent Victimization by Peers
Risk and protective factors among high school students on the US/Mexico border
A school-based intervention to reduce aggressive behavior in maladjusted adolescents
A longitudinal study of heterosexual relationships, aggression, and sexual harassment during the transition from primary school through middle school
A School-Based, Primary Violence Prevention Program
An analysis and reduction of disruptive behavior on school buses
Antiviolence education in high schools: Implementation and evaluation
Bullying among Greenlandic school children: development since 1994 and relations to health and health behaviour
Clinical and personal intimate partner violence training experiences of U.S. medical students
College Binge Drinking: Deviant Versus Mainstream behavior
Heavy drinking in college students: who is at risk and what is being done about it?
Reliability of the 2005 middle school Youth Risk Behavior Survey
Sexuality and school shootings: What role does teasing play in school massacres
Preventing Youth Violence and Delinquency through a Universal School-Based Prevention Approach
School regulations governing bicycle helmet use and head injuries among Japanese junior high school students
The President's New Freedom Commission: Capitalizing on Opportunities to Advance School-Based Mental Health Services
Violence and injuries among school children in the Republic of Srpska
Peer-mediation in schools: experiences in implementation and training of mediators
Follow-up study of a school-based scalds prevention programme
Sexual behavior and experience of sexual coercion among secondary school students in three states in North Eastern Nigeria
Teachers' and students' beliefs about student belonging in one middle school
School bus-related deaths and injuries in New South Wales
Breaking the Silence: Power, Conflict, and Contested Frames within an Affluent High School
A systematic review of school-based interventions to prevent bullying
Sustaining a School-Based Prevention Program: Results from the Aban Aya Sustainability Project
Weapon Carrying in Israeli Schools: The Contribution of Individual and School Factors
Conflict resolution and bully prevention: Skills for school success
Peer Victimization in School: Exploring the Ethnic Context
Fractures in New Zealand elementary school settings
Not just pushing and shoving: school bullying among African American adolescents
Parent-teacher disagreement regarding psychopathology in children: a risk factor for adverse outcome?
Punking and bullying: strategies in middle school, high school, and beyond
An examination of the environmental attributes associated with pedestrian-vehicular crashes near public schools
Adolescent psychiatry training in developmental responses to trauma for child service providers
A Comparison of the Gatehouse Bullying Scale and the Peer Relations Questionnaire for Students in Secondary School
Bullying and victimization among Black and Hispanic adolescents
Children at risk: the association between perceived weight status and suicidal thoughts and attempts in middle school youth
Epidemiology of school injuries in Alexandria
Knowledge and perception of professionals towards school injuries
Three high school after-school initiatives: lessons learned
Bullying in elementary school, high school, and college
Bullying behaviours and psychosocial health: results from a cross-sectional survey among high school students in Istanbul, Turkey
Bullying in Schools: Prevalence and Short-term Impact
The Effects of City-Wide Implementation of "Second Step" on Elementary School Students' Prosocial and Aggressive Behaviors
Competency-based strategies for injury control and prevention curriculums in undergraduate medical education
Environmental policies to reduce college drinking: an update of research findings
Sports-related injuries among high school athletes United States, 2005-06 school year
Evaluation of school-based child sexual abuse prevention program
Evaluation of violent behaviors in secondary school
Family and school violence: the mediator role of self-esteem and attitudes towards institutional authority
Family communication styles, attitude towards institutional authority and adolescents violent behaviour at school
Academic performance and substance use: findings from a state survey of public high school students
Active parental consent for a school-based community violence screening: comparing distribution methods
Safety climate in university and college laboratories: Impact of organizational and individual factors
School sport injuries in the state schools of Ille-et-Vilaine (France)
Situations related to drug misuse in public schools in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Assessment of school violence and its personal effect on a sample of European students
Bullying, violence, and risk behavior in South African school students
Fraternity membership and binge drinking
The effectiveness of the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program in public middle schools: a controlled trial
Influence of multiple risk behaviors on physical activity-related injuries in adolescents
Morbidities associated with bullying behaviors in adolescents. School based study of American adolescents
Daily number of accidental injuries among elementary school children and school size factors in elementary schools
Alcohol abuse as a rite of passage: the effect of beliefs about alcohol and the college experience on undergraduates' drinking behaviors
Evaluation of school safety in Riyadh
Elementary school nurses' perceptions of student bullying
Inhalant Use and Risky Behavior Correlates in a Sample of Rural Middle School Students
Understanding the Relationship between Resiliency and Bullying in Adolescence: An Assessment of Youth Resiliency from Five Urban Junior High Schools
School bullying and tackling strategies in Hong Kong
Can students be taught to mix alcohol and gasoline--safely?
Drinking and accidents
Bullying and victimization and internalizing symptoms among low-income Black and Hispanic students
Depressive symptoms among high school adolescents in Oman
Social and school connectedness in early secondary school as predictors of late teenage substance use, mental health, and academic outcomes
A study of the thermal comfort of primary school children in summer
Excluded girls: interpersonal, institutional and structural violence in schooling
School [compulsory] exclusions and masculine, working-class identities
Gender violence in schools in the developing world
Pattern of utilization of the school health insurance programme in Alexandria
Suicide prevention: an analysis and replication of a curriculum-based high school program
Bullies and victims in school: A review and call for research
Datapoints: suicide prevention in schools: are we reaching minority youths?
Developing a comprehensive school suicide prevention program
Campus violence white paper
College Attendance and Its Effect on Drinking Behaviors in a Longitudinal Study of Adolescents
Silent victims: Children exposed to family violence
The effect of a college sexual assault prevention program on first-year students' victimization rates
Effect of the incident at Columbine on students' violence- and suicide-related behaviors
Elementary teachers' attitudes, perceptions and practices towards the implementation of a violence-prevention curriculum: Second Step
Escorting children to school: Statistical analysis and applied Modeling approach
Injury and lifestyle factors among South African grade 8 learners in the Limpopo province
Critical lessons from a schools-based injury surveilance initiative
Igun Iflop: Gun free South Africa work with youth in schools
Child Maltreatment: A Global Issue
After teen suicide: issues for pediatricians who are asked to consult to schools
American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Injury and Poison Prevention: School bus transportation of children with special needs
American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on School Health: Corporal punishment in schools
American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on School Health: Heat stress and school closings
American Academy of Pediatrics. Committee on school health. Corporal punishment in schools
Epidemiology of school injuries: a 2-year experience in a municipal health department
Evaluation of a program designed to reduce relational aggression in middle school girls
An assessment of the benefits of the walking school bus in Christchurch, New Zealand
Is good school performance a risk factor for suicide in psychoses?
Legal liability: the consequences of school injury
Psychometric Properties of the Peer Interactions in Primary School (PIPS) Questionnaire
School counselors and student self-injury
Facilitating Difficult Discussions: Processing the September 11 Attacks in Undergraduate Classrooms
Factor structure of the Bullying Situations Identification (BSI) Instrument
Lower extremity injuries among high school cross-country runners
Primary grade teachers' perceptions and practices regarding pedestrian safety education
Lessons learned from an early intervention violence prevention program in Medellin, Colombia
Fifteen prevalent myths concerning adolescent suicide
"Risk Watch": Cluster randomised controlled trial evaluating an injury prevention program
Variables associated with weapon-carrying among young adolescents in southern California
Water safety: age-specific changes in knowledge and attitudes following a school-based intervention
Knowledge is Power: A Theory-Based Approach to Reducing School Violence
California's Safe Routes to School program: impacts on walking, bicycling, and pedestrian safety
Personalized mailed feedback for college drinking prevention: a randomized clinical trial
Survey of primary school educators regarding burn-risk behaviors and fire-safety education
Bullying among special education students with intellectual disabilities: differences in social adjustment and social skills
Gender differences in the consequences of a coercive sexual experience among adolescents attending alternative schools
Gender safety: a new concept for safer and more equitable schools
Group crisis intervention in a school setting following an attempted suicide
He did it first! A path model of interactions in the aggressive behaviors of elementary school boys during three successive recess periods
Health-risk behaviors among middle school students in a large majority-minority school district
High schools respond to crises: lessons learned
How safe is pupil transportation?
Identifying core profiles in attitudes toward school violence
School injury and gender differentials: a prospective cohort study
Student victimization by school staff in the context of an Israeli national school safety campaign
Impact of an empowerment-based parent education program on the reduction of youth suicide risk factors
Pre-Service Educators' Confidence and Efficacy in Dealing with Child and Adolescent Risk Behaviors in Diverse Classroom Settings
A systematic review of strategies to prevent injury in adolescent school sport
Bullies and victims at school: Are they the same pupils?
Ethnic composition of schools affects episodic heavy drinking only in ethnic-minority students
School culture as an influencing factor on youth substance use
School violence and teacher professional disengagement
Verbal abuse, gender and well-being at school
School-related risk factors for drunkenness among adolescents: risk factors differ between socio-economic groups
Accidents and the School Crossing Patrol Warden
Child abuse prevention at report card time
Bullying and victimization at school: The role of mothers
Factors influencing the severity of Illinois school bus accidents
Getting and Keeping Schools and Kids for Evaluation Studies
The relationship of scholastic achievment and traffic citations in Seattle public schools
Multiple victimization experiences of urban elementary school students: Associations with psychosocial functioning and academic performance
Effect of 1St-Grade Classroom Environment on Shy Behavior, Aggressive-Behavior, and Concentration Problems
First-grade child risk behaviors for community violence exposure in middle school
Impact of exposure to violence in school on child and adolescent mental health and behavior
Implications of positive and negative sociometric status for assessing the social competence of young children
Injuries among preschool children enrolled in day-care centers
Injuries in child-care centers: rates, severity, and etiology
Injuries in day care
Injuries in high school sports
Injuries in Swedish day-care centers
Ability and Affiliation
Integration of Federal Bureau of Investigation and United States Secret Service/Department of Education threat assessment models into a conceptual framework for prevention of school violence
Cops in the Classroom: A Longitudinal Evaluation of Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE)
Corporal punishment experiences and attitudes in a sample of college students
Interventions in preschools to increase the use of safety restraints by preschool children
Day-care injuries in the data base of the Canadian hospitals injury reporting and prevention program
School-Based Drug Prevention Among At-Risk Adolescents: Effects of ALERT Plus
Safe2Tell(®) : An anonymous, 24/7 reporting system for preventing school violence
School transportation safety
Physical Child Harm and Bullying-Related Behaviors: A Comparative Study in Japan, South Africa, and the United States
School accidents in Austria
Falling through the cracks--Virginia Tech and the restructuring of college mental health services
Prevention of child sexual abuse in China: Knowledge, attitudes, and communication practices of parents of elementary school children
Understanding the link between childhood maltreatment and violent delinquency: what do schools have to add?
Impact of a comprehensive safety program on bicycle helmet use among middle-school children
Routine activities and sexual assault: an analysis of individual- and school-level factors
Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance--United States, 2003 (Abridged)
Health education as prevention of alcoholism in young people
Evaluating the SOS suicide prevention program: a replication and extension
Keeping students alive: mandating on-campus counseling saves suicidal college students' lives and limits liability
Prevalence and associated factors of physical fighting among school-going adolescents in Namibia
School policies and binge drinking behaviours of school-aged children in Wales a multilevel analysis
School-based education programmes for the prevention of child sexual abuse
School bus and children's traffic safety
Sugar and spice and puppy dogs' tails: the psychodynamics of bullying
Volume and profile of alcohol consumption among students and classmates as predictors of aggression and victimization: a multilevel analysis among Swiss adolescents
Gender differences in extrafamilial sexual abuse experiences among young teens
Safe and healthy school environments
Safety of young children in registered day care
The Effectiveness of a School-Based Adolescent Depression Education Program
Barriers to children walking and biking to school--United States, 1999
National prevalence and correlates of walking and bicycling to school
What is the early adulthood outcome of boys who bully or are bullied in childhood? The Finnish "From a Boy to a Man" study
Effect of safety education on classmates of injured children: a prospective clinical trial
Human bites in the classroom: incidence, treatment, and complications
Sexual behaviors and drinking patterns among middle school and high school students in southeastern North Carolina
Comparative study of problem-solving and emotional intelligence on decreasing of third grade girl students' aggression of the Rajaee guidance school of Tehran
The impact of school bullying on racial/ethnic achievement
An Evaluation of a School Based Suicide Prevention Program
Epidemiology and hazards of student labour in Mansoura, Egypt
Relationship between home and school adjustment: children's experiences at ages 10 and 14
The effectiveness of universal school-based programs for the prevention of violent and aggressive behavior: a report on recommendations of the Task Force on Community Preventive Services
Responsive evaluation: Its meaning and special contribution to health promotion
Adolescent bullying involvement and perceived family, peer and school relations: commonalities and differences across race/ethnicity
Alcohol-related legal infractions and student retention
Outdoor alcohol advertising near schools: what does it advertise and how is it related to intentions and use of alcohol among young adolescents?
Does Parental Physical Violence Reduce Children's Standardized Test Score Performance?
Rib fractures in infancy: establishing the mechanisms of cause from the injuries--a literature review
School absenteeism and school refusal behavior in youth: A contemporary review
School violence: effective response protocols for maximum safety and minimum liability
School-based intervention for prevention and treatment of elementary-students' terror-related distress in Israel: A quasi-randomized controlled trial
Suicidal attempt of a schoolgirl to demonstrate against the school teacher and try to make her quit the school
Talk-story: perspectives of children, parents, and community leaders on community violence in rural Hawaii
The awareness of risky peer group behaviors on school grounds as predictors of students' victimization on school grounds: part I -- elementary schools
The awareness of risky peer group behaviors on school grounds as predictors of students' victimization on school grounds: part II -- junior high schools
Academic and health-related trajectories in adolescence: the intersection of gender and athletics
Biting in day care centers: incidence, prevention, and intervention
What do we know about school accidents?
Collegiate sororities and dating violence: an exploratory study of informal and formal helping strategies
Alcohol consumption patterns among young people from rural areas of Lublin province
An analysis of accidents at a day care center
Implementing District Safety Standards at the Site Level
Experiences With and Preparedness for Emergencies and Disasters Among Public Schools in California
A recommendation to reduce rates of violence among school-aged children and youth by means of universal school-based violence prevention programs
Effectiveness of universal school-based programs to prevent violent and aggressive behavior: a systematic review
Fear reactivity and effortful control in overt and relational bullying: a six-month longitudinal study
Editorial: bullying as a public health issue
School-Based Health Centers: Improving Access and Quality of Care for Low-Income Adolescents
School-based violence prevention programs: offering hope for school districts
Suicide risk and protective factors among youth experiencing school difficulties
Survival and recovery: Maintaining the educational mission of the Louisiana State University School of Medicine in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina
Surviving Hurricane Katrina: Reconstructing the educational enterprise of Tulane University School of Medicine
"Cubs Click It For Safety": a school-based intervention for Tween passenger safety
School Principals’ Perceptions of Students Walking and Bicycling to School
Daycare centers in a medium-sized brazilian city: operations, child-care practices, infrastructure, and safety
Self-reported safety practices in child care facilities
Use of a statewide system to improve health and safety in child care facilities
Principals' opinions on the role of speech-language pathologists serving students with communication disorders involved in violence
An investigation on the incidence and risk factors of injuries in middle school students of Hunan province
Who gets care? Mental health service use following a school-based suicide prevention program
Risk factors present in the recreation areas of nursery schools
A Multidimensional Examination of Campus Safety: Victimization, Perceptions of Danger, Worry About Crime, and Precautionary Behavior Among College Women in the Post-Clery Era
Campus tragedy prompts closer look at mental health of college students
Analysis and Critique of HEW's: Safe School Study Report to the Congress
Healthy and safe school environment, part I: Results from the school health policies and programs study, 2006
Teacher responses to bullying in relation to moral orientation and seriousness of bullying
Behavior problems in school-aged physically abused and neglected children in Spain
Building safer routes and crosswalks to schools
Bullets, Blades, and Being Afraid in Hispanic High Schools: An Exploratory Study of the Presence of Weapons and Fear of Weapon-Associated Victimization Among High School Students in a Border Town
Bullying at school. Basic facts and an effective intervention programme
Bullying in schools. A more aggressive preventive strategy is required
Bullying in schools: doctors' responsibilities
Child abuse and neglect among school aged children: Reporting weaknesses
Conflict of interest in the evaluation and dissemination of "model" school-based drug and violence prevention programs
Child abuse awareness and reporting in schools
Prevalence of impaired driving behaviors in a diverse, rural, southern middle school
A School Boys Suicide
Demographic differences in the prevalence, co-occurrence, and correlates of adolescent bullying at school
Effects of a Skills-based Prevention Program on Bullying and Bully Victimization among Elementary School Children
Relevance of Motor Skill Problems in Victims of Bullying
An ecological study of the locations of schools and child pedestrian injury collisions
Predictors of nonfatal assault injury to public school teachers in Los Angeles City
Perceptions and correlates of peer-victimization and bullying
Dispelling the myth of bullying
Subtypes, severity, and structural stability of peer victimization: what does latent class analysis say?
The incidence of injuries traveling to and from school by travel mode
The status of health-promoting schools in Hong Kong and implications for further development
Heat Injury Prevention Practices in High School [American] Football
Dating Violence and Sexual Harassment Across the Bully-Victim Continuum Among Middle and High School Students
Geo-spatial and log-linear analysis of pedestrian and bicyclist crashes involving school-aged children
Suicidal ideation and associated factors among school-going adolescents in rural Uganda
Prevalence and correlates of truancy among adolescents in Swaziland: findings from the Global School-Based Health Survey
Dealing with suicidal thoughts in schools: information and education directed at secondary schools
Examining the overlap in internet harassment and school bullying: implications for school intervention
Influence of Walk-to-school Promotion Program on Traffic Safety Behavior of Elementary Schoolchildren in Taiwan
Prevalence and predictors of internet bullying
Previous Sports Injury Among High School Spring Soccer and Track Athletes
School Travel: Injury Risk by Travel Mode
A Prospective Study of Injury Patterns in High School Pole Vaulters
School-based violence prevention initiatives: Lessons for programme design
Cost of injuries from a prospective cohort study of North Carolina high school athletes
A Dangerous Transition: Women's Drinking and Related Victimization From High School to the First Year at College
Alcohol-related fan behavior on college football game day
Childhood injuries in Greek school environment
Emergency Planning in School-Based Athletics: A National Survey of Athletic Trainers
High-risk drinking characteristics in collegiate athletes
Party behaviors and characteristics and serial drunkenness among college students
Partying before the party: examining prepartying behavior among college students
The role of randomized trials in testing interventions for the prevention of youth suicide
Suicidal ideation and associated factors among in-school adolescents in Zambia
Support for Alcohol-Control Policies and Enforcement Strategies Among US College Students at 4-Year Institutions
The contextual role of alcohol outlet density in college drinking
The impact of a tailgating policy on students' drinking behavior and perceptions
Families, schools, and disaster: the mental health consequences of catastrophic events
Development and validation of the college drinking influences survey
Identification of Behavioral Function in Public Schools and a Clarification of Terms
Student Violence Against Teachers
A Peer-to-Peer Safety Program to Reduce Teen Driver Crashes in Texas
A survey of rate of victimization and attitudes towards physical violence among school-aged children in Turkey
Antibullying Legislation: A Public Health Perspective
The role of schools in combating illicit substance abuse
Time-loss and non-time-loss injuries in youth [American] football players
School-associated student homicides--United States, 1992-2006
Bullying and school safety
Genetic and environmental influences on victims, bullies and bully-victims in childhood
Injuries sustained by high school rugby players in the United States, 2005-2006
Compartmentalization Compromised: The Issue of School Bus Passenger Safety
Youth behavior: subcultural effect or mirror of adult behavior?
What do student drug use surveys really mean?
Bullying and attention-deficit-hyperactivity disorder in 10-year-olds in a Swedish community
Adjustment problems in the family and school contexts, attitude towards authority, and violent behavior at school in adolescence
Adolescents' perception of bullying: Who is the victim? Who is the bully? What can be done to stop bullying?
Collegiate rugby union injury patterns in New England: A prospective cohort study
Establishing Ongoing, Early Identification Programs for Mental Health Problems in Our Schools: A Feasibility Study
Prevalence and risk factors of violence among elementary school children in Cairo
Social and emotional training in Swedish classrooms for the promotion of mental health: results from an effectiveness study in Sweden
Intra-family violence affecting students attending basic- and middle-schools in Bogota
When the rules of the game are broken: what proportion of high school sports-related injuries are related to illegal activity?
Being bullied as an environmentally mediated contributing factor to children's internalizing problems: a study of twins discordant for victimization
Community violence in context: risk and resilience in children and families
Evaluation of project P.A.T.H.S in Hong Kong: triangulation of findings based on different evaluation strategies
Systematic review of injury rates among elementary and middle school students in China
Jumping off and being careful: children's strategies of risk management in everyday life
Knowledge and Behaviors of Parents in Planning for and Dealing with Emergencies
Nurturing hostile environments: the problem of school violence
Determinants of school injury proneness in adolescents: a prospective study
Healthy lifestyle behaviour decreasing risks of being bullied, violence and injury
How Culture Impacts the Dissemination and Implementation of Innovation: A Case Study of the Families and Schools Together Program (FAST) for Preventing Violence with Immigrant Latino Youth
Juvenile firesetting in Italy: relationship to aggression, psychopathology, personality, self-efficacy, and school functioning
Substance use behavior and suicide indicators among rural middle school students
Columbine, Erfurt, Jokela: lessons learned from school massacres
"The Red Zone": Temporal Risk for Unwanted Sex Among College Students
A Prospective Study of Injury Patterns in High School Pole Vaulters
Association of IQ scores and school achievement with suicide in a 40-year follow-up of a Swedish cohort
Injury risk behaviours among young Asian New Zealanders: a national survey of secondary school students
Educating nursing students about the dangers of drinking games
A comparative case study on active transport to and from school
Application of a Walking Suitability Assessment to the Immediate Built Environment Surrounding Elementary Schools
Process Evaluation of a School-Based Intervention to Increase Physical Activity and Reduce Bullying
An epidemiologic comparison of high school sports injuries sustained in practice and competition
Health, health-compromising behavior, risk-taking behavior and sexuality in female and male high school students in vocational compared with theoretical programs in Sweden
The epidemiology of catastrophic spine injuries in high school and college football
Effectiveness of dental trauma education for elementary school staff
Mobbing, bullying and other forms of aggression among pupils as a source of stress in school. How far the"victims"are involved?
An ethnic-studies model of community mobilization: collaborative partnership with a high-risk public high school
Critical factors for active transportation to school among low-income and minority students evidence from the 2001 National Household Travel Survey
Cyberbullying: its nature and impact in secondary school pupils
Developmental trajectories of bullying and associated factors
Middle Eastern Adolescents' Perpetration of School Violence Against Peers and Teachers: A Cross-Cultural and Ecological Analysis
Social psychological processes in family and school: More evidence on their relative etiological significance for bullying behavior
The impact of hurricanes Katrina and Rita on Louisiana school nurses
Changing the social contexts of peer victimization
Prepartying promotes heightened risk in the college environment: An event-level report
Prevalence and correlates of being bullied among in-school adolescents in Beijing: results from the 2003 Beijing Global School-Based Health Survey
The Lack of Motor Vehicle Occupant Restraint Use in Children Arriving at School
A review of similarities between domain-specific determinants of four health behaviors among adolescents
Bullying interventions: a binocular perspective
Changes in the percentage of students who walk or bike to school -- United States, 1969 and 2001
Elementary school staff knowledge about dental injuries
Etiology and environment of dental injuries in 12- to 14-year-old Ontario school children
High School Coaches' Assessments, Intentions to Use, and Use of a Concussion Prevention Toolkit: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Heads Up: Concussion in High School Sports
Practical strategies for preventing adolescent suicide
School bullying and its association with health and lifestyle among schoolchildren
Building resistance, resilience, and recovery in the wake of school and workplace violence
Safer schools in an age of mass violence: back to the basics of public health
Subsequent injury patterns in girls' high school sports
The impact of a peer counselling scheme to address bullying in an all-girl London secondary school: A short-term longitudinal study
Analysis of 347 kindergarten-related injuries
The problem of school bullies: what the research tells us
Evaluating an in-school injury prevention programme's effect on children's helmet wearing habits
Violence in Schools: Prevalence, Prediction, and Prevention
Changes in undergraduate student alcohol consumption as they progress through university
Values as protective factors against violent behavior in Jewish and Arab high schools in Israel
Collaborative school planning and active schools: a case study of Lee county, Florida
Bringing alcohol on campus to raise money: impact on student drinking and drinking problems
Child Friendly School Initiative at Karkala Taluk, Karnataka
Variables associated with physical fighting among US High-School students
Epidemiological features of high school baseball injuries in the United States, 2005-2007
Reaching teen farm workers with health and safety information: an evaluation of a high school ESL curriculum
Validity and reliability of a school travel survey
Children's active commuting to school: current knowledge and future directions
Investment in safe routes to school projects: public health benefits for the larger community
Paediatric pedestrian trauma: The danger after school
Systemic approach of violence at school
Drinking likelihood, alcohol problems, and peer influence among first-year college students
School safety and the partnership between psychiatrists and school personnel
An investigation of school playground safety practices as reported by school nurses
Developing a playground injury prevention plan
Addressing self-injury in the school setting
Adolescents in Transition: School and Family Characteristics in the Development of Violent Behaviors Entering High School
Quadriceps angle and risk of injury among high school cross-country runners
Beyond the Class Norm: Bullying Behavior of Popular Adolescents and its Relation to Peer Acceptance and Rejection
Correlates of weapon carrying among high school students in the United States
Gender and injury in Finnish comprehensive schools
Is immigrant status relevant in school violence research? An analysis with Latino students
Parent perceptions of school-based support for students with traumatic brain injuries
The Zuni life skills development program: a school/community-based suicide prevention intervention
Frequency, stability and differentiation of self-reported school fear and truancy in a community sample
The Epidemiology of United States High School Soccer Injuries, 2005-2007
Attitudes about Injury among High School Students
Associations between peer victimization, fear of future victimization and disrupted concentration on class work among junior school pupils
Examining ethnic, gender, and developmental differences in the way children report being a victim of "bullying" on self-report measures
School-based mental health intervention for children affected by political violence in Indonesia: a cluster randomized trial
Promoting use of bicycle helmets among children: a school and community-based effort
Child Transport Practices and Perceived Barriers in Active Commuting to School
Bullying victimization among 13 to 15-year-old school children: results from two comparative studies in 66 countries and regions
Bullying among school children in postwar bosnia and herzegovina: cross-sectional study
Bullying: a global public health risk
Concepts of bullying: developmental and cultural aspects
Interventions to reduce bullying
Prevention of public health risks linked to bullying: a need for a whole community approach
Psychiatric conditions associated with bullying
The emotional impact of bullying and cyberbullying on victims: a European cross-national study
Burnout and suicidal ideation among U.S. medical students
The Epidemiology of US High School Basketball Injuries, 2005-2007
Violent Adolescents and Their Educational Environment: A Multilevel Analysis
How to obtain a healthy journey to school
Effects of peer victimization in schools and perceived social support on adolescent well-being
Identifying and intervening in relational aggression
Peer victimization, aggression, and their co-occurrence in middle school: pathways to adjustment problems
The interface of school climate and school connectedness and relationships with aggression and victimization
Collaboration Among School Mental Health Professionals: A Necessity, Not a Luxury
Examination of Cyberbullying Experiences among Turkish Students from Different School Types
Examining anger as a predictor of drug use among multiethnic middle school students
Extending the school grounds?--Bullying experiences in cyberspace
The evaluation of school-based violence prevention programs: a meta-analysis
Managing deliberate self-harm in young people: an evaluation of a training program developed for school welfare staff using a longitudinal research design
Deviant Lifestyles and Violent Victimization at School
High school youth and suicide risk: exploring protection afforded through physical activity and sport participation
Multiple informants in the assessment of psychological, behavioral, and academic correlates of bullying and victimization in middle school
Schools and neighborhoods: organizational and environmental factors associated with crime in secondary schools
Violence and drug use in rural teens: national prevalence estimates from the 2003 Youth Risk Behavior Survey
Bullying and subjective health among adolescents at schools in Latvia and Lithuania
Disaster planning for schools
Medical emergencies occurring at school
Prevalence and correlates of physical fighting among school-going adolescents in Santiago, Chile
Activity spaces and urban adolescent substance use and emotional health
Empirical test of bullies' status goals: assessing direct goals, aggression, and prestige
Social status and shaming experiences related to adolescent overt aggression at school
Faustlos--violence prevention in primary school
A process evaluation of an injury prevention school-based programme for adolescents
Cannabis use and 'safe' identities in an inner-city school risk environment
Seatbelts on school buses: are they safe for our children?
The Power of Peers: Why Some Students Bully Others to Conform
Violence in schools: a security problem?
Associations between childhood trauma, bullying and psychotic symptoms among a school-based adolescent sample
High school baseball injuries
Instruction in dental curricula to identify and assist domestic violence victims
Bullying in Pattani primary schools in southern Thailand
Case, teacher and school characteristics influencing teachers' detection and reporting of child physical abuse and neglect: Results from an Australian survey
Children's mode choice for the school trip: the role of distance and school location in walking to school
Hazardous chemical incidents in schools--United States, 2002-2007
Measurement of victimization in adolescence: Development and validation of the Childhood Experiences of Violence Questionnaire
Modeling children's school travel mode and parental escort decisions
Comparative analysis of the perception of school violence in teachers, pupils, and families
One-year incidence rate of injuries among primary school pupils in an Iranian community
The incidence rate and causes of accidents among the students at Shiraz guidance schools
Prevalence of risk behaviors related to intentional and unintentional injuries among adolescent high school students of Sistan and Balouchestan, southeast of Iran
A Home-Based Prevention Program for Sixth-Grade Alcohol Use: Results From Project Northland
A Misleading Safety Record
A New Discovery in Safety Education
A Perceptual Approach to the Problem of Safety for School Children
A Safety Attitude Scale for the 7Th Grade
A Safety Project in Elementary-School
A Student Health and Safety Council at Clayton Valley School
Accidental Trauma in the School Age Child
Exposure to bullying at school and depression in adulthood: A study of Danish men born in 1953
Altering School Climate through School-Wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports: Findings from a Group-Randomized Effectiveness Trial
Why don't more children walk to school?
The Prevalence of Effective Substance Use Prevention Curricula in the Nation's [USA] High Schools
Speaking of School Accidents
Strengthening Family-Life Through Health and Safety in the Home
Teaching Firearm Safety in Junior-High School
The Identification of the School-Health and Safety Concerns of the Secondary-School Physical Educator
Traffic Safety and the Adolescent Driver
Are there detrimental effects of witnessing school violence in early adolescence?
Linking the prevention of problem behaviors and positive youth development: Core competencies for positive youth development and risk prevention
Epidemiology of rare injuries and conditions among United States high school athletes during the 2005-2006 and 2006-2007 school years
Adolescent Suicide and Academic Competition in East Asia
Another Look at the Sports Preparticipation Examination of the Adolescent Athlete
Core competencies and the prevention of school failure and early school leaving
Core competencies and the prevention of youth violence
Future directions for research on core competencies
The need for a juvenile fire setting database
Gender Differences in Aggression in Children and Adolescents in South Australian Schools
Group socialization, the Internet and school shootings
Impacts of School Pressure, Conflict With Parents, and Career Uncertainty on Adolescent Stress in the Federal Republic of Germany
Initiation School Amongst the Southern Ndebele People of South Africa: Depreciating Tradition or Appreciating Treasure?
International Walk to School Day 2003
ITE Technical Committee TENC-105-01: school site planning, design and transportation
Clarifying consent: Primary prevention of sexual assault on a college campus
Community responsibility for preventing sexual violence: a pilot study with campus Greeks and intercollegiate athletes
Alienation, self-esteem and attitudes toward drinking in high-school students
School bus-related deaths and injuries in New South Wales
Implementing safe routes to school: application for the socioecological model and issues to consider
Factors associated with children being driven to school: implications for walk to school programs
Characteristics associated with US Walk to School programs
Commuting to school: are children who walk more physically active?
Estimating the proportion of children who can walk to school
Creating a citywide safe routes to school program: Pasadena, CA, USA's step-by-step approach
Safe Routes to School: bringing together transportation and public health
Safe Routes to School: roles and resources for transportation professionals
Safe Routes to School implementation in Australia
School-Based Screening to Identify At-Risk Students Not Already Known to School Professionals: The Columbia Suicide Screen
High school baseball injuries
Marching athletes: injuries and illnesses at band CAMP
School Suspensions, Injury-Prone Behaviors, and Injury History
Sexual Assault on Campus: A Multilevel, Integrative Approach to Party Rape
Vehicle Speeds in School Zones
Violent youths in southern public schools in America
Risk-taking behaviour of Cape Peninsula high-school students. Part vii. Violent behaviour
Risk-taking behaviour of Cape Peninsula high-school students. Part i. Introduction and methods
Risk-taking behaviour of Cape Peninsula high-school students. Part v. Drug use
Presence of current child and adolescent health priorities in school textbooks
A Comparison of Moral Reasoning in American and Chinese School Children
Adolescents and Fear Appeals
Adolescents' School Experience and Self-Reported Offending: An Empirical Elaboration of an Interactional and Developmental School Social Control Theory
Bullying: Health Concerns of Australian Secondary School Students
Suicidal ideation and associated factors among school-going adolescents in Harare, Zimbabwe
Attachment and empathy as predictors of roles as defenders or outsiders in bullying interactions
Collaboration Is the Key to Student Sports Safety
How Well-Prepared Are Schools to Meet Disasters?: School Shootings Require Response of Nontraditional Resources
Identifying Adolescent Panic Disorder in the School
Promoting Non-Violence: Resources for a Safe School Environment
Self-Injurious Behavior Among Adolescents: How School Nurses Can Help Ease the Pain
Injury and social determinants among in-school adolescents in six African countries
Individual and classroom variables associated with relational aggression in elementary-school aged children: A multilevel analysis
The role of bystanders in students' perception of bullying and sense of safety
Overt and Relational Aggression and Victimization: Multiple Perspectives within the School Setting
Social status and aggressive and disruptive behavior in girls: individual, group, and classroom influences
"That I'll be killed": pre-service and in-service teachers' greatest fears and beliefs about school violence
Injury profile in school sports. A sports medicine analysis in an annual report on schools
"What, Me Ashamed?" Shame Management and School Bullying
Boys who fight at home and school: Family conditions influencing cross-setting consistency
Brief SAY IT STRAIGHT Training and Follow-Up in Adolescent Substance Abuse Prevention
Bullying, psychosocial health and risk behaviour in adolescence
An Ark of Prevention: Preventing School Absenteeism After a Flood
Cheerleading injuries. patterns, prevention, case reports
Controlling Students Aboard School Buses
Drownproofing and the Water Safety Spectrum
Editorial: Safer Head Start Playgrounds
Enforcement of Mouthguard Use and Athlete Compliance in National Collegiate Athletic Association Men's Collegiate Ice Hockey Competition
Fatalities and Catastrophic Injuries in High School and College Sports, 1982-1997
Five Common Bus Accidents--And How to Prevent Them
Head and spinal cord trauma involving youth recreational activities: Research update
Home Safety at School
Injury Control: Psychosocial Considerations
Karate: Keep It Safe
Learning From Accident Analysis: The Dynamics Leading Up to a Rafting Accident
Playground safety: The long trail
Preventing the Leading Killer of Children: The Role of the School Psychologist in Injury Prevention
Risk Acceptance Among Physical Educators
Safety Through Education and Training
Seat Belt Usage on School Buses
Seat Belts in School Buses: A Study of Current Practice and Potential Action
Seat Belts in School Buses: Analyzing the Literature and Using the Results
Seat Belts: Are They the Best Solution to the Real Problem?
Spinal Cord Injuries: The High Cost of Careless Diving
Teach Children Pedestrian Safety
The Incidence of Spearing During a High School's 1975 and 1990 [American] Football Seasons
The Medical Case for Seat Belts on School Buses
The Paradox of Safety and Risk
The Riskiness of the Playground
The Role of Health Education in the Prevention of Injuries to Children
The Role of the Coroner in School Bus Accident Prevention: Some Recommendations
Windows: Life After Wire
Behavioural Problems in School Children in the United Arab Emirates: Cross-Informant Variance
Norm-Narrowing and Self- and Other-Perceived Aggression in Early-Adolescent Same-Sex and Mixed-Sex Cliques
A large scale study of the assessment of the social environment of middle and secondary schools: The validity and utility of teachers' ratings of school climate, cultural pluralism, and safety problems for understanding school effects and school improveme
Teacher preference, peer rejection, and student aggression: A prospective study of transactional influence and independent contributions to emotional adjustment and grades
Teachers' views and beliefs about bullying: Influences on classroom management strategies and students' coping with peer victimization
Youth perceptions of their school violence risks
The relationship between levels of perceived respect and bullying in 5th through 12th graders
Child Sexual Abuse: Description and Evaluation of a K-6 Prevention Curriculum
Childhood Accidents
Children and aggression after observed film aggression with sanctioning adults
Active transportation and acculturation among Latino children in San Diego County
Increasing active travel to school: are we on the right track? A cluster randomised controlled trial from Sydney, Australia
Longitudinal associations of cycling to school with adolescent fitness
Personal and environmental factors associated with active commuting to school in Switzerland
Proportions of students who use various modes of transportation to and from school in a representative population-based sample of children and adolescents, 1999
School-based prevention for illicit drugs use: a systematic review
Socio-demographic factors as correlates of active commuting to school in Rotterdam, the Netherlands
The effectiveness of a school-based substance abuse prevention program: EU-Dap cluster randomised controlled trial
Trends in Australian children traveling to school 1971-2003: burning petrol or carbohydrates?
Utilization and physical activity levels at renovated and unrenovated school playgrounds
Common/Unity: An Innovative Program to Address 3 Root Causes of Many of the Social Ills Seen in Adolescents
Comprehensive approaches to school-based violence prevention
Perceptions of antisocial and bullying behavior in 8- and 14-year-old children in rural north Thailand
School for aggression: types of adolescent aggression in school students and school dropouts
Hateful sirens. . .who hears their song? An examination of student attitudes toward hate groups and affiliation potential
Confrontations with reality: Crisis intervention services for traumatized families after a school bus accident in Norway
Consequential Thinking and Self-Reported Delinquency in High School Youth
Corporal Punishment in An Age of Violence
Corporal punishment in schools. a position paper of the society for adolescent medicine
Crime in the School and in the Community: Offenders, Victims, and Fearful Youths
Delinquency, Corporal Punishment, and the Schools
Dental injuries: "first aid" knowledge of Southampton teachers of physical education
Developmental trajectories of physical aggression from school entry to late adolescence
Discipline in the Schools
Doping among high school students in Uppsala, Sweden: A presentation of the attitudes, distribution, side effects, and extent of use
Drinking attitudes and behavior of high-school students in Kentucky
Does staying in school (and not working) prevent teen smoking and drinking?
Effectiveness and specificity of a classroom-based group intervention in children and adolescents exposed to war in Lebanon
Effectiveness of a high school alcohol misuse prevention program
Effectiveness of School-Based Drug Prevention Programs: A Meta-Analysis of the Research
Effects of a school-based alcohol education program with a media prevention component
Effects of a school-based drug abuse prevention program for adolescents on HIV risk behavior in young adulthood
Effects of Student Participation and Teacher Support on Victimization in Israeli Schools: An Examination of Gender, Culture, and School Type
Effects on adolescent alcohol consumption of a school based student-centred health counselling programme
Environmental, social, and personal correlates of cycling for transportation in a student population
Epidemiology of school injuries in the northern part of Sweden
Eye Safety Program, Spectacles, and Sports in School
Depressed mood and drinking occasions across high school: Comparing the reciprocal causal structures of a panel of boys and girls
Male adolescent bullying and the school shooter
Self-harm in adolescents: self-report survey in schools in Scotland
Bullying increased suicide risk: Prospective study of Korean adolescents
Somatic symptoms, peer and school stress, and family and community violence exposure among urban elementary school children
Effectiveness of traffic safety education: parents, children and schools
Follow-up data on the effectiveness of New Zealand's national school-based child protection program
From Early Secondary to Primary Preventive Interventions in Schools
Health and Safety Problems of the School Noon Hour
HIPP: A Comprehensive School-Based Substance Abuse Program With Cooperative Community Involvement
Development of a model for improving safety in school zones
Hospitals and school districts: Creating a partnership for child protection services
How Can the Correctional School Correct?
How Effective Is Classroom Instruction in Safety
How Safe Are School and Park Playgrounds?
How Safe Are We? A Review of Injury and Illness in Outdoor Education Programmes
Impact of the RIPP Violence Prevention Program on Rural Middle School Students
Influence of changing travel patterns on child death rates from injury: trend analysis
Injuries to preschool children and infection control practices in childcare programs
Justifications for Bullying Among Japanese Schoolchildren
Legal Requirements and Nationally Circulated Materials Against School Bullying in European Countries
Lesbian and gay male undergraduates' experiences of harassment and fear on campus
Linking academics and social learning: Perceptions of school staff to a violence prevention program at an alternative school
Locomotor skills and school accidents
Long-term outcome after severe brain injury in preschoolers is worse than expected
Longer-Term Effects of Head Start
Malignant memories: Effect of a shooting in the workplace on school personnel's attitudes
Managing bullying and managing difference: a case study of one secondary school
Mapping school geographies: Teaching and learning in unsafe places
Methodological and Measurement Issues in School Violence Research: Moving Beyond the Social Problem Era
Heat illness surveillance in schoolboys participating in physical education class in tropical climate: an analytical prospective descriptive study
Early childhood behavior trajectories and the likelihood of experiencing a traumatic event and PTSD by young adulthood
Psychosocial risk factors for illicit drug use in a sample of Mexican high school students
Translating the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program Into Real-World Practice
Monitoring school violence: Linking national-, district-, and school-level data over time
Mortality among female registered nurses and school teachers in British Columbia
Mortality related to alcohol use among the status Indian population of Saskatchewan
Narrative strategies among early adolescents involved in bully-victim relationships
Nature and Frequency of Accidents Among Elementary School Children in New York State
No safe haven: A study of violence exposure in an urban community
No-suicide agreements: high school students' perspectives
On the border of disorder: School personnel's experiences reporting child abuse on the United States-Mexico border
Order and Disruption in a Desegregated High School
Overreporting and underreporting of child abuse: Teachers' use of professional discretion
Overview of Research in Safety:  Accident Recording --  the Rare Event
Overview of the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System
Paediatric accidental deaths in Port Harcourt, Nigeria: a 10-year retrospective study
Parent vs. teacher reactions to problematic behavior of Head Start children
Travel-to-School Mode Choice Modelling and Patterns of School Choice in Urban Areas
Are zero tolerance policies effective in the schools?: An evidentiary review and recommendations
Parental attitude and practice regarding physical punishment of school children in Santiago de Chile
Parents' Problem Solving With Preadolescents and Its Association With Social Withdrawal at School: Considering Parents' Stress and Child Gender
Patterns of health-risk behavior among Japanese high school students
Online or off-line victimisation and psychological well-being: a comparison of sexual-minority and heterosexual youth
Peer predictability: an adolescent strategy for increasing a sense of personal safety at school
Peer victimization and its relationship to depression among Australian primary school students
Perceptions of risk factors for school violence: concordance with FBI risk profile
Personality and family relations of children who bully
Personality and neuropsychological correlates of bullying behavior
Perspective reports of corporal punishment by pupils in Lesotho schools
Physical abuse among high school students. Prevalence and correlation with other health behaviors
Physical fighting among high school students--United States, 1990
Playscape Safety
Predicting suicidal ideation in high school students
An examination of public school safety measures across geographic settings
School Contextual Influences on the Risk for Adolescent Alcohol Misuse
Preliminary effects of brief school-based prevention approaches for reducing youth suicide--risk behaviors, depression, and drug involvement
Preparing to evaluate a school violence prevention program: Students Against Violence Everywhere
Prevalence and outcomes of sexual violence among high school students
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