Discrete Events as Units of Perceived Time
Economic burden of motorcycle accidents in northern ghana
Economic burden of motorcycle accidents in northern Ghana
The effect of an optimised helmet fit on neck load and neck pain during military helicopter flights
Energy Drink Use and Adverse Effects Among Emergency Department Patients
The epidemiology of knee injuries in children and adolescents
An examination of Maori tamariki (child) and taiohi (adolescent) traumatic brain injury within a global cultural context
The fairness of the Epworth Sleepiness Scale: two approaches to differential item functioning
Family Communication Patterns and Teen Drivers' Attitudes Toward Driving Safety
Further Investigations into the Speed of Cerebral Swelling Following Blunt Cranial Trauma
High visibility enforcement demonstration programs in Connecticut and New York reduce hand-held phone use
Higher social class predicts increased unethical behavior
Home Drinking in the UK: Trends and Causes
Injuries before and after deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq
Large-scale model-based assessment of deer-vehicle collision risk
Long-Acting Methylphenidate Reduces Collision Rates of Young Adult Drivers With Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
Major trauma and urban cyclists: physiological status and injury profile
Motorcycle helmet use and legislation: a systematic review of the literature
Post-traumatic morbidity is frequent in children with frontobasilar fractures
Primary inoculation tuberculosis following a vehicular accident
The relationship between family socioeconomic condition and childhood injury frequency in selected locations in the Czech Republic
Risk of injury to children's fingers in power-operated motor vehicle windows
Road rage behaviour and experiences of taxi drivers in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Traumatic dissection of the internal carotid artery following whiplash injury : Diagnostic workup and therapy of an often overlooked but potentially dangerous additional vascular lesion
Two brief measures of executive function in the prediction of driving ability after acquired brain injury
Useful Field of View Predicts Driving in the Presence of Distracters
Visual symptoms and G-induced loss of consciousness in 594 Chinese Air Force aircrew--a questionnaire survey
Walking for transport versus recreation: a comparison of participants, timing, and locations
Wind-Drag Estimation in a Traffic Accident Involving a Motor Scooter and a Tractor-Trailer
Peripheral auditory assessment in minor head injury: a prospective study in tertiary hospital
The risks associated with alcohol use and alcoholism
Specialisation and training for fire-fighters driving heavy rescue vehicles: consequences for the development of operators?
Tire aging: a human factors analysis of failure to warn and inform
Translating family-focused prevention science into public health impact
Understanding human factors in rail engineering: re-analysis of detailed, qualitative data on functions and risks
The use of affective interaction design in car user interfaces
Using naturalistic driving films as a design tool for investigating driver requirements in HMI design for ADAS
Decision support for vessel traffic service (VTS): user needs for dynamic risk management in the VTS
Working memory load but not multitasking eliminates the prepared reflex: Further evidence from the adapted flanker paradigm
Active training and driving-specific feedback improve older drivers' visual search prior to lane changes
Acute Cannabinoids Impair Working Memory through Astroglial CB(1) Receptor Modulation of Hippocampal LTD
Adult-supervised practice driving for adolescent learners: The current state and directions for interventions
Assessment of the responsibility between a road traffic accident and medical defects after the traffic accident injury of knee joint
Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin in a Driver's License Regranting Program
Certified driver rehabilitation specialists' preferred situations for driving simulator scenarios
Changing Parental Behaviour to Reduce Risky Drinking Among Adolescents: Current Evidence and Future Directions
Characteristics of pilots who report deliberate versus inadvertent visual flight into Instrument Meteorological Conditions
Commentaries and Responses to "The Driver Behaviour Questionnaire as a predictor of accidents: A meta-analysis" Commentaries lead by Anders af Wåhlberg; Responses lead by J.C.F. de Winter: The following discussion is in response to a 2010 article publishe
Commentary on the rebuttal by de Winter and Dodou concerning “The Driver Behaviour Questionnaire as a predictor of accidents: A meta-analysis”
Comparative analysis of injuries observed in motorcycle riders involved in traffic accidents and victims of other blunt trauma mechanisms
Cost effectiveness of strategies to combat road traffic injuries in sub-Saharan Africa and South East Asia: mathematical modelling study
Current considerations about the elderly and firearms
Distraction in older drivers - A face-to-face interview study
"The Driver Behaviour Questionnaire as a predictor of accidents: A meta-analysis" Comments
The effect of d-methamphetamine on simulated driving performance
Efficacy of wipers-on, headlamps-on legislation
Elementary processes governing the evolution of road networks
Elucidation of the mechanism of a splenic injury in the case of the one-step development of the traumatic process
Fatal injuries of organs situated in the neck caused by fastened seat belts
Final response to the commentaries on "The Driver Behaviour Questionnaire as a predictor of accidents: A meta-analysis"
Final response to the DBQ meta-analysis discussion
Geriatric Trauma: Demographics, Injuries, and Mortality
Incorporating cross-modal statistics in the development and maintenance of multisensory integration
The influence of rear turn-signal characteristics on crash risk
The influence of traffic noise on vertebrate road crossing through underpasses
Integrated pedestrian countermeasures - Potential of head injury reduction combining passive and active countermeasures
The Laki fog of 1783. Volcanic activity and health crises in Europe
Motorcyclist perception response time in stopping sight distance situations
Multi-column deep neural network for traffic sign classification
Man vs. computer: Benchmarking machine learning algorithms for traffic sign recognition
National evaluation of the effect of graduated driver licensing laws on teenager fatality and injury crashes
On-board safety monitoring systems for driving: review, knowledge gaps, and framework
Pedestrian dragged under a truck
Reducing impaired driving through the identification of Repeat Target Vehicles: A case study
Response to commentary on "The Driver Behaviour Questionnaire as a predictor of accidents: A meta-analysis"
Response to second commentary on "The Driver Behaviour Questionnaire as a predictor of accidents: A meta-analysis"
Semantic and Affective Salience: The Role of Meaning and Preference in Attentional Capture and Disengagement
Strategies to Reduce US HEMS Accidents
Taking alcohol by deception: an analysis of ethanol concentration of "paraga" an alcoholic herbal mixture in Nigeria
Talking the talk, walking the walk: examining the effect of neighbourhood walkability and social connectedness on physical activity
Threatening pictures induce shortened time-to-contact estimates
Traffic environment and demographic factors affecting impaired driving and crashes
Trend of mortality rate and injury burden of transport accidents, suicides, and falls
The use and risk of portable electronic devices while cycling among different age groups
What factors can predict why drivers go through yellow traffic lights? An approach based on an extended Theory of Planned Behavior
Visual Rivalry Without Spatial Conflict
Walking when intoxicated: An investigation of the factors which influence individuals' drink walking intentions
An epidemiologic analysis of 1,142 maxillofacial fractures and concomitant injuries
Alcohol pharmacokinetics and risk-taking behaviour following exercise-induced dehydration
Analysis of driver injury severity in rural single-vehicle crashes
Assessing the efficiency of priorities for traffic law enforcement in Norway
Associations between perceived neighborhood environmental attributes and adults' sedentary behavior: Findings from the USA, Australia and Belgium
Clinical and polysomnographic characteristics in 20 North Indian patients with narcolepsy: A seven-year experience from a neurology service sleep clinic
The contribution of family climate for road safety and social environment to the reported driving behavior of young drivers
Crash and burn? Vehicle, collision, and driver factors that influence motor vehicle collision fires
Detecting Motor Vehicle Travel in Accelerometer Data
The Distribution of Survival Times after Injury
The effects of injury to dynamic neural networks in the mature and developing brain
Energy drinks mixed with alcohol: misconceptions, myths, and facts
Etiology, diagnosis, and characteristics of facial fracture at a midwestern level I trauma center
Evaluation of driving ability among residents after the duty shift
Evaluation of the impacts of traffic states on crash risks on freeways
Examining the effects of site selection criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of traffic safety countermeasures
The gap in injury mortality rates between urban and rural residents of Hubei province, China
Health impact of motorised trips that could be replaced by walking
Impact of non-neurological complications in severe traumatic brain injury outcome
The impact of tunnel design and lighting on the performance of attentive and visually distracted drivers
Impairment of a speed management strategy in young drivers under high cognitive workload
Incidence and patterns of injury-related mortality: a register-based follow-up study in Alexandria, Egypt (2000-2010)
Injury-related mortality audit in a regional trauma center at Puducherry, India
Internal fistula leakage due to a road traffic accident: A fortuitous diagnosis of Crohn's disease
Low conspicuity of motorcycles for car drivers: dominant role of bottom-up control of visual attention or deficit of top-down control?
Medical care costs associated with traumatic brain injury (TBI) over the full spectrum of disease: A controlled population-based study
Nighttime approaches to offshore installations in Brazil: Safety shortcomings experienced by helicopter pilots
The occupational impact of sleep quality and insomnia symptoms
Redirecting walking and driving for natural navigation in immersive virtual environments
Relationship between types of head injury and age of pedestrian
Scale development of safety management system evaluation for the airline industry
Selective Attention to Perceptual Dimensions and Switching Between Dimensions
Selling New Neighborhoods as Good for Walking: Issues for Measuring Self-selection
Sensory augmentation for the blind
Study to assess the level of stress and identification of significant stressors among the railway engine pilots
A Qualitative Exploration of the "Critical Window": factors affecting Australian children's after school physical activity
Traumatic Aortic Injuries Associated with Major Visceral Vascular Injuries in Major Blunt Trauma Patients
Using naturalistic driving films as a design tool for investigating driver requirements in HMI design for ADAS
Accuracy of ECG-based screening for sleep-disordered breathing: a survey of all male workers in a transport company
Alcohol Hangover Symptoms and Their Contribution to the Overall Hangover Severity
Analysis of lethality in the injured persons, suffering cranioabdominal trauma
Are Normally-Sighted, Visually Impaired and Blind Pedestrians Accurate and Reliable at making Street-Crossing Decisions?
The association between drinking motives and alcohol-related consequences - room for biases and measurement issues?
Burden of road traffic injuries in Turkey
Cognitive process modelling of controllers in en route air traffic control
Drinking and driving in Vietnam: public knowledge, attitudes, and practices
Epidemiological Trends of Traumatic Optic Nerve Injuries in the Largest Canadian Adult Trauma Center
Even moderate visual impairments degrade drivers' ability to see pedestrians at night
Evidence-based road safety practice in India: assessment of the adequacy of publicly available data in meeting requirements for comprehensive road safety data systems
Eye Movements Blink the Attentional Blink
FMCSA's Medical Review Board: Five Years of Progress in Commercial Driver Medical Examinations
Helmet use among motorcyclists in Cambodia: a survey of use, knowledge, attitudes, and practices
Human short-term exposure to electromagnetic fields emitted by mobile phones decreases computer-assisted visual reaction time
Influence of risk expectation on haptically cued corrective manoeuvres during near lane departure
Is head trauma a risk factor for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis? An evidence based review
Longitudinal effects of health-harming and health-protective behaviors within adolescent romantic dyads
Magnitude and pattern of injury in Jimma University Specialized Hospital, South west Ethiopia
Multi-scale mechanics of traumatic brain injury: predicting axonal strains from head loads
Perceptual Grouping Allows for Attention To Cover Noncontiguous Locations and Suppress Capture From Nearby Locations
Pontomedullary lacerations in pedestrians: an autopsy study
Projecting the Health and Economic Impact of Road Safety Initiatives: A Case Study of a Multi-country Project
Quantifying the underestimated burden of road traffic mortality in Mexico: a comparison of three approaches
Risky business
Road safety in 10 countries: a global opportunity
Road traffic deaths in Brazil: rising trends in pedestrian and motorcycle occupant deaths
Road traffic injuries and data systems in Egypt: addressing the challenges
Road traffic injuries in Kenya: the health burden and risk factors in two districts
Road traffic injury in China: a review of national data sources
Temporal analysis of heart rate variability as a predictor of post traumatic stress disorder in road traffic accidents survivors
Use of seat belts and mobile phone while driving in Florence: trend from 2005 to 2009
West of Ireland facial injury study. Part 2
Why don't northern American solutions to drinking and driving work in southern America?
Car Seat Design to Improve Rear-Impact Protection
Estimating the Effect of the Vehicle Model Year on Crash and Injury Involvement
Harmful alcohol use on campus: Impact on young people at university
Older Drivers' Perceptions, Responses, and Driving Behaviours During Complex Traffic Conditions at a Signalized Intersection
'Why has it only become an issue now?': Young drug users' perceptions of drug driving in Melbourne, Victoria
Acceptability of audible pedestrian signal noise
Accident data for the Semantic Web
Accident investigation: From searching direct causes to finding in-depth causes - Problem of analysis or/and of analyst?
Adaptive data dissemination for time-constrained messages in dynamic vehicular networks
Alcohol-Related Injuries and Alcohol Control Policy in Lithuania: Effect of the Year of Sobriety, 2008
An analysis of the factors influencing differences in survey-reported and GPS-recorded trips
Analysis of factors that influence hazardous material transportation accidents based on Bayesian networks: A case study in China
Are health inequalities evident at all ages? An ecological study of English mortality records
Augmented Reality Vehicle system: Left-turn maneuver study
A bi-objective cyclist route choice model
A bi-objective model for planning and managing rail-truck intermodal transportation of hazardous materials
Brake Judder Analysis Using a Car Rigid-flexible Coupling Model
Buffering in evacuation management for optimal traffic demand distribution
Collaboration decisions on disruption recovery service in urban public tram systems
Commentary: Impaired Driving: What is Your Responsibility as an Emergency Physician?
Comparison of urine and hair testing for drugs of abuse in the control of abstinence in driver's license re-granting
Complete Vision-Based Traffic Sign Recognition Supported by an I2V Communication System
Constraints to green vehicle ownership: A focus group study
Contribution of Chassis Key Subsystems to Rollover Stability Control
Correlation of disability degree and Tile type of pelvic fracture caused by traffic accidents
Crashworthiness Design Optimization Using Equivalent Static Loads
Development of a Tilt Control Method for a Narrow-Track Three-Wheeled Vehicle
Dimensions of impulsivity among heavy drinkers, smokers, and heavy drinking smokers: Singular and combined effects
Driving difficulties and adaptive strategies: the perception of individuals having sustained a mild traumatic brain injury
Effect of Obstacles in the Road Profile on the Dynamic Response of a Vehicle
Effects of environment, vehicle and driver characteristics on risky driving behavior at work zones
Epidemiological burden of minor, major and fatal trauma in a national injury pyramid (Br J Surg 2012; 99(Suppl 1): 114-121)
Epidemiological burden of minor, major and fatal trauma in a national injury pyramid
Estimating separation distance loss probability between aircraft in uncontrolled airspace in simulation
Ethics and fundamental principles of risk acceptance criteria
Evaluation of the effect of cooperative infrastructure-to-vehicle systems on driver behavior
Evaluation of safety and environmental risk at individual ship and company level
An examination of factors affecting propensities to use bicycle and pedestrian facilities in suburban locations
Examining nocturnal railway noise and aircraft noise in the field: Sleep, psychomotor performance, and annoyance
Experimental Analysis of Airbag Seam Design: High-Rate Shear Testing for Skin Abrasions
Experimental assessment on the moving capabilities of mobility-impaired disabled
Extrapyramidal motor side-effects of first- and second-generation antipsychotic drugs
The farming population in Ireland: mortality trends during the 'Celtic Tiger' years
Floating car based travel times for city logistics
Game theory-based identification of facility use restrictions for the movement of hazardous materials under terrorist threat
Glare's Causes, Consequences, and Clinical Challenges After a Century of Ophthalmic Study
Handling uncertainties in vehicle routing problems through data preprocessing
Health Beliefs and Practices in an Isolated Polygamist Community of Southern Utah
Identifying an appropriate driving behaviour scale for the occupational driving context: The DBQ vs. the ODBQ
Impact of Adaptive Front-lighting Systems (AFS) on road safety: Evidences and open points
The Impact of Transportation Support on Driving Cessation Among Community-Dwelling Older Adults
Incidence, patterns, and factors predicting mortality of abdominal injuries in trauma patients
Induced road traffic in Spanish regions: A dynamic panel data model
The influence of individuals' environmental attitudes and urban design features on their travel patterns in sustainable neighborhoods in the UK
Investigating the Injury Risk in Frontal Impacts of Formula Student Cars: A Computer-Aided Engineering Analysis
Investigation of seat belt use among the drivers of different education levels
Issues with using police citations to assign responsibility in quasi-induced exposure
A justice-theoretic approach to the distribution of transportation benefits: Implications for transportation planning practice in the United States
Measuring direct and indirect treatment effects using safety performance intervention functions
Measuring the impact of opening the London shared bicycle scheme to casual users
A Messy Genetic Algorithm and Its Application to an Approximate Optimization of an Occupant Safety System
Modeling and safety strategy of passenger evacuation in a metro station in China
Modelling the impact of weather conditions on active transportation travel behaviour
Modern accident investigation - Four major challenges
Models for relief routing: Equity, efficiency and efficacy
A Numerical Control Algorithm for a B-Double Truck-trailer with Steerable Trailer Wheels and Active Hitch Angles
Numerical simulation and study on the transmission law of flame and pressure wave of pipeline gas explosion
Occupational accidents among mototaxi drivers
Omnidirectional safety culture analysis and discussion for railway industry
Optimal route decision with a geometric ground-airborne hybrid model under weather uncertainty
The perception of the neighborhood environment changes after participation in a pedometer based community intervention
Performance of Triangle Method for Evaluating Energy Loss in Vehicle Collisions
Prioritizing highway safety improvement projects: A multi-criteria model and case study with SafetyAnalyst
Radar-Based Target Identification and Tracking on a Curved Road
Redesign of the Vehicle Bonnet Structure for Pedestrian Safety
Reliability analysis of pedestrian safety crossing in urban traffic environment
The role of built environment on pedestrian crash frequency
Socioeconomic Status and Incidence of Traffic Accidents in Metropolitan Tehran: A Population-based Study
A study on chest injury mechanism and the effectiveness of a headform impact test for pedestrian chest protection from vehicle collisions
Synthetic Torque Feedback to Improve Heavy Vehicle Drivability
Trends in motor vehicle crash mortality in Europe, 1980-2007
Vehicle-assisted decapitation: a case report
Mobile ICTs and physical mobility: Review and research agenda
A new shared vehicle system for urban areas
Online license plate matching procedures using license-plate recognition machines and new weighted edit distance
On the Fate of Distractor Representations
Not bored yet - Revisiting respondent fatigue in stated choice experiments
Pattern and presentation of spine trauma in Gwagwalada-Abuja, Nigeria
The retrieval of intra-day trend and its influence on traffic prediction
Seat belt and child seat use in Lipetskaya Oblast, Russia: frequencies, attitudes, and perceptions
Strategies to Minimize the Fuel Consumption of Passenger Cars During Car-Following Scenarios
A Study on the Asynchronous Brake Lock-up of a Statically Indeterminate Tractor with an Air Suspension
Surface prediction and control algorithms for anti-lock brake system
Surface street traffic volume and single-family house price
Systems-based accident analysis methods: A comparison of Accimap, HFACS, and STAMP
Towards a driver fatigue test based on the saccadic main sequence: A partial validation by subjective report data
Traffic culture as symbol exchange - A cross-country comparison of Russia and Norway
The truth about road traffic accidents
The value of time and external benefits in bicycle appraisal
What are the priorities for prevention and control of non-communicable diseases and injuries in sub-Saharan Africa and South East Asia?
Delayed recovery in patients with whiplash-associated disorders
The young brain and concussion: Imaging as a biomarker for diagnosis and prognosis
Acceptability of traffic safety measures with personal privacy implications
Alcohol and Cognition - Consideration of Age of Initiation, Usage Patterns and Gender: A Brief Review
Alcohol-related risk of driver fatalities: an update using 2007 data
Analysing the perceptions of pedestrians and drivers to shared space
Analysis of deaths caused by pat-pat accidents in Turkey
Anticipatory eye movements when approaching a curve on a rural road depend on working memory load
Assessing a Country's Drink Driving Situation: An Overview of the Method Used in 6 Low- and Middle-Income Countries
Assessing sleepiness and sleep disorders in Australian long-distance commercial vehicle drivers: self-report versus an "at home" monitoring device
Assessment of injury severity at the accident scene by the emergency physician : Utility of technical crash parameters: results of a pilot study
Association between alcohol screening scores and alcohol-related risks among female veterans affairs patients
Bayesian modeling of the microscopic traffic characteristics of overtaking in two-lane highways
A Brief Intervention Reduces Hazardous and Harmful Drinking in Emergency Department Patients
Costs associated with helmet use in motorcycle crashes: the cost of not wearing a helmet
Does personality predict driving performance in middle and older age? An evidence-based literature review
The drink driving situation in china
The drink driving situation in Colombia
The drink driving situation in Nigeria
The drink driving situation in Vietnam
Driving locus of control and driving behaviors: Inducing change through driver training
The Drunken Self: The Five-Factor Model as an Organizational Framework for Characterizing Perceptions of One's Own Drunkenness
Effects of installing a marked crosswalk on road crossing behaviour and perceptions of the environment
Effects of reduced threshold of automated speed enforcement on speed and safety
An electrophysiological signal that precisely tracks the emergence of error awareness
Epidemiology of traumatic head injury in Korean children
Everyday Attention Failures: An Individual Differences Investigation
Exploring the ability to identify visual search differences when observing drivers' eye movements
A geographic analysis of collisions involving child pedestrians in a large southern California county
Head impact contact points for restrained child occupants
Healthy travel and the socio-economic structure of car commuting in Cambridge, UK: A mixed-methods analysis
Hospitalised and Fatal Head Injuries in Viti Levu, Fiji: Findings from an Island-Wide Trauma Registry (TRIP 4)
In-car countermeasures open window and music revisited on the real road: popular but hardly effective against driver sleepiness
Kinematics of the unrestrained vehicle occupants in side-impact crashes
A new driver behavior model to create realistic urban traffic environment
An observational study of driver distraction in England
Parameter Study for Child Injury Mitigation in Near-Side Impacts Through FE Simulations
Pedestrian accident analysis with a silicone dummy block
Rapid Analytical Methods for On-Site Triage for Traumatic Brain Injury
Recent changes in the age composition of drivers in 15 countries
Reducing drink driving in low- and middle-income countries: challenges and opportunities
The Relationship Between Alertness and Executive Control
Reliability and Validity of the Hands-Up Survey in Assessing Commuting to School in New Zealand Elementary School Children
Risk factors in motorcyclist fatalities in Taiwan
Risk factors associated with facial fractures
Safety evaluation of joint and conventional lane merge configurations for freeway work zones
Spectrum of all-terrain vehicle injuries in adults: A case series and review of the literature
Standards for helmets
Text messaging amongst New Zealand drivers: Prevalence and risk perception
Trends in alcohol- and drug-related emergency department and primary care visits: data from four U.S. National surveys (1995-2010)
Victim fragmentation patterns and seat location supplements crash data: American Airlines flight 587
Velocity versus safety: Impact of goal conflict and task difficulty on drivers' behaviour, feelings of anxiety, and electrodermal responses
Use of change blindness to measure different abilities to detect relevant changes in natural driving scenes
Young drivers and speed selection: A model guided by the Theory of Planned Behavior
Analysis of midblock crashes in an urban divided arterial road
Development of a procedure for prioritizing intersection improvement projects considering safety and operational factors
Effectiveness of signal control at channelized right-turning lanes: an empirical study
Identifying path diversions of hazardous materials vehicles for security alerts
Measuring driver impairments: sleepiness, distraction, and workload
Mechanism of injury--trauma kinetics. What happend? How?
Whiplash injury as a function of the accident mechanism : Neuro-otological differential diagnostic findings
Western driving regulations for unprovoked first seizures and epilepsy
The flashing green light paradox
Flying without navigational aids - The case of commercial motorcyclists in Minna, Nigeria
A systematic review of family-based interventions targeting alcohol misuse and their potential to reduce alcohol-related harm in indigenous communities
Urban-rural differences in oral and maxillofacial trauma
Validation of traffic flow models with respect to the spatiotemporal evolution of congested traffic patterns
Value of travel time reliability: A review of current evidence
Visibility monitoring using conventional roadside cameras - Emerging applications
VLT: A sustainable solution to urban mobility, in João Pessoa-PB
Finite element aortic injury reconstruction of near side lateral impacts using real world crash data
Promoting car safety behaviours should not stigmatise cycling as an alternative mode of transportation
A case of swallow syncope associated with cold beverage ingestion
Cervical spine injuries and helmet laws: A population-based study
Emergency Department Visits Due to Alcohol Intoxication: Characteristics of Patients and Impact on the Emergency Room
Epidemiology and predictors of cervical spine injury in adult major trauma patients: A multicenter cohort study
Greater focus needed on methane leakage from natural gas infrastructure
Health-related consequences of obstructive sleep apnea : Daytime sleepiness, accident risk and legal aspects
Pilot study for quantifying driving characteristics during power wheelchair soccer
Point-of-sale alcohol promotions in the Perth and Sydney metropolitan areas
Shift work disorder: overview and diagnosis
Perceptual-cognitive training improves biological motion perception: evidence for transferability of training in healthy aging
Rabies risk assessment of exposures to a bat on a commercial airliner - United States, August 2011
Risks of Exposure to Ionizing and Millimeter-Wave Radiation from Airport Whole-Body Scanners
Road crash fatalities on US income tax days
Automation technology and sense of control: a window on human agency
Biomechanics of the impact: a tool for legal and forensic medicine in traffic accident investigations
Identification and analysis of Swiss National Road tunnels pathologies
Information System Design for Early Warning Management of Yangtze River Water Traffic Safety
Research on road identification method in anti-lock braking system
Whiplash injury: characteristics and medicolegal assessment in Huelva (Spain)
Young drivers' attitudes towards the main road safety measures in France
Analysis of speed characteristics for rural two-lane roads: A field study from Minoufiya Governorate, Egypt
Attentional effects on gaze preference for salient loci in traffic scenes
Distractor Inhibition: Principles of Operation During Selective Attention
The influence of sensitivity to reward and punishment, propensity for sensation seeking, depression, and anxiety on the risky behaviour of novice drivers: A path model
Multicultural web-based motivational interviewing for clients with a first-time DUI offense
(R)Evolution in vehicle acoustics-sound design, warning signals and quiet cities
Analyzing the uncertainty of simulation results in accident reconstruction with Response Surface Methodology
Application of Association Rules in Freeway Accident Data Analysis
Applying neural network analysis on heart rate variability data to assess driver fatigue
An Approach of AHP for Human Factors Analysis in the Aircraft Icing Accident
Before-After Freeway Accident Analysis using Cluster Algorithms
Big cities influence on accident prediction modeling results for the whole country
Bike Lane Design: the Context Sensitive Approach
Caring for traffic accident victims: The stories of nine male police officers
Automatic traffic incident detection based on nFOIL
Averting mobile phone use while driving and technique to locate the mobile phone used vehicle
Benefits of shift from car to active transport
Cause Analysis and Prevention of Road Tunnel Collapse in Complex Soft Strata
Cerebral fat embolism after severe road traffic accident
The changes in usage of seat belts in Antalya, Turkey
Characteristics of Road Surface Icing on Beijing Expressway
Children aged 9-14 living in disadvantaged areas in England: Opportunities and barriers for cycling
A Collision Warning System for rear-end collision: a driving simulator study
The Correction Value of Passenger-Car Equivalents for Motorcycle and Its Impact to Road Performance in Developing Countries
Crash prediction model for two-lane rural highways in the Ashanti region of Ghana
Crossing road monitoring system based on adaptive decision for illegal situation
Determination of collision criteria and causation factors appropriate to a model for estimating the probability of maritime accidents
Discussion on accuracy degree evaluation of accident velocity reconstruction model
Does colored pavement make non-signalized intersections safer? A case study in Japan
Driver usage and understanding of adaptive cruise control
Dynamic analysis of a coupled high-speed train and bridge system subjected to collision load
An Early Warning System for Drowsy Driving and Drink Driving
Effects of landscape constraints on street patterns in cities: Examples from Khorramabad, Iran
The effects of using a portable music player on simulated driving performance and task-sharing strategies
Empirical Study of Lane Changing in Urban Streets under Varying Traffic Conditions
Entering the regime of automobility: car ownership and use by novice drivers in Iceland
Estimation of the duration after methamphetamine injection using a pharmacokinetic model in suspects who caused fatal traffic accidents
Evaluating the economic impacts of light rail by measuring home appreciation: a first look at New Jersey's River Line
Evaluation of GPS-based methods of relative positioning for automotive safety applications
Evaluation of a strain monitoring system for existing steel railway bridges
Evolutionary risk preference inference model using fuzzy support vector machine for road slope collapse prediction
Examining spring wet slab and glide avalanche occurrence along the Going-to-the-Sun Road corridor, Glacier National Park, Montana, USA
The factors associated with preferences for napping and drinking coffee as countermeasures for sleepiness at the wheel among Japanese drivers
Factors influencing resident's estimate of traffic-related phenomena in their street
A fuzzy-stochastic Constraint Programming Model for Hazmat Road Transportation Considering Terrorism Attacking
Fulfilling a promise: the national action plan for child injury prevention
A fuzzy aid rear-end collision warning/avoidance system
Genetic and environmental influences on residential location in the US
GPR applied to mapping utilities along the route of the Line 4 (yellow) subway tunnel construction in São Paulo City, Brazil
GIS-assisted mapping of landscape suitability for nearby recreation
Heckle and Chide: Results of a randomized road safety intervention in Kenya
The hierarchy of roads, the locality of traffic, and governance
Improvements in road geometry measurement using inertial measurement systems in datalog vehicles
The impact of the 'school run' on road traffic accidents: A spatio-temporal analysis
Improving the quality of road injury statistics by using regression models to redistribute ill-defined events
Influence of impact scenario models on collision risk analysis
Influences of forest roads on the spatial patterns of human- and lightning-caused wildfire ignitions
Integrating geographical information and augmented reality techniques for mobile escape guidelines on nuclear accident sites
Investigating road safety issues through a microsimulation model
Learning from accidents: Updates of the European regulation on the investigation and prevention of accidents and incidents in civil aviation
Landscape design of mountain highway tunnel portals in China
Overviews of Failure Mode and Reconstruction of Road Traffic Facilities in Wenchuan Earthquak-stricken Areas
The perceived causes of severe traffic accidents: A psychosocial approach
Population ageing, gender and the transportation system
A prediction model based on artificial neural network for surface temperature simulation of nickel-metal hydride battery during charging
Psychological risk factors for road safety
Relating Safety and Capacity on Urban Freeways
Remoteness and accessibility in the vulnerability analysis of regional road networks
Road Safety Knowledge-Based Decision Support System
Road network vulnerability analysis of area-covering disruptions: A grid-based approach with case study
Roads and the diffusion of insurgent violence: The logistics of conflict in Russia's North Caucasus
Runway incursion prevention systems: A review of runway incursion avoidance and alerting system approaches
Safety assessment of a short span railway bridge for high-speed traffic using simulation techniques
Safety assessment of steel-plate girder bridges subjected to military load classification
A Safety Distance Design Model Based on Just Noticeable Difference
The safety of the future hydrogen economy
Safety performance differences between unionized and non-union motor carriers
A Simulation Framework for Emergency Response of Highway Traffic Accident
Social-demographics, driving experience and yearly driving distance in relation to a tour bus driver's at-fault accident risk
Some insights on the recent spate of accidents in Indian Railways
Speed prediction models for sustainable road safety management
Structuring risk factors related to airline cabin safety
Thermal runaway caused fire and explosion of lithium ion battery
A systemic analysis of patterns of organizational breakdowns in accidents: A case from Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) operations
Trade-off between road avoidance and attraction by roadside salt pools in moose: An agent-based model to assess measures for reducing moose-vehicle collisions
Understanding similarities in the local implementation of a healthy environment programme: Insights from policy studies
The use of Functional Resonance Analysis Method (FRAM) in a mid-air collision to understand some characteristics of the air traffic management system resilience
Use of radar rainfall estimates and forecasts to prevent flash flood in real time by using a road inundation warning system
Violence and aggressiveness in traffic
The Viareggio LPG accident: Lessons learnt
Wind tunnel investigations of aerodynamic coefficients of road vehicles on bridge deck
Wind tunnel tests on heavy road vehicles: Cross wind induced loads--Part 1
Wind tunnel tests on heavy road vehicles: Cross wind induced loads--Part 2
Vulnerability Analysis of Road Networks
Effects of marijuana on cognition: a review form the neurobiological perspective
The importance of data for global road safety
Traumatic spinal cord injuries - incidence, mechanisms and course
Research on leakage detection and analysis of leakage point in the gas pipeline system
Reaching the Hard-to-Reach: A Probability Sampling Method for Assessing Prevalence of Driving under the Influence after Drinking in Alcohol Outlets
Vital signs: unintentional injury deaths among persons aged 0-19 years - United States, 2000-2009
Activists target transportation of lab animals to shut down research
Addressing the Implementation Gap in Global Road Safety: Exploring Features of an Effective Response and Introducing a 10-Country Program
Neighborhood Social Inequalities in Road Traffic Injuries: The Influence of Traffic Volume and Road Design
Non-emergent orthopaedic injuries sustained by soldiers in operation Iraqi freedom
Road trauma perceptions and the potential influence of the media
Safety Belt Laws and Disparities in Safety Belt Use Among US High-School Drivers
The Status of Legal Authority for Injury Prevention Practice in State Health Departments
Swimming Upstream
Facial wounds: An epidemiological review of 850 cases
Accessibility and capability: the minimum transport needs and costs of rural households
Built environment correlates of active school transportation: neighborhood and the modifiable areal unit problem
Commuting times - The role of gender, children and part-time work
Associations between Safety from Crime, Cycling, and Obesity in a Dutch Elderly Population: Results from the Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam
Be seen and be safe highway safety with farm equipment program
Connection without caution? The role of mobile phone involvement in predicting young people's intentions to use a mobile phone while driving
Effects of a blue light-filtering intraocular lens on driving safety in glare conditions
Hoon club culture: A South Australian policing response
Motorcycle trauma in a St Lucian hospital
Predictors of Chronic Trauma-Related Symptoms in a Community Sample of New Zealand Motor Vehicle Accident Survivors
Project RAPTAR: Reduce Accidents, Prevent Tragedy, Activate Resources
Road lighting: A review of available technologies and appropriate systems for different situations
Road trauma, patterns of injury and mortality in an Australian trauma centre
Vulnerable road users: Characteristics of pedestrians
Using Eye-Tracker to Assess the Effectiveness of a Three-Dimensional Riding Simulator in Increasing Hazard Perception
Challenges to elderly safety in Safe Community movements in Japan
Changing characteristics of facial fractures treated at a regional, level 1 trauma center, from 2005 to 2010: an assessment of patient demographics, referral patterns, etiology of injury, anatomic location, and clinical outcomes
Collective human mobility pattern from taxi trips in urban area
Can radar detectors and safety warning system (SWS) signals improve road safety?
Does injury compensation lead to worse health after whiplash? A systematic review
Drivers with Parkinson's disease: Who participates in research studies?
The effects of two types of sleep deprivation on visual working memory capacity and filtering efficiency
Epidemiology of traumatic cervical spinal cord injury in Tianjin, China
Factors affecting two- and five-year re-offence rates in Queensland drink drivers
Inter-rater reliability of the Nottingham Neurological Driving Assessment for people with dementia - a preliminary evaluation
Interaction between driving-related self- esteem and threat
It's This Texting Thing
European study of research and development in mobility technology for persons with disabilities
Perceived crime and traffic safety is related to physical activity among adults in Nigeria
Preventing unintentional injuries: what does NICE guidance mean for primary care?
A Report of the Injuries Sustained in Iran Air Flight 277 that Crashed near Urmia, Iran
Time spent traveling in motor vehicles and its association with overweight and abdominal obesity in Colombian adults who do not own a car
The Impact of Prohibition on drinking and driving in Belo Horizonte in the State of Minas Gerais
Short sleep duration among workers - United States, 2010
Case study of a frontal car accident involving three fatally injured children
Aggressive driving among British, Dutch, Finnish and Turkish drivers
Application of FRP in a vehicle for Student Formula SAE Competition of Japan
Assessment of pedestrian head impact dynamics in small sedan and large SUV collisions
Behaviour of helmets during head impact in real accident cases of motorcyclists
Behaviour of high bumper vehicles in pedestrian scenarios with full finite element human models
Calculation of vehicle-lumped model parameters considering occupant deceleration in frontal crash
Characteristics of crashes involving injured children in side impacts
Comparison of rear seat occupant injuries in AM50 and AF05 in frontal crashes
Comparison of vehicle kinematics and occupant responses between Jordan rollover system and an over-the-road rollover
Comprehensive computational rollover sensitivity study, Part 1: influence of vehicle pre-crash parameters on crash kinematics and roof crush
Computer simulation of real-world vehicle-pedestrian impacts
Crash analysis of a three-year-old human child model in side impacts considering normal and incorrect CRS usage
Crash performance of strong-post W-beam guardrail with missing blockouts
Crashworthiness design optimisation of metal honeycomb energy absorber used in lunar lander
Crashworthiness investigation of conical and cylindrical end-capped tubes under quasi-static crash loading
The crashworthiness of civil aircraft using different quadrangular tubes as cabin-floor struts
Crashworthiness optimisation of vehicle structures with magnesium alloy parts
Development of a novel material for improved crash energy management in collisions involving vulnerable road users
Development of a wire rope model for cable guardrail simulation
Effect of humidity on pedestrian legform impactor-to-car bumper impact test results
Effect of length on crashworthiness parameters and failure modes of steel and hybrid tube made by steel and GFRP under low velocity impact
Effects of roof crush loading scenario upon body in white using topology optimisation
Evaluation of the effective mass of the body for helmet impacts
FE analysis of child occupant kinematics in CRS in side oblique impact
FE modelling of a motorcycle tyre for full-scale crash simulations
Finite element analysis of kinematic behaviour and injuries to pedestrians in vehicle collisions
Fracture tolerance of the patellofemoral joint in frontal knee impacts of 75 and 35 year-old males
Head and neck responses in oblique motorcycle helmet impacts: a novel laboratory test method
Impact crash analyses of an off-road utility vehicle - part I: validation of finite-element model for body structure
Impact crash analyses of an off-road utility vehicle - part II: simulation of frontal pole, pole side, rear barrier and rollover impact crashes
Implications of the inline seating layout on the protection of occupants of railway coach interiors
Improved car occupant safety by expandable A-pillars
Influence of the body on the response of the helmeted head during impact
Injury severity of occupants in lateral collisions in standard and small vehicles: Analysis of ITARDA's in-depth investigation data
Mechanical properties and failure mechanisms of closed-cell PVC foams
Modelling and validation of motorcyclist helmet with composite shell
Multi-objective optimisation and sensitivity analysis of a paratransit bus structure for rollover and side impact tests
On the effect of testing uncertainties in the homologation tests of motorcycle helmets according to ECE 22.05
Truck frontal underride protection - compatibility factors influencing passenger car safety
Wood-steel structure for roadside safety barriers
Worldwide application of prevention science in adolescent health
Trauma and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: a case-control study from a population-based registry
Spinal cord concussion: a retrospective study of twenty-four patients
Evaluation of the Analytical Performance of a Fuel Cell Breath Alcohol Testing Instrument: A Seven-Year Comprehensive Study
Policy implications for local application of the 2009 Youth Risk Behavior Survey, Duval County, Florida
Mandibular fracture scoring system: for prediction of complications
Bladder injuries after external trauma: 20 years experience report in a population-based cross-sectional view
Dynamic material properties of the pregnant human uterus
Fatal occupational injuries among non-governmental employees in Malaysia
Interobserver agreement of the injury diagnoses obtained by postmortem computed tomography of traffic fatality victims and a comparison with autopsy results
Obstetric and gynecological outcome in a patient with traumatic pelvic fracture and perineal injuries
Pain and interference of pain with function and mood in elderly adults involved in a motor vehicle collision: a pilot study
Purposeful exercise, including bicycle transportation, improves health
Risk differences between children and adults in road traffic injuries: a descriptive study from a tertiary-care hospital in a low-income country
Triggering of acute myocardial infarction by different means of transportation
Transdiaphragmatic intercostal hernia following blunt trauma
Symptom dimensions of disruptive behavior disorders in adolescent drivers
Concussion Knowledge among Medical Students and Neurology/Neurosurgery Residents
Maxillofacial trauma and seat belt: a 10-year retrospective study
Public Health injury surveillance: still an unresolved matter
Validation of reported events from a vertical chute marine evacuation study
Screening for Alcohol Use in Criminal Justice Settings: An Exploratory Study
Long-term health effects of unintentional injuries in Danish adults
The mental wormhole: Internal attention shifts without regard for distance
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) notes. Drugged driving expert panel report: a consensus protocol for assessing the potential of drugs to impair driving
Empirical study of driver responses during the yellow signal phase at six Maryland intersections
Case study of motorcycle use and policy analysis in Huizhou, China
Aerial ropeway transportation systems in the urban environment: state of the art
Aircraft response in an airfield arrestor system during an overrun
Conditional quantile analysis for crash count data
Effect of bicycles on the saturation flow rate of turning vehicles at signalized intersections
Evaluation of temperature influence on friction measurements
Signal optimization at urban highway rail grade crossings using an online adaptive priority strategy
Head ejection during barrier impacts
Highway geometric design from the perspective of recent safety developments
Impact of signal timing information on safety and efficiency of signalized intersections
Injury severity of multivehicle crash in rainy weather
Modeling the relationship between geometric design and weaving section flow process of conventional roundabouts
Sampling and analysis methods for estimation of average vehicle occupancies
Can rural older drivers meet their needs without a car? Stated adaptation responses from a GPS travel diary survey
Cycling to work in 90 large American cities: new evidence on the role of bike paths and lanes
Developing an integrated scobit-based activity participation and time allocation model to explore influence of childcare on women's time use behaviour
Developing socially inclusive transportation policy: transferring the United Kingdom policy approach to the State of Victoria?
E-bikes and urban transportation: emerging issues and unresolved questions
A meta-analysis of the relationship between density and travel behavior
A review on travel behaviour modelling in dynamic traffic simulation models for evacuations
Spatial epidemiologic analysis of relative collision risk factors among urban bicyclists and pedestrians
Using ordered attitudinal indicators in a latent variable choice model: a study of the impact of security on rail travel behaviour
Walking to the bus: perceived versus actual walking distance to bus stops for older adults
About pedestrian safety in Europe
Analysis of the influence of 3D coordination on the perception of horizontal curvature using driving simulator
Effect of moderated doses of alcohol on behavior of drivers confronted to simulated scenarios of accident
Effects of mobile telephone tasks on driving performance: a driving simulator study
Elderly drivers vs. IVIS and ADAS - Results from a set of driving simulator studies
Evaluating impacts on freeway capacity using VISSIM: accounting for truck lane restrictions, driver behavior, and interchange density
Hazard perception in teenagers: an effectiveness study of a virtual riding trainer
An in-depth analysis of red light crossing problem in Saudi Arabia
Road Casualty in Brunei Darussalam: Country Commentary
Safety effects of left exit on freeway: a case study in Florida, USA
Self-reported behavior, perceptions, and attitudes of drivers regarding seat belt use: a descriptive study
A simplified method for analyzing factors contributing to motorcyclists' fatal injuries in Ohio
Study of driver's behavior during overtaking situations
Tools and methodologies for the study of motorcyclist's behaviour in real context
Visualization of signalized intersections in driving simulator and validity of driving behaviors in virtual environments
Channelized right-turn lanes at signalized intersections: the U.S. experience
Estimation of passenger car equivalent (PCE) of right turning vehicles at signalized intersection in Dhaka Metropolitan City, Bangladesh
Implementing a passive RFID e-seal system for transit container security: a case study of Kaohsiung Port
Qualitative judgements of resemblance between road accident cases: what degree of agreement among experts?
Estimation of gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB) co-consumption in serum samples of drivers positive for amphetamine or ecstasy
Incidence and Prevalence of Spinal Cord Injury in Canada: A National Perspective
Medicinal THC (dronabinol) impairs on-the-road driving performance of occasional and heavy cannabis users but is not detected in Standardized Field Sobriety Tests
Presence of psychoactive substances in oral fluid from randomly selected drivers in Denmark
Alcohol-related social problems among Mexican Americans living in U.S.-Mexico border and non-border areas
Awareness Is Necessary for Extracting Patterns in Working Memory but Not for Directing Spatial Attention
Continuous measures of driving performance on an advanced office-based driving simulator can be used to predict simulator task failure in patients with obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome
Dual-tasking interferes with obstacle avoidance reactions in healthy seniors
Early and late motor responses to action observation
Gender differences in trauma mechanisms, and outcomes in a rural hospital which is not designed as trauma centre
High incidence of traumatic spinal cord injury in Estonia
The Informational Constraints of Behavioral Distraction by Unexpected Sounds: The Role of Event Information
Shift work and the assessment and management of shift work disorder (SWD)
A study of alcohol use by designated drivers among college students
Traumatic asphyxial deaths in car crush: Report of 3 autopsy cases
Susceptibility-weighted imaging in patient with consciousness disturbance after traffic accident
A cross-sectional survey of the relationship between walking, biking, and the built environment for adults aged over 70 years
Data availability and morbidity profile in Colombia
Implications of Driving Patterns on Well-to-Wheel Performance of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Sociospatial distribution of access to facilities for moderate and vigorous intensity physical activity in Scotland by different modes of transport
Car accidents as a method of suicide: A comprehensive overview
A comparison of pharmacoepidemiological study designs in medication use and traffic safety research
The Epidemic of Distraction
Head and traumatic brain injuries among Australian youth and young adults, July 2000-June 2006
Investigation of pulmonary contusion extent and its correlation to crash, occupant, and injury characteristics in motor vehicle crashes
Socio-demographic and clinical characteristics of Brazilian patients with epilepsy who drive and their association with traffic accidents
Bias caused by self-reporting distraction and its impact on crash estimates
Effects of national culture on human failures in container shipping: The moderating role of Confucian dynamism
Episodic heavy drinking, problem drinking and injuries - Results of the WHO/NIAAA collaborative emergency room study in South Korea
The Mirage of Impairing Drug Concentration Thresholds: A Rationale for Zero Tolerance Per Se Driving under the Influence of Drugs Laws
Overview of critical risk factors in Power-Two-Wheeler safety
Speed enforcement in China: National, provincial and city initiatives and their success
Response corridors for the medial-lateral compressive stiffness of the human arm: Implications for side impact protection
Vehicle mass and injury risk in two-car crashes: A novel methodology
Enforcing impaired driving laws against hospitalized drivers: the intersection of healthcare, patient confidentiality, and law enforcement
Fatigue and hours of service of interstate truck drivers (II): Psychomotor reactions
Different Mechanisms of Decapitation: Three Classic and One Unique Case History
Demographic profile of traumatic spinal cord injuries admitted at Indian Spinal Injuries Centre with special emphasis on mode of injury: a retrospective study
Road traffic crash injuries and fatalities in the city of Kerman, Iran
Head movements while steering around bends
Patterns of Trauma Induced by Motorboat and Ferry Propellers as Illustrated by Three Known Cases from Rhode Island
A study of psychiatric consequences following road traffic accidents
Complexity of spatiotemporal traffic phenomena in flow of identical drivers: Explanation based on fundamental hypothesis of three-phase theory
The Great Indian Invisible Railroad Disaster
Psychomotor Performance, Subjective and Physiological Effects and Whole Blood {Delta}9-Tetrahydrocannabinol Concentrations in Heavy, Chronic Cannabis Smokers Following Acute Smoked Cannabis
RE: Seatbelt compliance and mortality in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries in comparison with other high-income countries
Reply to: RE: Seatbelt compliance and mortality in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries in comparison with other high-income countries
A statistical analysis of the impact of advertising signs on road safety
Thoracic hyperextension injury with complete "bony disruption" of the thoracic cage: Case report of a potentially life-threatening injury
Incidence and risk for traumatic and overuse injuries in top-level road cyclists
Inequities in usage of a public bicycle sharing scheme: Socio-demographic predictors of uptake and usage of the London (UK) cycle hire scheme
Pediatric Road Traffic Accident Deaths Presenting to a Nigerian Referral Center
Celebrating the end of school life: a pilot study
Police custody following drink-driving: A prospective study
Prehospital trauma system reduces mortality in severe trauma: a controlled study of road traffic casualties in Iraq
A Public Health Enforcement Initiative to Combat Underage Drinking Using Emergency Medical Services Call Data
Renal Trauma from Recreational Accidents Manifests Different Injury Patterns than Urban Renal Trauma
Solving vehicle fall hazards
A successful model of Road traffic injury surveillance in a developing country: Process and Lessons Learnt
Application of geographic information system to road traffic injuries in a city
The costs of sprawl for private-vehicle commuters
Effects of table design in railway carriages on pregnant occupant safety
Epidemiology of head injuries
An evaluation of the user characteristics of an open access DRT service
Everyday connectivity: equity, technologies, competencies and walking
Factors associated with bicycling to high school: insights from Davis, CA
GIS based destination accessibility via public transit and walking in Auckland, New Zealand
Gender structures in car availability in car deficient households
Gendered patterns of IMT adoption and use: Learning from action research
"If I Walked on my Own at Night I Stuck to Well Lit Areas." Gendered spaces and urban transport in 20th century Britain
Is there a gender gap in school travel? An examination of US children and adolescents
A long term analysis of the mechanisms underlying children's activity-travel engagements in the Osaka metropolitan area
Modeling and prediction of driver behavior by foot gesture analysis
Rural transport - Valuing the mobility of older people
Verification of the safety communication protocol in train control system using colored Petri net
Vehicle routing under time-dependent travel times: The impact of congestion avoidance
Trends and characteristics of injuries in the State of Qatar: hospital-based study
Travel differences by gender for older people in London
Templates for Rejection: Configuring Attention to Ignore Task-Irrelevant Features
Towards an interdisciplinary science of transport and health: a case study on school travel
Toward an understanding of children's perceptions of their transport geographies: (non)active school travel and visual representations of the built environment
Traffic instabilities in self-organized pedestrian crowds
Risk-based policies for airport security checkpoint screening
The development of a conflict hazardous assessment model for evaluating urban intersection safety
Abdominal impalement from motor vehicle crash
Accessibility and safety indicators for all road users: case study Delhi BRT
Addressing passenger risk uncertainty for aviation security screening
Analysis and modeling time headway distributions under heavy traffic flow conditions in the urban highways: case of Isfahan
Alternative methodology for determining gap acceptance for two-way stop-controlled intersections
Analysis of rainfall impacts on platooned vehicle spacing and speed
Analysis of risk factors affecting the severity of intersection crashes by logistic regression
Assessment of the effect of pavement macrotexture on interstate crashes
Assessment of cognitive function while on low-dose propranolol: implications for usage by survivors in a disabled submarine
Associating crash avoidance maneuvers with driver attributes and accident characteristics: a mixed logit model approach
Characteristics of acute treatment costs of traumatic brain injury in Eastern China-a multi-centre prospective observational study
The Burden of Injury in Terms of Economics Loss and Disability Days: A Community Based Study form Eastern Nepal
Characterizing the role of strategic disposition and orientation to risk in wayfinding
Childhood injury prevention revisited
Congruent visual information improves traffic signage
The Crosstalk Hypothesis: Why Language Interferes With Driving
European driver rules in vehicle routing with time windows
Factors affecting highway safety, health care services, and motorization -- an exploratory empirical analysis using aggregate data
Determining subgroups of teens for targeted driving injury prevention strategies: a latent class analysis approach
Development and validation of a crash culpability scoring tool
Differentiating between left-turn gap and lag acceptance at unsignalized intersections as a function of the site characteristics
Disaggregate safety evaluation for signalized intersections and evaluation tool
Driver perception of roadside configurations on two-lane rural roads: Effects on speed and lateral placement
Driving anger and traffic violations: Gender differences
Driving citations and aggressive behavior
Empirical Bayes method in the study of traffic safety via heterogeneous negative multinomial model
Estimation of the traffic accidents costs in Serbia by using dominant costs model
How can the safety culture perspective be applied to road traffic?
Implementation of community flood risk communication in Kumamoto, Japan
Integrated stochastic approach for risk and service estimation: passing sight distance application
Logistic model of injury risks in single vehicle crashes in urban neighborhoods
Making transport safer: V2V-based automated emergency braking system
Obesity, where is it driving us?
Prediction for traffic accident severity: comparing the artificial neural network, genetic algorithm, combined genetic algorithm and pattern search methods
Road safety issues in Pakistan: a case study of Lahore
A statistical analysis of the effect of wet-pavement friction on highway traffic safety
Transferability of hurricane evacuation choice model: joint model estimation combining multiple data sources
Truck driver scheduling in the European Union
Young and unlicensed: risky driving before entering the licensing system
What determines commute time choices? A structural equation modelling approach
Drunk driving across the globe: let's learn from one another
The Economic Gains of Achieving Reduced Alcohol Consumption Targets for Australia
The effect of tire grip on learning driving skill and driving style: A driving simulator study
Effectiveness of red light cameras on the right‐angle crash involvement of motorcycles
Effects of the presence of the body in helmet oblique impacts
Embedding risk attitudes in a scheduling model: application to the study of commuting departure time
EMS Stretcher "Misadventures" in a Large, Urban EMS System: A Descriptive Analysis of Contributing Factors and Resultant Injuries
Evaluation of the injury impairment scale, a tool to predict road crash sequelae, in a French cohort of road crash survivors
An examination of some safety issues among commercial motorcyclists in Nigeria: a case study
Explaining transport mode use of low-income persons for journey to work in urban areas: a case study of Ontario and Quebec
An exploratory examination of risk-taking behavior and PTSD symptom severity in a veteran sample
Facial injuries in Scotland 2001-2009: Epidemiological and sociodemographic determinants
Foreign living experience as a predictor of domestic travel behavior
Gender differences in activity participation, time-of-day and duration choices: new evidence from Calgary
Gender differences in highway driving performance after administration of sleep medication: a review of the literature
Global burden of injuries attributable to alcohol consumption in 2004: a novel way of calculating the burden of injuries attributable to alcohol consumption
High Versus Low Level of Response to Alcohol: Evidence of Differential Reactivity to Emotional Stimuli
The Hispanic Americans Baseline Alcohol Survey (HABLAS): The association between acculturation, birthplace and alcohol consumption across Hispanic national groups
Impaired Response Inhibition in Veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
The improvement conception of drivers training and examination system in Lithuania
Increasing the capacity of intersections by short traffic lanes
Individual and contextual socioeconomic disadvantages and car driving between 16 and 24 years of age: a multilevel study in the Rhône Département (France)
Individual differences in drivers' cognitive processing of road safety messages
An integrated method of identifying and ranking danger spots for pedestrians on microlocation
An investigation into the use and limitations of different spatial integration schemes and finite element software in head impact analyses
Left hemidiaphragm rupture following high-speed motor vehicle crash
Seatbelt: a double-edged sword
Risk factors for child and adolescent occupants, bicyclists, and pedestrians in motorized vehicle collisions
Risk of crashing with a tram: Perceptions of pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists
Simulation-based predicting the position of road tank explosions. Part I: data and models
Speeding by young novice drivers: What can personal characteristics and psychosocial theory add to our understanding?
The Social Perceptual Salience Effect
Traumatic aortic injury score (TRAINS): an easy and simple score for early detection of traumatic aortic injuries in major trauma patients with associated blunt chest trauma
Traffic accidents on expressways: new threat to China
Transportation behaviors in Shiraz, Iran
Regret theory-based route choices and traffic equilibria
Polarization resolved classification of winter road condition in the near-infrared region
Neck injury response to direct head impact
Nonconformities in real-world fatal crashes- electronic stability control and seat belt reminders
The occupant response to autonomous braking: a modeling approach that accounts for active musculature
Older drivers' visual search behaviour at intersections
Medical conditions, medication use, and their relationship with subsequent motor vehicle injuries: examination of the canadian national population health survey
Minimization of analytical injury metrics for head impact injuries
Motorcycle-based adolescents' travel behaviour during the school morning commute and the effect of intra-household interaction on departure time and mode choice
Maneuvers of motorcycles in queues at signalized intersections
Logistics of hurricane evacuation in Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
Estimation of the severity of safety critical events
Independent Effects of Sleep Duration and Body Mass Index on the Risk of a Work-Related Injury: Evidence From the US National Health Interview Survey (2004-2010)
A retrospective analysis of maxillofacial injuries in patients reporting to a tertiary care hospital in East Delhi
Are you approaching me? Motor execution influences perceived action orientation
A model for evacuation risk assessment with consideration of pre- and post-disaster factors
Modeling and validation of off-road vehicle ride dynamics
A multilane junction model
Passenger and pilot risk minimization in offshore helicopter transportation
Prediction of tread block forces for a free-rolling tyre in contact with a rough road
Prioritizing risks via several expert perspectives with application to runway safety
Prevalence of ethanol and illicit drugs in road traffic accidents in the centre of Portugal: An eighteen-year update
Sleepiness and fatigue following traumatic brain injury
A method to determine the road traffic flows for installing the noise barriers along a surface and viaduct combined highway
Optimization of foam-filled bitubal structures for crashworthiness criteria
Social inequality, disadvantaged neighbourhoods and transport deprivation: an assessment of the historical influence of housing policies
Improved hierarchical fuzzy TOPSIS for road safety performance evaluation
Passengers' decisions to ride with a driver under the influence of either alcohol or cannabis
Alcohol use at time of injury and survival following traumatic brain injury: results from the national trauma data bank
Application of the FIA Score to German Rescue Helicopter Accidents to Predict Fatalities in Helicopter Emergency Medical Systems (HEMS) Crashes
Associations of physical activity with neighborhood environments and transportation modes in older Japanese adults
Attentional spread in deaf and hearing participants: Face and object distractor processing under perceptual load
Active transportation to school in Canadian youth: should injury be a concern?
Bicycle helmet use and non-use recently published research
Artificial Horizon Effects on Motion Sickness and Performance
Caffeinated Alcohol Beverages: A Public Health Concern
Factors Associated With Serious Traffic Crashes: A Prospective Study in Southwest France
"Hot" Facilitation of "Cool" Processing: Emotional Distraction Can Enhance Priming of Visual Search
Isolated traumatic shoulder disarticulation after a motor vehicle collision
Musical hallucination following whiplash injury: case report and literature review
Seasonal variations in injury rates in children: evidence from a 10-year study in the Veneto Region, Italy
Commentary: driver electronic device use-put down that cell telephone!
A comprehensive risk assessment framework for offsite transportation of inflammable hazardous waste
Daily variations in spring break alcohol and sexual behaviors based on intentions, perceived norms, and daily trip context
DIAL: a randomised trial of a telephone brief intervention for alcohol
Differences in incidence of injury between rural and urban children in Canada and the USA: a systematic review
Drug abuse-related accidents leading to emergency department visits at two medical centers
Earthquakes on the mind: implications of disasters for human performance
The effect of apparent latency on simulator sickness while using a see-through helmet-mounted display: reducing apparent latency with predictive compensation
The effect of a low and high resource intervention on older drivers' knowledge, behaviors and risky driving
The effects of sleep deprivation on the attentional functions and vigilance
Factors associated with adolescents' propensity to drive with multiple passengers and to engage in risky driving behaviors
Factors Associated with Road Accidents among Brazilian Motorcycle Couriers
Factors related to seatbelt-wearing among rear-seat passengers in Malaysia
Full Bayes Poisson gamma, Poisson lognormal, and zero inflated random effects models: Comparing the precision of crash frequency estimates
A Haven of Last Resort: The Consequences of Evacuating Florida Nursing Home Residents to Nonclinical Buildings
Hospitalization for underage drinkers in the United States
Impulsivity in the general population: A national study
Injuries increase the amputee burden at the prosthesis centre: a 2-year retrospective survey of amputees in a low-income setting
Investigation of models for relating roundabout safety to predicted speed
An investigation of response and stimulus modality transfer effects after dual-task training in younger and older
Scrolling and driving: how an MP3 player and its aftermarket controller affect driving performance and visual behavior
Uncorrected distance visual impairment among adolescents in the United States
Supervised hours requirements in graduated driver licensing: Effectiveness and parental awareness
The risk behaviors and mental health of detained adolescents: a controlled, prospective longitudinal study
Peer passengers: how do they affect teen crashes?
A qualitative approach using the integrative model of behaviour change to identify intervention strategies to increase optimal child restraint practices among culturally and linguistically diverse families in New South Wales
A multimodal location and routing model for hazardous materials transportation
How to make young driver laws even better: Fatal crash rates have plunged, but there's still room for progress
Factors influencing survival in case of shipwreck and other maritime disasters in the Danish merchant fleet since 1970
Identifying crucial safety assessment criteria for passenger ferry services
Introducing roadside hazard severity indicator based on evidential reasoning approach
Methodological application of system dynamics for evaluating traffic safety policy
Metro railway safety: An analysis of accident precursors
Study of a proposed tunnel evacuation passageway formed by opposite-double air curtain ventilation
Risk-optimal highway design: Methodology and case studies
Biological clock and sleep
The changing epidemiology of spinal trauma: A 13-year review from a Level I trauma centre
Efficient driver drowsiness detection at moderate levels of drowsiness
Evaluation of personal and built environment attributes to physical activity: a multilevel analysis on multiple population-based data sources
Head injury in children
The influence of seat backrest angle on perceived discomfort during exposure to vertical whole-body vibration
Insomnia, comorbidity, and risk of injury among insured Americans: results from the America Insomnia Survey
The relationship between cluster-analysis derived walkability and local recreational and transportation walking among Canadian adults
Sleep: a health imperative
Activity of motorcycle taxi driver: risks and weaknesses self referred
Adapting ISA system warnings to enhance user acceptance
Aging and performance on an everyday-based visual search task
Analysis of 86 fatal motorcycle frontal crashes in Chongqing, China
Assessment and validation of prognostic models for poor functional recovery 12 months after whiplash injury: a multicentre inception cohort study
Assessing farm tractor incidents and awareness levels of operators for tractor safety issues in the Hatay province of Turkey
Associations between task, training and social environmental factors and error types involved in rail incidents and accidents
Auditory detection and localization of approaching vehicles
Bayesian random effect models incorporating real-time weather and traffic data to investigate mountainous freeway hazardous factors
Can enforced behaviour change attitudes? Exploring the influence of Intelligent Speed Adaptation
Cognitive pitfall! Videogame players are not immune to dual-task costs
Combined effects of work-related stress in Her Majesty's Coastguard (HMCG)
Could Intelligent Speed Adaptation make overtaking unsafe?
Deal or no deal: Can incentives encourage widespread adoption of intelligent speed adaptation devices?
Death has a preference for birthdays-an analysis of death time series
Design for end-user acceptance: requirements for work clothing for fishermen in mediterranean and northern fishing grounds
Driving with navigational instructions: Investigating user behaviour and performance
A disaggregate model for quantifying the safety effects of winter road maintenance activities at an operational level
Driving in fog: The effects of driving experience and visibility on speed compensation and hazard avoidance
Drink-driving in community sports clubs: Adopting the Good Sports alcohol management program
ER visits predict premature death among teenagers
Effect of North Carolina's restriction on teenage driver cell phone use two years after implementation
Effect of job loss due to plant closure on mortality and hospitalization
Establishing the need for an engineering standard for agricultural hitch pins
Estimation of rear-end vehicle crash frequencies in urban road tunnels
Evaluation of the effects of disabilities due to traffic accidents on the quality of life using SF-36 health survey
Exploring the safety implications of young drivers' behavior, attitudes and perceptions
How much benefit does Intelligent Speed Adaptation deliver?-An analysis of its potential contribution to safety and environment
Human movement is both diffusive and directed
Impact direction effect on serious-to-fatal injuries among drivers in near-side collisions according to impact location: Focus on thoracic injuries
The influence of music on mental effort and driving performance
Impulsivity and rapid decision-making for reward
Intelligent speed adaptation as an assistive device for drivers with acquired brain injury: A single-case field experiment
Interventions to evaluate fitness to drive among people with chronic conditions: Systematic review of literature
Investigating the factorial invariance of the 28-item DBQ across genders and age groups: An Exploratory Structural Equation Modeling Study
Is intelligent speed adaptation ready for deployment?
Is the three-foot bicycle passing law working in Baltimore, Maryland?
ISA implementation and uncertainty: A literature review and expert elicitation study
Judgments of approach speed for motorcycles across different lighting levels and the effect of an improved tri-headlight configuration
Motorcycle and scooter speeds approaching urban intersections
Nonresponse analysis and adjustment in a mail survey on car accidents
Occupational hazards for fishermen in the workplace in Polish coastal and beach fishing - a point of view
Older drivers' crashes in Queensland, Australia
Pay as You Speed, ISA with incentive for not speeding: Results and interpretation of speed data
Pay as You Speed, ISA with incentives for not speeding: A case of test driver recruitment
Population behavioral scenarios influencing radiological disaster preparedness and planning
Predictive Effects of Good Self-Control and Poor Regulation on Alcohol-Related Outcomes: Do Protective Behavioral Strategies Mediate?
Road safety risk evaluation and target setting using data envelopment analysis and its extensions
The road user behaviour of school students in Belgium
The role of sensation seeking, perceived peer pressure, and harmful alcohol use in riding with an alcohol-impaired driver
The roles of exposure and speed in road safety analysis
Safety countermeasures and crash reduction in New York City-Experience and lessons learned
Safety effects of low-cost engineering measures. An observational study in a Portuguese multilane road
Safety effects of wider edge lines on rural, two-lane highways
Self-rated driving and driving safety in older adults
Sleep Disorders and Traffic Accidents
A spatial and temporal analysis of child pedestrian crashes in Santiago, Chile
Stuck in the 70s: The role of social norms in distracted driving
Surveillance of maritime deaths on board Danish merchant ships, 1986-2009
Timing of Traumatic Brain Injury in Childhood and Intellectual Outcome
Translation and adaptation of the Motorcycle Rider Behavior Questionnaire: a Brazilian version
Trends in alcohol-impaired driving in Canada
Using a multidimensional Rasch model approach to measure the police's perceived ability to detect, detain and intercept DWI vehicles when conducting sobriety checkpoints
What benefit does Intelligent Speed Adaptation deliver? A close examination of its effect on vehicle speeds
Valuation of morbidity and mortality risk reductions. Does context matter?
Vaginal trauma after a personal watercraft accident
Achieving international progress on alcohol and traffic safety
The advocacy factor: the importance of grassroots movements in support of DWI policies
Alcohol-related consequences in African American and European American college students
Analysis of traumatic injuries presenting to a referral hospital emergency department in Moshi, Tanzania
The bid, the lead-up, the event and the legacy: global cultural politics and hosting the Olympics
Case-control analysis in highway safety: Accounting for sites with multiple crashes
Acute alcohol effects on impulsivity: Associations with drinking and driving behavior
Alcohol-related injury among Greek-letter college students: defining a target population for secondary prevention
Assessing the Psychometric and Ecometric Properties of Neighborhood Scales in Developing Countries: Saúde em Beagá Study, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, 2008-2009
Camel-Related Injuries: Prospective Study of 212 Patients
Change in alcohol outlet density and alcohol-related harm to population health
'Diligent in business, serving the Lord': John Burns, evangelicalism and Cunard's culture of speed, 1878-1901
Exceeding the speed limit: prevalence and determinants in Iran
Feeling the Need for (Personalized) Speed: How Natural Controls and Customization Contribute to Enjoyment of a Racing Game Through Enhanced Immersion
A Hybrid Brain Computer Interface to Control the Direction and Speed of a Simulated or Real Wheelchair
Magnitude of impact and healthcare use for musculoskeletal disorders in the pediatric population: a population-based study
Motor vehicle accidents: How should cirrhotic patients be managed?
Navigating culture: navigational instruments as cultural artefacts, c. 1550-1650
Performance measures and input uncertainty for pedestrian crossing exposure estimates
Perceived neighborhood environmental attributes associated with adults' transport-related walking and cycling: Findings from the USA, Australia and Belgium
Patterns of suicide and other trespassing fatalities on state-owned railways in greater Stockholm; implications for prevention
Posttraumatic and depressive symptoms in victims of occupational accidents
Deaths while on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces, 1990-2011
Effort, exaggeration and malingering after concussion
Helmet use among motorcyclists who died in crashes and economic cost savings associated with state motorcycle helmet laws - United States, 2008-2010
Most older pedestrians are unable to cross the road in time: a cross-sectional study
Preventing risky driving: A novel and efficient brief intervention focusing on acknowledgement of personal risk factors
Sociodemographic characteristics associated with binge drinking among Brazilians
Preparation of forensic reports of injuries
The structure of non-combat injuries in survivors and victims of maritime disasters of warships in peacetime
Suicide mortality in comparison to traffic accidents and homicides as causes of unnatural death. An analysis of 14,441 cases in Germany in the year 2010
Women and young adults suffer most from other people's drinking
Traumatic brain injuries caused by traffic accidents in five European countries: outcome and public health consequences
Comparison of alcohol impairment of behavioral and attentional inhibition
Concentrations of zolpidem and zopiclone in venous blood samples from impaired drivers compared with femoral blood from forensic autopsies
Developing countries ignore drinking and driving problems at their own peril
Differences in posttraumatic stress reactions between witnesses and direct victims of motor vehicle accidents
Drugs for insomnia
Effect of increasing active travel in urban England and Wales on costs to the National Health Service
Effect of seat belt pretensioners on human abdomen and thorax: Biomechanical response and risk of injuries
Effect of working consecutive night shifts on sleep time, prior wakefulness, perceived levels of fatigue and performance on a psychometric test in emergency registrars
Factors associated with illegal motorcycle street racing and help-seeking intention
Fatal accident distribution by age, gender and head injury, and death probability at accident scene in Mashhad, Iran, 2006-2009
Gender stereotypes and superior conformity of the self in a sample of cyclists
How socioeconomic status influences road traffic injuries and home injuries in Rome
The impact of on-road motion on BMS touch screen device operation
Implementation and early outcomes of a peer-led traffic safety initiative for high school students
Information interventions for recovery following vehicle-related trauma to persons of working age: A systematic review of the literature
Issues in motorcycle sensory and cognitive conspicuity: The impact of motorcycle low-beam headlights and riding experience on drivers' decisions to turn across the path of a motorcycle
Injury pattern, injury severity, and mortality in 33,495 hospital-admitted victims of motorized two-wheeled vehicle crashes in The Netherlands
Lifetime Drinking Course of Driving-While-Impaired Offenders
The Maze Test: A significant predictor of older driver crash risk
Medicines and driving: evaluation of training and software support for patient counselling by pharmacists
Pareto frontier analyses based decision making tool for transportation of hazardous waste
Perception of safety of cyclists in Dublin City
Prevalence and factors associated with road traffic crash among taxi drivers in Hanoi, Vietnam
Predictors of Hazardous Drinking Behavior in 1,340 Adult Trauma Patients: A Computerized Alcohol Screening and Intervention Study
Pulmonary cystic lesions post motor vehicle accident: a rare occurrence
Reductions in transport mortality in Australia: Evidence of a public health success
Risk factors predisposing to pedestrian road traffic injury in children living in Lima, Peru: a case-control study
State Patty's Day: College Student Drinking and Local Crime Increased on a Student-constructed Holiday
Substance use and mild traumatic brain injury risk reduction and prevention: a novel model for treatment
Systematic review of the quality and generalizability of studies on the effects of opioids on driving and cognitive/psychomotor performance
Tricuspid valve chordal rupture due to airbag injury and review of pathophysiological mechanisms
A two-stage mining framework to explore key risk conditions on one-vehicle crash severity
The Unintended Effects of Risk-Refuting Information on Anxiety
Understanding Trauma as a Men's Health Issue: Sex Differences in Traumatic Injury Presentations at a Level 1 Trauma Center in Australia
Walking for Recreation and Perceptions of the Neighborhood Environment in Older Chinese Urban Dwellers
Taking alcohol by deception II: Paraga (alcoholic herbal mixture) use among commercial motor drivers in a south-western Nigerian city
Young drivers' perceptions of culpability of sleep-deprived versus drinking drivers
Vehicle surge detection and pathway discrimination by pedestrians who are blind: Effect of adding an alert sound to hybrid electric vehicles on performance
Epidemiological profile of emergency care for dental and oral injuries in Brazil, 2006-2007
Incidence of moderate-to-severe traumatic brain injuries after reduction in alcohol prices
An investigation on the noise reduction performance of profiled rigid median barriers at highways
Two years into the road safety in 10 countries project: how are countries doing?
A Swiss neighbourhood index of socioeconomic position: development and association with mortality
Acute Alcohol Effects on Attentional Bias in Heavy and Moderate Drinkers
Aetiology, pattern and treatment of mandibular condylar fractures in 549 patients: A 22-year retrospective study
Burden of road traffic injuries and related risk factors in low and middle-income Pacific island countries and territories: a systematic review of the scientific literature (TRIP 5)
Cognitive components of simulated driving performance: Sleep loss effects and predictors
Design considerations to enhance the safety of patient compartments in ambulance transporters
Marine highway transport of toxic inhalation hazard materials
Diabetes and driving: thoughts and educational perspectives
Distraction-induced driving error: An on-road examination of the errors made by distracted and undistracted drivers
D'où venons-nous/que somes nous/où allons nous? Accidents are inevitable
The economic burden of road traffic injuries: evidence from a provincial general hospital in Vietnam
Elderly drivers' everyday behavior as a predictor of crash involvement-Questionnaire responses by drivers' family members
An empirical tool to evaluate the safety of cyclists: Community based, macro-level collision prediction models using negative binomial regression
Error-related anterior cingulate cortex activity and the prediction of conscious error awareness
Evidence to Practice Commentary: The Evidence Alert Traffic Light Grading System
Fatal childhood injuries in Finland, 1971-2010
The impact of Stereotype Threat on the simulated driving performance of older drivers
The importance of Active Transportation to and from school for daily physical activity among children
Injuries occurring in medical students during international medical rotations: a strategy toward maximizing safety
Integrating space and time in visual search: How the preview benefit is modulated by stereoscopic depth
A maximally selected test of symmetry about zero
Motor Vehicle Collision-related Emergency Department Visits by Older Adults in the United States
Motorcycling experience and hazard perception
Pedestrian crossing location influences injury severity in urban areas
Translating road safety into health outcomes using a quantitative impact assessment model
Visual and memory search in complex environments: determinants of eye movements and search performance
What is the burden of alcohol-related injuries in an inner city emergency department?
The changing gender differences in life expectancy in Korea 1970-2005
Design and testing of a multi-sensor pedestrian location and navigation platform
Cognitive characteristics of older Japanese drivers
Healthcare and disability service utilization in the 5-year period following transport-related traumatic brain injury
Investigating the relative risk factors of injuries caused by accidents on roads in the Mashhad area in 2007
Monocular Camera/IMU/GNSS Integration for Ground Vehicle Navigation in Challenging GNSS Environments
Age, period and cohort effects on the incidence of motorcyclist casualties in traffic crashes
The aging motorcyclist: A comparative epidemiologic study on pattern and severity of injury
Application of propensity scores and potential outcomes to estimate effectiveness of traffic safety countermeasures: Exploratory analysis using intersection lighting data
Application of a protocol "alcohol and drugs" with the Prefecture of La Spezia, Italy. Results for the year 2011 following the application of the Protocol, alcohol and drugs (Sections 186/187 CDS) shared between the Prefecture of La Spezia and the ASL 5 L
Attitudes do matter: The role of attitudes and personality in DUI offenders
Automobile commuting duration and the quantity of time spent with spouse, children, and friends
Chest injuries based on medical rescue team data
Chest trauma in children, single center experience
Clinical predictors of driving status in Huntington's disease
Commentary on: Sterling K. The rate of dissipation of mouth alcohol in alcohol positive subjects. J Forensic Sci 2012. In press. DOI: 10.1111/j.1556-4029.2011.02023.x
Coronary artery pseudoaneurysm following blunt trauma
Crash avoidance potential of four large truck technologies
Daytime alertness in Parkinson's disease: Potentially dose-dependent, divergent effects by drug class
Does community type moderate the relationship between parent perceptions of the neighborhood and physical activity in children?
Drinking less but greater harm: could polarized drinking habits explain the divergence between alcohol consumption and harms among youth?
Driver behavior in car-to-pedestrian incidents: An application of the Driving Reliability and Error Analysis Method (DREAM)
Effects of the common cold on mood, psychomotor performance, the encoding of new information, speed of working memory and semantic processing
Effects of time of day and sleep deprivation on motorcycle-driving performance
Estimation of number of fatalities caused by toxic gases due to fire in road tunnels
Factors influencing motorcycle crash victim outcomes: a prospective study
Impact of totally and partially predictive alert in distracted and undistracted subjects: An event related potential study
Impairment of simulated motorcycle riding performance under low dose alcohol
The influence of seatbelts on the types of operated brachial plexus lesions caused by car accidents
An investigation of the effects of the common cold on simulated driving performance and detection of collisions: a laboratory study
Is helicopter evacuation effective in rural trauma transport?
Lack of tolerance to the disinhibiting effects of alcohol in heavy drinkers
Older drivers and rapid deceleration events: Salisbury Eye Evaluation Driving Study
Perception of the risk of drugs consumption in teenagers of our environment
Population trajectories for accidental versus planned colonisation of islands
Predictors of driving in individuals with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis
The relationship between cognitive ability, insight and self-regulatory behaviors: Findings from the older driver population
Relationships between Cognitive Functions and Driving Behavior in Parkinson's Disease
Profile of injured patients presenting to a tertiary hospital in a developing country
Profile of cranio-cerebral trauma and spinal cord trauma related road accidents in Guinea
Response processing during visual search in normal aging: The need for more time to prevent cross talk between spatial attention and manual response selection
Road safety impacts of the motorcycle in Brazil
Sequential dependencies in driving
Serious head and neck injury as a predictor of occupant position in fatal rollover crashes
Social contexts of drinking and subsequent alcohol use disorder among college students
Socio-demographic characteristics of women sustaining injuries during pregnancy: a study from the Danish National Birth Cohort
Spinal trauma in mainland China from 2001 to 2007: an epidemiological study based on a nationwide database
Time slows down during accidents
The critical re-action: Learning from accidents
Cultural and socio-demographic predictors of car accident involvement in Norway, Ghana, Tanzania and Uganda
Cumulative impacts of road developments in floodplains
Determining bicycle infrastructure preferences - A case study of Dublin
Developing safer passengers through a school-based injury prevention program
Dual influences on vehicle speed in special-use lanes and critique of US regulation
Effectiveness of safety-based incentives in Public Private Partnerships: Evidence from the case of Spain
Effects of controller-pilot communication medium, flight phase and the role in the cockpit on pilots' workload and situation awareness
Effects of obstacles and deposited coal dust on characteristics of premixed methane-air explosions in a long closed pipe
Estimating the safety performance of urban intersections in Lisbon, Portugal
Evaluating sustainable transport strategies with incomplete information for Taipei City
Evaluation of urban accessibility indicators based on internal and external environmental costs
Framework for airspace planning and design based on conflict risk assessment: Part 1: Conflict risk assessment model for airspace strategic planning
Framework for airspace planning and design based on conflict risk assessment: Part 2: Conflict risk assessment model for airspace tactical planning
From broken windows to a renovated research agenda: A review of the literature on vandalism and graffiti in the rail industry
Home-to-work commuting, urban form and potential energy savings: A local scale approach to regional statistics
Identifying chronic splashover errors at freeway loop detectors
The influence of individual's risk perception and attitudes on travel behavior
Introducing the STAMP method in road tunnel safety assessment
Lane flow distribution on a three-lane freeway: General features and the effects of traffic controls
Latent class model for car following behavior
Locating sensors on traffic networks: Models, challenges and research opportunities
Managing morning commute traffic with parking
Modeling hazardous materials risks for different train make-up plans
Modeling social interactions between individuals for joint activity scheduling
Optimal design of a non-linear controller for anti-lock braking system
Planning strategies for promoting environmentally suitable pedestrian pavements in cities
Prediction and field validation of traffic oscillation propagation under nonlinear car-following laws
Quantitative indicator of homeostatic risk perception in car following
Real-time prediction of visibility related crashes
Redefining activity types: Who participates in which leisure activity?
Risk analysis and risk management approaches applied to the petroleum industry and their applicability to IO concepts
Road transport in drift? Applying contemporary systems thinking to road safety
The role of standardization in safety management - A case study of a major oil & gas company
A self-coördinating bus route to resist bus bunching
Spatio-temporal similarity of network-constrained moving object trajectories using sequence alignment of travel locations
A study of pedestrian and bicyclist exposure to head injury in passenger car collisions based on accident data and simulations
Sustainable commute in a car-dominant city: Factors affecting alternative mode choices among university students
System-optimal dynamic traffic assignment with and without queue spillback: Its path-based formulation and solution via approximate path marginal cost
"They're lunatics on the road": Exploring the normative influences of parents, friends, and police on young novices' risky driving decisions
Towards integrated land use and transportation: A dynamic disequilibrium based microsimulation framework for built space markets
Trajectory variability: Road geometry difficulty indicator
Voluntary internalization of speeding externalities with vehicle insurance
Who can recharge a plug-in electric vehicle at home?
Counteracting the focusing illusion: Effects of defocusing on car users' predicted satisfaction with public transport
Experimental validation of a damage detection approach on a full-scale highway sign support truss
Impact of providing drinkers with "know your limit" information on drinking and driving: a field experiment
A knowledge-based decision support system for shipboard damage control
Large scale high pressure jet fires involving natural gas and natural gas/hydrogen mixtures
Law defining the critical level of driver fatigue in terms of hours without sleep: Criminal justice professionals' opinions and fatal accident data
Mathematical model to predict drivers' reaction speeds
Night work, fatigued driving and traffic law: the case of police officers
Pedestrian detection for intelligent transportation systems combining AdaBoost algorithm and support vector machine
Pick your poison: Stimuli selection in alcohol-related implicit measures
Prevalence of alcohol and other drugs in fatally injured drivers
Reliability testing of the Pedestrian and Bicycling Survey (PABS) method
Traffic safety and vehicle choice: quantifying the effects of the 'arms race' on American roads
Association between helmets and facial injury after a motorcycle collision: an analysis of more than 40 000 patients from the national trauma data bank
Carryover effect on next-day sleepiness and psychomotor performance of nighttime administered antihistaminic drugs: a randomized controlled trial
Driver electronic device use in 2010
Driving ability after a stroke: evaluation and recovery
Driving monotonous routes in a train simulator: the effect of task demand on driving performance and subjective experience
Effects of different vegetation protection measures on erosion prevention of unpaved roadside slopes in Three Gorges Reservoir Area
Examination of naturalistic driving practices in drivers with Parkinson's disease compared to age and gender-matched controls
Eye injuries at a tertiary health center in the west Black Sea region, Turkey
From top to bottom: spatial shifts of attention caused by linguistic stimuli
Impact of traffic states on freeway crash involvement rates
The legal framework and initiatives for promoting safety in the United Arab Emirates
A naturalistic study of commuter cyclists in the greater Stockholm area
Transport mode preferences, risk perception and worry in a Norwegian urban population
Why do drivers maintain short headways in fog? A driving-simulator study evaluating feeling of risk and lateral control during automated and manual car following
Disney-Pixar to the rescue: harnessing positive affect for enhancing children's active mobility
Energy absorption behaviours of CSM-based GFRC plates with hemispherical features
In vitro metabolism studies on mephedrone and analysis of forensic cases
Internal sensations as a source of fear: exploring a link between hypoxia and flight phobia
An investigation into the vehicle routing problem with time windows and link capacity constraints
Operational impacts of incident quick clearance legislation: a simulation analysis
Predicting neck pain in Royal Australian Air Force fighter pilots
A public health perspective on transport policy priorities
Reading and a diffusion model analysis of reaction time
Genetic and nonshared environmental factors affect the likelihood of being charged with driving under the influence (DUI) and driving while intoxicated (DWI)
Motor vehicle crash deaths in metropolitan areas - United States, 2009
Motor vehicle operation in the setting of multiple sclerosis with myelopathy: assessment, adaptive equipment, counseling, and cessation of driving
A framework for "driving under the influence of drugs" policy for the opioid using driver
Back to the BASICs: FMCSA gets serious about safety on the road
A method for the formal verification of human-interactive systems
The accuracy of drivers' judgments of the effects of headlight glare on the visibility of a non-retroreflective object
Assessing drivers ability to carry out headway advice in motorway car driving
Studying collision avoidance by nearly colliding: A flight test evaluation
The (in)accuracy of estimations of our own visual acuity in the presence of glare
Adaptive cruise control user differences in urban and rural environments
An assessment of safety climate in U.S. naval aviation
ATC-monitoring when one controller operates two airports research for remote tower centres
Classifying injuries occurrence in motor vehicles collisions using artificial neural network
Comparison of controller attention decrease during different break patterns in night shifts
Does cognitive lockup depend on the situation, on the person, or on an interaction of both?
Drivers' behavior through a yellow light effects of distraction and age
Drivers' decisions to turn across the path of a motorcycle with low beam headlights
EEG alpha spindles as indicators for prolonged brake reaction time during auditory secondary tasks in a real road driving study
Effect of text format on determining tires' date of manufacture
Effects of an advisory warning and a cash bonus on speeding behavior
Effects of cognitive distraction on lane-keeping performance loss or improvement?
Effects of emotional priming on visual threat detection
The effects of iPod use on driver distraction
The gorilla's role in relevant and irrelevant stimuli in situation awareness and driving hazard detection
Knowledge of results and diagnostic power implications for vigilance training to support improvised explosive device detection
Individual differences in multitasking ability and adaptability
Investigating the role of roadway environment in driving errors an on road study
On the costs of in-vehicle assessment of alcohol consumption
Pedestrians' estimates of their own visibility at night are not reduced when headlights are severely weakened
Pedestrians' perceptions of countermeasure efficacy in reducing risks at intersection crossings
"Unintended acceleration" human factors engineering issues and solutions
Thermal properties of reflective helmet exposed to infrared radiation
Neighborhood walking among overweight and obese adults: age variations in barriers and motivators
All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) crashes in an unregulated environment: A prospective study of 56 cases
Avulsion of the right main bronchus due to blunt trauma
A 10-year incidence of acute whiplash injuries after road traffic crashes in a defined population in northern Sweden
Association between frequency of heavy episodic drinking and self-reported consequences: a cross-sectional study in a Swedish population
A brief educational program improves awareness regarding whiplash prevention among a cohort of vehicle fleet managers in british columbia, Canada
Challenges in evaluating the decade of action for road safety in developing countries: a survey of traffic fatality reporting capacity in the eastern Mediterranean region
Charges associated with pediatric head injuries: A five-year retrospective review of 41 pediatric hospitals in the US
Correlates of physical activity: why are some people physically active and others not?
The effect on road safety of a modal shift from car to bicycle
Effects of obesity on seat belt fit
Effects of road deicer (NACL) and amphibian grazers on detritus processing in pond mesocosms
The epidemiology of injury in ATV and motocross sports
Electrophysiological correlates of object location and object identity processing in spatial scenes
The epidemiology of injury in skateboarding
Front versus rear seat placement of children aged 12 or younger within vehicles: a rural/urban comparison in North Dakota
An investigation of the risk factors causing severe injuries in crashes involving gravel trucks
Identifying work-related motor vehicle crashes in multiple databases
Impact of a randomized campus/community trial to prevent high-risk drinking among college students
The implications of megatrends in information and communication technology and transportation for changes in global physical activity
Lower-extremity ulceration caused by medical scooter injury: a case series
Motion of the head and neck of female and male volunteers in rear impact car-to-car impacts
Neurologic disabilities after road traffic accidents
Pedestrian headform testing: inferring performance at impact speeds and for headform masses not tested, and estimating average performance in a range of real-world conditions
Sleep and accidents
The statistics of urban scaling and their connection to Zipf's law
Studying psychoactive substance use in injured patients: Does exclusion of late arriving patients bias the results?
Suicide by motor vehicle "accident" in Queensland
Sustained attention, attentional selectivity, and attentional capacity across the lifespan
Update: Percentage of young persons with a driver's license continues to drop
Bumper stickers reveal link to road rage
Increased population density of neurosurgeons associated with decreased risk of death from motor vehicle accidents in the United States
The licensing and safety of older drivers in Britain
Mode of transport by car of 6-12-year-old children in Florence
Re-assessing the results of the London congestion charging scheme
Scenario simulation-based assessment of trip difficulty for urban residents under rainstorm waterlogging
To examine the effect of China's drunk driving policy, high-quality data are needed
Using naturalistic driving data to identify variables associated with infrequent, occasional, and consistent seat belt use
Vulnerable child pedestrians in rapidly motorizing developing countries
Association between side-impact airbag deployment and risk of injury: A matched cohort study using the CIREN and the NASS-CDS
Biomechanical analysis of pediatric injuries and child restraint system
The challenges of implementing interlock best practices in a federal state: the Canadian experience
Course and predictors of posttraumatic stress among male train drivers after the experience of 'person under the train' incidents
Direct and indirect effects of impulsivity traits on drinking and driving in young adults
Driving on ice: impaired driving skills in current methamphetamine users
The effect of impactor location and velocity variation on validation of an advanced human body finite element model
Directional control-response compatibility of joystick steered shuttle cars
The failure response of the human cervical facet capsular ligament during facet joint retraction
The effects of dosed tobacco in evidentiary breath testing using non-drinking subjects
Gender, social norms, and survival in maritime disasters
Health effects associated with passenger vehicles: monetary values of air pollution
Impact of a graduated driver's license law on crashes involving young drivers in New York State
Importance of seat belt wearing in preventing traffic fatalities in Japan
Incident and emergency medical services management from a regional perspective
Injuries caused by brake pedal loading of the midfoot
Kinematic analysis of flailing injuries of lower extremities in side impacts
Measuring compliance with Viet Nam's mandatory motorcycle helmet legislation
Neurocognitive and mood effects of alcohol in a naturalistic setting
A novel methodology to evaluate the psycho-physical condition of individuals performing at-risk activities
The association between sidewalk length and walking for different purposes in established neighborhoods
Establishment of the New Zealand drivers study
The influence of gender on the injury severity, course and outcome of traumatic brain injury
Traumatic brain injury in the elderly: considerations in a series of 103 patients older than 70
Spinal injuries in children
A simulator study of the effects of singing on driving performance
A study to investigate the walking speed of elderly adults with relation to pedestrian crossings
Predicting driving after drinking over time among college students: the emerging role of injunctive normative perceptions
Prevalence of and risk factors for obstructive sleep apnea syndrome in Brazilian railroad workers
Response surface methodology and improved interval analysis method-For analyzing uncertainty in accident reconstruction
Retropharyngeal hematoma secondary to whiplash injury in childhood: a case report
Road traffic related mortality in Vietnam: Evidence for policy from a national sample mortality surveillance system
Simulation of the effects of different pilot helmets on neck loading during air combat
Suicide by pedestrian versus motor vehicle: a case report
Do victim impact panels work?
Evaluation of Leandra's Law
Focus on goal-relevant stimuli
Making the case for a broadened definition of "impaired driving"
Nassau County red light camera program
Post-traumatic stress and road rage: a Viet Nam veteran's account
PTSD and driving: an interview with psychologist Charles Kennedy
Teen decision-making and neurological development
Causal conditionals and counterfactuals
Epidemiology of head injury in the United Arab Emirates
Fatal motorcycle accidents in Fars Province, Iran: a community-based survey
Immediate fatal outcome vs. fatal outcome within the first 48 hours following a severe traffic trauma--analysis of the possible effect of alcohol intoxication on the outcome
Impact of grade separator on pedestrian risk taking behavior
Assessment of a three-point restraint system with a pre-tensioned lap belt and an inflatable, force-limited shoulder belt
Attentional biases and the persistence of sad mood in major depressive disorder
A Bayesian optimal foraging model of human visual search
Biomechanical assessment of a rear-seat inflatable seatbelt in frontal impacts
Comparison of Hybrid III and THOR dummies in paired small overlap tests
Development of a duration threshold for modulating evoked neuronal responses after nerve root compression injury
Development of Head Injury Assessment Reference Values Based on NASA Injury Modeling
Evaluating socioeconomic and racial differences in traffic-related metrics in the United States using a GIS approach
The effects of cannabis and alcohol on simulated driving: Influences of dose and experience
Influence of personal mobile phone ringing and usual intention to answer on driver error
Head impact mechanisms of a child occupant seated in a child restraint system as determined by impact testing
Injury predictors for traumatic axonal injury in a rodent head impact acceleration model
Investigation on occupant ejection in high severity rear impact based on post mortem human subject sled tests
Is a diagnosis of "mild traumatic brain injury" a category mistake?
Knee injuries in severe trauma patients: a trauma registry study in 3.458 patients
Patterns of acetabular femoral head coverage
Performance of collision damage mitigation braking systems and their effects on human injury in the event of car-to-pedestrian accidents
Pressure-based abdominal injury criteria using isolated liver and full-body post-mortem human subject impact tests
Response of PMHS to high- and low-speed oblique and lateral pneumatic ram impacts
Road user behaviour changes following a self-explaining roads intervention
The role of seating position in determining the injury pattern among unrestrained children involved in motor vehicle collisions presenting to a level I trauma center
Study of rib fracture mechanisms based on the rib strain profiles in side and forward oblique impact
Statistical simulations to evaluate the methods of the construction of injury risk curves
Working memory load can both improve and impair selective attention: Evidence from the Navon paradigm
Trauma profile at a tertiary intensive care unit in Saudi Arabia
Cervical muscle area measurements in whiplash patients: Acute, 3, and 6 months of follow-up
Non-seatbelt use and associated factors among Thai drivers during Songkran festival
Not all older adults have insight into their driving abilities: evidence from an on-road assessment and implications for policy
Objective and subjective measures of sleepiness, and their associations with on-road driving events in shift workers
Paediatric head injury admissions over a 10-year period in a regional neurosurgical unit
Presence of accompanying head injury in patients with maxillofacial trauma
Risk of Fatal Injury in Older Adult Drivers, Passengers, and Pedestrians
Transient effects of harsh luminous conditions on the visual performance of aviators in a civil aircraft cockpit
Trauma in women of child-bearing age in a high-income developing country
Using recorded sound spectra profile as input data for real-time short-term urban road-traffic-flow estimation
Written exposure as an intervention for PTSD: A randomized clinical trial with motor vehicle accident survivors
Drugs and alcohol found in civil aviation accident pilot fatalities from 2004-2008
A literature overview and comparison of driving impairing condition assessment approaches by health enabling technologies
Number and frequency of physiotherapy services for motor vehicle-induced whiplash: Interrogating motor accident insurance data 2006-2009
Typical landslides and related mechanisms in Ali Mountain highway induced by typhoon Morakot: perspectives from engineering geology
The association between knee airbag deployment and knee-thigh-hip fracture injury risk in motor vehicle collisions: A matched cohort study
A maritime security framework for fighting piracy
The association between compensation and chronic disabling back pain
Automated detection of alarm sounds
Finite element analysis of the dynamic behavior of a laminated windscreen with frequency dependent viscoelastic core
Alcohol and drugs in seriously injured drivers in six European countries
An assessment of heavy vehicle safety at level crossing using petri nets: south Australia case studies
Assessment of level of quality of cycling on sidewalk
Blocking-out auditory distracters while driving: A cognitive strategy to reduce task-demands on the road
Blood drug concentrations of benzodiazepines correlate poorly with actual driving impairment
Comparing the self-assessed and examiner-assessed driving skills of Japanese driving school students
Dental trauma in patients with single mandibular fractures
Developing sustainable transport for the next generation: The need for a multi-sector approach
Development of a hierarchical tree based regression model for rural traffic crashes
Emergency medical service providers' experiences with traffic congestion
Estimation of left-turning vehicle maneuvers for the assessment of pedestrian safety at intersections
Evaluating accessibility to Bangkok Metro Systems using multi-dimensional criteria across user groups
Estimating space-mean speed for rural and suburban highways in Malaysia
Evidence that changes in social cognitions predict changes in self-reported driver behavior: Causal analyses of two-wave panel data
Forensic medical expertise of delayed consequences of traffic accidents included in article 6.11 of the medical criteria
Fostering partnerships towards sustainable urban mobility from the national to local level: Matsuyama, Japan and Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Health resource utilisation costs in acute patients with persistent midline cervical tenderness following road trauma
Human performance on the flightdeck
The ignoring paradox: Cueing distractor features leads first to selection, then to inhibition of to-be-ignored items
The impact of economic crisis on injury mortality: The case of the 'Asian crisis'
Increasing motorcycles attention and search conspicuity by using Alternating-Blinking Lights System (ABLS)
An integrated scenario tree model for stochastic degradable road network design against recurrent congestions and sporadic disasters
Laminated safety glass as an intermediate target: a wound ballistic study
Learning from traffic data collected before, during and after a hurricane
The link between traffic-related occurrence and annoyance
Looking at sustainable urban mobility through a cross-assessment model within the framework of land-use and transport integration
Meeting the management challenges of the Decade of Action for Road Safety
A methodology to increase driver trust in rear-obstacle warning systems with imperfect sensing results -- Proposal for a warning system using sensor reliability information
Mobile phone emissions modulate brain excitability in patients with focal epilepsy
Modeling road traffic fatalities in India: Smeed's law, time invariance and regional specificity
Modelling the relationship between male and female pedestrian accidents and land use characteristics (case study : Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)
Monocular Visual Scene Understanding: Understanding Multi-Object Traffic Scenes
Motorcycle fatalities among out-of-state riders and the role of universal helmet laws
Motorcycle fatalities in Malaysia
Needing to connect: The effect of self and others on young people's involvement with their mobile phones
A new, non-canonical Poisson regression model for the prediction of crashes on low-volume rural roads
Normalization regulates competition for visual awareness
Older driver training using video and global positioning system technology--a randomized controlled trial
Pedestrian level of service model incorporating pedestrian perception for sidewalk with vendor activities
Persuading drivers to refrain from speeding: Effects of message sidedness and regulatory fit
Policy challenges of increasing automation in driving
The population and high-risk approaches to prevention: quantitative estimates of their contribution to population health in the Netherlands, 1970-2010
Predictors of children's sleep onset and maintenance problems after road traffic accidents
A preliminary proposal for urban and transportation planning in response to the Great East Japan Earthquake
The reconstruction of transportation and environmental infrastructure in rural areas
RESNA's position on wheelchairs used as seats in motor vehicles
Road traffic crashes and risk groups in India: Analysis, interpretations, and prevention strategies
Safety effects of permanent running lights for bicycles: A controlled experiment
Self- and peer-assessments of ambulance drivers' driving performance
Self-reported and observed risky driving behaviors among frequent and infrequent cell phone users
A study on motorcycle rider characteristic and behavior in metro Manila
Study on Vietnam traffic accident situation via data of health sector
The traffic impact assessment to the project of Nguyen Hue walking street
Visual attention as a predictor of on-road driving performance of older drivers
Wheeled mobility device transportation safety in fixed route and demand-responsive public transit vehicles within the United States
Young men driving dangerously: Development of the Motives for Dangerous Driving Scale (MDDS)
Workplace safety in private companies of freights and on the road workers: comparison between small and medium enterprises
Reconstruction of the Aceh Region following the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami disaster: A transportation perspective
Social change and future transport policy in the Japanese context
A network-based approach for evaluating and ranking transportation roadway projects
Urban mass transit, gender planning protocols and social sustainability - The case of Jakarta
3-D seakeeping analysis with water on deck and slamming. Part 2: Experiments and physical investigation
Comparison of experimental and numerical sloshing loads in partially filled tanks
Concealed contraband recognition by integrating improved fuzzy clustering with moment invariants
Experimental investigation of invar edge effect in membrane LNG tanks
Flame acceleration of premixed methane/air explosion in parallel pipes
An improved SPH method for modeling liquid sloshing dynamics
Assessing contextual factors that influence acceptance of pedestrian alerts by a night vision system
Examining the effects of an eco-driving message on driver distraction
A game of Chinese whispers in Malaysia: contextual analysis of child road safety education
Misjudging their own steps: why elderly people have trouble crossing the road
Naturalistic validation of an on-road driving test of older drivers
Performance of a cognitive, but not visual, secondary task interacts with alcohol-induced balance impairment in novice and experienced motorcycle riders
Road safety legislation in the Americas
Tree-based logistic regression approach for work zone casualty risk assessment
Analysis of collaborative communication for linguistic cues of cognitive load
Body posture as an indicator of workload in mental work
Impact of the new National Health Standard for Rail Safety Workers on ischaemic heart disease (IHD) risk factors in train drivers
Aging and detection of collision events on curved trajectories
Caffeinated energy drinks: risks assumed with consumption when competing, working, and drinking
A case of severe airbag related ocular alkali injury
Child passenger safety practices in the U.S.: disparities in light of updated recommendations
The economic burden of all-terrain vehicle related adult deaths in the U.S. workplace, 2003-2006
Research on the first International Safe Community building in mainland China
Injury trends and mortality in adult patients with major trauma in New South Wales
A market systems analysis of the U.S. sport utility vehicle market considering frontal crash safety technology and policy
Outdoor play among children in relation to neighborhood characteristics: a cross-sectional neighborhood observation study
Nationwide study of injury-related deaths among children aged 1-4 years in China, 2000-2008
Trauma center-based surveillance of nontraffic pedestrian injury among California children
Walkability, transit access, and traffic exposure for low-income residents with subsidized housing
The effects of control-display gain on performance of race car drivers in an isometric braking task
A methodology to estimate the kinematics of pediatric occupants in frontal impacts
Modified histogram: a spatio-temporal aggregate index for moving objects in road networks
Non-flammable woven acoustic flow resistive textile
Quantifying non-recurrent traffic congestion caused by freeway work zones using archived work zone and ITS traffic data
Safety models incorporating graph theory based transit indicators
Route-based data envelopment analysis models
The social consequences of broken urban structures: a case study of Belfast
Alcohol- and drug-involved driving in the United States: methodology for the 2007 National Roadside Survey
The prevalence of cannabis-involved driving in California
Advanced protection technology for ground combat vehicles
Alcohol-related harm to others in New Zealand: evidence of the burden and gaps in knowledge
Alcohol-impaired driving in the United States: contributors to the problem and effective countermeasures
Automatic imitation of risky behavior: a study of simulated driving in China
Cognitive skills underlying driving in patients discharged following self-poisoning with central nervous system depressant drugs
Bicyclist fatalities involving heavy goods vehicles: gender differences in risk perception, behavioral choices, and training
Biomechanical response targets for physical and computational models of the pediatric trunk
Both texting and eating are associated with impaired simulated driving performance
Effects of vehicle impact velocity, vehicle front-end shapes on pedestrian injury risk
Factors affecting accident severity inside and outside urban areas in Greece
Gasoline prices and traffic crashes in Alabama, 1999-2009
Investigating cervical muscle response and head kinematics during right, left, frontal and rear-seated perturbations
Investigation of motorcyclist cervical spine trauma using HUMOS model
One in three New Zealand drinkers reports being harmed by their own drinking in the past year
Risky driving and the perception of motorcycle accident causes among Chinese motorcyclists in Hong Kong
What's in a cost? Comparing economic and public health measures of alcohol's social costs
Aging and the impact of distraction on an intersection crossing assist system
The association between low alcohol use and traffic risk behaviors among Brazilian college students
Burden of out-of-pocket expenditure for road traffic injuries in urban India
Combining performance and outcome indicators can be used in a standardized way: a pilot study of two multidisciplinary, full-scale major aircraft exercises
Child restraint use in low socio-economic areas of urban Sydney during transition to new legislation
Collision victim travels for "seven kilometres" on top of the car that hit him
The cost-effectiveness of mandatory 20 mph zones for the prevention of injuries
Decision making during the psychological refractory period
Enhancing the mental representations of space used by blind pedestrians, based on an image schemata model
Epidemiology of spinal cord injury in hospital Kuala Llumpur
Forensic epidemiologic and biomechanical analysis of a pelvic cavity blowout injury associated with ejection from a personal watercraft (jet-ski)
Hazardous alcohol levels in adolescents are underestimated by barkeepers and security personnel
Impact of Hurricane Ike on the call volumes of Houston Fire Department emergency medical services
An injury awareness education program on outcomes of juvenile justice offenders in Western Australia: an economic analysis
Intelligent geocoding system to locate traffic crashes
The mortality risk from motor vehicle injuries in California has increased during the last decade
Motor vehicle crash-related subdural hematoma from real-world head impact data
Perceiving and acting on complex affordances: how children and adults bicycle across two lanes of opposing traffic
Priorities for action in a rural older adults study
Racial and ethnic health disparities among fifth-graders in three cities
Risky business. An ambulance crash threatens a career--even without fault
Possession attachment predicts cell phone use while driving
School teachers' knowledge, attitudes and behaviors towards road safety: results from a multicenter cross-sectional study in Italy
Sleep-related collisions in United Arab Emirates
Sleep deprivation in resident physicians, work hour limitations, and related outcomes: a systematic review of the literature
Where we look when we drive with or without active steering wheel control
Non-intentional injuries in adolescents and youth: facts and figures
Effect of blockage ratio on critical velocity in tunnel fires
Full-scale experimental study on fire suppression performance of a designed water mist system for rescue station of long railway tunnel
Racial threat, suspicion, and police behavior the impact of race and place in traffic enforcement
Temperature distribution of fire-induced flow along tunnels under natural ventilation
Alcohol effects on cognitive change in middle-aged and older adults
Changes in attenuation characteristics of axial system of pregnant drivers detected by the TVS method
Cost benefit analysis of 20 mph zones in London
Determinants of road traffic crash fatalities across Indian states
Driver-injury severity in single-vehicle crashes in California: A mixed logit analysis of heterogeneity due to age and gender
Development of road safety performance indicators for trauma management in Europe
Descriptions of motor vehicle collisions by participants in emergency department-based studies: are they accurate?
Drinking, substance use and the operation of motor vehicles by young adolescents in Canada
Traumatic asphyxia due to blunt chest trauma: a case report and literature review
Trauma during Pregnancy: A Population-based Analysis of Maternal Outcome
Evaluation of the mortality due to external causes
Alcohol, psychoactive substances and non-fatal road traffic accidents - a case-control study
A case-control study estimating accident risk for alcohol, medicines and illegal drugs
Developing emergency exercises for hazardous material transportation: Process, documents and templates
Diabetes management and hyperglycemia in safety sensitive jobs
Employment and drowsy driving: a survey of American workers
Epidemiological features of traumatic spinal cord injury in Anhui Province, China
MRI changes in the size and shape of the oropharynx following acute whiplash injury
Neuropsychological assessment of driving safety risk in older adults with and without neurologic disease
Prevalence of psychoactive substances, alcohol, illicit drugs, and medicines, in Spanish drivers: A roadside study
Prevalence of smoking among drivers of private vehicles
Sensorineural hearing loss due to air bag deployment
The Spanish pictogram on medicines and driving: The population's comprehension of and attitudes towards its use on medication packaging
Substrates of neuropsychological functioning in stimulant dependence: a review of functional neuroimaging research
Theta oscillations are sensitive to both early and late conflict processing stages: effects of alcohol intoxication
Transportation behaviours of older adults: An investigation into car dependency in urban Australia
Following the cognitive work analysis train of thought: exploring the constraints of modal shift to rail transport
Impact speed and a pedestrian's risk of severe injury or death
Injuries to deployed U.S. Army soldiers involved in HMMWV crashes, 2002-2006
Incidence of postconcussion symptoms in psychiatric diagnostic groups, mild traumatic brain injury, and comorbid conditions
The injury mortality burden in Guinea
Lithium battery fires: implications for air medical transport
The motorcyclist impact against a light vehicle: Epidemiological, accidentological and biomechanic analysis
A systematic review and meta-analysis of alcohol consumption and injury risk as a function of study design and recall period
Visual acuity and factors influencing automobile driving status in 1,000 patients age 60 and older
Automotive participant tailgating safety training device: design and test
A 3D model for rubber tyres contact, based on Kalker's methods through the STRIPES model
Accident prediction models for urban roads
Active roll control for rollover prevention of heavy articulated vehicles with multiple-rollover-index minimisation
Adoption of different pantographs' preloads to improve multiple collection and speed up existing lines
Aggressive driving in Romania: Psychometric properties of the Driving Anger Expression Inventory
Analysis of the lateral dynamic behaviour of articulated commercial vehicles
Application of AM60B magnesium alloy material model to structural component crush analysis
Application of time-variant predictive control to modelling driver steering skill
Assessing the accuracy of different simplified frictional rolling contact algorithms
Bicycle and motorcycle dynamics
Bifurcation analysis of an automobile model negotiating a curve
Changes in driver celeration behaviour over time: Do drivers learn from collisions?
Characterization of driving patterns and development of a driving cycle in a military area
Common underlying steering curves for motorcycles in steady turns
Community resilience and decision theory challenges for catastrophic events
Comparison of various double-lane change manoeuvre specifications
Comparisons of vehicle stability controls based on 4WS, Brake, Brake-FAS and IMC techniques
A computational investigation on the effect of vehicle rotation on driver injury metrics in frontal offset crash
Control strategies of traffic signal timing transition for emergency vehicle preemption
Correlates of safety outcomes during patient ambulance transport: a partial test of the Haddon matrix
Design of electronic stability control for rollover prevention using sliding mode control
Design of an unified chassis controller for rollover prevention, manoeuvrability and lateral stability
Development and validation of a 5th percentile human head finite element model based on the Chinese population
Development and evaluation of collision warning/collision avoidance algorithms using an errable driver model
Driver performance effects of simultaneous visual and cognitive distraction and adaptation behavior
Drivers' subtypes in a sample of Italian adolescents: Relationship between personality measures and driving behaviors
Dynamic simulation of sloshing fluid and granular cargo in transport vehicles
Dynamic stability of an aerodynamically efficient motorcycle
Effects of hazard exposure and roadway complexity on young and older driver situation awareness and performance
Estimating the costs of political populism: Traffic violation pardons in Korea
Experimental and numerical analysis of rider motion in weave conditions
Financial condition, safety investment and accident propensity in the US airline industry: A structural analysis
A fuzzy model to interpret data of drive performances from patients with sleep deprivation
How do local actions affect VMT? A critical review of the empirical evidence
Impaired driving charges in injured impaired drivers requiring treatment in an emergency department
Improvement of accelerometers for pedestrian headform impactors in testing following Japanese vehicle safety regulations
Improvement of vehicle roll stability by varying suspension properties
The influence of the vehicle's front-end profile upon adult pedestrian kinematics and dynamics, multibody approach
Lateral dynamics of a bicycle with a passive rider model: stability and controllability
Measurements and simulations of rail vehicle dynamics with respect to overturning risk
Measuring sideslip and camber characteristics of bicycle tyres
Odometric estimation for automatic train protection and control systems
On-the-spot study of pedestrian crashes on Brazilian Federal District rural highways crossing urban areas
Passive safety evaluation in driving adapted vehicles
Pattern of road traffic injuries in Lublin County, Poland
Psychological consequences of trauma in MVA perpetrators - Relationship between post-traumatic growth, PTSD symptoms and individual characteristics
Response of part-time belt users to enhanced seat belt reminder systems of different duty cycles and duration
Risk of injurious road traffic crash after prescription of antidepressants
Shift work disorder case studies: applying management principles in clinical practice
Situational (state) anger and driving
Steering characteristics of motorcycles
Stereo regions-of-interest selection for pedestrian protection: A survey
A study of the derailment mechanism of a high speed train due to an earthquake
Cannabis and psychomotor performance: A rational review of the evidence and implications for public policy
The effect of task order predictability in audio-visual dual task performance: Just a central capacity limitation?
Psychotropic drugs and risk of motor vehicle accidents: a population-based case-control study
Speed has an effect on multiple-object tracking independently of the number of close encounters between targets and distractors
A probabilistic approach for assessing the crosswind stability of ground vehicles
Classifying performance impairment in response to sleep loss using pattern recognition algorithms on single session testing
Drivers' risk profile indicates the need for a graduated driving licence in South Africa
Hospitalisation costs and duration of elderly motorcyclists' non-fatality crashes in Taiwan
Paroxysmal consciousness disorders among aviation personnel
The pattern of injury and poisoning in South East Iran
Peripheral vascular injuries due to blunt trauma (Road Traffic Accident): Management and outcome
Personal watercraft injuries on noncoastal waterways
Preventable childhood injuries
Regulation of sleepiness: the role of the arousal system
Scotland launches consultation on lowering drink driving limit
A structural equation modeling approach to fatigue-related risk factors for occupational injury
Temporal modeling of highway crash counts for senior and non-senior drivers
Understanding how drivers learn to anticipate risk on the road: A laboratory experiment of affective anticipation of road hazards
Dependencies of driver steering control parameters
Effects of different factors on drivers' guidance compliance behaviors under road condition information shown on VMS
The impact of hybrid and electric powertrains on vehicle dynamics, control systems and energy regeneration
The influence of compliant chassis components on motorcycle dynamics: an historical overview and the potential future impact of carbon fibre
Intersection crossing assist system: Transition from a road-side to an in-vehicle system
Modelling and analysis of the crush zone of a typical Australian passenger train
On the wobble mode of a bicycle
A path-following driver-vehicle model with neuromuscular dynamics, including measured and simulated responses to a step in steering angle overlay
Phenomenological analysis of hydroplaning through intelligent tyres
Predicting motivational determinants of seatbelt non-use in the front seat: A field study
Presentation and assessment of rideability of a novel single-track vehicle: the Anaconda
RE: Article by DePalma et al. in a Recent Issue (Pain Med 2011;12:1622-27) "Structural Etiology of Chronic Low Back Pain Due to Motor Vehicle Collision."
Regarding the Article: "Structural Etiology of Chronic Low Back Pain Due to Motor Vehicle Collision." DePalma M et al., Pain Med 2011;12:1622-27
Rider control of a motorcycle near to its cornering limits
Risk-taking behavior and response inhibition of commuter motorcyclists with different levels of impulsivity
Safety assessment of structures for near-field blast-induced ground excitations using operational modal analysis
Sensory displeasure reduces complex cognitive performance in the heat
The social consequences of transport decision-making: clarifying concepts, synthesising knowledge and assessing implications
Somatic symptoms beyond those generally associated with a whiplash injury are increased in self-reported chronic whiplash. A population-based cross sectional study: the Hordaland Health Study (HUSK)
Skills, transport and economic development: evidence from a rural area in England
Ten years of spatial disorientation in U.S. Army rotary-wing operations
Towards a better tomorrow: street trees and their values in urban areas
Trait-based affective processes in alcohol-involved "risk behaviors"
Wagon instability in long trains
WOS2010, on the road to vision zero?
Autonomous collision avoidance system by combined control of steering and braking using geometrically optimised vehicular trajectory
A closed-loop dynamic simulation-based design method for articulated heavy vehicles with active trailer steering systems
Co-simulation of a mechatronic system using Gensys and Simulink
Continuous observation of wheel/rail contact forces in curved track and theoretical considerations
Control performance of a road vehicle with four independent single-wheel electric motors and steer-by-wire system
Enhancement of vehicle safety and improving vehicle yaw behaviour due to offset collision using vehicle dynamics
Coupler dynamic performance analysis of heavy haul locomotives
Coordinated vehicle traction control based on engine torque and brake pressure under complicated road conditions
A curving ACC system with coordination control of longitudinal car-following and lateral stability
Dynamic behaviour of tramways with different kinds of bogies
Driving segment simulation for determination of the most effective driving features for HEV intelligent control
Dynamic model for the wheel-rail contact friction
Dynamics of railway wagons subjected to braking torques on defective tracks
A cost-effective system design approach for vehicle positioning using GNSS/INS integration
Generalised multi-axle vehicle handling
Improvements to a five-phase ABS algorithm for experimental validation
Innovative automotive design for improving safety standards
Intelligent emergency stop algorithm for a manipulator using a new regression method
The influence of control and related variables on commuting stress
Motion analysis of a motorcycle taking into account the rider's effects
Models for road surface roughness
Motorcycle state estimation for lateral dynamics
Motorcycle suspension design using matrix inequalities and passivity constraints
Multiple identities and travel mode choice for regular journeys
Numerical and experimental investigation of passive rider effects on motorcycle weave
Pareto optimisation of railway bogie suspension damping to enhance safety and comfort
A numerical study of the derailment caused by collision of a rail vehicle using a virtual testing model
A numerical model of a HIL scaled roller rig for simulation of wheel-rail degraded adhesion condition
Nonlinear robust control of integrated vehicle dynamics
Performance of spade-less wheeled military vehicles with passive and semi-active suspensions during mortar firing
Refining the modelling of vehicle-track interaction
Robust estimation of road friction coefficient using lateral and longitudinal vehicle dynamics
Simulation of longitudinal dynamics of long freight trains in positioning operations
Stability and performance analysis of a full-train system with inerters
Synthetic engine noise generation for improving electric vehicle safety
A third-order approximation method for three-dimensional wheel-rail contact
Three-dimensional override analysis of crashed railway multiple units
Attentional differences in driving judgments for country and city scenes: Semantic congruency in inattentional blindness
The Burden of Premature Mortality in Hamadan Province in 2006 and 2010 Using Standard Expected Years of Potential Life Lost: A Population-based Study
Comparison of an intermittent and continuous forearm muscles fatigue protocol with motorcycle riders and control group
Contextual influences of dimension, speed, and direction of motion on subjective time perception
Does the installation of blue lights on train platforms prevent suicide? A before-and-after observational study from Japan
Emotional reactions to cycle helmet use
Epidemiology of traumatic spinal fractures: experience from medical university-affiliated hospitals in Chongqing, China, 2001-2010
Epilepsy and driving: Current status of research
Epilepsy, unawareness of seizures and driving license: The potential role of 24-hour ambulatory EEG in defining seizure freedom
Factor complexity of crash occurrence: An empirical demonstration using boosted regression trees
Graduated driver licensing research, 2010-present
Heavy trucks, conspicuity treatment, and the decline of collision risk in darkness
Helmet use and associated factors among Thai motorcyclists during Songkran festival
Injury and social correlates among in-school adolescents in four Southeast Asian countries
Physical activity associated with public transport use -- a review and modelling of potential benefits
Mild traumatic brain injury and postconcussive syndrome: A re-emergent questioning
Passengers of impaired drivers
Automated speed enforcement in Australia: Recent examples of the influence of public opinion on program sustainability
Causes and trends in traumatic brain injury for United States adolescents
Cautiousness in young rural and semi-rural drivers: Are there influencing factors?
Crash performance of safety barriers on high-speed roads
Design and validation of a questionnaire exploring risky-driving patterns in young drivers
A dim view of pedestrian safety: Raising awareness of the needs of vision-impaired pedestrians
The effectiveness of wire rope barriers in Victoria
Fatalism and its implications for risky road use and receptiveness to safety messages: a qualitative investigation in Pakistan
How unacceptable is speeding? Insights from a social acceptability survey in Victoria
Methods for measuring motorcycle speeds and their implications for understanding 'safe speeds'
Optimum speeds on rural roads based on 'willingness to pay' values of road trauma
Promoting correct car seat use in parents of young children: challenges, recommendations, and implications for health communication
Reflections on speed control from a public health perspective
Understanding the fear of bicycle riding in Australia
The way one thinks affects the way one drinks: subjective evaluations of alcohol consequences predict subsequent change in drinking behavior
Procedural justice and quality of life in compensation processes
Risk factors associated with bus accident severity in the United States: A generalized ordered logit model
A survey of light-vehicle driver education curriculum on sharing the road with heavy vehicles
Traumatic intracranial aneurysms due to blunt brain injury-a single center experience
What non-alcohol drugs are used by drinking drivers in Sweden? Toxicological results from ten years of forensic blood samples
Self-steering ability of the proposed new concept of independently rotating wheels using inverse tread conicity
A shell-based magnetic field model for magnetic proximity detection systems
Small sample sizes, overextraction, and unrealistic expectations: A commentary on M. Mattsson
Sex differences in components of imagined perspective transformation
Specialization and integration of brain responses to object recognition and location detection
Robust vehicle lateral stabilisation via set-based methods for uncertain piecewise affine systems
Safety assessment of underground vehicles passing over highly resilient curved tracks in the presence of a broken rail
Three-dimensional system dynamics simulation of rope-propelled automated people movers
Trauma in surgery and its incidence, circumstances as well as clinical consequences
Virtual test rig to improve the design and optimisation process of the vehicle steering and suspension systems
Wheel-rail interaction and damage in switches and crossings
Wheel surface damage: relating the position and angle of forces to the observed damage patterns
Wheel/rail contact geometry assessment to limit rolling contact fatigue initiation at high axle loads
Zero-moment point determination of worst-case manoeuvres leading to vehicle wheel lift
Accidents and violence among women attended in Sentinel Emergency Services - Brazil, 2009
Accidents and violence in childhood: survey evidence of emergency care for external causes - Brazil, 2009
Accidents by external causes in adolescents: care in sentinel urgency and emergency services in the Brazilian State Capitals - 2009
Action learning: a new method to increase tractor rollover protective structure (ROPS) adoption
Aesthetic amenities and safety hazards associated with walking and bicycling for transportation in New York City
Age-specific peculiarities of the structure of fatal combined traumas in the children
Commentary: Death on our nation's roadways: not just for cars
Drinking and driving in southeastern Brazil: Results from a roadside survey study
An experimental investigation on the requirement of roof height and sill width for car ingress and egress
Impact of road traffic deaths on expected years of life lost and reduction in life expectancy in Brazil
Laser scanning on road pavements: a new approach for characterizing surface texture
Reducing young driver crash casualties in Great Britain - Use of routine police crash data to estimate the potential benefits of graduated driver licensing
Reply to letter: "the pregnant motor vehicle accident casualty, adherence to basic workup, and admission guidelines"
Are those who die in road accidents any less dead?
Biochemical parameters of cardiovascular risk in automobile drivers
Burden of alcohol-related injuries on radiology services at a level I trauma center
Chunking: A procedure to improve naturalistic data analysis
The decrease in the unintentional injury mortality disparity between American Indians/Alaska Natives and Non-American Indians/Alaska Natives in New Mexico, 1980 to 2009
Effects of changes in size, speed, and distance on the perception of curved 3-D trajectories
Epidemic spreading induced by diversity of agents' mobility
Ergonomics and sustainability: towards an embrace of complexity and emergence
Ergonomics in the development and implementation of organisational strategy for sustainability
Evaluation of school transportation patterns and the associated impact on BMI in two midwestern communities
Hazard awareness of construction site dumper drivers
Extreme events and event size fluctuations in biased random walks on networks
Fall from horse with left shoulder pain
Fitness to drive in patients with implanted cardioverter-defibrillator
Helmeted vs nonhelmeted: a retrospective review of outcomes from 2-wheeled vehicle accidents at a level 1 trauma center
The magnitude of motor vehicle crash injuries and deaths in the UAE: a review based on available data sources.
Identifying if VISSIM simulation model and SSAM provide reasonable estimates for field measured traffic conflicts at signalized intersections
The evolution of urban traffic control: changing policy and technology
Injuries to the head and face in Brazilian adolescents and teenagers victims of non-natural deaths
Leading causes of unintentional and intentional injury mortality: United States, 2000-2009
Lifetime traumatic experiences and their impact on PTSD: a general population study
Losing the struggle to stay awake: Divergent thalamic and cortical activity during microsleeps
Methods of estimating the effect of integral motorcycle helmets on physiological and psychological performance
Mitigating the effects of in-vehicle distractions through use of the Psychological Refractory Period paradigm
Mortality due to road traffic accidents in Brazil in the last decade: trends and risk clusters
Depth-based hotspot identification and multivariate ranking using the full Bayes approach
Does sleep deprivation impair orthopaedic surgeons' cognitive and psychomotor performance?
Effects of vehicle size on pedestrian injury pattern and severity: prospective study
Explaining reduction of pedestrian-motor vehicle crashes in Arkhangelsk, Russia, in 2005-2010
Gauging popular support for traffic safety in the United States
Harvesting experiential expertise to support safe driving for people with diabetes mellitus: a qualitative study evaluated by peers in a survey
Non-fatal injuries among pediatric patients seeking care in an urban Ghanaian emergency department
Physicians' warnings for unfit drivers and the risk of trauma from road crashes
Work injury risk by time of day in two population-based data sources
What types of unintentional injuries kill our children? Do infants die of the same types of injuries? A systematic review
Natural scene stimuli and lapses of sustained attention
Prescription and illicit psychoactive drugs in oral fluid-LC-MS/MS method development and analysis of samples from Brazilian drivers
Railway-controller-perceived mental work load, cognitive failure and risky commuting
Safety network screening for municipalities with incomplete traffic volume data
The role of anthropometry in designing for sustainability
Socio-cultural determinants of road traffic accidents (RTC)
Walking school bus programs in U.S. public elementary schools
Urbanization, globalization and road safety: a potential dialogue in search of equity?
Analysis of the proximity of fatal motor vehicle crash locations to the availability of helicopter emergency medical service response
Body mass index, safety hazards, and neighborhood attractiveness
Replacing car trips by increasing bike and public transport in the greater Barcelona metropolitan area: A health impact assessment study
Characteristics and trends of pediatric traumatic brain injuries treated at a large pediatric medical center in China, 2002-2011
Spinal cord injuries in young children: a review of children injured at 5 years of age and younger
Childhood injuries in Israel--current status and the role of the community pediatrician
Gender and racial disparities in driving cessation among older adults
Relationship between the physical environment and different domains of physical activity in European adults: a systematic review
Socioeconomic inequalities in occupational, leisure-time, and transport related physical activity among European adults: A systematic review
Comparison and combination of direct yaw-moment control and G-Vectoring control
Comparison between different sets of suspension parameters and introduction of new modified skyhook control strategy incorporating varying road condition
A comparison between two pneumatic suspension architectures
Design and experimental validation of linear and nonlinear vehicle steering control strategies
Dynamic response of a vehicle with planar suspension system (PSS) under differential braking
Application of finite mixture of negative binomial regression models with varying weight parameters for vehicle crash data analysis
The associations of insomnia with costly workplace accidents and errors: results from the America Insomnia Survey
At the cross-roads: An on-road examination of driving errors at intersections
The Australian National Standard for rail workers five years on
The case for improving road safety in Pacific Islands: a population-based study from Fiji (TRIP 6)
Changing associations between partnership history and risk of accidents, violence and suicides
Complete trunk severance of a motorcyclist by a traffic sign post at a comparably low collision speed
Context-dependent control over attentional capture
Cyclists and drivers in road interactions: A comparison of perceived crash risk
Effect of age, gender and body mass index on visual and auditory reaction times in Indian population
Estimation of traffic accident costs: a prompted model
Extracting decision rules from police accident reports through decision trees
Factors associated with mortality among heroin users after seeking treatment with methadone: A population-based cohort study in Taiwan
Fast measurement of automotive headlamps based on high dynamic range imaging
The impact of probable anxiety and mood disorder on self-reported collisions: A population study
Influence of pre-crash driver posture on injury outcome: airbag interaction with human upper extremities
Injury criteria of knee joint regarding car-pedestrian impact environments
Long term bicycle related head injury trends for New South Wales, Australia following mandatory helmet legislation
Multidisciplinary efforts toward sustained road safety benefits: Integrating place-based and people-based safety analyses
Poor sleep challenging the health of a Nation
Possibly fewer donors due to decreasing hospital mortality rates
Prehospital trauma care systems: potential role toward reducing morbidities and mortalities from road traffic injuries in Nigeria
Prescription drugs, drugged driving and per se laws
Rapid drinking is associated with increases in driving-related risk-taking
Distally based perforator-plus sural fasciocutaneous flap for reconstruction of complex soft tissue defects caused by motorcycle spoke injury in children
Driving performance among bioptic telescope users with low vision two years after obtaining their driver's license: a quasi-experimental study
Fewer road crashes in the year after a medical warning
Forging new partnerships to build healthier communities for a healthier state
The North Carolina Department of Transportation's vision for healthy communities through sustainable transportation
North Carolina pedestrian crash facts
Perception of occupational risk by rural workers in an area of central Italy
Vital signs: drinking and driving among high school students aged ≥16 years - United States, 1991-2011
Relationship between sex hormones and cognitive performance in men with substance use
Saving lives: toothbrushes trump seat belts
Traffic light to vehicle visible light communication channel characterization
When two motivations race: The effects of time-saving bias and sensation-seeking on driving speed choices
Visual motion perception predicts driving hazard perception ability
Using trauma center data to identify missed bicycle injuries and their associated costs
Two-wheel vehicular trauma: an age-based analysis
Turning off the cameras: Red light running characteristics and rates after photo enforcement legislation expired
Acute constant dizziness
Discussing driving concerns with older patients: II. vision care providers' approaches to assessment
Does facing traffic improve pedestrian safety?
How does a modal shift from short car trips to cycling affect road safety?
The impact of artificial vehicle sounds for pedestrians on driver stress
Implementation evaluation of Steering Teens Safe: engaging parents to deliver a new parent-based teen driving intervention to their teens
Mechanistic relationship of all-terrain vehicles and pediatric renal trauma
Morbidity associated with amphetamine-related presentations to an emergency department: A record linkage study
"Baby on board": Reducing risk taking in adult drivers in a simulated driving game
Pediatric trauma due to motor vehicle accidents on high traffic roadway
Posttraumatic stress disorder in children and adolescents: neuroendocrine perspectives
Report summary - Injury in Review, 2012 Edition: Spotlight on Road and Transport Safety
Sleep specialists' opinion on sleep disorders and fitness to drive a car: the necessity of continued education
Source of head injury for pedestrians and pedal cyclists: Striking vehicle or road?
Spatial attention effects during conscious and nonconscious processing of visual features and objects
Trauma-associated tinnitus: audiological, demographic and clinical characteristics
One followed by many?-Long-term effects of a celebrity suicide on the number of suicidal acts on the German railway net
Pattern of coroner's autopsies at Health Sciences Authority, Singapore: a retrospective study (2009-2010)
A sensemaking perspective on framing the mental picture of air traffic controllers
Understanding traumatic blunt cardiac injury
Thermal subjective sensations of motorcyclists
Brain mechanisms underlying automatic and unconscious control of motor action
A brief explanation of the air traffic controller professional activity
Esophageal injury following blunt thoracic trauma : A case report and review of the literature
Hematological and immunological effects of stress of air traffic controllers in northeastern Brazil
Identical fracture patterns in combat vehicle blast injuries due to improvised explosive devices; a case series
A new perspective on behavioral inconsistency and neural noise in aging: compensatory speeding of neural communication
Understanding the drive to escort: a cross-sectional analysis examining parental attitudes towards children's school travel and independent mobility
Six-year trend in active commuting to school in Spanish adolescents : The AVENA and AFINOS studies
An analysis of car and motorcycle ownership in Macao
Analysis of the effectiveness of the road-crash database in the United Arab Emirates
The application of the random regret minimization model to drivers' choice of crash avoidance maneuvers
Assessing countermeasures designed to reduce hazards between bike lane occupants and right-turning automobiles in China
Assessing the long term benefit of banning the use of hand-held wireless devices while driving
Attitudes, mode switching behavior, and the built environment: A longitudinal study in the Puget Sound Region
Avoidance distance from Qinghai-Tibet Highway in sympatric Tibetan antelope and gazelle
Barriers and facilitators to public bicycle scheme use: A qualitative approach
A Bayesian model to assess rail track geometry degradation through its life-cycle
Blocking roads to increase the evacuation efficiency
A capacity-increasing mechanism in freeway traffic
Categorical modeling to evaluate road safety at the planning level
Comparative performance of alternative humanitarian logistic structures after the Port-au-Prince earthquake: ACEs, PIEs, and CANs
Dancing with dirty road traffic accidents data: the case of Gauteng Province in South Africa
Determinants of vessel-accident bunker spills
Effect on travelers' activities and environmental impacts by introducing a next-generation personal transport system in a city
Emerging technologies applicable to hazardous materials transportation safety and security
Evaluation of different types of dynamic speed display signs
Evaluation of multivariate poisson log normal bayesian methods for before-after road safety evaluations
Household no-notice evacuation logistics: how well do households optimize?
Hierarchical network-based equilibrium model and algorithm for a mixed-traffic urban transport system
Identifying and measuring horizontal curves and related effects on highway safety
The impact of removing centerline barriers from highway-rail grade crossings on drivers' violations
Including user cost and risk analysis during construction in highway bridge structure selection
Interdependencies between turning points in life and long-term mobility decisions
An investigation of the relationship between the driving behavior questionnaire and objective measures of highway driving behavior
Involvement in clubs or voluntary associations, social networks and activity generation: a path analysis
Measuring sustainability: how traffic incident management through intelligent transportation systems has greater energy and environmental benefits than common construction-phase strategies for "green" roadways
A new approach for the evaluation of the walking environment
Perceptions of driver distraction among teenage drivers
Personality predictors of speeding in young drivers: Anger vs. sensation seeking
Predicting aggressive driving behavior from anger and negative cognitions
A within-subject design of comparison of waiting time of pedestrians before crossing three successive road crossings
Transportation of dangerous goods by road: the Brazilian case for selection of carriers based on a risk management methodology
Urban Transport and Sustainability: The Key Challenges
Using automatic number plate recognition technology to observe drivers' headway preferences
Using a "Sustainability Solution Space" approach to develop a vision of sustainable accessibility in a low-income community in Phoenix, Arizona
Strategies to promote sustainable mobility management incorporating heterogeneity
Recent advances in activity and travel pattern modelling
Statistical and activity-based modeling of university student travel behavior
Can driver education be improved by computer based training of cognitive skills?
Evaluating the signal head upgrade program in the city of Surrey
Limited to no responsibility: addiction, alcoholism and the law in modern Germany
Threat modulates perception of looming visual stimuli
Age differences in intra-individual variability in simple and choice reaction time: systematic review and meta-analysis
Factors associated with physical inactivity in transportation in Brazilian adults living in a low socioeconomic area
Phenazepam and its effects on driving
Analysis and evaluation of an anti-shock seat with a multi-stage non-linear suspension for a tactical vehicle under a blast load
An analytical approach to the structural design and optimization of motorbike forks
Autonomous vehicle collision avoidance system using path planning and model-predictive-control-based active front steering and wheel torque control
Collision detection system design using a multi-layer laser scanner for collision mitigation
Decision logic of an active braking system for powered two wheelers
Development of a vehicle stability control strategy for a hybrid electric vehicle equipped with axle motors
Driver's head pose estimation using a hierarchical classification on an effective feature space
Evaluation of a new body-sideslip-based driving simulator motion cueing algorithm
Force and moment measurements for a generic car model in proximity to a side wall
The influence of a vehicle dynamics control system on the occupant's dynamic response during a vehicle collision
A model predictive control approach to vehicle yaw control using identified models
An optimal traction, braking, and steering coordination strategy for stability and manoeuvrability of a six-wheel drive and six-wheel steer vehicle
A robust road bank angle estimation based on a proportional-integral H ∞ filter
Surrogate model for aerodynamic shape optimization of a tractor-trailer in crosswinds
A virtual motorcycle driver to simulate real manoeuvres from experimental data
Virtual testing for the assessment of a double-sided roof crush based on the newly updated Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 216
Analysis of pediatric all-terrain vehicle trauma data in Middle Tennessee: Implications for injury prevention
Associations between environmental characteristics and active commuting to school among children: a cross-sectional study
Potential impact of propofol immediately after motor vehicle accident on later symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder at 6-month follow up: a retrospective cohort study
Years of potential life lost from unintentional injuries among persons aged 0-19 years - United States, 2000-2009
Experimental investigation of the brake system's efficiency for commercial vehicles equipped with disc brakes
Experimental design of control strategy based on brake pressure changes on wet and slippery surfaces of rough road for variable damper setting during braking with activated anti-lock brake system
Epidemiological characteristics of fatal pedestrian accidents in Fars Province of Iran: a community-based survey
Eye movement and brake reactions to real world brake-capacity forward collision warnings-A naturalistic driving study
Is an emergency department encounter for a motor vehicle collision truly a teachable moment?
Multi-level examination of correlates of active transportation to school among youth living within 1 mile of their school
The reality of teenage driving: The results of a driving educational experience for teens in the juvenile court system
Safety factors related to all-terrain vehicle injuries in children
Wishful thinking: Safe transportation of newborns at hospital discharge
A case of a distinct difference between the measured blood ethanol concentration and the concentration estimated by Widmark's equation
Cerebellum and integration of neural networks in dual-task processing
Child pedestrian injury: a review of behavioral risks and preventive strategies
Distracted driving: a neglected epidemic
Driving performance in adults with ADHD: Results from a randomized, waiting list controlled trial with atomoxetine
Is sudden death random or is it in the weather?
Material properties of the placenta under dynamic loading conditions
Off-duty and under arrest: a study of crimes perpetuated by off-duty police
An on-road network analysis-based approach to studying driver situation awareness at rail level crossings
A universal helmet law
Unintentional injury hospitalizations among children and youth in areas with a high percentage of Aboriginal identity residents: 2001/2002 to 2005/2006
Alcohol use in hazardous situations: implications for DSM-IV and DSM-5 alcohol use disorders
Evaluation of an education, restraint distribution, and fitting program to promote correct use of age-appropriate child restraints for children aged 3 to 5 years: a cluster randomized trial
Flammability limits: A review with emphasis on ethanol for aeronautical applications and description of the experimental procedure
Happy with a difference, unhappy with an identity: Observers' mood determines processing depth in visual search
Identifying and remediating failures of selective attention in older drivers
Intersection crossing considered as intercepting a moving traffic gap: Effects of task and environmental constraints
Selective effect of physical fatigue on motor imagery accuracy
Route infrastructure and the risk of injuries to bicyclists: a case-crossover study
Profiling safety behaviors: exploration of the sociocognitive variables that best discriminate between different behavioral patterns
Socioeconomic inequality and road traffic accidents in Thailand: comparing cases treated in government hospitals inside and outside of Bangkok
Settings for fixed-cycle traffic signals
The distracted driver: mechanisms, models, and measurement
Analysis of fatal road traffic accidents in a coastal township of South India
The "Arnold Schwarzenegger Effect": Is strength of the "victim" related to misinterpretations of harm intrusions?
Bicycle helmet law in urban areas. Is it good for public health?
Burden of disease in adolescents and young people in Spain
Comparing the impact of socio-demographic factors associated with traffic injury among older road users and the general population in Japan
Driving and arrhythmia: a review of scientific basis for international guidelines
The electrically assisted bicycle: an alternative way to promote physical activity
Emotion and cognition interactions in PTSD: a review of neurocognitive and neuroimaging studies
Estimating time savings: The use of the proportion and percentage heuristics and the role of need for cognition
Evaluation of screening tests for predicting older driver performance and safety assessed by an on-road test
Hybrid and electric low-noise cars cause an increase in traffic accidents involving vulnerable road users in urban areas
The influence of curbs on driver behaviors in four-lane rural highways-A driving simulator based study
The influence of differences in the functioning of the neurocognitive attentional networks on drivers' performance
Interventions to maintain mobility: What works?
Inverse propensity weighting to adjust for bias in fatal crash samples
The occurrence of acute subdural haematoma and diffuse axonal injury as two typical acceleration injuries
Operative blunt duodenal injury in children: a multi-institutional review
Pedestrian and bicycle plans and the incidence of crash-related injuries
Psychoactive drugs and accident risk in road traffic
The relative odds of involvement in seven crash configurations by driver age and sex
The role of attribution of trauma responsibility in posttraumatic stress disorder following motor vehicle accidents
Transportation accident investigation: the development of human factors research and practice
Why did the patient die? The relationship between ambulance accidents and death of patients: Forensic medical issues
A control strategy for parallel hybrid electric vehicles based on extremum seeking
Evaluation of odometry algorithm performances using a railway vehicle dynamic model
Experimental and numerical analysis of the influence of tyres' properties on the straight running stability of a sport-touring motorcycle
A hybrid stability-control system: combining direct-yaw-moment control and G-Vectoring Control
Development of a path-tracking control system based on model predictive control using infrastructure sensors
Identification of the technical state of suspension elements in railway systems
Normal and shear forces in the contact patch of a braked racing tyre. Part 1: results from a finite-element model
Normal and shear forces in the contact patch of a braked racing tyre. Part 2: development of a physical tyre model
A nonlinear post impact path controller based on optimised brake sequences
Personal and trip characteristics associated with safety equipment use by injured adult bicyclists: a cross-sectional study
Vehicle stability control using direct virtual sensors
Bike, walk, and wheel: a way of life in Columbia, Missouri, revisited
Commercial vehicles and road safety in Pakistan: exploring high-risk attributes among drivers and vehicles
Concept mapping: priority community strategies to create changes to support active living
Evaluation of physical projects and policies from the active living by design partnerships
In-car nocturnal blue light exposure improves motorway driving: a randomized controlled trial
Using a bicycle-pedestrian count to assess active living in downtown Wilkes-Barre
Benchmarking progress on child safety action in Europe: the results of the 2012 child safety report cards
Does pre-licensed driving experience affect crash risk as an unsupervised restricted licensed driver? Findings from the New Zealand Drivers Study
Let's talk about safety--can injury prevention do more harm than good?
Planning safer suburbs? the influence of change in the built environment on resdients' perceived safety from crime
The new tobacco--tactics adopted by quad bike manufacturers to not rollover
On road riding practices among electric bikers in Suzhou
Optimising seat length design to minimise extra passengers on all-terrain vehicles
The safety information and guidance provided to parents by all-terrain vehicle dealers and sales representatives
Situation of child injuries in Vietnam and interventions
Successful road safety initiatives in Dubai
Towards safer roads in Putrajaya through community based programme
A fast-simplified wheel-rail contact model consistent with perfect plastic materials
A wheel passing a crossing nose: Dynamic analysis under high axle loads using finite element modelling
Urban transformation and individual responsibility: The Atlanta BeltLine
Transportation and risk analysis of influenza indoor and outdoor transportation and exposure risk analysis of influenza aerosol
An investigation into the station capacities for personal rapid transit systems
Managing avalanches using cost-benefit-risk analysis
A numerical study of the influence of lateral geometry irregularities on mechanical deterioration of freight tracks
Simulation of points of interest distribution in vehicular networks
Simulation analysis for evacuation under congested traffic scenarios: a case study
A reliability assessment of railway track buckling during an extreme heatwave
The pregnant motor vehicle accident casualty: adherence to basic workup and admission guidelines. Letter to the editor
Railway axle failures and durability validation
Driving, cities and changing climates
Friction management on a Chinese heavy haul coal line
Design of a multi-sensor cooperation travel environment perception system for autonomous vehicle
The impact of epilepsy on patients' lives
Intelligent urban public transportation for accessibility dedicated to people with disabilities
Predicting road test performance in adults with cognitive or visual impairment referred to a Veterans Affairs medical center driving clinic
Recognition stage for a speed supervisor based on road sign detection
Road test and naturalistic driving performance in healthy and cognitively impaired older adults: does environment matter?
Vehicle unpaved road response spectrum acquisition based on accelerometer and GPS data
Buckle up: non-seat belt use and antisocial behavior in the United States
Switching algorithm for maglev train double-modular redundant positioning sensors
Designing simulator tools for rail research: The case study of a train driving microworld
Determinants of fitness to drive in Huntington disease
Factors associated with the enactment of safety belt and motorcycle helmet laws
Accidents with motorized two-wheeled vehicles: pattern and severity of injury and mortality
Alcohol abuse or dependence in the military aviator: guidance for the non-flight surgeon
A computational study of injury severity and pattern sustained by overweight drivers in frontal motor vehicle crashes
Does the rubber meet the road? Addressing sleep apnea in commercial truck drivers
Emergency department transport rates of children from the scene of motor vehicle collisions: do booster seats make a difference?
Effect of health education on the riding habits of commercial motorcyclists in Uyo, southern Nigeria
Portable diagnostic devices for identifying obstructive sleep apnea among commercial motor vehicle drivers: considerations and unanswered questions
Slower adaptation to driving simulator and simulator sickness in older adults
Trends in prevalent injuries among Iranian pilgrims in Hajj
Faster but not smarter: effects of caffeine and caffeine withdrawal on alertness and performance
Gender, trauma type, and PTSD prevalence: a re-analysis of 18 nordic convenience samples
A model-based approach to select case sites for walkability audits
Mortality measures from sample-based surveillance: evidence of the epidemiological transition in Viet Nam
The relationship between head injury and facial trauma: a case-control study
Self-control, negative affect, and young driver aggression: an assessment of competing theoretical claims
Spinal cord injuries in children and adolescents
Two mechanisms of distractor dilution: visual selection in a continuous flow
Objectively measuring route-to-park walkability in Atlanta, Georgia
The crash at Kerang: Investigating systemic and psychological factors leading to unintentional non-compliance at rail level crossings
Fatal and survived motorcycle accidents: a selected topics for medicolegal evaluation
Exploring the determinants of pedestrian-vehicle crash severity in New York City
Effects of experience and electronic stability control on low friction collision avoidance in a truck driving simulator
Benchmarking of container analysis fire environment simulation using the memorial tunnel fire ventilation tests
Booster seat laws and fatalities in children 4 to 7 years of age
Decomposing the association between the amount of exposure and the frequency of self-reported involvement in a road crash
The effect of unpredicted visual feedback on activation in the secondary somatosensory cortex during movement execution
Evaluation of curriculum to improve health professionals' ability to manage age-related driving impairments
Fire growth simulation in passenger rail vehicles using a simplified flame spread model for integration with CFD analysis
From modest beginnings to a winnable battle: Road safety efforts at CDC's Injury Center
Is law enforcement of drug-impaired driving cost-efficient? An explorative study of a methodology for cost-benefit analysis
New directions in spatial planning? Linking strategic spatial planning and infrastructure development
Numerical investigation of fires in small rail car compartments
Risk factors for fishermen's health and safety in Greece
Scale modeling and numerical simulation of smoke control for rescue stations in long railway tunnels
Timing and executive resources: dual-task interference patterns between temporal production and shifting, updating, and inhibition tasks
Top 20 violence and injury practice innovations since 1992
Twenty years of scientific progress in injury and violence research and the next public health frontier
Who says? Authority, voice, and authorship in narratives of planning research
Safe Kids Worldwide: preventing unintentional childhood injuries across the globe
Therapy recommendation "act as usual" in patients with whiplash injuries QTF I°
Human initiated cascading failures in societal infrastructures
Association between dental trauma and alcohol use among adolescents
Attentional focus and performance anxiety: effects on simulated race-driving performance and heart rate variability
The effect of three low-cost engineering treatments on driver fatigue: A driving simulator study
Environmental and economic assessment of a road safety product made with virgin and recycled HDPE: A comparative study
The health situation among Thai elementary school-age children: 2010
Health situation analysis of Thai children aged 1-5 years in 2010: implications for health education and health service reform
The incidence of alcohol and other drugs in drivers killed in New Zealand road crashes 2004-2009
Naturalistic study of rider's behaviour in initial training in France: Evidence of limitations in the educational content
Road traffic injuries in Thailand: current situation
Street racing video games and risk-taking driving: An Internet survey of automobile enthusiasts
Unintentional injury among Thai children and adolescents in 2010
Thailand's adolescent health situation: prevention is the key
Hypoglycaemia and accident risk in people with type 2 diabetes mellitus treated with non-insulin anti-diabetes drugs
Intercepting a moving traffic gap while avoiding collision with lead and trail vehicles: Gap-related and boundary-related influences on drivers' speed regulations during approach to an intersection
Mortality following treatment for cannabis use disorders: Predictors and causes
Predictive capacity of pain beliefs and catastrophizing in whiplash associated disorder
A randomized controlled trial of the effectiveness of Brief-CBT for patients with symptoms of posttraumatic stress following a motor vehicle crash
Do motivation-related cognitions explain the relationship between perceptions of urban form and neighborhood walking?
Morbidities associated with obstructive sleep apnea
Lateral impact validation of a geometrically accurate full body finite element model for blunt injury prediction
Alcohol, drugs, and road traffic crashes in India: a systematic review
An 11-year review of dental injuries associated with maxillofacial fractures in Turin, Italy
Alcohol consumption among drivers subject to the Swiss license restriction of zero tolerance when driving
An assessment of commercial motor vehicle driver distraction using naturalistic driving data
Cervical and thoracic spine injury from interactions with vehicle roofs in pure rollover crashes
Childhood road safety behaviors in China: a cross-sectional study of Guangzhou City
A comparison of the effect of mobile phone use and alcohol consumption on driving simulation performance
Corridor-level signalized intersection safety analysis in Shanghai, China using Bayesian hierarchical models
Crowding effects in vehicular traffic
Driver distraction and performance effects of highway logo sign design
Driving decisions when leaving electronic music dance events: driver, passenger, and group effects
The perceived onset position of a moving target: Effects of trial contexts are evoked by different attentional allocations
Using response time distributions to examine top-down influences on attentional capture
Effects of booster seat laws on injury risk among children in crashes
The effects of police duty belt and seat design changes on lumbar spine posture, driver contact pressure and discomfort
The emergency medical services safety champions
Epidemiology of pediatric injury in Malawi: Burden of disease and implications for prevention
Evaluation of the head kinematics of the q3 model and a modified q3 model by means of crash reconstruction
The explanatory power of Schema Theory: theoretical foundations and future applications in ergonomics
Gender differences among older drivers in a comprehensive driving evaluation
Health risk behaviors in insured and uninsured community health center patients in the rural US South
In search of a standard for assessing the crash risk of driving under the influence of drugs other than alcohol; results of a questionnaire survey among researchers
Announcements: World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims -- November 18, 2012
Influence of dual-task performance on muscle and brain activity
Is passenger vehicle incompatibility still a problem?
Late-onset spinal accessory nerve palsy after traffic accident: case report
Look-ahead fixations in curve driving
Measures to support voluntary retirement from driving in Japanese older people: driving is not just a means of transportation
Mental disorders associated with driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs: a register-based study
A note: the changing gender demographics of U.S. drivers
Patterns of structural head injury in children younger than 3 years: A 10-year review of 519 patients
The use of non-standard motorcycle helmets in low- and middle-income countries: a multicentre study
Potential benefits of underride guards in large truck side crashes
Preclinical treatment of severe burn trauma due to an electric arc on an overhead railway cable
Prevention of traumatic brain injury in youth and adolescents
Psychoactive substances in seriously injured drivers in Denmark
Quality of life 1 year after a road accident: Results from the adult ESPARR cohort
Repositioning the knee joint in human body FE models using a graphics-based technique
Short and user-friendly: The development and validation of the Mini-DBQ
Sleepy driving on the real road and in the simulator-A comparison
Stimulant treatment and injury among children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: an application of the self-controlled case series study design
Space-time disarray and visual awareness
Top-down task sets for combined features: Behavioral and electrophysiological evidence for two stages in attentional object selection
Consent searches as a threat to procedural justice and police legitimacy: an analysis of consent requests during traffic stops
Design of a 450-passenger blended wing body aircraft for active control investigations
The impact of alcohol in pedestrian trauma
A new desired articulation angle for directional control of articulated vehicles
Vehicle strip element in the analysis of stiffened plate under realistic moving loading
Simulating ship and buoy motions arising from ocean waves in a ship handling simulator
Development and validation of a finite element model of a dummy for design of pedestrian-friendly vehicles
Heavy truck front underride protection devices design principles
Lightweight design of vehicle front-end structure: contributions of multiple surrogates
Music selection using a touch screen interface: effect of auditory and visual feedback on driving and usability
A path tracking driver model with representation of driving skill
The structural integrity assessment of a partially filled tank pertaining to liquid sloshing upon sudden brake applications
Analysing the development of road safety using demographic data
Contingent attentional capture by conceptually relevant images
Driving dangerously to save lives
The effect of working memory capacity on conflict monitoring
Linking road casualty and clinical data to assess the effectiveness of mobile safety enforcement cameras: a before and after study
Memory for found targets interferes with subsequent performance in multiple-target visual search
On the electrophysiological evidence for the capture of visual attention
Risk factors for injury mortality in rural Tanzania: a secondary data analysis
Seat belt utilisation and awareness in UAE
+Gz-induced spinal symptoms in fighter pilots: operational and individual associated factors
9/11, act ii: a fine-grained analysis of regional variations in traffic fatalities in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks
Active transportation and cardiovascular disease risk factors in U.S. adults
An adaptive driver support system: user experiences and driving performance in a simulator
Affective signals of threat increase perceived proximity
Analysis of driver injury severity in truck-involved accidents using a non-parametric classification tree model
Anticipatory speed control model applied to intersection left turns
Application of failure modes and effects analysis to main engine crankcase explosion failure on-board ship
Are people who claim compensation "cured by a verdict"? A longitudinal study of health outcomes after whiplash
Cell phone use and traffic crash risk: a culpability analysis
Characteristics of victims and fatal accidents at the workplace
Clothing buoyancy and underwater horizontal swim distance after exiting a submersed vehicle simulator
Combined design and robust control of a vehicle passive/active suspension
Concussive injury before or after controlled cortical impact exacerbates histopathology and functional outcome in a mixed traumatic brain injury model in mice
Conflict probability estimation between aircraft with dynamic importance splitting
Congested emergency evacuation of a population using a finite automata approach
Control task substitution in semiautomated driving: does it matter what aspects are automated?
Design and control of variable braking force system on a two wheeler
Developing compact autoregressive characterisations of terrain topology profiles
Development of an autonomous vehicle highway merging strategy
Driving with a partially autonomous forward collision warning system: how do drivers react?
Development of a novel vehicle dynamics/crash mathematical model for vehicle crash mitigation
Development of a precision welded impact sled test track
Development of a Root Cause Degree Procedure for measuring intersection safety factors
The effect of SPAM administration during a dynamic simulation
The effect of virtual reality-enhanced driving protocol in patients following spinal cord injury
Effects of speeding up or slowing down animate or inanimate motions on timing
Efficacy of frequent monitoring with swift, certain, and modest sanctions for violations: insights from South Dakota's 24/7 sobriety project
Estimation of brake pressure and tyre-road friction during ABS activation
Estimation of energy-absorption space for pedestrian leg protection of car front-end structures
Estimation of tyre-road friction coefficient
Failure analysis and design of a front bumper using finite element method along with durability and rig tests
A framework for human error analysis of offshore evacuations
Heavy-truck drivers' following behavior with intervention of an integrated, in-vehicle crash warning system: a field evaluation
Highly automated driving, secondary task performance, and driver state
Implementation of active steering on longer combination vehicles for enhanced lateral performance
Improving intelligibility at a safety critical point: In flight cabin safety
Is there a case for driver training? A review of the efficacy of pre- and post-licence driver training
A location based service approach for collision warning systems in concrete dam construction
The many cases of XFJ: suitable to drive a taxi or "killer cabbie"?
Measuring stud and rubber friction on ice under laboratory conditions
Mobile phones in a traffic flow: a geographical perspective to evening rush hour traffic analysis using call detail records
Model-based winter road classification
Modelling and control of the sliding kingpin anti-jackknife device
Modelling the location and consequences of aircraft accidents
Numerical-experimental analysis of a semi-curtainsider according to the standard EN 12642-XL
Preadolescent temperament and risky behavior: bicycling across traffic-filled intersections in a virtual environment
Psychological factors associated with indices of risky, reckless and cautious driving in a national sample of drivers in the Republic of Ireland
Reducing occupational fatalities by using NIOSH 3rd generation automatically deployable rollover protective structure
A real-time stochastic evacuation model for road tunnels
Reviewing Italian fire safety codes for the analysis of road tunnel evacuations: advantages and limitations of using evacuation models
Safety analysis of belted occupant in reclining seat
Safety in maritime oil sector: Content analysis of machinery space fire hazards
Safety performance functions using traffic conflicts
Selection of a relevant indicator - Road casualty risk based on final outcomes
Simulator training with a forward collision warning system: effects on driver-system interactions and driver trust
Sleep deprivation has no effect on dynamic visual acuity in military service members who are healthy
A smartphone application to extract safety and environmental related information from the OBD-II interface of a car
Topometry optimisation for crashworthiness design using hybrid cellular automata
Tyre rolling kinematics and prediction of tyre forces and moments: part I - theory and method
Tyre rolling kinematics and prediction of tyre forces and moments: part II - simulation and experiment
Use patterns among early adopters of adaptive cruise control
When what you hear influences when you see: listening to an auditory rhythm influences the temporal allocation of visual attention
What have we learned about learning from accidents? Post-disasters reflections
An analysis of distance from collision site to pedestrian residence in pedestrian versus automobile collisions presenting to a level 1 trauma center
Analysis of firetruck crashes and associated firefighter injuries in the United States
Characteristics of interstate motorcoach carriers with elevated rates of crashes and inspection violations
A comprehensive overview of the frequency and the severity of injuries sustained by car occupants and subsequent implications in terms of injury prevention
Compulsory cycle helmets
Contextualizing exposures and experiences of behaviors that influence the risk of crash injury in Latino adolescent males
Degree of urbanization and mortality from motor vehicular crashes
Do our ears help us cross streets safely?
Fatal vehicle-to-bicyclist crashes in Sweden - an in-depth study of injuries and vehicle sources
Gender and age differences among teen drivers in fatal crashes
Young unlicensed drivers and passenger safety restraint use in U.S. Fatal crashes: concern for risk spillover effect?
Underreporting of driver alcohol involvement in United States police and hospital records: capture-recapture estimates
A study of bicycle and passenger car collisions based on insurance claims data
?! Effect of vehicle characteristics on crash severity: Portuguese experience
?! Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) of first aid treatment of road crash victims among commercial intercity drivers and its implications
?! Minimal Geografical Units (MGU): a new model for injury Geografical Units (MGU) in Costa Rica health surveillance
?! Pedestrian injuries analysis in Cuernavaca, Mexico 2008/2009
?! Socioeconomic inequality in road traffic injuries in Tehran
?!Community based study of drinking and driving in North Indian city
?!Research and analysis on the uncertainty data cloud of Chinese road traffic injury
Access to vehicle and risk of crash in novice drivers: results from the drive study
Accuracy of self-report of on-road crashes and traffic offences in a cohort of young drivers: the DRIVE study
Active transport among Kiwi adolescents in the urban jungle: perceptions of safety and convenience
Active transport to school among adolescents in Otago: personal and family perceptions of safety
Acute neck injuries in Ilorin
Age and gender distribution of road car crash mortalities between June 2007 and November 2008 in Lusaka, Zambia
Alcohol and psychoactive substance related to road traffic injuries in Pakistan
Alcohol and road safety policy in Europe: successes and failures
All-terrain vehicles on the road: a serious traffic safety concern
All-terrain vehicles: deadly on and off the road
Analyzing the process for design of media campaign against drunk driving--road safety in ten countries (RS 10 project) in India
Application of the theory of planned behaviour to predict young drivers' speeding behaviour
Are food delivery riders' motorcycle safety helmets safe?
Are road traffic accidents preventable among sleep apnoea patients?
A case study of the prevalence and characteristics of red light runners in Malaysia
Assessment survey on knowledge of traffic law--Jujuy, Argentina, 2011
Assumed risk by vulnerable roadway users: traffic rules transgressions in a capital city of Southwester Colombia, 2009
Attitudes about electronic device use among self-reported distracted drivers in seven European countries, 2010
Attitudes towards and practice of helmet use among commercial motorcyclists in Dar Es Salaam region, Tanzania
Barriers to the safe transport of children to hospital
Behaviour Based Safety reduces risk for NZ truck drivers
Bicyclists' violations--automobile drivers' fault? simultaneous increases in population-level bicycle violation and safety in a complex adaptive system of social traffic behaviour
Black spot identification on the expressway network to a guideline of road safety improvement in Bangkok of Thailand
Booster seat use: individual, parent-child relationship and neighbourhood characteristics
Comparing fatal alcohol-related road traffic crashes in Botswana pre- and post-passage of a national alcohol levy
Comparing paid versus earned media promotional strategies to broadly disseminate an effective teen driving intervention to Michigan parents via the web
?! Media analysis of road safety communication in China
Barriers to helmet use for drivers of all-terrain vehicles
Black spot overlap matching for motorcycles and cars
Burden and risk factors for road traffic injuries in two districts of Kenya: a descriptive analysis
The burden of alcohol-related injuries and violence-2020 a safer Aotearoa New Zealand
The burden of road traffic injuries in Guyana: time to prioritise road safety investments
Burden of road traffic injuries in Egypt: strengths and weaknesses of data sources
Cannabis and traffic collisions: findings from a case crossover study of patients presenting to emergency departments in two Canadian cities
Capture-recapture method: traffic accident estimation along the circumferential road 5, national capital region, Philippines
Caution! Paradigm shift ahead: 'Adolescent mobility health'
Can blood alcohol concentration of road traffic injury patients decrease after information education communication campaign in Vietnam
Cell phone use and traffic crash responsibility: a culpability analysis of collision-involved drivers
Characteristics concerning to road traffic accident during Songkran festival among population in zone 5, 2004
Characteristics of casualty crashes in the Republic of Botswana: identifying evidence-based prevention opportunities
Characteristics of drivers referred by police to VicRoads: evidence for indicators of declining driving competence
Child passenger safety practice in China: attention and action
Children's road traffic accidents in Republic of Bulgaria
Clothing-related motorised two-wheeler crashes: results from a traffic injury surveillance study, Karachi, Pakistan
Cluster randomised trial of an integrated, education, restraint subsidisation and fitting programme to increase child restraint use in 3-year-old to 5-year-old children
Collecting road traffic injury (RTI) data: barriers and enablers experienced by research personnel
Community safety with police volunteers
Comparing road traffic injury datasets in the Dominican Republic with Health Organisation recommendations
Comparison of highway crash reporting in Pakistan with the World Health Organisation injury surveillance guideline
A competence-based approach to training child restraint technicians to build sector-wide capacity to give informed advice to parents and caregivers
Concordance of identified drugs in injured drivers using linked motor vehicle crash, emergency department, and inpatient hospitalisation datasets
The contribution of fate to under-reporting of road crashes and associated road trauma in Pakistan
Crash fatality risk differences between access and non-access controlled highways in Pakistan: a low-income country
Critical situation of child passengers: pre and post - campaign assessment, edu-car plan
Crossing busy city roads by pedistrian school-bound children: how vulnerable they remain for fatal RTAS in Bangladesh!
Current evidence on publicised sobriety checkpoint programmes: are they still effective?
Cycling safety: key messages of the international transport forum of the OECD's working group on cycle safety
Decreasing driver speeding on a simulated drive with feedback and reinforcement
Designing injury surveillance system for National Highways & Motorway police of Pakistan
Determinants of non-compliance in motorcycle helmet use in Bangladesh
Determinants of parent perceptions of dangerous traffic related to school travel
Determinants of speeding among bus drivers in Malaysia
Development of an on-road driving assessment for novice teen drivers
Development, implementation and evaluation of low speed vehicle runover education intervention
Differences in the prevalence and characteristics of distracted driving in eight countries, 2011
Differences in risk-adjusted outcome of road traffic injuries in urban tertiary care Centres of Pakistan: analysis of surveillance data
Distance course for child injury prevention in Brazil
Distracted driving: mobile phone use while driving in three Mexican cities
Do visibility aids reduce the risk of motor-vehicle injury in bicyclists?
Does pedestrian safety video education influence children's pedestrian route selection: results from a randomised controlled trial
Drink driving prevention in Ha Nam and Ninh Binh provinces of Viet Nam
Drinking and driving in Vietnam: prevalence, and public knowledge, attitudes, and practices
Driver sleepiness and risk of motor vehicle crash injuries: a population-based case control study in Fiji
Drivers of change in agricultural health and safety in Australia
Drivers' working conditions and private bus crashes in Kandy, Sri Lanka
Economic evaluation of safety laws and their enforcement
The economic impact of road traffic injuries on households in Kandy, Sri Lanka
Effect of a graduated driver licensing decal provision on the rate of crashes and citations among young probationary drivers
Effectiveness of the 100% motorcycle helmet use campaign in Thailand
Effectiveness of control and repression campaigns on RTA mortality in a low income country
The effectiveness of enforcement programme in promoting proper helmet wearing among motorcyclists in precinct 8, Putrajaya
Effects of speed radar camera in reducing road traffic crashes: experiences from Kenya
Electronic recording of traffic incidents
The enhanced enforcement for helmet wearing and drink driving in Cambodia
Environmental determinants of bicycling injuries
Epidemiological profile of hospitalised injury among e-bike riders
European Safer Urban Motorcycling (ESUM) project: benefits from mobility advantages pertaining to reduction of injuries among powered two wheelers in urban areas
Evaluating the reach of youth-focused drinking and driving reduction interventions in two Mexican cities
Evaluating road safety interventions: lessons learnt from the first 2 years of a multi-country approach
Factors related to seatbelt-wearing among rear-seat passengers in Malaysia
Evaluation of enforcement programme to increase seatbelt use: a case study in precinct 8, Putrajaya
External causes of injuries in Tehran, Iran: a household survey
Factors influencing the decision to engage in unsafe work practices: an air freight case study
Feasibility of a road traffic injury surveillance integrating police and health insurance datasets in the Dominican Republic
Findings of the follow-up survey--GRSI Beijing project of improving vulnerable road user safety at junctions
First standardised field sobriety test in Brazil
GPS tracking of quad bike use on Australian dairy farms
The growing use of motorcycles for commercial transport and traffic safety in Ghana
Guadalajara, Mexico: drinking and driving strategy
Have declines in alcohol involvement for traffic injuries also occurred with other injuries and what do we really know regarding alcohol and injury hospitalisations?
Healthcare providers and teen driving safety: topics discussed and communication products used in practice
Helmet and reflective clothing use among motorcyclists in Kenya: a survey of use, knowledge, attitudes, and practices in two districts
Helmet use among motorcyclists in Cambodia: a survey of use, knowledge, attitudes, and practices
Helmet use in BIXI cyclists in Toronto, Canada: an observational study
Helmet use in motorcycle taxi operators in Kampala, Uganda
Helmets for Kids programme increases helmet use among students
High rate of crashes at roundabouts involving cyclists can be reduced with careful attention to conflict paths
How well do children estimate the time it takes to cross a road? A risk factor for pedestrian injury
ICD-based injury severity for land transport trauma
The identification and targeted pre-licence remediation of overconfident, risk-taking young drivers
Identification of crash and fall risks during the cycling mount and dismount actions in triathlon competitions: a video analysis
If it's about youth, involve youth: creating opportunities for youth engagement in injury prevention
Illicit and benzodiazepine drugs use among fatally injured drivers in urban areas of Kuala Lumpar
Impact of a national multifaceted road safety intervention programme in Mexico: results and implications from a time-series analysis
The impact of safe community initiatives on helmet wearing rate and motorcyclists' death in 14 cites of Iran
The impact of socio economic factors on injuries in Tehran, IR Iran
Improving road traffic injury surveillance using data linkage--a pilot project in Mures County, Romania
Imputation of chronic neck pain to a motor-vehicle collision: a Bayesian approach
The incidence of road traffic inuries in Kandy, Sri Lanka
Incorporating data into global burden of disease method to assess national burden of road traffic injuries in Thailand
Increased detection of alcohol consumption and at-risk drinking with computerised alcohol screening and brief intervention (CASI)
Increased traffic fines and road traffic crashes in Sri Lanka
Increases in best practice child restraint use among children aged 2-5 years in low socioeconomic areas after introduction of mandatory child restraint laws in NSW Australia
Increasing seat belt use in the Russian context: tailored social marketing campaign and concerted strengthened enforcement
Influencing travel demand in Putrajaya
Injuries among children in China: results from national injury surveillance system, 2010
Injury patterns and safety behaviour of child pedestrians in the ultra Orthodox Jewish Community
Injury prevention counselling during well-child visits in the USA: rates and determinants
Injury situation in Vietnam in 2005-2010 and preventive strategies in 2011-2015
Integrated information system for solving traffic accidents and prevention at Ban Phai district, Khon Kaen, Thailand
The interactive effect of fear and humour appeals, gender & the level of involvement on attitude toward safe driving
An intervention for students' bicycle injury in middle schools in rural China
Investigating common trends in New Zealand cycling fatalities
Investigating the effects of installing safety cameras on managing the incidents and the risk assessments in SAIPA (an Asian Automotive Corporation)
Investigating the existence of blood alcohol content policy for commercial drivers in Nigeria
'Just another Saturday night'
Kava use and risk of car crash injury: a population-based case control study in Fiji
Knowledge, attitude, practice on drinking and driving of male motorbike riders in Ha Nam, Ninh Binh provinces 2011
Knowledge, behaviour and attitudes of Greek health care personnel regarding mobile phone use and road accidents: the 'Enigma' project
Lives saved from declined drink driving behaviors in a Chinese city
The magnitude and contextual circumstances of childhood (0-14 years) pedestrian fatalities in South African cities
Making global road safety collaborations work: stakeholders' perceptions
Measuring non-fatal road trauma: how reliable are police and hospital temporal trends over time for road users by injury severity?
Mind wandering and driving
The model school zone project at St. Andrews School supports the decade of action for road safety: Safe Kids Philippines experience
A model to evaluate road traffic safety in Safe Communities (SC)
Motorcycle helmet wearing in children in Viet Nam--a comparison of pre and post law
Motorcycle non-standard helmet use in an urban area of Mexico
Motorcycle speeds at urban intersections
Motorcycle transport: a threat to road safety in a community in Sub-Saharan Africa
Motorcyclist injuries and use of safety measures in five cities in Colombia
Non-response bias in a community survey of drinking, alcohol-related experiences and public opinion on alcohol policy
Occupational ATV-related injuries in Washington State's agricultural industry, 2004-2008
Participatory photography project gives voice to non-driving Pacific, Maori and Asian youth
Pattern of cranio--intracranial injuries in fatal vehicular accidents in Chandigarh zone of north--west India--a 25 years autopsy experience from a tertiary care hospital of India
The pedestrians' risk behaviour in the traffic: experiences and beliefs and its consequences in the behaviour
Pedestrian injury at signalised midblock versus signalised intersections locations in Toronto, Canada
Pedestrian injury profile in Lagos (Nigeria)--the third most densely populated city in Africa
Perception of school-bound children's mothers on road-crossing and other road-safety issues in Bangladesh
Perceptions, barriers, and strategies of women pillion riders about helmet use--a qualitative study from Pakistan
Photovoice: children's perspectives on road traffic safety in 10 countries
A picture is worth a thousand words: utilising social media to better understand all-terrain vehicle crash mechanisms of real patients
Plunket car seat rentals, protecting New Zealand children for over 30 years
Post-crash management of road traffic injury victims in Iran. Stakeholders' views on current barriers and potential facilitators (Conference abstract)
Potential for lives saved by the road safety in 10 countries (RS-10) project interventions in five Brazilian cities
Potential for prevention of powered-two-wheeler fatalities in three European cities: an estimation in the context of European Safer Urban Motorcycling (ESUM) project
Practical experience of gateway treatment in developing country
Preliminary results on crashes in a validation study for a new simulated assessment of driving performance for novice teen drivers
Prevalence of driving while sleepy: a population-based survey of four-wheeled motor vehicle drivers in Fiji
Prevalence of drunk driving in Ghana
The prevalence of motorcycle helmet use in three Mexican cities
Preventing risky driving and alcohol misuse among young adults: a randomised controlled trial in the emergency department
Proposal for a road safety indicator based on origin-destination survey: the problem of indicators in developing countries
Quantifying the use of seatbelts and child restraints in three Mexican cities
Rail incident investigator training: is there support for a standardised Australasian training framework?
Reaching high-risk young adolescents: a process evaluation of a school based injury prevention programme
Reducing child injury: evaluation of interventions targeting children and the adults who supervise them
The relationship between walking to school and child pedestrian injury in Toronto, Canada
Relative and attributable risks of fatal crashes associated with drug use
Research about mother's perception and behaviour about accidents with children in Brazil
Risk factors for motor vehicle crashes involving civilian drivers and emergency vehicles in use
Risk factors for road traffic injuries among school children in rural Bangladesh
Risk factors for severe motorcycle injuries among motorcyclists
Risk of injurious road traffic crash after prescription of antidepressants
Road safety challenges for the 21st century
Road safety practices of motorcycle riders in Multan, Pakistan
Road safety research and policy
Road traffic fatalities and economic development: National and Sub-National longitudinal analysis in China
Road traffic injuries in urban Pakistani children and adolescents age, gender and road user perspectives
Road traffic injury mortality, morbidity and disability: evidence from Bangladesh Health and Injury Survey (BHIS)
Role of alcohol in hospitalised road trauma in Viet Nam
Safe Kids Philipppines' data on motorcycle culpability in road traffic injuries used as reference for congress bills
Safety on highway work zones and speed management
A seat belt in non-motorised vehicle rickshaw--can it prevent roads traffic injuries in Bangladesh?
Self-reported drunk driving among Finnish adolescents
Social autopsy: a community based intervention in preventing road traffic injuries--experience from Bangladesh
Spatial analysis of fatal and injury crashes in Curitiba
Spatial inequalities and pedestrian injuries in Cali, Colombia
Stakeholder views and perceptions on epidemiology and management of childhood and adolescent injuries in north western Uganda
Street children and road traffic injuries: a neglected association in prevention strategies in Nigeria
Study on the improvement of legal system for ensuring the safety of bicycle riders--the case of Seoul in Korea
A study on road safety features and awareness in selected schools in Vellore
The Velestino study: are traumatic brain injuries in the life-course linked to cognitive impairment among seniors?
Video based methods for observing pedestrians behaviour
Vulnerability of riders and passengers to injuries in multi-occupant motorcycle crashes
Vulnerable users' deaths in Brazilian road safety 10 cities (RS-10)
What has worked with recidivist drink drivers to reduce re-offending?
Walkable but unsafe? a systematic review of built environment correlates of walking and child pedestrian injury
A systematic review of pedestrian injuries on account of distraction by mobile phone use
Taupo bicycle study: follow up response, personal characteristics and injury outcome
Through flashing speed limit signage to control vehicle speed limit for entering school zone
Towards sustainable pedestrian safety: the Bangladesh context
Transportation safety issues: the student experience and their solutions
Trends in road traffic crashes and associated injury and fatality in Pakistan 1956-2010
Trends of road traffic accidents in Cameroon between 2007 and 2011
Tri-motorcycle accidents in Abuja Nigeria
'The triangle that moves the mountain': evaluation of road safety intervention model in Phuket, Thailand
Under-reported: child pedestrian road traffic injuries in Vietnam
Understanding anatomical injury severity of fatal road crashes
Understanding for changing: how to design successful social marketing campaigns targeting unsafe behaviours. The experience of the road safety in 10 country project, Russia
Understanding road traffic injuries and prevention measures for children in rural Bangladesh: a qualitative study of community members' views
Understanding use of child restraints in Australian aboriginal families: a mixed methods approach
Use of antidepressants, anxiolytics, hypnotics/sedatives and antipsychotics and road traffic crashes with injuries in elderly drivers. A Swedish population-based register study
Using attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours to shape a Cambodian motorcycle helmet campaign
The validity of self-reported helmet-use among motorcyclists in India
Using GIS to assess pedestrian safety in Delhi
Using in-depth crash data to assess the role of driver inattention and driver distraction in crashes
Gorilla watching: Effects of exposure and expectations on inattentional blindness
Aggressive driving behaviour in young drivers (aged 16 through 25) involved in fatal crashes
Alcohol use and drunk driving: the modifying effect of impulsivity
Assessment of driving expertise using multiple choice questions including static vs. animated presentation of driving scenarios
Association between reduced expression of hippocampal glucocorticoid receptors and cognitive dysfunction in a rat model of traumatic brain injury due to lateral head acceleration
Behavioral control in alcohol use disorders: relationships with severity
Bundled automobile insurance coverage and accidents
Can the built environment reduce health inequalities? A study of neighbourhood socioeconomic disadvantage and walking for transport
Combination and selection of traffic safety expert judgments for the prevention of driving risks
Comparison of crashes during public holidays and regular weekends
The daily variation in sleepiness and its relation to the preceding sleep episode-a prospective study across 42 days of normal living
Analysis of the interactive relationship between apology and product involvement in crisis communication: an experimental study on the Toyota recall crisis
Analysis of traffic accidents on rural highways using latent class clustering and bayesian networks
The effects of paved shoulders on accidents on rural highways
Safety effectiveness of converting signalized intersections to roundabouts
Road accidents caused by sleepy drivers: Update of a Norwegian survey
Reliable freestanding position-based routing in highway scenarios
Self-reported seatbelt use, United States, 2002-2010: Does prevalence vary by state and type of seatbelt law?
Peer influence predicts speeding prevalence among teenage drivers
Protective factors associated with young passenger intervening in risky driving situations
A psychosocial model of young adult passengers' intervening in unsafe driving of their friends
Mortality in rural locations after severe injuries from motor vehicle crashes
Near peripheral motion contrast threshold predicts older drivers' simulator performance
Modelling driver behaviour towards innovative warning devices at railway level crossings
Outcomes one year after a road accident: Results from the ESPARR cohort
Modeling crash frequency and severity using multinomial-generalized Poisson model with error components
Defining and screening crash surrogate events using naturalistic driving data
Distracted driving: mobile phone use while driving in three Mexican cities
Effect of using GPS autosteer guidance systems on the eye-glance behavior and posture of tractor operators
Epidemiology of non-fatal injuries among adolescents in an urban Niger delta community of Nigeria
Hurried driving: Relationship to distress tolerance, driver anger, aggressive and risky driving in college students
Incidence of traumatic brain injury in New Zealand: a population-based study
Electric active roll control (EARC)
Development and application of a reliability-based multivariate model validation method
Safety challenges and oversight in the motorcoach industry: attitudes and perceptions of drivers, roadside inspectors, and federal investigators
Safety changes in the U.S. vehicle fleet since model year 1990, based on NASS data
Sequential biomechanics of the human upper thoracic spine and pectoral girdle
Thoracolumbar spine fractures in frontal impact crashes
Pedestrian injuries by source: serious and disabling injuries in U.S. and European cases
An In-depth Study of Abdominal Injuries Sustained by Car Occupants in Frontal Crashes
Homogenization of vehicle fleet frontal crash pulses from 2000-2010
Impact and injury patterns in between-rails frontal crashes of vehicles with good ratings for frontal crash protection
Influence of injury risk thresholds on the performance of an algorithm to predict crashes with serious injuries
Injury patterns of seniors in traffic accidents: A technical and medical analysis
Injury risk functions in frontal impacts using data from crash pulse recorders
Practices, attitudes and perceptions toward road safety in Yerevan, Republic of Armenia
Predicting rib fracture risk with whole-body finite element models: development and preliminary evaluation of a probabilistic analytical framework
A method for the prediction of future driving conditions and for the energy management optimisation of a hybrid electric vehicle
Middle managers' role in safeguarding OHS: The case of the shipping industry
Some technical aspects of spills in the transportation of petroleum materials by tankers
Spanish version of the Positive Expectancies for Drinking and Driving for Youth
Traumatic brain injury and neuropsychiatric outcomes
Graduated driver licensing and motor vehicle crashes involving teenage drivers: an exploratory age-stratified meta-analysis
Visual functions and traffic accidents: a Danish study based on 359 automobile-related accidents with human injury
Complex dynamic scene perception: effects of attentional set on perceiving single and multiple event types
Crashworthiness optimization design of honeycomb sandwich panel based on factor screening
Differences in thoracic injury causation patterns between seat belt restrained children and adults
Development of a method for detecting jerks in safety critical events
Dose-related effects of alcohol on cognitive functioning
Driver anger on the information superhighway: a content analysis of online complaints of offensive driver behaviour
Driver distraction in an unusual environment: Effects of text-messaging in tunnels
Drunk and disorganised: relationships between bar characteristics and customer intoxication in European drinking environments
The effect of a low-speed automatic brake system estimated from real life data
Epidemiology and clinical characteristics of traumatic brain injuries in a rural setting in Maharashtra, India. 2007-2009
Evaluation of chassis control method through optimisation-based controllability region computation
Factors affecting ejection risk in rollover crashes
Epilepsy and law
Evaluating the road safety effects of a fuel cost increase measure by means of zonal crash prediction modeling
A finite element model of the lower limb for simulating automotive impacts
Gender differences and demographic influences in perceived concern for driver safety and support for impaired driving countermeasures
How realistic are older drivers' ratings of their driving ability?
The impact of pavement type and roughness on paint marking retroreflectivity
Is the prevalence of driving after drinking higher in entertainment areas?
Modeling school bus seat belt usage: Nested and mixed logit approaches
Prevalence and factors associated with road traffic crash among bus drivers in Hanoi, Vietnam
Propagation of variability in railway dynamic simulations: application to virtual homologation
The relationship of dangerous driving with traffic offenses: A study on an adapted measure of dangerous driving
The sound of a mobile phone ringing affects the complex reaction time of its owner
A stochastic analysis of tractor overturn costs on catfish farms
A study on road traffic crashes and injuries in Qatar as reported by drivers
Traffic safety in selected countries: hospital-based evidence
Trajectories of kinematic risky driving among novice teenagers
Trends in tractor related fatalities among adults working on farms in Victoria, Australia, 1985-2010
Use of speed profile as surrogate measure: Effect of traffic calming devices on crosstown road safety performance
Complacency and bias in human use of automation: an attentional integration
Conceptualization and measurement of team workload: a critical need
Can passengers' active head tilt decrease the severity of carsickness? Effect of head tilt on severity of motion sickness in a lateral acceleration environment
Dealing with task interruptions in complex dynamic environments: are two heads better than one?
The effect of concurrent bandwidth feedback on learning the lane-keeping task in a driving simulator
The effect of prior task loading on mental workload: an example of hysteresis in driving
Effectiveness of suspension seats in maintaining performance following military high-speed boat transits
Effects of electronic map displays and individual differences in ability on navigation performance
Enhanced perception and performance by multimodal threat cueing in simulated combat vehicle
Fatigue and voluntary utilization of automation in simulated driving
A field study on the impact of variations in shortterm memory demands on drivers' visual attention and driving performance across three age groups
The impact of intonation and valence on objective and subjective attention capture by auditory alarms
Influence of task combination on EEG spectrum modulation for driver workload estimation
Looming auditory collision warnings for driving
Sharing control with haptics: seamless driver support from manual to automatic control
Modeling the control of attention in visual workspaces
Potential benefits and costs of concurrent task engagement to maintain vigilance: a driving simulator investigation
Where's the emotion? How sport psychology can inform research on emotion in human factors
Characteristics of injured patients after motorcycle traffic injuries who were seen at health centers Luong Son district, Hoa Binh, 2002
Motor traffic injuries in Sub-Saharan Africa
Cervical arterial injury after blunt trauma in children: characterization and advanced imaging
Distance perception in mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI)
An empirical assessment of driver motivation and emotional states in perceived safety margins under varied driving conditions
Evaluation of head-free eye tracking as an input device for air traffic control
Factors associated with fatal trauma in Medellín (Colombia) motorcyclists
Keeping our children safe in motor vehicles: knowledge, attitudes and practice among parents in Kuwait regarding child car safety
A man with impaired consciousness after femur fractures
Neighborhood street scale elements, sedentary time and cardiometabolic risk factors in inactive ethnic minority women
A profile of Injury in Fiji: findings from a population-based injury surveillance system (TRIP-10)
Restraint status improves the predictive value of motor vehicle crash criteria for pediatric trauma team activation
Rupture of the tricuspid valve due to smashing the chest into the steering wheel
Warnings cut road trauma, but at a cost
Alcohol outlet density is related to police events and motor vehicle accidents in Manukau City, New Zealand
Artificial sweeteners versus regular mixers increase breath alcohol concentrations in male and female social drinkers
Association of resident fatigue and distress with occupational blood and body fluid exposures and motor vehicle incidents
Cannabis effects on driving skills
Detecting driver drowsiness based on sensors: a review
An epidemiological study of maxillofacial fractures requiring surgical treatment at a tertiary trauma centre between 2005 and 2010
An epidemiological study on pattern and incidence of mandibular fractures
An examination of PTSD symptoms as a mediator of the relationship between trauma history characteristics and physical health following a motor vehicle accident
Exploring the barriers and facilitators to children's active transportation to and from school from the perspectives of practitioners
Exposure-based, 'like-for-like' assessment of road safety by travel mode using routine health data
Fatal and hospitalised childhood injuries in Fiji (TRIP Project-3)
Fatal poisoning in Estonia 2000-2009. Trends in illegal drug-related deaths
Goodness-of-fit testing for accident models with low means
Impact of errors in age estimates on the classification of proper child occupant restraint use: an observational survey
Implications of new European Union driving regulations for patients with Type 1 diabetes who participated in the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial
Individual, social and physical environmental correlates of 'never' and 'always' cycling to school among 10 to 12 year old children living within a 3.0 km distance from school
Injuries in emergency rooms of urban areas in Mexico: prevalence and severity
Level I trauma center internal campaign to increase safe driving by staff
Medical warnings reduce older drivers' risk of motor vehicle injury while adversely affecting mental health and physician relationship
Physiologic, demographic and mechanistic factors predicting New Injury Severity Score (NISS) in motor vehicle accident victims
Population-based approach to study unintentional injury occurrences in Pune city, India
Prevention of child injuries during tornadoes: cases from the 2011 tornado outbreak in Alabama
Risk for injuries among motorcyclists involved in traffic incidents
Road traffic crashes with fatal and non-fatal injuries in Arkhangelsk, Russia in 2005-2010
Safe transportation of children: what is our responsability as pediatricians?
Seat belt misuse by a child transported in belt-positioning booster seat with deadly consequences
Sleep, stress, neurogenesis and driving performance
Effectiveness of signal-based countermeasures for pedestrian safety: findings from pilot study
Estimation of real-time crash risk: are all freeways created equal?
Modeling of pedestrian activity at signalized intersections: land use, urban form, weather, and spatiotemporal patterns
Defending transportation networks against random and targeted attacks
Do advance yield markings increase safe driver behaviors at unsignalized, marked midblock crosswalks?
Dynamic gravity model for hurricane evacuation planning
Effects of hybrid interface on ecodriving and driver distraction
Estimating potential effect of speed limits, built environment, and other factors on severity of pedestrian and cyclist injuries in crashes:
Evaluation of bilingual sign layout and information load before implementation of new signing system
Evaluation of shared lane markings in Cambridge, Massachusetts
Glancing and stopping behavior of motorcyclists and car drivers at intersections
Impact of belt use by rear-seat occupants on injury severity of belted drivers in New Jersey
Influence of departure time spans and corresponding network performance on evacuation time
Intersection crossing times of bicyclists
Intersection origin-destination flow optimization problem for evacuation network design
Is ticketing aggressive cars and trucks effective in changing driver behavior?
Liability issues of volunteer driving programs
Logistic regression model of risk of fatality in vehicle-pedestrian crashes on national highways in Bangladesh
Material convergence and its determinants
Model for location of medical facility and evaluation of vulnerability and accessibility of road network
Modeling highway safety and simulation in rainy weather
Pedestrian safety programs in centers of large cities
Random parameter model used to explain effects of built-environment characteristics on pedestrian crash frequency
Relationships of barge bow force-deformation for bridge design
Relocating children in daytime no-notice evacuations
Selection of source and use of traffic information in emergency situations
Simplified approach for assessing initial fire development and spread in passenger rail vehicles
Sustained and halo effects of various speed reduction treatments in highway work zones
Transportation alternatives of the elderly after driving cessation
Transportation and emergency management tool kit for communications with vulnerable populations
Acceleration performance trends and evolving relationship between power, weight, and acceleration in U.S. light-duty vehicles
Actual and perceived risks of apprehension for speeding in Norway
Analyses and implications of accidents in Singapore Strait
Aluminum foam-lined suppressive shields for safe transport of explosives
Analysis of causes of major train derailment and their effect on accident rates
Analysis of large-scale incidents on urban freeways
Application of fuzzy logic to safety risk assessment of China's maritime passages
Assessing international transferability of Highway Safety Manual crash prediction algorithm and its components
Estimating right-turn-on-red capacity for dual right-turn lanes at signalized intersections
Estimation of safety effectiveness of composite shoulders on rural two-lane highways
Evaluating safety at railway level crossings with microsimulation modeling
Evaluation of comprehension and legibility of international and domestic nonstandard symbol signs
Evaluation of resiliency of transportation networks after disasters
Influence of cannabis on fatal traffic crashes
Risk assessment of bird-aircraft strikes at commercial airports: submodel development
Spatial effectiveness of speed feedback signs
Truck-mounted changeable message signs with symbols for work zone operations
Use of both centerline and shoulder rumble strips on high-speed two-lane rural roadways: impact on lateral lane position and passing maneuvers of vehicles
Use of computer vision to identify pedestrians' nonconforming behavior at urban intersections
After September 11, 2001: How transit agencies prepare for the threat of terrorism
Cross-median collisions on Pennsylvania interstates and expressways
Development of a road safety risk index
Diagnostic methodology for the detection of safety problems at intersections
Analysis of factors affecting occurrence and severity of air traffic control operational errors
Development of a nonaccident-release risk index
Comparison of observed retroreflectivity values with proposed FHWA minimums
Development of a pavement marking management system: Measurement of glass sphere loading in retroreflective pavement paints
Extracting slipperiness component from weather and traffic data for winter maintenance operations
Critical impact points for transitions and terminals
Development of the Midwest Guardrail System
Flared energy-absorbing terminal median barrier
Vehicle impacts in V-shaped ditches
Effects of adaptive cruise control systems on highway traffic flow capacity
Infrastructure collision-avoidance concept for straight-crossing-path crashes at signalized intersections
Simulating no-passing zone violations on a vertical curve of a two-lane rural road
Assessment and improvement of safety at Finnish railway-road grade crossings
Computational vision model to assess work-zone conspicuity
Model of overhead-sign luminance needed for legibility
Retroreflective material specifications and on-road sign performance
Comparison of driver braking responses in a high-fidelity simulator and an a test track
Drivers' understanding of overhead freeway exit guide signs: Evaluation of alternatives with an advanced fixed-base driving simulator
Effect of warning timing on collision avoidance behavior in a stationary lead vehicle scenario
Effects of memory retrieval load on drivers' reproduction performance under route searching
Investigation of behavioral adaptation to lane departure warnings
Work- and sleep-related predictors of subjective on-duty alertness in irregular work schedules
Aggressive driving and road rage behaviors on freeways in San Diego, California: spatial and temporal analyses of observed and reported variations
Variability in traffic flow quality experienced by drivers: evidence from instrumented vehicles
Red-light running and sensible countermeasures: Summary of research findings
Automated enforcement of red light running technology and programs: a review
Using focus groups to investigate issues of red light running
Safety evaluation process for two-lane rural roads: A 10-year review
Selection of design speed values
Eye movement patterns for novice teen drivers does 6 months of driving experience make a difference?
"Super 2" highways in Texas: operational and safety characteristics
Road cross-section width and free-flow speed on two-lane rural highways
Neural network modeling of 85th percentile speed for two-lane rural highways
Motor vehicle speeds: recommendations for urban sustainability
Holistic approach to airport surface safety
Minimization of potential air conflicts through speed regulation
HOT lane policies and their implications
Ethyl glucuronide concentration in hair for detecting heavy drinking and/or abstinence: a meta-analysis
The impact of rail access on condominium prices in Hamburg
Justice in transport as justice in accessibility: applying Walzer's 'Spheres of Justice' to the transport sector
Ridership drivers of bus rapid transit systems
She's got a ticket to ride: gender and public transit passes
Spatial analysis of deaths due to traffic accidents, before and after the Brazilian Drinking and Driving Law, in micro-regions of the state of São Paulo, Brazil
Tasks matter: a cross-sectional study of the relationship of cognition and dual-task performance in older adults
Tradeoffs among free-flow speed, capacity, cost, and environmental footprint in highway design
Truck driver scheduling in the United States
Updating predictive accident models of modern rural single carriageway A-roads
Well-being and activity-based models
The accuracy of the olfactory sense in detecting alcohol intoxication in trauma patients
Adolescent exposure to drink driving as a predictor of young adults' drink driving
Mobility behavior of the elderly: an attitude-based segmentation approach for a heterogeneous target group
Observability in traffic networks. Plate scanning added by counting information
Opportunity meets planning: an assessment of the physical activity emphasis in state obesity-related plans
Participation and desire: leisure activities among Canadian adults with disabilities
Analysis of characteristics of road traffic injuries in Bao'an District, Shenzhen from 2004 to 2011
Anthropometric dependence of the response of a Thorax FE model under high speed loading: Validation and real world accident replication
Associations of adult physical activity with perceived safety and police-recorded crime: the Multi-ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis
Roads with a wide center marking in winter conditions
Safety evaluations of level crossing. Tarva LC
Traffic studies and traffic solutions at sites that generate large traffic flows
Are age-related changes in cognitive function driven by age-related changes in sensory processing?
Barriers to assessing fitness to drive in dementia in Nova Scotia: informing strategies for knowledge translation
Emerging technologies: webcams and crowd-sourcing to identify active transportation
Laypersons' expectations of recovery and beliefs about whiplash injury: A cross-cultural comparison between Australians and Singaporeans
A mathematical modeling approach to resource allocation for railroad-highway crossing safety upgrades
Resuming motor vehicle driving following orthopaedic surgery or limb trauma
Return-to-driving expectations following mild traumatic brain injury
Impulsivity, risky behaviors and accidents in alcohol-dependent patients
Incidences, types, and influencing factors of snow disaster-associated injuries in Ningbo, China, 2008
Independent effects of adaptation and attention on perceived speed
Mandatory helmets
Mind wandering and driving: responsibility case-control study
Mind wandering and motor control: off-task thinking disrupts the online adjustment of behavior
Modeling and analyzing traffic safety perceptions: An application to the speed limit reduction pilot project in Edmonton, Alberta
Modeling two-vehicle crash severity by a bivariate generalized ordered probit approach
Motor vehicle fatalities among oil and gas extraction workers
Motorized dirt bike injuries in children
Impact of social and technological distraction on pedestrian crossing behaviour: an observational study
Evaluating the performance of network screening methods for detecting high collision concentration locations on highways
The contributions of sleep-related risk factors to diurnal car accidents
Concurrent criterion validity of the safe driving behavior measure: a predictor of on-road driving outcomes
Obstetric outcomes in women who sustained a spinal cord injury during pregnancy
PHOTOVOICE: Reducing pedestrian injuries in children
Audit of lightning protection systems in traffic operations and ITS applications
Cargo tank rollover force verification
Child injury tolerance through case reconstruction
Can public transportation increase economic efficiency
Covering the ground
Deicing for safe taxiing
Driven to distraction
Employer attitudes towards peak hour avoidance
Experimental measurement of the stopping performance of a tractor-semitrailer from multiple speeds
A geometric analysis for estimating collision force for narrow-object impacts
High risk, low need
Headway analysis at signalised intersections - with and without countdown timer
Hunting down fatigue
Integrated traffic accident investigation techniques as a tool within a risk management plan for public agencies
It can be considered an epidemic while driving . . . and, let's add a work zone
LED street smarts: street lighting turns to LEDs for longevity and efficiency
A methodology for improving road safety by novel infrastructural and invehicle technology combinations
An operational analysis of modern roundabouts in the United States
Off the mark
Operational fault states in railways
A participative procedure to select indicators of policies for sustainable urban mobility. Outcomes of a national test
Performance of traffic networks during multimodal evacuations: simulation-based assessment
Policy instruments for managing EU road safety targets: road safety impact assessment
Positive space for Gen Y
Prediction of driver's workload by means of fuzzy techniques
Putting it into words
Reducing the incidence of mammals on public highways using chemical repellent
Research of collision speed dependency of pedestrian head and chest injuries using human FE Model (THUMS Version 4)
Safety ranking of the Lithuanian road network of national significance
Rural roads and development: evidence from Ethiopia
Seismic risk mitigation decisions at ports: multiple challenges, multiple perspectives
Side impacts into poles: the effect of rotation on stiffness coefficients
A simple closed form solution for the displacement constrained problem of braking to a terminus velocity
Sustained stall
Erratum to: Ridership drivers of bus rapid transit systems
Development of a large-scale traffic simulation model for hurricane evacuation--methodology and lessons learned
Effect of authoritative information and message characteristics on evacuation and shadow evacuation in a simulated flood event
Engineering-based hurricane risk estimates and comparison to perceived risks in storm-prone areas
Reverse 911 as a complementary evacuation warning system
Review of geohazard warning systems toward development of a popular usage geohazard warning communication system
Use of flood, loss, and evacuation models to assess exposure and improve a community tsunami response plan: Vancouver Island
Bilevel optimization approach to design of network of bike lanes
Assessment of presence conditions of pavement markings with image processing
Assessment of sign retroreflectivity compliance for development of a management plan
Calibration of Highway Safety Manual safety performance function: development of new models for rural two-lane two-way highways
Cervico-facial traumatic injuries at the Donka national hospital of the teaching hospital of Conakry
Characteristics of injuries in motorcycle-to-barrier collisions in Maryland
Child car restraints: mandating type and seating row according to age with positive effect in regional city in Queensland, Australia
Commercial driver factors in run-off-road crashes
Closed-course evaluation of stop paddles with embedded lights
Comprehensive evaluation of driver behavior to establish parameters for timing of yellow change and red clearance intervals
Consequences of common data analysis inaccuracies in CNS trauma injury basic research
Detection, control, and warning system for mitigating dilemma zone problem
Determining location and design of cost-effective wildlife crossing structures along US-64 in North Carolina
Wandering minds and wavering rhythms: linking mind wandering and behavioral variability
Caffeine counteracts impairments in task-oriented psychomotor performance induced by chlorpheniramine: a double-blind placebo-controlled crossover study
Effects of acute alcohol intoxication on automated processing: evidence from the double-step paradigm
Review of flaws and damages in space launch vehicle: Structures
Road safety performance indicators for the interurban road network
All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) on the road: a serious traffic safety and public health concern
Analysis of the frequency and severity of rear-end crashes in work zones
Bicyclist-bicyclist crashes-a medical and technical crash analysis
Characteristics of DUI offenders with a high versus low perceived risk of arrest
Concentrations of alprazolam in blood from impaired drivers and forensic autopsies were not much different but showed a high prevalence of co-ingested illicit drugs
Can patients receiving opioid maintenance therapy safely drive? A systematic review of epidemiological and experimental studies on driving ability with a focus on concomitant methadone or buprenorphine administration
Drinking drivers and drug use on weekend nights in the United States
The effects of local and non-local traffic on child pedestrian safety: A spatial displacement of risk
Epidemiology of road traffic injuries in Qassim region, Saudi Arabia: consistency of police and health data
The epidemiology of traumatic cervical spine fractures: a prospective population study from Norway
Hospital outpatients' responses to taking medications with driving warnings
Impaired vigilance and increased accident rate in public transport operators is associated with sleep disorders
Kinematics of child volunteers and child anthropomorphic test devices during emergency braking events in real car environment
More fatal all-terrain vehicle crashes occur on the roadway than off: increased risk-taking characterises roadway fatalities
Predictors of road crossing safety in pedestrians with Parkinson's disease
The response patterns of young bicyclists to a right-turning motorcycle: a simulator study
Situations of Car-to-Pedestrian Contact
Traffic citation rates among drivers of different residency status in the United States
Performance evaluation of Type II and Type IIa box beam end terminals. Part I
Performance evaluation of Type II and Type IIa box beam end terminals. Part III
Performance evaluation of Type II and Type IIa box beam end terminals. Part IV
Performance evaluation of Type II and Type IIa box beam end terminals. Part V
Persistent problem
Sources of friction
Side ways
Evaluating sleepiness-related daytime function by querying wakefulness inability and fatigue: Sleepiness-Wakefulness Inability and Fatigue Test (SWIFT)
Calibration and validation of Highway Capacity Manual 2010 capacity model for single-lane roundabouts
Consideration of sight distance in placement of concrete barriers on horizontal curves of roads
Describing non-lane-based motorcycle movements in motorcycle-only traffic flow
Development of left-turn lane warrants for unsignalized intersections
Effect of inclement weather on two capacity flows at recurring freeway bottlenecks
Driver feedback on monetary penalty and its impact on work zone speed
Effects of hours of service and driving patterns on motor carrier crashes
Effects of alcohol on speeding and road positioning of young drivers: Driving simulator study
Evaluation of ASTM standard test method E2177: retroreflectivity of pavement markings in condition of wetness
Evaluation of two treatments for reducing crashes related to traffic signal change intervals
Extension of negative binomial GARCH Model:: analyzing effects of gasoline price and miles traveled on fatal crashes involving intoxicated drivers in Texas
Evaluation of a standardized all-terrain vehicle safety education intervention for youth in rural central Illinois
Older adult opinions about driving cessation: a role for advanced driving directives
Older adult opinions of "advance driving directives"
Time required for screening for visual impairment in primary care: a randomized comparison of 3 common visual tests
Does a medicinal dose of kava impair driving? A randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind study
Earthsickness: circumnavigation and the terrestrial human body, 1520-1800
Evidence for a cognitive control network for goal-directed attention in simple sustained attention
Feasibility of a computer-delivered driver safety behavior screening and intervention program initiated during an emergency department visit
Intensive video gaming improves encoding speed to visual short-term memory in young male adults
Capacity change mechanism of a diverge bottleneck
Commuter rail: balancing freight clearance with level boarding and Americans With Disabilities Act accessibility requirements
Comparison of parametric and nonparametric hazard models for stop durations on urban tours with commercial vehicles
Crash modification factors for changes to left-turn phasing
Crash modification factors: Foundational issues
Design and benefit-cost analysis of deploying freeway incident response units: case study for Capital Beltway in Maryland
Development of visual model for exploring relationship between nighttime driving behavior and roadway visibility features
Development and assessment of taxonomy for performance-shaping factors for railway operations
Development of the next generation of intercity corridor bi-level equipment with crash energy management
Effect of train arrival time on crash frequency at highway-railroad grade crossings: general classification regression model
Effectiveness of a control strategy for forced-detour traffic in continuous lane closure within a rural work zone
Effects of environmental lighting conditions on operating speeds on urban arterials
Effects of head dimensions on intracranial responses based on finite element model
Effects of mobile Internet use on college student pedestrian injury risk
Emergency surgery due to go-kart injuries: report of two consecutive cases
The emotional side of cognitive distraction: Implications for road safety
Effects of a natural community intervention intensifying alcohol law enforcement combined with a restrictive alcohol policy on adolescent alcohol use
Epidemiological and clinical profile of accidents on public ways at the welcome service of emergencies, CHU Gabriel Touré
Frailty and injury causation
Guidelines for timing yellow and red intervals at signalized intersections
Health-risk behaviors among a sample of US pre-adolescents: Types, frequency, and predictive factors
High-beam usage on low-volume rural roads in Texas
Horizontal curves, signs, and safety
A heterogeneous latent class model of activity rescheduling, route choice and information acquisition decisions under multiple uncertain events
Household automobile and motorcycle ownership analyzed with random parameters bivariate ordered probit model
Incidence and prediction of post-traumatic stress disorder at 6 months after motor vehicle accidents in Japan
Interpretation of postmortem forensic toxicology results for injury prevention research
Kinematic Comparison of the Hybrid III and Q-Series Pediatric ATDs to Pediatric Volunteers in Low-Speed Frontal Crashes
Laboratory and field evaluation of anti-icing strategies
Left-turn gap acceptance models considering pedestrian movement characteristics
Modeling the impact of inclement weather on freeway traffic speed at macroscopic and microscopic levels
Moped rider violation behavior and moped safety at intersections in China
Models for estimating drivers following on two-lane rural highways
The move over law: effect of emergency vehicle lighting on driver compliance on Florida freeways
Noise abatement and traffic safety: The trade-off of quieter engines and pavements on vehicle detection
Parameters of time headway distribution as performance indicators of motorway traffic and driver behavior: comparison of good and adverse weather conditions
Parents' attitudes, knowledge and behaviours relating to safe child occupant travel
Pedestrians: the daily underestimated victims on the road
Pediatric "off-road vehicle" trauma: determinants of injury severity and type
Fatal drowning as a result of an airplane crash: case report
Handheld cellular phones restrict head movements and range of visual regard
Modic changes of the cervical spine in patients with whiplash injury: A prospective 11-year follow-up study
Predicting severe injury using vehicle telemetry data
Prediction of road accidents: A Bayesian hierarchical approach
Risk factors for causing road crashes involving cyclists: An application of a quasi-induced exposure method
Risk of death in crashes on Ontario's highways
Alcohol zero tolerance law in Chile: strengths, flaws and shortcomings that should not be overlooked
A computational study of influence of helmet padding materials on the human brain under ballistic impacts
The contribution of inhibitory deficits to dangerous driving among young people
Drowsy driving - 19 states and the District of Columbia, 2009-2010
Need for comparative studies on injuries caused by traffic
Physicians' warnings for unfit drivers and risk of road crashes
Physicians' warnings for unfit drivers and risk of road crashes
Physicians' warnings for unfit drivers and risk of road crashes
The effect of raising the legal minimum drinking age on involvement in fatal crashes
Knowledge, prevention strategies, and intervention tactics: traumas and motor vehicle accidents
Relationship between driving behavior and traffic congestion in selected routes in Cagayan de Oro City
Influence of vehicle model year and occupant seating position on serious injury risk in near-side collision
Focusing on vulnerable populations in crashes: recent advances in finite element human models for injury biomechanics research
Accidents have no cure! Road death as industrial catastrophe in eastern Africa
Analysis of airspace organization considering air traffic flows
Analysis of the influence of fatigue on passenger transport drivers' performance capacity
An assessment of the safety effects of the French speed camera program
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and adverse health outcomes
Brain injury prediction: assessing the combined probability of concussion using linear and rotational head acceleration
Comprehensive indicators of traffic-related premature mortality
Determination of accident modification factors for the median bus lanes on urban arterials
Driving cessation and dementia: Results of the Prospective Registry on Dementia in Austria (PRODEM)
Driving performance among bioptic telescope users with low vision two years after obtaining their driver's license: a quasi-experimental study
Effectiveness and acceptance of the intelligent speeding prediction system (ISPS)
Epilepsy and driving
Etiologies of pediatric craniofacial injuries: A comparison of injuries involving all-terrain vehicles and golf carts
Group decisions for the emergency response process: a case of a high-speed railway accident in China
Tuning characteristics of the top-down attentional setting
Development and validation of finite element model of helmet impact test
In situ testing on a new crashworthy device against ship-mitre gate collision
A comparison of static and dynamic hazard perception tests
Ethnicity and road traffic injuries: differences between Jewish and Arab children in Israel
Meta-analysis: the diagnostic accuracy of critical flicker frequency in minimal hepatic encephalopathy
Modeling motivation and habit in driving behavior under lifetime driver's license revocation
Muscle computer interfaces for driver distraction reduction
Neuronal effects of auditory distraction on visual attention
Off-road vehicle ridership and associated helmet use in Canadian youth: an equity analysis
Rural roadway safety perceptions among rural teen drivers living in and outside of towns
A study and comparison of the effects of low speed change vehicle collisions on the human body
Utilizing support vector machine in real-time crash risk evaluation
Will the light truck bumper height-matching standard reduce deaths in cars?
Weed or wheel! FMRI, behavioural, and toxicological investigations of how cannabis smoking affects skills necessary for driving
Towards a structured understanding of caregivers' safety behaviour in the domestic and driveway setting
Urban street pattern and pedestrian traffic safety
Sustaining visual attention in the face of distraction: a novel gradual-onset continuous performance task
Standardizing car sound - integrating Europe? International traffic noise abatement and the emergence of a European car identity, 1950-1975
Revised approach to assessing traffic speed deflectometer data and field validation of deflection bowl predictions
Seismic damage detection of tall airport traffic control towers using wavelet analysis
Public's responses to aviation accidents: the role of exemplification and attributions
Agricultural injury in California Hispanic farm workers: MICASA follow-up survey
Improvement of medical service administration for wounded in road accidents in Moscow
Seizures, non-epileptic events, and driving in South Carolina
Socioeconomic trajectories from birth to adolescence and risk factors for noncommunicable disease: prospective analyses
A computationally efficient two-stage method for short-term traffic prediction on urban roads
Head-on collisions between passenger cars and heavy goods vehicles: Injury risk functions and benefits of autonomous emergency braking
Examination of human body mass influence on pedestrian pelvis injury prediction using a human FE model
Design implications for improving an anthropomorphic test device based on human body simulations
Advanced accident research system with the medical and engineering network in Japan
Age-related differences in AIS 3+ crash injury risk, types, causation and mechanisms
Analysis of cervical spine injuries and mechanisms for CIREN rollover crashes
Application of the human thorax FE model in passive restraint assessment
Basic comparison of the injury risk of a male and female dummy model in rear impact collisions
Cyclist kinematics in car impacts reconstructed in simulations and full scale testing with polar dummy
Definition of a standardized skin penetration surrogate for blunt impacts
Design of an airbag system to prevent the ejection of forklift truck drivers in case of tip-over
Development and validation of a generic universal vehicle front buck and a demonstration of its use to evaluate a hood leading edge bag for pedestrian protection
Development and validation of a bicycle helmet: Assessment of head injury risk under standard impact conditions
Development of a constitutive model for brain tissue under multiaxial loading
Development of a multi-body human model that predicts active and passive human behaviour
Differences in risk factors between early and late trauma death after road traffic accidents
Effect of loading rate on injury patterns during high rate vertical acceleration
Effect of pedestrian buck contact area and force-deflection property on pedestrian pelvis and lower limb injuries
Effectiveness of rollover-activated side curtain airbags in reducing fatalities in rollovers
Effects of pre-impact swerving/steering on physical motion of the volunteer in the low-speed side-impact sled test
Evaluation of occupant response and injury metrics for pole crash scenarios
EvaRID - A 50th percentile female rear impact finite element dummy model
Experimental characterisation of neural tissue at collision speeds
A first glance at driver alert control in FOT-data
From research to global policy and action
Frontal pole impacts
The increasing role of SUVs in crash involvement in Germany
Influence of gender, height, weight, age, seated position and collision site related to neck pain symptoms in rear end impacts
Influence of impact velocity and angle in a detailed reconstruction of a bicycle accident
The influence of pelvic-belt angle on wheelchair occupant injury risk: A simulation study
Integrating the assessment of pedestrian safety in vehicles with collision detection and mitigation systems
Monitoring the past and the future of a passenger car auto brake system
Motorcycle crashes into road barriers: The role of stability and different types of barriers for injury outcome
Objective measures for determining submarining and abdominal injury in hybrid III crash test dummies
Occupant classification for an adaptive restraint system: The methodology and benefits in terms of injury reduction
The passive response of skeletal muscle to compressive impact loading
Pedestrian injury patterns in the United States and relevance to GTR
Pedestrian passive safety during the SUV impact: Regulations vs. reality
A pilot study of an integrated accident research system based on a medical and engineering data in the metropolitan area of Florence
Predicting the influence of windscreen design on pedestrian head injuries
Priorities for bicyclist protection in car impacts: Areal life study of severe injuries and car sources
Responses of the hybrid III 5th female and 10-year-old ATD seated in the rear seats of passenger vehicles in frontal crash tests
Restraint system safety diversity in frontal impact accidents
Seat testing to investigate the female neck injury risk-preliminary results using a new female dummy prototype
Selected aspects of the control of the human body motion in the vehicle subjected to the blast load
Sled tests using the THOR-NT device and post mortem human surrogates in frontal impacts
Spine injuries among fatal victims of vehicular accidents in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
A standing vehicle occupant is likely to sustain a more severe injury than one who has flexed knees in an under-vehicle explosion: A cadaveric study
A study of kinematics of adult pedestrian and head impact conditions in case of passenger car collisions based on real world accident data
Use of cadavers and anthropometric test devices (ATDs) for assessing lower limb injury outcome from under-vehicle explosions
Validation of pedestrian lower limb injury assessment using subsystem impactors
Vehicle related influence of post-car impact pedestrian kinematics on secondary impact
Influence of seat foam and geometrical properties on BioRID P3 kinematic response to rear impacts
Developments in car safety with respect to disability: injury distributions for car occupants in cars from the 80's and 90's
Influence of crash pulse duration on injury risk in frontal impacts based on real life crashes
Biomechanical assessment of soft tissue neck injuries in cases with long sick leave times
The risk of whiplash injury in the rear seat compared to the front seat in rear impacts
Exploring contributing factors to crash injury severity at freeway diverge areas using ordered probit model
Acceleration injuries of the cervical spine
Association between higher-order visual processing abilities and a history of motor vehicle collision involvement by drivers ages 70 and over
Cognitive load eliminates the global perceptual bias for unlimited exposure durations
Communicating intended routes in ECDIS: Evaluating technological change
A dispersion safety factor for LNG vapor clouds
Drink driving in Hong Kong: The competing effects of random breath testing and alcohol tax reductions
Effect of comorbidity on length of hospital stay and in-hospital mortality among unintentionally injured patients
Effectiveness of a safe routes to school program in preventing school-aged pedestrian injury
Epidemiologic features of child unintentional injury in rural PuCheng, China
Ethical and legal implications of the determination of blood alcohol content in the emergency department
Even highly experienced drivers benefit from a brief hazard perception training intervention
Fatal falls from bicycles: A case report
Health-compromising behaviors among young adults in the urban emergency department: opportunity for a teachable moment
How to present collision warnings at intersections? A comparison of different approaches
Incidence and pattern of maxillofacial fractures in children and adolescents: A 10 years retrospective cohort study
Opioid dose and risk of road trauma in Canada: a population-based study
Opioid prescriptions for chronic nonmalignant pain: driving on a dangerous road
A pilot evaluation of on-road detection performance by drivers with hemianopia using oblique peripheral prisms
Prevalence of sleepiness while driving four-wheel motor vehicles in Fiji: a population-based survey (TRIP 9)
Protecting children or creating vulnerability?
Pyogenic granuloma: yet another motorcycle peril
Risk factors for persistent problems following acute whiplash injury: update of a systematic review and meta-analysis
Safety diagnosis: Are we doing a good job?
A scenario-based modeling approach for emergency evacuation management and risk analysis under multiple uncertainties
Things seen and unseen: investigating experience-based qualities of attention in a dynamic work setting
Understanding and researching complexity with qualitative comparative analysis: Evaluating transportation infrastructure projects
The use of seatbelts and child restraints in three Mexican cities
We need risk communication and perception research focused on flood risks for senior citizens
What can the drivers' own description from combined sources provide in an analysis of driver distraction and low vigilance in accident situations?
Being moved by the self and others: influence of empathy on self-motion perception
Functional capacity evaluation of work performance among individuals with pelvic injuries following motor vehicle accidents
Health survey of U.S. long-haul truck drivers: Work environment, physical health, and healthcare access
Motorcycle helmet attitudes, behaviours and beliefs among Cambodians
Traumatic injuries in developing countries: report from a nationwide cross-sectional survey of Sierra Leone
Cervical vertebral motions and biomechanical responses to direct loading of human head
Vehicle impact velocity prediction from pedestrian throw distance: trade-offs between throw formulae, crash simulators, and detailed multi-body modeling
Abdominal responses to dynamically lap belt loading
Human response to a frontal sled deceleration
Experimental and numerical analysis of occupant safety in blast mine loading under vehicles
A new head physical model
Liver and spleen injuries in side impact: differences by side of the road driven
The effect of the FMVSS201u free motion headform legislation on head injuries: a discussion based on numerical simulations
Differential occupant kinematics and forces between frontal and rear automobile impacts at low speed: evidence for a differential injury risk.
Pedestrian protection – Looking for potentials
An economical way to find out attitudes towards accident prevention methods
Traffic safety and thirty years of biomechanics research: A personal adventure
Measurements of vehicle compatibility in front-to-side crashes
Benefits of a 64km/h offset crash test in Australia
Development of child pedestrian mathematical models and evaluation with accident reconstructions
Loading rate and torsional moments predict pilon fractures for antipersonnel blast mine loading
Analysis and load assessment of secondary impact to adult pedestrians after car collisions on roads
Head, neck, and body coupling in reconstructions of helmeted head impacts
A new oblique impact test for motorcycle helmets
Development of a human-like pelvis for a mid-sized male side impact dummy
Evaluation of vehicle body stiffness/strength for car to car compatibility
Coroners' recommendations following fatal heavy vehicle crash investigations
Estimating fatality rates in occupational light vehicle users using vehicle registration and crash data
Factors associated with return-to-work and health outcomes among survivors of road crashes in Victoria
Are road traffic crash fatality rates converging among OECD countries?
Beyond distance: children's school travel mode choice
Bicycling and walking for transportation in three Brazilian cities
Cost-effectiveness of interventions for reducing road traffic injuries related to driving under the influence of alcohol
Development of a robust mapping between AIS 2+ and ICD-9 injury codes
Driver obesity and the risk of fatal injury during traffic collisions
Driver training interests of a Spanish sample of young drivers and its relationship with their self-assessment skills concerning risky driving behavior
Driving with central field loss I: effect of central scotomas on responses to hazards
Effect of bike lane infrastructure improvements on ridership in one New Orleans neighborhood
Epidemiological study on the trend of accidental deaths among children under five in Guangzhou, 2001 - 2010
Factors affecting self-reported use of seat belt among commercial vehicle drivers in Gusau metropolis Zamfara State North-western Nigeria
Hazard based models for freeway traffic incident duration
Impact evaluation of a public bicycle share program on cycling: a case example of BIXI in Montreal, Quebec
Impact of age and cognitive demand on lane choice and changing under actual highway conditions
Individual- and area-level disparities in access to the road network, subway system and a public bicycle share program on the island of Montreal, Canada
An intercept survey on the status of driving after alcohol drinking among motor vehicle drivers in 6 counties of Zhejiang, China
Is naturalistic driving research possible with highly instrumented cars? Lessons learnt in three research centres
Making sense of age-related distractibility: The critical role of sensory modality
Older driver distraction: A naturalistic study of behaviour at intersections
On-road bicycle facilities and bicycle crashes in Iowa, 2007-2010
Pain distribution and predictors of widespread pain in the immediate aftermath of motor vehicle collision
Political conditions and life expectancy in Europe, 1900-2008
Post-mortem imaging in traffic fatalities: from autopsy to reconstruction of the scene using freely available software
The potential effectiveness of young driver high-performance vehicle restrictions as used in Australia
Random and systematic errors in case-control studies calculating the injury risk of driving under the influence of psychoactive substances
Reaction times of young alcohol-impaired drivers
Transportation and public health
Trauma in pregnancy: an updated systematic review
Understanding the causes and consequences of injuries to adolescents growing up in poverty in Ethiopia, Andhra Pradesh (India), Vietnam and Peru: a mixed method study
The use of videos in road safety training: Cognitive and emotional effects
Walking associated with public transit: moving toward increased physical activity in the United States
The reliability and validity of flight task workload ratings
Risks of high-powered motorcycles among younger adults
Road traffic injury among young people in Vietnam: evidence from two rounds of national adolescent health surveys, 2004-2009
Rubber friction for tire tread compound on road surfaces
A spatial generalized ordered response model to examine highway crash injury severity
Behavioral economics and empirical public policy
Child passenger restraints in relation to other second-row passengers: an analysis of the 2007-2009 national survey of the use of booster seats
Child restraint safety practices among Arab children in Israel
Detecting alcohol and illicit drugs in oral fluid samples collected from truck drivers in the state of São Paulo, Brazil
The development of risky attitudes from pre-driving to fully-qualified driving
Drinking and driving in the United States: comparing results from the 2007 and 1996 national roadside surveys
Driver performance while texting: even a little is too much
An editorial response to the Mangalore air disaster
Evidence-based review on interventions and determinants of driving performance in teens with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or autism spectrum disorder
Excessive sleepiness prevalence in public transportation drivers of a developing country
Investigation of the safety effects of knee bolster air bag deployment in similar real-world crash comparisons
Mobility and active ageing in suburban environments: findings from in-depth interviews and person-based GPS tracking
Rear seat child safety in near-side impacts: a modeling study of common sitting positions
Rebound after rear impacts
Road traffic accidents: more than just whiplash?
Uncertainty analysis of accident notification time and emergency medical service response time in work zone traffic accidents
Thoracic response to shoulder belt loading: comparison of tabletop and frontal sled tests with PMHS
Sudden death at the wheel due to a disease attack
Application of GIS and modelling in health risk assessment for urban road mobility
An approach to optimization of airport taxiway scheduling and traversal under uncertainty
Assistive obstacle detection and navigation devices for vision-impaired users
Associations between visual, hearing, and dual sensory impairments and history of motor vehicle collision involvement of older drivers
Auditory cognition and human performance: research and applications
Car driving in schizophrenia: can visual memory and organization make a difference?
Comparison of driving simulator performance with real driving after alcohol intake: A randomised, single blind, placebo-controlled, cross-over trial
A comparison of injuries, crashes, and outcomes for pediatric rear occupants in traffic motor vehicle collisions
Conditioned fear modulates visual selection
Costs and benefits of employment transportation for low-wage workers: An assessment of job access public transportation services
Determination of peak deflections from human surrogates using chestbands in side impact tests
Developmental differences in auditory detection and localization of approaching vehicles
Diabetes and driving
The distribution of sleepiness, sleep and work hours during a long distance morning trip: A comparison between night- and non-night workers
The effect of age, severity, and mechanism of injury on risk of death from major trauma in Western Australia
The effect of road and environmental characteristics on pedestrian hit-and-run accidents in Ghana
The effects of sunshields on red light running behavior of cyclists and electric bike riders
Elevated occupational transportation fatalities among older workers in Oregon: An empirical investigation
An epidemiological survey on road traffic crashes in Iran: application of the two logistic regression models
Further validation of a measure of injury-related injustice perceptions to identify risk for occupational disability: a prospective study of individuals with whiplash injury
High-level, but not low-level, motion perception is impaired in patients with schizophrenia
A holistic product design and analysis model and its application in railway vehicle systems design
Improving the accessibility of investigation reports using safety factor maps
Mechanisms of chronic pain from whiplash injury
The medical social aspects of ambulatory medical care to victims of road traffic accidents
"My son is reliable" young drivers' parents' optimism and views on the norms of parental involvement in youth driving
Minimizing human factors mishaps in unmanned aircraft systems
Motorsports involvement among adolescents and young adults with childhood ADHD
Obstructive sleep apnoea, motor vehicle accidents, and work performance
People transitioning across places: a multimethod investigation of how people go to football games
Assessing inter-rater agreement of environmental audit data in a matched case-control study on bicycling injuries
Assessment of mental fatigue during car driving by using high resolution EEG activity and neurophysiologic indices
Acute alcohol effects on attentional bias are mediated by subcortical areas associated with arousal and salience attribution
Childhood mortality due to unintentional injuries in Japan, 2000–2009
Preventing drowsiness by heartbeat-synchronized vibration
Safe trajectory estimation at a pedestrian crossing to assist visually impaired people
Population based case-control study of serious non-fatal motorcycle crashes
Rhythm implicitly affects temporal orienting of attention across modalities
Road traffic injuries in conflict areas
Vehicle factors and outcomes associated with hand-out-window motor vehicle collisions
Vehicle-mounted high-power microwave systems and health risk communication in a deployed environment
Visual search and the aging brain: Discerning the effects of age-related brain volume shrinkage on alertness, feature binding, and attentional control
Negative or positive? The effect of emotion and mood on risky driving
Fear and anxiety while driving: Differential impact of task demands, speed and motivation
Explaining stability in travel mode choice: An empirical comparison of two concepts of habit
The adaptation period to a driving simulator
Aging and driving in a complex world: Exploring age differences in attentional demand while driving
Are drivers' attentional lapses associated with the functioning of the neurocognitive attentional networks and with cognitive failure in everyday life?
Associations between substance use among car and van drivers in Norway and fatal injury in road traffic accidents: A case-control study
"Virtual" versus "actual" parental accompaniment of teen drivers: A qualitative study of teens' views of in-vehicle driver monitoring technologies
Risk prediction model for drivers' in-vehicle activities - Application of task analysis and back-propagation neural network
Older drivers' self-assessed driving skills, driving-related stress and self-regulation in traffic
Exploring factors distinguishing car-versus-car from car-versus-motorcycle in intersection crashes
Impatience and time pressure: Subjective reactions of drivers in situations forcing them to stop their car in the road
The evolution of mental model, trust and acceptance of adaptive cruise control in relation to initial information
Effects of forward collision warning and repeated event exposure on emergency braking
Theoretical and experimental studies on smoke temperature decay in train fires in railway tunnels
Aging ebbs the flow of thought: Adult age differences in mind wandering, executive control, and self-evaluation
Analyzing resilience of urban networks: a preliminary step towards more flood resilient cities
The effect of cognitive load on the temporal focus of mind wandering
Using the daydreaming frequency scale to investigate the relationships between mind-wandering, psychological well-being, and present-moment awareness
Accessibility impacts of China's high-speed rail network
Active-transport walking behavior: destinations, durations, distances
Assessing the benefit of the brake assist system for pedestrian injury mitigation through real-world accident investigations
A Bayesian analysis of multi-level spatial correlation in single vehicle motorcycle crashes in Ohio
Boosting correct and appropriate booster seat use in Australia
Capabilities for mobility among urban older women: barriers, strategies and options
A clustering regression approach: A comprehensive injury severity analysis of pedestrian-vehicle crashes in New York, US and Montreal, Canada
Comparing pedestrians' needs and behaviours in different land use environments
Crowd evacuation simulation for bioterrorism in micro-spatial environments based on virtual geographic environments
Developing context-sensitive livability indicators for transportation planning: a measurement framework
Development of a methodology for understanding and enhancing safety culture in Air Traffic Management
Dyslexia and mobility-related social exclusion: the role of travel information provision
Estimating freeway incident duration using accelerated failure time modeling
Experimental analysis of the explosion mechanism of gasoline vapor in a small leisure boat
The factors influencing car use in a cycle-friendly city: the case of Cambridge
Impact of countdown timer on driving maneuvers after the yellow onset at signalized intersections: An empirical study in Changsha, China
The impact of gasoline price changes on traffic safety: a time geography explanation
The impact of security on travelers across the Canada-US border
On the "post-dictive use" of the fault tree method for accident investigation to aid judicial procedures
Patterns of pedestrian attitudes, perceptions and behaviour in Europe
Pedestrian environment and route choice: evidence from New York City and Hong Kong
The Poisson-Weibull generalized linear model for analyzing motor vehicle crash data
Pouring CREAM into natural gas: The introduction of Common Performance Conditions into the safety management of gas networks
Predictors of personal flotation device (PFD) use among workers in the Alaska commercial fishing industry
Risk illusions in car following: Is a smaller headway always perceived as more dangerous?
Route selection for emergency logistics management: A bio-inspired algorithm
Transport accessibility and social inequities: a tool for identification of mobility needs and evaluation of transport investments
Travelling together: participatory research methods for disability inclusive road development in Papua New Guinea
Travel-to-school distances in Sweden 2000-2006: changing school geography with equality implications
An approach to accidents modeling based on compounds road environments
Association of daytime somnolence with executive functioning in the first six months after adolescent traumatic brain injury
Benchmarking road safety of U.S. states: A DEA-based Malmquist productivity index approach
Critical power two wheeler driving patterns at the emergence of an incident
The effect on teenage risky driving of feedback from a safety monitoring system: a randomized controlled trial
The effectiveness of helmets in bicycle collisions with motor vehicles: A case-control study
Effects of caffeine and alcohol on mood and performance changes following consumption of lager
Elderly victims of trauma: analysis of the risk factors
Electrocardiogram in a man who drove off the road
Excess mortality, causes of death and life expectancy in 270,770 patients with recent onset of mental disorders in Denmark, Finland and Sweden
Factors associated with the death of motorcyclists in traffic accidents
Higher energy prices are associated with diminished resources, performance and safety in Australian ambulance systems
Impact of brain injury on driving skills
Injunctive peer misperceptions and the mediation of self-approval on risk for driving after drinking among college students
The medical aspects of road traffic traumatism in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
Positive breathalyzer test: factors associated with drinking and driving in the city of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais State, Brazil
Racial disparities in survival among injured drivers
Reducing older driver motor vehicle collisions via earlier cataract surgery
Road traffic fatalities in Arkhangelsk, Russia in 2005-2010: Reliability of police and healthcare data
To illuminate or not to illuminate: Roadway lighting as it affects traffic safety at intersections
Traffic deaths: recent evolution and regional differences in Bahia State, Brazil
Train suicide mortality and availability of trains: A tale of two countries
The traumas and intoxications as a main cause of mortality of body-abled population
Use of alcohol intoxication codes for serious non-fatal hospitalised injury
Attitudes towards and perceptions of eco-driving and the role of feedback systems
Effect of cognitive status on self-regulatory driving behavior in older adults: an assessment of naturalistic driving using in-car video recordings
Instigating bystander intervention in the prevention of alcohol-impaired driving: analysis of data regarding mass media campaigns
Road traffic disability in China: prevalence and socio-demographic disparities
Analysis of the behaviour of biker protection devices for roadside barriers
Body deformation study in a Formula One race car crashing into a rigid barrier at different crash angles
Characteristics of fatal single-vehicle crashes in Europe
Comprehensive rollover testing of paratransit buses
The crash mechanics of fatal motorcycle-barrier collisions in Australasia
Crime as risk taking
Development and validation of a coupled head-neck FEM - application to whiplash injury criteria investigation
Development and validation of a parametric child anthropomorphic test device model representing 6-12-year-old children
The effect of impact speed on the HIC obtained in pedestrian headform tests
Effects of pedestrian gait, vehicle-front geometry and impact velocity on kinematics of adult and child pedestrian head
Evaluation of the effectiveness of ADAS in reducing multi-vehicle collisions
Experimental research on the differences in a driver's perception of objects from stationary and moving vehicles
Exploring the relationship between average speed, speed variation, and accident rates using spatial statistical models and gis
Investigation of motorcyclist safety systems contributions to prevent cervical spine injuries using HUMOS model
Modelling visual distraction effects on driver's perception and cognition
Numerical and experimental investigation of a lightweight bonnet for pedestrian safety
Pregnant driver injury investigations in oblique crashes
Reference trajectory generation for control in single-unit heavy vehicle: focus on rollover prevention
Risk perception and safety attitudes in Indian army aviators
A scaling method for modelling the crashworthiness of novel roadside barrier designs
Urban road network safety model at the transportation planning process
Group influences on individuals' drinking and other drug use at clubs
Investigation of obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome prevalence among long-distance drivers from Zonguldak, Turkey
Methodological approaches to comparing information about bicycle accidents internationally: a case study involving Canada and Germany
Motivational counseling reduces future police charges in court referred youth
Seat belt injuries of the abdominal aorta in adults--case report and literature review
To twist, roll, stroke or poke? A study of input devices for menu navigation in the cockpit
Acoustic contamination in urgent medical transportation by road
Cognition in perimenopause: the effect of transition stage
Concomitant injuries and its influence on functional outcome after traumatic brain injury
Influence of pavement condition on horizontal curve safety
Influence of some vehicle and track parameters on the environmental vibrations induced by railway traffic
Influence of traffic enforcement on the attitudes and behavior of drivers
Internet mobility survey sampling biases in measuring frequency of use of transport modes
Investigation of travel time reliability in work zones with private-sector data
Investigation of wheelchair instability during transport in large accessible transit vehicles
The influence of track irregularities on the running behavior of high-speed trains
Is injury compensation inequitable? Evidence from road accidents victims in France
Jamming of fingers: an experimental study to determine force and deflection in participants and human cadaver specimens for development of a new bionic test device for validation of power-operated motor vehicle side door windows
Linking perceptual animacy to attention: evidence from the chasing detection paradigm
Managed motorways: modeling and monitoring their effectiveness
Measuring modern roundabout traffic conflict exposure
Work disability after road traffic injury in a mixed population with and without hospitalisation
Why more male pedestrians die in vehicle-pedestrian collisions than female pedestrians: a decompositional analysis
Work zones as a series of bottlenecks
Orthopedic considerations in the pedestrian versus motor vehicle accident polytrauma patient
Pelvic ring injuries in children. part i: epidemiology and primary evaluation. a review of the literature
Performance evaluation for rural two-plus-one-lane highway in a cold, snowy region
Policing the roads: traffic cops, 'Boy Racers' and anti-social behaviour
A polynomial chaos approach to the analysis of vehicle dynamics under uncertainty
Predicting self-reported violations among novice license drivers using pre-license simulator measures
A preliminary estimation of motorcyclist fatal injury risk by BAC level relative to car/van drivers
Preliminary analysis of light rail crashes in Denver, Colorado: implications for crash prediction and hazard index models based on railroads
Prevalence of blood alcohol in fatal traffic crashes in Shanghai
Age, gender, mileage and the DBQ: The validity of the Driver Behavior Questionnaire in different driver groups
Alcohol-related road traffic accidents before and after the passing of the Road Traffic Safety Act in Croatia
Certain issues concerning medical certification and driving fitness assessment after craniocerebral traumas
Childhood agricultural injuries: an update for clinicians
Comparison of on-road driving between young adults with and without ADHD
Cost savings associated with 10 years of road safety policies in Catalonia, Spain
Country-level economic disparity and child mortality related to housing and injuries: a study in 26 European countries
Circadian sleep-wake disorders and professional driving
EU policy orientations on road accidents prevention and workplace health promotion in the transport sector
Evaluation of the impact of night-work on health in a population of workers in Tuscany
Impact of sleep deprivation and obstructive sleep apnea syndrome on daytime vigilance and driving performance: a laboratory perspective
Fitness to work and diagnosis of work-related disease in truck drivers
Psychotropic substances and driving
Sleep disordered breathing and driving
Sleep disorders, risk of accidents and traffic accidents in a group of drivers of public transport
Sleepiness, safety on the road and management of risk
Urinary evaluations of drug consumption among workers having high risk of accident: technical difficulties, limits and possibilities of increasing efficacy of the law
How dangerous is looking away from the road? Algorithms predict crash risk from glance patterns in naturalistic driving
Injury patterns and severity among motorcyclists treated in US emergency departments, 2001-2008: a comparison of younger and older riders
Magnitude of pedestrian head injuries & fatalities in Bangalore, south India: A retrospective study from an apex neurotrauma center
Maintaining brightness while saving energy in residential roads
Measures of exposure to road traffic injury risk
Modeling pedestrian crossing activities in an urban environment using microscopic traffic simulation
Motor vehicle injuries among semi truck drivers and sleeper berth passengers
The relationship between community design and crashes involving older drivers and pedestrians
Road traffic injuries: social change and development
The safety of urban cycle tracks: A review of the literature
A review of near-collision driver behavior models
The role of psychological capital in perception of safety climate among air traffic controllers
Visual abilities of older drivers--review of driving simulator studies
A yellow filter improves response times to low-contrast targets and traffic hazards
Using multisensory cues to facilitate air traffic management
Duet of the commons: the impact of street cleaning on car usage in the New York City area
Effects of vehicle volume and lane closure length on construction road user costs in rural areas
Epidemiology of Neurotrauma in Ife-Ijesha zone of Nigeria
Equilibrium of probabilities for estimating distribution function of critical gaps at unsignalized intersections
Evaluating the effects of signal countdown timers on queue discharge characteristics at signalized intersections in China
Evaluating the operational impact of left-turn waiting areas at signalized intersections in China
Evaluating the effect of natural gas developments on highway: Texas case
Factors associated with sleep quality among operating engineers
Field evaluation of surface friction performance of chip seals in Indiana
A field investigation of perceived behavioral control and blood alcohol content: A pattern-oriented approach
Four-regime speed-flow relationships for work zones with police patrol and automated speed enforcement
Forensic medical study on morphology and formative mechanism of blunt head injury
Alcohol and drug use among young adults driving to a drinking location
Analysis of orthopedic injuries in an airplane landing disaster and a suggested mechanism of trauma
Getting the upper hand scripts for managing victim resistance in carjackings
Comparing the effects of infrastructure on bicycling injury at intersections and non-intersections using a case-crossover design
The connection between the hassles-burnout relationship, as moderated by coping, and aberrant behaviors and health problems among bus drivers
Decreased effective connectivity in the visuomotor system after alcohol consumption
Designing safe road systems: a human factors perspective
Do claim factors predict health care utilization after transport accidents?
Does neighborhood walkability moderate the effects of intrapersonal characteristics on amount of walking in post-menopausal women?
Degradation modeling of polyurea pavement markings
Design flow for the crash box in a vehicle to maximize energy absorption
Design of an active roll control system for hybrid four-wheel-drive vehicles
Development of a three-dimensional road texture measurement method as a first step towards tyre road contact simulation
The dynamic impacts of state revenue capacity on highway investment
The effect of information analysis automation display content on human judgment performance in noisy environments
Pilot-model-in-the-loop simulation environment to study large aircraft dynamics
Predicting the pedestrian pre-impact speed from the pedestrian projection distance and vehicle damage measurements
Wide boulevards, narrow visions: Burnham's street system and the Chicago plan commission, 1909-1930
Vehicle dynamics with brake hysteresis
Using eye-based psychophysiological cues to enhance screener vigilance
Tolling and economic efficiency: do the pecuniary benefits exceed the safety costs?
Theory of routine mode choice decisions: An operational framework to increase sustainable transportation
Effects of admission and treatment strategies of DWI courts on offender outcomes
Effects of sleep deprivation on decisional support utilisation
Environmental noise and annoyance in adults: Research in central, eastern and south-eastern Europe and newly independent states
Financial price dynamics and pedestrian counterflows: A comparison of statistical stylized facts
Fractions of fatal crashes attributable to speeding: Evolution for the period 2001-2010 in France
Fractures of the pelvis in children: a review of the literature
Getting "game": pregaming changes during the first weeks of college
Implementing recommendations from accident investigations: A case study of inter-organisational challenges
Increased risk of driver fatality due to unrestrained rear-seat passengers in severe frontal crashes
The link between texting and motor vehicle collision frequency in the orthopaedic trauma population
Modeling a washboard road: From experimental measurements to linear stability analysis
Noise and performance: research in central, eastern and south-eastern Europe and newly independent States
Primarily unrecognized thoracoabdominal impalement in a motorcyclist
Wr u txting b4 u crashed?
Spontaneous phase transition from free flow to synchronized flow in traffic on a single-lane highway
The use of adaptation to reduce simulator sickness in driving assessment and research
Vibrotactile pedals: provision of haptic feedback to support economical driving
Response preparation in a lane change task
Availability of child passenger safety resources to emergency physicians practicing in emergency departments within pediatric, adult, and nontrauma centers: a national survey
Causation and outcomes of diaphragmatic injuries in vehicular crashes
The effect of alcohol consumption on the severity of injuries, prognosis and mortality--a review of literature
Modeling the role of public transportation in sustaining tuberculosis transmission in South Africa
Pediatric trauma patients are more likely to be discharged from the emergency department after arrival by helicopter emergency medical services
The phenomenon of alcoholism in Poland as a legal issue
Prescription of antiepileptics and the risk of road traffic crash
Promoting mobility in older people
Re-visiting the relationship between neighbourhood environment and BMI: an instrumental variables approach to correcting for residential selection bias
Comparative effectiveness of interventions for children exposed to nonrelational traumatic events
Declining trend in the use of repeat computed tomography for trauma patients admitted to a level I trauma center for traffic-related injuries
Community participation and behavioral changes of helmet use in Thailand
Handling enhancement of a sliding-mode control assisted four-wheel steer vehicle
Confirmatory factor analysis of the Behaviour of Young Novice Drivers Scale (BYNDS)
Young, inexperienced, and on the road
Developing bicycle equivalents for mopeds in Shanghai, China
Effect of external distractions
Evaluating the impact of processing spoken words on driving
Investigating bicyclists' perception of comfort on physically separated bicycle paths in Nanjing, China
Investigation and analysis of motorcycle safety in rural China
Method for estimating highway collision rate that considers state of traffic flow
Multiuser perspectives on separated, on-street bicycle infrastructure
New approach to defining continuous speed profile models for two-lane rural roads
Procedure for ranking unsignalized rural intersections for safety improvement
Travel time reliability during evacuation
Delay analysis of single-lane roundabout with a slip lane under varying exit types, experimental balanced traffic volumes, and pedestrians, using microsimulation
Analysis of factors influencing bicycle-vehicle interactions on urban roadways by ordered probit regression
Another look at vehicle miles traveled: determinants of vehicle use in two-vehicle households
Are longitudinal data unavoidable? Measuring variation in bicycle mode choice
Barrier-free ring structures and pedestrian overlaps in signalized intersection control
Behavior of riders of electric bicycles at onset of green and yellow at signalized intersections in China
Characteristics of mixed traffic on urban arterials with significant volumes of motorized two-wheelers: role of composition, intraclass variability, and lack of lane discipline
Bus contraflow lane: improved contraflow approach in freeway evacuation
Changes in evacuation decisions between Hurricanes Ivan and Katrina
Comparative study of impacts of red light cameras in China
Assessment of communitywide bikeability with bicycle level of service
Comparison of time-dependent sequential logit and nested logit for modeling hurricane evacuation demand
Comparison of crash test and simulation results for impact of Silverado pickup into New Jersey barrier under Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware
Development and implementation of the simplified Midwest Guardrail System stiffness transition
Does use of formal tools for road safety management improve safety performance?
Driver performance at high speeds using a simulator
Driver responses to signing treatments for flooded roads
Dynamic maximum speed limits: perception, mental workload, and compliance
Dynamic traffic assignment evaluation of hurricane evacuation strategies for the Houston-Galveston, Texas, region
Effect of pedestrian impedance on vehicular capacity at multilane roundabouts with consideration of crossing treatments
Effect of roadside features on single-vehicle roadway departure crashes on rural two-lane roads
Electric bikes and transportation policy
Evacuee route choice decisions in a dynamic hurricane evacuation context
Evaluation of accident-induced indirect costs for measuring penalties on violations of laws
Evaluation of effectiveness of the federal Highway Safety Improvement Program
Exploring traffic safety and urban form in Portland, Oregon
Geometric design, speed, and safety
Impact of bus rapid transit systems on road safety: Lessons from Bogotá, Colombia
Investigating differences between experienced adult drivers and teen drivers with low-cost vehicle data recorder
Lateral placement of motor vehicles when passing bicyclists
Naturalistic census of cell phone use
New measure of inattentiveness to forward roadway
Observational survey of cell phone use and texting by California drivers, 2011
Outbound texting: comparison of speech-based approach and handheld touch-screen equivalent
Parental attitudes toward children walking and bicycling to school: multivariate ordered response analysis
Prediction of red-light running on basis of inductive-loop detectors for dynamic all-red extension
Pricing for traffic safety: how efficient transport pricing can reduce roadway crash risks
Relationships between self-reported bicycling injuries and perceived risk of cyclists in Queensland, Australia
Safety effects of icy-curve warning systems
Simulator study of driver responses to pedestrian treatments at multilane roundabouts
Spatial analysis of income disparities in pedestrian safety in northern New Jersey: is there an environmental justice issue?
Spatiotemporal analysis of macroscopic patterns of urbanization and traffic safety: case study in Sacramento County, California
Statistical analysis and development of crash prediction model for roundabouts on high-speed rural roadways
Sustainable urban transport policy in India: focus on autorickshaw sector
To bike or not to bike: seasonal factors for bicycle commuting
Traffic safety for electric bike riders in China: attitudes, risk perception, and aberrant riding behaviors
Using crash data to develop simulator scenarios for assessing novice driver performance
Use of regional transportation planning tool for modeling emergency evacuation
Sustainable and healthy travel choices and the built environment
Alcohol- or drug-use disorders and motor vehicle accident mortality: A retrospective cohort study
The effects of age and traffic density on street-crossing behavior
The effects of a new traffic safety law in the Republic of Serbia on driving under the influence of alcohol
Epidemiology of traumatic cervical spinal fractures and risk factors for traumatic cervical spinal cord injury in China
How and why Toxoplasma makes us crazy
Impulsivity-like traits and risky driving behaviors among college students
Influence of ethanol on the pharmacokinetic properties of δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol in oral fluid
Leukoaraiosis, a common brain magnetic resonance imaging finding, as a predictor of traffic crashes
One more beer? Serving alcohol to pseudo-intoxicated guests in bars
Pattern of pedestrian injuries in the city of Nairobi: implications for urban safety planning
Predictors of positive blood alcohol concentration (BAC) in a sample of Brazilian drivers
Regional differences associated with drinking and driving in Brazil
Risk for addiction-related disorders following mild traumatic brain injury in a large cohort of active-duty U.S. airmen
Single- versus multi-vehicle bicycle road crashes in Victoria, Australia
Administrative reinstatement interlock programs: Florida, a 10-year study
Assessing quality of existing data sources on road traffic injuries (RTIs) and their utility in informing injury prevention in the Western Cape Province, South Africa
Assessment of mental status at the drivers of the vehicles after using alcohol or drunk driving
Autonomous manoeuvring systems for collision avoidance on single carriageway roads
Blood alcohol level tests in nightlife recreational settings as a preventive tool
Cell phones: the psychosocial risks
Cellphone bans and fatal motor vehicle crash rates in the United States
Changing patterns in the epidemiology of traumatic brain injury
Child and youth traffic-related injuries: use of a trauma registry to identify priorities for prevention in the United Arab Emirates
Determining vehicle operating speed and lateral position along horizontal curves using linear mixed-effects models
Economic growth, motorization, and road traffic injuries in the Sultanate of Oman, 1985-2009
Female drivers in the United States, 1963-2010: from a minority to a majority?
The global map for traumatic spinal cord injury epidemiology: update 2011, global incidence rate
How effective are pictograms in communicating risk about driving-impairing medicines?
Hospitalization trends in adult ocular trauma at the University Hospital of the West Indies
Large-scale road safety programmes in low- and middle-income countries: An opportunity to generate evidence
Licensing Age Issues: Deliberations from a Workshop Devoted to this Topic
New Jersey's license plate decal requirement for graduated driver licenses: Attitudes of parents and teenagers, observed decal use, and citations for teenage driving violations
Nonfatal road traffic injuries: can road safety campaigns prevent hazardous behavior? An italian experience
Perinatal implications of motor vehicle accident trauma during pregnancy: Identifying populations at risk
The result of a baseline survey on drink driving in Nanning and Liuzhou of Guangxi Province, China
TBI surveillance using the common data elements for traumatic brain injury: a population study
Teen driver risk in relation to age and number of passengers, United States, 2007-2010
Who can best influence the quality of teenagers' cars?
Washington State's Alcohol ignition interlock law: Effects on recidivism among first-time DUI offenders
Identification of a wheel-rail adhesion coefficient from experimental data during braking tests
Mitigating train-type heterogeneity on a single-track line
The modification of a slip resistance meter for measurement of railhead adhesion
An objective assessment of safety to drive in an upper limb cast
Practical use of work analysis to support rail electrical control rooms: A case of alarm handling
Stop in the name of who's law? Driving and the regulation of contested space in central Australia
Attitude toward epilepsy after media coverage of car accidents related to persons with epilepsy in Japan
Car-to-pedestrian accident with a unique decollement injury
Coronary artery disease in aircrew fatalities: morphology, risk factors, and possible predictors
Distracted driving and implications for injury prevention in adults
Epidemiology of traumatic dental injuries
Fatal injury as a function of rurality-a tale of two Norwegian counties
Fatality and injury severity of older adult motor vehicle collisions in Orange County, California, 1998-2007
Foreign accent strength and listener familiarity with an accent codetermine speed of perceptual adaptation
Impact of prolonged cannabinoid excretion in chronic daily cannabis smokers' blood on per se drugged driving laws
Impact of safe community program on motorcyclists' safety with focus on helmet usage in 14 cities of IR Iran
Influence of hemianopic visual field loss on visual motor control
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. An analysis of recent improvements to vehicle safety
Neighborhood Environment and Urban Schoolchildren's Risk for Being Overweight
Perceptions of injury and prevention practices among pregnant and parenting teenagers
Playing shooter and driving videogames improves top-down guidance in visual search
Quantifying fatigue risk in model-based fatigue risk management
Rider-handlebar injury in two-wheel frontal collisions
Toxicological findings in fatally injured pilots of 979 amateur-built aircraft accidents
"When can I return to driving?": A review of the current literature on returning to driving after lower limb injury or arthroplasty
Effectiveness and driver acceptance of a semi-autonomous forward obstacle collision avoidance system
Learning to see, but not discriminate, visual forms is impaired in aging
Risk behaviors and drug use: a latent class analysis of heavy episodic drinking in first-year college students
Fatal and nonfatal injuries involving fishing vessel winches - southern shrimp fleet, United States, 2000-2011
Finite element modeling of potential cervical spine pain sources in neutral position low speed rear impact
Impact of distracted driving on safety and traffic flow
Maternal death in the emergency department from trauma
A planned complex suicide by gunshot and vehicular crash
Population drinking and drink driving in Norway and Sweden: an analysis of historical data 1957-89
Quad bike injuries in Waikato, New Zealand: an institutional review from 2007-2011
Trauma during pregnancy
Design of the Grand Touring sports car wing: geometric and aerodynamic twist
A differential game theoretic approach for two-agent collision avoidance with travel limitations
Fighting traffic: the dawn of the motor age in the American city
Perils and profits: a reexamination of the link between profitability and safety in U.S. aviation
Analyzing the relationship between car generation and severity of motor-vehicle crashes in Denmark
Are what happens next exercises and self-generated commentaries useful additions to hazard perception training for novice drivers?
A brief educational intervention to improve healthcare providers' awareness of child passenger safety
A case of 25I-NBOMe (25-I) intoxication: a new potent 5-HT2A agonist designer drug
Cervical tracheal transection after scarf entanglement in a go-kart engine
Commercial fishing industry deaths - Forensic issues
Comparison of severity and pattern of injuries between motorcycle riders and their pillions: A matched study
Disentangling the impacts of geography and Aboriginality on serious road transport injuries in New South Wales
Effects of average speed enforcement on speed compliance and crashes: A review of the literature
Effects of three therapeutic doses of codeine/paracetamol on driving performance, a psychomotor vigilance test, and subjective feelings
Effects on accidents of changes in the use of studded tyres in major cities in Norway: A long-term investigation
Findings from the Candrive/Ozcandrive study: Low mileage older drivers, crash risk and reduced fitness to drive
How reinforcement sensitivity and perceived risk influence young drivers' reported engagement in risky driving behaviors
The impact of daylight saving time on sleep and related behaviours
Predictors of driving avoidance and exposure following traumatic brain injury
Perceived causality can alter the perceived trajectory of apparent motion
An adaptive large neighborhood search heuristic for Two-Echelon Vehicle Routing Problems arising in city logistics
Effectiveness of a brief parent-directed teen driver safety intervention (Checkpoints) delivered by driver education instructors
Knowledge of commercial bus drivers about road safety measures in Lagos, Nigeria
Robust lane sensing and departure warning under shadows and occlusions
Sounding the warning bells: The need for a systems approach to understanding behaviour at rail level crossings
A simulator study on the impact of traffic calming measures in urban areas on driving behavior and workload
Specific attention disorders in drivers with traumatic brain injury
Stereotype threat and hazard perception among provisional license drivers
Travel medicine: preventing injuries to children
Unintentional injury mortality and external causes in Canada from 2001 to 2007
Unlicensed driving and other related health risk behaviors: A study of Montana high school students
Accuracy of the DriveABLE cognitive assessment to determine cognitive fitness to drive
Case-control study: the importance of selecting the right controls
Consequences of the dynamic triple peak impact factor in traumatic brain injury as measured with numerical simulation
Mobile device use while driving - United States and seven European countries, 2011
Numerical reconstruction and injury biomechanism in a car-pedestrian crash accident
Fusing LIDAR, camera and semantic information: A context-based approach for pedestrian detection
Ride comfort uncertainty analysis and reliability design of a passenger vehicle undergoing random road excitation
Simultaneous vehicle-handling and path-tracking improvement using adaptive dynamic surface control via a steer-by-wire system
The Addenbrooke's Cognitive Examination Revised as a potential screening test for elderly drivers
Age and inconsistency in driving performance
Aging and the detection of imminent collisions under simulated fog conditions
An analysis of driving and working hour on commercial motor vehicle driver safety using naturalistic data collection
Analysis of factors that increase motorcycle rider risk compared to car driver risk
Analysis of powered two-wheeler crashes in Italy by classification trees and rules discovery
Analysis of the stability of PTW riders in autonomous braking scenarios
Are car daytime running lights detrimental to motorcycle conspicuity?
Beyond general behavioral theories: structural discrepancy in young motorcyclist's risky driving behavior and its policy implications
Causation mechanisms in car-to-vulnerable road user crashes: implications for active safety systems
Characteristics of, and insurance payments for, injuries to cyclists in Tasmania, 1990-2010
Cognitive problems, self-rated changes in driving skills, driving-related discomfort and self-regulation of driving in old drivers
Crash risk factors related to individuals sustaining and drivers following traumatic brain injuries
Does wearing helmets reduce motorcycle-related death? A global evaluation
Driver's lane keeping ability with eyes off road: Insights from a naturalistic study
Driving anger, emotional and instrumental aggressiveness, and impulsiveness in the prediction of aggressive and transgressive driving
Driving behaviors in early stage dementia: a study using in-vehicle technology
A dynamic analysis of motorcycle ownership and usage: a panel data modeling approach
The effect of the new traffic law on drinking and driving in São Paulo, Brazil
The effects of congestion charging on road traffic casualties: a causal analysis using difference-in-difference estimation
Evaluating safety risk of locating above ground utility structures in the highway right-of-way
An examination of the environmental, driver and vehicle factors associated with the serious and fatal crashes of older rural drivers
Factors affecting hospital admission and recovery stay duration of in-patient motor victims in Spain
Grandparents and child passenger safety
How do passengers influence drivers' propensities for angry driving? Different effects of supervisors versus friends
Identifying the psychological determinants of risky riding: an application of an extended Theory of Planned Behaviour
Implementation of a community-based mature driver screening and referral program: A feasibility study
The influence of cognitive impairment with no dementia on driving restriction and cessation in older adults
Injuries among powered two-wheeler users in eight European countries: a descriptive analysis of hospital discharge data
Injury typology of fatal motorcycle collisions with roadside barriers in Australia and New Zealand
The intention and willingness to pay moving violation citations among Taiwan motorcyclists
Investigating driving behaviour of older drivers with mild cognitive impairment using a portable driving simulator
Investigating occupant safety through simulating the interaction between side curtain airbag deployment and an out-of-position occupant
The kinematic features of motorcycles in congested urban networks
Measurements of street-crossing decision-making in pedestrians with low vision
Methodology for safety optimization of highway cross-sections for horizontal curves with restricted sight distance
MMSE as a predictor of on-road driving performance in community dwelling older drivers
More mad and more wise
Motorcycle accidents, rider behaviour, and psychological models
Motorcycle-related injuries in the United Arab Emirates
Motorcycle-related spinal injury: crash characteristics
Motorcyclists' speed and "looked-but-failed-to-see" accidents
Obesity is associated with the future risk of heavy truck crashes among newly recruited commercial drivers
On the significance of omitted variables in intersection crash modeling
Pedestrians' intention to jaywalk: Automatic or planned? A study based on a dual-process model in China
Personality and risk perception in transport
Powered two-wheelers road accidents and their risk perception in dense urban areas: case of Paris
Powered two-wheelers within the traffic system
Public attitudes towards motorcyclists' safety: a qualitative study from the United Kingdom
A re-parameterisation of the Power Model of the relationship between the speed of traffic and the number of accidents and accident victims
Recognising safety critical events: Can automatic video processing improve naturalistic data analyses?
The red-light running behavior of electric bike riders and cyclists at urban intersections in China: an observational study
Risk and threat factors in prior representations of driving situations among powered two-wheeler riders and car drivers
Risk factors for injury accidents among moped and motorcycle riders
Risk factors for severe injury in cyclists involved in traffic crashes in Victoria, Australia
Road rage among drug dependent patients
Severity of motorcycle crashes in Calgary
Stability of physical assessment of older drivers over 1 year
Why do cyclists infringe at red lights? An investigation of Australian cyclists' reasons for red light infringement
Validity of using linked hospital and police traffic crash records to analyse motorcycle injury crash characteristics
Validity of the Occupational Therapy-Drive Home Maze Test for right and left handed test takers
Understanding the factors influencing safe and unsafe motorcycle rider intentions
Traffic safety analysis of powered two-wheelers (PTWs) in Slovenia
Traffic safety among motorcyclists in Norway: a study of subgroups and risk factors
Towards a conceptual model of motorcyclists' Risk Awareness: a comparative study of riding experience effect on hazard detection and situational criticality assessment
Stated response to increased enforcement density and penalty size for speeding and driving unbelted
Advanced accident research system based on a medical and engineering data in the metropolitan area of Florence
Determining ultraviolet degradation of high-visibility warning clothing with photochromic indicators
Driver inattention and driver distraction in serious casualty crashes: Data from the Australian National Crash In-depth Study
Dynamical traffic light strategy in the Biham-Middleton-Levine model
Evaluation of vehicle side airbag effectiveness in Victoria, Australia
Family climate for road safety: A new concept and measure
Fatal road traffic injuries in Ibadan, using the mortuary as a data source
Frequency of alcohol and substance abuse observed in drivers killed in traffic accidents in Hamadan, Iran
The impact of alcohol and energy drink consumption on intoxication and risk-taking behavior
Identifying training deficiencies in military pilots by applying the human factors analysis and classification system
More action needed to protect vulnerable road users
Patterns of alcohol, tobacco and cannabis use and related harm in city, regional and remote areas of Australia
Perceived environment and public open space use: a study with adults from Curitiba, Brazil
Pilot evaluation of an adolescent risk and injury prevention programme incorporating curriculum and school connectedness components
The reinforcing efficacy of alcohol mediates associations between impulsivity and negative drinking outcomes
Safety impacts of signal-warning flashers and speed control at high-speed signalized intersections
Self-regulatory driving behaviors: gender and transportation support effects
Methodology for functional MRI of simulated driving
Model for optimization of locations of schools and student transportation in rural areas
Numerical investigation of knee-thigh-hip injuries in frontal vehicle collisions
Off-highway vehicle parks: Combining environment, knowledge, and enforcement for all-terrain vehicle injury prevention
Occupational injuries and diseases in transport industry
Occupational risks and health disorders in transport drivers
On statistical inference in time series analysis of the evolution of road safety
On the use of second-order derivatives of track irregularity for assessing vertical track geometry quality
Operating styles, working time and daily driving distance in relation to a taxi driver's speeding offenses in Taiwan
Passive suspensions incorporating inerters for railway vehicles
An anthropometric analysis of Korean male helicopter pilots for helicopter cockpit design
Design and application of a field sensing system for ground anchors in slopes
Design of human surrogates for the study of biomechanical injury: a review
Falls risk and simulated driving performance in older adults
Kinetic and kinematic responses of post mortem human surrogates and the Hybrid III ATD in high-speed frontal sled tests
Having to stop driving at night because of dangerous sleepiness - awareness, physiology and behaviour
The impact of subclinical sleep problems on self-reported driving patterns and perceived driving abilities in a cohort of active older drivers
Interrupted versus uninterrupted flow: A safety propensity index for driver behavior
Representing distributed cognition in complex systems: how a submarine returns to periscope depth
Updating outdated predictive accident models
Use of caffeinated substances and risk of crashes in long distance drivers of commercial vehicles: case-control study
WHO launches second global status report on road safety
Vulnerable roadway users struck by motor vehicles at the center of the safest, large US city
Using multivariate adaptive regression splines (MARS) to develop crash modification factors for urban freeway interchange influence areas
A survey on the spine fracture epidemiology and risk factors among patients referred to a specialized trauma center in Iran during 1998-2000
Using cognitive work analysis and the strategies analysis diagram to understand variability in road user behaviour at intersections
Incidence and patterns of registered injuries among children in Ongkharak District, Nakhon Nayok, Thailand
Internality and externality correlates of potential drivers among high school pupils in Holon (Israel)
Design and acceptability of the viation Laser Exposure Self-Assessment (ALESA)
Designing and making device and information system of road accidents in order to reduce the mortality rate due to brain deaths
Epidemiology of death in the emergency department of a tertiary health centre south-south of Nigeria
Basic characteristics of road traffic deaths in China
Collecting measures of Indigenous status in driver licencing data
Maternal crash injury risk and foetal injury death in New Zealand
Motor vehicle safety during pregnancy
Associations between age, gender, psychosocial and health characteristics in the Candrive II study cohort
A crash-prediction model for road tunnels
Driving drowsy also worsens driver distraction
Ear, nose and throat injuries at Bugando Medical Centre in northwestern Tanzania: a five-year prospective review of 456 cases
Factors associated with civilian drivers involved in crashes with emergency vehicles
Impact on life after a major bus crash - a qualitative study of survivors' experiences
The influence of anger, impulsivity, sensation seeking and driver attitudes on risky driving behaviour among post-graduate university students in Durban, South Africa
Masked stimuli modulate endogenous shifts of spatial attention
Older drivers' opinions of criteria that inform the cars they buy: A focus group study
Predicting the risk and severity of acute spinal cord injury after a minor trauma to the cervical spine
The socioeconomic inequality in traffic-related disability among Chinese adults: The application of concentration index
Still red light for red light cameras? An update
Wheelchair securement and occupant restraint system (WTORS) practices in public transit buses
Velocity, safety, or both? How do balance and strength of goal conflicts affect drivers' behaviour, feelings and physiological responses?
Using "human state aware" robots to enhance physical human-robot interaction in a cooperative scenario
Altering school attendance times to prevent child pedestrian injuries
Citizens' obligation to obey the law an empirical study of Guangzhou, China
Corporate crime and the discursive deletion of responsibility: A case study of the Paddington rail crash
Coupling lateral bending and shearing mechanisms to define knee injury criteria for pedestrian safety
Diabetes and driving safety: science, ethics, legality and practice
Driving behaviors and on-duty road accidents: a French case-control study
Driving performance and behaviors: a comparison of gender differences in Parkinson's disease
The effects of peer influence on adolescent pedestrian road-crossing decisions
Effects of simulated day and night driving on the speed differential in tangent-curve transition: a pilot study using driving simulator
Fatal motorcycle crashes: a serious public health problem in Brazil
Head injuries to restrained occupants in single-vehicle pure rollover crashes
Health-related factors associated with mode of travel to work
The impact of drivers' race, gender, and age during traffic stops: Assessing interaction terms and the social conditioning model
The impact of new legislation on child restraint system (CRS) misuse and inappropriate use in Australia
A method for determining the number of traffic conflict points between vehicles at major-minor highway intersections
Multi-sensor fusion with interacting multiple model filter for improved aircraft position accuracy
Muscle activity influence on the kinematics of the cervical spine in rear-end sled tests in female volunteers
A novel vibration-based monitoring technique for bridge pier and abutment scour
A study on the relationship between personality and driving styles
Zonal safety analysis in aircraft conceptual design: application to SAvE aircraft
A simulation study of spine biofidelity in the Hybrid-III 6-year-old ATD
Scooter crashes at university: intervention tactics for modified behavior and helmet use
Role of alcohol in hospitalized road trauma in Viet Nam
The effects of external motivation and real-time automated feedback on speeding behavior in a naturalistic setting
Preface to the special section on human factors and automation in vehicles: designing highly automated vehicles with the driver in mind
Road traffic accidents in Kathmandu---an hour of education yields a glimmer of hope
Estimation of capacity drop in highway merging sections
Evaluation of motorcyclist's discomfort during prolonged riding process with and without lumbar support
Field test of organic deicers as prewetting and anti-icing agents for winter road maintenance
A high precision instrument to measure angular and binocular deviation introduced by aircraft windscreens by using a shadow casting technique
Human performance consequences of automated decision aids in states of sleep loss
H∞-control of a rack-assisted electric power steering system
Physiological responses of astronaut candidates to simulated +Gx orbital emergency re-entry
Addressing individual differences in mobility transition counseling with older adults
Factors affecting mortality of hospitalized chest trauma patients in United Arab Emirates
Light-emitting diodes in street and roadway lighting - a case study involving mesopic effects
New recommendations on motor vehicle safety for child passengers
Paediatric head injuries in the Kwazulu-Natal Province of South Africa: a developing country perspective
Prevention of unintentional childhood injury
The view from the road: The contribution of on-road glance-monitoring technologies to understanding driver behavior
What factors influence older people in the decision to relinquish their driver's licence? A discrete choice experiment
Australian quad bike fatalities: what is the economic cost?
Driver assistance system for passive multi-trailer vehicles with haptic steering limitations on the leading unit
Ethnic, socioeconomic and geographical inequalities in road traffic injury rates in the Auckland region
Exploring the mobility preferences and perceived difficulties in using transport and driving with a sample of healthy and outpatient older adults in Singapore
Pre-driving evaluation of a teen with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism spectrum disorder
Analysis of tractor-related deaths
Bicyclists overestimate their own night-time conspicuity and underestimate the benefits of retroreflective markers on the moveable joints
Diffusion of complete streets policies across U.S. communities
Discussing driving concerns with older patients II. Vision care providers' approaches to assessment
Domestic animal-related neuro-trauma: An account, from a tertiary institute
Elderly pedestrian neurotrauma: A descriptive study from a premier neurotrauma center in India
Epidemiology and predictors of failure of the infant car seat challenge
Hyponatraemia in head injuries caused by road traffic accidents
Motorcycle accidents in the municipality of Rio Branco in the State of Acre: characterization and trends
Male mortality due to external causes in the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil
Paradoxical effects of stress and an executive task on decisions under risk
Protocol for Candrive II/Ozcandrive, a multicentre prospective older driver cohort study
Pregnant driver-associated motor vehicle crashes in North Carolina, 2001-2008
Road safety in work commuting for primary care profesionals
The sensitivity of the calculation of ΔV to vehicle and impact parameters
Spatial panel analyses of alcohol outlets and motor vehicle crashes in California: 1999-2008
Systemic accident analysis: Examining the gap between research and practice
Time analysis of fatal traffic accidents in Fars Province of Iran
Alcohol hangover: type and time-extension of motor function impairments
Assessing fitness to drive in brain tumour patients: a grey matter of law, ethics, and medicine
Attentional capture does not depend on feature similarity, but on target-nontarget relations
Functional limitations in older adults who have cognitive impairment without dementia
Modeling offenses among motorcyclists involved in crashes in Spain
Profile of multiple trauma occurrences in motorcycle drivers attended by the SAMU of Teresina-PI
Potential preventive measures against quad bike injuries
Seat belts and traffic accidents are major causes of pediatric blunt gastrointestinal injury: outcomes in a level 1 pediatric trauma center in Austria
Effects of residential location and work-commuting on long-term work disability
Gender differences in multitasking reflect spatial ability
Functional polycentricity: examining metropolitan spatial structure through the connectivity of urban sub-centres
Study on the management of stressful events and prevention of post-traumatic stress in the railway sector
Application of anamnestic indicators and targets for the diagnosis of OSAS in a cohort of autoworkers-private transport: results of a year of health surveillance
Drugs use assessment in a group of bus drivers
Health surveillance and people-suitability to passenger and good haulage
Lift-trucks technological development related to driver's safety and health
New geometric design consistency model based on operating speed profiles for road safety evaluation
A new stratified risk assessment tool for whiplash injuries developed from a prospective observational study
A nonlinear model for top fuel dragster dynamic performance assessment
Perceptual load corresponds with factors known to influence visual search
Physical environmental attributes and active transportation in Belgium: What about adults and adolescents living in the same neighborhoods?
Policy prescriptions to preserve mobility for seniors-A dose of realism
Prevalence of alcohol, illicit drugs and psychoactive medicines in killed drivers in four European countries
Probability of capacity enhancement and disruption for freeway ramp controls: analysis by gap-acceptance and queuing models
A prospective observational analysis of ambulation after motor vehicle collisions
The psycho-physical fitness of the railways workers
Quantifying the number of lane changes in traffic Empirical analysis
Quantile effects of causal factors on crash distributions
Quantifying age-related differences in visual-discrimination capacity: Drivers with and without visual impairment
Refinement of drivers' visibility needs during wet night conditions
Regional determinants of road traffic accidents in Nigeria: identifying risk areas in need of intervention
Characteristics, circumstances and toxicology of sudden or unnatural deaths involving very high range alcohol concentrations
Chest injuries and the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake
A comparison of injuries to moped/scooter and motorcycle riders in Queensland, Australia
How do time pressured drivers estimate speed and time?
Prediction of on-road driving ability after traumatic brain injury and stroke
Pediatric maxillofacial injuries at a Nigerian teaching hospital: A three-year review
Non-battle craniomaxillofacial injuries from U.S. military operations
Multicriteria analysis of an ℒ1 adaptive flight control system
Modeling work zone crash frequency by quantifying measurement errors in work zone length
Screening tools for fitness to drive after traumatic brain injury and stroke
Frequency of lower limb injuries and their causes among motorcycle accident admitted into Imam Hossein hospital during one year
Opportunities and threats to mandatory law of child restraint usage in Iran
Using M-logistic regression to evaluate the effect of clothing color on pedestrian injury accidents
An assessment on in-vehicle concentration of carbon monoxide for taxis in central business district of Tehran
Factors contributing to driver's condition after fatal and injury vehicle accidents in North Khorasan province--New Year 1391 [Gregorian- March 2012]
The cooperative driver: Multi-agent learning for preventing traffic jams
Evaluating the effectiveness of traffic calming devices: Using simulation to overcome analytical models assumptions
Active and passive spatial learning in human navigation: acquisition of survey knowledge
Transport and health: a look at three Latin American cities
Traffic density in area of residence is associated with health-related quality of life in women, the community-based Hordaland Health Study
Exploring factors contributing to injury severity at freeway merging and diverging locations in Ohio
Finite element analysis of occupant head injuries: Parametric effects of the side curtain airbag deployment interaction with a dummy head in a side impact crash
Influence of approaching tram on behaviour of pedestrians in signalised crosswalks in Poland
Identification of hazardous road locations of traffic accidents by means of kernel density estimation and cluster significance evaluation
An illusory size-speed bias and railway crossing collisions
Patterns of healthcare service utilisation following severe traumatic brain injury: An idiographic analysis of injury compensation claims data
Analysis of MDPV in Blood--Determination and Interpretation
Comparison of the serious injury pattern of adult bicyclists, between South-West Netherlands and the State of Victoria, Australia 2001-2009
Can SNOMED CT as implemented in New South Wales, Australia be used for road trauma injury surveillance in emergency departments?
Effect of blockage ratio on the maximum temperature under the ceiling in tunnel fires
The effect of enhanced curving forces on the behaviour of canted ballasted track
Inexperience and risky decisions of young adolescents, as pedestrians and cyclists, in interactions with lorries, and the effects of competency versus awareness education
The influence of the infrastructure characteristics in urban road accidents occurrence
Learning from errors: Cognition, emotions and safety culture in the Italian air force
The relationships between active transport to work or school and cardiovascular health or body weight: a systematic review
USA reviews motorcycle safety laws as crash deaths increase
The advocacy for pedestrian safety study: cluster randomised trial evaluating a political advocacy approach to reduce pedestrian injuries in deprived communities
Health promotion and crime prevention: recognising broader synergies
A retrospective case series of pediatric spinal cord injury and disease in Victoria, Australia
A simulation study on the influence of polypropylene bumper on pedestrian lower leg injuries
Changing mobility patterns and road mortality among pre-license teens in a late licensing country: an epidemiological study
Corticomotor responses to attentionally demanding motor performance: a mini-review
Distracted pedestrian sustains orbital fracture while on cell phone
Maturation of the adolescent brain
State-space based analysis and forecasting of macroscopic road safety trends in Greece
The expression of anger amongst Turkish taxi drivers
Evaluating the driving ability in patients with Parkinson's disease using a driving simulator
The development of organized visual search
Investigation of road network features and safety performance
Motorcycle helmets-A state of the art review
Participation in opioid substitution treatment reduces the rate of criminal convictions: Evidence from a community study
Relationship between symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome and traffic accidents in the city drivers
Reliability of the Watch-PAT 200 in detecting sleep apnea in highway bus drivers
Trauma induced left ventricular apical ballooning syndrome in a 15 year old: A rare case of Tako-tsubo cardiomyopathy
Traumatic disruption of the abdominal wall: Lap-belt injuries in children
Application of ICP-AES in automotive hydraulic power steering system fault diagnosis
Bicycle accident on the way to school - an interactive case report
The case for driver science in motorsport: a review and recommendations
Dimensions of disinhibited personality and their relation with alcohol use and problems
Driving anger and metacognition: the role of thought confidence on anger and aggressive driving intentions
Fault diagnosis of rolling bearing based on wavelet transform and envelope spectrum correlation
Fears of violence during morning travel to school
Hyper-arousal decreases human visual thresholds
Local differences in the epidemiology of traumatic spinal injuries
Low-speed vehicle run over fatalities in Australian children aged 0-5 years
Time perception during apparent biological motion reflects subjective speed of movement, not objective rate of visual stimulation
The use of a quasi-naturalistic riding method to investigate bicyclists' behaviors when motorists pass
Risks of alcohol-attributable hospitalisation and death in Australia over time: Evidence of divergence by region, age and sex
Rotational head trauma with callosal contusion and C6 fracture: a high-speed motorcycle accident
A comprehensive study on maxillofacial trauma conducted in Yamunanagar, India
Motor vehicle traffic-related pedestrian deaths - United States, 2001-2010
Motor vehicles and ultraviolet exposure in Mexico
Sleepiness and sleep-disordered breathing in truck drivers : Risk analysis of road accidents
Ageing and driving: Examining the effects of visual processing demands
Analysis of contributory factors for driving under the influence of alcohol: A stated choice approach
Analysis of park-and-ride decision behavior based on Decision Field Theory
Assessing safety critical braking events in naturalistic driving studies
Asymmetric stochastic Tau Theory in car-following
Barriers and facilitators of helmet use in a Greek sample of motorcycle riders: Which evidence?
Calibration as side effect? Computer-based learning in driver education and the adequacy of driving-task-related self-assessments
Comparing the glance patterns of older versus younger experienced drivers: Scanning for hazards while approaching and entering the intersection
Comprehension of traffic signs with symbolic versus text displays
Development and validation of safety climate scales for lone workers using truck drivers as exemplar
The influence of number of passengers and music genre on driving speed of young adult angkot drivers
Human behaviour in severe tunnel accidents: Effects of information and behavioural training
How drivers adapt to drive in driving simulator, and what is the impact of practice scenario on the research?
The emotional spectrum in traffic situations: Results of two online-studies
Electric vehicle drivers' reported interactions with the public: Driving stereotype change?
Effect of strength and direction of haptic cueing on steering control during near lane departure
Driving performance during visual and haptic menu selection with in-vehicle rotary device
Driver fatigue and the law from the perspective of police officers and prosecutors
Does preoccupation impair hazard perception? A simultaneous EEG and Eye Tracking study
Directing driver attention with augmented reality cues
What impact does legislation have on drivers' in-vehicle use of nomadic devices?
Uniquely satisfied: Exploring cyclist satisfaction
Time and space: The difference between following time headway and distance headway instructions
Theory of planned behaviour and road violations: The moderating influence of perceived behavioural control
Road safety communication campaigns: Research designs and behavioral modeling
Reliability and validity of a Spanish-language version of the multidimensional driving style inventory
Prospective study of healthy older drivers: No increase in crash involvement or traffic citations at 24 months following a failed on-road assessment
Online information-sharing: A qualitative analysis of community, trust and social influence amongst commuter cyclists in the UK
Low rates of child restraint system use in cars may be due to fatalistic beliefs and other factors
An investigation of professional drivers: Organizational safety climate, driver behaviours and performance
Alcohol and alcohol-related harm in China: policy changes needed
Cognitive flexibility during breath alcohol plateau is associated with previous drinking measures
Evaluation of the benefits of vehicle safety technology: The MUNDS study
Factors affecting mortality in blunt thoracic trauma
Health consequences of road accidents: insights from local health authority registries
An investigation into perception of preventability of injuries and knowledge needs on injury prevention among 684 among undergraduates of a university
Intestinal stenosis from mesenteric injury after blunt abdominal trauma in children: case reports
Structural reliability of road accidents reconstruction
Riding the escalator: how dangerous is it really?
Social resistance framework for understanding high-risk behavior among nondominant minorities: preliminary evidence
What characterizes individuals developing chronic whiplash?: The Nord-Trøndelag Health Study (HUNT)
Unique mechanism of chance fracture in a young adult male
ADSEAT - Adaptive seat to reduce neck injuries for female and male occupants
Association between vision impairment and driving exposure in older adults aged 70 years and over: a population-based examination
A case of traumatic asphyxia due to motorcycle accident
Evaluation of implement monitoring systems
Methodological proposal for implementing an intervention to prevent pedestrian injuries, a multidisciplinary approach: the case of Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico
Identifying the key factors affecting warning message dissemination in VANET real urban scenarios
The relationship between cognitive performance, perceptions of driving comfort and abilities, and self-reported driving restrictions among healthy older drivers
Onset of a declining trend in fatal motor vehicle crashes involving drunk-driving in Japan
Operators' perception of comfort in two tractor cabs
Spectrofluorimetric and spectrophotometric analysis of two analgesic drugs in pharmaceutical formulations and biological fluids
Association between side-impact airbag deployment and risk of injury: A matched cohort study using the CIREN and the NASS-CDS
Driving after drinking among young adults of different race/ethnicities in the United States: unique risk factors in early adolescence?
The mature minor: some critical psychological reflections on the empirical bases
Fatal injuries in offshore oil and gas operations - United States, 2003-2010
The periodicity of sleep duration - an infradian rhythm in spontaneous living
Unregulated and unsafe: The impact of motorcycle trauma on Queensland children
Investigating different approaches to develop informative priors in hierarchical Bayesian safety performance functions
Methodology for fitting and updating predictive accident models with trend
Using social network analysis and agent-based modelling to explore information flow using common operational pictures for maritime search and rescue operations
Re: Association between side-impact airbag deployment and risk of injury
A preview of the efficiency of systemic family therapy in treatment of children with posttraumatic stress disorder developed after car accident
To call or not to call-That is the question (while driving)
The consistency and coherence of attitudes to physical risk. Some empirical evidence
Officers' subjective near miss notion in situations of collision avoidance at sea
Acceptability of countdown signals at an urban signalized intersection and their influence on drivers behaviour
Aluminium foams in the design of transport means
Analysis of traffic accidents caused by drivers by using log-linear models
Application of fuzzy techniques for determining the operating speed based on road geometry
Assessment of traffic safety among young people aged 15 to 24 in Slovenia
Bi-criteria system optimum traffic assignment in networks with continuous value of time
Comparative analysis and pedestrian simulation evaluation on emergency evacuation test methods for urban rail transit stations
Comparison of procedures to estimate critical headways at roundabouts
Cumulative interarrival time distributions of freeway entrance ramp traffic for traffic simulations
Development and usage of travel time reliability model for urban road network under ice and snowfall conditions
Do functionally fit elderly community-dwelling subjects have enough time to safely cross the road?
Dynamic user optimal signal design at isolated intersections
Extended traffic crash modelling through precision and response time using fuzzy clustering algorithms compared with multi-layer perceptron
Identification and prioritization of hazardous road locations by segmentation and data envelopment analysis approach
Identification of drivers in traffic accidents and determination of passenger position in a vehicle by finger marks
Model of service-oriented B2B integration in the traffic safety area
New approach to determining visibility length on passive protected level railroad crossings
Operating speed based alignment consistency evaluation using driving simulator: case studies from Taigan Freeway in Jiangxi, China
A reliability-based resource allocation model for transportation networks affected by natural disasters
The research of vehicle acceleration at signalized intersections
Simulation of a collision between passenger car and child pedestrian
Study of drivers' behaviour at a passive railway crossing
Validation of microscopic traffic models based on GPS precise measurement of vehicle dynamics
Abdominal twin pressure sensors for the assessment of abdominal injuries in q dummies: in-dummy evaluation and performance in accident reconstructions
Acoustic levels of heavy truck tire ruptures
All-cause mortality in criminal justice clients with substance use problems-A prospective follow-up study
Awareness and practice of road safety measures among undergraduate medical students in a South Indian state
Appalachian versus non-Appalachian U.S. traffic fatalities, 2008-2010
Analysis of 627 hospitalized maxillofacial-oral injuries in Xi'an, China
Analyzing the severity of accidents on the German Autobahn
A Bayesian inference based model interpolation and extrapolation
Driver behaviours on rural highways with and without curbs - a driving simulator based study
Evaluation of the internal and external biofidelity of current rear impact
Gate violations by truck drivers at highway-rail grade crossings in two cities
Gradual recovery from bilateral severe sensorineural hearing loss post motor vehicle accident
The importance of an anthropological scene of crime investigation in the case of burnt remains in vehicles: 3 case studies
The intelligent copilot: A constraint-based approach to shared-adaptive control of ground vehicles
Investigating the influence of curbs on single-vehicle crash injury severity utilizing zero-inflated ordered probit models
It is premature to test older drivers with the SIMARD-MD
Kinematics and dynamics of the pelvis in the process of submarining using PMHS sled tests
Modeling fatigue-induced collision relative risk: implications of service hours and fatigue management policies on transit bus operators in Florida
Modeling injury severity of young drivers using highway crash data from Kansas
Occupant restraint preferences of individuals traveling in motor vehicles while seated in their wheelchairs
Optimized AHSS structures for vehicle side impact
The pattern of death related to trauma cases presented to the emergency department of a tertiary university hospital
Patterns of drug use in fatal crashes
Pre-accident investigations, an introduction to organisational safety
Predicting crash likelihood and severity on freeways with real-time loop detector data
Wheelchair integrated occupant restraints: feasibility in frontal impact
Understanding crash mechanism on urban expressways using high-resolution traffic data
The classic: review article: traffic accidents
Comparison of moped, scooter and motorcycle crash risk and crash severity
Completeness and accuracy of crash outcome data in a cohort of cyclists: a validation study
The contribution of attention in virtual moped riding training of teenagers
Decay of motor memories in the absence of error
Driving under the influence of synthetic cannabinoids ("Spice"): a case series
The effect of recent trends in vehicle design on U.S. societal fatality risk per vehicle mile traveled, and their projected future relationship with vehicle mass
Evaluating performance of a Lead Road Safety Agency (LRSA) in a low-income country: a case study from Pakistan
Increased severe all-terrain vehicle accidents at a rural Tennessee trauma center despite safety legislation
Examining the impact of age and multitasking on motorcycle conspicuity
The physical basis of explosion and blast injury processes
Numerical simulations of the occupant head response in an infantry vehicle under blunt impact and blast loading conditions
The teenage brain: cognitive control and motivation
Traumatic abdominal wall hernia from a handlebar injury
US commercial air tour crashes, 2000-2011: Burden, fatal risk factors, and FIA Score validation
Safety, usability, and independence for wheelchair-seated drivers and front-row passengers of private vehicles: A qualitative research study
Side crash pressure sensor prediction for body-on-frame vehicles: an ALE approach
Side crash pressure sensor prediction for unitized vehicles: an ALE approach
A conceptual framework for road safety and mobility applied to cycling safety
Comparing single vehicle and multivehicle fatal road crashes: A joint analysis of road conditions, time variables and driver characteristics
Development of a human body finite element model with multiple muscles and their controller for estimating occupant motions and impact responses in frontal crash situations
The effects of sign design features on bicycle pictorial symbols for bicycling facility signs
Estimation of blood alcohol concentration in deaths due to roadside accidents
Exposure-based traffic crash injury rates by mode of travel in British Columbia
Injury risk curves for the WorldSID 50th male dummy
Sleep disorders as a cause of motor vehicle collisions
Biomechanical responses of PMHS in moderate-speed rear impacts and development of response targets for evaluating the internal and external biofidelity of ATDs
Development, scoring, and reliability of the Microscale Audit of Pedestrian Streetscapes (MAPS)
The effect of pretensioning and age on torso rollout in restrained human volunteers in far-side lateral and oblique loading
From crash test speed to performance in real world conditions: a conceptual model and its application to underhood clearance in pedestrian head tests
How few? Bayesian statistics in injury biomechanics
An integrated helmet and neck support (iHANS) for racing car drivers: a biomechanical feasibility study
Pedestrian dynamics: Beyond the walking speed: Comment on "The emergence of design in pedestrian dynamics: Locomotion, self-organization, walking paths and constructal law" by Antonio F. Miguel
Research of the relationship of pedestrian injury to collision speed, car-type, impact location and pedestrian sizes using human FE model (THUMS Version 4)
The use of deer vehicle accidents as a proxy for measuring the degree of interaction between human and deer populations and its correlation with the incidence rate of Lyme disease
Thoraco-abdominal deflection responses of post mortem human surrogates in side impacts
Safe platoon control of automated highway systems
An optimal preview driver model applied to a non-linear vehicle and an impaired driver
Quad bikes: tobacco on four wheels (Editorial)
Contributions of ergonomics to the construction of bus drivers health and excellence in public transport and at work
Designing for situation awareness: an approach to user-centered design
Development of a knowledge management system for complex domains
A new method to evaluate future impact of vehicle safety technology in Sweden
Patterns of alcohol use and related consequences in non-college-attending emerging adults
Predicting the acceptance of advanced rider assistance systems
Re-evaluating visual and auditory dominance through modality switching costs and congruency analyses
Relationship between freeway flow parameters and safety and its implication for adding lanes
The relation of mild traumatic brain injury to chronic lapses of attention
Assessing the correlation between bus stop densities and residential crime typologies
Reshaping city traffic towards sustainability: Why transport policy should favor the bicycle instead of car traffic
Pedestrian falling accidents in transit terminals
Electric vehicle charging station signs: an evaluation of driver comprehension and perceived risk
Examining the efficacy of training interventions in improving older driver performance
The accuracy of drivers' judgments of the effects of headlight glare on pedestrian recognition at night
Augmenting the technology acceptance model with trust: commercial drivers' attitudes towards monitoring and feedback
Automated driving: human-factors issues and design solutions
Commercial drivers' initial attitudes toward an on-board monitoring system
Cognitive workload and visual attention analyses of the air traffic control tower flight data manager (TFDM) prototype demonstration
Conspicuity of traffic signs assessed by eye tracking and immediate recall
Consumer complaints and traffic fatalities: insights from the NHTSA vehicle owner's complaint database
Controller response times to surface safety alerts
Differences in novice and experienced driver response to lane departure warnings that provide active intervention
Driver distraction: effects of text entry methods on driving performance
A driving simulator study examining phone dialing with an iPhone vs. a button style flip-phone
The effects of texting and driving on hazard perception
Effects of task-irrelevant cars on judgments of deceleration and time-to-contact during car-following
The effects of reading and writing text-based messages while driving
How accurate are older drivers' judgments of the effects of headlight glare on acuity?
Lane specific dilemma zone warnings at signalized intersections
Reading while driving: a study on drivers' strategies of in-vehicle task initiation
What are they doing: testing a structured cognitive work analysis-based approach for identifying different road user strategies
Using orange traffic cones to warn of pedestrian hazards
Using agent-based modeling to predict the diffusion of safe teenage driving behavior through an online social network
Participant characteristics and speeding behavior during an advisory warning and cash incentive intervention
Real-time detection of drowsiness related lane departures using steering wheel angle
Missing critical auditory alarms in aeronautics: evidence for inattentional deafness?
Sonification discriminability and perceived urgency
Perceived urgency and annoyance of auditory alerts in a driving context
The use of a homogeneity measure to identify hazard perception abilities of novices and experienced drivers in a driving simulator
Patterns in mining haul truck accidents
Speed and accuracy in driver emergency avoidance
A task-analytic approach for estimating driver task demands on specific roadway sections
Evaluation of sounds for hybrid and electric vehicles operating at low speed
Evaluating the impact of grade crossing safety factors through signal detection theory
Looking back: examining the trends of driver distraction from 2007-2011
Identifying the causes and consequences of motor vehicle injuries in China
A case-control study of the effect of alcohol on the risk of driver fatal injury in New Zealand
Screening for drugs in oral fluid: illicit drug use and drug driving in a sample of metropolitan versus regional Queensland motorists
Antilock braking system effectiveness in prevention of road traffic crashes in Iran
Can anti-speeding messages based on protection motivation theory influence reported speeding intentions?
Characteristics of on-road driving performance of persons with central vision loss who use bioptic telescopes
Daytime sleepiness and attention in city bus drivers of two capitals of Brazil
Determining the validity of the AMA guide: A historical cohort analysis of the Assessment of Driving Related Skills and crash rate among older drivers
Development and evaluation of a Driving Observation Schedule (DOS) to study everyday driving performance of older drivers
Introduction to the special issue on "new trends towards automatic vehicle control and perception systems"
Managing moral hazard in motor vehicle accident insurance claims
Pedestrian injuries due to mobile phone use in public places
Road traffic accidents in Kazakhstan
Route familiarity breeds inattention: A driving simulator study
Sleep-disordered breathing: effects on brain structure and function
Spatial and temporal patterns of North Carolina pedestrian and bicycle plans
Traffic conflicts on bicycle paths: A systematic observation of behaviour from video
A visual comparison of a single scenario in three driving simulators
Structuring data to compare driver behavior across driving simulators
Reducing major rule violations in commuter rail operations: the role of distraction and attentional errors
A pilot study of three-dimensional child anthropometry for vehicle safety analysis
A model-based measure to assess operator adherence to procedures
Development of a linked simulation network to evaluate intelligent transportation system vehicle to vehicle solutions
Applying modeling and simulation to predict human injury due to a blast attack on a shipboard environment
Graduated driver license nighttime compliance in U.S. teen drivers involved in fatal motor vehicle crashes
Hospital information system performance for road traffic accidents analysis in a hospital recruitment based area
The effect of traffic and road characteristics on road safety: A review and future research direction
Development and characteristics of a burner for localized fire tests and an evaluation of those fire tests
Assessment of the simulated injury monitor (SIMon) in analyzing head injuries in pedestrian crashes
Biomechanics of occupant responses during recreational off-highway vehicle (ROV) riding and 90-degree tip-overs
Classifiers to augment the Collision Deformation Classification (CDC) system to distinguish the role of structure in a frontal impact taxonomy
Comparison of reponses of the flex-PLI and TRL legform impactors in pedestrian tests
Design tradeoffs: the social costs of vehicle fire protection
Development of injury probability functions for the flexible pedestrian legform impactor
Different factors influencing post-crash pedestrian kinematics
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Fracture modeling inputs for a human body model via inference from a risk curve: application for skull fracture potential
Headform impact tests to assess energy management of seat back contact points associated with head injury for pediatric occupants
Hybrid III head/neck analysis highlighting Nij in NCAP
Influence of complying with FMVSS 226 (ejection mitigation) on side airbag occupant out of position injury assessment
Influencing factors of contact force distribution in pedestrian upper legform impact with vehicle front-end
Injury rates for older and younger belted drivers in traffic accidents
Injury risk investigation of the small, rear-seat occupant in side impact
Interactions among light source luminance, illuminance and size on discomfort glare
Modelling A-pillar water overflow: developing CFD and experimental methods
Neck loads in playground activities in a pediatric population
Relation between the weave mode in low speed range and slalom running of motorcycles
A study on design factors of gas pedal operation
Sway stability of 5th wheel RV trailers
Vehicle lighting and modern roundabouts: implications for pedestrian safety
Antecedents of safety-compliant behaviour on offshore service vessels: a multi-factorial approach
A before-after study of the effects on safety of environmental speed limits in the city of Oslo, Norway
Car crashes: The effect of passenger presence and other factors on driver outcome
Causal relations between psychosocial conditions, safety climate and safety behaviour - A multi-level investigation
A cliometric analysis of the explanatory factors of the air crashes in the world (1950-2008)
Assessing the safety impacts of paved shoulders
Comparison of the fatigue experiences of short haul light and long distance heavy vehicle drivers
A comparison of methods to identify alcohol involvement in youth injury-related emergency department presentation data
Watershed segmentation for vehicle classification and counting
Vehicle submersion: a review of the problem, associated risks, and survival information
Use of scenarios and function analyses to understand the impact of situation awareness on safe and effective work on rail tracks
A survey on rear end collision avoidance system for automobiles
Three levels of situation awareness in driving with secondary tasks
Risk analysis of LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) vehicles in enclosed car parks
Safety effectiveness of centerline rumble strips in Kansas
Abnormal events recognition and classification for pipeline monitoring systems based on vibration analysis and artificial neural networks
Analysis of the latest Austroads Guidelines for fitness to drive as promulgated in March 2012
Change in neighborhood traffic safety: does it matter in terms of physical activity?
Detectability and annoyance of warning sounds for electric vehicles
Detectability study of warning signals in urban background noises: A first step for designing the sound of electric vehicles
Injuries in Khartoum state, the Sudan: a household survey of incidence and risk factors
Pedestrian worker fatalities in workplace locations, Australia, 2000-2010
Should we be gritting pavements to prevent pedestrian injuries?
Composite cylinders of natural gas vehicles simulation crash test
Data collection and processing tools for naturalistic study of powered two-wheelers users' behaviours
Driving avoidance by older adults: Is it always self-regulation?
Effect of HFACS and non-HACFS-related factors on fatalities in general aviation accidents using neural networks
Effects of repeated dosing with mirtazapine, trazodone, or placebo on driving performance and cognitive function in healthy volunteers
Entangled communities and spatial synchronization lead to criticality in urban traffic
Foreign body in scrotum following a boat engine blast accident
Heavy vehicle frontal sled crash test analysis - chest deflection response in the Hybrid III dummy
The impact of seat-belts in limiting the severity of injuries in patients presenting to a university hospital in the developing world
The influence of angle of view on perceptions of culpability and vehicle speed for a computer-generated animation of a road traffic accident
Influence of impacts on static and low-cycle fatigue characteristics of composite specimens
Injuries and fatalities among emergency medical technicians and paramedics in the United States
Accidents between motorcycles: analysis of cases that occurred in the state of Paraná between July 2010 and June 2011
Amphetamine use by truck drivers on highways of Sao Paulo State: a risk for the occurrence of traffic accidents?
Bicycle-related maxillofacial injuries: a double-center study
Assessment of risky driving caused by the amount of time focused on an in-vehicle display system
The Canadian Safe Driving Study-Phase I pilot: Examining potential logistical barriers to the full cohort study
The design of a collision avoidance system for use by pilots operating on the airport ramp and in taxiway areas
Driver curve speed model and its application to ACC speed control in curved roads
Effect of rear-seat submarine on dummy injury and its optimization
Elimination of rib stiffness difference for a Hybrid-III dummy in frontal crash test
Fire evacuation in underground transportation systems: a review of accidents and empirical research
Graduated driver licensing program component calibrations and their association with fatal crash involvement
A prospective study on dinghy sailors' training habits and injury incidence with a comparison between elite sailor and club sailor during a 12-month period
Profiling heavy vehicle speeding
Sex differences in risk taking behavior among Dutch cyclists
A simultaneous equations model of crash frequency by severity level for freeway sections
The societal costs of alcohol misuse in Australia
Assessment and evaluation of primary prevention in spinal cord injury
Causes of spinal cord injury
Evidence-based practice in primary prevention of spinal cord injury
Outcome after severe multiple trauma: a retrospective analysis
Understanding recovery in children following traffic-related injuries: Exploring acute traumatic stress reactions, child coping, and coping assistance
Utilitarian cycling in Belgium: a cross-sectional study in a sample of regular cyclists
Small-overlap frontal-impact assessments for a vehicle made in China
Volcanic ash in the atmosphere and risks for civil aviation: A study in European crisis management
Cognitive-behavioral group treatment for driving-related anger, aggression, and risky driving in combat veterans: a pilot study
Errors in motion processing amongst older drivers may increase accident risk
Exploring the effects of attitudinal and perception characteristics on drinking and driving non-compliant behaviour
GOALDS-Goal Based Damage Ship Stability and safety standards
High-performance LED street lighting using microlens arrays
Mortality due to bicycle accidents in Pernambuco, Brazil
Texting while driving and other risky motor vehicle behaviors among US high school students
Motor vehicle accidents in pregnancy: implications and management
Placement of traffic barriers on roadside and median slopes - guidelines based on numerical simulations
Safety versus passenger service: the flight attendants' dilemma
Vehicle occupant movement and impact with the interior in frontal collisions - the 'second collision'
Impacts of the minimum legal drinking age legislation on in-patient morbidity in Canada, 1997-2007: a regression-discontinuity approach
Automated conflict resolution, arrival management, and weather avoidance for air traffic management
Does traffic congestion slow the economy?
Using multisensory cues to facilitate air traffic management
A game theoretical modelling approach for modelling merging and yielding behaviour at freeway on-ramp sections
Empirical studies on road traffic response to capacity reduction
The analysis of traffic accidents on Lithuanian regional gravel roads
Developing a new hybrid MCDM method for selection of the optimal alternative of mechanical longitudinal ventilation of tunnel pollutants during automobile accidents
Heterogeneity in life-duration preferences: are risky recreationists really more risk loving?
Lithuanian road safety solutions based on intelligent transport systems
Metaheuristic approach to transportation scheduling in emergency situations
Neuropsychological services following motor vehicle collisions
New method for benchmarking traffic safety level for the territory
Road accident prediction model for the roads of national significance of Lithuania
Seismic damage to urban areas due to failed buried fuel pipelines case study: fire following earthquake in the city of Kermanshah, Iran
A stochastic approach for simulating human behaviour during evacuation process in passenger trains
Statistical analysis of dangerous chemical accidents in China
Using obstacle detection to identify appropriate illuminances for lighting in residential roads
Bayesian-Monte Carlo model for collision avoidance system design of cognitive connected vehicle
Comparison of the optimum designs of center pillar assembly of an auto-body between conventional steel and AHSS with a simplified side impact analysis
Development of an electric active rollcontrol (ARC) algorithm for a SUV
Development of a hybrid prediction model for freeway incident duration: a case study in Maryland
Driver recognition of a run-over accident
Evaluation of the adequacy of neck injury indicators on BioRid II in a lower-rear impact sled test
Feasibility of a support system for reducing right-turn accidents
Sanctions, perceptions, and crime: implications for criminal deterrence
Should social aggression be considered "antisocial"?
Sitting the barrier aimed at protecting roadside property from accidental fires and explosions on road: a pre-optimisation stage
Association between physical activity and neighborhood environment among middle-aged adults in Shanghai
Bicycle Helmets: Head Impact Dynamics in Helmeted and Unhelmeted Oblique Impact Tests
Breath alcohol estimation training: behavioral effects and predictors of success
Choosing colors for map display icons using models of visual search
Contributions of physical and cognitive impairments to self-reported driving difficulty in chronic whiplash-associated disorders
The effect of external non-driving factors, payment type and waiting and queuing on fatigue in long distance trucking
Are we near a limit or can we get more safety from vehicle alcohol interlocks?
The effects of simulated hearing loss on speech recognition and walking navigation
Evaluation of an autonomous braking system in real-world PTW crashes
FTIR-based vehicles paint comparison
A full-scale simulation model to reproduce urban traffic in real conditions in driving simulators
Fuzzy-TLX: using fuzzy integrals for evaluating human mental workload with NASA-Task Load indeX in laboratory and field studies
Hangar talk survey: using stories as a naturalistic method of informing threat and error management training
Helmets prevent motorcycle injuries with significant economic benefits
How similar are two-unit bicycle and motorcycle crashes?
The impact of threat appeals on fear arousal and driver behavior: a meta-analysis of experimental research 1990-2011
Injury incidence rates of cyclists compared to pedestrians, car occupants and powered two-wheeler riders, using a medical registry and mobility data, Rhône County, France
The long-term effects of active training strategies on improving older drivers' scanning in intersections: a two-year follow-up to Romoser and Fisher (2009)
Louisiana motorcycle fatalities in the wake of governmentally implemented change: A retrospective analysis of the motorcycle morbidity and mortality before, during, and after the repeal of a statewide helmet mandate
The moderating effect of individual differences in error-management training: who learns from mistakes?
National and regional analysis of road accidents in Spain
Norwegian roadside survey of alcohol and drug use by drivers (2008-2009)
Parallels between wind and crowd loading of bridges
Predicting transportation outcomes for LEED projects
Risky driving behavior among university students and staff in the Sultanate of Oman
The relationship between vehicle roof crush and head, neck and spine injury in rollover crashes
Relationship between blood alcohol concentration and observable symptoms of intoxication in patients presenting to an emergency department
Seizure-related injuries, drowning and vehicular crashes - a critical review of the literature
Sleep-deprived young drivers and the risk for crash: the DRIVE prospective cohort study
Traumatic airbag maculopathy
Which visual measures affect change in driving difficulty after first eye cataract surgery?
What has been going on with my sleep after my car accident?
The influence of parental monitoring and parent-adolescent communication on Bahamian adolescent risk involvement: A three-year longitudinal examination
An optimal algorithm for a two runway scheduling problem
Post-traumatic stress disorder in patients with spinal-cord injuries
Prediction of aerial-image motion blurs due to the flying vehicle dynamics and camera characteristics in a virtual environment
That train has already left the station! Improving the fidelity of a railway safety research simulator at post-deployment
Youth mobility in an isolated sahelian population of Mali
Unusual shoulder injury from a motorcycle crash
The validation and application of a finite element human head model for frontal skull fracture analysis
Analysis of driver and passenger crash injury severity using partial proportional odds models
Bicyclist mortality between 2006 and 2010 in China: findings from national Disease Surveillance Points (DSP) data
Bicycle helmet laws are associated with a lower fatality rate from bicycle-motor vehicle collisions
Characteristics of traffic flow at nonsignalized T-shaped intersection with U-turn movements
Different risk thresholds in pedestrian road crossing behaviour: A comparison of French and Japanese approaches
Driving with pets as a risk factor for motor vehicle collisions among older drivers
Effect of the Alcohol Misconduct Prevention Program (AMPP) in Air Force technical training
Factors influencing whether children walk to school
Focusing on appraisals: How and why anger and fear influence driving risk perception
An integrated speed management plan to reduce vehicle speeds in residential areas: Implementation and evaluation of the Silverberry Action Plan
Medical review process and license disposition of drivers referred by law enforcement in Virginia
Motorcycle mobility and traffic risk
Genderedness of bar drinking culture and alcohol-related harms: A multi-country study
Incidence, risk, and protective factors of bicycle crashes: Findings from a prospective cohort study in New Zealand
The "Out of Africa Tribe" (II): Paleolithic warriors with big canoes and protective weapons
A pilot hospital-school educational program to address teen motor vehicle safety
The potential modal shift and health benefits of implementing a public bicycle share program in Montreal, Canada
Predicting reduced visibility related crashes on freeways using real-time traffic flow data
Race, gender, and risk perceptions of the legal consequences of drinking and driving
Risk analysis system for the transport of hazardous materials
Severity of child pedestrian injuries due to bonnet-type vehicle collisions
Some reflections on the character and career of A. James (Jim) McKnight, Ph.D
Spatial environmental risk factors for pedestrian injury collisions in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico (2008-2009): implications for urban planning
Statewide policies for safer teen driving: An evaluation of the impact of graduated driver licensing in Arkansas
Study on the application of the Kent Index Method on the risk assessment of disastrous accidents in subway engineering
Time to prioritise safe walking
The use of cost-benefit analysis in road assessments: a methodological inquiry
Using an agent-based model to simulate children's active travel to school
Visual information search in simulated junction negotiation: Gaze transitions of young novice, young experienced and older experienced drivers
Young drivers who obtained their licence after an intensive driving course report more incidents than drivers with a traditional driver education
Walking and cycling to work despite reporting an unsupportive environment: insights from a mixed-method exploration of counterintuitive findings
Alcoholism and its effects on the central nervous system
Passenger rail security, planning, and resilience: application of network, plume, and economic simulation models as decision support tools
Dissociable roles of different types of working memory load in visual detection
Knowledge and attitude of truck and bus drivers about sedating anti-histamines and vehicular accidents
Motion sickness in rally car co-drivers
Serum nitrotyrosine and psychometric tests as indicators of impaired fitness to drive in cirrhotic patients with minimal hepatic encephalopathy
Vehicle submersion: a review of the problem, associated risks, and survival information
Trends in fatal motorcycle injuries in the Americas, 1998-2010
Why are some animal populations unaffected or positively affected by roads?
Time course of spatial contextual interference: event history analyses of simultaneous masking by nonoverlapping patterns
Reduced vision selectively impairs spatial updating in fall-prone older adults
Should I stay or should I go - cognitive conflict in multi-attribute signals probed with East and West German 'ampelmännchen' traffic signs
Age dependent changes of distractibility and reorienting of attention revisited: an event-related potential study
Age-related interference from irrelevant distracters in visual feature search among heterogeneous distracters
Brain activity during driving with distraction: an immersive fMRI study
Deadly distractions
Determining skill transferability of action games as a method to reduce in-vehicle phone distractions
Distracted by distractors: eye movements in a dynamic inattentional blindness task
Distracted driving - It is time for public health to step in
Distracted driving behaviors of adults while children are in the car
Driving strategy alters neuronal responses to self-movement: cortical mechanisms of distracted driving
Effectiveness of a forward collision warning system in simple and in dual task from an electrophysiological perspective
Effects of electronic billboards on driver distraction
Effortful listening: the processing of degraded speech depends critically on attention
Keeping an eye on distracted driving
Mental fatigue affects visual selective attention
Promoting active communities in a culture of distracted driving
Regulatory focus influences perseveration and distractibility in task switching
Top-down influences on visual attention during listening are modulated by observer sex
The influence of mental load on muscle tension
The influence of parental and peer drinking behaviors on underage drinking and driving by young men
The interplay of attention and emotion: top-down attention modulates amygdala activation in psychopathy
A study of the perception of health risks among college students in China
Cell phone use and crash risk
Cell phone use and crash risk: evidence for positive bias
Measuring mobile phone use: Gender, age and real usage level in relation to the accuracy and validity of self-reported mobile phone use
Application of accelerated processing units in safety-critical systems
Verification of ASSTREET driver-agent model by collaborating with the driving simulator
Support effects of the haptic throttle grip by the friction circle on the driving wheel
Single-chip 77GHz radar sensor and its automotive applications
A simplified model for analysis of the post-impact motion of vehicles
Sensor less wash fluid detection in automotive application
Regional variation in sentencing: The incarceration of aggravated drink drivers in the New Zealand District Courts
Real-time vehicle detection using a single rear camera for a blind spot warning system
Psychoacoustic requirements for warning sounds of quiet cars
Performing safety evaluation on detailed hardware level according to ISO 26262
A new approach to input and output monitoring for microcontrollers supporting functional safety
Model-based application of ISO 26262: the hazard analysis and risk assessment
Investigation of inattentive driving estimation method by using longitudinal and lateral driver operational models
Influencing factors research on vehicle path planning based on elastic bands for collision avoidance
Impact of secondary tasks on individual drivers: not all drivers are created equally
Human sensor vehicle traffic control system with in-vehicle notification
GPS device comparison for accident reconstruction
Exploring the impact of speed synchronization through connected vehicle technology on fleet-level fuel economy
Exploration of the stiffness profiles of modern cars in pedestrian impacts
Event detection: the second dimension of driver performance for visual-manual tasks
Enhancement of collision mitigation braking system performance through real-time estimation of tire-road friction coefficient by means of smart tires
Development of moving object detection using vision system
Development of the enhanced peripheral detection task: a surrogate test for driver distraction
Development of an active system in order to detect drowsiness
Design of seat mounted ECG sensor system for vehicle application
A bumper model with dynamic contact stiffness for simulations of pedestrian legform impacts
Assessment of automatic volume leveling for automotive sound systems
Assessment of driving-related skills prediction of unsafe driving in older adults in the office setting
Automobile safety in children: a review of North American evidence and recommendations
Biomechanics of cranio-maxillofacial trauma
Burns from motorcycle exhausts among children in New South Wales: a continuing problem
A comparison of the Driving Anger Scale and the Propensity for Angry Driving Scale
Distraction and mind-wandering under load
Driver perceptions of the safety implications of quiet electric vehicles
Driving and legal status of Spanish opioid-dependent patients
Driving assessment for maintaining mobility and safety in drivers with dementia
Dying to get out: young drivers, safety and social inequity
The effect of male teenage passengers on male teenage drivers: Findings from a driving simulator study
The effect of Operation 24 Hours on reducing collisions in the City of Edmonton
Effects of child restraint system features on installation errors
Epidemiological profile of hospitalised injuries among electric bicycle riders admitted to a rural hospital in Suzhou: a cross-sectional study
The hospital cost of road traffic accidents at a South African regional trauma centre: A micro-costing study
Maintenance of wakefulness test scores and driving performance in sleep disorders patients and controls
Medical risk factors of diabetes mellitus among professional drivers
Can SNOMED CT as implemented in New South Wales, Australia be used for road trauma injury surveillance in emergency departments?
Characterization and simulation of optical sensors
An epidemiologic survey of road traffic accidents in Iran: analysis of driver-related factors
Identification of elderly drivers whose crash involvement risks are alleviated by passenger presence
Incidence and patterns of mandibular fractures during a 5-year period in a London teaching hospital
Neighborhood built and social environment characteristics: a multilevel analysis of associations with obesity among children and their parents
Planning practice in support of economically and environmentally sustainable roads in floodplains: The case of the Mekong delta floodplains
Traffic medicine--related research: a scientometric analysis
Real-time monitoring of railway traffic using slope-assisted Brillouin distributed sensors
Multi-level Bayesian analyses for single- and multi-vehicle freeway crashes
Predicting cognitive state from eye movements
Physics' insights into pedestrian motion and crowd dynamics: Reply to comments on "The emergence of design in pedestrian dynamic: Locomotion, self-organization, walking paths and constructal law"
Safety riding program and motorcycle-related injuries in Thailand
What pediatricians should know about car seats?: Car safety seats
The association between motor vehicle injuries and health-related quality of life: a longitudinal study of a population-based sample in the United States
Breath alcohol concentrations of designated drivers
The road most travelled: the geographic distribution of road traffic injuries in England
Division method for waiting areas on island platforms at metro stations
Attention allocation patterns in naturalistic driving
Auditory, visual, and bimodal data link displays and how they support pilot performance
Biphasic effects of alcohol on delay and probability discounting
The combined effects of alcohol, caffeine, and expectancies on subjective experience, impulsivity, and risk-taking
Commentary on Kim et al. (2013): Drink driving in Hong Kong-a response
Cyclist activity and injury risk analysis at signalized intersections: A Bayesian modelling approach
Debiasing overoptimistic beliefs about braking capacity
Determining optimum flash patterns for emergency service vehicles: An experimental investigation using high definition film
Disparities in motor vehicle-related deaths among females-United States, 2005-2009
Do college drinkers learn from their mistakes? Effects of recent alcohol-related consequences on planned protective drinking strategies among college freshmen
Driving after orthopedic surgery
The effects of caffeinated "energy shots" on time trial performance
Excessive sleepiness and self-reported shift work disorder: An internet survey of shift workers
Hours of work and rest in the rail industry
The impact of implementing a public bicycle share program on the likelihood of collisions and near misses in Montreal, Canada
Integrated risk reduction framework to improve railway hazardous materials transportation safety
Investigating the "white spot" in aviation medicine and aircraft accident analysis
Motorcyclists violating hook-turn area at intersections in Taiwan: An observational study
Prehospital paediatric emergencies treated by an Australian helicopter emergency medical service
Prevalence of Toxoplasma gondii parasite infection among people who died due to sudden death in the capital city of Warsaw and its vicinity
Driver fatigue and road safety on Poland's national roads
The effect of rear-seat overloading in a car crash: pathological and kinematics evidences
Effects of acute anxiety induction on speech perception: are anxious listeners distracted listeners?
Safe cycling: how do risk perceptions compare with observed risk?
There's no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing: climate, weather and active school transportation in toronto, canada
Trends in the epidemiology of disability related to traumatic brain injury in the US Army and Marine Corps: 2005 to 2010
Walkable for whom? Examining the role of the built environment on the neighbourhood-based physical activity of children
Pupillary response predicts multiple object tracking load, error rate, and conscientiousness, but not inattentional blindness
Risk factors associated with traffic violations and accident severity in China
Road rage: an exploratory study on aggressive driving experience on Indian roads
Associations between alcohol use and alcohol-related negative consequences among black and white college men and women
Injuries related to consumer products in Canada-a systematic literature review
Patient distribution in a mass casualty event of an airplane crash
An acoustic based method for jointly estimating speed and wheelbase length of two-axle road vehicles as they pass by
Automatic classification of road vehicles considering their pass-by acoustic signature
Comparison of detection threshold measurements and modeling for approaching electric cars and conventional cars presented in traffic and pink noise
Crash attenuating seats: Effects on helicopter underwater escape performance
Crew and patient safety in ambulances: results of a personnel survey and experimental side impact crash test
Distribution of belt anchorage locations in the second row of passenger cars and light trucks
Driving experience and situation awareness in hazard detection
The effect of the shadowing phenomenon on emergency vehicle siren noise
Effects of age on feasible sound level of possible warning sounds for quiet vehicles
Evaluating driver behavior toward innovative warning devices at railway level crossings using a driving simulator
Giving up the keys: how driving cessation affects engagement in later life
In-vivo kinematics of the cervical spine in frontal sled tests
Increasing visual search accuracy by being watched
Aging and visual crowding
Cyclists and open vehicle doors: Crash characteristics and risk factors
Analysis of driving mode effect on vehicle stability
The reconstruction of accidents from examination of the injuries
The motor vehicle in relation to accidents and injuries
The accident and its investigation
The driver and the vehicle: profit and loss
The orthodox is not necessarily the answer
Vehicle design in relation to safety-some aspects of the work of the Road Research Laboratory
The driver and his health
Road surface characteristics and accidents
The vehicle and the road
A theory of traffic collisions
The evaluation of scientific evidence in relation to road accidents
The crime and its punishment: prosecution, warning or advice?
Statistics and road accidents
The problem of the young driver
Pedestrian accidents
Neurological aspects of hazards of the road
The driver and pedestrian
Road accidents
Drugs and automatism
The diagnosis of alcoholic intoxication
Characterizing high school students who play drinking games using latent class analysis
Seismic retrofit of aerial stations
Choice of motorcycle helmet makes a difference: A prospective observational study
A cross "ethnical" comparison of the Driver Behaviour Questionnaire (DBQ) in an economically fast developing country
Dangers of distracted driving
Dangers of distracted driving--reply
Giant post-traumatic cyst after motorcycle injury: a case report with review of the pathogenesis
Inferior vestibular neuritis in a fighter pilot: A case report
Older people with mild cognitive impairment - Their views about assessing driving safety
Pilot evaluation of the short-term effect of driving simulation on novice adolescent drivers
Practical child safety education in England: A national survey of the Child Safety Education Coalition
Risk factors associated with injury and mortality from paediatric low speed vehicle incidents: a systematic review
Safety in alpine helicopter rescue operations--minimal requirements of alpine skills for rescue personnel
Agent-based simulation as a tool for the built environment
Review: Aging America and Transportation: Personal Choices and Public Policy, edited by Joseph F. Coughlin and Lisa A. D'Ambrosio
Analysis of U.S. freight-train derailment severity using zero-truncated negative binomial regression and quantile regression
Angular impact mitigation system for bicycle helmets to reduce head acceleration and risk of traumatic brain injury
Associations between active travel to work and overweight, hypertension, and diabetes in India: a cross-sectional study
Automobile drivers' willingness to pay for moving violation behaviour-Compared to motorcyclists
Blood pressure of urban school children in relation to road-traffic noise, traffic density and presence of public transport
Concurrent processing of vehicle lane keeping and speech comprehension tasks
Correlation of risk-taking propensity with cross-frequency phase-amplitude coupling in the resting EEG
Does a cycle training course improve cycling skills in children?
Driving under the influence (DUI) among patients in opioid maintenance treatment (OMT). A registry-based national cohort study
Effect of glare on night time driving in alcoholic versus non-alcoholic professional drivers
Effects of alcohol intoxication on response conflict in a flanker task
Energy recapture through deceleration - regenerative braking in electric vehicles from a user perspective
Enforcement following 0.08% BAC law change: Sex-specific consequences of changing arrest practices?
Epidemiology of traumatic spinal cord injury in developing countries: a systematic review
Evaluation of a workplace intervention to promote commuter cycling: A RE-AIM analysis
Exposure data and risk indicators for safety performance assessment in Europe
Factors affecting crowded acuity: eccentricity and contrast
Factors influencing safety in a sample of marked pedestrian crossings selected for safety inspections in the city of Oslo
A field test of substance use screening devices as part of routine drunk-driving spot detection operating procedures in South Africa
The impact of school alcohol policy on student drinking
The health effects of motorization
Health impacts of free bus travel for young people: evaluation of a natural experiment in London
Human and organisational factors in maritime accidents: Analysis of collisions at sea using the HFACS
Improving seat belt use among teen drivers: Findings from a service-learning approach
Modeling accuracy as a function of response time with the generalized linear mixed effects model
Modern medicine is neglecting road traffic crashes
Multilevel analysis in road safety research
Longitudinal changes in serum brain-derived neurotrophic factor in accident survivors with posttraumatic stress disorder
Predictors of cycling in college students
Robust vehicle detection under various environmental conditions using an infrared thermal camera and its application to road traffic flow monitoring
Self-rated driving habits among older adults with clinically-defined mild cognitive impairment, clinically-defined dementia, and normal cognition
Applications and limitations of wrap-around ratio to vehicle speed estimation in pedestrian collision analysis
Dynamic properties of the upper thoracic spine-pectoral girdle (UTS-PG) system and corresponding kinematics in PMHS sled tests
Detecting traffic accident clusters with network kernel density estimation and local spatial statistics: an integrated approach
Fatality trends and projections for drivers and passengers: Differences between observed and expected fatality rates with a focus on older adults
Four-lane to five-lane urban roadway conversions for safety
In-service safety performance evaluation of roadside concrete barriers
The influence of speed bumps heights to the decrease of the vehicle speed - Belgrade experience
Influence of vehicle secondary impact following an emergency braking on an unbelted occupant's neck, head and thorax injuries
An investigation of inertial unlatching of side-release seat belt buckles using computational modelling
Missing links? The effects of distraction on driver situation awareness
Movement speed and exit choice in smoke-filled rail tunnels
Multi-platform experiment to cross a boundary between laboratory and real situational studies: Experimental discussion of cross-situational consistency of driving behaviors
Myofascial-entheseal dysfunction in chronic whiplash injury: an observational study
A NARX damper model for virtual tuning of automotive suspension systems with high-frequency loading
Neuropathology of prolonged unresponsive wakefulness syndrome after blunt head injury: Review of 100 post-mortem cases
Narrative text analysis to identify technologies to prevent motor vehicle crashes: Examples from military vehicles
Natural ventilation as a factor controlling the dispersal of airborne toxins in subway systems in a disaster situation
On-track test of tilt control strategies for less motion sickness on tilting trains
Quantifying the association between obesity, automobile travel, and caloric intake
Quantifying the impact of road lighting on road safety -- A New Zealand Study
Response time of highway traffic accidents in Abu Dhabi: investigation with hazard-based duration models
Ride quality evaluation of a vehicle with a planar suspension system
Increased maintenance costs of extreme weather events: preparing for climate change adaptation
Innovation by in-wheel-motor drive unit
Inverse neuro-fuzzy MR damper model and its application in vibration control of vehicle suspension system
Laboratory testing for prescription opioids
Local dominance in health risk perception
Mobility, social capital and sense of community: what value?
Near-complete supraglottic transection of the larynx after a motorbike accident
Prevalence rate regarding the completion of 'recommended physical activities' and related influencing factors among junior students in 3 urban districts of Hangzhou
Proposal for a new localisation method using tightly coupled integration based on a precise estimation of trajectory from GPS Doppler
Retroactive interference and mental practice effects on motor performance: a pilot study
Review on monitoring systems of the road network
Risk assessment of positive train control by using simulation of rare events
Risk factors and health effects in the land transport sector
Risk-based method for development and management of a traffic sign inventory for local agencies
Work-related stress and psychological distress assessment in urban and suburban public transportation companies
Alcohol-related injuries requiring surgery
Associations of leisure-time sitting in cars with neighborhood walkability
The burden of disease preventable by risk factor reduction in Serbia
Adolescents' perception of environmental features and its association with physical activity: Results from de Azorean Physical Activity and Health Study II
Detection of vehicle approach in the presence of additional motion and simulated observer motion at road junctions
Drugs and driving
Evaluation of burn injuries related to liquefied petroleum gas
Application of a first impression triage in the Japan railway west disaster
An epidemiological survey of snoring disease and OSAHS among 374 truck drivers in Guangzhou, China
Help-seeking in transit workers exposed to acute psychological trauma: A qualitative analysis
Improving driver alertness through music selection using a mobile EEG to detect brainwaves
Individual, socio-cultural and environmental predictors of uptake and maintenance of active commuting in children: longitudinal results from the SPEEDY study
The experience of being a motorised mobility scooter user
Is it time to advocate for a vulnerable road user protection law in New Zealand?
Look before you (s)leep: Evaluating the use of fatigue detection technologies within a fatigue risk management system for the road transport industry
Pay attention [to the road] or pay the price
Prevalence and correlates of traumatic brain injuries among adolescents
Reducing intoxication among bar patrons: some lessons from prevention of drinking and driving
Smooth pursuit eye movement training promotes recovery from auditory and visual neglect: a randomized controlled study
A tale of two cities: paradoxical intensity of traffic calming around Auckland schools
What is on your mind? Using the perceptual cycle model and critical decision method to understand the decision-making process in the cockpit
Lessons from a flash flood in Tehran subway, Iran
Analysis of the minimum swerving distance for the development of a motorcycle autonomous braking system
Burst fractures of the lumbar spine in frontal crashes
The dependence of motor response time in discrimination task on the type of available visual information
Design of motorcycle rider protection systems using numerical techniques
Democratization and life expectancy in Europe, 1960-2008
Do neighborhoods make people active, or do people make active neighborhoods? Evidence from a planned community in Austin, Texas
Efficacy and the strength of evidence of U.S. alcohol control policies
Environmental and demographic correlates of bicycling
Epidemiological analysis of maxillofacial fractures treated at a university hospital, Xinjiang, China: A 5-year retrospective study
Epidemiology of unintentional injuries among children under six years old in floating and residential population in four communities in Beijing: a comparative study
Functional declines as predictors of risky street-crossing decisions in older pedestrians
First seizure while driving (FSWD) - an underestimated phenomenon?
Graduated driver licensing for new drivers: effects of three states' policies on crash rates among teenagers
The impact on alcohol-related collisions of the partial decriminalization of impaired driving in British Columbia, Canada
The impact of partial sleep deprivation on military naval officers' ability to anticipate moral and tactical problems in a simulated maritime combat operation
Methodology to determine skull bone and brain responses from ballistic helmet-to-head contact loading using experiments and finite element analysis
Modeling vehicle operating speed on urban roads in Montreal: A panel mixed ordered probit fractional split model
Psychometric properties of the Fatigue Severity Scale and the Modified Fatigue Impact Scale
Revisiting the concept of the 'problem young driver' within the context of the 'young driver problem': Who are they?
Road traffic accidents in Greece: have we benefited from the financial crisis?
Rounding the next curve on the road toward reducing teen drivers' crash risk
Socio-ecological predictors of the uptake of cycling for recreation and transport in adults: Results from the RESIDE study
A test-based method for the assessment of pre-crash warning and braking systems
Analysis of human factors on agricultural machines
Methods for comparing scanpaths and saliency maps: strengths and weaknesses
A context-sensitive model of driving behaviour and its implications for in-vehicle safety systems (ERRATUM)
Detection spacing of DSRC-based data collection system for real-time highway travel time estimation
Investigating the investigations: a retrospective study in the aviation maintenance error causation
A methodological note on evaluating performance in a sustained-attention-to-response task
Risk assessment and resilience of critical communication infrastructure in railways
Strategies in controlling, coordinating and adapting performance in air traffic control: modelling 'loss of control' events
A visualization tool of en route air traffic control tasks for describing controller's proactive management of traffic situations
Beyond Binder: Determination of criminal responsibility while in a state of drunkenness by Japanese courts
Causality in applied behavioural science: a call for transversal research in traffic medicine
A strong interactive link between sensory discriminations and intelligence
Acute myocardial infarction following blunt chest trauma with intracranial bleed: A rare case report
Age-related differences in selection by visual saliency
Alcohol consumption in the schooled youth: an old question revisited
Associated injuries in traumatic sternal fractures: a review of the national trauma data bank
Bicycling to university: evaluation of a bicycle-sharing program in Spain
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