Fatality after report to a child abuse registry in Washington State, 1973-1986
Fear of Violence among Australian Women
Feel good legislation: prevention or calamity
Female child perpetrators: children who molest other children
Fetal abuse
Films for child sexual abuse prevention and treatment: a review
Financing medically-oriented child protection teams in the age of managed health care: a national survey
Firearms licensing: Facts in danger of neglect
Flexibility and innovation in multi-disciplinary management of child abuse in Western Australia
Flexible reporting options for skilled child abuse professionals
Focus groups with children: a resource for sexual abuse prevention program evaluation
Folk remedies and child abuse: a review with emphasis on caida de mollera and its relationship to shaken baby syndrome
Predictors of Aggressive Behaviors among Rural Middle School Youth
Follow-up of children "at risk" of child abuse: Effect of support on emotional and intellectual development
Follow-up study of traumatized children
Follow-up survey of cases of child abuse seen at Newcastle General Hospital 1974-1975
Formative evaluation of a collaborative community-based child abuse prevention project
Foster care enrichment program
Foster care for sexually abused children: a comparative study
Foster parents: set up to fail
Friendship quality and sociometric status: between-group differences and links to loneliness in severely abused and nonabused children
From emergency to social-security in Sudan -n 1. The problem
From maltreatment report to juvenile incarceration: the role of child welfare services
Full circle or forward
Funding realities: child abuse diagnostic evaluations in the health care setting
Further abuse of sexually abused children
Further technical considerations regarding conducting and documenting the child sexual abuse medical examination
Future outlook for child protection policies in Europe
Gardnerella vaginalis infection and sexual contact in female children
Gender differences in Brazilian street youth's family circumstances and experiences on the street
Gender differences in empathy in parents at high- and low-risk of child physical abuse
Gender differences in physiological reactivity to infant cries and smiles in military families
Gender differences in the risk for delinquency among youth exposed to family violence
Gender dysphoria and sexual abuse: a case report
Gender-specific outcomes for sexually abused adolescents
General population norms about child abuse and neglect and associations with childhood experiences
Genital abnormalities in female siblings and friends of child victims of sexual abuse
Genital abnormalities in female siblings and friends of child victims of sexual abuse
Genital examinations for alleged sexual abuse of prepubertal girls: findings by pediatric emergency medicine physicians compared with child abuse trained physicians
Genital warts in children
Genocide in Rwanda
Government leadership to protect children from foster care "drift"
Gradual disclosure by sexual assault victims--a sacred cow?
Grandfather - granddaughter incest: a trigenerational view
Grooming the victim: an analysis of a perpetrator's seduction letter
Group psychotherapy for adult women mistreated as children by pathological mothers
Group treatments for women sexually abused as children: a review of the literature and recommendations for future outcome research
Growing up with parental alcohol abuse: exposure to childhood abuse, neglect, and household dysfunction
Growth at the age of 4 years subsequent to early failure to thrive
Guatemala: violence in peacetime--a critical analysis of the armed conflict and the peace process
Guide to decision-making in child abuse cases
Guidelines for the protection and treatment of the abused child
Guilt, isolation and hopelessness among female survivors of childhood sexual abuse: effectiveness of group work intervention
Guns, alcohol, and intimate partner violence: the epidemiology of female suicide in New Mexico
Hana like -- A program for secondary prevention of child abuse and neglect
Handling of child abuse in Denmark
Health Impacts of War in Ethiopia
Health status of abused and neglected children and their siblings
Health visitor's role in prediction of early childhood injuries and failure to thrive
Helping children to the other side of silence: a study of the impact of the stay safe programme on Irish children's disclosures of sexual victimization
Standard forms--helpful clinical and investigative tools for determining cause and timing of inflicted brain damage in children
Standardising and mapping open-source information for crisis regions: the case of post-conflict Iraq
State intervention on behalf of endangered children--a proposed legal response
Statewide survey of physician attitudes to controversies about child abuse
State programs for medical diagnosis of child abuse and neglect: case studies of five established or fledgling programs
Stigma and incest survivors
Stopping abuse before it occurs: different solutions for different population groups
Strategies for change: An exploration of guide lines
Strategies in the development of a program extending services to families involved in child abuse and neglect
Strategies of intervention
Some program techniques for working with child abuse and neglect families
Some Questions For and About Community Safety Partnerships and Crime
Spare the rod and spoil the child. Is this a sensible justification for the use of punishment in child rearing?
Social work in child abuse -- An emerging mode of practise
Social work with service families
Societal self-defense: new laws to protect children from sexual abuse
Socio-cultural change and the perception of children as burdens
Sociological and psychological factors in the backgrounds of male and female perpetrators of child abuse
Some clinical and methodological implications of a treatment outcome study of sexually abused children
Some factors affecting mother-child relationships following low birthweight delivery in a Nigerian sociocultural environment
Some factors influencing abusers' justification of their child abuse
Some further findings on the treatment of the mother-child dyad in child abuse
Stability of retrospective self-reports of child abuse and neglect before and after therapy for child abuse issues
Linking childhood sexual abuse and abusive parenting: the mediating role of maternal anger
Listening to children
Location Quotients of Crime and Their Use in the Study of Area Crime Careers and Regional Crime Structures
Long-term effects of childhood maltreatment history on gender-related personality characteristics
Lucid interval in infantile fatal head trauma
Medical observations on child abuse
Mental handicap
Mental health problems among children living in war zones
Migrants and maltreatment: comparative evidence from central register data
Military intervention and humanitarian action: trends and issues
Minor neurological disability and child neglect -- A case history
Mirror image of environmental deprivation: severe childhood obesity of psychosocial origin
Misanthropy without borders: the international children's rights regime
MMPI profiles of high-risk and outpatient mothers
Mobilization of community resources to work with abusive and neglectful families: community organization in New York State
Models of Local Security Networks: On the Diversity of Local Security Networks in the Netherlands
Moderating effects of physical abuse and perceived social support on the potential to abuse
Modern history of child sexual abuse awareness: cycles of discovery and suppression
Modification of a mother's verbal abuse
Molestation and the onset of puberty: data from 365 adults molested as children
Morbidity and death due to child abuse in New Zealand
Mortality and Morbidity in Refugee Camps in Eastern Sudan - 1985-90
Mortality, violence and lack of access to healthcare in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Mother's age and risk for physical abuse
Mother-child interactional patterns in high- and low-risk mothers
Mother-child interactive patterns in abusive families versus nonabusive families: an observational study
Mother-daughter incest
Mother-son incest: confronting a prejudice
Mother-son sexual abuse: rare or underreported? A critique of the research
Motherhood among incest survivors
Mothers with mental retardation who do or do not abuse or neglect their children
Moving child abuse and neglect prevention programs forward: improving program evaluations
Multi-criminal and violent groups among child sex offenders: a heuristic typology in a 2-year cohort of 374 men in two English counties
Multi-victim sexual assault: a case study in rural Australia
Multidisciplinary team functioning
Multiple family therapy: A treatment modality for child abuse cases
Multiple personality disorder as perpetrator of child abuse
Multiple substance use among adolescent physical and sexual abuse victims
Multiple Targets: the Reasons to Support Town-centre CCTV Systems
Multitherapeutic approach to clinical treatment for a child at risk for maternal filicide
Multivariate correlates of childhood psychological and physical maltreatment among university women
Munchausen by Proxy (MBP) maltreatment: an international educational challenge
Munchausen by Proxy in an international context
Munchausen syndrome by proxy
Munchausen syndrome by proxy
Munchausen syndrome by proxy: a family affair
Munchausen syndrome by proxy: a survey of professionals' knowledge
Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy: medical diagnostic criteria
Munchausen syndrome/bulimia by proxy: ipecac as a toxin in child abuse
Mutual influence and interlocking professional-family process in the treatment of child sexual abuse and incest
Narcissism and partial lack of reality testing (denial) in incestuous fathers
Nation of Refugees
Social capital and the political economy of violence: a case study of Sri Lanka
Social class and violent child death: An analysis of fatal nonaccidental injury, murder, and fatal child neglect
Social correlates and coping measures of street-children: a comparative study of street and non-street children in south-western Nigeria
Social information processing in high-risk and physically abusive parents
Social information-processing patterns as predictors of social adaptation and behavior problems among maltreated children in foster care
Social isolation from communities and child maltreatment: a cross-cultural comparison
Social support and child maltreatment: a review of the evidence
Social support and coping strategies as mediators of the effects of child abuse and neglect
Social support and the relationship between family and community violence exposure and psychopathology among high risk adolescents
Social support in child abuse and neglect: support functions, sources, and contexts
Sibling incest in a clergy family: a case study
Sibling incest
Sibling incest: a Hong Kong experience
Sibling incest: A study of the dynamics of 25 cases
Sibling interaction: evidence of a generational effect in maltreating infants
Signs that might predict fatal child abuse in families already under surveillance
Similarities and differences between nonorganic failure to thrive and deprivation dwarfism
Small Business Crime: The Evaluation of a Crime Prevention Initiative
Social and legal perceptions of child neglect: Some preliminary considerations
Sexually abused boys
Sexually abused children in a national survey of parents: methodological issues
Sexually transmitted diseases in children and evidence of sexual abuse
Shaken baby syndrome: report on four pairs of twins
Shaken impact syndrome
Henry Kempe memorial lecture--11th international congress on child abuse and neglect. thoughts from the human rights perspective
Henry kempe's legacy
Hidden Targets, Hidden Harms: Community Safety and Sexual Minority Communities
Highlights on abuse in education. a view from India
History of childhood abuse in Portuguese parents
Home away from home: factors associated with current functioning in children living in a residential treatment setting
Home visiting intervention for vulnerable families with newborns: follow-up results of a randomized controlled trial
Home-start: A voluntary home-visiting scheme for young families
Hope suspended: morality, politics and war in central Africa
Hospital-based primary prevention strategy in child abuse: a multi-level needs addressment
Hospitalized cases of nonorganic failure to thrive: the scope of the problem and short-term lay health visitor intervention
International perspectives on child abuse
International Society for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect--president's message: establishing priorities
International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (ISPCAN) and worldwide endeavors to prevent child maltreatment
Interpretations of child compliance in individuals at high- and low-risk for child physical abuse
Interpretations of colposcopic photographs: evidence for competence in assessing sexual abuse?
Interpreting children's labels for sex-related body parts of anatomically explicit dolls
Interprofessional communication in case conferences
Intervening in severe physical child abuse cases: mental health, legal, and social services
Intervention with infants at risk for abuse or neglect
Interviewing child witnesses: a developmental perspective
Interviewing children about individual incidents of sexual abuse
Interviewing children about past events: the influence of peer support and misleading questions
Interviewing children who may have been traumatized
Interviewing for sexual abuse: reliability and effect of interviewer gender
Interviewing young sexual abuse victims with anatomically correct dolls
Interviewing youthful suspects in alleged sex crimes: a descriptive analysis
Interviews with children suspected of sexual abuse
Intimate partner violence among female caregivers of children reported for child maltreatment
Intra- and extrafamilial child homicide in Sweden 1971-1980
Intrafamilial child sexual abuse treatment: prosecution following expulsion
Intrafamilial sexual abuse: brother-sister incest does not differ from father-daughter and stepfather-stepdaughter incest
Investigative interviewing with children: evaluation of the effectiveness of a training program for child protective service workers
Investigative interviews of child witnesses in Sweden
Invisible wounds: corporal punishment in British schools as a form of ritual
Iraq - A Disaster for the 1990S
Direct and collateral effects of staff-worn protective equipment on injury prevention from child aggression
Is it time to rethink Healthy Start/Healthy Families?
Is race or ethnicity a predictive factor in Shaken Baby Syndrome?
Is reported childhood sexual abuse associated with the psychopathological characteristics of patients who experience auditory hallucinations?
Is sexual abuse of children with disabilities disclosed? A retrospective analysis of child disability and the likelihood of sexual abuse among those attending Norwegian hospitals
Is sexual abuse perpetrated by a brother different from that committed by a parent?
Is the child victim of sexual abuse telling the truth?
Is there a specific relationship between childhood sexual and physical abuse and repeated suicidal behavior?
Is treatment too late: what ten years of evaluative research tell us
ISPCAN presidential message
Issues in the definition of child sexual abuse in prevalence research
It's still a moral failure
It's time for neighborhood research and action
It's time to broaden the agenda
It's time to have another look at the medical model
It's time to stop shredding records
It's time to wave the yellow flag
Jewish immigrant parents from the former Soviet Union: a method for studying their views of how to respond to children's misbehavior
Joining two social institutions to counter rural Alaskan child abuse
Juror and expert knowledge of child sexual abuse
Jurors' reactions to satanic ritual abuse allegations
Juvenile delinquents' perceptions of childhood parental rearing patterns
Juvenile male rape victims: is the level of post-traumatic stress related to personality and parenting?
Juvenile sex offenders: development and correction
Juvenile sexual offending: one-year period prevalence study within Oxfordshire
Keep the lifeboat afloat
Kempe memorial lecture. children, society, and ethics
Knowledge and management strategies in incest cases: a survey of physicians, psychologists and family counselors
Knowledge on sexual abuse and self-protection skills: a study on female Chinese adolescents with mild mental retardation
Law enforcement officers as investigators and therapists in child sexual abuse: a training model
Law enforcement officers' approaches to evaluations of child sexual abuse
Law in Policing: Legal Regulation and Police Practices
Lay therapy intervention with families at risk for parenting difficulties: The Kempe Community Caring Program
Lay therapy--intimacy as a form of treatment for abusive parents
Learning a new language with Brandt Steele
Leaving it to the wife: A study of abused children and their parents in norfolk
Legal questions raised by privacy of families and treatment of child abuse and neglect
Sexual abuse evaluations in the emergency department: is the history reliable?
Sexual abuse evaluations: conceptual and empirical obstacles
Sexual abuse in a national survey of adult men and women: prevalence, characteristics, and risk factors
Sexual abuse in Greece: management in two different settings
Sexual abuse in the developmentally disabled: dilemmas of diagnosis
Sexual abuse in the National Incidence Study of Child Abuse and Neglect: an appraisal
Sexual abuse in vulnerable and high risk children
Sexual abuse in young children: its clinical presentation and characteristic patterns
Sexual abuse of children in day care centers
Sexual abuse of children in Denver, 1979: Reviewed with implications for pediatric intervention and possible prevention
Sexual abuse of children in the United Kingdom
Sexual abuse of children under 12 years of age: a review of 511 cases
Sexual abuse of deaf children. a retrospective analysis of the prevalence and characteristics of childhood sexual abuse among deaf adults in Norway
Sexual abuse of English boys and girls: the importance of anal examination
Sexual abuse of Indian (Asian) children in South Africa: first report in a community undergoing cultural change
Sexual abuse prevention education for young children: a comparison of teachers and parents as instructors
Sexual abuse simulated by schistosomiasis
Sexual abuse trauma among Chinese survivors
Sexual abuse trauma among professional women: validating the Trauma Symptom Checklist-40 (TSC-40)
Sexual abuse: a sociological perspective
Sexual abuse: developmental differences in children's behavior and self-perception
Sexual abuse: somatic and emotional reactions
Sexual and commercial exploitation of children: Legislative responses and treatment challenges
Sexual and physical abuse among incarcerated youth: implications for sexual behavior, contraceptive use, and teenage pregnancy
Sexual behavior in children across multiple settings
Sexual behavior problems among sexually abused children
Sexual behavior problems in sexually abused children: a preliminary typology
Sexual child abuse as an antecedent to prostitution
Sexual dysfunction in males: significance of adverse childhood experiences
Sexual fantasies, gender, and molestation history
Sexual harassment in Jewish and Arab public schools in Israel
Sexual interactions among siblings and cousins: experimentation or exploitation?
Sexual knowledge and emotional reaction as indicators of sexual abuse in young children: theory and research challenges
Sexual victimization and adolescent weight regulation practices: a test across three community based samples
Sexual victimization and sexual behavior in children: a review of recent literature
Sexually abused and nonabused children's conceptions of personal body safety
Sexual abuse and the problem of embodiment
Runaway youths and sexual victimization: gender differences in an adolescent runaway population
S.C.A.N. teams in Queensland--new legislation to combat child abuse
Sexual abuse by grandparents
Sexual abuse characteristics associated with survivor psychopathology
Sexual abuse during childhood and adolescence among Nicaraguan men and women: a population-based anonymous survey
Shared parenting: a new paradigm for the treatment of child abuse
Shared parenting: assessing the success of a foster parent program aimed at family reunification
Short-term follow-up of children at risk: comparison of the quality of life of children removed from home and children remaining at home
Should this child be removed from home? Hypothesis generation and information seeking as predictors of case decisions
Social and legal ramifications of a child crisis line
Social support, attachment, and psychopathology in high risk formerly maltreated adults
Letter from America: A Short History of Tourism Oriented Policing Services
Letter from America: The Reality Approach to Deterring Drinking and Drug Use among Juveniles
Letter from the United States: Auditing to Make a Difference
Letters to Tammy: a technique useful in the treatment of a sexually abused child
Liability considerations in child welfare: lessons from Canada
Life style patterns in families with neglected children
National call to action: working toward the elimination of child maltreatment. the call to action
National call to action: working toward the elimination of child maltreatment. the economics
National call to action: working toward the elimination of child maltreatment. the media
National call to action: working toward the elimination of child maltreatment. the message
National call to action: working toward the elimination of child maltreatment. the politics
National call to action: working toward the elimination of child maltreatment. the practice
National call to action: working toward the elimination of child maltreatment. the science
Nationwide practices for screening and reporting prenatal cocaine abuse: a survey of teaching programs
Nature's impartiality, man's inhumanity: reflections on terrorism and world crisis in a context of historical disaster
Navajo child abuse and neglect study: A comparison group examination of abuse and neglect of navajo children
Near case of political child abuse
Nearly 4 years after an event: children's eyewitness memory and adults' perceptions of children's accuracy
Negative affect and parental aggression in child physical abuse
Negative caregiver strategies and psychopathology in urban, African-American young adults
Negative effects of child abuse legislation
Neglect contributing to tertiary hospitalization in childhood asthma
Neglect of the unborn child: An analysis based on law in the United States
Neglected and abused children of mentally retarded parents
Neglected fathers: limitations in diagnostic and treatment resources for violent men
Neighborhood and community connectedness in child maltreatment research
Neighborhood protective strategy for children with special reference to the Philippines
Neighborhood views on the definition and etiology of child maltreatment
Neighborhoods and child maltreatment: a multi-level study
Network therapy using videotape disclosures for adult sexual abuse survivors
Neurological impairment in maltreated children
Neuropsychological functioning: comparison of mothers at high- and low-risk for child physical abuse
Nine years after child sexual abuse
Non-accidental injury to children in Hong Kong: a 3-year hospital experience
Non-organic failure to thrive
Non-organic failure to thrive: decision for placement and videotaped evaluations
Non-organic failure to thrive: implications of placement through analysis of videotaped interactions
Nonorganic failure to thrive: an outpatient approach
Normal anogenital anatomy
Notes from West Beirut
Notes on the lasting effects of early child abuse throughout the life cycle
Notes on the Repatriation of Somali Refugees from Ethiopia
Obstetrics and the family: Identification of mothers at risk for parenting failure, and methods of support
Occurrence of abuse and neglect of children born to amphetamine addicted mothers
Oklahoma law for child abuse victims
On memories of childhood abuse: a phenomenological study
On the importance of motivation in Munchausen by Proxy: the case of Kathy Bush
On the interpretation of pictures with and without a content of child sexual abuse
On the origins of the battered child syndrome: abuse as acting out of preverbal events
On the threshold of disclosure. the effects of a mass media field experiment
One thousand fifty-nine children with a chief complaint of sexual abuse
Onset of physical abuse and neglect: psychiatric, substance abuse, and social risk factors from prospective community data
Prevalence and risk factors for childhood sexual abuse in women: national survey findings
Prevalence of childhood physical abuse in adult male veteran alcoholics
Prevalence of childhood sexual abuse among Malaysian paramedical students
Prevalence of post traumatic stress disorder and other psychiatric diagnoses in three groups of abused children (sexual, physical, and both)
Prevalence, characteristics, and impact of childhood sexual abuse in a Southwestern American Indian tribe
Prevalence, risk, sensitivity, and specificity: a commentary on the epidemiology of child sexual abuse and the development of a research agenda
Preventing adults from becoming sexual molesters
Preventing sexually abused young people from becoming abusers, and treating the victimization experiences of young people who offend sexually
Prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect among children under five years of age in Indonesia
Prevention of child abuse and neglect in an inner-city population: ii. the program and the results
Prevention of child abuse and neglect through early diagnosis of serious disturbances in the mother-child relationship in Italy
Prevention of child abuse by the primary care team
Preventive involvement in child abuse and neglect by general pediatrician in a military community
Psychological disturbance and child sexual abuse: a follow-up study
Psychological functioning and family discord among African-American adolescent females with and without a history of childhood sexual abuse
Psychological impact of childhood sexual abuse on male inmates: the importance of perception
Psychological maltreatment in the context of separation and divorce
Psychological mechanisms of violent behavior against children
Psychological profile of the female adolescent incest victim
Psychological profiles of sexually abusive adolescents in Ireland
Psychological responses to blood vengeance among Arab adolescents
Psychological sequelae of childhood sexual abuse: abuse-related characteristics, coping strategies, and attributional style
Psychological symptoms in sexually abused girls
Psychological testing in evaluation of child sexual abuse
Psychologists' beliefs about the prevalence of childhood sexual abuse: the influence of sexual abuse history, gender, and theoretical orientation
Psychometric evaluation of the children's impact of traumatic events scale-revised
Psychopathology in the relatives of depressed-abused children
Psychopathology of the physically abusing parent: a comparison with the borderline syndrome
Psychophysiological and perceptual responses to infant cries varying in pitch: comparison of adults with low and high scores on the Child Abuse Potential Inventory
Psychosocial adjustment in adolescent child molesters
Psychosocial correlates of child abuse potential in multiply disadvantaged adolescent mothers
Psychosocial dwarfism: Detection, evaluation and management
Psychosocial intervention with families of children who fail to thrive
Psychotherapy with a child who has been poisoned
PTSD as a mediator between childhood rape and alcohol use in adult women
Public opinion and knowledge about childhood sexual abuse in a rural community
Public perception of child sexual abuse: who is to blame?
Putting the anatomical doll controversy in perspective: an examination of the major uses and criticisms of the dolls in child sexual abuse evaluations
Race, ethnicity, and child maltreatment: An empirical analysis
Re-focusing child protective services
Re: Freeman-Longo, R.E. (1996). Invited commentary: Feel-good legislation -- prevention or calamity
Re: negative strategies and psychopathology in urban, African-American young
Re: Shaken baby syndrome and hypothermia
Re: the incidence of severe physical abuse in Wales (Sibert et al, 2002)
Reabuse rates in a sample of children followed for 5 years after discharge from a child abuse inpatient assessment program
Reaction to videocolposcopy in the assessment of child sexual abuse
Reactions to Victimisation: Why has Anger been Ignored?
Reactive attachment disorder in maltreated toddlers
Reality testing in adult women who report childhood sexual and physical abuse
Reasonable cause: a qualitative study of mandated reporting
Toward a new understanding of legacy of early attachments for future antisocial trajectories: Evidence from two longitudinal studies
Recall of childhood neglect and physical abuse as differential predictors of current psychological functioning
Recalling childhood experiences
Recent developments in the field of child abuse
Recidivism of child molesters: a study of victim relationship with the perpetrator
Recognition of signs of emotional deprivation: A form of child abuse
Recognizing child maltreatment in Bangladesh
Recurrence of maltreatment: an application of the National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System (NCANDS)
Red Light, Blue Light: Prostitutes, Punters and the Police
Reducing out-of-home placements of abused children: two controlled field studies
Reducing program attrition in home visiting: what do we need to know?
Reducing risk for children in changing cultural contexts: recommendations for intervention and training
Reducing Violence Against NHS Staff: Findings from an Evaluation of the Safer Surrey Hospital Initiative
Referrals to a hospital-based child abuse committee: a comparison of the 1960s and 1990s
Refugee Camps in Somalia - A Micro Survey (March 1980)
Rehabilitation in complex political emergencies: is rebuilding civil society the answer?
Relations among relationships
Relationship between child abuse history, trauma, and dissociation in Russian college students
Relationship of child sexual abuse to depression
Relief and Development in Conflict Regions
Reliability and validity of a measure of sexual and physical abuse histories among women with serious mental illness
Relationship of childhood sexual, physical, and combined sexual and physical abuse to adult victimization and posttraumatic stress disorder
Relationships among parental beliefs in corporal punishment, reported stress, and physical child abuse potential
Relationships between perceived parental acceptance-rejection, psychological adjustment, and substance abuse among young adults
Relative contributions of parent substance use and childhood maltreatment to chronic homelessness, depression, and substance abuse problems among homeless women: mediating roles of self-esteem and abuse in adulthood
Relief Workers and Violations of Humanitarian Law - Some Legal Considerations
Removal of the newborn into care at birth
Removing the child--prosecuting the offender in cases of sexual abuse: evidence from the national reporting system for child abuse and neglect
Repatriation of 150,000 Sudanese Refugees from Ethiopia - the Manipulation of Civilians in A Situation of Civil Conflict
A grounded theory analysis of sexual sadism in females
Report decision-making patterns among mandated child abuse reporters
Report from the Italian Association for the Prevention of Child Abuse (A.I.P.A.I.)
Report of a child abuse awareness campaign in Finland
Reported anxieties concerning intimate parenting in women sexually abused as children
Reported contact with child protection services among those reporting child physical and sexual abuse: results from a community survey
Reported hyperphagia in foster children
Reported maltreatment in children with multiple disabilities
Reporting child abuse: pediatricians' experiences with the child protection system
Reporting of child maltreatment: a secondary analysis of the National Incidence Surveys
Reports of parental maltreatment during childhood in a United States population-based survey of homosexual, bisexual, and heterosexual adults
Reports of severe physical punishment and exposure to animal cruelty by inmates convicted of felonies and by university students
Representations of self in women sexually abused in childhood
Research in the Netherlands on a theory of child abuse: a preliminary report
Research in the war zones of Eritrea and northern Ethiopia
Research on resilience to child maltreatment: empirical considerations
Research policy and child maltreatment: developing the scientific foundation for effective protection of children
Research strategies and methodologic standards in studies of risk factors for child abuse
Research strategies and methodologic standards in studies of risk factors for child abuse
Researching under fire: issues for consideration when collecting data and information in war circumstances, with specific reference to relief and reconstruction projects
Residency training in child sexual abuse evaluation
Residents' attitudes toward the legal system and court testimony in child abuse
Resilience criteria and factors associated with resilience in sexually abused girls
Resilience in child maltreatment victims: a conceptual exploration
Resilient child sexual abuse survivors: cognitive coping and illusion
Resolving Conflict in the Community: A Case for Mediation?
Response in Togo to the Impact of Expulsions from Nigeria
Responsibility of clergypersons for the utmost care of every child
Restricting the time of injury in fatal inflicted head injuries
Rethinking prevention
Revealing the existence of child abuse in the context of marital breakdown and custody and access disputes
Review of 125 children 6 years of age and under who were sexually abused
Right to healthy birth: medico-legal issues in phencyclidine ingestion
Risk and the neoliberal state: why post-Mitch lessons didn't reduce El Salvador's earthquake losses
Risk assessment in child protective services: a canonical analysis of the case management function
Risk behaviors and resiliency within physically abused adolescents
Risk behaviors in maltreated youth placed in foster care: a longitudinal study of protective and vulnerability factors
Risk factors and child sexual abuse among secondary school students in the Northern Province (South Africa)
Risk factors and context of men who physically abuse in Bogota, Colombia
Risk factors associated with child abuse
Risk factors for a New Zealand sample of sexually abusive children and adolescents
Risk factors for disruption in primary caregiving among infants of substance abusing women
Risk factors for infant maltreatment: a population-based study
Risk factors in the sexual victimization of children
Risk of mother-reported child abuse in the first 3 years of life
Risk of physical abuse to children of spouse abusing parents
Risk predictors for re-abuse or re-neglect in a predominantly Hispanic population
Risk removed? Steps towards building trust in humanitarian mine action
Risk, Policing and the Management of Sex Offenders
Operation of an emergency shelter in the Red Cross House for runaway, throwaway and homeless adolescents in Iceland during the period 1996-2000
Posttraumatic stress disorder in disaster relief workers following direct and indirect trauma exposure to ground zero
The mediating role of parenting stress in the relation between intimate partner violence and child adjustment
Dysregulated Negative Emotional Reactivity as a Predictor of Chronic Peer Victimization in Childhood
A national survey of terrorism preparedness training among pediatric, family practice, and emergency medicine programs
Road aggression among drinking drivers: Alcohol and non-alcohol effects on aggressive driving and road rage
Airline Passenger Profiling Systems After 9/11: Personal Privacy versus National Security
Safety and Security: Developing a Cooperative Process to Meet the Public Transportation Challenge
A review of violent and traumatic deaths in Kathmandu, Nepal
Changing Times: A Longitudinal Analysis of International Firearm Suicide Data
Chemical-biological terrorism and its impact on children
Child Abuse and Domestic Violence
Child maltreatment in the United States: prevalence, risk factors, and adolescent health consequences
Community perceptions and experiences of domestic violence and induced abortion in Wakiso District, Uganda
Contextual Features of Violent Video Games, Mental Models, and Aggression
Decision-Making About Volitional Impairment in Sexually Violent Predators
Development of a questionnaire for the assessment of sexual abuse in children and estimation of its discriminant validity: a case-control study
A and E Department or an Institute of Forensic Medicine following violent victimisation?
Economic activities and occupations at high risk for workplace bullying: results from a large-scale cross-sectional survey in the general working population in France
Elder maltreatment: a review
Evaluating infants and young children with multiple fractures
Experience of intimate partner violence among women and men attending general practices in Dublin, Ireland: A cross-sectional survey
Intimate partner violence and depressive symptoms in women: Cognitive schemas as moderators and mediators
Human rights abuse and other criminal violations in Port-au-Prince, Haiti: a random survey of households
None Dare Call It Torture: Indexing and the Limits of Press Independence in the Abu Ghraib Scandal
On a life-saving mission: nurses' willingness to encounter with intimate partner abuse
Protocol to evaluate the effectiveness of a consciousness-raising and training intervention for primary care professionals, in order to improve detection of domestic violence
School bullying and youth violence: causes or consequences of psychopathologic behavior?
Teachers' and pupils' definitions of bullying
The complex relationship between dependency and domestic violence: converging psychological factors and social forces
Violence and mental illness: an overview
When is lack of supervision neglect?
When victims don't cry: children's understandings of victimization, compliance, and subversion
WPA proposal regarding the escalation of violence in the Middle East
Abuse disclosure in privately and medicaid-funded pregnant women
Alienation, Aggression, and Sensation Seeking as Predictors of Adolescent Use of Violent Film, Computer, and Website Content
Attracting Assault: Victims'Nonverbal Cues
Building Upon the Experimental Design in Media Violence Research: The Importance of Including Receiver Interpretations
Children's Imitation of Aggressive and Prosocial Behavior When Viewing Alone and in Pairs
Children's moral reasoning and their perceptions of television violence
Considering Policies to Protect Children from TV Violence
Cultural indicators: violence profile no. 9
Defining and operationalizing 'research-based' prevention: a critique (with case studies) of the US Department of Education's Safe, Disciplined and Drug-Free Schools Exemplary Programs
Engaging in Violence on American Television: A Comparison of Child, Teen, and Adult Perpetrators
Firearm and nonfirearm homicide among persons 15 through 19 years of age: Differences by level of urbanization, united states, 1979 through 1989
Firearm homicide among black teenage males in metropolitan counties: Comparison of death rates in two periods, 1983 through 1985 and 1987 through 1989
Exposure to Pornography and Acceptance of Rape Myths
Factual and Evaluative Approaches to Modifying Children's Responses to Violent Television
Family patterns and television viewing as predictors of children's beliefs and aggression
Urban high school youth and handguns: A school-based survey
Adolescent observers of marital violence
Genetics of suicide-, anger-, and aggression-related behavior
Humor as camouflage of televised violence
Immigrants-in-context framework: understanding the interactive influence of socio-cultural contexts
Individual and Organizational Response to Threat
Is Crime News Coverage Excessive?
Media Coverage of Terrorism: The Law and the Public
Mental Models: Understanding the Impact of Fantasy Violence on Children's Moral Reasoning
Movie Ratings and the Content of Adult Videos: The Sex-Violence Ratio
Moving forward in batterer program evaluation: posing a qualitative, woman-centered approach
News of Battering
Organizational-Environmental Processes in Response to Threat
A retrospective investigation of gender inequality and female homicide victimization
Perceptions of sex offender registration: collateral consequences and community experiences
Boundaries and violence: Repertoires of state action along the Bosnia / Yugoslavia divide
Constructing rape: Feminism, change, and women's everyday understandings of sexual assault
Pedagogical guerrillas, armed democrats, and revolutionary counterpublics: Examining paradox in the Zapatista unprising in Chiapas Mexico
"Are we a family or a business?" History and disjuncture in the urban American street gang
Serious Crime in Urban Neighborhoods: Is There a Race Effect?
The effect of fear of sexual victimization on adolescent fear of crime
The effects of neighborhood satisfaction on perception of safety among refugees from the former Soviet Union
The gender gap in fear: assessing the interactive effects of gender and perceived risk on fear of crime
The objective and subjective rationalization of war
The threat of victimization: a theoretical reconceptualization of fear of crime
Violence in sport: a theoretical note
When "justice" is criminal: Lynchings in contemporary Latin America
Patterns of deviance in crime news
Playing Violent Video and Computer Games and Adolescent Self-Concept
Pornography and Sexual Callousness, and the Trivialization of Rape
Portrayals of Violence and Group Difference in Newspaper Photographs: Nationalism and Media
Predicting exposure to and uses of television violence
Prime-Time Television: Assessing Violence During the Most Popular Viewing Hours
Project SAFE: an Armed Forces cooperative initiative for the prevention and treatment of family violence
Reporting Crime and Fearing Crime in Three Communities
Science or Ritual Dance? A Revisionist View of Television Violence Effects Research
Sex and Violence: Can Research Have It Both Ways?
Social Learning Theory of Aggression
Setting the Public Fear Agenda: A Longitudinal Analysis of Network TV Crime Reporting, Public Perceptions of Crime, and FBI Crime Statistics
Sustaining collaboratives: a cross-site analysis of The National Funding Collaborative on Violence Prevention
Television News and the Cultivation of Fear of Crime
Television Violence and Its Sponsors
Terrorism and the Media: A Rhetorical Genre
The "mainstreaming" of America: violence profile no. 11
The demonstration of power: Violence profile no. 10
The development and evaluation of a spouse abuse treatment program in a military setting
The Domestic Arms Race
The Effects of Multiple Exposures to Filmed Violence Against Women
The Effects of Television on Children and Adolescents: Does TV Violence Breed Indifference?
The Effects of Television on Children and Adolescents: Violence and Behavior Disorders
The NBC Study and Television Violence
The NBC Study and Television Violence
The NBC Study and Television Violence
The Scary World in Your Living Room and Neighborhood: Using Local Broadcast News, Neighborhood Crime Rates, and Personal Experience to Test Agenda Setting and Cultivation
The Theater of Terror: Effects of Press Coverage
The Third-Person effect in perceptions of the influence of television violence
The TV Violence Report: What's Next?
The utility of modeling in evaluation planning: the case of the coordination of domestic violence services in Maryland
They look good but don't work: a case study of global performance indicators in crime prevention
TV violence profile no. 8: the highlights
Videogames, television violence, and aggression in teenagers
Violence and Sex in Music Videos: TV and Rock'n'Roll
Types of Portrayal and Aggressive Behavior
Violence in Children's Television Programming: Assessing the Risks
Violence in Music Videos: Examining the Prevalence and Context of Physical Aggression
Violence in the Hard-core Pornographic Film: A Historical Survey
When Violence is Rewarded or Punished: The Impact of Mass Media Stories on Homicide
Who Views Violence in Britain?
Women in detective fiction: Why women kill
History of arrest, incarceration and victimization in community-based severely mentally ill
A. Lincoln, esquire defends the murderer of a physician
Parent-Adolescent Processes and Reduced Risk for Delinquency: The Effect of Gender for Mexican American Adolescents
Traditional and Rights-Informed Talk about Violence: High School Educators' Discursive Production of Student Violence
"Aren't I a Victim?": Notes on Identity Challenges Relating to Police Action in a Mandatory Arrest Jurisdiction
Abuse during pregnancy: current theory and new contextual understandings
An act of homicide and what it brings to mind: A case presentation
An unusual case of drug-facilitated sexual assault using aromatic solvents
Antidepressants and Violence: Problems at the Interface of Medicine and Law
Adolescent fears
Biological weapons : Bioterrorism: management of major biological agents
Biological weapons : Hospital preparedness to bioterrorism and other infectious disease emergencies
Blast Injuries: From Triage to Critical Care
Bullying, depression and suicidiality in adolescents
Confirmatory factor analysis of the Child Abuse Potential Inventory: Results based on a sample of Chinese mothers in Hong Kong
Democracy came too early: a tentative explanation for the problem of American homicide
Detection of child abuse in the emergency department
Firearm fatalities in Delhi, India
Games that "work": Using computer games to teach alcohol-affected children about fire and street safety
Gender, Threat/Control-Override Delusions and Violence
Health implications of small arms and light weapons in eastern Uganda
Hospital-Based Violence Intervention Programs Work
Impact of proliferation of small arms and light weapons in south Asia
Impact on callers to a men's domestic violence helpline
Firearm violence in America: a growing health problem
Injuries associated with landmines and unexploded ordnance in Iran
Intergroup atrocities in war: a neuroscientific perspective
Suicide by cop: causes, reactions, and practical intervention strategies
Past violence, substance use, and precipitants to psychiatric patient assaults: eleven-year analysis of the Assaulted Staff Action Program (ASAP)
Peer victimization and depression in early-mid adolescence: A longitudinal study
Etiology and incidence facial fractures in children and adults
Children treated at an expeditionary military hospital in Iraq
Maternal depression and violence exposure: double jeopardy for child school functioning
Intimate partner violence: implications for critical care nursing
Intimate partner violence: predictors of recidivism in a sample of arrestees
Life-altering decisions. Katrina-related murder arrests for three New Orleans healthcare workers could have major implications for industry
Mortality in Terrorist Attacks: A Unique Modal of Temporal Death Distribution
Adolescent Violence, Social Control, and the Subculture of Delinquency: Factors Related to Violent Behavior and Nonviolent Delinquency
Age, Social-Context, and Street Gang Membership - Are Youth Gangs Becoming Adult Gangs
Ammunition Fires: Shooting Away Misconceptions
Ammunition Fires: Uncertainties and Additional Considerations
Ammunition Fires: Uncertainties and Additional Considerations
An integrated theory of the adolescent peak in offending
A changed America? The effects of September 11th on depressive symptoms and alcohol consumption
Abuse, support, and depression among homeless and runaway adolescents
A comparison of 8- and 11-year-old girls' and boys' participation in specific types of rough-and-tumble play and aggressive fighting: Implications for functional hypotheses
A computer-based data log for describing samples of maltreated children
A conceptualization of hostility, anger and aggression as means of regulating social influence and their relationship to disease proneness
A cross-cultural perspective on sex differences in aggression between heterosexual partners
A discipline-mediated model of excessively punitive parenting
A dynamic adrenocortical stress system is crucial for the expression of hypothalamic aggression
A hot new way to measure aggression: Hot sauce allocation
A laboratory study of the acute effects of eltoprazine on human aggressive responding
A longitudinal examination of the relation between co-offending with violent accomplices and violent crime
A male's likelihood of sexual aggression: A person-situation model of acquaintance rape
A meta-analysis of aggression in the presence of violent cues: Effects of gender differences and aversive provocation
A meta-analysis of serotonin metabolite 5-HIAA and antisocial behavior
A multi-component, multi-context program to prevent the development of aggressive behavior in high-risk elementary school children
A prospective, event-based analysis of sexual aggression associated with bars
A review of research literature in bullying among prisoners: Experiences and lessons to learn
A review of the principal theoretical models used to explain aggressive behavior today and road safety applications
A social psychological perspective of hate crime as a distinct form of aggression
A victimization survey of female-perpetrated assaults in the United Kingdom
A violent clashing of ideas: freedom vs. causality
Acceptability of aggression in four Spanish regions and a comparison with other European countries
Aggression among older adults: The relationship of interaction networks and gender role to direct and indirect responses
Aggression among university employees
Aggression and bullying
A developmental perspective on bullying
Aggression and social status: The moderating roles of sex and peer-valued characteristics
Aggressive behavior among girls and boys during middle childhood: Predictors and sequelae of trajectory group membership
Alcohol Myopia Revisited
Convergent, discriminant, and predictive validity of aggressive driving inventories: They drive as they live
Empathy and risk status for child physical abuse: The effects of an adult victim's pain cues and an adult victim's intent on aggression
Experiences of school bullying in Northern Ireland: data from the Life and Times Survey
Impact of war on the household environment and domestic activities: vital lessons from the civil war in Lebanon
Gender differences in the intention to react to aggressive action at home and in the workplace
In judo, Randori (free fight) and Kata (highly ritualized fight) differentially change plasma cortisol, testosterone, and interleukin levels in male participants
Physical, verbal, and relational forms of bullying among German students: Age trends, gender differences, and correlates
Self-Defense and the Principle of Generic Consistency: Must Gewirth Be an Absolute Pacifist?
Sex differences in the personal costs and benefits of relational and physical aggression in high school
Training Torturers: A Critique of the "Ticking Bomb" Argument
Violence in sports and among sportsmen: A single or two-track issue?
"We're not friends anymore! unless...": the frequency and harmfulness of indirect, relational, and social aggression
Why is violent crime so common in the Americas?
Violent computer games and their effects on state hostility and physiological arousal
Violent computer games and their effects on state hostility and physiological arousal
Exposure to maternal vs. paternal partner violence, PTSD, and aggression in adolescent girls and boys
Broadcasting of violence on Spanish television: A quantitative panorama
Community violence victimization and aggressive behavior: The moderating effects of coping and social support
Comparing the perceived causes of the second Iraq war: A network analysis approach
Gender differences in victimized homeless adolescents
Gender and Gang Membership: A Contrast of Rural and Urban Youth on Attitudes and Behavior
Rape perpetration by young, rural South African men: Prevalence, patterns and risk factors
Readiness to Quit Cigarette Smoking, Intimate Partner Violence, and Substance Abuse among Arrested Violent Women
Regional differences in firearm availability and firearm suicides in Germany
Schizophrenia and violence: the perspective of women
Shaken baby syndrome education: a role for nurse practitioners working with families of small children
Significance of gender and age in African American children's response to parental victimization
Social workers confront terrorist victims: the interventions and the difficulties
Victims of intimate partner violence more likely to report abuse from in-laws
Violence against children and adolescents: a challenge in the daily work of the nursing team
When Disaster Becomes Commonplace: Reaction of children and adolescents to Prolonged terrorist attacks in Israel
Workplace violence: a primer for critical care nurses
Intrafamily violence during adolescence in the city Puno - Peru
Suicide by shooting and gun ownership (licenses) in Austria: would gun restriction help?
Suicidality in female victims of war-time rapes
Suicide by shooting is correlated to rate of gun licenses in Austrian counties
Restricting access to fire arms: recent developments from the Norwegian national strategy for suicide prevention
Predicting post-traumatic stress disorder: validation of the Trauma Screening Questionnaire in victims of assault
A profile of juvenile street gang members
Aggression inhibition in high- and low-risk subjects for child physical abuse: Effects of a child's hostile intent and the presence of mitigating information
Aggression levels in college students after exposure or non-exposure to an aggressive life experience
Aggressive behavior and the fear of violence
Attitudes among adolescents in a Swedish city toward some sexual crimes
Behavioural coherence in group robbery: A circumplex model of offender and victim interactions
Behaviours indicative of bullying among young and juvenile male offenders: A study of perpetrator and victim characteristics
Bugs in the flowers: a review of the nonviolent ethic of the hippie subculture
Bullying in prisons: The importance of perceived social status, prisonization, and moral disengagement
Competency to stand trial among adolescents
Comprehensive treatment of parents who abuse their children
Destructive norm-violating school behavior among adolescents: a review of protective and preventive efforts
Changing patterns in the delinquent activities of boys and girls: a self-reported delinquency analysis
Effects of physical provocations on heart rate reactivity and reactive aggression in children
Female participation in delinquent gang activities
Flight of the young: why children run away from their homes
Genetic and environmental sources of continuity and change in teacher-rated aggression during early adolescence
Homosexual behavior and child molestation: a review of the evidence
How much can the school house control?
Impressions of juvenile gang members
Identity-diffusion and Tai-pau gang delinquency in Taiwan
Juvenile street gangs: the victimization of youth
Lying and killing: language and the moral reasoning of twelve- and fifteen-year-olds by social group
Maltreatment of adolescents: The relationship to a predisposition toward violent behavior and delinquency
Measuring individual responses to aggression-triggering events: Development of the Situational Triggers of Aggressive Responses (STAR) scale
Neurological aspects in some types of delinquency especially among juveniles: Toward a neurological model of ethical action
New participant role scales: Comparison between various criteria for assigning roles and indications for their validity
Ocular auto-enucleation while under the influence of drugs: A case report
P300 to emotionally relevant stimuli as an indicator of aggression levels
Parental influences on aggressive behavior: a social learning approach
Parental tolerance of aggression: a study of preadolescents in Thailand
Protecting children from their families and themselves: State laws and the Constitution
Rule-violating behavior of delinquent and non-delinquent youth in games
Study on the relations between temperament, aggression, and anger in children
Teenage drunkenness: warning signal, transient boisterousness, or symptom of social change?
The curfew bill as it relates to the juvenile and his family
The reactive-proactive aggression questionnaire: Differential correlates of reactive and proactive aggression in adolescent boys
The reduction of psychological aggression across varied interpersonal contexts through repentance and forgiveness
The relation between scores on the Buss-Perry Aggression Questionnaire and aggressive acts, impulsiveness, competitiveness, dominance, and sexual jealousy
The relationship between childhood sexual abuse and sexual health practices of homeless adolescents
The relationship between history of violent and criminal behavior and recognition of facial expression of emotions in men with schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder
The violent girl
Violence and minority youth: the effects of risk and asset factors on fighting among African American children and adolescents
The science of human rights, war crimes, and humanitarian emergencies
A Critical Examination of Macro Perspectives on Crime Control
Accounting for International War: The State of The Discipline
Alcohol, drugs, and violence
Assessing "neighborhood effects": Social processes and new directions in research
Declining violent crime rates in the 1990s: predicting crime booms and busts
Ethnic and nationalist violence
Family Violence
Hate crime: an emergent research agenda
Individual and Collective Behaviors Within Gatherings, Demonstrations, and Riots
Mass media effects on violent behavior
Sociological Research on Alcohol Use, Problems, and Policy
Sociology of terrorism
The changing nature of death penalty debates
The Social Impact of War
The urban street gang after 1970
Violence and the life course: the consequences of victimization for personal and social development
Violence in social life
Aggression and delinquency: Family and environmental factors
Acceptability of routine inquiry regarding domestic violence in the antenatal clinic
Another look at school crime: The student as victim
Lifetime community violence exposure and health risk behavior among young adults in college
Sexual violence among two populations of men at high risk of HIV infection
The prevalence of unwanted and unlawful sexual experiences reported by Danish adolescents: Results from a national youth survey in 2002
The relationship between intimate partner violence and other forms of family and societal violence
Understanding the Relationship Between Mental Disorder and Violence: The Need for a Criminological Perspective
Unlicensed residential programs: the next challenge in protecting youth
Violence against emergency department workers
Anger amongst New Zealand drivers
Youth dating violence
A 3-factor scale of attitudes toward guns
A behavioral-genetic approach to variation in attack latency, serum testosterone level, and other agonistic parameters
A case of impulsive aggression: the aggression eliciting value or power of the aggression machine
A cognitive-attributional analysis of aggression in children and adults
A combined laboratory and field study of the reduction of aggressive behavior
A comparative Canadian American study on the effect of televised athletics and organized sport on family members
A comparison of skill-building and desensitization strategies for intervention with aggressive children
A comparison of the frustration aggression and emotional susceptibility hypotheses
A computer-based violence prevention intervention for young adolescents: pilot study
A criminal policy perspective on violent crime
A cross-cultural-study on development of aggression
A cross-culture study of wife abuse
A developmental-contextual perspective on youth covictimization by community violence
A gender-linked exploratory factor analysis of antisocial behavior in young adolescents
A multidimensional approach to the evaluation of human aggression
A multifaceted scale for the assessment of aggression
A new anti-aggressive compound -- ethological studies
A psychosocial profile of batterers ordered to treatment by the court
A review of the methods used to describe and measure aggressive behavior in physiological studies
A second look at the correlation between pornography consumption and sexual aggression
A sociobiological approach to cross-national variations in violence rates
A taxonomic study of aggression in institutionalized delinquents
A theory of hostile human aggression
About the effects of violence viewing on dreams and fantasies
Abraham Lincoln and the insanity plea
Abraham Lincoln's suit against a medical imposter who assaulted his client
ACTH and vasopressin treatments immediately after a defeat increase future submissiveness
Adolescent aggression and imagery: contributions from object relations and social cognitive theory
Adolescent attitudes about rape
Adolescent boys' self-reports of their feelings and attitudes
Adolescent homicide and family pathology: implications for research and treatment with adolescents
Adolescent perspectives on ways of thinking and believing that promote peace
Adolescent victimization and associated suicidal and violent behaviors
Adolescents' attitudes toward the death penalty
Adrenal mediation of intermale aggression maintained by aromatized and reduced metabolites of testosterone
Age- and sex-related differences in threat perception in a modern urban society
Age- and sex-related differences in threat perception in a modern urban society
Aggression and controlling behaviors in heterosexual relationships
Aggression and conventional rule violation among adolescents: Social-reasoning predictors of social behavior
Aggression and its causes: A biopsychosocial approach
Aggression and peer victimization as predictors of self-reported behavioral and emotional adjustment
Aggression and perceptual defense in temporal-lobe epilepsy: a preliminary study
Aggression and psychopathology in adolescents with a preference for violent electronic games
Aggression and related behaviors in children coming from disrupted families
Aggression and social equilibrium in a group of Kalmyk primary school children
Aggression and social relationships
Gun control US style: one small step
Aggression and symbolization in infancy
Aggression and testosterone: Testing a bio-social model
Aggression and two violent youth films
Aggression and violence among drivers on the road today
Aggression and violence: Genetic, neurobiological, and biosocial perspectives
Aggression appetite or aversion: ethologists viewpoint
Aggression between individuals and group members
Aggression between men and women at a small, private, liberal arts college
Aggression between species
Aggression functions and control in social systems
Aggression in British heterosexual relationships: A descriptive analysis
Aggression in British heterosexual relationships: Further inferences
Aggression in children after prenatal exposure to progestogens and estrogens
Aggression in children with malignant disease
Aggression in relation to stress in psychiatric patients
Aggression in socio-culturally deprived and advantaged youth
Aggression in television programs in Finland
Aggression in the context of family interaction
Aggression in the multiproblem family
Aggression in the school context: Perceptions and associated attitudes
Aggression in very early childhood
Aggression in young children: introduction -- some methodological issues related to the nature of aggression
Aggression replacement training: Rational, procedures and efficacy evaluations
Aggression, altruism and biological bookkeeping
Aggression, crying and physical contact in one-year-old to three-year-old children
Aggression, defense and coping factors in humans
Aggression, defense, and coping in humans
Aggression, depression, and bullying others
Aggression, deviance, and personality adaptation as antecedents and consequences of alienation and involvement in high school
Aggression, friendship, and reconciliation in Russian primary schoolchildren
Aggression, self-confidence, and cardiovascular reactions in competitive performance in adolescent boys
Aggression, stress, and psychostimulants
Aggression, violence, and the death of a Dutch soccer hooligan: A reversal theory explanation
Aggression-consistent, aggression-inconsistent, and aggression-irrelevant priming effects on selective exposure to media violence
Aggressive adolescents benefit from massage therapy
Aggressive arousal within individuals as a mediator of aggression escalation between individuals: sociobiology, psychology and physiology
Aggressive behavior - A psychological focus
Aggressive behavior and being a victim of aggression in the case of intellectually defective juvenile delinquents in a correctional institution
Aggressive behavior and gender differences
Aggressive behavior and peer social-status of elementary school children
Aggressive behavior in children's doll house play
Aggressive behavior in institutionalized mentally-retarded individuals
Aggressive behavior in institutions for confinement: some remarks on the importation and deprivation models of the subcultures
Aggressive behavior in two states of consciousness
Aggressive behavior of children with aggressive or non-aggressive personality traits
Aggressive behavior related to self confidence
Aggressive behavioral characteristics, hormones, and sexual orientation in men and women
Aggressive behavioral characteristics, sexual orientation, and sex role in men and women
Aggressive boys interactions with adults: a cross-setting of behavior stability
Aggressive boys social cognitive skills and types of adult-child interactions
Aggressive children and effective communication
Aggressive conduct disorder among accidentally injured boys
Aggressive conduct disorder: a brief review
Aggressive content and related defenses in rorschach responses of children ages 6-14
Aggressive disposition, alcohol, and aggression
Aggressive encounters between patients and general hospital staff: Staff perceptions of the context and assailants' levels of cognitive processing
Aggressive girls at school
Aggressive interaction among Zapotec children in two different micro-cultural environments
Aggressive interactions in a kindergarten group
Aggressive personality: the current status of the concept
Aggressive pornography and aggressive-behavior
Aggressive reactions to the abuse of power by individuals and groups
Aggressive strategies and victimization during adolescence: Grade and gender differences, and cross-informant agreement
Aggressive withdrawn behavior of children in first-grade and social maladjustment at adolescence
Aggressive-behavior in relation to its underlying propensities and as negotiation
Aggressiveness and its social determinants in young offenders and non-offenders
Aggressiveness of recidivists
Aggressivity in psychopathic personalities
Agonistic versus amicable targets of attack and defense: consequences for the origin, function, and descriptive classification of play-fighting
Agreeableness as a predictor of aggression in adolescence
Agreement between social problem-solving scripts of aggressive and sociable adolescents and their parents
Ahimsa (nonviolence) -- An alternative cultural perspective on human conflict
Gender symmetry in prevalence, severity, and chronicity of physical aggression against dating partners by university students in Mexico and USA
AIRA: Measurement of adolescents' judgments regarding intentions to respond to physical and verbal aggression
Alcohol and aggression -- a test of the affect arousal hypothesis
Alcohol and aggression: A replication study controlling for potential confounding variables
Alcohol and human male physical aggression
Alcohol consumption and the occurrence and severity of aggression: An event-based analysis of male to male barroom violence
Alcohol use in reports of sexual assault during adolescence and the collegiate years
Alcohol, executive function, and aggression in women
Alcohol's relationship to recognizing and resisting sexual aggression
Alienation: a cause of juvenile delinquency
Alterations in the hypothalmus pituitary adrenal axis and serotonergic system in impulsive and aggressive female borderline personality disorder patients
American adolescents touch each other less and are more aggressive toward their peers as compared with French adolescents
An aggression machine v determinants in reactive aggression revisited
An effective approach to violence prevention: traditional martial arts in middle school
An empirical typology of violent incidents reported by prison inmates with convictions for violence
An evaluation of the use of defeat-induced loss of status in the rat as a model of loss of self-esteem and depression in humans
An evolutionary analysis of psychological pain following rape III. Effects of force and violence
An experimental approach to the study of teamed aggression
An experimental investigation of the perceptual characteristics of dispositionally aggressive individuals: Street robbers' judgments of Point Light Displays
An experimental program for the complete assessment of childhood maltreatment: A descriptive analysis of family interactions
An explanation of individual-differences in children's rate of developing new antisocial and delinquent behaviors
An exploratory analysis of the contexts and circumstances of filicide-suicide in Chicago, 1965-1994
An exploratory study on self-evaluated aggression and androgens in women
An inclusive fitness model for interpreting human infanticide
An information processing model for the development of aggression
An interactive model of sexual aggression
An international study of student attitudes about nuclear war
An investigation of constructive aggression as an age-related development
An investigation of the correlations between aggression, impulsiveness, social problem-solving, and alcohol use
Analysis of physical abuse in American-schools
Analysis of the difficulties in therapeutic approach to sexual aggressors of under 18 years of age
Androgens and aggression in man
Androgens, aggressiveness, and stress in the human male
Androgens, negative mood and anger in women
Anger and aggression among Filipino students
Anger and aggression during role-playing: Gender differences between hormonally treated male and female transsexuals and controls
Anger and aggression in women: influence of sports choice and testosterone administration
Anger and aggression: Self-defense as an intensity indicator of anger
Anger and distress in the temper tantrums of young children
Anger and interest in video violence
Anger and violence among state hospital patients
Anger arousal, deindividuation, and aggression
Anger management therapy with young male offenders: An evaluation of treatment outcome
Anger manifestations in an experimental paradigm -- Studies in women
Anger printing in 14-month-old children
Anger proneness in women: Development and validation of the anger situation questionnaire
Anger, aggression, and humor in Newfoundland floor hockey - an evolutionary analysis
Anger, hostility, and aggression among Japanese, Iranian, and Spanish students: A cross-cultural comparison
Angry adolescents who worry about becoming violent
Angry reactions to failure on a cooperative computer game: The effect of trait hostility, behavioural inhibition, and behavioural activation
Animal abuse: An evolutionary perspective
Animal aggression / human aggression -- a presidential address, and a plea for the cross disciplinary approach
Animal models in aggressive-behavior: clinical consistency
Antecedent events as contributors to the escalation of aggression
Antecedents of parental monitoring and supervision of their children's social-behavior
Anthropological perspectives on aggression: Sex differences and cultural variation
Antiaggressive and motor effects of the DA release inhibitor CGS 10746B
Antiaggressive effects of zolpidem and zopiclone in agonistic encounters between male mice
Anxiety, hormonal responses, and coping during a judo competition
Apomorphine aggressiveness: the role of dopaminergic and opiate mechanisms in limbic structures
Appeasement and reconciliation: Introduction to an aggressive behavior special issue
Appeasement in human emotion, social practice, and personality
Appeasing the mentor
Applicability of Olweus aggression inventory in a sample of Chinese primary school children
Applications of the multi-faceted aggression inventory for boys by Olweus to an Italian sample
Approval of aggressive acts: A comparison between Iranian and Spanish students
Are human rights the same for citizens of weak and strong nations?
Are sex differences in responses to defeat programmed by perinatal androgens?
Are wars caused by aggression?
Are young women the special targets of rape-murder?
Argument against group selection explanations for ritualized aggression
Arousal of angry feelings in different situations and cultures
Arresting youth crime: a review of social skills training with young offenders
Assaultive behavior personality and personal space
Assessing the reliability and validity of student self-reports of campus violence
Assessment of cognitive, behavioral, and personality dimensions of male batterers
Association between home television viewing, aggression, and imaginative play in preschoolers
Association between measures of aggression and bullying among juvenile and young offenders
Associations among riskier lifestyle, aggression, and public drinking: Findings from a general population of adults in the USA
Asynchronous mother-child interactions in early childhood: The impact of maternal insensitivity on the child's socioemotional development
At the movies with Buss and Durkee - A natural experiment on film violence
At what age are children most likely to be bullied at school?
Attachment, emotional loneliness, and bullying behaviour: A study of adult and young offenders
Attempts to elucidate neurochemical substrates of amygdalar mechanisms of aggressive and predatory behavior
Attempts to relate impact of neonatal exposure to benzodiazepines to effects on biomembrane fluidity
Attention allocation and habituation to anger-related stimuli during a visual search task
Attitudes concerning nuclear war in Finland and in the United States
Attitudes of parents toward social violence and child aggression
Attitudes toward offenders: Theory and scale development
Attitudes towards military options: further exploration of personality and national orientation correlates
Attitudes towards nuclear energy, nuclear war, and how they are related to moral values, the use of violence, and future expectations
Attitudes towards sexual aggression, theft and altruism: contribution of media treatment versus demographic variables
Attitudinal and personality correlates of male courtship and partner violence
Attributional antecedents of anger in children
Attributional style of the mother as a predictor of aggressive behavior of the child
Attributions for social failure and adolescent aggression
Audience effects when viewing aggressive movies
Automatic and controlled attributions of hostility
Bad bars, big nights, bad boys, and booze: Aggression in bars frequented by young adults
Basque attitude towards political violence: its correlation with personality variables, other sociopolitical attitudes, and political party vote
Battered parents
Battering and the male rejection of influence from women
Behavioral and mood effects of one week's testosterone and placebo intake in human males
Behavioral and neurochemical effects of thymopentin: an immunoprotein fragment
Behavioral and physiological consequences of chronic subordination stress
Behavioral and physiological markers of experimental depression induced by social conflicts (DISC)
Behavioral and self-reported aggression as a function of domain specific self esteem
Behavioral deficiencies of aggressive 8-9 year old boys: an observational study
Behavioral inhibition deficits in juvenile psychopaths
Behavioural assessment of bullying behaviour among personality disordered patients in a high secure hospital
Behavioural coherence in violent group activity: An interpersonal model of sexually violent gang behaviour
Beliefs about aggression among male and female prisoners
Beliefs about aggression in British students from individualist and collectivist cultures
Beyond the evil empire: horseplay and aggression
Biological face: violent deaths in an anti-violent town's record of a century of life and death
Bizarre homicides linked to kindled partial seizures through intermittent, moderate stresses, proposed as new syndrome: "limbic psychotic trigger reaction" (LPTR)
Blood glucose and aggression
Brain dysfunction in aggressive criminals
Brain mechanisms in violent aggressive behavior: rationale for and results of treatment by cerebellar stimulation
Brain mechanisms of offense, defense, and submission
Brain neurotransmitters in aggression and defense: the case of dopamine and GABA
Brutality of aggression in television programs
Bullies, aggressive victims, and victims: Are they distinct groups?
Bully victim problems among schoolchildren: Basic facts and an effective intervention program
Bully/victim problems and coping with stress in school among 10-to 12-year-old pupils in Aland, Finland
Bully/victim problems and their association with psychological constructs in 8-to 12-year-old Greek school children
Bullying among mentally ill patients detained in a high-secure hospital: An exploratory study of the perceptions of staff and patients into how bullying is defined
Bullying among school children in Scandinavia
Bullying and coping-behaviour among schoolchildren
Bullying and victimisation in Scottish secondary schools: Same or separate entities?
Bullying and victimization: prevalence and relationship to gender, grade level, ethnicity, self-esteem, and depression
Bullying as a group process: An adaptation of the participant role approach
Bullying as a group process: Participant roles and their relations to social status within the group
Bullying as a group-process
Bullying at school: A pilot study using semi-structured interviews
Bullying behaviors among male and female prisoners: A study of adult and young offenders
Bullying behaviors in female and male adolescent offenders: Prevalence, types, and association with psychosocial adjustment
Bullying in school: Three national innovations in Norwegian schools in 15 years
Bullying in schools: Lessons from two decades of research
Bullying in Spanish secondary schools
"Burnout" syndrome in gender violence professionals
Bystanding or standing by: Gender issues in coping with bullying in English schools
Calcium-channel blockers modulate behavioral effects of benzodiazepines
Calming troubled waters: Peacemakers in a sports riot
Campus Violence and Nonrealistic Conflict
Can one generalize the results of laboratory aggression studies to the "real world"?
Canine responses to familiar and unfamiliar humans
Catecholamines in predatory behavior: review and critique
Categories of behavior and the ontogeny of aggression
Category accessibility -- an alternative explanation for the effects of patterning on aggressive behavior
Causes for criminal behavior in adolescence
Centrally elicited aggressive behavior: model system for the study of episodic neuro-behavioral pathologies
Changes in brain serotonergic activity in anxious losers
Changes in Conventional Attitudes and Delinquent Behavior in Adolescence
Changes in maternal ratings of children's overt and covert antisocial behavior
Changes in school playground and aggressive behavior reduction
Characteristics of aggression among young adults in bars
Characteristics of aggressive patients in a neuro-behavioral outpatient clinic
Characteristics of juvenile sex offending against strangers: Findings from a non-clinical study
Characteristics of men who sexually assault both children and adults
Characterization of aggressive behavior and phenytoin response
Chechen refugees: Aggression-victimization cycle
Child abuse in cross-cultural perspective: a comparison of North American and Israeli research
Child abuse, domestic violence, and animal abuse
Child Maltreatment -- An Empirical Examination of Selected Conventional Hypotheses
Child Maltreatment Seriousness and Juvenile Delinquency
Child sexual abuse and adolescent prostitution: a comparative analysis
Child sexual abuse: offenders, disclosure, and school-based initiatives
Childhood masculine or feminine role behavior and aggressiveness in adult males
Children and media violence
Children in fighter relations
Children in Maritally Violent Families - A Look at Family Dynamics
Children of adolescent mothers: are they at risk for abuse?
Children's and adolescents' representations of peer bullying through SCAN-bullying
Children's beliefs about the continuity of aggression
Children's competitive peer aggression during reward and punishment
Children's evaluations of provocation between peers
Children's physiological, verbal, and nonverbal reactions to different types of film violence
Children's reasoning about responses to peer aggression: Victim's and witness's expected and prescribed behaviors
Children's sex role preference, sex of television model, and imitation of aggressive behaviors
Chronic anabolic steroid exposure during adolescence stimulates vasopressin-dependent aggression in hamsters
Chronic cocaine exposure during adolescence increases aggressive responding in young adulthood
Chronic cocaine treatment during adolescence stimulates offensive aggression in golden hamsters
Chronic social stress: Changes in behavioral and physiological indices of emotion
Clinical aggression in premenstrual syndrome
Clinical aggressology: neuropathology and (violent) aggression
Clinical-pharmacology of human aggressive behavior
Coercive family processes: A replication and extension of Patterson's coercion model
Cognition-excitation interdependencies in aggressive behavior
Cognitive competencies and aggressive behavior: a developmental study
Cognitive performance, monetary incentive, and aggression
Cognitive processes and the persistence of aggressive behavior
Cognitive processes and the persistence of aggressive behavior
Cohabitation, marriage, and murder: Woman-killing by male romantic partners
Common molecular mechanisms in three models of aggressive behavior
Commonalities and differences between preclinical and clinical psychopharmacology aggression research
Communication skills and self-esteem in prevention of destructive behaviors
Communicative factors, conflict progression, and use of reconciliatory strategies in pre-school boys: a series of random events or a sequential process?
Community responses and perceived barriers to responding to child maltreatment
Community-Based Youth Violence Prevention: A Framework for Planners and Funders
Comorbid depression and heart rate variability as predictors of aggressive and hyperactive symptom responsiveness during inpatient treatment of conduct disordered, ADHD boys
Comparison of two aggression inventories
Competence and submission to a frustrating partner
Competition and social interaction: an experimental-model of dyadic social interaction
Components of aggression
Components of trait anger: Affect, behavior, and cognition
Computerized interaction simulation in the assessment of aggression-related response style and dispositions
Conceptions of Professional Authority in Child Protection
Concomitants and factors influencing childrens aggression
Concommitants of physical, verbal, and indirect aggression
Concurrent and predictive validity of self-reported aggressiveness
Concurrent and prospective effects of multi-dimensional aggression and anger on adolescent alcohol use
Conditions necessary for the additivity of effects on human aggressive-behavior of socially-induced and nonsocially-induced arousal level increases
Conflict and Protest in Israeli Society - the Case of the Black Panthers of Israel
Conflict behaviors and their relationship to popularity
Conflict resolution in women is related to trait aggression and menstrual cycle phase
Conflict resolution with friends, siblings, and mothers: A developmental perspective
Conflict, intervention, and resolution: The third party's negotiated role
Confrontation with aggression in day-to-day life and its manifestation in attitudes toward aggression
Consequences of aversive and non-aversive child behavior
Consequences of war: Posttraumatic stress disorder
Considerations on aggression manifestations in adolescents -- gender related patterns and concomitants
Constitutive elements of the concept of human aggression
Constitutive elements of the concept of human aggression
Construct validity of a competitive reaction-time aggression paradigm
Content analysis of television violence
Continuities in aggressive-behavior from childhood to adulthood
Control of intraspecies violence in humans -- notes on origins and occurrence
Convergent and discriminant validity of the Taylor and Buss measures of physical aggression
Cooperation between parents, teachers, and school boards to prevent bullying in education: An overview of work done in the Netherlands
Cooperation versus anxiety and aggression as an outcome of quality of attachment representation
Coping Alone: Examining the Prospects of Adolescent Victims of Child Abuse Placed in Foster Care
Corporal punishment of adolescents by American parents
Corporal punishment of adolescents by parents: a risk factor in the epidemiology of depression, suicide, alcohol abuse, child abuse, and wife beating
Correlates of aggressive and delinquent conduct problems in adolescence
Correlates of fighting in first and second grade children: a naturalistic study
Correlates of Gun Involvement and Aggressiveness among Adolescents
Couples in conflict: constructive vs. destructive responses to everyday anger
Courtship Violence - Toward A Conceptual Understanding
Crime and psychiatry: Historical principals and diagnostic principles
Crime, freedom, and genetic determination
Criminal attitudes to violence: Development and preliminary validation of a scale for male prisoners
Criminal Justice System Involvement and Continuity of Youth Crime: A Longitudinal Analysis
Critical issues for teacher training to counter bullying and victimisation in Ireland
Cross-cultural evidence of female indirect aggression
Cross-cultural study of rape
Cross-national comparison of children's attitudes towards bully/victim problems in school
Cross-national variations in violence
Cross-sectional and longitudinal connections between exposure to TV-viewing and aggressive behavior
Cross-sectional predictors of sexual assault perpetration in a community sample of single African American and Caucasian men
Crowds, riots and the police: An observational study of collective violence
Cruelty to animals and interpersonal violence
Cultural and sex differences in aggression: A comparison between Japanese and Spanish students using two different inventories
Cultural and sex differences in aggression: A comparison between Japanese and Spanish students
Culture, identity, and international cooperation
Current treatments in impulse control -- pitfalls and problems
Drugs in the treatment of human aggression
Drugs, genes, and aggression: Dopamine as a genotype-dependent mediator
Drumming up peace: Grassroots responses to aggression
Dynamic Social Impact Theory (DSIT) predicts the development of social representations of aggression
Dynamics of steroids and territorial aggressive behavior
Early aggressive reactions: observational research
Early antecedents of spouse abuse
Early conduct and adult delinquency: a longitudinal perspective
Early lead exposure alters social communication and aggression
Early predictors of adult aggression
Educating management in combating low-level aggression in the workplace
Effect of aversive stimulation on processing of compatible versus incompatible information about self
Effect of fantasy behaviors and fantasy-reality discriminations on the observational learning of aggression
Effect of serotonin and GABAergic compounds on apomorphine-induced aggressive behavior in male rats
Effect sizes, prediction, causal mechanisms, and the ecological validity of research on the effects of viewing television violence: Some thoughts stimulated - Tedeschi, JT
Effects of alcohol and delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol on human physical aggression
Effects of alcohol on aggression
Effects of an adults presence on the social behavior of preschool children
Effects of applications of some medicinal plant extracts used in Jordan on social aggression and gonadal function in male mice
Effects of arbitrary provocation and arousal on aggressive behavior
Effects of cholinomimetic drug arecoline upon aggression -- intra-specific versus inter-specific allocation of attack
Effects of chromium compounds on incidence of social aggression and fertility in prepubertal male mice
Effects of chronic administration with high doses of testosterone propionate on behavioral and physiological parameters in mice with differing basal aggressiveness
Effects of class, race, sex, and educational status on patterns of aggression of lower-class youth
Effects of combat and oral glucose administration on mood changes in judo fighters
Effects of erotic stimuli on aggression against women
Effects of exogenous testosterone on self-reported and partner-reported aggression in men
Effects of fluoxetine on play dominance in juvenile rats
Effects of frustration justification on hostile aggression
Effects of genetic and environmental factors on aggressive behavior
Effects of high acoustic stimulation in the Buss aggression machine paradigm
Effects of housing and muricidal behavior on serotonergic receptors and interactions with novel anxiolytic drugs
Effects of menstrual cycle phase on aggression measured in the laboratory
Effects of menstrual cycle phase on reporting levels of aggression using the Buss and Perry Aggression Questionnaire
Effects of mental retardation and depression diagnoses on ratings of aggressive, self-aggressive, and antisocial behavior
Effects of monoamino oxidase inhibition during brain development upon aggressive behavior in mice (Preliminary report)
Effects of naloxone on agonistic behavior in rodents
Effects of norms and norm-violations on inhibition and instigation of aggression
Effects of progesterone on tp-induced aggressive and sexual behavior
Effects of provocation on emotions and aggression in males
Effects of racial prejudice and race of target on aggression
Effects of ritanserin on agonistic aggression and defense
Effects of self-control techniques in the treatment of aggressive behavior in boys
Effects of subordination stress and cortisol on brain monoamine receptors
Effects of target variables on third-party instigated aggression
Effects of trait anger and anger expression style on competitive attack responses in a wartime prisoner's dilemma game
Effects of viewing videos containing elements of destruction or violence
Effects of viewing videos of bullfights on Spanish children
Effects of violent movies and trait hostility on hostile feelings and aggressive thoughts
Effects of violent sexual stimuli
Elderly offenders in a maximum security mental hospital
Electroencephalogram and childhood aggression
Elevated plasma testosterone levels in a female out patient population with aggressive behavior
Elevation and reduction of plasma tryptophan and their effects on aggression and perceptual sensitivity in normal males
Eltoprazine - a specific anti-aggressive drug (serenic) in animal aggression models
Emotional arousal and gender differences in aggression: A meta-analysis
Emotional processing in psychopathic personality
Emotional susceptibility and self-discrepancies as predictors of aggressive reactions
Empathy and aggression revisited -- the effects of context
Empathy and aggression
Physical child - abuse in Tehran, Iran
Empathy as a cognitive inhibitor of interpersonal aggression
Empathy in individuals at risk for child physical abuse: The effects of victim's pain cues on aggression
Empathy mitigates aggression but social intelligence without empathy increases indirect, verbal, and physical aggression
Empathy training with aggressive adolescents: towards a components model
Empathy training with children: a learning to care curriculum
Empathy training with parents: learning to appreciate the child's experience
Enemy representation in the media
Enhancement of self-esteem among female adolescent incest victims: a controlled comparison
Enhancing children's responsibility to take action against bullying: Evaluation of a befriending intervention in Italian middle schools
Entrance into prostitution
Enuresis, firesetting, and cruelty to animals: does the ego triad show predictive validity?
Eocial face: social structure and control in an anti-violent village
Epigenetic rules in moral development: distal-proximal approaches to altruism and aggression
Equity and derogation of those against whom we have aggressed
Escalation of irritable aggression: control by consequences and antecedents
Ethanol and aggression
Ethanol effects on fear and aggression
Ethics as theory and as practice
Ethics of aggression research: papers from a symposium of international society for research on aggression
Ethnic diversity and the interaction of social prejudice and aggression
Ethnicity, gender, and evaluations of aggression
Ethological and psychodynamic mechanisms of defense
Ethological aspects of agonistic behavior
Ethological observations of aggressive and cohesive behaviors during class hours
Ethological observations of aggressive and cohesive behaviors during play hours
Ethopharmacological and neuropharmacological analyses of aggressive behavior
Ethopharmacological evaluation of different extracts from medicinal plants
Ethopharmacology of agonistic behavior
Ethopharmacology of flight behavior
Etimulating and inhibiting effects of weapons on aggressive behavior
Evaluating aggression: School students' responses to television portrayals of institutionalized violence
Evaluating the effects of commonly used drugs on human aggressive responding
Evaluation apprehension, hypothesis awareness, and weapons effect
Evaluation of a multi-component group treatment program for juvenile delinquents
Evaluation of aggressive interactions in interpersonal and intergroup contexts
Evaluation of an intervention program for the reduction of bullying and victimization in schools
Evaluation of the effectiveness of an anti-bullying programme in primary schools
Evaluation of the effects of serotonergic and GABA-ergic drugs on human aggression and impulsivity
Evaluation of Theft, Lying, and Fighting in Adolescence
Evaluations of relational aggression as a function of relationship type and conflict setting
Evaluative instructions and interpersonal aggression in the type-A behavior pattern
Evidence for a general construct of aggression
Evidence for a modulating role of 5-HT in clinical aggression
Evidence for a motor mechanism of pain-induced aggression instigation in humans
Evidence for dorsolateral and orbital prefrontal cortical involvement in the expression of aggressive behavior
Evidence for involvement of serotonin 2-receptors in the development of defensive aggressiveness
Evolution and the nonlegal equivalent of aggressive criminal behavior
Evolution of aggression and the level of selection controversy
Evolution of destructive aggression
Evolution of legal traditions in Mexico
Evolutionary bias, democratic regimes, and war 1816-1995
Examination of the effects of traditional and modern martial arts training on aggressiveness
Examining antisocial behavior through the lens of the five factor model of personality
Executive cognitive functioning and aggression: Is it an issue of impulsivity?
Executive cognitive functioning mediates the relation between language competence and antisocial behavior in conduct disordered adolescent females
Executive cognitive functioning mediates the relation between language competence and antisocial behavior in conduct-disordered adolescent females
Executive cognitive functioning, temperament, and antisocial behavior in conduct disordered adolescent females
Expectations and prescriptions for responding to peer aggression: The adolescent offenders' perspective
Experimental and clinical studies of anti-aggressive drugs
Experimental approach to the study on learned aggression
Experimental investigation of the serotonin hypothesis of aggressive behavior
Experimentally manipulated change in children's proactive and reactive aggressive behavior
Explaining cross-national differences in peer directed aggression: A quantitative synthesis
Exploring definitions of bullying among personality disordered patients in a maximum-secure hospital
Exposure to community violence in adolescence: trauma symptoms
Exposure to pornography and sexual victimization: an examination of women's experiences
Exposure to RF electromagnetic energy decreases aggressive behavior
Exposure to violence and post-traumatic stress disorder in urban adolescents
Extrapunitive aggression in a representative sample of subjects who died by suicide or accident
Extremes of self-esteem and narcissism and the experience and expression of anger and aggression
Dangerous body language: Alcohol's effect on women's perception of men during social interactions in bars
Dating couples agreement regarding coercion on the conflict tactics scale
Dating violence in the UK: a preliminary study
Dating violence in the United Kingdom: a preliminary study
Deadly myths of aggression
Dealing with the aftermath of political violence in South Africa: Evaluating the impact of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Dealing with workplace-induced posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
Defining child maltreatment: ratings of parental behaviors
Defining interactions as aggressive in specific social contexts
Dehumanization of soldiers on a foreign mission: Czech soldiers in the former Yugoslavia
Delayed increase in mouse attack behavior following fluoxetine
Delinquency during the transition to early adulthood: family and parenting predictors from early adolescence
Demographic characteristics and comparisons of U.S. female incarcerated infanticides, filicides, and homicides
Demographic factors affecting assertive and defensive behavior in preschool children -- an ethological study
Demonic males
Dependency, conflict and aggression
Depressive symptomatology and schemas: relationship with anger, aggression and assertiveness
Descriptive analysis of the nature and extent of bullying behavior in a maximum-security prison
Descriptive analysis of the nature and extent of bullying behavior in a maximum-security prison
Desensitization to film violence in aggressive and nonaggressive boys
Desensitization to mass media sexual violence -- effects and interventions
Desensitization to media violence against women: theory and findings
Male and Female Juveniles Arrested for Murder: A Comprehensive Analysis of U.S. Data by Offender Gender
Detection and description of assaults in psychiatric inpatients
Determinants of spouse abuse: an israeli perspective
Deterring Juvenile Crime - Age of Jurisdiction
Developing alternatives to war: Insights from anthropological research
Developing brain models of human aggression using computer simulations
Development and testing of the Velicer Attitudes Toward Violence scale: Evidence for a four-factor model
Development of an aggressiveness inventory and the factorial structure of aggressiveness in self-report
Development of locally shared attitudes toward aggression: Dynamic Social Impact Theory
Development of social problem-solving strategies and changes in aggressive behavior: A 7-year follow-up from childhood to late adolescence
Development of the multidimensional peer-victimization scale
Developmental study of reactions to frustration among scheduled caste Indians
Developmental trends in violence: viewing aggression relationships during 10 years
Did the instigator intend to provoke? A key moderator in the relation between trait aggression and aggressive behavior
Differences and similarities in moral approval of aggressive acts (a cross-national study)
Differences between experience of anger and readiness to angry action: A study of Japanese and Spanish students
Differences between human and animal aggression
Differential aggressiveness and litigiousness: social support and social status hypotheses
Differential diagnostics of aggressive conduct disorder
Differential impacts of television on children: a natural experiment in communities with and without television
Differential reactions of men and women to realism, physical damage, and emotionality in violent films
Differentiating childhood character models of aggression: A rationale for treatment
Dimensions of aggression -- a replication with offenders
Direct and indirect aggression in women: A comparison between South Africa and Spain
Direct and indirect aggression: A comparison between Iranian and Spanish students
Directional interaction of midbrain and hypothalamus in the control of carbachol-induced aggression
Displaced aggression: A meta-analytic review
Do changes in testosterone levels affect human aggression?
Do girls manipulate and boys fight? Developmental trends in regard to direct and indirect aggression
Do we forgive physical aggression in the same way that we forgive psychological aggression?
Does exposure to aggressive behavior during pregnancy change social behavior of adult offspring?
Does perpetrator punishment satisfy victims' feelings of revenge?
Does play fighting have a function
Does the Palestinian uprising affect the level of violence within Israeli society?
Does the revised Multiple Affect Adjective Checklist Hostility subscale measure hostility?
Domestic Stockholm syndrome: A cognitive bond of protection in battered women
Domestic violence, spousal homicide, and divorce
Domestic violence: Influence of duration and frequency of maltreatment on the emotional state of victims (Conference Abstract)
Domestically violent men: Cognitive processing patterns in response to social interactions
Domestically violent men: Cognitive processing patterns in response to social interactions
Dominance order and aggressive behavior in a group of young children
Drug use and violent crime among adolescents
Face of human-nature: implications of the data, and a step or two toward a theory of anti-violence
Facilitating effects of corticosterone on brain mechanics involved in violent behavior: Single and repeated treatments
Factor structure of the Buss-Perry aggression questionnaire in different samples and languages
Factor structure of the Expagg and Revised Expagg: Failure to replicate using confirmatory factor analysis
Factors controlling predatory aggression in animals
Factors in childhood that predict later criminal behavior
Factors mediating the alcohol-aggression relationship
Factors Related to Female Adolescent Initiation into Violent Street Crime
False consensus effect, physical aggression, anger, and a willingness to escalate a disturbance
Familial determinants of aggressive behavior in adolescent boys: a casual analysis
Familial influences on television viewing and aggression -- a sibling study
Familicide: The killing of spouse and children
Family Abduction Outcomes: Factors Associated with Duration and Emotional Trauma to Children
Family background and antisocial behavior in adolescence
Family cohesion as a buffer against the effects of problem-drinking fathers on psychological distress, deviant behavior, and heavy drinking in adolescents
Family environment as a predictor of adolescent delinquency
Family interaction: a process model of deviancy training
Family management variables and antisocial behavior in boys: a longitudinal perspective
Family sources of crime
Family violence, abuse, and related family issues of incarcerated delinquents with alcoholic parents compared to those with nonalcoholic parents
Family-of-origin interaction and adolescent mothers' potential for child abuse
Father absence and male aggression: A re-examination of the comparative evidence
Female aggression and resource scarcity: a cross-cultural perspective
Female aggression as a response to sexual jealousy -- a sex-role reversal
"Female aggression" revisited: Variable- and person-centered approaches to studying gender differences in different types of aggression
Female enemies
Female partners and male police
Fighting among America's youth: a risk and protective factors approach
Fighting and play-fighting among Zapotec Indian children
Film facilitated arousal and aggressive behavior
Finding the unexpected: Paradoxical reactions of property crime victims
Finnish attitudes concerning nuclear war: a cross-cultural comparison with Johnson's study
Fire Setting by Nuclear Explosion: A Revisit and Use in Nonnuclear Applications
Fire: A Terrorist's Weapon -- An Analysis of the MOVE Confrontation as a Terrorist Attack
Child abuse and neglect (CAN) practices in Durg District of Madhya Pradesh
Four determinants of perceived aggression: a descriptive model on the basis of some experiments
Four dimensions determining the attribution of aggression to behavior: sex differences regarding the acceptance of instrumental and emotional aggression
Four fatal fallacies in defense of a myth: the aggression-warfare linkage
Friends and foes: Evolutionary predispositions and cultural elaboration
Friendship and loneliness among bullies and victims: Data from seven countries
Friendship as a moderator of the relationship between social skills problems and peer victimisation
From aggression to mediation: A school based intervention
From aggression to nuclear war: Roblat, Pugwash and peace
From aggression to nuclear war: Rotblat, Pugwash and peace
From beliefs to behavior: The mediating role of hostile response selection in predicting aggression
From Finns to Zapotecs: Aggression prevention in a cross-cultural perspective
From hostility to assertiveness, aggressiveness, and authoritarianism: 50 years of cultural change
From screen to reality -- TV aggression and adolescent development
Frustration and successful vs unsuccessful aggression: a test of Berkowitz completion hypothesis
Frustration, aggression and drugs
Frustration-aggression hypothesis as concept of naive psychology
Frustrations, appraisals, and aversively stimulated aggression
Functional relationships between sexual and aggressive behavior
Functions of amygdala and hypothalamus in the organization of agonistic interactions
Further evaluation of loss of status as an animal model of depression
Gang Involvement and Membership among Homeless and Runaway Youth
Gender and aggression: three aspects of aggressive behavior among Israeli youth
Gender differences in laboratory aggression under response choice conditions
Gender, aggression, and mental health intervention during early adolescence
Gender, guns, and perceptions of danger
Gene technology -- between aggression and altruism
Genetic and environmental explanations of juvenile violence in advantaged and disadvantaged environments
Genetic and environmental influences on aggression in 4-year-old to 7-year-old twins
Genetic aspect of some kinds of aggressive behavior and the role of serotonin
Genetic determinism of aggressive behavior
Genetic differences in the mouse defense test battery
Genetic linkage of alcoholism and antisocial alcoholism
Girls manipulate, boys fight: gender differences in aggressiveness during adolescence
Girls may also be naughty
Governmental face: formal and real mechanisms of conflict resolution in an anti-violent town
Grains of truth in the wasteland of fear: single factor analyses of a mass murder
Group vs individual aggression: further experiments
Group-therapy experience with violent alcoholic patients
Growing up in a Violent Environment: Relationship to Health-Related Beliefs and Behaviors
Growth of aggressive fundamentalism among adolescents
Growth-hormone and isolation induced aggression
"Guess what I just heard!": Indirect aggression among teenage girls in Australia
Hallmarks of "violence-prone" hallucinations and delusions: A literature review of some preliminary findings
Harassment at work: Aggression in everyday life
Has the time come for aggression researchers to participate more in the public discussions about alternatives for war and terrorism as solutions for human group conflicts?
Health antecedents to juvenile criminal behavior
Heart rate and blood pressure responses to a competitive role-playing game
Hero selection by canadian ice hockey players: skill or aggression
Heterotypic continuity from aggression to smoking, drinking, and delinquent behavior
High school and college students' attitudes toward rape
Historiographic and racist errors
Hitting, hurting, and having fun: Why violence is essential to life and different from aggression
Holistic empathy training
Home Correlates of Aggression in Preschool
Homicide and property crime -- the relationships to anomie
Homicide rates among Native American children: the status integration hypothesis
Hormonal changes in response to competitive fighting in human males
Hormonal regulation of aggression: evidence for a relationship among genotype, receptor-binding, and behavioral sensitivity to androgen and estrogen
Hormonal response to competition in human males
Hormonal, anthropometrical, and behavioral-correlates of physical aggression in !Kung San men of Namibia
Hormones and competitive aggression in women
Hostile attributions in incarcerated adult male offenders: An exploration of diverse pathways
Hostile masculinity, sexual aggression, and gender-biased domineeringness in conversations
Hostility in fantasy: further test of hypoglycemia aggression hypothesis
Hostility management and the control of aggression in a Zapotec community
Hostility towards women: a comparison of domestically violent, maritally conflicted, and maritally satisfied men
Hot sauce, toy guns, and graffiti: A critical account of current laboratory aggression paradigms
How do friendship, indirect, and direct aggression relate?
How do the victims respond to bullying?
How many forms of aggression in humans?
How provoking: What makes men and women angry?
How safe is home? an analysis of homicide statistics in England and Wales 1982-1986
How to predict impulsive violence: the biochemical findings among habitually violent offenders
Human aggression and the phenylethylamine hypothesis of schizophrenia
Human aggression: a specific interaction between actor and recipient
Human aggressive and assertive-behavior changes during the menstrual cycle
Human aggressive and escape responding following intranasal cocaine administration
Human infanticide in evolutionary perspective
Human physical aggression as a function of alcohol and threat of harm
Human violence: A treatable epidemic
Human-animal aggression: examination of a neglected topic
Humorous and realistic presentation of film violence and its effects on behavior
Chronic violent video game exposure and desensitization to violence: Behavioral and event-related brain potential data
Event-related potentials and the decision to shoot: The role of threat perception and cognitive control
Imitative violence in the real world - a reanalysis of homicide rates following championship prize fights
Impact of assertive and accusatory communication of distress and anger: a verbal component analysis
Automatic stereotypes vs. automatic prejudice: sorting out the possibilities in the Payne weapon paradigm
An Experimental Test of the Role of Alcohol in Relationship Conflict
Converging Interracial Consequences of Exposure to Violent Rap Music on Stereotypical Attributions of Blacks
Effects of Violent Video Games on Aggressive Behavior: Potential Sex Differences
Interactive effects of life experience and situational cues on aggression: The weapons priming effect in hunters and nonhunters
Mental control and visual illusions: Toward explaining race-biased weapon misidentifications
Targets of discrimination: Effects of race on responses to weapons holders
The moderating effect of trigger intensity on triggered displaced aggression
Attacker's intent and awareness of outcome, impression management, and retaliation
Attitudinal predictors of interpersonally aggressive violations on the road
Bus crime in Los Angeles: II -- Victims and public impact
Does traffic congestion increase driver aggression?
A priori actor negligence mediates a posteriori outcome effects on moral judgment
Wife abuse and its affecting factors among married women
In the heat of passion and in cold blood: a thermostatic model for differentiating between violence and aggression
Inadequacy of pain aggression hypothesis revealed in naturalistic settings
Incendiarism - Overview and An Appraisal
Incidence and prevalence of sexual aggression and victimization in a national sample of students in higher education
Indigenous forms of violence control in the rural slums of southern Sri Lanka: The preservation of context
Indirect aggression amongst south Australian teenage girls
Indirect aggression in the media: A content analysis of British television programs
Individual aggression, international aggression, and the building of trust
Individual aggression, national attachment, and the search for peace: psychological perspectives
Individual differences in attitudes toward nuclear armament policies: some psychological and social policy considerations
Individual differences in the study of human aggression
Individual differences in the study of the frustration-aggression hypothesis
Individual face: anti-violent behavior and some of its hypothetical personality correlates -- a paradox within an enigma
Infant and maternal movement patterns and the ontogeny of aggression
Infant transfer behavior in humans: a note on the exploitation of young
Influence of executive functioning difficulties on verbal aggression in adolescents: Moderating effects of winning and losing and increasing and decreasing levels of provocation
Information gathering as a defensive behavior
Information processing and self schemas in hostile biases: the role of beliefs about a violent world
Inhibition of aggressive behavior and susceptibility to experimental hypertension
Inhibition of alcohol-heightened aggression by action at post-synaptic 5-HT1b receptors in male mice
Inhibitions against aggression as a personality construct: theoretical, methodological and practical problems
Instigating and measuring interpersonal aggression and hostility: a methodological contribution
Instigating effects of associated retrieval cues and white noise on delayed verbal aggression
Instigation to aggress and escalation of aggression examined from a personological perspective: the role of irritability and of emotional susceptibility
Instinct to teach: altruism or aggression
Instrumental and expressive representations of aggression: One scale or two?
Insulin secretion during the glucose-tolerance test among habitually violent and impulsive offenders
Integrating behavior genetics, endocrinology and molecular biology to examine the regulation of aggression
Integrating theory and research on sexual aggression
Interaction between teacher and pupils as influenced by the teachers aggression relevant subjective theories
Inter-ethnic violence
Intergenerational transmission of family violence: long-term effects of aggressive behavior
Intergenerational transmission of violent behavior in adolescent males
Internal and external criteria for press coverage of aggression research
Internal locus of control moderates the effects of road-hostility on recalled driving behavior
International dimensions of Colombian violence
Interpersonal antecedents of drivers' aggression
Interpersonal violence and its relationship to some personality measures
Interpolating physical exercise between instigation to aggress and aggression: the role of irritability and emotional susceptibility
Intervening causation and the mitigation of responsibility for harm-doing II. The role of limited mental capacities
Intervention in the families of aggressive children: a systemic approach
Interventions to redress teenage girls' indirect aggression: A speculative paper
The impact of conditional cash transfers on marriage and divorce
The Failure of the Wellstone-Murray Family Violence Option to Provide Meaningful Assistance to Survivors of Domestic Violence
Intimidation and violence by males in high school athletics
Intragroup and intergroup factors in political violence
Investigations on the mechanism of action of a specific anti-aggressive drug (fluprazine)
Invisible touch: Aggression by British wives 1200-2000 AD
Involuntary subliminal television intoxication: some clinical issues
Involvement of brain D1 and D2 dopamine receptors in development of depression-like state resulting from repeated social confrontations in male mice
Is conflict resolution in women related to trait aggression and menstrual cycle phase?
Is indirect aggression typical of females? Gender differences in aggressiveness in 11-year-old to 12-year-old children
Is sexual-aggressive vocal communication related to asymmetric mechanisms in the brain?
Is the general public a target of violent mentally disordered individuals? Findings from a young adult birth cohort
Issues and methods in human aggression research in the laboratory: should the Buss machine be abandoned?
Item format and the structure of the Buss-Durkee hostility inventory
Jamaican child-rearing practices: the role of corporal punishment
Judgments of potential victims as facilitators and inhibitors of physical aggression
Jungian approach to human aggression with special emphasis on war
Justification of interpersonal aggression in Japanese, American, and Spanish students
Juvenile delinquency and drinking behavior
Juvenile Delinquency in Sweden
Juvenile playfighting deprivation enhances adult defensive aggression. Is there a dopamine receptor connection?
Juvenile recidivism: a comparison of three prediction instruments
KATA within the Kava circle: humor as a tool for aggression and conflict in the Kingdom of Tonga, South Pacific
Laboratory and questionnaire measures of aggression among female parolees with violent or nonviolent histories
Laboratory measures of aggressive responding in male parolees with violent and nonviolent histories
"Ladettes" and social representations of aggression
Late adolescents' perspectives on marital rape: the impact of gender and fraternity/sorority membership
Layoffs and violence revisited
Learning from the Pros - Violence in Youth Hockey
Learning, fighting stress and open-field activity
Learning-disabilities, attention deficit disorders and aggressive delinquency -- evidence from human and animal research
Legitimized aggression and sexual coercion: Individual differences in cultural spillover
Level of instigation and model similarity as determinants of aggressive behavior
Level of provocation and sex of target moderate gender differences in aggression
Life change and rape impact
Life on the Streets -- The Victimization of Runaway and Homeless Adolescents
Life satisfaction in teenage boys: The moderating role of father involvement and bullying
Linguistic aggression in public reactions to an attempted presidential assassination
Links among alcohol, misperception, and sexual assault: Evidence from laboratory and field research
Links between social information processing in middle childhood and involvement in bullying
Lobeline has a specific antiaggressive effect after repeated administration
Locus of control and three types of aggression
Long-lasting adaptations in opioidergic and aminergic neurons after brief social defeat
Long-term consequences of childhood physical and psychological maltreatment
Long-term monitoring of anti-aggressive drugs
Longitudinal prediction of males antisocial-behavior against women - integrating theory and research
Losing control and life disadvantage: a life-course analysis of explosive children
Lost boys: Why our boys turn violent and how we can save them
Low blood glucose nadir in the glucose-tolerance test and homicidal spouse abuse
Defining what doctors and patients mean by intimate partner violence: do they mean the same thing?
Macrolevel consequences of a microlevel theory of aggression contagion
Magnesium alteration of aggressive behavior and catecholamine drug potency
Main and interaction effects of metallic toxins on aggressive classroom behavior
Male alcohol-related aggression as a function of type of drink
Management of aggression with steroid antagonists
Management of risks in societal planning - an analysis of scope and variety of health, safety and security issues in municipality plan documents
Managing the threat of victim retaliation: Drug robbers and informal sanction threats
Massive exposure to media violence and desensitization
Maternal views on aggression -- Japan and Israel
MDMA ("ecstasy") administration changes the temporal and sequential structure of agonistic behavior in male mice
Measurement of reciprocity and unidirectionality in social behavior illustrated with examples from chimpanzee research
Measuring adult indirect aggression: The development and psychometric assessment of the indirect aggression scales
Measuring aggression: Self-reports, partner reports, and responses to provoking scenarios
Measuring cognitive distortion in antisocial youth: Development and preliminary validation of the 'How I Think' questionnaire
Measuring empathy: The Feshbach and Roe revised and adapted for Italian children
Measuring personological constructs related to aggression
Measuring precursors of aggression
Media and violence: the case of professional football championship games
Media interventions for preventing violence
Media violence -- whats the attraction?
Media violence exposure in aggressive and control adolescents: Differences in self- and parent-reported exposure to violence on television and in video games
Medial amygdala and aggressive behavior: interaction between testosterone and vasopressin
Mediation of parental socializing practices in the relation between early aggressive TV viewing and aggressive behavior in adulthood
Medicine and patriarchal violence: the social construction of a "private" event
Men's perceptions of an eroticized rape: The role of rape myth attitudes and contextual factors
Methodological and statistical problems in determining the causal relationship between alcohol and violence
Methodological issues in psychopharmacological research of violent individuals
Methods in the study of human aggression: limitations and possibilities
Microcomputer technique for the pharmaco-ethological aggression research
Midbrain-hypothalamic interrelationships in control of aggressive behavior
Middle adolescents' views of war and American military involvement in the Persian Gulf
Middle school victims of bullying: Who reports being bullied?
Mindfulness project to develop stress management skills in third and fourth grade students
Mitigating the developing of aggression in young children by changing their cognition
Mitigating the effects of mass media sexual violence
MMPI profile differences for batterers court-ordered to treatment versus batterers voluntarily entering treatment
Modeling and accountability in group aggression
Models of animal aggression
Moderating effect of aggressiveness, anger, and hostility on concentrations of testosterone and cortisol in saliva
Moderating effects of rumination and gender on context-specific aggression
Modifying aggression and social prejudice: Findings and challenges
Monkeys, aggression, and the pathobiology of atherosclerosis
Mood change and competition in women across the menstrual cycle
Moral ambiguity of the situation, self-focused attention, and non-intentional harm-doing
Moral approval of aggression and sex role identity in officer trainees, conscientious objectors to military service, and in a female reference group
Moral approval of aggressive acts: a preliminary investigation
Moral approval of various forms of interpersonal aggression: a Polish-Finnish comparative study
Moral beliefs supporting aggression as related to verbal and physical types of proactive and reactive aggressive behavior among adolescents
Moral emotions and bullying: A cross-national comparison of differences between bullies, victims and outsiders
Moral norms concerning aggression, aggressive feelings, and sex roles in officers trainees, conscientious objectors of military service, and women
Moral Panic Over Youth Violence: Wilding and the Manufacture of Menace in the Media
Moral poverty or imperiled self: Urban violence and the experience of betrayal
Mortality rates and aggression management indices
Mother-infants group: an ethological approach for the study of behavioral effects of drugs
Mothers' socialization strategies as parallels of children's aggression and social success in school
Motiveless homicide evoked by specific stimulus: imbalance between and within frontal-lobe and limbic systems
Motor activity in group-housed and isolated mice with short and long attack latencies: Effects of scopolamine
Movie portrayals of juvenile delinquency: Part 1--Epidemiology and criminology
Multivariate analysis of social dominance in children
Murder most foul: Predictors of an affirmative response to an outrageous question
Narrative strategies in bullies and victims in Italian schools
Natural conflict resolution
Naturalistic versus experimental approaches to aggression: theoretical and methodological issues
Nature of screen violence and its relation to program popularity
Nature of the Carbonaceous Part of Smoke in Combustion of Rigid PVC -- Effect of Copper Oxide as Smoke Suppressor
Nature, extent, and causes of bullying among personality disordered patients in a high-security hospital
Negotiating international norms: The inter-American commission of women and the convention on violence against women
Neighborhood disorder, psychophysiological distress, and health
Neurobiology of violence
Neuroimaging in human aggression: Conceptual and methodological issues
Neuropsychology of the aggressive psychopath: an integrative review
Neurosteroids: biochemical, physiological and behavioral aspects
New directions for research in prevention and treatment of delinquency: a review and proposal
Non-invasive methods for the detection of abnormal deep brain electrical activity
Normal murder versus psychopathic murder
Normative Beliefs and Relational Aggression: An Investigation of the Cognitive Bases of Adolescent Aggressive Behavior
Normative beliefs supporting aggression of Arab children in an intergroup conflict
Normative considerations in the study of human aggression: the labeling of harmful behavior as aggressive
Normative violatons and punitive sanctions: theory and experiment
Offensive and defensive aggression in a longitudinal perspective
Offensive and defensive aggression in humans: a longitudinal perspective
Offspring effects upon agonistic parental behavior
On assassination: a democratic outlook
On political assassinations and heinous crimes
On predictions of violent acts
On the difference between internal and external reactions to legitimate and illegitimate frustrations: a demonstration
On the link between childhood physical abuse and adult anger expression: A cognitive behavioral view
On the need to kill enemies: How dehumanization and the cultivation of hatred legitimizes organized violence
Opiate antagonists: effects on the social aggression of rats and autistic children
Opioid peptides: their role in pain, aggression and defeat
Outcome expectancies and outcome values as predictors of children's aggression
Outcome of aggression affects processing and can legitimise subsequent aggression: Influence of trait aggressiveness
Outline of a denotative definition of aggression
Outpatient behavioral management of aggressiveness in adolescents: A response cost paradigm
Outward and inward aggression -- their relation to subjective social stress indicators
Overcoming objective language of violence
Overlap and correlates of different types of aggression among adults: Results from a cross-sectional survey in Bogota, Colombia
Overt and covert aggression in work settings in relation to the subjective well-being of employees
Parent-offspring conflict and homicide in evolutionary perspective
Parental attributions of children's aggressive behavior
Parental influence on childrens self-estimated aggressiveness
Parental influence on the aggressive behavior of Chinese children
Parental permissiveness towards aggression in aggressive and nonaggressive schoolboys
Parenting practices, self-control, and adolescent delinquency
Parents' aggressiveness, parent-child emotional distance and management practices as predictors of children's aggressiveness
Parents' responses to infants at risk for child abuse
Parents' social problem-solving strategies in families with aggressive and non-aggressive boys
Parents' social problem-solving strategies in families with aggressive and non-aggressive girls
Parricide and violent crimes: a Canadian study
Participation of juvenile delinquents in sub-cultures of correctional institution and their approbation of aggression in interpersonal relations
Patterns of aggression in youth subcultures
Patterns of individual and familial antisocial behavior among United States inner-city male adolescents
Patterns of sympathetic arousal related to different agonistic contexts
Payoff expectancies between contingent serial moves of victim and aggressor in three hypothetical conflict situations
Peace research in the nuclear age: roles for behavioral scientists
Peaceful societies
Peer and self-estimated aggression and victimization in 8-year-old children from five ethnic groups
Peer victimization and social anxiety in adolescence: A prospective study
Perceived maternal control and support as predictors of hostile-biased attribution of intent and response selection in aggressive boys
Perceived situations, anxiety, and their effects on aggression
Perception of preschool social dominance
Perceptions and experience of workplace bullying in five different working populations
Perceptions of forced sex: What determines how men label it?
Perpetrators of alcohol-involved sexual assaults: How do they differ from other sexual assault perpetrators and non-perpetrators?
Persistence and desistence over time: Ecological correlates of conduct disorder
Person perception when aggressive or nonaggressive sports are primed
Personal and participatory socializers of the perceived legitimacy of aggressive behavior in sport
Personalities in the crowd
Personalities in the crowd: those who would escalate a sports riot
Personality and psychopathology in an impulsive aggressive college sample
Perspectives on intrafamily violence
Pharmaco-ethological aspects of intraspecific behavior modified by pain
Pharmaco-ethology of aggression, defense and sociability - benzodiazepines, beta-carbolines and opiate-like peptides
Philosophy of crime behavior genetics
Physical Punishment and Delinquency - A Research Note
Physical punishment and signs of mental distress in normal adolescents
Physical, verbal, and indirect aggression among Hindu, Moslem, and Sikh adolescents in India
Physiological arousal and reactions to outgroup members during competitions that implicate an important social identity
Platelet monoamine-oxidase activity and psychopathy
Play aggression among Zapotec children: implications for the practice hypothesis
Play fighting and real fighting: Using video playback methodology with young children
Plenary lecture: Biochemical and molecular genetic factors in habitual violence and antisocial alcoholism: Control and preventive interventions
Plenary lecture: From a culture of war and violence to a culture of peace and non-violence
Plenary lecture: Identification and intervention with women victims of abuse in the health care system
Plenary lecture: Physical aggression in the family: Prevalence rates, primary prevention, and implications for reducing societal violence
Plenary lecture: The role of the human rights community in limiting violence and the abuse of human rights
Plenary lecture: War as an institution: Working for peace
Police intervention in marital violence
Police response to spousal violence in Israel -- some preliminary findings
Political attitudes of kibbutz- and city-raised young Israeli adults: The effects of exposure to TV violence in childhood and socialization on adult behaviors and attitudes
Political legitimacy and approval of political protest and violence among children and adolescents
Political violence: research findings and their acceptance by policy makers -- a tricky affair
Politics and aggression
Pornography, sexual violence, and the law -- a Canadian perspective
Possession of firearms, psychiatric hospitalization and violent criminal behavior
Post-separation violence: The male perspective
Potent inhibition of non-opioid defeat analgesia by clonazepam and ligands selective for non-neuronal benzodiazepine binding sites
Power imbalance, its legitimacy, and aggression
Precursors and Consequences of Membership in Youth Gangs
Predatory aggression: midbrain pontine junction rather than hypothalamus as critical structure
Predicting aggressive patterns in girls and boys: a developmental-study
Predicting bullying and victimization among early adolescents: Associations with disruptive behavior disorders
Predicting juvenile recidivism: new method, old problems
Predicting violent behavior in psychiatrically hospitalized boys
Prediction of bar violence among young adults
Predictive significance of childhood aggression for type-A behavior in adolescence
Predictive Variables of Violent Behavior in Adolescent Males
Predictors of aggressive behavior
Predictors of the Likelihood of Delinquency: A Study of Marginal Youth in Hong Kong, China
Predisposition to violence
Preferences for physical discipline by parents of deaf children
Prejudice: its dynamics and consequences
Preliminary meta-analytic review of the EEG in criminals
Preliminary studies of the international affective photo system (IAPS) with a French population under frustrating conditions
Premenstrual syndrome and criminal behavior
Prenatal hormones and aggression in man
Prenatal sex hormones and human aggression: a review, and new data on progestogen effects
Military sexual assault and homeless women veterans: Clinical correlates and treatment preferences
Presidential address: Aggression and violence in animals: Role of personality factors
Prevalence estimation of school bullying with the Olweus Bully Victim Questionnaire
Preventing masculine domestic violence
Preventing physical abuse: Long-term effect of a "Community Program for Psychological Attention to Mothers and their Children in the First Two Years of Life"
Preventing workplace violence
Prevention of aggressive behavior: Training in relaxation procedures as a low cost/high benefit system for use by teachers and students
Prevention of conduct problems: The Fast Track project
Pride and prejudice in high school gang members
Proactive and reactive aggression among school bullies, victims, and bully-victims
Proactive and reactive aggression in early adolescence as precursors to anti- and prosocial behavior in young adults
Problem-solving strategies in aggressive and nonaggressive children
Prognostic identification of violent mother-child relationships
Proneness to anger and aggression in Japanese and Spanish students measured by the Anger Situation Questionnaire
Protest symbology: political content and demonstration outcomes
Providing an escape option reduces retaliatory aggression
Provocation as a function of assimilation and contrast
Provoked driver aggression and status: a field study
Psychiatric chrono-epidemiology: Its relevance for the study of aggression
Psychiatric chrono-epidemiology: Its relevance for the study of aggression
Psychiatric disorders and the use of mental health services among children involved in bullying
Psychiatric nurses' attitudes towards inpatient aggression: Preliminary report of the development of Attitude Towards Aggression Scale (ATAS)
Psychiatric nurses' experiences with inpatient aggression
Psychobiology of aggression and defense - Preface
Psychodynamic face: learning to be violent vs learning to be anti-violent
Psychological correlates of peer victimisation in preschool: Social cognitive skills, executive function and attachment profiles
Psychological correlates of sexual abuse in adolescent girls in chemical dependency treatment
Psychological games -- From conflict to collaboration
Psychological maltreatment and adolescents' suicidal behaviour- a nationwide sample of 1,055 children at risk
Psychological research on the well-being of victims of hostage taking
Psychopathology in the social process: I. a study of the persecution of witches in europe as a contribution to the understanding of mass delusions and psychic epidemics
Psychopathology induced by 'speed' drugs - (amphetamine, cocaine and related compounds)
Psychopharmacologic facilitation of psychological therapy of violent and hyperkinetic behavior
Psychopharmacological aggression research
Psychopharmacology of aggression in humans: laboratory studies
Psychosocial factors associated with adolescent boys' reports of dating violence
Public perceptions of child abuse and neglect in a midwestern urban community
Punishment of irritable aggression
Punitive childhood experiences and adult parenting behavior: clinical and analog tests of transgenerational coercion
Qualitative differences in aggressiveness between Finnish girls and boys
Quantitative sociometry in human aggression: research applied in a study on German terrorist groups
R/K -- towards a theory of human racial differences in agression control
Race, class, and violence: research and policy implications
Race, Gender, Single-Mother Households, and Delinquency: A Further Test of Power-Control Theory
Racial stereotypes and the treatment of ethnic minority adolescent offenders
Rape motivation as a function of sexual tension
Rape myths and sexual violence in the mass media: recent Canadian findings
Rapid stimulatory effects of testosterone upon myotubule metabolism and sugar transport, as assessed by silicon microphysiometry
Rating Electronic Games: Violence is in the Eye of the Beholder
Reactive hypoglycemic tendency in habitual violence in man
Reassessment of middle-class delinquency
Rebellious Youth -- 1969
Recent strategies and basic results of etho-pharmacological aggression research in the USSR
Reciprocities and realities: World views, peacefulness, and violence among Semai and Waorani
Recognition, scenarios, strategies, and psychopathological aggression
Reconciliation pattern after aggression among Japanese preschool children
Recruiting subjects for clinical aggression research
Recruitment to a Youth Gang
Red Guard Phenomenon -- Precedents and Prospects
Reduced right hemisphere activation in severely abused violent offenders during a working memory task: An fMRI study
Reducing violence on psychiatric inpatient units: A controlled evaluation of two interventions
Reinforcing value of several types of aggressive behavior: a review
Relation between sex-role identification and aggressive behavior among polish children
Relation of anxiety to hostility in the course of inpatient treatment
Relational aggression in college students: Examining the roles of social anxiety and empathy
Relations among personality scales of aggression, violence, and empathy: Validational evidence bearing on the risk of eruptive violence scale
Relations between self-serving cognitive distortions and overt vs. covert antisocial behavior in adolescents
Relationship between aggression and experimentally induced negative emotional states (anger, fear, disappointment)
Relationship between bullying and scores on the Buss-Perry Aggression Questionnaire among imprisoned male offenders
Relationship of child aggression to family cohesion and adaptability
Relationship of testosterone to mens family functioning at mid-life -- a research note
Relationship of the Family Environment to Children's Involvement in Bully/Victim Problems at School
Relative contributions of aggression and reproduction to behavioral endocrinology
Religion and different types of aggression: The cases of India and Israel
Reporting Suspected Child Abuse
Working with parents of aggressive children: A practitioner's guide
Workplace violence and workplace aggression: Evidence on their relative frequency and potential causes
Report of the APA Commission on Violence and Youth
Reporting of violence research in the mass media: questions and their implications
Reproductive-age women are overrepresented among perpetrators of husband killing
Research and therapy of attitudes toward offenders
Research on aggression and the study of conflicts on macro level
Restructuring the social environment: Effects of a school based intervention program against bully victim problems
Results of stereotaxic surgery for aggressive behavior disorders and their implications
Retaliation to personalistic attack
Retaliatory motivation enhances attributions of hostility when people process ambiguous social stimuli
Television violence viewing and aggression in childhood vs. psychosocial functioning in young adults
Twenty-four generations of bloodshed on Bellona Island (Solomon Islands)
Two developmental tracks of delinquency: implications for assessment, treatment, and prevention
Types of aggression in preschool children
Types of bullying behavior and their correlates
Types of media violence and degree of acceptance in under-18s
Uncontrollable frenzy and a unique temporary insanity plea
Understanding childhood and subsequent crime
Unjustified aggression in preschool
Urban youth as witnesses to violence: Beginning assessment and treatment efforts
Urban youth, fear of crime, and resulting defensive actions
Urinary free cortisol secretion in habitually violent offenders
Validation of the Dutch version of the aggression questionnaire in adolescent male offenders
Validation of the Spanish version of the symptom checklist 90-R
Variable-oriented and person-oriented approaches to longitudinal research on aggression as an early risk factor of adult social behavior
Variance of analysis
Variation in aggressive behavior and anatomo-physiological correlates generated by crowding without physical contact in the house mouse
Vasopressin/serotonin model of inappropriate aggression following adolescent abuse
Vengeance: Effects of gender, age, and religious background
Verbal aggression as an agonistic ritual
Verbal and Physical Abuse Toward Mothers: The Role of Family Configuration, Environment, and Coping Strategies
Verbal interactions of aggressively and nonaggressively predisposed males in a drinking situation
Victim and peer group responses to different forms of aggression among primary school children
Victimization and delinquency among Canadian youth
Victims and vendettas: Law as an instrument of revenge in early English common law
Victims of aggression: an animal model of depression
Video Arcades, Youth, and Trouble
Violence and disaggregated society
Violence and race in professional baseball: Getting better or getting worse?
Violence and the law
Violence and the law
Violence and the sports box office
Violence and touch deprivation in adolescents
Violence between police and protesters
Violence in America: Lessons on understanding the aggression in our lives
Violence in Egypt and Algeria: A comparative historical and sociological analysis
Violence in fact and fantasy
Violence in sports
Violence in states of withdrawal from alcohol
Violence prevention for aggressors, victims, and bystanders: psychology meets public health
Violence, conflict, and suffering on television news: a comparison of American and Canadian commercial television
Violence, ritual, and aesthetics: Symbolic experience
Violent behavior in schizophrenic patients: Relationship with clinical symptoms
Violent behavior patterns on psychiatric wards
Violent behavior: a measure of emotional upset?
Violent behaviors among African-American adolescents
Violent crime and its relation to subjective social stress indicators: the case of Israel
Violent crime and its relation to subjective social stress indicators: the case of Israel
Violent crime, sociopathy and love deprivation among adolescent delinquents
Violent fantasies: an obstacle to the treatment of aggressive children in therapeutic communities
Violent political language in the Egyptian partisan press: A sociolinguistic analysis
Violent pornography, feminism, and social-learning theory
Violent television and anxiety: further findings
Violent television preference and depression
Violent video games and aggressive behavior in young women
Voluntary health risks and public policy II. Public policy and the British experience
War and violence: Policy implications of cross-cultural research
Warfare: sex differences due to socio-historical, not socio-biological factors
Retrospective accounts of recurrent parental physical abuse as a predictor of adult laboratory-induced aggression
Weapons used in prison assault: a profile of four Florida prisons
Rewarding properties of testosterone in male mice differing in their basal levels of aggressiveness
What is anger provoking? A psychophysical study of perceived causes of anger
Risk and Protective Factors Associated with Gang Involvement among Urban African American Adolescents
What is indirect aggression? Discriminating between direct and indirect aggression
When aggression seems justified: judging intergroup conflict from a distance
Where the Boys are: Attitudes Related to Masculinity, Fatherhood, and Violence Toward Women among Low-Income Adolescent and Young Adult Males in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Which attitudinal measures predict self-reported aggression?
Why are there sex differences in risky driving? The relationship between sex and gender-role on aggressive driving, traffic offences, and accident involvement among young Turkish drivers
Why do aggressive movies make people aggressive? An attempt to explain short-term effects of the depiction of violence on the observer
Risk markers of sexual victimization among women and gay men: Exploring parallels in female and male sexual victimization
Why sex and violence? Emotional education and mass media
Why we watch: The attractions of violent entertainment
Wife assault, marital rape, and homicide in Canada and Australia
Wife-batterers attitudes toward sex roles and perceptions of self
Withdrawal, matching, withdrawal matching, and variable matching strategies in reducing attack instigated aggression
Woman-batterers perceptions of self compared to partners perceptions before and after treatment
Women and children at risk: a feminist perspective on child abuse
Women and crime: A feminist evolutionary approach
Women batterers attitudes toward sex roles and perceptions of selves and others: pre-treatment and post-treatment comparison
Women's aggression - an African case study
Women's aggression in heterosexual conflicts
Womens aggression in heterosexual conflicts
Women's bar-related victimization: Refining and testing a conceptual model
Workshop discussion about a proposed international symposium to draft a statement on violence
Yanomami: An arena of conflict and aggression in the Amazon
Young children's post tantrum affiliation with their parents
Young People, Crime, and Criminal Justice: Patterns and Prospects for the Future
Youth violence and alcohol availability in predominantly Mexican American communities in the United States
The role of anger in essential hypertension
The role of body weight in resident-intruder aggression
The role of empathy in the cycle of interpersonal aggression: Children as victims and perpetrators
The role of fantasies and dreams in the television viewing: aggression relationship
The role of mother-child identification in the television violence viewing aggression relation
The role of parental behavior in the development of aggression in children
The role of self-blame in fostering or inhibiting long-term recovery from rape
The role of social problem solving in bullying behavior among male and female adult prisoners
The role of the noradrenergic system (the locus coeruleus) in regulation of emotions
The role of third-parties in conflicts among Colombian preadolescents
The seasonality of violent crime: the case of robbery and homicide in Israel
The seductive Palio of Siena
Partner violence against pregnant women in Mexico City
The self-image of physically abused adolescents
The serial killer: A psychological report
Childhood maltreatment is associated with altered fear circuitry and increased internalizing symptoms by late adolescence
The social motivation of western terrorists
The social representation of aggression among student groups in UP Diliman: An exploratory study
The social responsibility of the reporter
The social responsibility of the researcher
The Staff Observation Aggression Scale-revised (SOAS-R)
The terrorist: a social psychological case study on the subject of values, norms and violations
The treatment and control of violence and the erosion of context: Is neuropsychology what Sri Lanka needs?
The Trouble with Peace: The Cease-Fires and their Impact on Drug Use among Youth in Northern Ireland
The true nature of aggression in warfare
The use of strategies and messages to alter aggressive interactions
The value of ethology and pharmacology for research on aggression
The vengeance puzzle - Retributive justice or hostile aggression?
The violence in the Basque provinces relations with the rest of Spain
The Violence of Adolescent Life: Experiencing and Managing Everyday Threats
The web of violence: From the interpersonal to global
Therapeutic alliance: Predictor of treatment dropout and success in a group treatment program for husband to wife violent men
Risk profiles of adolescent girls who were victims of dating violence
Role of experience in processing bias for aggressive words in forensic and non-forensic populations
Threat of nuclear war increases anxiety and psychosomatic symptoms among adolescents
Three types of revolutionary aggression
Role of personality variables and sex differences in experimental research on aggression
Role of serotonin in human aggressive behavior
Toward a social psychological profile of would-be rioters
Towards a structural concept of agonism
Those were the days...abuse and neglect during childhood and its consequences
Threatened egotism, narcissism, self-esteem, and directed and displaced aggression: Does self-love or self-hate lead to violence?
Tolerance for unruliness vs. aggressive and other problem behaviors in adolescence and early adulthood (a follow-up study)
Salivary testosterone and self-report aggressive and pro-social personality characteristics in men and women
Towards a theory of human-animal aggression
Satanism as a response to abuse: the dynamics and treatment of satanic involvement in male youths
Scared Kids, Unattached Kids, or Peer Pressure: Why Do Students Carry Firearms to School?
Traffic congestion, driver stress, and driver aggression
Training aggressive adolescents in prosocial behavior
A latent variable modeling approach to identifying subtypes of serious and violent female juvenile offenders
Transgenerational patterns of abusive parenting: analog and clinical tests
Trauma as a life event and its impact on suicidal behaviour
Traumatised populations of internally displaced persons and refugees: Problem of relationships with local society
Treatment of borderline personality disorder: Reducing violence to self and others
Trends in Youth Crime and Well-Being Since the Abolition of Corporal Punishment in Sweden
Weapons effect revisited: motor effects of the reception of aversive stimulation and exposure to pictures of firearms
What can ethology offer the psychological study of human aggression?
What can we do about violence?
What is aggressive? Some contextual factors in judging international behavior
What is anger provoking? provokers and provoked in anger situations -- developmental trends and sex differences
When cooler heads prevail: Peacemakers in a sports riot
Who left bomb in Mistress Murphy's chowder - comment on violent youth
Why Aren't English University Students Militant
Why we watch: The attractions of violent entertainment
Repeated exposure to violent and nonviolent pornography: likelihood of raping ratings and laboratory aggression against women
Scary and aggressive fantasies, dreams and nightmares in the television viewing -- An aggression relationship?
Schedule induced aggression in humans and animals: comparative parametric review
School bullying and workplace bullying: Are there any links?
School shooting fatalities and school corporal punishment: A look at the states
School violence: prevalence and intervention strategies for at-risk adolescents
School-Related Stress Experience as a Risk Factor for Bullying Behavior
SCL-90-R profiles in a sample of severely violent psychiatric inpatients
Screening for complicated grief among Project Liberty service recipients 18 months after September 11, 2001
SDS and YAF -- Comparison of 2 Student Radical Groups in Mid-1960s
Secondary victimization: confronting public-attitudes about rape
Selective attention and executive functions deficits among criminal psychopaths
Self vs. other reported measures of aggressiveness in children
Self-concept of adolescent sexual abuse victims
Self-definitions of Gang Membership and Involvement in Delinquent Activities
Self-esteem and its relationship to bullying behaviour
Self-reported aggressiveness of foreign adopted and refugee children in Finland
Self-reported delinquency among Alberta's youth: findings from a survey of 2,001 junior and senior high school students
Self-reported physical aggression among young men
Serotonin and aggression in children
Serotonin and agonistic behavior: an ethopharmacological approach
Serum cortisol, testosterone, and testosterone-binding globulin responses to competitive fighting in human males
Serum testosterone, cortisol, glucose, and ethanol in males arrested for spouse abuse
Sex and age differences in self-estimated physical, verbal and indirect aggression in Spanish adolescents
Sex and age differences in victimisation and conflict resolution among adolescents in a South Australian school
Sex and dominance: mood and socioemotional behavior in small groups
Sex and social representations of aggression: a communal-agentic analysis
Sex dependent vulnerability to stress: Effects on agonistic and nonsocial behavior
Sex differences in beliefs about aggression: Opponent's sex and the form of aggression
Sex differences in genetic and environmental effects on aggression
Sex differences in interpersonal and intergroup aggression
Sex differences in levels of physical, verbal, and indirect aggression amongst primary school children and their associations with beliefs about aggression
Sex differences in processing aggression words using the Emotional Stroop task
Sex differences in sexual behavior and aggression
Sex differences in social representations of aggression: Men justify, women excuse?
Sex differences in the effect of empathy on verbal aggression
Sex differences in the perceived causal structure of date rape: a preliminary report
Sex differences in workplace aggression: An investigation of moderation and mediation effects
Sex hormone action on brain mechanisms of aggression
Sex, age and social competence as factors influencing aggression in 3-6-year-olds
Sex, race, and experiences of aggression
Sex, strain, and housing: variables influencing effects of prior shock exposure on shock-induced aggression
Sex differences in covert aggression among adults
Sex differences in indirect aggression during late adolescence
Sexual abuse in male children and adolescents: indicators, effects, and treatments
Sexual and aggressive motives in rape: stranger versus acquaintance rape
Sexual Coercion Attitudes Among High School Students -- The Influence of Gender and Rape Education
Sexual differences in the perception of territorial invasion threat in humans
Sexual harassment on campus: A preliminary study in the University of the Balearic Islands
Sexual jealousy -- gender differences in response to partner and rival
Sexual Jealousy in Young-Women and Men - Aggressive Responsiveness to Partner and Rival
Sexual jealousy: Gender differences in response to partner and rival
Sexual prejudice and anger network activation: Mediating role of negative affect
Sexual violence in the media: a theoretical-model and research findings
Shamed into anger: relation of shame-proneness and guilt-proneness to anger and hostility
Shared suffering can mitigate aversively generated aggression: On the role of the target's stimulus characterisitics
"She is not actually bullied." The discourse of harassment in student groups
"She looked at me crazy": escalation of conflict through telegraphed emotion
Shock delivery in human aggression experiments: aggression or button-pushing
Shock-induced fighting: psychopharmacological studies
Showing off and aggression in young children
Showing off and aggression in young children
Sibling violence and agonistic interactions among middle adolescents
Situational antecedents of children's anger experiences and subsequent responses to adult versus peer provokers
Sleep pathology and antisocial behavior: A need for research
Soccer referees' experience of threat and aggression: Effects of age, experience, and life orientation on outcome of coping strategy
Social aggression and power relations among preschool children
Social and cognitive aspects of the development of aggression in infancy
Social and cultural roots of political violence in Central America
Social and personal determinants of workplace aggression: Evidence for the impact of perceived injustice and the type A behavior pattern
Social and personal determinants of workplace aggression: The role of perceived injustice and the Type A behavior pattern
Social and political determinants of the image of the enemy
Social behavior of aggressively and non-aggressively predisposed males in a social drinking situation
Social cognition and aggression in delinquent adolescent males
Social cognition and aggression in the Head Start classroom: Implications for prevention
Social disadvantage and neglectful parenting as precursors to the development of antisocial and aggressive child behavior: Testing a theoretical model
Social dominance and individual aggressiveness
Social identity and some aspects of ingroup hostility -- perceptual biases against black sheep
Social inference and individual differences in aggression: Evidence for spontaneous judgments of hostility
Social inferences concerning male and female homeowners who use a gun to shoot an intruder
Skinheads -- English Working Class Subculture
Social problem-solving skills in boys with conduct and oppositional defiant disorders
Social representation of aggression as an explanation of gender differences: A preliminary study
Social representations and aggressive behavior: Cultural or cross-cultural perspectives?
Social representations of aggression in children
Social representations of aggression in the US and France
Social representations of physical, verbal, and indirect aggression in children: Sex and age differences
Social roles and aspirations of bullies and victims
Social sanction and threat explanations of gender effects on direct and indirect aggression
Social self-esteem and self-reported bullying behaviour among adult prisoners
Social skills intervention and the aggressive child -- an impossible dream
Social skills training in the Cleveland public schools
Social status as function of violence among recidivists in prison
Social support and social structure: a descriptive epidemiology
Social-cognitive mediators of the relation of environmental and emotion regulation factors to children's aggression
Social structure of violence in childhood and approval of violence as an adult
Socialization and motivation of aggression: conceptual considerations and empirical findings
Socialization: growing up in China and Sweden, models and reality -- children's thoughts and behaviors in China and Sweden the impacts of a restrictive versus permissive environment
Social structure of the peer groups and indirect aggression among girls
Societal rule evaluations: Adolescent offenders' reasoning about moral, conventional, and personal rules
Socioeconomic status and sex differences in moral judgments of aggression in adolescents
Sociopolitical transformations and violence in society: A case study of Poland
Some aspects of predatory behavior
Some child-rearing practices contributing to non-aggressive behavior in a Zapotec community
Some consequences of aggressive behavior: a selective review of the literature on other animals
Some factors affecting the escalation of human aggression
Some possible biological markers in aggressive psychopaths
"Somebody's gonna get their head kicked in tonight!" Aggression among young males in bars -- A question of values?
Sorting out aggression - dimensional and categorical perceptions of aggressive episodes
Sport team identification and willingness to consider anonymous acts of hostile aggression
Sports violence
Spousal violence: the impact of marital dispute resolution processes
Stability and change of behavior in connection with bullying in schools: A two-year follow-up
Stability of aggression among adolescents over time: a south african study
Stability of aggressive behavior from childhood to middle age in women and men
Stability of aggressive behaviors and children's peer relationships
Staff survey results and characteristics that predict assault and injury to personnel working in mental health facilities
Stages in the development of aggressive behavior in early childhood
Stages in the development of aggressive behavior in early childhood
Stalkers and their victims
Status of the provoker, opportunity to retaliate, and interest in video violence
Status-based expectancies for aggression, with regard to gender differences in aggression in social psychological research
Staying alive: Evolution, culture and women's intra-sexual aggression
Strategic planning to end men's violence: The White Ribbon Campaign
Street Life: Aggravated and Sexual Assaults among Homeless and Runaway Adolescents
Stress as a determinant of spouse abuse: hormonal indications
Stress factors, social support, and violence in Israeli society: a quantitative analysis
Stressful neighborhoods and depression: a prospective study of the impact of neighborhood disorder
Striving, playing and learning: a novel conceptual model of coping skills
Structural characteristics of aggressor-victim relationships in Dutch school classes of 4-to 5-year-olds
Structural models relating childrens popularity and aggression to adult achievement
A knowledge, attitudes, and practice survey among obstetrician-gynaecologists on intimate partner violence in Flanders, Belgium
Blast and penetrating fragment injuries to the extremities
Burn-Injured Patients in a Disaster: September 11th Revisited
Contemplating the Pentagon Attack After Five Years of Space and Time: Unheard Voices From the Ramparts of Our Burn Center
Cops and Docs: St Clare Hospital's Strategy for Educating Teens About the Medical and Legal Consequences of Violence
Cultural similarities and differences between a sample of Black/African and colored women in South Africa: convergence of risk related to substance use, sexual behavior, and violence
Domestic violence during pregnancy and risk of low birthweight and maternal complications: a prospective cohort study at Mulago Hospital, Uganda
Domestic violence fatality review teams: An interprofessional model to reduce deaths
"Here's egg in your eye": a prospective study of blunt ocular trauma resulting from thrown eggs
Extremity war injuries: state of the art and future directions -- Prioritized future research objectives
Extremity injury in war: a brief history
Missile injuries of the limbs: an Iraqi perspective
Non-physical violence: a risk factor for physical violence in health care settings
Practical approaches to screening for domestic violence
Study on the relationship between workplace violence and work ability among health care professionals in Shangqiu City
Enhancing the safety of children in foster care and family support programs: automated critical incident reporting
Resistance and its consequences: The street culture of punks
Consequences of collective violence with special focus on gender perspective
Studies of television and youth sports: laboratory-field research on the effects of prosocial and antisocial television models on children and youth
Studies on anti-violent and normal communities
Studies on genetic influences on aggression
Study of school playgrounds and aggressive behavior of children
Study of the effects of Hypericum perforatum on pain-induced aggression
Studying aggression in school children: The use of a wireless microphone and micro-video camera
Studying the effects of small quantities of alcohol on human aggression
Studying the effects of small quantities of alcohol on human aggression
Styles of aggression and sex differences: A developmental theory
Styles of bullying amongst female incarcerated offenders
Substance use patterns of young offenders and violent crime
Sugar, biochemical measures and aggression in children
The impact of abuse and neglect in childhood on later events and difficulties in a group of suicide attempters
The relationship between impulsivity, aggression and emergent suicidal states
Symposium: Genetics, 5-HT, and aggression
Symposium: Glucocorticoids and aggression
Symposium: Is it aggression? Dimensions and definitions of human aggression
Symposium: The Effects of Childhood Aggression and Exposure to Media Violence on Adult Behaviors, Attitudes, and Mood: Evidence from a 15 Year Cross-National Longitudinal Study
Symposium: Victims of aggression: Psychological and biological consequences
Talking about the silent fear: adolescents' experiences of violence in an urban high-rise community
Talking Story with Hawaii's Youth: Confronting Violent and Sexualized Perceptions of Ethnicity and Gender
Tamoxifen: an activator or inhibitor of intermale aggression
Tantrums, temperament, and temporal lobes
Targets and decision points in the comparative-analysis of the tactics of fighting
Taxonomies of aggressive-behavior: a preliminary-report
Teasing, rejection, and violence: Case studies of the school shootings
Television and delinquency: A neglected dimension of social control
Television and violence: methodological issues for future research
Television news violence: Effects on viewers
Television viewing habits in childhood and adult aggression
Temperamental and personality variables related to aggressive behavior
Temporal patterns in aggression research: escalation, dissipation and maintenance
Terminal core values associated with adolescent problem behaviors
Terrorism and the international community
Terrorism as a desperate game: analytic step toward comprehension of fear, bargaining, and communication in the terrorist event
Terrorism, public opinion and the media
Terrorist homicide bombings: a primer for preparation
Testing a typology of batterers
Testosterone and behavior in judo combat
Testosterone level may be a "marker" of conflict behavior in male and female preschool children
Testosterone and attribution of successful competition
Testosterone and cortisol responses to competitive fighting in human males: a pilot study
Testosterone intake and aggressiveness: Real effect or anticipation?
Testosterone, aggressiveness, and antisocial personality
Testosterone-serotonin interactions in aggression
The aggression approval in bullies and victims
The aggressive child in nursery school
The alcohol-aggression relationship and differential sensitivity to alcohol
The anatomy of plastic bullet damage and crowd control
The application of the frustration aggression hypothesis to various levels of violent behavior
The application of traditional martial arts practice and theory to the treatment of violent adolescents
The archetypal enemy
The Asian scientist and the Asian media
The association between beliefs about aggression and partner physical aggression
The association between child maltreatment and disabilities in a population-based study
The association between testosterone and aggression among young men: Empirical findings and a meta-analysis
The association of ecological variables and psychological distress with exposure to community violence among adolescents
The scope of wounds encountered in casualties from the global war on terrorism: from the battlefield to the tertiary treatment facility
Torture in the 80s -- an Amnesty International report
Trends in healthcare use in the New York City region following the terrorist attacks of 2001
Training efforts to reduce reports of workplace violence in a community health care facility
The relationship between playing violent electronic games and aggression in adolescents
The relationship between pornography and the physical (nonsexual) abuse of women
The relationship between retrospective reports of childhood victimization and adult aggressive, self-aggressive, and antisocial behavior
The Relationship between Social Capital and Corporal Punishment in Schools: A Theoretical Inquiry
The relationship between social play and aggression
The relationship between social problem-solving and bullying behaviour among male and female adult prisoners
The relationship between the geographic density of alcohol outlets and alcohol-related hospital admissions in San Diego County
The reporting of aggression, violence and catastrophes in Hungarian, Czechoslovakian and Soviet TV news
The reporting of violence and conflict on television news
The responsible victim: nurses' perceptions of victims of rape
The relationships between social intelligence, empathy, and three types of aggression
The attitude of criminals and noncriminals to aggressive criminal acts
The attractions of violent entertainment
The catharsis hypothesis, aggressive drive, and the reduction of aggression
The child and adolescent functional assessment scale (CAFAS): a dynamic predictor of juvenile recidivism
The construct validity of passive-aggressiveness
The contribution of personality to the overlap between antisocial behavior and substance use/misuse
The control of alcohol-related aggression: redirecting the inebriates attention to socially appropriate conduct
The development and validation of a brief screen for co-occurring disorder among women entering substance abuse treatment
The development of direct and indirect aggressive strategies: gender differences during ages 8, 11, 15, and 18
The development of estrogenic regulatory systems for aggression: implications for intervention strategies
The development of social aggression and physical aggression: A narrative analysis of interpersonal conflicts
The development of social representations: Communicating about aggression
The differential reactions of dominant and submissive preschool boys to filmed violence
The dissemination of information and misinformation on aggression to the public
The distinct role of benzodiazepine receptors in the regulation of aggressive behavior
The dyadic interaction of persons with violent and nonviolent histories
The Effect of Abuse in Childhood and in Adolescence on Violence among Adolescents
The effect of alcohol expectancy on aggression: A meta-analysis
The effect of amount of arbitrary frustration and perceived competence on retaliation and attributions
The effect of religiosity and ethnic origin on direct and indirect aggression among males and females: Some Israeli findings
The effectiveness of a cognitive/ecological program to prevent the development of aggression: Analysis of preliminary results from the MACS Chicago project
The effectiveness of an early intervention program for aggressive behavior: The Carolina children's initiative
The effects of acute plasma tryptophan manipulation on hostile mood: The influence of trait hostility
The effects of aggression in televised hockey games
The effects of alcohol and persuasive social pressure on human physical aggression
The effects of depressants and stimulants on human aggressive behavior
The effects of ethanol on social and aggressive behaviors in seminatural situations
The effects of negative outcomes on observed violence
The effects of the status of a partner upon the aggressive reactions after viewing filmed violence
The effects of value systems and cultural background on aggressive behavior of boys and girls: Some Israeli findings
The EQUIP program: Teaching youth to think and act responsibly through a peer-helping approach
The evidence base for the management of imminent violence in learning disability settings
The Experience of Living with Violence for Preadolescent Children of Battered Women
The frustration-aggression hypothesis and the concept of prejudice
The functionality of conflict behaviors and the popularity of those who engage in them
The GABAergic effect of low doses of lorazepam on social behavior
The "geography" of child maltreatment in Israel: Findings from a national data set of cases reported to the social services
The giving of hostages: Resurrecting a widely practiced and time-tested deterrent to aggression
The HCR-20 and post-discharge outcome in male patients discharged from medium security in the UK
The I.R.A., the Red Brigades, and the F.A.L.N. in the New York Times
The Immediate Effects of Homicidal, Suicidal, and Nonviolent Heavy Metal and Rap Songs on the Moods of College Students
The impact of a prior relationship on anger-related cognitions
The impact of childhood abuse and neglect on adult mental health: a prospective study
The impact of direct and indirect bullying on the mental and physical health of Italian youngsters
The impact of parent training and social skills training on boys aggressive behavior
The impact of parental attachment and feelings of isolation on adolescent fear of crime at school
The impact of parenting on conduct disorder in Jamaican male adolescents
The Impact of Violence Exposure on African American Youth in Context
The importance of social housing in social defeat induced changes in behavior and HPA regulation
The influence of beverage type on aggression in males in the natural setting
The psychoanalytical theory of aggression -- instinct to intersubjective approach
The psychological pathways of aggressiveness, empathy and prosocial behavior in children: a comparison between two social and economical populations
The psychopathology of human aggression
The punitive childhood experiences of young adults with craniofacial anomalies
The relation of parental education, attitudes, social-class and child-rearing styles to child aggression
The relation of pro-social behavior to the development of aggression and psychopathology
The relationship between family aggression history and expressed aggression among college males
The relationship between lead and crime
The relationship between personality, anger expression, and perceived family control among incarcerated male juveniles
The relationship between the child's attachment quality to his mother at 15 months and mother-child synchrony in daily routines
The Report Form for Aggressive Episodes (REFA) in the treatment of violent psychotic patients
The role of a posteriori victim information in judgments of blame and sanction
The influence of music on mild driver aggression
The influence of perceived prison crowding on male inmates' perception of aggressive events
The influence of pornography on aggression against women
The influence of spirituality and religiosity on suicidality in chronic war related PTSD
The influence of victim's attire on adolescents' judgments of date rape
The inhibition and control of aggression: a discussion
The insanity plea in early nineteenth century America
The interactive relations between trait hostility, pain, and aggressive thoughts
The interdisciplinary behavioral study of war and terrorism as a way towards prevention and substitution by other, less violent and destructive forms of resolution of group conflicts
The intergenerational transmission of conflict-resolution styles in a non-western culture
The Jungian approach to war
The Legacy of 'The Troubles' on the Young People's Psychological and Social Development and their School Life
The manifestation of aggressive behavior in the kindergarten and its relation to some aspects of the child's status in the group
The material culture of homicidal fantasies
The moderating effect of trivial triggering provocation on displaced aggression
The Montreal Longitudinal and Experimental Study: Results from a multi-component prevention experiment with low socio-economic status boys
The national television violence monitoring study
The Nature and Predictors of Sexual Victimization and Offending Among Adolescents
The neurobiology of aggressive behavior: Introduction
The neurochemistry, neuroanatomy and neuromythology of aggressive states
The normative bases of human aggressions
The origins of bullying and victimization in the peer group: Role diversity and stability
The origins of democracy in agrarian society -- land inequality and political violence
The pain-aggression relationship and its expression in naturalistic settings
The paradoxes of male aggression
The perceived consequences of responding to bullying with aggression: A study of male and female adult prisoners
The physical aggression of women and men to their partners: A quantitative synthesis
The politics of preventing and treating aggression
The portrayal of violence, conflict, and suffering on television news broadcasts
The positive role of anger in consciousness development
The possible role of testosterone in the development of aggressive behavior
The prediction of young adult aggression in the 1990s from childhood exposure to media violence in the 1970s: Gender differences and moderating factors for USA youth
The predictive power of pro-social behavior for disruptive kindergarten boys
The problem of structural equivalence in television violence research
The program of peace as a hope
The prosodic expression of anger: differentiating threat and frustration
Predicting Violent Crime Using Urban and Suburban Densities
Understanding Stay / Leave Decisions in Violent Relationships: A Behavior Analytic Approach
When Parents Model Violence: The Relationship Between Witnessing Weapon Use as a Child and Later Use as an Adult
Alcohol as a factor precipitating aggression and conflict behaviour leading to homicide
Alcoholism and crime--a study of the drinking and criminal habits of 50 discharged prisoners
Alcoholism and legal system in The Netherlands
Arrests for drunkenness and recidivism in juvenile delinquents
Criminality among homeless men
Drugs and criminal responsibility
Marijuana and the Assassins, an etymological investigation
Offenders, drunkeness and murder
The significance of neighbourhood context to child and adolescent health and well-being: A systematic review of multilevel studies
A Delphi approach to reach consensus on primary care guidelines regarding youth violence prevention
Alcohol consumption, alcoholics anonymous membership, and homicide mortality rates in Ontario 1968 to 1991
Assessment of abuse-related injuries: A comparative study of forensic physicians, emergency room physicians, emergency room nurses and medical students
Attitudes of Turkish parents, pediatric residents, and medical students toward child disciplinary practices
Bullying and peer victimization among children with special health care needs
Emerging aspects of psychosocial risks: violence and harassment at work
Employee and customer injury during violent crimes in retail and service businesses
Ethical issues concerning consent in obtaining children's reports on their experience of violence
South African children: a history of adversity, violence and trauma
Extent, trends, and perpetrators of prostitution-related homicide in the United States
Factors associated with HIV sero-status in young rural South African women: connections between intimate partner violence and HIV
Intimate partner violence in deviant settings - Complex needs of women survivors
Intimate partner violence victimization among adults with severe mental illness: Results of a cross-sectional study
Legitimate family violence as represented in the print media: textual analysis
Perceived Parental Disorders as Risk Factors for Child Sexual, Physical and Emotional Abuse among High School Students in the Northern Province, South Africa
Physical punishment, childhood abuse and psychiatric disorders
Posttraumatic stress disorder and depression in battle-injured soldiers
Worker role identity development of women with disabilities who experience domestic violence
Crime and Violence in Contemporary Nigeria: A Socio-Legal Therapy for Sustainable Democracy
Space power as a response to global catastrophes
Spouse abuse and alcohol problems among White, African American, and Hispanic U.S. Army soldiers
Suicide bombing: a psychodynamic view
The criminal purchase of firearm ammunition
The ethics of silence: Action research, community 'truth-telling' and post-conflict transition in the North of Ireland
Violence and HIV-related risk among young men who have sex with men
Youth Psychopathy and Criminal Recidivism: A Meta-Analysis of the Psychopathy Checklist Measures
Concordance between self-reported maltreatment and court records of abuse or neglect among high-risk youths
Shotgun injuries--epidemiological and clinical aspects
An examination of sheltered battered women's perpetration of stalking and other unwanted pursuit behaviors
An integrated relapse prevention and relationship safety intervention for women on methadone: testing short-term effects on intimate partner violence and substance use
Children and adolescents victimized by sexual abuse in the city of Rio de Janeiro: An appraisal of cases
Factors associated with attitudes toward intimate partner violence: A study of women in Zambia
Homicide in Tours (Indre-et-Loire, France): A four-year review
Intimate partner violence, women, and work: coping on the job
Peer and family influences on adolescent anger expression and the acceptance of cross-gender aggression
Prevalence of intimate partner violence: findings from the WHO multi-country study on women's health and domestic violence
Trends in the prevalence and characteristics of sexual violence: a cohort analysis
What do battered women want? Victims' opinions on prosecution
Diagnosis of sexual abuse in prepubertal children
The role of the health professionals in cases of domestic violence: the report of an experience
Mortality after the 2003 invasion of Iraq: a cross-sectional cluster sample survey
Intentional injury mortality in the European Union: how many more lives could be saved?
Bullying and smoking: examining the relationships in Ontario adolescents
School based programs for prevention of violence: do they work?
Schools, parents, and youth violence: a multilevel, ecological analysis
Violence Against Women: Experiences from Ghana
The Prevalence of Child Abuse and Neglect in our society: A case study of teachers in Enugu State of Nigeria
Violence against Youths in Nigeria
Conflict in Nigeria family system: causative and strategic management factors.
Author's reply to J.F. Short's comment on "Gangs, Networks, and Subcultural Delinquency"
A commentary on adolescent group violence
A peer approach to high risk youth
A study of the psychosexual characteristics of sex killers: can we identify them before it is too late?
Adolescent gangs in the hospital
Adolescent involvement in Kansas City gangs
Alcohol and violence in the lives of gang members
An overview of correctional psychiatry
Assessing health in an urban neighborhood: community process, data results and implications for practice
Awareness of gangs can help hospitals head off conflict
Bibliographic study of juvenile delinquency, with special reference to gangs
Boys who join gangs: a prospective study of predictors of first gang entry
Children in the streets of Brazil: drug use, crime, violence, and HIV risks
Contribution to the study of adolescent gangs. History of a gang
D-TAG: erasing the tag of gang membership
Delinquency and substance use among gang-involved youth: the moderating role of parenting practices
Development of male proactive and reactive physical aggression during adolescence
Deviant adolescent subcultures: assessment strategies and clinical interventions
Drive-by shootings by violent street gangs in Los Angeles: a five-year review from 1989 to 1993
Effect of child and family poverty on child health in the United States
Epidemiology of juvenile violence
Federal Aviation Administration's behavioral research program for defense against hijackings
G is for gangsta. Understanding gangs in Minnesota
Gang awareness for healthcare professionals
Gang membership and student behavior: nursing's involvement with prevention, intervention, and suppression
Gang organization and crimes committed by gangs
Gang violence and the street smart nurse
Gang violence
Gang violence. Ain't no denying it
Gangs in hospitals
Gangs, drugs, and violence
Gangs, Networks, and Subcultural Delinquency
Getting into the gang: methodological issues in studying ethnic gangs
Health effects of street gangs
How two Wichita medical centers seek to curb ER violence, control gangs
Immoral offences in gangs of adolescents
Individual and ecological assets and positive developmental trajectories among gang and community-based organization youth
Individual and familial characteristics of youths involved in street corner gangs in Singapore
Juvenile violence
New challenges, new answers: pediatric nurse practitioners and the care of adolescents
Nurses as gangbusters: a response to gang violence in America
Penetrating craniocerebral injury resultant from gunshot wounds: gang-related injury in children and adolescents
Pre-adolescent gangs: a socio-psychological interpretation
Pre-adolescent gangs: a topological interpretation
Predicting early adolescent gang involvement from middle school adaptation
Recent trends of drug abuse and drug-associated deaths in Korea
Response to trauma in Haitian youth at risk
Situations of violence in the lives of girl gang members
Stability of attributes of positive functioning and of developmental assets among African American adolescent male gang and community-based organization members
Staff attitudes toward violence in the general hospital. A comparison between Amsterdam and Tel Aviv
Street gangs: save yourself while saving a life
The adolescent and gangs
The epidemiology of homicide in Chicago
The etiology of female juvenile delinquency and gang membership: a test of psychological and social structural explanations
The family relations, peer relations, and criminal activities of Caucasian and Hispanic-American gang members
The Gang Phenomenon and the American Teenager
The role of the community health nurse in the provision of care to youth gangs
Traumatic injuries caused by hazing practices
Troubles in Smurftown: youth gangs and moral visions on Guam
Urban youth violence: do definitions and reasons for violence vary by gender?
Violence in juvenile gangs: some notes and a few analogies
When colors kill
Identification of an unusual stabbing weapon based on the shape of injuries of the kidney and humerus
"Proud of violence" -- Psychoanalytic remarks on adolescence and right extremism
Psychopathological dynamics causing participation of adolescents in gangs
Social and economic impact of violence in the Americas
Young people in big cities: pop culture, criminality, gangs and drug addiction
Blosnich et al. Respond
A multimedia program helps parents manage childhood aggression
Assault-related eye injuries in Enugu, Nigeria
Beyond frequency and severity: development and validation of the brief coercion and conflict scales
Conflict and control: gender symmetry and asymmetry in domestic violence
Completing substance abuse treatment in child welfare: the role of co-occurring problems and primary drug of choice
Can screening for domestic violence be introduced successfully in a sexual health clinic?
Child death review teams: a vital component of child protection
Evaluation of a group intervention using a feminist approach for women experiencing sexual abuse in childhood or adulthood
Commentary on Johnson's "Conflict and Control: Gender Symmetry and Asymmetry in Domestic Violence"
Commentary on Swan and Snow's "The Development of a Theory of Women's Use of Violence in Intimate Relationships"
Comparison of Methods for Analyzing Recurrent Events Data: Application to the Emergency Department Visits of Pediatric Firearm Victims
Consequences of Domestic Violence on Women's Mental Health in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Designer drugs as a cause of homicide
Domestic Violence against Women in Sivas, Turkey: Survey Study
Forensic and criminologic aspects of murder in North-West (Epirus) Greece
Future research on gender symmetry in physical assaults on partners
Impact of a School-Based Dating Violence Prevention Program among Latino Teens: Randomized Controlled Effectiveness Trial
Impact of intervention surveillance bias on analyses of child welfare report outcomes
Intimate partner violence and health outcomes in mid-life women: a population-based cohort study
Knowledge and professional experiences concerning child abuse: an analysis of provider and student responses
Male Victims of partner violence: Prevalence and accuracy of screening tools
Origin and goals of the "gender symmetry" workshop
Patient and Injury Characteristics in Abusive Abdominal Injuries
Pediatrician characteristics associated with child abuse identification and reporting: results from a national survey of pediatricians
Policy needs regarding the duty to protect in epidemiological research with high-risk populations
Prenatal cocaine exposure and child welfare outcomes
Recognizing and reporting child physical abuse: a survey of primary healthcare professionals
A comparison of sexual coercion experiences reported by men and women in prison
Children who have experienced violence in the home
Screening for intimate partner violence
Service outcomes in physical and sexual abuse cases: a comparison of child advocacy center-based and standard services
The appeal of violent video games to lower educated aggressive adolescent boys from two countries
The Association between Self-Reported Lifetime History of Forced Sexual Intercourse and Recent Health-Risk Behaviors: Findings from the 2003 National Youth Risk Behavior Survey
The Development of a Theory of Women's Use of Violence in Intimate Relationships
The management of abuse: 2. Child abuse
Violence and Psychiatric Morbidity in a National Household Population--A Report from the British Household Survey
Sexual victimization in old age
When health care professionals become unwillingly involved in child abuse: the Munchhausen-by-proxy syndrome
Terrorism and dispelling the myth of a panic prone public
Aggression, violence, and vengeance among male and female drivers
Depression, PTSD, and Comorbidity Related to Intimate Partner Violence in Civilian and Military Women
Crisis Intervention Responses to Children Victimized by Terrorism: Children Are Not Little Adults
A Randomized Controlled Trial of an Adapted Form of Individual Critical Incident Stress Debriefing for Victims of an Armed Robbery
The Consequences of Reporting Child Maltreatment: Are School Personnel at Risk for Secondary Traumatic Stress?
Will September 11 bring us together or push us apart? The war on terror and metropolitan stability
A Trauma and Recovery Model for Victims and Their Families after a Catastrophic School Shooting: Focusing on Behavioral, Cognitive, and Psychological Effects and Needs
An Evidenced-Based Review of Psychological Treatments of Anger and Aggression
An Examination of the American Response to Terrorism: Handling the Aftermath Through Crisis Intervention
Assessment and Intervention With Youth Exposed to Sexual Homicide of a Family Member
Common Mental Health Correlates of Domestic Violence
Comparing Stress Responses to Terrorism in Residents of Two Communities Over Time
The Efficacy of Sexual Violence Prevention Programs Implications for Schools
Involving students in school violence prevention: are they willing to help?
Perceiving the enemy within: optimistic bias and school violence
Safe schools through strategic alliances: how assessment of collaboration enhances school violence prevention and response
Peer mediation and conflict resolution (editorial)
Residual Effects of Repeated Bully Victimization Before the Age of 12 on Adolescent Functioning
Evaluation of a Theater-Based Youth Violence Prevention Program for Elementary School Children
Adolescent females' attraction to male adolescent bullies and victims of bullying
Are There Gangs in Schools? It Depends Upon Whom You Ask
What can student bystanders do to prevent school violence? Perceptions of students and school staff
Alcohol and other drug disorders, comorbidty and violence in rural african american women
Attempted suicide, psychological health and exposure to harassment among Japanese homosexual, bisexual or other men questioning their sexual orientation recruited via the internet
Characteristics of victims coarrested for intimate partner violence
Child protection in Sweden: Are routine assessments reliable?
Cognitive-Affective Predictors of Women's Readiness to End Domestic Violence Relationships
Examining the effect of residential change on intimate partner violence risk
Factors influencing help-seeking from informal networks among African American victims of intimate partner violence
Learning from conflict and disaster in the Eastern Mediterranean region
Long-term costs of intimate partner violence in a sample of female HMO enrollees
A socio-judicial protocol for matters of conjugal violence
Homicide and Medical Science: Is There a Relationship?
Perpetration of partner violence and HIV risk behaviour among young men in the rural Eastern Cape, South Africa
Prevalence of victimization, posttraumatic stress disorder and violent behaviour in the seriously mentally ill
Prevalence of violence against women reported in a rural health region
Readability and content of elder abuse instruments
Sexual violence and reproductive health among young people in three communities in Jamaica
Suicidal and homicidal deaths: A comparative and circumstantial approach
Survey of medico-legal investigation of homicides in the city of Turku, Finland
Tackling violence against women and children
The process of change for victims of intimate partner violence: Support for a psychosocial readiness model
Validation of the Sexual Assault Symptom Scale II (SASS II) Using a Panel Research Design
Co-occurrence of physical violence against partners and their children in health services
Domestic violence against Mexican teenagers
A camparison of 9th and 10th grade boys' and girls' bullying behaviors in two states
A discussion of the incongruence between optimism and academic performance and its influence on school violence
A parent meeting: Young children and firearm safety
A principle-based psychology of school violence prevention
"Adging up" to "beef on sight": a qualitative study of the perceived causes of interpersonal conflict and violence among African-American girls in an urban high school
Alcohol use and violence among adolescents in a multiethnic setting
An analysis of interagency communication patterns surrounding incidents of school crime
An elementary school violence prevention program
An examination of school violence and safety in South Florida elementary schools
An experimental evaluation of an Internet-delivered conflict resolution skills curriculum in a secondary school setting
Anger, dismay, guilt, anxiety: The realities and roles in reporting child abuse
Building a foundation against violence: impact of a school-based prevention program on elementary students
The Cost of Firearm Deaths in the United States: Reduced Life Expectancies and Increased Insurance Costs
Bullying on the school bus: a video analysis
"Bullying widespread": a critical analysis of research and public discourse on bullying
Bullying Widespread: A Critical Analysis of Research and Public Discourse on Bullying
Characteristics of school bullies and victims as perceived by public school professionals
Characteristics of school violence and the value of family-school therapeutic alliances
Child abuse -- Detection and prevention
Child abuse and neglect: Prevention and reporting
Child sexual abuse: The educators role in prevention, detection, and intervention
Comparing middle school teachers' and students' views on bullying and anti-bullying interventions
Creating a culture of tolerance in schools: everyday actions to prevent hate-motivated violent incidents
Dealing with a schoolyard bully: a case study
Alcohol, illegal drugs, violent crime, and traffic-related and other unintended injuries in U.S. local and national news
Causes of death among crack cocaine users
Cognitive-behavioural interventions for children who have been sexually abused
Violence against children is widespread
Forensic examination of children subjected to sexual abuse
Disorders of Extreme Stress (DESNOS) Symptoms Are Associated With Type and Severity of Interpersonal Trauma Exposure in a Sample of Healthy Young Women
Procedures for Estimating Accident Reductions on Two-Lane Highways -- Discussion
Report from the CDC: Evaluability assessment of the rape prevention and education program: summary of findings and recommendations
Child sexual abuse primary prevention: outcome evaluation of a health education project implemented in Milan's elementary schools
A practice-centered intervention to increase screening for domestic violence in primary care practices
Age-based factors in femicide
An epidemic of abuse and violence: Nurse on the front line
Anti-personnel landmine injuries during peace: experience in a European country
Assessing intimate partner violence in incarcerated women
Beyond the shadows: domestic spousal violence in a "democratizing" Egypt
Burns inflicted by self or by others - An 11 year snapshot
Coping and complicated grief in survivors of homicide and suicide decedents
Factors predicting selection of sexually violent predators for civil commitment
Fatal explosion injuries in Finland: a twenty-year nationwide survey
Gestational weight gain differentials in the presence of intimate partner violence
Group therapy for women sexually abused as children: mental health before and after group therapy
Health care barriers and same-sex intimate partner violence: a review of the literature
Index to journal of interpersonal violence
Information processing of sexual abuse in elders
Interviewing the incarcerated offender convicted of sexually assaulting the elderly
Investigation, science, and research partner to solve elderly woman's shocking homicide
Outcome indicators for sexual assault victims
Ownership of High-Risk ("Vicious") Dogs as a Marker for Deviant Behaviors: Implications for Risk Assessment
Predictors of injury associated with rape
Promotion of evidence-based practices for child traumatic stress in rural populations: identification of barriers and promising solutions
Risk factors for physical assault and rape among six Native American tribes
Sexual assault services delivered by SANEs
Shaken baby syndrome
Sharing emergency department data with police could reduce violence
State-level homicide victimization rates in the US in relation to survey measures of household firearm ownership, 2001-2003
The identification of sexual and violent motivations in men who assault women: implication for treatment
The National Sexual Assault Database: can it help you?
The risk of involuntary firearms discharge
The role of home visiting in improving parenting and health in families at risk of abuse and neglect: Results of a multicentre randomised controlled trial and economic evaluation
Treatment of human-caused trauma: attrition in the adult outcomes research
Weapons of mass destruction preparedness and response for the XIV Pan-American Games, Santo Domingo, 2003
Why we shouldn't diagnose child maltreatment
World Health Organization rings global alarm bell to address, prevent violence
Secular trends in risk behaviour of Cape Town grade 8 students
The killer next door: an analysis of investigative journalism
A comparison of risk factors for habitual violence in pre-trial subjects
A newspaper surveillance study of homicide-suicide in the United States
A portrait of the juvenile arsonist
A retrospective survey in child sexual abuse among 565 university students
A review of gunshot deaths in Strathclyde--1989 to 1998
A review of serious injury and death from gunshot wounds in Sweden: 1987 to 1994
Early maternal rejection affects the development of monoaminergic systems and adult abusive parenting in rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta)
Maternal care patterns and behavioral development of rhesus macaque abused infants in the first 6 months of life
Adolescence and risk of violent death during pregnancy in Matlab, Bangladesh
Adolescent parricide: an integration of social cognitive theory and clinical views of projective-introjective cycling
Interest in periodic health examinations for young people in the judicial system
Alcohol consumption and problems among road rage victims and perpetrators
Attributions and personality as predictors of the road rage response
Assessing road rage victimization and perpetration in the Ontario adult population: the impact of illicit drug use and psychiatric distress
Prevalence and correlates of lifetime smokeless tobacco use in female military recruits
Road rage behavior: Experiences of university students
Road rage: old wine in a new bottle (letter)
Severe irritability associated with statin cholesterol-lowering drugs
Transdermal estrogen patches for aggressive behavior in male patients with dementia: a randomized, controlled trial
A 36-year history of fatal road rage in Marion County, Oregon: 1963-1998
A comparison of reported levels and expression of anger in everyday and driving situations
Adolescent physical abuse and suicide attempts
Adolescent sexual aggression: risk and protective factors
Adolescent violence: concepts for a new millennium
Aggressive violence-an increasing problem
Air weapon fatalities
An empirical typology of youth with severe emotional disturbances
An examination of bias in volunteer subject selection: findings from an in-depth child abuse study
Anger self-report: an objective questionnaire for the measurement of aggression
Anger, aggression, and risky behavior: a comparison of high and low anger drivers
Anger, aggression, risky behavior, and crash-related outcomes in three groups of drivers
An update on the effects of playing violent video games
Associations among rock music videos, locus of control, and aggression
Benchmarking the cultivation approach to video game effects: a comparison of the correlates of TV viewing and game play
Child and adolescent violence
Controlling communications that teach or demonstrate violence: "the movie made them do it"
Commentary on the pitfalls and pratfalls of evaluation research with intervention and prevention programs
Evaluation of a teen dating violence social marketing campaign: Lessons learned when the null hypothesis was accepted
How much of a good thing is too much? Explaining the failure of a well-designed, well-executed intervention in Juvenile Hall for hard-to-place delinquents
Masked intervention effects: Analytic methods for addressing low dosage of intervention
Qualitative lessons from a community-based violence prevention project with null findings
What works (and what does not) in youth violence prevention: Rethinking the questions and finding new answers
Who is watching the watchers? The challenge of observing peer interactions on elementary school playgrounds
A meta-synthesis of filicide classification systems: psychosocial and psychodynamic issues in women who kill their children
A Specification of the Types of Intimate Partner Violence Experienced by Women in the General Population
"Anything With Two Heads Is a Monster": Religious Leaders' Perspectives on Marital Equality and Domestic Violence
Black Women's Health: The Effect of Perceived Racism and Intimate Partner Violence
Can a Costly Intervention Be Cost-effective?: An Analysis of Violence Prevention
Child sexual abuse: are health care providers looking the other way?
Children's adjustment 15 years after daycare abuse
Community Violence and Its Direct, Indirect, and Mediating Effects on Intimate Partner Violence
Counseling about firearms: Proposed legislation is a threat to physicians and their patients
Finite element analysis of impact and shaking inflicted to a child
Forensic findings from the Nairobi U.S. Embassy terrorist bombing
Organizational characteristics of Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner programs: results from the national survey project
Perpetrators of homicide with schizophrenia: a national clinical survey in England and wales
Personality Traits, Coping Style, and Perceived Threat as Predictors of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder After Exposure to a Terrorist Attack: A Prospective Study
Systemic Obstacles to Battered Women's Participation in the Judicial System: When Will the Status Quo Change?
The management of abuse: 3. Domestic violence
Typological approaches to violence in couples: A critique and alternative conceptual approach
Utilizing Program Evaluation as a Strategy to Promote Community Change: Evaluation of a Comprehensive, Community-Based, Family Violence Initiative
Violence and Human Rights: A Call for Papers
Violence and schizophrenia
'Watching from the stairs': towards an evidence-based practice in work with child witnesses of domestic violence
A brief description of the 6th Asian regional conference on prevention of child abuse and neglect
Analysis on the injury by lock-against-theft
Dilemmas of healthcare providers towards domestic violence in Mexico
Review of prior research in China: child abuse and its impact on the victims
The effects of violence and terrorism on chronic physical illness
Intimate Partner Violence around the Time of Pregnancy: Association with Breastfeeding Behavior
Battered child syndrome. surgical implications
Justification of violence toward the child by mothers victimized by spousal violence
120 years on: voices on child abuse
A brief form of the child abuse potential inventory: development and validation
A case of Munchausen syndrome by proxy with subsequent suicide of the mother
A dismal and dangerous verdict against Roy Meadow
A multicentre and prospective study of suspected cases of child physical abuse
A multiple-levels-of-analysis approach to the study of developmental processes in maltreated children
A new paradigm for child protection: begin at the beginning
A population-based comparison of clinical and outcome characteristics of young children with serious inflicted and noninflicted traumatic brain injury
A reporting and response model for culture and child maltreatment
A review of social factors in the investigation and assessment of non-accidental head injury to children
A study of firesetting and animal cruelty in children: family influences and adolescent outcomes
A three-generational study of transmission of risk for sexual abuse
ABC of child abuse. About courts
ABC of child abuse. Epidemiology
ABC of child abuse. Medical reports
ABC of child abuse. Munchausen syndrome by proxy
ABC of child abuse. Poisoning
Adult antisocial behavior following childhood abuse: a new protective factor?
Adult psychopathology and intimate partner violence among survivors of childhood maltreatment
Advances in research definitions of child maltreatment
Aggression, competition and computer games: computer and human opponents
Aggressive and non-violent videogames: short-term psychological and cardiovascular effects on habitual players
Alcohol outlets and child physical abuse and neglect: applying routine activities theory to the study of child maltreatment
An emergency department-based program to change attitudes of youth toward violence
An ethical approach to intervention/prevention of child maltreatment
An examination of violence and gender role portrayals in video games: Implications for gender socialization and aggressive behavior
An odyssey of discovery: lessons learned through three decades of research on child maltreatment
An overview of child physical abuse: developing an integrated parent-child cognitive-behavioral treatment approach
Analysis of 155 consecutive forensic exhumations with emphasis on undetected homicides
Asking about suicide in child abuse cases
Assessing the potential for violent behavior in children and adolescents
Sexual Trauma History Does not Moderate Treatment Outcome in Attachment-Based Family Therapy (ABFT) for Adolescents With Suicide Ideation
Assessment of child abuse risk factors by advanced practice nurses
Assessment of mode of anger expression in adolescent psychiatric inpatients
Association between self-reported childhood sexual abuse and adverse psychosocial outcomes: results from a twin study
Association between violent behaviors and substance use among Mexican-American and non-Hispanic white high school students
Aggression in nature and society
Aggression in nature and society
Attachment theory and child abuse:some cautions
Australian physiotherapists and mandatory notification of child abuse: legislation and practice
Avoidable pitfalls when writing medical reports for court proceedings in cases of suspected child abuse
Awareness of child sexual abuse prevention education among parents of Grade 3 elementary school pupils in Fuxin City, China
Bathtub drowning: unintentional, neglect, or abuse
Bereaved parents' outcomes 4 to 60 months after their children's deaths by accident, suicide, or homicide: a comparative study demonstrating differences
Blunt abdominal injury in the young pediatric patient: child abuse and patient outcomes
Brandishing guns in American media: Two studies examining how often and in what context firearms appear on television and in popular video games
Bruising, coagulation disorder, and physical child abuse
Building community capacity for violence prevention
Bullies, victims and bystanders: a method of in-school intervention and possible parental contributions
Bullying behavior and associations with psychosomatic complaints and depression in victims
Burnt wives: a study of homicides
Can infant death from child abuse be prevented?
Psychiatric Disorders and Treatment Among Newly Homeless Young Adults With Histories of Foster Care
Student homicidal violence in schools: An international problem
Child abuse and neglect in Japan
Effectiveness of home visitation by public-health nurses in prevention of the recurrence of child physical abuse and neglect: a randomised controlled trial
Child abuse and pediatrics
Child abuse homicides: a special problem within North Carolina's military families
Child abuse in Chandigarh, India, and its implications
Child abuse in urban setting: a one-year analysis of hospital information on abused children at Yekatit 12 hospital, Addis Ababa
Child abuse or parent abuse?
Child abuse potential in at-risk African American mothers: the role of life experience variables
Child abuse prevention in Japan: an approach to screening and intervention with mothers
Child abuse where do we stand today?
Child abuse, psychiatric disorder, and running away in a community sample of women
Child abuse
Child abuse: Bahrain's experience
Child custody determinations in cases involving intimate partner violence: a human rights analysis
Child homicide in Cologne (1985-94)
Child homicide in Oklahoma: a continuing public health problem
Child homicide--the extreme of child abuse
Child homicide--the extreme of child abuse
Child maltreatment as a risk factor for suicidal behavior--a literature review
Child maltreatment, attention networks, and potential precursors to borderline personality disorder
Child maltreatment, parent alcohol and drug-related problems, polydrug problems, and parenting practices: a test of gender differences and four theoretical perspectives
Child murder committed by severely mentally ill mothers: an examination of mothers found not guilty by reason of insanity
Child physical abuse: health professionals' perceptions, diagnosis and responses
Child protection: defining 'harm'
Child sexual abuse and attachment theory:are we rushing headlong into another controversy?
Child sexual abuse and emotional and behavioral problems in adolescence: gender differences
Child sexual abuse evaluations: adherence to recommendations
Child sexual abuse
Childhood abuse and suicidality in obstetrics patients in a hospital-based urban prenatal clinic
Childhood abuse as a risk factor for psychotic experiences
Childhood abuse as a risk factor for suicidal behavior in borderline personality disorder
Childhood abuse in Swedish female users of psychiatric services
Childhood antecedents of self-destructiveness in borderline personality disorder
Childhood exposure to family violence and attrition in the Navy
Childhood homicide: a 1990-2000 retrospective study at the Institute of Legal Medicine in Lausanne, Switzerland
Childhood maltreatment as a risk factor for adult cardiovascular disease and depression
Childhood physical and sexual abuse in China
Childhood sexual abuse and early menarche: the direction of their relationship and its implications
Childhood sexual abuse as a precursor to depression and self-destructive behavior in adulthood
Childhood sexual abuse patterns, psychosocial correlates, and treatment outcomes among adults in drug abuse treatment
Childhood sexual abuse, gender, and depression among incarcerated youth
Childhood sexual and physical abuse and adult vulnerability to PTSD: the mediating effects of attachment and dissociation
Childhood sexual and physical abuse and the 1-year prevalence of medical problems in the National Comorbidity Survey
Childhood victims of violence. Hospital utilization by children with intentional injuries
An analysis of the Revised Olweus Bully/Victim Questionnaire using the Rasch measurement model
Cases of chemical assault worldwide: A literature review
Intimate partner violence against women in eastern Uganda: implications for HIV prevention
Welfare recipients' involvement with child protective services after welfare reform
The effects of sexual abuse as a child on the risk of mothers physically abusing their children: A path analysis using systems theory
The abuse-related beliefs questionnaire for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
Domestic violence and alcohol use: Trauma-related symptoms and motives for drinking
Rereporting of child maltreatment: Does participation in other public sector services moderate the likelihood of a second maltreatment report?
Relationships among childhood maltreatment, PTSD, and health in female veterans in primary care
Moving from blame to quality: how to respond to failures in child protective services
Contextualizing political terrorism: A collective action perspective for understanding the Tanzim
Gender and Posttraumatic Stress: Sexual Violence as an Explanation for Women's Increased Risk
Individual Differences in Responses to Provocation and Frequent Victimization by Peers
Informal helpers' responses when adolescents tell them about dating violence or romantic relationship problems
Linkages between child abuse and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in girls: Behavioral and social correlates
Kid's stuff: The nature and impact of peer and sibling violence on younger and older children
Pyro-terrorism - The threat of arson-induced forest fires as a future terrorist weapon of mass destruction
Impact of family abuse on running away, deviance, and street victimization among homeless rural and urban youth
Pediatrician's role in screening and treatment: bullying, prediabetes, oral health
Predicting risky and angry driving as a function of gender
Evolving a theoretical model of child safety in maltreating families
Correlates of problem recognition and intentions to change among caregivers of abused and neglected children
Stress and Well-Being in the Aftermath of the World Trade Center Attack: the Continuing Effects of a Communitywide Disaster
Terrorist bombing
Compassion fatigue, burnout, and compassion satisfaction among Colorado child protection workers
Childhood sexual abuse among university students in Tanzania
The phenomenon of suicide bombing: a review of psychological and nonpsychological factors
Do targeted assassinations work? A multivariate analysis of Israel's controversial tactic during Al-Aqsa uprising
Childhood abuse and neglect in body dysmorphic disorder
The making of a martyr: Chechen suicide terrorism
Trends in hospitalization for firearm-related injury in Finland from 1990 to 2003
Use of army weapons and private firearms for suicide and homicide in the region of Basel, Switzerland
Violence and complex humanitarian emergencies: implications for livelihoods models
Domestic violence: an analysis of injuries in female victims
Blast injuries from Madrid terrorist bombing attacks on March 11, 2004
Maternal mortality due to violence
Being Silenced: The Impact of Negative Social Reactions on the Disclosure of Rape
Cross-cultural reliability and validity of the Multidimensional Neglectful Behavior Scale Adult Recall Short Form
Impact of Domestic Violence Posters on Female Caregivers' Opinions About Domestic Violence Screening and Disclosure in a Pediatric Emergency Department
Intimate partner violence and sexual coercion among pregnant women in India: Relationship with depression and post-traumatic stress disorder
A school-based intervention to reduce aggressive behavior in maladjusted adolescents
Violence and Mental Illness -- How Strong is the Link?
Group therapy for men who are violent towards their spouse: dropout from treatment
A longitudinal study of heterosexual relationships, aggression, and sexual harassment during the transition from primary school through middle school
A Protocol for the Comparative Analysis of Sports Crowd Violence
Acquisition of a hostile attitude and its relationship to aggressive behavior
Activation of cue-elicited aggression by general arousal
Aggression and heat: mediating effects of prior provocation and exposure to an aggressive model
Aggression arousal, hostile humor, catharsis
Aggression as a function of ambient temperature and prior anger arousal
Aggression as a function of magnitude of victim's pain cues, level of prior anger arousal, and aggressor-victim similarity
Aggression toward outgroups as a function of authoritarianism and imitation of aggressive models
Aggressive humor as a stimulus to aggressive responses
Aggression, displacement, and guilt
An observers' reaction to the suffering of his enemy
Attribution of fault to a rape victim as a function of respectability of the victim
Authoritarian behavior in a conflict situation
Compassion fatigue, burnout, and compassion satisfaction: Implications for retention of workers
Suicide terror
Rationality, culture, and structure in the making of suicide bombers: A preliminary theoretical synthesis and illustrative case study
Bombers and bystanders in suicide attacks in Israel, 2000 to 2003
A Biopsychosocial Model for Understanding Relationship Aggression
A brief measure for the assessment of anger and aggression
A coalition of coalitions: International cooperation against terrorism
A comparative study of male and female rape victims seen at a hospital-based rape crisis program
A comparison of the responses of preadolescents and adolescents in a national victimization survey
A cross-validation study of the trauma symptom checklist: The role of mediating variables
A descriptive model of dysfunctional cognitions in child molesters
A descriptive model of the offense chain for child molesters
A developmental model of victims' internal attributions of responsibility for sexual abuse
A differentiated legal approach to the effects of spousal abuse on children: A Canadian context
A failure of imagination (intelligence, WMDs, and "virtual Jihad")
A Historical Analysis of Mass Casualty Bombers
A model of the relapse process in sexual offenders
A Review of Domestic Violence Risk Instruments
A review of quantitative research on men who batter
A School-Based, Primary Violence Prevention Program
A statewide survey of reactions to neighbors' domestic violence
A study of the interpersonal behaviors of male batterers
A system for the classification of child molesters: Reliability and application
A ten-year study of assaults and assaulters on a maximum security psychiatric unit
A typology of mentally disordered firesetters
Abuse in intimate relationships: A comparison of married and dating college students
Actuarial prediction of sexual recidivism
Addressing Family Violence Within Juvenile Courts: Promising Practices to Improve Intervention Outcomes
Adolescent attitudes to abuse of women: Are wives and nonmarital partners viewed differently?
Adolescent dating violence: Differences between one-sided and mutually violent profiles
Adolescent maltreatment: Themes from the empirical literature
Adolescent reports of parental spousal violence in military and civilian families
Adolescent sex offenders: A review of the literature
Adolescent sexual offenders: Demographics, criminal and sexual histories, and recommendations for reducing future offenses
Adopting a Stages of Change approach for individuals who are violent with their intimate partners
Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, the Family, and Child Maltreatment
Adult victims of domestic violence: Battered women
Advocating legal intervention in wife assaults: Results from a national survey of Singapore
Aggression between heterosexual dating partners: An examination of a causal model of courtship aggression
Aggression levels following frustration of abusing versus nonabusing college males
Alcohol abuse, violence, and neurological impairment: A forensic study
Alcohol and marital aggression in a national sample of young men
Alcoholism and elder abuse
An ecological analysis of batterer intervention program standards
An empirical evaluation of a program designed to reduce the risk of multiple sexual victimization
An examination of the relationships between violence exposure, posttraumatic stress symptomatology, and delinquent activity: An "ecopathological" model of delinquent behavior among incarcerated adolescents
An examination of the reliability of sexual assault reports
An investigation of base rates of anti-gay hate crimes using the unmatched-count technique
An Uphill Climb: The Challenge of Collaboration in Response to Family Violence in a Rural Area
Anarchist Direct Actions: A Challenge for Law Enforcement
Anatomy of the Salafi movement
Anti-gay violence and mental health: Setting an agenda for research
Anti-gay violence and victimization in the United States: An overview
Antiviolence education in high schools: Implementation and evaluation
Applying Lessons from Medical Management of Conventional Terror to Responding to Weapons of Mass Destruction Terror: The Experience of a Tertiary University Hospital
Are battered women responsible for protection of their children in domestic violence cases?
Assessing family violence interventions: Linking programs to research-based strategies
Assessing the prevalence of marital rape
Assessment and intervention for PTSD in children exposed to violence
Asymptomatic Sexually Abused Children
Attitudes about woman abuse among police officers, victims, and victim advocates
Attribution of responsibility to rapist and victim: The influence of victim's attractiveness and rape-related information
Attributions of blame and responsibility for child sexual abuse and adult adjustment
Aum Shinrikyo: The Threshold Crossed
Aum Shinrikyo's Biological Weapons Program: Why Did it Fail?
Authoritarianism, displaced aggression, and social status of the target
Awareness of own anger level and subsequent aggression
Are current state standards for domestic violence perpetrator treatment adequately informed by research? A question of questions
Battered wives: Characteristics of their courtship days
Battered Women: A Historical Research Review and Some Common Myths
Batterer programs: What we know and need to know
Batterers' treatment: Observations from the trenches
Behavior problems in sexually abused young children
Behavioral Perspectives on Child Homicide: The Role of Access, Vulnerability, and Routine Activities Theory
Beit Noam: Residential program for violent men
Beliefs about rape and women's social roles: A four-nation study
Beliefs among professionals about rates of false allegations of child sexual abuse
A Competency-Based Approach to Managing Violence with Involuntary Outpatient Treatment
A debate over Iraqi death estimates
Case Analysis of Brain-Injured Admittedly Shaken Infants: Fifty-four Cases, 1969-2001: A Reply
Changes in knowledge and attitudes to domestic violence after brief training
Landmines and landmine injuries: an overview
Acute injury caused by landmines
Children who lost a parent as a result of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001: registry construction and population description
Clinical and personal intimate partner violence training experiences of U.S. medical students
Dentistry and domestic violence
Domestic violence and vagal reactivity to peer provocation
Domestic violence in practice
Domestic violence in veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder who seek couples therapy
Health and environmental threats associated with the destruction of chemical weapons
Incidence of male childhood sexual abuse and psychological sequelae in disaster workers exposed to a terrorist attack
Intimate-partner violence
Intimate-partner violence
Intimate-partner violence
Intimate-partner violence
My life is a weapon: A modern history of suicide bombing
Pressure rising against violence
Preventing staff injuries from violence
Psychological distress among American Red Cross disaster workers responding to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001
Reducing the risk of sexual abuse for people who use augmentative and alternative communication
Risk factors associated with sexual assault in Calabar south eastern Nigeria
Risk-taking among adolescents who say they can get a handgun
Severity of injuries among sexual assault victims
Substance use among women in shelters for abused women and children. Programming opportunities
Iraqi death estimates called too high; methods faulted
Bullying among Greenlandic school children: development since 1994 and relations to health and health behaviour
Measuring the impact of intimate partner violence on the health of women in Victoria, Australia
Suicide Bombers Form a New Injury Profile
Tackling partner violence in families
Television viewing and forms of bullying among adolescents from eight countries
The accidental terrorists
The anatomy of the exposures that occurred around the World Trade Center site: 9/11 and beyond
The discovery process: What mothers see and do in gaining awareness of the sexual abuse of their children
Use of a violence risk assessment tool in an acute care hospital: effectiveness in identifying violent patients
Cases of homicide-suicide (post-aggression suicide) in the material of the chair and department of forensic medicine in Bydgoszcz
Detection and coping of violence in care
Domestic violence against women and the role of the obstetrician/gynecologist
Sexuality and school shootings: What role does teasing play in school massacres
A follow-up study of a multisite, randomized, controlled trial for children with sexual abuse-related PTSD symptoms
Aggression and violence in mental health services: categorizing the experiences of Irish nurses
Associations Between Family Support, Family Intimacy, and Neighborhood Violence and Physical Activity in Urban Adolescent Girls
Correlates of violent behavior among adolescents presenting to an urban emergency department
Cultural factors in decision-making about child physical abuse: Identifying reporter characteristics influencing reporting tendencies
Deaths in the Cook County Jail: 10-Year Report, 1995-2004
Prenatal Screening for Substance Use and Violence: Findings from Physician Focus Groups
Gunshot injuries in Calabar, Nigeria: an indication of increasing societal violence and police brutality
HIV and domestic violence: intersections in the lives of married women in India
Identifying perinatal risk factors for infant maltreatment: an ecological approach
Progress in legislating domestic violence and gender based violence in Timor-Leste
Changes in parental depression symptoms during family preservation services
Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy/Fabricated and Induced Illness: Does the diagnosis serve economic vested interests, rather than the interests of children?
National Estimates of Sexual Violence Treated in Emergency Departments
Physicians' Response to Victims of Domestic Violence Toward a Model of Care
Preventing Youth Violence and Delinquency through a Universal School-Based Prevention Approach
Psychological stress reactions of women in Sweden who have been assaulted: Acute response and four-month follow-up
Risky Alcohol Use, Age at Onset of Drinking, and Adverse Childhood Experiences in Young Men Entering the US Marine Corps
Sexual Desire and Linguistic Analysis: A Comparison of Sexually-Abused and Non-Abused Women
The Culture of Domestic Violence Advocacy: Values of Equality/Behaviors of Control
Drugs, Women and Violence in the Americas: U.S. Results of a Multi-Centric Pilot Project (Phase 1)
The other children: a survey of child abuse physicians on the medical evaluation of children living with a physically abused child
What can we learn from the first community-based epidemiological study on stalking in Germany?
Personality traits and psychiatric disorders in females with violent partner relationships. A correlational study
Relationship between homicide and mental disorders
Analysis of Security System Designs for Ferry Transportation
Violence and injuries among school children in the Republic of Srpska
A time-series analysis of the impact of heavy drinking on homicide and suicide mortality in Russia, 1956-2002
Acute psychological reactions in assault victims of non-domestic violence: Peritraumatic dissociation, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression
Beliefs of Sri Lankan medical students about wife beating
Bringing basic research on early experience and stress neurobiology to bear on preventive interventions for neglected and maltreated children
Children's basic memory processes, stress, and maltreatment
College students with previous exposure to crime report more PTSD after 9-11-2001
Efficacy and effectiveness trials: examples from smoking cessation and bullying prevention
Criminality Among Female Drug Users Following an HIV Risk-Reduction Intervention
How do public health policies tackle alcohol-related harm: a review of 12 developed countries
Extreme cause-specific mortality in a cohort of adult prisoners--1988 to 2002: a data-linkage study
Firearm-related deaths in two industrial cities of Turkey and their province
Fostering secure attachment in infants in maltreating families through preventive interventions
Hierarchical Bayesian spatial models for alcohol availability, drug hot spots and violent crime
Identifying pregnant women experiencing domestic violence in an urban emergency department
Identifying risk factors in stalking: A review of current research
Modeling aggressive driver behavior at unsignalized intersections
Predicting the occurrence of stalking in relationships characterized by domestic violence
Predicting the Timing of Women's Departure From Abusive Relationships
Protective Factors Against Suicidal Behavior in Depressed Adults Reporting Childhood Abuse
Reconsidering the relationship between alcohol and lethal violence
Stressful Life Events, Culture, and Violence
Peer-mediation in schools: experiences in implementation and training of mediators
Child abuse by scalding
Personal defense sprays: effects and management of exposure
Torture and its sequel--a comparison between victims from six countries
Classifying the torture experiences of refugees living in the United States
Evacuation times of civilians and soldiers wounded during the war in Croatia
Evaluation of the Perception of Aggression Scale (POAS) in Swedish nurses
Investigation of exposure-symptom relationships in a context of recurrent violence
Manipulation and force as sexual coercion tactics: conceptual and empirical differences
Nonaccidental trauma is a major cause of morbidity and mortality among patients at a regional level 1 pediatric trauma center
Australia's 1996 gun law reforms: faster falls in firearm deaths, firearm suicides, and a decade without mass shootings
Characteristics of homicide followed by suicide incidents in multiple states, 2003-04
Deaths from violence in North Carolina, 2004: how deaths differ in females and males
Gonadal axis hormones in psychiatric male patients after a suicide attempt
A protoscientific master metaphor for framing violence
Adolescent Girls Speak about Violence in Their Community
An exploration of female genital mutilation
Assessing and managing the risks in the stalking situation
Assessing the physical violence component of the Revised Conflict Tactics Scales when used in heterosexual couples: an item response theory analysis
Commentary: the importance of professional judgment in evaluation of stalking and threatening situations
Cultural beliefs and domestic violence
Cyberspace Violence against Girls and Adolescent Females
Development and Validation of the GAIN Short Screener (GSS) for Internalizing, Externalizing and Substance Use Disorders and Crime/Violence Problems Among Adolescents and Adults
Domestic Violence among Women Attending Out-Patient Clinics in Ain Shams University Hospitals, Cairo, Egypt
Domestic Violence in Israel: Changing Attitudes
Domestic Violence in the Chinese and South Asian Immigrant Communities
Gender-based violence: concepts, methods, and findings
Early violence prevention programs: implications for violence prevention against girls and women
Intimate partner violence: new directions
Lack of mutual respect in relationship: the endangered partner
Medical response to the 2005 terrorist bombings in London
Sexual Aggression toward Women: Reducing the Prevalence
Sexual behavior and experience of sexual coercion among secondary school students in three states in North Eastern Nigeria
United Nations Measures to Stop Violence against Women
Violence against Pregnant Women in Northwestern Ontario
Violent behavior of patients admitted in emergency following drug suicidal attempt: a specific staff educational crisis intervention
Assessment of criminal responsibility for perpetrators of homicide: analysis of 105 cases
Relationship between post-traumatic stress disorder, child sexual abuse and sexual re-victimization
Health promotion model for childhood violence prevention and exposure
From surveillance to action: early gains from the National Violent Death Reporting System
Homicide of children aged 0-4 years, 2003-04: results from the National Violent Death Reporting System
Law enforcement and the National Violent Death Reporting System: a partnership in the making
Non-firearm weapon use and injury severity: priorities for prevention
Postpartum psychosis: two cohorts compared, 1875-1924 and 1994-2005
Psychiatric Analysis of Suicide Attempt Subjects Due to Maxillofacial Gunshot
The National Violent Death Reporting System: a new gold standard for the surveillance of violence related deaths?
The National Violent Death Reporting System: an exciting new tool for public health surveillance
The secrets of the National Violent Death Reporting System
The US National Violent Death Reporting System
The US National Violent Death Reporting System: domestic and international lessons for violence injury surveillance
Using NVDRS data for suicide prevention: promising practices in seven states
Dynamics of decapitation after falling in a self-tightening rope noose
Tattooing and piercing in teenagers
Father Involvement and Adolescent Adjustment: Longitudinal Findings from Add Health
Misconceptions of Gender: Sex, Masculinity, and the Measurement of Crime
Conferring Meaning onto Alcohol-Related Violence: An Analysis of Alcohol Use and Gender in a Sample of College Youth
Instinctive Incest Avoidance: A Paradigm Case for Evolutionary Psychology Evaporates
Teachers' and students' beliefs about student belonging in one middle school
Seeing Red over Black and White: Popular and Media Representations of Inter-racial Relationships as Precursors to Racial Violence
More severe violence exposure associated with poly-pharmaceutical use
Perspectives on violence
Implementation of the national policy to reduce accidents and violence
Not Just a Domestic Problem: Intimate Partner Violence
Breaking the Silence: Power, Conflict, and Contested Frames within an Affluent High School
Using a direct observation approach to study aggressive behaviour in hockey: Some preliminary findings
A national assessment of knowledge, attitudes, and confidence of prehospital providers in the assessment and management of child maltreatment
A systematic review of school-based interventions to prevent bullying
Bullying, depression, and suicidality in adolescents
Caregiver support and child sexual abuse: Why does it matter?
Changes in coping strategies, relationship to the perpetrator, and posttraumatic distress in female crime victims
Characteristics of Sexual Abuse in Childhood and Adolescence Influence Sexual Risk Behavior in Adulthood
Childhood abuse and intake severity in alcohol disorder patients
Commentary on how child protective service investigators decide to substantiate mothers for failure to protect in sexual abuse cases
Comments on How Child Protective Services Investigators Decide to Substantiate Mothers for Failure-to-Protect in Sexual Abuse Cases
Autumn Peak in Shooting Suicides of Children and Adolescents from Northern Finland
Comparing prenatal providers' approaches to four different risks: alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and domestic violence
Binge drinking and associated health risk behaviors among high school students
Correlates of posttraumatic growth in survivors of intimate partner violence
Skin injuries caused by new riot control agent used against civilians on the West Bank
Parental knowledge of child sexual abuse symptoms
Experiences of Intimate Partner Violence and Related Injuries Among Women in Yokohama, Japan
How Child Protective Services Investigators Decide to Substantiate Mothers for Failure-to-Protect in Sexual Abuse Cases
Intimate partner violence and health provider training and screening in the news
Intimate partner violence, suicidal intent, and alcoholism
Regulation of firearm dealers in the United States: an analysis of state law and opportunities for improvement
Sibling incest: Reports from forty-one survivors
Suspected child abuse among victims of home accidents being admitted to the emergency department: A prospective survey from Turkey
The Role of Sexual Scripts in Sexual Aggression and Victimization
Transmission of violent offending and crime across three generations
Weapon Carrying in Israeli Schools: The Contribution of Individual and School Factors
Injuries from domestic violence in the autonomous community of Valencia, Spain
A view from the front lines: implications of the Multi-site Violence Prevention Project for violence prevention at state and local health departments
Gunshot wounds: a public health care crisis
Prevalence and health consequences of stalking--Louisiana, 1998-1999
Public health professionals and interpersonal violence
Conflict resolution and bully prevention: Skills for school success
Toward a Critical Anthropology of Human Rights
How Well Does Paternity Confidence Match Actual Paternity? Evidence from Worldwide Nonpaternity Rates
Weapon Bias: Split-Second Decisions and Unintended Stereotyping
Peer Victimization in School: Exploring the Ethnic Context
Burns as a Result of Assault: Associated Risk Factors, Injury Characteristics, and Outcomes
Child abduction murder: an analysis of the effect of time and distance separation between murder incident sites on solvability
Childhood antecedents of exposure to traumatic events and posttraumatic stress disorder
Children's experiences of violence: Some have much more than others
Delayed disclosure of alleged child abuse victims in Israel
Functional time limit and onset of symptoms in infant abusive head trauma
Health care-based interventions for women who have experienced sexual violence: a review of the literature
Incarceration and Recidivism among Sexual Offenders
Risk-taking behaviors among Israeli adolescents exposed to recurrent terrorism: provoking danger under continuous threat?
Profile of children investigated for sexual abuse: association with psychopathology symptoms and services
Perceptions of victimization risk and fear of crime among lesbians and gay men
Mental health, quality of life, and health functioning in women veterans: differential outcomes associated with military and civilian sexual assault
Parent-teacher disagreement regarding psychopathology in children: a risk factor for adverse outcome?
Mole Guns in Turkey in 2003-2005
Not just pushing and shoving: school bullying among African American adolescents
Pediatric trauma: experience of a combat support hospital in Iraq
Pen guns in Turkey
Preventing female-perpetrated sexual abuse
Punking and bullying: strategies in middle school, high school, and beyond
Risk factors and consequences of unwanted sex among university students: hooking up, alcohol, and stress response
Risk factors for victimization in romantic relationships of young women: a review of empirical studies and implications for prevention
Sexual violence in Lesotho
Penetrating ocular trauma from airsoft gun
Trauma and psychosis: an analysis of the national comorbidity survey
Understanding the factors that affect the severity of juvenile stranger sex offenses: the effect of victim characteristics and number of suspects
Using Indirect Questions to Detect Intimate Partner Violence: The SAFE-T Questionnaire
Violence against women and children
Violence against women and children
Violence against women and children
Violence and mandated treatment: future considerations
Violence and Mental Illness: A New Analytic Approach
The shaken baby syndrome
Alcoholism and homicide with respect to the classification systems of Lesch and Cloninger
Arson: a growing inferno
Ballistic fractures during the 2003 Gulf conflict--early prognosis and high complication rate
Barriers to reporting sexual assault for women and men: perspectives of college students
Can a falling bullet be lethal at terminal velocity? Cardiac injury caused by a celebratory bullet
Effects of blast injury on kidneys in abdominal gunshot wounds
Release from prison--a high risk of death for former inmates
Sexual sadism and sadistic personality disorder in sexual homicide
Should medical students be taught about rape? A survey of UK medical schools
Social Trust, Firearm Prevalence, and Homicide
Fratricide: a forensic psychiatric perspective
Pathways and processes of risk in associations among maternal antisocial personality symptoms, interparental aggression, and preschooler's psychopathology
Beyond trauma-focused psychiatric epidemiology: bridging research and practice with war-affected populations
Crack cocaine: a five-year follow-up study of treated patients
Current psychopathology in previously assaulted older adults
Factors associated with premature mortality among young injection drug users in Vancouver
Robbers aboard: workplace violence and (in)security in public transport in Salvador, Brazil
The Afghan symptom checklist: a culturally grounded approach to mental health assessment in a conflict zone
Violence from young women involuntarily admitted for severe drug abuse
Workplace violence: a policy statement
A prospective investigation of major depressive disorder and comorbidity in abused and neglected children grown up
A Comparison of the Gatehouse Bullying Scale and the Peer Relations Questionnaire for Students in Secondary School
Adding insult to injury: development and initial validation of the Partner-Directed Insults Scale
Adolescents' psychological response to the experience of community interpersonal violence: a cross-national and a cross-cultural comparison
An examination of pathways from childhood victimization to violence: the role of early aggression and problematic alcohol use
Bullying and victimization among Black and Hispanic adolescents
Child multi-type maltreatment and associated depression and PTSD symptoms: The role of social support and stress
Correlates of comorbid PTSD and polysubstance use in sexual assault victims
Domestic violence beliefs and perceptions among college students
Early abuse experiences and subsequent gender differences in couple adjustment
Enhancing victim safety through collaboration
Measuring the risk of physical neglect in a population-based sample
Mortality in Iraq - Authors' reply to several critics
Parent and Child Agreement for Acute Stress Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and other Psychopathology in a Prospective Study of Children and Adolescents Exposed to Single-Event Trauma
Poly-victimization: A neglected component in child victimization
Reactions to dating violence among Latino teenagers: An experiment utilizing the Articulated Thoughts in Simulated Situations paradigm
Reported maltreatment in childhood in relation to the personality features of Norwegian adult psychiatric outpatients
Risk of death among children reported for nonfatal maltreatment
Training for terrorism-related conditions in hospitals: United States, 2003-04
Advances and challenges in treatment for female victims of sexual violence
Homicides in East Berlin from 1980 to 1989. Part I: Victimology and phenomenology
Multidisciplinary care for victims of sexual assault: the experience at the Federal University in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Bullying. Killing them softly
Animal and human bite injuries in Victoria, 1998-2004
Assessing risk for imminent violence in the elderly: the Broset Violence Checklist
Bullying in elementary school, high school, and college
Cause of death among elder homicide victims: a 10-year medical examiner review
Childhood abuse and non-suicidal self-harm behavior in adulthood among the mothers of children in psychiatric treatment
A health inequalities perspective on violence against women
Considering culture in understanding interpersonal violence
Development of a Brief Mental Health Screen for Intimate Partner Violence Victims in the Emergency Department
Discriminative factor analysis of juvenile delinquency in South Korea
Domestic violence and symptoms of gynecologic morbidity among women in north India
Evaluation of interdisciplinary terrorism preparedness programs: a pilot focus group study
Healthcare utilization and costs for women with a history of intimate partner violence
Integrating prevention into practice: an introduction to sexual violence primary prevention literature
Intimate partner violence among Afghan women living in refugee camps in Pakistan
Intimate partner violence screening and treatment: the importance of nursing caring behaviors
Medical lessons from terror attacks in Israel
Nuclear/radiological terrorism: Emergency department management of radiation casualties
Physical health consequences of intimate partner violence in Spanish women
Self-reported consequences and needs for support associated with abuse in female users of psychiatric care
Severe physical punishment and mental health problems in an economically disadvantaged population of children and adolescents
Supportive parenting moderates the effect of discrimination upon anger, hostile view of relationships, and violence among African American boys
The epidemiology of repeat contacts with an Emergency Department or an Institute of Forensic Medicine due to violent victimization in a Danish urban population
The Even-number Guide and Imaging Ballistic Injuries
The relationship between bullying, psychotic-like experiences and appraisals in 14-16-year olds
Age-appropriate communication and screening for exploratory behaviour during adolescence
Intentional violence in healthcare environments
Medicalising domestic violence
Nation unprepared for natural disasters, terrorism attacks
Scale invariance in the 2003-2005 Iraq conflict
Model of prison riots
Dynamics of the world terror and the war in Iraq
Aggression homicide and rejection homicide: a communicative classification of homicide
Comprehensive healthcare for female victims of sexual violence: the experience of the women's comprehensive healthcare center, State University in Campinas, Brazil
Domestic Violence Victims in Welfare Caseloads: The Discrepancy Between Administrative and Survey Disclosure Rates
A comparison of help seeking between Latino and non-Latino victims of intimate partner violence
A network model for providing culturally competent services for intimate partner violence and sexual violence
Why children's rights are central to international child health
An overview of intimate partner violence among Latinos
Child abuse: approach and management
Child abuse: Report of three cases from Khamis Mushayt
Diverse faces of domestic violence
Domestic violence: the role of health professionals
EMS and child abuse. How providers can break the cycle of violence
Factors influencing identification of and response to intimate partner violence: a survey of physicians and nurses
Substance use among patients attending an accident and emergency department
Fatal child abuse in two children of a family: The alleged role of polygamy
Intimate Partner Violence Incidence and Continuation in a Primary Care Screening Program
Latino teens talk about help seeking and help giving in relation to dating violence
Latinos' perspectives and experiences with intimate partner violence
Sin Vergenza: Addressing Shame with Latino Victims of Child Sexual Abuse and Their Families
Resiliency factors in the relation between childhood sexual abuse and adulthood sexual assault in college-age women
Mental states of adolescents exposed to war in Uganda: finding appropriate methods of rehabilitation
Management of alcohol intoxication and aggressive behaviour: a tale of two cities
Management of victims in a mass casualty incident caused by a terrorist bombing: treatment algorithms for stable, unstable, and in extremist victims
Music videos, pro wrestling, and acceptance of date rape among middle school males and females: an exploratory analysis
Perceptions and Predictors of Children's Credibility of a Unique Event and an Instance of a Repeated Event
Pre-military intimate partner violence and attrition from the U.S. Navy
Relationship to Perpetrator, Disclosure, Social Reactions, and PTSD Symptoms in Child Sexual Abuse Survivors
Sex differences in physical aggression to partners: a reply to Frieze (2000), O'leary (2000), and White, Smith, Koss, and Figueredo (2000)
Serotonin Transporter (5-HTTLPR) Genotype, Childhood Abuse, and Suicide Attempts in Adult Psychiatric Inpatients
Shaking and Other Non-Accidental Head Injuries in Children
The distinction between torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment
Toxicological investigation of drug-facilitated sexual assaults
Child abuse and therapeutic play
Factors associated with violence against healthcare workers
Sexual violence against women--the analysis of the phenomenon as exemplified by the Jack the Ripper case
Maxillofacial Trauma Resulting From Terror in Israel
Intimate partner violence among Latinas in eastern North Carolina
Intimate partner violence and housing instability
Aggression management and sex and racial differences in mortality
Alcohol and expectancy--ii. perceived sex differences in the role of alcohol as a source of aggression
Comments on 'sex differences in beliefs about aggression: opponent's sex and the form of aggression' by J. Archer and A. Haigh
Friendship jealousy in young adolescents: individual differences and links to sex, self-esteem, aggression, and social adjustment
On the biological basis of sex differences in aggression
Physical/verbal aggression: sex differences in style
Preventing men's violence against women
Sex differences in aggression and its correlates in middleclass adolescents
Sex differences in aggression between heterosexual partners: a meta-analytic review
Sex differences in aggression: a rejoinder and reprise
Sex differences in aggression: does social representation mediate form of aggression?
Sex differences in aggression: social representation and social roles
Sex differences in beliefs about aggression: opponent's sex and the form of aggression
Sex differences in childhood anger and aggression
Sex differences in children's expression and control of fantasy and overt aggression
Sex differences in east African dreams of aggression
Reflections on Sweden's measures against men's violence against women
Degradation, Harm and Survival in a Women's Prison
Making it through the Criminal Justice System: Attrition and Domestic Violence
A Consequence of Blurring the Boundaries -- Less Choice for the Victims of Domestic Violence?
Judicialising and (de) Criminalising Domestic Violence in Latin America
Sexual Violence against Women in Armed Conflicts: Standard Responses and New Ideas
Reconsidering State Intervention in Domestic Violence Cases
Civil Renewal and Community Safety: Virtuous Policy Spiral or Dynamic of Exclusion?
Transnational influences on Domestic Violence Policy and Action -- Exploring Developments in China and England
Abusive head injuries in infants and young children
An acute post-sexual assault intervention to prevent drug abuse: Updated findings
Are we prepared to handle the mental health consequences of terrorism?
Barriers to screening for domestic violence in the emergency department
Bullying behaviours and psychosocial health: results from a cross-sectional survey among high school students in Istanbul, Turkey
Bullying in Schools: Prevalence and Short-term Impact
Conjoined Effects of Low Birth Weight and Childhood Abuse on Adaptation and Well-being in Adolescence and Adulthood
Child abuse and neglect in the Arab Peninsula
Creating a veil of silence? Politeness and marital violence in the English household
Differential trends in alcohol-related mortality: a register-based follow-up study in Finland in 1987-2003
Forensic child abuse evaluation: a review
Identifying the links between violence against women and HIV/AIDS: ecosocial and human rights frameworks offer insight into U.S. prevention policies
Intimate Partner Violence and Emergency Department Screening: Computerized Screening Versus Usual Care
Managing Burn Victims of Suicide Bombing Attacks: Outcomes, Lessons learnt and Changes made from Three Attacks in Indonesia
Managing violence
NAPNAP position statement on child maltreatment
Posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms following media exposure to tragic events: Impact of 9/11 on children at risk for anxiety disorders
Prenatal depression, violence, substance use, and perception of support in pregnant middle-class women
Restraint asphyxia in in-custody deaths Medical examiner's role in prevention of deaths
Validity of the Personality Assessment Inventory Aggression Scales and Violence Potential Index in Veterans With PTSD
Violence and psychiatric morbidity
Mental disorders in children after the sexual abuse
Evaluating the "it's better if we talk" A communication strategy for promoting pacific co-existence in Cali, Colombia, between 1996-2000
Reliability of cause of death due to violence from information systems in Belo Horizonte, southern Brazil
Internet prevention messages: targeting the right online behaviors
The association between childhood asthma and community violence, Los Angeles County, 2000
The contribution of specific causes of death to sex differences in mortality
The Effects of City-Wide Implementation of "Second Step" on Elementary School Students' Prosocial and Aggressive Behaviors
The Impact of State Laws Protecting Abortion Clinics and Reproductive Rights on Crimes Against Abortion Providers: Deterrence, Backlash, or Neither?
The Prevalence of Violent Disagreements in US Families: Effects of Residence, Race/Ethnicity, and Parental Stress
A narrative study of refugee women who have experienced violence in the context of war
Effect of Psychopathy, Abuse, and Ethnicity on Juvenile Probation Officers' Decision-Making and Supervision Strategies
Child abuse and neglect: attachment, development and intervention
Child maltreatment and domestic violence: human services issues
Domestic violence and diversity: a call for multicultural services
Double binding, abusive intimate partner relationships, and pregnancy
GPs' perception of their role in the identification and management of family violence
Impact of London's terrorist attacks on a major trauma center in London
Objectifying when to halt a boxing match: a video analysis of fatalities
Internalizing and Externalizing Subtypes in Female Sexual Assault Survivors: Implications for the Understanding of Complex PTSD
Exploring the disclosure of child sexual abuse with alleged victims and their parents
Measuring costs of child abuse and neglect: a mathematic model of specific cost estimations
MENTOR-VIP--a global mentoring program for violence and injury prevention
Mortality among homicide offenders: a retrospective population-based long-term follow-up
Police response to victims of domestic and non-domestic violence
Prospective Prediction of Women's Sexual Victimization by Intimate and Nonintimate Male Perpetrators
Success in gun law reform in Australia
Stability in Bullying and Victimization and its Association with Social Adjustment in Childhood and Adolescence
The US gun stock: results from the 2004 national firearms survey
The validity of the Violence Risk Appraisal Guide (VRAG) in predicting criminal recidivism
Violence against women: Theoretical reflections
Violence and health: the challenges of how we talk about, conceptualize, and address violence
Violence prevention in the mental health setting: the New York state experience
Evaluation of school-based child sexual abuse prevention program
Evaluation of violent behaviors in secondary school
Family and school violence: the mediator role of self-esteem and attitudes towards institutional authority
Family communication styles, attitude towards institutional authority and adolescents violent behaviour at school
Path analysis on workplace violence affecting work ability, job satisfaction and turnover intent in health professionals in Shangqiu City
A further celebration of nursing research in violence
Alcohol and violence: use of possible confounders in a time-series analysis
Health aspects of disaster preparedness and response--panel session 3: industrial accidents, conflicts, and other emergencies
Reported fatal and non-fatal incidents involving tourists in Thailand, July 1997-June 1999
Abuse during pregnancy in Mexico City
Active parental consent for a school-based community violence screening: comparing distribution methods
Age of onset of smoking among alcohol dependent men attending substance abuse treatment after a domestic violence arrest
Child abuse and AIDS-related knowledge, attitudes and behavior among adolescents in Zambia
Childhood Abuse, Adult Health, and Health Care Utilization: Results from a Representative Community Sample
Criminal correlates of injury-related emergency department recidivism
Exploring the literature on relationships between gender roles, intimate partner violence, occupational status, and organizational benefits
Intimate partner violence, employment and the workplaces: an interdisciplinary perspective
Intimate partner violence, social support, and employment in the post-welfare reform era
Partner Stalking and Implications for Women's Employment
Understanding barriers to mental health service utilization for adolescents in rural Australia
Suicide in current psychiatric in-patients: a case-control study. The National Confidential Inquiry into Suicide and Homicide
The effects and costs of intimate partner violence for work organizations
Violence against Wives, Sexual Risk and Sexually- Transmitted Infection among Bangladeshi Men
Working women making it work: intimate partner violence, employment, and workplace support
Managing bioterrorism mass casualties in an emergency department: lessons learned from a rural community hospital disaster drill
Physical violence as educational practice
Assessment of school violence and its personal effect on a sample of European students
Domestic violence: beliefs and attitudes in university students
Domestic violence as a public health problem
Evaluation of Childhood Deaths in Istanbul, Turkey
Characterization of the gunshot suicides
Fatal firearm wounds: A retrospective study in Bari (Italy) between 1988 and 2003
Trends in firearm-related deaths in the transkei region of South Africa
Age of onset of child maltreatment predicts long-term mental health outcomes
Battered Black Women's Use of Religious Services and Spirituality for Assistance in Leaving Abusive Relationships
Bullying, violence, and risk behavior in South African school students
Care or scare: The safety of youth in congregate care in New York City
Child-rearing Anxiety and Its Correlates Among Japanese Mothers Screened at 18-Month Infant Health Checkups
Epidemiology of trauma deaths in an urban level-1 trauma center predominantly among African Americans--implications for prevention
Differing Effects of Partner and Nonpartner Sexual Assault on Women's Mental Health
Drug facilitated sexual assault using an over-the-counter ocular solution containing tetrahydrozoline (Visine)
Engaging men and boys in preventing violence against women: applying a cognitive-behavioral model
Experiences of sex trafficking victims in Mumbai, India
Fatal physical child abuse in two children of a family
Improving credibility assessment in child sexual abuse allegations: The role of the NICHD investigative interview protocol
Injuries in combat from 1982-2005 with particular reference to those to the head and neck: A review
Intimate Partner Violence During Pregnancy: Incidence and Associated Health Behaviors in a Rural Population
Intimate partner violence in older women
Language Impairment and Sexual Assault of Girls and Women: Findings from a Community Sample
Population strategy to address child maltreatment in Japan
Strategies and recommendations for prevention and control of domestic violence against women in Pakistan
No refuge: an exploratory survey of nightmares, dreams, and sleep patterns in women dealing with relationship violence
The effectiveness of the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program in public middle schools: a controlled trial
Violence and substance use as risk factors for depressive symptoms among adolescents in an urban emergency department
"When You're Involved, It's Just Different": Making Sense of Domestic Violence
Women's experiences with violence: A national study
Efforts to gain further insight into unexplained deaths among children
Domestic Violence Research: Methodological Issues Related to a Community-Based Intervention With a Vulnerable Population
Effects of Perceived Emotional Intensity on Mock Jurors Murder/Manslaughter Distinctions
Tend and Befriend Versus Fight or Flight: Gender Differences in Behavioral Response to Stress Among University Students
Accuracy of five domestic violence screening questions with nongraphic language
Are alcohol problems linked with an increase in depressive symptoms in abused, inner-city African American women?
A phenomenological investigation of the experience of not belonging
A four-step approach for establishment of a national medical response to mega-terrorism
A public health approach for preventing child sexual abuse
Abuse of women and burn injuries--an alarming observation
Adolescent perceptions of violence: Formative research findings from a social marketing campaign to reduce violence among middle school youth
Adolescent risk correlates of bullying and different types of victimization
Aggressive Political Opinions and Exposure to Violent Media
Breaking the cycle of intergenerational abuse: The long-term impact of a residential care program
Can we immunize children against violence?
Child abuse and neglect in Saudi Arabia: What are we doing and where do we stand?
Child abuse and neglect: Perspective from King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre
Effect of Deployment on the Occurrence of Child Maltreatment in Military and Nonmilitary Families
Community characteristics and violence against homeless women in Los Angeles County
Craniofacial war injuries
Domestic violence is associated with adult and childhood asthma prevalence in India
Death by unnatural causes during childhood and early adulthood in offspring of psychiatric inpatients
Polonium-210 as a poison
Fatal physical child abuse in two children of a family
Firearm Injuries: Epidemic Then, Endemic Now
Forensic nursing: a healthcare response to the epidemic of violence
GPs, violence and work performance - 'Just part of the job?'
I Know You Are But What Am I? Young People's Perceptions of Varying Types of Video Game Influence
The psychopharmacology of violence with emphasis on schizophrenia, part 2: long-term treatment
Influence of intimate partner violence during pregnancy and early postpartum depressive symptoms on breastfeeding among Chinese women in Hong Kong
Morbidities associated with bullying behaviors in adolescents. School based study of American adolescents
Reductions in firearm-related mortality and hospitalizations in Brazil after gun control
Substance use, psychological distress and violence among pregnant and breastfeeding Australian women
Survivors of violence-related facial injury: psychiatric needs and barriers to mental health care
Teenagers Response to Threat of War and Terror: Gender and the Role of Social Systems
Terrorism and mental health in the rural Midwest
The Effect of Viewing Varying Levels and Contexts of Violent Sports Programming on Enjoyment, Mood, and Perceived Violence
The spectrum of child abuse presenting to a university hospital in Riyadh
Violence Exposure and Psychopathology in Urban Youth: The Mediating Role of Posttraumatic Stress
Violent crime and substance abuse: A medico-legal comparison between deceased users of anabolic androgenic steroids and abusers of illicit drugs
Family and gender violence from the point of view of health professionals
Additive interaction of child abuse and perinatal risk as signs of resiliency in adulthood
Advances in contemporary nursing and interpersonal violence
Child abuse and culture. Working with diverse families
Connecting the gendered door: women, violence and doorwork
Designing out vulnerability, building in respect: violence, safety and sex work policy
Elementary school nurses' perceptions of student bullying
Emergency Department care of women experiencing intimate partner violence: Are we doing all we can?
Facing workplace violence in the health care industry
Personal and interpersonal characteristics related to resilient developmental pathways of sexually abused adolescents
Physical spousal violence against women in India: Some risk factors
Rape against women: the magnitude, perpetrators and patterns of disclosure of events in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Relational and academic components of resilience in maltreated adolescents
Scriptural violence can foster aggression
Suicide by shooting is correlated to rate of gun licenses in Austrian counties
The moderating role of ambivalent sexism: the influence of power status on perception of rape victim and rapist
Understanding the Relationship between Resiliency and Bullying in Adolescence: An Assessment of Youth Resiliency from Five Urban Junior High Schools
Unintended pregnancy among unmarried adolescents and young women in Anambra State, south east Nigeria
Violence and delinquency, early onset drug use, and psychopathology in drug-exposed youth at 11 years
Racial differences in the characteristics of firearm suicide decedents in the United States
Understanding the declining Canadian homicide rate: a test of Holinger's relative cohort size hypothesis
Bullying in college by students and teachers
Death on campuses: common postvention strategies in higher education
Detection of non-accidental injuries presenting at emergency departments
Disaster down East: using participatory action research to explore intimate partner violence in eastern North Carolina
Urban and Rural Differences in the Relationship between Substance Use and Violence
A comparison of three sources of data on child homicide
Are abused babies protected from further abuse?
Variants of homicide: a review
School bullying and tackling strategies in Hong Kong
Underascertainment of child maltreatment fatalities by death certificates, 1990-1998
Violence exposure and substance use in adolescents: findings from three countries
Tattooing and high-risk behavior in adolescents
Television commercial violence during nonviolent programming: the 1998 major league baseball playoffs
The American Academy of Pediatrics and gun control
The cause of infant and toddler subdural hemorrhage: a prospective study
The effectiveness of a home visit to prevent childhood injury
'They're too smart for that': predicting what children would do in the presence of guns
Criminological significance of alcohol
Psychiatric aspects with psychopathic personalities' homicide
Role of the state and voluntary organizations in the prevention of alcohol-related problems in Bulgaria
The significance of the alcohol abuse in patients with antisocial personality disorder
Torture victims and mechanisms of coping with stress
Fractured families: parental perspectives of the effects of adolescent drug abuse on family life
Sudden infant death syndrome: a subject of medicolegal research
Alcohol and its impact on facial bone fractures in a district general hospital
Child Behavior Problems
A cognitive behavioral therapy for alcohol-dependent domestic violence offenders: an integrated substance abuse-domestic violence treatment approach (SADV)
Bullying and victimization and internalizing symptoms among low-income Black and Hispanic students
Factors associated with domestic violence in south-east Nigeria
Heart rate and electrodermal responses to aggression in a violent video game
Homicide during psychotic illness in New South Wales between 1993 and 2002
Mass casualty incident after the Taba terrorist attack: an organisational and medical challenge
Measuring Proactive and Reactive Criminal Thinking With the PICTS: Correlations With Outcome Expectancies and Hostile Attribution Biases
Nonaccidental head trauma in infants
Providing services to survivors of domestic violence: a comparison of rural and urban service provider perceptions
Risk factors for violence and relational aggression in adolescence
Screening Practices for Adolescent Dating Violence
Sexual aggression among White, Black, and Hispanic couples in the U.S.: alcohol use, physical assault and psychological aggression as its correlates
The impact of childhood maltreatment on young adults' substance abuse
Dating violence and domestic violence
Trends in workplace homicides in the U.S., 1993-2002: a decade of decline
Work-related factors and violence among nursing staff in the European NEXT study: A longitudinal cohort study
A new approach to Eysenck's theory of criminality
A new view of aggressiveness in adolescence
A personological approach to the study of aggression
Aggression, anger control and emotion control
Alcohol consumption, alcohol abuse, personality and female perpetrated spouse abuse
An empirical classification of non-violent offenders using the MMPI
An investigation of some hypotheses concerning rape and murder
Anger and irrational beliefs in violent inmates
Anger and psychopathology in prison inmates
Anger provoking experiences: A multidimensional scaling analysis
Antecedents of sexual and non-sexual aggression in young Singaporean men
Anxiety and aggression of high and low assertive persons following conflict
Application of pattern recognition in arson investigation
'Ye've got to 'ave balls to play this game sir!' Boys, peers and fears: the negative influence of school-based 'cultural accomplices' in constructing hegemonic masculinities
Gender violence in schools in the developing world
School [compulsory] exclusions and masculine, working-class identities
Excluded girls: interpersonal, institutional and structural violence in schooling
Mortality among lone mothers in Sweden: a population study
Premature death among teenage mothers
Premature mortality among lone fathers and childless men
Lone mothers' experience of physical and sexual violence: association with psychiatric disorders
Mortality, severe morbidity and injury among long-term lone mothers in Sweden
A hospital based violence prevention intervention reduced hospital recidivism for violent injury and arrests for violent crimes
Abuse and violence during home care work as predictor of worker depression
Age at Sexual Assault And Posttraumatic Stress Disorder among Women: Prevalence, Correlates, And Implications for Prevention
Are abusive fractures in young children becoming less common? Changes over 24 years
Capital Offenders in Texas Prisons: Rates, Correlates, and an Actuarial Analysis of Violent Misconduct
Delayed homicides due to infant head injury initially reported as natural (cerebral palsy) deaths
From "among girl friends" to "among mothers"--baseline research adjusts a health promoting intervention in Nicaragua
Genital injuries in boys and abuse
Intimate partner violence prevalence and HIV risks among women receiving care in emergency departments: implications for IPV and HIV screening
Is Abuse Causally Related to Urologic Symptoms? Results from the Boston Area Community Health (BACH) Survey
Nurse reporting of known and suspected child abuse and neglect cases in Taiwan
Pattern of burns in child abuse
Screening for domestic violence during pregnancy in an antenatal clinic in Lebanon
A forensic medicine perspective on recurring episodes of intimate partner violence
Cognitive and parenting pathways in the transmission of antisocial behavior from parents to adolescents
Corporal punishment and child adjustment
Early correlates of preschool aggressive behavior according to type of aggression and measurement
Physical environmental adversity and the protective role of maternal monitoring in relation to early child conduct problems
Reciprocal longitudinal relations between nonresident father involvement and adolescent delinquency
Effects on violence of laws and policies facilitating the transfer of juveniles from the juvenile justice system to the adult justice system a systematic review
Recommendation against policies facilitating the transfer of juveniles from juvenile to adult justice systems for the purpose of reducing violence
Treating Juveniles as Adult Criminals An Iatrogenic Violence Prevention Strategy if Ever There Was One
Understanding the geospatial relationship of neighborhood characteristics and rates of maltreatment for black, hispanic, and white children
Assertiveness, aggressiveness and Eysenck's personality variables
Assessment of anger expression in children: The pediatric anger expression scale
Attitudes to spanking children
Beyond Horror: Terrorist Atrocity and the Search for Understanding--The Case of the Shankill Bombing
Beyond "No means no": Outcomes of an intensive program to train peer facilitators for campus acquaintance rape education
Biomechanics of abusive head trauma
Black female homicide in the United States
Blood glucose control and aggressiveness in females
Body movements and the verbal encoding of aggressive affect
Boredom proneness in anger and aggression: effects of impulsiveness and sensation seeking
Brief screening for lifetime history of criminal victimization at mental health intake: A preliminary study
Bullies and victims in school: A review and call for research
Can the violent jihad do without sympathizers?
Catharsis and aggression: effects of annoyance and retaliation on aggressive behavior
Catharsis through displacement of aggression
Cause of death in pregnant women--with special reference to suicide
Causes of Communal War: Fear and Feasibility
Challenging Ethnocentric Explanations of Domestic Violence: Let Us Decide, Then Value Our Decisions--a Samoan Response
Chaos and trauma in the lives of adolescent females with antisocial behavior and delinquency
Characteristics of child molesters: Implications for the fixated-regressed dichotomy
Characteristics of child victims of physical violence: Research findings and clinical implications
Characteristics of Male Batterers in Treatment: An Example of a Localized Program Evaluation Concerning Attrition
Characteristics of spouse abusers: Predictors of treatment acceptance
Characteristics of violence in state government
Child abuse and divorce: Competing priorities and agendas and practical suggestions
Child abuse as an area of aggression research
Child abuse reporting and failure to report among mandated reporters: Prevalence, incidence, and reasons
Child hostages: Incidence and outcome
Child Homicide in the City of Los Angeles: An Epidemiologic Examination of a Decade of Deaths
Child maltreatment among Asian and Pacific Islander refugees and immigrants: The San Diego case
Child maltreatment, family characteristics and adult adjustment: Mediating and moderating processes
Child maltreatment: A national survey of reports and fatalities
Child molesters: An examination of cognitive factors
Child protection workers and battered women's advocates working together to end violence against women and children
Childhood Aggression and Chronic Illness: Possible Protective Mechanisms
Childhood physical abuse, childhood social support, and adult child abuse potential
Children and homicide
Children as Victims of War and Terrorism
Children Exposed to Intimate Partner Violence: Research Findings and Implications for Intervention
Children sexually abused by multiple perpetrators: Familial risk factors and abuse characteristics
Children who are targets of bullying: A victim pattern
Children who witness domestic violence: A review of empirical literature
Children with Disabilities: Abuse, Neglect, and the Child Welfare System
Children's evaluations of retaliatory aggression against siblings and friends
Children's Perceptions of Their Neighborhoods
Children's psychological reactions to wartime stress
Children's Self-Report of Exposure to Violence and Its Relation to Emotional Distress
Civilian gunshot wounds to the brain
Clinical Research and Practice with Battered Women: what we know, what we need to know
Cojoint therapy for partners who engage in physically aggressive behavior: Rationale and research
Collaborating on family safety: Challenges for children's and women's advocates
Collecting data on the abuse and neglect of American Indian children
Combined homicide-suicide in Galveston County
Commentary about the Terrorist Acts of September 11, 2001: Posttraumatic Reactions and Related Social and Policy Issues
Comments on Pagelow's myth of psychopathology in woman battering
Communication aimed at changing cognitions about sexual intimidation: Comparing the impact of a perpetrator-focused versus a victim-focused persuasive strategy
Community collaboration to develop research programs in partner violence
Community notification and constructive risk reduction
Community notification laws: A step toward more effective solutions
Community notification of sex offenders: A new tool or a false promise?
Community violence exposure and associated behavior problems among children and adolescents in residential treatment
Comparative analysis of juvenile sexual offenders, violent nonsexual offenders, and status offenders
Comparing female and male perpetrators' modus operandi: Victims' reports of sexual abuse
Comparing Motives and Outcomes of Mass Casualty Terrorism Involving Conventional and Unconventional Weapons
Comparing single and serial homicide offenses
Comparison of physical child abusers, intrafamilial sexual child abusers, and child neglecters
Comparison of U.S. army and civilian substantiated reports of child maltreatment
Comparison of wound patterns in homicide and dyadic death
Complexity and Counterterrorism: Thinking about Biometrics
Conceptualizing anti-gay violence
Concurrent cross-validation of the Self-Appraisal Questionnaire: a tool for assessing violent and nonviolent recidivism and institutional adjustment on a sample of North Carolina offenders
Conflict and cooperation in potentially intense conflict situations
Confronting child abuse and neglect and overcoming gaze aversion: the unmet challenge of centuries of medical practice
Confronting child abuse
Connotations of racial concepts and color names
Context effects in observed violence
Controversies in shaken baby/shaken impact syndrome
Convicted women who have killed children: A self-psychology perspective
Coping with anger-provoking situations: Young adolescents' theories of strategy use and effectiveness
Correlates of firesetting in a community sample of young adolescents
Correlates of multiple forms of victimization in religion-related child abuse cases
Correlates of suicide risk in adolescent inpatients who report a history of childhood abuse
Covert video surveillance of parents suspected of child abuse: the British experience and alternative approaches
Crime and religion: An international comparison among thirteen industrial nations
Crime of passion; current state of the question
Criminal behavior and r/K selection: An extension of gene-based evolutionary theory
Criminal burning
Criminal injuries compensation for abused children
Crisis Negotiation: A Counter-Intuitive Method to Disrupt Terrorism
Cross-Regional Trends in Female Terrorism
Cults, Violence and Religious Terrorism: An International Perspective
Cultural Issues in Terrorism and in Response to Terrorism
Culturally Focused Batterer Counseling for African American Men
Cumulative risk and protection models of child maltreatment
Current research on terrorism: The academic perspective
Curricular Models for Training Medical Students and Physicians to Detect and Address Child Abuse
Cut throat injury: a retrospective study of 26 cases
Violent causes of death in young people of 10 to 24 years old. Argentina 1991 - 2000
Violence and social representation in teenagers in Brazil
Date rape. Its relationship to trauma symptoms and sexual self-esteem
Death from child abuse and neglect
Deaths in preschool and school age--a retrospective analysis from a medicolegal point of view
Deciding to defect - The effects of video-game violence on cooperative behavior
Deciding to defect: the effects of video-game violence on cooperative behavior
Defending date rape
Delinquent personality types and the situational contexts of their crimes
Denial, response styles, and admittance of offenses among child molesters and rapists
Depressed adolescents with a history of sexual abuse: diagnostic comorbidity and suicidality
Desensitization of children to television violence
Detecting the scope of rape: A review of prevalence research methods
Determination of alcohol in the blood and medical examinations prescribed in cases of crime, misdemeanor or traffic accident followed by death or injury
Developing guidelines for domestic violence offender programs: What can we learn from related fields and current research?
Development and cross-cultural and clinical validation of a brief comprehensive scale for assessing hostility in medical settings
Development of a driving anger scale
Development of an Abuse Screening Tool for Women with Disabilities
Development of the overt-covert aggression inventory
Developmental trends in the nature of child homicide
Dialectical behavior therapy in the treatment of abusive behavior
Die and Let Die: Exploring Links between Suicide Terrorism and Terrorist Use of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Weapons
Differences in childhood sexual abuse experience between adult Hispanic and Anglo women in a primary care setting
Differential abnormalities in plasma 5-HIAA and platelet serotonin concentrations in violent suicide attempters: relationships with impulsivity and depression
Differential diagnosis and management of human-directed aggression in dogs
Differentiation between self-inflicted and homicidal stab wounds to the neck
Difficult and unlikeable parents
A mixed-methods examination of sexual coercion and degradation among women in violent relationships who do and do not report forced sex
Approaches to prevention of intergenerational transmission of hate, war and violence
Assessing the efficacy of the protective action-completion nexus for sexual victimizations
Borderline personality symptomatology and history of domestic violence among women in an internal medicine setting
Campus violence white paper
Examining the correlates of engagement and disengagement coping among help-seeking battered women
Changes in brain function during acute cannabis intoxication: preliminary findings suggest a mechanism for cannabis-induced violence
Childhood sexual abuse, attachment, and trauma symptoms in college females: The moderating role of attachment
Comparing gang and individual rapes in a community sample of urban women
Date fighting experiences among college students: are they associated with other health-risk behaviors?
Development of an evidence-based domestic violence guideline: Supporting perinatal women-centred care in Japan
Differences in Frequency of Violence and Reported Injury Between Reciprocal and Nonreciprocal Intimate Partner Violence
Drinking Level, Neighborhood Social Disorder, and Mutual Intimate Partner Violence
Epidemiology and Consequences of Women's Revictimization
Evaluation of family drawings of physically and sexually abused children
Factors Associated with Retaliatory Attitudes among African American Adolescents Who have been Assaulted
Health Status Among Internally Displaced Persons in Louisiana and Mississippi Travel Trailer Parks
Individual, family, and neighborhood factors distinguish resilient from non-resilient maltreated children: A cumulative stressors model
Life on streets
Silent victims: Children exposed to family violence
Mechanisms of injury by explosive devices
Penetrating trauma in Ontario emergency departments: a population-based study
Relationships between postural balance, rifle stability and shooting accuracy among novice rifle shooters
Resilience to adult psychopathology following childhood maltreatment: Evidence from a community sample
Spatial and temporal aspects of alcohol-related crime in a college town
Suicide terrorists: are they suicidal?
Implications of parental suicide and violent death for promotion of resilience of parentally-bereaved children
The effect of rugby match outcome on spectator aggression and intention to drink alcohol
United Kingdom General Medical Council fails child protection
Unwanted sexual contact on campus: A comparison of women's and men's experiences
Women's voices on recovery: A multi-method study of the complexity of recovery from child sexual abuse
Maternal filicide in Japan: analyses of 96 cases and future directions for prevention
Aggression and violence towards staff working with older patients
Alcohol's effects on women's risk detection in a date-rape vignette
Reasons for not reporting victimizations to the police: do they vary for physical and sexual incidents?
Surprise 'social status' finding in rape study
The effect of a college sexual assault prevention program on first-year students' victimization rates
Firearms law is absurd and harmful to our patients!
Do Partners Agree about the Occurrence of Intimate Partner Violence?: A Review of the Current Literature
Do religious institutions support violence or the status quo?
Doctor accused of misrepresenting evidence in child abuse cases
Doctor who exaggerated child abuse is cleared of misconduct
Documenting the victimization of lesbians and gay men: Methodological issues
Does aggressiveness have a factorial structure?
Does drug abuse lead to criminal behavior? An analysis based on criminal registers of 117 drug-related deaths, examined in 1992 at the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Vienna, Austria
Does Forced Sexual Contact Have Criminogenic Effects? An Empirical Test of Derailment Theory
Does playing violent video games induce aggression? Empirical evidence of a functional magnetic resonance imaging study
Does violence in the media cause violent behavior?
Domestic abuse of the elderly: Which cases involve the police?
Domestic violence and help-seeking behaviors among rural women: results from a shelter-based study
Domestic violence by extended family members in India. (Interplay of gender and generation)
Domestic violence homicides: ED use before victimization
Domestic violence in patients visiting general practitioners--prevalence, phenomenology, and association with psychopathology
Domestic violence is a human issue
Domestic violence offenders: Treatment and intervention standards
Domestic violence: a pediatric concern
Domestic Violence: Curricular Issues in Family Medicine
Drugs and Sexual Assault: A Review
Eating disorders and aggressiveness among adolescents
Educating children about sexual abuse: implications for pediatric intervention and possible prevention
Educational Methods in Teaching About Violence
Effect of frustration upon imitation of aggression
Effect of playing violent computer games on physiological arousal, anxiety, and hostility
Effect of residual excitation on the emotional response to provocation and delayed aggressive behavior
Effect of the incident at Columbine on students' violence- and suicide-related behaviors
Effects of a violent video game on hostility, arousal and mood in a competitive versus noncompetitive situation
Effects of affective orientation and video game may on aggressive thoughts and behaviors
Effects of aggressing "alone" or "with another" on physiological and psychological arousal
Effects of aggressive behavior on canine welfare
Effects of aggressiveness habit strength on behavior in the presence of aggression-related stimuli
Effects of altered responsibility, congnitive set, and modeling on physical aggression and deindividuation
Effects of belief similarity and aggression on attraction and counteraggression
Effects of community violence on inner-city preschoolers and their families
Effects of different forms of filmed aggression on children's constructive and destructive play
Effects of driver cell-phone use on driver aggression
Effects of frustration, attack, and prior training in aggressiveness upon aggressive behavior
Effects of hostility arousal and aggressive humor on catharsis and humor preference
Effects of intentions and consequences on children's evaluations of aggressors
Effects of movie violence on aggression in a field setting as a function of group dominance and cohesion
Effects of overt aggression on level of physiological arousal
The acts of violence of the occupation troops in the occupied rhine area
Effects of sex of aggressor, sex of target, and relationship on evaluations of physical aggression
Effects of the behavior and the perceived arousal of a model on instrumental aggression
Effects of thwarting on cardiac response and physical aggression
Effects of type and dose of alcohol on human physical aggression
Effects of victim gaze behavior and prior relationship on rape culpability attributions
Effects of viewed violence and aggression: stimulation and catharsis
Effects of violent video games on aggressive behavior, aggressive cognition, aggressive affect, physiological arousal, and prosocial behavior: a meta-analytic review of the scientific literature
Elder and child abuse: Conceptual and perceptual parallels
Electronic games and aggression
Elementary teachers' attitudes, perceptions and practices towards the implementation of a violence-prevention curriculum: Second Step
Emotional commitment, normative acceptability, and attributions for abusive partner behaviors
Editorial: Juvenile homicide
Epidemiology of multiple childhood traumatic events: child abuse, parental psychopathology, and other family-level stressors
Epilepsy: relation to aggression, violence, rage and criminality
Eradicating Domestic Violence in the African American Community: A Literature Review and Action Agenda
Erotic stimuli and aggression: facilitation or inhibition
Error in Munchausen by proxy defined
Escalation of aggression: experimental studies
Ethical challenges in the care of the shaken baby
Ethnic adaptations to occupational strain: Work-related stress, drinking, and wife assault among Anglo and Hispanic husbands
Ethnic differences in risk behaviors and related psychosocial variables among a cohort of maltreated adolescents in foster care
Body as the ultimate weapon: Cultural roots of suicidal violence in Sri Lanka
Caste and class violence in Central Bihar: Restructuring social order towards reconcilliation
Children as unintended victims
Conflict management in the Indian suncontinent: The dimensions of Hindu-Muslim conflict
Conflict, reconcilliation and peacebuilding in the North-East Region of India
Engaging Utopia through evidence
Gunshot wounds in children: epidemiology and outcome
Igun Iflop: Gun free South Africa work with youth in schools
Intimate partners and sexual violence: Implications for the prevention of violence against women in South Africa
Non-violent conflict resolution and peacebuilding in South Africa
Social disorganization, social capital and violence prevention in South Africa
The importance of oral and facial injuries in child abuse
The magnitude of firearm homicide in Cape Town, 2001
Violence and alcohol: A study of injury presentations to emergency departments in Eldoret, Kenya
Violence involving children and youth
Comments on SP0409: Sex differences in aggression: does social representation mediate forms?
A comparison of the police response to heterosexual versus same-sex intimate partner violence
Associations of dating violence victimization with lifetime participation, co-occurrence, and early initiation of risk behaviors among U.S. high school students
Authors defend study that shows high Iraqi death toll
Base rates of firearm possession by hospitalized psychiatric patients
Battered pets and domestic violence: animal abuse reported by women experiencing intimate violence and by nonabused women
Best Practices: Utilizing Risk-of-Violence Findings for Continuity of Care
Categorization of aggressive acts committed by chronically assaultive state hospital patients
Child abuse in the eyes of the beholder: Lay perceptions of child sexual and physical abuse
Child Maltreatment: A Global Issue
Correlates of Partner Violence for Incarcerated Women and Men
Deaths of Detainees in the Custody of US Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan From 2002 to 2005
Definitions of and beliefs about wife abuse among undergraduate students of social work
Firearm suicide: use of a firearm injury and death surveillance system
Household firearm ownership and rates of suicide across the 50 United States
Identifying subgroups at high risk of dropping out of domestic batterer treatment: the buffering effects of a high school education
Innocent or culpable? Meanings that emergency department nurses ascribe to individual acts of violence
Intimate Partner Violence During Pregnancy and Mothers' Child Abuse Potential
Issues related to possession of firearms by individuals with mental illness: an overview using California as an example
Latent Profiles Among Sexual Assault Survivors: Implications for Defensive Coping and Resistance
Latent Profiles Among Sexual Assault Survivors: Understanding Survivors and Their Assault Experiences
Lethal and nonlethal violence against an intimate female partner: comparing male murderers to nonlethal abusers
Long bone fractures caused by penetrating injuries in terrorists attacks
Medicalising domestic violence
My Sassy Girl: A Qualitative Study of Women's Aggression in Dating Relationships in Beijing
Typologies of Adolescent Dating Violence: Identifying Typologies of Adolescent Dating Violence Perpetration
A Content Analysis of Violence in American War Movies
A different view of guns
A Longitudinal Examination of Family, Friend, and Media Influences on Competent Versus Problem Behaviors Among Urban Minority Youth
A multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of child abuse
A practical approach to the protection of the abused child and rehabilitation of the abusing parent
A Time to Hate: Situational Antecedents of Intergroup Bias
Abdominal trauma--child abuse
Abuse of the child abuse law
Affect Regulation and the Cycle of Violence Against Women: New Directions for Understanding the Process
Aggressors or victims: gender and race in music video violence
Alcoholism Level Differences between Vietnamese Batterers and Non-Batterers
American Academy of Pediatrics and Child Abuse
American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Accident and Poison Prevention: Injuries related to "toy" firearms
American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Adolescence: Rape and the adolescent
American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Bioethics: Religious exemptions from child abuse statutes
American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Child Abuse and Neglect and Committee on Community Health Services: Investigation and review of unexpected infant and child deaths
American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Child Abuse and Neglect: Guidelines for the evaluation of sexual abuse of children
American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Child Abuse and Neglect: Shaken baby syndrome: inflicted cerebral trauma
American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Injury and Poison Prevention: Firearm injuries affecting the pediatric population
American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on School Health: Corporal punishment in schools
American Academy of Pediatrics Task Force on Child Abuse and Neglect: Public disclosure of private information about victims of abuse
American Academy of Pediatrics. Committee on child abuse and neglect: public disclosure of private information about victims of abuse
American Academy of Pediatrics. Committee on school health. Corporal punishment in schools
Apnea and factitious illness (Munchausen syndrome) by proxy
Applied Social and Community Interventions for Crisis in Times of National and International Conflict
Are children at risk for sexual abuse by homosexuals?
Are Terrorists Mentally Deranged?
Assessing the impact of September 11th, 2001, on children, youth, and parents: methodological challenges to research on terrorism and other nonnormative events
Attachment Disorganization and Its Relevance to Sexual Offending
Barriers in Screening Women for Domestic Violence: A Survey of Social Workers, Family Practitioners, and Obstetrician/Gynecologists
Barriers to working with sexual assault survivors: a qualitative study of rape crisis center workers
Battered child syndrome: review of 130 patients with controls
Behavioral risk, emotional risk, and child abuse among adolescents in a nonclinical setting
Beyond Traditional Definitions of Assault: Expanding Our Focus to Include Sexually Coercive Experiences
Bruises and child abuse
Burn from hairdryer: accident or abuse?
Changing spectrum of serious child abuse
Changing spectrum of serious child abuse
Child abuse can be prevented
Child abuse in Huntington's disease
Child abuse intervention
Child abuse intervention: conflicts in current practice and legal theory
Child abuse or osteogenesis imperfecta: how can we tell?
Child abuse presenting as chylothorax
Child abuse, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and rib fractures
Child abuse
Child abuse
Child abuse: a different point of view
Child abuse: a five-year follow-up of early case finding in the emergency department
Child abuse: early case finding in the emergency department
Child abuse: least harmful, most protective intervention
Child abuse: parenteral hydrocarbon administration
Child abuse: the conflict of underdetection and overreporting
Child abuse: the role of the physician and the hospital
Child fatalities from religion-motivated medical neglect
Child sexual abuse, criminal justice, and the pediatrician
Child, Youth, and Parent Responses to the Terrorism of September 11, 2001: Implications for Applied Developmental Science and Practice
Childhood homicide in Erie County, New York
Childhood sexual abuse reported by facilitated communication
Children as an Evocative Influence on Adults' Reactions to Terrorism
Children as victims of violence: a national survey
Children, adolescents, and television--1989: I. Television violence: a critique
Children's understanding of violence: A developmental analysis
Civilian health risks in war
Classification Typology and Assessment of Five Levels of Woman Battering
Communicating the terrorist risk: Harnessing a culture of fear?
Comparison of Factors Associated with Parricide in Adults and Adolescents
Conflicts and rebellion during adolescence
Coping with terrorism: Age and gender differences in effortful and involuntary responses to September 11th
Cross-cultural perspectives in child abuse
Developing an Index to Measure Violence Against Women for Comparative Studies Between Mexico and the United States
Developmental approach to preventing the sexual abuse of children
Developmental characteristics of abused children
Distant Trauma: A Prospective Study of the Effects of September 11th on Young Adults in North Carolina
Distinguishing sudden infant death syndrome from child abuse fatalities. Committee on child abuse and neglect. American Academy of Pediatrics
Documentation of child physical abuse: how far have we come?
Does child abuse predict adolescent pregnancy?
Domestic violence screening and service acceptance among adult victims in a dependency court setting
Effects of coordinated services for drug-abusing women who are victims of intimate partner violence
Ethical basis for repealing religious exemptions from child abuse statutes
Ethics and politics: Psychoanalysis in face of contemporary reality, ideals and violence
Ethnicity, income, and parenting contexts of physical punishment in a national sample of families with young children
Evaluating a statewide home visiting program to prevent child abuse in at-risk families of newborns: fathers' participation and outcomes
Evaluating interventions for children exposed to family violence
Evaluation of a preschool antivictimization prevention program
Evaluation of a prevention program for violence in teen dating relationships
Evaluation of a program designed to reduce relational aggression in middle school girls
Evaluation of an aggressor as a function of exposure to cartoon humor
Evaluation of the London (Ontario) Community Group Treatment Programme for Children Who Have Witnessed Woman Abuse
Evaluations of physical aggression among intimate dyads
Recent Elder Abuse Policy in England
Abused African American women's processes of staying healthy
Alcohol is the true 'rape drug'
Applying the concept of lifestyle in association with aggression and violence in Greek cohabitating couples
Applying the planned care model to intimate partner violence
Bullies and victims in rural African American youth: behavioral characteristics and social network placement
Bullying at work: A discussion of definitions and prevalence, based on an empirical study
Injuries to law enforcement officers: The backface signature injury
Changes in attitudes towards war and violence after September 11, 2001
Child abuse and our society
Differential correlates of multi-type maltreatment among urban youth
Civic community and violent behavior in Italy
Co-morbidity and cannabis use in a mental health trust in South East England
Drawing on wisdom from the past: an elder abuse intervention with tribal communities
Emotional and Physical Abuse in Family: Survey among High School Adolescents
Gender differences in aggressive behavior at admission to a psychiatric hospital
Intimate partner violence against women: To screen or not to screen in the emergency department?
Intimate Partner Violence by Men Abusing and Non-abusing Alcohol in Poland
Military sexual trauma: violence and sexual abuse
An Exploratory Study of the Relationship Between Dispositional Aggression and Judgments About Batterers Among African American Adults: Does More of the Former Influence the Latter?
Physicians' initial forensic impressions of hypothetical cases of pediatric traumatic brain injury
Premilitary sexual assault and attrition in the U.S. navy
Neurobiology and neurodevelopmental impact of childhood traumatic stress and prenatal alcohol exposure
Potential spaces of crime: The playful, the destructive, and the distinctively human
Symbolic politics and penal populism: The long shadow of Willie Horton
Psychometric Properties of the Peer Interactions in Primary School (PIPS) Questionnaire
Relationship violence among couples seeking therapy: common couple violence or battering?
Distinguishing realistic military blasts from firecrackers in mitigation studies of blast-induced traumatic brain injury
The Bali bombings and the evolving mental health response to disaster in Australia: lessons from Darwin
The impact of diet on anti-social, violent and criminal behaviour
The Reported Effects of Bullying on Burn-Surviving Children
The sensitivity and specificity of flashbacks and nightmares to trauma
Therapists' prototypical assessment of domestic violence situations
Can child homicides be prevented? New law concerning child fatality review proposed to be instituted in July
Intergenerational transmission of family violence: the role of post-traumatic stress disorder
Evil and the Instigation of Collective Violence
Evolutionary Models of Why Men Rape: Acknowledging the Complexities
Excess injury mortality among children in the United States: Comparison of recent international statistics
Exciting discoveries on the health effects of family violence: where we are, where we need to go
Expected consequences of male violence against their female dating partners
Exploration into the sources of individual differences in Aggression-, Hostility- and Anger-related (AHA) personality traits
Exploration of the relationship between physical and/or sexual abuse, attitudes about life and death, and suicidal ideation in young women
Exploring the Myths of Coping with a National Trauma: A Longitudinal Study of Responses to the September 11th Terrorist Attacks
Exposure to violence and associated health-risk behaviors among adolescent girls
Exposure to violence and suicide risk in adolescents: a community study
Exposure to violent video games increases automatic aggressiveness
Extraversion and attitude towards capital punishment
Eye contact and gaze aversion in an aggressive encounter
Eyewitness Testimony for Physical Abuse as a Function of Personal Experience, Development, and Focus of Study
Eysenck's theory of criminality and the personality types and offences of young delinquents
Facilitating Difficult Discussions: Processing the September 11 Attacks in Undergraduate Classrooms
Medical students should be taught about rape
Protecting children from all forms of abuse and neglect
When children sexually abuse other children
Lessons learned from an early intervention violence prevention program in Medellin, Colombia
CSI and moral authority: The police and science
Failure analysis of architectural glazing subjected to blast loading
False claims about false memory research
Framing homicide narratives in newspapers: Mediated witness and the construction of virtual victimhood
What research paradigms have cognitive psychologists used to study "False memory," and what are the implications of these choices?
Factors Associated with Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Victimization
Factors influencing service provider motivation to help adolescent victims of partner violence
Factors influencing the reliability and validity of statements made by young victims of sexual maltreatment
Factors needed for prevention of child abuse and neglect
Factors predicting severity of physical child abuse injury: A review of the literature
Factors that contribute to child maltreatment severity: a multi-method and multidimensional investigation
Factors that influence professionals' perceptions of behavioral indicators of child sexual abuse
False accusations of child maltreatment: a contested issue
False allegations of abuse and neglect when parents separate
Family precursors: Expected and actual consequences of dating aggression
Family reunification/family preservation: Are children really being protected?
Family Violence: Current Issues, Interventions, and Research
Fatal child abuse and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS): a critical diagnostic decision
Fatal child abuse and sudden infant death syndrome: a critical diagnostic decision
Fear at Work, Fear at Home: Surveying the New Geography of Dread in America Post 9/11
Female genital mutilation
Female Offenders in Domestic Violence: A Look at Action in Their Context
Female perpetrators of partner aggression: Relevant issues and treatment
Fetal abuse and neglect: an emerging controversy
Fetal Homicide: Emerging Statutory and Judicial Regulation of Third-Party Assaults Against the Fetus
Fighting back: Women's resistance to rape
Fighting Families: Family Characteristics Associated with Domestic Violence in Five Latin American Countries
Filicidal mothers and the impact of psychosis on maternal filicide
Filicide: a review
Film violence and the cue properties of available targets
Findings, recommendations, and action steps (discipline and corporal punishment)
Firesetters admitted to a maximum security psychiatric institution: Offenders and offenses
Firing a weapon and aggression
First, do no harm: the use of covert video surveillance to detect Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy--an unethical means of "preventing" child abuse
Follow-up skeletal surveys prove to be valuable in evaluation of child physical abuse
Forgotten children: maltreated children of mentally retarded parents
Frequency and severity of psychological abuse in a dating population
Frequency and significance of physical evidence in legally proven cases of child sexual abuse
From Words to Action: Exploring the Relationship between a Group's Value References and Its Likelihood of Engaging in Terrorism
A case of stalking in the workplace and subsequent sexual homicide
Blast-related injuries from terrorism: an international perspective
Characteristics of male and female prisoners involved in bullying behavior
Child abuse study among Swedish physicians and medical students
Child maltreatment and foster care: unpacking the effects of prenatal and postnatal parental substance use
Childhood abuse, adult alcohol use disorders and suicidal behaviour
Children's rights and corporal punishment in Assendabo town and the surrounding area, South West Ethiopia
Community-based violence awareness
Cumulative stress and substantiated maltreatment: The importance of caregiver vulnerability and adult partner violence
Domestic violence and psychopathic traits: distinguishing the antisocial batterer from other antisocial offenders
Escaping the triple trap: coping strategies of pregnant adolescent survivors of domestic violence in Mulago hospital, Uganda
Exploring the spatial dynamics of alcohol outlets and child protective services referrals, substantiations, and foster care entries
Impunity or immunity: wartime male rape and sexual torture as a crime against humanity
Preventing violence--caring for victims
Motives for maternal filicide: Results from a study with female forensic patients
Parental substance use disorders and child maltreatment: overlap, gaps, and opportunities
Pediatricians' involvement in gun injury prevention
Police-registered offenses and psychiatric disorders among young males : The Finnish "From a boy to a man" birth cohort study
Policies to prevent firearm trafficking
Screening for domestic violence among adult women in the United States
Relationship of IQ to suicide and homicide rate: an international perspective
Relationship Violence and Psychological Distress Among Low-income Urban Women
Responding to violence against women: Social science contributions to legal solutions
A longitudinal investigation of intimate partner violence among mothers with mental illness
The impact of mock jury gender composition on deliberations and conviction rates in a child sexual assault trial
Understanding international crime trends: The legacy of preschool lead exposure
Use of the FirstSTEp screening tool with children exposed to domestic violence and homelessness: a group case study
Variables associated with weapon-carrying among young adolescents in southern California
Violence-Related Behaviours among Malaysian Adolescents: A Cross Sectional Survey among Secondary School Students in Negeri Sembilan
When God sanctions killing: effect of scriptural violence on aggression
Workplace violence online survey
Doctors are more dangerous than gun owners: a rejoinder to error counting
Injuries and illnesses of big game hunters in western Colorado: a 9-year analysis
Methods and sequelae of torture: a study in Sri Lanka
Perceived aggression in sports and its relation to willingness to participate and perceived risk of injury
Reducing firearm violence: a research agenda
All in the Family? Family Environment Factors in Sibling Violence
Are public expenditures associated with better child outcomes in the U.S.? A comparison across 50 states
Hate Online: A Content Analysis of Extremist Internet Sites
Intimate Violence in Male Same-Sex Relationships
Knowledge is Power: A Theory-Based Approach to Reducing School Violence
Legalized Abortion and the Homicide of Young Children: An Empirical Investigation
The Definition of Terrorism
A Comparison of Child Molesters and Nonsexual Criminals: Risk Predictors and Long-Term Recidivism
A Comparison of Social Development Processes Leading to Violent Behavior in Late Adolescence for Childhood Initiators and Adolescent Initiators of Violence
A Comparison of Two Delinquency Predicting Instruments
A Conflict and Learning Theory Analysis of Psychopathic Behavior
A Cost Approach to the Assessment of Gang Rehabilitation Techniques
'A good beating never hurt anyone': The punishment and abuse of children in twentieth century Ireland
A Reexamination of the Crime-Fear Linkage
A Typology of Street Criminal Retaliation
Acquaintance rape, ego-identity achievement, and locus of control
"Acting out the oedipal wish": Father-daughter incest and the sexuality of adolescent girls in the United States, 1941-1965
Adjudication in Homicide: An Interpretive Analysis of the Effects of Defendant and Victim Social Characteristics
Adolescent Maltreatment and Delinquency: The Question of Intervening Processes
Additivity and Interactions in Offense Seriousness Scales
An Analysis of American Indian Homicide: A Test of Social Disorganization and Economic Deprivation at the Reservation County Level
An Effort to Identify Assault-Prone Offenders
An Experimental Program for the Psychopathic Delinquent: Looking in the "Correctional Wastebasket"
An exploratory study of violence, substance abuse, disability, and gender
Applications of Crime Seriousness Information in Police Departments
Armed and Disarmed Police: Police Firearms Policy and Levels of Violence
Attitudes toward capital punishment: A function of leadership style, gender and personality
Attitudes toward fraternity hazing among fraternity members, sorority members, and non-Greek students
Beaten down: A history of interpersonal violence in the west
Beliefs in symbolic catharsis: The importance of involvement with aggressive sports
Biography of Heinous Criminals: Culture, Family Violence, and Prisonization
Bringing "Booze" Back In: The Relationship Between Alcohol and Homicide
Butterflies will burn: Prosecuting sodomites in early modern Spain and Mexico
Can Violent Offenders be Distinguished from Frequent Offenders: Prediction from Childhood to Adolescence
Certainty of Arrest and Crime Rates for Major Felonies: A Research Note
Changes in the Victimization of Women: Is There A "New Female Victim"?
Child murder and British culture, 1720-1900
Patterns of Dating Violence Across Adolescence
Childhood Victimization, Running Away, and Delinquency
'Chinese demons': The violent articulation of Chinese otherness and interracial sexuality in the US midwest, 1885-1889
Deterrence of Domestic Violence: A Critical View of Research
Developmental Associations Between Alcohol and Interpersonal Aggression During Adolescence
Deviant Homicide: A New Look at the Role of Motives and Victim-Offender Relationships
Deviant lifestyles, proximity to crime, and the offender-victim link in personal violence
Everyday violence in Britain, 1850-1950: Gender and class
Factors Affecting Homicide Clearances: Multivariate Analysis Of A More Complete Conceptual Framework
Are violence risk assessment tools clinically useful?
Are you a victim of domestic violence?
Attributing responsibility for child maltreatment when domestic violence is present
Beyond Munchausen syndrome by proxy: identification and treatment of child abuse in a medical setting
Childhood abuse and adolescent suicidality: a direct link and an indirect link through alcohol and substance misuse
Community-based intervention for children exposed to intimate partner violence: an efficacy trial
Computer Versus Paper Format for Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Screening
Confronting the bomber: coping at the site of previous terror attacks
Dating violence and the health of young women: a feminist narrative study
Diagnosing abuse: A systematic review of torn frenum and intra-oral injuries
Domestic violence against women--an international concern
Do Patients Present for Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Evaluations More Often During Nights, Weekends, or Summertime? A Five-Year Analysis of Presentation Trends
How employment helps female victims of intimate partner violence: A qualitative study
Intimate partner violence and the health care response: a postmodern critique
Maltreatment of children with disabilities
Mediators of suicidal ideation within a sheltered sample of raped and battered women
Observed Initiation and Reciprocity of Physical Aggression in Young, At-Risk Couples
Omissions and errors in "Media violence and the American public."
Partner violence prevalence among women attending a Maori health provider clinic
Perpetrators of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Use Significantly more Methamphetamine, Cocaine and Alcohol than Victims
Precision of actuarial risk assessment instruments: evaluating the margins of error of group vs. individual predictions of violence
Prevalence and correlates of adolescent dating violence: Baseline study of a cohort of 7960 male and female Mexican public school students
Termination of pregnancy: Associations with partner violence and other factors in a national cohort of young Australian women
Trap-gun injuries--a menace in rural agricultural areas
Use of the 911 system as a risk indicator for intimate partner violence in the emergency department
Health Outcomes Associated with Military Deployment: Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, Blast, Trauma, and Combat Associations in the Florida National Guard
Bullying among special education students with intellectual disabilities: differences in social adjustment and social skills
Gun violence and public health
Interventions following mass violence and disasters: strategies for mental health practice
Laundry detergent and possible nonaccidental injury
Block Crime and Fear: Defensible Space, Local Social Ties, and Territorial Functioning
Women with a history of childhood sexual abuse. Long-term social and psychiatric aspects
It's just not good science. [Re: "False claims about false memory research."]
Concerns, dispositions and behaviors of aggressive drivers: what do self-identified aggressive drivers believe about traffic safety?
Female-Female Criminal Assault: An Evolutionary Perspective
Forcible Rape and Sexual Violence
Frequency, Specialization, and Violence in Offending Careers
Future directions in mandated standards for domestic violence offenders
Gender and Victimization Risk among Young Women in Gangs
Gender Bias in Juvenile Justice Handling of Seriously Crime-Involved Youths
Gender differences in attributions of blame for male rape victims
Gender differences in risk behaviors among adolescents who experience date fighting
Gender differences in serial murderers: A preliminary analysis
Gender differences in symptoms of adolescents reporting sexual assault
Gender differences in the consequences of a coercive sexual experience among adolescents attending alternative schools
Gender Differences in the Impact of Family of Origin Violence on Perpetrators of Domestic Violence
Gender inequality and rates of female homicide victimization across U.S. cities
Gender stereotypes, aggression, and computer games: An online survey of women
Gender, gender roles and attitudes towards violence: Are viewpoints changing?
Gender-Bias Hate Crimes: A Review
Genitalia in children's drawings: an association with sexual abuse
Geographic and temporal patterns of recurrent intentional injury in south-central Los Angeles
Geographic Correlates of Police Shooting: a Microanalysis
Getting Tough on Juvenile Crime: An Analysis of Costs and Benefits
Girls as 'Weapons of Terror' in Northern Uganda and Sierra Leone
Group intervention programs for batterers
Groups, networks, or movements: A command-and-control-driven approach to classifying terrorist organizations and its application to Al Qaeda
Guideline on oral and dental aspects of child abuse and neglect (2006)
Hangman's fracture caused by suspected child abuse
Hate crime victimization among lesbian, gay, and bisexual adults
Hatred of "Others" Among Jewish, Arab, and Palestinian Students in Israel
Have there been changes in the epidemiology of sexual abuse of children during the 20th century?
He did it first! A path model of interactions in the aggressive behaviors of elementary school boys during three successive recess periods
Healing of Hymenal Injuries in Prepubertal and Adolescent Girls: A Descriptive Study
Heightened child physical abuse potential: Child, parent, and family dysfunction
Hidden perpetrators. (Sexual molestation in a nonclinical sample of college women)
High schools respond to crises: lessons learned
Hitting then hugging children
Homicidal and suicidal ligature strangulation--a comparison of the post-mortem findings
Homicidal and suicidal sharp force fatalities in Stockholm, Sweden. Orientation of entrance wounds in stabs gives information in the classification
Homicide and affective disorder
Homicide by sharp force in two Scandinavian capitals
Homicide in Chicago, 1965-1970
Homicide or suicide: the killing of suicidal persons by law enforcement officers
Homicide patterns in the Toyama Prefecture, Japan
Homicide-suicide in Victoria, Australia
Hospital and home support during infancy: impact on maternal attachment, child abuse and neglect, and health care utilization
Hostility among adolescents in Switzerland? Multivariate relations between excessive media use and forms of violence
Hostility among adolescents in Switzerland? Multivariate relations between excessive media use and forms of violence
Hostile aggression and type A behavior
Causes of Police Behavior: the Current State of Quantitative Research
Effects of Item Order on the Perceived Seriousness of Crime: A Reexamination
Hoodlums: Back villains and social bandits in American life
Hotline tip to probable cause: filling the gap between suspicion and physical abuse findings for mandated reporters
How do we deal with research findings?
How do we know we're winning the war against terrorists? Issues in measurement
How does trauma beget trauma? Cognitions about risk in women with abuse histories
How great is the risk of abuse in infants born to drug-using mothers?
Human and animal health: strengthening the link: child and animal abuse are linked
Human subject issues in batterer program evaluation
Hyperactive behavior in childhood as related to subsequent alcohol problems and violent offending: A longitudinal study of male subjects
Hypoglycemic seizure in Munchausen-by-proxy syndrome
Hypovolemic shock in a child as a consequence of corporal punishment
Ibitero: Means and motive in the Rwandan genocide
Identification of patterns of wife abuse
Identification with film aggressor (covert role taking) and reactions to film violence
Identifying core profiles in attitudes toward school violence
Identifying schemas in child molesters, rapists, and violent offenders
A comparison of rapists and sexual murderers on demographic and selected psychometric measures
A learning activity for RN-to-BSN students: the nurse's role in child sexual abuse
Adverse childhood experiences and prescribed psychotropic medications in adults
Bioterrorism-Types of epidemics, new epidemiological paradigm and levels of prevention
Blast injuries in civilian practice
Borderline and antisocial personality scores as mediators between attachment and intimate partner violence
BRIEF REPORT: Sexual Assault Disclosure in Relation to Adolescent Mental Health: Results from the National Survey of Adolescents
Characteristics and psychosocial needs of victims of violent crime identified at a public-sector hospital: data from a large clinical trial
Children's direct sensory exposure to substantiated domestic violence crimes
Criminal poisoning: drug-facilitated sexual assault
Dating violence: comparing victims who are also perpetrators with victims who are not
Determinants of domestic violence among women attending an Human Immunodeficiency Virus voluntary counseling and testing center in Bangalore, India
Developmental trajectories of male physical violence and theft: relations to neurocognitive performance
Domestic violence homicide in Oklahoma: 1998-1999
Editorial: violence within the family
Effects of social desirability on students' self-reporting of partner abuse perpetration and victimization
Frightened in isolation: unique considerations for research of sexual assault and interpersonal violence in rural areas
Human Immunodeficiency Virus and domestic violence: The sleeping giants of Indian health?
Integrating intimate partner violence prevention into daily practice
Involvement in traditional and electronic bullying among adolescents
Kamedo report no. 87: Bomb attack in Finnish shopping center, 2002
Male batterers with and without psychopathy: an exploratory study in Spanish prisons
Migration, sexual exploitation, and women's health: a case report from a community health center
Preschool Behavioral and Social-Cognitive Problems as Predictors of (Pre)adolescent Disruptive Behavior
Psychopathy and behavioral correlates of victim injury in serious juvenile offenders
Reducing potential for child abuse among methadone-maintained parents: Results from a randomized controlled trial
Sexually transmitted infections in preadolescent children
Significance of a Level-2, "selective, secondary evacuation" hospital during a peripheral town terrorist attack
SafERTeens: Computerized Screening and Brief Intervention for Teens At-risk for Youth Violence
Terrorism Preparedness: Have Office-based Physicians Been Trained?
Student victimization by school staff in the context of an Israeli national school safety campaign
Substance use during sexual and physical assault in HIV-infected persons
Sexual violence against adolescent girls: influences of immigration and acculturation
The 2005 reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act: why congress acted to expand protections to immigrant victims
The social antecedents of anger proneness in young adulthood
Unusual But Potential Agents of Terrorists
Why SANEs matter: models of care for sexual violence victims in the emergency department
Domestic violence and drug abuse in pregnancy
Problem of violence in family in the opinion of health service workers
Comparative study illustrating difficulties educating the public to respond to chemical terrorism
Emergency department dispositions among 4100 youth injured by violence: a population-based study
Strategic suprise and the September 11 attacks
A Mathematical Model of the Risk of Nuclear Terrorism
The Race between Cooperation and Catastrophe: Reducing the Global Nuclear Threat
A possible fatal wounding in the prehistoric Pacific Islands
Peacekeepers and Prostitutes: How Deployed Forces Fuel the Demand for Trafficked Women and New Hope for Stopping It
Propensity to Serve and Motivation to Enlist among American Combat Soldiers
"Too Sweet and Innocent for War"?: Dutch Peacekeepers and the Use of Violence
War Crimes, Democracy, and the Rule of Law in Belgrade, the Former Yugoslavia, and Beyond
Toward a Comprehensive Safeguards System: Keeping Fissile Materials out of Terrorists' Hands
Averting nuclear catastrophe: contemplating extreme responses to U.S. vulnerability
Impact of virtual reality on young adults' physiological arousal and aggressive thoughts: Interaction versus observation
Importance, causal attributions and the emotion of anger
In the Name of the Cause: Women's Work in Secular and Religious Terrorism
In the Wake of Terrorist Attack, Hatred May Mask Fear
Incapacitation of the Dangerous Offender: The Arithmetic Is Not So Simple
Income and child maltreatment
Increased child abuse in families with twins
Somatic symptoms, peer and school stress, and family and community violence exposure among urban elementary school children
Indicators of aggression: The dissipation-rumination scale
Indicators of impulsive aggression: Present status of research on irritability and emotional susceptibility scales
Individual differences and learning of aggressive behaviour
Individual differences and measures of aggression in laboratory studies
Infant injuries: accident or abuse?
Infanticide: Historical perspectives on child murder and concealment, 1550-2000
Influence in terrorist networks: From undirected to directed graphs
Influence of symbolically modeled instrumental aggression and pain cues on aggressive behavior
Influencing policymaking for maltreated children and their families
Using community and family risk and protective factors for community-based prevention planning
Assault injury rates, social capital, and fear of neighborhood crime
Contextual factors impacting battered women's intentions to reuse the criminal legal system
Contributors to assessments of risk in intimate partner violence: How victims and professionals differ
Current fear of crime, sense of community, and loneliness in Italian adolescents: The role of autonomous mobility and play during childhood
Exposure to terrorism and violent behavior among adolescents in Israel
Family, community, and school influences on resilience among American Indian adolescents in the upper Midwest
Football hooliganism: comparing self-awareness and social identity theory explanations
Growing up in a dangerous developmental milieu: The effects of parenting processes on adjustment in inner-city African American adolescents
The role of adults, public space, and power in adolescent community connectedness
Sexual violence prevention through bystander education: An experimental evaluation
Psychological reactions to crime in Italy: 2002-2004
How can we help when she won't tell us what's wrong? Professionals working with South Asian women who have experienced sexual abuse
Oppression and empowerment: Perceptions of violence among urban youth
Promoting systems change in the health care response to domestic violence
Prosocial involvement and antisocial peer affiliations as predictors of behavior problems in urban adolescents: Main effects and moderating effects
Pre-Service Educators' Confidence and Efficacy in Dealing with Child and Adolescent Risk Behaviors in Diverse Classroom Settings
The Impact of Prison Rape on Public Health
Risky Lifestyles and Unintentional Firearms Fatalities
A Review of Elder Abuse Literature: An Age Old Problem Brought to Light
Antidotes for nerve agent poisoning: should we differentiate children from adults?
Bullies and victims at school: Are they the same pupils?
Imagining the Asian gang: ethnicity, masculinity and youth after 'the riots'
"I Ain't Gonna Let No One Disrespect Me": Does the Code of the Street Reduce or Increase Violent Victimization among African American Adolescents?
Drinking on the Premises in Norway: Young Adults' use of Public Drinking Places
From 'Disappearing' to 'Demonized': The Effects on Men and Women of Professional Interventions Based on Challenging Men Who Are Violent
Denying Armageddon: Preventing Terrorist Use of Nuclear Weapons
Intimate Partner Violence: How Does it Impact Major Depressive Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder among Immigrant Latinas?
Hunger of the Body and Hunger of the Mind: African American Women's Perceptions of Food Insecurity, Health and Violence
Landmine injury
Ocular manifestations of child abuse
A Nuclear Response to Nuclear Terror: Reflections of Nuclear Preemption
Antecedents and Correlates of Parental After-School Concern: Exploring a Newly Identified Work-Family Stressor
Postpartum Women's Evaluations of an Audio/Video Computer-Assisted Perinatal Violence Screen
Pediatric gun shot injuries in New Zealand: a demographic analysis of an avoidable cause of significant childhood morbidity
Risk factors for suicide completion in borderline personality disorder: a case-control study of cluster B comorbidity and impulsive aggression
School violence and teacher professional disengagement
Skeletal surveys in children with burns caused by child abuse
The impact of visual perspective and anger on the actor-observer bias among automobile drivers
The prevalence of intimate partner violence among women and teenagers seeking abortion compared with those continuing pregnancy
Trends in admissions to hospital involving an assault using a knife or other sharp instrument, England, 1997-2005
Violence and children: a view from the emergency department
Update on child maltreatment
War injuries in northern Afghanistan
Developing a framework for identifying individual and organizational risk factors for the prevention of violence in the health-care sector
Quality of life among lifetime victimized men
Threats and violence in Swedish care and welfare--magnitude of the problem and impact on municipal personnel
Violence towards caregivers of persons with developmental disabilities
Verbal abuse, gender and well-being at school
Violence--the neglected epidemic
An overwhelming sense of injustice? An exploration of child sexual abuse in relation to the concept of justice
Collaborate with caution: protecting children, helping mothers
Communities, care and domestic violence
Letting them get away with it: Fathers, domestic violence and child welfare
The challenge of engaging fathers in the child protection process
Gender and child neglect: theory, research and policy
Undoing an activist response: feminism and the Australian government's domestic violence policy
Intelligence Estimates of Nuclear Terrorism
The Impact of Gang Formation on Local Patterns of Crime
The Sexual Assault of Undergraduate Women at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)
Terrorist Nuclear Weapon Construction: How Difficult?
Risk, Reflexivity and Social Control in Child Protection: New Times or same Old Story?
Inclusion or Exclusion? Housing Battered Women in Hong Kong
Reconsidering sustainability: some implications for community-based crime prevention
A British sample of sexually abusive adolescents: Abuser and abuse characteristics
Hyoid-laryngeal fractures in hanging: Where was the knot in the noose?
A summary review of literature relating to workplace bullying
A survey of forensic psychologists' work with sex offenders in England and Wales
Addiction to violence: A new model of psychopathy
Adult bullying: Perpetrators and victims
Adult mortality in the light of criminality, substance abuse, and behavioural and family risk factors in adolescence
Aggression of Police Officers As A Function of Temperature - An Experiment with the Fire Arms Training System
Understanding Impulsive Aggression: Angry Rumination and Reduced Self-Control Capacity Are Mechanisms Underlying the Provocation-Aggression Relationship
Alcohol expectancies in convicted rapists and child molesters
An Advocacy Intervention Program for Women with Abusive Partners - 6-Month Follow-Up
An Advocacy Intervention Program for Women with Abusive Partners - Initial Evaluation
An ecological perspective on the effects of violence on children
Assessing U.S. strategy in the war on terror
Assessment and treatment of fire-setting: A single-case investigation using a cognitive-behavioural model
Attitudes and reactions to media coverage of terrorist acts
Attitudes Toward Rape Among Mental-Health Professionals
Attribution of Blame in Incest
Broken trust: The dynamics of a world of violence
Bullying among Scottish young offenders: Inmates' self-reported attitudes and behaviour
Bullying at work: A psychoanalytic perspective
Characteristics of repeat killers in Sweden
Child abuse prevention at report card time
Child behaviour and adult personality: Comparisons between criminality groups in Finland and Sweden
Childhood experiences of patients with schizophrenia and a history of violence: A special hospital sample
Childhood predictors of adult criminality: are all risk factors reflected in childhood aggressiveness?
Clerical child sex abuse: The response of the Roman Catholic Church
CNV predicts violent outcomes in patients released from special hospital
Combating Nuclear Terrorism: Addressing Nonstate Actor Motivations
Community Ties and Urbanites Fear of Crime - An Ecological Investigation
Community violence exposure and delinquent behaviors among youth: The moderating role of coping
Community violence exposure in a young adult sample: iii. Psychophysiology and victimization interact to affect risk for aggression
Sequelae of Aggression in Acutely Suicidal Adolescents
Coping with Domestic Violence - Social Support and Psychological Health Among Battered Women
Counselling to end violence against women
Crime, Social-Status, and Alienation
Crime, violence and injuries in children and adolescents: Common risk factors?
Curbing the Demand for Mass Destruction
Definitional and measurement issues in the study of community violence among children and youths
Russia: Grasping the Reality of Nuclear Terror
Descriptive analysis of bullying in male and female adult prisoners
A public health perspective on "the ethics of asking and not asking about abuse."
A specialized domestic violence court in South Carolina: an example of procedural justice for victims and defendants
To blame or not to blame: influences of target race and observer sex on rape blame attribution
The psychology of ongoing threat: Relative risk appraisal, the September 11 attacks, and terrorism-related fears
An exploratory study of women arrested for intimate partner violence: violent women or violent resistance?
Asking research participants about trauma and abuse
Child abuse
Dowry-murder: An example of violence against women
Nonmentalizing states in early-childhood survivors of the Holocaust: developmental considerations regarding treatment of child survivors of genocidal atrocities
Night Terrors: Women's Experiences of (Not) Sleeping Where There Is Domestic Violence
In Their Own Voices: A Qualitative Study of Women's Risk for Intimate Partner Violence and HIV in South Africa
Injury Biomechanics and Child Abuse
Intimate partner violence within a cohort of Pacific mothers living in New Zealand
It's OK to ask about past abuse
Legislating against sexual violence in Kenya: an interview with the Hon. Njoki Ndungu
Perceived neighborhood social disorder and attitudes toward reporting domestic violence against women
The effect of childhood trauma on later psychological adjustment
Screening for intimate partner violence: the impact of screener and screening environment on victim comfort
The aftermath of 9/11: Effect of intensity and recency of trauma on outcome
System intervention problems in child sexual abuse investigations: the mothers' perspectives
The association of personality type in childhood with violence in adolescence
The male rape victim: evaluation and treatment
The predictive value of post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms for quality of life: a longitudinal study of physically injured victims of non-domestic violence
Trauma and violence in the Wari empire of the Peruvian Andes: Warfare, raids, and ritual fights
Violence and nursing
Caregivers' experiences of exposure to violence in services for people with learning disabilities
Children's and adolescents' experiences of violence based on subjective self-reporting. First results of the German health interview and examination survey for children and adolescents (Kiggs)
Development of a policy-relevant child maltreatment research strategy
Experiences with intimate partner violence among Latina women
Responsibility of health providers in domestic violence reporting
Hospital admissions after pediatric trauma in a developing country: from falls to landmines
Violence against women attending public health services in the metropolitan area of Sao Paulo, Brazil
A study of stab wounds
Aggression and violence
Air rifle ammunition and its influence on wounding potential
Air rifle breech injuries to digits: a preventable hazard
An arresting injury
Attitudes towards assault patients
Bomb blast injuries to the ear: the London Bridge incident series
Cases of assault attending a childrens accident and emergency department: an epidemiological study
Developmental aspects of violence and the institutional response
Different clients, different needs? Practical issues in community-based treatment for sex offenders
Air weapon injuries in children: a case for education
Antipersonnel mines: who are the victims?
Child protection register--time for change
Computers, communication and confidentiality: tales of Baron Munchausen
Criminal injury compensation: from B to A
CS incapacitant spray
Domestic violence: the shaken adult syndrome
An Integrated Theoretical Perspective on Delinquent Behavior
Antisocial childhood and youth in Chile
Is the adoption and safe families act influencing child welfare outcomes for families with substance abuse issues?
Rape acknowledgment and postassault experiences: how acknowledgment status relates to disclosure, coping, worldview, and reactions received from others
Television Watching and the Risk of Incident Probable Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Prospective Evaluation
Correlation between psychopathological symptoms, coping style in adolescent and childhood repeated physical, emotional maltreatment
Forum: Sexual violence and health. Introduction
Forum: Sexual violence and health. Postscript
A critical appraisal of the 1998 meta-analytic review of child sexual abuse outcomes reported by Rind, Tromovitch, and Bauserman
Child sexual abuse myth acceptance among aspirant, trainee, and registered psychologists in Durban, South Africa
Childhood Abusive and Supportive Experiences, Inter-Parental Violence, and Parental Alcohol Use: Prediction of Young Adult Depressive Symptoms and Aggression
Childhood sexual abuse and later psychological problems: Neither necessary, sufficient nor acting alone
Overview of violence to self and others during the first episode of psychosis
Bullying and victimization at school: The role of mothers
Children exposed to domestic violence and child abuse: terminology and taxonomy
Children Exposed to Family Violence: A Review of Empirical Research from a Developmental-Ecological Perspective
Child maltreatment, non-suicidal self-injury, and the mediating role of self-criticism
Child Sexual Abuse: An Italian Perspective
Elder neglect and the pathophysiology of aging
Incidence and Prevalence of Intimate Partner Violence by and against Women with Severe Mental Illness
Including siblings in the treatment of child sexual abuse
Exposing Misinformation Concerning Child Sexual Abuse and Adult Survivors
Issues inherent in the multicultural feminist couple treatment of African-American, same-gender loving female adult survivors of child sexual abuse
Long-term physical and mental health consequences of childhood physical abuse: Results from a large population-based sample of men and women
Risk behaviours, victimisation and mental distress among adolescents in different family structures
No ecological effect modification of the association between negative life experiences and later psychopathology in adolescence: A longitudinal community study in adolescents
Prevalence and predictors of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in physically injured victims of non-domestic violence : A longitudinal study
Rape blame as a function of alcohol presence and resistance type
Shotgun Wounds: A Review of Range and Location as Pertaining to Manner of Death
The Bee Kind Garden: a qualitative description of work with maltreated children
The effect of childhood physical and sexual abuse on adolescent weapon carrying
The Real Controversy About Child Sexual Abuse Research Contradictory Findings and Critical Issues Not Addressed by Rind, Tromovitch, and Bauserman in Their 1998 Outcomes Meta-Analysis
Head injuries dependence on properties of impact surface of a blunt object and impact conditions
Disturbing trends: the epidemiology of pediatric emergency medical services use
Deterrence and Marginal Groups
Deterrence Findings and Data Sources: a Comparison of the Uniform Crime Reports and the National Crime Surveys
Developmental Stage, Delinquency, and Differential Treatment
Dimensions of Current Gang Delinquency
Disadvantage and Neighborhood Violent Crime: Do Local Institutions Matter?
Does the Perceived Risk of Punishment Deter Criminally Prone Individuals? Rational Choice, Self-Control, and Crime
Economic Analyses of the Deterrent Effect of Punishment: A Review
Effects of Criminal Punishment on Perceived Threat of Punishment: Toward an Understanding of Specific Deterrence
Effective and ineffective use of fear in health promotion campaigns
Determination of warfare and interpersonal conflict in the protohistoric period: A case study from Mississippi
Trauma in the Crusader period city of Caesarea: A major port in the medieval eastern Mediterranean
Weapon injuries in the 12th century Crusader garrison of Vadum Iacob Castle, Galilee
Adolescents exposure to community violence: Sleep and psychophysiological functioning
African American adolescent males' perceptions of their community resources and constraints: A longitudinal analysis
After the Sa-I-Gu (April 29) Los-Angeles Riots - Correlates of Subjective Well-Being in the Korean-American Community
Brief Encounters: Tatham Mound and the Evidence for Spanish and Native-American Confrontation
Child emotional and physical maltreatment and adolescent psychopathology: A community study in Japan
Community-based interventions into street gang activity
Cranial Weapon Injuries from Anglo-Saxon Dover
Death by Gunshot: Myth of Traumatic Injury and Death of Native-Americans at the Hands of the Spaniards -- Biocultural Implications of Trauma at Mission San Luis
Editorial: Cannibalism and violence
Emerging findings from high-risk youth prevention programs
Evidence of interpersonal violence at the Chalcolithic village of Shiqmim (Israel)
Exposure to community violence and African American children: A multidimensional model of risks and resources
Family context as a moderator of program effects in prenatal and early childhood home visitation
Fijian cannibalism and mortuary ritual: Bioarchaeological evidence from Vunda
Findings from a program of research on prenatal and early childhood home visitation: Special issue introduction
First-time young mothers living in rural communities use corporal punishment with their toddlers
Increasing the policy and program relevance of results from randomized trials of home visitation
Injuries to the Skeleton Due to Prolonged Activity in Hand-To-Hand Combat
Interpersonal aggression in urban minority youth: Mediators of perceived neighborhood, peer, and parental influences
Intervention processes as predictors of outcomes in a preventive home-visitation program
Violent and self-injurious behaviour in mentally handicapped patients--psychopharmacological control
Causes of death in U.S. special operations forces in the global war on terrorism: 2001-2004
Childhood sexual abuse, dissociation, and adult self-destructive behavior
Community notification: perceptions of its effectiveness in preventing child sexual abuse
Trauma exposure and child abuse potential: Investigating the cycle of violence
Medical costs and productivity losses due to interpersonal and self-directed violence in the United States
Violence in the Atacama Desert during the Tiwanaku period: Social tension?
War lesions from the famous Portuguese medieval battle of Aljubarrota
Warfare and Mortality at Kogers-Island, Alabama: 4 Mass Graves of Individuals with Perimortem Trauma in A Prehistoric Agricultural Community
The promise of home visitation: Results of two randomized trials
The reliability and validity of a questionnaire describing neighborhood characteristics relevant to families and young children living in urban areas
The taphonomy of cannibalism: A review of anthropogenic bone modification in the American Southwest
Sexual assault of men in the community
Specific skeletal injuries observed on the human skeletal remains from the Swedish seventeenth-century man-of-war, Kronan
The Bullets Buzzed Like Bees: Gunshot Wounds in Skeletons from the Battle of the Little-Bighorn
Possible evidence for homicide in an Egyptian mummy head
Reconstructing the Massacre at Fort-William-Henry, New-York 1757
Reducing risks for antisocial behavior with a program of prenatal and early childhood home visitation
Ritualized violence in the prehistoric American Southwest
Legalized Trauma: Execution by Beheading Or Hanging
Limits to Interpretation of Skeletal Trauma: 2 Case Studies from Medieval Abingdon, England
Maternal psychological characteristics as influences on home visitation contact
Mortal combat during the medieval Christian reconquest in Evora, Portugal
Palaeoepidemiological patterns of trauma in a Medieval Nubian skeletal population
Parry Fractures and Female-Directed Interpersonal Violence: Implications from the Late-Archaic Period of West-Tennessee
Patterns of Trauma in A Unique Medieval Parish Cemetery: St-Margaret-Fyebridgegate, Norwich, in Use 1248 to 1468
Management of civilian gunshot wounds in a Nigerian general hospital
Markers for domestic violence in women
Missed cervical spine injury following barflying
Nail gun injury: a barbed problem
Near-fatal aspiration of a child's dummy: design fault or deliberate injury?
An evaluation of health care providers' sexual violence screening practices
An Exploration of Maternal Intimate Partner Violence Experiences and Infant General Health and Temperament
An Indepth Actuarial Assessment for Wife Assault Recidivism: The Domestic Violence Risk Appraisal Guide
Firearm ownership and storage patterns among families with children who receive well-child care in pediatric offices
Childhood bullies and victims and their risk of criminality in late adolescence: the Finnish from a boy to a man study
Children, war, and terrorist acts
Chylothorax and child abuse
Dating violence, sexual assault, and suicide attempts among minority adolescents: ending the silence
Dating violence, sexual assault, and suicide attempts among urban teenagers
Disclosure and health-seeking behaviour following intimate partner violence before and during pregnancy in Flanders, Belgium: A survey surveillance study
Does physical intimate partner violence affect sexual health? A systematic review
Domestic violence: from the visible to the invisible
Evaluation of suspected child physical abuse
Families' health-related social problems and missed referral opportunities
STAMP: components of observable behaviour that indicate potential for patient violence in emergency departments
The health implications of violence against women: untangling the complexities of acute and chronic effects: a two-part special issue
Through education and awareness, school nurses can play an integral role in the identification and prevention of child abuse
Violent entertainment pitched to adolescents: An analysis of PG-13 films
Adolescence and mental health: a review of the brazilian literature
Health disparities and violence against women: why and how cultural and societal influences matter
HIV/AIDS and intimate partner violence: intersecting women's health issues in the United States
Identifying correlates of suicide attempts in suicidal ideators: a population-based study
Inscriptions of violence: Societal and medical neglect of child abuse - impact on life and health
Interactions between victims of intimate partner violence against women and the health care system: policy and practice implications
Interpersonal violence in Texas: a physician's role
Intimate partner violence and the childbearing year: maternal and infant health consequences
Justification of violence beliefs and social problem-solving as mediators between maltreatment and behavior problems in adolescents
Pregnancy following partner rape: what we know and what we need to know
Partner Violence Screening in Rural Health Care Clinics
Perpetration of Intimate Partner Violence Among Men in Methadone Treatment Programs in New York City
Physical abuse and neglect of children
Pregnancy-associated violent deaths: the role of intimate partner violence
Pulling the plug on entertainment industry ratings
Preparing the next generation of physicians: medical school and residency-based intimate partner violence curriculum and evaluation
Prevalence and correlates of partner violence among South African adolescents
Public Health Surveillance of Fatal Child Maltreatment: Analysis of 3 State Programs
Rape and sexual assault
Reasons for gynaecological consultations in children in Calabar, South Eastern Nigeria
Re-referral to child protective services: The influence of child, family, and case characteristics on risk status
Re-victimization patterns in a national longitudinal sample of children and youth
Resident-to-Resident Elder Mistreatment and Police Contact in Nursing Homes: Findings from a Population-Based Cohort
Silent Killers of the Night: An Exploration of Psychological Health and Suicidality among Female Street Sex Workers
Screening for intimate partner violence in medical settings
Blaming - A Sign of Psycho-Social Tensions in the Community - Findings from 2 Surveys
Does low self-control during childhood explain the association between delinquency and accidents in early adolescence?
Does self-control account for the relationship between binge drinking and alcohol-related behaviours?
Early family predictors of child and adolescent antisocial behaviour: Who are the mothers of delinquents?
Ecological assessments of community disorder: Their relationship to fear of crime and theoretical implications
Editorial: Alcohol and crime
Editorial: Jealousy and the emergence of violent and intimidating behaviours
Editorial: Post-traumatic stress disorder as a bodily injury
Effect of 1St-Grade Classroom Environment on Shy Behavior, Aggressive-Behavior, and Concentration Problems
Effect of closed circuit television on urban violence
Effect of Strathclyde police initiative "Operation Blade" on accident and emergency attendances due to assault
Effects of gender and sexuality on judgements of victim blame and rape myth acceptance in a depicted male rape
Epidemiology and forensic psychiatry
Ethnic hierarchies, ethnic prejudice, and social dominance orientation
Ethnic identity in urban African American youth: Exploring links with self-worth, aggression, and other psychosocial variables
Explanations about crime and psychological distress in ethnic minority and white victims of crime: A qualitative exploration
Exploring links between childhood maltreatment and empowerment
Exposure to family violence: A partial explanation for initial and subsequent levels of delinquency?
Exposure to violence, parental monitoring, and television viewing as contributors to children's psychological trauma
Family and community characteristics: Risk factors for violence exposure in inner-city youth
Fear of Victimization in Mexico
Firearm Violence and the Effects of Gun-Control Legislation
First-grade child risk behaviors for community violence exposure in middle school
Asymptomatic bacteriuria and intimate partner violence in pregnant women
Go ahead punk, make my day: it's time for pediatricians to take action against media violence
Multiple victimization experiences of urban elementary school students: Associations with psychosocial functioning and academic performance
From 'community' to 'neighbourhood' policing: Police community support officers and the 'Police extended family' in London
Further Findings on Assaultiveness and Alcohol Use in Interpersonal Disputes
Giving them shelter: National organizational survey of shelters for battered women and their children
Globalised violence, community psychology and the bombing and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq
Helping Police Officers to Cope with Stress - Cognitive-Behavioral Approach
Homicide and schizophrenia: Maybe treatment does have a preventive effect
Human violence: A biological perspective
Impact of exposure to violence in school on child and adolescent mental health and behavior
Impact of witnessing violence on growth curves for problem behaviors among early adolescents in urban and rural settings
Income, race/ethnicity and exposure to violence in youth: Results from the national survey of adolescents
Fatal child abuse--child killing in Norway: A review of the years 1950-1979
Fighting dogs--dangerous dogs: Legal situation in bavaria
Gunshot wounds--homicide, suicide or accident?
Book of accidents. 18. Boys fighting
Child abuse control centers: a project for the Academy?
Child abuse control centers: a project for the Academy?
Classification of the severity of U.S. Army and civilian reports of child maltreatment
Cognitive-behavioral treatment of high anger drivers
Gunshot violence in the United States: a growing threat to all. A physician's personal view
A clinical perspective on inner-city youths' exposure to homicide: Community and policy implications
A Longitudinal-Study of the Effects of Various Crime-Prevention Strategies on Criminal Victimization, Fear of Crime, and Psychological Distress
A Multilevel Multivariate Analysis of Factors Affecting Homicide Clearances
Concave hymenal variations in suspected child sexual abuse victims
Injury Patterns in Women Resulting from Sexual Assault
Innovative approaches to child custody and domestic violence in New Zealand: The effects of law reform on the discourses of battering
Instrumentality of aggression, feedback, and frustration as determinants of physical aggression
Insurgency and counterinsurgency in Iraq
Integrating spirituality and domestic violence treatment: Treatment of Aboriginal men
Integration of Federal Bureau of Investigation and United States Secret Service/Department of Education threat assessment models into a conceptual framework for prevention of school violence
Intentional falsification in reports of interpartner aggression
Intentional injuries among the young: presentation to emergency rooms, hospitalization, and death in Israel
Intentional ipecac poisoning: Munchausen syndrome by proxy
Intentional poisonings in children below 15 years of age in the city of Lodz
Interactive media violence and children
Impact of Pediatricians' Perceived Self-Efficacy and Confidence on Violence Prevention Counseling: A National Study
Making data on Iraqi mortality rates available
Young Women's Social and Occupational Development and Mental Health in the Aftermath of Child Sexual Abuse
Prevalence and concordance of interpersonal violence reports from intimate partners: Findings from the Pacific Islands Families Study
Interagency collaboration between child protection and mental health services: practices, attitudes and barriers
Interethnic aggression and willingness to help: Judgments of Black and White victims and perpetrators
Intergenerational Transmission of Intimate Partner Violence: A Behavioral Genetic Perspective
International Findings on the Impact of Terrorism
Internet fantasy violence: A test of aggression in an online game
Consequences of childhood sexual abuse experiences on dental care
Consider the children: Research informing interventions for children exposed to domestic violence
Context is All: A Holistic Reformulation of the Tonkin Gulf Incident
Contribution of the police to mental hygiene in the streets
Coping with Urban-Crime - Womens Use of Precautionary Behaviors
Corporal Punishment and Kids: How Do Parent Support and Gender Influence Child Adjustment?
Corporal punishment experiences and attitudes in a sample of college students
Corporal punishment
Correlates and consequences of adult sexual assault disclosure
Cost analysis of the child protection team
Court hears shaken baby cases
Covert video surveillance in pediatric care: the fiduciary relationship with a child
Crime and Risky Behavior in Traffic: An Example of Cross-Situational Consistency
Criteria for homicide and suicide on victims of extended suicide due to sharp force injury
Factors influencing quality of life in married immigrant women in Korea
Dangerous distinctions among "abuse," "courtship violence," and "battering": A response to Rouse, Breen, and Howell
"Dangerous distinctions among 'abuse,' 'courtship violence,' and 'battering': A response to Rouse, Breen, and Howell": Reply to Hamberger and Arnold
Dating violence: Student beliefs about consequences
Defences against aggression in the play of young children
Intervention in child abuse and neglect: an emerging subspecialty in child and adolescent psychiatry
Intervention to improve physician documentation and knowledge of child sexual abuse: a randomized, controlled trial
Interventions among adolescents who were violently injured and those who attempted suicide
Interventions for Elder Abuse and Neglect With Frail Elders in Japan
Interviewer questions and content analysis of children's statements of sexual abuse
Intimacy and loneliness, and their relationship to rape myth acceptance and hostility toward women among rapists
Intimate femicide: A national demographic overview
Intimate partner abuse and high-risk behavior in adolescents
Intimate Partner and Acquaintance Violence and Victim Blame: Implications for Professionals
Intimate Partner Violence Against Chinese Women: The Past, Present, and Future
Intimate Partner Violence in Extremely Poor Women: Longitudinal Patterns and Risk Markers
Intimate violence and social desirability: A meta-analytic review
Into hot water head first: distribution of intentional and unintentional immersion burns
Intra- and perioral shooting fatalities
Intra-familial child homicide in Finland 1970-1994: incidence, causes of death and demographic characteristics
Investigating the Connections Between Race, Illicit Drug Markets, and Lethal Violence, 1984-1997
Investigation laws and practices in child protective services
Involvement in high-profile child sexual abuse controversies: costs and benefits
Irritability and impulsiveness: relationship to self-reported impulsive aggression
Is child abuse decreasing?
Is childhood sexual abuse really increasing in prevalence? An analysis of the evidence
Consequence Management in the 1995 Sarin Attacks on the Japanese Subway System
Crime and the Cost of Crime: An Economic Approach
Crime, Delinqueney, and Social Areas
Crime-related fears and demographic diversity in Los Angeles County after the 1992 civil disturbances
Criminal Justice Responses to Crack
Criminal victimization and its effect on fear of crime and justice attitudes
Criminal Victimization During One's Life Course: The Effects of Previous Victimization and Patterns of Routine Activities
Criminality and risk-taking
Crisis intervention in theory and practice: a selective review
Crossbow suicide: mechanisms of injury and neuropathologic findings
Cultural traits and immigration: hostility and suicidality in Chinese Canadian students
Verbal and physical abuse as stressors in the lives of lesbian, gay male, and bisexual youths: associations with school problems, running away, substance abuse, prostitution, and suicide
Damage, disease and danger
Day care as intervention: Comparisons of varying quality programs
Death and international travel-the Canadian experience: 1996 to 2004
Death by hanging in Western Australia
Death with a story - How story impacts emotional, motivational, and physiological responses to first-person shooter video games
Deaths and injuries from road rage: cases in Canadian newspapers
Defining maltreatment according to substantiation: distinction without a difference?
Defining Religious Terrorism: A Causal and Anthological Profile
Emergency Medical Workers' Mass Shooting Incident Stress and Psychological Recovery
Esophagitis, epiglottitis, and cocaine alkaloid ("crack"): "accidental" poisoning or child abuse?
Estimating the effects of September 11th and other forms of violence on the mental health and social development of New York City's youth: A matter of context
The Los Angeles County response to child abuse and deafness: a social movement theory analysis
Victims of violence: a survey of emergency care providers attitudes and perceptions
When I Was in My Home I Suffered a Lot: Mexican Women's Descriptions of Abuse in Family of Origin
Violence in municipal care of older people in Sweden as perceived by registered nurses
Relationship between patterns of alcohol use and negative alcohol-related outcomes among U.S. Air Force recruits
The costs of family violence
Homicide and minorities.

Violence prevention
Addressing domestic violence through maternity services: policy and practice
Identifying and supporting young women experiencing dating violence: what health practitioners should be doing Now
Is criminal violence normative behavior?: Hostile and instrumental aggression in violent incidents
Is ethnoreligious conflict a contagious disease?
Is family preservation in the best interest of children?
Is the physical availability of alcohol and illicit drugs related to neighborhood rates of child maltreatment?
Is there value in identifying individual genetic predispositions to violence?
Is violence toward children increasing? A comparison of 1975 and 1985 National Survey rates
Jealousy and romantic attachment in maritally violent and nonviolent men
Jihadism in Western Europe after the invasion of Iraq: Tracing motivational influences from the Iraq war on Jihadist terrorism in Western Europe (vol 29, pg 323, 2006)
Jihadism in Western Europe after the invasion of Iraq: Tracing motivational influences from the Iraq war on jihadist terrorism in Western Europe
Judged effectiveness of common rape prevention and self-defense strategies
Judgment of anger problems by clients and therapists: Study of batterers and nonbatterers
"Justifiable provocation": Violence against women in Essex County, New York, 1799-1860
Juvenile mortality, mental disturbances and criminality: a prospective study of the Northern Finland 1966 birth cohort
Juvenile Victimization: Convergent Validation of Alternative Measurements
Should health professionals screen women for domestic violence? Systematic review
Training programs for healthcare professionals in domestic violence
Validity of hospital discharge data regarding intentionality of fatal pediatric injuries
A Psychosocial Resource Impairment Model Explaining Partner Violence and Distress: Moderating Role of Income
Abuse behavior inventory: cutpoint, validity, and characterization of discrepancies
Adapting the concept of explanatory models of illness to the study of youth violence
Adolescent psychosocial risk factors for severe intimate partner violence in young adulthood
Aetiology and management of injuries to male external genitalia in Nigeria
Associations between childhood maltreatment and sex work in a cohort of drug-using youth
Correlates of intimate partner violence among female patients at a North Carolina emergency department
Cycles of abuse nurtured by concealment: A clinical report
Denial, minimization, partner blaming, and intimate aggression in dating partners
Determinants of adolescents' active defending and passive bystanding behavior in bullying
Differences between bullies and victims, and men and women, on aggression-related variables among prisoners
Effectiveness of interventions to prevent youth violence a systematic review
Granny, (don't) get your gun: competency issues in gun ownership by older adults
Growing up in a Violent Society: Longitudinal Predictors of Violence in Colombian Adolescents
Gun shows across a multistate American gun market: observational evidence of the effects of regulatory policies
Healing Wounded Relationships to Reduce Latino Youth Violence
How common is repeat sudden infant death syndrome?
Intimate partner violence: systematic review of literature focused on the cultures of Hawai'i
Longitudinal effects of domestic violence on employment and welfare outcomes
Crystal methamphetamine use among young adults in the USA
Longitudinal factor structure of posttraumatic stress symptoms related to intimate partner violence
Mass violence and mental health: A view from forensic psychiatry
He sends rain upon the wicked: a panel study of the influence of religiosity on violent victimization
Mass violence and mental health: Attachment and trauma
Mediating the social and psychological impacts of terrorist attacks: The role of risk perception and risk communication
Mediators of the Development and Prevention of Violent Behavior
Mental health and violence: WPA Cairo declaration -- International perspectives for intervention
Parent Abuse: A Review
Promoting Children's Mental Health in Family Supportive Housing: A Community-University Partnership for Formerly Homeless Children and Families
Protective Factors Associated with Preadolescent Violence: Preliminary Work on a Cultural Model
Screening for domestic violence during pregnancy
Suicide bombers are not explosives!
The Association Between History of Violence and HIV Risk A Cross-Sectional Study of HIV-Negative Incarcerated Women in Connecticut
The individual, the group and the psychology of terrorism
The use and acceptance of sexually aggressive tactics in college men
Towards a psycho-anthropological view of religious violence
Transactional sex with casual and main partners among young South African men in the rural Eastern Cape: Prevalence, predictors, and associations with gender-based violence
Verbal Versus Physical Victimization From Other People's Drinking: How Do Gender, Age, and Their Interactions With Drinking Pattern Affect Vulnerability?
Violence and aggression in the emergency department: A critical care perspective
Violence and schizophrenia: Commentary
Violent and nonviolent methods of suicide: Different patterns may be found in men and women with severe depression
Correlations between pediatric emergency department and legal medicine in the field of child abuse: the usefulness of flow-charts
My Favorite Tips for Uncovering Sensitive and Taboo Information from Antisocial Behavior to Suicidal Ideation
The impact of gender inequality on intimate partner violence in Spain
Law and Order in an Emerging Democracy: Lessons from the Reconstruction of Kosovo's Police and Justice Systems
Proliferation on the Peninsula: Five North Korean Nuclear Crises
Risk of Incarceration among Male Veterans and Nonveterans: Are Veterans of the All Volunteer Force at Greater Risk?
Why Do Youth Enlist?: Identification of Underlying Themes
Neurobiological effects of childhood abuse
Noise-induced hearing loss caused by gunshot in South Korean military service
Post-traumatic stress disorder and service utilization in a sample of service members from Iraq and Afghanistan
Sexual assault nurse examiner program characteristics, barriers, and lessons learned
Sexual assault nursing research: it makes a difference
Methodological issues and practical strategies in research on child maltreatment victims' abilities and experiences as witnesses
Blindness and visual impairment from severe midface trauma in Nigerians
Flunitrazepam: psychomotor impairment, agitation and paradoxical reactions
New laws for reporting child abuse and neglect
Neural network development in late adolescents during observation of risk-taking action
Neighborhood stressors and cardiovascular health: Crime and C-reactive protein in Dallas, USA
Using the Bivariate Dale Model to jointly estimate predictors of frequency and quantity of alcohol use
A study on direct costs of domestic violence against women in legal medicine centers of Tehran (2002)
Acute injury patterns of intimate partner violence victims
Effects of playing violent videogames on Chinese adolescents' pro-violence attitudes, attitudes toward others, and aggressive behavior
Associations between bullying behaviour, psychosomatic complaints, emotional and behavioural problems
Brief detection and co-occurrence of violence, depression and alcohol risk in prenatal care settings
Children and Violence
Commentary on "terrorism, trauma, and mass casualty triage"
Comprehensive response to rape needed in conflict settings
Conceptualizing the "wantedness" of women's consensual and nonconsensual sexual experiences: implications for how women label their experiences with rape
Countering workplace aggression: an urban tertiary care institutional exemplar
Defining patterns of genital injury from sexual assault: a review
Domestic violence against women attending gynecologic outpatient clinics
Exploring the perceptions of domestic violence service providers in rural localities
Gender differences in psychiatric morbidity and violent behaviour among a household population in Great Britain
Head injuries due to landmines
Impact of sexual violence on disclosure during Home Office interviews
Intimate Partner Abuse among Gay and Bisexual Men: Risk Correlates and Health Outcomes
Intimate partner violence (IPV) and preeclampsia among Peruvian women
Is Victimization From Bullying Associated With Medicine Use Among Adolescents? A Nationally Representative Cross-sectional Survey in Denmark
Kick back and destroy the ride: Alcohol-related violence and associations with drinking patterns and delinquency in adolescence
Overlooked but critical: traumatic brain injury as a consequence of interpersonal violence
Patient Bullying: A Survey of Physicians in Primary Care
Sexual assault: key issues
Terrorism, Trauma, and Mass Casualty Triage: How Might We Solve the Latest Mind-Body Problem?
The factors affecting sexual assaults committed by strangers and acquaintances
The prevalence of domestic violence against pregnant women in Perak, Malaysia
Violence against women and the perinatal period: the impact of lifetime violence and abuse on pregnancy, postpartum, and breastfeeding
Violence toward a family member, angry adult conflict, and child adjustment difficulties: Relations in families with 1- to 3-year-old children
Violent recidivism among mentally disordered offenders in Japan
Women's Experience With Battering and Cigarette Smoking: Added Risk Related to Co-Occurrence With Other Forms of Intimate Partner Violence
A comparative analysis of media reports of U.S.A. parricide cases with officially reported national crime data and the psychiatric and psychological literature
Mechanism and morphological characteristics of injuries made by elastic bullets of traumatic action
Post-shooting stress reactions among police officers
The effects of prior combat experience on the expression of somatic and affective symptoms in deploying soldiers
Driving anger and driving behavior in adults with ADHD
Intimate partner homicide: review and implications of research and policy
Posttraumatic stress disorder, anger, and partner abuse among Vietnam combat veterans
The health implications of violence against women: untangling the complexities of acute and chronic effects: a two-part special issue
Care staff perceptions of challenging behaviour and fear of assault
Child and partner abuse: Self-reported prevalence and attitudes in the north of Portugal
Children and Firearms in the Home: A Southwestern Ohio Ambulatory Research Network (SOAR-Net) Study
Common correlates of suicidal ideation and physical assault among male and female university students in Hong Kong
Direct and indirect costs attributable to alcohol consumption in Germany
Attitude towards intimate partner violence against women and risky sexual choices of Jamaican males
How satisfied are soldiers with their ballistic helmets? A comparison of soldiers' opinions about the advanced combat helmet and the personal armor system for ground troops helmet
Physical Child Harm and Bullying-Related Behaviors: A Comparative Study in Japan, South Africa, and the United States
The incidence of drug abuse in unnatural deaths in northern Thailand
Forced suffocation of infants with baby wipes: A previously undescribed form of child abuse
'Health's a difficult beast': The interrelationships between domestic violence, women's health and the health sector. An Australian case study
Identifying intimate partner violence: comparing the Chinese abuse assessment screen with the Chinese revised conflict tactics scales
Issues Regarding the Clinical Use of the Classification of Violence Risk (COVR) Assessment Instrument
Child maltreatment, revictimization, and violent behavior
Domestic violence against women in their childbearing years; A review of the literature
Magnetic resonance imaging in child abuse
Shaking and other non-accidental head injuries in children
The Effect of Inmates' Self-Reported Childhood and Adolescent Animal Cruelty: Motivations on the Number of Convictions for Adult Violent Interpersonal Crimes
Using the Violence Risk Appraisal Guide (VRAG) to Predict In-Prison Aggressive Behavior in a Swiss Offender Population
What do abused women expect from their family physicians? A qualitative study among women in shelter homes
Youth violence trajectories and proximal characteristics of intimate partner violence
Posttraumatic stress disorder and its relationship with negative cognitive schemas in battered women
Adolescents as victims of familial violence: a hospital based surveillance
Falling through the cracks--Virginia Tech and the restructuring of college mental health services
Cognition, emotion, and neurobiological development: mediating the relation between maltreatment and aggression
Child maltreatment and adolescent violence: understanding complex connections
Early physical abuse and later violent delinquency: a prospective longitudinal study
Fact or Fiction-Is Abuse Prevalent in Patients With Interstitial Cystitis? Results From a Community Survey and Clinic Population
Frequency of traumatic lesions alleged by victims of assault during police custody
Physical child abuse and adolescent violent delinquency: the mediating and moderating roles of personal relationships
Post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and anxiety among Gaza Strip adolescents in the wake of the second Uprising (Intifada)
Predictors of psychological distress and positive resources among Palestinian adolescents: Trauma, child, and mothering characteristics
Prevention of child sexual abuse in China: Knowledge, attitudes, and communication practices of parents of elementary school children
Risk factors for domestic physical violence: national cross-sectional household surveys in eight southern African countries
The murder of children by fathers in the context of child abuse
Understanding the link between childhood maltreatment and violent delinquency: what do schools have to add?
Violence: a glossary
Weapons of mass destruction, WMD
Workplace violence: An overview of patterns of risk and the emotional/stress consequences on targets
Child maltreatment and violent delinquency: disentangling main effects and subgroup effects
Cost Analysis of Obtaining Postintervention Results in a Cohort of High-Risk Adolescent Girls
Maltreatment history and weapon carrying among early adolescents
Thermal injuries in operations Iraqi and enduring freedom (OIF and OEF)
Things that go boom: injuries from explosives
Virginia Tech disaster response shows value of regular drills and planning
Study of socioeconomic home environment of children hospitalised at the department of pediatrics of Municipal Hospital in Lodz
Treatment of gunshot wounds and prevention of complications during the healing process
Measuring Japanese mothers' perception of child abuse: development of a Japanese version of the child abuse blame scale - physical abuse (CABS-PA-J)
Routine activities and sexual assault: an analysis of individual- and school-level factors
Terrorists are activists who renounce non-violence
Aggressive/hostile personality traits and injury accidents: an eight-year prospective study of a large cohort of French employees -- the GAZEL cohort
A concept analysis of relational aggression
Batterer intervention program enrollment and completion among immigrant men in Massachusetts
Behavioral management leads to reduction in aggression in a child and adolescent psychiatric inpatient unit
Business interruption impacts of a terrorist attack on the electric power system of Los Angeles: customer resilience to a total blackout
Epidemic of stab injuries: an Alice Springs dilemma
Factors correlated with violent video game use by adolescent boys and girls
Family violence and associated help-seeking behavior among older African American women
Incidence and correlates of Internet usage among adolescents in North Cyprus
Increase in violent deaths of Iraqi journalists since the 2003 invasion
Increasing violence in Australian general practice is a public health issue
Intimate partner violence and increased lifetime risk of sexually transmitted infection among women in Ukraine
Intra-group aggression among prisoners: bullying intensity and exploration of victim-perpetrator mutuality
Measuring health-related quality of life for child maltreatment: A systematic literature review
Meeting the challenges of terrorism risk analysis
Modeling values for anti-terrorism analysis
Parents View a Brief Violence Prevention Program in Clinic
Precipitants to psychiatric patient assaults: review of findings, 2004-2006, with implications for EMS and other health care providers
Prevalence of Interpersonal Abuse in Primary Care Patients Prescribed Opioids for Chronic Pain
Constituting the Violence of Criminalized Women
Protecting abused children
Risk-management and risk-analysis-based decision tools for attacks on electric power
Sacred bounds on rational resolution of violent political conflict
School-based education programmes for the prevention of child sexual abuse
Sexual Murderers of Children: Developmental, Precrime, Crime, and Postcrime Factors
Terror terms for arsonists
The economic impacts of a terrorist attack on the U.S. commercial aviation system
To ask, or not to ask, about abuse--New Zealand research
Two subtypes of psychopathic violent offenders that parallel primary and secondary variants
Validation of the Abuse Screening Inventory (ASI)
Violence, gender, and intemperance in early national Connecticut
Wife battery in Islam: a comprehensive understanding of interpretations
Youth violence and injury prevention
Drug facilitated sexual assault
Screening domestic violence
A risk and economic analysis of dirty bomb attacks on the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach
Cognitive behavioural therapy for men who physically abuse their female partner
Pediatric and adolescent strangulation deaths
The longitudinal prediction of alcohol consumption-related harms among young adults
Violence, stress, and somatic syndromes
Stupid is: pugilism
The brutality of James Bond and the global influence of violence in the media
A profile of pedophilia: definition, characteristics of offenders, recidivism, treatment outcomes, and forensic issues
Aggression in adolescent dating relationships: prevalence, justification, and health consequences
Chronic pain and violent ideation: testing a model of patient violence
Enduring consequences of terrorism: 7-month follow-up survey of reactions to the bombings in London on 7 July 2005
Epidemiology. Iraq mortality study authors release data, but only to some
Examination of proposed criteria for complicated grief in people confronted with violent or non-violent loss
Prevalence and characteristics of child sexual abuse among Spanish university students
Torture in Egypt
Comparison between interpersonal violence and motor vehicle accidents in the etiology of maxillofacial fractures
Prevalence and associated factors of physical fighting among school-going adolescents in Namibia