Policies and consequences: how America and psychiatry took the detour to Erewhon
Pattern of fatal cases of assault autopsied at Victoria Hospital
Pattern of injuries in non-fatal victims of two wheeler accidents at Salem, Tamilnadu: a cross-sectional study
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Patterns of physical activity and sedentary behaviour in the general population in France: cluster analysis with personal and socioeconomic correlates
Patterns of recovery following sport-related concussion in children and adolescents
Pediatric scalds: do cooking-related burns have a higher injury burden?
Peer influence processes for youth delinquency and depression
The perceived stigma of mental health services among rural parents of children with psychosocial concerns
'Pheran' induced fourth degree friction burn of the brain
Physical activity restriction in age-related eye disease: a cross-sectional study exploring fear of falling as a potential mediator
Physical assault, physical threat, and verbal abuse perpetrated against hospital workers by patients or visitors in six U.S. hospitals
Predictive modeling and concentration of the risk of suicide: implications for preventive interventions in the US Department of Veterans Affairs
Predictors of suicide attempts in 3.322 patients with affective disorders and schizophrenia spectrum disorders
Posttraumatic stress disorder and somatic symptoms among child and adolescent survivors following the Lushan earthquake in China: A six-month longitudinal study
A preliminary video analysis of concussion in the National Rugby League
Prevalence and predictors of bicycle helmet use in a southeastern, US city
Prevalence of auditory verbal hallucinations in a general population: a group comparison study
Prevalence of comorbid substance use, anxiety and mood disorders in epidemiological surveys, 1990-2014: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Prevalence of levamisole and aminorex in patients tested positive for cocaine in a French University Hospital
Political leadership in the time of crises: primum non nocere
Neurologic complications of psychomotor stimulant abuse
Neuropsychiatric adverse effects of amphetamine and methamphetamine
Non-suicidal self-injury in different eating disorder types: relevance of personality traits and gender
Notes from the field: increase in reported adverse health effects related to synthetic cannabinoid use - United States, January-May 2015
A novel design of heartbeat monitoring system for the motor vehicle
Novelty seeking is related to individual risk preference and brain activation associated with risk prediction during decision making
Offspring-perpetrated familicide: examining family homicides involving parents as victims
Non-parental adults in the social and risk behavior networks of sexual minority male youth
Oil industry and road traffic fatalities in contemporary Colombia
Outrage factors in government press releases of food risk and their influence on news media coverage
Parental problem drinking and adolescent externalizing behaviors: the mediating role of family functioning
Participation in older adult physical activity programs and risk for falls requiring medical care, Washington State, 2005-2011
Paternalism and factitious disorder: medical treatment in illness deception
Medical marijuana laws and suicide
Medicines can affect thermoregulation and accentuate the risk of dehydration and heat-related illness during hot weather
Methcathinone "kitchen chemistry" and permanent neurological damage
Motorcycle helmet use in Calicut, India: users behaviour, attitude and perceptions
Multiple sleep latency test, maintenance of wakefulness test and suggestive immobilization test
Missing link in community psychiatry: when a patient with schizophrenia was expelled from her home
The National Athletic Treatment, Injury and Outcomes Network (NATION)
NBOMe and 2C substitute phenylethylamine exposures reported to the National Poison Data System
Neural activation during risky decision-making in youth at high risk for substance use disorders
Natural sequence of recovery from child post-traumatic amnesia: a retrospective cohort study
Neurobehavioral sequelae of psychostimulant abuse
Neurocognitive status is associated with all-cause mortality among psychiatric, high-risk liver transplant candidates and recipients
Is spousal violence being "vertically transmitted" through victims? Findings from the Pakistan Demographic and Health Survey 2012-13
It's all about location, location, location: a new perspective on trauma transport
Links between posttrauma appraisals and trauma-related distress in adolescent females from the child welfare system
Knowledge levels of pre-school teachers related with basic first-aid practices, Isparta sample
Lifetime stability of ADHD symptoms in older adults
Long-term retention of a divided attention psycho-motor test combining choice reaction test and postural balance test: a preliminary study
Longitudinal relation between general well-being and self-esteem: testing differences for adolescents admitted to secure residential care and after discharge
Illness and risk behaviour in health care students studying abroad
Influence of offence type and prior imprisonment on risk of death following release from prison: a whole-population linked data study
Increased incidence of herpes zoster and postherpetic neuralgia in adult patients following traumatic brain injury: a nationwide population-based study in Taiwan
Frailty and the prediction of dependence and mortality in low- and middle-income countries: a 10/66 population-based cohort study
Functional Movement Screen normative values and validity in high school athletes: can the FMS™ be used as a predictor of injury?
Gender and race variations in the intersection of religious involvement, early trauma, and adult health
Gender-specific analyses of the prevalence and factors associated with substance use and misuse among Bosniak adolescents
Gendered violence and victim blame: subject perceptions of blame and the appropriateness of services for survivors of domestic sex trafficking, sexual assault, and intimate partner violence
A generic approach for examining the effectiveness of traffic control devices in school zones
Epidemiology of unintentional drowning in a metropolis of the French Mediterranean coast: a retrospective analysis (2000-2011)
Epilepsy-related deaths: an Australian survey of the experiences and needs of people bereaved by epilepsy
Ethanol and isolated traumatic brain injury
Ethnic differences in youth well-being: the role of sociodemographic background and social support
European Healthy Cities evaluation: conceptual framework and methodology
An evaluation of the impact of goal setting and cell phone calls on juvenile rearrests
An evaluation of the pedestrian classification in a multi-domain multi-modality setup
Evaluation of risk factor reduction in a European City Network
Evaluation of some physical hazards which may affect health in primary schools
Evaluation of veterans' suicide risk with the use of linguistic detection methods
Exposure to the World Trade Center disaster and 9/11-related post-traumatic stress disorder and household disaster preparedness
Excessive prescribing of hypnotic and anxiolytic drugs in Japan
Epidemiology of orthopaedic trauma admissions over one year in a district general hospital in England
Energy drinks as a cause of seizures--real or possible danger? Case report
Emotional health of lesbian, gay, bisexual and questioning bullies: does it differ from straight bullies?
Emergency department visits for self-inflicted injuries in adolescents
Effects of oncoming vehicle size on overtaking judgments
Effects of long-term AA attendance and spirituality on the course of depressive symptoms in individuals with alcohol use disorder
Effects of introducing an administrative .05% blood alcohol concentration limit on law enforcement patterns and alcohol-related collisions in Canada
Effects of an emotional intelligence program in variables related to the prevention of violence
The effects of alcohol on the recognition of facial expressions and microexpressions of emotion: enhanced recognition of disgust and contempt
Determinants of injuries in passenger vessel accidents
Determining a criminal defendant's competency to proceed with an extradition hearing
Dimensions of maternal parenting and infants' autonomic functioning interactively predict early internalizing behavior problems
Do we harm others even if we don't need to?
Does temperature modify the effects of rain and snow precipitation on road traffic injuries?
Dog bites to the upper extremity in children
Economic downturns and suicide mortality in the USA, 1980-2010: observational study
Editorial: Increasing knowledge for the prevention of firearm violence
Defining probability in sex offender risk assessment
College sexual assault defense program for women halved rape risk
The combined influence of hardiness and cohesion on mental health in a military peacekeeping mission: a prospective study
A commentary on "Testosterone and cortisol jointly modulate risk-taking" by P.H. Mehta, K.M. Welker, S. Zilioli, J.M. Carre, Psychoneuroendocrinology, 2015, 56, 88-99
Common biochemical defects linkage between post-traumatic stress disorders, mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) and penetrating TBI
Brief report: The bystander effect in cyberbullying incidents
Car seat-associated hypoxia: low birth weight term newborns, another group at risk
The case for environmental strategies to prevent alcohol-related trauma
Characterizing drug-facilitated sexual assault subtypes and treatment engagement of victims at a hospital-based rape treatment center
Child maltreatment among boy and girl probationers: does type of maltreatment make a difference in offending behavior and psychosocial problems?
Child sexual abuse: an area of emerging concern
Children at risk: a comparison of child pedestrian traffic collisions in Santiago, Chile and Seoul, South Korea
Clouding the judgment of domestic violence law: victim blaming by institutional stakeholders in Cambodia
Beyond same-sex attraction: gender-variant-based victimization is associated with suicidal behavior and substance use for other-sex attracted adolescents
Blast Injuries
Breastfeeding duration after childhood sexual abuse: an Australian cohort study
Initial validation of a brief pictorial measure of caregiver aggression: the Family Aggression Screening Tool
Are young people caught in the time bind? A sociological analysis of how young people in an upper secondary school view the issue of finding time to do sports or exercise in their spare time
Attachment-based considerations for addressing adolescent substance use (ASU) in a family context
Beyond mindfulness, towards antiquity
Childhood victimization and prostitution. a developmental victimology perspective
Commission errors of active intentions: the roles of aging, cognitive load, and practice
Do older individuals have difficulty processing motion or excluding noise? Implications for safe driving
Enhancing motivation by use of prescription stimulants: the ethics of motivation enhancement
Evidence of cognitive decline in older adults after remote traumatic brain injury: an exploratory study
Experiences and meanings of leisure, active living, and recovery among culturally diverse community-dwelling adults with mental illness
A 'fair go' on Australian beaches
Family reflections: a promising therapeutic program designed to treat severely alienated children and their family system
Forms of bullying reported by middle-school students in Latin America and the Caribbean
The influence of pre- and post-error responses on measures of intraindividual variability in younger and older adults
Interindividual differences in attentional control profiles among younger and older adults
Interventions for LGBTQ youth suicide: a review of two books
Military wives emotionally coping during deployment: balancing dependence and independence
The misnomer of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder
A neuropsychological profile of childhood maltreatment within an adolescent inpatient sample
Poisoning parent-child relationships through the manipulation of names
Poorer mental health is associated with cognitive deficits in old age
Predicting improvement in depression across therapies using indicators of romantic relationship functioning: a preliminary investigation
Preparing for school crises: administrator perceptions on supports for teachers
Rural restructuring and its impact on community recreation opportunities
Suicide rates in Maltese Islands (1955-2009) analysed in European context using WHO data
There is a lot to it: being a mother and living with a mental illness
Three-year longitudinal study of school behavior and academic outcomes: results from a comprehensive expanded school mental health program
Translational research and youth development
Veterans' views of a shared decision-making process: a qualitative substudy of REORDER
Informal transport and its effects in the developing world: a case study of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Fatal accidental cut throat injury by manja: a case report
Epidemiological study of unnatural deaths in district hospital, West India: a retrospective study
"Deaths due to fall from height" - an autopsy study
The pattern of lightning injuries in Telangana District
A retrospective autopsy study of pattern of injuries sustained by pedestrians of fatal road traffic accidents
Risk perception factors and their influence on road transportation
Profile of fatal head injuries in road traffic accidents: study conducted in Puducherry, India
Profile of road traffic accidents in rural area of South-West Madhya Pradesh
Assessment of functional status among the elderly in Rural Kaiwara of Southern India
Community perspectives on drug/alcohol use, concerns, needs, and resources in four Washington State Tribal communities
Bomb blast: pattern and nature of injuries
CPTED and workplace violence in Jordanian public hospitals
The economic cost of bereavement in Scotland
Ideological meaning making after the loss of a child: the case of Israeli bereaved parents
Internalized and externalized continuing bonds in bereaved parents: their relationship with grief intensity and personal growth
Perceptions of a good death among German medical students
The Persistent Complex Bereavement Inventory: a measure based on the DSM-5
Predicting the natural suicide rate in Belgium
Prognostic indicators of social outcomes in persons who sustained an injury in a road traffic crash
The relationship between macroeconomic and industry-specific business cycle indicators and work-related injuries among Danish construction workers
Seasonality pattern of suicide in Iran: a systematic review
Spirituality moderates hopelessness, and suicidal ideation among Iranian depressed adolescents
Use of medicines from the group of benzodiazepines in the period of 2003-2013 year in the Republic of Macedonia
Attributes of patients with suicide attempts seen at the Niger Delta University Teaching Hospital within a year: a case series
Depressive symptom trajectories and associated risks among Korean elderly
Issues surrounding children as motorcycle pillion rider in ASEAN country
Prevalence and related risk factors of suicidal ideation in urban adolescents
Longitudinal criminology
Young offenders' decisions to re-offend as a breakdown of self-regulation of hierarchically organised feedback loops: the role of moral disengagement in formulating decisions to re-offend
The effects of residential proximity to bars on alcohol consumption
Psychometric properties of the Persian version of Death Depression Scale among nurses
Attitudes of Czech drivers to issue of drinking and driving - development in time and international comparisons
Pedestrian accidents - actual trend in the Czech Republic
How to measure road traffic safety? - 2nd part
A safety index for traffic with linear spacing
Bus safety in Thailand
Bus crash situation in Thailand: case studies
Utility of a near real-time emergency department syndromic surveillance system to track injuries in New York City
Epidemiology of sports-related concussion in seven US high school and collegiate sports
Firearms and the incidence of arrest among respondents to domestic violence restraining orders
Injury risk in British Columbia, Canada, 1986 to 2009: are Aboriginal children and youth over-represented?
Restriction in functioning and quality of life is common in people 2 months after compensable motor vehicle crashes: prospective cohort study
An examination of the individual and contextual characteristics associated with active shooter events
Adverse Childhood Experiences and the Mental Health of Veterans
The aetiology of schizophrenia: what have the Swedish Medical Registers taught us?
Age differences in the effect of framing on risky choice: a meta-analysis
Ages of legal importance: implications in relation to birth registration and age assessment practices
Analysis of injuries and causes of death in fatal farm-related incidents in Lower Silesia, Poland
Anticipating conflict: neural correlates of a Bayesian belief and its motor consequence
Arterial gas embolism in a Special Forces combat dive student during free-swimming ascent training: a case study
Assessing upper extremity motion: an innovative method to identify frailty
The association between income inequality and all-cause mortality across urban communities in Korea
The association between the parental perception of the physical neighborhood environment and children's location-specific physical activity
The association between sedentary behaviour and risk of anxiety: a systematic review
Associations of military divorce with mental, behavioral, and physical health outcomes
Avoidance symptoms and delayed verbal memory are associated with post-traumatic stress symptoms in female victims of sexual violence
Associations between specific negative emotions and DSM-5 PTSD among a national sample of interpersonal trauma survivors
Aging workers and trade-related injuries in the US construction industry
Childhood psychological maltreatment subtypes and adolescent depressive symptoms
Corticosteroid-induced psychiatric disturbances: it is time for pharmacists to take notice
A cross-sectional study of prevalence and etiology of childhood visual impairment in Auckland, New Zealand
Deaths of older Australians related to their use of motorised mobility scooters
Developing an industry-oriented safety curriculum using the Delphi technique
Dynamic balance deficits 6 months following first-time acute lateral ankle sprain: a laboratory analysis
Editorial: Practising with our hearts and minds: nurses and intimate partner violence
Effects of home visitation on maternal competencies, family environment, and child development: a randomized controlled trial
The impact of multiple roles on psychological distress among Japanese workers
Improving prediction of fall risk among nursing home residents using electronic medical records
Incidence and predictors of non-fatal drug overdose after release from prison among people who inject drugs in Queensland, Australia
Incidence of fall-related injury among old people in mainland China
Increased gait speed after cataract surgery confers longer predicted survival
Mortality among injured children treated at different trauma center types
The nature of white matter abnormalities in blast-related mild traumatic brain injury
The need for cultural safety in injury prevention
PILL Series. Deliberate self-harm in adolescents
Pillion riders' cloth related injuries and helmet wearing patterns: a study of Lahore, Pakistan
Prevalence and correlates of sexual abuse among female out-of- school adolescents in Iwaya Community, Lagos State, Nigeria
Prevalence and factors associated with intimate partner violence among married women in an urban community in Lagos State, Nigeria
Protecting children in research: safer ways to research with children who may be experiencing violence or abuse
Psychosocial interventions for benzodiazepine harmful use, abuse or dependence
Within-person changes in individual symptoms of depression predict subsequent depressive episodes in adolescents: a prospective study
Surveying the impact of work hours and schedules on commercial motor vehicle driver sleep
Variety, enjoyment, and physical activity participation among high school students
Understanding the association between school climate and future orientation
Tyranny of distance and rural prehospital care: is there potential for a national rural responder network?
Threat affects risk preferences in movement decision making
Safety concerns related to modular/prefabricated building construction
Adolescent cannabis exposure interacts with mutant DISC1 to produce impaired adult emotional memory
Adolescent socioeconomic and school-based social status, smoking, and drinking
The role of early language difficulties in the trajectories of conduct problems across childhood
Advocating for deployed women veterans' health differences, difficulties, and disparities
Alcohol use severity and depressive symptoms among late adolescent Hispanics: testing associations of acculturation and enculturation in a bicultural transaction model
Alcohol-induced blackouts and other negative outcomes during the transition out of college
Associations of anger and fear to later self-regulation and problem behavior symptoms
Blurred front lines: triage and initial management of blast injuries
Breaking the link between legal access to alcohol and motor vehicle accidents: evidence from New South Wales
Bullying: the impact of teacher management and trait emotional intelligence
Burden and correlates of non-communicable-diseases among rural residents: a cross-sectional study in Hebei, China
Burden of traumatic brain injury in New Zealand: incidence, prevalence and disability-adjusted life years
Cardiorespiratory fitness may help in protecting against depression among middle school adolescents
The characteristics of sexual offenders abusing alcohol in view of forensic-psychiatric assessments
The chicken or the egg: examining temporal precedence among attitudes, injunctive norms, and college student drinking
The Child Behavior Checklist dysregulation profile in preschool children: a broad dysregulation syndrome
Childhood trauma associates with clinical features of schizophrenia in a sample of Chinese inpatients
Children's experiences of corporal punishment: a qualitative study in an urban township of South Africa
A closer examination of sexual trauma during deployment: not all sexual traumas are associated with suicidal ideation
Combined use of alcohol and energy drinks increases participation in high-risk drinking and driving behaviors among college students
The concept of alcohol craving
Confirming, validating, and norming the factor structure of systemic therapy inventory of change initial and intersession
A comparison of four typical green exercise environments and prediction of psychological health outcomes
Comparison of female and male casualty cohorts from conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan
Cyberbullying: review of an old problem gone viral
Decline in fast gait speed as a predictor of disability in older adults
Depressive symptoms anticipate changes in the frequency of alcohol intoxication among low-accepted adolescents
Differences between African-American and European-American women in the association of childhood sexual abuse with initiation of marijuana use and progression to problem use
The development of a conceptual model and self-reported measure of occupational health and safety vulnerability
Does parental monitoring moderate the relationship between bullying and adolescent nonsuicidal self-injury and suicidal behavior? A community-based self-report study of adolescents in Germany
Does physical activity protect against drug abuse vulnerability?
Dog bites: a complex public health issue
Drinking patterns of alcohol intoxicated adolescents in the emergency department: a latent class analysis
Drug overdose has become leading cause of death from injury in US
Drug use patterns predict risk of non-fatal overdose among street-involved youth in a Canadian setting
The effect of cross-border mobility on alcohol and drug use among Mexican-American residents living at the U.S.-Mexico border
The effect of observers on behavior and the brain during aggressive encounters
Effects of 21st birthday brief interventions on college student celebratory drinking: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Epidemiology of injury in male adolescent Gaelic games
Epidemiology of urban traffic accident victims hospitalized more than 24 hours in a level III trauma center, Kashan County, Iran, during 2012-2013
Estimating the risk of cardiac mortality after exposure to conducted energy weapons
Estimating the safety effects of lane widths on urban streets in Nebraska using the propensity scores-potential outcomes framework
Evaluation of the King-Devick test as a concussion screening tool in high school football players
Evidence-based preventive intervention for preadolescent aggressive children: one-year outcomes following randomization to group versus individual delivery
Exploring psychological distress in Burundi during and after the armed conflict
Firearm ownership and violent crime in the U.S.: an ecologic study
Impact of primary blast lung injury during combat operations in Afghanistan (Letter)
Impact of preexisting opioid use on injury mechanism, type, and outcome
Intervention study for changes in home fire safety knowledge in urban older adults
Intimate partner violence, partner notification, and expedited partner therapy: a qualitative study
Local health department workers, public policy, and willingness to respond during emergencies
Managing the terror of a dangerous world: political attitudes as predictors of mental health stigma
Mechanism of injury differentiates risk factors for mortality in geriatric trauma patients
A methodology to determine the psychomotor performance of helicopter pilots during flight maneuvers
Motor vehicle collision-related injuries in the elderly: An Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma evidence-based review of risk factors and prevention
Motor vehicle crash fatalities and seat belt laws
Motor vehicle crash fatalities in states with primary versus secondary seat belt laws: a time-series analysis
Ocular trauma from dog bites: characterization, associations, and treatment patterns at a regional level I trauma center over 11 years
Outcome after severe accidental hypothermia in the French Alps: a 10-year review
Personality traits of drivers serving a custodial sentence for drink driving
Physical dating violence among adolescents and young adults with alcohol misuse
Positive and negative posttraumatic change following childhood sexual abuse are associated with youths' adjustment
Postraumatic mental disorders in traders victims of crime
Predicting alcohol-impaired driving among Spanish youth with the theory of reasoned action
Prevalence and effect of cyberbullying on children and young people: a scoping review of social media studies
A randomized crash injury prevention trial of transitioning high-risk elders from driving
Reducing school violence in Africa: learning from Uganda
Relationships between minimum alcohol pricing and crime during the partial privatization of a Canadian government alcohol monopoly
Scoring the strengths and weaknesses of underage drinking laws in the United States
Risky riding: naturalistic methods comparing safety behavior from conventional bicycle riders and electric bike riders
Risk of injury in older adults using gastrointestinal antispasmodic and anticholinergic medications
Role of biomarkers of nephrotoxic acute kidney injury in deliberate poisoning and envenomation in less developed countries
A study conducted on the demographic factors of victims of violence in support and administrative departments of hospital in 2013
Suicidal carbon monoxide poisoning has decreased with controls on automobile emissions
Suicide rates in five-year age-bands after the age of 60 years: the international landscape
Support vector machine in crash prediction at the level of traffic analysis zones: assessing the spatial proximity effects
A systematic review of the sleep, sleepiness, and performance implications of limited wake shift work schedules
Three-month pattern of road traffic injuries at a Kenyan level 4 hospital
Third molar observations in a sample of British male young offenders
With or without you? Contextualizing the impact of romantic relationship breakup on crime among serious adolescent offenders
The use of cannabis as a predictor of early onset of bipolar disorder and suicide attempts
U.S. spousal homicide rates by racial composition of marriage
Youth perceptions of how neighborhood physical environment and peers affect physical activity: a focus group study
Epidemiologic survey of trauma and associated factors in Guilan
Factors affecting triage decision-making from the viewpoints of emergency department staff in Tabriz hospitals
Investigation of compliance in the severely injured: a literature review
The epidemiology of accidents
A study of the causes of industrial accidents
The association between parenting and levels of self-control: a genetically informative analysis
The increase in industrial accidents
A big step toward elimination of the automobile hazard
The human factor in accident occurrence
Carelessness - an accident factor
Danger hour
Inventing industrial accidents and their insurance: discourse and workers' compensation in the United States, 1880s-1910s
Reckless walking must be discouraged: the automobile revolution and the shaping of modern urban Canada to 1930
Street accidents--New York City
Travelers' accident insurance: motor vehicles largest cause of accidental deaths
Observations concerning the individual characteristics of pilots in avaition accidents
The psychotechnical basis of accident prevention
Young drivers and their passengers: a systematic review of epidemiological studies on crash risk
Work-related accidents among the Iranian population: a time series analysis, 2000-2011
7-year retrospective review of quad bike injuries admitted to Starship Children's Hospital
Acute behavioural disturbance associated with phenibut purchased via an internet supplier
Adolescent drivers: fine-tuning our understanding
The application of fuzzy logic to determine the failure probability in fault tree risk analysis
Demographically investigate the trauma resulting from road traffic accidents in injured patients referred to Taleghani Hospital in Mashhad (Khorasan razavi, Iran), 2013
Determining safety integrity level on a hydrogen production unit with application of the layers of protection analysis method
An epidemiological study of work-related accidents in a construction firm
Epidemiological study on animal bite cases and its related injury in Quchan district in 2013
The epidemiology of accident fatalities in Iran (8-year review)
Epidemiology of fatal road traffic accidents in Northern provinces of Iran during 2009 to 2010
Epidemiology of burns injury among women in reproductive age in the West Azerbaijan Province of Iran: a three year case-study
Epidemiology of injury in Aq-Qala city-Iran, 2007-2012
Factors affecting on experts' attitude of agricultural Jihad organization toward safety in agricultural operations
Identifing and prioritiization of the factors in the use of child safety seats
The influence of safety training on improvement in safety climate in construction sites of a firm
Investigating the rate of helmet use and the related factors among motorcyclists in Kerman between 1391-92 (2012)
Investigation of lung functional capacities and respiratory disorders caused by chlorine gas
Investigation of the relationship between personality and attitude to safety of taxi drivers
An investigation on the relationship between error culture and safety outcomes among employees of a petrochemical industry
Knowledge, attitude, and practice of the motorcyclists of Bojnourd regarding using helmets
Traffic injury data collection in Iran, challenges and solutions
The survey of unsafe acts as the risk factors of accidents in using taxis for intercity travelling in Tehran
Study of characteristics of falls among Iranian elders
Safety climate survey in iran's uranium mines in 2013
The role of supervisor in effectiveness of safety training session and changing employees' attitudes toward safety issues
Relationship between shift works with sleep disorders and public health in a pipe company
Road traffic injury cost estimation by willingness to pay method
Model for safety performance evaluation based on organizational factors affecting safety industries using Fuzzy Inference System
Medicolegal characteristics of homicides in Belgrade population
Psychiatric and legal aspects of compulsory psychiatric hospitalization
Adolescents' perceptions of risks and benefits of conventional cigarettes, e-cigarettes, and marijuana: a qualitative analysis
An ageing trauma population: the Auckland experience
Alcohol attributable fraction for injury morbidity from the dose-response relationship of acute alcohol consumption: emergency department data from 18 countries
Alcohol outlet density and violence: a geographically weighted regression approach
Alcohol use and older Māori in Aotearoa
Are alcohol outlet densities strongly associated with alcohol-related outcomes? A critical review of recent evidence
The ascent of man: theoretical and empirical evidence for blatant dehumanization
Adverse childhood experiences among immigrants to the United States
Appeals against detention in excessive security (outcomes of appeals against detention in conditions of excessive security in Scotland)
Association of GABAA receptor α2 subunit gene (GABRA2) with alcohol dependence-related aggressive behavior
Associations between deployment, military rank, and binge drinking in active duty and Reserve/National Guard US servicewomen
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms, anxiety symptoms, and executive functioning in emerging adults
The attentional cost of receiving a cell phone notification
Brief report: Ethnic identity and aggression in adolescence: A longitudinal perspective
Causes of accidental childhood deaths in China in 2010: A systematic review and analysis
The characteristics of road traffic fatalities in Kazakhstan's Semey Region, 2006-2010: a descriptive retrospective study
Charity warns of carbon monoxide poisoning dangers (editorial)
Child protection during disasters
Children and youth with 'unspecified injury to the head': implications for traumatic brain injury research and surveillance
Community factors in differential responses of child protective services
Correlates of improvement in substance abuse among dually diagnosed veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder in specialized intensive VA treatment
Can social ties be harmful? Examining the spread of suicide in early adulthood
Cultural influences on exercise participation and fall prevention: a systematic review and narrative synthesis
Culture moderates biases in search decisions
Cumulative effects of multiple forms of violence and abuse on women
Can you party your way to better health? A propensity score analysis of block parties and health
Daytime total sleep time relates to the association between acute traumatic brain injury and cognitive function recovery: Comment on Chiu et al. (2014)
Delay in arrival to care in perpetrator - identified non-accidental head trauma: observations and outcomes
Deriving causes of child mortality by re-analyzing national verbal autopsy data applying a standardized computer algorithm in Uganda, Rwanda and Ghana
A detection advantage for facial threat in the absence of anger
Developmental investigation of age at sexual debut and subsequent sexual risk behaviours: a study of high-risk young black males
Direct costs involved in providing medical attention associated with traffic accidents in Bogotá
Distance to parks and non-residential destinations influences physical activity of older people, but crime doesn't: a cross-sectional study in a southern European city
Distress tolerance in social versus solitary college student drinkers
Drinking among Native American and White youths: the role of perceived neighborhood and school environment
Early PTSD symptom sub-clusters predicting chronic posttraumatic stress following sexual assault
Dimensions of agitation based on the Cohen-Mansfield Agitation Inventory in patients with dementia
Effectiveness of parent-focused interventions to increase teen driver safety: a critical review
Effects of violent-video-game exposure on aggressive behavior, aggressive-thought accessibility, and aggressive affect among adults with and without autism spectrum disorder
Electronic medical record analysis of emergency room visits and hospitalizations in individuals with epilepsy and mental illness comorbidity
Epidemiology of accidents
Evaluating adverse rural crash outcomes using the NHTSA State Data System
An examination of emotion regulation and alcohol use as risk factors for female-perpetrated dating violence
Factors that influence comorbidity from panic disorder and PTSD after earthquakes
Firearm injuries in the United States
Flooring affects risk of fall-related injuries in female nursing home residents
Gunshot and stabbing injuries : look beyond the horizon
How long do adolescents wait for psychiatry appointments?
Impulsivity as a multifaceted construct related to excessive drinking among UK students
Incidence of childhood abuse among women with psychiatric disorders compared with healthy women: data from a tertiary care centre in India
Measuring alcohol consumption in population surveys: a review of international guidelines and comparison with surveys in England
Out of the shadows and into the spotlight: social blunders fuel fear of self-exposure in social anxiety disorder
Pathways to drinking among Hispanic/Latino adolescents: perceived discrimination, ethnic identity, and peer affiliations
Population awareness of risks related to medicinal product use in Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR: a cross-sectional study for public health improvement in low and middle income countries
Prevalence of childhood exposure to violence, crime, and abuse: results from the National Survey of Children's Exposure to Violence
Prevalence of premarital sexual practice and associated factors among undergraduate health science students of Madawalabu University, Bale Goba, South East Ethiopia: institution based cross sectional study
Protective factors for youth exposed to violence in their communities: a review of family, school, and community moderators
Psychiatric symptom clusters as risk factors for alcohol use disorders in adolescence: a national study
Race, employment disadvantages, and heavy drinking: a multilevel model
The relation of severity and type of community violence exposure to emotional distress and problem behaviors among urban African American adolescents
Relations between actual group norms, perceived peer behavior, and bystander children's intervention to bullying
The relationship between impulsivity and suicide among rural youths aged 15-35 years: a case-control psychological autopsy study
Risks deter but pleasures allure: is pleasure more important?
A spiritual journey - influence of Hannelore
SSRI use and risk of fractures among perimenopausal women without mental disorders
Structural determinants of client perpetrated violence among female sex workers in two Mexico-U.S. border cities
Suicidality-based prediction of suicide attempts in a community-dwelling elderly population: results from the Osan Mental Health Survey
Systematic review of suicide in economic recession
Trends in ambulatory care for children with concussion and minor head injury from Eastern Massachusetts between 2007 and 2013
Turbulent times, rocky relationships: relational consequences of experiencing physical instability
Update: Accidental drownings, active component, U.S. Armed Forces, 2005-2014
Validation of the Spanish version of Physician Readiness to Manage Intimate Partner Violence Survey (PREMIS)
Carbon monoxide poisoning as a cause of death in Wuhan, China: a retrospective six-year epidemiological study (2009-2014)
Chronic generalized harassment during college: influences on alcohol and drug use
Elucidating the mechanisms linking early pubertal timing, sexual activity, and substance use for maltreated versus nonmaltreated adolescents
Exploring intergenerational discontinuity in problem behavior: bad parents with good children
Factors associated with the chronicity of intimate partner violence experiences among pregnant women in detoxification services
Facebook use, envy, and depression among college students: is facebooking depressing?
Factors associated with the use of protective gear among adults during recreational sledging
Fearless temperament and overconfidence in an unsuccessful Special Forces polar expedition
Epidemiology of road traffic crashes among long distance drivers in Ibadan, Nigeria
Aboriginal youth suicide rises in Northern Ontario
Abusive head trauma and accidental head injury: a 20-year comparative study of referrals to a hospital child protection team
Accessibility of catering service venues and adolescent drinking in Beijing, China
Accessible transportation, geographic elevation, and masticatory ability among elderly residents of a rural area
Adolescents with disability report higher rates of injury but lower rates of receiving care: findings from a national school-based survey in New Zealand
Association between New Jersey's graduated driver licensing decal provision and crash rates of young drivers with learners' permits
Australian trampoline injury patterns and trends
Cause, nature and care-seeking behaviour for injuries among community-dwelling older adults, USA, 2004-2013
Contagion in mass killings and school shootings
Depression and suicide in children and adolescents
Effects of brief intervention on subgroups of injured patients who drink at risk levels
Geographic variation in racial disparities in child maltreatment: the influence of county poverty and population density
Gun ownership and social gun culture
Identification of incident poisoning, fracture and burn events using linked primary care, secondary care and mortality data from England: implications for research and surveillance
The impact of migration on deaths and hospital admissions from work-related injuries in Australia
Intimate partner violence and substance use risk among young men who have sex with men: the P18 cohort study
Homicide committed by psychiatric patients: psychiatrists' liability in Italian law cases
Hot beverage scalds in Australian children: still simmering 10 years on
Investigating the costs of major and minor cycling crashes in Tasmania, Australia
Impact of exposure to childhood maltreatment on transitions to alcohol dependence in women and men
Soccer-related injuries in children and adults aged 5 to 49 years in US emergency departments from 2000 to 2012
Statin effects on aggression: results from the UCSD Statin Study, a randomized control trial
Stranded motorist deaths in Harris County, Texas: a deadly game of highway roulette
Therapeutic progression in abused women following a drug-addiction treatment program
A sex disparity among earthquake victims
Synthetic cannabinoids
Use of caffeinated energy drinks among secondary school students in Ontario: prevalence and correlates of using energy drinks and mixing with alcohol
The transformation of the value of life: dispossession as torture
Workplace violence in the health sector in Turkey: a national study
A review of research on driving styles and road safety
Safety effects of fixed speed cameras: an empirical Bayes evaluation
Severe craniocerebral trauma with sequelae caused by Flash-Ball® shot, a less-lethal weapon: report of one case and review of the literature
Hazard factors in the accident mortality record
The increase in industrial accidents
A lacunar stroke. The dysarthria-clumsy hand syndrome
The relation of fatigue to industrial accidents, I
The relation of fatigue to industrial accidents, III
Neurasthenia among garment workers
Psychology of the causes and prevention of accidents (editorial)
Contributions to the study of shell shock: being an account of certain disorders of speech, with special reference to their causation and their relation to malingering
L'Insuffisance Pryramidale physiogique de la première enfance et le syndrome de débilité motrice
Acedia the sin and its relationship to sorrow and melancholia in medieval times
Astronomers mark time: discipline and the personal equation
Clumsiness, dyspraxia and developmental co-ordination disorder: how do health and educational professionals in the UK define the terms?
A contribution to the study of shell shock: being an account of three cases of loss of memory, vision, smell, and taste, admitted into the: Duchess of Westminster's War Hospital, Le Touquet
Contributions to the study of shell shock: being an account of certain disorders of cutaneous sensibility
Disability history: why we need another "other"
Fatigue, work, and inhibition
Higiene de los accidentes del trabajo: La selección
Neurasthenia among garment workers
The International Association of Psychotechnology between the two world wars
Passé, présent et avenir de la psychotechnique
Psychology's entrepreneurs and the marketing of industrial psychology
Reaction time in nervous and mental diseases
Reaction time tests in Leipzig, Paris and Wurzburg. the Franco-German history of a psychological experiment, 1890-1910
Industrial psychology from abroad
Accuracy of physician-estimated probability of brain injury in children with minor head trauma
Acute and chronic risk preceding suicidal crises among middle-aged men without known mental health and/or substance abuse problems
Age- and cause-specific contributions to income difference in life expectancy at birth: findings from nationally representative data on one million South Koreans
The hospital’s chronic customers
Book review -- Caught in the machinery: workplace accidents and injured workers in nineteenth‐century Britain - by Jamie L. Bronstein
Why did the infants and toddlers die? Shifts in Americans' ideas of responsibility for accidents -- from blaming Mom to engineering
The accuracy of ICD codes: identifying physical abuse in 4 children's hospitals
Adolescents' experiences and perceived (dis)advantages of the three main outlet types for alcohol purchases
Adoption of Safe Routes to School in Canadian and the United States contexts: best practices and recommendations
Aging with rising risk: have older households experienced faster growing risk exposure than younger ones since the 1990s?
Agreement between physician's recommendation and fitness-to-drive decision in multiple sclerosis
Association between volume of severely injured patients and mortality in German trauma hospitals
Burden and trend analysis of injury mortality in China among children aged 0-14 years from 2004 to 2011
Children and armed conflict
Commentary: status of road safety in Asia
Conceptual framework and quantification of population vulnerability for effective emergency response planning
Concurrent and prospective associations between bullying victimization and substance use among Australian adolescents
Mill and mental phenomena: critical contributions to a science of cognition
Weapons used by juveniles and adults to kill parents
Controllability modulates the neural response to predictable but not unpredictable threat in humans
Daytime napping results in an underestimation of thermal strain during exercise in the heat
A decade of peace: mental health issues and service developments in the Solomon Islands since 2003
The Department of Defense and Homeland Security relationship: Hurricane Katrina through Hurricane Irene
Deprescribing benzodiazepines and Z-drugs in community-dwelling adults: a scoping review
Depression in patients with alcohol use disorders: systematic review and meta-analysis of outcomes for independent and substance-induced disorders
Depressive symptoms, social support, and violence exposure among urban youth: a longitudinal study of resilience
Determining women's sexual self-schemas through advanced computerized text analysis
Developing the PTSD Checklist-I/F for the DSM-IV (PCL-I/F): assessing PTSD symptom frequency and intensity in a pilot study of male veterans with combat-related PTSD
Developing an understanding of victims and violent offenders: the impact of fostering empathy
Distal and proximal religiosity as protective factors for adolescent and emerging adult alcohol use
Do negative changes in worldview mediate links between mass trauma and reckless behavior? A longitudinal exploratory study
Driving errors in persons with dementia
The effect of spatial barriers on realised accessibility to heath services after a natural disaster
Effectiveness of a systematic approach to promote intersectoral collaboration in comprehensive school health promotion-a multiple-case study using quantitative and qualitative data
Effects of social determinants on Chinese immigrant food service workers' work performance and injuries: mental health as a mediator
Estimating trends in the prevalence of problematic cocaine use (1999-2008)
Evaluation of measures of impairment in real and simulated driving: results from a randomized, placebo-controlled study
Examination of substance use, risk factors, and protective factors on student academic test score performance
Excessive daytime sleepiness and falls among older men and women: cross-sectional examination of a population-based sample
Exploring the association of deliberate self-harm with emotional relief using a novel Implicit Association Test
Exploring trends in and determinants of educational inequalities in self-rated health
Exposure to benzodiazepines (anxiolytics, hypnotics and related drugs) in seven European electronic healthcare databases: a cross-national descriptive study from the PROTECT-EU Project
Extracurricular activities and bullying perpetration: results from a nationally representative sample
Factors affecting high school teacher adoption, sustainability, and fidelity to the "Youth@Work: Talking Safety" curriculum
Factors associated with discussion of disasters by final year high school students: an international cross-sectional survey
Fatal and serious road crashes involving young New Zealand drivers: a latent class clustering approach
Firefighting to innovation: using human factors and ergonomics to tackle slip, trip, and fall risks in hospitals
Fracture prevention service to bridge the osteoporosis care gap
Geriatrician interventions on medication prescribing for frail older people in residential aged care facilities
A ground-up model for gun violence reduction: a community-based public health approach
Health and educational success in adolescents: a longitudinal study
Health care professionals as victims of stalking: characteristics of the stalking campaign, consequences, and motivation in Italy
How active are people in metropolitan parks? An observational study of park visitation in Australia
The impact of precaution and practice on the performance of a risky motor task
Hurricane Katrina: influence on the male-to-female birth ratio
Identifying priorities for mental health interventions in war-affected youth: a longitudinal study
The impact of domestic violence in the workplace: results from a Pan-Canadian survey
How people with depression receive and perceive mental illness information: findings from the Australian National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing
Impact of a maternal history of childhood abuse on the development of mother-infant interaction during the first year of life
Impact of meditation on mental health outcomes of female trauma survivors of interpersonal violence with co-occurring disorders: a randomized controlled trial
Impulsive personality, parental monitoring, and alcohol outcomes from adolescence through young adulthood
Indications for use of damage control surgery and damage control interventions in civilian trauma patients: a scoping review
Individual and contextual factors associated with immigrant youth feeling unsafe in school: a social-ecological analysis
Industry-related injuries in the United States from 1998 to 2011: characteristics, trends, and associated health care costs
Injury in the aged: geriatric trauma care at the crossroads
Injury patterns associated with hypotension in pediatric trauma patients: A National Trauma Database review
Integrative approach for severe anxiety
Is 'age at first drink' a useful concept in alcohol research and prevention? We doubt that
Is black always the opposite of white? An investigation on the comprehension of antonyms in people with schizophrenia and in healthy participants
Late-life suicide: insight on motives and contributors derived from suicide notes
Latent classes of childhood trauma exposure predict the development of behavioral health outcomes in adolescence and young adulthood
Latino veterans with PTSD: a systematic review
Level walking in adults with and without developmental coordination disorder: an analysis of movement variability
The mediating effect of daily nervousness and irritability on the relationship between soft drink consumption and aggressive behaviour among adolescents
Lifetime prevalence and factors associated with head injury among older people in low and middle income countries: a 10/66 study
Living Labs: overview of ecological approaches for health promotion and rehabilitation
Longitudinal relations between prosocial television content and adolescents' prosocial and aggressive behavior: the mediating role of empathic concern and self-regulation
Making unhealthy places: the built environment and non-communicable diseases in Khayelitsha, Cape Town
Meaning reconstruction in the face of terror: an examination of recovery and posttraumatic growth among victims of the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks
Measuring physical neighborhood quality related to health
Mental disorders and dangerous acting out
Mental disorders in early childhood
National mandatory motorcycle helmet laws may save $2.2 billion annually: an inpatient and value of statistical life analysis
Nonpowder firearms cause significant pediatric injuries
Observed and unobserved correlation between crash avoidance manoeuvers and crash severity
Parsing the heterogeneity of psychopathy and aggression: differential associations across dimensions and gender
Patient- and community-level sociodemographic characteristics associated with emergency department visits for childhood injury
Patterns of mandible fracture in children under 12 years in a district trauma center in India
Patterns of use of other drugs among those with alcohol dependence: associations with drinking behavior and psychopathology
Pediatric open-globe injuries: clinical characteristics and factors associated with poor visual and anatomical success
Predicting risk of the fall among aged adult residents of a nursing home
Predictive analytics and child protection: constraints and opportunities
Preinjury Physical Function and Frailty in Injured Older Adults: Self- Versus Proxy Responses
Prevalence of alcohol-impaired driving and riding in northern Ghana
Prevalence of anxiety following adult traumatic brain injury: a meta-analysis comparing measures, samples and postinjury intervals
Psychiatry in exceptional situations: the crash of flight AH5017 in Mali
Public health policy and walking in England-analysis of the 2008 'policy window'
A qualitative investigation of the role of the family in structuring young people's alcohol use
Recovery from post-traumatic stress disorder after a flood in China: a 13-year follow-up and its prediction by degree of collective action
The relation between peer victimization and sleeping problems: a meta-analysis
The relationship between intensity and duration of physical activity and subjective well-being
Relationship between single and multiple perpetrator rape perpetration in South Africa: a comparison of risk factors in a population-based sample
Relationship between tinnitus and suicidal behavior in Korean men and women: a cross-sectional study
The relationship between violence and psychological distress among men and women: do sense of mastery and social support matter?
Resisting pressure from peers to engage in sexual behavior: what communication strategies do early adolescent Latino Girls use?
Results of a community-based survey of construction safety climate for Hispanic workers
Risk factors for attention and behavioral issues in pediatric sickle cell disease
Risk Factors for new accidental falls in elderly patients at traumatology ambulatory center
The role of timing of maltreatment and child intelligence in pathways to low symptoms of depression and anxiety in adolescence
Self-efficacy to drive while intoxicated: insights into the persistence of alcohol-impaired driving
Sex, steroids, and fear
Sexual abuse predicts functional somatic symptoms: an adolescent population study
Sexuality education websites for adolescents: a framework-based content analysis
Sleep disturbance partially mediates the relationship between intimate partner violence and physical/mental health in women and men
Suicide among US military personnel
Suicide among US military personnel-reply
Suicide in pediatrics: epidemiology, risk factors, warning signs and the role of the pediatrician in detecting them
Systematic review of the prevalence of suicidal ideation and behavior in minors who have been sexually abused
TEMPORARY REMOVAL: Exposure to, and searching for, information about suicide and self-harm on the Internet: prevalence and predictors in a population based cohort of young adults
Trauma-induced insomnia: a novel model for trauma and sleep research
Treating accident or chemical attack casualties in hospital
Unplanned reaction or something else? The role of subjective cultures in hazardous and harmful drinking
Using professional organizations to prepare the behavioral health workforce to respond to the needs of pediatric populations impacted by health-related disasters: guiding principles and challenges
The utility of including the strengths of underage drinking laws in determining their effect on outcomes
Working closely with units to treat war-related psychological trauma
Violence associated with combat-related posttraumatic stress disorder: the importance of anger
Value of information analysis applied to the economic evaluation of interventions aimed at reducing juvenile delinquency: an illustration
Venous injury in abusive head trauma
Violence against women in Hong Kong: Results of the International Violence Against Women Survey
Atrial fibrillation, CHA2DS2-VASc score, antithrombotics and risk of traffic accidents: a population-based cohort study
Auditory cortex controls sound-driven innate defense behaviour through corticofugal projections to inferior colliculus
Childhood sexual abuse and later alcohol-related problems: investigating the roles of revictimization, PTSD, and drinking motivations among college women
Causes of combat ocular trauma-related blindness from Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom
Clinical profile and sex differences in Brazilian children and adolescents receiving psychiatric services in the emergency department
A descriptive analysis of US prehospital care response to law enforcement tactical incidents
Drinking on special occasions shows huge increase on people's typical drinking estimates
Educating for diversity: an evaluation of a sexuality diversity workshop to address secondary school bullying
The effect of medical cannabis laws on juvenile cannabis use
Effects of microwave radiation on brain energy metabolism and related mechanisms
Epidemiology of alcohol abuse among spanish immigrant populations
Eight personal characteristics associated with the power to live with disasters as indicated by survivors of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake disaster
Extended plasma cannabinoid excretion in chronic frequent cannabis smokers during sustained abstinence and correlation with psychomotor performance
Exploration of a new tool for assessing emotional inferencing after traumatic brain injury
Gender, Friendship Networks, and Delinquency: A Dynamic Network Approach
Global, regional, and national incidence, prevalence, and years lived with disability for 301 acute and chronic diseases and injuries in 188 countries, 1990-2013: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2013
"Hey everyone, i'm drunk." an evaluation of drinking-related twitter chatter
The impact and response to electronic bullying and traditional bullying among adolescents
The impact of child abuse: neuroscience perspective
Insulin and the law
Initiation to street life: a qualitative examination of the physical, social, and psychological practices in becoming an accepted member of the street youth community in Western Kenya
Interobserver variability in injury severity scoring after combat trauma: different perspectives, different values?
"It's either do it or die"
Introduction: (In)famous neurological injuries and disease: cases and events of historical, political, cultural, and scientific impact
'Language is the source of misunderstandings'-impact of terminology on public perceptions of health promotion messages
Level of agreement between patient-reported EQ-5D responses and EQ-5D responses mapped from the SF-12 in an injury population
The likelihood of injury among bias crimes: an analysis of general and specific bias types
Managing outpatients with suicidal or homicidal ideation
Medicated sex in Britain: evidence from the third National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles
Mental health among adolescents exposed to a tornado: the influence of social support and its interactions with sociodemographic characteristics and disaster exposure
Metaphors about violence by preservice teachers
Neurocognitive mechanisms of prejudice formation: the role of time-dependent memory consolidation
Neuropsychological evaluation of children and adolescents with acute carbon monoxide poisoning
Witnessing partner violence: exploring the role of partner preferences on dating violence
Adapted swimming training focused on improvement of psychophysical status of elderly people
Blood doping and risks
Paradox effects of binge drinking on response inhibition processes depending on mental workload
Parents' perceptions of answering a survey on violence against children
On-the-road driving performance the morning after bedtime use of suvorexant 20 and 40 mg: a study in non-elderly healthy volunteers
Patterns of Suicide in Kuwait: a retrospective descriptive study from 2003-2009
Penetrating trauma; experience from Southwest Finland between 1997 and 2011, a retrospective descriptive study
Peers and social network on alcohol drinking through early adolescence in Taiwan
Position statement on active outdoor play
Postmodern Stress Disorder (PMSD): a possible new disorder
The potential impact of directionality, colour perceptions and cultural associations on disaster messages during heatwaves in the UK
Predictive validity of the HCR-20 for violent and non-violent sexual behaviour in a secure mental health service
Prevalence and correlates of aggression and hostility in hospitalized schizophrenic patients
Scale for assessment of aggressive behavior of adolescents
Tools, strategies and qualitative approach in relation to suicidal attempts and ideation in the elderly
Suicide attempts and suicide ideation among the elderly in Uruguay
Suicide in Brazil, from 2000 to 2012
A dynamical systems approach to the development and expression of female same-sex sexuality
Reciprocal effects of self-concept and performance from a multidimensional perspective: beyond seductive pleasure and unidimensional perspectives
Adverse childhood experiences and substance use among Hispanic emerging adults in Southern California
Aggression and violence among Iranian adolescents and youth: a 10-year systematic review
Are young drivers as careful as they deem? In vehicle data recorders and self reports evaluations
Argos-ESL: a versatile tool for planning and managing experiments on driving behavior
Bayesian multiscale modeling of spatial infrastructure performance predictions with an application to electric power outage forecasting
Bike sharing: a review of evidence on impacts and processes of implementation and operation
Biomechanical modelling of impact-related fracture characteristics and injury patterns of the cervical spine associated with riding accidents
Boards of trustees must assume responsibility for making alcohol prevention on campus a top priority
Characteristics and factors associated with problem drinking in male workers
Child maltreatment in United States military families: the military Family Advocacy Program has given increased attention to the prevention of family violence
The short-run impact of gas prices fluctuations on toll road use
An analysis of the argument that clinicians under-predict sexual violence in civil commitment cases
Children's travel and incidental community connections
Common patterns in aggregated accident analysis charts from human fatigue-related groundings and collisions at sea
Complexity of childhood sexual abuse: predictors of current post-traumatic stress disorder, mood disorders, substance use, and sexual risk behavior among adult men who have sex with men
Conditions and patterns of intimate partner violence among Taiwanese women
Corrigendum: Video games do affect social outcomes
Depression - a common disorder across a broad spectrum of neurological conditions: a cross-sectional nationally representative survey
Development of a dating violence assessment tool for late adolescence across three countries: the Violence in Adolescents' Dating Relationships Inventory (VADRI)
Development of Parents' of Children with Hymenoptera Venom Allergy Quality of Life Scale (PoCHVAQoLS)
Do sharing people behave differently? An empirical evaluation of the distinctive mobility patterns of free-floating car-sharing members
Driver behaviour at roadworks
The effects of caffeine use on driving safety among truck drivers who are habitual caffeine users
Effects of childhood experience of violence between parents and/or parent-to-child violence on young Israeli adults' global self-esteem
Effects of different types of cognitive training on cognitive function, brain structure, and driving safety in senior daily drivers: a pilot study
The effects of nonsuicidal self-injury on parenting behaviors: a longitudinal analyses of the perspective of the parent
An epidemiological study of the burden of trauma in Makurdi, Nigeria
Knowledge and practice of junior and senior high school students regarding violent behaviors in Isfahan Province
Juvenile traumatic brain injury increases alcohol consumption and reward in female mice
It will take more than an existing exercise programme to prevent injury
Lentiviral silencing of GSK-3β in adult dentate gyrus impairs contextual fear memory and synaptic plasticity
The link between ADHD and the risk of sexual victimization among college women: expanding the lifestyles/routine activities framework
Male victims of physical partner violence have poorer physical and mental health than men of the general population
Long-term refugee health: health behaviors and Outcomes of cambodian refugee and immigrant women
Fracture incidence in adult kidney transplant recipients
Adolescent school absenteeism and service use in a population-based study
Adult interpersonal features of subtypes of sexual offenders
Alcohol-related fracture admissions: a retrospective observational study
An annual analysis of clinical diagnosis versus autopsy findings in fatal motor vehicle accident in legal medicine organization of Kerman province, Iran
An application of a theory of planned behaviour to determine the association between behavioural intentions and safe road-crossing in college students: perspective from Isfahan, Iran
Associations among trauma, posttraumatic stress, and hazardous drinking in college students: considerations for intervention
Associations of school connectedness with adolescent suicidality: gender differences and the role of risk of depression
Audit of workplace walkability in an Irish healthcare setting
Behavioral economic predictors of brief alcohol intervention outcomes
Behavioral impulsivity and risk-taking trajectories across early adolescence in youths with and without family histories of alcohol and other drug use disorders
Bidirectional intimate partner violence and drug use among homeless youth
Brief intervention to reduce hazardous drinking and enhance coping among OEF/OIF/OND veterans
Burn injury in epileptic patients: an experience in a tertiary institute
Characterization of morbidity from interpersonal violence in Brazilian children and adolescents
Child and adolescent mental health problems in Tyva Republic, Russia, as possible risk factors for a high suicide rate
Childhood casualties during civil war: Syrian experience
Comorbidity-polypharmacy score predicts readmission in older trauma patients
A comparison of offending trajectories in violent youth according to violence type
Connecting the conceptual dots in embodied cognition: A commentary on "How body balance influences political party evaluations: a Wii balance board study"
CRAFFT as a substance use screening instrument for adolescent psychiatry admissions
Adolescents' neural processing of risky decisions: effects of sex and behavioral disinhibition
The association of intelligence, visual-motor functioning, and personality characteristics with adaptive behavior in individuals with Williams syndrome
Atlanta Streets Alive: a movement building a culture of health in an urban environment
The attachment of prematurely born children at school age: A pilot study
"Blind people don't run": Escaping the "nursing home specter" in Children of Nature and Cloudburst
Cervical spine injury in children: a case report and literature review
The changing urban landscape: interconnections between racial/ethnic segregation and exposure in the study of race-specific violence over time
Chronobiologic perspectives of black time-accident risk is greatest at night: an opinion paper
Clarifying the links among online gaming, internet use, drinking motives, and online pornography use
Clustering of non-communicable diseases risk factors in Bangladeshi adults: an analysis of STEPS survey 2013
The cognitive benefits of exercise in youth
Contextual risks linking parents' adolescent marijuana use to offspring onset
Controversies in faith and health care
Deconstructing incidents of female perpetrated sex crimes: comparing female sexual offender groupings
Development of a comprehensive database system for Safety Analyst
Does traumatic brain injury lead to criminality? A whole-population retrospective cohort study using linked data
The effect of neighborhood recorded crime on fear: does neighborhood social context matter?
Enhancing surveillance of suicide ideation and suicide attempt through integration of data from multiple systems
Epidemiology of outpatient burns in Iran: an update
Epidemiology of pediatric fractures presenting to emergency departments in the United States
Ethnic and gender differences in additive effects of socio-economics, psychiatric disorders, and subjective religiosity on suicidal ideation among Blacks
Facial affect recognition in violent and nonviolent antisocial behavior subtypes
Facial emotion recognition in adolescents with nonsuicidal self-injury
Factors affecting adolescents' involvement in cyberbullying: what divides the 20% from the 80%?
Factors associated with single-vehicle and multi-vehicle road traffic collision injuries in Ireland
Falls in the elderly, from the risk factors to prevention
Falls in the Spanish elderly population: Incidence, consequences and risk factors
Falls and other geriatric syndromes in Blantyre, Malawi: a community survey of older adults
Fatal heat stroke in a child entrapped in a confined space
High voltage electrical injury: an 11-year single center epidemiological study
Humeral fractures in South-Eastern Australia: epidemiology and risk factors
Identifying classes of conjoint alcohol and marijuana use in entering freshmen
Illicit drug use in sexual settings ('chemsex') and HIV/STI transmission risk behaviour among gay men in South London: findings from a qualitative study
Injury encounters in ICD-10
The influence of social norms on advancement through bystander stages for preventing interpersonal violence
Injuries and allegations of oral rape: a retrospective review of patients presenting to a London sexual assault referral centre
Injury Severity Score based estimation of height of fall in bus rolling down the cliff
Interactive effects of social adversity and respiratory sinus arrhythmia activity on reactive and proactive aggression
International comparison of sudden unexpected death in infancy rates using a newly proposed set of cause-of-death codes
Intimate relationships and personal distress: the invisible harm of psychological aggression
Intra-household evaluations of alcohol abuse in men with depression and suicide in women: a cross-sectional community-based study in Chennai, India
Is hypersexuality dimensional or categorical? Evidence from male and female college samples
Knowledge, attitudes, and practices of family physicians and nurses regarding unintentional injuries among children under 15 years in Cairo, Egypt
Letter to the editor - comments on the ability to recognize signs of violence against women
Long-term consequences of neonatal injury
Mobile phone use, emotion regulation, and well-being
Motor vehicle accidents and obstructive sleep apnea syndrome: a methodology to calculate the related burden of injuries
Non-medical use of prescription pain relievers among high school students in China: a multilevel analysis
Non-suicidal self-injury prospectively predicts interpersonal stressful life events and depressive symptoms among adolescent girls
Occupational concerns regarding fatigue and other stressors
Older age and time to medical assistance are associated with severity and mortality of snakebites in the Brazilian Amazon: a case-control study
Opioid poisonings in Washington State Medicaid: trends, dosing, and guidelines
Impact of heavy vehicles on surrounding traffic characteristics
The impacts of marijuana dispensary density and neighborhood ecology on marijuana abuse and dependence
The Manchester driver behaviour questionnaire: self-reports of aberrant behaviour among Czech drivers
Modal image: candidate drivers of preference differences for BRT and LRT
Mood and mode: does how we travel affect how we feel?
Safety as a key performance indicator: creating a safety culture for enhanced passenger safety, comfort, and accessibility
Suicide in Canada: impact of injuries with undetermined intent on regional rankings
Vital signs: demographic and substance use trends among heroin users - United States, 2002-2013
Within- and between-group regression for improving the robustness of causal claims in cross-sectional analysis
Commentary: Altered sleep composition after traumatic brain injury does not affect declarative sleep-dependent memory consolidation
Commentary: Neural correlates of expected risks and returns in risky choice across development
Considering psychoeducation on structural dissociation for dialectical behavior therapy patients experiencing high-risk dissociative behaviors
A cross-sectional survey and latent class analysis of the prevalence and clustering of health risk factors among people attending an Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service
Best friend influence over adolescent problem behaviors: socialized by the satisfied
Befriending death: a mindfulness-based approach to cultivating self-awareness in counselling students
Childhood experiences of physical, emotional and sexual abuse among college students in south India
Children with bronchial asthma assessed for psychosocial problems in a teaching hospital in Nigeria
Client perceptions of occupational health and safety management system assistance provided by OSHA on-site consultation: results of a survey of Colorado small business consultation clients
Comparison of mortality and costs at trauma and nontrauma centers for minor and moderately severe injuries in california
Decreasing fall risk in spinocerebellar ataxia
Correlates of sex trading among drug-involved women in committed intimate relationships: a risk profile
Dynamic evaluation of environmental impact due to tritium accidental release from the fusion reactor
Factors affecting workplace bullying and lateral violence among clinical nurses in Korea: descriptive study
Fatal poisoning of chilhood in the Eastern Black Sea region of Turkey (2009-2013)
Feedback facilitates transfer of training with US Hispanic workers in a healthcare laundry linen facility
The frequency, contributing and preventive factors of harassment towards health professionals in Iran
Frequent use of social networking sites is associated with poor psychological functioning among children and adolescents
Heavy alcohol consumption among marginalised African refugee young people in Melbourne, Australia: motivations for drinking, experiences of alcohol-related problems and strategies for managing drinking
Identification and characterization of adolescent internet user's profiles
The impact of asking intention or self-prediction questions on subsequent behavior: a meta-analysis
The impact of first-episode psychosis on the sibling relationship
Impact of parental acquired brain injury on children: review of the literature and conceptual model
Interventions to reduce college student drinking: state of the evidence for mechanisms of behavior change
KIDS OUT! Protocol of a brief school-based intervention to promote physical activity and to reduce screen time in a sub-cohort of Finnish eighth graders
Liver perforation following foreign body ingestion: an important clinical lesson
The long-term effect of a population-based lifestyle intervention on smoking and alcohol consumption. The Inter99 Study - a randomized controlled trial
Motor empathy in individuals with psychopathic traits: a preliminary study
Noncommunicable disease prevention and control in Mongolia: a policy analysis
Optimizing prediction of psychosocial and clinical outcomes with a transdiagnostic model of personality disorder
Outcome data needed: interpreting variation in the medical evaluation of child physical abuse
Outpatient medication use in Chinese geriatric patients admitted for falls: a case-control study at an acute hospital in Hong Kong
Patterns and correlates of intimate partner violence to women living with HIV/AIDS in Osogbo, Southwest Nigeria
Persistent (patent) foramen ovale (PFO): implications for safe diving
Physical rehabilitation for critical illness myopathy and neuropathy. An abridged version of Cochrane Systematic Review
Playing a videogame with a sexualized female character increases adolescents' rape myth acceptance and tolerance toward sexual harassment
The psychology of health and well-being in mass gatherings: a review and a research agenda
Neural mechanisms of proactive and reactive cognitive control in social anxiety
Pathophysiology of ADHD and associated problems-starting points for NF interventions?
Precipitating circumstances of suicide and alcohol intoxication among U.S. ethnic groups
Postural control in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a systematic review
Predicting alcohol misuse among college students in the US and South Korea
Recurring tragedy of road traffic accidents in India: challenges and opportunities
Relationship education for incarcerated adults
The role of neighborhood in urban black adolescent marijuana use
Safe, affordable, convenient: environmental features of malls and other public spaces used by older adults for walking
Self-compassion, pain and breaking a social contract
Self-control forecasts better psychosocial outcomes but faster epigenetic aging in low-SES youth
Sex differences in clinical features of early, treated Parkinson's disease
Sniping and other high-risk smoking practices among homeless youth
Socioeconomic inequalities in nonuse of seatbelts in cars and helmets on motorcycles among people living in Kurdistan Province, Iran
Staying in the 'sweet spot': a resilience-based analysis of the lived experience of low-risk drinking and abstention among British youth
Sticks and stones can break my bones but labels scar my soul
Focusing on psychiatric patients' strengths: a new vision on mental health care in Iran
Comparison of anxiety prevalence among based and offshore National Iranian Drilling Company staff's children in Ahvaz, 2013
Religious exclusivity and psychosocial functioning
A study on the social behavior and social isolation of the elderly Korea
Suicide attempts and personal need for structure among ex-offenders
A systematic review of mental disorders and perpetration of domestic violence among military populations
Time trend study of firearm mortality in Argentina, 1980-2012
Traffic crash accidents in Tehran, Iran: its relation with circadian rhythm of sleepiness
Trajectories of childhood neighbourhood cohesion and adolescent mental health: evidence from a national Canadian cohort
Trends in educational inequalities in drug poisoning mortality: United States, 1994-2010
Trends in use of seclusion and restraint in response to injurious assault in psychiatric units in U.S. hospitals, 2007-2013
Trends of mortality of road traffic accidents in Fars Province, Southern Iran, 2004 - 2010
Understanding health information seeking: a test of the risk perception attitude framework
Understanding how mindful parenting may be linked to mother-adolescent communication
Underutilization of occupant restraint systems in motor vehicle injury crashes: a quantitative analysis from Qatar
Use of psychotropic medications in São Paulo Metropolitan Area, Brazil: pattern of healthcare provision to general population
Using city-wide mobile noise assessments to estimate bicycle trip annual exposure to Black Carbon
'You don't show everyone your weakness': older adults' views on using family group conferencing to regain control and autonomy
Vulnerable bullies: perpetration of peer harassment among youths across sexual orientation, weight, and disability status
Experience of the multiple environmental assessment of risks for population's health with the aim to provide the safety of the population of the city of Chelyabinsk
Exploration of individual and family factors related to community reintegration in veterans with traumatic brain injury
Exposure to road traffic noise and behavioral problems in 7-year-old children: a cohort study
Factors associated with anger among male adolescents in western Iran: an application of social cognitive theory
A genome-wide approach to children's aggressive behavior: the EAGLE consortium
Greater decision-making competence is associated with greater expected-value sensitivity, but not overall risk taking: an examination of concurrent validity
How nurses in Johannesburg address intimate partner violence in female patients: understanding IPV responses in low- and middle-income country health systems
Impulsive people have a compulsion for immediate gratification-certain or uncertain
Indoor fire in a nursing home: evaluation of the medical response to a mass casualty incident based on a standardized protocol
Infantile status epilepticus and no evident history of exposure - can it still be organophosphate poisoning?
Insomnia symptoms, behavioral/emotional problems, and suicidality among adolescents of insomniac and non-insomniac parents
An interdependent look at perceptions of spousal drinking problems and marital outcomes
Intimate partner violence in the Canadian armed forces: the role of family stress and its impact on well-being
Longitudinal analysis of physical performance, functional status, physical activity, and mood in relation to executive function in older adults who fall
Major accidents (gray swans) likelihood modeling using accident precursors and approximate reasoning
Methods and predictors of tampering with a tamper-resistant controlled-release oxycodone formulation
Military deployment may increase the risk for traumatic brain injury following deployment
Mindfulness-based stress reduction for veterans exposed to military sexual trauma: rationale and implementation considerations
Modelling verbal aggression, physical aggression and inappropriate sexual behaviour after acquired brain injury
Men at higher risk of groin injuries in elite team sports: a systematic review
Motorcycle safety among motorcycle taxi drivers and non-occupational motorcyclists in developing countries: a case study of Maoming, South China
Multisystemic therapy for externalizing youth
Musculoskeletal, biomechanical, and physiological gender differences in the US military
Neighborhood-level lgbt hate crimes and bullying among sexual minority youths: a geospatial analysis
A national study of intimate partner violence risk among female caregivers involved in the child welfare system: The role of nativity, acculturation, and legal status
A new paradigm of injuries from terrorist explosions as a function of explosion setting type
Not all prospective bicyclists are created equal: the role of attitudes, socio-demographics, and the built environment in bicycle commuting
Non-communicable diseases and preventive health behaviors: a comparison of Hispanics nationally and those living along the US-Mexico border
On the cost of big events: are weather-related disasters as bad as economic recessions for health disparities related to drug use?
The ontological representation of death: a scale to measure the idea of annihilation versus passage
Pattern of external injuries sustained during bomb blast attacks in Karachi, Pakistan from 2000 to 2007
Pathways from childhood abuse and other adversities to adult health risks: the role of adult socioeconomic conditions
Patient perceptions of risky drinking: knowledge of daily and weekly low-risk guidelines and standard drink sizes
Patterns of internet use and mental health of high school students in Istria County Croatia: cross-sectional study
Perceived social norms for intimate partner violence in proximal and distal groups
Peritraumatic distress and dissociation in prolonged grief and post-traumatic stress following violent and unexpected deaths
The proximal effects of acute alcohol consumption on male-to-female aggression: a meta-analytic review of the experimental literature
Prospective cohort study of the relationship between neuro-cognition, social cognition and violence in forensic patients with schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder
A prospective population-based study of health complaints in adolescence and use of social welfare benefits in young adulthood
Psychotropic drugs and homicide: a prospective cohort study from Finland
Public school teachers' perceptions about mental health
Re-examining of Moffitt's theory of delinquency through agent based modeling
Regarding the Bulzacchelli et al. Article on injury during U.S. Army basic combat training
Regularly drinking alcohol before sexual activity in a nationally representative sample: prevalence, sociodemographics, and associations with psychiatric and substance use disorders
Relation between partial mechanical injuries and nature of death in high-falling cases: an analysis of 205 cases
The relationships between environmental factors and violent behaviors in adolescent students of Isfahan, Iran
The relationship of parental education with knowledge and practice level of middle school and high school students of Isfahan regarding violent behaviors
Reliable mortality statistics for Turkey: are we there yet?
Reprint of "Co-occurring motor, language and emotional-behavioral problems in children 3-6 years of age"
Response to letter to the editor: Regarding the Bulzacchelli et al. article on injury during U.S. Army basic combat training
Restorative Justice in Children
A risk appraisal system regarding the implementation of maritime regulations by a ship operator
Risk factors for domestic minor sex trafficking in the United States: a literature review
Risk of criminal victimisation in outpatients with common mental health disorders
Safety climate of a commercial airline: a cross-sectional comparison of four occupational groups
Seat and seatbelt accommodation in fire apparatus: anthropometric aspects
Safety in numbers for walkers and bicyclists: exploring the mechanisms
Seat belt use and fit among drivers aged 75 years and older in their own vehicles
Attachment and pairbonding
Intergroup schadenfreude: motivating participation in collective violence
Networking vehement frames: neo-Nazi and violent jihadi demagoguery
Systems genetics of behavior: a prelude
Understanding ordinary unethical behavior: why people who value morality act immorally
The representation of violence by insurgent political actors: the "violent" part of "violent extremism"?
Memory integration: neural mechanisms and implications for behavior
Addressing the road trauma burden in China: exploring attitudes, behaviours, risk perceptions and cultural uniqueness
Adolescent drinking risks associated with specific drinking contexts
Adolescent body image distortion: a consideration of immigrant generational status, immigrant concentration, sex and body dissatisfaction
Adolescent eating disorders predict psychiatric, high-risk behaviors and weight outcomes in young adulthood
Adolescents' use of medical marijuana: a secondary analysis of monitoring the future data
Age at first exposure to football is associated with altered corpus callosum white matter microstructure in former professional football players
Alcohol use among workers in male-dominated industries: a systematic review of risk factors
Alcohol use in the military: associations with health and wellbeing
Analysis of the consumption of caffeinated energy drinks among Polish adolescents
Analyzing the impact of a fatality index on a discrete, interurban mode choice model with latent safety, security, and comfort
Anger in adolescent communities: how angry are they?
Are area-based initiatives able to improve area safety in deprived areas? A quasi-experimental evaluation of the Dutch District Approach
Are we there yet? Trip duration and mood during travel
Assessing adult exposure to community violence: a review of definitions and measures
Assessment of the quality of fall detection and management in primary care in the Netherlands based on the ACOVE quality indicators
The association between anhedonia, suicidal ideation, and suicide attempts in a large student sample
The association between disaster vulnerability and post-disaster psychosocial service delivery across Europe
Association between suicidal behaviour and impaired glucose metabolism in depressive disorders
The association of interpersonal and intrapersonal emotional experiences with non-suicidal self-injury in young adults
Association of pediatric abusive head trauma rates with macroeconomic indicators
The association of vitamin D deficiency with psychiatric distress and violence behaviors in Iranian adolescents: the CASPIAN-III study
Asymmetric preferences for road safety: evidence from a stated choice experiment among car drivers
Automated extraction of horizontal curve information for low-volume roads
Barriers and facilitators of mental health treatment-seeking in U.S active duty soldiers with sexual assault histories
Baseline physiologic and psychosocial characteristics of transgender youth seeking care for gender dysphoria
Behavior problems of children in foster care: associations with foster mothers' representations, commitment, and the quality of mother-child interaction
Behavioral characteristics associated with 19p13.2 microdeletions
Behavioral health screening and intervention for women in Argentina: a preliminary model for the childbearing years
Benefits of sleep extension on sustained attention and sleep pressure before and during total sleep deprivation and recovery
Blur, eye movements and performance on a driving visual recognition slide test
Borderline personality disorder and military sexual trauma: analysis of previous traumatization and current psychiatric presentation
Boxing injury epidemiology in the Great Britain team: a 5-year surveillance study of medically diagnosed injury incidence and outcome
Built environment factors in explaining the automobile-involved bicycle crash frequencies: a spatial statistic approach
Bullying dynamics
Child personality facets and overreactive parenting as predictors of aggression and rule-breaking trajectories from childhood to adolescence
Commentary on Center for Disease Control and Prevention Report to Congress: Traumatic Brain Injury in the United States: Epidemiology and Rehabilitation
Community perspectives on communication strategies for alcohol abuse prevention in rural central Kenya
Community prevention coalition context and capacity assessment: comparing the United States and Mexico
Comparison of Social Trust's effect on suicide ideation between urban and non-urban areas: the case of Japanese adults in 2006
Conflict partners and infrastructure use in safety critical events in cycling - results from a naturalistic cycling study
Corrected estimates of femicides in Brazil, 2009 to 2011
Creating a national coalition to address tractor overturn fatalities
Cross-cultural effects on the perception and appraisal of approaching motorcycles at junctions
Cyberbullying: a 21st century health care phenomenon
Cycle commuting intention: a model based on theory of planned behaviour and social identity
Data based framework to identify the most significant performance shaping factors in railway operations
A case of acute psychosis in a patient following exposure to a single high dose of styrene
Chances and risks in medical risk communication
Changes in J-SOAP-II and SAVRY scores over the course of residential, cognitive-behavioral treatment for adolescent sexual offending
Characteristics of warning labels for drug containers and their effects on perceived hazardousness
Accident cause masculinity?--Gender-related issues of accident victims between prevention and coping in Kaiserreich and Weimarer Republik
Acute anticholinesterase pesticide poisoning caused a long-term mortality increase: a nationwide population-based cohort study
Alcohol dependence and treatment utilization in Europe - a representative cross-sectional study in primary care
Assessment of occupational safety risks in Floridian solid waste systems using Bayesian analysis
Association between vestibular and cognitive function in U.S. adults: data from the
The associations of alcohol, coffee and tobacco consumption with gait in a community-dwelling population
Bicycle-related hospitalizations at a Taiwanese level I trauma center
Changes from 1986 to 2006 in reasons for liking leisure-time physical activity among adolescents
Developmental links between children's working memory and their social relations with teachers and peers in the early school years
The effect of reduced street lighting on road casualties and crime in England and Wales: controlled interrupted time series analysis
Gait pattern alterations during walking, texting and walking and texting during cognitively distractive tasks while negotiating common pedestrian obstacles
Health risk factors associated with presenteeism in a Chinese enterprise
Liberal alcohol legislation: does it amplify the effects among Swiss men of person-related risk factors on heavy alcohol use?
Preliminary findings on men's sexual self-schema and sexual offending: differences between subtypes of offenders
Preschoolers' psychopathology and temperament predict mothers' later mood disorders
Suicide and other-cause mortality after early exposure to smoking and second hand smoking: a 12-year population-based follow-up study
Trajectories of internalizing and externalizing behavior problems in children with developmental disabilities
Trends in paediatric maxillofacial trauma presenting to Dunedin Hospital, 2006 to 2012
Unintended, but still blameworthy: the roles of awareness, desire, and anger in negligence, restitution, and punishment
What are the factors associated with depressive symptoms among orphans and vulnerable children in Cambodia?
Withdraw or affiliate? The role of humiliation during initiation rituals
Young drivers' night-time mobility preferences and attitude toward alcohol consumption: a Hybrid Choice Model
Deaths of individuals aged 16-24 years in the UK after using mephedrone
A deathtrap while mowing
Decision-related action orientation predicts police officers' shooting performance under pressure
Delay discounting mediates parent-adolescent relationship quality and risky sexual behavior for low self-control adolescents
Demographic and clinical correlates of suicidality in adolescents attending a specialist community mental health service: a naturalistic study
Dental luxation and avulsion injuries in Hong Kong primary school children
Detecting a signal in the noise: monitoring the global spread of novel psychoactive substances using media and other open-source information
Developing a policy to address nonsuicidal self-injury in schools
Development and validation of a model of motor competence in children and adolescents
The development of leisure boredom in early adolescence: predictors and longitudinal associations with delinquency and depression
Differences in adolescent substance use by Hispanic subgroup: what we know and what we need to find out
Disparities in quality of park play spaces between two cities with diverse income and race/ethnicity composition: a pilot study
Division III collision sports are not associated with neurobehavioral quality of life
Do canes or walkers make any difference? Nonuse and fall injuries
Do macroeconomic contractions induce or 'harvest' suicides? A test of competing hypotheses
Do sex and violence sell? A meta-analytic review of the effects of sexual and violent media and ad content on memory, attitudes, and buying intentions
Domestic and marital violence among three ethnic groups in nigeria
Domestic violence as a threat to maternal and child well-being in an urban migrant community in Peru
Double parricide: an in-depth look at two victim homicides involving parents as victims
Driving behavior of sleep apnea subjects and measures of green travel on low-volume roads
Driving behaviour in adults with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder
"Dulling the edges": young men's use of alcohol to deal with grief following the death of a male friend
The effect of alcohol outlets, sales and trading hours on alcohol-related injuries presenting at emergency departments in Perth, Australia, from 2002 to 2010
Effects of changes in permit-to-purchase handgun laws in Connecticut and Missouri on suicide rates
Effects of the gap between socioeconomic status and perceived social class on suicidal ideation: Unique perspectives using a longitudinal analysis
Electrical injury in relation to voltage, "no-let-go" phenomenon, symptoms and perceived safety culture: a survey of Swedish male electricians
An empirical analysis of life jacket effectiveness in recreational boating
Enhancing sexual desire and experience: an investigation of the sexual correlates of gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB) use
Epidemiology and outcome analysis of hand burns: a 5-year retrospective review of 378 cases in a burn center in Eastern China
Epidemiology of fractures in patients with haemophilia
Epidemiology of National Collegiate Athletic Association women's gymnastics injuries, 2009-2010 through 2013-2014
Establishing speed limits on unpaved roads
An evaluation of evidence-based paediatric injury prevention policies across Canada
Examining the contemporaneous occurrence of bullying and teen dating violence victimization
Examining the relationship between marijuana use, medical marijuana dispensaries, and abusive and neglectful parenting
Examining the effect of visual treatments on truck drivers' time-to-arrival judgments of motorcycles at T-intersections
Examining intensity and types of interagency collaboration between child welfare and drug and alcohol service providers
An exploratory analysis of occupational accidents and risks from nuclear reactors in India
Extent, causes and impact of road traffic crashes in the Solomon Islands 1993-2012: data from the orthopaedic department at the National Referral Hospital, Honiara
Extremity injuries in soldiers during the conflict in Mali: experience of Togo Level two Hospital
Facial injuries in Iranian veterans during the Iraq-Iran war (1980-88): differences from recent conflicts
Factors associated with recurrent suicidal ideation among racially and ethnically diverse college students with a history of suicide attempt: the role of mindfulness
Factors associated with work-related accidents in the informal commercial sector
The factors of female taxi drivers' speeding offenses in Taiwan
The fate of proximal femoral fractures in the 10th decade of life: an analysis of 117 consecutive patients
Fault tree analysis combined with quantitative analysis for high-speed railway accidents
Fear of psychic and physical destruction: the relation of child abuse, negative life events, and adult attachment to annihilation anxiety
Female but not male young heavy drinkers display altered performance monitoring
Firearm ownership in veterans entering residential PTSD treatment: associations with suicide ideation, attempts, and combat exposure
Friends Helping Friends: a nonrandomized control trial of a peer-based response to dating violence
From family violence to dating violence: testing a dual pathway model
A FSA based fuzzy DEMATEL approach for risk assessment of cargo ships at coasts and open seas of Turkey
Fuzzy inference system for the efficiency assessment of hold baggage security control at the airport
Gaming against violence: a grassroots approach to teen dating violence
Gang membership and substance use: guilt as a gendered causal pathway
Gender comparison of young people charged with murder in England and Wales
The gender gap in domestic violence in older adults in Latin America: the IMIAS Study
GPS and injury prevention in professional soccer
Heat illnesses in the emergency department: a hot topic
The hidden costs of drug and alcohol use in hospital emergency departments
HIV and violence against women: study in a municipality with high prevalence of AIDS in the South of Brazil
Holding on to hope: a review of the literature exploring missing persons, hope and ambiguous loss
Home foreclosure and child protective services involvement
Homicidal ideation in family carers of people with dementia
How do drivers behave during indecision zone maneuvers?
A human-system interface risk assessment method based on mental models
A hybrid accident analysis method to assess potential navigational contingencies: the case of ship grounding
Identifying low-volume road segments with high frequencies of severe crashes
Iliacus haematoma causing femoral nerve palsy: an unusual trampolining injury
Illegal crossing behavior of pedestrians at signalized intersections: factors affecting the gap acceptance
Impact of obesity in elderly patients with postural instability
The impact of polyvictimization on delinquency among Latino adolescents: a general strain theory perspective
The impact of school nonresponse on substance use prevalence estimates - Germany as a case study
Impact of automation on drivers' performance in agricultural semi-autonomous vehicles
Impact of violence research on participants over time: helpful, harmful, or neither?
The impact performance of headguards for combat sports
Implementation of Wyoming rural road safety program
Increasing trend of fatal falls in older adults in the United States, 1992 to 2005: coding practice or reporting quality?
The influence of social support on ethnic differences in well-being and depression in adolescents: findings from the prospective Olympic Regeneration in East London (ORiEL) study
Initiating change locally in bullying and aggression through the school environment (INCLUSIVE): a pilot randomised controlled trial
Impulse Control and Callous-Unemotional Traits Distinguish Patterns of Delinquency and Substance Use in Justice Involved Adolescents: Examining the Moderating Role of Neighborhood Context
Injuries following a serious hydrofluoric acid leak: first aid and lessons
Injuries in national Olympic level judo athletes: an epidemiological study
Injury profiles associated with artisanal and small-scale gold mining in Tarkwa, Ghana
Injury risk is low among world-class volleyball players: 4-year data from the FIVB Injury Surveillance System
Insecure attachment style and dysfunctional sexual beliefs predict sexual coercion proclivity in university men
An interview of trauma registry custodians to determine lessons learnt
Intimate partner violence against women in slums in India
Intimate partner violence in neighborhood context: the roles of structural disadvantage, subjective disorder, and emotional distress
Intimate partner violence, maternal sensitive parenting behaviors, and children's executive functioning
Investigating the impact of a falls prevention community of practice in a residential aged-care setting: a mixed methods study protocol
Is the introduction of violence and injury observatories associated with a reduction of violence in adult populations? Rationale and protocol for a systematic review
Is it safe in numbers?
Parental intimate partner homicide and its consequences for children: protocol for a population-based study
Paternalism and acceptability in road safety work
Pattern of female sexual assault in Qalyubia Governorate, Egypt, during the period from 2009 to 2013: a retrospective study
Patterns and correlates of new psychoactive substance use in a sample of Australian high school students
Perceived and police-reported neighborhood crime: linkages to adolescent activity behaviors and weight status
Personality disorders and the DSM-5: scientific and extra-scientific factors in the maintenance of the status quo
Posttraumatic stress disorder: the misappropriation of military suicide causation and medication treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder. Reply
Positive change following adversity and psychological adjustment over time in abused foster youth
Postural balance and the risk of falling during pregnancy
Predicting bystander behavior to prevent sexual assault on college campuses: the role of self-efficacy and intent
Predictors of morbidity and mortality in organophosphorus poisoning: a case study in rural hospital in Karnataka, India
Prevalence of spinal cord injury in Iran: a 3-source capture-recapture study
Preventing occupational and non-occupational head injuries
Prevalence of falls in elderly women
Promoting quality intimate partner relationships among adults with a history of child maltreatment
Assessing helping and hurting behaviors through the Tangram help/hurt task
Depressive symptoms and early retirement intentions among Danish eldercare workers: cross-sectional and longitudinal analyses
Developmental trajectories of children's behavioral engagement in late elementary school: both teachers and peers matter
Differences in drinking patterns between female nursing and nonnursing students
Do episodic self- and partner-uncertainty mediate the association between attachment orientations and emotional responses to relationship-threatening events in dating couples?
Do internals speed less and externals speed more to cope with the death anxiety?
Do motives to undertake physical activity relate to physical activity in adolescent boys and girls?
Earlier adolescent substance use onset predicts stronger connectivity between reward and cognitive control brain networks
The effect of age, gender and roadway environment on the acceptance and effectiveness of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
Effect of attention training on attention bias variability and PTSD symptoms: randomized controlled trials in Israeli and U.S. combat veterans
The effect of the media on adolescent's drawings
The effectiveness of Cyberprogram 2.0 on conflict resolution strategies and self-esteem
Effects of different types of physical activity on the cognitive functions and attention in older people: a randomised controlled study
Effectiveness of expanded implementation of STAR-VA for managing dementia-related behaviors among veterans
Emotional regulation, attachment to possessions and hoarding symptoms
Factors affecting psychosocial and motor development in 3-year-old children who are deaf or hard of hearing
Factors that lead to the use of crack cocaine in combination with marijuana in Brazil: a qualitative study
Flexible human collective wisdom
Gamma-hydroxybutyrate enhances mood and prosocial behavior without affecting plasma oxytocin and testosterone
Greater sexual risk-taking in female and male recreational MDMA/ecstasy users compared with alcohol drinkers: a questionnaire study
Health, perceived quality of life and health services use among homeless illicit drug users
Humeral fractures due to low-energy trauma: an epidemiologicalsurvey in patients referred to a large emergency department in Northern Italy
"I felt for a long time like everything beautiful in me had been taken out": women's suffering, remembering, and survival following the loss of child custody
"I wanted to rebel, but there they hit me even harder": discourse analysis of Israeli women offenders' accounts of their pathways to substance abuse and crime
If you are old and do not want to fall into the traditional stereotype-be physically active!
An illness of power: gender and the social causes of depression
The impact of comorbidity profiles on clinical and psychosocial functioning in childhood anxiety disorders
Impact of deployment on military families with young children: a systematic review
The impact of practical support on parental bereavement: reflections from a study involving parents bereaved through military death
Impaired response inhibition in juvenile delinquents with antisocial personality characteristics: a preliminary ERP study in a Go/Nogo task
Improving the risk assessments of critical operations to better reflect uncertainties and the unforeseen
Improving social norms interventions: rank-framing increases excessive alcohol drinkers' information-seeking
In-hospital mortality risk for femoral neck fractures among patients receiving medicare
Increased risk of dementia in patients with acute organophosphate and carbamate poisoning: a nationwide population-based cohort study
Independent and combined associations of risky single-occasion drinking and drinking volume with alcohol use disorder: evidence from a sample of young Swiss men
Indirect abuse involving children during the separation process
Inflight emergencies during Eurasian flights
Informal employment and health status in Central America
Insomnia caused by serotonin depletion is due to hypothermia
Internalizing and externalizing problems in obese children and adolescents: associations with daily salivary cortisol concentrations
Intrapersonal variability in negative affect as a moderator of accuracy and bias in interpersonal perception
Is alcohol consumption in older adults associated with poor self-rated health? Cross-sectional and longitudinal analyses from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing
Is there an association between the level of grandiose narcissism severity of psychopathology?
"It wasn't about being slim": understanding eating disorders in the context of abuse
Jumping the gun: mapping neural correlates of waiting impulsivity and relevance across alcohol misuse
Knowledge, perceptions, attitudes and willingness to report to work in an earthquake: a pilot study comparing Canadian versus Israeli hospital nursing staff
Laboratory evaluation of the gForce Tracker™, a head impact kinematic measuring device for use in football helmets
Levels of urbanization and parental education in relation to the mortality risk of young children
Leverage between the buffering effect and the bystander effect in social networking
Life course associations between victimization and aggression: distinct and cumulative contributions
Life course associations between victimization and aggression: distinctive and cumulative contributions
Limitations to thermoregulation and acclimatization challenge human adaptation to global warming
Long-term effects of mental disorders on employment in the National Comorbidity Survey ten-year follow-up
A longitudinal examination of the associations between shyness, drinking motives, alcohol use, and alcohol-related problems
Managerial and non-technical factors in the development of human-created disasters: a review and research agenda
Marijuana use and its association with participation, navigation, and enrollment in health research among African Americans
Measuring sleep efficiency: what should the denominator be?
Men, fire, and burns: stories of fighting, healing, and emotions
Mental health implications for older adults after natural disasters - a systematic review and meta-analysis
A meta-analysis of the effects of measuring theory of planned behaviour constructs on behaviour within prospective studies
Modeling the development of vehicle lateral control skills in a cognitive architecture
A meta-analysis on the impact of psychiatric disorders and maltreatment on cognition
Mine workers, heat related illnesses, and the role of the occupational health nurse
Modelling pedestrian crossing behaviour in urban roads: a latent variable approach
Models for pedestrian gap acceptance behaviour analysis at unprotected mid-block crosswalks under mixed traffic conditions
More than poverty: the effect of child abuse and neglect on teen pregnancy risk
Moving to serene nature may prevent poor mental health-results from a Swedish longitudinal cohort study
Multiple family groups to reduce child disruptive behavior difficulties: moderating effects of child welfare status on child outcomes
The National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions (NESARC) Waves 1 and 2: review and summary of findings
A national survey of traumatic brain injuries admitted to hospitals in Sweden from 1987 to 2010
Sleep forensics: a critical review of the literature and brief comments on the Brazilian legal situation
The natural history of indeterminate blunt cerebrovascular injury
Natural mentors and youth drinking: a qualitative study of Mexican youths
Network route choice model for battery electric vehicle drivers with different risk attitudes
Neural mechanisms of social influence in adolescence
Nonsuicidal self-injury in Indian adolescents: nonexistent or unacknowledged?
The occupational cost of being illegal in the United States: legal status, job hazards, and compensating differentials
Occupational health of home care aides: results of the safe home care survey
Occupational safety during interventions in confined spaces
Show me the way to go home: an empirical investigation of ride sharing and alcohol related motor vehicle homicide
Optimizing social participation in community-dwelling older adults through the use of behavioral coping strategies
Panic and comorbid depression and their associations with stress reactivity, interoceptive awareness and interoceptive accuracy of various bioparameters
Parent-child cohesion, friend companionship and left-behind children's emotional adaptation in rural China
Parental attachment and Chinese adolescents' delinquency: The mediating role of moral disengagement
Parental Involvement Across Middle and High School: Exploring Contributions of Individual and Neighborhood Characteristics
Parental knowledge is a contextual amplifier of associations of pubertal maturation and substance use
Parentification, stress, and problem behavior of adolescents who have a parent with mental health problems
Parents' differential treatment of adolescent siblings in African American families
Pediatric facial fractures: demographic determinants influencing clinical outcomes
Perceived injustice after traumatic injury: associations with pain, psychological distress, and quality of life outcomes 12 months after injury
Personal, family, and peer correlates of general and sport physical activity among African American, Latino, and White girls
Physical forces between humans and how humans attract and repel each other based on their social interactions in an online world
Personality of adults who were born very preterm
Population attitudes towards research use of health care registries: a population-based survey in Finland
A population-level study of place of death and associated factors in Sweden
Positively biased self-perceptions in children with ADHD: unique predictor of future maladjustment
Post-deployment screening and referral for risky alcohol use and subsequent alcohol-related and injury diagnoses, active component, U.S. Armed Forces, 2008-2014
Predicting young adult degree attainment by late adolescent marijuana use
Predictors of agitated behavior during inpatient rehabilitation for traumatic brain injury
Predictors of comorbid poly-substance use and mental health disorders in young adults - a latent class analysis
Prevalence and risk factors for low habitual walking speed in nursing home residents: an observational study
Prevalence of non-volitional sex types and associated factors: a national sample of young people
Profiling online recreational/prescription drugs' customers and overview of drug vending virtual marketplaces
Promoting mental health in Asia-Pacific: systematic review focusing on Thailand and China
Psychological distress among school-aged children with and without intrauterine cocaine exposure: perinatal versus contextual effects
Psychological predictors of eco-driving: a longitudinal study
Psychometric adaptation of the driving anger expression inventory in a Chinese sample
Reassessing mechanism as a predictor of pediatric injury mortality
Re: Low testosterone levels, depressive symptoms, and falls in older men: a cross-sectional study
Rate of family violence among patients with schizophrenia in Japan
A randomized controlled trial of a behavioral economic intervention for alcohol and marijuana use
Racial bias in driver yielding behavior at crosswalks
Quickstats: percentage of traumatic brain injury (TBI)-related deaths, by underlying cause and age group - United States, 2013
The quality of the injury severity classification by the police: an important step for a reliable assessment
Public opinion on automated driving: results of an international questionnaire among 5000 respondents
The psychosocial risks of farm workers in south-east Spain
The psychosocial purpose of driving and its relationship with the risky driving behaviour of young novice drivers
Psychophysiology, task complexity, and team factors determine emergency response teams' shared beliefs
Recent sexual trauma and adverse health and occupational outcomes among U.S. Service women
Recent trends in alcohol outlet density, distances from educational institutions and sales campaigns in Chiang Mai Municipality (Metropolitan), Thailand: should we be worried for our youths?
Recreational phenethylamine poisonings reported to a French poison control center
Red color and risk-taking behavior in online environments
Reduced cerebellar brain activity during reward processing in adolescent binge drinkers
Relational diversity and neighbourhood cohesion. Unpacking variety, balance and in-group size
Relationship between accelerometer load, collisions, and repeated high-intensity effort activity in rugby league players
Relationship between locations of facial injury and the use of bicycle helmets: a systematic review
The relationship between a person's criminal history, immediate situational factors, and lethal versus non-lethal events
The relationship between self-reported sleep disturbance and polysomnography in individuals with traumatic brain injury
Religion and suicide risk: a systematic review
Religiousness and aggression in adolescents: the mediating roles of self-control and compassion
Research with children exposed to partner violence: perspectives of service-mandated, CPS- and court-involved survivors on research with their children
Understanding cultural differences in human behavior: a cultural neuroscience approach
The three R's of trust
Social influence and the brain: persuasion, susceptibility to influence and retransmission
Recent advances in understanding neural systems that support inhibitory control
Pro-integration: disengagement from and life after extremism
The neural pathways, development and functions of empathy
Neural mechanisms of response inhibition
Limitations on visual information processing in the sleep-deprived brain and their underlying mechanisms
Intergroup biases: a focus on stereotype content
Culture and social behavior
Compassion and altruism: how our minds determine who is worthy of help
Community health indicators in southern Nevada
Risk-taking behaviours among UK military reservists
The rocky road from attitudes to behaviors: charting the goal systemic course of actions
The role of decision-making in cannabis-related problems among young adults
The Role of Immigrant Concentration Within and Beyond Residential Neighborhoods in Adolescent Alcohol Use
The role of neighborhood in the development of aggression in urban African American youth: a multilevel analysis
Safety climate, safety behavior, and worker injuries in the Chinese manufacturing industry
Safety Culture in commercial aviation: differences in perspective between Chinese and Western pilots
Safety in numbers: more walkers and bicyclists, safer walking and bicycling
School experiences associated with alcohol use among Hispanic youth
Screening women for intimate partner violence in healthcare settings
Secular trends in frailty: a comparative study of 75-year olds born in 1911-12 and 1930
Self-fulfilling prophecies in ability settings
Self-harm in young people: prevalence, associated factors, and help-seeking in school-going adolescents
Self-reported circumstances and consequences of driving while sleepy
Sex and age differences in mortality in southern China, 2004-2010
Should charity air medical organizations require commercial certification of their pilots?
"Siempre me critican": barriers to reproductive health in Ocotal, Nicaragua
A simulated environment experiment on annoyance due to combined road traffic and industrial noises
Sleep habits and road traffic accident risk for Iranian occupational drivers
Sleep problems and self-harm in adolescence
Sleepiness and cognitive performance among younger and older adolescents across a 28-hour forced desynchrony protocol
Social structure, anomie, and national levels of homicide
Sleep quality and reexperiencing symptoms of PTSD are associated with current pain in U.S. OEF/OIF/OND Veterans with and without mTBIs
Societal perspectives on risk awareness and risk competence
Socio-demographic factors and neighbourhood social cohesion influence adults' willingness to grant children greater independent mobility: a cross-sectional study
Socioeconomic determinants of risk of harmful alcohol drinking among people aged 50 or over in England
Socioemotional problems in children exposed to intimate partner violence: mediating effects of attachment and family supports
A sociography of elderly victims of family violence in Portugal
The stability of alcohol consumption between age 16 and 26: evidence from a national birth cohort study
Startle responding in the context of visceral pain
Stigma, attitudes, and help-seeking intentions for psychological problems in relation to regional suicide rates
Strategic safety management plan for Wind River Indian Reservation
Strategies to engage men and boys in violence prevention: a global organizational perspective
Suicidality among pregnant women in Brazil: prevalence and risk factors
Support and compliance with 20 mph speed limits in Great Britain
A survey of death adjustment in the Indian subcontinent
A systematic review of the effect of distraction on surgeon performance: directions for operating room policy and surgical training
Terror mismanagement: evidence that mortality salience exacerbates attentional bias in social anxiety
Testosterone prescribing in the population-a short social epidemiological analysis in Sweden
There is no difference in IQ between suicide and non-suicide psychiatric patients: a retrospective case-control study
Towards a person-centered approach to the developmental psychopathology of trauma
Tracheobronchial injury
Tracking adolescents with global positioning system-enabled cell phones to study contextual exposures and alcohol and marijuana use: a pilot study
Trajectories of self-rated health in the last 15 years of life by cause of death
Transforming farm health and safety: the case for business coaching
Traumatic lung injury
Trends and sex differences in prescription opioid deaths in British Columbia, Canada
Trends in cyberbullying and school bullying victimization in a regional census of high school students, 2006-2012
Trends in mortality by assault in women in selected countries of Latin America, 2001-2011
Ultraorthodox young drivers in Israel: driving through cultural lenses
Under the shadow of maternity: pregnancy, suicidal ideation, and intimate partner violence
The Unique and Shared Genetic and Environmental Contributions to Fear, Anger, and Sadness in Childhood
Unpacking sleep and suicide in older adults in a combined online sample
Urban cyclists' perspectives on post-collision behaviour change: a qualitative study
Validation in the absence of observed events
Veterans imprisoned by the violent shadows of military war time: the expansion of the insanity defense to include post-traumatic stress disorder
Violence against women: globalizing the integrated ecological model
A web-based study of bipolarity and impulsivity in athletes engaging in extreme and high-risk sports
What is the attraction? Pornography use motives in relation to bystander intervention
Young driver distraction by text messaging: a comparison of the effects of reading and typing text messages in Chinese versus English
While you were sleepwalking: science and neurobiology of sleep disorders & the enigma of legal responsibility of violence during parasomnia
Why have fatality rates among older drivers declined? The relative contributions of changes in survivability and crash involvement
Yield and cost-effectiveness of laboratory testing to identify metabolic contributors to falls and fractures in older persons
Workplace incivility: a concept analysis
Geographic distribution of acute chemical incidents--hazardous substances emergency events surveillance, nine states, 1999-2008
Public health response to acute chemical incidents--Hazardous Substances Emergency Events Surveillance, nine states, 1999-2008
Local security policies and the protection of territory: an analysis of the Italian experience (2007-2009)
Empirical analysis of vehicle time headways and speeds on rural two-lane, two-way roads
Enhanced modeling of driver stop-or-run actions at a yellow indication
Exploring areawide dynamics of pedestrian crowds: three-dimensional approach
Factors influencing the travel scheduling of driving trips of habitual car users
Light rail transit urban insertion and safety
Modeling mobility tool ownership of youth in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Pedicabs for urban transportation in U.S. cities
Reducing the drug war's damage to government budgets
Review of variable speed limits and advisories
Risk assessment framework for the rail transport of hazardous materials
Role of gender and attitudes on public transportation use
Traffic signal system misconceptions across three cohorts
Bicycles in urban areas
Closed-course study of driver detection of pedestrians beyond flashing beacons within sign assembly
Prediction of urban road safety
Quasi-steady-state linearisation of the racing vehicle acceleration envelope: a limited slip differential example
International comparison of road accidents: Different crash rate in older drivers between Germany and Switzerland
Differences in crash occurrence among older male and female drivers
Driver assistance systems and automation: a success story?
What role does the vehicle have in traffic accident risk?
Selection or proficiency: How can the mobility of older drivers be maintained? Opinion on behalf of the Executive Board of the German Society of Traffic Psychology eV (DGVP)
Abuse experiences of family members, child maltreatment, and the development of sex offending among incarcerated adolescent males: differences between adolescent sex offenders and adolescent non-sex offenders
Acute alcohol intoxication in patients with mild traumatic brain injury: characteristics, recovery and outcome
Adolescent daughters and ritual abjection: narrative analysis of self-injury in four US films
Accidents involving motorcyclists and cyclists in the municipality of São Paulo: characterization and trends
Adverse childhood events are related to the prevalence of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder among adult women in Hawaii
Alcohol consumption among students--a cross-sectional study at three largest universities in Serbia
Alcohol-impaired driving among adults - United States, 2012
Alcohol service provision for older people in an area experiencing high alcohol use and health inequalities
Are severe musculoskeletal injuries associated with symptoms of common mental disorders among male European professional footballers?
Assessment of immune system changes subsequent to sexual abuse in adolescents
Assessment of self-restraint using a functional analysis of self-injury
The association between adverse childhood experiences and alcohol use during pregnancy in a representative sample of adult women
The association between weapon carrying and health risk behaviors among adolescent students in Bangkok, Thailand
The association of sleep loss and balance stability in farmers
Associations between individual socioeconomic position, neighbourhood disadvantage and transport mode: baseline results from the HABITAT multilevel study
Associations of individual-related and job-related risk factors with nonfatal occupational injury in the coal workers of Shanxi Province: a cross-sectional study
Asthma, depression, and suicidality: results from the 2007, 2009, and 2011 Youth Risk Behavior Surveys
The attentional demand of automobile driving revisited: occlusion distance as a function of task-relevant event density in realistic driving scenarios
Bayesian models of child development
Beauty and the eye of the beholder: gender and attractiveness affect judgments in teacher sex offense cases
Bicycle helmets are highly protective against traumatic brain injury within a dense urban setting
Brief motivational intervention for intimate partner violence and heavy drinking in the emergency department: a randomized clinical trial
Catatonia and cannabis withdrawal: a case report
Changes in depression stigma after the Germanwings crash - findings from German population surveys
Character strengths and hardiness of Australian Army Special Forces applicants
Characteristics associated with alcohol consumption among emergency department patients presenting with road traffic injuries in Hyderabad, India
Characteristics of African American women and their partners with perceived concurrent partnerships in 4 rural counties in the southeastern US
Child Behavior Checklist Dysregulation Profile in children with disruptive behavior disorders: a longitudinal study
Childhood predictors and adult life success of adolescent delinquency abstainers
Chronic traumatic encephalopathy and athletes
Classification of prevention in sports medicine and epidemiology
Clobazam and aggression-related adverse events in pediatric patients with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome
Comorbid psychiatric conditions as mediators to predict later social adjustment in youths with autism spectrum disorder
Connecting self-awareness and error-awareness in patients with traumatic brain injury
The consumption of energy drinks among a sample of college students and college student athletes
Coordination of the cortisol and testosterone responses: a dual axis approach to understanding the response to social status threats
Correct use of safety belts and child restraint devices in cars among children in Goiânia
Correcting bias in self-rated quality of life: an application of anchoring vignettes and ordinal regression models to better understand QoL differences across commuting modes
Correcting some misrepresentations about gender and sexual economics theory: comment on Rudman and Fetterolf (2014)
Correlates of excessive daytime sleepiness in community-dwelling older adults: an exploratory study
Corticosteroid receptor genes and childhood neglect influence susceptibility to crack/cocaine addiction and response to detoxification treatment
Cost effectiveness of falls and injury prevention strategies for older adults living in residential aged care facilities
Critical review of Hamby's (2014) article titled "Intimate partner and sexual violence research, scientific progress, scientific challenges, and gender"
The Danieli Inventory of Multigenerational Legacies of Trauma, Part I: Survivors' posttrauma adaptational styles in their children's eyes
A data mining approach to identify sexuality patterns in a Brazilian university population
Daytime sleepiness is independently associated with falls in older adults with dementia
Deaths of teenagers in car crashes: a child death review
Deficits in joint action explain why socially anxious individuals are less well liked
Depressed spousal caregivers have psychological stress unrelated to the progression of Alzheimer disease: a 3-year follow-up report, Kuopio ALSOVA Study
Designing psychological treatments for scalability: the PREMIUM approach
Desistance from sexual offending: behavioral change without cognitive transformation
Developing surveillance methodology for agricultural and logging injury in New Hampshire using electronic administrative data sets
Development of a universal safety behavior management system for coal mine workers
Differences in lifestyle, physical performance and quality of life between frail and robust Brazilian community-dwelling elderly women
The discursive analysis of mental health promotion efforts targeting community-dwelling young adults at high risk of mental illness
Disparities in mental health among adolescents with and without impairments
Does this patient have posttraumatic stress disorder? Rational clinical examination systematic review
Double deprivation: a phenomenological study into the experience of being a carer during a mental health crisis
Drink driving and risky behavior among University students in Southwestern Nigeria-implications for policy development
Drug use and service utilization among Hispanics in the United States
Effect of drugs on the risk of injuries in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: a prospective cohort study
Effect of restraining devices on facial fractures in motor vehicle collisions
Effect of roadside vegetation cutting on moose browsing
The effects of ageing on self-reported aggression measures are partly explained by response bias
Effects of indoor rattle sounds on annoyance caused by sonic booms
Emergency physician utilization of alcohol/substance screening, brief advice and discharge: a 10-year comparison
Engineering Social Justice into Traffic Control for Self-Driving Vehicles?
An epidemiological study of traumatic brain injury cases in a trauma centre of New Delhi (India)
Epidemiological study on talus fractures
Ethanol exposure and isolated traumatic brain injury
Evaluation of DELTA PREP: a project aimed at integrating primary prevention of intimate partner violence within state domestic violence coalitions
Evaluation of the Safety Detective Program: a classroom-based intervention to increase kindergarten children's understanding of home safety hazards and injury-risk behaviors to avoid
Examining validity and reliability of the emotional reactions checklist with hospitalized children
Exertional heat illnesses and environmental conditions during high school football practices
Factor structure and factorial invariance of the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory for Chinese children and adolescents
Factorial structure of complicated grief: associations with loss-related traumatic events and psychosocial impacts of mass conflict amongst West Papuan refugees
Farm activities and agricultural injuries in youth and young adult workers
Fatal Eurasian brown bear attacks-two Swedish fatalities in modern times
Fatigue management in the workplace
"First stop dying": Angola's Christian seminary as positive criminology
Foreign body in the orbital floor: a case report
Fragility hip fractures in elderly patients in Bhubaneswar, India (2012-2014): a prospective multicenter study of 1031 elderly patients
Frailty as a predictor of future falls among community-dwelling older people: a systematic review and meta-analysis
From military to civil loadings: preliminary numerical-based thorax injury criteria investigations
Gendered pathways from child abuse to adult crime through internalizing and externalizing behaviors in childhood and adolescence
Genes unite executive functions in childhood
Guideline for prescribing opioids to treat pain in injured workers
Head kinematics during shaking associated with abusive head trauma
Health care utilization and charges following the enactment of the 2007 graduated drivers licensing law in Massachusetts
Heat-related mortality projections for cardiovascular and respiratory disease under the changing climate in Beijing, China
Helping callers to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline who are at imminent risk of suicide: evaluation of caller risk profiles and interventions implemented
Hidden danger of irrational abusing illegal androgenic-anabolic steroids in recreational athletes age under 35 in Bosnia & Herzegovina
The hierarchy of control in the epidemic of farm injury
How coaches' motivations mediate between basic psychological needs and well-being/ill-being
Human bite of a staff nurse on a psychiatric unit
Human poisoning through atypical routes of exposure
Identifying contextual influences of community reintegration among injured servicemembers
Identifying obstacles to return to duty in severely injured combat-related servicemembers with amputation
The impact of mobility scooters on their users. Does their usage help or hinder?: A state of the art review
The impact of state policy on teen dating violence prevalence
The incidence, spectrum and outcome of paediatric trauma managed by the Pietermaritzburg Metropolitan Trauma Service
Increased night duty loading of physicians caused elevated blood pressure and sympathetic tones in a dose-dependent manner
Indirect effects of the fast track intervention on conduct disorder symptoms and callous-unemotional traits: distinct pathways involving discipline and warmth
Individual and collective empowerment and associated factors among Brazilian adults: a cross-sectional study
Individual and contextual antecedents of workplace aggression in aged care nurses and certified nursing assistants
Influence of bullying on the quality of life perception of Chilean students
Influence of parental conflict resolution strategies on Hispanic college women's experiences with verbal aggression
The influence of pubertal timing and stressful life events on depression and delinquency among Chinese adolescents
The influence of reward and punishment on motor learning
Injuries, death, and disability associated with 11 years of conflict in Baghdad, Iraq: a randomized household cluster survey
Injury risk estimation expertise: cognitive-perceptual mechanisms of ACL-IQ
An integrative review: understanding driving retirement decisions for individuals living with a dementia
The interface between violence, disability, and poverty: stories from a developing country
Investigating correlates of suicide among male youth: questioning the close affinity between suicide attempts and deaths
Investigating the relationship between weather and violence in Baltimore, Maryland, USA
The relationship between maternal education and child health outcomes in urban Australian children in the first 12 months of life
Is religiosity a protective factor against suicidal behavior in bipolar I outpatients?
Is risk-taking propensity a familial vulnerability factor for alcohol use? An examination in two independent samples
Juvenile sex offenders: personality profile, coping styles and parental care
Keep calm and carry on: maintaining self-control when intoxicated, upset, or depleted
Knowledge, attitude and practice among healthcare staffs in the Emergency Department, Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia towards rape victims In One Stop Crisis Centre (OSCC)
Late-life depression is not associated with dementia-related pathology
Latent profile analyses of posttraumatic stress disorder, depression and generalized anxiety disorder symptoms in trauma-exposed soldiers
Latino farmworkers in Saskatchewan: language barriers and health and safety
Life course models of economic stress and poor mental health in mid-adulthood: results from the prospective northern Swedish cohort
Living with and within the rules of domestic violence shelters: a qualitative exploration of residents' experiences
Long distance truck drivers and the structural context of health: a culture-centered investigation of indian truckers' health narratives
Longitudinal assessment of gender differences in the development of PTSD among US military personnel deployed in support of the operations in Iraq and Afghanistan
Longitudinal predictors of child sexual abuse in a large community-based sample of south african youth
Main and moderating influence of temperament traits on the association between intimate partner violence and trauma symptoms
Maternal depressive symptomatology in México: national prevalence, care, and population risk profiles
Medication for ADHD and accidental injury
Mental health help seeking among traumatized individuals: a systematic review of studies assessing the role of substance use and abuse
Mental health mainstreamed in new UN disaster framework
Mining for murder-suicide: an approach to identifying cases of murder-suicide in the National Violent Death Reporting System restricted access database
Monoamine Oxidase A gene polymorphisms and self reported aggressive behaviour in a Pakistani ethnic group
Moral absolutism, self-deception, and moral self-concept in men who commit intimate partner violence: a comparative study with an opposite sample
Near infrared spectroscopy detection and quantification of herbal medicines adulterated with sibutramine
Neuroinflammation in suicide: toward a comprehensive model
The non-linear health consequences of living in larger cities
On positional asphyxia and death in custody
Occupant and crash characteristics of elderly subjects with thoracic and lumbar spine injuries following motor vehicle collisions
Occupational injuries of teachers and educational staff at special schools with multiple and severely handicapped children in Rhineland-Palatinate (Germany): results of a cross-sectional study
Overcoming abuse: a phenomenological investigation of the journey to recovery from past intimate partner violence
A path model of school violence perpetration: introducing online game addiction as a new risk factor
A peer-nomination assessment of electronic forms of aggression and victimization
Perceptions of dating violence and associated correlates: a study of college young adults
Physician counseling on firearm safety: a new kind of cultural competence
A population health perspective on suicide research and prevention
Prevention in dangerous industries: does safety certification prevent tree-faller injuries?
Prevention of violence against women and girls at the community level
Can child-pedestrians' hazard perception skills be enhanced?
Cortical thinness and volume differences associated with marijuana abuse in emerging adults
Correlates of smoking status among women experiencing intimate partner violence: substance use, posttraumatic stress, and coping
Differential profiles of drug-addicted patients according to gender and the perpetration of intimate partner violence
Do school crossing guards make crossing roads safer? A quasi-experimental study of pedestrian-motor vehicle collisions in Toronto, Canada
Effects of safety measures on driver's speed behavior at pedestrian crossings
The dragon in the cockpit: how Western aviation concepts conflict with Chinese value systems (Comments on a report by Hung-Sying Jing, Allen Batteau )
The hazards of button battery ingestion
Influence of social media on alcohol use in adolescents and young adults
Mapping cyclist activity and injury risk in a network combining smartphone GPS data and bicycle counts
Profiling drunk driving recidivists in Denmark
Update and overview of spinal injuries in Canadian ice hockey, 1943 to 2011: the continuing need for injury prevention and education
Assessing correlations between geological hazards and health outcomes: addressing complexity in medical geology
Assessing the structure of non-routine decision processes in airline operations control
Associations between neighbourhood walkability and daily steps in adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Binge drinking and perceived neighborhood characteristics among Mexican Americans residing on the U.S.-Mexico border
Brief intervention in the emergency department among Mexican-origin young adults at the US-Mexico border: outcomes of a randomized controlled clinical trial using promotores
Bullying in healthcare. A call to action to stop lateral violence
CaMKIIα-GluA1 activity underlies vulnerability to adolescent binge alcohol drinking
Cannabinoid concentrations detected in fatal road traffic collision victims compared with a population of other post mortem cases
Why did life expectancy in Central and Eastern Europe suddenly improve in the 1990s? An analysis by cause of death
Why we permute blocks?
The Willow Hill community health assessment: assessing the needs of children in a former slave community
Women's health in Queensland prisons: an analysis of stakeholder perspectives
Work-related health complaints and injuries, and health and safety perceptions of Latino day laborers
Youth, suicide attempts and low level of education: a Danish historical register-based cohort study of the outcome of suicide attempt
Abnormal fear memory as a model for posttraumatic stress disorder
The added benefit of bicycle commuting on the regular amount of physical activity performed
ADHD and emotion dysregulation among children and adolescents
Adult binge drinking: childhood sexual abuse, gender and the role of adolescent alcohol-related experiences
Alcohol dependence, co-occurring conditions and attributable burden
Alcohol intoxication impairs mesopic rod and cone temporal processing in social drinkers
Alcohol use, partner violence, and depression: a cluster randomized controlled trial among urban South African mothers over 3 years
Alcohol- and drug-related absenteeism: a costly problem
Background for real-time monitoring and intervention related to alcohol use
Barriers and facilitators to detecting child abuse and neglect in general emergency departments
Veterans' perspectives on benefits and drawbacks of peer support for posttraumatic stress disorder
Victimization and polyvictimization of Spanish youth involved in juvenile justice
Violence in the United States: status, challenges, and opportunities
Walkable school neighborhoods are not playable neighborhoods
What's in a delayed bathyphase?
When children are the least vulnerable to false memories: a true report or a case of autosuggestion?
When does pleasure start after the end of pain? The time course of relief
When violence hits the religious home: raising awareness about domestic violence in seminaries and amongst religious leaders
Where do agricultural producers get safety and health information?
Possible role of a dysregulation of the endogenous opioid system in antisocial personality disorder
Patterns of alcohol consumption and related behaviors in Brazil: evidence from the 2013 National Health Survey (PNS 2013)
Patterns of DSM-5 posttraumatic stress disorder and depression symptoms in an epidemiological sample of Chinese earthquake survivors: a latent profile analysis
Peer network counseling with urban adolescents: a randomized controlled trial with moderate substance users
People with insomnia: experiences with sedative hypnotics and risk perception
Perceiving what you intend to do from what you do: evidence for embodiment in social interactions
A pilot study on the encoding of a perceptual learning task following sleep deprivation
Predictors of relapse and dropout during a 12-week relapse prevention program for methamphetamine users
Prevalence and functions of non-suicidal self-injury in Spanish adolescents
Prevalence and incidence of mental health problems among Dutch medical students and the study-related and personal risk factors: a longitudinal study
Prevalence of depressive symptoms and related factors in Japanese employees: a comparative study between surveys from 2007 and 2010
Prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders among Saskatchewan farmers
Prevalence of substance use disorders in psychiatric patients: a nationwide Danish population-based study
Prosocial bystander behavior in bullying dynamics: assessing the impact of social capital
A prospective registry evaluating the epidemiology and clinical care of traumatic brain injury patients presenting to a regional referral hospital in Moshi, Tanzania: challenges and the way forward
Psychological strength assessed in late adolescence and risk for criminal behavior: a Swedish prospective cohort and twin analysis
Quality in sickness certificates in a Swedish social security system perspective
Quality of life in maltreated children and adult survivors of child maltreatment: a systematic review
Quality matters, doesn't it?
Race differences in patterns of risky behavior and associated risk factors in adolescence
A randomized study of cognitive remediation for forensic and mental health patients with schizophrenia
Rates of victimization of violence committed by relatives with psychiatric disorders
Reappraising threat: how to optimize performance under pressure
The relation between emotional intelligence and criminal behavior: a study among convicted criminals
Relationship between individual characteristics, neighbourhood contexts and help-seeking intentions for mental illness
The relationship of policymaking and networking characteristics among leaders of large urban health departments
Risk factors for sustaining a lower extremity injury in an army reserve officer training corps cadet population
Results of a large-scale randomized behavior change intervention on road safety in Kenya
Risk factors for hip impact during real-life falls captured on video in long-term care
Risk factors for heat-related illness in Washington crop workers
Risk factors for antenatal depression and associations with infant birth outcomes: results from a South aAfrican birth cohort study
Rhode Island Violent Death Reporting System, 2004-2013
Risk assessment of wandering behavior in mild dementia
Risk of suicide and all-cause mortality after self-harm
Road safety effects of bus rapid transit (BRT) systems: a call for evidence
The role of parent psychopathology in emotion socialization
The role of university health centers in intervention and prevention of campus sexual assault
Safeguarding the welfare of children: what is the nurse's role?
Sales promotion strategies and youth drinking in Australia
School start times for middle school and high school students - United States, 2011-12 school year
School violence among Arab adolescents in Israel and its relation to self-control skills and social support
A scientific answer to a scientific question: the gender debate on intimate partner violence
Screening commercial drivers for obstructive sleep apnea: translation and validation of Serbian version of Berlin Questionnaire
Semantic relations between visual objects can be unconsciously processed but not reported under change blindness
Sexual violence and HIV infection associated with adolescent vs adult entry into the sex trade in Mexico
Sexual violence in the context of drug use among young adult opioid users in New York City
Shame, guilt, and facial emotion processing: initial evidence for a positive relationship between guilt-proneness and facial emotion recognition ability
Social cognition, social competence, negative symptoms and social outcomes: inter-relationships in people with schizophrenia
Social determinants of married women's attitudinal acceptance of intimate partner violence
Social penalty promotes cooperation in a cooperative society
A socioecological predication model of posttraumatic stress disorder in low-income, high-risk prenatal Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander women
Subclinical psychosis and suicidal behavior in England: findings from the 2007 Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey
Subjective accounts of the turning points that facilitate desistance from intimate partner violence
Suicide attempts and childhood maltreatment among street youth: a prospective cohort study
Suicide in the city: do characteristics of place really influence risk?
Suicide risk assessment in high-risk adolescents
Suicide risk in Iraq and Afghanistan veterans with mental health problems in VA care
Survey of intimate partner violence before and during pregnancy among Japanese women
Cannabis (marijuana) - effects on human performance and behavior
Threat processing: models and mechanisms
ADAPTA: a pilot randomised controlled trial of an alcohol-focused intervention versus a healthy living intervention for problem drinkers identified in a general hospital setting
Assessing the triarchic model of psychopathy in adolescence: reliability and validity of the Triarchic Psychopathy Measure (TriPM) in three samples of Italian community-dwelling adolescents
Biological pathways and networks implicated in psychiatric disorders
Changing norms to change behavior
Common cause of mortality in trauma but manageable nonetheless
Controlled vaporized cannabis, with and without alcohol: subjective effects and oral fluid-blood cannabinoid relationships
Current and projected heat-related morbidity and mortality in Rhode Island
Deinstitutionalization in Italian psychiatry - the course and consequences Part II. The consequences of deinstitutionalization
Does religious coping and spirituality have a moderating role on depression and anxiety in patients with spinal cord injury? A study from Iran
The effect of abused drugs on the developing brain during childhood and adolescence
Early Adolescent Alcohol Use: Are Sipping and Drinking Distinct?
The Dysregulation Profile in middle childhood and adolescence across reporters: factor structure, measurement invariance, and links with self-harm and suicidal ideation
Electronic interventions for alcohol misuse and alcohol use disorders: a systematic review
Erratum to "Obesity as a possible risk factor for lost-time injury in registered nurses: a literature review" [Saf Health Work 6 (1) (2015) 1-8]
Estimated time of arrival and debiasing the time saving bias
European Healthy City Network Phase V: patterns emerging for healthy urban planning
Examining the continuity of juvenile sex offending into adulthood and subsequent patterns of sex and general recidivism
Exploring frequency of public transport use among older adults: a study in Adelaide, Australia
Extent, nature, and risk factors of workplace violence in public tertiary hospitals in China: a cross-sectional survey
Gender differences in sleep in older men and women
The health and economic benefits of reducing intimate partner violence: an Australian example
How poverty restricts elderly Germans' everyday travel
High alcohol use a strong and significant risk factor for repetitive self-harm in female and male youth: a prospective cohort study
How to support patients with severe mental illness in their parenting role with children aged over 1 year? A systematic review of interventions
In harm's way. Violence in our health sector
Injury data of major international field hockey tournaments
The influence of personality disorder on outcome in adolescent self-harm
Injury-related mortality in South Africa: a retrospective descriptive study of postmortem investigations
Infant mortality and causes of infant deaths in rural Ethiopia: a population-based cohort of 3684 births
Intelligent rat-runners: impact of car navigation systems on safety of residential roads
Long-term mortality among older adults with burn injury: a population-based study in Australia
Managing law enforcement presence in the emergency department: highlighting the need for new policy recommendations
Military sexual trauma among recent veterans: correlates of sexual assault and sexual harassment
The spatial context of the disorder-crime relationship in a study of Reno neighborhoods
Being parents with epilepsy: thoughts on its consequences and difficulties affecting their children
Attitudes of policy makers in Hawaii toward public health and related issues before and after an economic recession in the United States
Childhood adversity and behavioral health outcomes for youth: an investigation using state administrative data
Contrast societies, radical social movements and their relationships with their target societies. a theoretical model
Depression in adolescents and young adults with cancer
Depression symptoms are associated with key health outcomes in women with fibromyalgia: a cross-sectional study
Does education play a role in meeting the human rights needs of Indian women with mental illness?
Effects of a workplace intervention on sleep in employees' children
Embodied understanding
Vertical accelerator device to apply loads simulating blast environments in the military to human surrogates
Victimization among Peruvian adolescents: insights into mental/emotional health from the Young Lives study
Vestibulo-ocular dysfunction in pediatric sports-related concussion
Violence against health-providers is disappointingly spiraling now in China
Violence that matters! Radicalization and de-radicalization of leftist, urban movements - Denmark 1981-2011
Violence against women in Rome: an analysis of cases treated in the gynecology emergency department of the hospital Umberto I between 1999 and 2013
Violence: heightened brain attentional network response is selectively muted in Down syndrome
Violent death in a rare peroxisomal disease-Zellweger syndrome
Violence toward chronic pain care providers: a national survey
The Weakness of Stern Alcohol Control Policies
Weapons retrieved after the implementation of emergency department metal detection
Visual illusions and inattention: their association with adiposity among adolescent girls
The Walking Suitability Index of the Territory (T-WSI): a new tool to evaluate urban neighborhood walkability
Survey of the acual state of the initial rider training for motorcycle riders in Germany
Zolpidem and sleep in pediatric burn patients with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder
"Your life sucks," but I think "you deserved it": social approval and disapproval of messages on fmylife.com
The youth readiness intervention for war-affected youth
Hypothermia and hyperthermia medicolegal investigation of morbidity and mortality from exposure to environmental temperature extremes
Vehicular entrapment and heat stroke in three children: is it a form of child neglect?
Temperature in closed automobiles in hot weather
Weather, geography, and vehicle-related hyperthermia in children
What do you mean, 'resilient'?
Whats new in critical illness and injury science: predicting mortality in trauma!
Who uses alcohol mixed with energy drinks? Characteristics of college student users
The Yale Craving Scale: development and psychometric properties
Yauk gyar mann yin (Be a man!): masculinity and betel quid chewing among men in Mandalay, Myanmar
Young people's views on electronic mental health assessment: prefer to type than talk?
The association between problematic internet use, suicide probability, alexithymia and loneliness among Turkish medical students
The criminology of cyber stalking: investigating the crime, offenders and victims of cyber stalking
'I don't have a life to live': deaths and UK detention
Medical marijuana programs -- Why might they matter for public health and why should we better understand their impacts?
The study of influence of faulty parenting and substance abuse on rape, sodomy and murder by using projective test
Urine drug screening: opioid risks preclude complete patient autonomy
Safety differently: human factors for a new era
Season of birth, sex and sleep timing preferences
Self reported rates of criminal offending and victimization in young people at-risk for psychosis
Self-reported frequency and perceived severity of being bullied among elementary school students
Self-induced orbital compression injury: Saturday night retinopathy
Adult physical inactivity prevalence in the Muslim world: analysis of 38 countries
Are children's activity levels determined by their genes or environment? A systematic review of twin studies
Armed conflict, substance use and HIV: a global analysis
Association between history of severe hypoglycemia and risk of falls in younger and older patients with diabetes
Association between protective behavioral strategies and problem drinking among college students in the Republic of Korea
Bicyclist deaths associated with motor vehicle traffic - United States, 1975-2012
Car driver attitudes, perceptions of social norms and aggressive driving behaviour towards cyclists
Choosing between stairs and escalators in China: the impact of location, height and pedestrian volume
Correlates of alcohol use among patrons of alcohol consumption venues in Botswana
Derivation of indices of socioeconomic status for health services research in Asia
Describing the relationship between occupational and non-occupational physical activity using objective measurement
Does parental drinking influence children's drinking? A systematic review of prospective cohort studies
Economic stressors and alcohol-related outcomes: exploring age cohort differences
Epidemiology of traumatic brain injury in Europe
Evaluating the accuracy of alcohol expectancies relative to subjective response to alcohol
Exploring the impact of childhood abuse on HIV social and attitudinal factors among adults with and without this history in sub-Saharan Africa: findings from NIMH Project Accept (HPTN 043)
Factors associated with illicit methadone injecting in a Canadian setting
Genetic architecture for human aggression: a study of gene-phenotype relationship in OMIM
Health behaviors of mandated and voluntary students in a motivational intervention program
Impact of residential schooling and of child abuse on substance use problem in Indigenous Peoples
The impact of sleep restriction while performing simulated physical firefighting work on cortisol and heart rate responses
Impact of travel mode shift and trip distance on active and non-active transportation in the São Paulo Metropolitan Area in Brazil
Injuries in male versus female soccer players: epidemiology of a nationwide study
Low socio-economic environmental determinants of children's physical activity in Coventry, UK: a qualitative study in parents
Ocular injury in the United States: emergency department visits from 2006-2011
Relationship between the objectively-assessed neighborhood area and activity behavior in Swiss youth
Precision prevention: time to move beyond universal interventions
Preventable hospitalizations among adult Medicaid beneficiaries with concurrent substance use disorders
Racial differences in parental perceptions of the neighborhood as predictors of children's physical activity and sedentary behavior
Relating off-premises alcohol outlet density to intentional and unintentional injuries
The relationship between children's physical activity and family income in rural settings: A cross-sectional study
Safety of spectacles for children's vision: a cluster-randomized controlled trial
School-travel by public transit: rethinking active transportation
Sex offender risk assessment: a reexamination of the coffee can study
Sick-leave and help seeking among rescue workers after the terror attacks in Norway, 2011
"Teaching by humiliation" and mistreatment of medical students in clinical rotations: a pilot study
Television viewing and hostile personality trait increase the risk of injuries
Validity and reliability of questionnaires measuring physical activity self-efficacy, enjoyment, social support among Hong Kong Chinese children
Understanding and predicting suicidality using a combined genomic and clinical risk assessment approach
Texting while driving as impulsive choice: a behavioral economic analysis
Testing a structural model of young driver willingness to uptake Smartphone Driver Support Systems
Suicide by people in a community justice pathway: population-based nested case-control study
Suicide related ideation and behavior among Canadian gay and bisexual men: a syndemic analysis
Suicide risk: sunshine or temperature increase?
Suspected physical child abuse--recognition and actions in health care
A synthetic cannabinoid FDU-NNEI, two 2H-indazole isomers of synthetic cannabinoids AB-CHMINACA and NNEI indazole analog (MN-18), a phenethylamine derivative N-OH-EDMA, and a cathinone derivative dimethoxy-α-PHP, newly identified in illegal products
Targeting relational aggression in veterans: the Strength at Home Friends and Family intervention
The study of fatal burn deaths in district hospital, Gulbarga, Karnatak
Subsequent damage following soccer injuries
Study of un-natural deaths of the patients brought to People's Hospital, Bhopal (a retrospective study)
The Structured Trauma-Related Experiences and Symptoms Screener (STRESS): development and preliminary psychometrics
A study of permanent physical disability pattern in motor vehicle accident cases presenting at Sms Hospital, Jaipur during the year 2012-2013 a prospective study
Suicidal ideation and behavior in youth in the juvenile justice system: a review of the literature
The status of preventive behaviors in traffic accidents in junior high school students in Isfahan
Stay-or-leave decision making in nonviolent and violent dating relationships
Spousal assaulters in outpatient mental health care: the relevance of structured risk assessment
A report of heat stroke in two Nigerian siblings
Children's health and vulnerability in outdoor microclimates: a comprehensive review
Integrative and adaptive responses (editorial)
The power of survivor advocacy: making car trunks escapable
Hyperthermia in dogs left in cars
An approach to the modeling of a virtual thermal manikin
The conceptualization of dynamic risk factors in child sex offenders: an agency model
Heat stroke in motor car racing drivers
The potential impacts of climate variability and change on temperature-related morbidity and mortality in the United States
Urban sprawl and public health
Theorizing and generalizing about risk assessment and regulation through comparative nested analysis of representative cases
Hemorrhagic shock and encephalopathy syndrome and heatstroke: a physiologic comparison of two entities
Tag it
The sun can quickly turn a car into a death trap; is a child's life worth the gamble? A deeper look into the Unattended Child in Vehicle Act and potential liability
The evolutionary roots of psychopathy
Standardizing research methods on violent offenders: perpetrator-motive research design and consensual qualitative research
Why cops kill: the psychology of police deadly force encounters
Anger problems predict long-term criminal recidivism in partner violent men
The association between childhood trauma and facial emotion recognition in adults with bipolar disorder
Associations between parental perceptions of the neighbourhood environment and childhood physical activity: results from ISCOLE-Kenya
Balancing social responsibility and personal autonomy: adolescents' reasoning about community service programs
Binge drinking associations with patrons' risk behaviors and alcohol effects after leaving a nightclub: sex differences in the "Balada com Ciência" portal survey study in Brazil
The Boston bombing review: what went right and wrong? Report evaluates the response to the 2013 terrorist attack
Brief interventions to prevent recurrence and alcohol-related problems in young adults admitted to the emergency ward following an alcohol-related event: a systematic review
Broken heart as work-related accident: occupational stress as a cause of takotsubo cardiomyopathy in 55-year-old female teacher - role of automated function imaging in diagnostic workflow
Building Bridges in New Jersey: strengthening interagency collaboration for offenders receiving drug treatment
Building community resilience: business preparedness lessons in the case of Adapazarı, Turkey
Bullying victimization and the social and emotional maladjustment of bystanders: a propensity score analysis
Cannabinoids for the treatment of agitation and aggression in Alzheimer's disease
Cell-phone use diminishes self-awareness of impaired driving
The ch in children stands for cherish
Changes in impaired self-awareness after acquired brain injury in patients following intensive neuropsychological rehabilitation
Terrorism, guns, and public health
Preventing lethal violence in schools: the case for entry-based weapons screening
Lethal violence in the schools
Is a weapons-screening strategy for public schools good public policy?
Adopting the 3-Star minimum safety rating
Comparison of Victorian road trauma trends using traditional and alternative measures of serious injury derived from linked data
Estimating crashes attributable to low and high level speeding: Melbourne compared with Perth and urban Queensland
Reducing trauma in the youth of Australia
Review of the impacts of road trauma: summary of report 140
Using statistical modelling to predict crash risks, injury outcomes and compensation costs in Victoria
Transport-related fatalities and injuries leading to hospitalisation in pre-school children
Time for a new public debate about the state of road safety
The social and economic cost of road related injury and death
Road trauma education: the impact of a patient presenter on the road safety attitudes of adolescents
Adolescent and young adult health in the Arab Region: where we are and what we must do
Adolescent dating violence in context
Adult attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, risky behaviors, and motorcycle injuries: a case-control study
Alcohol use, socioeconomic deprivation and ethnicity in older people
Antidepressant regulatory warnings, prescription patterns, suicidality and other aggressive behaviors in major depressive disorder and anxiety disorders
Activity based risk assessment and safety cost estimation for residential building construction projects
Association between substance use and the perpetration of family violence in industrialized countries: a systematic review
Association of different forms of bullying victimisation with adolescents' psychological distress and reduced emotional wellbeing
Associations between intimate partner violence, childcare practices and infant health: findings from demographic and health surveys in Bolivia, Colombia and Peru
Autohypnosis and trance dance in Bali
An autopsy case of abnormal behaviour induced by zolpidem
Brief report: Examining children's disruptive behavior in the wake of trauma - a two-piece growth curve model before and after a school shooting
Bully/victim profiles' differential risk for worsening peer acceptance: the role of friendship
Bullying victimisation and risk of psychotic phenomena: analyses of British national survey data
Bullying, victimisation, and psychosis
Car seat inspection among children older than 3 years: Using data to drive practice in child passenger safety
Cervical burns sequelae: epidemiological, clinical and therapeutic aspects in Morocco
"Chemsex" and harm reduction need among gay men in South London
Child maltreatment and neural systems underlying emotion regulation
Child sexual abuse, sexual anxiety, and sexual satisfaction: the role of self-capacities
Children's everyday lives shadowed by stalking: postseparation stalking narratives of Finnish children and women
Circumstances leading to intimate partner violence against women married as children: a qualitative study in urban slums of Lahore, Pakistan
Conflicting notions on violence and PTSD in the military: institutional and personal narratives of combat-related illness
Consequences of using self-protective behaviors in nonsexual assaults: the differential risk of completion and injury by victim sex
Development of the Japanese National Disaster Medical System and experiences during the Great East Japan Earthquake
Enhancing brain pregnenolone may protect cannabis intoxication but should not be considered as an anti-addiction therapeutic: hypothesizing dopaminergic blockade and promoting anti-reward
Epidemiology and patterns of musculoskeletal motorcycle injuries in the USA
Erratum to: Association between new indices in the locomotive syndrome risk test and decline in mobility: third survey of the ROAD study
Explaining risk for suicidal ideation in adolescent offspring of mothers with depression
Extended follow-up of neurological, cognitive, behavioral and academic outcomes after severe abusive head trauma
Factors affecting hurricane evacuation intentions
Falling from a height: psychiatric comorbidity and complications
Falling in love with romantic ideals: women in relationships with child molesters
Gender differences in alcohol use and risk drinking in Ontario ethnic groups
Graduated driver license compliant teens involved in fatal motor vehicle crashes
Hazard detection with a monocular bioptic telescope
Head injury from falls in children younger than 6 years of age
Heavy drinking and social and health factors in university students from 24 low, middle income and emerging economy countries
High rates of homicide in a rural South African population (2000-2008): findings from a population-based cohort study
Higher childhood peer reports of social preference mediates the impact of the on suicide attempt
Hospital-based violence prevention: progress and opportunities
Identifying knowledge activism in worker health and safety representation: A cluster analysis
Identifying peer effects using spatial analysis: the role of peers on risky sexual behavior
Impact of preseason concussion education on knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of high school athletes
Infants' unprovoked acts of force toward others
The influence of in-season training loads on injury risk in professional rugby union
The influence of posttraumatic stress disorder on treatment outcomes of patients with borderline personality disorder
Injury prevention in a self-learning health system
Internalizing disorders in adults with a history of childhood traumatic brain injury
An internationally comparative study of immigration and adolescent emotional and behavioral problems: effects of generation and gender
Levels of physical activity among adults 18-64 years old in 28 European countries
Masculine discrepancy stress, substance use, assault and injury in a survey of US men
Maxillofacial fractures in women and men: a 10-year retrospective study
Mental health status, aggression, and poor driving distinguish traffic offenders from non-offenders but health status predicts driving behavior in both groups
More complications after a fall from height in patients with a mental disorder
Nègènègèn: Sweet talk, disrespect, and abuse among rural auxiliary midwives in Mali
On the detrimental metabolic impact of short, disturbed and erratic sleep
Out-of-school time and adolescent substance use
Patterns of youth injury: a comparison across the northern territories and other parts of Canada
Polydrug use among nightclub patrons in a megacity: a latent class analysis
Popularity differentially predicts reactive and proactive aggression in early adolescence
Predicting adolescent dating violence perpetration: role of exposure to intimate partner violence and parenting practices
Predictors of binge drinking in elderly Americans
Predictors of sexual assault-specific prosocial bystander behavior and intentions: a prospective analysis
Prevalence and predictors of depression among type 2 diabetes mellitus outpatients in Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia
The prevalence of coworker conflict including bullying in a unionized U.S. public sector workforce
Prevalence of helmet use among motorcycle users in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
Prevalence of injury and associated factors among patients visiting the Emergency Departments of Amhara Regional State Referral Hospitals, Ethiopia: a cross-sectional study
Psychosocial correlates of alcohol use and heavy episodic drinking among Italian adolescents: data from the second International Self-Reported Delinquency study
Psychosocial well-being of adolescents before and after a 1-year telephone-based adiposity prevention study for families
The relationship between ethnic-racial socialization and adolescent substance use: an examination of social learning as a causal mechanism
Reporting on pediatric unintentional firearm injury-who's responsible
Restraint use in motor vehicle crash fatalities in children 0 year to 9 years old
Risk factors for persistent delinquent behavior among juveniles: a meta-analytic review
The role of values in attitudes towards violence: discrimination against Moroccans and Romanian Gypsies in Spain
Sadness impairs color perception
Sequential population study of the impact of earthquakes on the emotional and behavioural well-being of 4-year-olds in Canterbury, New Zealand
Sexual offenses among children in the north of Jordan: an exploratory study
Sirtuin regulation in aging and injury
Socioeconomic position during childhood and physical activity during adulthood: a systematic review
Strategizing safety: theoretical frameworks to understand women's decision making in the face of partner violence and social inequities
Systematic review of physical activity promotion by community health workers
Temporary sobriety initiatives as public pedagogy: windows of opportunity for embodied learning
Time for an Adolescent Health Surveillance System in Saudi Arabia: Findings From "Jeeluna"
Unaccompanied refugee minors' early life narratives of physical abuse from caregivers and teachers in their home countries
Understanding barriers for communicating injury prevention messages and strategies moving forward: perspectives from community stakeholders
Understanding research gaps and priorities for improving behavioral counseling interventions: lessons learned from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force
Young drivers' responses to anti-speeding advertisements: comparison of self-report and objective measures of persuasive processing and outcomes
Worried about us: evaluating an intervention for relationship-based anxiety
Violence against children in the Asia Pacific Region: the situation is becoming clearer
Violence against doctors: the class wars
When parents talk about college drinking: an examination of content, frequency, and associations with students' dangerous drinking
School bullying: a systematic review of contextual-level risk factors in observational studies
An adaptation of the Yesterday Method to correct for under-reporting of alcohol consumption and estimate compliance with Canadian low-risk drinking guidelines
Childhood physical maltreatment and young adult dating violence: a propensity matching approach
Civilian blast injuries: an underestimated problem? Results of a retrospective analysis of the TraumaRegister DGU®
The Concepts of Risk, Safety, and Security: Applications in Everyday Language
Domestic violence in patients and caregivers dyads in neurological diseases
Emerging data on the incidence of concussion in football practice at all levels of amateur play
Environmental health and safety hazards experienced by home health care providers: a room-by-room analysis
Epidemiological characteristics of work-related ocular trauma in southwest region of China
Exploring the athletic trainer's role in assisting student-athletes presenting with alcohol-related unintentional injuries
Firearm-related injury and death in the United States
Firearm-related injury and death in the United States
Exposure measurement in bicycle safety analysis: a review of the literature
Firearm-related injury and death in the United States
Firearm-related injury and death in the United States
Hospital-treated suicide attempts among Finnish fire setters: a follow-up study
Immediate behavioural responses to earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand, and Hitachi, Japan
Impact of adverse childhood experiences on intimate partner violence perpetration among Sri Lankan men
Impact of extreme heat events on emergency department visits in North Carolina (2007-2011)
Incidence and risk factors for intimate partner violence during the postpartum period
Longitudinal changes in prefrontal cortex activation underlie declines in adolescent risk taking
Longitudinal examination of peer and partner influences on gender-specific pathways from child abuse to adult crime
Media coverage of pediatric environmental health risks and its effects on mothers' protective behaviors
Longitudinal predictors of domestic violence perpetration and victimization: a systematic review
Understanding expertise in burglars: from pre-conscious scanning to action and beyond
Access to green space, physical activity and mental health: a twin study
Prevalence of sexual aggression among young people in Europe: a review of the evidence from 27 EU countries
The influence of school-based health centers on adolescents' youth risk behaviors
The role of sleep timing in children's observational learning
Age of entry into early childhood education and care as a predictor of aggression: faint and fading associations for young Norwegian children
Alcohol use-related problems among a rural Indian population of West Bengal: an application of the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT)
All physical activity may not be associated with a lower likelihood of adolescent smoking uptake
Childhood sexual abuse experiences and its associated factors among adolescent female high school students in Arbaminch town, Gammo Goffa zone, Southern Ethiopia: a mixed method study
Community-based global health program for maltreated children and adolescents in Brazil: the Equilibrium Program
Deviant patterns of methylphenidate use in adults: a Danish nationwide registry-based drug utilization study
Developmental trajectories of youth character: a five-wave longitudinal study of cub scouts and non-scout boys
Drowning in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and adolescents in Queensland (Australia)
Early intervention and identification strategies for young people at risk of developing mental health issues: working in partnership with schools in Birmingham, UK
Exposure to violence of secondary school children with visual impairment
Gender differences in mortality among treated opioid dependent patients
An intelligent system proposal for improving the safety and accessibility of public transit by highway
The interdependence of African American men's definitions of manhood and health
Iranian common attitude toward opium consumption
Knowledge and practice of Accredited Social Health Activists for maternal healthcare delivery in Delhi
Longitudinal, reciprocal effects of social skills and achievement from kindergarten to eighth grade
Mental health beliefs amongst Emirati female college students
Negative childhood experiences alter a prefrontal-insular-motor cortical network in healthy adults: a preliminary multimodal rsfMRI-fMRI-MRS-dMRI study
One size doesn't fit all: dating abuse against women from the perspective of South Asian Muslim youth in Canada
Orthopedic injuries and their treatment in children during earthquakes: a systematic review
Oklahoma Nurses Association 2005 House of Delegates resolution. Dangers of leaving children unattended in and around motor vehicles
Hyperthermia deaths in Finland in 1970-86
Mortality as a function of temperature: a study in Valencia, Spain, 1991-1993
Death from thermal effects and burns
The scope and trends of pediatric hospitalizations in Texas, 2004-2010
Global, regional, and national disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) for 306 diseases and injuries and healthy life expectancy (HALE) for 188 countries, 1990-2013: quantifying the epidemiological transition
Confronting youth unemployment in the 1980s: sorting out the issues and trends
Youth employment and education: federal programs from the New Deal through the 1970s
The economic consequences of experiencing parental marital disruptions
Morbidity burdens attributable to various illnesses and injuries in deployed (per Theater Medical Data Store [TMDS]) active and reserve component service members, U.S. Armed Forces, 2008-2014
Neighbourhood racial/ethnic composition and segregation and trajectories of cognitive decline among US older adults
Neurobehavioral perspectives on the distinction between fear and anxiety
Occupational position, work stress and depressive symptoms: a pathway analysis of longitudinal SHARE data
Organic illness and psychic puberty: an accumulation of trauma
Paranoid thinking, cognitive bias and dangerous neighbourhoods: implications for perception of threat and expectations of victimisation
Parent-child injury prevention conversations following a trip to the emergency department
Parents' perception of stroller use in young children: a qualitative study
Patients presenting with acute poisoning to an outpatient emergency clinic: a one-year observational study in Oslo, Norway
Pinpointing the sources of the Asian mortality advantage in the USA
Perceived current needs, psychological distress and functional impairment in a war-affected setting: a cross-sectional study in South Sudan
Perceived ethnic discrimination, acculturation, and psychological distress in women of Turkish origin in Germany
Perceiving emotions in human-human and human-animal interactions: hemodynamic prefrontal activity (fNIRS) and empathic concern
Political party affiliation, political ideology and mortality
Workplace health and safety issues among community nurses: a study regarding the impact on providing care to rural consumers
Why gender matters in the solution towards safe sanitation? Reflections from rural India
Predicting eating disturbances in Turkish adult females: examining the role of intimate partner violence and perfectionism
Predictors of outreach meetings among substance using homeless youth
Prevalence and correlates of suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts in people prescribed pharmaceutical opioids for chronic pain
Prevalence of children whose parents have a substance use disorder: findings from a Swedish general population survey
Prevalence of oral and maxillofacial trauma in elders admitted to a reference hospital in northeastern Brazil
Preventing child and adolescent anxiety disorders: overview of systematic reviews
Preventing non-communicable diseases through structural changes in urban environments
Psychometric properties of the Cyberbullying Test, a screening instrument to measure cybervictimization, cyberaggression, and cyberobservation
Psychosis, psychedelic substance misuse and head injury: a case report and 23 year follow-up
Queer youth in family therapy
Race, social and environmental conditions, and health behaviors in men
Reducing firearm-related harms
Reducing firearm-related harms
The relationship between alcohol consumption and menstrual cycle: a review of the literature
Relationships between community social capital and injury in Canadian adolescents: a multilevel analysis
Religion-related child maltreatment: a profile of cases encountered by legal and social service agencies
Religious discrimination and common mental disorders in England: a nationally representative population-based study
Risk behaviors among suburban women who use methamphetamine: social harms and social solutions
Risk factors for homicide victimization in post-genocide Rwanda: a population -based case- control study
Risk-taking behaviour in adolescents. 'Chance only favors the prepared mind'
Self-reported health among recently incarcerated mothers
Social responses to expressive suppression: the role of personality judgments
Socioeconomic inequalities in cause-specific mortality in 15 European cities
Structural housing elements associated with home injuries in children
Substance abuse and other adverse outcomes for military-connected youth in California: results from a large-scale normative population survey
Substance use and related problems among U.S. women who identify as mostly heterosexual
Substance use, bullying, and body image disturbances in adolescents and young adults under the prism of a 3D simulation program: validation of MySchool4web
A survey of residents' perceptions of the effect of large-scale economic developments on perceived safety, violence, and economic benefits
Synthetic cannabinoid abuse in adolescents: a case series
Tackling risky alcohol consumption in sport: a cluster randomised controlled trial of an alcohol management intervention with community football clubs
Teen dating violence victimization and patterns of substance use among high school students
Toking, vaping, and eating for health or fun: marijuana use patterns in adults, U.S., 2014
Trends in admission and death rates due to paediatric head injury in England, 2000-2011
Trends in inequalities in premature mortality: a study of 3.2 million deaths in 13 European countries
Unintentional fall-related mortality in the elderly: comparing patterns in two countries with different demographic structure
The use of psychoactive prescription drugs among DUI suspects
Using photovoice to examine community level barriers affecting maternal health in rural Wakiso district, Uganda
Utilization of observation units for the care of poisoned patients: trends from the Toxicology Investigators Consortium Case Registry
What it takes to get passed on: message content, style, and structure as predictors of retransmission in the Boston Marathon bombing response
A web-based early intervention can prevent long-term PTS reactions in children with high initial distress following accidental injury
Analysis of hospitalization occurred due to motorcycles accidents in São Paulo city
The association between alcohol outlet density and alcohol use among urban and regional Australian adolescents
Child abuse/neglect risk assessment under field practice conditions: tests of external and temporal validity and comparison with heart disease prediction
Civilian unemployment and mental health: the moderating impact of alcohol misuse in returning national guard
Collegiate women's soccer players suffer greater cumulative head impacts than their high school counterparts
Did you know that your cravings might be microbes controlling your mind?
Electrical burns: the trend and risk factors in the Ghanaian population
Epidemiological profile of extremity fractures in victims of motorcycle accidents
An evaluation of the current state of sexual and reproductive health and rights of women in Ghana
Environmental determinants of celeration behaviour
Incidence of mandibular fractures in Black Sea region of Turkey
Daytime sleepiness in men during early fatherhood: implications for work safety
Demographical, clinical, and psychological differences of patients who suffered hand injury accidentally and by punching glass
Epidemiological characteristics in suicidal adolescents seen in the Emergency Department
Estimation of the economic burden of injury in north India: a prospective cohort study
The epidemiology of incident fracture from cradle to senescence
Epidemiology of injuries in major league baseball catchers
Factors associated with protective eyewear use among cocoa farmers in Ghana
Impact of homicide and traffic crashes on life expectancy in the largest Latin American country
Injuries from methamphetamine-related chemical incidents - five states, 2001-2012
Injury assessment in three low-resource settings: a reference for worldwide estimates
Motorcycle-related traumatic brain injuries: helmet use and treatment outcome
Motorcycle-related hospitalization of adolescents in a Level I trauma center in southern Taiwan: a cross-sectional study
Neighbor influence on evacuation behavior in virtual and real environments
Out in the open: the consequences of intimate partner violence for victims in same-sex and opposite-sex relationships
Preparedness for natural disasters among older US adults: a nationwide survey
Prevalence and risk factors for violent behavior in young people presenting with first-episode psychosis in Hong Kong: a 3-year follow-up study
The prevalence of childhood victimization experienced outside of the family: findings from an English prevalence study
Middle school students' perceptions of safety: a mixed-methods study
A new paradigm for credibly administering placebo alcohol to underage drinkers
Non-suicidal self-injury and suicidality in trans people: a systematic review of the literature
Ophthalmologic findings in contact sport disciplines
Patterns of inhalant use among incarcerated youth
Physician exposure to violence: a study performed in Turkey
Risk assessment of oil and gas well drilling activities in Iran, case study: human factors
Screening for intimate partner and sexual violence in college women: missed opportunities
Suicide mortality trends in Galicia, Spain and their relationship with economic indicators
Women and mental health in India: an overview
Active transportation surveillance - United States, 1999-2012
An analysis of US emergency department visits from falls from skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, roller-skating, and using nonmotorized scooters
Bicycle trauma injuries and hospital admissions in the United States, 1998-2013
Brief in person interventions for adolescents and young adults following alcohol-related events in emergency care: a systematic review and European evidence synthesis
Burden of road traffic injuries in Nepal: results of a countrywide population-based survey
Association between maltreatment and polydrug use among adolescents
Associations between active commuting to school and health-related physical fitness in Spanish school-aged children: a cross-sectional study
Commentary: Does the Global Burden of Disease study substantially overestimate road traffic deaths in OECD countries?
Comparing violence against women with and without an addicted spouse in Kashan, Iran
Can economic assets increase girls' risk of sexual harassment? Evaluation results from a social, health and economic asset-building intervention for vulnerable adolescent girls in Uganda
'Changing the way we do child protection': the implementation of Signs of Safety® within the Western Australia Department for Child Protection and Family Support
The characteristics of help seeking among Palestinian adolescents following exposure to community violence
Child fatality in intercountry adoption: what media reports suggest about deaths of Russian children in the U.S.
Corrigendum to "Subjective well-being and perceptions of safety among Jewish and Arab children in Israel" [this journal 44c (2014) 100-107]
Cumulative jeopardy? A response to Brown and Ward
Cyberbullying perpetration and victimization among adolescents in Hong Kong
Development & maintenance of social support among aged out foster youth who received independent living services: results from the Multi-Site Evaluation of Foster Youth Programs
The effectiveness of creative bibliotherapy for internalizing, externalizing, and prosocial behaviors in children: a systematic review
Finding their Way: perceptions of risk, resilience, and positive youth development among adolescents and young adults from public housing neighborhoods
Help-seeking and help-offering for teen dating violence among acculturating Mexican American adolescents
Predictors of discipline severity among at-risk toddlers
Protective factors among Latino families involved with child welfare: a review of Spanish protective factor research on child maltreatment prevention in seven countries
Racial variations in the link between domestic violence and children's behavioral outcomes
Reliable and valid: a procedure for establishing item-level interrater reliability for child maltreatment risk and safety assessments
Risk and protective factors for problem behaviors among youth in residential care
The role of fathers in reducing dating violence victimization and sexual risk behaviors among a national sample of Black adolescents
Looked after children and offending: an exploration of risk, resilience and the role of social cognition
Out of home placement to promote safety? The prevalence of physical abuse in residential and foster care
Parental school involvement as a moderator of the association between peer victimization and academic performance
Perceptual difference of child neglect among Korean parents and children: implications for child welfare policy
The evolution of posttraumatic stress disorder following moderate to severe traumatic brain injury
Exposure to traumatic events and posttraumatic stress disorder in France: results from the WMH survey
Exploring genitoanal injury and HIV risk among women: menstrual phase, hormonal birth control, and injury frequency and prevalence
Alcohol and marijuana use and treatment nonadherence among medically vulnerable youth
Associations between parental deployment, relocation, and risky sexual behaviors among a clinic-based sample of military-dependent youth
Comorbid development of disruptive behaviors from age 1½ to 5 years in a population birth-cohort and association with school adjustment in first grade
Converging patterns of alcohol use and related outcomes among females and males in the United States, 2002 to 2012
Does unemployment affect child abuse rates? Evidence from New York State
Driving risk assessment using near-crash database through data mining of tree-based model
Dysregulation of the caregiving system in the context of maternal depression: the role of mistrust in the development and causation of abusive parenting behavior
Evaluation of the Vietnamese A6 Mortality Reporting System: all-cause mortality
Evidence for the Upward Spiral Stands Steady: A Response to Heathers, Brown, Coyne, and Friedman (2015)
Eye injuries among primary school children in Enugu, Nigeria: rural vs urban
The "Eyeballing" technique: an emerging and alerting trend of alcohol misuse
Family polyvictimization and elevated levels of addiction and psychopathology among parents in a Chinese household sample
Feasibility of alcohol misuse screening and treatment in the dental setting
Food insecurity and intimate partner violence against women: results from the California Women's Health Survey
Ocular trauma in a rural population of north China: the Handan Eye Study
Opioid prescriptions before and after high-energy trauma
Poor mental health status and aggression are associated with poor driving behavior among male traffic offenders
When everyday life becomes a storm on the horizon: families' experiences of good mental health while hiking in nature
Who Is afraid of volume 1181 of the New York Academy of Sciences? Under threat, the nuclear establishment plays dirty
We-ness and the cultivation of wisdom in couple therapy
Violence affects physical and mental health differently: the general population based Tromsø Study
Validating self-reported mobile phone use in adults using a newly developed smartphone application
Validation of a brief form of the Perceived Neighborhood Social Cohesion questionnaire
Use of the life table to compare mortality in ethnic groups in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Understanding the interplay between neighborhood structural factors, social processes, and alcohol outlets on child physical abuse
Unintentional injuries in preschool age children: is there a correlation with parenting style and parental attention deficit and hyperactivity symptoms
Traveling with children: beyond car seat safety
Trait psychopathy, emotional intelligence, and criminal thinking: predicting illegal behavior among college students
Time trends in bullying behavior in Italy
To tell or not to tell
Testosterone-cortisol interactions and risk-taking: a reply to Hayes et al
Sustaining a pediatric injury prevention program through educational curriculum dissemination
The temporal "pulse" of drinking: tracking 5 years of binge drinking in emerging adults
South African women's conceptualisations of and responses to sexual coercion in relation to hegemonic masculinities
Sports injuries and illnesses during the 2008 Olympic Games and 2013 China National Games in Shenyang Division
Statistical patterns in movie rating behavior
Stability of disruptive mood dysregulation disorder symptoms (irritable-angry mood and temper outbursts) throughout childhood and adolescence in a general population sample
Socio-demographic pattern of poisoning cases reported at Aarupadai Veedu Medical College and Hospital, Puducherry: a five years retrospective study
Soldiers with posttraumatic stress disorder see a world full of threat: magnetoencephalography reveals enhanced tuning to combat-related cues
Social norms and social influence
Sleep and need for recovery in shift workers: do chronotype and age matter?
Social desirability in intimate partner violence and relationship satisfaction reports: an exploratory analysis
Smart drugs and synthetic androgens for cognitive and physical enhancement: revolving doors of cosmetic neurology
Self-reported and observed seat belt use - a case study: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Setting the stage for social change: using live theater to dispel myths about intimate partner violence
Risky drug use and effects on sleep quality and daytime sleepiness
Rural and metropolitan pediatric burns in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory: does distance make a difference?
Risk factors measured during medical school for later hazardous drinking: a 10-year, longitudinal, nationwide study (NORDOC)
Risk for all-cause and traumatic death in head trauma subjects: a prospective population-based case-control follow-up study
Risk-taking on the road and in the mind: behavioural and neural patterns of decision making between risky and safe drivers
Risk of intimate partner violence and relationship conflict following couple-based HIV prevention counseling: results from the Harlem River Couples Project
Risky behaviours among university students in Italy
Resilience in young people living with violence and self-harm: evidence from a Norwegian national youth survey
Responding to heatwave intensity: Excess Heat Factor is a superior predictor of health service utilisation and a trigger for heatwave plans
Revictimization of violence suffered by those diagnosed with alcohol dependence in the general population
Randomized controlled trial of mailed personalized feedback for risky drinkers in the emergency department: the impact on alcohol consumption, alcohol-related injuries, and repeat emergency department presentations
Protocol for a randomised controlled trial of a web-based healthy relationship tool and safety decision aid for women experiencing domestic violence (I-DECIDE)
Prevalence of intimate partner violence disclosed during routine screening in a large general practice
Prevalence of sexual trauma history using behaviorally specific methods of assessment in first year college students
Prevalence of suicidal ideation and suicide attempts in the general population of China: a meta-analysis
Prevalence and factors associated with sex trading in the year prior to entering treatment for drug misuse in England
Death of an infant: coroners' inquests and the study of Victorian domestic practice
Altering risky decision making: influence of impulsivity on the neuromodulation of prefrontal cortex
The association between traumatic brain injury and ADHD in a Canadian adult sample
Autopsy audit of intentional burns inflicted by self or by others in North India-5 year snapshot
Dangerous words? An experimental investigation of the impact of detailed reporting about suicide on subsequent risk
Do fewer guns lead to less crime? Evidence from Australia
Drug use and involvement in risky driving styles in a sample of university students: the uniHcos project
Efficiency and accuracy of disease monitoring systems: application of capture-recapture methods to injury monitoring
Female juvenile sexual offenders: understanding who they are and possible steps that may prevent some girls from offending
Firearms fatalities in Berlin 2000-2009: retrospective medicolegal study
Frequency of injuries, in particular dental injuries, in ski jumping and Nordic combined
Personality traits predict brain activation and connectivity when witnessing a violent conflict
The phenomenology of non-aggressive antisocial behavior during childhood
National alert system to pick up early signs of abuse
Road traffic injuries in Catalonia (Spain): an approach using the minimum data set for acute-care hospitals and emergency resources
Safe storage and thefts of firearms in Sweden: an empirical study
A smartphone app to communicate child passenger safety: an application of theory to practice
Statutory restrictions on concealed carry: a five-circuit shoot-out
"Time for dabs": analyzing Twitter data on marijuana concentrates across the U.S
Debuts and legacies: the crime drop and the role of adolescence-limited and persistent offending
Editorial: crime patterns in time and space: the dynamics of crime opportunities in urban areas
Intra-week spatial-temporal patterns of crime
Spatio-temporal crime hotspots and the ambient population
A spatio-temporal model of homicide in El Salvador
Testing time-sensitive influences of weather on street robbery
Using basic neurobiological measures in criminological research
Help wanted: Studies of firearms injuries affecting children
Who will experience the most alcohol problems in college? The roles of middle and high school drinking tendencies
Working and living in Northern vs Southern Ontario is associated with the duration of compensated time off work: a retrospective cohort study
Weaknesses in executive functioning predict the initiating of adolescents' alcohol use
Varenicline and risk of psychiatric conditions, suicidal behaviour, criminal offending, and transport accidents and offences: population based cohort study
Variable-ratio matching with fine balance in a study of the Peer Health Exchange
Leading causes of death, prevalence of diseases and risk factors, and use of health services among Hispanics in the United States - 2009-2013
Behavioral economics of self-control failure
Behavioral health outcomes among adults: associations with individual and community-level economic conditions
Binge Drinking
Brief measures to screen for social anxiety in adolescents
Cannabinoids and schizophrenia: risks and therapeutic potential
Characterizing emotional dysfunction in borderline personality, major depression, and their co-occurrence
Labor productivity losses attributable to premature deaths due to traffic injuries between 2002 and 2012
Parental monitoring and family relations: associations with drinking patterns among male and female Mexican students
Patterns of time use among low-income urban minority adolescents and associations with academic outcomes and problem behaviors
Pediatric first aid practices in Ghana: a population-based survey
Physical training, smoking, and injury during deployment: a comparison of men and women in the US Army
Predictors of weekly alcohol drinking and alcohol-related problems in binge-drinking undergraduates
Prevalence of traumatic dental injuries and associated factors among preschool children in Amman, Jordan
Prevalence, correlates, and prospective predictors of non-suicidal self-injury among New Zealand adolescents: cross-sectional and longitudinal survey data
Prevalence and offense characteristics of multiple casualty homicides: are schools at higher risk than other locations?
Prevalence and risk factors of posttraumatic stress disorder among survivors five years after the "Wenchuan" earthquake in China
The prevalence of substance use and associated risk factors among university students in the City of Jahrom, Southern Iran
The accuracy of suicide statistics: are true suicide deaths misclassified?
Adult mental health consequences of peer bullying and maltreatment in childhood: two cohorts in two countries
Aging and spinal cord injury: external causes of injury and implications for prevention
Alcohol use in the Pacific region: results from the STEPwise approach to surveillance, Global School-Based Student Health Survey and Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System
All-cause and cause-specific mortality of different migrant populations in Europe
Applying Normal Accident Theory to radiation oncology: failures are normal but patient harm can be prevented
Assessing incidence and risk factors of cervical spine injury in blunt trauma patients using the National Trauma Data Bank
"Beaned": a 5-year analysis of baseball-related injuries of the face
Bullying risk in students with food allergy: schoolteachers' awareness
Child maltreatment among singletons and multiple births in Japan: a population-based study
Chronotype associations with depression and anxiety disorders in a large cohort study
City forensics: using visual elements to predict non-visual city attributes
"Coming out" as an alcoholic: how former problem drinkers negotiate disclosure of their nondrinking identity
Culture in the courtroom: ethnocentrism and juror decision-making
Detection and treatment of at-risk mental state for developing a first psychosis: making up the balance
Mental, neurological, and substance use problems among refugees in primary health care: analysis of the Health Information System in 90 refugee camps
Degree of extraversion and physiological responses to physical pain and sadness
Empathy in intimate relationships: the role of positive illusions
Escalate shamefully, de-escalate angrily or gratefully: the influence of discrete emotions on escalation of commitment
The mental health of unaccompanied refugee minors on arrival in the host country
The relevance of security: a latent domain of attachment relationships
Stereotypes of Norwegian social groups
Disease profiles of detainees in the Canton of Vaud in Switzerland: gender and age differences in substance abuse, mental health and chronic health conditions
Divergent marijuana trajectories among men: socioeconomic, relationship, and life satisfaction outcomes in the mid-30s
Drinking and mortality: long-term follow-up of drinking-discordant twin pairs
Drinking norms, readiness to change, and gender as moderators of a combined alcohol intervention for first-year college students
The economic downturn probably reduced violence far more than licensing restrictions
Emergency department evaluation of traumatic brain injury in the United States, 2009-2010
Epidemiological, clinical and therapeutic features of pediatric ocular injuries in an eye emergency unit in Île-de-France
Epidemiology of injuries caused by mammals treated in emergency departments in Marseille, France
Examining empathy and its association with aggression in young Western Cape children
Friends in low places: the impact of locations and companions on 21st birthday drinking
Heat protection behaviour in the UK: results of an online survey after the 2013 heatwave
Illicit drug use and harms, and related interventions and policy in Canada: a narrative review of select key indicators and developments since 2000
Impaired respiratory function and heightened pulmonary inflammation in episodic binge ethanol intoxication and burn injury
Incidence and causes of dental trauma in children living in the county of Värmland, Sweden
Injuries and traumatic psychological exposures associated with the South Napa Earthquake - California, 2014
Insomnia in the military: application and effectiveness of cognitive and pharmacologic therapies
Insomnia in workers with delayed recovery from mild traumatic brain injury
Interpersonal violence: quantifying the burden of injury in a South African trauma centre
Intimate partner violence and engagement in HIV care and treatment among women: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Intimate partner violence and physical health outcomes among Southeast Asian American women
Justification and indifference: diverse permissive attitudes toward witnessed violence against the elderly and disabled
Longitudinal impact of the Cyber Friendly Schools program on adolescents' cyberbullying behavior
Low resting heart rate as an unequivocal risk factor for both the perpetration of and exposure to violence
Media coverage of suicide: from the epidemiological observations to prevention avenues
Methylation of serotonin receptor 3A in ADHD, borderline personality, and bipolar disorders: link with severity of the disorders and childhood maltreatment
Mindfulness moderates the relationship between aggression and antisocial personality disorder traits: preliminary investigation with an offender sample
Multi-level risk factors and developmental assets associated with aggressive behavior in disadvantaged adolescents
Non-accidental trauma injury patterns and outcomes: a single institutional experience
Nurse against nurse: horizontal bullying in the nursing profession
Occupational hazards and diseases among workers in emergency services: a literature review with special emphasis on Chile
One-sided and mutually aggressive couples: Differences in attachment, conflict prevalence, and coping
Past 15-year trends in adolescent marijuana use: Differences by race/ethnicity and sex
Pediatric spine trauma in the United States - analysis of the HCUP Kid'S Inpatient Database (KID) 1997 - 2009
Prevalence of domestic violence among trauma patients
Proactive spatiotemporal resource allocation and predictive visual analytics for community policing and law enforcement
Protecting children from all forms of violence
Putting intimate partner violence on your radar
Radiation exposure in imaging of suspected child abuse: benefits versus risks
The ranger first responder program and tactical emergency casualty care implementation: a whole-community approach to reducing mortality from active violent incidents
Reducing the risks of firearm violence in high schools: principals' perceptions and practices
Relationship factors and condom use among women with a history of intimate partner violence
Relationships between maximum temperature and heat-related illness across North Carolina, USA
Retrospections on road traffic injuries as a social burden: the role of public health education initiatives in a developing country
Safety performance of traffic phases and phase transitions in three phase traffic theory
Some psychoanalytic reflections on the concept of dignity
Stress due to the work-life conflict: advices from applied research for coping it
Substance use disorders, psychiatric disorders, and mortality after release from prison: a nationwide longitudinal cohort study
Suicide, unemployment, and the effect of economic recession
Tackling psychosocial risk factors for adolescent cyberbullying: evidence from a school-based intervention
Temporal uncertainty analysis of human errors based on interrelationships among multiple factors: a case of Minuteman III missile accident
Thermal comfort in Quebec City, Canada: sensitivity analysis of the UTCI and other popular thermal comfort indices in a mid-latitude continental city
Traumatic life events and psychopathology in a high risk, ethnically diverse sample of young children: a person-centered approach
Trends in socioeconomic inequalities in motor vehicle accident deaths in the United States, 1995-2010
Unheard voices: African American fathers speak about their parenting practices
The use of kernel density estimation to examine associations between neighborhood destination intensity and walking and physical activity
Young adult sequelae of adolescent cannabis use: an integrative analysis
Who's at risk when the power goes out? The at-home electricity-dependent population in the United States, 2012
Women's position and attitudes towards female genital mutilation in Egypt: a secondary analysis of the Egypt demographic and health surveys, 1995-2014
Women's lived experiences of domestic violence during pregnancy
Using mental health outreach teams in the emergency department to improve engagement in treatment
Epidemiology of aquatic and recreational water sport injuries: a case-control analysis
Oztag: high risk for hand injuries?
Age of first exposure to football and later-life cognitive impairment in former NFL players
Bullying victimization and perpetration among adolescent sport teammates
Abnormal sleep duration is associated with a higher risk of accidental injury
Alcohol drinking behaviors and alcohol management policies under outsourcing work conditions: a qualitative study of construction workers in Taiwan
Bruising caused by traditional Chinese massage therapy (ba sha) complicating the assessment of a case of fatal child abuse
Causes of adult female deaths in Bangladesh: findings from two national surveys
Characteristics of fingertip injuries in children in Singapore
Circumstances preceding homicide-suicides involving child victims: a qualitative analysis
Do angry birds make for angry children? A meta-analysis of video game influences on children's and adolescents' aggression, mental health, prosocial behavior, and academic performance
Does promoting parents' negative attitudes to underage drinking reduce adolescents' drinking? The mediating process and moderators of the effects of the Örebro prevention program
Effects of explicit knowledge and predictability on auditory distraction and target performance
Family involvement in managing violence of mental health patients
Frequency, nature, and correlates of hate crime victimization experiences in an urban sample of lesbian, gay, and bisexual community members
HIV-testing rates and testing locations among women who have experienced intimate partner violence: data from the Centers for Disease Control Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, 2006
Impact of childhood adversities on specific symptom dimensions in first-episode psychosis
Improving Bayesian reasoning: the effects of phrasing, visualization, and spatial ability
Inequalities in total mortality and by cause of death according to the level of education in Navarra: findings from a longitudinal study from 2001 to 2008
Law enforcement officers' risk perceptions toward on-duty motor-vehicle events
Mobility exposure measures in serious road traffic injuries in Madrid, Spain
National cohort study of absolute risk and age-specific incidence of multiple adverse outcomes between adolescence and early middle age
Objective fall risk detection in stroke survivors using wearable sensor technology: a feasibility study
Results of traffic accidents in children in Czechoslovakia in 1988
Children and traffic accidents in 1987 in Czechoslovakia
Sequelae of traffic accidents in 15- to 24-year-old persons in Czechoslovakia 1987-1988
Traffic accidents under influence of alcohol in the Czech Republic
A population-based study on health-related quality of life among urban community residents in Shenyang, Northeast of China
A prospective pilot cohort analysis of crash characteristics and pattern of injuries in riders and pillion passengers involved in motorcycle crashes in an urban area in Cameroon: lessons for prevention
Public health effects of medical marijuana legalization in Colorado
The relationship between mild alcohol consumption and mortality in Koreans: a systematic review and meta-analysis
A reliability assessment of a direct-observation park evaluation tool: the Parks, Activity and Recreation among Kids (PARK) tool
Risky decision making from childhood through adulthood: contributions of learning and sensitivity to negative feedback
The role of rumination in posttraumatic stress disorder and posttraumatic growth among adolescents after the Wenchuan earthquake
Sex and employment-setting differences in work-family conflict in athletic training
Sleep, mood, and development in infants
Social norms about a health issue in work group networks
Smoking, posttraumatic stress disorder, and alcohol use disorders in a nationally representative sample of Australian men and women
Social support, posttraumatic cognitions, and PTSD: the influence of family, friends, and a close other in an interpersonal and non-interpersonal trauma group
Socioeconomic inequalities in non-communicable diseases and their risk factors: an overview of systematic reviews
Socioeconomic status and inattention: the role of the HPA-axis
State gun law environment and youth gun carrying in the United States
Subjective health of undocumented migrants in Germany - a mixed methods approach
Suicide mortality in Andalusia, Spain: geographical distribution and relationship with antidepressants, altitude and socioeconomic inequalities
A systematic review of physical illness, functional disability, and suicidal behaviour among older adults
Those harmed by others' drinking in the US population are more depressed and distressed
Traffic noise exposure affects telomere length in nestling house sparrows
Variation of gunshot injury patterns in mortality associated with human rights abuses and armed conflict: an exploratory study
Stigma, career worry, and mental illness symptomatology: factors influencing treatment-seeking for Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom soldiers and veterans
The vindication of Lamarck? Epigenetics at the intersection of law and mental health
What are the most fire-dangerous atmospheric circulations in the Eastern-Mediterranean? Analysis of the synoptic wildfire climatology
White coats for Black lives: medical students responding to racism and police brutality
Work-related eye injuries
The aging of the global population: the changing epidemiology of disease and spinal disorders
Comparative toxicity of tapentadol and tramadol utilizing data reported to the National Poison Data System
Assessing the implications of a structured decision-making tool for recidivism in a statewide analysis disposition matrix for court recommendations made by juvenile probation officers
Adolescent development and juvenile justice
Adolescent development and juvenile justice
Impact of childhood maltreatment on recidivism in youth offenders: a matched-control study
Job-related burnout among juvenile probation officers: implications for mental health stigma and competency
Juvenile justice, mental health, and the transition to adulthood: a review of service system involvement and unmet needs in the US
Perceptions and outcomes following teen court involvement
Police encounters in child and youth mental health: could stigma informed crisis intervention training (CIT) for parents help?
Principles in practice: a multistate study of gender-responsive reforms in the juvenile justice system
Race, gender, crime severity, and decision making in the juvenile justice system
Racial/ethnic disparities in boys' probability of arrest and court actions in 1980 and 2000: the disproportionate impact of "getting tough'' on crime
The relationship between male gang involvement and psychosocial risks for their female juvenile justice partners with non-gang involvement histories
Reunifying families after an out-of-home residential stay: evaluation of a blended intervention
A review of STI/HIV interventions for delinquent and detained juveniles: an application of the social-ecological framework
The significance of immigration for youth and their experiences with violence and juvenile justice (editorial)
Taking the blame for someone else's wrongdoing: the effects of age and reciprocity
Trauma and mental health problems in adolescent males: differences between childhood-onset and adolescent-onset offenders
The validity and clinical utility of the Massachusetts Youth Screening Instrument - version 2 (MAYSI-2) in the UK
Weight patterns of youth entering an urban juvenile justice facility
Young people's search for agency: making sense of their experiences and taking control
Choking during sleep: can it be expression of arousal disorder?
Companion cases in a large urban medical examiner's office
Contextual socioeconomic factors associated with childhood mortality in Nigeria: a multilevel analysis
Adolescents and the importance of parental supervision
Aggregated analysis of in-depth accident causation data
Alcohol and drug use in injured drivers - an emergency room study in a regional tertiary care centre of north west India
Alcohol exposure, injury, and death in trauma patients
Alcohol use and binge drinking among women of childbearing age - United States, 2011-2013
Alcoholism and regional strategy and collaboration
The association between weekly work hours, crew familiarity, and occupational injury and illness in emergency medical services workers
Borderline personality features in students: the predicting role of schema, emotion regulation, dissociative experience and suicidal ideation
Causes of death differ between elderly and adult falls
Chaos, Hubbub, and Order Scale and health risk behaviors in adolescents in Los Angeles
Coach expectations about off-field conduct and bystander intervention by U.S. college football players to prevent inappropriate sexual behavior
Comments on Hynes et al. Prevalence of marijuana use among university students in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2015, 12, 5233-5240
Comparing the US and Australian experience following a mass shooting
Coping expectancies, not enhancement expectancies, mediate trauma experience effects on problem alcohol use: a prospective study from early childhood to adolescence
Coping strategies for postpartum depression: a multi-centric study of 1626 women
Cultural beliefs about TBI in Botswana
Did the 18 drinking age promote high school dropout? Implications for current policy
Does the effect of walkable built environments vary by neighbourhood socioeconomic status?
Effects of emerging alcohol and marijuana use behaviors on adolescents' neuropsychological functioning over four years
The effects of military body armour on trunk and hip kinematics during performance of manual handling tasks
Emotion regulation after traumatic brain injury: distinct patterns of sympathetic activity during anger expression and recognition
Epidemiological patterns and risk factors of motorcycle injuries in Iran and Eastern Mediterranean Region countries: a systematic review
Epidemiology of addictive disorders and behaviors in Japan
The epidemiology of ADHD in first-year university students
Executive functions deficits after severe traumatic brain injury: the GREFEX Study
Fragility assessment in primary care: which tools for predicting what?
Gender differences in intimate partner homicides among ethnic sub-groups of Asians
Genetic and environmental predictors of alcohol use in Asian American young adults
Healthy life years in old age: Swedish development 1980-2010 according to different health indicators
How harmonious and obsessive passion for alcohol and marijuana relate to consumption and negative consequences
Identifying mechanisms that underlie links between COMT genotype and aggression in male adolescents with ADHD
Intimate partner violence among men with disabilities: the role of health care providers
Is readiness to change drinking related to reductions in alcohol use and consequences? A week-to-week analysis
Let us stop throwing out the baby with the bathwater: towards better analysis of longitudinal injury data
Like parent like child? The role of delayed childrearing in breaking the link between parent's offending and their children's antisocial behavior
Long-term suicide risk in no, one or more mental disorders: the Lundby Study 1947-1997
Mental problems and their socio-demographic determinants in young schoolchildren in Sweden, a country with high gender and income equality
A meta-analysis on the relation between peer victimization and adolescent non-suicidal self-injury
ERRATUM: Mitchell, Hamby, Turner, Shattuck, Jones. Weapon involvement in the victimization of children. Pediatrics. 2015;136(1):10-17
Mouthguard BITES (Behavior, Impulsivity, Theory Evaluation Study): what drives mouthguard use among high school basketball and baseball/softball athletes
Neighbourhood built environment associations with body size in adults: mediating effects of activity and sedentariness in a cross-sectional study of New Zealand adults
No evidence of association between Toxoplasma gondii infection and financial risk taking in females
Nothing happens by accident, or does it? A low prior for randomness does not explain belief in conspiracy theories
Opioid medication practices observed in chronic pain patients presenting for all-causes to emergency departments: prevalence and impact on health care outcomes
Parental supervision and alcohol abuse among adolescent girls
Personality disorders and violence: what is the link?
School-based intervention on healthy behaviour among Ecuadorian adolescents: effect of a cluster-randomized controlled trial on screen-time
Seat belt and mobile phone use among vehicle drivers in the city of Doha, Qatar: an observational study
A review of traffic safety status in Abu Dhabi city, UAE (2008-2013)
Risky driving among UK regular armed forces personnel: changes over time
Road traffic injuries in Kenya: a survey of commercial motorcycle drivers
Road traffic related injury research and informatics. New opportunities for biomedical and health informatics as a contribution to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals?
Pharmacological properties of law-evading chemical substances
Pharmaceutical quantities of yohimbine found in dietary supplements in the USA
Playability: built and social environment features that promote physical activity within children
Predictive Factors for Hospitalization of Patients with Heat Illness in Yamaguchi, Japan
Prevention of childhood poisoning in the home: overview of systematic reviews and a systematic review of primary studies
Police victimization among persons who inject drugs along the U.S.-Mexico Border
Sex, parental incarceration, and violence perpetration among a sample of young adults
Sexual assault resistance program lowers rape rate in university women
Should parents allow their adolescent children to drink at home? Family factors as predictors of alcohol involvement trajectories over 15 years
Social determinants of child abuse: evidence of factors associated with maternal abuse from the Egypt demographic and health survey
Trajectories of lifetime comorbid alcohol and other drug use disorders through midlife
Uninsured status may be more predictive of outcomes among the severely injured than minority race
Variations in suicide method and in suicide occurrence by season and day of the week in Russia and the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Northwestern Russia: a retrospective population-based mortality study
Views and expectations of community-dwelling Thai elderly in reporting falls to their primary care physicians: a mixed-methods study
Views of general practitioners on the frailty in elderly: a qualitative study
Crush injury by an elephant: life-saving prehospital care resulting in a good recovery
A demonstration project in New York and Virginia: retrofitting cost-effective roll-over protective structures (CROPS) on tractors
Depression in women in Indian context
Perceived best friend delinquency moderates the link between contextual risk factors and juvenile delinquency: moderating effects of best friend delinquency
Adolescents' perception of motivations and influences leading youngsters to commit criminal offences
Violent victimization among males and economic conditions: the vulnerability of race and ethnic minorities
Economic conditions and minority violence (editorial)
Getting the law involved: a quasi-experiment in early intervention involving collaboration between schools and the district attorney's office
Overview of: 'Getting the law involved a quasi-experiment in early intervention involving collaboration between schools and the district attorney's office'
Learning disability nursing in the criminal justice system: achieving justice for all: understanding need and enabling change for young people in the youth offending team and resolution and understanding for victims
Screening for learning disabilities in the criminal justice system: a review of existing measures for use within liaison and diversion services
Altering trajectories through community-based justice reinvestment
Detrimental for some? Heterogeneous effects of maternal incarceration on child wellbeing
Examining the "life course" of criminal cases: a new frontier in sentencing research
Family process perspective on the heterogeneous effects of maternal incarceration on child wellbeing; the trouble with differences
Focused deterrence and improved police-community relations: unpacking the proverbial "black box"
Focused deterrence and the promise of fair and effective policing
Is dangerousness a myth? Injuries and police encounters with people with mental illnesses
Is the impact of cumulative disadvantage on sentencing greater for Black defendants?
Most challenging of contexts: assessing the impact of focused deterrence on serious violence in New Orleans
"Packages" of risk: implications for determining the effect of maternal incarceration on child wellbeing
Police encounters with people with mental illness: use of force, injuries, and perceptions of dangerousness
Police use of force and the suspect with mental illness: a methodological conundrum
Promoting child wellbeing among children who experience maternal incarceration
Risk tells us who, but not what or how" empirical assessment of the complexity of criminogenic needs to inform correctional programming
Something that works in violent crime control: let the focused deterrence and pulling levers programs roll with eternal vigilance
Structured dispositional matrix for court recommendations made by juvenile probation officers
To shoot or not to shoot; gang decisions, decisions
With great methods come great responsibilities: social network analysis in the implementation and evaluation of gang programs
Decision-making for juvenile offenders in aftercare
Does permissive parenting relate to levels of delinquency? An examination of family management practices in low-income Black American families
Employers' perceptions on the disclosure of juvenile records
Evaluation of a program designed to promote positive police and youth interactions
Implications of self-reported levels of hope in Latino and Latina youth on probation
Meeting treatment needs: overall effectiveness and critical components of juvenile drug court/reclaiming futures programs
Personal and anticipated strain among youth: a longitudinal analysis of delinquency
The prevalence of adverse childhood experiences (ACE) in the lives of juvenile offenders
Substance use services for adolescents in juvenile correctional facilities: a national study
Truancy reduction and prevention: the impact of provider contact in intervention efficacy
Measurement of pedestrian's evasive behavior around a person walking with a trolley bag or baby stroller by quasi-experiment in an actual setting
Aggression norms in the classroom social network: contexts of aggressive behavior and social preference in middle childhood
Alcohol consumption and hazardous drinking in western Kenya-a household survey in a health and demographic surveillance site
Alcohol misuse in the United Kingdom Armed Forces: a longitudinal study
Alcohol use by Nepalese women: evidence from Non Communicable Disease Risk Factors STEPS Survey Nepal 2013
Are cellular phone blocking applications effective for novice teen drivers?
Assessing proximal risks for acute traumatic events: the case-crossover design
The association between intimate partner domestic violence and the food security status of poor families in Brazil
Association between unintentional injury during pregnancy and excess risk of preterm birth and its neonatal sequelae
Associations between measures of balance and lower-extremity muscle strength/power in healthy individuals across the lifespan: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Associations of adolescent cannabis use with academic performance and mental health: a longitudinal study of upper middle class youth
Building safety around children in families from refugee backgrounds: ensuring children's safety requires working in partnership with families and communities
Burns in Israel, comparative study: demographic, etiologic and clinical trends 1997-2003 vs. 2004-2010
Children's exposure to violence, crime, and abuse: an update
Additional post-concussion impact exposure may affect recovery in adolescent athletes
Addressing inequities in alcohol consumption and related harms
Adolescence as a sensitive period of brain development
Adolescent presentations with alcohol intoxication to the emergency department at Joondalup Health Campus in 2013
Adult daughters' descriptions of their mother-daughter relationship in the context of chronic conflict
Alcohol use disorder and heavy episodic drinking in rural communities in Cambodia: risk factors and community-perceived strategies
Alcohol use initiation is associated with changes in personality trait trajectories from early adolescence to young adulthood
Approaches used by parents to keep their children safe at home: a qualitative study to explore the perspectives of parents with children aged under five years
Beverage- and brand-specific binge alcohol consumption among underage youth in the United States
Burden of bullying: enduring effects of early victimisation on depression in adulthood
Childhood trauma and parental style: relationship with markers of inflammation, oxidative stress, and aggression in healthy and personality disordered subjects
Childhood trauma as a risk factor for psychosis: A sib-pair study
Co-ingestion of energy drinks with alcohol and other substances among a sample of people who regularly use ecstasy
Conceptualizing the neurobiology of non-suicidal self-injury from the perspective of the Research Domain Criteria Project
Correlates and predictors of loneliness in older-adults: a review of quantitative results informed by qualitative insights
Correlates of health-related quality of life in Thai patients with alcohol dependence
Cultural differences and shame in an expressive writing alcohol intervention
Engaging cultural resources to promote mental health in Dutch LSES neighborhoods: study of a community-based participatory media project
The enigma of 'harmful' alcohol consumption: evidence from a mixed methods study involving female drinkers in Scotland
Estimated lifetime medical and work-loss costs of emergency department-treated nonfatal injuries - United States, 2013
Estimated lifetime medical and work-loss costs of fatal injuries - United States, 2013
Evolution of individual versus social learning on social networks
Examining the locations of medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles
Fall from height: a case report
Firearm injury in the United States: an overview of an evolving public health problem
The functions of nonsuicidal self-injury: converging evidence for a two-factor structure
Human diffusion and city influence
Modeling the effect of operator and passenger characteristics on the fatality risk of motorcycle crashes
Mood dysregulation and affective instability in emerging adults with childhood maltreatment: an ecological momentary assessment study
Motor abilities of children and adolescents with a psychiatric condition: A systematic literature review
Multiplex networks in metropolitan areas: generic features and local effects
Music, empathy and cultural understanding
Narrative exposure therapy: a proposed model to address intimate partner violence-related PTSD in parenting and pregnant adolescents
No effect of unemployment on intimate partner-related femicide during the financial crisis: a longitudinal ecological study in Spain
Non-vehicular homicides masqueraded as road traffic accidents
NTDB data points: a hot mess: clothing-related burn injuries
The organization and control of an evolving interdependent population
Predicting risk of motor vehicle collisions in patients with glaucoma: a longitudinal study
Prevalence and etiology of midfacial fractures: a study of 799 cases
Promoting equity in the mental wellbeing of children and young people: a scoping review
Psychopathology during and after pregnancy
QuickStats: Percentage of Mental Illness-Related Physician Office Visits by Persons Aged ≥18 Years, by Physician Specialty and Region - United States, 2012
Racial differences in adherence and response to combined treatment for full and subthreshold post-traumatic stress disorder and alcohol use disorders: A secondary analysis
Racial matching and adolescent self-disclosure of substance use and mental health symptoms
Relational aggression, victimization and self-concept: testing pathways from middle childhood to adolescence
Relationships between caregiver violence exposure, caregiver depression, and youth behavioral health among homeless families
A retrospective analysis of ethnic and gender differences in alcohol consumption among emergency department patients: a cross-sectional study
Rural v metro: geographical differences in sports injury hospital admissions across Victoria
Sleep and agitation in nursing home residents with and without dementia
Socio-cultural context and bulling others in childhood
Sports injury surveillance systems: a review of methods and data quality
Study of psycho-social factors affecting traffic accidents among young boys in Tehran
Suicide attempts and completions in Veterans Affairs nursing home care units and long-term care facilities: a review of root-cause analysis reports
Tracking employment shocks using mobile phone data
Trajectories of alcohol use and consequences in college women with and without depressed mood
What do high school students say when they talk to their friends about substance use? Exploring the content of substance-use-specific communication with friends
Trauma and Chinese heroin users
Understanding differences in alcohol consumption and depressed mood between U.S.- and foreign-born Asian and Caucasian college students
Utilizing community and voluntary sector partnerships to survey and compare the health outcomes of hard-to- reach groups to the wider community-the EURO- URHIS 2 Hard-to-Reach Project
Violence in the eye of adolescents: education intervention with Culture Circles
Adolescent development of cortical and white matter structure in the NCANDA sample: role of sex, ethnicity, puberty, and alcohol drinking
A case of female hypersexuality and child abuse and a review
Case-control study of injury intervention for preschool children in Henggang, Shenzhen
Changing trends in hospitalization rates associated with psychosis: Spain, 1980-2009
Children's behavioral regulation and literacy: the impact of the first grade classroom environment
Cognitive impairment in fall-related studies in Parkinson's disease
Cohort effects of suicide mortality are sex specific in the rapidly developed Hong Kong Chinese population, 1976-2010
The comorbidity between bipolar disorder and ADHD in a young adult: a focus on impulsivity
Cooling suicide hotspots
Costs and benefits of children's physical and relational aggression trajectories on peer rejection, acceptance, and friendships: variations by aggression subtypes, gender, and age
Can violence cause eating disorders?
Data quality indicators for daily life chart methodology: prospective self-ratings of bipolar disorder and alcohol use
Deaths due to motorcycle accidents and their association with variables related to social reproduction in a northeastern Brazilian state
Determinant of road traffic crash fatalities in Iran: a longitudinal econometric analysis
Determinants of pediatric psychiatry length of stay in 2 urban emergency departments
Developmental relations between alcohol and aggressive behavior among adolescents: neighborhood and sociodemographic correlates
Developmental trajectories of adolescent cannabis use and their relationship to young adult social and behavioural adjustment: A longitudinal study of Australian youth
The difference between right and wrong: accuracy of older and younger adults' story recall
Do students use contextual protective behaviors to reduce alcohol-related sexual risk? Examination of a dual-process decision-making model
Dual use of VA and non-VA hospitals by Veterans with multiple hospitalizations
The effect of positive and negative feedback on risk-taking across different contexts
The effect of victims' responses to overt bullying on same-sex peer bystander reactions
The effects of being an only child, family cohesion, and family conflict on behavioral problems among adolescents with physically ill parents
The effects of exercising in different natural environments on psycho-physiological outcomes in post-menopausal women: a simulation study
Escalating risk and the moderating effect of resistance to peer influence on the P200 and feedback related negativity
Facebook displays as predictors of binge drinking: from the virtual to the visceral
Friendly fire and the sustained attention to response task
Health care issues for children and adolescents in foster care and kinship care
How to avoid having to run - hide - fight"
Identifying psychological and socio-economic factors affecting motorcycle helmet use
Identifying reverse malingering in the civilian occupational setting
Immigration as risk factor for non-suicidal self-injury and suicide attempts in adolescents in Germany
Iowa gambling task performance and executive function predict low-income urban preadolescents' risky behaviors
Level of and change in road traffic mortality in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico, 2000-2011
Lifetime co-occurrence of violence victimisation and symptoms of psychological ill health: a cross-sectional study of Swedish male and female clinical and population samples
Local health department engagement in community physical activity policy
Long-term mental health among low-income, minority women following exposure to multiple natural disasters in early and late adolescence compared to adulthood
A longitudinal evaluation of the Positive Action program in a low-income, racially diverse, rural county: effects on self-esteem, school hassles, aggression, and internalizing symptoms
Mapping activity patterns to quantify risk of violent assault in urban environments
Medications associated with falls in older people: systematic review of publications from a recent 5-year period
A multidimensional model of mothers' perceptions of parent alcohol socialization and adolescent alcohol misuse
Mental health screening among adolescents and young adults in the emergency department
Measurement of postmortem 1,5-anhydroglucitol in vitreous humor for forensic diagnosis
Naturalistic teenage driving study: findings and lessons learned
Neighborhood matters: divergent patterns of stress-induced plasticity across the brain
New challenges beyond nutrition: C-section, air pollution and domestic violence
One side of the story: examining newspaper coverage of workplace injury and fatality in Ontario, 2007-2012
An organizational analysis of road traffic crash prevention to explain the difficulties of a national program in a low income country
Out of touch? The shortcoming of New Zealand's amended Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act (2012) for the Rugby World Cup (2015)
Parallel processing of general and specific threat during early stages of perception
Poisoning among older people with dementia: a wake up call
A practical tool for public health surveillance: Semi-automated coding of short injury narratives from large administrative databases using Naïve Bayes algorithms
Predicting suicide intent: the roles of experiencing or committing violent acts
Premeditation moderates the relation between sensation seeking and risky substance use among young adults
Prevalence and distribution patterns of amphetamine and methamphetamine consumption in a federal state in southwestern Germany using wastewater analysis
Prevalence and influence factors of suicidal ideation among females and males in Northwestern urban China: a population-based epidemiological study
The prevalence of oro-facial barotrauma among scuba divers
Prevalence of sexual coercion and its association with unwanted pregnancies among young pregnant females in Kampala, Uganda: a facility based cross-sectional study
Prevalence of substance abuse among dormitory students of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran
A randomized controlled trial targeting alcohol use and sexual assault risk among college women at high risk for victimization
Rates of motorcycle helmet use and reasons for non-use among adults and children in Luang Prabang, Lao People's Democratic Republic
Reflections of a Fulbright-Nehru Scholar: The need for physician action in India's child maltreatment challenge: Physicians should seed and support social change to address India's child maltreatment crisis
Reframing NCDs and injuries for the poorest billion: a Lancet Commission
The relationship between burnout, PTSD symptoms and injuries in firefighters
Seafarer deaths at sea: a German mortality study
Seeing red: anger increases how much republican identification predicts partisan attitudes and perceived polarization
Sexual revictimization, PTSD, and problem drinking in sexual assault survivors
SHRP 2 naturalistic driving study: the first data analysis studies
Spotting psychopaths using technology
Suicide and attempted suicide: epidemiological surveillance as a crucial means of a local suicide prevention project in Trento's Province
Suicide in adolescence: attempt to cure a crisis, but also the fatal outcome of certain pathologies
Taxonomy to characterize occupational hazards (risk factors) at the workplace level
Toppled television sets and head injuries in the pediatric population: a framework for prevention
Texting at the light and other forms of device distraction behind the wheel
Traffic deaths before and after birth
Training community opinion leaders to raise awareness and promote early intervention for depressed Latino adolescents
Trends of potential years of life lost due to main causes of deaths in urban and rural population in Poland, 2002-2011
Understanding hikers who approached a hazardous river in Yosemite National Park
The urban environment and violence: moving towards a dynamic understanding of space
Young adult veteran perceptions of peers' drinking behavior and attitudes
Work with men to end violence against women: a critical stocktake
Traumatic events in childhood and their association with psychiatric illness in the adult
Using naturalistic driving data to examine drivers' seatbelt use behavior: Comparison between teens and adults
Universal school-based depression prevention 'Op Volle Kracht': a longitudinal cluster randomized controlled trial
Understanding sibling influence on adolescents' alcohol use: social and cognitive pathways
Suicidal risk from TADS study was higher than it first appeared
The community network: an Aboriginal community football club bringing people together. Who or what is making the assists to score social goals?
A comparison of the level of fear of death among students and nursing professionals in Mexico
Cooperation in the brain: neuroscientific contributions to theory and policy
Demographic, Behavioural and Normative Risk Factors for Gambling Problems Amongst Sports Bettors
Different relational models underlie prototypical left and right positions on social issues
The different effects of neighbourhood and individual social capital on health-compromising behaviours in women during pregnancy: a multi-level analysis
Development and initial psychometric examination of the home safety and beautification assessment in mothers referred to treatment by child welfare agents
Development and validation of a questionnaire to evaluate lifestyle-related behaviors in elementary school children
Does childhood bullying predict eating disorder symptoms? A prospective, longitudinal analysis
Does the presence and mix of destinations influence walking and physical activity?
Displays of dabbing marijuana extracts on YouTube
Drinking pattern during midlife and risk of developing depression during 28 years of follow-up: a prospective cohort study
Driving evaluation methods for able-bodied persons and individuals with lower extremity disabilities: a review of assessment modalities
Dual trajectories of reactive and proactive aggression from mid-childhood to early adolescence: relations to sensation seeking, risk taking, and moral reasoning
Education and training for major incidents through Medical Response to Major Incidents-MRMI course
The effectiveness of message framing and temporal context on college student alcohol use and problems: a selective e-mail intervention
The effect of temperature on arson incidence in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Effect of virtual reality games on stroke patients' balance, gait, depression, and interpersonal relationships
Effects of Communities That Care on males' and females' drug use and delinquency 9 years after baseline in a community-randomized trial
Effects of local extrinsic mortality rate, crime and sex ratio on preventable death in Northern Ireland
Facts speak louder than words: science versus the pseudoscience of PAS
Factors associated with indiscriminate friendliness in high-risk children
A facial expression of pax: Assessing children's "recognition" of emotion from faces
Fall-related injuries among Canadian seniors, 2005-2013: an analysis of the Canadian Community Health Survey
Fractured identity in the context of intimate partner violence: barriers to and opportunities for seeking help in health settings
Frequency of ICD-10 psychiatric diagnosis in children with intellectual disability in Lahore, Pakistan & Caregivers Perspective
Pooling data from fatality analysis reporting system (FARS) and generalized estimates system (GES) to explore the continuum of injury severity spectrum
Positive and negative metacognitions about alcohol use among university students: psychometric properties of the PAMS and NAMS French versions
Prevalence and trends in psychotropic medication use among US male veterans, 1999-2010
Prevalence of aggression in hospitalized patients with schizophrenia in China: a meta-analysis
Prevalence and predictors of psychoactive substance use among men in prisons
Primary Care Physicians' Knowledge And Attitudes Regarding Prescription Opioid Abuse and Diversion
Problem behaviour and traumatic dental injuries in adolescents
A time series analysis of alcohol-related presentations to emergency departments in Queensland following the increase in alcopops tax
Trajectories of suicidal ideation from sixth through tenth grades in predicting suicide attempts in young adulthood in an urban African American cohort
Tricycle injuries presenting to US emergency departments, 2012-2013
Triple whammy! Violent games and violent controllers: investigating the use of realistic gun controllers on perceptions of realism, immersion, and outcome aggression
The two ways of assessing heat-related mortality and vulnerability
A 10-year review of fatal community assault cases at a regional forensic pathology facility in Cape Town, South Africa
A 16-year-old boy with combined volatile and alcohol dependence: a case report
Adolescent neurodevelopment of cognitive control and risk-taking in negative family contexts
Alcohol consumption in college students from the pharmacy faculty
Anxiety and depression in facial injuries: a comparative study
Association between alcohol use among college students and alcohol outlet proximity and densities
Associations between parental rules, style of communication and children's screen time
Cannabis in France, new insights
Categorical perception of emotional facial expressions in alcohol-dependence
Characterizing effects of mild traumatic brain injury and posttraumatic stress disorder on balance impairments in blast-exposed servicemembers and Veterans using computerized posturography
Can the neighborhood built environment make a difference to children's development? Building the research agenda to create evidence for place-based children's policy
Comparing perceptual and preferential decision making
Correlates of opioid use in adults with self-reported drug use recruited from public safety-net primary care clinics
Crime and subjective well-being in the countries of the former Soviet Union
Epidemiology of acute spinal cord injuries in the Groote Schuur Hospital Acute Spinal Cord Injury (GSH ASCI) Unit, Cape Town, South Africa, over the past 11 years
The epidemiology of major incidents in the Western Cape Province, South Africa
Etiology and injury patterns of maxillofacial fractures from the years 2010 to 2013 in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany: A retrospective study of 409 patients
Factor structure and invariance test of the alcohol use disorder identification test (AUDIT): comparison and further validation in a U.S. and Philippines college student sample
Factors associated with the prevalence of adolescent binge drinking in the urban areas of Greater Manchester
Gender differentiations of some anthropological characteristics of karate players--cadets
The importance of identified cause-of-death information being available for public health surveillance, actions and research
Depression and psychosocial risk factors among community-dwelling older adults in Singapore
Drinking behavior among older adults in a planned retirement community: results from The Villages survey
Effects of dram shop, responsible beverage service training, and state alcohol control laws on underage drinking driver fatal crash ratios
Indicators of violence and asthma: an ecological study
The interactive effects of impulsivity and negative emotions on adolescent nonsuicidal self-injury: a latent growth curve analysis
Interpersonal violence as a major contributor towards the skewed burden of trauma in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Misconceptions about traumatic brain injury among U.S. Army behavioral health professionals
Moderating effects of gender on outcomes associated with stressful life events among elementary school-age youth
Polydrug use and its relationship with the familiar and social context amongst young college students
Prevalence of hazardous drinking among UK 18-35 year olds; the impact of a revision to the AUDIT cut score
A public mental health approach in humanitarian settings is worthy of consideration, with evidence
Reasons for child passenger nonrestraint in motor vehicles
A review of primary and secondary burn services in the Western Cape, South Africa
The risks and benefits of disclosing psychotherapy records to the legal system: what psychologists and patients need to know for informed consent
Safe Space: Gay Neighborhood History and the Politics of Violence by Hanhardt, C. B (Book Review)
Safety I and safety II: the past and future of safety management (Book review)
Sexual health issues in adolescents and young adults
Sexual violence against men who have sex with men and transgender women in mMongolia: a mixed-methods study of scope and consequences
Social contagion effects of physician-assisted suicide: commentary on "How does legalization of physician-assisted suicide affect rates of suicide?"
Spatio-temporal accident analysis for accident prevention in relation to behavioral factors in driving: The case of South Anatolian Motorway
Spirituality moderates hopelessness, depression, and suicidal behavior among Malaysian adolescents
Traumatic Brain Injury Data Bank
Tetrahydrocannabinol pharmacokinetics; new synthetic cannabinoids; road safety and cannabis
Survival strategies for tsunami of ICD-10-CM for interventionalists: pursue or perish!
Symptoms of anxiety and depression in school-aged children with active epilepsy: a population-based study
Teen drivers' perceptions of inattention and cell phone use while driving
Tailoring in risk communication by linking risk profiles and communication preferences: the case of speeding of young car drivers
Traumatic brain injury in Africa in 2050: a modeling study
Treatment outcomes for veterans with PTSD and substance use: impact of specific substances and achievement of abstinence
Ultimate concerns in late modernity: Archer, Bourdieu and reflexivity
Understanding the determinants of under-five child mortality in Uganda including the estimation of unobserved household and community effects using both frequentist and Bayesian survival analysis approaches
Validation of the Amsterdam Beverage Picture Set: a controlled picture set for cognitive bias measurement and modification paradigms
Validation of the HCR-20 scale for assessing risk of violent behavior in Israeli psychiatric inpatients
What are the differences in driver injury outcomes at highway-rail grade crossings? Untangling the role of pre-crash behaviors
Who receives cannabis use offers: a general population study of adolescents
Rapid gist perception of meaningful real-life scenes: exploring individual and gender differences in multiple categorization tasks
Comparing the functioning of youth and adult partnerships for health promotion
Depression, help-seeking and self-recognition of depression among Dominican, Ecuadorian and Colombian immigrant primary care patients in the Northeastern United States
The determinants of employee participation in occupational health and safety management
Genetic and environmental overlap between childhood maltreatment and adult physical health
Genetic factors underlying attention and impulsivity: mouse models of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
The global implications of bullying and other forms of maltreatment, in the context of migratory trends and psychiatric resources
The Great Recession and behavior problems in 9-year old children
How illegal drug use, alcohol use, tobacco use, and depressive symptoms affect adolescent suicidal ideation: a secondary analysis of the 2011 Youth Risk Behavior Survey
Impact of older adults' neighborhood perceptions on walking behavior
Incidence of Stingers in Young Rugby Players
Injuries in male professional football: a prospective comparison between individual and team-based exposure registration
The investigation of the impacts of major disasters, on the basis of the Van earthquake (October 23, 2011, Turkey), on the profile of the injuries due to occupational accidents
Intimate partner violence, childhood abuse, and in-law abuse among women utilizing community health services in Gujarat, India
Is the prevalence of ADHD in Turkish elementary school children really high?
Key issues in contemporary behavioral genetics
Key aspects of successful rehabilitation after repeated or serious driving offenses
Know what to do if you encounter a flash flood: mental models analysis for improving flash flood risk communication and public decision making
Licit and illicit substance use by adolescent e-cigarette users compared with conventional cigarette smokers, dual users, and nonusers
Looking beyond the screen: a critical review of the literature on the online child pornography offender
Validation of quasi-induced exposure representativeness assumption among young drivers
Urban air pollution, poverty, violence and health - neurological and immunological aspects as mediating factors
Urban lit and sexual risk behavior: a survey of African-American adolescent girls
Understanding gender differences in childhood injuries: examining longitudinal relations between parental reactions and boys' versus girls' injury-risk behaviors
Tactile pavement for guiding walking direction: an assessment of heading direction and gait stability
White fear, dehumanization, and low empathy: lethal combinations for shooting biases
Witnessed aspiration in trauma: frequent occurrence,rare morbidity-a prospective analysis
Why and how to promote adolescents' prosocial behaviors: direct, mediated and moderated effects of the CEPIDEA school-based program
Why can't i be more like my brother? The role and correlates of sibling social comparison orientation
Which children and young people are excluded from school? Findings from the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC)
Longer waiting times and higher mortality for older people with head injury: mapping of emergency prehospital and hospital management in Västerbotten.
Antenatal depression in coastal South India: prevalence and risk factors in the community
Assessing the feasibility of screening and providing brief advice for alcohol misuse in general dental practice: a clustered randomised control trial protocol for the DART study
Army active duty members' linkage to Veterans Health Administration services after deployments to Iraq or Afghanistan and following separation
Association between adolescent suicide and sociodemographic factors in Chile
The association between mental health and violence among a nationally representative sample of college students from the United States
Behavioral parent training in infancy: a window of opportunity for high-risk families
Brief motivational interventions to reduce excessive drinking, intimate partner violence fail to positively impact outcomes
Developmental patterns of adverse childhood experiences and current symptoms and impairment in youth referred for trauma-specific services
Domestic violence against women: representations of health professionals
Violent death rates and risk for released prisoners in North Carolina
Validation of the BRFSS sleep questions
Effects of physical and emotional child abuse and its chronicity on crime into adulthood
Elevation of serum aminotransferase levels and future risk of death from external causes: a prospective cohort study in Korea
Emerging psychopathology moderates upward social mobility: the intergenerational (dis)continuity of socioeconomic status
Measuring school climate: factor analysis and relations to emotional problems, conduct problems, and victimization in middle school students
Mechanisms of alcohol use disorder severity in adolescents with co-occurring depressive symptoms: findings from a school-based substance use intervention
Mental health service use among youth with mental health need: do school-based services make a difference for sexual minority youth?
The epidemiology of alcohol use and alcohol use disorders among young people in northern Tanzania
Exploring risk and protective factors for recent and past intimate partner violence against New Zealand women
Family planning to promote physical activity: a randomized controlled trial protocol
Female adolescent sexual and nonsexual violent offenders: a comparison of the prevalence and impact of risk and protective factors for general recidivism
Hansel and Gretel: a tale of terror
Hazards for women and children in rural settings
Health literacy among people with serious mental illness
Home invasion homicide offenders: an analysis of subsequent prison rule violations
Implications of the 2014 Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Report for Forensic Mental Health in the War on Terror
Incidence of concussion in patients with isolated mandible fractures
Learning to drink: how Chinese adolescents make decisions about the consumption (or not) of alcohol
Job loss, unemployment and the incidence of hazardous drinking during the late 2000s recession in Europe among adults aged 50-64 years
Married women's justification of intimate partner violence in Bangladesh: examining community norm and individual-level risk factors
Mental health surveillance and information systems
Mental health treatment among soldiers with current mental disorders in the Army Study to Assess Risk and Resilience in Service Members (Army STARRS)
Motivation for aggressive religious radicalization: goal regulation theory and a personality × threat × affordance hypothesis
No correlation between rates of suicidal ideation and completed suicides in Europe: analysis of 49,008 participants (55+ years) based on the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE)
Prevalence of sport injuries, sport participation and drop out due to injury in young adults
Take your mind off it: Coping style, serotonin transporter linked polymorphic region genotype (5-HTTLPR), and children's internalizing and externalizing problems
Triage, decision-making and follow-up of patients referred to a UK forensic service: validation of the DUNDRUM toolkit
Protective effect of Liuweidihuang Pills against cellphone electromagnetic radiation-induced histomorphological abnormality, oxidative injury, and cell apoptosis in rat testes
Death rates for teens aged 15-19 years, by sex - National Vital Statistics System, United States, 1999-2013
Radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation exposure inside the metro tube infrastructure in Warszawa
Re-examination of classic risk factors for suicidal behavior in the psychiatric population
Real men are made, not born! Incidental exposure to energy drinks may promote men's tolerance of physical pain
Religiosity and youth substance use in a Muslim context
Reward Processing in the Adolescent Brain: Individual Differences and Relation to Risk Taking
Risk factors for mortality of severe trauma based on 3 years' data at a single Korean institution
Sobriety treatment and recovery teams: implementation fidelity and related outcomes
Spatial spillover effects of a community action programme targeting on-licensed premises on violent assaults: evidence from a natural experiment
Stigma and parenting children conceived from sexual violence
Supporting the whole child through coordinated policies, processes, and practices
Accidents in equestrian sports : analysis of injury mechanisms and patterns
Assessing adverse experiences from infancy through early childhood in home visiting programs
Being the victim of violence during a date predicts next-day cannabis use among female college students
Brief report: Associations between self-reported paternal relationships, anger, alcohol, and intimate partner violence in a prison sample
Childhood symptoms of ADHD and impulsivity in abstinent heroin users
Clustering of sex and substance use behaviors in adolescence
Collective sexual violence in Bosnia and Sierra Leone: a comparative case study analysis
Correspondence analysis of association between types of unintentional injuries and influential factors among rural rear pupils
Course and progression of children admitted before 4 years of age in a French child welfare center
The course of major depression during imprisonment - a one year cohort study
Cumulative traumatization associated with pathological dissociation in acute psychiatric inpatients
Depression and violent crime: is there a relationship?
A descriptive analysis of prehospital response to hazardous materials events
Differences in fall injury hospitalization and related survival rates among older adults across age, sex, and areas of residence in Canada
Do consumers substitute opium for hashish? An economic analysis of simultaneous cannabinoid and opiate consumption in a legal regime
Domestic and sexual violence against women : implications of WHO guidelines for Germany
Economic development and road traffic fatalities in Russia: analysis of federal regions 2004-2011
Elevated blood ammonia level is a potential biological risk factor of behavioral disorders in prisoners
Empowering students to respond to alcohol advertisements: results from a pilot study of an Australian media literacy intervention
Enforcement uniquely predicts reductions in alcohol-impaired crash fatalities
The epidemiology of injuries in football at the London 2012 Paralympic Games
The epidemiology of injuries in powerlifting at the London 2012 Paralympic Games: an analysis of 1411 athlete-days
Exploring the public health impacts of private security guards on people who use drugs: a qualitative study
The Great East Japan Earthquake: risk factors for posttraumatic stress symptoms
Harsh environments, life history strategies, and adjustment: a longitudinal study of Oregon youth
Worldwide prevalence and trends in unintentional drug overdose: a systematic review of the literature
Worldwide prevalence and trends in unintentional drug overdose: a systematic review of the literature
Women drive better if not stereotyped
What happens when you tell someone you self-injure? The effects of disclosing NSSI to adults and peers
Evaluating the use of an electronic death registration system for mortality surveillance during and after hurricane Sandy: New York City, 2012
Marijuana use is associated with worse outcomes in symptom severity and violent behavior in patients with posttraumatic stress disorder
The mental health experiences and needs of methamphetamine users in Cape Town: a mixed methods study
Misuse of non-prescription codeine containing products: recommendations for detection and reduction of risk in community pharmacies
Mother-infant interaction in schizophrenia: transmitting risk or resilience? A systematic review of the literature
How school climate influences teachers' emotional exhaustion: the mediating role of emotional labor
The impact of fiscal austerity on suicide mortality: evidence across the 'Eurozone periphery'
The impact of low-threshold methadone maintenance treatment on mortality in a Canadian setting
The impact of therapists' words on the adolescent brain: in the context of addiction treatment
Interventions incorporating physical and cognitive elements to reduce falls risk in cognitively impaired older adults: a systematic review protocol
It's not my place: formative evaluation research to design a bystander intervention campaign
"Just make sure you can get up and parent the next day": understanding the contexts, risks, and rewards of alcohol consumption for parents
Longitudinal investigation of interpersonal trauma exposure and alcohol use trajectories
The male-female birth ratio in California and the 1992 april riots in Los Angeles
Neighborhood self-selection: the role of pre-move health factors on the built and socioeconomic environment
Observations: we need to stop drowning-a proposal for change in the evaluation process and the role of the clinical competency committee
Patterns and risk factors for deaths from external causes in rural Malawi over 10 years: a prospective population-based study
Patterns of health care usage in the year before suicide: a population-based case-control study
Pediatric bicycle-related head injuries: a population-based study in a county without a helmet law
Perceived social support and mental health problems among Pakistani university students
Political violence and adolescent out-group attitudes and prosocial behaviors: implications for positive inter-group relations
Predictors and consequences of prescription drug misuse during middle school
Surgery for children in low-income countries affected by humanitarian emergencies from 2008 to 2014: the Médecins Sans Frontières Operations Centre Brussels experience
Syndemics of depression, alcohol use, and victimisation, and their association with HIV-related sexual risk among men who have sex with men and transgender women in India
A systematic review of the impact of juvenile curfew laws on public health and justice outcomes
Ten years of suicide mortality in Australia: socio-economic and psychiatric factors in Queensland
Ten-year disease burden of acute poisonings in northeast Iran and estimations for national rates
Test-retest reliability of the scale of participation in organized activities among adolescents in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
"There are risks to be taken and some just push it too far": how farmers perceive quad-bike incident risk
The threat of snake and scorpion venoms
Trace lithium is inversely associated with male suicide after adjustment of climatic factors
Trends in child sexual abuse cases referred for forensic examination in Southern Denmark from 2000 to 2011: did the 'Tønder-case' have an impact?
Two dimensions of social anxiety disorder: a pilot study of the Questionnaire for Social Anxiety and Social Competence Deficits for Adolescents
Unintentional injuries in children with disabilities: a systematic review and meta-analysis
An unusual case of impalement injury
Prevalence of risk and protective factors associated with heat-related outcomes in Southern Quebec: a secondary analysis of the NuAge study
Problematic mobile phone use of Swiss adolescents: is it linked with mental health or behaviour?
Rising gasoline prices increase new motorcycle sales and fatalities
The role of men in abandonment of female genital mutilation: a systematic review
Rural and urban differences in adolescent alcohol use, alcohol supply, and parental drinking
Self-esteem and problematic drinking in China: a mediated model
Sleepiness and accidental risk
The dark side of men: the nature of masculinity and its uneasy relationship with male rape
Social background, bullying, and physical inactivity: national study of 11- to 15-year-olds
Soda consumption is associated with risk-taking behaviors in adolescents
Economic inequality is related to cross-national prevalence of psychotic symptoms
Early life adversity, genomic plasticity, and psychopathology
Moderation, mediation - or even both? School climate and the association between peer and adolescent alcohol use
The moderator effects of affective temperaments, childhood abuse and adult stressful life events on depressive symptoms in the nonclinical general adult population
Mortality due to traffic injuries and its impact on life expectancy: a comparison between Mexico and Spain
Mothers' management of adolescent peer relationships: associations with aggressive, prosocial, and playful behavior
National multi-cohort time trends in adolescent risk preference and the relation with substance use and problem behavior from 1976 to 2011
Near-infrared spectroscopy as a tool for driving research
Musculoskeletal trauma and all-cause mortality in India: a multicentre prospective cohort study
Multiple substance use patterns in adolescents-a multilevel latent class analysis
Neural substrates of risky decision making in individuals with Internet addiction
Neurobiological mechanisms of social attachment and pair bonding
Novel approaches to individual alcohol interventions for heavy drinking college students and young adults
Objective and subjective measures of neighborhood environment (NE): relationships with transportation physical activity among older persons
Physical fitness and injury reporting among active duty and National Guard/Reserve women: associations with risk and lifestyle factors
Prevalence of texting while driving and other risky driving behaviors among young people in Ontario, Canada: Evidence from 2012 and 2014
Proposal of an index for government measures to deal with domestic violence against children and adolescents
Psychiatric disorders and violent reoffending: a national cohort study of convicted prisoners in Sweden
Psychological evaluations for firearm ownership: legal foundations, practice considerations, and a conceptual framework
Reactions to ingroup and outgroup deviants: an experimental group paradigm for black sheep effect
Reflections on how a university binge drinking prevention initiative supports alcohol screening, brief intervention, and referral for student alcohol use
Regional variation in causes of injuries among terrorism victims for mass casualty events
Reframing the Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan: new communication and mobilization strategies for the Twitter generation
Regulating emotion and identity by narrating harm
Results of a cluster randomised controlled trial to reduce risky use of alcohol, alcohol-related HIV risks and improve help-seeking behaviour among safety and security employees in the Western Cape, South Africa
Revised Purple Book highlights ways to spot sexual abuse in children
Risk factors and social background associated with suicide in Japan: a review
Risk factors for violence against women by intimate partners in Sakarya, Turkey
Risk of rabies exposure among travellers
Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and violent crime: a cohort study
Separate dimensions of anxiety differentially predict alcohol use among male juvenile offenders
National teen driver safety week [USA] - October 18-24, 2015
The impact of gun ownership rates on crime rates: a methodological review of the evidence
Capital-punishment, gun ownership, and homicide
When children shoot children. 88 unintended deaths in California
Active smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke and their relationship to depressive symptoms in the Korea national health and nutrition examination survey (KNHANES)
Alcohol use amongst learners in rural high school in South Africa
The alleged "Ferguson effect" and police willingness to engage in community partnership
Armed conflicts, migration and public health
Assessing barriers to the use of fall protection in small residential construction companies in New Jersey
Assessing the effect of the Queensland "Summer of Disasters" on perceptions of collective efficacy
Assessment of the harmful psychiatric and behavioral effects of different forms of child maltreatment
Association between alcohol consumption and Korean young women's bone health: a cross sectional study from the 2008 to 2011 Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey
The association between youth violence exposure and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms in a sample of fifth-graders
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder symptoms and suicide ideation and attempts: findings from the Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey 2007
Bullied at school, bullied at work: a prospective study
Bullying by peers in childhood and effects on psychopathology, suicidality, and criminality in adulthood
But can someone like me do it? The importance of appropriate role modelling for safety behaviours in sports injury prevention
Cardiac injury after all-terrain vehicle accidents in 2 children and a review of the literature
Childhood cumulative risk exposure and adult amygdala volume and function
Children in nonparental care: health and social risks
Climatic and landscape influences on fire regimes from 1984 to 2010 in the western United States
A commentary on the "Functioning of three attentional networks and vigilance in primary insomnia"
Concurrent treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder and alcohol dependence: predictors and moderators of outcome
Connectivity, prison environment and mental health among first-time male inmates in Mexico City
Consequences of trauma and violence: impact on psychological well-being
Contextual determinants of childhood injury: a systematic review of studies with multilevel analytic methods
Controlled substance prescribing patterns - Prescription Behavior Surveillance System, eight states, 2013
Current status and prospects for improving decision making research in child protection: a commentary
Depressive symptoms as a cause and effect of job loss in men and women: evidence in the context of organisational downsizing from the Swedish Longitudinal Occupational Survey of Health
Design of study without drugs: a Surinamese school-based drug-prevention program for adolescents
Discrepant patterns of heavy drinking, marijuana use, and smoking and intimate partner violence: results from the California Community Health Study of Couples
Disentangling the association between child abuse and eating disorders: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Disentangling contributions of bar attendance, drinking, and other factors to elevated acute alcohol problems on the U.S.-Mexico border
Drug misuse in adolescents presenting to the emergency department
The cycle of violence: associations between exposure to violence, trauma-related symptoms and aggression-findings from Congolese refugees in Uganda
Creating auspicious conditions for positive youth development in communities of color
Eaton et al. respond: sexual orientation and presex alcohol drinking
The effects of racial heterogeneity on mental health: a study of detained youth across multiple counties
The effects of safety behavior directed towards a safety cue on perceptions of threat
El silencio: conceptualizations of Latina immigrant survivors of intimate partner violence in the midwest of the United States
Enhanced methodologies to enumerate persons experiencing homelessness in a large urban area
Evaluating the (cost-)effectiveness of guided and unguided Internet-based self-help for problematic alcohol use in employees - a three arm randomized controlled trial
Evaluation of community-level effects of Communities that Care on adolescent drug use and delinquency using a repeated cross-sectional design
Examining differences in culturally based stress among clinical and nonclinical Hispanic adolescents: CORRECTION
Exploration of online culture through network analysis of Wikipedia
Exploring the role of faith-based organizations in addressing adolescent relationship abuse
Expression and regulation of attachment-related emotions in children with conduct problems and callous-unemotional traits
Fatal work-related injuries: Southeastern United States, 2008-2011
Generalization of contextual fear in humans
Glass injuries seen in the emergency department of a South African district hospital
"I need to terminate this pregnancy even if it will take my life": a qualitative study of the effect of being denied legal abortion on women's lives in Nepal
Identifying psychiatric medications causing high numbers and rates of emergency department visits among US adults
Impact of the spread of mass education on married women's experience with domestic violence
Industrial accidents in China: risk reduction and response
Injury and medical expenditure in emergency department visits of older veterans
Intimate partner violence experienced by physicians: a review
Intoxications involving MDPV in Sweden during 2010-2014: results from the STRIDA project
Juvenile justice in India: balancing the age as a key to curb increasing crimes?
Lonely adolescents exhibit heightened sensitivity for facial cues of emotion
Long-term association between developmental assets and health behaviors: an exploratory study
Mandated college students' response to sequentially administered alcohol interventions in a randomized clinical trial using stepped care
Medical recognition of bullying and its related morbidity
The medico-legal aspects of road traffic deaths in children under 5 years of age
Mild traumatic brain injury and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in young student athletes
Never ever? Characteristics, outcomes and motivations of patients who abscond or escape: a 5-year review of escapes and absconds from two medium and low secure forensic units
Community-based mental health treatments for survivors of torture and militant attacks in Southern Iraq: a randomized control trial
Outcome and refractory factor of intensive treatment for geriatric traumatic brain injury: analysis of 1,165 cases registered in the Japan Neurotrauma Data Bank
Outpatient visits and medication prescribing for U.S. children with mental health conditions
Overgeneralized beliefs, accommodation, and treatment outcome in youth receiving trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy for childhood trauma
Patterns of local segregation: do they matter for neighborhood crime?
Patterns of pediatric mandible fractures in the United States
Pediatric research and child maltreatment: where have all the flowers gone?
Perceived discrimination, internalized stigma and psychological well-being of people with mental illness
Permanency and safety among children in foster family and kinship care: a scoping review
Personal standards for judging aggression by a relationship partner: how much aggression is too much?
Personality and substance use: psychometric evaluation and validation of the Substance Use Risk Profile Scale (SURPS) in English, Irish, French, and German adolescents
Worry and discrimination of threat and safety cues: an event-related potential investigation
Perspectives on sexual health and function of recent male combat veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan
Playfulness and interaction: an exploratory study of past and current exposure to domestic violence
Posttraumatic stress disorder symptom clusters and perpetration of intimate partner violence: findings from a U.S. nationally representative sample
Prevalence and correlates of intimate partner violence in HIV-positive women engaged in transactional sex in Mombasa, Kenya
Prevalence and predictors of unintended pregnancy among women: an analysis of the Canadian Maternity Experiences Survey
Psychiatric disorders and omega-3 fatty acids
The psychological effects of reporting extreme violence: a study of Kenyan journalists
Quality of public open spaces and recreational walking
Percentage of Children Aged 5-17 Years with Diagnosed Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), by Poverty Status and Sex - National Health Interview Survey, 2011-2014
Racism at the intersections: gender and socioeconomic differences in the experience of racism among African Americans
Depression, alcohol abuse, and alcoholism in one versus two parents and the implications for child attachment and self-regulation in infancy through adolescence
Outcome in women with traumatic brain injury admitted to a level 1 trauma center
Variation in the prevalence of domestic violence between neighboring areas
Regular presex drinking: the importance of considering sexual orientation
Relation of childhood sexual abuse, intimate partner violence, and depression to risk factors for HIV among black men who have sex with men in 6 U.S. cities
Relationship between sleep disorders, pain and quality of life in patients with rheumatoid arthritis
Reliability and validity of the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale in an emergency department in Saudi Arabia: a cross-sectional observational study
Risk factors for fall-related injuries leading to hospitalization among community-dwelling older persons: a hospital-based case-control study in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
Risk factors of internet addiction among internet users: an online questionnaire survey
Risk of fractures and falls during and after 5-α reductase inhibitor use: a nationwide cohort study
Sexual aggression victimization and perpetration among female and male university students in Poland
A six-year longitudinal study of self-harm and suicidal behaviors among Chinese adolescents in Hong Kong
Testing the predictive validity of the Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI) in relation to inmate misconduct and violence
Validity and reliability of Farsi version of Youth Sport Environment Questionnaire
Vital statistics: estimating injury mortality in Kigali, Rwanda
Violence prevention in childhood and adolescence - a brief overview
Victims and/or perpetrators? Towards an interdisciplinary dialogue on child soldiers
Validity and reliability of the Spanish version of the "Abuse Assessment Screen" among pregnant women
Stigma among survivors of sexual violence in Congo: scale development and psychometrics
Screening, brief intervention and referral of emergency department patients with unhealthy drug use: efficacious or not?
Sociodemographic risk factors of alcohol drinking in Hong Kong adolescents
Sources and components of stigma experienced by survivors of intimate partner violence
Steep increase in prescribed opioids in the Netherlands. Are we going the same way as the U.S.?
A systematic review of posttraumatic growth in survivors of interpersonal violence in adulthood
Systematic review of qualitative literature on occupational health and safety legislation and regulatory enforcement planning and implementation
Technology-enhanced stepped collaborative care targeting posttraumatic stress disorder and comorbidity after injury: a randomized controlled trial
To be or not to be (stressed): the critical role of a psychologically healthy workplace in effective stress management
Toxicology screening in paediatrics
Understanding burn injuries in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children: protocol for a prospective cohort study
Use of fall risk increasing drugs in residents of retirement villages: a pilot study of long term care and retirement home residents in Ontario, Canada
The complex interaction between home environment, socioeconomic status, maternal IQ and early child neurocognitive development: a multivariate analysis of data collected in a newborn cohort study
From ancient chinese medicine to a novel approach to treat cocaine addiction
Government data does not mean data governance: lessons learned from a public sector application audit
Exploitation, violence, and suicide risk among child and adolescent survivors of human trafficking in the Greater Mekong Subregion
Exploring domestic violence and social distress in Australian-Indian migrants through community theater
Examination of the suicide characteristics based on the scene investigation in Capital Budapest (2009-2011)
Examining the relationship between heavy alcohol use and assaults: with adjustment for the effects of unmeasured confounders
The experience of the child witness: legal and psychological issues
Examining the role of psychological distress in linking childhood maltreatment and alcohol use in young adulthood
Driver electronic device use in 2014: summary of statistical findings
Testing causal models of delinquency: a methodological critique
Accuracy of self-reported drug use among offenders: findings from the Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring-II Program
Community-based recovery and youth justice
Continuity, change, and contradictions: risk and agency in criminal careers to age 59
"Criminal thinking" a fixed or fluid process?
Differential susceptibility to parental sensitivity based on early-life temperament in the prediction of adolescent affective psychopathic personality traits
Differential treatment of female defendants: does criminal history moderate the effect of gender on sentence length in federal narcotics cases?
An examination of the predictive validity of the Structured Assessment of Risk and Need-Treatment Needs Analysis (SARN-TNA) in England and Wales
Examining the impact of peer group selection on self-reported delinquency: a consideration of active gene-environment correlation
Examining implementation of risk assessment in case management for youth in the justice system
Examining the joint impact of moderating and nonlinear peer effects on the sex gap in violent crime
A field study of a comprehensive violence risk assessment battery
Identifying overreporting in a correctional setting: utility of the MMPI-2 restructured form validity scales
Incorporating strengths into quantitative assessments of criminal risk for adult offenders: the service planning instrument
Is peer delinquency in the eye of the beholder? Assessing alternative operationalizations of perceptual peer delinquency
Lifelines desistance, social relations, and reciprocity
Looking beyond risk in paroling denying prisoners: a response to Assy and Menashe's "The catch-22 in Israel's parole law"
Narcissism, low self-control, and violence among a nationally representative sample
Parental low self-control, parental socialization, young adult low self-control, and offending: a retrospective study
The parolee-parole officer relationship as a mediator of criminal justice outcomes
Posttraumatic stress disorder increases risk of criminal recidivism among justice-involved persons with mental disorders
The predictive validity of the LS/CMI with aboriginal offenders in Canada
Victimization, offending, and perceived risk for early violent death
Anger, problematic alcohol use, and intimate partner violence victimisation and perpetration
Association of socio-economic position and suicide/attempted suicide in low and middle income countries in South and South-East Asia - a systematic review
Associations between adverse childhood experiences, high-risk behaviors, and morbidity in adulthood
AUDIT-C score and its association with risky behaviours among professional drivers
Brief report: Physical health of adolescent perpetrators of sibling aggression
Can authoritarianism lead to greater liking of out-groups? The intriguing case of Singapore
Clinical risk factors for death after release from prison in Washington State: a nested case control study
Commentary on Cherpitel et al. (2015): Improving global estimates of alcohol-attributable injury
Community resilience of civilians at war: a new perspective
Comparison of health behaviors among women brothel workers to those of the general population of women in Denmark
Conceptions about social violence and violence against women: community participatory diagnosis at Manchay, Lima
A critical review of horse-related risk: a research agenda for safer mounts, riders and equestrian cultures
Can we understand how developmental stress enhances performance under future threat with the Yerkes-Dodson law?
Data fusion for driver behaviour analysis
Declines in violence and police arrest among female sex workers in Karnataka state, south India, following a comprehensive HIV prevention programme
A descriptive study of farm-related injuries presenting to emergency departments in North Carolina: 2008-2012
Determinants of socioeconomic inequalities in traumatic dental injuries among urban Indian adolescents
Differences in adolescent physical fitness: a multivariate approach and meta-analysis
Development of the Seasonal Migrant Agricultural Worker Stress Scale in Sanliurfa, Southeast Turkey
Ecological momentary assessment of the association between exposure to alcohol advertising and early adolescents' beliefs about alcohol
Effects of an intervention with drinking chamomile tea on sleep quality and depression in sleep disturbed postnatal women: a randomized controlled trial
The effects of merit-based financial aid on drinking in college
The effects of sleep loss on capacity and effort
Endoplasmic reticulum stress and ethanol neurotoxicity
Environmental noise and sleep disturbances: a threat to health?
Epidemiology of search and rescue in Baxter State Park: dangers of descent and fatigue
Error-related processing in adult males with elevated psychopathic traits
Evaluation of a brief intervention to reduce the negative consequences of drug misuse among adult emergency department patients
Factors associated with sex work among at-risk female youth in Cambodia: a cross-sectional study
Father absence, childhood stress, and reproductive maturation in South Africa
fMRI investigation of response inhibition, emotion, impulsivity, and clinical high-risk behavior in adolescents
High school students' experiences in school toilets or restrooms
HIV and childhood sexual violence: implications for sexual risk behaviors and HIV testing in Tanzania
I like people who drink like me: perceived appeal as a function of drinking status
The impact of neighborhood disorganization on neighborhood exposure to violence, trauma symptoms, and social relationships among at-risk youth
Impaired perception of sincerity after severe traumatic brain injury
Incidence and causative agents of chemical eye injuries in Switzerland
Incidence rates and trend of serious farm-related injury in Minnesota, 2000-2011
Increased rates of mild traumatic brain injury among older adults in U.S. emergency departments, 2009-2010
Intact error monitoring in combat Veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder
Isolated pancreatic injuries: an analysis of 49 consecutive patients treated at a level 1 trauma centre
Longitudinal changes in mathematical abilities and white matter following paediatric mild traumatic brain injury
Men's violence against women and men are inter-related: recommendations for simultaneous intervention
Mental health and sexual activity according to ancient Greek physicians
Mentoring serial and high-risk perpetrators of intimate partner violence in the community: engagement and initiating change
Methylomic analysis of monozygotic twins discordant for childhood psychotic symptoms
Negotiating health and life: Syrian refugees and the politics of access in Lebanon
Non-suicidal self-injury and other self-directed violent behaviors in India: a review of definitions and research
Observation for isolated traumatic skull fractures in the pediatric population: unnecessary and costly
Occupational accidents with agricultural machinery in Austria
Overlaps between frailty and sarcopenia definitions
Oxytocin, vasopressin, and the motivational forces that drive social behaviors
Post-earthquake Nepal: the way forward
Potential impact of a validated screening tool for pediatric abusive head trauma
Predictors of sustained prescription opioid use after admission for trauma in adolescents
The prevalence and incidence of musculoskeletal symptoms experienced by flautists
Preventing gender-based violence engendered by conflict: the case of Côte d'Ivoire
Prevention of drink driving at academic festivals: "Tú decides" project
Project WINGS (Women Initiating New Goals of Safety): a randomised controlled trial of a screening, brief intervention and referral to treatment (SBIRT) service to identify and address intimate partner violence victimisation among substance-using women receiving community supervision
Promotion of Latina health: intersectionality of IPV and risk for HIV/AIDS
Psychological morbidity among young adults attending primary care: a retrospective study
Reasons for acute psychiatric admission of patients with dementia
Reciprocal relationships over time between descriptive norms and alcohol use in young adult sexual minority women
The relationship between future time perspective, self-efficacy and risky sexual behaviour in the Black youth of central South Africa
Risk factors for agricultural injury: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Violence and women's health
Social norms theory and concussion education
South asian immigrant men and women and conceptions of partner violence
Stalking victimization, labeling, and reporting: findings from the NCVS Stalking Victimization Supplement
Structural determinants of youth bullying and fighting in 79 countries
The validity of truant youths' marijuana use and its impact on alcohol use and sexual risk taking
A systematic review on the effectiveness of brief interventions for alcohol misuse among adults in emergency departments
Trait rejection sensitivity is associated with vigilance and defensive response rather than detection of social rejection cues
Traumatic brain injury epidemiology in Brazil
Traumatic dental injuries among 12- and 15-year-old adolescents in Georgia: results of the pathfinder study
Trauma center variation in the management of pediatric patients with blunt abdominal solid organ injury: a National Trauma Data Bank analysis
Undocumented status as a social determinant of occupational safety and health: The workers' perspective
Predicting recidivism among juvenile delinquents: comparison of risk factors for male and female offenders
How do parents and guardians of adolescents in the juvenile justice system handle adolescent sexual health?
How to help me get out of a gang: youth recommendations to family, school, community, and law enforcement systems
Modifying dialectical behavior therapy for incarcerated female youth: a pilot study
Rural youth crime: a reexamination of social disorganization theory's applicability to rural areas
Social distance between minority youth and the police: an exploratory analysis of the TAPS Academy
The impact of child protective service history on reoffending in a New Mexico juvenile justice population
Standards for psychology services in jails, prisons, correctional facilities, and agencies: International Association for Correctional and Forensic Psychology (formerly American Association for Correctional Psychology)
Coming out to play: reasons to join and participate in Asian gangs
An interview with Richard Cloward
Predictors of the severity of the gang problem at the local level: an analysis of police perceptions
Preliminary findings from the 1992 Law Enforcement Mail Questionnaire Project
Asian gang problems and social policy solutions: a discussion and review
Fraud masters: Studying an illusory, non-violent gang specializing in credit card crimes
The legacy of street corner society and gang research in the 1990s: an interview with William F. Whyte
When the Crips invaded San Francisco -- gang migration
Do gang prevention strategies actually reduce crime?
The American 'juvenile underclass' and the cultural colonisation of young Australians under conditions of modernity
The effects of gangs on student performance and delinquency in public schools
Youth gang intervention and prevention in Texas: evaluating community mobilization training
Correlates of Hispanic female gang membership
Golden parachutes and gangbanging: Taiwanese gangs in suburban Southern California
The impact of gang membership on mental health symptoms, behavior problems and antisocial criminality of incarcerated young men
Alcohol and mortality after moderate to severe traumatic brain injury: a meta-analysis of observational studies
Alcohol, drug and other prior crimes and risk of arrest in handgun purchasers: protocol for a controlled observational study
Association of intimate partner violence (IPV) and healthcare provider-identified obesity
Atrial fibrillation, CHA2DS2-VASc score, antithrombotics and risk of non-traffic-, non-cancer-related bone fractures: a population-based cohort study
Binge drinking and risk taking behavior among adolescent females in Israel
Females and emotional/behavioral disorders and delinquency
Military-trained gang members - two different perspectives
An empirical evaluation of the Project B.U.I.L.D. gang intervention program
A comparison of gang and non-gang involved adult probationers in California's agricultural heartland
The Brazilian 'Cracolândia' open drug scene and the challenge of implementing a comprehensive and effective drug policy
Caregiver expressed emotion and psychiatric symptoms in African-Americans with schizophrenia: an attempt to understand the paradoxical relationship
The cause and consequence of mental health problems among at-risk youth
Changes in active commuting to school in Czech adolescents in different types of built environment across a 10-year period
Changing body structure components and motor skills in Military High School students within one year
Childhood trauma and neighborhood-level crime interact in predicting adult posttraumatic stress and major depression symptoms
Childhood Adversities and Educational Attainment in Young Adulthood: The Role of Mental Health Problems in Adolescence
Denial of risk: the effects of positive impression management on risk assessments for psychopathic and nonpsychopathic offenders
Differential Intrinsic Coupling Modes in Psychological and Physical Trauma
Differentiating between attachment styles and behaviors and their association with marital quality
Direct and indirect effects of alcohol expectancies through drinking motives on alcohol outcomes among students in Vietnam
Does drinking to cope explain links between emotion-driven impulse control difficulties and hazardous drinking? A longitudinal test
Does Prison Crowding Predict Higher Rates of Substance Use Related Parole Violations? A Recurrent Events Multi-Level Survival Analysis
Airline safety improvement through experience with near-misses: a cautionary tale
Anger and disaster management
Antipsychotic prescribing for behavioral disorders in US youth: physician specialty, insurance coverage, and complex regimens
Are drinking motives associated with sexual "hookups" among college student drinkers?
The Association Between Physical Activity, Mental Status, and Social and Family Support with Five Major Non-Communicable Chronic Diseases Among Elderly People: A Cross-Sectional Study of a Rural Population in Southern China
A balancing act: integrating evidence-based knowledge and cultural relevance in a program of prevention parenting research with Latino/a immigrants
Brain arousal regulation in carriers of bipolar disorder risk alleles
Caregiver insightfulness and young children's violence exposure: testing a relational model of risk and resilience
Child passengers and driver culpability in fatal crashes by driver gender
Clinical and psychosocial profiles of Asian immigrants who repeatedly attempt suicide
Communicating consequences with costs: a commentary on Corso et al's cost of injury
Correlates and consequences of suicidal cognitions and behaviors in children ages 3 to 7 years
Crash risk perception of sleepy driving and its comparisons with drink driving and speeding: which behavior is perceived as the riskiest?
Differential genetic and environmental influences on developmental trajectories of antisocial behavior from adolescence to young adulthood
Effect of first aid education on first aid knowledge and skills of commercial drivers in south west Nigeria
Epidemiology of meniscal injuries in US high school athletes between 2007 and 2013
Examining enjoyment of casual videogames
Examining the relationship between mental, physical, and organizational factors associated with attrition during maritime forces training
Exploratory multinomial logit model-based driver injury severity analyses for teenage and adult drivers in intersection-related crashes
Exploring risk profiles and emergency frequency of purchasers and non-purchasers of personal emergency alarms: a prospective cohort study
Fostering emotional, social, physical and educational wellbeing in rural India: the methods of a multi-arm randomized controlled trial of Girls First
The influence of drinking based on data from health check-up
The interaction between obstructive sleep apnea and Parkinson's disease: possible mechanisms and implications for cognitive function
The latent structure of alcohol misuse in young adults: do taxometric results differ as a function of prior criminal history?
Legal changes to increase access to naloxone for opioid overdose reversal in the United States
Level of response to alcohol as a factor for targeted prevention in college students
Long-term mortality of patients surviving firearm violence
Maternal factors and the emotional and behavioural functioning of adolescents with chronic health conditions
Assessing global risk factors for non-fatal injuries from road traffic accidents and falls in adults aged 35-70 years in 17 countries: a cross-sectional analysis of the Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiological (PURE) study
Cause-specific mortality for 240 causes in China during 1990-2013: a systematic subnational analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2013
Comparing parent and teacher assessments of mental health in elementary school children
Comparison of patient and caregiver perception of pain from commonly performed accident and emergency services procedures
Correlates of intimate partner violence against women during a time of rapid social transition in Rwanda: analysis of the 2005 and 2010 demographic and health surveys
Dentofacial trauma and players' attitude towards mouthguard use in field hockey: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Depressive symptoms and behavior-related risk factors, Italian population-based surveillance system, 2013
Determinants of childhood morbidity in Bangladesh: evidence from the Demographic and Health Survey 2011
Development and validation of a self-administered questionnaire to estimate the distance and mode of children's travel to school in urban India
Early puberty, school context, and delinquency among South Korean girls
The effect of early menarche on the sexual behaviors of Korean female adolescents
Epidemiologic properties of pediatric fractures in a metropolitan area of Turkey
Epidemiology of alcohol poisoning and its outcome in the north-west of Iran
The epidemiology of traumatic event exposure worldwide: results from the World Mental Health Survey Consortium
Fall risk factors and sex differences among community-dwelling elderly individuals in Japan A Kameoka study
Focusing on the environment to improve youth participation: experiences and perspectives of occupational therapists
The hidden price and possible benefit of repeated traumatic exposure
Incidence of and predictors for early return visits to the emergency department: a population-based survey
Independent predictive factors of hospitalization in a north-west burn center of Iran: an epidemiologic study
Infantile apparent life-threatening events, an educational review
Prenatal arsenic exposure and drowning among children in Bangladesh
Prevalence of bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment in surgery in Australasia
Psychological aspects of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: a systematic review
Research and the health of indigenous populations in low- and middle-income countries
To cause harm and to be harmed by others: new perspectives on alcohol's harms to others
Under-5 mortality in 2851 Chinese counties, 1996-2012: a subnational assessment of achieving MDG 4 goals in China
Violence at school and the health of students
Violent fantasies in young men with autism spectrum disorders: dangerous or miserable misfits? Duty to protect whom?
Physical training, fitness, and injuries: lessons learned from military studies
Physiological readiness and resilience: pillars of military preparedness
Policing the epidemic: high burden of workplace violence among female sex workers in conflict-affected northern Uganda
Predicting on-road driving performance and safety in cognitively impaired older adults
Predictive performance of four frailty measures in an older Australian population
Premature mortality among adults with schizophrenia in the United States
Preparing the field for feasibility testing of a parenting intervention for war-affected mothers in northern Uganda
Prescription opioids, abuse and public health in Canada: is fentanyl the new centre of the opioid crisis?
Prevalence and characteristics of road traffic injuries among young drivers in Oman, 2009-2011
Prevalence and factors associated with severe physical intimate partner violence among U.S. Black women: a comparison of African American and Caribbean Blacks
Prevalence of vestibular dysfunction and associated factors in South Korea
Preventing newborn falls while supporting family bonding
Rationality in human movement
Restraint use in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
The risk of fall and fracture with the initiation of a prostate-selective α antagonist: a population based cohort study
The role of structural and interpersonal violence in the lives of women: a conceptual shift in prevention of gender-based violence
Safety performance evaluation of cable median barriers on freeways in Florida
School nurses' experiences in dealing with bullying situations among students
Sexual violence, weight perception, and eating disorder indicators in college females
Skill-based changes in motor performance from attentional focus manipulations: a kinematic analysis
Sleep environments of children in an urban U.S. setting exposed to interpersonal violence
Substance abuse and maxillofacial injuries
Substance use and sexual behaviors of adolescents in multicultural families in Korea
Substance use disorder and risk of suicidal ideation, suicide attempt and suicide death: a meta-analysis
Suction entrapment of an upper limb in a swimming pool
Suicides in visually impaired persons: a nation-wide register-linked study from Finland based on thirty years of data
Summary of notifiable noninfectious conditions and disease outbreaks: acute occupational pesticide-related illness and injury - United States, 2007-2010
Temporal trends in mortality in the United States, 1969-2013
U.S. Army research on pharmacological enhancement of soldier performance: stimulants, anabolic hormones, and blood doping
Validation of a brief screening tool for alcohol-related neuropsychological impairments
What are school leavers' priorities for festival preparation?
WITHDRAWN: Domestic violence screening and intervention programmes for adults with dental or facial injury
Who cares? Pre and post abortion experiences among young females in Cape Coast Metropolis, Ghana
When mothering goes awry: challenges and opportunities for utilizing evidence across rodent, nonhuman primate and human studies to better define the biological consequences of negative early caregiving
'Drinking with respect': drinking constructions of men who live in a Cape Winelands farm community in South Africa
Driving skills in unmedicated first- and recurrent-episode schizophrenic patients
Drug abuse scientists should use social media to engage the public because their primary translational product is information
An ecological study on the association between characteristics of hospital units and the risk of occupational injuries and adverse events on the example of an Italian teaching hospital
The effects of cell phone and text message conversations on simulated street crossing
Effects of the MAOA gene and levels of exposure to violence on antisocial outcomes
The effects of the Moms and Teens for Safe Dates Program on dating abuse: a conditional process analysis
The effects of narrative versus non-narrative information in school health education about alcohol drinking for low educated adolescents
Epigenetics and child abuse: modern-day Darwinism - the miraculous ability of the human genome to adapt, and then adapt again
Evaluation of death cases connected to electric current in Aydin Province, Western Turkey
Experiences of domestic and school violence among child and adolescent psychiatric outpatients
Explicative factors of face-to-face harassment and cyberbullying in a sample of primary students
Family and community driven response to intimate partner violence in post-conflict settings
Gender and cultural effects on perception of psychological violence in the partner
Gender and other factors associated with the use of hearing protection devices at work
Hand amputations: epidemiology, management and resurfacing options for soft tissue coverage
The impact of intimate partner violence (IPV) on parenting by mothers within an ethnically diverse population in the Netherlands
Incidence and course of adolescent deliberate self-harm in Victoria, Australia, and Washington State
Incidence, characteristics and long-term follow-up of sternoclavicular injuries - an epidemiological analysis of 92 cases
Influence of preparation and football skill level on injury incidence during an amateur football tournament
Intimate partner violence and anxiety disorders in pregnancy: the importance of vocational training of the nursing staff in facing them
Impaired social decision-making mediates the association between ADHD and social problems
Isolated blunt severe traumatic brain injury in Bern, Switzerland, and the USA: a matched cohort study
"It gave me my life back": an evaluation of a specialist legal domestic abuse service
Justification beliefs of violence, myths about love and cyber dating abuse
Long Term Physical Health Consequences of Adverse Childhood Experiences
A latent class analysis of heterosexual young men's masculinities
The Military Acute Concussion Evaluation (MACE) is time sensitive
The neurobiological basis of human aggression: a review on genetic and epigenetic mechanisms
Pathways to firesetting for mentally disordered offenders: a preliminary examination
Perceived Discrimination and Heavy Episodic Drinking Among African-American Youth: Differences by Age and Reason for Discrimination
Potential risk factors of death in multiple trauma patients
The prevalence of nonsuicidal self-injury (NSSI) among high school students in relation to age and sex
Protective factors against child victimization in the school and community: an exploratory systematic review of longitudinal predictors and interacting variables
Relationships between problematic alcohol consumption and delinquent behaviour from adolescence to young adulthood
Reduction of dual-task costs by noninvasive modulation of prefrontal activity in healthy elders
Relationships between sleep behaviors and unintentional injury in Southern Chinese school-aged children: a population-based study
Relationships between thrill seeking, speeding attitudes, and driving violations among a sample of motorsports spectators and drivers
The relationship between immigrant school composition, classmate support and involvement in physical fighting and bullying among adolescent immigrants and non-immigrants in 11 countries
A review of drowning prevention interventions for children and young people in high, low and middle income countries
Risk and protective factor for suicide attempt in iran: a matched case-control study
Risks go beyond the violence: Association between intimate partner violence, mental illness, and substance abuse among females admitted to a rural Level I trauma center
Risky behaviors and social networking sites: how is YouTube influencing our youth?
Safe infant sleep interventions: what is the evidence for successful behavior change?
Associations of sex trafficking history with recent sexual risk among HIV-infected FSWs in India
Commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking of adolescents
Could you spot someone who had been subject to trafficking?
The experience of adolescent victims of commercial sexual exploitation in the United States: a qualitative systematic review protocol
Focusing on prevention: the social and economic rights of children vulnerable to sex trafficking
A pathway to freedom: an evaluation of screening tools for the identification of trafficking victims
Sex trafficking related knowledge, awareness, and attitudes among adolescent female students in Nepal: a cross-sectional study
Analysis of quality of life in elderly practitioners of physical activity and relationship with risk of falls
Area and individual differences in personal crime victimization incidence: the role of individual, lifestyle/routine activities and contextual predictors
Current emotion research in cultural neuroscience
A study on risk perception of community youth
What we talk about when we talk about buying sex
Aggressive interactions are associated with reductions in RFamide-related peptide, but not kisspeptin, neuronal activation in mice
Alcohol and brief intervention for trauma victims
Alcohol use disorders: current approaches to diagnosis and treatment
Allergies and suicidal behaviors: a systematic literature review
Ambiguity in risk assessment
Amygdala response predicts trajectory of symptom reduction during Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy among adolescent girls with PTSD
Are anxiety and fear separable emotions in driving? A laboratory study of behavioural and physiological responses to different driving environments
Association between bullying victimization and health risk behaviors among high school students in the United States
Association between maternal postpartum depression and unintentional injury among 4-month-old infants in Japan
Associations of truancy, perceived school performance, and mental health with alcohol consumption among adolescents
Associations of white matter microstructure with clinical and demographic characteristics in heavy drinkers
Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, its pharmacotherapy, and the risk of developing bipolar disorder: a nationwide population-based study in taiwan
Beyond pre-loading: understanding the associations between pre-, side- and back-loading drinking behavior and risky drinking
Bicycling injury hospitalisation rates in Canadian jurisdictions: analyses examining associations with helmet legislation and mode share
Bullying and school transition: context or development?
Cognitive workload ≠ crash risk: rejoinder to study by Strayer et al. (2015)
Cognitive distraction in the wild: next steps-addressing a not-so-humdrum conundrum
College students opinions on gun violence
Burden of disease caused by local transport in Warsaw, Poland
Childhood injury after a parental cancer diagnosis
Comparative analysis of the frequency and the severity of diagnosed lesions between pedestrians struck by motor vehicles and other blunt trauma mechanisms victims
Competitive active video games: physiological and psychological responses in children and adolescents
Ambulatory care visits to pediatricians in Taiwan: a nationwide analysis
Characteristics and risk factors of spinal fractures in recreational snowboarders attending an emergency department in Japan
Content, delivery, and effectiveness of concussion education for US college coaches
Dental treatment injuries in the Finnish Patient Insurance Centre in 2000-2011
Epidemiology and regional distribution of pediatric unintentional emergency injury in Korea from 2010 to 2011
Epidemiology of traumatic brain injury in Europe: a living systematic review
An evaluation of the impact of 'Lifeskills' training on road safety, substance use and hospital attendance in adolescence
Evictions and suicide: a follow-up study of almost 22 000 Swedish households in the wake of the global financial crisis
An exploration of family and juvenile justice systems to reduce youth HIV/STI risk
Factors affecting booster seat use
Geriatric trauma
Going beyond the injury: regulatory conditions contributing to Latina/o immigrants' occupational psychosocial stressors
Impacts of workplace health promotion and wellness programs on health care utilization and costs: results from an academic workplace
Intimate partner violence in young adulthood: narratives of persistence and desistance
Mental health status of drivers - motor vehicle accidents perpetrators
Momentary affect and risky behavior correlates of prescription drug misuse among young adult dating couples: an experience sampling study
Motor impairment among different psychiatric disorders: can patterns be identified?
A multi-level Bayesian analysis of racial bias in police shootings at the county-level in the United States, 2011-2014
No effect of an early intervention after mild traumatic brain injury on activity and participation: a randomized controlled trial
Older adult perceptions of participation in group- and home-based falls prevention exercise
P300 and decision making under risk and ambiguity
Parasomnias are more frequent in shift workers than in day workers
A prospective study of psychiatric comorbidity and recidivism among repeat DUI offenders
The protective role of resilience in attenuating emotional distress and aggression associated with early-life stress in young enlisted military service candidates
Seizures in children and adolescents Aged 6-17 years - United States, 2010-2014
Socio-demographic patterns of disability among older adult populations of low-income and middle-income countries: results from World Health Survey
Timing of intimate partner violence in relationship to military service among women veterans
Traumatic dental injuries in a university hospital: a four-year retrospective study
The type of employment contract and employees' health and occupational functioning - the review of studies
Types, subtypes, and severity of substantiated child neglect in U.S. Army communities
Underlying mechanisms of gene-environment interactions in externalizing behavior: a systematic review and search for theoretical mechanisms
Understanding the probability of a disability resulting from work-related injuries
Use of social networking sites and risk of cyberbullying victimization: a population-level study of adolescents
Young athletes' concerns about sport-related concussion: the patient's perspective
Cross-cultural and gender differences in ADHD among young adults
The current state of head and neck injuries in extreme sports
The current problems of injury assessment dealt within the publications in the journal "Sudebnomeditsinskaya ekspertiza (Forensic medical expertise)" for the period from 2000 till 2014
Current status of sleep quality in Taiwan: a nationwide walk-in survey
Danger zone: men, masculinity and occupational health and safety in high risk occupations
Dealing with victims of domestic violence : suggestions for daily practice
A decade of occupational accidents in Andalusian (Spain) public universities
Developing a safety indicator to measure the safety level during design for safety
Differentiating patterns of prescription stimulant medical and nonmedical use among youth 10-18 years of age
Discovery of a partner affair and major depressive episode in a probability sample of married or cohabiting adults
Drinking and driving among undocumented Latino immigrants in Miami-Dade County, Florida
Early adolescent substance use in Mexican origin families: peer selection, peer influence, and parental monitoring
The effects of noise on key workplace skills
Epilepsy, excess deaths and years of life lost from external causes
Estimating annual medical and out-of-pocket expenditures associated with traumatic injuries in the United States
Evolutionary game analysis and stability control scenarios of coal mine safety inspection system in China based on system dynamics
Exposure and use of mobile media devices by young children
Factors associated with pregnancy among unmarried women in Malaysia
The factors underlying the decision to text while driving
The influence of dementia on injury-related hospitalisations and outcomes in older adults
Intimate partner violence/problem and victims in Rhode Island
Latent dimensions of posttraumatic stress disorder and their relations with alcohol use disorder
Learning from patient safety incidents in incident review meetings: organisational factors and indicators of analytic process effectiveness
Longitudinal associations among impulsivity, friend substance use, and adolescent substance use
Manipulating attention to nonemotional distractors influences state anxiety: a proof-of-concept study in low- and high-anxious college students
Map of homicides by firearms: profile of the victims and the assaults
Maternal elaborative reminiscing mediates the effect of child maltreatment on behavioral and physiological functioning
Me have a traffic accident? The effects of core self-evaluations on the perceived likelihood and perceived undesirability of traffic accidents
Measuring alcohol-specific communication with friends: conceptualizing and operationalizing communication as multidimensional
Migrant mortality in Qatar
Military sexual trauma, combat exposure, and negative urgency as independent predictors of PTSD and subsequent alcohol problems among OEF/OIF veterans
Moderate alcohol consumption is not associated with reduced all-cause mortality
Mortality due to pesticide poisoning in Colombia, 1998-2011
Mostly heterosexual and lesbian/gay young adults: differences in mental health and substance use and the role of minority stress
Motor function is associated with incident disability in older African Americans
Multilevel factor structure and concurrent validity of the teacher version of the Authoritative School Climate Survey
On the effects of listening and talking to humans and devices on driving
Offshoring the army: migrant workers and the U.S. military
A multilevel study on ethnic and socioeconomic school stratification and health-related behaviors among students in Stockholm
Multiple family groups for child behavior difficulties retention among child welfare-involved caregivers
A National Perspective on Ambulance Crashes and Safety. Guidance from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on ambulance safety for patients and providers
A naturalistic study of the impact of message framing on highway speeding
The neural correlates of risky decision making across short and long runs
Neural reactivity to emotional stimuli prospectively predicts the impact of a natural disaster on psychiatric symptoms in children
Outcomes of war related femoral neck fractures
Parental perceptions of aggressive behavior in preschoolers: inhibitory control moderates the association with negative emotionality
Peer pressure and risk taking in young drivers' speeding behavior
Physical health risk behaviours in young people with mental illness
Polypharmacy in older adults
Practices of incident reporting in a nuclear research center: a question of solidarity
Practices of substance abuse and risky sexual behavior among Adama Science and Technology University undergraduate students in 2012/13 academic years
Predictors of violence against children in Tamil families in northern Sri Lanka
A preliminary prospective study of an escalation in 'maximum daily drinks', fronto-parietal circuitry and impulsivity-related domains in young adult drinkers
Prescription stimulant use is associated with earlier onset of psychosis
Qualitative evaluation of paediatric burn injury in Malawi: assessing opportunities for injury prevention
Regional risk evaluation of flood disasters for the trunk-highway in Shaanxi, China
Relationship between objectively measured transportation behaviors and health characteristics in older adults
Prevalence of experience of physical and psychological violence in the general population in the past 12 months : results of the German Health Interview and Examination Survey for Adults (DEGS1)
Risk factors for child abuse: levels of knowledge and difficulties in family medicine: a mixed method study
Road rage in Sri Lanka: prevalence and psychiatric distress
The role of prosocial and proactive safety behaviors in predicting safety performance
Rural Kentucky high school students' exposure to ATV riding and injuries
Safety rules as instruments for organizational control, coordination and knowledge: implications for rules management
School-level contextual predictors of bullying and harassment experiences among adolescents
The social determinants of mental health
Self-reported prevalence of alcohol screening among U.S. adults
Self-reported side-effects associated with use of dietary supplements in an armed forces population
Symptoms of major depressive disorder subsequent to child maltreatment: Examining change across multiple levels of analysis to identify transdiagnostic risk pathways
The temporal association between traditional and cyber dating abuse among adolescents
Terrorist attacks and the male-to-female ratio at birth: the Troubles in Northern Ireland, the Rodney King riots, and the Breivik and Sandy Hook shootings
Testing and treating sexually assaulted adolescents: what are we waiting for?
Synthetic cannabimimetics in Bulgaria 2010-2013
Transnational responses to commercial sexual exploitation: a comprehensive review of interventions
Health maintenance in school-aged children: part II. Counseling recommendations
Public Opinion and Gun Control: A Comparison of Results from 2 Recent National Surveys
Dimensions of the traffic safety problem
Organizing for safety
The action program for highway safety
PTSD-related paradoxical insomnia: an actigraphic study among veterans with chronic PTSD
Occupational safety and health
Creating an interdisciplinary medical home for survivors of human trafficking
Conservation policy. Wildlife decline and social conflict
Alcohol and other psychoactive substances addiction risk assessment among chosen high school students test group
The association between parenting behaviours and marijuana use based on adolescent age
Community-based environmental strategies to prevent the non-medical use of marijuana: a review of the literature
(Re)civilizing the young driver: technization and emotive automobility
Bullying and victimization, depressive mood, and non-suicidal self-injury in adolescents: the moderating role of parental support
Combined effects of working hours, income, and leisure time on suicide in all 47 prefectures of Japan
Driving errors, driving violations and accident involvement
Drivers' knowledge, attitudes, and behavior: a cross-sectional study
Driver attitude towards traffic safety violations and risk taking behaviour in Kumasi: the gender and age dimension
Estimation of the costs of traffic accidents in Turkey: an evaluation in terms of the insurance and financial system
Exploring the consequences of mobility: reclaiming jet lag as the state of travel disorientation
Gender differences in psychological distress in Spain
How much orientation towards the host culture is healthy? Acculturation style as risk enhancement for depressive symptoms in immigrants
Intimate partner violence victimization among non-heterosexuals: prevalence and associations with mental and sexual well-being
Magnitude and factors of occupational injury among workers in large scale metal manufacturing industries in Ethiopia
Self-immolation and its adverse life-events risk factors: results from an Iranian population
Peer-group mediation in the relationship between family and juvenile antisocial behavior
Prevalence of falls in patients with total knee arthroplasty living in the community
Risk propensity within the military: a study of Swedish officers and soldiers
The socio-economic cost of road traffic accidents in Ghana
Adolescent suicide rates between 1990 and 2009: analysis of age group 15-19 years worldwide
Adverse childhood experiences and alcohol consumption in midlife and early old-age
Age- and gender-specific clinical characteristics of acute adult spine fractures in China
Alcohol consumption in the Arab region: what do we know, why does it matter, and what are the policy implications for youth harm reduction?
Associations between night work and BMI, alcohol, smoking, caffeine and exercise - a cross-sectional study
Being lonely or using substances with friends? A cross-sectional study of Hungarian adolescents' health risk behaviours
Big data and ergonomics methods: a new paradigm for tackling strategic transport safety risks
Cheers, proost, saúde: cultural, contextual and psychological factors of wine and beer consumption in Portugal and in the Netherlands
Childhood motor coordination and adult psychopathology in extremely low birth weight survivors
Childhood physical abuse and aggression: shame and narcissistic vulnerability
Childhood sexual abuse moderates the relationship between obesity and mental health in low-income women
The clinical profile of musculoskeletal injuries in children attending a major hospital in Delhi, India
Comparison of a cognitive-behavioral coping skills group to peer support in a brain injury population
Contextual determinants of childhood injury: a systematic review of studies with multilevel analytic methods
Counting the cost of child mortality in the World Health Organization African region
Couple comorbidity and correlates of postnatal depressive symptoms in mothers and fathers in the first two weeks following delivery
A couple in the sect: between freedom of membership and risks of abuse
Crash protectiveness to occupant injury and vehicle damage: an investigation on major car brands
Creative arts program as an intervention for PTSD: a randomized clinical trial with motor vehicle accident survivors
Cross-sectional and longitudinal risk of physical impairment in a cohort of postmenopausal women who experience physical and verbal abuse
Decrease of morbidity in road traffic accidents in a high income country - an analysis of 24,405 accidents in a 21 year period
Differential child maltreatment risk across deployment periods of US Army soldiers
Differential effects of traffic sign stimuli upon speeding in school zones following a traffic light interruption
Does drinking refusal self-efficacy mediate the impulsivity-problematic alcohol use relation?
Epidemiology and contemporary risk profile of traumatic spinal cord injury in Switzerland
Epidemiology of elbow dislocations in high school athletes
Evaluation of a fitness intervention for new firefighters: injury reduction and economic benefits
Event-related potential correlates of processing alcohol-related pictures in young adult binge drinkers
The exacerbating influence of hopelessness on other known risk factors for repeat self-harm and suicide
Examination of the community-specific prevalence of and factors associated with substance use and misuse among rural and urban adolescents: a cross-sectional analysis in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Gene expression and metabolic responses of HepG2/C3A cells exposed to flame retardants and dust extracts at concentrations relevant to indoor environmental exposures
Heat illness in football: current concepts
Importance of health and social care research into gender and sexual minority populations in nepal
The independent relationship between trouble controlling Facebook use, time spent on the site and distress
Injured patients with very high blood alcohol concentrations
Injuries attributable to cosmetic procedures performed by unlicensed individuals in the United States
Insomnia is associated with suicide attempt in middle-aged and older adults with depression
Intimate partner violence and current mental health needs among female veterans
Intimate partner violence and psychosocial health, a cross-sectional study in a pregnant population
Intimate partner violence perpetrated by young adult women against men in Ukraine: examining individual, familial, and cultural factors
Latent profiles of DSM-5 PTSD symptoms and the "Big Five" personality traits
Life after adolescent and adult moderate and severe traumatic brain injury: self-reported executive, emotional, and behavioural function 2-5 years after injury
Mapping the role of structural and interpersonal violence in the lives of women: implications for public health interventions and policy
Measuring driving-related attitudes among older adults: psychometric evidence for the decisional balance scale across time and gender
"Mental health in adults with intellectual disabilities. Protective and risk factors for depression and anxiety" - a cross-sectional study
Mental health of sexual minorities: a systematic review
A nationwide study of patients hospitalised for poisoning in Korea based on Korea National Hospital Discharge In-Depth Injury Survey data from 2005 to 2009
No data, no problem, no action: parenting programs in low-income countries. Making the social-emotional outcomes more visible
Nutritional correlates of perceived stress among university students in Egypt
An observational comparison of the older and younger bus passenger experience in a developing world city
Obstetric and psychosocial risk factors for Australian-born and non-Australian born women and associated pregnancy and birth outcomes: a population based cohort study
Obstructive sleep apnoea in the general population: highly prevalent but minimal symptoms
Occupational differences in suicide mortality among Japanese men of working age
Pain, instability, and familial discord: a qualitative study into women who use drugs in Malaysia
Parenting and family support within a broad child abuse prevention strategy: child maltreatment prevention can benefit from public health strategies
Pedestrian injury risk and the effect of age
Potential underestimation of pesticide suicide and its impact on secular trends in South Korea, 1991-2012
Predictors of parental mediation regarding children's smartphone use
Preliminary research developing a theory of cell phone distraction and social relationships
Screening for adolescent problematic internet use: validation of the Problematic and Risky Internet Use Screening Scale (PRIUSS)
Self-rated health across race, ethnicity, and immigration status for US adolescents and young adults
Shivlilik burns: injuries resulting from traditional celebrations
Social goals and grade as moderators of social normative influences on adolescent alcohol use
A social-health care coordination reference in the fields of mental health and child abuse
Substance misuse in life and death in a 2-year cohort of suicides
Traumatic injuries to athletes
Use of geographic information systems to assess the error associated with the use of place of residence in injury research
Violent death rates: the United States compared to other high-income OECD countries, 2010
Virginia Tech as a sentinel event: the role of psychiatry in managing emotionally troubled students on college and university campuses
What is new in critical illness and injury science? Patient safety amidst chaos: are we on the same team during emergency and critical care interventions?
The what, when, and why of implementation frameworks for evidence-based practices in child welfare and child mental health service systems
Transformation of mental health care for U.S. soldiers and families during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars: where science and politics intersect
Youth development as subjectified subjectivity - a dialectical-ecological model of analysis
Workplace bullying as a risk factor for musculoskeletal disorders: the mediating role of job-related psychological strain
Spatial analysis of two-wheeled vehicles traffic crashes: Osmaniye in Turkey
Spectators' negotiations of risk, masculinity and performative mobilities at the TT races
Stopping the 'war on the car': neoliberalism, Fordism, and the politics of automobility in Toronto
What can we learn? Examining intimate partner violence service provision in the deaf community
Engagement with different nightlife venues and frequent ecstasy use in a young adult population
Evaluation of poly-drug use in methadone-related fatalities using segmental hair analysis
Head trauma with or without mild brain injury increases the risk of future traumatic death: a controlled prospective 15-year follow-up study
Identification and improvement of highway accident causes and safety management strategies
The identification of pregnant women at risk for child abuse: methodology
'Keep an eye on your friends, even when you don't know them': drug use and harm reduction in the Goa trance scene in Belgium
Psychiatric blood biomarkers: avoiding jumping to premature negative or positive conclusions
A recipe for good mental health: a pilot randomised controlled trial of a psychological wellbeing and substance use intervention targeting young chefs
Understanding young offenders' experiences of drinking alcohol: an interpretative phenomenological analysis
The association of alcohol and drug use with persistence of violent offending in young adulthood
Beliefs about intimate partner violence: a survey of the Swedish general public
Beyond passivity: dependency as a risk factor for intimate partner violence
Childhood physical and sexual abuse and social network patterns on social media: associations with alcohol use and problems among young adult women
Clubbing with familiar social groups: relaxed vigilance and implications for risk
Clustering of worry appraisals among college students
Demographic and clinical risk factors associated with hospital mortality after isolated severe traumatic brain injury: a cohort study
Does Marriage Moderate Genetic Effects on Delinquency and Violence?
Epidemiology of traumatic injuries in the northeast region of Haiti: a cross-sectional study
Epidemiology and resource utilization in pediatric facial fractures
Epidemiology and cause-specific outcomes of facial fracture in hospitalized children
Explosions of ammonium nitrate fertilizer in storage or transportation are preventable accidents
Factors associated with occupational injuries in seasonal young workers
Functioning of the three attentional networks and vigilance in primary insomnia
Household debt and relation to intimate partner violence and husbands' attitudes toward gender norms: a study among young married couples in rural Maharashtra, India
"I never expected that it would happen, coming to ask me such questions": ethical aspects of asking children about violence in resource poor settings
Identifying causal risk factors for violence among discharged patients
Comparative analysis of attitudes regarding student ambulance officers and rescue workers death and dying
Injuries in freestyle motocross (FMX): a retrospective study
Knowledge, attitudes and practices of adolescents in Upper Egypt on gender-based violence, with a focus on early girls' marriage
A preliminary study of new parents, sleep disruption, and driving: a population at risk?
A qualitative analysis of offenders' modus operandi in sexually exploitative interactions with children online
Sex differences in the personality and cognitive characteristics of first-time DWI offenders
Simulation of driving in low-visibility conditions: does stereopsis improve speed perception?
The situational context of adolescent homicide victimization in Johannesburg, South Africa
Zombie apocalypse: can the undead teach the living how to survive an emergency?
Violence against wives: a silent suffering in northern Saudi community
Violence against women in the Arab world
"You better say your prayers and get ready": guns within the context of partner abuse
Association among smoking, depression, and anxiety: findings from a representative sample of Korean adolescents
Consumption of alcohol surrogates among alcohol-dependent women
Criminal injuries compensation: protecting vulnerable applicants
Adjunctive behavior in humans during game playing
Factors predictive of depression in first-year college students
Positive health outcomes following health-promoting and disease-preventive interventions for independent very old persons: long-term results of the three-armed RCT Elderly Persons in the Risk Zone
Adverse lifestyle and health-related quality of life: gender differences in patients with and without chronic conditions
Birth cohort and age changes in the self-esteem of Chinese adolescents: a cross-temporal meta-analysis, 1996-2009
Bullies on trial: mock jurors' perceptions of a bully
Characteristics of fatal occupational traumatic injuries; drama in East Azerbaijan Province of Iran
Child aggression as a source and a consequence of parenting stress: a three-wave longitudinal study
Consequences of intimate partner violence on substance use and depression for women and men
Epidemiological and clinical characteristics of fall injuries in East Azerbaijan, Iran; a cross-sectional study
Epidemiological characteristics of fatal traumatic accidents in Babol, Iran: a hospital-based survey
Factors associated with the cessation of intimate partner violence in women attending primary care in Spain
A family system approach to investigate family-based pathways between financial stress and adolescent problem behavior
An integrated model of victimization as an explanation of non-involvement with the criminal justice system
Location of road emergency stations in Fars Province, using spatial multi-criteria decision making
Long-term effects of fathers' depressed mood on youth internalizing symptoms in early adulthood
Longitudinal effects of best-friend communication against substance use for Latino and non-Latino white early adolescents
Meaningful youth engagement as a protective factor for youth suicidal ideation
Methodological challenges in the study of age−victimization patterns. Can we use the accelerated design of the NCVS to reconstruct victim careers?
Most primary care physicians are aware of prescription drug monitoring programs, but many find the data difficult to access
Pattern of limb injuries in those involved in motorcycle road traffic injury in Ogbomoso, Nigeria
Patterns of road traffic accidents in North West of Iran during 2013 New Year Holidays: complications and casualties
Profiles of medicinal cannabis patients attending compassion centers in Rhode Island
Pubertal timing and tempo: associations with childhood maltreatment
The rapid measurement of benzodiazepines in a milk-based alcoholic beverage using QuEChERS extraction and GC-MS analysis
Repetitive deliberate fires: critical review of the situation and proposal of a follow-up process and systematic analysis
A review of postural balance and its related factors in the elderly
Road traffic injury immune delusion syndrome among commercial motorcycle riders in Ogbomoso, Nigeria
The role of biomarkers and MEG-based imaging markers in the diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder and blast-induced mild traumatic brain injury
School order, justice, and education: climate, discipline practices, and dropping out
Self-destructive symptomatic frames in clinical adolescents: is the same different?
Self-perceived competence in Mainland China: a multiwave longitudinal examination of internalizing symptoms in Chinese adolescents
Sibling facilitation mediates the association between older and younger sibling alcohol use in late adolescence
Suicide as a public health issue in the state of Florida
Suicide ideation and attempts among adolescents engaged in risk behaviors: a latent class analysis
Teens' self-efficacy to deal with dating violence as victim, perpetrator or bystander
Type and frequency of opioid pain medications returned for disposal
Use of domestic violence services by Portuguese women in England
Victims of sexual assaults: the experiences of Ghanaian women
What do urban Black mothers tell their adolescents about alcohol and other drugs?
Why do Turkish police officers commit suicides? Analysis of suicide cases between 2001 and 2012
Alcohol use disorders in primary health care: what do we know and where do we go?
Analysis of 1,545 fractures of facial region-a retrospective study
Analyzing seat belt usage from accident data: an evaluation of Click It or Ticket enforcement campaigns in Ohio
Anxiety, emotional distraction, and attentional control in the Stroop task
Are two halves better than one whole? A comparison of the amount and quality of sleep obtained by healthy adult males living on split and consolidated sleep-wake schedules
The association between economic inactivity and mental health among young people: a longitudinal study of young adults who are not in employment, education or training
Association between hand-grip strength and depressive symptoms: Locomotive Syndrome and Health Outcomes in Aizu Cohort Study (LOHAS)
The association between spousal gender based violence and women's empowerment among currently married women aged 15-49 in Zimbabwe: evidence from the 2010-11 Zimbabwe Demographic and Health Survey
Characteristics of female nonagenarian participants in an observational health study
Claiming peaceful embodiment through yoga in the aftermath of trauma
A clinical study of emergency room visits for oral and maxillofacial lacerations
Commentary on Lovatt et al. (2015): Lay and standard alcohol epidemiology-rival approaches or the beginnings of a dialogue?
Comparing characteristics of adverse drug events between older and younger adults presenting to a Taiwan emergency department
A comparison of the Beers and STOPP criteria for identifying the use of potentially inappropriate medications among elderly patients in primary care
Associations between chronic diseases and choking deaths among older adults in the USA: a cross-sectional study using multiple cause mortality data from 2009 to 2013
Associations between gender-based violence and personality disorders in U.S. women
Automated prediction of risk for problem opioid use in a primary care setting
The bright spotlight on pro football concussions
Consumption of alcoholic beverages and liquor consumption by Michigan high school students, 2011
Correlates of intimate partner violence against women in Bangladesh
Crash injuries in four Midwestern states: comparison to regional estimates
A criminological assessment of police brutality and criminality against women in custody in South Africa
The cultural adaptation of a community-based child maltreatment prevention initiative
Death rates among detained immigrants in the United States
Descriptive study of prescriptions for opioids from a suburban academic emergency department before New York's I-STOP Act
Discussing race, racism and mental health: two mental health inquiries reconsidered
Does the social context of early alcohol use affect risky drinking in adolescents? Prospective cohort study
Domiciliary environmental risk factors for accidental falls among community-living older persons: a prospective 12-month study
Drinking and driving among university students in 22 low, middle income and emerging economy countries
Drowning hazard with deep brain stimulation: case report
Drug overdose in a retrospective cohort with non-cancer pain treated with opioids, antidepressants, and/or sedative-hypnotics: interactions with mental health disorders
Effects of self-care behaviors on medical utilization of the elderly with chronic diseases - A representative sample study
Emergence of methadone as a street drug in St. Petersburg, Russia
An epidemiological study of adult acute poisoning in Fez, Morocco
Establishing a self-harm surveillance register to improve care in a general hospital
Estimation of the time interval between the administration of heroin and the sampling of blood in chronic inhalers
An evaluation of factors underlying suicide attempts in patients presenting at George Hospital emergency centre
An evaluation of a school-based, peer-facilitated, healthy relationship program for at-risk adolescents
Examining the neighborhood effects on police performance to assault calls
Executive functions and social information processing in adolescents with severe behavior problems
Exertional heat stroke and susceptibility to malignant hyperthermia in an athlete: evidence for a link?
Expanding constructions of elder abuse and neglect: older mothers' subjective experiences
Expansive learning in Firearms training: the HE/professional learning interface
An exploration of adolescents' decisions to abstain or refrain from alcohol consumption in Australian social settings: a qualitative systematic review
Exploring contextual factors of youth homelessness and sexual risk behaviors: a qualitative study
Factors associated with being asked to initiate someone into injection drug use
Factors facilitating the emergence of domestic violence in Turkey
Family violence among female medical students: its prevalence and impact on their mental health status: a cross-sectional study
'First, do no harm': are disability assessments associated with adverse trends in mental health? A longitudinal ecological study
Gay-related name-calling among Norwegian adolescents - harmful and harmless
Geographic region and racial variations in polypharmacy in the United States
The growing burden of neonatal opiate exposure on children and family services in Massachusetts
Health-related factors associated with intimate partner violence in women attending a primary care clinic in south-western Nigeria
Help-seeking patterns among women experiencing intimate partner violence: do they forgo the criminal justice system if their adjudication wishes are not met?
High policing and access to information
Illusion of inclusion: the failure of the gender paradigm to account for intimate partner violence in LGBT relationships
Impact of incarceration on rates of methadone use in a community recruited cohort of injection drug users
Impact of overnight traffic noise on sleep quality, sleepiness, and vigilant attention in long-haul truck drivers: Results of a pilot study
Impacts of a coparenting-focused intervention on links between pre-birth intimate partner violence and observed parenting
Implementation of nasal naloxone across health-care settings: a case report from Ohio
Improved fracture healing in patients with concomitant traumatic brain injury: proven or not?
Impulsive alcohol-related risk-behavior and emotional dysregulation among individuals with a serotonin 2B receptor stop codon
Increase in tolerance towards violence against women in the private sphere: changes in Slovenian public opinion between 2005 and 2012
Individual and interpersonal risk factors for physical intimate partner violence perpetration by biological sex and ethnicity
The influence of sleep duration and sleep-related symptoms on baseline neurocognitive performance among male and female high school athletes
Instruments to identify prescription medication misuse, abuse, and related events in clinical trials: an ACCTION systematic review
An international study on public confidence in police
Intimate partner violence
Intimate partner violence and homelessness as mediators of the effects of cumulative childhood victimization clusters on adolescent mothers' depression symptoms
Intimate partner violence and risk of psychiatric symptoms: the moderating role of attachment
Knowledge about drug prescription among urban menopausal women in Muang District, Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand
Korean American clergy practices regarding intimate partner violence: roadblock or support for battered women?
Life satisfaction and academic performance in early adolescents: evidence for reciprocal association
Links between the police response and women's psychological outcomes following intimate partner violence
The lived experience of domestic violence in Iranian HIV-infected women
Measurement and structural relations of an authoritative school climate model: A multi-level latent variable investigation
Medications and Nutritional Supplements in Athletes during the 2000, 2004, 2008, and 2012 FIFA Futsal World Cups
Mental health disorders in child and adolescent survivors of post-war landmine explosions
Mental health services in Nepal: is it too late?
Mortality among individuals accessing pharmacological treatment for opioid dependence in California, 2006-10
Mothering and domestic violence: situating maternal protectiveness in gender
Moving in and out of poverty: the within-individual association between socioeconomic status and juvenile delinquency
Multiple nerve damages because of occupational risk factors
A multidimensional clustering algorithm for studying fatal road crashes
Neck of femur fractures within two hours of a meal
The neuronal basis of fear generalization in humans
Neuropsychological and behavioral correlates of impulsiveness in veterans with and without mild traumatic brain injury
Normobaric oxygen worsens outcome after a moderate traumatic brain injury
Novel psychoactive substances of interest for psychiatry
"Once you join the streets you will have to do it": sexual practices of street children and youth in Uasin Gishu County, Kenya
One strike and you're out: the application of labeling theory to the New Jersey Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act
Operational fatigue: debriefing from Kapisa, Afghanistan
Opportunity cost neglect attenuates the effect of choices on preferences
Parental alienation: the impact on men's mental health
Patterns in child-father contact after parental separation in a sample of child witnesses to intimate partner violence
Perceptions of supervision among injured and non-injured teens working in the retail or service industry
Physical intimate partner violence against women in Turkey
Physical violence against general practitioners and nurses in Chinese township hospitals: a cross-sectional survey
Physiological and psychological effects of a walk in urban parks in fall
Playfulness and interaction: an exploratory study of past and current exposure to domestic violence
Polysubstance abuse: alcohol, opioids and benzodiazepines require coordinated engagement by society, patients, and physicians
Predicting adverse childhood experiences: the importance of neighborhood context in youth trauma among delinquent youth
A preliminary formula to predict timing of symptom resolution for collegiate athletes diagnosed with sport concussion
Prescription opioid use and non-fatal overdose in a cohort of injection drug users
Prevalence of disordered eating and its association with emotion regulation in female college athletes
Prevalence of mental disorder among young adults in Ireland: a population based study
Prevalence of mental symptoms, possible cases and disorders in victims displaced by the internal armed conflict in Colombia: a systematic review
Preventing child pedestrian injury: a guide for practitioners
The price elasticity of demand for heroin: matched longitudinal and experimental evidence
Profiles of psychiatric disorders among heroin dependent individuals in Changsha, China
Promoting social-emotional competence: an evaluation of the elementary version of Second Step®
Promotion of wellness and mental health awareness among physicians in training: perspective of a national, multispecialty panel of residents and fellows
Prosthodontics treatment considerations for methamphetamine-dependent patients
Protective behaviour of citizens to transport accidents involving hazardous materials: a discrete choice experiment applied to populated areas nearby waterways
Public opinion concerning residential sprinkler systems for 1- and 2-family homes
A qualitative examination of police officers' perception of football supporters
Recent de-criminalisation of suicide attempts in the Indian sub-continent (Deletion of Section 309 of the Indian Penal Code): thoughts of a UK-based Consultant Psychiatrist of Indian origin
Refugees' resettlement in a Canadian mid-sized Prairie city: examining experiences of multiple forced migrations
The relationship between brain behavioral systems and the characteristics of the five factor model of personality with aggression among Iranian students
Religion and the risk of suicide: longitudinal study of over 1 million people
Risk factors for cycling accident related injury: the UK Cycling for Health Survey
Response to comparison of urine to oral fluid and the recommendation for routine drug analysis for driving under the influence cases
Retrospective review of unintentional pediatric ingestions of doxylamine
Safety in Turkish printing and publishing sector; evaluation of awareness levels of the workers on health and safety issues
Screening for suicide risk in the college population
Sexual harassment against staff and student nurses in tertiary care hospitals Peshawar K.P. Pakistan
Sexual and partner violence prevention and popular media
Study on illegal driving behavior and vehicle road traffic injury in China from 2006 to 2010
Sudden death in sauna due to fatal burns: a case report
Suicide in adolescents with depression: the need for early diagnosis
Why are so many Nepali women killing themselves? A review of key issues
Women's experiences with gender violence and the mental health impact: qualitative findings
Wearing American Football helmets increases cervicocephalic kinaesthetic awareness in "elite" American Football players but not controls
Walk-friendly suburbs for older adults? Exploring the enablers and barriers to walking in a large suburban municipality in Canada
When is it abuse? How assailant gender, sexual orientation, and protection orders influence perceptions of intimate partner abuse
Women's hairstyle and men's behavior: a field experiment
Road safety in Kuwait: results from a recent survey
Symbolic, cognitive, and structural obstacles to formulating disaster policy
The myths we live (and die) by
Passenger perception of security - a methodical approach for public mass transportation systems
Enhancing capacity for emergency evacuation through resource matching and coordinated volunteerism
Access to sanitation and violence against women: evidence from Demographic Health Survey (DHS) data in Kenya
Acculturative stress and risky sexual behavior: the roles of sexual compulsivity and negative affect
Adolescent survival expectations: variations by race, ethnicity, and nativity
Age and intimate partner violence: an analysis of global trends among women experiencing victimization in 30 developing countries
Alcohol consumption, craving, and craving control efforts assessed daily in the context of readiness to change among individuals with alcohol dependence and PTSD
An analysis of the relationship between the heat index and arrivals in the emergency department
Analysis on prevalence and influence factors of smoking and drinking among middle shool students of Tujia and Miao in Xiangxi Area
Arab youth involvement in delinquency and political violence and parental control: the mediating role of religiosity
Are the risk and protective factors similar for gang-involved, pressured-to-join, and non-gang-involved youth? A social-ecological analysis
Arson and pyromania, update 2015
Assessment of hip fracture risk using cross-section strain energy determined by QCT-based finite element modeling
The association between taxation increases and changes in alcohol consumption and traffic fatalities in Thailand
Association of abnormal white matter integrity in the acute phase of motor vehicle accidents with post-traumatic stress disorder
Association of rule of law and health outcomes: an ecological study
Associations of alcohol availability and neighborhood socioeconomic characteristics with drinking: cross-sectional results from the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA)
Behavior, social competence, and voice disorders in childhood and adolescence
Borderline personality disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder at psychiatric discharge predict general hospital admission for self-harm
Explaining differences in depressive symptoms between African American and European American adolescents
The burden of disease attributable to cannabis use in Canada in 2012
Capacity of AIDS service organisations in Connecticut to respond to intimate partner violence
Can deaths in police cells be prevented? Experience from Norway and death rates in other countries
The changing face of major trauma in the UK
Characteristics of maxillofacial trauma among alcohol and drug users
Chemical burn injury in Kumasi: the trend and complications following and their management
Child maltreatment prevention: the pediatrician's function: Part 1: overview, evidence, risk factors, protective factors and triggers
Child neurodevelopment: normal characteristics and warning signs in children under five years
Cognitive ability in childhood and the chronicity and suicidality of depression
Communication of psychiatric risk in 22q11.2 deletion syndrome: a pilot project
Community-based alternatives to incarceration and assessment and community-based planning for probation/community-based alternative
Concussion management practice patterns among sports medicine physicians
Consistency of recall for deployment-related traumatic brain injury
Consultation contexts and the acceptability of alcohol enquiry from general practitioners - a survey experiment
Coping among trauma-affected youth: a qualitative study
Cortical inhibitory and excitatory correlates of depression severity in children and adolescents
A cumulative risk model of child physical maltreatment potential: findings from a community-based study
Cyberbullying prevalence among US middle and high school-aged adolescents: a systematic review and quality assessment
Cycling for transport and recreation: associations with the socio-economic, natural and built environment
Descriptive epidemiology and high risk behavior of male prescription opioid abusers: cross-sectional study from Sikkim, North East India
Development of a Child Abuse Level Management (CALM) guide for research with young children
The development of a novel curriculum to address past sexual assault
Developmental trajectories of aggression, prosocial behavior, and social-cognitive problem solving in emerging adolescents with clinically elevated attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder symptoms
Disaggregating within- and between-person effects of social identification on subjective and endocrinological stress reactions in a real-life stress situation
Disparities in road crash mortality among pedestrians using wheelchairs in the USA: results of a capture-recapture analysis
Do open youth unemployment and youth programs leave the same mental health scars? - Evidence from a Swedish 27-year cohort study
Does developmental timing of exposure to child maltreatment predict memory performance in adulthood? Results from a large, population-based sample
Domestic property violence: a distinct and damaging form of parent abuse
DRD4 and DRD2 genes, parenting, and adolescent delinquency: longitudinal evidence for a gene by environment interaction
Drinking behavior and associated factors among middle school students in Shanghai, China
Driving behaviour responses to a moose encounter, automatic speed camera, wildlife warning sign and radio message determined in a factorial simulator study
Drowning in Pretoria, South Africa: a 10-year review
Early callous-unemotional behavior, theory-of-mind, and a fearful/inhibited temperament predict externalizing problems in middle and late childhood
Early family regularity protects against later disruptive behavior
The effects of collective anger and fear on policy support in response to terrorist attacks
Effects of trait hostility, mapping interface, and character identification on aggressive thoughts and overall game experience after playing a violent video game
Effects of viewing relational aggression on television on aggressive behavior in adolescents: a three-year longitudinal study
Evaluation of the theatre play Have Courage! A powerful play about feelings, boundaries and trust in the frame of the national campaign for the prevention of child sexual abuse
Experiences of intimate partner and neighborhood violence and their association with mental health in pregnant women
An exploration of the four-factor structure of the Drinking Motives Questionnaire-Revised among undergraduate students in China
Exploring parents' understandings of their child's journey into offending behaviours: A narrative analysis
Factors affecting length of stay in forensic hospital setting: need for therapeutic security and course of admission
Family conflict and resilience in parenting self-efficacy among high-risk mothers
The feasibility of using large-scale text mining to detect adverse childhood experiences in a VA-treated population
Feedback on SMS reminders to encourage adherence among patients taking antipsychotic medication: a cross-sectional survey nested within a randomised trial
Fifty feminine shades of domestic violence: time for doctors to get involved!
Gun violence prevention: ripe for the entire medical community
Health literacy and refugees' experiences of the health examination for asylum seekers - a Swedish cross-sectional study
Intentional injury against children in Sub-Saharan Africa: a tertiary trauma centre experience
'Klar bleiben': a school-based alcohol prevention programme for German adolescents-study protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial
Large perceptual distortions of locomotor action space occur in ground-based coordinates: angular expansion and the large-scale horizontal-vertical illusion
Lay conceptions of sexual minority groups
The longitudinal associations between discrimination, depressive symptoms, and prosocial behaviors in U.S. latino/a recent immigrant adolescents
Mental health screening and assessment of detained youth
Mortality risk among heroin abusers: clients and non-clients of public treatment centers for drug addiction
Mortality of youth offenders along a continuum of justice system involvement
A multilevel examination of affective job insecurity climate on safety outcomes
A multilevel structural equation model of within- and between-person associations among subjective responses to alcohol, craving, and laboratory alcohol self-administration
A multilevel study on the association of observer-assessed working conditions with depressive symptoms among female eldercare workers from 56 work units in 10 care homes in Denmark
Neglect and perceived stigmatization impact psychological distress of orphans in Tanzania
A neuroligin-3 mutation implicated in autism causes abnormal aggression and increases repetitive behavior in mice
No direct survival effect of light to moderate alcohol drinking in community-dwelling older adults
No effects of acute exposure to wi-fi electromagnetic fields on spontaneous eeg activity and psychomotor vigilance in healthy human volunteers
Not just an urban phenomenon: uninsured rural trauma patients at increased risk for mortality
Notification of accidents and occupational diseases to the ministry of labor. Peru 2010-2014
Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder: evidence for two dimensions
Opioid use in cancer pain management in Indonesia: a call for attention
Outcomes in adult survivors of childhood burn injuries as compared with matched controls
The parental bond and alcohol use among adolescents: the mediating role of drinking motives
Parenting styles and bullying. The mediating role of parental psychological aggression and physical punishment
Pattern of emergency room mortality among road traffic crash victims
Pattern of spine and spinal cord injuries in Tikur Anbessa hospital, Ethiopia
Patterns of substance use across the first year of college and associated risk factors
Peritraumatic distress mediates the effect of severity of disaster exposure on perinatal depression: the Iowa Flood Study
Pharmacologic management of comorbid post-traumatic stress disorder and addictions
Pharmacological interventions in traumatic brain injury: can we rely on systematic reviews for evidence?
Physician versus non-physician delivery of alcohol screening, brief intervention and referral to treatment in adult primary care: the ADVISe cluster randomized controlled implementation trial
Polyvictimization and youth violence exposure across contexts
The prevalence and odds of suicidal thoughts, behaviours and deaths among people with painful comorbidities: an updated meta-analysis accounting for publication bias
The prevalence of mental disorders among upper primary school children in Kenya
Prevalence of probable mental disorders and help-seeking behaviors among veteran and non-veteran community college students
The prevalence rates of suicide are likely underestimated worldwide: why it matters
A profile of suspected child abuse as a subgroup of major trauma patients
Race and ethnicity, neighborhood poverty and pediatric firearm hospitalizations in the United States
Racial violence, Academic Medicine, and academic medicine
A randomized controlled trial of a telephone intervention for alcohol misuse with injured emergency department patients
Regulatory mode and risk-taking: the mediating role of anticipated regret
The relation of general socio-emotional processing to parenting specific behavior: a study of mothers with and without posttraumatic stress disorder
The relationship between sexual content on mass media and social media: a longitudinal study
Relationship context and intimate partner violence from adolescence to young adulthood
Relationship of age for grade and pubertal stage to early initiation of substance use
Relationship of aggression, negative affect, substance use problems, and childhood delinquency to DWI recidivism
Religious beliefs, PTSD, depression and resilience in survivors of the 2010 Haiti earthquake
Remission of suicidal thoughts: findings from a longitudinal epidemiological study
Repatriations and 28-day mortality of ill and injured travellers: 12 years of experience in a Swiss emergency department
Risk communication in analysis of occupational health risk for industrial workers
Risk factors for suicide in elderly in comparison to younger age groups
The role of the child and adolescent psychiatrist in the adjudicatory assessment
The role of cognitive effort in subjective reward devaluation and risky decision-making
Romantic relationship satisfaction moderates the etiology of adult personality
Scald burns from hair braiding
Screening for mental health risk in high schools: the development of the Youth RADAR
Self-harm, assault, and undetermined intent injuries among pediatric emergency department visits
Seven fears and the science of how mobile technologies may be influencing adolescents in the digital age
Sexual behavior of street children
Sexual safety planning as an HIV prevention strategy for survivors of domestic violence
Sleep disturbances and behavioral disturbances in children and adolescents
Sleep inertia associated with a 10-min nap before the commute home following a night shift: a laboratory simulation study
Social disparities in hazardous alcohol use: self-report bias may lead to incorrect estimates
Socio-economic environment, area facilities and obesity and physical inactivity among children
Sociodemographic characteristics and mental disorders in children and adolescents psychiatric outpatient clinic children of Medellin
Sociodemographic traits and comorbidities in pathological gamblers with a suicide attempt in Spain
Sociodemographic, clinical and childhood correlates of adult violent victimisation in a large, national survey sample of people with psychotic disorders
Socioeconomic status and outcomes after burn injury
Sorority affiliation and sexual assault victimization: assessing vulnerability using path analysis
Sports participation and juvenile delinquency: a meta-analytic review
State injury prevention policies and variation in death from injury
Squaring up: experiences of transition from off-street sex work to square work and duality-concurrent involvement in both-in Vancouver, BC
Supply of alcohol to underage drinkers: misperceptions of community norms
Systematic review of self-report family assessment measures
Trajectories of parent-adolescent relationship quality among at-risk youth: parental depression and adolescent developmental outcomes
Traumatic globe luxation: a case report
Trying to lose weight and alcohol misuse among high school girls: findings from the U.S. National 2011 Youth Risk Behavior Survey
Understanding support providers' views of "helpful" responses to sexual assault disclosures: the impacts of self-blame and physical resistance
Validation of the Driver Behaviour Questionnaire in a representative sample of drivers in Australia
Violence as a threatening factor to public health
'We are looked down upon and rejected socially': a qualitative study on the experiences of trafficking survivors in Nepal
Application of ARIMA models to road traffic accident cases in Ghana
Are adult businesses crime hotspots? Comparing adult businesses to other locations in three cities
Assessing bully/victim problems in preschool children: a multimethod approach
Attachment to parents and peers as a parameter of bullying and victimization
Benzodiazepine use in the United States
Beyond networks: health, crime, and migration in Mexico
The blood alcohol concentration testing emergency room investigation analysis study: a 1-year review of blood alcohol concentration testing in an emergency department
Characteristics of wrong-way driving on motorways in Japan
Christian women's experiences of domestic violence in Zimbabwe
Cities, the urban green environment, and individual subjective well-being: the case of Milan, Italy
The combined effects of alcohol and cannabis on driving: impact on crash risk
Concealed handgun licensing and crime in four states
Contemporaneous and lagged effects of life domains and substance use: a test of Agnew's general theory of crime and delinquency
Correlates of suicide ideation in patients with depressive disorder and alcohol dependence
Corrigendum to "Ratio of the dead to wounded (d/w) indicators and associated factors in major earthquakes of America from 1960 to 2011"
Demand for intelligent vehicle safety systems in Europe
A descriptive analysis of incidents reported by community aged care workers
Developing and analyzing a local gun-case database: the process and related issues
Didactic sudden death: children, police, and teaching citizenship in the age of automobility
Do pregnant teens have higher risk of intimate partner violence than pregnant adult women in Mexico?
Does burglary affect property prices in a nonmetropolitan municipality?
Does gender make a difference to performing in-vehicle tasks?
Domestic violence (DV) service provision and the architecture of rural life: an Australian case study
Drug courts and community crime rates: a nationwide analysis of jurisdiction-level outcomes
Effectiveness of advisory warnings based on cooperative perception
Emergency department visits and injury hospitalizations for female and male victims and perpetrators of intimate partner violence
Exploring the relationship between crime and place in the countryside
Farm, place and identity construction among Irish farm youth who migrate
From "disgraceful carelessness" to "intelligent precaution": accidents and the public child in English Canada, 1900-1950
Glimpsing working-class childhood through the Laurier Palace fire of 1927: the ordinary, the tragic, and the historian's gaze
Lost and hound: the more-than-human networks of rural policing
Magnitude of domestic violence and associated factors among pregnant women in Hulet Ejju Enessie District, Northwest Ethiopia
Outcomes of accidents at work with exposure
The problem of juvenile crime and the making of criminal law in Finland, 1862-1889
Rock load estimation in development galleries and junctions for underground coal mines: a CMRI-ISM rock mass rating approach
The role of bystander perceptions and school climate in influencing victims' responses to bullying: to retaliate or seek support?
Role of driver assistance experience, system functionality, gender, age and sensation seeking in attitudes towards the safety of driver assistance systems
Rules regarding marijuana and its use in personal residences: findings from marijuana users and nonusers recruited through social media
Rural crime and community safety
Severity of burn injury and the relationship to socioeconomic status in Nova Scotia, Canada
Sexual coercion and associated factors among female students of Madawalabu University, Southeast Ethiopia
The social organisation of the rural and crime in the United States: Conceptual considerations
The state of healthcare disaster plans in New Zealand and the Sultanate of Oman: an international comparative analysis
Testing a crime control model: does strategic and directed deployment of police officers lead to lower crime?
Tough on drugs: law and order dominance and the neglect of public health in U.S. drug policy
Staying or leaving? Analyzing the rationality of rural-urban migration associated with farm income of staying households: a case study from southern ethiopia
Strange and stranger ruralities: Social constructions of rural crime in Australia
Testimony without harmful effects: full protection of the child victim of intrafamilial sexual abuse
Youth exposure to violence in an urban setting
Violence in the Brazilian scenario: risk factors of adolescents facing a contemporary reality
Traumatic brain injury in pediatric population: a single-center analysis over 5 years
Variability in practices for pediatric severe traumatic brain injury: a survey study
Assessing the socioeconomic mobility and integration of U.S.. immigrants and their descendants
Corrigendum to "validity and reliability of Farsi version of Youth Sport Environment Questionnaire"
A dual-process examination of alcohol-related consequences among first-year college students
Dynamic patterns of adolescent substance use: results from a nationally representative sample of high school students
Effects of stress on the social support provided by men and women in intimate relationships
Electromuscular incapacitating devices discharge and risk of severe bradycardia
Empathic accuracy and aggression in couples: individual and dyadic links
Emotion regulation in adolescent males with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder: testing the effects of comorbid conduct disorder
Energy drinks, alcohol, sports and traumatic brain injuries among adolescents
An epidemiologic study of traumatic brain injuries in emergency department
Epidemiology of maxillofacial fractures due to traffic accidents in Medellin (Colombia)
The extension of battered woman's syndrome to victims of sex trafficking
Fear of driving license withdrawal in patients with insulin-treated diabetes mellitus negatively influences their decision to report severe hypoglycemic events to physicians
For the love of death: somnophilic and necrophilic acts and fantasies
High prevalence of psychotropics overdose among suicide attempters in Korea
Homosexuality and pro-gay ideology as pathogens? Implications of a disease-spread lay model for understanding anti-gay behaviors
How childhood maltreatment profiles of male victims predict adult perpetration and psychosocial functioning
Human behavior preceding dog bites to the face
Incidence and pattern of mandibular fractures in Rohilkhand region, Uttar Pradesh state, India: a retrospective study
Adapting, piloting and evaluating complex public health interventions: lessons learned from the Nurse-Family Partnership in Canadian public health settings
Adrenarche and the emotional and behavioral problems of late childhood
An Analysis of Adolescent Content in South Africa's Contraception Policy Using a Human Rights Framework
Assessment of the perioperative period in civilians injured in the Syrian Civil War
Association between perception of fault for the crash and function, return to work and health status 1 year after road traffic injury: a registry-based cohort study
Athletic trainers' skills in identifying and managing athletes experiencing psychological distress
Between evidence and negligence: coverage and invisibility of health topics in the Portuguese printed media
Binge drinking among 12-year-old adolescent schoolchildren and its association with sex, socioeconomic factors and alcohol consumption by best friends and family members
Brain fag syndrome: a culture-bound syndrome that may be approaching extinction
Brain injury impairs working memory and prefrontal circuit function
The building blocks of a 'Liveable Neighbourhood': identifying the key performance indicators for walking of an operational planning policy in Perth, Western Australia
Built environment effects on cyclist injury severity in automobile-involved bicycle crashes
The Canadian Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect: a partnership
Caregiver perceptions about mental health services after child sexual abuse
Causes of death among detainees: a statistical study on the casework of the Forensic Medicine Institute in Cluj-Napoca during the period 2000-2014
Characteristics of traumatic brain injury among accident and falling down cases
Championing research on traumatised and injured children
Child-Adult Relationship Enhancement (CARE): an evidence-informed program for children with a history of trauma and other behavioral challenges
Childhood non-accidental traumatic brain injuries
Children of the postwar years: a two-generational multilevel risk assessment of child psychopathology in northern Uganda
Comment: the doctrine of chances, brides of the bath and a reply to Sean Sullivan
Consensus statement on the methodology of injury and illness surveillance in FINA (aquatic sports)
Cool and hot executive function as predictors of aggression in early childhood: differentiating between the function and form of aggression
Cross-continental comparison of the association between the physical environment and active transportation in children: a systematic review
Current profile of cycling injuries: a retrospective analysis of a trauma centre level 1 in Queensland
The development of stimulus and response interference control in midchildhood
Different versions of the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) as screening instruments for underage binge drinking
Driver's education may reduce annual incidence and severity of moped and scooter accidents. A population-based study
Disposition of charges, out-of-home mental health treatment, and juvenile justice recidivism
Disease burden among individuals with severe mental illness in a community setting
Ecology matters: neighborhood differences in the protective role of self-control and social support for adolescent antisocial behavior
Age of first exposure to football and later-life cognitive impairment in former NFL players
Aggression-related alcohol expectancies and barroom aggression among construction tradespeople
Alcohol use in shiftworkers
The associations between US state and local social spending, income inequality, and individual all-cause and cause-specific mortality: the National Longitudinal Mortality Study
Bullying and victimization in overweight and obese outpatient children and adolescents: an Italian multicentric study
Comparison of patients who were violent, victimized and violent-victimized during the first year after discharge from emergency psychiatry
Complementary estimate of the Great East Japan Earthquake for the numbers of households and patients from national health statistics surveys
Concussions and brain injuries in youth sports
Measuring physical violence and rape against Somali women using the neighborhood method
Mediating the distal crime-drug relationship with proximal reactive criminal thinking
Mental health hangs in the balance without parity
Experienced harm from other people's drinking: a comparison of Northern European countries
Finding the balance between safety and threat may hold the key to success when treating PTSD
General consideration in the history, physical examination, and safety determination
Effects of violence prevention behavior on exposure to workplace violence and threats: a follow-up study
A different trolley problem: the limits of environmental justice and the promise of complex moral assessments for transportation infrastructure
Dispositional mindfulness and aggression among women in residential substance use treatment
Discovering the truth about life after discharge: long-term trauma related mortality
The impact of injuries on health service resource use and costs in primary and secondary care in the English NHS
The impact of interpersonal style on ruptures and repairs in the therapeutic alliance between offenders and therapists in sex offender treatment
Impulsive driving: definition and measurement using the I-Driving Scale (IDS)
Intimate partner violence and animal abuse in an immigrant-rich sample of mother-child dyads recruited from domestic violence programs
Intimate partner violence victimization in the cyber and real world: examining the extent of cyber aggression experiences and its association with in-person dating violence
Language problems among abused and neglected children: a meta-analytic review
The enforcement of speeding: should fines be higher for repeated offences?
Falling suicide rates in Sri Lanka: lessons and cautions
Female offenders with psychiatric disorders in Sri Lanka
The psychological impact of war on health professionals: a preliminary study
Social networking sites addiction and associated psychological problems among young adults: a study from North India
Administrative data linkage as a tool for developmental and life-course criminology: the Queensland Linkage Project
Does the birth of a first child reduce the father's offending?
From evidence to policy: findings from the Christchurch Health and Development Study
Habitual criminal legislation in New Zealand: three years of three-strikes
Sexual victimization and family violence among urban African American adolescent women: do violence cluster profiles predict partner violence victimization and sex trade exposure?
Adaptation of De Jong Gierveld Loneliness Scale into Turkish
The development of a framework to integrate evidence into a national injury prevention strategy
Examining the relationship between blast-induced mild traumatic brain injury and posttraumatic stress-related traits
Exploring the association between working memory and driving performance in Parkinson's disease
Exploring possible association between DβH genotype (C1021T), early onset of conduct disorder and psychopathic traits in juvenile delinquents
Factors associated with suicidal ideation and suicide attempt among school-going urban adolescents in Peru
Factors contributing to young moped rider accidents in Denmark
Fear of falling in women with fibromyalgia and its relation with number of falls and balance performance
Frequency, causes and pattern of abdominal trauma: a 4-year descriptive analysis
Global Threats to Child Safety
Effect of depression on risky drinking and response to a screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment intervention
The effect of engagement in everyday occupations, role overload and social support on health and life satisfaction among mothers
An effect of physical activity-based recreation programs on children's optimism, humor styles, and school life adjustment
Epidemiology and outcomes of pediatric burns over 35 years at Parkland Hospital
Epidemiology of suicide and associated socio-demographic factors in emergency department patients in 7 general hospitals in northwestern China
Risk factors for and behavioral consequences of direct versus indirect exposure to violence
Risk of sexual, physical and verbal assaults on men who have sex with men and female sex workers in coastal Kenya
Risky bicycling behavior among youth with and without attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder
The role of moral disengagement in underage drinking and heavy episodic drinking
The Romanian version of the multidimensional driving style inventory: psychometric properties and cultural specificities
Scientific production about the environmental risk factors for falls in the elderly: integrative review
Seeing red on the road
Selective nonresponse bias in population-based survey estimates of drug use behaviors in the United States
Self-harm: prevalence estimates from the second Australian Child and Adolescent Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing
Self-inflicted burns: 10 year review and comparison to national guidelines
Self-reported use of novel psychoactive substances in a US nationally representative survey: prevalence, correlates, and a call for new survey methods to prevent underreporting
Selling safety: the use of celebrities in improving awareness of safety in commercial aviation
Sexual and physical violence victimization among senior high school students in Ghana: risk and protective factors
Sexual assault and sexually transmitted infections in adults, adolescents, and children
A short screening tool to identify victims of child sex trafficking in the health care setting
Unintentional injuries and psychosocial correlates among in-school adolescents in Malaysia
Unnatural deaths in Shanghai from 2000 to 2009: a retrospective study of forensic autopsy cases at the Shanghai Public Security Bureau
Unraveling the determinants of fear of crime among men and women in Istanbul: examining the impact of perceived risk and fear of sexual assault
Up in smoke: neighborhood contexts of marijuana use from adolescence through young adulthood
US adolescents' friendship networks and health risk behaviors: a systematic review of studies using social network analysis and Add Health data
Using an Advance Time Meter display as means to reduce driving speed
Users of different travel modes differ in journey satisfaction and habit strength but not environmental worldviews: a large-scale survey of drivers, walkers, bicyclists and bus users commuting to a UK university
Using complexity science to examine three dynamic patterns of intimate partner violence
Using a Virtual Environment to Examine How Children Cross Streets: Advancing Our Understanding of How Injury Risk Arises
Validation of a brief, two question depression screen in trauma patients
Validity of the alcohol purchase task: a meta-analysis
Violence and youth in a territory of the Metropolitan Area of Brasília, Brazil: a socio-spatial approach
Violence by and against people with mental illnesses
Violence in general practice: a gendered risk?
Violence risk assessment and management in outpatient clinical practice
Violent injuries and regional correlates among women in China: results from 21 cities study in China
Visual impairment, coping strategies and impact on daily life: a qualitative study among working-age UK ex-service personnel
Vulnerabilities in snakebites in Sao Paulo, Brazil
The walking speed questionnaire: assessing walking speed in a self-reported format
War wounded and victims of traffic accidents in a surgical hospital in Africa: an observation on injuries
Warm parenting and effortful control in toddlerhood: independent and interactive predictors of school-age externalizing behavior
Web-based cognitive behavioral therapy intervention for the prevention of suicidal ideation in medical interns: a randomized clinical trial
"What goes up must go down": an exploration of the relationship between drug-related pleasure and harm experienced by a sample of regular "party drug" users
What role do changes in the demographic composition play in the declining trends in alcohol consumption and the increase of non-drinkers among Swedish youth? A time-series analysis of trends in non-drinking and region of origin 1971-2012
When are victims unlikely to cooperate with the police?
When a crash is really an accident: a concept analysis
Where children and adolescents drown in Queensland: a population-based study
Women experiencing the intergenerationality of conjugal violence
Work attitudes and safety performance in micro-firms - results from a nationwide survey: (the opinion of the employees)
Work conditions and morbidity among coal miners in Guachetá, Colombia: the miners´ perspective
You get what you get and you don't throw a fit!: emotion socialization and child physiology jointly predict early prosocial development
World survey of mental illness stigma
Work-life balance/imbalance: the dominance of the middle class and the neglect of the working class
"You blame me, therefore i blame me": the importance of first disclosure partner responses on trauma-related cognitions and distress
Work-life balance: hopeless endeavor or rather, a true privilege?
Moving rape: trafficking in the violence of postliberalization
Multiple exaggerated weapon morphs: a novel form of male polymorphism in harvestmen
Multicomponent physical exercise with simultaneous cognitive training to enhance dual-task walking of older adults: a secondary analysis of a 6-month randomized controlled trial with 1-year follow-up
Neurological manifestations of medical child abuse
Municipal-level differences in depressive symptoms among adolescents in Norway: results from the cross-national Ungdata study
The Nurse-Family Partnership: evidence-based public health in response to child maltreatment
Ohio and sports law
Adolescents with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and exposure to violence: parents' opinion
Age and gender differences in children and adolescents' attitudes toward noise
Alcohol expectancies mediate and moderate the associations between big five personality traits and adolescent alcohol consumption and alcohol-related problems
Assessing elements of a family approach to reduce adolescent drinking frequency: parent-adolescent relationship, knowledge management, and keeping secrets
Binge drinkers are fast, able to stop - but they fail to adjust
Burden of mental and substance use disorders in Indigenous Australians and Oceania
Characterization of pesticide exposures reported between 2006 and 2013 to a poison information center in Chile
Choking games among 2nd and 3rd graders
The effect of the financial crisis on physical health: perceived impact matters
Epidemiological review of injury in pre-professional ballet dancers
Epidemiology of unintentional child injuries in the Makwanpur District of Nepal: a household survey
Fall injuries in Baghdad from 2003 to 2014: results of a randomised household cluster survey
Filipino mothers' self-efficacy in managing anger and in parenting, and parental rejection as predictors of child delinquency
Gender differences in the physical and psychological manifestation of childhood trauma and/or adversity in people with psychosis
Gender, intoxication and the developing brain: problematisations of drinking among young adults in australian alcohol policy
The global burden of injury: incidence, mortality, disability-adjusted life years and time trends from the Global Burden of Disease study 2013
The harm to others from drinking: a population study
Hazardous health behaviour among medical students: a study from Turkey
Health-related quality of life of community-dwelling stroke survivors: a comparison of fallers and non-fallers
Human safety "in the pocket" of national safety
Identification of fall prevention strategies for the military: a review of the literature
The impact of psychological science on policing in the United States: procedural justice, legitimacy, and effective law enforcement
The incidence of concussion in youth sports: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Injury and illness data for Illinois mining industry employees, 1990 to 2012
Internet-based brief intervention to prevent unhealthy alcohol use among young men: a randomized controlled trial
Intertemporal choice behavior in emerging adults and adults: effects of age interact with alcohol use and family history status
Intimate partner violence against women in Zimbabwe
A longitudinal study of health outcomes for people released from prison in Fiji: the HIP-Fiji project
'Make it another for me and my mates': Does social capital encourage risky drinking among the Danish general population?
Measuring, discussing, and living together: lessons from 4 years in Suetsugi
Meta-analysis on the effectiveness of alcohol screening with brief interventions for patients in emergency care settings
Mothers' and fathers' attendance in a community-based universally offered parenting program in Sweden
Multimethod prediction of physical parent-child aggression risk in expectant mothers and fathers with Social Information Processing theory
"My partner will change": cognitive distortion in battered women in bolivia
Natural disaster, older adults, and mental health-a dangerous combination
Neighborhood characteristics contribute to urban alcohol availability: accounting for race/ethnicity and social disorganization
Nonsuicidal self-injury across cultures and ethnic and racial minorities: a review
Observation and study of the convicted persons at the penitentiary institutions of the Republic of Macedonia
Observing social exclusion leads to dehumanizing the victim
On the relationship between subjective and objective measures of fatigue
Pediatric traumatic amputations in the United States: a 5-year review
Pediatric traumatic brain injury
Peer's influence in Albanian adolescents' risk taking activities
Post-traumatic stress disorder in militaries of peacekeeping missions in areas of wars and conflicts
Postdischarge cause-of-death analysis of combat-related burn patients
Pre-existing adversity, level of child protection involvement, and school attendance predict educational outcomes in a longitudinal study
Women's lived experiences of domestic violence during pregnancy (2)
Why does existential threat promote intergroup violence? Examining the role of retributive justice and cost-benefit utility motivations
"Violence. Enough already": findings from a global participatory survey among women living with HIV
Unhealthy alcohol use in older adults: association with readmissions and emergency department use in the 30 days after hospital discharge
Unemployment and Health : an overview of current research results and data from the 2010 and 2012 German Health Update
Prevalence and correlates of abuse screening items among community-dwelling Hong Kong Chinese older adults
Prevalence and etiology of traumatic injuries to the anterior teeth among 5 to 8 years old school children in Mathura City, India: an epidemiological study
Prevalence and risk factors for intimate partner violence among Grade 8 learners in urban South Africa: baseline analysis from the Skhokho Supporting Success cluster randomised controlled trial
Psychosocial determinants of marijuana use among African American youth
A qualitative analysis of emerging adult black men's sexual decision-making behavior and substance use
Reductions in cannabis use are associated with mood improvement in female emerging adults
Regional Infant and Child Mortality Review Committee 2014 Final Report
The relationship between concussion knowledge and the high school athlete's intention to report traumatic brain injury symptoms: a systematic review of the literature
The relationship between parental presence and child sexual violence: evidence from thirteen countries in sub-Saharan Africa
Safer disclosure of HIV serostatus for women living with HIV who experience or fear violence: a systematic review
Spirituality and resilience in psychiatric medicine
Substance use prevention program for adolescents with intellectual disabilities on special education schools: a cluster randomised control trial
A survey of energy drink and alcohol mixed with energy drink consumption
A survey of medically self-sabotaging behaviors among perpetrators of partner violence
Tactile and proprioceptive sensory stimulation modifies estimation of walking distance but not upright gait stability: a pilot study
Temperature observation time and type influence estimates of heat-related mortality in seven U.S. cities
The temporal association between energy drink and alcohol use among adolescents: A short communication
Temporal trends in falls cases seen by EMS in Melbourne: the effect of residence on time of day and day of week patterns
There is more to risk and safety planning than dramatic risks: mental health nurses' risk assessment and safety-management practice
"This is where you fall off my map": trans-spectrum spatialities in Washington, DC, safety, and the refusal to submit to somatic erasure
Towards a role for clinical pathology diagnostics for childhood maltreatment
The association of low parental monitoring with early substance use in European American and African American adolescent girls
Comparison of neurological and cognitive deficits in children with ADHD and anxiety disorders
Counseling for the wilderness athlete and adventurer during a preparticipation evaluation for preparation, safety, and injury prevention
Decisional balance: alcohol decisional balance intervention for heavy drinking undergraduates
Decomposing the relationship between anxiety sensitivity and alcohol use
Depression, compulsive sexual behavior, and sexual risk-taking among urban young gay and bisexual men: the p18 cohort study
Developing a game interface to assess risk perception with respect to two key dimensions of risk (frequency and severity) in contexts where risks are elevated from their accepted, "typical" values
A difference-education intervention equips first-generation college students to thrive in the face of stressful college situations
Does the how mediate the why? A multiple replication examination of drinking motives, alcohol protective behavioral strategies, and alcohol outcomes
Alcohol outlet density and intimate partner violence in a nonmetropolitan college town: accounting for neighborhood characteristics and alcohol outlet types
Are school-level factors associated with primary school students' experience of physical violence from school staff in Uganda?
Association of bullying behavior at 8 years of age and use of specialized services for psychiatric disorders by 29 years of age
Bullying among South Korean adolescents: prevalence and association with psychological adjustment
Cannabis: alternative realities
Can anxiety damage the brain?
Conflicts, political leadership and public health
Depression in children and adolescents: complementary therapies
The dilemma of re-licensing DWI offenders: the offenders' point of view
Direct aggression and generalized anxiety in adolescence: heterogeneity in development and intra-individual change
Ecologic factors relating to firearm injuries and gun violence in Chicago
Education and income imbalances among married couples in Malawi as predictors for likelihood of physical and emotional intimate partner violence
Factors associated with sexual risk behaviour among young people in Catalonia
An fMRI study of risky decision making: the role of mental preparation and conflict
Health risk behaviors in a representative sample of bisexual and heterosexual female high school students in Massachusetts
How to use security risk assessments to manage risks, prevent violence and deal with new threats
Identifying the women at risk of antenatal anxiety and depression: a systematic review
The impact of the experience of childhood poverty on adult health-risk behaviors in Japan: a mediation analysis
Intergenerational hazardous alcohol use and area factors: the HUNT Study, Norway
Is female circumcision evolving or dissolving in Norway? A qualitative study on attitudes toward the practice among young Somalis in the Oslo area
Is traditional Chinese exercise associated with lower mortality rates in older people? Evidence from a prospective Chinese elderly cohort study in Hong Kong
Mortality risks during extreme temperature events (ETEs) using a distributed lag non-linear model
A novel framework for improvement of road accidents considering decision-making styles of drivers in a large metropolitan area
Pattern of patients and diseases during mass transit: The day of Arafat experience
Perceptions of sexual violence among men who have sex with men and individuals on the trans-feminine spectrum in Mongolia
The place where you live and self-rated health in a large urban area
Prioritizing alcohol prevention: establishing alcohol as the gateway drug and linking age of first drink with illicit drug use
Racial/ethnic specific trends in pediatric firearm-related hospitalizations in the United States, 1998-2011
Relations among internalizing and externalizing symptoms and drinking frequency during adolescence
Satisfaction with transport and enjoyment of the commute by commuting mode in inner Sydney
Sports-related eye and adnexal injuries in the Western Australian paediatric population
The vulnerability to suicidal behavior is associated with reduced connectivity strength
Violence throughout the healthcare continuum
Upper extremity injuries in Danish children aged 6-12, mechanisms, and risk factors
Trends in self-harm in Kuala Lumpur, 2005-2011
Time trends and policy gaps: the case of alcohol misuse among adolescents in Lebanon
Disease network of mental disorders in Korea
Do law students stand apart from other university students in their quest for mental health: a comparative study on wellbeing and associated behaviours in law and psychology students
Does neighbourhood deprivation cause poor health? Within-individual analysis of movers in a prospective cohort study
Domains of physical activity and education in São Paulo, Brazil: a serial cross-sectional study in 2003 and 2008
Duration of unspecific prodromal and clinical high risk states, and early help-seeking in first-admission psychosis patients
Early identification of ADHD risk via infant temperament and emotion regulation: a pilot study
Early sexual debut and associated factors among in-school adolescents in six Caribbean countries
Effects of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and stimulant medication on concussion symptom reporting and computerized neurocognitive test performance
The effects of distraction and reappraisal on children's parasympathetic regulation of sadness and fear
The effects of life domains, constraints, and motivations on academic dishonesty: a partial test and extension of Agnew's general theory
The effects of low birth weight on school performance and behavioral outcomes of elementary school children in Oman
The effects of prison visits from family members on prisoners' well-being, prison rule breaking, and recidivism: a review of research since 1991
The effects of the urban built environment on mental health: a cohort study in a large northern Italian city
Emergency department visits by children and adolescents for antipsychotic drug adverse events
Emotional intelligence in sport and exercise: a systematic review
Employment of low-income African American and Latino teens: does neighborhood social mix matter?
"An environment built to include rather than exclude me": creating inclusive environments for human well-being
Environmental change strategies targeting drug abuse prevention
An epidemiological survey of obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome among edentulous population based on modified Berlin questionnaire
Epidemiology and burden of bipolar disorder in Africa: a systematic review of data from Africa
Epidemiology and outcomes of hospital-based emergency department visits with tooth fractures
Epidemiology of exercise- and sports-related injuries in a population of young, physically active adults: a survey of military servicemembers
Epidemiology of hamstring strains in 25 NCAA sports in the 2009-2010 to 2013-2014 academic years
Epidemiology on demand: population-based approaches to mental health service commissioning
Episodes of voluntary total fasting (hunger strike) in Spanish prisons: a descriptive analysis
Erasure of fear memories is prevented by Nogo Receptor 1 in adulthood
ERP and behavioral evidence of increased sensory attenuation for fear related action outcomes
The establishment of a mother-baby inpatient psychiatry unit in India: adaptation of a Western model to meet local cultural and resource needs
Ethical issues in maternal-fetal care emergencies
Ethical, legal, and administrative considerations for preparticipation evaluation for wilderness sports and adventures
Ethnic enclaves and risk of psychiatric disorders among first- and second-generation immigrants in Sweden
Etiology of fatal thoracic aortic injuries: secondary data analysis
Evaluating the attractiveness of a new light rail extension: testing simple change and displacement change hypotheses
Evaluating guilt and shame in an expressive writing alcohol intervention
An evaluation of the reliability, construct validity, and factor structure of the Static-2002R
The evolution of the emergency mental health system in Israel - from the 1980's until today
An evolutionary perspective on family studies: differential susceptibility to environmental influences
An examination of women ex-offenders with methadone histories
Examining challenging behaviors of clients with borderline personality disorder
Examining the preferred self-controlled KR schedules of learners and peers during motor skill learning
Excess cause-specific mortality in in-patient-treated individuals with personality disorder: 25-year nationwide population-based study
Executive control and decision-making in the prefrontal cortex
Exercise interventions in children and adolescents with ADHD: a systematic review
Experience of negative emotions in Parkinson's disease: an fMRI investigation
An exploration of inter-organisational partnership assessment tools in the context of Australian Aboriginal-mainstream partnerships: a scoping review of the literature
Excessive video game use, sleep deprivation, and poor work performance among U.S. Marines treated in a military mental health clinic: a case series
Feasibility of automated pre-screening for lifestyle and behavioral health risk factors in primary care
Fifty years of public service for Quebec community psychiatry policies and services organisation
A four-year follow-up controlled study of stress response and symptom persistence in Brazilian children and adolescents with attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity (ADHD)
Frequency of and risk factors for depression among participants in the Swiss HIV Cohort Study (SHCS)
Functional impairment and mental health functioning among Vietnamese children
Gait as a biomarker of cognitive impairment and dementia syndromes. Quo vadis?
Gender and the law: 25 years of progress?
Gender differences in the developmental trajectories of multiple substance use and the effect of nicotine and marijuana use on heavy drinking in a high-risk sample
Gender differences in the routine activities associated with risks for larceny in South Korea
Goal oriented and risk taking behavior: the roles of multiple systems for Caucasian and Arab-American adolescents
Group psychological intervention for postnatal depression: a nested qualitative study with British South Asian women
Harm to children and their families due to alcohol abuse: results of a population survey in Chile
Wealth inequality and mental disability among the Chinese population: a population based study
What to make of misidentification rates in obsessive-compulsive disorder
When children play, they feel better: organized activity participation and health in adolescents
When minds matter for moral judgment: intent information is neurally encoded for harmful but not impure acts
Wilderness preparticipation evaluation and considerations for special populations
When performance and risk taking are related: working for rewards is related to risk taking when the value of rewards is presented briefly
Hearing aid use and associated factors in South Korea
High variability in outcome reporting patterns in high-impact ACL literature
High-frequency intimate partner violence during pregnancy, postnatal depression and suicidal tendencies in Harare, Zimbabwe
Homicide in Greenland 1985-2010
Hopelessly mortal: the role of mortality salience, immortality and trait self-esteem in personal hope
Housing mobility and cognitive development: change in verbal and nonverbal abilities
The huge reduction in adult male mortality in Belarus and Russia: is it attributable to anti-alcohol measures?
Hypoglycaemia and automatism
Identifying the causes, prevention and management of crises in dementia. An online survey of stakeholders
Identifying features of 'pathological demand avoidance' using the Diagnostic Interview for Social and Communication Disorders (DISCO)
Identifying mental health symptoms in children and youth in residential and in-patient care settings
Identity formation difficulties in immigrant adolescents: three cases from Germany
Immigrant dairy workers' perceptions of health and safety on the farm in America's Heartland
The impact of emotional distress on motor blocks and festination in Parkinson's disease
Impact of falls on mental health outcomes for older adult mental health patients: An Australian study
The impact of intergenerational cultural dissonance on alcohol use among Vietnamese and Cambodian adolescents in the United States
The impact of late-life anxiety and depression on cognitive flexibility and cognitive restructuring skill acquisition
Impact of season, weekends and bank holidays on emergency department transfers of nursing home residents
The impact on social capital of mobility disability and weight status: the Stockholm Public Health Cohort
Implementation and evaluation of linked parenting models in a large urban child welfare system
Implementation of the chemicals regulation REACH - exploring the impact on occupational health and safety management among Swedish downstream users
Implementing a nation-wide mental health care reform: an analysis of stakeholders' priorities
Implications for social support on prolonged sleep difficulties among a disaster-affected population: second report from a cross-sectional survey in Ishinomaki, Japan
The importance of electrocardiography in the clinical course of electric injuries
Importance of physical health and health-behaviors in adolescence for risk of dropout from secondary education in young adulthood: an 8-year prospective study
Imprisoned husbands: Palestinian wives and experiences of difficulties
Incidence and lifetime costs of injuries in the United States
Incidence and nature of medical attendance injuries in English community rugby union
Increased frequency of brain pathology in inmates of a high-security forensic institution: a qualitative CT and MRI scan study
Increased mortality among older veterans admitted to VA homelessness programs
Karolinska Scales of Personality, cognition and psychotic symptoms in patients with schizophrenia and healthy controls
Increased stimulus expectancy triggers low-frequency phase reset during restricted vigilance
The infectious and noninfectious dermatological consequences of flooding: a field manual for the responding provider
Key elements for, and indicators of, a successful transition: an international Delphi study
Knowledge, attitudes and practices towards rabies: questionnaire survey in rural household heads of Gondar Zuria District, Ethiopia
Initiation of alcohol, marijuana, and inhalant use by American-Indian and white youth living on or near reservations
The intricacies of children's physical activity
Investigation of automatic avoidance in displaced individuals with chronic Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Investigating the joint development of approach bias and adolescent alcohol use
Is utilitarianism risky? How the same antecedents and mechanism produce both utilitarian and risky choices
Why and when citizens call for emergency help: an observational study of 211,193 medical emergency calls
The impact of different natures of experience on risk perception regarding fire-related incidents: a comparison of firefighters and emergency survivors using cross-national data
Research of vehicle flow based on cellular automaton in different safety parameters
Sensitivity analysis on new simulation-based conflict metrics
Vulnerability within families headed by teen and young adult mothers investigated by child welfare services in Canada
Understanding sexual and reproductive health needs of adolescents: evidence from a formative evaluation in Wakiso district, Uganda
Traumatic events associated with posttraumatic stress disorder: the role of race/ethnicity and depression
Trend and characteristics of 2,636 maxillofacial fracture cases over 32 years in suburban city of Japan
Temporal changes in alcohol-related mortality and morbidity in Australia
Age and social context modulate the effect of anxiety on risk-taking in pediatric samples
All Wales Injury Surveillance System revised: development of a population-based system to evaluate single-level and multilevel interventions
Amphetamine-type stimulant use among men who have sex with men (MSM) in Vietnam: results from a socio-ecological, community-based study
Are improvements in child health due to increasing status of women in developing nations?
Application of an autoregressive integrated moving average model for predicting injury mortality in Xiamen, China
An assessment of chemical, biological, radiologic, nuclear, and explosive preparedness among emergency department healthcare providers in an inner city emergency department
Associations between the macroeconomic indicators and suicide rates in India: two ecological studies
Aging fatherhood in Finland - first-time fathers in Finland from 1987 to 2009
Biological risk for the development of problem behavior in adolescence: integrating insights from behavioral genetics and neuroscience
Bullying behavior, youth's disease and intervention: which suggestions from the data for research on bullying in the Brazilian context?
Burden Calculator: a simple and open analytical tool for estimating the population burden of injuries
Changes in skiing and snowboarding injury epidemiology and attitudes to safety in Big Sky, Montana, USA: a comparison of 2 cross-sectional studies in 1996 and 2013
Can break-dance break your neck? C1/C2 luxation with a combined dens fracture without neurological deficits in an 11-year old boy after a break-dance performance
College sports-related injuries - United States, 2009-10 through 2013-14 academic years
Clinical utility of the MMPI-2-RF SUI items and scale in a forensic inpatient setting: association with interview self-report and future suicidal behaviors
Can link analysis be applied to identify behavioral patterns in train recorder data?
Community-based study on family-related contributory factors for childhood unintentional injuries in an urban setting of Sri Lanka
Comparative statistical analysis of the safety management approach and academic field impact on experimenter awareness and behavior
Criticism of the city and family norms: the urban version of Ie no Hikari
Disc golf, a growing sport: description and epidemiology of injuries
Drivers for OSH interventions in small and medium-sized enterprises
Editorial: central nervous system injuries: from biology to clinical approaches
The effects of obesity myths on perceptions of sexual assault victims and perpetrators' credibility
The epidemiology of homicidal strangulation in the City of Johannesburg, South Africa
"I'm sure as hell not putting any man on a pedestal": male privilege and accountability in domestic and sexual violence work
Injury prevention as social change
Knowledge, attitudes and practices of occupational risks of Colombian taxi drivers in 2013
Abuse and neglect of healthy newborn by parents: a social problem with a long history
Aggression behavior and substance use among immigrant children: mediating effect of antisocial attitudes
Analysis of the impact of mortality due to suicides in Mexico, 2000-2012
Assessing the prevalence of traumatic head injury amongst recreational surfers in the United States
Beacon of hope? Lessons learned from efforts to reduce civilian deaths from police shootings in an Australian state
The madness of sport
Evaluation of patients applied to emergency department with penetrating trauma
Alcohol and substance use among children and adolescents in an orphanage
The cognitive evaluation of elderly individuals in family practice
The biological basis of psychological resilience as a consequence of active processes
Crime scene behaviors and background characteristics of male exhibitionists
The relationship between acknowledging sexual interest in prepubescent girls and sexual offence, personal factors and child pornography use
Alcohol and marijuana use and treatment nonadherence among medically vulnerable youth
Alcohol intake and binge drinking among Italian adolescents: the role of drinking motives
All adolescents deserve routine conversations about sexual activity and pregnancy prevention
Association between psychosocial characteristics of work and presenteeism: a cross-sectional study
Association between smoking and suicidal behaviors among adolescents in the Republic of Korea
Beer, wine and lifestyle: a cross-sectional study of the Belgian military population
Challenges to the surveillance of non-communicable diseases--a review of selected approaches
Descriptive epidemiology of musculoskeletal injuries and concussions in the National Football League, 2012-2014
Early life stress and the anxious brain: evidence for a neural mechanism linking childhood emotional maltreatment to anxiety in adulthood
The effects of cognitive reappraisal following retrieval-procedures designed to destabilize alcohol memories in high-risk drinkers
Epidemiological features of traumatic spinal cord injury in Chongqing, China
Epidemiological profile of traumatic brain injury at the Dr. Rafael A. Calderón Guardia Hospital, Neurosurgery Department, during the period from 2007 to 2012
Ethnicity and culture: is it associated with falls?
Examination of the prevention of severe hand trauma injury cases due to occupational accidents - an expert opinion gathering meeting
Family impact of military mental health stigma: a narrative ethical analysis
Fatal cervical spine injuries: a Finnish nationwide register-based epidemiological study on data from 1987 to 2010
A geostatistical analysis of the association between armed conflicts and Plasmodium falciparum malaria in Africa, 1997-2010
Homicide in Chile: trends 2000 - 2012
Hot pot burns and the dangers of portable gas stove
Impact of self esteem on risky sexual behaviors among Nigerian adolescents
Incidence and prevalence of musculoskeletal injury in ballet: a systematic review
Incidence and severity of foot and ankle injuries in men's collegiate American football
Injury patterns and reconstruction in acquired ear deformities
Injury rates in age-only versus age-and-weight playing standard conditions in American youth football
Injury risk in international Rugby Union: three-year injury surveillance of the Welsh national team
Intimate partner violence and its associated factors in a sample of Colombian immigrant population in Spain
Major burn injuries associated with Christmas celebrations: a 41-year experience from Switzerland
Behavior under high arousal conditions: on the difference between high optimists and low optimists
The effect of active labor market policies on suicide rates: a panel data analysis for 26 OECD countries, 1980-2007
Expression of negative emotional responses to the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake: analysis of big data from social media
A study on the occurrence of sudden death during sports activities in schools, using text-mining analysis
A study on the alteration of the determinants of trust in risk managers following a catastrophic accident
A proposal of district impact analysis method and application to the action plan for logistics function
Mental health implications and consequences following sport-related concussion
Modelling effects of public health educational campaigns on drinking dynamics
Modification of COMT-dependent pain sensitivity by psychological stress and sex
Treatment of hand burns sequelae in countries of limited resources; our experience in the Democratic Republic of Congo
On the interpretation of risk and rate advancement periods
Pediatric facial fractures
Permissive parenting, deviant peer affiliations, and delinquent behavior in adolescence: the moderating role of sympathetic nervous system reactivity
Post-earthquake recovery in Nepal
Prevalence and correlates of depression and drinking behaviors among adolescents and emerging adults in a suburban emergency department
Prevalence and related risk factors of anxiety and depression among Chinese college freshmen
Prevalence of early posttraumatic seizures in children with moderate to severe traumatic brain injury despite levetiracetam prophylaxis
Primary care fall risk assessment for elderly West Virginians
Reformulating suicide risk formulation: from prediction to prevention
Retrospective observation of mental disorders during postpartum period: results from the Singapore mental health study
The role of parenting styles in the relation between functions of aggression and internalizing symptoms in a child psychiatric inpatient population
Rooting out gun violence
Spectrum of ocular firework injuries in children: a 5-year retrospective study during a festive season in Southern India
Substance use and misuse in burn patients: testing the classical hypotheses of the interaction between posttraumatic symptomatology and substance use
Suicidal behavior among Portuguese psychiatry trainees: comparison with the european situation
This too shall pass: evidence of coping and fading emotion in African Americans' memories of violent and nonviolent death
Toward earlier identification and preventative intervention in schizophrenia: evidence from the London Child Health and Development Study
Training to become a fall 'pro' is a never-ending journey
Victimization and biological stress responses in urban adolescents: emotion regulation as a moderator
Factors associated with increased hospitalisation risk among nursing home residents in Sweden: a prospective study with a three-year follow-up
Head trauma-related deaths among preschool children in Istanbul, Turkey