Discounting the freedom to choose: Implications for the paradox of choice
Does school ethos explain the relationship between value-added education and teenage substance use? A cohort study
Driver usage and understanding of adaptive cruise control
The dynamics of evolving beliefs, concerns emotions, and behavioral avoidance following 9/11: a longitudinal analysis of representative archival samples
An Empirical Investigation of the Influence of Safety Climate on Safety Citizenship Behavior in Coal Mine
Empirical Study of Lane Changing in Urban Streets under Varying Traffic Conditions
Factors influencing resident's estimate of traffic-related phenomena in their street
From punishment to prevention: A French case study of the introduction of co-regulation in enforcing food safety
A fuzzy-stochastic Constraint Programming Model for Hazmat Road Transportation Considering Terrorism Attacking
Genetic and environmental influences on residential location in the US
The impact of court errors on liability sharing and safety regulation for environmental/industrial accidents
The impact of the 'school run' on road traffic accidents: a spatio-temporal analysis
Integrating geographical information and augmented reality techniques for mobile escape guidelines on nuclear accident sites
On how access to an insurance market affects investments in safety measures, based on the expected utility theory
'On the street where you live': Neighbourhood deprivation and quality of life among community-dwelling older people in Edinburgh, Scotland
The perceived causes of severe traffic accidents: A psychosocial approach
Psychological risk factors for road safety
Quantitative risk assessment: How realistic are those frequency assumptions?
Relating Safety and Capacity on Urban Freeways
Results of Finnish national survey in the chemical industry on EU legislation concerned with risk assessment and safety compliance climate
Risk perception and behaviors: anticipating and responding to crises
Safety performance differences between unionized and non-union motor carriers
Structuring risk factors related to airline cabin safety
The Study of The Core Concept of Safety Culture in Highway Engineering Construction Projects
Study on Unsafe Behavior Pre-control Method Based on Accidents Statistic
Theoretical research on hazards and accident prevention
A systemic analysis of patterns of organizational breakdowns in accidents: A case from Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) operations
Violence and aggressiveness in traffic
Young drivers' attitudes towards the main road safety measures in France
From Neural Responses to Population Behavior: Neural Focus Group Predicts Population-Level Media Effects
Re-strategising for effective health and safety standards in small and medium-sized enterprises
Reaching the Hard-to-Reach: A Probability Sampling Method for Assessing Prevalence of Driving under the Influence after Drinking in Alcohol Outlets
Advanced multi-perspective computer simulation as a tool for reliable consequence analysis
The Global Dimensions of Public Health Preparedness and Implications for US Action
Road trauma perceptions and the potential influence of the media
Safety Belt Laws and Disparities in Safety Belt Use Among US High-School Drivers
Swimming Upstream
Tsunami simulations scare Japan
African American Adolescent Females' Perceptions of Neighborhood Safety, Familial Strategies, and Sexual Debut
Agreement among physical educators, teachers and parents on children's behaviors: A multitrait-multimethod design approach
Connection without caution? The role of mobile phone involvement in predicting young people's intentions to use a mobile phone while driving
Hoon club culture: A South Australian policing response
Pediatric All-Terrain Vehicle Trauma: The Epidemic Continues Unabated
Vulnerable road users: Characteristics of pedestrians
Visual attention and the acquisition of information in human crowds
Can radar detectors and safety warning system (SWS) signals improve road safety?
Facial Emotion Recognition in Children with High Functioning Autism and Children with Social Phobia
Harvest of need: addressing health and safety challenges on North Carolina's farms
Interaction between driving-related self- esteem and threat
Perceived crime and traffic safety is related to physical activity among adults in Nigeria
Rash impulsiveness and reward sensitivity in relation to risky drinking by university students: Potential roles of frontal systems
Risk Communication, Public Engagement, and Climate Change: A Role for Emotions
Risk compensation: a male phenomenon? Results from a controlled intervention trial promoting helmet use among cyclists
Safety assessment in the urban park environment in Alborz Province, Iran
The Impact of Prohibition on drinking and driving in Belo Horizonte in the State of Minas Gerais
Aggressive driving among British, Dutch, Finnish and Turkish drivers
Worldwide application of prevention science in adolescent health
Girls' perceptions of violence and prevention
Health of the world's adolescents: a synthesis of internationally comparable data
Baseline EEG theta/beta ratio and punishment sensitivity as biomarkers for feedback-related negativity (FRN) and risk-taking
Crime, fear of crime, environment, and mental health and wellbeing: Mapping review of theories and causal pathways
Emergency Department Patients' Preferences for Technology-Based Behavioral Interventions
Impulsivity, risk taking, and timing
Nightmare-enacting behavior responding to zonisamide in early Parkinson's disease
Risk Communication in Deployment-Related Exposure Concerns
Risk factors for problem behavior in adolescents of parents with a chronic medical condition
Targeting 'high-risk' individuals
Symptom dimensions of disruptive behavior disorders in adolescent drivers
Adolescence: a foundation for future health
Adolescence and the social determinants of health
Beyond mental health: An evolutionary analysis of development under risky and supportive environmental conditions: An introduction to the special section
Evolving science in adolescence: Comment on Ellis et al. (2012)
Impact of an injury prevention program on teenagers' knowledge and attitudes: results of the Pense Bem-Caxias do Sul Project
Innumeracy and Unpacking: Bridging the Nomothetic/Idiographic Divide in Violence Risk Assessment
What People Desire, Feel Conflicted About, and Try to Resist in Everyday Life
Risk-taking behaviors engaged in by early adolescents while on school property
Alligators, hospital birth and other urban legends
Doing Our Best: Optimization and the Management of Risk
Worry about terror among young adults living in ongoing security uncertainty
Lifetime Sexual Victimization and Poor Risk Perception: Does Emotion Dysregulation Account for the Links?
Using ordered attitudinal indicators in a latent variable choice model: a study of the impact of security on rail travel behaviour
An in-depth analysis of red light crossing problem in Saudi Arabia
Study of driver's behavior during overtaking situations
Self-reported behavior, perceptions, and attitudes of drivers regarding seat belt use: a descriptive study
A simplified method for analyzing factors contributing to motorcyclists' fatal injuries in Ohio
Islamic Headdress Influences How Emotion is Recognized from the Eyes
Religion Replenishes Self-Control
Differential neurobiological effects of expert advice on risky choice in adolescents and adults
Effects of Childhood Maltreatment on Violent Injuries and Premature Death During Young Adulthood Among Urban High-Risk Men
Eye Movements to Audiovisual Scenes Reveal Expectations of a Just World
How Do People Judge Risks: Availability Heuristic, Affect Heuristic, or Both?
The Informational Constraints of Behavioral Distraction by Unexpected Sounds: The Role of Event Information
Inhibitory control in young adolescents: The role of sex, intelligence, and temperament
Mania With and Without Depression in a Community Sample of US Adolescents
A study of alcohol use by designated drivers among college students
White Matter Integrity, Substance Use, and Risk Taking in Adolescence
Victim Countries of Transnational Terrorism: An Empirical Characteristics Analysis
A cross-sectional survey of the relationship between walking, biking, and the built environment for adults aged over 70 years
Predictions of success of Danish attack divers by the defense mechanism test (DMT)
Estimating earthquake-induced failure probability and downtime of critical facilities
Is knowledge important? Empirical research on nuclear risk communication in two countries
Avoidance, safety behavior, and reassurance seeking in generalized anxiety disorder
Episodic heavy drinking, problem drinking and injuries - Results of the WHO/NIAAA collaborative emergency room study in South Korea
Exertional heat stroke: new concepts regarding cause and care
Overview of critical risk factors in Power-Two-Wheeler safety
A survey of residential carbon monoxide detector utilization among Connecticut Emergency Department patients
Effects of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol on evaluation of emotional images
Fear of heights in ancient China
Reasons for not using ecstasy: a qualitative study of non-users, light ex-users and moderate ex-users
Rural Nevada and Climate Change: Vulnerability, Beliefs, and Risk Perception
Balanced placebo design with marijuana: Pharmacological and expectancy effects on impulsivity and risk taking
RE: Seatbelt compliance and mortality in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries in comparison with other high-income countries
Reply to: RE: Seatbelt compliance and mortality in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries in comparison with other high-income countries
Injuries in preschool children: the hypothetical protector effect of minor injuries and risk factors for minor and medically attended injuries
Preventive behaviours against radiation and related factors among general workers after Fukushima's nuclear disasters
Sleep Deprivation Is Associated with Attenuated Parametric Valuation and Control Signals in the Midbrain during Value-Based Decision Making
The Social Dimension of Stress Reactivity: Acute Stress Increases Prosocial Behavior in Humans
Why cooperation does not always work out: Trust, motivation and cognitive science
Challenges in building resilience engineering (RE) and adaptive capacity: A field study in a chemical plant
"If I Walked on my Own at Night I Stuck to Well Lit Areas." Gendered spaces and urban transport in 20th century Britain
Victim Sensitivity and the Accuracy of Social Judgments
Visual extrapolation under risk: human observers estimate and compensate for exogenous uncertainty
Visualizing safety assessment by integrating the use of game technology
Analysis and modeling time headway distributions under heavy traffic flow conditions in the urban highways: case of Isfahan
Alternative methodology for determining gap acceptance for two-way stop-controlled intersections
Analysis of rainfall impacts on platooned vehicle spacing and speed
Associating crash avoidance maneuvers with driver attributes and accident characteristics: a mixed logit model approach
Attitudes of Teenagers Towards Workplace Safety Training
Authoritarianism, Religious Fundamentalism, and the Human Prefrontal Cortex
"The brain is such a delicate thing": an exploration of fear and seizures among young people with epilepsy
Characterizing the role of strategic disposition and orientation to risk in wayfinding
Detection of Propensity for Aggression based on Facial Structure Irrespective of Face Race
Differentiating between left-turn gap and lag acceptance at unsignalized intersections as a function of the site characteristics
Driver perception of roadside configurations on two-lane rural roads: Effects on speed and lateral placement
Driving citations and aggressive behavior
How can the safety culture perspective be applied to road traffic?
Implementation of community flood risk communication in Kumamoto, Japan
Young and unlicensed: risky driving before entering the licensing system
You Give Me the Chills: Embodied Reactions to Inappropriate Amounts of Behavioral Mimicry
The effect of tire grip on learning driving skill and driving style: A driving simulator study
Embedding risk attitudes in a scheduling model: application to the study of commuting departure time
An examination of some safety issues among commercial motorcyclists in Nigeria: a case study
An exploratory examination of risk-taking behavior and PTSD symptom severity in a veteran sample
High Versus Low Level of Response to Alcohol: Evidence of Differential Reactivity to Emotional Stimuli
How does perceived risk mediate associations between perceived safety and parental restriction of adolescents' physical activity in their neighborhood?
Impaired Response Inhibition in Veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
Individual differences in drivers' cognitive processing of road safety messages
Risk of crashing with a tram: Perceptions of pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists
Safe n' sound: an evidence-based tool to prioritize injury messages for pediatric health care
Speeding by young novice drivers: What can personal characteristics and psychosocial theory add to our understanding?
Regret theory-based route choices and traffic equilibria
Retrospective review of all-terrain vehicle accidents in Alberta
Randomized government safety inspections reduce worker injuries with no detectable job loss
Nonconformities in real-world fatal crashes- electronic stability control and seat belt reminders
The occupant response to autonomous braking: a modeling approach that accounts for active musculature
Older drivers' visual search behaviour at intersections
Motorcycle-based adolescents' travel behaviour during the school morning commute and the effect of intra-household interaction on departure time and mode choice
Maneuvers of motorcycles in queues at signalized intersections
Logistics of hurricane evacuation in Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
Estimation of the severity of safety critical events
When emotional valence modulates audiovisual integration
An induced OWA operator in coal mine safety evaluation
A model for evacuation risk assessment with consideration of pre- and post-disaster factors
Medical and biological consequences of nuclear disasters
"I'm not afraid of those ones just 'cause they've been prescribed": Perceptions of risk among illicit users of pharmaceutical opioids
Associations of physical activity with neighborhood environments and transportation modes in older Japanese adults
Automatic Processes in At-Risk Adolescents: The role of Alcohol-Approach Tendencies and Response Inhibition in Drinking Behavior
Passengers' decisions to ride with a driver under the influence of either alcohol or cannabis
A Bayesian account of 'hysteria'
Bayesian Data Analysis of Severe Fatal Accident Risk in the Oil Chain
Factors Associated With Serious Traffic Crashes: A Prospective Study in Southwest France
Occupational-Level Interactions Between Physical Hazards and Cognitive Ability and Skill Requirements in Predicting Injury Incidence Rates
Sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll: hypothesizing common mesolimbic activation as a function of reward gene polymorphisms
Comparison of neural correlates of risk decision making between genders: An exploratory fNIRS study of the Balloon Analogue Risk Task (BART)
Do Substance Use Norms and Perceived Drug Availability Mediate Sexual Orientation Differences in Patterns of Substance Use? Results from the California Quality of Life Survey II
Emergency department workers' perceptions of security officers' effectiveness during violent events
Factors associated with adolescents' propensity to drive with multiple passengers and to engage in risky driving behaviors
Factors Associated with Road Accidents among Brazilian Motorcycle Couriers
Factors related to seatbelt-wearing among rear-seat passengers in Malaysia
Four days later in Cincinnati: Longitudinal tests of hyperbolic discounting
Igniting interest in prevention: using firefighter focus groups to inform implementation and enhancement of an urban canvassing program
Hospitalization for underage drinkers in the United States
Impulsivity in the general population: A national study
Injury control training in the USA: meeting the challenge
Inverse Relation between Cortisol and Anger and their Relation to Performance and Explicit Memory
Liberating Reason From the Passions: Overriding Intuitionist Moral Judgments Through Emotion Reappraisal
Who Gets Blamed for Intimate Partner Violence? The Relative Contributions of Perpetrator Sex Category, Victim Confrontation, and Observer Attitudes
Validity and reliability of the rapid assessment for adolescent preventive services adolescent health risk assessment
Stress Response Regulation in Panic Disorder
Supervised hours requirements in graduated driver licensing: Effectiveness and parental awareness
The ties that bind: bonding versus bridging social capital and college student party attendance
Trait mindfulness modulates neuroendocrine and affective responses to social evaluative threat
The risk behaviors and mental health of detained adolescents: a controlled, prospective longitudinal study
School bonding as a moderator of the effect of peer influences on alcohol use among American Indian adolescents
Peer passengers: how do they affect teen crashes?
A qualitative approach using the integrative model of behaviour change to identify intervention strategies to increase optimal child restraint practices among culturally and linguistically diverse families in New South Wales
The Public Health Disaster Trust Scale: Validation of a Brief Measure
Obesity and risk taking: A male phenomenon
A multimodal location and routing model for hazardous materials transportation
Challenges in performing technical safety reviews of modifications - A case study
Experimental evidence of the "Faster is Slower" effect in the evacuation of ants
Experimental study on an ultra high-rise building evacuation in China
A fuzzy Bayesian network approach to improve the quantification of organizational influences in HRA frameworks
Introducing roadside hazard severity indicator based on evidential reasoning approach
Normative barriers improvement through the MADS/MOSAR methodology
Overall and local movement speeds during fire drill evacuations in buildings up to 31 stories
Readability of OHS documents - A comparison of surface characteristics of OHS text between some languages
Bar graphs depicting averages are perceptually misinterpreted: The within-the-bar bias
Behavior as information: "If I avoid, then there must be a danger"
The danger in deception: oedipal betrayal and the assault on truth
Evaluation of personal and built environment attributes to physical activity: a multilevel analysis on multiple population-based data sources
Longitudinal Impact of the Project PATHS on Adolescent Risk Behavior: What Happened after Five Years?
Reduced fear-recognition sensitivity following acute buprenorphine administration in healthy volunteers
The relationship between cluster-analysis derived walkability and local recreational and transportation walking among Canadian adults
Risk and protective behaviours for residential carbon monoxide poisoning
The role of prediction in social neuroscience
Self-treatment of pain among adolescents in an urban community
Neighborhood disorder and screen time among 10-16 year old Canadian youth: A cross-sectional study
Perception and Communication of Flood Risks: A Systematic Review of Empirical Research
Adapting ISA system warnings to enhance user acceptance
Assessing farm tractor incidents and awareness levels of operators for tractor safety issues in the Hatay province of Turkey
Can enforced behaviour change attitudes? Exploring the influence of Intelligent Speed Adaptation
Competition injuries in taekwondo: a literature review and suggestions for prevention and surveillance
Could Intelligent Speed Adaptation make overtaking unsafe?
Deal or no deal: Can incentives encourage widespread adoption of intelligent speed adaptation devices?
Drink-driving in community sports clubs: Adopting the Good Sports alcohol management program
ER visits predict premature death among teenagers
Effect of North Carolina's restriction on teenage driver cell phone use two years after implementation
Dynamics of safety performance and culture: A group model building approach
Editorial: Construction accidents
Exploring the safety implications of young drivers' behavior, attitudes and perceptions
Impulsivity and rapid decision-making for reward
The influence of state mental health perceptions and spending on an individual's use of mental health services
Investigating the factorial invariance of the 28-item DBQ across genders and age groups: An Exploratory Structural Equation Modeling Study
Investigating the multi-causal and complex nature of the accident causal influence of construction project features
Is intelligent speed adaptation ready for deployment?
ISA implementation and uncertainty: A literature review and expert elicitation study
Judgments of approach speed for motorcycles across different lighting levels and the effect of an improved tri-headlight configuration
Motorcycle and scooter speeds approaching urban intersections
Pay as You Speed, ISA with incentive for not speeding: Results and interpretation of speed data
Pay as You Speed, ISA with incentives for not speeding: A case of test driver recruitment
Population behavioral scenarios influencing radiological disaster preparedness and planning
Potential difficulties in applying the Pay for Safety Scheme (PFSS) in construction projects
Predictive Effects of Good Self-Control and Poor Regulation on Alcohol-Related Outcomes: Do Protective Behavioral Strategies Mediate?
Preventing construction worker injury incidents through the management of personal stress and organizational stressors
Prominent barriers and motivators to installing ROPS: an analysis of survey responses from Pennsylvania and Vermont
Proposal of a risk-factor-based analytical approach for integrating occupational health and safety into project risk evaluation
Relational approach in managing construction project safety: A social capital perspective
The role of sensation seeking, perceived peer pressure, and harmful alcohol use in riding with an alcohol-impaired driver
Self reported risk taking and risk compensation in skiers and snowboarders are associated with sensation seeking
Stuck in the 70s: the role of social norms in distracted driving
Timing of Traumatic Brain Injury in Childhood and Intellectual Outcome
Towards a better reliability of risk assessment: Development of a qualitative & quantitative risk evaluation model (Q(2)REM) for different trades of construction works in Hong Kong
Translation and adaptation of the Motorcycle Rider Behavior Questionnaire: a Brazilian version
Trends in alcohol-impaired driving in Canada
Using game technologies to improve the safety of construction plant operations
What benefit does Intelligent Speed Adaptation deliver? A close examination of its effect on vehicle speeds
Valuation of morbidity and mortality risk reductions. Does context matter?
A multiple self theory of the mind
Bargaining over waiting time in ultimatum game experiments
Acute alcohol effects on impulsivity: Associations with drinking and driving behavior
Alcohol-related injury among Greek-letter college students: defining a target population for secondary prevention
Assessing the Psychometric and Ecometric Properties of Neighborhood Scales in Developing Countries: Saúde em Beagá Study, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, 2008-2009
Cooperation due to cultural norms, not individual reputation
Crack users show high rates of antisocial personality disorder, engagement in illegal activities and other psychosocial problems
Deconfounding Distance Effects in Judgments of Moral Obligation
'Diligent in business, serving the Lord': John Burns, evangelicalism and Cunard's culture of speed, 1878-1901
Exceeding the speed limit: prevalence and determinants in Iran
Extreme sports are good for your health: A phenomenological understanding of fear and anxiety in extreme sport
The Fear of Others: A Qualitative Analysis of Interpersonal Threat in Social Phobia and Paranoia
Feeling the Need for (Personalized) Speed: How Natural Controls and Customization Contribute to Enjoyment of a Racing Game Through Enhanced Immersion
Impulsivity Moderates the Relationship Between Implicit Associations About Alcohol and Alcohol Use
Optimism bias and parental views on unintentional injuries and safety: improving anticipatory guidance in early childhood
Perceived neighborhood environmental attributes associated with adults' transport-related walking and cycling: Findings from the USA, Australia and Belgium
Patterns of suicide and other trespassing fatalities on state-owned railways in greater Stockholm; implications for prevention
A New Look at Social Attention: Orienting to the Eyes Is Not (Entirely) Under Volitional Control
Ninety-one killed in fire in Kolkata hospital
Preventing risky driving: A novel and efficient brief intervention focusing on acknowledgement of personal risk factors
'Where the rubber hits the road' en route to inter-group harmony: Examining contact intentions and contact behaviour under meta-stereotype threat
Comparing exposure metrics for classifying 'dangerous heat' in heat wave and health warning systems
Erratum on "Eyes on the block: Measuring urban physical disorder through in person observation, by Malia Jones, Anne R. Pebley, Narayan Sastry, Social Science Research 40 (2) 523-537"
Factors associated with illegal motorcycle street racing and help-seeking intention
Fatal accident distribution by age, gender and head injury, and death probability at accident scene in Mashhad, Iran, 2006-2009
Gender stereotypes and superior conformity of the self in a sample of cyclists
Issues in motorcycle sensory and cognitive conspicuity: The impact of motorcycle low-beam headlights and riding experience on drivers' decisions to turn across the path of a motorcycle
Lack of international consensus in low-risk drinking guidelines
Marijuana expectancies and relationships with adolescent and adult marijuana use
Pareto frontier analyses based decision making tool for transportation of hazardous waste
Perception of safety of cyclists in Dublin City
Prevalence and characteristics of patients with risky alcohol consumption presenting to emergency departments in rural Australia
Predictors of Hazardous Drinking Behavior in 1,340 Adult Trauma Patients: A Computerized Alcohol Screening and Intervention Study
Preventing youthful substance use and harm-between effectiveness and political wishfulness
The prevention access and risk taking in young people (PARTY) project protocol: a cluster randomised controlled trial of health risk screening and motivational interviewing for young people
The Rise and Fall of a Regulator: Adventure Sports in the United Kingdom
State Patty's Day: College Student Drinking and Local Crime Increased on a Student-constructed Holiday
Substance use and mild traumatic brain injury risk reduction and prevention: a novel model for treatment
The Unintended Effects of Risk-Refuting Information on Anxiety
Understanding Trauma as a Men's Health Issue: Sex Differences in Traumatic Injury Presentations at a Level 1 Trauma Center in Australia
Walking for Recreation and Perceptions of the Neighborhood Environment in Older Chinese Urban Dwellers
Time-Dependent Changes in Human Corticospinal Excitability Reveal Value-Based Competition for Action during Decision Processing
Adolescents, parents, and monitoring: a review of constructs with attention to process and theory
Do addressees adopt the perspective of the speaker?
Drinking Buddies and Their Prospective Influence on Alcohol Outcomes: Alcohol Expectancies as a Mediator
Error-related anterior cingulate cortex activity and the prediction of conscious error awareness
Experimental analysis of 31 risk estimation tools applied to safety of machinery
The guessing of mine safety signs meaning: effects of user factors and cognitive sign features
Human Abuse Potential and Cognitive Effects of Taranabant, a Cannabinoid 1 Receptor Inverse Agonist: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo- and Active-Controlled, Crossover Study in Recreational Polydrug Users
Nonconscious fear is quickly acquired but swiftly forgotten
Risk-accepting personality and personal protective equipment use within the agricultural health study
Tattooing among high school students in southern Taiwan: The prevalence, correlates and associations with risk-taking behaviors and depression
Facets of Emotional Clarity and Suspiciousness
Investigating the relative risk factors of injuries caused by accidents on roads in the Mashhad area in 2007
What influences a decision to call 9-1-1?: exploring differential correlates for retired versus employed samples
Stoicism and Sensation Seeking: Male Vulnerabilities for the Acquired Capability for Suicide
Age, period and cohort effects on the incidence of motorcyclist casualties in traffic crashes
The aging motorcyclist: A comparative epidemiologic study on pattern and severity of injury
BDSM disclosure and stigma management: identifying opportunities for sex education
Bloody Lucky: the careless worker myth in Alberta, Canada
Cannabis-dependence risk relates to synergism between neuroticism and proenkephalin SNPs associated with amygdala gene expression: case-control study
A comparison of the anticipated and pharmacological effects of alcohol on cognitive bias, executive function, craving and ad-lib drinking
Direct and indirect effects of mood on risk decision making in safety-critical workers
Does community type moderate the relationship between parent perceptions of the neighborhood and physical activity in children?
Fetal programming effects of testosterone on the reward system and behavioral approach tendencies in humans
How a nuclear power plant accident influences acceptance of nuclear power: results of a longitudinal study before and after the Fukushima disaster
Identifying differences between off-highway vehicle (OHV) and non-OHV user groups for recreation resource planning
Intentionality and "free-will" from a neurodevelopmental perspective
Lack of tolerance to the disinhibiting effects of alcohol in heavy drinkers
Linking childhood sexual abuse and early adolescent risk behavior: the intervening role of internalizing and externalizing problems
Mixed treatment comparisons using aggregate and individual participant level data
Neural correlates of risk taking in violent criminal offenders characterized by emotional hypo- and hyper-reactivity
Perception of the risk of drugs consumption in teenagers of our environment
The relationship between cognitive ability, insight and self-regulatory behaviors: Findings from the older driver population
The relationship between cumulative risk and promotive factors and violent behavior among urban adolescents
Road safety impacts of the motorcycle in Brazil
Sequential dependencies in driving
State-specific ATV-related fatality rates: an update in the new millennium
Systematic review: annual incidence of ACL injury and surgery in various populations
Developing safer passengers through a school-based injury prevention program
Environmental conditions for safety work - Theoretical foundations
Fish first: Sharp end decision-making at Norwegian fish farms
The influence of individual's risk perception and attitudes on travel behavior
Multilevel approach to organizational and group safety climate and safety performance: Co-workers as the missing link
Quantitative indicator of homeostatic risk perception in car following
The role of standardization in safety management - A case study of a major oil & gas company
Safety management in different high-risk domains - All the same?
"They're lunatics on the road": Exploring the normative influences of parents, friends, and police on young novices' risky driving decisions
Towards a constructivist program in safety
Voluntary internalization of speeding externalities with vehicle insurance
Helmet use and self-reported risk taking in skiing and snowboarding
The influence of crime prevention through environmental design on victimisation and fear of crime
Making neighborhoods safer: Examining predictors of residents' concerns about neighborhood safety
Traffic safety and vehicle choice: quantifying the effects of the 'arms race' on American roads
Alcohol-related cues promote automatic racial bias
The neurobiology of oppositional defiant disorder and conduct disorder: Altered functioning in three mental domains
Transport mode preferences, risk perception and worry in a Norwegian urban population
Why do drivers maintain short headways in fog? A driving-simulator study evaluating feeling of risk and lateral control during automated and manual car following
Disney-Pixar to the rescue: harnessing positive affect for enhancing children's active mobility
Human responses to live snakes and their photographs: Evaluation of beauty and fear of the king snakes
Do parents' and children's concerns about sports safety and injury risk relate to how much physical activity children do?
An assessment of safety climate in U.S. naval aviation
Adaptive cruise control user differences in urban and rural environments
Assessing drivers ability to carry out headway advice in motorway car driving
Comparison of controller attention decrease during different break patterns in night shifts
Deciding when to escape a mine emergency: Modeling accumulation of evidence about emergencies through instance-based learning
Drivers' behavior through a yellow light effects of distraction and age
Drivers' decisions to turn across the path of a motorcycle with low beam headlights
Effect of text format on determining tires' date of manufacture
Effects of an advisory warning and a cash bonus on speeding behavior
Effects of cognitive distraction on lane-keeping performance loss or improvement?
Effects of emotional priming on visual threat detection
The effects of iPod use on driver distraction
The gorilla's role in relevant and irrelevant stimuli in situation awareness and driving hazard detection
Investigating the role of roadway environment in driving errors an on road study
Pedestrians' estimates of their own visibility at night are not reduced when headlights are severely weakened
Pedestrians' perceptions of countermeasure efficacy in reducing risks at intersection crossings
Reading pages of a consumer product manual text and warnings effects of format salience and visual cues on eye movements
Safety beliefs about consumer products
The effect of countermeasures to reduce the incidence of unintended acceleration accidents
Adolescent risk taking under stressed and nonstressed conditions: conservative, calculating, and impulsive types
Fetal serotonin signaling: setting pathways for early childhood development and behavior
Infusing developmental neuroscience into school-based preventive interventions: implications and future directions
Neighborhood walking among overweight and obese adults: age variations in barriers and motivators
All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) crashes in an unregulated environment: A prospective study of 56 cases
Comparability effects in probability judgments
Correlates of physical activity: why are some people physically active and others not?
Enjoying life in the face of death: east-west differences in responses to mortality salience
Endogeneity in prison risk classification
Emotion regulation and risk taking: Predicting risky choice in deliberative decision making
Individual Differences in Risky Decision-Making Among Seniors Reflect Increased Reward Sensitivity
Rare disasters and risk attitudes: international differences and implications for integrated assessment modeling
Risky business: challenges and successes in military radiation risk communication
The statistics of urban scaling and their connection to Zipf's law
Synthesis strategy: building a culturally sensitive mid-range theory of risk perception using literary, quantitative, and qualitative methods
Threat, domain-specificity and the human amygdala
Unhealthy lifestyle, poor mental health , and its correlation among adolescents: a nationwide cross-sectional survey
Utilizing a multimodal assessment strategy to examine variations of impulsivity among young adults engaged in co-occurring smoking and binge drinking behaviors
Engaging Latino farmworkers in the development of symbols to improve pesticide safety and health education and risk communication
Mode of transport by car of 6-12-year-old children in Florence
Using naturalistic driving data to identify variables associated with infrequent, occasional, and consistent seat belt use
How can we study heroism? Integrating persons, situations and communities
The impact of value similarity and power on the perception of threat
Antisocial personality disorder and borderline symptoms are differentially related to impulsivity and course of illness in bipolar disorder
Direct and indirect effects of impulsivity traits on drinking and driving in young adults
Ergonomics issues in national identity card for homeland security
Experimental test of social norms theory in a real-world drinking environment
The Fukushima nuclear crisis reemphasizes the need for improved risk communication and better use of social media
Gender, social norms, and survival in maritime disasters
Peak performance: heading off drug interactions with sports supplements
Reliability and validity of a new instrument to measure tolerance of everyday risk for children
Risk perception and occupational accidents: a study of gas station workers in southern Brazil
Evaluation of Leandra's Law
Making the case for a broadened definition of "impaired driving"
Nassau County red light camera program
Teen decision-making and neurological development
The fallout from emerging technologies: Surveillance, social networks, and suicide
Mental health of managers of small and medium enterprises as seen from the viewpoint of risk management
A review of nonimaging stand-off concealed threat detection with millimeter-wave radar
Are residents of downtown Toronto influenced by their urban neighbourhoods? Using concept mapping to examine neighbourhood characteristics and their perceived impact on self-rated mental well-being
Causal conditionals and counterfactuals
'Benign invigilation' : Using appreciative inquiry to reposition clinical risk in multi-disciplinary CAMH teams
Impact of grade separator on pedestrian risk taking behavior
Adolescent expectations of early death predict adult risk behaviors
Aggression and impulsivity as predictors of stress generation in bipolar spectrum disorders
Attending to the construct of beliefs in research on religion/spirituality and health: commentary on 'beyond belief'
Distinctive neural signatures for negative sentences in Hindi: an fMRI study
Faces in the face of death: Effects of exposure to life-threatening events and mortality salience on facial expression recognition in combat and noncombat military veterans
Influence of personal mobile phone ringing and usual intention to answer on driver error
Greening vacant lots to reduce violent crime: a randomised controlled trial
Individual differences, cultural differences, and dialectic conflict description and resolution
Ignorance and utilization: mental health care outside the purview of the Indian state
Reading between the minds: the use of stereotypes in empathic accuracy
Psychometric properties of the Slovenian version of temperament evaluation of Memphis, Pisa, Paris, and San Diego-Autoquestionnaire (TEMPS-A): Temperament profiles in Slovenian university students
Road user behaviour changes following a self-explaining roads intervention
Cortical rhythm of No-go processing in humans: An MEG study
Non-seatbelt use and associated factors among Thai drivers during Songkran festival
A research of letter color visibility in package insert information using simulator
Unheard voices: a qualitative exploration of fathers' access of child safety information
Evolutionary polynomial regression to alert rainfall-triggered landslide reactivation
A regional real-time debris-flow warning system for the District of North Vancouver, Canada
Delusion-proneness or miscomprehension? A re-examination of the jumping-to-conclusions bias
Automated detection of alarm sounds
Awe expands people's perception of time, alters decision making, and enhances well-being
Characteristics of effective health and safety committees: Survey results
Clinical characteristics of impulse control and repetitive behavior disorders in Parkinson's disease
Differential effects of psychopathy and antisocial personality disorder symptoms on cognitive and fear processing in female offenders
Driven by fear: the effect of success and failure information on passionate individuals' performance
Emergency Do Not Consume/Do Not Use concentrations for potassium permanganate in drinking water
Emotion perception and functional outcome in schizophrenia: The importance of negative valence and fear
Enhanced perceptual responses during visual processing of facial stimuli in young socially anxious individuals
Evidence that changes in social cognitions predict changes in self-reported driver behavior: Causal analyses of two-wave panel data
Listen to your heart: when false somatic feedback shapes moral behavior
A methodology to increase driver trust in rear-obstacle warning systems with imperfect sensing results -- Proposal for a warning system using sensor reliability information
Modeling road traffic fatalities in India: Smeed's law, time invariance and regional specificity
Needing to connect: The effect of self and others on young people's involvement with their mobile phones
Persuading drivers to refrain from speeding: Effects of message sidedness and regulatory fit
A preliminary proposal for urban and transportation planning in response to the Great East Japan Earthquake
Self- and peer-assessments of ambulance drivers' driving performance
Self-reported and observed risky driving behaviors among frequent and infrequent cell phone users
A study on motorcycle rider characteristic and behavior in metro Manila
Young men driving dangerously: development of the Motives for Dangerous Driving Scale (MDDS)
Sex differences in the human brain and the impact of sex chromosomes and sex hormones
Young children are intrinsically motivated to see others helped
Use of microblogging for collective sense-making during violent crises: A study of three campus shootings
On popular response to violence during insurgencies
Neurobiological and psychosocial causes of individual male violence
Religion and selected health behaviors among Latinos in Texas
Playing for health? Revisiting health promotion to examine the emerging public health position on children's play
Analysis of collaborative communication for linguistic cues of cognitive load
Deconstructing the Notion of 'Belief' in Psychology: Commentary on 'Beyond Belief'
Do etiological influences on aggression overlap with those on rule breaking? A meta-analysis
Gender and crime victimization modify neighborhood effects on adolescent mental health
Difficulty in disengaging from threat and temperamental negative affectivity in early life: A longitudinal study of infants aged 12 to 36 months
Outdoor play among children in relation to neighborhood characteristics: a cross-sectional neighborhood observation study
The subjective physiological, psychological, and behavioral risk-taking consequences of alcohol and energy drink co-ingestion
Too little, too late or too much, too early? Differential hemodynamics of response inhibition in high and low sensation seekers
The U.S. Department of Labor's Tractor and Machinery Certification Program: management styles and perceptions held by community stakeholders and instructors
Moving beyond the trait conceptualization of self-esteem: The prospective effect of impulsiveness, coping, and risky behavior engagement
Neural correlates of causality judgment in physical and social context - the reversed effects of space and time
Preference reversals in decision making under risk are accompanied by changes in attention to different attributes
The regulatory easy street: Self-regulation below the self-control threshold does not consume regulatory resources
The relationship between risk-taking propensity and the COMT Val(158)Met polymorphism among early adolescents as a function of sex
Threat bias in attention orienting: evidence of specificity in a large community-based study
What can other animals tell us about human social cognition? An evolutionary perspective on reflective and reflexive processing
Aging and wisdom: culture matters
Associations of occupational safety atmosphere and behaviors with unintentional injuries
Automatic imitation of risky behavior: a study of simulated driving in China
Bicyclist fatalities involving heavy goods vehicles: gender differences in risk perception, behavioral choices, and training
Ego depletion increases risk-taking
Risky driving and the perception of motorcycle accident causes among Chinese motorcyclists in Hong Kong
An alarming threat to secondary prevention: low compliance (lifestyle) and poor adherence (drugs)
Alcohol peer influence of participating in organized school activities: a network approach
Always aware (siempre pendiente): Latina mothers' parenting in high-risk neighborhoods
Androstadienone in motor reactions of men and women toward angry faces
The association between low alcohol use and traffic risk behaviors among Brazilian college students
A cluster analysis of physical activity and sedentary behavior patterns in middle school girls
The cost-effectiveness of mandatory 20 mph zones for the prevention of injuries
Decision-making in the adolescent brain
Current practices in determining return to play following head injury in professional football in the UK
Decision making during the psychological refractory period
Gender-specific relationships between depressive symptoms, marijuana use, parental communication and risky sexual behavior in adolescence
The good, the bad and the ugly: disaster risk reduction (DRR) versus disaster risk creation (DRC)
Infants wearing teething necklaces
An injury awareness education program on outcomes of juvenile justice offenders in Western Australia: an economic analysis
Marijuana use development over the course of adolescence among North American Indigenous youth
Perceiving and acting on complex affordances: how children and adults bicycle across two lanes of opposing traffic
Racial and ethnic health disparities among fifth-graders in three cities
Possession attachment predicts cell phone use while driving
School teachers' knowledge, attitudes and behaviors towards road safety: results from a multicenter cross-sectional study in Italy
Sport-related concussion: a call for evidence and perspective amidst the alarms
Sensation seeking as risk factor for suicidal ideation and suicide attempts in adolescence
Role of fault attributions and desire, effort, and outcome expectations in children's anticipated responses to hypothetical peers with various undesirable characteristics
Silence resulting from the cessation of movement signals danger
Three nonlethal ligature strangulations filmed by an autoerotic practitioner: comparison of early agonal responses in strangulation by ligature, hanging, and manual strangulation
Neighborhood disadvantage and reliance on the police
The only thing we have to fear is fear itself investigating the relationship between fear of falling and white-collar crime
Are adolescents with high mental toughness levels more resilient against stress?
Driver-injury severity in single-vehicle crashes in California: A mixed logit analysis of heterogeneity due to age and gender
Drinking, substance use and the operation of motor vehicles by young adolescents in Canada
Behaviors of students towards safety measures to prevent school accidents
Compulsive use of alcohol among college students
Drinking norms: predictors of misperceptions among college students
Failure of neural responses to safety cues in schizophrenia
Investigation on the perception of risk level of heat wave and its related factors in Guangdong province
Knowledge, attitude and practice of Tehran's inhabitants for an earthquake and related determinants
Local public health system response to the tsunami threat in coastal California following the Tōhoku earthquake
Quality assurance in military medical research and medical radiation accident management
The Spanish pictogram on medicines and driving: The population's comprehension of and attitudes towards its use on medication packaging
Substrates of neuropsychological functioning in stimulant dependence: a review of functional neuroimaging research
Theta oscillations are sensitive to both early and late conflict processing stages: effects of alcohol intoxication
Tipping points in adolescent adjustment: predicting social functioning from adolescents' conflict with parents and friends
Visualizing disaster attitudes resulting from terrorist activities
Exposure to prescription drugs labeled for risk of adverse effects of suicidal behavior or ideation among 100 Air Force personnel who died by suicide, 2006-2009
Oscillatory brain activity correlates with risk perception and predicts social decisions
Perception of slipperiness and prospective risk of slipping at work
Automotive participant tailgating safety training device: design and test
Bicycle helmets - A case of risk compensation?
Changes in driver celeration behaviour over time: Do drivers learn from collisions?
Community resilience and decision theory challenges for catastrophic events
Coordinability and consistency in accident causation and prevention: formal system theoretic concepts for safety in multilevel systems
Creative mistrust
Development and evaluation of collision warning/collision avoidance algorithms using an errable driver model
Driver performance effects of simultaneous visual and cognitive distraction and adaptation behavior
Drivers' subtypes in a sample of Italian adolescents: Relationship between personality measures and driving behaviors
Effects of hazard exposure and roadway complexity on young and older driver situation awareness and performance
Financial condition, safety investment and accident propensity in the US airline industry: A structural analysis
Older farmers and machinery exposure-cause for concern?
On-the-spot study of pedestrian crashes on Brazilian Federal District rural highways crossing urban areas
Response of part-time belt users to enhanced seat belt reminder systems of different duty cycles and duration
Situational (state) anger and driving
Accumbens functional connectivity during reward mediates sensation-seeking and alcohol use in high-risk youth
Assessment of household preparedness through training exercises - two metropolitan counties, Tennessee, 2011
High neighborhood walkability mitigates declines in middle-to-older aged adults' walking for transport
Household preparedness for public health emergencies - 14 States, 2006-2010
Drivers' risk profile indicates the need for a graduated driving licence in South Africa
Identifying a high-risk cohort in a complex and dynamic risk environment: out-of-bounds skiing-an example from avalanche safety
Injection drug users' and their risk networks' experiences of and attitudes towards drug dealer violence in Baltimore, Maryland
Linking novelty seeking and harm avoidance personality traits to cerebellar volumes
Perceptions of neighborhood social environment and drug dependence among incarcerated women and men: a cross-sectional analysis
Predicting risk-taking with and without substance use: the effects of parental monitoring, school bonding, and sports participation
Preventable childhood injuries
Regulation of sleepiness: the role of the arousal system
Scotland launches consultation on lowering drink driving limit
Sideline and event management in golf
Survey on risk perception of radiation following an incident involving a stuck 60Co source in Henan province, China
Understanding how drivers learn to anticipate risk on the road: A laboratory experiment of affective anticipation of road hazards
When psychopathy impairs moral judgments: Neural responses during judgments about causing fear
Individual differences in the development of self-regulation during pre-adolescence: connections to context and adjustment
Effects of different factors on drivers' guidance compliance behaviors under road condition information shown on VMS
Intersection crossing assist system: Transition from a road-side to an in-vehicle system
Investigating hypervigilance for social threat of lonely children
A photovoice study of older adults' conceptualizations of risk
Personalized alert notifications and evacuation routes in indoor environments
Predicting motivational determinants of seatbelt non-use in the front seat: A field study
Rider control of a motorcycle near to its cornering limits
Risk-taking behavior and response inhibition of commuter motorcyclists with different levels of impulsivity
Trait-based affective processes in alcohol-involved "risk behaviors"
The flexibility of emotional attention: Accessible social identities guide rapid attentional orienting
Integrating risk and resilience approaches to catastrophe management in engineering systems
The role of social drinking motives in the relationship between social norms and alcohol consumption
Adult opinions about the age at which children can be left home alone, bathe alone, or bike alone: Second Injury Control and Risk Survey (ICARIS-2)
The association between romantic relationships and delinquency in adolescence and young adulthood
Educating youths to make safer choices: results of a program evaluation study
Emotional reactions to cycle helmet use
The Ergonomic Program Implementation Continuum (EPIC): Integration of health and safety - A process evaluation in the healthcare sector
How can peer group influence the behavior of adolescents: explanatory model
Human environments: definition, scope, and the role of toxicology
Helmet use and associated factors among Thai motorcyclists during Songkran festival
Risky play and children's safety: balancing priorities for optimal child development
Lifestyle and health among Spanish university students: differences by gender and academic discipline
Linking empowering leadership to safety participation in nuclear power plants: A structural equation model
Mathematical models of panic disorder
Passengers of impaired drivers
Automated speed enforcement in Australia: Recent examples of the influence of public opinion on program sustainability
Brief report: relationships between facets of impulsivity and borderline personality features
Cautiousness in young rural and semi-rural drivers: Are there influencing factors?
Context explains divergent effects of anger on risk taking
Design and validation of a questionnaire exploring risky-driving patterns in young drivers
Evaluation of personal dose equivalent using optically stimulated luminescent dosemeters in Marumori after the Fukushima nuclear accident
Fatalism and its implications for risky road use and receptiveness to safety messages: a qualitative investigation in Pakistan
How unacceptable is speeding? Insights from a social acceptability survey in Victoria
Methods for measuring motorcycle speeds and their implications for understanding 'safe speeds'
Optimum speeds on rural roads based on 'willingness to pay' values of road trauma
Reflections on speed control from a public health perspective
Safety management and public spaces: restoring balance
Should alcoholic drinks be ordered and served in "units"?
Understanding the fear of bicycle riding in Australia
State Panel Estimates of the Effects of the Minimum Legal Drinking Age on Alcohol Consumption for 1950 to 2002
The way one thinks affects the way one drinks: subjective evaluations of alcohol consequences predict subsequent change in drinking behavior
Panic disorder among African Americans, Caribbean blacks and non-Hispanic whites
A survey of light-vehicle driver education curriculum on sharing the road with heavy vehicles
Small sample sizes, overextraction, and unrealistic expectations: A commentary on M. Mattsson
Seeing emotion with your ears: emotional prosody implicitly guides visual attention to faces
Too close for comfort, or too far to care? Finding humor in distant tragedies and close mishaps
Using communication theory for health promotion: practical guidance on message design and strategy
Knowing our options for setting the record straight, when doing so is particularly important
Misinformation and its correction continued influence and successful debiasing
The science of training and development in organizations what matters in practice
Action learning: a new method to increase tractor rollover protective structure (ROPS) adoption
Adolescents, gangs, and perceptions of safety, parental engagement, and peer pressure
Aesthetic amenities and safety hazards associated with walking and bicycling for transportation in New York City
Commentary: Death on our nation's roadways: not just for cars
Do residents and nurses communicate safety relevant concerns? : Simulation study on the influence of the authority gradient
The relationship of reported neighborhood conditions with child mental health
Throwing Caution to the Wind: Callous-Unemotional Traits and Risk Taking in Adolescents
ß-alanine improves punch force and frequency in amateur boxers during a simulated contest
Altered risk-aversion and risk-taking behaviour in patients with Alzheimer's disease
Anxiety, distress and anger among British nationals in Japan following the Fukushima nuclear accident
Associations between community attachments and adolescent substance use in nationally representative samples
Comparing electric shock and a fearful screaming face as unconditioned stimuli for fear learning
Dating and substance use in adolescent peer networks: a replication and extension
Hazard awareness of construction site dumper drivers
A multidomain approach to understanding risk for underage drinking: converging evidence from 5 data sets
Socio-cultural determinants of road traffic accidents (RTC)
Trampoline safety in childhood and adolescence
Zero incident goals motivate risk-taking, not excellence
Body mass index, safety hazards, and neighborhood attractiveness
Consumer preparedness in the face of disaster
Qualitative research of contexts of occupational physician's advice
Reliability of the high school youth risk behavior survey when administered online
A safety assessment approach using safety enablers and results
Safety behavior can hamper the extinction of fear of movement-related pain: An experimental investigation in healthy participants
Social marketing: approach to cultural and contextual relevance in a community-based physical activity intervention
Decision-making by urgency-gating: theory and experimental support
Gender and racial disparities in driving cessation among older adults
In for a penny, in for a pound: methylphenidate reduces the inhibitory effect of high stakes on persistent risky choice
Relationship between the physical environment and different domains of physical activity in European adults: a systematic review
Adolescents' risk-taking behavior is driven by tolerance to ambiguity
The antecedents and consequences of human behavioral mimicry
At the cross-roads: An on-road examination of driving errors at intersections
Cyclists and drivers in road interactions: A comparison of perceived crash risk
Ensuring the quality of occupational safety risk assessment
Improvement in adolescent screening and counseling rates for risk behaviors and developmental tasks
Impulsivity in adult ADHD patients with and without cocaine dependence
Justice judgements, school failure, and adolescent deviant behaviour
Long term bicycle related head injury trends for New South Wales, Australia following mandatory helmet legislation
Rapid drinking is associated with increases in driving-related risk-taking
Inferring subjective states through the observation of actions
Perception of occupational risk by rural workers in an area of central Italy
Vital signs: drinking and driving among high school students aged ≥16 years - United States, 1991-2011
Saving lives: toothbrushes trump seat belts
Young adults at risk for stimulant dependence show reward dysfunction during reinforcement-based decision making
When two motivations race: The effects of time-saving bias and sensation-seeking on driving speed choices
Visual motion perception predicts driving hazard perception ability
Understanding the effectiveness of the entertainment-education strategy: an investigation of how audience involvement, message processing, and message design influence health information recall
Turning off the cameras: Red light running characteristics and rates after photo enforcement legislation expired
Affective inhibitory control in adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: Abnormalities in electrocortical late positivity
Bion's discovery of alpha function: Thinking under fire on the battlefield and in the consulting room
Consistency in the safety labeling of bioequivalent medications
Does facing traffic improve pedestrian safety?
Effects of Find Thirty every day®: cross-sectional findings from a western Australian population-wide mass media campaign, 2008-2010
Implementation evaluation of Steering Teens Safe: engaging parents to deliver a new parent-based teen driving intervention to their teens
Are parents just treading water? The impact of participation in swim lessons on parents' judgments of children's drowning risk, swimming ability, and supervision needs
"Baby on board": Reducing risk taking in adult drivers in a simulated driving game
The construction of confidence in a perceptual decision
Neighborhood crime and perception of safety as predictors of victimization and offending among youth: a call for macro-level prevention and intervention models
National surveillance for radiological exposures and intentional potassium iodide and iodine product ingestions in the United States associated with the 2011 Japan radiological incident
The roles of identity formation and moral identity in college student mental health, health-risk behaviors, and psychological well-being
Anger in adolescent boy athletes: a comparison among judo, karate, swimming and non athletes
Exploring family risk and protective factors for adolescent problem behaviors in the Caribbean
Inhibition of fear by learned safety signals: a mini-symposium review
Understanding the drive to escort: a cross-sectional analysis examining parental attitudes towards children's school travel and independent mobility
The application of the random regret minimization model to drivers' choice of crash avoidance maneuvers
Avoidance distance from Qinghai-Tibet Highway in sympatric Tibetan antelope and gazelle
Barriers and facilitators to public bicycle scheme use: A qualitative approach
Do child pedestrians deliberately take risks when they are in a hurry? An experimental study on a simulator
Evaluation of different types of dynamic speed display signs
Household no-notice evacuation logistics: how well do households optimize?
The impact of removing centerline barriers from highway-rail grade crossings on drivers' violations
Interdependencies between turning points in life and long-term mobility decisions
An investigation of the relationship between the driving behavior questionnaire and objective measures of highway driving behavior
A new approach for the evaluation of the walking environment
Perceptions of driver distraction among teenage drivers
Personality predictors of speeding in young drivers: Anger vs. sensation seeking
A within-subject design of comparison of waiting time of pedestrians before crossing three successive road crossings
Transportation of dangerous goods by road: the Brazilian case for selection of carriers based on a risk management methodology
Using automatic number plate recognition technology to observe drivers' headway preferences
Can driver education be improved by computer based training of cognitive skills?
Failure causes fear: the effect of self-esteem threat on death-anxiety
Hamstring strength and morphology progression after return to sport from injury
Threat modulates perception of looming visual stimuli
Alcohol increases impulsivity and abuse liability in heavy drinking women
Exposure to fireworks and eye injuries
Factors associated with physical inactivity in transportation in Brazilian adults living in a low socioeconomic area
Sociodemographic factors and risk-taking behaviour during adolescence and obesity among more than 40 000 Danes
Risky sexual behavior among orphan and non-orphan adolescents in Nyanza Province, Western Kenya
Associations between environmental characteristics and active commuting to school among children: a cross-sectional study
Personal disaster preparedness: an integrative review of the literature
Safe from harm: learned, instructed, and symbolic generalization pathways of human threat-avoidance
Down on heights? One in three has visual height intolerance
The effect of challenge and hindrance stressors on safety behavior and safety outcomes: A meta-analysis
Eye movement and brake reactions to real world brake-capacity forward collision warnings-A naturalistic driving study
High risk health behaviors and healthcare access among female adult entertainment club employees
Is an emergency department encounter for a motor vehicle collision truly a teachable moment?
Multi-level examination of correlates of active transportation to school among youth living within 1 mile of their school
Nonuse of bicycle helmets and risk of fatal head injury: a proportional mortality, case-control study
The neurobiological effects of stress on adolescent decision making
Risk preferences and aging: the "certainty effect" in older adults' decision making
Safety factors related to all-terrain vehicle injuries in children
Underestimating protection and overestimating risk: examining descriptive normative perceptions and their association with drinking and sexual behaviors
Wishful thinking: Safe transportation of newborns at hospital discharge
Attentional prioritisation of threatening information: Examining the role of the size of the attentional window
Child pedestrian injury: a review of behavioral risks and preventive strategies
Men on fathering in the context of children's unintentional injury prevention
An on-road network analysis-based approach to studying driver situation awareness at rail level crossings
Protecting the people?: risk communication and the chequered history and performance of bureaucracy
Alcohol use in hazardous situations: implications for DSM-IV and DSM-5 alcohol use disorders
Evaluation of an education, restraint distribution, and fitting program to promote correct use of age-appropriate child restraints for children aged 3 to 5 years: a cluster randomized trial
Selective effect of physical fatigue on motor imagery accuracy
Playing hockey, riding motorcycles, and the ethics of protection
Risk preferences in strategic wildfire decision making: a choice experiment with u.s. wildfire managers
Profiling safety behaviors: exploration of the sociocognitive variables that best discriminate between different behavioral patterns
Young children proactively remedy unnoticed accidents
The "Arnold Schwarzenegger Effect": Is strength of the "victim" related to misinterpretations of harm intrusions?
Association between adverse life events and addictive behaviors among male and female adolescents
Concurrent and predictive associations between early adolescent perceptions of peer affiliates and mood states collected in real time via ecological momentary assessment methodology
Decision making is affected in obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome
Decreased frontal lobe phosphocreatine levels in methamphetamine users
Driving and arrhythmia: a review of scientific basis for international guidelines
Early life adversity reduces stress reactivity and enhances impulsive behavior: Implications for health behaviors
Estimating time savings: The use of the proportion and percentage heuristics and the role of need for cognition
Faculty perceptions and practices regarding carrying concealed handguns on university campuses
The influence of curbs on driver behaviors in four-lane rural highways-A driving simulator based study
Shared visual attention reduces hindsight bias
Risk behaviour of street children in Colombo
Testing a health impact assessment tool by assessing community opinion about a public park
Health performance of individuals within the Campbell paradigm
Is payoff necessarily weighted by probability when making a risky choice? Evidence from functional connectivity analysis
Personal and trip characteristics associated with safety equipment use by injured adult bicyclists: a cross-sectional study
Understanding adolescence as a period of social-affective engagement and goal flexibility
What are parents worried about? Health problems and health concerns for children
In-car nocturnal blue light exposure improves motorway driving: a randomized controlled trial
Can the feeling of being safe be dangerous?
Does pre-licensed driving experience affect crash risk as an unsupervised restricted licensed driver? Findings from the New Zealand Drivers Study
Let's talk about safety--can injury prevention do more harm than good?
Preventing falls in under fives - a ten-year long intervention in Taranaki
Planning safer suburbs? the influence of change in the built environment on resdients' perceived safety from crime
The new tobacco--tactics adopted by quad bike manufacturers to not rollover
On road riding practices among electric bikers in Suzhou
Optimising seat length design to minimise extra passengers on all-terrain vehicles
The safety information and guidance provided to parents by all-terrain vehicle dealers and sales representatives
Solving the safety paradox--when making things less safe makes them more safe
Trampoline injury prevention - can 'fall-off' and 'fall-onto' injuries be eliminated with good product design?
Towards safer roads in Putrajaya through community based programme
A cross-national comparison of reminiscence functions between Canadian and Israeli older adults
The Psychopathy Checklist-Revised (PCL-R), low anxiety, and fearlessness: a structural equation modeling analysis
Transportation and risk analysis of influenza indoor and outdoor transportation and exposure risk analysis of influenza aerosol
Complex motor sequence skills profit from sleep
Global patterns of loss of life from landslides
Caregiver perspectives on unintentional injury risk in children with an autism spectrum disorder
Buckle up: non-seat belt use and antisocial behavior in the United States
Factors associated with the enactment of safety belt and motorcycle helmet laws
Effect of health education on the riding habits of commercial motorcyclists in Uyo, southern Nigeria
Trends in prevalent injuries among Iranian pilgrims in Hajj
Faster but not smarter: effects of caffeine and caffeine withdrawal on alertness and performance
Findings from the Pittsburgh Youth Study: cognitive impulsivity and intelligence as predictors of the age-crime curve
Is football too dangerous and violent for universities to sponsor?
On avoiding framing effects in experienced decision makers
Neural correlates of race-related social evaluations for African Americans and White Americans
The perception of injury risk and safety in triathlon competition: an exploratory focus group study
Prevalence and occupational predictors of psychological distress in the offshore petroleum industry: a prospective study
Self-control, negative affect, and young driver aggression: an assessment of competing theoretical claims
To what extent do politeness expectations shape risk perception? Even numerical probabilities are under their spell!
The coaching cycle: a coaching-by-gaming approach in serious games
Learning to watch out prison chaplains as risk managers
Nudging you behind your back: The influence of implicit friendship concepts on risk taking
Deaths and death rates from extreme weather events: 1900-2008
The crash at Kerang: Investigating systemic and psychological factors leading to unintentional non-compliance at rail level crossings
Fatal and survived motorcycle accidents: a selected topics for medicolegal evaluation
Exploring the determinants of pedestrian-vehicle crash severity in New York City
Does experience of failure decrease executive, regulatory abilities and increase aggression?
Daily variation in natural disaster casualties: information flows, safety, and opportunity costs in tornado versus hurricane strikes
Demand-perception and self-motivation as opponent processes a response to Bandura and Vancouver
Does the red flag rule induce risk taking in sprint finishes? Moral hazard crashes in cycling's grand tours
Enhancing self-protective behavior: efficacy beliefs and peer feedback in risk communication
Identifying teens at risk: developmental pathways of online and offline sexual risk behavior
Left and right brain-oriented hemisity subjects show opposite behavioral preferences
New directions in spatial planning? Linking strategic spatial planning and infrastructure development
Representing evacuation behavior in engineering terms
The rise of nuclear fear
Toward an affective neuroscience account of financial risk taking
Understanding and representing staff pre-warning delay
Who says? Authority, voice, and authorship in narratives of planning research
The role of men's physical attractiveness in women's perceptions of sexual risk: Danger or allure?
Validation of the dialectal Arabic version of Barratt's impulsivity scale, the BIS-11
Human initiated cascading failures in societal infrastructures
Health behavior in ecological context
Circadian typology and sensation seeking in adolescents
Decision-making deficits are still present in heroin abusers after short- to long-term abstinence
From antisocial behavior to violence: a model for the amplifying role of coercive joining in adolescent friendships
The incidence of alcohol and other drugs in drivers killed in New Zealand road crashes 2004-2009
Mediators of the effect of the JUMP-in intervention on physical activity and sedentary behavior in Dutch primary schoolchildren from disadvantaged neighborhoods
Party foam-induced eye injuries and the power of media intervention
A preliminary experimental investigation of peer influence on risk-taking among adolescent smokers and non-smokers
Street racing video games and risk-taking driving: An Internet survey of automobile enthusiasts
Unintentional injury among Thai children and adolescents in 2010
Thailand's adolescent health situation: prevention is the key
The Human Somatosensory System: From Perception to Decision Making
Mortality following treatment for cannabis use disorders: Predictors and causes
Portrayals of teen smoking, drinking, and drug use in recent popular movies
Do motivation-related cognitions explain the relationship between perceptions of urban form and neighborhood walking?
Increased intrasubject variability in boys with ADHD across tests of motor and cognitive control
Inactivating anterior insular cortex reduces risk taking
Obesity is inversely associated with natural amenities and recreation facilities per capita
Probability matching in risky choice: The interplay of feedback and strategy availability
Driving decisions when leaving electronic music dance events: driver, passenger, and group effects
Putting risk compensation to rest: reframing the relationship between risk behavior and antiretroviral therapy among injection drug users
The emergency medical services safety champions
The explanatory power of Schema Theory: theoretical foundations and future applications in ergonomics
Future-proofing our community for natural disaster requires more attention on men
Health risk behaviors in insured and uninsured community health center patients in the rural US South
High and low sensation seeking adolescents show distinct patterns of brain activity during reward processing
Interactions of age and cognitive functions in predicting decision making under risky conditions over the life span
New tricks for an old measure: The development of the Barratt Impulsiveness Scale-Brief (BIS-Brief)
Youth psychopathy: Differential correlates of callous-unemotional traits, narcissism, and impulsivity
You do not talk about Fight Club if you do not notice Fight Club: Inattentional blindness for a simulated real-world assault
Physiological responses of police officers during job simulations wearing chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear personal protective equipment
The real deal: What judgments of "really" reveal about how people think about artifacts
Sensitivity and specificity of the online version of ImPACT in high school and collegiate athletes
Short and user-friendly: The development and validation of the Mini-DBQ
Should cities invest in sheltering-in-place measures against chlorine truck attacks by terrorists?
Stimulant treatment and injury among children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: an application of the self-controlled case series study design
Toddlers' unintentional injuries: the role of maternal-reported paternal and maternal supervision
Trait aggression and trait impulsivity are not related to frontal cortex 5-HT2A receptor binding in healthy individuals
Consent searches as a threat to procedural justice and police legitimacy: an analysis of consent requests during traffic stops
An integrated contextual model of confidence in local police
A comparison of family interventions to address adolescent risky behaviors: a literature review
Can readers ignore implausibility? Evidence for nonstrategic monitoring of event-based plausibility in language comprehension
Driving dangerously to save lives
Linking road casualty and clinical data to assess the effectiveness of mobile safety enforcement cameras: a before and after study
Meaningful family relationships: neurocognitive buffers of adolescent risk taking
Mindsets and human nature: Promoting change in the Middle East, the schoolyard, the racial divide, and willpower
Optimal weighting of costs and probabilities in a risky motor decision-making task requires experience
Relevance is in the eye of the beholder: attentional bias to relevant stimuli in children
Underage drinkers' responses to negative-restrictive versus proactive-nonrestrictive slogans in humorous anti-alcohol abuse messages: are humorous responsible drinking campaign messages effective?
Traditional prejudice remains outside of the WEIRD world
Seat belt utilisation and awareness in UAE
9/11, act ii: a fine-grained analysis of regional variations in traffic fatalities in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks
Affective signals of threat increase perceived proximity
Attitudes and perceptions of crisis planning among accommodation managers: Results from an Australian study
A Bayesian explanation of the 'Uncanny Valley' effect and related psychological phenomena
Cell phone use and traffic crash risk: a culpability analysis
Characteristics of victims and fatal accidents at the workplace
The concept of validation in performance-based fire safety engineering
Design optimization of hazardous substance storage facilities to minimize project risk
Driving with a partially autonomous forward collision warning system: how do drivers react?
Efficacy of frequent monitoring with swift, certain, and modest sanctions for violations: insights from South Dakota's 24/7 sobriety project
An examination of the relationship amongst profiles of perceived organizational values, safety climate and safety outcomes
A framework for human error analysis of offshore evacuations
A fuzzy group Electre method for safety and health assessment in hazardous waste recycling facilities
Heavy-truck drivers' following behavior with intervention of an integrated, in-vehicle crash warning system: a field evaluation
How to define and interpret a probability in a risk and safety setting
Improving communication with foreign speakers on the shop floor
Improving intelligibility at a safety critical point: In flight cabin safety
Is there a case for driver training? A review of the efficacy of pre- and post-licence driver training
The influence of public perception on risk acceptance of the chemical industry and the assistance for risk communication
A location based service approach for collision warning systems in concrete dam construction
The negative effects of workplace injury and illness on workplace safety climate perceptions and health care worker outcomes
Occupational safety in multicultural teams and organizations: A research agenda
Outlines of a sensitising model for industrial safety assessment
Portuguese adolescents' attitudes toward sexual minorities: transphobia, homophobia, and gender role beliefs
Neuropsychological features of patients with Parkinson's disease and impulse control disorders
Preadolescent temperament and risky behavior: bicycling across traffic-filled intersections in a virtual environment
Psychological factors associated with indices of risky, reckless and cautious driving in a national sample of drivers in the Republic of Ireland
Psychomotor performance of medical students: effect of 24 hours of sleep deprivation
Reducing occupational fatalities by using NIOSH 3rd generation automatically deployable rollover protective structure
Relationships of demographic factors, job risk perception and work injury in a steel plant in India
A real-time stochastic evacuation model for road tunnels
Reviewing Italian fire safety codes for the analysis of road tunnel evacuations: advantages and limitations of using evacuation models
Risk of violent crime victimization during major daily activities
Simulator training with a forward collision warning system: effects on driver-system interactions and driver trust
Use patterns among early adopters of adaptive cruise control
When what you hear influences when you see: listening to an auditory rhythm influences the temporal allocation of visual attention
What have we learned about learning from accidents? Post-disasters reflections
Contextualizing exposures and experiences of behaviors that influence the risk of crash injury in Latino adolescent males
Gender and age differences among teen drivers in fatal crashes
Young unlicensed drivers and passenger safety restraint use in U.S. Fatal crashes: concern for risk spillover effect?
Adult opinions about the age at which children can be left home, bathe, or bike alone, Injury Control and Risk Survey (ICARIS), 2007-2008
Application of the theory of planned behaviour to predict young drivers' speeding behaviour
A case study of the prevalence and characteristics of red light runners in Malaysia
Assessing fathers' attitudes towards protecting children from injuries and engaging in physical risks
Assumed risk by vulnerable roadway users: traffic rules transgressions in a capital city of Southwester Colombia, 2009
Attitudes about electronic device use among self-reported distracted drivers in seven European countries, 2010
Attitudes towards and practice of helmet use among commercial motorcyclists in Dar Es Salaam region, Tanzania
Barriers to helmet use for drivers of all-terrain vehicles
Behaviour Based Safety reduces risk for NZ truck drivers
Booster seat use: individual, parent-child relationship and neighbourhood characteristics
Aquatic safety signage recognition and comprehension
Caretaker perceptions of childhood home safety and injury risks in Karachi, Pakistan: a qualitative study
Cell phone use and traffic crash responsibility: a culpability analysis of collision-involved drivers
Child passenger safety practice in China: attention and action
Child safety
Choices: safer partying using theatre-in-education
Cluster randomised trial of an integrated, education, restraint subsidisation and fitting programme to increase child restraint use in 3-year-old to 5-year-old children
Communication strategy to prevent unintentional injuries 'accidents do not exist'
The comparative effects between demonstration video and instruction manual on the performance for respiratory protective device
A competence-based approach to training child restraint technicians to build sector-wide capacity to give informed advice to parents and caregivers
The contribution of fate to under-reporting of road crashes and associated road trauma in Pakistan
Critical situation of child passengers: pre and post - campaign assessment, edu-car plan
Cross-cultural comparisons of parents' knowledge, attitudes and behaviours related to child safety
Crossing busy city roads by pedistrian school-bound children: how vulnerable they remain for fatal RTAS in Bangladesh!
Decreasing driver speeding on a simulated drive with feedback and reinforcement
Determinants of non-compliance in motorcycle helmet use in Bangladesh
Determinants of parent perceptions of dangerous traffic related to school travel
Determinants of speeding among bus drivers in Malaysia
Development of an on-road driving assessment for novice teen drivers
Drinking and driving in Vietnam: prevalence, and public knowledge, attitudes, and practices
Drinking behaviour and readiness to change in a trauma population and feasibility of Computerised Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention (CASI)
Economic evaluation of safety laws and their enforcement
Effectiveness of the 100% motorcycle helmet use campaign in Thailand
Effectiveness of control and repression campaigns on RTA mortality in a low income country
The effectiveness of enforcement programme in promoting proper helmet wearing among motorcyclists in precinct 8, Putrajaya
The effectiveness of a school-based European injury prevention programme on adolescent risk behaviour in a South African setting
Effects of speed radar camera in reducing road traffic crashes: experiences from Kenya
Evaluating the reach of youth-focused drinking and driving reduction interventions in two Mexican cities
Factors related to seatbelt-wearing among rear-seat passengers in Malaysia
Evaluation of enforcement programme to increase seatbelt use: a case study in precinct 8, Putrajaya
Exploring a new method to promote perceptions of susceptibility and severity of childhood injury
External causes of injuries in Tehran, Iran: a household survey
Factors influencing the decision to engage in unsafe work practices: an air freight case study
A family intervention to increase the use of seatbelts on ROPS tractors
First standardised field sobriety test in Brazil
Healthcare providers and teen driving safety: topics discussed and communication products used in practice
Helmet and reflective clothing use among motorcyclists in Kenya: a survey of use, knowledge, attitudes, and practices in two districts
Helmet use among motorcyclists in Cambodia: a survey of use, knowledge, attitudes, and practices
Helmets for Kids programme increases helmet use among students
High rate of crashes at roundabouts involving cyclists can be reduced with careful attention to conflict paths
How well do children estimate the time it takes to cross a road? A risk factor for pedestrian injury
Human factors in farming--publishing the learning from accident reviews to influence farmers' behaviours and practices
The identification and targeted pre-licence remediation of overconfident, risk-taking young drivers
If it's about youth, involve youth: creating opportunities for youth engagement in injury prevention
Impact of a national multifaceted road safety intervention programme in Mexico: results and implications from a time-series analysis
The impact of safe community initiatives on helmet wearing rate and motorcyclists' death in 14 cites of Iran
Implementation matters: developing an injury prevention briefing
Increased traffic fines and road traffic crashes in Sri Lanka
Increasing seat belt use in the Russian context: tailored social marketing campaign and concerted strengthened enforcement
Injury prevention among friends: the benefits of school connectedness
Injury prevention counselling during well-child visits in the USA: rates and determinants
Injury to Maori--does language hold the key to bringing about change
The interactive effect of fear and humour appeals, gender & the level of involvement on attitude toward safe driving
Investigating the effects of installing safety cameras on managing the incidents and the risk assessments in SAIPA (an Asian Automotive Corporation)
'Just another Saturday night'
Knowledge, attitude, practice on drinking and driving of male motorbike riders in Ha Nam, Ninh Binh provinces 2011
Knowledge, behaviour and attitudes of Greek health care personnel regarding mobile phone use and road accidents: the 'Enigma' project
Leadership and culture under the Australian work health and safety strategy 2012-2022
Leading workplace safety
Motorcycle non-standard helmet use in an urban area of Mexico
Motorcycle speeds at urban intersections
Motorcyclist injuries and use of safety measures in five cities in Colombia
New approaches and audiences for behaviour change to reduce child injury risk
Non-response bias in a community survey of drinking, alcohol-related experiences and public opinion on alcohol policy
Parental influence on adolescent risk behaviours: a strategy to empower parents
Parenting interventions to prevent unintentional injury: update and extension of a Cochrane systematic review
The pedestrians' risk behaviour in the traffic: experiences and beliefs and its consequences in the behaviour
Pedestrian injury at signalised midblock versus signalised intersections locations in Toronto, Canada
Perception of school-bound children's mothers on road-crossing and other road-safety issues in Bangladesh
Perceptions and reality: measuring New Zealanders' attitudes towards injury risk
Perceptions, barriers, and strategies of women pillion riders about helmet use--a qualitative study from Pakistan
Photovoice: children's perspectives on road traffic safety in 10 countries
A picture is worth a thousand words: utilising social media to better understand all-terrain vehicle crash mechanisms of real patients
Plunket car seat rentals, protecting New Zealand children for over 30 years
Practical experience of gateway treatment in developing country
The prevalence of motorcycle helmet use in three Mexican cities
Preventable: a social marketing campaign to prevent injuries in British Columbia, Canada
Preventing children from being extra-riders on tractors
?! Principal
Quantifying the use of seatbelts and child restraints in three Mexican cities
Reaching high-risk young adolescents: a process evaluation of a school based injury prevention programme
Reducing alcohol related harm in Wellington
Reducing child injury: evaluation of interventions targeting children and the adults who supervise them
Relative and attributable risks of fatal crashes associated with drug use
Research about mother's perception and behaviour about accidents with children in Brazil
Risk factors for severe motorcycle injuries among motorcyclists
Road safety practices of motorcycle riders in Multan, Pakistan
Road safety research and policy
Road traffic injuries in urban Pakistani children and adolescents age, gender and road user perspectives
A seat belt in non-motorised vehicle rickshaw--can it prevent roads traffic injuries in Bangladesh?
Source of safety information--the importance of a personal appeal for service utilisation among urban families
Stakeholder views and perceptions on epidemiology and management of childhood and adolescent injuries in north western Uganda
Strategies for preventing communal clashes using library and information services in South East Nigeria
Study on evaluation of life jacket utilisation in Vietnam
Study on the improvement of legal system for ensuring the safety of bicycle riders--the case of Seoul in Korea
Vulnerability of riders and passengers to injuries in multi-occupant motorcycle crashes
Temperament and fracture risk among preschool children: a target kids! Cross-sectional survey
Through flashing speed limit signage to control vehicle speed limit for entering school zone
Understanding use of child restraints in Australian aboriginal families: a mixed methods approach
Using attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours to shape a Cambodian motorcycle helmet campaign
Using change theory to elucidate complexities in child safety
Using spatial planning to prevent unintentional injuries
Aggressive driving behaviour in young drivers (aged 16 through 25) involved in fatal crashes
Alcohol use and drunk driving: the modifying effect of impulsivity
Behavioral control in alcohol use disorders: relationships with severity
Characteristics of workplace threats requiring response from a university threat assessment team
Combination and selection of traffic safety expert judgments for the prevention of driving risks
Comparison of crashes during public holidays and regular weekends
Analysis of the interactive relationship between apology and product involvement in crisis communication: an experimental study on the Toyota recall crisis
Adolescent mental health, behavior problems, and academic achievement
Self-reported seatbelt use, United States, 2002-2010: Does prevalence vary by state and type of seatbelt law?
An overview of the basic science of concussion and subconcussion: where we are and where we are going
Peer influence predicts speeding prevalence among teenage drivers
Protective factors associated with young passenger intervening in risky driving situations
A psychosocial model of young adult passengers' intervening in unsafe driving of their friends
Modelling driver behaviour towards innovative warning devices at railway level crossings
Deficient safety learning characterizes high trait anxious individuals
Empowering team leadership and safety performance in nuclear power plants: A multilevel approach
Safety challenges and oversight in the motorcoach industry: attitudes and perceptions of drivers, roadside inspectors, and federal investigators
Practices, attitudes and perceptions toward road safety in Yerevan, Republic of Armenia
Reactions to threatening health messages
Middle managers' role in safeguarding OHS: The case of the shipping industry
Not just rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic: Learning from failures through Risk and Reliability Analysis
Risk perceptions combining spatial multi-criteria analysis in land-use type of Huainan city
Spanish version of the Positive Expectancies for Drinking and Driving for Youth
Supervisors' engagement in safety leadership: Factors that help and hinder
Supporting systems of systems hazard analysis using multi-agent simulation
The fuzzy reality of perceived harms
Graduated driver licensing and motor vehicle crashes involving teenage drivers: an exploratory age-stratified meta-analysis
Radiological disasters: what's the difference?
Does employee safety influence customer satisfaction? Evidence from the electric utility industry
Driver anger on the information superhighway: a content analysis of online complaints of offensive driver behaviour
Factors affecting ejection risk in rollover crashes
Gender differences and demographic influences in perceived concern for driver safety and support for impaired driving countermeasures
How realistic are older drivers' ratings of their driving ability?
Is the prevalence of driving after drinking higher in entertainment areas?
The relationship of dangerous driving with traffic offenses: A study on an adapted measure of dangerous driving
Response inhibition deficits in unaffected first-degree relatives of patients with borderline personality disorder
Safety leaders' perceptions of safety culture in a large Australasian construction organisation
Trajectories of kinematic risky driving among novice teenagers
Utah farm owner/operators' safety practices and risk awareness regarding confined space work in agriculture
Chlorine gas release associated with employee language barrier — Arkansas, 2011
Beyond identity: incorporating system reliability information into an automated combat identification system
Dealing with task interruptions in complex dynamic environments: are two heads better than one?
Honing crisis communication skills using interactive media and student-centered learning to develop agile leaders
Imagining an education in crisis management
The impact of intonation and valence on objective and subjective attention capture by auditory alarms
Looming auditory collision warnings for driving
Where's the emotion? How sport psychology can inform research on emotion in human factors
Why should our society remove stigma against mental disorders?
Factors related to furniture anchoring: a method for reducing harm during earthquakes
Comparing growth trajectories of risk behaviors from late adolescence through young adulthood: an accelerated design
Dynamic simulation as an approach to understanding hurricane risk response: insights from the Stormview Lab
An empirical assessment of driver motivation and emotional states in perceived safety margins under varied driving conditions
Keeping our children safe in motor vehicles: knowledge, attitudes and practice among parents in Kuwait regarding child car safety
The necessity for longitudinal studies in risk perception research
Neighborhood street scale elements, sedentary time and cardiometabolic risk factors in inactive ethnic minority women
Adolescents' negative attitudes toward non-drinkers: A novel predictor of risky drinking
Alcohol warning labels: unlikely to affect alcohol-related beliefs and behaviours in adolescents
Decision-making deficits among maltreated children
The emotionally intelligent decision maker: Emotion-understanding ability reduces the effect of incidental anxiety on risk taking
Enhancing usability of augmented-reality-based mobile escape guidelines for radioactive accidents
Exploring the barriers and facilitators to children's active transportation to and from school from the perspectives of practitioners
Faith vs. science: soul's possession or dissociative disorder? A case study
Fear of falling in patients with hip fractures: prevalence and related psychological factors
Gender differences in risk behavior of adolescents: an intergenerational study
How to communicate with the public about chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear terrorism: a systematic review of the literature
Income differences in perceived neighborhood environment characteristics among African American women
Individual, social and physical environmental correlates of 'never' and 'always' cycling to school among 10 to 12 year old children living within a 3.0 km distance from school
Intention to comply with mandatory hurricane evacuation orders among persons living along a coastal area
Intergenerational transmission of religious beliefs and practices and the reduction of adolescent delinquency in urban Thailand
Level I trauma center internal campaign to increase safe driving by staff
Low self-control and co-occurrence of gambling with substance use and delinquency among Chinese adolescents
Medical warnings reduce older drivers' risk of motor vehicle injury while adversely affecting mental health and physician relationship
Multiple sclerosis decreases explicit counterfactual processing and risk taking in decision making
Quantification of training load in Canadian Football: Application of Session-RPE in collision-based team sports
Intentionality and motivation: interdisciplinary aspects of phenomenology
Weather or not to cycle
Do advance yield markings increase safe driver behaviors at unsignalized, marked midblock crosswalks?
Effectiveness of signal-based countermeasures for pedestrian safety: findings from pilot study
Is ticketing aggressive cars and trucks effective in changing driver behavior?
Actual and perceived risks of apprehension for speeding in Norway
Evaluation of comprehension and legibility of international and domestic nonstandard symbol signs
Spatial effectiveness of speed feedback signs
Truck-mounted changeable message signs with symbols for work zone operations
Use of both centerline and shoulder rumble strips on high-speed two-lane rural roadways: impact on lateral lane position and passing maneuvers of vehicles
Effects of pedestrian treatments on risky pedestrian behavior
Aggressive driving and road rage behaviors on freeways in San Diego, California: spatial and temporal analyses of observed and reported variations
Red-light running and sensible countermeasures: Summary of research findings
Selection of design speed values
Neural network modeling of 85th percentile speed for two-lane rural highways
Motor vehicle speeds: recommendations for urban sustainability
Well-being and activity-based models
The accuracy of the olfactory sense in detecting alcohol intoxication in trauma patients
Adolescent exposure to drink driving as a predictor of young adults' drink driving
Opportunity meets planning: an assessment of the physical activity emphasis in state obesity-related plans
Are emotional clarity and emotion differentiation related?
Associations of adult physical activity with perceived safety and police-recorded crime: the Multi-ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis
Dying to be famous: retrospective cohort study of rock and pop star mortality and its association with adverse childhood experiences
The effects of employment among adolescents at-risk for future substance use
Event-specific risk and ecological factors associated with prepartying among heavier drinking college students
From genes to community: exploring translational science in adolescent health research: proceedings from a research symposium
The impact of known criminogenic factors on offenders with intellectual disability: previous findings and new results on ADHD
A mathematical modeling approach to resource allocation for railroad-highway crossing safety upgrades
Post-exertion neurocognitive test failure among student-athletes following concussion
Impulsivity, risky behaviors and accidents in alcohol-dependent patients
Modeling and analyzing traffic safety perceptions: An application to the speed limit reduction pilot project in Edmonton, Alberta
Meta-analysis of functional magnetic resonance imaging studies of inhibition and attention in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: exploring task-specific, stimulant medication, and age effects
How many is a zillion? Sources of number distortion
Impact of gender and age on attitudes towards mental illness in Sweden
Does one size fit all for public safety communications?
High risk, low need
Improved heuristic drift elimination with magnetically-aided dominant directions (MiHDE) for pedestrian navigation in complex buildings
Performance of traffic networks during multimodal evacuations: simulation-based assessment
Positive space for Gen Y
Environmental security in the region with heavy exposure to sources of man-made earthquakes
Evaluation of computer-tailored health education ('E-health4Uth') combined with personal counselling ('E-health4Uth + counselling') on adolescents' behaviours and mental health status: design of a three-armed cluster randomised controlled trial
Impulse control disorders in Parkinson's disease: Crossroads between neurology, psychiatry and neuroscience
Development of a large-scale traffic simulation model for hurricane evacuation--methodology and lessons learned
Around panicking adults is not a good place for children to be: New intersections and old cross-currents within studies of children, families, media and consumer culture - Families Communicating with Children, Children, Media and Culture in Culture, Child
Effect of authoritative information and message characteristics on evacuation and shadow evacuation in a simulated flood event
Engineering-based hurricane risk estimates and comparison to perceived risks in storm-prone areas
Reverse 911 as a complementary evacuation warning system
Review of geohazard warning systems toward development of a popular usage geohazard warning communication system
Self-control and substance use among college students
Use of flood, loss, and evacuation models to assess exposure and improve a community tsunami response plan: Vancouver Island
Closed-course evaluation of stop paddles with embedded lights
Comprehensive evaluation of driver behavior to establish parameters for timing of yellow change and red clearance intervals
Modeling risk as a polyhedron
Managing for local resilience: towards a strategic approach
Parental knowledge and youth risky behavior: a person oriented approach
Protective eyewear use as depicted in children's television programs
War on fear Solly Zuckerman and civilian nerve in the Second World War
Alcohol Marketing Receptivity, Marketing-Specific Cognitions, and Underage Binge Drinking
All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) on the road: a serious traffic safety and public health concern
Bicyclist-bicyclist crashes-a medical and technical crash analysis
Characteristics of DUI offenders with a high versus low perceived risk of arrest
Child-to-child training for prevention of school injuries in Odemis, Turkey
Children's Rights and Community Well-Being
Cognitive and affective components of challenge and threat states
Communicating with the public following radiological terrorism: results from a series of focus groups and national surveys in Britain and Germany
Comparison of health-risk behaviors among students attending alternative and traditional high schools in Minnesota
Cost of equity in homeland security resource allocation in the face of a strategic attacker
Hospital outpatients' responses to taking medications with driving warnings
More fatal all-terrain vehicle crashes occur on the roadway than off: increased risk-taking characterises roadway fatalities
The response patterns of young bicyclists to a right-turning motorcycle: a simulator study
Silencing the science on gun research
Trait impulsivity and change in mental health problems after violent crime victimization: a prospective analysis of the Dutch Longitudinal Internet Studies for the Social Sciences database
Risk perception of different emergency situations in a sample of European firefighters
School and pupil effects on secondary pupils' feelings of safety in school, around school, and at home
Effect of inclement weather on two capacity flows at recurring freeway bottlenecks
Driver feedback on monetary penalty and its impact on work zone speed
Effects of alcohol on speeding and road positioning of young drivers: Driving simulator study
Evaluation of two treatments for reducing crashes related to traffic signal change intervals
Extension of negative binomial GARCH Model:: analyzing effects of gasoline price and miles traveled on fatal crashes involving intoxicated drivers in Texas
Evaluation of a standardized all-terrain vehicle safety education intervention for youth in rural central Illinois
Examining direct and indirect pathways to health behaviour: The influence of cognitive and affective probability beliefs
Experiencing discrimination increases risk taking
Feasibility of a computer-delivered driver safety behavior screening and intervention program initiated during an emergency department visit
The genetic and environmental etiology of decision-making: A longitudinal twin study
Is previous disaster experience a good predictor for disaster preparedness in extreme poverty households in remote Muslim minority based community in China?
Comparing socioemotional outcomes for early adolescents who join after school [programs] for internal or external reasons
Confidence in the fairness of local public health systems' response to disasters: the U.S. veterans' perspective
Developing a competency model for safety professionals: Correlations between competency and safety functions
Development and assessment of taxonomy for performance-shaping factors for railway operations
Does self-esteem moderate the associations between protective behavioral strategies and negative outcomes associated with alcohol consumption?
Emergency surgery due to go-kart injuries: report of two consecutive cases
Health-risk behaviors among a sample of US pre-adolescents: Types, frequency, and predictive factors
Modeling the impact of inclement weather on freeway traffic speed at macroscopic and microscopic levels
Moped rider violation behavior and moped safety at intersections in China
Models for estimating drivers following on two-lane rural highways
Parameters of time headway distribution as performance indicators of motorway traffic and driver behavior: comparison of good and adverse weather conditions
Parents' attitudes, knowledge and behaviours relating to safe child occupant travel
Pediatric "off-road vehicle" trauma: determinants of injury severity and type
Equipping public health professionals for youth engagement: lessons learned from a 2-year pilot study
Health-related fitness, body mass index, and risk of depression among adolescents
'I had to help my child!': The role of emotions, risk, and trust in use of nasal decongestants in children
Job demands, job resources and safety outcomes: The roles of emotional exhaustion and safety compliance
The pandemic of the experts in the mass media : How to create trust in public communication by acknowledging nescience and uncertainty
Perceived coping & concern predict terrorism preparedness in Australia
The perils of risk communication and the role of the mass media
Accident occurrence and functional health patterns: a pilot study of relationships in a graduate population
The contribution of inhibitory deficits to dangerous driving among young people
Fearlessness in juvenile offenders is associated with offending rate
Human perception of fear in dogs varies according to experience with dogs
The risk perception paradox: implications for governance and communication of natural hazards
Public's responses to aviation accidents: the role of exemplification and attributions
Accidents have no cure! Road death as industrial catastrophe in eastern Africa
Associations between dating violence and high-risk sexual behaviors among male and female older adolescents
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and adverse health outcomes
Chaos theory, self-organization, and industrial accidents: crisis communication in the Kingston coal ash spill
Comprehensive indicators of traffic-related premature mortality
Driving cessation and dementia: Results of the Prospective Registry on Dementia in Austria (PRODEM)
Effectiveness and acceptance of the intelligent speeding prediction system (ISPS)
Etiologies of pediatric craniofacial injuries: A comparison of injuries involving all-terrain vehicles and golf carts
Food insecurity and children's mental health: a prospective birth cohort study
Activity restriction vs. self-direction: hospitalised older adults' response to fear of falling
A comparison of static and dynamic hazard perception tests
Off-road vehicle ridership and associated helmet use in Canadian youth: an equity analysis
Results of implementing programmes for modifying unsafe behaviour in Polish companies
Rural roadway safety perceptions among rural teen drivers living in and outside of towns
Sleep loss and risk-taking behavior: a review of the literature
Towards a structured understanding of caregivers' safety behaviour in the domestic and driveway setting
Pals, problems, and personality: the moderating role of personality in the longitudinal association between adolescents' and best friends' delinquency
Respirator and hearing protection use in the certified safe farm program
Respirator use among U.S. farm operators: evidence from the 2006 Farm and Ranch Safety Survey
Alcohol-dependent individuals discount sex at higher rates than controls
An attentional theory of emotional influences on risky decisions
Attitudes towards the use of mouth and face guards in Swedish ice hockey: part 2. Results
Drink driving in Hong Kong: The competing effects of random breath testing and alcohol tax reductions
Effects of moderate to severe traumatic brain injury on anticipating consequences of actions in adolescents: a preliminary study
Even highly experienced drivers benefit from a brief hazard perception training intervention
Falling for Sport: A Case Report of Skydiving and SCI
Health-compromising behaviors among young adults in the urban emergency department: opportunity for a teachable moment
The opportunities of crises and emergency risk communication in activities of Serbian public health workforce in emergencies
Protecting children or creating vulnerability?
The psychology of men's health: Maximizing masculine capital
Risk factors for persistent problems following acute whiplash injury: update of a systematic review and meta-analysis
A scenario-based modeling approach for emergency evacuation management and risk analysis under multiple uncertainties
Time-based prospective memory predicts engagement in risk behaviors among substance users: results from clinical and nonclinical samples
The use of seatbelts and child restraints in three Mexican cities
Use of fear and threat-based messages to motivate preparedness: Costs, consequences and other choices Part One
We need risk communication and perception research focused on flood risks for senior citizens
Working memory and impulsivity predict marijuana-related problems among frequent users
Association between parental perceptions of residential neighbourhood environments and childhood obesity in Porto, Portugal
Being moved by the self and others: influence of empathy on self-motion perception
In the elderly, failure to update internal models leads to over-optimistic predictions about upcoming actions
Motorcycle helmet attitudes, behaviours and beliefs among Cambodians
Risk communication as a tool for training apprentice welders: a study about risk perception and occupational accidents
Safe cycling
Selling new neighborhoods as good for walking: issues for measuring self-selection
An economical way to find out attitudes towards accident prevention methods
Adolescence is risky business
Adolescent girls' ADHD symptoms and young adult driving: the role of perceived deviant peer affiliation
Alcoholics anonymous and reduced impulsivity: a novel mechanism of change
Applying the extended parallel process model to workplace safety messages
Bayes and base rates: what is an informative prior for actuarial violence risk assessment?
Beyond distance: children's school travel mode choice
Dissociating proportion congruent and conflict adaptation effects in a Simon-Stroop procedure
Driver training interests of a Spanish sample of young drivers and its relationship with their self-assessment skills concerning risky driving behavior
Evaluating risk assessments using receiver operating characteristic analysis: rationale, advantages, insights, and limitations
Factors affecting self-reported use of seat belt among commercial vehicle drivers in Gusau metropolis Zamfara State North-western Nigeria
Gender specific effect of psychological stress and cortisol reactivity on adolescent risk taking
Impact of age and cognitive demand on lane choice and changing under actual highway conditions
A model of community pediatrics: improving access to safe play environments
Neuropsychiatric genetics of happiness, friendships, and politics: hypothesizing homophily ("birds of a feather flock together") as a function of reward gene polymorphisms
Occluded motion alters event perception
The potential effectiveness of young driver high-performance vehicle restrictions as used in Australia
Reaction times of young alcohol-impaired drivers
Understanding the causes and consequences of injuries to adolescents growing up in poverty in Ethiopia, Andhra Pradesh (India), Vietnam and Peru: a mixed method study
Walking associated with public transit: moving toward increased physical activity in the United States
Risks of high-powered motorcycles among younger adults
Change detection, multiple controllers, and dynamic environments: insights from the brain
Child passenger restraints in relation to other second-row passengers: an analysis of the 2007-2009 national survey of the use of booster seats
Child restraint safety practices among Arab children in Israel
The development of risky attitudes from pre-driving to fully-qualified driving
Energy drink use and its relationship to masculinity, jock identity, and fraternity membership among men
Evidence-based review on interventions and determinants of driving performance in teens with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or autism spectrum disorder
Injury-proneness of youth with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder: A national clinical data analysis in Taiwan
Perseveration in Barrier Crossing
Salient beliefs about earthquake hazards and household preparedness
Differing perceptions: How students of color and white students perceive campus climate for underrepresented groups
Adolescents' perceptions of institutional fairness: Relations with moral reasoning, emotions, and behavior
The association between cultural orientation and drinking behaviors among university students in Wuhan, China
Behaving badly or goodly: Is it because I feel guilty, shameful, or sympathetic? Or is it a matter of what I think?
The biology of fear
Conditioned fear modulates visual selection
Decision-making under risk of loss in children
Discounting of delayed rewards is not hyperbolic
Dorsal/ventral parcellation of the amygdala: Relevance to impulsivity and aggression
The effects of acute tryptophan depletion on impulsivity and mood in adolescents engaging in non-suicidal self-injury
The effects of sunshields on red light running behavior of cyclists and electric bike riders
Examining the association between binge drinking and propensity to join the military
Exposure to alcohol advertisements and teenage alcohol-related problems
Injury versus noninjury factors as predictors of postconcussive symptoms following mild traumatic brain injury in children
'It's just a social thing': Drug use, friendship and borderwork among marginalized young people
Latino parent and adolescent perceptions of hoped-for and feared possible selves for adolescents
Longitudinal associations in adolescence between cortisol and persistent aggressive or rule-breaking behavior
"My son is reliable" young drivers' parents' optimism and views on the norms of parental involvement in youth driving
Mindfulness for adolescents: A promising approach to supporting emotion regulation and preventing risky behavior
Motorsports involvement among adolescents and young adults with childhood ADHD
Neighbourhood safety and leisure-time physical activity among Dutch adults: a multilevel perspective
Concussions in high school sports: are they worth the risk? Should school football be banned?
Perceived school safety is strongly associated with adolescent mental health problems
Population based case-control study of serious non-fatal motorcycle crashes
Re: "Spice, bath salts, and the U.S. Military: the emergence of synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonists and cathinones in the U.S. Armed Forces"
Road traffic injuries in conflict areas
Risk taking in first and second generation Afro-Caribbean adolescents: an emerging challenge for school nurses
Use of accident precursor event investigations in the understanding of major hazard risk potential in the Norwegian offshore industry
Safety information in drug labeling: a comparison of the USA, the UK, and Japan
Social science theories on adolescent risk-taking the relevance of behavioral inhibition and activation
The social life of drugs
Negative or positive? The effect of emotion and mood on risky driving
Fear and anxiety while driving: Differential impact of task demands, speed and motivation
"Virtual" versus "actual" parental accompaniment of teen drivers: A qualitative study of teens' views of in-vehicle driver monitoring technologies
Older drivers' self-assessed driving skills, driving-related stress and self-regulation in traffic
Impatience and time pressure: Subjective reactions of drivers in situations forcing them to stop their car in the road
The evolution of mental model, trust and acceptance of adaptive cruise control in relation to initial information
Analyzing resilience of urban networks: a preliminary step towards more flood resilient cities
Epistemic uncertainty, rival models, and closure
Household-level model for hurricane evacuation destination type choice using hurricane Ivan data
Mind-wandering in younger and older adults: converging evidence from the sustained attention to response task and reading for comprehension
Study on the effect of exit's position changes on evacuation in unit rooms with two exits
Analysis of a fatal electrical injury due to improper switch operation
An analysis of safeness of work environment in Korean manufacturing: The "safety climate" perspective
Bayesian network analysis of safety culture and organizational culture in a nuclear power plant
A comparative analysis between contractors' and inspectors' perceptions of the department of labour occupational health and safety inspectorate relative to South African construction
Comparing pedestrians' needs and behaviours in different land use environments
Evaluating hazard conflicts using inherently safer design concept
Impact of countdown timer on driving maneuvers after the yellow onset at signalized intersections: An empirical study in Changsha, China
The impact of security on travelers across the Canada-US border
"Lean occupational" safety: An application for a Near-miss Management System design
Measurement equivalence of a safety climate measure among Hispanic and White Non-Hispanic construction workers
Negative safety events as correlates of work-safety tension
Observation-based proactive OHS outcome indicators - Validity of the Elmeri+ method
Occupational safety and health performance of the manufacturing sector in Jeddah Industrial Estate, Saudi Arabia: A 20-years follow-up study
Patterns of pedestrian attitudes, perceptions and behaviour in Europe
Pedestrian environment and route choice: evidence from New York City and Hong Kong
Pouring CREAM into natural gas: The introduction of Common Performance Conditions into the safety management of gas networks
Predictors of personal flotation device (PFD) use among workers in the Alaska commercial fishing industry
Risk illusions in car following: Is a smaller headway always perceived as more dangerous?
Safety compliance on offshore platforms: A multi-sample survey on the role of perceived leadership involvement and work climate
The safety-level gap between China and the US in view of the interaction between coal production and safety management
Benchmarking road safety of U.S. states: A DEA-based Malmquist productivity index approach
Black mothers' perceptions about urban neighborhood safety and outdoor play for their preadolescent daughters
Critical power two wheeler driving patterns at the emergence of an incident
The effect on teenage risky driving of feedback from a safety monitoring system: a randomized controlled trial
The effectiveness of helmets in bicycle collisions with motor vehicles: A case-control study
The effects of poor quality sleep on brain function and risk taking in adolescence
Excess mortality, causes of death and life expectancy in 270,770 patients with recent onset of mental disorders in Denmark, Finland and Sweden
Injunctive peer misperceptions and the mediation of self-approval on risk for driving after drinking among college students
Effect of cognitive status on self-regulatory driving behavior in older adults: an assessment of naturalistic driving using in-car video recordings
Instigating bystander intervention in the prevention of alcohol-impaired driving: analysis of data regarding mass media campaigns
Preventable disasters in the offshore oil industry: from Piper Alpha to Deepwater Horizon
Crime as risk taking
Evaluation of emergency egress information for persons who are blind
Experimental research on the differences in a driver's perception of objects from stationary and moving vehicles
Exploring the relationship between average speed, speed variation, and accident rates using spatial statistical models and gis
Risk perception and safety attitudes in Indian army aviators
Twitter adoption and use in mass convergence and emergency events
Motivational counseling reduces future police charges in court referred youth
Cognition in perimenopause: the effect of transition stage
Influence of traffic enforcement on the attitudes and behavior of drivers
Level of disaster preparedness in patients visiting the emergency department: results of the Civilian Assessment of Readiness for Disaster (CARD) Survey
Wind speed perception and risk
Perceiving threat in the face of safety: excitation and inhibition of conditioned fear in human visual cortex
Physical activity promotion among churchgoing Latinas in San Diego, California: Does neighborhood cohesion matter?
Policing the roads: traffic cops, 'Boy Racers' and anti-social behaviour
Predicting self-reported violations among novice license drivers using pre-license simulator measures
Comparison of on-road driving between young adults with and without ADHD
Urinary evaluations of drug consumption among workers having high risk of accident: technical difficulties, limits and possibilities of increasing efficacy of the law
Examining the term 'surveillance' as a potential barrier between public health and community partners
Improving safety in small enterprises through an integrated safety management intervention
Maintaining brightness while saving energy in residential roads
Modeling pedestrian crossing activities in an urban environment using microscopic traffic simulation
The role of psychological capital in perception of safety climate among air traffic controllers
Treatment of evacuation time uncertainty using polynomial chaos expansion
Understanding police and expert performance: When training attenuates (vs. exacerbates) stereotypic bias in the decision to shoot
Vacationing in a terror-stricken destination: tourists' risk perceptions and rationalizations
Adolescent transformations of behavioral and neural processes as potential targets for prevention
Authoritarian reactions to terrorist threat: Who is being threatened, the Me or the We?
Alcohol and drug use among young adults driving to a drinking location
The impact of closed-circuit television in a car park on the fear of crime: Evidence from a victimization survey
Does neighborhood walkability moderate the effects of intrapersonal characteristics on amount of walking in post-menopausal women?
Effects of admission and treatment strategies of DWI courts on offender outcomes
Fractions of fatal crashes attributable to speeding: Evolution for the period 2001-2010 in France
I'm too calm-Let's take a risk! On the impact of state and trait arousal on risk taking
Youth aggressive/disruptive behavior trajectories and subsequent gambling among urban male youth
Red brain, blue brain: evaluative processes differ in Democrats and Republicans
The relationship of positive work environments and workplace injury: Evidence from the National Nursing Assistant Survey
Response preparation in a lane change task
Sleep debt elicits negative emotional reaction through diminished amygdala-anterior cingulate functional connectivity
Drinking alcohol--a frequent risk behaviour among upper secondary school students
The influence of affective and cognitive arguments on message judgement and attitude change: The moderating effects of meta-bases and structural bases
Root causes and impacts of severe accidents at large nuclear power plants
Associations of perceived neighborhood physical and social environments with physical activity and television viewing in African-American men and women
Decision- making in polydrug amphetamine-type stimulant users: an fMRI study
Community participation and behavioral changes of helmet use in Thailand
Design of risk communication strategies based on risk perception among farmers exposed to pesticides in Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil
Evaluation of FDA safety-related drug label changes in 2010
Confirmatory factor analysis of the Behaviour of Young Novice Drivers Scale (BYNDS)
Investigating bicyclists' perception of comfort on physically separated bicycle paths in Nanjing, China
Investigation and analysis of motorcycle safety in rural China
Behavior of riders of electric bicycles at onset of green and yellow at signalized intersections in China
Comparative study of impacts of red light cameras in China
Driver performance at high speeds using a simulator
Driver responses to signing treatments for flooded roads
Dynamic maximum speed limits: perception, mental workload, and compliance
Evacuee route choice decisions in a dynamic hurricane evacuation context
Factors influencing walking in small urban region
Geometric design, speed, and safety
Investigating behavior of active cyclists
Investigating differences between experienced adult drivers and teen drivers with low-cost vehicle data recorder
Naturalistic census of cell phone use
Parental attitudes toward children walking and bicycling to school: multivariate ordered response analysis
Prediction of red-light running on basis of inductive-loop detectors for dynamic all-red extension
Relationships between self-reported bicycling injuries and perceived risk of cyclists in Queensland, Australia
Safety effects of icy-curve warning systems
Simulator study of driver responses to pedestrian treatments at multilane roundabouts
Statistical analysis and development of crash prediction model for roundabouts on high-speed rural roadways
Traffic safety for electric bike riders in China: attitudes, risk perception, and aberrant riding behaviors
Alcohol- or drug-use disorders and motor vehicle accident mortality: A retrospective cohort study
Economic worry and the presence of safety hazards on farms
The effects of age and traffic density on street-crossing behavior
The effects of a new traffic safety law in the Republic of Serbia on driving under the influence of alcohol
Headphones and handhelds as contributors to preventable trauma
How and why Toxoplasma makes us crazy
Impulsivity-like traits and risky driving behaviors among college students
Neurocognitive functioning and symptom reporting of high school athletes following a single concussion
One more beer? Serving alcohol to pseudo-intoxicated guests in bars
Personal protective equipment and work safety climate among Latino poultry processing workers in Western North Carolina, USA
Post-disaster depression and vigilance: a functional near-infrared spectroscopy study
Blood alcohol level tests in nightlife recreational settings as a preventive tool
Changing patterns in the epidemiology of traumatic brain injury
Cognitive rest and school-based recommendations following pediatric concussion: the need for primary care support tools
Nonfatal road traffic injuries: can road safety campaigns prevent hazardous behavior? An italian experience
Teen driver risk in relation to age and number of passengers, United States, 2007-2010
Who can best influence the quality of teenagers' cars?
Understanding anxiety disorders: the psychology and the psychopathology of defence mechanisms against threats
The limited national security implications of civilian nuclear decline
Practical use of work analysis to support rail electrical control rooms: A case of alarm handling
Childhood poverty, chronic stress, self-regulation, and coping
Conflict-induced displacement, understanding the causes of flight
The economics of health and safety at work: an interdiciplinary review of the theory and policy
'I don't like my children to grow up in this bad area': Parental anxieties about living in informal settlements
Association of suicide rates, gun ownership, conservatism and individual suicide risk
Associations between body mass index and park proximity, size, cleanliness, and recreational facilities
Availability and readability of emergency preparedness materials for deaf and hard-of-hearing and older adult populations: issues and assessments
Bodily moral disgust: What it is, how it is different from anger, and why it is an unreasoned emotion
The conceptualization and communication of risk among rural appalachian adolescents
Coronary artery disease in aircrew fatalities: morphology, risk factors, and possible predictors
Neighborhood Environment and Urban Schoolchildren's Risk for Being Overweight
Optimism following a tornado disaster
Perceptions of injury and prevention practices among pregnant and parenting teenagers
Adolescents' civic engagement and alcohol use: Longitudinal evidence for patterns of engagement and use in the adult lives of a British cohort
Risk behaviors and drug use: a latent class analysis of heavy episodic drinking in first-year college students
Perils and profits: a reexamination of the link between profitability and safety in U.S. aviation
A case of 25I-NBOMe (25-I) intoxication: a new potent 5-HT2A agonist designer drug
Changes in health risk behaviors for males and females from early adolescence through early adulthood
Can implicit appraisal concepts produce emotion-specific effects? A focus on unfairness and anger
Commercial fishing industry deaths - Forensic issues
Effects of average speed enforcement on speed compliance and crashes: A review of the literature
Effects on accidents of changes in the use of studded tyres in major cities in Norway: A long-term investigation
How reinforcement sensitivity and perceived risk influence young drivers' reported engagement in risky driving behaviors
Hysterical paralysis and premature burial: A medieval Persian case, fear and fascination in the west, and modern practice
The interaction between self-regulation and motivation prospectively predicting problem behavior in adolescence
Lightning injuries in sports and recreation
Medicalizing versus psychologizing mental illness: what are the implications for help seeking and stigma? A general population study
Predictors of driving avoidance and exposure following traumatic brain injury
Physical activity in Latinas: social and environmental influences
Effectiveness of a brief parent-directed teen driver safety intervention (Checkpoints) delivered by driver education instructors
First-time parents are not well enough prepared for the safety of their infant
Individual differences and decision making: when the lure effect of gain is a matter of size
Knowledge of commercial bus drivers about road safety measures in Lagos, Nigeria
Sounding the warning bells: The need for a systems approach to understanding behaviour at rail level crossings
Stereotype threat and hazard perception among provisional license drivers
Unlicensed driving and other related health risk behaviors: A study of Montana high school students
Youth, alcohol and place-based leisure behaviours: A study of two locations in England
Development of sport courage scale
Fire and scald burn risks in urban communities: who is at risk and what do they believe about home safety?
Organizational influence on the occurrence of work accidents involving exposure to biological material
The Addenbrooke's Cognitive Examination Revised as a potential screening test for elderly drivers
Age and inconsistency in driving performance
Beyond general behavioral theories: structural discrepancy in young motorcyclist's risky driving behavior and its policy implications
Causation mechanisms in car-to-vulnerable road user crashes: implications for active safety systems
Cognitive problems, self-rated changes in driving skills, driving-related discomfort and self-regulation of driving in old drivers
Does wearing helmets reduce motorcycle-related death? A global evaluation
Driver's lane keeping ability with eyes off road: insights from a naturalistic study
Driving anger, emotional and instrumental aggressiveness, and impulsiveness in the prediction of aggressive and transgressive driving
Driving behaviors in early stage dementia: a study using in-vehicle technology
A dynamic analysis of motorcycle ownership and usage: a panel data modeling approach
The effect of the new traffic law on drinking and driving in São Paulo, Brazil
An examination of the environmental, driver and vehicle factors associated with the serious and fatal crashes of older rural drivers
Grandparents and child passenger safety
How do passengers influence drivers' propensities for angry driving? Different effects of supervisors versus friends
Identifying the psychological determinants of risky riding: an application of an extended Theory of Planned Behaviour
Implementation of a community-based mature driver screening and referral program: A feasibility study
The influence of cognitive impairment with no dementia on driving restriction and cessation in older adults
Injuries among powered two-wheeler users in eight European countries: a descriptive analysis of hospital discharge data
The intention and willingness to pay moving violation citations among Taiwan motorcyclists
Investigating driving behaviour of older drivers with mild cognitive impairment using a portable driving simulator
Measurements of street-crossing decision-making in pedestrians with low vision
MMSE as a predictor of on-road driving performance in community dwelling older drivers
More mad and more wise
Motorcycle accidents, rider behaviour, and psychological models
Motorcyclists' speed and "looked-but-failed-to-see" accidents
Obesity is associated with the future risk of heavy truck crashes among newly recruited commercial drivers
Pedestrians' intention to jaywalk: Automatic or planned? A study based on a dual-process model in China
Personality and risk perception in transport
Powered two-wheelers road accidents and their risk perception in dense urban areas: case of Paris
Public attitudes towards motorcyclists' safety: a qualitative study from the United Kingdom
The red-light running behavior of electric bike riders and cyclists at urban intersections in China: an observational study
Risk and threat factors in prior representations of driving situations among powered two-wheeler riders and car drivers
Risk factors for injury accidents among moped and motorcycle riders
Risk factors for severe injury in cyclists involved in traffic crashes in Victoria, Australia
Road rage among drug dependent patients
Severity of motorcycle crashes in Calgary
Stability of physical assessment of older drivers over 1 year
Why do cyclists infringe at red lights? An investigation of Australian cyclists' reasons for red light infringement
Validity of the Occupational Therapy-Drive Home Maze Test for right and left handed test takers
Understanding the factors influencing safe and unsafe motorcycle rider intentions
Traffic safety analysis of powered two-wheelers (PTWs) in Slovenia
Traffic safety among motorcyclists in Norway: a study of subgroups and risk factors
Towards a conceptual model of motorcyclists' Risk Awareness: a comparative study of riding experience effect on hazard detection and situational criticality assessment
Stated response to increased enforcement density and penalty size for speeding and driving unbelted
Determining ultraviolet degradation of high-visibility warning clothing with photochromic indicators
Factors associated with the ability to estimate actual speeds in recreational alpine skiers
Family climate for road safety: A new concept and measure
Frontal lobe γ-aminobutyric acid levels during adolescence: associations with impulsivity and response inhibition
High-risk behaviour in hypomanic states
The impact of alcohol and energy drink consumption on intoxication and risk-taking behavior
Patterns of neighborhood environment attributes related to physical activity across 11 countries: a latent class analysis
Perceived environment and public open space use: a study with adults from Curitiba, Brazil
Pilot evaluation of an adolescent risk and injury prevention programme incorporating curriculum and school connectedness components
Poison politics: a contentious history of consumer protection against dangerous household chemicals in the United States
Quantitative assessment of preventive behaviors in France during the Fukushima nuclear crisis
The reinforcing efficacy of alcohol mediates associations between impulsivity and negative drinking outcomes
Responding to the deaf in disasters: establishing the need for systematic training for state-level emergency management agencies and community organizations
Safety impacts of signal-warning flashers and speed control at high-speed signalized intersections
Self-regulatory driving behaviors: gender and transportation support effects
Social participation among older adults living in medium-sized cities in Belgium: the role of neighbourhood perceptions
Let's go to the park today: the role of parks in obesity prevention and improving the public's health
Measurement equivalence and mean comparisons of a safety climate measure across construction trades
Newly acquired fear of falling leads to altered eye movement patterns and reduced stepping safety: a case study
Operating styles, working time and daily driving distance in relation to a taxi driver's speeding offenses in Taiwan
Altered cingulate and amygdala response towards threat and safe cues in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Calls managed by the BC Drug and Poison Information Centre following the 2011 nuclear reactor incident at Fukushima, Japan
"Feeling unsafe": a photovoice analysis of factors influencing physical activity behavior among malaysian adolescents
Having to stop driving at night because of dangerous sleepiness - awareness, physiology and behaviour
Representing distributed cognition in complex systems: how a submarine returns to periscope depth
Updating outdated predictive accident models
Use of caffeinated substances and risk of crashes in long distance drivers of commercial vehicles: case-control study
Wait, are you sad or angry? Large exposure time differences required for the categorization of facial expressions of emotion
Using multivariate adaptive regression splines (MARS) to develop crash modification factors for urban freeway interchange influence areas
Soldiers and marksmen under fire: monitoring performance with neural correlates of small arms fire localization
Students' perceptions of school climate in the U.S. and China
Why some ignore public health disaster warnings
Using cognitive work analysis and the strategies analysis diagram to understand variability in road user behaviour at intersections
Internality and externality correlates of potential drivers among high school pupils in Holon (Israel)
Preparing for and responding to severe weather
Evaluation of the neighborhood environment walkability scale in Nigeria
The evolution of risk-taking
The consumption of alcohol mixed with energy drinks: prevalence and key correlates among Canadian high school students
Current status on storage, processing and risk communication of medical radioactive waste in Japan
Are environmental influences on physical activity distinct for urban, suburban, and rural schools? A multilevel study among secondary school students in Ontario, Canada
Dissociable neural processes underlying risky decisions for self versus other
Adolescents' preference for technology-based emergency department behavioral interventions: does it depend on risky behaviors?
Associations between age, gender, psychosocial and health characteristics in the Candrive II study cohort
Consideration of future safety consequences: A new predictor of employee safety
Does Ramadan affect the risk of injury in professional football?
The dislocations of terror: Assessments of risk during the Second Intifada
Factors associated with civilian drivers involved in crashes with emergency vehicles
Examining the relationship between alcohol-energy drink risk profiles and high-risk drinking behaviors
Hand injuries in children
The influence of anger, impulsivity, sensation seeking and driver attitudes on risky driving behaviour among post-graduate university students in Durban, South Africa
Measuring levels of citizen public health emergency preparedness, Jefferson County, Alabama
The impact of media on fear of crime among university students: a cross-national comparison
Older drivers' opinions of criteria that inform the cars they buy: A focus group study
Relations between political violence and child adjustment: a four-wave test of the role of emotional insecurity about community
Still red light for red light cameras? An update
Velocity, safety, or both? How do balance and strength of goal conflicts affect drivers' behaviour, feelings and physiological responses?
Are men more likely than women to commit scientific misconduct? Maybe, maybe not
Children's physical activity and parents' perception of the neighborhood environment: neighborhood impact on kids study
Citizens' obligation to obey the law an empirical study of Guangzhou, China
Driving behaviors and on-duty road accidents: a French case-control study
Driving performance and behaviors: a comparison of gender differences in Parkinson's disease
The effects of peer influence on adolescent pedestrian road-crossing decisions
Effects of simulated day and night driving on the speed differential in tangent-curve transition: a pilot study using driving simulator
The impact of new legislation on child restraint system (CRS) misuse and inappropriate use in Australia
The influence of environmental hazard maps on risk beliefs, emotion, and health-related behavioral intentions
NASA faked the moon landing--therefore, (climate) science is a hoax: an anatomy of the motivated rejection of science
A study on the relationship between personality and driving styles
Systematic observations of neighborhood order: assessing the methodology in evaluating a community-based initiative
Using engagement-based strategies to alter perceptions of the walking environment
Tsunami-tendenko and morality in disasters
Scooter crashes at university: intervention tactics for modified behavior and helmet use
The effects of external motivation and real-time automated feedback on speeding behavior in a naturalistic setting
Risk attitudes and birth order
Road traffic accidents in Kathmandu---an hour of education yields a glimmer of hope
Current emotion research in behavioral neuroscience: the role(s) of the amygdala
Effects of the feeling of invulnerability and the feeling of control on motivation to participate in experience-based analysis, by type of risk
Doing what others see: visuomotor conversion to informational social influence
Fear and panic in humans with bilateral amygdala damage
Health & safety in a steel plant: technical and managerial action
'I bang my head, therefore I am': Constructing individual and social authenticity in the heavy metal subculture
'I feel your pain': Terrorism, the media and the politics of response
Implicit theories of personality and attributions of hostile intent: a meta-analysis, an experiment, and a longitudinal intervention
Monitoring unmet needs: using 2-1-1 during natural disasters
Determinants of parental perception and support on youth physical activity
Between harm reduction, loss and wellness: on the occupational hazards of work
Evaluating children's location using a personal GPS logging instrument: limitations and lessons learned
Fear of property, violent, and gang crime: examining the shadow of sexual assault thesis among male and female offenders
Mutuality and the social regulation of neural threat responding
Tourists' perceived risks toward overt safety measures
The view from the road: The contribution of on-road glance-monitoring technologies to understanding driver behavior
What factors influence older people in the decision to relinquish their driver's licence? A discrete choice experiment
Australian quad bike fatalities: what is the economic cost?
Emotion management ability: predicting task performance, citizenship, and deviance
Expecting the unexpected: predicting physiological and psychological wildfire preparedness from perceived risk, responsibility, and obstacles
The impact of adolescent binge drinking and sustained abstinence on affective state
Pre-driving evaluation of a teen with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism spectrum disorder
Psychometric and demographic predictors of the perceived risk of terrorist threats and the willingness to pay for terrorism risk management programs
Strict or graduated punishment? Effect of punishment strictness on the evolution of cooperation in continuous public goods games
When precaution creates misunderstandings: the unintended effects of precautionary information on perceived risks, the EMF case
When opportunity matters: comparing the risk-taking attitudes of prisoners and recently released ex-prisoners
Barriers and facilitators for promotoras' success in delivering pesticide safety education to Latino farmworker families: la familia sana
Attitudes on alcohol and drinking patterns among youth in Serbia
The Barratt Impulsiveness Scale-11: Reassessment of its structure in a community sample
Bicyclists overestimate their own night-time conspicuity and underestimate the benefits of retroreflective markers on the moveable joints
The challenges and rewards of engaging a skeptical public
A comparison of willingness to pay to prevent child maltreatment deaths in Ecuador and the United States
Emotion regulation and attachment: Relationships with children's secure base, during different situational and social contexts in naturalistic settings
Is comprehension of problem solutions resistant to misleading heuristic cues?
Paradoxical effects of stress and an executive task on decisions under risk
Personality factors predict spicy food liking and intake
Predicting compliance with command hallucinations: Anger, impulsivity and appraisals of voices' power and intent
Road safety in work commuting for primary care profesionals
Risk-taking behaviors and subgrouping of college students: a latent class analysis
Systematic meta-analyses and field synopsis of genetic association studies of violence and aggression
Systemic accident analysis: Examining the gap between research and practice
The associations of SES, obesity, sport activity, and perceived neighborhood environments: Is there a model of environmental injustice penalizing Portuguese children?
Cross-cultural and site-based influences on demographic, well-being, and social network predictors of risk perception in hazard and disaster settings in Ecuador and Mexico
Decision making for group risk reduction: dealing with epistemic uncertainty
The effect of a comprehensive injury audit program on injury incidence in ballet: a 3-year prospective study
Bhopal to Bridgehampton: schema for a disaster tourism event
Modeling offenses among motorcyclists involved in crashes in Spain
Mood-induced variations of mandible and tongue postures
Potential preventive measures against quad bike injuries
Profile of multiple trauma occurrences in motorcycle drivers attended by the SAMU of Teresina-PI
Slithering snakes, angry men and out-group members: What and whom are we evolved to fear?
"Don't know" responses to risk perception measures: implications for underserved populations
Emotion categorization does not depend on explicit face categorization
Evaluating the cognitive consequences of mild traumatic brain injury and concussion by using electrophysiology
Examining alcohol and alcohol-free versions of a simulated drinking game procedure
Occupational. health and safety and gender differences: need for the identification of an adequate risk assessment
Support system to the process of risk assessment in construction company: assessment, drafting, and review
On the efficiency of functional decomposition in fault tree analysis
Perceptions of support-seeking in young people attending a Youth Offending Team: An interpretative phenomenological analysis
Probability of capacity enhancement and disruption for freeway ramp controls: analysis by gap-acceptance and queuing models
Psychiatrists' view on the risk factors for aggressive behavior in psychotic patients
Quantifying the relative risk of sex offenders: risk ratios for Static-99R
Are heat warning systems effective?
Evaluating the effectiveness of heat warning systems: systematic review of epidemiological evidence
How do time pressured drivers estimate speed and time?
Humans have an expectation that gaze is directed toward them
Incorporating the lessons learned from the 2012 East Azerbaijan earthquakes in Iran's national health emergency plan
Interoceptive awareness, tension reduction expectancies and self-reported drinking behavior
Prediction of on-road driving ability after traumatic brain injury and stroke
The role of identification in giving sense to unethical organizational behavior: Defending the organization
Screening tools for fitness to drive after traumatic brain injury and stroke
Subjective assessments of threats and their association to posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms: the case of the 2011 Japan earthquake and nuclear disaster
Opportunities and threats to mandatory law of child restraint usage in Iran
Factors contributing to driver's condition after fatal and injury vehicle accidents in North Khorasan province--New Year 1391 [Gregorian- March 2012]
The cooperative driver: Multi-agent learning for preventing traffic jams
Evaluating the effectiveness of traffic calming devices: Using simulation to overcome analytical models assumptions
Anxiety, depression, and fall-related psychological concerns in community-dwelling older people
Electronic media-based health interventions promoting behavior change in youth: a systematic review
Influence of approaching tram on behaviour of pedestrians in signalised crosswalks in Poland
An illusory size-speed bias and railway crossing collisions
Modeling uncertainty in risk assessment: An integrated approach with fuzzy set theory and Monte Carlo simulation
The SDT model of belief bias: complexity, time, and cognitive ability mediate the effects of believability
Inexperience and risky decisions of young adolescents, as pedestrians and cyclists, in interactions with lorries, and the effects of competency versus awareness education
The influence of the infrastructure characteristics in urban road accidents occurrence
Learning from errors: Cognition, emotions and safety culture in the Italian air force
Online grooming legislation: Knee-jerk regulation?
The relationships between active transport to work or school and cardiovascular health or body weight: a systematic review
Safety climate dimensions as predictors for risk behavior
USA reviews motorcycle safety laws as crash deaths increase
The advocacy for pedestrian safety study: cluster randomised trial evaluating a political advocacy approach to reduce pedestrian injuries in deprived communities
Acute alcohol effects on subtypes of impulsivity and the role of alcohol-outcome expectancies
Changing mobility patterns and road mortality among pre-license teens in a late licensing country: an epidemiological study
The common pain of surrealism and death: acetaminophen reduces compensatory affirmation following meaning threats
Decision processes in choice overload: a product of delay and probability discounting?
Expressing death risk as condensed life experience and death intensity
Maturation of the adolescent brain
Multidimensionality in impulsivity and alcohol use: a meta-analysis using the UPPS model of impulsivity
Reasons for not drinking and perceived injunctive norms as predictors of alcohol abstinence among college students
Brief report: Piloting the Positive Life Changes (PLC) program for at-risk adolescents
The expression of anger amongst Turkish taxi drivers
Exploration of awareness, knowledge, and perceptions of traumatic brain injury among American youth athletes and their parents
Evaluating the driving ability in patients with Parkinson's disease using a driving simulator
Motorcycle helmets-A state of the art review
Social movements and risk perception: unions, churches, pesticides and bananas in Costa Rica
Balancing trust and anxiety in a culture of fear: text messaging and riots
Bicycle accident on the way to school - an interactive case report
The case for driver science in motorsport: a review and recommendations
Contemporary hazards in the home: keeping children safe from thermal injuries
A contingency view of the effects of cognitive diversity on team performance: the moderating roles of team psychological safety and relationship conflict
Dimensions of disinhibited personality and their relation with alcohol use and problems
Do age-friendly characteristics influence the expectation to age in place? A comparison of low-income and higher income Detroit elders
Driving anger and metacognition: the role of thought confidence on anger and aggressive driving intentions
Dog bite histories and response to incidents in canine rabies-enzootic : KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Epidemiology of pediatric ocular trauma in the Chaoshan Region, China, 2001-2010
Fears of violence during morning travel to school
Impaired identification of threat-related social information in male delinquents with antisocial personality disorder
Local differences in the epidemiology of traumatic spinal injuries
Minor delinquency and immigration: a longitudinal study among male adolescents
The motive to drink due to social anxiety and its relation to hazardous alcohol use
Parental rearing behavior prospectively predicts adolescents' risky decision-making and feedback-related electrical brain activity
The use of a quasi-naturalistic riding method to investigate bicyclists' behaviors when motorists pass
Run to failure: BP and the making of the Deepwater Horizon disaster
The teenage brain altered fear in humans and mice
Assessing competency for concealed-weapons permits - the physician's role
Analysis of contributory factors for driving under the influence of alcohol: A stated choice approach
Asymmetric stochastic Tau Theory in car-following
Barriers and facilitators of helmet use in a Greek sample of motorcycle riders: Which evidence?
Comparing the glance patterns of older versus younger experienced drivers: Scanning for hazards while approaching and entering the intersection
Development and validation of safety climate scales for lone workers using truck drivers as exemplar
The influence of number of passengers and music genre on driving speed of young adult angkot drivers
Human behaviour in severe tunnel accidents: Effects of information and behavioural training
The emotional spectrum in traffic situations: Results of two online-studies
Driving performance during visual and haptic menu selection with in-vehicle rotary device
Driver fatigue and the law from the perspective of police officers and prosecutors
Does preoccupation impair hazard perception? A simultaneous EEG and Eye Tracking study
Directing driver attention with augmented reality cues
Uniquely satisfied: Exploring cyclist satisfaction
Time and space: The difference between following time headway and distance headway instructions
Theory of planned behaviour and road violations: The moderating influence of perceived behavioural control
Road safety communication campaigns: Research designs and behavioral modeling
Reliability and validity of a Spanish-language version of the multidimensional driving style inventory
Prospective study of healthy older drivers: No increase in crash involvement or traffic citations at 24 months following a failed on-road assessment
Low rates of child restraint system use in cars may be due to fatalistic beliefs and other factors
An investigation of professional drivers: Organizational safety climate, driver behaviours and performance
Alcohol and alcohol-related harm in China: policy changes needed
Compliance with an ordinance requiring the use of personal flotation devices by children in public waterways
Evaluation of the benefits of vehicle safety technology: The MUNDS study
An investigation into perception of preventability of injuries and knowledge needs on injury prevention among 684 among undergraduates of a university
Social resistance framework for understanding high-risk behavior among nondominant minorities: preliminary evidence
Exploring the benefits of interagency collaboration and community partnership for public safety and national security : lessons for Nigeria’s security agencies
Evaluating different models of media behavior during armed conflicts: is the media in charge of the narrative?
Association between vision impairment and driving exposure in older adults aged 70 years and over: a population-based examination
Effects of the Youth Empowerment Seminar on impulsive behavior in adolescents
Local-level governance of risk and resilience in Nepal
Identifying the key factors affecting warning message dissemination in VANET real urban scenarios
Impact of fear of falling in long term care: an integrative review
Influence of social stress on risk-taking behavior in adolescents
Fight or flight? Dream content during sleepwalking/sleep terrors vs rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder
Examining the validity of the Structured Assessment of Violence Risk in Youth (SAVRY) for predicting probation outcomes among adjudicated juvenile offenders
Neural correlate of impulsivity in subjects at ultra-high risk for psychosis
The relationship between cognitive performance, perceptions of driving comfort and abilities, and self-reported driving restrictions among healthy older drivers
Risk communication discourse among ecological risk assessment professionals and its implications for communication with non-experts
Using the law to promote the mental health of older adults during disasters
Beta prime regression with application to risky behavior frequency screening
The contributions of value-based decision-making and attentional bias to alcohol-seeking following devaluation
The mature minor: some critical psychological reflections on the empirical bases
The NASOROSSO (Rednose) Project: An Italian Study on Alcohol Consumption in Recreational Places
A wicked problem: early childhood safety in the dynamic, interactive environment of home
Unregulated and unsafe: The impact of motorcycle trauma on Queensland children
Ability of beach users to identify rip currents at Pensacola Beach, Florida
Coasts: the high-risk areas of the world
The diversity of resilience: contributions from a social science perspective
The effect of uncertainty on estimates of hurricane surge hazards
Global mapping of storm surges and the assessment of coastal vulnerability
Natural hazards and resilience: exploring institutional and organizational dimensions of social resilience
Organizing social resilience in the context of natural hazards: a research note
Lower injury rates for newcomers to professional soccer: a prospective cohort study over 9 consecutive seasons
Preventing gun violence by changing social norms
Why are people bad at detecting randomness? A statistical argument
Pesticide risk perceptions and the differences between farmers and extensionists: Towards a knowledge-in-context model
Probability of criminal acts of violence: a test of jury predictive accuracy
Towards a unified theory of pedestrian dynamics: Comment on "The emergence of design in pedestrian dynamics: Locomotion, self-organization, walking paths and constructal law" by A.F. Miguel
The consistency and coherence of attitudes to physical risk. Some empirical evidence
Acceptability of countdown signals at an urban signalized intersection and their influence on drivers behaviour
Application of fuzzy techniques for determining the operating speed based on road geometry
Assessment of traffic safety among young people aged 15 to 24 in Slovenia
Comparison of procedures to estimate critical headways at roundabouts
Identification and prioritization of hazardous road locations by segmentation and data envelopment analysis approach
New approach to determining visibility length on passive protected level railroad crossings
Operating speed based alignment consistency evaluation using driving simulator: case studies from Taigan Freeway in Jiangxi, China
A reliability-based resource allocation model for transportation networks affected by natural disasters
The research of vehicle acceleration at signalized intersections
Study of drivers' behaviour at a passive railway crossing
Altered risk-related processing in substance users: Imbalance of pain and gain
Awareness and practice of road safety measures among undergraduate medical students in a South Indian state
Driver behaviours on rural highways with and without curbs - a driving simulator based study
The effect of perceived deterrence on compliance with authorities: the moderating influence of procedural justice
Gate violations by truck drivers at highway-rail grade crossings in two cities
The intelligent copilot: A constraint-based approach to shared-adaptive control of ground vehicles
Investigating the influence of curbs on single-vehicle crash injury severity utilizing zero-inflated ordered probit models
It is premature to test older drivers with the SIMARD-MD
Modeling injury severity of young drivers using highway crash data from Kansas
Occupant restraint preferences of individuals traveling in motor vehicles while seated in their wheelchairs
Only kids who are fools would do that!: peer social norms influence children's risk-taking decisions
Pre-accident investigations, an introduction to organisational safety
Alcohol expectancy responses from teenagers: the early forewarning signals
Analysis of mental workload of electrical power plant operators of control and operation centers
Scientism. On the history of a difficult concept
A single gene defect causing claustrophobia
The teenage brain: cognitive control and motivation
The teenage brain: a neuroeconomic approach to adolescent decision making
The teenage brain: peer influences on adolescent decision making
The teenage brain: self control
The teenage brain: sensitivity to rewards
The teenage brain: sensitivity to social evaluation
The teenage brain: surging hormones--brain-behavior interactions during puberty
US pediatric injuries involving amusement rides, 1990-2010
Behavioural stimulation and sensation-seeking among prisoners: applications to substance dependency
Delinquency, parental involvement, early adult criminality, and sex: Evidence of moderated mediation
Dwelling on potential threat cues: an eye movement marker for combat-related ptsd
Geographic variation in work injuries: a multilevel analysis of individual-level data and area-level factors within Canada
Pedestrian dynamics: Beyond the walking speed: Comment on "The emergence of design in pedestrian dynamics: Locomotion, self-organization, walking paths and constructal law" by Antonio F. Miguel
Political extremism is supported by an illusion of understanding
Quad bikes: tobacco on four wheels (Editorial)
Deliberation's blindsight: how cognitive load can improve judgments
Disasters, catastrophes, and worse : a scalar taxonomy
Neuroendocrine mechanisms underlying sensory integration of social signals
Neurogenetics and epigenetics in impulsive behaviour: impact on reward circuitry
Neurological and psychiatric aspects of emotion
Patterns of alcohol use and related consequences in non-college-attending emerging adults
Psychological predictors of injury occurrence: a prospective investigation of professional Swedish soccer players
Psychosocial problems among truant youth: a multi-group, exploratory structural equation modeling analysis
Fear of crime and authoritarianism: A comparison of rural and urban attitudes
Acceptability of evacuation instruction fire warnings
Equating perceived urgency across auditory, visual, and tactile signals
Augmenting the technology acceptance model with trust: commercial drivers' attitudes towards monitoring and feedback
Automated driving: human-factors issues and design solutions
Commercial drivers' initial attitudes toward an on-board monitoring system
Controller response times to surface safety alerts
Differences in novice and experienced driver response to lane departure warnings that provide active intervention
A driving simulator study examining phone dialing with an iPhone vs. a button style flip-phone
Effects of task-irrelevant cars on judgments of deceleration and time-to-contact during car-following
The effects of reading and writing text-based messages while driving
How accurate are older drivers' judgments of the effects of headlight glare on acuity?
Lane specific dilemma zone warnings at signalized intersections
Reading while driving: a study on drivers' strategies of in-vehicle task initiation
What are they doing: testing a structured cognitive work analysis-based approach for identifying different road user strategies
Using orange traffic cones to warn of pedestrian hazards
Using agent-based modeling to predict the diffusion of safe teenage driving behavior through an online social network
Use of an option generation paradigm to investigate situation assessment and response selection in law enforcement
Participant characteristics and speeding behavior during an advisory warning and cash incentive intervention
Real-time detection of drowsiness related lane departures using steering wheel angle
Missing critical auditory alarms in aeronautics: evidence for inattentional deafness?
Social norms and their impact on safety-related rule violations in process control: Does it make a difference if operators are aware that residents will be injured?
Sonification discriminability and perceived urgency
Perceived urgency and annoyance of auditory alerts in a driving context
The use of a homogeneity measure to identify hazard perception abilities of novices and experienced drivers in a driving simulator
A task-analytic approach for estimating driver task demands on specific roadway sections
Speed and accuracy in driver emergency avoidance
Evaluation of sounds for hybrid and electric vehicles operating at low speed
Evaluating the impact of grade crossing safety factors through signal detection theory
Ergonomic evaluation of track-type stair descent devices used for the evacuation of high rise buildings
Looking back: examining the trends of driver distraction from 2007-2011
Adaptation of a peer pressure scale in French and German: The Peer Pressure Inventory
Antilock braking system effectiveness in prevention of road traffic crashes in Iran
Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, comorbidities, and risk situations
Can anti-speeding messages based on protection motivation theory influence reported speeding intentions?
Childhood maternal support and social capital moderate the regulatory impact of social relationships in adulthood
Cool, but understanding…Experiencing cooler temperatures promotes perspective-taking performance
Development and evaluation of a Driving Observation Schedule (DOS) to study everyday driving performance of older drivers
Differences between endogenous and exogenous emotion inhibition in the human brain
Disentangling neighborhood contextual associations with child body mass index, diet, and physical activity: The role of built, socioeconomic, and social environments
Displacement, county social cohesion, and depression after a large-scale traumatic event
Factors that affect action possibility judgments: The assumed abilities of other people
Route familiarity breeds inattention: A driving simulator study
Stress and decision making: A few minutes make all the difference
Unintentional injury mortality: The role of criminal offending. A Swedish longitudinal population based study
A model-based measure to assess operator adherence to procedures
Differences in feedback use for correct and incorrect responses
Associations of neighborhood characteristics with active park use: an observational study in two cities in the USA and Belgium
Automatic risk behavior: Direct effects of binge drinker stereotypes on drinking behavior
Graduated driver license nighttime compliance in U.S. teen drivers involved in fatal motor vehicle crashes
Moral complexity in middle childhood: children's evaluations of necessary harm
Red enhances the processing of facial expressions of anger
Adherence to a physical activity intervention among older adults in a post-transitional middle income country: a quantitative and qualitative analysis
The effect of traffic and road characteristics on road safety: A review and future research direction
Biomechanics of occupant responses during recreational off-highway vehicle (ROV) riding and 90-degree tip-overs
Antecedents of safety-compliant behaviour on offshore service vessels: a multi-factorial approach
Car crashes: The effect of passenger presence and other factors on driver outcome
Causal relations between psychosocial conditions, safety climate and safety behaviour - A multi-level investigation
A cliometric analysis of the explanatory factors of the air crashes in the world (1950-2008)
Response to "the necessity for longitudinal studies in risk perception research"
Witchcraft beliefs and witch hunts : an interdisciplinary explanation
When risk communication backfires: Randomized controlled trial on self-affirmation and reactance to personalized risk feedback in high-risk individuals
'Desa SIAGA', the 'Alert Village': the evolution of an iconic brand in Indonesian public health strategies
Deciding in the dark: age differences in intuitive risk judgment
Workplace hazard identification and management: The case of an underground mining operation
Working to rule, or working safely? Part 1: A state of the art review
Working to rule or working safely? Part 2: The management of safety rules and procedures
A survey on rear end collision avoidance system for automobiles
A risk-based method for determining passive fire protection adequacy
Change in neighborhood traffic safety: does it matter in terms of physical activity?
Control charts for accident frequency: a motivation for real-time occupational safety monitoring
Enhanced labelling on alcoholic drinks: reviewing the evidence to guide alcohol policy
The effect of communication during mass decontamination
Effect of HFACS and non-HACFS-related factors on fatalities in general aviation accidents using neural networks
Effects of repeated dosing with mirtazapine, trazodone, or placebo on driving performance and cognitive function in healthy volunteers
Four major disaster occurrences and the Spanish language media: a lack of risk communication
Impulsivity, self-control, and hypnotic suggestibility
The influence of angle of view on perceptions of culpability and vehicle speed for a computer-generated animation of a road traffic accident
Inhibitory control and trait aggression: Neural and behavioral insights using the emotional stop signal task
Is the normal accidents perspective falsifiable?
Know your enemy: on the futility of distinguishing between terrorists and insurgents
Accidents between motorcycles: analysis of cases that occurred in the state of Paraná between July 2010 and June 2011
Amphetamine use by truck drivers on highways of Sao Paulo State: a risk for the occurrence of traffic accidents?
Are all interventions created equal? A multi-threat approach to tailoring stereotype threat interventions
Driver curve speed model and its application to ACC speed control in curved roads
Human factors in nuclear safety: present and future
Fire evacuation in underground transportation systems: a review of accidents and empirical research
Graduated driver licensing program component calibrations and their association with fatal crash involvement
Peer behaviors and co-occurring disorders among adolescents
Personality types in childhood: Relations to latent trajectory classes of problem behavior and overreactive parenting across the transition into adolescence
Profiling heavy vehicle speeding
Sex differences in risk taking behavior among Dutch cyclists
Effects of motivational interviewing intervention on blackouts among college freshmen
Defining and assessing safety functions performed by people
Impulsivity moderates promotive environmental influences on adolescent delinquency: a comparison across family, school, and neighborhood contexts
The influence of physical activity in the relation between neighborhood safety and depressive symptoms among school-age children
Participation in church or religious groups and its association with health: a national study of young Canadians
National Athletic Trainers' Association position statement: lightning safety for athletics and recreation
Local responses to collective and personal crime after school shootings
Sleep, impulse control, and sensation-seeking predict delinquent behavior in adolescents, emerging adults, and adults
Using Bayesian networks to analyze occupational stress caused by work demands: Preventing stress through social support
Widening the scope of human factors safety assessment for decommissioning
Environmental interventions to reduce fear of crime: systematic review of effectiveness
'A drop of water in the pool': information and engagement of linguistic communities around a municipal pesticide bylaw to protect the public's health
Exploring the effects of attitudinal and perception characteristics on drinking and driving non-compliant behaviour
GOALDS-Goal Based Damage Ship Stability and safety standards
Influence of alcohol use on neural response to go/no-go task in college drinkers
High-performance LED street lighting using microlens arrays
Texting while driving and other risky motor vehicle behaviors among US high school students
Ledge and wedge: younger and older adults' perception of action possibilities
Stay or go? Human behavior and decision making in bushfires and other emergencies
Translation and the US empire: counterinsurgency and the resistance of language
Common and distinct associations between aggression and alcohol problems with trait disinhibition
Evaluation of real-time flash flood forecasts for Haiti during the passage of Hurricane Tomas, November 4-6, 2010
Heterogeneity in life-duration preferences: are risky recreationists really more risk loving?
Metaheuristic approach to transportation scheduling in emergency situations
News stereotypes, time, and fading priming effects
Statistical analysis of dangerous chemical accidents in China
"Subjective" and "objective" views of neighborhood danger & well-being: the importance of multiple perspectives and mixed methods
Updating and tuning a regional-scale landslide early warning system
'We are not terrorists': Turkish Muslim organizations and the construction of a moral identity
Terrorist events and attitudes toward immigrants: a natural experiment
Failing to learn from experience about catastrophes: The case of hurricane preparedness
Impact of household endowments on response capacity of farming households to natural disasters
Perceived weight status effect on adolescent health-risk behaviors: findings from 2007 and 2009 Rhode Island youth risk behavioral survey
Sanctions, perceptions, and crime: implications for criminal deterrence
Should social aggression be considered "antisocial"?
Social disconnection and hazardous drinking mediate the link between perfectionistic attitudes and depressive symptoms
Bicycle helmet wearing in a sample of urban disadvantaged primary school children
The effect of external non-driving factors, payment type and waiting and queuing on fatigue in long distance trucking
Drinking motives moderate the impact of predrinking on heavy drinking on a given evening and related adverse consequences - An event-level study
The effect of proximity, Tall Man lettering, and time pressure on accurate visual perception of drug names
Are we near a limit or can we get more safety from vehicle alcohol interlocks?
The effects of simulated hearing loss on speech recognition and walking navigation
Ethical considerations for a better collaboration between architects and structural engineers: design of buildings with reinforced concrete frame systems in earthquake zones
External factors impacting hospital evacuations caused by Hurricane Rita: the role of situational awareness
Functional impairments and risky behavior among adults with ADHD in Europe and the United States
Hangar talk survey: using stories as a naturalistic method of informing threat and error management training
Helmets prevent motorcycle injuries with significant economic benefits
The impact of threat appeals on fear arousal and driver behavior: a meta-analysis of experimental research 1990-2011
Modeling wildfire incident complexity dynamics
The moderating effect of individual differences in error-management training: who learns from mistakes?
Risky driving behavior among university students and staff in the Sultanate of Oman
Spellbound: early cinema's transformational spaces
Spiders appear to move faster than non-threatening objects regardless of one's ability to block them
"You have to listen to me because I'm in charge": explicit instruction improves the supervision practices of older siblings
Developing a valid and reliable measure of organizational crisis responsibility
Safety and reliability analysis methods based on systemic-structural activity theory
Sexting as media production: Rethinking social media and sexuality
That train has already left the station! Improving the fidelity of a railway safety research simulator at post-deployment
A voice in the crowd: Broader implications for crowdsourcing translation during crisis
Role of nurses in a nuclear disaster: experience in the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant accident
The role of popularity goal in early adolescents' behaviors and popularity status
Social benefit payments and acute injury among low-income mothers
Barriers and facilitators to all-terrain vehicle helmet use
Characteristics of traffic flow at nonsignalized T-shaped intersection with U-turn movements
Compensated dating in Hong Kong: prevalence, psychosocial correlates, and relationships with other risky behaviors
Defining family elements in adolescence
Developmental trajectory of sexual risk behaviors from adolescence to young adulthood
Different risk thresholds in pedestrian road crossing behaviour: A comparison of French and Japanese approaches
Driving with pets as a risk factor for motor vehicle collisions among older drivers
Emotion-specific modulation of early visual perception
Examining psychosocial and physical hazards in the Ghanaian mining industry and their implications for employees' safety experience
Factors influencing whether children walk to school
Fear of crime and the environment: Systematic review of UK qualitative evidence
Focusing on appraisals: How and why anger and fear influence driving risk perception
Injury situations in Freestyle Ski Cross (SX): a video analysis of 33 cases
An integrated speed management plan to reduce vehicle speeds in residential areas: Implementation and evaluation of the Silverberry Action Plan
An integrative model of organizational safety behavior
Motorcycle mobility and traffic risk
Spots of spatial desire: skateparks, skateplazas, and urban politics
Cross-validation of an employee safety climate model in Malaysia
Genderedness of bar drinking culture and alcohol-related harms: A multi-country study
A hierarchical factor analysis of a safety culture survey
A pilot hospital-school educational program to address teen motor vehicle safety
Race, gender, and risk perceptions of the legal consequences of drinking and driving
Risk-taking and social exclusion in adolescence: Neural mechanisms underlying peer influences on decision-making
Severe street and mountain bicycling injuries in adults: a comparison of the incidence, risk factors and injury patterns over 14 years
Sleep patterns during an Antarctic field expedition
Time to prioritise safe walking
The use and misuse of prescription stimulants as "cognitive enhancers" by students at one academic health sciences center
Visual information search in simulated junction negotiation: gaze transitions of young novice, young experienced and older experienced drivers
Waiting for safety: Responses by young Canadian workers to unsafe work
Young drivers who obtained their licence after an intensive driving course report more incidents than drivers with a traditional driver education
Who dies? Disparities in mortality risk among juvenile offenders
Alcoholism and its effects on the central nervous system
Discrepancies between judgment and choice of action in moral dilemmas
Ordered delinquency: the "effects" of birth order on delinquency
Should I stay or should I go - cognitive conflict in multi-attribute signals probed with East and West German 'ampelmännchen' traffic signs
Distracted driving - It is time for public health to step in
Health planning for the future: comparative risk assessment of five major lifestyle risk factors: evidence from the Wirral, UK
Multiple health behaviours: overview and implications
Multiple risk behaviour in adolescence
An overview of prevention of multiple risk behaviour in adolescence and young adulthood
Policy responses to multiple risk behaviours in adolescents
Social inequality in health, responsibility and egalitarian justice
Towards a public health approach to parenting programmes for parents of adolescents
The influence of mental load on muscle tension
The influence of parental and peer drinking behaviors on underage drinking and driving by young men
A study of the perception of health risks among college students in China
Cell phone use and crash risk
Cell phone use and crash risk: evidence for positive bias
Measuring mobile phone use: Gender, age and real usage level in relation to the accuracy and validity of self-reported mobile phone use
Mobile phone usage as an indicator of solidarity: Israelis at war in 2006 and 2009
Who uses groups to transcend the limits of the individual self? Exploring the effects of interdependent self-construal and mortality salience on investment in social groups
Glancing at trends and challenges of fire safety in Indonesia
Assessing crime as a problem: the relationship between residents' perception of crime and official crime rates over 25 years
Social responses to collective crime: Assessing the relationship between crime-related fears and collective sentiments
Social bonds under supervision: associating social bonds of probationers with supervision failure
Psychoacoustic requirements for warning sounds of quiet cars
Model-based application of ISO 26262: the hazard analysis and risk assessment
Exploring the impact of speed synchronization through connected vehicle technology on fleet-level fuel economy
Design of seat mounted ECG sensor system for vehicle application
An analysis of the suitability of public spaces to physical activity practice in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Dying to get out: young drivers, safety and social inequity
The effect of male teenage passengers on male teenage drivers: Findings from a driving simulator study
The effect of Operation 24 Hours on reducing collisions in the City of Edmonton
Fear and anger responses to local news coverage of alcohol-related crimes, accidents, and injuries: explaining news effects on policy support using a representative sample of messages and people
Neighborhood built and social environment characteristics: a multilevel analysis of associations with obesity among children and their parents
Prior storm experience moderates water surge perception and risk
Targeted group-based interventions in schools to promote emotional well-being: A systematic review
The relationship of area-level sociodemographic characteristics, household composition and individual-level socioeconomic status on walking behavior among adults
Safety riding program and motorcycle-related injuries in Thailand
What pediatricians should know about car seats?: Car safety seats
Biphasic effects of alcohol on delay and probability discounting
Childhood obesity prevention and control in city recreation centres and family homes: the MOVE/me Muevo Project
The combined effects of alcohol, caffeine, and expectancies on subjective experience, impulsivity, and risk-taking
Culture and its neurofunctional correlates when death is in mind
Cyclist activity and injury risk analysis at signalized intersections: A Bayesian modelling approach
Debiasing overoptimistic beliefs about braking capacity
Do college drinkers learn from their mistakes? Effects of recent alcohol-related consequences on planned protective drinking strategies among college freshmen
Exposure to media predicts use of dietary supplements and anabolic-androgenic steroids among Flemish adolescent boys
Falls prevention and the value of exercise: salient beliefs among South Asian and White British older adults
Fear of falling, fracture history, and comorbidities are associated with health-related quality of life among European and US women with osteoporosis in a large international study
Heterogeneity in threat extinction learning: substantive and methodological considerations for identifying individual difference in response to stress
Implications for school nursing through interprofessional education and practice
Impulsivity and substance-related attentional bias: A meta-analytic review
The increased risk of joint venture promotes social cooperation
Life experiences of instability and sexual risk behaviors among high-risk adolescent females
"Like throwing a bowling ball at a battle ship" Audience responses to Australian news stories about alcohol pricing and promotion policies: a qualitative focus group study
Magnitude comparison with different types of rational numbers
Prevalence of Toxoplasma gondii parasite infection among people who died due to sudden death in the capital city of Warsaw and its vicinity
Animal models of social avoidance and social fear
Bicycle helmets and the law (Editorial)
Enhanced body consciousness training system: a tool serving the promotion of public health
Safe cycling: how do risk perceptions compare with observed risk?
Walkable for whom? Examining the role of the built environment on the neighbourhood-based physical activity of children
Risk factors associated with traffic violations and accident severity in China
Risk factors for injuries in landslide- and flood-affected populations in Uganda
Road rage: an exploratory study on aggressive driving experience on Indian roads
Toward a cross-species understanding of empathy
Visual avoidance in phobia: particularities in neural activity, autonomic responding, and cognitive risk evaluations
The value of the dual systems model of adolescent risk-taking
Associations between alcohol use and alcohol-related negative consequences among black and white college men and women
Fluency of pharmaceutical drug names predicts perceived hazardousness, assumed side effects, and willingness to buy
Prevalence of health-risk behaviours among Canadian post-secondary students: descriptive results from the National College Health Assessment
The relationship between perfectionism and engagement in preventive health behaviours: the mediating role of self concealment
Injuries related to consumer products in Canada-a systematic literature review
Childhood drowning in Malaysia
Correlations for estimating flammability limits of pure fuels and fuel-inert mixtures
Do cultural dimensions predict prevalence of fatal work injuries in Europe?
The effect of interracial contact on whites' perceptions of victimization risk and black criminality
Evaluating driver behavior toward innovative warning devices at railway level crossings using a driving simulator
Factors affect companies' safety performance in Jordan using structural equation modeling
Inconsistencies in emergency instructions on common household product labels
Environmental factors associated with active living in retirement village residents: Findings from an exploratory qualitative enquiry
Theory review : Does fire safety regulation work? Lessons from Turin, Italy
The evaluation of scientific evidence in relation to road accidents
The crime and its punishment: prosecution, warning or advice?
The problem of the young driver
Pedestrian accidents
Neurological aspects of hazards of the road
The driver and pedestrian
Drugs and automatism
Is meth the new crack for women in the war on drugs? Factors affecting sentencing outcomes for women and parallels between meth and crack
Characterizing high school students who play drinking games using latent class analysis
A cross "ethnical" comparison of the Driver Behaviour Questionnaire (DBQ) in an economically fast developing country
Feasibility and safety of a novel in vivo model to assess playground falls in children
Is it all about the self? The effect of self-control depletion on ultimatum game proposers
Pilot evaluation of the short-term effect of driving simulation on novice adolescent drivers
Practical child safety education in England: A national survey of the Child Safety Education Coalition
The proportion of youths' physical inactivity attributable to neighbourhood built environment features
Adolescents' protection motivation and smoking behaviour
Angry at the unjust, scared of the powerful: Emotional responses to terrorist threat
Automatic processes and the drinking behavior in early adolescence: a prospective study
Automobile drivers' willingness to pay for moving violation behaviour-Compared to motorcyclists
Being active and impulsive: the role of goals for action and inaction in self-control
Catastrophic head and neck injuries in judo players in Japan from 2003 to 2010
Cone of direct gaze as a marker of social anxiety in males
Correlation of risk-taking propensity with cross-frequency phase-amplitude coupling in the resting EEG
Development and validation of safety climate scales for mobile remote workers using utility/electrical workers as exemplar
Enforcement following 0.08% BAC law change: Sex-specific consequences of changing arrest practices?
Exposure data and risk indicators for safety performance assessment in Europe
Factors associated with mothers' beliefs and practices concerning injury prevention in under five-year children, based on health belief model
The impact of school alcohol policy on student drinking
Human and organisational factors in maritime accidents: Analysis of collisions at sea using the HFACS
Improving seat belt use among teen drivers: Findings from a service-learning approach
In-situation safety behaviors among patients with panic disorder: Descriptive and correlational study
Mortality from a tornado outbreak, Alabama, April 27, 2011
The National Sports Safety in Secondary Schools Benchmark (N4SB) Study: Defining athletic training practice characteristics
Moral responsibility for (un)healthy behaviour
Neural mechanisms of risky decision-making and reward response in adolescent onset cannabis use disorder
Pathways from fear of falling to quality of life: the mediating effect of the self-concept of health and physical independence
Perception of the environment for physical activity of schoolchildren in the province of Cuenca, Spain
Record-breaking avalanches in driven threshold systems
Self-rated driving habits among older adults with clinically-defined mild cognitive impairment, clinically-defined dementia, and normal cognition
Student perceptions and practices regarding carrying concealed handguns on university campuses
Multi-platform experiment to cross a boundary between laboratory and real situational studies: Experimental discussion of cross-situational consistency of driving behaviors
Multicultural environments and their challenges to crisis communication
Narrative text analysis to identify technologies to prevent motor vehicle crashes: Examples from military vehicles
Organizational factors and mental health in community volunteers. The role of exposure, preparation, training, tasks assigned, and support
Relation between Comparative Risk, Absolute Risk, and Worry: The Role of Handedness Strength
Repetition priming in the stop signal task: The electrophysiology of sequential effects of stopping
Hanging out with which friends? friendship-level predictors of unstructured and unsupervised socializing in adolescence
Health risk behaviors associated with agrochemical exposure among rice farmers in a rural community, Thailand: a community-based ethnography
Identification of non-technical skills from the resilience engineering perspective: A case study of an electricity distributor
Local dominance in health risk perception
More than just an eyesore: Local insights and solutions on vacant land and urban health
Mortality salience increases personal relevance of the norm of reciprocity
Prevalence and correlates of truancy in the US: Results from a national sample
Prevalence rate regarding the completion of 'recommended physical activities' and related influencing factors among junior students in 3 urban districts of Hangzhou
Risk analysis - A field within security studies?
Risk communication on shaky ground
Risk recognition and sensation seeking in revictimization and posttraumatic stress disorder
Risky decision-making in HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders (HAND)
The risky side of sports participation
Adolescents' perception of environmental features and its association with physical activity: Results from de Azorean Physical Activity and Health Study II
Childhood self-control and adult outcomes: Results from a 30-year longitudinal study
Confidence in the future, health-related behaviour and psychological distress: Results from a web-based cross-sectional study of 101 257 Finns
Evaluation of a grant program for improving health and safety in small and medium companies in Andalusia (Spain)
Does the "Why" Tell Us the "When"?
Great expectations: different high-risk activities satisfy different motives
Multiple behavioural impulsivity tasks predict prospective alcohol involvement in adolescents
Rising stars and sinking ships: Consequences of status momentum
Trait-aggressiveness and impulsivity: Role of psychological resilience and childhood trauma in a sample of male prisoners
Do people really say it is "likely" when they believe it is only "possible"? Effect of politeness on risk communication
Effectiveness of taxicab security equipment in reducing driver homicide rates
Environmental and demographic correlates of bicycling
Functional declines as predictors of risky street-crossing decisions in older pedestrians
Hospitalization due to horse-related injuries: has anything changed? A 25 year survey
The impact on alcohol-related collisions of the partial decriminalization of impaired driving in British Columbia, Canada
The impact of partial sleep deprivation on military naval officers' ability to anticipate moral and tactical problems in a simulated maritime combat operation
Revisiting the concept of the 'problem young driver' within the context of the 'young driver problem': Who are they?
Rounding the next curve on the road toward reducing teen drivers' crash risk
Social factors as modifiers of hurricane Irene evacuation behavior in Beaufort County, NC
A case study of factor influencing role improvisation in crisis response teams
Cognitive information flow analysis
Developing guidance on the safe use of air-fed suits in the nuclear industry
Dynamic decision-making on an operative level: a model including preconditions and working method
A human performance programme to improve front-line nuclear operations
Adults' alcohol consumption behaviour and support for restrictions on youth-oriented alcohol advertisements
Causality in applied behavioural science: a call for transversal research in traffic medicine
Adherence of backcountry winter recreationists to avalanche prevention and safety practices in northern Italy
Alcohol consumption in the schooled youth: an old question revisited
All-terrain vehicle-related nonfatal injuries among young riders in the United States, 2001-2010
Associations between helmet use and brain injuries amongst injured pedal- and motor-cyclists: A case series analysis of trauma centre presentations
Bicycle helmet use and bicycling-related injury among young Canadians: an equity analysis
Bullying and hazardous driving among youthful drivers
GABA receptors, alcohol dependence and criminal behavior
Indigenous road safety in Australia and the "Drivesafe NT Remote" project
Mastering the art of risk assessment
NATO survey of mental health training in army recruits
Neurofeedback training aimed to improve focused attention and alertness in children with ADHD: a study of relative power of EEG rhythms using custom-made software application
The relationship between intelligence and creativity: New support for the threshold hypothesis by means of empirical breakpoint detection
Self-reported internalizing and externalizing behaviours among junior high school students at 2 and 4 years after the 921 earthquake in Taiwan
Subsidising unsafe road use
Differences in self-reported and behavioral measures of impulsivity in recreational and dependent cocaine users
Do drinking games matter? An examination by game type and gender in a mandated student sample
Ergonomic analyses within the French transport and logistics sector: First steps towards a new "act elsewhere" prevention approach
Evidence-based assessment of childhood injuries and physical risk-taking behaviors
Functional consequences of inadequate sleep in adolescents: A systematic review
Gender similarities and differences
The impact of high-risk drivers and benefits of limiting their driving degree of freedom
The origins of American health libertarianism
Perceived drinking norms among black college students: The race of reference group members
The road against fatalities: Infrastructure spending vs. regulation??
Training effective human performance in the management of stressful emergencies
Evidence for unintentional emotional contagion beyond dyads
A meta-analysis of injuries in senior men's professional rugby union
A review of game-theoretic models of road user behaviour
Survey of helmet influences of female pillions in New Delhi
Mood and threat to attitudinal freedom delineating the role of mood congruency and hedonic contingency in counterattitudinal message processing
Anticipating early fatality: Friends', schoolmates' and individual perceptions of fatality on adolescent risk behaviors
Dimensions of Impulsive Behavior in Obese, Overweight, and Healthy-Weight Adolescents
Does childhood positive self-perceptual bias mediate adolescent risky behavior in youth from the MTA study?
The effectiveness of airline pilot training for abnormal events
Effects of cannabis on impulsivity: a systematic review of neuroimaging findings
Effects of headset, flight workload, hearing ability, and communications message quality on pilot performance
I trust it, but I don't know why: effects of implicit attitudes toward automation on trust in an automated system
Improving flood risk communication by focusing on prevention-focused motivation
Monetary effects on fear conditioning
Personality hardiness at different levels of competitive motorcycling
Reappraisal and expected value modulate risk taking
Ship management attitudes and their relation to behavior and performance
The ego, the ocular, and the uncanny: Why are metaphors of vision central in accounts of the uncanny?
Exploring emergency response: theories of communities of practice, safety cultures, situation awareness and tacit knowledge
Acceptability of rider assistive systems for powered two-wheelers
Advancing a clinical transport psychology
Analyzing fluctuations in car-following
Anger-provoking events in driving diaries: a content analysis
The cell phone effect on truck accidents: A specification error approach
Comparative analysis of the safety effects of electric bikes at signalized intersections
Driver performance appraisal using GPS terminal measurements: A conceptual framework
Drivers discuss ecodriving feedback: Goal setting, framing, and anchoring motivate new behaviors
The effects of gender differences on the usability of automotive on-board navigation systems - A comparison of 2D and 3D display
The effects of lane-changing on the immediate follower: Anticipation, relaxation, and change in driver characteristics
Factors affecting airport access mode choice for elderly air passengers
Gap acceptance at stop-controlled T-intersections in a simulated rural environment
Journey to school, safety and security of school children in Benin City, Nigeria
Keep on cruising: Changes in lifestyle and driving style among male drivers between the age of 18 and 23
Measuring risky-driving propensity in pre-drivers: The Violation Willingness Scale
Personal and social factors affecting adolescent motorcycle riders' intention to customize their vehicles: Evidence from Indonesia
The prevalence of cell phone use while driving in a Canadian province
A random-parameter hazard-based model to understand household evacuation timing behavior
The role of non-verbal working memory in pedestrian visual search
Self-regulation of driving by older adults: Comparison of self-report and objective driving data
Time pressure and driving: Work, emotions and risks
Towards understanding child-pedestrians' hazard perception abilities in a mixed reality dynamic environment
Keep away from danger: Dangerous objects in dynamic and static situations
Neurophysiological processing of emotion and parenting interact to predict inhibited behavior: an affective-motivational framework
The role of intolerance of uncertainty in social anxiety subtypes
Using speeding detections and numbers of fatalities to estimate relative risk of a fatality for motorcyclists and car drivers
Are skydivers a homogenous group? analysis of features of temperament, sensation seeking, and risk taking
Communication's role and technology preferences during hurricane evacuations
Crime and residential security shutters in an Australian suburb: Exploring perceptions of 'Eyes on the Street', social interaction and personal safety
Does the perception of neighborhood built environmental attributes influence active transport in adolescents?
Parent perceptions of neighborhood safety and children's physical activity, sedentary behavior, and obesity: evidence from a national longitudinal study
Stop trying to create a safety culture
Wind energy presents new challenges for worker health and safety
Acculturative stress and gang involvement among Latinos U.S.-born versus immigrant youth
Exercise, weather, safety, and public attitudes: A qualitative exploration of leisure cyclists' views on cycling for transport
The gang problem: Fabricated panics or real temporal patterns?
The role of emotions in the construction of masculinity Guatemalan migrant men, transnational migration, and family relations
Surveying the moral landscape moral motives and group-based moralities
Assessing Impulsivity in Prepubertal Male Rats: A Novel Device and Method to Assess Motor and Cognitive Impulsivity
Description of basic mining legal principles
Clustering of drinker prototype characteristics: What characterizes the typical drinker?
Can it be true that most drivers are safer than the average driver?
The effect of the learner license Graduated Driver Licensing components on teen drivers' crashes
Evidence for seasonal mania: a review
Knowledge, attitude, and concussion-reporting behaviors among high school athletes: A preliminary study
Mood, stop-rules and task persistence: No Mood-as-Input effects in the context of pain
Road safety issues for bus transport management
Commentaries on 'Home safety education and provision of safety equipment for injury prevention'
The costs of cooperation: Action-specific perception in the context of joint action
The effect of nonprobative photographs on truthiness persists over time
Longitudinal associations from neurobehavioral disinhibition to adolescent risky sexual behavior in boys: Direct and mediated effects through moderate alcohol consumption
Sleep and impulsivity in Parkinson's disease
Understanding on-road practices of electric bike riders: An observational study in a developed city of China
Using simulation to teach child injury prevention to mothers recovering from substance abuse
Young children's perceptions of fire-safety messages: Do framing and parental mediation matter?
Commentary: the primary seat belt survey
Consumer perceptions of medication warnings about driving: a comparison of French and Australian labels
Crash involvement of motor vehicles in relationship to the number and severity of traffic offenses. An exploratory analysis of Dutch traffic offenses and crash data
Crime, physical activity and outdoor recreation among Latino adolescents in Chicago
Development of risk taking: Contributions from adolescent testosterone and the orbito-frontal cortex
Discriminant profile of young adulthood driving behavior among Brazilian drivers
Effects of personality on risky driving behavior and accident involvement for Chinese drivers
An empirical study of the toxic capsule crisis in China: Risk perceptions and behavioral responses
How important is vehicle safety for older consumers in the vehicle purchase process?
Impulsivity and sexual assault in college men
Multilevel models in the explanation of the relationship between safety climate and safe behavior
Preventing alcohol harm: Early results from a cluster randomised, controlled trial in Victoria, Australia of comprehensive harm minimisation school drug education
Public scholarship and the role for injury practitioners
Punishing unfairness: Rewarding or the organization of a reactively aggressive response?
'Scared Straight' and other juvenile awareness programs for preventing juvenile delinquency
Startle reactivity in the long-term after severe accidental injury: Preliminary data
A tenuous result: Re-analysis of the link between internet usage and young adults' driving license holding. Comments on "Recent changes in the age composition of drivers in 15 countries"
Security and the evolution of its understanding
Alcohol consumption in late adolescence and early adulthood - where is the problem?
Quantifying the influence of climate on human conflict
Evaluation of emergency medicine discharge instructions in pediatric head injury
Use of lights and siren: Is there room for improvement?
Autism spectrum disorders, risk communication, and the problem of inadvertent harm
Changes in self-reported driving intentions and attitudes while learning to drive in Great Britain
Changing outcome expectancies, drinking intentions, and implicit attitudes toward alcohol: A comparison of positive expectancy-related and health-related alcohol warning labels
Ethical challenges in emergency medical services: Controversies and recommendations
Ethnic and religious discrimination: The multifaceted role of religiosity and collective self-esteem
Evidence of deficits in behavioural inhibition and performance monitoring in young female heavy drinkers
Genetic and environmental influences on the ages of drinking and gambling initiation: Evidence for distinct etiologies and sex differences
Health risk behaviors and physical symptom reporting among Jordanian youths: personality and sociodemographic correlates
Human gender differences in the perception of conspecific alarm chemosensory cues
Impact of pavement conditions on crash severity
Moral identity as moral ideal self: Links to adolescent outcomes
Neurochemistry of impulsiveness and aggression
Perceptions of wildfire and landscape change in the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska
Profile of a drunk driver and risk factors for drunk driving. Findings in roadside testing in the province of Uusimaa in Finland 1990-2008
A randomized controlled trial of brief motivational interviewing in impaired driving recidivists: A 5-year follow-up of traffic offenses and crashes
The reciprocal links between school engagement, youth problem behaviors, and school dropout during adolescence
Reprint of "Driving avoidance by older adults: Is it always self-regulation?"
Risk of death for young ex-prisoners in the year following release from adult prison
Safety in numbers: Are major cities the safest places in the United States?
Analysis of safety practices by automobile mechanics at Siwdo Kokompe
Health literacy and substance use in young Swiss men
The effects of parental beliefs and expectation on the perception of compliance in adolescents
Adolescents' religious discordance with mothers: Is there a connection to sexual risk behavior during emerging adulthood?
Five myths of terrorism. Why terror doesn't work
A framework for understanding risk perception, explored from the perspective of the water practitioner
The basolateral amygdala is critical for learning about neutral stimuli in the presence of danger, and the perirhinal cortex is critical in the absence of danger
Dopamine modulates risk-taking as a function of baseline sensation-seeking trait
Household preparedness is not enough: the challenges and opportunities in assessing community readiness for disasters
Measurement of worker perceptions of trust and safety climate in managers and supervisors at commercial grain elevators
Interrelationships among individual differences in alcohol demand, impulsivity, and alcohol misuse
Motor vehicle accidents: The leading cause of death in collegiate athletes
Pedestrian gap acceptance for mid-block street crossing
Extreme sports: Extreme physiology. Exercise-induced pulmonary oedema
Guardrail influence on pedestrian crossing behavior at roundabouts
Risk taking and the insular cortex
Sudden event recognition: a survey
The value of site-based observations complementary to naturalistic driving observations: A pilot study on the right turn manoeuvre
Symptom attribution and risk perception in individuals with idiopathic environmental intolerance to electromagnetic fields and in the general population
Warnings of adverse side effects can backfire over time
Alcohol brand use and injury in the emergency department: A pilot study
Tentative evidence for striatal hyperactivity in adolescent cannabis-using boys: a cross-sectional multicenter fMRI study
Apparent causality affects perceived simultaneity
Authentic leadership and safety climate among seafarers
Impact of headway distance and car speed on drivers' decisions to answer an incoming call
Impact of the penalty points system on severe road traffic injuries in Kuwait
Lower Extremity Energy Absorption and Biomechanics During Landing, Part I: Sagittal-Plane Energy Absorption Analyses
Road traffic safety beliefs and driver behaviors among personality subtypes of drivers in the Norwegian population
Strengthening impaired-driving enforcement in the United States
Morality and its relation to political ideology: The role of promotion and prevention concerns
The myths and realities of deterrence in workplace safety regulation
The roles of perceived neighborhood disorganization, social cohesion, and social control in urban Thai adolescents' substance use and delinquency
Threading the needle in health-risk communication: Increasing vulnerability salience while promoting self-worth
Are we doing enough to prevent the perfect storm?: Novice drivers, ADHD, and distracted driving
Caregivers' confidence in performing child safety seat installations: What matters most?
The comparison of road safety survey answers between web-panel and face-to-face; Dutch results of SARTRE-4 survey
Adolescent and Young Adult Male Health: A Review
Bridging the gap between science and decision making
Comprehension of hazard communication: Effects of pictograms on safety data sheets and labels
Driving simulator performance of Veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars
Discounting the value of safety: Effects of perceived risk and effort
DPSIR and disaster risk analysis
Exogenous social identity cues differentially affect the dynamic tracking of individual target faces
Fear of difference: 'Space of risk' and anxiety in violent settings
Heat waves and climate change: Applying the health belief model to identify predictors of risk perception and adaptive behaviours in Adelaide, Australia
Heat-related mortality risk model for climate change impact projection
Ideology and brand consumption
Impulsivity and substance use in young adulthood
Investigating the self-reported behavior of drivers and their attitudes to traffic violations
Passenger behavior in trains during emergency situations
Serotonin 2A receptors contribute to the regulation of risk-averse decisions
Serotonin2A/C receptors mediate the aggressive phenotype of TLX gene knockout mice
Sex and age differences in the risk threshold for delinquency
A simulator study investigating how motorcyclists approach side-road hazards
A silver lining to higher prices at the pump? Gasoline prices and teen driving behaviors
Skull vault injuries resulting from motorcycle crash at one Departmental Hospital in Benin
Snow groomer vehicle-related fatality: An illustrative case study of the importance of medicolegal involvement
Sober as deviant: the stigma of sobriety and how some college students "stay dry" on a "wet" campus
Social capital and disaster preparedness among low income Mexican Americans in a disaster prone area
Statistical test for 85th and 15th percentile speeds with asymptotic distribution of sample quantiles
Teen driving in rural North Dakota: A qualitative look at parental perceptions
The use of contextual cues to improve warning symbol comprehension: Making the connection for older adults
Visual persuasion and politics: Ideology and symbols of the totalitarian regimes -- Case study: hammer and sickle
Warnings for children
'We are all vulnerable' The in-terrorem effects of hate crimes
When dread risks are more dreadful than continuous risks: Comparing cumulative population losses over time
Velocity control with disturbance observer for pedal-assisted electric bikes
Injury related risk behaviour: A health belief model-based study of primary school students in a safe community in Shanghai
Beyond conflict monitoring cognitive control and the neural basis of thinking before you act
Effects of size on collision perception and implications for perceptual theory and transportation safety
Offenders' perceptions of risk factors for self and others: Theoretical importance and some empirical data
Security and atonement: controlling access to the World Trade Center memorial
An academic, business, and community alliance to promote evidence-based public health policy: The case of primary seat belt legislation
Association of confidence in motor function and fear of falling with physical ability in community-dwelling older people
Changes over swim lessons in parents' perceptions of children's supervision needs in drowning risk situations: "His swimming has improved so now he can keep himself safe"
Children's misunderstandings of hazard warning signs in the new globally harmonized system for classification and labeling
Choosing not to wear a seatbelt
The chronometry of risk processing in the human cortex
Coherent delta-band oscillations between cortical areas correlate with decision making
Distraction and driving: results from a case-control responsibility study of traffic crash injured drivers interviewed at the emergency room
Differences and commonalities in the judgment of causality in physical and social contexts: An fMRI study
Does injury prevention education initiate household changes in a Spanish-speaking minority population?
Drinking and swimming: investigating young Australian males' intentions to engage in recreational swimming while under the influence of alcohol
Driving assessment tools used by driver rehabilitation specialists: Survey of use and implications for practice
"Drinking Won't Get You Thinking": A content analysis of adolescent-created print alcohol counter-advertisements
Dual-retrieval models and neurocognitive impairment
Expanding the concept of significant choice through consideration of health literacy during crises
Gamma aminobutyric acidergic and neuronal structural markers in the nucleus accumbens core underlie trait-like impulsive behavior
The influence of cognitive load on transfer with error prevention training methods: A meta-analysis
Mental disorders and risk of accidental death
The role of behavioral inhibition and behavioral approach systems in the associations between mood and alcohol consequences in college: A longitudinal multilevel analysis
Walkability and physical activity: Findings from Curitiba, Brazil
Perceived stigma of purchasing sex among Latino and non-Latino male clients of female sex workers in Tijuana, Mexico
Promoting use of booster seats in rural areas through community sports programs
Risk-taking behavior: Dopamine D2/D3 receptors, feedback, and frontolimbic activity
Risk communication and trust in decision-maker action: a case study of the Giant Mine Remediation Plan
Socio-environmental influences on physical activity among young people: A qualitative study
The theory of active involvement: Processes underlying interventions that engage adolescents in message planning and/or production
Cultural variations in interpretation of postnatal illness: Jinn possession amongst Muslim communities
Householder decision-making under imminent wildfire threat: Stay and defend or leave?
Assessment of risk-taking and impulsive behaviors: A comparison between three tasks
Building community-agency trust in fire-affected communities in Australia and the United States
Community safety during the 2009 Australian 'Black Saturday' bushfires: An analysis of household preparedness and response
Does law enforcement awareness affect motorcycle helmet use? Evidence from urban cities in Thailand
Electrical deaths in the US construction: An analysis of fatality investigations
Employee perception of a mandated helmet policy at Vail Resorts
Injury prevention for ski-area employees: A physiological assessment of lift operators, instructors, and patrollers
Human response to natural disasters
Ergonomic and usability ratings of helmets and head-mounted personal protective equipment in industry
Seeking safety: Predictors of hurricane evacuation of community-dwelling families affected by Alzheimer's disease or a related disorder in South Florida
Adolescent cognitive control and reward processing: Implications for risk taking and substance use
Crime, fear and subjective well-being: How victimization and street crime affect fear and life satisfaction
Local safety policy: The approach of two Swedish cities to urgent safety problems
Editorial decisions may perpetuate belief in invalid research findings
Effects of subtype of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in adults on lateralized readiness potentials during a go/no-go choice reaction time task
Human development of the ability to learn from bad news
Armed and attentive: Holding a weapon can bias attentional priorities in scene viewing
Developmental changes in effects of risk and valence on adolescent decision-making
Predicting individual differences in response to sleep loss: application of current techniques
The rate of seat belt use and its related factors among car drivers in Tehran, Iran after imposing new regulations
Risky decision-making but not delay discounting improves during inpatient treatment of polysubstance dependent alcoholics
Seat-belt use still low in Kuwait: self-reported driving behaviours among adult drivers
Self-regulatory depletion enhances neural responses to rewards and impairs top-down control
Aggressive behavior: An alternative model of resting heart rate and sensation seeking
Can a safety-in-numbers effect and a hazard-in-numbers effect co-exist in the same data?
A critique of the official report on the evacuation of the World Trade Center: Continued doubts
Keeping baby safe: A randomized trial of a parent training program for infant and toddler motor vehicle injury prevention
Prevalence and risk factors for self-reported violence of Osaka and Seattle male youths
Migrants' perception of the police: Should it be a cause for concern in Finland?
Perceived drug use functions and risk reduction practices among high-risk nonmedical users of prescription drugs
Residents' perceptions following retrofitting of residential area outdoor lighting with LEDs
The use of global positioning systems in promoting safer walking for people with dementia
Deployment-related insomnia in military personnel and veterans
A comparison of the effects of fixed- and rotating-shift schedules on nursing staff attention levels: a randomized trial
Altered cingulate and insular cortex activation during risk-taking in methamphetamine dependence: Losses lose impact
An assessment of health behavior peer effects in Peking university dormitories: A randomized cluster-assignment design for interference
Bullets versus burgers: Is it threat or relevance that captures attention?
Comparison of parent versus child-report of child impulsivity traits and prediction of outcome variables
Heterosexual gender relations in and around childhood risk and safety
Modeling fire susceptibility to delineate wildland-urban interface for municipal-scale fire risk management
On evaluation and localization of auditory warning devices for adequate audibility
Perceived danger while intoxicated uniquely contributes to driving after drinking
Attitudes, norms and driving behaviour: A comparison of young drivers in South Africa and Sweden
Corrigendum to "The emotional spectrum in traffic situations: Results of two online-studies" [Trans. Res. Part F 18 (2013) 168-188]
Do tax and expenditure limits hinder the condition of public infrastructure? The case of the nation's system of bridges
Effects of multiple boundaries on perceived spaciousness and enclosure
Fear perceptions in public parks: Interactions of environmental concealment, the presence of people recreating, and gender
Here's looking at you: An evaluation of public CCTV cameras and their effects on crime and disorder
Reframing risk part II: Methods for improving medical risk communication
Trauma, delinquency, and substance use: Co-occurring problems for adolescent girls in the juvenile justice system
Improving level crossing safety through enhanced data recording and reporting: The CRC for rail innovation's baseline rail level crossing video project
Integration of driving simulator and traffic simulation to analyse behaviour at railway crossings
Modeling duration of overtaking in two lane highways
A semantic model for causation in criminal law and the need of logico-legal criteria for the attribution of causation
Malignant memories: PTSD in children and adults after a school shooting
Are people overoptimistic about the effects of heavy drinking?
Attachment and self-consciousness: A dynamic connection between schizophrenia and panic
Differential effects of parental controls on adolescent substance use: For whom is the family most important?
Edging your bets: Advantage play, gambling, crime and victimisation
The impacts of speed cameras on road accidents: An application of propensity score matching methods
Interviewing insights regarding the fatalities inflicted by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake
Job tenure and work injuries: A multivariate analysis of the relation with previous experience and differences by age
The logic of public fear in terrorism and counter-terrorism
On the generality of age differences in social and nonsocial decision making
Pre-attentive information processing and impulsivity in bipolar disorder
Preparedness actions towards seismic risk mitigation for the general public in Martinique, French Lesser Antilles: a mid-term appraisal
Risk evolution: How can changes in the built environment influence the potential loss of natural hazards?
Urban insecurity and fear of crime in people suffering from patients with mental disorders: Preliminary results of a multi-centric Italian study
What would my avatar do? Gaming, pathology, and risky decision making
Why neoliberal values of self-enhancement lead to cheating in higher education: A motivational account
Creativity, alcohol and drug abuse: The pop icon Jim Morrison
Adaptive decision making in a dynamic environment: A test of a sequential sampling model of relative judgment
Anodal tDCS over SMA decreases the probability of withholding an anticipated action
Biopsychosocial risk factors for driving cessation: Findings from the Health and Retirement Study
Are bottom-up and top-down traits in dual-systems models of risky behavior genetically distinct?
'Do as we say, not as we do': A cross-sectional survey of injuries in injury prevention professionals
The impact of pedestrian countdown signals on pedestrian-motor vehicle collisions: A reanalysis of data from a quasi-experimental study
The Kilimanjaro Score for assessing fitness to fly paragliders at high altitude
Drivers' perceptions regarding speeding and driving on urban residential streets with a 30 km/h speed limit
Speed management strategies and drivers' attitudes in Thailand
Modeling drivers' passing duration and distance in a virtual environment
Intelligent speed adaptation: Preliminary results of on-road study in Penang, Malaysia
Weapon carrying among inner-city junior high school students: Defensive behavior vs aggressive delinquency
Common and disease-specific dysfunctions of brain systems underlying attentional and executive control in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder
Development of the Parenting in Adolescence Scale (PAS)
Genetic attributions and mental illness diagnosis: Effects on perceptions of danger, social distance, and real helping decisions
In the eye of the beholder: Eye contact increases resistance to persuasion
Negativity bias and task motivation: Testing the effectiveness of positively versus negatively framed incentives
Predictors of premarital sexual activity among unmarried youth in Vientiane, Lao PDR: The role of parent-youth interactions and peer influence
Social influence on temptation: Perceived descriptive norms, temptation and restraint, and problem drinking among college students
Testing measurement invariance of the Protective Behavioral Strategies Scale in college men and women
Factors affecting community-agency trust before, during and after a wildfire: An Australian case study
How can Saudi Arabia use the Decade of Action for Road Safety to catalyse road traffic injury prevention policy and interventions?
How do motorcyclists manage mental tensions of risky riding?
The National Football League and chronic traumatic encephalopathy: Legal implications
Neighborhood perceptions and active school commuting in low-income cities
A multi-level approach to investigating neighborhood effects on physical aggression among urban Chicago youth
Predicting Mexican youths' intention to engage in risky behaviors: Applying moral norms to the theory of planned behavior
Performing masculinity, influencing health: A qualitative mixed-methods study of young Spanish men
Toward community-oriented policing: Potential, basic requirements, and threshold questions
Birth order - a risk factor for dental trauma?
Clinical and personality correlates of MMO gaming: Anxiety and absorption in problematic internet use
A comparison of two models of urgency: Urgency predicts both rash action and depression in youth
Crosswalk time estimation and time perception: An experimental study among older female pedestrians
Alcohol affects neuronal substrates of response inhibition but not of perceptual processing of stimuli signalling a stop response
An application of the Driver Behavior Questionnaire to Chinese carless young drivers
Bayesian hierarchical Poisson regression models: An application to a driving study with kinematic events
Bicycle helmet wearing is not associated with close motor vehicle passing: A re-analysis of Walker, 2007
Biomechanical and physiological demands of kitesurfing and epidemiology of injury among kitesurfers
Chinese carless young drivers' self-reported driving behavior and simulated driving performance
Crash barriers and driver behavior: A simulator study
Determinants of personal protective equipment (PPE) use in UK motorcyclists: Exploratory research applying an extended theory of planned behaviour
Distracted driving and motor vehicle crashes among teens
The driving competence of 90-year-old drivers: from a hospital-based driving clinic
Drowning risk perceptions among rural guardians of Thailand: A community-based household survey
Evaluation of the impacts of speed variation on freeway traffic collisions in various traffic states
Injury Prevention: Opportunities in the Emergency Department
Sleep deprivation, low self-control, and delinquency: A test of the strength model of self-control
Life satisfaction and risk-taking behavior in secondary schools adolescents
The morning morality effect: The influence of time of day on unethical behavior
Are parents following the recommendations for keeping children younger than 2 years rear facing during motor vehicle travel?
Traffic risk behavior: a theoretical and empirical research
Implications of walkability towards promoting sustainable urban neighbourhood
Not all risks are equal: The risk taking inventory for high-risk sports
Driving after orthopaedic surgery
Leveraging probe data to assess security checkpoint wait times
Effectiveness and site selection criteria for red light camera systems
Nordic citizens' views on traffic safety
Pediatricians' attitude about the use of infant walkers
Intervention for positive use of leisure time among college students
Binge drinking influences the cerebral processing of vocal affective bursts in young adults
Several issues about urbanization and urban safety
Knowledge communication: A key to successful crisis management
Estimating the impacts of police enforcement stops on freeway operations and capacity
Americans' crash histories and opinions on safety policy
Emergency warning for people with disabilities
Influence of the socio-economic factors on children's school travel
Children, youth and road environment: Road traffic accident
Analysis framework for evaluation of traffic compliance measures
The organisational environment-behaviour factor's towards safety culture development
Road safety attitudes and perceptions of pedestrians in Europe
Thrill and adventure seeking as a modifier of the relationship of perceived risk with risky driving among young drivers
Opportunities and challenges for public libraries to enhance community resilience
Sense of community in gated and non-gated residential neighborhoods
Planning safer suburbs: Do changes in the built environment influence residents' perceptions of crime risk?
Driving behaviour of a sample of young Romanian drivers
A study on the effect of intelligent speed adaptation to bus drivers
The development of a new safety culture evaluation index system
Corrigendum to "Children walking to and from school in Tehran: Associations with neighbourhood safety, parental concerns and children's perceptions" SBSPRO, volume 38, 2012, pages 315-323
Exploring the effects of attitudinal and perception characteristics on drinking and driving non-compliant behavior
Helping fellow beings: Anthropomorphized social causes and the role of anticipatory guilt
Rapid decision-making under risk
Effects of alcohol mixed with energy drink and alcohol alone on subjective intoxication
Communication, information seeking, and evacuation plans for a disaster using Community Assessment for Public Health Emergency Response in the Gulf Coast counties of Alabama and Mississippi, 2011
Probability analysis of damage to offshore pipeline by ship factors
Traffic psychology and driver behavior
Modeling human behavior in vessel maneuver simulation by optimal control and game theory
Developmental reversals in risky decision making: Intelligence agents show larger decision biases than college students
Study on the basic problems of safety culture
Risk and choice: A research saga
The influence of parental monitoring and parent-adolescent communication on Bahamian adolescent risk involvement: A three-year longitudinal examination
Barriers to intra-aircraft communication and safety: The perspective of the flight attendants
Towards a disaster risk assessment methodology for communities underlain by dolomite
Victimization, risk perception, and the desire to move
Analogue study of peer influence on risk-taking behavior in older adolescents
Are we drunk yet? Motor versus cognitive cues of subjective intoxication
Behind the Wheel and on the Map: Genetic and Environmental Associations Between Drunk Driving and Other Externalizing Behaviors
A Brief, Critical Review of Research on Impaired Control Over Alcohol Use and Suggestions for Future Studies
Compliance with seat belt use in Makurdi, Nigeria: An observational study
The controlled imitation task: a new paradigm for studying self-other control
Dependent heroin use and associated risky behaviour: The role of rash impulsiveness and reward sensitivity
Does it matter how I perceive my nation? National symbols, national identification and attitudes toward immigrants
The effects of situational factors and impulsiveness on drivers' intentions to violate traffic rules: Difference of driving experience
Effects of transcranial direct current stimulation on risky decision making are mediated by 'hot' and 'cold' decisions, personality, and hemisphere
Estimating the subjective risks of driving simulator accidents
Examining the link between adolescent brain development and risk taking from a social-developmental perspective
Factors associated with bicycle-helmet use among 8-16 years aged Turkish children: A questionnaire survey
Impulsivity and alcohol-related risk among college students: Examining urgency, sensation seeking and the moderating influence of beliefs about alcohol's role in the college experience
Greasy roads: The impact of bad financial news on road traffic accidents
How you perceive threat determines your behavior
A mediation model linking dispatcher leadership and work ownership with safety climate as predictors of truck driver safety performance
Occupational fatality risks in the United States and the United Kingdom
Of hissing snakes and angry voices: Human infants are differentially responsive to evolutionary fear-relevant sounds
Parental anxiety at initial acute presentation is not associated with prolonged symptoms following pediatric concussion
Perceptual modulation of motor--but not visual--responses in the frontal eye field during an urgent-decision task
Predicting risk-taking behavior from prefrontal resting-state activity and personality
Routes of administration of cannabis used for nonmedical purposes and associations with patterns of drug use
Consideration of human factors in investigations of structural failures
Hazard perception in older drivers
Production versus safety in a risky competitive industry
Towards a decision support system, application: Itinerary road modification for road transport of hazardous materials
Use of failure case studies in a construction management course
An inpatient child passenger safety program
Neighborhood built environment, perceived danger, and perceived social cohesion
Are two threats worse than one? The effects of face race and emotional expression on fear conditioning
Characterizing impulsivity profile in patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder
The effects of expectation disconfirmation on appraisal, affect, and behavioral intentions
Discrete land uses and transportation walking in two U.S. cities: The Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis
Effects of track and threat information on judgments of hurricane strike probability
The influence of political jurisdiction, age, and sex on handholding in public by same-sex couples
Influence of professional drivers' personality traits on road traffic safety: Case study
Public belief that mentally ill people are violent: Is the USA exporting stigma to the rest of the world?
Risk-taking differences across the adult life span: A question of age and domain
Views of adolescent female youth on physical activity during early adolescence
Adolescent risk taking, cocaine self-administration, and striatal dopamine signaling
Near-miss narratives from the fire service: A Bayesian analysis
Obstructive sleep apnea among commercial motor vehicle drivers: Using evidence-based practice to identify risk factors
How bad could it be? Alcohol dampens stress responses to threat of uncertain intensity
Nucleus accumbens neurons track behavioral preferences and reward outcomes during risky decision making
The weapons effect
Different trajectories of adolescent alcohol use: Testing gene-environment interactions
Expansion plan for hurricane evacuees
Identifying the factors contributing to the severity of truck-involved crashes
Leather football helmets. Author reply
Residence place as a risk factor in different types of fatal car accidents
Harvey Responds
Variable selection on large case-crossover data: Application to a registry-based study of prescription drugs and road traffic crashes
Curb the Danger: a police-community collaboration to 'curb' impaired driving
Barriers to caregiver involvement in a child safety intervention in South Africa
What are people with Parkinson's disease really impaired on when it comes to making decisions? A meta-analysis of the evidence
The effects of temporally secondary co-morbid mental disorders on the associations of DSM-IV ADHD with adverse outcomes in the US National Comorbidity Survey Replication Adolescent Supplement (NCS-A)
Causal or spurious? The relationship of knowledge and attitudes to trust in science and technology
Experimental research on the effectiveness of speed reduction markings based on driving simulation: A case study
Exploring the effects of driving experience on hazard awareness and risk perception via real-time hazard identification, hazard classification, and rating tasks
The association between high-risk behavior and central nervous system injuries: Analysis of traffic-related fatalities in a large coroner's series
Bicycle helmets: Don't say something by not saying something
Devising and demonstrating an extreme weather risk indicator for use in transportation systems
Holistic approach to reduce rural roadway departure crashes
Exploring the effects of roadway characteristics on the frequency and severity of head-on crashes: Case studies from Malaysian Federal Roads
Gap acceptance of violators at signalised pedestrian crossings
Higher psychological distress is associated with unintentional injuries in US adults
Strange-face-in-the-mirror illusion
The analysis of roundabouts through visibility
On the attributes and influencing factors of end-users quality perceptions in urban transport: An exploratory analysis
Perception of safety in gated and non-gated neighborhoods
Propensity for voluntary travel behavior changes: An experimental analysis
Assessing mobility and safety impacts of a variable speed limit control strategy
Delay modeling of ped-veh system based on pedestrian crossing at signalized intersection
Amygdala volume predicts inter-individual differences in fearful face recognition
Are motivation deficits underestimated in patients with ADHD? A review of the literature
The role of psychological factors in workplace safety
Culture related to road traffic safety: A comparison of eight countries using two conceptualizations of culture
Perceived self-efficacy during an emergency situation reduces posttraumatic stress symptoms
Blunted feedback processing during risky decision making in adolescents with a parental history of substance use disorders
Safety signals in the primate amygdala
Schizophrenia and retinitis pigmentosa: Are there mechanisms which blind insanity?
Science communication and the rationality of public opinion formation
Emotion regulation mediates the association between adhd and depressive symptoms in a community sample of youth
Type A personality, hostility, time urgency and unintentional injuries among Chinese undergraduates: A matched case--control study
What time periods of the day are concerning for parents of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder?
Concealing their communication: exploring psychosocial predictors of young drivers' intentions and engagement in concealed texting
Default mode network activity in male adolescents with conduct and substance use disorder
Generativity as a positive mental health outcome: The long-term impacts of Better Beginnings, Better Futures on youth at ages 18-19
Innovations and lessons learned from the Canterbury earthquakes: Emergency department staff narratives
Low self-control versus the desire-for-control: An empirical test of white-collar crime and conventional crime
Are self-reported risk-taking behavior and helmet use associated with injury causes among skiers and snowboarders?
Comparing factor structure of the Mood Disorder Questionnaire (MDQ): In Italy sexual behavior is euphoric but in Asia mysterious and forbidden
Coding warnings without interfering with dismounted soldiers' missions
Demographics, clinical characteristics and quality of life of Brazilian women with driving phobia
Impact of alcohol use on inhibitory control (and vice versa) during adolescence and young adulthood: A review
Introducing a multivariate model for predicting driving performance: The role of driving anger and personal characteristics
Is more engaging safety training always better in reducing accidents? Evidence of self-selection from Chilean panel data
Outcomes associated with breach and fulfillment of the psychological contract of safety
Pedestrians' estimates of their own nighttime conspicuity are unaffected by severe reductions in headlight illumination
A phenotypic structure and neural correlates of compulsive behaviors in adolescents
Production output pressure and coal mine fatality seasonal variations in China, 2002-2011
Travel-related behaviors, opinions, and concerns of U.S. adult drivers by race/ethnicity, 2010
Severe affective and behavioral dysregulation in youths is associated with a proinflammatory state
Perception of risk and the attribution of responsibility for accidents
Personality correlates of accident-proneness in auto-rickshaw drivers in India
Stress of driving: general overview
Whether or not to ride with an intoxicated driver: Predicting intentions using an extended version of the theory of planned behaviour
Driver-related delay in emergency braking response to a laterally incurring hazard
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Comparison of usability properties of custom-made and standard self-adapted mouthguards
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Hierarchical control and driving
Injuries in elite and recreational snowboarders
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Road safety from the perspective of driver gender and age as related to the injury crash frequency and road scenario
Serialization of vehicle control at intersections in older drivers
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Built environment and its influences on walking among older women: use of standardized geographic units to define urban forms
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Neuropathology of substance use disorders
Patterns of seatbelt use in different socioeconomic communities in the Cape Town Metropole, South Africa
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Safety behaviour enhances the acceptability of exposure
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Meeting Hurricane Sandy head-on: New York City's aging services network delivers in a crisis
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Child passenger safety practices and injury risk in crashes with father versus mother drivers
Children's perceptions of injuries: A qualitative study in Sweden
Circuits in sync: Decoding theta communication in fear and safety
Classification of residential areas according to physical vulnerability to natural hazards: A case study of Çanakkale, Turkey
Connections matter when disaster hits
A cross-sectional observational study of helmet use among motorcyclists in Wa, Ghana
Developing a questionnaire for measuring safety climate in the workplace in Serbia
A double dissociation between inattentive and impulsive traits, on tasks of visual processing and emotion regulation
The Dula Dangerous Driving Index in China: An investigation of reliability and validity
Effectiveness of red light running camera enforcement program in reducing crashes: Evaluation using "before the installation", "after the installation", and "after the termination" data
Energy drinks and alcohol: Links to alcohol behaviors and consequences across 56 days
Flirting with death: The role of father in containment of sexually perverse behavior
Health risk behavior pattern among students from Cartagena, Colombia: prevalence and associated variables
'Let other people do it…': The role of emergency department nurses in health promotion
Neural correlates of emotional personality: A structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging study
Neural mechanisms underlying stop-and-restart difficulties: Involvement of the motor and perceptual systems
Peer effects on risky behaviors: New evidence from college roommate assignments
Peers and the emergence of alcohol use: Influence and selection processes in adolescent friendship networks
Predicting (un)healthy behavior: A comparison of risk-taking propensity measures
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Properties of the Driving Behavior Survey among individuals with motor vehicle accident-related posttraumatic stress disorder
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Psychometric properties of the Barratt Impulsiveness Scale in patients with gambling disorders, hypersexuality, and methamphetamine dependence
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Social media in disaster risk reduction and crisis management
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Why do you fear the bogeyman? An embodied predictive coding model of perceptual inference
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Analysis of danger management by highway users confronted with a tunnel fire
A blended learning approach to safety training: Student experiences of safe work practices and safety culture
The case for research into the zero accident vision
Associations among text messaging, academic performance, and sexual behaviors of adolescents
Feelings and intervention judgments as mediators in the risk perception-intention relationship
"A good man always knows his limitations": The role of overconfidence in criminal offending
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Identifying gender differences in an Australian youth offender population
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Identifying the optimal configuration of one-way and two-way streets for contraflow operation during an emergency evacuation
Population evacuation analysis: considering dynamic population vulnerability distribution and disaster information dissemination
On-road behaviour of younger and older novices during the first six months of driving
On the need for a theory of wildland fire spread
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Stereotype threat and executive functions: Which functions mediate different threat-related outcomes?
Subliminal action priming modulates the perceived intensity of sensory action consequences
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Improved prediction of mental workload versus HSE and ergonomics factors by an adaptive intelligent algorithm
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Model of safety inspection
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Percolation, temporal coherence of information, and crisis prevention
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On the meaning of a black swan in a risk context
Professional subcultures in nuclear power plants
A quantitative Fuzzy Causal Model for hazard analysis of man-machine-environment system
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Safety sign comprehension by students, adult workers and disabled persons with cerebral palsy
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Self Explaining Roads and situation awareness
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A perceiver's own abilities influence perception, even when observing others
Perceived control qualifies the effects of threat on prejudice
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Symbol recognition using spatial relations
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Trust in smart systems: Sharing driving goals and giving information to increase trustworthiness and acceptability of smart systems in cars
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Do speed cameras reduce collisions?
Evidence of human induce factors in automotive crashes in Nigeria
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Consciousness and abilities on health emergency and the roles of emergency response among public at the communities
Differential susceptibility to context: A promising model of the interplay of genes and the social environment
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Effect of subthalamic nucleus deep brain stimulation on driving in Parkinson disease
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Hazard recognition and risk perception in construction
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A replication and an honor-based extension of Hirschi's reconceptualization of self-control theory and crime and analogous behaviors
School site walkability and active school transport - association, mediation and moderation
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Parenting adolescent drivers is both a continuation of parenting from earlier periods and an anticipation of a new challenge
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Personality and the leading behavioral contributors of mortality
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Cost-benefit analysis: The first real rule of fight club?
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Feeling the conflict: The crucial role of conflict experience in adaptation
Gender differences in road traffic injury rate using time travelled as a measure of exposure
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Improving drivers' knowledge of road rules using digital games
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Effects of helmet laws and education campaigns on helmet use in young skiers
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Spinal fracture-dislocations and spinal cord injuries in motor vehicle crashes
Unsafe riding practice among electric bikers in Suzhou, China: an observational study
Use of seat belt and enforcement of seat belt laws in Pakistan
Attachment to parents: The mediating role of inhibition of exploration and individuality on health behaviors
Behaviourally-inhibited temperament and female sex, two vulnerability factors for anxiety disorders, facilitate conditioned avoidance (also) in humans
Construal level as a moderator of the role of affective and cognitive attitudes in the prediction of health-risk behavioural intentions
Emergence and predictors of alcohol reference displays on Facebook during the first year of college
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Gender differences in risk behaviors among high school youth
Negative g-force ocular trauma caused by a rapidly spinning carousel
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Pattern of non-fatal injuries in road traffic crashes in a hilly area: A study from Shimla, North India
Perceptions of tilt angles of an agricultural tractor
The place and time of drugs
Promising parenting programs for reducing adolescent problem behaviors
Reporting for duty during mass casualty events: A survey of factors influencing emergency medicine physicians
Responses of elite road motorcyclists to racing in tropical conditions
Selecting target populations for ROPS retrofit programs in Pennsylvania and Vermont
A seven-year intervention to diffuse economic innovations with safety benefits to Wisconsin dairy farmers
Study Protocol - Alcohol Management Plans (AMPs) in remote indigenous communities in Queensland: Their impacts on injury, violence, health and social indicators and their cost-effectiveness
Toward a clearer understanding of causal concepts in epidemiology
Young novice drivers and the risky behaviours of parents and friends during the provisional (intermediate) licence phase: A brief report
Alcohol consumption, helmet use and head trauma in cycling collisions in Germany
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Investigating reaction times and stopping performance of skiers and snowboarders
Next day effects of naturalistic alcohol consumption on tasks of attention
A comparison of the responsible drinking dimensions among underage and legal drinkers: Examining differences in beliefs, motives, self-efficacy, barriers and intentions
Drinking in social groups. Does 'groupdrink' provide safety in numbers when deciding about risk?
The effect of anxiety about falling on selected physiological parameters with different rope protocols in sport rock climbing
Peers increase adolescent risk taking even when the probabilities of negative outcomes are known
Prevalence of health behaviors and their associated factors among a sample of university students in India
Alcohol consumption among adolescents: Attitudes, behaviors and associated factors
Alcohol ignition interlocks in all new vehicles: A broader perspective
Alcohol involvement and other risky driver behaviors: Effects on crash initiation and crash severity
Distress tolerance as a predictor of risky and aggressive driving
Masculinity constructs as protective buffers and risk factors for men's health
Religiosity and behavioral health outcomes of adolescents living in disaster-vulnerable areas
'Zombies ahead!' A study of how hacked digital road signs destabilize the physical space of roadways
Genetic associations between the symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and emotional lability in child and adolescent twins
Investigating motorists' behaviors in response to supplementary traffic control devices at land surveying work sites
Perceived value of a motorcycle training program: The influence of crash history and experience of the training
Risk and protective factors for sexual aggression and dating violence: Common themes and future directions
Risk factors for subsequent impaired driving by injured passengers
Salivary cortisol and alpha-amylase levels during an assessment procedure correlate differently with risk-taking measures in male and female police recruits
Survey about pedestrian safety and attitudes toward automated traffic enforcement in Washington, D.C.
Virtual reality simulation for construction safety promotion
Using the Extended Parallel Process Model to understand texting while driving and guide communication campaigns against it
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Experimental effects of injunctive norms on simulated risky driving among teenage males
Texting and walking: Strategies for postural control and implications for safety
I want to believe: Some myths about the management of industrial safety
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Factors affecting the probability of bus drivers being at-fault in bus-involved accidents
If it bleeds, it leads: Separating threat from mere negativity
Generalized lapse of responding in trait impulsivity indicated by ERPs: The role of energetic factors in inhibitory control
On several factors that control rates of discounting
Metacognition of multitasking: How well do we predict the costs of divided attention?
Parenting behaviors during risky driving by teens with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
Preventing death and injury to child motor vehicle passengers: Achieving best practice requires simplifying restraint choice for parents and setting best practice as the societal norm
Reducing the fear of falling through a community evidence-based intervention
What influences the association between previous and future crashes among cyclists? A propensity score analysis
Does distance matter? Exploring the links among values, motivations, home location, and satisfaction in walking trips
Efficiency of speed limits in cities: A spatial computable general equilibrium assessment
Acute physical exercise affected processing efficiency in an auditory attention task more than processing effectiveness
Adolescence: Does good nutrition = good behaviour?
Coming to terms with fear
Demographic and predeparture factors associated with drinking and alcohol-related consequences for college students completing study abroad experiences
Drinking too much and feeling bad about it? How group identification moderates experiences of guilt and shame following norm transgression
Driving and sustaining culture change in olympic sport performance teams: a first exploration and grounded theory
Fatal motorcycle crashes: A growing public health problem in Cambodia
Know thy avatar: The unintended effect of virtual-self representation on behavior
Learning misinformation from fictional sources: Understanding the contributions of transportation and item-specific processing
Motorcycle helmet use in Mar del Plata, Argentina: Prevalence and associated factors
Quantifying information flow during emergencies
Seroepidemiology of Toxoplasma gondii infection in drivers involved in road traffic accidents in the metropolitan area of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Spatial variations in motorcycle registrations and the mortality of motorcycle users due to traffic injuries in Argentina
Restraint use and motor vehicle occupant death rates among children aged 0-12 years - United States, 2002-2011
Impact of health and safety representative training on concepts of accident causation and prevention
General practitioners' opinions and attitudes towards medical assessment of fitness to drive in older adults
Investigation on motorcyclist riding behaviour at curve entry using instrumented motorcycle
"Misfearing"--culture, identity, and our perceptions of health risks
Questioning the validity of science
Researcher effects on mortality salience research: A meta-analytic moderator analysis
Youth and caregiver access to peer advocates and satisfaction with mental health services
Associations among aspects of meaning in life and death anxiety in young adults
Do difficult decisions motivate belief in fate? A test in the context of the 2012 U.S. presidential election
Field epidemiological study on news reports that related to public health emergencies
Measuring and modeling behavioral decision dynamics in collective evacuation
Dominant role of drivers' attitude in prevention of road traffic crashes: A study on knowledge, attitude, and practice of drivers in Iran
The effects of framing and fear on ratings and impact of antimarijuana PSAs
Factors associated with active commuting to work among women
The impact of personalized risk communication on screening decisions
Impulsiveness in professional fighters
Informing policy on open water drowning prevention: an observational survey of life jacket use in Washington state
Influence of attitudes, impulsivity, and parental styles in adolescents' externalizing behavior
Parental awareness of household injury prevention: adequacy of anticipatory guidance for well childcare
Provisional report on diving-related fatalities in Australian waters 2009
A radical change in traffic law: Effects on fatalities in the Czech Republic
Sleepiness in professional truck drivers measured with an objective alertness test during routine traffic controls
Substance abuse risk in emerging adults associated with smaller frontal gray matter volumes and higher externalizing behaviors
Alcohol consumption among Chilean adolescents: Examining individual, peer, parenting and environmental factors
Cooperation, trust, and antagonism how public goods are promoted
Do risky friends change the efficacy of a primary care brief intervention for adolescent alcohol use?
Does traffic stress affect distance estimation and recognition accuracy in urban bus drivers?
Early warning indicators of high school outcomes
Ecological warnings
Early risk factors for alcohol use across high school and its covariation with deviant friends
Effects of caffeinated vs. non-caffeinated alcoholic beverage on next-day hangover incidence and severity, perceived sleep quality, and alertness
Spontaneous activity governs olfactory representations in spatially organized habenular microcircuits
Effects of aging and divided attention on episodic feeling-of-knowing accuracy
Effects of parenting practices on sexual risk-taking among young people in Cameroon
The effects of personal experience on choice-based preferences for wildfire protection programs
Effectiveness of web-based tailored advice on parents' child safety behaviors: randomized controlled trial
Evaluation of a Swedish version of the Strengthening Families Programme
An experimental study on the effects of peer drinking norms on adolescents' drinker prototypes
fMRI response during figural memory task performance in college drinkers
An fMRI study of affective perspective taking in individuals with psychopathy: Imagining another in pain does not evoke empathy
From glue to gasoline: How competition turns perspective takers unethical
Geophysics. Earthquake risk in Turkey
Grassroots movement building and preemption in the campaign for residential fire sprinklers
Testing Jessor's problem behavior theory and syndrome: A nationally representative comparative sample of Latino and African American adolescents
Testing the validity of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) safety culture model
Testing the conjoint influence of impulsivity and drinking restraint on alcohol use consequences in college student drinkers
ThinkFirst for teens: Finding an injury-prevention approach for teenagers
Towards a proper assignment of systemic risk: The combined roles of network topology and shock characteristics
Use of safety management practices for improving project performance
Vodka eyeballing: A potential cause of ocular injuries
Why adolescents are at risk of misusing alcohol and gambling
Why we may not find intentions in the brain
Youth Offender Care Needs Assessment Tool (YO-CNAT): An actuarial risk assessment tool for predicting problematic child-rearing situations in juvenile offenders on the basis of police records
The environmental correlates of overall and neighborhood based recreational walking (a cross-sectional analysis of the RECORD Study)
What the drivers do and do not tell you: Using verbal protocol analysis to investigate driver behaviour in emergency situations
Five-hundred life-saving interventions and their cost-effectiveness
Evidence-based knowledge in the context of social practice
Acute and overuse injuries of the shoulder in sports
Adolescent neurodevelopment
Alcohol-induced impairment of inhibitory control is linked to attenuated brain responses in right fronto-temporal cortex
The association between kinematic risky driving among parents and their teenage children: Moderation by shared personality characteristics
Associations between behavior regulation, competence, physical activity, and health for adolescent females
The beliefs about pros and cons of drinking and intention to change among hazardous and moderate alcohol users: A population-based cross-sectional study
BikeSafe: Evaluating a bicycle safety program for middle school aged children
Biological contributions to addictions in adolescents and adults: Prevention, treatment, and policy implications
A booming economy means a bursting trauma system: Association between hospital admission for major injury and indicators of economic activity in a large Canadian health region
The Brief Obsessive-Compulsive Scale (BOCS): A self-report scale for OCD and obsessive-compulsive related disorders
Case closed: Research evidence on the positive public health impact of the age 21 minimum legal drinking age in the United States
Catastrophe model of the accident process, safety climate, and anxiety
College student drinking research from the 1940s to the future: where we have been and where we are going
Driving among patients with epilepsy in West China
The effect of coach education on reporting of concussions among high school athletes after passage of a concussion law
Evidence-based interventions in low- and middle-income countries: The tigress awakens
Family tetrodotoxin poisoning in Reunion Island (Southwest Indian Ocean) following the consumption of Lagocephalus sceleratus (Pufferfish)
A functional polymorphism of the MAOA gene is associated with neural responses to induced anger control
Latent classes of substance use in adolescent cannabis users: Predictors and subsequent substance-related harm
Longitudinal trajectories of sensation seeking, risk taking propensity, and impulsivity across early to middle adolescence
A mathematical model of 'pride and prejudice'
More than a feeling: integrating empathy into the study of lawmaking, lawbreaking, and reactions to lawbreaking
Night owl women are similar to men in their relationship orientation, risk-taking propensities, and cortisol levels: Implications for the adaptive significance and evolution of eveningness
A pilot investigation in constructing crisis communications: What leads to best practice?
Girls with disorders of social behavior
A bimodal neurophysiological study of motor control in attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder: A step towards core mechanisms?
Evaluation of deterrent impact of Ontario's street racing and stunt driving law on extreme speeding convictions
Parental perceptions of the learner driver log book system in two Australian states
Personal protective equipment use among students with special health care needs reporting injuries in school-sponsored vocational, career, and technical education programs in New Jersey
Reading about explanations enhances perceptions of inevitability and foreseeability: A cross-cultural study with Wikipedia articles
Risk behaviors related to violence and injury among school-going adolescents in Karnataka, Southern India
Television's "crazy lady" trope: Female psychopathic traits, teaching, and influence of popular culture
Training children in pedestrian safety: Distinguishing gains in knowledge from gains in safe behavior
Rehabilitation for improving automobile driving after stroke
Risk as an attribute in discrete choice experiments: A systematic review of the literature
Risk taking in adolescents with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder on a probabilistic choice task
Shooting habits of youth recreational firearm users
Testosterone is associated with self-employment among Australian men
Understanding concussion reporting using a model based on the theory of planned behavior
Unintentional injury hospitalizations and socio-economic status in areas with a high percentage of First Nations identity residents
Who are the young adult Danish pre-drinkers, and why do they pre-drink before a night out?
Youth injury on farms: a complex problem
Risk-taking and sensation-seeking propensity in postinstitutionalized early adolescents
FDA warning: Driving may be impaired the morning following sleeping pill use
What we need to report and to whom…
Vivid spectacle, powerful message for teens
Adolescent-specific patterns of behavior and neural activity during social reinforcement learning
Characteristics of teens-with-teens fatal crashes in the United States, 2005-2010
The effects of Crew Resource Management (CRM) training on flight attendants' safety attitudes
Impact of ADHD and cannabis use on executive functioning in young adults
Improving safety culture through the health and safety organization: A case study
Adolescents' perceptions of a health survey using multimedia computer-assisted self-administered interview
Spring break versus spring broken: Predictive utility of spring break alcohol intentions and willingness at varying levels of extremity
Staying safe on two wheels means taking precautions
A study of the correlation between computer games and adolescent behavioral problems
A system dynamics model for behavioral analysis of safety conditions in a chemical storage unit
Trapping safety into rules: how desirable or avoidable is proceduralization?
Psychophysiological correlates of interpersonal cooperation and aggression
Promoting seismic retrofit implementation through "nudge": using warranty as a driver
Problem behavior, victimization, and soda intake in high school students
Preventive measures against human error based on the classification of the adverse events
Short Acculturation Scale for Hispanic Youth (SASH-Y): a preliminary report
Sensation seeking: A new conceptualization and a new scale
Behavioral inhibition, behavioral activation, and affective responses to impending reward and punishment: The BIS/BAS Scales
The effect of instructions on potential slide-out failures during portable extension ladder angular positioning
Effects of an adult passenger on young adult drivers' driving speed: Roles of an adult passenger's presence and driving tips from the passenger
Is red the colour of danger? Testing an implicit red-danger association
Safety belt and mobile phone usage in vehicles in Barcelona (Spain)
The association between walking and perceived environment in chinese community residents: A cross-sectional study
Contraction of online response to major events
Economic stress in workplace: The impact of fear of the crisis on mental health
Effective responder communication improves efficiency and psychological outcomes in a mass decontamination field experiment: implications for public behaviour in the event of a chemical incident
The fire-walker's high: affect and physiological responses in an extreme collective ritual
Growing pains: how risk perception and risk communication research can help to manage the challenges of global population growth
Human and nature-caused hazards: the affect heuristic causes biased decisions
New York state leads injury control activities
Macroeconomic fluctuations and motorcycle fatalities in the U.S
The neuroeconomics of alcohol demand:an initialinvestigation of the neural correlates of alcohol cost-benefit decision makingin heavy drinking men
You have been framed! How antecedents of information need mediate the effects of risk communication messages
State of the art in risk analysis of workforce criticality influencing disaster preparedness for interdependent systems
Adolescents' risky decision-making activates neural networks related to social cognition and cognitive control processes
Chemical communication of fear: A case of male-female asymmetry
Clarifying the measurement and the role of the behavioral inhibition system in alcohol misuse
Comparing neural substrates of emotional vs. non-emotional conflict modulation by global control context
A database of whole-body action videos for the study of action, emotion, and untrustworthiness
The meaning of "significance" for different types of research [translated and annotated by Eric-Jan Wagenmakers, Denny Borsboom, Josine Verhagen, Rogier Kievit, Marjan Bakker, Angelique Cramer, Dora Matzke, Don Mellenbergh, and Han L. J. van der Maas]
Risk behaviors and negative health outcomes for adolescents with late bedtimes
Risky cannabis use is associated with alexithymia, frontal lobe dysfunction, and impulsivity in young adult cannabis users
Small area associations between social context and alcohol-attributable mortality in a middle income country
Using risk model judgements to better understand perceptions of synergistic risks
Unemployment and psychosocial outcomes to age 30: A fixed-effects regression analysis
Wide eyes and drooping arms: Adult-like congruency effects emerge early in the development of sensitivity to emotional faces and body postures
Ventral striatum activation to prosocial rewards predicts longitudinal declines in adolescent risk taking
Using process stream index (PSI) to assess inherent safety level during preliminary design stage
Unconscious evaluation of faces on social dimensions
Consistency in preferences for road safety: An analysis of precautionary and stated behavior
From theory to practice in road safety policy: Understanding risk versus mobility
Independent mobility on the journey to school: A joint cross-sectional and prospective exploration of social and physical environmental influences
Paradoxes of rationality in road safety policy
Reflections on the economics of transportation safety (editorial)
Valuing casualty risk reductions from estimated baseline risk
Travel to work and self-reported stress: Findings from a workplace survey in south west Sydney, Australia
Some hard questions for road safety experts (editorial)
A scoping inquiry into the potential contribution of Subjective Probability Theory, Dempster-Shafer Theory and Possibility Theory in accommodating degrees of belief in traveller behaviour research
Animated randomness, avatars, movement, and personalization in risk graphics
Association between riding with an impaired driver and driving while impaired
Auditory attentional capture: implicit and explicit approaches
Correction: density, destinations or both? A comparison of measures of walkability in relation to transportation behaviors, obesity and diabetes in Toronto, Canada
Did somebody say community? Young people's critiques of conventional community narratives in the context of a local drug scene
Differences in injury risk and characteristics between Dutch amateur and professional soccer players
Driving indicators in teens with attention deficit hyperactivity and/or autism spectrum disorder
How does a lower predictability of lane changes affect performance in the Lane Change Task?
'Hyped up': assemblages of alcohol, excitement and violence for outer-suburban young adults in the inner-city at night
Knowing where to draw the line: perceptual differences between risk-takers and non-risk-takers
Levels of evidence and traffic light alerts
Longitudinal relations between parent-child conflict and children's adjustment: The role of children's sleep
Factors influencing unsafe behaviors and accidents on construction sites: a review
General household emergency preparedness: a comparison between veterans and nonveterans
Mild dementia and driving ability : Part 1: Fundamentals
Normative misperceptions of peer seatbelt use among high school students and their relationship to personal seatbelt use
Occupational cognitive failures and safety performance in the workplace
The parental factor in adolescent reckless driving: The road ahead
Parent comments and instruction during the first four months of supervised driving: An opportunity missed?
Peer pressure and alcohol use in young men: a mediation analysis of drinking motives
Personality risk for alcohol consequences among college freshmen
Preventing victimization among young women: the SafeNights intervention
Prevalence of suicide attempts in pathological gamblers in a nationwide Austrian treatment sample
Profile of women detected drink driving via Roadside Breath Testing (RBT) in Queensland, Australia, between 2000 and 2011
Workplace hazards and prevention options from a nonrandom sample of retail trade businesses
Using aesthetics and self-affirmation to encourage openness to risky (and safe) choices
Changes in injury-related hospital emergency department presentations associated with the imposition of regulatory versus voluntary licensing conditions on licensed venues in two cities
The economic crisis at the beginning of the XXI century and mortality in Spain. Trend and impact on social inequalities. SESPAS Report 2014
Injury rates, mechanisms, and risk factors for injury in youth rock climbers
Intention to comply with mandatory hurricane evacuation orders among persons living along a coastal area (erratum)
Affective and cognitive mechanisms of risky decision making
Communicating pesticide neurotoxicity research findings and risks to decision-makers and the public
Comparison of injury mortality risk in motor vehicle crash versus other etiologies
How much does one more drink matter? Examining effects of event-level alcohol use and previous sexual victimization on sex-related consequences
Impulsivity-related cognition in alcohol dependence: Is it moderated by DRD2/ANKK1 gene status and executive dysfunction?
Speed - the biggest and most contested road killer
Mother-child conversations about safety: implications for socializing safety values in children
Naturalizing sense of agency with a hierarchical event-control approach
Preliminary evidence for normalization of risk taking by modafinil in chronic cocaine users
The analytical study of terrorism: taking stock
Are agricultural quad bike loss-of-control events driven by unrealistic optimism?
Concealed texting while driving: what are young people's beliefs about this risky behaviour?
The road not taken: social vs. private comparisons in Asperger׳s syndrome and high functioning autism
The role of anxiety in the perception of technological hazards - A cross-sectional study on cell phones and masts
Telephone consultations on exposure to nuclear disaster radiation
Testing models of psychopathology in preschool-aged children using a structured interview-based assessment
When do i wear me out? Mental simulation and the diminution of self-control
Gender differences in associations with deviant peer groups: examining individual, interactional, and compositional factors
Progress or repetition? Gender perspectives in disaster management in Japan
Use of comic strips in teaching earthquakes to kindergarten children
Risk-based management of occupational safety and health in the construction industry - Part 1: Background knowledge
Road traffic culture and personality traits related to traffic safety in Turkish and Iranian samples
Situational awareness for supporting building fire emergency response: information needs, information sources, and implementation requirements
Team cohesion and error culture in risky work environments
The association between fear of falling and gait variability in both leg and trunk movements
Child temperament and parental depression predict cortisol reactivity to stress in middle childhood
Detectability of new psychoactive substances, 'legal highs', in CEDIA, EMIT, and KIMS immunochemical screening assays for drugs of abuse
Adolescent drinking and motivated decision-making: a cotwin-control investigation with monozygotic twins
Modeling the perceptions and preferences of pedestrians on crossing facilities
Predicting driver behavior using field experiment data and driving simulator experiment data: assessing impact of elimination of stop regulation at railway crossings
Understanding household preferences for hurricane risk mitigation information: evidence from survey responses
The use of self-report exposure measures among novice motorcyclists: appropriateness and best practice recommendations
Utilization behavior: what is known and what has to be known?
A weighted estimation for risk model
Compliance with traffic laws by traffic police officers, non-traffic police officers, and civilian drivers
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in young French male prisoners
Education, income and alcohol misuse: a stress process model
The effect of noncognitive traits on health behaviours in adolescence
Effect of static electronic advertising signs on road safety: an experimental case study
Local spatial and temporal factors influencing population and societal vulnerability to natural disasters
Predicting battlefield vigilance: a multivariate approach to assessment of attentional resources
Self-related consequences of death fear and death denial
Sex differences in the developmental trajectories of impulse control and sensation-seeking from early adolescence to early adulthood
Aberrant behaviors and road accidents among Iranian truck drivers, 2010
Barriers to life jacket use among adult recreational boaters
Behavior-based safety on construction sites: A case study
Chronic alcohol intake during adolescence, but not adulthood, promotes persistent deficits in risk-based decision making
Communicating risk using absolute risk reduction or prolongation of life formats: cluster-randomised trial in general practice
Disorder affects judgements about a neighbourhood: police presence does not
Effect of burnout on accident involvement in occupational drivers
Lessons learned from motorcyclist surveys: riders' attitudes and behaviors in Florida
Spatial and temporal analysis of driver gap acceptance behavior at modern roundabouts
Observational study of use of cell phone and texting among drivers in California: comparison of data from 2011 and 2012
Discussion of 'The overall program effects of California's 3-Tier Assessment System pilot on crashes and mobility among senior drivers' [J Safety Res 47 (2013) 1-8]
Analysis of drivers' stop-or-run behavior at signalized intersections with high-resolution traffic and signal event data
Daytime and nighttime passing maneuvers on a two-lane rural road in Spain
Cycling habits and other psychological variables affecting commuting by bicycle in Madrid, Spain
Effects of three advanced devices on preventing crashes and gate-breaking incidents at highway-rail grade crossings
Evaluation of driver perception-reaction time under rainy or wet roadway conditions at onset of yellow indication
Investigating speeding behavior with naturalistic approaches
Is evidence in practice? Review of driver and cyclist education materials with respect to cycling safety evidence
Severity of injuries to motor vehicle drivers at highway-rail grade crossings in the United States
Depression and risk behavior in adolescence
Driver behavior during bicycle passing maneuvers in response to a Share the Road sign treatment
Effect of audio in-vehicle red-light running warning message on driving behavior based on a driving simulator experiment
How do attitudes, personality traits and driver behaviors relate to pedestrian behaviors?: a Turkish case
How task shapes the use of information during facial expression categorizations
Paintball-related ocular trauma: paintball or painball?
Parents' experience with child safety restraints in China
Personality characteristics in a population of mountain climbers
Predicting and interpreting identification errors in military vehicle training using multidimensional scaling
Public support for policies to reduce risk after Hurricane Sandy
Way-finding during a fire emergency: an experimental study in a virtual environment
Aging and response conflict solution: behavioural and functional connectivity changes
The Associations Between Park Environments and Park Use in Southern US Communities
Everything is permitted? People intuitively judge immorality as representative of atheists
French version of the Brief Infant-Toddler Social and Emotional Assessment Questionnaire-BITSEA
Impulsivity, risk taking, and cortisol reactivity as a function of psychosocial stress and personality in adolescents
Motorcycle riding under the influence of alcohol: Results from the SARTRE-4 survey
Network meta-analysis to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions to increase the uptake of smoke alarms
An exploratory study of crime risks and the planning process
Media salience and the framing of mass murder in schools a comparison of the Columbine and Sandy Hook massacres
Nonlinear finite element analysis applied to the development of alpine ski safety net
What follows the storm? Research on the effect of disasters on conflict and cooperation
Safety climate in trucking industry and its effects on safety outcomes
Confusing relative risk with absolute risk is associated with more enthusiastic beliefs about the value of cancer screening
Accounting for sensation seeking in route choice behavior with travel time information
Car status as an inhibitor of passing responses to a low-speed frustrator
Cross-cultural effects on drivers' hazard perception
Do people change behind the wheel? A comparison of anger and aggression on and off the road
Crash risk evaluation of aggressive driving on motorways: microscopic traffic simulation approach
Detecting powered-two-wheeler incidents from high resolution naturalistic data
Does driving experience in video games count? Hazard anticipation and visual exploration of male gamers as function of driving experience
Does it matter whether friends, parents, or peers drink walk? Identifying which normative influences predict young pedestrian's decisions to walk while intoxicated
Drive as I say, not as I drive: Influence of injunctive and descriptive norms on speeding intentions among young drivers
Dwelling on 'road rage': the effects of trait rumination on aggressive driving
Ecodriving acceptance: An experimental study on anticipation behavior of truck drivers
The effects of operating a touch screen smartphone and other common activities performed while bicycling on cycling behaviour
Emotion-laden stimuli influence our reactions to traffic lights
Extending the theory of planned behavior: The role of behavioral options and additional factors in predicting speed behavior
Factors contributing to hit-and-run crashes in China
Following slower drivers: Lead driver status moderates driver's anger and behavioural responses and exonerates culpability
Hoody, goody or buddy? How travel mode affects social perceptions in urban neighbourhoods
The impact of waiting time and other factors on dangerous pedestrian crossings and violations at signalized intersections: A case study in Montreal
Increasing seat belt use: two field experiments to test engineering-based behavioral interventions
Investigating the individual and organisational predictors of work-related driving crash involvement in Ethiopia
Knowing their place on the roads: what would equality mean for walking and cycling?
Unified Driver Model simulation and its application to the automotive, rail and maritime domains
Understanding cyclists' perceptions, keys for a successful bicycle promotion
What's driving illegal mobile phone use? Psychosocial influences on drivers' intentions to use hand-held mobile phones
A systematic review and meta-analysis of the ethnic density effect in psychotic disorders
Investigating the predictive of risk-taking attitudes and behaviors among Iranian drivers
What influences youth to operate all-terrain vehicles safely?
ADHD symptomatology and risky health, driving, and financial behaviors in college: the mediating role of sensation seeking and effortful control
Comparative effects of 2 aqua exercise programs on physical function, balance, and perceived quality of life in older adults with osteoarthritis
Development of impulse control circuitry in children of alcoholics
The impact of state medical marijuana legislation on adolescent marijuana use
Traffic experiment reveals the nature of car-following
A new therapeutic community: development of a compassion-focussed and contextual behavioural environment
Self-control as a moderator of the relationship between drinking identity and alcohol use
'Be prepared': An implemental mindset for alleviating social-identity threat
A comparison of immersive and interactive motorcycle simulator configurations
Modelling crash propensity of carshare members
The Motorcycle Rider Behavior Questionnaire: psychometric properties and application amongst novice riders in Australia
The parental bond, resistance to peer influence, and risky driving in adolescence
Readability of sports medicine-related patient education materials from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine
Reliability and validity of a safety climate questionnaire
The role of personality variables in drinking game participation
A study of young adults examining phone dialing while driving using a touchscreen vs. a button style flip-phone
Response to 'Evaluation of New Zealand's bicycle helmet law' article
Rethinking the relationship between flood risk perception and flood management
The right tool is what they need, not what we have: a taxonomy of appropriate levels of precision in patient risk communication
Risk assessment of vapor cloud explosions in a hydrogen production facility with consequence modeling
Risk-taking behaviors and impulsivity among veterans with and without PTSD and mild TBI
Risk, adaptation and the functional teenage brain
Risky riding behavior on two wheels: The role of cognitive, social, and personality variables among young adolescents
The role of high schools in introductory occupational safety education - Teacher perspectives on effectiveness
The role of neighborhood safety in recovery from mobility limitations: Findings from a national sample of older Americans (1996-2008)
Neural correlates of risk perception during real-life risk communication
Neighborhood environment and physical activity among older women: findings from the San Diego Cohort of the Women's Health Initiative
Motorised two-wheeler crash and helmets: injury patterns, severity, mortality and the consequence of gender bias
Moral panics and social work: Towards a sceptical view of UK child protection
Mobile phone use and driving: the message is just not getting through
The Behavioural Inhibition System, anxiety and hippocampal volume in a non-clinical population
Communicating bushfire safety in Australia: the challenge for government of increasing community participation
Establishing fire safety skills using behavioral skills training
Influence of occupational safety management on the incidence rate of occupational accidents in the Spanish industrial and ornamental stone mining
Motorcyclists' perceptions and experiences of riding and risk, and their advice for safety
The relationship between personality traits and military enlistment: an exploratory study
Sensation seeking and perceived need for structure moderate soldiers' well-being before and after operational deployment
Acute effects of competitive exercise on risk-taking in a sample of adolescent male athletes
Effectiveness of a theoretically-based judgment and decision making intervention for adolescents
A dispositional approach to psychological climate: Relationships between interpersonal harmony motives and psychological climate for communication safety
Distinct age-related differences in temporal discounting and risk taking in adolescents and young adults
Distracted driver behaviors and distracting conditions among adolescent drivers: findings from a naturalistic driving study
Impulsivity and externalization and internalization problems in adolescents
Neural responses to exclusion predict susceptibility to social influence
A new window into adolescents' worlds: the impact of online social interaction on risk behavior
Social norms and risk perception: predictors of distracted driving behavior among novice adolescent drivers
Study on occupational safety climate in different types of enterprises and its relationship with occupational accidental injury
Substance use: Determinants and opportunities for prevention in the family and school context
A systematic review of community interventions to improve Aboriginal child passenger safety
U.S. state and federal laws targeting distracted driving
Visual and cognitive distraction metrics in the age of the smart phone: A basic review
Willingness to drink as a function of peer offers and peer norms in early adolescence
Effect of road safety information availability and utilization on commercial motorcycle accidents in Nigeria
Assessing knowledge and application of emergency risk communication principles among public health workers in China
The association of media exposure and media literacy with adolescent alcohol and tobacco use
Benefits and challenges of resilience and vulnerability for disaster risk management
Commentary-Project Towards No Drug Abuse: an evidence-based drug abuse prevention program
Enhancing building fire safety performance by reducing miscommunication and misconceptions
Fuzzy risk assessment for life safety under building fires
Neural predictors of giving in to temptation in daily life
The politics of speed - local and regional actors' views on speed limits, traffic safety and mobility in Sweden
Searching for danger: on the link between worry and threat-related confirmation bias in children
Occupational injuries and fatalities in a tanzanite mine: need to improve workers safety in Tanzania
Bodily selves in relation: embodied simulation as second-person perspective on intersubjectivity
Brief cognitive intervention can modulate neuroendocrine stress responses to the Trier Social Stress Test: Buffering effects of a compassionate goal orientation
Contagious behavior: an alternative approach to mirror-like phenomena
How can we teach them about neurotrauma prevention? Prospective and randomized "Pense Bem-Caxias do Sul" study with multiple interventions in preteens and adolescents
Individual differences in impulsive and risky choice: effects of environmental rearing conditions
Near-misses and future disaster preparedness
On 'the fear of death' as the primary anxiety: How and why Klein differs from Freud
Producing a commentary slows concurrent hazard perception responses
Theoretically motivated interventions for reducing sexual risk taking in adolescence: A randomized controlled experiment applying fuzzy-trace theory
Toward an understanding of the influence of cultural background and domain experience on the effects of risk-pricing formats on risk perception
Are drivers aware of sleepiness and increasing crash risk while driving?
Driveline shields: barriers and motivators to shield use for New York State farmers
The Driving Behavior Survey as a measure of behavioral stress responses to MVA-related PTSD
Evaluating a model linking assessed parent factors to four domains of youth risky driving
Child passenger deaths involving alcohol-impaired drivers
Disaster readiness for nurses in the workplace: preparing for the zombie apocalypse
Adolescent risk-taking and resting state functional connectivity
Changing your mind before it is too late: the electrophysiological correlates of online error correction during response selection
Fear from the heart: sensitivity to fear stimuli depends on individual heartbeats
Heart rate variability characteristics in a large group of active-duty Marines and relationship to posttraumatic stress
Response to commentaries on 0.05 blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit
Preventing alcohol-related problems through health policy research
Regular cannabis users in road traffic--a result of insufficient monitoring?!
The ethics of distress: Toward a framework for determining the ethical acceptability of distressing health promotion advertising
Finding theory- and evidence-based alternatives to fear appeals: intervention mapping
Coastal emergency managers' preferences for storm surge forecast communication
Effects of increasing child restraint use in reducing occupant injuries among children aged 0-5 years in Japan
Interparental conflict, community violence, and child problems: making sense of counterintuitive findings
Optimization of injury prevention outreach for helmet safety
Planning for disaster resilience in rural, remote, and coastal communities: moving from thought to action
Racial/Ethnic disparities in fatal unintentional drowning among persons aged ≤29 years - United States, 1999-2010
Readiness to change and reasons for intended reduction of alcohol consumption in emergency department versus trauma population
Shelter-in-place and mental health: An analogue study of well-being and distress
Ethnic/racial differences in peer and parent influence on adolescent prescription drug misuse
Adolescent and young adult health in the United States in the past decade: little improvement and young adults remain worse off than adolescents
The facial width-to-height ratio shares stronger links with judgments of aggression than with judgments of trustworthiness
Gender differences in oxytocin-associated disruption of decision bias during emotion perception
Risky driving, mental health, and health-compromising behaviours: risk clustering in late adolescents and adults
Self-regulation predicts risk-taking through people's time horizon
Teens impulsively react rather than retreat from threat
What features of images affect parents' appraisal of safety messages? Examining images from the A Million Messages programme in Canada
Acute stress affects risk taking but not ambiguity aversion
Children's proneness to shame and guilt predict risky and illegal behaviors in young adulthood
Direction based Hazard Routing Protocol (DHRP) for disseminating road hazard information using road side infrastructures in VANETs
Earthquake scenarios: a practical way to handle alternative solutions to historical earthquakes and to increase the transparency of seismic hazard assessment
The district of North Vancouver's landslide management strategy: role of public involvement for determining tolerable risk and increasing community resilience
Emotional states of drivers and the impact on speed, acceleration and traffic violations: a simulator study
"High" risk? A systematic review of the acute outcomes of mixing alcohol with energy drinks
It will be a disaster! How people protest against things which have not yet happened
Occupational physiology
Researching triads in home care: perceptions of safety from home care clients, their caregivers, and providers
Risk factors and injury prevention in elite athletes: a descriptive study of the opinions of physical therapists, doctors and trainers
Risky behaviors associated with pediatric pedestrians and bicyclists struck by motor vehicles
Risky business
Risky decision making, prefrontal cortex, and mesocorticolimbic functional connectivity in methamphetamine dependence
Evolution of the binge drinking pattern in college students: neurophysiological correlates
Re-conceptualising the reckless driving behaviour of young drivers
Validation of selected temperament and personality questionnaires for diagnosing drivers' aptitude for safe driving. A Polish study
A comparison of three self-report measures of intolerance of uncertainty: an examination of structure and incremental explanatory power in a community sample
Dynamic processes in regulation and some implications for biofeedback and biobehavioral interventions
The effect of opponent type on human performance in a three-alternative choice task
Effect of psychostimulants on impulsivity and risk taking in narcolepsy with cataplexy
Effects of working memory load, a history of conduct disorder, and sex on decision making in substance dependent individuals
Enhancing inhibition: How impulsivity and emotional activation interact with different implementation intentions
Hails from the crypt: a terror management health model investigation of the effectiveness of health-oriented versus celebrity-oriented endorsements
From 'evil eye' anxiety to the desirability of envy: status, consumption and the politics of visibility in urban south India
Gender differences in health information behaviour: a Finnish population-based survey
How do rituals affect cooperation?
How do shared-representations and emotional processes cooperate in response to social threat signals?
How far to the road not taken? The effect of psychological distance on counterfactual direction
Health-related quality of life domains and household preparedness for public health emergencies: behavioral risk factor surveillance system, 2006-2010
Evaluation of the UNREST questionnaire for testing the social resistance framework
Evil genius? How dishonesty can lead to greater creativity
Commentary on Spielberg at al., "Exciting fear in adolescence: Does pubertal development alter threat processing?"
Decoupling motor plans from perceptual decisions to investigate when and whether decisions are embodied
The development of a brief self-report questionnaire to measure 'recent' Rash Impulsivity: A preliminary investigation of its validity and association with recent alcohol consumption
The effect of road tunnel environment on car following behaviour
Epidemiology as a liberal art: from graduate school to middle school, an unfulfilled agenda
The independent associations of recorded crime and perceived safety with physical health in a nationally representative cross-sectional survey of men and women in New Zealand
The influence of dispositional mindfulness on safety behaviors: A dual process perspective
Why alarm fatigue is a pivotal issue that affects the acoustical design of healthcare facilities
'We have to think about the children': parenting responses in chronic natural disasters
A window of vulnerability: impaired fear extinction in adolescence
Vested interest, disaster preparedness, and strategic campaign message design
Trusted information sources used during and after Superstorm Sandy: TV and radio were used more often than social media
Traffic safety facts 2011 data--children
Perfect timing: urgency, not driving situations, influence the best timing to activate warnings
Don't do it again! Directed forgetting of habits
Give me just a little more time: effects of alcohol on the failure and recovery of cognitive control
Hamburger hazards and emotions
Beyond policy analysis: the raw politics behind opposition to healthy public policy
The effectiveness of red light cameras in the United States-a literature review
A one year pay-as-you-speed trial with economic incentives for not speeding
Behavioural adaptation and road safety
Driving anger in Malaysia
A geometric and dynamic affordance model of reaches-to-grasp: men take greater risks than women
Neural correlates of risky decision making in anxious youth and healthy controls
Phone use while driving: results from an observational survey
Road rage and road side accidents involvement in commercial vehicle drivers of Karachi
The "weekend warrior": fact or fiction for major trauma?
Commercial motorcycle drivers' perceptions of risk and road safety in urban Nigeria: an explorative study
Can personality account for differences in drinking between college athletes and non-athletes? Explaining the role of sensation seeking, risk-taking, and impulsivity
Effect of free distribution of safety equipment on usage among motorcycle-taxi drivers in Tanzania-A cluster randomised controlled trial
From action intentions to action effects: how does the sense of agency come about?
How adolescents learn about risk perception and behavior in regards to alcohol use in light of social learning theory: a qualitative study in Bogotá, Colombia
Impulsive action and impulsive choice across substance and behavioral addictions: Cause or consequence?
Neural veils and the will to historical critique: why historians of science need to take the neuro-turn seriously
A structural model for health risk behavior of late adolescents: based on 2010 Korea adolescent health survey
Understanding public responses to chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear incidents - Driving factors, emerging themes and research gaps
Exciting fear in adolescence: does pubertal development alter threat processing?
Identification of the human factors contributing to maintenance failures in a petroleum operation
Analyzing drivers' crossing decisions at unsignalized intersections in China
Beeping ADAS: reflexive effect on drivers' behavior
Behavioral shifts after a fatal rapid transit accident: a multinomial logit model
Behavioural adaptation and effectiveness of a forward collision warning system depending on a secondary cognitive task
Characteristics of red light running violations in urban areas in Tabuk, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Behavioural changes in drivers experiencing highly-automated vehicle control in varying traffic conditions
A cross-cultural analysis of aggressive driving: evidence from Serbia and Romania
Driving construals: Personal Construct Theory in a reckless driving context
The effect of cell phones on international motor vehicle fatality rates: a panel-data analysis
The effects of emotion on pilot decision-making: a neuroergonomic approach to aviation safety
A hybrid multi-scale approach for simulation of pedestrian dynamics
How are meaning in life and family aspects associated with teen driving behaviors?
Identifying crash patterns on roundabouts
Identifying driver heterogeneity in car-following based on a random coefficient model
Longitudinal driving behavior in case of emergency situations: an empirically underpinned theoretical framework
Racial/ethnic and socioeconomic disparities in the use of helmets in children involved in bicycle accidents
Sensation seeking and drunk driving: The mediational role of social norms and self-efficacy
The PARTY program: a systematic approach to injury prevention for young road users around the world
Similarities between self-reported road safety behavior of teenage drivers and their perceptions concerning road safety behavior of their parents
Speeding in school zones: violation or lapse in prospective memory?
Strapped for life or trapped: survey of drivers' knowledge levels and attitudes towards seatbelts and seatbelt law in Zimbabwe
Motorcyclist perceptions of risk when riding
Texting among United States young adults: An exploratory study on texting and its use within families
Toward a theory of distinct types of "impulsive" behaviors: a meta-analysis of self-report and behavioral measures
Female hurricanes are deadlier than male hurricanes
Temporal discounting and criminal thinking: understanding cognitive processes to align services
Testing risk-taking behavior in Chinese undergraduate students
Acquisition of behavioral avoidance: Task-irrelevant conditioned stimuli trigger costly decisions
Danger and dementia: caregiver experiences and shifting social roles during a highly active hurricane season
Do cooperative systems make drivers' car-following behavior safer?
Driver headway choice: A comparison between driving simulator and real-road driving
Drug abuse relapse rates linked to level of education: Can we repair hypodopaminergic-induced cognitive decline with nutrient therapy?
Do specific transitional patterns of antisocial behavior during adolescence increase risk for problems in young adulthood?
Effects of specific emotions on subjective judgment, driving performance, and perceived workload
The effects of road geometrics and traffic regulations on driver-preferred speeds in northern Italy. An exploratory analysis
Introducing naturalistic cycling data: what factors influence bicyclists' safety in the real world?
It takes two: A brief report examining mutual support between parents and teens learning to drive
Implicit emotion regulation in the presence of threat: neural and autonomic correlates
Implicit race bias decreases the similarity of neural representations of black and white faces
Impulsiveness mediates the association between GABRA2 SNPs and lifetime alcohol problems
Impulsivity and risk-taking in bipolar disorder and schizophrenia
A dynamic evacuation model for pedestrian-vehicle mixed-flow networks
Feelings of vulnerability and effects on driving behaviour - a qualitative study
Agricultural quad-bike incidents: do farmworkers take risks?
Assessing characteristics related to the use of seatbelts and cell phones by drivers: application of a bivariate probit model
ATV riding and helmet use among youth aged 12-17 years, USA, 2011: results from the YouthStyles survey
A comparison of contributing factors between alcohol related single vehicle motorcycle and car crashes
Driver's behavioral adaptation to Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC): the case of speed and time headway
Enhancement of road delineation can reduce safety
Gender differences of young drivers on injury severity outcome of highway crashes
Impact of texting on young drivers' behavior and safety on urban and rural roads through a simulation experiment
An investigation of state population characteristics that moderate the relationship of state seat belt law and use in the United States
"Killing two birds with one stone": alcohol use reduction interventions with potential efficacy in enhancing self-control
Modeling insurer-homeowner interactions in managing natural disaster risk
Offenders' risk-taking attitude inside and outside the prison walls
Relationships between frequency of driving under the influence of cannabis, self-reported reckless driving and risk-taking behavior observed in a driving simulator
Summarizing risk using risk measures and risk indices
Whatever happened to the 'mad, bad' scientist? Overturning the stereotype
Assessing the effectiveness of the Pesticides and Farmworker Health Toolkit: a curriculum for enhancing farmworkers' understanding of pesticide safety concepts
Attentional capture by signals of threat
Creating a drowning chain of survival
Cyclone shelters and their locational suitability: an empirical analysis from coastal Bangladesh
Development of a self-administered questionnaire to assess the psychological competencies for surviving a disaster
Disaster myths after the Great East Japan Disaster and the effects of information sources on belief in such myths
Driving difficulties among military veterans: clinical needs and current intervention status
Education takes two: safety and health English learning curriculum and bilingual picture dictionary for immigrant workers in agriculture
Effectiveness of a media campaign to motivate farm parents to seek child farm injury prevention information online
Estimating the effect of selected predictors on agricultural confined-space hazard perceptions of Utah farm owner/operators
Farm worker training to reduce take-home pesticide exposure
"Is there a gun in the home?" Assessing the risks of gun ownership in older adults
Saudi women's beliefs on the use of car infant restraints: a qualitative study
Seatbelt wearing rates in middle income countries: A cross-country analysis
Taking pleasure at another's misfortune: the implicit Schadenfreude of disaster spectators
Uniting multi-adult households during emergency evacuation planning
Voluntary certification systems to protect children's safety and health in agriculture
Defensive eye-blink startle responses in a human experimental model of anxiety
Cultural influences on safety training among Vietnamese shrimp fisherman
Delivering a farm safety plan through the Saskatchewan Agricultural Health and Safety Network
Development of an ergonomics training program for the commercial fishing industry: charges, challenges and changes
Disaster relief activities of the Japan Self-Defense Force following the Great East Japan Earthquake
Do displacement activities help preschool children to inhibit a forbidden action?
The impact of disablers on predictive inference
Impulsive and reflective processes related to alcohol use in young adolescents
Compulsory seat belt usage and driver risk taking behavior
Estimating fatality reductions from increased safety belt use
Factors controlling traffic crashes
Human behavior feedback and traffic safety
Is it safer to fly or drive?
A new traffic safety vision for the United States
ADHD and personality: a meta-analytic review
Attentional bias toward safety predicts safety behaviors
Beyond inhibition: a dual-process perspective to renew the exploration of binge drinking
Can classic moral stories promote honesty in children?
Can media images of obese people undermine health messages? An experimental study of visual representation and risk perception
Compulsory seat belt usage and driver risk-taking behavior
Development of a Japanese version of the Reported and Intended Behaviour Scale: reliability and validity
Fatal accident rates for instrument-rated private pilots
The interplay of friendship networks and social networking sites: longitudinal analysis of selection and influence effects on adolescent smoking and alcohol use
The medium, not the message: how tattoos correlate with early mortality
Microsimulation modelling of driver behaviour towards alternative warning devices at railway level crossings
Twenty thousand more americans killed annually because US traffic-safety policy rejects science
Death in traffic: why are ethical issues ignored?
Safety first. A response to: "Safer vehicles for people and the planet," by Thomas P. Wenzel and Marc Ross
Safer vehicles for people and the planet
Safety first. Wenzel and Ross respond to Evans criticism
Drivers involved in crashes killing older road users
A natural experiment to examine the impact of park renewal on park-use and park-based physical activity in a disadvantaged neighbourhood: the REVAMP study methods
A new equation for calculating the maximum wait time for pilots who use an impairing medication
A new method of cannabis ingestion: the dangers of dabs?
Perceived risk of methamphetamine among Chinese methamphetamine users
Performance of a fire detector based on a compact laser spectroscopic carbon monoxide sensor
Risk-taking in social settings: group and peer effects
The role of gender, values, and culture in adolescent bystanders' strategies
TeenDrivingPlan effectiveness: the effect of quantity and diversity of supervised practice on teens' driving performance
A smartphone-based sensing platform to model aggressive driving behaviors
What ever happened to the "cool" kids? Long-term sequelae of early adolescent pseudomature behavior
Promoting agritourism safety and health via the internet
Reducing stress to minimize injury: the nation's first employee assistance program for dairy farmers and related photo documentary project
Remedy for radiation fear - discard the politicized science
The role of dopamine in risk taking: a specific look at Parkinson's disease and gambling
Talking with parents of high school football players about chronic traumatic encephalopathy: a concise summary
Updating the NAGCAT tractor guidelines to reflect the latest scientific evidence
Applying hierarchical loglinear models to nonfatal underground coal mine accidents for safety management
Cannabis depenalisation, drug consumption and crime - Evidence from the 2004 cannabis declassification in the UK
Civility norms, safety climate, and safety outcomes: a preliminary investigation
Early adolescents' willingness to intervene: What roles do attributions, affect, coping, and self-reported victimization play?
Health and safety perception of workers in Turkey: a survey of construction sites
What's the risk? A comparison of actual and perceived driving risk
'When can i ride again?' Recidivism in children with all-terrain vehicle injuries
The persistence of socially instructed threat: two threat-of-shock studies
Physical fitness and mental health impact of a sport-for-development intervention in a post-conflict setting: randomised controlled trial nested within an observational study of adolescents in Gulu, Uganda
Occupational cognitive failure and its relationship with unsafe behaviors and accidents
Perception of side rollover hazards in a Pennsylvania rural population while operating an all-terrain vehicle (ATV)
Effects of work zone configurations and traffic density on performance variables and subjective workload
I can't get no satisfaction: potential causes of boredom
The influence of time headway on subjective driver states in adaptive cruise control
Intelligent Speed Adaptation and driving speed: Effects of different system HMI functionalities
The interactive effects of housing and neighbourhood quality on psychological well-being
Linking decisions and actions in dynamic environments: how child and adult cyclists cross roads with traffic
Lower safety factor for old adults during walking at preferred velocity
The main causes of injuries sustained at fitness facilities presenting to Victorian emergency departments: identifying the culprits
Motorcycle crashes: attitudes of the motorcyclists regarding riders' experience and safety measures
A multi-agent safety response model in the construction industry
A multi-objective analysis of a rural road network problem in the hilly regions of Nepal
Navigating toward zero fatalities: the role of NCAPs
Neurocognitive performance at return to play in elite youth hockey players with sport-related concussion
New tool launched to support development of strong road safety mass media campaigns around the world
On the periodicity of traffic oscillations and capacity drop: the role of driver characteristics
Predictors of suicide and accident death in the Army Study to Assess Risk and Resilience in Servicemembers (Army STARRS): results from the Army Study to Assess Risk and Resilience in Servicemembers (Army STARRS)
Prioritizing concussion prevention in youth ice hockey: an assessment of English-language Canadian newspapers as a vehicle for evidence-based knowledge translation
Red light running and close following behaviour at urban shuttle-lane roadworks
Relationship between organizational justice and organizational safety climate: do fairness perceptions influence employee safety behaviour?
A review of powered-two-wheeler behaviour and safety
Risk factors, testing and preventative strategies for non-contact injuries in professional football: current perceptions and practices of 44 teams from various premier leagues
Risk-based spatial zone determination problem for stage-based evacuation operations
Road safety impact of Ontario street racing and stunt driving law
The role of coupling and embeddedness in risk evolution: rethinking the snow event in early 2008, China
Safety propensity index for signalized and unsignalized intersections: exploration and assessment
Shared leadership in multiteam systems: how cockpit and cabin crews lead each other to safety
Sixty years of fear appeal research: current state of the evidence
Stability and reproducibility of semi-quantitative risk assessment methods within the occupational health and safety scope
Threatening communication: a qualitative study of fear appeal effectiveness beliefs among intervention developers, policymakers, politicians, scientists, and advertising professionals
Traffic conflict assessment for non-lane-based movements of motorcycles under congested conditions
Understanding the social context of fatal road traffic collisions among young people: a qualitative analysis of narrative text in coroners' records
Walkability is only part of the story: walking for transportation in Stuttgart, Germany
Use of personal protective equipment for motorcycle taxi drivers: perception of risks and associated factors
Electric vehicle charging station signs: an evaluation of driver comprehension and perceived risk
Emotional responses to trouble events on a train-driving simulator
Evaluating public awareness of trip hazards on outdoor walkways
The effect of alcohol and drug testing at the workplace on individual's occupational accident risk
Effect of mild hypoxia on working memory, complex logical reasoning, and risk judgment
Work and non-work-related vehicle crashes: the contribution of risky driving practices
Driving under the influence of prescription drugs used non-medically: associations in a young adult sample
Seatbelt and child-restraint use in Kazakhstan: attitudes and behaviours of medical university students
Anxiety, sedation, and simulated driving in binge drinkers
Augmented reality cues to assist older drivers with gap estimation for left-turns
Effect of the Teen Driving Plan on the driving performance of teenagers before licensure: a randomized clinical trial
Elevated alcohol demand is associated with driving after drinking among college student binge drinkers
Gendered agricultural space and safety: towards embodied, situated knowledge
Positive messaging promotes walking in older adults
Drinking to reach the top: Young adults' drinking patterns as a predictor of status within natural drinking groups
Agricultural pesticide usage and prioritization in South Korea
The CDC Clear Communication Index is a new evidence-based tool to prepare and review health information
Crime and perceptions of safety in the home neighborhood are independently associated with physical activity among 11-15 year olds
Determinants of road traffic injury among adult motorcyclists in Malé, Maldives
Economic risk coding by single neurons in the orbitofrontal cortex
Examining public trust in risk-managing organizations after a major disaster
Eye trauma epidemiology in regional Australia
Evaluating time-reminder strategies before amber: common signal, green flashing and green countdown
Impaired decision-making under risk in individuals with alcohol dependence
Impulsivity, risk taking, and cortisol reactivity as a function of psychosocial stress and personality in adolescents-CORRIGENDUM
Modelling of agricultural combination driver behaviour from the aspect of safety of movement
Multiple risk behaviour in adolescence and socio-economic status: findings from a UK birth cohort
Parental perceived neighborhood attributes: associations with active transport and physical activity among 10-12 year old children and the mediating role of independent mobility
Physical activity mediates the relationship between perceived crime safety and obesity
The relationship between social capital and traffic law violations: Israeli Arabs as a case study
Sharing a driver's context with a caller via continuous audio cues to increase awareness about driver state
Social influence in a virtual tunnel fire - Influence of conflicting information on evacuation behavior
Swedish high-school pupils' attitudes towards drugs in relation to drug usage, impulsiveness and other risk factors
The value of numbers in economic rewards
"Wired," yet intoxicated: modeling binge caffeine and alcohol co-consumption in the mouse
Psychiatric disorders, suicidality, and personality among young men by sexual orientation
Situational and contextual factors that increase the risk of harm when students drink: case-control and case-crossover investigation
A survey comparison of rural versus urban residents and household preparedness
Reconsidering the link between impulsivity and suicidal behavior
Safe system approach to reducing serious injury risk in motorcyclist collisions with fixed hazards
Learning for the future: the challenge of disaster research
Drowsy driving and risk behaviors -- 10 states and Puerto Rico, 2011-2012
Analysis of pedestrian exposure to risk in relation to crossing behavior
Injuries sustained by passengers travelling in the cargo area of light delivery vehicles
Road safety: knowledge, practice and determinants among undergraduate medical students of Agartala Government Medical College and Govinda Ballabh Pant hospital
Associations between the built environment, total, recreational, and transit-related physical activity
Brain and behavior in decision-making
Communicating numerical risk: human factors that aid understanding in health care
Components of task switching: a closer look at task switching and cue switching
Correlates of walking for transportation and use of public transportation among adults in St Louis, Missouri, 2012
The effects of cyclists present at rural intersections on speed behaviour and workload of car drivers: a driving simulator study
Examination of the mass media process and personal factors affecting the assessment of mass media-disseminated health information
Impact evaluation of a farm safety awareness workshop in New Zealand
Intelligent advisory speed limit dedication in highway using VANET
In the presence of danger: the extracellular matrix defensive response to central nervous system injury
Judging health risk as a function of risk factors and type of illness: do people weight risk factors in a flexible way?
A model of service and training: threat assessment on a community college campus
Odds of fault and factors for out-of-state drivers in crashes in four states of the USA
Building a reliable measure for unobtrusive observations of street-connecting pedestrian walkways
Role of character strengths in outcome after mild complicated to severe traumatic brain injury: a positive psychology study
Why do we laugh at misfortunes? An electrophysiological exploration of comic situation processing
Utility of an occupational therapy driving intervention for a combat veteran
The professionalized transformation of medical witchcraft in the Qin-Han Dynasties
The relationship between puberty and risk taking in the real world and in the laboratory
Time-series intervention analysis of pedestrian countdown timer effects
Driving under the influence of alcohol in the Netherlands by time of day and day of the week
Intelligent speed assistance for serious speeders: The results of the Dutch Speedlock trial
"National character" and traffic behavior
Social determinants of physical activity among adult Asian-Americans: results from a population-based survey in California
Trust in organizations concerned with risks of the Great East Japan Earthquake
Reasoning about intentions: counterexamples to reasons for actions
Safety impacts of red-light cameras at signalized intersections based on Cellular Automata models
Pediatric neurotrauma
Interaction between socio-demographic characteristics: traffic rule violations and traffic crash history for young drivers
Man in modern traffic
Determinants of behavior of students as pedestrian and car occupants in relation to traffic laws in 2013, Gorgan, Iran: an application of Health Belief Model
Evaluating the effectiveness of the law banning handheld cellphone use while driving
Factors associated with motorcycle injury and fatality
Identifying patterns of safety related incidents in a steel plant using association rule mining of incident investigation reports
Layout effects of multi-exit ticket-inspectors on pedestrian evacuation
Modeling the pedestrian's movement and simulating evacuation dynamics on stairs
Perceiving safety in passenger ships - User studies in an authentic environment
Safety evaluation of pedestrian behaviour and violations at signalised pedestrian crossings
Sensation seeking, parental bond, and risky driving in adolescence: some relationships, matter more to girls than boys
A survey on awareness of traffic signs among youth in Qatar
Texting and driving among drivers in Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies : health
Wage compensation for risk: the case of Turkey
Violent explosion after inadvertent mixing of nitric acid and isopropanol - Review 15 years later finds basic accident data corrupted, no evidence of broad learning
Utilisation of cognitive map in modelling human error in marine accident analysis and prevention
Using structured professional judgment guidelines in threat assessment and management: presentation, analysis, and formulation of a case of serial intimate partner violence
Transition to manual: driver behaviour when resuming control from a highly automated vehicle
Traffic safety culture among bicyclists: results from a Norwegian study
Injury severity in relation to seatbelt use in Cape Town, South Africa: A pilot study
Behavioural inhibition system response to conflicting advertisement cues: road safety messages vs. motor vehicle promotional advertisements
Cognitive biases in aggressive drivers: does illusion of control drive us off the road?
Deconstructing impulsivity to better understand adolescent risk-taking
Defining policy for management of occupational health, safety at work and environmental protection in order to manage the crisis in a business organization
Dopaminergic gene-stress interactions on young adults' driving performance: a pilot study
Driving anger in China: psychometric properties of the Driving Anger Scale (DAS) and its relationship with aggressive driving
A dynamic traffic light management system based on wireless sensor networks for the reduction of the red-light running phenomenon
High school dropouts in emerging adulthood: substance use, mental health problems, and crime
Homogenization effects of variable speed limits
Impulsivity, depression and aggression among adolescents
Personality and risky downhill sports: associations with impulsivity dimensions
Sleepy driving and pulling over for a rest: investigating individual factors that contribute to these driving behaviours
You are the danger: attenuated insula response in methamphetamine users during aversive interoceptive decision-making
Young tend to commit suicide, die of road traffic accidents or being killed by someone: an analysis of medico-legal deaths
Action-value comparisons in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex control choice between goal-directed actions
Adolescent drivers in Brazil: prevalence and associated factors estimated from the National Adolescent School-based Health Survey (PeNSE 2012)
Effects of deception in social networks
Impact of speed cameras on trauma centers
Stability of risky driving from late adolescence to early adulthood
Characterizing driver behaviors relevant to traffic safety: a multistage approach
College students' perceived risk of sexual victimization and the role of optimistic bias
Driving habits and risk factors for traffic accidents among sleep apnea patients - a European multi-centre cohort study
Factors affecting median cable barrier crash frequency: new insights
Fearful faces drive gaze-cueing and threat bias effects in children on the lookout for danger
Happiness in motion: emotions, well-being, and active school travel
Hazardous birthday drinking among young people: population-based impacts on emergency department and in-patient hospital admissions
Impacts of using electronic devices on road crossing behaviors among medical college students
The influence of emotional facial expressions on gaze-following in grouped and solitary pedestrians
Injury prevention among friends: the benefits of school connectedness
Insights about adolescent behavior, plasticity, and policy from neuroscience research
The Mini-Mental State Examination, clinical factors, and motor vehicle crash risk
On the relationship between pedestrian gap acceptance and time to arrival estimates
Operating speeds from driving simulator tests for road safety evaluation
Patients' and carers' perceptions of safety in rural general practice
pH of soul: how does acid-base balance affect our cognition?
Protecting victims of violent patients while protecting confidentiality
Public acceptance of wildland fire and fuel management: panel responses in seven locations
Raised middle-finger: electrocortical correlates of social conditioning with nonverbal affective gestures
Rapid assessment of road safety policy change: relaxation of the national speed enforcement law in Russia leads to large increases in the prevalence of speeding
When knowledge is demotivating: subjective knowledge and choice overload
When you think about it, your past is in front of you: how culture shapes spatial conceptions of time
Understanding road safety in Kenya: views of matatu drivers
Stochastic risk assessment methodology and modeling as an in-vehicle safety enhancing tool for younger drivers on roads
Thus spake road users on the road accidents and their views to prevent road accidents: a case study in the Kancheepuram District of Tamil Nadu
Reciprocal Longitudinal Associations Between Adolescent Twin Gambling and Delinquency
Routing strategies for emergency management decision support systems during evacuation
A survey of taxi drivers' aberrant driving behavior in Beijing
Financial analysis methodology of the benefit of safety investment
Introduction of the assessment model of nuclear safety culture
Problem of China's nuclear security supervision system
Systematic analysis of coal miners' safety behavior based on system dynamics model
Educational campaign for improving pedestrian safety: a university campus study
Stress state of driver: mobile phone use while driving
Speed-accident relationship at urban signalized intersections
Traffic safety knowledge survey and difference analysis for migrant workers
Accident-preventive measure selection method based on the speed cognition of lead-vehicle driver in curved roadway
Analysis of the lateral gap maintaining behavior of vehicles in heterogeneous traffic stream
A comprehensive analysis of the association of highway traffic with winter weather conditions
Data collection for traffic and drivers' behaviour studies: a large-scale survey
Digit ratios as correlates of accident involvement and aggressive driving - a pilot study
Effect of speed limit compliance on roadway capacity of Indian expressways
Study of relation between actual and perceived crash risk
Study of vehicles lateral movement in non-lane discipline traffic stream on a straight road
Teaching how life skills (anger control) affect the happiness and self-esteem of Tonekabon female students
Adolescent drivers
Anger responses to psychosocial stress predict heart rate and cortisol stress responses in men but not women
Estimating the work safety situation in mainland China using Grey theory
Risk assessment among drivers via the Affect Misattribution Procedure (AMP)
Theory of Planned Behavior: application for risk taking in traffic
Analysis of twitter users' sharing of official New York storm response messages
Neural and cognitive correlates of the common and specific variance across externalizing problems in young adolescence
Perception vs. reality: an investigation of the misperceptions concerning the extent of peer novel drug use
Personality domains and traits that predict self-reported aberrant driving behaviours in a southeastern US university sample
Emergency evacuation orders: considerations and lessons from Hurricane Sandy
Habitus of home and traditional drinking: a qualitative analysis of reported middle-class alcohol use
The health consequences of child mental health problems and parenting styles: unintentional injuries among European schoolchildren
How do emergency managers use social media platforms?
The impacts of injury at the individual, community and societal levels: a systematic meta-review
A new look at risk-taking: using a translational approach to examine risk-taking behavior on the Balloon Analogue Risk Task
Post-traumatic brain injury: genetic susceptibility to outcome
Pre-existing brain states predict risky choices
Risk taking under stress: the role(s) of self-selection. a comment on Buckert et al. (2014)
Roles of testosterone and amygdaloid LTP induction in determining sex differences in fear memory magnitude
The Self Assessment of Future Events Scale (SAFE): assessing perceptions of risk for future violence in intimate partner relationships
Use of Cognitive Work Analysis for exploration of safety management in the operation of motorcycles and scooters
Use of continuous transdermal alcohol monitoring during a contingency management procedure to reduce excessive alcohol use
Substance use and risk of death in young offenders: A prospective data linkage study
Car child safety seats use among Iranian children in Mashad
Dichotomising dangers
An indecent proposal: the dual functions of indirect speech
On the road toward formal reasoning: Reasoning with factual causal and contrary-to-fact causal premises during early adolescence
The Rules of Implicit Evaluation by Race, Religion, and Age
Application of naturalistic driving data to modeling of driver car-following behavior
Effects of high-visibility enforcement on driver compliance with pedestrian yield right-of-way laws
Study on pedestrian red-time crossing behavior: integrated field observation and questionnaire data
Anti-impulsivity drugs and their mechanisms of action
Driving under the influence of synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonist XLR-11
"Drunk and proud", from the streets to the stands: America Football Club fans, aguante and alcohol consumption in Mexican football fandom
Epitome of China's unnatural deaths: a historically retrospective study of forensic autopsy cases in Shanghai Public Security Bureau from 1990 to 1999
Exposure to rapid succession disasters: a study of residents at the epicenter of the Chilean Bío Bío earthquake
Factors contributing to driver choice after hitting a pedestrian in Japan
False alarms and missed events: the impact and origins of perceived inaccuracy in tornado warning systems
"It was fun, it was dangerous": Heroin, young urbanities and opening reforms in China's borderlands
A longitudinal study of risk-glorifying video games and behavioral deviance
Non-compliance with graduated driver licensing (GDL) requirements: changes in GDL-related conviction rates over time among 16-17-year-old California drivers
The prevalence of motorcycle helmet use from serial observations in three Mexican cities
Is profession associated with fear of death?
The contribution of parents' driving behavior, family climate for road safety, and parent-targeted intervention to young male driving behavior
Dynamics of attentional bias to threat in anxious adults: bias towards and/or away?
Electronic gaming and psychosocial adjustment
Steering Teens Safe: a randomized trial of a parent-based intervention to improve safe teen driving
Sustainable transportation stage of change, decisional balance, and self-efficacy scale development and validation in two university samples
Time perception and time perspective differences between adolescents and adults
Understanding the dangers of synthetic cannabinoids
Urban flow: bike messengers and the city
Using naturalistic driving data to explore the association between traffic safety-related events and crash risk at driver level
When two actions are easier than one: how inhibitory control demands affect response processing
The bureaucratization of safety
Conceptualizing and measuring community road-safety climate
Freeway drivers' willingness to pay for speeding fines
Improving bridge collapse detection and on-site emergency alarms: a case study in Taiwan
The incidence and pattern of maxillofacial injuries in helmeted vs. non-helmeted motorcycle accident victims
A mixed methods research design for bridging the gap between research and practice in construction safety
Occupational hazard awareness and safety practices among Nigerian sawmill workers
The pattern of occupational accidents, injuries, accident causal factors and intervention in Nigerian factories
Professional drivers' views on risky driving behaviors and accident liability: a questionnaire survey in Xining, China
The relationship between four-wheel drives and risky driving behaviours
What are the differences in management characteristics of heavy vehicle operators with high insurance claims versus low insurance claims?
Safety in System-of-Systems: ten key challenges
Safety leadership, risk management and safety performance in Spanish firms
Self-regulation of driving in the context of impaired visual attention: are there gender differences?
Senseless messaging: advertising images of illegal driving and deviant behavior
Taking risks and survival jobs: foreign-born workers and work-related injuries in Australia
Ranking of causes lead to road accidents using a new linguistic variable in interval type-2 fuzzy entropy weight of a decision making method
Safety culture: the buzzword to ensure occupational safety and health
Children safety devices in Brazil--why do people don't use them after the law?
Buffering social influence: neural correlates of response inhibition predict driving safety in the presence of a peer
Correlates of psychopathic personality traits in everyday life: results from a large community survey
Factors contributing to crashes among young drivers
Fear-related confirmation bias in children: a comparison between neutral- and dangerous-looking animals
Head-impact mechanisms in men's and women's collegiate ice hockey
Learning to play it safe (or not): stable and evolving neural responses during adolescent risky decision-making
Mental disorders of pregnant and postpartum women after earthquakes: a systematic review
"Utilizing" signal detection theory
Why has not there been more research of concern?
Comparison of teen and adult driver crash scenarios in a nationally representative sample of serious crashes
Analysis of compensative behavior in demanding driving situations
Are absolute and comparative judgements about road traffic-risks inherent in speeding realistic? A study among French traffic regulation offenders
Assessing the relationship between the Driver Behavior Questionnaire and the Driver Skill Inventory: revealing sub-groups of drivers
Behavioral adaptation caused by predictive warning systems - the case of congestion tail warnings
The constitution and effects of safety culture as an object in the discourse of accident prevention: A Foucauldian approach
Exploring the role of feature subset combinations on performance of multisensor fire detection
Location optimization for evacuation signs and cellular automaton model simulation for evacuation in smoke
Occupant evacuation process study of public buildings based on computer modeling and simulation
Wildland firefighter entrapment avoidance: modelling evacuation triggers
Wildland firefighter safety zones: a review of past science and summary of future needs
Adverse outcomes among homeless adolescents and young adults who report a history of traumatic brain injury
Do incentives work? A qualitative study of managers' motivations in hazardous industries
The effect of different delineator post configurations on driver speed in night-time traffic: A driving simulator study
An evaluation of traffic-awareness campaign videos: empathy induction is associated with brain function within superior temporal sulcus
Emotion and affect in mental imagery: do fear and anxiety manipulate mental rotation performance?
Grounded Theory analysis of commuters discussing a workplace carbon-reduction target: autonomy, satisfaction, and willingness to change behaviour in drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, and bus users
Invited Commentary: Taking Advantage of Time-Varying Neighborhood Environments
Neurometabolic aspects of sports-related concussion
Outcome-and-behavior-based safety incentive program to reduce accidents: A case study of a fluid manufacturing plant
Predictors of injurious falls and fear of falling differ: an 11-year longitudinal study of incident events in older people
Risk-based process plant design considering inherent safety
Why do organizations not learn from incidents? Bottlenecks, causes and conditions for a failure to effectively learn
Workload of younger and elderly drivers in different infrastructural situations
Is fire severity increasing in the Sierra Nevada, California, USA?
Mapping the daily progression of large wildland fires using MODIS active fire data
Understanding evacuation preferences and wildfire mitigations among Northwest Montana residents
A 'responsibility for place' - firefighter deployment, local knowledge and risk
Damage to the salience network and interactions with the default mode network
Emotion recognition pattern in adolescent boys with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
Data foundations for relationships between economic and transport factors with road safety outcomes
Improving road safety through truck visibility
Alcohol use, impulsivity, and the non-medical use of prescription stimulants among college students
Firefighter safety: rampant unsafe practices as documented in mainstream media
Graphical fault tree analysis for fatal falls in the construction industry
Hand injuries by pyrotechnic articles--case report and reconstructive experimental investigations
The impact of Universal Health Coverage on health care consumption and risky behaviours: evidence from Thailand
Impulsivity in disorders of food and drug misuse
Intense illumination in the morning hours improved mood and alertness but not mental performance
Investigating driver willingness to drive through flooded waterways
Loud pre-impact tones reduce the cervical multifidus muscle response during rear-end collisions: a potential method for reducing whiplash injuries
A methodology for determining operational priorities for prevention and suppression of wildland fires
Neurophysiological correlates of error monitoring and inhibitory processing in juvenile violent offenders
Objective and perceived wildfire risk and its influence on private forest landowners' fuel reduction activities in Oregon's (USA) ponderosa pine ecoregion
Personality and attitudes as predictors of risky driving among older drivers
Physical activity and the perceived neighbourhood environment - looking at the association the other way around
Pilot randomized evaluation of publically available concussion education materials: evidence of a possible negative effect
Quantifying the influence of safe road systems and legal licensing age on road mortality among young adolescents: Steps towards system thinking
Alcohol-related cues potentiate alcohol impairment of behavioral control in drinkers
Community perceptions of rape and child sexual abuse: a qualitative study in rural Tanzania
Comparative analysis of risky behaviors of electric bicycles at signalized intersections
Discounting of delayed rewards: (a)theoretical interpretation of the Kirby questionnaire
Behavioural causes and categories of traffic violations by motorcyclists in Indonesian urban roads
A demonstration of avoidance learning in turning decisions at intersections
Driver behavior and opinions--an international cross cultural study
Drivers' attitude regarding driving activities
Ecological factors and adolescent marijuana use: results of a prospective study in Santiago, Chile
From Gibson and Crooks to Damasio: the role of psychology in the development of driver behaviour models
How to evacuate: model for understanding the routing strategies during hurricane evacuation
Identifying precrash factors for cars and trucks on interstate highways: mixed logit model approach
Morbidity and mortality among the RTA casualties attending in a tertiary care hospital, Belgaum - a retrospective study
Relationship between predicted speed reduction on horizontal curves and safety on two-lane rural roads in Spain
Road safety knowledge and policy: a historical institutional analysis of the Netherlands
Safety analysis of horizontal curves using real traffic data
Evidence-based risk communication: a systematic review
Exercise-based injury prevention in child and adolescent sport: a systematic review and meta-analysis
A longitudinal study of an intervention to improve road safety climate: climate as an organizational boundary spanner
Transport priorities, risk perception and worry associated with mode use and preferences among Norwegian commuters
Potential determinants of drink driving in young adults
Prevalence of and Attitudes about Distracted Driving in College Students
Safety signals as instrumental reinforcers during free-operant avoidance
Sleepiness induced by sleep-debt enhanced amygdala activity for subliminal signals of fear
Exploring the role of parents and peers in young adolescents' risk taking on social networking sites
High-dose alcohol intoxication differentially modulates cognitive subprocesses involved in response inhibition
The involuntary excluder effect: those included by an excluder are seen as exclusive themselves
Relationships among meeting physical activity guidelines and health risk behaviors
Reprint of: Examining the link between adolescent brain development and risk taking from a social-developmental perspective
Safety analysis of foreign traffic from Visegrad countries on the Hungarian network
Sensation seeking: predicting growth in adolescent problem behaviors
Typology of driving-under-the-influence (DUI) offenders revisited: Inclusion of DUI-specific attitudes
Using the exhibited generalization approach to evaluate a carbon monoxide alarm ordinance
Watching as an ordinary affect: care and mothers' preemption of injury in child supervision
What personal and environmental factors determine frequency of urban greenspace use?
Willingness to use mobile application for smartphone for improving road safety
Hospital's simple interventions help reduce alarm fatigue
Peer rejection, affiliation with deviant peers, delinquency, and risky sexual behavior
Unhealthy sleep practices, conduct problems, and daytime functioning during adolescence
The accessibility of family and peer norms in young adolescent risk behavior
Correction: Minority threat and police strength from 1980 to 2000: a fixed-effects analysis of nonlinear and interactive effects in large U.S.. cities
The effects of communication interface proximity on user anxiety for crime alerts received on desktop, laptop, and hand-held devices
Encouraging Mexican-heritage youth to intervene when friends drink the role of targeted parent-child communication against alcohol
Examining the role of social media in effective crisis management the effects of crisis origin, information form, and source on publics' crisis responses
Heart rate and antisocial behavior: the mediating role of impulsive sensation seeking
Perceptions of safety by on-campus location, rurality, and type of security/police force: the case of the community college
Self-control through emerging adulthood: instability, multidimensionality, and criminological significance
Where do college drinkers draw the line? A qualitative study
Three common beliefs that are impediments to injury prevention
Adolescent alcohol-drinking frequency and problem-gambling severity: adolescent perceptions regarding problem-gambling prevention and parental/adult behaviors and attitudes
Changes in the perception of alcohol-related stigma in Germany over the last two decades
Driving errors of learner teens: frequency, nature and their association with practice
Evidence of a gene × environment interaction between birth weight and genetic risk in the prediction of criminogenic outcomes among adolescent males
External foam layers to football helmets reduce head impact severity
Factors that influence concussion knowledge and self-reported attitudes in high school athletes
Fall prevention research and practice: a total worker safety approach
Iron and mechanisms of emotional behavior
Seat-belt use among drivers and front passengers: an observational study from the Islamic Republic of Iran ::: Utilisation de la ceinture de sécurité chez les conducteurs et les passagers assis à l'avant : étude d'observation en République islamique d'Iran.
Sometimes it hurts when supervisors don't listen: the antecedents and consequences of safety voice among young workers
Wildfire risk transmission in the Colorado Front Range, USA
We never see children in parks: a qualitative examination of the role of safety concerns on physical activity among children
Use of social media during public emergencies by people with disabilities
Trends in Alabama teen driving death and injury
Perceived benefits, facilitators, disadvantages and barriers for physical activity amongst South Asian adolescents in India and Canada
Por nuestros ojos: understanding social determinants of health through the eyes of youth
Prescribing some criminological theory: an examination of the illicit use of prescription stimulants among college students
Beliefs and the perception of risks and accidents
Direct causation in the linguistic coding and individuation of causal events
Relationships between accident investigations, risk analysis, and safety management
Framing of health information messages
Cultural ergonomics in Ghana, West Africa: a descriptive survey of industry and trade workers' interpretations of safety symbols
What's in a name: mortality and the power of symbols
Safety and accidents -- a brief conceptual analysis, and a point of view
Traumatism among children and adolescents (a new approach)
From accidents to risk: public health and preventable injury
Injury prevention attitudes and awareness in New Zealand
Aetiology of injuries and the need for protective equipment for surfers in the UK
Aggression in schizophrenia and its relationship to neural circuitry of urgency
Living in areas of risk: tensions between management of environmental disasters and the significance of risk in everyday life
Mortality due to disasters in Brazil: what the data reveals
Seatbelt usage: is there an association with obesity?
Speech intelligibility and speech quality of modified loudspeaker announcements examined in a simulated aircraft cabin
Neurocognitive correlates of driving behavior (B-88)
Conservation combats exploitation: choices within an evolutionary framework
Cross-validation of the JSORRAT-II in Iowa
Daily associations between anxiety and alcohol use: variation by sustained attention, set shifting, and gender
Development of a subway operation incident delay model using accelerated failure time approaches
Differential detectability of polymorphic warning signals under varying light environments
The effect of family climate on risky driving of young novices: the moderating role of attitude and locus of control
The effect of stress and personality on dangerous driving behavior among Chinese drivers
The fine line between 'brave' and 'reckless': amygdala reactivity and regulation predict recognition of risk
How safe do teenagers behave on facebook? An observational study
Hypnotic suggestion: A test for the voluntary action problem
Impulsivity and opioid drugs: differential effects of heroin, methadone and prescribed analgesic medication
Neural mechanisms underlying conflict monitoring over risky decision alternatives: Evidence from ERP in a Go/Nogo task
Preschoolers' motor and verbal self-control strategies during a resistance-to-temptation task
Probability and predictors of the cannabis gateway effect: A national study
Prospect theory based estimation of drivers' risk attitudes in route choice behaviors
Psychological-behavioral characteristics and fractures in children are closely related
Recommendations for the prevention of drowning
Response re: '"Salt ice dare": a previously undescribed mechanism of rapid frostbite injury'
A review of risk analysis and helicopter air ambulance accidents
Risky driving and recorded driving offences: A 24-year follow-up study
The role of evidence, standards and education in rock fishing safety in New South Wales, Australia
The role of experience and advanced training on performance in a motorcycle simulator
Safety culture assessment in petrochemical industry: a comparative study of two algerian plants
Who are those "risk-taking adolescents"? Individual differences in developmental neuroimaging research
Incorporating occupational risk in heat stress vulnerability mapping
Should smaller commercial trucks be subject to safety regulations?
Seizure detection, seizure prediction, and closed-loop warning systems in epilepsy
Short-term reliability of a brief hazard perception test
Structural strength evaluation of driver's protective structures for self-propelled agricultural machines
Strategies to combat auditory overload during vehicular command and control
Statistics show no evidence of gender bias in the public's hurricane preparedness
Uncertainty and control in the context of a category-five tornado
Using the networked fire chief for ego-depletion research: measuring dynamic decision-making effort and performance
Visual exploration during locomotion limited by fear of heights
Injury control
Friends as a bridge to parental influence: implications for adolescent alcohol use
Functional behavioral assessment and students at risk for or with emotional disabilities: current issues and considerations
The great exaggeration: death and the Civil War
Is genetic labeling of "risk" related to obesity contributing to resistance and fatalism in Polynesian communities?
"Jockeys and joyriders" revisited: young offenders' involvement in motor vehicle thefts in the province of Quebec
Biological stress regulation in female adolescents: a key role for confiding
Dating violence, childhood maltreatment, and BMI from adolescence to young adulthood
Deficits in behavioural inhibition in substance abuse and addiction: A meta-analysis
Differences in subjective response to alcohol in heavy and light drinking Chinese men versus Caucasian American men
Early warning indicators for challenges in underground coal storage
Using the Event Analysis of Systemic Teamwork (EAST) to explore conflicts between different road user groups when making right hand turns at urban intersections
Using research evidence to reframe the policy debate around mental illness and guns: process and recommendations
Establishing conversation spaces in hastily formed networks: the worst fire in modern Swedish history
Exploring caregiver behavior and knowledge about unsafe sleep surfaces in infant injury death cases
The Hazardous Drinking Games Measure (HDGM): A multi-site implementation
The impact of behavioral risk assessments and tailored health information on pediatric injury
Influence of road markings, lane widths and driver behaviour on proximity and speed of vehicles overtaking cyclists
Lockout/tagout accident investigation
Perceived confidence relates to driving habits post-stroke
The persistence of wishful thinking
Research on safety evaluation model for in-vehicle secondary task driving
The relationship between drinking games and intentions to continue drinking, intentions to drive after drinking, and adverse consequences: Results of a field study
The wilderness novelty seeking scale
When animals misbehave: analogs of human biases and suboptimal choice
What's in a game? Future directions for the assessment and treatment of drinking games
Trust via disasters: the case of Chile's 2010 earthquake
Consumption of alcoholic beverages, driving vehicles, a balance of dry law, Brazil 2007-2013
Truancy and injury-related mortality
Social capital across the life course and functional somatic symptoms in mid-adulthood
Net effects of bicycle share programs on bike safety
Texting and walking: Effect of environmental setting and task prioritization on dual-task interference in healthy young adults
Parental alcohol history differentially predicts offspring disorders in distinct subgroups in Israel
Personality and the prediction of high-risk trajectories of alcohol use during adolescence
Analysis of Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol driving under the influence of drugs cases in Colorado from January 2011 to February 2014
Attention in risky choice
Attitudes towards child restrains and seat belts usage in the learned population of Karachi, Pakistan
Behavioural effects of fixed speed cameras on motorways: overall improved speed compliance or kangaroo jumps?
Cognitive mechanisms in risky decisionmaking in cannabis users
'Dangerous minds'? Deconstructing counter-terrorism discourse, radicalisation and the 'psychological vulnerability' of Muslim children and young people in Britain
Decision-making and response strategies in interaction with alarms: the impact of alarm reliability, availability of alarm validity information and workload
Differential expression of brain cannabinoid receptors between repeatedly stressed males and females may play a role in age and gender-related difference in traumatic brain injury: implications from animal studies
Do some people need autonomy more than others? Implicit dispositions towards autonomy moderate the effects of felt autonomy on well-being
"Don't" versus "won't": principles, mechanisms, and intention in action inhibition
The effects of random breath testing and lowering the minimum legal drinking age on traffic fatalities in Australian states
Effects of weight and gender on a task of inattention
Emergence of mixed-sex friendship groups during adolescence: developmental associations with substance use and delinquency
An exploratory study of the relationship between digit ratio, illusion of control, and risk-taking behavior among Chinese college students
Frequent nonprescription stimulant use and risky behaviors in college students: the role of effortful control
Guilt enhances the sense of control and drives risky judgments
Impact of early intervention on psychopathology, crime, and well-being at age 25
The importance of expectations in the relationship between impulsivity and binge drinking among university students
Injuries sustained by passengers travelling in the cargo area of light delivery vehicles
Injury severity in relation to seatbelt use in Cape Town, South Africa: A pilot study
Adaptation to coastal hazards: the livelihood struggles of a fishing community in Kerala, India
Artefacts of questionnaire-based psychological testing of drivers
Concussion: key stakeholders and multidisciplinary participation in making sports safe
Crisis and emergency risk communication lessons from the Elk River spill
Ducking for cover in the 'blame game': news framing of the findings of two reports into the 2010-11 Queensland floods
Effects of distraction task on driving: A functional magnetic resonance imaging study
A review of fatal accident incidence rate trends in fishing
What makes people sick? Burmese refugee children's perceptions of health and illness
Temperamental dimensions of the TEMPS-A in male and female subjects engaging in extreme or/and high risk sports
Modulation of risky choices in recently abstinent dependent cocaine users: a transcranial direct-current stimulation study
Neural mechanisms of inhibitory control continue to mature in adolescence
Not just fun and games: a review of college drinking games research from 2004 to 2013
Perceptions of the mental health impact of intimate partner violence and health service responses in Malawi
Predictors of driving under the influence of alcohol among Spanish adolescents
New educational intervention is effective for reducing drunk driving
Time and distance to first accident and driving patterns of young drivers with pay-as-you-drive insurance
'Wide Awake Drunkenness'? Investigating the association between alcohol intoxication and stimulant use in the night-time economy
Print news coverage of school-based human papillomavirus vaccine mandates
Is the Activities-specific Balance Confidence Scale suitable for Dutch older persons living in the community?
Active disaster response system for a smart building
The affect heuristic, mortality salience, and risk: domain-specific effects of a natural disaster on risk-benefit perception
Association between head injury and helmet use in alpine skiers: cohort study from a Swiss Level I trauma center
From threat to safety: instructed reversal of defensive reactions
Motorcyclists' safety in Iran: implication of Haddon matrix in safe community setting
The path from childhood behavioural disorders to felony offending: investigating the role of adolescent drinking, peer marginalisation and school failure
Physical activity and perceived insecurity from crime in adults: a population-based study
Does the efferent system aid with selective attention?
Effect of fire and high temperatures on alarm signals
The effects of head-worn attire on measured head-related transfer functions
A fallacious "Gambler's Fallacy"? Commentary on
How to identify the key factors that affect driver perception of accident risk. A comparison between Italian and Spanish driver behavior
Maintenance: organizational modes, activities and health and safety. Use of a French national survey and in-situ analyses
A meta-analysis of personality and workplace safety: addressing unanswered questions
Saving of children's lives from drowning project in Bangladesh
Social media and disasters: a functional framework for social media use in disaster planning, response, and research
Speed cameras, section control, and kangaroo jumps-a meta-analysis
Sports concussion management: a review of the evidence
Transport cyclists and road rules: what influences the decisions they make?
Utilitarian cycling in Belgium: a cross-sectional study in a sample of regular cyclists
Hostility, driving anger, and dangerous driving: the emerging role of hemispheric preference
Mental health survey of truck drivers
Investigating risk and protective factors to mainstream safety and peace at the University of South Africa
Concern and risk perception: effects on osteoprotective behaviour
How prevalent are hazardous attitudes among orthopaedic surgeons?
Health-risk behaviors in agriculture and related factors, Southeastern Anatolian Region of Turkey
A latent class analysis of pathological-gambling criteria among high school students: associations with gambling, risk and health/functioning characteristics
Norms, athletic identity, and concussion symptom under-reporting among male collegiate ice hockey players: a prospective cohort study
NTDB data points: don't chance it: use your seatbelt
Probabilistic thinking and death anxiety: a terror management based study
Risks of drowning and safety concerns at the beaches of Karachi--perspective from lifeguards
Shared experiences are amplified
Do traffic tickets reduce motor vehicle accidents? Evidence from a natural experiment
Effects of disaster characteristics on Twitter event signature
Experimental study of pedestrian flow in a fire-protection evacuation walk
The good, the bad (and the ugly): the role of curiosity in subjective well-being and risky behaviors among adolescents
Influencing factor analysis of ultra-tall building elevator evacuation
Risk Perception: It's Personal
Risk taking in disorders of natural and drug rewards: neural correlates and effects of probability, valence and magnitude
Socioeconomic differences in alcohol-related risk-taking behaviours
Alcohol facts labels on Four Loko: will the Federal Trade Commission's order be effective in reducing hazardous drinking among underage youth?
Behavioral economic decision making and alcohol-related sexual risk behavior
Commentary: reducing teen motor vehicle crash fatalities: do parents hold the key?
A comparison of the combined-use of alcohol & energy drinks to alcohol-only on high-risk drinking and driving behaviors
Continuing to drive while sleepy: the influence of sleepiness countermeasures, motivation for driving sleepy, and risk perception
Du seisch wo düre (DSWD)/It is your decision - a programme of health promotion and prevention at school for adolescents
The dynamic nature of risk perceptions after a fatal transit accident
Exposure to intimate partner violence reduces the protective effect that women's high education has on children's corporal punishment: a population-based study
Go slow: an umbrella review of the effects of 20 mph zones and limits on health and health inequalities
The multiscale importance of road segments in a network disruption scenario: a risk-based approach
The prevalence and correlates of risky driving behavior among National Guard soldiers
Youth sports and public health: framing risks of mild traumatic brain injury in American football and ice hockey
Crossing guard presence: Impact on active transportation and injury prevention
The culture of falls and fear of falling: a phenomenological study
Development of a brief substance use sensation seeking scale: validation and prediction of injection-related behaviors
Long term effects of hazard anticipation training on novice drivers measured on the open road
Longitudinal association between teen sexting and sexual behavior
Load-induced inattentional deafness
The inherence heuristic across development: systematic differences between children's and adults' explanations for everyday facts
Erratum: determinants of seat belt use among drivers in Sabzevar, Iran
Recreational drug use and fluctuating asymmetry: testing the handicap principle
Attention regulates anger and fear to predict changes in adolescent risk-taking behaviors
Bipolar I and II versus unipolar depression: clinical differences and impulsivity/aggression traits
Brief report: The interaction of impulsivity with risk-taking is associated with early alcohol use initiation
Causal pathways between impulsiveness, cocaine use consequences, and depression
Circadian preference and trait impulsivity, sensation-seeking and response inhibition in healthy young adults
Development of the intoxicated personality scale
Driving under the influence among frequent ecstasy consumers in Australia: Trends over time and the role of risk perceptions
Dynamics in the costs of criminality among opioid dependent individuals
Research-informed evidence and support for road safety legislation: findings from a national survey
A scoping review of risk behaviour interventions in young men
Study on route selection for hazardous chemicals transportation
Modeling the integrated roles of insurance and retrofit in managing natural disaster risk: a multi-stakeholder perspective
Qingdao pipeline explosion: introductions and reflections
Using social media data to understand and assess disasters
An overview of road safety in Lebanon with particular attention to non-urban roads
Man's control action and control strategy
Social speed and its indexing
The effect of driving experience on driver's visual attention: an analysis of objects looked at, using the verbal report method
A study examining the relationship between attitudes and aberrant driving behaviors within an Australian fleet setting
The racing line
A nationwide survey of self-reported red light running: measuring prevalence, predictors, and perceived consequences
Basic research on rear-end collisions
Identification of inappropriate driving behaviors
Identification of inappropriate driving behaviors -- discussion
Identifying predictors of persistent non-alcohol or drug-related risky driving behaviours among a cohort of young adults
Legal evidence for tailgating--technological options
Risky driving behaviors in Tehran, Iran
Risky driving related to driver and vehicle characteristics
Seat-belt wearing and driving behavior: an instrumented-vehicle study
The first pillar of terror - kill one, frighten ten thousand: a critical discussion of the doctrinal shift associated with the 'new terrorism'
Restoring public confidence: perceptions of community police officers
Effects of traffic and road factors on motorcycling safety perception
Drowning: the first time problem
Age and gender differences in time to collision at braking from the 100-car naturalistic driving study
Associations between heavy-vehicle driver compensation methods, fatigue-related driving behavior, and sleepiness
Children's recognition of dangerous household products: child development and poisoning risk
Cognitive, on-road, and simulator-based driving assessment after stroke
Descriptive and explanatory components of road accident rate in Colombia: influence of the human factor
Domain specific relationships of 2D:4D digit ratio in risk perception and risk behavior
Climate changes, floods, and health consequences
Update on the model aquatic health code
Correlates of unsupervised bathing of infants: a cross-sectional study
Factors affecting child injury related mortality and morbidity in Bangladesh
Fatal and non-fatal unintentional drownings in swimming pools in Italy: Epidemiological data derived from the public press in 2008-2012
Rip current-related fatalities in India: a new predictive risk scale for forecasting rip currents
Media, risk, and prevention-lessons for aquatic safety from newsworthy deaths: precipice for prevention or just good tales?
Risky business--Or is it? Risk perception and integrative medicine
Critical beliefs underlying young Australian males' intentions to engage in drinking and swimming
Analyzing the extended parallel process model and health belief model constructs in texting while driving: news coverage in leading U.S. news media outlets
Mobility and safety are conflicting goals for transport policy makers when making decisions about graduated driver licensing
Parental perceptions of unintentional injury risks to children
Psychological, social and environmental barriers to cycling to school
Understanding the causes of trauma: the Indigenous African perspective
A life in error, from little slips to big disasters (Book review)
More data needed to interpret link between suicide and FDA warning on antidepressants
Patterns of drug use, risky behavior, and health status among persons who inject drugs living in San Diego, California: a latent class analysis
Proxy for suicide attempts was inappropriate in study of changes in antidepressant use after FDA warnings
Public perception and understanding of shark attack mitigation measures in Australia
Public understanding of cyclone warning in India: can wind be predicted?
Social representations of traffic rules, aggressiveness, easiness perceived in driving, accidents, and traffic tickets involving drivers in Bogota, D. C.
Statistical analysis of bicyclists' injury severity at unsignalized intersections
Emotional reactions to crime across cultures
Employment and work safety among 12 to 14 year olds: listening to parents
Competitive swim start safety
Magnitude of, trends in, and associated factors of road traffic collision in central Ethiopia
Predictors of on-road driver performance following traumatic brain injury
The role of empathic concern, internalized moral principle, and anticipated guilt in college students' intentions to send or read text messages while driving
Start-up time and walking speed in older adults under loaded conditions during simulated road crossing
Trends in incidence and mortality due to occupational accidents in Brazil, 1998-2008
Evacuation processes of different genders in different visibility conditions - an experimental study
The evidence for smoke alarm type: photoelectric vs ionisation
Gender and used/preferred differences of bicycle routes, parking, intersection signals, and bicycle type: professional middle class preferences in Hangzhou, China
High rates of alcohol consumption and related harm at schoolies week: a portal study
Identifying traffic safety practices and needs of local transportation and law enforcement agencies
Judging the goring ox: retribution directed toward animals
Modifying factors in sports-related concussion: dangerous style of play
The morality of larks and owls: unethical behavior depends on chronotype as well as time of day
Neural mechanisms underlying context-dependent shifts in risk preferences
Parent safety perceptions of child walking routes
Pedestrian flow characteristic of typical metro station near the commercial property
Pesticide retailers' knowledge and handling practices in selected towns of Tanzania
Potential transferability of economic evaluations of programs encouraging physical activity in children and adolescents across different countries-a systematic review of the literature
Preventing injuries in workers: the role of management practices in decreasing injuries reporting
Road user safety on the National Highway 1 (N1-Highway) in Accra, Ghana
Rural work and health risks: a review into the "safe use" of pesticides in Brazil
Psychology and psychopathology of information warfare
Prefrontal EEG alpha asymmetry changes while observing disaster happening to other people: cardiac correlates and prediction of emotional impact
Subliminal primes for global or local processing influence judgments of vehicular traffic
Avoidant decision making in social anxiety: the interaction of angry faces and emotional responses
A cross-sectional study of hearing thresholds among 4627 Norwegian train and track maintenance workers
Cross-border policy effects on alcohol outcomes: drinking without thinking on the U.S.-Mexico border?
The cross-sectional and longitudinal association between perceived neighborhood walkability characteristics and depressive symptoms in older Latinos: the "¡Caminemos!" study
Does disaster education of teenagers translate into better survival knowledge, knowledge of skills, and adaptive behavioral change? A systematic literature review
Nonverbal rescue. Hearing-impaired patients require special consideration during a disaster
Alternative worldviews and the utilization of conventional and complementary medicine
"Everybody else is doing it"-norm perceptions among parents of adolescents
Worksite safety climate, smoking, and the use of protective equipment by blue-collar building workers enrolled in the MassBUILT Smoking Cessation Trial
Work hard, party harder: drug use and sexual behaviour in young British casual workers in ibiza, Spain
Application of a plume model for decision makers' situation awareness during an outdoor airborne HAZMAT release
Both loved and feared: third party punishers are viewed as formidable and likeable, but these reputational benefits may only be open to dominant individuals
The effects of subtle misinformation in news headlines
Mapping self-reported to behavioral impulsiveness: the role of task parameters
Meeting report: The road to science-based policy - ESOF through the eyes of young scientists
Motor impulsivity during childhood and adolescence: A longitudinal biometric analysis of the go/no-go task in 9- to 18-year-old twins
Seeing the crowd for the bomber: spontaneous threat perception from static and randomly moving crowd simulations
Solution aversion: on the relation between ideology and motivated disbelief
Complex rectal and anal canal injuries secondary to unusual blunt perineal trauma
Threat is in the sex of the beholder: men find weapons faster than do women
International variation in neighborhood walkability, transit, and recreation environments using geographic information systems: the IPEN Adult Study
Quantitative tests of the Perceived Relative Argument Model: comment on Loomes (2010)
Quantitative tests of the Perceived Relative Argument Model: reply to Guo and Regenwetter (2014)
Repeated ethanol exposure during early and late adolescence: double dissociation of effects on waiting and choice impulsivity
Risk assessment and absconding: perceptions, understandings and responses of mental health nurses
Sleep quality, posttraumatic stress, depression, and human errors in train drivers: a population-based nationwide study in South Korea
Statistical evaluation of forecasts
Sticking your neck out and burying the hatchet: what idioms reveal about embodied simulation
Study on network public opinion dissemination and coping strategies in large fire disasters
Children conform to the behavior of peers; other great apes stick with what they know
Driving self-restriction and age: a study of emergency department patients
Adequate supervision for children and adolescents
Befriending risky peers: factors driving adolescents' selection of friends with similar marijuana use
Direct and indirect punishment among strangers in the field
Images of alcohol among Italian adolescents. Understanding their point of view
Misuse of prescription opioid analgesics among adolescents in Greece: the importance of peer use and past prescriptions
Case study: San Francisco's use of neighborhood indicators to encourage healthy urban development
Cell phone-related near accidents among young drivers: associations with mindfulness
Conflict acts as an implicit cost in reinforcement learning
Decision making and risk management in adventure sports coaching
Development and psychometric investigation of an inventory to assess fight, flight, and freeze tendencies: the Fight, Flight, Freeze Questionnaire
The effect of one night's sleep deprivation on adolescent neurobehavioral performance
Early childhood education and care practitioners' perceptions of children's risky play; examining the influence of personality and gender
If you drink, don't drive: drunk drivers in Guadalajara and León, Mexico
Factors related with unintentional injuries in children with newly diagnosed attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
Influence of area deprivation and perceived neighbourhood safety on active transport to school among urban Quebec preadolescents
A meta-analysis on age differences in risky decision making: adolescents versus children and adults
Neighborhood environment and physical activity among older women: findings from the San Diego cohort of the Women's Health Initiative
An artificial neural network model for road accident prediction: a case study of a developing country
Contributing factors to vehicle to vehicle crash frequency and severity under rainfall
Cultural foundations of safety culture: a comparison of traffic safety culture in China, Japan and the United States
The culture of distracted driving: evidence from a public opinion survey in Iowa
The determinants of driving aggression among Polish drivers
The Driver Behaviour Questionnaire: a North American analysis
Driver reaction time to lateral entering pedestrian in a simulated crash traffic situation
Drivers' tendency to commit different aberrant driving behaviours in comparison with their perception of how often other drivers commit the same behaviours
Driving context and visual-manual phone tasks influence glance behavior in naturalistic driving
Driving exposure of Israeli young male drivers within a graduated driver licensing system
Driving simulator configuration impacts drivers' behavior and control performance: an example with studies of a rural intersection
Engaging worksite bystanders to reduce risky driving
Estimating the over-involvement of suspended, revoked, and unlicensed drivers as at-fault drivers in California fatal crashes
Examining behavioral and attitudinal differences among groups in their traffic safety culture
A field operational trial evaluating a feedback-reward system on speeding and tailgating behaviors
A framework for conceptualising traffic safety culture
Gender-related differences in distances travelled, driving behaviour and traffic accidents among university students
How appraisals shape driver emotions: a study from discrete and dimensional emotion perspectives
Road safety and accident prevention in India: a review
On-road all-terrain vehicle (ATV) fatalities in the United States
Profiling of two-wheeler related fatal accident cases autopsied at the union territory of India - Puducherry
A predictive hazard perception paradigm differentiates driving experience cross-culturally
Traffic hazard perception among children
To brake or to accelerate? Safety effects of combined speed and red light cameras
Validation of the principles of injury risk zones for motorcycle protective clothing
Trip-focused organizational safety climate: investigating the relationships with errors, violations and positive driver behaviours in professional driving
Traffic safety climate attitudes of road users in Germany
In consideration of traffic safety culture
Going for broke: dopamine influences risky choice
Incident-level analysis of 703 retrospective self-reports of ordinary violence recalled by 334 Swedes aged 6 to 45 years
Ordinal latent variable models and their application in the study of newly licensed teenage drivers
Alcohol intoxication alters cognitive skills mediated by frontal and temporal brain regions
Doctors prepare for tight security at Sochi Olympics
Error processing in current and former cocaine users
Experience in judging intent to harm modulates parahippocampal activity: an fMRI study with experienced CCTV operators
Behavioral approach and inhibition systems and substance use in adolescence
Brain structural correlates of risk-taking behavior and effects of peer influence in adolescents
A pattern of adult involvement in highway accidents
Why does the "mental shotgun" fire system-justifying bullets?
Establishing an early warning alert and response network following the Solomon Islands tsunami in 2013
Climate change modeling and the weather-related road accidents in Canada
Neighborhood epidemiological monitoring and adult mental health: European Quality of Life Survey, 2007-2012
Nighttime seatbelt usage data collection: when and how long?
Stationary tailgating in Gaborone, Botswana: the influence of gender, time of day, type of vehicle and presence of traffic officer
Injuries are not accidents: towards a culture of prevention
Knowledge and experiences of risks among pupils in vocational education
Making sense of the noise: Replication difficulties of Correll's (2008) modulation of 1/f noise in a racial bias task
Marketing strategies and warning labels on children's toothpaste
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Feedback blunting: total sleep deprivation impairs decision making that req